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Malawian Poems and Poetry from Malawi

Malawian poems and poetry from Malawi. Read examples of malawian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoem TitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
10 DIGITS OF AN AFRICAN LEADER'S HANDSMalawianMalawiPen, John09/17/2014
TRAPPEDMalawianMalawiPen, John09/17/2014
CONFUSEDMalawianMalawiPen, John09/17/2014
When the hair turns grayMalawianMalawiNdhlovu, Walani09/13/2014
Our blindnessMalawianMalawiNdhlovu, Walani09/13/2014
The hat that echoes criesMalawianMalawiNdhlovu, Walani09/13/2014
I watch my own backMalawianMalawiPen, John09/09/2014
Mama, oh MamaMalawianMalawiPen, John08/29/2014
Dear SnobMalawianMalawiPen, John08/25/2014
Did I waste my timeMalawianMalawiPen, John07/18/2014
Who stole my dreamMalawianMalawiPen, John07/18/2014
Two facesMalawianMalawiPen, John07/03/2014
A PRICK OF A ROSEMalawianMalawiitimu, aisha07/01/2014
A SINGLE ROSE IS ALL I HAVEMalawianMalawiitimu, aisha07/01/2014
Cant live with them can t live without themMalawianMalawiPen, John07/01/2014
WHAT CAPTURED A WHITE MANS HEART IN AFRICAMalawianMalawiitimu, aisha06/28/2014
BEFORE I SEE YOUMalawianMalawiMapengo-Mwanguku, Gilbert06/28/2014
keep the feathers for meMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan06/24/2014
World Cup 2014MalawianMalawiPen, John06/20/2014
I have got to goMalawianMalawiPen, John06/13/2014
IgnoredMalawianMalawiPen, John06/12/2014
I am a slaveMalawianMalawiPen, John06/10/2014
They run 'em nights burning flamesMalawianMalawiNdhlovu, Walani06/06/2014
To fellow writersMalawianMalawiPen, John06/03/2014
Maybe I am just another monkeyMalawianMalawiPen, John05/20/2014
There is a fence in my bedMalawianMalawiPen, John05/16/2014
the land can seeMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan05/09/2014
electionsMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan05/09/2014
snakes sometimesMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan05/09/2014
a wordMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan05/09/2014
Oh NadiaMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan05/09/2014
those mortal godsMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan05/06/2014
African PresidentMalawianMalawiPen, John05/05/2014
my ears just heardMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/27/2014
sweetheartMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/27/2014
from the topMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/25/2014
if i must dieMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/25/2014
break, break, breakMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/25/2014
your heart is of freshMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/24/2014
I am not staringMalawianMalawiPen, John04/24/2014
dead magical momentMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/23/2014
sad news from homeMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/21/2014
our battered verseMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/17/2014
Journey into the unknownMalawianMalawiPen, John04/16/2014
it all has beenMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/15/2014
Celina, you must be earth by nowMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/15/2014
you sayMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/15/2014
the evaded painMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/14/2014
Thank you for the butcheryMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/14/2014
meaningsMalawianMalawiKazembe, Allan04/14/2014