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British Poems and Poetry from United Kingdom

British poems and poetry from United Kingdom. Read examples of british poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Premium Member Poem Magic Beans BritishUnited KingdomHamilton, Shadow01/31/2015
On a Country Walk BritishUnited KingdomFox, Nigel01/31/2015
Premium Member Poem IN THE FORM OF YOUR NEXT OF KIN BritishUnited KingdomAshton, Darryl01/31/2015
Future Past BritishUnited KingdomJONES, KIRK01/31/2015
Premium Member Poem Opps I slipped up BritishUnited KingdomHamilton, Shadow01/31/2015
Luke BritishUnited Kingdomholmes, peter01/31/2015
A garden growning around my heart BritishUnited KingdomBrowne, Davina01/31/2015
Premium Member Poem FISHY TASTING SAUSAGES BritishUnited KingdomAshton, Darryl01/31/2015
Laura Breidental BritishUnited KingdomBrowne, Davina01/31/2015
Premium Member Poem DARREN WATSON BritishUnited KingdomAllison, Jan01/31/2015
Flowing thoughts BritishUnited KingdomDavies, Andy01/31/2015
write itch BritishUnited Kingdomwriter, tattooed01/31/2015
God Isn't Great BritishUnited Kingdomwriter, tattooed01/31/2015
Unknown Ghost BritishUnited Kingdomholmes, peter01/31/2015
Premium Member Poem SIMPLE HEAVEN BritishUnited KingdomAllison, Jan01/30/2015
Oblivion in Recession BritishUnited KingdomHalling, Carl01/30/2015
Premium Member Poem LIFE IS LIKE A MAYPOLE BritishUnited KingdomAllison, Jan01/30/2015
Two Pathways Destined BritishUnited Kingdomhorsman, harry01/30/2015
Picking Daisies BritishUnited KingdomGray, William01/30/2015
RAW LIGHT BritishUnited KingdomGray, William01/30/2015
IF ONLY I COULD FLY BritishUnited Kingdomsamuel, evrod01/30/2015
When Dark Roads Lose Their Way BritishUnited Kingdomholmes, peter01/30/2015
Premium Member Poem LIFE AS WE KNOW IT - A WONDERFUL LIFE BritishUnited KingdomAshton, Darryl01/30/2015
A Vietnamese Wedding Party BritishUnited Kingdomholmes, peter01/30/2015
Song to Sylvia- For Sylvia Plath BritishUnited KingdomGray, William01/30/2015
ENIGMA- For Shelley BritishUnited KingdomGray, William01/30/2015
The morning after BritishUnited KingdomDavies, Andy01/29/2015
Premium Member Poem DRIFTING APART BritishUnited KingdomAllison, Jan01/29/2015
Ebola and the death of home BritishUnited Kingdomholmes, peter01/29/2015
Life As We Know It BritishUnited KingdomMcGoldrick, Luke01/29/2015
My Bed BritishUnited KingdomMcGoldrick, Luke01/29/2015
Staring At the Screen BritishUnited KingdomMcGoldrick, Luke01/29/2015
Premium Member Poem A Snowy Day BritishUnited Kingdomhorne, jack01/29/2015
Premium Member Poem WOODLAND WONDERLAND - VISUAL 6 BritishUnited KingdomAllison, Jan01/29/2015
Premium Member Poem No Snow BritishUnited Kingdomhorne, jack01/29/2015
Premium Member Poem To Grace a Pink Rose BritishUnited KingdomFraser, James01/29/2015
Premium Member Poem Gentle Strokes BritishUnited KingdomFraser, James01/29/2015
Premium Member Poem OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY - INDIA BritishUnited KingdomAshton, Darryl01/29/2015
Premium Member Poem YOUR HEART IS YOUR ONE TRUE LOVER BritishUnited KingdomAshton, Darryl01/29/2015
Premium Member Poem SNOW BritishUnited KingdomAllison, Jan01/29/2015
The Wanderer of Golders Green BritishUnited KingdomHalling, Carl01/29/2015
SCARECROW BritishUnited KingdomGray, William01/29/2015
Hotdogs in Brine BritishUnited KingdomGray, William01/29/2015
Bitter Eyes BritishUnited KingdomGray, William01/29/2015
Moment Of Bliss BritishUnited KingdomYeates, Owen01/29/2015
Rendezvous for two BritishUnited Kingdomstephens, theresa01/29/2015
A SIP OF RED BritishUnited Kingdomsamuel, evrod01/29/2015
Premium Member Poem THE BREASTFEEDING MOTHERS - AND THOSE LITTLE SUCKERS BritishUnited KingdomAshton, Darryl01/29/2015
A Plain Man's Indulgence BritishUnited Kingdomholmes, peter01/29/2015
Dying Spirit BritishUnited KingdomGray, William01/29/2015