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I Look to You

As flower to the sun, I look to you
As thirsty grass that drinks in drops of dew
As river flowing down to waiting sea
I live again with you a love that's true

I’m lost to life when nestled in your arms
Your lips, your eyes, your body full of charms
I enter softly in your shrine of dreams
My vow to wait the scent of you disarms

Your breath upon my body, how it thrills
Your mouth my hunger with your tongue it fills
I gasp for breath for I am overwhelmed 
Your pilgrim hands have reached the sacred hills 

I faint with pleasure as you touch inside
My fantasies lie bare and opened wide
You speak to me in urgent whispers low
A plea to let you taste of passion’s tide

Intense becomes the rhythm of our love
Your eyes devour mine from up above
I hold to you as both our souls break free
A blazing flight of eagle and the dove

As flower to the sun, I look to you
As thirsty grass that drinks in drops of dew
As river flowing down to waiting sea
I live again with you a love that's true

Eileen Manassian

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The Sea King Beckons

You sit alone on the shore
        And play with the sand
My heart swells at your sight, 
        I long to take your hand
I send out gentle waves 
        that lick your dainty toes
Desire lights your eyes
	Longing to leave dry land
Yes, you’ve heard my call
	I see you rise and give in
Trust me to be gentle
	Until your heart I win
My current is so strong
	Able to sweep you away
In time it will be unleashed
	But first, to wet your skin
Liquid hands are exploring
	The curve of your thigh
It sets you to quiver
	Emboldened by your sigh
Slowly, I move on higher
	I smile as you gasp
You feel liquid passion
       On breasts no longer dry
I can’t wait to claim you,
	hands now are in your hair
I tug on the tresses
	trailing your body bare
You resist no longer
	It is time to possess
Ah, what sweet surrender
	As I ravish you there
I glide and move inside you
	In my world below
I feel the swell rise
	My passion I now will show
I push you to the top
	Light as a breath of air
I know you are ready
	The strength of love to know
My waves come crashing now
	Each stronger than before
You’re shaken in the depths
	Swept by the mighty roar
I beat down upon you
	You scream out your release
You ride each surging wave
	Beg me to crash once more
You lay spent in my arms
	As you look at the sky 
Where the jealous Sun King
	Dazzles to catch your eye
He reaches down his rays
	And kisses your body fair
But you’re here in my arms
	There is no use for him to try
Content, you let me touch you
	And do all I please
My hands and lips all over
	You smile as I tease
Slowly, oh, so slowly
	You start your journey back
I’m left here to send you 
        Kisses on the salty breeze

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Above the Fray

Above the pristine, blue lake mountains stand
Shrubs and yellow flowers surround on land
Could this be heaven?  Garden of Eden?
Reflection in water is of God’s hand

I visit here to cast the world away
An inspiring way to spend the day
My pad and pen are toted to this site
Where I’ve time to think beyond society’s fray

For you will find no conflict at this site
And often I linger here through the night
Nary a creature has threatened me here
Nature in harmony, such a delight

Written for John Freeman’s Rubaiyat contest and based on his lovely photo of 
nature’s beauty.

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The Dark

I hear outside my window the grey dove cry As sun slides down the mountains, and I sigh Watching night curtaining my city Blotting streaks of violet from the sky Shadows start to overtake the little light Left glimmering as day turns into night. He has left me! Easily the dark Empties out the joy in me that once burned bright. No trace of light remains under the door’s crack. The dark, dressed in ebony, slips into pitch black. Melancholy wraps me in my silent room. In anguish, my brain screams out: I want him back! for the One sad Poem Poetry contest of PD

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A dragon's scale reflects the rounds of time
her heart, the subtle beat of love sublime
a secret kept in smoke and ancient bones-
a tale best told in whispered lines of rhyme.

She flies the crystal skies in silent tones
a burning hope of love is all she owns
forgotten visions lost in endless tales
and buried deep beneath the cobbled stones.

Remaining true beyond the mystic vales
her longing for soul's kinship never pales
though crushing eras weigh upon her name,
her eyes still scan the blue where hope still sails.

The day will dawn when once again her flame
will blaze along the sky and one will tame
rebellious spirit, and her heart reclaim
from solitude's dark grasp to light's domain.

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My trauma wears the black cloak of night I breathe rapid, heaving sighs of fright Wind is sucked out, my sails gasp in hollow air Bronchi in knots, constriction so tight! Descending darkness with its chill and freeze Lungs pumping storms with a whistling wheeze The drying out reservoir of sustaining oxygen As I struggle to inhale fresh breeze. Spasms haunt my black nights with an alarming persistence Threatening to cut short the chord of existence Draining vigor and vitality, gripping wind pipe in a choke hold Viperous asthma spews venom with vengeance! Panting, doubling over, chest congested with rattling cough Breathless but determined I grope about in darkness, battling Just one puff away from agony, I desperately rummage Magic potion inhaler among medication, mottling! The devil disappears at the first touch of sun ray A little shaky still, yet I waltz through my day Each unobstructed breathe seems like a gift from Heaven Before night fall I shall rid the ghost off my way! 21/09/2012

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Night spills over the day like India ink from a well
bleeding into the deep crevasses of hill and dell
running into clear cold streams once shimmering, bright 
painting Prussian blue the trees on the high chaparral.

Night edges the golden hour of Autumn days so bright 
merging with the harvest moon, the solstice at midnight
melting in to sleepy hollows, pale and bloodless blue, 
cajoling colonies of bats to bank and soar in flight.

Night caresses the winsome lovers silhouette.. adieu 
as its hold is weakened toward a shade of baby-blue
A painter's pallet is the night of hues, shades of light
the sovereign signs of fantasy as darkness ensues.

*Interlocking Rubaiyat where the rhyme of lines 1,2&4
of verse one are taken from the end word of line 3
in the verse before, the last verse returns the end rhyme
of line 3 ;)

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Your Every Fantasy

I’ll make myself the fabric of your dream
I’ll lead you to drink from fantasy’s stream
When you are hopeless, in desperate need
I’ll fill your mouth with sweetness and cream

I’ll mold myself to desire at night
My body is yours to bring you delight
When you’ve had your fill and you long to sleep
I’ll be your pillow till the morning light

I know your every hidden desire
I’ll ignite them into consuming f're
When your body demands my surrender
I’ll yield, for in pleasing, I never t’re

I am your destiny, your longed for prize
I pitch my tent in the warmth of your eyes
When you need to touch something that’s divine
I disrobe…down falls this human disguise

I’ll be the fruition of every whim
I’ll rival the moon when your life grows dim
When you are blazing in passion’s fire
I’ll be the ocean which lures you to swim

I'll make my fingers drip with honey sweet
I’ll offer my body, a luscious treat
I promise you’ll never beg me for more
I’m the fantasy that makes you complete

June 29, 2013
For Shadow's Fantasy Contest

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While I blew on my hands and held my tongue
A startling star swung out of the sky,
And though to gravity need not comply,
Descended to ledge where envious clung.

Of course we all would climb to the summit
To leap from the acme, fly with the winds,
But not all have wingspan: some just have fins.
Some blaze aria, others but hum it.

If toe-hold needs gained, deny temptation
Its perilous urge to drag on the guide,
But rather find core of stillness inside
And trust to Sherpa, not own impatience.

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Of bud bossed delicate; in its aroma much will enfold!
The turbulence of youth; also the seasoned and the old.
Tetra pedes, cross pages, sober.. in black, throughout the ages
Oh! to pass to others this understanding; and in bold.

Manifold are images, ‘thrusting now fresh into flower,
To awareness, of precious cargo; as in life’s laden bower...’
Penta metron sketch outlines, though imperfectly employed;
I reach to the stars today; as yet passes my hour!...

Translucence shows within the fading of life’s colour
As this continuing expressive awaits its turn, of another!..
My thoughts fill like pages, to blossoms in bloom
A soft falling, as petals; to your earth, my sister & brother...

To re-count of life’s possibility's... in the Rubaiyat form;
Melding its grandeur; to the bland magnitude of today’s norm!
Opening in its intricacy, the doorway to ecstasy 
Playing many a cadence, relayed from its echoes borne.

Ever may its blossoms & completeness be flowering, 
Entwining with the lines of the sages, to forever cling!
Refreshing the heart; perhaps a world? now tired and worn.
To a climax of prosody, does this weave of true praises sing.

© Joe

I have added notes in the ‘To know more about this poem area’.

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Led to Eden

For so long you’ve been hiding from me in seclusion Wise Muse, I must gasp as I make an intrusion I know your plan was to lead me to such splendor Now I inhale a spiritual transfusion While struggling in a world of carnal illusion I needed to accept grace for absolution Stone mountains, yellow flowers and a cool, clear lake Have led me to ponder thoughts of adoration There are times when the world’s harshness cuts like a knife We lose too many moments focusing on strife Above those azure skies, our Savior smiles down And leads us to an Eden of eternal life Inspiration now flows through my pen thanks to You In this serene outpost, my spirits will renew Natural beauty is one of Your greatest gifts The dawn of a blessed new age may now ensue
*Entry for John Freeman's "Rubaiyat Form" contest

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The beauty takes my breath away,
I know my kind will want to stay
On this new world that I have found -
It’s somewhere in the Milky Way.

The creatures of this wondrous place
Are scaly lizards, wild and base.
Such monstrous things must be destroyed
So we can spawn another race.

I take a sample of the turf,
Report the planet has such worth,
Then leave and freeze the world in ice
To kill these dinosaurs on Earth.

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Dark Black Night

Once upon a midnight, ghostly, Partied many, dead ones mostly. Feasting in the graveyard, sprightly, Black fanged werewolves ate, engrossedly. In the bone yard, drab and squalid, Apparitions (staring stolid Neath the veiled moon, clouded lightly), Sought fresh bodies, lean but solid. Fiendish eyes shone, light and sparkly, Ghouls and demons danced, so darkly. Maggots munching mush unsightly, Black blood streamed like ink, quite starkly. Fetid flesh oozed, flowing freely, Through the crypt doors, cold and steely. Shadows, ashen, pranced contritely, Ebon serpents slithered eely. As it happens, all too often, Zombies dimly closed the coffin – Ra, the sun god, rising slightly Hunger pangs were soon to soften. If you ask, I’ll tell you blankly, When you’re feeling dark and dankly Come to where this happens nightly. They’ll enjoy the feast, quite frankly...

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Black roses sprawl, to droop, then fade raking tendrils of her attic’s shades; a brief display which glints inked nights only for time’s sake, boughs do parade. How fleeting the luster of stems’ arms, between weeping dusk and chilled sun twigs crack like love's farewell --sad moon, a wish-- the fragrance of bliss gone. She digs mementos; gazing afar perhaps to touch the light of stars, that hide dawn’s lamp from memories instead her eyes reflect more scars. Though pain mocks unbecoming heart a young bough nestles on ground's arc; granting reprieve in place of tears to kindle sparks for dance to start. --------- Night-Dark-Black-Happy Sad Contest of Craig by nette onclaud

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Light of Day

Back rubs are given, pills have been handed out, Patients settled, some won’t sleep, I have no doubt, Fear paralyzing their being when darkness falls, If they close their eyes, will night terrors sprout. Night lights shed a little peace over their bed, The medication eases the pain or so they’ve said, Someone to sit by their side would ease the fear, They worry, wanting to awake, not ending up dead. For they know that death will come, it’s not far off, They work to breathe, chest heavy, the rattled cough, Sunlight drifts in the window, another day, more life, Eyes slowly open, blackness gone, at death they scoff.
Written September 23, 2012 For Craig Cornish’s contest “Night-Dark-Black-Happy-Sad”

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What the Mermaid Knows

Full is the sea of your memories
Seaweed meadowed, deep cave treasuries
Stories that summon the lost and curious
Legends embossed in silent reveries

Drift the illumined waves of your home
Wide the blue realms in which you may roam
Your spirit alive beyond undersea depths
In echoes of songs over silver green foam.

What is it - what does the mermaid know
Beyond the clouds and the winds that blow
That she is woman and nature combined
Her wisdom of this on mankind will bestow

Suzanne Delaney


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No One

Silent screams no one hears
Tired eyes filled with tears
Gut wrenching heartache no one feels
Emotions dark enough to kill
Mental exhaustion no one sees
Strong enough it hurts to breathe
An answer seekin no one speaks
A language spoken without speech

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When I've Gathered Lilies White

                                       When I've Gathered Lilies White

                             A flower crushed under the snow soon dies,
                             A winter heart that's frozen in the ice;
                             O'er my feathers embrace the cold of the wind,
                             I fear the mute chill shrouded in velvet guise.

                            The streaming rains veil the thoughts on my mind,
                            Beneath the watered sky the earth's silver lined,
                            Clouds dark and dreary over the waves deep,
                            With night's promise to meet shadows untwined.

                            Come to me when I've gathered lilies white
                            And lighted a fire in frost in the night,
                            I dwell in the heart of deep forests where
                            The leaves dance on boughs dappled in moonlight.

                           The clinging vines down the precipices,
                           Around my feet crashing waves dashed to pieces,
                           A crow winging its solitary flight
                           Atop the mountain flowers in the crevices.


For nette onclaud's contest: "INTO NIGHT'S DWELLING"

written by gautami phookan 

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Sublime Oneness

Nature constantly calls to man through wondrous colors and endless song As stewards of her magnificent beauty, to lend respect while yet, we're strong Seek wisdom in her silent messages brought to bear as seasons change So our children may inherit a beautiful legacy and learn to live healthily and long Blessed is our world with four elements, earth, wind, water and fire Given to sustain perfect balance, by maintaining nature's desire They preserve these sacred cathedrals in which creation may freely worship Wherein all souls may congregate, finding peaceful respite and aspire The glorious sun spreads brilliant light and heat, as it feeds, it heals The wind blows, wherever guided; dispersing sleeping seeds And rain falls in the right measure to sustain in and out of time As Mother Earth retains her fertility while blissfully she serves our needs This oneness, so sublime, exemplifies sweet serenity which exudes Reminding us that in harmony, we would long exist if peace, we include Earth would remain a haven in the universe, where God's creatures may fully thrive To ignore stressful pleas would usher in dark days, and life as we know, will elude ~*~
For John's Freeman's "Rubbiyat" Contest Inspired by a photo of tranquility in nature

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I try to reach profundity
but all around make fun of me
for living life with simpler goals
like learning and tranquility.

So now I'm leaving all I've got 
to quest for my own Camelot.
Requiring only books and pen
I'm setting off to find my spot.

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I Must Go

---inspired by a story character of mine
Losing reality, losing my mind I try to stay with you but I'm falling behind This fate's going nowhere I'm left hurting inside Tomorrow's not coming What are you becoming Nothing is out there Pain and suffering forthcoming Nowhere to hide, I'm on my own Feeling so empty and alone Your hatred shines bright Your heart, a deadened stone This pain you inflict upon me Hurts greater than I'll ever let you see But still I love you so Though I know you can-will never love me I just hope you know That even though the love I want from you will never be so I'll always love you But now, before it hurts anymore, I must go...

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Even through the darkest days my faith remains unshaken
There's not a day that passes that i'm ungrateful for each blessing
I understand the we all face trial and tribulations
And i believe that nothing is placed on us that would break us
So i keep my head up like they said and keep praying 
But still everyday i'm waking up to face the same bullshit
And i'm starting to get frustrated and i'm feeling crazy
So if you hear me God, my God, please save me
I feel like i owe you lifetimes for all the times that i spent away from you
But know that even when we weren't speaking that i did not forsake you
And i know that you'll forgive me and still walk by my side
It may not look like it but i'm giving my all for this life
If i could go back in time i would take the path that you'd placed for me
Instead of erasing it with all the same temptations that now make me
I wanna feel your strength lift me up and your grace that's nothing short of amazing
So if you hear me God, my God, please save me

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Your Perfect

When I wake up each day
I can’t wait to see you
When you can’t say what u really want to say
All you say is I love you

Talking to you
Makes me realize who you are
I always think of you
And how perfect you really are

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You changed my life

It’s amazing the feeling in side I hold
How can you enter my world so bold
The first kiss I gave you
My life is much less cold

You look at me with such trust
Because I love you, you know I must
The instant smile on my face
My heart is anything but robust

The cuteness of your little curl
You put my whole life in a whirl
Your baby blues are so bright
You are Daddy’s darling little Girl

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A Curious Mind

A Curious Mind

Is there really gold at the end of a rainbow?
This is one of the things I’d like to know,
If you get too close to a nuclear plant,
Would you glow?

If I look into the sun,
Just before the eclipse has begun,
Will I necessarily go blind?
Or is that just superstition?

Why doesn’t a ducks quack echo?
Why don’t I have the patience to learn piano?
This is what a curious mind asks,
This is what a curious mind wants to know.

Having a curious mind,
Is the best way to be designed,
Every new thing is an adventure,
So many wonders to find.

Original poem written for:
The contest “Short Poem Contest”  ¤¤ 8th Place ¤¤
Composed by: Samual Ronthorpe.