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French Poems and Poetry from France

French poems and poetry from France. Read examples of French poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Gathering, Dust FrenchFranceWard, Julia03/03/2015
A Mint FrenchFranceWard, Julia03/03/2015
Marble Violin FrenchFranceWard, Julia03/02/2015
LINO FrenchFranceWard, Julia03/01/2015
Grantham FrenchFranceWard, Julia03/01/2015
One Man's View FrenchFranceWard, Julia03/01/2015
Red Glory FrenchFranceWard, Julia03/01/2015
Scent FrenchFranceWard, Julia03/01/2015
Low level loving FrenchFranceWard, Julia03/01/2015
Sleepy FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/28/2015
Corners FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/28/2015
Love's Basis FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/28/2015
Guided by a Dog FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/27/2015
Love in Helvetia FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/27/2015
HELVETIA FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/27/2015
Helvetia FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/27/2015
The Man in Shoreditch FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/26/2015
Envelopes FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/26/2015
Fig Tree FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/26/2015
The Dance of Figments FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/26/2015
figment dance FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/26/2015
FIGMENT DANCE FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/26/2015
Alicia Marie FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/26/2015
First Occasion FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/25/2015
Not on 11th September FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/25/2015
Crystal Fountains FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/25/2015
Safi FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/25/2015
Moll, in Safi, North Africa FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/25/2015
In North Africa FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/25/2015
FIFTH IN SET - Canary Blues FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/24/2015
FOURTH IN SET - No Other Whistling Canary FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/24/2015
THIRD IN SET - Canary Sunshine FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/24/2015
SECOND IN SET - Moll, with canary FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/24/2015
FIRST IN SET - Happy Canary FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/24/2015
Green Budgerigar FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/23/2015
Misunderstanding FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/23/2015
Stella by Stars FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/23/2015
Turning back the clock FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/23/2015
Moll, reflecting FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/22/2015
Reflection FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/22/2015
Chance Meetings on the Roller Coaster FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/22/2015
Gabriel, Archangel FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/22/2015
Chance Meetings FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/22/2015
LIFE FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/22/2015
The Poet Spoke Again FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/21/2015
SECOND POEM OUT OF TWO - I put the grand piano on Moll's poems FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/21/2015
FIRST POEM OUT OF TWO - I put Moll's poems on the grand piano FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/21/2015
The Poet Spoke FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/21/2015
Grexit FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/21/2015
Praise FrenchFranceWard, Julia02/21/2015