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A time to say goodbye

Are you convinced you want to say goodbye? Trust me darling you're making a mistake. If you do not care, then why do you cry? You can't hide your feelings; behaving fake. Trust me darling you're making a mistake. As fire turns to ash your words disintegrate. You can't hide your feelings; behaving fake. I'll shine like a diamond, you'll know your fate. As fire turns to ash your words disintegrate. Destiny guides towards an unknown path. I'll shine like a diamond, you'll know your fate. Be careful my love, world has too much wrath. Destiny guides towards an unknown path. Shadows disappear, washed away in rain. Be careful my love, world has too much wrath. My heart will heal, it does not live in pain. Shadows disappear, washed away in rain. I will not blame you for starless night skies. My heart will heal, it does not live in pain. No tears shed, you shall never hear my cries. I will not blame you for starless night skies. I know it is clouds that disguise the moon. No tears shed, you shall never hear my cries. Nothing lasts forever, some leave too soon. I know it is clouds that disguise the moon. Like weather, memories drift in the air. Nothing lasts forever, some leave too soon. Fragile blossoms perish without good care. Like weather, memories drift in the air. What we believed, died a premature death. Fragile blossoms perish without good care. Like promises to love, until last breath. What we believed, died a premature death. Sandman declined to bring dreams, we hoped for, like promises to love, until last breath. Don't look back when you walk through that door. Sandman declined to bring dreams, we hoped for. Lovers cannot continue to be friends. Don't look back when you walk through that door, broken hearted, hoping the torment ends. Lovers cannot continue to be friends. If you do not care, then why do you cry? Broken hearted, hoping the torment ends, Are you convinced you want to say goodbye?
25 April 2016 The Silent One 10 syllables per line. I was challenged by a Malaysian friend to do 10 stanza, so I did 11! Pantoum poem A rare form of poetry. It is composed of a series of quatrains; the second and fourth lines of each stanza are repeated as the first and third lines of the next. This pattern continues for any number of stanzas, except for the final stanza, which differs in the repeating pattern. The first and third lines of the last stanza are the second and fourth of the penultimate; the first line of the poem is the last line of the final stanza, and the third line of the first stanza is the second of the final. Ideally, the meaning of lines shifts when they are repeated although the words remain exactly the same: this can be done by shifting punctuation, punning, or simply recontextualizing. It odes not have to rhyme nor have a syllable restriction.

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2016

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Teenage Love 10: Interracial Teen Couples

Once again, young love has affected the lives of all teenagers, but this time, it's also
affecting the lives of all young interracial young lovebirds. All types of interracial
relationships have been active since the ending of the 1960s and when all of the schools
and other places have been integrated. It seems that two young people (a teen boy and a
teen girl) would rather date someone outside their race than dating the other that's
within the same race, that includes African American and white teen boys and girls. Like,
for when a black teen boy were to get into a real relationship with a teen white/Caucasian
girl, a teen Asian girl (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Malaysian,
Thai, or Filipino), a teen Hispanic girl, or a teen Middle Eastern girl, that would be
great for him. And if a black teen girl were to get into a real relationship with a teen
white/Caucasian boy, a teen Asian boy (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese,
Malaysian, Thai, or Filipino), a teen Hispanic boy, or a teen Middle Eastern boy, then
that's great for her, too. What love is trying to do to all teenage lovebirds, including
all interracial teen couples, is to have made them happy, especially when they're around
each other.And what this type of young love is also doing is promoting interracial love
around the entire American nation, including Massachusetts, Texas, Alabama, and
California. Interracial relationships among all teenagers are increasing in not just the
United States of America, but the whole world, as well. It also seems to everyone that
both lovebirds of different races will never stop loving each other, not even before the
year 2019. But then, interracial relationships among all teenagers do have a good impact
on then. Their parents (the mothers and the fathers of all different races) should be very
happy for their teen sons and teen daughters, especially when they know that their teens
are in love with each other. And if love among all teenagers continues to grow and grow
without stopping and that all interracial relationships were to increase, even before and
after the year 2020, this is going to be the greatest thing that has ever happened to all
teenage lovebirds nationwide.

Copyright © Brashard Bursey | Year Posted 2011

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I can remember her face in my dream.
Her feature is somewhat brave, prominent jaw line and thick brows but pretty.
She’s taller than me; her face was so vivid in my dream.
Built is bigger though not fat, just big.
I can almost paint her if I just know how.

The woman I married in my dream.
She was wearing maroon floral long blouse or something Malaysian like. 
But with hijab, wow what a wonderful dream!
She’s submissive and positivist. 
Too opposite with her features
That she just took my reprimands, lightly.
She's so clear to me.

I am feeling she exists. 
I just don't know from what era or where.
But in my dream, it was her who went to me for a marriage.
And that I've been waiting.
Indeed weird!

She was walking in a foot bridge coming to me.
She is with a guy, probably her brother or cousin.
But not seem to be her dad though.
Oh my wife in a dream!
But I forgot when I was dreaming!

I just knew that she's Tausug because we both speak in Sinug.
But grew up and raised somewhere here.
I do hope I find her. That’s it.
But some of my dreams come true.
Good luck to me!

 This is a story of someone’s dream named FS and shared to me.

Copyright © Neldy Jolo | Year Posted 2014

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Asian Princess

An Asian girl is a beautiful princess in her own right. She's the crown jewel in the lives of all American guys, even me. Even though this awesome Asian girl doesn't have a crown on her head, she's still a princess in my eyes. It seems to me that she's the type of girl that I really want to be with, especially when we're going to get into a serious relationship in the near future. Whether she's either Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, Thai, Filipino, Indonesian, or Malaysian, I still want to be with her. When I tend to look at her eyes, they look like a pair of black diamonds. And when I see her beautiful face, it's like looking at the face of an attractive angel. Her hair is so soft and smooth, it's like holding a silky cloth made entirely out of silkworms, especially when they're known for making good cloths. If only this Asian girl knew that I had so much love for her. And if I see this beautiful Asian princess (Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Filipino, Indonesian, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, or Malaysian), I'd express my love for her. I hope fate will bring us together soon.

Copyright © Brashard Bursey | Year Posted 2011

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I woke watching television news
The jet plane is soaring high note
Operation Sulu is launched forth
Until the intruders to get out
Malaysia always chose to peace
Come and let us all save peace

Philippines is wanting peace
For Sulu Archipelago is its part to ease
Sulu Royal Army chose to enter because of peace
They call homeland in the book pages 
They decide to stay and die never ended
Many see this is not a good choice
But for them this is a pride to hold and take
Come and let us all save peace

For Malaysia also has to protect its state
Its sovereignty whether lives at stake
It has chosen the space to negotiate
And has given the time to withdraw in peace 
But the “intruders” is hard to take the leave
Come and let us all save peace

Many children cried
Much wives shed tears
Every Mothers weep
Their love ones died but with pride
Our prayers to put ahead their faith
Come and let us all save peace

The eyes of the world where are you?
The humanitarian aid you have to do
Don’t you see the lives are here waiting?
The civilians need your helping
Do not wait until the time lapse to nothing
Come and let us all save peace and do something.

Come and let us all save peace
Take part and let us all save peace
Pray and let us all save peace
Where are you peace activists?
Come and let us all save peace
Let us all save peace!

This is the day that Malaysian Forces conducted “Ops Sulu” to drive the group from Sulu that recently entered Tandu’, Lahad Datu, Sabah. 12:41PM, 5th March 2013, Bandar Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia. 

Please Print and Distribute to Save Peace. Thank you
Get the copy here:

Copyright © Neldy Jolo | Year Posted 2013

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This is a tragedy
A tragic in the history
MH a Malaysian Hospitality
Ended in a catastrophe
Another date of unhappy

July 17 you flew from Amsterdam
MH 17 you are proud flying no harm
Boeing 777 is your airplane
You are shot down in Ukraine
That’s in the Russian border
In the conflict zone it happen

Malaysians are shock
Everyone felt struck
And we mourn the attack
Crying your luck

Your destiny hack
Before MH370 is back
You come with a shock
Suppose Kuala Lumpur is your last track

Kota Kinabalu (18 July)

Copyright © Neldy Jolo | Year Posted 2014

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Ugly Swan, Pretty Frog

I had wings that flopped here and there
She had legs that spread in the air
She jumped for joy each time I swooned
Even I tripped all over by noon

She would lick all my wounds away
I the ugly swan would shyly play
This beautiful frog with her heart on fire
She heated the very essence of my desire

My wings were clipped from early on
If I tried to fly I only flipped and tumbled
All the other swans did laugh
So alone I was left to fend for myself

She the frog, ever so kind
She took all my pain right out of my mind
So an impulse struck me from I don’t know where
I kissed this frog, right then and there

A princess appeared before my eyes
She smiles and kisses me on the lips
A miracle of sorts did transpire
As we flew away on my wings of desire

Note: Ancient Proverb: A Malaysian Swan never flies far before he drowns

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2014

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Tahan na, Glenda -typhoon Rammasun

I can't sleep right now, and I guess I just needed to 'voice' umm type out my 
thoughts somehow.... as I type this, the wind is howling and I hear the whoosh 
of rain...and through it all, I hear a croaking frog.

At times when there are typhoons, I do tend to step outside and just watch, BE there firsthand, such a mere fraction (nothing compared to, actually), to what others experience, since I can always just run back inside if it gets dangerous. For others, the danger is real... I do like to feel the typhoon (a different aspect, I guess I find a certain thrill to it) but knowing how it can also be so dangerous, also grounds me.

Typhoon Rammasun (Glenda) has been gaining strength the past day (flights have been cancelled, classes and even government work have been suspended and a lot of areas are placed in storm signals ranging from 1 to 3)--we are at signal 3 where I am... it is slow-moving, meaning it can gather more strength as it moves and this also affects a lot of areas in the central and mainly northern part of my country.

A lot of areas here are prone to flooding, are already being flooded and the 
danger of storm surges is also very imminent... hundreds of thousands have already been evacuated, and hopefully those who refused to leave their homes earlier, took warnings to heart and evacuated.... it was still sunny this morning, so it could have been quite deceiving, I guess.

In fairness to the local governments, they do what they can do, taking preemptive measures in evacuation, with typhoon Yolanda still fresh in our hearts and minds.

What is disheartening is that those who can be severely affected would be 
those who have less in life, the informal settlers near coastal and bay areas, the 
farmers, the of typing this, 3 people have already been reported 

There was this man featured on the news earlier, seen gathering plastic bottles 
and other trash from the bay, in order to sell, and didn't know there was an 
upcoming typhoon... 

There was a lady, who refuse to leave her home which is located in a high risk 
area, she said she'd rather ride out the storm at home, resigned, she said if it's 
your time to die, it's your time. 

Maybe it's hormones, emotions getting to me, but watching the news, saying 
our evening prayers with special intentions, I had to fight back tears. Sighs, what good would my tears do though? The heavens shed enough tears right now.

Here I am, in the comfort of my own home, safe. And others, I can just 
imagine, are feeling the wrath, with no roof over there heads. Those in 
evacuation centers, I hope they still have their houses to go home to after 

 Please join me in praying with them, that they can get through this typhoon, 
safe and without injury nor death.

 I hear the rattle of what I am guessing would be our neighbor's roof. The winds are stronger now, rushing through the trees.

The frog still croaks, and I hope it will be okay (and also for all the other 

   Glenda, tahan na, tahan na.... 
            Glenda, hush please, hush...

** "tahan na" --- the nearest definition I can think of for this phrase would be "hush" or maybe "stop crying" 

Glenda is the local name of Typhoon Rammasun

-- to my kababayans, nette, Aiyah, and all the others, please stay safe, I hope you and your loved ones are all safe.....let's continue praying for those who are directly in this typhoon's path. Yes, the typhoon is here, but I still believe in the power of prayer, that these people be given the strength and courage to get through this typhoon, and not give up hope. I guess I just really am hoping for minimal injuries and casualties (would it be too much if I hope for zero casualties?)

God bless.

ika-16 ng Hulyo, lagpas alas dos ng umaga


Rammasun did wreak a lot of havoc in the Philippines, leaving almost a hundred dead... it also crippled electricity in a lot of provinces and cities, downing and uprooting many trees. Some areas have been declared under states of calamity.

After passing through us, Rammasun gained more strength, and turned into a super typhoon, affecting China and Vietnam. Please continue to pray for those who have been affected by it. Thank you.

Also, my heart, prayers and thoughts all go out to the victims and loved ones of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. It may look so hopeless right now, but like so many others, even if the situation seems so complicated, with a lot of fingers being pointed, I hope and I pray for justice, that the bodies of the victims be returned to their families. 

Copyright © binibining P.iNk | Year Posted 2014

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Villanelle: Whose voice does the non-native English poet verily hear

Villanelle: Whose voice does the non-native English poet verily hear

Whose voice does the non-native English poet verily hear
Words which sound to native English speakers as gibberish
Does received pronunciation yoke the borrowed voices’ ear

The poet hears a voice probably his own loud and clear
As he scribbles words English dictionaries list and cherish
Whose voice does the non-native English poet verily hear

Can the fine feel of a language’s rhythms and cadences cohere
In the non-native speaker’s bookish learning albeit feverish
Does received pronunciation yoke the borrowed voices’ ear

When a Malaysian-Chinese poet whispers into his dear’s ear
Lines he has learned for exams from native speakers of English
Whose voice does the non-native English poet verily hear

Post-colonial poets simulate voices buried in psyche’s rear
Words they utter in tutored voices under authority of the English
Does received pronunciation yoke the borrowed voices’ ear

To whom does this poem belong if it stirs not far from here
The voices that bred these words all swirling around dervish
Whose voice does the non-native English poet verily hear
Does received pronunciation yoke the borrowed voices’ ear

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2014

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2014

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The Malay Pantun: Post-colonial writing

La capinera's wintering pieces of tropic tunes
    The garden warbler's echoes of dark melodies
Post-colonial poets return by summering fortunes 
    Learnt by rote as sacred Oxbridge duties


The French "pantoum" may be modeled on the Malay pantun,
or at least it may aspire to, but it does not adhere to its
fundamental compositional criteria. For the original prototype, 
cf. T. Wignesan, "The Poietics of the Pantun" in Journal of the
Institute of Asian studies, Vol. XII, n° 2 (Chennai), March 1995,
pp. 1-15; reproduced with corrections in T. Wignesan. Sporadic 
Striving amid Echoed Voices, Mirrored Images and Stereotypic 
Posturing in Malaysian-Singaporean Literatures. Allahabad:, 2008, pp. 49-67.

(c) T. Wignesan - Paris, 2012

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2012

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Heart Of Stone

Heart Of Stone

What a heart wrenching piece of news..
In today’s spread of daily news…
Boldly headlined ‘Mom: No Forgiveness”
It was about filial hurt and devastated dreams.  

This news worthy piece of news was rather brief..
The reporter was probably  trying hard to be objective..
This news begin with a factual statement of a 10 years’ ordeal..
A 63year-old woman looking for forgiveness, to make amends.. 

There were only two colored photos displayed,
The main one showing a unsmiling woman,
Bagged eyes, resolute and looking slightly defiant…
Her left hand across the bony shoulders of a skinny man.

They were enstranged siblings, getting back together after 30 years…
She is 63 while big brother is 65, the latter must have had tough years …
Gaunt and feeble looking, big brother has been more forgiving,
Brotherly love tirelessly scouring for 30 years for a sister missing…

The second picture, O how it speaks the depths of timeless  hurt and despair..
When it caught and froze a 93 year old mother’s wave of  rejection for reconciliation
There she was, a feeble bent over aged mother, an upraised left hand with open palm..
In her hardened heart, she was dismissing an intruder from revisiting old wounds…

Nothing was written, nothing was reported, the beseeches and pleadings to be heard..
This 63 year-old long lost daughter, unlike a biblical prodigal son, was not to heal a hurt…
A hurt so deep and forgotten, that must have devastated the family and the siblings that day…
When she chose to run away from her home, her parents and siblings on that fateful day..

A lot of water has flown under the family bridge and if you were to read between the lines..
Her unexplained and undoubtedly unforeseen rebellious act of abandoning her home that time..
Was a betrayal that  destroyed and endangered all close family love, dreams and ties..
Even her elder brother too escaped the family nest and for 30 long years he looked for her…

O what a sad episode for a Malaysian family, the trauma and the hurt, the crushed dreams..
30 years of anguish and regrets supplanted by an armor of wilful memory loss and silent screams..
Even at 93, “You ran away all these years without thinking and caring about how we feel”..
A simple statement of truth, how it must have hurt, is there time enough for such wound to heal?

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2015

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They Fly Tonight

They Fly Tonight

As I had wished yesterday, 
       do have a safe, nice and comfortable flight today…

Hopes are running high, 
       this Malaysian junior squash team high will they fly…

At home in  eager suspense we all await..
	while you guys and gals go in battling  for the bait…

After all the tough intensive training,
	you are the best hopes Malaysia is proud to bring….

We wish you national warriors cheers for all…
	for those who will win and those who fall…

To attain glory, honor and fame,
	grab all the gold to show that you are top of your game..

In the next few days, you’ve to play well,
         for some will falter this time while the others do well…

What matters most is for individual performances..
         let them be hard battles, well fought and full of perseverance…

For some times it is the will of iron in you …
 	that see you through each battle today for the next day to begin anew..

Go on, squash warriors in this Malaysian team,
	You are the nation’s pride and dream for squash success…

To squash juniors playing in British Junior Open 2015

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2015

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Salam, how are you there?
Wassalam, good, Alhamdulillah
How about the issue in Sabah
Nothing to worry
I am worried because you are my friend
I am okay; just want to know your opinion
No probs, what do you think of that opinion?
Does it hurt you personally?
Nope, it makes sense

I am not personally taking part, I have my own problem
Indeed but I am so sad, many don’t understand the situation
They are taking one side condemning Suluk in general
So as the other Suluk in Sulu archipelago 
Many also condemning Melayu in general
I always think about others
My cousin, a policeman is in the frontline

I am so sad, pray hard
Please cry with me
I am here for you to lend your cry
Can I pretend nothing happen?
We can’t pretend to be nothing to happen
Then rest and cry with me
To make people understand is not easy
Sometime we also take time to understand our situation
I am hurt to what happen, we are being fooled by colonisers
They ask us to inherit this misery

Hmmm I am so sorry to hear that
Hopefully you won’t hate the Suluk generally
So, as long as it does not contradict to my stand
What is your stand supposedly?
 At least I have one good friend from Jolo ancestry
I am a good friend because you are good

I know nothing about the war; I just wanted to know the peace
It’s really easy to smile and pretend that you are okay
Rather than telling people why you are sad
It’s not easy to imagine that war
I just want to keep it by my self
I wanted to keep this in my sleep
When I wake up tomorrow 
Peace is expected to blow
Let have this peace to reign right away

The poem is made through the conversation with Malay friends from Kuala Lumpur about the conflict happened in Lahad Datu. We shall never put the bangsa in general as what we are thinking is right: Suluk is bad and Melayu is arrogant. We need a better understanding to conclude that each bangsa like Suluk and Melayu have nothing to do with the situation. It is a matter of siding the truth and rights. I therefore personally accepted if everyone hates me because I am Suluk and that would make the world stay in peace and to save peace, I am willing to be called such: “Suluk is bad and Melayu is arrogant” but the “country and world is peaceful” is achieved. The war declared ended today by Malaysian authority. Let Us All Save Peace. Layag Sug. 11th March 2013, Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia!

Copyright © Neldy Jolo | Year Posted 2013

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The Rich/the Super Rich/the One Percenters.
Then there’s the rest of us,
The Disappearing/Shrinking Middle Class.
Our  “good paying “, American Dream financing  jobs gone,

The Chinese/Japanese/Indian/Korean/Malaysian, etc. have them.
We are left to grovel/slave away at many PT “jobs/employment”,
We work all kind of ridiculous hours for even more ridiculous rewards,
At the same time watching the American Dream slip away, being taxed away, shipped away.  The dream is taking wings, 
taking majestic and dramatic flight like the Bald eagle, proud symbol of America.
And the number of the poor, that we will “always have with us”
Is steadily whispering, calling out, shouting out to us-
And in the gesture of come on down, they extend an invitation to us
Come join us, come “eat cake with us”
You can exercise the right to just lay down and die with us,
Then the Money Changer Bankers and Crooks that are continually rewarded,
Can just roll us up in a blue tarp, and into an empty ditch, 
step over us in their Armani shoes, keep going and never break stride.
And their Bought-and-Paid-For US Congressional Representatives,
And State/Local ones as well will see to it,
That left behind family/loved ones will not receive,
 Any so called governmental assistance that we need,
Though we paid for it with our taxed-to-death money.
And we will end up in an unmarked mass-grave ditch,
And finally be out of the way of the folks who are really in charge of
The American Dream.

September 21, 2013

Copyright © Alfreda Williamson | Year Posted 2013

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Technical Support

How could I survive without a computer, only heaven knows!
'Tis a necessary tool for my poetical verse to compose.
Today, the beast went down again, wouldn't you know it,
Just as I received a brilliant revelation so vital to a poet!

My technical aptitude is meager but I did try to reboot.
That was the extent of my expertise regarding a troubleshoot!
I couldn't figure out what else to do so as a last resort,
I called the computer company gurus for technical support!

I was talking with a foreigner, much to my consternation,
So I steeled myself for a challenging technical conversation!
He could be anywhere on that vast continent of Asia;
I later learned he was from the Islands of Malaysia!

I'm sure that in solving computer glitches he does excel,
And he obviously knows the Malaysian lingo very well,
But bless my soul, I hardly understood a word he uttered,
As in fractured English and technical jargon he sputtered!

I'm sure he thought he was talking with a first-rate dunce,
Since he had to repeat his instructions to me more than once!
As frustrating as it is, I reckon I'll have to resign myself,
To pleading for technical support beyond the continental shelf!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(© All Rights Reserved)

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2010

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A sudden left
Or a sudden right
So abrupt
No, not a makeshift
But I’m assuming, a turn of event.

We never thought
Its like the Malaysian 370 flight
Its might
Yes, the effect
Would be  consuming us through eternity.

We must look straight
A landscape or a  hindsight
So passionate we must be dealt with
All lives go adrift
Exult though with dignity.

This Day of  Judgment
 Will come like a thief in the night
There’s no turning back, now repent
It will be an advent, the soonest
And no denying it is positive a mystery

More than ever….a magic - a TURN OF


Copyright © William Labtis | Year Posted 2014

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The Malay Pantun: The Non-Party Communal Triumvirate

The Malay Pantun:  The Non-Party Communal Triumvirate

Ursidae carnivora hug and hibernate
   Hypolais polyglottes trill without triumph
Alliance Party* wins and vituperate
   Opposition parties coagulate without lymph

•	The ruling Malaysian communal triumvirate – 
since Independence in 1957.

© T. Wignesan, Paris - 2013

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2013

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Haiku: Crocodile Tears

though croc may look sad
lying alone on river bank
eating life brings joy

Brian Johnston
July 12, 2015

Poet's Notes:
In the Malaysian language and culture, the phrase "land crocodile" is commonly used to describe a "playboy."

Copyright © Brian Johnston | Year Posted 2015

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Gold Medals To Save a Nation

Gold Medals Wanted...

At this point in time, it is a worrisome time when Malaysia as a country fumbles....
Economics, politics and a divided people are part of her myriad set of troubles...

In sports Malaysians generally sought relief and belief, and a little pride...
It is shocking but the facts are out and Malaysians need to quicken our strides..

We are devastated, we were shamed when UAE soccer boys hammered ours 10-0....
Our bastion of pride, Datuk Nicol David the ever energetic Duracell Bunny....
Was dislodged from her record 109 months' reign as Woman Squash Number 1  recently...

Our aging Datuk Lee, despite his playing years battle in badminton still for our country's pride...
But the years have taken its toll on his invincibility and Malaysians must accept he is on a downward slide....

Together with the our Bunny squash queen, they each try their very best to honour the country....
All Malaysians take awesome pride each time the national anthem is played loud and clear...

The anthem proudly proclaims a patriotic Malaysian who has battled tooth and nail to ultimately prevail..
Everytime a sporting son or daughter of Malaysia makes it to the winner's podium..

For now , Malaysians have heroes and heroines in squash, diving and badminton...
But our nation demands many more from its citizens, for the country to forge on...

For the elusive quality of a unified people is achievable and obvious in sporting glory...
Unified in spirit, pride and fame, Malaysians can pull together and weather all storms....
So, children of Malaysia, go for gold in all kind of sports in order a troubled Malaysia can reborn...

Go, Malaysia, go, go for gold! With your exploits, Malaysia is again a nation whole!

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2015

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Hello 2016

Hello 2016...
At the stroke of midnight last night..
There were raucous cheers and noisy fanfare ..
There were vigorous displays of fireworks..
As Malaysians welcome 2016, full of hopes..

Hello 2016...
May the price of petroleum per barrel be up...
This country reserves are low, it needs to be up..
It wouldn't augur well for countries producing oil..
If crude oil prices are low, and Gulf Nations produce even more oil..

Hello 2016...
We really would like a better currency exchange rate..
We really need a stronger local currency in the world stage..
The Malaysian Ringgit is at an all time low this season..
The common man may not understand the actual reasons..
But he does know that doing RM4.30 to each US dollar..
Is much too high when it was only  RM3.40 to the same dollar...

Hello 2016...
Maybe the Malaysian government can see it fit to reconsider..
Removing the Good Service Tax introduced in April last year..
The common man here are all suffering the ill effects of GST..
Things were very much cheaper prior to this new tax...
With oue weakened Ringgit, all things are much more expensive...

Hello 2016...
For all wisdom on governance, the government should buck up...
Put in place economic measures to help every family up..
For with the shrinking ringgit, every family struggles more...
Merely just to upkeep the status quo of lifestyles and more...

Hello 2016...
The government should be seen doing much more this year...
For the many scandalous misdeeds and mistakes last year..
For one, justice should be blind yet fair, no justice delayed..
For justice delayed is justice denied, so please no delay...
Also justice must be fairly applied, there cannot be 2 versions...
All too often, we see evidences of law applied differently ...
Who you are, your religion, race and  your political party...
Should not rightly weigh on the scales of justice to be fair...

Hello 2016...
Hopefully as we begin a brand new chapter of a brand new year...
Let there no longer be catastrophic incidents of the yesteryears..
Pray no earthquakes nor tsunamis, no more mother-of-all calamities..
Life is hard and challenging enough, minus their many profanities..

Hello 2016...
All over the world efforts are made to herald the dawn  of a new year...
Hopes are high and universal that only the best happenings are near...
So in all fairness welcome and happy new year everybody here..
Wherever you may be, 2016 may yet be the best that can possibly be!

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2015

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Vape To Be Free

A famed thinker , Voltaire, he observed and proclaimed,
Man is born free but everywhere he’s chains.
A simple enough statement but the truthfulness in it,
Is so profound and so relevant till to this modern day.

Early this week, a local minister just facebook posted his glee,
Malaysians can safely pursue the vape business restrictions free.
In fact he was all thumbs up for the vape flavoring entrepreneurs,
Proudly professing his hopes of Malaysians frontlining such business ventures.

Exultantly he posted, “Good news for vapers, vaper brewers and vape merchants,
The cabinet today decided not to ban the use of vape…TQ to…the government.
For understanding the aspirations of the youth.” What a impossible post from a leader,
I wonder,  the Malaysian youth, what are their aspirations going by this minister?

One would surely think, aspirations are lofty targets to strive for and to achieve,
That in itself implies respectable professions and not controversial ones as in this vape business.
Voltaire, may the famed thinker rest in peace, would never have imagined,
Here in Malaysia, his immortal lines of wisdom would be a mental thing.

Just as all drug addicts are desperate in  craving for every regular fix,
Most, if not all, cigarette smokers too are desperate in certain hours of need.
Drugs or cigarettes, or drugs and cigarettes, they are like two sides of a coin,
Addictive and destructive, two habits that any healthy society sought hard to discard.

Youths today have all the freedom, to choose and to decide, amidst wondrous luxury items,
One wonders why some will choose to shackle themselves to drugs, cigarettes and their kinds.
Now, into this repulsive battleground for the minds and souls of addicts and smokers,
E cigarettes and vape smoking are getting serious, more ominous that it sounds.

The vape habit, often featuring a fanciful electronic gadget and varied flavours of colored liquids,
Is big business for Malaysian entrepreneurs, exporting to the huge Chinese and Indonesian markets.
Bigger nations then ours have seen the wisdom in banning this burgeoning industry,
Cool heads must prevail in deciding proper restrictions to insulate the community.

It is so saddening to know the youth of today are being hooked on a new habitual behavior,
That is obviously costly and unsettling, save for those who are actively profiteering.
Ideally we should all share responsibility to keep our environment free and clean..
We need to be unshackled mentally to be living free!

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2015

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Iraqi girl

I’m in love with an Iraqi girl
And she’s from a Jordanian world
And she lives in a Malaysian town
With her heart of gold

I’m in love with an Iraqi girl
And I need her in my arms to hold
Cause its snowing in New York
And only she can warm my soul

And she’s got black hair of curls
And she’s so fearless and bold
And she’s like an Arabian princess
Of which legends are told

And when she wave her hands
The magic carpet takes to flight
And when she blinks her eyes
The stars all shines so bright

I’m in love with an Iraqi girl
Who my heart in her control
And she keeps it next to hers
With all the love in the world

And she goes to the candy shop
She runs around like a little child
And when the circus comes to town
Her face lights up with a smile

I’m in love with this Iraqi girl
God made her and destroy the mold
True love can’t be bought
And true love can’t be sold

One day we will be together
And leave the loneliness behind
And when the wedding bells will chime
And our hearts will become entwined

Yeah I’m in love with this Iraqi girl
I love her with my heart and soul
And one day when have our children
And our love story will be told

Copyright © kasim ishmael | Year Posted 2013

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Underdogs Have Their Days

Well, well, well!
The whole world knows by now, impossible dreams can come true,
In the game of professional soccer, it has just been proven at Leicester,
Starting the season with a laughable 5,000 to 1 odds of winning the Championship,
Leicester has the last laugh now, they have topped  the 2016 Premier League,
They are into their victory parades and celebrations, ticker tapes and partying,
A minnow in spending with prudent management in the world of soccer,
They confounded all the disbelieving sport pundits who think they know better,
For when all the battle dust is settled, they are the Premier League Champions!

Of less epic proportions are the latest sporting achievements here in Asia,
Somewhere in the unlikely courts of Chinese Taipei, member countries of Asia,
They were battling it out for bragging rights to be the best in Asian Squash,
Of particular significance was the women teams event, team spirits at its best,
The 2nd seeded Indian team knocked out the top seeded team from Hongkong,
The Indian team were in the finals after a surprising 2-0 drubbing of Hongkong,
The Malaysian team, seeded 3rd, was a rookie team headed by Delia Arnold,
She is the only veteran seasoned in these kind of team competitions.

In the final shootout, it was rather tame affair as the players strutted their stuff,
First to court was 17year old Sivasangari who despatched her Indian rival 3-0,
Next in court was captain Delia Arnold who was classy as a 30 year old veteran,
Her game against her Indian rival Joshanna Chinappa was a quite dicey affair,
Losing her first game, then having to dig it in to carve out a win in the second,
There were many an anxious moment as each player tried to dominate the other,
But playing the captain role to perfection, Delia Arnold presevered to be a winner,
Deservedly, the Malaysian Captain secured the winning point for the gold medal!!

Back in Kuala Lumpur, a miracle of sorts was recently achieved on a playing field,
A local rugby team, against all odds and in spite of little or no publicity,
Outran and outfought other international teams to claim the Division One title,
An incredible triumph on home soil to win in this Asian Rugby Championship,
Of course we have have the services of 3 Fijians, as foreigners in the other teams,
What is significant is that we have a winning team in this international sport.

Well, well, well! Heads up, underdogs!

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2016

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Miri Junior Squash Open 2015

Here in far off Borneo, junior squash players are gathered in numbers...
Young and energetic, these are Malaysia's young hopefuls and contenders...

In the numbing heat within this immense hall, the muted thuds of hard hit balls...
Interrupt the cacophony of low conversations permeating through this hall...

Spectators, mostly loving parents, they are one with all the juniors in this tourney....
Raucously cheering the eager young players, battling each other for squashing glory..

Teary losers are pitiful sights aplenty, heaving gasps of disappointment and sobs...
While the victors are warmly congratulated, savoring the highs with renewed hopes...

Where a closely fought match is being played, spectators they swarm the area...
Viewing space then is standing room only,  gasps, groans and cheers are vocal and clear..

With 8 courts and featuring 197 players of various ages in the serious business of winning...
Suspense and excitement  are very much visible,  in both parents, players and supporters...

With the promise of cash prizes, hopes are high for cash and glory till the final win..
These young squash players, talented and motivated,  must be nutured and developed...

As future kings and queens of squash, junior champions they are  today but tomorrow....
Many will continue to grow and one day, and  the best will lay claim to squash  lofty  throne...

For such promising young squash talents, it will be a long journey to excellence...
Many of them will go astray, few will make it all the way, for many studies hold sway..

All these years, Malaysia as a nation hold her breath while trying to do the utmost best...
Of finding a potent squash player, good enough to take over once Datuk Nicol David rests..

Looks like the writing is on the wall, our darling squash queen is finally dislodged from her perch..
Who now can we hope, who now is good enough to quickly climb up to the very top of the perch...

As did the sweet smiling queen of squash, Datuk Nicol David for a phenomenal 109 weeks..
Of dominance over a frantic chasing pack of world class players, the Egyptians ahead of  the rest.....

So here we are,  this Asian Junior Squash sanctioned Silver Event for junior squash tornament..
To witness how young talented juniors come together as friends and foes  in this tournament...

To showcase individual talents, and meet expectations and hopes for Malaysian Squash for tomorrow... 
Squash On, Juniors! Take on the world!

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2015

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Victory In China

Victories In China
14th and 15th Nov 2015 are days for avid badminton fans the world over to remember,
Somewhere over there in Fuchou, who cares where exactly that is there in China.

All that matters to die hard fans of this intricate game of rackets and feathered shuttlecocks.
Is how their player, does he fall or does he win to begin his reign as the King of the Rock.

Malaysian fans are no exceptions, they readily toss aside racial and religious inhibitions.
When their badminton stars persevere throughout any world class badminton action.

The most illustrious shining star in the annals of Malaysian badminton, past and present.
Possibly the future, is one quietly unassuming player whose every success fire up our nation.

His name is on the lips of every badminton player, young and old, abled and even the disabled.
Royalties and political dignitaries and leaders,  they all identify with his every success or stumble.

In a country of 28 millions, he’s a diamond in the rough that was patiently polished to last.
Since 2003 he has build up a  list of career achievements peppered with numerous  firsts.

He is a supreme machine of badminton excellence in this modern day of sporting gladiators.
A simple Wikipedia checkup   will stagger you with his incredible achievements and successes.

With such a background of accomplishments, die hard fans would surely be able to readily recant.
How this supreme badminton ace, once topped in ranking, has periodically failed time and again.

14th Nov 2015 is the day to remember, for in the badminton backyard there in Fuchou, China.
Malaysia favorite son in badminton put to rest all the swirling rumours of him being a choker.

In a 92 minutes game of the highest quality, hard, speedy and opportunistic smashes were aplenty.
All absorbed, parried with deft touches and inpregnable defensive play from both the  players.

This hard fought victory at a passing glance is just but another of their titanic physical battle,
But as any true blue blooded badminton friends will tell, this is the Waterloo of a mental battle

All hail Dato Lee Chong Wei, who slayed his inner demons over there in the Super Series in China.
When first he defeated his nemesis in Lin Dan, then in Chen Loong,  both from China

Now the Great One has completed his collection of Super Series Gold Medals.
Now at the ripe old age of 32, he's game and still good for many more medals.

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2015