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A Painter's Pine

The void calls through gossamer veils and widow's peak. Shifty-eyed now of necessity I lie, bone-wrapped in rosaries black as my rheumy eyes, death speaks. Uncomforted by down or velvet, role trapped corseted, board stiff with age like calf skin vellum peeled and bloodied by the dual edged knife of man. The scene is set and I shall not whimper, as do some, or call to God, or blame the fates of those whose clans remain earth-bound, when I have left this mortal glade. Pigment on canvass, linseed loosed, stretchers taut, displayed, all of this, I've had a plenty, and been royally paid. My life was art, and it was art that fanned my life's flame. So, stretch me on the pine boards and lay my edges down; monochrome me in umber, drench me in shades of brown.
Self Portrait See About the Poem

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A Shade From The Past

Just as days long ago, when decorum resolved, 
before composure, and poise,.. were corsages, unknown
Where propriety mattered, and was favored as gold,
high society, has gathered to flavor their tea
There's a trellis, embraced by a rose climbing vine
Places are set, for dining in jade
beneath shadows that stretch under arthritic old trees
While slivers of sunshine, squeeze through the branches
of silver leafed limbs, in magnolia bloomed shade
Tea will be served, by large knuckled hands 
at several round tables dressed with Swiss lace designs
Wearing lavender silk is our proper Grand Dame'
who fits her surroundings, as vintage as wine

Voices are lilting like the birds in the trees
Laughter and chatter, mingle with soft, summer breezes 

A bouquet of old friends, around a few scattered tables. 
Silver coifed hairdos, to make celebration
Crepe myrtle and wrinkles, beneath ashes and maples
Water cress munchies, and triangle creations

Sweet honey-suckle, tucked over the porches.…
Rose petal blossoms, are painted on china 
Bridge cards, tumble by Blue Willow dishes
Biscuits from England, crumble sublimely

Large bosoms bouncing, and big floppy hats
Gossip dished up with lemon-sliced frowns
Up in the tree is the neighbor's calico cat
who catches a glance, and a chance to crawl down

Are they ladies of leisure, from a time that is lost?
Or a painting I've seen on the wall from the past?

Inspired By the Garden Party Contest
Sponsored By Cyndi McMillan 6/6/14

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Small pleasures are kind, so very giving
for when toil erodes and drudgery wears,
I may pause and find the joy of living
in the warmth of hearth, an obliging chair.

A short respite satisfies, brings me cheer
as embers tend to each crumpled toe,
and I stretch a thought as the cat draws near,
No demands it makes and its purr is low.

Soon, I will remove each trace of cinder
from the grate , then into ash I will wade,
but folly delays and daydreams hinder
the obligations of a proper maid.

Still, best this free life, however sooty,  
then the gilded bondage of my lady. 

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You'll Be Home for Christmas

You WILL be home for Christmas, this I know
Though far from me, you are in silent pledge
My love for you does linger, feign to grow
It reaches out to you beyond the hedge

A hedge you've built around your blessed heart
You've shut me out, and yet I linger still
For of your soul and life I must take part
For none but you these longings can fulfill

The tree and lights and all the Christmas cheer
Dim in these eyes that fill with tears unshed
And yet I smile, for to my heart you're near
You come to me when all your words are read

At Christmas time at home you're sure to be
My heart I've made your home, and you're with me

Eileen Manassian

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Nights So Love-locked In Your Arms

Nights So Love-locked In Your Arms

Nights love-locked into your arms
breathing in all of your charms
A spell cast to set love ablaze
we lost into epic, romantic haze

You gave its greatest gift, bliss
thanking heaven I did not miss
The sweetest ever enduring kiss
in my dreams I often reminisce 

Rested within your lover's trust
heart's deepest desire, a must
Songs that sang us both asleep
memories we shall forever keep

Memories flood out this the best
love surviving each and every test!

Robert J. Lindley, 09-24-2014

note: Decided to share here my poem for today, a sonnet,
the one I write every day on paper for my darling wife.
This one being so tame and pg I can do this..
Hope you may enjoy reading this heartfelt write..
 She will read this after her 12 hour shift today at the 
hospital. I have high hopes she asks me to frame this
 one too. The "tames ones" she asks me to frame but 
never the very racey, so very deeply intimate  ones. lol
She demands those always stay private..

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As Midnight Moon Shines Upon Her Eyes

As Midnight Moon Shines Upon Her Eyes

In a dream world where fantasies abound
shall be where my princess is found
Wrapped in her vision an angelic choir
cherubs singing her heart's desire

Her voice soothes every hearing soul
spreading happiness her daily goal
As midnight moon shines upon her eyes
a thought comes to me so very wise

Surely she could come to me down here
easing my hurt, wash away my fear
A soft gentle touch to my spirit renew
help me find a love any man is due

In a dream world such fantasies exist
your heart's desire, anything on your list

Robert Lindley
March 21, 2001

Note, 1/27/2015 - Modern sonnet, written when my soul was lost
and seeking the path back into happiness, back into a world devoid of misery, heartache and pain.
That night I bowed my head and asked for help. Best decision I ever made. 
For in faith I had then put my trust , over that of my foolish vanity and insufferable pride!
Now looking back, I see the answer came ever so swiftly..
This poem comes from my "private collection" (intended for my children) after my demise and 
is now presented for the first time for others to read..
That night I dreamed of a dark hair angel that came to me and helped me return to the world of the living.
Thats her in my picture given here. My wife now of ten beautiful and happy years!
Bountiful extra blessing of a beautiful son we now share !

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Those Glory Days, Long Gone

Those Glory Days, Long Gone

Those glory days resting so far bygone
I trek ahead, sad and so all alone
Treasures left upon lofty mountain tops
Rushing ever foward, no time for stops

Days, we resting under a shading oak
loving in vows that we forever spoke
Coolest mornings, breezing days easing minds
days of joy in all the many new finds

Those views of life sing forever above
crystal dreams set in our undying love
Nights of magic in epic love unbound
blisses in every kiss our wet lips found

Memories of days and nights now alone
holding memories of life so long gone!

Robert J. Lindley, 09-07-2014

Poem Syllable Counter Results

Syllables Per Line:  10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10  
Total # Syllables:  140  
Total # Lines:  17  (Including empty lines)  
Total # Words:  100 

Did it , hit exactly one hundred words + ten syllables
 per line and great rhyme.. A solid sonnet according to 
my own personal standards. Wrote it and had to minor 
correct only three lines..

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A Single Rose

For you, my love, I’ll be a single rose
of crimson hue, and velvet to the touch.
So warm in contrast to your fallen snows,
yet yearning for the thrill of winter's clutch.
Soft petals form a heart so firm and true,
unyielding to the tempest of your reign,
and though a cold wind nurtures doubt in you,
such purity of love I could not feign.

Dilemmas of the soul so keenly felt.
Bestow my love? or must it stay a dream?
for if I warmed your heart 'twould surely melt
and I would lose you to the flowing stream.

And so, my love, this single rose I’ll hide
and keep the love I feel for you inside.

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Sonnet For Statues

Of clay and water, I am made; day in, day out, here I stay. My soul, it yearns, to live and learn; as humans have, for all times turn. As passersby, all stare at me; I ever long to be set free. Trapped here in a stony chest; I suppose, it’s for the best. No elation, I will feel; no joy of dance, jig or reel. I stand alone, for all to see; a human, I will never be. Simply put, I stand alone; just another treasure, some museum owns.

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A Mind Disturbed

A mind puzzled by distortions around,
To extreme patters like vast stars when burst.
It spins abstracted in squares, all around;
Like a wild beast dying of utmost thirst. 

Thoughts spin like a large spiral galaxy.
Words mixed up, locked in the back of the mind.
Life swings like stones defying gravity,
Carried around the world by the north wind.

Will you revive the memories so fond?
Laid on a bed of undying roses?
Will you thrive to bring back the divine bond?
Before this disturbed mind ride six horses?

Upon dreams beyond imagination,
The restless mind awaits your affection.

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Sadness Farewell

Oh! Farewell sweet sadness, forever farewell.
We must part now that all my tears have dried.
All the pain of my past, no more to hide.
It is joy that causes my heart to swell.

Go, I set you free from this prison cell
To see you leave and not feel you’re cold 
arms around my chest; I release my hold
I speak of you no more, no more I tell

Oh! My sadness, you’re free; run from this hell
For I must stay and we must part, so go
For love has filled my heart to overflow
Around loves joy I know you can not dwell.

My odium lies with you memory
For love was come and brought her joy for me.

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Brazen Heart

Of love there is no antidote nor cure,
A brazen heart knows nothing of the hand,
That guides this Cupid arrow fair and pure,
And pierces through with art that soul can stand.
Of choice the soul knows nothing to begin,
As seeds that scatter aimlessly on clay,
Some grow and flourish unbeknown to him,
That stalks the Earth oblivious and grey.
Confounded he, who is awakened so,
From anaesthetic binding dark as night, 
When true love strikes and soul begins to glow,
He see’s a Universe that’s blazing bright.

And brazen heart is smelted down to flesh,
And nourished through with all of loves relish.

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I’ve learned lips can blossom under a sigh,

A hand will lift for a kiss to its palm,

Hours pass slowly; some walls are so high,

Sweet sin, come again! Replace this chaste calm.

Eyes, remain shut, there is no passion here,

Choose to daydream, recall each of those charms,

Cold sun, leave now, let the first star appear

So I may return to his bed and arms.

Yearn, how I yearn, though fulfillment was mine,

Pierced and provoked, I’m beholden to thorn,

Succumbing, hearts waking as limbs entwined,

Rapture mouthed my name and I was reborn.

Farewell, innocence. Love does transpose. 

Tame, no more. I have become the wild rose.

This poem was inspired by the JW Waterhouse’s painting, The Soul of the Rose. Please click on the about this poem link for a picture of the painting.

*** a Link to the painting:

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I dreamed a black; an onyx lake
before the sun’s first dawning rays
its surface marble smooth and makes
no sound without the warmth of day

I saw myself; a ghost it seemed
stripped naked on the grassy floor
beneath the waning moon’s cold beams
just staring at the other shore

From far away a whip-poor-will
called lonely, just a sleepy song
it tickled in the morning chill
and broke the water’s pull – so strong

to slip into that silent space
where never lived a false love’s face

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A Poem In Paradise

She does not see him gazing at her there
Immersed in lines of splendor, quite divine
To him it seems she is an angel fair
Her flowing robes caress a figure fine

Pressed to her bosom is a blossom sweet
The fragrance is to him what she exudes
Upon her face the flush of midday heat
No longer can he wait, so he intrudes

“Pray tell me what it be that you peruse
That hides from me the light of angel eyes?
What makes your cheeks so rosy, my dear muse?”
He asks and hopes his love she’ll not chastise

And paradise is his with her reply
“I read of you and now you have come by.”

For Isaiah Zerbst's Contest
A Poem in Paradise
July 14, 2014

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Silver Willow

The willow leaves take on a silver glow,
As lunar light foretells of love tonight,
That speaks without uttering worldly sound,
And leaves the senses rippling to the ground,
In lucent passions the soul makes its flight,
Beneath the boughs of the weeping-willow.
O sweet this love that quenched my seething thirst,
With gentle touch and a desirous look,
The smile, the warmest smile to light my fire,
My love you are all I ever require,
You are every chapter in the book,
In these moments my heart is set to burst.
My senses dance as my heart does back flips
When loving words echo upon your lips.

Form: Schupan's Sonnet

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Listen. The colors of the notes are wrong.

Where is the perfection of sapphire-chords

that I am due? Cornflower doesn’t belong

here, plotting the composition’s borders.

Master music has all fingers contorting

to fit themselves into the metronome’s tock

and these tight strings have badly distorted

my repertoire. I’ve lost both key and lock

in a palette of sorrow that canvasses pain.

Oh, the cavernous range of a rhapsody

releases those scales of anguish again

until I am concert and concert is me. 

Dissonance and harmony do not combine,

Still, under eye sockets black and blue shines.

About this Poem

This modern sonnet is inspired by both Picasso's The Old Guitarist and pianist David Helgott's struggle with mental illness. 

The movie Shine is based on Helgott's life, though one sister disputes that their father ever abused David. David had a breakdown while practicing Rachmaninoff's 3rd Concerto, a highly difficult piece. He received electric shock therapy.

Picasso's blue period is said to be the result of his poor standard of living at the time and the suicide of a dear friend. The old guitarist shows a bone thin blind man hunched over his guitar, as though boxed in by the canvas.

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love forlorn

The whole world is not enough,
For my overflowing sorrow to engulf.
The firm mountains could not shake,
By the mere quiver of an earthquake.
When my love could in half cleave.
Oh! My plight is too heavy to handle or believe. 
My heart burns like an inferno gyre
Consuming itself in endless fire
She says, “your love spills over the brim.”
She’s mistaken ? she thinks, “It’s a whim!”.
I could open my ribcage
And let my heart utter the adage:
“Love is too good to be true,
When it fades away like a drop of dew.”

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Two Hearts

Two Hearts

Two hearts set forth upon the road one day
Braving the perilous plights of life's path
And by cleaving together onward, they
Transcended and eclipsed the laws of math
For what good is a wing without its pair?
Alone it weeps and never hopes to fly
But when met with another, both can dare
And blaze uncharted trails across the sky
So, too, the heart is meant for something more
Enclosed within, yet still designed for flight
Together two can make the spirit soar
And set the tinderbox of love alight
As the flames fly, it cannot be undone
When it comes to love, one and one makes one.

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Devoid of Sustenance

This night of misery my essence rapidly descending
Tears like summer rain cascading
O for this dark wintry night prolong
Breaking heart aches so forlorn

Circumstance, distance always impeding 
In silence apprehensive heart conceding 
Devoid of sustenance waiting in anguish
Quiescent alone in sorrow I languish

As posts interweave deferring
Father Time nonchalant delaying
Yet, essence nourish essence elating
Unadulterated love relaying 

Tonight, on borrowed wings my heart must fly
To sheltering warm arms in which I'll lie

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Envious Eulogy

Twas a laugh a minute, a cry a day,
Then you found her, and she took you away,
The days are now weeks, Seconds now gone,
The music stopped playing on our love song.

She now has your smile, your touch and your laugh,
How much I miss you, you don’t know the half.
Never have I felt such pain in my heart,
Than when your with her, and not in my arms.

I see you with her, tears well in my eyes,
I watch from afar, my heart breaks inside,
But I had you once, and I let you go,
Now you've replaced me, and I am alone.

I learnt my lesson, I learnt it hard,
Now and forever my heart will be scarred.

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Sonnet Of Worship

I worship you for the plan made for me
From the beginning you knew the tree
The sun, moon, stars nestled at height just right
An atmosphere that surrounds with good light

Through the centuries you knew when to come
To redeem humanity and touch man some
Bringing hope to a lost and dying world
With your teachings, blood, sweat, tears earth did swirl

The guider, comforter, holder of my heart
Omniscience, all knowledge from the very start
Capturing my heart with all that you made
Creating it from your words needed no spade

Exalt my redeemer, friend, comforter
Valentine, my heart is an admirer

(Second attempt at a sonnet.  This is for the "I love you because" contest.)

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He did not love her, yet she adored him. 
For the naive soul who fell all alone,
Ablaze with a fiery yearn for him,
Her Fondness met with a heart of cold stone.

Wept as the fire died, saw embers of him.
The embers burnt black, and she became scarred.
Discovered merely hatred within him,
The truth was unveiled and her heart was charred. 

To be lonely in love is to suffer,
No solace in solitude it is grim,
Dreams are lonely with only one owner,
She wants to share her dream of love with him.

To love him, to love you, is all I ask
Let my heart find peace and remove my mask.

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Walian Love Song

The roots of love are like the oak,
They reach beyond the heart and soul,
So deep the mind cannot revoke
Nor canst control.
In storms of life two hearts console,
So strong, they stand against the gales
Yet sip the rain from nature’s bowl,
For love prevails.
With you, my heart has set its sails,
To cross oceans that flow with time,
Through thick and thin and sorrow’s tales
Our love will chime.
In all the things I share with you
My heart is true.

Form: Walian Sonnet

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As certain as the rains do fall in spring,
will be my love, for you to have and hold,
and know you now--my rain of love will bring
to you, all joy of which all love is told.

No one could ever count the drops that fall,
and so is put together, love for you,
numbers cannot be given them at all,
though put together, one is what will do.

And every single drop adds beauty there
to something we can call a rainy day,
to fill with love, made up, from everywhere,
the drops of life that make love what we say.

Our midnight place, your front porch, dreaming of
each drop of rain that's filled with so much love.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa

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Lover of Love

You’re like the rain cloud in my sky 
But you let my earth be so dry
And through this drought I wonder why
You let the sun scorch my heart to cry

Every step I take I see your image break
My world without you shakes like an earthquake
Will you ever see why you never,
Rescued me and you’re my life saver?

The past is the my present for all the time I’m alone
And I walk on the road of days to see my home that you own
Tomorrow begins when you release it from your clenched hand,
My future was made to be under your command.
Is there a reason to why you stretch the journey of my day?
Or has my heart and soul become a game that you play?

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The Jaded Eye

Death is not death but a mask of great love
That protects us from pain in archived dust
Where vanity veils and desire dreams lust,
And the spirit's retreat is safe above.

Behind the mask like wings of woodland dove
A heart still beats, and footsteps break the crust
Of memory with shadows of her bust
Along the staircase of time and true love.

For love is eternal and cannot die,
Though a heart may pine itself bare to bones;
The soul that loves forever in the eye

Of God, a kindred spirit life enthrones.
The mask that fools the jaded mortal eye
Is but fickle flesh cradled on our bones.

ITALIAN (Sicillian) SONNET: abba abba cdc dcd

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(Dedication: For Richard Lamoureux.)

Truth has a way to speak profound;
Indulge pure grace to heal and mend;
Meet each new day on sacred grounds;
Engage each face with love most grand;
Live well and be the steady man;
Explore your world with focus here;
Sense pure beauty and harvests then;
Soul and heart swirl as joy marks clear.
Time and space meet in visual street;
Rise to the dare that shapes your fear;
Unleash and trace true wealth you fit;
Trust in sure fare to breeze each tear;
Heal and be whole with mind and heart
See precious soul as grace imparts.

Leon Enriquez
26 June 2014

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I've just some things I thought your heart should hear,
since they've been weighing heav'ly on my mind,
so list' and I shall whisper to thine ear
with all compassion my poor heart can find.

You've touched me deeply with the way you smile;
such lips could sooth the beast of anyone;
and spreading love with looks must be your style
for every time our eyes meet, love comes on.

Now I'm about to kiss the lips of you
for this first time, I pray the memory
shall linger on through years life takes us through,
together, as I'm certain this will be.

This first kiss of our love will never end
and changes whom you guessed was just your friend.

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Auburn lady envious of the blue night with its gleaming, capturing stars;
those rare diamonds, belonging to the silent and vast Universe,
you've stolen to adorn your undulating hair,
brushed by the July's harebrained breeze,  
so temptingly soft and adorably fair;
if no admirer or lover seeks you, can I offer you my first dance? 
Your melancholic look is fixed downward,
and you refuse to look above, nothing excites you tonight;
your external beauty cannot be resisted or ignored,
and will an harlequin, in his vividly colored costume, make you smile?
I'll play the flute brightly and make him dance to cheer you with his wit...
until your sadness leaves no sign on that sad face!

The shrill sound of the crickets can darken your spirit;  listen closely, auburn lady...
sing along with the blue night, while your musical tones become the chords of my harmony!   

Inspired by Edward Robert Hughes's painting: Night

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Aphrodite Night

Remembering that night of our last touch,
when nothing was between us we should know,
in love with loving you, and just how much
I wonder where in time do such nights go?

Forbidden like a box that's sealed up tight,
or like the flame that Zeus refused to share
with mortals such as we, and on this night,
Pandora's box was opened everywhere,

you were, that night, my first and only love
and always shall remain that part of me,
created from the earth and waters of
a night that Aphrodite made to be.

       And I am more than blessed for loving you
          forever and all time, as I shall do.
                   © RON WILSON aka vee bdosa

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Jew #6

Jewels too like ugly ducklings lose worth
Comparing themselves to common things. Great
Gems of noble birth, like stones of the earth
By low self value make havoc of fate
Pearls may think themselves scabs of old sores
Young diamonds in the rough, carbons dull
And corals black just some callus old pores
As goose believed itself A DUCK. I full
Of need, alone may prize, your value rich
And set the price of your affection now.
I call your bed a mine, and not a ditch
And make my heart's loud claim to you a vow
That upon my breast will thy place be found
For because of you joy to me abound
Jew, you smile and show me ivory white
Your eyes incandescent are all my pearls
Your love's the diamond of my delight
Your heart the beryl that in peaches curls
And every time you speak to me, I hear
Khan's nightingale singing solos of gold
While silver light shines on ebon hair.
You value more than armada's can hold.

What task you have to keep so much secure
And blame be none for all that flock your door
For jewels tempt kings and common men too
While yet above the base things evil men do.
Take my heart as an armory of your grace
Take my love as truth ... there's none more chaste.
Love is not love until it touches fire
Nor cannot know itself by mere desire
For what alone is eternal the flame 
Endures, or absent of feelings speaks your name.

Let none tell you mine is mere feelings then
Or call it fraud when you go and once more
Come. The tides forever with the moon blend
Though distant from her orb walks this shore
So love by constant gravity joins us
As friends, and day and night test still our trust
I rise or fall by thy nature's design
And wither not at all in thy sweet sun
I praise you as gift of Him most Divine
Make me the prize from heaven you have won.  


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A Sonnet for My Heart

For you’re my heart and my life’s chosen muse.
Without you, my life would be so confused.
    You’re the one my heart chose on that sweet day,
    You’re the one who brightened my lonely life.
    When you looked at me in that charming way,
    I knew then, I had to make you my wife.
The way you walk and the way you move, girl.
Gives my body goose-bumps the size of pearls.
    You set my life free from its loneliness,
    Alongside you is my best company.
    You filled my cup; there’s no more emptiness,
    And you are my muse to write poetry.
I say we’ve had the loveliest embark,
That’s why I wrote a sonnet for my heart.

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Teacher, shall I write a sonnet

Teacher, shall I write a sonnet? Must I?
When I’m not so sure of my poetry…
Shall I write a poem of fourteen lines?
In iambic pentameter –by me?

What shall I write about? What can I say?
In this sonnet which I must jot down now?
My sonnet should be about what today?
To write a great sonnet I’m not sure how…

Teacher, can I write this sonnet later
For I’m not sure of what to write about?
The teacher then takes my simple paper
And “you already did.” my teacher shouts.

‘Detention’ my teacher says, ‘for lying,’
‘But thank you,’ she adds, ‘for at least trying.’

 © Mariam Mababaya.

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Greater Art Thou!

"Poetry is a way of 
               taking life by the throat."


Heart broken torn apart like scrambl’d eggs;
As the weak link snapp’d momentum slow’d—stopp’d
Love wherest art thou? Torment’d now begs,
This cup of scourge, drink or not—spill’d—now mopp’d.

Et tu Brute? Whisper’d from Caesar’s lips;
Yet Romeo and Juliet once lov’d,
Like Macbeth’s witches brew—don’t drink nor sip:
Fate or faith shatter’d, vulture pick’d bones—cross’d.

Heart pleadeth upward—greater is thy love,
Open Heaven’s gate with thy purest light;
Hearest thou not the meek? Awaiting thy dove!
Remove these shadows of darkness and strife:

Greater art thou in Heaven than on Earth,
Creator of creation giveth now birth!

© Joseph, 9/4/08
© All Rights Reserved

Honorable Mentioned Finalist Certificate
Poetry Soup International Poetry Contest
Jan 2009.
Poetry Soup Weekly Featured Poem 
Sunday, May 24, 2009, to May 31, 2009

Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


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Crystal Dove

I rode upon a crystal dove
Straight into the arms of love
Offered up my heart and soul
Every man should have a goal

I have found honor in my life
I respect and adore my wife
For her these words are true
I am the thing’s I say and do

To open the lock turn the key
Take a look up inside of me
For I have nothing left to hide
Love has helped me find pride

As for my life these words are true
I’m proud my heart belongs to you

Brian suggested I should try a
Free Form Sonnet - Written for
my wife Antoinette - Her love
transformed me into the man
I am today - I'm very proud
and very lucky to hold her heart

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Juliet's Last Sonnet

Awaken from her maker's poison
Reality's her nightmare's reason
To run away from tombs that cover
The lifeless body of her  lover

Barefooted... So free to love again
Waiting for him with red cheeks of rain
"The Globe" is empty, Romeo's gone
In Stratford -on - Avon she's alone

A tourist's place - the guide is pointing
A holographic disappointing
Fragmented Fate of a lonely swan
A deja vue ... I might be the one...

The stage lights died, applause in echoes
The curtain falls on ghosts of heroes...

for John's contest " Shakespearean Sonnet"

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With Me

Mystery, it clouds your form
 Ecstasy, it keeps us warm
 The dance has begun, with but us two
 I'll take your hand, I'll walk with you
 Take me to depths in the sea of love
 Go with me further, never enough
 I'll breathe in your perfumed scent
 You intoxicate, invade my head

 Give in to your senses, here we go
 Follow me now, let your heart take control
 Our time is short, and death is nigh
 To mountains and peaks, we must fly
 Leave life behind in our own world
 Get away from it all, run with me, my pearl
 Forget all your troubles, walk in the moonlight
 Gaze into my eyes, stay with me tonight

 We need not fear, we must venture on
 Forsake loneliness, drink in our love's song
 Pure angel of dawn, you've stolen my heart
 You illuminate me, pierce the dark
 Your purity, it leaves me numb
 Your beauty, where does it come from?
 I long to touch your smooth, soft skin
 To stroke your hair, give you everything

 To pull you into my embrace
 To hear you breathe, to see your face
 To feel your heart beat softly with mine
 To hold you tightly, leave reason behind
 To draw you in, to taste your kiss
 All heartbreak gone, nothing amiss
 I'd lose myself inside your eyes
 Stay in love forever, mesmerized

 Run away with me, barefoot in the sand
 Walk by my side, rule all the lands
 Hear our hearts beating with love so wild
 Our heads spinning with passion, my child
 There's untamed joy we can't contain
 Hypnotizing ardor we can't explain
 I'm Romeo, will you be Juliet?
 We can share a bond we'll never forget

 We can clasp hands in the twilight
 Hold each other, day and night
 We can be alone, just me and you
 Our souls entwined, you know it's true
 We can do anything, if you'll take faith
 I'll protect you, I'll keep you safe
 We can be together eternally
 We can live forever – so come with me

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Ice Blue Heart

Your heart is cruel and made of frigid steel
a sharpened chisel is your angry tongue
and with your tool you carve the pain I feel
each time all of your hurtful words are flung

You slash me as you twist the words I say
within you no compassion can be found
as pieces of my heart are chipped away
and die in crimson piles upon the ground

I question what lies in your evil mind
you act as if you are too blind to see
the way you hurt me with your words unkind
and how your vicious tool has damaged me

Why do you say you love me like you do
when your cold heart is dead and icy blue?

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The Pill Of Life

If there was a pill that I could take today
This pill could hit the spot without delay
And this pill was the same shape as your loving heart
It will cure all my ills and my pains for a start

It can make a path down to my weary soul
And it can build me up and make me feel whole
If this pill is your love and you send it to me
Then I will swallow it quickly and just wait and see

This pill must come with a strong warning too
Will you take my heart shaped pill I sent to you
This heart as a pill will work for the one and only
Cures all the ills and stops one being lonely

If affected don’t drive or use heavy machines
Give to the one you love, and start living your dreams

 © 23/01/2013
Contest Entry for The Pill of Life Contest sponsored By Russell Sivery

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For I thought the love I loved shall be mine

For I thought the love I loved shall be mine
She with the stone heart was the one to deny 
A heart so pure inside, a man so fine 
Word speaks beauty and truth, not, never lie
To change the thoughts, inside the one I loved
Took time so long, that passes along now
I was the one without an aim, so robbed
The words are gone, so is she, so the vow 
Yet a day may come, for me to smile
And her shadows sheltering me to death
Words shall be spoken more clearly for while 
Not trust game of time, not to hold the breath
But this heart will never let you go, dear
Until I have some, breath left to spare

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Message to My Heart

Oh heart, your voice I will no longer heed
You clamor in your need for love fulfilled
You crave my blood, and so for you I bleed
I wait the moment when your beat is stilled

Your chambers cherish dreams of one sublime
A beating requiem of love denied
Erratic rhythm testament to time
When in his hands your love was well confined

Now, hear my plea, and listen to my voice
He will not hear your rapid dying sigh
You must move on, to you is left no choice
Or else, be still, and find the will to die

Dear heart, dare not to take another breath
Unless you vow to seal his love in death  


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A Love Poem

Beloved, turn off the lights; speak to me;
Is your heart to be evermore my own,
does my name slip from your lips silently...
content, that I should need ne'er more to moan.
Beloved, watch close loves acquainted eyes;
reflections holds no secrets from within.
For the souls bidding eyes will ne'er tell lies,
remember, doubt not… your want is my sin.
Beloved, wilt thou walk with me through dreams,
come lay with me as if I were dying?
Kiss my mouth, give me water from your stream;
listen love...the voice of the rain’s crying.

Loves lives through winters cold, summers fire,
though daybreak begins, as the night retires.

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In stillness of her spirit she sits there
with all her prowess she manipulates.
Her fingers’  ripples in coldest water
replenish  mind and soul that ruminates.
Playing in nocturne, she’s  being witnessed
by her governess . The simplicity...
Her portraits that adduce virtues she possessed -
laconic and clear view of chastity.
Oh, renaissance woman,  you shine on top,
as you incandesce in  mind  love of arts!
You’re a czar bringing our decorum up-
women’s pride… imbue modesty in heart.
In the silence of our heart, we listen
in these memorabilia… you remain.

Oct. 14, 2013  2.15pm
©2013by Leonora Galinta
All Rights Reserved

Second Place
Contest: Sofonisba Anguissola-A contemporary Sonnet for a Renaissance 
Woman-2nd in 
                the series
Judged: 2/4/2014
Sponsor: Poet Cyndi MacMillan

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Precious gem

 Shall I compare thee to a rose
And pluck thy petals as  my heart desires
While in sweetness  thy fragrance grows
Love, like rain doth thou require

 My love,  this bouquet I send to thee
To be with thee is all I dream
My heart doth rise and fall like waves upon the sea
The beauty of thine essence is highly esteemed

No more be thou uncertain of my love
Thine eyes doth soothe my very soul
My love for thee is higher than the stars above
Doth thou desire to make my lonely heart whole

Thy beauty,  like a precious gem,  doth  shine
 I beseech thee,  wilst thou  be my valentine

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Angel looks at angelic reflection
Much to her surprise heavenly being
Exact copy of Angel with pinion
Timely moment spiritually freeing

Beauty opens door for supernatural
Soft glow of light as the spirit reveals
This cherub's role in life is natural
Angel has to be a jewel who feels

Her wings will lift her up to ideal
Just as Water Lilies have own beauty
Her allure reflects love that will appeal
Unlike Hydrangea her pure heart of duty

Her purest heart will give her wings in time
Angel will transport to realms so divine

Contest's sponsor:Constance La France

Written by: Sara Kendrick

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A hymn to love

how come this fairness possesses such deeds
what a ruthless act thy heart did commit
for once I blundered and to thee I plead
bending words covering my shredded wit
appealing to the stubborn heart of thine
my unconscious mind hanging by a thread
that wrath from fairness will somehow decline
this age of prejudice thou will undid
for love condones faults to which hearts abide
and perceives lies from a different view
and love triumphs where all reason subside
making sense when our misfits are through
prey on the weak and the filthy sublime
but render lost hearts buried out of time

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The King of Goth

The Sussex lad, to title and land born,
An alumni, now he stands proudly tall.
In Oxford students pass at future’s dawn,
For some the inspiration was his call.

Provocative, a mighty pen his sword,
Expelled for godless view from hallowed hall.
The Baronet poet, friend to a Lord,
The Gothic king’s voice did incite them all.

His Mary worshipped at her husband‘s feet,
She held his heart tight from death’s final flame.
Did they engage in black acts, pagan mete?
A dark and often troubled soul laid claim.

Into the storm set sail to the end foretold,
He died before his talent could unfold.

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Love Rehashed

No simple four letter word can express  
when I'm in your arms I get dejavu
Tidal waves of emotions, never stress
I adore the very essence of you

No simple four letter word can express
Beneath my breast bone is your pretty face 
You fill this void princess with happiness
Never alone because we're in this race

No simple four letter word  good enough 
My desire is fire and I'm too far gone
To describe your body sculpted above
I worship the very ground you walk on

This yearning is continued without pause,
Because we know that loving is the cause

*For Sara Kendrick's "Sonnet Me" contest

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Speaketh Not Of Goodbye

My heart doth beat with rapid pounding beats
My breath doth pant in deep and quick hot gasp
To tell you of my love needs no repeats
And to my bosom, close to me, I thee enclasp

Fear not the dark and mist of any season 
Not to compare to summer’s rose that dies
Shining bright the sun, love is the reason
Speak not of grudging nor of sad goodbyes

Our love must come in sips, time is the thief
From love's sweet chalice do thy lips feel burned 
To quench my fill, each sip is sweet but brief
Goodbye shall not besmirch our love I yearn

To hold, to sip and drink your sweet hello
My heart doth beat, each beat is yours you know.

© 15/11/2012

Competition Entry


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Without You

Define your lovely, soulless heart in death
 To take my heart would be a risk; a storm
 You licked your lips to taste what i had left
 And jumped from cliff to rocks, i was forlorn.
 Upon my lover; roses wilt in pain
 For I’ve lost the one whom has no soul, and
 Was all this give and take with us in vain?
 I loved your soul and heart, we joined by hand.
 The brewing storm that took a life, took two
 For deep within your heart was love,
 And deep within my heart was you
 I’ll see you soon, i promise; heart above.
 For without you I cannot survive
 For without you I will not strive

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Unrequited Soliloquies Of The Heart Estranged

Unrequited Soliloquies Of The Heart Estranged By M. Taha Effendi (Sonnet) As I walk along the twilit avenue, A forlorn heart bids the day adieu, The rubicund sun withdraws its weary gaze, Surrenders its quest of endless days, Vagrant clouds drift to uncharted lands, Twilight steals a last glance through evening's hands, The gloaming emblazoned with pink and gray hue, As I walk along the twilit avenue, The west wind wails in melancholy, A lonely river seeks the embrace of the sea, Unchained melodies of the solitaire's refrain, That has emptied love's hemlock to the drains, Unrequited soliloquies of the heart estranged, Nature's course, onerous, unchanged,

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My Heart asks you

A day is a nice day when you touched my heart and smile.
A day is a sad day when you walked distance me a mile.
I work double when you inspired me I got strength,
I finish my day so quicker that was the hardest length,
I float to touch the moon when you read the chapter of my file.
When you disappeared I seen you through my vision of darkness,
I touched my lips and find nearest you where delivered me a kiss,
I lost me for a while and gone through my dreams to life compile.
I walked in my sleep in loneliness you guide me as a fairy queen,
When I touched my body I felt you that has changed my living style.
Few of them thinks no soul is in our body who nested my thought,
Who seeds ideas to fragrant dreams in the mind of my heart pot.
Something is wrong, I start to care me; you changed my attitude,
I saw my face in the mirror, my heart asks you, am i nice not rude?

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At the end of the day

I needed a little book to have
Something to write my heart desires
So burning, my heart stopped being quiet
This was enough for my pen to start.

In less than two hours I poured it all out
Things I saw but I could not yet touch
Just on point, I had no second thought
Then decided to seal the book’s mouth

Assured, I waited on him that fails not
Him alone, all desires he can meet
But waiting is now longer than once thought
Some are still there that I may never reach

Staring at the book, as if it is now strange
Makes me wonder at the end of the day

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Fresh Grass Sonnet

I said that I would stay for evermore,
And shut my heart away where no one sees
But now I stand beside the open door
Here in the morning sun, to feel the breeze

With scents of flowers wafting down the hall.
And dancing motes of dust in sunbeams where
Their slanting fingers shine. I still recall
That far-off morning, and the scented air.
My heart escapes to where the birds still sing
But dreams no more of that which might have been.
I seek a future fate for time to bring
Fields of new-grown grass, fresh and emerald green.
Pastures new and painted with a different hue
Now with the world remade so bright and true

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Will Thou Be My Valentine

Castle walls thou hast breached for me
The miles thou weary travellest
Thou hast sent a heart full for me
Thou hast my love unravellest.

As the tree doth grow leaf once more
My love doth the same grow for thee
My blossom I will open forth.
As thou brings thy life’s love to me.

The walls thou boughtest down with grace
My heart thou stole and kept with thee
Thou givest me thy heart in place
To beat as one entwined with me.

As birds do mate on Valentines
I ask that thou will now be mine.

© 5/06/2013

One of the first mentions of Valentine for the 14th was because that's when it was percieved that the birds begin to mate.

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From My Kitchen Window

From my kitchen window, one single rose
red in color, bud opening, soft scent.
In distance golden leaves for picture pose,
adjust shutter snap capture heart's intent.

Heart's intent on beauty of God's creation;
not on pleasing three men with my cooking.
Although I serve them as the Galilean,
who came to serve, not to be served as King.

Long in heart to escape into nature,
feeling gentle breeze upon ancient face.
Fall's colors, cool dry air is the real lure.
These from my depressed being those blues chase.

Meals prepared while heart does looking outside.
Spirit lifted above, high thoughts reside..

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"About This Poem"

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The Home

I leave my heart secreted far away,
In my home, my sanctum, my hidey-hole.
Each day I leave, but every night I stay.
My heart in it's home, always safe and whole.

Where ever I wander, my heart always
Calls me home, to my family and friends.
To a nice warm bed. To a fire ablaze:
We huddle close to chat and warm our hands.

My heart, my hope, my soul, all dwell right here.
The roots of my life, trapped in a building.
Within my reach is all that I hold dear.
Memories here, carved into the molding

Yet are not people more important than
The place? I will enjoy it while I can.

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Every music piece is distinctive
Most lyrics are positive
It doesn't matter if she kissed a girl or said you’re so gay
Lovely to create a teenage dream
Admirable to be an enthusiastic philanthropist 

When she roars, fireworks engulf the sky
The charisma she shares unconditionally
Her perfume spreads the fragrance that meows 
The Killer Queen fragrance refreshes the senses
Her breakdown in life lifts her yet again

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson known as Katy Perry
Marches into the symphony of music 
Lending her voice in Smurfs
She dazzles into the soul of her fans

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Sweet Inspiration

As if the words beg to float from my throat, But only spill with the ink of my pen; Only with nature's embrace and sweet coat Do I feel truth form in words and begin. Solitary confinement- I'll find peace; Only within, I can feel the soft hum . . With each stroke, and spill, a gentle release To nature's sweet music, pluck, and soft strum. Nature shall comfort, wherever I go; No matter the warm breeze, or the cold bite. . Caressed by nature, rocking to and fro' While I admire each beautiful sight. So now that no one's here to inspire love, I'll find it around, within, and above.

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A sold-out house the excitement grows
Electric stage pumping music builds
He always brings spectacular shows
Awesome concerts since sixty-seven
The master artist his power wields
Sir Elton John, this crowd's in heaven

Power ballads of sweet rock and roll
Piano genius is in his hands
Rhythm and blues performance has soul
Mesmerizing fans for four decades
Three hour marathons for loyal fans
Flamboyant Brit in his famous shades 

A sold-out house the excitement grows
Power ballads of sweet rock and roll!

Sponsor: Anthony Slausen
Contest Name: Your Favorite Artist

Sonnet Poem
Written: 3-17-14

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Passage of Time

Hear the clock ticking? Just clicking away
The seconds and minutes, the hours; the time
Is always moving, the hours make days,
And will 'til the sun decides not to shine.

See the Earth moving? Always spinning round,
Marking the turning of seasons and years.
And yet all this movement makes not a sound;
The ageing Earth cries an ocean of tears.

Feel your heart beating? Loyally pumping
Rich crimson lifeblood throughout all your veins.
But later in life you will find time triumphing,
Your loyal heart ceasing despite what you've gained.

Time will corrupt and will bring forth decay;
Invest in a future that will not pass away.

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How lips become mute and silent When dash of hues ignites ember, My hands dip into oils, intent Curves of boughs soothe my day, tender Bright language of trees on wingers Sending glazed flutters down the spine, As lush tints drench inky fingers And hours forget unbridled time Contours become fuller, plumper Through eyes’ palette wet with delight; Paint gasps on canvas to wander Along wisps of strokes and sunlight Art’s grace leaves rabid thoughts behind Waking still life that thrills my mind.

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There is no reason to be down and out. The sun still shines in the sky when raindrops. Smile now because this is your time to pop. We really want to hear your thoughts about… Life love joy rapture pleasure thrills bliss blessed There is cause to be irrefutable. You know the heights of life uplift others. Happiness esteems and solidifies. Each time you strive, you find that the world thrives. Uplift life elevate mind and inspire… There is purpose to take on; therefore, Give heart to another and cheer to the dishearten. Raise spirits to encourage deification of our creator through praise. Mother Earth is our celestial orbit. Peace seekers we are in spirit and truth. Love and harmony is for all dwellers. Let us join on native topography. Hold hands sing from the voice of the patriot Scale the endless strife of diversity To meander in our conflicting journeys So that our life is a religious nub, Which brings forth faith in the omnipotent. The crux of our essence edifies soul. Elucidation is magnetic force Mesmerizing all the people involved. We shout in our synagogues worship Via life force, which is cognizance. Oration heard from the heights of trouble. Just a closer walk with God was words voiced. A proclamation so great, tears came forth. I know the Lord exclaimed the choir from the balcony while others were praying in the aisles. Oh Lord have mercy on me. There was no doubt that salvation was there. The expression was that the Holy Ghost had entered. Utterance of faith is with all. An enduring completed through the works of God. How were the burdens taken to a place of repost? The Lord keeps me safe and warm. Through veneration and extol, prayer; praise; and worship heartens all. _________________________________|
PENNED JUNE 28, 2014! Written for a those who seek a greater determination....

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Dark glowing eyes, a hazel bun, well tucked 
and neat. Lips curve like shells in porcelain, 
Awaiting to express, her brave conduct 
That I could sense audacity, back when
Ladies bowed to men, such common duty.
Yet she possessed an ardent fire, heated
by graphic flair; sultrily chaste to be
among lords of glory. Oh, brushes red
Spill on fabric;  If I could but explore
Her sprezzatura dripping lush oil, while
I breathe her strokes. My heart needs not of more 
from galleries that hide a face beguiled. 

   My own dark eyes will memorize her hands,
   Sprayed by palettes of brilliant renaissance.


*sprezzatura—an intricate display of elegance
 and wit—with a bold flourish.

*~ Though all of Anguissola’s self-portraits reflect 
her dignified essence, her work, "Sophonisba Angusola 
virgo seipsam fecit 1554", mirrors her deep desire to blaze
 a new trail in the world of arts and new feminism.
 I looked into her eyes and they spoke 
of some smouldering need to fulfil her destiny
 as a self-possessed,  creative woman way ahead of her time 
when  male artists ruled during the Renaissance.

~   Sofonisba Anguisolla: A Contemporary Sonnet
 For A Renaissance Woman... Contest

~Sponsor: Cyndi Mac Millan

~Poet: nette onclaud

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Never Again

Never again do I want to go through pain
Never ever again
Love, blessed word for the fools
Has been for me one of the most murderous tools

Love, bringing me to my knees
Hoping the heavy rain would cease
Love, never returned to my sorrowful heart
Never making of me the other sweetheart

Torn and bent
Drowned deep in torment
Love is now meant to be forsaken
For never again do I wish to be broken

Strength, strength do I need to live, only strength
Such does keep me alive with good breath!

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Thy Love

Thy love, which in dream's reality it does exist,
Gives meaning to my purpose in this life, 
Although I do resist, my heart does persist, 
For it desires thee to be my beautiful wife. 

Thy love breathes life into the dead inside of my heart, 
It conquers the v'st, blue ocean of my labyrinthine mind, 
And the fiery, red furnace of my passionate heart, 
And in the mid'st of n'ght our fates, intertwined. 

True love is a fearless warrior, invincible, 
Undying hope in the dark face of adversity, 
Although to mortal eyes, invisible,
It is irreproachable veracity. 

Extravagant treasures, I have none, 
But to my loving, caring heart, thee art the only one.

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I have lived your lie

Just one more day with you
one more smile from you.
said you where here to stay,
forever you use to say
then why are you not here today?
could i find the strength to walk away,
if your lie is in my way.
now all i have today,
is our song
the song you use to play,
seating here all alone,
i listen to the words it say,
" you would leave me alone and torn my heart to stone"

was he worth the tear in my eye,
did you not love me enough to try,
why then did u tel me a lie,
cause you said you'd always be there,
but yet you tore out my heart and
left my flash to die,.
better to be loved then to love,
for the pain of a broken heart is one i would not share,
I have lived your lie.

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The heart it has joined us will take part,
And as we grow it shall and will strengthin,
But in time it will never stop changin,
Until then we may believe in its depart,
What we do with what we have to now start,
And as we live we just have to belevin’
Cause our heart is a gift from the heaven
So we should treasure our given beating heart
And we could give you some information
So then put you in the healthy food zone
Although we could just start a diet
Even though that happens through the nation
Also we are always changing our tone.
It’s as of now but I'm not buying it

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Tears of a Little girl

Tears of a little girl
that's so young, that's in her childhood, 
make a golden well, make a golden well,
but she doesn't realize
her tears sing a song so beautiful.
They sing a song of treasure,
they sing a song so wonderful,
they sing to worship God,
but she doesn't realize
she has a gift to sing.
She mustn't sing for anything
she must sing for the King,
but she doesn't realize,
she can sing so goldenly, (so as a golden well)

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Virgin and Child-2

The Virgin and Child

Matrix of allusions.Its intersections
dipped in the beckoning depths of  chaste dark 
to grow limbs like any other. To mark
a departure into a great mission.
Life  dipped in a suave and rare medium
of strokes and streaks . Who would not sense
in the vision-flatness an equilibrium
of  solidity and reassurance.
The harboring grid of hardened faith
is crowned with thorns of colored distractions
without the telling placenta of birth
but  still-lifed  in womb-dark meditation
I ‘m the virgin, the lactating breasts, the birth 
I ‘m the baby of the resurgent earth.

Form:  A modern Sonnet, attempted.

**Based on the painting “ Virgin and child” by SOFONISBA ANGUISSOLA 

S.Jagathsimhan Nair,
 26th Oct  2013.

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Her flawless beauty caught his eye
His head turned his heart followed
Skin of creamy translucency
Her body motion, he saw it flowed.

As a yacht upon the azure sea
Her body she sashayed down the street
Skilfully tacking from windward to lee
His eyes and heart all at once did meet.

His body yearned to feel her close
Her hair flicked windward calling him
His skin tingled inside his clothes
Feeling stirrings an exciting whim

Growth did begin but stung back to reality
With his wife by his side afraid of his mortality.

© 10/03/2013 ~GG~

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Oh, how your opal aura would have warmed
that  hollow seat beside mine at the Registry
Theatre. This playhouse holds subtle charms, 
contradictions mingle here so comfortably.
It is intimate, this communion between stage
and audience, somewhat confessional, 
love freely  expressed in each line, as ageless
as sisterhood, poetry, all things natural. 
There is soul, an emotional cast to Falling: 
A Wake. .The actors project a thousand stars.
Seen, misted eyes, for what was lost is calling,
a celestial trail of hope climbing each stair
of dark. Heard, a heart's voice, unrehearsed,  
resounding like ovations for purest verse.

*For my Soul-Sis, Nette, who I love dearly... she is a poet extraordinaire who has a heart of gold.

I will be putting up a blog about this poem, on Thursday, with pictures, notes and a closer look at the imagery I am using. 

However, I will now share that Falling: A Wake was written by a local playwright and has been very successful. I saw the play seven years ago at the Registry Theatre. It never left me and haunts me still.

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My Gratitude For Your virtue

I would be standing alone with a plea
Like a frail structure in solitude,
If had not you helped me so nicely.
My heart is filled with humble gratitude.

When no one did appear to be mine
I was really alone among crowd,
Then you appeared as a silver line
Being so friendly, in the deep dark cloud.

Your sweet words, filled with real sympathy,
Soothed my heart and saved my sinking hope.
You helped me forgetting the tragedy 
And encouraged me with strength to cope.

All these support made me obliged to you 
And  I can never forget your virtue.

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My Shakespearean Sonnet

What Shakespeare didn’t write he left to me
In this, a brand new world and century
The English language lives and breathes, alive
A poet’s job is helping it survive

The Muses use us, soul and body, mind
To write of things that can not be defined
The subject matter always stays the same
It’s love and hate, it’s greed and fear and fame

New words evolve to name the things we see
But subject matter stays through history
Our hands the only instruments of worth
To help the Muses speak and then give birth

Their words are bridges crossing deep divides
That bring to man the peace that truth provides

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To A Child Who Has A Disorder

Children with an illness,
Go through life,
They are looked down apon,
Because they are different,
When really they are not,
They are no different from  you and me,
They have the same blood,
Running through their bodies,
Just as their hearts as well,
So, don't just look apon,
Their outer appearance,
And judge them,
For who they really are,
For a lot of them,
Are smarter and brighter,
Than you and I,
Could possibly be,
On our brightest day,
For they have the gifts,
From God up above,
So, always take the time,
To get to know their inner beauty,
For who they really are,
Cause they too need love,
Just as everyone else does,
If not even more.

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To Erase or Not to Erase?

Perchance, if I could parts of life erase,
by careful choice select the times to keep,
I’d treasure love’s long walks on sunny days,
and cast aside the shade where I did weep
upon the morn you closed your eyes to mine,
forsaking me to chase a wanton breeze;
negate the lapse between my heart and thine,
to hold the nights we lay entwined with ease.

If this eraser I should choose to wield,
to moor thy heart and gently clip thy wing,
I ask, in time, would wretched fate be sealed,
as I, unmeant, forbade thy soul to sing?

Speak fondly to me from thy heart’s refrain,
that I may know my love was ne’er in vain.

*** for 'Rub it Out' contest

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Bang spectrum of Confetti start the celebration! Rosy majorettes clad in brick red whistle thrice, Golden tassel batons toss and fly, greets sky! Her comrade increase the feat heat synchronization, Thunder cheers flood alongside adding spice. Beginning their flamboyant rhythm and blues sound Are black and white drum and bugle epic vibrations. Come in well coordinated act: all nice Loud gigantic flowered covered floats in slow motion Meatball, the big brown bear, pop and arise, ''Catching the Big one'', orange fish rolls down, Sweet fragrance of roses afloat around. Yellow haired boy from ''Sea of Surprises'', drown the frown. Tempted eyes, ears, nose and feet in joyous heights!
(c)Olive Eloisa 11:45pm June 26, 2014 Originally entitled: COLOURS for the contest Colours of Shadow Hamilton placed 4th.. :) Note: Inspired by "Tournament of Roses Parade". During New Year's Time, me and my mom views this telecasted tournament.. :) I love the creativity and the great imagination of the rose float creators..:D!!! This is held annually in California, USA sponsored by Honda. How wonderful it is if this seen live.. :)! On my readings, each year there is a theme to inspire the creators. The first ever theme was about Patriotism, this year: "Dreams come True" and next year: "Inspiring Stories".

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A daydream

while fingertips touch piano keys 
her mind whispers words just read
thoughts and feelings deep down spread
announce a rebirth of a new breeze

outwardly calm still and hushed
consciously breathing in and out
soundless tapping keys interferes loud
her face almost invisible flushed 

her body reveals mystical messages
seemingly she plays a private tune
impatience clearly not opportune
time will uncover presages 

the impressive glance in her intimate infinite 
reveals the greatness of a new artistic divinity

Written for A Daydream Free Poetry Contest
Sponsor	Isaiah Zerbst

Written by:

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Touched by an angel

My life, it has ambled treacherously for some time now, To the cheerless and ecstatic, diurnal and nocturnal rhythms somehow. Furtively it quests for joys life seldom offers, With the touch of its lips and the rock of hips, from luck and fortune’s brimming coffers. From caged intangible impregnable expanse, into my hazy apparitions, an angel, she descends, To be tended softly first and then into me she blends. An angel they say she is to all mankind, Peace of mind and all the joys festoon themselves combined to whoever she be confined. Last Sunday’s dawn, when seeking solitude in a musing trance, Meditating on my heart chakra, without thoughts in my mind swaying in a the ceremonial dance, I felt the caress of her aura and poise, Mien & demeanor of her simplicity swept across me without any noise My yearning heart suckles on her auric light and feverous emotions that are diffuse, Kindness her moniker, and from now on from within me she will repeatedly unleash and break loose.
21/3/2012, by: Sashi. Prabhu (zeauoxian)

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A warm Heart


Childhood summers days are the longest
They open up possibilities for endless play.
Those sunshine wrapped days made for fun
Have kept my heart warm over the years.
Now the days of possibilities are gone
And wailing winter wind whips me out of shape
Propelling me towards the dark days -
Those inevitable sunshineless days where
Reality seeps into your bones like chill
Seeping through cracks in a window sill.
I look ahead and warm my bones with 
Pictures of family and friends now gone
but etched forever deep in my heart where
the flaming fire of love is still aglow.    

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Perfect Circles

With her hand, she drew perfect circles,
from balloons to bicycles, perfectly formed.
Devine, her lines were always exactly right,
she had the eye and the appetite.
To compensate, she hardly ever cried,
but her buttery eyes were warm to my sight.
She claimed the center of my centrifuge
with her gift of circles, she became a refuge.
But gravity pulls hard on shoulders and wheels
Even the planets are pulled into line.
The whirling dervishes have all disappeared
Gone to nirvana’s lost hemispheres.

A lifetime of circles she spanned every height,
With her arcing reminders of eternal light.

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The Start

Mother does her very best to prevent
Cheating in this siblings' game of Chess
Teaching honesty is her soul intent
As she hovers in white robe and covered tress

Gifted mother who foraged the female
Artists' way to new dimensions in that day
Opened doors for future artists to prevail
'Twas a woman of strength that lead the way 

An artist who painted her families' life
After studying under Michelangelo
Who encouraged her to be more than housewife
To rise above dresses of calico

A mother with a gift not hidden
A call to women to dreams forbidden 

Sponsor: Cyndi MacMillian
Contest: Sofonisba Anguissola:A Contemporary Sonnet

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Surreal, the way a contortionist knots
himself as the escape artist breaks free.  
Uptown, buskers beckon with what-naughts,
drawing thousands. Candyland, sighs New-Dali

at its epicenter, his true element,
and he takes it in: the sword swallower,
blindfolds, jugglers, clowns miming laments,
fire-fed gals, stilted-men and tots taller 

on shoulders. This carnival can endear,
turn heads, but only one with a seer-heart
studies the music box dancer, then swears
that she spins perfect webs with street-smarts.

Mirroring that swivel, awed by his entourage,
He becomes centrum to his own collage.

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    CIL MAOLCHEADAIR   (Kilmalkedar)
On such an Irish spring and drizzle morn,
she wandered through the graveyard, looking for
the Celtic dream from which her past was born,
and every sight brought her to wanting more;

she dreamt her roots from carvings on a stone
as if she understood each chip as real,
passed down to only her, and her alone,
from pagan worship she could almost feel;

and she could bundle them within her mind
to share with Pennsylvania kith and kin,
perhaps the magic, if still there to find,
would be an understanding where they've been;

and she will burn her candles every night,
hoping Kilmalkedar will make it right.
       ©  ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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I walk out in the morning for my health,
And learn a thing or two along the way.
Such knowledge brings abundance to my wealth,
And somehow sounds like wisdom when I say.
Waters of the river carry stories.
Just listen, you can hear the words unfold.
Sometimes it can wash away your worries,
And help you to get through your day. Behold!
A gentle breeze can whisper to your heart;
Like angels serenade a searching soul.
There's so much nature's beauty can impart;
If soaking in it's beauty is your goal. 
     Get out there friend and see God's art today.
     And get some exercise along the way.

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These supple young hands, so innocent,
Not yet to touch though tempted in dreams,
But still I have no need to repent,
Though I am truly not what I seem!
In body I am surely chaste.
Did temptation not whisper at my door
And wrap my nubile mind in hot embrace?
But - for his love I surely can endure!
For love of God and Jesus I can last
And share my passion in my art.
Mortal love may never reach to grasp
Eternal love that gladly keeps my heart.
   So this soul of mine will find its rest
   With no regret of honor on my breath.

Modern Sonnet written for Cyndi's Contest
Inspired by the story of Sofonisba Anguissola
And her Self-Portrait with Clavichord, 1561

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Casting Couch

How frantic my antics when I'm in a panic-
my thoughts alone could sink the Titanic!
Hassled, frazzled-  razz-madazzled
when I feel so well and Manic!

Taken for granted, a Life enchanted,
and gifts of Art, by God implanted.
Confuses the Muses with makeshift excuses-
my trembling Mind, thus reprimanded!

For sloth, for laze, for lost ambition;
for languid lax, these poor conditions!
I feel punctured at this juncture-
Overwhelmed by such attrition...

Discerning my yearning, but also learning
that life affords but one audition.

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Echoes of the Heart

Out of the heart comes spring of living water,
Out pour of cheese from northern female bull,
Outcome of this sweetness makes me better,
Outflow of deep pains make me look like fool.

My heart seeks comfort and undeterred love,
My soul rests on your  bossom of glory,
My mind longing for passion from above,
My head spins round and round like toy lorry.

When would I leave this dollop of sorrow?
When shall I find solace in my precious?,
When would plenty come?,so I don`t borrow,
When would goodness arrive?I`m so anxious.

In these , I sing , write and felicitate,
In such ,my mind can  solely meditate.

CONTEST:" Echoes Of The Heart" sponsored by Gail Angel Doyle.

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Death! Oh Death!!
Thou art the leveller 
par excellence
Thou who kills without 
Taking all souls from 
hence and thence.

Pity is not in thy nature
Cruelity is thy second 
Thou tread where no 
living dare venture
Stealing souls all along 
without shame!

Those with father thou 
make fatherless
Parents thou suddenly 
make barren hags
My friend thou made a 
Wretch who lives 
almost in rags!!!

Death! Thou art the end 
to all souls
Existing far and near 
the four poles!!!

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If I were a Painter

If really I were a gifted painter
And as it were, I was to paint a man
I’d get my draw board, brush, paint and water
I’d work as open mindedly as I can
To bring out the true image of the soul
God created at the very beginning.
I would produce a man strong, bold and whole
One that’d be in his image and liking.
I won’t paint the fragile man with briefcase
In three piece suit with bible and tie.
I would paint a hunter with open face
Returning home from the toil of the night.
-He looks savage hunting for hares and harts
-Yet he’s truly the soul after His heart.

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Boy Bitten By A Crayfish

Boy Bitten By a Crayfish

When women seen with no powers to create

Vessel to feed male seed for generations

She could make images live and update

Both of procreation and creation.

Once drew a painting of a laughing girl

Sent to Michelangelo to review

Quickly returned the painting with a hurl

Draw on the subject of crying child anew.

She painted “Boy bitten by a crayfish”

Tear-eyed brother weeping over the cut

The sister trying much hard to appease

And make peace with great master’s guts.

This feat, noticed by artists of her time

Was placed with “Cleopatra” in prime.

 Fifth place win
in Cindy's contest

** I was inspired to write this poem by her painting BOY BITTEN BY CRAYFISH, one of her earlier painting**

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A Heart Unchained

A heart there is, whose love your heart contained
A time there was, and in that time I changed
Oh glorious day! When ears first heard your name,
a song of brilliant iridescent flame.

A day there was, and for that day I praise
the sight of your sweet graceful gentle ways:
a butterfly’s descent in summer’s light,
its lovely wings afloat in airy flight.

A life there was; my life’s no longer mine,
one passion, one desire--both entwined
I live, I breathe--imagining how much
this treasure is, each moment with your touch.

     A soul there is, whose love my soul proclaimed
     A love there is, whose heart your love unchained.

Rhys Matthew Farren
June 13, 2011
for Francine Roberts' "Sonnets, Sonnets, Everywhere!"

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Love in bloom

You make Love sound an easy game to play
Ay, my strong Muse had other words to tell
Yes let people fancy I can be gay
I laugh and smile and trust my sadness sell

A heart that turned into Roses pure blush
I´d say that genuine heart is now old
Yes play it is down to shelters dark lush
I don´t easily turn hot, nor to cold

I have my experiences behind
And you told me the rudeness of a man
Say, am I wrong if you think he´s your kind?
So come and crush and say my love´s in ban

Romance from verse made my heart bleed and rouse
Now I live in Dream and Fantasy´s House

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I Want To Come First With You

Every morning I walk pass through this ‘little’ lady
I make a mental picture of a heart shaped flower
Held in my hands; close to my heart; am willing to offer her
I make every eye contact count like every dance a street of my heart
I seem to have that dim; dreadful silly obscure look
Each time I see her from afar coming
Every time we work pass by; and I fail to be a man; to speak
I hear the music banging in my brain; then I conjecture good moments to come
When I will stop playing someone else’ part; a part alien to me
I think of holding her hands like we are standing on the mountain soil and saying
You’re my work set; I want to come first with you
In my soul and brains I feel a cabin fever for not being a man
She is like a lover my heart seeks; someone to make a promise to
In the wonderland where two lovers make vows knowing they are too closely knitted.

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Sofonisba Anguissola, Pieta

Gathered, to mourn in one deathless hour
Fragile, a test to faith's consummate power
Grief, which is stone cast, among five stricken faces
Softened by reverence, and mute, anguished traces

Weightless in her arms, but heavy for the eyes
Devotion anchors deep, painting tears that will not dry
Each pulse that pounds, each gasp one takes,   
will rise, then, with awe, as the brush strokes create......

Lost, the desperate world, which honed new beginnings
Shattered, by the cost, as their world had stop spinning
The few souls, who cradle, unable to speak 
would renew from a tomb, He would defy and retreat 
For those who altered history, Sofonisba paints with eye and ear
Will they stutter, will they falter, or still deny that He appeared?

  Submitted for Cyndi's Contest:  A Painting....Sofonisba Anguissola, Pieta

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The White Knight

"The White Knight" his emotional writings touch quite deep as visual imagery graces a blank page wounds and scars of past loves cause tears to weep sharing darkness and light on Life's stage. his musical flare enhances quaint words with analogies of passion and pain framing themes with intense action verbs penning poetry lines to entertain. his prolific demeanor so inspires as heartaches translate to happiness encouraging poets to aspire dreaming dreams to attain true success. as his delicate verses provide inspiration his poetic art is sincere fascination.
*For Francine Robert's Tribute in Sonnet Conetest *For Michael J. Falotico; The White Knight of PS *June 22, 2012

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Again I see you since I don't know when.
Oh yes, it's been some time since we've been here,
I felt the same warm feeling I knew then,
and felt your eyes again, forever clear.

Your hair again a mess, there was no style, 
in baggy pants the way you choose to be,
but none-the-less your image made me smile,
well knowing you were there, if I would see.

'Tis plain you have not changed, and never will,
nor can you hide what's seldom seen too clear,
the beauty of your deep, the quiet of your still,
your reaching out, beyond your greatest fear.

How many times I've wished my heart was blind,
on second thought, give thanks you're there to find.
© ron Wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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Chilled Winter

Once copious, my heart, like trees lie bare.
Beneath dark skies are bursts of white despair
as winter chill takes toil down fallow road.
I can't remember warmth of times bestowed.

Take what you will from winter's stormy thrill,
but I shall hibernate in summer still.
Flamed tea nor fireplace can warm me not.
Not even spring can thaw this frigid spot.

Within this crypt, ‘neath gelid canopy,
on frozen bed, death lays and waits for me.
Slow beating pulse to hold this dormant state,
for it's my heart the frost did desecrate.

If set afire, still, I'll shiver through.
Not even flames will melt my heart like you.

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SCIATICA - your best friend

You'll doubtless think my mind is fooling me,
or all my hurting's only in my head,
but pain is what brings on my misery
and makes my heart to wish that I was dead

and though my case is weak for proving it,
my lumbar's slipped a disk--and out of whack,
because of this my life has turned to shit,
and how I am, depends on how's my back.

My wish is you would have for just one day
sciatica I bear--so you could feel
in spite of what the skeptics have to say
my pain's excruciating--and is real.

   If you could stand a while here in my shoes
   the pain you'd feel would make you moan the blues.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa
for Facebook, Well this is a pretty picture of a storm coming
on Fort Knox, with me cut and pasted onto to
photo I took last week...

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Sonnet 27

The world to me is not that much a place
Of peace and love, though lavender and lust
Tempts me to twist and turn away from grace
And of her world, my heart she can not trust

Dear love, my dear, shall lies be thy abuse?
As I desire the richness of her oil
Violence dost wrath, yet violets seduce
My sins to surge and slip into her soil

Passions do rise from natures spinning wheel
The likeness of forbidden fruit in fire
Holding your hand, your heart I could not heal
As if another world I did admire

Methinks my mind has wounds from being whirled,
And I an eye that blinks blind through the world

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Love's Mystery (Saraband Sonnet (Spanish/French combination))

Why should you mean so much to me?
In all this world, it is you alone
who fills my heart with love’s decree.

In winter’s wind your love is shown
a ray of sun, a warm embrace,
the mystery of passion grown,
where silk and roses interlace.

Why you and not another heart,
can lose my senses with one glance
but then you’ve had me from the start.

A single word, desire’s romance,
as odes of love our lives enhance,
like magic from a wishing-well
your heart has wrapped me in its spell.

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Am I searching for me

I sat down and thought,
Who do I really want to be?
And all it's agony my heart wrought.
Am I searching for me?
Doubts and question fill my conscience,
Can I really be who I want to be?
And my mind is caught in thoughts so vicious.
Am I searching for me?
Don't quit, stand for who you are,
Why not?I can still be who I want to be?
And maybe my dream is not so far.
Maybe I am searching for me.....
It's not time to give up today,
My heart will say what it wants to say.

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My bone part

First time whom I trusted that was you my friend. 
you opposed me and broken my heart in a second.
you never think why you from my family and relations, 
you 're close to my heart to build up generations,
I open my heart, told you secret that I hide behind.
you 're one a part of my secrets that's only I know,
I chose you for my trust you know how did I grow?
you disclosed me with others I think you 're kind.
this is only a relation that's supportive most in pain, 
I were broken you offer me pleasure for rubbish drain,
Don't pin the nails in my heart don't seed the thorns,
Life is no life without trust don't strengthen the horns,
I don't know why is that you palpitate my heart?
I feel pain, I taken breath without you my bone part.

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Sonnet 25

The firmament above this crooked crust
Came down below to view my work of art
Ether engaged sacred sunbeams to thrust
Upon her face, the beauty of thine heart
    Now it is that thy face, an Angel's mask
    Which brought the heavens to our earthly floor
    Her likeness questioned cherubim to ask
    Wherefore art thou lost Angel ye adore?
Like water did the skies return above
And I in awe assumed I aged in air
But missing were the paintings of my love
The only treasures of our brief affair

As with the sun, to art is light and life
And of this art, 'twas she, an Angel's wife!

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from Suede Dragon and the Theoretical Formula

A fragrant dancing tickles in my nose Inhaling deep- intoxicant perfume- Of some invisible narcotic rose. The earth is host to swirling love in bloom! Yet summers final blossom wilts away. Each dawning promissory sunset sky- Spectacular transition- ends each day, And no escaping, not for you and I! Two points of view may vary constancy, Surrendering to marginal debate. Relinquishing all fervent penalty, Embracing change, I yield, my devastate. May love transcendent of mentality Deliver always swift reality!

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Immortal Love

Tease, tempt and test, my love. And I shall react,
Reach and reign, my love. Give me guidance, lest
I wander, substituting lust for authenticity. 
Inscribe your insignia upon my soul. Lay claim to
Love, as if to sigh your last breath, for I’m 
Embedded in the substratum of your spirit. Thus, 
Spoil me with your matrix. Entice me with your 
Charms. And I shall titillate, tantalize, and satiate 
Your person, for mutual seduction is the art of 
Lovers, and we have loved since the days of 
Genesis. Thus, ours is immortal, my love, extant 
As an apocrypha, but hidden as the root of 
Eternity. Let manifest the fruits of love, for we are
Bonded as the pillars of a shelter, destined for love.    

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One Word

Sound of the clock escalates louder,
The fly is becoming my main interest.
Lost and loaded, no trace of powder,
Anxiety wreck I detest.

Memories flaunt in my head,
The wings flap a bit harder.
Ticking progresses and hits dead,
frozen to be slaughtered.

Eyes don't hesitate to not blink,
Images are blurred.
Don't bother to think,
All this from one word.

Soliloquy moment that questions my sane,
Smiling to realize that words your name.

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Sonnet 40

Half-gun will travel on the western front,
Beyond brothels...gunpowder of debri.
Myself the man that blissful bulletts hunt,
As he that shoots has lost his wife to me.

From dusk 'till dawn my death deceives the day,
By sun and shadows guns illuminate.
So swift did summer sin a song to pray,
Upon that grave my spurs would gravitate.

Herdsmen and hoarses hearken to the hyme,
Of fire flushed from weaponry with flames.
And as I bled my heart did hold the crime,
Of loving her that shared her heart with games.

Wounded by way of weak and stubborn will,
Dying at dawn, death on this western wheel.

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Cross Fate

My feet caressed by the washed sand
my eyes lost in the horizons gaze 
soothing essence fills the land
but in my heart there is a blaze
two days back and my heart was taken
it shone over the entire ocean
now the fire within leaves me shaking 
my joy now runs with the waves that get broken
a broken heart in need of love
must find joy someway somehow
so there is hope in the sky above
and with that hope grab on now 
the night may make the sun disappear
but by the next mourning the sun reappears 

*Entered into "First Poem" Contest
-Won HM

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The only praise

Sulfur smile and the summer that knits the brow; 
Green branches shake the crystalline thrills, 
While past and future have a date and bow, 
In front of no time nosegay of the sleepy hills: 
Under the blue, near dark green our tree cries. 
Delusive Dragon can count the crusade`s days, 
Hand holding hand, and hope eyes to eyes, 
For our way we pay with ourselves, the only praise. 
Dream to dream in tender calling of the muse; 
The rainbow`s colors after rain recited the sun; 
The flight of doves may keep an old excuse, 
That sorrow and joy as twins rest in a pun: 

This means my tree anew soon after it was old; 
So, love and hope and recollections won`t rest cold.

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Happy Valentine's Day

I was wondering what happened to you
I was worrying about you
Your silence had wiped the smile off my face
Your long distance left me out of place

But I now I see you
You have come back with a view
Of our love to be
No chance to ruin
Only intent is to reign

I will close my eyes and enjoy this moment
Of your sweet caress
Of your love scent

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Sonnet 30

Flowers that fill your face shall wear no frown,
Because your beauty has been blessed to be,
The distance between days that dazzles down,
Your heart and harmony of love to me.

Rainbows will rise; rivers will never rest,
Waves of your heart and sound shall seek my soul...
I shall prefer to pretend not a pest,
At pleasures that I please to paint a whole.

Music and melodies and months of May,
Spring showers of your scent I somewhat knew.
Daring to dream of you dazzles the day,
As darkness dawns to light to dress your dew.

Of miracles I manifest and stress,
Answers of love and art as you undress

4Forms, 4themes
New love

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Great Spirit here come I in humble prayer
child of your Bedonkohe blood and line.
I raise my hands to recognize you there
and plea you recognize this heart of mine.

I know you welcome all into your light
And let my way, as through this death I go, 
Be swift and sure, if bad or good or right
As certain as blood of Geronimo.

Look! Is my line not tied to what's his past?
And does this not bring us our only choice
To bide amongst the tribe from out our past?
To gather in your light, and raise one voice

Of this, our song, our voices unified
And handed down through time, where we have cried.
...............© Ron Wilson
Another very special Sonnet that just wrote itself through me...where do they come from? And how?

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Lips of an Angel (Saraband Sonnet (Spanish quatrains))

Each time you call my name I seek
the feeling of your gentle kiss,
I hear your voice, it makes me weak.

In love's embrace yet still I miss
the caress from an angel's lips,
my mind needs more than parti pris
to lose my heart to love's eclipse.

You touch my heart beneath moon gleams,
to woo my mind and win my soul
with whispered thoughts, you feed my dreams.

Sweet-talk my heart, with words cajole
my feelings, with a push and shove
you show me how in you I'm whole
and dance me to the world of love.

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Colour Blindness - Miltonic sonnet

Showcase of my favourite painted collection,               a
Piled up for years, eventually being inaugurated,         b
Without fail, what if colours were amalgamated ?         b
No one could ever unveil my apprehension,                  a
Heart pouncing, breaths endured expansion,                a
More and more to the colours as I concentrated,          b
My senses shivered and swiftly hibernated,                  b
My passion, my hobby could not be my profession !      a
Neutral to doctor's innocuous advice on colour,             c
Who proved out the reception on retina as deficient,     d
Creator himself had prejudiced me in chromacy,           e
Dreams of painting vibrant having lost all valour,          c 
As literary gained power, hues became munificent,        d
Enriched in colors, now could be a pen's supremacy !    e

Written  on 5/5/14
Sponsor- Craig Cornish 
Contest- Miltonic sonnet


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Christmas Mass

Dear holy child, I celebrate your birth,
and wonder at the bright and shining star,
that leads to all the joy and peace on earth
we all look for, and it is where you are.

Yes I will light a candle in your name
on Christmas morning, when I'm all alone,
and say a prayer into the burning flame
to thank you for the gift too few have known.

You are my bright and shining star, you know,
throughout my life, in everything I do,
The gift of love is all I have,and so,
I wrap my love in candlelight for you,
       ©  ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa

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Does not the glow of Heaven call to mind
The tears of ev'ry mother in her plight?
Such beauty was the love he'd never find,
Perhaps to lead him on, through wrong or right.

And so, this Alter Boy, who loved to sing,
Swelled up her heart, and made her blue of eyes,
Much brighter than her chosen love could bring,
To guide her Alter Boy through truth or lies.

Always he'd feel his mother's tender glow.
Perhaps to make the wrong seem not so bad, 
And if she wept alone, he'd never know,
Because his mother's love is all he had.

And all the pain of knowing, truth, it dies,
changed not the color  of his Mother's eyes.
        © Ron Wilson 2012

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Undecided feeling

When autumn shakes the elder sister`s hand,
Old broken roof, the rain and snow at their date,
Just wait for undecided feeling to paint the land;
They cry and laugh and dance on almost frozen heart:
Two playful sparrows, like Gargantua and Pantranguel,
To sing for spring it is too late, but not too late for art.
A summer mild herald is brought by winds that try to smell
The recollections `flowers and the new icily ornament;
Survivors, shivering with cold, they dream the seasons`s ring;
Caught in the winter`s cage, the varnishing day`s content:
Tramps of hope, vagrant thoughts and a frozen wind still scaring:
Even in the snowmen`s world, as shinning as it once might be,
With white we`ll meet, with frost and a fairy indifferent like thee. 

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Sweet is that pain known as love

A sweet gaze set me on a daze Those eyes, they lift the grey haze One look from them and my heart revolts Hurt, pain, love, all set me up in jolts A sweet gaze with a sweet smile My heart sighs, where were you all this while? As peaceful they are, as those of the lambs With the sole effect of blushing with ahems! Deep, so deep, they rouse up a need That of diving in them at full speed What they reflect is your warmth To attract me they do, as light pulls the moth! A sweet gaze causes in me a sweet pain Love so sweet is never thrown down memory lane!

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Dearest Friend

Dearest Friend

My heart is so full of love 
I can hardly restrain myself
My heart bleeds upon the shelf
My dreams fly like the dove
White and pure from above
inside this dream I delve
And find no way to help myself
I will sacrifice my dreams
Our love was never meant to be
Your heart was never free
Our music cannot trenscend
She ever sings her song
Go to her my Dearest Friend
For this is where love belongs

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The lips that kissed these tiled floors
now split to cough out damp clay dust.
Gathered in excited lungs, to build and mold forever more
under thatched roof of ripped canvas. Must

the strings that hold your heart in tune
be plucked free to dance upon the unknown noise.
That rings from peach sky mornings to hushed afternoon
in the sparrows song. Like the toys

that teach creation, Paintbrush’s whispering tongue
kisses white with every stroke. Scream
forth in colorful kindling that rung
your secrets in the wind, leaving dry lungs to dream

for knowledge as it seeps from tree rings,
the life sap frozen in amber wings.

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Sonnet 32

I think I know of why the caged man sings,
Ballads beyond a broken heart of blue,
In chains of love singing to free his wings,
From hour to hour hymns heard by heavens hue.

Blue skies above him teased his teary eyes,
Worn out watching the wind with weary ways,
Inside of blue himself;  through love he cries,
Escaping hell through hymns dost his heart prays.

Deceived by life, he sings intimate death,
Though morbid blue, he breathes ballads that bless,
A love that never loved his precious breath,
Inside of flesh, enslaved by chains of flesh.

Forsaken by feelings that wish to fly,
So long a song unsung searching the sky.

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Allure of the Night

By the crystal eyes of the evenings stars
I am lured outdoors on this somber night
With ferver, I wish to the heavens, so far
That might grant me a miracle; turn a wrong to a right

The allure of the evening, has stirred up my dreams
Is it my flight into fantasy, or a frivolous scheme?
How silly, they say, to be lured by the fates
Superstition they claim, is the child's foolish state

Yet I stand in the dark, half sad, half proud
And call to the quiet, of celestial crowds
By allure of the night, the stars shining brighter
I make fervent wishes, and feel my heart lighten

And I know in my heart that the heavens, so far
Can mirror a miracle, turning my dark into light


In honor of Paula Swanson's Contest: "Allure of the lure of alluring"

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     On the celestial equator she sits.
     A splendor to the zodiacal constellation, she is due south.
As starry as he can be,  Ursa Major (The Big Dipper) is 
     her neighbor.
As her picture unfolds, a spike of grain she holds.

     Epithet is the Mother of God.
     Her spiritual bond sanctifies all.
Her tender love is shown,
as God so loved the world.

     An astrophysical being is a twilight of beauty.
So astral and metaphysical, she is truly beautiful.
Holding her offerings, she pauses.

     A pictorial of exquisite art this woman is.
In moral excellence, she resides ecliptic in the sky.
Virgo, the Virgin, is the most beautiful zodiac sign.
PENNED ON JULY 05, 2014!

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The Renaissance was started by brilliant men
who used the chisel, the brush and the pen...
painters decorated cathedrals and churches,
architects and sculptors embellished the squares
of Florence, of Rome, of Venice and Naples; 
poets like Dante created a new language
from the wide-spoken Latin and gained prestige,
and among these emerged women painters...
were they not appreciated as male artists,
were they merely looked down as artisans? Only a wealthy 
woman could be an artist to express her ideals freely.

Sofonisba Anguissola was the gentle soul of creativity
that kings and queens loved, not because of her nobility!

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Chrysalis Torn II

Pompous are the powerful from lofty height.
Far below and hid from sight, the masses quake.
A doe dazed, sheep grazed, much downtrodden fright,
lift head and heart for you, He’ll not forsake.

The wealth of hearth and home, love, honesty,
Within each grasp, if courage can but rise,
Gifted all, despite place in mortal hierarchy.
Rein the rabid wolf, with God’s law it vies.

Remove the blinders from your down turned eyes.
Raise your chin proudly to your own true Lord,
find heart and try, for freedom is the prize.
Arise, be bold, and cut the bloody cord.

Emerge to face the dawn, chrysalis torn,
lift from the cross of tyranny reborn.

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Fresh Grass Sonnet

I said that I would stay for evermore,
And shut my heart away where no one sees
But now I stand beside the open door
Here in the morning sun, to feel the breeze

With scents of flowers wafting down the hall.
And dancing motes of dust in sunbeams where
Their slanting fingers shine. I still recall
That far-off morning, and the scented air.
My heart escapes to where the birds still sing
But dreams no more of that which might have been.
I seek a future fate for time to bring
Fields of new-grown grass, fresh and emerald green.
Pastures new and painted with a different hue
Now with the world remade so bright and true

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Sonnet 36

'Tis beauty is, glory after the fall,
A soul that swam in sin now with the sun,
At war with Autumn's act, abused and all,
By love that left unto another one.

Leaves died and fell unto the heart of grass,
Burning thine soul and gifted chlorophyll.
Lovely a leaf that lied with lust at last,
Causing a fever that ones earth would feel.

Glory that God hath lifted seasons change,
To birth the life of breath into a tree.
As love would leave, new leaves would grow with-in,
Of beauty blossoming beyond debri.

A broken heart is like a fallen leaf,
Yet night born from unloved light rise from grief.

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No Greater Love

I have loved thee with a passionate heart,
Thy beauty hath left me more than breathless,
Thine eyes, thine eyes, a perfect work of art,
The deepest blue upon my soul impress,
A love for you that taketh me away.
Giveth me a key to open the door,
I shall hold thy heart, from it never stray,
And when my heart is empty, give thine more.

My love is yours forever and a day,
Oh, sweet maiden, only you I shall adore,
Tell me thy love will never cause dismay,
I shall guide my heart upon your soul’s shore.
What might I do love, what might be mine test,
To know that my heart beats inside thy breast?

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Seek to know why,
Trace a sure style;
Apt as a sigh,
Rest in sure smile;
Live in the light,
Ink steady write;
Grace makes things right,
Hurl words that cite;
Touch with kind thought.
Trust weaves appeal,
Rouse clever plot,
Amass fond feel;
Choose to be free,
Explore this sea.

Leon Enriquez
07 September 2014

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All of Days (Saraband Sonnet (Italian/Spanish combination)

If love is lost for evermore
my heart will surely fade to naught
and life will be an endless chore.

Tormented eyes that beauty sought
would pierce the air in anguished pain,
my love's unwritten song in vain
if you should leave my soul distraught.

Yet hidden in the azure skies
I feel your love return my gaze
and in my dreams invoke my sighs.

My heart is yours for all of days
through winter sun and darkest night
and in the ancient mystic ways
our love will stand in its own right.

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Cold Nights In Paris

COLD NIGHTS IN PARIS ( Monsieur L'vampyre)
There's never been another dark on earth
quite like the dark of Paris under snow,
where love, it comes and goes, for what it's worth,
and no demands are made, when time to go.

Where lovers slip into the hiding night,
oblivious to cold or freezing rain,
anticipating love, that surely might
warm up their lives for just a night, again.

And love's a little warmer, from the cold;
it makes two hearts to join and keep a beat;
and warms the lives of both the young and old,
who find their love with-in their body heat.

Though easy comes the love--they hold it dear,
without it cold is something they would fear.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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Ode to Nancy

In precious moments that I am with you
together sitting side by side we talk
my heart is glad to spend this time with you
as down the paths of memory we walk.

The little girls we were have long since grown
there is so much we've shared along the way
through joys and sorrows that we both have known
our laughter and our tears have paved the way.

Now we both have reached our middle years
as days unfold our future we will see
together we will face our joys and fears
our friendship will endure eternally.

I'm blessed to have this friendship dear and true
with all my heart you know that I love you.

This is dedicated to my dearest and closest friend
who I met when we were 8 years old.  For 38 years
this friendship has grown strong and beautiful.  
I love you, Nancy!

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Sorrow: A Sonnet

When with sorrow thy heart doth consume
and the world to thee is joyless hell,
forget thy suffering and thy gloom
and in happy mem'ries seek to dwell.
When heaven's sweet rays cease to shine
and thy heart weeps its bitter fate
and in thy sorrow, thou seeks to find
comfort, in a worthy mate
But when none are there to wipe thy tears,
or hold thee in affection's embrace
let not despair blight thy tender years,
and keep the smile upon thy anguish'd face!
Remember, death would upon thy wounds add
sorrow upon sorrow, no ending as sad!

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Negotiating's not part of our fame,
But bringing Death, and this we always will,
As certain as we have, throughout our game
Of Hide and Seek, and eager for the kill.

The crashing in of door, always our way,
Make no mistake, only the dead will know
What never comes to light of night or day,
Remaining part of where the dead will go.

Our aim is for the kill, destruction of
All things within the sight of this, the dare.
To anyone brought on by those in love,
Though innocent, we leave them dying there.

Don't look for understanding in our eyes
And we've no time for hearing truth or lies.
...............© ron wilson

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Only You . . .

Only you will know how to make my heart whole
Only you will know the spot just beneath my earlobe
I surrendered to you time and again
Yet only to you will I do it once again
Sultry sounds emanate from your each parched word 
Making sweet memories so completely in accord

Your lips brush past mine and cause me to quiver
Your hot breath on my nape makes me shiver
Only to you do I submit only to you do I respond
Only to you do I vent my untamed wants
Your very smile causes me to blush
Your sweet words taunts my crush

Only you will know how to make my heart whole
Only you can tap into my heartfilled soul

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With Roses I Come

With a basket of roses I will come
I will lay each petal at your sweet feet
Create a pathway into love’s retreat
Take my hand, will you walk with me, succumb.
Succumb to a love you have never known
As red as the rose, my heart beats for you
Give me a lifetime to prove my love true
Follow the petals to sit on your throne.

Will you be my queen, let me do your will
My heart will be only yours forever
It shall be yours until its beat is still
Forsaking you for another, never
With a basket of roses I will come
To be your servant in this endeavor.

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Sonnet: Always Love You

Sonnet: Always Love You

Each day I place my heart in my minds position,
I sit back as my soul begins to plea,
Stuck as I watch my emotions in a collision,
I always thought this was meant to be.

I do not think you realize the pain that I endure,
I have done right by you for many years,
You give me less I give you more,
Not a handkerchief could wash away these tears.  

Yet, despite your cold heart I have made up every excuse,
Because to you I vowed my love,
You are the one I choose,
I will accept your flaws thereof.

Even if you never see us as I do,
Forever I will always love you

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Emotion's song

**This is a little different from any sonnet I have wrote.  I normally write Shakespearean 
sonnets but I found one called Spenserian sonnet and wanted to try my hand at it!**

Vibrations pierce me straight through my core
  settling gently alongside my heart.
Awakening a burning yearning want of yore
  a craving unquenchable from the start.
The tears stream down--my eyes they smart!
  How music can touch a person I know not.
Floating aloft o'er my head as does a lark
  and the strums and the riffs they plot.
Upon the soul and mind the sound picks a spot
  nestles down into the thickest of thick,
The deepest deep recess where I am caught
  and chooses to lodge there--in the quick.
An invasion of my senses entirely welcomed.
Tasted on the tip of my tongue; notes envisioned.

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If I could gather for you, flowers fair,
the first of summer, slip them in your hair,
to light your face, the tremble of your smile,
how much in love I'd be at what is there.

If I could welcome May in all her bliss,
the window into summer's melting kiss,
I'd know the greatest joy, though for a while,
and die among the gods, for only this.

If I could open summer, and her pain,
each ray of sunlight fair, each drop of rain,
each courting dove, each flit of butterflies
each welcoming of death, that ends all pain.

If I could capture Beltaine at sunrise,
'twould shine much like the light there in your eyes...
© Ron Wilson aka Vee Bdosa
Si podría recolectar para usted, florece favorablemente, el primer
del verano, los deslizan en su pelo, para encenderse la cara, el
temblor de su sonrisa, cuánto en amor sería en cuál hay.

Si podría dar la bienvenida a mayo en toda su dicha, la ventana en el
beso que derrite del verano, sabría la alegría más grande, aunque
por un rato, y el dado entre los dioses, para solamente esto.

Si podría abrir verano, y su dolor, cada rayo de la feria de la luz
del sol, cada gota de la lluvia, cada paloma que corteja, cada
revoloteo de mariposas el cada dar la bienvenida de la muerte, que
termina todo el dolor.

Si podría capturar Beltaine en la salida del sol, ' brillo del twould
como la luz allí en sus ojos. 

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Comment of the verses commenting mine

I have happily walked through your poems`s spring:
And many times,a sensible heart sounded
Like a queen-violin;and many times,a king
Among the newest impetuous verse surely was crowned:
In the place with stalactites and stalagmites,the dreams` voice resounded;
And certainly yours keeps its face in the sunshine ready to be beyond the praise.
With air hands ,I touch the season white,with your name rebounded.
Unforgettable one in the lasting generous  heaven lays 
And the poets` realm with much honor you raise.
You know: the bits of heart ,the life`s syllogism disobeys;
Tender is the night in which,the candles are brought
For more light.To each I tell the same and especially to thee:
No sweetest rest,no pleasure work can be. 

(Especially to my first reader ,Peggy Bertrand this spontaneous attempt to fill 
these empty moments with myself and my gratitude.)

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Love dances

What a sweet cry into delusional love this may be,
Many say it is imaginary and yet I have seen it, I have felt it.
The poets’ heart within me had cried for such a love,
The love that cannot be held could not be faked.

So suddenly you swept me up in my dull life,
I could not help but be tamed.
From taming my wild heart you tamed the very soul I keep.
I knew I could never truly love another.
My very heart and soul was taken in your kiss,
Knowing I could never feel the same with any other.

A larks song could never sound as sweet as your love, as your voice,
The way it dances within my ear, one might think I was deaf to any other until now.
Your eyes, holding the only comfort I’ve ever been able to grasp,
The only stability, I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.
True love, the only thing I would ever bet my life upon, 
And the only thing I could fully give you in return.
-Micaiah Price

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Aye but my love for you full of wonder
Sighting your face, my heart full of thunder
Your skin feels like mine, more tender and thin
Your eyes my surprise, love journey begins
My mind deceives, what my senses behold
Each time I touch you, a story unfolds
Lightning strikes, expectations unforeseen
For you in the flesh outstripping my dreams

Strange it would seem, I see only your smile
As the words from your lips, journey a while
Mesmerized beauty, is all I can see
Anesthetized wonder, blinds like the bee
Joy in your presence confounding my style
Love it keeps pounding my heart like a child

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In darkness beams a shaft of tender light,
A dream foretold within a gypsy’s tent,
While she sat gazing on an open hand,
The gift of gods revealed in second sight,
And had she seen my heart was left unspent,
As she then told of the destiny planned.
Then into the cup, she began to stare,
And told the wonder that she saw in there.
How love and fortune lay within the night,
As in the crystal, she then cast her eye,
My hopes and dreams were bound in love’s first flight,
At last, no more my heart is born to cry,
I felt the joy that comes from pure delight,
As my dreams unfurled in a gypsy’s scry.

Fprm: Alfred Dorn Sonnet

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Remembrance Shall Soon Cease

I do not ask of your sympathy, For I am too far gone. I shall part to set you free, And allow you to move on. Your misery will come to end, Just let yourself forget. Your heart will soon begin to mend, But now my sun must set. It may be agony to remember, So lose me from your mind. Once a fire, now an ember, You'll search, and then will find. Though no longer do I live, To you, my heart I give.

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Secret Love

I long to tell you all I hold inside,
Hidden feelings yearning to be set free,
A lover’s need that cannot yet confide,
Can only dream of sweet ecstasy.
The budding rose that waits outside your door,
Declares a heart offers loving intent,
A bloom of red for beauty I adore,
If you should but bid such a sacrament.
 I can but dream of speaking out your name,
Within the joy of tender love’s embrace,
If only your heart would dare do the same,
As our lingering kisses interlace.
For such a kiss is a much sweeter wine,
Oh, love if only I could call you mine.

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Pursuing The Celtic Lass

Gi'me one taste o'Scot to wet me tongue
an' I be most obliged and do the reel
just dancin' wi'me lady, always young,
for whats a Scot wit'out some Scot to feel?

Her Celtic eyes could conquer anything
an' melt most any heart who looks 'er way
your blessed to find 'er heart in early spring
for that's when she's the most in love, they say.

In Scotland in the highland she's at'ome
and in 'er eyes,  as blue as mornin's light,
you'll need to die, no more to ever roam
an' she will blow the pipes for you a'night.

         Across the glen, down by the loch she goes
         a-pipin and a-singin songs she knows.

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Smile of Artemis (Spenserian sonnet)

At crescent moon I see Artemis smile
in eyes of blue; the laughing eyes of you.
I look at you and lose my heart awhile
as love reminds our souls we're one in two.
In you I know my dreams are coming true,
my senses lost within a flushing cheek,
the touch where lips have left a rosy hue,
my eyes have found the beauty that I seek.
And though your embrace leaves my heartbeat weak
the passion builds inside my aching soul,
and I can say the words I long to speak
to tell the world it's you who makes love whole.
O smile of Artemis, my heart disclose
my love revealed by one sweet midnight rose.

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All Along

In this house I sit all alone,
just wanting and wishing to go back home.
Home as in my wifes loving embrace,
planting kisses on her most beautiful face.

I still don't know how to move on in life,
knowing I no longer have you as my wife.
To move on feels wrong in so many ways,
so I just go on alone counting the days.

As the days get longer I feel my heart break more,
my body shutting down as I stare at the door.
Praying you walk in and this nightmare be done,
but I wake up to the bright morning sun.

My heart refuses to go on without you here,
remembering how our love was strong through the years.
My mind says move on but my heart says no,
It still can't believe that you had to go.

You did go and now I'm all alone down here,
crying to myself as I count fallin tear's.
My love for you will always be strong,
and please know I loved you deeply all along.

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Dense darkness leaves like scattered dreams;
Adjust to light in morning air;
Waves through a sieve in vivid themes;
New sight clears plight beyond compare.
Let us go now into this dawn;
Ignite an urge that flows with quest;
Grace bears endow this happy morn;
Heed brand new surge that flavours zest;
Touch the new day with oomph that shows.
Come let us go with profound joy;
One tact to play in precious flow;
Meet this fine glow with sure employ;
Enter and see life's arena;
See all we see: grand agenda!

Leon Enriquez
03 June 2014

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Earth Mother

Ode to the Earth, magnificent curved You 
green seas, fresh turn each day, warmed from afar
by a star, blazing her heart out, for You
Her rays penetrate the cosmos, with ease
heating Your sod, encouraging new life
You turn, epic, majestic, our Mother  
natural in all You do, gorgeous You
the Moon swells Your oceans, circulating  
liquified animation, deep blue sea
feathered flocks fill Your clouds, riding thermals
glorious happenings, land, water, skies 
the lucky few: limited time with You
evolution, birth, a wondrous gift
how do we tell our heart we must depart

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The morning light, that's blinding to the sight,
breaks through the clouds into the forest deep,
and wakens life from out of darkened night,
into the dawn of one more date to keep.

While life, the puzzle, opens to the dawn,
and makes a challenge of their daily bread,
my wonder is if they're depending on
the grace of God, or on mere chance, instead.

This raises thanks from my observing heart,
that we've the fare to set our table right,
and make a feast of what is just a part
of bounty that's come from our nations might.

       And from belief that Jesus is the way,
          the light and truth that leads the U.S.A.

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Glimpse beyond strain,
Open your ears.
Blooms that speak plain,
Echoes you hear;
Yes feel the pulse,
Open to sense;
Note bright impulse,
Dream a sure tense.
Embrace new sounds,
eXplore new lines;
Prime touch that grounds,
One truth defines;
Style moves the show,
Etch bright echoes.

Leon Enriquez
03 September 2014

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Ask me again,
Let me tell you:
Mind speaks in vain,
Observe the cues;
Sales talk promise:
Touch on empty.
Expound vain gist,
Messy story;
Paint on ugly,
Tension soaks stress;
Yes sincerely,
Note sad progress;
Offer to dwell,
Words fail to sell.

Leon Enriquez
10 October 2014

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Bit Coin

Planners hath much to quarrel and to quill,                        
Yet, not know their own eye or trailed hand,                                      
Doth quickly consume an unfathomed land.                            
Is it right to put ax to tree or ground to till?                                    
Nay ev'n hearing a next door neighbor's will?                               
Seeing not his son's labor thru a torrent land,                       
Fills sufficient stores, and hath more to demand.        (Reworked and shortened 5/14/2014)
Having, gets new glory and tells him nay to feel:                
Ev'n snow covered tops doth ask why choose                        
Logs without recall of the past weighted track;               
Felled cut timber, nay know where they're going      
To light;  Now, acorns hath much more to loose     
And doth value truest todays' sorrowed lack,                
Gives vast to man, more than morsel or bit coin.           

Miltonic Sonnet Contest
Via the contest sponsor's request,
Has a moral and/or social issue subject matter

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Fair Thee Well

Thy fair head is reminiscent of a freefall cascade
Thou art so lovely and undeniably a silent charade
Hark you imposter, thine dewy eyes fool me not
For your impetuous ways I have not easily forgot
Thine misty greys, thou art mine
Yet to no one you have signed
Delusions of grandeur fill up my heart
Yet alas the pain has yet to depart
Clandestinely we loved, through thy soft gentle serenades
Perish me, for my end dear heart continuously debates
Adieu I say, for my end is here my lot be taken
For it is I that your heart has callously forsaken!
Oh the pain it hath endured
T’was that I was better off forlorn

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Sonnet 15

As technology has progressed , bound leaps ,
within the nanny state , Man simply sleeps .
Replaced Automatic ; Manual Labour.
Solved by Machine mind's , Binary No more .
For synthetic constructs for your whim , creeps
pumping cheese-its into bulging wheeze heaps.

So keep That lard thru blood , spotless , can ignore
such irritations as ; Clearing the floor .

While Digital duty serves ; watch those beeps 
streaming 24/7 fiction keeps
sake in sight , forms pixel ; away those flaws 
by Avatar's dream , away life's true claws.

While around , leashed , the world quietly leaps ,
Attended by metal hands ; Left
	Man Sleeps....

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On A Detail In A François Boucher Painting

Poems ascend in luminous sapphire skies 
As prettily as any Boucher dove
In flight eternal.  The artist's strokes devise
Each beauteous form to represent great love.
How many shades of light, how many hues
Playfully linger on each feathery wing?
Such subtle shadows!  Gentle tones infuse
The senses, sweetly prompt the soul to sing.
Cherubs frolic, blissful, plump and pink,
Companions to each poem or lovely bird,
Painted in Master's oils, or pen and ink,
They celebrate that now their song is heard.
Once seen, once read, no one can rend asunder
These artefacts portraying Nature's wonder.

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Seize a loud choice,
Hurl a firm verse;
Outdo bold voice,
Urge flings words terse;
Tell in sure thrust.
Surge sensuous style;
Charm floods to crush,
Rush frees loud smiles;
Expound the way,
Alarm pimps boast;
Mime sparkles stray.
Opt bursting toast;
Use finds foul fire,
Trick burning pyre.

Leon Enriquez
30 September 2014

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A sonnet for Johnny

Your love is music to my soul,
It is more lovely than any 
melody that replays in my 
Notes fly through my heart that 
was once coal,
I was blind
Now I can clearly see since 
your rhythm set me free,
Soft wind hums through my 
As you sing to me,
Your soft voice drives away all 
my fears.
But love never lasts in one's life 
Pardon me as I lay down my 
While you walk a mile in pursuit 
of a heart breaking crime,
You played me like a card.
and I awllowed all of this pain
Never again will I play this 

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Shall I Compare Thee

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more stormy and less temperate.
Rough winds do shake our fragile bonds of May,
And summer's temper hath all too short a date.

Sometime too hot your sweat does shine,
And often is your beauty dimmed;
And every handsome man you do decline,
by chance, they leave chest hair untrimmed.

Part 2 Variation
Shall I compare thee to a winter’s day?
Thou art as stormy and as cold
And do leave me longing for May
And winter’s temper too long showed
Sometime too cold yours eyes shine GREY

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The throbbing of his heart, Translation of Carlos Bousono's sonnet: Los golpes de su corazon

The throbbing of his heart, Translation of carlos Bousono’s sonnet : Los golpes de su corazon

(According to the anthology editor, Alejandro D. Amusco, this sonnet with a different title first appeared in Bousono’s collection : Invasion de la Realidad, 1962, and this revised sonnet : « In its new form – the sense of the poem varies radically – it stops being a love poem to become (one of) an auto-elegy. » I admit it would be futile to keep to the rhyme scheme : abba, abba, cca, bba.  T. Wignesan)

I know the throbbing in your breast
has become scarce. Heart, slow down
your passionate movement
and make light the painful groans.

for this body where my feelings
concentrate all its love, where I feel
death at each ashen beat
of grave and oppressing repetitions.

Let sleep your heart, cross my casing
of death lowering into this dark soil
and there keep throbbing in all the senses.

Hark the strings ! Heart, slow down
your passionate movement
of your grave and oppressing repetitions.

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

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Lover lament

I cried & cried until my eyes, they dried, from my heart I cried in utter despair, Could not stop and I cried & cried, I cried till all was unsure and pain uncompare. It world through my eyes it seems so unclear, the whispering winds a sutle din, Feelings and emotions to me all queer. Poignant heart was filled with sorrow to the brim. I cried & cried until my eyes, they dried, sorrowed dirge it’s lament made me cry, I know not why but I cried & cried,for gone had she afar as I watched standing by. Now no more blue the sky seems to me, those chirps of the birds afar I hear, Black darkness looms whenever I see, a distance I have moved away from my dear. None to clasp my hand a tight, none to look forward to when I return home, None to cuddle me to make me feel all right, no one to keep me company ,bemoan! And now I am breathing a life a new, The pangs of sorrow ,they are still more to ebb, But there are moments in a day only like a few,solitary feelings plead go away I beg. But who will want to be a pained again, as time has passed I now seek to live, Don’t think have my strength regained, but have all my love I entreat to give.

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RETURN TO HELL - Monsieur L'Vampyre

Tonight love flies from where love never seems
to occupy, it comes from time somewhere,
and long ago, from emptiness of dreams
you've long forgot, but they are steaming there

deep in the night, from where I've spread my wings
and fly into your life in need of me
but be aware, sometimes my love it stings
upon your neck but sets your spirit free;

and then we fly through all of time and space
into the mist that's lifting cool and blue
back to the forests long burned by the race
straight to the heart of love that bothers you;

and you will love me like you've loved before
when you were someone else demanding more.

Take wing my love! There's naught your heart should fear
It's just like deja vu or times gone by
look deep into your death--love will appear
your love will never let your spirit die

and all are just as undead as I've been,
the only difference is you you come and go,
while dying as you have I've never seen
nor had the peace of mind the dead all know.

but love is constant in my life and heart
demanding blood be pumping through my vein
and when you feel my bite you'll be a part
of everything I've ever been, again.

Yes you have lived before and loved too well
and that's the price you pay to live in Hell.

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My swollen heart crumbles when I see you
Flakes gather in the pit of my stomach
Thoughts of you yesterday as I approach  
Mangle my mind, aftershock of things new
Needles niggle my brain, too bad, too true
I look at you and smile and all the time
“What if” scrambles through my mind. If I were
Honest? To speculate, to turn the screw!

Yesterday you smiled, chestnut eyes so bright
Incomprehensible, this lifeless thing
A consolation to my heart could sing?
I kiss your forehead, cold bone under skin
Today a corpse inside a box; begin
Anguish to endure, hold the head upright!

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                                                You are still in my heart 
                                            to forget many times I tried
                                  In front of my heart mirror many came and gone
                                       but still your image floats in my mind

                               My soft heart was drunk with your sight of nectar 
                         now I feel that I was not matured so felt me as your rector
                                   though was it dream still my heart remember
                                     what you were till reflects the same for me      

For contest: Sponsored by: Michael J. Falotico


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Yield words that tell,
Ask for fine face;
Rich art now dwells,
Now in good grace;
Trust heart to show,
Apt feel and form;
Love shapes a flow,
Etch a clear norm;
Aim just to be,
See cheer that signs;
Truth helps you see,
Opt wise align ;
Reap beauty here,
Yes start with cheer.

Leon Enriquez
28 September 2014

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I Love You, Death

           I LOVE YOU, DEATH
I love you death, and welcome all you're not;
no love, no hate, no failing and no gain,
no fighting for the things we haven't got
nor wondering about our latest pain.

Your mercy is a thing I surely bless
anticipating you, my only friend,
who brings conclusion to all wretchedness
the only one who knows us in the end.

So come you now as I help you along
you know you've tried to get me in the past
but now I know your timing is not wrong
and so I live and breath for you at last.

Your nothingness is what I hunger for
and in your end, I pray there's nothing more.
© ron wilson

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For You

~Take me,
Take me away from that Place.
Take me away from my Aches.
~Shake me,
Shake me awake from Reality.
Shake me awake from my Nightmares.
~Place my,
Place my memories back to Hell.
Place my memories back to the Cell.
~Hold me,
Hold me in a Forever Embrace.
Hold me in a Forever Place.
~Push me,
Push me back to Start.
Push me back to his Heart.
~Throw my,
Throw my heart Higher.
Throw my heart in a Fire.
~Put me,
Put me in your Arms.
Put me in your Heart.


(thank you for reading :) it really means a lot to me.. if you please dont mind commenting and rating :) thank so much)

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Through time and space, you've come and found me here,
at first I guessed that you were only dreams,
that come and go, so far away, yet near,
and in a time where nothings as it seems.

Too much of you fell on me from the start,
from out of night, where winds of love are blown,
deep in another time, as if a part,
of all I've ever been and ever known.

Deep in a candle flame, that burning sight,
I feel you near, across the universe,
and touch your love, bounced from a satellite,
and make of you my blessing and my curse.

No matter--you've become my love again,
from out of cyberspace, where you have been.
..............© ron wilson

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Hope is More than a Word

Hope is wonderful, it's a word I have come to appreciate
It appears in my life presently, hope knows I can wait
For in the coming months freedom will open my door
To a new life I'll lead and rid my past of sores

Music will be my capture, whilst my art will re-awake
To be more free in years to come, I need to for my sake
Whether I'll be alone in life, only time can tell
Inside my soul I'm reborn again to rid my saddened hell

To concerts I will go, many bands I have still to see
Buggles, Asia & Bryan Ferry, thrall their sounds in me
Maybe Queen will tour again, pasts efforts I should have made
Fingers crossed I won't be alone to share my Gigs cascade

Hope is a wonderful word it can open up future doors
To cross that threshold with open eyes, new horizons to explore

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Leaving Home

So many years have come and gone away, 
And now the time has come that I should leave; 
The sanctuary where I was to pray, 
The haven where my heart was free to grieve. 

I never had to front or fog the facts. 
It knew me as I knew myself to be, 
And as I wait to walk upon the tracks, 
I feel as though it's from myself I flee. 

Now it only houses me in sorrow, 
By misty memories of days long passed; 
Knowing I'll be on my own tomorrow, 
And wondering how long this pain will last. 

If home is where the heart is then I find, 
I'll have to leave my broken heart behind.

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Brush strokes paint angst:
Ink running out;
Tell on dry banks,
Touting vain shouts;
End game in sight,
Restless woes sling.
Dead to the light,
Ideas miss spring;
Alarm bells scream,
Leap out of dread;
Opt then sour cream,
Glance at the dead;
Urgent our woes,
Etch overflow!

Leon Enriquez
11 October 2014

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She watches from across a darkened street
And pain congeals behind her tawny eyes
She sees the one that he has come to meet
But none will see the silent tears she cries

Her heart belongs to him no matter what
She dreams he will return to her one day
Inside she knows her dreams will come to naught
For when she smiles he turns his face away

So many times she’s lingered here in vain
Her heart though tired and weary cannot rest
The crumbs he throws, she treasures, counts as gain
the hurt he deals she takes without protest

This man, whom she has loved all of her life
Will never now embrace her as a wife

For Olusequn’s contest ‘Betrayal’
18th January 2010

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Order the way charm comes to stay:
Yield happy choice here as you find;
Use what you sum in pulse that pays;
Mind steady poise, note sumptuous signs.
Claim a sweet spot ending with joy;
Heed what you need so true worth styles;
Ask and allot, enjoy fond ploys;
Explore fine feed to frame a smile;
eXplain the mood, appease the taste;
Proof shows true form, keep tasty treats;
Rise to warm goods, eat not in haste;
Enjoy each norm of all things sweet;
Succinct and grand, urge feasts fine fare;
Special food trends tabled with flair.

Leon Enriquez
24 July 2014

(Note: The word  "Yum Cha"** is of Chinese
origin and means Drink Tea. 

This poem is an Acrostic Sonnet with two
acrostic messages. Decipher what they
mean. Enjoy!)

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Aflight In The Hale Bob

The puzzle comes apart deep in the sky;
calls nothing that is concrete to the mind;
as far as we can tell and meets the eye
the reason for the tail's not ours to find.

We stand confused, and only guess at why
the wonder of it all has stilled our voice
did David Korish ever really die?
and is it all worked out, with little choice?

Mount Carmel but a coming of an age
the catostrophic ending of mistake,
what hope is there to ever quell the rage
appeassing what is wrong, for honors sake?

      Is there a sign that's ever flown the sky
       or is it just a dream where-in we die?
        ©  ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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In the emeralds glad luminous scene

Neither this lovers` star with pale beam,
Nor your pensive mood, can bring a day,
In which the burning wave will clean the stream,
Or lead the sheep and clouds to change the gray.
However, the grass will see beyond the placid night,
And honest eyes to honest eyes will find serene nest 
And many fir trees will bring forgotten tender light.
In the forest, changing leaves in colors` flight to rest:
In the air lost, tired green with fire rain will undergo,
And gather clouds in their way towards another sphere;
But who is the wild hunter in his running the innocent roe?
Can they cross together through the spring of sorrow, here?

While the fir tree can happily reach his winter serene,
The poet dreams in the emeralds` glad luminous scene.

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Fond as fine can be,
Etch succinct align;
Embrace mystery,
Live that clear design.
Reach a deeper stay,
Allow clarity;
Prime a better way,
Thrill in sure beauty;
Unleash pure finesse,
Recall a sure light;
Endow a bold jazz.
Note that sacred sight;
Observe a glimpse clear,
Words confront arrears.

Leon Enriquez
17 September 2014

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Reckless Abandon

On the deserted beach, underneath the moonlight,

That was where we kissed, I fell in love that night.

It wasn't just the summer heat that caused my heart to melt.

This steamy summer love was like nothing I'd ever felt.

The brightness of your eyes caused my heart to swell.

On that deserted beach is surely where I fell.

The touch of your hands set my soul to ignite.

I never felt like this before, a feeling I couldn't fight.

With reckless abandon we joined there on the beach.

With the stars shining down, heaven did we reach.

Wild and passionate we were throughout the night.

Still wrapped in each others arms to greet the morning light.

Our hearts, our lips , our souls were one.

The heights we reached will compare with none.

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Cherry Blossoms- Yoshino Sakura

Your beauty and delicate nature, indeed we cannot deny
Yet having such a short life span, you somehow eventually die
Like the transient nature of mist and clouds, you superbly reappear
Then breathtakingly take your time to freshen up the air

A majestic symbol of power, knowledge and spiritual pulchritude
Celebrated blossoms attained in Spring you've magnificently exude
You evoke an artistic comparison through your bright ruddy hue
And in the night when we're asleep your petals the skies bedew

Your flowers are nearly pure white, and tinged with the palest pink, 
Without hesitation you shrivel and fall before I could even blink 
Your spiritual and cultural significance is never an incomplete
Accompanied by your long weeping branches are flowers so very petite

So stunning and stupendously, you lay about the trees
And even when you've carpeted the ground, your beauty never cease


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         THE RESTING
Our death of soul steals slowly through the years
the fog of mind that's never known to be;
brought on by laughter, love, and hate and tears
the fate of all no one can ever see.

It brings the withering of life, and all its leaves,
once green and shining in the morning sun,
now setting on it all, in evening grieves
for lack of interest in what life has done.

Compassion leaves the mind, once fired and prime
and old and tired now beats the heart we knew
life now mundaned by passing of all time,
there's little left the heart would like to do.

     Old one, you're numbered to your final breath.
      Your rest is not until it's done in death.

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As a Day Passes

As Days Passes 
On my way home after doing battle with Portuguese
bureaucracy which is something out of Kafka where
laws oppose another and a simple process can go 
on for twenty year; there was a halt in the traffic.
 A funeral procession, somber faces, dark suits and
white blouses under summer sun. And when traffic
    resumed people were driving slower than usual. 
     Thought of the notable scientist who claimed that 
    there was life after death. Of course he was vilified 
    by other scientist as they are trained not to believe 
    in what cannot be proven  I´m cynical too his assertion 
    but have lived long enough not to depreciate 
    anyone´s opinions, only for the curious reason that 
    the kingdom of souls must be a crowded place. 

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At First Glance

Contented! My life was perfectly fine.
Unaware - I did not know I needed
Anyone till my eyes met yours, divine;
My unsuspecting heart torn, stampeded,
Beset by tantalizing emotion.
The room - you on one side, me the other -
Unsettled in this reeling commotion,
Taunted, I feel claustrophobic, smothered.
My heart - set ablaze by love. She whose calm
Was undisturbable is shaken now.
Approach I must, your eyes are gentle balm,
Their light calling beneath your kingly brow.

I start your way, you turn t'ward me. I bow
Before your throne...who was content...till now.

July 7,2014

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Yield to soul's touch in ample sway;
Offer to be the best you can;
Use play as such to sparkle day;
Rest in beauty as truth frames span.
Juggle with time as demands pitch;
Opt to be clear as crystal bright;
Unfurl bold rhymes that echo reach;
Rise above fear as faith puts right;
Notice the swing that arcs and moves;
Embrace a tact that feels of cheer;
Yet dare to fling as courage grooves.
Note your own pact that you draw here;
Ordain your own path to the light;
Work and be known for words give sight.

Leon Enriquez
30 May 2014

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Honouring Shakespeare

A sonnet for the sonnet man Shakespeare, my heart you do tend In between your lines, so true I can feel my own depth, so blue! Your verses give me heavy sommersaults That Dark Lady must have jumped in volts A lover like you, the revolving world knows not Pure and eternal, your words inspire me a lot! With your sonnets, I fly on the love plane For your true love, can never be taken as plain! Blissful and delightful, you make me smile plentiful As I am not the only one with a sensibility so artful! A tribute to the one I call the Eternal Lover To laugh and love I wish to as your apogeal another!

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Fluttering Heart

I'm a Hummingbird whose fast wings flutter
As does heart, whirring sound draws attention
Darting gather food faster than shutter
Have to feed my young my comprehension

So fast they have grown my hopeful heart filled
Now they're on their own all my dreams finished
Fluttering heart can slow now dreams rebuild
A weak heart dreams again undiminished

Life's door opens as the nest was open
I had to close the gap, guard, protect young
Now responsibility falls sharpened
By previous ancestors' stories sung

To a new generation of hopeful hearts
How fast they will grow soon fulfilling parts

Sponsor: Francine Roberts
Contest: 3 forms, 3 themes
Theme: Hopeful Heart
Form: Sonnet
Date written:May 31, 2012

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commissum - sonnet

my love, into thy hands I trust my heart,
for you to keep it safe, away from tears,
until the day when we shall be apart,
when we'll be free from any earthly fears.
I hereby pray thy hands to hold it well
and not to let it fall from heavens nest,
where, since I’ve met thee, secretly found dwell
and in a perfect harmony doth rest.
so please, my lord, enthrall me with thy touch,
and let my heart enjoy your loving sight,
for never have I loved a man so much
as to confide him with my soul each night...
and if I were to live my life anew,
again I would entrust my heart to you...

commissum (lat.) – that which is entrusted

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the art of poetry

The art of Poetry 

I often read poetry on the internet because 
from time to time, someone utterly unknown 
and might remain so, produces a pearl.
Words that resonate like Tibetan bells in my 
heart, they tell of love and humanity what
bind us together and transcend religion, creed
and race. And I think if I only once could 
express this, just once, I would have donated
to the world something of lasting value.

I´m a pedestrian poet, a man of the everyday,
the none event of a shopkeepers daily life,
the plane falling down from the sky, the dream
that got lost, drowning seamen, in bitter seas.
The nameless in the ocean of life that will for 
eternity be forgotten, yet dreamt like I do.    

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Threadbare Heart

A weary soldier's splintered heart can feel
a cracked, disheveled beat of piercing pain
Midnight madness clutches cold, claw like steel
Distraught hands caress phantoms in the rain

A burst of blue clamors in secret calls
Upon peach skin pulled taut, sit naked eyes
burning with intensity a broken heart falls
Crumbled plaster, an unmasked image cries

Morning rainbow etches, colored in your lines
Shimmered stars uncounted, a silver hue
A roguish tempt…. enticing light that shines
Ah, how this torn and tattered mass just begs for you

Dark and light combine as these two worlds collide
Oh purple passions bruised beat pounds inside

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I stand before you, judged, a sinner be
relinquishing all rights, I might have had,
but pray thee quick, to judge the soul of me
then lay to rest--the sins that drive me mad.

I seek forgiveness, that's all of my plea,
for all I've been in life, as having fun,
and all the hurt--that's been--because of me
I pray put in the past, as if there's none.

I ask your guidance, on my bended knee
protect my days ahead, if there are some
and never let mine eyes again to see
the lust of life from where all sin has come.

   And Jesus, give me wisdom, now to be
   your servant who's been saved--forever free!
© ron wilson

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My Sonnet

Shall I compare thee to a Winter's day?
Skin art more cold and pale,
Her mind races, as it becomes a snowy storm,
Eyes filled with fear, heart filled with pain,
Winter calls for long sleeves, to hide the scars of yesterday,
She knows not how to love and be loved in return,
Neglected by mother and father,
With nothing or no one left,
Shes beginning to think her life is worthless,
Cutting both of her arms as she walks outside,
To die in the snow where she feels most invisible,
Her parents cry out "Why"?
She thought to herself no more blood, sweat, and tears,
No more heart filled with pain, No more eyes filled with fears.

...written in my English class today after reading sonnet 18, I guess its ok.

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Truly Me

		Misery me, thoughtless he
            shattered thoughts savage free
            my life shaking as a ship at sea
            silently calling all the powers that be
            then understanding comes to my heart
            I know we will never truly be apart
            for life and death are as one
            as the moon which gives life to sun
            I now stand and wait for you
            our days together so brief and few
            where did thou go
            sadness to my heart bestow
            I love you always more than
            thou could ever know.
            shattered thoughts savage free
            my life shaking as a ship at sea
            silently calling all the powers that be
            then understanding comes to my heart
            I know we will never truly be apart
            for life and death are as one
            as the moon which gives life to sun
            I now stand and wait for you
            our days together so brief and few
            where did thou go
            sadness to my heart bestow
            I love you always more than
            thou could ever know.

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The grace of all He is be with us all,
as surely as the end, the promised love,
comes quickly as a thief, to bring the fall
of what the world's become, and dying of.

Behold how quickly comes, from Alpha's flame;
as naught can end unless it has begun;
the light of one who's called a holy name,
'twill light Jerusalem without the sun.

These words were said--to write--Omega's near.
And all who can will find the narrow way,
as prophesied for all the world to hear,
and then the bride says, come, this is your day.

Those hearing then, will come, from near and far,
to David's own, the bright and morning star.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa

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So stirs the heart of man, the great delight,
   to raise a banner high, the march of fate;
to lead the way, where only dark of night,
   might find a way to quench the thirst for hate;   
and lessor men will follow any call,
   of self appointed leaders of the day, 
the good, the bad, the dead, but butchers all,   
   one crowned in might, the other in decay!

To follow is the way, if wrong or right,
    determined by the one who stands at last,
we hold this  judgement, as if heaven might
    just comprehend the end that binds us fast.

      and when we see it come around once more,
      all wonder is what leads us on to war???
 ron wilson (aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet)

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Sonnet 1

Love taketh my heart and soul
    it recaptured my trust
never again shall I stand sole
    for your love, is lust
I learned not to love
   Thy heart cast melancholy melodies inside
Thy love is love that is only loved by the man above
   For love isn't a vied
My heart seems to haste
   yet I suffered
Unquestionably your love can be replaced
   When love comes to push and shove, I defer
As lies come across my ears
   As much as my pulverized heart been through
I learned to put off love as it corker, belittlement, and depressed me for years
   Thy heart day by day grew

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Lost Love

The words of a heart felt letter "I love you I didn’t do it", fading into ashes.
The flames of the hostile words "I know you did it, admit it slut" devouring and edging the pain.
I stand, broken in shattered bits, my heart washed away by the rain.
Words of love actions of hate, "Drew don’t you see that it clashes?"
It is done it is over, turn by turn a wave of relief then despair over me crashes.
Mine, yours, ours, words of love, amore’ it is now my bane.
This heart of mine traveling a one way street in reverse, in the wrong lane.
Togetherness taken for granted in its death throes our relationship thrashes.
The wrath within loosed on a dying soul.
Eternity of blackness snuffs out loves last flicker.
This barrage is not you speaking but the words of your mistress Meth.
Venom of anger and distrust conjured by your other love has taken its toll.
Seething eyes burn me, his stinging tongue whips me with one last snicker.
My affection crumpled my heart empty, descending, and falling, fading, death.
                                                                                                           Summer Gratias

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In meeting all demands fate throws my way,
I sometimes wonder just what's coming next.
So many complications come each day,
that make my life a little more complexed.

I know God gives me strength to carry on,
whenever I but ask, He's always there.
Just when I think all hope is surely gone,
somehow I always find more hope somewhere

that sees me through the very darkest night,
and opens up my eyes so I might see,
and all I need to make my wrong go right,
is just accepting what He's given me.

        He always gives my life a little more
           of all the things I'm never praying for.
                      © ron wilson

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The day we die is peace to what's the soul
to fly into and through the dark of space
We join the love of God-- death is our goal,
into the light of Him and His embrace;

But as we go, one part we leave behind
'tis physical, and what we think's the end;
and buried in the heap, if we've the mind,
or burned and scatterred to the blowing wind!

Them bones that dry won't stand the test of time;
and if there's thought to be a bit of gold;
the search is on, through earthly grist and grime
to dig us up, so that our tale is told!

The curse of time is on the diggers head;
With little thought they make love to the dead.
© ron wilson ©

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Romantic Drama

Within love burns a desirous, amber flame,
It burns beyond the grasp of our control,
The passion pyre on which lovers enrol,
And first kisses seem just a parlour game.
Such sweet sensation as lips then proclaim,
What lies beneath a heart and leads the soul,
Romantic drama unfolds on love’s scroll,
In vibrant words that dare utter her name
Without mere thought. And yet, her name surrounds
The feelings that toss and turn so deep within,
So deep inside it must be known as sin,
While pleadings yearn and strain to feel much more,
Like anger it steams against a rising tide,
Whilst yielding where surreal senses collide,
A heart then claims not to love but adore.

Form: French Sonnet

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When all the sand's run out for yesterday
and here you stand reflecting on it all,
no matter what you do, or what you say
you'll never change the way time has to fall;

the sand's been piled onto the waiting floor,
announcing time's run out, as you can see,
all hopes and dreams now fade, to be no more,
as if the way it's piled is meant to be;

all Heaven knows you've done the best you could
to shape tomorrow as you'd want today,
but somehow things don't go just as they should
and sands of time don't always fall your way.

The best we'll ever do is turn the stand
and hope again our time goes as we've planned.
.................© ron wilson

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Is God Partial

God, Supreme Being known to all.
His existence years before man's invention.
The church says He is a Lord of perfection.
When you walk through darkness and Him you call, 
Faster than a gunshot, He hears your calls.
Fierce as a lion, God is feared by all nations, 
For His speech alone can cause destruction.
Why art Thou give not to man power for all? 

Why art Thou took a rib from man, 
And made her, woman more beautiful? 
Why art Thou give some wealth and power not to farm, 
And many poor, and for the rich they work so dutiful? 
Human being and spirit being have not equal ear.
When answers will come, I still will be here.

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Serial Monogamy - Sonnet

Serial monogamy carefree, refined and clever,
Feeds the famished heart with tenderness and delight,
Love adrift with charm and passion to endeavor,
Music plays like mist in dark and thunderous nights.

Lush romance to delicate women appeal,
My comforts pursued with no lament.
In festivals of levity my waning heart was sealed,
Perfume arose in veils as I contemplated the scent.

The dawn arose with auburn hair, a scholar she revealed,
Deep within passion and beauty, soon we vowed a pact.
Yet, others were to stagger in, the cheating unconcealed,
Love was lost as she ascends the stars, a dark and deadening fact.
	The Grey morning fog hid the gun in my hand, 
	One shot to my chest and I'll die, bloody in the sand.

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To sit down and write
my thoughts ,on vellum recite,
until the form becomes right;
To look and listen and to see,
watch,quiet,and to be
a sponge absorbed ,by me;
The let these feelings outwards fly,
unfettered poetic dreams as
white clouds upon a summer sky;
To touch another with my thought,
whereby this infection is caught
and does not on paper ,abort.

Then will this idea live on
in other hearts,after I've gone.

Brian Strand

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Trust truth to shape the path you walk;
Wealth comes to call if you but hear;
Ingest fine grape as liquor talks;
Nurture not stall the journey here.
Feel with sure heart where treasures dwell;
Live with good sense the light that shines;
Aim for grand start to cast your spell;
Make ease edge tense in buzzy lines;
Each soul finds grace in subtle flight;
Soar to great heights in sensuous play;
Meet wondrous face where wisdom lights;
Embrace the sight beyond mere sway;
Explore this earth's allusive feel;
Thrill birth to birth with mystic deals.

Leon Enriquez
06 July 2014

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She brought the lunar spell, at midnight's glow,
upon herself to rid the love she felt;
in all her grief, she wanted him to know
she didn't care, although he'd seen her melt;

he'd taken his desire, all he could want
unmeasured love that flowed as free as sin,
all fresh and cool as any mountain font,
until her soul was drained and stretched too thin;

unshackled from her past and in a daze,
she yielded to his hand that searched her out,
well knowing of his vile and vagrant ways,
but hungering for what he was about;

unmercifully his enigmatic style
brought to her mind the reasons life can smile;

how she did love his probing fingertips,
to places never known by anyone,
the violence in his sealing of her lips
that stopped the heart her life depended on;

but what she gave was more than he could bear,
and his own heart gave in to death's embrace
just as the coming of his soul was there
he died, and with a smile upon his face.

Right then she knew, he'd always plague her mind
unless the gods would rid his memory;
and though she'd search, she knew she'd never find
another man that made her love as he.

And so the lunar madness her soul breathed
was brought on by the spell of love bequeathed.

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sonnet too

I touched upon a dream perfectly chorographic 
as a ballet troupe of sardines avoiding predators.
A dance where no one applauds and everyone 
is a loser, sad except for the mysterious beauty
 of shimmering silver in a bottle- green ocean. 

I touched upon a dream sparkling as fizzy wine
bobbles clung to cool glass disappearing with 
plop- a momentarily rush of happiness- murmour 
of voices; then the wine was still, yet for a second
the of mysterious wonder is remembered.  

I touched upon a dream cold as a winter forest,
blue, frosty mist wrapped around trees; layers 
of snow on the lake of recollection, but one day
a mysterious flash; and all will be remembered.  

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I'm Sorry

Dedicated to my best friend; I'm sorry Laura. May we never have a fallout again... 


My deepest apologies my dearest friend,
I hope we are on the mend.
I never meant the words I said,
And to lose you would render my heart dead.

It was all in pain when anger rose,
And every day my guilt grows.
Sorrow clouds my spirit,
Accusations it whispers, I can hear it.

From shallow dreams and haunting nightmare I wake,
I’m afraid I cannot fix this mistake.
Oh can you forgive me,
Or is our friendship not to be?

My heart lurches for the pain I caused you,
My best friend, to make this right again I’ll do what I have to…

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Come go with me into the stormy night
where no one thinks to look for love at all,
but when you see my dark, you know it's right
our total love's about to make its call.

Come lay with me as thunder fills the air
and closes out the past, with all the pain,
then lightning spreads its fingers ev'rywhere
onto the dark--and then--the pouring rain

brings peace to mind, and sooths your crying heart,
as close I come, with searching finger tips
then find the spot--upon your neck--and start
to sink my love through heated, trembling lips.

  I set my teeth to do what I must do--
  to sip your love out from the soul of you.
© ron wilson aka vee  bdosa

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Magic moments meet in surge of fine treats;
Yearning and feeling fund happy delight.
Ideas bloom and greet in dash of fine hits;
Now hurls forth being as becoming sights;
Vistas of wonder bring enchanted feel;
Images bring joy as grandeur floods space;
Time to just wander with zesty appeal;
Appoint sure employ to bridge time and place;
Trust measures outcome with profound clear thought;
Impact follows dream in new light that shines;
Order aligns sum in sound play and plot;
Next comes the brave scheme to fashion new lines;
Art wears a firm voice to hoist and create;
Life dares a brisk poise to flood form and fate.

Leon Enriquez
08 June 2014

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Flying High (Interlocking Maylasian sonnet)

My love, we're flying high above the night
and through unguarded silver beams of light
on crimson wings that make no earthly sound
we are to love as dragons are to flight.

On crimson wings that make no earthly sound
we're free to dance when feet ne'er touch the ground
as dreams dissolve behind a moonlit mist
the sweetest dragon's heart beat can be found.

As dreams dissolve behind a moonlit mist
the stars reflect upon our lovers' tryst; 
revealed in mystic tales I know are true
the only truth and reason I exist.

Revealed in mystic tales I know are true,
the dragon deep inside my heart is you.

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Dreams in the Moon (Arabian sonnet)

While cherry trees are blooming scented pink
a poet sits beneath the boughs to think,
of words and passion poured into the ink
as love and lust empower souls to drink.

The vibrant rose damask against the sky,
her petals blushed and I alone know why,
when touched by lover's wayward butterfly
she gently kissed the night with passion's sigh.

The poet tastes her kiss on moonlight's air
and in a moment sets the heart to dare
reveal my love; perhaps embrace her there.

If whispered words can touch the springtide breeze,
and bring my lover's dearest heart some ease
while I, a poet, think beneath the trees.

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Apt as sure heart the pact that stays;
Give mind new sight to see the light;
Now ushers start in fragile play;
Observe your plight through deep dark night;
Seek to fund choice in what inspires;
Truth has a way to show you how;
Ignite your poise with inner fire;
Charm heals your stay with sure endow.
Apply your feel to passage clear;
Notice the way you heed a hint;
Touch comes to heal with glow and cheer;
Hoist precious say that glimpses tint;
Expect faith here in simple terms;
Meet message clear as trust flings germ.

Leon Enriquez
06 June 2014

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Sonnet 1

Forswear thy vows and comfort of his frown
Put sleep thou spouse, and silently arrive
Thou cometh to me in thy night and gown
Thy leg be bare, thy heart be much alive

Conceive the ravens feathers on the dove
Let not a guilt be governed by the mind
When heart and soul believe this lust be love
As fate has not the power to rewind

For if to be a bride of much despair
The rain shall clap its hands upon thy eyes
And in return, imaginative fair
The dirt be mud, and despair my demise

If thy smile reflects not on my window
Let fate be death, and smile as my widow

Johnny Sumler 2007

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On the Silent Breeze

Oh gentle soul that speaks romance
Who whispers on the silent breeze
Thy witterings bring my heart’s ease
Pray sing to me and make me dance
Dear gentle love that speaks romance
A softened bow upon violin
Thy desire is where I begin
Again pray sing my heart its dance
Dearest queen of my heart’s romance
As thou draws close and holds me near
Thou art the love I shall not fear
Pray sweetly sing my heart its dance
Oh gentle soul that speaks romance
Pray sing to me and make me dance

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Thou should open your ear
Understand the unique nature
thou destroy and murder
Thou shall make and mother

Thy brother, thou kill
Shall thou occupy his place?
Even when thou think so
Yet a lacuna thou leave

Some that can only 
Be filled and staff by him
Yet one day thou shall follow
Creating more lacuna without value

Anything you do in his place
Shall be declared null and void by nature

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Invite fond wit,
Note how things go;
Charm us a bit,
Opt to prime flow;
Notice the cues,
Voice paints the sketch;
Explore true you,
Rise to the catch;
See what turns on,
Ask just to show;
Terms sift beyond,
Insights that glow;
On and on hear,
Notions hurl near.

Leon Enriquez
11 October 2014

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Francine's sonnet

Francine's sonnet

Enforced i am by time , 
watch them from a distance. 
Enslaved memory sublime,
perhaps i need assistance.  

Very sad the what if part,
some must go an some  stay.
The breaking of  lovely heart,
hurting when they go away. 

Francine knows heart throb flows,
little heart does flutter.
Don’t let him come too close,
His name she cannot utter.

Heart frozen like the butter,
when he begins to stutter.

Don Johnson 11-June-11

for Francine's Sonnet contest

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l'amour reste

if only you could see the bare sun rise
you would see the rays of the horizon
like beauty expressed through your lover's eyes
taking you back to the way it has been

the light will shine through as i watch you sleep
caressing your skin with such graceful ease
nothing else, it's your heart i wish to keep
can you see , without you , my heart , it bleeds

i will keep you close and so dear to me
i will not let you go without a fight 
i can not let you go so easily
i need you here to hold me through the night

i love you so much and it's not a lie
it's true; more than all the stars in the sky

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Desirous Streams

Those nights disturbed by dreams of passion’s touch,
Her lips the rose inspiring gentle sighs,
That break the fear my heart demands too much.
The essence of her breast wears no disguise,
As pulses echo in love’s tender kiss,
In this desire there is no compromise.
Should darker fears then create an abyss,
Denying senses the wonder of dreams, 
Can one simple touch save a soul from this?
For love is blessed by the moon’s silver beams,
When lovers seek the beauty found amid
The joining of souls in desirous streams.
Those nights disturbed by dreams of passion’s touch,
That break the fear my heart demands too much.

Form: Terza Rima Sonnet

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       YOUR LOVE
If all I'd had for you was just one kiss,
...then surely love would not have come our way.
But holding on, and wanting more than this,
...we found a dream had come around to stay.
Now, all I am, is what you've made of me,
...throughout the years in ev'rything we dare;
whatever comes--comes much more easily;
...because I know you're with me ev'rywhere.
And as the finest wine, our love has yet know perfection--I keep this in mind,
as passing time has brought me no regret,
...and old is something I may never find, long as I've still got one memory,
.............of all the things your love has meant to me.
                   ©  ron wilson

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The Heart of a Poet

The heart of  the poet bleeds words of  the conscious  
Strung like beads  into a design that is precious
A collaboration of the senses and the mind
To the poet heart. the two are entwined
When the mind begins to see,  touch or hear
A feeling  may provoke a heartfelt tear
The poet heart may strike a unsettling chord 
With the thrust of  word-filled sword
Into the core of the one who may read
And begins to sprout a poignant seed
In a heart that that was living blind
Or unsuspectingly to remind
Of the memory of a time long past
The reason why the poet heart’s words are cast

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I Know You Love Me "Just Because"

This heart that beats within my chest
That skips a beat I can attest
Does flips each time that you arrive
Express love, devotion it needs to thrive

I know you love me “Just Because”
And my beating heart has no recourse
But to share sweet sentiments from your heart
Revealing love found from the start

I wait to hear your voice through the wire
You wave your wand and we are higher
Wrapped warm in each others’ arms
Exploring all our loving charms

This Valentine’s Day, our very first
My love I give you, my heart now rests

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Harsh tunes of blending sorrows
Bursts from my heart with delirious bellows
Oh! Pray I shan't be turned out
When to God, my heart I open in and out.
For I have seen the other coin in pain
And returned and desire with the world to be twain.

What groove I moved to be tested and proved
By those who my heart later reproved
And the heavy weight I pulled
When vigorously the lead of sin I dragged.

Oh! That thou wouldst forgive
And grant me that which I cannot achieve
Salvation, the greatest freedom from the world
Even as I heed and obey your Word.

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Outline a way, outline a mood;
Nurture the feel, nurture the urge;
Dance well each day, dance well each good;
Embrace and heal, embrace and surge;
Sense beyond stuff, sense beyond things;
Invest pure heart, invest pure mind;
Gain sure enough, gain bright knowing,
Notice grand start, notice sure find;
Motive comes first, motive holds fast;
Observe a craft, observe a fit;
Time bears all thirst, time moves till last,
Inscribe strong draft, inscribe wise wit;
Fund happy will, fund actual ploy;
Sense zest that fills, sense charm that toys.

Leon Enriquez
05 August 2014

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A Heart Despises

Fingers link as we lay beneath the stars
Eyes lock the lips lock, hearts beat as one tool,
Beating to keep us alive, heal these scars
or to impose this love upon a fool.
Pain in its worse form- tears glide down your cheek.
Your heart has manipulated your mind
But its beauty leaves me no words to speak
Believing there’s no other love to find.
Blood running rushing pushing through our veins
Our heart mocks us because we give no praise
and so it serves sorrow and feeds us pains
Why do we love? A question I can’t raise.
Come , love lay heavily on my chest.
 Make this foolish girl just like all the rest.

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Much simpler was the world in black and white,
so easy on the mind, as on the eye.
Most ev'rything was wrong, or it was right,
and no one cared so much about the why.

It was a time when one room country schools
turned out the very brightest of the stars,
but somewhere we got lost among the rules,
and left our world for fast and fancy cars.

We made our lives out of new Kolorchromes,
and raised the pace to near the speed of sound,
we burned our bridges when we left our homes,
so now there's not a home left to be found.

I'd love to see your smile in black and white,
not wondering if love is wrong or right.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa

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A waken dream

Sweet colors of skys will die
Little girl close your eyes and you will fly
Candy drops of tears will fall
Holding onto promises that no longer excist
Dreams of a dream that happiness is real
Mamma see's your sad eyes, wondering what took the glitter away
Wishing out the fire on the last candle
Wishing to see a new night
Pink,blue,yellow,green balloons I hold
Watching them slip through my fingers forever
Feeling the pain break you apart inside
Believing that the pain is the only memory
Dont let the burning of sunder mark you
A drip of strawberry poison will weaken the pain
Hush Hush the lip's of memory's
And dance till the sun bleed's the last drop

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Sonnet 6

Now ... tell me the truth at 80 spaces .
Oh yes monthly at no extracted cost ,
trumpet swans announcing "All-New" "Chases"
... Gameshow w-/ only purpose " Just stay lost".
scratch that ... start at the count ... three Faces.
flicker on screen , once more , spider webbed frost.
Pulse of cheekbone ; paper Artic traces ...
Hailing to the Fanatic's RoseArm crossed.

	... Why just imagine , All times // All places ...
Daydream reality clearly embossed 
by Our pristine chords reading "All's Debased" ...
Job to do ... hands join ... Avert as off tossed 
I may stain ... lip gloss ... gulp of life wasted.

All Presents, Our Situation Hostage .

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Rencontrez-moi ici encore

it seems like moments ago you loved me
and now as our love changes like the wind
one day soon i hope you will clearly see
alone without you my heart will not mend

every day seems to go by slower now
taken in now by my own solitude
and without you here, i just don't know how
always with my heart and my head, i fued

even as the sun sets on a black sky
your graceful beauty outshines all the black
for me that is heaven, away i fly
walk with me on that street ne'r turning back

just take my hand again my dear, we'll go
we will take each step now ever so slow

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Mind shapes ideas in surge of thoughts;
Enter a swirl of virtual stuff;
Touch can endear the urge of plots;
Aptly this world can feel so rough;
Plunge with bold steps with a sure heart;
Hurl into space and frozen time;
Yield to mind map that moments art;
See your own face in haunting chimes;
Indulge that fear that taunts and stares;
Calm motives sum to challenge brew;
Aim seems most clear below bland cares;
Live then outcome that test your cues;
Love has a way to tell on you;
Yes prize foreplay with flavours due.

Leon Enriquez
23 September 2014

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To be loved

Like an eagle in butcher’s corners
Some have embraced it like sands
They are the chicks of hen mothers
Protected from the hard craws of hard beaked birds

Though all in the spherical are
Most from milk teeth are thy denied.
Hovering from every tom & harie
Looking like a raining season vulture

That petched on dry wood.
With feathers like an avian infulexa bird.
 Aching of heart at moon time is thy mood.
With oceans flowing through their lids.

To be loved thy are privilege
Enjoy by the class of privilege.

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Mime in word flow, make a word rhyme;
Yield a fond line, yes in a buzz.
Play with verse show, prime in good time;
Opt sure incline, on a plain gush;
Explore the sounds, expand the gaze;
Trust that you can, tune to the sneeze;
Ink what you found, in your own maze;
Cheer on your plan, clear as the breeze.
Write in plain words, weave easy thought;
Reach your own heart, reap lines you find;
Ideas now heard, indulge fond plot;
Touch what you start, thrill happy mind;
Expect to see, expound your voice:
Rouse soul to be, rise with firm choice.

Leon Enriquez
27 September 2014

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Twirl happy swirls, song in sure space;
Appoint sure heart, thrill sensuous wit;
Laugh at the world, oblige fond trace;
Explore warm art, reap bit by bit.
Live well this day, yield to clear zest;
Express new rhymes, bestow calm voice;
Grow cheery play, outline deep quest;
Emerge in time, align sure choice;
Now spread fond cheer, reach for the truth;
Dance like the breeze, dance in the light.
Mind and heart steer, movement shows proof;
You live with ease, urge prompts soul flight;
Touch ever heals, sighs follows highs;
Heed sacred will, etch you and I.

Leon Enriquez
29 July 2014

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Mime in good time,
Yield to a flow;
Sense beyond rhyme,
Touch a warm glow;
Ink a new urge,
Charm words a thought.
Sign succinct surge,
Yes frames the plot;
Muse offers more,
Play sculpts clear scope;
Heap steady store,
Observe calm hope;
Note sound beauty,
Yield harmony.

Leon Enriquez
04 September 2014

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I beckon to my hand…
Give life, to live, to be
My inspiration land…

Strength for my eyes to see
The glory of which
My writings hide
The wizard and witch
In symbols outlined
Let my books score me
The pen numbering number
The awoken coming
Inspiration in slumber
Power o the game of poetry

Grant me a remarkable entry.

"Iambic pentameter"

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Design your fate with cheery balm;
Intuit your voice as harshness comes;
Appoint your date with inspired calm;
Live steady choice in words that sum;
Open mind knows the way to glow;
Gauge your sure scope as sculpture moves;
Urge tends to grow a certain flow;
Enjoy with hope the sensuous grooves.
Align your heart with mind that heeds;
Love wants to show you how to give;
Life now imparts a zesty feed;
One pulse and flow can feisty live;
Wise is the man who follows heart;
So much to trend in lovely art.

Leon Enriquez
10 July 2014

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Measure of Love

As the borrowed sunrise, kisses the sky
Your beauty entraps my very being
My future, imprisoned as you walk by
Determined to keep my heart from fleeing

The moon and stars grow jealous of your smile
The mutinous stars, refusing to shine
The moon hides her face in blind denial
But in your presence the flowers will pine

Ten thousand poems are written of you
In declaration of undying love
The artists of old have painted you true
The vision, the poets were speaking of

My love is measured by each breath you take
Sealed with the promise that my heart will make

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Sense a sure feel,
Intuit and be;
Glimpse a clear will,
Note what you see;
Match bold quotient,
Impact each step;
Mind moves motion,
Explore and map;
Move passion's chimes,
Opt for broad range;
Mould steady rhymes,
Exploit thoughts strange;
Notice mime play,
Touch fronts fine stay.

Leon Enriquez
24 September 2014

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Cold Comfort

This silent loneliness my closest friend,
Those empty nights that kindly wait for me,
It comes to ease the pain but not to mend
The broken heart that struggled to be free.
For pain may subside and fade to memory,
But broken hearts can never be repaired,
Old wounds heal leaving scars of destiny,
That ward of curses of a love once shared.
For love the heart and soul must be prepared,
To feel the burn of facing deepest pain,
When solitude reminds that no one cared,
Still we fall in love again and again.
When love has gone and we are left with fears,
Those scars remain to numb the lonely tears.

Form: Spenserian Sonnet

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Wise is the man who understands;
Order knows poise as truth beauty;
Rouse fiery plan with inspired trend;
Define bold voice with heart set free.
Pay with calm cheer the price of quest;
Live charming sway as style weaves form;
Allow love here to spring fond zest;
You find the way through tact and norm.
Words come to mind to help you forge;
Indulge the flame of truth that burns;
Seek what you find in plain and gorge;
Decree your name in wealthy churn.
Offer wise soul clear song that thrills;
Meet beauty whole in healthy will.

Leon Enriquez
02 August 2014

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Give in to joy, wear a big smile;
Rise to fond feel, observe good thoughts;
Aim to enjoy richness that styles;
Time now reveals kind happy lot
Invite your heart, sense lovely soul;
Trust that you know favours you get;
Use words to start imprints of whole;
Decide to show noble mindset;
Embrace kind truth etching warm play.
See gifts that come springing from love;
Instinct sees proof thrilling fine stay;
Gratitude sums yields from above;
Niche warm loving, live with kind heart;
Spread thanksgiving, effort funds start.

Leon Enriquez
16 July 2014

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Fallen Warriors

The fallen warriors of foreign wars
Cleave my heart and soul to their very core.
There's no effective balm in any store
That soothes empathetic pain I endure. 
My wounded heart will recover I guess  
My soul shall remain immortally maimed.
They pale by comparison more or less
When compared to the deaths the wars have claimed.
All of the fallen are heroes at rest 
Paying the ultimate price with their lives.
There's absolutely no way to express
The mental anguish I feel inside.
So on this saddened memorial day
I offer up prayers in a heartfelt way.

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Forever ever more

Rain falls on the window sill 
And drowns out my crying
But nothing blocks out the sound 
Of my broken heart dying

The sound is so loud
That it penetrates my ears
And it brings out of me
All my childish fears

You left me broken
And drowning in my tears
You tore me a part
After all these years
I know that I’m gonna move on
Though how I’m not so sure
But I know that I’ll love you
Forever ever more 

Mama calls me every night
To make sure that I’m okay
And I tell her that I’m alright 
And hold my tears at bay

But as I hang up the phone
I feel that old familiar sting 
I feel the tears role down my checks
And the sorrow that they bring

You left me broken
And drowning in my tears
You tore me a part
After all these years
I know that I’m gonna move on
Though how I’m not so sure
But I know that I’ll love you
Forever ever more 

Until the day that my heart starts to mend 
You’ll be the only thing on my mind 
But that’s just fine because I know that one day 
I will leave your memories behind 

You left me broken
And drowning in my tears
You tore me a part
After all these years
I know that I’m gonna move on
Though how I’m not so sure
But I know that I’ll love you
Forever ever more 

Oh baby, baby, 
I’ll love you
Forever, forever, forever ever more
Oh no no no no, 
You left me broken
Forever ever more

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The gloom of death gone bad so near that night,
as circumstance played out a mournful tune,
and echoed through my brain, as if it might, 
give credence to the shadows of full moon;

and buried I my virgin, thin and bare,
she bathed in lilac, head down to her toes,
I laid her sixteen feet, to keep her there,
and marked her with a headstone no one knows,

and lest the devil wolves, who love her dear,
should get a sense of lilac in the night,
and smell their way from there to over here,
then raise her from her tomb, as sure they might!

I could not bear to end her chastity,
and so she died a virgin just for me!

She was an early purchase, just a child,
just seven years, from gypsies passing by,
and in her eyes the look, both free and wild,
yet of her bondage never questioned why.

All ladies saw her beauty, as she grew,
and changed from childhood to maturity,
to be more woman than they ever knew,
and virgin that she was, was due to me.

But at her end, her body was afire,
and yearning for the love I would not give,
lest I should lay to waste, in my desire,
the greatest beauty of this life I live!

So sleeps my virgin, as she'll always be,
unless my passion gets the best of me!
© ron wilson akaVee Bdosa

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Make a fresh start with new pictures;
Offer to change the design style;
Voice precious art with grand mixtures;
Instruct bold range to cast worthwhile;
Note sparkling page filled with ideas;
Glimpse a pattern that moves feelings.
Ply beyond age the thought made clear;
Imprint fashion with sure thinking;
Choice is the way to dazzle form;
Trust in your heart to show you how;
Use charming play to weave new norms;
Rise with clear art to live well now;
Embrace passion to speak profound;
Surprise action with happy grounds.

Leon Enriquez
06 August 2014

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How The World Is Really Changed

You've sensed it grow from sea to murky sea
and smelled it's fragrance, shore to crashing shore
and though you thought that love is what would be
deep in your heart, it's not what you've looked for;

creation came from catastrophic things,
a crashing in on life, to bring a change
and nothing's ever come from what love brings
it's all from pain that life can re-arrange;

and if the end is closer to us now
of what we are, and all we have and hold,
we'll hope until the end, to find out how
to save ourselves, before the tale is told;

but as we slip and fall beneath the sea
we'll know that hate has made it all to be.

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Sonnet To Joanna Zagrobelny

How art thou too beauteous to my muse?
Thou breath is tamed like those of thy dreary seam
As thy eyes art to themselves pilgrims of mine abuse
From the heavenly seas drowning deep into my dreams.
Thy arms that reach to the levels of sincerity 
Hath sent mine tears into the soils of Fortune.
Since I left thee, my mind disguised eye in diversity
Brung me thy care with affectionate emotion;
Thy form singeth to bird’s stunned brains
For what I care for thee silences my heart,
You are so strongly in my pulsed veins
That thy muse art so believed in me depart.
	O, never say thou art so true as this
	Fed by heaven’s gold thy eyes art godly kissed.

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Certainty seems but a demon dream

When doubts and drawbacks struggle in the mind
And certainty seems but a demon dream,
When the faith to love is what no-one can find
For even when asleep, the mind still schemes.

When darkness and defeat seem close at hand
And lights dim even as we pray for peace;
when wrecks and ruins rile the native sands;
When in this life we feel we've lost our place.

Then at the saddest depth we see the light
Surrounding with such warmth,with love adorned.
The path that seemed so wrong now leads us right
And in our hearts, warm feelings are new born

Within each storm there is a calm still eye
From there we see the fearful clouds pass by

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Power comes to those who would prevail,
In mind, in sight, in countenance, in name,
Thus arbitrate for one, who must avail,
Of humble heart and gentle ease to gain,
Wisdom comes to him, who would return,
To challenges most fearsome and most loath,
If in his heart the blazing fire burns,
And every lesson brings about its growth,
Beauty comes to all who would but see,
That love and grace so tender and so still,
Is worthy of a patient mind that’s free,
To please, to smile as others balk and shrill, 
And peace it comes to those who would contrive,
That power, wisdom, beauty will revive.

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Art of Passion

Songs of great sorrow plead the prison walls 
Freeing feelings, a lost art, while sinking slowly
No more ballets to design the future for it's
flown into the past. 

Rhythms sculpt in time, dance into obscurity 
Darkness, while walls capture shadows and 
Wild winds gust into sky blue dust. There is no
sight to see the future.

Unfold the art of passion with strong
Hands to taste your bodies yearning,
Breath in the fragrance of apples and
cherry blossoms to keep you sane.

Songs of sorrow plead prison walls
Yet, feelings is not a lost art.

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Thou who eyes are so heavenly, beauty in such abundance, with love that shows 
no sin lips did I kiss. Gentle art thy lips, sweet is thy taste, tempting is thy touch to 
which I have been embraced. Hast not my desires been given life this very night. My 
heart can surely plea for more of this journey that I’m taking is it not mine heart that 
thou hast taken. Deep art thy treasure that beckon me to explore; you leave me 
with a question of how much of you I can endure. Your name, your touch, and your 
words give life to my nature which with every word and touch my nature desires 
much further. My youth does not exclude me from this abundance of love that with 
one look into thine eyes weakens my sense of pride. Some wonder how long this 
will last I say forever which means never done, never over.

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(Dedication: For the PoetrySoup community of writers.)

Decree a fine write with a profound thought;
Engage a clear tact with mindset easy;
Agree to recite ideas that firm plot;
Reach timely such fact in puzzle set free.
Words float on paper like doodles that breeze;
Rich textures loiter to massage new feel;
Imprint of swagger in bold thought forms squeezed;
Time touching temper with voice that appeals.
Ignite sure motive with verses that line;
Notice the function that creates the play;
Give flow perspective in message aligned;
Spread subtle gumption in artistic sway.
Blend with sheer magic the writing you show;
Etch the dynamic in verse craft that grows.

Leon Enriquez
27 Apr 2014

(Note: This poem is an Acrostic Sonnet.)

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for you to see

You could take me within summer desert
if your eyes could meet mine and take my hand
shown would be that which I cannot desert
in my own grasp, toss my heart in the sand

then abide by me to the glacial land
watch me as I throw my soul in the snow
sandy, beating heart in hand, I will stand
sallow, cold soul abreast, I will bestow

desolate, I desire for you to know
how you ignite me, passionate as fire
my luminous essence amidst the glow
maybe purely adorned, they could inspire

burning for you, ablaze I will remain
until, evermore, you supply the rain

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Diversities Happy Home/ Monroe, CT USA

Perhaps, it would be Rockwell’s second choice
for my happy home has many different voices.
All around a small man-made lake they walk
proud American’s, multi lingual, they talk…

A maple forest with sweet pine blessing
Whites and Asians, Indians, caressing.
Lovers from all of the many nations
in my park find, content, contemplation.

Children of all colors play like sweet bits
and each and every Grannie watching, sits.
The American dream a joyous reality
a warm, loving place has risen here, free.

So, let new artists and artisans arise to portray
the bountiful beauty of each towns diversity!

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Tell Father Time I haven't need of him;
my heart is good enough a metronome:
it sings my life and sings my requiem,
and when abroad, it keeps me close to home.

It keeps a record of my brisk hellos
and documents my burdensome good-byes.
It keeps me ever wary of my woes,
but thankfully as well my loving ties.

Tell Time his Death need not come visit me;
my life has vowed to reap me in his stead
with memories of pain but more of glee,
enshrined in gratitude and shades of red.

My heart keeps time but at a different beat,
a far more pleasant pace, less grave than sweet.

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Longing Divulged

Swept in a wind,
Brilliant blaze,
Quick to ascend,
Vanished malaise.

Fling deceived,
Twelve elder souls,
Every thought perceived,
A longing divulged.

No words or reserve,
Heart on review,
Raw emotions surge,
Breathe and exhale You.

Answers undiminished
Times still unfinished.

*September 3, 2014

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Zeal works with charm to play with zest;
Endow each smile with gracious style;
Sense goodness farms the sacred quest;
Truth flings worthwhile the precious mile;
You start the flow of happy glow.
Free will can sing with liberty;
Explore and grow the path you know;
Invite fond strings of harmony;
Sojourn this earth with heart set right;
Trust your instincts in matters here;
Yes myth and mirth remind of light;
Waltz life succinct with faith my dear;
Invoke fond grace to light your way;
Truth helps you face your working stay.

Leon Enriquez
10 July 2014

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Sonnet 1

As the leaves of fall descend upon me

A new love blooms like the blossoms of spring.

Could it, was it meant for this love to be?

My heart has mended like an old bird’s wing.

My once broken heart is once again whole.

I look into his eyes in puzzlement,

His azure eyes a window to his soul.

Could he love me too, this angel heav’n sent?

Trembling, I hope, begging the stars to know.

Our love is not seen or heard, only felt; 

Springing up from the ground where love does sow.

His eyes drift away, and then my heart melts.

What can be, what may be, cannot be told,

I will always love his heart pure as gold.

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Rise to the dawn,
Heed the sure quest;
Yield to sweet morn,
Mind your sure fest.
Explore true grace,
See happy fun.
Feel charm you trace,
Offer clear pun;
Look to sure stay,
Live bold journey;
Observe each day,
Words niche story.
Meet path that greets:
Etch deep and sweet.

Leon Enriquez
29 July 2014

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Sonnet XII

With skin so pale you resembled a ghost,
And lips as red as the cherries you ate,
You were, by far, more beautiful than most.
With a mind so smart, and a heart so great,
If only, if only, you loved me, too.
To me, you were all that mattered in life.
And I knew that my love for you was true,
But without your love, I was filled with strife.
Lying side by side one cold, wintry night,
Our bodies' heat fogging up the windows,
I declared my love for you with delight.
But you did not answer and quickly rose.
I loved you as much as my heart allowed,
But then, you left to join Him in the clouds.

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Closing In

walls are closing in coming closer and closer suffocating me till I draw my last breath my wings are cramped and are needing to be stretched tight in their span.... it hurts to yell when i have to it hurts to scream into the softest pillow the wall hurts too much when it's hit with my fist what can I do to stop these walls from closing in? I am suffocating, inside I'm dying.... fading away... I call for help but have naught to say so I bend my knees clasp my hands together close my eyes tight and pray

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I love me Black woman

I love me black woman 
whom God created from the sand
the black woman that I adore 
she has my eyes allure 
she's my first virgin born and pure
I bade in her wisdom, power, acceptance and I am sure
She's definitely the one 
that has given me a special son.
I love me black woman with vision
she's ahead with an incredible mission.
i love me black woman with passion 
the quality of her blossom that I cannot ignore
in my mind she has never been bored.
I love me black woman from the very top of her head toward her bottom feet.
I love me black woman all the time 
wouldn't dare trade her for a dime. 
I would have write the more ,but there wouldn't be space 
to describe how much a black woman worth.
She's the mother of all earth 
given a gift with an unbelievable birth.
Who wouldn't love a black woman 
in such case is ignant.
to abuse a black woman, I dare not 
She's my black woman beautiful within and out
she's all that I 'm bout
a black woman a red rose to be 
I can't help myself but see
that a black woman is all that
Precious, fragile and magnificently phat
I love me black woman. 

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Across the Sea

My lover he has gone from me
To far off lands , to make a life.
My lover he has crossed the sea
And left behind a bereaved wife.
My heavy heart is filled with fear
That I shall live and die alone.
In his presence I cried no tear,
My heavy heart felt like a stone.
He said, for us, that he must go
Away to make his fortune there.
He will not return, this I know,
And his loss I cannot bear.
My lover he has gone from me
To far off lands across the sea.

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Lemon Pie in the Oven
And Children asking questions
That maybe I once asked,
Eating excess lemon filling
From The Bowl with a Spoon.
But where are the children?
Their Father, Uncle,
Neighbor, Cousin, 
I am each of them and none of them
And I bake whenever inspired

 In one world I’m a single man
Living alone with pets;
In the other, I’m a Worker,
A cook and sometimes Manager 
But always the family Baker

 But in both worlds I really like 
Lemon Pie, home made,
With a nice meringue on top
Also warm cherry, Apple,
Blue berry, Pumpkin, Orange 
I like them all
Lemon Pie out of the oven
Lemon Pie on the table
You are more delicious 
than a tree house -
Please stay awhile Lemon Pie!

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Counting Love

I've whispered I love you, a million times
And I've given you ten- thousand kisses
I've written my love in five- thousand rhymes
An offering, your heart just dismisses

I've wiped at least a hundred-thousand tears
Whenever your sadness needed my sleeve
I've been by your side for twenty-two years
'Til you decided you wanted to leave

A thousand regrets imprisoned my mind
At least a dozen for each day we shared
I want back the love my heart had enshrined
For you will know that I'm sorry I cared

You've asked me to give it just one more try
I'm tired of counting, I'm saying goodbye

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No where to go

No where to go, who can understand, I don't want to be hurt
by your love. hurt by loving you...
Every kiss is new to me, but how can I trust you with my heart completely,
where does your carring heart come from, when will this love story end.
You take me in your arms and you hold me, fading pictures in my mind
along with fading memories.
I must hane been sleeping, I thought I was the one and only love,
how can I erase you from my thoughts, but I could never erase you
from my heart.
Without your love, I have no where to go, but can you find it in your
heart to understand how much it takes me to give you my heart, and to
give you all my love.

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Sonnet III

I will unfold for light's embrace one final time,
Allowing you to unlock this tender core;
Let not blind eyes fall upon this mighty rhyme;
The miserable sea reminisces upon days of yore;
Thou art dear, kisses in the brilliant sunlight;
Let not fancy again raise its dagger to me;
Sensual, erotic as passion's sweat in the deep night;
Only the most intense love inspires freedom;
Will I view myself, and curse destiny-
Leaving me with a grieved heart?
If thou art not solemn, let me despise entry;
If emotion be false, rid thee disguise ~ I will depart;
     Whisper summer's seductive secrets,
     For thee imperfections are perfect.

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Cradle My Heart

I pray thy hands gently cradle my heart,
As love, thou cast my soul into the mist,
In this oblivion that is thine art,
I feel the torment where thy lips have kissed.
Thy swaying light that haunts my dreams each night,
It brings me closer to thy rising breast,
I seek thine eyes to cherish thy delight,
As on feathered pillows I take my rest.
In realms of sleep I listen for thy voice,
It guides my heart from nightly dreams at play,
To kiss thy cheek while in thy slumber lay,
For in my dreams of thee, thou art my choice.
 ‘Tis in thine arms my heart now yearns to stay,
And in thy beauty my soul sings ‘rejoice’.

Form: Tennyson-Turner's Sonnet

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What mystery of life runs through  the mind,
exchanged, such glances, never meant to share,
to raise our heartbeats, if one's there to find,
and if we have the will to take the dare.

To rock the Casbah, is this sin a crime?
Or just beginnings for the world in need
Of change to Westernize all life and time,
to bury burqas where there is no seed?

To see and fall in love through satin thin,
how many have there been to die alone,
and how much beauty seen becomes a sin,
to men who have a heart of solid stone?

Tunisian girl, the world is now ... for you,
So Rock the Casbah, like it's coming true!
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa

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Dance in the light, dare to live change;
Reach for grand fill, reap what you find;
Ask for insight, accept things strange;
Free fine goodwill, forge peace of mind;
Time tells the tale, trust weaves the play;
Move the unseen, make joy speak well;
Aim to set sail, act then this day;
Note deep within, now let thoughts dwell;
Ink words that touch, ink lines that rhyme;
Feed precious feel, frame sanguine style;
Embrace sure nudge, employ cool chimes;
See truth that seals, sense sanguine smiles;
Trust wears a face, touch paves the way;
Observe kind grace, offer fond stay.

Leon Enriquez
18 August 2014

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Saved by Her Love

I have feelings of supreme loneliness and hate
I can’t imagine being without them now
Heartache and extreme pain I know as of late
The happenings of forlorn I feel exactly how

I’m a product of being worse and of falling apart
Stepping around the hurt and the terror
I’m alone seemingly timeless in my heart
A state of horrible being as looking in a mirror

Graciously she enters into my disheveled life
The love she brings is greater than I’ve ever seen
Her heart comes to me and finally ends my strife
My heart is filled more than there’s ever been

Her love for me is more than what’s really shown
Greater than any passion that has ever been known

Russell Sivey

Form: English Sonnet 

Entrant into Debbie Guzzi's "Debbie and Cyndi's Sonneteers" contest


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Lady of the Darkest Night (Sonnet)

My lady of the darkest night who graced my heart with fear,
conceals her secret thoughts within my pain, and in my love
the hunger grows, for there is poison in her tender touch.
The wounds that pierce my heart each night as she is drawing near,
should she embrace my soul and bring me to the worlds above
where dreams come true, or she'll refuse my heart that loves too much.
My eyes reveal unspoken words that tell of my desire
while crying for her love behind my mask of passion's fire.
Yet in the blackened shadows of my heart, I know she's here,
torment entwining dreams with nightmares, her sweet lullabies.
My words erased by futile fears, she leaves an icy tear
to stall the beat within my heart, I'm blind to whispered sighs.
My lady of the darkest night, my love always shall hold you dear,
yet empty words you give me bear witness to my demise.

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Born of your blood
Seen once like the eclipse
Powerful among equals
Thy color a symbol of peace

Oh, I remember thy feathers
Worn only by the royal
My father wore it too
Because is royal

Thy off springs called eaglets
Born into plenty
The wildest hunter on earth
Faster than English shoot

Your glories are numerous
And your attack dangerous

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no title

A smirk shown like a budding rose My eyes close seemingly content The color of the day surely shows The minds happiness to the fullest extent Within the heart something sinks deep Though the world goes on happily The heart not being able to hide when asleep Truth all in one shown hysterically Reality ending as the eyes prop open Whispers of what had just taken place The souls secrets an treasured token Untied the bow of the angels white lace. Condemned is the loveliness of day, Until asleep, truth sits at bay.

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I looked,I saw an image blue
a memory,fleeting yet true,
midst the black,white and grey
just awaiting me to portrait;
I tried to re-capture this dream,
reality's not how it seems,
it flows & ebbs as morning mist,
just out of reach,shadows persist;
A high sun then dazzles my eyes,
frustration,srems out soundless sighs,
forever lost,this unique insight,
when suddenly,I start to write

Creative words,so surreal
will my little song appeal ?

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Gentle Streams of Tears

Today I sat down to right a poem.
It filled my heart with thoughts of home.
I put my hand on my cheek.
I never felt so sad and bleak.
I saw the pain of the world today.
Hoping to see things okay.
But the wind gently made me sway.
It made me think far away.
Knowing there is trouble time.
And now things are worth slime.
My eyes filled with water.
My heart goes out to the world slaughter.
I felt the stream of sadness.
With things that has badness.
Gently I wipe that sadness dry.
Tears that show hope with no deny.
I now see with no fear.
Futures gentle streams of tears.

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The dead will speak, if open is your mind,
but do not hope, if hope's not all of you,
forever though it seems, one night you'll find,
persistance is the tool that pulls it through.

Sabbatical thy nature; evil rein.
Supremacy of thought, the constant flow,
An opening to life, that brief Beltaine,
the window through all time, desire to  know.

The Devil to his day, his time is near.
You feel it, death the constant, life the bore,
you must light one black candle, while you're here,
to sap the power you've been looking for.

Breathe deeply--light the candle if it's black
but realize, there'll be no turning back

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Let all the wrath, unmercifully divine,
we have to muster, lead us in our quest,
and bring Athenian rule to be in line,
as sure the gods provide they fail the test,

all in our time, for Lacedaemon rules,
have we not made of man the equal to
the sight of death, upon the plights of fools
resisting all the means that we can do?

Their setting sun has risen in the east,
before the dark, those left will have to burn,
their knowledge is their fat, and only feast,
for all they know, they've yet to ever learn!

Now let the blood to flow down from the hill,
as if the flood has come and made the kill.
© ron wilson

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Voice in sure say,
Echo fine feel;
Intent fits play,
Live fond appeal;
Opt just to see,
Do what you plan;
Deed comes to be,
Choice funds the trend;
Urge prompts clear poise,
Reap joy you sow;
Thrill follows voice,
Allow wise glow;
Invite grand start,
Niche cheery heart.

Leon Enriquez
08 September 2014

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            VAMPYRE WEDDING                               
I make you mine tonight, to have and hold,         
   to lie forever in this love I feel,                         
I bring an end to ever growing old,                         
   and close your eyes, to all that is not real.               
I give you love, that others never know!        
   The joy of life found only in its end!                     
And dressed in love, we go, as we must go,                  
   into the dark! The night! The only friend!                  
I give you death! Then take you ev'rywhere!                
   To know all things; and answer to no-one!               
To have it all! To do as you would dare!
    within the dark, where life has surely gone!                
        I make you mine! I sink my teeth into          
        your waiting flesh, and drink the love of you!

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I could have been the one to make you see,
   had not your heart been closed to my advance!
Had not your eyes been turned away from me,
   and if you'd only given me one chance;

if you had only heard the cries of pain,
  each time you thrned away, or dropped your eyes,
each wound was deep, and left its blood soaked stain,
   but never stopped the birth of butterflies

within this life, whenever you were there,
   I'd never have to see you, they would know,
and challange me to things my heart would dare,
   from deep within; but I could never go

     right up to you! My knees would fail--but fast!
     and you would laugh--and I would breath my last.

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You looked too deep where no one's seen before
into the very deepest part of me
where hides my very breathing soul and more
I'd not allowed the world to even see.

You made your way right through my heart and mind
and opened doors I thought were locked up tight
through mazes quite complex that twist and wind
into what makes me tick, but out of sight.

The walls came tumbling down--you stripped me bare
between two heartbeats you came all the way
to see my greatest fear that trembled there
and then you let me know you wouldn't stay.

I sit and look out windows to no where
and think of all the nothing that is there.
© ron wilson (aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet)

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I may remember, but I won't give in
to every pain of you, your hurt, your lies;
I've loved you once, but never shall again,
if I can just remember to forget your eyes.

I've put it all behind, I won't be bound,
by empty promises, that's just your style.
I'll walk away, and never look around,
if I can just remember to forget your smile.

I'll never wonder how your world is now,
if you have learned love's more than just a game,
I'll put it all behind; I know not how;
if I can just remember to forget your name.

       I'll never let you know I can't forget,
        if I convince myself, one day, we never met.
©ron wilson aka VeeBdosa the Doylestown Poet

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The world we have today is built upon
what no one's ever touched or even seen
much like the faith that some think's nearly gone
it make's the world go round, just like it's been,

it's in a time that's neither night nor day
the very basis of simplicity
it's on or off, there is no other way,
it's black or white, there are no shades to see;

it's something or it's nothing, naught or one,
and lives in its own time, of cyberspace;
the distance in between what's dead and gone
and what we're coming to, the hyperrace.

   There are no limits to what we can be,
   until they're all turned off, and then we'll see.
     © ron wilson

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         FICKLE LOVE
The beauty of it all was not so real
until you touched my lips that summers night
to make love something that my heart could feel
and told me you'd be mine, if wrong or right,

no matter what the cost, you promised me
you'd always love me, even to the end
and I believed our love would always be
from you, my lover, and my special friend

but for some time I've watched you turn your eyes
if I should even try to touch your hand
and now I know that love, like time, it flies
but why is something we can't understand.

Your love's returned to where it used to be
perhaps one day it shall come back to me.
                   © Ron Wilson (aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet)

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Ode to PoetrySoup

From whence come these words, this laud, this acclaim;
  ‘Tis true I can rhyme my thoughts, my feelings;
From whence comes this doorway, pathway to fame;
  Honor thou offer - my heart is reeling;
From whence comes the care and grace of your praise;
  ‘Tis true I have sought to write for your vote;
From whence comes honor my poetry raised;
  Judgment thou offer - a glorious note;
From whence comes acceptance deep in my soul;
  ‘Tis true now I bow on my bended knee;
From whence comes praise, for my heart is now full;
  This laud I return, accept it I plead.

     How do I thank thee; I do not have a way.
     This humble thanksgiving, take it, I pray.

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In Silence

Here in silence there is no single voice;
No sound but trees that whisper to the ground
And touch the soul with spiritual embrace.
Here in silence a heart can sing, rejoice
In beauty that shines from natural ground
And echoes love we share with Mother Earth,
In ev’ry flower eyes can glimpse her grace.
Here in silence a prayer can make its choice,
A soul that lost its way at last is found
Because I saw the beauty in her face,
Here in silence the moment of rebirth,
My heart began to beat, I came alive.
It’s in her love I feel both joy and mirth
And know there is nothing I’ll not survive!

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for all to see

guided by fireflies and the pale moon's light
you carve out our love in a tree with your knife
our initials and a heart left for all to see
deep in the meadow where you made love to me

grass from our bed lays flatten amongst other blades
there in that forest where memories were made
the stars were the blanket in a soft velvet night
and the nightingale was hushed by each uttered sigh

the tree stands there still, a tall leafy oak
shadowing the grasses where love lay with hope
and there carved deeply in the trunk of that tree
is a heart with initials left for all to see 

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Longevity Thy Mistress

Sonnet LXX

Pt i

Let it be known that naissance is of late
significant that this longevity
shall live as long as these words shall donate
Affairs of the heart in their brevity,
Not a thought nor a whim should a thief
though if renditions are morbid as bleak 
fully aware that due to mere relief;
in as much that if as old as antique
Thou hast with heart in this old oak of thine.
Lest not we forget the marriage of will,
though it is fixt that the next birth of time
should the shroud of an existence so thrill.
Could those legions who've augmented claim
Mediocrity, forsakens his name.   

Sonnet LXXI

Pt ii

Thou hast paraphrased a psalm though as a chime
which has altered this, the scenery as such
therefore proceeding with his life and time
Can bring, so it appears, a Shakespeare touch
his versions up till now have been bestowed,
though this upon suspicion how we grieve
protected by the way we read each ode 
Like any mistress decoy, should she leave.
That death be the upheaval from this urge
of beneficials openly seduced,
For future ventures death within a surge
that loving brought, existence introduced.
Fruition, in that acorns reimburse 
The moving apparitions plays rehearse.


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Songs My Soul Cried Ended the Psalms of Songs--Fourth Shadow Sonnet Challenge

~~~ Songs My Soul Cried Ended the Psalms of Songs ~~~

Grace was inside my soul, I’d love his grace
Please my grace travel the world, find peace please
Face of darkness of the deep grace did face
Knees freeze and their prayers had no bowed knees

Risks ensnared the soul waiting for life’s risks
Perils times, beliefs lost liar’s perils
Frisk my soul falsehood frolic death did frisk
Morals abandon humanity; dung looted morals

Known and unknown lost all grace they had known
Peace was feared in the world, they hated peace
Alone with lost faith, their soul all alone
Ceased beliefs, lost their twin towers grace ceased

Kiss of hell walked the Earth, souls did kiss
Love healed hearts on the Sabbath that was love
Bliss with no respect, cold souls mingled bliss
Above, joy of life gone; hell now above

Songs my soul cried, ended the psalms of songs
Wrongs unforgiven, no life was dead wrongs.

© 2015 DiLinda Adams, All Rights Reserved

Fourth Shadow Sonnet – As you can see this does not meet the challenge guidelines in this pen. I added an extra stanza to keep the meaning I wanted to achieve. Please join in if you like; it has to rhyme, 10 syllable count and 14 lines to meet the challenge. However, if you just want to be creative please do. I cannot wait to see what you all are going to write about.





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Tonight you seek out Dante for your guide,
that mystic of the three-enfolding rhyme
up circling stairways you’re intent to climb.
With lexicon and nieces at your side,
you watch the haloed sun begin its glide
toward evening. In the air, a hint of thyme
and birdsong herald this ascent sublime
as if to reach an otherworldly bride.

What grace in Alighieri’s tongue! And faith.
A foreign land – yet here you are at home
in twining verse. The spirit rests, at ease
in knowing its own place. Where sits the wraith
of worry? Now, with God beside, you roam
the low and upper world, its parting seas.

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On your coming scholars run helter-skelter
How powerful thy stings permeate
Some got sick before the date
Naughty good scholars escape thy stings.

On your coming candles melt, die and part.
Like mosquitoes they become to stand
Browsing and researching into papers not blood.
Your bark far worse than, I think your bite.

On your coming tears run out of the intelligence
Why didn’t I meditate before you start
When mouth crows or whistles start
Pen writes and rulers measure

On your coming, scholars play with caution
On your coming, scholars embrace tension.

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Inlove With Her And Novacaine

Never knew love the way I know it now
Never will I know even when I ask how
She left and that was all
I'm trying desperately to climb outside this wall
I grip the roses stem and blood drips down my wrist
I drop to the floor, put my hands on my forehead while in a fist
We shared an oath from our lips to Gods ears
I placed myself in front of her knife to the heart to quench her fears
It killed me to love and lose
I'm losing sleep so I smash my clock back to snooze
I can't believe I thought she was the one to save me
It turns out she was the one to enslave me
My trust ran deep like blood coursing through her vein
I need to numb the bitter taste so I use novacaine
The thought of her is making my heart race
My walls are gone and now I have too much space
I think my loss is starting to hit me
I can't breathe at the thought that she will forget me
I fall from my knees with my face sideways on the floor
I grip the rose tighter & tell myself I don't want to love evermore
I'm fighting the truth and reality at this time
I'm in too deep, I'm too weak to climb
I feel a cold running through my veins followed by a last chill
My eyes are awake yet my body lie still
The lights are dimming and my life is flashing in spurts
I guess this is what it means when they say love hurts...

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Dreams of Love

My love for you twinkles much.
Much more than the stars in the universe,
It beats in the heart of eternity
living in a world infinite of light years away.
My mind, heart and soul travels 
an endless journey to find my love for you;
which twinkles like thunder and glows like the rainbow
In the deepest depths of depths in my earth.

I grow weary searching for the love I have for you.
It's like a secret paradise, hidden in the midst of the air,
that brightens my world as the sunrise.
And all of me sits down to dream of it,
For I realize my love for you is-
further than i can reach.

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Reflections from rain washed pavements
 perform their own experiments.
The red tail lights of passing cars
 become a myriad crimson stars. 
The gaudy hues of neon lights
 break down into component parts
 which swirl and change then re unite
Impressionistic modern arts.
Which when disturbed by passing feet 
can quickly change and re arrange 
	into new patterns which compete.	
Producing effects rare and strange.
But few see this phenomenon
 which briefly shows, as quickly gone.


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Loose cannon fires a sure salvo;
Aim for quick wit to spring wild jest;
Urge can fashion as pun demos;
Grip humour's fit in silly fest;
Hurl a new joy with banter mild;
Throw a joke there with metaphor;
Embrace fond ploy to roar most wild;
Reach a somewhere beyond before.
Hide your sad gloom in laughter's sway;
Emote and purge your tension fast;
Restore your room with happy stay;
Enjoy pure surge of wit that lasts;
Invite good cheer to settle here;
Numb your old fears as humour steers.

Leon Enriquez
24 June 2014

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A wave that grows from deep inside of me
to bring me down--I feel it start to grow;
its only name--is called--anxiety,
where it comes from--no one could ever know.

As tiny needles prick my skin--I feel
sensation of a drifting tenderness-- 
that goes from here to there--and so un-real--
it leads my mind to only second guess

at what's invading to the soul of me,
and tingles from my fingers, to my toes--
abducted from my world of sanity,
I fall into a dark that no one knows.

And shaken to an end I can't embrace--
I feel its kiss--but never see its face.

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How sweet the night, my love you came to me
   from out of dreams I'd dreamt within my past.
They weaved the spell and made my life to be
   in need of you, before I breathed my last;

and all my days of feeling less than whole
   were counted in my life of passing years,
though discontent, I guessed a restless soul
   was but the price I pay, with all the tears,

for being borned and being let to stay,
   and little did I guess, or even feel
that all I've been's existing day to day,
   and incomplete, but never really real.

        And how complete you've made my life to be,
        as if you've found the heart and breath of me.

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Requited Love

Unto your heart I bequeath my being
A thousand deaths, I’d die for you
As your dear face is all I’m seeing
So, in my heart, I hold you true

The sun may die, no more eternal
The sky may one day bleed with rain
My heart, my love, it shows external
To keep you then, from facing pain

Alas, my worth is based on presence
To hold you close, such strength provides
To sense your being, absorb the essence
As I look deep within your eyes

Oh, see my heart that rages true
It dies alone, if not for you

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Avebury Air

The place where living dances with the dead,
Spirits gather to hear what wise ones said,
The mysteries that joins the heart and head
Are never lost in ritualistic stead.
In this, a sacred place of weathered stone
Where I can be but I’m never alone
With ancient spirits that I call my own
My soul can reach beyond mere flesh and bone.
It’s here where nature shall reveal her face
And touch my wanting heart with loving grace
As I kneel and pray in her sacred space.
I’m not alone as Lady, I am thine
And now my lips can taste thy sacred wine
Silent my thoughts to touch your sweet divine

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Why do you tempt me with your lovely smile?
Do you not see that my heart is too weak?
The spell that you cast was meant to beguile
Is it a victim to torment you seek?

Your beauty entices my very soul
You weaken it with all of your glances
A prisoner of love out on parole
Ever so tired of fleeting romances

Stay with me within my heart's secret place
A Queen, will I make you if you desire
I bow my head unworthy of your grace
This flame you command sets my heart on fire

Just a mere token of your affection
Will cast out the fear of your rejection

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Forest of love

I WHISPER to the trees of the forest of my love for thee.
Their TRANQUILITY is my sign that our love is true.
Creatures of the forest LILT BLISSFULLY for you and me.
WAFTED FRAGRANT LAVENDOR flows around us gently too

My heart doused in SPLENDOR from your caressing touch.
Your essence is DULCET and securing my presence this day.
ELOQUENCE of your voice entices my arms to tenderly clutch.
Desiring to hold you forever each day and night, everyway,

WHISPER into my ears the words that I know you hold.
BLISSFULLY kiss my lips in return, of your love so bold.
My soul shall WAFT across all the waters that unfold.
Flowers of FRAGRANT aroma, I shall give as our gold.

These words of my heart I WHISPER in the forest of love.
From the forest of love, we receive each; a pure white dove. 

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Legendary Passion

One kiss sends chills up and down our spine
Our lips blended to taste like sweet cherry wine.
Her love is deeper than any passion expressed.
His love is richer than any touch of zest.
Deeper than canyons are wide are the feelings.
Beyond highest mountain are our loving pleadings.
Our words that caress our lips in truth each day,
Beyond the tongue, I love you is what we say.
My heart desires her hand upon mine as we walk.
My soul secured in dimensions as we both talk.
Her passion beyond any dream that I could acquire,
Her spirit enriches reality more than our lives require.
Our bond is kept within each other’s heart with a fire.
Fervor is our legend, and then acts of passion shall transpire.

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Voice follows poise,
Observe bold heart;
Yes charm grooms choice,
Apply sure start;
Grace comes around,
Explore the world;
Reap wondrous grounds.
Applaud new swirls:
Vital sure moods
Offer clear hints;
Yield to the good,
Expound each tint;
Urge primes fond feel,
Rich ideas will.

Leon Enriquez
23 August 2014

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I felt your glance into mine anxious eyes
over your shoulder, quick and then away,
but you told all, so's I could realize
without our having any words to say.

And here is love, if love there ever was,
for that moment your eyes locked to my own,
to do the things that love, it always does,
in reaching out to make a love be known.

As every spark of it reached to my mind,
love's tremble moved a wave through all of me,
and though I tried, there was no way to find
control of it, and set my feelings free.

Much deeper into love and loving you,
is what your glance has brought my heart into.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa

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Deep in the death, the vastness of your eyes
that reaches into times eternity,
I go, a vagrant, soon to realize
you are beginning and the end of me.

The fear of born again brings me to tears,
of living one more time, as I have done,
and unsuspecting, all my greatest fears
are realized again, and life goes on.

You look at me and bare all you may find,
I am a delicate, and easily to break,
and you can see me hiding in my mind,
from your first look, and I can only shake.

     The book of me is now one empty page
      and all of life has just become a cage.
© Ron Wilson (aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet)

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Notice the day that comes around;
Open your heart so mind knows soul;
Weave a calm say that flavours ground.
Ask for warm start to weave your whole;
Believe you can do as you say;
Invoke your best as words now hurl;
Do work bold plan to fashion day;
Enchant your quest as success swirls.
Imprint finesse as work reveals;
Note how you pace the pact you sign.
Love words the best as joy appeals;
Options you trace bring clear align;
Voice vibrant cheer in atmosphere;
Entice right here the thoughts most dear.

Leon Enriquez
15 June 2014

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painting A Starry Night

I look to Vincent, inspiration in France
to see the performance of a lifetime
after first act's ending, to take a chance
to follow another rope's twisted lifeline

he, as we all do, struggled for meaning
and sought to canvas beauty to be seen
starlight on star beams to shine on beaming
down on all souls in that peaceful scene

so beautiful the swirling-blue evening sky
with the golden-yellow moon positioned so
sleepy dreams the villagers thoughts ally
appendages and mouths pretzeled together apropos

a loving act spread under A Starry Night sighing
paint a starry night scene, Eros love underlying 

© Goode Guy 2012-01-30

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Charisma's Art

On the river I saw the ripple give way.
It twirled and swirled until it broke apart.
One would stop and one would start.
Ripple by ripple they all sailed away.

Over the edge the Sun did set that day.
And it took with it my beating heart.
I saw layers and layers of charisma’s art.
I prayed I’d wish and I wished I’d pray.

By slits of silver shadows the Moon shed light.
Casting ripples here and ripples there,
One by one they fled from my sight,
Surprisingly more ripples did glare.

Ripple by ripple my eyes came to see,
A great white light shining upon me!

® Registered: Ann Rich  2003

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Linger with joy as faith brings light;
Allow calm peace to free your mind;
Think beyond ploys to fond sure flights;
Explore an ease that now aligns;
Notice that time and space are forms;
Touch is but wit that habits sense.
Move into chimes that seed old norms;
Observe the fit that shapes all tense;
Make what you will of what real feels;
Enter a place where all things start;
Note a goodwill that floods appeal
Trust unknown face that knows your heart;
Urge helps you grow a kindred style;
Meet a sure flow in love that smiles.

Leon Enriquez
16 August 2014

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Tints and hues paint the mind's palette;
Rouse up the mood to fund your space;
Expect to gain what you beget;
Now claim your good with cheery face;
Discover bits of happy themes;
Yield to the light your promise here.
Feel jest and wit that anchor dreams;
Live with clear sight with bubbly cheer;
Ask for the best that zest can give;
Value fondly the cause you claim;
Opt for brave quest and dare to live;
Urge knows beauty that wears a name;
Rise up to see fine victory;
Sense and then be wise harmony.

Leon Enriquez
09 July 2014

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Prime real estate endows delight;
Offers fill plate meeting fond sight;
Sell or buy deals options that twirl;
Touch knows appeal thrilling in swirls;
Explore good buys in right locale;
Reap measured highs on what you dwell.
Picture and see, note what you gain;
Look through many and mark thoughts plain;
Expect homework, look beyond pitch;
Appease knee jerk, list lying itch;
See that you sense idle promise;
Use present tense now to dismiss;
Reap what you sow, end where you start;
Expect to know subtle by heart.

Leon Enriquez
11 July 2014

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Why do you tempt me with your lovely smile?
Do you not see that my heart is too weak?
The spell that you cast was meant to beguile
Is it a victim to torment you seek?

Your beauty entices my very soul
You weaken it with all of your glances
A prisoner of love out on parole
Ever so tired of fleeting romances

Stay with me within my heart's secret place
A Queen, will I make you if you desire
I bow my head unworthy of your grace
This flame you command sets my heart on fire

Just a mere token of your affection
Will cast out the fear of your rejection

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       FINGERNAILS-Monsieur L'Vampyre
That tap-tap-tapping--how I loath it still,
though surely she's been laid among the dead--
and put there by my own design and will
to end the tapping she put in my head.

Those curs-ed nails--they brought my lunacy,
and slowly through the years, drove me insane,
and though I pleaded for my sanity,
she relished in the thought--and loved my pain!

So bludgeoned I--her life--to yesterday,
severing every nail that drove me mad
and though I thought I cut it all away
her tapping's with me yet, and twice as bad!

   Here in this cell, I wait, for death is near,
   and still her tapping's all that I can hear!  
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa

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     DRESDEN, GERMANY February 13, 1945
Pathfinders lit the night to show the way
for bombardiers too hungry for the word;
as Dresden's dark was made as light as day,
all hearts were stopped before the blasts were heard;

and as the din was heard by all their ears
the sound it made was not reality
but far removed from all the hopes and fears
and what they thought would never come to be.

They loved the Fuhrer -- sin enough for all
to die the fiery death of sweet revenge
brought on by those who had enough of gall
to drop their loads in wartimes heated binge!

       And when the fire consumed all that it could
        the winter of their lives was understood.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet.

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He's like the wind that blows softly through me
Giving me a sense of feeling secure.
He is the answer to my every dream.
My hurting heart has found a loving cure.
I have suffered many times before.
So many scars were left to wound my heart,
Tearing through my body leaving it sore.
But with him I can make a brand new start.
His love flows through me like my rich, warm blood,
It's pumping to my heart to give me strength.
To feel this way, I never thought I could.
He's there to take my love to any length.
I love him more and more every day.
I hope he never leaves and always stays.


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The Gift Of Insecurities

The gift was in a very huge package
Alluringly wrapped in the palest pink
Card attached was calligraphic in ink
Any gift from him was not average

When opened with much delight, the contents
Caused insecurities to tumble forth___
Joy? Fear of failure came from these presents
Taking out least feared __verse__William Wordsworth

The essence of the gift to him was good
The sum of the gift to her was fear
Excitement at this stage of life she could___
Not get a grip__on hold her life for years

Should she not fear but just try to use the gift
God had given her time now spared her life

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He was called to face the crowd,
He look at him self, in mirror and shout,
He wish for this, some years, not now,
But, he never knew it will be as quick, now now.

He was happy, because is facing the crowd,
Doing his things, because is holding the crown. 

He gathered confidence from the people around,
Encouragement, from is families, at home, 

He went out and face the crowd,
Speaks of his words, ways allowed.
In friendly manner, in way they want,
He was accepted, not in way they thought.

And he was celebrated in the ways he want. 
Now is making his voice heard to the world at large.
I was called to face the crowd,
To make my writeups Speaks in the ways that touch...
Am here, because am holding a crown. 

Phemmy Oluwafemi. 

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my heart yearns for you

My heart yearns for you...
the way that you touch me, the way that you kiss me,
can't get you out of my mind, all the little things that you do...
My heart yearns for you.

My heart yearns for you...
the way that you hold me, when you say that you love me,
I know every word you tell me is true...My heart yearns for you.

My heart yearns for you...
when you wisper in my ear, those three speacial words
I love to hear, with you, I always want you near.

All my love is for you...
        My heart yearns for you.

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How old are you--young man--why do you stare?
  The world awaits for you to raise your soul--
though fettered to the wind--and ev'rywhere,
  in time a dream will make you free and whole--

to walk again--the Valley of the Kings
  and ride upon the waters of the Nile--
where spirits bathe, and Nephritite sings,
  the secrets of the past--for yet a while,

the world is obdurate of any scheme,
  that brings new life--once death has made its' call
though greater men than you--have known this dream,
  not one still hides behind his secret wall--

  and no remains--stay hidden to the past--
  if golden chains are known to hold them fast.
© Ron wilson aka vee bdosa

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My Stolen Heart - Lost Love

I wept when I saw my heart with another
For I gave it away to my beautiful lover
A pain so deep it ached in my bone
I wondered, Am I destined to be alone?

My heart was vulnerable to his wily ways 
He swooped in like a hawk no intent to stay
In the darkness of winter, he slithered out of my life
Like a venomous snake, his wake was my strife

In the bright summer sun, I thought his poison was gone
Yet I looked for the strength to carry on
The sky grew heavy the morning he kissed 
The long legged girl with the lips that I missed

Now each passing day, tidal waves I do tread
My heart has been stolen, so I live in my head

January 21, 2012

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Seek a new range as ideas come;
Take a sure stride forward and on;
Opt for the strange longing that sums;
Ready your rides to go beyond;
Yes wordplay strings a thousand things;
Listen to hints that the wind blows;
Impact's a fling you must now bring;
Next to fine mint, love ever glows;
Enter your name and let joy sing.
Truth frames the tell with beauty bright;
Hurl glimpse and flame as echoes ring;
Expose the spell that feels so light;
Mystic magic in words said plain;
Expound tactic of voice refrains.

Leon Enriquez
01 July 2014

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The Divine Artisan (Sonnet)

Who has created deep azure sky,
In which, the clouds do love to float and sail? 
And who has embellished the butterfly 
With colorful beauty in detail? 
Who does shower the snow in the winter? 
In foggy days who spreads  mist curtains ? 
Who has crafted the curves of the rives?  
Who has embossed the range of high mountains ? 
Who streched the bands of seven colors, 
Who has constructed  the arch of rainbow? 
Who has gifted the birds cozy feathers, 
And made them able to fly to and fro? 
I do adore the Divine Artisan, 
Who has made the world in such perfection. 

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The end may become a beginning,
to go away can be to arrive,
life,as nature has its seasons,
sometimes short bit oftimes long;
To sense the aroma of change,
to experiment a new attire,
walking without a map,
looking forward,neverback;
Th past,as yesterday,will ever be
remembered,blessed,but filed away,
a stage,a stepping stone
a springboard to another day.

Today is done,tomorrow will be
a future advnture,rests with thee.

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Love Potion

        Love Potion
Reach to mine eyes, so in my light I see
what you've become, imprinted in my mind,
the very picture of divinity,
more love than I would ever hope to find;

touch on my lips, the eagerness I see,
there in your look of love that always shows;
embrace my soul with what love ought to be
and tell my heart the secrets your heart knows;

bring out my life, so your love's bound to see
how I would kneel and beg you for one kiss,
and make petition that eternity
bears witness that I'd die for all of this.

       Bring on your love, so that the world will see
        what God has made, and you have given me.

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You Lost Your Heart and Soul, and Love Lost You--Fifth Shadow Sonnet Challenge

~~~You Lost Your Heart and Soul, and Love Lost You!~~~

Seas called me back home to the Red Sea
Souls without a spirit, were the lost souls
Be their promise my soul don't let me be
Cold and alone underneath the dead cold

Hearts cried out a love-songs deep in my heart
Sand in my shoes, thoughts buried in the sand
Darts hit my heart; arrows of fiery darts
Can this be love in my heart, say it can?

Doves of peace and life, fly high my white doves
Life faded away no one saved my life
Love lost its will, lost all I did to love
Strife took derelict of duty was strife

Due process lost the law, with life's pain due
You lost your heart and soul, and love lost you.

©2015 DiLinda Adams, All rights reserved

Fifth Shadow Sonnet Challenge! – Please join in if you like; it has to rhyme, 10 syllable count and 14 lines, meets the challenge. However, if you just want to be creative please do so. I cannot wait to see what you all are going to write about.





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The Fool

A prisoner of heartache I will be
Sadly, awaiting your reluctant smile
Emptiness and darkness is all I see
While I'm living with your love's denial

You can never banish me from your love
Because I will simply refuse to leave
It's a love ordained from Heaven above
For my heart is conditioned to believe

Tho my heart may be broken, it will mend
For tomorrow, will be another day
Until it comes, I will only pretend
You turned your glance, for a moment, my way

Tho I'm weary and tired of rejection
I'll patiently await your affection

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Where Fairies Play

The scented garden where I wait for you
I sit and watch the fairies come to play
And hear them sing their ancient songs of May
Beneath the pretty bells of velvet blue.
My ragged jeans are wet from early dew
The moistness cooling down the springtide ray
And like intoxicating fairy brew
I wait in wonder for the sight of you.
For love alone is blessed on this, our day
By fairy’s wand that casts a golden hue.
In this our garden I will always stay
Within your heart that gives my soul its cue
To say those words here, where the fairies play
In love my heart is yours, forever true.

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To dare to write a poem is a thrill.
The world of words all things can symbolize.
A wordsmith has to ever hone his skill,
And greater grow his gift to empathize.

To break the bonds of esoteric terms
Will free the coded secrets they convey.
By sharing truth, a poet truth confirms.
To hear their words can clear our thoughts away.

These words must spark a meaning of our own.
A special nuance to their true intent.
They speak to us and we are not alone.
A deeper guidance deepens our content.

When poets share the feelings in their hearts,
Then grateful readers flourish by their arts.

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Revelation (1)

Hair of auburn delight that collects my soul,
Scarlet lips in my sight that set to tease,
Corner eyes so bright that erases the goal.
Crowned upon the night, by a kings decrees,

A hand, tender and light, eagerly awaits a touch.
Skin ever so quite, a goddess so true.
Tinted nails un-trite, favoring her easy clutch.
Darkened irises contrite, glistening blue.

Goddess of right, no a fairy I do see.
Wings spread for flight, in odd way.
Glorious height, flittering so free,
Tattooed of plight, nothing to say,

A vision in white, adorned in green,
Am I her knight, this fairy I’ve seen?

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The fjiord so blue and cold and deeper than
all time can ever measure in a day
there on the cliff she's stood, since time began
just hoping that her lover finds his way

she's cried ten thousand tears to let him know
she'll watch for him no matter how the sky,
and if the freezing north winds have to blow
between the narrows of the cliffs she'd die

her lamp is lighted every night for him
but this night's bitter cold and made it's mark
although her love is great, the light is dim
and time has turned it to a tiny spark.

   her ancient bones have frozen to the cold
    but love kept her from ever dying old.

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Young Love

June 17, 2006
How sweet, how serene,
Delicate inside a core,
A flower I have bore.
Such a magnificent scene!
Blossoms in bloom are what you bring.
I couldn’t ask of you for much more,
I even find you shining on the Seashore.
You make my heart dance and sing!
The Sun shines down on me,
And the Moon leads my way.
The Stars shine and I can see,
A beautiful Sun shiny day!
You come from somewhere up above,
Tender in my heart is a Young Love!
® Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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The ring

A small golden ring with a blood–red heart
Rests amid his gadgets and the clutter
Of his desk like some famous work of art.
He gazed at its bright luster then muttered:
“Why must your keepsake evoke this sadness
In my heart each time I gaze upon you?
Her ring remains but also my madness
Lingers on, anguish I’m suffering through.
Oh heart! Must your heartthrob keep on beating
Since my lover’s heart stop beating long ago?
Must this ring bestir in me these feelings,
Unfeeling band must you torture me so?
Will you ever grant the peace I’m seeking
Or remain a hopeless pawn of her ring?”

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The Post Is Bills

To love is to die upon a lover’s curse,
It churns the guts to see the post is bills,
A broken heart then yearns to see its hearse,
As nothing, nothing but emptiness fills
The gap she left with a cruel goodbye.
My barren heart she placed where vultures feed,
Without an offering for reasons why,
Abandoned, alone, love is left to bleed,
But why can’t I return to life before,
Before you came to steal and kill my heart,
With empty promises that rocked my core,
My soul was lost before dear love could start.
I can no longer see beauty of light
Without love there can be only night.

Form: English Sonnet

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What matters not, now past and put away,
your welcoming brings on another scheme
and here you make your plan, you can not stay
much longer than it takes to build a dream.

In this, the place where beauty binds all things,
forgotten is each pain, you've ever known,
and here, the Green of life, it always sings,
of life to be, from where all love is grown.

Until you get it right, you shall return,
back to your Summerland, where you can grow,
into a life from which we never learn,
because of learning things we never know.

Your understanding is your final breath
And life begins in what we think is death.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa

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Portrayals of the Heart

Returning thinkings where sweet lovers lay,
As musing thoughts of you embrace my mind,
Resiling dreams which led my heart astray.
The secret places only stars can find,
Still ricochet the fragrance left by love
And hope-filled dreams I thought I left behind.
The fading limnings form the clouds above,
render my heart to your embrace, once more,
in manifestations of passion's glove.
But can I trust my feet to touch the floor,
and so release my heart to live the dream,
or should I turn and close the silent door.
     As love is magic then I should redeem
     And dance my heart in your reflected beam.

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My Guinevere

In this hell you hold the hand of our Lord.
Deep inside my heart troubles towards doom,
If I could cast it upon my own sword
And if I could request for just one boon.

Fear to accept what my heart proclaims true?
With no reasoning and poisoned with lies
My ambition can never be with you
I am haunted by your beautiful eyes.

There’s no profit from the promise we’ve kept,
Which cannot be honoured to ours above.
Denial and deceit we must both accept,
We must from our good lord both hide our love.

And inevitably darkness draws nears,
Discovery will realise our fears.

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Revelation (4)

Her eyes, lips and dainty nose, a delightful vision to know,
Tightly flowing locks of hair, such entrancing colored locks,
Adorned in shades of green, her earthly spring allure in glow,
Her pale skin seems chilled slightly from the past seasons blocks.

Upon her glory, she wears nature’s colors of every shade so bold.
Flowers, leaves of many species, proudly displayed as crown.
Her body reclusive in her adornment of sage green attire in fold,
Hands so delicate and clutching her garb of green and brown.

Her eyes stare outward as warning, with such honesty beheld.
Lips painted with creamy delight, perfection is all her own.
Cheeks imprinted with the blush that her convictions compelled.
Branches of nature embrace each part, which her soul will condone.

Her precious name of springtime plays upon this fairies repose.
Forever within your mind, her image imprinted as a beautiful rose.

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Wounded Heart

Your beauty gives the sun it's flame
You set my soul on fire
My heart is yours, I now proclaim
Your wish, is my desire

I dare not speak those words of love
For I cannot take rejection
Your essence pure, like a snow white dove
That casts a radiant reflection

Alas, I give my heart to you
To do with as you will
Your silence, casts an ominous hue
That makes my heartbeat still

Indeed, it's better to have loved and lost
As I tend my wounds and count the cost

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let your heart be light 
throw your burdens away, 
let love embrace you 
to take you through the night. 

it is all I can give 
forever it shall live, 
my heart forever is true 
I'll always be here for you. 

if ever you feel fear 
ever you want to spill tears, 
on my shoulder you can cry 
to you I will never lie. 

may it always be with you 
as on each road you go, 
through rain or burning sun 
your life now, has begun. 

in my heart you shall be 
together we will be free, 
let your hand be held in mine 
friends to the end of time

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Jot each new thought that sculpts each page;
Observe the sights in sensual feel;
Urge oozes plot, trend sets sure stage;
Rouse to the right pace that now thrills;
Note the sure fling of adrenaline;
Allow for pains rolling harsh norms;
Look to clear strings next to being.
Meet succinct gains obscured by form;
Embark on quest growing in scope;
Sense the subject ripe with delight;
Soar beyond jest as wit can cope;
Aim to connect points that seed sight;
Glimpse a finesse hurling with urge;
End word address yielding grand surge.

Leon Enriquez
 09 July 2014

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To stay forever beautiful and young
and ride across the windows of the sky
on wings of Pegasus, of which is sung
the merry nine of Zeus, who never die;

their words are flowing still, from every heart
who writes a rhyme or reason with the pen,
perchance to shape the world, or be a part
of what tomorrow testifies was then.

In all of time, the poets take the lead,
of where the world must go, it's in our hands,
and Zeus still loves his daughters in their need
as sure as every poet understands.

Once mounted, Pegasus must take to wing
and every Muse must ride along and sing!

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 The last of feigning death, love now abides,
 tuberculin, infectious, inside her breast.
 She breaths emotion where your hope now hides,
 and clings to what Melpomene knows best.
 Dear tragedy of love, deep in her eyes,
 to love we die, or never love one bit.
Your soul--once doomed to Hell--see now it flies
 renouncing every hope of ending it.
 Consuming as is love, the hate must flow,
 each seething, creeping, loathing will to fly,
 amongst what hope is left, one thought will show;
 to know the deep of someone, one must die.
 All of your will, which dieth, less for cause,
 has ended short of knowing who she was.
 ©  ron wilson

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See clearly here the why and how;
Indulge your air of happy thoughts ;
Make action clear in timely now;
Persuade your flair to work the plot;
Listen and learn to weave know-how;
Explore your quest with easy feel.
Sense and discern the path right now;
Trace precious zest to flood goodwill;
Reap what you sow in acts that thrill;
Attract fond health in field of stay;
Treat and let show flood gracious fill
Expand your wealth with surge of play;
Grand ideas come with ready joy;
Yield wondrous sums with cheery ploys.

Leon Enriquez
09 July 2014

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A Love Song

My ocean heart runs deep for your love’s true.
If not you, then who would I give it to?
My love for you grows deep like roots of trees.
If it weren’t for you, then who would love me?
For my heart pangs when you are not around. 
And within it echoes love's yearning sound.
You my dear, are a lovebird flying by.
And bring color to my black and white sky.
Your smile is like the sun's rays shinning bright.
Your figure beckons unto me this night.
Must I dive into your ocean of love?
To be caressed by the grasp of your hug.
   Why do the feelings of love seem so wrong?
   To my other half this is a love song.

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Wounded Heart

Your smile and beauty gives the sun it's flame
Your touch can even set my soul on fire
My heart belongs to you, I now proclaim
Your wish, my destiny and soul's desire

I dare not speak those blissful words of love
For I cannot bear your heart's rejection
Your essence is pure, like a snow white dove
That casts such a radiant reflection

Alas, I give my wounded heart to you
For you to keep and do with as you will
Your faint silence, casts an ominous hue
That can even make my heartbeat seem still

Indeed, it's better to have loved and lost
Yet, as I tend my wounds I count the cost

Thanks to Deborah Guzzi for her help

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Sonnet 2

Your Sentiment no longer a thought
As I walk in the shadow so distraught 
For my heart speaks in sweet sorrow
For this woman I love to-morrow

Will leave me lost and so alone to weep
 I knowingly shall rest my head to sleep 
With my heart on my sleeve if you please
I heard a slight laughter through the trees

For she walks in the shadow of his charm
With a willful promise on his arm  
Now I can’t whisper her unruly name 
Come it nay to me now and shame
Never more you ruthless queen 
Should I wake it from this rotten dream? 

(This is Laura's Shakespearean  sonnet )

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Para Para

HInoi Team dances, lovely on the stage
Spreading the moves, so famous they have made
Para Para takes its place in this age
Among the great fav’rites, never to fade.

Like a bright, rushing stream, the movements go
And round the curves of music they bend.
As one with the beat, the time seems to slow
The song seems forever, sans start or end.

While the wind teases the leaves of a tree
The lovely blossoms it causes to fall.
With effortless rhythm it calls to me,
The melody captures us, one and all.

Though simple as a child’s favorite game,
This dance has taken root, and risen to fame.

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All Fool's Day Sonnet

The wolves are out howling at the full moon
Jokesters are next and will be here real soon
I am holding tight to my silver spoon
See you in Dodge City when it’s high noon

My heart skipping and jumping as it beats
Knowing this day will be a fancy treat
Some folks are waiting to turn up the heat
I like this day because it is so neat

All Fool’s Day is remembered far and wide
With a smile I think I will stay inside
My heart will sing and also try to hide
Whisper All Fool’s Day and stand by my side

The wolves are out howling at the moon
Jokesters are next and will be coming soon!

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Sonnet: The Secret of Success: Love

(English Sonnet)

You can’t really succeed without love
Love or its lack will make you weak or strong
Love is the key to success from God above
And its power is a victorious song!

With love we can overcome all kind of evil
God give us all a heart and soul to love
With an option to be kind forgive ill
And we can do it walking in His love.

Sometimes you may think that you can’t do this
But let me tell you in Jesus name you will
Cause walking in His Word/ Light is the key
Think hard, you decide! God’s way or your will.

Just keep in mind that God/Love never, ever fails!
Do everything with love, heart with joy will fill!

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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The summer of My Life

My son, my son! He will one day put up his arms And shout out, “Play!”
He’ll scribble walls, my young aesthete, bang pots and pans to his own beat.
We’ll hide and seek in show’rs of May, and learn what clouds and stars might say.
He’ll run while stumbling with his feet and singing out his laughter sweet.

I know he’ll grow with every turn. My teachings round his mind he’ll churn.
I pray the good that I’ll instill enhance his power of free will,
And when he leaves he might secern what saves his world or makes it burn.
I hope his life shall then distill some greatness, making life a thrill.

I hope my days will still allow to reach these dreams I hold somehow,
‘Cause now’s the summer of my life and I’ve no child, and lost my wife.
If Fate my dreams does disavow, my art I heighten starting now.
I’ll also try by virtue rife to win my place in afterlife.

Remembered I might never be, most humans try this commonly.
Astounding this we try, agree? To endure like minor deity.

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Above Cherished Love, Bless Life From Above--Sixth Shadow Sonnet Challenge

~~~Above Cherished Love, Bless Life From Above!~~~

Taste the bitterness, life has lost its taste
Blood spilled sweet innocence that dried my blood!
Wasted soul where is your life you wasted?
Floods of dead men tales; we drown in floods!

Forgive me, if my soul will not forgive!
Hate lost life and everyone it hates!
Live my soul; love gave one reason to live!
Fate was what we needed, to seal our fate!

Nights blinding darkness; death desired the nights
Faith blessed our love; my heart loved our faith!
Life changed at last; one chance to love sweet life
Wraith my soul I'm nothing; I'm your lost wraith!

Love more than my will; where's your promised love?
Above cherished love, bless life from above!

© 2015 DiLinda A. Adams, All Rights Reserved

Title Word Challenge: Above Cherished Love, Bless Life From Above!


Sixth Shadow Sonnet Challenge! – Please join me; it has to rhyme, 10 syllable count, and 14 lines to meet the challenge. However, if you just want to be creative please do so.





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Sapphire Oceans

A cooling breeze gently caressed my skin
While watching the sun sink beneath the wave
Each night she comes to gently take me in.
In the twilight I see the love I crave
Where sapphire oceans meet the rocky shore
I see her face that makes my heart stand brave.
And though I have ne’er felt her kiss before
I know my fate is grasped within her hands
For all I yield she will demand much more.
I fear her want yet dance across the sands
To see her face above the worldly din
My confused heart finally understands.
A cooling breeze gently caressed my skin
Each night she comes to gently take me in.

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Unrequited Love

The love you planted is now fully grown,
in the soil of my heart it has blossomed.
It is a shame that your love has now flown,
into the heart of another’s bosom.

What did she have that I did not offer?
What could she possess that I could not claim?
Is it my fault you turned to another?
Is it my fault? Am I the one to blame?

No! It was you that evoked these emotions.
The words that were spoken deceitful lies.
I wish to kill my love and devotions,
but the flower that blossomed will not die.

I hope in time this blossom will wither.
Die a cruel death from your loveless winter.

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Preparation for a Portrait

To wear precious jewels night + day
To be swathed in fine fabrics work or play
Her portrait hangs painted in oils
Her complexion captured time cannot spoil
Photographs we cherish and keep in our pockets
Prior cameras minature paintings kept in lockets.
The oil portrait outlasts a photograph by far
Personal prestige denotes how important we are.
What is your do you wish to be viewed?
My sitters are prompted to be embellished in gems
If none are at hand we shall superimpose them.
Diamonds,rubies,emerals,pearls and sapphires
Oil paint manifests all the elements I desire.
Such velvets and Satins even Rembrant would approve. 

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Sweet love sweet taste of your lips 
Lavished expressions turn my heart into an eclipse 
Distant echoes vibrate your pulse 
I am consumed by your aura and can’t think of anything else
Just the mere sound of your voice
I fall into a silent lovers rejoice
Left over scents on hats 
Coffee cups with rings of black

Dazzling love oh hear me call
To what is this causing my heart to be enthralled?
Be it dark or be it light 
Sustaining the loveliness and its blight

Dance away now I shall dance so high 
Feel the enchantment of your love tempting me sigh 

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Imprint your pact with prompt action;
Do all you can to find the way;
Explore fine tact with strong passion;
Aim to work plan as focus stays.
Prime your sure style with senses clear;
Look deeper now for thoughts most crisp;
Allow for smiles to help you steer;
Note wise endow that brings you peace.
Align your heart and soul and mind;
Choice frames your play with vision bold;
Trust in your art to seek and find;
Nurture brings pay as health unfolds;
Opt for clear pitch as success comes;
Work on your reach to span grand sums.

Leon Enriquez
09 July 2014

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Psychedelic Mind

Psychedelic shades of hue
Reds, violets and colorful blues
Shapes distorted they do convey
An imaginary delusional conventional display

Floating matter amidst in the air
Encircle my quaint modest lair
Canvas it bares no strokes of shade
Thoughts and ideas merely forbade 

Rising and lifting above the roost
Lifeless serenity; no need for a boost
Psychedelic daze, peering down upon you
Your bodies so small and I feel so new

Diminished clarity; falling quickly now
Crashing into reality; silent psychedelic vow
Teasing thoughts; temptations ramped thru my mind
Yearning for the next trip, of an altered distorted kind

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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The Anniversary of Heartbreak

Why must I lay here barren and wasted
What beauty don’t you see in my being?
You’re rejecting the fruit you have tasted
On deaf ears fall the cries I am pleading
You say your attraction to me is deep,
For you there will never be another
So why does my poor heart every night weep
Because you refuse to be my lover;
How can I make you understand clearly
Has this love become stale and bittersweet?
As I let my blood pour out it’s merely
A hollow attempt ending in defeat
How cruel is the heart armored in malice
Just like a bitter end; cold and callous

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Art Of Words

I paint pictures like Davinci-Close your eyes and see the visual picture
I speak from the soul like 'Pac- can you see my visual scriptures
like Picasso- I paint pictures too
it's life in the words I speak- it's life in my literature
I put detail in my art like Pollock do
and some may read this- and think of it as being taboo
yet through my words you can picture my soul like Gordon Parks
I speak from my pen like Alex Haley speak from the heart
i'm like Vango and Monet- difference is- some will follow the G.E.N.E.R.A.L.'s Sonnet
if you want to find me- then through my words you should start
from my soul- to your heart-through my words- you bind it
from my words-the power- like Maya Angelou's you find it
if I overstand- then maybe you understand- my words have no cost
my words are art-I tell you-I teach you- like i'm Ross
my words are as a mural-Wyland- my soul is the sea
travel with me through word in my soul- you may get lost
yet you visualize-you'll see apart of me
'Pac-Alex Haley-Langston Hughes-Maya Angelou-Shakspeare-is art to me

my words is art-and no!-i'm not budging
like Micheal Angelo's painting "The Last Judgement"


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As Shadows Blind

The night is approaching one more time and 
I feel I don't know why just like crying. 
Everywhere I see shadows- theyre following me 
Life is so bad and I just can think of you. 

But within the core of my very heart I just 
Know that this doesn't really matter anymore 
I see now that like so many I played loves game 
And then I just lost it again like I did once before. 

All that I see around me are now only shadows 
They are like cobwebs trembling inside my mind 
And nothing is left now but only all my memories 
They live in my heart and soul as shadows blind. 

The night one more time is just approaching 
And I feel I don't know why just like crying.

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Heart's Bequest

My heart is placed upon the palm
Is outstretched, as well, to provide
May it be taken and then calmed
For it beats fast, where it resides

It beats so fast it sets the pace
It is controlled then by her touch
It changes beats, when seen her face
As she excites me just so much

I wait for her to hold it tight
As she then takes it to her breasts
For there my beating heart feels right 
With her heart, my heart is at rest

For this is where I dream to be
I cannot wait for night to see

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The Window

Dark;Dark;flick:the contrast  is stark
Domain and shadows are ever turning gray
They will soon outlive their stay
Form,and color slowly give way
Wait,I wait for that suns first ray.
The sound is that of a meadowlark
He is bidding farewell to the passing of dark
Could it be?Oh could it,be the first ray?
The window catches it,andkeeps it at bay
It will catch as many as it can and make them stay 
It enters its job for the day

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I cried for you with tears and tears
I cried for you through a maze of years
I pour my heart in these lifeless pages
Trying to recover some semblance of saneness
My heart has evolved into a life of its own
My words have stung but they too have grown
My legs no more walk with the ease they once had
My face no more shows the blush of the glad
I know what you've been through all the years
All the hateful words, the stinging tears
I recall the sounds, the stifling of cries
I remember the days your tears I dried
I love you today more than ever before
Yet I'm helpless to assist you I woefully implore

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Heart Aflutter

I placed my heart for all to see
I hoped to have it catch its due
No one stopped, nor even cared
Until then came the heart of you

You seemed to glow from fires within
Your natural aura deeply burned
A beauty owned that lets you win
The heart of me, for you, now yearns

Unto the clouds, the setting sun
Unto the heavens past the sky
My heart does leap, your heart it’s won
Your heart’s the reason that mine flies

Without your love, I’d surely die
For with your heart, these two hearts fly

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Love's Currents

To my Valentine
My voracious dear
Whose zest is for wine
Yet mine guise is of beer
To my dulcet amore
You're the last in regard
To my soul's paramour
This endeavor is scarred
Same as Aeneas
I'll leave this sublime queen
And love instantaneous
Twill deliquesce 'tween
No curb to my ideal
Since love turned out unreal

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Spiritual Wind

The thoughts of spirits at night ,bring chilling fear.
The wind blowing,or is it the spirits showing there near.
They ride the wind not knowing where they come or where they go.
Your hair standson end as the wind decides to make the leaves dance a show.
You hear a whisper coming from the wind as it rushes through the trees.
My insight tells me its two spirits chatting like the mating of two bees .
We all get that feeling that there is someone behind us ,and we take off in a dash.
Maybe were not so paranoid,especially if the wind is blowing,but we do not know 
where they come from or go in a flash.

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Defend Me Father

How could you not defend my grace?
You my brother and father in haste
Protection you should have given to me
Instead of a false pretension of the incapability to see

Loyalty you possess amidst your modest private group
How much pain do I endure, how low must I stoop?
Allowing your only daughter and sister to be mauled 
Your loyalty is selective; why am I so stupidly appalled? 

It’s never been a surprise to me that I’m the lesser one
Even all my achievements; I’m still the one who’s shunned
Where’s the unconditional love all of you have preached about?
Were they just pacifying remarks; pretending not to shut me out?

I’m ashamed and infuriated that neither one of you
Would defend my honor and sensibility; simply you withdrew
Family is supposed to protect each other until the bitter end
Had I been wearing the shoe that fit, your reputation I would defend

But I wasn’t shown that privilege, was I my faithful kin?
I was shown a simple remiss of another troubled sin
Well time has come to show me that were clearly drifting apart
A father who refused to shield his daughter; a person simply forgot

I’ve made my peace and understand that I’m no longer your little girl
But in my heart you’re still my daddy and my emotions are in a whirl
My aching heart is in disarray for I know what the future brings
The disappointed invisible one, no longer feeling your shameless stings

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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The Dreamer

Tears fall like rain from his eyes,
trying hard to drown his sorrow,
Where once there were clear blue skies,
now left facing another gray tomorrow,
Left feeling alone and empty once more,
The Dreamer stands with his heart in his hands,
as another love walks out the door,

A flame that once burned vibrant and strong,
has now become just a dying ember,
A heart that sang a joyous song,
now as cold as the snow in December,
Left behind now just another memory,
The Dreamer cries, As he tries,
to hold onto his dream,

A man once so full of joy and love,
who cherished each and every tomorrow,
Now stares at the rain clouds up above,
and tries to hold back his sorrow,
He gave his heart to a love so true,
truly the best he had ever known,
The Dreamer goes on as tine goes on,
in our memories he will always roam.

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Music Dreams

Dice clicking in loaded hands, empty pledge
Hair-shaking wetness on steamed windowpanes
Fingernail file passing on painted edge
Eye lashes blinking against flashing lanes

Grey Fedora and white knuckles knocking
Urgent business with platinum blonde and lace
Neon crackle and alley cat loving
Dark passageway to dead end people place

Sunglasses sparkle above ruby lips
Be the lovely handmaid of French delight
Scarf trailing red over twilight cool hips
Secret midnight panther fading from sight

Endless shelves of knowledge tempting poets muse
Hidden, private visions he dares to peruse

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Hardened by Time

The heart I have beats silently alone
As dark of night weighs heavily on me
The morning sun shall see it then as stone
A hardened crust that everyone will see

Yet winds, in time, may carry dreams aloft
So maybe hopes will one day then be real
To one adored, so beautiful and soft,
I send my hopes and dreams to her, to feel

I pray that time befriend this lonely heart
I, too, wish that her heart remains with joy
With windblown wishes, that I will impart
My every ounce of strength to then employ

So she will then soften this heart of stone
Destroying that which left it all alone