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Quatrain Dark Poems | Quatrain Poems About Dark

These Quatrain Dark poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Dark. These are the best examples of Quatrain Dark poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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It Matters Not

It hovers here, a moon opaque, obscuring mountain trails I take. No other living things appear. A moon opaque. . . It hovers here. I follow on along a ledge; below a swirling river’s edge. In front of me, the canyon’s yawn. Along a ledge, I follow on. I see no hue when fog congeals. Oh, doom of one who no more feels! The moon has fled, as so have you. When fog congeals, I see no hue. Now all is dim; it matters not. My dear one’s heart I have not got. No use in living without him. It matters not. Now all is dim. At peace I’ll be if I should fall to murky water from this wall. Oh, yawning canyon, swallow me. If I should fall, at peace I’ll be. 'for the Gothic or Romantic (old/new) Contest of Giorgio Veneto and now for the contest of PD

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Black Ink

See me in the shadows
I'm drowning in black ink
Slipping beneath the surface
Darkness informs the way I think

Within, a perverse pleasure
The tattooing of my mind
Words are my she devil
Her beauty makes me blind

She causes skin to tingle
Each word her form revealed
I reach and want to touch her
Yet if I do my fate is sealed

For the current of my mind
It travels and it flows
Carried down her river
Within this book that I have chose

So I choose to close the cover
Seal the pages of this book
I know you want to read it
But please I pray don't look

For she is a temptress
A devil in disguise
She'll sap away your passion
You'll drown, within her lies

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The Dead Of Winter

Here under the cold winter sun,
Beneath the old, lifeless tree,
My winter mourning has begun,
When no one comes to visit me.

Left out here on the edge of town,
Underneath the gray and gloomy sky,
In a lonely cemetery, with not a soul around,
Where every lone wintertime, I cry.

As I lay here, frozen and numb,
Crystal snowflakes are falling down,
The dead of winter has finally come,
Like icy teardrops upon the ground.

The wind howls like a lonely, lost spirit,
Through grass overgrown this December,
And it still hurts me to hear it,
That nobody even came here to remember.

Icicles have formed on the iron gate,
And the days now become dark so soon,
Forever sealing in my forgotten fate,
My only friend is the bright, shining moon.

And so I'll just lie here all alone,
No one will come until the spring,
And while you are staying, warm at home,
No one has left me flowers or anything.

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Cry In The Dark

As you cry in the dark and your tears find the pillow
You think I don't know, those tears filled with such sorrow
Are for that long ago love, then comes tomorrow
I wish for today, your heart I could borrow

Dreams filled with the memory of her face
Wisps of her hair, visions of ribbon and lace
The look in her eyes, another time and place
I wish this from your mind, I could forever erase

But war time came and took you away
And never knowing your fate, day after day
Time took its toll, as time will do
She went on with life, her life without you

As I cry in the dark and my tears find the pillow
You'll never know, these tears filled with such sorrow
Are those longing for love, again comes tomorrow
I wish for today, your heart I could borrow

©Donna Jones

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The Lady in Black

Smoke comes off the chimney tops
Trails behind the breeze as the rain drops
Hurdles under the clouds to seek shelter
Disappears in the vapor of a darkest winter

Snapped under my coat I ran to shelter
My steps tracing the trail of glass
Sweat dripped down my palms elevated
I lift my knees and walk agitated

Took a second to notice, a scarf hanging
Neck loose, head bottled, scalp dangling
Cold breath sneaked up and down my neck
As the lady grasped sight of her final dread

My gaze slid under her skirt
Her undone hair and bloody shirt
All climbed to intertwine juxtaposed above
Merciless, spineless, slithering gloves

Ice-clawed eyes stared back in horror
Hands clenched in fists flagrant in color
Put a finger on his lips and whispered
A tone that struck my nerves unhindered

Speak a word and you're next
Don't put my patience to the test
Walk away, disappear, 'cause if I find you
You'll pray that god take you before I do

I couldn't hesitate twice abt walking
Suddenly, he cringed and started falling
Branches broke as his neck followed behind
Snapping backwards, dispersing his spine

I slowly walked over and found a note
To whom it may concern, sloppy hands wrote
I am but a victim, of this woman's throat
the day she stabbed me, the day she spoke

I'm but a lonely spirit roaming free
Why has this lady followed me
To murder all that I loved and once cared for
To sweep off the little things I'd die for

She was Lady Death,  the one we all fear
Seductively laying us to eternal rest
Drove me to heaven, doors slid clear
Her arms wide open, her warm loving chest

Then to hell I went for my earthly deeds
The torture I've seen for all those years
And you're next in a line of slaves
A queue of misery, a farm of graves

Your eyes have seen a deadly charm
Life as you know it is far long gone
Prepare for a sinfully long run
Here she comes, load your gun

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Deep in the Woods

Deep in the woods, a cottage lies,
deep in the core of it,
and gazing out with empty eyes,
twins by a window sit.

Deep in their thoughts, they sit, these two,
above their shack, a shroud
of limbs from trees block any view
of sun, or moon or cloud.

Deep in their hearts, they had to know
they shared a secret sin.
In dark, sweet flowers cannot grow
when jealousy creeps in.

Deep in the night, the cold winds gust.
The leaves from a fresh dirt mound.
The winds, as strong as two maids’ lust,
now move the leaves around.

Deep in the ground, lies one who came
by chance.  He did no wrong
but put twin virgin hearts aflame. . . 
then stay a bit too long.

Deep into sleep, each woman dreams
of the love she yearns for still
and shivers to recall the screams
of the man both had to kill.

for Skat's Dark and Deep (old poems only)Contest 

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The Forbidden Fruit

Eve presents the fruit, the forbidden fruit A special unknown fruit from that one tree A fruit that God said one should never eat Then the snake came to shower the fruit free Nothing bad, he says, will come from eating God didn’t want the power to be known The snake explained that they would be as God Satan showed his ploy so well, he has sown We took the fruit and ate it and life changed We now have knowledge, of good and evil Pain and hatred also came along too All that is bad sure did come to reveal God cursed the snake, that of the devil’s tool But we must carry our sin for all time The curse from the first bite that we did eat And it wasn’t worth the pain we aligned God was quite disappointed with humans Hating to give us our just punishment But we were now found walking with figs on Ashamed of not doing God’s commandment To this day we are filled with sin each day Starting right from the first couple’s mistake Now we must wallow inside their bad choice Suffering the punishment we did make
Russell Sivey

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Lullaby of the Night Crescent

Hold my hands and sing me to sleep

Before the dreams sink too deep

Through the night walk me to the shore

To a land where greetings are peaceful snores


Let the moon talk about the day

Let it tell off our journey to the bay

Let the stars carry me with the morning breeze

Back to the fields, the empty willow trees


Let the wintersun embrace the darkness in my head

Let it lift my soul from beneath the bed

Down the beach and on the shore

On the clouds with worries no more


Free of speech, my mind sinks to sleep

Free of love my heart trembles to keep

Free of fear, my shudders float astray

Free of noises my ears chase away


To safety to nothing make me see

To claim a state I may never be

Take me to the old willow tree

Where the white snow buried me

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Farewell to the Vampire

Parted curtains
puff of smoke.
Parlor trick
or cruel joke?

First a bat,
then human form—
eyes aglow,
fangs enorm.

And in the mirror,
no image there;
it stilled my heart
and stifled prayer.

But Drac was old
and suffered so;
his timing off,
reactions slow.

As he lunged
I stepped aside;
mallet ready,
his chest I eyed.

He lay there stunned,
his big mistake;
I then asked how
he’d like his stake.

2nd Place, Poems from the Vampire, Just That Archaic Poet

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In The Dark Ghost Room

I think feel a breeze
A breeze and a touch of horror
Something makes my breath seize
The stings of inner torture

The beast  of  the dark just passes
I hear the pings of its awfulness
Horrible snuffs complementing terrible masses
Something  grip me here – oh fearfulness!

Now what – silence…
The quietness of  the  graveyard 
I sense trouble in disguise
Only that worse turns bad

Oh wait, I can see
Slow approaches of eye balls
The burning eyes of the black beast
Monster, you, coming for me or my pulse

This is it my adventure fiasco
In the ever-dark ghost room
I would rather die like a hero
Behind this locked door with my rheum

As  I’ll  lay my back on this door
Oh beast feast, on me feast
I can hear quacks as I fall
…the door open at least

Massacre! Oh massacre of the beast
Sun ray-the enemy of the dark monster
Came in for its burnt feast 
Because the door opened

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Cawing Crow

In the night movement there’s a wary crow Straight up into the blue moon it flies high Cocking its flight to avoid its cold rays Each night in the moon brings a large crow’s sigh Elbows of their feet bend throughout the air As the bird sings, a gorgeous sound to me I can sense its flight near me, overhead He’s flapping near to me, but I can’t see Only if the moon is shining greatly Can I see, tonight it comes in and out But sure when it comes out of the darkness The moon only brings shades that are about Circling there above me cawing with joy Listening do I hear his great power Appearing now within the little light Dips down on me as I stand and cower Conquering my fear I reach for him near I hope that he comes onto my dark arm He does just that, I look deep in his eyes He swallows my heartbeats without alarm Now I move to the nearest tree and caw Allowing him to fly to high branches Power envelopes me, I seem to float I must leave him to the highest reaches Russell Sivey

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The Sea Hag and the Funky Monkey

She came out of the sea at twilight
Weak and trembling, bent with age
Her hair entwined with seaweed
The pounding surf a watery stage. .

She stood awhile and listened
then with the most frightful groan
Beaconed with a bony finger
To her minions in the foam..

Out of the waves they scrambled
Creatures from the dark and deep
Unleashed this one dark night
From their prison did they creep..

The danced the Funky Monkey
while the stars shown overhead
With abandon celebrated freedom
From their dark and watery bed...

So had the sun and stars aligned
Just this once in untold years
To break the spell they suffered
And dry their unending tears..  

And with the light of faintest dawn
They turned from their heavenly shore
All crept back into the thrashing sea
And their likes were seen no more

Co-written with my grandson Jordan..9 yrs old

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I Know I am Going to Die

I know I’m going to die
It’s just a matter of time
Till my body catches up
With my state of mind

When the deadness of my heart
Will make its beating still
When my mind just shuts down
Almost against my will

When every living fiber
Like my soul gives up the fight
When my body finally slips
Into that endless night

The blood coursing through my veins
Is slowing down its race
There is that tinge of death
That's reflected on my face

Shutting down every function
My body is giving in
Sensing there's no desire 
The battle of life to win

It's clear all of my tissues
Have finally come to see
That there is no breath of love
That can give life back to me

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Be Exorcised- An Experiment

You’re not good for me
You’ve just got to go
You’ve brought me nothing....
Nothing but sorrow!

You’ve sapped all my strength
You’ve tortured my heart
You’ve crushed my spirit
You MUST now depart!

You’ve splintered my wings
You’ve wrung my soul dry
You’ve fed my mind’s beasts
You’ve made your girl cry

I’ve tried those potions
I’ve tried the fake priests
I’ve followed the rules
I’ve had sacred feasts

What else can I do?
What chant can I pray?
To exorcise you
There just seems no way!

You’ve made your own home
So deep in my head
I’m obsessed by you 
Tormented in bed

Get out! Please, Get Out!
For I must go on!
Be exorcised NOW!
For my gone!

When I am all clean
With no demon trace
Posses me once more
With your angel face!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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In the Mist of Life

In the mist of life, I have found myself
  lost and alone in a wood dark and gray.
A chill to the bone, a fall to the depth
  a longing to feel the warm rays of day.

There was but one road which ran to a church.
  There was many roads that ran far in the wood.
Like a fool I have run past Elm and Birch
  this lost road turned to a trail where I stood.

 A dark cloud now forms a narrow cold sky
  a wind from the North, which blows coastally. 
My choice brings no answer only a sigh 
  it made years ago and so willfully.

Weary am I of a life on this path
  wishing to visit my option again.
Fearing my Lord or fearing His wrath 
  I backtrack this road but only in vain.

Before me a puzzle of rock and stone  
  reaching far back before a road in time 
planted me deep in a mist with no tone 
  searching for a life, that I could call mine.

This narrowing track turns back on itself,
  the undergrowth soon will stand in my way.
In the mist of life, I have found myself
  Lost and alone in a wood dark and gray.

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The Castle

In the green countryside of Wales,
A castle sits, dark and decaying,
It holds many ghostly tales,
That the locals keep relaying.

Surrounded by majestic, rolling hillsides,
Covered by a gray, misty shroud,
And cliffs high above the blue sea tides,
Where voices still ring out loud.

What was once a beautiful garden,
Where all the children used to play,
Has been left to whither and harden,
Just as the castle was left to decay.

Long cobwebs hang like curtains of lace,
In windows that remain dark and cold,
Someone still walks the crumbling staircase,
Just as they did in the days of old.

They walk the towers and through the halls,
Making the dusty, wooden floors creak,
Their portraits still hang on the walls,
Where the voices of the dead still speak.

The empty rooms will never make a sound,
But, if you listen hard enough to their history,
Stories of romance and love still abound,
Along with secrets of murders and mystery.

Written by: Kelly Deschler - August 8th, 2013
Giorgio V's contest - "In The Faraway" - the theme is gothic

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Night Of The Living Dead

Rising from their graves,
Breaking through the ground,
Raised by radiation waves,
They are coming to your town.

Board up all your doors,
Nail them good and tight,
Or there will be blood and gore,
By the end of the night.

They tear down your walls,
Break through your window pane,
No one can help you at all,
When they try to eat your brain.

Those dead eyes make you shiver,
You scream out with alarm,
Zombies try to eat your liver,
And, chew on your leg and arm.

There is no point to tell her,
That it is just too late,
Go hide down in your cellar,
You cannot escape your fate.

Zombies are the living dead,
They do not easily expire,
So, cause injury to their head,
Or, burn them with fire.

Hungry zombies do not give,
Oh, you better run,
Or you will not live,
To see the rising sun.

Written by: Kelly Deschler
October, 11th, 2013
For Leonora Galinta's contest -  
"Halloween-Only One Theme...Zombies!"

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I was set upon a wooden box
With strings fastened to my hands and feet
It seems she promised to make me dance
With her skillful hands I'd feel the beat

The music, I could hear really well
Sadly I was unable to move
That would change according to her plan
Her music had a sinister groove

My knees she crushed with a big hammer
All my other joints broken with such glee
It seems she needed another puppet
Why I wonder did it have to be me

When I screamed she skillfully broke my jaw
Then each finger crushed in her metal vice
She laughed and said, "Oh don't you worry,
I have stored up a whole chest of ice!"

Then she came close, to look in my eyes
Telling me that she much preferred green
Sadly blue was not her color of choice
She wanted eyes that exuded mean

I watched her return, with two glass eyes
And a sharp knife in the palm of her hand
As she got close, I gave her a head butt
she dropped to the floor like a bag of sand

On the very spot where her hammer rested
Thankfully the claw pointed up in the air
The crack of her skull was a lovely sound
I took much pleasure in her lifeless stare

Now there is no one to pull my strings
I sit here waiting with my puppet friends
The room is quiet none of us can speak
We all look like babies, wearing depends!

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You Know Something Is There

You sit in darkness, watching the lightning,
You listen to every clap of thunder,
There could be nothing any more frightening,
But, in your mind you still wonder.

The howling wind blows the curtains,
The falling rain taps your window pane,
There is nothing there, you are certain,
But, an uneasy feeling drives you insane.

Tree branches sway within the breeze,
Their shadows fall along your wall,
You find every explanation with ease,
And convince yourself it's nothing at all.

A black shadow darts in your direction,
There's nothing more menacing than that,
Two eyes are seen with the light reflection,
Suddenly, you realize it's just your cat.

But, then a cold chill races down your spine,
It's not the wind, your window is now closed,
You try to say that everything is fine,
So, what is it, do you suppose.

Listen, something is walking up the stairs,
You can hear it's footsteps on the floor,
All this tension begins to raise your hairs,
Do you dare open your bedroom door.

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A Flame Once Burned

                              The Flame Burnt Hot.
The air was thin, standing looking out of the small window
Flying to Tunisia through a cloud level that was low
Stretching my legs and peering down the fuselage 
From the flight deck, appeared the man who was definitely in charge.

His dark good looks struck me, they hit me like a blow
He came and stood in front of me and then he said “Hello.”
Dark limpid brown eyes, dressed in a uniform so smart
If we had been there longer, he may have stolen my beating heart.

Holding in his hand, a bar of dark chocolate
Broke a piece off it, and asked me if I’d like to partake.
Not being a fan of chocolate, but I am a fan of a uniform so grand
I let him feed it to me out of his large, strong, tanned hand.

The flame was burning bright as we looked deep into each others eyes
When my husband tapped him on the shoulder much to our surprise
The pilot turned and offered him a piece of chocolate too
I think you may guess the answer, and what he told him then to do.

The flame that burned oh so hot, was snuffed in just a second
A warning to all those girls, for whom a uniform may beckon
When a tall dark pilot offers to feed you from his hand
Make sure there’s no one around round so that flame can then be fanned…

© 27/11/2012~GG~

Based very loosely on a true story lol 

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For Survival or Greed? (Co-written with James Fraser)

Note:  Following a rash of local breakins, thieves murdered two people who happened to be 
at home when they entered.  This event produced a lot of anxiety for me and James was 
kind enough to help divert my attention by joining in this write.  Many thanks to James, Tim 
and Dane Ann for their support during this difficult time. -- Carolyn

     A hungry gray feline sees a mouse; quickly does she pounce
     Instincts come into play as jungle creatures eye their prey
     Natural selection rules the vast animal kingdom
     By striking fast they earn the right to live another day 
We read in the papers and we watch on the news
As I look out my window, and ponder man's thoughts
What do we see, through our eyes as we view
Our ability to kill and leave one's life nought
     Complicated survival games play out each strenuous day
     From the frigid Arctic tundra to torrid dark jungles
     Beasts on the prowl are trekking nature's intended path
     Another victim falls as distant thunder rumbles 
Opportunists linger as the perpetrators dare
Man stalking down dark alleys and dimly-lit streets
Confronted, accosted in criminal stare 
Where the innocents in danger, generally meet
     Other members of the animal kingdom have no choice
     They slay only to keep themselves and their families alive
     But it's man who plays the most dangerous of games
     Killing for thrill, politics or greed; how can man survive?
It's the evil of man who takes what he wants
With the blade of a knife, with his terror taunts
His escalation from flint to gun
This most wonderful world in masculine haunt
     If man continues to develop harsh weapons
     The skies may explode in carnivorous fashion
     Consuming not just one animal species, but all
     Leaving angels to mourn the death of God's creations

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Waking up in the dark of night
barely four years of age.
My world is wrought with fright 
not knowing my life would be a stage.

That little girl long ago
was innocent… pure…
but now she is who I no longer know.
My mind is a disease for which there is no cure.

At day I have no rest.
At night I can not flee.
Sanity is a rare guest
and when he comes I can’t see.

This is my curse so real:
I can’t forget 
the dreams, and ‘reality’ surreal
is something I’ve never met.
So chirp, little robin, chirp and sing!
For today once more you entertain well.
So be merry, let the world its troubles bring!
For tonight once more you feast in sheer, bloody Hell.

Your ability to remember 
will be your curse to flee.
Each year, January to December
You will wish you had not known memory.

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Lonely Soul

A well-worn path
of one lonely soul,
a solitary journey that
begins to take a toll.

A lonely soul that
was left an empty heart,
on one darkened day
when true love did depart.

A soul left lonesome
to live a painful life,
where a scar remains
like a cut from a knife.

Dark days turn to night
teardrops falling like rain,
no umbrella can shield
perennial tears of pain.

For a lonely lost soul
no comfort can be found,
there is no more love
when no light is around.

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Hunter of duskfall prowls with sensation The craving of thirst awakens mortal lure Enchanted by taste of flesh, a night’s potion His shadow rises upon needs impure. Enticing one prey, he offers sinful blessing To consume blood’s feast, the sweetness of nectar Another creature now part of the Hunter’s ring; Both enshrined by moonlight’s conniving star. Consumed by earthy hunger, fangs devour As seasons feed on eternity’s quest, Not knowing the woman of morning hour Or sunrise’s flavor, gently possessed. He wanders again scouring for luscious bite Transcending centuries gothic and old Slow lament of own death, a rabid plight Enough! His knifed heart spurts, his wish bestowed. Poems From The Vampire Contest by nette onclaud

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Without the Dark

Without the dark, we could not see the stars;
Without some pain, we would not treasure joy;
Without some upset, none would savour peace;
Without some trial, none could faith employ.

Without the clouds and rain, we'd tire of sunshine;
Without some hurt, we'd never know forgiveness;
Without some battle, none would learn to conquer;
Without some mountains, none could upward progress.

Without the dark, the light would seem so plain;
Without the dark, it would not be as bright;
And so, my prayer for all who read these lines
Is that you'll see the stars throughout the night. 

*Inspired by, "Without the dark, we wouldn't see the stars." 
  Written October ninth, two thousand and thirteen.
  Contest Name: "Write with your Heart: 12 lines."

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My Man TS Eliot

Doth it not thrill thee, Poet, Dead and dust though thy art, To feel how I press thy singing Close to my heart? Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, my poems recite my plight. As two souls mix heart stashes, inspired of mastery might. A precept building ahead of time, TS Eliot dubbed the dark poet. Poems compare the heart and mind, T. was fearful human concepts blow it. Listen, I recite God’s prophet poet, the waste land be the human mind. Eliot recites death as concepts sow it. Valley shadows death, human kind. Branches, the parasites of human rubbish, as Eliot compares God’s precept dovish. Sorrow and blood slaughter is unleashed, as humans seek beasts’ minds for publish The human shall not cease of beast, mind-wilderness concept abominations, until he return to origin of flourish east. Hear wisdom of T’s dark connotations “TS near quotes Of roots that clutch of which branches grow, of its stony rubbish is only concepts of man. Broken images of rubbish, cannot flow, for of the red rock is the precept grand. “TS near quotes The blood drained of the eternal red stone. Fear is but a handful of flesh-turned dust. Death shadow dust is swallowed of throne, as the red stone shall bud of evergreen thrust. For Dear Heart And Contest The Passionate Reader Welcome back Dear Heart

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Fallen Victim

I have fallen victim so many times
To nobody's fault except only mine.
I will ask for forgiveness and have faith,
Even though I feel like I am not saved.

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The Blackness

           The Blackness

From the time of the beginning 
A blackness there has been
And though he sits there grinning
He can’t be touched or seen

A taste he’ll place upon your tongue
Sweet words he’ll whisper in your ear
And even though you know it’s wrong
You’ll sink before his scent in fear

He’s everywhere and nowhere
His art is finely tuned
He’ll choose his prey with utmost care
And then the prey is doomed

In the shadows he’ll be waiting
Temptation in his hand
A picture he’ll be painting
In the minds of the damned

He’s practise in his winning ways
He binds you in his spell
And then the soul of he who plays
Is on the road to hell

His aim, an army is to gather
Of bandits, tykes and ghouls
Wild eyed and whetted lips a lather
To reign on witless fools

And a message he sends out 
Upon the slightest breeze
To those so full of doubt
That light nor dark can’t please

To the hunted, he says hide
For the hunter he has freed
Feel the hunter at your side
To fulfil his darkest need

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Toy Boy- For Women Everywhere Who've Been Hurt

Don’t play with my heart
You mischievous boy
I know what you want
You just want a toy

Don’t try to be cute
Don’t try to be sweet
You just want to eat
A sugary treat

Then lick your fingers
And be on your way
Well, listen up boy
Hear now what I say

Yes, I am yummy
And yes, I am FINE
But, please, do beware
Before you do dine

If you have your meal
And then disappear
I’ll give you a kick
A box in the ear

I’ll maul you alright
Make you worse for wear
Fiercer than any
Deranged mama bear

You can fight, but dear
You don’t stand a chance
I’ll cut you down cold
And over you prance

Then lock you away
And swallow the key
Oh baby, don’t mess
Don’t you mess with me!

With all that you know
Do you want to touch?
I’m standing right here
You want me so much?

Right now I’ll be good
And purr and be coy
Because truth be told
You are MY toy boy!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Inspired by Becca :)

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Enveloped Dreamscape

In the quiet, the night to focus on Dreams escape my head bringing dusty eyes I follow its lonely steps to darkness The moon begins to shine, starts to revise Fog envelopes me holding me so tight I can’t breathe, suffocating, I don't lie… End of life forms before me, true as night I finally suck in breath of the sky Calmness enters my troubled head for once Fog starts to recede, I see a home there Is it mine, what is the purpose of this My dreams, so lost, am I truly aware Where am I to be in this dream, fancy I delve into the space under this moon Bewilderment occupies my shaved head Smooth as silk, I follow nothing so soon The fog starts to cast its way in again I’m blinded only by the moon’s blue light Now I must sit, I am tired, can’t go on I hear the ocean, is it a new sight I wake to the sound of my noise maker To see thick fog covering everything Every thought is clear, I can concentrate I blame it on my dream, ventured seeing Russell Sivey

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Dark Lullaby

Go to sleep little child;
Close your eyes and shut them tight,
For we do not know if day will break
And be swallowed up by night.

But for now, worry not, my dear;
The dark's not as bad as it seems.
Though darkness looms over the future,
You can still escape into your dreams.

Lie still my darling baby;
Breathe calmly and breathe slow
Enjoy the quiet of the tranquil night
And the moon's hypnotic glow.

Worry not about the closet
Or the things under your bed;
Escape into Dreamland, my dear,
Safe from all the things you dread.

And if tomorrow fails in coming,
At least you will not be here;
Fly away my child, to the Land of Dreams...

Or be consumed by your fears.

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Deceiving Dreams

Living in a dream is an exception The scenes are all real strange and different The music within it are all chained down Never do the notes express their lament As the nature of the dream is a swamp Portraying and delving an eerie truth Not knowing if you should get wet within Or find dry land and see just what your worth Dreams are deceiving, just where are you now Do you know exactly what they’re made of However strange they are, sometimes they’re great The best thing you could imagine with love I can see the dream floating above me I picture my soul lifting into it Dedication ensues now for this dream No longer is this view strange, it’s legit Power, this dream harbors a grand scene here Inside I see the immense existence Another massive passion within it Extreme lifelong passion deliverance But unlike the superior dreams bright There are those that fear envelopes inside The whistle blows letting you know time’s up You have entered the end of the bright side And darkness becomes all that you can see It radiates out from every corner I must find a way out, I must wake up That way I make sure it doesn’t bother The eventual dream mystifies me Always in the dark realm of the unknown I know sometimes I resist to dream then It comes to pass, I’m proud to dream what’s shown Russell Sivey

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I saw you in my dream.
So I wanna scream.
'Cause you stuck like a scar.
And now you're so far.

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In the Mist

Mist, envelopes the dark water’s sharp edge Developed sipping the waves of dimness Triumphant droplets carry forth in pride Over the hardships of combined starkness Sojourn the time has become real in might Shortly in the mind’s eye, it cannot see The dark realm beyond is what it is, dark Because the mist has become nothing free Corrupted the light has started to change The only small amount of light left bends And darkness covers all around this realm I am stuck now here, until light amends I lose the strength to stand up any more I fall to the depths of the frozen Earth Rolling through the mist I hope to escape Never do I find it, couldn’t find mirth May times empty chasm lift me again Out of this terror hole I fell into May the colors come alive once again Lifting veil of darkness, making it true Russell Sivey

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In a dark corridor 
I feel along the walls
searching for an open door
to touch a glimmer of hope before humanity falls.

An ancient sound of crowds cheering rings in my ears.
I see the humble scum by society crucified.
They had blindly stumbled over their fears,
not realising the bloodlust as they excitedly cried.

The reality of this world strikes so cruel.
Good leaders don't change apathetic followers,
for they themselves allow their deceitful hearts to rule.
Their minds are conquered by lusts for darker powers.

I have reached the bitter end.
No longer can I go into this unending night,
yet some are the closed door's friend 
while gushing through an open door is the light.

Few find this narrow way.
Many beat their skulls against a closed door
as darkness continues to lead the blind astray
while surrendering warriors find the courage to kneel on the floor.

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Gone But Not Forgotten

I remember it now
Not all, but enough
To understand how
I am afraid to accept love

Because some love hurts
Especially the kind you gave
The kind nobody deserves
The kind that plants the seed of hate

It matters little if you feel remorse
Your guilt could never ease my pain
The damage you did cannot be reversed
I still wear the residue of shame

And you will never have my forgiveness
My hatred will be your only companion
As you lie upon your deathbed
Feeling frightened and abandoned

You still won't even have my pity
Pathetic as you are
All you will ever be is what you did to me
As I will always bear these ugly scars

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I Am a Lullaby

I am a lullaby,
soft, silk sheets surrounding your ears,
such a lullaby
that sways the mind to halt its gears.

I am a lullaby,
the pill your heart swallows to fall asleep,
such a lullaby
that makes Death sing when it comes to reap.

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Eleanor Rigby

Rising out of bed as the sun peeks through the window
Eyelids are a fluttering as she looks towards her side
Another day to fear and what is she to make of it
She wishes it were night again, so easier to hide

Once when she was young she was playing with her dolls
Dreams of growing older with a family of her own
But the days went by and her reality became completely altered
To loneliness, despair, and no one there to phone

SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE and who is there to see
Visions of what could have been, her heart has turned to stone
No career, no wedding, no children, her world a tiny room
Gasping out her final breath, across her lips a moan

The hole is dug, the casket lowered, no one there to grieve
What life was this, what purpose here, as rain falls on the grave
Father McKenzie of the lonely, a tear rolls down his cheek
Eleanor Rigby, another soul his prayers have failed to save

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The Brick Path

Down the torturous path lies a brick path It’s dismal, with only the moon for guide It’s not possible to walk without fear All you want to do is go run and hide The darkness eats you up thus bringing tears Pain is, suffice to say, sure terrible You walk onward, slowly as not to scare Just a little wind would hurt horrible You then make it to the end of the path You start to jump for some pure excitement And the wind stirs the trees frightening you You run to your house with bewilderment You sit in your house, breathing heavily Knowing you made it through the devil’s path Where evil resides, looks for anyone But you escaped the devil’s hurtful wrath
Russell Sivey

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I'm Strong Enough

I’m strong enough to take your insults
I’m strong enough to take your pain
I’m strong enough to stem the tears
That threaten to soak my soul like rain

I’m strong enough to take your silence
I’m strong enough to take the neglect
I’m strong enough because I know
That you’re afraid to reconnect

I’m strong enough to take your madness
I’m strong enough to take your fear
I’m strong enough because I know
You can’t survive without me near

So go ahead! Unleash the fury!
Go ahead! Try to make me break!
I will withstand the awful onslaught
Because I know how much to take

I know inside you there is someone
Who’s been hurt right to the core
Someone who has been damaged
When he wanted to love some more

Someone whose soul is soft and tender
Someone who needs to heal in time
That’s why I can take your abuse
Because I know your heart is mine!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Look Into My Eyes

I have lived three hundred years
Look into my eyes if you dare
I will fill you with desire
I'm pale yet so debonaire

Seduction an ancient curse
Within your veins is my prize
We do a tortured tango
Look deeply into my eyes

The strength of a matador
Yet there's no heat from my loins
I crave the warmth of your blood
With your pulse my mind joins

Your wish is to be consumed
I dip you back take my bite
Drink until I'm satisfied
Gaze at you in the moonlight

Now you are forever mine
The years will become a blur
What I wanted is now gone
I desire what you were

For Archaic Poet's Old School Vampire Contest
Contest name: "Poems From The Vampire!"
Written Friday the 15th, 2013
By: Richard Lamoureux
I went with Old School Rhyming as well.

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I look around

Im ready to go nuts
I think its the doughnuts
I look around
a bunch of prefabbed huts

everywhere there's light
there's ladies of night
I look around
I know that its not right

its all the same
from cali to main
I look arround
its going down the drain

I cant get away
from night to day
I look around
and find a blackish grey

is it just me
just something I see
I look around
I see that were not free

red, blue, and the white
has she lost her sight
I look around
and see she likes to fight

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We are ALL a little CRAZY

You say I'm a little crazy
And I heartily agree….
But this you must be sure of
Crazy's not confined to me!

We are ALL a little crazy
In all minds, a monster or two
A little bit of insanity
Grows and thrives inside of YOU!

The fears that lurk in the shadows
The voiceless terrors of day
The psychosis that lingers
That whispers, "You're not OK!"

Yes, I'm a little crazy
My mind’s lost in the abyss
I'm sure that I’ve seen you there
In that crazy land of bliss!

Yes, I need a happy pill
To get me through my day
At least I know my "crazy"
Is being kept at bay!

Yes, I'm a little crazy
I have a troubled mind
But don't you dare go and tell me
That I'm just one of a kind!

I know that you have issues
For you're human; are you not?
So don't pretend you're "normal"!
At times, YOU have lost the plot.

Yes, I'm a little crazy
Just look at me and sneer
But me thinks your brand of "crazy"
Is the one to really fear!!!!!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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I sit here in the darkness

Hoping for a dance

Looking to the future

Singing my soul to sleep again!

With Angels to fly

Trying to stay a float

They say I am holding on

And slowly sinking the boat!

I do not want to go outside this night

It’s too cold

For Angels to fly

Saying things are

Going to change

But the emptiness

Just doesn’t understand!

Brooke Dylan 2014

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Swimming the dark sea

Such pain, such pain this poor heart's born,
with so little pleasures in return, 
much gifts it has bestowed, unearned 
now, here it lies; morose, forlorn

Alas, alas, what curse has brought this
wrath upon such an innocent soul,
its spirit broken by this tragic role
like Atlas or more so, Sisyphus

Fall down again from feet to knees
to plumb the dark and dreary depths,
the length and seemingly infinite breadth
of this warm, salty sea of self-pity
These murky waters, born from tears
these waves and tides that chop and churn,
these silent sobs leave one to yearn
for one small thing; a tender ear

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I can hear you,
I know you're there,
You can hear me too,
In this home we share.

Are you someone I knew,
Someone from the past,
Can it really be true,
When had I seen you last.

Or did you live here,
A long time ago,
You, I do not fear,
This I hope you know.

Did you just pass away,
Like most people do,
Why do you stay,
Was life taken from you.

Was your life so tragic,
That your spirit will remain,
Just like a trick of magic,
Your form you can regain.

You might watch me at night,
But I never have seen you,
Will I recognize the sight,
As a face that I once knew.

Written by: Kelly Deschler

Giorgio V.'s contest - "Impress Me",  themes- spiritual / gothic?

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Future Shock

Future Shock
Scheming together years ago, before the weekly executions,
dreaming of days we'd lift the fog of ignorance from the masses
and paradigms of stagnation shifted with cerebral solutions.
To no avail our heady course in theory only passes.

We knew the day, the hour, the minute how texts would be rewritten.
The generation of our spawn in classes they would read it.
History so enthralling, with learning would they be smitten.
Instead the propaganda beast so ravenous and we must feed it.

The old men while away their time with tales of a foiled coupe,
and students smile and avert their stare, it's better to be a number.
The One he loathes such minions who wish to think or do,
so all the day of arduous labor leads to fitful slumber.

Yes you and I, my loyal friend, matyrs in the making,
outwitting cowards that march us to the death of liberty.
But threats and greed lead to your word finally forsaken.
In brutal death at least my soul will wonder this world free.

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Pumpkin Head Scarecrow

Dark clouds trying to cover the full moon Creates an eerie feeling all throughout An old farmhouse sits upon the great height And haystacks sit down the hill and about This is where the great fearsome scarecrow sits Awaiting strangers that may come to view Ravens fly about his glowing pumpkin head Evil face exudes what it wants to do When you come face to face with this scarecrow Your days will sure come to an abrupt end A scythe he carries he surely will use And the ravens will take your soul to send Owner of the farmhouse won’t mess with him For the fear of death that’s within his bones He works around him during daylight hours Avoids him in the night within his zones Scarecrow has more power in the full moon And his alluring calls just isn’t right The great pumpkin head scarecrow glows fiercely He rules the dark fields, prowling in the night
Russell Sivey

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Scarred Dusk

A wolf cries for the goddess of the night
in the distant hallows of sound,
yet reality's claws rips fantasy with fright
and dreams between its teeth, ground.

Still the dark of death has not yet settled
for dusk still bleeds,
the scarlet tears into lakes and rivers and seas mingled
like wrists slit to sign creeds.

Pain is not to last long
for time heals the slights
and mourning should turn to song,
but the days will die and so will lights.

Night approaches the threshold of time
and heaven's wounds are healing
in a show so sublime,
one notices not the danger's gleaming.

Finally the light gives up life.
The final breath slips out from it's husk.
Ominous and eerie, night's knife 
plunges into the heart of scarred dusk.

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Wise One

Accompanied by my black cat,
See me fly by the harvest moon,
With my broom and a black hat,
And singing an enchanting tune.

It will not do any harm,
To commune with the dead,
Using ancient crystals and charms,
And the rhymes within my head.

With an initial from an apple's peel,
And with these rites of incantation,
My rune stones will reveal,
What will be my true destination.

For the one I'm dreaming of,
I'll chant an ancient spell,
By the bonfire, with stars above,
And only for me my true love fell.

A brew within my cauldron boil,
I make an ancient magic potion,
Using fire, air, water and soil,
And filled with spirit and emotion.

Using herbs to cure the sick,
The witch's spell is almost done,
As I light the candle wick,
Helping all and harming none.

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Upper Hand

Free will and choice, we think we know,
the high road calls our name.
But man's destruction arises low
in a part we just can't tame.

And evil's there, in quiet repose,
we rap it's hollow door.
And here we sit for what we chose
as they tally the final score.

Of all the battles we fought within,
none matter but the last.
An epic struggle set to begin
from which our destiny is cast.

In the afterlife of death's staid pale,
too late to take a stand,
will eternity be in heaven or hell?
We must await the upper hand.

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It's There We Fare To Die

The dead red barn and dark dead shed, 
Betwixed and between we fare to die-- 
The broken windmill fills the fallow hill. 

In the never-ending wend of wind 
The salt-spray frays once-baited nets  -
We thus discuss the rough of sea 

Against men's centered strength of will-- 
This spill of will predictive still 
When man must conquer monster tourqoise blue, 

Wed by tempests true--to the red dead barn, 
The dead dark shed and fallow hill; 
Betwixed and between--it's there we fare to die. 

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Seasons in Love - Summer

Solar flare of souls, their rebellious radiance glows
Luscious light outflows, all boundaries it outgrows
Seeds break their hulls, toward the light they crawl
Gripping the dark earth tight, craving heavenly light 

The surface is penetrated, broken, a quiet joy unspoken
Blue Angels, Visions, all break out of their dark prisons
Swollen buds, restless stallions seeking out companions
Thunderous discharge of energy puts innocence in jeopardy

Night Blooming Jasmine bent on producing a sweet scent
Toxic fruit is what`s left once the ashen flowers are spent
Tenacious days are losing time, deforming a face once sublime
The sky`s a radiant gold, heavy with summer`s stories untold  

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Memories Beyond The Door

Can it be? After all this time?
In my dream I float through a home.
Here, where I left my soul without a shrine in grime.
This corridor... my heart turns to stone.

My feet won't turn around
nor will they stop at my bid.
My mind conforms to chaos, yet my body is sound.
I seem to be in some monotonous state of allure so timid.

The darkness illuminates the sorrow
of the disintegration I threw away, in vain.
I reach the door I locked years ago
and my panic boils at what I can't face again.

Behind the door would be all I lost.
Everything I left behind not to stagnate.
Now a haunting voice sings to melt the frost
of the decision I made in the countenance of fate.

To my horror I possess the key to the past.
The lock is rusted and welded, to  my relief.
Now I recognise the ghost's song, and joy is engulfed fast...
Memories erupt... I remember... I murdered her in grief...

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Can't Handle This Blip

They shut off our power for about 3 hours To make needed repairs they say D'ya know how that affects our daily routine Like our arm's been cut off half way No heat, no lights, no computers, no telly We might as well cash in our chips Aware it was only from nine until noon But my mind can't handle this blip Anything different from my normal routine Throws me in a kind of a dither I get all sweaty and my eyes bulge out My speech starts to slip and slither I once was able to handle these disruptions When I was young, handsome and virile Now that I'm a slobbering vile old man My mental capacity has fizzled Some people suffer from a power shortage Every single day of their lives Got nothing to do with a disruption in hydro Their ageing is in overdrive © Jack Ellison 2013

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Rain Day

grey sky day no chance of light
teardrop rain beats down 
thoughts now finally taking flight
smile that hides the frown.
melancholy dreary day
surrenders soon to dark
desperation here to stay  
leaves such a painful mark.

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the darkness at noon

I challenge you to a duel
at high noon
while the vampires are out
we shall be shooting soon!

so I stepped outside my door
six gun by my side
saddled upon my gargoyle
and took off for a ride

we met by the clock tower
so many were barely within sight
I fired all of my six shots
as the demon danced with delight

as I stopped to reload 
a whizz went by my head
for I could barely see
that I was nearly dead

I clicked the tumbler closed
rose the barrel with great aim
fired just one shot
and blew out fiery demon brains

then I saddled up my gargoyle
as the clock struck twelve O one
everything was silent
for my deed was done

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My Dark Side

My dark side is winning out today The good times are on the run Almost all of us possess a dark side Don't say you don't have one The highs and lows we experience Are decreed from up above The two of them always go together Like the proverbial hand in glove Always a part of the creative mind But as dark as the dark side gets Really great highs make up for them So there's no need to fuss or fret Sure as the night follows the day The bright side will return once more To kick start the creative process And we'll churn 'em out by the score © Jack Ellison 2013

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October Fire

Dancing smoke
black as night
floats above flames
burning bright
twisting wind
spreads the fire
fueling life
to dark desire
the nights are dark
with moonless skies
shadows see all
with empty eyes
fallen leaves 
make trees bare
the flame still burns
but the heats not there
blazing touch
meets hearts of frost
the burn feels sweet 
but then it's lost
now hands of ash 
reach out once more 
for October Fire
as they did before

By Morgan Mise
Written April 25, 2012

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Shadows in the Fog

In the middle of the dark, cloudy day The fog follows out into the grey mist The rolling fog goes around the sharp bend Showing itself to all within the midst Seen are the shadows deep inside the fog Just some dark spaces that disturb the grey No colors are revealed within the dark Just overwhelming presence, where it lays The pitfalls of the dark splotches throughout Leaves one to break into lots of despair Daylight fails to reach into cloudy depths The shadows in the fog bring disrepair
Russell Sivey

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Letter to my Ex

Love, is it possible?
when heart is unable
to speak and to feel
whether us is for real

Trust, faith were torn apart
left me behind, so dark
is it my fault or yours?
blame myself, yes of course

I cannot give you all
dream house, cars, can't afford
Home is enough to live
Walk together indeed

I can't buy jewelry
'cause I gain less money
Wish you understand me
this is reality

Free my heart from hatred
He's the one you've chosen
handsome, and no doubt, rich!
I am down, and low pitch

Hope that he will love you
I don't want you to sob
although my wealth is few
but you felt true love

Be happy and be still
live your whole life with him!
and continue our dreams
That's the last I can give

Lost, but finding my way
got a few words to say
I love you and goodbye
keep this letter. . don't cry . .

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The Curse Of Sarah Flynn

In sixteen ninety-two,
Salem bore a wicked sin;
It was there atop a rugged hill,
They hanged old Sarah Flynn

The Elders deemed her guilty,
Of witchcraft they accused;
Prepared to draw her final breath,
While others stood amused

Scoffing her accusers,
She shouted emphatically;
"Benjamin, Walter, and Jacob!"
"Death shall come to thee in three's!"

From the end of a rope she gasped,
The Elders looked on with a grin;
Benjamin, Walter, and Jacob,
Three brothers, all evil within

Innocent souls were tortured,
Of witchcraft they confessed;
The Elders often chanted,
"To heaven, we are blessed"

It was three years in passing,
Since the death of Sarah Flynn;
The Elder brothers perished,
Her curse upon these men

Benjamin fell from a rooftop,
Walter drowned in a shallow creek;
Jacob was dragged by a furious steed,
Three deaths within three weeks

Sarah Flynn was never a witch,
Nor others who died so tragically;
In the darkest hours of Salem,
Vengeance reigned in three's!

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Terror Within

Trying to make sense of senseless murders...

among the flock there seem to be
a few without remorse
they want their name for all to see
no matter what the course

so silently they await the day
they've planned down to the minute
misfortune soon has it's way
with the poor souls caught up in it

and families left to grieve alone
while a killer still remains
with empty eyes and face of stone
he most certainly is insane

but deep within his twisted mind
lies coherence with evil purpose
psychopaths aren't well-defined
yet another will surely surface

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The lure of the abyss

My world with darkness wrought,
my mind feuding over sane thought.
Out of the dark hole into which I stare
the abyss replies with a glare.

Yet I feel no sorrow nor fear.
I feel nothing, I shed no tear
for the emotions I once possessed
are now far removed from my heart’s crest.

My blood boils with resignation
and my nerves are without sensation.
Regret and shame are strange and foreign.
Anger and sorrow give no words nor grin.

Joy has forsaken my spirit.
As for hope, there is none to interpret.
What remains of my soul is all
but faith refusing to fall.

Memories are shadows of the past along
shared with people long since gone.
Yet their ghosts haunt the corridors
of every corner of dusk’s lores.

The future’s sun scorches, uncaring,
all hopes for a happy ending.
So let me die, let me be.
Set me free…

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Typical Rainy Day

The firelight glows orange
the sky is a dark grey
just another typical
relaxing rainy day
droplets pitter patter
on the windows glass
the only sound to be heard
as I watch the hours pass
wrapped in cozy blankets 
is how those days are spent
with my poetry before me
you'll find I am content
caught up in my writing
with steaming soup on hand
and wrapped up warm and cozy
those rainy days are grand
the firelight glows orange
the sky is a dark grey
just another typical
relaxing rainy day

Written January 10, 2013
By Morgan Mise

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A Sliver of Gold

From the darkest depths of life’s darkest season
The man could find neither rhyme nor any reason
He read the scrolls, the names they just passed him by
But a sliver of gold did then catch in his eye.

He sent out words, to find this name he really must
Aware of false gold, that’s hiding beneath rust
The seasoned man of jaded and cold feelings
A spark of life awoke in his heart sending it reeling.

That sliver of gold grew to a shaft oh so bright
The mighty man searched all through day and the night
To find that sliver of gold first and he then knew
Maybe it could turn his darkest season blue

He polished his armour and his charger he rode
Determined if needed to search the whole globe
The shaft of light entered his heart and pierced his eye
Determined was he, never to let it pass by.

Little known that shaft of light golden and, shining bright
Saw this great man,in the depth of dark with no light
Her place in chains against which she oft did chafe.
In her heart she knew now the place to keep him safe

His charger he rode he found his new bright light
He lifted her up and he forgot his darkest plight
She sat behind him on his charger so white
They rode off together in golden glowing daylight

They loved together, the dark season did now lift
Hearts joined together, and now never will drift
That sliver of light the colour we have been told
Will hold them together as a strong band of pure gold.

©~GG~ 17/01/20

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Daily Despair

another day seeps down the drain,
I cannot find the leak.
what am I if not insane?
my thoughts too dark to speak.

the daily flogging of my spirit
is more than most could bear.
my fate reveals that I should fear it,
yet it's jaws cannot ensnare

my mind and will are still my own,
despite the efforts of big brother.
the path less traveled I'll take alone
only to find there are always others

who dare traverse the same dark trail
and challenge the righteous rank
whose morality is a living hell
for those who choose to think.

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Nocturnal Hell

Darkness falls like acid rain
upon my sleepless eyes.
A deeply burning visceral pain,
the torment that denies

my soul of rest that cannot be,
too much stirs deep within.
And what's plain to all I cannot see,
despite such papyraceous skin.

The body screams for sweet relief,
but the mind just has to purge
dark thoughts and verse beyond belief.
From cryptic neurons they emerge.

So slumber waits another day
that quickly fades to night.
There's no amount I wouldn't pay
to be awakened by morning's light.

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Hearing Butterfly Wings

I sit in my dark blinded by life
Hearing butterfly wings, so free from strife
My desire to be released in liberty free
To flutter my days as they should be

For each and every day when I close my eyes
Hearing butterfly wings amidst my cries
To feel the strength to step through the door
As I recall when I did, many years before

I'm sitting in my dark blinded by life
Hearing butterfly wings, as I hold the knife
My desire to be released in liberty free
As my life slowly trickles in crimson spree

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Twas the night before Thomas

Twas the night before Christmas 
Twas the night of his birth
But the little boy Thomas 
Was growing much worse

Thomas was sick, and he was not getting better
This sweet little boy 
The doctors together
Had brought him one toy

A round little bear
With a smile so bright
It made Thomas not care
He was dying that night

He and the bear snuggled and smiled
The bear and Thomas
What a beautiful child
Twas the night before Christmas

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My night palace is a dark abode,
a mortal passage to salvation.
I play the day just as I'm told,
until night's invitation.

Paternal guidance at night sublime,
dead days are simply props.
But night brings life into it's time,
mine starts when their life stops.

Blood tells all in many ways,
my passenger confides.
Those who think crime truly pays,
wind up as blood-splotched slides.

So murder, greed, and godless souls
stray down that darkened trail.
I'll be there when your bell tolls
and we'll see who goes to hell...

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I love the night from dusk 'til dawn, 
It's the only time to carry on 
with thoughts and dreams still unachieved, 
my whole life plan at night conceived. 

No light's distractions, no buzz of sound, 
my conscious clears while ideas abound. 
Sleep does not come for me with ease, 
Time hypnotic is knowledge less seized. 

What is it that makes me insightful those hours? 
Is a great truth revealed by some higher power? 
I think fate is set when the mind is most clear 
of petty thoughts which by night disappear. 

But as the hours count down to day's early light, 
some find it ironic to be enlightened at night. 
Yet I find strength to arise and start the dead day, 
knowing that night is not far away!

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Windows in the dark

She walks in the night
In hopes the chill will ease her heart
suspecting not the nip that came
when she looked through the windows in the dark

A fathers belt
high in hand
Thinking this will make
his rebel son a man

She walks in the night... 

Pretty girl, barley a teen
holding the joint to her lips
In search of feeling anything 
than the empty life inflicts

She walks in the night...

He sits before the monitor
a gamers fury colored screen
In rage he screams profanities
trading reality for make believe

She turned around and walked the night
her chill turned bitter cold,
her only thought to hurry home
and her children she longed to hold

Are the days of gathered families
enjoying a movie and playing cards
or sharing an evening meal together
found no more through the windows in the dark? 

Where are the lovers
dancing around the living-room
fathers and mothers loving
knowing life will end too soon?

She thinks of all the images we used to dream
and the heart we hoped to impart
when we ourselves were children on our walks
looking through the windows in the dark.

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Living Without

Plod into the dreary distance.
Look straight ahead and do not stray.
Nothing is past this existence.
Everything is black, white, and grey.

Calculate the measure of life.
Scales weigh product versus payment.
There’s no beauty and there’s no strife.
Death is flight from endless Present.

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The Raven and the Dove

The dark raven’s soulful flight goes singing Where an evening song bird blends in the skies Making flight into the grand wilderness Tender is the dove that goes up and flies The two birds as one entwine together But they are like two different beings The raven so dark and evil attacks While the dove, full of love, counters and sings White brightens around the darkest raven Suffocating the raven’s great powers And takes the life right out of the raven Darkness lost, dove conquers all that cowers Flying, the dove coos in joyful triumph Reaches the death of the raven below Resurrects the bird as a dove, and now They go along together as one show
Russell Sivey

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From Dark To Black

...inspired by 'Goodnight' by Seamus Heaney

From dark to black they staggered,
felt for familiar surfaces,
they groped, until the lantern flickered,
faint glow resurrecting shadows.

Cold and flaggy, floors uneven,
up and down they skittered
like two drunkards on a binge,
finding legs, orientation.

Gaslight blue-flamed 'neath the kettle,
blanket grabbed, the bed was ransacked,
tea was swallowed gratefully,
with a pinch the lamp gave up the ghost.

From dark to black, not even starlight
gave relief to weathered eyes,
huddled 'neath the self-same blanket,
wide-mouthed yawns and muffled sighs.

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Sick Like I Am

Seriously, who's gonna love 
A sick girl like me?
One who is insecure
And as weak as can be?

Nervous and cumbersome
Exasperating and intense
Always asking if you love me
Nothing but a nuisance

What do you love about me today?
Am I a pretty and thin like your ex?
Do you like who I am?
Do you see me just for sex?

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Two Hearts Beating as One

We walked the beach one moonlit night
Our lunar orb shone down so bright
Darkened shadows consumed the land
This night we walked hand in hand

The summers breeze was fading away
As night birds glided in hidden display
Chromed crests topped the gentle waves
As a calmness carries their path paved

To a secluded dune we sit down and admire
The days beauty from it's morning transpire
As we enter a new day on natures sands
To be here at midnight we never planned

On our backs we lie and look to the night sky
In our minds we know why, we are here and lie
Companionship, relationship and our love dictates
That on this moonlit night, we are soul mates

Although it is dark I see her ebony curls
Just one of her beauties that makes my heart swirl
We turn and face as our lips gently meet
My hands through her hair as our kissing repeats

On the sands of our time we caress each other
Our naked flesh bare as we lovingly smother
Undulations of delight in capturing clutch
Receptive and pert by our sensuous touch

Adjoined we are, two hearts beating as one
As a chorus of silence, our loving whispers begin
Through the sighs, we whisper I love you
As our kissing heightens below the dark cobalt blues

Our bodies become frenzied as our loving emotion blooms
Naked as birth in natures front room
Joyous cries of delight drift on the sands
We share our excitement as we started, holding hands

Breathless sighs resonate in our space
Under the lunar light in our special place
Absorbing our loving time, spooned we lie 
Two in love under a diamond crested night sky

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My star, my sun, my darkness

I sought a hot and blazing sun, 
a star to light my dimming sky
a heavenly form; though earthly bound 
to warm my heart, before I die

I sought a power, a pull so strong
an inescapable gravitation
one that'd own my weakened heart  
and safely guide my navigation

I sought a grand, magnetic pole; 
an axis which I'd turn about  
a bearing, constant and sustaining,
a truth of which I'd have no doubt  

I sought this sun, this wondrous star 
this beacon for my life and fate    
to lead my journey near and far
my guiding light; my one true mate  

I lost my bearings and my way
in seeking such a destiny
the journey took my heart afar
from where I knew that it should be 

I found a dark and empty place
one that lived in mine own soul;
a place that only I could fill
a void that'd kept me far from whole

I seek the light now, from within
an illumination that's granted me
courage that flows from grace and good
to walk a path alone, but free

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Wish I had half a brain 
Bricks to fill the void in my head 
Wrinkled and stained 
Intelligence is but a soul beheaded

Big words were never an attribute 
Amassing descriptions to loneliness 
Why can't we just call it solitude 
Synonyms alongside this dark fortress 

Half wits aren't so bad 
Rest assured your worries diminish
Analysis a loyal companion 
To every syllable I intend to finish 

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Black Evil Pumpkins

Three pumpkins, just sitting there, are lit up Seemingly harmless to many children But far from the happy pumpkins they seem The pumpkins take more than what is given These black evil pumpkins stay on porches Looking quite innocent with their calm eyes But deep inside are the souls of witches Awaiting children that come in disguise Then with her spells she converts them to frogs And in the process steals their souls this way Laughing can be heard inside the pumpkins Striking fear into all the frogs that run away Many children are lost in the pumpkins Remaining tortured souls of the old witch Her dark power grows with each soul she takes Again Halloween goes without a hitch
Russell Sivey

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Spark of an Owl

The night is still dreary, a grey sky Dismal and cold, a usual winter night There isn’t much hope within the wind Nothing exists save for a special light In fact there are two of them, in a tree They’re reflections from the eyes of an owl In the grey backdrop they glow so bright Like an animal that is on a prowl The owl is the spark of pure energy Shining within its soul, beyond the dark Taking the darkness to higher heights Putting life in the grey, just to embark The tree within the fog is barely seen But the owl’s eyes are bright, a mighty sight One can hear the hoots of the owl around But what he emits from his eyes is white I may not see in the depths of the night And the evening might be grey with dismay However his eyes bring forth hopeful sight A beam of life within the darkness’s cliché
Russell Sivey

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free cee CAN YOU belivie it, yet another tutorial on how to right relevent poetry


The darkness hasn’t devoured daylight as yet
But the dark is due too soon
Even in a chill the night makes me sweat
And oh too soon the moon

Shadows become shade until nary a thing is seen
Blinded by the nighttime’s stare
To me the darkness is mean, to most it’s pristine
But to me the dark is difficult to bear

I need someone to shake me awake
Someone to accept me into her womb of wonder
I need someone to care for Christ’s sake
Someone akin to a bridge in the rain I can run under

Yet now I found a partner to lead me in the dark
A lady giving, forgiving and comforting to say the least
alas, now as the darkness turns daylight stark
I face yet another moon I claim a beast
© 2012 copyright PHREEPOETREE ….~free cee!~

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Let Sorrow Sleep

Eyes too tired to cry
Voice to weak to scream
Fire to dim to die
Soul too dark to dream

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The Fortress

This fortress is coming down;
It's been a long time in the making.
This bastion can't hold its own;
All these walls are shaking.

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Go crazy and have a fit

Sometimes you just gotta let yourself be
It is the only way to be free
In this world of emotional oppression
You can be taken to a higher dimension

All this loving, hurting and living
Feels like you are crazy mad tripping
if you feel like you are going to lose it all
Do the unexpected and take the free fall

You might learn something new
A thing or two about you
So don't give up the bad fight
Lose your ability to tell wrong from right

If you have to go at it alone
Take then down and set them alight
Rules are meant to be broken
Kind of sad when they end up breaking you

So don't feel sorry for me
I got tons of time for the birds and the bees
Seems like when your around
Your a thousand meters off the ground

Go crazy, lose you shit
Roll your eyes and have a fit
You will feel much better than the rest
For the rest of your life

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The night roared darker than dark ever thought dark could be
When an angel began doing dastardly things to me
Sadly now a heavenly choir no longer sings
Their silence a sacrament to an angel who suddenly lost her wings

Begotten was I a night with loathsome fangs of unfettered fear
A viper with venom more vile than my vessel could bear
The manner in which a bat flies fearlessly through nighttime’s throat
As it pertains to me that evening was akin to a Judas Goat

Angels are supposed to take flight, not take to fight
But oh that laboriously long and repugnant night
She was an angel with an aura and the aroma of spring
But woe to such an evening when a choir was quieted to sing

This angel won’t die but she’s now tethered to the ground
sans extra-sensory perception I know not to where she is bound
Wherever she goes it will be without that choir’s heavenly sound
And I to carve woeful words about the evening an angel was found
    © 2012  copyright PHREEPOETREE…..~free cee!~

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Death Glen

On the dark ancient dirt path they’re walking A young girl and boy going down the path Each with a lit jack-o-lantern pumpkin With faces of evil, lurid with wrath They shake with fear on this Halloween night Knowing there are things lurking beyond sight Just then Judy trips on an old raised root Down she goes, to the mercy of the night A specter, from the deep forest, greets them The two scream, just for it to be taken And absorbed by the fearful ghost present They run, two spooked kids running, not faking At once they stop, and look where they are now Somewhere deep inside the midnight forest The full moon offers little light for them While a witch flying, there’s no time to rest After running again in sheer terror Seeing their lives in real danger again They see lights ahead, hope it’s the city After they enter, they know the Death Glen Witches of all shapes and colors great them Offer them protection from the forest However they stay away from pumpkins Kids realize now the jack-o-lanterns jest Their parents knew just how to protect them Through another path they find their way back Will always keep a lit pumpkin with them Halloween is frightening in all black
Russell Sivey
It Has Begun!!!

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What Night Brings

The night brings its darkness within its book Where there are stories of all things that’s dark How snow leads its way up a tree tonight As the cold in the darkness I embark Sweet are many memories of late nights Where passion lives in corners of a room Secrets are passed within the depths of night Darkness doesn’t always spell certain doom Riddles of the night where we play with fire Many answer the call of wind and cold But so few see the actual beauty That which the night has given, what is bold Honestly where would I be without nights I couldn’t think on this day without rest So blessings are numerous of dark nights Of all the times I like the darkest best
Russell Sivey

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different worlds shift

dont you say,
im ok
its all a lie
all the time

im hurting
dont you see?
im bleeding bad
dont be sad

its not your fault,
its default

lets begin 
again and again
no matter how long it takes

i will survive
i know i will thrive
lets go down this rode again

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Confrontation With Evil - Part II - Fear

Part II - Iambic Tetrameter aabb rhyme

Part II

Concealed in dreams, revealed at dawn,
The dark brings demon things thought strong.
No morbid mood can now contain
Feigned pride residing there in pain.

The dreadful dark of dreams means fear,
As shades and shadows now appear,
In early morning forming light,
Selecting scenes and stealing sight.

No pill can fill the empty will
Consuming and seducing still
All brevity and clarity
Of ones own personality.

To realize reality
Is nothing more than what you see
Inside the prism of your mind,
Confirms the evil there to find.

Each day may start and part in fear
(relief is just belief made clear)
When life's confounded all around
Your ears will hear and fear all sound

From days when all you thought was true
Depended on a vision view
That took the book of facts and claims
And mastered making names and games.

The fear that clears your dreary dreams,
Will float around your moat of schemes
And leave you neat but not alone
As fear is near its final home.

Now so confused, bemused and used
These needy dreams leave you abused.
What light or might or higher sight 
Do dark dreams seem to glean each night?

Now lost inside you cannot hide
Forsaking all your waking pride;
What curst incursion must be made
To take and make you not afraid.

Fear will hover over sorrow,
Reaching, leaching living marrow
Deep within the bin of bone,
This fear will reach but not atone.

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The Dark Poet-

The Dark Poet…

Creeps below in the darkest places
Like ants with chemicals to burn
While unsuspecting cheerful people,
Know not when it is their turn.

Sucking juices from the living.
Herding unsuspecting friends,
Like cattle chomping grazing ground,
Traversing veins where life soon ends.

Armed with reigns to disillusion.
Documenting endless frights.
Ferociously inflicting wounds.
Blazing blood on dusky nights.

Choosing bites with evil flare 
Like vampires stalking passers-by,
Dragging hope to shadowy lairs,
The darkest poets will fly or cry.

NOTE After Judging:  OK FRIENDS!!!  I admit it.  This is really about ants!!!  I wanted to support the dark poet contest...and well!  After the contest, I changed words to bites and die with cry.  LOL  It was fun even if it wasn't dark enough to win.  LOL  OK  It is dark way down under where those ants live.  LOL  ENJOYED!  Congratulations to the real dark poets winners!  Smiles, Dane Ann
© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
May 20, 2010

Poetic Form: Quatrain

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Frayed Edges

Three to make it ok 
Three to make it go away 
Doctors have no cure
Of this they are sure 

People coming, people going 
Faces everywhere, none showing 
Pain and suffering
All a game of buffering

Masks of life worn 
Hearts torn 
What’s the use
Why take the abuse 

Another visit gone awry
Life just seems to pass me by 
Feeling trapped 
Mind collapsed 

On the fringes 
Everyone cringes 
Oh the humanity 
Oh the vanity

Needing answers, finding none
Feeling the cold shun 
Society I’m really ok 
Tomorrows another day 

Worth having around 
Possibilities abound 
Up down 
Lying on the ground 
White coats
Hope my love floats 
Hard times arise 
Tattered pieces of a life comprise

Three to make it ok 
Three to make it go away 
Doctors have no cure
Of this they are sure

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It spews like a flaming fountain,
From a dark reservoir within.
Fueled by pain and deception. 
From behind a mocking grin.

It grows like spreading wildfire,
Fed by jealousy and hate.
From the depths of a dark desire,
Words on hooks are the bait.

Striking like a match underfoot
Burns the soul like acid.
Leaves behind a hot coals of soot,
In a mind that had been placid.

It strikes when least expected,
With the victim most defenseless.
The scornful poison has infected,
The victim shocked and senseless.

What advantage is to be gained,
With these futile displays of spite?
A brutal power that has been feigned,
Because they think they are right.

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The Depth of Madness

Fantasies of a delinquent mind, 
Nightmares turned into reality. 
Unable to runaway from an, 
Entire life followed by tragedy. 

A neurotic mind has become an, 
Incubator of anxiety. 
Forever living in solitude, 
Nourishing thoughts of insanity. 

A blossoming friendship with chaos, 
Life eluded by tranquility. 
A suffocating heart fails to beat, 
Desperate gasps of futility. 

Madness surrounds a broken down soul's, 
Feeble attempts at sobriety. 
Misinterpreting distant echoes, 
The new dark horse of society.

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A Bitter Brew

Thirst creeps over an exhausted soul, 
Staring at a bottle of madness. 
Labeled insanity's origin, 
A mixture of flavors so callous. 

Bitter undertones brewed deep within, 
Hatred harmoniously ferments. 
A dash of anxiety mixed in, 
A pinch of disdain to complement. 

Anxious fingers crack open a brew, 
A refreshingly cold hiss escapes. 
Eyes widen, dry lips happily curl, 
A vile tendency perpetuates. 

One sip of this evil elixir, 
Releases the demons deep within, 
Corrupting a once innocent heart, 
Let delinquent decisions begin.

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Popular Anonymity

               Popular Anonymity      

A Lingering crowd doubts you have the courage
You are hung out to dry with insults from strangers
Imploring you to jump
Apoplexy, apathy, and will to live design you

Standing on the building edge
Perhaps the comforts of home will help
When you slip and grab a brick
With nervous fingers

Butter is sent up, applied by unknown loved ones 
Giving permission from on high for you to drop
Hopes die.  Friends talk to you in slow motion
Mother promises to bake a cake if you survive

Police pretend to know you on the sharp edge of your demise 
For your enjoyment… Their pleasure...The crowd applauds
You’ve become the center of the nightly news and nothingness
What a surprise! Centered and served up as a sound bite (Did you catch the name?)

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The Soul snatcher

He lures his victim
Into a glass prism
Filled with fake diamonds
That turns to water and ice

The top closed
His fate sealed
To kick and thresh 
To escape his wrath

He appears through the glass
Looking straight into his eyes
The drowning victim 
Unwittingly drawn to him

In his desperation he can’t look away
In his fighting he’s ensuring his stay
His eye sockets frozen still
For him to take his soul

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I Have Been Sifting Through a Shadow

I have been sifting through a Shadow,
And only found it a shadow indeed--
The black tresses to outline its features,
Like waking at new morning's chime.
I greeted it as though my dark and its
Would be a shade indistinct,
And find in each a same-song toil
That needed no words for which to speak.
It cast upon my unaccustomed eyes,
And in earnest I rubbed to be sure
The light was not playing tricks on me,
But no light I saw but below my door.
The Shadow bemused itself with shadows,
As a bad mother to her youth,
And so much I thought it tender true.
True! The very word is like a mist
That hungrily clings to solid ground,
Though it is dark and none can I see.
The light beneath my door is waning,
So I must love the Shadow all the more,
But the night is born to bewitch the sense;
Love is an hour that has a minute's way
Where awake or dreaming, I cannot know,
If Shadows have form in the light of day.

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Bleeding Fire

Tears of fire scorching flesh
As I browse about my gloomy tomb
Midnight plucked to seize my rest
Bleeding wombs and nursing wounds

How mundane my flowered grave
Colors fade to black and grey
Shadowed stars of moons enslaved
As I recall it here today
How quickly I’ve decayed

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Lucy Fur

A sultry thief of desperate souls, 
A devilish harlot in disguise. 
Hoarder of damaged and broken hearts, 
Picking up remnants of loves demise. 

Across a flawless, unblemished face, 
Lips curl, a wry smile begins to form. 
A vulture of the vulnerable, 
A red rose with invisible thorns. 

Eerie elegies luring innocent souls, 
A siren's laughter invokes madness. 
Chaos descends upon the willing, 
Naive hearts crumble under duress. 

As the revealing sun shines brightly, 
Clear light helps true intentions unfold, 
Evil lies underneath the white veil, 
Tragic stories of love left untold.

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Wicker Park

In desperation of solitude,
Sanity struggles to stay afloat.
Dark clouds descend on paradise lost,
Escape disappears, madness provoked.

Shadows dancing under the pale moon,
Mischievous silhouettes on the walls.
In the company of misery,
An unsympathetic world revolves.

Tragedy collects inside her quill,
Trembling in her delicate hand.
Tears streaming onto crumpled pages,
Unseen words bleed onto her nightstand.

Child of darkness, product of sorrow,
A fallen star abandoned by Hope.
Haunted by the desecrated ghosts,
Past secrets sealed in an envelope.

Despair magnified by cold silence,
Stories untold, forgotten memoirs.
Drawn towards the pale light of the moon,
Alone she rides, shepard of the stars.

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To Where Unknown

Another one disappears to where unknown
Taken at will from near their family home
What possesses a person to become
The lowest of low, whom descends into scum

It was a rainy night in down-town New York
As she headed home taking a different fork
Her desire to get there across darkened greens
Not knowing what was lurking, hidden, unseen

Footsteps in echo grow even closer and fade
In the quiet dark her nerves become frayed
Worried she runs as her mind starts to fret
Internal distraught, now interpret

Upon reaching her home she is pinned to the ground
From the dark abyss he appeared, stealth, no sound
Her long brown locks so delicately brushed
Being pulled in brute, in hungered rushed

To a car she is taken, distraught fills her so
As she's pinned to the floor, her fear is in flow
Down by the docks she's stripped naked to bare
Neanderthal is he in lusting stark stare

Used and abused, her charms now taken at will
What possesses a person to take life to nil
Discarded now spent, now just left in a heap
No care for her family, no sleep till they weep

Days now pass, unknown as to where she's gone
Taken minutes from home, where she truly belongs

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Leap, frog

Upon this cold and mossy rock
I watch, I listen and I wait
I may not bide, I must not balk
my heart must leap, towards its fate

My presence, nay, my true survival
depends upon my eyes, my ears  
to sense the Queen of all's arrival;
the genesis of all my fears

Come, oh mistress of all I was
I beg you; please, to let me be
those cold and clever, clutching claws
imprison you, as well as me

I feel the coming in my bones
the nearing of my nemesis;
Please God delay till I have flown
this pond for other business 

My heart does tremble as I soar,
my path to freedom's gate is nigh;
Far from this place, a distant shore
my liberty awaits......goodbye

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It's awfully quite at the end of August, placid fireflies
come out before the appearance of stars;
how tender, how beautiful are the rolling waves
in the dark sea kissed by the radiant moonbeams!

Absorbed in deep thought, I welcome another evening of solitude
with a peace that is more perplexing and intriguing than silence;
calmness stupefies, even more than the serenity inside...
do I need friends, if I have the company of the entire universe? 

Crystalline, clear water splashing and bubbling,
reaching the spot where I am profoundly thinking, 
bringing a soothing feeling after a very hot afternoon...
hoping not to lose the brilliance of the dotted moon!

Tired mind, rest and refresh yourself at sunrise,
detach yourself from the constant habit of searching and creating;
release the worries and rest, let fantasy spice up your fabulous stories...
thoughts that lead to pen, to finally become liberating!

On the glistening rocks, owls hoot in hunger and start attacking their preys...
the defenseless oysters try to get back into the salty water and be safe in the seaweeds,
but  they are caught by their claws, and with no strength left and blood in their eyes...
they die and their carcasses will be ripped apart and consumed by the ravens!   

Stop! Enough of this ugly spectacle! Let me turn the eyes to something truly delightful;
see the dark sea kissed by the radiant moonbeams to make this August' night really indelible!
A ship, with its thousands lights reflecting in the steady flow of the waves, is approaching;
the lighthouse's guard announces its arrival...oh, this scene is so fascinating! 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Permutations Of The Day

          Permutations Of The Day

Ordered, arranged, delegated, are the exhortations of the day
Orange, red, and the yellows wonder out of orbit
Round out the sun to give it colors
Bursting parameters of circles 
Gray, charcoal, born blue, become the rain
This day rolls in thin with a hint of mist
Determined to hold back the tears in clouds 
In light of pure perplexity it retains a heavy burden

The sky will open when in the mood
Cry when clouds become too much to handle
Fade in silence that remains in natural selection queues
In the permutations of the day


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Whenever Windstorms Vaunt

Whenever windstorms vaunt majestic force,
the elements of earth revise their face,
a flowing stream may even change its course
or yeasting agents alter claimant space.

Whenever windstorms vaunt a scouring sweep,
the earth responds with curling, naked shame
while trees and blossoms anchor down to keep
their coats from shredding in its spinner frame.

Whenever windstorms vaunt a blatant blow,
earth mother calls her creatures into play -
birds, fish and animals are pleased to stow
their strength and stand as solid, stabile clay. 

Whenever windstorms vaunt tornado's turn
all nature bows and cedes before its breath.
and in its path, destruction, cold and stern,
whips past and scatters merely pain and death.

When windstorms vaunt a strident strain
to whittle down the music in our ears,
the sun comes forth and partners with the rain
to cushion sorrow, sweep away all tears. 

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The Raven Seccumbs

In an Arctic world
So white, flies black
The Ravens rule
Is there a turning back

For the Queen of darkness
Against the white
Naked and kneeling
Has the dark turned to light

For on a branch there perches
Her Lieutenant so strong
For in the distance The Murder
Fly from

A changing world
Where the black is in demise
When its princess
Kneels down and cries

The white has now melted
The only black is night
What turned this dark princess
From her black to our white

We will only know
When her black stays away
And the night is so natural
But the light is our say

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Enslaved to their Dark

Two years have passed
Now the day has arrived
The dark now rules
For the lights in deprive

The white angels in capture
Taken to the depths
Hades has become them
Manacled and reft

Redded eyes in the dark
Peer from their bleak
To ogle these white angels
For centuries they seek

Up above on the surface
On this orb called earth
The dark angels fly
To distribute their mirth

A world once full of colour
Living and bright
Has been transformed into darkness
Left raped, left in blight

Slowly his legions
With their piercing red eyes
Will rise to the surface
Where he will hear their cries

Master of darkness
It has taken many years
To draw their light to your dark
As we live of their fears

We hail you oh dark one
For our year has arrived
Twenty twelve is upon us
For centuries we contrived

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The Dark Maiden

In the garden of evil
A dark maiden wishes kisses
She summons a blond princess
Against her inner wishes

In the midst of poisonous berries
In the middle of sharpened thorns
She is grabbed by the dark maiden
Her feelings towards her scorned

Through the dark magical orb
Hummingbirds to the rescue go
They hover to show their wrath
But the dark maidens powers show

They are followed by beautiful butterflies
And in turn they too succumb
This dark maiden and her powers
Has made natures beauties run

The princess closes her eyes
To think of the world summoned from
As the dark haired maiden wilts
Against a pure and power strong

The fallen hummingbirds
And the butterflies who fell
Returned through the light
As the princess would finally tell

There is no room for the dark
In a world so colourful and free
To be with the grace of such creatures
Who followed to look after me

I hope that this will be a lesson
If others hear my story
Fight against the dark maiden
Over nature, she will never have glory

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FREE CEE a liars choir sings of wings no more


The night roared darker than dark ever thought dark could be
When an angel began doing dastardly things to me
Sadly now a heavenly choir no longer sings
Their silence a sacrament to an angel who suddenly lost her wings

Begotten was I a night with loathsome fangs of unfettered fear
A viper with venom more vile than my vessel could bear
The manner in which a bat flies fearlessly through nighttime’s throat
As it pertains to me that evening was akin to a Judas Goat

Angels are supposed to take flight, not take to fight
But oh that laboriously long and repugnant night
She was an angel with an aura and the aroma of spring
But woe to such an evening when a choir was quieted to sing

This angel won’t die but she’s now tethered to the ground
sans extra-sensory perception I know not to where she is bound
Wherever she goes it will be without that choir’s heavenly sound
And I to carve woeful words about the evening an angel was found
    © 2009… cee!

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Dark is the night when the light fades;
Wee hours creep slow in hazy mist;
Moon beams aid sight as cold air trades;
Draught in dark show in lonely gist.

Dark fills the time as sleep comes round;
Wee hours now cast a distant feel;
Moon aura chimes in drowsy grounds;
Cold misty blast seals the odd deal.

Dark is the gaze of this nocturne;
Wee hours hurl trace as night floods well;
Moon magic maze flings a sad tune;
Dry air dries face as echoes dwell.

Leon Enriquez
08 June 2014

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Adieu My Mortal Coil

Velvet winter’s bitter kiss
Escorts my soul to unholy Bliss
As teeth impale, my neck compelled
To embrace his unsacred gift

I am filled with blasphemed pain
As I am born anew
In damned unrest I will remain
A` vie je de adieu

*Hello everybody I just wanted to introduce myself, 
I'm Ricky, Chan's (aka JustThatArchaicPoet) husband. 
He's been encouraging me to join this community and 
share my art so I finally decided to share my work here.
I've never shared my work so I'm interested and nervous
about sharing it but I'm looking forward to the experience 
of putting myself out there for the first time. Thank You.

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To Poe

He stole my precious and betrothed
to have and claim as his own mate,
and now I plot, my dark soul clothed
with blackened rage and clouded fate.

The flames that burn within me lead
toward an every fiery gate.
Dark, evil thoughts have cast their seed
on embers, my soul burns with hate.

My feral eyes now cast their gaze
upon my foe, who nears his gate.
I skulk amid a trellised maze,
anxious to make him lie prostrate.

Each footfall now, he nears my lair
and swift my blade strikes true its mark.
He gasps and stumbles, falling where
his life ebbs in the breathless dark.

Too curious to run or hide
I stand and watch his life abate.
'Twas then that guilt spoke in my ear,
"Now know yourself a demon's mate."

A dark, cold cell is where I bide,
wrapped in a prisoner's striped cape.
I'm filled with dread, I long to hide.
My soul knows there is no escape.

The hangman's gallows have been built.
Soon, one short walk up steps I'll take,
to feel the rope's rough knotted quilt,
and drop to death with one quick shake.

To Poe

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Light Within The Dark

Blind within my dark, I've stumbled and I've faltered
confused and full of fear, not knowing what is real.
I've sinned and made mistakes, have fought my share of demons
I've prayed for death to come to end the way I feel.

Though I've known much pain and had my share of sorrows
and on my burdened soul lay sins that I contrive.
Still within the dark there is a light that shines there
and with His guiding light I know I will survive.

Through His word He's said that all the things I've come to
are the things that He has wanted me to know.
I pray to be forgiven, for strength and the endurance
to make it to the day His reasons He will show.

My soul is light and dark and it has many facets
has felt the Holy Spirit, has known both joy and love
but even when it's black it still does not know hatred
for this and so much more I'm blessed by God above.

Inspired by Michael Jordans Share Your Soul contest

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From Violets to Violence

Faces and figures that only he can see.	
Heart sounds emit from his friend, the radio.
The past and the present are entwining him
As a once-hopeful future is lost in the din.

Upon dawn’s early light and throughout his days, now,
He knows to bear witness to all that they say now
From, “You are waste” and “Nobody wants you”
To, “Take your life now. You know that you want to!”
Shadowy forms on the ceiling and walls
Reach down to him: his tormentors’ calls
Where light is the dark and dark is the light;
Where night is the day and day is the night.

It’s a foregone conclusion, these garbled voices,
Bedlam’s intrusions interrupting his choices.
The velveteen violets too calmly revealed
Will soon be replaced by violence concealed.			

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It ends at the sky

The sky is a collage of purple and red
As the sun hits the horizon and goes to bed.
Mixed in the middle are dark blue and gray,
It is so impressive I have to say.

The words are illusive as the moon does rise.
When I need inspiration I look to the skies.
I see this universe so much larger than I.
The stars appear to mark the day gone by.

I look up to see this star shining so bright.
Bringing needed light to the dark night.
It seems like a beacon shining for me.
The twinkling of stars as far as the eye sees.

I sit for a while so I can take it all in.
It’s so quiet I could hear the drop of a pin.
Though I’ve seen this before it is never the same.
The moon rises up to join in the game.

The beauty of these moments set my mind free.
The possibilities before me are as vast as the sea.
It stretches from land to end at the sky
My imagination soars I think I shall fly.

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The Past

Alone, inside my wounded mind
seeking answers I must find
the past, it rears its ugly head
to keep me filled with pain and dread
always wanting me to bleed
to fill a dark and vile need.

Too many years it's kept its hold
and left me lost in dark so cold.
In desperate tones I plead and pray
I beg it "please, just go away"!
Within my weary soul I grieve
fearing it may never leave.

I've fought so hard to be set free
from pain trapped deep inside of me
with no parole, sentenced for life
with pain that cuts with razor knife.
Still to this very day I fight
to kill the dark and keep the light.

Though tears flow from this womans eyes
it's still the little girl who cries.
Again, she sings the same sad song
feeling what she feels is wrong.
Always regretting to reveal
to the world the pain I feel.

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Christmas Bay

 Dark clear waters of Christmas Bay
So peaceful it bring naught to say.
A near perfect sky; sunny Texas day
Reflects in dark waters of Christmas Bay.

Flying Fish leap and Sea-Gulls cry,
Where the Dolphins play and jump so high.
My little boat with my fishing poles sway,
And dance in dark waters of Christmas Bay.

Here is where tides rise and fall,
Where all my stress and cares grow small
They seems to just simply melt away
In dark waters of Christmas Bay.

Wind blows Mosquitoes to keep from the bite
As the Pelican flies and the Osprey cry
As Black-Skimmers dives to skim a wave.
Over dark waters of Christmas Bay.

Here the Stingray and Flounder cool.
And here the Sheephead and Red Fish school,
And Blue Crabs have so little to say,
Here in dark waters of Christmas Bay.

Shadows of clouds turn the water gray,
Where Gulf brine meets black gumbo clay.
A stiff Gulf breeze gives salt grass a nod
I find Christmas Bay to be a gift from God.

I send Heaven a prayer; as I do each day,
For few be the place to obtain such grace
Which begs my heart for a reason to stay,
As the clear dark waters of Christmas Bay.