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Bangladeshi Poems and Poetry from Bangladesh

Bangladeshi poems and poetry from Bangladesh. Read examples of Bangladeshi poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
they are seekinng your helping hands BangladeshiBangladeshalam, ashiq04/16/2015
Protibeshi BangladeshiBangladeshAhmad, Babul 04/02/2015
Neighbor BangladeshiBangladeshAhmad, Babul 04/02/2015
Help BangladeshiBangladeshalam, ashiq03/28/2015
Lemons BangladeshiBangladeshMusaddeq, Ashraful03/24/2015
Love means BangladeshiBangladeshahmad, babul03/23/2015
Oh My Friend BangladeshiBangladeshRoy, Subash03/13/2015
Lend Me Thy Pen BangladeshiBangladeshKehl, Alexander02/26/2015
Paranoia BangladeshiBangladeshsudan, madhu02/11/2015
A Rose For My Sadness BangladeshiBangladeshKehl, Alexander02/07/2015
You are my hope BangladeshiBangladeshUddin, Elias01/29/2015
Leader N Fence BangladeshiBangladeshUdashkobi, Ahmad sajeed01/27/2015
Silence BangladeshiBangladeshKehl, Alexander01/26/2015
cheer BangladeshiBangladeshUdashkobi, Ahmad sajeed01/25/2015
Happy BangladeshiBangladeshUdashkobi, Ahmad sajeed01/24/2015
Magnitude of democracy BangladeshiBangladeshUdashkobi, Ahmad sajeed01/22/2015
Bohemian Noon BangladeshiBangladeshAziz, Mansur01/20/2015
Intoxicaton of the Ruined Love BangladeshiBangladeshAziz, Mansur01/20/2015
My Life BangladeshiBangladeshUdashkobi, Ahmad sajeed01/17/2015
Two political haiku BangladeshiBangladeshUdashkobi, Ahmad sajeed01/15/2015
Life BangladeshiBangladeshUdashkobi, Ahmad sajeed01/15/2015
Anger emotions BangladeshiBangladeshUdashkobi, Ahmad sajeed01/14/2015
Love BangladeshiBangladeshUdashkobi, Ahmad sajeed01/12/2015
Money BangladeshiBangladeshUdashkobi, Ahmad sajeed01/10/2015
Democracy BangladeshiBangladeshUdashkobi, Ahmad sajeed01/10/2015
Love in nothing BangladeshiBangladeshUdashkobi, Ahmad sajeed01/08/2015
Death of courageous BangladeshiBangladeshUdashkobi, Ahmad sajeed01/08/2015
I'd Stay Here For A While BangladeshiBangladeshKehl, Alexander01/02/2015
My Dying Eyes BangladeshiBangladeshKehl, Alexander01/01/2015
Speaking the Truth BangladeshiBangladeshUddin, Elias12/12/2014
An Enterprise or 'Enter Peace' BangladeshiBangladeshKhan, Sadat12/09/2014
Walking on Stars BangladeshiBangladeshUddin, Elias12/07/2014
No Worry, Though the Boat's Tilting NIK BangladeshiBangladeshKhan, Sadat12/06/2014
Bloody Emptiness BangladeshiBangladeshMridul, A K Das12/04/2014
In A Boishakh BangladeshiBangladeshMridul, A K Das11/30/2014
Hurt BangladeshiBangladeshMridul, A K Das11/24/2014
Cause You To Love BangladeshiBangladeshMridul, A K Das11/11/2014
Mine You Are BangladeshiBangladeshMridul, A K Das11/03/2014
Lover Forever BangladeshiBangladeshMridul, A K Das11/01/2014
Nomad BangladeshiBangladeshMridul, A K Das10/31/2014
Rise Yourself, Rise Others BangladeshiBangladeshMridul, A K Das10/29/2014
Off The Hearing BangladeshiBangladeshMridul, A K Das10/23/2014
The Enticement Of Love BangladeshiBangladeshMridul, A K Das10/17/2014
Don't Be Lost BangladeshiBangladeshMridul, A K Das10/16/2014
The Epic Of The Heart BangladeshiBangladeshMridul, A K Das10/16/2014
If I Would Be Indra BangladeshiBangladeshMridul, A K Das10/15/2014
I Shall Bring You The Victory BangladeshiBangladeshMridul, A K Das10/14/2014
Moonshine Woman BangladeshiBangladeshMridul, A K Das10/13/2014
Epic or Lines BangladeshiBangladeshShikder, Ashraf-ul Alam10/11/2014
Man from Ape BangladeshiBangladeshShikder, Ashraf-ul Alam10/10/2014