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Dane Poems and Poetry from Denmark

Dane poems and poetry from Denmark. Read examples of Dane poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Noise DaneDenmarkMorgenstern, Olivia09/18/2014
Did you even know DaneDenmarkMorgenstern, Olivia09/18/2014
Stardust DaneDenmarkPedersen, Anders04/06/2014
Morning Ritual DaneDenmarkGreen, Juliett11/19/2013
The One That Got Away DaneDenmarkKolding, Mads11/09/2012
That one DaneDenmarkGreen, Juliett10/26/2012
That happy smile of this Girl I know DaneDenmarkGreen, Juliett10/09/2012
It really did end, did it not DaneDenmarkGreen, Juliett09/23/2012
Did you know DaneDenmarkGreen, Juliett09/07/2012
Forget Them DaneDenmarkGreen, Juliett09/04/2012
Shut Up DaneDenmarkGreen, Juliett09/02/2012
Bridge DaneDenmarkReid-Hansen, Kristina04/07/2011
Night Awakes Fear DaneDenmarkReid-Hansen, Kristina02/22/2011
Once Upon a Time DaneDenmarkReid-Hansen, Kristina02/14/2011
A Visit from Massacre Fairy 2nd half DaneDenmarkReid-Hansen, Kristina02/08/2011
A Visit from Massacre Fairy 1st half DaneDenmarkReid-Hansen, Kristina02/08/2011
A soup to warm your soul DaneDenmarkfarjadi, morvarid08/26/2010
Break me DaneDenmarkfarjadi, morvarid08/26/2010
A lovers lullaby DaneDenmarkfarjadi, morvarid08/25/2010
Forver Growing DaneDenmarkfarjadi, morvarid08/25/2010
Too much to dream DaneDenmarkfarjadi, morvarid08/25/2010
Come and find me DaneDenmarkfarjadi, morvarid08/25/2010
Life (part2) DaneDenmarkfarjadi, morvarid08/25/2010
My EmOCEANs... DaneDenmarkfarjadi, morvarid08/25/2010
Bewitched DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna04/07/2010
Run away DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna04/07/2010
Done DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna04/02/2010
The search DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna03/23/2010
Dark angel DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna03/19/2010
Sorry DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna03/19/2010
A dream DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna03/18/2010
Please be mine DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna03/18/2010
Alone in the fire DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna03/18/2010
Robot DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna03/18/2010
Was it a dream? DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna03/18/2010
Jealousy DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna03/18/2010
Who are you DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna03/18/2010
My exception DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna03/18/2010
In the dark DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna03/18/2010
That look DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna03/18/2010
Fire and ice DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna03/18/2010
Brown eyes DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna03/18/2010
My love for you DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna03/18/2010
My sun DaneDenmarkBird, Jenna03/18/2010
illusions DaneDenmarkfarjadi, morvarid12/03/2007
Oh Mercy Mercy Me.... DaneDenmarkfarjadi, morvarid10/27/2007
Mainstream DaneDenmarkfarjadi, morvarid09/14/2007
copy cat DaneDenmarkfarjadi, morvarid09/10/2007
Caught up DaneDenmarkfarjadi, morvarid09/10/2007
pearls DaneDenmarkfarjadi, morvarid09/10/2007