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Personification Snow Poems | Personification Poems About Snow

These Personification Snow poems are examples of Personification poems about Snow. These are the best examples of Personification Snow poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Winter Storm

Restless winter's snow covered the ground
North wind blew in another winter storm
It howled,  it crawled and packed solid
 Clinging where it could to  frozen mother earth
Wave after wave it pounded, it bombarded
Icy pebbles scattered in all directions 
Spray like mist climbed the snow dunes
As an eerie chill settled upon the land

 Wind why do you blow
 as if you had no soul.
You come wild with fury
making all so weary.



Copyright © Phyllis Babcock | Year Posted 2013

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Snow’s silence slowly
Floats down on the blanched land,
Stops memory  - frozen moment -
Whispers do not hurry.
Her over-ardent love clings to
My every-cornered coat,
Reduces my footfalls
To muffled whispers  - stays,
Spreads her shawl of quiet
Till memory records no detail, 
Nothing but herself.

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2014

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Off-white is my color
On this time of the day
When darkness swallows me
And I illuminate 
Through Its gossamer skin. 
As soon as my purity 
Onto the ground,
It falls off - but not by my fault:
Children love to slide down my back
And the sad ones
Hate to feel my cold presence. 
But I bring the warmness although I seem
Cold. After they've had  my first embrace and
 Soft touch on the cheek, 
They've had enough of me.
On this time of the night
They want to get rid of me.
Then I become even colder
And leave with the promise
That I will be back and this time
 It will be in a smooth and moony night
Followed by a cold and tiresome morning 
Oblivious of benighted dreams coming true. 
Revelation of my purity. Your ephemeral merriment. 
You're cold again as i slide down your neck.

Copyright © Tamara Simic | Year Posted 2016

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The Snow

Falling at a terminal velocity
From the ether we fall at a speed that is  
What is my purpose, my destiny
Inevitable fate befalls the

Colliding with the other frosty white souls
Scattered across the ground sparkling like bright white
We're born in a season that is dead
How can something so white and pure be 

Like vampires the sun is our infirmity
Dawn approaches illuminating hues of
The epiphany before my death 
Is everything is impermanent 

Copyright © Trevor Barnett | Year Posted 2014

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Death of 2008

The dying year old, bent and grey of hair
with a heart that grew weak and a soul that ached
lay in a hospital bed as the minutes ticked away

He knew his time was near as he thought back
at his lovely birth in the cold of a January morning
and how he marvelled at life all around

Young and vibrant he embraced the season
sending cupid out to break February hearts
watching the March snow disappear

Smiling at April rains and May blossoms
kissing the first red rose of June that climbed to the sun
joining in the fireworks and picnics of July

Gazing down on the yellow sunflowers of August
and wishing for summer to last forever
feeling so melancholy when September appeared

Crying with the changing leaves of October
as he knew his reign was slowly dying
he pulled a heavy coat over aging shoulders

In the dampness of a dreary November 
he longed for the first snow of December
and the smiles of the children's faces

Now as his time slowly runs down
he hears the lusty cry of the baby 2009
and on the last chime of twelve

he pulls the sheet up over his face
and slips away peacefully 
into the book of time past..

Copyright © valerie bellefleur | Year Posted 2009

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A Snowflake In June

I thought I saw a snowflake in June
Perhaps, it was just silly daydream imaginations
Or were ongoing investigations really do

Upon further horizon inquiries
The sun ended interviews in blushing denial
And when heavenly interrogations finished
The sky was turning guilty blue

I’m absolutely sure
The clouds were somewhere amidst the cover up
Fortunately, a little pigeon squawked
And revealed something of the simple truth

That, there was a brewing
Conspiracy of rumors, flying 
So I ruffled stoolie feathers convincingly
To spill the beans, out with his scandalous news

It seems a wintry prima donna 
Performer of the coming season
In order to beat the ratings
Broke out early and was somewhere on the loose

Could it be
The very same stitch of ice I'd seen
A snowflake thespian
Acting out in the month of June

Then, I saw a glistening 
Of arrogance pass right before my eyes
And tiny banner waved
Followed by the squeaky words “see you very soon”

I rubbed my eyes in disbelief 
And then, my tongue was quickly unleashed
As I closed the case of any further flakes
From trying to make their premature Hollywood debuts

Copyright © Michael Smith | Year Posted 2011

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Your Place Beyond

The path between the trees had faded beneath the seasonal snow.
Yet, the presence of your foot prints are clearly in my mind.
As I walked through the snow with the memory of you.
The silence of the dusk began to set in.
For I stopped and leaned on the tree, in which you had admired many times before.
I listened to the silence of the falling snow as it glistened in the moonlight.
For the darkness brought peace and glory for the acknowledgement admired in the snow.
And the moon beaming brightly through the trees would lead me through the woods to the 
field in which we would lie in through the cool spring breeze.
To remenber our laughter places a smile upon my face.
And to know that you are here with me, in this bright field of snow.
And our children in which you left behind, will walk this path of our past with me.
The questions asked are filled with interest and wander, while answers are filled with loving
For our children will grow with you in their hearts and souls.
And as you watch us from your place beyond, would you be happy for the things we have 

Copyright@march 2010 MaryMMcShirley/kilker

Copyright © marymkilker marymkilker | Year Posted 2010

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Jonas Hits Baltimore   1/22/2016

They personify you with a name
But by the hand of heaven you came

Dear God!
Your fury rules our streets
Hastens all for food and shelter
Shuts us in by your command

In the purity of white
And rage of winter wind
You christen the city’s sins
Sending even the wicked
To seek refuge within

A prayer for those who work close to the eye
A prayer for those who must keep people alive

A prayer for those who cannot reach home
A prayer for those who must brave alone

Dear God!
Have your way 
You chose us for your storm
In its wake we welcome a return to the norm.

Copyright © Janis Thompson | Year Posted 2016

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Farewell to Snow

Today, glimpsed I,  a curious sight
A  mound  of  snow,  no  longer  white.
It basked alone, upon brown grass
It seemed to say, this too shall pass

When greener days shall come to be
When spring soon covers every tree
With robins nests and leaves of green
This mound of snow shall cease to be.

And so,  in passing by, paid my respects
To winter and to all of its effects
And bid springtime my warmest welcome.

For as long as this old earth shall spin
God has ordained each winter’s end
Yea, God has ordained each spring begin.

Copyright © Zachary McClure | Year Posted 2008