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Icy snowflakes from skies escape - frozen frosting forms a white landscape. 11~21~14 Syllable Counter: How many Syllables 8, 9 Contest:- Frozen In Crystalline Sponsor Andrea Dietrich

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Oak Alley

Gifting us a green canopy, oaks bow with old South gentility.

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Autumn Oak Tree

The cold north winds that stripped you bare,
Shall bring a white cloak for you to wear.

This is how my Autumn trees look already.

For Rick Paris's
Contest Crystalline

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Oak's lace brushes fall's sundown

embossed in moonlight rosette, her gown.


Rick Parise's Crystalline
by nette onclaud

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The Fiery Red Leaves On A Giant Autumn Oak Tree

A towering inferno loses
a cluster of flames once held dear.

Sponsor: Rick Parise
Contest Name: Crystalline 

A BONUS CRYSTALINE NOT FOR THE CONTEST Hard Oak Softly swaying - in sensual ease  embraces a warm autumn breeze.
*********************************************************** *always read the fine print Other Then The Title This Next Crystalline Is Written In Special Ink That Only The Best Of Poets Can See And Read. It Is The Best Of All My Writes. It is inspired by "The Emperors Clothes."

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Oak Leaf Necklace

Maroon leaves loop the skyline's soft shine,
claret pearls on the sun's neckline.

November 18, 2014
Syllable count: 9,8

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Seeing Autumn's oak adorn

Painting sky before I was born,
Draping my grave in leaf and acorn.

Contest: Crystalline
Sponsor: Rick Parise

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Losing Your Nuts

Winter winds make your colors dance,
Acorns fall like a new love's romance.

For Contest: Crystalline
Prompt: Autumn Oak Tree
Date: 11-21-2014

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Autumn Oak Trees

Autumn Oak Trees
Titillated by nature’s sweet caress, oak trees begin to undress.

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Wasted Leaves

Sadly, no quantum leaping beneath
our huge red oak tree's autumn sleep.

22 Nov 2014
for Rick Parise - Crystalline, Autumn Oak Tree, contest
dedicated to my son on his birthday

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Autumn Oak Tree

Autumn Oak Tree Dazzling dots…red, tan, orange, gold George Seurat-like painting to behold © Sandra M. Haight 2014 All Rights Reserved ~12th Place~ Crystalline Poetry Contest Sponsor: Rick Parise Judged 11/23/2014

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Autumn Oak

Autumn Oaks

Thick hard wood and scarlet autumn leaves,
Great oaks from little acorns grow !

Syllables 9/8
Written November 20th, 2014
For contest 'Crystalline' by Rick Parise

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A Moment, Luminous

With closed eyes, it seems so natural to fly in a kingdom of the winds Far from here, I will circle the moon, and wash myself in radiant light And then soar, in the clarion dawn, to free-fall over the edge of earth While cool mist, washed in splintered sunlight, lets me be a shadow of myself
_______________________________________________ 10/30/14 For Nette's Contest: Crystalline By Carrie Richards

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Naked Farewell - Crystalline

              Naked Farewell

Old gnarly never looked so good
outstretched arms hugging the tepid sun.

John G. Lawless

submitted to Crystalline – Poetry Contest
sponsor – Rick Parise

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Autumn Oak

A bouquet of fire beside a lake
Reflecting whorls in red opaque

19 Nov 2014

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Frozen In Crystalline - Number 3

Frozen in Crystalline- number 3

Chilling first snowfall of winter,
Shining sunset gives sky an amber !

Syllables 8/9
Written November 22nd, 2014
For Crystalline contest by Andrea Dietrich

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Frozen In Crystalline 6

Frozen tears fall like diamonds under-
the bridge between darkness and light.

For Contest: Frozen In Crystalline
Prompt: Winter scenes
Date: 11-21-2014

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Frozen In Cyrstalline number 7

The moon so close it was touchable,
framed mid the snow clad ancient trees.

written 11/21/2014

contest: Frozen in Crystalline

sponsor: Andrea

syllables 9/8

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Frozen Frames

Frozen Frames

Frozen in Crystalline – Number 1
Vibrant splendour of a new day 
Dreams of iced berries on a sundae 

Frozen in Crystalline – Number 2
Suspended icicles sublime 
Kisses on a bench frozen in time

Frozen in Crystalline – Number 3
Golden streaks a daybreak transpose 
As against my dear I cuddle close 

Frozen in Crystalline – Number 4
Poplars stand guard at the stately wood 
As crisp light breaks through the night’s hood

Frozen in Crystalline – Number 5
Under the moonlight in the glade
A snowy regal gown on parade 

Frozen in Crystalline – Number 6
As water slaps echo in the creeks 
The wood bridge under ice weight creaks 

Frozen in Crystalline – Number 7
The wolves howled at the blueberry moon 
As wafts through frozen tree leaves croon

Dated: 25.11.2014

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Smooth Caress

Fingers pause across the ivory
         longing to create melodies

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Moonlight Sonata

Lovers in a harmonic embrace
Moonlight Sonata resonates

*For Rick's "Crystalline Piano" challenge

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Each Friday recedes in burgundy
Bathed ardently in Luna’s kiss

                     But, Sunday will dawn cerulean
                     With dulcet tones of lovers’ bliss

Bearing flavors wantonly consumed
I greet each hue voraciously

                    I taste the spectrum more than I see
                    My senses piqued peculiarly

As kaleidoscopic concertos
Obscure my sight in grand array

                   Each blending shade completes the phrasing;
                   Brilliantly, prism love songs play

*For Brian Strand's "Intervals" contest.

Note: The concept for this piece was inspired by those who experience a phenomenon called 

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The Walk We Take

Genteel hearts, unscathed by ways of hate
May surely walk through heavens gates

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There Were Many Shipwrecks Here.

On a robust breeze, the sunset flares
through the ripe peach filtered clouds.

As they extend garish golden glaze
past bleached sands, salted corpses.

Cold crying of sailors washed clean
slipping off the clambering crabs.

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Pianissimo work performed___
                      An artist this starry night born