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Sun Love Poems | Sun Poems About Love

These Sun Love poems are examples of Sun poems about Love. These are the best examples of Sun Love poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Death of the Poet Destroyer

~The Untold Fatal Attraction Poem~

Mid-morning she sees the sun ahead
Her death flowed in a messaged bottle
Gazing into her brown eyes upon all open sores,
Her conscience dark and gray a never-ending war!
A giant cyclone of a thousand thoughts swirled around this little girl.
Inflicting away the pain, through the comfort of others pen
The way she twisted and twisted life’s perception was out of her control
Inside she knew the glass slipper was never hers to show off
She is baring nothing but a tainted pen, walking throughout eternity’s sand
A prosecutor of misdeeds, accomplishing what, without knowing the way
Departing from her fractured self, she begins to slip into a righteous form,
Twirling her twilight's pen like a baton, spinning it to one final stand
She awakens in a dream, where her sadness does not allow the light to reform
Her body is weak and pale against the birth of her undying sun
Staring down into the deepness of every-bodies abyss
Inside all souls is where she felt lighter, than the retarded sun gives
A crimson sky follows her just to reveal her diminished soul,
A life of shunning out the city glow will always dwell deep inside her
Sleeping under society as one, insulting the taste of innocent blood
Forgetting the vengeance, in a dimension where the pen is mightier than the sword
How did she let it come to this?
In one feeling she fell in love with the spirit of the living rhyme 
Watching from a cave, with a diabolical look
Refusing to grasp the self - nature and kill off the destroyer's will
A price beyond this enigmatic world, craving to be just like them
Condemning her meaning to a blasphemy of white butterflies
Destroying her poetic meaning that was destined to dance a tangle of endless rage
In love with the essence of her deceased will
She clings on to the dimness and brilliance at the same time
All corpses lost beyond the girl in question,
Sympathetic in a bizarre language, she mutters out sweetness
Her heart mended, recognizing all the adoration and poetic addiction
Exchanging the real terror, fixated by the life force of her poetic destruction
Giving birth to a new revelation
Now she will never deceive her love for the making of true art,
Not wanting to belong in this wretched world with her destroying criteria,
Her soul sails looking for a new era where love will no longer generate
As she loathes the love and decides not to destroy this generation with hate

At last, longing this one day with the angel of death
With a closing teardrop, one last thought
My death will not be the end; only the ascension~


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The Love of a Gentle Man

There is a place where the land bows down to kiss the misty tide,
Where rolling waves bring memories of the place my heart resides.
There among the old fishing shacks that stretch along the shore,
I find the thing I’m longing for, in your sweet embrace once more.

We sit together on a weathered log I carve my initials on,
And as you mend the fishing net, I sing your favorite song,
“Oh Danny Boy”, falls on the wind and floats across the bay,
As you smile at me and melt my heart, with words you do not say.

Beneath a golden sun with the fish and the smell of wild flowers,
A little girl and her Grandpa, sit happily and while away the hours,
And when the sun dips in the bay, we put the mended nets away,
And hand-in-hand walk home again, to the end of a perfect day.


Author:  Elaine George

(In loving memory of Theodore Evans - My Grandfather)

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A Journey To The Pearly Gates And Back Again

Iris sun fades and so does the day
whispers the carried in the silence of night glowing
Wishes floating on silver trails faraway
The image of your face will forever bounded to this world
Angels Brought you to me made a lightening
sparkling diamonds in the misting treasures gems so bright

Ice roses turns into a steaming jungle of quivering glass
Flashing in the distance, in the moon light
and all of its stars, that's where the angels dancing
A beautiful adventure picture sparklers on a winter night

A cold moon dressed in dark velvet 
with a pearl milky white smile beams 
Sparkling jewel crystal lights up 
stars blinking silver awakening 
warm invading darkness your light 
My life has at last found its light and its hope

Soulful cries a wolf dressed in winter clothes 
faraway over ocean waves 
carries in a wind’s  whisper sweet music dances 
A magical night that will set the spirit free
Silently breathes out a puff of magic sweetly 
beauty enchants warmly etching strikes 
frosted fingers cracking ice deeply echoes 

Striking inside bells toll warmly skipping drumbeats 
bouncing of chamber walls loving tunes 
Believing in your love a dream 
Which enchants music of the butterflies dance 
howling clouds out steaming warm sighs fluttering warmly
I closed my eyes at the end of the road
and thought of the stars 
and the reason earth spins around the sun

  A co write written by Liam Mcdaid and 
  Anne- Lise Andresen :) - 28.12.2014 -

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The Message in the Sun

I went to the sun for a favor
and asked it to shine only for you
to grant you happiness though you may be sad
bright yellow 'midst so much blue

but when the day decides to end
and the sun sinks and goes away
I give you the moon as a reminder
that my love will never fade

though i can't tell you how much I love you right now
and I can't show you what's in my heart
i hope when you look at the sun and moon
you'll realize we aren't that far apart

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warm solar love

a soul orbits 
looking into space
searching beyond
staring at 
an orange full
cold  moon
rising peacefully
into the sea of tranquility
floating air labored
softly gasping for breath
exploding stars
lights up
the sky

wrath of the sun's light
bombards this earth
explosive  fireworks 
pulsing inside  
emotions erupt
bursting solar colours
feelings flare beautifully
flashing the beginning 
of a strong orbiting cycle

magnetic crochet
strongly pulls
gently sewing together
embraces warm rays 
kisses sweetly
with her soft fingers
weaving love deeply
blissfully into 
one's heart


Details | Free verse | |

Love - Sweet - Love

                                                       Hand in hand
                                       Sandy beach with beautiful sunset
                                                            in love

                                       What could be more romantic than
                                    when the sun is glowing red and orange
                                          melts into the sea somewhere
                               And two who are in love and goes hand in hand

                                                       A small box
                                        On his knees in the wet sand beach
                                                     Will you be mine

                                              She blushes as the sunset
                                                Smiles her lovely smile
                                                        Yes, I would

                                          The sun melts into the sea somewhere
                                    But for a couple in love, the night is still young

A-L  Andresen :)
("mix poem" )

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Darling It's You

To take you in these arms right now 
flower you rise regal sunflower 
Sparkling petals over a princess
Whispering silently and softly 
I am your pilgrim 
who would do battle
for your sweet loving hand

Fluttering in deep tongues of light
Waving lashes turning over inside the brain
Totally smitten in your shining jewels 
silver dazzling in a milky smile 
Shimmers in your deep delicious beauty love
Always will be forever with me 
inside you my dream

Lady of light you shine a promise made 
sparkling crowns a vision rose
The moon is my banner there and back 
Standing on the edge with you
when sunsets dance their brilliance 
This is were I make my peek 
my total love open 
I have to you 

At those words 
falling I am at you're feet
Worshiping the very ground 
on which you stand out  
Queen of hearts 
who captured this soul beautiful

This I co wrote with someone whom I spent time with writing just to say it has taken to now to post for me this was a very special piece took months to write from a heart 

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Indian Summer

Memories of autumn linger still
The pale sun loiters on the hill;
A prodigal year now grown old
Is gathering all her days of gold.
Flocks of birds now eager to go
We share the dream with footsteps slow;
We meet beneath the apple tree
Join hands in silent company.
We will not part love, oh not yet
Too soon the weary sun will set.

The crickets cease to sing their song
The gold and russet wilt away;
The crimson trees stayed too long
And all the sky is wet and grey.
We know at night the frost will fall
And scar the asters on the hill;
The golden rod and sumac all
Will feel the hand of winter's chill.

But love, it is not the time to part
I need to hold you near my heart;
Yesterday was such a golden smile
Today we might love awhile;
Till autumn dies and love forget
And we must leave, but dear not yet.

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Like The Sun

Like the sun awakened, from slumber grey
Blessing every tortured fray
embraced  my soul, your glorious gaze
and set my lonely heart ablaze
like the sun amass  a brand new morn
upon your whispered wind was born
our love, till endless ages sworn
like sun enveloped, rainy days
you devoured all my hopeless haze…
and since dost now my heart amaze
with joy and laughter, lifes’ rephrase
but like the sun,twas time to set, 
now life dost seem just wretched fret
sunless days chase moonless night
drifting along alas lonely plight
A Godly gift you were to thee
rewarding every desperate plea 
now I must sail amidst raging sea
blind to hithers destiny.
But I shall rise above the moon
Amidst the troubled waters swoon
For love like ours it strengthens mast
To ride relenting waters vast
Till time dost ask for my return
To the place my tethered soul doth yearn
And all my cares shall be set free
your womb my love this soul shall flee
where thine was always meant to be
in Heavens Grace… Eternally

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Lost In Loves Space

love the style of your morning kiss 
dancing lips deeply dazzling bliss

Catch you after curtain calls my dreams tonight 
until the sun kisses your eyelids with golden light

Beautiful in one's mind weakness sang a dream
just floated to you dancing upon sunshine beams 

Captivating ball of flames burning bright not the past 
radiating golden warm future holds destiny our torch shines a light everlasting

Holding inside believing crowning beauty silently whispers without sound 
Rising as night's tears leave a dew upon the ground 

Crystal blue clear the happiness within joy brings
inside every wish was your desire softly feathers touching wings embracing sing

Details | Quintain (English) | |

Lake, Water and Sun

Lake, Water and Sun

Blue lake stirs the youthful mind,
water shines then invites us on in.
Sunshine covers this rare new find
as delight gives each a big grin-
the youthful mind, invites us on in.

Work done, we have no more chores
sweet time for living life instead.
Sun beams hot upon these shores-
cool waters splashes upon each head-
upon these shores, living life instead

Is this a Nirvana with a bad twist,
rhapsody set to fine angelic tunes;
love leaping through a watery mist?
Will love burn out into the dunes-
with a bad twist...out into the dunes.

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Yum Yum Girl

Who said the sun rises in the East?
That's not true in the very least....
The Sun rises and sets in the West
Where does dwell the very best...
My Yum Yum girl
Sweeter than molasses
Shining and brightening my way
Oh, I do bless
The very day
I set my eyes on my Yum Yum Girl
My heart has ever since
Been aswirl...
For my Yum Yum Girl
Tasty love beyond belief
Oh, what a relief...
To recapture
My Yum Yum Girl
My Yum Yum Girl

A smile that beams
Golden hair that gleams
How I love the laugh
Of my Yum Yum Girl
My Yum Yum Girl
Oh, my, oh my,
My Yum Yum Girl.
My Yum Yum Girl.

These are written as song lyrics.
Next the music.

Your T

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Going Home

Going Home

There’s been so many things
That I’ve run from
Been so many things 
That I have run to
Some times with open arms
Sometimes on my knees
The dusty pavements and paths
Have welcomed me

Searching in the dark
By match burnt candle light
Walking in the tunnels
Of too bright sun light

Tracks which lead to the mountain head
Where thin air led my heart
Back to the valleys 
Where you slept

Through barren grass 
So many in their fields
Just veins inside a forest floor
Wandering forever lost

To the sea the roads have brought me
To the waves which can only show me
A map to guide me
Back to you

And on the tourist clouds 
Which escape at sunset
On the freedom breeze 
Where their colours breathe me
I no longer roam
I find my way back home

While the foot prints that I leave 
No longer matter
The sands of time 
Lost to their own desert
Just a life inside an hourglass

I haven’t roamed on these bridges 
Of forever
Just to end the single thread 
Which has lead me
Balanced on the tight rope 
Of your heart

And it may be the freezing rain 
Which comes to batter
And there may be no light at all 
Upon the road
Still the tower of your love 
Still shines there before me
A compass to guide me on

And on the day 
When the sun billows into being
And the sails of love 
Will find my tired feet
When your hand is no longer the ghost 
Which saves me
But a palm that reaches out 
To feel my own

I will no longer roam
I will have found my way 
Back home

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Moon and Sun

Although we meet the dying day Our sun ensconced in melting blue The moon’s held high to swing and sway Her light may sprinkle, softest hue No other reason but for you There’s a time when all stars must go When the sky can hold only two And that is when my love will grow. One night, the whitest white will stray Snowflakes sticking to dying rue The sun may flash its final ray But after that, the golden’s through And once again the night is new We’ll let the winters beauty show The fireplace our burning cue And that is when my love will grow. There is a time in early May When flowers bloom and spring is new Then laughter shakes as children play Shrieking with fun that’s over-due Who could cry today, guess a few. . . I’ve felt the sunshine’s warmest glow One day I’ll feel your warmest, too And that is when my love will grow. When sunshine fades, moon glows anew; And when she dips once more, he’ll go And when they’re in the sky, just two- And that is when my love will grow.

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Of Fawn And Fairy

Inside this forest
so bright and mild 
a fairy lived
her name, Wonder Child

For all the forest
knew of this girl
to which they knew
she would change the world

A fawn she crept 
upon one day
it sensed no danger
no need to escape

Her acquired ability
to speak with those
on four legs with fur
scurrying would go

She was as a spirit
in the woods she did walk
she would talk to the animals
to her they would flock

She'd gentle reach down
and with the smallest of hands
much like the grains of sand
beside them she'd stand

Together as one
the fairy and fawn
if you close your eyes tight
you may see them at dawn

Donna G Fowler

by Donna G Fowler

"I have seen the fawn wake up at dawn...
and then she did not tarry.
This tiny deer so full of cheer
set out to find the fairy.

She knew that the winged one
would help her through the day
and with the sun at end of day
would quietly slip away.

But fawns grow into beautiful deer
and time just passes on.
Now the mother deer, it is so clear,
seeks the fairy to teach her own."

Donna, I hope you don't think I am presumptuous to think this would improve on your beautiful poem... No, It is just an example of how perfection can trigger creativity in the least of us...
You have my honest admiration and respect for this and many other fine works in your portfolio... Love Ya! Jake  

Reviewed by jakepayne  

Your review received: 
Very helpful

and the following comments about your review:
TY Jake. I admire your wit. What I'd like to see you do is write a continuation of this like you have started. Name it whatever you want, and post me back a message

Mother Doe and Fairy
Inspired by Donna G. Fowler’s
‘Of Fawn and Fairy’

I saw the fawn wake up at dawn...
and then she did not tarry.
This tiny deer so full of cheer
set out to find the fairy.

She knew that the winged one
would teach her the right ways
and with the sun at end of day
would quietly slip away.

 Fawns grow into beautiful deer
as time just passes on.
Now the mother deer, it is so clear,
seeks the fairy to teach her own.

The fairy knew her language
and all the others too.
She had tutored many youngsters
in the proper things to do.

The forest had been good to her
and the years had been kind too.
When the Doe felt life within her
she knew just what to do.

She knew just where the fairy should be
each and every day.
She wanted her to teach her fawn
to live the forest’s way.

The mother doe was nearing
the birth of her first fawn.
She arrived there at the clearing
just at break of dawn.

She sensed the fairy knew --
for she felt her presence there.
The comfort she had sought to find
Could be felt in the morning air.

She lay down in the comfort
of a nearby grove of trees
And quietly awaited there
in the cooling morning breeze.

Then she heard the quiet flutter
Of tiny little wings
She saw the fairy coming
as the birds began to sing.

She now relaxed and soon she knew
the peace the forest sends
And she found herself surrounded
by scores of tiny friends.

They all had heard the news
and all had been invited
To come and see the miracle
of  two friends reunited.

The fairy knew why she’d been called
to this very special place
She was here to help the deer
receive God’s special grace.

It was not long – it had begun
And quickly, it was over.
There lay the mother doe and fawn
in the comfort of the clover.

The fairy then took stardust
and sprinkled it in their eyes.
Now when they exchange gazes
their love is not disguised.

The fairy and the doe and fawn
then went their separate way
knowing this would not be the last
of many special days.

© Jacob Payne
October 20, 2006

Jake, I knew you could continue this after what you placed in my review. First I am honored that you were inspired by something I started. Secondly, this is an amazing continuation of my poem. You are so visual in this and I could see the field of clover and the new baby fawn. I felt as if I were there watching. Fantastic job my friend.. I'm so excited!!!!  

Reviewed by Donna G Fowler

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From The Glowing Embers

You glow deeply like a warm summer's night,
while I shine brightly as the sun -
opposite puzzle pieces of dark and light,
complementary pieces that fit just right,
causing time itself to come undone.

Through thick and thin,
virtue and sin,
you could be poor, you could be rich,
you ease the edge, you ease the itch.

I will love you more than power and money,
breathe in the essence you emote,
taste your mysterious honey,
sweet and golden down my throat.

When you're right, when you're wrong,
this is all part of our love song.
You satiate my appetite,
leaving just enough room
for me to sip up your tears,
sip up your remaining gloom,
until we have conquered our fears,
and there is nothing left but light.

When the temperature turns colder,
as we become frail and older,
from out of the glowing embers
of our Autumn, late September,
there will appear a most precious gem,
causing me to reminisce all over again
about that long-ago fateful spring,
when we began our passionate fling.

And after all these years, I still sing:

"You glow deeply like a warm summer's night,
while I shine brightly as the sun -
opposite puzzle pieces of dark and light,
complementary pieces that fit just right,
causing time itself to come undone."

December 26th, 2011

Entered into David Williams' "Romance" contest
Name: Chri.stop.her
Form: Rhyme (mixed)

Details | Quintain (English) | |

Fair Maybelle

Fair Maybelle trode through the morning dew
She peered through the foggy haze
Her blue eyes saw what I tell you is true
For the fog did part and the sun did blaze
And a pure white unicorn met her gaze

Now it may well seem it would run away
Or perhaps she would rather shy
But against her nature she hastened to stay
And an unseen cord drew her nigh
Till Maybelle's feet she laid her by

So sweetly Maybelle stroked her hair
She longed for her touch once more
But Maybelle ceased, and she left her there
For what a *wight could see, that her heart was sore
Till she meet her love on the Highdown *Tor

So Maybelle walked o'er the far and near
And her one-horned friend followed light as a bird
And they travelled on without a sight of fear
With but one care and nary a word
That winsome twosome persevered

At the long last, Maybelle heard a pleasant sound
The sound of a rollicking song
And the butterflies danced in the air all around
Whilst her love held her dearly and long
If it could, could it be that she was the theme of his song?

So the three of them lived in the fairyland *wold
Where the sun slips off to the moonlight's glow
Where the wind blows warm and the streams flow cold
And the daffodils thrive in winter's snow
Now here is the end, as you surely know

* Wight: A person
* Tor: A high pointed hill
* Wold: A wood or forest

Written 4/2/2013

Details | Romanticism | |

Pursue Love

Pursue love,
the love that has no meaning,
the silver ports of the moon,
shine so bright,
that it blinds you in the twilight
she is beautiful and she is divine
she is the song sang by the sweet nightingales
in the gardens of worthy, overgrowning and blooming roses,
like wildfire grow tall and the thornes of the vines
tangle around her feet and drag her ever so slightly
throughout the garden of beauty.
As the roses lay along a table,
as she sits at the table
and she waits for me, the wordman
to come to the dinner table at the stroke of nine
and sit with her,
start a scene or two of romantic setting,
to pursue love in her name.
Love is around us,
the candlelight shines and reflects in her silk hair,
as her evening dress glitters and shines
and her bossom shows itself in the nightsky
as we lay together,
we pursue a dream together,
forever we live together forever,
as we stand upon the belcony of Romeo and Juliet's love scene
we swim in a pool of sweet divine care and love,
we swallow grapes and drink wine
hand and hand on Persian rugs and virgin white cloth sheets,
we dance to a simple, yet sweet Chopin's masterpiece
of his beautiful nocturnes,
which make such a sweet and romantic song in our heads.

We stomp out the flames
as we dance the night away,
and you lay in my arms,
and I kiss you upon your lovely head,
and you hold my hand,
and I hold you tight
never thinking of letting your love go away from me,
I would take my own life,
before I lose your love.
See us together,
it is a painting that lasts lifetimes,
that needs no touch-ups.
I care for you and love you!
Love me, I know you will.

My sweet and loving portrait lady,
who in reality is more beautiful than a fully bloomed rose
that sits on its green stem,
in the garden of beauty that sits outside my window.
Come up to my chambers
as I picked roses for you and pettles litter the atmosphere
as love's tension grows
and suspence brings us together,
let us make love tonight
seal the passion
and pursue love once and for all.

Then shall we wake with the first rays of the blazing of the morning sun,
I shall wake next to your beauty and glory,
and I shall point my attention to the heavens
and thank the Gods for sending you on the open road,
toward my chamber door, I call my heart.
Then we shall dress, and walk the pathways
in the garden of beauty
and I shall pick a bauquet of roses
and we shall sit by the lake and pursue our love
for one another
and nothing, not one earthquake shall shake us apart.


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Natures Beauty

Sunshine beams sparkles softly golden magic 
Breathtaking horizon of dreams spells casting 

Feelings, faces and memories within 
Shall follow the nature´s endless spin 

Creeping higher morning glory rising perfect splendor 
Smiling warm rays inside hot radiance glows 

Dizzy with pleasure, tears a falling star rain wet drop of heaven 
Total silence no vibration pearls on leaves dried 

Songbirds sing praise in a heavenly choir whistling tunes 
Enchanting dewdrops sparkling shivers, silver glistens 

Diamond shining clearly colors beauty awakening 
Rainbow riches polishing a heart to the highest luster 

Into a landscape of dreams and hope 
The green grass will grow for another tomorrow 

A co write written by Liam Mcdaid 
and Anne-Lise Andresen :) - 12.01.2015 - 
- Thank you anne lise 

Details | Pantoum | |

His Warmth

I thank you always sun and moon, but is his warmth that makes me move
My hands stay lingered in his palm, and trace the lines to write a song
His eyes they whisper: you still do know, of how my love will always grow
And with four lips they form hello, for goodbye they'll never know
My hands stay lingered in his palm, and trace the lines to write a song;
For each line has read, " hold on " that's why fingers clench so strong
And with four lips they form hello, for goodbye they'll never know
I love you more than can be known, and hopefully we'll find that's shown
For each line has read," hold on " that's why fingers clench so strong
His eyes they whisper: you still do know, of how my love will always grow
I love you more than can be known, and hopefully we'll find that's shown
I thank you always sun and moon, but it's his warmth that makes me move...

Details | Free verse | |

Woodland Romance

"A woodland path in the dappled sun hushed and quiet"

As creamy blue cloud rests on tall tender trees
Peeps of early morning sun still awakes  dossing greens
Dull dews are yet to vanish from their sheltering leaves
Silences of monastery still arrest woodland paradise
The songbirds are yet to reveal songs schedule of the day
The echoing breath of nature
Still nurture patient under slumber's custody
Only four naked legs print love on woodland moldered leaves
A perfect sanctuary for lucky cupid and Venus
As calming breezy strokes of nature
Lull perfectly braided hairs
Affection breathes rhythm to drumming tongues
Sweeping feelings conquer trembling flesh
As lips gently explore one another
Keen tender arms stroll awaiting avenues
As soft sweet moans arouse jealousy among woodland beings
'I love you' falls from ecstasy driven tongues
A perfect world is created by conjoined spirits
Where comfort nourish mind and soul
 It's now evening
 As weary sun leisurely walks home
A head still rests on sweeter-than-mattress subtle laps   

 Author: Joseph Osita
For Constance Rambling poet's contest: "Woodland Path"

Details | Kyrielle | |


The sun will rise,the sun will set,
no more love will life beget;
The day will break,the moon to rise,
no more love,as this life dies;
The Summer heat,or Winter cold,
no more love will this life hold;
The Autumn fall,and Springtime green,
no more again,will love be seen;
The wheat will shoot,the grass will grow,
no more again sweet love to know;
The grape will ripen on the vine
no more,no more will love be mine.

inspired after reading an essay by Nicholas Ferrar(1592-1637) the English ascetic of the Little 
Gidding community(was also TS Eliot's inspiration foth the last of his Four Quartets).

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A Starry Shade of Night

Love forever eludes me perhaps because it flies on angelic wings
And yet my earth bound body is beneath the weight of gravity
Its like following a rainbow to an end I'll never see
Or like chasing the horizon as it falls away from me
Will I ever find that pot of gold and embrace a warm sunset
With my heart on sandy shores beneath a sky I won't forget
To become envious of the moon as it illuminates her face
Gently dancing across her skin as it adorns with utter grace
Then inhale the scent of beauty as her lips press next to mine
As I watch the midnight sky reflect inside her radiant eyes
                and in her starry shade 
              Of dim and solitary loveliness
           I learn’d the language of another world
         That I found deeply within one kiss

                                       ~ JJF ~

Delphinus stars 
~Lord Byrons Manfred~

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As I Look At The Sky

(Hourglass poem) 

I look at the sky and see clouds 
Blush and cover sun as they flood 
And light grows small as they go by 
I watch them as they cross the sky 

I see clouds change into weird shapes 
Sometimes the sky is a blue grape 
But there are times when it turns gray 
And that's when the sun fades away 

Looking at the sky is quite nice 
I'd love to watch it more than twice 
As they glow in the night so bright 
And count stars in the sky at night 

And count stars in the sky at night 
As they glow in the night so bright 
I'd love to watch it more than twice 
Looking at the sky is quite nice 

And that's when the sun fades away 
But there are times when it turns gray 
Sometimes the sky is a blue grape 
I see clouds change into weird shapes 

I watch them as they cross the sky 
And light grows small as they go by 
Blush and cover sun as they flood 
I look at the sky and see clouds! 


Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

August 25,2009 

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A Dance in the Clouds

As the sun starts to set
she looks deep into his eyes
Their worlds come together as one
with the softness of just one kiss
Back and forth they start to sway
the only music....the beating of their hearts
Gentle breezes blow through the air
with each breath she breathes
She reveals to him the mysteries of this world
a place she has longed for him to see
The falls steadily flow with constant emotion
as the calm, crystal, waters below are the peace within
Butterflies blanket the fields of wildflowers
as her thoughts are always with him
The sun always shines brightly here
for she has him locked away within her heart
She holds his hands as their lips part
and she reveals to him another thing.......
This dance in the clouds

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Last Night - Collaboration with Casarah Nance

Take a sip of the sky, Oh what a sight. 
The sun is setting on our treasured night. 
Like romantic propaganda we sit hand in hand, 
and stare out into the shadows of the land. 
Such romantic beauty to behold, 
I'm holding you close so you won't get cold. 
Dreaming of lives together as one, 
as we watch the beautiful setting sun. 
I couldn't ask for a sweeter combination, 
like our poetry, we stir every sensation. 
The power of the flesh, the dance of the heart. 
On love's stage we play every part. 
Mother Nature in all of her glory, 
Plays the backdrop for our love story. 
Two hearts coming together as one, 
our new journey has just begun. 
We could paint a picture, we could write a poem 
We could call this a future, call it our home. 
Its more than words and it is more than lines 
When two lovers with a like mind combines

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if time heals all wounds,?
my cure lies in patience,?
if sadness makes us stronger,?
sorrow lives as my acquaintance,
the sun rises slowly but has to set again too soon,
the sun brings us the light but is only shadowed by the moon,
the sun shows our imperfections, and the moon leaves them transparent,
but if i speak truth let me be a declarant,
true beauty shines through when under darkness, moon or sun,
your beauty stay true, equalled by none,
time will heal not being by your side,
and the sorrow will give me strength to be proud that i tried,
one day you will find a love much greater than I,
i just long for the chance to say that your mine.

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A theoretical assumption into the causation of Earth's rotation

1000 miles per hour scientists have calculated the Earth’s rotation
And 25000 miles in 24 hours according to their quotation
They say it is the distance from the sun qualifies their concession
But it is the facts that they failed to mention

The fact in the matter is, it is not gravity, the sun or the moon
So I thought I will break it down so you can see the big picture soon
And those scientific theories are fallible and can be popped like a balloon
Then you can stop watching the Discovery channel and watch a Disney cartoon

In order to deliver the facts I will change from monorhyme
This will give you the information in digestible nuggets in time

Here we go:

Fact: we know that love makes the world go round
Just enough to stop you flying off the ground
According to my calculations, there are 380000 people making love every second
Wait a minute, just in case I am beckoned

22800000 in a minute, 1368000000 in an hour and 32832000000 in a day.
That’s a lot of people indulging in naughty play
Therefore each person generates 3045808967 gigawatts of negative energy
Calculate it yourself and if I’m wrong I’ll change my name to Cenergy.
The negative energy is what repels us from the sun 
This is not generated from the up and down of underwear of everyone
If we quit the Earth will stop spinning 
And this may mean we’ll come out winning
For we won’t die or age in years
We’ll never be made redundant due to someone younger taking our careers

You can borrow money and go in debt
And never pay it off if you take it over a year I guarantee the bet.
For if we stop love, time will stand still
And to get it moving again would need the love pill

So from me and Captain Morgan, we say good night
Tomorrow how the earth got it’s crust we will write.
So say good night to this drunken plumber
And by the way, if we stop the sun will suck us in and that’s a bummer

Good night

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Distant Heart

Your sun may be clouded
My sun may be bright
But I know that we see
The same moon tonight

I climb on the roof
And I gaze at the stars
Hoping you can also see
Planet Mars

No matter the distance
Near or apart
Just know that you will
Always be in my heart

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My Reason For Being

I saw the sun shine today,
it rises and sets on my love.
Last night I saw the moons face,
it slumbers awaiting ,
the morn.
Awaiting the light ,
to shine on the face,
of my angel.
Just as the moon chases,
the sun,
my heart beats for her love.
 I can't imagine a day,
in which the sun rises,
without her light.
She is the glue,
that holds my world together.
She is the ,
 rising of the sun ,
and the promise of tomorrow ,
which is my life........
my being.

To Liz My Love

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I Have Seen a New Dawn

I awoke this morning, before Dawns early light; the Sunshine still slept.
I took my coffee cup, out on the porch, and  for “Lenore” I  Finally wept.
The pain, the agony, years of grief: rolled down my cheeks: My Soul’s Relief.
A single ray of sunshine over the majestic purple mountains peak, peeks.
Out of this single ray of light, my Heartbeat; my Soul “ LENORE “ speaks.

“ My Dearest and Only Beloved ; I’m  sorry I left, upon our Everlasting Day.
I’ll sing to you My final Poem, before OUR Heavenly Father; bids Me to stay
I remember every Rhyme, YOU wrote For ME : Lets memorize each TIME.
GOD grants US togetherness : “ LENORE, Lets make this HOUR, OURS.
LENORE and I shared Memories, OUR POETRY : many of OUR HOURS

As I came back, from this Adventure, the morning Sun was smiling at ME.
Atop the Mighty Purple Mountain he had climbed ; I was not There to SEE.
With eyes now wider opened, I watch the warmth of the SUN racing at ME.
I feel the wind the warmth flies in on, Flowing through my Grey White Beard
I Smell the flowers growing; I see the mighty OAK Limbs wave; WEIRD.

I must Retrain my senses; To see, hear, feel : TO WRITE!! My FRIENDS
Relearn the Basic laws of Truth  and LIFE and LOVE and FEELING. 
Must Retrain my hands to write of The Beauty of Mother Earth! My FAMILY
I have to Study very Hard, my Contemporaries , to quicken the HEALING.
Then I can Write, to the ones I love; They teach me Everything  THE  POETS

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My Sweet October

The sun rises,
The sun sets,
In between,
Life expressed.
Only time.

We live,
We die,
In between,
Only time.

Are you?

Sweet October,
Time after time,
Day after day,
I love you,
Every way.

But you had to go,
You left me here,
With all my fears,
With all my tears.

Strong, forever,
A beautiful life,
Gone as if never.

Remember me,
Where are you,
A life so perfect,
A life so new?

Move on,
Another place,
Another time,
I will be with you.

My sweet October ….

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Freedom from the Wall

Clouds unite
they end all fight
darkness prevails
the bride with no veil
to see with no eyes
why do we despise
as the world does turn
our minds they do churn
thinking too much
my mind loses clutch
and the wall does grow
so high i cannot throw
my words at your mind
they fall short then behind
frustration sets in
as the sun goes to fin
the darkness will win
not i as this is my sin
i will glance with no stare
find the pain that is there
and the wind will be fair
as it carries my prayer
one day you will feel
what i meant to steal
as the darkness will peel
my pain from this real
communicate i cant
i try but its faint
i turn on my pain
i turn on my pain
i turn on my pain
i cannot regain
i want to show the day
that the sun will remain
as the clouds unite
they don't end all fight
it is i that must cite
it is i that must fight
for only i can prevail
only minds can grow stale
if not used you will trail
if not used you will fail
if not seen its your grail
if not noticed your in hell
i will try to tell all
i must try to not fall
only you will be seen
in my eyes of ever clean
that the tears will one day fall
down my cheek in all glory
as they will be of not pain
but rejoice as i gain
and rejoice we shall reign
to the water of no shame
as i finally can blame
no one else for my rain
and all the world will see
it was i that was freed
it was i with no creed
that was released to bleed

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         I thank you, if it wasn't for you i wouldn't be here today
         i thank you for loving me unconditionally as i am,
         i thank you for being always there with an ear to hear me,
         i thank you for showing me the paths i ought to walk,
         i thank you for providing me with good food and health,
         i thank you for being a pillar,everytime i felt insecure,unloved,
         i thank you for forgiven me everytime i got stubborn 
         and did it my way as if i knew better than you know myself,
         i thank you for your big heart,your kindness a radiance upon my soul
        i thank you for being my strength in my weaknesses,every time i fall giving
        me your hand so i rise up again,not scolding me but showering me with love
my dear father,
       i thank you for all that you've created for me,this heaven on earth,
       the beautiful rivers,mountains,forests,water cascades and nature's glory.
       i thank you for the  yellow sun which warms me every morning,
       the sun which brightens my days.i thankyou for the moon and the stars
       which twinkles soft sweet light,lullabying me to sleep....................
       i thank you for the rain which feeds and nourishes the crops,so i may
       eat ,live and survive,i thankyou for the thunderstorms which reminds me 
      of your power,that with you near me i'm safe,you're my knight protecting me.
my dear father,
      i can never stop thanking you,the list is never ending,my last thanks would go
      for the rainbow which every now and then peeps through my window sill,
      the beautiful coloured rainbow which reminds me of the path...........
      the path,the gift of love to me---to your rebellious naughty little child.........
      a grown up woman now,still a child in your eyes-------------------------------
      i love you my father and i can't wait to see you face to face in the land of no            
      sorrows,the land of love,serenity and peace......................................
      thank you dear God for being My perfect DAD
      This big hug is for you ---In my own imperfect love i love you.............
            H A P P Y             F A T H E R'S                          DAY-------------YOUR DAUGHTER

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A couple in Love

A young couple sits together on the beach
As he holds her close darkness approaches,
The sun free falls toward the sea.
Refusing to let her go he kisses her,
And whispers in her ear,
“I love you”
He lets his true feelings show
Three words so simple yet so meaningful
She smiles realizing she wants to be no where else in the world.
“Let’s never forget this” she says 
60 years later…
An old couple celebrating their anniversary,
Wades into the water as the sun drops to the horizon.
Holding hands the woman looks at him with teary eyes,
“Do you remember…” she begins to say
“The first time I told you I loved you?” the man responded with a smile 
“You told me never to forget” he chuckled
Tears roll down her cheeks as he holds her close
Refusing to let her go he whispers in her ear,
“Let’s never forget this”

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Sonnets of Light

Soft vanilla sunshine,
Gleams it’s love on the horizon.
The essence of light echoes,
A pale radiance on the surface
Of tranquil waters.

The sun scribes vanillin verses to the sea,
Sonnets of light written on waters,
Romantic incantations grace the heaven’s, 
Painting a love beyond the aquatic seascape.

The soft surge writes back to the sun,
Reciting in verse through the pleasant soothing waves.
The evening sky and passing clouds blush, 
Witnessing the romance of the sun and sea.
In the rustic scene derived from the setting of the sun.

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Healing Season

Autumn came this summer
on a cool winter's day
Then spring walked in behind her
Then spring soon danced away:
A flower grew beside her
from a freshly fallen pile of snow
And the petals fall onto the ground
shortly after the winds blows:
As quickly as the seasons change
so the same, time does pass
and the memory of frozen ground
is soon your bed of grass:
The time which a flower bares it's bloom
or clouds share their summer rain
Quickly passes with the shifting winds
As it guides away your pain:
My lover spoke just as a friend
As a stranger, then took my hand
As one beginning drew to another end
the setting sun made me understand:
The Earth is not that far around
The sun rises in the day
And as quickly as the lightning strikes
The storm can roll away.

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My World

The sky is blue
Just like your soulful eyes.
And just like those eyes
The bright blue sky can
Fill my world with wondrous delights.

The sun is warm
Just like your lips on mine.
And just like those lips
The sun can warm my soul.

The flowers bloom
Just like my heart when 
I think of you.
And just like the thought of you
The flowers brighten my day.

The world is a wondrous place
Just like my world with you.

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Moon Dance

The waves slide over the shore
Leaving tiny, squiggly trails
The moon and sun battle for the sky
And the big, bright moon prevails.
The beach is shrouded in darkness
Dimmly lit by only one light
That dances through the undertow
Marching its way through the plight.
A stencil of gray laces the sky
Creating a vision of death
Slowly overcoming the shore
'Til it takes its last breath.
The ocean itself which had once held
So much life in its depths
Has become drowned in its own contents
It is meeting its own death.
A storm lashes its way
Solmnly across the sky
To make room for what will unleash
That will cause the very moon to cry.
Dancing and waltzing across the shore,
The moon sadly turns away
She can't bear to see her ocean like this
And witness it going astray.
With one, final, swift motion, 
She casts her love out to sea
The love she held deeply for her ocean
The world, and all her countries.
She makes her way back to where she belongs
And lets the sun take over the sky
I didn't, in all my years,
Think I would ever see the moon cry.
But she shed those tears so bravely
And dried them so nonchalant
She turned and made her way back to the sky 
Like it was something she could never want.
The moon had lost the battle
And, defeated, began to fade away
Then the sun began to dance, too
To celebrate a brand-new day.


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Freyja's Rival

Freyja’s Rival

( And may the Great Queen of the Norse Forgive me )

It’s a sun scintillation of a today
The sky a sharp atmospheric
Crystal blue chimes
Reaches to the untold dominion of stars

Crisp light softens the out shouting colours
Temperance to dancing whispers
“Quiet now” says the Sun
“Other lovers are out shinning today”

Your eyes a sparkling flash of azure
Smiling so long and so deep
Happy has anchored itself
On your complicit lashes
And you are far too beautiful
For my heart to withstand

Such captivating mysteries of an Elfin legend
They say that Freyja was Queen of the North
The Gods had blessed her
With flaming hair
She was the desperate love
Of many a brave warrior

The sun licks her fire inflamed
And prances with breezes
Lifting your curls and locks in scattered incendiaries
Flows red with the blood heated in my veins

Would that I could see you now 
Standing there naked
And bathed in your glory
My nymphet Queen
Sure that those shades
Are the boundaries of your purple Burgundies wings
Striking their flutter
On the bright surroundings of living green

But I must content myself
In the curves of your pale blue chiffon
Knowing that the Norse Queen is a little jealous
Of the Queen of the South

For a mother and a woman have left me so impressed
That loves ever pull egress
To your direction
Repeats in my soul
Its forgone conclusion

And there beneath an old grand oak
We sat and littered the picnic table
With all manner of fairy cakes
And sipped on the wine
The sweet wine of our life
In your sparkling laughter of this days happiness
You were more magnificent
Than any Elfin Princess

And anymore love my heart could contain
Would pour from my chest
And race giggling to the dizziest heights
Of sharp atmospheric crystal clear blue
Reaching out to the dominion of stars
To call out your name

To be sure

They would hear me

My love

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There's a feeling inside, I can't explain
Somehow good intentions have ended in pain
Its not what I wanted
Its not how I planned
But somehow true love has slipped through my hand.

You were my true love, My kindred, My life
Its hard to accept you won't be my wife
Destroyed and in tatters, beyond all repair
But never forget girl, I'll always be there.

Its sad and unfair how we fell apart
But although its in pieces, you still own my heart
With each sun that rises, with each sun that sets
My prayers are for you, the girl I can't get.

We'd laugh, we were silly, we'd sulk, we'd forget
But when bed time came round, I was so glad we met
Your face in the bath, when your hair it was wet
Your perfume, your toothbrush, I'll never forget.

I've paid for my crimes for what I've done to you
I've paid with my heart, for its broken in two
I love you my sweetheart, my breath of fresh air
The best part of my life with you I once shared.

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Brought To Awe

When the sun hits the bellies of the humble clouds at dusk
I'm amazed, I'm entranced, I am but a speck of dust.
When the gulf eats the sun in a nibble and a bite
all my senses stand up tall to applaud the gift of sight
When the mountains cradle shadows 'gainst the pink of sunlit trees
you will find me deep in prayer toward the one with wise decrees
And when I'm standing next to you with our two hands intertwined
I am brilliantly alive with the knowledge you are mine...

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Dream Kisses

The night is young, so as the mornng that i will soon await to arise in your eyes
fallen by the desporate words you speak.
Watching you sleep so peacfully in your sweet dreams. as the wisper of the wind waits for 
you to awake.
My heart is growing old by every minute dreaming softly to your dream kisses.
For i now know that i can't no longer live in your dreams i have to go back to that 
raisin in the sun reality, dried again by the gasping of the wind. i have fallen in love 
but it is now time for me to awake and watch the sun rise, as yesterday's moon grows old. 
while kissing me good-night to your dream kisses, while i'm on cloud nine touching the 

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Always Within My Heart

Shut your eyes, listen

Can you hear the waves rolling in

The sun feels so good 

As it dances on my skin

The air, freshly scented

Like a soft summer rain

Takes me to places

Far away from the pain

Warm breezes caress me

Gentle, like your touch

Reminding me of what

I’ve been missing so much

While I watch the sun rise 

Then slowly it sets

I think of the things 

I’ll never forget

The birth of my children

The smile of a friend

The way my soul feels

When touched by your hand

The taste of your lips

Sweet as honey wine

The melodies I see

When we combine

The distance doesn’t matter

When we are apart

You will remain forever

Always within my heart

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Swept Away

Mid afternoon, the sun slams down,
On the shifting sands of a coastal town,
The monument points with a gun to the sky,
The heat haze displaced by a seagull’s cry;
On the quay I sit and look out to sea,
At the distance between the horizon and me.

At a quarter to four I have not moved on,
Wearing haunted looks that I thrive upon,
An ice cream melts in a splitting cone,
Seeping through cracks to a twilight zone.
I take a deep breath and rise to my feet,
So cold and alone in the sweltering heat.

At the closing of day, the sun settles down,
The night muscles in on a coastal town,
I drift to the bar and the sea licks the walls
Of the harbour without where the darkness falls.
I look to the dusk for an answer or two,
But there’s no sign of life, and there’s no sign of you.

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Impossible Love

  If the moon and the sun were lovers
the trees would stand in awe
the world would weep and would not sleep
beholding what they saw.

  If the moon and the sun were lovers
the tides would rise and fall
above the crests of mountains dressed
in light of heaven's awe

  if the moon and the sun were lovers
the world would have to end
with overload the skies explode
t'would be the final straw

  if the moon and the sun were lovers
then maybe we could be
the world would give and let us live
our dreams without a flaw.

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Ode to Mi Corazon

As I pull weeds from cracks in sidewalks
Yout sit on top of thrones made of solid gold
And I pay no mind to the women around me,
Only to your beauty do I hold an Ode.

I see my fair Spanish lady
my daring, sweet rose with thorns,
That run up and down her spine.
As she stops in the daily parade
Waving at the peasants,
She looks at me and summons her guards
Too take me away.

Her beauty is unbearable.
I cannot take not being with her
For a single moment in my life.
Her hair,
Black like coal,
Her smile is bright, as the first rays of the Red Sun
In the dawn.
Her lips painted with ruby lipstick,
her silk laced dress and shawl wrap around her,
Like a beautiful butterfly in her cocoon.
Her skin of olive, dark color and her green eyes.
My God, those sweet and piercing green eyes
Oh, how they hit my soul and make me shiver with excitment.
She is intoxicating and I am intoxicated in her beauty.

She is like an angel, a Latina beauty who walks the streets paved gold,
As I walk the cracked, cobblestone walkways.
She shines in the Spanish sun, like a dimoand in the ruff
As you blow the dust off her sweet brow,
she glows and sparkles with extordinary excellence.

She is beautiful and sweet and kind.
She loves me, but her father minds.
I am only a peasant, and she royalty.
Can our love ever be together in one holy matrimony?
I pray to the Lord, of all that is good,
Please give me a sign that she loves me.

Soon a storm came over,
blowing me down to the ground
And a cloud of dust swallowed me whole.
A great Conquistador on a great white stallion
pulled me up and told me that she wanted to see me.
I shacked with nervous of joy as I followed the warrior.

She was there, under a palm tree
Near a beautiful beach in Barcelona.
She smiled and a glow covered me with passion.
I hugged her and kissed her upon her sweet lips.
I tasted virginity and she tasted loyalty.
We both tasted beauty and harmony.
As the warrior left us,
We made love upon a vigin white sheet,
Soon covered with a flowing river of red.
She moaned with exticy and love was in the air.
The Ode to my sweet Spaniad, Mi Corazon!

We lay there in each others arms
Looking up at a clear night sky
The twilight glimmered ever so softly
And a shooting star blazed across the sky
I kissed her and she kissed me.
I whispered in her, "My love forever"
And she pushed me back upon the sheets
and we made sweet and ever lasting love again.
As we looked in each other's almond colored eyes.
I said to her, in a soft voice, Mi Corazon.

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Under the Weeping Willow Tree

Under The Weeping Willow

I saw you when we were kids
Playing with blocks on the kindergarten floor
We grew up
You became a beauty
I became a geek
I never had the never had the nerve to talk to you
Then we met

Under the weeping willow down on the shores of the river
We met, we held hands and we kissed
That old weeping willow shed its tears
The willow's tears that flowed in happiness
We had found the love we both wanted

I proposed and we wed 
Promising to share our lives from then on
Never to part
I saw the love in your eyes
The geek married the beauty
And the rest of our lives began

Under the weeping will down on the shores of the river
We shared our vows
The rings shined on our finger
That old weeping willow shed its tears
The willow's tears that flowed in happiness
We had found the forever we both wanted

Our baby was born on a summer day
The sun was warm and the breeze gentle
She was named willow
And she smiled at the sun shining through the leaves
She loves her mother and father
All the love in the world could be seen in her eyes

Under the weeping will down on the shores of the river
We were the perfect family
A beautiful little girl with a future of love ahead
She brought pure happiness into our lives
That old weeping willow shed its tears
The willow's tears that flowed in happiness
We had found the family we both wanted

That winter the love of my life died
She went to sleep
She answered God's call
All her prayers would be answered
I am sure that she was welcomed to Heaven
And given a beautiful pair of wings

Under the weeping will down on the shores of the river
I laid her body to rest
A beautiful love that will last forever
She is smiling because she was loved
That old weeping willow shed its tears
The willow's tears that flowed in sadness
The love of my life was gone

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Sun On Treetops

When the sun gently kisses horizon
 Bouncing and bubbling with firey red cheeks
Signals  morn on memory  emblazon
While sunlight dances, my love soft lips seeks

Aroma of coffee wafts on morn's air
As the dove's quiet cooing, their love to seek
Sun on treetops has red kisses to share
Lover_ in morn's sunbeams snuggles will sneak

Delight the sun has brought; wind kisses sought
Great day_ animals rejoice; as sunbeams
Lighting, enlighting, delighting, free thought
Good mornings are filled with many daydreams

While old lovers touch blushing cheek to cheek
Nights are for sleeping ; dreams_lovers for morn
When embrace again_ under covers peek
As the sun kisses horizon love's born

(Rhyming scheme a,b,a, b)

Details | Epithalamium | |


While the shadows fall so widely
we shall embrace a moment
for a moment will fill
all the shells empty; holding nothing
but time—days n' days
without love

The wedding procession covered
you in flowers and white
floating through the candle light
dragging crisp white fingers lightly
through lilies fair
While the shadows fall so widely
and the candle light twirled through your hair 

Twist a finger, twist a lily
While the shadows fall so widely

Blush the sun rubbed rose cheeks
lift a veil, let the sun shine off your green eyes
While the shadows fall so widely

You were left a drift 
your beauty beyond our realm
of beauty

While the shadows fall so widely
Lift the veil from mine eyes tonight
as goes the cloud from under your star
I see

While the shadows fall so widely
your foot astray touched the water
and you bloomed embracing me

While the shadows fall so widely 
we shall embrace a moment
for a moment will fill
all the shells empty; holding nothing
but time—days n' days
without love

Details | Personification | |


The sunset bids 
quick goodbye.

It leaves behind
Orangey-red days,
Light-grey shadows 
That slowly dips into one's mind.

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Sol y Luna

Oh, Sol y Luna que tratan de abrazarse,
No llegan a tocarse como La Creación por Miguel Angel,
Por tantos obstáculos obstruyéndoles de si mismos,
Por tantas barreras que atrasan el alcance entre ellos,
Por tantas cadenas que los separan el uno del otro...

Oh, Sol que tanto extrañas el toque helado de la Luna,
Que tanto sufresen despertar el resplandor de su interior,
Que tantas manchas y quemaduras te han hecho doler,
Que tanta irradiación expones, a veces cegándote a ti mismo...

Oh, Luna que tanto añoras el calor del Sol,
Que tanto sufres en suavizarle su ardor,
Que tantos cráteres te han hecho sufrir,
Que tanto escondes tu resplandeciente brillantez interna...

Oh, Sol que tanto sufres en fuego eterno,
Pobre de ti, separado de tu amante,
Te dejaron solo en a luz cadente,
Luz que te quema y te hace erupcionar...

Oh, Luna que tan fría estas en oscuridad abundante,
Pobre eres, separada de tu querido,
Solitaria y desamparada con tus amistades, las estrellas,
Dejando caer tu opaca luz de plata,
En tu océano de lágrimas y tierra de injusticias...

Dos amantes desolados,
Dos romances reprimidos,
Ambos corriendo uno tras el otro,
Solo mirándose a distancia,
Sin alcanzarse hasta la llegada del abrazo..

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A Shady Tree

I know its the summer time because of how naturally 
Your beauty compliments the caress of a summer breeze
As I watch the world from beneath a shady tree
I take in the delightful comfort of everything I see
But in the same breath I am holding up my hands
Lord will you please give me back the things I no longer have
They are even more a part of me now that they are gone 
As the sun falls below where the horizon is still holding on
Somewhere between the falling light and a star lit night
Is a dream that last forever and will never say goodbye
As the wind gently blows through the brush and shakes the leaves
It begins to hum a melody that I want to sing
At that very moment I smile for all the joy I have
Its so uplifting for me to see melancholy dance
Soon the morning sun will rise and capture my eyes
As I watch the hand of God paint a brand new sky
With every stroke of color I swallow all my pride
And I find a new place to dream of endless times
If I should ever get to the place I left my broken heart
Only then will I believe this brand new day will start
Again Im reminded of why my heart beats so restlessly
Only the speed of thought and my soul beneath this tree

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Home is Where the Ocean Is

Summer is here once again.
The breeze is warm,
I smell salt on the wind.
The same sandy beach between my toes,
The same waters I learned to swim.
Sun burn on my nose,
To the Ocean I dive in.
I submerse myself in the waters of the Atlantic
Warmer than the West Coast Thankfully
Cold, I simply cannot handle it!
Further out I paddle faithfully,
For my mother ocean to keep me sane,
this is my therapy,
to soothe this migraine.
This place gives me energy,
a weakness with a name.
Pleasure Island, NC.
A place hidden with fortunes
and undiscovered fame.
Never could I stray from the ocean
my passions would never be fulfilled
and I would never be the same.

Dedicated to my Dad on Father's Day 2013
The man who introduced me to the ocean and educated me about it and gave me reason to love appreciate and respect it.

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The Sun In My Face

I awoke this morning to the sun in my face ,
   Quickly I sat  up for I knew it was late .
My sleep  has been so good since we came together,
    The rest I get the peace I feel will be with me forever.
Can't remember when I have felt so good ,
    Finding you has changed my life , I knew it would .
This is not something I would ever take for granted ,
    Because I know the seeds of love have been planted .
It will grow and blossum into something so grand ,
    Always glowing brightly no matter where I stand .
Not a worry or care do I feel on this day ,
    Only joy and happiness will come our way.
I can say this from the bottom of my heart , 
    Never will I feel alone when it's cold and dark .
To be awakened by the sun in my face ,
   To be honest with you , it matters not if I am late .

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Give To Get

                                         Sunshine is positive joy and we  need it
                                         Sharing sunshine with you
                                         Hope you enjoy it

               Shadow is cooling and we need it
               Sharing shadow with you
               Hope you enjoy it

                                         The body needs water and we need it
                                         Sharing water with you
                                         Hope you enjoy it

                                                                                 All people need love
                                                                                 Sharing my love with you
                                                                                 I hope you Accept

A-L  Andresen :)

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We Welcome the Sun

We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 

A gleaming sunrise is seen in the distance – shedding relief 
Bursting forth like fireworks in the dark blue sky 
Hues of beauty and sincerity washes away our grief
The cheery clouds come together like lovers embracing one another

I’m never waving goodbye
It’s so surreal… and magnificent to see this scene unfold
You lift up the sparkling light… you’re an angel from up above
It’s so vibrant – the illuminated sight never dulled 
You bring us luck and excitement – 

You’re as pleasant as a dove 

We welcome the sun
We welcome the love
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
To omit the darkness 
To abolish the distress
To conceal the darkness
And reveal the halo
Hovering around your head
Burning away the dread 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun

An ocean of love is rubbing against my feet
Blankets of comfort embrace me now… our love will never dry
You treat us with reverence and I repeat – 
You’re as pleasant as a dove – taking wing from on high 
We welcome the sun in the morning 
We welcome the sun with open arms
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun 

A speedy breeze is whistling in my ears
Spiraling mad like a spinning top
Spiraling mad with all of its might 
You’re very intriguing – you casted away our fears 
Your gorgeous eyes
Project bright green and blue
You’re special in His sight 
He welcomes you
We welcome the hope 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
To lighten up your load 
And lead you to the mercy road
Where you and I will escape to paradise
To drive out all of the negativity
To conceal the wretched farewells
To reveal the light in goodbye 

We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun
We welcome you
With open arms 

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Into the sunset

Living lonely lives,
Cowboys are known for riding
Into the sunsets

8 May 2014

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The Dawn Broke Like A Heart

The dawn broke like a heart,
In shades of violet deep as violence
That bled into the night...

The sun rose like a love affair,
Sky scarlet with a jealous blush
As the first light burned like lust...

The day came like a nightmare,
Drowning in a blue deeper
Than you've ever seen...

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The sleepy sun sinks
Beneath the gray blanket
Of the restless waves

But the earth doesn’t rest

Shadowed shapes linger by the shore
Watching the glowing “good night”
Silhouettes entwine in the twilight
And drift along the sandy beach

The sun winks
And blinks one last time
Then all fades to black and gray

The murmur of the waves
And the whispers of love
Are all that can be heard

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A Promise Kept

I can't promise that the sun will rise, Or that I'll still be here tomorrow I can't promise who I'll be tonight Be it glee, or deepest sorrow. I can't promise that we'll never mourn, And feel pain inside our hearts I can't promise that we'll last forever But my love shall never part. I can't promise that the sun will set; That this day will die in peace, I can't promise that you'll feel for me And your love will never cease. I can't promise that the stars will shine, 'Cause they don't shine for you and me, But I promise that my words were true And my love will always be. * For my dear friend Brett *

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Waking beauty's

Missing you every day
like I miss the sun. I
miss the comfort of your
smile. Waking beauty's
you give me the strength
to make this life seem
more than worth while.

I  patiently await the sun
rise, like your sweet love
its beauty truly opens my
eyes. Reveals to me the
beauty right by my side

Details | Iambic Pentameter | |

Six empty shells

A blinding sun had made her stare askance;
he walked the distance to converge his fate,
a swirling, laughing wind began to dance 
and jokingly their lives to desecrate.

Replacing the six empty shells he turned
to see her worried glance beyond the blooms,
that innocent embellished unconcerned
the reckless, smiling braves aside their tombs.

The Smith and Wesson forty-fours then bucked,
she knew the blooming noon was ending fast
and nothingness neglected to obstruct
what fates adjudicated to recast.

She saw the brazen shells inside the dust;
monochromatic synthesis and hues
of sepia were blurring in the gust
that swirling sang their lonesome, Tombstone blues.

© 8/7/2014, G. Venetopoulos, All Rights Reserved
(Iambic pentameter)

(I include a JPG image of the composition 
on the "about the poem" page because my text spread folds.)

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Happy Valentines Day

My Dearest Little Sister, Hope this finds YOU and YOURS Healthy and High in
the Spirit. Happy Valentines             Day            Flowers, Candlelight Dinner
would have said chocolate                 !                 but I think YOU said to me
YOU don't eat chocolate                                         maybe a Family portrait
Kisses from big brother                                         Hugs from a big brother
You will ALWAYS be my                                          Sweet Little Valentine
MAY GOD'S LOVE BLESS                                        YOU this Valentines Day
Blessings all that You LO                                    VE, hold dear and Cherish
As Sun Rose this Morning                                 I felt the warmth of your hand
Look past the rising Sun I                              see a Sister's Loving Smile
I feel  little sister's embrace                         as I also embrace Mandy
Tear of Love fall from my eyes                   A desire to cross the big Pond
A VALENTINES DAY Handshake               To my Brother in Law
The man that lavishes Love upon        My Sister, Mandy Tams
May LOVE surround each and Every ONE. HAPPY VALENTINES DAy     

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I Want A Farmer Boy

Many little girls dream about a prince coming to their tower to save them from trouble, 
Called their mother, 
Or a knight in shining armor to take away their bother, 
Called their father, 
But not I 
I dream about a farmer boy, 
One who bales hay from sun up to sun down, 
Feeds the pigs, even with a frown

I don’t want a prince with gold, 
A knight with armor, 
I want a farmer boy

I want a man who will treat me right, 
Not one who thinks he knows more than I, 
I do not want a prince who will buy me what I want and them leave me be, 
I do not want a knight, who will always leave me, 
I want a man who will hold me tight and tell me he loves me 
Before he says goodnight

I don’t want a prince with gold, 
A knight with armor, 
I want a farmer boy

I don’t want a man who will rule over me, 
Or one who will always leave me be, 
I want a man who will treat me right and hold me tight, 
A man who will hold me as his equal, 

I don’t want a prince with gold, 
A knight with armor, 
I want a farmer boy

A man who says I love you 
Every chance he gets

Many little girls dream about a prince coming to take them away from trouble, 
Called their mother, 
Or a knight coming to take away their bother, 
Called their father
I want a farmer boy.

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The field

Soft breath winds crossed the field

Wildflowers bending in its reverence

Cottoned clouds in their endless journey

While the brook chattered over rocks

It was a secret place

Discovered on a Sunday walk

And later our place for picnics and passion

In the warm days of spring and new beginnings


Carrion crows gossiped from the stand of pines

Tall grasses hissed around the breeze

From somewhere a ewe called for a lamb

And the sun was gentle and generous

You would be there, on your back, eyes upward

Smiling at all that was 

Wishing that every day could be so wondrous

Until the splendor brought your tears of elation


And there was me . . . . sole witness of true grandeur

Found within the curve of your lip or winsome half smile

You were more glorious than the boastful clouds

More radiant than the sun against the brook stones

Far more gentle and fulfilling than the calming breeze

More easily loved than all of creation

For as the earth will one day consume me

So did you so long ago

Details | Rhyme | |

Wednesday August 25th, 1971

I awoke early that morning as Venus is fading from dawn's sky.
Watching sun rays skate upon the mirror of ripples,gently flowing by.
On the deck of a Princess ship, suspended between the Heaven and the sea.
The mirage of a double Sunrise,as the sun shone upon itself and me.
Today is the day I say "I DO", take thee as my Wife: for the Eons of Eternity.
Bible in hand, the captain stands in Dress Whites, as does his loyal crew.
Arm and arm with daddy,as he gives her unto me; to start a life of Love anew.
Her emerald eyes try hiding behind a transparent Pure White vail; only to fail
Her auburn hair is dancing below her shapely hips: I long to kiss her Rosa lips
Do YOU take this woman"Lenore Ellen Adams" as Your Always and Forever Wife.
I Do echos across the Caribbean Sea. I Do reverberates in the bright Blue sky. "I DO"

Inspired by Dan Kearley's Contest :"One Of Your Greatest Days

Dedicated in Loving Memory of "My LIFE, My LOVE, My FOREVER, MY WIFE
"Lenore Ellen (Adams) Johnson - Nov. 4, 1951 - August 25, 1971

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A Pink Garland Of Love

~                 Unrolling the fabric by the yard
                    I could see a light behind her eyes
                    The wheels of the old Singer sewing machine
                    Had come alive in her imagination 
                    Spinning furiously,
                    Long before she paid the clerk
                    And gleaming tiny roses, of pink, and blushing bands
                    Would take her for a lovely walk
                    Into the magic land of thread

~                  I remember how the floral fabric, spread out before our eyes 
                    Was a garden in florescent light
                    This fifty two inch wide bolted parade of blooms, 
                     Selvedge seamed, of gleaming polished cotton
                     Waited to enhance my first dance

~                  Before she even picked out a spool of thread
                    The pattern was laid out in her mind
                    It was almost as if the springtime dress, 
                    Could magically make itself

~                  She had held the pink against my face,
                    Then draped some around my shoulders
                    I felt myself float off the floor, 
                    And in my imaginary dream, I was Cinderella...
                    It was as if little bluebirds were wrapping me in garlands of love
                    While mother’s gentle touch
                    So lovingly, and skillfully….with her motorized magic wand
                    Was determined to fulfill my dream

~                 She would know, just the perfect touch, to make it divine
                    Just how it would gather around the waist
                    With a sash of blush, with a bow in the back
                    A neckline of lace, in a sweetheart design 
~                  And I think that she also knew, when we made all those plans
                    How love could last in each stitch, each thread of time

~                 The love that rosy little dress
                    With every stitch that she sewed...
                    Would be part of the fabric of life that I knew
                                            My very first dance dress….
                                 ... a rose covered sun dress, sewn from the garden of love

For Anthony's Contest:  "Think Pink" 

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Jealousy of Light and Shadow

He doesn't know
How lovely he is
But I see
How shadow and sunlight
Compete for him
I see
How shadow caresses;
How sunlight kisses
His cheek

Details | Romanticism | |

Can you feel me

Feel me standing there
on the draw bridge
that stands stubburn and erect
over the rushing waters blown by the wind
back and forth.
I listened to the crows
posted on gargoils designed
of eightenth century Gothic architecture
singing their death songs,
when the sun is setting in the far.

The voices of women passing
startle me with a feeling of sorrow
I can't breathe, I am dying.
Feel me, can you feel me rot away?
Slowly but surely rot away
as time passes with ease,
and taxi cabs take smiling, intoxicated faces
to wayward cafes, oh how they screech to a halting stop
and wave to me to get in.

"No thank you, I'd rather walk." I say to the smiling faces
highly intoxicated with the thought of the birds and the bees
rattling around in their empty minds.
Then they drive off, into the city lights and turn a darkened corner.
I look at the rushing water
and feel myself rot away
slowly but surely rot away.

Can you feel me?
Can you hear me?
Can you see me?
Feel my heart thump with slow paces
that manage to keep up with fast melodies.
Of songs that play in your mind
only the ones that make you sigh
and think those one days in Spring time
as you walked over the draw bridge
and paid no mind to the water underneth.
I hear no more talk of you and me, I hear no more talk
of the good old times we all shared.
Time has passed, as I take my last breathe
and hold my chest and shead a tear.
Feel me, can you?
If you can, put your hand to my weak heart 
and feel it thump away with every second wasted
on useless items.
Now, see me a man of one time greatness
reflect his life with a reflection in the water below.
How I sigh and cry and breath heavely,
as I feel myself rot away.

The voices of woman pass me by.
Tomorrow is a new day,
for the smiling faces in taxi cabs will go home
and soak their raging hangovers with cool, wet rags.
As I still stand on the draw bridge singing with the crows,
feeling myself rot away.

Can you feel me without you, rotting away?
I surely can feel myself rot.
Such a heavy word, "rot"
So vulgare, yet a great description of me,
without you.

I pull out a shawl you once wore and I kiss it.
As the wind gusts and the sun rises and my shadow
comes to meet me, the wind shall take my last memory
of you away.
And I shall weep no more.
Then what will I do? Shall I walk the streets
and think of you.
Yes you, still rambling all throughout my head
like a lose screw.
Can you feel me? Feel me rot away
feel me think about you, and all your works.
Can you feel me?

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Heaven Touch

It was like the day twilight it into heaven, And past sophistication stomped like a rope to a wedding, Taps of light, of moonlight's caviler to smile of panic enlightenment, Love sitting next to true love- Touch by touch, thought to passing of the moon, And lips of wrath, of wax playing tag. And asking why beg sure of sure wind, Passing the mystic sunlight, As we kiss sun up and sun down. Tales of time and ticked and called grace for new wishes- Footprints of shadows of malign sculptures drag on and clipped of, Sprint of this here prints, luxury spring, Stream like sapphire dream, Invested in such a beautiful queen! Lips to bit of crushing melting ice, Asking it to rain- And I am sinking as the rain by past- But I can’t sit still wondering with of words running around, Like such fragments augments do and do tell, Dizzy with dogmatic and wrap in patience, Like a lock with no pediment, It seems to be a new grind of a map like literature and I seem to be the lead character. What hopeless wish's but to sit and sting, and in deed it must be in fact that of or was first love.

Details | Concrete | |

Trip Twist

In the void, sipping the zoid,
with mental properties of tripping on the spiral.
Falling down the tail of lions, awkwardly spinning.
With upside down tunnel vision leaking through.

Solidifying all matter that matters,
melting into the walls of your brain.
It tickles all the raindrops dripping in your eyes,
satisfying your desire of a synchronized pattern.

Bleeding purple from the rainbow,
and turning into swirls of diamonds.
Slipping exuberantly beside you; driving you wild.
Where the shadows stop the spirited scream.

Devour yourself into the omniscient grip. 
Icy cold finger tips scratch the surface of your divinity,
bringing you closer to the God who whispered in your unborn ear,
situated in your flesh from birth to death.

It embeds itself in the pupil of your eye,
dancing with your spirit and licking your soul.
Black shapes of madness wrapped in chaos and euphoria.
Twinkling and blinking dust of a cloud. 

Haze filled skies and blood filled smoke raining from the clouds.
Envisions of clowns and demons laughing at our demise.
Chilling sensations of sickening mannerisms,
mechanisms and mechanics sought out to destroy the tiny creatures.

These creatures running crazy into acceptance of demise.
Deprived of life, scared of death but giving into it's taste.
Taste buds quiver as the taste grows sweeter.
Death, oh death, tell everyone who you really are...

Too long have you been hidden in the shadows you cast, 
too long have we rendered your pain.
The world grows sicker as the hairs in my head grey. 
I'll never surrender as demons always circle.

Today, begins a new day of our fight.
And I have a good feeling about this day. 
Onward, we have united our minds and gathered ourselves within. 
Always ready for we accept our fear. 

We accept our hate and everything in between.
Accept it all for what it really is. 
No amount of doubts will over throw us. 
Onward, to peace.

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Haiku 24 Sun Life

                             mighty in power

                                      u   n
                                   a         c
      bright sun flares   l                 h    into space

                      your love-kiss consumes me

David Meade
Live Generously

Details | Iambic Pentameter | |


Hera precious, gorgeous queen of splendor,
of mighty Ares,and Enyo,the mother,
to thee I write my gratitude and thanks
for all thy blessings showered upon my head.
Thine is the pomegranate and the diadem,
with which you rule all worlds and human lands,
with magnanimous mercy and charity.
of rainbow colors dressed divine thou art,
the sunny smiling matron of the arts,
Thou,queen, who favorest the pure of heart.

Details | Free verse | |

And, you will be holding my hand

Please, let me imagine that we will come here again 
In the warm springtime rain, or in cold winter chill, 
When the ground glistens clean, and keen in the sun
When we breathe clouds of cotton and the morning is still
We will wear our astonishment, with feigned awed surprise
At the splendor that lays bare, as the frost stings our eyes 
We will wear wooly jackets to keep us snug warm
While snowflake confetti will bounce off my nose
And you will be young, and I will be fair
You will take my two hands, and pull me aside
and kiss me and tell me how love never dies
You will promise the sun, and the moon and the stars
You will tell me you love me, that the world will be ours         


We will look up through the trees,  that whisper and bend 
To see sun assure us that love cannot end
It will shine new with promise, with a soft velvet light
That a day like today, will come once again
For today is a gift, that comes from the Gods
Filled with tomorrow, and a season of love                                           
While whipperwill music will dance through the air                                          
And the songs of the valley, will sway in the breeze
In the hushed fading sunlight of the late afternoon           
Down by the meadows where the wild flowers grow                
We'll again laugh at the thunder, catching us by surprise
And be glad for the raindrops, that splash by our side
For today, has an ending, and now we must go

But let me imagine, that we’ll come here again
We will stand here together.  We will marvel and praise
You will be holding my hand, as you show me the way
And you'll capture my heart, as you've captured my days

And when the times we have treasured must come to an end
We will marvel with pleasure, in our memory's glen
We will come here together........and our spirits will blend

This will be our'll be holding my hand



For Frank

Details | Free verse | |

The River Of Life

They walked together side by side -
the old man and the boy
on the bridge across the river
They could have walked thus 
across the river of life
with its eternal flow
I watched them
and thoughts filled my mind
of the un-bridged gap
between their lives

The old man -
with faltering step
he moves slowly on
His life has  been lived
and his house is in order
as he patiently awaits
the call of his maker
What are his thoughts 
at this moment 
as he moves on?

Are they thoughts of pain and sorrow
over some incident in the past
so difficult to bear
that after all these years
the wound is not yet healed?

Are they of someone he loved as a youth
but lost through folly?
Was she beautiful?
Did her eyes sparkle 
like the sunlight 
on the water below?
He looks at the water
sighing deeply
and nods his head

Or is he thinking of the young one at his side
so innocent
so pure
soon to be plunged into a world 
where life rushes madly on?
How shall he fare?
Who will warn him of the pitfalls?

These thoughts plague the old man's mind
and hurt his noble heart
But then he smiles as he remembers
that in his younger days
his eager spirit wanted to taste and feel
the sting of life's joys and sorrows 
by itself

There is no substitute for experience
for though we know we may be hurt
in love or life
yet we walk on toward the very thing
that may hurt us so

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The Pink Evening Sky

In the solitude of my home, high up on the cliff,
I watch the sun set o’er the white capped waves of the massive blue Pacific Ocean.

The setting sun casts a pale pink hue which adorns the clouds 
and is mirrored on the ocean’s surface.

It seems to take an eternity for the sun to work its way
across the summer sky from the morning east to its setting perch;
Then, in an instant, after touching the distant horizon,
it sinks beneath view leaving only pink ribbons as proof of its existence.

As I watch the last traces of the sun disappear,
I remember the soft embrace of my love who used to watch the sunsets with me.
The pink evening sky foretells another day of sunshine
and another day without her by my side.

Details | I do not know? | |

Love Sings through your Eyes

Like the sun in the morning,
Like the many blue skies.
Your smile is soft like a rose,
And love sings through your eyes.
Love sings through your eyes.
So many times,
Oh how I've tried to find a way to say "Thank  You".
All my hopes, all my dreams,
All my plans, all my schemes,
All my life its you.

Como El sol de la manana.
Como mucho cielos azules.
Tu sonrisa era dulce, como un rosa,
Y el amor cantoe en tus ojos.
El amor canto en tus ojos
Tantas veces,ay como trate de buscar las palabras..
Para decir gracias.

Like the sun in the morning,
Like the many blue skies,
Your smile was soft like a rose,
And love sang through your eyes,
Love sang through your eyes


Details | Sonnet | |

Sonnet On The Sun

          Sonnet On The Sun

One orb and only one shines on in life
You are much warmer than the morning sun
Remember the volcanoes at Tenerife
Canary Islands paradise adrift in fun  

Hanging there upon a limb of golden time
We conjure elements of joy forever
What favors in the mind recall unwinds
When in our orbits moon pulls down its lever

But there within the walls of love light sealed 
The glow of life can’t hide inside forever 
There in the wicket world concealed, revealed 
That Winter breaks for kinder weather

My love with sun and moon gathered family
Their fortunes shine on together amicably 


Details | Free verse | |

Thoughts of You

Random thoughts of you run
randomly throughout my mind,
as I hold, looking through a simple picture of you and I,
smiles and holding each other,
embracing warmth brings me to sanity,
watching your hand on my forearm,
as you gaze into my eyes.
Oh the tears flood such emotion,
only you and I now in such madness we call love,
such madness we all call life,
such madness we all call reality.

Thoughts of me without you,
I cannot bear to see such a sight in mind,
to hear such words that tear my heart out
and sadness stabs me rapidly in the back,
and I can't bear to see such a sight as this.
Thoughts of you
running randomly throughout my mind,
my hair turns silver and white with stress
of not being with you,
and my liver covered with cancer,
and lungs black with smoke,
and stomach embraced with ulcers.

All I ask for you,
is not to be a thought anymore,
and come back to me in flesh and bone
in a portrait painting of you in reality
come to me with your beauty and glory
and kind heart and hold me again,
and let me kiss you again and love you again,
and call you mine again.
Don't say it is impossible,
when you know and I know,
that it is in fact possible
to love each other once again.

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Painful long night passed
Tears on pillow ran many
Dreams forgot to come

Sun came through window
Found lonely suffering heart
Healing wound at once!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
    02 June 2013

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Mirror Flicker

I draw honey blowing wind
thinking of you ore precious
like a snowflake pure unique
One of a kind in seventh Heaven
arriving within the eyes kissing a diamond

You're my angel rays touching outside
inside the one in a thousand dreams 
beautiful nine is the cloud singing 
with the silver treasuring dream lining
A beam shining over her pale full face 

Brightly pearl cut ivory and back frosted jewels
silver trails on wishes sparkle enchants in a trance
From the vine floating bubbles burst
rainbow magic coloring in your light drunken
bursting celebrations wishes in the mind 

Dripping starlight desires your company
delightful feelings of passion burns 
Inferno of flickering flames dancing
in each warm breath touching beat
deep warmly kissing emotions
Budding rose craving sweet scent
new life arising stirs beginnings 
so glad it's you I fall to 
Surely as the sun forever rises in the east
Replaced in my nights sailing set to my best mate

You who raise sails with me without wings
on deep tides upon this ocean waves turn
under the moon and stars we bathe silver
Dripping love sparkling in starry eyelids 
Jewels the dewdrops each morning speak

Upon the ground as destiny calls sweetly
embracing the echos over sands golden
a lone wolf howling out lonely cries
in a cold winter lunar sky 
snow lays on the ground

Crystal true blue loving white  
in two loving arms 
holding your name smiling 
heart of beauty
beating with your love complete

Details | Light Poetry | |

Rise, Die, Shine

Build me a temple high…high…high up where the sun can rise
Where good can shine and the evil die as a plant in winter time.
Let it rise
Let it die 
Let it shine
Build it high up the moon
But under the sky
And let the sun shine
Through the skin that dims inner light
Let the light unfold the eyes
And see the beauty inside of this small world that wants to shine
Let the war be the plant that could die in winter time
Let it rise
Let peace in the world rise
High…high up like a bird flying up to the sky
Let it die
Let hate die
As a phoenix and be reborn as a flower
Full of scents and beauty instead.
Let it shine
Let our inner light shine
Let it shine through our skin and show us that we can light up the way without hate and 
without pain
Let it rise
Let it die
Let it shine
Let the battle field turn into a garden
Let the soldiers be the flowers
And the ammunition be the fertilizing soil
Build me a temple high…high up the sky
To symbolize world peace.
Don’t rush take your time 
until we find out that we can shine
Let our soul rise
Let our evil die
Let our ability to find world peace shine.

Details | Rhyme | |

The Defiant Tree

Oh, natures tree, how are you blooming, When Winter is arriving so coldly? With colors so vibrant, how do you reflect the dimming light, so boldly? Were you confused by the sun that rises too early, or conflicted by the manipulation Of season? Or defiant, to natures authority, and just decided to create Your own reason? Buds blooming, with a brilliant color. . Branches Reaching to skies with absent sun rays; Surrounded by browning and wilting Life; Yet your brilliance, Your beauty, and Loveliness stays? Oh, Valiant tree, why bloom now? When all that's Left here is the rain? Darkly tinted shades Of grey, Dying life Laid at your roots. . And yet, you're blooming All the same. Your golden hints of Sunshine Though clouds fill The sky . . Your branches' room For lovely birds, And yet, they all have Passed you by? And still you bloom, Defiantly. Growing with nothing But self desire, Detesting before, As natures core, But my soul Will forever admire

Details | Sonnet | |

She Stole The Sun

I step out from beneath her lies
The day no longer seems so bright
I was hiding behind my eyes
Now my days have resembled nights

My heart did flutter with your touch
The birds would sing a happy song
Oh how I loved you very much
What you did was so very wrong

No longer can I hear that song
I can not see in front of me
You were deceiving all along
Don't shine for me cause I can see

The sun has left me in the dark
Hoping to find another spark

Details | Quatrain | |

What You Create Near Me

You know what it’s like when the sun still shines And the stars all poke their heads out to see Does the wind still linger here to caress Would there be such an expression simply The breeze might not be shown so perfectly The light isn’t the masterful light shown These stars aren’t the best ever seen at night Even so, you make evening the best known I can sense the brightness of your aura Your instant gracious smile does inspire me And enlightens my soul with all delight Nature bends its rules ever so slightly Have you seen when the sun is still shining And the stars have come out for all to view The wind wraps itself around you again This is how I feel when I’m here with you Russell Sivey

Details | Haiku | |

Mistress Of The Sea

                                  Song of the waves beckon
                           the heart calleth, deep unto deep
                                captive mistress of the sea

  This poem is dedicated to the fisrt time I saw
the ocean. I watched the sun rise over the Alantic Ocean.
I remember I stood there looking over the ocean, 
and it seemed as though the whole world held its breath,
 and then the sun came up! I was her captive from that moment. 

by Lori McClure

Details | Acrostic | |

Love Under the Sun

The sun-birds seem endlessly twitter
Rue not the day I love you
Up there the leaves quiver lively greener
The ripples unhurriedly caress the bank of a river 
Haul me with pleasant shiver of being stuck on you
For the sun and the birds are there
Up-and-down I know with your love
Lighten all worries and fading hopes
Lessening my sweet taste that
You sometimes feel bitter   

Long after we learn the sun will set
Or the birds will quietly be home
Vast rivers may even get dry 
Even nothing left but silence

Yet through all these ups and downs
Of living under the sun, still I Love 

Details | Ode | |

Love from afar

A glorious yellow sun

 hot enough to burn, to

 Scotch all life out of

 existence. Yet if this

 tremendous ball of gas

 is of further distance into

 the vast. Our beautiful blue

 planet would be like a giant

 marble, a ball of frozen glass.

 This magnificent feat of exactness

 is not by chance, look up take a

 glance. Its perfection, perfect love

 from above.

Details | Free verse | |


My story begins in a fire, not the fire that burns and chars,
but a cold fire of depression, hotter than the sun beneath the equator

I lingered in limbo, devastated by the events about me
and then she appeared!
her face shone like the midmorning sun upon fields of gold,
her soul beyond the grasp of the fiery flames
should I tell you about her touch? Ah!

she will be my deliverer; my goddess of fortune and bliss,
the mirror of all my thoughts and the keeper of all my hopes
her name... PERPETUAL!

but this is not the real story, as a matter of fact this is not the story at all...

Details | Rictameter | |


Somewhere, an afternoon unveils with eagerness, the sun, which swims out of a cloud, lazily, unclothing bronzed vacancies--- Illustrious, unabashed light strokes, awakening bliss that does exist, somewhere
______________________________________________________ Inspired By Visual # 1 for Nette Onclaud's Contest:" Just Nine Lines" By Carrie Richards 9/8/13

Details | Romanticism | |

My Beautiful Penelope

Oh my sweet and beautiful Penelope
Oh how beautiful you are, and when I see you come down
to the pearl gates of immortality and come down to see me,
as we join hands and walk the shorelines
I see you my beautiful Penelope, she you who walks through beauty,
We shall join in immortality.
Your heart built of stone and paved in golden
you born out of the beauty of a rose and maturity of a lady
you are the one who never sings a depressing and low melody.

My Beautiful Penelope,
The one beautiful lady form Napoli
Oh, how you walk in such glory.
See me look over you and hear my heart beat
for you, I love you, see me for I care about you.
Take it from me, for I shall take you by the hand
and as our shadows rise to meet us in the morning
I can make love to you, then we shall love the night away.
My beautiful Penelope, as I take you through the twilight
we dream of shooting stars falling from the evening skies,
as we hold each other close,
take me and I shall take you and bring each other together,
and fuse us together with a sweet and loving kiss.

She is my beauty and I love her
she takes me by the hand and curels me to her warm chest.
Cares for me,
Makes me laugh,
Makes me feel good and uplifts my soul
everytime I lay my almond eyes upon her beauteous body.
My beautiful Penelope, oh how I see the glory in your blue eyes,
your luxurious, long flowing hair colored golden
like the rays of the morning sun.

Dare to care
about such beauty in her eyes?
Dare to care
about such beauty in her cries,
as she tells me of her suicide struggles?
I hold you close to me
and I hope you to be
my love for all eternity.
See me and I see you to tell me about you and your day,
as you come home and say,
That you love me.
And I shall say I love you too,
with a zealous attitude in my voice
I shall take you into our room and you shall tell me about your day.
You shall tell me, under the shadows of the trees, the houses, the red rocks.
I shall show you love in a handful of roses,
deliver you a bouquet of roses and violets,
as we see the breeding lilacs grow tall,
we shall lay in the grasslands and look up at the clouds,
that shape themselves into beautiful paintings in the glorious blue sea
we call the sky.

Oh My beautiful Penelope
my glorious maiden lady,
who sings such beauty in her melody
that it brings tears to nightingales' eyes.
My beautiful Penelope, you are my love
here are a dozen roses for you to express and show my love for you,
my beautiful Penelope.
Love is eternal with you.

Details | Concrete | |

Sleep In Her Soul

It's easy to become lost in the idea that only things in life change you;
rather than you are always changing in your creation. 
When you look at demons in the haze, marvel at the haze. 
Demons are feeling homesick.

Be true to everything you are and thrive on.
We all have demons, it's up to you on what to do with those demons. 
The most dangerous are the ones unknown. 
She is herself. A beautiful demon; not hidden behind a shadow. 

Her magic is infested in my desire.
She is beautiful for I can unravel her thoughts.
She expresses to me the words intertwined with my ambiguity.
Riddled with love; I sleep in her soul.

She is my butterfly in our cosmic cannibalism.

Details | Rhyme | |

Dark Sun

“Dark sun rose on the ridge cut clear across the sky,
as good a day as any to die”
This beautiful view, it sends me flying high.
I could spend forever in this way with you by my side.
Unspoken words in your eyes as the dark sun looms,
my heart beats in rhythm, will this beauty end too soon?

“Carve your name into my arm,
instead of stressed I lie here charmed”.
On the ridge I sit with you unharmed.
The dark sun cuts the sky. A diamond!
This sacred space that we embrace,
explosions of clouds above my face.

“Step from the road to the sea to the sky,
and I do believe it, we rely on”.
Angels to guide our way through life.
Shine on through this ridge tonight.
The dark sun speaks to us melodically,
etched in our endless memories

“I’m pushing an elephant up the stairs.
I’m tossing out punch lines that were never there”.
This is how I feel with you out here,
this heat makes delirious. I just don’t care!
Twisting through and blowing my mind,
is you, and the view that cuts clear across the sky.

Duran Duran
Red Hot Chili peppers

For contest  “favourite songs and lyrics”


Details | Free verse | |

September Weather

Ah, the september weather is here,
the trees turn firery red and orange,
and the leaves gently fall to the surface.

Fall is here,
and the grass turns from green to yellow,
the souls of many change their ways.

From going on beaches in sun
to walking on wet streets,
with jackets on.

September weather is here,
too most it is depressing to see,
such change in the world.

But I love it.
The girlfriends and boyfriends go away,
and that makes me happy.
Then I go apple picking.

I pick red apples,
from low, hanging apple trees.
and I eat one, while walking down the trail.

Fall is here,
the time of death,
the last of sunshine.

I don't argue,
I love fall,
it is so cosy and it gives me hope.

Hope that a day will come again,
when the sun pops its head out
and the warmth returns.

September weather is the best,
when summer is gone, but not quite,
and the cool breeze sweaps through your open windowpane.

I love fall,
it gives me hope,
that with death comes life.

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Smaller by name, huge by heart

Let the winds of the earth chant of our love, for it is the sun that witnessed what we were
Feel the rain upon your soul, that it may taste life once again
Press your head firmly on my bossom that I may protect you in the days to come
It was your smile that kept me going, your heart that kept on calling me
And today I can still say I love you, always and forver shall I
I still weep, yet i realize that tomorrow the sun too shall rise
Only then can I see the colors of the world, that of which I learned to see in your eyes
A beauty far from what the common eye will ever see
I can still feel your lips on me, your breath soothing my back
Will this fire ever cease to be, and I too will still love thee
Forever more, my heart jumps to meet the talk of your memory and there you are still
Deep in who I am, and will ever be
A part of you stays with me, and until my death it shall
Along your side I learned how of love and how to love
Now here I go in search of whom I really am, Yet a silent scene you no longer are in my days
Yet my verse is in your soul, and therefore I am too
I never believed in magic until I held you
You were the spark the lit my eyes
The warmth that kept me from all cold and evil
Always in your heart, and in my soul the fire burns of Darkpoet and Alleypoe

Details | ABC | |

Lady Una and the Lion

Walking in the meadow of life on that summer day

Where she always loved to be at Una  walked along the steady stream 
As she picked up the white Lilly flower and put upon her hair of gold (princess of love)

And the daughter of a dander king
Una suddenly turned her head to the old orchard tree and begun to sing roman lullabies of joy

With tears of affection shed for the god who lives above the skies
At that moment she gazed back to the stream 
And there the lion stood so tall just like a king eyes wide looked to una 
As she went toward the mighty lion he went to her and utter'd thee words 
 I am a creature of pride with nothing to hide I am pure of heart true of courage with a mask of savage a mane gold as our hearts-

She became very happy and intrigued 
As she laid her gentle hands on upon the lion she spoke these words 
  -I love thee lion and by sun and moon I love thee freely as men strive for right;
I love thee purely in my old griefs and childhood's faith 

There a tiny lamb appears right next to her and the lion 
So small and graceful like a gift from god above 
The tiny lamb followed them further into the enchanted meadow sky as crystal blue and the wind is calm they drifted off strung into the world
To bring new love joy and courage to the world and spread good faith

Details | Free verse | |

We Never said Good Bye

I love you in spring… 
When the sun kiss the dew upon virgin grass
When robins build their nests high up in tall trees  
And soft rain quenches the thirst of the rich, black earth
Making music with watering cans on the patio floor
That lulled us into slumber on lazy Sunday afternoons

I love you in summer…
When surf dances atop playful, swelling waves
Its wild and loud roars drowns out carefree laughter
And mimicks our frolicking beneath the blazing sun
Inviting us to share warm nights beneath dazzling stars
Wrapped as one, gazing the moon in the southern sky

I love you in autumn…
When brisk winds hurry to undress proud elms
When casual walks and a fire signals the end of day
In love, we never notice the fading sun light
Then comes the day when ‘jealous fate’ interferes
And time swallows the many years we’ve been apart

Soon, winter comes and I will love you still…
When frigid weather lingers long and chills the bones
Can lovers’ hearts call through corridors of time?
Perhaps, deepest love dissolves invisible walls?
At last, you’ll find me here, somewhere in between
And who knows, it may be like we never said good bye

Details | Lyric | |

Scarlet Moons and Indian Suns

Written August 29, 2013

She could have had my son
As we'd spell our names as one
On scattered ocean shores
Beneath that Indian sun

I loved my ma
And I loved her well
I loved my pa
And that musty smell

I hope to see them some day soon
I hope to see them smiling too
This Earth they left a bit too soon
Much thanks unto the scarlet moon

Some day well all be joined as one
Under scarlet moons and Indian suns

I love my family
How I miss this feeling
Of constant embrace
Awaiting at my feet

So come and pray for rain
To wash away our pain
Before the winter stains
What autumn left to drain

I hope to see them some day soon
I hope to see them smiling too
This Earth they left a bit too soon
Much thanks unto the scarlet moon

Some day well all be joined as one
Under scarlet moons and Indian suns

Details | I do not know? | |

Sun -de- Light

Sorry but i must be damn,
on this feastive,
to everyone's delight,

excuse me shorty,(son)
to the crush, of the crump
cake cheese,

money fall far from the trees must be,
earth sin,

if i can complain,
plant this seed next to this greenre,
i much say it with a rush.

and let the sun come to delight,
and say that you are peach,(the son)
to a tree,(mother) of course,

winter to season, you sparke a connection
sonnie that is all right!!!
smile for the camera!!!

(father)a son, we will have making luv to sun up to sun down...
and sonnie this the light of the watch your grandpa,
gave to me under this tree,
your grandmother, my mother first came to be
and know at this tree.

i call this Tree "sun de light"....
Our family Tree.

Details | Free verse | |


As I walk under a sky
Of thousands shades of blue
With the sun kiss warmth
Touching my skin
All I can think about
Is only you
Possessor of my soul,
Why are you so beautiful?
You’ve shaken my being
Just by knowing 
I am also a small part
Of your beauty

If the birds can speak
It will tell me the secret of its flight
If the sun can talk
It will send me the song of its light
If the moon can sigh
It will let me know its longing
Is the same as mine
Every moment the universe breathes
I become entangled with its beats
Till there’s no more separating ways 
Between being and existing
Just loving… you

I keep walking inside your immensity
As human being
As lover
As a woman
As a daughter
I can go on giving my low self names and titles
But can’t you see how insignificance this me is?
Sky, sun, moon, flowers
We’re all making our existence
Yet the only one here is
Just you, The Beloved!

"Today is my birthday and I just make one of the most difficult choice in life so far, leaving poetrysoup. There are so many poets here that I have come to care and even love, yet goodbye is inevitable. Thank you to those who has allowed me to walk inside your immensity... there are no words to define your beauty. May your journey is filled with leaves of speech, flowers of love and memories of songs... I salut you, dear poet."

Details | I do not know? | |


 I need you. You are like air I am being deprived.
I need you, the heat of your body, the fire in your eyes.

For you I thirst, you are like water for my soul.
For you I have waited, in my loneliness and cold.

For so long jaded, the hope of love all but abandoned.
For so long separate, sadness my only companion.

How long can a heart live, when broken in two?
How long can my heart stand, the pain of missing 

The sun blocked by slate gray wintry clouds.
The sun blocked, the warmth of your love.

Your memory never ending, a constant torturing.
Your memory I hate for it leaves me crying.

Oh to be strong, your prevalence I would cast adrift.
Oh to be strong; the impossibility of this.

A soulmate lost; how can this happen?
A soulmate lost; can I ever love again?

It is insane, you’ve been gone so long.
This is insane, my love for you still so strong 

Details | Free verse | |

Our Last Sunset

The sky tonight spills a bouquet of rose petal lights -
a marriage of luminous hues, a mirage of rosy haze rays.
The sand is flushed with evening's delicate blush,
a gentle watercolour wash on the pebble-rattly shore.
The dying sun bleeds crimson rivulets of light -

vermilion, scarlet, ruby, garnet -
blood-tinged crystals glimmering on the tide.
Shimmering moments when time and togetherness entwine,
when the bright tin-silver light of day ebbs quietly away
and the sea shivers glittering prisms of apricot light.

Let us hold the moment and linger on the blush-flushed cusp
of night where tranquillity and twilight combine,
warmed by the low love-glow of the peach-pastel sky.
Let the susurrous whisper of waves answer difficult questions -
those that we fear to ask. Watch reality drift far out to sea;

the brittle dry driftwood of halting words and hard choices
floating out on roseate ripples of the tide.
Shall we sit together on the salt-sparkling shore
of a new tomorrow? Or will the sun go down around us,
our love diminishing in its dwindling light?

Details | Imagism | |


The wind crept up - the skies ever so dark
Black, slick, clouds and calamity enters thy soul
Dreary! It chatters and limbs they fly
No sun upon thy face - beaming with hue
Those clouds they swarm in darkness
Rain - it pours - flooding the earth
Bewildered I look up at this blustering sky
The trees are dead, It's spring - yes death
Roses in the ground with the trickling raindrops
The April showers - You haven't a clue
True grit! The soil now nurtured
The roots - feeding on this phenomena
And yet when the sun shines soon
Day after day - trees will come to life
And roses in bloom- life after winter death
In awe I see this beautiful imagery
In my brain, as I see the pouring rain
My mind - I visualize - the beauty
Thus, why does it expose calamity?
Beauteous be the wonder in my eyes
And how I love those dark dreary skies
A rosebud in my teeth - I see
Is extraordinary and so is the tree
Let there be rain as it nurtures the soil
And with the chatter of the wind, let there be turmoil 
Again in my brain, I can truly love this day
I see life in the rain that is pouring today.

Details | Free verse | |

Wake Me, When the Morning Comes

A night full of nightmares
and suicidal tendencies,
feeling pain rush, like tidal waves
crushing me and blood boiling
anger wishes and takes the best of me;
but can I heal my own heartbreak?
Will I ever find love again?
See the angel of death come to me,
smiles and says come with me.
Oh, Wake me, when the morning comes,
so I can show evil the light.

Feelings eternal and fragile,
she walks some lonesome highway
travelled by the ones who fall in love.
She a grand fool, who takes life for 
wake her with the morning light
and shine down rays of goodness and 
and show her the path that leads back to 

Wake me when the morning comes,
place her upon my doorstep
and a smile upon her loving face,
I'm not ready to move on just yet.
I don't want anymore nightmares
and nightly visits from the black angels.
I don't want to see blue eyed Death,
with his grinning skull and black robe.
I want to see the sunshine break through 
my window
and I want to hear the birds sing love 
and the trees dancing to the wind's sweet 
I want to awake to her sweet and glorious 
Wake me, when the morning comes,
when I can open my eyes to anew
and see life in a new day,
and live life in a new way.


Details | Romanticism | |

The Beautiful Woman

Beautiful women stridding along
beach front properties
after the cruel april showers have rolled through
damaging and overflooding the hanging geraniums,
and the despise of jealous boys
rolling through hemlock, with trousers stained with sand,
they gaze like dogs looking at a juicy bone,
at the beautiful women, all of them walking hand and hand
singing songs of love, as hummingbirds and nightingales
soar high over their heads, keeping them all company,
all singing songs of love.

Go now, go now, into the gardens of beauty
there you'll find me hinding, waiting
for my beautiful women that spare no glance,
but a quick of a hand I am allowed.
Go now, go now, into the gardens of beauty
pick the red roses that bloom,
and leave the blue violets for the dead.

See the beautiful women, as the jealous boys huddle around me,
we gaze at their beauty and hold our breath,
till they start laughing.
They drink tea, read novels and talk about everything
that matters to naive girls' mind.
We listen and hear their secrets, some horrid
and some unbearable to listen too.

Go now, young boys and stride on
go to the beach front properties
in your straw hats and sandstained trousers
and call unto me, when the beautiful women
come once again striding along.

One beautiful woman I gaze upon
blonde hair, blue eyes
the sweetest of arian races
she wears her flannel, spring dress,
and cottonswab blouse,
she turns to me, hiding in the rose peaker bushes,
she looks at me and smiles.
I hide my emotion and I leave the garden of beauty,
to stride for another day.
To see the young, beautiful girls,
to see that one, that is not hard to spot
the one, like the first rose to bloom
she is not hard to spot.

One day, as I sit in the garden of beauty,
my courage will reign over me
and I shall present myself to her grace
and glorious beauty.
Go now my dear, go now, go to the garden of beauty,
and share your stories and drink your tea in peace;
Pick the ruby roses, but leave the blue violets for the dead,
for I am safe and I am just around the corner.

Details | Couplet | |


Sunshine, take me to your forever-summer land
	Take me to those dunes of honey-gold sand

Sunshine, make me know what it's like to feel heat
	Make me feel like the sky where sun and horizon meet

Sunshine, show me from whence the dawn first sprang
	Show me how the East blushed when light first came

Sunshine, teach me how to feel alive where rain never falls
	I want to know how to survive when in you I am lost


Details | Free verse | |

The Fight and How It Felt

She threw me the hurtful look, that bleeding-inside feeling
Fell upon me and the whip lashed well
Across those deep soft parts
That quiver within and dare not show themselves.

I nearly snarled, the need to cool pain its transfer was great,
But then the blackness of the moment
Blinded my soul and filled it with Sad,
And whatever inward strength I had deserted me.

Love, replete with sins of omission,
Keeps count of the subtle slights
And stores them in its pantry of poisons
Ready to pour into one another's wounds whenever wretchedness
Brings the bonding close and sharp together.

All the love in the sun is good
Where we want to always be, though we cannot,
For life will not permit this.
The sun casts shadows that follow behind us and threaten;
Better to stand in pairs and face them
To suffer together and learn
Learn to take it all as it comes at us, feel through all the abuse
And grope beyond 
To where control depends on us alone
To where no games are played
To where the truth is told plainly, face to face,
To where we love and afflict one another because it is so empty and fearsome
To be alone.
Together we are more than one, less than two, stronger than all.

Lash went the whip and the pain burnt clear
Why such a ritual must be followed is not for reason to sort out
For the Fates have tied our lives together and we must walk as one
With the heart of each in the other's hand,
Knowing love to be a thing of fear and anger and confusion
Quite thoroughly mixed with joy.
So strike out and savor the hurt that flows in the bad times,
That it may teach us what we need to know about the good times,
And those good times tell us what we need to know about ourselves.

My love for you is too great to be put off by pain.
Come along my dear, let's step back into our private world,
Ready to go at it all again.

Details | I do not know? | |

Pleasure Is

Pleasure is.
So sweet the seasons sounds,
That makes for those summer days.
Skies make for a back drop of hues of blue,
Sweet mowing grass now sheared as hay.

Upon my face the beads of perspiration,
As I wipe my fevered brow.
The days now long as I swing forth the scythe,
High above the sun beats down.

A shout breaks my concentration,
For it is Mary who is my love.
Under a large oak tree she shelters,
Truly a pure vision from above.

For with her a wicker basket,
Its contents now lay out before.
She beckons me come forward,
Asl my senses cry out for more.

In her tender arms my head gently lies,
Beneath a canopy of green.
 Dappled sun light highlights her flowing hair,
For the world id trade, for these moments gleaned.

©N . Windle. 2009	

Details | Triolet | |

Dusk Sun Setting

The horizon is where the dusk sun sets A beautiful orange cast is about In the clouds beyond is where they all get The horizon is where the dusk sun sets The couple envelopes what the sun lets There is love within, surely there’s no doubt The horizon is where the dusk sun sets A beautiful orange cast is about
Russell Sivey

Details | Lyric | |

In Bloom

Written July 29, 2013

The wind blows the rainbows down
Turns your frown upside down
Then spins it back around

The sun hides the moon
Underneath its coat in bloom
The flowers came late this June

The rain in a teardrop
Falls like dew from a leaf
When she looks at me

See that look upon her face
Used to take her to the stars
Now she's headed back from Mars

Now that Venus loves her more
Wouldn't throw her to the floor
Like before

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Just A Loving

When the moon is hot
and the sun is a cooling
the stars lose their shine
when the clouds are a fooling.

When one is in love
and the whole world a grooving
every glance you make
when your eyes are a moving.

Every breath we share
when the room is a shaking
every touch of you
just a brand new a waking.

Every mood i swear
of you to keep a thinking
locked away with in
to stop a heart a sinking.

When the moon is hot
and the sun is a cooling
the stars lose their shine
when the clouds are a fooling.

© Harry J Horsman 2013  

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A Letter to Ken

I, The Love of Your Life, am quietly standing by, waiting and watching for you to appear in my sight As the sun rise, as the sun set I, The Love of Your Life, have nothing to hide, nothing to regret When the moon comes out in the still of the night I, The Love of Your Life, am waiting and watching with much delight The door to my heart is opened wide where your love always reside In my heart, the place you know, oh, so well When you are tired and weary I, The Love of Your Life, will be waiting and watching for you to surrender Anytime, morning, noon, or night I will be waiting and watching until you are near to hold me tight knowing everything will be alright To you, Ken, from The Love of Your Life, you can always come home to a place where love is plentiful and love is strong
Rosalyn M. Lampkin Contest by Kristen Bruni

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My Love Intended

My love intended for the girl of my dreams,
she walks from side to side,
not knowing that I walk alone.

She is beautiful than any other thing in this simple world,
everything around her shakes and trembles
as she walks on by without a spare of a passing glance.

The wine is drunk
the last cigarette smoked,
the pain of heartache gone away.

It feels good to see her go my way,
to take the pain with her away from me,
as I sit in the wayward cafe on the river of ashes.

A beautiful girl she is mine,
but that course of life shall no surpass mine,
and my heart beats and takes me away
in hope of falling in love.

Irony of love and hate,
it is similar in many ways,
as I sit and think of her.

She angers me,
but when the vail of anger falls over my eyes,
the passion of love enters my mind.

Come now, take me away,
hold me in your beauty,
and love me with your gentle body.

Go into the gardens,
where the nightingales sing,
and sit at the patio's crossway.

Watch the artists paint pictures of the garden,
watch the writers write about the garden,
and watch us go and pick flowers in the garden.

The air smooth and wind breeze calms the nerves,
the pain of my sorrowed heart is soothed,
by her sweet intellegence and beauty.

Her eyes, orbs of blazing sunlight,
blind me with the beauty of her beauteous face,
her lips and skin smooth and pure.

She is glorious,
My love she is the dream girl,
who comes and takes my nightmares away from me.

As I sit on the park benches,
I light my last cigarette,
and reminicse on the days with my love.

I close my tired eyes only for a moment,
and the moment is gone,
my beauty is gone.

The tears are all gone,
the pain has gone,
the feelings of everlasting love are all gone.

Where did it all go?
Where did my beauty go?
Where did my love go?

All gone now, all gone now,
as I grow old,
the feeling of death takes me by surprise.

The park bench is cold,
the cigarette is burnt out,
I am longing for a drink.

I lay in a wayward cafe
drink a coffee and talk to myself
discussing a book of poetry.

Looking over to the right
I am blinded by beauty once again
this time this is no dream.

Alas, my dream girl came
that appeared in my sunny pleasure dome,
who has walked barefoot in the gardens of my mind.

She sat with me,
I looked at her
and we smiled together.

We held hands together,
and dreamed together,
forever and ever.

Love everlasting,
everything everlasting,
cigarettes smoked together.

A cloud over our heads
in the shape of a heart
my love.

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The Cyber Nymph

The Cyber Nymph
Loch David Crane
August 18, 1997

Lie back--expose your belly ring		
up unto the sky. . .
I just hope when I get down close
it won't put out my eye!

That summer I was 48 
and she pert 25;
I left Prozac in the cupboard 
and Reality went Live.

I shoulda taken time to stop
and used the vorpal rubber
But 48 he couldn't wait 
to find another lover.

So while the Sun was merciless
to sand and skin and sea
"If she swells I'm sure she'll tell,
returning then to me."

I must admit I got her drunk--
I used her just for sex:
Blue and blond with freckles,
suntanned buns and pecs.

But she revealed computer skills
That took away my breath.
Her dancing cyber fingers sang;
I soon saw who was best.

Ol' 48 could bare compute
"Not very fast" she said;
"I've practiced years not to be fast"
gasped I, collapsed in bed.

Then the Sun warmed up the honey--
it dripped twice more in a row.
Ulysses' "rosy-fingered dawn"
beheld her frown, dress, and go.

That freshly-flossed feeling
reverberates my spine
A smile wells up from deep inside
and stays there all the time.

At play I watched this cyber nymph
on Netscape and E-mail;
Her eyes flashed, fingers flying,
shaking golden ponytail.

"You're kinda slow," she grumbled,
terrifying 48;
"But I like that in a man," she grinned,
making me feel great.

My old 12 color monitor
was not enough for her;
More movies, GIFs, and videos
flew by me in a blur.

But 48 he had a trick:
while she stared at the screen
I spoke in her ear, nibbled her neck,
and adored her like a Queen.

I kissed and bit and licked and squirmed
'til wrists and spine went quiet--
The way a mouse's legs go still
when python's on his diet.

And then the honey dripped once more,
the Sun was past its rise.
I felt its rosy hug and knew
that love was in my eyes.

I asked her for her address,	
she wrote with @ in code;
I said "I'm too old fashioned"
and asked for her telephone.

So when you dream, sweet 25,
tall cyber nymph of mine,
remember please old 48
who isn't past his prime.

And as the honey of the Sun
drips down into the sea
I'll recall my Cyber Nymph
and she will undelete me.

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She said baby I have to go,
I said girl you don't need to go,
Because baby I want you to stay,
'Til the sun rise,
'Til the end of the night,

I said baby I'm feelin you,
And I'm fallin in love with you,
Which is somethin I never thought I would do,
But, I did today,
So girl, Why don't you stay,

Why don't you stay, 4x
'Til the sun rise,
'Til the end of the night,

She said baby I have to leave,
I said girl I don't want you to leave,
My darling please stay with me,
'Til the night end,
Then come back again,

Because baby we have a chance,
For us to have a great romance,
So, girl take my hand and dance,
You don't have to go,
Baby don't go,
Chorus: 3x

'Til the sun rise,
'Til the end of the night,

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I Love the Beach

I love walking on the beach
early in the morning as
the sun is beginning to rise
It’s quiet, just me my 
thoughts and God
What a way to start the
day with the sound of the
waves crashing onto the shore,
you can see the water rolling for miles
crystal blue jumping back and forth
the sun is rising higher and brighter
It never ceases to amaze me the wonder of God’s
handiwork, it draws me ever deeper each time I
go back to it, it’s in my blood and I
have to walk on it, smell it or touch it
everyday , the beach, I’m in love with it 

Submitted for Amy Green’s Contest My Deepest Passion

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Grey Bird

On that cloudy weekend in June 
I hear a soft and graceful tune 
from the grey bird on the tree 
Singing sweet lullabies felt 
blessed in the moment 
My body tingles of joy at sight 
Gazing out through 
my open door,
Letting thoughts fly free
Releasing love out into the horizon 
Heart filled with emotion came 
over me 
Grey bird stood playing its tune 
for awhile and on the wings of 
letting go
Then as the rain fell from the 
sky the grey bird flew away 
I blew a kiss to the clouds and 
utterd these simple words of I 
Love You father ( who's now in 
heaven ) and yet I hope to hear 
that grey bird sing again once 
more for me 
Farewell, love your son

Poem contest for Debbie -referential

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My Friend Sona

My love shines on that gentle smile
Like the morning sun that scatters clouds
That unexpected tenderness
As warm as sun kissed ray

My love shines on that special kindness
That tender smile of that beautiful heart
Like the morning that somehow always says
Scatter clouds of those dreadful days

Those unexpected patient ways
Tenderness a priceless gift
As warm as that sultry and misty
Sun kissed ray on the ground

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A Warm Cozy Sweater

The sun is shining, not a cloud up above
How could life be any better
Good health and the love of a very sweet lady
Life is like a warm cozy sweater

Rainy days can't even bring down my spirits
I'm meant to live life on a high
I see nothing but positive signs every day
Of love and bright sunny skies

This can't be true, I've heard people say
One can't be upbeat every day
Once in a while, there gotta be sad things
You encounter along the way

Of course they're right, but the difference is
I don't let them get me down
They are all a part of this thing we call living
It's my choice to smile not frown

The sun is shining, not a cloud up above
How could life be any better
Good health and the love of a very sweet lady
Life is like a warm cozy sweater

@Jack Ellison 2012

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If you hurt I too hurt

If you have been hurt
By words that stab like arrows
With you, I too will hurt
For upon you, its toll I know.
Yet, if hate it is you return
There I will not follow you
I will reach out with my hand
And with a firm grip, I'll catch you.

I'll show you a beautiful garden
That is watered every day
By those who hold hands with heaven
Nourishing with the command of sun rays
Never letting go, and you will know
You were never alone feeling betrayed
And with the heaven's strong hold
And my hand in your hand, you will find the way.

You will rise above the angry clouds
That have entered your skies gone dark
You'll hear the prayer of my devout
To refute their menace, and fall apart.
Instead you will take up wings to fly
With holding hands the faith to dart
Right through where the sun ever shines.

Over the rainbow, you'll look upon the garden
That's been planted by a love that heals
Founded on the light that feeds its wonderment
That with your presence, larger ground will thus be reached
And I know that if once more I face lies that hurt
You will hurt with me, your hand's firm grip to catch me
We'll hold each other true, until their lies no longer burn
And one day, forever in that awesome garden, we will be.

By CarolineCécile
Copyright © 05.18.11

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Goodbye my Summer Love

Though the midnight summer rains
as we sit together under the geraniums,
hanging low and at full bloom,
we hold hands and talk of old times;
times that were kind to us and our youth.
As summer storms light up the night skies
We kiss the storm away, as it rolls through the grey skies
and the lighting cracks the clouds in half,
riping a hole in the universe, as we kiss the night away.

We sit throughtout nightlong summer dreams
and talk, and we hear the storms roll into the golden hills
of summer meadows filled with roses and a field full of daisies.
Love rests in time to see us grow old together,
and love strengthens its walls and pulls us closer together.
We shall go now, as day turns to night,
into our chamber of love and sleep the night away, together.
Hold us close to each other, as I rest my head on you sweet bossom,
and you nurture me to life of talks of love and beauty.

Nature whispers and sings us songs,
as we kiss and go for walks through the countryside
looking at the golden hills soaked in the rolling storms
that summer offers every year, upon a silver platter.
Sooth me, my love as I tell you of the sorrow I have witnessed.
Embrace me with your curiousity and tell me of the beauty in
the secrets of life and its hidden messangers
that hold secret letters from Devils that send temptations
to destroy something that we share, that is so beautiful and true.
Tell me that life will be okay, and my love is still true and with you.
Tell me my sweet and beautiful love, tell me if everything will be alright.

Love has seen us come and go, through the narrowed and sprinkled streets,
as we move through life fused at hands and eyes blind, not noticing the possiblities of death at any moment stalking us with knives jabbing at our backsides.
We are blind, for we see each other and only each other.
As we live life eyes a blazed looking at the sun, we do not notice the obvious between us.
Caring from me, at my time of need I never noticed the betrayal of our love.
My heart sees, but I deny the obvious and see what I hear.

As I see the knife drive deep in my heart,
you with a suitcase in hand,
I stand on my front steps and I watch the summer storms
come back over the golden hills to say, "hello"
Love is the same everytime, like a summer storm;
beautiful to watch, but when it leaves, it is depressing to say, "goodbye"
Now I sit, as the geraniums dry up and die
and the wrinkles at my eyes make me blind,
I see love walk past my house and mock me with lone kisses.

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The Pursuit

              first         r a y s             of                       morning

                 night         t e a r s          soaking             my               pillow

             her        l i g h t                                awakens

           bringing            out            deep           l o v e - f l a v o r s

            soul       r e s c u e d      . . .                                      chasing the      light

David Meade
Love Generously


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Fourty Six Years Ago

As the misty fog rises in the hollow
In the cool still hours of early morn
Thoughts of you rise in my heart
Those memories of the loving kind

Memories of a fall of years ago
When times were very hard
Observing you hobbling around the yard
Both of us with love that was in full charge

As I watch the pale colors on the horizon
With a red sleepy sun rising through the trees
Shilouetting them more plainly for all eyes to see

The memory is more shilouetted hidden within dark
Recesses of the mind
Put away for safe keeping so that love can rise again
The sun now has changed to dark gold 

I hope our love that was birthed
Is now golden and filled with loving mirth

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        As the golden rays of sunlight creep into my bedroom window,
I hold my tears back, yearning for just a few more hours to hold you.
	Time has grown to be my nemesis, my curse,
For I realize that when the sun ascends into the heavens, I descend into the pits of hell. 
	As I give in to your embrace and caress your tender caramel skin,
I dream of time coming to a standstill, where eternity is our safe haven.
	For now though I must press my lips against yours and say my farewells,
Slowly walking away, gazing back as you depart, I begin to call out to you. 
	Don’t abandon me, let us travel the world, and discover things
 We never dreamed of, and grow old together.
	However you can’t hear me say these absurd things, and I begin to asphyxiate,
I lust for the sensation of your touch, and I yearn for the echo of your voice.
	Patience, I tell myself, in due time we will be as we should,
And when that time comes we shall watch the sun rise every morning and I will breathe

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poems for couples in love

poem for couples in Love 

what Good if you're like the moon ... 
that wherever i go  can see you . 
Or perhaps it was like the sun ... 
it warms my heart wherever I go. 
Your kiss could be infinite and still 
never more beautiful finish. 
Your beauty as the only remaining stars 
when the night goes on. 

Come rain wets my face, 
I remember the taste of your honey taste, 
eye of the window I see a garden. 
I'm going to the beach later that fall wonder, 
the wind behind your perfume of vanilla, 
as if the sea is broken only for me. 
I will get entangled among their hair 
sleep with you away your nightmares. 
And when the sun will be a reach, being only a 
Being an only .. 

of ceizar for my husband duncan te amo 

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True Beauty

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there is only one I behold as the 
one beautiful enough to see the true beauty within.

I wish that I could tell her how I feel
I wish that I could show her I'm for real
I'm going to give her all that she would need
Listen to my story and take heed
The sun may rise, the sun may set
The power of her beauty they will never get
Many have tried without any rest
To obtain the beauty that she possess
She has the smile of a baby
But the soul of a lady
She is in search of that perfect love
The only one that comes from above
When I look into her eyes, I can see the pain
Wherever she looks, it just seems to rain
But through every situation she has stood tall
And kept herself from a great fall
Some may ask if she is real
Can one be this perfect without a seal?
To know the truth of what I've seen
Just look in the mirror to know what I mean
We have held hands throughout the years
We have also shed many of tears
One thing that I am proud to see 
You have become a beautiful woman to me

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I awoke just as the sun rose;
You were still asleep beside.
Your back was to me as you softly breathed;
When I saw you there, I cried.

Dreams that thread through fingers,
Long lost friends that steal away.
You stretched and sleepily turned to me;
I asked you if you’d stay.

You kissed me on the forehead,
And so convincingly smiled.
I took you in my arms and held you;
You giggled like a child.

I awoke just as the sun rose;
You were still asleep beside.
And when you left, I couldn’t sleep,
For remembering how you lied.

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I had a dream last night
fogged by an uneven frost of the morning
guessing if the sun rose.

It dawned on me
it was night still
with forehead engulfed by the fallen hair.

I figured her out
against wealthy gold streaks of sky
while flowers kept merrying in the garden.
Sitting cross-legged in the pavement
She awaited a long cherished arrival;
the pavement turning
          BLACK , white	
          Black , WHITE

Time danced on the cross roads
  with a series of its resonant restrained movements.
Its hand drew out for me
and I trying to grab them
  found the sun shining
  illuminating everything
  except shadow of my own construction.
The very next moment
  ate up its hands
  and shadow intermingled with the silent darkness.

Vehicles tossed up the roads
flooding the pavement with light
  Alterations marked the vivacity of vagueness
  to fathom the unfathomable
and fragmented mirth wetted me from within.
    WHITE would make my shadow flee, I thought.

Sitting there,
she snatched stars from the moonless sky
and buried in the boisterous soil.
I climed up the hill 
  and fell from the precipice
  and she followed
like unshed tears of void eyes.

I kept stringing up my instrument
  as I had only songs to offer
  that of my own disintegration
And she stood
in front of the church-gate
in deathly austerity.

The deity rose in protest,
Melodies evolved from the ocean-cradle
  -filling the air with its uncommon pitch
  and my songs kept straying in the corner
  looking for fortification.

I dreamt then-
     trees stretching themselves upright
     trying to peep into heaven:
     Deep fragrance of incences rising
     where I stood
     draped in WHITE
     praying with vague distrust.

I rose from the bed rubbing my eyes
  and at the breakfast table
  I sat dismayed 
  as I remembered all.

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Wet and Supple

Many of summers went by
To taste the sun and say good-bye..
Enveloped by the time 

Watching your smile 
As the sun and the sky
All melting my heart like 
Ice-cream on apple pie
I see you there, 
Your chest so strong and bare

Wanting you, needing you…
Close my eyes as your
 Kisses linger on my lips
Wet and supple, salty just a bit
Steamy Summer Love
Again is about to say good-Bye

You will go your way, I will go mine
But just for a moment
Enveloped by the time

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The Sunset

Between these cotton sheets we lay 
The smell of washing powder lingers 
The sun is setting across the woods 
Dimmed rays glowing in from the windows, 
Make your eyes sparkle like turquoise 
Nonetheless, yours are priceless
Having witnessed you to all times of the day
This is when you’re at your best  
The fraction between night and day 
Where mere shadows
Become looming darkness
Blue skies become a blanket of stars
Where your kisses seem longer
On me, you feel heavier
And your touch seems softer 
When the sun is setting 
My daydream of you ends 
And the reality begins 
The night time cravings start 
Of your lips on mine and
Your fingertips begin tantalising
Before sunrise, I’m already fantasising 
Of the Sunset 

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You're There, I See You

I close my eyes in darkness
While the world lies down to sleep
As a father and a husband
My family’s mine to keep
Protect them? I am willing
I am always there on guard
But, when I’m not and far away
I trust You are, oh Lord

The rising sun of morning
Has my family’s eyes so wide
As the motor sounds of traffic
Fills the air that floats outside
And the people that are walking
Some are jogging, some just go
Makes me see, what truly is
And all I really need to know

God, You’re there… I see you

In the blue that reigns up in the sky
On the breath of clouds that float on by
The image of the homeless man
Who still offers up his time
As he asks not for, without doing first
So I give water to quench his thirst
To the flowers that grow in the park
And the trees that children climb

God, You’re there… I see you

While coming home at evening time
Knowing my family waits for me
I smile real wide as I walk along
So all the world can see
Maybe then they’ll see just what I see
And then take it on their way
With hopes that they will share a smile
And make better someone’s day

Now the sun has set, children tucked
With a kiss I gave to fall asleep
Standing at the door I see my wife
And I feel the love she gave to keep
I thank you Lord for all I have
For always seeing my family through
Because I know I couldn’t do this alone
That’s why I put my faith in You

God, You’re there… I see you

In the blue that reigns up in the sky
On the breath of clouds that float on by
The image of the homeless man
Who still offers up his time
As he asks not for, without doing first
So I give water to quench his thirst
To the flowers that grow in the park
And the trees that children climb

God, You’re there… I see you

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Emerging life

Your touch peels away the layers of fear and gently reveals a love
Like spring emerging in spontaneous color and wonder

I had mused - all was lost -that I would never to see the sun and blue skies again 
I was lost in winters grey, bleak bare arms- alone in my cocoon not believing I could ever evolve into a radiant flower again

But now as my growth peeks through the melted ice - I joyously unfold, unraveling 
Velvet petals-layers of trust radiate a passionate bouquet of loves ardent harvest

I believe I can produce a harvest of good fruit from my union with the pro-creator of life - He shall abundantly fulfill His goodness in my life- as sure as the sun rises in newness each day - I shall shine forth His glory in me - for I cannot hide His love - it encompasses all I am fulfilling His purpose - honey flows from the rock that is steadfast and sure I am His forever.  

© Brenda V Northeast 3 March 2012

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The Ballad of Intimate Darkness

Through light of day and darkness of my heartbeat
My love for you, you shall see
Twelve Angel's smiles beyond this artists' cold feet
Whose legs once belonged to me
The sun and moon can marry not another
More perfect than you to me
And the evening can not break the time we share
My love for you, you shall see
A soft man you gave kisses to walked half the Earth
With legs that belonged to me
Whose only pure thought was that of a dove
To love and set you free

Now this is the time that your eyes may have read
My love for you, you shall see
If I am the shadow that can not move on
With legs that belong to me
The ink I have written will become the blood
And sin will haunt over me
Because of my veins, myself I have opened
My love for you , you shall see

The eyes of men, with envy and magic
Tempted your true love from me
And not to be jealous I smile as the victim
My love for you, you shall see
With feet that the demons or Angel's may swear
Are legs that belong to me

Yet her necklace massages her as if I
Were holding her closer to me
My body more dust than can be
Often my reflection she sees in the mirror
My love for her, she will see
And memories may move her hand to caress
Legs that once belonged to me

For the moon and the sun will eclipse out of love
As the legs that once belonged to me
Through heaven and hell I shall still feel her moisture
On the legs that once belonged to me
From the turning of wind on the teardrops of kin
And the burning with-in of my shadows and sin
Away, free as a bird she shall be
My fond love for her, she shall see

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The Traveler

Wherein upon a darken road

the path by which the traveler trode

there amongst the guileless snow

Alighten by moonlight’s o’er throw

Lost among the recurring trees

On last breath, and on his knees

He took into him the cold grey night

His death foreseen in by a distant light.

On he slipped into humble death

Absolving life in shallow breaths

His eyes turned to the swollen moon

Knowing death was all too soon.

O’ here upon a darken road

Amongst the trees and pallid cold

He met the Maiden in mortal form

Her eyes alight and pale skin warm.

Her hair was gold as the finest thread

On her feet she lightly tread

To gather him up in her grace

She kissed him lightly o’er his face.

‘O’ little child, O’ mortal man’

She whispered light as angels can

‘Be now still and close thy eyes,

I’ve come to sever your earthly ties’

And when he gave a mournful sigh

His body quiet in the snow-bank lye

The Maiden took his ghostly hand

To lead him to the spirit’s land.

Away there from the darken road

The Maiden and a spirit trode

Away from a man, dead in the snow

Past the yew in ancient row.

‘O’ gentle Lady, O’ gentle bride,

Whilst you stay here by my side?’

And then she turned her face to him

To him she looked, her lips drawn grim.

‘Alas, my love, my belov’d man,

Only to your destiny that I can,

Yet after that you start anew,

But always know my love is true!’

And there he kissed her, his spirit guide

And silent they went, side by side

Through the night and then through light

Until the sun did grant them sight.

By morning in another land

When now the earth was made of sand

She said goodbye, and left his side

For back again, the road she’d ride.

His eyes he closed, deathly tight

To shade him from a radiant light

And there he lay, a new born babe

Early born to greet the day.

Aye, he heard the Maiden say

Whispered in his ear this day

‘Yet after this you begin anew,

But always know my love is true!’

‘For today for you, my little one,

The sun has risen brightly shone,

And thus shall eternity, it will repeat,

For the human spirit, yet incomplete. . .’

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In this world

Beautiful day, sun full beam upon

 my face. A fresh brilliance as I Inhale,

 this world is truly indescribable. I

 certainly cannot comprehend the

 depths of the deepest oceans to the

 highest mountain peaks. I could ponder

 till the grave the vastness of the landscapes,

 every creature God has made. A world

 teeming with life every corner far and wide.

 I have let the barrier down. In this world

 God's love is beyond our understanding. Its

 unconditional and forever lasting

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I believe that yesternight has gone by,
And this is another day, 
A brand new day,
A very beautiful one.

All I could see is the rising of the sun,
with its beauty and energy,
Ready to beautify, 
And illuminate this day. 

All I wish is to be like this sun unto you,
lighten up your angelic face to a lovely smile,
And a source of encouragement to launch you, 
Higher unto greater achievement.

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Reaching Out

Like a branch that reaches out toward the sun 
Or a leaf that gently touches the sky 
steadfast and growing with roots running deep 
or a robin preparing to fly 
like a wing that glides on a gentle wind 
seeking its way to a nest 
like a wave gently rolling ashore 
Searching for a place to rest 
Like two hearts beating from many miles away 
thumping in perfect harmony 
trying to find some common ground, to set their spirits free 
Like a kite that slowly dances across the sky 
or the sun that chases the moon 
like a rainbow arched from right to left that somehow faded much too soon 
Like a dolphin leaping over a perfect wave 
or a shooting star that glitters in its flight 
The soft sweet whisper of a gentle sea breeze 
as the daytime slowly turns into night 
like a mother and child sharing time 
precious moments in a gentle embrace 
like the the sun that rises in the eastern sky 
with a smile on its early morning face 
like the golden rays reaching out to touch 
the green soft earth below 
like a love that seeks to find an answer 
one you might already know 
like a song that reaches out to find 
an open and receptive ear 
like the person scared to make a change, suddenly losing that fear 
like a road that reaches out to nowhere, suddenly finding its place 
like two people standing hand to hand, gazing into each others face 
like the warmth that comes from within the heart 
reaching out for each other with a love that cannot be torn apart 

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Love Faith Joy

No one ever knows if love can truly stand the test of time

Can faith alone give sight to the lover blind

Where is joy when trauma comes knocking at my door

The love quickly flees because it doesn’t find me appealing anymore

No amount of disgust or disappointment can shake these fears

It was not known that love could make one cry so many tears

The sun shines brightly….the trees remain still

My knees are buckling under the pressure but I have a strong will

Joy comes in the morning is what they say

The sun rises and I still feel the same sadness that I felt yesterday

I pull myself together so that I can push through the pain

I look up to the heavens and beg God to open up the flood gates and let it rain

As I continue on this path of loneliness I feel a teardrop on my face

I hear a gentle voice encouraging me to keep the faith

Love is not the only thing that’s getting me through

It is faith and joy too

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I Waited for the Sun

I waited ‘til I saw the sun, 
The sun just slipped a note below my door                                                          
No warm arrival, as before, 
The fragile light of empty air, and cold rejection on the floor

The summer days are gone too soon  
I was a little girl with nothing wrong, eyes wide open without a sound  
In the empty room that once smelled sweetly
Now only left to face the gloom

I will walk a mile, just to feel the edge
Some place low enough to step right in
I can’t stop my self from falling, I can’t stop myself from calling
But my voice is weary, can hardly speak at all

I pick up a stone that I cast to the sky, hoping for some kind of sign
The wind is gone, asleep at dawn
The long day is over…I’m feeling tired
The embers burn on, with no reprise
The sun will rise, …again you say?
But what do you say, when it’s all gone away?
I’m on my knees empty, you humble me Lord
I’ve gone too far,  …., you can take me away…

For Tracie’s Contest: Sing a Song poem
Songs from Norah Jones:   Following lyrics are from:
“Don’t Know Why”( I waited ‘til I saw the sun)
“Feeling the Same Way” (The sun just slipped its note below my door)
 “Shoot the Moon” (Summer days are gone too soon)
“Seven Years” (A little girl with nothing wrong)
“Toes” (Walked a mile just to feel the edge)
“Lonestar” (pick up a stone that I cast to the sky)
“In the Morning” (I can hardly speak at all)
“The Long Day is Over”  (The long day is over, I’m feeling tired)
“Humble Me”  ( I’m on my knees empty, you humble me Lord)

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Cross Fate

My feet caressed by the washed sand
my eyes lost in the horizons gaze 
soothing essence fills the land
but in my heart there is a blaze
two days back and my heart was taken
it shone over the entire ocean
now the fire within leaves me shaking 
my joy now runs with the waves that get broken
a broken heart in need of love
must find joy someway somehow
so there is hope in the sky above
and with that hope grab on now 
the night may make the sun disappear
but by the next mourning the sun reappears 

*Entered into "First Poem" Contest
-Won HM

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Please don't
They are angry
At us for deceiving
We're left in this cold alley
Thrown like dog's
Im waiting for the right time
But my pulse is not going so fast as when they were here
Because of a religion im a target
Because i want to be myself
They want me
And my beloved 
Please tell me your ok
Tell me is over now
All she asked me
My self with frozen tears falling down
A little bit longer and we are gonna be in heaven
She said i am lying
I said
Sometimes truth is hidden between lies
She want's me to hold her tight
But we must play dead until every one else die
I asked her back
Do you remember?

When We met each other
Playing dead with the dogs
She said back
I do
And look at us now
Playing dead again with death by the side
I told her there how much i loved her
She stood quiet
After long seconds she said with her trembling voice
Me too
Snow is cold
Heart is not strong
I told her to focus
It was gonna be over soon
Then she said repeated i love you
Then i stood quiet
I was gonna say love you too
When a soldier jumped at us and started shooting at the dead bodies
I looked at her pretty eyes
Her frozen lips i say the move and i spelled "I Love You"
Right there bullets got her
Her blood was every were
The soldier wasted all his bullets
Then he left
My cried there
But the cold didn't my tears fall

Two nights later
The invasion was over
I was able to stop playing dead
I ran to her body
And hug it tight
Saying sorry and repeating i love you hundreds of times
For that time the sun shined bright on that solo tunnel
I looked at the sun with fear
And asked why did she left...
She promise me before they came here she wasn't gonna die
Not with my son inside
Then tears broke from my eyes like a river
Two lives in one
How can that embrace my life
Then i stood up and walked away
Leaving behind
The note i never lend to her...


My love, much time have passed since last time, i am most certain i haven't called either
send a picture of me, but everything is fine, hope you are too, by the way i wanted to
remind you how much and how strong i love you, i promise one thing, I will not die, you
will see me one more time, a time that will cut forever, hope the sun is burning bright
there, i heard snow is bad, i will come back home in 6 days, ti'll then put your love on
the pocket, i'll be back home darling... 

Much Love, your Husband Wes Ortiz

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Rainbow Girl

What a pretty girl...
Walking on the eyes of me
Smiling as the rain comes down
She is my rainbow...
May the sun stay here a while
So I can touch her and smile

In her company
I blow bubbles in the air
And I stare and watch her climb
Down the firmament
As her foot reaches the land
I lay in awe on the sand

Briefly there's a grey
Cloud that's jealous of my love
So he calls a thunderstorm
But I patiently
Cry until the drummers leave
...butterflies sing on my sleeve

Dancing down she comes
Dressed in colors of the world
Waiving at the land and sky
Flirting with my eye
How can I not love her, she
Kisses everything I see

What a pretty girl...
Walking on the eyes of me
Smiling as the rain comes down
She is my rainbow...
May the sun stay here a while
So I can touch her and smile

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Acting My Age

“You’re not a giddy teenager
So why can’t you act you’re age?”
I looked at him heartbroken
Then my body shook in a rage

“Being passionate about life
Means I am acting like a child?
You demand that I be demure
Does that mean being meek and mild?

No, no, my dear, I want to shout
I want to be crazy and mad
To stick my head out the window
Belt out love songs that make me glad

I want to let my body move
To a belly dance drumming sound
I want to feel young and alive
Make love without hushing the sound

On days when I water the yard
I want to get wet to the core
As I point the hose to the sky
The wetness makes me crave for more

I want to see my sun catcher
Make the rainbows dance on my wall
And have multicolored sweet dreams
I want to wander through them all

When you take me for a long ride
I’ll let the wind dance with my hair
I want the music to be loud
What if people just stop and stare?

I want to laugh till my sides hurt
And the tears are just streaming down
I want people to be happy
So I play the part of the clown

They say life begins at forty
Now I know that it does for me
Don’t you dare try to bring me down
You know this 'girl' needs to feel free

Peter Pan’s not the only one
Who will stay forever this young
He’s got me for good company
You know, we have songs yet unsung

So…please, if I am eccentric
And acting a little insane
Remember that I’m passionate
So please, I beg you, don’t complain

And when I want to be ravished
Or to play a naughty love game
Don’t say that was for way back then
Don’t you dare try to make me tame

I desire to ingest life
At a mad and frenetic pace
I am desperate to feel the rain
Splashing down on my upturned face

You know that I must be sun kissed
And to spray on coconut spray
To do handstands in seawater
And to bask in this sun drenched day

I want to cry when things move me
I want to feel, to taste, to touch
I want to giggle like a girl
When something does please me so much

I’m sorry I disappoint you
Sorry I don’t act forty five
But before this life is over
I want to feel vibrant…alive!

Yet, I will try not to shame you
Try to tone it down just a bit
But my dear, this fact you must know
In your box, I surely don’t fit

Yes, you may think I’m 'immature'
And I may act much like a teen
But I’d rather be wild and free
Than captive to rules like a queen."

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Doesn't love know that i'm dying inside

Much time has passed since I last inked a page,
unlinked the chain caging my blemished heart
bleeding sorrow art upon this stage of limbo still
I clutch the air to feel, yet I feel ill of love
as she eludes the days beyond my tears that fall.
Behind this door disguised not one person knows
the decay that flows through my withering soul
as a broken hull would tardily sink a vast ship
waters of solitary time drain my veins of love,
her pain raw… 
with each rise of sun she conquers me more.
This deafening voice has silenced me with doubt
as violent bouts of crazed loneliness creep,
plundering into my life it seeps through my lips
and spits out swallowed words of stars and moons
beyond the cloud and the sun that swoon the day
I lay alone...
my heart shivering between lungs that breathe life
like a cold knife pressed against my shriveling skin.
Doesn't love know that I am dying inside,
that I hide defeat with fake acts that keep me away
from pity and pray in a faith I practice none
yet I am the one brought down to my knees 
curled as a fetus praying through tears
that wash my face with bitter taste…
I’m dying for love to find my soul,
find that place where two become whole.

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Statuesque Radiance

It was wonderment.
The mesmerizing expression rolled off her tongue in waves. 
To my puzzlement I was in a state of allurement.
Her vibes were sent to me in soothsaying proportions.

It was almost trickery, but I knew where I was going.
To the festivity that arose in marvelous apprehension.
Thoughts intertwined with her perplexity.
Her magnetism pulled me into an eternal trance.   

We floated into an elation of bewilderment.
Bygone indifference; we are one.  
You are my goddess; ravishing, statuesque radiance. 
Purely beautiful with a beautiful mind, heart and soul to match. 

To my amazement I found her within.
She was snuggled in my organism.
Wrapped up in all of my thoughts. 
She was warm.

I was connected with my wizardry.
She brought out the magic in me.
It was a prophecy. 
To be told; never old. 

We are undead together and full of life. 
We are everything and nothing and everything in between.
And we are an incantation of youth. 
We are; limitless. 

Nonesuch bewitchment nor black art or ill will.
This was love as we hither to the schism of bliss.
Away with all devilry; we are galaxies of heavens in our oddity.
I hold you in my hands like a dragonfly who lets me.

My dragon with fire that doesn't burn me.
My butterfly who can hold my weight.
My sea in the snow; my fire in the haze.
My flowers in the dirt; my green in the concrete. 

Sail through my eyes.
Bring me closer to another zenith.
Give me your endless sensual voodooism.
My muse I adore; forever more.

She has taken me to that statuesque radiance.

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One Glance

The morning sun bursts through the window.The cloudless sky's
 and the musical cerp from every bird

Its all the little things that makes 
us who we are

I arrive to a place with anger streaming through 
the air and yet theres a person who makes it breath taking for me

This person I admire.She makes a dull atmosphere happy
 just with one smile it can be all done

This person I require for with out this person it would 
be a fearful and empty place 

This person has me swept from my feet with sun 
glare power from her eyes 

This person I desire for that if I could but have
 her I would live forever happy

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A Place In The Sun

     A Place In The Sun

In church at night by blue candles sway
Standing over them in prayer 
Each one represents a soul from yesterday
Held together there

Spiritual energy surrounds the tabernacle alter
God’s home away from home on Earth
He smiles, blessed by holy water
Gives us gentle peace and solid worth  

I stand together with Jesus over candle lights
Then step outside with Him to view the morning sun 
The warmth of nature that feels just right 
Knowing life has just begun

Created on 1/14/15 for- Gail Angel Doyle Poetry Contest “ A Place In The Sun”

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perhaps in another lifetime we shall meet again and then you will learn from a master me


‘Tis the infancy of yet another day
And I hear it crying for its bottle now
But I know the sun is no child anyway
It can be a sadistic son and it will teach you how  

I live under a tunnel on the highway’s right
Yet wrong I may never be
I found an old mattress the other night
so discomfort doesn’t bother me

Today yesterday is but an artifact
An ancient find FoR hunters of the past
But it seems the sun and Satan have some sort of pact
Alas, whatever it is will probably hold fast 

I’m lucky enough to live with my stunning lover
She’s agreed to live free along with me
And often when it rains we needn’t run for cover
The umbrella is our love surely to be

The term “shelter” means different things to different people I know
Shelter to some might mean a mansion in France
To people like me and my lover “shelter” means just somewhere else to go
Moved by an emphatic embrace and the lives we each enhance

To us rain, cold or snow doesn’t mean we get up and go
It’s the tortuous sun we know will eventually come
So we weather the weather knowing all we need to know
For my lover and I may be homeless but neither of us is dumb

Now let’s get back to the infant sun and the fear of it’s adolescence
Because as we know children can often be rambunctious and rude
In the heat of mid-day August we suffer an adult sun’s insolence
And being fully grown it only treats us kindly when its in the mood  
                © 2011.….~free cee!~   Phreepoetree  


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When the night will fade away
And the morning sun will rise
I just want to be with you
In your arms of paradise 

When the morning sun will come
And you are still be a sleep
You don’t know the love I feel
In my heart so very deep

When the day will fade away
And the night approach us by
You will kiss my tears away
Just please don’t ask me why I cry

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Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Yes, only love can break your heart,
 Take your world and tear it apart.
Best to be sure right from the start,
The sun shines as clouds do part.

I try to remember but then I forget,
So many dreams turn into regret.
I reach for something but I’m not there yet,
So much in life seems to ride on a bet.

The sun awakes and shines in my eyes,
With nowhere to hide I lose my disguise.
Love is not something that money can buy,
I watch to see another day pass by.

As time passes I just drift away,
I seem to get lost in things that you say.
I wish for change, perhaps it may,
I was hoping this time some could stay.
It starts to get hot as thoughts melt together,
I get lost in a dream filled with white heather.
They say there might be a change in the weather,
Still I drift away and float much like a feather.

I can’t forget how it was in the start,
Nothing could ever tear us apart.
Sometimes it was like some kind of fine art.
Only to realize that love can break your heart.

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I've come to want for morning leisure
where once the night knew not my haste
now feed my measure of quiet pleasure
trading sleep for tranquilities taste

Tis when I ponder of past and present
an editors choice of will
to learn from tempests I have weathered
hold tight the remnants of joy instilled 

For if by chance this day shall fade
the last I've traveled my journey known
to know in conscience I have paid
time in thought of days I've owned

Of love relinquished or that bestowed 
facing giants and demons known
in strength or weakness of which I'm prone
to praise the grace and mercy shown

Fickleness in light of providence 
pulls back the curtain of chaotic scenes
revealing there a smiling cognizance 
of trials hewed to shape sweet dreams

So as my garden vines do cling
and wind their trellis to face the sun
I find myself grateful for broken wings
unable to flee from the man who's come

To win my heart in deep respect
with awe and laughter secure to rest
what joy to cling without regret
to a trellis built by an architect

strong and stable so full of love
tender yet able to strengthen enough
to carry the burden of weight and wind
and fill every dream from without and within

Praise I sing for a man today
who bathed my face in the morning sun
a gift for years stowed away 
of "all I dreamed" in pseudonym 

In light of grace has come the dawning
of mourning to be no more
and with a ring of promises
the rest of forever with "The One" whom I adore

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Red Sun

Broken hearts behave as bright
Morn' sun, hemorrhaging red
staining all that has been touched,
while pulled from loves grasp.

Loves stain

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Early Morning Rain

The early morning rain hides the tears in my eyes With an emptiness in my heart, I'm remembering your lies I'm a long way from home, but the distance doesn't ease this aching in my heart and wind blowing through the trees. Travelling down this rocky road, I'm tired and alone. How I wish my broken heart could find its way back home. Bright is the sun and dark is the night, but I'm stuck in the middle, and, oh, nothing feels right. With everything to lose and nothing to gain, my tears fall to the ground, like the early morning rain. Oh, the sun never shines in the early morning rain. In the morning sun, he wakes with another girl, not me. The dawn's light shines on them, but clouds dim my rocky seas. If he would welcome me home, I'd forgive, let go of this pain. So I'll start the long journey home in the early morning rain. Lord, help me find my way through the early morning rain. By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, April 12, 2012 for Write me a Lightfoot Poem (Francine Roberts) * Gordon Lightfoot song, "Early Morning Rain"

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After The Storm

After the storm, trees that were bending with the strain
Will regain their posture and stand erect again

After the storm, birds that flew away to find shelter
Will return and sing their songs even sweeter

After the storm, the howling wind that raged with fury
Will turn into a gentle breeze to calm your agony

After the storm, the sun will shine once more
And comfort you like it never did before

After the storm, you will smile with no pain
And find the love in your heart to move on again

Details | Senryu | |

Four Angels In A Field Of Green

"Four Angels In A field Of Green"
deep carmine pink lips
her flowing sun dress, fuschia 
a spring flower blooms...
lite pastel blue print
with a splash of daffodil 
innocence dances...
amber champagne flesh
her raspberry sun dress flows
bitter sweet her love...
dark scarlet draped grace
a midriff of native brown
I mingle in thought...

Senryu String

Poet~Rick Parise

Contest~ "The Sundress"

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Pacific Valentine

No one asked her to dance at their Prom that night It beggars belief in me, what's wrong with these guys Her beauty is all I see, personified within my sight To not even to approach, I'm in total amazed surprise Moving now to the present, although pasts have lived Paths of life have drawn us to be amidst of each other Recent discussions daily, our template to never sieve It beggars belief to me that others they would rather Now you have to be me to see to what my eyes declare Breathe with me to see, within politeness my eyes grace It beggars belief in me what's wrong with these guys stare To never to ask her to dance, their Prom, invited place <*> The night has finally arrived for my ask to come to light To see her standing there for my eyes to behold Draped against her tanned a dress that so delights My heart in pumping joy as our evening starts to unfold At the edge of our bed she stands, her beauty immaculate I offer my girl my hand as she smiles we begin to dance Hands to shoulder to waist, two in movement calculate Engrossed, absorbed, I'm caught, her scented fragrance Slowly our hands in roam, listening to 'The Flame' by 'Dare Eyes in glancing look, anticipating minds in thinking wish Lobe to necks now met, disheveled clothes reveal bare Our song now nears it's end, our hands in touching bliss <*> Buttons open straps in slide, shoulders where fingers walk Gravity about to be tested, soft cotton just can't resist Tongues like fencing epee's, when earlier they just talked Unison hand in hand, engrossed in naked to bare assist Covers turned lie silken sheets, rose petals sporadic adorn Two souls in facing look, kisses aplenty caressing touches Entwined in loving join, hips grinding torsos bourne Rhythmic writhing palms in palms, lovingly in clutches <*>

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After The Storm

After the storm comes the rainbow
All my life I've been told so
But I won't wait at my window
I will stand strong and paint all the sky's tears yellow

After the storm comes the calm
Once it's cold but then it's warm
I'll catch a fallen tear inside of my palm
Make it a flower and put it in my hair

After the storm there's a sunshine
I'll make a wish when it's sundown
And when you wake up at sunrise
A beautiful smile will replace your frown

After the storm, after the storm
It is all calm and bright and warm
A peace calling 'cause war is gone
Dark place illuminated by the sun

After the storm I found your face
As stunned as I was in front of your grace
I looked back, smiled on perils past
With the flower in my hair, wished for a sun that'll last

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The Sun Set Fireball Red

The sun set like a fireball but invisible
Clouds had the it hidden from view
So the sun won the battle 
Casting the whole western cloudy sky red
Even clouds wrapped to the northeast paled pink
Beauty for humans ~ animals? to behold
Blessings to end the day, excitement at God's paintbrush
Thank you God for your love and bounty

Cody came home yesterday!

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Under the African Skies

I stand gazing across the vast plains of Africa
Plains empty of man-made monsters, 
Filled only with God’s beauty and grace

The stillness of the beauty fulfills me
I inhale deeply filling my lungs with the pure air-The air is sweet and refreshing, 
The smell of life, brought only by the heavenly rain on our African soil
I watch the sun take its place, casting away the clouds
As the dark clouds tumble away, the sky is filled with the beautiful spectrum of light,
My eyes feast on the mesmorising colours of the rainbow-This is the symbol 
Of God’s promise to Africa
As I gaze at this colourful ghost of life I realize 
The true pot of gold of this rainbow is Africa.

I kneel on the soil, running it through my fingers, 
Each grain like a diamond and me the diamond digger
I close my eyes feeling the warm breeze blow through my hair
It carries the messages of all the creatures
Telling stories of the battles of the plains,
Those conquered, those lost and those still to come
It is the breeze of life, the life force that fills every living creature, connecting us all as one

As I shout out to the heavens the land is filled with my voice, 
Echoing like the deep thunder of the skies
I hear the calls of birds across the plains, a vast network of communication
I see a herd of antelope running and leaping through this maze of beauty

I start to run, sprinting until I no longer can
I stare into the face of the African sun as it bleeds to death, painting a red smile 
Across the glowing orange sky
Until, darkness
The night sky is illuminated with Africa’s sparkling jewels, 
The great kings of our past, watching over us and
Guarding our blessed lands

I lay back and close my eyes
The silence of the plains is a symphony to my ears,
Every individual blade of grass creating its own unique sound to the choir of Africa, Singing 
the songs of angels, 
Calling us home

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A Yeti Showed Us The Way

As the sun came to set on that warm summer day
the fire began to crackle as each story began to play
dark clouds danced above as the full moon rose
a mysterious glow of intrigue as emotions hit highs and lows
it was my favorite spot for a camping retreat
a special get-a-way where all my friends would meet
as marshmallows swelled with the orange flare of fire
tails of frightening stories brought insecurities higher
with ominous cries shrieking from the forest around
we huddled in close circle with each mysterious sound
and then came my turn to tell a story of fright
a tale from my youth quickly came into sight

secretly I planned a creative little scheme
I would turn this dark moment into a shining sun beam
it was a time I was camping at the mere age of nine
when a creaking and gnawing sound came from a grove of knotty pine
as the shrilling sound grew louder from the endless deep brush 
each person present was brought to a hush
as we scurried to our feet each grabbing a flashlight
to our wonder and amazement we saw quite a sight
staring us down at a stunning ten feet tall
a rancid smelling Yeti had summoned our call
with eyes of  strange seduction his head swayed to one side
in a silent communication I felt in us he did confide 
it became such a beautiful moment as he turned and quickly disappeared
a calming love engulfed each and nothing was feared
in awe we stood breathless
for his life's journey we could only guess
and in that very moment a realization came to light
a lesson of nature and it's precious insight
when the unknown met with fear pushes each away
stand strong in compassion and love will find a way

with smiles on each face and the fire turning grey
each tumbled into dreamland with hope for a new day

Names Of Big Foot ( To Name A Few )
Xing Xing

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Distant Clouds and Fading Stars


Looking at the crowds, in different ways now....

As they turn their heads and I close my eyes

Smiling as I walk on by; wondering, if ever they heard

These words, while the days did fade to slip away ~

Turning towards the Sun I have known....

Calling cards they failed to hold, as I spilled my heart

Upon this Soul, amid distant crowds and fading stars

Looking at the skies in different ways, while its blue

Fades to black and yet, still they'll say as I take a bow ~

Lower my head, gently smile, walk on past; turning 

Towards the Sun I have known, and calling cards they

Failed to hold, as I spilled my Soul upon this heart....


....“In These Distant Clouds And Fading Stars” *

Note: Smile ~ Written 10/25/08 * “Love, `Always,`” John!:) ~

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Ok honey bun my shining sun

Ok honey bun my shining sun among the loving blaze of fire you run.
Tuns of blazed loving power, in a shining sun.
On a blazing sun of love you run until your time to 

leap honey bun, leap honey bun, leap to sleep.

Ok honey bun my looming moon,sweep your feet like a broom,
off the sun on the moon,to enjoy a rest in looms cradle .

Ok honey bun my shining sun tomorrow on the sun ill see you run,on flames of loving fire
ill see you run.

sweet,sweet,sweet honey bun never melting on my loving sun.

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Squids, like Sunshine

You knew I was angry

As we walked apart, along Spadina
Through the pungent summer air of Chinatown
Past the various sea creatures, dried or iced
And fruits I don’t know piled atop sacks of rice
I closed my eyes and let only the breeze run over me
A million particles per second
Imagining I could imagine every one
I let in the sunlight
And wondered in that amazement you only get
By thinking about everyday things
As the heat danced on my skin
And I thought about how it had been
Through eight minutes and twenty seconds of space
To land radiant on my face
I let things go and walked with you again
I felt stand-offish as you took my hand
But was in awe it was there at all
Or that you love me

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An August Mourning

clear skies of passionate blue
a pictuesque sun shining through
warmth to families of here and now
their happiness creases my brow

empty hearts shall bask alone
wondering why the sun ever shone
upon the shores of a hapless soul
whose only light became death's toll

hugs and kisses I didn't give
those memories, sharp as a Scythe
yesterdays have come and gone
yet my August Mourning carries on........

for HER memory

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Shush be calm, it’s okay I’m right here,
You’re hugging my pillow and shedding a tear

You have my memory and I feel your heart,
Always forever till death do us part.

We’ll always have Paris and the empire state building
Watching the Bulls and the yankees out fielding 

But there’s nothing like kissing and the shared living touch,
and the holding of hands that we loved so much.

The smell of your perfume at the end of a day
Knowing that just before work we had shower play

Making love in the moon light the sun and the rain
The memories of beach the car and the plane

Running naked through sand dunes and chasing the sun
Naked moon bathing naming stars just for fun

It was always and only about just you and me,
And it always and shall be for eternity.

 Please don’t go just yet I have something to say
Then you can let my balloon float away

I thought I knew love and knew what to do
But it all went so wrong when I met you

My wires got crossed an my thinking went wonky
My smarts all went south on a pantomime donkey

But now that I’m gone I don’t want you to worry
I don’t want you to rush to get here in a hurry

It’s all down to you now to play and explore
Before you join my photo in our sons bottom draw

Thank you for sharing your life and your love
I’ll be watching you always from the blue skies above

From the wind in your hair to the moon in your eyes
 From the warmth of the sun and the sea and the skies

Feel loved and not spied on, I want your sprit to fly
I can’t live with the thought of making you cry.

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Feelings SMP


An unidentified tomb stone so is your mystery

Downpour after the drought so refreshing is your confidence in our love

Nourishment after the famine your trust sustains me

Lay me down in your certainty & bed me with the tenderness of your heart

Shower me with your generosity & pamper me with your care

Dry my hair with your patience & perfume me with your sensitivity

Stay true to your promises you will

Intense as the sun are your desires and motives 

Dreams as free as the flight of birds

Tropical origin you must be from your very soul leaks warmth

Convincing, inviting you open the door to possibilities

Charm you possess far surpass the rest of your species

Intriguing your customs and your way of life

Zest for passion you possess 

Eager to live life, eager to learn you generate enthusiastic excitement 

Free from limitations yet perhaps bounded by the heart you reach out for love

Longing to be understood wanting to be seen & heard you express this through 

Take time my love stop & notice life be stress free as you ought to be

Privileged you are for from bondage you do not long to be released

Make time my love the sun sets oh too quickly

Stop and smell the grass make time for love make time for you make time for me

Written by Shivon Mejias

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Dear Love of Mine

Dear love of mine
I will wait til the end of time
Searching through worlds for you
The sun is going down 
Tomorrow will bring me you
Sunlight slips through your hair
Catching the curve of your smile
Where has time taken you
Gone from me
Lost for now
Meet me at dusk 
Up on the willows bow
That’s where I wait for you now
Don’t fret love of mine 
We will find each other in good time
The sun is setting now 
Darkness encircles my world
But your smile makes it bright
These shadows cannot kill your light
Tomorrow will bring our love anew
If there is no tomorrow 
I know our love does not die in sorrow

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Isabel, the southern sea
Was kind to me, was motherly
Like home and cotton sheets

She had a still way about her
 With tiny tumbling waves 
Like Kiari’s dream, a reverie
She settled into me

Like a full stomach 
And well- deep dark eyes
She sent me to my knees
She makes me shy
She makes me weak
Her sun has got a hold on me 
cast out over the sea
And now that sun has captured  me
My illaudable life
Shaking like a leaf
At the thought
That this could be

For me

Adjuntas, trees, Boriquen coquis
dons my dirty life in robes
Restores my golden crown
And there, the air,
Could mend the tear 
My inner shredding
My broken ground

What have I found?
Puerto Rico, Isabel
What have you for me now?

Oh Beauty, move me
Lift me like a stain
Give me a piece of your name
To carry you and love you as I can
Find me running, 
Find your name in my heart
Isabel’s son, my sun
Sigue, Sigue, corro por ti!
There’s nowhere I’d rather be
Than at your feet.
The southern sea, the beach

Make a home for me….

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The moon and sun

Said the moon to the sun one day,
"Oh why you majestic thing must you avoid me?
And forever escape my rays?
Forever lying with the darkness, yes He!"

Said the moon to the sun the very next night,
"You ask me why I escape from you?
And hide from your blinding light?
I hide for I do not love you, and despite me saying so, honeyed words you still coo!"

"Fine! If you will not listen to my plea,
Then I will take you by storm and fire!"
The Sun cried out in fury
An as he did so, the tempurature grew higher..

The moon cried out for him to stop.
Everyone, even the stars cried out for the sun to stop
For her, who was shielding herself from the heat's great wallop
Crying out to the Darkness for one last boon.

The Darkness with great care
Took her home
Protecting and healing her with great nobility and dare!
Then helping her into the dark sky that nothing but a great dome

Waxing and waning for eternity
The moon almost dying, only to be saved by the Darknesses loving touch
All this because of the sun, yes He!
The moon enduring all this pain just to escape the sun's clutch

Said the moon to the Sun every night,
"You asked why I escaped,
And hid from your blinding light?
I hid for I did not love you, and because I said so, you try to kill me, Yes you do..."

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The Dawn of Love

As the sun grew brighter each day 
You let your light strike far away 
To let my heart feel the beating 
Of a love that is unending 
I wake up just to see you laugh 
As if I lose all that are tough 
Like a star I fell just for you 
In my days, hug me like I do 
The dark cold night is my distress 
When you are far from my caress 
I long to see your face so bright 
That the world stops at my sight 
Be with me 'till I have no fears 
Until the clouds empty its tears 
The sun goes down but not our love 
Conquer the night, put on our glove 
I have the courage to alter 
Just to save you from another 
Stay for a while in my arms 
I now hold you a pearl in clams 
For me you are exceptional 
Shining among girls in global 
Just be with me till the world ends 
To see how colors of love blends 
Some people say I am insane 
Yes but I take you as my lane 
That refreshes me as I heave 
And hope not to see you leave 
I must embrace you tightly dear 
I long that you will calmly hear 
Words of love that touches my heart 
And pierce me like a flying dart

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To you I will lean

Life has been long tressed out bitter sometimes filled with many fears 
filled with many tears days I've spent counting the tears from life up's and
downs thinking to myself when will this dark circle around this cloud pass me by

I always look up towards you for strength and guidance needing more and more
everyday hoping my life will change in a spirtual way I can only hold on to your 
unchanging hand as I pass through this life's quick sand you are the only one 

who can see me through without you I can't make it through this tunnel of life's
dispair as I wake up today I can see the clouds and the milky way as I sit up on 
my bed I can feel your love everywhere I know that a change is going to come

with each rising of the sun a new day a new way with your love I'll be okay 
I'll keep holding on to the sun a new day has just begun I'm still here I'm free
I'm healed sent here to do my master's will


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Be Still My Love

Written March 25, 2013

Any minute now
The sun will rise again
A ship sets sail for the ocean
Another's coming in
I don't quite know
Where I should even begin

The day breathes a sigh
That makes me wonder why
The rain falls only in the den
Where we sit so patiently and wait
The same couch from our first date
Maybe this is just our fate

What house is this I'm in
The paint is wearing thin
The sound of stories told
Has got me growing old
Just you and me my darling
And all the red starlings

Any minute now
The night will come again
We'll set sail for the ocean
Watch others coming in
If I ventured in the slipstream
Would I find you in my dreams

So be still my love
Don't fear this life you're in
Things will change this time around
I'll let the light shine in
I'm just waiting
For this life to begin

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Upon this Christmas Day

He sleeps there in a stable
The babe born to the world
Both mother, father watch with care

Though swaddled in a cloth
He is born, yet, to be king
With but just rags for Him to wear

This special morning
The sun now shines bright
From stars there in the Heavens
To the rise of morning light
The world now is much brighter
As angels, too, now play
There’s hope and happiness to share
Upon this Christmas Day

For within the early morning
Angels brought the sky a voice
Calling forth those who wish to hear

Along then, came all others
Knowing truth within their hearts
That all now have nothing to fear

This special morning
The sun now shines bright
From stars there in the Heavens
To the rise of morning light
The world now is much brighter
As angels, too, now play
There’s hope and happiness to share
Upon this Christmas Day

Go forth and tell all others
Who had no chance to hear
The news of hope and of the joy

Let them know the Gift of God
That comes to save us all
His son sent as this little boy

This special morning
The sun now shines bright
From stars there in the Heavens
To the rise of morning light
The world now is much brighter
As angels, too, now play
There’s hope and happiness to share
Upon this Christmas Day

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The heavens declare

The heavens declare God’s glory

As the body without the spirit is dead
So too the moon is dead 
It has no light of its own
Without the light of the sun 
She cannot shine and give light
In the darkness

So too as the sun rises
In newness each day
So too shall the moon
Rise in newness of light
Reflecting the Glory

Like a whirling dancer
The heavens swirl
And sway dressed 
In her skirt of stars 
To the lyrical rhythm
The musical beat 
Of The word of life

© Brenda V Northeast 21/ 01/ 2012

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Let my heart always reminds me of you

Let my heart always reminds me of you.... Let the morning bring freshness for me Let the sun bring brightness for me Let the gentle breeze bring softness for me Let the nature brings beauty for me But let my heart always reminds me of you Let my day pass without problems Let my work complete without errors Let my thoughts scattered without pain Let my wishes come true without barrier But let my heart always reminds me of you Let the sun disappear slowly in the sky Let the moon appear slowly in the sky Let the stars start twinkling in the sky Let the night birds hover in the sky But let my heart always reminds me of you Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka Copyright @2004 Ravi Sathasivam

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No Bright And Sunny Days

I wake
to find my 
day begun,
it never waits
for me

I rise 
to take
my place
in it,
my sleep

I hope
to find
some overcast,
a dark and gloomy

No sun
in the sky, 
with light to
give away

For more
sunshine I
do not need,
I have my fill
of light

I have
a source
of daily sun,
to dawn my
private nights

I have 
a brilliant 
which brings me
days brand new

No need
for bright
and sunny days,
I draw my light
from you 

Written in Afghanistan -21 OCT 2013

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Divine Effervescence

I have been tempted, acting upon lust…
I have walked with patience while dancing in trust…
Inspiration from the goddess propels my divine thrust…
I have discovered a light that can cleanse like warm rain...   
It’s clear to me now; this life of love is the main...  
She speaks in my ear;
“ I shall fill you with joy, so you shall stay with this plane...
Within this sweet gift, much knowledge will be gained”...
Unlock this power; my mission to attain…
I am ascending; this human immortal unveiled…
Forthcoming Fearless centered courageous complete…
Walking through infinity as human divinity…
The diligent love beauty energy athlete…
I arrive within your inner sanctum; naked, vulnerable, still, at ease…
Your breathe wind brings me enchantment; pleasure your collective natural essence…
This being swooned with understanding our elemental connection…
Your authenticity lying beyond propensity…
Creating perfection just as the sun creates sun rays….

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When the sun rises, the darkness fades away
No more distractions to make me have a bad day
When the sun sets at night
I wanna be by your side

No more distractions to make me have a bad day
You help me forget about the bad things
I wanna be your side
You bring laughter and light in when you're around

You help me forget about the bad things 
When you're not around, it's hard for me to control myself
You bring laughter and light in when you're around
If only there wasn't any darkness at all

When you're around, it's hard for me to control myself
I feel like I'm nobody without you
If only wasn't any darkness at all
All I need is you and light

I feel like I'm nobody without you
When the sun sets at night
All I need is you and light
When the sun rises, the darkness fades away

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Morning Dew

Morning Dew

Walking with the cool fall breeze ruffling my hair,
the Sun rising with its comforting warmth.
I hear the river applauding me as I sing.
Sparrows in the distance are keeping rhythm,
as I make my way through the damp grass.

My eyes are drawn to the fog coming off the open field,
reminding me of the spirits of long ago rising from a long rest.
Slow and groggy slipping into the fresh open air it disappears.
The smell of wet leaves and grass fill the air as I continue on my journey.

As I get closer to my destination I feel a familiar presence,
one I have known throughout my existence.
I look down to see the eternal resting place of my grandfather.
I reach down and remove the fallen leaves and over grown weeds.

After a quick prayer and an I love you I sit and talk to him.
While I watch the sun continue to rise I think about the times we had.
I think about the times we will never have,
I think about the way I love him,
I think about how it will be when I see him again.

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Unspoken love

Under layers of sheets against the biting coldness of early mist
in between soft, cuddly comfort of my pillows
and an unseen blanket of warmth all over me

An unnamed waves suddenly washed me
and swept me to the unknown abyss of darkness
unknown abyss of lost hopes, dreams and wishes.

My hands are flailing, searching for something to hold on to
hoping for never-ending hope that I will be swept back ashore
for I'm losing, drowning and on the verge of giving up soon.. anytime!

Like any other dreams that I dream't before
Is it worth dreaming for? Or should I wait a little more?
Would it be a dream come true someday? anytime?

I heard a thumping, so loud it brought me back to where I ended up last night
cushioned in the familiar scent of my bed, I'm awake now;
deaf in my own heartbeat, waiting for the sun to cast his light, soon, anytime!

Mind racing in a speed of light, in a morning Sunday rush!
whilst heart is taking it's pace in a leisure Sunday morning walk
distance covered, places conquered, end of the line will be reached anytime soon.

And from where the sun rises, a secret wish was blown into a kiss
all the way up, up against the course of hands of time
may the faith favor the odds and let that wish be granted... anytime soon! 

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Ashes to the Sea

Upon the sun’s last dying ray… silver-weaved waves softly play,
The sweet fragrance of lilies white… and flame-red, and gold alight,
Is turned bittersweet on that day… this day of sorrow, oh do belay,
As heavy mourning and soft love fight… to give me a pause before dark night.

Golden sun slowly goes down to sleep… a burning heart, unsafe to keep,
The mourner’s cry, oh never scorn… as the sea, sun’s light does adorn,
Goldenly striking the soul, penetrating deep… in salt-filled water, wounds left to seep,
Quietly alone now, over the ocean forlorn… a pair, a couple to just one is torn.

And as the sun beats the soft sea... there is a distant melody,
Ashes are let loose to flow… fly quietly, to land in water below,
Go with peaceful ease so free… never forget you and me,
Memories shall become my foe… can’t you hear my heart, so slow?

In the last of the day’s sunlight beam... the cinders similar to stardust seem,
Floating away, a breeze in the air… beautiful yet wrought by despair,
Though I search for a comforting dream... I only find is only a cruel scheme… 
Ashes gone, the metal left bare… I cry in love, for you’ve entered the ocean’s deep lair.

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My Love For You

My love for you is like cool slow rain from an April sky with gentle droplets whispering of love as they kiss your face My love for you is like gentle sea breezes on a hot summer's noon bringing healing's touch from some far away land to soothe the weary soul My love for you is like the dawning sun chasing away the darkness with golden sunbeams that radiate with hope of a better day My love for you is like all these things and more for even if the rain ceases to fall and the breeze forgets to blow and the sun shines no more my love for you will always be there

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Happy Haiku

Moonlight all around us
But inside
There is only sunshine

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When the angels of love are on strike
And the future looks bleak
When your love is absent
Casting me into the hands of torment
My heart cries, turning blue
Crying out for nobody but you.

When my love mountain becomes a valley
And I find myself in lovelessness alley
When my love stream stops flowing
And my love wind stops blowing
I run the lenght of the earth
Seeking your love's might.

When my fountain of love is cut short
And aloneness gives me a shot
When I look down the deep blue sea
And it appears it is coming for me
I grope around in despair
Hopefully longing to find protection in you.

When I'm being thrashed by lovelessness
And I'm held hostage by helplessness
When I can't find anyone to anoint my day
And I find myself drifting away
I close my eyes and spread my arms
Wishing you'll materialize in my arms.

When I look up to the sky
And see my wishes passing me by
When I'm abandoned and deserted by brightness
And I'm fiercely attacked by darkness
My heart goes on
Searching for you my sun.

PS: Placed 7th in Poet Destoyer A's Longing Contest

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renewed life

Renewed life                              (9/28/12)

It was mid- afternoon and the sun was hot
As my eyes searched for a cool shaded spot.
But there was none to be found
As my feet burned from the scorching ground.

It seemed like miles that I had traveled
As my thoughts became unraveled.
Thinking about how my life had been
And in this battle could I win.

I lost my job, my house, my family too
Walking these streets not knowing what to do.
But there was something that  for years 
I had not done or tried
As I fell to the ground and began to cry.

LORD ! My life has become empty and hollow
Is this a sign - that with you I should follow?

Right there and then a cloud covered the sun
When I heard a voice say “your life has just begun”.
Follow this path that I will give
And you will see what it is to live “

Then the sun reappeared and washed away all my fears.
In its place came relief, and with it a new belief.
Given to me from above.

I followed his path and spread his word
And preached to others that had never heard.
In the homeless shelters I found my flock
And from that point on - I did not stop.

The homeless now have their faith renewed
And this was the path that I had to do.
I had lost and gave up everything
From my old life, and the path
I now follow is of paradise.

© L . RAMS

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We'll make love like it's our last

Her touch has rendered me weak. 
I've lost the strength to speak 
And to fight the feeling. 
I lost control. 
My nails swept her cheek 
While she stayed there, kneeling. 
Her smile started to hum 
While my heart began to drum 
To the beat of her swaying. 
At last I'm whole. 
We couldn't keep from 
Each other, now we're laying 
And watching the sun lose size 
Hand in hand with closed eyes. 
The sun remains yonder. 
Our bodies' heat 
Continues to rise 
As we let our hands wander. 
Necking in the flowers, 
Minutes feel like hours 
But time's still flying too fast. 
We're both complete. 
This night is ours. 
And we'll make love like it's our last.

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One summer day

There were poppies in the meadow and a haze of cornflower blue
But I only saw the laughter in your eyes
In that summer land of sunshine when my love for you was new
And we danced beneath the rainbows in the skies
There were skylarks singing love songs and a frog filled shady pool
When the sun shone like a spotlight on a lady and her fool

There were sunlight dappled shadows under trees of apple green
As we sat and watched the river run and play
Quite invisible to others as we waltzed where gods had been
And we kissed the summer afternoon away
There were mallards busy dabbling and lilies standing tall
As I held you ever closer and I promised you it all

There were breezes bouncing wheat ears in a field of golden sun
And your fingers intertwined between my own
We walked slowly by the hedgerows where the rabbits watched the fun
And a pheasant used a gatepost for his throne
Though I hardly saw the beauty that was nature all around
When we fell into each other on a soft green patch of ground

When the sky turned peach and amber and the sun was burning gold
We were unaware of all the rest of life
And the day once young and tender grew so dignified and old
I was brave enough to ask you "be my wife"
Now there'll never be another day as beautiful to me
But each day we spend together fills my heart with poetry

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Your Moon, My Ocean

Your Moon, My Ocean
 Should I compare your love to the ocean?
 One heart beating with such fluid motion,
 with such smooth waves flowing from the sea.
 Their white trickling foam washing over me.
 Till your soft currents drag me out to you,
 floating peacefully on soft shades of blue.
 But if you're my ocean than I'll be your moon,
 Looking down from the sky bright at night's noon.
 With my heart beating strong to give you light,
 Till the sun comes to bring an end to night.
 Though that's the moment most precious of all,
 cause as the sun rises, I get to fall,
 fall towards my ocean till our lips meet!
 My Sea, falling in love has been so sweet

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Natures Dream

        I walk through the field of green 
  	My feet are bare and the grass squishes underneath me 
	The rain is falling like little pebbles soaking me in beauty 
 	I breathe in deep letting its sweet scent fill my nose 
	Suddenly my feet are moving in a circle 
	I am dancing, dancing with love and hope 
	Love for the rain and its beauty 
	Hoping this moment will last a lifetime 

	 My summer dress flowing in the wind 
	Until it’s sprinkled with tears from heaven 
	I can’t imagine anything greater than this
	I have fallen in love with this day 
	This moment means only the world to me
	The burning yellow sun peaks out of the clouds
	Shinning down on me with its warmth  
	The drops ping against my face leaving a stream 
	I am still dancing in a circle now waving my arms in the air
	The song of nature sings to me in the wind 
	It sounds like a dozen wooden flutes  
	The tune is sweet so sweet I get swept away in it
	The grass is so green like emeralds from God 
	I fall from dancing and roll down the grass 
	The whole time I am laughing and it sounds as if the butterflies are too 
	My pretty white dress is now green 
	Butterflies dozens of them are flying around me 
	They surround me in their array of magical colors 
	They start to hum to the song of nature sung by the wind 
	It seems as if this tune is from heaven 
	I start to hum along to this wonderful tune it seems so familiar 
	I close my eyes and start to dance all over 
	Letting nature take me away 
	Birds come and tweet along to the song 
	I don’t think I just do, I go along with the song

	Finally the sun peaks all the way out 
	I can see it warming up the earth with its warm rays 
	The rain is still coming down just sprinkling over 
	I can see ahead a field of daises beautiful white daises 
	I run as fast as I can to the daises the butterflies and birds follow 
	They are soft like silk, their smell fills my nose 
	I close my eyes and run through the endless field of daises 
	I lay down and watch the fluffy white clouds pass overhead 
	The sun shinning as bright as ever over the clouds and sky

         The sky is baby blue with a little purple 
         I have never seen a sky so wondrous 
         It looks so full of possibilities and magic
         As I lay there I hear the daises moving in the wind 
         To the song of nature once again 
         This I know is beauty at its best 
         I fall asleep to the tune and awake in clouds 
         I am home


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The Prison of Night

At night i weep,
in silence i grieve,
how can i sleep?
when it is hard to breath,

During the day i laugh,
with friends i converse,
but the day wont last with the turning of earth,

with dark skies comes heartache,
as the stars flicker and blaze,
there only so much i can take,
of these suffocating days,

when the day starts anew,
and the sun brings the morning light,
i momentarily forget about you,
until the return of night,

when i see the midnight moon,
and feel the stars in the sky,
i close my eyes in this room,
and pray i make it by,

for when the sun is shinning high,
and the heat consumes my fright,
i cant help but wonder why
i must suffer the prison of night

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Sunshine Of You Love

I bask in your sunlight 
As I lay upon the shore 
Of your tranquil sea

Your love shines down upon me
Warming my skin 
And energizing my soul

Your cool sweet breath 
Stimulating my senses
As I watch the waves gently bow
And lay themselves at your feet.

Flora and fauna 
Rejoice in your glory
As they dance and sing 
In honor of your presence

Sand and shells 
Reflect the brilliance of your smile 
Across the expanse, 
of an endless summer sky.

As I lay here gazing 
Into your infinite beauty 
I feel my spirit ascend,

Carried away on thermals 
Created by your passion
As my mortal body is absorbed 
Into the moist sand, 

And I become one 
With all that you are.

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The Sun Comes Out

A gloomy strike of sadness
A whilting flower pot
Darkness in my eyes
And then the sun comes out
Rain falls on my head
My lip; a downward pout
Broken nail or two
And then the sun comes out
Coffee on my shirt
A day I want to shout
A lost set of keys
And then the sun comes out
My Sun is in a place
You wouldn't think it be
My Sun, day and night
He sleeps right next to me

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The Moon Embraced The Sun

The shy Moon dims her silver to sleep
Bored of wishes from chattering Stars
She nods off into the dawn glimpsing
The handsomeness of the morning Sun

As twilight breaks the Moon's dreams
She awakes from the warmth of the Sun
The mighty yellow sphere bows into the sea
The Moon glows pining for the glorious Sun

Twinkle blinking and mean-full winking
Those pestering Stars laugh out loud
And mock the Moon to break
Into her crescent shape and blue shade

The Moon closes her eyes waning away
Wishing for dawn just to glance
At her beautiful prince of light
Shining with rays of brightness

Whispering Stars secrets dim into day
Their rhythm of rhyme reaches the Sun
Curious he becomes of the Moon
Does she really love me?

A wave of warmth covers the Moon
She peers into the light to see
The smiling face of the mighty Sun
She awakes new and full

The busy Earth looks up
Two celestial bodies embrace
The Moon eclipses the Sun
And blocks his light from sight

The full Moon shines her silver
Bouncing off waves she smiles
Stars blink and twinkle quietly
The Earth hushes round and round

As dawn breaks the Sun waves
And the Moon bows way for day
They have their moments to be
Those silly stars blush silently.

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The Perfect Day

When is a morning perfect?
When the sun is shining bright
When the roads are straight and clear
And you feel your heart grow ever light.
To spend a few short hours, with a love so true
What better morning could there... ever be for you.

When is a whole day perfect?
When the morning goes so well
When the one you love is there
And that one you then can tell
Talk to your love, there is no getting it wrong
Then you hear of love... sung in every song.

When the sun shines, and your heart is feeling so light
You know it can’t be wrong; it’s so good it must be right.
No envy for all those lovers, that live in loves young dream
A place we all want to be or that’s the way it seems.

© ~GG~ 15 /01/2013

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After The Storm

After the storm comes the rainbow
All my life I've been told so
But I won't wait at my window
I will stand strong and paint all the sky's tears yellow

After the storm comes the calm
Once it's cold but then it's warm
I'll catch a fallen tear inside of my palm
Make it a flower and put it in my hair

After the storm there's a sunshine
I'll make a wish when it's sundown
And when you wake up at sunrise
A beautiful smile will replace your frown

After the storm, after the storm
It is all calm and bright and warm
A peace calling 'cause war is gone
Dark place illuminated by the sun

After the storm I found your face
As stunned as I was in front of your grace
I looked back, smiled on perils past
With the flower in my hair, wished for a sun that'll last

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Loves Disappointment


My braces are pinching me and I remove them but really I only want to get closer
The harder grasses prickling our arms but why does she complain so little

The sun beats down and the clagg is to swished away from exposed flesh
Her focus is love or lust or me for now at least

The wood wasp announces its arrival and stands still in the air and looks 
Too early for distraction he thinks and gone in a split second.

The summer sun beats down and hums as far as the eye can see
She arches her back a little and peels her long auburn hair behind her ear and smiles

Anticipation pent up amoungst the tall waving ears of meadow grass and poppy
She asks is this grass tall enough beside the river bank

The river chuckles and laps and quacks with ever notes of time going by
Again can anyone see us she says. Don't worry there's no one for miles.

She stiffens and recoils in a fractional notice and my torrent ebbs some what
I sit up on the tartan rug. Look there is no one my love and I stoke her ankle

I turned my head to the river bank opposite to an anxious man sitting up too
The tall waving grass as if supporting the lone head of this man this courting spoiler 

My torrent disappears down. A drive becomes my angered disappointment contained
My beauty in lace white and of steady eagerness then abates with my news

I told you. I told you. And her heart shows me no sad disappointment no loss
Gathering our selves and bits of grass dart away past cocks of meadowed hay   

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Shiny moon

What goes up falls in love at first sight. 
Take your time traffic slows down before the third light.
My sleeves are read like the blue sky.
Its crystal clear that its night time. 
They say its always  lightest before dark .
Seasons change. Temperature drops
Before my heart did I had to stop. 
Time flies let the flash capture your eyes.
Similar to sine waves currently I don't chance the high.
Wave  goodbye to the high life. 
I'll see u from time to time 
Your the reason I left n your the reason I write. 
I prayed for better days then we met at night
Eye for an eye what's yours is mine.
We could share the sky, best of both worlds 
Circle of life.
To understand overtime
I had to appreciate nine to five.
What goes around comes back around.
Its always a pleasure
Like sixty nine .

Details | Senryu | |

Sunshine beams

It's amazing to 
see you smile sweet beauty lights
blushes warm the soul

Looking behind the 
mirrors a reflection stares
straight back at you love

Sparkling in the mist
when rainbow colors sprinkle 
magic precious gem 

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Cruel Reality

Cruel Reality, watching so closely,
like a motionless tiger, lying in wait.

We were so safe in our Dream bubble,
so unaware of the cold world outside.

The sun shone so brightly upon the green field,
and together we danced, laughingly, carefree.

But jealous Reality, clothed in red dress,
gazed at our joy, and then gleefully screamed,

"I'll take your bright sun and replace it with rain;
your green grassy field will become a gray swamp.
Every sweet word that you both have spoken
shall now melt away, leaving nothing behind."

So the walls of our love were quickly torn down,
and Reality quickly swept us apart.

Details | Dramatic Verse | |



Justice Romantic Romeo : Stand up in court!       
                                                 Case No 345/03/2012
                                                Accused: Ms Provocative Dishonest
                                                Address: 197 Mpopotwane Street
                                                                Sun Valley, Mamelodi West
                                             (1)   PARTICULARS OF CHARGES

                                              (1)      Charge 1: Sweeping my heart away.
                                              (1)(a) Alternative charge to charge 1: Stealing away my soul.
                                              (2)     Charge 2: Provocatively hijacking my feelings.
                                              (2)(a) Alternative charge to charge 2: Playing         continuously in my dreams.
In terms of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights and Ubuntu  Regulations  14(3) that reads with Batho-Pele Principles and Corporate Governance Regulations 18(3),
You performed an act that constituted an offence and you therefore stand accused           

of :

Unlawfully and intentionally sweeping my heart away on 2012/03/16 at 16:00,  On my birthday, on Sunday at 197 Mpopotwane Street, Sun Valley in  Mamelodi West, and alternatively stealing my soul on that day, time and   place.
                                              AND FURTHER….
  You unlawfully and intentionally, provocatively hijacked my feelings in broad    daylight, in full view of the people, and alternatively played continuously in
                         my dreams every 12:00 midnight from that day until present!

                                               (2) PLEADING:

Justice Romantic Romeo: How do you plead Ms Provocative Dishonest?
                                              Guilty or not guilty?

Ms Provocative Dishonest : , my Worship !

                                                   (3) FINDINGS:

Justice Romantic Romeo  :    Guilty as charged! Guilty on all the charges!


Justice Romantic Romeo  :  Since you pleaded guilty to all the charges,
                                                 I will slap you with this light sentence:

                                               (1) Be the apple of my eye and my lover for life!
(2) With NO PAROLE and NO LEAVE TO APPEAL for this sentence, be the keeper of my dreams!
                                               (5) COURT ADJOURNS:

Justice Romantic Romeo  : All stand up in court !The court is adjourned, 
                                                And we will live  happily ever after.

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You'll never know

The sun rises
Its colours aglow
Warming the love within
But you don't know

The day  progresses
The sun warms my soul
Thinking of you
Makes me feel whole

Evening approaches
Getting chilly outside
But am warm within
With you by my side

You have no idea
Just how I feel
Your another girls man
I can never steal.

Sunset is here,
More colours aglow
Wish I didn't love you
You'll never know

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Buds of love bringeth thy breath
Buds of love - on a sun shiny day
The rosebuds bloom in the womb
The womb of the soul in a sort of way
Shines the sun - nourishing thy bud
Awakening thee - to then be in bloom
Gorgeous the flower to see with the iris
Promotes the feelings of love if only to then see
We perceive the beauty glorious to then be
The roots of the flower we bring into view
Saying I love you if then you only knew
Walking paths of life if only then the clue
Loving you my love a long stem is divine
So are the climbers we planted on the fence
To say that I love you dovoted I am and hence
Forth each spring we grow such a flower
To cherish our love everlasting, planting the seed
And cultivate the weed - opposing the bad in life
We love each other - morality, and so we do need
Each loving moment we cherished with the bud
Buds of love , we sought to mean to one another
The love we endeavored to only each other
The rosebuds bloom! And I love you forever
Like the sun shining down upon my face
Glowing a radiant hue of beautiful rays
Still cultivating! The sky I then trace
Looking too at colors of the rainbow, I see
After the rain pours down , I oppose the blues
Buds of love, your true love , I be
And in the womb of my heart, I cherish
This beautiful feeling that overwhelms me
Each bud that blooms , blooms in my soul
And my soul walks with you day by day
I truly love you, This i can say
So therefore buds of love I welcome
I know in my heart they will bloom
And the weed is disposed of
Voila I'm on love!

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Summer's coming

Some days the Spring is cold and grey
And drizzling rain is no surprise.
It seems that nature's lost her way
But soon the Summer sun must rise.
        While rain washed blooms can find no bees
        A worm is still a blackbird's prize.
        The sparrows fuss and skulk in trees
        But soon the Summer sun must rise.
And what of you my nature's child,
Will I find love inside your eyes?
I love to watch you running wild
But soon the Summer sun must rise.
        Some days the Spring is cold and grey
        But soon the Summer sun must rise.

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Mud Hands

While love was fading out of you
I held your hand,
charcoal brown like there was mud
in my palms.
Tightly, I clench,
for I had never held a hand before-
a hand of such glorious color.
Your pigment
against my skin,
I’m pale – like paper,
like snow in December,
like my Mamas mashed potatoes,
like your teeth
on my tongue – I feel you
penetrating my pores.
I taste you 
like chocolate – deep, dark, and bitter.
Your sweet makes me taste sour.
Consumed by your presence-
my entire weight-
my entire grip – gnawing-
on the ventricles of your heart.
Do you feel me?
Can you feel my color?
bouncing sun off your moon,
day off your night,
clouds off your stars,
milk off your coffee,
pouring into you – blending,
I sip you.
Still deep, dark, and bitter,
I kiss you.
Rest my head on your chest
and sink in like a lotus,
like a flower being planted,
I kiss you.
I savor.
Through the steam crested mountains
I place my finger on your nose,
then my nose to your nose.
I savor.
I savor.
I taste your deep dark beauty
and savor,
like your love was fading in and out,
like the sun behind a cloud,
the ocean and the sea
touch me.
You grasped my hand so gently,
So gently.
I lifted my gaze and told you 
I’ve never held a black man’s hand before. 
And that tasted so sweet. 

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A Love Worth Protecting

Always protecting
you in the darkness
of the night.
Keeping you safe
until we 
meet again.  The
moon will ever be
hanging in the
endless sky above.
The light 
of the infinite
stars to guide you
to me. So as I may
guide you through
fantasies of life. 
The moon will never
leave you, nor will
I, like the infinite
above is my love for
you. When the sun
peaks through the
horizon of the night
past adversities of
the heart are
forgotten. The sun
will continue to
shine another 
day, always aware of
your presence and
watching over you
day after day. As
sun shines another
day my love for you
grows stronger each
passing moment. In 
these days of new
awakenings I see
only you. Our hearts
connect as time 
passes and our love
grows. The beauty of
our love is not
complete without our

souls now our souls
connect and
strengthen as one. I
will protect you and
with you until the
end I will never say
farewell to you.
I'll hold you when
your hurt, 
together we'll make
a perfect circle.
I'll take your hand
forever and bury
troubled past. I
promise to wipe away
your tears of hurt
and sadness. I will 
continue you to love
you today, tomorrow
and everyday after. 

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Just for tonight

THE SUNSET & RISE AGAIN This-just for tonight the sunset will rise: so wear that pretty sun dress i bought for you, no need to dress up for at sun rise your sun dress will set.

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The Scattering that Comes With Painful Impossibility.

Morning light and time breathing, he slipped himself underneath me as daylight broke,
I fought tears, I fought him, I fought myself and life happened in the midst of refusal...

I fumbled in my pockets for pieces of him when the puzzle of me scattered, I watched
months become rich with memories and curls tangle themselves into shadows against the
moon, I yanked out promises as my elbows bruised and wished my mouth had been sewn shut as
my jeans could erase the treasures that were left by his fingerprints...

Letting go of me and I forced myself to reach too far, I challenged my beliefs for the
taste of him, for the taste of a smile when my eyes were wet with the tears I refused to
let fall and I fell, underneath him, on a Sunday, in June, when we spoke too softly for
the sun to hear us and I don't think summer ever knew I was waiting, I don't think he knew
that I patiently watched my heart break.....

Dawn rose in October, afternoon glared at me from beneath the stars in January and I felt
him again as I wrestled with ideas of why I wanted to, and I wondered what his motivation
was in March, on the night the snow fell without regard for our safety, I almost knew it
couldn't be my curls, I felt I was way too...


I felt him in May, I reached for his hand when our windows erased the nightmares, I lay by
his side and listened to his heartbeat to find my voice and we breathed...

when lips touched without speaking, when eyes locked and closed and whispers danced
through sunbeams, when he told me, from underneath me...

he loved me...

before the sun fell and after heartbreak felt a little bit too much like June.

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In the moment

In that moment.

If I could hold you softly in my arms
I’d tell you tales of mourning suns.
I’d pull you close and inhale your musty scent
and breathe you in till we are heaven sent.

As the night-sky sun arcs around the earth 
it throws-up auroras like chaffs of fallen grain.
We lie still in caves and wait in silence
for the morning sun to come yet once again

And in that cave we watch it rising.
As it jerks up slowly and fills the horizon.
Then surrounds itself perfection-round
enclosed in an orb-ness of  fiery sound.

So we choose to make that moment.
Momentarily we are in “sublime.”
So we fight to hold the moment
those intimate moments held momentarily in time.......

Anthony Kirk 26th Dec 2014

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Come Ride Into Life's Sunset

Written in response to traveling west on a highway facing the sun setting behind dark gray clouds

Come ride into life's uncertain sunset
Where dark clouds may accumulate with dread
Sun's only peeking through mostly ordained
Giving life those moments when with wingspread

One soars in the presence of the Son's love
Feeling His voice tenderly saying come
Feast at my table of gifts tasty, Dove
Focus your eyes upon my beauty some

Ride to life's sunset whatever circumstance
It may present, hold my hand_understand
This is new ground for me_hope accrescence
In love of mankind for heading to promise land

Uncertain skies streaked with gray, sun at bay
Love can lift, sustain, ingrain us for day!

accrescence means growth, continous growth
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Sponsor: Michael Falotico
Contest:No Nams On This Love Contest

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Sunrise, Sunset

Today seemed so long,
Now a day is almost gone,
But its about to get so much better yet
As I whatch the beautiful sun set.

Sunrise, Sunset,
How much better can it get?
Up and down all day long,
Now it's here, now it's gone

I love the darling sunrise,
Into it birds fly.
I love it's colour's, purple, pink,
It makes it much easier to think

The sunrise marks a brand new day,
How much more can I say?
All those things that I haven't done,
I can do at the rise of a sun.

Sun burning in the sky, just a ball of gas.
Just a burnng, spluttering, churning, great, big mass.
Somehow it makes one feel calm,
Like a very meaningful Psalm.

I do like sunset,
I whatched as the sun and horizon met.
Then slowly,slowly still,
They'll leave for now untill,
The next day that will come yet!

I do like sunrise although,
I like sunset also!
I cannot decide which is better,
A sunriser or a sunsetter!

I just cannot see,
What the difference can be!

I will say, I like them both,
This I swear, this I oath.
There really is nothing better,
Than a sunriser and a sunsetter

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When the eclipse of Sun darkens entire universe,
The drought-infested soil waits for tender shower.
Love comes, delivers it from that dreadful curse,
Pouring its enlightening shower from holy bower.

All pains, struggles, sufferings seem non-existent
When there is love, when there is love’s presence.
After eclipse, sun appears brighter, clear, content.
After stings of Dark, Love brings a luminescence.

The lamp of love enlightens interiors of the heart
Where vermin try to eat up the veins of morality.
Love renews the heart by clearing the fallen dirt,
Awakens drowsy world with trumpet of equality.

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Your Love Is My Eternal Dream

Your love cuts through me, this power controlling me is surreal
not realizing the buttons you push, and how you make me feel
an inner beauty unmarred, like a magnet, you drew me so close
mere sight of you was my healing, like vitamin C, my double dose 
Take my hand and I'll show you, a world where you've never been 
it is a perfect world, a world no one has ever seen, absent of sin
eyes to glimpse pure angels of light, as bright as the sun at midday
above space and beyond time, where unhappiness has no sway 
Then I awoke and came to find, behold, it has all been but a dream
misled thinking we were in that realm, the realm of the supreme
reminded once again, with a heavy heart, that to love it takes two
but all I have found is a temporary escape, a lost love I once knew
remembering the tenderness of your voice, fond memories I did recall
running barefoot that night, hand in hand, with your rain soaked shawl
as the sun rose it revealed the beauty in your eyes, and then I could see
how captivated I was by your smile, waiting for your lips to set me free
I'm a prisoner of your love, a love that has me bound, it was meant to be 
trying to free myself, chained by this sole desire, if you would now see
a chance to pledge my love, a love that only now made me understand
a way to become your soul partner, and enabling me to finally withstand

Release me from the confines of a lonely heart, and let those memories renew
days of the past give new life and meaning, with my love, for no one but you
so let the stars and moon be witnesses, for this pact that we will now forever make
and then once again I will close my eyes and dream, my love to never again forsake

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unforgettable evening

On a golden sun kissed evening we met on a hill,
Her looks were shy and laugh was shrill,
Her skin was fair, and her smile was a ghost,
And among the things I lost I miss my heart the most,
She stole my words and since, I have been trying to find,
Which cotton cloud she has been hiding behind,
She hides so subtly behind a screen, 
Of my words and thoughts, not to be seen,
Yet I feel her presence everywhere I go,
Gentle, ethereal, just a hint, no more.
She is in the colors that I paint; she is in the songs that I sing,
She is in everywhere, and she hides in every- thing.
The setting sun had turned her curly hair to crimson flames,
The evening shadows danced on her dress playing their games,
The evening breeze, blowing softly above,
Witnessed silently as I fell in love,
her looks were shy and her laugh was shrill.
I remember well the day. We met on that hill.

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A picnic on the moon

A Picnic on the Moon

If the sun doesn’t come up tomorrow and our time on earth is through
I can say I loved an angel and that angel you know was you
A cherubim without wings with a radiance all your own
I now know you are a blessing and I have reaped what I have sewn

Walking together hand in hand through the heavens up so high
Sharing a few smiles as we dance across the sky
Chasing away the clouds as we hurdle the mountain tops
Riding on the winds of time and hoping the ride never stops

Reaching up towards the heavens as I grab a star passing by
And have a picnic on the moon with a sparkle in my eye 
Time will have no meaning as we sit there on the sand
As we gaze down on the earth while we hold each others hand

Waiting on a comet that will show us the way to heaven above
Spreading some joyful cheer in a mansion built on love
I was lucky to find an angel one that didn’t have wings
She made the colors of the rainbow and the other angels sing

So if the sun doesn’t come up tomorrow and my time on earth is done
I found an un-winged angel that I knew was the very one
That would hold my hand forever as we danced across the sky
Knowing we would share our lives forever in the heavens up so high

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As lovers delight in each other's presence
The sun peeks through the clouds to feed 'pon their love
The meadow feeds on the energy of the mix of love and breaking sun
Daisies spring up in their presence
Drawing power to bloom and grow just from the radiance of love
New love growing on the feeling of this is the one 
Overflowing with vivacity and strength
Lovers in the coming of the sun 
What will happen?
Will it continue and grow?
Only time will tell...

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My Lost Love And The Seashore

Walkig on the seashore at noon 
Watching the sun that will set soon 
Everything reminds me of you 
Every step i take, everything i do 
Like my thoughts, the sky is cloudy 
Like my feelings, so blue is the sea 
I look at the horizone, so calm and clear 
Remids me of our happy days when we were near
 I look at the waves and i get upset 
'Cause it reminds me of the fight we had
 And tears roll down of my cheek 
I lost you, will i find you if i seek?
 I feel the water beneath my feet 
Reminds me of your cold lips 
Then my foot drowns into the sand 
Like i drowned in you when you first held my hand 
The wind blows and i feel your touch 
My whole body shivers, oh i miss you so much 
I see your smile as i look at the sun
 Embraces me with love, makes me want to to you run 
The sun is finally setting 
And my desperate soul dying 
I rest myself on a rock, so flexible like your body 
Grab some sand and see how they are apart like me 
Still tears rolling down from my cheek into the water 
The time you find that teardrop, you'll be forgotten forever
 Every teardrop into the sea 
Is how much you mean to me 
Finally i see your face as i look at the moon 
And the stars is so shiny like your eyes at noon 
I still sited there, watching your face and eyes 
And i'll wait to see your smile at sunrise 
Yes, i lost you baby 
but you're never far from me 
For you're the sunset, the sea and its waves 
And in my heart you'll forever remain engraved. 

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To Eternity

I was asked the other day, a wise man had these words to say
Could I put in words, what loving you means to me today?
It took no time at all, to answer the question that he posed
How I felt about loving you, well these words were soon composed


And I will love you until the last flower
Forever till the last hour
Till the last drop of rain
Till the sun don’t rise again
And beyond all that to eternity

When I see the old people, married for years
Walking hand in hand, it fills me with cheer
When I see the young ones, just starting out
Whole life ahead, makes me want to shout

Loves a wonderful thing that you’ve given me 
It’s something I’ve wanted for as long as can be
To have this feeling so deep in my heart
To at last have found someone from whom I won’t part


So his question is answered, it was easy to do
For beautiful lady, my inspiration was you
So let the entire world, look on my love and see
It was all made possible, by your love for me


And I will love you until the last flower
Forever till the last hour
Till the last drop of rain
Till the sun don’t rise again
And beyond all that to eternity

Yes and beyond and beyond, to eternity

Meant to be a song but I have no music as do not know how to write music, if anyone can feel free.

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I'm In Love with a Hispanic Girl

I'm in love with a Hispanic girl because she's attractive. I'm in love with a Hispanic
girl because she's beautiful, she's smart, kind. and I love her. She's the sun that shines
daylight, the moon that rises at night, and my shining star. When I look into the eyes of
a Hispanic girl, they shine like expensive diamonds worth $1 million. Her hair is so
smooth, so silk, it's like holding a silky cloth made from Persia. Her face is the
complexion of the golden sun and the beauty of a Hispanic girl is like a batch of pink
roses.If this attractive Hispanic girl had a good guy like me in her life, then she
wouldn't have to worry about anymore drama. I know that she's feeling sad inside out. I
also know that this Hispanic girl shouldn't be taken for granted. And I don't want her
beauty to go to waste. Right now, I see this beautiful Hispanic girl as my future
girlfriend, my future wife, and the mother of my children. Until the day I die, I will
spend the rest of my life with her. There's more to life than just talking to Hispanic
girls; it's being with one.

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free cee My giRLfRieNd sAId tO deLETe tHIs


I asked her to travel with me
from the east coast to the west
I promised the trip would make us feel free
“so please, join me on a restful quest”

we began in Jersey while snow was on the ground
headed for the west where the sun goes down last
we didn't really care to where we were bound
but I recall the desert being blistering hot and viciously vast

along the way we saw a hitch hiker with her thumb held out
she looked young, innocent and with striking good looks
my spouse did her good deed, fancying herself a girl scout
and even though my wife picked her up the trip was going by the books

at one point I pointed my eyes to the back
and there sat a young girl in a very short skirt
if tantalizing is a talent this girl had a knack
then I realized I was driving and had better stay alert

we continued on and at one point my wife had to pee
and that's when I found out why men do what they do
no one could have predicted what came to be
after I frisked her fresh body while looking at eyes of blue 

my hands and lips wandered everywhere
and we made love like my wife and I hadn't for years
in the back seat moans and groans were all you could hear
cooking in the car under a southern sun that sears

we had just enough time to make a decision
somehow my wife had to go
to I took out my hunting knife and made an incision
and my desire sliced her from head to toe

that young girl and I made our way to the west
making love and making believe my wife's death didn't occur
all I know is now I'm spending life in jail at the judge's behest
and now I don't give a sh*t what happened to her
   © 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Summer Loving

Summer brings out so much good
your inside reveals a summer glow
fills your heart with happy smiles
removing all the winter low

Sunshine brightens you in and out
sends you to enjoy the beach
with the sand and sea to explore
all that's good within your reach

Romantic walks on balmy evenings
with your true love hand in hand
enjoy the best fruits and its juices
picked fresh as you stand

Watching the cattle and the sheep
in the fields as they graze
while you enjoy an ice cream
pick your flavour it's amaze

Travel on your holidays
to places far and near
see new sights and people
somewhere different every year

Enjoy the beautiful gardens
filled with many a colourful flower
admire the scenery all around
spending many a pleasurable hour

Summers filled with many memories
remember summer years of times past
thankful and grateful for such bliss
hoping we've not had our last

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I am thankful for the time I was allowed to spend with you.
and knowing the happiest time in my life lasted one week true.

To kiss your tender lips and hold your healing hands
was something very special experienced by a simple man. 

To see the mark upon your face like no other woman would dare
gave me a sense of truth in a time when I was lost in despair. 

Yes I made mistakes but I can not refuse my love
because I know deep down in my soul youre all I'm thinking of 

My vanilla bean my lion queen youre still my number one
and if your love was meant to hurt me I'd do it over just for fun 

48 hours on the phone a record in my book 
We talked about everything from religion to what we cooked 

We told each other I love yous and we said sweet dreams 
We snored until the sun came up or until the morning sun gleamed 

We read books to each other for hours on the phone 
and we played online games when we were bored at home 

I am so greatful to have met someone just like you 
but I admit that I was the biggest mistake that you could ever do;)

for someone who will always remain in my heart thank you for the time shared:)

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The Rocking Chairs

It's early in the morning 
The sun has yet to rise 
Daylight is still hidden 
In its dark disguise 
There is peace and solitude 
Nothing seems to stir 
Trees that stand tall and strong 
Still are nothing but a blur 
The coffee that I'm sipping 
Takes the chill out of the air 
Only sound that I hear 
Is the rocking of my chair 
We used to rock together 
Before the sun came up 
Sharing tea or coffee 
Each had our special cup 
Neither one of us 
Ever had to say word 
For just a little smile 
Every word was heard 
Yes It was a special time 
That I spent with you 
Rocking in our rocking chairs 
Was what we loved to do 
Now your chairs a rocking 
With the Man above 
But let me tell you sweetie 
Your still the one I love 
I rock here every morning 
Waiting for the sun rise 
Missing you so very much 
Tears flowing from eyes 
Soon we'll be together 
I'll be rocking next to you 
And If we're really lucky 
They'll be a chair that's built for two 

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Finding Innocence in the Laughter That Escapes Pillowcases.

Behind the sun, with a little bit of assuredness, I saw the shades of his smile
swing toward the moon...
and I cursed six p.m. In a voice that hid the memories of
when I wore my shoes underneath the shadows of stars and in the feel of his lips
when sixteen is innocent despite the cold exposure
of skin.

I wonder if he knows I whisper to him in his sleep, my promises slipping underneath the
blanket he holds tight around him,
and feathers escape pillowcases when I laugh,
they tickle toes and dissolve the taste of fear
as my tongue finds the outline of his lips after the sun falls down and his
is apparent.

I tidy myself up on Mondays, and wreck the idea of perfection with my curls...
I wear jeans that smudge mountains across back pockets and imagine how the hem of my
burgandy dress would fall across chilled creek splashed rocks,
I wonder if I'd be able to stay pretty when my hands fall into mud and the wind attacks my
but he smiles, you see, when the sun falls...
he smiles when I change my clothes...
and he kisses me when my curls detest reality and Monday smirks at the idea of cleanliness
as my imagination drowns hems and rips fabric.

So I kick off my shoes with the idea that my toes can taste Tuesday and my feet can squash
the memories of
and revel in innocence as I discover
the cold exposure
of skin.

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Unspoken Volumes XI – Sunshine & Sunflower

If I could find words how I love you to say
No words ever said can my feelings convey
If I could express my love in words or sentences
They may sound like a baby’s first utterances
Your love is even more… our souls know well
Your sighs mesmerize me like a magical spell
Ours is a story of the Sun and the Sunflower
They saw with their hearts, their love had such power
That if the sunflower was once sad and downcast
The sun looked at the sea with emotion so vast
Its waters swelled and its cries touched the skies
The skies were so blue, the wind was their sighs
And the sun looked at the wind with such pain
It carried the love to the sunflower as rain
And the rain became a song of the purest love
And the sunflower past the tallest tree towered above
Your love is my sunshine, more than I ever dreamed
I adore you like the sunflower in its beloved gleamed

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Like the warmth of the morning sun

so do thoughts of you embrace me

revealing how alive I am.

A glorious light of the new day,

so is your presence in my life,

relieving it of its shadows,

and marking the start of a new beginning.

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How To Gain From Our Pain

The sun rises and the sun sets 
a new day comes, yesterday forgets 
a loving kiss and warm embrace 
two souls joined, face to face 

Time passes, feelings change 
no longer exits, this warm exchange 
further on, and still growing more apart 
forgetting all that love, they had from the start 

Now although they consider to divorce 
thoughts of their children cause them remorse 
so they make decisions attempting to find a way 
to limit any pain, that their children will be okay 

Despite their good intentions, they think they know 
but only their children feel the pain that will flow 
that day finally arrives, the one you were told 
it could never happen, it would never unfold 

The stark and painful reality, some adults never see 
they give up too easily, and for what, just to let egos be 
if they only had the wisdom to open their hearts and be free 
to learn this meaning called compromise, and make their love agree 

Yes, my friend, you're thinking how you relate to the words of this poem 
deep down your know you too are a survivor, and that time has shown 
you grew up with that pain, asking yourself what purpose was it all for 
the answer is clear, do not let it happen to your own as it did to you before 

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The Sun and The Moon

I think of the sun and moon as lovers,
Who rarely meet, always chase,
And almost always miss one another,
But once in a while, they do catch up,
And they kiss, and the world stares in awe of their eclipse,

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Could be

 I wake up before the sun from a cozy bed

I walk outside and feel the crisp autumn chill

So I put a stocking cap on my head


I walk through the back yard

heading for the woods

doing something city boy

only wish they could


I arrive at my stand

and check the direction of the breeze

before I climb up ole faithful

a dying, dark barked maple tree

I make myself comfortable

as the sun stretches its arms 

for the sky

producing iridescent colors

I live for the outdoor

and that's one of the reasons why


Not far behind me a freshly cut field of hay

in front endless rows of cornstalks fill the way


I begin to think of a tradition

My son and I on thanksgiving day.

he is still here with me

even though last November he passed away


I start hearing cars doors shut

its coming from over the hill

carrying an aroma of cinnamon

It's my favorite! Pumpkin pie

Justin, I'll be back, But for now Goodbye

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My life was such...!

Ohh...Lord why does it hurt so much..??
My life was such..!!
It was such a wonderful world just a while back..;
It was all joy and sadness was what lacked..!!
It was my world on the clouds..;
With smiles all around..!!
The clouds showered happiness,
The sun added the light,
Sorrows nowhere to be seen,
And darkness nowhere in sight..!!
My life was such, then why..!!

Ohh...Lord why does it hurt so much..??
My love was such..!!
It made even the Gods take a pause..;
And made the angels look small..;
Ohh...The glow on her face..;
Made the Sun feel shy..!!
The moon felt jealous..;
As she asked who gave her the beauty better than mine..??
Myl ove was such, then why..!!

She made me happy..;
She made me proud..;
And most of all she made me complete..;
And not a part of the crowd..!!

But now she is gone..;
And as my heart dies slow..!!
All my happiness is drained..;
As my life lost its entire glow..!!
The word love in my life has been stained..!!
My life was such, then why..!!
Ohh...Lord why does it hurt so much..??

No matter where you are..;
No matter what you do..!!
No matter where I am ..;
In this world or the next..!!
My love for you will never change;
I loved you then, I love you now..;
And I will always love you the same..!!

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Just Me

Under the rainbows,

Across from the sea,

That's where you'll find me.

That's where you'll find me.


Can I be by myself?

Alone with no one else?

Putting the book on the shelf....

We'll see....we'll see.


I'll remember those nights,

For the rest of my life.

No they won't leave my thoughts,

Left to be dreams.


And I'll be alright,

You'll see.


Just bury me in the sky,

When I die.

All the clouds will fly by.

And when the sun shines,

I don't know why why why.

Just bury me in the sky,

I'll be fine,

You'll see.


A break in the board,

Disdain and the rain,

The pen will be my sword,

That's me.


And I can hardly breathe,

Our time is yet ending.

Covering my eyes to the truth,

The truth that I can no longer see you.


Just bury me in the sky,

When I die.

All the clouds will fly by.

And when the sun shines,

I don't know why why why.

Just bury me in the sky,

I'll be fine,

You'll see.


Just bury me in the sky,

When I die.

All the clouds will smile when they fly by.

And when the sun shines,

Oh I'll know why why why.

Just bury me in the sky,

I will be fine,

Just me.


Under the rainbows,

Across from the sea,

That's where you'll find me.

That's where you'll find me.

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Beach scene

The sun was not shining It was behind the clouds The sea was hard rippling Rushing waves to the sands There on the sandy shore I found my self wallow Like wanting something more And I saw my tears flow Near me were written words Made by me on wet sand Words common to this world But few could understand “I need love,” Babe, it says In my heart it’s the same The tide tried to efface It: I was glad you came You came and beckoned me To rise and look around And the sun shone freely Hardened the brittle sand You replenished those words And filled my needy heart Before this life was drowned Thanks! You had known my want The place looked better now And everything seemed fine For you I made a vow That I’d write a new line “I love you,” it would read It’d be carved on the rocks So that no tide, no wind Could ever blot it out There on the rocky shore I found my self with you Loving you more and more Sweet smiles began to show On the rocks were carved words Made by me. But you led Me how to chart the course Where it’s true till the end (c) Sherwin E. Balbuena

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Set You Free

Set You Free
By: Sami LaRose

When the sun rises amongst the clouds who is there to see it?

2:51am and I cannot believe it.

A glowing beam of yellow light emerges from the sky of clouds  so bright.

Is this a sign that all hope is not lost

For such a long time I'd thought I would  be better off in the dark

But as the clouds open up in a pathway of two

It makes me realize how much less I think of you.

The sun smiles brightly, and beats down on my arm.

It is almost as if she is signing me a little song 

"Be happy, be bright, be yellow, stay mellow" she says to me 

And she raises up higher to be amongst the trees

As I lay there under the old beautiful weeping willow 

It's nice to know that I am letting you go.

The sun shines so brightly and suddenly turns into snow, free falling at last no more disaster

Maybe it finally is my happily ever after

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(He said) I love you

She sits alone as the sun goes down
Like she does almost every night
Knowing he'll come home drunk again
And start another fight

She was so young when she met him
Just sixteen years and a day
She hated her life on the farm
And he promised to take her away

How could she know he was lying
Just feeding her a line
She'd never had any love at home
And his, "I love you" sounded so fine

The sun shone on their wedding day
She was a happy girl
But, too soon the storm clouds gathered
And totally ruined her world

She tried so hard for three long years
Answering to his beck and call
Then one day she packed her bags
An walked away from it all

She knew her love for him had died
She was taking his abuse no more
After writing a note saying, "GO TO HELL"
She walked for the last time, out the door

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Everything glitters
after dark.

Little by little,
I fell out of love with the sun,
slipping between the black and the white.

I started to appreciate the sound 
of music with hot loving.
So good, so giving.
Blood so hot, you barely notice that it's boiling,
until everything's on fire, 
everything's moving.
(It hurts so good, it doesn't)

And now,
I can't sleep for the need, it litters
my mind like an infectious disease.
(Though I'd been searching for it)

Little by little,
I caught it, 
hands open,
palms burning.

Anything seems bigger
spread by shadows.
Now I think faster, 
laugh louder,
love harder, 
go quicker.

And when the morning sun litters
the sky,
it's an unwanted savior
to people like us. 
(Because we know what's best, 
we've seen what's better)

So we rest a little,
hiding strangeness with normalcy,
lust with routine.
But when the sun sets, 
I watch with curiosity,
shadows wake and spread 
(as if it's the first time) 
legs open, arms wide, 
inviting me in 
to stop pretending
I'm something that I'm not.

Little by little,
I don't need much of anything,
knowing that love 
will find me
in unusual ways.

Maybe it already has
but I lost count of ways...
too in love with shadows...
too in love with the night...

Too late.

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black sun

The sky is red, the sun is black, im riding a roller coaster, but my mind is off track. Theres lots of ups and downs, smiles and frowns, even kings placing crowns on the heads of clowns. But I really don’t care, life isn’t fair, but gods given me a life I can hardly bear, every day I ask him, why cant you share? My life is going, I just don’t know where, because a life like mine is kind of rare. What do I do, while theres love in the air? Other people kiss while I just sit and stare, I look to my left, and theres nobody there, I look to my right, and theres a pair. The clouds are red, the rain is black, I may have left, but ill never be back, but what I can say is, theres nothing I lack. I look at the trees, I look at the sky, but what is the point when I just want to die? Why? Why do I try? When every time I fail, all I do is cry. And how can I be calm when im jealous of every guy? My heart is grounded, while my mind wants to fly, you can guess by what I write, that im also kind of shy, why do I need them? All they do is lie. I try to be nice, but they just punch me in the eye, and when im upset, all they do is pry. The clouds are blue, the sky is white, my mind is racing faster than the speed of light, my life just gets worse, but I still have to fight, why am I like this? Its just not right. Life is taller than me, im not its hight, I fly through the sky, gut still held to the ground, just like a kite, and why are people scared when they know I don’t bite? You can tell my whole life, just by what I write, I sleep during the day, and fly through the night, and im pushing a boulder with all my might. But im getting nowhere, my hands are bare, I love the dark, so give me a scare, I lost my mind and my soul, they were a pair. Sometimes I just sit, sit and think, think that I cant end up in the brink, my mind is empty and cold, like a skating rink, I don’t care if people say I stink, because I already know that im their main link, I have a cup, but nothing to drink, my mind wants to grow while my heart wants to shrink. The water is black, the sun is red, you cant kill something that’s already dead. I jump off the bridge, I take the dive, you cant kill something that was never alive. Im steering my life, but I don’t know how to drive…everything gets quiet when I arrive.  I live in a shack, I peek through the crack, and when I look outside, all I see is black…

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For Emily

An afternoon stroll with a friend on a heated day,
Her hair perfectly swaying to her giggle bounce
Holding her tummy, simply stating
“I have a baby on the way”

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For this Mrs
The sun shining inside and out
So lucky she felt that day, she has a baby on the way

Baby’s daddy holds mommy’s hand
Says thank you honey, I love you so much
Our baby is lucky to have your heart 
And I’m so blessed to wear your band

A visit to the doctor turned perfect joy into shock
You have cancer he told her
You won’t live with this life in you
Sit soon with your husband and have a talk

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For this Mrs.
The sun shines brightly on this day
Cause she still has her baby on the way

Her husband crying uncontrollable tears
Loving her so
He could never ever let her go
He can’t choose
he doesn’t want to lose
His wife or his child

She knew for her this baby was a voice
A wish she made so long ago
A wish come true
And there was no one telling her what to do
It was ultimately her decision, her choice

Six years have passed, and Emily asks,
“Daddy, when will I see mommy?”,
Today my sweet angel,

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For this Mrs
The sun still shining on this day
as Emily kneels to pray
For mommy

Mommy had made her choice
And daddy still hurts so bad, he misses her smile, her touch
But he holds Emily today
with Mommy's light warming them both
His deep indescribable love for Emily sustains him
On her birthdays

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For Emily
The sun still shining on this day
her hair perfectly swaying to her giggle bounce,
as she plays, 

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Sunrise after the Storm

Storm had passed and new sun arise
Flower blooms in April morning
Sordid mind had been cleansed up
All doors that had been closed are now open
The silence has been break free
Love has been shielded me from pain
Stains has been washed out
Beautiful dreams awake me at night
Good things are coming like beautiful mornings
It visit me through all these days
Standing still to make anew of the past
Loving and learning is what I hold to last
A new sun appears to make a new beginning….

By: lena

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Afternoon Delight

The bead of sweat 
that rolls down her supple breast
may have once been mine.
My arms can no longer 
hold the weight of my body –
I collapse; our legs still entwined.

The ceiling fan slowly
dries our dampened skin;
I can’t tell where her breath ends
and where mine begins.

The trail of discarded clothing
leads out the bedroom door;
I hope to nap a bit
before she yearns for more;
Shadows of the setting sun 
slowly parade across the floor.
I stare at the reflection 
of our bodies in the mirror
on the opposite wall.
A more beautiful painting
of a loving couple
I can’t recall.

Her hand begins to move,
caressing once again,
my masculine form;
Blood circulates
and once again,
I am growing warm.
Although exhausted
I have enough energy
to once again perform;
Our bodies fit together
like a suit
that’s well worn.

Our rendezvous
on this work day
Could not have
occurred one moment
too soon.
The sun sets
replaced by the moon;
a third time 
will cause her to swoon.

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You have become the Sun to me

You have become the sun to me, 
I have become the moon.
Following after You endlessly.

Never close enough
To feel you as I would like to

Never bold enough 
To present myself as I would like to.

You have become the sun to me,
I have become the moon,
Pulling seas after You, endlessly.

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The Day Is Good For Sins

Mentioning the way it should be i have the way it is, obsessions are made for humility and
lunatics, the way it is, is the way it seems, a sky mentioned from afar the land, i know
how it sounds, dark, twisted, blood drenched, a nightmare with torn covering the exit, the
only one? Like a bull in a red room, smashing the walls with brute force, thinking is some
one attacking him but himself becoming his own murderer, dark secrets, inspired to be told
by humankind, so humankind sins over day, when the dawn breaks golden and the sky sees
darkness, for the time the devil pointed up his home and the world saw it dead is the
moment the gold of the sun eats over the yellow lands, i love the way we sin, say sorry
and im sure to say sorry again, because you will forgive me, right? 

What happens at dusk? When my system is in the manipulation of my psychological sense, i
see blood like wine, i see flesh like pork meat, but all i smell is rotten doves, but im
bending down in church praying to god set me free from my sins, but that pill i love the
way it makes me numb, si then darkness consumes my soul to pieces, step by step i see it
fade, my life is at the edge, yours too, brother, sister, everyone is a sinner, mother,
father, friend, all of you, strangers, god must have sin for him to know how bad it is for
us all, a restless escape out the sun, bury me alive, don't the sun down for them to guide
me to temptation, eat me alive, but don't let me live ti'll dusk, Bury us all, alive, help
me, help them, help us all, misguided lunacy made a beast, Mr. Crowly was right after all,
help me see the dead future, please, i don't want to kill no one, but my tongue wants the

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Double Red Sun Dodoitsu- NOT FOR CONTEST

Red Sun

Option 1

He exudes pulsating heat
Red Sun comes into glory
He pales when compared to you
YOUR flare makes me melt

Option 2

With veiled eyes I look at him
I lie back in surrender
Fiery hands under skin
Love making at best

Eileen Manassian Ghali

I was just wondering if you would be nice enough to say which of these two you prefer. You can also check the one I wrote for the contest. These are my first at this form and well.....It's always good to try! :)

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Seas That Swallow

Time has passed slowly in the blink of an eye,
Because my heart was wiped away, like sand with the tide.
It's tossing and turning in the ocean's cold grip,
Asking, "What did I do for this treacherous dip?"

The fish start to scatter, the sharks start to tear,
Feeling the sharp pain of loss everywhere.
The wounds begin healing, but the salt still stings,
Because of thoughts on some other things.

Back on the shore, before all the strife,
He got to be part of a beautiful life.
His sun would always shine even if it would rain,
Despite perfection lost, he had greatest gain.
The sun gave off a warmth that filled him within,
And he loved her back with all vigor and vim.
But too close to the water the heart did get,
Despite the sun's warnings, he went to feet wet.

Now swept into water, and dragged into deep,
Both the heart and the sun began to tears weep.
It was too dark and cold in the ocean to shine,
So the sun couldn't see the sharks trying to dine.
Rays of truth blocked out, unable to see,
The heart isn't the person some have made it out to be.

Now the heart drifts around, not wanting to be found,
The void within filled with salt water abound.
It stings on the inside, it stings on the out,
Because, to the sun, he was completely devout.

Now once again strong, the heart climbed back to shore,
Knowing that the warmth of the sun was no more.
He walks around the beach, everything gray,
Because now it's only night when she is away.

The beaches he now wanders, avoiding others on the shore,
Knowing their love is no match to the one he shared before.

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My One Special Love


I bask in the image of your sun lined face
   tanned and golden from sun kissed rays
   I am mesmerized by my memories of the twinkle 
   in your sky blue eyes – your affable smile

My dreams of your once familiar kiss – 
   the feel of your fingers–tender on my face
   Smelling your skin next to mine as I fall 
   into your welcoming, loving embrace

You whisper in my ear those tender words
   so sweet so tender. I long to hear you say once more
   those two words that captured my heart- “baby girl”...
   the name you called me in our time of love

Nothing will ever take those euphoric moments from me
   My memories of you and I – even though…
   you have transcended this life into the Heavens above
   you will always one special love.

Author's note- Dedicated to my husband Rick -who passed away to another world called Heaven in 2009

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Horse Racing 4

I laughed
I was laughing like the sun through the clouds
but he did not care at all
that someone like me could write every day
about love,
about you
and we were so close
then I left.
Look at my hands I said
My goodness
you just do not see?

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Sun and Stars

They say never stare at the sun, but I can't bare to look away,
Even if it leaves me blind for the rest of my days.
I stare solemnly until the sun explodes on the horizon and dark grows the sky.
Its light dies down but however does not cease.
It's almost as if it cannot bare to say goodbye,
So it spreads itself across the darkness piece by piece.
Stars or so they are called light up the way at night.
They have a way of causing my heart to ignite,
And set it ablaze with a burning desire.
I feel lifted as if my heart is soaring higher.
That is when I feel the warmth of your skin,
And I realize now after all this time where I have been.
I now realize all I have seen does not reside in the sky,
For my sun and stars live in one place and that is in your eyes.

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the sun plays hide and seek with the clouds
sometimes it shines with full brightness then
like a lightbulb that has expired
loses it's brilliance...
insects,create their own brand of music
all around is quiteness-
you can even hear your own breathing.
the day is almost over
the sun is getting tired with it's plays,
starting to set...saying goodbye
and suddenly-
your shadow exist behind me
white and black-like a smoke.
it is not easy to get rid of the pains.
seems destined to stay.
i lost my jenny...

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Something about the Month of May

Something about the month of May
Through early dawn unto the day
From dusk to night's twinkling play
Of all nature's beauty on display
The Star's own star shines on so bright
Like the sparkle in her eyes alight
I chance to catch her downcast sight
That sets me lost in love's delight
The day brings colors atop the trees
Magnificent blossoms sway in the breeze
With flaming crimson and fiery red
That fall to form a flowery bed
And upon this path together we tread
I'd pick a flower as on we walk ahead
Put it gently upon her ear to stand
Then carry on walking hand in hand
Across the petaled floral land
her presence lets the flowers look grand
Maybe it might attract some bees?
Who dance around and buzz and tease
I'd hold her tight in a protective squeeze
Even long after the creature flees
Short lived lilies bloom on the side
Blue bell creepers gape with awing pride
Pink blossoms deck the tree like a bride
All I wish is to have my angel beside
The scents tickle my senses astray
How I delve deeper each passing day
Dearest dream lets run away
When the sun streaks its final ray
When squirrels have long finished their play
The birds sing farewells melodious and gay
And the blossoms along with us shall sway!
We'll waltz till our worries wither unto nay
Silhouetted against the twilight sun's delay
The nights are as warm as your touch
The moon up high is just too much
Your smile makes the heart stop as such
The soul deep love can't loosen its clutch
Of all the beauty that graces Spring
Of all the treasures this month does bring
Of the only reason the birds could sing
Was merely me and mother nature conspiring
For setting up your dimpled smile
To listen to your soothing voice a while
As you calmly sing a nostalgic tune
Pleasant as a warm sun on a winter noon
The song softens and your eyes close soon
And a few chestnut locks lie bestrewn
Tickling my neck as you ease a place
Upon my shoulder in a dreamy daze
I look askance to catch your gaze
As I glance upon your cherubic face
To meet your loveliest eyes that steal
The words and thoughts I don't  reveal
They hold me with their magical appeal
As our souls swim into love surreal
We close our eyes and like a feather
Float gently into dreams together.

Details | I do not know? | |


It was in the middle of summer,
And the sun was burning bright and warm.
Up in the sky,
There was not a cloud in sight;
Only the cool summer breeze,
That blew around the day.
You were standing looking my way,
And I don’t know why,
But I looked back and saw you,
And I thought you called to me.
Before I could take a step,
A gust of wind pushed me back,
And the bright sun blinded my eyes.
Then out of the turbulence around me,
I saw you come to me and reach out.
My heart also reached out to you,
And in that magnetic attraction,
I could smell the scent of your skin,
Though I could not put my hand in yours.
I wanted to stay and be with you,
But I found myself walking away instead.
Why did I not reach out and hold on?
Why did I not stay for the sake of love?
Then I realized it was like all summer feelings;
It was short and sweet,
It was good while it lasted,
Though I miss it when it’s gone.
My summer sun, my summer breeze –
Oh, yes, it was in the middle of summer.

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Beautiful Dreams

I don't mean a thing to you
but baby all I can do 
is sit here and wait for you
before I had met you
my life was filled with sad clouds 
but then you rose in my life
like the sun rises in the sky
and you made my life brighter 
along with my love for you tighter
but then you look back and walk away
making even my heart cry
I fall on my knees 
and see you running back to me
I stood up and you hugged me and kissed me 
the sun was finally set free
being no one near that we could see
we thought everyone had gone away
to let us alone there to stay
I looked up and saw an angle over us
whispering, “You two were meant to be.”

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Opposites presented …
One in talons of  Eagle
One on wings of  Dove
Equally beautiful, equally loved

A torrent from a fierce black cloud
The yang of the yin
Frothing fierce powerful waves in a storm
Beating chests of seaweed rocks
Claiming it in its bosom
Then furling it afar
Into unknown oceans where 
Neptune roars his roar on end
Boasting strength, logic illogic

Then light as a feather
Giggling waves on shimmering beaches
Rosy sausages examining crabs and bubbles
Laughing at blue-bottles and busy antics of ants
In crevices of creaky floorboards
While the autumn sun sets
Diamond dew-drops on clover leaves
Exclaiming at rushing workers and hairy worms
So the morning says Hello

A juicy apricot indigo tinged
Kissing at library entrances
Crumbly beneath its hard exterior
Where beetles have dug a hundred paths
Staring defiantly at an orange star
Scorning its scorching, gracefully factual
Proclaiming the largeness of Life so she thinks

Earth child reaching for unreachable Mercury 
Spirit child, water bound, earth located
From an awakening Eye
One imaged from the bowels of struggle 
When behind jail bars I sat counting toes
One imaged from the speckled gown of J-briel
As Saturn said goodbye

Sirius screamed from hell and wreaking pain
Wrought from rages and conscious sages unknown
Born in blood without its blue
Rolling eyes from a womb of turmoil and terror
Dripping the darkness of strife with hidden crystals
Contemplating hypocrisy, deceipt, treachery
Torn apart by churning guts 
While the medics oogled around
Then searching, searching, searching

Moon and Sun crossed one another
Not knowing which way but loose
Streams of rivers flowing downwards, then upwards
Sideways then byways in villages and towns of paintings
A gecko appeared on the pillowcase
Gangster peeped through a window
Then books came pouring down, pouring down 
And numbers flew away
Lashes long, black as a crow

There can be no coin to ponder
No coin to teach from if not faces two
No tornado ripping apart if no breeze 
Playing on a horse farm
No death if no life
The night clings to day
As daybreak clings to escaping night
Embracing and negating
Embalmed while flying together on a
Silver thread 
In the Sky.

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Volatile Weather

When the sun shines
Ablaze and about to burst
Flames touch the tips of trees
Igniting them with shock
Bursts of excruciating contentment descends
Directing me with the courage for tomorrow
Pools of depraved memories wane
The lines of sorrow die out in the air
When the sun shines
When the sun hides
Unexpected clouds tumble in to color the sky ashen
Casting the shower of days gone by upon your appearance
Puddles rematerialize with a commanding poise
The reverberations of a virtuous day
Days comparable to these are when I finish most dreadful
Ambition wearing out of my body
When the sun hides

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Burn Sun Burn

Shallow waters resting
God's cool breathe creating a wind, that blows away my disgust
From the hurt that my heart stumbled upon
The day I met you

Blow Wind Blow

Blow away all the pain that i felt, beastly slaps and punches
Blow away all the foul names I was called
The sex I was forced to have instead of more beastly blows
Blow away the nauseous feeling I get whenever I think of how I could have ever loved
Someone like you

How sick of me allowing you to inflect such a negative energy in my life.
How ultimately terrible of me to love you with all of my heart through it all
What was wrong with me?
What a nightmare I lived through all of those years
While you sniffed away our lives and tried to take my soul away

I ached, cried, kicked, and screamed for you
I use to do anything to profess my love
I even went to jail, ruined myself
What a crying shame

Shallow waters resting, the sun beaming down

Burn Sun Burn

Burn away my demented thinking
Loving a heartless man
Selling myself short of the Queen that I am
The loving mother that I will always be
Burn away any doubt I have about what I can achieve
Burn away any piece of love that I ever had for this man

Now I lay in the shallow water an look up at the sun
As me and the earth finally become one

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Waiting for the Eclipse

Saddest love story 
Sun chases moon forever 
Never catches it 

They stare across the 
Ocean laid out between them 
Praying they could meet 

A decade is an 
Eternity when you can''t 
Be with who you love 

Saddest love story 
Their time apart is too long 
Together too short 

- If you were the sun, and I were the moon...would you miss me as much as I would miss you?-

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Ecliptic Silence

Hopeful but its so mundane
Filling the hollowness with more empty pleasure
But it takes my hand and and walks me through this withering decay
Into the ecliptic silence, 
Self medicated diluted dreams
A mixture of over stimulation and desensitizing me 
Somewhere between ominous and beautiful
Letting the darkness consume my conscious brain
Until the sun can realign and pulls me back into this day
To overcome this strange numbness 
Of self inflicted shadowing
Butterflies once warmed me up inside until I pulled off all their wings
Holding memories I cant forget while praying to a God who has forgot
But we are only allowed to keep the things that we have already lost
Sometimes living is not enough without sovereignty 
As these flightless insects crawl back inside 
Then perhaps through their death life would be more satisfied
Finger deep I draw a line then stand to face a blackened sky
I reevaluate Your presence now without You Lord then where am I 
Because this is me You were my light, subsequently my faith has died
Somewhere below the surface of this shifting unstable world of mine

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what kind of love

the kind of upside down clown and where all colors run together,
the kind of sing-a-long song and love skips a beat,
the kind that can never be known or ever regret,
the kind of toss and turn and counting waves,
the kind of too many miles, frowns, and goofy smiles,
the kind of now and then they trade sides and he'll rise as she sets,
the kind of intuitions meddlesome consciousness raining reminders of home,
the kind that is void of all sense, sight unseen, and still cause great pain,
the kind you can't leave behind,
the kind you can never forget -


Details | Personification | |

Mother Star

I am aimed and directed for a shooting star.
In the midst of a collision I am traveling far.
Nothing can stop me for I am on a lifelong mission.
I’m timing the clocks and gaining some recognition.
I am in and out of reality stumbling onto a delusion.
Sometimes I want to run free and go into seclusion.
The wind tries to hinder me so I shew it to go away.
I stand on the Moon and make the Sun arise a new day.
I am looking down at a world that is misunderstood.
If I could have I would have and then again I should.
But that is neither here nor there so I will fair.
I have accumulated a bit and have much to share.
However, there is a cornerstone one can get stuck.
One must find the mother Star and hope for lady luck.
Once you find it you will be well on your way,
You’ll rise with the Sun and be brighter each day.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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At Bay

Where do the hours go
As night turns to dawn
Sleep sits outside this gate
It’s there if I’ll let it in
With sword and shield
I fight to keep it at bay
I’ve not known why
I just don’t unlock the door
Let it come inside
And wash over me 
Until today
Until just now
Even though we talk
Even though I see you
Your head isn’t resting
On the pillow beside me
Leaving your scent behind
My covers don’t drape you
Your arms aren’t around me
Your breath isn’t in my ear
Your heartbeat I can’t feel
When the sun peeks in
The morning after
It doesn’t shine on you
And again I wake up
To only a empty spot
That beckons you every night
For weeks it’s been this way
I never knew why I fought
Why I let sleep sit outside
Until today
Until just now
I hold the pillow
Because I can’t hold you
Your scent no longer lingers
The covers lay lifeless
No one embraces me
The only sound is me breathing
Sound of only one heart beating
Another morning 
Another reminder
As the sun shines through
That you aren’t here
If maybe just maybe
I talk to you longer
Seeing you through a screen
Might not make it so hard
To wake up in the morning
Might not toss and turn
Rolling over to feel
The absence of you 
So with sword and shield
I will stand guard at the gate
Outside sleep will remain
Until the day comes
Where absence is filled
With you next to me at night
Then and only then
I will put down my shield
Surrender my sword
And open the gate
To let sleep come in
Engulf me while in your arms
And waking up in the morning
To the sun kissing your face
Then and only then
Will I let sleep in

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Oh How I Love Summer

Warmth. The sunshine radiating on my caramel brown skin. The gentle breeze 
caressing my body so tenderly that I feel like I could soar. The sand penetrating the 
cracks of my pruned toes. 
Oh how I love summer! 

The way the salty waves roll, crashing against the shore with its rabid foam. The 
way the summer air seems to awaken the season of romance. The bright hues of 
the sun setting over the glistening waters of the Earth's swimming pool. The palm 
trees shading two lovers making memories, the sun dimming as if to give them 
Oh how I love summer!

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One love per annum

On this day the yellow flowers bloom

The sun still shines after a million years

Our eyes are sparkling and not shedding tears

The world is so bright; there’s no place for gloom

One may ask me why these things happen.

What a lovely year for us it has been!


One year has passed when I heard you say “Yes”

The memory is like a green apple –

Fresh! In my mind I can clearly recall

Our dialogue later leading to bliss.

‘Twas the beginning of my life complete

Together with a girl nicknamed “Entet.”


My love for you is like an interest

You are the rate; I am the principal

After a year I make a withdrawal

For one love per annum – it is the best!

Even your amount remains the same

I will increase mine, so we shall still gain.


Happy anniversary, dear Princess!

The sun still shines; the yellow flowers bloom

For what are they doing that and to whom?

Every mind filled with love must never guess,

For surely the world knows it is our day

For one love per annum, so we must pay.


I hope that our love will be like trees

Evergreen and strong despite drought and storm,

Giving the world fresh air and cozy home,

Lasting not for short but for centuries

My love for you is like the green, green leaves

While there is plant around my love still lives.


To Princess

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A love song, at last

in the inner forests
of your eyes

The heart of flowers
in your smile

The misty watchtower
is your lips

The sigh of surge 
in your fingertips

The rain flowing endlessly
over my head

My eyesight is hidden 
by the oozing of the rust
recollections and 

I run to the day
but the rain never stops 
on my accursed soul

You close your eyes
as if the winter 
closes its cold text

The rhymes of babies 
toddles on the yard

You are the spider web
of sun rays
i am the broken pieces 
of sun stone of the atlas

I am walking
through the life
baring the cursed downpour 
over my wild brain
endlessly, eternally

When you look me 
with passion
The wind unties its knot
when you hum the lines 
of a love song
the sea suddenly startles
from the sleep
the wind starts its journey

Now the rain stops 

Details | Light Poetry | |

The Message

It was a message 

touchingly saying 

the life is but a passage,

.but where are you ??continued search for any clue, 

a crying soul begging to know and heart to rule

on the edge of 
that mountain where he sat..watching the sun ,

watching the rise till the set ,,recalling past ,

living the now ,loving then ,trying to keep little of it..,

the same she does..with no regret ......

on that mountain where is the days are very few ,

trying to grasp little of life and love true while 

the days continue flit

.but who is she ?!she is apiece of the large universe having 

so much of his grit.

trying to be in his place, watching with him how the sun plays ,

and it's beauty stealing the days.., 

To her he said ..bask with me in the life ,in the sun ,

as not every day we will stay and being touched by sunny ray,

In that place seeing him watching the sky and it's blue..

If this is the case and what is said is very true then hand in hand ,

and face to face ..the fate they draw , 

If this is the case then every day the love grow .as what you plant you always 
get why to rue?....

It was her tool ,it was a feeling
a touching call from your soul... bask with me ,let us glow ..and there
I sat ..watching the sun
and more of you ..becoming more and very sure that the seed is very
true ..and the worries were never due ,

                      it was a message 

     it was a feeling ..continued singing only you ......

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Cerebral Puddle

Thoughts swell in my mind like a puddle on a rainy day 
as droplets of ripples expanding the puddle's display. 
Clouds in the sky clapping away the applause can be heard for miles. 
The light of the sky grasping the land like a parents hand to a child's. 
Then in an instant the shadow consumes the light shadowing both far and near, 
so brilliant in an instant as seen in lighting before it disappears.
The puddle remains growing from the raindrops still falling through out the night 
like the brain performing cerebral function to manifest thoughts to sight. 
Thoughts to the mind like raindrops to a puddle distorts reflections meant to be seen 
as the brilliance of the night, the puddles remembers as inspiration for the mind to 
The claps of thunder has ceased, the rain does not stop but lessens 
as the sun creeps to the horizon the dawn the puddle beckons. 
The rain has halted as morning inches closer the aroma of dew is pungent in the air 
the puddle remains still unshaken in the dawn glowing from the sun's glare. 
As a bride on her wedding day awaiting the moment she stands before her groom 
the puddle has waited throughout the rainy night admiring the sun from the moon. 
Like a princess to a mask her glance reveals the fairest complexion 
as the sun smiles down upon the land through the puddle of his own reflection.

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As long as the sun still rises
Youll always be in my heart
And as long as the sun sets
My love for you will never depart
And as long as the wind still blows 
This passion i have will always show 
And as long as the moon shines bright
i will let the world know
that the love i have is real
and will always glow
and as long im still breathing 
you will be my hero
always and forever
will my love for you show
and as long as the trees sway in the wind 
my love for you has no end 
heart in heart and hand in hand 
my love will show across the land
thank you for showing kindness and love,
I will cherish you till thee end

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Moon Can You Hear Me Tonight

Moon Can You Hear Me Tonight
 Night seems to bring out thoughts daylight helps to hide,
 Oh Moon, you shine so wonderful please don't hide. 
Moon, my love, stars must envy you and your light,
 as others envy me for our love at night!
but my tradegy plays out as you slip away.
 Why can I only hold you till morning next day!?
 Why can't I find some way to convince you to stay!?
 Why can't I keep you and love you till my last days!?
Why can't I find some way to hide the sun for you!?
 Moon, is it my undesired fate to lose you!?
 No, don't answer i don't want to know what is true,
 I'd rather love you from a distance than not love you!
So as tears fall from eyes and the sun comes to kill your light...
 I sit there and pray, Oh Moon, I hope you can hear me tonight!

 To the one girl that will always hold my heart, who to me will always be my moon while no star can replace what you mean to me. You will always be the one I love even when our love simply can't be... "Forbidden but never forgotten" 

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The Sun, the Moon, the Stars

The sun shows it's power,
The sun shows it's love,
The sun shines so brightly,
It soars like a dove.

The moon's luminescence,
Cools heated hearts,
She gives second chances,
She gives brand ne starts.

The stars up above,
light our beautiful sky,
They give us our wishes,
They give hope to try.

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Rounding Out Reality

            Rounding Out Reality

Rounding out reality
Dreams fall down on columned nights
Walls fade in golden mist
Swirl into the clarity of day
A kiss is tangible in the distance
Flavored vapors and water come
From the last midnight rain engagement
Came and went away with sleep, pure with sentiment
Sweet sense and fragrances of forest clearing
Corridors of trees lead on the wind
Solid as concrete love, white, with water droplets
Paths circle on themselves to find a clearing in the forest
There is nothing more fragile than my love
Holding on to her is like holding onto time
Sleep rounds out the walls of reality
A golden light on forest green
One soft spot of ground to lay a blanket down
And with my love round out reality

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Home Sweet Home

This craggy valley lies in the west
My home, this place I love the best
So many seasons passed our way
Since first we came one Autumn day
These ancient trees, these gentle slopes
So young we were, so filled with hope
No spot I love like this on earth
My children grew, this place from birth
How often beneath the boughs they've played
On summer days in the peaceful shade
The giant oaks shake by autumn's mellow breeze
And in the winter's storm shed brown, rust leaves
To view Mount Shasta's snow capped peaks
Will cheer my thoughts when days are bleak
Majestic glory, so serene
Guards over valleys, rust and green
Not far away, a stream flows swift
It fills the heart, sends cares adrift
Each grove of trees, each hill and mound
Still seems to be enchanted ground
Of scarcely moving seedling grass
It waves in sun like shining glass
Where summits rise both high and steep
And rocky valleys vast and deep
When heavens black and thunder roars
The rain in torrents, downward pours
When the sun breaks through clouds, on mountain tops
And skies are filled with spring raindrops
We're blessed to live the country life
Far off from city, noise and strife
God, help me not to take for granted
My home, this gift which I've been handed.

Details | I do not know? | |

Whats up there

High in the autumnal air the smell of wood burning is everywhere
Folks tidying gardens love to burn forgetting that smoke has only upwards to go
What else is up here, yes, the feel of cold winds
As summer leaves us and autumn unfolds the air is full of coldness, making noses twitch
Thinking of winter and the cosiness of this reminds us that fireworks will soon abound
Lit on the ground but straight up they come to explode there
Making the air smell of age old battles
When gunpowder was king, just a memory within the mind of the old
Who read of these things

Romance is in the autumn air after the warmth of the sun made the love grow
Needs the cosiness of autumn to keep,the pair together to find the love they knew
Oh autumn air with clouds in your way push them aside, so the sun can stay
Send warmth down to us, we need it each day, or we will wither and die
The air is full of surprises, the birds flying in to stay
Cos some  like the cold weather, then there's those that flyaway
The bees and butterflies are near finished, nectar is collected     Job is done
The noise of the snores of the hedghogs and such, as asleep they will stay
Until the air is of springtime, they will awake .

Goodnight autumnal bliss, i look forward to a new you each day.

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The Sun

Feel the breeze on our skin,
watch the rain on our skin
as it glistens.

Droplets of
water reflecting streams of
sun beam.

The breeze and
the rain may be cold. But the
sun is so bold and with a
warmth we all know. 

It's a truly
great feeling, seeing and receiving  
the sun in our daily lives.

Details | Free verse | |


Thine was the glory -
When the sun rose one winter morning,
To love me, I relished myself and basked with my esteem,
I was abided by the greeting rays -
And I followed it, till my eyes seized me...
Thine was the glory -
I saw her at a glance and it seemed I lived the moment -
It seemed I lived a life. 
Thine was the glory -
When the moon gleamed one winter evening,
To hug me, I enchanted myself and suspired the fondness,
I was maneuvered by the adorning rays -
And I winked it, till my arms hemmed in...
Thine was the glory -
I hugged her for once and it seemed I lived the moment -
It seemed I lived a life.
Thine was the glory -
When the spring got hold of time and allayed the daylight,
To verse me, I sensed myself and pleased the warmth,
I was sedated by the soulful met -
And I graced it, till the flushing time...
Thine was the glory -
I assured her for once and it seemd I lived the moment -
It seemed I lived a life.
Thine was the glory -
When the summer flamed up and brightened the liaison,
To bless me, I devoted myself and assured the consequence,
I was honored by the moral dignity -
And I adored it, till my endurance evinced the realisms...
Thine was the glory -
I valued her for once and it seemed I lived the moment -
It seemed I lived a life. 
Thine was the glory -
When the sun doomed behind the roaring clouds,
To lust me, I drenched myself and coused along with the mizzle,
I was lipped by the wishful drops -
And I sheltered it, till my love stormed with the illusion...
Thine was the glory -
I endured the roarings and it seemed I was only living those moments -
As it only seemed I was living a life but not a realism.

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

In The Mourning

(the sun rises) he gains consciousness and notices the beautiful woman laying
next to him.."WHA...WHAT HAPPENED??" her hair pitch brown skin..the sheets hug
her curves...she sleeps so beautiful...did he have something to do with her exhaustion..if
only he could remember... She turns and opens her the sun hits her brown eyes she
speaks.."good morning baby"..."good morning to you too" his face still puzzled as to who
she really is.." is everything okay hunnie??"..."I don't know..I can't remember.." his
mind blank to her existence.."can't remember what?"...he slightly pauses the
replies.."you" he leaves the bed she grabs his arm and tears well in her eyes.."so
you don't remember this??" she raises her hand wielding a gold wedding band..encrusted
with bright canary diamonds in a uniquely made pattern..his face dropped..and so did her
tears.."HOW COULD YOU FORGET??" but I'm his condition he couldn't find an answer...his
mind..diminishing by the hour..but..thing..returning to him...he remembers...he dress..the
smile on her face that day..but something was missing..a huge gap of could
he forget.."I REALLY DON'T KNOW" he walked out of the room into the bathroom..leaned over
the sink...and another came back..her standing behind him...caressing his back.."I can't
live without you baby" but why...why are these memories not there ??..he washes his
face..and she walks in...stands behind him and rubs his back.."I can't live without you
baby" DEJA VU..."last night was so amazing..can't you just act like you still love
me..please.." his face said everything.."I wish I could remember what you are talking
about" he notices no ring on his finger..what really happened..?? WAIT...there it
is..him..her...they..yea that's it..."I'm supposed to pick up the divorce papers today"
she backed away..and he felt her heart drop... It hurt..hurt more than any gunshot
wound..more that a limb being torn off... And he showed no emotion..they had the world in
their hand..that night..but in the morning..the love they had..was left in that night.. . . .

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Vasava - An Untold Story 15/Many

Vasava – 
An untold story 15                                                                       15 /Many

Her beauty blended with the gift of her singing and dancing skills,
Almost made the Emperor Udiyan, 
Defeated like a surrendered king.
Without Vasava, he felt a void in his life,
Which perhaps can never be fulfilled.
To him, she seems to be the reason to live, 
And without her, it would be better to die.

Next night, it was difficult for Udiyan to resist,
His growing love for her was increasing, his impatience more and more.
Early next morning, when the Sun had hardly came out from its nest,
And the sky was glowing reddish because of Sun beams,
Which were trying to penetrate, the dark hovering clouds,
And thus making the entire atmosphere, a little more mystical
Udiyan made-up his mind to immediately see King Suyodhan.

The Emperor Udiyan requested, King Suyodhan for a chariot,
So that he may go without delay, to the place of Vasava.
How King Suyodhan could have refused to Emperor Udiyan,
A royal chariot was immediately arranged, for King Udiyan,
So that he may go, to the Art of Temple place of Vasava.

Before Emperor Udiyan departed from the Palace,  
King Suyodhan once again, tried to convince and persuaded Udiyan,
Not to go to Vasava’s place, as it was futile to expect,
Molding her long cherished devotedness, for music and dance.
But Emperor Udiyan said, he wanted to see her once again,
And was hopeful that she would agree to marry him.

Reaching the abode of Vasava, known as Temple of Art,
Udiyan sent his message through her maid, Nirupama,
To tell her that Emperor Udiyan has come to meet her,
Before he goes back to his kingdom of Ujjain.

The maid of Vasava, showed due respect before Emperor Udiyan,
And took him very respectfully to the adjoining room,
Meant for royal guests like King Udiyan.
She went after making Emperor Udiyan comfortable,
To convey the message of the King Udiyan.


Kanpur India  3rd May 2010                                 to continue in 16

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we are history
your shadow 
covers me
the sky above 
a blaze that only true love could see..
i wish i could say no regrets
and no emotional debts
and as we kiss goodbye
the sun sets
so we are history
the shadows cover me
a blaze only tue love could see
he wlks away
the sun goes down
he takes the day
but im almost grown 
and its ok
in this shade
i try my best to dry my eyes

Details | Prose Poetry | |

The Sins I Commited When I Loved Him Too Much.

I knew the rules, the engagement of us, he had a wound on his chin, he told me it was ages

he told me about her, he never spoke her name softly enough.

I sat on floors as I looked out windows, I stared for the time it took him to pull his
jeans up, I heard his fingers fumble at the button, his callouses rubbing against metal
and the quick goodbye of a zipper, and I knew it was summer, but the sun seemed to mock
me, the sun rose two hands too far for me to feel her.

“One day, one day, you'll love only me,” I whispered to myself, loud enough to break the
silence but quiet enough so he wouldn't know he had hurt me, though my tone wasn't
convincing and I could never stop the tears.

I pressed my back against pillows and sunk quietly into where he lay his head as I closed
my eyes, I made myself familiar with the fabric of blankets, the soft pattern of quilts
and discovered a new way to hide, and I hid from him so he would stay...

I would have done anything if he would just stay.

He reached over to kiss me, to touch my cheek and run his hand over the freckles no one
ever saw, he smiled for a second, for the moment it took for me to curl up into him, my
lashes tickled his arm, my tears traced over his tattoo and I found it hard to let go.

I composed myself, I looked into his eyes, I thought about how sad it was that I begged
for him even when he was right there, I stopped for a second when he opened his mouth, I
followed the trails of his breath as if they were swimming through my air, and he told me
that I was the only one who ever made him happy...

I shook my head, I blinked and found love to be ironic because the feel of him was killing
me, I kissed him, lips meeting and sins committed, and for the time it took him to walk
out my door, I turned my head and stared out my summer promising window...

just to watch him leave.

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Passion between us

Passion between us

Love to cuddle you I swear
Like you’re my “BIG” teddy bear

You caress my skin
I feel the passion within

You hold me close
Like your body’s my robe

Protecting me boldly
Cause’ I’m your one and only

We fall asleep in sync
To the melody we breathe

We wake on the sun rise
Write with me as we lay on the beach side

Drift away with me
As we sip Daiquiri’s

We flow gracefully like the waves
Flow up on “life”…..”SAVED”

As the sun sets in our eyes
Meditations mesmorize

We drift off in our dreams
Live…love…joy…we’re serene…

I’m whispering gently…
“Goodnight papi”

By: Aleasha Martin

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As the sun shines so brightly 
    I am always playing cheerfully 

Makes me realize that I have grown into 
    An energetic personality I can call my own; 

Excited about being close to Mommy & Daddy 
    They're so special! 
        Playing with my sister 
            And even looking for a seashell. 

Listening to my heart and soul 
    When expressing my feelings in art 
         Or whatever I like to do; 

I live in a world of happiness and joy, 
    Of confidence & determination 
        That special glow; 

Always surrounded by the love 
    That I have come to know. 

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An Ode to Birth and Death

Darkness ended, Winter released her icy grip; budding crystals soon began to drip.

The Earth then tendered, its surface filled with life; Spring now wed to Summer, the
radiant rays piercing the frozen skies.

But Beauty gives way to Destruction and forests turn to tinder.

Here lies the crossroads, an Ode to Birth and Death.

A flower that slowly bloomed left stranded now in late Spring, scorched by Summer’s rays,
but oh its beauty still remains.

It lives on desolate ground. A mind unfolded, it's heart retouched.

And at last outlasted a depression that once did rule. And you the fair Demise, how will
you compromise? When we together win the prize.

Flailing futilely in a sea of lies; the Fountain of Youth was found, its waters tainted.

Perhaps it’s best not to toy with Life and Death.

The Seasons unwillingly shifting, the Sun now in full bloom, and the flower starts to wilt;

Beautiful, as death begins to set, while Summer touched the Earth.

Petals fall away like tear drops on the skin, and light penetrates in a wonderful array.

Ever growing heat, now begins to drain them of life, while petals turned to dust, carried
away in gusts.

Together fertilized, yet unaware, it only dares to bring about despair.

Death gives back again to Life; an early end to a late start.

A new beginning comes from dust and decay, as the Summer sun now fades away.

The burning skies teaming with gray.

Death takes a new form; white, blinding, crushing and consuming.

Oh but gorgeous it remains, In time, life grows again,

Coming from the wastes of a flower that late bloomed.Yet life anew begins too soon.

In Winter’s last grasp, her touch did drain, when frozen ashes did remain;

Here is life’s penultimate breath, the greatest Ode to Birth and Death.

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My moon light

It's time I put you in your rightful grave.
Time to put the dirt over your night lit face.
It's time to face the sun light, leaving the beautiful safe memories.
It's time I find my sun and leave my dark cool moon.

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A heart-breaking mission

The chains are finally broken
The sun is sleeping deep
Opportunities ahead; time the token
To have this hurdle leaped

It’s sad your hero has to leave
To fight against the world
It’s sad I have to be the one
To leave your heart in pieces

Your Romeo has to win the fight
To get back the magical key 
That can lock our angelic haven tight
From the enemies of our love

Honey, remember our endless dreams
Remember how our souls met each other
The times we chatted the night away
And our hopes of being free one day 

The pain will be short with the rewards much

If you’ll heal yourself with memories
And listen to my voice deep within your heart
If you’ll stay strong for me, my love
I’ll return and we’ll make many babies

For when you are weak, I am weak
And when you are foolish, I am foolish

I’ll return with the moon, my baby
With the birds singing after me
And the sun ever-shining on your beauty
I’ll kiss your breath away
Into our dream garden
Where our love won’t be bothered

Please let me break your heart just once
For I’ll mend it when times are good
And the war is over
Lest we suffer folly in the name of love

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The sun has set, yet the moon hasn’t waxed
I stand in the screaming darkness
Seconds, minutes and hours pass
There is not a single star in the evening sky
The wind blows against me
He scorches my face, my hands…  my soul
Extreme heaviness is all around
Around my heart, inside of me
Silver Angel, my sun has set!
Ceres gazes on me not!
The night is empty
Silver Angel, come to my aide!
Be swift with your blow
Strike Home!
Take me away ebony mist
Take me to my sun, where it forever shines. 

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Through The Seasons

God brought us together                            
Don’t you know it’s true?                                            
So love me every day    
Promise that you do
Love me through the sun                            
Love me through the rain                            
Love me all you can                                                        
And I will do the same
Love me through the Fall
Orange and red in the trees
Just like a light jacket
Let your love rain over me
Love me through the Winter
When snow is everywhere
Cuddle me and show me
That your love will never fail
Love me through the Spring
Yellow flowers in my hair
The sun helping growth
Like the love that we both share
Love me through the Summer                  
On those hot and humid days
Watching the sun set
With a loving sort of gaze
Love me all year long
Through the bad and through the good
We’ll start all over next year
Just like a great love should

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Another love story

The sun shook
With tremor to his core
‘t was going to be shunned, he knew
Looking at what was coming from the North.

Clouds of doom
Spreading across the sky
Obliterating its view
To the blue planet, its favorite sight.

Felt such pain
For the earth was his child
Wondered when he would see it again
What could it do? And he felt weak inside.

The moon came
And with her, the sun knew
It still shone, renewing its faith
The sun understood the moon loved earth too.

And the sun
Fell deep in love with her
That is why they meet now and then
Watching the earth like their child, together.

By CarolineCecile – 12/17/11

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Her Memory

Her light blue piercing eyes
Made the most beautiful flowers sigh
In the afternoon when the sun was high in the sky
Her light tanned skin glowed
As the sunsets
As she sits by the sea
She more to me than I could see
The trees swayed towards her
The sun shined for her
And the sun waits for her…
The wind blew past her
Then faster and faster
Spun around her
And as the sun set for her
It still rises for her too…

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Live like theres plusure to be found

The sun dies and the moon comes to life,....

I lay awake dreaming, what life could be like,....

If I could turn back the hands of time,....

And live life from the beginning with Rhyme....

As tears lay dormant and my cries remain silent,....

My past attacks me with a depression so violent,....

I try and count the stars, but I get lost in my confusion,....

I try to recall good times and end up with an illusion,....

I can’t see what is real and I can’t feel what fake,....

So how do I live when life is too easy to break?....

I laugh, I cry, I stand, I sit, I live, I laugh, I try to forget,....

All the pain but my memories, always insist,....

Push and shove until I give in,....

This demon is to evil, how I can win,....

I lost my heart; I found a block of ice,....

I replaced it so now I shall remain cold for life,....

I try and change but this pain keeps reminding me,....

That no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be free,....

From my past. From this unyielding pain,....

And that I will always live within a storm of constant rain,....

.. ..

So as the sun dies and the night sky comes to life....

I try and count the stars, with hope that everything will be alright....

I pray that my pain will cease and that my mind will slow down,....

So until it does, I shall live like there is still pleasure to be found....

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the masteries dream

“The masteries dream”
Every night i seem to have the,
The seem masteries dream.
It begins with snow and ends with rain,
And has sun in between.
I start in the snow by a house,
So big and grand.
It’s look like i have been crying,
But i still don’t under stand.
I see a guy in the distance,
And the snow begins to stop.
I begin to smile,
 As I can see a guy smiling back at me.
I can see his face but not for long,
As it begins to fade.
It doesn't matter what happens in this,
House but every thing seem to drain. 
But than the sun begins to shine,
As a new day has arrived.
But the house has gone,
And so have i,
And there are mourners by a my grave.
Aah then i wake up of fear,
To check if i am alive,
Before going back to sleep,
 to see the terrible dream inside.
As the weather has change again,
As now it begins to rain.
All i could see was a little girl,
swing on a chair with a cat between her feet.
Singing a song of loving treats, 
And about her mother never,
Giving up in defeat.
So that was my masteries dream,
As it always seems to fad at the end.
If it’s ever comes true, You will be the first to now, 
As i never give up in defeat.

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The Solar Windmill

God teaches us humility through our humanity
He offers us salvation to chose, to know
The valley of the shadow of death doesn’t need a torch,
He's the way, the truth and the 'light'
Life experiences teach us philosophy 
The road less travelled offers true enlightenment 

There’s no greater symbolism of life than a sunrise
It is reminiscent of the book of Genesis, “Let there be light”
It is the slow opening of a beautiful eyesight from prolonged darkness
Of a proud father smiling at his children and their loving mother
His heartbeat is seeing the happiness they hold in their faces 

Nothing compares to feeling of the warmth of the sun's rays on your skin
There’s a hidden power descending, working from within like an answered prayer
That gives you, the earth pure energy, simultaneously like a water sprinkler
Tapping into the universe, harnessing the ultimate force 
Love is the garden at the centre of the cosmos, the source, the roots

The silent wind blows through multidirectional space
No gale wind can rival the ferocity of even the slightest whiff
Entire worlds tumble at its dragon breath
Pumping sunlight that gives rise to water and heat
The silent wind rises through a vacuum like a swinging sickle

A gust of sunshine riding a particle on a mission of love
To care for more than just what it was meant for like a golden fan
There’s a uniqueness about our blue-water like sphere
A significance that allowed this orbit to have an existing planet 
A purpose we must fulfil as the silent wind allows us to plough in these cornfields

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Those Three Words

The darkness of nights are made safe and warm being by your side
The cold days of winter are warmed by your embrace
The clouds of rainy days suddenly open
The lighting of distant storms are made silent

The sun glistens off the ocean blue
The waves announce there presence crashing on the shore
The wind swept mountains stand tall and proud
The tree branches in the valley sway to the breeze

In the darkness of the night, the stars fall across the sky
The moon, with its bluish rays, lights the earth below
Beginning the dawn of a new day, the sun breaks the horizon

All of this happens because you said these words
All of this happens because you said these words from your heart
All of this happens because you make me so happy 
All of this happens every time you say these words, I Love You

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Loves Rain

When love is fading it seems like it dies 
But like the sun it will continue to rise

Just like the sun must also set
We hit low points in our love lives that we often regret

But the moments you share will continue to grow
Like a flower in the spring with a luminous glow 

There will be a few rainstorms along the way
But with rain, flowers grow day after day

You should nourish your love like a garden of flowers
When it down pours just bask in the showers

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Rain rain go away come back another day
Was a song that was trapped in our brain and we always say
But did we really want the rain to go away
Just because we liked the sun we would betray
Some can jump up and shout hooray
But we are selfish and we had our own act of foul play

Rain was the one element that washed the world clean
No matter if you were thirteen or nineteen
Or even somewhere in between
We all had are troubles but when the rain came we were whipped clean
No matter how dirty we may have been the rain cleaned our screen

Thy sun was thy enemy as it kept the pain and anguish there
But thy rain hid thy tears in which we could not bare
Kissing in the rain is something that nothing can compare
Rain rain go away is something we declare
But little did we know the rain was the handyman and would always repair
No matter if you sitting in your rocking chair
Or hugging your favorite teddy bear
The rain always played some part in your love affair

Natural disasters can come at any time 
A hurricane to twist your emotions then drown you whole
A tornado so send you on a spiral in which you could never imagine
A flood in which you become to overwhelmed but everything around you
An earthquake to shake your feelings up about the one you so call love
Lightning to strike your relationship and make it come to an end

Yet we sing rain rain go away come back another day
Rain is a calming and peaceful sound that lives on in our ear
We should open our minds until they are clear
We ask the love in our life to go away 
And we want the pain to stay
It’s funny how we stand in front of someone and display
The pain we have and still don’t want the clouds to turn grey

We are addicted to pain like cocaine
And it’s something me must pull ourselves from and restrain
Because if we don’t break this chain
We will all wind up going insane
So yall can choose to have the natural disasters and think you will be put at some gain
But I will always choose the rain

Rain rain stay awhile for thou not know what you bring

© Jeremy Fennell

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A smile that never reaches her 

A laugh that never reaches her 

A hug she cannot feel

A numbness that is everlasting 

Numb to the world around her 
but not the pain inside

The allure of love and the false 
hope it provides

Beckoning to her like the 
warmth of a sun rise 

Filling her eyes with light, a 
change from the sticky dull of 

A light that soon fades, 
dripping out in the tears she 

Her heart flooding with pain, 
and drowning in tears 

Waiting for the sun rise to 

Through the dark night she 

Tears of anguish wash away 
her pain

The sun rises for another day

The smile fake, and 
misleading, but it keeps the 
questions away

To start another day and end 
another night

Anxious for the day to last 

To end her waking pain, and 
kill the darkest night

The lingering bitter taste of 
tears as it fades

The smile becoming real

The flood waters draining 

The pain being released by a 
loving hug, and a waking 

Stored away for months like a 
sleeping bear

Waiting for warmer weather to 
warm her soul, and
make her smile warm and real 

To make her... her

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Blue Bird

Blue Bird

All alone inside of my magical little paradise called my mind is an peaceful and quiet, the sun is like a gentle kiss on the cheek, and the people are just so warm and friendly but watch out because if you open your eyes everything you once knew will be gone. This magical little realm has an bloody little twist to it. The sun that was once as comforting as an warm blanket was in fact the glistening moon and the empty black sky, and the people are now all blood thirsty monsters that are no longer affected by the sun light are now out for blood.

I run to escape the sickening but yet oh so enticing scent of blood and failure, I run to escape the screams of those who's lives were cut just too short, and I run to escape the sight of the undead, blood thirsty zombies who are on the hunt for others to join their group. I'm running, running to safety and security but all the time there's nothing but pit falls and traps. I'm running and success isn't that far away but just then I see prince charming I stop and become distracted by his promising words but just then he too becomes a monster. I scream and try to run but I just can't you trap me in fire and I can't escape. 

My mind goes numb, I can feel the darkness further enclose around me, my mind goes blank, and I forget about everything. On the inside I'm screaming, fighting, kicking to get away but on the outside I'm a love sick puppy. I know I'm stronger than this but there's something about you that I just can't get over. Just as the darkness seems to grow closer an light appears and an blue bird fights off my nightmare monster and takes me back to my snowy paradise where I'm safe and at peace and I continue my lonely dark and cold path to my brightly lite future with the little blue bird by my side reminding me that I am and will forever be loved by both my family, people who actually care about me, and god.

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So you say...

Had I not looked into your eyes
Seen that darkness brewing there
Had I not held your hand and felt the amber turning cold
Had I not heard your wisper carried in the wind of night
Of feelings disheveled
I would have believed you when you said 

Had the sun not set and I in dreamful slumber resided
Had I not placed a hand on this solid heart of yours
Had I not called your name entertwined in mine
And felt your distancing emotions
I would have believed you when you said

Had I not felt your emptiness when you held me
Had I not heard secret whispers in secret rooms
Had I not seen your uncaring stare when I bruised by your thoughtless words
And witnessed the emptiness of your apology
I would have believed you when you said...

Today I love you, tomorrow I will love you and forever our love remains
Today I cherish you,tomorrow brings a smile to my face because I will always see you
And forever our future will remain
Today nothing compares to you,tomorrow the sun will shine upon me for I have you in my 
And forever you will remain in my heart
Today I need you,tomorrow I will always need you
And forever I will be whole with you

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Untold Lies

The sun shines down
On my broken heart again
Don't know what to do
Just waiting for the end

I can see you coming
I can feel the pain
I wish the rain would come
And wash it all away

I hear your lies
I need the truth
Your eyes deceive
Your love needs proof

I say I love you
And you say it too
But your eyes say
That's just not true

The sun shines down
On my broken heart again
Don't know what to do
Just waiting for the end

Your lips meet mine
The world disappears
Your already gone
There's nothing but tears

So now I wait
For the truth to come
But all I have 
I my lonesome song

As day turns to night
And summer turns to fall
I stand here now
For the end to call

The sun shines down 
On my broken heart again
Don't know what to do
Just waiting for the end 

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You're Here No More

You’re Here No More

I used to lie down in a bed full of teddies’ 

But I know I cannot be in that bed anymore
In the middle of the night I am missing those bear hugs 

Those warm cotton that used to comfort me whenever I got scared of the whistling sound from the outside 

But it was long gone and I am in a queen size bed where I can only feel the coldness of the night 

No more warm cotton to make me feel I’m not alone

No more whistling sound from the outside that will make me feel scared

No more reason anymore for me not to forget you

I can’t find any more reason for me not to let go 

So I’ve decided to stare at my window where flowers of red and yellow blooms 

And there I saw how the rays of the sun struck through those flowers

I was just surprise on how the ray of the sun makes those flowers blooms

How it affects those blooming creatures

How it reach out for us to make them witness

 To witness and to realized that no matter how long the journey 

At the end of that journey we will have the chance to see how beautiful and magical life has prepared for us to see 

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Missing part

Why is this so hard to say 
Isn't it another day
You are something I can't live without
In my mind and without a doubt
Everytime i see you my heart is pumped 
Everyday i feel all sunk

I think i've fallen, fallen in love
Dreams are flying like the morning dove
I see your face when i go to sleep 
Even though it wasn't meant to be
I really love you with all my heart 
It's like a movie with a missing part

As the sun rises all dreams will end
My thoughts of you will just begin
For your the picture i always see
Because it gets the best of me
The sun will set with you in my head
Cause it's taking my last breath

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Bleeding Sun With Rays Of Gold

Bleeding sun with rays of gold
I’m feeling young, not feeling old
I’m touching ground I’ve only seen
And seeing greens there’ve never been
I’m watching her grow up so fast
With skin so red as the sun passed
She’s wearing white, it fits her well
And all these people are so swell
An invitation to the event of my century
I thank you wholly for this entry
And now no sun, I’m driving home
And this is where I feel so alone
As I am sitting in my seat
With no one next to me to greet
I’m by myself again, again
But I won’t let this be the end

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lost in two worlds

                           -lost in two worlds-
On a dead log way laying the  crescent ox-bow
Illuminated by the pink sun of a drowning Sunday
They used to sit there on the fresh log
And watch the sun drift into the peaceful night
She would lay her head on her shoulder 
He would smell her dark hair and breathe and smile
She would close her  eyes and listen to the air he exuded
Warm and calm and lovely 
Their hearts would say all the sweet words they were used to
They would sit there and wish for the night to never end
Lost in this blissful world of young love.

They sit there on the dead log waylaying the crescent bore
Scorched by the pink sun of a plummeting Sunday
She places her head on his uncomfortable shoulder
The air around him seeming to choke his soar throat
She closes her eyes to squeeze a flow of warm painful tears
He ponders over the days they would miss after tomorrow
While she trusts her heart to have that feeling for him for ever
He would wish that destiny should change its mind; that he wouldn't have to go
She would be lost without him, but he has to go, away from her, get lost in the world,
Without their love to guide them. 

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Walk With Me To The Shoreline

The calm before the storm
Bids us to ignore the brewing tempest
Still the nimbus are towering beyond the horizon
As inexorably the squall line approaches our respite
Walk with me to the shoreline
For I fear not the fury
Stand with me to confront the shifting currents
And prevail the harsh elements before us
As the laden columns rise to blot the sky
And seize the light from out tomorrow
I shall rise up in contest
To ensure the continuance of our day
With a fury for the typhoon
Its winds will not deter me our days
The surf will pound around us
And violent gusts will tear at our fabric
But I refuse to be swept up in these tides
Just as these winds will dwindle to zephyrs before me
The lightning will crash and the thunder echo
But they shall gather not my attention
For I focus on the quieter seas to follow
In the days of lesser tumult
When the gentle breeze but wisps your hair
And the setting sun casts us in pleasant repose
I have seen these days before
And desire the grace of their twilight to come
They surpass any fury which can be leveled
And make as nothing the monsoon
So for now I await the storm with you here
When it arrives I shall raise my shield
To protect you from its vengeance
Will we may become dampened
We shall not drown
While we may be shaken by thunder
We shall not be disheartened
And as the seas rise around us
Our determination will summon its eye
In the morning the sun will rise again
Casting its view over the remnants
In these we will find that which we ever needed
The distractions will be blown from us
And we will sail the seas of our life
Collecting the cherished
And leaving the deadweight behind
Here in this calm before the coming storm
Walk with me to the shoreline
Trust me to shelter you
I’ll keep you ever sound
And in allowing me this protection
You shall shelter me

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i miss you

the sun shines 
like the glow of your forehead
the breez moves
like rythum of your gait
the snow fall
like your soft kisses
the eve fall
like the dark of your tresses
the rosebud blooms
like the opening of yopur lips
the dewdrops glitter
like the crystals of your teeth
but the sun and breez
snow or eve
neither rose nor dewdrops
diver my attention 
from the charms of 
my beloved beauty

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you are

you are the sun that rises in the mountains
the moon that glows in my night
every phase and every phrase
of love that shines on me

you are the blue sky during my day
and the million stars in my eve
you are the heart and soul of me
and everything in between

clouds may form and rain may fall
the mountain winds will blow
but your gentleness, your tenderness
inside me burns and glows

you are the sun that rises in the mountains
the moon that glows in my night
every phase and every phrase
of love that shines on me

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Faded Love

Once we were strong like the tall oak tree
As bright as the sun on a hot summer's day
Passion so strong you would stop and be still
Beauty as deep as the red, red rose
But now like the branch of the old oak our love has fallen
Just as the sun that  fades into the deep, deep darkness so does our love
As we move quickly in the hustle and bustle of the day
We forget to be still and so then our love is forgotten
Just as the beauty of the rose faded so did our love
And so it seems this is a story of faded love

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Reality onto a Bright Sunshine

Like the bright sun in the heavenly sky,
Thy presence enlights mine everyday path.
Eyes of angels and smile that makes shy
He who fall onto its trap like a strath.
I dare'd not look beyond thy dainty eyes
For I fear seeing them for the last time.
Yet, I am feeling the near broken ties
Which hold us together for a lifetime.
Perhaps 'tis the last time I'll hold you close
Enough to feel our harmonized heart.
I Refuse to make the same gaffe and chose
To touch thy lips with mine before we part.
Only to open my eyes to bright beam
Of the morning sun from a lucid dream

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Twilight love

The stars shine bright and clear love
I hear the wings of a peaceful dove
The look in your eyes shines through me
My heart and my soul are really free
Since I met you nothing has gone awry
No longer am I alone to cry and cry
The stars in the sky shine just for you
The sun shines on me since I'm not blue
I laugh and dance, I sing and I smile
I haven't felt this good in quite a while
I used to hate darkness and the moon
I was weary of the sun at high noon
Scared to sleep and even to just live
Now I am happy with oodles of love to give
The light in my eyes is because of you
Your heart is pure, your love is true
I dream of you at night with perfect love
I now know how to overcome and rise above
All the hatred, the pain and hurtful things
None of that, my heart now forever sings
Our love is like stars at the twilight hour
You made me grow into a beautiful flower

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Pride and prejudice

Huddled inside his feathery frame, basking in his mellowing warmth, behind the horizon the sun rose and dawn came, and the dove awoke with fright and alarm. She had to fly for none must know, that her heart's with the raven. And she flew leaving her heart behind, only to wear a mask among her own kind. She played along as they tweeted with voices loud, their diction coated with malice and disdain.. She could do nothing but to their every word bow, while her tender heart bled and pained. Tangled in their rusted chain, she waited till the first star spawned. Bidding goodbye with a smile that she feigned, she wound the clock to the time before morn. As the sun crept to the other side, the dove lost herself in his love so wide. With their body and soul now entwined, they made love, when everything was so beautiful and fine.

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Through The Seasons

God brought us together                            
Don’t you know it’s true?                                            
So love me every day    
Promise that you do
Love me through the sun                            
Love me through the rain                            
Love me all you can                                                        
And I will do the same
Love me through the Fall
Orange and yellow in the trees
Like a light jacket
Let your love rain over me
Love me through the Winter
When snow is everywhere
Cuddle me and show me
That your love will never fail
Love me through the Spring
Yellow flowers in my hair
The sun helping growth
Like the love that we share
Love me through the Summer                  
On those hot and humid days
Watching the sun set
With a loving sort of gaze
Love me all year long
Through the bad and through the good
We’ll start over next year
Just like a great love should

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A Driving Force : A World Apart

We were like the sun in the month of May Now we're like June, with the sun gone astray Like Ice on a July mornin Now, we don't belong We were like sand on the beach; so cleansing & smoothe But now we're like the shore, that's washed away We used to be sunshine on a cloudy day Now we're like the clouds, Gloomy & gray We used to connect on so many different levels But now, we're so far apart, there's no reception Now we can't talk We have no connection Our bond was so strong it could not be broken Now it's broken down with words unspoken We used to finish eachother's sentences, but Now we speak a different language We used to care about eachother,but Now we care about ourselves We used to get eachother,but Now we get tired We used to work things out,but Now we're both fired Used to be in our own world,but Now we're on different planets Used to share a mind,but Now,our thoughts are hard to find We used to know eachother so very well,but Now we're strangers We used to be joined at the hip,but Now we're a thousand feet away No force could pull us apart Now a driving force has separated our conjoined heart. .

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The Love Song (part 2)

Yes indeed I do believe there will be a time 
when I shall again know the sound 
of a beating heart sleeping beside me. 
Till then I should live the endless nights 
of recreating the sounds with my fingertips. 
Dream of only you, the want, the need of your beating heart 
so I may rest my head, lay softly upon your sweet breast, 
kiss your breath in the lovers sun setting passionate dream. 
Do I dare still dream or yearn for such a treat 
that makes the spreading of wild flowers in spring 
(the season of your birth)
seem less than a miracle? 
Do I dare disturb the course of the universe, 
the faith of the spirits, 
the paths my life has been handed unwillingly? 
Do I dare for the minute? 
Yes indeed I do presume, 
to be so bold, to believe.

I have known eyes such as yours 
staring out from the deep cracks of shadowed walls, 
I have known a tongue as spiteful as yours, 
but never as cold or dead locked in the reality of what is a true write. 
Laugh at yourself do you? 
The doubt is reassurance enough for me. 
It is eyes and tongue’s such as yours 
that cause people to jump from the bridge on a cold night. 
Be sure that tongue of yours don’t end up spitting out the butt-ends of rancid lies, 
that’s when the crack and drink take over innocent lives, 
that’s when a bridge on a cold night 
seems like your only friend.

Shall I part with the memories once and for all, 
leave behind the deceased ramblings of the past, 
or should it be that I walk with you through valley’s of golden sun 
for the remaining days my eyes look upon this earth? 
We have lingered together far too long, 
now I fear the voices within will wake me from this love song 
and I shall drown.

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Dream Big

~ Dream Big ~ It is hard to believe Sixteen years have passed Since the day you were born A bundle of joy The apple of your Dad’s eyes Your Mom’s little princess Her baby girl I knew it then and I know it now You are special Always will be The sky has no limit Neither does the Stars, Sun or Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ Over the years you have grown Into a beautiful young lady Full of love Compassion and Kindness I love you so very much The sky has no limit Neither the Stars, Sun nor Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ Here is to you One of the most beautiful girls I the world While some may say I am partial to you I know it is true Just keep being you The sky has no limit Neither the Stars, Sun nor Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ It’s your sweet sixteen However nothing is as sweet as you I love you so much I love you like my own You will always be The apple of your Daddy’s eyes Your Mom’s little princess Her baby girl Yet you are growing up so quick I wish nothing but the best for you I believe in you The sky has no limit Neither the Stars, Sun nor Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ Happy Birthday Michelle Love Aunt Jean

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I sit by a window.......

i sit by a window,
waiting for the sun to shine.
life is usually sunny,
full of laughs and smiles.
but now i just don't know.
i'm just so confused
about so many things.
what should i do?
i know that if i hold out,
things will get better.
sometimes i am in a tunnel.
and theres always a light at the end.
its always my friends and family.
they are always there for me.
i will always and forever love them.
i sit by a window,
my sun is shining through.
i know that i have made it
through the darkness and the pain
i guess what i am trying to say is that,
i love my friends and family with my whole heart.
i hope that they know this.
cause i know that they love me.
ill survive another day.
thanks to my friends and family.

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If I Could Again

Remembering the sun those days
the smell of the sea
northwest breeze.
A thought flew thru me
hit me brought me back again
is that you?
I close my eyes 
stumble around the rocks
a memory saved of you I find.
Then another thought flows thru me
hits me while I'm here
must be you.
Time got lost inside my mind.
But thoughts of you I always find.
Open my eyes not here I cry.
Take me to the beach where seagulls fly.
I close my eyes to dream of you.
I close my eyes to dream I'll be with you.
I close my eyes to love on you.
I close my eyes to dream to be with you.
Those summer nights with friends at parties
we were young once
flying kites.
As the sun covered me
the ocean deep blue
I remember set you free.
Now I watch those good old times
in my head
favorite movie I hit rewind.
What I remember most with you
lieing there all night
with you feeling right.
Time got lost inside my mind.
Memories of you I always find.
I close my eyes just to have that time to dream of you.
At the beach where seagulls fly.
With you if I could again I would again with you.
I close my eyes just to dream of you.
In my dream I could again with you.
Oh yes with you all over again.
Twice a million times with you.
Its you with I would again.
If I could again oh yes,
I would with you again.

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Celestial Rumours

Sunbeams kissed your shoulders

As you stirred beneath the sheets

Dancing on your sweet neck

And caressing your cheek

Your coffee skin turned golden

With kisses of the sun

Delighted by the whispers

Of our nocturnal fun

It knew where it could find us

To smile into our room

From nights celestial rumours

That were started by the moon

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sun will you rise

Oh sun will you rise
and dry these tears from my eyes
I hope the sun shines brightly on the path that brings you back to me 
A time when all i knew was we 
quiet now the ocean's still
broken is my heart's will
A time when I knew so much 
How I long for your fleading touch 

day dreaming memories is all i have left 
From the love that i once kept 
 I once held you and touched your face 
now i feel its all was a waste 
For my name you no longer call 
Keep building this wall 
that helps you forget the memory of me 
until you no longer remember we 
oh sun will you rise 
and dry these tears form my eyes
I hope the sun shines brightly on the path that brings you back to me
A time when all i knew was we

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The Stranger and The Fence

I held onto the top and looked over the fence
with a mighty jump and lift. The fence was so high
I struggled to see what was beyond.
It had taken all my strength to get near the top.
I had seen a glimpse of a man's head!
I knew someone was there on the other side! 
I had been walking that day, and the day before
that and many days before that. I had seen this fence in the 
distance when I was travelling and could not see where neither 
left side nor right side ended. So, I had approached the fence looking for a door. 
No door. A continuous fence? I had never seen one before. I called out gently,
'Hello?' '
'Hello there!' came the response.
It seemed we were both in the same predicament; 
Both wanting to get over the large picket fence. 
So we talked. We both sat. Talked till the Sun went down.
It got chilly. Sat with our backs to the wall to keep warm.
The Sun was on its way up. He had made me laugh through
the breezy night. I had forgotten myself. My situation.
He had taken my heart and I did not know.
'Well what are we to do?' he finally asked. 'Our journeys seem to coincide, maybe 
we can go together?'
I smiled, agreed.
He attempted to climb over and fell back down.
I did so too. I could not grip myself onto the fence anymore.
We both became determined but we did not succeed. Tired, bruised and angry. 
We sat on either side and panted out our dismay.
'I cannot get over.' He finally gave up. 'Nor I.' I shook my head.
'Time is running out for me.' We both said in unison and laughed.
'I must go on my journey.' He stated, my heart hurting.
'Same here.' I wiped my stray tear.
'Well I know we cannot shake hands, but maybe you can reach my fingertips at 
the top?'
I sniffed a smile, saw his fingertips, jumped and touched them
'Maybe we will meet again.'  He said solemnly. I heard his steps.
'I have a notion we are not even walking in the same direction after all.'
I said, the situation worsening. We said our sad goodbyes.
I walked on for an unknown time, parallel to the overbearing fence, 
a heavy feeling in my stomach. I looked up and saw hinges on the fence. 
A door in the distance! I ran, my eyes hungry for such a sight! I swung the door 
open embracing the other side. 
Eyes wide, heart racing, I looked desperately for my true love. My expression 
slowly faded, my glee dropped as I stood on his empty side of the fence.
He was gone.
I dropped my bag by his old footprints. My mind raced making decisions.
I followed.

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ON A DARKLING PLAIN[for blackrose]

The sun has set on our harried noon,the owl
play elegy on the lintel of gathering  a dusk,
serenating sounds scour the soul,with searing rhythm of pain,
a ricocchet of cracking hearts,heard above the beatitudes muttered in chilling 
morsels or whispered from tyrant heights

 The sun has set on a blasted noon,we grope 
in the choking darkness for a flicker,to guide 
our faltering feet,while vultures above,attracted 
by the stench of our dying dream,eyele migrates 
with its burden of goodwill,leaving a chaotic order in
our haunted lair
agbe add a soprano of loneliness and seething sorrow,aluko
supply a dirge for grandstanding cleric and mumbling mullahs
who concoct hatred with fashionable false and 
deodorized dogmas

The sun has set,yet dross of care maul the heart
while hope gallop like a trojan horse 
to armageddon
we are familiar strangers in a season of tsunamis,praying
forlornly for sun's soothing rays,but

Will dry bones ever rise again 
on this darkling plain?

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The Jig Is Up

When Irish eyes are smiling,
And the gymnast smile extends to curve her petal-red lips,
That's when she'll let her waves fall down with the grace of 
a faerie.

If in a wheat field the sheathes would glow ember's 
And the stalks rippled hypnotically in the air's current,
Under the sparkling current then you'd know,
Sunna was making things in her own image,
And that Freyr sent my love.

She came to the North --
Well, going east really -- to train dogs,
But instead she found this puppy.
This lost puppy with this transmutable, caravanical home.
And he rolled onto his back and pouted and stuck out his 
Although she had not come North looking for love.

The gadje girl couldn't find a caravan with open doors, but 
it was okay
Because she housed the puppy in this chamber.
She'd been using the space, but she was sure the puppy 
wouldn't encroach
On that vital process.

I had long hair but hers was longer,
Especially when she'd release the current to drift warmly 
through my belly.
That petal-red, crescented acrobat would swing lazily 
through the air,
And slowly bring her arc briefly tangential to my own, easy 
fool's smile.

I'd trail my finger across her milky surface,
Tracing declarations I hoped would not simply ripple out 
to rejoin the glassy surface.
My trailings would sometimes provoke a peal of laughter,
My professions mistaken for a frog or a fish
Unnoticed until the water plinks at its reentry.

Dark black Faerie had followed her to Finland.
But it did not try to tempt me with its own bruise-like 
Nor would it taint ribbons of rot through the wheat 
It took on her guise and sunny disposition, unnaturally,
And to this hazy realm I found myself drawn.

It was a summer season and I,
Surrounded by sun near the top of the world,
Craved to be in sunspot's queer shadow.
But the heavenly sun moved on in her orbit and my 
earthly sun neared again,
And I noticed the cracked guise of Faerie could not 
illuminate my nights.
The pale moon-reflection grew paler with strife.

Sunbeam's full-blooded heart closes around something 
and feels constricted.
Her puppy has become parasitic and clots her chamber 
He punches through walls because he knows
The jig is up, but footwork won't work now that he's 
worked up.

She'll see me and beam upon me for a moment,
A blinding, binding, tortuous moment.
The North is pretty desolate this time of year.

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Another Love Poem

Can every tomorrow be guaranteed?
Will our love live forever and a day?
One can’t predict what tomorrow may bring
But our love is certain as this year’s spring.
Can the sun be stopped from rising each day?
Can a bard cease writing his love poems?
If tomorrow may dawn another day
And we find the sun has lost its own way
A poet that day will write words like this:
“Tomorrows may come but then again no
Yet the love you share will prosper and grow
If the sun never cast another ray
The love in your hearts will light the way
For your future tomorrows come what may.”

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Sire Moon

He's bringing out his pencil
Clearing up his mind seeking freedom
Throwing all devastating thoughts
To describe all the pictures of sedum

I see it in different 
Colors, forms, in blues
Brightest after shining Sun
In orbits around space, it moves

Mesmerizing its beauty
Orange, White & Red
A Lunar lost in Heaven
Or hiding as Crescent

Between the Sun & Earth
Charming with its tricks
Aligned into shadows
Forming its Eclipse

Illuminates the world like a star
With irresistible gravitation
A one of a kind yet bizarre
Stalking you in rotation

Sire Moon you're a sign of the love, people seek
Sire Moon in your light, lovers lay down to speak
Sire Moon, you made us sometimes go cry
Sire Moon, you've witnessed lots of goodbyes
Like a breeze blowing my mind, Sire Moon
Mystique, rare type of monsoon
Come closer, never let go Sire Moon
I'll keep watching over, as you come & go
Go on, play my best tune Sire Moon
You're the reason, I‘ve wrote this poem

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Paints The Sky

She paints the sky with white and blue, 
With a stroke of her hand, a paradise for two. 
She paints the sky, where our love reigns true. 
But now she paints the sky with shifting clouds, dark colors, shades, and hues. 
What has happened here, in our paradise, just me and you? 
The sun has set, in this idealistic world, now bleeding down the canvas, lost and untrue.
She has raped my sky, with lines, foreign colors, and haikus. 
She riddles me lies, promising if my heart stays true, 
The sun will rise again, in this monstrosity, built in the minds of we two. 
Next time she strokes the brush, I expect bright colors, shades, and hues. 
But this time something unexpected happens, 
This time, 
She paints the sky, 

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I feel you every minute of every day

The sun brings the warmth of your heart
That shines in your radiant smile
Like a summer’s day
And sparkles in your beautiful eyes
Like the brightest stars
In the russet tones
Of a twilight sky
As the copper sun hangs over the horizon
Of a calm tropical sea

The wind brings the sweet music of your voice
And the symphonic melody of your laugh
Caressing my ears
Enveloping me in layers of sound
Like a choir of angels in a dream
A serenade in Venice
A film score in a love scene
The poetic words of everything you say
Touching my heart and soul

The rain brings the delicate scent of your skin
Washing me in the cool fragrance
Of your delicate hair
Showering me in the musky perfume
Of your embraces
Drenching me in the heady redolence
Of your passion
Surrounding me with the fragrance
Of jasmine, roses and sandalwood

The life sustaining air itself brings the essence of you
Making me tingle and vibrate
With your electricity
I feel you every minute of every day
As the sun, the wind, and the rain suffuse me
Warming my mind with the presence of you
Imbuing my body with the pleasure of you
Saturating my soul with the beauty of you
Filling my heart with the love of you

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alchemic gold within'

the sun rises and casts it's light on earth, as the sun sets, the moon appears
to cast it's shadow of darkness, with the exception of the sun reflecting it's light on 
the surface of the moon. now.........if our spiritual light has descended into matter,
our physical being, being a shadow of our spiritual self, then like the moon, in a 
sense, everything in front of us is a reflection of our spiritual self as our physical 
is a shadow of our spiritual, like the sun and the moon.
the light of the sun never sets, it only seems to set as it rises on the other half of 
the world, the moon appears to remind us of that as it casts the reflection of the 
suns light. the setting sun is like the descending of spiritual light into matter, our
physical being, like the moon, is a continuous reflection of that light, the sun never 
truly leaves us, as our spiritual light never truly leaves.
alchemy of time isn’t about turning lead into gold, it’s about the evolution of 
consciousness and the golden properties of the higher self.
what physical property on earth radiates like the sun?...uranium...and as this 
compound loses it's element of radiation, what happens? becomes lead...
in other words, as we continue to reach for the gold outside our physical nature,
we neglect the inner spiritual nature, eventually, possibly, become as lead also.
who we are inside, consciously, is what is reflected back to us, our attitude and 
personal growth becomes our perception and projection of the physical world.
our eye's are mirrors of the soul, projecting the spiritual light within', reflecting 
back the love shared. it all begins within', from original thought to intended action.
it's all about one basic principal, unconditional love, because love encompasses 
all; love conquers all. if our relationship with the divine will is strong, our outer 
relationship in accordance to all in nature is strong also. as Jesus Christ said,
" love thy neighbor as thy self "..........respect and understanding.

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love makes it through the seasons

when the leaves begin to change 
and the air becomes much colder
when the sun sets much earlier
and the mood becomes more somber

every passing day every passing hour
it changes the way i live forever
summer turns to fall and fall turns to winter
winter turns to spring and we are still together

when the sun comes up till the sun goes down
i know you will always walk through those doors
and come home and love me from january to december

you have my heart and i have yours
i know we have eternity together
i know we cant live without each other
if your not here than im not either

I know the day will come when we have to seperate
but it will be okay because we can make it through anything
i know you will wait for me and ill do the same for you
the waiting will be painful but our love is rare and true

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Since you have left, my one and only,
the sun became perfectly cold.
Its golden heart,
completely forgotten, lies in the golden cradle:
Oh, Lord, the sun is so cold,
it wrapped itself around my heart,
like a vampire's golden claw.
Its cold fingers of gold
are ripping off parts of my heart
and throwing its bloody food at death's feet.
I am looking for the shadow to save me,
the same shadow
in which you used to read my poems,
whose verses were so touching and yearning,
so perfectly life-like and human
when your soft voice sent them on their way to people's hearts.
If I knew that I'd touch the sky with my verses
and revive you
to warm my cold heart,
and the entire cold world around me,
I would agree at once to brand my verses with my own blood.
But the sun is still so cold
and shining like gold:
cold and deadly blinding;

They say that the night,
the dark night,
is the right place for dying,
but you know, my one and only,
that this is not true,
because you left me when the sun shone at its brightest,
and when the golden stream murmured across the white heavenly fields
gilding our verses.
Oh, Lord, death in a golden dress must be so noble,
when it takes the soul to meet the angels.
You know, my one and only,
that our verses
that joined us with an unbreakable brace of love and immortal memories,
these dear and painfully lively verses are my only link to you now.
While solitude whips me, I voice myself in our verses
into the sky,
to approach you
so closely as to hear your voice
when you read our verses to angels.
While the present haunts me to the past,
I am chasing my spirit towards the golden cradle
to become a blood brother to the newborn verse,
because my end is near;

They say that the night,
the dark night,
is the right place for dying,
but my place is on the golden hearse,
right next to the golden cradle,
right next to the newborn verse,
when the sun is at its warmest and brightest,
when the sun's golden hearts is lively ticking in fiery breasts –
so that death may await me in the golden cradle,
like you, my one and only,
so that we may sow our verses
along white heavenly fields:
because it cannot be any other way,
it should not be any other way
in the name of eternal love.

©Walter William Safar

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The Sun's Warm Graces

When the sun can be seen
shining down
through trees,
and the asphalt warms the palms
of pale feet,
Summer can be seen striding
towards the closest river bank.

Merrily she smiles
reflecting back the sun's warm graces,
her hand locked tightly in mine,
our pale palms nestled
like two swollen hearts
on a softened bed of pine needles.

What does she see
when she looks into my eyes so softly?
When she gently kisses my palm
what does she feel?
Is it like a gentle breeze
blowing over the river there?
Or is it like a burning sun
that evaporates despair?

On the river bank, a robin rests
his beak turned towards the sea.
Deep inside,
as her lips meet mine,
a sun burns

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As we walked alone
Under a golden sun
By the water side
Gazing unto her
Holding her tight
Under the wedging blue sky
She puts her hands in mine
Mine in hers
Her lips on mine
Bringing on me a peaceful bliss
We were not alone
We were just a shadow
In the romance of the sun and sea
But still, our romance
Shadowed the affectionate sea

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Brown eyed Beautiful lady

Brown eyed beautiful lady, dark skin glistening as the sun there shines. sweet smile, glorious eyes, making a cake with a beautiful smile, icing on her nose she laughs for a while, laughing and smiling like kids at play, the day well spent with a brown eyed beautiful lady. New year to remember, as the sun gave way its glistening shine, shining on her beauty divine, pretty as the morning, I look as she comes through the door, I stare in the moment, she captivates me like an angel, I get lost even farther as I look in the eyes of the brown eyed beautiful lady

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I'm Gone

As I beg these clouds to carry me 
Back to the cloud soft lips kissing my 
Existence breathing life into my
Life completed with arms draped 
Around me from an angel
My angel forget praying for my
Safe return I pray for rain and evil to
Return to the haven that bathes me in
Sunshine not months and oceans between
Us but a mere phone call pleading me to
Come back to you
I never wanted to leave
My life my heart waves good bye
Yet beats in pain against my ribcage 
My chest too small to own all the rage
That hold hands with not waking in 
Your gaze 
I’ll gladly be a slave shackled 
To your existence love
Perpetually within your walls

The currents of life pull me 
From your sight
Eyes once shone in my
Smiles now blink cold 
Hurt as they lose sight of my 
Equally torn face
My soul mangled in ways 
Physically impossible
Life throws away my feelings 
Discards my desire
To control my destiny yet 
Subject to the rules of said 
Destiny pull me away from
The true destiny purpose
Is to love from three inches 
Of ruffled sheets between us
Your smile immortalized in
Pictures mentally taken yet real

Is it wrong for me to want 
To sell my soul if only for 
One real glance at your smile
If only for a heartbeat 
Unlike these now sit in isolation
30,000 feet above the site 
Of our last embrace
Memories to chase till I re-live the
And re-write our story to end 
Only in sentences not encounters
Am I doomed to love you on wind 
Gusts and dreams of sunshine
Where sun smile is all I have 
Rather the memory of sun smiles
Amazing naked poetry 
Every inch a line of touching
Souls hearts beating in sync 
Dancing on “4” dance floors
Minds on the same bed
As our bodies intertwine
As lyrics of a song do
There is a story written
Us destined to be one
But it’s my turn to 
I’m gone…

And I Miss You

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The Sun bowed down to me

The sun bowed down to me
Has sent its brightest gleam
Of violet hues aglow its beams
Immersed my soul whole with its heat
To beg my heart to trust its plea.

My fears I lay aside for Thee
Choosing to believe Thy flares of heat
That soothed my yearning soul to peace
Aware Thy light my fears have freed
My heart complete I give to Thee.

The sun bowed down to me
Unworthy is the way I feel
Return to you Thy love I seek
To live my life in thanking Thee
For never will I your side leave.

By CarolineCecile
copyright © 02.14.10

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My Friend - My Love

My friend the sun is setting and the days will soon grow cold.
What is new must grow old.
The spectacular scene of swarming rays beside crystal light must dim to shade.
Those ravishing ripples will soon grow course and fun in the sun will strike a pause.
Wind will bellow like a swarm of bees or biting ants that maze the moulding mud.

To conflict but to confide will only heighten winters pride.
Damnation two competing souls will draw to an un-victorious pause.
Yet no battle is ever won to humans the war continues on.

My love, a plea is as contceptive as talk within actions truth is bred.
Cruelty is masked by normality, charms of a conquest is often too lightly walked into.
You have beaten one clever soul, whose grip was fun but turned cold.
Now deceit grows a new face one who knows not his inflicting ways.

My friend I love to waltz in summertime’s brew however dreamers fall in line.
Lions await the waiting feline. 
Crickets click and fish do swim whose lake do you jump in?

My love the summer often wins first prize but even winter has a golden side
Embellish in the colours summer offers you, but allow winter to warm you.
Lick the fire as you kissed the sun.
Feel heaven in four seasons yet to come.

My friend, loneliness will hold us down consuming us with the rain that beats us down.
My love, reverse that beating to walk what’s knew.
Enjoy your existence, the diamonds is within you.

My friend happiness is not just sun, in finding joy in the seasons four 
And loving the gems that you live for.

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I wish I knew you well ?, I wish I knew what is in your heart ?
I stepped out of my bleak, four cornered room on Sunday.
I stepped out from my sterile four walled prison to day,
walked with the sun on my face, warming the hours,
as I walked with the Ghost of you in my arm,
you, leaning into me like you used to do.
Visions of your beauty, your lovely face
graced the blue skies before me,
taking me to heavenly places
I once knew,
with you.

I saw the essence in you, dancing upon the face of
Mother Nature, Mother Earth with such joy
as your Ghost and I walked hand in hand
along the dikes (both sides) of the River
Pitt with thoughts of you and I and all
we once shared, carrying me through
the pain, the tears I shed like falling
rain drenching the earth beneath my feet.
Soggy, thoughts that we might meet once again
this time, you could feel for me, as I feel for you.

I watched the sun gaze passed the cloud cover,
wash away the ugliness, expose the whiteness,
turn the grey snow, caped mountain tops
into a clean blanket, gleaming white
and I began to wonder ?, if I will
know, no more grey skies.
Will white snow fill my eyes ?,
as I walk with the Beautiful Ghost of you,
in my arm, leaning against me like you used to do .

B. J. "A" 2
March 24th 2011
You know Xiao Ling, there is so much I would have loved to have done with and for you. I guess?, now that you have others to do for you, I will never again, know the pleasures of giving to you all that I was capable of, all that you would allow me. It saddens me Xiao Ling, to think that I will never again get to do even the little things for you .
Gone are the the oppertunities !,?, like the sun, behind the storm clouds ( your anger, your disappointments ) that have been hovering above my head like bombers waiting to drop their load on me, to watch them explode on me .
I am so very SORRY Xiao LIng, for every mistake, for every discouraging, disparaging remark / word that came from out of my mouth, for every act ( kissing, hugging, caressing, touching, etc., etc. )that upset you so .
I hope that one day you can find it in your heart to forgive me .
You have a great life !


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 The birds are singing as the sun rises in the morning
 We lie next to each other peacefully smiling
 My arm around her body two people who are one
 A level of comfort that is so high we don't even move
 The love that is being expressed is deeper than any words
 The warmth we are creating fills the room
 Now the sun peeks through curtains and we awake
 Simotaniously we look into each others eyes
 A quick kiss and another beautiful day begins
 As we both go through our daily duties
 We long for the night to spend hours together
 Uniting as one as living a dream that is reality

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One Last Note

I'm left behind once again,

Just one more goodbye I have to

Endure through but I'll be fine,

I promise. I'm strong. Honestly, I

Don't completely understand why

But even before we said goodbye

I felt our love die. I never wanted

This to happen, but I can't

Bring you back and I, have to face this,

It's over;  I don't apologize for it. I said what I had to

And you did what you had to.

That's the way this works. Sometimes with you

I got way too honest, way too up close

And personal with myself, ended up hating myself

For being so needy; but I don't need that,

This love wasn't all there was after all,

I'm finding myself and happiness without you

Though it's been slow coming. Once,

You let me have a glimpse of the sun instead

Of the mocking shadows, but we watched

The sun set, watched the roses wither and die;

And I don't regret a single moment...

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You are the most beautiful love of our lives
You make the heat of the sun soothing to the skin
You make the fear of the storm a simple excuse
You make the lightning an thunder sound like music

You are the dream of every young heart around
You are the console of many pilots of peaceful landing
You are the plaque in the hearts of men of valour
You are the stitch in time after the strong tear

Here is the beef sun dried and peppered to your taste
Here is the carrot watered and gardened to your table
Here is the bread cake of the nation fresh and sweet
Here is the temptation, wizardry and subtle witchcraft

Of the villain lurking on the verges of your conscience
But shielded by the beautiful love shining forth
A light to the narrow minded people from yonder
A pride of a nation and a prop to democratic points

But do not slander the cracked feet of the Nomads
But do not neglect the artisans and their workman-ships
But do not suffer the wisdom of the ancestors here
And betray the most beautiful trust reposed in you

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Mun and Soon

I walk through the garden of my youth,
smelling the flowers,
passing the hours,
The moonlight is shining through,
striking me dead.

The little pond at the end of the path
ripples, shakes,
for suddenly it makes
a tiny sun, with the aftermath,
of a trillion bulbs of lead.

So she sat down on a small bench,
as I watch from behind
a plant, my mind
spinning, reeling, and wrenched,
from the reality of my bed.

The moon came down and professed it’s love,
for the tiny sun,
with it’s life on the gun,
“Please! Oh, Please! My beautiful dove!”
Cried the Moon to the Sun in my head.

The Sun, of course, found a perfect charm in
this young moon,
and before soon
she said that she could see no harm in
a romance carefully fed.

I sat there absolutely terrified.
Stricken with a grief.
Quivering as a leaf,
after a while i just cried
for the Moon and the Sun were to wed.

And when they finally parted with a sigh,
Their love didn’t last,
as some in the past.
They were never together again in the sky.
At long last of a wedding bouquet.

But sometimes they see each other again,
their joy exploding the sky,
with colors of only the brightest,
Creating sunrise, and gorgeous sunsets.
regretting what they had said. 

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Laraway, Laraway

  What have I done? 
                Left you this morning out of haste,
 love and distaste for solitude?   
                Oh, what are you to think of me?  
Sorta confused about this world lifeanAll, 
                I think that some apology is in order:

	to earth moon sun and sky - - 
my humble service,
                       the living day for you Sun   
under cloud over sky around us all 
                      and I am grateful from your offering 
Nature and Earth, water open sea, 
                      gore crevasse terre   
 Sky    To you Buddha starling Sky of clouds 
                     of air of wind and birds,
 I thank you for sending  
                     my lifeforce in meditation... 
	And Moon, 

to whom I have no words, 
                    Moon for love invested 
like bankmoney    I love you most Moon
	not more than earth
                                                       sun or sky

	not more than water

	not more than nature’s wind     Speaking

but as forwords and
 backwords revolve
                               or like a spring fog or lowing mist
off the sea            (Fogbells and light)

	I think of Moon at each passing note
  	With each hair growing steadily
	suspended on sand    The overlapping plane of mountain

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(This is really a song...)

I want to see your face as the sun comes up, as the sun goes down
Each time this world spins 'round.
I want you near me as I spend my days, when I'm breathing
And breathing out again.
I want you near me everywhere I am

And all my dreams tell me, that I need you with me
I want you near me, now.
'Cause I can't think clearly with you out of my reach
I need you near me, now.

I love the way you see me inside-out, the way you take my hand
The way you make me laugh.
You hold my heart in the palm of your hand, and all this love you give 
Is truly a gift
But I never knew that love could be like this.

And all my dreams tell me, that I need you with me
I want you near me, now.
'Cause I can't think clearly with you out of my reach
I need you near me, now.

The door that let you in was a flood-gate and you overwhelmed me here
"Cause I had no defense for your love's tidal wave when you overwhelmed me here
And sometimes I get lost in amazement while you overwhelm me here
'Cause I could sit for hours listening to your breath you still overwhelm me here
Yes, you overwhelm me here

So, I want to see your face as the sun comes up, as the sun goes down
Each time this world spins 'round.
I want you near me as I spend my days, when I'm breathing
And breathing out again.
I want you near me everywhere I am
I want you near me everywhere I am

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It was very early in the morning, the sun was asleep
There was a few stars still hanging in the sky, and in the distance you could here wolves 
Frigid was the presence and the temperature bit the bones
I rose to my feet excited I was for that day I would see my love

And I began to day dream of what the day would be
I write away with my imagination only to realize she was making her way toward me
Stoked thy stood, drooling at her beauty
I made love to her with my sight

I could never forget the smile that stretched across her face
I recall her eyes, for they spoke of her inner feelings
I reached for her hand but in one breath she already had mine
Her love and affection make my world shine

The sun caressed my eyes but I would not take them off of her
I rubbed my hands on her thighs as she responded with a deep  deep sigh
Spontaneously the heat began to rise again I could not take my eyes off her eyes
Arriving at our destination I realized the sun ate the day

So I took her by the hand and made way to my chamber
I slowly began to speak to her body with my hands, they spoke of art
It must have been a million of kisses that I planted on her skin but I still felt the urge to 
bond with her more
So I came upon arrival to enter into her forever as one

inspired by true events
I love you Alley

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Just The Thought

It is always so dark and lonely at night
It does not seem possible the sun will shine bright
In the wee small hours as I sit in my cab
The world is cold and awfully drab

The thought of you warms me like the sun
Just the thought of driving homewards I come
The feel of that glow as I sit on my own
Can take away the feeling that I am alone

To know that you’ll be there when I return
Will banish the loneliness which is my concern
To greet you each morning with a hug and a kiss
Makes night time more bearable and morning such bliss
You’re the sun in my day and the sun in my night
Makes me so happy makes things all right
You light up my life through only a thought
Into my whole life the sun you have brought

So it may be dark and lonely at night
It may fill some people with dread and fright
Thanks to you my nights are clear as day
You are able to brighten my life in that way

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without a light

i roamed the earth day to day
 searching for my love
summer sun light my way

falls own change,i've lost my way.
 at last here you are
has a sudden breeze brought you?

we roamed with song and hope
 searching for a way
summer sun has left my eyes.

falls own cold has froze my heart
 left me here out of hope
my blindness has trapped me now

with broken wing and worried mind
 a chance of escape
he left me alone without a light.

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Left Your Mark

Reaching towards the sun

Waving the light through my fingers

Knowing what has just begun

The kiss we shared still lingers

I am a teenager again

Light and airy heart

Dancing together then

Our journey at it’s start

Now my hand out the window

With the breeze blowing through

That’s when I really know

All my joy is because of you

I am finally able to be free

To rid myself of the day

Of all that makes me worry

With you, they go away

I laugh again, a rare sound

With you they are infinite

Whenever you are around

My smile is a perfect fit

I hope you see and know

That I think of you day and night

That no matter where I go

You are my perfect sight

I am in awe of your presence

Like light, you brighten the dark

And I’ve been shinning ever since

You decided to leave your mark

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		At first sight of you on a warm day in the sunshine.
		By the river where you were gazing upon its beauty.
		Caught my eye when you walked a walk that was only yours .
		Deep, rich green eyes … you were a slow motion dream.
		Echoing through my head.
		For I had never seen.
		Gorgeous in such a way as you.
		How can I make you notice me.
		I love your face. I must make you notice me.
		Just when you turned to see me.
		Kindness in your eyes.
		Love struck my heart.
		My heartbeat like thundering hooves of a dozen wild horses.
		No one else was in this cloudy vision of mine.
		Only he and I in this place in my mind.
		Please, God let him see me with curious intrigue.
		Restless and excited I stood there.
		Silence was eerie as he began to move.  Away from me walked.
		Trying to draw him back my way with my thoughtshts.
		Unable to speak I stood there paralyzed.
		Very soon he was out of sight.
		Who was he I wanted to know him, to possess him, to melt into him.
		Young I was when that chance at love passed me by, 
		That warm day in the sunshine by the river.

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Shining Forever True

Lady you make the fire burn warm inside beauty
arising sun setting deep radiant reflections glimmer

Mirror of happiness who sings most beautiful in daylight
tonight a million stars may shine upon waves silver dance

Taking a spirit inside the truest heartbeat sparkling diamond luster
only one who holds forever treasuring each passing moon howls 

You came to me each waking new day immortal winks
beating soft tender drum rolls echo deeply love a faraway paradise

Soulful emotions shines golden within emotions pearl drops
unchaining a dream the waterfalls flowing to the ocean sing

Silken soft ribbons tie feelings inside bound one knot touching
always the flickering candle lights shadows dance with truth 

Details | Pantoum | |



As the sun moves o’er the sky and never ceases
To warm the life we see around us:
So  I follow my orbit around you
And stop for nothing even for a moment.

To warm the life we see around us
I search constantly for your sweet love 
And stop for nothing  -  even for a moment -
On   my  unending  journey.   

I search constantly.  For your sweet love
I will forsake  anything and everything.
On  my  unending journey 
There are no hesitations or stops.

I will forsake anything.   And everything  -
Everything  -  in my life points only one way.
There are no hesitations or stops
In the glow and flow of  your radiant  warmth.

Everything in my life points only one way  -
So,  I follow my orbit around you,
In the  glow and flow of  your radiant warmth, 
As the sun moves o’er the sky and never ceases.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .

Written for  Paula Swanson’s  Contest    “Pantoum”

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inferno yawn

rise and shine deflect common sense while white dilapidated guts spawn oppossing beats an treats that are not so daring as uncommon feats and relativity clings to gravity and in spite of everything nothingness has texture while tasting peripheral anxiety and a habit with no friendly reputation thats ever the same while changing the channels of worn out waves and pick me ups spinning invisible collisions and whose glancing judgements color lessons and love songs and frustration taken aback with the same acceleration as calm sighs and backgrounds and colorful harmonies whose chances of fate dare speculative rhythmic pixilations that lack for words that were not easy in context but preferable and the memorized bass of an unhappy day can't mold guilt nor regretful smiles shyly content for the moment and it will pass like it or not they stay the course and take a chance and listen to a suggestion and you just never know hard work and disappointment can color statements and tug judgement and the sum of comfort quake like a landslide with hypnotic flashes of sensory recognition that cannot relax nor take the intangible paying attention and in between today's brazen and challenging statements that smile and feel it all like a whisper of a happy hurt while sensory breezes determination and hopeful wonder turning while crashing sequential harmonic miracles and so what's said after the dead is opening floodgates of fear and hunting for beauty while recognition hints of a champion like disposition and lawless sensibilities cater to the masses and aligning nuances making way for challenging statements faded purple cheap and reasonable hesitation and coming apart innocence begging impractical indifference and action of supreme suspicion and four legged masters of intention rest with eyes open and the irrelevant and irresistible bite of life's stories in a world of their own lie listening and not caring and running as if someone cared about beaming perspectives and suspicion and weeping roots whose branches wither and stay together but not too close and space and grace grant appreciation for one but not the other and treasures replicas of misguided history not for greater good nor for lack of trying or understanding because we're not here to rest but to learn about meaning of one another meanwhile they're on fire and frozen and fill a void and take space while providing sustenance for the human race each point of light perfect with purpose and hell bent to reach upward and downward and inward calming everything and coming together like magic the lines with hooks whose feet are endless and beyond we've no chance with exceptional unknowns and impossible tradition and all the while unknown intergalactic artists reign from the beginning to an end and a stand alone comedic front stand upright and proud with purpose and clever combinations so old by day and night and search out to not destroy but to achieve inner light and what she gives we take and after all is done and nothing said with what's lost over and over while unintentional u-turns provide opportunity to learn and beauty's contemplation cause awareness of inhalation and meaning and planning circumstantial tangible truths by listening to a voice no matter why the sickening fact that we like to capture pain as an entertaining nutrition and not know when or how to end it while seeking noise and who needs who anyway does not matter having something to say that is known to all beings to just keep from dying and without so much guessing not even close to answering uninformed questions and most accurately known as an interpretive stone whirring and blurring and ringing forbidden where uncertainty is a dead king and she is a beauty queen and opposites don't attract they simply react to an eternal dance so let's start over again in love's inferno yawn - 


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Well spring has Will come and hearts will feel the passion of love,_O yes young girls thoughts will turn to boys as the worm sun shines from above.__O when the sun worms the ground and new growth comes to life,_Then young men's thoughts turn to a home and a wife.__O another season of the cycle of life when love and laughter fills the air,_When hearts will be won or hearts will be broken but no one seems to care.__O spring the start of new life the chance for love and for some a new beginning,Now we life this life with a gamblers heart and hope it is love we will be winning._O do we trust in fate and hope for a wedding as the spring sun shines from above,_Or do we seek out the passion of a worm heart and hope it is the one we truly love.

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let us say the summer that year
was a cliché to its lovers.
And its once open windows stood 
against Prying Eyes.
Perhaps the silver 
smoke of automobiles rose toward the waiting sun that
climbed so eagerly. we didn’t know.

Summer was a witness
A watcher
Tracking our movements, counting our 
numbered pulse beats
our Numbered Kisses
—of sweet desert rain
when the creosote bush was thick in the air— 
our crimson liquids
moving fast through 

the chalks of our skin
And the rouge on your cheek seemed
almost translucent to me
as time itself, sifting between
Hourglasses broken shattered
With memories tainted

and let us say that Dandelion perfume lingered on our parted lips
—it was pungent, maybe, as the saline tears
where lashes are sieves— 
clinging to the pads of our fingers.
our identities
veiled by tiny white seeds 
that may,
In the winter (when the sun cracks along its crevices
		like melons in the heat),
bury themselves deep into our pores, Waiting
For that last Dandelion seed
to surrender

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Grandiose Creation

Though we try to carve out the green manifestation of which we dwell.
Through layers of brick and immense will, we engraved our presence. 
Until nature duly strikes; the once coveted, is devoured by the landlord.
The ubiquitous endeavour maintains, even when coated by leafy lush.
A magnum opus of each culture, intended to astound the current breed.
A ghost of wonder and amazement, eaten by the hands of father time.
The distant past, is ever so tangible, forever relishing these antiquities.
Nature will restore the wild, still we are etched forever, forgotten never.

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With a Pocket Full of Lies and Some Vanilla Skies- Part 2

The tub is my kettle and I’m busy dicing 
My tears will be the icing on this cake 
This knife holds no reason to be fake
And if I will it, it will surely take
Take my life that is just waiting to break 

I’m betting that these incandescent lights will be the witnesses to the last 
seconds of my life 
Tonight was long and it’s soon to be gone 
A day is 24 hours long 
But I wonder how long I’ll be remembered after I’m gone

And as I bleed I take my seat 
On the curb for anyone to understand me is absurd
So have you ever heard the sun rise 
And have you ever swam in vanilla skies
Can you decipher truth from lies
Well I’m glad to know someone still dare tries
And now the moonlight makes love to the light of day
From hazel to grey 
I think now that’s the way
It makes me proud and my heart pounds in flutters 
And the sun peaks over the horizon
And the light that leaks sneaks through the old oak
Then cuts through me like butter
I manage to choke up a final verse

Thank you for making my heart flutter 
With a cool breeze my body shutters 
An unfamiliar feeling is caught stealing my attention
I must mention that it took all this to show 
My heart that the world can still glow
But maybe this came too slow
I must let you know 
That no longer does my heart wish to go

The sky of grey carried an insemination of a brand new fascination
My heart has begun a regeneration
Once again I feel the will to fight 
Every stab will scab 
And if I’m lucky one day I’ll nab a piece of happiness
But until I see the light at the end of the tunnel 
I’ll shoot through the night 
In hopes that a blind old fool can find the right path 
This shadow of an aftermath will walk quietly through the room 
Trailing behind memories of agony and gloom 
Once I find a piece of bliss 

I shall turn around with a smile and beckon bring me that doom
I’m begging to be consumed 
Place me where ever has room 
I have a pocket full of change

So where is my cab across the river sticks 
I’m a final fix with a pocket full of tricks
Shall we make this quick
I’ll let you have your pick

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Staring Out My Window

I look outside my window
The sun gleams in my face
Memories of you and I
Now rushing through my brain
I miss you and I love you
With all my heart and soul
I’m staring out my window
Thinking about all the good times we had together
If there’s just one thing that you should take from this
Just one thing you should know
I’d take your hand and hold you close
I’d be with you right by your side
Through the sun and through the snow
I’d look at you straight in the eye
I’d tell you truly that I love you
And make sure that you know

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Little Birdie Sing

as a brand new morning rises,
the beautiful skies and,
everything around me shines anew
as i open up my eyes,
a velvet light shines in my room.

as the birds begin a beat, 
and the glorious sun sings,
and my heart gives me a tune

cuz everything has it's own way of how it became...

cuz the birthplace, of a song
it has no right or wrong.
and it is, poetry,
from the skies and the sea.
a song, is a wish, 
waiting to come true
and it, is a link of dreams
just trying to pull through

as the sun begins to set, 
and the stars begin to rise,
I can see the love,
spilling from your eyes 
It's moments like these,
that just make you wanna cry,
cuz ya know you never wanna say goodbye.

and this my dearest friends is the birth of a song

because the birthplace, of a song
it has no right or wrong.
and it is, poetry,
from the skies and the sea.
a song, is a wish, 
waiting to come true
and it, is a link of dreams
just trying to pull through

little birdie sing

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Shining Down

One year ago
To this very day
Both of my parents
Were taken away

On the interstate
A car hit them from the side
And there at the scene
Is where they both died

Many nights I cried
Clear tears from my eyes
Like the seas or the oceans
The water never drys

Emotions running high
My sorrows I still drown
I try to stop the pain
But the rain keeps falling down

One week later the sadness
I would carry
As I placed two sets of roses
At the cemetary

A picture of us all
made my feelings run wild
Taken by my mom
It read "I love my only child"

I know your in Gods' arms
And he will love you so
But what I'd give to hug you
And never let you go

Still every night and day
No matter where the place is
If it's looking at the sun or the moon
I see your faces

I'm still trying to cope
But when I stare up from the ground
I see a glimpse of hope now that
the sun is shining down

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Still Beautiful - Words of Wisdom 1

The sun never sets the same way twice
But even if it did,
I'd still call it beautiful every time.

He says "I am normal."
Even if he were,
I would still call his soul beautiful every time.

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Into the Sunset

 Into the Sunset

Each morn I wake to see your lovely, graceful,  smiling face
 that pure joy invades my heart like swift horse in a race
Day starts with your beauty shining to give me light
 as I strive to match your love with all my might

Cruising the day with you like a classic sports car
 ever grateful for just being with you wherever you are 
Together we face life's surprises, hardships and delight
 passionately making sweet love to heal each little fight

Onward we travel down this paradise fairly won and met
 heading towards the sunset , a gloriously happy Sunset
No regrets for the life we lived and so lovingly shared
 you and I forever, forever lovingly bound and paired

When our Sunset meets our last love filled beautiful day
 I love you, I love you , we both shall together say
Time will note our farewell was met with no great regret
 as our love raced radiantly, joyously Into the last Sunset

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Chemical Sun

Bad deal today, at times confusing but always harsh.
I may be lying in the mud, but I’m starring up at the stars.
Catching my flight to bliss, trying to ease the pain.
Watching from my semidetached state, the city flame into day.

Chemical sun rising over me, burning pure truth.
I think I’m falling apart again, but you always help me through.

Everyone was on me all day, now its over and I’m audi.
The flaming fury of the day, slowly going out across the city.
Mysteriously beautiful night, I just wish she could see,
through all the floating thoughts, just what’s happening to me.

Chemical sun rising over me, burning pure truth.
I think I’m falling again, and I believe its for you.

You’re so open, never fronting, always straight.
Talking inhibitions, and decisions about soul mates.
We are now, not tomorrow, these thoughts are not ours to think.
I truly know your pain, sweet Isabelle, you don’t have to speak.

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In a wonderful breath
of fresh air. For the
time being I have not
a care in the world. As
I breath in the scent of
mother nature, I feel
the bliss sent from our

In a mesmerising glance
of this earth. A breath
taking view of mother nature,
I feel the bliss sent from our

In a glorious embrace
from our sun. I feel the
warmth upon my face.
Heaven sent from our
maker, I feel the bliss
sent from our creator

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in loving memory of kate

loves charm is a heartly harm
or a reaping barn
that can break the arm
the arms are too weak 
to hold complete
without a leak
love is so fruitful
and is never knowm
for a season of fruitlessness

love is a sun burning pacy
the red skies
the sun is gone 
and to the sun there is none
but fancy the stars
glittering so bright
and it is our
for we love the sun
but the stars are much more

the lonely heart fears for love
the loving heart loves for more
like it can never be satisfied
as the oceans mark
so much
but it wants much more
like when it over flows 
its bounds
it wants much more i say
and i'll give ie more i pray

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Cool Breeze

Today I saw an old woman, gaunt and brown from sun exposure,
Her legs were thin from walking round and round downtown Nashville,
My stomach dropped.
Six months ago I saw the same woman walking in the winter in a hand me down
coat and shorts,
I walked up to her and said, “Do you need any money?”
She cursed me and started talking to herself.
I asked her, “Listen, let me pray with you and I’ll get you some help!”
She cursed me again and started rolling her head around in circles.
I wanted to grab her, but I knew that would make it worse.
I went to my car, and screamed at the top of my lungs, “Lord Jesus heal that 
And I knew in that moment that I would never see her again.
I knew in that moment that God would intervene.
I knew in that moment that someone would get her on some meds.
Someone who she trusted would get her on some meds.
I knew in that moment that someone would call 211 and connect her with Social 
I knew in that moment that someone would care enough to grab her and 
say, “You are free in the name of Jesus!”  
And everything would be alright.
Today I saw an old woman, gaunt and brown from sun exposure,
And my stomach dropped.

This morning I got a call from US Bank.
I answered the phone and the man said, “You owe us $500”
I said, “How can that be?”
He said, “Your co-signor has been delinquent for 5 months”
I remembered the love I had for my friend when I co-signed for his loan.
I remember knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would not be 
delinquent on that loan.
And my stomach dropped.

This morning I weighed myself.
I had been diligent,
I had worked hard.
I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had lost weight.
The scale showed that I had gained 4 pounds.
My stomach dropped.
And I began to writhe in shame and guilt that while people were dying of cancer 
and aids,
And black men killed each other in rage,
That while people lost loved ones,
And writhed in old age,
That I should be subtly suicidal over a 4 pound weight gain.
I cursed the imbalance in my head.
That left me so keenly susceptible to the vicissitudes of life.
And I forced myself to brush my teeth.

Today, I thought to myself, “Where is the proof?!”
What proof do I have that someone, somewhere, has some concern for us?!
I suppose the only proof that I have in this moment is the cool breeze on this 
summer day that comforts my soul.

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The birds are chirping, the sun is beaming Why is today so very frightening It is a day like any other, No reason to feel this ugly quiver Am I alone, can no one feel? This nasty pain that feels so real Am I able to carry on? Or do I wait but nothing comes. It makes no sense to trap ourselves No sense to care for someone else Love is a trap for one and all, All of our creatures great or small The sun will shine, the birds will sing Again tomorrow, or so it seems A lonely moment by a lonely soul Really makes no…no difference at all. ©Elisabeth Dubois

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another year

another year has finished its foward dance one more year maybe one more chance.
as these seasons are born then die it happens so fast they way times fly by
one day the sun bright and blinding your eye the next day its gone only clouds in the sky
color of the winter drains you  the endless gray another season for it all to go away
how can one stand beside the clock counting away the year tick tick tock
a constant reminder of our finite time a constant countdown to the final chime
and every year i try to keep the chin high alas every year till the day  i die
every fall brings a pang of regret for those i love and those i neglect
the leaves die making room for the new i think we all do the same thing too
spring speaks of a fresh start and relief to those with heavy winter hearts
the promise of sun and a new begining a small clue in alife with little meaning
summer comes we wait all year the days are long the skys are clear
radiating sun keeps energys high but summers so short no matter how hard one trys
so many memories attached to these seasons a million guesses a hundred reasons
the smell of the flower that blooms in may always reminds of long forgotten day
crisp air before the very first snow always hints to me somthing i should know
even thoe this life is so short and fast i would trade nothing fo all the seasons past
i put down my pen and start to reflect no matter what lifes amazing in retrospect
so live each season like it was the end lifes not measured on a watch my friend
its weighed in the hearts of those lived it every ounce day by day bit by bit
another year has gone away so weigh your love everyday kept in a safe place
doesnt matter what  this is your life your day keep to that you cant lose face
another year has completed its run soon enough once again greeted by the sun

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my love

my love for you exceeds life's limits
reaching higher than the clouds, embracing the heavens
soaring with beautiful wings of elegance and grace
extending with the sun rays of the sun and smiling so brightly upon the world
my love for you joins the angels in the heavens and sing a wonderful song
spreading entirely over the earth endulging others in its glory
my love for you so boldy goes into the deepest darkess realms of the sea
illuminating every dark corner and bringing out all of the true beauty within
my love for you hurts so bad, yet it feels so good
it never dies and never does it get exhausted
it's always quenched by your love for me

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True Love

I will not say I love you
For love dies a dark death
And the light I feel radiates from deep within myself
I cannot stay by your side 
For your shadow overwhelms my soul
And the sun always sets
Leaving behind only darkness to chill the soul
Your life is too bright
For me to sit beside you
And send you off on that journey to eternity
I cannot watch your beauty be devoured by that cold light
For if I were to hold your hand until the end
The sting of release would plunge me into utter chaos
So let our romance live in memories 
For death comes to everything

Death comes to everything
The sun gives way the dark night
As the shinning light is devoured by emptiness
The twinkling star
Which once granted youths simple wishes 
Burns out before we even realize it’s gone
Each second dies 
As it turns into minutes
And the minutes 
Too soon turn into unremembered hours
The beautiful glow of fall
Fades into the chill of winter
And the peaceful spring
Succumbs to the blaze summer
Love becomes tarnished through the years
And beauty fades
Nothing lasts forever

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Well again

What is wrong this morning?
I know something is not right
The sun and the moon together
And not letting go of the night

And the flowers look so sad
And the birds don’t want to sing
Just a dark gloomy shadow
That’s covering over everything

Ever the rain refuses to fall
So the trees can quench their thirst
But no one else can see this
It only exist in my universe

And the world stuck on pause
And at that moment I can tell?
That beautiful my sweet heart
Got the flu and not feeling well

She’s such an angel to me
Just a joy to the world 
A gift to humanity
And still such a down to earth girl

I try to got out side 
And the day just stands till
For how can you go about life?
Knowing the one you love is ill

I saw on the news storms here
All the roads are blocked off
But I’ve more important things on my mind
Like did she takes her Vicks 44 for her cough

I wish I was there to take care of her
To make some chicken soup Trinidad style
To chase away that bad cold
And bring back her beautiful smile

Hey you don’t look at me like that
I know all of you will do the same
For when the one you loves feels down
You, ill do anything to make them well again

So I will try to survive these days
Through the snow, storm, and shivering
Until I see the blue sky, the sun and the rain
It’s how I know my sweet hearts feeling well again

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The harshness of winter has finally past.
Springtime is upon us finally at last.
No more dulldrums of winter to tax my brain,and the season I love the best
espically the rain.

I could sit and watch as the flowers and the trees flurish and bloom,
and I know that because of natures miracles all the colors will be out soon.

Finally I love to walk out ,and look up,and feel the rain trickle on my face,
take off my shoes and socks and jump from puddle to puddle all ove the place.

But at last all good things must come to an end. The sun is coming out and 
gone is the rain, my friend.
As I sit on the porch with the sun glistening in my eyes, I cant help but wonder
how long before the next storm comes by.

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I felt compelled within my spirit
Even though it's icy cold
To go out on the porch for just a minute
To enjoy the works of God

When the door I opened
Beauty and sound did surround
For the sun was rising in the distance
Flashing color all around

The mist was rising in the distance
From the creek down the way
The sky was ablaze in color
From red to pink then gray

The sun a fireball blazing 
So close to mother earth
With jet steaks of white cotton
Across the pale blue morning sky

The colors constant changing 
As slow as a clam opens its shell
The banks of colors awed me
Filled my spirit until it swelled

The roosters sang in unison
Their love for the miraculous show
The mist just kept on creeping
Till the pines and forest overflowed

Now the mist surrounds me
Chilling me to the bone
But I feel wrapped in God's 
Abiding love that comforts and upholds

There goes another jet streaking
Across the morning sky
The exhaust will add one more
Layer to the color of the sky'

To be able to capture in words
Or on a canvas fine
The beauty that I see
In God's loving hand divine

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A beautiful sunset, a painted picture in the sky. The clouds dared to take it away, but the sun shone through over this breathtaking horizon, I always knew with you, there would be a reason. I always believed in you, my heart whispers you are speaking the truth. I find blithe safety and trust in thee... please don't ever leave me. You'd miss this beautiful sunset, our memories you'd soon forget, would you want to risk that all? Giving up everything for nothing... who'd be there to help you up if ever you took a fall? Who'd be there, but me?... Who'd remember it all?... A cold wind sets in, I search for you... A ray of sun finds a sparkle of hope inside of my heart, I see you standing still, proud, and tall. There you are. A butterfly in my soul, how happy, how joyful. With this one last sunset before the end of our time, it paints a beautiful picture across the sky. Forever a butterfly fluttering, enchanting in my mind. And so you fly away, transforming in the light. Tears stream down my face, a broken heart, a sad goodbye. We will soon be together again, a promise until the end. Love will last forever, forever will find us in the end.

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After the sunset

After the sunset

It was a scene of romance and novelty
A place of love full of sincerity
How could i forget the magic it brought me?
For it witnessed how I fell in love with thee

I was looking at the sunset
When I heard a voice at the back of me
“Isn’t this a wonderful place to be?”
You blasted a smile and sat beside me.

From then on you and I became friends
You shared your life I shared mine too
We laugh we cry
We watch the sun as it goes by

But suddenly something happened that changed everything
For when I’m with you, I started to feel something
The more I tell my self, “We’re just friends”
The more my heart hopes for a love to happen.

So one day came when I finally broke it
I wasn’t to say, but I told you about it
The three magical words that hoped for something
The three magical words that destroyed everything

You hated me for what I said
You walked out and said our this friendship is dead
So while the skies turned from orange to dark blue
I was crying my hurt out for you.

Now here I am again hoping to forget
In everything I told you, I had lots of regret
And at this very moment, as the sun sat down so quiet
I was left here all alone after the sunset…

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She's Like Headlights

My face burnt under that stare
How could she possibly guess?
No one else
No one else would ever guess
No one else could ever tell me what not to do
No one could ever affect me like that
I have sunshine always at my back
It blurs my form and no one can see the truth
But her eyes are shaded
The glaring, staring light holds no sway for her
I can’t hide in the sun anymore
I’ve tried moonlight
When she’s not around
Lunar, no one sees me
The joke is silent
Quiet jester, silent clown
I am changing like the sky
I hid in the sun clouds and air
The moon reveals me in gently cruel light
She is insatiable 
She demands a proper answer
Asks to see, asks to know
Over and over again it’s “Why? Where? How?”
I don’t have an answer
I’m caught in the headlights
Once again, in class, unprepared
That’s what it is, by all rights
Can I stop?
Can she stop me with just a word?
Is there a point?
I had questions of my own, 
But then even she never remembers that 
I could always ask before, 
There was always a maybe before
What can I say now? 
I can’t even move the words through my throat
I could always ask her
But I always question everything
I question her questions to me

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So what 
do you do 
about a 
broken heart? 

Say that the 
pain will pass 
and the sun 
will soon rise 

You’ll forget him 
you reassure yourself 
He’ll fall into 
the deep, dark 
corners of 
your memories 

And somebody else 
will take his place 
smiling so beautifully 
You’ll love him more 

The sun will 
shine so much 
for you both 

He’ll be the one,  
your soulmate, 
your other half 

You’ll write his name 
all over your 
and doodle hearts 

Until he dumps you 
like everyone has 
before him 
You’ll cry 
another broken heart 

but you stitch 
it back together 

piece by piece 
your shattered heart 
is rebuilt 
ready to love again.

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just look to the sunrise in the east

She'll always be remembered for her golden hair
Youll never forget her grey green stare
But youll always forget her writing
Youll forget her words of fighting
Her poetry of crying
And her pleas of dieing
Youll forget her screams
But youll still see her in your dreams
Youll always remember the beauty but never the beast
Just look to the sunrise in the east
There you will find her rising with the sun in all her beauty
And all her fraility
You will see her there rising dead and alone 
With her wrist forever sown
If you look to the east where the sun shall rise
You will find her clensed of all the lies
You will find her price
Her sacrafice
What it took to make her whole
And because of what you stole
This beauty will fade away
But not her wisdom
For in her book it shall forever lay

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You Shall See the Dusk and Dawn- Part 3

Though these words are all true
I never knew how much they meant 
They’re the makings of my diary 
Which is compiling with my every whim
And I know the future seems grim 
When the sun descends the light goes dim 
Don’t you fret the moon will lend itself as a night light
But on some nights the sun will refuse to stay out of sight 
The moonlight is eclipsed and I seal my lips 
And the moon drips over the blackened star
Two crypts in an endless galactic battle
Opposites attract desperately trying to complete what the other might lack
Like the light of day and the black of night 
You see you must contrast if you hope to create a masterpiece 
Or at the very least a memory that will last
Life’s a struggle to surpass the work of the last great man
So my tongue rattles in its cage
My eyes gage the force 
My blood courses 
And my mind divorces the eyes that I use to see
Because they can’t quite see how the world is 
But only as the world should be
Again I flee into the mind that I find comfort 
In charring with the riggers of battle lines
Drawn out in some fine print
Making the eyes bend and squint 
I’m in less than mint condition 
This is less than efficient 
I’ve barely christened the issues that are on the line

And I paint some pictures withe the fixtures that dangle from my beautiful mind
So I might bind your thoughts 
You may even find some truth or maybe some excuse to go on
Maybe to find a new way to look at dusk and dawn
So maybe drag the old rusty beach chair onto the lawn 
See with new eyes what you already saw 
If you can’t find strength to walk 
Just muster up some strength just crawl 
If you should happen to fall get up and stand tall
And if your thoughts should turn to death
Don’t count your breaths take a rest
Just remember the times the air was stolen from your lungs
Our lives begun so small and the world so huge
But now our bones are fused and the isn’t as it use to be
You must realize that the earth is massive but your world is small
None of us can expect to understand it all
Again I find myself on the brink catastrophe
These words might mean a lot to you 
But let me reassure you they mean much more to me

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the song i sang when you left

How I love to hove you forever nigh 
Oh sun that brighten my path each day
The star that decorates my dark sky at night
That I may have you all day I seldom pray.

Your footprints on the path of my life
Are golden landmarks that can never be replaced
Your blueprints on the tables of my heart 
Are engraved with love and can never be erased.

Your arms that hold me in the days of grave difficulty
Left an abvious mark of hope on my wrist like a watch,
 Your words that found me while lost in the city of adversity
Still lighters my path till I found my feet on the top notch.

Oh the sun that smiles from the west in the morning
The moon that comforts me when shadows walk after me
Night and day, sunshine and rain, you are always a darling 
Oh that I may have you forever beside me.

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Whispered Love

As the sun rose once on a dawn
In its good-bye kiss to the earth at the horizon;
When the redness of her lips reflected on the sky
The earth was shy, looking down her eye;
The sun whispered:
“My sweetest, has anyone ever been in love so much-
As I have been with you for ages as such?
Every morning and evening I do meet you
There is eternity in my love, neither old nor new
Forever and ever I have been in love with you!!”

When that evening the sun came down
The earth gently did mischievously frown
Then it did whisper in the kissing sun’s ears
“My dearest, though I am proud to have you
Yet there is love to make us poor, though few
If you care to glance at the sunflower in love with the sun
Or the butterfly dancing with madness for the flower’s fun
The insects burning themselves to win the heart of the flame
The dew drops kissing the cheeks of the flower in sudden acclaim
You would realize….
It doth not matter how eternal your love has been
It matters though how infinite love you are in!!”

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Darling Darla

Take your crucifixes, Your holy water.
Immortal love of a vampire's daughter.
Silver stakes and a garlic deathtrap.
Like a Priest's slave and a fatal attack.
Your final need for Darla's blood.
Reaping with the gift of Life.
The sun finally sets,
You owe us the price of your regrets.
A destiny that slays,
A life where the demons do not stray far from your gaze.
But you'll never steal Darling Darla.
My words, Your weapons.
Your strength, My lessons.
Queen of Liars,
A king for hire.
Remember when you were baptized,
The day when Darla died?
Remember the graveyard in Transylvania,
The vampire's resurrection in her coffin?
Like an angel that is burning,
Caught between Heaven and Hell.
Damned to Earth with the burden of the Apocalypse's birth.
The sun finally sets,
You owe us the price of your regrets.
A destiny that slays,
A life where the demons do not stray far from your gaze.
But you'll never steal Darling Darla.
A stake through her beat-less heart,
The end of our new start.
Share her blood,
Drink her pain.
Your mother, Deadly Darla, finally shows her sorrow and you never again question what is sane.
Soaking wet in the Devil's Hellfire.
When the sun finally rises,
You owe her the price of a slayer's disguises.
A destiny of decay,
A life where humans are your pray.
But you'll always live with Darling Darla's blood.
The sun finally sets,
You owe us the price of your regrets.
A destiny that slays,
A life where the demons do not stray far from your gaze.
But you'll never steal Darling Darla.

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Sun's Rise

When cometh the sun upon the mornings dew The birds will chirp in harmonious pure delight As it raises and casts shadow then on the earth We welcome the dawn so to let go of the night The birds will chirp in harmonious pure delight Serenading us as we share in a morning’s kiss We welcome the dawn so to let go of the night We recognize it well for its beauty and its bliss Serenading us as we share in a morning’s kiss We delight in the sounds that play for us two We recognize it well for its beauty and its bliss As we welcome each other as we so often do We delight in the sounds that play for us two While we take each other into a tight embrace As we welcome each other as we so often do I kiss you tenderly as I stare into your face While we take each other into a tight embrace The sun tilts its head, blushing from the view I kiss you tenderly as I stare into your face As the sun rises, I shall make love with you The sun tilts its head, blushing from the view As it raises and casts shadow then on the earth As the sun rises, I shall make love with you When cometh the sun upon the mornings dew

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I walk down the street,I’ve walked down so many times before
Hey,how hav..
I ignore this person,as if she wasn’t once my best friend
Times change like the seasons,I tell myself `thats all.

I don't quite have the time I once had in the winter
Cool calm and collective,nice and easy yaa know

Sorry too disappoint you but its the Spring
And the days are beautiful,i love too watch the flowers bloom yes that it,as if I was 
watching my favorite TV show in the afternoon
I love too feel the warm sun against my skin as I Sit and
Never a bland moment in the Spring,never!

Me,remember those Winter days..Vaguely,I lie
As If I didn't have the time of my life most days,
So care free and relaxing,calm..

Ice blue skies, as the sun sets
Snow so deep,you'll need too rest after just a walk too the end of the driveway..
Stay in and watch movies type deal,
Kinda day where you just,chill..

Sorry but is Spring Time now,
No time too relax,I've got work too do!
Sit and watch the flowers bloom,
As I play lookout for my crew..

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just thinking of you

like  a  butterfly emerging from it's cacoon.
the world is new for us.
you're a million miles away.
the same rays that touch your face touch mine.
and if that's as close to you as i can be.
i will soak in every ray, letting it drain to my soul.
and i'll know you're touching my heart.
the sun is our connection and the moon our guide.
until you come back to me,
let the sun shine.

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When Shall The Sun Steal Back Time- Part 2

It’s always better to move on and not forget 
Why forget when you’ve been around so long
The future never shapes
It’s just some hope for the waste which is the past
I live in the moment and I’ve shown it what it means to be alive
It’s a nose dive
Another struggle that carries over into longs sighs
Plan if you want but nothing is carved into stone
Would you rather be in a group or walk alone
When you’re under the weather do you cry solitarily to feel a bit better
Does each tear shed carry away some hidden fear
Do you watch in the darkness as it nears a new beginning 
Crashing and cracking on impact
Although not intact it surely did grab your attention
Are you looking to turn you name into something unmentioned 

Well fear is something that’s sneaking through the halls of the mind
Seeking a crack in your pride 
Creaking over the loose floor boards
Rerouting some most important chords 
Kicking in some haunting sealed doors 
And I’m left pacing empty floors 
Lacing my fingers atop my head
My body glides into rocking as if some how led
Eyes are fixed on the clocking of time 
How can we give such an irrational time some reason or rhyme
Can’t help but wonder when the clock shall chime 
When will the sun reclaim the clocking of time
Can we forget about the pinching of each nickel and dime
I beckon, I welcome, I think that would be fine

All my perceptions are met with deception    
Drawn out with serrated lines
Unwind the razor wire
Erect the fences a bit hire 
If you desire 
The sun will cast my shadow 
Giving some anatomy to my ghostly figure
My words give birth to flippant thoughts 
I hope they don’t leave you distraught 
Simply I sought to make you see happiness 
Shall not be bought 
This is one of my daunting tasks 
And without reckoning it will be haunting me to the breaths of last

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Cephallonia, My Love and Me

Its been there
Always has
Since first we fell in two

The ache to open the secret
Let this beautiful love
Be public view

I can say it in hushed tones
Always wary of stray eyes
Always eager to see

I want to shout it from the hilltops
But my heart is sellotaped closed
No one knows I am loved for me

People fall upon me
Look away
Sorrowful conclusions on their face

I want to tell them
If only you knew
My tender place

I often dream of it
Packing up our bags
Watching our clothes huddled close inside

Wondering what it will be like
On the other side of this secret
With no more secrets to hide

Walking hand in hand
For the very first time
Feeling the hot sun on our skin

Being greeted as a couple
Nothing would make me more happy
To be acknowledged as the love next to him

Walking along the beach
Just as the sun is setting 
Looking at a sleepy blue sky

Holding his hand in mine
In the freedom of Cephallonia
Trying so hard not to cry

We would dance
Our forbidden bones
Excited by the touch of the sand

Nestling between our toes
Encouraging us 
To embrace this beautiful land

As tired eyes emerge
We walk the sun kissed
Breathing in every beautiful breath of the sea

My heart is at last
Shouting from every hilltop
This is Cephallonia, My Love and Me...

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Arial's song..

I wanna tell you I love you
Every night of your life
Hold you in my arms and tell you
   everything will be alright
And I wanna let you know every day of your life
   I'll always be at your side
And I hope you know when the sun goes down
   you're the last thing crossing my mind

Here we are on this wonderful day
The sun is shining as the birds sing away
Their littles beating when two are one
We lack the time to see what we have done
   to this earth we're given so selflessly
The dirt we walk on you see, I 
   know I'm no prophet and I know I'm no saint
But I know how to love and I know how to care

I know how to show you matter the most, more than the air I breathe
I adore every move that you make, you squeaky high voice when full of glee
And now tell me, will you stay with me at the world's end I see?
Through cataclysmic fear, I will always be right here

I wanna tell you I love you for the rest of our lives
Hold you in my arms so warm
Hold you in my arms so tight

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Time For Lovers

Time is with us 
As our hearts unite and our souls become one
Time is right now 
As I reach for you and touch my palm against your brow
With my heart I do see all that I want us to be
And maybe love will come shining down on me

As the sun warms our eyes, and the snow cools our skin
Oh the soft gentle bend of the combined
Does blow my mind
There’s no more time 
Or the sticking, tricking shadows that crawl upon our face 
Erase, erase

Time is with me 
As I walk with you for all eternity
Time is still to come, 
As we journey far into what has just begun
With my heart I do know how much more we have to grow
And maybe our love is all we’ll have to show

As the sun warms our eyes, and the snow cools our skin
Oh the soft gentle bend of the combined
Does blow my mind
There’s no more time
Or the sticking, tricking shadows that crawl upon our face 
Erase, erase

Time does not conceive what you truly mean to me
Time can not feel
The warm intoxication that you give to me
As our bodies collide with the sea
Time will not last if we run too hard or too fast
Just hold my hand and you’ll be ok, and with me time will never come our way
We will escape the time 

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What We Cannot Possess

Darkness falls and blocks my view,
‘Tis then that I most long for you
Your sea green eyes and silvery hair;
The moon above the frosty air.

I lie awake and try to sleep,
I close my eyes, but peace won’t keep
I want your presence, I want your kiss
I want your warmth on a night like this.

Tears slide past my trembling lips
As I clutch my pillow with red fingertips
Such longing is followed only by pain
Misery flooding me, manifest as rain.

The night slips away, the hours creep by
I’ve gotten no rest, no solitude have I . . .
But sunrise is nigh, I can feel heartache fly
As the sun awakens, my spirits climb high.

Morning has conquered the deafening dark
Now finally I rest, willing to embark
The night becomes hazy, a faint memory
But when the sun sets, there again you will be.

You haunt my world, my nights, my dreams
You cloud my mind, my soul, it seems
Each night you make me yearn so, it burns
But I wouldn’t change it, my life-blood, it churns.

I ask, why must we only desire
The fantasy, the dream, the jewel in the fire
We never want diamonds, or pearls, or finesse
We want perfection, what we cannot possess.

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Love's, Kiss Of Lucidity

Dreams idyllic so weaved....

The sun yet to rise amid the still of an ancients early morn ~

With a train passing by upon this the first day in another falls arrival 

And, a little black cat befriended as of late inching nearer now

Hoping for a moment in kindness, a morsel of food, a stroke aneath warmth

Creation touching creation; lucidity; kisses of love....

Gazing into my beautiful Fathers eyes and all which becomes as light ~

Deep inside sidereals mirrored reflection that I find, heavens ever reaching

To caress these spirits and bless their heart; this heart

Searching for the key in this breath to be free ~ As a baby doe

Listens closely unto the hunters explaining just why it is that

They hunt to stock in craft to slay, their innocent precious loved ones?!

While off the little cat goes amid the great unknown yet known; always

Knowing; as the sun makes its way to greet the life of a new borne day

Anointing these eyes and spirits and hearts and souls so weaved ~

Ancient; that they may find as a dream this key within, a mirrors reflection....


....“Idyllic Creations Ever Reaching ~ `Loves, Kiss of Lucidity`” *

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A lost feeling returning like the feeling to a limb gone to sleep

Regrettably the only thing that there is to do anymore is die

Life is just the training ground for death, and the after life

If you even believe in the after life that is, hardly anyone does 

Keep the children hidden under the stairs and the dogs outside

The darkness creeps in through the windows and takes over

Seeping slowly toward the foot of the bed, and climbing in

Feels kind of warm in a way, kind of like when soup gets cold

Kind of like when the sun pops out from behind the clouds

Only to run and hide again, and then all goes cold, a chilling wind

Forget about what you have been told, nothing is true anymore

The only things that matter are what await you on the other side

Those things aren't good either, they wait to destroy you

A reign of destruction from within, when the lights go out

When the sun fades and the moon takes over, to carry you into the night

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1871 MILES

As the sun comes up on another day
It falls through my blinds but i turn away
i'm not ready to leave this place im dreaming of

It's an overpass underneath a sky
There's no real traffic besides you and i
And that's the way that i'd like it to stay

All's soft and silent on the interstate
The warm moonlight fades on your face
It carries me through your eyes into some deeper place

In through your mind 
And to your heart
I'm loving all i've seen so far
You're everything i could ever need
On this long trip
On subsconscious
You'll keep lights shining as i go
All the way from here to Idaho

As the sun lays down for another night
I follow the lead and close my eyes
I'm ready for that place i've been dreaming of

I wont let this chance pass me by
To head to a place where it's you and I
And thats the place i'd like for us to stay

All's soft and silent on the interstate
The dry night air warms this place
It carries me through your breath into some deeper place

In through your lungs
And to your heart
I'm loving all i've seen so far
You're everything i could ever need
On this long trip
On subsconscious
You'll keep me smiling as i go
All the way from here to Idaho

It's a long trip
But its worth miles
and it is worth the pain
its takes to bring me to your face
Cant you see that 
Consciously and constantly i need you
yeah... consciously and constantly i need you
Oh can't you see, cant you see i love you

In through your mind 
And to your heart
I'm loving all i've seen so far
You're everything i could ever need
On this long trip
On subsconscious
You'll keep the lights shining as i go
All the way from here to Idaho

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Her Symphony Plays


A word penned
in sun bright day
of love, I wait
longing to see

A brilliant chance
two soul's would entwine
alone, I sit
at river's light

Will innocent beauty come to show
afar from distant cobblestone 
through gracious boughs
in quiet breath
for love shall surely come to pass

Above light clouds of white roll on
in scented breeze awaiting a song
so dulcet my dream
of summer love
enraptured, enchanted
my elegant one

A word penned 
in sun bright day 
of love's return
forever she'll stay..

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The Sun

The sun, moon and the stars come together for us.
My family encompasses the universe through my eyes.
The sun is my first born.
The moon is the light that shines brightly from my lovers embrace.
The stars gather in a planetary alignment which is our love.
The sun rises and falls each day.
The moon casts a glow over the city at night.
The stars dance in the midnight sky.
The sun, moon and the stars come together for us.

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The Vampire Among Us

A made up world of glory
Sweet lakes and emerald glens
Please let me tell a story
That happened way back when

The grass was green as green could be
The air was sweet with freedom free
Her eyes were blue as the swirling sea
That set her apart from you and me

The day was hot with summer's heat
Birds flew low over golden wheat
Along the coast; the army's fleet
Under shaded boughs two lovers meet

He stood with her until the night
He walked with her so she wouldn't fright
And even though he had no right
He soft skinned neck he wanted to bite

He walked her up to her jeweled door
With diamond windows and marble floor
A kiss to her hand, though he wanted more
From the girl in the house by the rolling shore

He counted the hours until the sun's dawn
Gazing up the emerald lawn
Of the girl with the dress that's a soft brown fawn
Three hours left, nine hours gone

The moment the sun rises over the hill
His hunger crumbles and he loses his will
Now he no longer wants to kill
And drink her blood till he had his fill 

Under the boughs he waits for his love
This time dressed in a dress of gray dove
Now his hunger no longer does shove
When her hand touches his in its white lace glove

But then the sun sets
And his luck he must bet
He feels the thirst get
To be a great threat

Though they walk the long beach
In no need for speech
When the warmth's sucked like a leech
From her wrist, he then does preach

"Tis the purest thing I have ever tasted
Though it's a shame all of this has to be wasted." 
Upon the sand her blood is pasted
The monster inside no longer lambasted

And though the time for monsters is gone
The truth must be unfurled
While they wait forever for the coming dawn
Vampires still stalk the world

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Next To Me

The sun rises,
I feel the suns warm rays
gently touching my face.
In the morning, your face is
all I want to see....
I want you next to me.
I love to look at you
as you sleep at night,
Holding me in your arms,
the sun begins to go down,
gazing at the stars in the dark sky...
I want you next to me, so glad that you are here,
so glad that you are mine.

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A Life Without Love

A Sunset without a sun is no sunset at all. 
A life without love is no life at all. 
A rainbow without colors is no rainbow at all. 
And heart without feelings is no human at all. 

All these things need something to be, 
Either a sun or a person or a crayon, 
If only to create what nature said was meant to be. 

A sunset makes us feel as though the world has been born again. 
A life with love lets us know it's worth to let someone in. 
A rainbow with colors thats a moment frozen in time, to be grateful for all that is 
beautiful and feel all the glory inside. 
A heart that has feelings, well that would be me. 
For I love just the thought of you and hope you feel the same for me. 

Life without our love, is an emptiness I'm not sure I wish to face. 
Because I know that time will never be able to erase. 
I wish our love was as simple as a sunset, ready to be born again. 
But I know in truth love only comes from within. 
So I'll keep watching for my sunset, and looking for that rainbow to shine 
Then one day maybe our love will find its way again. 

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Sorrow into precious Memories

The pure blue sky blow silently
just as if it were meant to be
trees start to sway to the sides
i wonder why i want to cry
slowly losing day
and slowly losing life
i watched the day sun go to sleep
leaving orange and pink to embrace the skies
i think of when we laughed and cried
how we smiled and hugged
if i were to blame
then what was life meant to be?
i slowly stand on the side of green grassed wheat on the mountain i stood my ground on
i look straight to see a beautiful road ahead of me
pines trees stand before me
rocks that guide me
Animals playing to the spring feeling
Behind rocky green mountains strays water
Water that clashes into one making a mirror
which the sun reflects on
Two that is one
one into two
when thinking back before the sorrow i lived through
was precious memories
changing me
and changing life
Night fall begins
Little holes which god peeks through to see Earth
i look up
leaving a last 'I Love You'
before i left the sorrow
and began to love the Memories i treasured most

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Killing Dawn of Love

Love is what I always hoped, and dreamed of being,
So sweet and gentle, yet, heart-bleeding,
Just like what you have done to me almost a year ago now, 
Seems  like a century since we hated each other; since we gave the vow...
To never speak again.

But new life, like that of love, will arise soon.
Jumping off the highest building ever will be nothing after a new moon.
All that jealousy will soon be gone,
And then love will get its morning dawn.

When everything is right,
Perfect dew, the sun not yet too bright.
And love will have its moment to come out,
But soon, the one o’clock sun will burn it without a doubt.

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Catching Your Tears

It rained today
Shadows appeared later 
Waiting behind the sun
Clouds were fuzzy and fun
You were standing there, and I
Was waiting to catch your tears
When the shadows moved
The sun said hello
Bright as can be
Just a little yellow was beaming
As it illuminated the sky
It rained today and you had misty eyes
Life had you by the collar
By all your hopes and dreams
Your blogs and words of scholar
Still heaviness raced in your mind
Too much thinking and not enough time
For you...I was waiting to catch your tears
Memories of loved ones and fears
Life lessons of love yous 
That changed you forever
Made you think about the what ifs
The shouldas wouldas and couldas
If I had this and that
Baby your wearing too many hats
What about us what about our skies of blue and teal
Muted ambers and bright golden years
Of loving and not leaving when all seemed thin
Life does have meaning 
Its not just supposed to end
I..I'm still here catching your tears
When you have no mountains to climb
Spent your last dime
I'm still here waiting in line for a chance to
Help you change the world
See things in colors never explored
Tell stories with characters like us
Loves likes and you and never making a fuss
Reasons unknowned why we do what we do
Questions you ask never crazy come from truths
Cause when it rains again and the sun is hiding you
I will be there always to 
Catch your tears whether it rains
I will catch your tears...

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In the soothing orange light of the setting sun
She sits there waiting on its disappearance
Her body melts into the creaking swing 
While her feet play into the delicate grass
Her heart is heavy in her chest
Like the truth of a hidden lie
She eases deeper into the swing 
Accepting the burden scorching inside
She believes this is the last day of its kind
Days to come will flow with less magic and happiness
She stares at the sun deeply, wondering if when it returns
Will it have changed like everything else
No longer will she be a bright persuasion
The disbelievers have stolen her light
The battle was agonizing
And in the world where good never wins over evil
She was defeated
The sun suffocates beneath the horizon
While her heart beats to never cease
In the cool darkness of the night
Tears begin to fall unseen
But no one will care

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To my mother

When I was youthfull…young
I had peers that are wayward…wrong
but her wealthy words made me steady… strong
Now I’m old… not tempted by the tales of throng

My mom told me to stay and never sway
Even if I am worldly, weary … wicked way;
In the sun and rain…naughty night or darling day
She taught me to know the time to play and pray

She has taught me never to fear or frown
Even if the scorching sun makes me dry… down
In the ocean of life, I feel I am going to drown
But I come out as pure gold…the talk of the town

My mother, my tender home when I was fragile
Thy balm and boobs blessed me till I was agile
You gave everything you’ve got…going the extra mile
Now I live a life that’s worthwhile…I sail and smile

When I was youthfull…young
I had peers that are wayward…wrong
but her wealthy words made me steady… strong
Now I’m old… not tempted by the tales of throng

My mom told me to stay and never sway
Even if I am worldly, weary … wicked way;
In the sun and rain…naughty night or darling day
She taught me to know the time to play and pray

She has taught me never to fear or frown
Even if the scorching sun makes me dry… down
In the ocean of life, I feel I am going to drown
But I come out as pure gold…the talk of the town

My mother, my tender home when I was fragile
Thy balm and boobs blessed me till I was agile
You gave everything you’ve got…going the extra mile
Now I live a life that’s worthwhile…I sail and smile

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The Lighthouse

The amber sun is melting into the ocean
Painting an orange glow across the horizon
Tropical breezes hold the palms in perpetual sway
The rising tides lap ever closer to our toes

The sand gives underneath our leisurely steps
As we walk hand in hand along this silent beach
Gulls swoop lazily in for a curious look
Satisfied, they fly effortlessly away again

The conversation flows easily, lightly
Smiles and laughter have been our day's companions
My arm slips around your waist and draws you near
Gazing into your soft green eyes as the golden sun sets behind us

We ascend the weathered stairs as the night falls
The ancient door creaks open with little resistance
Old, long abandoned, this candle on the shore
Its brightness never again to sweep the horizon

I spread our pallet across the wooden planks
And lie there with you, our bodies entwined
I hold you close, lost again in your eyes
As you sweetly press your soft lips to mine

The flickering candles soft glow dances on the walls
As the night blows its breath in gentle breeze
Those gentle embraces and soft kisses
Have exploded into furious, unbridled passion

Your pleasured releases wash over you
Cresting as quickly and strongly as the tide
Your red tipped toes curl and quiver
As your fingers grip and tug at my hair

I caress your silken body, so soft
Clad only in the candles sultry light
Again our eyes lock gaze, unable to turn away
As our bodies sway and rock to our own rhythm

Pleasure's Power overwhelms us both
A vibrant explosion of colors only we can see
Bathing the room with its intensely warm glow
Surely as bright as the beacon above us

In my arms, M'Lady now lies
Safe, secure, giving me comfort
We savor this night, every fleeting moment
For with the new day's sun comes the sorrow of our parting.

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How do I describe such beauty as yours?
For in comparison the words would pale
No definition has ever been found
For it's a beauty no poet could tell

The stars speak of your beauty in whispers
To hide their love from the envious moon
The sun rises early to see your smile
But to the stars, the sun rises too soon

The flowers even faint in your presence
And the wind constantly whispers your name
The birds sings songs of love in your honor
History will show your beauty in fame

I'll speak of your beauty with my last breath
'Til my lips are sealed as I meet my death

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Three more days

Three more days till your day is here again
The day I lost my best friend
The day my world stopped spinning
And the day the angel were singing

I will remember you always and forever
All the times we spent together
The love you gave without any strings
And the day you got your wings

So my sweet angel who watches me grow
Please know your love still shows
With every sun raise I feel your touch
And every sun set your missed so much

My dearest friend my grandmother
For you there is a place that can be filled by no other
I will forever cherish the time we had
And forever will July 12 make me sad

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Yes Indeed

When we made love
I heard bells and whistles

Fireworks no
But missiles!

Our kisses started
A five alarm fire
And we never tired

The sun shined everyday
And we earned our pay

We worked on our love 24-7

We lived on earth
Yet in heaven

We dissipated clouds
With a smile

We even stopped the rain
For a while

I know
Love conquers all 

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My Light

Once again
Here I lay
A state of loneliness
Shadows stay

How can one be so loved
Yet felt to be at arms distance
Then when tries to reach out
Feels nothing but strain and resistance

Can’t anyone see this heart I have
The feelings I long to share
Holding them all in 
Just doesn’t seem quite fair

I try to stay calm
I take the time and try to see
But at the end of each day
There only lies me

But the sun will come up
Tomorrow we’ll be fine
Throughout the day
Until the sun no longer shines

I can’t help but this be the way that I feel
Embedded deep in my heart
Are just meaningful feelings
That tonight, from them, I can’t depart

All I want is for the moon to be a little closer
The stars to be near
If not so far away
Night wouldn’t be my worst fear

But the further they go
The smaller I feel
And the reality of it all unfolds
And the pain is very real

I close my eyes
Lying to my right an empty hole
And so far away once more
Waiting for the sunlight to reveal my soul

The rain starts to fall
Pounding on the window’s face
As if the clouds are crying tears
As if were landing softly on a pillowcase

But through the storm
Though battered and torn
A night sky clears
Though heavy and worn

But the stars still sparkle
The moon will still shine
Until the break of day
And my light is once again mine

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Lock and Key

As midnight sun falls,
I awake from deep slumber
My dreams and thoughts of you,
Fall in piece that will shatter into nothingness
The sun that my world is lit by,
Is now swirled into eternal darkness
Because of you,
And the hurt you cause
I am able to open my eyes and see the real world
Love into hatred
Friends into enemies
My life had depend on a guide,
 But know you’ve gone
We have separated…
For happiness, you first have to cause pain…
To see your heart,
You must seek who you really are...
Do you love me?
Is this love?
Am I being deceived?
You must answer questions till you are where you want to be
But when one is answered,
There is always two more that follow them
From three to thousands,
Will I ever find the true meaning of love?
My hope
My heart
My everything
It must’ve belong to someone or,
Somewhere before you
I must wait and be patient for my love,
Because love comes in two…
You have to find the key to the lock…
To my heart…

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Quality Time-Vampire Style

Boy said, "Mom, they call me vampire at school
They treat me like dirt, they're very cruel
I'm tired of our name being dragged through the mud
Mom said, "Just shut up and drink your blood."

Mom asks Dad, "Where you headed tonight?"
Dad says, "Think I'll go out for a bite."
Mom gives him a wink and shows thumbs up
And says,"Just be back before the sun comes up."

The cold night air feels so invigorating
But the morning sun starts me disintegrating
When I get back, do you know what would excite me
Putting my face in your neck and you scream,"Bite me!"

When I get home, what will we have for dinner?
I hope it's not Mr. Miller, he's on blood thinner.
I'll stop by the graveyard before the break of day
To see what I can dig up along the way.

Let's enjoy each moment, they are so fleeting
If I were alive, my heart would be beating
I'll love you forever, no need to gloat
I can't wait to get my fang on your throat

She said "Oh, Darling, you make me insane.
I can feel the formaldehyde leave my vein
See the hole in ,y heart, the one you make
Not the one from the wooden stake.."

I remember the nights we'd watch Star Trek
Then you'd lean over and put two holes in my neck
And you'd say I love you but the last thing you did
Was kiss me good night and pull down the lid.

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To My Love

My Love,
             Where art thou? Where art thou to part the sky?
To let the sun shine upon I. For it is I my love, who brings the moon the stars from high 
above. To you I give all these and more, sleep my love forever more. For when you wake 
my sun will shine from high above. Your love and thoughts carry me through every night 
without you. Take your time, give me your hand upon a finger I will place a band. on that 
finger a ring will be, together forever you and me. For every morning I will wake, and say I 
love you as the morning dawn breaks.

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Young Love

June 17, 2006
How sweet, how serene,
Delicate inside a core,
A flower I have bore.
Such a magnificent scene!
Blossoms in bloom are what you bring.
I couldn’t ask of you for much more,
I even find you shining on the Seashore.
You make my heart dance and sing!
The Sun shines down on me,
And the Moon leads my way.
The Stars shine and I can see,
A beautiful Sun shiny day!
You come from somewhere up above,
Tender in my heart is a Young Love!
® Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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Return to Mass (St. John Vianney)

A night's jog through a quiet town.
The strange warmth of an old familiar church.
The morning sun and outside sounds.
Picking the proper jeans, beguiled and besmirched.
Cautious steps inside as anxiety melts off from incense.
The light from the window above my pew.
The love from a girl's eyes aching and iridescent.
A cymbal struck as faces work like brightened ghosts, the heart's early hue.
The flow of a smoky-lighted hour, from soil to sinews, soaks the sodden rag
of the spirit dry, as the walk back into the sun and out of the Mass makes love lag
in the mist of living.
For every cornering thought.
For every bend of the heart.
For every shade of a tree.
And, in stabbing, singular rushes,
For every level of light that I might be.

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Can not stop

Sun down to sun up
I can not stop thinking of you
I lie awake half the night
And I wish for you I would fight

Harvesting this pain like a crop
Growing so much it might pop

Deep in thought I quickly grew
And all along deep down I knew

You were all I wanted
But you, I couldn't grasp
I wanted us to last

We swiftly moved on
The days move along

Sun down to sun up
I can not stop thinking of you
I lie awake half the night
And I wish for you I would fight

You don't see what I see in you
You are so beautiful it is true

You have everything I want
But you sit around and taunt

You laugh and talk
But are unaware
Of how without you can not bare

But you are drifting out of my sight
And because of it
I am losing what was left of my might

Sun down to sun up
I can not stop thinking of you
I lie awake half the night
And I wish for you I would fight

The day you completely leave my life
You will never know of my strife

I thrived off your beauty
I longed to see your smile
But all the while
You do not see
How amazing you are to me

But poems scare girls these days
If I showed this to you, you'd be amazed
You'd think me weird
And forever to you I'll be feared

Sun down to sun up
I can not stop thinking of you
I lie awake half the night
And I wish for you I would fight

I know not what to do
Because I am slowly losing you
And these thoughts of you keep growing
Without you even knowing
And I can not stop

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 Saving up all my money 
 Going to buy a guitar
Got so many melodies
But made no music so far

Started to like writing 
Because of a special girl
She reaches out and touches me
From another part of the world

Now every day brings mystery
Of life’s beauty   to unfold
And I try to hide it
But I have fallen for this girl

But not going to push her
You can’t build love on speed
You can have all you want 
But can only use what you need

I like to see her smiling 
She brings out the best in me
And her joy is spreading
 Like the deep blue sea

And if you hear her talking
You swear it’s a symphony
And when she’s out walking
The sun comes down to see  

She got me hanging 
By the beat of my heart
And I’m just waiting
For her to say lets make a start

But I’m not going to push her
You can’t build love on speed
 Must have some patience
You can’t rush in with greed

Now I wake  each morning
Say hello to the sun
The sun says who you are  
Where have the lonely guy gone

I walk around singing 
At the top of my voice
The bird’s heard a melody 
Before it was a noise

Love can work magic
Deep down in your soul
Love can turn a broken heart 
In to a pot of goal

And I’m not going to push her
You can’t build love on speed
If you move to fast 
You could cause a stampede

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Beyond The Sun


Beyond the sun I can rest my weary soul
Beyond the sun I will no longer feel this cold
No sorrowed brow like I have now
right from the start you will cleanse my heart
beyond the sun I will find a love untold.

I’ll be free of grief, and no longer feel the pain
rejoice each day far away-and for eternity I will wait
till the master and his new world unfold.

Beyond the sun I’ll see much happiness

and I pray to him I will truly be blessed
beyond the sun the light will show the way
and I will be free from this darkness
that we live in today.

I hope somehow in this life I touched a few
maybe one of them was you
and you will pass on a smile, or a touch
yes please share
so God knows there are many that still care.

Beyond the sun, there will be no more anger
or war
once again a great vision for this place as there was before,
So as my earthly life ends,
many more will begin,
and no matter how bad it may seem
I’ll be there beyond the sun
and that endless stream
with the masters love I am there.

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Everything is Jolly

Everything is jolly
As we string the walls {with lights} 
And frolic in the snow
Everything is jolly
As we deck the halls {tonight}
With holly and mistletoe  (Chorus)

Oh, out in the snow
Along the sides of our little house
As the winter sun glowed
I put up the lights with my spouse
Then she said, "There he goes"
As I climbed to the top of the tree
To cut the mistletoe
She gathered it and sung along with me


Oh, out in the snow
Along the sides of our little house
As the noon sun glowed
We trimmed the holly to make boughs
Then we took some old clothes
And put them on our frosty man
She laughed and began to throw
Balls of snow and around the yard she ran

As I gave chase
We fell with sweet expressions
In that place
Made two angel impressions
Then hand in hand 
We kissed like happy Eskimos
Then from this winter wonderland
We went inside to warm our toes


Oh, under the mistletoe
Surrounded by holly in our little house
As the Christmas tree glowed
I sat at the table with my child and spouse
With a centerpiece, a rose
We thanked the Reason for the Season above
For food, shelter and clothes
Because better is a little than a lot without love

Dedicated to Chrissy

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Before You






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collateral damage

I do hear your thoughts my Love, your words have floated into my ears,

Your with that other man right now but ask yourself for your well-being would he really care?

I know this might not be the proper time but I just got to be near, 

Your beauty is so tranquilizing I cannot help but to stop and stare!

Oh how do I crave for a lifetime with you but for now I can settle for just one night,

But if we are to do this together we both got to make sure all the conditions are right,

There are obstacles in your way and I too have mines, 

But whenever I see you I can imagine hearing the wedding bell chimes.

I’m up late at night tossing and turning yearning for your seductive touch, 

I want to be inside of you this very moment to show you how I love you so much! 

The passion that we share, the fire that we lit, 

Let me start at your toes and work my way towards your clit. 

The journey shall not stop there; fore I shall venture towards the twin peaks,

This will be a full body expedition from your head, breast, and all the way to your feet,

Let my fingers be the guide to your ecstasy,

It shall never be a dull moment when your body is press against me!

As our varies sexual positions does arise my mind is full on one thought,

Why am I experiencing this feeling for one night, why is there another that is keeping us 

Why can I not make love to you from sun up to sun down?

I love that big booty of yours and the way you keep it nice, firm, and round.

I can imagine spreading your buttocks and pleasing you with one stroke,

I’ll let you take the ride on it sweetie but not in your mouth, we don’t need you to choke,

This is true romance here girl my passion burns for only you, 

If you feel the same for me then please tell me these words are true!

Tell me that you want me and to keep me all to yourself,

Donald Trump can have millions but the love we can share can be our own wealth,

Your last note to me you said you made a choice and was willing to speak your mind,

I’m not here to force you but you are running out of time!

Do you want to be with me or that little boy playing a man?

Or do you want someone who mentally drags you down or a man willing to help you stand?

With that man there you’ll only be getting by miserably and trying to manage, 
Follow your heart and allow me to clean up this mess of a collateral damage! 
If you truly follow your heart you shall find what you Desire 

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You are My Everything

The Sun and all its beauty
is just a distant star,
next to you.

The world and all its lands
is just dry dirt
next to you.

The setting sun over the sea
Wanes painfully
In your presence.

The spoken words of love
Fall on deaf ears
If not your voice.

I say, my love,
you are the beacon that guides me.
You are a Louvre exhibit in flesh.
You are an angel as well.
You are my everything.

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The sun-sparkle of this summer has gone
It leaves a bad taste in my mouth

That hot, heady heat seeping through the cracked pavement
Seemed to create the chaos and din

But only the dark mist of winter is left
And somehow it doesn’t seem quite right.

How did I loose my mind you ask?
A different city, a different beat

As the sun shone on that splintered pavement
My heart pushed my head out the way.

Now I am back in the familiar I have to ask who I was
I’m not sure you know, but I hope I never come back.

For now, as the ache of the cold winter sets in
And I am back in that familiar face,

I can only assume the sun was to blame
In that warm, unfamiliar place.

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The sun sets and rises all over the world
African mornings
Are gold

The waves roll along the shores
The moon’s pull on them is constant

There are new beginnings as well as tragic endings 
The gentle lull of the boat is ever so soothing, and set sail far from the westward 
My journey to the warm radiant sun is just beginning

Insignificant specks 
Are something
And yet at the same time nothing
I marvel in it
The outward reach of possibilities.
The universe does not unfold her mysteries 

Passion and Disgust
Hideously coexist
And yet this
Is a constant reminder
That life is beautiful.
Alone for the very first time, but still surrounded.
There is love and hate
Love yourself
Revel in your beauty, and loving life itself.
Revel in your life, because you’ve just got one chance to do it.
Revel in hope, because your lost without it.
Revel in finding yourself, and your life will never really finish.

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Reflexive Daydream

We slowly sailed across the placid, blue surface. The profound silence was erupting from
all around. Across the lake, I saw a pair of birds flutter from treetops into the deep
blue lake above us. The Sun was a cherry yellow and everything I laid eyes on was alive in
its reflective radiance. Our boat made the tiniest whisper as it moved over the water. My
nostrils were filled with the intoxicating smell from my lover as we drifted ceaselessly
onward over the calm water. 

But suddenly, clouds exploded above. The Sun disappeared behind the darkness of the storm
cloud. An acrid wind began to blow harshly:  the trees began to bow. Our hair was whipped
about us. The chaos replaced serenity lightning created blinding cracks amongst the black
sky. The once smooth surface of the lake became turbulent with waves that threw our
helpless boat about. I closed my eyes and gave in.

The storm stopped. I opened my clenched eyelids. There before me sat an empty half of my
boat. Not one memento of my love remained. As I drifted onward, soaked and somber, slowly
the boat cried out the only evidence of what took place. The sky seemed paler and the sun
no longer cheery, Now unforgiving and hot. My eyes stung and the trees were pastel. The
water below me was hated and unforgiven. Slowly, beside the boat, my love's beautiful body
began to cry and my apologies fell upon her un-hearing ears. I had learned my lesson. I
begged for a second chance.

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Treasure Hunt

You were here such a long time ago.
I knew you not nor did I have a clue.
I was just a silly giggly little fool.
Days passed by until the Sun set too low.
So I memorized the Stars at night watching them glow.
I’d swear I’d never have believed you much less knew.

Until, I went back into the past and chased the future ahead.
That’s when I saw the trails and the paths lain from before.
Some were laid in gold, others silver, even diamonds and lead.
The Sun struck down on them and they shined even more.
It was obvious by the color of branches in the trees that were dead.
I could taste the honeydew trickling down my lips feeling my heart of hearts.
I chased the birds and plucked a feather of a white dove just for you.
I ran along the Sea shores and the Oceans belched a many a roar.
Salt on my lips and free with the wind I knew I wanted more.
The Moons beams shined down on me so I followed the shore.

I found seashells and rocks of all kinds and saved them all.
I even cleaned them up and gave names to a few too small.
The Stars began twinkling brighter here and there.
I watched them naming a few and one I made mine.
Then I found the Mountains and how tough they fair.
I rock climbed the highest ones and drew myself a line.

I saw the snow fall and watched it melt.
I just can not tell you in words how that felt.
I ran through the fields and the prairies took my breath.
I was alive inside just feeling my best, there was no death.

The rains came pouring down watering the splendor grass.
Thunders and lighting's all came in a great big flash.
I’m alive inside and just feeling great.
Passing through time I can never be late.

On plated trails of past, present and future I am so alive.
It’s a treasure hunt of buried beauties buried deep inside.
And each vibrantly strives simply to thrive.
And each one seeks where you hide.

®Registered: Ann Rich 2006

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Love's A Gamble

The sun will rise,
The sun will set.
Love's a gamble,
So place your bet.

You can have a pair.
You can have three of a kind.
If you play the game too long,
You can loose your mind.

There can be two hearts,
There can be an ace.
You can win,
If they are in the right place.

The sun will rise,
The sun will set.
Love's a gamble,

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Far in the West, 
over the blue sea 
Was the home of the West Wind Prince 
Who's crown, the colour of sunset 
The colour you would agree, 
The most beautiful since......... 
The Tapestries had been blessed 

The soft brown hair, 
with a crown , 
The colour of sunset 
This Princes' eyes........... 
The blue before the sun going down 

The wind so cool, 
The wind so strong........ 
The West Wind Prince............ 
Sailing along. 

Fresh and sweet 
This wind.......... 
This Prince...... 
The Princess he would like to wed 
The West Wind to the castle it led 

For the Kingdom of the West 
The Sunset Crown 
Worn when the earthlight goes down 
Such light! 
The West Wind Prince yearns for the light 

For the Sunset Crown........ 
So bright! 
Needs a Princess........... 
To stop the light going down, 
by being by his side 
The starlight 
To illuminate the night, 
when the sun does hide 

To the Great Hall, 
onwards he sped 
The Princess of Stars......... 
He wished to wed 
The wind cool and strong 
The Princes' heart to fall 
The Princes' heart did belong 

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the song i sang when you left

How I love to hove you forever nigh
Oh sun that brighten my path each day
The star that decorates my dark sky at night
That I may have you all day I seldom pray.

Your footprint on the path of my life
Are golden landmarks that can never be replaced
Your blueprints on the tables of my heart 
Are engraved with and can never be erased. 

Your arms that hold me in the days of grave difficulty
Left an obvious mark of hope on my wrist like a watch
 Your words that found me while lost in the city of adversity
Still lighters my path until I found my feet on the topnotch.

On the sun that smiles from the west in the morning
The moon that comforts me when shadows walk after me
Night and day sunshine and you rain you are always a darling 
Oh, that I may have you forever beside me.

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You Are By Amy Matthew ASCAP c) 2005

 I look at your face 
and all I see 
is heavens angel smiling at me 
everyday and every night 
I thank God 
for my shining light.. 
you are the one thing that I hold true 
and I hope you feel the same way too girl 

 you are 
the one that I adore 
you are 
what life’s worth living for.. 
you are 
everything to me 
the air the earth and under the sea 
you are 
the sun and gentle rain.. only my heart just can’t explain 
the way that I feel when I’m with you.. ooh 
no one makes me feel the way you do.. 

 ooh I watch you sleep 
and all I can do. 
is close my eyes 
and breathe with you.. 
every sight and every sound 
this heart beats with the love we found.. 
ooh you are all I’m livin for and I can’t imagine wanting more no 

 you are 
the one that I adore 
you are 
what life’s worth living for.. 
you are 
everything to me 
the air the earth and under the sea 
you are 
the sun and gentle rain.. only my heart just can’t explain 
the way that I feel when I’m with you.. ooh 
no one makes me feel the way you do.. 

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You've Been Hurt So Long

Doll you've been hurt so long
Gulping down tears you no longer do
They're etched upon the windows of your mind
You feel the sun will no longer rise

Callous, careless words
You try to hide
Deeply penetrating wound
No birthday cake to console
Bitter cocoa wouldn't do

Doll you've been hurt so long
Gulping down tears you no longer do
They're etched upon the windows of your mind
Believe me the sun will again rise

Worry no longer over tears
planted in the desert years
My child a desert rose will bloom and bloom
fragrance the whole room

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The Garden Ceremony

Early evening, 
the sun descended slowly 
capturing the beauty of the surroundings.
Walking on,
the crowd gathered further down
for celebration of the love, the ceremony.
She was radiant,
compared to the flowers about,
she was a rose in a field of lilies and daphodils.
She smiled,
generating her own sunlight,
casting her beauty for the crowd to witness.
He waited.
With a joyful anticipation
He welcomed this beauty with a smile.

They turned,
together, facing each other
and facing the love of new tomorrows.
The sun descended,
but remained in the sky for them
casting new shadows of love on every tomorrow.

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Erotic ecstasy in sensual bliss.
A thousand emotions delivered by a kiss.
You made me feel you, though my heart tried to object.
Your soul spoke to mine and you were the subject.
The core of my heart must now be replaced.
Sentenced to a life, partially erased.
But my mind still swears the knowledge
of where my heart stands.
It is in your hands.
You are the biggest wall to ever stand before me.
I cannot knock you down, for I have no more strength.
I have tried and tried again 
but you have conquered my every wind.
Your cruelty ate my love.
Tell me, how did it taste?
So as I stand in your path now
look me in my face.
Fall into my eyes and drift into your weakness.
For our connection is stronger than words.
we need not figure out the rest.
We are the same as we are meant to be as one.
You believe that you will win
but the moon cannot beat the sun.
Throughout creation, time and time again.
We shall float away together, and neither shall win.
You cannot tell me that you do not care
for I know better.
You will not disappear for my soul will not be scattered.
You broke me once as you attacked by surprise.
But I am now ready, for the sun to set there must be sunrise.
So please will you finally give in too 
and watch it with me?
For my sun is not the same without you.

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Book of Beauty

I set comfortably on my front porch on my antique wooden swing that has held
so many traveling souls throughout the years.
I ponder the lives that the swing has held in the palm of its hand.
I idolize the florescent sun as it shines unconditional loving rays of light to a
troubled world. I hear the chirping love-birds as they dance through the air 
and the melodic wind chimes singing on neighborhood porches. I realize the 
beauty and the love in their tones. It seems as if it can only be God's artwork.
I feel my niece tugging at my worn purple sweater to come play with her and pull 
her in her little red wagon down to the old apple tree by the creek. I love her more 
than anything, smile adoringly at her, and take her. As we pass houses, I glance 
at the elderly couple, in their straw hats and overalls, planting cherry tomatoes 
across the road,ice tea crackling on their front porch that holds wisdom filled 
friends, skins soaked with sun block, canes at their sides, happy as can be. 
When the day turns to night, I am in awe of a sky filled with sparkling stars and I 
feel so puzzled to think of all that the universe holds: the purple and red and 
blue and yellow galaxies that seem to only be displayed for us in books of beauty 
but too far for us to ever reach or be a part of.
Then, when I travel the Earth, my favorite thing I can do, I pass the snow-capped 
mountains with daffodils at their bases, the turquoise oceans that seem to never 
end, the fields of colored fruit trees, and all the many wonders of our gigantic 
world, and I feel that this could all only be the artwork of God, and although I am 
puzzled, I am so thankful. Yet, why, I wonder, do I feel so all alone when their is 
this canvas full of miracles for me to explore, for all of us to explore? I feel 
endlessly restricted, a speck in this book of beauty. I think I am envious, that if 
there is a God, that this God gets to experience it all, at the same time. I just feel 
so small.

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Lately I do want to 
face the morning sun 
I look forward to the day 
that is about to come 

without Jesus in my life 
there is no sun 
and the brightness of the 
one above is very deep 
with in my life 

Lately I see my 
happiness appearing rapidly 
and I am loving every bit 
of this sunshine 

as I sat in the hospital bed 
I saw my life slowly slipping away 
Lately I look forward to another day 

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here i am 
in between possiblilty and dreams
in this meadow
where good was left behind
where the sun shines
with you
your lips taste of sweet honey 
your wrapped in a scent of lavender
you are the sun 
and i am nothing left behind in the depths of eternity

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The Good Life

He designed all of us for the good life.
It is up to us to choose it.
He wants all of us to be happy,
Whether our hair is naturally straight or nappy.
Yes, certain circumstances may have given,
Faces of other races a head start,
But no matter how you look, 
The world shook, as a result,
Of God’s only begotten son’s death,
On the cross, the moon dripped in blood,
The sun refused to shine, 
So that we can all no matter how we look,
Will live the good life that is divine.
He gave all of us a unique design,
And homework on this planet that you
Were only assigned. The only way 
That you can live the good life 
Is to know that by His stripes 
You are healed and to leave 
All of the heartache, pain, and strife
At the cross but only until you
Do that you will forever be lost
The good life is promised to everyone
Who lives under the sun because,
God’s gift to us was the death, burial,
And resurrection of His only begotten son.

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The Middle of Nowhere

The clouds overhead linger and the wind blows through my hair,
I constantly wonder how can I be amazed in such a place that is in the middle of 

I love the smell of the newly cut grass and I love the sight of the sun rising,
Watching the sun rise in the morning can be hypnotizing.

The golden yellow in the sky shines down on my face,
Taking me to an exotic place filled with life in all it's grace.

I close my eyes and listen out but I don't hear a single sound,
The wind blowing against me makes me feel as if I am 100 feet off the ground.

Soaring through the air like an eagle or a plane, 
Looking down at all the animals and my horses with flowing manes.

I open my eyes to see that I am still a country girl,
A country girl living in a country girl's world.

The end of the day is drawing near and the sun is about to set,
But just because the sun sets doesn't mean the day is over yet.

So I go inside and look out my window and stare at the moon up in the sky, 
The stars shining around the moon sparkles in my eyes.

A light rain starts to fall and began to tap against my window,
I climbed into my bed and became comfortable with my quilt and pillow.

Oh' how I love this place, this wonderful place
The place where my life goes on,
The place in the middle of nowhere the place that I call home.

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Rose of Thorns

Bound by love, your prisoner, distraught and lonely, I wait for you. My present 
being, yearning for us, tortured, time stands still as our acquaintance subdue. At 
the beach, nigh to the dunes, was our Eden, where you, my flower bloomed.

You were the pain, my last chance-dire. From my whole, you remained at our 
wake, the caroling water of dreams. We're shoreline deep, and, in the sand, our 
bodies remain. This is our sanctuary, or so it seems, until we bleed away. 

 In our youth, the sun smiled upon us, two innocents among the sinful tide. Your 
smile, the true sunrise to my days, awoke me from a dream. Shy and timid, I 
waited for you under the setting sun everyday. Holding hands, we confided in one 
another, confessing our fears and pain. As the evenings gently caressed the 
days from their stature, the moon lit our nights and the stars caught our eyes as 
they fell towards each other. 

The moon Shone like a precious fire on our wounds endless ires.  And, to be 
frank, I could not speak. From my lips to your cheek, seconds that were 
moments, I was afraid.  Like a child visiting the ocean for the first time, my touch 
refrained. I steadily explored your currents pull. Its strength consumed my 
tireless whims.  Like a blade, smooth and clean, we sunk core-deep and fell into 
each other until only one remained. 

Precious memories, so long ago, fallen from Eden, I can’t let go. Into the sea, my 
eyes gaze at what was once a boundless beauty to I, but now as gray as a 
wounded soul, it beckons me towards a watery grave.

My head is a specter lost in a maze of lies looking for you.  It gazes at paths once 
walked in the light of innocence.  Now, subdued, I float, sometimes in rage.  
There's only one thing that remains true.  Your beauty makes me want to lose my 

Waves of memories break in a hypnotic pattern; times of frolic betray their first 
intentions, spiraling my heart downward. Words of infidelity stain the paper in my 
hands, telling me to wait for one last dream, a nightmare. So as I read, I wait, like 
I had done so many times before, for you, not a flower, but a rose of thorns. 

In a mirror, much like a pool, my fingers scratch the surface and sink through.  I 
can touch our times and look back on them, but I can't explain why I can't fall in 
love again, not with you.  You whispered my name and turned away.  Until the 
end, we were friends, until the end, over and over again. Like a flower, I've wilted, 
wilted in shame.  

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Heart Upon the Water

the sun shines 
threw the dark clouds
onto the lake 
making an impression to the world 
a heart it shows 
as the sunlight glows 
from the dark sky onto the ocean’s beach 
this heart is out of reach
it looks nice from the shore
try to catch it, you won’t 
it’s a heart that will never be touched
by a man or by any human hand 
it will never stay 
as the night turns into day 
this is something far out of reach 
a lesson this heart will teach 
chase it if you wish 
this love is a fetish
swim after it if you may
this heart will never stay
as the night turns into day  

This poem was inspired by the sun shinning threw a heart shaped hole in the 
clouds casting a heart upon the water

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Knight in shining armor

Knight in shining armor

One day if the suns don’t shine
Darkness comes from all around
All Your friends leaved you
And gone to safer ground

The rain brings thundering storm
Loneliness entered your mind
When the one that you chosen 
Saves their self’s and can’t be find

Then you feel you’re alone
Lost you don’t know what to do
Then you start thinking why
All your new friends neglect you

Tears come to your eyes
You stand alone in the rain
Then you think of some one 
Wish you could see him again

Just look around, and he will be there
Like a wall not thing can get trough
Be your knight in shining armor
Will lay down his life for you

You will never be lost again
A goddess must not feel this way
A knight in shining armor
Will be your servant till his dying day

And when the storm is gone
The sun came out to shine
Will ride away in the sun set 
Leaving his happiness behind

This world can be unkind
Don’t know what tomorrow bring
But if ever you’re distress 
A knight will come riding inn

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Sunrise Lost

The crescent beats a retreat,
To his burnish’d chamber of onyx and slate,
Slivers of orange grab a cobalt sky,
Like fingers in a palette of paint.
Silent whispers cross the skies,
A golden light shall bathe
The ebony trunks of eternity
And the green of forever more.
Flamboyant and decadent, the fiery seraph rises,
And tugs at the dreary cover of blank slumber.
There’s a noiseless yawn, the sentinel shall convey,
The truth of a live new day.
But the bodies that stretch and eyes that gaze
Care not for such lovelorn wonders.
They prowl behind glass dungeons and cadaverous devices,
Disbelieving, not achieving, blind and unaware.
The ochre king rules again,
His realm as far as one can see.
Love’s abound as I hold thy hand,
It’s a sunrise lost to the world but me. 

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Sun Rising

Can I wear your love like heaven
still, after the long hours
when we said God was watching?

The same hearts beat.
The same sun is rising.

Can I wear your love like heaven
still, in the long hours after
we said God was watching?

The same sun is rising.
The same sun is rising.

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Life's not full of love, it's full of hate

Standing on the lowest point on the earth
With burning heart giving me sensation of hearth
On such a cold dark night 
Without a vision of an angel upon my sight

I wonder by here all alone each and every day
Without my heart, my life, passing through my way
Oh my sun has left me never to rise 
Leaving me helpless, my life’s a despise

But my love, you are worth all the while 
The whole world stops with your single smile
I’m just a admirer nothing more than that 
My life’s a cold floor now, you were my mat

By those sweetly spoken words form your lip
My heart runs, your words are always there to keep
Worse than me, my heart’s the one who’s hurt so much
I miss your smile, your voice your silent touch

Every time I dream I miss you
Feels like holding you picture and kiss you
Years have gone but you I haven’t forgotten
Guess how hard it’s to live without a sun 

Ask me the pain of that, it’s been ages
That’s the only reason I’m filling blank pages
Rejoice in life is not for me
Pain in heart, happy for others to see

Like the candle burning beside me, my heart burns
Through these veins of mine, your vision runs
It’s so hard to hold the tears filled in the eyes
To search for the sun at night in the skies

To be in dark room full of fears
With songs of depression into my years
It’s so easy to be a girl, loved by all 
Unlike boys, never happy in life, always to crawl

Surrounded by the world I’m just a pawn
Without you in my head form dusk to dawn
For as your love I’m out of tear I can’t cry
I’m so young now for me to die

But to die for you, you are really worth it
Still I’m alive, for us to meet
Its not that I can’t die for thee 
I can’t live without you in front of me to see 

How can I even think of dying?
I’d rather be happy like this, always crying
I’ll wait for you till I make sea of tears
I’ll really wait even if it will take thousand of years

You are really beautiful and always jolly
My dear I’m ugly and always melancholy 
You my love, your life’s always a bloom
But my life, oh poor me always a gloom

Without a single picture of you, I wait
Without my heart by my side, my life still a gait
A sad feeling inside my heart, always to born 
Life full of pain sorrow and frisson

Sitting on my bed, this precious time I kill
The empty blank pages on copy is what I fill
Life’s what you decide, not of your fate
Life's not full of love it's full of hate

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The sun bows out, fading across the plains
While the stars prepare for their show time
Listen and you’ll hear the wind whispering
Humming a lullaby throughout the night

The moon in the heavens brightens the night sky
Mere reflection of the sun so far away
Reminding me of your love across distant miles
Filling each gloomy night with the sun’s rays.

Enchant me, oh moon, like the ocean tides
Grasp onto me with mysterious charm
Pull me ever so closer to your side
Draw me into your long awaited arms

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Human Wreckage (Part 4)

I can’t walk out on this feeling,
The fat lady has just about sung the
Ultimate aria of her own selfish pain and loss.
The duality of my desires schism through my heart
Like a fuzzy scalpel, cutting and tickling at the same time.
I visit the municipal baths site of my hometown,
Find it gone, the pool filled in and grassed–over as if
It had never been; the only reminder a blue concrete
Fountain still intact; no water, just earth and grass,
Filling the basin, moss and lichen clinging there.
I touch the stone; run fingers where as a child
They had been run many long years before.
Contact with the past, bolts in the brain, I am back.
Hot lemon sun beats down on bare skin,
Chlorine fumes stab my eyes, water splashes, crisp
Packets rustle and I see the changing cubicles: cupboards
Of wooden blue slats with batswing doors,
And myself swimming through cold, clean water
Aged eleven and full of life and vitality,
Future mapped as some golden pathway of potential,
As summer goes on and on, feeling like forever.
Above, the rumble of twin engines, a plane draws
A vapour trail, silver cracking the intense blue,
My eyes narrow and tear from glare when looking up;
I see the plane fly away, on and on without crashing,
No engine failure, no loss of life.
And I smile in the chill of the water and 
The scorch of the sun when emerging to lie on
The grass or the sizzling concrete surround.
The skies dim, though, evenly cloud over that afternoon,
People pack up and leave before the first downpour.
Don’t go, I say, stay, it will pass.
They pay no heed, they do not hear me, ghosts are habitually deaf,
And soon I am alone as the first cold drops, big as shillings,
Spatter the ground; with shivers, the past recedes
I am back here; the pool is filled in and grassed over.
Modern rain, dirty, acidic, with trace elements of carbon monoxide,
Mocks my reverie; a junkyard dog cruelly barks laughter
In a distant scrap-yard of ruined machinations.

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For Paul

There's a single moment everyday 
When the sun begins to fade 
That I gaze beyond the horizon 
In search of a love forbade 
Your handsome face I cannot touch 
Your gentle voice I cannot hear 
But I know that you are with me 
My heart has brought you here 
Although it is only for an instant 
This love cannot be disavowed 
Pleasure, passion and contentment 
All to me, you have endowed 
I took a vow to love only one 
And faithful I shall be 
'cept within this timeless moment 
When you are here with me 
There's a single moment everyday 
When the sun begins to fall 
That I gaze beyond the horizon 
And unite with a man named Paul 

If only the years had not progressed 
And taken from me, my innocence 
I'd soar again like I once did 
Into the arms of my beloved Prince 
But alas reality has denied me flight 
An angel without wings
Sitting grounded on the shores
Gazing outward, my lonely heart sings
In this life I have but one wish 
And selfish it may be
Give my lover golden wings 
And fly him here to me 
Let me hold him in my arms 
Feel his breath upon my skin 
Taste the passion that I desire 
Prove the love I feel for him 
Then when my life is over 
And the Guf contains my soul 
I will have gained a priceless gift 
A memory to behold...

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Time And Space and Love

Fly us to the moon where we never have to breathe 
The chaff and flare of petrol in an urban ghetto seethe; 
Our love, such vital oxygen, feeds each of us as one, 
Sustains the pure conceptual time and space continuum. 

Inhaling in our fibres, golden clouds of lunar dust, 
Sweet galactic voices gently telling that we must 
Embrace the fireball sun blazing on the face of Mars, 
With her black and auburn tentacles claiming for the stars. 

The solar winds may freeze our skin and drown away our sighs, 
Despite chromatic visors, comets blind our seeing eyes, 
And we may fall to silver knees and pray at some abyss 
To let the dawn light find us locked in one eternal kiss.

Our love burns as the sun in space, no vacuum of ashes, 
Just the meeting of our lips and the flutter of eyelashes; 
Black holes may form and eat the world, yet let us leave a sign, 
For as the stars, though dead and gone, this love forever shine. 

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Out by the wall; scattered seeds of my youth
fighting to grow against the wind.
And out in the distance; perched, two upon the gate,
The bluebirds begin to sing:

Take me to the castle garden
where the sun forever covers the plants,
where darkness never enters
and where all the people dance.
Take me to the castle garden,
the place you enter in your dreams,
where loved ones lives are never ending.
Reality; stems from your dreams

Now, I remember walking hand in hand
with my father, to the lake.
In his eyes, I could hear him saying
hearts are never made to break.

But, now, now that I am a man
I finally realize
those important words he was saying
when I looked into his eyes:

Take me to the castle garden
where the sun forever covers the plants,
where darkness never enters
And where all the people dance.
Take me to the castle garden,
the place you enter in your dreams,
where loved ones lives are never ending.
Reality; stems from your dreams

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Laughter roams

My face, pushed hard against
the glass. So near to the exploding
life beyond the veins of lead.
Every now and then, the sun smiles
and crystals shine between us.
Everyone, in contagious colored clothing
permanent cracks, padlocked to their jaw.
Every year, when the light is greedy
I am left predicting your arrival.
As if, from some humid mist you'll waltz
across the thirsty glades. Kiss my skin
the sun embraced.
Yet every year, eyes braced to life
outside. Laughter roams the street,
I cry.

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Summer's Sun

The summer sun brought a new kind of love into our lives,
And it made us both shine - 
something neither one of us had done
In a long time.

We both fell too hard,
Discovering something that was unknown to us.
We found joy, happiness, and even love.
It was so beautiful.
We went through so much together in the short time you were here.

We had fun-lots of fun.
We laughed and cried together,
sharing secrets with one another.

I can honestly say you were the first person I ever fell in love with.
But we just didn't make it.
What went wrong?
Were we too serious?
I loved you so much and we were so happy together,
But it just wasn't enough.

What is enough?
More love? More laughter?
We never had the chance to find out.

You're gone now, I'm sorry to say.
You've begun a new life and
I'm still here picking up the pieces-
Still living for yesterday
When you were here with me -
Loving me and needing me.

So what now?
I still love you very much and
There will always be a special place for you in my heart.
Winter's coming on now and 
I must leave the memories behind and
Begin a new life of my own,
And wait for spring -
The dawning of a new love.

I hope we have the chance to meet again
So we can pick up where it ended,
But until then just remember
I love you and please be happy.

God bless the summer sun 
And all the love and happiness it brings.

Written by Melinda Hope Cooper
October 1982

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Little Conversations

A running conversation stood catching it's breath
on the hill of decision, on the day of it's death
In an effort to stop the inevitable flow
of the moon in it's belly on a mission to grow
It stepped to the edge of the hill and transpired
with verbiage gone ancient and aching for fire
It stood up on tiptoes and opened it's mouth
to let the sun in, or to let the moon out
This running conversation was made up of air
and moods of the moment and bent silver hair
which reflected the sun in an effort to stir
all the things that it loved while he motioned to her
It took a look down to the Pool of Dissolve
and felt the earth shimmer within it's revolve
In an effort to keep conversation alive
it trampolined toes into a swan dive.

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Florida Longing

Pin fish silver lick the waves
rain drops crater the sand
Feeling foolish, longing strong
missing the sun in my hand
Caucus of colors sweep through my mind
calling my heart to it's beat
Feeling fed up with this New England gray
drizzle delirious bleak
Fly me to Florida
Strip off the coats
Break out the bathing suits
Blow up the floats
Sail me on waters
of mint green and sand
Humid deep breathing
The sun in my hand
where pin fish silver lick the waves
and rain drops cool off the sand
in a three minute storm which gets carried away
by the sun stretching out to my hand.

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Caramel,Vanilla, and Chocolate,
As sweet as sugar,
Melting when the sun touches it,
Smooth and warm,
More than a mouthful.

Glistening in the sun like  a beautiful horizon,
Looking like drops of sugar when it melts,
I enjoy kissing and touching it,
Some even love to squeeze it,
I love my Caramel, Vanilla, and Chocolate skin.

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Now drips the juices off a knife pierced heart
Emerged from a cocoon 
Filled with pain
Your love had brought me out to the noon
Warm sun no more rain
Without you there’s no four letter word
Without you my sky is free of birds
There is no sun in my universe
There’s no need for any poetic verse
Without your love my winds don’t blow
If you’re not here then my heart doesn’t glow
Leaves only a flow of red
The sounds smells and colours of autumn in my head
As these leaves fall dead

I’m left empty
My branches stripped bare
Dead inside
Emotional writing suicide 
Notes jumping into shark infested feelings
From, I walked the planks off pirate boats
Body reeling, falling but
Not for feelings 
My feet planted firmly on the ceilings
Of this broken house mirrors life
Chimeny pushing smoke
Down into the soil
Spilt blood sheens crudely oil
Dripping up off the bedroom floor

This same bedroom floor
Holds albumed memories 
Carefully chronicled deeds
Nights we spent planting 
Trees now grow crooked
Pages turn quickly to our book ends
No star written sequel
Only heaven prequel reminiscences

Of wounded birds
It’s been forever since I’ve heard
The songs your lips play
That little way you’d say 

I'm lonely...

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I like it when the stars a line,
it's like every thing goes perfect every thing you find,
I like a summer sun set in late June,
I've regrouped calmed my soul changed my tune,
I like the sound of the ocean as it crashes on the rocks,
no matter the size of the wave it stands there taking it's knocks,
I like misty mornings the air so crisp a cold,
it touches you to the bone till the day unfolds,
I like a spring morning the most,
the sun is early to raise as birds sing the days toast,
I like greeting the day alone,
time to myself, time.. a moment I own,
I like as the day ends and all is still,
family's gather together as the night finds it's chill,
I like the smell of roses no matter the color,
they remind me of my mom and how much I miss her,
I like that I've learned to stop...and enjoy a world I never seen,
blue ski's, high mountain tops hills and valleys of green,
I like how this moment and time I didn't take for granted,
I smiled, felt and stayed in a moment here in a place were I'm planted 
I like what my mom told me and how it came true,
don't pretend hold on to true love and let out the real you,
I like how my wife and kids completed a world I couldn't see, 
she showed me what love is and they set my heart free,
I like that I never seen it coming,
a story book, love song, fairy tail without an ending 
I like who I turned out to be,
and I think mom would of been proud of me.

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Your Light

Your beauty makes the sun jealous of you
The earth wants to keep you for her own
The light of the moon shines only over you
While the seas crest in your very direction

Your beauty makes the sun jealous of you
It feels pallid in your very presence
It cannot compete with the shine you emit
It is lacking and wanting your very essence

The light of the moon shines only over you
Casting a luminary spotlight on your being
It, too, wanes in comparison to your glow
It is from your light that everyone is seeing

While the seas crest in your very direction
The universe seems to revolve around you
Making you the center of everything good
Celebrating you, your light, the truth

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days end

The sun beats red
Pastel colors fill the sky
Could there be anymore said
Should I bother asking why

Through the darkening woods
The sun sets between the trees
Would this be better is it could
Could this be life misunderstood

To seize the moment
To breathe the air
To see my heaven sent
Beside me, always there

I silence it speaks
In words in reveals
Just wait until the peak
The essence will heal

Beautiful the day ends
Majestic the night begins
Sorrow for the wounds not mended
Yet joy for the end of sin

The deep of thought
Is as dark as night
The words that brought
Peace to troubled minds

Why choose me to share with you,
Your life, your ways, your place of serenity
How am I even remotely good enough
For all you have to offer

Days with you are magic
The nights are surreal
Just being with you alone
Makes everything so real

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Sunrises at noon

12:30 a.m.: Wednesday 

I spoke in silent awe as I watched the sun breathe its final breath,
creating a beautiful silhouette which sat parallel to me.
She laid her gentle voice upon my ears,
as she sat comfortably beside my thoughts.
We spoke of generalized topics such as hobbies that turned to addictions.
Mine: The soft caress of a woman 
who could hold my heart with out fear of dropping it.
Hers: The sudden rush of learning of a person’s person 
through their vocal discussions. 

5:45: The night stood still; 
frozen, in the course of the mental love we were about to make..

Our discussions lasted for what seemed as endless hours, 
only to be realized as a brief moment in time.
She took me to heaven through her words
And soothed my aching heart with the memories I’ve most wanted:

Her and 
I, together 
again, yet
for the first time.

9:36: Dew drops formed a symbolic ballet for the dance we’d made 
through our verbal affections during the hours past..

Never had I known such a love as the presence peacefully presented before me
though it felt as if we had met in a lifetime earlier than the current.
Her angelic appeal aroused the blackest depths of my mind, 
grasping me beautifully as the night does the moon.
I reached for the night sky, piecing together our own constellation 
with hopes that it would draw the perfect idea for her
of us, everlasting and asked if it pleased her so.
She replied: ”So long I’ve waited to meet another soul as divine as yours.
I’ve been blessed to find you through the journey I’ve traveled for so long now.
Waiting, wanting…to find a perfect balance for my scale of love
and here, we sit.”

11:25: The horizon screamed of the apparent day break 
and our eventual departure coming ahead..

Our hearts palpitated vigorously at the evident knowledge,
soon enough, our words would run out and the conversation would cease.
I expressed my fear of lonliness and failure in love 
only to find a daunting but pleasing laughter glistening before me.
She uttered the sharpest reality that "in time, lonliness and failure 
coexist with love and time, the world is our playground."
With time soon running out, the most important question I never thought 
to ask: what is your name?
She rose, gracefully as a true angel does 
and with the sweetest voice, she echoed


As I woke from a slouching position from that same park bench as before
from what seemed to be the cruelest, 
Yet most beautiful dream 
Just as the sun rose
at Noon.

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Walk With Me To The Shoreline

The calm before the storm
Bids us to ignore the brewing tempest
Still the nimbus are towering beyond the horizon
As inexorably the squall line approaches our respite

Walk with me to the shoreline
For I fear not the fury
Stand with me to confront its shifting currents
And prevail the harsh elements before us
As the laden columns rise to blot the sky
And seize the light from our tomorrow
I shall rise up in contest
To ensure the continuance of our day

With a fury for the Typhoon
Its winds will not deter me our days
The surf will pound around us
And violent gusts will tear at our fabric
But I refuse to be swept up in these tides
Just as these winds will dwindle to zephyrs before me
The lightning will crash and the thunder echo
But they shall gather not my attention
For I focus on the quieter seas to follow
In the days of lesser tumult
When the gentle breeze but wisps your hair
And the setting sun casts us in pleasant repose

I have seen these days before
And desire the grace of their twilight to come
They surpass any fury which can be leveled
And make as nothing the Monsoon

So for now I await the storm with you here
When it arrives I shall raise my shield
To protect you from its vengeance
While we may become dampened
We shall not drown
While we may be shaken by thunder
We shall not be disheartened
And as the seas rise around us
Our determination will summon its eye

In the morning the sun will rise again
Casting its view over the remnants
In these we will find that which we ever needed
The distractions will be blown from us
And we will sail the seas of our life
Collecting the cherished
Leaving the deadweight behind

Here in this calm before the coming storm
Walk with me to the shoreline
Trust me to shelter you
I’ll keep you ever sound
And in allowing me this protection
You shall shelter me 
"The Poet Who Lies Within"

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Night Meets Day

The moon sinks
Below the evening trees
The sun rises
Above the morning horizon

Stars dot the rims
Of earth's face
Clouds paint the paper
Of sky's canvas

The moonlit night
Plans a new meeting
With the sun of days
As the sky turns dark

As the moonlight
Is splashed with
The sun's light
It turns rose red

Love's crystal light
Dances upon us
As we are in
Our midnight embrace

Along with the
Moon and sun
The stars and clouds
Bring their meeting

And as we kiss
The clouds roll in
The stars dot the clouds
Bringing love's dusk

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Exploring a Mystery!

 Exploring a Mystery!
Your smile
Brings the warmth of the sun to my heart
When we are apart
It is you I think of in blissful memory 
for the rest of my days.

Your hair unfurled 
In golden locks of glorious disarray
As the sun shines upon you.

Your eyes inviting
As we frolic near the water stream
Nearer you come to me
Your beauty Blinding
Blinding you may be I cannot help but be
Hypnotized by your captivating beauty
I must have you...My heart pounds like a 
drum. Happines has entered my life.

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. Lebuhn 

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I remember being loved very much
Of loving you too in the day, in the night and  . . . 
And I remember waking in the early morning
Before the sun rose
Before the moon fell
I remember watching the sighing of moonlight across your skin
How it rained just for us, for you in March
And how the skies shaded the sun on that one-day in October so slightly
I remember our children
And Mary
I remember our first child and the way you smiled in those first moments

I remember
In the sighing of my life I remember you
Watching over me
Loving me
Always loving me
And . . .

I remember dying

Growing old together with laughter and tears
Of looking back on our life together
Of being eighty-four summers old and new 
Of celebrating your eighty-third autumn and spring
With our children
And our grandchildren with their squealing laughter and “Nana, Nana!”

I remember my last breath
And how my eyes fell upon you to the last

I remember dying

My story . . . 

It was supposed to end there

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I Am Grateful

As the surf breaks with the morning sun giving light,
Reds and oranges against a sea of unending blue,
I am reminded of the beauty here in my life.
I am reminded of the beauty which is you.

I have sought many days to only arrive at this conclusion now
Thoughts coming to fruition as the new colorful sun ascends.
I recognize the cycle of life represented by each new day
And the many chances, with you, to make amends.

Oh, my love, I cannot compare you to this vision of loveliness.
For this even pales to the beauty, the forgiveness you share.
Thank you for allowing me hope again, opportunity
To witness your splendor, to know that you care.

God may have made scenery for all to appreciate and share
But you, never, will I again offer unto the rest, for their view.
I am grateful and sorry, my love, for all my misgivings
My every thought from now on, is always of you.

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Melancholic solstice of the soul 
tears along the broken line equator 
of a heart. A chasm ripped to separate 
and isolate the weathervane 
blown madly out of orbit.

And would the angels stoop to shift the sun 
that substance and coherence might evolve 
the order. Defining love will edify 
and amplify the teachings 
drowned in silence.

Life-affirming quadrants of desire 
with sextant measured distance from the 
molten star. Slow advances, veiled defences 
and dispenses the manifest 
held ever in your thrall. 

Time is all it takes to still the past, 
quell the tiny voice that supplicates 
the ego. Patient arts, wistful reverie 
and gradually the sun 
becomes your own.

Details | Romanticism | |

Colors' Hysteria

They come scrambling, 
Praising each other; 
Like people in a big town; 
Competition is always hostile. 
They entered 
The white canvas 
From the four corners; 
Few from the sides. 
They came 
And cheering. 
They invaded the canvas 
Like the Romans entered the gates of 
Like Eileen entered me. 
With the same love and 
The same human rhetoric. 

Colors came first, 
Then a wave of forms 
Followed them; 
Like the Olympics’ opening. 
I am the only 
The canvas is an unwelcome 
And unfinished 
Both colors and forms 
Started to draw 
And metaphors. 

I can see Eileen’s name, 
I can see Eileen’s face, 
I can see Eileen’s smile too, 
Building up, 
Drop by drop; 
I can see Eileen 
Laying down 
Along the canvas 
With her smile of orange 
Then, Standing upl; 
She glanced at me 
Then, she walked away. 

Colors, ink 
And water 
Shake hands 
And embrace each other 
It is really a human scene, ... 
Human feast. 
Some colors 
Clash against a few forms 
Others get a long 
Others were 
In a rush 
A dozen were just watching the scene 
Only one color is acting 
Exactly like Eileen. 

I never predicted 
How the canvas was going 
To look like 
I never judged the painting 
‘Cause it always triggers 
My desire 
For Eileen. 

My colors are my words; 
My words are Eileen; 
Eileen is the sun 
The sun rises 
I feel worm. 
Eileen is warm too, 
And then she runs; 
Eileen always runs 
when she is warm. 

The canvas 
Is almost done. 
The colors are exhausted, 
The forms are drunk, 
And I am sober. 
The blue sky is there, 
Some squared doors 
And windows 
In red, 
Blue, and 
Are open 
To let the air 
And rejuvenate 
The sad fireplace. 

The painting is done. 
I called the painting 
Smiling Eileen.

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Stunted growth, some seedlings need both sun and rain 
The sun went 
away, never returning again Seedlings into striplings 
grown warped and 
weak Striplings become plants, prospects bleak To bear fruit, to 
spread its own seed Was a forecast none could have 

 Until came a butterfly bold, beautiful, unique It cared 
not that the 
plant was weak It would land on plants upon whom others never settled 
Taking a chance, willing to test their mettle It thought 
that come 
spring the weak plant could bloom Giving nourishment and shelter the 
butterfly assumed
 On came the weak plant to fulfil the butterfly’s trust 
Grow stronger 
 and higher it knew it must For the butterfly was also 
bereft Nothing 
 but the weak plant had it left They stood alone together 
the plant 
 trying to grow The butterfly waited for changes to show
 Time elapsed, spring came and went
 The butterfly grew tired of all the time it had spent 
The butterfly 
 had kissed the plant with pollen and strength The weak 
plant hadn’t 
 bloomed, didn’t grown in length
 The weak plants roots sunk deep in soil too fallow The 
 couldn’t save one with potential so shallow Leave the 
weak plant, the 
 butterfly knew it must Find a strong plant in whom it 
knew it could 
 trust Alone the weak plant knew it would live Deep roots 
in bad ground 
 life would give However weak forever it would remain 
Hopes to grow 
 strong torn forever in twain

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In my dreams is where you'll find me

I dreamt of a meadow the night before
The clouds heaved in the sky
All was quiet
The sun shone in my eyes
I could hear every sound that was reverberating around the grove of sycamore 
The leafs blew in the wind and sighed
I lay in the grass, as I look around my surroundings
The grass caressed my face
I am lulled by the sound of the singing brook
The sun is my downy blanket
The rocks remain unmoved in the river
As brook laps over them as the joyful mist
Explodes into the sky
I awake feeling the sensation of the cool rain chilling my lips
Although it was a dream
Nothing could compare to it
Except the feeling of waking up to find you next to me

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In his eyes

It was an old house, built for four, a warm place it was
New dreams walked at my side holding hands ofcourse to not get lost
As the sun arose again and again, so passed the feeling of something new 
One dream did stray away, never to find a place by his side again

His foot prints too fled in fear from his presence
A lost soul in search for direction without a map he was, looking for something not in fact
His journey was long and without true sence of direction he toppled lots many times
Yet his art in word flowed out like the rays leave the sun in all direction always warm

A soothing feeling come over that broken heart, pathced together with a bandaid it held wholw
And with every race of emotion the band aid strched a little until it no longer held the poets heart
It broke, tossed and turned, it bleed out words of love and of life itself, poetry flowed out
Many saw yet no one bothered to act on affection, the heart did bleed to death, fate? I really doubt

With not much love in it, its spirit flew to higher realms, it wasn't a dream
As it parted it felt so much peace within, and for once in its mass not a single sin
For the world is based on lies and struggle
The prince that dwells in these realms is the father of all evil, but truly I tell yee heshall not prevail

A new scene takes act
The heart came back anew, bonded by the love of Jesus Christ my Lord
I no longer am a darkpoet, but a poet in love with God to His word I shall live and measured by his sword
Look in, what do you see in his eyes?

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Beautiful Man

The sun shines on water so gracefully 
Reflecting it's beautiful face so tastefully
Hands so soft like fresh ripe peaches
The sun sets endlessly on these beaches
Beautiful man
Holding my heart I know this life is sure
Eye to eye we stare feeling secure
I beg your lips to touch mine
I invite more than your incline
Beautiful man
A step forward from the past 
The foot print embedded in sand that will last
All I can promise is all of me
In my life I beg of you to be
Beautiful man

Details | Monorhyme | |

If the Sun were just as bright

If the sun were just as bright
            than the love through eye delight,
it would ache my heart to a blinding sight
            'neath the starlit of the night.

For I've never seen the hieght
             of the blue-twinkle might
in the eye of a lover who know my heart right
             as we kissed 'neath the starlit night.

If the sun were just as bright
               than the love through his eye twinkle delight
It would ache my heart to a love appetite
               and beg for more, more, more of the light.

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Was a time.. 
When love was all  true 
Gentleness too 

A red sighing sun 
Sinking below 
The depths of my heart 
The day is done 

Was a time.. 
you felt it too 
in the depths of my heart 
Emotion too 

A star, 
faded blue 
Replaced a red sighing sun 
Flickering fire 
You knew it too 

Stars and suns, 
fade away 
Night and day 
Love endures 
Gentleness too 

You are my sun 
You are my star 
My flickering fire 
Gentle light 
Gentle night 
The day is done 

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You never know

You never know exactly what you have until it's gone. 
You never really know the value of something until you lose it. 
You need to cherish lifes every little moment. 
You'll never know what will happen tomorrow. 
You'll never know it the sun will keep shining, or if the moon will still glisten in the night . 
You'll never know if the person you love will be gone tomorrow. 
Since you will never know what tomorrow will bring, end every night with a good thought. 
Tell the sun that your thankful for the warmth and the light. 
Thank the moon for itz beauty in the nights sky. 
Then make sure you don't forget the most important one of all... 
Tell your family and friends that you love them. 
Just because you will never know what tomorrow will bring.

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Cool water lapping at the edge of white sand, 
holding my hand 

Warmth of sun, 
warmth of hand, 
Warmth of love, 
Warmth of sand 

No one for miles, 
wearing nothing, 
but our smiles 

Footprints in sand, 
none but our own, 
walking along the shore, 
we know what it is all for 

Hand in hand, 
walking on sun bleached sand, 
no words we can say, 
on the beach of eternal play 

For, no words are needed, 
our thoughts,words are as one. 
You and I under golden sun, 
hand in hand 
on sun bleached sand 

Shade of palm, 
you by my side, 
serene and calm, 
the beach stretched far and wide 

Wearing nothing but our smiles, 
we can see for miles, 
paradise perfect, 
crystal clear sea, 
blue and green reflect, 
the love you have for me 

Cool water lapping at edge of white sand 
holding my hand 

Details | Free verse | |

I Love You

Just as sure as the sun will rise,

just as sure as the sun will set,

just as sure as night comes,

when the stars and moon are done with rest……I love you.

Just as sure as flowers bloom,

just as sure as flowers fade,

just as sure as tears fall,

when from your heart happiness runs away…….I love you.

Like a painting loves color,

like a poet loves words,

like grass loves green,

and like the sky loves birds…….I love you.

Like ears love to hear,

like eyes love to see,

like hands love to touch,

and lips love to speak……..I love you.

Till music parts from melody

till rain parts from storm,

till good times part from memory, 

and till my soul parts from physical form, I will always…….love you!

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Ollie and Emie

He carried her like the lazy, in her champagne, satin dress
and slipped her soul on the mattress bare, as her soul was quite a mess.
She woke with the sun in her eyes as the sun always has it's way
She woke with a moment of hope that he had changed all his plans and decided to stay.
He carried her name on his lips, through the have's and every have not
and wished she was thinking of him at the moment, and if so, he wondered just what
She lacked all the zeal for the world's success, she slept in his t-shirt at night
She lacked all the courage that she should have had to dismiss him without such a fight
He wore out his "plans" with realities rub, he siphoned the winds on a whim
and whisked her away for a week and a day 'till he was filled right back up to the brim
She laughed as they held hands in goodbye, between tears as she tried not to cry
She laughed as she knew she would see him again, though in words she could never say why
He sat at the stars one clear night, in their sleepy twinkling light
and dialed her number with the thought to hang up, to fall into sweet bless-ed flight
She answered: "What took you so long? I've been waiting for you all my life..."
She answered like the mirror to his long strung out soul and changed all his plans as his wife.

Details | Alliteration | |


I am still in Zion , I am taming love's lion, with these wings I spread I will fly on,
I shower you with diamonds, with my hands I lay to waste all of these mountains,
You to me, you are a treasure that took a lifetime to find.
You to me, you are a star that crashed down upon my earth and landed in my sea,
You are the heaven, for which I seek to find,
You are the eternity after life that I cannot define.
I stand proud against all these mobs that rise against me,
I fight back and scream with courage and intensity!
I lead my army against your foes and my foes and all the other fiends,
I use my sword and with my word I devour them and destroy those who wish to 
strike and sting,
I sing a new song that describes your majestic beauty and praise the way you 
I am the one that conquers and divides and offers to you the sun and the silver 
All of the world I offer to you with all of her gold, silver and precious gems,
I give you more than your heart could ever desire, I give you so much more than 
I have built a temple to worship your perfect body with all of your God-given 
I am studying the history of this world and striving to know more about you, for 
you I constantly learn.
No longer does my world revolve around you for you have become my entire 
No longer does my sun and moon shine upon you for you are the one that I have 
learned to serve.
I shower you with a million rose petals and tulip blossoms that would cover the 
country side!
I abide in your spirit and praise your gorgeous self for no longer do I choose to 

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When The Day Is Done 2

Tell me what do you really have to lose when you come and accept in your heart,God’s son?
Don’t you think that this is much better, than burning in hell, a place so much hotter than the very sun?
Life can offer us so much more than we can handle it in too many unfortunate moments of our life
Sometimes we can’t see things clear and that’s when we can make more mistakes and find in our way more pain  and strife.

It seems there are so many choices in our life, and more things to choose from all the time, everyday
So be watchful and choose everything very carefully, as you find sometimes your way.
Every day the sun raises high, but sometimes the sun hides and heavily falls only rain
In every blade of grass dews shine and in every roses petals love awakes and hopes then reigns.

Time passes painfully slow sometimes,time watches and never ever stops for you me nor anyone.
Reflections of bygone days are great, when people and times were a lot kinder than what we have today.
Life is good and bad too, do you want it more good than bad, well,that’s the choice you have to opt for.Make it right!Make it worthwhile!
Why don’t you give something instead of taking for a change, give a word of encouragement give away your smile.

Life wasn’t ever meant to be just fine and see love and smiles on everybody’s hearts, eyes and face
The world is not just like that in real life, and our life is not even balanced most of the time, any place
People everywhere just grab and take all them can,but there's still hope,even when most people seem not to care
And as I look at the glow fading fast thru my window, clouds with their arms high,gather up lovingly,all the remmnants,of the days glare!

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I watched the red red sun set
& listened to sunny day play
all i'm missing in this sad sad setting
is some coffee and cigarettes
the thought of you crosses my mind
as my hand moves across this page
& your bracelet catches my eye
there wasn't anything i wanted more in this (very) moment 
than to feel your hand in mine
instead, i stand in this cold cold room
watching from my window sill
& as the light fades
in this sad sad setting
& sunny day continues to play
i think nothing but of you
& how i hope your sunny day fades into the night
just as beautifully as the red red sun (did)

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The Sun Will Shine

Someday the sun will shine.
I tell myself it only takes time.
Everything’s going to be just fine.
When I feel I’ve got nothing but you.
I remind myself your love is so true.
That it’s all I need to hold on to.
You’re love is I need to make due.
I’ll make it through.
As long as the one I wake up next to is you.

Someday the sun will shine.
In time I know  with you and faith.
God won’t make my life a waste.
So no doubt in time…
The sun shall shine forever.

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Timely consequences

Silently the breeze passes
Blowing away the burned out ashes
Burned inside reality’s different faces
With all by the hold of God’s graces

So clod is my mind today
So cold wind passing through my way
How come the sun can’t make the day warm?
Why has the ever blazing sun lost its charm?

Certain doubt is in my head of which I have fears
The same doubt that could end me up with tears
I want to tell the world but I better not
This is the only life, happiest one I ever got

But whatever happens, I wish, I’ll never have to go
The consequences of it only time can show

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Cool water lapping at the edge of white sand, 
holding my hand 

Warmth of sun, 
warmth of hand, 
Warmth of love, 
Warmth of sand 

No one for miles, 
wearing nothing, 
but our smiles 

Footprints in sand, 
none but our own, 
walking along the shore, 
we know what it is all for 

Hand in hand, 
walking on sun bleached sand, 
no words we can say, 
on the beach of eternal play 

For, no words are needed, 
our thoughts,words are as one. 
You and I under golden sun, 
hand in hand 
on sun bleached sand 

Shade of palm, 
you by my side, 
serene and calm, 
the beach stretched far and wide 

Wearing nothing but our smiles, 
we can see for miles, 
paradise perfect, 
crystal clear sea, 
blue and green reflect, 
the love you have for me 

Cool water lapping at edge of white sand 
holding my hand 

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Last light, 
Sky on fire 
Shadowy spire 
My heart calling 

My heart, 
the colour of the sun 

My heart given to you, 
at last light 
The colour red, 
last light sunset 
Come to bed 

My heart , 
the colour of the sun 

The colour red, 
Radiating on our bed, 
my heart,....... calling 

My heart, 
the colour of the sun 

Last light, 
The sky on fire, 
my heart calling 
My desire, 
I give you the night 

My heart, 
the colour of the sun 

My heart given to you........... 
at last light 
This magnificent view 
The colour red 
Colour sunset 
the colour jet 

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Sunsets, Sonsets

Why do I still miss you
Why does my heart still wish 
For sunsets when our eyes met
Why do I still hold on to memories of feelings 
Long set and still I wish our eyes met
So you’d see the emotional turmoil 
You’ve left and my sun still sets
And I still wish that our eyes met
On that sunny day the rains came
So you’d see that my love was still strong
And my heart still longs to love you
And my arms still ache to feel 
So I don’t have to deal with this hurt
So I won’t have to seek to feel 
Anything for you
So it doesn’t ache to feel
These things for you

And I still wish for sunsets
For when our eyes met
That first night
In spite of  past hurts
And past flirts with danger
Still suns rise
And I fell into those beautiful eyes
That time we first kissed
If I knew I’d still miss
These sunsets with you
And those last times I laid with you
My soul still kneels and prays for you
For the days when our eyes met
But my sun still sets

Cause we made our son set
Or was it our daughter…

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For me my dear you are too precious

Just a few day and it seems like a year
Will I go mad I have a certain fear
Without the moon that gives me light when the sun goes down
To ask the moon never to come was I a clown?

Oh there she comes, as bright as she can be
Just in front of my eyes, always for me to see
I look at her silently, I wish I could talk
Few words together or a single walk

Look she’s smiling oh so beautiful the sight in front
I want to talk to you, but all I can do is grunt 
There she lies talking to the stars, looking so good
My heart says go talk to her you really should

But the bond there is, that keeps me away
Can’t make move at night, sun will be there in the day
Thousand of day it seems, I’m missing those times
You are precious pearl but me, just a few dimes

For your bright light always reflects me oh it does
My mind says you are a fool, with a silent nudge
All I ever did was so audacious
For me my dear you are too precious

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Here comes the moon

Oh, once again, the sun is sleeping 
One last smile, of which he is greeting
To leave behind the day so fine
To have glazed so well, so divine

In his mind he might have thought 
Am I the only reason for hot?
Am I good or am I bad?
Do I make people happy do I make them sad?

The world there is always remains
The thought in minds always refrains
Oh so dark is now as the sun has left
Hard days work end up in a virtual rest

In that sky oh so blue oh so vast
A blaze of gold for the time it last 
King of the day with his entire blaze
Leaves us the dark full of sage

Oh yes brightness he has always made
In the top, a reason for shade
To leave us all to come so soon
There goes the sun here comes the moon

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Lastly, the light, curry sun falling
against the walls, against your eyes
has washed out the fire we carry, ignite
and tired our thoughts left to smoke
We sit, Indian style, toes touching in kind
while we blessedly breathe, while we hold and exhale
all the words which we wilted and bruised and impressed
with aggression befitting of wolves
Love, in the room, while the sun floats away
to enlighten the world, the other side of the world,
while we sleep off our grievances, old and contrived
by two vividly thinking creations
Lastly, the kiss, to the full moon's delight
in full recompense, in full forgiveness
to white wash the wind and expose gentleness
and leave us in passionate sleep...

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Sun's Rise

When cometh the sun upon the mornings dew
The birds will chirp in harmonious pure delight
As it raises and cast shadow then on the earth
We welcome the dawn so to let go of the night

The birds will chirp in harmonious pure delight
Serenading us as we share in a morning’s kiss
We welcome the dawn so to let go of the night 
We recognize it well for its beauty and its bliss

Serenading us as we share in a morning’s kiss
We delight in the sounds that play for us two
We recognize it well for its beauty and its bliss
As we welcome each other as we so often do

We delight in the sounds that play for us two
While we take each other into a tight embrace
As we welcome each other as we so often do
I kiss you tenderly as I stare into your face

While we take each other into a tight embrace
The sun tilts its head, blushing from the view
I kiss you tenderly as I stare into your face
As the sun rises, I shall make love with you

The sun tilts its head, blushing from the view
As it raises and cast shadow then on the earth
As the sun rises, I shall make love with you
When cometh the sun upon the mornings dew

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Our Thirst is Strong

When shades of night are drawn to close
As the sun descends to darken the way
I am awakened, no more in repose
For I slept through each sun shined day

I dreamed of when my eyes would open
And too, of the hour, when we would meet
To then fly from here, my hidden coffin
To taste of you, my love, my sweet

This vampire loves his mortal mate
I have nothing but time to wait, so I wait

As our lover’s moon then so ascends
We’ll meet there by the garden gate
With feelings strong, dare not pretend
I’ll wait for you, do not be late

The scent of you, I smell for miles
The taste of you, my love, is rare
As every thought of you, inspires smiles
For I, I fall victim to your stare

So true, you make this vampire weak
But, for love my dear, t’is you I seek

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Last light, 
Sky on fire 
Shadowy spire 
My heart calling 

My heart, 
the colour of the sun 

My heart given to you, 
at last light 
The colour red, 
last light sunset 
Come to bed 

My heart , 
the colour of the sun 

The colour red, 
Radiating on our bed, 
my heart,....... calling 

My heart, 
the colour of the sun 

Last light, 
The sky on fire, 
my heart calling 
My desire, 
I give you the night 

My heart, 
the colour of the sun 

My heart given to you........... 
at last light 
This magnificent view 
The colour red 
Colour sunset 
the colour jet 

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For me my dear you are too precious

Just a few day and it seems like a year
Will I go mad I have a certain fear
Without the moon that gives me light when the sun goes down
To ask the moon never to come was I a clown?

Oh there she comes, as bright as she can be
Just in front of my eyes, always for me to see
I look at her silently, I wish I could talk
Few words together or a single walk

Look she’s smiling oh so beautiful the sight in front
I want to talk to you, but all I can do is grunt 
There she lies talking to the stars, looking so good
My heart says go talk to her you really should

But the bond there is, that keeps me away
Can’t make move at night, sun will be there in the day
Thousand of day it seems, I’m missing those times
You are precious pearl but me, just a few dimes

For your bright light always reflects me oh it does
My mind says you are a fool, with a silent nudge
All I ever did was so audacious
For me my dear you are too precious

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Bonnie Lass

Bonnie lass, maiden, in yonder field
Is it for you that true love yields?
Are you kept waiting for the one to arrive,
The one destined, to make you feel all alive?

Bonnie lass, maiden, in yonder glen
Is there any one man that you can befriend?
If he be rich or be the poorest of poor,
Sweet bonnie lass, would you ask for more?

Bonnie lass, maiden, the sun now descends
Go back to your cottage to see what life sends.
The sun shone upon you, up there on the hill,
Sweet bonnie lass, you’ll get your love still.

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I feel lost and confused 
I don't have my loved one next to me
Distance has always been our issue
How much longer?
How much can my weak heart take?
Who knows?
I have to wait...
Wait until is right for us to see each other 
When the sun starts to set
I already know another day has passed
Without us being able to see one another
Why act like everything is OK 
When my heart feels like is about to blend
My hopes are still high 
IM trying so much, until the day comes to give up
But im not giving up so fast, so soon
And that question is stays in my head 
How much longer?
Please dear loved one answer me 
So you can set my soul free
Free atlast from all this attachment!
When the sun starts to set
I already know another day has passed
Without us being able to see one another
Why act like everything is OK 
When my heart feels like is about to blend
My hopes are still high 
IM trying so much, until the day comes to give up
But im not giving up so fast, so soon
And that question is stays in my head 
How much longer?
Please dear loved one answer me 
So you can set my soul free
Free atlast from all this attachment!

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The auburn streaks glimish, causing a glare in my eye
As she tosses her hair over her shoulder, revealing her face
A masterpiece of gods creation, never again one alike
The orbs of her temple, baby blue, so beautiful
I want nothing more then for her orbs to be mine
For her to see what I see, to share the same views as I 
To be together forever in a graceland of love
The cattails my love for her, and the bumblebees her love for me
The rays of sun on my skin, her loving trust she has for me
My feelings for her, nobody will truly know, eternal love deep within
Every loving inch of her body, perfect to my dream, a dream its not
A mere perfection art of grace she is, sent from above, reserved for my heart
My dreams have been waiting for this character to intervene
To play a role in my wildest adventures, to share my heart in this painted grace 
Her delicate body, every curve so much an excitement, watching her walk 
towards I
The sun setting this love scene, painting her every move, so beautiful, so 
The anticipation overpowering, wanting, within arms reach, so peaceful
Her hips shaking left to right over and over as she glides through the field
“ I give you my heart, my soul, to bear within yours.” I say to my Annmarie, into the 
As it carries my loving voice into her ears, waiting for a response from this dream
“ I take it, and wrap my limbs around it, loving it for eternity.” She says back
A sudden burst of excitement rush through my veins, like an adrenaline
I pier into her orbs, like an endless view through a window, so beautiful
I wish to have her heart in the grasp of my palms, even if holding unto it as a favor
A tease, a mere tease like joke, I wish not unto my dream, but the factual truth 
sometimes hurts
I want not to wake up from this dream, for fear a sight might never look as 
Never again will I love the same, I will love with a love that is more then love unto 
my Annmarie
Unto this kingdom by the sea  

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A Place Far Away

I''m looking toward a place far, far

While the sun blaze against my

I tried to look beyond the rainbow

I thought I seen a sea of moonbeams
Bouncing off the sea''s reflection

Exquisitely blue

Blades of tall green grass floating
With the wind

I thought I seen the moon as golden
As the sun,

With rays of light casting silhouettes
Glisten like silver string

Reflecting against the river that

I thought I heard the bell toll 
Softly did it ring,

And rode upon the wind

I thought I should let my spirit

Slowly entwine within the wind

I thought I heard a voice call to

“It said"

I’m sending you a ray of light

Sparkling of the sun and moon

Golden yellow for the eyes to

Stars a twinkle around your neck
For all the years I loved you so

Wrapped within a cloak of love

So gently I hold you in my heart

In this beautiful place so far, far

Way beyond the rainbow sitting
Between the sun and the

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From Grams

You know what happened, I didn’t wake up today
And I’ll forever see the world in a different way
I’ll take no more breaths, breathe no more air
But I’ll forever remember the love that we share

Go outside and look into the sky
You might catch a glimpse of my sparkling eyes
Then something might happen that you won’t quite believe
You’ll feel me kiss you in a small gentle breeze
You’ll look all around you but there will be nothing but air
And in it you’ll feel my soft silver hair

After you feel my hair tickle your face
The warmth of the sun will become my embrace
So from now on, this is how I’m going to send you my love
I’ll send it with nature and with God above

Here’s how you’ll feel me and the love I send
Just step outside and stand in the wind
It’s my love that the warmth of the sun is bringing
Those are my special songs the birds are singing
The trees and the flowers are saying I miss you
Did you feel the breeze? 
That’s me, I just kissed you.

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Open Arms

The sun open his eyes in the
As  the sun looked down on
With open arms and love the
Sun showered his blessings
Down me..
And as the sun smile, the lord
Sent you to me....

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Enchanted Rapture

You are a graciuos lion standing guard over this forrest of illusions simply known 
as Gemini. Leo's fire has not been tamed, yet you try to tame the air of the twins. 
Mercury tries to emulate your eternal sun with her charm. Fascinated by your 
power, seduced by your warmth. As your sun is kissing the guardian of beautiful 
dreams an enchanted evening I will be kissing the guardian of my rapture good 
morning for eternity. Infinity is the prison that detains this perpetual love, yet I 
have found my deliverance making love to your soul.

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The Days

These are the days I feel most blue
days where the sun won't shine trough
days I thought I loved you
These are the days where I don't know what to do

These are the days I miss you
days I want to say I'm sorry too
days I will never forget
These are the days I won't regret

These are the days my life comes to a fall
days I won't deny
days I cry and cry
These are the days where my heart is broken 

These are the days where I've used all the words 
days I can not make better
days I feel my hearts been tossed in a blender
These are the days I wait for the next

These are the days I feel like a wreck
days I will survive
days I feel mad
These are the days I feel most sad

These are the days I feel depressed
days I can not rest
days I feel most blue
These are the days where the sun wants to shine trough

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good morning

i woke today with shining light. the sun had chased away the night.and in the 
dawning of the day. i turned to you to hear you say.come to me my little love.and 
share with me the sun above.feel the warmth  of its embrace .feel its kiss upon 
your face.with wonder that resides in me i long to share such memorey.of sunny 
days and tender times. of moments when your all mine

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Shared Morning

Upon the crag, where hand was placed
My feet had followed, strong and true
Keep climbing up, to reach the summit
So as to stand atop, take in the view.

To be there before the sun approaches
The darkness, now, slowly subsides
I must move on to reach the apex
To watch the sun then slowly rise

As it greets the morning with a smile
Warming the landscape, lighting the view
Breathless, now, I trudge ever forward 
To stand upon the top, to watch this with you

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My Heart Cries

My heart cries out with many,
Many tears..
I gave it a ten for it weighted
Me down so slow…
It carry me through the 
Blackness and the gray…
None of which that love me,
I know..
My mind spins around in 
Turmoil it does..
Leaving me turned up side
Down in such awkward
I could not relate for this 
Was not for me..
Although I love the rain
The sunshine was a welcome
For I do love the warmth
The sun cast down on me
To warm my aching bones
From the dampness of the
Rain cold chill..
The sun shall cure my heart
From the blackness and the
All from a depression state
I dare not to linger...
For my heart is a free spirit
That sings of sunflowers
And all the love that feed the
Wild flowers
As they grow into a beautiful
Array of colors...

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I wander through each day alone
My life filled with necessary tasks.
Doing what must be done.
Steadfast friends keep me going.
My days used to be full of joy.
You were in my life.
I had you every day.
Now that you are gone.
Who do I share my life with?
Not knowing which way to go
I amble lost.
The sun rises, the sun sets
still I am alone.
With each passing day
I look for something
to help fill the void.
I search, not knowing
Why do I exist?
How long can I go on without warmth?
I yearn for the love
that only another can give.
Day in and day out
I amble lost
Maybe someday soon
I will see the face
of the one who takes your place.

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From the front porch swing I swung and stared
The sun was then setting and my eyes were glued
A shadowy, scented presence then wandered in front
My eyes were taken from the sun, were then upon you

I felt urges within me that I couldn’t hold back
I needed you, wanted you… forget about the sun
I wanted to show you the love there in my heart
I wanted it displayed for you…and everyone

Then sun then was down and darkness prevailed
The moon’s luminescence then brightened the view
I still couldn’t look up at the beauty of the heavens
My heart had stopped beating, my eyes were on you

My hands, though years had passed, still shook every time
They got near to your skin, to feel your soft touch
Sweat poured from me at the very thought of the loving
That moment was there, we need each other so much

Love, like a flame, can go out but always can come back
Rekindling thoughts are what makes it live, generating fire
Seeing you then, that brief moment, that one time
Gave us what we needed and rekindled the desires

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The sun was strong as it set over the sea,
as the wind blew, from the east, your hair to the west.
And, those words of love were whispered by your eyes
and were felt through your touch,
as the light in my heart danced like a flame.
We stared into the sunset as our dreams floated in our minds.
Our dreams are complete. Our dreams are one.
Now, the sun is down.

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Where do you go? 
When the shadow 
follows you so...... 

To escape the shadow 
Is to have the sun, 
high above 
Looking down so 
Bathed in light 
Bathed in love 

This darkened figure 
follows you so 
The sun setting 
It grows bigger 

Keep the sun high 
Sunlight above 
Feel the love 
Feel the high 

This place 
Between shadow and light 
Dark space 
Golden bright 

Where do you go? 
When the shadow 
gets you down so 

Step into the light 
Where shadow 
Cannot go 
Enjoy golden bright 
This is your right