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Trust Love Poems | Trust Poems About Love

These Trust Love poems are examples of Trust poems about Love. These are the best examples of Trust Love poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Quatrain | |

The Birds Begin

Despite the black, the birds begin
To call the light unto the day,
Persistent songs remind the Sun
To send the stars upon their way.

There's hope in this which I admire:
The birds trust what they're yet to see,
I know I trust you just the same,
And always will, unfailingly.

Details | Free verse | |

As We Dance

In the sky less stars tonight But who needs shards of light when the sparkle in your heart ignites fire in the alley of my mind. I close my eyes, just to feel me swinging in your arms I trust to fall knowing you will hug me tightly as we dance Under a sky void of light, my sweet Psyche, my soul I keep your world upright. The darkness now bright, truth streaming from deep behind those wonton eyes. My heart has been ignited by the comfort of your mind as we dance

Details | Free verse | |

Soul mates solace

When my final shadows cling on desperately
Where I fight formidable battles
to merely hold the light
I send you loving vibrations
and soul sustenance
Deep from the cathedral
of one heart to another
where today no choirs sing
nor symphonies play
Yet it is here where we meet
in spiritual solace
here to surrender 
and exchange inestimable treasures
recollecting memories 
like unopened letters
Galaxies are stretched
over chronicles of shared history
Nebula birthing stars
will be exposed
in forth-coming conversations
bringing short-lived fulfillment to you
Hungry to feast
now will be the time
to approve your blood art vision
and with my own haunting surrender
as dappled shades ink stain your chest
I will reside with you and share, mesmerised 
pens - by branding
as this will be your written reams to me
your artist's pallet or brushed canvas
no need for words
and yet creating
mysterious magical moments
Bitter-sweet the music
that dances taut guitar strings
but now blood approved
please go kick your heel up
return to your laughter
and ride on the breeze
for not all are lost
change not
for I am with you always
to love, listen and comfort as one
with you in me and I in you
as masterpiece

Details | Free verse | |

Locked Leap

               Is it love or trust, mutual desire or strong will
               that ejects entwined bodies into the unknown
                   from the springboard of impulsiveness?
            Arched in firm embrace and defying norms of life
                        they leap forth with passion filled
                                in search of fulfillment.
                                 A moment so intense
                               magnetic, unrestrained,  
                        where the movement flows along 
                         radiating hidden brutal strength,
                           and yet, so graceful to behold.

[Note: After attending the inauguration of Caesar Attard’s art exhibition
  at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta, Malta. This is about his
                            painting called "Locked Leap".]

Contest: Ekphrasis 12 line Max
Sponsor: Rick Parise

Details | Verse | |

Voyage Plan (for JEW)

Let true love find me to be the ever fixed mark of constant gaze
The spectacle of her thrilling eyes, and she to me the dearest prize
A coral when the heart stampedes, or fickle fancy frivolous strays
For love must be a leash of common trust, the pole beyond the skies

So shall we not shiver when seasons change the wind and mist comes
A dark impenetrable fog before the yes, a marsh around the mind
For we by love is added as one, most accurate of all majestic sums
Trust must be the key to vision when love alone stumbles here blind

No arc of sight away in flight, bending ever to a proud inconstant sun
But holding hands we chart our course, finishing better than we begun
For all nature shall around us spin fresh vortexes of an ancient desire
But trust shall preserve us body, soul and skin only for our own fire.

What else shall by our light be drawn, like quivering moths must retire
Into the dust and cinders gasping at our feet, hope their fractured glass
Let true love be constant in this faith, for God's peace cannot expire
Through every storm his ways do hold, so upon him all anchors cast

So what then this buzzing, this jealous sound, is it of frail frying wings
Does some flame the fragile heart deceives, or nestless memory stings
Ah, sentinel not the virgin beauty of my sheets, my fortressed pride
This castle is built of stronger walls, the drawbridge is up, I'm alone inside

They ragged armies may their runted horses rattle until they neigh
Pure hubris, the harried hustlings, trust is a wall faithful and secure
To smooth for any tool to clasp, all tempted grasp will only slide away
And these walls have moats without and within, none crossed before

You alone have I shown where to swim, and how to unlock this gate
To you my center constant holds, only one holy grail keeps my faith
See not my stern behind my bow, point to the haven of your arms
See not my flags fly for you alone, your port the weather ever charms

It's firm the mast that keeps my sail, look from your castle, I come
O sweet the winds that drive me to your shore, what constant tide!
You the true Polaris of my compass stone, my fiddles and my drum
Love not all alone that carries me, but trust that steers me to your side.

Details | I do not know? | |

Love Hurts

Once again i am locked in the darkness of the night
The light of your love has vanished so suddenly
Leaving me alone in absolute solitude
In a state of lonliness, a state of depression

Why did you tell me you loved me, even though it wasn't true
You took me on a ride, and said we were through
I loved you before, and i love you still.
But, you don't feel the same way i do, and this isn't real.

How can you love someone, and you don't love yourself?
How can you love someone, and not trust them at all?
I gave you my heart, my soul, my love
But, apparently that wasn't enough to have you trust me.

I knew this was coming, the "us" would be no more.
Then why do i feel this way, like i lost a love?
So now i must say Farewell, for the "us" will never be again.
But remember i love you, and my heart shall always be yours.

Details | Terzanelle | |

Stone Keepsakes

Love lingers on, in the stone objects left behind
holding pleasant memories of welcome footfalls
the painful memories, almost lost; love declined.

Those last few months of harbor-less shores, the squalls 
fade, as I gaze on the jade guardian left bed side,
holding pleasant memories of welcome footfalls.

The blade of horn, carved with love's protection, bides.
The owl of jade-my guide-makes nightmares
fade, as I gaze upon the guardian left bed side.

I have the keys given me in trust, your love declared.
The trust given never was withdrawn, never died,
The owl of jade-my guide-makes nightmares

fade, yet, over gold-amber earrings; I still cry.
Yes, you are goodly gone, and that I truly know;
the trust given never was withdrawn, never died.

The happy times of kisses warm, of love bestowed
have not faded from my foolish heart, my mind confined.
Yes, you are goodly gone and that I truly know.
Love lingers on, in the stone objects left behind.

Details | Romanticism | |

I'll catch you when you fall

Been long time that I've seen you,
& been long time that you've been here,
W/no demands these eyes kept your soul,
Now it's been long that they've felt it at all.

I know its not the easy task they call,
But trust me- I'll catch you when you fall,
I'll pick up the times when you call,
Coz' my eyes keep wandering for your soul.

'Less is more' and that more is what I get,
Your meticulous look makes me forget,
Forget the sorrow that I've been into,
So give me more, and let it come slow.

I know its not the easy task they call,
But trust me- I'll catch you when you fall,
I'll pick up the times when you call,
Coz' my eyes keep wandering for your soul.

Details | Free verse | |

Love is a Mirage

Love all hate none
is a common saying 
I too fell prey to it
And Fell in love ....
My love worked well 
As long as there was sunshine
It vanished as the night approached
my shadow was no more  with me
Love was gone
At least for a day
Can love be so intermittent?
How could love change faces so soon?
Is it really love 
Or just a mirage?

Details | Free verse | |

A mother's treasures

A solitary piece the diamond
precious rare gem most treasured
by those lucky enough to hold
Once in possession it is rarely out of grasp
Like the gemstone the mother 
requires very specific conditions
in holding fast her (family/) childrens love
Treasured forever in her heart
she will go out of her way
to preen and protect them
holding them dear to her
deep within her maternal safe – the heart
closely guarded by the mind
Her infatuation of all treasures to her 
are totally understandable
especially when you think to the complexity
of structure and process taken in creation
Just as from the ‘unbreakable’ in ancient greek
this alletrope of carbon
with strength of bonding between atoms
is representative of that strong love
between mum and child
The maternal being could be compared
to the superlative physical qualities of the stone
Even the characteristic luster
of this gem so prevaient from its ability
to disperse light and colour
compared to the many strengths, roles and qualities
of the mother
seen by the many she deals with daily
A most high pressured job 
versus the high pressured temperature
within the Earths mantle
that forms the delightful rock it gives birth to
Infants delight and ignite the forbearer
just as the jewel would dazzle the room
a mother’s love encaptures the magical luster
of those she’s birthed and nothing
stands inbetween this richest of cargo’s

Details | Narrative | |

When The Bottle Lets You Down

Can I ask a question of you my friend?
   Have you started drinking from the bottle again?
You look so down it’s clear to see.
   What you really need is to be set free.
The answer to your problems they won’t be found.
   Coming from that bottle you just put down.
You don’t bend your elbow you bend your knees
   Trust me just once He’ll hear your pleas.
You’re hurting so, I can feel your pain.
   There’s a way out, and it’s so very plain.
I was where you’re at not long ago.
   But I had someone who wouldn’t let go. 
Now I want to be that someone that you can turn to.
   Help to guide your path and the things you do.
Are you really proud of your life thus far?
   Drowning your sorrows in some dim lit bar.
How many times were you too drunk to care?
   Well I can relate, yeah I’ve been there.
You thought you lost it all, that’s just not true.
   If you trust in Jesus I guarantee you, He’ll lead you through.
We all make excuses for the things we do.
   He’s heard every excuse there is a million times or two.
Quit trying to blame Him, He didn’t put you there.
   You know I’m right, But you just don’t care.
Listen little bud, you’re like a son to me.
   I care for you very much, I just want you to see.
I know I led you wrong for many, many years.
   Now you’re carrying all my demons and most of my fears.
I know you care for me a lot, that’s very plain to see.
   Now turn it over to Our Savior, let Him be the one to set you free.

Details | Pantoum | |

A Wise Father

A Father's advice to his son on his wedding day

A Wise Father

My wise old father said to me
Be kind and gentle to your wife
And happy you will always be
Throughout the years of married life

Be kind and gentle to your wife 
For she is loving, soft and sweet
Throughout the years of married life 
Her trust in you must be complete

For she is loving soft and sweet
So you must never do her wrong
Her trust in you must be complete
An honest heart will keep love strong

So you must never do her wrong
And happy you will always be
An honest heart will keep love strong
My wise old father said to me.

Pantoum contest May 8th 2010

Details | Acrostic | |

why lie

Lies hurt the love and especially all the trust people put in you. 
Everyday You wake up saying to yourself,  It's ok to lie. 
No one's going to find out or bring it out in the open. 
I can hold on to a heart full of love and trust for another day.
Knowing it would cause pain and the all the love and trust they 
have would disapear instantly.

So why keep lying and filling her head and heart full of dreams 
that You know will never come true.  Only leaving her with nothing
Just the lies You told.

In the end is it really worth trying to hold on to her love. Being bound by 
the lies you told.  Now leaving her to deal with a broken heart.  And
watching her world crumble into pieces.  As the tears of pain slide down
her face.  

As you walk away. While saying nothing but I'm sorry.  I never meant to 
hurt you. Over and Over again.  Trying to figure out how to make a peaceful
exit out of her life.  

Your left thinking was it worth losing an angel's heart by lying. Now she's gone.

Details | Epigram | |




The north star of the soul 


Helps the heart navigate 


The turbulent waters of temptations 


Through the perilous reefs of lust  


The serene shores of happiness, 


Often unobserved remains by many

As it is hidden    

Behind the clouds of impetuous desires!

© Demetrios Trifiatis

    26 OCTOBER 2013

Details | Verse | |

Burning Bridges

                                                     It was cast,
                                         the hurt was meant to last;
                                 what once was love, forever betrayed.

                            Against the swift rapids of emotion it swayed.
                       Torrential tears washed eroding shores but it stayed,
                                 until the weight of trust quickly burned

                                           so any hope we yearned -
                                                      no return.

Craig Cornish, written May, 20, 2014
For Nette Onclaud's Trois-Par-Huit Contest

Details | Lyric | |

tired of me

am i all that you wanted
am i what you were askin for 
or am i just like last years christmas toys?
you're tired of me

i see a different side of you
after one problem we're though, we start over again
you're locked up and away from me
you go farther and farther away
you're tired of me

am i all that you wanted
am i what you were askin for
or am i just like last years christmas toys?
you're tired of me

you used to love me
now you doubt me
you used to trust me
now you fear me
you were just like me
now we're different. 
you dont understand me.  you dont even care!

am i all that you wanted 
am i what you were askin for 
or am i just like last years christmas toys?
you're tired of me

i see a different side or you
after one problem we're through.  we start over again
you're locked up and away from me
you go farther and farther away
you're tired of me

you're listenin to lies
and to my surprise. you believe the words they spit in your eyes.
what did i do, to get this from you?
you never even asked me if it was true!
why do you do this to me?

am i all that you wanted 
am i what you were askin for 
or am i just like last years christmas toys?
you're tired of me

i guess love doesnt live here anymore
im fallin and dont know what to do
im tired of the mess, but i dont wanna live without you!
what do you want me to do?
or is it true....
                         you're tired of me

you used to love me
now you doubt me
you used to trust me
now you fear me
you were just like me
now we're different
you dont understand me.  you dont even care!

am i all that you wanted
am i what you were askin for 
or am i just like last years christmas toys?
youre tired of me

Details | Free verse | |

How You Opened My Cover

You have no idea
How you opened my cover
You read me, understand me
You completely feel me
No one can have enough love
In all it's layers and forms
You inspire me everyday
Knowing how you know me
That all of me is yours to keep
I can be everything I want to be
Connected with you in my life

It's the deepness of your mind
How passionate you are inside
The generosity towards others
Your voice - a deep friend
Just one touch - my soul sings
My heart is a place to live
I love that you have the key
Lock your heart to mine within
It's yours - you have moved in
Eternally is just the beginning
Trust, Faith, Tears and Love

Details | Free verse | |

A Letter to Myself

I’m sorry for the nightmare I allowed to be your reality, and
I’m sorry I failed to illuminate a way out
I turned my back on you when you needed me most
I’m sorry I was a coward

I’m sorry for all the damaging words I said to you, but even more
I’m sorry I made you believe they were true
I took you for granted and battled with you every day
I’m sorry I did not think you were good enough to be treated better

I’m sorry for laying too much pressure on you; nobody is perfect, so
I’m sorry for making you believe you had to be
I did not trust you, respect you, listen to you, or appreciate you
I’m sorry I took you for granted

I’m sorry that I pitied you, and
I’m sorry I made you feel foolish and unimportant
I failed to treat you like the remarkable person you truly are
I’m sorry I made you feel you were alone

I’m sorry I did not love you
I’m sorry that I am apologizing to you; the
one person who will be with me always


I am not sorry for a single tear I wept
each drop represents all that I have endured
I have learned much about life, relationships and most importantly – YOU
pain is temporary
for every burning tear that escapes, relief follows

I will be strong again
I will live again
I will love again
I will trust again

I will survive another day

Diana-Marie Bombardieri
Originally written: November 2005
Re-write: January 2012

Details | Romanticism | |

To Him

Love, it's a funny, fickle thing
But is this love or lust I feel?
I know they're not the same
And still they feel very real.

Lust is when you think you love
Maybe called infatuation
But love makes your heart ache
How did I get in this situation?

We've known each other for a long time
But not that long in fact
Seems like years to me
How am I to act?

I think I love you 
But some days, I don't know
You say you love me back
But tell me, is it so?

If you don't love me
Please don't say you do
I don't want to hear a lie
Tell me only when it's true!

You've told me things about yourself
Some things I don't wish to know
But when you tell me nothing
I regret "Don't tell me, no!"

I told you everything
Every secret that I had
But again you say nothing
Do you wish to make me sad?

When you say nothing
Your trust I feel I have not
When I tell you everything
My trust you've surely got

You feel further away 
Than the distance that parts me from you
Without your help to close that distance
Tell me what can I do?

We don't talk like we used to 
Once or twice a week has become the norm
Accustomed to everyday
Has our friendship taken on a new form?

I want to think I love you
But can I believe my mind?
My hearts feels like it's breaking
To me, love has been unkind.

Where have these feelings come from?
How did they work into my heart?
Do I truly love you?
Or is it time we part?

Details | Rhyme | |

Because of You

Because of you, I learned to love
Because of you, I learned to trust
It was you who showed me how to feel
Took my dreams, made them real
You showed me what it means
To act without any fear
And seize the moment, trust your heart
To live in love and act the part

I trusted you, I loved you
And believed that you loved me
And that was real, all I could hold
That was the only truth I could see

And then one day, my world fell
Came crashing down around me
A late night call, a lie was told
And I lost all trust I’d come to know

Then the anger, and the pain
The arguments ensued
I knew inside you were hiding
But still, I believed in you

I tried to hold you, was pushed away
Both in your heart and with hands
You wouldn’t let me love you
And I just didn’t understand

Still I tried, until you screamed
And said such ugly things
That I withdrew my heart from you
Because I couldn’t stand the pain

Then one day, without a word
I watched you drive away
I waited for you to return
But you left my life that day

I remember the fear I held for you
Not knowing where you were
Never once suspecting
You had run away to her

My heart shattered, my dreams all gone
Left me wondering what I’d done wrong
I took the blame, believed your lies
And a part of me inside had died

Truth be known, the love remains
Some things inside will never change
I still want to believe your lies
Yet too often you see me cry

Because of you, my heart is torn
Because of you, I live with doubt
Afraid to step too far alone
Still waiting for the truth unknown
Not trusting anyone or anything
From the loss of faith, remembering
All the promises made and vows unspoken
A heart destroyed, but a love unbroken

I don’t know anymore who I am
And I surely don’t know who you are
You’re not the man I once loved so much
All that remains of him is my broken heart

And it’s all because of you…

Details | Free verse | |



Should I have let you catch me
You, with your wayward words
Crazy schemes and narrow roads

Should I have let you hold me
You, with your wide arms
And not so serious nature
Easy smile and wistful words

Should I have let you touch me
You, who made me smile
Forget today and its troubles

Should I have let you in
You, who I felt connected to
An understanding I had not felt in a long while

Should I have
You, who felt inadequate
Who thought he was not good enough  ?

Should I have
When you didn't trust me
You who didn't tell me why
Who thought I was too good

I wanted to 
I could not
You were too close
And I was too open
You held my hand
And I saw who you are

But you did not trust me
And I knew you could hurt me
In the worst way
And yet....
Here you are
Rummaging my mind...

Details | Free verse | |

We Cant Be Together

Sorry its not you its me
Your perfect
Your everything that I want
I can see myself with you 
I really can
Its just that I nolonger trust men
I want to be along
There's no such thing as love
Or trust
I like you I do
Its just I have trust issues

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

when the heart is not right

when the heart has gone bad and there's no blood moving about
the main organ that sustains us which we can't live without
the heart is the core and essence of each and everything
be It the church, the community, relationships or whatever life brings

Jeremiah had come along to preach about the Book of Laws
for mankind can't function in a system that has flaws
but the law is one thing and the heart is another
It's the thing that motivates our fellow sisters and brothers

If the heart is not right everything else will fall apart
so accept only those things that come from the Lord God
the heart is the one thing that the devil can't get
It's under God's control and contains the Holy Spirit
so don't put your trust in those things that are temporal
rely on the promises of God, plain and simple

when the heart is not right there's not much that you can say
all you can do is turn to Father God and then start to pray
pray that He will bless and anoint you with His mercy and grace
pray that His righteous hand will fall on you perfect in place
pray that whatever motivates your fellow Christians
comes from their heart, the essence that's within

If the heart is not right, It's time to seek The Lord
and hope everything in your life will be in accord
don't put your faith and trust in the hands of mere men
for mankind will let you down again, again and again
and whatever motivates you, let It come from your heart
allow your thoughts and actions to be spiritually smart
and be It the heart of the church, the community or your own concerns
may It be a heart of purity and goodness with the spirit to discern

lead us not oh Lord, to our own understanding
let our hearts be full of that which You are commanding
for You have given us love, power and a sound mind
so let our hearts be full of the knowledge and wisdom of God's kind

Details | I do not know? | |


   How will I know what your doing? I cannot see you from behind, I don't have a secret 
power where I can see through walls and I can't read your mind. But what I know is that I 
trust you with my mind, my body and my soul and even though one can never really know but 
my heart is telling me to trust you. To not jump to conclusions, to not get jealous when 
you flirt cause I do so why not you just as long as your the one I come  home too were 
cool. I close my eyes, my friends say you have me blind but I know what I feel and I 
can't conceal that this is real. This is us and I have to trust that when you look in my 
eyes that sparkle is only for me. I may be a fool, a naive little girl to think that i'm 
your princess and you'll forever be my prince. But I've always believed in fantasy so why 
not us I trust that we can make it? Hold my hand and never release that bond and ill 
never question your faith in us. Your always on my mind, it's like the song says " we 
belong together" and I hope you feel the same way I do. To truly love somebody is to 
trust them with your money, friendship and heart. A flame so hot the candle wax with melt 
before I stop loving you... I trust we will be just fine.

Details | Free verse | |


Now that I think about it...
Why did I trust him?
Why did I give-in?
Only to end up feeling sorry for myself
I trusted him with most of my heart
WHY? I know not!
He lied.
Cheated my feelings.
He even told me he loved me!
I didn't believe it and for that 
Im proud of myself
He called me "baby"...
As he did all the other girls
He was talking to.
"His shortcake"
He made me believe that I was his #1
So genuine yet such a deceiving liar
He disrespected all girls
Gave all guys a bad reputation.
For now and forever
I will never really trust them
All of them are the same
Some just put on a better act then others.

Details | Salaam | |

Yeh khaalipan

Jab Meri Bechaini Mit Jayegi
Jab Mere Dilko Sukoon Mil Jayega
Yeh Khaalipan Mit Jayega

Do Pal Ki Chandni Ke Liye
Aj Bhi Zinda Hoon Main
Meri Khaamoshi Ke Ageh Aasmaan Bhi Khatam Ho Jayega

Kehne Ke Liye Toh Roz Marta Hoon Main
Thoda Aur Marne Ke Liye
Yeh Deewana Kal Phir Ayega

Details | Sonnet | |

Love And Trust

The warmth of love I did not feel
Love slept it was trust I needed
 Till love I felt our lips did seal
Trust was more the words I heeded

Love had left my pillow so cold
Then some words I did read I thought
‘I love you and must now be bold’
Twas trust and love combined I sought

My numbed soul did once more now stir
The sleep like state my soul lived in
As gifts or frankincense and myrrh
Not knowing that life would now begin

These words that some will pray to hear
I love and trust and want you near

© 15/ 04 /2013 ~GG~

Details | Rhyme | |

What Is This Church All About

What Is This Church All About?

Is this church meant for people like me?
Is this where God really wants me to be?

They claim to be filled with God’s spirit.
When it comes to HIS truth...  Can they give it?

I’m sure there’s many who come and attend
It’s more than “church on Sunday,” that we must spend!

We must reach out to the lost and the oppressed!
After all, Christ gave us his very best!

May we all preach the gospel and God’s holiness!
And strive to seek his awesome righteousness!

Living for Jesus must be a daily walk and experience!
Not simply based on our “ambitious self appearance.”

God isn’t interested in a denomination or a title…
He wants to know…  Do we really believe the Bible?

He’s not interested in the money put in the offering plate.
He wants to know; “Are you ready
 to enter heaven’s gate?”

May we strive to serve Jesus with a zeal and passion!
And be filled with his holiness and compassion!

May we serve Jesus from a heart of humbled confession!
And making our commitment to him,
 our #1 possession!

“Unless the Lord builds the house.”  
They labor in vain that build it!
Let’s seek the power of God! 
May his presence completely fill it!!

By Jim Pemberton    

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The Family That God Gave to Me

The Family That God Gave to Me I think about the family, that God gave to me... And think about where they'll spend eternity! I think about the good times, that we've had. And the trials we've faced... Both good and bad! God helped us to overcome adversity together! And proved his faithfulness... Today and forever! He showed us the Godly path, that we should follow... And promised to be with us! Today and tomorrow! He's proven how much he loves us! And how much that he cares for us! Thank you my lord, for all you do! Where would we be? If not for you? You've proven yourself over and over again! Thank you so much, for being our friend! By Jim Pemberton

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My Passionate Heart

My heart is full of sweet, sweet emotion Simply I have love flowing in my head We hold together a great devotion To bring the best feelings that’s being said Simply I have love flowing in my head Peace in the heart, and great tranquility To bring the best feelings that’s being said My passionate heart will get you surely Peace in the heart, and great tranquility I open myself to your love that’s true My passionate heart will get you surely I accept you as you are, I trust you I open myself to your love that’s true We will forever be one, united I accept you as you are, I trust you My love for you is real, I’m delighted We will forever be one, united We hold together a great devotion My love for you is real, I'm delighted My heart is full of sweet, sweet emotion
Russell Sivey

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You and I


I find you at the gateway to life
the center of my world
patiently waiting for me to ripen

You make all the storms seem safer
your maturity grounds me
to that place where my age is nothing

The one piece of fruit you crave
you are my sunshine and my rain
you are the clouds full of mystery

You are all past, my history
and here in these days
I find life from you at my own gateway
forever gratefully 

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Oblivion mind,
wandering in thoughts.
Idiotic smile,
promises and hopes.
Hand in hand,
tumbling on slopes.
This is love

Running away from this world.
Warm bodies sliding in sheets,
to find another world.
Burning in cold flames.
No fear ... no shame ... no games
This is love

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Broken Trust - David Williams -

~BROKEN TRUST~   ( Collaboration with David Williams )


A Broken Trust Yet still,  
my heart aches for you
All love, all liking, now lost forever 
We are not even a drop of rain, just vapour 
Like dew-bespangled flowers, I weep 
All love all liking now lost, forever 
No longer will I drink your silvery voice 
Like dew-bespangled flowers I weep. 
My thirst for you, I cannot quench 
No longer will I drink ,your, silvery voice 
Betrayed, from trickled poisonous words
My thirst for you I cannot quench. 
That first gentle, shy, sweet kiss 
Betrayed from, trickled poisonous words
I trusted you, above all others 
That first gentle shy sweet, kiss 
You were my first true love.

by~ Poet D:

A kiss so sweet, I needed more clarity
Yet my heart aches the same way.
Growing hearts is inevitable, ours grew without morning dew.
How could you ever love me, so shy, I slipped away.
A kiss, I became someone else to please you!
Only to let you see the sweetness you clearly wanted to see.
The deepness in my eyes could not follow.
The dullness of my heart spoke alone.
Every minute your trust was an empty glass.
Rarely I used and held on to the weakness, of the heart.
The chastity around the moon injured my bloom.
Like the night that goes through a phase~ 
The sunrise will dry every drop of our mist.
Strong Solitude walls built, with broken tears.
After my hunger drowned our eyes with venomous words.
Deep down, I will always long for you ~my first true love

A collaboration with *David William

~My collaboration contest~

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Love, Death, and Rebirth

The signs started in December
When she started waking up in tears each night
She was a normal girl with dark brown hair and darker brown eyes
She had plenty of friends and a loving family with just one thing missing
Her father. 

Days passed by and turned into weeks but only felt like a few seconds
Her life just whizzed by faster and faster until it was just a whirr in front of her eyes
Darkness filtered into her heart and mind until she didn't know if she could go on
But she had to. She couldn't let her mother and her sister drown in this same pain
She wouldn't let them.

She pushed all the darkness into the depths of her own heart
In hopes to save the hearts of the two people she had left
Because what else was there to live for now?
The rest of her world had crashed and her mother and sister was all that was left 
She wouldn't let them drown in pain too. 

She watched as they started to heal in her loving arms
Their hearts started to lighten up once more
But hers was just as dark as it was before 
And growing darker day by day 
But she wouldn't let that stop her. 

Suddenly a year had passed... and then two 
It only seemed like seconds to her but everyone else started moving on
Her mother and sister no longer needed her nurturing care
But she needed someone to hold on to

With nothing left for her to take control of, the dark pushed past her boundries 
It found a way into her soul
Until all she could see was dark and no light 
But her mother and sister were healed now
They didn't understand

The tears came back and engulfed her soul
Bit by bit until she wasn't sure why she was still alive
The grief took over like knives 
Piercing her skin over and over and over
It hurt so much.

She started to wonder what it'd look like to be dead
She could see him again if she was
Wouldn't it be so much easier than having to endure this pain?
Wouldn't it be so much easier than having to live knowing she'd never see him again?
It would.

So she started to hate herself
All that negative energy was starting to take toll
Everyone around her was breathing while she suffocated more and more by the second
She wished she'd just choke already instead of living in constant pain
If no one would put her out of her misery, she'd have to do it herself

She couldn't see any light anymore
So she grabbed the pill bottle off the shelf and just hoped it wouldn't take long to die
Deep down she still had a spark of light, but she just couldn't find it 
And now it was too late in her mind to change, to turn back and try to look deeper
She was done living.

That's when people started to notice that everything wasn't as peaceful as it seemed
They started to see how deeply depressed she had become
They wanted to help her see the light again before it was too late 
So they sent her away to see doctors and to take pills to make everything better
It was a start.

She didn't see a change at first but suddenly she could think clearly
Maybe what they were doing was actually going to help her see the light again
Yes, she still wanted to die, but maybe that wasn't the only option anymore
They cared,  and behind all their own problems they were trying to understand
They really were trying

Six months longer she would be treated and cared for
Until suddenly she was sent home from her treatment and care with a smile on her face
She had a new perspective
Someone had helped her ignite that spark in her heart until it was a glowing ember
She had been reborn

Sometimes you have to be able to experience the worst of it
To come back shining brighter than before
And if she had died that cold day in October, she wouldn't of ever seen the best of it
Or known that it would get better
and it did!

And she now sits at her laptop, with a smile on her face and warmth in her heart
It's never been an easy road and it won't ever be
But at least she knows she's lived through the worst
And it can only get better from here

So whenever she feels lonely or gets back into that dark spot again
She can look back on what she's learned and can read this poem
And remember that she survived the darkest depths of depression
And she will continue to survive it as long as she lives
Because she is stronger now than she ever was before ?

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God Will Take Care Of You

God Will Take Care Of You! Whatever struggles or trials you’re going through. God has already promised to take care of you! Whatever situation you’re in... Maybe there’s “no way out.” God remains faithful! This is what he’s all about! Perhaps it seems like all you’ve tried has failed you! God is here right now! His works surround you! The situations in life that you may face you… God is there! He is powerful and he loves you! Won’t you invite him in, to take control? And allow his peace and joy to fill your soul? Everything that you need! He has provided! His desire to help you, has already been decided! You can trust him to take care of your problems! Whatever they are… He can solve them! God’s word remains solid and is a true foundation! His words speak peace to any difficult situation! The awesomeness of God rings loud and clear! He’s here to help! He’s always near! He’s someone you can give your trust and believe in! His blessings in your life... You can receive them! He’s here right now … Won’t you call on his name? With him in your life… Things will never be the same! He’ll bring sweet peace and joy deep within. He will always be the one you can truly depend! All praise, glory and honor to God above.! Please touch us with your mercy, grace and love! By Jim Pemberton

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2 humans 2 hearts And 1 love

Once there was a girl with a tough personality. She was considered to be a friendly and talkative. She was extremely tough regardless of love and crashes. She had wishes and dreams but was never sure when it’s gone come true. She was hard working always to satisfy her family and be a great daughter. She was tough about love but at the same time she knew a special and incomparable person will come to her life, who will be very different than others. When and where she will meet him, she never thought about it because she believed that we shouldn’t look for love, the reason was that love comes itself. However let’s see how and where she finds that special person. 
One night after working so hard of her project she was bored.
“Oh God I am so bored let’s see if my friends are online I will talk to them but at the same time gone download a song” she got online but unfortunately non of her friends were online so she thought to herself why don’t I make a new friend she requested a random boy who she never knew before.  After a week passed and that boy accepted her request but they never got the chance to talk to each other.
“Oh this boy looks so cute but why can’t I talk to him” although she wasn’t trusting any boys but her heart would tell her that this boy seems to be a good boy. So she used to leave an offline massages for him in order to contact each other and be friends. One day they both were online so their conversation started.
Boy… how are u and how did u added me
Girl… I’m fine thanks well I was bored last week so I randomly added u.
They started questioning each other and she asked him have you got a brother or a sister he answered I have 5 sister but no bro. She reply but I have 2 sis and no brother. The time of Salah came and she had to pray and she asked if she can leave the conversation and pray but he was surprised that she prays. After she did her prayers she asked him why were you surprised when I said its time for me to pray? He reply afghans who live in foreigner most of them are not religious. 
Weeks passed and one day she was so excited.
Girl… You know what
Girl… I have a new baby sister
Boy… congratulations 
They kept contacting each other even though he had exams on that time but he would still take out some time for her. At the same time he would study for exams. 

Few month later they became best friends and one day he told her that he like her but she didn’t understand what does he mean by like. She called her best friend and told her he told her that he likes her but she doesn’t know why he said this because he loves her or just a simple like. 
Hey dude … he told me he likes me but I don’t know what he means by that.
My Friend…  ha ha stupid liking is the first step of love I think he loves u.
She also liked him but she needed time to know him more. He was so innocent and respectful boy she had ever meet. They became so closer and their friendship turned to love after a passing of time. She didn’t know much about his family and background but however she loved him and thought he is a right person for her life partner. 
For every relationship to became stronger and trust worthy it needs time. Relationships are like building a house. Some relationship ends fast because it was build quick and the foundation was not strong enough but some relationships last forever the reason is that the foundation which that relationship was build was strong. The foundation of every relationship is trust, promises, honesty, truthfulness, modesty, respect and most important thing is a true love. Be the kind of person you would like to be with. Some people come into our lives, make footprints on our hearts and we are never the same. People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.    
She always wanted someone who is respectful and modest towards girls. Someone who is honest but she never saw any boy with those qualities in him, she only saw those qualities in him.  Even though she faced so much hardships, impenetrability and tests in life however she knew that when Allah tests you, it is never to destroy you, it’s to teach us something in life that we do not know. When he removes something in your possession it is only to empty your hands, for an even greater gift. She learned so much from those test and tried hard to become better Muslim. 
 Now they know each other and they love each other a lot.  She has a full trust on him more than herself. Even though they sometimes have argument for some Issues but their love is strong enough and they are a smart people to find the solutions. No matter what we face and how we act towards it but it shouldn’t affect a person’s trust and love in relationship because it’s so hard to make one and takes a second to destroy it. This was a good story. It’s sad that it takes a long time for people to understand values and life. We as people are so consumed with our own lifestyles and duties we have made for ourselves. 
I miss him more then he could ever know, I often ask Allah why did he have to go? I fell in love and he means so much to me, if he could look into my heart then he could see. I found something so special and it is for real, being without my love is so hard to deal. I'll be here waiting until I can be with you again, because not only are you the love of my life you are also my friend.
I just want to tell you,
I think of you every moment of the day.
And how much I love you,
Words could never even say....

I just want to tell you,
I love you with all my heart.
I wish for us to be together,
Never shall we be apart.

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Allow me another moment,
A moment in your nostalgia,
The moment that stretches to eternity.

Allow me another mile,
A mile by your side,
The mile that transcends the dead-end.

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When a man loves a woman

When a man loves a woman..

He listens to how she’s feeling more than what she’s saying,
He will put her needs and desires before his own,
He will let her into his heart, and work to get into hers,
He will reinforce her as a woman, build her up, and encourage her to take risks, 
She will know he always has her best interests in mind,
She will be confident in her endeavors knowing she’s supported and loved,
Her beauty and desire will never be a question, in her own mind,
Because her beauty and desire will always be mentioned and nurtured,
She will know the relationship is worth more that the conflict,
She will know she’s cherished, because she feels cherished in the comfort of his arms,
He will make her a priority in life,
He will be inclusive and inviting
She will be able to trust him with her most intimate thoughts,
And know it will never be used against her,
She will feel free to express herself and be vulnerable with him
He will kiss her with all the passion of the first time,
He will do all this and more, 
Even when the color has faded from their very first photograph,
He will do this and more because he loves his woman.

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I will start with using my hand as a guide
And in the end I will open my eyes that I will decide

I consider to do this with one thing in mind
I will close my eyes and will imagine it blind
With no colors or fractionation of the light
Just plain me and a vision with my hand as my sight

My hair is very coarse and some what fine
What I just described is so benign  
I twirl my hair and make it bend 
And I will say its very clean not oily on the ends

As I press on my forehead I simply feel a distinct part
I notice from hair to skin it is very different from the start
The simple partings from hair not like skin
I am going to feel with my other hand and begin

The smoothness of my skin like years of water eroding a rough rock surface smooth
Not just that my skin is like home to years of stories like scars and attitude
And when I raise my eyebrows the wrinkles it makes is more so for expression
I did not notice it with certain ideas, thoughts, and emotions

I run my hands down to my eyelids I feel movement of my eyes trying to peek
Eyelids that I have, vibrates with some kind of fear, Why?, that I will seek
Just now as I thought about it a sensation ran through my brain
My eyes is the world to me and that is true and not insane

Myself portrait of me is through my touch for now
But to finish it I will have to open my eyes soon and how
I been in a trance full of so many ideas just with my eyes closed
I run my hand on my nose and lips and I smile who could apposed

The feelings in the tip of my fingers rub on my chin and jaw with care
I do notice roughness of unshaved velcro gripping hair 
I skip my ears so I will sneak a feel with my fingers I chose
I notice it is like my nose with cartilage, so I don't suppose

I will now open my eyes that I will use a mirror to see myself
My head is oval shape and my neck is like a stump, please help
My skin is very tan and my eyes are brown with my eyes I see
With all the description with my hands, one sure thing is the same and key

It is the description of measurements that is what my hands and eyes can see me
With a smile I am looking into the mirror and I can describe that I am happy
Myself portrait of me is such a way to get to know myself once more
I will never think it was a waste of time or a bore

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You’ve been in my life from the start
Even though at times we’ve had to part
And it may not always be shown or heard
But when I mention love, it’s not just a word
It’s a million memories, probably more
A soft touch, a slammed door
It’s a quickly regretted fight
And thinking up an apology all that night
It’s the first hint of a proud smile
That makes the struggle worth the while
It’s a river, an ocean of shed tears
As you’ve helped me conquer my fears
It’s being grown and still holding your hand
Because you’re the one who gives me strength to stand
It’s knowing how to carry on once I’m grown
Because of all the love you’ve shown
And still needing you in my life
To help me make sense of all the strife

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Atstan Impressario

An Angelo Arab, you had immense spirit
dappled grey with a huge leap  over fences.
Your stable name was Tom, pedigree name
too much of a mouthful for every day use.

In your stable you were a terror to my grooms
pulling faces and hunching up your back as if
to bite or even kick. It was all show you just
wanted to be left alone, a true one person horse.

No other could ride you as you would buck and buck
even going down and rolling to get rid of other riders.
Shoes could be a challenge as you would snatch feet away
or refuse to lift them up, only one blacksmith did you tolerate.

Yet to me and my mother you were so sweet, nickering
a welcome when you saw either of us coming.
You floated over fences winning us many rosettes
when turned out you would race down the jumping lane.

With Sheroake at your heels laughing with glee
you would go up and down time and again.
Then take delight in having a long dusty roll
finally settling down to graze the sweet grass.

Fast as a flash, the clock never a challenge
perfect rounds nearly every  single time.
In one year you went from grade C to grade A
barely 14:3 hands tall yet heart of a giant.
You always held a special place in my heart
many the hours we spent together out riding
or practicing in the paddock, at dressage
you were a real ace act graceful as a swan.

Tom sweet Tom how I loved you 
maybe the more as only I alone
on your back you would tolerate
your love made me feel so proud

Great spirit horse long may you race
the clouds where you now dwell
If I close my eyes I can still hear
the thundering of hooves flying by.

Never again was there a horse
quite like you. I remember your neat
little ears flickering back and forth
as I spoke to you, with a nicker you
would answer me and toss your head.

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To Be Or Not To Be

To be or not to be?,
That is my question to you,
When the truth is told to me,
Then I shall decide what to do.

Are you not to be my dream come true?,
Are you to be my nightmare?,
Shall you leave me feeling blue?,
Or will you always be there?

Are you not to be my rose?,
Are you to be my thorn?,
Will you on bended knee propose?,
Or shall you leave me all forlorn?

Are you not to be my life?,
Are you to be my end?,
Me, I shall be your loving wife,
Will you be more than just a friend?

Are you not to be my heaven?,
Are you to be my hell?,
Always home by the hour of eleven,
Or shall I alone at midnight, dwell?

Are you not to be my light?,
Are you to be my dark?,
Shall I hide in the shadowed night?,
Or soar in day as a skylark?

Are you not to be my truth?,
Are you to be my lie?,
Will you stay after my youth?,
Or leave me to wonder why?

Are you not to be my love?,
Are you to be my hate?,
Were you sent from above?,
Or am I just tempting fate?

To be or not to be?,
A question I need an answer to,
When the truth is told to me,
Then I shall decide what to do.

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To suffer from the heart’s demise, forlorn.
the truth sheds light on layers of lies, forlorn.  

I listen each day for the sparrow’s song,
yet winter brings the raven’s cries, forlorn.

Lord nigh, I seek hope only you can bring.
Distant smiles disclose my own disguise, forlorn. 

My angel descends unto the early hours. 
Upon her silken gowns, I close my eyes, forlorn.

When oh when will I trust to love again? 
To think I became all I despise, forlorn.

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When I grow old

I will grow old
I tremble in the cold
None to care
I have nothing to fear...

But my love is alive
Though I strive
Beautiful roses to pluck
Yet I am stuck..

I grow old with wrinkle
Yet I will kinker
You will always remain in my mind
This is how you will find...

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In the twilight hours

In the twilight hours

In the twilight hours
We walk the streets alone
Bear and I in the inky darkness
I like to be on my own
On these precious morning hours
When I sink within my soul
It's in the wondrous morning times
When me, I feel so whole.

Then when the walk is over
I do my best to write
A lovely song for you alone
It gives me such delight
To write you words of love, and bliss
For you're my precious one
And I have need to do this thing
Way before the day's begun.

I guess that I'll be writing thus
Until the day I die
I am a wordsmith naught much else
And within my heart there lies
Two ton of love, sweet, tender love
And all of it for you
I am the troubadour of love
So what else can I do?

15 October 2013 @ 0552hrs.

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Stepping stones

Little stepping stones
 take you towards the
 truth in my heart. Some
 you doubt you can make
 yet these are deliberate.
 Eventually something truly
 wonderful will be revealed.
 In time you will feel liberated.
 Every heart aches once in a
 while, be patient put aside
 your frustration. The stepping
 stones to my heart will not set
 us apart. Instead we will be
 joined together like birds of a

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He wants to say "I love you,"
But keeps it to "Goodnight."
Because love would mean some falling,
and she's afraid of heights.


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Hey my Honeybunch, You let my first Wedding Anniversary unforgettable

           Guys I would like to share my FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY
                          wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

 Hey my Honeybunch,You let my first Wedding Anniversary unforgettable.. 

        Hey guys, you know what?? I had got a pleasant surprise from my hubby.It was our 1st Marriage Anniversary on 24th April 2013. Actually we both had tight work schedule..and hubby was at pune..It was too hard to digest that v couldn’t meet each other..but some hw prepared mentally that its ok.. will meet @ weekend..After few hours bro called and said that he is going to organize party for my in-laws and mom-dad n he said..your hubby wont come bt he askd me to conduct party tonight..I got too upset bcz f dis again..dat hw cud i without hubby :(( but after few minutes i got clue frm my momma n i ws at the top f my world..everyone was waiting to cut the cake n my eyes wer desperately searching suyog..hotel assistants wer asking quite oftenly "shall v bring the cake n i ws no wait..just wait.." but later dey brought the cake aftr bro's signal..n dey started clapping n played music for wishing.. Everybody said : Now stand n cut the cake..he won’t bro also said how eagerly u bin w8tin n searching fr him bt he really wont bro n my family members not only confused me but hotel assistants as well regarding suyog's arival but i said where is my hubby??????? i wont cut the cake without too too upset again n emotional :(':(' was trying his phone bt he avoided my cal n msg popped out..he is busy with other really upset bcz f dis..den i felt now seriously he won’t come..Suddenly i had glimpse f suyog n i ws like is it suyog??????? dat ws the touching too too excited n my happiness was beyond bound..Everybody around me laughed.He hugged me n wished me..I too wished him..later we cutted the cake n he gave me nicely decorated flower bouquet..Really Suyog “You made me made me your love..Without you my life will be incomplete..” Heartiest congratulations to you my Honey!!!!muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and I wish you to b as my life partner fr all seven birth's..n lastly thanks fr hp pavilion lappy,beautiful sarees n amazing jewelleries.. :) :) /\./\ 

Wrote by:

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All About Leadership

I come to you with love in my heart
in you I place all my trust
joining you in your nature walks
lying close by your side at night

I sense your tension and panic
and stand guarding you from danger
for you I would give my very life
I cower not understanding your anger

As you shout at me I cringe at your feet
all I want to do is to love and protect you
now as we walk you are so tense
so once more you I protect

Confused when you jerk me back
and scold me for I know not what
then a calm man appears and explains
it is not me but you, I just need a pack leader

Cesar shows you how to step up
to be calm yet assertive
love alone he explains is not enough
no dog is born bad I just needed guidance

Now when we go out for walks
I now bound along happily
the tension that was is gone
thanks to that wise calm man 

a tribute to Cesar Millan and the work he does

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My addiction

I have an addiction...
It dont matter what time of day it is my addiction is there...
Not always in the literall since...
But it is always on my mind...
I lay my head down to sleep at night thinking about you...
I sleep dreaming about you...
I wake up thinking about you...
Your always on my mind...
No matter what I do my addiction is always on my mind...
Even if your not the last one I talk to before I lay my head down to sleep...
I still lay my head down thinking of you...
I just cant get enought of you...
No matter what my addiction is there...
My addiction has a name...
Her name is Shelby Nestle...
No matter how much we text or talk on the phone...
Its never enough...
I cant get enough of your beautiful eyes...
I cant get enough of that beautiful smile...
I cant get enough of kissing your soft lips...
That feeling I get inside when our lips touch...
Or holding you in my arms...
This is a new addiction to me...
Never have I been this addicted this quick...
It scares the shyt outta me...
But then I love it...
You are my new addiction baby... 
You are my...
My heroin...
My ecstacy... 
My cocaine...
You are my own personal drug...
I cant imagine and addiction stronger...
You are my addiction...
I wouldnt even think about trying to break this addiction...
I wouldnt go to rehab for this addiction...
I like it to much...

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A lonely evening

In many dreams of you, I wish
If I could get my hands on the wings
If only I could come over to you now, 
It would be the best moment in my life.
Alone in a cool evening
With the light of a candle and the breeze from afar
And then the moment would draw close
And the night would become our friend

And nature would support our breathe
And our dream would seem simple
And nightmare be far from us
For the moment would be the beginning of a new era
And the dawn would bring joy
Happiness and love 

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Healing Can Only Happen When the Pain Is Gone

Healing Can Only happen,
 When the Pain is Gone!

Healing can only happen, when the pain
 and damage are gone!
It can only come about, when there’s
 no “lists” of wrongs!

People need to move ahead, and put all
 of the past behind them!
And seek God’s forgiveness, 
so his grace can find ‘em!

Too many carry a load of sorrow
 and grief that they can’t afford!
They need to bring everything to Jesus,
 and make him their LORD!

How can we experience healing,
 if the suffering is still there?
How will we ever be able to love others,
 and truly care?

May we all seek the kind of healing,
 that only Christ can bring!
May we allow him to remove
 all pain and suffering!

Jesus…  We need your healing now!  More than ever before!
It is your love that we must learn
 to treasure and adore!

Please come now and refresh us with your awesome love!
The sweetness of your Holy Spirit, is a gift from above!

Thank you God!  The pain is gone and the healing has come!
All praise, glory and honor to Jesus!
 God’s anointed son!

By Jim Pemberton   10/19/13

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The Bible Gives the Recipe for Success

The Bible Gives the Recipe For Success!

The Bible gives the recipe to be successful!
Life doesn’t have to be burdened and stressful!

True spiritual success, may not be what you think of!
God can give much more, than you can dream of!

He gives joy unspeakable!  The half hasn’t been told!
You can walk with him one day,
 on streets of gold!

Blessings come from allowing
 Jesus to rule your heart!
This is where an abundant life,
 can actually start!

Fellowship with Jesus, is friendship divine!
He can restore your life! 
And bring peace of mind!

He can restore anything the enemy
 has taken away!
And offers true love and joy,
 to brighten your day!

God’s recipe for success, 
cannot be made or bought!
His son died for you! And loves you a lot!

Won’t you read the Bible? 
 And allow God’s word to be applied?
Everything you’ll ever need in life... 
 He has supplied!

Please Lord Jesus…  
Come and fill our empty soul!
It’s only YOU that can make us whole!

By Jim Pemberton    

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Dreams - An iota of Hope

A poem based on relationship…”A girl in her own dreams” 
wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare :)

DREAMS - An Iota of HOPE 

“Waked up 7 :00 am in the morning..
saw my beauteous dreams transforming..
ohh yeah..with a drowsiness yawning..
Suddenly I found myself refreshing.
Excitedly Gone near by emblazoned window..
Fearfully Viewed a gloomy shadow..
Suddenly he smiled at me through haze of smoke..
Like a fantastic sizzling coke..
Soothing music on its full swing ..
Like a glittering diamond in the ring..
He ought to give me red rose..
On his bended knees he bows..
He tickled on my pierced nose..
With which I got glaciatedly froze..
Like a tempting dark fantasy chocolate melting in the mouth..
We strongly decided and took a royalistic oath..
He Embraced his hand on my shoulders..
Which Got intact like file and folders…
Like the moon  shines in the sparkling night..
Enduringly felt to hug him so tight..
Dazzling  Eyes immersed  in each other..
Tuned together like a romantic lover..
Every nerve of  us conjoined together..
Because the love lasted forever..forever…

Suddenly a glimpse of sun came and shattered all my zestful dreams..
“”Ohhhh.. ohhhh No..Not again. Not again. No more illustrations. No one can dwell my heart like you. Please come back. No more dreams please..””

 Yep this feeling arised at once and will be still till our last breathe. Lasting forever. Just forever..
 We trapped in each other’s heart and now no one dare to break our love-life’s part.. Apart..

Love is the essence of life and it is measured not by the count of breathe we take..but by the moments we share together till our last breathe..

Wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog. Pagare

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Being Depressed Is My Way of Living

If it’s that easy to lose you… then go
People always leave, trust no one even yourself
I love myself for losing you
You can’t deny the fatal truth.. I don’t love you
I’ll never regret the decision to lose you
My soul won’t rest until I forget you
The longer I live the lesser my heart beats for you
You’ve decided to leave me, I’ve decided to hate you
People pretend to love you, turn your back
They wish you to disappear
In my life I trust no one, cause this life is based on lying
I never thought that I would cry when you leave
My heart was strong when you were around
But since you left it weakens by the moment
You made my world rain with sadness
What’s the meaning of friendship if eventually they’ll leave?
I live in a world full of sadness, so why should I be happy??
I’d wish to die than seeing you leaving
I’d wish to die than living like this
I wish to be hopeless, cause I suffer when I hope that you’ll come back
I’d wish to be blind than seeing you leaving 
I’d wish to be deaf than hearing you cry
I wish I had no tongue to taste the bitterness of loneliness
My middle name is misery 
My first name is hopeless
My last name is treachery
I thought it was a dream come true meeting you
But no it’s not a dream, it’s my personal hell
My blood is cold, my heart is stone 
My veins are crumpled, my soul is crushed 
My life is gone with you
I can’t eat, I can’t drink
I can’t see, I can’t hear 
I can’t talk, I can’t walk
I can’t live my miserable life
I see another girl, I feel nothing for her
Where are my feelings? They’re gone with you
I’m just like a rolling stone
You were my twilight, now darkness followed your absence
And everything is dark
I'm lost, I can’t find my way
I'm lost in this place, and this place is my life
Just save me from my misery 
Just let me fade away
My breath is taken
And my heart stopped beating
My heart is cut in splits
No wonder why its so cold
Cause your still here
I'm running out of choices 
I'm running out of clues 
There’s nothing I can do to make this go away
You are like a scar in my heart, that’s tearing me apart

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My Friendship in a Box

She used to be my best friend
Something I never thought could change
There for each other through everything 
Life without her seems so strange
No favor too big
No feeling too small
Best of friends for 40 years 
I thought we’d survived it all.
But she walked away without a word
My heart smashed against the rocks
And now all I have are tainted memories and 
My friendship in a box.
Photos spanning all those years,
100 s of cards and letters of affection
All packed away along with the hurt
Too painful to even mention
I resist the temptation to recall my faith 
For fear I might once again believe
In a friendship so enduring and safe
Recollection could only serve to deceive
I can only conclude that it was all a lie
So tired of always wondering why
It just sits on a shelf collecting dust
Like my heart it needs no locks
The desire to ever trust again 
is as sealed away as
My friendship in a box.
So rare a thing
To love someone and accept them
For exactly who they are
To love them despite their flaws;
the apparent and hidden scars
I was in awe 
Of what we had
What a fool to feel so secure
Don’t ever want to be best friends again
There’s no way to make it pure.
It sits on a shelf collecting dust
Like my heart it needs no locks
The desire to ever trust again 
is as sealed away as 
My friendship in a box.
No explanation in these many years
No apology or accusation
Just a dismissal of all I thought to be true
Like it was a figment of my imagination
But I have the proof of undying love and trust
Despite the lesson in hard knocks
It’s all packed away with my bitter heart
My friendship in a box.

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There's A Web of Temptation And Sin

There’s a Web of Temptation and Sin!

There’s a web of temptation and a lot of sin…
That brings slavery and a strong bondage within!

Throughout this land, there’s an evil surge!
While many lives, seem to be getting “submerged!”

Being submerged, into a life, that many believe in.
They become perverted, but want all to receive them!

The “love and acceptance,”
 that many desire.
Puts them on a tightrope!  A very thin wire!

As the web of temptation and sin begin to grow.
It brings a bondage that damages the soul!

They may want to have “love and acceptance.”
But in their hearts, needs to be a godly repentance!

May the holiness of a righteous God be stirred!
That all will come back, to the truth of his word!

His son Jesus, came to the cross! He bled and died!
That through him, our lives can be totally sanctified!

Only the power of God, can bring a needed restoration!
He gives to one and all… 
 A heavenly invitation!

Whosoever will… Come now!  And accept him!
Won’t you take the time, to really know him?

Don’t allow the web of life to destroy 
and overcome you!
Come to Jesus now!  He really does

By Jim Pemberton

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Is It God We Trust Or Leave In the Dust

Is It God We Trust? Or Leave In the Dust? As our courts remove God from this great nation. We are left with a confused and lost generation! As God is taken away from our public schools. A huge tide of immorality is what “rules.” The Bible is often mocked and discarded. It was on it’s principles this country was started! Just about anything of God seems to get scorned. So many “rush” to worship many ungodly forms. As God’s name is often tossed and thrown out. We tend to forget what HE is all about! Too often, his plans for living are tossed and abused. No wonder, there’s many who are lost and confused! As people forget God and worship the fallen creature. They look to themselves and “glorify” their features. Many ignore God, and get involved in deep addictions. And with this, come disease, heartache and afflictions! As God looks and sees this nation “bleeding.” It’s his righteousness, that we need to be seeking! If we would humble ourselves, he would hear our prayer! He loves all of us! And he really does care! Won’t you come to HIM, And invite him in? Won’t you allow him to be your master and friend? He brings strength and nourishment to the soul! It’s only in him that we can be made whole! By Jim Pemberton

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written 17th Sept 2013

             "WHISKEY LULLABY"
                          sung by Brad Paisley and Alason Krass

Just married, he loved his new wife,more than anyone saw
 a day after they where married, he got drafted off to war
Overjoyed to finally return home to his bride
 he walked in, to find she was in bed with another man
With just a slight second, his heart died
 pain overwhelmed his entire soul, he picked up a drink
And started to drink more every day, to try to forget
 as time passed, he drank himself to death, with a note "I'll love her till I die
they buried him beneath the willow, as she watched she filled her soul with regret 
 left to blame herself, she began to drink his memory away
As years passed she slowly drank her pain away
 they found her next to his grave, holding his picture as she passed away
They buried her beneath the willow, and they were together again
 and the angles sang a whisky lullaby
So when you find your one true love, be faithful and true
 for no amount of alcohol will mend a broken heart for whatever you do!

 I chose this song for my mother and my father both became alcoholics after they separated and my father passed away at the age of 42years old, my mother still lives but never stopped drinking she will be 58 years old she took off with his best friend from the age of 12yrs old

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Thank You Jesus For Changing Me

Thank You Jesus For Changing Me!

Jesus reached down to my life 
and changed it!
His love touched my soul
 and “rearranged” it!

He brought to me his mercy
 and care.
That I may share his goodness 
to people everywhere!

He restored unto me the joy 
of my salvation!
And brought to my life 
a heavenly invitation!

He gave to me everything 
that I needed!
He brings the victory! 
 Satan is defeated!

He really loves you! 
 Won’t you believe him?
Just reach out to him now! 
 And receive him!

By Jim Pemberton    

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God Gave Me A NEW LIfe

God Gave Me A NEW Life!

God reached down to my life 
and changed it!
His love touched my soul
 and I can claim it!

God brought to me peace,
 hope and care…
That I may share his goodness 
to people everywhere!

God brought to me the joy 
of his salvation!
And gave my life 
 complete satisfaction!

He’s given everything that I needed!
He gives the victory! 
I don’t have to be defeated!

He can do the same for you! 
 Won’t you accept him?
Just reach out to him now! 
 And believe him!

By Jim Pemberton    

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Satan HATES Everything That God LOVES

Satan HATES everything that God loves! He tries to counterfeit everything he does! He goes about as a lion, seeking whom to devour! He comes after us! But God alone has the power! Satan will twist God’s truth, into a corruptible lie! He has one mission! And that is to see you die! He wants to enslave you into deep addictions! And bring into your life, unneeded afflictions! He has one purpose, ambition and goal… Is to seek eternal damnation of your very soul! Jesus has come! His TRUTH can set you free! He has come that you may have life abundantly! Won’t you accept him? You can overcome! Through the shed blood, and power of God’s son! All glory to Jesus! All praise to HIM on high! He is your protector! He is El-Shaddai! Won’t you allow God’s love to bring you salvation? He offers it to right now! A heavenly invitation! God’s love is stronger than Satan! HE reigns supreme! He can help you to overcome, the lies the devil brings! By Jim Pemberton

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Please Place Patience Upon My Palms

Why can’t you just be evil? Like my mind
wants you to be: Unfaithful, shameful.
I want to hate you! But you’re too kind
and no matter you are always thankful
of me and my song of desperation
for pain and its un-winnable future.
I know! A heart’s betrayal may come
disguised as death bringing this return 
to memory of past regret, unyielding
regret, this plan of me my only way out.
Understand unending and what may be.
Believe in the certainty of two hearts.
Trust in the flesh and the way it feels
on fingertips, lips... Trust love—it is real.

Reinvent, Reimagine, Revamp! 
JustThatArchaicPoet Contest
Poem chose “Knock, Knock” 

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Don't be confused, I'll tell ya what I see
The girl in your mirror, she's the girl for me
Your drowning in doubt, gonna help ya out
Not pushing ya down, just turning ya around
So you can clearly see, who I want to be
Your man.. Oh girl, I want ya alive and free
I love to see you on fire, my only desire
Forbidden says who, girl don't be so blue
Only thing we're destroying here is fear
So jump in baby, the water is so fine
Drown in my arms, be only mine, only mine

Be only mine..
Only mine!

Date: 9-11-14

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So am I not enough for you
Is what we have not enough for us
what answers do you need to quell your curiosity
do you so doubt the truth of our first kiss
have you watched so long that you no longer see me
what secrets did you think i could hide 
you alone have undressed me to bare flesh
is it my collection of unpolished shoes
legacies of footsteps walked to other doorways
that troubles you so

what puzzles to my life’s mysteries
will be answered by the echo of muted voices
held content within pages of dusty photograph albums 
and yet my yesterday’s haunt you as if they were immortal
mirror snapshots of strangers smiling for strangers
images created in a world requiring its own reflection
is it my hat boxes with faded and speechless labels
that you so desperately need to renounce out loud
i recall tmoments when your heart beating gently beside mine
was the only sound needed to tell the world we were one

are you looking for a suitcase packed with excuses
an invisible boarding pass allowing a blameless early departure
it is you who fear's sunrise without dreams to protect you
and  sunset with no one to believe in…no one who believes in you 
we have crossed the world’s longitudes and latitudes you and I
Rio to Monterrey…Brisbane to Berlin
each tasting love dusk to dawn....again and again
what i have surrendered with you
i have surrendered to no one…shared with no but you
listen to me ..hear me…this is the voice of our destiny

you alone complete me like a thousand falling raindrops
gently nourishing  a sea of lotus leaves 
passion has flowed between us as if  thirsty water 
i love you with all that I am…all that I ever wanted to be
i have never asked for more than your love 
but now I need you to trust my trust in you
for even an hourglass can run out of sand
my love please don’t open my closet door
is what we have not enough for us 
so are we not enough for you 


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This Is The Love

Stand up and shake;
Feel the rhythm in your heart.
Ignite those pants;
We get up and dance.
God on our mind,
Eternity in our souls;
Feel the chills of those bones.
It's the hope.
Open those closed doors:
Into Heaven we go,
Welcomed and forgiven.
Here is the love;
Let's dance!

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From Then To Now

Hand in hand we walked 
together into Reception
Nothing could stop us and 
together we were three
James and I LARP-ed Doctor 
Who for fun
We talked and laughed for 
Because no stress was in our 
Anna and I smiled and laughed
And jumped on our bouncy 
With nothing dividing us.

Side by side we walked 
together into Year 6
Some stranger stopped them to 
talk and broken we were alone
James and I talked about 
Doctor Who for fun
And we talked and kissed for 
But misunderstanding broke us 
Anna and I still smiled and 
And joked about our bouncy 
But secondary school was going 
to divide us.

With no one there I walked 
alone into Year 7
And a stranger became my 
friend and together we were 
Violet and I both loved Doctor 
And James found Dominic
So James and I talked for mere 
And school started pulling us 
Anna and I still laughed and 
Still promising to be friends 
Never letting it divide us

Suffocating and drowning I 
walked into Year 9
Hating how I was and feeling 
Katie and Chloe were so pretty
And Violet so funny and all 
were better than me
James and I hardly talked or 
saw each other
But we still made the most of 
our friendship
As we were like family, stress 
couldn’t break us apart
Anna and I laughed but I did 
not smile genuinely
Because the bouncy castle was 
long gone
And our schools were beginning 
to divide us

Dead yet breathing I stand 
right now
And I hate who am I and every 
single detail
Fights broke us up and pulled 
us apart
So I can feel Katie, Violet and 
Falling further out my reach
James moved house to a place 
And blamed me for never 
talking to him
But really it was because of my 
ex who was a girl
It was for something beyond 
my control
Anna and I were still friends; 
only by a thread
As she did not know about me
And how school broke me apart

So this is me now; I’m all alone
No longer the smiling young girl 
of reception
The only person talking to me 
is me
And the voice in side my head
You see; they all left me and 
always will
So now the only call I answer
Is that of my blades
And the darkness
That is constantly
Pulling me

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Promises unfulfilled

It seems that only yesterday we were planning your future and promises to be fulfilled in years to come...we started with a baby shower and gifts from everyone. We dreamed of a first birthday, a dream of your first graduation and first dance. A mother and fathers hopes of things yet to come. Now, here we are standing before God, asking him why has he taking our future of a child we had yet gotten to know, yet whom we had already loved. He, answered us with a fathers words of love..."They whom you have loved, yet have never known is never gone, a promise you long to fulfill is always yours to long as you trust in me and know that I have never placed more upon you than your hearts can stand, know that I'm a God of purpose and planning...and all that which I promised will be delivered unto you if you just trust and believe in your hearts and know that my love for you, was formed before you were even placed in the womb. Nothing leaves or enters this world without my permission, sometimes with great anguish, but nothing leaves or enters without a purpose." Keep planning for the future with an unbending love!

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My Heart Sings

As the first rays of sunshine
wakes me out of my sleepy slumber,
I sat up in bed and looked at my hands.
The taste of stale cigarette smoke of cheap red wine
stained my taste buds.
I walked out of bed,
turned on the radio
(to the classical station)
and my heart beats to the tune
my life and soul smile as the sun shines in my room.
I hear God whispering in my ear
I hear all the words of the world
talking to me,
and I can hear my heart sing a little.
I read my poetry,
get dressed go for a walk,
I smile at the faces that I pass;
The cars I pass,
the houses,
the trees,
the dry lawns,
burnt and that have not been watered in days.
I smile at them and they all smile back,
and my heart sings a little,
and I dance to its simple tune.

My heart sings and I dance too:
slowly melodies,
fast jigs,
rapid jazz and swing music
and waltzes to the chopin masterpieces,
and the romantic stories, novels, the poems,
that fancy your mind with its ryhme schemes,
and after I read such romantic beauty
I smile, and I listen closely to my heart,
and with every beat,
it lets out a verse or two, from a familiar song
that caught my ear on the radio,
and my heart sings
and I smile,
and the world smiles back.

Feeling such beauty
love and romance
it is such a good feeling to live with;
and as the night rolls on,
and the sun goes away
I sit at my desk
writing poetry,
with a cigarette slowly burning away with time,
and I am stuck,
getting drunk of red wine,
I sit back in my chair,
and listen to my heart,
and he sings alittle
and I can write again.
So, there we sit together,
writing poetry,
smoking cigarettes,
drinking wine
to the strike of nine
and we both sing songs of love and romance
together forever.

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I poured out my heart
I wanted to share
You were not prepared
You just stood and stared

I felt so naked
A little bit lost
Being vulnerable
Would I pay the cost

You took a moment
Then I saw why
You were all choked up
You started to cry

You came and hugged me
Looked into my eyes
The love I wanted
Was then realized

By taking a chance
I let you see me
No more pretending
We both could be free

Many years passing
Drinking from loves well
True lover's magic
Is not just a spell

Vulnerable made strong
When hearts beat as one
Worth taking a chance
To bask in your Sun

Dedicated to my Sweetie who is my Sun, Moon and Stars.

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- End of Time -

I followed your every footsteps,
for awhile now.
It's leading me to the same spot,
that it left you, Marcus.

You were my role model,
my leader from the start.
My best friend from the day
that we met in the park.

I was your follower,
you never complained.
You were my leader
all just the same.

But now, I'm starting
to realize.
That all through these years,
I've been following the wrong guy.

Physically, no
I've purposely been following you.
But your starting to do things
that I don't want to do.

I am now the leader
and you are following me.
This is not 
how it was meant to be.

Asking you to stop,
you always refuse.
You say you won't give up 
until you have to move.

We both know very well,
that you will never move.
It's a family tradition
in where you can not move.

I will have to wait 
until I can move.
For I am still to young
and my 'family' chooses not to.

I now have to make a choice,
a huge one on my part.
It's starting to dawn on me
that you like me.

I know very well
that you don't break promises.
Yet, you promised me
that you like me.

The real promise
is pretty harmful.
I can't let you
go through with it.

You said that if I 
don't believe you like me,
you'll commit suicide.
There's one problem with that.

I have dysthymia.

Incase you don't know 
what that is.
It's pretty much low self-esteem
and cutting yourself.

I can't believe people
when they say they like me.
No matter what they do,
I just can't, my mind won't allow it.

So this may be
the end, I really hope not though.
Please don't be serious,

-Yes, this actually happened today (October 20, 2013). I feel really bad that I can't help him. But, I really do have dysthymia and major depression. I have thought about suicide myself, and came pretty close. But I don't want it to happen to anyone else. Especially not Marcus. Thanks..!-

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Sleep In Her Soul

It's easy to become lost in the idea that only things in life change you;
rather than you are always changing in your creation. 
When you look at demons in the haze, marvel at the haze. 
Demons are feeling homesick.

Be true to everything you are and thrive on.
We all have demons, it's up to you on what to do with those demons. 
The most dangerous are the ones unknown. 
She is herself. A beautiful demon; not hidden behind a shadow. 

Her magic is infested in my desire.
She is beautiful for I can unravel her thoughts.
She expresses to me the words intertwined with my ambiguity.
Riddled with love; I sleep in her soul.

She is my butterfly in our cosmic cannibalism.

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Stuck In The Struggle

Sometimes I get stuck in the struggle
And I forget that this life is real,
Full of real love,
Full of real people,
Full of real strength,
Full of real faith.
Look around
Because this is real.
Welcome to reality;
This is God's amazing life!

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The Butterfly Effect

Our eyes meet and then shy
His breath draws closer to mine
Tingling currents
Down my spine

Lips caress and glide
Soft pecks move on to slide
Hands lock into mine
Warm rays of sunshine

May I?
A virgin canvas am I
Slow brush
A stroking touch
Short peck
Colour my neck

Oscillating heart beat
No feeling below my feet
Whispers of heat
Crawling goose bumps
Peppermint sweet

The clocks have stopped
The world is still
Tongues intertwine
Slow sips of wine
I cling onto my lifeline

It’s pure
It’s perfect
The butterfly effect

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The unopened letter

The letter stays sealed within the envelope unread and faded 
Bringing neither hope, nor memories blurred or jaded 
The day it came I could not know
Which destiny the words would hold.
Out of fear I refused to break the seal
In hopes that neither fate was real
Thinking only of the I in me
Believing not that Love could ever be 
Nor trusting simply your love for me
Past memories of former hurt stake their claim
Haunting wounds, nightmares in the middle of the day.
Uncounted years the letter lay
Preemptive strike I walked away 
Hoping the memory that can never un happen of that day 
Will be less painful than the specter of what might have been had I embraced the gamble of love
the day your letter came.
And after all these years surprisingly 
That letter still calls out to me
Tho I know now what might have been can never be.
I sometimes think what if I was wrong
What if the letter told of love grown strong 
Of two hearts held by one strong bond
Perhaps the words spoke tenderly 
Of Love
Of Life
And not dear John as I assumed it to be.
I will never know if those words are real
Because the envelope that contains the letter
Remains sealed.
Somewhere in my twisted heart I feel
That those words unread
Can neither harm, nor heal.
Which is better?
Which is worse?
Does truth lie in the ancient verse
"Better to have loved and lost than never loved at all"
What daysman can ever make that call?
Maybe the tragedy that is worse
Is to never give your heart a chance to hurt.
So now I stand alone and cold
Much like the unread letter folded in the envelope.
Never throwing it away yet still not reading 
Dying unwounded
Scarred but not bleeding.
Knowing full and well that I will never know
The message that the letter holds
Too afraid to let it go
Yet too afraid to ever know
I stand alone 
A prisoner to unread words.
Fearing the past and dreading the future 
Fearful of presumed hurt. 
Yet I'm frozen
And alone
A prisoner held hostage by a message I'll never know.
A letter 
In an envelope. Unopened.

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Jesus Has Given So Much

What Shall I Do? For the One Who Gave So Much? What shall I do? For the one who gave so much? God reached down, and blessed me, with his touch! What shall I do? To my lord who bled and died? It was for my life, that Jesus was crucified! What shall I do? To the God who truly loves me? He has made it know that he wants to be with me! What shall I do? For the many who’ve “lost their way?” Please dear Jesus… Give me the right words to say! What shall I do? As my way of, expressing my gratitude? May God help me to have a Christ’ like attitude! What will YOU do? In this time that God’s given to you? He’s here right now! And is patiently waiting for you! What will YOU do? Will you give God a chance ? Won’t you accept his salvation? Whatever the circumstance? What Christ will do… Is to do, what he does best! Simply give him your life! He’ll take care of the rest! What Christ has done…. Is to give life everlasting! Everything you need… Is right here, for the asking! By Jim Pemberton

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Coming out of the shadows of doubt  
I bathed myself in the sunshine of your credence
And rinsing my uneasiness with your calming reassurance,
Cleansed thus, whole I became once more-
A newly born heart- ready to love

© Demetrios Trifiatis

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As the Wind blows my hair,
I realized that LOVE is somehow unfair.
while sitting in the Balcony,
I can hear a different symphony..

They say love is Blind,
maybe it's true,cause true Love is Hard to find.
Some say love is Everywhere.
so maybe Mr.Right is just somewhere..

The love we feel is so hard to explain,
maybe it's the trust we cant really maintain.
The emptiness of one's heart
can someone offer him/her a fresh start?

i think,love is like a lullaby we hear everyday.
and trust is one of it's strongest proof  they say.
If I'm stranded in an island,
two sets of footprints, it's all i want to see in the sand.

like in a shell ,feel the carved pain that is in me.
Is it just me? or most of us are just too blind to see?
while making this poem,i can feel my heart beat,
wiping my tears, & wishing our two hands will meet.

Until now, no one has the key,
The key that my heart wants to see.
While i was crying, no one has wiped my tears.
is it hard to cast a glance & forget our own fears?

someday, somehow, someone can sit w/ me to watch the sunset.
& he will be someone whom i LOVE, i bet.
I hope someone will like reading this,
& value what they shouldn't miss.

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Jesus Is the Best Thing That Happened to Me

Jesus Is the Best Thing That Happened to Me! Jesus is the best thing that happened to me! He loves me so much! It’s plain to see! Jesus has provided everything I need, to get tough! If it wasn’t for him… I don’t know what I’d do! Jesus has come, that I might life so abundantly! He’s given me all I need… Most assuredly! He does for me, what nothing in this world, could ever do! And completely understands, everything I go through! He brings his peace, hope and a blessed satisfaction! I can have fellowship with him! A “heavenly interaction!” He can restore what the enemy has stolen and taken away! He brings a true meaning! And has changed me today! I’m very thankful! For all that he’s provided! I’m going to live for him! This has already been decided! Thank you Jesus! My lord and my best friend! You’ve done so much for me! Over and over again! I praise your name! And want you to know… I’ll tell others of your goodness… Wherever I go! By Jim Pemberton

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The Dreaming Tree

So long I thought my trust was gone
withered in a vase that sat 
unwatered neglected posterity's memory 
pressed and ordered flat

I suppose some slight yet weak desire
believed that someday still
I'd find one soul who's promise transpired 
while building false hopes unskilled

For trust is like a pillow
flipped to the cooler side
It's the hand that touches your shoulder gently
when you let down your guard to cry

It's the feeling when your turned around
lost in the land of strange
the hand that reaches leading the way
to familiar surroundings in exchange

It's the peace in knowing no matter what's wrong
you needn't look far or wonder how long
your help will come from day to day
leaning on the one who finds a way

There's a trust in a dreamer 
who's so much like you
when "soon" emerges all too slowly
two with the same dream can make it come true

This is the trust proven not wooed
so much alike you needn't explain
they knew your thoughts without having to say
for the look in your eyes gave it away

Flattery with all it's tantalizing charm
sounds sweet like honey going down 
but only as fulfilling as a country farm
in a picture with a frame going round

In this o'l world when "with you in spirit"
is the saying most commonly known...
here I stand with you hand in hand
is the proof your not alone

Trust did not come easy for me
so hard to build so easy to break
all the hidden agendas I feared
the slow to give and quick to take

But on the day we first did speak
of promises given or made
you said your arms my safest place
by what you do not what you say

For that ONE key was ever lacking
the door love enters at the start
for all enchantment love can bring
trust is what opens the FOREVER in my heart

As I think of these diamonds on my finger
sparkles halo the chocolate center stone
the thought that never leaves my heart
is the lifetime I felt so alone

A ring that tells the story
of a beauties life in the dark
surrounded now by clarity 
of the trust that owns my heart

Trust is the love I never knew
you'll live for me, I'll die for you
with tux and gown, yes and boots
in the life we've made and say "I Do"

Never again to live in wonder
if dreams will ever come true
there's no joy surpassing you see
then living a dream too long overdue

In quiet reflection of all that's been
the room you gave my heart to know
the freedom you gave then gave again
the seed you planted then watched it grow

A dreaming tree you knew in time
would bear the fruit of love
a love that took forever to find
nourished in the soil of trust

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Lisa Maree

Dedicated to my darling daughter. Lisa Maree, the kindest girl in the world

Lisa Maree

Lisa Maree, you baffle me
You just don’t seem to care
You throw your money all around
And people who won’t share
Will try to take you for a ride
And you can’t always see
What some folk try to do to you
You’ve too much trust in thee.

Lisa Maree, it’s plain to see
That you’re a special girl
Though sometimes you go off on one
And mind goes in a whirl
Your heart is gold, pure solid gold
You’re as soft as heated honey
You have a sense of humor too
You even think 'you’re' funny.

Some might find you hard to take
These fickle kinds of folk
Will run you down for being you
And treat you like a joke
But fickle folk don’t mean a thing
You’re far above the rest
When you are helping someone out
That’s when you’re at your best.

23 August 2013 @ 1817hrs

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Will You Still Be Here In The Spring

Vulnerability of love, pain and joy it brings
My bosom open no armor for a fateful blow
My life belongs to me not I forgo 
It's autumn but will you still be here in the spring

You almost left without a word or even a jest
A pain in my heart you can only fix
My heart hurting each time it ticks
I love you still through this test

I want you to be near yet I fear 
You walked beside my as my wife
I have given you all I have in life
I want you forever I made that clear

When you are near my heart still sings
Hoping pain will turn to pleasure
Making our love strong beyond measure
Singing with life, love and our rings

Edward J. Ebbs - September 2011

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If you loved me could I trust you
Beyond illusion's farthest bound?
While the moon shines, the wind blew
And the world went spinning around.
In the tangles of loose snares
Of the devil's robust net,
You said you loved me only
But you do not love me yet.

I love you but I can't trust you
Any further than that door;
For many worlds and seasons change
But in time you'll love me more.
So dear, until I believe you
As women try to know men;
You know that I will trust you
But I will not love you then.

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The Traveller's Unclaimed Land

He says he loves me then he says he loves me not
He loves me today but by tomorrow I'm forgot 
He runs from my love but returns wanting more
I guess I'm to blame for letting the traveler explore, 
See travellers just wander and are never here to stay
They admire the scenery and enjoy the display 
They tour the land and ride the attractions
So memories become their only subtractions,
They search for an experience that is what they yearn
The condition once they leave is none of their concern!
So how can the land be devoted and true 
When travellers come and go out of the blue.
The present is now and where he's travelled to,
But the past he calls home so he must return soon
Most likely just a visit although time can only tell, 
But what he lusts is in this land and he knows it very well
He may call that place home but its this land that he seeks
Travellers on a mission never realize until they hit their peek
He continues to damage this land down to its core 
So what's left to offer when their is nothing left in store?
The resources were depleted and the land left bare
He comes and goes as he pleases it doesn't seem fair;
See this land has been abused time and time again
Seeds that were planted, were means to an end
But pleasure and satisfaction was always accomplished
Because this land provided where the homeland was disadvantaged!
But despite the history and despite the trust
Submit to his urges is something he must.
So this time around his departure is permanent 
Lack of faith and loyalty was the final determinant.
The damage he caused cannot be rendered,
So his visitation rights he has surrendered!
So leave this land I say and never look back
This is the path you chose I hope you can stay on track,
Cause travellers have memories of the lands they have stained
But the land only remembers the one that remained!

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more than fascination

When I first met you 
you were so cute that
my brain just couldn't compute 
so I went mute
 As I stared in awe 
Wanting to know you
Noticing that 
the reason my heart ached was 
 because of you
A girl much more than a pretty face 
I never wanted to make love out of lust
but then I realized 
that it was in you I trust
So I must change 
to show you
this isn't simply fascination 

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I perfumed my sweet love letter
Missing you every hour of the day
Trace my words with your finger
Feel my heart in every word I say

Please be safe on that battlefield
Take care in everything you do
Don't you scratch that perfect body
Listen up soldier I'm ordering you

See my lip print on my love letter
You know we're still a perfect fit
In your favorite sundress waiting
So don't you dare think to quit

Everyday I hang another ribbon
On "Oak" for each day you're gone 
Your heart's gonna melt inside you
When you read my romantic song

Can't wait for you to come home
Until then I'm saving you a place
My love is an everlasting river
I'm living for that very moment 
That very moment.. I see your face

Contest: Rose's "Letters To War"
Date: 8-22-14

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LOVE FOREVER FADES AWAY Leave you my tears

 LOVE FOREVER FADES AWAY!!!!   wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

Waving like the sea,
Your decision was bias.
You ought to give me wedding ring,
But set my dreams on fire.

Can you answer me for the single reason, what made you do this?
Was it the beauty? Was it the caste, or the complexion?

You said I am your love at first sight.
You were the one who took the initiative and intended to keep it up.
You were the one who delightedly filled my heart with zeal of love.
You were the one who elegantly filled the warmth of love in my soul.

Confronted with an unsolvable dilemma’s where there is no right answer, we always know the answer to everything.
But what you did? You just made false promises.
Still you define it as the love, true love?
Or the love that vanished with no reason.
Answer me, answer me, my thee??

Near the bandra reclamation,
Sitting at the amusement park,
You were the one who excitedly expressed your thirsty feelings.
You were the one who stared at me without closing your eyes for a single second.
But you were the one who set my dreams on fire.

You said you will ask your parent’s for lifetime commitment?
But I will ask you one thing, if you feel your parents will understand and decide your love,  then why you fell in love?
If you know that story wont line up with an happy ending, then what made you do this?
It’s just the pain you mounted on my heart. You just broke my heart.

When you blamed, that it’s the caste, it hurted me like hell.
Answer me my love, what made you do this?
I was happy being single.
Then, why you disturbed my life with no reason?
Then, why I got so much acquainted with you for all season?

It’s was so easy, that you picked up different slices of life but why Castism you did my almighty?
In the bruising darkness just left with ashes of memories, lying my face down in ignorance.
You broke my trust for all the life time in my way.
But still you left the happy prints, as a hope of ray.
It’s because of you, Love forever fades away.
But still left with the mementoes of yours, reminded me every day!!

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When will I learn what I know so well, this priceless thing You may have it from me kept strong and so closely that it's returned as we share it growing stronger each day as we keep and we hold it.Strange that it is, if either one sold it or broke it. Just once sad to say is enough that neither of one us would or could if I may hear words of pure truth no matter how true if the other had told it.No second chance just second guessing , every fond memory comes under question.The import of deeds now become past deceptions as the paths of our lives take a turn for the worse and what once was so simple a thing with no question .Second star from the left straight on all thats left is to mourn bad directions that led straight to this Hell.Sincerely I hope You have learned what it is I won't give You so long as I live Unless You have earned it , I have nothing to give.So TRUST in this as I TRUST it will serve You .I have TRUST in Your words in these ones alone .I didn't deserve You .TRUST me if only I'd known.       jAMES P Kail  thursday november 22 2012

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Turn On The Love

Turn on the love to motivate me;
There's no energy on hand.
When work to be done is shadowed by rest,
Remember you were saved by a crucified man.

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Dead On My Own, Alive In Him

Faith is not failing me,
I am failing Him.
Why do I refuse to accept His grace?
Why would I rather live my life on my own
When He is extending a helping a hand?
I am depressed,
Dead on my own,
But I am alive in Him!
I give my life to Him for real;
I give Him my all,
And now I'm alive
Because He gives me life!

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Someone , Someday , Somewhere

Tears falling like a pouring rain,
So hard to watch her in so much pain.
   Words that  say nothing spoken aloud,
The clouds of darkness are all around.
   Their love and trust now falling apart,
Deception is how all that will start.
   Foundations shattered by so many lies,
On and on they go not ever knowing  why .
   So sad this once a wonderful life ,
Turned into emptiness  for all their nights.
   Her fears puddling all about her feet,
A reminder of the nights she will not sleep.
  How it must hurt not able to believe ,
When you've learned how you've been deceived.
   Always thinking that the love was so grand ,
That's all changed now because of one man.
  If only there was something I could say ,
To make her forget this her worst of all days.
   A heart that has so much love to share ,
Will find that someone , someday ,somewhere.

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SUICIDAL LOVE By: Lakeyia Clark

SUICIDAL LOVE.... by Lakeyia Clark

One night drinking, questioning the reality of her fate 
Lead her heart into a slump of love vs. hate 
Everything that was once there is now dead and gone 
Washed away after the storm, she's now left alone 
He thought he could trust her and ended up hurt 
Now they are only what at first they never were 
She was in the wrong place at the wrong time 
Questioning herself trying to recall everything in her mind 
Screaming telling the attacker please stop and a series of No's 
Been thrown around and then into a unconscious state she goes 
Who could she run to, who would listen 
She thought it would be him but he said parts of the story were missing 
Trying her best to convince him that it didn't happen by consent 
He told her there was no more of them and out the door he went 
Don't turn your back on me is what she tried to say 
But he wasn't hearing it, he turned his back anyways 
Her heart says pursue him cause this is who she wants and needs 
But she can’t get through to his heart if he's holding tight to the keys 
The victim of a scandalous scheme is never good for anybody 
It'll make the most confident, loving, and trusting individual feel and appear as a nobody 
The trust that was once there is no longer alive 
To him she is fake and everything was a lie 
Love for the man but confused as hell 
Not the first time she's seen this but is now tormented with hell 
Hate for every attacker forcing her to have a void towards men 
Thinking that her man was the one she could trust, cause he was Heaven Sent 
In her mind she wants to say leave it and let him be 
But her heart says go after him you've given him so much of me 
So do she put her heart on the line and risk a homicidal love 
Or does she pretend like it’s not there and settle for a suicidal love 
The truth was first revealed and he don't see it as foul play 
A suicidal love cause she was a victim and he chose to walk away

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Love Yourself

Belittled, you fiddled with me? You messed up true indeed and frankly I am insulted by your 
own ignorance. Why are you messing with my temperament? 
Sorry u couldn’t trust yourself to trust me, but sorry for you because trust creates love and 
growth God lives in me; but the black shadow that controls your soul, won’t let my light shine 
through you.
Given you myself Omni presently, you drained me from my hopes of you. Forced to see your 
truth, instead of enjoying the presence of my greatness, you pulled out your root.
Leaving me confused and unsettled with myself as I failed when in reality I am won, I opened 
my heart to fully someone and given them the pleasure of knowing thoroughly and to ME is to 
love me…. So if you don’t then that only means you don’t love your enough to let my love, 
love you.

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Sisterhood, Brotherhood

Sisterhood, brotherhood is a state 
To be seriously worked at. It is hard, and
Needs lots of grace more powerful than us.

Love is God’s grace He gave on the Cross.
Only such love can take us to love another.
It is so powerful it can overcome our dark self.

When we have this love, our soul will be fed;
Stronger even amidst troubles others cast upon us
And still look at them with deep love and concern.

With this love in us, we are able to forgive first;
Rather than judge hastily and throw a stone
So that retribution and justice will be done.

We will be secure in our inadequacies; 
Gentler to ourselves and more so with others 
For now we know we are no better than them.

We trust no longer in our capacity to love;
Rather abandon our ego and let this grace
Flow and free us from our fears and unbelief. 


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written 2nd Aug 2013

This life is not as it should be
 pick up your wife, can't you see 

You're her husband, stand up!
 give her a reason, to again believe

She means 'everything' this family
 shutting the door leaving her totally... Alone

Do you actually know her at all...
 damaging her heart and soul, deep within it's cold

Loneliness consumes her, it's been so long
 it must be you still love her?

Are you willing to help her to her feet again?
 or shall you sit back and watch, as she see's the end

This is completely left for only you, her husband to declare
 how much does she really mean to you still care?

Will you step up, or let her rot into total depression, you see it...
 Love and care, or death and dispirit

It's all up to you!
 Her loving husband, what will you do.....

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Love Can Last

A marriage
is an old covered bridge
two people embark on together

taking shelter with promises of forever
but darkness ensues and threatens their endeavor
will creaky planks give way and collapse?

in time the darkness will pass
love can last.

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Serenity filled the whole existence.
Arising and rising above all the distance.
Revived by your shade.
Affinity within all what you've said.
Happiness redefined, you're one of a kind.

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Lying Ways

Only one true friend would tell me,
face my anger she had feared.
I saw truth in what she told me.
You were lying through your beard.
Though it breaks my heart to leave you,
I would rather be alone
than with one who would deceive me.
With this message, I am gone.

There was a time that I believed it,
that your love was mine alone.
But I can’t be fooled forever.
Now my trust in you is gone.

When you find this note I’m writing,
know at once it is too late
to win back the heart that trusted.
Lying ways has sealed your fate.
And the one with whom you dallied 
breaks another’s loving heart.
By your guilt two links are broken
as more lives are torn apart.

There was a time that I believed it,
that your love was mine alone.
But I can’t be fooled forever.
Now my trust in you is gone.

Left now only with each other,
cheaters both well proven to be,
you can never trust each other.
Just deserts it seems to me.
Do it with you, do it to you,
lies uneasy on your mind. 
You’ll be sorry you betrayed me,
truest love you’ll ever find.

There was a time that I believed it,
that your love was mine alone.
But I can’t be fooled forever.
Now my trust in you is gone.

For Paula's "Play me a cheatin' song" contest  Won 5th place

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Road to Over

Unwrapping both a blessing and a curse, extracts	
Love’s essence painting souls and framing them abstracts.
Too brazen into Jung’s collective we were when,
Our fists were punching holes up through the floors of Heaven.
We knew the fools from those among the wise who cherish,
But that denying harlot Fate, had to be selfish.
Now under burden of this heavy and cruel loss,
Pain’s pressing pitch to blacken the abandoned cross.

Among the broken pieces that will fall this way.
The mausoleums that will be cap stoned today.
In paper coffins lay the letters of their last,
To reconcile this day, or others from the past.
Possessions that become departing gifts to friends.
A rotting, cold corpse they will be, when passed again.

Those stalking zombies out of reach and courting hate
Caressing defense of an unforgiving state.
Must they forget the lover’s pages bled in ink.
Escape in substance high, and falling drunk in drink.

As desperation quickly fills their beds with drones.
The futile chains attempts, when weakness is alone.

To look again to see the gift from ending’s split.
A testimony of a truth embracing it.
For what this life has taken, in return, it gave.
Event Horizons welcome us beyond the grave.

Some morsels kept out of the ruins of our dreams.
A loving Christ’s hands will to heal and stitching seams.

His wisdom and his patience walking me still slower.
His ways are guiding me, in these, the years to over.


Iambic Hexameter
(Five ending iambs were substituted with amphibrachs)

Contest: Structured forms - Iambic verse - Sketch a fictitious character II
Sponsor: Giorgio A. V.
Entrant: Rob Carmack
Poem posted: 01.07.15

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A Phone Call

Phone rings
I will miss you, will you miss me?
No? But I may never see you again
(Feelings too young to understand
My ears grew hot
My face grew hot
My stomach twists
Frustration? Guilt? Probably guilt
I think it was guilt
No. Fear. Most likely fear)
I will miss you
You are a liar.
You are a liar, Father
You are a liar.
And now I am a liar too.
¿Por qué mis sueños se rompen?
Is it your fault
I think it was your fault
Maybe mine
Or was it hers
His, hers, mine, yours, its
What possession is to blame?
I blame, I blame, I blame
Where are you?
What are you doing?
I will stalk no more
I will stalk no more
I will stalk no more
But I want to know if you are alive
Are you alive?
No hay nada más difícil que vivir sin ti
Pero no puedo recordarte y soy muerto
I am not bilingual
I am not
Did I grow?
Was I supposed to grow?
I sometimes dream that I can fly
The winds carry me through
But sometimes, I forget how to land
With the ground far below my feet
Everyone left behind
I fear that I will drift
Too high
Where it’s cold
And I can no longer breath
And then I awake
I am one
I am one
I am two
Sometimes with a smile
But mostly with fear
Anxiety and one
Is it my fault?
Is it my fault?
Is it my fault?
Do I let you do what you do
Did and will do
Me gustaría conocerte
Mi corazón, mi corazón daña
Follow me
Follow me
But keep a foot away
I do not trust you
I trust too much
I never trusted
They will find out
All of them
They will know
Will they love you still?
Will they love me?
Stop stop stop
stop stop
Why did you stop?
What did I do?
¿Hacer a quién?
Put down the phone
Read me as you will
Read me
Read me
You are done
As are these lines.

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A seed fell from a lady’s heart; it fell in to the ground, 
A ground of brick, of ash and tar, a crack within it found. 
The seed of little chance to grow was watered with her tears, 
The tears they fell in to the cracks, a sprout was formed in fear,.

Up and up with doubt and hope the seed did chance its form,
And through the cracks it fought so hard, a flower starts to form. 
But where it grew, of little chance, the earth around was hard,
Where many people walked before, where many people passed.. 

The seed it knew before it formed; the challenges ahead, 
It knew it was not born of soil but fear and doubt instead. 
It tried with all its might, to fight; it tried with all its heart, 
But doubt and words from other men did kill it from the start. 

A hardened path where many walked and now will walk again, 
Does the sprout that was a seed lay spent & stomped again. 

I am the seed of which you dropped, so many moments passed.
You are the fear, I couldn’t grow, the doubt my only mast. 
You aren’t an earth where fruit can grow, despite your only plan,
You never truly softened up to take me by the hand. 
A moment here or there perhaps, and here or there is boon,
But chances oft, of change, did stop, and call it off too soon. 

Your words deceive with words you weave I know; I am the same. 
Your actions cast aside the heart & riddle it with pain. 
But even still, your bitter chill, your winter had a fire, 
Deep within the snowy hills of you, my heart desired. 

I shared with you the sun & moon, but also thorns of past, 
I grew with you and put aside the pain within my heart. 
But in return was spite & churn, I couldn’t understand, 
You wanted me to be your man, but couldn’t show you cared. 

So now I burn, I lay in guilt, my body wracked in pain, 
My breath is half it used to be my posture not the same. 
My will to walk, to smile, talk, my reason to exist, 
I cared too much, I couldn’t trust, your words within me twist. 

Of promised dawns forever more,
Of sparrow’s song, the seasons call, 
Of all that was and now shall be,
The winter crushes through. 

Yet summer comes, we planned so much
And now I’ll be another past, 
If only I could grow to be
The only one for you. 

And yet your arms my hearse, alive, 
Your glance my curse but am deprived,
Your words my only rope, I fall,
To be again and soon.

On without my summer love,
Of any chance, a twig, a dove, 
Of any sign from on my ark ; 
A sign of hope be true. 

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To My Heartbeat

Dear Dearest,
I do know fate is not cruel
And so are our souls.
I know sky will remain crystal clear
Until our hearts sing alive.
I know that stars will remain glint
And they would sign treasures to our dream.
I know the same way my heart beats...
So is yours too.
I know we're fashioned to be 
Though our destinations seem far-
I live north, you live south.
I know you don't sway without thinking about me.
And so do I.
The only memory you left me with in here-
Pen and paper,
Are what I polish my feelings through.
I do hope my words won't take days before they'd be returned.
It's well with my soul here you left it.

From your part in here and right there.

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On Friendship

-dedicated to and inspired by Awoh Kingsley-

To define a friendship Is to define each element held in a grand sea The moments shared between the water and the single fish The seaweed coursing in the shallow Sinking in the deep Through trust two can prosper And even be happy But when mistakes are made Trust becomes a demand A weapon to test each other Trust allows that seaweed to flow Trust can also allow the currents to bury them Without openness that trust will falter Like an underwater volcano Holding all the fire in It is bound to explode And though water will cool it somewhat There’s no telling how long the next explosion will take A friend should not take his time calculating that Instead allow words to flow Like the gills of a fish Allowing water in and out Cooling and moderating forever Filtering the bad into good Above all, love must reign For friendship cannot grow without it Without love There would be no elements in the sea The sea would be a bottomless pit Of nothingness

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Uncertainty Hurts

I know I can't give up
I simply cannot
This uncertainty hurts
But one day will be forever worth it
In God we will eternally trust
For the joy of life is love
God bless

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Relationship of Lies

'Good Night'
I say because it’s the proper thing to do while dating.

'Sweet dreams'
Is said, though I really don’t mean it.

'I miss you'
I said to make you happy, even though I don’t.

'Your eyes are pretty'
They really are, just not the eyes my heart longs for.

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Side By Side

Oh it's a beautiful night!
The moon is full
And the stars are glowing
While the trees, with Earth's cool summer breeze
Start slowly blowing...

A campfire's flames are burning so bright
While a young couple holds each other tight
Warming their hearts, as these two lovers embrace
Traveling together, through time and space
Oh how tonight, with their love, they won't hide
Two lovers forever, Side By Side

Under the stars, both of them lay
They've been together, happy, all night and all day
Holding each other, a sweet caress
While green grass stains her pretty white dress
But no words, to each other, do they say
Happy just sitting Side By Side, knowing no other way

Gazing up at the stars
Breathing in the night
Them together with nature
A beautiful sight

All the years they've both struggled
And how they cried 
Has led them here tonight
It matters not now
As they'll lie here forever, Side By Side

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Who Will STAND UP For Jesus

I've heard of those who say they're "happy and gay." Where are those who proclaim; "Jesus is the only Way?" I've heard of many who discuss creation vs. evolution. Where are those who proclaim Jesus is the solution? I've heard of many who chose an "alternate lifestyle." Where are those...who for Jesus... will go "the extra mile?" There are those who say; "Jesus isn't real!" Where are those who'll confess HIM with a passion and a zeal? There’s so many who sit in their church's pew. Where are those... Whom to Christ… Will say; ‘I LOVE YOU!” There’s too many who are on their way to hell. Where are those who truly love Jesus? Can you tell??? I know of a redeeming savior's mercy and grace. His love has been extended to the human race. Jesus speaks a loving call and merciful plea... He says; "take up your cross and follow me!" Jesus brings true gladness and overflowing joy! This is freely offered to every man, woman, girl and boy! NOW is the day of salvation & the accepted time! Christ can change us! And renew our mind! I know that very soon.. Jesus is coming again! Where are those who desire to be cleansed within? I know that an abundant life is what Jesus will freely give! Where one can find eternal life! And a true meaning to live! By Jim Pemberton

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Embers of a dream

Lord, I don't understand.
Maybe I never did.
The destination of the path seemed so grand,
yet now it looks horrid!


The dragon You've placed, mine to fight
still breathes fire and brimstone in my neck,
but I'm armoured with incapability to smite
and the cobblestones You paved lead to this wreck.


I dreamt of the moon,
but couldn't reach the stars,
so I drifted into the sun and soon
I would be burnt with scars.

Why shroud my mind with dreams of peace at daylight's bend,
yet shred it with horrors at night?
Why let me pursue a rainbow when 
there never was an end?

The past is bathed in murky waters
and clothed in miry clay.
Now the future looks no better
and mere words can't express what I wish to say.

Lord, here I lay at Your mercy,
angry and heartbroken.
You don't make mistakes and You set free.
Please, I beg be my beacon!
Loose the shackles,
break the chains
that I may serve You again.
Show me the true way You planned,
for I have reached the end of this one.

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Hey to Everyone Who's Been Brocken Hearted!!

Hey to everyone who has ever loved 

the Guy i trusted and i loved lied to me and 

pretended to trust me while he would whisper 

sweet little things only just for one thing this is not fair 

Why did he lie if the truth was not right how could this be 

this just upsets me and i can't think no more its so hard to

think and how do i feel u ask me now that we don't got nothing to do with 

eachother how could u do this i loved u so much the love i had 

for u will never be gone the trust in u is now so far 

away all i want u to know is 

How Do u Fell Now That Am Gone ?

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There are friends that say
They think of you
And friends that say they care
Those friends that you just find sometimes

The ones that say they share
Those friends they take some part of you
And make you think they’re there
Those friends I need to break down walls
Of mistrust and despair

I need them as a life line
To feel something inside
Too often in this lifetime
I’ve felt my being die.

I find it hard to trust some 
It’s not a choice for me
I’m looking for some bridges
To help my life be free

I chat here and I wonder
Maybe you’ll hold the key
Maybe I’ll learn to trust one
That’s all I want for me

Too often I’ve been let down
By those that say they care
I’ve given heart and soul to one
And now I just don’t dare.

Deep inside by being cries
With love I what to share
But first I really need to learn
Once more I need to care.

I look around and sometimes find
Someone with whom to chat
Someone that I do hope will find
The key to where I’m at.

It’s not a lot I want from them
Not looking for a mate
I don’t want love or mighty lies
Just needing to relate

Your just another one there now
Who really doesn’t care
You make me feel like shutting down
The world that is out there

I’m feeling so alone within
This life a mystery
Of names and lies and playing games
No substance to your being

I’m leaving now, not saying bye
We hardly said hello
I’ll find the peace that I do need
And live once more tomorrow. 

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Experiencing Cloud Seven

You make me feel so complete	 
You brought me up to my feet	 
You make me experience cloud seven 	
You brought me to your heaven 

Your words implant seeds of growth
Your eyes, an undying oath
You quench me with serpentine poetry  
You gave in to gravity 

You melted my heart of ice 
I’m your living sacrifice 
You watched over me with glistening eyes  
Your warmth never screams goodbyes   

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Forever Love

Your gut feeling
Tells you it’s real
Yet he’ll tell you
It’s no big deal 

The trust and lies
They run so deep
Forever Love
You wish to keep.

The hints he gives
But will deny
Living this way
You sometimes cry.		

The trust and lies
They run so deep
Forever Love
You wish to keep.

Can you believe?
The truth is told?
Phone calls to her
Seem rather bold.		

The trust and lies
They run so deep
Forever Love
You wish to keep.

”Do not worry”
For this you say
“We are just friends”
You talk each day.		

The trust and lies
They run so deep
Forever Love
You wish to keep.

Your vows you took
They did not say
Having this friend
Would be okay.		

The trust and lies
They run so deep
Forever Love
You wish to keep.

So torn apart
This life you lead
Choose me or her
For which you need.		

The trust and lies
They run so deep
Forever Love
You wish to keep.

You turn your back
Been here before
I hate to see
You shut that door.		

The trust and lies
They run so deep
Forever Love
You wish to keep.

I can’t do this
For you must choose
If it is her
Then me you’ll lose.		

The trust and lies
They run so deep
Forever Love
You wish to keep.

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Why my heart ponder

Why my heart ponder?
I, your offender..
What I gave?
Dark love in a cave...

I promised you a thousand lands
Didn't give enough sands...
Changing me and my love,
Hiding behind the black scarf..

Hiding me I couldn't speak,
Feared losing in a streak.
This was my only reason
But turned my passing season..

Now I rattle,

As a foolish cattle
Leaving your land and cheese,
Yet to find me some peace...

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Dog Park

She had stove top burners for eyes,
and every word she spoke bubbled
over slowly as if someone had left
                        too warm for me to get close.
My gestures were tepid and careful,
like a small boy meeting a strange
dog, alone in a park. Calm and reserved.
I presented compliments as if they
were the back of an open hand for 
her to sniff, and my lips shook.
                                     Afraid that she would bite.
She merely growled in disbelief;
A rabid jeer at the quiet remark of
an untrustworthy captor. 
She saw me as a threat,
but never turned away.
We were two animals
looking for comfort;
afraid to be burned
and yet too hungry to
let go of the flames.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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It really is funny when we are small
We give it away to anyone at all
But as you grow older you face such heartache
It the thing people who love us so often break

It is such a small word but it is so hard to regrow
For if you love someone then this you should show
But I understand why the walls are in place
To protect your heart like a clown wears a mask on his face

I gave mine to you without even a thought
But you have had troubles by which you’ve been taught
So you bottle it up and keep it inside
So you won’t hurt again then I know this you hide

I really believe it can be rebuilt in time
I know it can happen with our love so sublime
I will wait forever to hear this word said
I will not runaway wait until I am dead

For I know I must earn it show you that I care
By true understanding of what you had to bear
And given sometime I know you will adjust
That eventually in me you will learn to trust

I will earn by showing you that I trust you
By making you happy not making you blue
I will show you not all men are made the same
And finally I know your trust I will gain

So please allow me the time and the space
To show you my trust in my eyes in my face
And just let it happen without even a care
Give me your trust I will cherish and not share

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i never imagined love could be that way..
it can make you happy or gay...

this what im feeling..
when someone made an offering..
of a love that has no ending..

i am a woman..
who deserves a patient gentleman..
who wants and needs love..
that will surely stand the test of time..

so i accepted..
the love that has been offered..
i, full of hopes and dreams..
giving all my love without hesitation..

as days passed by..
something happened i can feel..
this guy that made me feel..
my dream love can be real..
walked away with his heel..

engulfed my whole being...
when all of a sudden he is leaving..
thus, tearing breaking my heart bleeding..

people surrounding me observed..
maybe you are not the man i deserved..
they said: "don't be bothered"
for a better man and love will come after..

so, i started to think..
of the times we spend together..
i decided: what should still be remembered..
to a love which isn't meant forever..

i gathered up the sworned pieces..
of what still left in traces...
my strengths; potentials and dreams..
my goals; family and friends..

now, i am recovering..
Ever determined to keep ongoing..
Continuously praying for God's guidance and blessing..
Thinking life's treasures will still be coming..

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Please Come Lord Jesus And Hear My Voice

Please Come Lord Jesus,
And Hear My Voice!

Please come Lord Jesus,
and listen to my voice!
In all I do or say, may you
 be my first choice!

Please come dear Jesus, 
and listen to my cry!
Give me your living water,
 that can satisfy!

Please come dear Jesus,
 and renew my mind!
You're so patient, loving
and very kind!

Please come dear Jesus,
and renew my spirit!
Your words of life...
May I daily live it!

Please come dear Jesus,
I need you this hour!
I need your strength,
and your power!

Thank you my Lord, my savior
and friend!
And thanks for answering me...
 Once again!

By Jim Pemberton   

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Even if it took a thousand years,
Reaching you would still be near.
Indeed you must be a pearl,
Knowing this calms my fear;
And my gentle heart stares.

Oh! How odd are these words
Misleading as a wrong note on the cord
Ordering this joy to be bored
Rest assured this love is undying 
Even though it comes from one in white clothing
Given to you for safe keeping
Endanger not, this treasured offering.

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Return to the Womb

Down in to the darkness deep
Slowly and delicately I now edge
In to the warmth so cold and bleak
In to the womb I once resided
In the mother I’d idolized
Wondering what did happen
Wondering what had changed
What had caused such death?
To cause such pain?
Still slowly moving, sneaking, 
I started faintly weeping
Why would we cause this?
Why did we not see?
Still I inch, well tears did fall
Till a light I did spy
Till a sprig I now cradle
Now I see, as I gently stop my deplore,
My mother will forgive
All the hurt,
The hate,
All the people that did denounce,
All she has provided
All that she cherishes
Yet she now grants;
Unconditional love
All in the loud roar
Of spring

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Thou hast had to play the role of crazy, obeying thee, displaying my faults and 
portraying the shame of me. Breathe, free, finally free. Fire! Adores you and 
welcomes you to an empire of the new. I tossed the idea of inviting a few, opting 
instead with pleasure for you and only you. Never will failure ever be considered, 
pending impact impedes speech and renders me down to bereave. Grand! I have 
been dying to see, love, yes love and its grandiose display, always will be my 
reasoning. It reels me in and cleanses with nature, pure as pure is in creature. Am 
I? yes I am, though not sinister. Unstoppable and driven by attraction to disaster 
and admiration of whisper, this hush is listless, wrestle it, don’t miss this. Satisfy 
desire lets make it glamorous in dedication. Fire! Re-lit! Savagely craving the 
moment that we meet again. Imagine the breath and the chests, tension and lust 
duelling with hatred and love. Trust is a laugh though laughter will bring it back, 
time will help. My muse, do you not understand? I need the right to exploit my light 
slight hand under right eye, you cannot subdivide the mind of a made up guy. Love 
be my minds light, love blind my minds fight, right the pain and create love new, so 
that tonight we may sing. Dying young is not a necessity of living forever but love 
certainly is. We are majesty and perfection in love, it was majestic and perfected in 
new. I do not want your hugs hello or your waves goodbye, rather please supply 
onto I the dreams that I dream and the wishes that I provide. Real life not fictitious 
false life liked delights. What will it be like when we meet again? Electric? 
Dangerous? Casual? Loaded with hatred? Will we feel obligated to hug or smile? 
Even if our stomachs and the others eyes tell us not to? Betrayal? Really? Dig! 
Deeper! Dig! Deeper still! Find it, learn it, believe in it, trust it, crave it, welcome it 
without denial.

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How to Fall in Love

You don't fall in love, you said
That made me laugh in my head
You don't know love, well it's fine
I know you have eyes, but you're just blind.

I know you're just afraid to fall and break
But I'll show you that love is worth the take
Falling in love is very easy
It's like singing a very simple melody.

Yes, falling in love will hurt you several times
But falling in love is not a crime
It's worth the risk and worth the wait
In the end, you'll find happiness if you'll have faith.

Falling in love may be scary, I know
Don't worry, I'm here with a love to show
I know in my heart that you have doubts
But I'll be here to show you how.

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Flawless Wish

Written by D. W. Breidenthal 

You take my breath away

I wanna stay in this entrancing paradise
I want all of the negativity to fade away 
The darkness isn’t my property…I despise
Living a life that’s filled with misperception and disaster 

I would love to live in the ocean’s ecstasy 
That would be spectacular if we can abide in the sparkly sea

This eccentric dilemma makes your angelic features too unclear 
It chills me to the bone…
My heart pounds with hope and fear… when will peace draw near
This flawless wish remains unknown

The night’s approaching…seek shelter and light
Painstaking regrets – I can’t back away from gravity’s pull 
Hand me the rope and don’t bestow your burdens upon my soul 
Sift away the misfortune and allow me to put up with the fight
Help me fulfill my flawless wish
And I’ll strip away your anguish

You’re a burning candle
I raise my head up from the mud
I step forward with courage that I couldn’t handle 
On my own, but you stripped away the agony 
Watch us grow and sprout as one flower bud!

You took my heart to a wonderful place
I wanna desert this decaying body of mine and seek you in splendid light
You forgave me for my wrongs…you thrilled me with praise 
I wanna embrace the dawn’s incredible, appealing light...
Sweeping away the deploring night  

It soothes my sensitive heart…dismissing my vexing misery  

I have the urge to repaint the breathtaking memories I’ve spent with you
Will it scratch away the sorrow?
I have to search for shelter and burn away our calamity – slaying us with rue
Will my flawless wish store hope for tomorrow? 

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Do You Still Love Me

As the shadows lengthen 
Across your lined face 
As I wait. 
And wait again. 
Until I cannot bear to wait a second more. 
I ask you 
"Do you still love me".  

Ah the age old question. 
One that hides centuries of longing 
Hides the deepest feelings 
Of guilt and paranoia. 
That question asked of kings and concubines 
Of blacksmiths and their whores 
Of a farmer and his sweetheart 
And arguments behind closed doors. 

Shutting out the world 
Doesn't make it any less real. 
It brings your heart crashing down 
Around your tired feet. 
You've fought until you bled 
And now you've had enough 
But that one question is both 
A admission of defeat 
And a cause to keep on fighting. 

The reply hangs in the balance 
I see you struggling hard 
What I did, you can't forgive 
And yet, yet, a part of you understands 
A tiny sliver that screams 
Let go. Give up. Forgive. 
Finally you whisper 
And all is right with the world.

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'Trust Again'

Ruined by your lies Now she will question All those that come after you When will she trust herself again? How will she sift through the truth and lies? How will she differentiate between right and wrong? She has been cut down Her judgment stifled You apologized - Yet she will for months Or maybe even years still wonder Why? Perhaps even blame herself Naïve she was for believing your every word --- But guess what? She is going to try again And with every step Strive and reclaim Her trust and her instinct again

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words words words

words words words 
and more words
separated by 
space and time
silences and breaths
spoken and written
make as we go
to give meaning to all
the truth
the lies

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The Joy That God Brings to Me

The Joy That God Brings to Me… 
God gives me strength
 and everlasting joy.
His words in my life,
I need to employ. 

His joy brings strength
to my very soul,
giving comfort no matter
where I may go. 

His joy gives a security,
this world can’t give!
It is with me, every day I live. 

In my God, I will take delight!
For he is with me
every day and night!

From the appearance of evil,
may I  abstain!
And live in the joy of Jesus’
precious name!

In Jesus, my life is complete!
As I lay my burdens at his feet!

Over life’s adversities,
I’ll rise above!
And rest in the joy
Of God’s abiding love!

By Jim Pemberton

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manifest destiny my only cure

i dont mean to be pathetic
wishing  my phone would sound
the little things the biggest
my ear lay to the ground
waiting for that signal
reception just a symbol
i tried to keep it simple
heart crashing like a cymbal
every thing i see  kindly a reminder
where I want to be out of place
stealing the covers id like to find her
lately my bed is having too much empy space
i guess never say never 
sometimes i know better
since I ever met her
my heart wouldnt forget her
quest for my questionin to be quenched
matters of this nature puts people in a pinch
my best for blessings stuck by a wrench
disaster while riding despite tightening a cinch
i made my bed now rest assured
manifest destiny my only cure
my arms not as long like I preferred
let it go, watch, help it grow, I concur

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Tangled Hearts

Tangled hearst sore and fly
My sarrows to day did die
You have freed me from the past
I can love again at last
So I give you my heart as a keep sake
To hold, love and not break
I trust you to be there
 I trust you to care
You are a strong man who understands
Who I am and still holds my hand
Your touch is warm and kiss so true
I know I can trust you
You wont use me and leave
You know I wear my life on my sleave
I am here for you and you are there for me
My sweet sweet man how can it be
I never thought Love was real
But I can't stop how I feel 
So tangled hearts sore and fly
With you only tears of joy will I cry

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After You

With everything I could ever do,
How could I love anyone after you?

We talked
we laughed
We scoffed 
and on behalf of everyone 

Everyone that hated our pairing
All the rumors they were sharing
Every night together so daring

Every night together seemed so caring

Respect and trust make the pairing
Respect and trust come from sharing
Respect and trust require vulnerability
Which makes the process quite so daring

Amazing comversations that we spoke
Amazing conversations you thought jokes
The respect I gave you despite your faults
The respect you gave as jokes with insults

I took it all
I took the fall
I took the leap
a fall so deep

All you did was laugh
All you did was half
I tried so hard to be the best
but you could never be the rest


With everything I could ever do,
How could I love anyone after you?

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Lost and Found

The hope to excel
Hope to get past through hell
The.hope to achieve 
Everything there is to receive

To be loved, and to love
By friend, family, and lover
To give love to everyone on the street
To be love byeveryone we meet

The trust years to earn 
Yet take seconds to break
When will we learn 
How much is at stake?

Hope, love, trust
Always present, yet with no sound
These are the things
In the lost and found

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Stolen Love

You have tugged at my heart and yanked on my soul,
the hatred grows because of my life you stole.

I trust no more for this you've done,
I have lost all love so now I run.

From open arms I have never seen,
thoughts of hope I can only dream.

There is no hope for us inside,
now I count on my faith to be my guide.

I am detached my future unknown,for I have
given all my strength,
now I have reached past life's length.

Now I walk alone never to be followed,
with no trust, my heart is hollowed.

The love I had is no more,
unsure what my future has in store.

My hopes and dreams you took from me,
now my future is hard to see.

I give up you finally won,
the damage you did, can't be undone.

                                                                      Colleen Marie Bono
                                                                       August 26,2012

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5:44 AM

Holding my wife's breasts,
Spooning before the alarm,
All's right in my world

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written 17th Sept 2013

A lifetime of pain and suffering
 winning me over, to be loved and trusting

Now I find I'm alone again, it alway's ends the same
 will my life ever be more, than pain and nothing to gain

Emotionally damaged from the start, setting me free from my head
 as my body packs up, sentencing me to a year confined to bed

Finally I've become drug free, Nexium and Valium will always stay with me
 you have become so stressed, it's leading your love, to abandon me

I'm cursed, I have been since the day of my birth
 destined for a lifetime of nothing, even dirt has more worth 

Sorry I'm no good, I recall telling you this at the start
 it's me this time, to be left with the broken heart

I treasure our year before, filled with pure love and safety
 my heart and soul now and forever...will belong to you matey

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The Lord Is My Salvation

The Lord is my light and salvation. Whom shall I fear? He is my protector and friend. And is always near! He’s the stronghold of my life... Whom shall I be afraid! He is clothed with righteousness. His majesty is displayed! Though evil men advance, and my enemies attack me… They will stumble and fall! For the Lord is with me! Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear! The Lord will fight for me, and they shall disappear! In the day of trouble, the Lord will keep me safe! He will hide and put me on a solid resting place! At his tabernacle, will I sacrifice shouts of joy! Singing and making music to the Lord, I shall enjoy! I am confident in the Lord’s goodness, in the land of the living! I will enter his gates with praise and a heart of thanksgiving! I shall wait for the Lord, be strong and take heart! Being in his presence, is a good place to start! You, my Lord bring goodness and life to my soul! I shall sing of your love and mercy, wherever I go! By Jim Pemberton 07/14/13 Read Psalm ch. 27

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Take a Stand

                                 Is a word that is often misused and abused
                 Capabilities of infinite strength, but weakened by the rightly accused
                                    Is supposed to be “till death do us part”
                                How can you trust me, with lust in your heart?
                             The reason why 50% divorce rates are not a myth
                            Why in court, you ex-husband/wife pleads the fifth
                              Fight for our relationships and the ones’ that in it
                               Reject lust…the devils’ busy and he’s here to win it
                                    Forgive and forget….love with all your might
                                          Walk by faith and not by sight
                                       Trust in the lord with all your heart
                                       Reason why true lovers never part

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I Rejoice In Knowing God

I Rejoice In Knowing God!

I will cry out to God with my voice!
I take safety in him and rejoice!
I shall seek him in the day of trouble!
He’ll pick me up, when I stumble!
I know that he listens, and is always there!
I shall seek each day, alone in prayer!
I shall remember the Lord’s faithful deeds!
He gives me strength, and meets my needs!
I meditate on his words, and wonders performed!
He picks me up, when I feel defeated and scorned!
He is God and shines with an awesome brightness!
He brings everlasting love, peace and kindness!
Behold!  He is God!  His power is demonstrated!
His beauty among the heavens, has been demonstrated!
He is God!  And shall forever reign supreme!
He is my God!  My righteousness and everything!

By Jim Pemberton   09/09/13

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Adultery means  you have  lost my trust
A special word its true
And for what, just for lust
She made a fool of you

Now she no longer wants you
You served her purpose well.
Wanted to get back at me
Now sent us both to hell.

What was it she could give you
That I was lacking in.
What special power did she have
For you to commit this sin

Can I ever forgive you
Right now I’d say” no way”
Just for a one night stand
You blew our love away.

Was it my fault this happened
Have I ignored you in some way
Have I not shown you my love
Have I turned the other way.

If so I am sorry
My love for you is great
I worshipped the ground you walked on
But you rubbed it in my face

Maybe memories will fade in time
And I will let you home
But will I ever trust you again
This I cant confirm

Cos trust has to be earned
Once gone its hard to retrieve
Slowly but surely it can return
This I do believe.

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Our Security Is In God Alone

Our security is only in God alone!
Not in the things we have,
 or what we call “home!”

True joy can be found in God himself!
Not from the things we have ourselves!

True contentment can be found at the cross!
Jesus’ death paid whatever it cost!

Eternal love comes from doing God’s will!
Any emptiness, his love shall fill!

The love of God is truly worth finding!
His eternal life is forever binding!

Won’t you take a moment and invite HIM in?
And have total forgiveness of every sin?

God rewards those who diligently seek him.
Won’t you reach out to him now? 
And receive him?

By Jim Pemberton     

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Christ Stepped Down From His Heavenly Throne

Christ Stepped Down From His Heavenly Throne! Christ stepped down, from his heavenly throne. He came to earth… For 33 years, he called it his home! His mission had one purpose and desire in mind! He was to one day, be a sacrifice for mankind! He taught and gave us his words, powerfully spoken! He knew that one day, his body would be broken! He desired that all, would one day, come to know him! Because of his resurrection, all can receive him! He’s alive today! And reigns from heaven above! And desires to touch us, with his endless love! Won’t you humbly come, and accept what he’s given? And experience the power, of being forgiven! This can be your moment! This can be YOUR day! He loves you much more, than words can say! All honor and praise, to Christ Jesus, our king! You are our righteousness! Our everything! By Jim Pemberton

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Jesus We Ask for Your Protection

Jesus… We Ask For Your Protection! Jesus… We ask for your protection upon our home. May our family sing praises around your throne! May you be honored in the things we say and do! May our hearts be as an expression of YOU! We pray that your blessings will be received! May your spirit of loving, be what’s achieved! We pray that we’ll strive for a Godly way of living! And walk before you, in a spirit of thanksgiving! We pray that our vows to one another will be ”reinforced!” Help us to stay strong, and not drift “off course.” May your peace be what binds us together! Allowing you to be our lord… Now and forever! Please bind our hearts together as one! May your words guide our daughters and sons! We thank and bless you! And praise your holy name! An abundant life with you, may we seek to obtain. You are and will always be the Lord for us! We give you our love, and all of our trust! You give us everything we have ever needed! With you, our home has been completed! By Jim Pemberton

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The Planet XB2

Please excuse me if I stare,
it's just a thing I do.
you see, I'm from a planet far,
that we call XB2.

On XB2 we don't have love,
and no one sticks together.
There is no better for the worse,
and no worse for the better.

We neglect anniversaries,
and no presents are shared.
There are no rings or other things,
to express that we care.

Some believe that we have peace,
because of this decision.
There is no trust that is deceived,
because no trust is given.

But, despite the unity,
and harmony enjoyed.
It seems that we would gladly feud,
if love would fill that void.

On XB2 we don't have love,
be thankful that you do.
For I have seen that life needs love,
and therefore, love needs you.

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Our Silver Anniversary

From the day I promised to be with you forever… It’s now been 25 years together! Through the trials, laughter and many miles We’ve had our share of joy and trials! You’ve been so loving patient with me. My beautiful wife— my lovely sweetie! This anniversary, I am so very proud of you! You’re a wonderful wife! Faithful and true! With you, God has given me the best! My love for you is so hard to express! I Love YOU! Is what I will always say, This very special anniversary day!!! Love, Jim

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Jesus Knows All About Your Pain

Jesus Knows All About Your Pain!
"It's hard to see someone I love,
go through so much pain."
These were the words I spoke, 
When I called on Jesus' name.

"This person whom I love has 
gone through so much."
"How I wish to bring my peace
 and a healing touch."

I cried and wept as I heard 
the master's voice.
His gift of love is for us all...
it's our choice!

His body was broken. 
A sacrifice was made.
His love...  For our sorrow and pain... 
is what he gave!

His grace is more than sufficient,
 for the pain we often endure.
His love and commitment to you,
 is steadfast and secure!

He loves you so much!.  
And waits at your heart's door.
He gives peace and comfort!
And so much more!

The pain and suffering you're 
going through today.
Please listen to the words 
Christ has to say;

"I am God!“  “I’ll be with YOU... 
until the end!"
My love and devotion to you
 will never end."

By Jim Pemberton   

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Behold the Love of God

I’ll never fully understand, 
or comprehend.
The power of God’s love
in the cleansing of sin!

From where I was,
 to where I am today…
I appreciate God!
 More than words can say.

I shall give him 
 glory and praise!
And seek to worship him!
  All of my days!

He’s more precious to me
 than ever before!
His precious love…
I need so much more!

His marvelous love,
 shall bless me to the end…
For this, I say, “Hallelujah!” 
And “Amen!”

By Jim Pemberton  

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Sweet Betrayal

Sweet Betrayal

He met her eyes of truth
Touches her hands of comfort
Kisses her lips of innocence
Left her with uncertainty

He embraces her fragility
Carried her on bed of floral
Delighted himself in her sweet favor
Left her with spontaneity  

He listens with her angelic voice
Sings with her most tuned melody
Dances with her lovely grace
Left her in an echo of ruined silence 

He sips in rays of her sunrise
Keeping his view of clear crystals
Collects her paintings of memories
Left her on a dark horizontal lieu

Such a sweet betrayal for keeps
His with her a treasure she weeps
Traces of footprints on sand resentments
Comfort by the cold wind without amendments 

So long now from longing 
Let the ocean flows with her bearing,
Every sunsets entwined a sunrise offspring
Left only with her for healing. 


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Trustful relationships

If a relationship is based on trust then why trust people
what is the point in a relationship if it isn't centered on trust
I guess there is no point 
I guess the relationship isn't worth being in 
Love is filled with trust so trust should be filled in the relationship
Trust is happiness in a little heart-shaped box
a box that should always be open
and cherished for the fact that it is able to be used 
this is trust on many levels of love

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Walking my dog differently PART TWO

four huge black claws
four long black legs
one long black tail
and a heartbreaking head

eager to learn our laws
about our threads
this enchanting little male
his body-language an easy-read

housebroken in only three days
for a click and a treat
sitting on command
at each sidewalk already

discovering so much several ways
with an expression so sweet
positive reinforcement a helping hand
puppy love growing steady

PS. About Captain Broome Uluru - our new Australian Kelpie family-member,
Check out part one...(earlier post) an intuitive fun - rhyme... Wish you could see his picture................. 

©Ellie Daphne

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Simply not infatuation

When I first met you 
you were so cute that
my brain just couldn't compute 
so I went mute
 As I stared in awe 
Wanting to know you
Noticing that 
the reason my heart ached was 
 because of you
A girl much more than a pretty face 
I never wanted to make love out of lust
but then I realized 
that it was in you I trust
So I must change 
to show you
this isn't simply a fascination 

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Blue Moon Bump

Full moon rising: I see your face in the blue moon’s silhouette.
Moonbeams cascade; shine through the window of my aching, waiting heart.
The night breeze whispers soft kisses; echoes I love you replays.

Slits of moonlights flicker through dark grey water memories,
Hidden moon’s silhouette beacons; teases me to taste love anew.
My heart’s chain is anchored seems not set for full moon sailing.

Faraway cold moon: a thousand life years away from me -
Utters just profound silence; touches my spirit tenderly.
I look inside my heart; finds a joyful near reality.

Fading moon: will your splendor grace your poor lover again?
I will wait upon the grandeur of your beauty; it's my desire.
Shine on me, my darling, but only if it is your desire.


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Trust Love

I would not put you in harm’s way
I’d never do that to you Babe
I would not set you up in anyway
Unequivocally I’m here to stay

I’d never turn on your tear ducts
I love you way, way too much
I’d never pull your heart string
Could never-ever be that mean

Don’t second guess my motive
I gave you my love
Just hold it

Don’t lose your confidence
You and I make good sense
Just like a judge sitting on the bench

Our love is fair and just
It’s simply robust
In love put your trust


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The Hardest Thing To Do

When you have given it your all
thinking we will grow old together
not giving up 
determined to make it work
trying to earn his respect and gain his trust
showing your loyalty 
giving your heart
wanting only to matter
but he just tears you apart 
always wondering why
what did I do
to make you hate me so much
I look like a fool
without any guilt and no regret 
he did the one thing 
that I can never forget
I try to forgive but thats hard to do
when he’s not even sorry 
how can you be so cruel
you destroyed my life and our future too
we said till death do us part 
but that wasn’t true 
just another lie
thats all you seem to do.
you slept with my friend
over and over again
thats hardly a mistake 
for this my heart cannot mend
you wanted to hurt me
and thats just what you did
my husband, my lover, you were my best friend? 
what happened to forever? 
why did you make me your wife
you tell me you need me because I’m your soul mate in life
you don’t love me enough to tell me the truth
that’s how I know my feelings will never matter
to you
So my love this is going to be the hardest thing for me to do
learn to accept defeat and let go of you

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What You Really Don't Like Me

What?  You Really Don’t Like Me?

Is there something about me,
 that you don’t like?
If you seen me today…
Would you want me to “take a hike?”

Perhaps it’s my personality,
 or a habit of mine.
You can’t stop talking about me,
much of the time.

Pointing out my faults to some
 of the people you know…
The words you say are actually
 eating at your soul!

Instead of loving me, the way
 God wants you to…
You bring up things about m,
 you’re not supposed to do!

Have you ever just once,
took the time to pray for me?
Am I someone you want to be with
for eternity?

STOP! And think about the damage
 you’ve already done!
Begin to pour out your heart
 to Jesus, God’s son!

May he help you to really LOVE me
 the way he does!
The cross he bore was for you and I…
Whom he loves!

May your thoughts about me,
make your heavenly father proud!
I hope to see you as we meet Jesus one day…
In the clouds!

By Jim Pemberton

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Under the Current

Under the current
We peer through empty window 

Twisted thoughts
Of useless wishes
Surrounding our minds

Sunlight is setting on the horizon
And a new day, has begun.

And I feel it crawling
Warmth soaking into my skin
My eyes close
As I'm smiling and thinking of you
It's trying to tell me that
My love is waiting
So I fasten my pace
To head into a new direction
Twords you

Later we are lying
Caught up in the moment
A silent fan
Spinning upon the window sil
We no longer linger our shadows 
They have been blown away
And the silence is peaceful

But still I fear the madness
Of what's yet to come
Unknown boundaries
Someone always crosses the line
Then the relationship turns spiteful.
Will it happen?
Or will it work
The biggest mystery
Each time 
We always learn to late

But regardless 
Of possible failure
Still we try 
Humans are so intriguing

Under the current
When a new love breaks out
And I feel it crawling
But I already know
Even though it's under the current
It's only a matter of time
Lets just enjoy it.

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Trust is Stronger than Silver and Gold

Oh he who walks out on a beautiful maiden,
shall lose everything near and dear to his heart,
for he were true,
he'd leave all the silver and gold to be with his woman.
Love is true,
and truth is courage that tests a gentleman's faith.

Oh love be with me, but without trust,
what is love then without trust.
Living life in a panic and worry,
is not a true life to live.
Truth be told, a true gentleman
shall see his own to be faithful and he shall shower his love
with passion and trust.

Love is trust and trust is love,
be true and love till no time is left on Earth.
be truthful to your love,
and be truthful to yourself.
Love is beautiful,
do not waste such a passionate gift.


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I Bless Your Name My Lord

I Bless Your Name, My Lord! I bless your name, my Lord and friend! I shall sing of your praise again and again! I bring a heart of worship and thanksgiving! May I honor you, in the way I am living! I shall tell others of your mighty acts and deeds! It's in you alone, who can supply all of our needs! I want to let you, and the whole world know... Of your love and grace, in reaching the lost soul! I’m delighted and grateful, just to know you! Each day that I live, may I take time to bless you! Your name is worthy of praise! Glory in the highest! I'm here today, because of your mercy and kindness! You've given to me a life that I never had! I'm so honored to know you! And very glad! By Jim Pemberton

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It has been almost one year,

	Three-hundred-and-sixty-five-days. And yet, it's only been three-hundred-and-fifty. But I already love you in so many ways.

	Three-hundred-and-sixty-five-days is a long, long time together. Are you scared, my love, like I? Read me more poems about the weather.

	Three-hundred-and-sixty-five-days to show you each and every day how much I care. I keep trying so hard - trust me, trust me. But sometimes it seems like you don't play fair.

	Three-hundred-and-sixty-five-days to beg you to fall in love with me too. Hundreds of days ago, you once said, "No." But now, I have you ask you...

	Do you really love me?

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I'll Be Waiting

Once I had a friend that I could connect with
No matter what
I turned to him

Until I realized that I was being used
Always took
But never gave

Came to him with my pain
But he always twisted
The conversation back to him

Now he weeps upon my shoulders
Do I care?
Guess I'll never really know

And at the center of it all
I know I always said
Come to me if
You've got a problem you can't fix

But I'm feeling real used
Everyone takes
But no one gives
But that's how it works

Friends for life
Such a fancy term
For a liar's game
Show me a friend for life

And I'll be waiting
For my day to arrive
When my dreams come alive
I'll be waiting for that day

Now I have a lover who can't trust me
The same way
That I trust her

She grasps onto the figments of a future
Where all she sees
Is what she owns

But really, I still love her no matter what
Even if she doesn't
Feel quite the same

A right blind fool, I give and give
And they take and take
And hell, that's just fine

And at the center of it all
I can feel the empty
Hole within my heart
Growing larger, I think I like it

I guess I must
I never put up a fight
Maybe I like the pain
Or maybe I really love them

Love for life
Such a noble term
For a liar's game
Show me a love for life

And I'll be waiting
For the day to arrive
When my dreams come alive
I'll be waiting for that day

Once I had a friend that I could connect with
No matter what
I turned to him

Now I have a lover who can't trust me
The same way
That I trust her

Once I had the dream, I had to chase it
And pray the ends justified the means

And now I will shut my eyes
Because I don't want to feel anything anymore

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Man's Afflictions And God's Salvation

Man’s Afflictions and God’s Salvation!

I’ve seen and heard of many afflictions!
Things happen in life, that need our attention!

There are things that happen that bring despair.
Wondering if anyone listens or even cares!

There’s a God in heaven who sees what’s wrong!
There are many things that don’t belong!

Evil moves with a power and destructive force!
It comes in many forms, from an ungodly source!

God knows what is happening and offers a plan!
His gift of salvation is freely offered to man!

His ways of living are at odds with this earth!
Anyone can come to Christ,
 and receive a “new birth!”

If life’s heartaches and worries
 are pulling you down…
There’s a new life for YOU! 
Waiting to be found!

Your afflictions, for God’s healing,
 is for you to receive!
Won’t you reach out to him now?
 And simply believe?

His gifts of mercy and hope, is what HE can give!
He can totally transform you! 
 And the way you live!

His salvation, for life’s heartaches, is freely yours!
A new life with Jesus can be true
 and secure!

By Jim Pemberton    

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Our Center

always holding my hand
smelling, kissing, fingertips licking
caressing, whispering, tight embracing
cupid's bow tracing.

glancing while driving
smiling, seducing and my heart feels like singing
irresistibly stimulating
oh, how i love the feeling! 

guiding my hand, letting me feel
your center as you feel mine
what's this!? 
insatiably owning, pure, real loving!

I feel you so much every time you put my hand 
on your center, i believe what i feel in there 
touching our emotions, all of you, all of me
undoubtedly, our center is... love.

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Please Touch Me Lord Jesus

Please Touch Me, Lord Jesus!

Please touch me, Lord Jesus! 
 I need you!
I come now, because I want 
to be with you!

 Bless me with your presence! 
 I patiently wait!
I need your now!  Before it's too late!

Touch my life with your Holy Ghost' fire!
Move me with a godly passion 
and holy desires!

Come now! And bring a revival within!
Show me your ways!  
And cleanse me from sin!

Thank you my Lord!  
For doing what you do!
I am so honored and blessed 
to know YOU!

By Jim Pemberton

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My Walking Diary

Having someone you trust is a must living in this world full of sin. 
You never know when, when to let out your feelings or who to tell. 
But there is this one girl that knows me well. 
Her name is CaSaundra and I am so glad I found her. 
We hold each other’s deepest thoughts and secrets. 
When I’m feeling down she is the one I want to be around. 
There aren’t many people I trust because once I open my mouth to express myself, they run and tell everyone else. 
But CaSaundra is special, she is like no one else.
 Instead of me taking time to write down my feelings in a book, 
I open my mouth as she looks, she not only looks but she listens. 
She is kind and she is sweet and as we lay near each other we hear each other’s heartbeat.
 Writing this poem about the best godsister there is, my eyes begin to fill with tears. 
But she is everything to me and I love her to death.   
 She is my Walking Diary! 

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Angry and Tense

You keep on saying that you want to come back, 
But am really scared and confused because your heart seems so black. 
They say red means danger, but I know black means death. 
Not taking that chance to make you take my last breath.
Your a great girl in some ways! Trust me I have to admit. 
But what I wanted most was your feelings,and I didn't feel that one bit. 

People come and goes, hearts beat and stop. 
I think the "I love you" word is just a bunch a crooop. 
Love is just a word use to captivate one's mind, 
But a true "I love you" I guarantee you will never find. 
Looks are deceiving, so are words put together, 
The first thing you wanted us to do was to be one forever.  
Sometimes i am sure of things, because I think before I act, 
Would u take a shot for me? "Yes". Now I don't know if that's a fact.
You have left me in a hole left for dead, 
I have stressed too much its time to take you out of my head. 
Sorry!It's over! Still sorry its over! 
I am tired of these trust issues. 
Tired of seeing our relationship imitating wet  tissues. 
Dry for a while but when wet fade away.
Now you have given me me a heart like ice in a frozen tray.

Never the less I will always respect you,
Please try not to let trouble neglect you, 
I will pray each day that angel protect you,
And if that day comes heaven accept you!

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This is for the one in Pink

This is a poem inspired by a heartbraker, who had no remorse for me.
   - She is now with another, and I haven't seen her in over a year.
     Last I heard, she recieved a black eye, and a brused ribcage for talking out of line.
     I pray for her, but she left something beautiful, for something that was painted in gold
     and offered tempting items, that grabbed her attention, and pushed the Love we shared. I miss her from time to time, I won't lie, but she did this to herself.

This is for the girl in pink.

I write in Red ink,

for the Love I shared with you.

I now wear blue, too represent the sadness
you put me through.

I gave you something so wonderful,
and you turned it in for something so horrible.


This is for the girl in pink,

The same girl I wasted precious time on
and wasting endless and one of a kind love
for her.

She wasted time and effort...

I lost faith in love... for a moment I wish everything would stop,
but that wish dosen't come true.

The one I wasted ink on,
the one that I wanted to grow old with
who got my hopes up into a hot air ballon and made me fly high,
then taking her dreaded neddle and popping me to the ground of depression.

I sculpted a bust of Athena,
and you traded it in for a tattoo of a heart in two.

I gave you something so wonderful
and you gave me something I would never forget.

A broken heart.

It is easy to forget, to pack you in a box
to put you in some corner, so I collect dust,
but it's harder to take the framed picture of us
of the fireplace mantel of Live, Laugh, and Love.

I don't want to lose the memory of you,
but as you did the same to me,
I shall not make you blind, just because you made me blind.
I shall cherish you, and make you think of the blind thoughts
of me that ring in your head, and you shall cry.

I don't want to make you cry,
but to notice you were given love
and you traded it in for disrespect and disloyalty.

I am sorry for,
I cannot make decisions for you,
but you must know for love doesn't stand around
for long, you must catch it in a single, skipped heartbeat
on the first encounter of when your soul meets with passion and love.

I write this for you, my dear woman, dressed in pink.

I write in red ink
to show the love I shared with you

I wear blue, to show the sadness you put me through.

I give you something wonderful and you turned it in for
something so horrible.

You traded in a beautiful dream,
for a nightmare.

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Moments to Reflect Forgotten Valentine

 Moments to Reflect 2/5/2013
                                              The forgotten Valentine
The Lord is my shepherd and the keeper of my hope and dreams. I hold Him close to my heart so that we are never far apart. The love of my life and in this I take delight. His light will always be seen in me in all things that I do. The way I walk even when I talk. For it is not what inside of you that defiles you, it’s what comes out. 
My trust in the Lord is sight unseen and it is my faith that keeps me clean. My problems may be many but there is no need to worry; because my belief is just too strong. Can’t you see that in Jesus, you will not go wrong? Your love is so pure and clean it gives life new meaning; Rose are red, reminds me of the blood you did shed and violets are blue there no truer love than you. There a song in my soul that sends my spirit high and I will praise Jesus until the day that I die; in doing this I know that I will be by His side. Keep in mind of what Jesus divine nature is not all mine and it not hard to find. It’s the gift that the Father has given to all of mankind.
Now I tell you about a Child that was born in glory, salvation was the pearl that was bought into this world and this is His story. To the poor and the despaired He gave hope and healing, with His power reveling. Love and praise the people did give. All that He wanted was for us to stop sinning. To you I give a thousand roses and a million kisses for you are a truly my blessing. The dead He did raise, and life He gave. Those that were in power never did they honor; but instead they fear the One who was foretold as the prophecy before their eyes was unfolded. Crime they cry and this was the lie that sentences our savior on earth to die. A thousands tears is not enough I fear; so in my heart I will hold you dear.
From the Heaven to the earth He came to teach us a way, from the earth to the cross, a debt He paid, from the cross to the graves, from the grave to the sky He ascended home to His throne. There He sits waiting for those that he paid that prices so that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Having faith and trust in the Christ you will find an everlasting life free from suffering in a paradise. You will always be my Valentine love.

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There's A Healing Jesus

There’s a healing Jesus!  
He’s alive today!
He’s here now!  And can take
 all sickness away!

There’s a loving Jesus!  
He can cleanse your soul!
He is more faithful, than 
you will every know!

There’s a merciful Jesus!  
He can change you within!
By his blood, you can know 
you’re born again!

There’s a powerful Jesus!
 He alone reigns supreme!
He’s the alpha and omega!  
And can do anything!

There’s a gracious Jesus! 
 He’s so loving and kind!
His dedication to us all, 
has stood the test of time!

Won’t you come to Jesus! 
 And receive him too?
He’s knocking at your heart’s door…  
Waiting for YOU!

Won’t you experience Jesus!  
And all he has to give!
He can make you a new person!  
Each day that you live!

By Jim Pemberton

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I Don't Want to Forget YOU Lord

I Don’t Want to Forget You, Lord! Lord Jesus, I don’t want to ever forget about you! I just want to take some time, to praise you! During my life, I want the past behind me! When I was struggling… It was you that helped me! The many times you listened to my cries… I knew you’d help me! I didn’t know why! I want to cherish the promises you made. I want to enjoy this life, that you gave! I want to remember the times we’ve had together! I don’t want to leave you! Now… Or ever! I want to think about the good times, that we’ve had! You brought joy to my heart! I am so glad! I want take each day and keep “moving on.” I know that you are with me… All the day long! Thank you Jesus! For the times you’ve been there! Always a friend I need! Who truly cares! An abundance of life, is what I received! That moment I trusted you, and began to BELIEVE! By Jim Pemberton

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Your one mistake

I feel really hurt, I hope you don't notice the mascara stains on your shirt. I dont want you to know I still cry, I dont want you to know your the reason why. I know I have made many mistakes and caused you many heartaches. But I dont know how you handle this pain, I'm going insane. I feel like that one lie, has done more than make me cry. Its caused me to look at you a different way, its caused me to overthink everything you have said or say. I dont want us to change but now things feel so strange. I guess I'll just have to adjust but I dont have anyone to trust.  I dont know what all you have said is true, I dont know what to do. Should I be mad, is it okay for me to be sad. I hate the fact but I don't know how to react. I didn't exspect for that to happen, I wasn't prepared for my heart to be broken. I thought we we didnt keep secrets from eachother, I thought we could trust one a nother. But you have proven me wrong, showed me I'm not strong. I just hope you gain my trust back, before things get all wack.

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Conjugal Bliss

It is a Moment of Happiness 
A time of Oneness of Hearts 
Outward Expression of Our Love 
To One's True Soul Mate 
In This Journey of Life.

We Celebrate Our Love 
In This Conjugal Union 
Blissful Marital Life Our Desire 
Our Lives in Each Others Hands 
With GOD, The Fulfillment of Purpose. 

Our Search For The Other Person Stopped 
We Have Found Love in Each Others Arms 
Though We Have Never Taken This Path 
But With Trust and Love We Journey Through 
Believing GOD To Be Our All in All. 

We Have Accepted Each Other 
We've Taken This Bold Step in Life 
Love and Trust Our True Sustenance 
Today We Begin A New Life 
A Life of Our New Existence. 

Today We Begin Our New Life 
Two Heartbeats To Beat as One 
Togetherness of Oneness of Hearts 
Being Each Others Support On Life's stage 
Dancing To The Rhythm of Life's Melody. 

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little fun time girls

love is water that can fill any void
it can start a war like Helen of troy
take form and place of many a role
light fires in hearts, steal our souls
blind us from sight of face or lies
sadly one cant give an eye for an eye
when bruised or abused, wild and fierce
returned and earned, new depths pierced
only for one, or mostly the good
some capable of  loving misunderstood
miss understood it felt strong
but missed the part where she went wrong
sharing your love for family and friends
intimacy lacking where a difference begins
but sexual thoughts are only a sliver
 one can love many, cupid carries a quiver
though difficult at best, love can be free
whose to say how to define it accurately
if my loves not yours, you feel something else
see if giving and trust would possibly help
minor differences of culture and school
would not change how love surely rules
sexual intimacy certainly not king or key
one can be intimate during celibacy
touch is sacred, confidence sanctuary
love has a flow with many tributaries
love or love me not, wasting petals curl
you're confused when you said
"little fun time girls"

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Feenin for you

Baby I know that you love me but I need it to show
I need to know how you feel or else ill never know
time never stops and theres too many words to say
let me hold you, ill warm your heart if I may.
I'm telling you to trust my eyes, surrender your heart to me
I'm feenin for your love, LORD! if only my mind you could read.
crazy thoughts of you and me, run past my mind at least a 1000 times a day
I wonder if you tell me whats true, do you love me the same way?
I need to feel those deep passionate kisses and those tight bear hugs.
I have a sweet addiction to your touch, so just give me a dose of that love drug.
Baby you just don't know how much I love you, Baby I'm feenin for you!!!
let me feel the warmth of those luscious lips, show me that your love is true
Pretend that there is no such thing as words, just show me everything you feel.
Say nothing, but let your emotions speak aloud, let them tell me whats real
Don't be scared to trust your heart, go ahead and follow its lead.
Let my passion burn through you, baby you need the same things I need.
Look at me with those big brown eyes, and travel deep into my soul.
You'll find that my blood is pure, theres no poison, so just let the ball roll
please just trust me and there will be no more sweet hello's or sad good byes
Take my hand, lead me through your heart, and let our love rise!

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I remember our youth times where trees bear so many fruits
And the birds of heaven would sing for us; today teas fill
My eyes as all I see and hear are the sounds of the machines
Around me; I have longed for the sounds of waters meandering
In our beautiful mountains; mountains that were so holy.

I always wanted to spend this time with you; 
Your sweet voice was so wonderful to my ear drums.
I never thought that I will have to leave; being with you made
I to even see what was happening around; I even lost contact with the spirit
Why did you let them change you?

I thought you remember that you were the seed to those plain lands of our fore fathers
But today is as I can feel the spirit around me 
I can see the land we created in our thoughts; and the machine
Sounds are fading away now;
All I hear is the harmonic sounds of the birds and waters falling down 
From great waterfalls where wishes come true and love is amended
Sweet September my one I once share the heart 

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For the day God chose you to be in my life
I opened my heart to the spirit that dowels within you 
I chose to trust that God would place all the love,kindness,understanding,forgiveness,patience and wisdom that He wanted you to share with me.
I chose to trust that God wouldn't place you in my life for just a season.
I have grown to embrace the spirit within you and thank God for picking you to become my covenant partner for life.
For I have given my heart to you without reservation
Because I trust the God that resides within you.
For I see you Trust in the spirit that He has placed within me to love and care for you.

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Thorn Of A Rose

A thorn of a rose.
Its a soul that's truly lost.
A person long forgotten.
A place of love & loss.

Something that can't be seen.
Something that can't be solved.
The most painful of all loves.
A thing that is soon lost.

Once you enter into it.
You are soon consumed.
A prisoner to the pain,
And the love that you consume.

The thorns rip and tear you.
Your heart becomes in shreds.
Love is soon the enemy,
And loss is soon the friend.

The rose is soon the symbol,
Of your dying love.
And all the thorns represent,
The pain that you succumb.

You wont seem to trust people.
You won't seem to have friends.
People will be enemies.
You wont trust your best friend.

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The List

How do I love thee,,
Let me count the ways
That seems even hokey for a poet to say
But hearing your voice and feeling your heart
Brings the lists alive that I’ve had from the start

As a young girl watching Cinderella
The prince such a handsome, loving fellow
You learn to wish, you learn to dream
But as time marches on its not all as it seems

The young girl chooses her first beau
She falls in love and wants the fairy tale to be so
But the pain and torment of unequally yoked
Soon shows on her face,  she tries to sugar coat
Her family can’t know the sadness she feels 
She must lean on God and learn how to heal

Three decades have past, her heart free at last
No longer a prince charming to be in the cast
The list packed away as a young girl’s obsession
She realizes she needs no one save for God’s own affection

Then quite unexpectantly God turns her around
Could the love of her life still be found
She doesn’t want to wish she doesn’t want to dream
Can this man really be what he seems
His heart full of God, his words full of truth
All of her boundaries just started to poof
She tried not to love him, she tried not to care
But this man was offering his life now to share

The list she thought gone, now came to the light
But by the guiding of the Father she had to rewrite
What’s important to her now so different than before
Its okay to trust now but trust in the Lord
For He has shown what love truly is
And the man in her life she now wants to be his.
The man oh so loving, his heart full of God
His words are so precious on life’s journey they’ll now trod

A list is okay when God tempers your hand
Just give Him your heart and on His word always stand

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nothing left

Nothing left 
When a person’s heart is broken by lies told 
There’s nowhere to go, you can’t move forward 
Because of the pain that is caused by untrue feelings of
So called love,  
Leaving nothing but anger and hurt, destroying any trust that
Was once built between each other.  Trust how you can make an offer of forever loving them when the trust is broken, and the bond once
Shared is gone forever, which way do you go now there’s nothing
Left only a spirit of love that was once alive, but now its dead and the dreams of happiness shared are taken away.  Nothing is left to give. Only Goodbye 

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Juliet, Juliet, you are my sweet love,
Juliet, Juliet, you are an angel sent from up above.
I'm Romeo, the one who desires you the most.

Juliet, Juliet, may I kiss thy sweet lips?
Juliet, Juliet, I wish upon a star, hoping it will come true;
I thee Romeo, can say I Love Thee too.

Juliet, Juliet, take my hand, let me lead you to a magical love land.
Juliet, Juliet, this is my promise to you, I will love thee forever, even if we're not together.
I'm your Romeo, this is true, I hope to see you soon, until then I'll imagine you in the moon.

Juliet, Juliet, I never thought I'd see this day, with thee I must stay.
Juliet, Juliet, I shall kiss thy lips, to be with you forever.
I'm thee Romeo, at last, together forever.

Juliet, Juliet, you are my sweet love,
Juliet, Juliet, you are an angel sent from up above.
I'm Romeo, the one who desires you the most, now with this said, lets make a toast.

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WHO Can You Really Trust

Who Can You Really Trust? During these days of stress and uncertainty. Many people are looking for a security. There’s a lot of families that feel forsaken. Many things they hold as precious, have been taken. Many lives end in suicide after much despair. Often wondering if there’s anyone who cares.. Many trust the government. Wherever it leads. Trusting someone to come and meet their needs. Those whom we count on as being our friend. Will often “let us down,” in the end! Things and people that we have given our trust. Have often left us behind, in the dust. There’s someone you can trust and count on! His name is Jesus! He’s one that you can depend on! He’s more secure than the gold at Fort Knox! He waits at your heart’s door and patiently knocks. Won’t you invite him in? And begin to trust him? Won’t you give him your heart ? And love him? He’s 100% faithful and steadfast and secure. His living water is one hundred percent pure! He is what you need. And so much more! He is what your life was really meant for! Trusting God can be yours and mine! Won’t you trust him? While there’s still time? By Jim Pemberton

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Thank You Jesus

Thank You Jesus!

Thank you Jesus, for making my life complete!
You’ve blessed me, from my head to my feet!

Thank you Jesus!  For you mercy most fare!
And for keeping me in your love and care!

Thank you Jesus!  For your wonderful love!
And for your peace…  Like a very gentle dove!

Thank you Jesus!  For all that you’ve done!
All praise and honor, to God’s risen son!

Thank you Jesus!  For this, and so much more!
You’re the way to heaven!  The only door!

Thank you Jesus!  For listening to my prayers!
You’re willing to help!  And always there!

Thank you Jesus!  You brought me hope!
Just when it seemed I was on a slippery slope!

Thank you Jesus!  For forgiving my every sin!
I humbly come before you!  My lord and friend!

I love you Jesus!  You’ve blessed me today!
Whatever I’m going through…   You’ll make a way!

I worship you Jesus!  And I bless your name!
I’m so glad you’re here!  I’m glad you came!

By Jim Pemberton

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Your Choice

It crushed my heart to hear
That you were no longer and would never be mine
It seared my soul to see and know
That you were with her and I was once more—alone

I still remember promises
And now they bring me searing pain
Unlike the times my whole being swelled with joy
Now I only further deflate

It ripped me to pieces to see
My place beside you filled with another
My heart is wrung in despair by the thought
That I was rejected—and now I’m replaced

As I sit on the sidelines and cry silently
I wish you would shed one tear for me
Or promise to never forget
Or feel a tinge of regret

But you don’t

You don’t care

You have the choice of letting me go
Or throwing me out
And acting like I don’t exist
And what hurts me more than anything is
When faced with this choice
You  do not blink
With no hesitation
You take it.
Do you know you're slowly killing me?
Sliding a blade into the tender flesh of feelings?
Another pang of pain courses through me
knowing that, of course, you do.
Now I am gone.

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Faith And Trust

One day I will state officially
You have me unconditionally
This motion I will activate
Your love I won’t exonerate
I will keep you locked inside
My heart until i can decide
When it’s safe for me to share
These feelings i want to declare
For you that are growing deep
Wanting love to slowly seep
Inside your tender fragile heart
So you know right from the start
I promise to do this favor
Your love I will always savor
And not throw into the trash
Causing it to burn and crash
Like your last lover has done
Causing you to turn and run
Putting you through a bad strain
On your heart till it regains
The faith it needs to follow through
And believe my love is true
So I will just take my time
Till i can prove my love will shine
To brighten up your painful past
Showing that true love does last

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No Love Lost

                                                 Times are so very different
                           You and I are no longer on terms of endearment
                                                As twisted as it may sound
                                                My love for you is continual
                                    Although, my adoration, trust and respect
                                                    Now are all conditional
                                        We produced a miracle six years ago
                        That miracle personified the essence of my existence
                                        My love flows bottomless for your role
                                                  In my son’s earthly presence
                                      For that, respect I yield to you at any cost
                                               I thank you deeply and eternally
                                                     There was No Love Lost

                                                Remember when your smile
                                           Could melt my heart on command
                                                      I adored you immensely
                                               It was an honor to be your man
                                                   Trust was our real dilemma
                                      And the catalyst for our marital implosion
                                              Respect was infected terminally
                                              Leaving nothing to build on …only
                                            Traces of ash from love’s corrosion
                              Reality suggests, our foundation was built on lies
                              Consequently, it crumpled ferociously plummeting
                                                           hard to the ground
                                                  Still there was No Love Lost
                                       True love for us…really was never found

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How could You!!

How can u do this to me we are married and u 
betrayed me i love you and u cant except that how 
can u say that she is pretty and i tried to get u to say 
that to me so many times how can u be so cynical!!

I know i made mistakes but it just feels that u are 
trying to get back at me like revenge how can u do this 
i love u but i have to be strong i lost everything for u
and yet it feels like u don't appreciate me!!

How could u its like i hate u with all my heart if u love some-
one u have to prove to that person that person how do u expect
me to forgive u yes i know it was just that u told her that she was beautiful 
but what the heck am i a piece of trash!!

How can this be I LOVED YOU!! but know it just seems that i cant take this
i do almost everything for you and yet u cant except that my life is like a 
fairy tale gone wrong u were my prince charming and now its like u are 
just another guy that hurts me !!!

Does this not bother you how can love just fade away yes you say
that u still love me and you are sorry but how can i trust u its like 
my world just came crashing down!!! How do you forgive some one
that lies to you and in your face!!

You know i fell like forgiving you cause the baby but i just cant live a lie 
its like am just going to make my life a living H*ll and how can i do that 
to my baby!! I LOVE YOU so much even more then you can imagine and i 
would do stuff for you that only me and you know about and yet u dont 
appreciate me !!! How can this be!!!

But like they say life goes on i know that it going to take work for me to forgive
but what more do i have!! Everything was all gone and know my life is just there 
how do i forgive if i know in my heart that am going to have this in my mind all the 
time when i look at you and see when ur on your phone or computer am going to be
thinking is he telling that girl she is prettier than me!!!

It will take a lot of time to trust you again But what more can i do you are the only
thing i have right know i have no where to go so what more can i do life goes on !!
I just need to know one thing NEXT time all H*ll will break loose and we will See how 
you do that cause i will live you with no word and you will never be able too see your kid!!

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Faith in Love

Some say love,it is a river; that leaves your soul to bleed. 
It is a hunger,an ever taking need. 
The faith in love one must understand. 
But no one really does. 
It is of pain and hurt it causes but in the end sorrow becomes. 
It is that of trust we build,only to be tore down. 
It is that of never ending thinking. 
Rather one is cheating? 
Rather they love you the way you do them? 
Faith in love is like your partner behind you to catch you if you fall. 
Depending on if they think they can't hold the weight of this only to let you hit the ground. 
Faith is many things as love is. 
It takes a lot showing to believe that one must be one of these. 
To love one takes faith to give your heart. 
But to have faith, seeing is believing. 
We can always tell ourselves that something is true. 
But only to be decieved. 
Faith is hard to come by because of the let downs we have had in life. 
Even though love still remains, it is harded yet. 
For many we trust only to find they were not trust worthy. 
Those you call friends are the ones to stab you quickly in the end. 
Those that claim to be there for you are only for themselves. 
So be careful and guard your heart because those you think want 
hurt you are likely to do so. 
Sometimes its not that they meant to but other times,it is just to fill their own needs 
that they do this. 
Its being thoughtless of others,especially the ones close to them. 
That as long as they meet their pleasures,yours is only second shelf. 
So mind you,think of yourself to avoid the hurts of others. 
Because its in your heart that matters but don't always believe. 
Because sometimes,dreams do not come true. 
And that's the disappointment when it comes to faith and love.

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There's Sweetness In the Name of Jesus

Jesus… Your name brings sweetness 
on my tongue!
My soul soaks in your love…
Like a dry sponge!

My soul continues to hunger
 and thirst!
Until I let you reign in my life!
Always first!

I give my life to you!
On my knees I yield!
YOU are my rock, fortress
 and shield!

You’re my protection!
A sure foundation!
For only in you is there 
TRUE salvation!

By Jim Pemberton	  

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The Melody of Deceit





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Is Your Foundation of LIfe Being Destroyed

Is Your Foundation of Life Being Destroyed? Very seldom do I hear any complaints. Regarding the lacking of moral restraints. It seems like many are under some kind of a "spell." What's right or wrong? Many can't even tell! Where are the moral leaders this nation needs? As the heart of this nation continually bleeds. Many churches provide very little discretion. Pretending to be Godly… Yet little Biblical direction! No wonder many people don't know what to believe. A lifestyle of lying, drugs and sex is what they achieve. In their lives, they have no "moral boundary." Many carrying a load of "dirty laundry." To those of you who want satisfaction and victory too... There is a "moral compass" that's freely offered to you! " God's word is a solid foundation! Which speaks of HIS love and his gift of salvation! If your life is filled with hurt, and has no true meaning. It's in the direction of Jesus you need to be leaning! You don't have to live in despair and defeat! Jesus' grace and love can make you complete! By Jim Pemberton

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I Hate

I hate the birth mark under my right eye
I hate my extremely static hair
I hate my big bottom lip
I hate my spotty nose

I hate that I have really *****y times
I hate that people only remember me for my really *****y times
I hate that the real *****es hate me
I hate being cautious so they don’t ***** about me

I hate that I cry over everything
I hate that people know I cry over everything
I hate that I hide from them anyway
I hate that they actually don’t care 

I hate the fact that my brother is leaving home next year
I hate the fact that I cried when he told me that
I hate the fact that I hid my tears from him
I hate the fact that he’s all I really have left

I hate my father for making me feel like he doesn’t care about me
I hate my mother for making me feel like she picked him over me
I hate that my brother had to look after me when they couldn’t be bothered
I hate that, in my eyes, they don’t deserve to be called mum and dad

I hate that when I was younger I had to run away from my father
I hate that my mother and brother left me by myself that day
I hate that they left me closer to my father
I hate that they went somewhere I would have felt safer

I hate that I feel like my friends are slowly fading away from me
I hate that I feel like I’m a third wheel
I hate that I feel like my friend’s don’t trust me
I hate that I feel like I can’t trust my friends

I hate the feeling of loneliness
I hate that I read books to escape to a world better than mine
I hate that I write to create a better life than my own
I hate that people want to invade that one heaven I invented

I hate that people ask me why I made Katy Clover Taylor
I hate that I had to make a role model for myself
I hate that she is the person I desperately want to be
I hate that she is the one thing I will never live up to

I hate that I feel like my grades would grasp my families attention
I hate that feeling of disappointment when I get a bad grade
I hate feeling like I have to live up to an expectation to hold their attention
I hate that I am relied on because of my grades

I hate that I am an older mind trapped in a younger body
I hate that I am limited in what I can do because of my age
I hate not being trusted upon
I hate people treating me as a kid

I hate not telling people how I feel
I hate hiding behind an invisible barrier
I hate not being able to share how I feel with people
I hate being scared that they won’t care.

I hate people judging me
I hate judging people
I hate that feeling of giving up
I hate the feeling of losing when I didn’t give up

I hate the choices I have made
I hate that nobody thinks I can live up to my dream
I hate people thinking they are so much better than me
I hate the fact that they are right

I hate that I will never make a good girlfriend
I hate the fact I know nobody would fall for me
I hate knowing that no one would help me pick up my life
I hate that it has fallen apart

I hate hurting the people I love
I hate them not loving me anymore
I hate knowing that what I would do would hurt people
I hate the fact I do it anyway

I hate knowing that I do all of this
I hate knowing I hate all of this
I hate trying to change it
I hate that I am not able to change it

I hate that I try not to give up hope
I hate knowing all hope is lost
I hate that I still try and cling to it anyway
I hate knowing I failed at that too

But most of all

I hate not being able to express this until now
I hate that this still won’t change a thing
I hate thinking that it still might
I hate knowing that no one cares

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Close your eyes.
Trust me.
Fall back.
I’ll catch you.

I fell for you.
I wanted to.
I needed you.

As I hit the floor,
Flat on my back,
Yes there is pain,
But I’ll dust it off,
get up again,
and I’ll try again, 
to trust again,
and fall again.

Close your eyes,
And trust me.
Just fall back,
I’ll catch you.

And I’ll fall,
Cos I’ll want to,
And I’ll need you,
To hold out your arms,
And catch me.
Please catch me.

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 Today is today,Let tomorrow be tomorrow,
as long as were together we can storm any weather,
Here at hand,or all across the land,
Our love will never stumble,I'll keep us feeling humble,
Close our eyes,lets take this ride,The way I feel inside,
Can't get no better,then the best love letter,I take this as a sign,
Today is today,Let tomorrow be tomorrow,
as long as were together, how could it ever end in sorrow,
I trust in God ,I trust in you,I trust in us it's true,
It's a beautiful thing ,that I have with you,
And everyday with you feels beautiful and new.

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I wrote your name in my heart
Needn’t to mention
How much I loved you
I would never let you go and apart 
It wasn’t two states in convention
But true love to grow
Like a worm to butterfly
Had no words, but a single sigh
Nest in me all the time

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Loving alive, the wealth I seem to carry, 
like pearls both graded blush and passion.
To love in depth with levels of transparency,
Her mind so sharp with only brilliance as an option.

But love changed, hiding the sun from its light.
It was I who broke the woven threads to leave, 
A treacherous death among those glorious nights.
My tears filled pools as the icy rivers freeze

Silent and alone, volumes stiff and exposed,
coffers of the past, you frightened me with love.
My future uncertain, doors open or closed,
only indecision without trust or faith arose.
                Trust turns the key to keep our love alive,
                bending fear to its knees onlys revives.

Sonnet, Sonnet, Everywhere!
julie heckman
June 11, 2011

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In Unity, We Are Free in Space

I was s-so scared of the dark, grazing in my own maze…I was 
lost and I thought I’d never be found…
I don’t know why I am such a hypocrite – I tell others not to act selfishly and I act 
that way way too many times – I’m so numb and dumb – I’m spinnin’ around and 
round and round…
The liquids of lament spring out of my eyes like a waterfall of wistfulness – get my 
feet off the ground
 Lift me higher than the disconsolate clouds above me – clothe me with your vast 
grace…my thankfulness weighs more than a pound!
*Chorus with gospel singers and a nice ending to wrap up this song*: 
Oooh I knew you would come back
Ooooh I knew you would come back to me…
I’m no longer that magazine, alone on the magazine rack 
The tears of contentment stream down my blue-green eyes like a river of bliss – 
show me how to reach to Cloud seven with you with peace-abiding angels, crafting 
miracles all around us…
We all gaze at their glistening, super talents eagerly, as if we’re staring at the 
sunset with hope wrapped around us – embrace the sweet serenity and let’s run 
this race…
Together, forever…
Together, forever…
I knew you would come back
Oooh…all of the sudden, there’s no debt stack
‘Cause you made it disappear…now, I have no fear…
I’m not insecure when I’m here with you – hopeful delight draws near
I knew for certain, with a touch of confidence, that you would back to me…
I wish I knew you from the inside 
Instead of judging you from the outside
Your true colors are crystal clear to me (you are intriguing and you’re so full of 
You sparkle with genuine love – you’re beautiful inside and out no doubt – you 
smile so preciously
(I would do anything to spend time with you again in unity)

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Lord Examine My Heart And Mind

Test me, O Lord, and try me.  
Examine my heart and mind!
I trust you o Lord.  
You’re so loving and kind!

Your love is ever before me,
 I shall walk in your truthful ways!
It is my prayer and desire
 to honor you all of my days!

I will not sit with deceitful men, 
or those hypocritical of your name!
You are the God who is powerful!  
And will bring them all to shame!

I shall proclaim aloud of your praise,
 and tell of your wonderful deeds!
For you have given me everything, 
 And supplies all of my needs!

I love the house where you live, O Lord, 
and where your glory dwells!
I am thankful for you! And love you more
 than words can tell!

By Jim Pemberton   07/14/13    
Read Psalm Ch. 26

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Be True

If You told me once
Maybe you told me not
You told me twice
But maybe I forgot
So tell me now
And tell me true
Will you lie
Or can I really trust in you
All my friends believe
You're just another guy
Who sometimes treats me like trash
And tells nothing but lies
Now I need to know
I need you to say
Will you be there?
Beside me all the way
Can I trust you
With my fragile heart
Or will you take it
And tear it apart
I can't afford
To have my heart broken
It's happened too much
Too many harsh words have been spoken
My heart has been left
Scarred, torn and hurt
Too many guys
Have treated me like dirt
All I need
Is another guy to be untrue
To leave me lonely
Crying and blue
That would complete the plan
Of the male race
To steal my heart
And throw it back in my face
I have to believe
This will not end
By you saying
Let's just be friends
I have to know
Will you be there
Or will you leave me
Lost in the pain and despair
I have to believe
I can trust in you
You will only be with me
And always be true

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Shall we e'er be one like the moon

My love I know not where you be
nor if you love me verily.
I only know you like me now
for the moment, this present time
till we part ways like loving clouds
that drift apart in the wide sky.
Shall we e'er be one like the moon,
our hearts firmly together, our boon?
I hope so, for you are my dreams.

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Never Let Go

don't speak, just think of me
and i'll be your everything
let's just lay in each other's eyes
for a bit, we can do this

find it in your soul 
to let go
trust me with your heart
it's not hard 
once you can trust me 
believe me 
put your faith 
within me 
i'll love you
and never let go

don't move, get consumed,
and i'll place my trust in you
just lay back and relax
we both know it's not like that

find it in your soul 
to let go
trust me with your heart
it's not hard 
once you can trust me 
believe me 
put your faith 
within me 
i'll love you
and never let go

let's be still, and remain untouched 
let the other give theirs up
you're my one true half, don't forget that
they'll walk away, we'll remain this way

never let go
you'll never know
i just know
cause i'll 
never let go

find it in your heart
to keep hanging on
i know this is hard
but it's not wrong
look deep within your soul,
and never let go

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Do You Blame Or Trust God

Do You Blame Or Trust God? Do you blame God for the trials you may face? Do you reject God’s mercy and grace? Perhaps you are in a most “difficult situation.” You can’t figure out a “reasonable explanation?” You may feel abandoned, alone and afraid. There may have been times when you prayed. You don’t know why this happening to you? You probably try your best in all that you do! But, it still things really haven’t worked out. And you often wonder what life is all about? Rather than blaming God… Why not trust him? He’s not your enemy! He wants you to know him! He’s not the blame for the sorrows of mankind! He’s always faithful, most loving and kind! He patiently waits for anyone to call on his name! With him in control… Things won’t be the same! He is here! Even if everyone else fails you! If you give him a chance! He wants to help you! Won’t you take the time, and invite him in? This is where a new opportunity can begin! His life for yours, is what he gives in exchange! He can help your situation to really change! He can change your life! And turn it around! And can put your life on a solid ground! By Jim Pemberton

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There is Nothing Left 'For Me' to Believe In --

Here in Life.. 
There is Nothing Left 'for me' to believe in
When it comes to Love.. for in this Life
There is Nothing Left.. 'for me' to believe in
Only the Love of Jesus Christ

For I realize in this Life
I have been Lied to through-through
My Family tis not my Family
tis been Lies all these years

Been married two times
Both.. husbands were full of lies
Then I met a Fantastic Loving man
here on Line-Twas very hard for me
To allow my heart to taken
By Love.. tis for when in Life
Love always was lies..
I had lost my Trust and Believe
But tis was hard to believe
That he really did love me
Tho I have Love in my heart for him
I still fought.. Not let him in..
But then he came within my heart
He graced it.. ever so sweeeeet
My Love him.. runs ever so deeep
Tho.. For many of times I had doubted him
His love for me.. Was it Real? Could be?
But then it was Revealed to me.. He was for Real
But then.. others came told me.. tis not true
Then he left.. I didn't know what to do..
Why? why did he leave? I didn't understand
I think twas cause of me.. of whom I am..

But many told me.. that he wanted to be free
That he not come back.. 
but tis I blame myself for that
Now I realize here in Life
I could not believe in any Love for me
I am what I am.. I see this be clear
For all my life.. I have been told..
how worthless I am.. 
even times of my two husbands
whom always said.. 
There is No-Man in Their Right Mind
Whom would Ever Love You (me)... for me
As I see.. tis they were right
For now I see.. there is No Love 'for me' to believe in
Only Love of Jesus Christ
but Nothing at all.. shall ever be
Love here upon this earth.. time for me
I understand.. for the way I am..
Tis I am.. 

But I do know.. With Jesus
I am something.. 
I am Worth Everything to Him
For He Loves Me.. Always
He Not Lie to me
He Never would Ever leave me
This is All.. I have to believe in..
His Glorious Love.. Pure in True
He has given to me..
And Yes.. He wants to give it to You

Come to Jesus...
For He.. tis True.. You can Trust and Believe in Him
For Yes.. This I do..
Thank You... Jesus.. For Loving Me.. 
Me.. that I am.. the way I am.. 

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Won't You Trust God

Won’t You Trust God? You’ll never know God, unless you trust him! Won’t you come now and accept him? You’ll never know God, if you don’t believe him! All of heaven is waiting, for you to receive him! You’ll never know of his love, if you turn him away! He has the power to change your life today! You’ll never know of his mercy, or grace divine… If you won’t acknowledge or give him your time! You’ll be missing out, on what true life is all about! He can forgive and cleanse you throughout! You’ll be missing out, on what salvation really is! And miss out on the life that God has to give! With God, there needs to be no separation! Through Jesus, you can be a new creation! God was and will always be there, for you and me! And waits for all to be with him, for eternity! By Jim Pemberton

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I dream colors

Fond of love I cannot say it
having suffered I live happy
this ribbon that encircles me
I dream colors in butterfly havens

love has friends like alabaster
your hair is my ambrosial layer
when those kindnesses are closer
I spend the residue in thinking you

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Pure Love

It's there when a man loves a woman.

There he can do no wrong.

The commitment he makes to himself.

To be true,to always love.

To always treat her like a lady.

 It's there he knows pure love is when she drives him crazy.

 Making him want more then she gives.

 If not careful, you can lose him due to not doing your part.

 It's there he gives her all his attention.

 Even when she isn't around,she is there in his heart and mind.

 It is when he constantly dreams with her there.

 It is the feeling one gets on the inside.

 No one can really explain that feeling.

Just that it makes them feel so proud.

Makes them so fulfilled.

It is there they give all of themselves in devotion to only one.

There, no other matters in this world.

I would cut my own throat before betraying ones love.

Because it is there the hurt is, not just of them but yourself.

Because you will never trust if this is ever done to you.

We all live to love but to truely love,will be hard to find.

Because of the wall that gets built.

But understand the one you love.

And always share in the relation

Because that is the only thing that will keep you together. 

Is building trust and understanding of each other.

Because if it is not there, they will go somewhere looking for what is not filled.

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A wife's words

The sun may stop its shining...
The moon may stop its glowing...
The wind may stop its blowing...
But my heart will never stop beating for you

The rain may fail to pour...
The waves may fail to roar...
The birds may fail to sing...
The stars may fail to twinkle...

But my heart will never fail to remember you

Days have passed...
Months have gone by...
Years have flown by...
No matter how long it takes
No matter how long the wait
In every season
In every moment
My heart beats for you constantly

Through every trial
Through every circumstance
My love for you has grown stronger
My heart for you has grown fonder

My eyes are always for you
My dreams are always about you
My thoughts are always on you
My heart is always with you

At times I do not trust myself for I am only human and am limited
Therefore to God I bring my request...
"Help me Lord to remain true, faithful and deeply in love with my husband"...
Till my last breath keep me true
Let him and I be One and no longer two
I do not trust myself and do not know what the future holds
But I trust in God to keep me true to the covenant I made
Please Lord, vindicate

Hold me close my love and never let go
For through you myself I know...

-Your Wife-

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When You Despair 
There are times when bad things happen to the Best of us. 
When we try to push these things inside and handle them ourselves we surrender to the 
It gives an opening for the grief and despair to take hold. 
The darkness can spread and surround us. 
Like a freezing fog it envelopes us and keeps us from the light and makes the heart grow 
cold and dark. 
You feel alone and unloved even when surrounded by family and friends. 
It is up to you then. 
It is up to you to look hard into the fog and darkness. 
Look hard and see the shimmer of what could be light. 
Look into the light and you will see a hand. 
It is up to you to trust and reach out for that hand. 
If you choose not to trust and reach out you are doomed to freeze and wither and die slowly 
from the inside. 
If you trust and reach out for the hand it will bring you to the light of those who love you. 
It will bring you to a place where you can unfreeze your heart and set your soul free. 
Let go of what hurt you and look for the hands that are extended to you every day my 
Stay away from despair and fall into the arms of love and light

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Once again I am stuck in that place
The one where my heart is filled with hurt and hate
I know your Lieing by the look on your face
Only thing to do is have falth

You use me and abuse me year after year
Now i find her number in front of me
I cry but don't let you see the tears
It would not matter you only see what you want to see

You say it was nothing just talking thats all
She dose not mean anything to you anyway
Is that why you only text and not ever call
I do not trust what you say becase you threw my trust away

You say it was all her fault she started it
For nine long months you lied about everything
I do not belive you not one bit
I do not want the pain you bring

So have you fun play your games
I am done with it all
I do not want to hear her name
Just remember the day will come you want my call

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Adorning Mourning

Desire, like fire, wires the soul.
Hope, holding, like limbs to the tree.
The heart like a person, tries to be whole.
Breath, like spirit, striving to set free.

Life, like love, living to displease.
Love, like life, living to decay.
Death, infecting things like disease.
Trust, like dust, crushed falls away.

And still, we sit still... pondering.
Words, like worms, infesting the mind.
On this path we'll be wandering.
Thought, like the path, is left behind.

Yet, we move forward from our pasts,
and know that sorrow never lasts.

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Created, The Monster

Created came with the pieces from others
Creator, he became the monster
Created had no form but learned quickly from others

Love that was instinct became over shadowed
Replaced, made worst to others

Creator abandoned 
Ashamed became 
Not of deserved self
But shame and fury for what others called a monster
He laments his own hands and condemns his brother
Not just one but all the others

Created runs from sins 
Learned, not to lean on others
Commits murder for no sake but desperation
Rage at forsaken 
All others suffer 
But worst Creator

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fight the good fight

Not many people understand
why we strive to fight the good fight
and always stand our ground
and even when things go wrong
we still sing to the Lord
in joyful song,
we try to share him with others 
along the way
sharing stories of peace joy and love 
every day
How the Lord changes our life
taking away our fears
and helping us through  strife
we could never go the journey on our own
for he is the one we can trust  and trust him  alone
he gave everything for us
he gave his life his peace his love
not many may understand
but we love the Lord
and will shout it across the land
say it by day
dream it by night
we Love God and 
will fight the good fight. 

let us all stand as one
and sing to the Lord
in joyful song.  Amen

inspired by 
Sabina Nicole   

thank you 

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Aurea Brown

There is no more Truer, Devoted a Friend or Companion that can ever be found
than My Beautiful, Warm Hearted, Loving Aurea Brown.
I wish that I could love you the way you love me,
and in the same loving way that you want me to,
but trust me sweet Aurea, seriously,
I truly know what's best for you.
Pursuing a life as a couple would most certainly be
a fruitless endeavor definitely.
I Love You Too Much. Please trust me. 
Such a pursuit would only leave you as miserable as me.
I could never do that to you. 
It would be a very selfish thing for me to do.
You're someone who has lovingly and freely given to me
many a glimpse of some sunshine in an otherwise dark life ever so dreary.
I Will Always Truly Love You Aurea Most Sincerely.
It's only because of you that I experience a sense of joy and laughter.
I Love My Sweet Aurea. I couldn't find my sox without her.

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When you're just not thinking

Remorse is building up inside of me,
Everyone has to know fairy tales don’t always have happy endings,
Never thought you could try so hard and still fall short,
I’m in need of something to fill this hole in my chest,
It grows bigger,
Moving deeper,
Making me realize that some things can’t ever be achieved or obtained,
I’m gonna bottle up my heart and let it float out in the sea,
Never to be found,
Never to be seen,
No more pain can be caused when it’s somewhere at the bottom of the sea,
I need to face the fact that I’m going to lose everything if I keep on the path of my sanity,
I want to believe that things can only go up for me,
But that’s life,
Your gonna suffer,
Sitting in the corner rocking back and forth,
Head so low you can see caskets from the recently diseased,
It’ll be pouring showers from all the crying that’s going to be happening,
I know life might seem hard sometimes,
And trust me it is,
I know that shotgun looks shiner by the minute,
And trust me it does,
But just bottle up your heart and send it away,
Like I did,
Because no matter what you’re going through,
What might be going through your head right now,
Just isn’t worth it..

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A Warmth I Wish Were Palpable

Intently watch, as its heart beats-
instinct seeps-
my heart perceives;
I act upon this alone-
no matter of what intellect believes.

Its destiny left up to me-
to care for it-
or set it free;
circulatory warmth takes over me.

But then a moment so magical-
simple beauty- not meant to be made practical.
Another animal, one so affable-
lengths of compassion I wish were graspable;
relief; a warmth I wish were palpable.

A bird takes upon this little one as its own,
spotting from a distance-
this baby not yet grown;
in much need of a new found home.

Sun beams-streaking west-
pressure lifted off my chest;
as I find this little one,
a bird feeder, I now create a nest-
mama bird watches over,
the little one may now lay its head to rest.

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History has a funny way of always coming out to play peeping through with fierce, red eyes seeing through my well worn disguise there's something there I can't explain like an exception to deceipts sick game I trust him with my deepest thoughts he completes me, this is for what I have sought all I can do is trust his word trust is not that absurd that's what makes this demon called past merely a memory that will last I can't complain to be fair I look in the mirror see what's standing there the wall is still here, it's yet to go but in my eyes I see room to grow I want him here that man I trust the one that makes me want mto adjust here by my side to hold my hand and walk with me through complicated land to know the real me, know everything I think we both deserve this trusting thing So history come out to play just know I'm not going to run away.

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i want to love you

I want to love you but don’t know how to
May not seem it, but I’m happy when I’m around you
I felt lost until I found you
And i like everything so far that i know about you
Support each other at our worst
And then we’ll appreciate the best
Don’t want to cause you any more hurt
Don’t want you on my list of regrets
I wish I knew how to show you
Been there for everything you had to go through
Love’s a stranger to me
This makes you a danger to me
But i feel lucky to know you
Maybe one day i will learn
But please don’t pressure me
It’s got to be on my terms
Then maybe one day we can forever be
The love won’t be real if you’re forcing
Maybe I should have came with a caution
But when 2 people care so much
Is the word “love” so important?
Would you want someone you care about to be scared
For the sake of your own happiness?
Would you be down and remain there
For all the drama after it?
Wouldn’t you want the love to be real?
Knowing it’s not something I’m just saying
Knowing it’s genuinely how i really feel?
I’ll say it when i mean it, I’m not delaying
I fear losing you
But somehow i remain calm
You told me 
You fell in love with my sense of humour and charm
Why do you so badly need to hear the words?
When it’s something i continue to show
I always show you your worth
But if you’re not willing to wait for my love then go 

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Would You Be Ready If Christ Came Today

Would You Be Ready, If Christ Came Today? Are you one who’s ready for Christ' return? The way you’re living... Are you concerned? Many try to find a love that will last... But outside church, their spiritual candle burns out fast. Many believe they're doing good and “o.k.” As long as they give a little time and pray. Many have God's word and don’t know the verses. You can see their Bible on Sunday, underneath their purses! A sense of excitement stirs each morning. But many fail to heed God's somber warning. Without holiness, no one shall enter God's throne. If Jesus came today... Would you be left alone? God knows the heart of man is wicked deep within. That's why Jesus said: “YOU MUST be born again.” Be separate from the world's wicked and sinful ways. “Be ready for my coming,” is what Jesus says. At God's house, his divine judgement shall start. Live for Jesus NOW! Love him with all of your heart! Keep this important thought in mind... If Jesus came today... Would you go, or be left behind? By Jim Pemberton

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Trust Again

Trust Again

Why doubt now, when in the past your trust has been your strength?
Why doubt now, when knowing love will prevail at length?
Why doubt now, new promises, new hopes will be in vain,
When doubting still you cannot see the love that's there so plain.
Face the future smiling... weepers never win,
Make up your mind to trust anew,
Forget about past sin.
Forget the hurt,
Forget the pain,

Remember love, and love again.

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Desperation for Respiration

No words, no expression just pure devastation
Here I am stuck sitting at square one 
Thinking back, only because small conversation
Thinking I was problematic constantly reminding me how her needs weren't met emotionally 
I was...Emotionally intertwined with someones emotions for their convenience
Living trying to please you, the romance and love dance we do only mistaken for pure happiness
The sacrifice that we made so we both can experience everlasting bliss 
The physical is the great song we sing wanting no more than stimulation 
but still in need and confused with deep conversation 
The problem is the emotional, why can't I get these flaws out my mind 
I'm venting to you but their no help only resulting in calling me mistaken and inconsiderately out of line
The style, culture of this love/hate is turning this once beautiful mural into individual tile
This thing we call love, is the unimaginable ghost, no one has seen but continue to search for like a blind man before the invention of brail
Our relationship is a game of pretending so no one outside can tell
Leading to failure, we hide important feelings because we can't verbally speak on due to our maturity
Surrounded by people in love only wants me to be alike but leaves me in a frown
Closing my eyes I see this women being my everything, possibly the love that will last for more than 16 rounds
Tears arrive in my eyes because days/weeks have passed and yet we still don't speak
Only wanted to work through things and speak on our problems so we can eventually leap
Leap into that love we once dreamed and Envisioned for us
Starting a new thing, Rebuilding a foundation starting at trust
Believing it's gonna happen is a lie itself, why continue to go down a unhappy trail I ask myself
Instead of sitting around and being blue, I can finally go outside and breath
Inhale, exhale, inhale and finally exhale

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Jesus Has Come That I May Know HIM

Jesus Has Come! That I May Know Him! Jesus has come! That I may know him! I want to serve and know all about him! What an opportunity I have! He’s right here! He speaks words of love… True and sincere! I’m going to return the love, he’s given to me! And the life he’s given, so abundantly! The time is now! My choice has been made! There’s nothing for Jesus, I would ever trade! He’s worthy of all praise and honor I give! All of my failures… He’s willing to forgive! Glory to Jesus! Praise him most high! I want to be with him! At the meeting in the sky! Come quickly, Lord Jesus! Set my heart on fire! That knowing you, will always be my desire! By Jim Pemberton

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Life of a Wanderer

Life of a Wanderer

I am a wanderer, on my way to Jerusalem.
There I will meet my Holy God, not just symbolism.

From the Holy Fathers I learnt of His love for me,
In my young mind, I found the thought so very lovely.

So I set on a journey to discover the source of this love,
I picked up myself, my bible, and my rosary in the bag.

Night came; I found a castle, whose lady has a heart,
She fed me, clothed me, and invited me for the night.

In awe, I asked my benefactor how she could love the poor,
She answered, “It is God’s great commandment to love thy neighbor”.

In the coldness of the night, I felt warm for right there I found love;
In my frozen heart, kindled was a desire to also give love.

I went to sleep that night peacefully, as my heart ceaselessly pray,
For I have met God that day through the wonderful, gracious lady.

Morn came; I bid goodbye to continue my pilgrimage,
I walked for many miles, and then I met some teenage thieves.

They took my bag with my bible and bread the lady gave to me.
I was left on the road with nothing, none, but my bead rosary.

I wanted back my bible, my only possession in this world;
A dark-webbed heart, a mind unlit, and a weary old soul unfold.

I wept, what will happen to an old wanderer who’s got nothing?
I knelt, fists on my breast, “Where is God, his love, in this suffering”?

A memorial of the night before flickered in my dreary mind,
Interior light appeared and I saw my fallen heart intertwined.

A bright spark ignited in my wandering cold heart, goaded me to turn within,
Like a child, mesmerized by an ember, I blew a prayer to keep it aflame.

I descended into myself and I saw God’s love in concrete,
A dying flame, He enlightened me through a love memory lit.

This journey to Jerusalem, I do not know if I will ever reach;
But, His love stubborn, persists to burn within so I will not be a wretch.


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From the innermost center of my Core
I came to recognize you as the only woman
To whom I entrust knowledge of the most vulnerable fragments of my spirit,
An occasional glimpse of the bottom layers of my soul.

I offer you my Self in unconditional trust
So that you will continue to feed me with honest love and unpretentious care,
So that I may continue to sustain my creative energy, my Self, my spirit, my soul,
Becoming Me again.

And then - naked I stand before you,
Stripped of any complacent intent,
Humbled by the frailty of my existence,
Though glorified by your unconditional acceptance of my Being.

I offer you my Self with all reservations and false pride gone,
Accepting your presence in my life with quiet surrender,
Praying, wishing, longing for you to stay, 
Even if only for a little while longer...

Because I need you.
Because I need you to need me.
Because I love you.
Because I always will.

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She Looked Into His Eyes

She looked into his eyes,
Sought and found that which he hid
From all the world;
She came to know that he Loved her,
She smiled and talked to him,
He was mesmerised by her charms:
She seemed Free--Free from the World--
He tried looking away,
But couldn't--
Did what she asked him to,
Except that she couldn't get him
To move away from her now...

So one fine day,
As he held his breath,
Watching her dab the tip of a knife
Into that Bottle labelled 'Sweet',
He knew her Sweetness
Was beyond all doubt:
She smiled at him,
Looked into his eyes--
A tear drop seemed to form in hers--
Those beautiful, brown eyes..

While this happened, she told him to be careful,
"I don't want you to get hurt", she said.
He didn't understand,
She didn't explain. Only smiled.
Then, thrust the knife into his chest!

She backed away, dropping the bottle:
It now read, 'Poison'--
She cried to herself and ran away.
He didn't stop her:
Just remembered her beautiful smile,
Closed his eyes,
Rolled down softly to the floor,
And fell into an eternal,
Blissful sleep.....

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Do you remember how I spent every day pushing you away?
Do you remember how you used to open up to me forever and a day?
Do you remember how when we talked on the phone you wouldn’t say my name?
It was ‘Hey Beautiful?’ ‘Hey babyyyy?’ ‘Hey love?’ ‘I thought it was lame…

But do you remember how you made me talk to you almost every single day?
And do you remember how you constantly tried to make everything ok?
Or do you remember how you wouldn’t allow me to run you away?
So do you remember all of those nights where I would cry but never say?

I remember how you told me that I reminded you of your battered ex
I remember how you first told me that you loved me… not through text.
I remember how you woke up in the middle of the night and told me about your dream... nightmare?
You thought that I was asleep but no,  I was listening…I remember how you were unaware.

Can you remember how I was always terribly afraid to tell you things?
Can you remember how I cried? Laughed? Or the way I sing?
Can you remember how I you always accused me of playing you silly? 
Can you remember how I let you talk to my favorite little cuties?

I bet you don't remember how I waited for you so…
I bet you don't remember when I told you I loved you though…
I bet you don't remember when you said this wasn't gonna hurt
I bet you don’t remember that this is why I was constantly on alert…

I know you wouldn’t remember how I cried every night for two and a half weeks
I know you wouldn’t remember how I wrote you unsent letters…. Not with ink.
I know you wouldn’t remember how I pretended you never made me happy…
And I know you can’t remember how much it hurt… when you didn’t fight for me….

I expected it though so it’s okay… I promise… it’s alright.
I was steadily seeking out the day that you would be snatched up out of my life.
I don't really care so you can go and play with your little girlfriends... just go.
You didn't fight for me so don't come back now... stay out there in the cold.

Don't come back to me trying to say I forgot about you...
Because you're the one who left me so don't act like this is all new.
You think those unanswered texts and ignored calls are my fault?
Don't PUT IT ON ME when you're the one who should have fought.

But who chose not to...?
Edmond that was you.
You said you wanted to be my rock...
Boy please... You was all about that talk.

Telling me this... telling me that.
I'm so stupid I believed you'd react...
The way that you said you would...
You didn't.

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The Non-Miracle.... Love

So many volcanoes,
spawn of Kraken’s seed,
boiling, roiling, seething, bubbling
inside thin walls traveling 
on a neural microcosm
of flesh transcending nothingness.
Who made you what your are?
Did you not reach your goal?
Did you not become the “yourself” you like?
Do you only live a cyber life?   
Painting your life, your brain, your body, in pseudo humanism?
No wonder you frustrate easily.
No wonder you don’t know the real you.
No wonder the fishing for compliments on demand like a movie. 
You made you whom you are.
Only you can change whom you are.
Openly sly cutting sweetness in public eye
cutting, personal innuendo excavating thrill.
Laying your arrogance at the feet of the public’s scrutiny
while the real you in domineering reverie lays fire and brimstone
stinging the soul of trust behind the veil of friendship.  
No wonder, one is warped!
No wonder, one knows not how to feel!
No wonder, one does not feel love, 
but has mixed emotion!
Not recognizing lust from love.
Not knowing when hate invades happiness.
To be humane is to trust 
until you find reason not to.
To be humane is to have faith that
the trust will be returned in kind.
To be humane is to live face to face.
You learn to love face to face.
And when you are alone.... memories. 
No matter the “whatever” of the baby or the mother,
the baby comes into the world with no hate, no lust.
It comes into the world physically and emotionally attached,
but more strongly emotionally.
If it is loved and nourished in relationship, love will grow.
Love will never die even long after the mother is gone.  
Some parents treat their children as rental cars
and then wonder why they never come back home.
Some treat their spouse as nothing and cry when they part.
Yet some are too busy LOVING to hate.
Quarrel, yes!  Disagree, yes!, At times HATE, yes!  
Some times passion, some lust, but at ALL times LOVE!
True emotion never comes by correspondence course.
It comes face to face, sooner or later
weak or strong, but lasting even
when hidden away
in the pulsing
miracle we call
our heart.

© Aug 25 2010 For Farah's "Word Hurl" contest


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Beneath the brave

I see beneath your outer side 
of toughened nails immune to hurt
where downy nature still descry 
the empathy for which you thirst

Brave you face each day uproarious 
your smile seldom giving way
through work bent down and often rigorous 
no thought of what your burden weighs

You speak the truth and do what you say
In quiet quality of masculine grace
then play like a child who can't replace
exhaustion for the thrill of living today

I find myself lost in a stare
of disbelief beholding you
your colors revealed underneath
and the view is strikingly beautiful 

Your like sunshine on my darkest days
on golden fields... the rain
the revelation of prayer, earnestly prayed
the kindred soul that will never be tamed

I used to look through tinted lens
that airbrushed imperfections
but on myself alone depend
unable to trust in intervention

You take the lead 
then in patience teach
and still give me room to breath
humbly you take the place... of ground beneath my feet

We built our walls of protection so high
some came close but never climbed
but we see beneath the beautiful
and know the need of saying "I'm fine" 

Safe to take off strengths facade
when love in action won't deny 
letting down its trusted guard 
saying... take it off I see inside

Inspired by "Beneath your Beautiful" (by: Labrinth)

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Take No Thought For Tomorrow

Take No Thought For Tomorrow

God’s love for you and I is so very gracious,
This is why he says— not to get anxious.

Tomorrow has enough worries of it’s own,
It’s heaven... Not earth... That will one day be your home.

The uncertainties of life will simply pass you by...
As you trust the one who put the rainbow in the sky.

It’s difficult not to worry about 
the job, family and the bills.
Just remember God “owns cattle on a thousand hills.”

He’ll take care of tomorrow as you give everything to HIM,
Putting your trust and faith in God, is a great
place to begin!!!

By Jim Pemberton

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I'm Not A Politician

I’m Not A Politician… There’s one thing that I make no pretention. I’m in no way what you’d call a “politician.” I don’t try to get involved in the “politics of the day.” But I do try to listen to what God has to say! I’m not interested in what numbers the polls will bring. I’d rather trust Jesus, who can take care of everything! The good news, is that the bad news is all wrong! My life with Christ, is where I certainly belong! Christ is my hope and focus! I’d rather believe him! I don’t trust what I watch or hear from the news men! In God’s kingdom there are no politics involved! Every problem facing me.. Christ already solved! I want Jesus to be my life’s focus and attention! May the Holy Spirit guide me into a Godly direction! With Jesus in my heart… I’m joyful and glad! I know I’ll never see him in a political ad! He is and will always be the one that I’ll need! He’s not corrupted by wickedness and greed! No matter how you may believe this world will end! Christ will always be the one you trust and depend! You don’t have to wait for a ballot to come to you! Vote for Jesus today! His presence is all around you! There’s no limit to the terms of life he’s giving! He’ll bless you within and give everlasting living! By Jim Pemberton

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Love's Restoration

Nothing else exists when I am thinking of you
Your smile is the sun that melts away at my heart
Your brooding eyes pierce through the core of my soul
The thought of you gives my trust a fresh start.

Bitterness dies and happiness is reborn
Like the phoenix of myth, hope from the ashes
You bring a joy that I have never experienced
And through my veins, a desirous love passes.

You are God-sent and I thank the heavens daily
Because of you, emotions are no longer dormant
Fear of loneliness and never being loved
Has disappeared and is no longer my torment.

My aura is glowing bright; my smile radiates the room
I feel you within my skin
Thank you for easing this consuming pain
That my heart grew accustomed to back then.

A friendship deepens into a love all powerful
Intangible steel that no one can break
Love ever present, a gift given constantly
Protected so heavily that no one can take.

I appreciate you making me laugh again
My trust in love has been renewed
I thank you for restoring my dying belief
In the beauty of love that I thought I outgrew.

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God Will Never Disappoint You

God Will Never Disappoint You!

There’s something I want to say!  
And to make a point!
Those who trust God…  
He will never disappoint!

You can trust him, even if problems
 surround you!
What God can do for you,
 just may astound you!

Look through the Bible, 
and the prophets of old.
God never let them down,
 as I’ve been told!

His son Jesus, seeks to give life
 with a true meaning!
His faithfulness in your life, 
you can be receiving!

God will never let you down,
 no matter what you face!
He can make everything beautiful! 
With his love and grace!

Won’t you give him a chance
 and trust him today?
Trusting his promises, 
and the words he has to say!

He’s someone who’ll be with you
until life’s very end!
You can always count on him,
 and call him; “friend!”

By Jim Pemberton

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Walang Paglagyang AGAM-AGAM

Batid ko, sa taghoy ng katahimikan mo
Bakas sa ihip ng hangin ang nakakunot na noo, 
Samyo ng nagbabagang hangin ng AGAM-AGAM
Hindi mapigilang sakit ng di malamang pakiramdam.

Ipinako ang paningin sa palubog na araw
Malamlam na panginoorin, kulay ay mapanglaw, 
Linlang ng AGAM-AGAM, paniniwala'y nauupos
Katulad ng malungkot na paglubog ng araw, liwanag ay nawala nang lubos! 

Puso'y kinurot ng dilim, hatid ay ligalig
Di mawari kung saan susuling, nabibingi ang pandinig, 
Umuukilkil sa diwa, AGAM-AGAM ng pag-ibig
Ako ba o siya, tayo na ba o hindi pa? 

Saan ka dadalhin ng AGAM-AGAM? 
Sa kawalang pag-asa ba at hayaang hangarin ay maparam? 
Iwasan na lamang ba at huwag nang lumaban
Maniwala sa AGAM-AGAM na sa puso ay nakadagan? 

Ahhh...tanong ni JR, tila kulay ng mundo mo'y may bahid ng lungkot? 
Umiibig ka, wika mo, subalit mata mo'y mapanglaw, tila may takot, 
Halakhak mo'y may bahid ng AGAM-AGAM
Tula na akda mo'y may guhit alinlangan sa pakiramdam.

Hmn...Ang umibig ay dakila, wagas na adhika
Hatid nito'y ligaya, nilulunod ang katauhang nagpaparaya, 
Subalit malungkot ang umibig sa taong ang minamahal ay hindi makasama
Pupunuin ng AGAM-AGAM ang pusong umaasa! 

AGAM-AGAM...Saan ka dadalhin nito, kaibigan? 
Di nga ba't walang paglagyang AGAM-AGAM saiyo'y nakapasan? 
Marahil ay hindi sapat ang namutawing pag-ibig na may katiyakan
Hindi mapapawi ng mga kataga ang AGAM-AGAM o ang alinlangan! 

AGAM-AGAM ng puso, pakiusap...ako ay iwan mo.
Inner Whispers

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The Transition

The darkness was my Savior,
The blood was my wine,
Wings chained down and painted
Black, I couldn't fly.

I couldn't breathe, a hollowness
Lay in my chest, cold, unfeeling, I
Lashed out in anger, wanting to feel
More than pain.

Scars shadowed my heart and
Blinded my eyes, thought it didn't matter
So I reached for the blade and
Scarred my wrist.

But still I kept on, still I held
Hope there was more than this,
More than the pain of the Past and Present,
Still I searched.

My heart finally broke one too
Many times and I was about to
Give up on finding real Love,
When I met you.

I spent my life praying to a God
Who showed me the waiting and 
The tears were worth it, the heartbreaks 
And disappointments.

I've been afraid, not because I'm
Afraid you're like the others but afraid
I won't be good enough, afraid this is a dream and
I'll wake without you.

But I don't want to be afraid anymore,
So unlock my chains and help me fly,
I'll carry you with me, I promise you, I'm here to stay,
Always and Forever...

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Why Not Trust Jesus

Perhaps things in life have
 taken the “wrong turn.”
Life is passing you by…  
And you’re not concerned?

Things that were important,
aren’t important anymore.
Life just seems to be like one big “revolving door.”…

Your love for people close to you, seems to be gone.
Almost everything you do,
 seems to turn out wrong.

Your life seems to be like a ship
 that’s lost at sea/
You wonder; “why lord, has this
 been happening to me?”

Jesus loves you very much!
  And he understands!
He’\s waiting to pick you up,
 with his outstretched hand!

He’ll replace your loneliness
 with a satisfying love!
And put your life back together,
 fashioned from above!

His perfect love will give you hope
 and a peace of mind!
Why not trust him now?  NOW is the time!

By Jim Pemberton

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Best As Friends

So the love you told me was special
Turned out to be the love that belongs to her,
I should've known better than to trust my heart.
And so everything you told me
Was all just lies,
Or maybe they were truths,
Just not for me, huh.
I understand your love for her,
I understand how it can't be faultered.
And how the love we share is a battlefield.
You made your decision
And now I've made mine.
You cause me to not trust again
Or is it my insecure heart that causes me not to trust so quickly.
Either way,
Maybe it's best that we are friends.

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 “Trust...”the most important thing in life...
Once broken. It’s gone...
Gone very slowly from life…
Trust lives in the heart…
It stays very warm...
It makes things grow...
It is the sunshine of life...
When the trust is broken...
And the heart is wounded...
The trust slowly drips out from the wound...
You can’t hold it. You can’t catch it...
It will keep on dripping until it’s gone
To the last drop the heart held...
Where there is no trust...
The heart is cold and love is breathless...
Relationship turns to a hell...
All you want to do is run off...
Love is trust. Trust is love...
Trust is white blank paper...
Small wrongs and mistakes are black dots...
Make sure the paper is always white as snow...
With out keeping black dots remaining...
Because once trust is gone...
You can’t bring it back or...
You can’t love the same anymore..!
Be trustworthy to the person you love...
Because everything matters on trust..!

Dilupa Wijegunasekara
12th of Feb, 2012

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 When the light seemed so dim,
 When the fire nearly died,
 When hopes began to fade,
 A candle of love Thou sent.
 Thou lit a candle with hope;
 Thy burning love gives me warmth;
 Thou give me the light of faith.
 Thou art my Candle,Faith,Hope and Love.

 When my path becomes so dark,
 Thou art there that I may not stumble;
 Thou art there, my Lord,that I may not be afraid
 To take a step and travel the uncertainties of my path
 Thy light clears all evil;
 With Thee, whom shall I fear.

 With Thy light,my Lord,I cannot be lost;
 Thy rays of light ,my God,shines upon my path.
 My God,my Candle,Thou will be my guide.

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Your Smile

You know what I would give
Just to see you smile
If all it took was a kiss
I would make your lips mine

I know you lie in bed
Scared of the rising sun
One time you said
"I regret everything I've done"

Not sure if it's sadness or sickness
A new lie every day
You say "It's just stress"
I know you're not okay

Let me help you stand
I can show you the truth
Let me take your hand
Walk the dark road with you

Your laugh is my treasure
Your smile is priceless
I can tell you one thing for sure
You are not alone in this

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Prove To Me!!

Why cant u prove to me that u love me ??
stop playing games i hate it am tired of 
laying in bed and crying for u i love u but 
at time am not sure prove to me that ur worth 
staying here am not a mind reader help me!!

Prove to me that am the only one u have eyes for
how can i trust u with u word prove it to me i want 
a guy that loves me for me and not for some one 
am not prove to me that i dont have to pretend to be 
someone am not!!! prove to me that u love me help
me realize it!!

Why is it so hard for u to trust me stop yelling i cant hear 
myself think help me i dont want to hate u!! the more u yell the more 
the more i just want to run from u am tired of this !! Prove to me that 
ur worth living for that u know what ur son is worth to u please dont fake!!

Prove to me that u love me ! That these last three years have not been a waist 
that u love me prove it to me by taking me roses stop and think what i like
hold me, kiss me, pay attention to me!!?? I wake up at night wondering 
what life would be like if u would just prove to me that u do love me
that all this was not a waist of time!!!

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john mayer

Part of you knows that
only part of you has
truly loved anything.

You've lost all pride,
you don't even try to hide
the absense of whats missing.

You're kept warm at night
by girls that only like
you when you sing.

But when you've lost your voice
and don't have any other choice 

where are they now? Where are they now?
Nowhere around, nowhere around.

See, you begged your way into my garden
but I won't let you break out when it rains,
cuz I know what it feels like to need you.
I don't want you to need me all over again,
I dont want you to stop in the first place
cuz I know what it feels like to need you.

You warned me, you don't trust yourself,
and you're not worth my pain, 
you don't trust yourself...
but I do.

needs to be loved
and you're no exception.
Except you are, you are, you are.

She needs to give more than she gets,
you need love with no end.

I don't want you to 
know what it feels like to 
not race to my door.
Don't steer clear,
I'd only die if I didn't see you there...
You're burned up by my atmosphere,
but you see: I'm slain by...yours.

needs to be loved
now and then
and you're no exception.
Except... you... are.

Not now and then,
you need constant
love and affection
with no end
with no end
with no...

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 It gets easier and easier,
with each passing day,
but trust me,
in my heart,
it's not easy to say,
I miss him alot,
though there's nothing,
I can do,
but I know for one thing, 
our friendship,
will never be through.

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The breath God gave me.

Cancel the thoughts you were thinking, 
The pressure in this place can crush,
Gravity causes my soul to start sinking.
Red painted hearts with death around the crust.

I will never trust because i am aware,
Cowards can never cower,
Even the red pointed beast couldn't scare.
I believe in a higher power.

My being is solid like rock of the thickest mountain,
My blood flows free ,
My inner core changes shape from life of the fountain.
My life will always be.

To see me would be a leap for most,
Look me in the eyes,
To grasp my concept would turn your life into a host.
Making you apart of my cause in hope.
I stand below the lies.

Try the tricky geometry i call me,
For me and my other parts are one,
I am the light sparkling on the sea.
Even when dark I'm apart of the sun.

Carbon bubbles up from my surface to show confliction,
My soul will not stand still,
I am outer space, for my space there's no restriction.
But venture to far and i will kill.

I race to a place that's out of grasp,
Will you keep pace?
I find beauty in what you think is trash.
What will you call my case?

Unready to give up things that aren't visible,
Unsure of things that don't change,
Uninterested in places that are livable.
Understanding of things that are strange.

Cant you keep my stride if i sprint?
Can you feel my insides scream?
Cant you avoid the things that tempt?
Can you really trust that I'm what i seem?

You can see me sprout from the ground,
But my roots stretch forever underneath.
You can feel my voice without a sound,
You will feel me even if existence is brief.

The breath God gave me.

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Loving Past the Hurt

I lay there next to you, you’re holding me close,
 The proximity of you is what I want the most,
 But I don’t trust you because I don’t know how.
 I’m really just trying to enjoy the here and the now.
 I want to love you but my heart won’t allow it.
 My heart’s been hurt and my mind won’t commit.
 I try to let go of my past but it won’t release me.
 All I am asking for is a small piece of peace for me.
 I find myself choking from the hurt of other men,
 Which has me struggling to find happiness again.
 You tell me beautiful things, music to my ears,
 Things that for years I’ve been yearning to hear.
 My doubts are thick for fear of the hidden.
 Your real feelings are unseen in a world forbidden.
 I can’t enter because I’m not special enough to see.
 I only get part of you, like that should be good enough for me.
 Words with unmatched actions are pointless and void.
 The trust I may have gained is completely destroyed.
 Every time I try to move forward, I take three steps back.
 I think love is a case that I’ll never be able to crack.

 Is love meant for me? Am I meant to be alone?
 Will love and I forever be strangers unknown?

 Please forgive me for I am not being bitter.
 I feel the gold you present does not glitter.
 Try to understand that I wasn’t always this way.
 I’ve given my heart for them only to betray.
 Forgive me for my uncertainty and for my hesitance.
 The past has put my heart on constant defense.
 If you really want me, you must possess patience.
 You will uncover a love that is loyal and intense.
 My heart is fragile and can easily be broken
 By thoughtless actions and words unspoken.
 If you’re not looking for depth, don’t waste my time.
 I don’t need anyone who’s applying for part-time.
 I have said it before that I am more than just sex.
 I deserve more than an “I’m bored” text.
 I don’t want the night to be the first time you call me.
 Any time of day I want to know when you’re thinking of me.
 Make the effort to let me know how you feel
 And to you, my heart will open and it will reveal
 Feelings, emotions, the secrets trapped inside.
 It’s worth the ride if you let love be your guide.

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Never Ending Truth's

Never Ending Truth’s

Feel’s like they’re fading, going into dust in a blink of an eye they left without real thought. To think that 
everything that comes, past life actions true thoughts that float .
Ever day every moment possessing feeling, maybe it the mind maybe it the times maybe I’m losing touch 
with who I used to be there are times I could repeat and then stand straight forwards to laugh for it all a joke. 
Playing games and making memories the trust that built in those moments are the ones that will be treasured forever
But what in a flash of a eye and the blink and the rage of a moment it all lost for those second those passing 
by seconds they are lost that trust that love and the never ending truth. What could be said? What could have 
been done? Would sorry have been enough to repair what was lost? Time twisting mind-fearing heart pounding 
everything feels like it falling apart. Can’t you feel it it’s there that tension that unknown block now in front of them 
of front of you and front of me. This never-ending truth that should have been always there, like trust it all to easy
 to lose. Never ending truths should stay between the people who love each other the most.

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In Vain

It's funny how when you show some one so much love that you can't stand to be away from them. How showing them love makes you go loopy and you get high off it. Well trust me when I say don't give all of your love away cause if you do it might put you in vain and you will feel like no one cares. So trust me dont give all your love away or you'll be in vain for a long, long time.

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Seed of Birth

Moments to Reflect
Seed of Birth
After a summer shower I watch the wonders unfold Gods truth is being shown. His love for all shall be known to all who have eyes that can see. The miracle of life that is a delight to behold can be seen in a drop of rain on the end of a leaf. Sparkling like a diamond in the light, more precious than gold, a secret is told. The water of life, without it we cannot go on the earth would be has dry has a bone. A desert: a waste land as hot as Hades and not fit to be called home. The water of life He is known. 
The air so sweet and clean the breath of life He has been called. A blessing from the father it is a Gift given to us all. When the air can been seen it is unclean and in this state I call it satans breathe, oh so foul and within it only death can be found. 
Flower and trees, grass that is so green that there is not any artist in the world that could paint a more beautiful scene. Concrete streets and black top parking lots; progress is what it is called…maybe not. An eyesore, mans’ master piece his legacy, beauty it’s not. 
Like a spring rain or after a summer shower; new life does salvation brings. Like the morning dew shining like tiny jewels, in the sunshine they do glow.  Flowers blooming and life a renewing, with Jesus this is how salvation goes.
Rain can be seen as the world being baptized and cleansed, purifying it of mankind sins. This is a fresh beginning but it not at its end it only truth starts when you ask Jesus to come in.  
After a gentle rain shower our God reminds humanity of His power and His promise: rainbow in the sky a wonderful, magical miracle, truly a delightful sight. His signature written in the sky, proof that He tells no lies; never again with water will He end the world that has bought to Him so much pain. His tears of sadness, never again will the world end with rain. 
The evil one try his best with his temptation and his tests to cause us to die and never to rise; humanity he do hate want to take all with him into that fiery lake. These are the tools of his trade war and strife adding in a touch of worldly lust doing his best to kill our trust in the Lord who has given us so much. The spiritual war is what we are in do not fall for satan schemes. Heaven or hell which one will it be? Like the sun gives life to flower, the Son gives life to all who follows. He who is free is free in deed.
Christ the savior God did send, it shows us that satan cannot win. Like a summer day after a spring rain new life will begin. He will pardon us of all our sins but you must ask him to come in His forgiveness know no end. Open your heart and let Him in then and only then can you win. In Him salvation is guarantee and a new life can begin; so you must choose Heaven or hell where will you spend eternity in? 
God our Father gave His Son to the world so that we would have a path to the truth a light to shine in the darkest of time. Allow His attributes to shine forth you do not would to lose your soul. Before time ever begin He love us, will you not trust in Him sight unseen, the One who gives all life meaning?
All it takes is faith to bypass that fiery lake, because tomorrow is not promise and another sunshine you may not see. Time is on no one side, so do not go chasing rainbows you cannot fly. Keep what real in your mind the reality is sin must die. God give His Son to pay a price that He did not owe, the cost was high, but gift that is given for those who believe; is to be by His side, salvation is free are you ready to receive?
Summer shower and gentle breeze,
Golden flower and dew drops of leaves.
Soft green grass beneath your feet.
                    The only thing sweeter is than life is living with Jesus for all eternity.

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I dream, I think, I wish, I want

Love is something of two opposites,
from one time your'e in-love intensely,
at another your missing and lost.

How do I reach this point,
what do I do to mess things up,
sometimes I love far too much,
maybe it's an issue of too much trust,

I got too much emotion,
it's like the world on my shoulders,
I feel so overloaded...awake,
I feel so drained..even asleep.

I dream of love and happiness,
I think of trust and hope,
I wish for acceptance,
I want to be loved cause I'm me.

They don't understand,
the way my feelings get out of hand,.
that's why I need these things

It's only love and respect,
a hope for trust and happiness,
a wonder if you can accept,
that I'm not the same as all the rest,

I'm intense but mean the best,
I only want to be loved, 
and still don't know why that so hard to do,
when it comes from them to me,
cause it's not from me to you.

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The Statistic

Scene 1:
***********************The Accusation*************************

Your nothing but a contradiction, saying that I'm all yours.
How can I trust anything you say, after that phone call from that whore.

You have the nerve to look in my face, hiding all your lies.
Putting on this front.
Your not the man I thought you were while wearing this disguise

I don't want to hear your excuses, save them, get out of my face.
I should have listened to my mother, your such a damn disgrace.
I will pray for you...
But we are through...

All night I sat home pondering, scared to understand the truth.
I watch the large hand on the clock, with each pass I find it 
harder to self soothe.

I felt as though you took my heart, and squeezed it with all your might.
Stomped on it.
I've never felt another love like you, don't you understand my plight?
                                            Scene 2:
************************His Reaction***************************

You say that I'm a cheating dog, sharing your love with other women.
After everything we've shared, and the time we spent committed

You point your finger with accusations, screaming in my face.
Obviously you don't trust me, so your about to be replaced.

I'm being labeled a statistic, because men are all the same.
You were left hurt and suffering from the other guy, 
Yet I'm the one to blame.

It's pitiful because I adore you, it's been this way since we met.
Soon I would have proposed to you,
Thank god!!!! 
Now, it's just something I won't regret.

Now once I walk outside your door, I turn my back on you...
I hope eventually you realize, that I have been telling you the truth...

Jared Pickett

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Mystery of Love---Truth Prevails

God  has His Reasons
For Two hearts to come together
as He has planned
doesn't matter how much 
a person believes or even knows
God is the one whom giver of Love
Two hearts bestow... 

God gives Blessings within
Attraction..... emotions
Desires... wants..
Hunger.. longing for
Bonding hearts
full of Love and Truth
Never goes away
Never hides... 
Moments last forever
even beyond time...

God gives Love
Mysteriously between
two hearts 
as Truth prevails
Love endures.. sets sails...

Connecting two hearts
deeeply within
True Love 
never grows cold
always beholds like New 
beginnings that never ends
Romantic.. Sincere and True
Only between 
                      "Me and You"

Love is mystery
tis not just an emotion
For True Love tis a devotion  
for Real Love will always stay
does not just come and go
whenever feelings are displayed

Mystery of Love... Truth Prevails.. 
Don't let this moment pass you by
If your heart tis True... as sincere as mine
than speak openly 
        as I do... Yes.. My Darling.. 
                                             I Love YOU 

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Just So Different

You said I wouldn't lose you,
But it's to late now
For I already have
Drifting apart ever so slowly
Why did I even trust your hollow promises?
I should have seen them for what they were
And a cover-up
For what you were really saying was:

It can't ever be the same
Not even close
I trusted you completely 
But you took my heart,
Without careful handling
You dropped it
And trampled and shattered it on the ground

I can't really be angry with you
Only with myself
For being so stupid to ever believe
You could really care that way about me
Now I will pick up the pieces with gentle ease
And fit them back together as best I can

It still hurts at times when I let down my guard
but I'm slowly moving on
Painfully slow
From that place I once was
Of caring for you

My heart is sad, but glad
For what I've realized
Next time I will be more careful
Of who I so quickly place my trust in
Now I can return your farewell
With the same
Goodbye my love

~I believe this one still needs a bit of work, but I decided to post it anyways. :) thanks
for reading

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Her eyes are like moonstones that glow with a faint light Her warmth envelopes me with a feeling that's so nice She trust me with her feelings and i trust her with mine Ignoring the haters as our hands entwine Chills spread through me with her every touch Her eyes look at mine as they fill up with lust We laugh as we walk in the moonlight When she is next to me everything feels so right My mind empties with each and every kiss Eyes mirror mine, she's drowning in bliss She's my angel sent to me from above Together forever enveloped in love All of a sudden everything goes black I open my eyes and realize where I'm at Sadly i get up and gather my school things The love that i felt was only a dream

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When you whisper into my ears,
It praises my heart
When you tell me ‘I love you’,
My heart smiles
When your nose touches mine,
Your breath heals the wound inside
When I look into your eyes,
I see myself in my world(your eye balls)
When the wind blows,
Your hair communicates with my mind’s eye
When it becomes blustery,
It makes me weak
That feelings melt me
My cells begin to sweat
Making my entire body wet
When you get closer,
Your lips dry my body off
Don’t let me speak,
Emotions sound louder
My love has an inordinate taste for yours
Please don’t let me starve,give me keys to your heart doors
My room is decorated with rose flowers
I have set a table full of strawberry and red wine
I am awaiting you to dine
Please be my valentine
Tonight is ours
In deep waters we will be for hours

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A Letter to Myself

Why can't I do anything right?  Why do I always screw up everybody’s life? 
Why is it so hard for me to shut my mouth and let it be?
All I do is hurt people; can never make anyone happy! 
I do what I can but I guess that is never good enough, because the harder I try the worse it gets. 

Why can’t I get anything right? 
Why do I make myself cry every night? Can’t I do anything? 
I want to be able to know why I’m so sad; to understand why I can’t stay happy. 
I want to stop judging people I love and be happy that they at least accept me into their hearts. 

I want to close my eyes and see the face, the one that makes me smile happily.
The one I will see forever and holds me when he says “Never will I leave you, never.” 
But I’m afraid to trust him cause I feel like he’s lying. 
He says one thing. They say another. 

Why can’t he tell me?
Why won’t he tell me?
Is he really cheating?
I want to know, I need to know. 

Does he really love me?
Is that why we can’t get back to how things were?
I want to trust him but I can’t, not with everything he has put me through. 
God… I want to cry.
I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to live this lie anymore. 

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best mistake I ever made

Baby you're the best mistake I've ever made
cannot regret the choice to let my heart go
and to trust you with it all completely
you are the most amazing love I'll ever know
and even though I've been hurt too much
and been beaten down by words you've said to me
I still know and I still totally believe
that you and I will always be meant to be
the past is forever gone, never to be undone
the future is still in front of us, completely unknown
I don't know where we will end up honestly
but I do know where I am right now, and I am not alone
Yeah baby you are not what is always good for me
and many times you can make my heart bleed
but even in times of utter disgust and despair
you are always just exactly what I need
so even if I chose wrong to be with you
and trust you with my heart soul and mind
you are the best mistake I have ever made
and another lover like you I will never find

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Trust Me With Your Heart


Why does your heart grow doubtful dear?
tense and beating, full of fear.
I keep with me your everlasting love,
and bless the day God sent you from above.

You remain my angel and I feel that I must,
tell you that within you, you have my trust.
My love is the tide, your soul is the shores,
you have my heart, do I have yours?

I'll belong to you till the very end,
and you will forever stay as my lover and friend.
It has been so good like this from the start,
so darling please, trust me with your heart.

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Tears To See Clear

I thank you, Lord, over and over again,
for the love within the story never comes to an end,
the now that shows light like never before,
the eyes contentment for what you now have in store,
the building trust fund you allowed me to see,
saved up for years within the heart of me,
I cannot believe my own eyes,
none of it, father, was any of mine,
but yet..a drop in the bucket of many tears,
until a puddle formed in order to see clear,
looking down at a reflection as the sun dried it away,
i can trust i won't be stepping into any puddles today,


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Thank you Lord ( for my children)

Dear Lord,
thank you for my children and for bringing them to know you
thank you for their life that they can start a new
they placing  themselves into your hands
for they know they can trust you
they know you will heal them from all there troubles and strife
they know you are the way the truth and the life,
they read your word each and every day
they choose to only walk your way,
thank you that they do not doubt
and there life with you they wont be with out,
Lord you forgive us and love us even when we are  at our worst
but I thank you that they have learned to always put you first. Amen 

one of the songs we love is Jesus be the centre, be my path, be my Guide, be the fire in my 
heart, be the wind in theese sails, be the reason that I live jesus. he is centre in all our lives 
he comes first in everything.

my younger children trust God fully with there life and have chosen to surrender all to him 
they are free from satans lies and will be born into a new Kingdom, every one has the same 
chance of eternal life with a love that never dies, an everlasting love. it's never too late to 
say yes to God, he loves us all regardless of what has happeend before, my children are now 
saved, you too can also be saved just ask Jesus and he will answer you.

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In the full view of things

In the full view of things 
people will always be harsh 
People will always be stuck up 
Nobody will ever try to help 
Whenever I cry for someone to help 

Nobody comes....

Sometimes I think I am not crying loud enough to hear 
But then I relize,
They only pretend not to hear 
He tells me he cares 
But I know he lies 

He ALWAYS lies....

No matter how hard I try 
No matter what I do 
He still is not satisfied 
He and his frankinstine bride 
Be forwarned... the tale about step mothers.... is true.

They always lie....

They think I am insane 
So they send me to this person
She calls herself a consoler... haha.....
She doesn't have a clue 
She lies, she knows nothing of privet thoughts, and should not be called a counsoler.

What do they know any way....

My mind is my mind 
No one elses to invade 
But if you're brave enough to try 
Good luck getting out... well could say the same 
My mind is always busy 
I can't remember a time when I wasn't thinking 
About the past 
About things I could have said or done 
Or about the future I wish could be true 

I don't know who to trust..... except for one........

My mom 
My sweet and loveing mother 
She is my everything
I love and trust her  
More than I can say

I trust her I love her....

My mom knows me better than anyone I know
She knows my fears, dreams, and hopes
She loves me 
She trust me 
She is the one who helped me when no one would 

I hate him......

The man poseing as a father 
The man who was never there for me
The person I want to be the farthest away from 
I am forced to live with 
By a boges court 
Full of hypocrits and morons 

Why should they get to pick.......

They tell me where I get to go 
They tell me I don't know
OH but I do 
I know more than they could possibly dream of knowing 
Seven years I had been hideing 
Seven years I have known 
He is a heartless monster 

I was there.....

All they had was papers 
I wasn't even aloud in the room 
I had all the proff they needed 
Seven years of experence
But it didn't matter 

One day we will be home with our mother where we belong.

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Being by myself
All alone
No one to share my
Dreams and no one in this home

I call on you, for you
are there,
Looking out, for you do care

I trust in you Lord
Can't anyone see
That what we have
Will last for eternity
I love you for who you are
The Bright Morning Star
The one who wakes me up
With a loving Kiss
The one who wakes me up
And whom my heart cannot resist

I've opened up
to your embrace
my heart is ready
to seek your face

I call on you for you are
This creation you've made
this love so rare

I trust in you Lord
can't anyone see
that what we have
will last for eternity
I love you for who you are
the Bright Morning Star
the one who wakes me up
With a loving Kiss
The one who wakes me up
and whom my heart cannot resist

Sometimes the 'sometimes' in life
are so hard to bare
But you Lord are everywhere
but you're right here
With me
With me

I trust in you Lord
can't anyone see
that what we have
will last for eternity
I love you for who you are
the Bright Morning Star
the one who wakes me up
With a loving Kiss
The one who wakes me up
and whom my heart cannot resist

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When I was once broken in spirit and full of sorrow
I had no thoughts of sunshine for my tomorrow
I remember those lonely and cold days and night
After nine years of a beaten body and broken spirit; but, at the end of this darkness I seen light
It was no more living in fear and despair 
Father God no matter what I was going through I knew you were here
Your words promised me, “That you will never leave me or forsake me”
For three years I’ve been totally healed and free 
In all those years of a nightmare not once did I quit and complain
I just kept my faith and constantly called on the Lord’s name
You said if my faith was small as a mustard seed
You would be there to heal me and supply all my needs
After being on dialysis for so long it taught me how to believe and fight
See when you know and trust in Jesus there is healing as a reward for your plight 
January 10, 2015, it has been three glorious years and five blessed days
My sweet and loving Jesus your, “WORTHY TO BE PRAISED!” 

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Not another Girl I would rather forget

Love ain't a feeling, its a state of being
So if you feel in love, you probably ain't.
The anger and frustration will build up
Lie to yourself and your bound to erupt

Hes greasy, hes slimy, hes lying
He laughs behind you back when your crying
You don't know how you got onto his ride
Who hurts a 'friend' when they are crying on the inside

Don't be surprised if your dreams never go away
At night it is all connected like a rape
Feels like we were together just today
Just think about your father and what he would say

How could you do the things you did?
How could you live with the things you hid?
It is okay to be alone sometimes
Life doesn't always have to be a lie

You sold your soul for a glass of wine
You lost your mind at a bad time
And now you don't even know who you are
But deep down I still know you are a star

I don't know if you ever told me the truth
You looked after me when I had a bad tooth
And then we had that crazy new years eve
That is when I knew it was meant to be

But the lies they build up and broke me down
Still I will never forget our time in Cape Town
When the trust is gone, the trust is gone
But the love lingers like a ghost

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Hope and Trust Assuredly Precedes Joy

Oh, woeful heart!
Unhappy days upon blindness embarked.
Appealing visions bought life’s loathsome start.
True light laid victim to lusting sparked.
A wanting came, but in the dawning disappeared.
Too late for undoing, promises played the cheating game. 
Oh, woeful heart!
How long before horrendous despairs no longer remain?

Oh, despondent heart!
Love’s presence lost like a drifting butterfly.
Grief has stricken me throughout every part.
Flitter-ring of gaily dancing girls brought my cry.
The laughing swine have romped upon love’s pearl. 
Preciousness has borne an awful stray
Oh, despondent heart!
How long must dreary darkness invade our day?

Oh, numb heart!
Sleeplessness confided in that love-forsaken night.
Time has played its game since trust turned away.
Forever became never in the middle of lust’s plight.
Together tears are bound to painful memories, no spark.
Victimized by a follies’ friend, the bed has been laid.
Oh, numb heart!
When will joy be found that life’s sorrow may fade?

Oh, faithful heart!
Thou art the very essence of my spirit’s grandest dream.
Two lovers that remember to keep honesty in sight.
Knowing that with faithfulness trusting soon redeems.
Life begins a brand new scene filled with joy’s suspense.
Revitalizing love, soon making living worth each night.
Oh, faithful heart!
Will fantasy find truth again and bring hope’s pleasant light?

Oh joyful heart!
Sing with my soul, songs of hope and trust revealed.
Come upon each dreary day when dreams are almost dead.
Show and strengthen helpful streams previously concealed.
Seek friends and optimisms; revive hope’s brighter day.
Promises and faithfulness never was just a toy.
Oh joyful heart!
Did you know hope and trust always precede joy?

© April 11, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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Broken Trust

Broken Trust

 I went for a walk today
Just to try and clear my mind
The things that really troubled me
The answers so hard to find

You left me for another
And it broke my heart in two
I cried so many tears 
Because my love for you was true

Now you have come back to me
And said leaving a big mistake
You have left me in a quandary
Because I fear you are too late.

I cried a million tears 
Yes, that is oh so true
But the pain finally went away
and I  got over you.

Now you are asking me to love you
Just the way  I used to do
If only there was a way for us
But the trust I had is missing too

We simply cannot go back 
That was another life and time
I gave you all I had to give
And you crushed this love of mine

I am sorry I cannot retrieve it
Because Trust and love go together
My trust for you is broken
And the love is  gone forever.

So I went for a walk today
Just to try to clear my mind
And I finally found the answers 
They had been there all the time.

Connie Moore
Dec 28, 2013

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cant take it

You’re an amazing girl
It isn’t hard to see this
I will guard your secret
But I can’t leave your heart in pieces

You’ve been waiting for someone special to give it to
But I don’t love you back
You will be the best thing I didn’t do
But you need to put me in your past

It isn’t fair for me to take it
When I don’t feel the same
A lot of guys will chase it
But I won’t add to your pain

You’ve been waiting for the right person
You think I’m right from everyone you’ve dated
Girl I know you no longer want to be a virgin
But I can’t take it

It’ll just be sex to me
But it’ll be a lot more to you
While you’ll be happily lying next to me
I’ll want to show the door to you

You will find someone worthy
Someone who loves you back
But I can’t take your virginity
It’s not in my heart to do that 

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The Lottery Ticket

If all we had was each other
Would that be enough for you
To stay with me be my honeybee
Just you for me and me for you

If all our possessions and material things were gone
Would I alone be enough to hang on
Could you love me poor with my pride in doubt
Or would you find a way out

I hold the lottery ticket in my hand
It's everything I dreamt or dare to plan
So why do I not tell you
Am I afraid it could reveal you

Is happiness things we can't afford
Is it human nature to long for more
What if we could have anything
Would love survive the strain

If all we had were each other
Would that be enough for me
To stay with you and be your sweet baboo
Just me for you and you for me

No one really wins the lottery
No one stays the same winning the lottery
Six numbers randomly picked
I place in your hand the lottery ticket

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Jesus Can Take Care Of ALL Your Problems

Jesus Can Take Care Of Your Problems!

Jesus can take care of all your problems!
Won’t you invite him in?
 And let him solve them?

He alone can take of what may troubling you!
He is God!  And will never disappoint you!

He can turn any of your situations around!
And can pick you up, when you’re down!

He’s waiting to put his loving
 arms around you!
No matter what circumstances
 may surround you!

He’s the master of life’s rough
 and stormy seas!
He brings true hope and
 everlasting peace!

Behold his beauty and forgiving grace!
He brings stability and a firm resting place!

He’s clothed with glory and awesome splendor!
And wants to be with you in heaven… 

Let’s come and humbly honor
 and kneel before him!
Let’s give him our life! 
 And completely trust him! 

Thank you Lord!  For everything
 you do for me!
You have come and brought
 life abundantly!

By Jim Pemberton

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Knife and Lust

Walking these streets of manhattan so aimlessly 
All alone in the dark only lights by the city shops 
I'm scared alone feeling out of love now lost the knife was rough 
You stabbed me in the back all I can do is Cry on my knees veins hot as fire 
With mixed emotions running through 
It's Like this dagger killing me more inside all this love and all this hate burns me away 
Deep inside passion urning for another lusting after another 
As if I were a lion in a jungle taking that prey and burning up with tense desire 
It's like a knife with loves wounds after the lust 
This is very hard for me in a world you left me bleeding alone 
Never picked me up left my heart to die out 
With my tears hitting the city pavement times like this just burns me away 
Love can go off like a loaded gun a love  vanishes just like a knife with lust 
-- by Brian OToole jr. 

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No Worries

No Worries
The Lord is my shepherd the keeper of all of my hopes and all of my dreams. I hold Him close to my heart and we will never part. His light will always be seen every step of my walk, even when I talk, we will never be apart.
My trust in the Lord is sight unseen and it my faith the keep me clean. My problems maybe many but there is no need to worry, because of my belief is just to strong, in Jesus I just cannot go wrong. There a song in my soul that sends my spirit high, praising my Lord until the day I die and I know will be at His side. Keeping in mind that Jesus divined nature is not all it’s for all and it is not hard to find. It’s a gift that the Father as give to all of mankind.
Now to time to tell you about a child that was born in glory, salvation was the pearl that that was bought into this world. To the poor and the despaired He gives hope and healing His power ever revealing. Love and praise to His people He did give peace within if you stop your sinning.
The dead He will raise and true life He gives meaning for all who stop their sinning. Those that where in power, never would they honor, instead they feared the one that was foretold as the prophecy was unfolded. Crimes they cried, this was the lie which sentenced our savior on earth to die and fulfilling what was to be. From heaven to earth He came to teach us the way, and earth to the cross, a debt that was not His did He paid. From the grave He ascended home to His throne, there He sits and he not alone waiting for those the price He did paid so that they may life and have it more absurdly for every and a day.
Now why is it so hard for us to have faith and trust for the Christ who love us  oh so much, so that we that we can have peace and find everlasting life , free from suffering in paradise. 

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Time After Time

      Time After Time

Sometimes we fight because
we can't seem to find.
The reasons why we hurt 
each other time after time.

I know you love me as much
as you know that I love you.
Let's stop the madness
before we find we're all through.

Trust is what we need
and trust needs to be earned.
Let's trust in each other
before our love get's burned.

Let's start all over.
I don't know what else to do.
You already know how I feel.
Don't you love me too?

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Worth it

My love for you feels so right
Cuz its feels so natural
So fresh and pure
I feel like all the wrong guys
Led me to you

I’m falling for you
And falling fast
But something is stopping me 
And its not you
Its my past
I’m so scared this won’t last

Maybe if you knew
My story
My life before you
You would understand

Cuz I walked through hell
Cuz no one would 
Treat me right
Broken promises
Left me broken hearted 

But I have to let it all go
I have to take a chance and hope
Cuz I want you to be the one
That wont hurt me
I want you to be the one
Forever in my arms
And be the one to show me 
My past was all worth it
Cuz it led me to you

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the green eyed monster

my life is funny
also been a mess
i had all the things in life 
the was simply the best
i throw it all away 
with mist trust and pain
a learned to love another
i did the bloody same
my heart feels in tatters
a dont know what to do
if a met another
would it be the same to.

my fears of being happy
is all just a dazze
i wonder if lifes in anger
as a treat you all the same.

i feel so lonely
and deep hurt inside
a met a lovely women
a wanted her as a bride,

i felt i mist trust her
as i was so comfused
i told her am not happy
and i was not amused,
she left me for another
as most do the same
does this happen forever
of love being the same,

i tried to hide my feelings
and keep my heart strong
am scared a hurt another
and say the things thats wrong, 

i want to be happy, 
and chance them blues away
i pray i meet another
that will not treat me this way, 

it is not the women
that are i mistrust
its my green eyed monster
that ruines all my love, 
i feel like its a monster 
that drives me insane
as the green eyed monster
thinks everyones the same...

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Two Peas in a Pod - Shadow and Peace in Mind

Don’t let the words
slip out of your
mouth and let there
be light! Envy
becomes serpentine
in my lost soul,
going out of control
– it’s tearing my
heart apart and it’s
killing me with its
death stare
Don’t say what you
wanna say…Don’t run
if you’re not
required to run…hope
through the ring of
fire and fetch me
the fiery
rose…snatch hope’s
hand before we slip
and fall into
Bravery never
existed in this
youthful heart of
mine…I head towards
the south…I keep
looking towards that
direction…At least
it’s more lively
there! Loving you is
easy and hard…it’s
an easy thing to
become infatuated
with you – talk it
out with me…I know
what you’re gonna
talk about – don’t
bring me down…though
there’s some good
news to bring
To be honest, I just
wanna see you be
fine today…flames of
passion scorch
aflame inside of my
reveries and my
at the world’s woe
and confusion
There’s always room
for improvement one
way or another –
talking to myself as
if I’m crazy…I’m
quitting this bad
habit today – why do
you bring me down
with you? Feeling
like I don’t belong
– nothing’s wrong
with me – you say
“Hang in there” –
I’m hanging by the
last string  
Don’t let the words
slip out of your
mouth and let there
be light! Envy
becomes serpentine
in my lost soul,
going out of control
– it’s tearing my
heart apart and it’s
making me completely
unaware (of His

(I can see your
when you walk away…I
can see your light,
shining on me day
after day…I see the
light in goodbye…I
can see the seething
storm passing away…I
can see the gray of
today fading
away…and I pray it
remains that way for
eternity –
time will come
eventually…that time
will dawn upon us,
dousing us with
sun-shining day 
I’m kindah (x2 out
of my mind) – I’m
trying to find peace
in mind
Peace in mind
Peace of mind
But, I’m frankly
dead and
blind…believe in me
& reflect on me;
we’re two peas in a
pod and we both have
the possibility to
share our liberty –
we must share to get
a piece of
prosperity and
ecstasy all in one
package…the darkness
blankets me with
sorrow’s shadowy,
sinister day…survive
the breakage of
tomorrow’s yesterday
I’m kindah (x2
losing my silly
mind) – frantically
and desperately, I’m
trying to find
You, but you walk
You, but you left me
on my own
You, but you
murdered the day
You, you and I
together –
I can only see you,
walking around…
Don’t frown…don’t be
down…sit with me on
the ground
You and I suffer so,
so much…trapped in
fairytale, majestic,
and thrilling
Can you tell us
apart? We’re two
peas in a pod…
You whirl around my
head crazily…
You’re my
ecstasy…you’re my
lover by my side

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What Is Love

Love is accepting someone
For who they are,
They should shine in your life,
Like a brightened morning star.

Love is being there for someone,
When they are down and upset,
Holding them tightly,
And leaving them with not one regret.

Love is spilling your feelings out,
To one another,
And having compassion
For each other.

Love is having faith,
And having trust,
Because without these two,
The relationship turns into dust.

I'm here to tell everyone,
That if you really love one another,
Then you should be treated,
Like no other.

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Dream Of Love

O to dream of love oh so sweet,_This love so tender so soft your blood will heat.__On the coldest night your body held in your lovers arms,_To dream of love with all it's sweet charms.__O to feel the dream of a loving soul,_Dream of love passion hot like burning Cole.__O this dream of love this dream of life,_So sweet so sharp a two edged knife,__But to walk this dream of love is like on a precipice,_Love trust and desire oh sweet release.__O to dream of this true love is but to touch one's naked soul,_To dream this dream to share one's life one's heart is the coal.__O to dream of love with one's soul-mate._Oh but to find this love we must dream And trust in fate.

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When a woman says I love you

When a woman says she loves you, take note because what she means is she trusts you. When a woman says she loves you, it’s not because it sounds cute or surprisingly because she likes the way it sounds when it rolls off her tongue. When a woman says she loves you she’s entrusting you not only with her heart but with every insecurity she has ever phantom. When a woman says she loves you must first understand that it is not rather or not you feel the same way but more so that you understand what is happening at that very moment, because although I love is a statement when a woman and I do mean a woman says I love you, it’s a series questions. She’s asking you first of all are you man enough to love her back, Take her heart and do it no harm, and if not are you man enough to be bold enough to know that even if you may not feel the same way acknowledging it and being upfront is a lot better than dragging her along for what will be a both unpleasant and heartbreaking ride because you see when a woman says she loves you, what she is asking you is are you done being a boy and ready to make that next big step, that next big commitment. When a woman says I love you she asking you are you just going to keep sampling, or are you ready to buy? Are you done renting and ready to sign this mortgage? When a woman say she loves what she really say is……. Are you ready to make this Home?

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Such different people came together made a great combination of loyalty. Thank you I want to say for everything, every single moment we share together marks a memorable day. You have shown me light, brought me joy delivered me to happiness. Thank you I want to say for your honesty, happy I am to haven found you blessed indeed. You have become a huge part of me that completes my whole existence. I call you my friend because through you I got to find the true definition of the word ally. Thank you for haven come to my life and make living more sensible as easier for me. The love I have for you is outrageous. I have hope and trust in you not because you share wonderful moments with me but because you are always there whenever I need you. I have grown to love you as much as you deserve, you see things in me that many cannot. Thank you for haven helped me build so much confidence. Were we meant to be it not the question, destiny brought us together now that we found each other to explore and make wonders come true. Thank you for the trust you have in me. Have officially taken it as a duty been your friend so do I know and believe that you are a true friend indeed.

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A Woman's Heart

If I gave you but a piece of me 
would it be enough to last 
Could you hold that for eternity 
and let go your troubled past 

If you had but a glimpse of me 
would you keep it locked inside 
Mirage of your mind to balance reality 
A haven where your soul can hide 

If you were to touch me and feel the fire 
could it sustain the hunger that screams 
within the depths of your endless desire 
Could it be enough for me to exist only in your dreams 

If I was to pledge myself to you tonight 
could you see me as more than an apparition 
a specter that would fade with morning's light 
To lie within the arms of loves sweet recognition 

If I give you all of me, will you let me be 
Or would you mold me to your version of fantasy 
Within those moments you hold our destiny 
Take me as I am or forever set me free

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HALLELUJAH I'm On the Winning Side

Hallelujah!  I’m on
 the winning side!
Jesus is victorious!  
And pushed back the evil tide!

Hallelujah!  Jesus has given
 me an assurance.
Living for him…  Is the best
 “life insurance!”

HIS policy is FREE!  It asks 
that you serve him!
Won’t you come?  
And take time to know him?

His eternal insurance is life
 that’s everlasting!
“Come follow me!” 
 Is what he’s asking!

I’m thankful to know of the choice
 I’ve made!
A way to eternity, through Christ,
 has been paid!

By Jim Pemberton   08/01/13

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He didn't catch me
I fell to the cold pavement below
Grasping for anything
to break this free fall
or steady my step
I was taken by surprise
When it turned out this way
& now it's too late to go back
To that innocence lost
It hurts like salt
On an open wound
My tears burning down my face
With the ferocity of a forest fire ablaze
Slowly burning,
Stinging with the intensity of two extremes
Hot & cold
Bring me to the fire of burning love
To rejuvenate my soul & spirit
The storm is coming to wake the day
Like the matching torment 
In my soul
I cry out in anguish
Save me from this horrid pain
Why can't it be 'perfect' just like before?
Take me back to that place
Carefree bliss lost
But it was all a big lie
A hoax
My heart was ripped out
A big gaping hole to be filled
Never to fully trust again,
Secrets not to be told
My heart key,
I reach to pick it up,
But it crumbles in my grasp
Ashes blowing away
Gone with the winds of change
Until I can trust & love again

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Magic Carpet Tours

Madam, your chariot arrives, of camel hair and silk
Sparkling like the pleiades, sweet as heaven's milk
And all around us whistling, willows wet with songs
That you and I adrift on a dream may beyond all go
Back to that sweet palace where better wisdom flow
Solomon basked in oil, there retreat from the throngs.
I am your Solomon now, and you my Sheba, dear
My heart before you vow, O beauty,shines with light
Soft the ivory's tinted hue, the tap where beyond compare
The bridal bath is set, the marble clear water flows
And O the frangrance, as spices their aroma throws
On your sweetness'touch, restraining me with delight

Let us linger no more in fruited gardens, where silk soft
Upon our bodies tremble, we have taken our fill; few oft
Can share, palate and tongue salivating still, push aside
Crystal plates, and glass, and silver-gold cutlery. We can
Dance now, you and I, the music of times blended in one,
Skin to skin our bodies touch, my sweet, eternal bride
This is the palace of the great Solomon, love celebrates
Its crowning moments here. Let me feed plum and dates,
Let me rinse your breath with wine, and it shall not be yet
Sweeter than since Eden brought together our kind, free
Falter and to fail, and then to rise and come again, new glee
Of heart, new resolve of soul, for love is sweeter with regret.

Joy there is no better companion, and none but you to take
For there where Solomon stood we may undo all mistake
And besides you deserve to taste the luxuries of the ride. 
None but you, for you alone can bring the magic to all I do
What use are kingdoms, and wealth, and all else if I yet rue
Hours of loneliness, and time apart from you, come O bride.
I love you, darling, woman, child. You fragile bird of bitter storms
Who like Eve far away, fell to the deceit beyong my purest arms,
Behold your chariot, feel its charms, the magic carpet of goodness
Truth, and Joy. Lie is imagination behind closed doors, trust is key
To open hearts and make life's highway clear. Come, enter the acme
Of the moment, for trust is come freedom gives birth to happiness.

David Smalling;Taking Joy Wellington a ride;  8/22/2012

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An Unknown Journey

Share a thought, a look a touch.
Nerves on fire as fingers tingle,
two hearts beat in silent wonder.
Step beside me and match my pace,
breathe the fragrance of cool night air.
put your arm around me and hold me close.
Heat radiates a soothing warmth.
Look up at the moon so full, 
stars twinkling like little lights.
electricity so close to spark, 
grounded now with fingers laced.
Take a step, a leap, a jump.
Fear not the chasm of unknown.
Close your eyes and walk with me,
together we will find a way.
©K.Chun 6.29.14

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The Inbetween

Everything chokes up,
But in a good way,

I think.

Being tickled by imaginary hands, but your words are all so real.

Maybe denial seems like the right word;
Am I ready to admit to this satisfaction?

The worse the idea, the more appealing it feels.

For you to reel me in,
My restraints are none.

I have no caution.

Throw me to the wind, with foolish delirium we’ll fly.

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Six Months In


Six Months into learning of your betrayal

Six Months into learning of your lying

Six Months into looking at every infidelity website

Six months of looking for clues of 


Six months into learning about me

Six months into finding me lying to me

Six months of looking at every self help website

Six months of looking for clues of


Six months of learning to be US

Six months of still not TRUSTING

Six months of trying to communicate

Six months of looking for clues of


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Jesus Is Always With Us

Jesus Is Always with Us!

Jesus didn’t bring us this far to leave us.
He remains faithful and really loves us!

His promises are true and everlasting.
A simple faith in him is what he’s asking!

His faithfulness and love is solid and secure.
And gives everlasting friendship…  That’s for sure!

Won’t you come and have
 fellowship with him?
He wants to be with you, 
that you may know him.

Please come dear Lord and fill us with grace.
May your presence come and bless this place!

May your power come 
and reach down within.
That we all would trust you,
as Lord and friend.

May your words of life stir within our soul.
It’s your blessings in us you want to bestow.

May you guide us in all that we endeavor…
You are always with us…  
Today and forever!!!

By Jim Pemberton     01/26/15

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You think you know me because I’m so open 
You just have me all figured out. 
There is more to me than meets the eye 
And with that, there is no doubt. 
Yes I am hard because life has taught me to be, 
But I actually possess much sensitivity. 
Yes I am guarded because I have been hurt, 
But I have an abundance of love inside of me. 
Despite my reputation for bashing all men, 
I believe they are beautifully strong creatures. 
I love everything about the male species: 
Their build, their strength, their masculine features. 
Yes I graduated college, the first in my family to do so, 
But I still feel like I have failed. 
I even obtained a professional license the first try, 
Yet I feel as if my life has been derailed. 
I have grown up as an abused child; 
Without these poems, you wouldn’t know it. 
I internalize much of my pain and hurt; 
I’m more damaged than I’m willing to admit. 
I see my future and it looks so bright, 
But I’m scared of being a success. 
I’m scared I may actually be great at something 
And that is something that I reluctantly confess. 
I am a single mother doing it all on my own, 
Something I do take much pride in. 
However, I feel that I have let my daughter down 
By choosing a man that isn’t providing. 
Because I allowed him to emotionally ruin me, 
I hesitate to fully trust another man. 
However, I sincerely want to trust openly 
But I have a very hard time doing so again. 
You think you know me? I don’t think you do. 
I’m giving you only about 10% of me. 
Take the time to get to really know me, 
The 90% that most people cannot see.

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Our glory is in the favor of the God of Hosts
and into his anointed King do make our boasts
by his Love descends the latter rain
evidence that soon be he among us again

As the tares mature in the fields of wheat
we know that soon the harvest will complete
and thrust he will the sickle into the fields
collect the ripened fruit with her yields

For his servants do speak the proclamations
that Jesus will descend and rule the nations
and those he knows will collect to himself
for in their hearts treasured only Gods wealth

Tis but a remnant left upon your earth
who trust your Word of the Kingdoms birth
Gods woman has been faithful and true
because she knows her place is with you

She carries out her husbands Word
teaches the household of God things she's heard
understanding and wisdom of heart has gained
turned not left or right but on path remained

These Words are faithful and true
for Father by his Son does by Love renew
mankind searches the earth looking for treasure
but only the Love from God can bring true pleasure

The contractions of birth have begun
the Kingdom produced will be her Son
only those who have the Father known
will be permitted to enter before the Fathers throne

For in submission have given their life
the engagement of virgins who become his wife
cultivate the fields that God does plant
her work is manifest and Word extant

There can only one True Church be
who have trimmed their lamps for eternity
like living stones her foundations built
Jesus has cleansed his bride removed her guilt

With tenderness has shown her his Love
to guide her footsteps before Father above
with purity of heart and without guile
her robes are cleansed from things that defile

She has not hidden her husbands light
and with his guidance teaches wrong from right
her Love of God shines brightly through night
to keep his Trust Faith and Hope does fight

Amen says the Bride and Spirit come quickly My Lord
for the Words of God and Truth have we adored
into your sanctuary and church have fled
away from the World whose living is dead

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller

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precious gift of love

True love starts off with friendship
         True friendship starts off with trust
         And to build this type of bond mutual respect is a must
         Now to respect some one in this way you must first 
        communicate.talking ,listening,for a start this bond you will 
        In time this precious bond gets stronger due to respect you 
        both share.and at this point you start to feel that you really 
        truly care.
       During this fragile stage trust begins to grow,comfortable
       with this person now more feelings you start to show.
       Trusting more in this person in who you can depend.
       Now that respect and trust is there you now become friends.
      Filled with joyful emotions because of your new friend.
     All the times shared together now you never want to end.
    It starts off as a little spark deep down in your tummy.
    As time goes on it grows and grows making you feel funny.
   And those times when you`re alone thinking does this person
   Feel the same.this feeling that you feel inside goes by another 
  name.Not sure how or when this happend but feeling that its your thoughts becomes hopes that he feels the same
  for you.Not sure how to go about this you start to test it out.with 
 suttle flirting gustures to confirm there isnt doubt.
 And when it finally happens your floating in the clouds above.
 Knowing down deep inside that this is really love.
 All those moments that led up to this was vital in every way
So dont ever let go of those moments not even for a day.
True Love feels so good inside you thank the stars above.
for blessing you with this precious gift the precious gift of love.

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The Price of Faith 11122011


MY FATHER’S FAMILY left Russia in 1917
At the urging of their parish priest
“If you want to keep your children safe in the faith
Go to America!”

German-Speaking Russians
Soon afterward their 13 year old daughter
Margaret had been raised in the Church
The Family continued to trust in God

Today we honor St. Josaphat, patron of the Ukraine
He was a man who loved his country
Loved his Church even more
Speaking courageously about unity with Rome at a time of schism and division
His bold stand eventually cost him his life

St. Josaphat
Like Margaret’s family, reminds us 
That trust in God
Is the only source of true safety

Wisdom 18:14-16; 19:6-9 * Psalm 10:2-3, 36-37, 42-43
Luke 18:1-8

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telling yourself the truth

You should know these things, my love.
You can not love the wall.
Can’t love the plaster or the wood.
You know that it’s all fake.
How can you not pay attention,
To the fact that I’m right here?
I’m standing right in front of you.
You know everything of me.
Nothing do I hide.
Never have I lied.
You saved me when I nearly died.
You make my heart grow wings and fly.
I’m here to catch you when she throws you down.
I’m not leaving unless you ask me to.
Even then I’d fight for you.
I will speak to you only truth.
You’re here for me, but you hide it from yourself.
How do you go on with your wall?
In a relationship where you’re bound to fall?
There is nothing left with her.
You obviously don’t trust her,
Though you’ve decided you can fake it.
She obviously can’t trust you,
She couldn’t even tell you her secrets.
She won’t be there forever, love.
This girl will be gone soon.
I’ve seen it all happen before this fight,
The secrets, the lies, the unfaithful.
Also, may I ask of you,
Would you rather to find out,
That the one you “loved” pressed their lips upon,
Another they didn’t care for,
Or that they spent their time holding,
Another they say they have feelings for?
Here is something maybe you could think about,
After telling yourself the truth.

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A Sweet Angel Sent My Way

There's some buzzing in my ear
Sounds of loving tender flair
Whispering with low soft tones
Now I'm no longer alone
Your finesse and caring style
Is always putting a smile
In a heart that was so blue
When my luck led me to you
Finally released form a cell
Of uncertainty and hell
That was dragging me down fast
Drowning in a hurtful past
Then you pulled me up above
The waves of terror with a love
That rescued a lost soul and tried
Daily to keep me revived
My past has been put to death
With each new and careful breath
You softly kiss into me
The honest sincerity
Is a refreshing change than I 
Used to know, I want to cry
Tears that show how much you've changed
My whole world, I can explain
The true and emotional way
I feel for you every day
As you take the time an not
Rush my fragile broken heart
Saying you will wait until
Every part of me is well
Trusting 100 percent
Thankful heaven finally sent
An angel patient and kind
A rarity that's hard to find

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The Poem of Hate

The hatred I have for you burns like hot rocks beneath my feet
You thought I would be blinded by your little "sneaky" ways
You felt as if I was and dumb so you did everything in your power 
to break me

Thought I could love and trust you but what's the point 
So hurt that the blood drips from my eyes because of you

There is not a drop of water in my body because 
you took sips of me and now I'm all gone

There is nothing more that you could do to me
to make me feel as I do now

Bullets hitting my back as hard as they can
I'm dying slowly in my own blood, sweat, and tears

Nothing you do will allow me to put my guard of trust down
I will break my shackles of sins that you put upon my feet and burry
them in the deep fiery pits of hell

Your love will never exits again and I will make you suffer oh yes I 
will make you suffer and get my revenge of love and play you like a fool

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u win

Theres a difference between leaving someone and being pushed away. I think it's impossible to love someone that is full of doubt. they spend so much time putting themselves down that u second guess y u even considered loving them. i want to love u so bad, but how can i if u dont let me? u want me to trust u when in reality u dont trust u. i went to bat for us. i changed my plans to whatever u had planned just so we could be together. all for what? so u can say i deserve better. dont tell me what i deserve. i wanted u. i chose u. how can u blame me for loving u when u made it so easy? how could loving u go from being so easy to almost impossible in just a few days? i figured it out. if u dont think ur worthy, y should i? if u think i can do better, i think i should start looking. maybe u have a point. y should i settle for love when i can be with someone that has money or something, right? that sounds like a plan. a dumb one. u dont love somebody for what they can buy. u love them for how they make u feel and what great things yall can do together. sometimes people need space. i guess this is our sometimes. y fight a losing battle? sometimes its just easier to read about in books that stop at the good part. they get married n live happier ever after. the end.

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My Zak. Zak you are my world, you make me feel like a little girl. You always make me happy, ill never feel insecure. Zak I need to feel you kiss, no one has ever made me feel like this. I don't care how long it's been, my love for you is deep within. Zak I trust you, and I know you trust me. You know I need you, how could this be. Zak my feelings for you are so real, I finely know how I really feel. I need to feel you next to me, every day you amaze me. Zak I know you will never stop loving me, I can't wait for it to be just you and me. Every day I have this daydream, it's you and me starting a family. Zak my love for you gets stronger each day, it makes me so happy you feel the same way. I can't believe my dreams came true, I know ill always Love you. ~Sammie~
© SamanthaFryzel 2012

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Strength Empowers

            Strength Empowers

The difference between being good and being great
Is this much…. How much?.... This much… And growing
Like great music crashing on rocks by the sea storm
Harmony builds to a crescendo on soft notes 
Melodic waves of heat and energy powered by the sun
Allow tall trees to hide, to fall on their own shade 
Music pulls all this together 
Strength grows from the ground up
As love and trust empowers us
Fed by life’s intentions
Only you define that path alone while sailing on
Quiet chords play on the wind
In your loved ones arms  
Our strength in love begins, plays in that symphony

                          Created 7/16/14 for Strength Empowers! Poetry contest

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Coffee table romance

That unbeatable urge to sip a coffee today, got me to the café where we often used to hangout
From a strong coffee in a takeaway glass to Citibank offer for check, ur presence carried a lot of clout
As I entered alone, surprisingly I was all smiles, totally overwhelmed by the amazing memories there
In between drafting mails, calming the workplace angst, coffee spillovers, continued the flirtatious affair
Flashes of countless evenings when you just sat across the table listening to me with rapt attention
Numerous work dates when u made my to do lists and days of “Give it back to your boss” intervention
Times when you reminded me that I interrupted you yet again and started sharing random thoughts
Arguments to get our friendship to a defining turn and fighting to tell the family we’re ready to tie knots
Quiet days of my hometown trips, staring out of cab window with unresolved feelings the week after, 
But the comforting long walks, comforting silence and confessions by the sea side, the told u so laughter
Made us appreciate, oddly enough we complement each other despite ur exasperation n my impassivity
I truly feel I started experiencing the city n us only as we stepped out together to escape life’s anonymity

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I see you
I understand you.
With all your faults and idiosyncrasies
I want to be with you.
I want your smell and your taste
Your faults are part of your perfection.
Your insecurities are your strengths.
When I’m with you I feel home, safe.
Anyone else is wrong because you are right

I love you.

I am utterly content.
I want to make you happy
I want you safe.
I will heal your pain
I will protect you, I will care for you, I will provide for you in every way.
I do not need to own you
I do not want to stop you.
I love what you are.

I know you don’t love me.

I know I don’t make you happy
I know you don’t want to hurt me.

I will leave you.

It is in my power to make you happy
It is in my power to relieve your pain
It is in my power for you to find love.
It is in my power to give you what I have.
I will provide, I will heal, I will make you happy, I will leave you because I love you because –

I understand you.

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Who my love was, who he really is

You are kind, amazing, and wonderful
I've never known anyone like you before
You show me love and care
You are more than I could ask for

You aren't normal, no 
But I dont care
You are so much better than normal
That there's no one who can compare

You slowly crept into my heart
And I'm glad I let you
If I didnt let, then I probably would have never said
I love you

You mean the would to me
Im glad our love gets to grow
And trust me when I say
I don't think I'll ever let you go.

But the truth is...

You are deciving, manipulate, and a hoax
I know everyone like you
You show me lies and tricks
This isnt what I askd for

You are normal, yes
But I dont care
You are more than who you look
There's a lot who can compare

You crept into my heart
And I wish I didnt let you
If I didn't let you, then I would have never said 
I love you

You are the biggest mistake in my life
I'm glad my hate gets to grow as much as your "love"
And trust me when I say
I'll never let this go

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Rainbows smile

Rainbow is a chasin me
caught me with a smile

your admiration makes me laugh
want to stay here with you awhile

you tell me I am beautiful
treating me as a gentleman should
feel like a precious lady
proudly beside me you have stood

come home to your kisses and hugs
having fun together like I've only dreamed
together we are each others rocks
a stable successful team

butterflies in my stomach
sparkle reaches my eyes
for the first time in years, my love
looking forward to tomorrows sunrise

thank you for all you have done for us
feel like Im worth something again
someday I wish to return the favor
all my life where have you been?

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What You've Done Before

I just want you to know
That I don’t care what you’ve done before
We’ve all got skeletons in our closet
But you don’t have to hide it
You can tell me all your secrets, I’ll tell you mine
You can trust me, all it takes is time

I’m gonna love you no matter what
No one’s made it through life uncut
Listen up, I’m gonna give you my heart
I trust that you’ll protect it like valuable art
I just want you to know
That I don’t care what you’ve done before

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I looked into your eyes and knew I would love you but I couldn't have you
I was just all to mistaken so I sit in my pain in my frustration
You become a part of me you will be my everything until I die and even then
You are the air I breathe 
Yet I feel abandoned by you 
I will always have a fear to love you to touch you to be close 
As my tears roll down my cheeks I realize I'm became a part of you
I can't separate myself from what I've done to you
I have these dreams these fantasies of what it would be like to have you close
Was I mistaken to love you for these years? Why couldn't I say something?
I always froze when I was next to you. I need to break away from this tonight 
I ask myself is this time apart going to work out for us? I'm the one confused 
I say things and don't realize how they hurt and somewhat don't care 
You hurt me and somewhat I want to hurt you 
Was I mistaken? Is this a dream? Is this real? Is this just some cruel fantasy?
Do I trust you? Or will you collect dust behind me in my shadow? 
Do I throw this away? I don't think I will trust myself with you
Im trying not to let myself break but its so hard everything is taking so much from me 
its suffocating 
I wont waste myself on you ever you took so much from me when you just left 
I think I was mistaken when I found myself longing for you

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Blessed Are YOU Who Trust In The Lord

“Blessed is the man who
 trust in the Lord!”
Goodness and mercy in him
 shall be stored!

“He shall be like a tree
 planted by the water…”
And will not wither or fade when
 the temperature gets hotter.

“His leaves are green and will stay
 in the year of drought.”
Because his faith in God
 is what his life is about!

“The heart is deceitfully wicked.”  
And who knows it?
God!  He made your heart 
and he helped compose it!

“He searches our heart and
 he tests our ways…”
There’s no running from him.
 Throughout our days.

“He gives each according
 to the fruit they bear.”
He knows what you’re doing. 
 He is always there!

Why not trust him with your life? 
 Why not start today?
Allow him to be your Lord. 
 Simply trust and obey!

You’ll never be disappointed
 by what he can give!
He will bless you and give you
 a reason to LIVE!

By Jim Pemberton  04/22/10
Read:  Jeremiah 17:7-10

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Love Game

Love is a backwards russian roulette.
You place the bullets, I place the bet.
I hand you the gun, your finger to the trigger
Aimed to my chest, a smoking bullet lingers.
No words spoken, I trust you this much.
I trust that my heart and a bullet won't touch.
Inside your hands my fate lies.
I see my destiny behind your eyes.
Your hand is trembeling, it's clear as day.
I feel the pulse when you wipe my tears away.
Everything that's going through my mind
Is everything I try to hide.
The fear, the worry, my emotions a mess.
Wondering if a bullet is aimed to to my chest.

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The other shoe

I wait and hope the other shoe dont drop
I want to trust you but have to stop
You have hurt me mant times before
Why now should I open my hearts doors

I have grown and changed threw the years
Thanks to all the countless tears
I have moved on and found new love to share
So tell me now why should I dare

I want so much to let you in
I want us to be able to be friends
Yet I find myself torn 
And find my heart perched on a thorn

Where you left it years ago broken battered and cold
I want so much your hand to hold
So I ask my beatened heart Can I trust him once more
OR should I never unlock my door

Closed in and wanting to hide
God how I wish I could be by your side
Yet I know if I let my self fall
I will no longer have my brick wall

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When we have strangled virtue at her birth

When we have strangled virtue at her birth
And evil thoughts are all that we can find
We cannot take a draught of cheerful mirth;
Escape from this black prison in the mind.

When friendship and esteem have been foregone
And lone as buzzards circling are our hearts.
Remembrance of past joys will never come
And soon from us the last love will depart.

When wickedness draws down our minds to die
And hatred seems to cloud the very sky
When we don’t look to see the geese fly by
When all we do is moan and weep and sigh

Then let’s remember all we have not lost;
Knot firm our souls till this dark grief has passedWhen we have strangled virtue at her birth
And evil thoughts are all that we can find
We cannot take a draught of cheerful mirth;
Escape from this black prison in the mind.

When friendship and esteem have been foregone
And lone as buzzards circling are our hearts.
Remembrance of past joys will never come
And soon from us the last love will depart.

When wickedness draws down our minds to die
And hatred seems to cloud the very sky
When we don’t look to see the geese fly by
When all we do is moan and weep and sigh

Then let’s remember all we have not lost;
Knot firm our souls till this dark grief has passed

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Two Souls

Two soules separated by distance
So far but yet so close
Feeling wasn't delayed it rose.

What to do? 
No one wants to stop,
Accept the distance 
Turn to fluent love
From one place neither can move,
Waiting but cannot just make love.
Settle down for current...
Be grateful just to know 
Each other so much now

So lucky to be sure of each other's existence
Lucky to have all sorts of contact. 
Except one.
Soon their paths will divide,
One will get married.
Other can find a boyfriend.

Destiny is unknown.
But hearts will continue to hold. 
The wish the want
For this love to go up 
From the buried hope
Into the light.
This pair could be so bright. 
If only two worlds could intervine. 

Even for a second or two ,
Somewhere in their life , 
Spend unforgettable moments...
Whether or not their prone to be separated again . 
With so much pain.
Continue to hope to live
But believing
It is not impossible to meet.

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The battle

I do not love you
I have said so
Reading my love letter
You misread it
You forget that I am So... you regret it

Ones meaning defined by anothers presence
seconded to an angelic beauty designed in heaven
Fighting to calm

The hell forged brimstone slush my heart pumps well
Silence is tin

When your missed song lips too far to hear sing
my angelic wings

I do not love you
You do take me far from sin

That is why i love you
My soul chants as my imagination

I do not love you
I love your image
Words of infatuation
I used to say your creation was heaven sent
a revelation 
And now love keeps pacing 
To is yes, fro is no
Up n down it seems to go
Rush to my heart 
Listen to my soul

Kirk Jones

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Just A Chance

Two people meet. Is it by chance?
Can love begin with just one glance?
How do we know if it is real?
Have we imagined what we feel?

These questions burn within my mind. 
I wonder if I'll ever find
The kind of love we all dream of,
And hope it's sent from God above.

Sometimes I think I'll never know
Just what it is that makes love grow.
If nourishment is what it needs,
How can I fertilize the seeds?

Hope and Faith are ways to start;
Since both are deep within the heart.
A small amount of each will be
Enough to set our feelings free.

We tend our crops with trust and yet,
Sometimes our needs are just not met.
For trust is such a fragile thing;
Once gone, we're still remembering...

Just how it felt when love was new;
When doubt was never inside you.
Your heart believed that all was well,
But that was just a fairy tale.

Your heart is scarred in ways unknown,
Until a new love's face you're shown.
And then it's there for all to see;
The hurt from that old memory.

Try as you might, you just can't rest,
Until you know he's passed the test.
Can he be trusted with your heart?
Will he too, tear your world apart?

The only way that we will know
Is if we let old feelings go.
That fear we have down deep inside
Is no more than our wounded pride.

So when you love, don't be afraid...
Each one of us has been betrayed.
We must believe true love is real;
Allow our painful past to heal.

For nothing ventured, nothing gained,
It's not like love can be explained.
We have to take a chance you see;
In LOVE, there is no guarantee.

A love unspoken can't be felt,
No matter how the cards are dealt.
Too many times we let love pass,
To focus more on greener grass.

But, just in case you are the one
And love for us has just begun,
Don't be afraid to show you care,
Or someday you may feel despair.

A broken heart will heal in time.
A risk not taken is no crime.
But, if we are AFRAID to live ...
How can we GET what we can't GIVE?

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Blessed Is The One Who Trust In The Lord

Blessed is He Who Truss In The Lord! “Blessed is the man who trust in the Lord!” Goodness and mercy in him shall be stored! “He shall be like a tree planted by the water…” And will not wither or fade when the temperature gets hotter. “His leaves are green and will stay in the year of drought.” Because his faith in God is what his life is about! “The heart is deceitfully wicked.” And who knows it? God! He made your heart and he helped compose it! “He searches our heart and he tests our ways…” There’s no running from him. Throughout our days. “He gives each according to the fruit they bear.” He knows what you’re doing. He is always there! Why not trust him with your life? Why not start today? Allow him to be your Lord. Simply trust and obey! You’ll never be disappointed by what he can give! He will bless you and give you a reason to LIVE! By Jim Pemberton 04/22/10 Read: Jeremiah 17:7-10

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Once I knew to laugh
with the abandonment of youth;
unmindful of shocked gasps and disapproving glares.
Joy and merriment the wings underneath my laughter. 
For the sublime buoyancy laughter gave my soul, I laughed.
My laughter rivaled the mocking bird and the nightingales’ songs,
the preening peacock and the soulful dove!
I laughed only as laughter was made to be laughed.
Once I knew to cry
with the soulfulness of babies;
unbothered by the harassed looks of parents and bystanders
Pain and sorrow the momentum upon which my cries were bore.
For the cleansing balm crying did to my soul, I cried.
My cries rivaled the African wailing mourners and dirges,
the screeching prison sirens and booming thunder!
I cried only as crying was made to be cried.
Once I knew to trust
with the faith of a newborn baby;
regardless of the worth of the belief.
Devotion and commitment shining beacons of my trust.
For the confidence and steadfastness of beliefs, I trusted.
My trust rivaled the faith of the Christian prophets , 
the unshakable trust of Christ in God and His disciples!
I trusted only as trust was made to be trusted.
Once I knew to love
with the passion of God;
blind to the failings of my love.
Adoration and dedication the wheels that pushed my love.
For the enthusiasm and commitment of passion, I loved.
My love rivaled love as portrayed in Song of Solomon,
love that made God send His only Son to Death!
I loved only as love was made to be loved.

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Lovely Valentine (Extended Version)

I can't seem to find the right words to say
How I feel at this moment
Though today may be the day meant for lovers
I feel as if, I can't do much now
But I can do this one thing
I will pledge my love to you
I want the whole world to hear it
So listen up as I say it...

Mine! Yes my heart belongs to you!
And you alone, so long as I live on this earth
Love! I promise to stay by your side!
No matter the situation, whether it be good or bad!
I will never leave you, my lovely valentine...

I understand that what you want most this day
And you can expect it from me
However, allow me to do just a little more
Out of the goodness of my heart
I want to show you, my love
My devotion to you lasts forever
Allow me to be your only valentine
As well as the only one you need...

Love! Trust me with your heart!
I promise to take care of it for as long as I live
Life! That's what I'll give to you!
And you hold it in your hands, just like yours in mine!
I'll never let you go,my lovely valentine...

The whole world shall open its ears
And listen to what I shall say...

Mine! Yes my heart belongs to you!
And you alone, so long as I live on this earth
Love! I promise to stay by your side!
No matter the situation, whether it be good or bad!
Love! Trust me with your heart!
I promise to take care of it for as long as I live!

Take my hand and let me embrace you...
My lovely valentine...

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the man on the cross

there once was a man who died for our sins,
theat knock us down like bowling pins,
he turned water into wine,
he shared his love that was quite divine,
what im trying to say is always have hope,
so go to churh and visit a pope.


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fading trust

i know most people would have run by now
who knows, maybe i should
but i remember our wedding day, when we stared into each other's eyes and recited our vows
i remember the love, the passion, the intent behind those vows
and that is what keeps me determined
but i have to know that what was between you and her is over
i have to trust in you and that trust is wanting to fade
i don't want to be the fool, i want to believe your words so much
but it is so hard right now
i feel like my heart is slowly bleeding
i so badly want it healed but is that healing going to come from me or you...

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 Faith is an action a way of life. To trust without waivering, without fear or doubt, to believe in today,tomorrow and all the goodness that God is about.
 The knowing that with love and joy, you will be reaping a harvest of plenty, after the sowing.
 Sharing the hope in a future bright, standing firm in God's loving light.
 Singing hymns of praise and joy, always thanking, e
venthough our hearts are breaking. 
Knowing deep inside that God will always be our faithful guide, always keeping us close at His side. Covered and sheltered, we grow and soon for the world our fruits to show. 
Faith the backbone of our spirit's skeleton, we are armoured and blessed, in the knowledge we serve, the Father, Spirit and Son. 
Growing trees of love and hope we bow and bend in the wind,of storms and waves, always aware that no matter how;our God always helps,always saves.
 The beauty of faith our eyes makes bright, our day a victory in every way,our trust in God, our faith, His heart's delight.

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 i know that 
that ur heart been broken 
so many times were it want work again
but trust me i will try....
i'll never let you go

i know that 
i told you a number of lies
not once not twice but a million of times
but trust me now just this one last time
just believe in me
its going to be hard to trust me again
i'll hold on ur hand the best i can
thats no lie i'll never let you go

so lets go
lets run away to a palce
so we want be bather

just take my hand
lets runaway
lets look at the star 
and be together

i'll fix ur broken wounds
fix it better then papper and glue
all  i'll give u is my love
and everything elses will be better

so lets runaway and  be together
lets fix our broken wounds
grab my hand and let runaway together.....

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Heart Problem

If it does not been controlled, your heart, then my friends,
Its too much messy, when you see others heart.
Atleast you have your heart with you right there,
SEE them Who are walking behind there heart.

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A Deceitful Loving World

Listening to your heart, and believing the love you trust
Is quite the risk to take, but in a relationship it’s a must.
Once you take advice, from your friends which are close
It is mainly up to you, what you make of this deadly dose.

Love that can not be trusted, is just a lie made to you
A relationship is more than love, it is about trust too.
Trusting one another, may take some length of time
But in the end it is worth it, love is greater than a dime.

Today’s world I look at closely, examining my surrounding
Now realizing that everyone, changed to dreadful pounding.
The pounding of this world, makes lives miserable each day
A terrible decision indeed, the government giving their okay.

This world that has become corrupt, full of deadly lies
Changing lives left and right, even sudden drive byes.
This world at war with itself, because of no trust at all
Not knowing what’ll happen, or who will throw the ball.

This ball that has been thrown, is of the world that can’t be
Not trusted or relied on, to see the difference of its trinity.
A world full of Deceit, even though it’s a wonderful loving one
You have to choose your trust carefully, before you are done.

Every one has made it clear, to each other who we embrace
One by one as we come to see, the possible end of our race.
A deceitful yet loving world, will be the end of all humanity
This is why we need to trust each other, before we get panicky.

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Left Unsaid by Kenny Davis

Left Unsaid by Kenny Davis

I’d like to apologize for my actions, of late.
The shameful way I acted towards you that I hate.

People say to show interest is to, “Say how you feel.”
As painful as it is, that my love to you, lacked a certain appeal.

Little did I know that the words “I love you” were better left unsaid.
From the moment I said those words, “What was going through my head?”

Telling you the truth, “Was it the right thing?” in question
The painful answer has led to my truly learning my lesson

I now know that these feeling are better held in discretion
No longer capable of showing such nonsense like love and affection

I realize telling you how I felt was a failed attempt
From the pain, the hurt, my heart was not exempt

All of this I saw my love for you as genuine and honest.
But now I know when asked, “Do I love you?” I know to remain modest

Denying my heart, denying myself
Lying to your face and lying to everyone else

You asked “How could I have these feeling when I don’t know you?”
You’re right! I should have kept quiet. I was a damn fool.

When I said, “I love you.” I asked myself, “What did I say?”
But from this point on I’ll never make that mistake

What I know now is that I can’t trust you with my heart
To trust you to covet it, to love it, instead of tear it apart

To you, for my actions, I apologize.
To myself, for making my heart believe I could ever look into your eyes

I apologize to myself for believing I could ever hold you in my arms
Pouring my heart out did less good than harm

Instead of my heart I will follow my instincts, follow my gut
Next time I run into those words, those feelings, I know to keep my mouth shut

To furiously avoid my heart from shedding any more tears
I shall keep it locked and closed for its love, no one deserves to hear. 				       

© June 2011 k.davis

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Dont Cry Little Angel


Don't cry little angel,
Your heart is in good hands.
You'll go the distance,
You'll travel distant lands.
Don't worry little angel,
Your tears will soon disappear.
You'll kill the pain and stand
With out fear.
Don't run little angel,
I won't let you down.
With my caress, and all the faith,
You'll forget how to frown.
Keep standing little angel,
Because I won't let you fall.
Believe it, I was there with
Just one call.
Don't hide little angel,
There's no need to conceal.
Don't fear what your thinking,
Don't fear what you feel.
Just sing little angel,
Let heaven hear the voice it made.
Your melody is strong,
Your harmony won't fade.
You can laugh little angel,
You just don't forget.
Laughing heals the soul,
No one's pr oven me wrong yet.
So smile little angel,
Release your beauty from within.
Destroy the past,
Let the future begin.
So don't cry little angel,
Because you can already see.
You can always and forever,
Forever count on me.

(c) Jasmine Paul 11-16-2014 <3

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Most Familiar Face

Hello there, most familiar face,
Most treasured recognition.

I find you, and see you, 
And in doing so really
See what I look upon.
And in knowing this, I know you,
In knowing you, I trust you,
In trusting you, and trust this:
I love you.
A love I found and saw and know as fact.

Hello there, most familiar face,
Most treasured recognition.
Start and heart of my day.

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Life of a Confused Boy.

One day I woke up and thought silently,
What if I solved all my problems violently?

The more I thought the more I grew fonder,
So then I took a walk and began to ponder,

The deep thoughts that clouded my mind,
Is this what I get for being so kind?

My soul began to twist and break,
When I realized they were a seven headed snake,

They made my life a living thriller,
Couldn't they see I was becoming a killer?

I tried my hardest to be the best I could,
All I wanted was someone that understood,

Someone I could help and someone that could heal,
The way that I felt and the way that I feel,

The pains that are always in my head,
The same pains for which the boy in me has bled,

But now they are scarier and now they are worse,
The only way now is to write verse by verse,

For if I do not I might just try and destroy,
What's left of this kind misunderstood boy,

And once that boy starts to disappear,
My thoughts and visions will become so very clear,

I will rule with a fist made of steel,
Taking everyone down and making them kneel,

For what you do to me will always come back,
In the form of a terrible tortuous attack,

There is very few who can make me smile,
And they are the ones, who make it worthwhile,

To take pride and joy in another day,
The same ones I will never try to betray,

For when I hurt the people I can trust,
My heart sinks and crumbles to dust,

I want them to trust that I mean what I say,
For if they don't I won't make it another day.

When I say I trust you,
I mean it.
When I say I like you,
I mean it.
When I say I love you,
I mean it.

When I tell you not to worry,
I want you to believe it.
When I tell you I haven't lied,
I want you to believe it.
When I say I'll be here forever,
I want you to believe it.

For I only really want one thing in my life,
Someone for with which I will have very little strife,

Someone who could handle my personality,
And wouldn’t drive me into fatality.

Someone who would know what I’ve been through,
Could it be God, or could it be you?

-Jake G

I'm pretty young so i'm still learning =)

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True Friends

True friends are there for you 
until the end 
Yall laugh and hang out 
They love to just have fun and shout
Yall burst with excitement 
over all that yall do
They love just being around you 
They are with you 
through thick and thin 
You can trust them with all your sin
When your in trouble 
and you need a hand 
You can trust 
that I’ll do whatever I can 

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I Love You.


                                          I Love You.

I love you with my heart,I love you with my soul, 
I love you with my spirit,because you make me whole.
I love you with my body,I love you with my mind,
I love you with every part of me,it cannot be defined.
I trust you with my wants,I trust you with my needs,
I trust you to support me,with all my thoughts and deeds.
I've never felt so happy,I've never felt complete,
You meet me in my darkest hours,you are so true and sweet.
There never are enough words,to share with you my love,
I only know it's sent to you,from my being,and especially God above.

By Sharon .L .Leonard.23rd,October,2007.

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This Is For You

This is for you

You use to like me not to long ago
I use to like you too
And I'm not going to lie I still do
I really don't understand how our love for each other faded so fast
To bad it did not last
But all that's in the past
Guess your love was just fake
Or maybe it was just a big mistake
You say you don't like me
I say the same for you
But deep down inside I know that's not  true
I wonder if that's how you feel too
I put my trust in you
You put your trust in me
You told me your deep secrets with are still kept safe within me
I wonder if I should tell you mine
But I can't let those words escape my mind
Now I am running out of time
It's time to say good-bye
So as my poem comes to a end I have one last thing to say
We may no longer be lovers but I hope we will be friends always.

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It Seemed LIke It

it seems like love
when i see something sparkle in your eyes.
it seems like love 
when you comfort me when i cry
its seems like love
when we tell each other whats wrong
it seems like love 
when i feel like i can trust you
it seemed like love
when that sparkle was just a glare
it seemed like love
when the comfort meant nothing to you
it seemed like love
when you used all my problems against me
it seemed like love
when the trust turned to a false love 

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Into The Light (Pantoum)

With tears upon my aging cheek 
My trust in the world so leery
Answers I do search and seek 
But I feel so weak and weary 

My trust in the world so leery 
For so much horror I have seen 
But I feel so weak and weary 
My spirit lost in the in-between

For so much horror I have seen 
Sadness unfurled upon the land 
My spirit lost in the in-between 
Goodness only small pebbles of sand

Sadness unfurled upon the land
I call upon the Lord above 
Goodness only small pebbles of sand
To touch these grains with his pure love 

I call upon the Lord above 
My spirit reaching from deep inside 
To touch these grains with his pure love 
Across the heavens, the great divide

My spirit reaching from deep inside
To touch and feel his wondrous light
Across the heavens, the great divide 
Guiding me through this world of night 

To touch and feel his wondrous light 
My spirit grows steadily and soars 
Guiding me through this world of night 
My soul replenished and now restored 

My spirit grows steadily and soars
Answers I do search and seek
My soul replenished and now restored  
With tears upon my aging cheek 

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  ''FOR     WHAT     YOU     DECIDE'' you doin' 
No, I did not call argue 
But I have to admit 
That I don't understand 
The reason you're acting, this way 
If it's something I said 
I'm sorry 
Though I cannot recall 
A harsh word 
In our last conversation 
I spoke from the heart 
Of my love and commitment to you 
I know how you 
Valiantly struggle 
With the issues of pain 
From your past 
And though try as you may 
It spills over into 
What we have 
But because of the way 
That I feel about you 
I stand firm 
When all others might run 
Finding new levels of 
Courage and patience 
Within me 
I realize you're having a 
Problem with trust 
But trust is 
A double edged sword 
And I need to trust 
That in some ways 
We're solidly rooted 
You can't want me today 
And not want me tomorrow 
Or sometimes, not know 
"What" you want 
This can't work if we 
Don't lay foundation 
And baby, I'm trying... 
So if you're not 
Feeling me...please 
Walk away 
This see-saw 
Is driving me crazy 
Im good to you 
Twenty-four, seven 
And yes, that's "my" choice 
But at least let me see 
That my feelings mean something 
Or that they mean all 
The choice is now yours 
And I'm ready, 
For what you, decide 

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The Representative

I used to love a man 

Who loved to love me baby

And he had no problem showing me in every way possible

This man I used to love

Showed me a level of passion, romance & affection I’d never known

In some of the simplest ways ever

This man used to talk with me

Not TO me…..but with me

Giving value to my thoughts, ideas & opinions

Not just listening to me

But hearing me & appreciating my words

This man used to be so affectionate

I couldn’t be around him without his hands on me some kind of way

Any kind of way

Every kind of way

And I loved it 

This man reminded me that it was safe to love someone 

And that I still deserved to be loved

He made me realize that negative experiences & relationships of my past 

Were just that

The past

This man made me believe in a future

In the possibility of a ‘happily ever after’

With him

When I’d given up hope

Thinking happily ever afters only existed in the Golden Books of my childhood

This man I used to love

Allowed me to enjoy sex again and made me feel comfortable with dropping my inhibitions 
and being exposed

With him I allowed the whore within me to reveal herself

And he embraced her and loved her too

Regardless of how vile and nasty she got

This man I used to love

Used to love me utterly & completely

He made me believe in myself again

He made me believe in possibilities

He made me believe in him 

I believed him when he said I could trust him

I believed him when he said he would never hurt me

I believed him when he said I could depend on him

I believed him when he said he’d always be there for me

His back against mine as we take on the world

I believed in him

I never would have thought

            And still find it hard to believe

I was putting all of that belief

All of that trust 

All of that love

Into a representative

His representative

Not really him

But just a part of him

The part he wanted me to see

To know

To love

He kept hidden the real him

He let me find out on my own 

That he’d lie to serve his own purpose

I found out on my own how little my feeling really meant

The hardest part though

Was finding out that the person I loved so much

Didn’t love me the same way

I really do miss that representative

And I’ll hold on to the memory of him 

For as long as I live

Because even though I didn’t have him long

For the short time I did

I knew love

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Where Is The Trust We Used To Have

Please tell me what happened to 
The couple who would pull through
All the hard times with a talk
Now it seems like you just walk
Away from serious topics
I don't know when you just started
Keeping this bottled inside
Day after day I've always tried
To unlock the issues building
I just wish you would be willing
To sit down and tell me what
Is so wrong inside your gut
That you just refuse to tell
Allowing everything to swell
Up until you finally break
What is it going to take
Until you can confide in me
To end all this misery
You feel I shouldn't know
I want my trust to grow
And start getting back to when
You can sit near me again
And just talk alone for hours
As your wall is getting lower
Letting me inside once more
Never closing your hearts door

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Trust It

Can’t help how you feel.

I know your feelings may sound good or bad.

Or sometimes it could be the best feeling you ever had.

If your feelings tell you, you got to let it go - let it go.

But if it tells you to work with it then you know.

I say this because there’s a girl I’ve been feeling like this for a while.

So I’m just trust my feelings for now.

Besides how I feel still makes me smile. 

                               By Young Gifted

(Quote: Trust how you feel because you never know how that someone might 
feel about you.)

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Strength Empowers

            Strength Empowers

The difference between being good and being great
Is this much…. How much?.... This much… And growing
Like great music crashing on rocks by the sea storm
Harmony builds to a crescendo on soft notes 
Melodic waves of heat and energy powered by the sun
Allow tall trees to hide, to fall on their own shade 
Music pulls all this together 
Strength grows from the ground up
As love and trust empowers us
Fed by life’s intentions
Only you define that path alone while sailing on
Quiet chords play on the wind
In your loved ones arms  
Our strength in love begins, plays in that symphony

                          Created 7/16/14 for Strength Empowers! Poetry contest

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I trust her


wise men and women and fallen in love by fiction 
by fantasy by rumor by association but how many by truth
i love Julie Torres because of her charm and her wisdom beyond her youth
she is two years younger than i 
but i have proven on June 06, 2009 my life i will risk...for her i would die
i love the ways she denies being
i love the way she talks on the phone
i love the way she runs from my affection that bears no condition in sight
i fall for her each time we are in the same location the same zip code
i fall for her each time something in our lives change
i love the way people flock to be with her 
its beautiful and understood ... not strange
she is easy to look at... she should be on model 101
she will break their hearts and then smile at them just for fun
she is playful she is innocence in so many regards
i love her because i see the art forbidden she creates
and the world sees her as difficult and a challenge so hard
i love her demeanor at night in the day
i fell in love with her son... how else can i say
i laugh because i almost left town
all to see her again two days before departure... 
in love i stumbled once more... oh let me just drown
in her love 
i am on my knees asking the Lord above
to bless us and make this work in our favor if its really meant to be
i will pledge my love to her and her daughter and her son Lil G
she is vibrant she is unyielding in strength
she is everything i ever thought love could be
she is my world just in her smile i become happy
i trust her no matter where she is where she is at
i won't be the fool to shatter this.... what you think about that
i trust her in every way
i love Julie Torres is what i am trying to say
i have honesty in my veins yeah she runs in a sense
but one day she won't be able to ... there will be a fence
i am all hers if she will allow 
only to her love will i bow
if she is the one for me
i will love her eternally 
and a day

Details | I do not know? | |


To fall is what I am afraid of
Afraid to love, and be loved by someone else.
Entered that game before,
Been fooled, hurt and shattered into pieces
Never expected that way.
Never imagined that it’ll be like that.
Hurt thyself, and hurt by someone else.
I stop.
Unsensitive to the love that surrounds me
By this, I hurt them, killed them
Took away the happiness that was in their faces
The love that makes them live their lives.
I changed.
Try to turn back time from where I stopped.
But there’s no such thing
Regrets kept on lingering, creeping inside my soul.
It killed me, leave me for dead, like a corpse in a war.
Shattered like before, no one showed me the light
No one gave me the love I needed.
I live, alone, no one to turn to, no one to be with.
Then he came.
Proposed something differently.
But I was afraid.
I can’t give my trust to a stranger.
I can’t lend him something so precious
I am afraid to be broken, broken and shatterd once again.
But he waited, waited so patiently.
Like them I gave him pain, I tried to break him
Try to make him realize that he was wrong
His feelings are wrong.
He shouldn’t give his heart to someone who can break it so easily
I showed compassion, I start to care.
By then I became soft, and vulnerable once again
Still I am afraid.
But every moment with him is a memory
He changed me, changed me completely
He gave back the person I was.
Now I am afraid, afraid to let him go.
I trust him, and still there he is.
With me.
Living life with someone who was shattered but he made whole
Brought back the pieces, every shattered pieces.
I love him.
And I’m sure it’ll last forever.

Details | I do not know? | |

Love, love life, life everlasting'

We are born, loved by our parents,
Now there is life; lessons starts, they are caring'
Brought into life, out of love,
Sent by God, from above.

Parents, teach their young, out of love,
and connect you to your Maker, to trust in His son Jesus.
God started and really caused, the new birth.
we know what we are worth.

More than copper, more value than gold, love is given.
God and parents, teaching how we are to be living.
According to God's will you'll grow, and go on to love-life.
love-life will consume you, trying to find that wife.

Now here's the thing, love-life is a chase,
To find your love, putting your morals antenna, Taught by your parents, your in a 

Sometimes, we forget the Lord, we become greedy'
Because we are looking, searching.Very needy.
For love that you forgotten, God and parents,
The moral standard, belief in your Father, yes, hurray, He's coming.

So you look for a lady, someone special to be in your life.
So love becomes love-life, and soon she's your wife.
Again, here comes love, entirely different,
Realizing you care about this commitment.

So you make this happen, a Faith in Our Father, 
So parents in hand, love in their hearts, we all gather.
Love and love-life has bonded, two become one,
Love-life, lessons done, we find trust in His only Son.

Bonded, love? what comes next?
Love everlasting, we know it's what God has blessed.
Everlasting things Our Lord has taught us,
The most important' "Put your trust in Jesus."

So you see? It starts from love,
Then you get wisdom, from our Saviour above.
You have love, then love-life, then everlasting love, everlasting'
All three, God, Parents and your help from the King'

God blesses family's staying together,
Love, the love of life, Through Jesus, will be forever.
So go ahead love, have love-life, and finally love everlasting,
Is the true gift, from our Creator, a gift given to love, to us, from our King'

Details | Free verse | |

For My Muse

So easily we slipped,
falling into familiar patters and dances.
You took my hand, 
asking to lead me.
I pulled away,
my mind still cluttered,
with things I never deserved.

How could you ask these things of me?
These little things,
trust and happiness,
so foreign to me.
You promise nothing that isn't possible,
no moon and stars,
just safety and warmth.

Gently yet forcefully,
you took me from what I knew,
without my permission,
you took my heart from behind its walls.
I don't know how you did this to me,
turned my life inside out and shook out the pain.

Relighting the candle I thought I destroyed,
I stand in awe of you.
Indebted to you.
I find that the only currency I can offer you is my heart,
and I can only hope you keep it safe in payment.

Details | Light Poetry | |


       Intrigued by what is hidden 
inspired by the forbidden,
I dare to excavate the caverns of your mind.
     Heartache has created walls,
walls that serve as protectors against pain and disappointment.
Past pain & old haunting hurts have banded together to stop the reoccurrence of heartache.
         As a result of this alliance,
the core of you has been locked away.
        I want to know you.
I want that which is concealed.
I love that of you free to be loved,
I desire to love that of you locked away.

More than having the joy of you loving me, I just want the pleasure of you- letting me, love you.

   What pain has created this enigma? 
What disappointment led to the construction of this wall? 
Why is it so hard to just let yourself fall?

Hearts racing resulting from extreme emotion;
          your pounding heart likened 
          to a smarting thumb.
Why does feeling cause you to become numb? 

Dreams of crumbling walls and mysteries solved are all my mind can fathom. 
     More than revealing secrets from within, I just long to be let in.

Details | Sonnet | |


My hand feels beats from where it rests,
Though my heart is miles from my chest;
For fleeting love goes long unseen
In endless moments of uncertainty.
Will this next blink be the last?
Love's eyes lost behind closed lash?
And if lids lift and love remains,
How long until the next refrain?

And yet, I know I must trust love
The same way that I trust the sun,
As I lie at each day's end,
To wake the world and rise again.
So I save my faith for you
To come to me with morning's dew.

Details | Free verse | |

Love When It Dreams

You ever heard love scream, you ever seen love dream, you ever heard love ask 4 more love or so it seemed, love can be a theme, so I’ve seen a human being unfaithfully loving another human being, how can 2 souls mate when falsehood is in between, can love words be mean, can love be an emotional demon resting in the heart of an emotional human being, for I’ve seen, 4 my eyesight 4 love is keen, I’ve seen love be kittenish, selfish-n-knavish, kinetic-n-unestablished, a b*tch of a myth that kissed love’s lips, I’ve heard love scream, I’ve seen love’s dreams, I’ve heard love ask 4 more love or so it seemed, 4 my eyesight 4 love is keen, love this emotion can be benevolent or mean, or so it seems.
4 what I’ve seen
4 my eyesight’s 4 love
Is keen

Screams -n- more screams
For more -n- more love when it
Dreams, 4 I’ve heard-n-seen
Or so it seems 
What’s up Nakym					

Details | Rhyme | |

Trust yourself then Trust in me

Before you go on you must see 
Trust in yourself then trust in me 
Keep your faith in your mind and heart 
Let it guide you forward out of the dark 
To a place where flowers bloom 
And the sun shines year round despite the gloom 
Fate has given us another glance 
To allow us just one more chance 
So put your trust in yourself then in me 
Then we can be together just you and me

Details | I do not know? | |

i wouldn't if i could

I wouldn't read your mind If I could. I'd much rather feel the agony Of not knowing, Than rob myself from the beauty of finding out through your voice.

Details | Free verse | |

In With the New

The rain left me here, I was traded for the sun 
in the time passed away.
I fell to the earth in a desperate attempt to be 
the things that you crave.
I trust in you, you trust in me.
Lets hold onto the world, together we.

Faithful, forgotten, you found in me.
Hopeful, brazen, now we are free 
to change for the one,
the one who completes.
Our love is never ending
Just stay the same,
no temperamental breeze. 
Our time apart is ending.

Keep your strength, what you call naive.
Lets you be my everything

Love left you there consumed by the rain.
You were traded for the moon.
Longing for a chance
just to slip away
until you fell into the sun.
I trust in you, you trust in me.
Lets hold onto the world
together we.

Change for the one,
the one who completes.
Our love is never ending.
Just stay the same,
no temperamental breeze.
Our time apart is ending.

Keep your strength, what you call naive
Lets you be my everything.

Copyright © 2011 

Details | Free verse | |


Losing a love is traumatic….the pain is relentless.…
The emptiness, the disconnection from all you knew….
Or thought you knew…. from those you loved…..
From those you thought loved you….you disappear….

You drift for hours….days….months….years….
Observing life around you….never engaging in it again…
Never risking any more pain….never risking living….
Your heart and soul….up on a shelf….protected and safe….

Then – out of nowhere – someone slips into your life….
Totally unexpected….totally uninvited….yet welcome…. 
Ever so slowly reconnecting….learning to breathe again….
Learning to laugh again….learning to love again….

The fear is still there….of another loss….of disillusion….
Like the ebb and flow of the sea….is it real or is it not?….
Will it be there tomorrow….is it really here today? ....
Can you truly trust again....can you truly love again? ....

Do you really want to take the it worth it? ....
To trust in life….to trust in love….to trust in yourself? ….
What if you’re hurt again….what if you’re left again?....
The answer is “Yes” it is worth it….it’s called “Living”!....

Living to dance again….living to see the world again….
Living to laugh again….living to love and be loved again….
Living to be with family….living to believe again….
Living with the gratitude for a chance to be alive again….

The transition is never ending….take a chance….

Details | Free verse | |

The Sword That Struck The Heart Of Trust

The sword that struck the heart of trust 
which was once filled with love and lust
Till one day the sword of haterd struck
Which soon shattered and was determine to turn to dust
but as one the two love and trust held together the heart of trust
But still the blood of love leaked and form the puddle of life
still the heart of trust held tight with all its might
Till the last drop of life
which soon turned to strife 
Till the day I learned that trust is an important part of life 
the hatred will stay for life
But that is earned and will be broke for life 
trust me my love as we can heal the heart of trust
Which was once struck by the sword of hatred
trust as one or one for all
On my daily bread 
I will trust and love til the day Im dead 

Details | I do not know? | |

I Don't Love You But...

I will stay with you
I said I would stay with you 
You can trust me
I still love him
I'm still in love with him
But I'm with you
He won't take me away from you
Don't you trust me? 
Babe please don't get mad
Why are you raising your hand against me?
Yes I know I made you do it
Yes I know you love me
Yes I know your sorry for...
Hitting me again
I understand
It's my fault
I won't make you do it again
Yes I'll stay with you
I love you 

Details | ABC | |


You say no
he says yes
you try to fight
while he gets you dressed
you scream for help
but no ones around
he covers your mouth
so you don't make a sound
he puts it in
with no protection on
you try to get away 
but hes to strong
he finally gets off
and leaves you alone
your way to scared 
to even go home
you walk to the bridge
trying not to go insane
thinking how this worthless life
isn't worth all this pain .......dat always comes 2 my mind but i know everthing will 
ne iight now bec i believin faith n i truly trust u baby i hope u realy do believev me 
when i say dat realy deep inside ma heart i do trust u 

Details | Rhyme | |


Sensitivity is astute,
My intuition's on,
I normally see right through,
Every aspect going on...
But infatuation comes,
And blinds me by it's light,
Causes me to trust,
When there is no trust in sight...
I understand the Oneness,
That together we all feel,
So cannot understand,
Dichotomy that was made real...
Well meant tokens of affection,
Dreams of sharing a new life,
Hours teasing on the phone,
All taken by the knife...
Kisses, hearts and chocolate,
Desire that wanted more,
The foundation of a heart,
Now shattered on the floor...
But what you failed to see,
Is that this was your heart too,
And though I may forgive,
This trust can never be renewed...

Details | I do not know? | |


Everything I said was a lie,
Believe me I never wanted to make you cry.
I love you with all my heart,
But I was the one who tore us apart.
I realize now that what I did was wrong,
We've been dealing with this for too long.
I know all we do is fight and hate,
And now I want you back, but its too late.
Things were different before we met,
Now we seem to be caught in this huge net.
But was it right for you to hurt me?
And the sad thing is that you could never see
You couldn't see how bad it hurt
You are just a big flirt.
I thought I could trust you 
But how can I when your constanly lieing to
You say you want me back and everything will be fine
So I try it out and realize its just a waste of time.
Were we ment to be together I don't know,
But everyone is starting to see your little fake show.
They're seeing how bad you treated me,
And in your mind your saying who is she?
She's just another girl to mess around with,
You say you love me yet its another myth.
I wish I could be happy with you,
Yet you make me feel like I mean nothing to you.
You wonder why I'm always mad,
But you can never tell when I'm sad.
I remeber the day
When I never had to worry and everything was okay.
But things changed.
You've Changed.
I'm tired of pretending that everything is okay,
When the truth is I'm not.
You used to be that one I could trust and tell everything to
But now I'm to scared, and know it won't matter to you.
Your never there
You never seem to care.
Just why cant I be happy, and smile?
We were together for such a long while.
But I guess our time is up,
So I'll see you when your not fake.
I remember who the real you was,
And now I couldn't tell you who you are.
I cry myself to sleep thinking that one day things will change between us,
But my heart feels like its been ran over by a bus.
I wish to be that happy couple again,
But its hard when your off fooling around.

Details | Lyric | |

Promises Promises

I pulled into the driveway and turned the engine off
I sat there for a moment and looked at our darkened house
Sighing to myself about another long hard day 
Wondering if its worth it as my family slips away
I make it to the kitchen to pour a glass of milk  
And right there on the fridge is a note that you had left

You waited all night long, then you finally went to sleep
Dinner is on the oven, warm it up before you eat
The list is on the counter for tomorrow and our plans
Just please don’t promise me you’ll make it, 
If you can’t I understand
I understand that you are busy, it’s ok . I’ll go alone
Please keep your broken promises unspoken from now on

Promises, promises
You’ve heard it all before
Promises, promises
They’ve shattered like thin glass
Promises, promises
Baby, I want your whole trust back

This breaking feeling in my heart makes me hang my head in pain
You’ve lived with broken promises, when did I become this man
I go into the bedroom and kneel down next to you,  
My body trembles, cuz I am scared with the fear of losing you
The dried tears upon your pillow are proof of a breaking heart
There and then I vow a promise no more tears from the lonely dark
Promises, promises
You’ve heard it all before
Promises, promises
They’ve shattered like thin glass
Promises, promises
Baby, I want your whole trust back

I’ll surprise you in the morning, I won’t be walking out the door
Baby, I’m making promises I won’t be breaking anymore
I promise to take you fishin’,out on the old boat, if it still floats
Or we could go hiking in the mountains,dust off the backpack
and patch the holes
Time will be on our side darling, just the two of us and the breeze
This is a lifetime promise and one I vow to forever keep

Promises, promises
You’ve heard it all before
Promises, promises
I won’t be walking out the door
Promises, promises
I won’t be breaking anymore

Details | I do not know? | |

why o why

why did i trust you being a friend, 
thought the things we had 
would never end,
i told you all my secrets day and night, 
you used them against me 
to cause a fight.
why did you let me hold your hand, 
why did i think you would understand,
what have i done thats o so wrong, 
why did you string me along
where has the love that we also had, 
why did you turn out  o so bad,
in my heart i close the door, 
i will never trust anyone no more,
why do i feel so so bad, 
i loved the friendship that we also had,
please forgive me if i done wrong, 
i thought our friendship was really strong,
please leave me alone and stop this pain, 
as now i see our friendships 
is now in vain 
a will never trust a love again,,,

Details | Free verse | |

Can You Love Me

Can you heal my heart
Can you save my soul
Can you wash away the black
And renew the old
Can you hold me close
Can you take my pain away
Can you stand here beside me
Until my dying day
Can you promise me forever
Can you give me your heart
Can you want me until the end
And trust that we won't fall apart
Can you be there when I hurt
Can you let yourself trust me
Can you keep me for eternity
But most importantly, Can You Love Me

Details | I do not know? | |

Blind Heart

back in time the musics heard,
the past that speaks as his spirits stirred,
a gentle heart, this broken man,
no trust within to understand,
conquering the world, his inner battles fought,
he questions love as just a thought,
the deeper meaning becomes a blur,
his trust is shattered, his heart unsure,
a world's painted view of what loves meant to be,
is just the opposite of what his spirit sees,
lifes simple comforts puts his heart at rest,
to love means to struggle with its many tests,
his search in vain...he sits back down,
he would rather not fight on this battleground,
within his rest, again love is stirred,
he gets back up again, but his hearts still unsure,
God wants him to see the worth in the fight,
to freely love, to regain his sight,
what is life without love of any kind?
how can our eyes see, but at the same time be blind

Details | Narrative | |

To You My Future Love

Dearest of all pretty divinity
You are the fairest of all the princesses of reality
Even though I haven’t as yet met you
I trust my intuition’s claims of your astute values, to be absolutely true
For already the sight of you playing tunes with my heart is so enthralling

I pine for the time we shall hold hands
Perhaps even sneak a beautiful kiss or two through the cyber
I’d like to see how your eyes will twinkle
As I tell you how much I’ve loved you even before I met you
Darling dear, even before I know your name, I wanna say ‘I do’

My sentiments to you are true 
...coz the feelings your aura stirs in me are so cool
Anxieties of meeting you sometimes probably soon,
...reminds me of my sweet, mischievously naive days in school

Darling dear, only problem will be that I am an artist
...trapped somewhere lonely between childhood and adulthood
But I trust your understanding and support will help me through
May be you are going through it too
In which case it will be so cool
...for we may just be the two geniuses the world has been waiting for to move!

Details | Rhyme | |

I Want To Be....

I want to be the person that you call your girl, I want to be the person that wants to give you 
the world. I want to love you but sometimes you push me away, how come sometimes you 
say some of the mean things that you say? I want to be the girl that you lie down beside 
every night, I want to be with you and hopefully make things right. I love you more than you 
really know, I hope that our relationship will one day grow. I want you to know that you can 
always trust me, and by your side is where I will always be. I want to be the person that you 
trust, I want you to know that my love will be here even when things get really tough. I want 
to be the person that you say goodnight to, I want to be with you until our lives end up being 
through. I hope that you will forever trust and love me, in your heart is where I always want 
to be.*

Details | Rhyme | |

broken hearts

broken hearts are heavy
as i thought our love was true
but i began to realize
how untrue you had become
all this time my trust was real
had only become undone
its razor blades and nails i fell
to know you betrayed me
as if you only love yourself
and true love you could not see

my broken heart still aches
and still cries out in pain
as i pray for god to help me
as the tears keep falling down
my heart is a empty place
where trust no more is found
i cannot help but wither
i cannot help but cry
as my heart is broken
and the hurt i cannot hide

why did this have to happen
why must i be so sad
no one can ever know
just what love my heart had
i want my broken heart gone
i want to dry my tears
if only i could find happiness
ive been missing all these years
but yet my broken heart is still beating
though it feels as i were dead

i thought that i had family
but i geuss that i was wrong
i thought that i could trust agin
but my heart could see no wrong
untill my heart got broken
and i felt the pain inside
why cant they see 
all the pain that they caused me
i wish my broken heart stopped beating
so i could hurt no more

but if i tried to trust again
i just do not know why
as if i had no feelings
as if i could not cry
to only just be happy 
as others walked on by
my smile hides the pain
as i cry silently inside
all this pain im feeling
im so tired of trying to hide

as eyes are made to cry
and feelings are made to hurt
and we are made to lie
to deceive someone so easily
as trust fades in the wind
as our trusting hearts get broken
and it just never ends
why cant we just trust someone
who will not try to deceive
and our trusting hearts cannot be hurt
anymore to beleive

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

What happened when you left

Filled with karma into the darkness
I made bad decisions that turned into nightmares.
You left me with guilt, wishing I never had a life.
You left me there, on the bed, sweat coming down my head, wanting you some more.
But you left me alone.
Saying what have I done, just throw myself into the sun
I hated what I've become
Letting you change me just to let out some desire I once had for you.
Now I have no shame, it’s stuck and your throat and you're choking, 
I hope you die!!!!
You said you can't stand me but still love me
Love has a cost and your pay is overdue.
My heart is broken and the last words that come out of you is "what up."
The sky is what's up but my heart, mind and soul is going down.
Not forgiving my self when I should, feeling sorry for you when I shouldn't.
It's been 2 months and the phone has been silent.
I was ready to say goodbye, but I gave myself one more chance
and I sit, I stand, I don't understand.
The life we had can had been the life we could have had forever.
Cheating didn't have to be an option, but a no option
Excuse me let me rephrase.........
Temptation is a mother, and desire is an "itch",
but I never knew it would happen like this
You go through my mind like a movie on a screen
From beginning to end, we were lovers till the end.
We stayed together like brothers till the end.
But now you claim that our love is done,
Imaginary love that was never won.
So let me be the one to congratulate you on loving someone not perfect.
I admit I'm not perfect, but what is perfect, when we didn't even have perfect love.
Now walk out the door to the one you call, "Mr. Lover."
Leave my heart on the floor.
You say you can't live without me, then someday we'll have trust
Give it time would be the last thing on my mind, our love was not ready
But to say, when was it ever ready????
You explain to me that trust is optional but trust is the only option.
So walk out of my life and be happy
As I sit in my corner, hating life to the fullest,
I wait for my true love to come........

Details | Rhyme | |


So what if I stand stranded
On the straits of Loneliness!

THIS is what I had demanded, 
N anythin more'd have been MEANINGLESS !

So what if my Trust floats wrecked,
N my heart winces with all the pain !

MAYBE, its all part of the Great Plan

N in Patience, would I gladly teach myself to trust again.

Details | I do not know? | |

Far-away But yet so Near

Far-away... but Yet so Near
Within my Heart I behold You.. 
My Darling.. Dear
My True Love...
As Within he beholds.. Tis Me..
 Tho.. We not see each other
Knowing within our hearts.. 
Flames.. lit.. tis of True Love
We Believe..  Trust deep within
          "You & Me".. 
Until we meet again

Moments in Time
Sharing on line
Together..  Ever so sweeet 
Wanting..  Grasping for times
Till... soon... 
moments again we meet
Far-away... but Yet so Near
Both of us wanting closer moments..  Tis clear 
As within your hearts burns
As within my hearts yearns
In Life..  As the World-Turns

Far-away..  But... Yet so Near
When will the day be
That we behold each other
Outwardly.. and Ever so Completely 
Forever In this Life..  As the World-turns
Then in Eternity.. Life with No end
Reminds of..
Far-away... But Yet so Near
As within Our Hearts
Eternal Flame Lit
We Behold Christ...  He is always here
Tho.. We not see..
Knowing within our hearts
We Believe... Trust deep within
Longing and waiting
Until the day..  Jesus returns... comes
Then we shall all be together... With Him
Together ever so sweet... with Our Savior... 
Whomsoever is Born-again
Within this Life... 
Shall Receive Eternal Life

Know... now... In Life... 
As the World-turns
We shall all meet again..
Eternity without end

Come to Jesus Christ
Become Born-again
Receive Eternal Life.. 
Be With Him.. and "You & Me"
Together in Eternity

Details | Rhyme | |

Dear Lord I Shall Trust YOU

Dear Lord…  I Shall Trust YOU!

Dear Lord…  When all else fails, I shall trust you!
In all of my circumstances, I shall praise YOU!

Dear Lord…  Though my adversaries surround me!
I look to you!  Because you’ve never failed me!

Dear Lord…  You’ve been there, 
when I needed a friend!
I love you so much!  I don’t know where to begin!

Dear Lord…  You picked me up
 when I fell to the ground.
Each day I feel your peace and love all around!

Dear Lord…  You’re a blessing and important to me!
You’ve given me a new life and now I am free!

Dear Lord…  I wish others would know you like I do!
In times of adversity, 
you’re the only one I can turn to!

Dear Lord…  I’m so thankful for your
 blessings and much more!
I’ve received your gift of love...  
This is worth living for!

My Lord…  Thanks for being so patient and kind.
You’ve restored my family, 
and given us peace of mind!

My Lord…  May I teach others 
of your wondrous ways!
And be an example of your kindness the rest of my days!

My Lord…  Words alone are hard to express…
The joy of knowing you!  I am so blessed!

By Jim Pemberton

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Blessed Is He Who Trusts The Lord

“Blessed is the man who
 trusts in the Lord!”
Goodness and mercy in him
 shall be stored!

“He shall be like a tree
 planted by the water…”
And will not wither or fade when
 the temperature gets hotter.

“His leaves are green and will stay
 in the year of drought.”
Because his faith in God
 is what his life is about!

“The heart is deceitfully wicked.”  
And who knows it?
God!  He made your heart 
and he helped compose it!

“He searches our heart and
 he tests our ways…”
There’s no running from him.
 Throughout our days.

“He gives each according
 to the fruit they bear.”
He knows what you’re doing. 
 He is always there!

Why not trust him with your life? 
 Why not start today?
Allow him to be your Lord. 
 Simply trust and obey!

You’ll never be disappointed
 by what he can give!
He will bless you and give you
 a reason to LIVE!

By Jim Pemberton  04/22/10
Read:  Jeremiah 17:7-10

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"You can trust in me for I am the Lord,
You are fastened to me by a spiritual cord,
You are Mine and Mine alone",
Thus whispers my God from His heavenly home.

Yes, God is my Life and my Love,
He sees to my every need from Heaven above,
He loves me completely and forever,
Yet, to me, His touch is just like a feather.

Yet sometimes, He lets illness be my fate,
To teach me a lesson between Love and hate,
He teaches that only Love can heal me,
Hate can only sicken, and never, ever free me.

When I think that everything is His,
It blows my mind sometimes, to go along with this,
Yet, this relieves me of all that pride,
When I realized He gave me Life when I should have died.

"You can trust in Me for I am the Lord,
You are tied to Me by a spiritual cord,
You are Mine for all eternity", thus whispers my Lord.

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I trashed many deserving and precious loves in bloom
down my favorite path, where lovely lilacs grew;
I took everything they offered me with an eager hand,
but heartlessly buried thier worth underneath the cold sand... 

How did I become too inconsiderate, too selfish...
by showing no regard for their genuine feelings?
They loved me as if I was the only man alive having only one constant wish:
to spoil me with kisses and keeping me warm in their passionate embraces! 

I constantly bite my hyprocritical lips, thinking of what I have done,
and guilt pounds steadly inside to rebuke my unkind deeds;
they wanted friendship more than gifts and fun...
they are strangers now, ignoring my greetings!

Intentional or not, I pursued pleasure instead of amability,
taking advantage of their vulrerability, leaving their sincere hearts empty;
doesn't an impish child get what he wants with his annoying cries?
That was me, so insensible and unfair, stealing trust and affection to satisfy my urges...   

How did awareness reduce me to this state of misery?
They caught up with my clever lies and shut the door into my face,
reminding me that all good friends are hurt by dishonesty;
and now how can I win back their trust and not be affected by old malice?  

How did I become too inconsiderate, too selfish so driven by duality? 
I put me first, leaving their intense desires behind;
they deserved to be understood and be truly loved,
without an indication of doubt from someone too impervious to their plea... 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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I Don't Know.... You Or Me

I don't know what to make of my own dark thoughts
I don't know if I can trust my heart when it loves selflessly
I don't know if I can go on living with so much confusion
I don't know if I can die without knowing truth
So much time has past
Every second that passes
The less I know
I can't say I believe what's to be shown
I feel like I'm just going on and on
Never receiving answers
But not wise enough to ask something new
I don't know if I can trust you
I don't know if I can trust me...... around you
I don't know what to do

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keeping good in

so sure to intice my soul 
delight my 
life and make it 
whole, in control 
of all beautiful things 
and promises upload, 
so destin to recieve 
and belive my love,which 
was like an hour glass 
never gone, she 
wore blue and red and never 
a fled sexual flings encounters 
in beds,never upset 
always ready to live to the 
extremity so calm until she 
gone off a drank with me,
I would never fall away from trust a must 
to compromise trust 
emburst into smiles and hugs always 
there to cherrish me the one i love

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I Wonder

We havent seen eachother since August 16th,2007
It is now January 29th 2008.
You'll be home in three months..

I wonder and think about alot of things.

I wonder if you have changed,

Or wonder have I changed?

I wonder if you still love me

Or wonder if I still love you

I wonder if you holding me in your arms still will make me feel safe

Just like it used to..

I wonder if you will still trust me

Or wonder if I will beable to trust you

I wonder if we'll beable to be together forever

I wonder what it will be like the first day you finally come home 

I wonder what I will do that day

I wonder if your family will accept me

And I wonder if someday my family will accept you

I wonder if we'll have kids

I wonder if we'll get married

Most of all I wonder if you'll ever beable to let go of what you have been through 

the past two years.

Or I wonder if you will be scarred for life......

                     I WONDER
there's not a single second that I don't think about what it will be like when you 
finally come home.

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NO GLORY, NO HOME, NO MORE--First Shadow Sonnet Challenge


Life echoes’ cried; precious loved ones lost life
Door of tears; my prayers knock on the closed door
Strife took up arms that war nailed cross to strife
War erred deeds, claims unjust, cold souls of war

Vain war the warrior’s hallo; warred in vain
Mercy, come again, please give me mercy?
Shame the wars' casualties; hall of shame
Jersey City the same as New Jersey

None gave true love; and glory was for none
Time life wasted; and hope died one last time
Son of perdition spawn without a son
Crime the nations’ debt; and partners of crime

Soar, Oh my soul, chimes of life, let love soar
Poor wars’ and scriptures’ used against the poor

© DiLinda Adams 2014, All Rights Reserved

First Shadow Sonnet Challenge! – Please join me. Poems should rhyme, and have an 10 syllable count and 14 lines to meet the challenge. However, if you just want to be creative please do so. 





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Curiosity led me in your direction

What made me stay? Your affections.

Never breaking my spirit, only silencing my voice.

Getting rid of the walls around my heart, losing my poise.

What do I do with these long lost emotions?

I've always had a trust problem, a problem with devotions.

I promise to try my best to be there for you.

But I can't guarantee anything permanent, only true.

We can attempt at this if you so decide.

You'll see me in a different light, an entirely different side.

Teach me to trust again, and I'll be here as long as you want me.

Teach me to love again, and I'll thank the fact that you set me free.

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Free Love

People often wonder 
Why relationships never last
It's because you show yourself
And give love away too fast

Revealing all your secrets
There is no mystery
And then before you know it
There's nothing left to see

Giving all your trust away
Tho trust is something earned
And if you soon forget it
It becomes a lesson learned

So why make things so easy
Stop giving your love away
Let them know you're worth it
And they'll earn it everyday

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Blessed Is The One Who Trust The Lord

Blessed is He Who Trust In The Lord! “Blessed is the man who puts his trust in the Lord!” Goodness and mercy in him shall be stored! “He shall be like a tree planted by the water…” And will not wither or fade when the temperature gets hotter. “His leaves are green and will stay in the year of drought.” Because his faith in God is what his life is about! “The heart is deceitfully wicked.” And who knows it? God! He made your heart and he helped compose it! “He searches our heart and he tests our ways…” There’s no running from him. Throughout our days. “He gives each according to the fruit they bear.” He knows what you’re doing. He is always there! Why not trust him with your life? Why not start today? Allow him to be your Lord. Simply trust and obey! You’ll never be disappointed by what he can give! He will bless you and give you a reason to LIVE! By Jim Pemberton Read: Jeremiah 17:7-10

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Dearest, your appeal so touched my heart
You would fear and tremble now to come
And give me the great Creator's good part
That I cannot merit in mind or mortal thumb.
It is not for me now to tell you who I am
For I must trust the future going onward, we
Are called to go, not knowing cause or country
Humble to yield when the thicket has no lamb.

Love is love and love never goes away, yet
Love may not everyone problem solve, so
He who Jesus loved left him, bitter with regret
For love needs trust when relationships grow.
I do not sudden that trust comes easy now. I
Do not say that love cannot overcome, I mean
It is never to late to wipe the old slate clean
And write with love where once was written lie.

Home demands just one thing from every soul
That respect will rule all passions in its domain
A man's ego is breadth and height within the fold
I would ever flinch to dole it unjustly any pain.
Yet this is how love is known, how much life will
Surrender self that the loved may endure when
Flowers fade under the fickle feet of frazzled men
Until the twelveth of never then, I love you still.

And somwehere long ago a heart still waits to know
Who will walk the beach beside its beat when we
Across the evening sand, follow the sun setting low
Who will bring the laughter back for each memory
O speak, speak, the truth can tame the torrid lie
Humility begs and waits its honor never yielding
Lovers make friends the dangers looming unrepeating
Grace transforms, and we heal surely, by and by.

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I Once said

I once said I would find love
But I must admit,
Though it takes time I will never find what I am looking for
I can try but, not even that will help any more

I have to say it's not as easy to do what’s right 
To be the mature one when solving a problem
But I will say this to be the better person you 
Must first trust and believe in your self

With out self trust you can't do much 
All was follow you gut feeling
If it tells you not to do something believe it 
It’s never wrong

I would know
I never listen to what my gut is telling me 
And when something bad happens I feel really stupid
But what I said before 

I was so sure to find that love
That my friends got mad and didn't care
We and again friends 
But they showed me what was more important in life

Love is great but there are more ways to be happy
Then just being in Love
Don’t forget who you are 
As I have done

Listen to those around you and be open minded
Live life
Be happy 
Never Doubt
Be careful

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our love died

we once felt love
love for one another
we talk together
we laughed together
we both loved each other
then one day
just one day
everything went wrong
all the trust we had
just flew away
it flew away like a bird
with new wings
and out love died
you lied to me 
about you
about the OTHER
about your love for me
i thought our love was forever
but it never started
our love died
when i found out
i cried all day
you tried to explain
but you knew you couldn't
you said it was a mistake
that you didn't really love her
that she was just a play mate
but i didn't believe you
i couldn't trust you
i didn't want to believe it 
but it looked like you left me a long time ago
i left that one day
i ran
i ran as fast as i could
i didn't know where i was going
maybe an empty place
so i could just fill it with my tears
our love have never started
because every time i try to start it
you would just play along
so that i would think that you felt the same
when you knew you could never love me
i was just a show off for you friends
out love died
it ran away
it flew away
our love never started
so i felt like i never did

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Lovely Valentine (True Lovers' Version)

I can't seem to find the right words to say
How I feel at this moment
Though today may be the day meant for lovers
I feel as if, I can't do much now
But I can do this one thing
I will pledge my love to you
I want the whole world to hear it
So listen up as I say it...

Mine! Yes my heart belongs to you!
And you alone, so long as I live on this earth
Love! I promise to stay by your side!
No matter the situation, whether it be good or bad!
I will never leave you, my lovely valentine...

I understand that what you want most this day
And you can expect it from me
However, allow me to do just a little more
Out of the goodness of my heart
I want to show you, my love
My devotion to you lasts forever
Allow me to be your only valentine
As well as the only one you need...

Love! Trust me with your heart!
I promise to take care of it for as long as I live
Life! That's what I'll give to you!
And you hold it in your hands, just like yours in mine!
I'll never let you go,my lovely valentine...

My love...
You know that if I could...
I'd proclaim this to the world...
So that everyone can hear it...
My valentine...
My lovely valentine...
This heart of mine...
This love that I have for you...
Shall go on for eternity...
And I hope that...
Yours will burn just as fiercely...

The whole world shall open its ears
And listen to what I shall say...

Mine! Yes my heart belongs to you!
And you alone, so long as I live on this earth
Love! I promise to stay by your side!
No matter the situation, whether it be good or bad!
Love! Trust me with your heart!
I promise to take care of it for as long as I live!

Take my hand and let me embrace you...
My lovely valentine...

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I'll Be Your King You Be My Queen

the way ill treat my girl is like royalty, 
and she wont have to worry about any other girl over me because ill never be 
i'll be your king you be my queen, 
are relationship would be different something that no one has ever seen, 
because im the type of guy thats rare, 
i'll surround you with all my loving in the air, 
i'll hold your hand in front of my friends and family better yet the whole universe, 
i'll pick you over a party or game anyday because my baby would always come 
i'll give you all my loving as if i was cupid, 
and unlike other guys i wont play with your mind or act stupid,
i'll give her my world and never try to lose her, 
and if she ever gets cold ill put her in my jacket so she wont go burr, 
i'll do some chessy things to keep that smile on your face, 
i'll take your breath away and i promise are memorys will never be erase, 
im that shooting star that you'll wish for in the sky, 
if your looking for someone to treat you right pick me because ill be that guy, 
i'll keep that glow of happiness in your eyes, 
and trust me im not the type of guy that would just try to get through your thighs, 
i'll keep you away from harm, 
and to keep that promise ill forever keep you in my arms, 
if you ever woke up from a bad nightmare, 
call me ill show up to be your teddy bear, 
i'll be the guy to bring you back up when you are down, 
i'll never do anything to give you a sad frown, 
but if i ever did anything to make you upset, 
i'll do everything i can to fix the problem because i never wanna make your eyes 
anything you want i'll give it to you just because i want to satisfy you, 
i'll forever stay true, 
and never make you feel blue, 
whatever you do for me i'll give you my loving back one hundred times more, 
and if another girl tryed talking to me i would simply ignore, 
because you would be the only one i would adore, 
i would give you space anytime, 
and you can talk to other guys i dont care because i know your already mine, 
i'll forever keep the butterflies flying in your heart, 
and trust me i would never do anything to tare that all apart, 
i'll give you all my loving thats inside of me, 
and if your searching for someone to unlock your heart then look this way cuz im 
the one that holds the key.

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The snows so white
and glistened in the light.
It is undisturbed 
like the dead of night.

Her love is so pure, 
so sweet and kind.
There's nothing in the world 
that could change her mind.

The smell of the rain,
as it cleans the world.
It feeds the trees,
that help us breathe.

Her love is like rain,
it cleans his past.
It feeds the good,
no one thought he had.

The sun shines bright,
and guides the way.
It radiates heat
in the coldest days.

Her love's so strong
it's overwhelming.
But it gave him courage,
to change his ways.

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You tell me to trust you, and I do. I have doubt that I can trust  you. you are stoner 
and have many different sides. How can I be sure that when your stoned you 
won't hurt me. I believe you wouldn't but I can't tell any more for your moods 
change very quickly. I love you  and I know you would never do any thing to hurt 
me, or at least not on purpose. I trust you with all my soul and If I can't then let me 
die and let me go to HELL to rot and burn. Rotting in Hell Is punishment 
enough.To trust one of whom does not earn it. For trust is more important then 
any thing else, but let me right about trusting you and let me go to heaven where I 
maybe welcomed with open arms. I hope your not lying to me when you say I can 
trust you for I love you more then you will ever know and It would hurt me bad 
inside and tear my heart into pieces. That alone Would be hell. May I Trust you. 
Let me know. Tell me in love and not in hast. For hast does nothing for love, but 
tear them apart. Let doubt not Pull us apart and may our love be strong for as 
long a we both shall live.

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Thanks Troy!!

A friend told me something that made me think: He helped me out when I was in 
need. I was beat up about a guy. Who constantly continued to lie. My friend could 
see that I cared for this guy and he whiped the tears away from my eyes.
He said: 
"Anyone can break up, anyone can lie, it's all about trust and if you loose that try 
compromise." I looked up at my friend to get a better understanding of what he 
He continued: 
"I see you care for him and I see he messed up but even though he lost your trust 
what would go through to be with him?"
I understood where he was coming from, and i knew what he meant. Alot I would 
go through for him. 
My friend said:
" This is just an obstacle that I know you can over come,. Don't loose your love
because that nigga acted dumb."
My friend opened my eyes. To the fact that people make mistakes. And to forgive, 
A strong heart it takes.
One more thing he had to say:
"whipe your eyes and talk to him. You love him that I can clearly see, tell him what 
your feeling. Let him know it's real. No matter how "hood" he may try to be, 
believe me, love will set him free. He'll break down and apologize for all that he's 
done. Don't let this get to you. Your too strong."
I hugged my friend and thanked him for the talk. Now it's time for me to talk to the 
guy and I know exactly where to start
                                                                      Thanks Troy!

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First off I am 15
You believe I wouldn’t
I break that promise
You trust that I will be there
I show, and you take advantage
You went all the way
Let nothing behind
You took everything I had
I can never get it back
You lure me
Build trust within me
You got close to me
Seduced me
Did what you did
Did that one crime
Kept doing that one crime
You knew you had power over me
Took advantage
Now Look
No look
Take a look
Look who has power
But I will use that for good
I am letting you turn
Turn around and step in the other direction 

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Solitude psyche

In this long-drawn-out voyage of mystery
I’m looking for an answer to a complex enigma
My sanity turns faded due to this indescribable truth
My mind and soul have left my bare-skinned body
When the others doubt me
Losing faith in me and put the mistakes on me
In my solitude psyche you are here to be with me
With your steady mind keeping me for being a man
Every so often I feel I owe you my whole life
Involving you into the circle of a hazardous riddle
Yet you put your trust in me and you followed me
Convinced in me, hold on to me to find accuracy
When I’m about to have no trust in nobody
You are the only one who stays in my heart
Because you are the one who breaks my solitude psyche
Your common sense keeping me from insanity
I don’t want to lose you

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       Intrigued by what is hidden 
inspired by the forbidden,
I dare to excavate the caverns of your mind.
     Heartache has created walls,
walls that serve as protectors against pain and disappointment.
Past pain & old haunting hurts have banded together to stop the reoccurrence of heartache.
         As a result of this alliance,
the core of you has been locked away.
        I want to know you.
I want that which is concealed.
I love that of you free to be loved,
I desire to love that of you locked away.

More than having the joy of you loving me, I just want the pleasure of you- letting me, love you.

   What pain has created this enigma? 
What disappointment led to the construction of this wall? 
Why is it so hard to just let yourself fall?

Hearts racing resulting from extreme emotion;
          your pounding heart likened 
          to a smarting thumb.
Why does feeling cause you to become numb? 

Dreams of crumbling walls and mysteries solved are all my mind can fathom. 
     More than revealing secrets from within, I just long to be let in.

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Redeeming the Time in 2009 (part 1)

the year is still young and those resolutions are still being met
but how do we make the most of the time that's coming yet?
time is so fleeting and the only time we have is now
so it's up to us to make it more meaningful somehow
to make it good, to make it worthwhile just to make it better
we need to follow the Holy Word of God to the letter

these days are more of a challenge with so much evilness all around
war in the Middle East, the crash on Wall Street and the housing market in the ground
we're in a countercultural dilemma just trying to stay in synch with God
going against the world's viewpoints with love for Jesus in our hearts 
a relationship with God should be consuming most of our time
a way to redeeming it in the year 2009

to trust in the Lord and not lean towards our own understanding
to redeem the time we have by doing that which He is commanding
Jesus the Christ gave His life so that we may live
and now unto Him our love and faith we should give
redeeming the time by reading and studying His Holy words
a daily devotional quiet time where only the Spirit is heard

to be a true disciple we must take the time
to be spiritually nourished in the year 2009
for you can't think worldly thoughts while doing what God requires
you need to acknowledge His authority and do as He desires
so hand over the keys to that vehicle which is your life
and trust in God to steer you through all the struggle and strife

it might not make much sense to you what the Lord God has planned
so don't going grabbing the steering wheel just hold onto His mighty hand
God knows what's best for you even if you don't agree
just adhere to the path He has set as it will lead to victory

God has given you so many blessings so keep Him always in the mix
and as long as He's in the equation there's no problem that He can't fix
so continue to sustain and maintain a right relationship with God
and keep Him first and foremost forever in your heart
believe in Him, receive from Him and have Him always on your mind
a way to redeeming the time in the year 2009

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three and a half wasted years

Ive been decieved by my one true love
I was blind to his words of trechury 
He went behind my back and layed with another woman 
He decieved my heart 
I thought i could trust him but now i feel i can trust no man 
I did nothing to deserve this kind of heartbreak 
Yet he did everything to break my heart
We cannot go back now 
And honesty is not his policy
I feel like i am drowning in hiw web of lies 
And all he is doing is making sure i sink
I feel weak now and the darkness is surrounding me 
I can hear him laughing and enjoying my misery 
He knew i wanted a life with him so he decided to kill me
He first started with my heart 
He insulted me and my love for him 
His words were like a slap in the face or a stab in the back 
I did not know that love included such cruelty
An all i have ever asked of him
Was to treat me great and always be truthful
He has not done that 
He has damaged my heart 
And now i walk around with a dead soul
I feel the weight of this heartbreak all over my body
He hated every word that would come out of my mouth 
So i quit talking
He hated my affection 
So i left him alone
I love him and yet he cannot stand me 
He lied, lies, and will lie to me
And that is how he killed me 
In his eyes i was nothing but a neusance to him 
He left me to wait on him too many times
I felt i had to wait on him 
For i loved him and enjoyed him more than anything
But he did not care.....
He did not want me
Then he blinded me 
I saw him and his other woman 
Thats when it broke 
It broke into many peices and it hurts
With every beat of my broken heart it hurts worse
I saw his arm around her 
And how he walked her to his door
I saw them together on his presious couch 
And his arm was around her again 
He showed me his preference in that one moment 
My natural reacotion was to slap him....
What else couls i do ?
At that moment i wanted him to feel the pain i was feeling and much more
He killed me and does not understand why or how he did 
He does not understand that this is not love that he is showing me 
Love does not hurt all the time 
Love does not mean being unloyal 
Love does not me lying or disrespect
Love does not mean cheating 
His love is not true love

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Broken Heart

What do you do with a heart that's been broken
Too many times to repair
For truly, there are no words to be spoken
To make it want to care
And how do you learn to trust again
When trust is merely a lie
Is there another way to begin
Or is it too much to try
Is it okay to merely be alone
And truly forsaken love
When the fairytale is really gone
And cold truth all you know of
Yet somewhere deep inside you hides
The wishful spark of romance
A torment that never subsides
And whispers there's always a chance
And the cruelest part of this spark
Is the hope it keeps alive
For what if love's not a lark
And something for to strive
What then if you should happen to find
That one you've been waiting for
And discover a truth truly unkind--
That you've already closed the door.

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A Lonely Man's Prayer

Dear God, please help me to love?
Falling in love has always 
	been easy,
But I’ve been hurt so many times
	that I can’t trust (her/or myself).

Perhaps in time I’ll pick-up
	the shattered pieces and mend them
With your help, Lord.  I trust it will come.

Difficult is the path of the broken hearted,
And in life, I’ve only found true happiness
	in you, Lord.
I pray that my feelings for the one
	I love doesn’t lead to more heartache.
But God, I know that I’ll always have
	a friend in you.

Come what will, keep me in your grace.

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I read your poems you told me
Enumerating names that belong only to ladies
So you leaf through the memory
Cached in words in search of my ambiguities
And I laughed through the night
At your mortal frailty, for how could I write
Of love random after your flight
That crippled me so badly I wouldn't trust light
Nor song, nor pure flower bloom
Beauty is a tragic thing you know, to behold it
Is to be intimate with hope's doom
How could I love after you, I had no spirit for it

For when you were gone I saw long
Miles alone of desert sands that span from dawn
To bitter night of the subtle wrong
Where lynched and quartered my heart was drawn.


Lady, you are back again, and this tree
You left so green and full of leaves
Have shed them brown in wilted poetry
And I think the cold wind also deceives
For look at the grass
The same thing happened when the sun
In torrid summer pass
Ice or fire, I lament both and trust none
O remember now to read me like a parable
I do not keep my meanings plain in sight
On the surface meet me where I am affable
You are forever to me an eternal delight.

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Because You Touched Me

LORD, I am weak but not unable to perceive I am nothing.
      I have no strength beside thee, I burden myself with heavier loads 
and everyday it seems I fall further and further from thy Grace, but, 
You carry me through. All I need is You everyday,
                                 Because You touched me!

LORD, I have failed thee, I follow my heart and fall real deep.
      My heart alone is fragile, deceitful, and weak and I cannot trust it,
it seems I can't find my way around in this valley of fog, but,
You stand always with me and together we walk hand in hand,
                                  Because You touched me!

LORD, You rescued and saved my dyeing heart that I could not save.
      You are my only source of light, You open my eyes to see the truth before me.
You've given me Your steady heart to trust while my world churns on this
pilgrim journey. You shed Your light on every path, right and left,
                                   Because You touched me!

LORD, I look within as if to hide me, but see only darkness inside me.
      I have nothing to offer thee, for all I have is thine, today is another day,
clouds will block my view but Your Grace and Love shines right through.
Just one more day and I shall enter into Your rest,
                                  Because You touched me!

(c) April 8, 2006                                            Rosemarie Schrock

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That Night II:Waking to Peacefullness

This feeling so alien
Making me wake almost deadly quick
My mind sought swiftly for the cause 
Of this disturbance she came
This feeling caused blood to fountain
And tears to secrete
Though in the past it's still potent
It's enough to scare the most hardened of veterans
Prominately toned with a case of wisdom 
It screamed "don't trust this...don't trust this"
Like a fool I ignored the pleading bout
As abstruse as the ground I walk on
She seemed a source for comfort
Everything I need, everything I want
It's ended my pain, this feeling
So I ignored what my heart begged
And did what I knew wrong

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there's this guy who has my heart pounding, mind racing,
every time he comes around i get so nervous, the butterflies i get when he hugs me goes
this guy i look up too, cherish,he encourages me to be all that i can,
the one cant see myself without,
he's made me so happy,
i give all my love and trust too,
i know he'll never hurt me never break my heart,
this mans proven to me that there really is guys in the world that cares for more then sex,
he's so caring, loving, and inspires me to live my life the way it should be lived....
he completes mes me in so many ways made me whole again,
he's so special to me and i care for him more then anything, makes me cry tears of joy
he's so damn amazing..

it dont matter how many guy are out there, they stand no chance with me i got the one i
want forever, he won my heart... my complete trust and im so proud to have him as my man

im going to do my all to care, to love, and build our relationship...i'll stand by him
through all his decisions, be with him through thick and thin help with his weakness and
give him the strength to get through anything them and no matter what life throws at us we
will get pass it...
i love you micah harris 
your wife forever

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Truth Hurts

I told you what I knew and you admitted it. 
I was more hurt then before, this is something I didn’t want to be true,
 but it was. 
I guess I wasn’t good enough for you, 
but she was. 
I’m not immature I’m just really confused. 
I don’t know how to act around you.
 You say you just want to be friends, 
but friendship requires trust and my trust you don’t have,
 but do you blame me. 
You went out with me when you already had a girlfriend,
 and then you lied about her.
 Say you weren’t with her any more and you were just friends. 
I don’t think I can trust you any more. 
You have to earn the trust back, 
and that will take a lot of time.
 You broke my heart beyond repair never to be fixed again, 
but your wrong I will find someone worthy of my love. 
One of whom does not lie or cheat on me. 
My life will go on whether or not your in it.

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Grip of Love

Needing something to strengthen my heart,
To thicken the walls of its fragile exterior,
As my heart lay in your hands,
Trusting you with everything precious to me,
You squeeze so tightly time and time again,
Then release it just before it breaks, 
Until it's almost better again,
And just as my trust and strength increases,
You tighten your grip and take hold again,
Crushing the walls of trust you've built, 
I hesitate this time like the others before, 
To trust you, love you & give you all I have,
Hoping that this time you won't squeeze, 
Hoping to many walls aren't broken,
So many that next times all I have will break,
Leaving in your hand a debris of rubble, 
Rubble of ALL that is precious to me,
in the hands of one that said they "loved" me.

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My Love For You

My love for you is deeper then the sea. I love you so much that I don't think about me. Lately I haven't been thinking about anything else. I only think of you and myself. I think we both feel that we should split apart. But the more I think about it, my life will be completely in the dark. Everytime we talk, we talk about lame stuff or nothing. Is this why our relationship is so boring? I think we need people who are more compatible with us. Maybe people who are closer and we know we can trust. Tell me, what is a relationship if you can't trust your girl? You should trust me and treasure me like a pair of pearls. When I think about us breaking up, I want to cry. Somedays I feel like I want to die. I can't even imagine the pain and sorrow I will go through. Can't you see how much I love you? I will do anything for you to trust me. I haven't done anything to make you doubt me. Baby what should do? All I can give you right now, is my love for you.

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I hope someday
you can find it in your heart
to extend your forgiveness
that undeserved kindness
for having openly hurt you
but in truth it is my own reproach
I do not trust myself
so that placing a wedge between us
will keep us from dishonor
I want to love you openly
not a  rendezvous or tryst
of drunken desire
but that of a cherished loved one
whom you live with honor and respect
and not something tawdry
but glorious and approved
I would rather prick you now
than be the cause of death in you
preferable a bruising of you 
that can heal than arrows of death in you
When you can make the choice
of letting love have its perfect work
and faithful in every respect
I would rather bear your reproach
than endanger your life before God
I left the ways of the world long ago
the endless wanton self serving desire
where sex is simply a handshake hello
and not the tender bonding of two souls
into one unity of truth for life
I would give my life to and for you
but I will not throw both ours away
this throwaway society 
where everything and everyone 
is just so much trash to be used
then tossed aside , disposed of
I do not want that for either of us
trash or treasure
that choice is yours
a building and not a tearing down
forgive please this pain 
I have placed upon you
you are too precious 
I desire the building of you 
and not the tearing apart and down
when you can understand
the gravity of your choices
and the resultant end
it is your benefit I seek
in an approved way before God
and not the temporary pleasure of sin
this is the love I want for both of us
the kind that is thoughtful and lasting
and walks in the truth together 
when you can openly ask me
to trust and love you for life
and understand this burden
the answer will be yes and Amen
COPYRIGHT © 2011 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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How do you heal the wounds?
How do you ever trust another? 
You left me asking these questions,
You left me alone to wonder.
How did I know you'd ignore me,
And break the spell I'm under?
We had a love like fairy tales,
Prince Charming on one knee.
I thought I will carry on
But I was too blind to see
I was a pass time & filler
Something I'm afraid to know
So now I hide within myself,
So my pain-filled eyes won't show
You've made it hard to trust 
You'll never know now what you've lost.
My heart was all for giving,
But all you Had to do  was to take...
I know one day u'LL realize
And learn from the mistake

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Why can’t our dreams come true?
And why did I fall in love with you?
Do you love me too?
Am I some thing special to you?
Am I some one you can trust?
Can I have trust in you?
Will you be there when I fall?
Will you give me strength when I give up all?
Will I be able to cry on your shoulder?
Will you hold me when I shiver?
Will you be my knight in silver?
Can I have trust in you?

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ive fallen for you

Youve done it,
youve made me start to fall in love with.
im sitting here crying,
because im scared, 
but at the same time,
im so happy im in love with you
youre the person ive waited for all this time,
the person ive looked for all my life.
and when i least expected it, 
you walked into my life

you listen when i talk,
youre there when i cry,
and you made me finally smile.

im crying for the last time,
i hope,
and i trust you wont hurt me. 
its so hard for me to trust guys, 
but youre worth it to me.

so heres my heart, 
see all the little cracks?
theyre pretty small and nicely healed
but you, i know,
that youre the one that could
make it completely shatter.

promise me you wont please,
promise me youll love me forever,
and wont break my heart.

even if you cant promise me that,
ill give you my heart anyways,
cause if i dont,
i know ill regret it for the rest of my life.

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I was always there for you when you called,
Even though you were not there for me when I needed you to answer.
When you needed someone to talk to I would listen,
Although you were telling me lies I would still listen.
I didn’t understand why you would tell me those lies.

I felt I was being used by your words of manipulation,
I could tell that you thought I believed every word you said.
Truthfully, I did believe what you were telling me,
I was hoping that you would be truthful when really that was something that you 
couldn’t do.
I was deeply hurting in the inside because of those lies.

Since the lies filled in my mind and heart,
My mind never trusts you but my heart always wanted to believe your lies.
My heart could only take so much,
But you seem to not care if I lost trust in you,
The trust is gone along with my heart that once belonged to you. 

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Don't Give Up

Life can be a major pain
If you give up, You won't gain
If You've had all You could take
Don't make a Mistake
And Throw Your Life Away
Don't Give Up!!!
When Your Life seems to be turned upside-down
And You can't find any Friends around,
Don't Give Up!!!
You have a Friend in Jesus... He is Here
He's Waiting for You!
With His Loving Arms Opened Wide
Whom You could Always Confide In
Just ask Him... Pray... Don't Give Up!!!
He makes the Impossible, Possible
Just Trust in Our Lord
There's nothing else You could afford
Where the door shut, There’s Always a window Opened
When You seem down & blue, and don't know what to do 
Go to Him in Prayer
The One You could Trust 

{Follow Jesus}

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To My Family

I stay up all night thinking
About the entire day
How to make things different
To stop being afraid

I wish I could reach out and call
I know they really love me
They want to know about my life
But I don’t think they’ll see

My life is different from before 
This I do agree
But who I am and was before
I’m closer now to free

There are things that I must change
To have peace and to be
All I’ve ever dreamed of
Living and feeling free

I’ve found my mate, my lover
My family, my best friend
He’s older and he’s different
On him, I do depend

Our love is real and true and kind
He needs me, I need him
My family doesn’t accept me now
They’ve judged him on a wim

How do I live my life
Without my mom and dad
I know they want the best for me
But what they do is bad

They always expect the worst of me
And show me no trust too 
Despite the path I’ve laid till now
It doesn’t matter what I do

I’m proud of who I have become
A person honest and true
Why can’t they just be happy now
Sit back and watch how I grew

They created who I am in part
Their job is now to see
That I will choose my life and dreams
And who I want to be

I’m thankful and appreciate 
All that they have done
And want them to believe in me
And trust my life’s begun.

I’m estranged now from my brother
His wife and his family
My best friend Kim is worried
Of the life that I lead

They think that I have chosen bad
And not fulfilled my dreams
Assuming this about my life
Without consulting me

I wrote these words to express
How I feel to them
I hope that they will listen
And that acceptance will begin

I want them to stop assuming
Always the negative and the worst
And believe I can be happy
Help me lift my bad luck curse

I know it may be hard
To accept Charlie
But they will have to try this now
As he is part of me

If only they would give themselves
The chance to know him well
A person with a soul they’d love
If they could only tell

I hope my parents find a way
To understand my life
If they can’t accept me now
Stab me with a knife

This is how important you are
My beloved family
So can we please start over now, fresh and anew
This will make me happy
And Charlie wants this too

I need you with me by my side
In my life I do.
I love you and I miss you much
I hope you feel this too. 

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Memo Part IV

Dear John,
   No. I can't elope with you. Because I'm promised to another.
A lady always keeps her word and promises to her lover.
And as I trust my lover my lover trust me; to meet at the altar
and neither one to flee.
   What if it were to me this misfortune to be. Some strange woman
writing letters begging him forsake me. But the gentleman has given 
his word and I worry not.
   Send me no more letters.If you do I'll send you there ashes.
Just remember what we've had and not what we've not.

(to be continued)

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You pushed me away.
                               I trusted you and you gave up.
what did I ever do to you?
                                you said"You loved me"
Then why am I sittling here alone?
                               You walking away holding her hand.
well look now its been awhile.
                               I don't need any one but she left you hanging.
you said you made a mistake.
                               I gave you many chances yet your luck just ran out.
I want to have nothing to do with you.
                               Be gone good bye im leaving you as you did to me.
Its to late im already gone.
                               Just to think you had a chance but you blew it.
thanks for the hard times you gave me.
                               You tought me to never trust any one but god and myself.
I'll never believe you so don't waist your breath.
                               your waisting your time talking to me.
I said"never again and i meant it.
                               I told you that was your last chance.
Well good bye,
                               you should have tryed to care.
At least you wouldn't be sitting here,
                                  Wishing i was with you there.
I tusted you but never again.
                                    I watched you pass me by.
You asked  me what went wrong.
                                     You lost my trust you broke my heart.
You made life fall apart,
                                      Thanks for the broken heart and,
The painful tears I cry for you.
                                          They'll never fall again.
You pushed me away well here I am today,
                                       Im a beter person but your the same,
You said you should blame me.
                                     you torn my heart my heart in tiny parts.
never to be put back together again.
                                        Dont waist your breath.
Like I can care anymore.
                                        Good bye so long you just waisted your time.

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Friendship Trust and Honesty

You were my shinning star in my darkest night
Your gentle voice arose above the cries of the demons 
And took my tormented spirit into your calming light
Searching for the person I lost so long ago
All that was left was an empty shell and a man I didn't know
You saw what others failed to see
Looking past the walls I built around me
I could feel your spirit touch my very soul
As if you placed all that was lost to me back again 
And made me once again whole
Giving me friendship, trust and honesty
But more than that you believed in me
 So many things I didn't say
I thought I would maybe someday 
But alas that never was to be
And all those thoughts and words are gone for eternity
Now I see though too late what I had been searching for all this time
The pity was I was a fool not to see it or just too blind
And so I face this time and place alone
 My shining star you will have to go on for now here is where you belong
To give to others what you gave to me
 Your friendship, trust and honesty.

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Let me ask your honest opinion, or words of wisdom if you will.
I'm laying in a grave of curiosity that needs to be filled.
We've built many support systems of money, love and trust.
But exactly how great is the percentage of these 3 are working for us.
Money and trust require much patience and can easily be done.
Simply do your thang, make your money and remember, trust no one!
It's easier done than said while being faithfully spoken of
But the challenge still remains as to what is this love???
I mean how does this thing really work
Who does it belong to and why is someone always gettin hurt?
The only thing its worth is its own phrase on a t-shirt.
Anyway as I ponder I came to infer
That love was the exclusive bond between me, him, and her.
A bond so strong it had all of us fooled
Thinking that saying "I love you" was the main tool
To keep things calm and cool
And we all got schooled
Twice like loons
Well, except her, cuz she's still gettin spooned
In more ways than one pretty soon
Cuz she don't know like I do
Her precious lil man keeps her heart from turning blue
And she only sees the "good intentions" given by you.
Ha silly little girl with no clue
You see intentions, they start out pure, but never come true
Cuz life's not what  you intend, it's what you do
Now what do you think?
Is love really worth going thru?

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Stunted growth, some seedlings need both sun and rain 
The sun went 
away, never returning again Seedlings into striplings 
grown warped and 
weak Striplings become plants, prospects bleak To bear fruit, to 
spread its own seed Was a forecast none could have 

 Until came a butterfly bold, beautiful, unique It cared 
not that the 
plant was weak It would land on plants upon whom others never settled 
Taking a chance, willing to test their mettle It thought 
that come 
spring the weak plant could bloom Giving nourishment and shelter the 
butterfly assumed
 On came the weak plant to fulfil the butterfly’s trust 
Grow stronger 
 and higher it knew it must For the butterfly was also 
bereft Nothing 
 but the weak plant had it left They stood alone together 
the plant 
 trying to grow The butterfly waited for changes to show
 Time elapsed, spring came and went
 The butterfly grew tired of all the time it had spent 
The butterfly 
 had kissed the plant with pollen and strength The weak 
plant hadn’t 
 bloomed, didn’t grown in length
 The weak plants roots sunk deep in soil too fallow The 
 couldn’t save one with potential so shallow Leave the 
weak plant, the 
 butterfly knew it must Find a strong plant in whom it 
knew it could 
 trust Alone the weak plant knew it would live Deep roots 
in bad ground 
 life would give However weak forever it would remain 
Hopes to grow 
 strong torn forever in twain

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my skin is the color of a mellow yellow
Amber given from African trees
my eyes dark brown are like those of an ancient egyptian queen
my lips are as soft as the petal of a rose and as pink as a charms blow pop
my frame is lady petite with curves like Halley Berry and just enough of what         
J-Lo's got
my goal is to become successful by the age of 25
my dream is to become famous modeling, acting, singing, dancing, broadcasted 
my world is as fast as amtrack
but seems as slow as a snale
I apply myself to the fullest refusing to believe that only sex sells
i'll never know the deciever so I trust all but the devil inside them
I work hard for what I need and my wants become plentyful when provided
I treasure myself deeply cause I am gifted with many talents
I am who I am for a reason so I dont try to be more than I can handle
My hobby is writing how I feel expressing freedom and piece of mind
my daily activity is weaving, styling womens hair to their liking
my boyfriend is my soother because he embraces me and cooks to nourish my 
I trust myself to believe in me even when others dont
I dedicate myself to the people who make my heart shine like the sun and glow 
like the moon
I demand respect from all while displaying respect for all to
I am a beautyful berson because beauty lives in me
my beauty is displayed in many ways and recognized by all who meet me

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I believe in you

Baby, i believe in you,
Baby, i believe in all you do.
Baby, how i need you,
Baby, i hope you need me too.
How can i amke you understand?
Will you please take me by the hand?
To be with you, i will do all that i can,
For me you are the only man.
You stole my heart,you stole my soul,
You filled the empty space and made me whole.
Emotions getting harder to control,
Gaining your trust is my main goal.
Baby i realize you believe in me too,
Wanting you here is all i can do.
The best things in life are free,
Theres no where else i would rather be.
Beautiful eyes,that i love to look in,
Gorgeous smile, i can't wait to see it again.
Strong arms holding me close within,
Loving you is not a sin.
You stole my heart,you stole my soul,
 You filled the empty space and made me whole.
Emotions getting harder to control,
Gaining your trust is my main goal.

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Your lips upon mine
your hands in my hair
Our love is pure and sublime
filled with trust and care
We share a rare connection
that few are lucky enough to find
You give me a sense of protection
and total peace of mind
You complete me in every way
and send my soul flying
I love you more with each day
a love unconditional and undying
I could live forever in your arms
with my head laying on your chest
I’m safe from all of life’s harms
and finally able to rest
I have complete faith in you
and everlasting trust 
I will be eternally true
and do whatever I must
I long to be by your side 
for the rest of your life
My heart is open wide
my dream to be your wife

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It's not what you think it is
It's a pain in your heart
That never goes away
And leaves a scar for life 

You give somebody your heart
And also your soul
They take it from you
And they break it 

Then you're left with no heart
And no longer a soul
All you have is a broken heart
And a body with no soul  

You're left searching
For that special someone
That can fix your heart
And give you a soul 

But you find no one
Worthy of fixing your heart
And giving you a soul
Because your trust is gone 

Love is all about trust
Without it, you have nothing
Love is also about pain
With it, you learn 

You learn to be careful
Of who you choose
Because you trust no one 
For fear of a broken heart

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Oh,pretty young lady...
please listen to me:
the trust in a friend is important;
it's not as wrong as you really think!

You don't have to remind me
of your very foolish thinking;
try to understand
what you're doing;
you should say yes,you should say
just what keeps you away from me...

Your shyness,your honesty
will never help you to win a real guy;
here's why you tremble
whwn you hold me;
wake up,don't give yourself
to romantic fantasies;
don't leave things 
the way they are!

Oh,pretty young lady,
please listen to me:
the trust in a friend is important;
it's not as wrong as you really think!

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isn't it strange

Isn’t it strange how one day we love someone and the next we hate them, how we surround ourselves with a few people that are exact replicas of ourselves and push everyone else away, how we try ridiculously hard to pretend we want to be different when the truth is we’re actually in search of our niche.

Isn’t it strange how we remember all the bad things but forget the happy times, how we dig a hole to bury the hurt but end up burying the peace, how we try to fix the world but often aide in its destruction.

Isn’t it strange how we try to tell the world who we are while at the same time trying to hide it, how we always say that we don’t care what others think and yet deep down it stabs, how no matter how many times we say the phrase ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’ words always make deeper wounds that take longer to heal.

Isn’t it strange how often our heart and head argue, how we love the wrong person, how we think we’ve chosen the safe path and then it turns out to be completely covered in traps.

Isn’t it strange that even when ‘everything’ is laid out in the open ‘everything’ really isn’t everything, how we try so hard not to hurt others feelings and then do stupid crap like talking about them, how we trust the wrong people quickly while it takes forever to trust the trustworthy.

Isn’t it strange how you will read this and probably agree with every word and then toss it aside as though it was never written.

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soon this'll be all over

Painted streets, black as pitch…white shadows dance.
Expecting the indigenous sound to fade into the black.
It’s the same sound, the crack comes from within.
The sweetness turns bitter, her voice recorded.
Motion sickness, vomiting, and chunks left behind.
Screaming turns to screeching, lips turn blue…
Throat bleeds the corruption of the heart.
Wet, cold, meat. Bowing, not kneeling.
Trust is lost in the promise, trust is lost in the smile.
There is not trust here, there is no smiling…

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Homeward Bound

My Lord, my Lord,
i'm crying out to you!
Look down on me,
and wipe the tears from my face! 
It seems i'm lost,
running around in circles,
Please lift me out of this miserable place!

I've put myself here,
because of the fear of this world all around me!
Please help me to see your glory and peace,
and know your love will always carry me!

You are my light!
You are my salvation!
The salt of the earth!
The bread of life!
If i put my faith and my trust in you Lord,
i know you will always win the fight!

My Lord, my Lord,
please help me to be strong,
and let me feel your presence all around!
I will stand in faith and trust in YOU with everything i go through,
and one day, i will be HOMEWARD BOUND!

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no tittle, there is none that matters

When i woke up this moring you were the first thing on my mind

And i already know when i close my eyes tonight its your face i will see

Although my thoughts of you are constant and quite painfull

Im never surprised when they appear

Can i trust you? Oh i wish i could trust you

Sometimes when i look at you i see the innocense of a child lead astray

I see a truly beautiful soul looking to join with another

And then there are times when i see hatred in you kind eyes

I see someone who knows fully what you are doing 

And without remorse continues to do so

So why the constant thought, why the constant pain

Why cant i tell you to leave me be?

My life has been a search and but until now i have had no leads

Ive been searching for the one who's heart beats n'sync with mine

That beat, that calm, peaceful beat i thought i found in you

I thought i saw it in your eyes

I dont know if i was wrong but i dont know if i was right

But i know that somehow i feel tied to you presence

And without knowlege or permission

My soul will dream of your tonight

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Tell Me The Truth

Let me know
Tell me the truth!
Do you really love me?
Or are you using me?
You already know
That I love you
But I don't know if I can trust you again...

All those things I gave you
I worked hard for them
Knowing that you love those kind of things
I gave all of my time for you
Pushed my friends to the side for you
Just so I can put a smile on your face
But recently, you seem to be acting suspicious
You say you love me
You say you'll wait
But who is he?

Let me know
Tell me the truth!
Do you really love me?
Or are you using me?
If you aren't 
Then who is he?
I don't know if I can
Ever trust you again!

Tell me the truth...
Tell me the truth...
Tell me the truth...

Whenever I call you
We never talk like we used to
Because everytime, someone else calls
It's goodbye...
You keep saying "I love you"
But you get mad when I
Say, "Don't say it unless you mean it"
Love is a serious subject
And it is not to be played with
Because tragedy will most likely
See its way to you

Let me know
Tell me the truth!
You say you love me
But why is there three?
I want to know
Tell me the truth!
I don't know if I can 
Ever trust you again!

If you don't love me
Then why don't you leave me?
Keep the things that I gave you
I don't want them back
Because they're all tainted!!!

Let me know
Say the truth!
Do you really love me?
Or are you using me?
I want to know
Tell me the truth!
You say you love me
But why is there three?
Let me know
Say the truth!
You say, "I love you"
But I don't believe you
I want to know
Tell me the truth!
That I love you
But I don't know if I can trust you again!!!

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Life's Lessons

Lessons of love that hurts to know.
"If you love someone you'll let them go."
Let them go so they can follow their dreams,
Let them go before your love rips from the seams.

Lessons of dreams that may never come true.
"There are millions of dreams, but only one meant for you."
Some dreams fail because a different one was meant to prevail.

Lessons of death.
"The good die young."
We may not understand it and continue to question it, but it happens.
We all have a purpose on this earth.
Some people's purpose is ended before others.

Lessons of broken promises.
"The only thing we are promised is death."
One day everything must die.
Every life has an end.
That doesn't mean you give up your right to try.

Lessons of deceit.
Not everyone's intentions are good.
We can't trust everyone even though we wish we could.
Always trust your self and you'll be okay;
to always find a path that lights the way.

Lessons of failure.
"It's alright to fall, as long as you remember to pick yourself up."
It takes no strength to fall or give up."

Life has many lessons to teach, 
from life we have many lessons to learn.
Some are hard, some just difficult;
and others so harsh.

Lessons that exist for a reason.
That reason is to learn the lessons of life.

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New Found Love

I found love where no one has yet to believe possible, on a line of truths and lies. 
During a month where love blossoms and new souls are discovered for long 

To be called just friends with another partner, and old friends of past friends who 
are now friends but also weren't friends at the beginning, but now you talk to 

But when someone is more than a friend, and is a love, that's someone whom 
you cherish and care, glad to be there to console you, and is a Romeo of a new 
era. For Juliette has found her match.

And the friendship of a new love is unbearable. They can take you to breakups 
and makeups. Trying to believe in somone's inner self but unidentifying old 
possibilities could bring you down. But you must recall your time together to 
make a one mistake decision undone. To curse behind closed doors in order to 
cool down to rebuild your trust.

In order to accomplish trust it should be spoken first and not last. For last should 
be taken heavily and I find myself not able to trust one's decisions based on 
mere sadness and scare tactics.

For if the past comes to me with dramatic scenarios I may venture out and leave 
love in its place, alone with a past of craziness while I seek a new beginning and 
become notorious at the mouths of others for accomplishments made.

Although Romeo is well endowed the love is higher than the cut ups and wet 
downs. But being endowed is a blisss with high moans and groans and dreams 
about the next day or night which sounds can return multiple times. Lying down, 
sitting up, in the zone of comfort or the exileration of a fast paced motor. Now I 
wisht to try new places and ways and playto keep it new and fresh.

My love is feeling now restless from hours of labor and excitement. As I hold 
Romeo I see the future royalties bonded by the Lord above. Until we see final 
days and meet again in the sacred skys. We carry soul to soul, smile to smile, 
and face to face, but of all this, we carry holiness and love.

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 I'm confined to a space. I'm not able to erase u from my mind, my heart keeps this blog filled 
with the many things in my head. The words unsaid. In my corner, in this spot tattoed on my 
brain. I think i'm insane. This could be love,  but the thought of that might hurt too much. The 
thought of that might fill me with false hope. So I stay in this confined place hoping I will be safe 
from you. But your penetrating through disturbing my confined ideas and emotions. Your making 
this real it's the realiness I try to avoid. I'm afraid of that ever lasting emotion, I won't be the same 
once it's over so I won't let it start. I try to stay confined but my boundries are weak and my heart 
is easy to breach so keeping walls up don't make sense. Your the worst enemy of all... yet my 
heart keeps letting you in. So much for my confined sense of security that I cling to. I try to cling 
to security because being with you is so risky... but I think I want it more than anything. I think I 
want to fall in love... to know how it would feel. I trust you. I trust myself to fall so deep I won't get 
back up. But I don't trust the unknown. The promises of who knows. I don't trust the future. I 
don't trust pain. So I try to stay confined... To block it all out. But everytime I see you I realize that 
my plan of confinement isn't working.

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Just a Fling

It started off as just a fling 
Nothing serious a simple thing 
Then my love for her grew deep 
It became hard for me to sleep 
People said we were too young 
Though we were she was the one 
Even still with feelings strong 
I was forced to do her wrong 
Cause I was just a scared young boy 
I played with her like a toy 
Then one day first period came 
I heard that girl shout my name 
I looked at her and walked away 
Not knowing her changes every day 
From the secrets that she had 
I learned that I would be a dad 
My time with her I did deny 
Now I wish I didn't lie 
She looked at me with such disgust 
In my words she once did trust 
How could I put her through such pain 
So I could be arrogant and vain 
Now the day is drawing near 
Would she still love me was my fear 
Or was my timing way too late 
To regain her trust and change our fate 
When I approached with teary eyes 
Her love for me she did not deny 
She told me that she loved my so 
And she never wanted me to go
She formed me to a whole new man
One who could love and understand
So with the largest stomach at graduation
I was her rock her foundation
And as those 9 months they quickly passed
I thought our love would forever last
One night she called and I awoke
When she yelled "MY WATER BROKE"
Just as fast as my happiness came
All my sunshine turned to rain
The doctors made me leave the room
At once there were screams that made my ears boom
I tried to suck it up and hold in my pride
But when I said I was okay it was all a lie
The doctor came out all teary eyed
"the girl u loved, she instantly died"
"but your baby sir she's healthy and safe
6 pounds 9 ounces that is her weight"
When I looked at you all I could do was smile
My pain left me for a little while
Now in you your mother she lives
In the sparks in your eyes and the warmth in your kiss
And though it started off as just a fling
To me your mother was everything

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I've tried so hard with fake memories
I fade to which I use to know
every things so empty, fake to these eyes
I see nothing but your face, stuck with a smile.
I am this reality with tattered thoughts
I scar myself in which I cry to
everyone's to shattered, fake in disbelieve
I know nothing but your touch, with a strong feeling
everybody wants to say to me, fake, so smile
everyone hears how i feel today
with tattered thoughts a strong feeling fake in disbelieve.

I don't know who I'm seeing, face to face
dressed in black always faking my way through
memories burnt, trust I no longer feel
watch me fade, to who you know is fake...

Distrust - Laughing with a frown - Ogled to nothing
Irate - with these fake tears - knowing nothing
death - a part of living - life - to scarred to close my eyes

a second chance with everything's that fake

Disbelieve - crying with a smile - Trust re-grown
Confused - with these empty words - Knowing greed
Life - a part of living - death - to scarred to close my eyes.

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Soul Mates

I trust in you, you trust in me together we 
will always be.

The friendship we have will always grow and 
the love we share will never get old.

I feel the same as I did back then and I 
always will until the end.

I dream at night only of you, I hope and 
pray you do too.

With all my heart and my soul I know for a 
fact we will grow old.

I knew that when we said 'I DO' on that day 
that you and I were Soul Mates.

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How Long Will This Last?

I try not to think of that awful night;
Even though I know that's not right.
It hurts so much to think of what you said;
I've tried so hard to put it out of my head.
I remember how quickly my world came to an end;
I'd lost the guy I loved and my best friend.
I didn't know what to say, all I could do is cry;
I remember how much I wanted to die.
Slowly now, almost four months have passed;
And I'm still hurting, how long will this last?
When you left, I lost something I can't get back;
The ability to love someone else is what I lack.
You said you wouldn't hurt me like others have before;
All the trust I had was lost when you walked out the door.
I will never again be able to trust anyone;
My days of being hurt are over and done.
I now know all the things I did wrong;
I let my guard down, believed our love was strong.
For you, there was nothing I wouldn't do;
I would've changed my whole life for you.
I wonder sometimes if I hadn't been that way;
If you'd still be with me today.
I know you loved me more than anything;
I remember how you cried when you gave me my ring.
You hurt me so much and you broke my heart;
But still I wish we weren't apart.
You're so happy now from what I can see;
And you so easily forgot about me.
That hurts me more than you could ever know;
I wish to God I could let you go.
I know I can't do that as long as I care;
And sometimes it seems I'll love you forever, I swear.
It doesn't matter who it is or whatever the case;
No one will ever be able take your place.
I know I will never find someone new;
Because the only one I'll really ever want is you!

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Incarcerated Heart

Not here to scorn you, but I must warn you my patience are none existent. I have 
been convicted to a life sentence without the possibility of trust or love. I am 
confined to these four walls inside my mind. No way to escape this painstaking 
misery. Daily my psyche is dying from the freedom you denied me. I’m facing 20 
to life all my rights to love and trust are stripped for me. And you were the jury. 

You imprisoned me to this penitentiary within myself. All help is rejected. My pain 
is neglected and my guards have already taken me in. The beginning of my end 
starts with this pen that my hand so fervently follows. Lord knows I try not to 
wallow in my self-sorrow. So my only escape is through these bitter words I 
inscribe on this paper. Trying to savor the recess for an hour but my mind calls 
me back to the pain I must now devour. My thoughts consume me as my eyes 
cleanse the heart that once sang your name. My pain restrains all hope of ever 
being able to love again and the possibility of anyone loving me. I’m facing 20 to 
life there’s no way they will ever release me. Loneliness is my unfortunate 
destiny and you were the jury. 

I demand to be acquitted, even though I did it, I did not know there would be 
consequences for being real. I still protest innocent against the allegations 
you’re placing upon me, although, to you, it’s irrelevant what think. So I’m back to 
facing 20 to life with no hope left to entertain my dreams of finding a love that’s 
true. Standing before this ruthless jury that consists of only you, being read my 
final conviction. My crime was my addiction, which was loving you.    

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                 SO FULL OF LOVE IN EVERYWAY
                 AND NEVER ONCE LET OUT A SIGH,
                 A FRIEND I TRUST IN ALL THE WAY.
               THAT WHY I LOVE YOU THE WAY I DO.
                            WRITTEN BY ANN HART  

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All I Need

All I need is eternal peace to make it from these dangerous streets
a woman who I can trust cause wit relationships I fell in love way too deep
I put that woman before God and now I'm paying the price 
but really I ain't trippin because I'm allowed a chance to make things right
question? if life was a dice game could I have the right to complain
roll double 6's on ya come out game over nothin has changed 
what am I gettin at? being in prison should be a wake up call
cause I refuse to be locked down again behind them walls
I'm sanctified with a gift I didn't even want but look how it changed me 
I love it I can't even stunt
All I needed was one reason to trust and follow the living word
God's amazing grace has more soaring higher than the birds
the desires of my heart is to hear his voice
with every soul that comes to Jesus
I hear the angels in Heaven rejoice
I'm persuaded now than ever to follow my heavenly father
even if I'm persecuted for the gospel 
and things get harder & harder

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how much

How much trust can someone have                                                                              
until it runs out and you cant trust anymore
or how much love can someone have until 
its tainted and you cant love anymore