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British Poems and Poetry from United Kingdom

British poems and poetry from United Kingdom. Read examples of british poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Search Canaan for Casarah Nance BritishUnited KingdomLindsay, Bill10/09/2015
Premium Member Poem John Lennon is there a heaven BritishUnited KingdomOne, Silent10/09/2015
Premium Member Poem PRECIOUS GEMS NINETTE FOR CONTEST BritishUnited KingdomALLISON, JAN10/09/2015
Premium Member Poem 15 Years After I Had Sex With A Palanput BritishUnited KingdomSpangles, Suki10/09/2015
Unity and Oneness BritishUnited KingdomMonihan, Rhoda10/09/2015
Eternal Love Renew BritishUnited KingdomWood, David10/09/2015
Dawn BritishUnited KingdomWood, David10/09/2015
Cinderella BritishUnited KingdomMonihan, Rhoda10/09/2015
Damn Noise BritishUnited KingdomWood, David10/09/2015
07 02 2015 BritishUnited KingdomDhillon, Recina10/09/2015
LOVE LIFTED ME BritishUnited KingdomChiphazi Banda, Wasekera10/09/2015
Premium Member Poem Revolution ZYX BritishUnited KingdomOne, Silent10/09/2015
Serpens Savium BritishUnited KingdomMallett, Darren10/08/2015
Dinosaurs BritishUnited KingdomBolam, Georgina10/08/2015
Entitlement BritishUnited KingdomBolam, Georgina10/08/2015
To my future husband BritishUnited KingdomBolam, Georgina10/08/2015
Short and not so sweet BritishUnited KingdomBolam, Georgina10/08/2015
High expectations BritishUnited KingdomBolam, Georgina10/08/2015
Chains BritishUnited KingdomBolam, Georgina10/08/2015
Bees BritishUnited KingdomBolam, Georgina10/08/2015
Photo phrustration BritishUnited KingdomLinney, Gary Gene10/08/2015
Premium Member Poem Anorexia - Infinitian Form BritishUnited KingdomPuddifoot, Charlotte Jade10/08/2015
False friend BritishUnited KingdomLinney, Gary Gene10/08/2015
Depression BritishUnited KingdomBrowne, Davina10/08/2015
The Darkness Queen BritishUnited KingdomBrowne, Davina10/08/2015
Wise Words BritishUnited KingdomBrowne, Davina10/08/2015
Lost BritishUnited KingdomBrowne, Davina10/08/2015
Premium Member Poem SERGEI GOES ON A HOT DATE - TO THE HOLLYWOOD MOVIES BritishUnited KingdomAshton, Darryl10/08/2015
Premium Member Poem Jack the Lad BritishUnited KingdomHamilton, Shadow10/08/2015
The Child BritishUnited KingdomMkenzie, Nichola 10/08/2015
Premium Member Poem SERGEI'S HOT DATE - PART TWO BritishUnited KingdomAshton, Darryl10/08/2015
favoraite music type BritishUnited Kingdomchristian, diane10/08/2015
Today BritishUnited KingdomMkenzie, Nichola 10/08/2015
What's the Crack with Rugby BritishUnited KingdomFoster, Gail10/08/2015
Remembering Denis Healey BritishUnited KingdomMonihan, Rhoda10/08/2015
Funny Kids BritishUnited KingdomLindsay, Bill10/08/2015
Truth Or Lies - Ninette BritishUnited KingdomLindsay, Bill10/08/2015
Why rape me BritishUnited Kingdompoetess, Misunderstood10/08/2015
Poetical Infinitian - for contest BritishUnited KingdomLindsay, Bill10/08/2015
Premium Member Poem HIDDEN HALLOWEEN MOON- FOR CONTEST BritishUnited KingdomALLISON, JAN10/08/2015
Poppy BritishUnited KingdomWood, David10/08/2015
Premium Member Poem My Teacher fancied me BritishUnited KingdomDome, Peter10/08/2015
Premium Member Poem Genie of the lamp You Want It Bad Then Bribe Me BritishUnited KingdomOne, Silent10/08/2015
Britain's National Poetry Day BritishUnited KingdomDorr, Peter10/08/2015
My Pop Rock Experience BritishUnited KingdomMonihan, Rhoda10/08/2015
Secrets Are Good BritishUnited KingdomMonihan, Rhoda10/08/2015
Premium Member Poem His Sorrowful Hour BritishUnited KingdomClark, EdwardJ10/07/2015
Peers BritishUnited KingdomLinney, Gary Gene10/07/2015
Thief Of Time BritishUnited KingdomLindsay, Bill10/07/2015
Premium Member Poem nevermind BritishUnited Kingdomcampbell, mal10/07/2015