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Love is Like a plant

Love is like a flower
Delicate and fragile
It needs just the right 
Ingredients to survive
Too much attention is like...
Too much water
You seem desperate
And the relationship drowns
From desperate attempts at clinginess
Too little attention is like...
Feeling dehydrated
From lack of attention (water)
You wonder if they care at all
So, you reach out to whatever
Water comes your way
Your roots grow deeper
To survive the pain
And you reach out to 
Whatever you can take a hold of
Angry words are like...
The sun that scorches and withers
The plant and heart
Careless thoughts and actions are like...
The dog that walks all over
And chews up whatever it likes without thought or consequence
Crushing the stems and flowers under its clumsy feet
Good love is like the Gardner...
Who lovingly tends its plant
Knowing the rewards will be
First prize at the show
Knowing that whatever is put in the plant
Is received back as a reward in return
Good love is also found from the one who knows its value...
Knowing it is worth more than the finest gold
Or the most precious jewels
Many people would....
Give everything they possess
And or sell their soul to the devil
To have the one they love
Love is the most expensive treasure of all
And unlike a pirate you cannot steal it
But utmost joy to the one who has it
And can look upon its
Beauty and delicately hold it in its hand
To see and smell its preciousness
And not crush it
Out of a careless heart

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I Plant So Now

 I plant so now over your head
the seed of life and song.
The taste of honey, milk, and sweet wine
I plant so now.
The wind and the sun in their turning
the seed of man and woman I plant now over your head.
I plant these things now so as they grow
we shall grow with them.
I plant so now the thing that makes man and woman one, 
as we are one. 
It is my need, my need to plant
just as the moon needs the stars 
or the beach needs the sea.
It is I that need you
as you need me.
I plant so now over your head so they may hang there
past life, past death, past forever.
I plant so now.

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A Beautiful Plant Is Like Having A Friend About The Place

I feel at liberty having you here,
Sitting unassumingly,
In the corner of my lounge. 
Free to cavort naked as my mother bore me,
While you remain firm and sure,
Spurning your chances to,
Remark upon my togs. 
Your bare coat at no time results,
In you objecting, should I open a window or two?
You never shudder or tremble. 
Sometimes I hear you brush,
Tacitly, against my restful sage lounge walls.
Never do you interrupt as I prattle,
On and on and on and on,
About frivolous issues.
I furnish you with drink,
As you, tender the finishing touches to my parlour.

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                                                Of every drop 			
                                     Whole of Oceans are tested 			
                                               A plant in a seed 			

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To Plant A Planet

O daddy! my daddy! your life is or' and I'm an orphan once more
The prize you sought is won but my grief overflows onto the floor
You were just to go for surgery then come back to me surely sore
Not dead_gone unbelief flows over me for love on me you pour

O daddy! my daddy! you adopted me, introduced me to God's love
Worked long hours to provide for my needs doing things for others
Studied God's word so that you could teach Biblical truths about Dove
Visited the sick, helped those down, expressed forgiveness of Brothers

O daddy! my daddy! you have won the great prize and at God's side
You are helping God with what needs to be done, as one of his sons
What you might be doing in your service up there with Jesus our Guide
He might have given you your own planet to plant, get ready for loveones

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                                                       It takes no genius
                                                      to figure out that if
                                                you hack down millions and
                                               millions of hectare of forests
                                                each year and replant only
                                             but fraction, there surely then
                                           will be an imbalance, you will get
                                      wrong answers, the sums will not work
                                    out. So global warming is not just another
                                     conspiracy but a global warming down to
                                 earth gospel fact. Plant trees to feed the earth.
                              Plant trees to bring on the rains, plant trees all over
                            the world, plant trees to turn deserts into oasis's again.
                          Plant trees to prove that man cares, plant trees to keep
                       the drought away,. Planting trees to cool down the suffering
                    earth. Planting trees feeds the peoples, the animals and the birds
                                                        so now please
                                                          believe that
                                                       global warming
                                                          is a global 
                                                          fact, plant
                                                        trees now to
                                                       save the world.
                                      Plant trees for mankind to survive.

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We plant soldiers in the ground
To grow peace 
Or so that’s what we’re told

Only the seeds of peace 
Grow peace
That’s what i know

The lies and rhetoric of our politicians
Choke the roots of the truth

And over-water the brains of the politicians
Until they become soft blooming idiots

They say to die for one’s country is right 
The only right is to live for peace
That’s what i know

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"The Plant"

When we travel,
we do so rather mindlessly,
never thinking that others
are out to live dishonestly,
Some will stoop to planting their
illegal wares on others,
causing all sorts of confusion and bothers,
Many will try to attach their ill-gotten
gains on an innocent traveller,
who is completely naive and unaware
of private drug warfare,
If your luggage is left unattended,
They will "go to town" unless
If the snoops are greeted by a giant snake,
that is sure to make their tempretures boil
and their hearts to quake, or stop......
and even when they realize it isn't a joke,
The least of their troubles is the illegal coke,
The victim may accidentally drop the antidote,
The planter's death becomes a foolish mistake,
because the owner of the luggage wasn't forgiving,
The truth of the drama is......,
"Planting" is no way to make a living!

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It's time to plant the harvest now 
The time is slipping by. 
Jesus will be coming soon
To take us home on high. 

We have loved ones still not ready,
And friends we love so dear 
That are wandering still in sin, 
And it seems they do not care. 

It's now that we must pray for them 
That God will bring them in 
So that they will be ready
When He comes back again. 

We are all born as sinners 
But that's no reason to stay. 
If you come to Jesus as you are 
He will save your soul today. 

It is time to plant the harvest 
And bring our loved ones home . . . 
For Jesus will soon be ready 
To bring His children home. 

©Written by Ann Hart
Newfoundland, Canada 

To God be the Glory

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The Plant's Equivalent Cyanide

I see brown leaves drooping, burn marks in the bark,
the populated gala, ignorant in the park.
...With obliviousness, boots are crushing-
the dreaming leaves that died before.

Wild roots, a strewn abroad,
rot from tip to base, a sad sad song.
...And the core
it's weeping, a noise severe that ears can't hear,
painful howling from the wood,
that individual ears misunderstood.

Yet over the tumult,
uproar crowd without remorse,
I wonder how the tree there died.
was it a plant's equivalent cyanide?
Staring at the husking shell,
littered with burnt butts and ashes-
the center of party hats and flashes,
a tobacco funeral straight from hell,
poor tree, I bid thee well.

A victim of stupidity and arson,
alcohol violence and poison.
Proof that nature hates the flaws of man.
I'll never know the pain thy has endured,
from life, reduced to shards of wood...

And all for humanity's entertainment,
...I think I understand the plant's equivalent cyanide.

Author's note: I am not sure about this poem.  Does anyone think it's finished or does it
need more work?

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Love Plant Your Seed

Love is this branch
Trigs and leaves
Love takes a chance
At all of these
Now, love plant your seed
This branch on a tree

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We Plant In Slumber

Blaming  tears she said

With far away eyes " come close "

Weapons unused turn to seedlings bruised

My treasures hidden in burial

In Gahazi's schemes I see

With skin so white I cry out

To streams of awakening

Behold the final flood of tears

In sleepy oration I speak your name

Laying down to the sound of trains

Scattering years in moments

Clouds of fire go before

Sowing seeds of seven

Deities on every hill embrace

The widows wall of shame 

Taker of breath in darkness and light 

Question your devotion

Risen wrinkles in time

Accommodate  your anomalies

With tender seeds of memory

In the garden of God

In the kingdom of love

We plant in slumber

Halo's dreams

Fetal screams of choice

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FReE cEE menTAl insTITutions should plant flowers to pass the hours


Dead daisies, 
deceased dandelions 
torched tulips birthed to be torn and tragically tormented
And those daisies and dandelions died due to being deemed demented 

Maples were made miserable, 
evergreens were ever sad, 
and fir trees were forced to become forlorn
Those evergreens and firs were sorrowful for all of them having been born

Morning glories are in mourning, 
daffodils are decaying and decrying the dawning 
and chrysanthemums were cruelly created to cry 

lovely lilies were living a life to lament
As violets vied with violence, 
and roses were required to repent

Forget-me-nots were forgotten, 
hydrangeas weren’t high on danger 
as junipers jousted with an unjust June

Lilacs lied, 
petunias pouted 
while marigolds were made mad due to the 

The sage were relegated to rage, 
as a carnation prayed for an alternate  incarnation  
and the wisteria suffered hysteria because of insipid information
The iris had a virus
Chrysanthemums went crazy
Marigolds went mad
While wisteria went wild

And for this garden’s ailments there is no sensible solution
Except to send all the plants and trees to an orna-mental institution
                                          © 2012….copy write PHREEPOETREE  ~free cee!~

Details | Plant Poem | |

FREE CEE as this plant rants


I am but a rose that froze
Despite the hunger of August's heat
And each evening my hatred grows
Since your beauty claimed my defeat

I am but a wilted willow worn
My leaves like tears fallen to the ground
As I curse the day when you were born
And I am  a fool your selfishness found

I am but an oak that broke
Each branch snapped by your decree
You were the winter who speciously spoke
And now I am but a dry and dying tree

No water can replenish what you stole
My trunk cannot be strengthened by the richest soil
I once stood straight as any pole
Until you found this fool to be your foil
© 2012 (c) PHREEPOETREE.....~free cee!~

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i plant a tree in the unit of your soul

i plant a tree in the unit of your soul
i embrace the happiness that refuses to hide in a corner
i loosen up slowly thank in part to the brightness of your quiet genius
i never thought it would be you who lives your life signing autographs of influence
when i wake up every morning, i take in the nature of your smile
heaven is at arm's reach, and God is a gentle peck away
you water the flower in the condo of my mind
what grows, as a result, is a foundation of stability
green i am to your faithfullness and your loyalty
you make loving to love easy and sincere
you make the assurance of definitive truth existant and believable
you make the heartbeat of forever's infinity reachable and retrievable
we do not have to pretend or play some odd and ridiculous role
to honor you, i plant a tree in the unit of your soul....

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if i could plant a seed in the house of me

if i could plant a seed in the house of me,
i would make every attempt to grow you 
at every angle of the house of me

i enjoy having you as my interior designer
making me better and more presentable when
it comes down to just simply being myself

whether the sun shines or the rain falls, you 
provide the protective coating never before
discovered in the history of nature period

okay, despite the fact that i am getting ahead
of myself, i just wanted to step outside of myself
and tell you in my own little shy way that i love
and admire every fiber of your being

i know that i can be moody, introverted, and to myself,
but you look deeper into my soul and find the groove 
on the inside of me to move to

my appreciation of you cannot really be anywhere near
close to covered in the words of this poem, so i am just 
gonna conclude by blowing a solidification thank you kiss
and present you with this passionflower as a symbol of my
devout devotion to you....thank you baby....

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when the plant door closes: Part III

and you register with all the temp agencies that you can,
because there are no permanent jobs anymore---
there may have been when you started working at the plant,
but all those possibilities have dried up
with the rest of the well---
and while at home,
you watch the television,
seeing the pretty politicians in their clean & expensive suits
speak of all their big ideas,
which if you elect them in the oncoming year,
they will make all your dreams come true---
but you’ve lived long enough to know that
“the american dream” is nothing more than the maggot-ridden
excrement that pops out of the mouths of those with
when they ramble on about how this is
the greatest country in the world.

unlike them, whose pockets will continue to be filled,
you have alcoholism,
divorce, spousal abuse,
substance abuse, and maybe even
homelessness to look forward to---
and like anyone,
all you wanted was to be happy---
you took it upon yourself to make your money &
follow the rules of the country that you lived in---
you fulfilled all your obligations,
you lived up to all your responsibilities,
you walked the straight line,
you did just what you were supposed to do.

if only any of that mattered.

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when the plant door closes: Part I

when the plant door closes,
it causes a loud sound which creates pain in the ears
echoing throughout the brain like a rock being thrown in an
empty metal garbage can---
and with the pulsating thump still pounding on the inside of
the skull,
then follows the mix of desperation and anxiety,
making its way into the
forcing the seemingly paralyzed legs to move,
you then walk out into the parking lot with the weight
of the world falling down upon the shoulders,
and if you weren’t outside in the fresh air,
you might very well suffocate standing up.

the first thing that goes through your head is a blinding anger---
it is basically intangible,
but it speaks from the gut & it wants to destroy---
it wants to wring the necks of those that are responsible for
taking your job,
it wants to burn down the plant you’ve just left,
and all the houses of those that participated in ruining your own life---
for most,
this feeling subsides a bit when the overwhelming
“what am i gonna do now?”
infiltrates the mind.

so how are you going to pick up the pieces of your individual life?---
for those with families,
not only has the loss of income come at the worst time
(because there never is a “better” time),
but with your job goes your health care & thus
the healthcare of your family members who were on your plan---
the reality is you have severely endangered the lives of your most loved ones,
by having been on time to work every day,
by having worked over 40 hours every week &
by working harder than you ever have in your life.

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when the plant door closes: Part II

you heard rumors a few months ago that there might be a move to
costa rica or mexico,
with the foreknowledge that the company that resided in your very building
in which you then currently worked,
collapsed in on itself just a few years ago---
it promised the same kind of progress as your company did
it spoke monthly of the surging profits &
then it downsized, getting rid of everything but the first shift,
and then subsequently
jumped the border within a few months.

when “the holiday season” is just around the bend,
for some reason, you don’t think it will happen
to you---
all the rumors of plants cutting jobs and closing in your area
make you shiver for a couple of seconds,
but then you assume that your company is the strongest
(because that’s what they tell you in your monthly meetings)---
it doesn’t make sense that a company doing so well,
pushing for so much overtime,
grinding its workers to the bone,
would ever in a million years,
but that is exactly what happens.

so during the coldest months of the winter,
now you are unemployed &
you take a place in line with the other
14+ million jobless individuals
who walk the streets looking
for work
(braving the blistering cold)
sit at home
(bundled up inside because you have to keep the thermostat down
so as to keep the heating bill as low as possible),
waiting for that utopic call which
will make things make sense again.

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The midnight plant-watering ritual

Long after the neighborhood sprinklers
had shushed the night into silence
the closing of a door interrupted
and a dark figure glided across
the lawn, behind a wall
and disappeared.

A moment later it reappeared
and the face of a man could be seen
flickering like a candle in the streetlights

Suddenly the man stopped
and the world
like a
beneath his feet.

It became unbearable to stand
and he sat on a porch step beside a stray cat

Sharp shadows crossed 
the man’s face and
an orange glint of
light was reflected
in his spectacles.

His cat purred as
he stroked it but
he looked straight forward
and did not smile.

His attention was focused
on a pinprick of light
in the vast dark canopy
called night.
He pondered his place
in the universe as 
tufts of hair fell
from his hand
and were

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Scary Thoughts Plant a Grave in Me

I can see you in the reflection of the waters behind closed eyes…
You haven’t won this battle between us – I will not listen to your lies

Deliver us from the licking flames of uncertainty
Fire me up with your passionate glow
You wicked angel of mine – make me your one and only
You tattooed a scar in my heart…you’re as dark as a crow
You punctured me with words of painstaking poetry, but yet it was moving 
You painted a picture of adoration and joy in my heart’s melody 
Passion and happiness was never easy to get, but once I got it, there’s no such thing as losing
I won’t be losing this race tonight – you’ll be failing miserably…
Be careful what you wish for
What’s behind the closed door?
You open in curiosity
I see you wandering around sheepishly…

CHORUS: I can see you in the reflection of the waters behind closed eyes…
It’s crystal clear that you were this dark, fallen angel all over again – how did I know you became so corrupted? I’m sorry this happened to you, yet I don’t feel guilty for what you’ve done
You haven’t won this battle between us – I will not listen to your lies
I remember how I used to orbit around you as if I was the sun, orbiting the Earth…don’t ignore the pain that is going to eventually drive us insane – we will run hand in hand in the glistening sun

I want this…I want this bliss that’s dwelling in your heart
There’s fervent flames scorching in your heart from the start 
Take a deep breath and swim in the abyss with me for a little awhile
You’re playing your little foolish games again…come on and run the extra mile
With me and turn my dreams into a reality…
Even if death tears us apart, we were meant to be free
Alright, dark angel…
Give me your best shot and show off your dynamic spirits of the abyss
Oh, you little devil…
Come and get me…hunt me down like your next prey..I pray I won’t kiss my distressful mistress

CHORUS: I can see you in the reflection of the waters behind closed eyes…
It’s crystal clear that you were this dark, fallen angel all over again – how did I know you became so corrupted? I’m sorry this happened to you, yet I don’t feel guilty for what you’ve done
You haven’t won this battle between us – I will not listen to your lies
I remember how I used to orbit around you as if I was the sun, orbiting the Earth…don’t ignore the pain that is going to eventually drive us insane – we will run hand in hand in the glistening sun

Scary thoughts plant a grave in me; my heart is beating to the rhythm of yours
I’m terrified by the darkness and what it’s revealing to me…there’s no chance to say farewell
To this misfortune that falls upon us…I’m heaving sighs of grief as I open several doors
Don’t bring me down, cruel, callous gravity – my heart’s beating rapidly and it’s going pell-mell
If I were handsome like diamonds in the cave,
I would’ve been like a knight, standing tall and brave
You and I were so perfectly flawed…you are the sunset and I’m the sunrise
You and I never quite fit in like those lonely pieces of the puzzle…you stare me down with knives in your eyes
Are you lost in your own paradise?
I’m done with you & I’ve waved my goodbyes
I don’t walk on sticks, needles and rocks anymore…
I knew something was awaiting me – a future in store