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Australian Poems and Poetry from Australia

Australian poems and poetry from Australia. Read examples of Australian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Drunken Moon AustralianAustraliaLalion, Carly07/03/2015
The Choir from above AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Vera07/03/2015
My Religion Is Right AustralianAustraliaBarclay, Bernard07/03/2015
Premium Member Poem When Folk Relate AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter07/02/2015
Sodom Gomorrah AustralianAustraliaJOHNSON, DON07/02/2015
Premium Member Poem WHEELS AustralianAustraliaGrenness , Julie07/02/2015
Premium Member Poem DRUGS AND HUGS AustralianAustraliaGrenness , Julie07/02/2015
Crapulent AustralianAustraliaZammit, Ronald07/02/2015
Premium Member Poem Here Is A Song Of Love AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter07/02/2015
Premium Member Poem OLD JET AustralianAustraliaGrenness , Julie07/01/2015
Premium Member Poem ARSON IN THE CHURCHES AustralianAustraliaGrenness , Julie07/01/2015
Premium Member Poem HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT AustralianAustraliaGrenness , Julie07/01/2015
the highest treetop AustralianAustraliaParas, Manny07/01/2015
Let Them AustralianAustraliataylor, R. e.07/01/2015
Premium Member Poem tanka VIII AustralianAustraliathirtyseven, scott07/01/2015
Premium Member Poem Life Feels So Good AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter06/30/2015
Premium Member Poem Moments of stillness AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter06/30/2015
Premium Member Poem ANGELS IN THE NIGHT AustralianAustraliaGrenness , Julie06/30/2015
Pastel Reflections AustralianAustraliaZammit, Ronald06/30/2015
Premium Member Poem PARADIGM SHIFT AustralianAustraliaGrenness , Julie06/29/2015
Mother Nature's Lullaby to Humanity AustralianAustraliaLaurie, Lindsay06/28/2015
A Dose of Medicine AustralianAustraliaLaurie, Lindsay06/28/2015
Premium Member Poem SCHISMS AustralianAustraliaGrenness , Julie06/28/2015
androgynous perhaps AustralianAustraliaJOHNSON, DON06/28/2015
Premium Member Poem The Galahs, They Come AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter06/27/2015
Premium Member Poem The song Of The Vietnam Vet AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter06/27/2015
Premium Member Poem Bullet Hole Whistles AustralianAustraliaStroh, Uwe06/27/2015
Premium Member Poem THE GIFTS AustralianAustraliaGrenness , Julie06/26/2015
Premium Member Poem MARS AustralianAustraliaGrenness , Julie06/26/2015
Sea Turtles AustralianAustraliaZammit, Ronald06/26/2015
Premium Member Poem THE WISH AustralianAustraliaCooper, Shane06/26/2015
Premium Member Poem Morning River Scene AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter06/26/2015
Premium Member Poem For Many Years I've Sought AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter06/25/2015
Premium Member Poem THE INTERVIEW AustralianAustraliaGrenness , Julie06/25/2015
Premium Member Poem Rain On A Moonlit Night AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter06/25/2015
Premium Member Poem Rudeness on the site AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter06/24/2015
Premium Member Poem THE WAY AustralianAustraliaGrenness , Julie06/24/2015
Premium Member Poem It's All So Wonderful AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter06/23/2015
Scammer AustralianAustraliaJOHNSON, DON06/23/2015
Premium Member Poem My Darling, Have I Told You AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter06/23/2015
Bruises, heart murmurs and wine AustralianAustraliaFox, Robert06/23/2015
Desire AustralianAustraliaZammit, Ronald06/23/2015
Small Mercies AustralianAustraliaOMara, Red06/22/2015
A Dragons Curse AustralianAustraliaTrichet, Mark06/22/2015
Premium Member Poem CYPRUS AustralianAustraliaCooper, Shane06/22/2015
Stream of Subconscious AustralianAustraliaFox, Robert06/22/2015
Premium Member Poem Still A Boy AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter06/21/2015
Premium Member Poem Hiding Behind Laughter AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter06/21/2015
Katana AustralianAustraliaBekoach, Ana06/21/2015
Oppressus, Our Oppressor AustralianAustraliaBekoach, Ana06/21/2015