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Lebanese Poems and Poetry from Lebanon

Lebanese poems and poetry from Lebanon. Read examples of lebanese poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

A Thin Blue Ribbon LebaneseLebanonNeves, Timoteo05/03/2016
Cupid's Flower LebaneseLebanonNeves, Timoteo05/01/2016
Shallow LebaneseLebanonNeves, Timoteo04/28/2016
Air Being Sold - Hieroglyphs and Holograms LebaneseLebanonNeves, Timoteo04/25/2016
Road to Bliss LebaneseLebanonBadih, Naamani04/21/2016
Conformity LebaneseLebanonNeves, Timoteo04/20/2016
Union - An Elderly Wedding LebaneseLebanonNeves, Timoteo04/16/2016
A Burning Man's Petition LebaneseLebanonNeves, Timoteo04/12/2016
Can't Bear the Cant LebaneseLebanonNeves, Timoteo04/11/2016
Ode to a Grave Worm LebaneseLebanonNeves, Timoteo04/09/2016
Antebellum LebaneseLebanonNeves, Timoteo04/07/2016
Premium Member Poem Missing you LebaneseLebanonhammoud, ali03/20/2016
Premium Member Poem Blueberry LebaneseLebanonhammoud, ali03/20/2016
Premium Member Poem Time LebaneseLebanonhammoud, ali03/08/2016
Premium Member Poem Your heaven's door LebaneseLebanonhammoud, ali01/12/2016
When the Winds Change LebaneseLebanonTadros, Charbel01/10/2016
Rainy Morning LebaneseLebanonTadros, Charbel01/07/2016
Back to Him LebaneseLebanonTadros, Charbel01/03/2016
Weight a Minute LebaneseLebanonTadros, Charbel01/03/2016
The Rose and the Tree LebaneseLebanonTadros, Charbel01/03/2016
Premium Member Poem Words LebaneseLebanonhammoud, ali01/02/2016
Premium Member Poem Crazy LebaneseLebanonhammoud, ali01/02/2016
God on Trial part 2 LebaneseLebanonTadros, Charbel01/01/2016
God on Trial part 1 LebaneseLebanonTadros, Charbel01/01/2016
Lucifer's Grief part 2 LebaneseLebanonTadros, Charbel12/31/2015
Lucifer's Grief part 1 LebaneseLebanonTadros, Charbel12/31/2015
First Kiss LebaneseLebanonTadros, Charbel12/30/2015
Here are the Angels LebaneseLebanonTadros, Charbel12/30/2015
I Am LebaneseLebanonTadros, Charbel12/30/2015
Hymn to Nature LebaneseLebanonTadros, Charbel12/30/2015
Freedom and Religion LebaneseLebanonTadros, Charbel12/30/2015
Devil's Pain LebaneseLebanonTadros, Charbel12/30/2015
Bullet LebaneseLebanonTadros, Charbel12/30/2015
A Truth in Love LebaneseLebanonTadros, Charbel12/30/2015
Premium Member Poem Soulmate LebaneseLebanonhammoud, ali12/29/2015
We are for-against the system LebaneseLebanonFeghaly, Jeffrey10/24/2015
The world right now LebaneseLebanonManassian, Dylan09/22/2015
lost faith LebaneseLebanonManassian, Dylan09/13/2015
tear drops LebaneseLebanonManassian, Dylan09/09/2015
addictions LebaneseLebanonManassian, Dylan09/08/2015
December 19 1944 LebaneseLebanonManassian, Dylan09/05/2015
The 5th Stage of Grief LebaneseLebanonFeghaly, Jeffrey08/05/2015
If you were to ask me the definition of sorrow: LebaneseLebanonFeghaly, Jeffrey08/05/2015
Evil is righteous LebaneseLebanonkaram, wessam06/16/2015
Another Cinderella Version LebaneseLebanonNae, Speranta04/21/2015
Life LebaneseLebanonOf A Wolf, Shadows 04/13/2015
Reincarnation LebaneseLebanonKaraki, Mona04/10/2015
A pleasant surprise LebaneseLebanonKaraki, Mona04/10/2015
The desperate wife LebaneseLebanonKaraki, Mona04/10/2015
The desperate wife LebaneseLebanonKaraki, Mona04/10/2015