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Prayer for Dane Ann

May God place his hand,
In your hand today, Dane Ann,
And see you safely on your way.
May God guide the surgeon’s hands.
May the rest of us pause to pray.
A VETERAN is having surgery today.
So please God, have an angel,
Stand by Dane’s bed today.

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Poor Scarlett Never Learns(New Form by Dane Ann and HGarvey Esquire)

Scarlett in "Gone With the Wind" goes                   --- AFTER
Ashley even though she has thus far had in           --- ALL,
Two husbands, and says she'll think about things    ---TOMORROW
She marries Rhett and                                          ---IS
Never satisfied with her life, always wanting            ---ANOTHER
Man. But when Rhett leaves her in the end it's a sad---DAY

This POEM is an Example of a New Form of
POETRY Dane-Ann and HGarvey Daniel Esquire are trying to sanction
They call it “ End Line Word “ Poetry Thank-YOU

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For Dane Ann with Gratitude

Dane Ann stood beside me in my darkest hour

A poet with a remarkable power

To alleviate stress in times so sour

Her kindness and generosity empower

In thanks I extend a poetic flower

*For Adeleke’s Golden Gratitude contest

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A Star for Dane Ann

Stars are but pores in the seams of heaven
From which loved ones smile down on us
Showing us they are happy, at peace

For you, dear Dane Ann, I buy a special star
The radiance of a beautiful soul
Who walked this Earth with joy and love

I give to you the star “Jeanette”
A woman like you who lit a spiritual path
And gave comfort and friendship willingly

Her star will cast blessings on your home
The light will lead you through dark times
A steadfast ray of hope and inspiration

This is what Jeanette gave to me
In memory I choose to share her brilliance
To guide you on your journey through life

*Entry for PD's contest

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' Dane Ann Has Done It ! ...' 66th Senryu

‘ Dane Ann Has Done It ! -  … ’  66th  Senryu

  Dane Ann Has Her Brand !
As Published Poetess Grand ...
    Congratulate Hands !

Dane Ann 's Book: “ 100 Poems For Life ”
Release Scheduled: Jan. 19, 2010
Poetry-Soup, Let’s Give A Hand of Applause !

(I Know, I’m Not The Only One To Know This
But Let’s All Spread The Good News in Our Own
Little Corner Of Poetry-Soup … So, We All Know
Again Congrats Are In Order To:  Dane Ann

            God Bless You, Hon ... Amen

                             The  MoonBee

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Thanksgiving Day/Dane Ann

The wind is quite blustery on our short walk to grandmaws
Hankering to have some chocolate pie and dressing
And see the new baby boy!
Never get to spend  much time with the family lately
Kiss 'em all and get a hug
Stress out over all the germs we shared
GOD grant us blessings all the days of our lives
IF the heartburn doesn't kill me tonight, praise Jesus
Value of family --priceless$$
If brother can hobble he will make it ok
Next year will be better
God grant brother a new hip by Christmas

Drop off some new teeth for granny
Ann, she needs to chew her food good
You're faithful and just to grant our needs!

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Daffy Definitions by PoetrySoup(Cowritten by DANE ANN)

To all my Poetic Family, I would like to start a new word game It's very easy You pick a word
Define it and sign your name ( see examples below ) I will then with each author's permission
compile a PoetrySoup dictionary Anybody up to it ALWAYS...HG
Paperboy --- Origami --- HG
Armrest   ---   Sling   --- HG
Poetry  ---  Word Songs --- Karen O'leary
Cackle Fruit --- Hen Egg ---John Moses Freeman * see his Comment Below
Brazier  ---  Boob Gear  ---  DAS-J( Dane Ann )
Broken leg --- Putting down three and carrying one --- Also equals new math--Sara Kedrick
Poetess Extraordinaire --- Extraordinary Creative Lady --- Linda-Marie Bariana
Poetic ---  A little bug on a writer --- Sue Mason
Life Class --- Dress down, no gown --- Brian Strand
Senoir Moment --- No sap, need nap --- Brian Strand
Cool --- Kool now Koolio --- Lovely --- James Fraser
Satin Doll --- "Candy Sweet --- Alias linda Marie --- Linda Maria Bariana
Beatnik --- Long Locks, no Socks --- Brian Strand
Consultant --- Freelance Faience --- Brian Strand
Old Age --- Same Chat, Off Pat --- Brian Strand
Teenage --- Back Chat Off Pat --- Brian Strand
Autobiography --- Timeline, All Mine --- Brian Strand
Google ---Quick Look, Word Book ---Brian Strand
Errant ---Deniably Naughty --- Dane Ann
Ferocious --- Fierce Folly ---Dane Ann                         Continue to PART 2

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' Dane Ann (Poetess & Web Mistress) ... ' 57th Senryu

‘ Dane Ann (Poetess & Web Mistress) … ’   57th  Senryu

   Dane Ann … Web Mistress
  Poet - Piece De' Resistance
     All Thanks, Assistance

            Your Poet-Fan
       For Dane Ann’s Web Plan
    Makes Poetry Sharing Is Grand …

                   Luv Ya’ Gal …

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Birthday Wishes to Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Everyday is your birthday 
and a holiday,
your life and time... worth 
more than a day,
each moment marks the 
birth of great memories,
of a great mother 
unlocking matchless 

Happy birthday to a star 
that shines all day,
Special wishes of love on 
this precious day!
For me, you mean more 
than I can say.
You are a key that opens 
paradise'... way.

For you, this birthday 
ought to be a sparkling sun
Overriding all the other 
shining stars.
For me, your birthday is 
another occasion
to show you God's love 
with purest passion!

I wished to present you a 
lot of flowers, but none of 
them is as beautiful, as 
your heart.
I wanted to paint your 
portrait with a super star,
but it can't be compared to 
your awesome art, 

Soar to the skies, snug the 
blow beautiful balloons, 
give them flight.
Hold unto your allure and 
God's golden grains,
on this happy day, count 
your great gain.
Happy Birthday great 
friend, mother and mentor  
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen.
With love<3

(c)  2013
Adeleke Adeite

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Sorry For The Dane-ettes

Sorry For The Danettes by Rick Rucker I'm so sorry, neighbor Sun, For what my little dog has done! I don't see how it could even happen, that a dog that has to jump to pee, Could impregnate a dog that, when standing, is five foot three! Analyzing the "attack," Your dog must have been on her back, Egging poor little Heinrick on, Once started, I'm sure, he was gone! Still, you must admit, That they are quite a hit, With all the local brats, Who use them to chase the cats! At two feet long, and legs real small, They can hide behind a soccer ball! Jumping out, running like the wind, Those once-fat cats, are much more thinned. Please accept my apology, For Heinrick's lesson in Impossible Biology!