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Iraqi Poems and Poetry from Iraq

Iraqi poems and poetry from Iraq. Read examples of Iraqi poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Children IraqiIraqSeher, Laith01/15/2015
The world after thousand dawns IraqiIraqSeher, Laith09/21/2014
It's the evening IraqiIraqshirqati, dheya10/24/2013
the sight of my fingers IraqiIraqshirqati, dheya10/19/2013
I miss you IraqiIraqshirqati, dheya10/19/2013
boredom IraqiIraqshirqati, dheya10/18/2013
Facebook IraqiIraqshirqati, dheya10/17/2013
Get out of the poem IraqiIraqshirqati, dheya10/17/2013
Full Mark IraqiIraqshirqati, dheya10/17/2013
your face sadness IraqiIraqshirqati, dheya10/16/2013
The coat IraqiIraqSeher, Laith09/25/2013
The dead IraqiIraqSeher, Laith09/21/2013
A Dove IraqiIraqSeher, Laith09/18/2013
Soldiers IraqiIraqSeher, Laith09/17/2013
My song IraqiIraqSeher, Laith09/15/2013
The Pistol of the Priest IraqiIraqSeher, Laith09/14/2013
The Sea IraqiIraqSeher, Laith09/14/2013
A Toy IraqiIraqSeher, Laith09/13/2013
The Fire and The lantern IraqiIraqSeher, Laith09/11/2013
Time IraqiIraqSeher, Laith09/11/2013
when you left! IraqiIraqqadr, zhino06/08/2009
you IraqiIraqqadr, zhino05/28/2009