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Quatrain Romance Poems | Quatrain Poems About Romance

These Quatrain Romance poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Romance. These are the best examples of Quatrain Romance poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Time of Bliss

A Time of Bliss

Love’s a mystery to everyone falling under its magical spell,
And it would be natural to think we all know it so very well.
But with emotions ripe and afire in this special time of bliss,
It’s easy for those so smitten not to sense something amiss. 

Love’s a most potent alchemy enchanting at once one’s soul,
And when it’s returned in kind it makes one’s life quite whole.
The pure passion that love excites is beyond all earthly compare,
Which makes it an emotive force not subject to any trifled dare.

Love’s a time of bliss when a couple’s very love melds them as one,
And affairs of the heart shape their fate as two souls form as one.
This is the moment when lovers rejoice in such unbridled pleasure,
When each knows they’ve found a love so rare for eternity to treasure.

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved – February 1, 2015
(Rhymed Quatrain)

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I Wish

I wish I were an angel
To flood your world with my light
To hold, comfort and cheer you
All through long lonely night

I wish I were a fairy
To flit about your dear heart
To give it tiny squeezes
When about to fall apart
I wish I were a goddess
Of beauty a paragon
So you would gaze and wonder
Thoughts of any other gone

I wish I were a muse
Living there inside your mind
To offer inspiration
When right words you need to find

I wish I were a princess
Blessed with luxury so fine
I’d make you live in splendor
If you promise to be mine

I wish I were a star
Sprinkling stardust down on you
Guiding each and every step
Make your dearest wish come true

I wish I were the moon
Working on your inner tides
Drawing you ever closer
Till in me your love abides

I wish I were the sun
Burning to the very core
Searing you with my passion
Rays touching what I adore

I wish I were a flower
To bloom nurtured by your care
Wrap you in my loving scent
Make life beautiful and fair

I wish I were the wind
Caressing you every way
Enfolding you in my arms
Seductress having my way

I wish I were the rain
That wets body through and through
That sprinkles love droplets soft
But then drums itself on you

I wish I were the sea
Foaming, churning ecstasy
To draw you into my depth
Riding waves, unleashed and free

But I am just a woman
I’m as simple as can be
But if you give me your love
All these wonders you will see

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Inspired in part by Shania Twain’s song: “Jealous”   I love that woman…She is awesome. Wish I could see her in Vegas…She is there performing now…Such great songs….

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Kaleidoscope Dreams

Green…you always reflected in my peripheral
And kept watch as I tried to color my world
But there I lay in my blacks and my blues,
lifeless and faltering In monotone hues.

Through kaleidoscope eyes, I envisioned my skies
But the pot at the rainbow was storybook lies
so with nothing to gain and nothing to lose,
I just shuffled around In my blacks and my blues.

Never did I imagine you!, Green… to be my savior
But there you arose, out of my dark abyss
With your bottle green dress and scarlet kiss
Your emerald  green eyes and unbridled bliss.

Now my kaleidoscope dreams have all been unfurled
Since you Green, have colored my world
You rescued my heart, Green
You rescued my heart.

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A Kiss Under the Mistletoe

You saw me from across the room
beside an open door.
Your smile erased all of my gloom
and touched me to the core.

The mistletoe tied in a bow,
your kiss that caused my cheeks to glow!
The mistletoe, the mistletoe,
sweet start of something soon to grow. . .

Then on a most romantic ride
as we sat hand in hand,
you asked me if I'd be your bride
in Winter's Wonderland.

The one-horse sleigh took us away
where snow swirled down, then gleaming lay.
The one-horse sleigh, the one-horse sleigh!
My fondest dream took hold that day.

We snuggle by a crackling fire
here at the winter's end.
No other lover could inspire
me more than my best friend.

The warm fireplace, your angel face
which softly now my fingers trace!
The warm fireplace, the warm fireplace
shows love aglow as we embrace.

*This is actually called a Trijan Refrain, but it's very similar to quatrains.
11/26/13 for Rhonda Johnson-Saunders Kiss Under the Mistletoe Poetry Contest.

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Soon To Join Two

Amidst this greenery and purple heather Azure blue skies grace our naked souls Beneath the Cullins on the Isle of Skye Two in love sharing adventurous goals On our tartan blanket facing each other Noses in touch sharing kisses aplenty Rapid they are in teasingly smother Tongues now fence, complimentary Wandering hands on porcelain skin Gracing, caressing, she sighs as I do Arching her back, her breasts in rise Pert to the air, this soon to join two Slowly in kissing crawl, to her lips I Caressing undulations, blushing she Our eyes meet, for they tell no lies In loving clasp she welcomes me Rhythmic we are in this rustic place Seismic groans of wonderment cry Skin to skin of loving abrasions Two fused astride my manly thighs Gyrating hips in sensuous grind Internal flows await their desire Passionate kisses now frenzied Fusion of two in wanting transpire

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The poets' song

The silent dark encroaches
with another hollow night.
Old poets whisper sonnets
of love and sacrifice.

Her lips move to each arduous verse;
the emptiness advances.
Crescendos find their soaring crests.
A taunting shadow dances.

The moment lingers at a peak
then brings a slow descent.
And as the final stanza bows
her yearning heart relents.

Her memory finds his gentle face.
His voice resounds a vow.
And a quiet faith moves through her
expelling any doubt.

Soon her love will cross the sea;
his promises to keep.
Until that time, the poets sing
and soothe her soul to sleep.

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By All of This - Ah, Wanton Bliss

That passion’s night, to make me sigh, my love seized several beams from sky and shaped a ring of moonstone bright. To make me sigh that passion’s night. My darling beau, to make me smile, then star-shine stole so he could style a necklace rare with diamond’s glow. To see me smile, my darling beau. Dear Valentine, to dazzle me, took whitest pearls from twilight’s sea, with starry strand to intertwine. To dazzle me, dear Valentine. My true love wooed with more than these, not only sight, but ear to please! Two birds he brought that softly cooed. With more than these, my true love wooed. With rose bouquet, with kisses sweet, he made my heart then faster beat. Artisan of romantic play - with kisses sweet, with rose bouquet. By all of this, in motion set was what I’d never known as yet. It burst, then flowed. . . Ah, wanton bliss, in motion set by all of this! (BTW, this is pure imagination, people!!! So don't be jealous!! hahaha This is a form called Swap Quatrain, PD. Happy Valentine's Day to you!!) For the Get your Valentine's Day poem in... any Valentine's poem will do.. (new or old) Poetry Contest of Poet Destroyer A

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This Golden Day: A Madrigal for Amber

My Amber dear, awake to me. 
My madrigal has melody
in trills of the gold finch that you hear.
Awake to me, my Amber dear!

It’s dawn.  Arise, my angel sweet.
Put golden slippers on your feet.
We’ll follow where our songbird flies.
My angel sweet. It’s dawn; arise!

We must make haste, my lovely lass,
to walk on glistening velvet grass.
A day like this we cannot waste.
My lovely lass, we must make haste!

A meadow waits, my cherished one.
Through sun-bright posies we shall run,
where dewy fragrance permeates.
My cherished one, a meadow waits!

I know a stream, my darling love,
a shining mountain sits above.
And water falls where gold fish gleam.
My darling love, I know a stream.

We’ll find a rock, oh, maiden fair,
where you can loose your yellow hair.
And please me more. . . unloose your frock!
Oh, maiden fair, we’ll find a rock.

My one true heart, do come away.
Beneath the falls this golden day,
pure pleasure will our love impart.
Do come away, my one true heart!

4/17/14 for the Colourful Verse Contest of Charlotte Puddifoot

(Just playing around with swap quatrain form,
imagining one of those guys from centuries ago trying
to woo his maiden!)

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O Love, My Love

O love, my love…where in this lonesome hour
Can my heart with sweet abandon find you there? 
If chance upon the wind, you do float as lotus flower
Would on my earthen bed you gladly fare? 

I am your silent lover…though cloaked in gentile guise
With lips, mine own affection would I treat you
And in the twilight’s gloaming your embrace there would I prize
If fate would look away while there I greet you.

O suitors, I commend thy will to win her proffered hand
While exile finds me close enough to see
Yet mark this, would be lovers, her hand there you may find
But her gentle heart was offered first to me.

                                           ~Christopher Thor Britt

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SO Many Questions

                So Many Questions
Were you watching the same moon as I?
The bright smiling moon, low down in the sky
Were you watching it when I at last said goodnight?
Did you catch that kiss sent on the glow of moonlight?

Did you close you eyes in sleep, as the moon passed on by?
Did you catch my dreams to keep them safe, not let them die?
Were you hugging your pillow so tight to your chest?
Leaving kisses on the pillow where my head should be pressed.

Did you wake to see the same moon, then go to sleep?
Were my dreams in your arms, there for you to keep?
To keep for a short while till you give them back to me?
Where we can share them together that is my decree.

© 29/11/2012 ~GG~

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A Romantic Fool

I beg him for a kiss
As he heads out to the door
I’m crushed by his response
“We’re not teens anymore

It’s been twenty years
Why don’t you act your age?”
And I’m left to wonder
Am I a fool or sage?

Does romance have a life span?
Does it vanish with passing years?
Am I a hopeless fool
For romance to flow in tears?

Does romance touch a heart
Only once or twice through life?
Is it only a welcomed guest
When you’re a young and pretty wife?

Then I must be a fool
For romance is the air 
It’s in the pretty flowers
Oh, I see it everywhere

It’s when I look around me
And revel in nature’s hue
It’s when my heart will burst
When making love so true

I am simply dipped in romance
From my head down to my toes
It rains down from the sky
When I point up the garden hose

It whispers in the wind
That flirts with me at night
It’s in the flickering glow
That lights up a love filled night

I breathe in romance daily
From scented candles in my room
It’s in each line of the books
That make me sigh and swoon

He says I overdo it
And it just makes my heart bleed
Romance is what I thrive on
It’s an ever present need

I guess I’m just a fool
For romance fills my head
But take that away from me
And I might as well be dead.

For Kim Morrison's Contest
Incurable Romantic
May 23, 2013

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The Owl and the PusyCat Sail

Together the Owl and the PusyCat were married
Then again sailed out over the deep blue seas
Searching forever for the great Land of Nod,
To the place where they could find true peace.
True peace, true peace… Where they could find true peace.

The love that twined forever within their hearts
They sought throughout all the wonderous lands
Going to the place where they would live in peace,
A place where true peace, rules and lives in the hearts of the land.
The land, the land… Where true peace lives in the heart of the land.

Alas, the love of the heart, though truly not easy to find…
Is easier to find than the love of peace, found throughout the land.
So it’s said they will continue to sail, until that day comes true,
And when they land for the final time, will be up to me and you.
Me and you, me and you… That day will be up to me and you.

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No Matter What We Want

~No Matter What We Want~ I want to drink from the glass you took sips To taste the wine from your glass, with my own lips You caressed the stem like I want you to caress me No matter what we want, it never can be. I want to stare in eyes the colour of mine I want to feel our bodies softly entwine No matter what we want, it never can be I don’t belong to you and you don’t belong to me. I want to feel your arms hold me so tight I want to feel you beside me when I turn at night No matter what we want, it never can be It can never come to pass that we both can see. ©16/09/2102~GG~

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A Love Affair

One cannot wait one counts the hours 
Your lips they need as a bee needs flowers
Your eyes that sparkle when they see you 
Please come my love, you know I want you.

Your fingertips one loves to feel
Your arms about me, the blues do heal
Your kisses sparks a flame in me
A passion burning constantly…

Your strength I need like air to breathe
Time spent apart ones soul does grieve
Just to see and touch your handsome face
Makes ones life a joy, and full of grace.

Come to me my love I thee pray 
I cannot wait another day 
My heart beats out a pounding beat
Whenever we are about to meet.

My love for you is beyond the stars
You send me over the moon to Mars
My sleep in not rest when you are not there
One thanks the heavens for a love affair. 

© 12/012/2012 ~GG~

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Love is Strong

Kindness moves quickly between two lovers Love is strong, the incense does waft through them Mastered the heart of the rose they blossom Never did they think they’d love like a gem Great is the love seen by the romantics
Russell Sivey Form Quatrain(ish) Contest: An ABC Poem about LOVE Sponsor: Alfred Vassallo 5/22/2013

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If I say I love you,
What does it mean?
Is it just something physical,
A sexual thing?

Is it just what I feel,
When I feel my blood surge,
When you reach out and touch me,
A physical urge?

That can't be love,
It's just chemistry.
It cannot be based,
On biology.

For sure we all know,
That's the way it begins,
But if that's all there is,
Then soon it will end.

When the newness wears off,
And things become old,
Then boredom sets in,
And the lamb leaves the fold,

In search of new pastures,
And new, sweeter grass,
So listen and learn,
Be ye lad or a lass.

Love is a deep,
And emotional thing,
That grows over time,
Not just a short fling.

It's something so precious,
Something so rare,
Most find it but once,
So shop with great care.

You'll kiss many frogs,
'Fore you find a prince,
It's an old saying, yes,
But it makes lots of sense.

Don't jump at the first one,
That may come along.
They'll woo you and lose you,
With an old but sweet song.

Set your sights higher,
For it's a sure bet,
One values the most,
What is hardest to get.

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Lost in a moment

Lost in a moment
A breath of time
A single point
On the worlds spine
A single minute
Frozen in space
Held by a kiss
Held in its place
It tingles 
And shimmers
And shakes 
And trimmers
It rolls 
And rocks 
In vicious
But it holds
And lasts 
The past
Caught in time
A web of desire
Caught in a touch
A feeling of fire
A click of a shutter
A flick of a brush
A moment captured
By passion and lust
Feeling you tremble
Seeing you shake
Feeling the heat
The two of us make
And yearning
And burning
And gasping 
The moment 
Is lasping
Im holding
As I watch
You folding
Into my arms
Into my lap
Between my legs
Safely they wrap
Around your back
Pulling you close
Making you feel 
What you need most
Look in your face
Look in your eyes
Kissing you soft
As the firelight dies
Feeling your mouth
Wet on my lips
Drinking you in
Your taste I sip
Running my tongue
Down your skin
Tasting your salt
Where my mouth has been
Your aching 
And pressing 
As your slowly 
Im touching 
And feeling 
Your body 
So willing
So hot 
You get
you wet
making you
making you 
Lost in this moment
This breath of time
This single point
Frozen in time
Holding you tight
As you fall asleep
This moment this memory
Forever ill keep

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Diamonds in Your Eyes

You titillate my senses Every time you stare at me, I feel losing my balances All gems in your eyes I see. You possess tantalizing eyes, Like diamonds in the sky; Don’t attempt to look at me thrice, You’re in love…you can’t deny. I’m completely captivated You know my only weakness In your wooing you succeeded, You’re getting my final “yes”. As we hold each other’s hand, Happily gliding on snow; Kissing me all around, Diamond remnants-all aglow.
Dec. 31, 2013 5.15pm by Leonora G. Fourth Place Contest: A Diamond Remnants Judged: 1/14/14 Sponsor: Poet Gail Angel Doyle I will be closing the year 2013 with a romantic poem;))). Happy New Year 2014 to all! Wishing you all the best of HEALTH, LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS!

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Black Widow--trochee

Black Widow

We made love in the arbour
And loft--out of sight,
Then three times at the harbour
As the day turned night.

Let's go into the parlour
In the candle light,
There's no more time for ardour.
I'm ready to--Bite!

Andrea's contest:"Trochee"
*Note: the black widow spider is known for killing and eating her male counterpart after she has exhausted him from all the 'love making'--mating.

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My Sunrise

You are my sunrise everyday
And my Milky Way at Night
Heart thumping in our lovers way 
As doves take off in flight

Hand in hand we stroll the path
Created foot by foot
The ways we love just count the math
Our soul's a lover's flute

Like minds we are a song to sing
The melody so clear
Projecting light around a ring
To see what can come near

The life we choose will surely last
As long as God Commands
My dying days your hand stays fast
Love lasts like grains of sand

©2013 Rick Zablocki

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Love You Forever

Can’t forget that day
We took 7 steps together
Seems like yesterday
Its 7 years, we are together

Can hear the sound of heartbeats
I felt for you that day
Can you hear the sound of my beats?
It remains the same this day

You are my sweetheart
You are like my mother
I love you out of choice
With you, I have no bother

You hold a special place in my life
Words cannot say my love O’ Dear
Seven more births by grace of God
Our love shall last forever

                                                            5-11-2010 is my 7th Wedding Day
                                                            This poem is to my love, my sweetheart

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Upon A Bed Of Petals

Beneath the cherry tree, a blossom quilt laid out
Inviting, calling, each petal a beckoning finger
Sun sprinkles through the leaves springs here, hear the shout
Hand in hand two lovers stand and linger.

Face to face fingers entwined, lips just start kissing
Breaths held, hearts beating, now in unison
Arms around, holding close not a heart beat missing
As down to their knees they fall as one.

The quilt of petals becomes their fantasy
Entwined as one in perfumed heaven
Wrapped in love their passions free
Hopes rising like warming leaven 

Sharing breaths one body and one mind
Fluttering petals float on the spring breeze
A love story like this you will not find
Passions unlocked as with golden keys.

One heart, one body, one mind
Together on a blanket of petals
True lovers find themselves entwined
As the perfumed petals on pale skins settle

© 11/04/2013

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Wish I Knew

It was just words that we would whisper 
To get us through the nights
Or dreams that came to visit us
When life just wasn't right

A comfort from being lonely
Thoughts to occupy the mind
Never really possible
It was never the right time

And after I was quiet
When the lines began to blur
You found where I was hiding
Knew right where my thoughts were

And you swooped in and won me
Took me right off of my feet
Showed me what is really out there
When two unselfish hearts meet

Showed me how to share in a moment
To be kissed without a rush
To be held onto with a passion
And be graced with your soft touch

Now you've set up camp inside of me
But you've gone so far away
So the part of you that's mixed in me
Misses the real you every day

And you took some of me with you
I'm not sure you even know
If you feel me thinking of you
Wishing you didn't have to go

Always waiting for a word from you
Hoping you're happy 
Wishing you the best there is
Even if it isn't me

But somehow looking for the happy end
Hoping you miss me too
Wondering where our story leads
I really wish I knew.

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Disturb not my peace! Oh flowers!
With thy sweet scents, that haunt, daunt
Worse, thy prattle with butterflies
Lest her thoughts retrace my heart; taunt

Disturb not my sloth! Oh silly winds
With thy grating, gyrating caresses
You rind my confidence, I had
Been pretending with courage-false

Disturb not my silence! Oh senses!
With dreams, desires and promises
I spurned long ago your finesse
When she took my love; gave distress

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The Art of Making Love

Tonight we play our favorite duet
 to an audience of celestial stars.
Variations over years; a song we never forget,
 stroking familiar notes within each bar.

Andante: pianissimo: slow caresses as whispers,
 giving attention to those sensitive keys.
Each to the other, a part we deliver;
 Entwined we perform with such ease.

Allegro: increasing our synchronized tempo
 as our chorus delightfully sings through.
Vibrating heartstrings deeply now flow;
 enjoying our art as if new.

Vivo! As the beat of two hearts now race.
Crescendo! Intensively, climax is reached.
Pausing in arc at this euphoric place;
 echos in afterglow; encores in dreams.

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Write for me a love poem.
Use words I long to hear.
Tell me of your love for me,
And that you hold me dear.

Tell me that you love the way,
Light plays upon my hair;
That star light twinkles in my eyes,
And that you find me fair.

Tell me of the first time,
When you became aware,
That it was I who stirred you,
When first you knew you cared.

Tell me how your heart beat,
Increases when I'm near.
Tell me that to lose me,
Is your only fear.

Speak to me of moon light,
Soft breezes, gentle things;
Lovely words that touch the heart,
And cause the soul to sing.

If you cannot find the words,
To make my heart beat faster,
Then read some poems of long ago,
The sonnets of the masters.

They knew how to turn a phrase,
Could touch your very soul.
The words they wrote reach out through time.
Such words just don't grow old.

Speak to me of beauteous things,
Words soft as a silken glove.
Speak the words I long to hear.
Speak to me of love.

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Keys to Bliss

Mind filled with dust
I could not see further
The sea breeze and the mist
Could charm me no more

My heart longs for my love
How could I hurt her?
Felt bitter, I lost hope
Will she leave me for ever?

Legs take me to the waves
I cannot believe my ears
I hear her voice, was so sweet
She was right back, so near

Tears filled our eyes
Wipe away the dust in my mind
Kiss her lips, tap her cheek
She hit me back, I do not mind

The door was locked
Seemed a while before
My keys to bliss back with me
I hold her in my arms forever.

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Beware The Doghouse

Valentine's Day is just four months away
Are you ready to show her some love
For that beautiful someone sharing your life
An affair that fits like a glove!

You mustn't forget or ignore this occasion
Most romantic time of the year
To ladies, it's the supreme test of your love
Mess up... it's the doghouse I fear!

You'll feel her wrath for a long time to come
Like winter in the month of May
The calendar will say that spring has arrived
But the frost won't soon go away!

Just a reminder to order those flowers
It's never too early to plan
Or buy her chocolates, that's always good
You'll wind up being DE MAN!

If you mess up, don't come crying to me
I warned you in plenty of time
No, go somewhere else, you can't live here
You've committed the ultimate crime!

© Jack Ellison 2012

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Should winter cometh before roses bleed wouldst thou be fair and warm mistress’ fire? Alas, waiting wife desires the same need to float upon the night her sparrow’s lyre. I pray thee, wash away the night’s coldness Till we lay on thick mat and yield to time, with secrets that moon shalt guard our madness thou art mine though we hide fine bliss of wine. But lo! Thy old dame searches for Lord’s name clanging gates with neighs, her face known to all Whilst she rages of us; townsfolk cry, “ shame!” On eve’s folly, tryst doth claim fools’ toll! . …….. . Contest: Lisa Cooper’s I Want Some Old English Scandal

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Something Like You

Something like a love song
Crossed my mind,
Sang to my soul,
Made my heart fly.

Something like a daydream
Drove me wild
Had me on cloud nine
Free like a child.

Something like a miracle
Hit me hard
Had me jumping and skipping.
I was touching the stars.

Something like a love story
Took my by surprise
Feeling like I won the lotto
Gave me butterflies.

Something like a love song
Played softly to my heart beat
Its all your fault
And I'm swept off my feet.

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Black Diamond Night

                      Black Diamond Night

The rapier of light cut through the black velvet night
Two lovers looked up at the first star tonight
Look see, that star light above
But she could not see, the star was her love…

Bodies lying spent under the warm black sky
The rapier of light like a javelin poised high
His body glistening in the extending glare
Her eyes blocked by her lovers breath to share.

He stands and looks up to the gods above
You thought you could take me from this woman I love.
Thor looking down at his son now a mortal
Power he would give to his grandsons  through his portal.

His son once a demi,-god, now a mortal man
He vowed he would help, in any way he can
The light strikes his son from the black velvet sky
His back arched in pain his thoughts wondered why!

His lover lay replete on the damp flattened ground
Unaware of the pain and the light all around
Her lover stands his beauty abounds
In his hand a weight his fingers surround.

His heart is heavy, his father has cast him
As he opens his hand, his breath he does gasp in.
There in the palm of his hand he held tight
The most beautiful diamond from the black velvet night.

His heart is softened, he know it does mean
His father’s not forsaken him, his love he has seen
He takes his lover in arms, holds her tight
As they make sweet love under the black diamond night. 
© ~GG~ 18/08/2012

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:sigh of relief:

Words spoken in silence,

[When language does not suffice]

Like a look or a tear, although concise

Can echo a lifetime in your ear,

Much louder than those you can hear.

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Dusk, 'til dawning light : Autoinversion Form

   Once, I loved a lady sweetly,
   stole my heart away quite neatly;
   dreaming of her every night,
   from each dusk, 'til dawning light.

   Making love, each eve went fleetly;
   when came morn she'd leave discreetly.
   From each dusk, 'til dawning light,
   holding her with all my might.

   Brewed me tea, made life alright
   from each dusk, 'til dawning light,
   through the day she came to greet me,
   always there with me completely.

   From each dusk, 'til dawning light,
   I loved her then with all my might.
   She completely came to greet me,
   most discreetly, fleetly, neatly...
   Once, I loved a lady sweetly!

         Rascal Jones
         ©1 Oct 2011

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Fingertips That Touch The Lips

~Fingertips That Touch The Lips~

Fingertips that touch my lips
Breathing deep and hot
Should the lips touch?
The fingertips say not.

A cheek fanned by hot breath
Fingertips strolling round
Self control condemned to death
Sinking- nearly drowned.

Tremulously the lips meet 
Sparks let loose and fly
From now on we’ve lost
We just gonna chase that high.

Fingertips that touch the lips
What is one to do?
Breathing deep and hot
The lips that now touch you. 
~GG~ 1/10/2012

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Underneath the branches of weeping willow
We shared our flaming passion last night
But when this morning, the sun had risen               
Found the woeful tree, glowing with delight! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  16 SEPTEMBER 2014

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The Poem You Can Never Read

Sometimes fear can catch our tongues
Keeping truths enclosed
Barring words to pass the lips
Words leaving us exposed

And maybe that's what's safer
Than what I'm about to do
But we only get one life to live
And in my life, I want you

You've been inside my heart now
For a long time, but I've been
Afraid that it was just me
Just a dream that I was in

But then you came and touched me
And the feelings came alive
But I've still kept them quiet
Waiting for the perfect time

But time keeps ticking past us
And perfect, time is not
And life goes on without you here
And this isn't what I want

You won't believe how great you are
Well when you're viewed by me
You're really unbelievable
I just wish that you would see

I've seen you become a man
In the years you've been around
I've seen you go through many things
Seen you be up, and then down

I've seen you fight for who you love
I've seen you win and loose
I've seen you go through hard things
I've seen you have to choose

I've seen how you remember
Little silly things each day
That means so much more to me
Than I could even say

I know we come from different worlds, 
But thats alright by me
I know that there are obstacles
Probably more than I could see

I think I'd go a thousand miles
If I could end up in your arms
You see, you broke through my hearts barriers
Leaving me disarmed

As many things as you are
One thing that you're without
Is eyes to see how much I care
I guess I'll have to spell it out

My heart wants to be with you
For us to have our chance at love
And maybe it would work out
To be all we've both dreamed of

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Dont Make Her Ask

Don’t make her ask for a kiss
When she wants to drift to sleep
Don’t make her ask to be held
When her soul's about to weep
Hold her…

Don’t make her ask for kind words
To make her soft heart secure
Don’t make her reach out to you
When she needs strength to endure
Speak to her….

Don’t make her bedroom eyes beg
For tenderness of your touch
Don’t make her hands have to lead
To what she longs for so much
Caress her….

Don’t make her ask you for more
When she has need yet to feel
Don’t make her cry bitter tears
When she longs for what is real
Pleasure her…

A woman must be treated
Like a sweet and gentle thing
If you are hard and uncouth
You might break her angel wing

A woman must be nurtured
Like a lady let her be
If she feels in love secure
She'll act out your fantasy

She can be just what you want
Make your every wish come true
But take this advice from me
She must have respect from you.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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My Love

My love just thinking about you
It always blows my mind
My love I sprinkle about you
Tastes like the finest wine

My love that I will give to you
Will stand the tests of time
My love I will be here for you
As long as you are mine

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Linger Over Me

Linger over me, my love
Give me a moment’s more care
Stay a while longer, dear one
Wrap my soul in softness fair

Wait until I’ve had my fill
Till ripples finally recede
Wait till tranquil dreams are past
Hold me to your heart, I plead

Linger over me, my love
Whisper sweet nothings to me
Run your fingers through my hair
Cloistered in love let me be

Linger over me, my love
Close luscious lips over mine
Give me benediction's kiss
Wet with a full bodied wine

Stay with me longer, my heart
Don’t rush this sweet afterglow
For in these dulcet moments
My mysteries you will know

Linger over me, my love
Prolong this time, I entreat
Let my heart glow in this truth
That to you my love is sweet

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Once More

I see your name here and there
Suddenly, I can’t get you off my mind
I catch your fragrance on the air
Remembering when your lips touched mine

I feel your presence all around
In the night and the sunshine, warm
I would give all, and all again
To hold you once more in my arms

                       ~Christopher Thor Britt

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I Smile

The tables have turned
A new chapter in my book
I was giving up hope
But risked a second look

Strolling into my life
With speckled shoulders and toothy smile
Saves me from it all
Tells me holding on could be worthwhile

A raging, fast current
Leaves me head over heels
Changing souls into fire
Rather than rusting steel

In a look there was love
That had never been spoken
Mending and healing
The things that should never be broken

Life and love just keeps growing
And I’ve stopped biting my tongue
I’m collapsed in a heap of smiles
And I feel fresh air replete my lungs

My heart thumping felicity
Through my once hollow veins
Accepting all of life
And cleaning out the stains

Dancing on my toes
Eager for your lips
That have shown me what’s real
Replaced old life’s script

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A Posting to Remember

We met during the war on this now famous sunny isle
Like a moth to a flame, was her infectious smile
I was in the Navy, stationed aboard an MTB
Keeping shipping lanes open, for the Mediterranean Fleet

Whilst the war years progressed you could sense the islands bravery
Heavily bombed and damaged, under threat of Axis slavery
Although we lived amidst, we could only marvel at their spirit and guile
They fought hard for their liberty on that famous sunny isle

I'll never forget the times, endured during this terrible war
Camaraderie became their strength, for what they had fought-en for
Simple life went on, amidst the cafes and the bars
My new found love from this famous sunny isle, became my married dove

We still recall the radio broadcast, declaring that war is over
As we headed back to my homeland, to Scotland and live in clover
The day that we embarked, many a tear fell from our eyes
Looking back at this famous sunny isle, under peaceful azure blue skies

Many a word we spoke, whilst we sailed to Southampton Port
Now demobbed, to a civilian, hopefully the war mongers are brought to court
Although the war years showed their horrors, respect was never far away
This famous sunny isle, wears the George Cross in deserved display

Heading home to Scotland, past fields in harvest bloom
This proud Royal Navy sailor, with his bride and he a groom
We cried as we passed the war torn, not only was it the famous sunny isle
For the war had been so expansive, in it's putrid inhuman vile

We settled on the West Coast, amidst the heather and the glens
Bringing up our boys, praying they'll never be fighting men
Many nights we stayed up, answering questions of our past
From that famous sunny isle, our true love would always last

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In The Arms We Should Have Always Been - sensual

-=·~•˜**˜•~·=- ~ some things are meant to be ~ -=·~•˜*˜•~·=- My Lovely, Graceful Dancer~ silky feet, so light, So softly flow into my dreams each night. ~•˜*˜•~ Gliding, oh-so smoothly across our loving, starlit floor, Like the ever-urgent, beating sea against my yearning shore. ~•˜*˜•~ Take my hand, Sweet Dearest and twirl my wonder wide, Then, swiftly guide me, Lover back again to you inside. ~•˜*˜•~ Matched in blissful harmony our bodies ethereally move, Flow me now..forevermore into your flowing groove. ~•˜*˜•~ As if these steps have always but to fulfill our life, to belong, All the years we danced alone we now very wrong. ~•˜*˜•~ Our frames into each other we do one we melt, You, the most glorious woman dream and life has ever felt. ~•˜*˜•~ I know your sweet thighs, now sliding softly against my own, Take me, My Heavenly Partner, to realms I've never known. ~•˜*˜•~ Nurturing breasts...your mound so softly 'pon me grind, To steal away my willing heart my hungry mind. ~•˜*˜•~ Oh, your luscious moves love's ne'er-ending routine, Never knew 'til You the glory of dancing with My Queen ~•˜*˜•~ Knowing alas, M'Love this can never be a sin, For, we're dancing together.... in the arms we should have always been. -=·~•˜*˜•~·=- ~˜*˜~ ~•~ * Rascal Jones © 2012

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When I Kiss You

I deeply stare into your eyes
Your love is such a gift
I've never felt this kind of high
Just when I kiss your lips

I've only used my tongue to speak
But this is something new
I've never tasted none as sweet
As when I'm kissing you

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Romance of Rain

This rainful haze but coldly dance atop that meekly warmth of eve a fancy frozen of a hum of feast and drink, we drown and live and half about our highly walls the windows keep the tease of dew – our roads run up some busied halls of damning damp, of dulling old and nightly drumming men of rain a crowd we are of wont by sleep our prance in wet a holy sight your calm, a godly icing breathe but we both know the sins of gray that dance we hear is opt to fade I am no moon, nor sun, nor day for ours is but, romance of rain.
August 18, 2012

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Sweet Goodnight

Those delicate features whisper goodnight
As feathered pillows welcome her to sleep
To close her eyes and enter vibrant dreams
Where love gives the heart no reason to weep.

On her soft pillows the thoughts drift away,
Restoring rest yet so much more than this,
For dreams come alive with each rhythmic breath
To waken the soul with the tenderest kiss.

In her dreams fingers trace her curvy lip,
And as they quiver with her passion’s need,
They slowly open to exploits of love
An act of possession for lust must feed.

Oh sweet my love as I watch you sleeping,
I see those lips curve in wilful delight,
I wonder on the visions you may see,
And hold you near me long into the night.

Form: Sicilian Quatrains

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She was my dream before I could dream,
She is my sun, my moon, my stars.
She’s the air in every breath I breathe,
She is the true Queen of my heart.

She is my warrior princess,
She is each moment of my time,
She’s the crimson coursing through my veins,
She is my art, my prose, my rhyme.

She is my strength to face the world,
She is my sword and shield.
She is my vulnerability,
At her whim, hurt or healed.

She is my missing jigsaw piece,
My half-soul’s one true mate.
She is my morn and starry night,
She’s my destiny, my fate.

She is my very Eden,
Where I’m Adam, she’s my rib,
God’s gift to me right from the first,
My Eve, my cause to live.

It’s her I’ve loved since time’s first dawn,
Yet veiled for years before
That first glance, yes, I knew her face,
And it’s her I’ll love forever more.

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Found A Thrill 2K11

'Twas Dreamland - therein Wonderland were I, What a buzz! Wake didn't become that buzz kill, No disturbances of dormant mind nor eye, No intervener's - as I've found a thrill.

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Lovers on an April Afternoon

In the doorway, you stand deliciously; 
I draw you over to the bed.
And kiss your mouth as I pull your dress,
Slowly over your head.

I nip your neck and eye you coyly;
You sink into my kiss.
And as we touch, I see you buckle,
Into a sharp, awaited bliss.

Sweet lover, with skin as pure as pearls,
Like a coin that’s clean and new.
I open up my mouth to speak,
And all I say: “I do.”

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Written in Immortality

I open my mouth and no words come out There seems to be amazement written here She has stunned me yet again with her looks I know in her heart she surely does care She speaks to me with such love towards me I could not say even a single word I’m in awe with her beauty, with her soul I approach her, give her a hug forward She knows me, sees what I wanted to say And whispers into my ear, such sweetness I move in for the kill, and grab her warmth She sighs heavy, now she wants my weakness As one we fly to the bed, getting nude And fireworks expressed themselves tonight She sure became the most beautiful girl Exhausted we lay holding very tight I now find my words and I write them down Poetry flows like magic in the air Passion is formulated in each line I show love to her by my write I share And now we are unified through these words Unbroken bond of immortality Soothing are the lines within my poem Forever our love written, endlessly
Russell Sivey Entered into Poet Destroyer A's "Make me smile ----old/new poems" contest 3/7/2013

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Cafe Florian

Café Florian

Watching people as a latte I sip
to gurgling sounds, not from the ebbing tide.
Persistent hissing or is it gossip,
in piazza swimming, the latest fad spied.

Kids chasing pigeons on the ground today,
barely dry from the high tide, that swept
those same tables, yesterday our walkway,
and those romantics from nowhere have crept.

The pompous gent with ladies on each arm
brushes in, past the man scribbling his notes.
One tries to revive Casanova’s charm,
to Byron, the other verses devotes.

Famous café not known for gondoliers,			
macaroons and gelatos are no sins,
frescoes, ornate mirrors and chandeliers
whilst enjoying the sounds of violins.

Written by: Ronald Zammit
Dated: 02.04.2014

If ever in Venice visit this place even if just to see the interior décor. It is on the expensive side but great service and food. 

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Red Red Heart

The heart like a bottle of fine red wine
Grows only sweeter and more precious over time
Through the heart flows the blood of yours and mine
As does the life giving sap in the fruit of the vine

The grapes take time to ripen, wine longer to make
And the stronger love is, the longer the heart may take
If picked too soon, grapes are bitter every one
A heart broken too often, can't be undone

Both take many things to really become
What the one thing by themselves could not be done
The contents of either are not best opened alone
But better shared with a special someone

If not carefully protected each can easily shatter
And quickly to unknown places scatter
But treated as they were intended to be
Bring happiness given so easily

©Donna Jones

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My Pledge

I pledge to love you all my life
no matter what may come
There's nothing you will face alone
our love has just begun

I open up my heart and soul
there's nothing hid from you
I'll always be there by your side
there's nothing we can't do

I give to you this precious gift
please take it from my hands
And now I'll give my solemn oath
then wear your wedding band

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Blew Me Away

I'm blown away by your beauty
The way you smile the way you talk
Your type of glow is new to me
Your type of vibe got me in aw

Can I caress your silhouette
And dance with you while the moon shines
I fell for you I must confess
The day you told me you'll be mine

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A glimpse of you as the sun shines
On your face in the place
Where I envision you sometimes
With me in your embrace

The scent of you the sweet perfume
Love it much when we touch
A melody a sweeter tune
Dance with me it's just us

And as long as we both shall live
We'll have each other's love
To one another freely give
Sent from Heaven above

And I will always care for you
Forever will be nice
The beauty that I see you through
It must be paradise

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Your beauty and your daintiness
I always love to see
There's no one else no where on Earth
More beautiful to me

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Few Days Of Love

Few Days Of Love.
If two days are what a soul receives,
are those days for loving adequate,
when a blissful spring, the garden leaves--
is the right response to blame the fate.
When two days are all a soul does need
such a trek cant deem a lover then,
might all us consume our bodies greed
and give this world more lonely men.
For two days are what a soul had found,
should the love regret this painful grant,
to a lucid dream the trueness bound
while in craving that which have you cant.
Why two days are what my soul did bring!
and did bring with them, the perfect love,
I have embraced it like a gifted wind
and embraced would die, in fleeting of.
But, two days are what my soul did get,
so I love my dame to the full extent,
for no realm can such a clock beget,
at a quit which wont our love lament.
So two days are what my soul did gain
and did the error of loving commit,
you can lock me up, and write me pain,
but never two loving souls can split.
R.N.Khan, © 2012

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Whenever living begins to chase me
or whenever it attempts to erase me
whenever life seems like a tumultuous insurrection
I always run in the same direction

Whenever denial defies my ample  need
Whenever a festering sore begins to bleed
Whenever I feel like an outcast from a righteous breed
I fly for the same heading with ferocious speed

Whenever the sun is conquered by the rain
Whenever pride conquers disdain
Whenever by hopefulness helplessness is slain
I run to the same source to heal my pain

Whenever I feel as though I cannot tread another misery laden mile
Whenever beauty begins to vie with the vile
Whenever boredom keeps the shadow stuck in one point on a sun dial
I chart a course wherein I am rewarded by a smile

Whenever stagnation prevents me from doing what I know how to do
Whenever frightening are the tarot cards that I drew
Whenever I awake to the promise of a sky that won’t ever  turn blue
I run to my only source of confirmed comfort which is you
   © 2012.......copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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The Heart, A Place of Love 2K12

Pardon, May someone please; What is this place?
Why does it appeare that time itself slows?
Why do Butterflies throng and heartbeats race?
Why do hearts melt as tho' snowflakes, Whom knows?

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Seven Days Who knows

Seven days it was so long ago
Your loving heart you then did show
Seven days it seems eternity
That you gave all of your love to me.

Seven days for you to understand
You hold my trust in the palm of your hand
Seven days how long the days do seem
Was it all in a seven day dream?

A dream or a fantasy who does know
Seven days and my love for you does still grow
A love gift from where it came who knows
Who knows from whence loves wind blows.

Who knows how the heart it does entrap
Who know why our lives do overlap
Who knows where these things will end
Seven days and my love I will still send.
A day for a year a year for a day
That what the Bible in scripture does say
So seven days or seven years, numbers count not
As every ounce of my love you have now got 

© ~GG~ 22/01/2013 

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Treasures Of Your Soul

In the depths of midnight the sky shows off That which plays within the glows of the moon Harvest yellow casting down on the grass Deep in my heart this hallowed soul has swoon So shocked of this sight, the moon at midnight Complete with its piece of the raven small Proudly displayed this clearing beams tonight And light of the moon fills this space for all This tender light that shines on such a bird Brings me in awe and bewilderment fast I thank the Lord for all his blessings shown This well-manicured spot found at long last The last piece of this romance inspired thought Is her presence, what’s written on a scroll No harvest moon and no midnight raven Can take place of the treasure of my soul
Russell Sivey Contest: Treasures Of Your Soul Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle 7/29/2013

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Legs bless their linen
Two bodies bare of blouse
As fingers toward their targets thrust
When a woman wore only white
And she swore it was all only lust
She lay on sand  and begged for a towel
Yet never bid a word of foul
Acceptance came with actions born
And naked still to greet the dawn
The lady I found wearing white
An oh by an ocean on a secret’s whispered night
No names exchanged no vows foretold
But two bodies for each to enfold
The sea sang its sultry song of surf and waves
For that is how the sea behaves
And all the secrets the seashore saves
Whitecaps conceived and quite contrite
And there lay she, stripped of white
With blessedness carved by Neptune’s will
As I caressed each crevice, curve and hill
And yet the seashore’s secret silent still
alas quiet yet the sea to be
As she atop and under me
When two agendas came unto agree
In the darkness of one secret night

And namelessly I bid fare thee well to the woman who wondrously once wore white
   © 2012   copyright PHREEPOETREE…..~free cee!~

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Ocean's Rites

The Earth rotates around …spins The moon carries its own power The ocean, it focuses on Seeking the meek, lighthouse tower The waves are created …splash We play within the froth and foam Lowering myself to its side I know its love within the zone Into the sea the sky …reflects Makes the waves a romantic blue Entranced I follow the shoreline There is no greater love than you The heavens and with them …power And the ocean lives with its own I carry along with me strength To survive when the Earth does groan Spins, the world moves for life loved Splash, the oceans crash for desire Reflects, thinks of ancient days past Power, holds enough to quench fire
Russell Sivey

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Enduring Fantasy

Her words peal through my fatigued brain
They ricochet in epicycle like a torrential rain
My riddled brain cells jostle in appealing fantasy
As they transverse the trance music banging in ecstasy

Her words resonate classical moments, when,
We are in one of those escapades, as we often yen
We are in one of those romantic postures,
And I feel the prickly feeling of pleasures

Her words echo the dreamy moments, when
I feel her caressing hands on my body, then
In deep pleasure for her numerous wanks
My lower tube responds with poignant spanks

At the climax she feels the prickle pleasure
In knowing how obsessed she’s become, for sure,
That, I wield an utmost control over her
And have become her enduring catalyst as a lover.

For Black Eyed Susan contest, In a Hotel Room

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A Sliver of Gold

From the darkest depths of life’s darkest season
The man could find neither rhyme nor any reason
He read the scrolls, the names they just passed him by
But a sliver of gold did then catch in his eye.

He sent out words, to find this name he really must
Aware of false gold, that’s hiding beneath rust
The seasoned man of jaded and cold feelings
A spark of life awoke in his heart sending it reeling.

That sliver of gold grew to a shaft oh so bright
The mighty man searched all through day and the night
To find that sliver of gold first and he then knew
Maybe it could turn his darkest season blue

He polished his armour and his charger he rode
Determined if needed to search the whole globe
The shaft of light entered his heart and pierced his eye
Determined was he, never to let it pass by.

Little known that shaft of light golden and, shining bright
Saw this great man,in the depth of dark with no light
Her place in chains against which she oft did chafe.
In her heart she knew now the place to keep him safe

His charger he rode he found his new bright light
He lifted her up and he forgot his darkest plight
She sat behind him on his charger so white
They rode off together in golden glowing daylight

They loved together, the dark season did now lift
Hearts joined together, and now never will drift
That sliver of light the colour we have been told
Will hold them together as a strong band of pure gold.

©~GG~ 17/01/20

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Unusual Fervour

The first time I saw you I was on fire,
Your looks sparked off a burning desire,
This made my heart to explode,
which allowed my inner intent to unfold.

Since then,I have longed to hold you close,
to care and cherish you with love overdose,
For your attitude and good nature;I cannot be dissuaded,
which has made my pain and sorrow to have faded.

Your smiles send sweet vibes down my spine,
which made me dream of angels and wine,
Your succulent lips look kissable from afar,
making my desire strong and thick like coal tar.

I cannot hold myself because of this fervour;
You are the only one that can  be my saviour,
Let me touch and hug you just a little,
so as to allow this fervid tension to settle.

Mere watching your movement arouse my inner spark,
which glows like crystals of diamond in the dark,
This pleasant feeling is strong,intriguing and killing,
no choice,but to continue in this passionate feeling.

CONTEST:"Hotsy Totsy" sponsored by Rachel Firmin

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I Guess You'll Never Know

It always starts out so lovely,
Talking all the time - 
“Can’t wait to see you,
I’m so glad you’re mine.”

But time fades the colors,
And makes the petals fall.
What once was so exciting - 
Now seems a little dull.

And I know you’ve had your drama
From people in the past.
They didn’t see what they had in you -
Well, I could’ve fixed that.

I wouldn’t hurt you like she did,
I wouldn’t push you around.
I wouldn’t take you for granted,
I guess you’ll never know now.

I just want you to know this:
My intentions were pure.
And if I’d let myself love you -
It would’ve been for who you were.

I’m learning every fairy tale 
Won’t have a happy end.
‘Cause now I’m sitting here crying,
Missing my friend.

And now we’re looking at a goodbye
Because you just cant seem to see -
Just what you could’ve had
If you’d just picked me.

I wouldn’t hurt you like she did,
I wouldn’t push you around.
I wouldn’t take you for granted,
I guess you’ll never know now.

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Sleep Will Come By Soon

Far away seems closer
When we're under the same moon.
When I think of it that way,
The distance doesn't loom.

Miles seem more like inches
When we're under the same stars.
When we're sharing the same dreams,
I feel you right inside my heart.

It doesn't seem so lonely
When I close my eyes just right -
And I can feel your arms around me,
Holding me so tight.

I don't miss you quite as much
When you visit in my sleep.
Even when the bad dreams come,
When you're there I don't make a peep.

When I can feel you closest,
Besides when you are here,
Is when I know you miss me too -
And you're wishing I was near.

So close your eyes my darling,
And picture me with you.
Wrap your arms around me
And sleep will come by soon.

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Bridge of love

                                      Bonded hands form a bridge of love, 
                                                      over rivers 
                                        of romance.Steps carefully taken, 
                                              the bed begins shaking.
                         Breaths of relief released,fortifying loving embrace.
                         Face to face,magnetic lips amalgamate with alacrity.

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It was the night of the full moon,
When he would go a-hunting.
He was not always seeking prey,
But he was hunting something.

There was a glade deep in the wood,
With a lovely little pond,
And she would come when it was dark,
And of her he'd grown quite fond.

They each came often to this place.
T'was here that he first saw her.
Her eyes, her hair, her glowing skin,
She was a thing of wonder.

She stood in the silver moonlight,
The moon beams on her hair.
She sat by the edge of the water,
So delicate and fair.

Why was he drawn to her this way?
He longed to be her lover,
But she was human, was she not?
She pulled him like no other.

He watched her hidden by the leaves,
Longing to be by her side,
But he could never let her know,
She'd never be his bride.

She stood and looked up at the moon,
Then she dropped her gown.
She turned and looked straight at him,
And dropped down to the ground.

She shimmered in the moonlight.
The change in her was quick.
Did his eyes deceive him,
His mind, perhaps play tricks?

There before him stood his queen,
All silver, grey and shining.
A she-wolf like he'd never seen,
And she had sensed his pining.

Now he rushed toward her.
He'd found at last his mate.
No longer would he hunt alone,
For this was kismet, fate.

                                Judy Ball

For Wolfman falls in love contest by Matt Caliri

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Addicted To The Hallmark Channel

Sitting in her easy chair
Just finished another book
Turns on her favorite channel
Just to take another look

She hasn't been on a date
Since before her kids were born
She's looking for some romance
For someone she can adorn

She found that perfect romance
He was dressed all in flannel
She in a gown made of lace
All on the Hallmark channel

She no longer seeks a man
Or worries about a date
She found the perfect lover
From her chair he looks just great

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Right Turns

Looking back in life I've made so many wrong turns
Sped up when I should've braked
In this environment I've learned to discern
Between who's walk is real, or fake

It's the little things that hurt, not the abundance 
but rather the lack of,
genuine actions speak louder than words
Especially when it comes to love

Hearing others spit your name on their tongue
baffles me through and through
The things they've said, when compared
appear nothing like who I knew

So much I question and would like to say
So much I have to ask
But I know it's not my place, 
And in this situation I cannot bask.

I pray you reach a point in life
Where you have no where to turn
So that you may reach out to God
And begin to evaluate and truly discern

We got off on the wrong foot
And there's no retracing our step
Our walks aren't i the same direction
And our new paths have been unkept

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Share An Autumn Night 2K11

Upon brisk Autumn night of which yet young, Share breaths warmth and heartbeats become tho' one; Share much tenderness and energy among Till brilliant daystar bid pair done.

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Hurt Me

Hold me down
And hurt me
Then smother me 
With your love

Cover my eyes
And drown me
Then revive me
With your lips

Corrupt my life
And kill me
Then hold me 
With your pain

Demolish my dreams
And ruin me
Then rock me 
Back to sleep

Come like silent fire
And leave like warm spring wind
Bring me something to die for
Then impart with one more breath 

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“Shall we dance,” the lady asked ever so politely
And oh how the lady danced ever so lightly
It was as if she hovered an inch above the floor
And I never enjoyed dancing with a lady more

I begged the band to belabor the point
For it was the music the woman would anoint
She baptized the band like sanctified oil
And to the lady all of us became forever loyal

She took to the tile, a temptress, my muse
And when she asked for more no man could refuse
The brass played with class while the flute wasn’t mute
And her elegance was a fact God Himself couldn’t refute

My eyes beheld the majestic majesty of grace
And simply holding the lovely lady made my heart race
She danced me into a dream of loveliness and lace
While the band grew jealous of what was in my embrace

Her gracefulness begot beauty and grandeur so bright 
While the vocalist sang something about undying delight
But then I heard four words thcat dimmed every light
When the M.C. announced 'this is the final dance of the night”
                            © 2013   coyright PHREEPOEREE…..~free cee!~

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Folie a Deux

Mosaic beauty upon a canvased mind -
Abstracts' thought of two;
Spiritually carving an essence defined -
Sculpture's alluring view.

Model charisma, transcendent panoramics -
Chiseled utopia, kissed;
Shapes sexing and molding, sealing ceramics -
Tracing mystiques', blissed.

Embossed lines erect, curves aligning -
Signature beings, weld;
Engraving couplet, trademark entwining -
Crowning bijou, held.

Marbled terra cotta knows statues' Arcadia -
Concrete and clay conceive;
Porcelain angel now lives in Fantasia -
All set in stone make believe.

© March 2013

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Soul Fire

Limbs entwined as passion wanes 
But does not fade away 
It may reignite at any hour of the night 
Or minute of the day. 

The sun's own heat does not compare 
To the fire of our souls 
Whene’er we hold each other close 
And the two halves make a whole. 

Not caring which is fuel or spark 
In our endless lovers' game, 
When flesh meets flesh the world is lost 
In that all consuming flame 

And our spirits dance through the firestorm 
To the music of our desire, 
Never fearing that we will be burned 
For ‘tis love that feeds the fire.

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Culture of Love

In culture of love tenderness abounds Those loved have plenty of respect given True friendship gives pure love without a sound Loving pride shows their lives as driven They walk in the moonlight on a stone path Moon is cascading its light onto them Pleasure and peace is felt instead of wrath She’s given a rose, with thorns on the stem This night love is shared between the couple Beauty lights up from the moon’s gracious glow Culture allows romance that’s quite subtle Two hearts meld to one, love beats, and they know The romance within the land is truthful Love bleeds from the rose thorns, the passion builds The heart doesn’t leave without feeling full Power is the strength of the love that they wield
Entrant into Mystic Rose's "Be My Valentine" contest 1/11/2013

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   This is the date we have chosen,
                        forever, it will stand tall.
   For today, time will be frozen,
   l                     locked in our hearts' enthrall.

   We will remember this date through our lifetime,
                         should six years or sixty pass.
   For today, you agreed to be mine,
                         our hopes and dreams in love here joined at last.

   This date will pass many a year,
                         and I will look at you then as I do now.
   Time will stand still for an instant when this date appears,
                         for us today, it begins with our vow.

   I will remember this date as you walked down the aisle,
                         a lovely vision, dressed in white.
   You will remember me waiting for you with that big smile,
                         knowing how I wanted you with all my might.

   This is the date we will remember together,
                          as "Our Day" and only ours.
   For the love that has brought us hither,
                           today, vaults the highest towers.

   This is the date we have chosen
                           to join us, each to the other in love.
   May we always live with the joy that caused us to be here,
                           as we ask God's blessing from above.

   So bless us on this date, Oh Lord,
                            keep us well and give us your wisdom .
   As we plight our troths before you today,
                            for this is the date we have chosen.

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Sleep With You

All I want is to be with you
Baby that is a fact
You know I want to sleep with you
One day we will do that

Until then I am satisfied
With fantasizing 'bout
What it's like to enjoy the ride
Before I turn you out

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Let Me

Let me be the one that you love
And I the one you need
And be there to remind you of
The things that you should heed

Everywhere you need to go
Let me take you there please
Let me the only one you know
Be that which you believe

Let me be the one that loves you
When it's time to look to others
When it's time to sew seeds

Let me be what you desire
And all throughout the day
I will be what could transpire
If you would let me stay

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More often than not is it assumed
I do not have a heart
I shun those who attempt to know me
Before anything can start

But these past few months I've come to learn
That having a heart's not so bad
I've let myself trust, and open up vulnerability
And for that I am glad.

I never meant to hold back
I did so, but didn't realize
That you needed more than simply words
Frustration brimmed in your eyes

I wanted us to work
To have what happy couples do
But slowly I was pushing you away
And I never even knew

You're an amazing person
With so much life and honest bliss
Our intimate moments, our laughs and goals
Are what I'll truly miss

Now we travel our own directions
Approaching the fork where our paths must part
Just know I'll always care so much for you
You'll hold a place forever dear in my heart.

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to love beyond

Flying in the Heaven's, white spirit of a dove 
One soul finds peace, with purity in your love 
Clear blue crystals, lights chambers of this heart 
Rising soft cotton feeling, joins with emotions, we will never part 

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FREE CEE put on something soft and low


        Put on the music
put that candle's wick aflame
              turn down the lights
and let's share a romance only you and I can claim

put on a slow song
and take my hand as we stroll to the beat
i'll lead you to he way they dance in Heaven
and the two of us will both feel the heat

lay softly against the rug in front of the fire
    now think of a place of peace where we could go
embrace me and face me so you can see my lips
and we kiss by the fire's glow

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free cee SEHGUH ASIL

                                 SEHGUH ASIL

Both of us were very well fed by a flame
Each gaze made right what once seemed so wrong
You gave me a gift and I was never the same
It was the gift of lyrics, music and song

But finally I have a freshly found fact, indeed
Information you may not know
It is a fact my fate has decreed
As you stroll with unawareness in tow

It’s about words as they relate to music and notes
Specifically the songs you bestowed upon me
A dozen fine tunes with a flute that floats
While waves of wonder flowed upon me

The lady lilts lyrics that are razor sharp
As the syncopation slices my flesh and soul
I pray to a piccolo while my heart hears the harp
And when she voices vibrato I’m pacified whether for a half-note or whole

So I merely care to point something out
About the intricacy of what a man like me learns
Each song is a scene that demands I should pout
and sadly the song now conveys why our flame no longer burns
                                  © 2013 copyright PHREEPOETREE…..~free cee!~

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Below the Palms

On golden sands hands on hips
Faces close, moist touching lips
Orchestral sounds of natures bliss
Two hearts desire their joining wish

Under palm tree shade, two in lie
Above even higher azure blue skies
Kisses lead to caress in softly touch
Hearts pounding in desire so much

Naked to bare amidst natures sounds
So splendid they arouse on sandy grounds
Whistling leaves in admiring wave
Bodies impressed in touched engrave

Echoes of passion fill this islands air
Waves gently lap, their way to declare
Resonating sighs, romance shared by two
Blissful love can be, and be so true

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Red Parka

Looking great sitting there with her hood on It’s a red parka, like the start of dawn She holds her jacket as she looks around Softly she bows her head, looks to the ground Her skin is like ivory, soft and smooth Her tender smile comforts and it does soothe I want to hold her near, I meet her eyes Beauty holds fast as I start to realize Her life is for me, she holds me deeply Our stare allows our hearts to form singly I touch her hood and I move it on down Off of her head, and from her royal crown I feel her awesome life force within me I grab her softly and pull her closely We bring our lips together and we kiss I don’t sense the shy girl, I keep our bliss The red hooded woman now holds me tight She beams with a smile when she’s in the light I can’t help but to return the gesture Who knows what will happen in the future
Russell Sivey

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Breath Again

Could such coarse hands
strike forth such sweet music
drawing gently the strings of your tunic
heavenly melodies I vaguely understand

Could such stuttering lips
eloquently call forth pleasure
drawing out the decibels we treasure
from the grooved fountain of the deep

Could blind eyes dare to see
the face that launched a thousand ships
imprisoned in blissful smile of companionship
dares me to be what I must be

What strange roars I hear?
what crimson storms rage?
feeble feet wobble shy courage
as my body shudders in pleasing fear

At the moment of little death
buried in arms we bring birth
to noble life as we breath again here.

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Love's Fire 2K11

Stroll into those heart shaped portals of fire,  
Where civilizations of souls have and  
shall be set aflame there amidst love's fire;  
Each lover, a grain of sand in love land.

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Divine Passion

Two pleasantly caressing forms envelope Blood rushing in, filling every pore Her heart meshes, blends in, develop A flash, a pulse, each breath does explore An enticing glow embellishes Her heartstrings tug and pull divinely about I feel overwhelmed, she grants some wishes Our lines are open, our feelings are surely stout We roll, we inhale, we delight in the air Passion controls the hearts of the two of us Hold me close, let us explain how much we care Our eyes hold firm, a caress, an expression thus She’s overflowing with a willpower Significance in her appearance We hold our love that our lives will empower Romance at its highest, a form of endearance
Russell Sivey

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The way you stare into my eyes
Make me think of doing some things
That may forever change our lives
But will be splendid so it seems

Makes me want to lay here with you
'Til the rooster sounds the alarm
Tomorrow I'll come and get you
So you can lay here in my arms

When the night's beginning to end
It becomes the time for romance
A story of women and men
I'm glad that you gave me a chance

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Am not oblivious, but consciously aware 
That poetry feeds a dreaming heart
And what better way to charm
A woman's hunger for this art

©Copyright January 18, 2012 by Brian Pierre-Alexander 
© All Rights Reserved

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This Love is Real

She desires to hold his hand She walks real close to him He notices her advancement And desires her whole limb He now takes hold of her arm She gives a smile of delight They walk quietly down the yard Holding each other in the night Their hearts are pounding with joy Surely anxious of what’s next Their kiss marks the beginning Of a relationship that’s complex They embrace with full lust Infatuation is enforced They love each other so much Wanting nature to run its course They find their way to her home Departing is sure sad to feel He must leave until the morrow She waves knowing this love is real
Russell Sivey

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A Circle of the Globe

Little did I know that
A year ago today
We would end up right back here now
Like you never went away

The scabs have only just left
My skin still pink from scars
Not enough time to forget you
Not enough to stop wishing on stars

And yet you're standing here once more now
On my doorstep wanting in
And believe me I want to let you
But I don't want to hurt again

So I'm faced with the decision
To forget and go on with you
Or to bring the scars to your attention
Tell you what you've put me through

Or be silent and walk away
To wonder what could have been
If this was the one time you had pure intentions
Or if I'd be burned within

But with everything that's happened
I can't pretend to be okay
I can't ignore the lashes to my heart
Given when you walked away

I so wish I could forget it
Because as much as you've hurt me
I would never want to hurt you
I don't want to ignore your plea

The world spinning has changed so much
A circle of the globe
Time seems to move so quickly
But with you, time seems to slow.

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ReFlection's In The Mirror

By search to the highest alimony, from hero to zero.
If love is put to the test A question will yet be answered
by one man who simply stares truth dead in the eye, 
and one woman desperate to love him.

A secrecy is now silently broken by both
idenity's .... He loves her not, she accused
by being ab-sent- minded behind mirrors of 
one man; one woman.

"Where ReFlection's are seperated by 
different mind's."

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Dreaming Of You

At night I often wonder 'bout
Being your only one
And when I close my eyes I see
You as a lonely one

You need me like I'm needing you
That's with every breath
Everything inside of me
'Til nothing else is left

All my waking moments replay
My memories of you
I love to have you in my thoughts
I love the things you do

As soon as I open my eyes
I'm longing for that place
Deep inside my subconscious mind
Where I can see your face

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Knowing me as a sensitive and caring person,
What I find sexy, as you may have suspected,
(Although by rationalizing the situation it will only worsen)
Is based on real  people with whom I have been connected

For example dark hair about jaw length
A dress with a flared skirt and narrow white hem
Chubby women with very little strength
And the Sudanese national anthem

Not to mention the long-haired beauty
When  I was fourteen who liked me to divest her
And who showed  me  my duty
In her daddy’s combine-harvester

Oh,  those   John Deere s  still send me to goose bumps
Or a really  big  Massey Ferguson  with platform attachment
Can be even better than the weak ladies with plump rumps
In generating sexual excitement

I do not wish to discuss the anthem of Sudan
Although you may be  curious
Because it involved not a woman but  a man
Whose affection turned out to be spurious

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Written, tongue-in-cheek,  by Sydney Peck
Entered in Nette Onclaud's  Contest 	SEXY! 

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I know i'm not the me you want me to be
and for that I have no excuse
I know how much you've put up with me
and that you didn't deserve such abuse

I know if you designed me I'd be a better man
all I would have to do is follow your plan
you'd tell me to blend in and don't stand out
and teach me what being ordinary is all about

my love for you transcends your wishes for me
and I pray every night i'll wake up and i'll be 
   what you want me to be  
yes, I get angry and try to blame other people or things
      but it's trouble my irresponsibility brings

there are certain things I'd like to change if I could
but it's like trying to make a monkey from wood
creation saw to it that I would do the troublesome 
      things I do
but one of those concepts was also how dearly I love you
   © 2012....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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I Thought Love Came My Way

I didn’t know what hit me
When I thought love came my way
It came almost out of nowhere
But it would not stay

It made its camp for several years
The best years I thought I’d had
It made me happy now and then
It mostly made me sad

Sometimes it left me alone
Just desperate to hold on
Trying hard to save something
That was already gone

But it vanished quickly
It left me in the cold
And any smiles it brought me
Were replaced by tears tenfold

And so I’ve come to realize
That wasn’t love at all
It wasn’t even close to love
It was just so flawed

Because real love is perfect
Real love doesn’t leave
Real love makes you stronger
It doesn’t make you weak

Real love can’t be broken
It doesn’t fade away
It stands strong through any storm
And it cannot be swayed

I hope that love will find me
And that I’ll know it when it does
I hope that it comes quickly
And that its all that I’ve dreamed of

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Man of My Dreams

Man of my dreams, lover of the rain Under my umbrella, a passionate kiss your gentle touch, breath on cheek remains whispers of love, stolen words I will miss. By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders April 9, 2012 for 1 - 6 Lines of Romance and Love Contest (Russell Sivey)

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Oh, clothe those loving thoughts in words
Give voice to all that lives inside
For when they simply dormant lie
I must likewise my passion hide.
Oh, give utterance to love’s tides
Which now flow unchecked from your eyes
Speak them into existence, Love
Or this poor soul might think them lies.
Why must I question every look?
And second guess the smallest move
When all you need to do is say
What I need your love to prove.
Ah...speak, for tis true once it’s said
There will be no way to retrace
Your steps to that platonic place
Where love was banished from your face.
Then speak...speak..for I’m faint to hear
The words of love you hold so dear
You must utter them in a pledge
And breathe them sweetly in my ear!
Oh, for the love of heaven, Speak!

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I found Mary on Madison avenue and second
and suddenly infatuation was reckoned
me, from the lower east side living in a park
yet instantaneously each of us felt a spark

her golden hair glimmered with a gleam in her eye
and she smelled better than granny's home made pie
as a ruse I asked her if she'd like a rose
because she came from a garden where gentility grows

much to my surprise she said “yes” so we walked to the store
and suddenly, for a change, money didn't matter any more
I could live on soda and candy if I were forced to do so
all of this for a luminescent lover who I was awed by her glow

she was where a lady like her is ere to be found
and I from the hood was nowhere bound
but one look and one flower made me feel at ease
so now I believe we were made for each other and the universe agrees
          © 2012....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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The chains fell off my heart today
I heard them hit the floor
For years I was your prisoner
a slave and nothing more

I gave you everything I had
and would have given more
You made it very clear to me
another your adored

Oh how much can a lover give
with nothing in return?
You sit alone upon your throne
my gifts of love you spurn

Today I’m walking out that door
I’ve found somebody new
His throne he wants to share with me
he loves me unlike you

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Passion Love Needs

No light is brighter than the heart,
Once the heart lies touched by love’s kiss,
As lips kiss, the souls can impart,
The parts of love that reminisce.

Memories like water-quenching thirst,
With first pleasurings of love’s song,
Passion songs that make the heart burst,
Joyful bursts as love comes along.

Love the talisman of desire,
So desire becomes more than a need,
The heart needs to know of this fire,
Fiery passion is love indeed.

Form: Wreathed Quatrains

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Lucy Fur

A sultry thief of desperate souls, 
A devilish harlot in disguise. 
Hoarder of damaged and broken hearts, 
Picking up remnants of loves demise. 

Across a flawless, unblemished face, 
Lips curl, a wry smile begins to form. 
A vulture of the vulnerable, 
A red rose with invisible thorns. 

Eerie elegies luring innocent souls, 
A siren's laughter invokes madness. 
Chaos descends upon the willing, 
Naive hearts crumble under duress. 

As the revealing sun shines brightly, 
Clear light helps true intentions unfold, 
Evil lies underneath the white veil, 
Tragic stories of love left untold.

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The UnKnOwN


Loneliness, sadness, bitterness and sweet
Caring, kindness, longing your gentle touch
Wondering when we will possibly meet
My prince charming, my King, so on and such

Time is of the essence, hurry make a fuss
Your presence seems unfamiliar, yet so lush
Rescue me now, save me, don’t be afraid
Quickly now, no time to serenade

Don’t scurry away when our love is fresh
We would make such a wonderful mesh
As I lay before I put me to sleep
I contemplate on the path that I lead

Waterfalls and tear drops begin to seep
I gaze upon my window and stare deep
Into the rays of the shimmering light
Suddenly a diamond appears into the night...

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Endless Days and Sleepless Nights

Denying existence in the ambience of reality bent 
Lost in a limitless labyrinth of morality 
A delinquent mind obsessed with mischievous intent 
Underneath a blanket of emotional uncertainty 

Laying together until the warmth of the sunlight 
Illuminates the dark secrets of our faces 
Reminiscing about long lost juvenile nights 
With engraved memories of our fondest places

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Glitter, glisten 'neath 
still waters running deep;
she attracts the unsuspecting,
lures the impressionable to their doom.

Slick and quick you never see her coming,
her subtle magic permeates your soul
and you're imprisoned, you've 
relinquished your control.

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Salt And Gold

My tears of elation are not tears at all.
Each one; worth its salt, worth all weight in gold.
Each one; a pearl feather, which glows as it falls,
And soaks in to settle the hope that I hold.

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Wonderful You

You are unlike anyone else
But we are all the same
You're better than anyone's best
Love just to hear your name

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                                                    BLUE/GRAY WAVES

The sun is gone behind the clouds,
Soft shades of misty blue,
Gentle waves lap at the shore,
And through the mist I see you.

You're pullin' in your net again,
You set your sail against the haze.
You disappear behind the mist,
Hidden from my quiet gaze.

Blue-gray clouds engulf the shore,
You never saw my silent wave.
You never knew that I was there,
Your eyes beheld but blue-gray waves.

                                             Judy Ball

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i dig the word and concept of LOATHESOME

              SUSAN’S CONCLUSION

I’ve reached the summit of a summer’s Susan and conclusion
Our three year long romance was always but a visionary illusion
I’ve come to the deduction that you weren’t meant for me
When August augmented the ordinary and created a time for me to flee

You asked me to follow you to where love haunts halls of wonder
And admittedly that was my very first blunder
Those errors mounted and became a revolutionary resolution
And the truth was each kiss was an extraordinary illusion

I was unprepared for something I began with selfish desire
But each morning I’d see your smile and I became your sire
Not so much a father but something akin to the break of day
Then I came to the fundamental fact that I had to fly away

There were no stars in the evening’s sky that were stolen by the darkness in my soul
Flaming sparkles once ablaze became but a haze of stolen dreams and left an empty hole
The emptiness in my smile of yesterday caused only confusion
When I realized  our romance was but an imaginary illusion

At first it began with  mutual dreams and hope
But ended with you begging me to rid my desire for dope
When dreams end there’s no going back to sleep so as to envision the rest
And then you asked me if I was more in love with drugs than you and I confidentially confessed

The needle filled a need confirmed by an infirmity within
And a flame above was doused by desperation and sin
So I said to you that this was the end for me and you, Susan
When I lost my footing on a rainbow that was merely an illusion
       © 2011.….Phreepoetree  ~free cee!~

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      Your Ways Of Love
So many ways your love is real
I couldn't bring my heart to know
nor think upon each one I feel
so many, and they come and go
     to make my mind a carousel
      all dizzy with your love I swell;

I lay my kiss upon your lips
before my mind can dwell on it
then touch you with my finger tips
'for my poor heart would feign a bit
     in desperation and my need
      upon your ways of love, I feed;

in silence you set my heart free
with just one warm and velvet touch
then all the ways that you love me
are plain to me--I need so much
       of ev'ry way your love can be
        and you will get the same from me.

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The Look

Someone I hardly ever see
But baby when I do
I love that look that's in your eyes
The one that keeps me soothed

When you look away i can't wait
To see your eyes again
Those that belong to my lover
And my very best friend

I wonder what you see in me
That makes them sparkle so
But I know what I see in you
That set my eyes aglow

A person I'll always cherish
As I tarry away
To build my dreams all around the
Person I'll marry someday

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i dig the word and concept of LOATHESOME

              SUSAN’S CONCLUSION

I’ve reached the summit of a summer’s Susan and conclusion
Our three year long romance was always but a visionary illusion
I’ve come to the deduction that you weren’t meant for me
When August augmented the ordinary and created a time for me to flee

You asked me to follow you to where love haunts halls of wonder
And admittedly that was my very first blunder
Those errors mounted and became a revolutionary resolution
And the truth was each kiss was an extraordinary illusion

I was unprepared for something I began with selfish desire
But each morning I’d see your smile and I became your sire
Not so much a father but something akin to the break of day
Then I came to the fundamental fact that I had to fly away

There were no stars in the evening’s sky that were stolen by the darkness in my soul
Flaming sparkles once ablaze became but a haze of stolen dreams and left an empty hole
The emptiness in my smile of yesterday caused only confusion
When I realized  our romance was but an imaginary illusion

At first it began with  mutual dreams and hope
But ended with you begging me to rid my desire for dope
When dreams end there’s no going back to sleep so as to envision the rest
And then you asked me if I was more in love with drugs than you and I confidentially confessed

The needle filled a need confirmed by an infirmity within
And a flame above was doused by desperation and sin
So I said to you that this was the end for me and you, Susan
When I lost my footing on a rainbow that was merely an illusion
       © 2011.….Phreepoetree  ~free cee!~

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more long awaited geniosity by FREE CEE


It’s akin to smiling amidst angels in flight
It’s like being mystified by the sun even at night
It’s akin to hugging clouds as soft as that angelic skin
And watching as their smiles grows into an even wider grin

It’s as if golden nuggets are falling from the sky
And slivers of silver cause children never to cry
It’s like floating on a river wherein no one can drown
And as if lilting locks went from hair to becoming a crown

It’s akin to being spoken to from God’s own voice
And warring against your principles while offered no choice
It’s akin to a blanket woven of wisdom and wonder
And having the power to silence the anger of thunder

It’s as if TWO finally fulfilled their hopes for love and for peace
And slumbering on silken sheets that never seem to crease
It’s akin to holding the hand of happiness and joy
And gifting a toddler with his most sought after toy
It’s akin to swimming with the brightest of all ALL stars 
Or embracing on the un-blemished surface of mars
It’s like one heavenly body being formed from two
All these wondrous things are akin to my loving you  
     © 2012.….Phreepoetree~free cee~!


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For Ani

To the Animal in me
To the Animal in you
To the heavens above
To the oceans blue

This beating heart
Two hearts in tune
This shattered world
Stands in ruins

This soul that ascends
To a higher plane
Removed from time
Far above the rain

Our worlds collide
And time stands still
Our passion detonates
Soaking in this thrill

You whisper to me
In a language that is our own
Our hearts melt into one
In this world we are alone

In this dark place
A shining light
My goddess
I know it's right

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free cee WheNeVEr IS wHErEveR


Whenever living begins to chase me
or whenever it attempts to erase me
whenever life seems like a tumultuous insurrection
I always run in the same direction

Whenever denial defies my ample  need
Whenever a festering sore begins to bleed
Whenever I feel like an outcast from a righteous breed
I fly for the same heading with ferocious speed

Whenever the sun is conquered by the rain
Whenever pride conquers disdain
Whenever by hopefulness helplessness is slain
I run to the same source to heal my pain

Whenever I feel as though I cannot tread another misery laden mile
Whenever beauty begins to vie with the vile
Whenever boredom keep the shadow stuck in one point on a sun dial
I chart a course wherein I am rewarded by a smile

Whenever stagnation prevents me from doing what I know how to do
Whenever frightening are the tarot cards that I drew
Whenever I awake to the promise of a sky that won’t ever  turn blue
I run to my only source of confirmed comfort which is you
   © 2012.......copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Preview Of Perfection

A tiny taste of the life I’ll lead
In your bed, our kingdom.
A preview of all that I want and I need,
Love, in total freedom.

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The golden moon looked over the moody sea
as twilight enveloped the distant trees
while gentle waves caress  the sandy  shores
and lovers whisper softly in the cool sea breeze

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Romance Garden

In Romance Garden, love is like

A beautiful rose in bloom.

In Romance Garden, you'll be surprised

At what a shower of love can do.

The summer sun, can warm a heart

That's grown cold with time.

When the fruit of love has fallen

It can be put back on the vine.

The evening stars up in the sky

Put a sparkle in your eyes

The morning dew is soft and sweet

like memories of another time.

So, come to Romance Garden

Where old can be like new.

For here in Romance Garden

there's nothing love can't do.