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Quatrain Angel Poems | Quatrain Poems About Angel

These Quatrain Angel poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Angel. These are the best examples of Quatrain Angel poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Shield Love - Quatrain

Shield Love - Quatrain - A Collaboration

Embrace me In your soft tender arms.
Holding close within meek tenderness.
In close embrace I feel your soft charms,
I await the touch of your caress.

Shield me from life's hate,
On my knees Love's dying.
Do not hesitate,
From soft eyes tears crying.

Love's fights to survive,
As Love bleeds passion of forever.
Love must ever thrive
Let us now share our Love together.

Really all one desires now,
Knowing Loving you.
An essence of Love allow,
My heart ever true.

Queen of endless pleasure,
Holding you to the end.
My ultimate treasure,
Stay Lover and stay Friend.

In a flash of light,
As long as this world keeps on spinning.
You light up my night,
When sights of Love to my eyes dimming.

All I ask of you we stay strong,
Always sleeps one dream of endless beauty.
Ever In your light I belong,
To be within your heart Is my Love's duty.

Sings In your heart Love,
The song of Love's divinity.
We dwell high above,
In Love ever entwining.

A Collaboration by Liam Mcdaid & Michael Clarke.

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O Holy Night

O holy night when Christ was born,
And in a manger laid;
What love decreed that God should be
The child of a maid?
O holy night the inn was full,
A stable near at hand;
O night of prophecies fulfilled
When Caesar taxed the land.

O holy night the shepherds watched
Their flocks upon the field,
And, lo, the angel of the Lord
With glory was revealed.
"Fear not, behold, I bring to you
Good tidings full of joy;
For unto you is born this day
A Saviour as a boy."

Then suddenly the sky was lit
By angels filled with mirth,
Proclaiming glory unto God
And peace to all the earth.
The shepherds said among themselves,
"To Bethlehem we'll go;
For something great is come to pass
And this we wish to know."

They came and found the newborn babe
With Joseph and his bride;
When they had seen, this news they spread
Throughout the countryside,
And all that heard did wonder great
At things the shepherds told;
But Mary pondered all these things 
Within her heart of gold.

O holy night when God was praised,
O night when hope returned;
O night when angels spake aloud
And skies with glory burned:
O holy night when Christ was born,
And in a manger laid;
What love decreed that God should be
The child of a maid? 

~ Based on Luke 2:7-20 ~ 
~Written for "Here We Go A Caroling".~

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Lullaby of the Night Crescent

Hold my hands and sing me to sleep

Before the dreams sink too deep

Through the night walk me to the shore

To a land where greetings are peaceful snores


Let the moon talk about the day

Let it tell off our journey to the bay

Let the stars carry me with the morning breeze

Back to the fields, the empty willow trees


Let the wintersun embrace the darkness in my head

Let it lift my soul from beneath the bed

Down the beach and on the shore

On the clouds with worries no more


Free of speech, my mind sinks to sleep

Free of love my heart trembles to keep

Free of fear, my shudders float astray

Free of noises my ears chase away


To safety to nothing make me see

To claim a state I may never be

Take me to the old willow tree

Where the white snow buried me

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The sun plunged in the space of silence

The sun plunged
In the space of silence,
The summer has been extended
In a slow wandering ...

The orb has been drunk,
Gradually, by fringes.
> We did not hear anything,
From the fall of the angel ...

The horizon has folded its wings around
Confusing the distants ...
Evening invades what remains of the day
In a jiffy.

Water reflections exchanges
The colors overrated,
With the sky full of oranges,
The trees are just  silhouettes ...

The night the already marks yesterday
This is a timely opportunity,
Where piercing      welcoming clouds
unfolds, shamelessly         ,the moon ...

It will take an earth tour,
And plenty of patience,
For the solar triumph reappears 
In its rebirth  ,

As clarity rises
And progresses slowly
Until the most intense moment,  at its solstice,
To the top of the firmament.

And the celestial body  draws,  now
All things ,        in gold drops  ,
..... -     And this is another day.
It drinks in his turn and evaporates it....

Le soleil a plongé
Dans l'espace du silence,
L'été s'est prolongé  
Dans        une  lente errance...

L'astre a été  bu,
Petit à petit,    par franges.  
>      Nous n'avons  rien  entendu,
De la chute  de l'ange...

L'horizon a  replié ses ailes, autour
Confondant les lointains... 
Le soir  envahit ce qu'il reste de jour,
En un tournemain.

Les reflets des eaux échangent
Des couleurs surfaites ,
Avec le ciel tout en oranges,
Les arbres         ne sont que silhouettes...

La nuit,            marque  déjà  l'hier,
C'est l'occasion opportune,
Où, perçant des nuées  hospitalières,
se dévoile, sans pudeur,        la lune...
 Il faudra un tour de terre,
Et beaucoup de patience,
Pour que réapparaisse le triomphe solaire,
Dans  sa renaissance ,

Que la clarté  se hisse
Et progresse lentement,
Jusqu'au plus intense,      à son solstice,
Au sommet  du firmament.

Et l'astre dessine maintenant ,
Toutes choses en gouttes  d'or,
.....    - Et c'est un autre jour.
Il le boit à son tour,                    puis l' évapore....



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A Ripple In Time

An angel kissed a ripple
Onto a glassy sea
And in that very instant
A baby came to be

A hundred times she kissed it
A hundred thousand more
Each time the troubled surface
More troubled than before

The ripples started crossing
And people crossing too
In time made each their ripple
Like as that ocean blue

So here is my petition
Oh Jesus, hear my plea!
That all my parting wavelets
Be marked in time for Thee

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Turning Pages to Paradise

Cast upon a book
Her angel eyes
Within her mind
This beauty flies

She's not restrained
By earthly woes
Within her mind
Imagery flows

In this garden
Beneath morning star
Wings to paradise
She travels so far

Look of serenity
Yet inside there's heat
On passionate pages
Her heart skips a beat

A sweet knowing smile
Spreads across her face
Imagining strong hands
Removing her lace

He wrote her this book
For their wedding day
Joined in the garden
Paradise starts today

Isaiaha Zerbst's "Poem in Paradise Contest"

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Lifting Me Up

My heart is on Your shoulders,
And You are lifting me up.
With every spoken tender gesture,
I fall a little farther in love.

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As Cherubs go he is the king.
A little angel being.
One sent by God to speed up things
between the ones we're seeing.

With bow in hand and arrow drawn.
His quiver laden full.
He takes good aim and hits the spot
with just a little pull.

There's hope for Johnny and for Jane
with live's a little dull.
That if they're special and polite
their passions will not lull.

So have your fun and craziness
and play the lover's game.
But know that one looks out for you
with cupid as his name.

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Angel on my Shoulder

Angels on my right shoulder
Battling devils on the left
Ever guiding my actions
Saving my soul from bereft

Angels e'er amongst us
Like Clarence on Stewart's bridge
Softly urge us to avoid
Falling from grace at the ridge

My special angel's sweet voice
Sounds so much like my mother's
But you have an angel too
Who's unlike any other's

Spirits of loved ones who've passed
Want us to know heaven's joy
So we reunite with them
And eternal bliss enjoy

So, Mom, if you're listening
Your voice overtakes evil
Helping me find the right path
You've mastered soul retrieval 

A wonderful life bestowed
By a righteous urging
From an angel observer
For spiritual merging

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Beautiful, Glorious Day

Run, run, run and give it all up!
Into His arms, commend your love!
Through Him, you are saved!
What a beautiful, glorious day!

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Not The Same Without You

It's not the same without you;
The days are rainy and the nights are blue.
My heart is crying and God is too,
But we are smiling, waiting here for you.

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Angel in Hell

Sorrow chokes sanity
in the brimstone fumes of Hell
that consumes all but memory
plastered against the walls of his cell.

My mind can't comprehend...
Perhaps he did wrong
or mercy he did not lend,
but here resides the angel of song.

His wings are torn,
tattered like his serenity
when he fell into heat's scorn.
Once he was beauty's epiphany.

The shofar's sound dwindled
to let screams take stage.
The music he once kindled
turned against him in bloody rage.

Yet he will rise once more.
The fallen creature in his cell
and will play a new music's score
telling of the angel in Hell.

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You Had a Living Angel

You had a living angel
Within your arms easy grasp
Ministering to your needs
While hoping your love would last

She tried to fill your whole life
With the joy of heaven’s light
It brought sweet gentle solace
To every tormented night

You had a guarding angel
Who’d gladly die in your place
She fluttered all around you
Planted kisses on your face

You had a faithful angel
Who’d enfold you in her wings
She soothed away all your pain
With the little songs she’d sing

But you longed for the devil
With those sparkling eyes of lust
With tight figure hugging clothes
And you broke your angel’s trust

For naughty is much nicer
Than loving serenity
You lied to her angel face
Tasted infidelity

You broke your little angel
Sorrow glistened in her eyes
She burned in fires of hell
Set off by all of your lies

Heartbroken, she flew away
And the temptress took her place
But when you make love to her
You will see the angel face

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Graveyard Angel

I heard an angel speak last night
and he said "write".------------------Elizabeth Barrett Browining
So I took my pen to mark his words.
No angel would I slight.

There’s a corner in the graveyard
where the small ones lie in death,
some torn from their mother’s wombs
before they’d taken breath.

Other dates show three short days,
or a month up to a year.
This is where the graveyard angel,
the most often will appear.

You will find her graven image
on the gravestones all around.
Older graves will have no flowers
to adorn the little mounds.

The grass grows with abandon
as it always  has for  years,
saturated splendidly 
with grief-stricken mother’s tears.

But mothers, fathers, siblings die.
The graves could be forgotten.
God sends his graveyard angel
to guard each and every one. 

She will be there to guide them
when that final trumpet sounds
and their souls are all transported from
those tiny little mounds.

By: Joyce Johnson 6/15/11

Won a 5th
For "Angels in Cemeteries" contest.  Sponsored by Constance LaFrance

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Cupid's Curse

I saw a woman walking by.
She wasn't all that fetching.
When just above her in the air
came Cupid like a fletching.

In taking aim he shot me twice.
Once in each balled eye.
And then he said in deepened voice;
"Now can't you see she's fly".

I notice then she came in close
and stunk of ransid hide.
Then Cupid grabbed his bow again,
My nose his taget pride.

The woman asked me how I was
with such a crackling voice.
I knew at once My ears were next
and Cupid had no choice.

Now I was blind and deaf and bloody
My nostrils without smell.
and now I could not hear his wings
that creature come from Hell.

At once the woman reached for me.
I falling cold in shock.
And if she didn't comfort me
and love began to knock.

Now I knew Cupid had a plan.
that left me all for dead.
but feeling all her comfort now
was coming while I bled.

Then Cupid asked, "You love her now"?
And I began to heal.
I looked at him and then at her
and realized I could feel.

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Twenty brand new angels
arrived just yesterday.
Frightened and confused
they only wished to stay

with parents now left empty,
and shattered beyond belief.
Their babies’ precious little lives
stolen by a spineless thief

with evil in his heart,
and killing on his mind.
Dear God where are you now?
It’s getting hard to find

a reason for the carnage,
and the acts of the insane.
Can we still find eternal love
surrounded by such pain?

Now twenty brand new angels
who only yesterday did die,
and with them, too, the innocence.
Why, dear God, why?

for the Sandy Hook children.  RIP.

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             ANGEL IN THE RAIN

Last eve heard my prayer that I would awake to a rainbow
And only the mistiness would know how it would go                         
   Oh and I awoke to see the colors that so blessed my eyes
While at the edge of that rainbow the rarity of an angel cries

I hear her loudly weeping from far above
Bemoaning the besmirching of yesterday’s love
Perhaps rainbows only appear to soothe an angel’s heart
Until a multi-tinted pallet and the sky are made to part

There then is left but a memory born by the blue
And only a hint of what the heavens can do
Rainbows can appear and disappear at will
Yet weeps that woe filled angel still

The sky turned blue a bit later on
Once that reverent and radiant rainbow was gone
Mine is cold comfort when a coal colored sky finally clears
Until another angel dries that weeping angel’s tears
© 2013  copyright PHREEPOETREE…..~free cee!~

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Upper Hand

Free will and choice, we think we know,
the high road calls our name.
But man's destruction arises low
in a part we just can't tame.

And evil's there, in quiet repose,
we rap it's hollow door.
And here we sit for what we chose
as they tally the final score.

Of all the battles we fought within,
none matter but the last.
An epic struggle set to begin
from which our destiny is cast.

In the afterlife of death's staid pale,
too late to take a stand,
will eternity be in heaven or hell?
We must await the upper hand.

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I Did Not Believe in Angels, Till

I did not believe in angels
Til I saw your satin face;
My God, your eyes consumed me so--
Gave my heart the will to race.

Oh lovely, I am at your feet,
I have known you in my dreams;
You own my heart, now soothe my soul
With moonlight's powder beams.

Take me to where angels go,
If there's anyway you can;
Or lay your wings and halo down
And know me as a man.

As I would trade my very life
For this, and only this;
To experience the ecstasy
Of your sweet, angelic kiss.


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You're My Angel

I heard a song,
I studied the picture.
I read the title,
And I remembered you.

The song? It was about a guy,
Who loved a girl
His angel.
His only Sunshine, Whose arms he was happy in.

The picture? An angel,
Born new to the world,
Shattering her shell,
The bonds that he helped to break.

-The title? A game we used to play,
-A game I teased you with.
-A game that made us laugh.
-The title? You're my Angel.

"You're my Angel,
You're the only sunshine in my life,
Feels like heaven when you take me in your arms."
A moment in the song that tears me up every time.

I remember the game, do you?
I always teased you..
Called her my Angel...
You would always give me the craziest look and "gibbs" me

A slap in the back of the head.
And I'd go "fine. my angel of darkness"
And you'd smile and giggle...
And Id feel like im floating in the clouds.

those moments were when I were my happiest.
When I felt closest to you.
When I swear I could feel your heartbeat,
And hear your thoughts.

I guess what I'm trying to say,
Is that in my eyes, you'll always be my Angel,
And no, not an Angel of the Darkness,
But a true, pure Angel that saved me.

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My Kiss From Heaven

Once, when the day was cold and misty
I set out for a trip down to a lonely spot
Filled with gardens so flowery
There, I settled down and started a work of art

Yet, my poetry was all rotten and stale
Nothing could cure my stagnant mind
Not even a sip of ale
Harshly, I chose to leave my art behind

When O Magic, O Pure Bliss
A sheep appeared, all pink in fleece
And took my pen in his hand
And gave me verses to tend

Beautiful, Lyrical
None could be more mystical
Before he left, on my cheeks, he left a kiss
And said, Fear never the evil adder's hiss!

Remember, the garden of Eden
Is still full of angels, so awakened
So relish in your poetry
As if it were your sole duty!

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The son of the Holy Ghost

The passage is the way,, 
of the almighty,, 
and the son of,, 
The Holy Ghost prepares you, 
therefore I have engaged,,
to self inline, the heavens, 
beyond my years, into new life, 
after death,, 
unto the rebirth of Christ, 
to be resurrected again,,

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                THE‘MORROW’S MAJESTY

Tomorrow might mean angel day
To be followed by one angelic night
Tomorrow I may view an angel’s display
A dais of delectable delight 

I can never be certain when she will alight
One of Heaven’s most hallowed sights
For forever I will fear her final flight
No more love, laughter nor luminescent light

My ‘morrow might mean angel’s wings
And a soul of sublimation
A heavenly body to which this man clings
And I’ve clung so long to the finery of fascination

Tomorrow’s sun to shine on mine
Mine angel who was weaned on wonder and sacramental wine
A lady who is afar far too often for me
She who opens an enchanting door for me

Tomorrow’s moon might mean wings away
Oh if ever my angel couldst ever stay
No more to bear an angel’s softly sighed fare well
An angel at the ready with a seraphim's spell

                            ©2012…PHREEPOETREE..~free cee!~

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The Real Me

There, in that new world, There, where revered is the great bird I am the one known as Maya The one so beautiful, with a mystical aura A goddess of nature, Spreading on my path, only pleasure A goddess of fortune Imbibing those who persevere with a merciful boon Powerful in battle, strong in keeping safe Those who have for me great faith Beautiful and gorgeous I am the only one so glorious! And here, I hide in a human body Hiding behind my powerful humility Hoping someday, to be once more arisen There, from where I am now fallen!

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Sandy Hook

Today, it just doesn't seem fair
That we are still able to breathe.
They have given us their air-
Our duty to lead the life they leave.

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Angel of the Night

black sky chill runs to the bone
as I shudder from the pain
fitful sleep in bed alone
a face without a name

a vision soft in morning's light
the memory soon forsaken
the one I want to hold so tight
is gone when I awaken.

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Sleeping angel sent down here from heaven above
Unweeping angel never more to feel sorrow or fears
Mommy holds you in her arms wrapped tight in eternal love
Daddy kisses your soft cheek trying to hold back his tears

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Twas the night before Thomas

Twas the night before Christmas 
Twas the night of his birth
But the little boy Thomas 
Was growing much worse

Thomas was sick, and he was not getting better
This sweet little boy 
The doctors together
Had brought him one toy

A round little bear
With a smile so bright
It made Thomas not care
He was dying that night

He and the bear snuggled and smiled
The bear and Thomas
What a beautiful child
Twas the night before Christmas

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Once i fell a victim to the other side of love
The other side of love i had never known
The other side of pang,anxiety and sorrow
The other side that gave no hope for tomorrow
The other side of love born by lies
The other side known best by the wise

At night when all grandchildren of Adam were asleep
It was then my time to lay in bed and weep
My eyes were like a pond filled with ever flowing tears
Memories of yesterday were now today's fears
My brains and minds were both at war with peace
Then i realized life was not always full of ease

As to the agony the innocent me went through
It was only the stars in the skies that could bear me witness
From distance i could hear the voice of misery calling my name
Love is always not that a fair game
For once thoughts of suicide visited me in the mind
The other side of love to me has been so unkind

I kept asking myself why me?
Was love my greatest enemy?
Maybe it was not meant for me
So i am patiently waiting for the hands of nature
To grant me that one creature
Whom together we can have a brighter future

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Come Up Higher

I write of a dream
Out of the body, alive in the spirit
It begin on a slipping bare field
Intriguingly, there is nothing to shield

A feeling of fear run through me
As the enemy approaches
A mass of fearful thoughts
As the foe runs across

Running, racing, gasping for breath
Climbing steeper slopes
Running endless races
Racing to dreadful places

For one glorious moment
It dawned on me I can fly
I can fly on wings of Angels?
Even on wings of archangels?

Then comes a voice…Echoing
Come on fly!...Come up higher!
In awe! My feet was high above the ground
This left the enemy confound

I begin to soar and to glide like an Eagle
High up am safe and secure!
High up I can reach for the stars!
High up I can reach for the mars!!

And they heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them, “Come Up Here [Higher]”. And they ascended to heaven in a cloud, and their enemies saw them [no more]. Revelation 11:12