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Love Rose Poems | Rose Poems About Love

These Love Rose poems are examples of Rose poems about Love. These are the best examples of Love Rose poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

Details | Prose |

I Do Not Like PoemZoo-m dot com

I do not like

This is only my opinion.
It is perfectly fine for me to have this opinion.
I am not breaking any rules/regulations by having this opinion. is a sister-site of,
which funnels the poems posted on PS onto the Zoo.
This offers poets more exposure.
On a business level, this sister-site generates ad-revenue
and creates a SEO back-link which helps PS ratings.

Now, more exposure and additional revenue towards a site which I enjoy using,
is a good thing.
Also, I agreed for the PS administration(TPS) to post my work "online" in other venues
every time I agreed to the Terms and Agreement clauses when posting a poem.
This isn't lost on me.

Wot else isn't lost on me, is that simply by posting on PS, my work can already
be printed, emailed, shared, linked all over the public domain.
So having my work funnelled over to the Zoo isn't really a big deal, is it?
No, it isn't.
Life goes on.

But it can lead to yet even more possibility of work being used without my permission
even with copyright stipulations/ownership.
Humbly, I am merely an amateur poet only beginning on my poetic journey.
I do not have illusions of grandeur.
It is a specific crowd that enjoys(some lol)of my work. 
I am definitely not everyone's cup of tea.
Yet, I have been approached(on another poetry site where I have been a member 
for years, a non-profit site which doesn't run ads, doesn't offer premium membership; 
this site exists for the sake of art itself. The owner runs it for free by donation)by musicians/producers/composers, to collaborate some of my work, turn it into music.
Some of my work has since been put to score, performed live, and is being recorded 
in studio.
I am lucky and thankful that I was asked for permission to have my work used.
This is not always the case.
Some of my work, and possibly some of your work even, is being used without your 
It is very easy to print a poem and 'accidentally' cut-off the author's name.
Just as an example.
Yes, you can fight for your copyright, but this can be an extended, energy-consuming
and frustrating experience.

So here is, a site to "look for that perfect poem".
There is no 'live' submit field. Poems are funnelled from this site.

When I first joined nearly four years ago,
the site was much more closed and intimate.
There have been many changes since.
Embedded links were added so poems can be shared and linked all over the internet.
As these changes were added, I began deleting specific poems because of this,
poems which I had/have intentions of taking to the next level professionally.

Now that is up and running, I will be deleting even more poems.
For many different reasons.
I don't mind having certain 'oldies' up for sentimental reasons,
nor do I mind having specific tribute poems up(as an example).
Even though offers more amateur exposure,
and this can be seen as a positive thing,
I do not want more of that amateur exposure.

Just because the owner of PS is covered by the legal jargon of the terms and 
agreements, within my sometimes far too altruistic mind-set,
it would have been respectful, polite and professional for the owner of PS to have 
first given a heads-up beyond just the legal jargon;
to have transcended the legal jargon and formally asked poets for their permission;
to have at least had polls and blog discussions first.

By not doing so, the has blatantly moved away from the original 
"family-of-poets" setting, as exemplified between 2005 - 2010, and is now acting as 
a corporation. The world is already unravelling because of corporations, because of 
the corporate legal jargon which protects business over rights and moral codes.

Again, legally, the owner of PS has done nothing wrong.
The extra exposure might benefit some poets.
Simply put, I was not formally asked for my input or permission
to have my work funnelled to a sister-site, BEYOND the cold legal jargon
found in the Terms and Agreements of this site.
Also, having the choice to opt-out(a box/toggle to click in member area, etc)would be 
great. If the sister-site generates ad-revenue, it doesn't matter if my poems show-up
there or not, the ad-revenue will come in with general traffic.
Traffic is wot is obviously desired. 
The traffic will be there regardless if certain people's poems show-up or not, 
or if people uber-post two-word poems.

Since there isn't such an option(as of yet), I will simply continue deleting poems,
because I am not an animal to be shipped from Zoo to Zoo as an exhibit display
against my own freedom of choice.


Since this posting, TPS has added a toggle option in the member area
so that Premium Members can choose if their poems are shown on PZ or not.
I am glad to see this implemented. Good choice, TPS.

You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it's evolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
But when you talk about destruction
Don't you know that you can count me out
Don't you know it's gonna be all right
All right, all right

You say you got a real solution
Well, you know
We'd all love to see the plan
You ask me for a contribution
Well, you know
We're doing what we can
But when you want money
For people with minds that hate
All I can tell is brother you have to wait
Don't you know it's gonna be all right
All right, all right

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah...

You say you'll change the constitution
Well, you know
We all want to change your head
You tell me it's the institution
Well, you know
You better free you mind instead
But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao
You ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow
Don't you know it's gonna be all right
All right, all right
All right....

Written by Lennon-McCartney, 1968
Rights owned by the Michael Jackson Estate

Details | Personification |


.                                              She sleeps in her rose wood bed,
                                                  under a blanket of velvet red;
                                                   old and alone and forgotten,
                                           she dreams of the love she once had.
                                              Once again she recalls his caress
                                                      on the curve of her hips
                                                                and her breast
                                                         as he moved his bow
                                                      on the strings of her soul,
                                                             playing her sound
                                                    'til his passion was spent.
                                           They traveled the whole world over,
                                                      to every city and town;
                                              the maestro, his bow and violin,
                                                 bringing each curtain down.
                                               He died in a cry of sweet refrain,
                                               clutching her strings to his heart; 
                                            as he fell to the floor in a final encore,
                                                       tearing her world apart.
                                           So she sleeps in her rose wood bed,
                                                  under a blanket of velvet red;
                                                         her strings still filled 
                                                    with the song of her soul,
                                                        etched by the maestro
                                                               that loved her
                                                               so long ago!


                                                          Author:  Elaine George

Details | Prose Poetry |

She read me Dr Seuss

6:35 A.M.

Sunrise against my neck
that no cheap tan booth could ever match.

I ring the doorbell in anticipation of joy’s injection.

I needed it.

Because I left my cell phone in the car,
as I didn’t want to hear any chimed email
or text annoyances.

And the car just got cleaned,
only for the birds to have their way
on its waxy shine.


Time to grab the flamethrower from my trunk!

But, before I could scream in Braveheart declaration,
there she was.

Her 6 yr old smile,
made of 1/4 inch gaps between innocence enamel,
captured me like no other could.

“Tio”, she preached in angelica sonata.

As she held me,
held me,
with puppy love warmth.

Even the rainbows fell to its knees.

She took off my jacket with ferret-like perkiness and
asked me to sit on the floor with her.

But, not before offering to toast me some Eggo waffles
with a big glass of Ovaltine…
…in her Little Mermaid glass,
proudly made in North Korea.

It even had the dictator’s initials and a bucktooth smiley face stamp, signed in glitter
that said:

Thank God I just took my online course in Child Safety.
I was ready!

As I sip on Little Mermaid’s curves,
shaped in plastic, swirly straw weirdness,
a sound blasts off from a Barbie radio.

My 2 yr old angel galloped into this heart of mine,
with Tinnitus piercing scream & laughter,
tackling me in Incredible Hulk lunge.

“Hi Tio”, she whispered, before she hopped back upstairs, 
Ninja Turtle-style,
laughing maniacally with rapid head tilts, left to right to left.

Boys will fear her. 
And I couldn’t be more proud.

After two moments of silence, 
my 6 yr old angel places her Dr. Seuss book on my lap,
as she sits in front of me.

“I can r-r-read
with my eye-s

She carefully completed the sentence,
as my eyes instantly fill with leaky pride
and an ingrained smile.

10 minutes later, she shut her book and asked me how she did.
“I am so proud of you my angel.”
“You have come so far.”

I had to hold back tears because I didn’t want to throw her off.
Yet I think she knew,
because she kept her head down and smiled with gentle starburst.

Mission accomplished.

And it was then where I heard her say,
“Those who matter don’t mind,
those who mind don’t matter.”

But she was quiet, looking at me with tilted head & smile.

For it was my inner child, 

© Drake J. Eszes

Details | Romanticism |

A Rose In The Heather.

So still and beautiful lays the rose in the heather,
Lifeless and dying, given to bring you happiness,
So fragile is this rose laying in heather,
Slowly withering and drying, crumbling to a powder,
I look at you and see this rose ever fading,
Once growing, living, accenting its surroundings,
But now gone, plucked from the bush by one mans lust,
I could never compare you to this rose laying in the heather,
For your beauty surpasses its own,

So still and beautiful lays this rose in the heather,
Now dried cracking and dead, stored in a book to bring memories,
So weak and faded is this rose in yellowing heather,
Slowly falling apart as you touch the fragile petals,
I look at you and remember the flower when it faded,
That germinated and grew where I had sown its seed,
Now gone, plucked from the ground by one mans hope,
I would never compare you to this old heather and roses,
For its life was surpassed by yours,

Now I tell you I love you with cellophaned roses in heather,
Draining lifeless this dying confession of my dreaming,
This rose is more fragile then the first had I gave you,
But I could’t approach, my courage eroding at your sight,
I look at you now and see the love I sought inward,
Once alive and growing but only within lost confines of myself,
But never quite gone I hold this consuming fire close inside,
I could never combine your world with mine,
You always looked passed never noticing me,

Now I open my book that holds the first rose, wishing I gave it for the sake of 
Instead I hold a created memory that never came passing, 
That never could I fear,
I hold tight to the lie that through wonted silence I painted,     
But that chance for your love died with the first rose wrapped in heather.

Details | Prose Poetry |

Beneath Dusted Moonlight

Beneath dusted moonlight she twirls
Her hennaed fingers mesmerising  
Upon the wind her name is carried as a sigh
Dancing almond eyes cast a spell

Her rhythmic movements enchant the stars
Bare feet weave delicately
Eyes closed she sways to the beat of the mridangam
A rich tapestry in motion

Enlightened before Sarasvati
Sensual in existence 
She is one with the moon
Her tantric dance eternal

Alone a young boy waits
Alone a single heart beats
Alone he yearns, for her.

mridangam - Indian hand held drum
Sarasvati - Indian Goddess of sensual love, music, art, poetry and learning

Details | Narrative |

Wild Love

The blackberry's love for the garden rose
Brought down the gardener's wrath.
The blackberry sensed the danger
As he wended the garden path.

" A love so true as mine", he sighed,
"Must dare to brave the hoe.
Just a few more feet to reach her,
My true love she must know."

He crept along so quietly,
Sometimes quite out of sight
Until he nudged his darling's feet.
Did he dare to trust the light?

He heard the gardener's heavy boot
And hid in craven shame.
He knew he'd soon be weeded out,
A seedling with no name.

"Have I no worth since I don't rate
Some Latin nomenclature?
Without a well known parentage
Am I a freak of nature?

His darling's line was long and pure,
No skeletons in her past.
He had to make his feelings known.
Those boots were treading fast.

Gently then he wrapped his vine
Around his loved one's spine.
In great amazement he opined,
"Her thorns are sharp as mine".

The sweet rose felt his tender touch
And realized his fear
And wondered at his bravery
In coming to her here.

She heard the swishing of the hoe,
She heard those nearing feet.
Quietly letting down her leaves 
In a manner so discreet

She covered her wild lover.
The gardener unaware,
Stopped but to view her beauty.
He saw naught hiding there.

She whispered, "You are safe now".
The blackberry's heart was light,
Thankful that his dear sweet rose
Had not exposed his plight.

"A rose is still a rose." she said,
"By any other name
And in our distant ancestry,
We share some of the same".

"I'd rather know your wild love,
Than a love that's dull and tame,"
Cuddling close, returned his kiss
Without a bit of shame.

Next season there were seedlings
Of a very different kind.
The gardener delighted, cried
"A horticultural find."

The moral of this story?
Things aren't always what they seem.
The love you look down on today,
Could be tomorrow's dream.

Details | Prose Poetry |


I asked to my father
Baba , What is life ?
He politely said to me , " Life is Duty . "

I asked to my mother
Maa , What is life ?
She said to me with smile , " Life is Responsibility . "

I asked to my teacher
Sir , What is life ?
He said to me with love , " Life is Education . "

I asked to my spiritual master
Gurujee , What is life ?
He said to me with confidence , " Life is Devotion . "

Today my son who read in class nine
Asked me
Babai , What is life ?
I have said to him , " Dear , You are my life . "

( Father means BABA , BABAI and Mother means MAA in Bengali language .  Gurujjee means spiritual master in Indian society )

Details | Free verse |

oh sweet rose

beautiful rose
covered in 
your petal finery
sweet silken
satin soft feelings
singing in praise
touching deeply inside

gentle heart 
of sweetness
tenderness flows
from your sweet
scenting aroma
floats inside 
the scent

heavenly emotions
enchanting beauty
looking amazing
red in passion
hot soft whispering 
pink blushing
orange warm
as the sun beams

dressed in white
you crown angels
petals softly 
whispers flow
on scented air
words inside 
i love you

kissing and hugging
my love deeply darling
surrendering to you
without doubt
purest rose

i trust 
from the petals
into my heart
a crowning jewel
you are queen
amongst flowers baby

Details | Prose Poetry |

If Not

If not passion then desire, that fills 
this heart with fire. At last this heart
has found that hallowed ground at
your side, that place of dreams. 
Where the deepness of my love is
borne on wings of angels, where
the words of  love tumble, fall as
blossom at your feet. Sincerity
lingers like a fragrance, warm and
inviting, soft as that first kiss. That
first kiss built on the foundations 
of forever, of beating hearts in
perfect time. There is passion, there
is desire, but it is the true essence
of love that kindles the emotions
within this heart. Swaying to and fro
like poppies in an open field, this
open field a vastness of the purest 
love. Horizons to be reached, wishes
and dreams to be achieved. With
this in mind I forget time and dream
of you in eternity.

Details | Prose Poetry |

When the Time is Right

For nearly 45 years I never spoke of  that day; the emotional pain was too great.
I simply hid it in the lining of my soul, knowing in my heart you didn’t stand
a chance with me as I stood in the rubble of my life and let you go, wrapped
in my heart with a wish and a prayer- all I had to give. And for 45 years, 
I dreamed of you and me playing in fields of daisies under blue skies as
I cried inside, wondering where you where, and if there was a part of you  
that somehow would remember me- would remember the bond we made 
in that single moment we shared together, when the nurse held you up to the
nursery window for me to see as I  stood on wobbly legs, with my trembling 
hands holding unto a pole with a dripping IV?

I prayed. Lord! How I prayed that someday, by the grace of  God, 
you’d come back to me when the time was right. 

So I lived my life. Got back up and crawled out of the rubble that was me, 
and lived with half a heart that somehow still managed to beat.

With the passing of  time, I bloomed; sometimes red, sometimes blue when I thought of all the years we could have shared as I sat and listened to family and friends 
tell me of the joyful times they shared with their children, grandchildren 
and great-grandchildren as, I  smiled and  cried inside and dreamed of you, 
and all the years of your life I  missed and, all the years I would never know. 
It was then I realized I was a very lonely soul. So, I wrote and wrote and
wrote, never suspecting for a moment that  nearly 45 years later,
you would find me through a poem I wrote for you.

I know I can never replace the mother and father who raised you, for the bonds
of time shared  are  much stronger than blood. Yet knowing what a wonderful 
women you turned out to be, beautiful, intelligent, compassionate  
and now with a daughter  of your own, is enough for me, and someday  
when the time is right for you, I hope and pray , we will meet again.


                                                 Elaine George 

This is a true story.  It was through this forum ( poetrysoup ) my birth daughter found me.