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German Poems and Poetry from Germany

German poems and poetry from Germany. Read examples of German poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Premium Member Poem The Present GermanGermanyBateman, Gary12/26/2014
Longing GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/26/2014
Autonecropolis GermanGermanyPhilibert, Leslie12/26/2014
My man is a big puppet GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/26/2014
Premium Member Poem Enchanted Vision of Love So Pure GermanGermanyBateman, Gary12/25/2014
Premium Member Poem The Past GermanGermanyBateman, Gary12/25/2014
Baby brot bringer GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/25/2014
Premium Member Poem Not Missing Love's Beat GermanGermanyBateman, Gary12/24/2014
Wonders of Christmas GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/24/2014
Rock me to sleep GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/22/2014
A Winter Poem GermanGermanyPhilibert, Leslie12/21/2014
Premium Member Poem With You Forever My Love GermanGermanyBateman, Gary12/21/2014
My dear Sarah, GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/21/2014
Ogun Shrine GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/21/2014
Premium Member Poem rising from out of this cold frozen wasteland GermanGermanyBateman, Gary12/20/2014
Lord Gaga was once a fabulous man GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/20/2014
So I vow GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/20/2014
Whispers Of Your Soul GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/20/2014
Epilepsy kills GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/19/2014
Fracking GermanGermanyPhilibert, Leslie12/16/2014
Premium Member Poem Heinrich Heine Revisited GermanGermanyBateman, Gary12/15/2014
When will you be mad GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/14/2014
Father Christmas and Max GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/14/2014
New year's resolution GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/13/2014
Premium Member Poem Be Courageous Above All GermanGermanyBateman, Gary12/12/2014
Premium Member Poem Santa's Favorite - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer GermanGermanyBateman, Gary12/12/2014
Premium Member Poem My Christmas Dream GermanGermanyBateman, Gary12/11/2014
Oya-goddess of wind GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/10/2014
After a Line by Geoffrey Chaucer GermanGermanyPhilibert, Leslie12/10/2014
Premium Member Poem Evergreen in Winter Cold GermanGermanyBateman, Gary12/09/2014
Premium Member Poem What Our Dreams Are Made Of GermanGermanyBateman, Gary12/09/2014
Canada crazy GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/08/2014
Wanted accord GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/07/2014
Good night GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/07/2014
Be a queen that you are GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/07/2014
Premium Member Poem Your Look of Precious Love GermanGermanyBateman, Gary12/05/2014
Premium Member Poem poisonously enchanted mushrooms so luscious rare GermanGermanyBateman, Gary12/05/2014
Premium Member Poem we our souls will spend our time repenting GermanGermanyBateman, Gary12/04/2014
Hauptbahnhof Berlin Blues GermanGermanyPhilibert, Leslie12/04/2014
Premium Member Poem Christmas Poems For Kids And teenagers: 4 Hours To Christmas GermanGermanyMakama, Funom12/03/2014
Premium Member Poem Christmas Poems For Kids And Teenagers II: A Christmas Phone Call GermanGermanyMakama, Funom12/03/2014
Premium Member Poem Christmas Poems For Kids And Teenagers III: All The Way With Jesus GermanGermanyMakama, Funom12/03/2014
Premium Member Poem Christmas Poems For Kids And Teenagers IV: Can Anything GermanGermanyMakama, Funom12/03/2014
It is not a fall GermanGermanyKayode, KAYOD512/01/2014
Premium Member Poem The Noble Language GermanGermanyBateman, Gary12/01/2014
Premium Member Poem King Vlad Redux - Second Cold War GermanGermanyBateman, Gary11/30/2014
Premium Member Poem Burning Flesh - The Devil's Own GermanGermanyBateman, Gary11/29/2014
Premium Member Poem Sending Waves Touching Beautiful Always GermanGermanyBateman, Gary11/26/2014
Brighton In September GermanGermanyPhilibert, Leslie11/25/2014
Premium Member Poem Our Love and Passion Always Forever GermanGermanyBateman, Gary11/24/2014