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Sonnet Christmas Poems | Sonnet Poems About Christmas

These Sonnet Christmas poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Christmas. These are the best examples of Sonnet Christmas poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Hush of Christmas Past

Can you recall the hush of Christmas past? Think back to when you were a little child, excited Santa Claus would come at last, too young to even know you’d been beguiled. In shadows of your quiet room you lay. Then maybe to your window you’d tiptoe, look out and search the sky for Santa’s sleigh. But all you’d see were swirling flakes of snow, And in that night, while all your family slept, you tried to stay awake. Do you recall the only thing you heard as Sandman crept upon you was the clock upon the wall? The hush of Christmas past is never gone. As long as there are children, it lives on.

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Christmas Wishes for You

For anyone struggling in the holiday season!!

Although there's nothing much that I could add
to all the Christmas wishes ever made,
I'll wish for you that traffic won't be bad
the day you shop and that you may get paid
some kind of Christmas bonus for a change,
and when beneath the mistletoe you stand,
I hope you're not approached by someone strange,
but rather by a stranger who is grand!
And should you be so childish (I mean bold)
to ice skate on a lake or board the snow,
I pray for you that you don't catch a cold
or break a leg as down some hill you go.
My wishes, like my gifts, are kind of cheap;
May faith in them require no giant leap!

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You'll Be Home for Christmas

You WILL be home for Christmas, this I know
Though far from me, you are in silent pledge
My love for you does linger, feign to grow
It reaches out to you beyond the hedge

A hedge you've built around your blessed heart
You've shut me out, and yet I linger still
For of your soul and life I must take part
For none but you these longings can fulfill

The tree and lights and all the Christmas cheer
Dim in these eyes that fill with tears unshed
And yet I smile, for to my heart you're near
You come to me when all your words are read

At Christmas time at home you're sure to be
My heart I've made your home, and you're with me

Eileen Manassian

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My Christmas Souvenir

The sledding and the skating in ‘63;
the sugar cookies frosted green and red;
the stringing popcorn with my family
and going anxiously that Eve to bed.

The gift exchange when relatives would meet.
Some traveled far to Grandma's little town.
The feast and seeing cousins  such a treat!
We  stayed and played until the sun went down.

The program at our church where all took part.
Our flock was small but talent did not lack.
The joyous songs; before we would depart;
the glorious sweets dispensed from Santa's sack!

No holiday to come could be as dear
as when I was a child in my eighth year!

For the  "Christmas Past, Present or Future" Poetry contest of Kelly Deschler
(This was also the year my mother met my stepdad and we became a family of 9 instead of 5. A standout year, but also reminiscent of many of my childhood years at Christmas time in Iowa. With so many dear relatives now passed on, the past would be my time I would choose to revisit.)

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Christmas Longings

My Christmas will be all it’s meant to be
If but one wish is granted now to me
T’will be the season that is fair and bright
If what my heart is craving comes in sight

It’s not a package wrapped in red and gold
I’m not a girl for trinkets loud and bold
It’s not a keepsake that will bring a smile
Or tasty treat that sweetens for a while

The gift I seek is not what others give
It is a gift I need if I'm to live
I long once more your love for me to bloom
To close the world to us in lover’s room

Your passion can my body decorate
Your eyes be twinkling lights that celebrate
Your arms the wreaths that beautify my night
Your kisses, soft, the gifts that bring delight

This Christmas wish I make with longing sigh
And hope these words I pen will bring you by 

Eileen Manassian

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Employment for an Elf

Being short, I was asked to play an elf
For a mall Santa who had his own beard
The elf suit I’d not have picked for myself
Spock ears, curled shoes and red tights – I looked weird

The regular elf had caught a bad flu
While jolly Saint Nick downed too much eggnog
Rascal Rudolph, sans the eight-reindeer crew,
Grazed on manger hay like a “boarish” hog

Children wanted to sit on Santa’s lap
But his halitosis cast most away
One large boy created quite a mishap
He slid and cracked Santa’s over-packed sleigh

Today I’ll not venture into a mall
They remind me of my worst job of all

*Written November 10, 2014 for Sara’s “Jobs” contest

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The Christmas tree

I have a small, small tree,
Covered by golden light.
Everyone is happy to see
My tree in Christmas night,
The star may be unseen,
An angel is in her prow,
The gift boxes are green  
Tied with a red bow,
The bedroom’s light is shut,
But the tree’s lights I keep.
Even so my love will put
Me and my girl to sleep
With a Christmas lullaby
And I will dream like a baby!

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The Bibelot

(just posting today. I am running like crazy
trying to get Christmas projects done! But I hope
to be here tonight to read poems! OH, and to understand'
this sonnet more fully, you need to know what
"Bibelot" needs. An intereseting word I learned 
when I took the challenge to use that word in a poem!
If you really want to know the word, you'll have to 
look it up or ask me!!) Luv, Andrea

The Bibelot

There never could have been a Christmas better-
that first one spent alone near firelight.
She gave him some cologne; a blue wool sweater
to match the hue his eyes shone with delight.

He tore the tissues red and green, and she
more delicately opened with a thrill
each gift he’d tied with ribbon clumsily.
And then he held one out, and she grew still,
for it was small, which had to mean one thing. . .
it had to be the best he’d saved for last!
She held her breath.  Oh, could it be a ring?

The glitter of its gems was unsurpassed.
Each stone adorned an object most exquisite.
She looked it up and down; then asked, “What is it?”

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Christmas Eve

Late is the hour and nigh is the morrow,
  Yet a Little Drummer Boy his drum plays;
And upon the man of peace and sorrow
  Shine the brightest stars in heavenly gaze!
Bells are ringing and Santa's on his way,
  And while children stir from their restless sleep
They listen for a fat man in a sleigh -
  Their hearts to gladden and their eyes to peep!
Soon it will be that golden fresco light 
  When first born was the Child Christ prophesied;
And I, a weary creature of the night,
  Will see in again its dawning Yuletide.
When closed are my eyes to the beating drum:
Hark! A new born King pa rum pum pum pum

 December 1991

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A Christmas Wedding

The bride wore red - a Christmas berry red, so pretty in its contrast with the white of snow along the tree lined path which led her to a place that streamed with morning light - a clearing with an alter in the wood! The day had grown quite mild! In winter’s sun good friends and relatives in jackets stood to see the happy couple joined as one. Three colors decorated that bright day: surrounding green of pines and white of snow with roses red and white in bride’s bouquet, and in her hair a sprig of mistletoe! The groom’s adored had got her wish come true - A Christmas wedding in each yuletide hue. Written 12/3/13 for Shadow Hamilton's Getting Married at Christmas (12 days of Christmas)Contest

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Christmas Carolers

Come list' my dear to Christmas, 'tis the sound
of children's voices ringing soft and dear,
it calls to mind some hope may still be found
within a world that lives in constant fear.

Oh what a change the world's been going through
since first we met one winter Christmas eve,
and all I ever had, the gift of you,
is all I ever needed to believe

that peace on Earth would be all of our days
and now just hear these children sing along,
perhaps we judge them harshly, in some ways,
for don't they seem the picture of their song?

How could one think our children do not care,
 when there's so much of Christmas they now share? 
© ron wilson aa vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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The Mistletoe

She wants me to kiss her under the snow Feelings that are beneath the mistletoe Brilliant the white snow comes on down tonight Into my eyes that brings me inner sight The Christmas tree expands my expression There’s not a piece of empty oppression I pucker up my lips for a grand show A heartfelt elation with all I know I hear sleigh bells in distance coming near Is that Santa in the back, in the rear The bells come from my girl’s every heartbeat That comes from her tender soul on the seat Now her whole self being was made to flow So we can kiss under the mistletoe
Russell Sivey Contest: any poem goes #6 Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A 12/23/2013

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Come list my dear to Christmas, tis the sound
of childrens voices ringing soft and dear
it brings to mind that hope may still be found
within a world that lives in constant fear

oh what a change the world's been going through
since first we met one winters Christmas eve
and all I ever had, the gift of you
was all I ever needed to believe

that peace on earth would be all of our days
and now just hear these children sing along
perhaps we judge them harshly, in some ways
for don't they seem the picture of their song?

   And as their sounds warm to the heart of me  
   I pray this is the way their world will be.
© Ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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The Simmons' Personas "Of Mind's Darkness"

 “Ronald Gene Simmons” death’s synonymous,
   This methodic demon murdered the lot!
      The executioner, autonomous,
        Not a family member aware of plot!     
Grandchildren’s redemption, a rain barrel!
  Murdered daughter, mother of his daughter,
    Drowned in  holy times of Christmas carol,
      Autonomous plot, demonic slaughter. 
Personas demonic beseeches void,
  Murderous demons of the void darkness,
    Illusion’s personas of minds deployed,
      Lost deranged souls without love, are artless. 
This deranged soul, mind illusion’s manure,
  Dumped bodies in cesspit, then had a beer!!!

For: Tragedy is More Enjoyable Than Comedy
In Honor of; Dr Ram Mehta

Ronald Gene Simmons #131 
Ronald Gene Simmons killed 14 members of his extended family in Russellville, Ark., over a 
course of three days at Christmas 1987. Between the murders he drank beer and watched TV! 
Ronald Gene Simmons was a retired Air Force Sergeant. Over the Christmas holidays in 1987, 
he methodically executed 14 members of his family: 6 daughters, 3 sons, 2 grandsons, 1 son-
in-law, 1 daughter-in-law and his wife. (One of his daughters was also his granddaughter)
Two days later, he went into town and killed two others. Waived all appeals.

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Christmas Mass

Dear holy child, I celebrate your birth,
and wonder at the bright and shining star,
that leads to all the joy and peace on earth
we all look for, and it is where you are.

Yes I will light a candle in your name
on Christmas morning, when I'm all alone,
and say a prayer into the burning flame
to thank you for the gift too few have known.

You are my bright and shining star, you know,
throughout my life, in everything I do,
The gift of love is all I have,and so,
I wrap my love in candlelight for you,
       ©  ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa

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A Little Girls rules to decorate a Christmas tree

Let me tell the rules to have the prettiest tree of all:
First: do not call just my mom and my dad,
But many uncles and aunties also to add,
Because I am a cute little girl and not very tall.
Second: bring chocolate and juice in abundance,
It is an important work and we cannot stop,
The tree must be ready before we go out to shop,
And finally play a song but do not dance:
Let’s sing and clap hands, everyone together!
Then look up: the star will be shinning bright,
We already see the Christmas’s colored light:
Our Christmas’s tree couldn’t look better!
The tree will be ready: the magic is done
The beauty of Christmas will never be gone.

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Christ's Mass

Dear holy child,  I celebrate your birth,
and wonder at your bright and shining star,
that leads to needed joy of peace on earth
we all look for, and it is where you are.

So I will light some candles in your name
on Christmas morning, when I'm all alone.
I'll say a prayer into the burning flame
to thank you for your gift too few have known.

You are my bright and shining star, you know,
throughout my life, in everything I do,
the gift of love is all I have, and so,
I wrap my love in candlelight for you.
© Ron Wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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In the emeralds glad luminous scene

Neither this lovers` star with pale beam,
Nor your pensive mood, can bring a day,
In which the burning wave will clean the stream,
Or lead the sheep and clouds to change the gray.
However, the grass will see beyond the placid night,
And honest eyes to honest eyes will find serene nest 
And many fir trees will bring forgotten tender light.
In the forest, changing leaves in colors` flight to rest:
In the air lost, tired green with fire rain will undergo,
And gather clouds in their way towards another sphere;
But who is the wild hunter in his running the innocent roe?
Can they cross together through the spring of sorrow, here?

While the fir tree can happily reach his winter serene,
The poet dreams in the emeralds` glad luminous scene.

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The Train That Took Them Home

Written by:  D. Collins 12/19/14

Being that it is now Christmas time.
Two influential people come to mind.
Although, they’re not here, I won't shed tears.
The world hasn’t a clue of what they did over the years.

From their stem you get a person like me.
Born to help others, but not instinctively.
I went through training on being good to the core.
Because, the way I was, caused many to quit before.

My Grandmother and her son never gave up on me.
Whatever they were seeing, I just could not see.
Their repeated repetition and expression of love.
Finally seeped in , and eventually woke me up.

So, like them, I pass along what I have learned.
Hoping to get through, before a life gets burned.
By putting in work, I hope that when I am gone.
I’ll be on that train that took them home.

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Dresden Germany Valentines Day 1945

     Christmas Tree Over Dresden  
        Feb 14,1945 Dresden Germany      
In their un-loving light, to stop a heart,
   descending in the night, revealing all,
fortelling all to come, right from the start,
   the soul of man did make its deathly call;   
and dressed in light, a city stripped so clean,
   their Valentine, to pray now is too late--
an ending not conceived--nor ever seen,
   is close at hand, and in the hands of fate!

Warm in the night, a child could see the glow
   of all the light, and see a Christmas tree;
just falling from the night, and then to show
   that what we see's not really what we see;

      Exploding in the night, death makes its call;
      brought on by wrong and right, but butchers all.

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The Christmas Tree Goes....

Blinkity-blink-blink. Blinkity-blink-blink.
This Christmas rave is on the brink
Of fre*king Yuletide insanity,
Like Triple 'X'-mas in Black Rock City
(Where scantily fit skirts on Christmas chicks
Appease the appetite of ol' Saint Nick).
I see my favorite maniacal peers,
Throwing back, with seasoned wit, glasses of cheer.
Raising toasts to the mighty babe, Noel - 
Whose seasoned spirits, like her curves, we extoll.
And before she slips off into the New Year, 
Lets light this place up like Rudolf the Reindeer!
So swing your hips my sweet Tahopians, 
And give it up for the baby Judean...