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Krystal the Pistol

Krystal the Pistol God has blessed be with such a dear friend someone who entertains me on the weekend Lucky I am to have such a unique person to work with in a cold windowless pit. A beautiful Libra Crazy enough to dress up as a zebra She gets me and my crazyness Just ask her to paint it on a canvas She sings like an angel and looks at the world from different angles we dance, we laugh, we like to take naps we also know muay thai so watch your ass She's my wingman with a tan and can handle my attention span I'm glad to have her in my life any man will be golden to call her his wife

Copyright © Sabrina Brisson | Year Posted 2012

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I sold my Mum on EBay

I have sold my mum on E.Bay. 
My god my dad was mad. 
He can"t believe i did it. 
He thinks it"s really bad. 

As to why i did it. 
There"s reasons plain to see. 
My mother is on my back. 
Always hassling me. 

She complains about my trainers. 
She says they really stink. 
Moans about the dishes. 
That i leave in the sink. 

I never make my bed right. 
She gets me in a quandary. 
States that i should help. 
To do the household laundry! 

Then every Sunday morning. 
She really goes to far. 
I have to help my dad. 
Wash the family car. 

Yes i sold my mum on E.Bay. 
Then looked to far off lands. 
To find a good replacement. 
Post up the wedding bands. 

Dad wont be to angry. 
I will soon get him on side. 
Because i have sent to Thailand. 
For a brand new blushing bride. 

At first it was ok. 
We got on really well. 
Then we discovered something. 
That i can hardly tell. 

I hope we get a refund. 
I still have the receipt. 
Let me tell you something. 
There has been a big deceit. 

It started in the bedroom. 
I had to get a fan. 
To bring my poor old dad round. 
Our Thai bride was a man! 

I want  my mother back. 
No matter what the price. 
I am fed up eating chicken. 
Along with Thailand rice! 

"Will you get out of bed, 
It is a brand new day, 
It is nearly twenty past." 
I hear my mother say. 

I start to drift awake. 
Then i start to beam. 
Relief it surge"s through me. 
It was a nasty dream. 

My mother cant explain. 
Why i changed my ways. 
I"m really very helpful. 
Not like the bad old days. 

But if i am really honest. 
I suppose i am quite bad. 
I have just logged on to E.Bay. 

To try and sell my DAD!

Copyright © ned flanders | Year Posted 2009

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Teenage Love 10: Interracial Teen Couples

Once again, young love has affected the lives of all teenagers, but this time, it's also
affecting the lives of all young interracial young lovebirds. All types of interracial
relationships have been active since the ending of the 1960s and when all of the schools
and other places have been integrated. It seems that two young people (a teen boy and a
teen girl) would rather date someone outside their race than dating the other that's
within the same race, that includes African American and white teen boys and girls. Like,
for when a black teen boy were to get into a real relationship with a teen white/Caucasian
girl, a teen Asian girl (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Malaysian,
Thai, or Filipino), a teen Hispanic girl, or a teen Middle Eastern girl, that would be
great for him. And if a black teen girl were to get into a real relationship with a teen
white/Caucasian boy, a teen Asian boy (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese,
Malaysian, Thai, or Filipino), a teen Hispanic boy, or a teen Middle Eastern boy, then
that's great for her, too. What love is trying to do to all teenage lovebirds, including
all interracial teen couples, is to have made them happy, especially when they're around
each other.And what this type of young love is also doing is promoting interracial love
around the entire American nation, including Massachusetts, Texas, Alabama, and
California. Interracial relationships among all teenagers are increasing in not just the
United States of America, but the whole world, as well. It also seems to everyone that
both lovebirds of different races will never stop loving each other, not even before the
year 2019. But then, interracial relationships among all teenagers do have a good impact
on then. Their parents (the mothers and the fathers of all different races) should be very
happy for their teen sons and teen daughters, especially when they know that their teens
are in love with each other. And if love among all teenagers continues to grow and grow
without stopping and that all interracial relationships were to increase, even before and
after the year 2020, this is going to be the greatest thing that has ever happened to all
teenage lovebirds nationwide.

Copyright © Brashard Bursey | Year Posted 2011

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Asian Princess

An Asian girl is a beautiful princess in her own right. She's the crown jewel in the lives of all American guys, even me. Even though this awesome Asian girl doesn't have a crown on her head, she's still a princess in my eyes. It seems to me that she's the type of girl that I really want to be with, especially when we're going to get into a serious relationship in the near future. Whether she's either Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, Thai, Filipino, Indonesian, or Malaysian, I still want to be with her. When I tend to look at her eyes, they look like a pair of black diamonds. And when I see her beautiful face, it's like looking at the face of an attractive angel. Her hair is so soft and smooth, it's like holding a silky cloth made entirely out of silkworms, especially when they're known for making good cloths. If only this Asian girl knew that I had so much love for her. And if I see this beautiful Asian princess (Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Filipino, Indonesian, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, or Malaysian), I'd express my love for her. I hope fate will bring us together soon.

Copyright © Brashard Bursey | Year Posted 2011

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Sky Father Relents

Sky Father is angry this spring
Across the street, back and forth
Brother squirrel races
To fallen friends, unfortunate
In their travels
My tomato friends patiently
Wait, shelf-bound, at home depot

June 7th...

Finally, a break!
Stakes shived weeks ago
Hear me coming!
Welcoming their heirloom mates
Goliath, Black Krim, and Mortgage Lifters
All settle in, my hands busy

Favorite herbs, Thai Basil, Lemon Thyme
And forgotten Sage, guard the
My bean pole teepee, long a
Staple of my garden
Still waits, for the soak
To settle

© All Rights Reserved

Copyright © James Marshall Goff | Year Posted 2013

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Muay Thai

Effective and tough Made to get the job done fast Beautiful and sweet

Copyright © Rocky Swartzfager | Year Posted 2012

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Tiger Temple

                         Late September-boarded a Boeing tripple seven
                                   A life long dream has come true
                           Im on my way to Thailand-my holiday heaven

                               Peaceful and quiet people I met there
                                 Smiling faces-no matter how poor
                       Buddha seems to make them happy-they really care

                           Riding the elephants was a bit scary though
                              Slow and shaky walk made me seasick
                                       Threatens my belly to blow

                              Mr Joey the driver-everlasting smiles
                             Takes me westbound to Kanchanaburi
                          Dozed off I did-the drive lasted many miles

                       Kanchanaburi we arrived-home of the Tiger Temple
                        Walking and cuddling with these beautiful beasts
                                I prayed they would treat me gentle

                                   Walking with a tiger on a leash
                        Try to keep my calm-stiff look into the camera
                     Hopefully no anger my four legged bud would unleash

                                 Finally made my way back home
                                 The Tiger Temple I had survived
                    And Im here writing-not a single hair they did chrome

5th January 2012

Guess it is fair to say that this has been my greatest holiday,ever! I saw a documentary on Discovery Channel two years ago,about munks living together with tigers in Kanchanaburi,Thailand.It just amazed me to the fullest-living peacefully with these beautiful beasts..,wow factor all over it!
Then in september 2011,we set course for Hua Hin,Thailand,-roughly 2hr drive south of Bangkok.(Rented a wonderful house there at Natural At one of the local tourist information offices,we found brochures of the Tiger Temple.Had Mr Joey,the everlasting smiler-driving to this unique temple.Spent the day out there,and what a magnificent experience! My puls went up a few notches as I mingled with the tigers,sitting on the ground with their head resting on my lap and cuddle with them.A mixture of fear,respect and admiration..All this combined with the lovely spirit of the Thai people: Amazing!!

Do some google about that tiger temple guys! Awesome pictures is to be found:)

Copyright © Arild Andresen Ertsland | Year Posted 2012

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You asked me if I knew ‘the perfect girl for me’
I think I’d be ideal but sorry I’m not free

I’ve got a lovely friend she is Mary from the dairy
On second thoughts no as her legs are much too hairy

Of course there is Annie she’s got the most enormous fanny
It would look better on an elephant the resemblance is uncanny

Oh I forgot about Susie she’s got quite a dark moustache
When you went to kiss her you’d get a stubble rash

I’ve got a stunning Thai friend but he is a lady boy
Beautiful on the outside but in bed you’d get no joy

Then there is Melissa she got the biggest boobs
She gets them out for fun you can see her on You Tube

I wouldn’t introduce you to my mate Regina
She’s had 8 children she’s got a very slack vagina

Poor old Ellie has got the most humongus lips
They’d look better on a trout she’s not one you’d want to kiss

I guess the perfect girl simply does not exist
So sorry to disappoint you please cross me off your list

Jan Allison
10th September 2014

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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I’ve never liked to cook
(Always found it quite
a bore)
But now my problem’s
I don’t do it any more!

My partner is the 
And his brand-new 
love affair
With a large kitchen
(Not a girl with flaxen

He’s getting quite an
At chopping (dicing,
And with all the herbs
and spices,
Things are hot as a 

The heat is on, the
air is filled
With aromatic spices,
And as he grasps his
wooden spoon
He could have much
worse vices.

I used to like my roast
But now it’s come to
The food’s gone 
With a hint of lemon

With turmeric and 
Thai five spice,
The dishes that he
knocks off
And the heat they
generate can be
Enough to blow 
your socks off!

So, if your mate is 
Don’t let him run
Just send him 
down the town
to buy
A great big 
gleaming wok!


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2014

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Thai Fish Festival

Thai fish festival Frenzy fish, scent of monsoon Smell feeds the frenzy

Copyright © Tom Larrow | Year Posted 2011

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Eight years of staying in a far away land
        Looking for a greener pasture in the country of Thailand
                    Meeting people whom I call a friend
                              To be with them and my love extend

                                                                They are so loving and trusting
                                                     Help you if they can till the end
                                         Show gratefulness like a sister/brother
                           Enjoy each other's company together

The friendship that I have with them
        Many years will passed its still the same
                   Save it in my heart forever
                              My Thai friends, it will not be over

                                                                Thailand….land of smile they’ve called
                                                      It suits them ‘coz I like them all
                                        Though I will leave them soon
                           I will always remember them just by looking at the moon

For PD's Contest
2nd Place Winner

Copyright © MariaDiding SajSam | Year Posted 2012

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Departing Laos

The monks gave me a bag of Thai oranges
Before I left for the States.

Next time I come, I’ll have learned more Lao,
I promise.

      They promise there will be more to show the next time.

Sitting outside the Khop Jai Deu restaurant
Waiting for my bus to come

Elvis is crooning “Return to Sender”
       Because there’s no such number,
       And no such home.

I took a photo of the fountain
Next to the Scandinavian Bakery,
Tuk-tuk drivers loitering nearby.

Handing them some fruit,
They ask, “How long are you staying in Laos?”

   And I reply,
   “This is my last day.”

The sun looks like it could be peeled wide open
While I take a bite of a giant orange,

Trying to wring out a last memory from this light, 
Wondering when the King’s song is ever going to end

   The scent of citrus on my hand
   Sinks deeply past my bones,
   Trying to harden into an anchor

   The shape of a kind heart.

Copyright © Bryan Thao Worra | Year Posted 2015

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Lovely Sunflower

Lovely Sunflower 
Oh yea! Should we meet in Thai?
Land of pure islands

Copyright © Abdullah Alhemaidy | Year Posted 2016

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Lght Lunch

Thai shrimp salad
with peanut dressing
would you call that a lunch?

Copyright © Robert Heemstra | Year Posted 2015

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A Fighter's cry

Don't allow him to corner you, punch him hard on his face, kick him hard and make him cry, just one nice smack and the title is all yours. 

These are some of the expressions which I keep on shouting on the top of my voice when I watch brutal combat sports like Muay Thai Kickboxing, Western Boxing (USA), wrestling etc. Unlike other combat sports like Boxing or martial art games such as Karate, Taekwondo ; these sports have much higher degree of violence, witness about 30 – 35 deaths every year and not to mention innumerable fatal injuries.  I cannot help but wonder how these fighters feel after winning their respective matches and crushing their opponents to death, or leaving them in a handicapped state making sure they don't have enough guts to face them again.

In the poem below written by me, I have tried to capture the thoughts of a fighter from my own perspective.

.       I punch you, you punch me,
	I kick you, you kick me,
	Driven by a frantic rush to kill each other,
	Tell me something - O my opponent,
	Do we know each other, you and me?

 Couple of minutes since I first saw your face,
	 Glittering and shimmering, like a rainbow after a rainy day,
	Now it is drenched in your own sweat and blood, 
	And I don’t know why I loathe you so much.

Was it just destiny – your end so near,
	Or you were just a fool, for you had no fear,
	Broken nose, bruised face – you gave me much pain
	In return, I favor you by digging your grave.

Parents, in laws, wife and children – you had many mouths to feed
	Fight against me!!!!
	You should have thought about them before trying this remarkable feat.
	No family, no friends, no money – I have nothing to lose,
	Did you ever think about this, you benumbed fool.

.          This remarkable piece of poetry, you won’t be able to read,
            For you will be busy paying for your deeds,
           Fractured arms and shattered spirit - you will suffer many injuries,
           Because against me there is nothing but miseries.

.                  Every second spent against me you will beg for mercy,
                   You won’t get any, you can trust me on that.
                  No achievements under your belt, its time you make me proud
                   I will set an example for others, by gifting you a shroud.

Copyright © Surya Gupta | Year Posted 2016

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Po-Mo Remix

That's not MY elephant!
A spiteful conceited elephant that ran away from the circus
MY elephant provides copies of the Bill Of Rights to all 2nd graders in Macon County
Considers fund-raising possibilities of selling elephant ears at Zippy Zoo Days
The kids will bring their white elephants and we will do a Spaghetti Feed
At RATS youth ministry--Can a mouse lift an elephant?
If you want to move a heavy load you have to use force
Where would you push?
For this lesson students used a triangular piece of wood
One side labeled Rights the other Responsibilities
Drop a marble in the balance (They used a 10lb. sack of potatoes)
Its all educational
But Barbar--You wouldn't catch THAT elephant playing jazz on his trunk
Not that elephant jazz in Austin  Jazz de Chang (elephant in Thai)
Playing with pink noise and changing the recipe  spaghetti
Too hot for a drumstep (bootleg) from the Elephant House
While Ella singing When I See Elephants Fly gazes over Matisse
The Nightmare of the White Elephant from the jazz series
Hanging over the elephant jazz bar  nu dark swing dubbles
Ella and Wave for singers a Nightmare autographed Artie Shaw
And the poet on each finger has  the following written
Somebody     Wanted    But    So   Then    says  Clustering thats the way
To do it  says  Glue the stick to the hand--Fulcrum
And then gives all the brats rides on an elephant named Bubbles!

Copyright © Desiree Kuri | Year Posted 2010

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I feel the tempo of my heart
Arising as I leave the bed
To journey to my quaint toilette
And go downstairs to greet the sun

The food is eaten I recall
I’m all alone with just my thoughts
I watch the wren land on my fount
It stares at me then dips its beak

I sense the writing of a poem
Quickly words come in my brain 
I must recall and write words down
Whatever themes I can attain

A sense of pride that makes me blush
To write again with simple words
I have defined spontaneous
Dementia  will have to wait

©Ralph Sergi March 19,2016
*I enjoy writing 8 syllable poems that are popular
with Thai. It’s a good exercise to began other forms.

Copyright © Ralph Sergi | Year Posted 2016

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Limerick: Once Indian Virgin met Peking Man

Limerick: Once Indian Virgin met Peking Man

Once Indian Virgin met Peking Man
They spoke together in Malay van
North Koreans wondered	
What in her ear thundered
Thai rebels found her fried in Japan.

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2013

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Ta Ta Ta Thai Thai Thai Thei Thei Thei Ya Ya Ya

Ta Ta Ta Thai Thai  Thai Thei Thei Thei  Ya Ya Ya
©Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty, 10th November 2014

                       Ta Ta Ta Thai Thai  Thai Thei Thei Thei  Ya Ya Ya
                     Danced the prince of Ku and Princess Ki Ka Hu Hiya
                                            They fell into a ditch
                                         As black as preachy pitch
                That’s  the kick, brick and brick, cat and mouse, yea yea yea

Copyright © RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY | Year Posted 2014

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To Your Majesty, One Big....

...Hoender - Afrikaans, Pulë - Albanian, ???? - Arabic, ?????? - Belarusian, ???? - Bulgarian, 
Pollastre - Catalan, ? - Chinese (Simplified), ? - Chinese (Traditional), Piletina - Croatian, 
Kurecí - Czech, Kylling - Danish, Kip - Dutch, Kanaliha - Estonian, Manok - Filipino, 
Kana - Finnish, Galiña - Galician, ??t?p???? - Greek, ??? - Hebrew, ???? - Hindi, Csirke - 
Hungarian, Kjúklingur - Icelandic, Ayam - Indonesian, Sicín - Irish, ?? - Japanese, 
??? - Korean, Calis - Latvian, Vištiena - Lithuanian, ??????? - Macedonian, 
Ayam - Malay, Kylling - Norwegian, ???? - Persian, Kurczak - Polish, Pui - Romanian, 
?????? - Russian, ???????? -  Serbian, Kuracie - Slovak, Kuku - Swahili, Kyckling - Swedish, 
??? - Thai, Tavuk - Turkish, ????? - Ukrainian, Gà - Vietnamese, Cyw Iâr - Welsh, 
????? - Yiddish, Huhn - German, Frango - Portuguese, Poulet - French, Pollo - Italian, 
Pollo - Spanish, Chicken - Maltese, Chicken - Slovenian, Chicken - English.,...-=.....-=..-=..-
=......HA! HA! HA!...for old times Kidster, Your Majesty.

Copyright © SillyBilly theKidster | Year Posted 2010

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Bath- My Favourite City


My daughter left for the chilly north,
and I stayed here, in warm Torbay,
but we meet up every July, in Bath,
just the two of us, for a weekend away

The city is bustling with tourists,
Japanese, Italian and French,
and because of the famous theatre, 
you may even catch sight of Judi Dench 

Our weekend highlight is the thermal spa,
the hot waters pumped up from the deep,
up to the open air pool on the rooftop,
the warmth of the water nearly rocks us to sleep

The view from this pool is magnificent,
the sun kissed Bath stone and the spires,
past architects dreams, now reality,
my love of this city never tires

When hunger calls, no better place to be,
the whole world's cuisine can be found,
From Spanish to Greek, Indian to Thai,
restaurants and chic bistro's abound

Alas, the weekend is over too soon,
and my daughter and I part, with a tear, 
but rest assured, that we will go back,
to do it all again next year!

Copyright © Cheryl Darby | Year Posted 2015

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About ten minutes ago in the year 
2006 or 
2549, depending upon which avatar or
 Messiah is consulted, I  
 Tumbled out of my bed to the 
 Cackle of 
Frantic voices
So, with urgency
 Rarely experienced since the 
Evacuation of my spirit
From the Land of
Possession Addiction, I was called to summon previously 
Unknown prowess 
Chancing traffic choked streets
Of Nakhorn (used to mean “New City” 700 years ago but not sure now) 
Chiang Mai.

So there I was
Aboard my mostly pint-sized for a European descendent Kawasaki 112,
Red-blooded American head 
turret-like out of an
Undersized helmet that,
If nothing else,
 Officially pronounced me foreign
 Blazing a jutted path around 
Decrepit trishaws,
Ubiquitously red baht busses and,
Not the least, a motorcycle with a sidecar bandaged to its
 Aching side just in time to witness a
Spit-shined just out of the wrapper BMW 
Brusque aside a
 Sardine packed dump truck
Not with dirt, but five dollar a day 

All this and more
 Just moments before
 Mounting the silted Ping and
 Stampeding city gates, I glimpsed
Censored Snippets of TV reports blurting something unintelligible like
 “Bangkok coup”,
“A King”
Quite uncensored, of a not so pleased
Lotus splayed in
Kneading the Eastern soil one 
Daoist grain at a time,
 Before ancient city walls
Rose up,
Monolithic in my path. 

And then the recall that
Centuries before,
Burmese raiders
Resplendent in warrior garb
Plundered the palace and soul
Of the kingdom Thai before stealthily
Creeping back to their lairs,
Buddha-fat with riches.

That leaves the Siamese of 1935
 And me, to wonder
Where is freedom
When we travel so far 
Pell mell and
 Peril, only to discover
 In a fleeting brief moment the road to 
Iniquity marked, rather
 Erroneously, with the signpost to

Copyright © Jeff Troyer | Year Posted 2011

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blah blah blah poem blah blah blah love something about a horse? I don't know. Blah blah blah blah blah unicorn! Blah blah blah blah blaaah pizza? YUM! Blah blah blah blah vampires? SOunds sexy. Blah blah blah blah car. Sounds.... Mechanical. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah SONIC!!!! Let's go get a freaking slushy! Blah blah blah MY MOM! Awh, I love her soooooo. Blah blah blah hi. I'm schizophrenic. Blah blah blah BUS! This thing is yellow and it looks yellow too. Blah blah blah THAI FOOD! Never tried it before.... Blah blah blah a hole. I don't want to fall in it. Then I might have to say "Help I've fallen (in a hole) and I can't get up (out)!" ANd the worst part is, I might have to say it in French. And I don't even know that much because I don't listen in class and people are going to think that I need Life Alert or that I'm schizophrenic or HEY... There's a bird! Blah blah blah I don't know. I wasn't the one that came up with this stinkin' poem. NERT MER FERLT! Blah blah blah ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ NOW I KNOW MY ABC'S! Blah blah blah DEAD COW! MOOOOO-RRRRRRRRR.... (Gag, gag, gag, silence.......) Blah blah blah I can sing, I can dance... I don't really have too much to saaaaaaa-aaaaaay. Blah blah blah treeeeee. Blah blah blah Uhm uhm uhm uhmm...... Blah blah blah pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffft... Someone farted.  Blah blah blah `c dloedr <- I bet you thought that said dildo.

Copyright © Allié-Marie Smith | Year Posted 2012

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I think it must be love

                                     I think it must be love!

                                You may not want to admit it
                                but I think you're deeply in it

                                        More than you ever
                                       ever ever dreamed of

                                Sorry to be the one to tell you 
                                   but I think it must be love!

                                      The evidence is clear
                                        you're just not you  
                                        without her near

                                          Every time you
                                           want to speak
                                           another  word
                                            it's her name
                                               that's on 
                                            your tongue

                                 Maybe you just can't see it
                                 but, I think it must be love

                                           You tell me:

                                Even the sun shines brighter
                                    the moon seem whiter
                                         even the stars
                                      seem to fall for you.

                                     Now you like movies
                                        about romances
                                       and you're even
                                    taking dance classes
                                   and you're feet simply
                                    float across the room

                                   You now enjoy Thai food
                                  never before in the mood
                                     you even cook for her
                                and she seems to like it too!

                                 The other day I noticed you...

                                 Singing along to Air Supply
                                   you didn't even notice
                                         or wonder why

                                     but the big giveaway,
                                      was when you said
                                    you can't get enough
                                  of the cooing of a dove

                                  Oh man you've fallen hard
                                 past the point of no return
                                I think we can all safely say
                            that it must be that you're in love

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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No luck

While sitting in the train one day
traveling in to town,
the carridge door was opened and
a stunning Thai girl did sit down.

She really was a beauty
with long black shiny hair,
the mini skirt it was so tight
i could hardly stop my stare.

I thought "this is my lucky day"
and gave a saucy wink,
a smile came back at me
her cheeks were glowing pink.

Then embarassment it followed
i thought oh God forbid,
please don"t get an erection
but alas, i"m afraid she did!

Copyright © ned flanders | Year Posted 2011