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Best Tazkira Poems

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New Tazkira Poems

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Baqreid the 2nd Eid by Kamoonpuri, S.zaynub
THE TRIO by udarwar, amolkumar
ELEVEN STARS by udarwar, amolkumar
NATURE'S BEAUTY PAGEANT by Kamoonpuri, S.zaynub
POOR CINDERELLA by austin, daver
Martyr's Paradise by H. Chouhdry, M. Shahid

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The Best Tazkira Poems

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Baqreid the 2nd Eid

This day to celebrate the supreme sacrifice
of the ancient prophet Abraham
This day to ponder and reminisce
that divine substitution of Ismail for a ram! 

This Quranic and biblical factual story
shall never diminish in its age-old glory

That superb reliance on and compliance with the will of God
eternally for man to learn from and applaud.

Upon his awesome trust in the unseen, let his kind marvel
and of submission, devotion to God bestow him a laurel

And now for the sake of mutual unity and festivity
first let all of humanity
release their doves of peace
and let them fly freely, unprovoked, unrestrained
with olive branches in their beaks

such that when angels who predicted
forever feuding humans
look down they see instead
6 billion or more two fingers up
in a huge mass of humanity
signalling for and meaning to keep the peace! 

But mind you, world peace is to be everybody's goal
so let no one leave space for any loop-hole.
EID GREETINGS everybody.

Copyright © S.zaynub Kamoonpuri

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poor cinderella 
her pumpkin coach was delayed
castle clock struck twelve
once again a chamber maid
the handsome prince was dismayed

she was dressed in rags
her glass slippers were old boots
her hair a disgrace
the prince didn’t give a hoot
he knew that beautiful face

so? what did he do?
i’ll not give you the answer
it is up to you
please write an ending, dear friend
to my comments then please send 


Copyright © daver austin

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Nature held a Beauty Pageant
Guess who was crowned a crest? 
A flowery green meadow was the stage and rostrum
Watch who won the contest.

Well, the peacock from India was crowned beauty King
The bird of paradise from New Guinea became Beauty queen.

And last but not least was the Indian tiger, runner up
But care he for beauty that he might as well sup? 
And what care any of them
for accolades, crown or cup? 

Other contestants were the gorgeous leopards
and the flimsy beauteous butterflies
They'll be crowned
next time around.
For beauty tis rich in supplies.

But nature-lovers alone applauded the flamboyant winners
who gaily stood upon the flora
They did come out with 'flying colors'
Around them nature's beauty an aura.

Miss world bird of paradise yet unaware of her placing
The peacock endowed by God a crown
They might never know  of this showcasing
At our staring, gawping, they might just frown! 

Then there are those unsung unawarded yet perfect beauties
both among  mortals and animals
who join no display contests nor pageants
yet are undeniably glamorous nonetheless
for beauty ain't exclusive
to önly beauty contestants.

Copyright © S.zaynub Kamoonpuri

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                 *DORIAN PETERSON POTTER*

                       superb is profile

                      verses are spiritual

                      make one juvenile

                      *MYSTIC ROSE*

                       mystic lady with 

           huge mystery and smile, makes

                   even statues breathe

                   *KIM PATRICE NUNEZ*

                        o asian queen Kim

                     you are very genuine

                     hats off to your whim

                             *BEV SMITH*

                        Bev is poets' mentor

                     teacher cum benefactor

                          and an appraiser

                             * TIM SMITH*

                         hi Tim how are you

                 no comments recent from you

                             I truly miss u

                              *MAAYA DEV*

                    hi Maaya where are you

               I yearn for your words afew

                      for they are just true

                         *KANCHAN PRIYA*

                      take care Kanchan dear

                         intermediate truly

                     shapes your fine career

                    *RICHARD LAMOURICKS*

                        hi dear Richard sir

                your poems have much flavour

                         they do us favour

                          *JOHN WULF*

                    hi John dear what's up

             your poems shared on 'whats app'

                    now read this..get up!!

                             *Dr UPMA*

                      dear doctress poet

               congrats on winning contest

                     your poems do best

                        *PAUL CALLUS*

                dear Paul sir, your rhymes

         pregnant with meaning, of course
                   they deliver chimes...


Copyright © amolkumar udarwar

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Martyr's Paradise

With the brave nerve and poetic verve,
I have viewed martyr place in a daydream,
Almighty allocate, there righteous soul thereafter life,
Marvelous, awesome, splendid paradise it Seem,
Bowing trees of olive, flowing torrents of milk and honey,
Hanging fruits trickling nectar, Queuing castles in row,
No melancholy, pain and beavering away is there,
Take back the reward of deeds that they sow,
Pleased moments, precious time spent in the rogation of Almighty,
Observed happy, contented and joyful faces of all who martyr,
Almighty ennoble them from the rest of world,
We can’t imagine, the honor given to them so higher,
The beneficence of Almighty so vast and measureless,
Encompass the whole world from above to beneath,
He will revivify new life to them after death,
They become the twinkling star on cloud nine zenith.

Shahid Hussain Chouhdry

Copyright © M. Shahid H. Chouhdry

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                            a philosopher

          and guide par excellence with green 

                 branch in heart grandeur

                        *SARA KENDRIC*

                          a special  poet

                with encouraging bent and

                        an aesthetic wit


                           a wise guy with a 

               warm heart who encourages

                      the new one all day

Copyright © amolkumar udarwar