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Tanka Father Poems | Tanka Poems About Father

These Tanka Father poems are examples of Tanka poems about Father. These are the best examples of Tanka Father poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Spirit Prevails

It is a new day
Something wonderful happened
You are now at peace
Like a phoenix rising up
From the ashes you prevail

We shall not mourn you
For you are not gone at all
We may not see you
Your presence lives on in us
Enduring the test of time

Radiant light shines
Upon us all forever
Glorious rays gleam
Emitting from your spirit
Keeping your memory strong

The lives you have touched
Will never forget you now
Though we may shed tears
These are tears of happiness 
Your spirit forever reigns

In the days to come
When we are all together
Celebrating life
Your spirit will consume us
Your peace will be our strength

Joy and happiness
Will be felt every moment
You gave us reason
To have faith in the future
Your legacy will live on…………..

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His Eyes

In my husband's eyes,
shining light beams from his soul
like sirius bright 
behind those eyes, pure love glows
the love of family bonds

In my husband's eyes,
years of memories twinkle
and dreams of 'morrows
his eyes are portals to us
his eyes are sexy to me!

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, February 3, 2012
for nette onclaud's sexy poetry contest

Sixth place finish

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The Grand Staircase

Kept calling to him As he climbed the grand staircase Never knew he'd died I climbed but could never reach him Papa turned, smiled, waved good bye ~*~
BY: Annalise Brigham FOR: Michael's "Tanka Me A Dream" Contest

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More black than white

more black than white-
old dirty snow
in the gutters....
everything I cannot say
to my dying father

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kash flower

kash flower changing the horizon not for the first time this autumn festival without my Dad ========000======== *Google 'kash flower' ========000========

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No turning back

A Mothers Meditation

I taught her better.
I didn’t want this for her
She’s followed my tracks
Look at her, life is ruined
She knows not what she’s done

	The Daughters Disposition

	Wow, what did I do?
	I can’t bear the pain she flaunts
	Her disappointment…
	Stings… like a swift kick inside
	What on earth was I thinking?

A Teen Dad’s Train of Thought

Did I? I didn’t!
It wouldn’t have felt as good…
She took the pill right?
What if, she was with other guys?
What do I tell my parents?

"Studies and surveys of young teen males show they are worried the pleasure 
experienced during intercourse will diminish with the use of a condom."

All rights reserved
Contest: Mom, I’M PREGNANT!

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a time to reflect

one hour alone motionless in bath water... mirrored on water is the sun of a childhood reflected in ripples of time I see my father a chain saw, a pile of wood mother is sewing patches on the family jeans.... swirling quickly, down the drain ~
_________________ Carrie Richards (spiritual) ________________________________________

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the raindrops’ story
tells a tale of great valor
A father’s brave heart,
and a daughter’s frail physique
a melodious harmony

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Have Your Cake And Eat It Too { Tanka }

                                                  father's day is near
                                           what to buy for dear old dad
                                              cologne tools or clothes
                                           maybe will just suprise him
                                            with a nice father's day cake

Tho Dear Old Dad is gone
He Loved Suprises For Father's Day

Happy  Father's Day 
To All Poetry Soup Dads

RIP Daddy   { 1925-1981}

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Good-bye again

                                     The bell has sounded 
                               Onced Loves , abandoned again 
                                    Unanswered questions 
                                   Over are all tomorrows 
                                Couldn't you'd said you're sorry ?

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Mom And Dad


Happy Birthday to me
I'll make a great memory
make Mom and Dad proud
with a bright flash they will see
just how much they mean to me.....


A Linda-Marie Contest
Poet ~  ^Rick Parise

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The View Backyard

57577 tanka

Contest:The  View (of my yard)
Sponsor:  Francine Roberts

Written by Doris Culverhouse

Nature's view changes
Familiarity seen
Birds and deer tasting
All of my precious flowers
Attacked like the evil one

Dad's barn and garden
Wayne's great carved flower beds
The tractor and shed 
Always steady, strong present
Workers, lovers of the land

Dedicated to my Dad and Hubby!!

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Footsteps in the hall Hiding in my darkened room Smell his liquored breath Please don't daddy, I'll be good Please don't hurt me any more

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My grandfather's name
Was given to me at birth
To honor the man
That my father never knew
Having died in World War Two

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For The One Who Does Not Follow His Steps

a calm presence falls
swirling clouds part in dismay 
judgement day arrives
a book of my life, revealed.... 
left behind in tears of guilt...

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if you look closely
at the forest of deep green
for a few seconds
you might see little glints
tiny eyes between the leaves

they live to chatter
high-pitched voices barely sound
when mixed with the breeze
and this all for the good
oh what malicious cursing!

some think they are cute
these miniature woodsmen
but like smallest folk
they are petty    quarrelsome
and hate everything big

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Red Plaid Autumn

          While autumns have come and gone
             eyes still shed tears on the leaves

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Watermelon smiles

A torrent of life,
Bursting like a bud in spring.
Face squashed to a smile,
Leading me with eager grip
To the see-saw and the swings.

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A saddened christmas

Wake in the morning
running down the stairs to see
Heart sinks to the ground
father is not here today
my family is not complete

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Winter Sea Tanka for me contest

My father is dead

I kneel by gray winter seas

Fjords echo my rage

Grief swoops down from the heavens

Like hawks grabbing prey

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Cradled By God

_______________________ Slipping in deeper I entwine my soft cocoon through midnight starlight silent words spoken within beckon my soul to search free Each melodous hymn in redemption fills my soul slipping in deeper I entwine my soft cocoon to be held by my Master _______________________

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A Man I'd Love To Have Met

when I look, I see
the eyes of a thoughtful soul
a family man
an aura of kindness shines
a man I'd love to have met

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Letting go

Grimacing faces
With teary-eyed composure
Look out together
At their capped and gowned daughter,
Happy, yet sad, both know why.

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The ward was quiet Eyes like comets blazed regrets Dad clutched my last gift knowing I would soon stargaze “wishing” he was still earthbound
By Cyndi MacMillan, for Linda-Marie's Contest, July 26, 2012 *I ‘bought’ my father a star just 4 days before he died on Christmas Eve. Star Number 010-240 with the celestial address of 22 hrs 02 min 24.28 sec and declination of +79° 50’36.30” Epoch 2000 in the constellation Cepheus shall henceforth be known by the name The Gordon Wishing Star. The following I chose to be on the certificate: My soul, there is a country Far beyond the stars, Where stands a wingèd sentry All skilful in the wars: There, above noise and danger Sweet Peace sits crown'd with smiles And One, born in a manger Commands the beauteous files. Peace By Henry Vaughan, 1622-1695

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Silver Strands

My father has them
As he got older they came
He got them slowly
And now is almost all gray
Many silver strands to see

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Susan and Andrea's "Silver Strands" contest

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Rock Climbing

My daughter and I Were rock climbing one morning We got up real high I reached the top of the rock And awaited my daughter Something went bad wrong Her rope came completely loose And she was falling I grabbed rope hard and tightly But she was slipping away I started to fall Caught myself nearly the end I heard a small voice Yelling up to me, pleading “Save yourself, just let me go”
And I had to…
Russell Sivey This is a fictitious poem . No events actually took place in my life. Entrant into Lisa Hiatt ~Dark Poetess "Letting go " contest 3/30/2012

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Whenever I hear,
Frank Sinatra sing ‘My Way’
It’s like you’re with me,
Reminding me that it’s okay,
For a boy to cry sometimes,

Whenever I see, 
A sunbeam through my window,
You’re smiling with me,
Making me wonder if you,
Actually went away last year,

Whenever I feel,
As though I can’t carry on,
You’re the gush of wind,
That blows courage into my back,
Telling me not to give in,

When I seek advice,
And you’re not around to guide,
I look to the skies,
As they burst into sunshine,
And it’s like you’re by my side,