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Love is Like a plant

Love is like a flower
Delicate and fragile
It needs just the right 
Ingredients to survive
Too much attention is like...
Too much water
You seem desperate
And the relationship drowns
From desperate attempts at clinginess
Too little attention is like...
Feeling dehydrated
From lack of attention (water)
You wonder if they care at all
So, you reach out to whatever
Water comes your way
Your roots grow deeper
To survive the pain
And you reach out to 
Whatever you can take a hold of
Angry words are like...
The sun that scorches and withers
The plant and heart
Careless thoughts and actions are like...
The dog that walks all over
And chews up whatever it likes without thought or consequence
Crushing the stems and flowers under its clumsy feet
Good love is like the Gardner...
Who lovingly tends its plant
Knowing the rewards will be
First prize at the show
Knowing that whatever is put in the plant
Is received back as a reward in return
Good love is also found from the one who knows its value...
Knowing it is worth more than the finest gold
Or the most precious jewels
Many people would....
Give everything they possess
And or sell their soul to the devil
To have the one they love
Love is the most expensive treasure of all
And unlike a pirate you cannot steal it
But utmost joy to the one who has it
And can look upon its
Beauty and delicately hold it in its hand
To see and smell its preciousness
And not crush it
Out of a careless heart

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A Beautiful Plant Is Like Having A Friend About The Place

I feel at liberty having you here,
Sitting unassumingly,
In the corner of my lounge. 
Free to cavort naked as my mother bore me,
While you remain firm and sure,
Spurning your chances to,
Remark upon my togs. 
Your bare coat at no time results,
In you objecting, should I open a window or two?
You never shudder or tremble. 
Sometimes I hear you brush,
Tacitly, against my restful sage lounge walls.
Never do you interrupt as I prattle,
On and on and on and on,
About frivolous issues.
I furnish you with drink,
As you, tender the finishing touches to my parlour.

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I Plant So Now

 I plant so now over your head
the seed of life and song.
The taste of honey, milk, and sweet wine
I plant so now.
The wind and the sun in their turning
the seed of man and woman I plant now over your head.
I plant these things now so as they grow
we shall grow with them.
I plant so now the thing that makes man and woman one, 
as we are one. 
It is my need, my need to plant
just as the moon needs the stars 
or the beach needs the sea.
It is I that need you
as you need me.
I plant so now over your head so they may hang there
past life, past death, past forever.
I plant so now.

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                                                Of every drop 			
                                     Whole of Oceans are tested 			
                                               A plant in a seed 			

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To Plant A Planet

O daddy! my daddy! your life is or' and I'm an orphan once more
The prize you sought is won but my grief overflows onto the floor
You were just to go for surgery then come back to me surely sore
Not dead_gone unbelief flows over me for love on me you pour

O daddy! my daddy! you adopted me, introduced me to God's love
Worked long hours to provide for my needs doing things for others
Studied God's word so that you could teach Biblical truths about Dove
Visited the sick, helped those down, expressed forgiveness of Brothers

O daddy! my daddy! you have won the great prize and at God's side
You are helping God with what needs to be done, as one of his sons
What you might be doing in your service up there with Jesus our Guide
He might have given you your own planet to plant, get ready for loveones

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We plant soldiers in the ground
To grow peace 
Or so that’s what we’re told

Only the seeds of peace 
Grow peace
That’s what i know

The lies and rhetoric of our politicians
Choke the roots of the truth

And over-water the brains of the politicians
Until they become soft blooming idiots

They say to die for one’s country is right 
The only right is to live for peace
That’s what i know

Details | Plant Poem | |


                                                       It takes no genius
                                                      to figure out that if
                                                you hack down millions and
                                               millions of hectare of forests
                                                each year and replant only
                                             but fraction, there surely then
                                           will be an imbalance, you will get
                                      wrong answers, the sums will not work
                                    out. So global warming is not just another
                                     conspiracy but a global warming down to
                                 earth gospel fact. Plant trees to feed the earth.
                              Plant trees to bring on the rains, plant trees all over
                            the world, plant trees to turn deserts into oasis's again.
                          Plant trees to prove that man cares, plant trees to keep
                       the drought away,. Planting trees to cool down the suffering
                    earth. Planting trees feeds the peoples, the animals and the birds
                                                        so now please
                                                          believe that
                                                       global warming
                                                          is a global 
                                                          fact, plant
                                                        trees now to
                                                       save the world.
                                      Plant trees for mankind to survive.

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"The Plant"

When we travel,
we do so rather mindlessly,
never thinking that others
are out to live dishonestly,
Some will stoop to planting their
illegal wares on others,
causing all sorts of confusion and bothers,
Many will try to attach their ill-gotten
gains on an innocent traveller,
who is completely naive and unaware
of private drug warfare,
If your luggage is left unattended,
They will "go to town" unless
If the snoops are greeted by a giant snake,
that is sure to make their tempretures boil
and their hearts to quake, or stop......
and even when they realize it isn't a joke,
The least of their troubles is the illegal coke,
The victim may accidentally drop the antidote,
The planter's death becomes a foolish mistake,
because the owner of the luggage wasn't forgiving,
The truth of the drama is......,
"Planting" is no way to make a living!

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The Plant's Equivalent Cyanide

I see brown leaves drooping, burn marks in the bark,
the populated gala, ignorant in the park.
...With obliviousness, boots are crushing-
the dreaming leaves that died before.

Wild roots, a strewn abroad,
rot from tip to base, a sad sad song.
...And the core
it's weeping, a noise severe that ears can't hear,
painful howling from the wood,
that individual ears misunderstood.

Yet over the tumult,
uproar crowd without remorse,
I wonder how the tree there died.
was it a plant's equivalent cyanide?
Staring at the husking shell,
littered with burnt butts and ashes-
the center of party hats and flashes,
a tobacco funeral straight from hell,
poor tree, I bid thee well.

A victim of stupidity and arson,
alcohol violence and poison.
Proof that nature hates the flaws of man.
I'll never know the pain thy has endured,
from life, reduced to shards of wood...

And all for humanity's entertainment,
...I think I understand the plant's equivalent cyanide.

Author's note: I am not sure about this poem.  Does anyone think it's finished or does it
need more work?

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It's time to plant the harvest now 
The time is slipping by. 
Jesus will be coming soon
To take us home on high. 

We have loved ones still not ready,
And friends we love so dear 
That are wandering still in sin, 
And it seems they do not care. 

It's now that we must pray for them 
That God will bring them in 
So that they will be ready
When He comes back again. 

We are all born as sinners 
But that's no reason to stay. 
If you come to Jesus as you are 
He will save your soul today. 

It is time to plant the harvest 
And bring our loved ones home . . . 
For Jesus will soon be ready 
To bring His children home. 

©Written by Ann Hart
Newfoundland, Canada 

To God be the Glory