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French Poems and Poetry from France

French poems and poetry from France. Read examples of French poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Looking for the traces of vanished light FrenchFranceChabriere, rene08/27/2015
harp FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/26/2015
A Mountain FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/25/2015
The bee that misses the flower head FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/25/2015
About Beauty FrenchFranceSolis Radius, Rita08/25/2015
Divorce FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/25/2015
Adieu to Poems FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/25/2015
BELIEF FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/25/2015
Blue Rince FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/25/2015
TOYS FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/25/2015
an unclouded sky FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/24/2015
IDEALISM FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/24/2015
In the Auditorium - Part I FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/24/2015
IDEAL FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/24/2015
Supermarket FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/24/2015
Pink Squirrel FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/24/2015
Stella Artois FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/24/2015
Gone Are The Days FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/23/2015
FACTORY FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/23/2015
Soldier FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/23/2015
VALVERDE FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/23/2015
whiting FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/23/2015
a foal FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/23/2015
A Friend to And FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/23/2015
In Naples FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/22/2015
The Surrealist Painting FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/22/2015
The Road in Naples FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/22/2015
I have a friend in Baltimore FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/22/2015
tranquil FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/22/2015
THE HAPPY RABBIT FrenchFranceSolis Radius, Rita08/21/2015
In Neath - For Contest FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/21/2015
Not A Through Street FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/21/2015
droplets of rain FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/21/2015
They had a vote on who would be FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/21/2015
They had a vote on fantasy FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/21/2015
Darling Violoncello FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/21/2015
In the grainy photograph FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/21/2015
Willow FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/21/2015
God's Creation FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/20/2015
a grandfather clock FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/20/2015
Dives in Purple FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/20/2015
Red Apples FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/20/2015
Fantasy - for Contest FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/20/2015
bass guitar FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/19/2015
DEFERRED FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/19/2015
Olives FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/19/2015
bareness FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/19/2015
Loose lips sink ships FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/19/2015
a child's desk FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/19/2015
a bull FrenchFranceWard, Julia08/18/2015