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Halloween Scary Poems | Scary Poems About Halloween

These Halloween Scary poems are examples of Scary poems about Halloween. These are the best examples of Halloween Scary poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Scary Moments

Something’s lurking in the shadows. Something’s hiding in the dark.
Something’s out there by my window, so why doesn’t Fido bark?
Something out there wants to get me! I am losing my sang-froid.
Something wants to disappear me. I’m not being paranoid!
I used to have a neighbor woman--We cannot find her anywhere.
When I called for some patrolmen.  They did not show ‘cause they don’t dare!
Something outside isn’t human-- or at least not anymore.
A cannibal or psycho axeman, or just a clown covered with gore.

I’ve got the willies something fierce. Those shivers just won’t go away.
I’m not ready for the hearse. Too scared to run…too scared to stay.
Someone’s walked over my tomb, or given me the evil eye.
Something’s out there in costume--Trick or treat, it’s time to die!

Something’s out there by my window, so why doesn’t Fido bark?
Something’s lurking in the shadows.  Something’s waiting in the dark.

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Wishing Witch

            Wishing Witch 

My Halloween screenplay is funny as can be
It’s funny how witchcraft is what we need to see

Brewing up trouble with all your classmates
The teacher will get angry, make no mistake

Crazy riddles from a child can be so scary
Being her classmate leaves you feeling wary
You may start a princess and end as a boar
As her riddles will leave you in an uproar

Will you return to normal after all this nonsense
Is the question that has everyone in suspense

You may not have believed in the paranormal
But you will start to see the proof is abysmal 

Trick-or-treating can be more than a trick
As Jenny needs to get out of this fix

Laughter that gets you jumping off your seat
This screenplay is hilarious, that  you’ll see

So if you’re looking for some trouble
To get you out of your bubble
Go to the site, quick and on the double		

By: Doris Anne Beaulieu
At :   

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On Halloween Night

           On Halloween Night
	  by Genevieve Stevens

	Winds a-blowing all around-
	So dark I cannot see,
	A figure, hush - don’t make a sound-
	That reflection can’t be me!

	The moon is rising to full extent-
	Heart pounding with poignant glee,
	A glorious night for this grand event-
	My victims come to me!

	Brain a-whirling, twirling fast-
	Timing is such a key,
	Almost there, heart please do last-
	A feast awaits for me!

	Through glowing amber eyes, I spy-
	Perfect prey to be,
	I can’t help but give a sigh-
	Come, little morsels, to me!

        A raven’s form I’ve taken on-
        Upon the branch of a barren tree,
        Watching them play on a graveyard lawn-
        Soon a drinking spree for me!
        All together, what a sight-
        Laughing, not thinking to flee,
        Tipping headstones on Halloween night-
        Never sensing the danger in me!
        I can taste the blood, can hardly wait-
        Poor souls, they can’t foresee,
        Lightning fast, they’ll meet their fate-
        Upon their necks, I’ll be!

        Ah-h-h-, quenched my thirst for another year-
        Til I rise from my coffin free,
        On All Hallows’ Eve night you should walk in fear-
        “Cause you, my next victim, might be!”

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On Halloween Night

From depths of Hell I hear them cry
And close my eyes as they float by.
They chill my bones I don’t know why
And think it’s now my time to die,
As my face turns green.
Some of them they hold their head
It seems they don’t know that they’re dead.
I feel so frightened in my bed,
Each time it’s Halloween.

The stench of Zombies in the streets,
Vampires sucking blood just for treats,
The Rippers head bows as he greets,
All these things they give me the creeps
And make my face turn green.
Dracula, his hair slick he grooms,
As Witches fly on crooked brooms.
In shadows hide ghost’s fresh from tombs
Each time it’s Halloween.

Goblins make such horrible sounds,
Their screeches heard all over town.
Tombstones they rise up from the ground,
There’s no relief from grief I found,
That makes my face turn green.
Frightening scenes in neighbour’s yard,
Dripping black bones from Christians tarred,
I pray that Angels will me guard
Each time it’s Halloween.


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***( Consider this my tribute to Edgar Allen Poe )***

I met the ones that crawl below.
Not so very long ago.

When failing legs did cause the fall.
That brought me to their garden wall.

And as I laid among the leaves.
beneath the tall and brawny trees

My bones took on a dreadful chill.
And breath would ceased as I lay still.

For now the ones that crawl below.
Will soon begin to ebb and flow.

And as they move with greater haste,
Hungry now for just a taste.

They enact their grisly trade.
In the garden where I laid.

And so begins the ghoulish feast,
For all the little squirming beasts.

For as they feast they will be,
The last of all that lived in me.

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On Halloween Night

The record skips and the silence creeps in. 
The wooden floor is creaking, but not a sole moves within.
As the beads of sweat trickle and the guest starts to ponder 
What is that shifty figure, skulking over yonder?

I stepped up, took charge and bellowed out a shout 
But that eerie figure did not even turn about. 
Ah forget it, I said, its Halloween even still 
No sense in letting some weirdo dispense of all this thrill.
I turned back to the group prepared to make a toast 
But I stood staring at pale faces and whimpering ghosts 
The shock held me still, my glass falls, shatter. 
The pale faces start laughing, I can hear their teeth chatter.

I try to make a run for it when my eyes spot the shady figure 
His grin pierced my soul. Mind says run, legs wont deliver. 
I can hear his laughter, but no sound escapes his lips, 
He slowly inches closer eerily waving his finger tips

What follows this motion, I can't soon forget. 
"The time has come," he's says, "for me to collect your debt." 
He reached beneath his neck and tore his face off clean 
The bloody skull leaned in and said, "I'll have fun this Halloween..."