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Angel Quatrain Poems | Quatrain Poems About Angel

These Angel Quatrain poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Angel. These are the best examples of Angel Quatrain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Ripple In Time

An angel kissed a ripple
Onto a glassy sea
And in that very instant
A baby came to be

A hundred times she kissed it
A hundred thousand more
Each time the troubled surface
More troubled than before

The ripples started crossing
And people crossing too
In time made each their ripple
Like as that ocean blue

So here is my petition
Oh Jesus, hear my plea!
That all my parting wavelets
Be marked in time for Thee

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O Holy Night

O holy night when Christ was born,
And in a manger laid;
What love decreed that God should be
The child of a maid?
O holy night the inn was full,
A stable near at hand;
O night of prophecies fulfilled
When Caesar taxed the land.

O holy night the shepherds watched
Their flocks upon the field,
And, lo, the angel of the Lord
With glory was revealed.
"Fear not, behold, I bring to you
Good tidings full of joy;
For unto you is born this day
A Saviour as a boy."

Then suddenly the sky was lit
By angels filled with mirth,
Proclaiming glory unto God
And peace to all the earth.
The shepherds said among themselves,
"To Bethlehem we'll go;
For something great is come to pass
And this we wish to know."

They came and found the newborn babe
With Joseph and his bride;
When they had seen, this news they spread
Throughout the countryside,
And all that heard did wonder great
At things the shepherds told;
But Mary pondered all these things 
Within her heart of gold.

O holy night when God was praised,
O night when hope returned;
O night when angels spake aloud
And skies with glory burned:
O holy night when Christ was born,
And in a manger laid;
What love decreed that God should be
The child of a maid? 

~ Based on Luke 2:7-20 ~ 
~Written for "Here We Go A Caroling". First Place Entry.

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Turning Pages to Paradise

Cast upon a book
Her angel eyes
Within her mind
This beauty flies

She's not restrained
By earthly woes
Within her mind
Imagery flows

In this garden
Beneath morning star
Wings to paradise
She travels so far

Look of serenity
Yet inside there's heat
On passionate pages
Her heart skips a beat

A sweet knowing smile
Spreads across her face
Imagining strong hands
Removing her lace

He wrote her this book
For their wedding day
Joined in the garden
Paradise starts today

Isaiaha Zerbst's "Poem in Paradise Contest"

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An Angel Walks for You

Close your eyes
And dream you had wings
For you were graced 
And the harps did sing

All around you
In the celestial sky
Are the gracious of many
Let me tell you why

For we can not see
What we want there to be
For out there
Winged angels are free

They are hidden shadows
But covered we are not all
For life is living
And some of us fall

Live your life
And live it true
In your background shadows
An angel walks for you

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The Face of an Angel

So many poemless years,
   Not describing your true beauty.
You’re more than an Angel,
   Here on angelic duty.

Your face echoes truth,
   Of divine radiance on earth.
Your presence warms my soul,
   And gives my life its worth.

You’re the one I think about,
   With an honest heart so true.
I just want to speak from my within,
   And wish a happy birthday to you.

As I bring you a little closer,
   Your angelic dust disappears.
I have always wanted to whisper,
   Happy birthday in your ear. 

Today is the day of reckoning,
   As my lips whisper this greeting.
And praise a wonderful day,
   While in our secret meeting. 

Not a meeting of lustful acts,
   But a meeting of a warm embrace.
I have always been mesmerized,
   When I look upon your face.

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Angel on my Shoulder

Angels on my right shoulder
Battling devils on the left
Ever guiding my actions
Saving my soul from bereft

Angels e'er amongst us
Like Clarence on Stewart's bridge
Softly urge us to avoid
Falling from grace at the ridge

My special angel's sweet voice
Sounds so much like my mother's
But you have an angel too
Who's unlike any other's

Spirits of loved ones who've passed
Want us to know heaven's joy
So we reunite with them
And eternal bliss enjoy

So, Mom, if you're listening
Your voice overtakes evil
Helping me find the right path
You've mastered soul retrieval 

A wonderful life bestowed
By a righteous urging
From an angel observer
For spiritual merging

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Angel in Hell

Sorrow chokes sanity
in the brimstone fumes of Hell
that consumes all but memory
plastered against the walls of his cell.

My mind can't comprehend...
Perhaps he did wrong
or mercy he did not lend,
but here resides the angel of song.

His wings are torn,
tattered like his serenity
when he fell into heat's scorn.
Once he was beauty's epiphany.

The shofar's sound dwindled
to let screams take stage.
The music he once kindled
turned against him in bloody rage.

Yet he will rise once more.
The fallen creature in his cell
and will play a new music's score
telling of the angel in Hell.

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You Had a Living Angel

You had a living angel
Within your arms easy grasp
Ministering to your needs
While hoping your love would last

She tried to fill your whole life
With the joy of heaven’s light
It brought sweet gentle solace
To every tormented night

You had a guarding angel
Who’d gladly die in your place
She fluttered all around you
Planted kisses on your face

You had a faithful angel
Who’d enfold you in her wings
She soothed away all your pain
With the little songs she’d sing

But you longed for the devil
With those sparkling eyes of lust
With tight figure hugging clothes
And you broke your angel’s trust

For naughty is much nicer
Than loving serenity
You lied to her angel face
Tasted infidelity

You broke your little angel
Sorrow glistened in her eyes
She burned in fires of hell
Set off by all of your lies

Heartbroken, she flew away
And the temptress took her place
But when you make love to her
You will see the angel face

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Beautiful, Glorious Day

Run, run, run and give it all up!
Into His arms, commend your love!
Through Him, you are saved!
What a beautiful, glorious day!

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Graveyard Angel

I heard an angel speak last night
and he said "write".------------------Elizabeth Barrett Browining
So I took my pen to mark his words.
No angel would I slight.

There’s a corner in the graveyard
where the small ones lie in death,
some torn from their mother’s wombs
before they’d taken breath.

Other dates show three short days,
or a month up to a year.
This is where the graveyard angel,
the most often will appear.

You will find her graven image
on the gravestones all around.
Older graves will have no flowers
to adorn the little mounds.

The grass grows with abandon
as it always  has for  years,
saturated splendidly 
with grief-stricken mother’s tears.

But mothers, fathers, siblings die.
The graves could be forgotten.
God sends his graveyard angel
to guard each and every one. 

She will be there to guide them
when that final trumpet sounds
and their souls are all transported from
those tiny little mounds.

By: Joyce Johnson 6/15/11

Won a 5th
For "Angels in Cemeteries" contest.  Sponsored by Constance LaFrance