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These Quatrain Home poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Home. These are the best examples of Quatrain Home poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Jungle War

So thick with rain,the rancid air
into the jungle pours.
Young soldiers with their feet on fire
keep on despite the sores.

This war is one that no one wants
and no one understands.
Young men and women give their lives
in these far Asian lands.

Back home these kids are shown disdain;
they're spit upon and worse.
When they come home from Viet Nam
in airports they are cursed.

A blight upon our history
was this long standing war.
But we should show the vets respect
for suffering they bore.

written by Deb Wilson 
January 12th, 2013
for contest "Historical Modified Quatrain"

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Eternal Everlasting Joy

Sometimes, I think about my life
And the prices I have paid
All the places I have been
The choices I have made

Seems somewhere along the path
I stumbled upon a stone
At that moment I realized
I’d forgotten my way home

My home became a prison cell
My memory was forgotten
My soul was like an egg
An egg that had gone rotten

Sorry I had to go away
You didn’t deserve my shame
I moved very far away
No connection to my name

My life has always been a lie
One I kept hidden from you
When you thought I was in college
Serving time up in the zoo

On the day I was released
You thought I graduated
The moment you were most proud
Another lie to be hated

I have learned it’s never to late
I believe those words are true
Grandma I’m on a mission
I will graduate for you

I really want to earn the pride
You gave me so long ago
I think it will bring some peace
Releasing guilt up in my soul

I’ve learned in the game of life
We must earn our pride
Even if the people are gone
Resting on the other side

I’ve learned in the game of life
Even though they may be hard
Choices aren’t like rolling dice
They're not like flipping cards

Choices define who we are
I know these words are true
Every choice I know make
Are bringing me back home to you

Grandma, I know where heaven is
It’s right here inside my heart
Inside of mine your memory
Until death will never part

During the time I have left
I vow to always let it show
All the seeds you sowed in me
I shall nourish as they grow

In the end I’ll sit with you
Just like when I was a boy
We’ll sing and praise Jesus’ name
With eternal everlasting joy

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The Vietnam War

The pro-Hanoi Vietcong many years ago
In the 1950's Diem's government they'd overthrow
All opposition was crushed killed or jailed
These elected ones to their people they failed

This Buddhist country so religious in belief
Now politically torn apart, impending future grief
In the early 1960's with the CIA in place
Discussing with Vietnam's generals, Diem, assassinated in disgrace

With the Vietcong army, growing from strength to strength
Another communist foothold, going to any lengths
In 1965, with 3500 U.S. Marines in place
By December of that year, 200,000 in many a base

These U.S. Marines, in their defensive mode
Over the coming months, peace would soon erode
With the Tet Offensive upon us, and the "Battle of Hue"
The Americans were now involved, this bloody war now brews

One decision to end this conflict, came in 1969
Nixon sent 18 B-52s, bordering Soviet airspace line
He wanted to show he was capable, to end this bloody war
But as the months and years progressed, the body count would soar

The anti-war movement was gathering strength, also in 1969
But the "Green Beret Affair" started to undermine
A U.S. Army platoon raped and pillaged, the village of My Lai
Where civilians were massacred, and many left to die

In 1970-71, Cambodia incurred wars wrath
Where they and the country Laos, were in the U.S. bombing path
Also in 71, there was the cutting of the Ho Chi Minh trail
But arms and supplies got through, this mission to no avail

Later in the same year, the Anzac's withdrew their soldiers
The U.S. also reduced, many of theirs from Vietnam's borders
In 1973, Nixon declared the suspension of offensive action
The Paris Peace Accords took place, peace with this warring faction

Between the years 73 - 74 under Trà, the Vietcong grew in strength
There was no mass offensive, to lure the Americans to their trench
Gradually they marched to their target, to see their enemies eyes
To their city of Saigon, now over a million humans have died

The average age of the American to die in this bloody war
Was just nineteen years old, never knowing what they were fighting for
So many came home from this horror, leaving themselves behind
Because so many came home different, home with a different mind

Even to this day, many Americans look back and ask
Why their elected Congress, feed them to these tasks
The sad thing about Vietnam, it continues to this present day
Where governments make decisions, asking guns to hear their say

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Average Age 19

Once again, the powers that must
In rise again in what we trust
An overseas conflict, another war
Just what in the hell are we fighting for

Families are asking, Korea has just passed
Generations again reft, how long will it last
A country in need, to rebuild again
Flags at half mast, in wind and rain strain

Once again into war, sent by the Washington Post
To send back reports to hit home the most
Military observers were the first to be sent in
Another chapter of man entering existing sin

I'm witnessing our ariel power, Lam Son 719
US planners determine their incursion, saying all will be fine
Along the Mekong River, we'll carpet bomb their supply trail
Tons of munitions and napalm, this spread surely cannot fail

Many sorties are being flown, for the wounded and the dead
Whilst Nixon and his cronies, aren't thinking with their heads
The news of losses has reached me, nineteen have been killed
Eleven missing, fifty nine wounded, more American blood spilled

Seven fixed wing aircraft, more sons in action loss
Whilst back at home more protests, fading the dyeing's gloss
To to this job that I do, I was never prepared for this
To witness such bloody scenes, and ignore that life is bliss

How can I write about a soldier, whose name I'll never know
Killed at nineteen years old, his family he'll never see grow
Or even explain to his parents, when carried from the AH-1
His body bullet riddled and limp, when lifted it bloodily run

I never went back to the theatre, called the Vietnam War
Having witnessed the wanton killing, what were we fighting for
This colonial conflict that started, us on the side of France
So many came back as strangers, many to live in trance

James Fraser's entry into the contest " WORLD OF WAR: VIETNAM "

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Alabama Twister April 27, 2011

Black clouds bury the blue skies of Bama overhead
as monstrous winds wipe out towns of southern plain.
From historic antebellum it left a path of dead
in the midst of hail and drenching down-pouring rain.

Ten hours of terror that held the sweet south in its grip
not yielding to warnings since wind motion was quick.
Leveled houses and buildings with just one long dip
leaving nothing to relish of mementos or red brick.

Toys and papers scattered with the dying whirl twist
sending debris to nearby states in massive claws.
Disaster covers barren- lifeless- ground in hail and mist
while residents view destruction that harshly gnaws. 

Blind darkness filled the night after the storms once seized
bleak clouds clung, still forbidding stars or moon to shine.
Lives spared but tattered beings were left quite uneased
and not rightly sure where tired bodies could now resign.

Despair fills many counties hit by a ravenous wind
that changed a million lives in a fleeted moment.
Winds of majesty can transform, bringing life to an end
along with frazzled minds and souls in much discontent.

Although lives have been altered and turned inside out
friendship and well wishes are given in great abundance.
It will take patience to rebuild quaint rural towns, no doubt
with God’s and friends help, we still have a fighting chance.

“Sweet Home Alabama, you’re home sweet home to me”!

Copyright © 2011  By Caryl S. Muzzey

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A Comforting Thing

I’d left old Kentucky for a while to roam, but now the roads call me, and I’m coming home. Just me and my pickup - we’re now headed to a chilled winter woodland, the cottage, and you. Those back roads keep calling. Old houses with gates I’m now driving past to where my darling waits. I see in the distance a comforting thing. Smoke drifts from your chimney as wind starts to sing. A down home cooked supper awaits me tonight then all-night sweet lovin’ near the warm firelight. Written by Andrea Dietrich on 10/12/13 in the genre of country music for the Groove It! Poetry contest of nette onclaud

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Never Erased

Eternal faith;
Love in His name.
Saved by grace;
Never erased.

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Choices To Face

I have some choices to face,
But these are not my decisions to make.
God told me what He wants me to do;
He said, "Listen, Son, I have a plan for you."

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Enjoy This Place

Follow your dreams and follow your heart;
God has shown you the path to start.
Never give up and always have faith;
Do what you love and enjoy this place!

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

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I went to war in Vietnam which wasn't my idea
the army never asked for my advice
I slogged on through the jungles there and watched some soldiers die
out country where the farmers grow their rice

The months went by like in a horrid dream of blood and death
and nothing I could say made any change
one mission here. one mission there just made no sense to me
but there was no way it would rearrange

We came to do our duty and to save South Vietnam
from communist incursions from the north
The tunnel rats went into where no one should ever go
And daily, squads were sweeping back and forth

The enemy was everywhere so telling friend from foe
was just about the hardest thing to do
then just about the time you may have thought you had it pegged
some little "friend" would make a fool of you

I finally got home last month, free from an ugly war
but landing at the airport gave me pause
a woman with a little kid called me a nasty name
and spit at me without a hint of cause

This war I did not advocate and never wished to go
I never had a choice in going there
I only wish the people at my home would understand
and put the blame on those who sent us there

I simply cannot understand the hatred aimed at me
for doing what I really thought was right
it seems that people aught to see the reasons why we go
and know that it's our duty makes us fight

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Mirror In My Pocket

~Mirror in my pocket~
Many years ago my Nana gave to me
A little pocket mirror, and she told me I would see
“See what Nan” I asked looking deep into the smokey glass
“You will see yourself” she smiled, and called me her "lovely lass"

It is a mirror so what did she mean, yet my Nan was very wise
And looking into the mirror, I didn’t recognise my eyes
Is this a trick I asked my Nan, while looking deep into the glass?
No trick lass, just a mirror but take heed of what comes to pass.

I slipped it in my pocket, thanked her and said goodbye
On the journey home I looked into the mirror, and it made me cry
Deep into the smokey glass I peered, but nothing I could see
No reflection of myself and I wondered how that could be.

 A woman then looked out of the glass, tears pooled in the saddened eyes
A face that was not my own, it was my Nan to my great surprise
She smiled and disappeared, my own reflection replaced hers there
Shocked and surprised, I replaced the mirror, with tender care.

I reached my home sixty miles away and lifted out the glass
A woman that resembled me smiled, and I wondered what had come to pass
Weeks did pass my mirror became a treasure never left behind
Because when I looked into it, it was of my Nan it did remind.
Then the day, I saw the mirror so grey and full of gloom
I peered into it knowing there was some impending doom
My Nans face appeared, and with tears she mouthed goodbye
That was the day she died, and the day the mirror cried.

The mirror, I keep close, as she did,it means so much to me
I will pass it onto my son when I think he needs to see
To the woman i loved and miss, my reflection changed slow-ly
It’s now the same one looking out, as when my Nan gave the mirror to me.

Time has passed the years have gone, my mirror is smokey grey
I’ll pass it on to my son so he can be ready for the day.
I took heed of the mirror over the years and what comes to pass
I saw that we all grow old and my Nan showed me, with a looking glass.
©1/10/2012 ~GG~

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Tranquil World

A house sits near a calm inspiring pond A peacefulness exists outside the home As I walk I can see the white shutters There’s beauty that I love as I go roam There is smoke coming out of the chimney The door, open, allowing people in The trees sure have the budding of green leaves This is a tranquil world that does begin The path carries me beyond this grand sight I no longer see the lovely home there The smoke is seen just over the large trees The lake is gone, but there's joy in the air Still there’s an aura of the calm and peace I feel it there in my heart with each step This sight will always stay deep within me I feel the heart and love with each footstep Russell Sivey

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It's like a weight lifted off of my heart;
I am no longer torn apart.
Thank God you are safe;
Everything is okay.

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Home Is

Home is where your heart is These words are often used No matter where you travel Whichever path you choose A cheery morning greeting With sleep still in your eyes Scrambled eggs for breakfast Delicious homemade pies A friendly chat with neighbours Reviewing the latest news Tender words of sympathy On days you're feeling blue Nothing's more appealing Than a tasty home cooked meal The squeal of kiddies' laughter The happiness that you feel A comforting hug of sympathy When you're day is going bad The cherished words, “I love you” Which take away the sad A home is not so much a place But a reflection of the heart When you're with the one you love Your passion is off the charts © Jack Ellison 2012

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A Nature Walk

Stop for a moment, to only admire The wondrous, warm world, where I do reside; These gigantic trees do serve to inspire, Notice the beauty, with nothing to hide. The golden orb shines through neon-clear leaves, From the canopy falls a single drop Of dew that is unstirred by any breeze, landing on my palm with a tiny 'plop'. Next is the meadow, so spacious and fair, Filled with daffodils, and fat buzzing bees. This fantastic scene, tends Nature with care, Yet Home must I go, now back to the trees, For with this family, I must be sure, Found at Home to make a nice, hot breakfast, Since my love for them, is ever so pure, So I bid farewell, as I'm Home at last.

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I can hear you,
I know you're there,
You can hear me too,
In this home we share.

Are you someone I knew,
Someone from the past,
Can it really be true,
When had I seen you last.

Or did you live here,
A long time ago,
You, I do not fear,
This I hope you know.

Did you just pass away,
Like most people do,
Why do you stay,
Was life taken from you.

Was your life so tragic,
That your spirit will remain,
Just like a trick of magic,
Your form you can regain.

You might watch me at night,
But I never have seen you,
Will I recognize the sight,
As a face that I once knew.

Written by: Kelly Deschler

Giorgio V.'s contest - "Impress Me",  themes- spiritual / gothic?

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Twelve Days Of Christmas

Twelve Days Of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, I gave this to PD
A unicorn with its one horn all shiny, his face full of glee
On the second day of Christmas the unicorn was gone
She rang me and asked me if I could maybe get another one.

On the third day of Christmas I unplugged my telephone 
I pretended not to be there, she might think I was not home
On the fourth day of Christmas she came knocking on my door
Come on Goldie she shouted, I am sure you must have more.

On the fifth day of Christmas she gave my door bell five long, long rings
But I didn’t answer it as I had no more of the blasted things
On the sixth day of Christmas I was searching hard for more
I had heard there was a unicorn sale on, but it was some old folklore.

On the seventh day of Christmas my luck came in at last
I found another unicorn but at its very best it was past
On the eighth day of Christmas I sent him directly to PD
She was so delighted she decided to ring and thank me.

On the ninth day of Christmas she sent to me a card
She realised I must have been busy, at a task that was very hard.
On the tenth day of Christmas her unicorn left once more
Poor PD was bereft, she was crying on the floor.

So remember if you love a unicorn so much that it makes you cry
You cannot take him home with you he has his own home to which he must fly.
© 20/12/2012 ~GG~

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Once I had a little car.
I loved her oh so much,
But she was murdered by a man,
Who drove a big Dodge truck.

I looked around and finally found,
A car to take her place.
Who knew behind her pretty face,
The engine'd been laid waste.

She coughed and choked and gagged until,
She spit up chunks of carbon.
My husband bought her anyway.
He said that could be pardoned.

He said it was a minor thing.
He'd fix it right away.
It turned into a major bill,
That wouldn't go away.

It spent more time in the garage,
Than it did on the road,
And we were told to sell it soon,
For soon we'd need it towed.

Whoever'd worked under the hood,
For certain must be manic,
For from the looks of things in there,
He was no mechanic.

I felt so down, I'd spent so much,
This thing could not be worse.
I felt for sure that in this car,
I drove under some curse.

The ties broke as I drove it home.
I went right in the ditch.
I swear before we bought this car,
It was owned by a witch.

Actually what happened when the ties broke I was driving home on the back roads to keep it out of trouble. Suddenly the steering went all weird on me and I jumped a ditch and took out about 100yds. of some poor farmer's fence, barely missed runnning over a dog and finally made it home dragging about half a mile of barbed wire tangled under the car.
That tore it.
I didn't want that car anymore and refused to drive it again.Couldn't anyway. The ties were gone.

For Driving Me Crazy Contest by Paula Swanson

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Caught in the crossfire

Turmoil looms over private skies
Thick with fog firmly affixed to a bedroom ceiling
Though squinting escapes clarity's eyes 
Of love and hate in the brotherly cloud of feelings

Of flesh and blood consumed with rage
Over jealous tirades turned warriors gun
As woeful stains turn the scrapbook page
On a mothers memories of her sons

Must steps so steep decline to this
For boys to prove they're men
To stand a savior when comes a crisis
Yet left but a splinter his heart he'll rend

One brute one tongue thrice will leave
A mothers love the referee
Her tug-rope heart torn from anxiety
Caught in the crossfire of sibling rivalry

A crystal tear center stage
On the battleground that began with play
So it falls till you reach that age
When you learn the wisdom of walking away

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The little sextant was diverse
to have position on the Earth.
While going in circles 'round the sun
and seeing all for what it's worth.

It shot through space
and saw the stars.
It passed through Heaven
paired with Mars.

It spun in groups
much like our own.
Through some not quite:
and lesser known.

In time it passed
our way again.
The universe
come home to men.

While those who watched
and wondered why,
would only say
that we're going by.

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The Quest

The Quest

I've come back home a different man
so many years have past
Ambition lured me far from home
and dreams they didn’t last

When I left home I never knew
what life was all about
The quest to find my niche in life…
assumed it’d all work out 

My path to glory found dead ends
I struggled for so long
Another face inside the crowd
How did it all go wrong?

In time old memories spoke to me
when I was all alone
And in the end a still small voice
said Son, you should go home

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Marian Doesn't Drive

Marian gets around just fine
Although she prefers to stay home
That's where her Heart belongs
Never much of one to roam

Church on some Sundays
The grocery store and a restaurant or two
Are the places Marian goes
But only when she has to

Marian's got her collection of spoons
From everywhere everyone else has been
And looks up those places in an atlas
Puts a little dot there with a pen

No, Marian doesn't drive
She prefers to stay home
It's where her Heart belongs
It's where she's never alone

Marian doesn't drive
Never been on a big ol' jet
But she's traveled halfway around the world
And isn't quite done yet

Marian's Faith, Love, Hope and imagination take her
Where no car or plane ever will
My Grandma is an inspiration to me
From right there in her home on top the hill

All the years of Love and Laughter
Fill Marians home with memories
And keep her company
With thoughts of her 8 sons, a daughter and their families

No, Marian doesn't drive
Never been on a big ol' jet
But when she makes her way to Heaven
It'll be without one single regret

© 2011 Kevin Stock

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Do you hear what I hear

Through the laden branches, how it glows
I wonder if they are waiting there for me?
A light unlike the others I have known
Is shining through a clearing in the trees

I wonder if they can hear what I can hear?
As the night wind whistles winter lullabies
Resounding breezes sing of miracles
And clouds begin to gather in the skies

There is ice upon the river rushing by
With frost upon the windows white as foam
The windshield wipers keep rhythm of a tune
And seem to chant a song of coming home

I hear my heartbeat beating like a drum
As the snow begins to fall to winter's song
Awaken all my loved ones, here I come!
My heart is back again where it belongs....

For Kim's Contest: "Here We Come A-Caroling"

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Amidst Fields of Dry

Through my eyes I see a home of old
If it could speak what would I be told
Would it be stories of joy or sadness and hurt
Will I ever be told before it's crumbled to dirt

Below a saddened sky amidst fields of dry
Could this be reason as I wonder why
Barren lands as the eye can see
Is this the answer that's in front of me

A dilapidated fence with wire of old
No more are the beasts that were in safety hold
Hedgerows so brittle in decaying cascade
Here nature has spoken with her typical tirade

Through my eyes I see a home of old
If it could speak what would I be told
Death is never lasting as I look to my right
For a greened tree prospers, it gives me light

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Country Door

Beauty of the house out in the country Exceeds that of normal Earthly bounty The sky, a yellow hue, brings the reds in Having light produce warmth onto our skin The fields are plentiful, a lovely green Where the best flowers grow, they can be seen There’s a dirt path that leads in a forest That will bring you to a stream that’s grandest The driveway winds around trees through the yard The ground at times can surely be quite hard The pond houses many beautiful fish On the porch we eat ice cream in a dish We have gardens of healthy vegetables Plus those of fruit trees and vines in bundles Flowers adorn the sides of the farm house The front door is red and invites my spouse Our house in the country is full of life Showing nothing that brings a lot of strife I feel at home more here than anywhere There is a peace here, an aura of care
Russell Sivey

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I Don't Know What To Do With My Life

When that feeling rushes in-
I don't know what to do with my life-
I need to search from within
And look up toward the light.

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i was BIRTHED in the middle of the MIDDLE ages


Last night was television and going to sleep at eight
You were exhausted even though it wasn’t very late
So upon your pillow placed placidly lay comforted by soft
Until your weakened eyes closed and dreams lifted you aloft

In the dream you can’t really fly but it feels as if you do
Everything was vivid, the violet, the green and the blue
Flowers were everywhere and you cherished each one
While subconsciously you prayed this dream would never be done

Little children’s laughter echoed through the city where ever you went
And when angels whispered in your ear you knew not what they meant
You were headed for Mrs. Lopez’s little bodega where everything’s on sale
And she always has an amusing anecdote and laughs at herself after each tale

Milk, eggs, bread, butter and all that’s essential
And then the angels whispered, “this day has potential”
You headed home confused by what the seraphim had said
But in reality you were sleeping snuggled in the warmth of your bed

So back to the dream and it’s glorious end
With nary a scene no one need mend
You finished purchasing everything you’ve penned
Alas on the way home you dropped a package and a handsome man said “Pardon me but I’ve 
a hand to lend”

And suddenly you recall what the angels said and you began to understand
And pictured this perfect pair sitting atop a dune carved out of sand
It was either the Mediterranean or the Caspian Sea
As you walked shoeless and he whispered, my sweet, it’s just you and me

With a wink and a yawn you awake in the very same bed
But still wondering about those angels and what they had said
Still you arose to shed lingerie for a lovely little skirt and a sweater
You tell yourself it was just a dream but reality would be much better

So that morning you were walking to work still wondering all along
It doesn’t matter what those angels said because even they can be wrong
Suddenly you drop your briefcase when you see a handsome man begin to  bend
And then those angels made your Mr. Right say, “Pardon me, but I’ve a hand to lend”
       © 2011.…phreepoetree
Girl, the worst kind of butterfly to be is in a collection smooshed between two panes of glass in 
someone‘s beautiful collection …..don’t let happen to you! 

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Begin Within The Yin

My longest stay has been a year
Of grinding time in lowest gear.
Asylums say the stay today
Is three months run then on their way.

So please don't ask me why oh why?
Do mad young ones choose youth to die
For I've learned not a single grain
Insightful to my own insane.

But madness dragged me back inside
To blackness wrapped in suicide,
When my dear friend, quite mad at best,
Chose 42 for his last rest.

His life depression won the day
As it took my sweet muse away.
Then next a friend from Vietnam
When ten years home was one night gone;

In Nam his pistol worn in sight
While flying Hueys to the fight
To pluck up soldiers stuck in mire
Then fly too high for hostile fire;

While fighting fires in his own mind;
Bipolar fires we both did find
Should play no part of our war game
But soon became its roaring flame.

He used his gun's one round to quell
His screamin' demon head from hell.
hero till the day he died,
Is still a Nam caused suicide.

No matter when or where the fall,
Their names belong upon the wall;
How many Vets their balls still bent
Died prone alone on cold cement?

The naked act and will to kill
Brought some men home for killin' still,
Like those who went with troubled souls
Found napalm lies too full of holes.

A gallant soldier fights till dead
Too often for past lies he's fed.
Now who among you disagrees
That horrid wars fill histories.

No matter where or what you do
Some leaders find a war for you
To fight until that war is done
But what then do you tell your son?

As we leave every century
Still bleeding with hostility
Can insights deep within the Yin
Begin the Yang's defeat of sin?

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Back In My Hometown

Returning to fields rimmed by golden stones
Just there I hear the movements that arise
From August tides lapping; I'm not alone
While rosy daylight cuddles my warm sighs

My hometown blooms again with fine décor
Wildflowers peeping through the lush fairways 
As blue-eyed jays trip slowly on the shore 
Towards the sand dunes, waking all my days.

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Rainy Day in Baseballland

Rainy Day in Baseballland
Inspired by: Casey at the Bat

It was a rainy day in Baseballland
The players were home in bed
One rookie rolled over his eyelids a flutter
With dreams of a stand-up triple running through his head

The cleats and spikes were all on hooks
Along with mitts, bats, and caps
And even Cal Ripken Jr. had settled down
For a long summer’s nap

Outside the rain was pouring down
While puddles drenched the field
But little Eric Hopkins came to play
And his imagination refused to yield

His mitt lay soggy in a puddle
And his sleeves were drenched with rain
As his hands clenched a cold bat with a hope
“That springs eternal in the human brain.”

Little Eric threw the ball up swung and missed,
And the umpire bawked, “Strike one!”
He tapped his cleats, picked up the ball, and reminded the ghost crowd,
“This rain won’t ruin our fun.”

For little Eric loved the game
And he loved the feel of stitched leather in his hands
As he waved to his mom, who sat with his fabricated wife
And his invented kids up there in the fantasy stands

And now the imaginary pitcher holds the ball
And now he lets it go
But little Eric swung and missed again
Which made two strikes in a row

He metaphorically dusted himself off
And picked up the ball once more
For often he wished that instead of three strikes
The batter could get four

But today he realized, it was his day
His wishes were his commands
So as he squeezed the water from his jersey
He raised his finger toward the left-field stands

He was Babe Ruth, Mark McGwire, Ken Griffey Jr,
and Barry Bonds all together
And anything you said about lightning or thunder
Wouldn’t be getting him out of this weather

For in his head the sun was shinning
And the grass was green and dry
And he sent that low and away 0-2 pitch
Like a rocket into the sky

And he arrogantly trotted around the bases
Stepped on third and headed toward home plate
While his mother yelled from down the street,
“Dinner’s cold and you are late!”

Excerpt from:
The Spit of Siann
By: Joseph DeMarco

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                                             THE PIGS AND THE PINE TREE

Once upon a time,
So very long ago,
I took my dogs out for a run,
Not far from home and so,

I thought we would all be fine,
Beneath the cooling shadows,
Of the trees and bushes,
As we ran past field and fallow.

The forest was the place for us,
Where we might see a deer,
And mayhap chase some rabbits,
And splash through streams so clear.

We loved the forest and the fields,
Loved resting in the shade,
Of the Pine grove way out back,
Where squirrels and wild things played.

One day while we hunted there,
To see what we might find,
We happened on a bunch of pigs,
Not tame, the wild kind.

Big black tuskers that they were,
With humps and slopeing heads.
You can't chase them, they won't run,
They'll chase you instead.

Immediately the dogs gave chase,
And just as quickly scattered.
I went straight up the nearest tree,
Escape was all that mattered.

The dogs went home and gathered 'round,
The porch and Mama knew,
Something was wrong and called the boys,
And they were worried too.

The dogs went home without me,
A sign something was up.
They told them, "Go find Judy",
The trail was soon picked up.

The pigs had gathered 'round the tree,
Where I hung and cried,
I could hear Mom calling me,
Worried what betide,

Her wandering girl out in those woods,
She sent the boys to find me.
Meanwhile the pigs got tired and left,
So I came down the Pine tree.

My uncles laughed and laughed at me,
As they told the story,
Of how they found me in the woods,
Climbing down a Pine tree.
                                                    Judy Ball

Pine trees don't have limbs. But I climbed it anyway.

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Do you see the lady who just made her entrance with a twirl?
I hear tell she’s quite a quintessential girl
She has all  the requirements for romance and raw sexuality
And behind her lays one too many a casualty

Can you imagine the handsome who escorted her in?
All we need do to find him is to seek a mile wide grin
Because he goes to sleep next to slender silent lips
Lips that need no lipstick because I’d concentrate on her hips

She walks with oiled grace as I view a vision and a vista so fine
And what, my friend, would you trade to say “she’s mine”
Wouldst you bestow upon her the respect such royalty deserves
As mine eyes focus clearly now on her curvature and her curves

Now twelve bells sound and the songs come to one abrupt end
And if that’s the woman you’re going home with I pity you my friend
But you know the lady we’ve been eyeing all night as we watched her dine
Well I really must be taking her home now because that is my wife divine
     © 2011.….Phreepoetree

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There isn’t a place I haven’t abode
a river mansion or a tree by the road
in a multitude of places not our home
from commune havens to being alone

Was cold and hungry and lived on the street
with two small children and nothing to eat
I asked you to care and you threw us away
erased all my words despised what I say

We’ve slept in the fields and a bus stop bench
none who cared to help when in a pinch
I’ve seen men at their worst and their best
the crazy ones who took us in as their guest

Lived in house that had no doors
got one now by the oceans shores
I have lived with plenty and without a dime
the people I remember gave us their time

The sectarian churches have I attended
but so few hearts their revivals amended
no sect can save you when you stand before God
if you haven’t learned love your thoughts still flawed

I’ve been coast to coast livin’ on the street
the stories I can tell bout the people we meet
the cars that stopped with sacks for a meal
so the children had milk and oranges to peel

I’ve been close to heaven definitely hell
felt the sleep of death for preference dwell
the most important lesson I ever learned
it is by the forge my wisdom earned

I’ve read the Bible so many times
stories of love and hate for hearts reminds
what a man would do to acquire affection
cave to opinions to avoid rejection

I know I will always consider you
knowing I don’t know what you’ve been through
you can rest assured I’m here to learn
my choices are the only ones I can turn

I could wax eloquent on prophecy
but like Paul don’t matter if loves not in me
to every kind of learning sold my soul
but if you don’t count my hearts not whole

So much in life we have to consider
experiences that can help or hinder
the so called guidance that many teach
a whole new Talmud do they preach

Funny thing in the Word of God
they were royalty or in sandals shod
one can never judge by their appearance
by their outside to truths adherence

I read every mythology by grade seven
all their thoughts bout hell and heaven
the Bible teaches that death is sleep
till the resurrections judgments keep

If you don’t examine all things taught
you won’t know the lies that live in thought
if you think you already know all truth
and that learning is only sought in youth

When you’ve unraveled the knowledge of the universe
and fully apprehend and can death reverse
when you are perfect and my attention demand
and like my Lord extend understand

I’ll always give a care bout who you are
but if Loves not your teacher you’re not my STAR
if you don’t seek love for earths family
what possible connection could you find in me

COPYRIGHT © 2012 C Michael Miller
Via Duboff Law Group LLC

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FREE CEE twenty dollars a power


For little girl lost
a path home came at quite a cost
for the little girl who couldn't find her way
the price to get home was too much for her to pay

she'd politely tried to negotiate the price down
but with every denial came a deeper frown
the little lady found herself at that point stranded
because her actions and words caused a family to be disbanded

she once had the comforts most of us enjoy
a contented mom, strong dad and her brother, a baby boy
then one day she came upon a fork in the woods
for they had the money and she had the goods

little girl lost didn't leave a trail of breadcrumbs
not thinking about when and if disaster comes
so now she strolls the street for twenty dollars an hour
since she relinquished all her pride and her power
   © 2012......copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Taking Out The Trash

       Taking Out The Trash

In no particular order;
Rapists, pedophiles, congress men and vermin
I've taken out some trash in my youth
Two floozies, ex-wife and ex two

We’re not quite through with refuse
Take out a murderer or two for good measure
Along with the devil and demons
Exorcise first, bag, then throw to the curb

As we continue taking waste matter 
Why not consider dictators, alligators and brats
But leave the cute puppies alone
They mean you no harm

Remember to take out dependence and lecherous ones
With your stinky taxes and filing fees to the street
They’ll never return on their own
Unless you’re at home and it’s free

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My child the time is growing short.
We really need to talk.
There are things that you don't understand,
So you rave and rant and balk.

You want to captain your own ship,
Won't kneal before a Master,
Because many who have lived by faith,
Have met with some disaster;

But all men serve a god, My Child,
Be he low or noble born;
But it seems the more a man is blessed,
The more he tends to scorn,

All that's good and right in life,
And all that makes good sense;
But for showing such distain,
There must be recompense.

The sheep who stay within the fold,
Are fed, protected, sheltered;
But those who shun the Shepherd's care,
Are food for wolves and buzzards.

Come home to Me while there's still time,
I'll open wide the door.
Come home while I still reach for you,
Be strange to Me no more.

                                         Judy Ball

This body ages, withers and dies.
The spirit lives on.

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To Where Unknown

Another one disappears to where unknown
Taken at will from near their family home
What possesses a person to become
The lowest of low, whom descends into scum

It was a rainy night in down-town New York
As she headed home taking a different fork
Her desire to get there across darkened greens
Not knowing what was lurking, hidden, unseen

Footsteps in echo grow even closer and fade
In the quiet dark her nerves become frayed
Worried she runs as her mind starts to fret
Internal distraught, now interpret

Upon reaching her home she is pinned to the ground
From the dark abyss he appeared, stealth, no sound
Her long brown locks so delicately brushed
Being pulled in brute, in hungered rushed

To a car she is taken, distraught fills her so
As she's pinned to the floor, her fear is in flow
Down by the docks she's stripped naked to bare
Neanderthal is he in lusting stark stare

Used and abused, her charms now taken at will
What possesses a person to take life to nil
Discarded now spent, now just left in a heap
No care for her family, no sleep till they weep

Days now pass, unknown as to where she's gone
Taken minutes from home, where she truly belongs

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Our  home will be of  stone from the mountain
And wood from  forest  cedars, hand hewn,
With a fireplace large against winter’s domain,
And a concertina in the evening playing a tune. 

An acre of soil I’ll clear with  my strong hand, 
For  the turned earth will feed  us  well;
And in our small  boat  we’ll  cross our river and
Follow its flow to the sea waves and swell.

As the sunlight  sifts down through the trees
Brushing them all with dust of gold,
We will be  caressed  by a  soft breeze
Which the garden will welcome  to its fold.

Just  listen  -  as the clock measures and chimes
Our delighted years of prosperity golden ! 
This  home will stand for the length of our lifetimes,
For the lives of our children - and then for their children.

. . . .  . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


Inspired  by a beautiful folk song from Canada  called  “Perhaps in a Shadow”

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No, seriously there are people worse then me, and I’m a lothario and a liar
But then there are bastards who see an empty warehouse and for fun set it afire
I commit crimes and hold people I have pity for as hostage while holding a gun
But stoned cold junkies, unlike me, do horrendous things solely for fun

I knocked down and old lady……………….. cane and f*****g all
Once I had her bread you think I gave a damn that she’d fall?
S**t, I’d rob my grandmother and later on promise her a soft and silken shawl
And listen, when robbing an inhabited home the floorboards will squeak
if you walk but not if you crawl

Turn your back on me b***h, I dare you, and leave that diamond ring right there
By the time you turn back around the diamond is gone and my running footsteps is all you’d hear
Invite your folks over for dinner on Thursday but tell your mom you want to see some jewels
You keep them busy, while I rob them blind because one thing I ain’t is one of those fun-loving fools 

What I am saying essentially and I hope effectively is that there are certain people you simply can’t trust
The ones who think havoc is a game, for there are none so blind and ashes to ashes and dust to dust
I’ll climb up a six story building to an apartment because I know there are riches in apartment six “B”
Christ, I’ll beat a man half to death if I want something of his and he doesn’t agree

So look out for the ones who lie like a Lothario and will rob you blind
And you all deserve to be robbed because you’re rich and undoubtedly unkind
While the old lady was dressing I was undressing her closet of gold
And when you stare into my sky blue pink eyes realize you’re missing things that I’ve sold
I’ll wield a sword honed so sharp and a very frightening knife
And believe me my acts of thievery would be rotten and rife
I harm, threaten and rob people and then go home to my wife
She makes a really good pot roast, and knows I could never really take a life
           ©  2011.….Phreepoetree ~free cee!~  

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Bloom On

   Someone said,"You can't go home again."
but would you really want to?
to waste your time in wishing is a sin.
Maybe God has a better plan for you.

  So just bloom where you're planted,
and leave the rest to Him,
then don't worry when you hear...........
"You can't go home again".

by Vernette Hutcherson and Johnette Loefgren
(she taught me everything I know)

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My Final Decree

I’m still flying high in the sky
Because I have my friends
In this place I’ve found grace
No rules I need to bend

Without a doubt it comes out
The evil from within
Times it’s hard to forget the yard
Glad that I have my friends

Pain in my soul you’ll never know
But I think that’s ok
Cause I write it out without a doubt
It’s just another day

As of yesterday what can I say?
Love broke open the stone
Friends to my heart always a part
I’m soup down to the bone

A special place home is grace
Let us all join the feast
In the end I love my friends
The belly of the beast

Opened wide nowhere to hide
Finally I am free
In this life I love my wife
And all she means to me

It’s also true that I love you
And all of your advice
Led me home and broke the stone
I am free of my vice

Friends are back I feel like Jack
Just running up the hill
I have no doubt it will work out
Through all the love I feel

You guys got me to be set free
Sending my friends a book
Through the pain the loss and gain
Forgive me take a look

Now I’m as free as a man can be
My heart I fill with love
Once again I’m a worthy friend
A gift from God above

Now I’ve said what’s in my head
I’m tired as can be
I end this write with goodnight
My day’s final decree 

If anyone has any idea how to reach
our fellow souper Margaret Okubo 
could you please give me her hookup
now. We always send each other copies
of our books but I have no idea where 
to send hers to now, God Bless, MJ

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Pain of the Street

The concrete jungle is my home

This cardboard box, my shelter from the storm.

I never I thought my life would be like this

Never thought I'd deviate so far from the norm.

You avoid my gaze, you look through me

You pretend I don't exist.

My being homeless makes you uncomfortable

You swear, you would never live like this.

Food and shelter, you take them for granted

Once upon a time, so did I.

I used to have a job and a home and a family

I lost them all, once I started getting high.

My drug of choice was cocaine

A wicked taskmaster is she.

A Twisted domineering mistress

I am but a shell of the man, I used to be.

The cold hard sidewalk is unforgiving

The streets are filled with crime.

I beg like a dog, for a scrap of food

Because I don't have a dog gone dime.

I try not to look in mirrors

I don't like the image I see

I avoid my reflection in windows 

There's a pathetic, wretched old man, staring back at me.

I pray that in Gods Kingdom

There's a new home waiting for me.

One where there is no hunger

No pain, and no poverty.

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He hurries home late from the office
and hesitates out on the lawn,
the mist is swirling like her dress,
the moon is frowning down.

The music in her soft blue eyes,
that hungry look upon her face,
he trembles like a teenager
fumbling his first date.

Hoping she's gotten home safely,
beguiled by her lingering perfume,
his wife and kids are sound asleep,
he tiptoes through the family room.

Bedeviled by such fervent yearnings
full-compounded day by day,
a strangled heart, a tortured soul,
old love, new love - there is no easy way.

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He hurries home late from the office
and hesitates out on the lawn,
the mists are swirling like her dress,
the moon is frowning down.

The music in her soft blue eyes,
that hungry look upon her face
makes him tremble like a teenager
fumbling his first date.

Hoping she's gotten home safely,
beguiled by her lingering perfume,
his wife and kids are sound asleep,
he tiptoes through the family room.

Bedeviled by such fervent yearnings
full-compounded day to day,
a strangled heart, a tortured soul,
old love, new love - there is no easy way.

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 corrugated soul survivor

scraping sustenance each day,

insulated taxi driver sees and says.....

just go away.

someone's hand extends a dollar,

for a jig danced on the side

Can you hear them hoot and holler,

as they purchase shreds of pride.

  Homeless when the day is finished

homeless as the night descends,

just another life diminished,

poverty that never ends.

he was once some mothers' wonder

he once bounced on daddys' knee,

long before his fatal blunder,

he was home like you and me.

now he sold his last posession,

now he gave away his pride,

In the mirror ,his confession.......

he's not even home inside.