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British Poems and Poetry from United Kingdom

British poems and poetry from United Kingdom. Read examples of british poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

they WILL have put him in the wrong way around BritishUnited KingdomLindsay, Bill10/01/2016
Uncertainty 2 BritishUnited KingdomWormwood, Benjamin10/01/2016
Uncertainty BritishUnited KingdomWormwood, Benjamin10/01/2016
Limbo BritishUnited KingdomWormwood, Benjamin10/01/2016
A LOVE STORY BritishUnited KingdomBALANDI, YASEMIN10/01/2016
LOST IN WATER BritishUnited KingdomBALANDI, YASEMIN10/01/2016
Premium Member Poem THEIR BEAUTIFUL PHILIPPINE COUNTR BritishUnited KingdomAshton, Darryl10/01/2016
Being Held BritishUnited KingdomMARK, ANTHONY10/01/2016
Forever and never BritishUnited KingdomMARK, ANTHONY10/01/2016
So, you think you know BritishUnited KingdomJY, T.I.R.O.09/30/2016
In Passion's Thrall - For Alexis BritishUnited KingdomRaven, Vladislav 09/30/2016
Hoodie season BritishUnited KingdomDuffy, Alex09/30/2016
Worst love story ever wrote BritishUnited KingdomDuffy, Alex09/30/2016
Bread and Butter BritishUnited KingdomDuffy, Alex09/30/2016
Look at life different BritishUnited KingdomDuffy, Alex09/30/2016
Relationship goals BritishUnited KingdomDuffy, Alex09/30/2016
Sasha Kindred BritishUnited KingdomMonihan, Rhoda09/30/2016
Premium Member Poem No longer Free BritishUnited KingdomHamilton, Shadow09/30/2016
Hollie Arnold BritishUnited KingdomMonihan, Rhoda09/30/2016
Politians tell lies BritishUnited Kingdompennell , stephen 09/30/2016
A Lover's Dream Divine - For Andrea BritishUnited KingdomRaven, Vladislav 09/30/2016
The grim Reaper called BritishUnited Kingdompennell , stephen 09/30/2016
A reason to be BritishUnited KingdomHarvey, Aa09/30/2016
Love is a lightning bolt BritishUnited KingdomHarvey, Aa09/30/2016
Maid in Black BritishUnited KingdomLogan, Keith09/30/2016
Desire BritishUnited KingdomRoberts, Kay09/30/2016
Rainbow Days BritishUnited KingdomMiller, Mike09/30/2016
Premium Member Poem Horses BritishUnited KingdomHamilton, Shadow09/30/2016
Dysfunctuation BritishUnited KingdomNicholas Harrison, Sam09/30/2016
Follow Up to Lady In Waiting BritishUnited KingdomLogan, Keith09/29/2016
In Paradise - For Connie BritishUnited KingdomRaven, Vladislav 09/29/2016
World is Powerless BritishUnited KingdomMartins, Richard09/29/2016
Autumn Dies Before Your Eyes BritishUnited KingdomMARK, ANTHONY09/29/2016
By Clannach Falls - For Jan BritishUnited KingdomRaven, Vladislav 09/29/2016
Dylan Thomas on Ann Jones BritishUnited KingdomMonihan, Rhoda09/29/2016
Bye-bye BritishUnited KingdomHarvey, Aa09/29/2016
Still trying BritishUnited KingdomHarvey, Aa09/29/2016
My friend BritishUnited KingdomHarvey, Aa09/29/2016
s c BritishUnited KingdomLawton, Patricia09/29/2016
WHEN ALL IS DOWN BritishUnited KingdomLesmoir-Gordon, Nigel09/29/2016
w o o BritishUnited KingdomLawton, Patricia09/29/2016
THE FRONTIER BritishUnited KingdomLesmoir-Gordon, Nigel09/29/2016
s e a s o n s BritishUnited KingdomLawton, Patricia09/29/2016
DISAPPEARING DOWN A LIGHT BritishUnited KingdomLesmoir-Gordon, Nigel09/29/2016
MYSELF I NEVER KNEW BritishUnited KingdomLesmoir-Gordon, Nigel09/29/2016
DAWN OF LIGHT BritishUnited KingdomLesmoir-Gordon, Nigel09/29/2016
i n l i g h t BritishUnited KingdomLawton, Patricia09/29/2016
when she's 29 BritishUnited KingdomLindsay, Bill09/29/2016
incidentally, I love what you've done with the place BritishUnited KingdomLindsay, Bill09/29/2016