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Personification Nature Poems | Personification Poems About Nature

These Personification Nature poems are examples of Personification poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Personification Nature poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Wind

When it left the Arctic it was as a wild angry wind
that stormed its way across the ice bound Arctic ocean.
Blowing the snow clad icebergs and whipping up the ocean.
As it crossed Alaska and into Canada it had gentled
now it played games with leaves and softly kissed flowers.

Gaily it soared over the Rockies and tugged goats beards 
causing them to shake their heads and stamp their feet.
In Playful mood it swept on hugging the coast awhile
then veering inland, it travels the plains and grows in strength
turning into a raging tornado causing havoc as it passes.

Moving ever southward it basks in now warm sunshine
and skips over the gulf of Mexico filling yachts sails.
Deep down in South America it turns into a wild fury that
uproots trees snapping them in half like matchsticks,
Then onward once more dancing past the Falkland islands.

Its destiny is now in sight and with triumphant roar
it rushes on over the Antarctic ocean and slides up
the icy barrier then screams its way across the tundra
yet slowly it loses its power and as it reaches the incline
this moody wind fades away until with final breath it dies.

written 10/28/2014
contest Best Poem of 2014

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Autumn's Season

Autumn brushes her hair slowly Letting the glorious colors flow gently to the earth below. Showing off vibrant colors in contrast to summer's green dress. Out doing the starkness, of winter's white coat. Autumn compares the mutable shades of spring to her fall Giving a sigh ,end of another season. She packs her brush as frost touches her tips.

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The Promise of Spring - A Fibonacci

Kiss you
While you sleep
Lady dressed in white
And melt your cold heart  made of ice

Will rise
High into the sky
And fall as raindrops from God’s eyes

Buds below
Where now you will grow
With me - in the bloom of a rose

Author:  Elaine George

* Note:  This poem is a Personification as well as a triple Fibonacci

Brian Strand's 'Image Contest':     First Place
John Heck's  '12-in-one' Contest:  First Place

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Four Sisters

Spring stirs her eager young
Giving life, renewed to those
Who stand about and doze
She whispers hope, of things begun
Beneath winter's cold repose.

Summer, smiling golden rays
With ample breasts of rain
Feeds, and soothes the pain
Of changing white to green to gray
While dressing her wards again.

Fall, donning multicolored hues
Weeps, her leaves cascading
As her life is brilliantly fading
She takes with her the morning dew
Leaving frost in the trading.

Winter, wearing crystal shards
Bares her nudity to all
Standing gracefully tall
She lays a white robe upon my yard
While singing her wanton call.

And I.....well, I sit passively by
Watching through shielding glass
Four sisters marching past
Thanking God who dwells on high
For His daughters stark contrasts.

                    Timothy I. Brumley

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Ascending towering mountains with the greatest of ease,
laughing as foliage tickles my tummy with soft, feathery leaves.

Endless melodies, I have played, breezing through dangling chimes,
luring enchanted fairies with an orchestra sublime.

Lifting kites of brilliant colors, I choreograph the dance.
Such magnificent, breathtaking moves, never given to chance.

Designer of vast deserts, sculpting massive, lounging dunes.
Artist of the lonely face that rises from the moon.

Donning infinite perfumes; sweetest flowers; savory food,
or the salt of seven seas, when in a traveling mood.

Ghost writer of romantic voyages, sailors and pirates tell;
beached lovers on exotic islands, my gust upon their sail.

I've swooped down through lost canyons, and valleys, emerald green;
lain in meadow's tall lush grass to nap in sun's warm gleam.

My disposition revealed by soft whispers through the trees,
or howls from the north, saddled on winter's cold, pale steed.

Old as God himself, being born of his first breath.
I fill the lungs of eternity, forever evading death.

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Ode to the Redwood

I was once a little twig with dreams of being a mighty tree
So people would come from all around just to look at me
As the years started to come and go I fell in love with the wind
I would open myself big and wide swaying to the music of my friend
My rings became many and my bark was as red as red could be
Then the day finally came I was the tallest of the tallest trees
I stood tall and I stood proud and everyone knew my name
As my rings continued recording my destiny to fame
Then the fateful day it came my friend and I had a fight
Looking back I can't recall who was wrong or right
I said, "You are but the wind something people can't even see"
" And I'm the king of them all the tallest of the tallest trees"
That night the wind started to howl she really started to blow
And I the tallest of all the trees learned we reap what we sow
My roots struggled to hold on tight but without a soul around
She who had been my dearest friend knocked me to the ground
The loggers came and cut me up then shipped me away
To my soul that truly was a sad and lonely day
Torn from all I knew and loved wishing I didn't have to feel
I was cut into boards and post down at the local mill
Now I'm back here at home just a few feet away
From where my friend the wind and I used to dance and play
I'm the deck on which you stand I lay below your feet
There is a bench made of me would you care to have a seat
Sometimes in life our roles change just take a look at me
The trick is no matter who are what you are be all you can be
See I was once a little twig who became a mighty tree
And now I'm a redwood deck as proud as proud can be
And of my friend the wind she visits me everyday
So I can thank her once again for helping me find my way

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The Wave

.                      Beneath a brilliant sapphire blue and cloudless canopy,
                           dipping swaying dreamily adrift in a fantasy,
                shimmering in  the noon daylight she dances with the breeze,
                  until she breaks on the shore and is swallowed by the sea.

                                                Author:  Elaine George

                                     Written:  February 9th, 2006

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Autumn's Breath

The first breath of autumn -  so softly creeps
Kissing the face of summer -  as she sleeps
Stirring within - such passion and desire
Setting every bough and green leaf -  on fire

Ablaze of flames -  in shades -  of red and gold
Burning the meadows - and the valleys below
Autumn’s breath  -  a perfume of sweet decay
Hangs over the earth -  in a crimson haze

Memories rekindled -  in all the leaves
In their final hour  - still cling to the trees
Until Autumn expels  - her final  breath
And falls -  in a kaleidoscope  - to her death

Where her ashes will sleep beneath the snow
giving warmth to the seeds - buried below


Author:  Elaine George

Written: August 23, 2013

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Rain Drop

It started high up in the clouds,
the moisture balling together until
it became a perfect tear drop hovering
then falling down, gaining speed.

Bumping into others amalgamating,
spinning dropping ever downwards.
Landing with large splash on a leaf
and trickling, running ever down.

Joining still as it flows on
over the edge to the ground.
The rain drop fell into a puddle
and spread out reflecting the sky.

Glistening, sparkling and pulsing
It follows the contours of the land
giving life to all as it passes  by,
relentlessly advancing with glee.

Not over yet, it flowed into a lake
now a vast body of water it continues
onwards, ever onwards. One day it
will return to the sky. That's another story.

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S - P - R - I - N - G Ah! Harsh cold winter must be tired, his grip weakening, he breathes his last. The frowning skies finally crumble fast revealing downy blue clouds that waltz The sun blows kisses of shine--- like a rainfall touching, caressing but melting adagio the white icy coats among branches... The blossoms sultry strip to loosen their curves then upon naked arms of trees curls the color green trembling with symptoms of spring. Birds twiddle free to sound like thrums. Evergreen trees duet as they whistle to calm tunes of nippy breeze. All around a choir blushing fountain hues of brown, red, pink and yellow. Animals long-hiding from hugs of frost now stands. They burst with grins and jolts-- like squirrels bouncing up and down. Butterflies outstretch wings flutter by! Snow that clogs and plugs finally weeps-- running dry with the heat rising slow on air. It stirs sweet liquid pearls to tip-toe on leaves and petal's swells. Buzzing bees chase fresh floating nectar... Lured, they dance on merry-go-round in the warm bosom of smiling sunshine. Coats and boots all pack and rolled away, chuckles and giggles tickle the daytime flair as little children prance to do some plays. ©O.E. Guillermo Sponsor: Shadow Hamilton Contest Name: Seasons Placed 1st 06:49 pm, January 01, 2015

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He saunters in with a slow steady gait
gathering all of nature in his warm embrace.

The whimsical artist splashes colors to sky;
miniature airplanes and exotic shaped kites.

Vocal chords of moon beams strummed by crickets and toads;
a serenade through open windows of our humble abodes.

So light on his feet; ocean's glass dance floor;
leading sailboats to sea and lovers to shore.

His breath on your neck puts you under his spell;
caught up in his love, as romances swell.

His pulse beats hot through sun ray veins,
then he showers us with gifts of cool, fresh rain.

We lounge with him in fields and meadows,
and miss him as Fall nudges him deep in the shadows.

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A Dolphin's View.

In my babies eyes, 
There is only blue skies.
We are out of harms’ way, 
We have survived another day.

If only, I could speak!
Would you HEAR me?

I’ll protect them if I can, 
Against you, they call man.
Afraid our future may be bleak, 
Man is so weak.

If only, I could speak!
Would you HEAR me?

You hunt us down, for your own greed,
You slaughter my family, when there is no need.
You steal our babies to put in your tanks,
To justify your deeds, but we say, No Thanks!

If only, I could speak!
Would you HEAR me?

Our home is the ocean, this magnificent sea,
And you are welcome, to swim there with me.
But when you and your family, swim in our home, 
I ask you with sincerity, do we NOT leave you alone?

If only, I could speak!
Would you HEAR me?

If we chased after you, with jaws noshing instead,
If we laughed when you screamed, as the ocean turned red.
If we stole YOUR babies, how would YOU feel?
Or viewed YOUR family, as just another meal! 

If only, I could speak!
Would you HEAR me?

Think of me, when you have read this story,
And tell me why; destroying my family, gives you such glory?
We are all on this earth, to be the best that we can,
Maybe it was God’s mistake; he created man…

If only, I could speak!
Would you HEAR me?

Did you HEAR me? 


Written by
Vicki Darcy

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Whispers Within

Whispers Within

I am the spirit of satin stardust and the antiquities of golden memories alive I call to you from the rising warmth of the sun and greet you in the misty morning light I am the steady and rolling drum beat echoing from the jagged heights above I am the mysterious curves of the raging waters' and the freedom birds of love I rise above the white summer clouds in lilting songs of grace and roam with the western tail-winds to take you home again I am a Spirit of our gracious Lord God Almighty of love hope and faith I have come to tell................ _______________________________________________ Contest~ONE OF YOUR BEST

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What Am I

Who Art Thou?

Thou carriest me to distant clime, to Egypt in my mind.
I’m Cleopatra, naked. In thy folds, I solace find.
Thou art gentle, like sweet Antony. With body splayed, I lie
Upon thee in a valley, and above us is blue sky.

Those times, I come to visit thee with arms outstretched, for peace.
Other times, with steady strokes, I find in thee release.
Thou holdest me though I cut thee; thou art soothing like a balm.
I love  thee when thou art able to flow, clear and calm.

At times, thou canst rage. On those days, I've no need of thee,
But other times I move within thee, working mightily.
And when my body’s spent, I leave thee for a while
Until I see thee next, and thou wilt be for me, my Nile. 

This is a Thing!!

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The fish is a creature cold and wet
Hooked by line and trawled by net,
Easy to catch and yummy to eat
Fried in oil or seared by heat.
I must admit I eat my share
So my guilt I sadly bear.
Handless and legless they strive to survive
Yet they are loved more....Dead than alive!
Fish cannot scream
Fish cannot yell
The pain from a hook,fish cannot tell.
Fish cannot scratch
Most do not bite
They go to the pan with little fight
What a frenzy,what a fuss
When one of them devours us!
It's on the telly,it's in the press
"Each shark killed is a monster less."
It's not in the press,its not on the telly.
How many of them are in our belly!
If fish could scream,if fish could cry
If fish had fur or big brown eyes.
If fish were dry and nice and warm
We'd never do them any harm.
We'd think them cute,they'd get respect
They wouldn't 'get it in the neck'.
Protest groups would march the streets,
And fish would multiply in peace.

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I sit here enjoying nature
From high up on the tree
I gaze an encompassing all that is around me

The weather is cool
With a soft breeze flowing through the autumn  leaves
Colors of greens turning to shades of red, yellows, purples, and browns
Gently falling like a light feather
To the floors beneath the canopy of trees

A light  shower of cool rain
Settles on everything in sight
With sunshine reflecting of the water droplets
Each making a rainbow of it’s own
With colors of reds, yellows, blues, and violets

My attention is caught with the sounds of  movement in the brush
With the rustling  and stirring of the different  colored  leaves
Of shades of red, yellows, purples, and brown
On the floors beneath the canopy of trees

I fly very quietly in pursuit of my prey
Eventually spreading my wings and striking with my feet
To snatch my prey

I am sitting on my perch hooting
Swivel  my head more than 180 degrees looking in all directions
Encompassing all that is around me
Waiting for the sounds of movement in the brush to start again

Contest Name : Any Old Poem #4
Sponsor:SKAT A 

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She holds herself above the thorns of bitterness-
So sharp  and green with envy of her loveliness-
As she trembles in the chill of winter’s breath-
That stills the beating of her scarlet breast-
As  her petals fall like drops of blood 
Upon the snowy mantle white
As beautiful in death
As she was – my Rose - in life


Author:  Elaine George
Awarded: First Place
Brian Strand's 1 to 8 contest

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With a kiss of deadly breath
She finally brings her down
All her flames of crimson amber
Frozen on the ground
Snow white winter
That autumns’
Dead at last
Stares in silence
By the beauty
In the glass

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A summer evening 1

A summer evening

The senile sun still
burned us with the foul intent 
Of its mid day  rage
But, lacking in bite, gave in
Quickly to the taunts of breeze.

It tottered about
In the beach, ran its weak hands
Over wheat fields and
Rested awhile atop the
Banyan’s crown and went to sleep.

8th Dec 12.
Form: Personification in TANKA ( Sylls: 5-7-5-7-7)

By S.Jagathsimhan Nair
For: Giorgio's 'Impress me-3'
Motif: Nature

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As Lovers Go

When Summer starts her transitory reign, King Sun, her beau, has steadily ascended, brightening a sky that, for a time, shall be his lovely mistress’ domain. He reaches out his welcoming warm rays across the span of Summer’s first official day, lengthening them just as far as he is allowed so he may well receive his paramour, enveloping her in the fullest of his golden grand embraces. But when night descends, Sun’s power wanes. His wife, a goddess, the fair and steadfast Luna, arrives to spell her king, along with her attendants, a host of radiant stars. Meanwhile, Mistress Summer softly slumbers, faintly breathing out the warmth that Sun has wrapped her in. So even in the dark’s coolness, she prevails. In the dewy dawn, when she awakes, Summer sees the beauty of her lover’s light and eagerly, she spurs her King Sun on. No two were ever so well-matched as these, for both heat up the days with their consuming ardor till the time of the equinox when Summer is exiled for nine months, to have her rebirth in the following year. And year after year, for what could be eternity, Sun bides his time, for he has many lovers. . . But as lovers go, it’s Summer who’s most expert at inciting the passion in his soul. by andrea dietrich/ Motif is nature. Also romance For the Impress Me Contest III of Giorgio V.

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One moist patch, like dewy grass,
surrounded by a field of weeds,
emerges first and breathes at last, 
through openings, the air it needs.
Cut off from, and cut off of;
counting on, and counting in;
from down below, to up above - 
A smack on tender, crimson skin.
	There is a pulse.

One spring bud, like seedling stems,
surrounded by a garden wall,
is standing out from all of them, 
despite the fact, they're just as tall.
And though the bud has not yet grown,
the soil and the water see
more than just the seed they've sewn.
They see the flower it will be.
	There is a pulse.

One tall stem, like climbing vines,
surrounded by its petals' plumes,
shares its elegant designs,
and stretches as it blooms.
And when the wind begins to call,
the flower spreads it's pollen 'round.
It falls in love, and loves in fall,
and falling love renews the ground.
	There is a pulse.

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I move with stealth, assurance 
Muscles taunt beneath striped coat
Footpads softly caress the ground
My home
My sanctuary
The grasslands and forests of India
Men refer to me as Bengal
They wish to trap the predator
Sieze my freedom
Place me in a cage
I would rather be mounted on their wall

My brothers and sisters
Pace within their prisons
Lifeless meat placed at their feet
Not wild buffalo 
Where is the deer, the wild pig
No thrill of the hunt
No honor 
Life without balance
Eyes that have lost their fire

Oppressors and their children
look through bars or plexiglass windows
What can they truly see
Just a shadow of beauty
A glimmer of strength
They do not witness one like me

I am Bengal
I am meant to be free
I will fight to remain
The master of this land
Come witness me here
I'm not in a cage
So I say beware
Don't come too near

For Regina's Animal poem contest.

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Jungle by night 1

Jungle by night

In the far jungle
The big bear of darkness lay
Crouched all night on leafy ground.

It glared through eyes of
Oil lamps of far away huts.
When dawn came, it slunk away.

Form: Personification in Form ‘Sedoka’( Syllables: 5-7-7, 5-7-7 )

S.Jagathsimhan Nair

Motif: Nature

For Giorgio's 'Impress me-2' 

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What It Is To Be Free

Not many see,
 What it is to be free.
What it is to amount,
 To make every day count.
Everything has a story,
 Though the place your at you say is boring.
There's more behind this rundown town.
 From the highest mountian,
To the streets unfound.
 Where children once played, 
And by their side their parents stayed.
 Where the sky may not shine as bright,
But to every darkness there's light.
 Where the creature's of the world find home,
While your complaining that the air's too cold.
 When you're strong, it shows,
Planing each day as it goes.
 Smiling and helping whoever you can,
Instead of moping about how much you hate this land.
 You can't change the way the trees sway,
You can't change what's already gone away.
 But the beauty of the world can take you in,
Make you see beauty like you should have when your life began.
 When you start to appreciate the little things,
Like the crickets chirping,
 And the songs birds sing.
You'll find all you needed has been there all along,
 Only then you'll see where happiness comes from.
If to see is to believe,
 Then there's belief all around.
From the starry night sky,
 To the flowers on the ground.
So many find pleasure in all the wrong things,
 Humanity has overcome,
Yet still falls apart at the seams. 
 We're so focused in on money and gold,
Before we know it our life has no meaning,
 Our skin becomes cold. 
It's never too late,
 And you're never too near or far.
To make the best of things,
 And be happy where you are.


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Whispers Within

I am the spirit of satin stardust and the antiquities of golden memories alive I call to you from the rising warmth of the sun and greet you in the misty morning light I am the steady and rolling drum beat echoing from the jagged heights above I am the mysterious curves of the raging waters' and the freedom birds of love I rise above the white summer clouds in lilting songs of grace and roam with the western tail-winds to take you home again I am a Spirit of our gracious Lord God Almighty of love hope and faith I have come to tell
Dedicated To P.D.

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Her Name Is January

She rides into town with a storm as her steed
With clicking ice spurs, and rattling reins
With somber delivery and the bleak look of gloom
Bursting with pride as an old year must end 

She shoves her way into the house, out of spite
A gloomy gray cloud, who brings her own blight
Leaving a trail of mistletoe dust
Building a nest out of leftover crumbs

Flapping her wings and spinning her looms
Strutting her youth at the stroke of midnight
She stalks on wet feet, with some snow on her boots
She shouts out the news that some taxes are due
No care in the world she makes us feel blue!

Her windows are dark, and her doorway is bare
She holds a firm grip, till the end of her stay
Yet, slowly and surely, against her advice
Intrudes the domain, as she watches creeks rise
Then comes the sun, of a warm winter's day
It thaws her cold grip,  with frowns of surprise
With remorse, she announces... it's time for goodbye! 


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Les Algues

Les Algues

I have no heart
Without a mind
I stand alone
Next to my kind.
Near rocky beds
I still survive
Dormant at night
Yet much alive.

I can hide many
Might save a few
With higher reach
A better view.
I have no sight
So cannot rave
I feel the sun 
I know the waves.

With current’s flow
I lose my grip
Float upward now
On foaming spit.
Shoreward bound
My fate decreed
Les algues de mer
French for seaweed. :)

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Bastard Sun

Life is a bastard son, prodding the fertile horizon
poking into places tender, tearing the expanse of dawn
he taunts, rude and bellicose, so full of himself
spewing into the weakest streams, a wet dream.

With platitudes he prances, son of a fearsome father
promising eternity, singing a lover's song of praise.
Light bearer, holder of the golden scalpel, night cutter
leaving glare where softness once held sway.

May the abyss, the gentle dark, the yin forgive you..son.
From the pear-shaped loins of sister Eve, you have burst
washed in the waters of she, a caul of white adorned,
pray, stay your hand, do not bludgeon your better half.

Existence, endless, fleeting, meld and join this randy pair
for universes swing between this bastard and his dreams.  

Dedicated to my muse Brenda Atry
please read her "Black Diamond Night"

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Fall Leaves

Slate gray skies peered down upon the patchwork quilted pattern of the wheat fields on the plain Viewing the partial barren trees who scattered leaves at their feet The rest tightly clinging on to their gold and green leaves Knowing that a slight breeze will undress them slowly. Scattering their seasons dress to the ones that have fallen below. The breeze dances the leaves across the golden landscape awaiting the new season to arrive.

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The dust of the Gods falls 
With a certain sense of grace.

Unlike cousin Rain,
She does not fall 
In lament,
Each splash of sorrow bringing life to barren ground.

Unlike cousin Hail,
She does not fall
In anger,
Each explosion of hatred colliding with that which binds.

The white powder has pride,
She falls
For freedom,
Resisting gravity but not striking back at the foe,
Floating in silent peace, 
Whilst dancing in extravagant jubilation,
She gently lands among her waiting sisters.

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Oliver Thinks

"Why," thought the cat,
"can I see through the glass,
but when I try to go through it,
it won't let me pass?"

"There are bugs out there,"
the cat thought to himself,
"yet to them, I'm as dull as
a book on a shelf!"

The cat shook his head,
"This is really too much!
There's two squirrels in the yard
and a bird in the brush."

"How much fun it would be,"
with a mew he announced,
"to hunt and to stalk and then
gracefully pounce."

"Why, I'd shake them until
their necks were broke!
Maybe then," mused the cat,
"I'd be more than a joke."

"They'd be amazed by my prowess,"
he thought with a sigh,
"I'd torture them slowly and
they'd wonder why,"

"they never realized that
I was a threat,
while completely ignoring me
like I was their pet."

"I'd show them," he growled
as he laid on the sill,
"with them in my tummy,
I'd savor the kill."

"They'd show some respect,"
he thought with a yawn,
"I'd shown them who's king
of this yard and this lawn."

Head full of adventure,
he fell fast asleep,
safe in his house,
with plenty to eat.

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October's Horizon

Grieving over postscripts

of a faded summer memory,

an outstretched autumn's arm

reaches through the trees---


Her leaf-fluttered hand expands,

brushing passed dark branch silhouettes...

and tosses new nightlights

into the October harvest sky.

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Night Time Love

As I sit in my window sill.
Relaxed no thrill.
Time goes by, but it seems the world stands still.
I sit and gaze .
Truly amazed.
By the beauty that sits in front of me.
The stars winks at me, twinkles and dance.
So magnificant I saw in watch in a trance.
The love I felt between us must be true romance.
But suddenly it fades.
It fades so quickly and with little warning.
Because within a few moments it will soon be morning.
So sadly it leaves, but leaves with a kiss of delight.
The wind whispers its goodbyes and promise to return tomorrow night.

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The Grudge

My beautiful sky
In her eyes I saw
Silent clouds un-shifted
Timid rain inside them
Un-scripted and falling
On her former lover
My deceitful sky
With her eyes she saw
Earth freeze to his knees
Burning on his hands
Crawling slowly around my light

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The Succulent Flower

Do you wish to taste 
the succulent flower 
as she grows, anxious, in the garden? 
Morning’s blush arouses 
her soft pink petals 
and they become warm and moist with dew 
A sweet musky scent fills the air 
It calls to you 
and you cannot resist 
Her sultry aroma 
holds the promise 
of unabashed ecstasy 
She blooms 
open and eager 
beneath you 
She is ready to be exposed 
You brush against her petals 
and she quivers 
with anticipation 
You caress her 
for she is inviting 
Velvet smooth perfection 
She is yours to possess 
You reach for her 
and take her 
You hold her close against you 
And for a brief moment 
she is all you know 
She is a prize, 
your prize, 
to be put in her place 
You display her 
so others will know your worth 
Sadly, she sits alone 
in her vase, 
withered and undesired

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And The Trees

And the trees
laiden down their dappled hands
or bows of earth bound angelic foundries
where leaves in all their spaning handliness
cast their stained glass impressions of their souls
and dance on through the arms of fairies
their petalled gowns thrown high
will show their faces onto the heavens
to hail the kings that poise,
away above the flowered dances
another world unknown

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I Am Wind

I am Wind Blowing all Around Whispering through the Leaves Else I make no Sound

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A Kiss of Sunshine

The world that once was slumbering
Beneath the quilt of Winter's snow
Is now set free to gladly see
The rays of golden sunlight

He peeks at first so shyly through
The drifting clouds of leaden grey
And then, behold his beams of gold!
A kiss of gentle sunshine

The trees are budding, flowers bloom
And shades of gentle green abound
The birds of spring so sweetly sing
While kissed by rays of sunlight

How father-like the sun looks down
In glorious warmth and light
To see the things his fire brings --
The miracle of sunshine

From east to west he travells on
In grandly royal golden robes
A pilgrim man, that once began
Benignly sending raylets

As here I watch th'unfolding spring
And bask in beams of heaven's king
I think of monarchs, once divine
Whose wond'rous kingdoms once did shine

This sun hath missed not one poor soul
But fondly with a tender touch
Hath kissed the maids that dwelt in glades
Of distant lands now vanished

Now all, I think, once gently kissed
Have sung the praise of heaven's rays
And all, it seems, that Sun hath wist
Have tracked his run throughout their days

His rhythmic climb and equal fall
While heeding Nature's firmest call
His constant change, yet still the same
When once returned from whence he came

A mystery, a miracle
At times a friend, at times severe
But each new day at Dawn's approach
Reveals the kiss of sunshine

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Life of a Tree

I am naked now, my limbs are bare
A chill blows through me during the night air

No one notices me, children do not climb
I stand still hoping not to lose a branch of mine

No green, no orange, no red I am just grey
This season I do not like because of being this way

Soon the sun will begin to show
My little buds of color start to glow

Encircled by luscious green grass I will be
Seasons are my life, this next one I like.

©Holly P. Moore
    January 2013

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I Am Moon

I am Moon Shining in the Night Softening the Earth's Darkness With my Subdued Light

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I Am Rain

I am Rain Falling from Above Blessing the Earth with Showers And my Love

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I Am Sun

I am Sun Shining on the Earth Bringing Light and Warmth To All Spreading Joy and Mirth

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My Love is Like a Bird

My love is like an Owl
Knowledgeable and deep and wise
My love is like the Raven
With magic behind its eyes

My love is like an Eagle
Its lineage crowned most high
My love is like a Lark
So swift and scarce and shy

My love is like the Peregrine
Soaring silent above the hill
My love is like the Dove
Spreading peace and good will

My love is like the Stork
Bringing life so fair and bright
My love is like the Sparrow
It’s intuition for life’s fading light

My love is like the Albatross
Floating high on fair winds
My love is like the Crow
The darkened portent that it sends

My love is like the fabled Tern
Crossing continents the status quo
My love is like the Penguin
With its tuxedo in the snow

My love is like the Mynah
Able to sing any song or say
My love is like the Rooster
Heralding each brand new day

But most of all my love is like the Lovebird
Her loving song oft heard
That perfect pair to my person
And the inspiration for these words

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Adorned in silky taffeta she strides,
cool, crisp, and confident.
With delicate lacy trim she glides,
a snobby sophisticated countenance
behind which a volatile temper hides.
Once quiet and sultry,
now chilling and unpredictable she chides;
burning cold upon her breath
and breast where nature’s wrath resides.
We’ve seen her dance before—
our tempestuous winter bride.

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And Nature Spoke to Me

I pulled my aching body
Outside to get Vitamin D
The beauty of my back yard
Filled me with jubilee

And as I turned up my face
To soak up each golden ray
I heard strange sweet voices
That added joy to my day

And the sun spoke to me
As he blazed down from the sky…
“Like me you must be strong
And warm those who pass by”

And the wind spoke to me
As it played with my hair…
“Like the Holy Spirit of God
I’m here and everywhere.”

And the birds spoke to me
With their blissful little tweets…
“Open your heart to friends
They will give you many treats”

And the blossoms spoke to me
In fuchsia garments of spring…
“See the thorns by our sides?
Be prepared for all life brings.”

And the grass spoke to me
As it lay yellow on the ground
“Let love water your soul
So new life in you may be found.”

And the sky spoke to me
In azure tones of love…
“I’m endless as you can see
Free to fly is the peace dove.”

And the clouds spoke to me
As they sailed up in the sky…
“Let the worries that you have
Like us just drift on by”

And the pine trees spoke to me
As their scent filled the air…
“Stand tall like us and know
Gods help is always there.”

Today, all nature spoke to me
In a mother’s tone so kind
My heart heard every word
And I found my peace of mind.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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The Wearing Of The Green

As I gaze over my valley
It is such a pretty scene.
I suspect it’s much like Ireland
With the wearing of the green.

And although she won’t be marching
In St Patrick’s big parade,
She is ready for the party
And her plans have all been made.

Dressed in various greens of springtime,
With bright colors in between,
There’s no place that can outdo her
In the wearing of the green.

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Heart of The Sea

The heart of the sea is a mother's heart
She is the great ancestral mother of all life on the planet
Deep within the mysterious waters of her womb
she conceived and gave birth to the first life form
which evolved into more complex organisms
that live on the land and in the air

She is an essential part of the planet's ecosystem
feeding the clouds which bring rain and snow
that sustain life on the earth
Through tiny ocean plants and photosynthesis
she removes carbon dioxide from the air
and converts it to more than one half of the oxygen
in the earth's atmosphere

She is the great food provider to the planet
having her own internal food chain
with tiny phytoplankton at the lower end
and enormous sharks and whales at the upper end
She feeds creatures from the land and air 
that venture to fish in her waters

She is a thing of beauty even in her enraged fury
with massive waves towering over a hundred feet
and the seething white foam of her waters
This has been her action
even before the advent of man on the planet
Man must respect her behaviour 
or suffer death and destruction if he does not

She is a thing of beauty in her calm stillness under the setting sun
which lights up the evening sky in its glorious splendour
and paints a glistening beam of light on the water's surface
in line with the sun and surrounds it
with brilliant colours of the rainbow

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Eagle flying high, just a dot in the sky
I fly in to join you and circle with you
together we take delight in plummeting down
then climbing back up to float on thermals

The landscape below shows trees the size of matches
individual flowers too small to see just splashes
of many different hues blending into each other
the steady wind ruffles my feathers as I tease you

Playing and courting we bond once more
and set about setting our eyrie to rights
high up on the steep jagged cliff top
any danger spotted miles away from this vantage point

I take turns with you sitting on our eggs
then off to hunt I soar searching for my prey
there down there a fat young rabbit grazes
I swoop down and now dinner daintily I eat

Replete I retire to the tree tops
and spread my wings basking in the sun
      life is good so very good    
soon the cycle restarts with my chicks

written 01/23/2013

contest Personify Any Animal of Your Choosing

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Like a gentle sneeze

The tree stretches its branches
Like a cat waking up from sleep
Its leaves  give a little shake
Almost like a gentle sneeze

Looks down at the passing river 
Snaking its way past its roots
Watering nature as it meanders by
Grass and plants with wormlike shoots

Where is this river running to
What mysteries does it leave behind
Any evil  teardrops to poison you
Or just happiness of the watery kind

Whatever hope this picture brings
Look for the sun as it bursts with song
Remember that tree with its catlike stretch
And the lazy river meandering along.

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you are the saver of our mother earth,

no life for us without you,

we are happy to see you,

you help greenaries to grow

even when we doesn't lend our hands,

you fill the well for our smile!

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The Petal

The petal has floated into a new vast world
The wind of harmony uplifts the petal
The petal is drifting with serendipity 
The petal is in love

Bliss is all I see, floating on winds that freed me
Dancing with others in a swooning flurry
How long will nirvana last without my tree
Time, please do not hurry 

Pity the perennial
They are isolated from winds of passion
Never taking a chance, never will they see unknown beauty 
Why are they watching us while we explore all of mother nature's creation

Fading, the sun relinquishes my mortal soul
Withering away, the earth is reaping me
Crumbling, winds spread my ashes into the sunset
I am ready, sweet death

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*Niafalls, the****** Antiope of Canada,
Amazonian, but not breast less,
***Snowy bosom like virginal gems,
Swelling lips moderately full,
Savoury odor felt all around,
****Crystalline throat striking the eyes.

Meandering, churning, darting, dashing,
Transformed from **blonde to brunette.
Here alluring, benign, attenuated,
There **corpulent, colossal, capering,
Practicing calisthenics all the time.

Raquel Welch in***** ‘One Million Years B.C.’
****Wily Cleopatra, the Scythian of Ordzhonikidze,
****Carnal Marilyn, matured Helen of Troy,
Venus in Aries, Mars in Pisces.

**Broad bellied, middle-aged, deep,
Now **bulging belle of Detroit,
Encircling the wooing Windsor,
Yet the Blithe spirit of Pelee Island.

***I have used:  Personification, Alliteration, Hyperbole, simile, metaphor and    synecdoche :

* Personification and Portmanteaus ** Alliteration   *** Metaphor  ****Simile

***** Hyperbole ******Antiope
Some of the phrases are Alliteration as well as simile and metaphor.

September 14,  2014
Dr. Ram Mehta
Form: Free Verse
Second Place Win
Designed by Device : Debbie Guzzi

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The Old Tree

It is strange
how things that we see
and take for granted
in everyday life
should suddenly instil
in our minds
a new awareness
of their presence

A silent moment
a brief pause
from life's ever quickening pace
a moment of peace -
in times like these
a common thing
like a dried old tree
becomes alive with beauty

It stands like a quiet sentinel
who has witnessed 
many an event 
through time
Time has passed by 
but it remains 
silently standing there
O Tree!
What secrets do you store
in your noble branches?
How many events have you recorded
that man knows nothing of?

In your younger days
when you wore your mantle of green
you nested the carefree birds
to their offspring
you gave protection
When the sun scorched the earth
you gave them cool shade
On a cool windy night
you gave them warmth
How pleasant was their song 
to your ear 
as they sang a song of thanks
to you

You were a playmate to the children
When they romped at your feet
or climbed on your branches
you smiled
Time grew older
and the children became lovers
You saw them kiss in your shade
soft with the light of the moon
The aura of their love
touched your leaves
and you blushed

they have all gone away
but you still remain 
silent sentinel
still waiting and watching
How many untold events 
have you witnessed
faithful keeper of secrets?

O that my soul could commune with you
and share of your rugged beauty!
Most Noble Tree!
forgive me for my
once-waxen eyes

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Late Fall

Evening fades, as darkness descends to nightfall.
 Days once long, now shortened by earth's cycles.
   The evenings that once held warmth, now
     descends into  the summer's past.

     The mornings bring forth pleasant chills.
    For the new season is changing, to  slumber.
   So tired, she yearns for winter's  bed.
  Quickly falling asleep, as her greenery changes.

The fruits of the harvest, now stored in bins.
 The trees become barren, while leaves cascade to the ground.
  The rustic colors of fall, will soon be blanketed in white
    Autumn, now awaits ,the new season.

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Slowly so sneakily you crept into my life
Destroying everything in your path
You simply don’t care do you?
Leaving your slime everywhere 
Eradicating everything you touch
Moving on to your next innocent victim
You revolt me and I detest the sight of you
I heaved when I saw you today
Well I’ve got news for you
I know your little game and ITS OVER
I’ve put the pellets down and you are trapped
Goodbye slug forever

Jan Allison
4th September 2014

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A Mote Of Dust

A mote of dust travels through the air
blown this way and that across the lands.
Finally after many miles it is entrapped
in a rocky crevasse where it joins others.

In time the wind blows in many more motes
and something wondrous starts happening.
These motes give birth to little plants
that struggle at first then bind the land.

Encouraging new birth all around and
flowers that vibrantly wave in the breeze.
Young saplings shoot out deep tap roots
that anchor them in place where they flourish.

In time a mighty forest springs to life
harbouring a wealth of flora and fauna.
All of this came to pass due to just one,
one solitary mote of well travelled dust.

written 11/18/2014

contest Gathering Dust

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Not So Different You And I

I am a living being
With eyes that see
With ears that hear
but I have fur
and you have hair
I am a living being
but you have nails
and I have claws
and you have hands
but I have paws
I bark 
You speak
I howl
You weep
I am a living being
I feel sadness, happiness
loneliness and pain
We are living beings
When we hurt we hurt the same

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The Wind

It is a never sleeping bird moving from place to place
It touches all things but is never seen
It gives cooling kisses in the hot sun
It whispers to you the very secrets of nature itself
It bends and sways with the river of time

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You'll never catch me

 Sammy the spider built his web up high
 And patiently waited for his meal to drop in
Then Barry butterfly came fluttering by
 Said he to the spider with a grin
"The web you have built is as nice as can be
 But Mr Spider, you'll never catch me"

 "We'll see about that" the spider replied
 "Keep on wishing" answered the butterfly
 He taunted the spider each day  he came by
 "Perhaps he is right"  Sammy thought with a sigh

 Then one day as he was teasing poor Sammy
 A gust of wind blew him into the web
 He flapped his wings and struggled to get free
 But he quickly tired and the spider moved in
 Said he to the spider: "Please Mr Spider, please don't eat me"
 "I'll never tease you again, please set me free"
 Sammy replied;  "The web I have built is as nice as can be
 Now you will find that I can sting like a bee"

 The moral of this fable is:
 Be careful what you say, your boastful words can 
come back to haunt you, and put you at the mercy of your enemy.



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Faith in humanity restored!

Sweet silence of a Sunday morn,
The world of weekday chaos shorn,
Not even the honking of a horn
As traffic idled,
Held back by the arms of the Law,
Impelled to wait, with tempers raw,
Stewing in the sun's hot maw,
Impatience bridled.

And as I stood outside a shop,
Wondering why the world had stopped,
Out of the stillness came a "flop",
A sound so faint.
Repeated with a steady beat,
Approaching from the small side street,
Till into view, with flapping feet -
A sight so quaint -
Emerged a plodding mother duck,
Welded to her scrambling pack,
Never once e'en glancing back
To take a tally!
(Which baby duck would ever fail
To follow close on mother's tail
When upon the pilgrim trail,
Or dare to dally?)

A Moses on full purpose bent,
No glance to right or left she lent
As straight across the road she went,
To lead her brood
Down into the flowing stream,
Where ducks may swim and ducks may dream,
Safe from the ire and hissing steam
Of traffic queued.

And did she realize her luck
On reaching the promised land, Ma Duck?
That out of danger she'd been plucked,
By humans saved?
For some observant soul in sight
Had soon foreseen approaching plight
And brought the police upon the site
To part the waves!

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The Ostrich

A bird of grandiose stature, he struts the veld
do not anger him for his powerful kick
can main or even kill. Gently he watches
over his brood their mother left long ago.
It falls onto him to incubate their eggs.
Impressive wing span as he shades his chicks
from the relentless midday scorching sun.
Watch those long legs hammering away 
as he chases off  a rival who strays too close.

Yet for all his strength and size a pea of a brain
famous for hiding his head in the sand 
as if it will make him invisible from sight,
he does look so weird bum stuck up in the air.  

Attracted by anything that glitters
he gobbles up all sorts of weird things.
Once tamed his joy is to run in races but rarely 
in a straight line as he veers here and there,
oft times leaving mayhem in his wake.

As dusk falls he gathers up his brood
and struts off into the setting sun
his life is really quite a simple one 
with freedom to roam the sunlit veld.

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Night wars

 Isolated and surrounded by her worst enemies
 The lioness fought hard, but  her fate was  sealed
"You're gonna die tonight kitty kat" one hyena said
Then he bit her viciously
The others joined the attack....
When the dust had settled The  lioness lay lifeless.....

  "Hey did you hear the commotion last night"
 one lion  asked to the other
 "It was the hyenas and lionesses fighting"
replied another
 "Were there any casualties"
asked the lion with the black mane
 " Yes,   they  killed  a lioness last night"
 answered another."But tonight they'll feel the pain" he added

Later that night they heard the hyenas laughing
A laughter that curdled their blood
The lions began walking towards the hyenas
The smell of blood was everywhere

The lions were focused on the battle ahead
"There'll be some dead hyenas tonight"
The golden maned lion said
They increased their pace  as the stench of hyena intensified

The hyenas stopped laughing 
When the lions came into view
The lions attacked immediately, the payback was swift and deadly
And many of the hyenas fled
When it was over 3 hyenas lay dead
And the faces of the big cats were stained in blood
Roars of victory echoed through the night

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Oversized sweaters
Perfect for this weather
Leaves falling from trees
Hair waving in the breeze
Cheering at football games
Bonfires with there dancing flames
Stepping on the frozen, cold, hard ground
The wind is the only sound
Stepping inside after being in the cold
Eating fall’s harvest can never get old
So much rain
It's just hard to explain
My love for fall

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Celestial Lullaby

Listen to the lullaby of the stars
As the symphony of the sunset
Shifts to the ballet of the twilight.

The stars dance across the sky
While the lunar spotlight shines on
Lyra as she strikes her harp and sings
Her sweet song, echoes through the night.

The world soundly sleeps in quite peace
As the celestial lullaby quietly comes to a close
As the golden rays of light peek over the horizon.

The stars silently fade as the sunrise waltz plays out
And begins the bright ensemble of daylight
That beckons the to the waking earth
Until the night plays its soft lullaby once again.

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The Tree

The Tree- 

My bark is worn from time and life
My steady branches have withstood much strife
The life blood that raged in my youth
Its edges raw and at times uncouth
Time has polished and as steel has hardened
As I have stood watch faithfully in my garden
My saplings I have sheltered and nourished
Their tiny sprouts have grown and flourished
My work here is almost done and
I was content to stand silent in the sun
However, one day as I stood alone
Came a carpenter with hands gentle and strong
He looked past my peeling ragged bark and
Found my barely beating heart.
He has caused me to dream of my youth again
Of beauty, peace and the passion of men
I am his project to mold and to make
A challenge only he is equipped to take
I stand here now curious to see
What this craftsman can make of me.

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WICKED BREATH personification

                    WICKED BREATH OF THE WIND


Oh wild North Wind, the wicked breath of Winter’s being
You, whose unseen soul scrapes raggedy branches bare
Are driven, like madness blindly from the darkness fleeing

You, who harvest each grey glimpse from sea and sky--
Frighten even stalwart men to hide away in fiery warmth
While you grimly taunt faint-hearted souls to die

Fragile seeds hidden by fairies stay safe and cold and low
Like compact bodies small within their quiet catacombs
Until seductive Spring sends her sweetest winds to blow

and Love madness calms Winter , their passion rouses the dreaming earth 
Voyeur sunbeams with Spring's laughter wake the seeds to tingle 
And thus enticing sister Summer's greens as hills give painless birth

        Wild winds, brave cousins all, you spin our life 
        And are the witnesses of both our joy and strife

Victoria Anderson-Throop

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A Winter's night observed

A Winter’s night observed    by: Steven Hudson

Tranquility mounts in the silence of the moment,
Snow glistens from the branches of a full moonlight
Contrasting darkness’s shadowy backdrop,
A gentle calm breeze permeates the air,
Stillness, listening, as this wonderland envelops you
For a season an instant another land transports you
Apparent breath exhaled, a machine fearfully and wonderfully made
In wilderness, frozen and wild that is fearfully and wonderfully made
Green boughs heavy in blankets of snowy white
Black branches barren and void, form lines, into the starry night
Crystals flutter, sparkle and swirl on lumined plains spread out beneath,
On A winter’s night observed, a winter’s night of peace.

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She was out there
out there in the dark
A brooding monster
deciding where to attack
Her fuel and her ammo:
Waters, warm Gulf waters

She attacked...
Howling, shrieking winds
Thirty feet of churning sea
A thirty foot tidal wave
A thirty foot Tsunami
swallowing the land...

Sent to purge?
Sent to cleanse?
Sent to teach?
God only knows
God and the Daughter
Mighty Mother Nature...

but she was horrible
horrible and beautiful...

Hurricane Camille
Biloxi/Gulfport/Bay St. Louis, MS
August 17-18, 1969
Deaths: 259
Tidal Surge: 28 ft.
Est. Wind speed: 225+MPH (The wind instruments were destroyed at 200 mph) Imagine an F-5 tornado reaching across the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast...Add a 28 ft. storm surge to that and you can imagine the destructive force of Camille. Those who witnessed the aftermath of the storm said it looked like an atomic bomb had been dropped.
Of the 259 deaths, 113 were caused in the state of Virginia due to catastrophic flooding...

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As I opened my eyes with a sound,
Which was of a little sweet bird around,
Humming softly on the window beside,
Calling the sun out from its darkened hide.

It pricked me to think of someone,
Someone close that i knew,
The quality of keeping hope alive,
And always expecting the rise anew. 

I walked upto the window frame,
And saw a view no one can tame,
The sun rising on the horizon, 
Spreading its shine in all the region. 

Again Someone came to my mind,
A very Dear person i knew, 
The quality of spending smiles everywhere,
Even if you have earned a few. 

The breeze slapped in my face, 
And shook me out of laziness,
Pure and refreshing as i felt,
Now looking with more easiness.

The slap made me remind once more,
Of the same person i knew,
Her rejuvenating laugh and her kind words,
As lovely as a Cat's "Mew!" 

The bright day with colorful scene, 
Calling you to get out and breathe,
Trees, grass, flowers and bees,
Together creating a wonderful wreathe. 

At this moment i became just confused,
Because it struck me weird again, 
Of the same person i said i knew,
As she resembles the extraordinary aine. 

Her laughter as it brightens me up, 
Pushing me to live some more, 
Various in forms and one in sense,
Awakening me to love a little more. 

Soon i was baffled so much,
That is she like nature or nature like her? 
Or am i just feeling all this non sense!
Because i know i am not making any sense!

Soon i gathered myself together,
And talked some reason in it,
Who is it that i love more? 
Is it the nature or Her love for me infinte?
Then i found the answer to my question,
In a very profound manner,
That no matter who i love more,
She has those qualities to garner,
Its about her and my love for her, 
That makes me feel this way,
Whether nature always remains this way or not, 
She will always remain the same,
That ''US'' would never get apart, 
For she ll always remain in my heart,
Whether nature may not be upto the mark with time, 
But she ll always have that spark and she ll always be mine.

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Morning Fun

The lofty hills looked to the valley below and smiled 
the  trees stood like sentinals 
guarding the valley floor
Overhead the sun laughed, pouring
warmth over the landscape below
The clouds played hide and seek 
and made the sun shine harder
It was a playful afternoon 
on a beautiful spring day
The weeping willows weep for
the sun did not find them yet.
The birch bark hide from the sun above
The poplars smiled for they stood
above the rest already soaking the hot sun
The grass around their feet was wet with dew
Again the sun smiled on a perfect afternoon.

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Prehistoric island beast,
Drifting in the ocean,
Heavy amidst a sun-starred sea,
Dreamclouds hover kissing ridges,
Pouring over cliffs,
Shadowed maws in sunlight threaten
Lips of sand on mouths of bays,
Silent surf littorally nibbling,
Eating beasts in slumber,
Mist-hazed horizon dictates time,
Waiting places Poseiden smiles,
Distance closes over time;
Distance closes all of time.

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The wind blowing like a gentle caress
Trees waving hello to all who see them
Grass brushes against dancing bare feet
Flowers spring up and down like an excited child
Wolves howl to the dwindling sun and rising moon

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the salt house

oh! my salt house,
i cannot assure 
that you are in the color of azzure!
just loitre around
and stole our heart 
to play with thee !
don't you feel sorry to kill us?
but i feel for the way we pollute
forgive us, and accept as friend
please not as fiend! 

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Life Cycle of a Leaf

Fresh spring green was I when first born
Upon a sunny late March morn
But a darker emerald I became
Drenched by April’s pounding rain

All summer long I held my own
Granting reprieves with shadows thrown
For picnics I provided shade
Feeling such joy as children played

But bodies change as seasons pass
Now multi-hues I have amassed
Yellow, amber and crimson red
But I still hang as others fled

The nearby oak is now stripped bare
On soil my mates are lying there
Maple leaves too have joined the pile
And I’m the last to stay awhile

Many colors adorn below
Paths where fall hikers like to go
I’m in God’s hands; he holds the keys
But oh, dear Lord, here comes a breeze

*Entry for Carol Brown’s “Leaves, Leaves, Leaves” contest
By Carolyn Devonshire, October 4, 2011

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Birth of a Poet

The animals know better than us. The rain has never poured so loudly in a key so soft.
To the front, the sailing of city buses and mini vans cruising across in this weather makes the water underneath their tires sound like the street is crying out for 5 more minutes of sleep. Up above, the trees are protecting a nest of baby blue jays before they get washed away by the silence of their mother not being there. But with sky blue young spirits, and small empty stomachs, they keep hope alive in the fact that even children know storms and struggles don’t last forever.
Below the trees, nature has found a name to call it’s own. From the hole dug by the little boy next door, a family of three foxes have named human nature sanctuary, and burrowed their problems into the sediment to rest for a while.
To the side of the hole, a flock of ducks are swimming in the water with eyes open wide enough to where you can see their loyalty to love one another rushes wild.
To the right of the pond, caged up in a man made blanket, and lost in his own mind, is the boy. From what he remembers, last night was like a train accident; A head on collision of two people he could’ve sworn he saw holding hands just the other day. He hears the sound of plates shattering in C-minor, and the chorus of words that his parents screamed in F-sharp, so he imprisoned himself in his own bed sheets, accompanied by the courageous corduroy bear who he swears keeps hearing whisper “everything will be okay.”
It’s raining outside, and the crescendos of screams have been silenced by it’s peaceful security.
The boy, sleeps soundly now. The rain has protected his ears, and guarded his heart from being washed away by all of his nightmares.
He doesn’t care whether he wakes up. The baby blue jay, the resourceful fox and the brave little duck are all he wants to keep dreaming about.
Maybe he’ll run away into the rain? Or maybe into the arms if his mother?, whom he prays he can still recognize. To the left of his bed, he picked up the blank page of his coloring book and a crayon, and became a life long poet in that moment that morning. Taking a deep breath in, and giving a soft breath out, his first sentence was
“The animals know better than us.”

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~~~~~~~~~~~ "Sky's eyebrows white on blue juxtaposed... tears wave to wash away pain on cue" ~~~~~~~~ ~JSLambert © 2012 Poet TreeZ Publishing

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January - God of the Doorway

Eyelids heavy with tears, 
begin to form
from puffy grayish/black clouds.

It moves cunning and swift
like a lion’s roar
then softly on tired- padded- paws
it is gone,
gracing the terrain 
with its magnificence.

Its door opens to a momentous
a welcoming grand appearance
of a new year
a new beginning 
when the door opens…

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl S. Muzzey

Sixth Place Winner ~ "Personification of January” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Nette Onclaud
January 29, 2012

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We Heard the Ocean Speak

I can go ahead and personify the ocean
As this pen has been granted the poetic license
To carve a soul from a still object-
And make the ocean take the form of man.

The soft sand shaking forth beneath our feet
The sweet salty smell of the ocean-
Caresses our nostril to the presence of nature
As we watch the image unfold-
Of such huge expanse of water with ships lacing its trails.

So the sun came right above the sky
Embracing us with his scorching arms
Sending waves of heat upon the earth-
As we scamper to find a shade to rest our legs.

So we watched the waves wash the sea up the sand
And watched as half naked men dive headlong into the sea
And there by the shore some set their dice to roll upon the sand.
Just you and me; we watched as the day sailed by
And beggars raised their hands for token-
And little unfortunate boys walked hungrily behind their mothers.

Together we heard it speak,
As it tells us of how beautiful life is,
And how tumultuous the world could be,
So we should expect it.
It speaks to us about the joy that abound
When two people confide in the other,
So we should embrace it.
It speaks to us of how marvelous God is;
So we should seek Him.

Let’s bury our worries in the sand of yesterday
As the ocean speaks to us-
Of men who have been lost in the wind of vain
And of people staggering effortlessly in chain.
Man is history; just a filament of a story.

We heard the ocean speak,
So beautiful and terrifying,
We heard it shriek.

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Blood splashes streak the sky roseate at dawn,
and evil emeralds glint along the borders of lawns
where I stand, a green guardian, at this otherworld gate

as fire-furious sunrise rises round me.
Gold dusted daylight illuminates me anew;
the sun believing itself an innocent flower,

its florid face caught in my strangle-branch snare.
Twin faces leer and peer at me by turns:
one sneering silver, one smiling gold.

Mediumistic divinity manifests through me,
soundlessly mouthing my mythology.
Do the dark remnants of dreams torment you,

those that you tremble to touch?
Do you drink the insidious poison
of this gravestone-studded green,

piercing your hands on the toxic-tipped
needles that needle you?
Shall my silent poisons seep stealthily to you,

my resinous vapours venomous within you?
Does my necrophiliac nightmare
both magnetize and repel you?

My taproot has plundered such darkness,
penetrated such dank, sunless corners;
my rhizomes coiled in coffin-rotting soil -

roots kissing the cold mouths of corpses.
Nightly I am inhabited by the disquieting rustling
of shadowy creatures, small savage things.

Blackness bunches, bat-like, in my branches.
Journey through me, a soul so alone,
seeking eternity's deep dreamless sleep;

descending dark steps into the underworld
I guard, as the cavernous earth
closes around us soundlessly.

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The Spring Sun

The sun dances around
Smiling brightly down at earth

Spring is here at last!

The sun’s hands reach down
Warming everything 
After a cold winter

Buds and flowers open up
Looking at the sky with gratitude

The trees wave their branches
Saying thank you to the sun

They all agree,
Spring is their favorite season

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Sky Sailor

        Eagles soaring
						oh so high
   Wing wide feathers 
                                            grip the sky

         Talons folded  
                                                                screaming  by




                                                                                                                          both afire


                                    and so alive

As I stand in rooted awe
Of majesty and more.

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Two Merry Leaves

They danced and they turned and they tumbled
In wind, how it sighed and it grumbled
With force, how it howled in its fury
But still they bore no trace of worry

In cool autumn winds they cavorted
My foot! How they laughed and they sported
They flew through the air just like pheasants
Till set in my excellent presence

“Red Leaf,” quoth I unto the leader
“To fly, there is nothing more neater
But weren’t you the least bit affrighted
As thus from the breeze you alighted?”

“Dear sir,” quoth the leaf as he flitted
“To fear, for a leaf ain’t permitted
We’re taught from a bud in the cradle
That even a crash isn’t fatal.”

“I say,” quoth I unto the yellow
“You seem to be such a neat fellow
I wonder how likes you this sporting
Or if you a damsel are courting?”

Quoth he, “All this sporting is splendid
The days of my courting are ended
My lover has flown to the northward
While I am constrained to fly southward.”

Before one more word could be spoken
The peace of that moment was broken
Away flew those leaves o’er the treeses
Borne by the chill autumn breezes

October 25, 2012.
For the contest, Up in the Autumn Air. Second place.

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Mother's Favorite Child

I am Mother Nature's earned retreat
and she surely has her reasons,
she needs a break from the demands,
made by the other seasons.

Spring insists on soft pastels,
Fall boasts orange hues bright,
Summer spins her color wheel.
Me? I'm fine in white.

When mother lays her paintbrush down,
I do my very best,
to sketch a silver tapestry,
while she takes a rest.

On the shoulders of a North wind
my icy fingers freeze, while
lacy snowflakes dance and sway
like diamonds in the breeze.

Known as January,
I’m beautiful, windy and wild,
always welcoming me with open arms,
I'm Mother Nature's favorite child.

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Natures Nomenclature

Cool is the air, cool is the sea,
Everything seems splendid, like season of blee.
Being on the banks, how I wonder…
God has created our planet, with no scope of blunder.
Flows with a flow, our flowing river,
Deludes everyone in sunshine, the flow of the silver.
Sings on high notes, a group of lark,
Accompanied by blossom flowers, on branches of the bark.
Mountains touch the widest sky,
Like one’s imagination, with an ambition so high.
Unsteady is my state of mind, trying to flee,
Similar to the wave, moving in the sea.
Around me was everything like the air I breathe,
Now I can only see nature endeavoring death.
Responsible are we, for we spoiled the blend,
The world which is dooming, is by our dirty hand.
There is no other way except praying on our knee,
Oh dear nature! Please guide, as your children are we,
We will take in our hands, to spread the glory of nature,
Oh dear mother! Enlighten our way with your nomenclature.
                                                                  -‘Panchi’ Panchal Hitesh

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My name is flower
Of number one display and color
To commit suicide I decide
To take nuclear waste or pesticide

Am tired of you people polluting the air
Polluting our rivers and streams that's not fair
You clear out our jungles, you cut down our mountains
To make way for tall buildings Hollywood Mansions and fountains

You burn fuel for energy source
Depleting the ozone showing no remorse
You drill, you drain the earth of it's natural resource and nutrients
Causing a shift in the earth's plate
Evidence Tsunami and Earth Quake

I cannot take it anymore
This is the final straw
Yes am gonna commit suicide
Either by Nuclear Waste or Pesticide
O! yes you need me for oxygen
along with all other plant life existing

So if I were to take them all with me you'll die
You'll be no more... no lie?
So sit back admire the beauty, the splendor  
The wonderful blossoming of a flower

In my last breath I write this suicide note
Dated 25th April 2011 by... flower

©Copyright April 2011 by Brian Pierre-Alexander
© All Rights Reserved

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Songs and dances of June
roses, pink and heavenly yellow
sun splashed water, floating cloud boats
that drift through summer skies, blown
by jasmine breezes...
fields of waving grasses, and scented sage
evening orchid sunsets, that lie their heads
down on pillows of billowed white
and bid adieu to passing day...

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a conversation with the weather

oh, mr. sunshine, how you do glow
on sunny days which your rays do sew
and oh, mr. sunshine, how i miss you so
on those gloomy days when you decide to go.

oh, mr. cloud, how you do impede
that mr. sunshine who is kind indeed
and block those shining rays we all need,
big, wet teardrops fall from your own guilty greed.

so cry, mr. cloud, cry your eyes out
cry me a river and wipe out this drought
for once you are done with this maddened bout
mr. sunshine, with golden rays, can again walk about.

oh, mr. sunshine, keep your head high
happiness is abundant when you are nigh
for even mr. cloud, who heaves a sorrow sigh
warms his fluffed limbs in your blue-crystalline sky.

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Last night, the doors of dark entrapped me
Oh, capricious sunlight!…. His naps exceed his wiles
Deliberately he comes and goes
Leaving me bereft, and sobered to his moods
I batter hard against the night until my knuckles bleed
But I can not summon the sun to hurry up another day
He takes his time, as if it is all a game

This is the wait, …between the antics of his display
Last evening he made his great departure,
With amber clouds to frame his face
Without a pause, ignoring once again the earth’s applause and admiring eyes

In one blink of an eye…we watched him leave
Wearing red shoes, and colorful hat woven through with gold
He gets lost below the curved rim of the world
And when the curtain is closed, we hear a sigh behind the hills
And all is still, 
Companioned by a dark serenity
And I must welcome darkness as my friend 

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         **********Note: The Game is over********

The second batter put th ball
             Over the fence
No one knew where it went
It screamed and it screeched the sky
And burdened it's silence with light
Their was an Angel in deep middle field
It was also an Angel of the LORD
He really fielded it hard....
He swept so high
That he breech the sky
He braved the breath of
Death and Eternity
But, He make it back eventually
He cast that ball in the name
              Of the Lord
But, He didn't cast that hard
And as it turned out
The game was won
In the name of the Father
And the Holy Son
And this is how we have
To end this pun!

                 Poet Author
                 Gary FIELDS

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The Pearl And White Rose

Oh mighty pearl of the ocean
Accompanying yourself with your own glow,
You didn't feel disheartened as you grew up alone
Under the surface,deep down below.

Oh mighty pearl of the ocean,
Let people judge you not by size.
Your value wasn't anytime hidden from this world,
Owning you is nothing less than a prize.

Oh dearest white rose of the land
Your appearance symbolizes peace.
You spread in the air fragrance of magic
That puts any enmity to ease.

Oh dearest white rose of the land, 
There is no doubt in being sure.
That you won't blacken by anything,
As you are ever so pure.

Oh pearl and white rose of the ocean and land,
Though you both are different it is true.
Both of you are significant and hope one day
I will be as special as you..

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Black Widow

She's got a plan
just moved to Florida
one week in the hole
a forced proposal...

maybe if I get a job with insurance;
we'll get married...
then you'll have insurance too!"

a bribe
the spider web is officially constructed
"Charlotte's web"
no...we'll name it
the Black Widow!

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Luna, My Love

Dear Luna, where have you been?
I dreamed a thousand times of your pale beauty.
Now, you return with stars upon your cape,
Flaunting your mysterious ways before me.

I'm mad in love with you, dear Luna,
The most beautiful of all the evening ladies,
That entices broken souls such as I.
Take my hand to walk with me through life.

No? So, I hear you say as you withdraw,
Pulling clouds about you to hide your face.
My path the darker now without your love,
There's no solace for me at your rebuff. 

A whisper plays softly across a gentle breeze,
“I will not change my ways, though I favor you the most,
I am a wanton lady on my trek, following the sky.”
Then, she glanced my way again, and winked into the night.

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Out Of Water

I am a parched and thirsty land
My soil is cracked, dry and lifeless
My fields are fallow and wanting
My farmers agonize and pray for rain
I am the bread basket for many souls
Yet years of drought are exacting their toll
My crops are failing, my wells are running dry
Without water, my land's lifeblood
I will become a wasteland and die 
I am a parched and thirsty land
I, the great Golden State, am out of water
I am California.

Written on 2/15/2015

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A Futile Death

A Futile Death by Wilma Neels

Flying over the place that use to be my home
I’m glancing at the once blue green seascape 
Transformed to a murky coal black scene 
A faucet has been opened
When everything went up in flames
Amidst all the confusion 
I lost everything I loved
Flying over, a silent prayer is prayed
Please keep them safe
Please close the hole
This is the only home we know,

As I sit on a rock
The sadness overwhelms me, 
As my sister slips away
She has lost the battle 
The oil slick has gone thicker 
It’s gaining power with every hour
I pray dear Lord of heaven and earth
May her final breath not be in vain
I flap my wings in a silent salute
Farewell dear sister, you will be missed
May this be the last time,
I witness such ugliness…

Written: 24 June 2010
Contest: Why oh Why?
Sponsored by: Constance ~ A Rambling Poet

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January, if you please

Oh January, thee of Winter’s spawn
I cannot wait till thou art gone
I’ve had enough of bleak, gray days
To last a lifetime, and so I pray
Thou wilt use thy icy, freezing touch
On us gently, with just a brush -
A coat of frosting on the trees
But not a blizzard, I beg of thee
No brown snow or ugly slush
No winter mess, nor snowy gusts
Just a sprinkling of thy winter skill -
Still picturesque, but not so chilled
A mild month, I ask of thee
To keep the warmth inside of me

Susan Burch
Received 3rd place in "Personification of January" contest

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High Flyin Tumbleweed

Giant Mesa’s have gray,
Elephant- footed talus slopes.
That seem to be padding toward
The highway. 
Tumbleweeds play along their toes
And one, bullied by the wind,
Flies like a hawk to land
Where tumbleweeds never see!
This one lands akimbo on the
Never-ending electrical wires,
It’s belly blazing in the sun
Noticing a view from above
Seeing anew the world that it loves!
This tumbleweed waits in wonder
For another blast to set it free
All the while, the others
are keeping watch beneath.
The winds of change blow
and the tumbleweed
risks the jump, files through the air
and lands with a skip and a bump.
Her fellow plantlets give her a wild name
Happily she rolls along showing them a game.
New paths, seen from above
New paths to new places
New paths for races
The game of life goes on

By Lydia Grace Brescia  March 29, 2011

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Warm is her embrace
Nectar is her sweet kiss
A cool breeze is her breath,
Bright green was her face
Since birth, taking remiss
Being born of sister's death.

A universal play reforming
Down through the ages
Finds every soul an actor,
In this play she's performing
Act two on the annual stages
That find linear time a factor.

It's a tale of great strife
Of great love and great loss
A tale of passion and woe,
The never ending story of life
That found climax on a cross
But still has a good way to go.

In this play she will perish
But her death shall give way
To life for others down line,
A repeating theme to cherish
Death begets life, shows the way
Of the authors divine design.

She will sacrifice her life
That her sister might live
Who'll do likewise the same,
But for now play the fife
To the performance she gives
For, Summer is her name.

                      Timothy I. Brumley

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The Sky

When the sky is furious 
He whips up storms in the air, on land and water 
These terrifying disasters. 

When the sky is full of sorrow 
He sheds his tears 
And sometimes he will yell out his curse on humanity 
And strike himself. 
In his grief, he will destroy both the guilty and innocent 
He will make them inaccessible and leave them no hope 
And drown them in his tears of sorrow 
Which fall from his white, fluffy soul 
A giant waterfall of grief.  

After crying away all his anguish, 
The clouds are gone. 
The sky's soul is no more 
The sadness of the sky has killed him 
And only the sun can bring his soul back 
By summoning water to the dead, gray sky. 

When the sky is cheerful 
He radiates blue to represent tranquility and peace 
His lively pure earth-surrounding soul 
Dances and shares in the joy of the people below 
The white of clouds represents purity from wrongdoing 
The sky celebrates.

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darkness and light

I have welcomed the Darkness the Light is my enemy Now and Forever

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The lip of the canyon crumbles in longing showering the lower vegetation with the grit of rock tears. The sky mourns for the face of the earth seeing its own fate it brings forth a silent rain from the depth of puffy white. The wind, full of abandon and lust weaves its tendrils over the cliff face and between crevices of its unspent loins. Sun’s fire incessantly burns consuming all in its wanton wake.

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Shadow Born

There is a shadow that fallows me The shadows have taken all that come near me for I live in the dark where once I dwelled in the light the darkness that lived inside me has now become me there is a lust for blood, a fury that nothing can sate this darkness that was once a shadow is now the fangs of midnights unholy creature a changeling that takes the form of everything and nothing both corporeal and at the same time a incorporeal mist tearing into me, ripping my flesh from my body as it eats my liver and devours my heart there is nothing I can do but still I fight with hands that have turned to claws and teeth that tear bite more beast than human I fight the living dead and the dead that are living I feel only rage blood lust and fire dwell in my eyes I was born in the light and there I once dwelled Now I live in the dark For I have been reborn Born in darkness I am the Shadow Born

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He Brushed

He brushed against her red hair
Then moved on from there
To the girl with the golden curls
While tears flowed upon the ground

Red hair laced between the tears
Soon he tired of the gold
And sought out brown
What a lovely crown

Then boisterously he blew on threw
Now none wears a crown
He is left with nothing to entertain
Only snow and ice remain

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The Garden of Death

There grew in a garden,
White flowers pale as death,
That grew in rows like tombstones, 
Their odor; foul like dragons breath.

Flowers bent and brittle,
Stems with many a thorn,
No sweet fragrance, just a stench,
Their existence was one to mourn.
These deadly flowers spread,
The world was its domain, 
Its roots had leeched all over,
And no other life could remain.

Only these flowers grew,
The earth’s soil was rotten,
This decay consumed all life. 
Its plague could not be forgotten.

When it spread its poison,
Life on earth was finished,
All life had become extinct,
The whole world had been diminished.

Even though its fiction,
All this could become true,
These flowers merely symbols, 
Of hate that could live within you.

Evil spreads so quickly,
To hearts that are hollow,
People want the easy life, 
A route that’s easy to follow.

Evil tries to tempt you,
Disguised as a flower,
Don’t be tricked by its beauty, 
Or you’ll fall under its power.

Take control of your life, 
Don’t let your heart harden,
Or you’ll become this flower,
A spawn of this deadly garden.

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Mother Oak

Old Mother Oak, who tussles with the storm,
  so stout of trunk, 
    with knobby, ancient limbs
      and arms now holding amber weight of sun

She blankets earth, with leaves that form a bed
  Standing watchful over turf from where is born
    small sprigs from acorn-offspring, sprouting…
                                                          along the nursery floor….  

For Russell Sivey’s Contest : “Max 8 Lines”
By Carrie Richards 10/10/11

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'She has charisma'

she captures you with her smile 
as she welcomes you 
into her warm embrace 

don't let the smile fool you
she has some devastating power 

not everybody can withstand
her magnetism 
I, for one get drawn 
to her instantly

I love the joy she brings 
when families gather around
and all you hear are laughter  
children playing - 

spreading her arms wide 
welcoming a new day


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My trees are being rampaged by man's cruelty;
doesn't he feel empathy when they crumble down,
to be shipped on barns and trains for huge profits?
And while my darlings don't bleed like he does, they suffer by far...
and they feel the same pain when the ax or the sawer fells them;
and they end up in crackling fireplaces for your holidays' glee,  
or adorn humble houses and the villas of the wealthy!
But be warned, heartless choppers, flood is your curse...
when the stripped cliffs can hold no rain, and entire towns
are swept away by mountain's slides; is this what you desire?

Hear the plea of Mother Nature,
a cry for sympathy to stop this madness, you extol me
with admiration, but fail to see how much beauty you take away from me!
Hear the plea of Mother Nature,
before all forests are gone and you are scorched by the hottest sun...
you'll run to find a shady refuge, but none will be found!
O noble men, who decreed on my behalf...
where have you gone? Rooselvelt was one of them,
a kindred President, who showed concern and saved most of them; 
think of us as humans who love life, but despise death! 

I invite you to take a walk among these trees,
still standing and protecting you from harm,
look up and see a wider sky with the sun in full power;
dehydrating small brooks that ones flowed undearneath the cool shade
of my maternal arms, so that you could savor the freshness of their water!
O vile and uncaring men, see how much destruction you have caused
for a fancy, not for an excused deed...a necessity not used prudently!
O protectors of wilderness, come forward and state your concern and wrath! 
if you agreed to beautify and protect my landscapes, which lay before you and beyond, 
they'd become, once again, the original garden your ancestors so delightfully revered!   

Hear the plea of Mother Nature,
to allow the fowl to glide over them and announce an up-coming storm,
to endow my soldiers with stregth and hold up their shields to fight heroically;
that's what you do when you are attacked by an intrusive tyrant to usurp and destroy,
I am not different from you...and I rely on intuition, not intelligence to halt
the fury of a tempest, or to diminish the howls of a rampaging wind!
Hear the plea of Mother Nature,
and gladly comply, to benefit from our invariable commitment;
Humankind depends on Nature for its survival, not Nature on Humankind, 
to make everything, created by His divine hand, last and glorify His purpose!   

Copyright 2009 By Andrew Crisci

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Step by Step

Yiddy awdy those ticks are here to stay.
Here and there but everywhere astray.
Tick tack I am going to laugh at that.
On the Moon or on the Sun I have sat.
Jump started or kick started my day has begun.
I’m holding a life of lifetimes on the go or run.
Yicky yacky just what is it that I am to do?
Run all over the galaxies in search of you?
Shucks you mucks, I’d do it all over again.
But from time to time you stop when I begin.
It’s a life of life’s bundling into one row.
Yet it is step by step in which it can grow.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2007

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My Chestnut Tree

If I was given one wish free
by a fairy from beyond our times,
I’d tell her that I wish to be
an agèd, stately chestnut tree
rooted deep in solid ground,
my sturdy trunk not being bowed
to some ill-humored gust,
my branches growing high and wide
so gifted with all seasons’ pride,
such as Spring’s blossoms,
Summer’s shady velvet-green,
and getting cooler in the Falls
I’d blush with joy to shed
all of my shining fruity balls,
before I stand in peace
while my bald arms are letting pass
a Winter’s frosty cruelties,
trusting the cycle soon will start anew
and I will love to spread my lush crown over you.         

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‘Tis winter season—
a bracing weather, foggy in its warmth.
The trees are drying, as bones,
gripping water from the winter soil.
It’s resting on an earth snow:
dancing in chilliness, dazedly.
it’s waiting for a poignant breath
that will give him soul.
To feel, once more, from being numb.
To warm his heart;
but the serenity and the turmoil have ended.

The dream is forgotten by the prized.
The dream is freezing the lover. 

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The Flower

Wither and die,
Said I, to the flower,
Your purpose in life is what?

To beautify,
To beautify the land?
Inquired I of the flower,
Would that be your reason for existence?

Wither and die,
Commanded I to the flower,
Should your beauty forever live?

Answer me!
Pleaded I to the flower,
What has your destiny shown?

Should your beauty thrive?
Should your beauty thrive forever?
Wondered I of the flower,
Or should the Earth wither and crumble?

Wither and die I shall,
Said the flower to me,
Should I live forever, only you may know.

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Indian Summer

Indian Summer

The poppy said "No",
The nasturtiums said "Wait"
The seedlings were jumping at the gate;

"We have to get through Winter first,"
The old oak spoke, and everyone burst.
The pansies nodded in assent,
With a great deal of sentiment.

He looked down sadly at his girth,
Smiling wryly with perfect mirth;
"Ten more years is all I am worth".

He glanced at the herbs tenderly wilting
And spoke as though his heart were melting
"We have to be patient and wait for Spring,
And there's the catch, it's a learning thing".

"I won't make promises I can't keep
And we all know Winter will put us to sleep".

Summer will rise again, in all it's glory,
And that for now, is the end of my story.

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Ask fate does the moon shift 

As the oceans drift apart 

With no moon in this sea of dark 

Visions slowly sank 

My dead eyes staring blank 

While i stay idle 

Forming an illusion of an isle 

Struggling to find consciousness growing weary 

Long thoughts in my head I hold dearly 

Chained as I am to body, soul and mind 

Barely scraching the surface with nothing to find 

There is not a line pourtraying a goal 

As I live peacefully with my soul 

My last drop of satisfied life that once ran rampant 

Drips to the sea of lost souls to be tampered  

Twisted and sore my vessel that I lore 

My soul began to soar higher then ever before

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Withering Maple

In an open field stood a withering maple,
the only one in sight
Initials carved inside a heart,
squirrels nesting in the limbs at night
One day as a bunny was passing,
the maple let out a sigh
The bunny looked up, saw sap running down,
and asked, "Ms. Maple, why do you cry?"
Ms. Maple said, "Son, have a seat.
I have a story from long ago  
I once had a maple friend, 
and oh, how I loved him so.
As saplings, we would laugh and sing,
as the squirrels frolicked and played
With him next to me, I had the world
and I never had to feel afraid
As we grew, we had children, 
this field was full of joy
See those initials there?
That's from Anne and Roy.
One day they got married, 
and had a child of their own
As they lie beneath me,
their son is now full-grown
He started his own family
and they are poor you see
He cleared the field to feed them
and took everyone from me
I am the last one standing 
with many memories that live on
It's just a tad bit lonely
as my family is now gone
I know he had good reason,
so I don't blame the boy
But, my last days are just a shade
for our dear Anne and Roy"

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Lion of Winter

January came in 
riding on the mood of Christmas.
Quietly she came, 
like the Nun singing lullabies
in the church nursery.
The sunny fall days
lulling us into a mindset,
not to be set aside
by gifts and many good wishes.
But then the lion of winter
bursts in and roars.
She quickly gathers up her habit
and in haste draws her day
shorter into cold freezing night.
All is right in her world.

Jan 2, 2012 Charles Henderson
for Nette's Personification of January contest

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Golden Tongues

Oh, the red bits of swollen tongue 
upon the gray of maple have plumped
like the cheeks of small children red with run!
The bangs of pussy willow frond
will soon tickle the noses of man swept dust,
baring the fragrance of balsam-pine leavings
scattered with the golden tinsel 
of Christmas garland. 
The ripening earth cracks smiles
toothy with tulip spears and narcissus cones.
The wind is sweet with kisses
and the jays laugh raucously 
in the grasping branches of maple.
The dust of days past dances joyously onward
dreaming of cozy eddies amongst the violets.
Oh, Spring of the golden tongue
play poet to my pen.

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Save them
from the innermost of
the mind bewildered
the heart diminished
the voice demure to shout

Make them
with gloomy smile
intentions frail
of body and soul

Set free
a sage
in every word
on any page
display the sly wisdom
on vertiginous stage
the rules
with detest for
the inferior manner
of callow honesty
for humane

the nightmare
noxious conqueror
contamination developed
through ferocious heart
in asinine mind
enveloped within rotten flesh
advantage of their
sophomoric trust
sedated senses
amaurotic affections

Wake the blight
before they collapse

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The slow-falling sun shall soon kiss the sea, 
     Those two forlorn lovers to meet finally; 
The sea blushes red from feeling the warmth
     Emanating from within the sun’s hearth
Drawn always together, till distance not much, 
     Yet ever so cruelly forbidden to touch.
Horizon’s the stage to this tragic play: 
     Come and be introduced to this dying day.

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January Flumes

Jetting out first as many cascades,
Addictive in a calendar of twelve,
New Year’s Day known in charades,
Unknown factions continue to delve.
Again and again it shapes natures tune.
Reveling waterfalls rouse in faded moon.
Yet without, life would have no commune.

written for
Sponsor nette onclaud 

written by
Cecil Hickman

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The Storm

The storm rages ferociously Thunder, is the tiger's roar We are hostage to the call of the wild As gusts of wind seize the sky Lightning tears flesh With its sharp, violent claws The tiger's piercing eyes stare from darkness I hear my quickening heartbeat from our hiding place Paralyzed by nature's fury The tiger's attack infuriates what once was calm
By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders Note: First place in Any theme/Any Form max 12 contest Sponsor: Brian Strand

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My Visitor part2

In mystery I awed her quietness while Mother Nature accompanied with a wind song
January is her name, eyes bedazzled like the stars that dance in the dark
Cheeks shiny and pristine, skin pale transluscent and new just like this year
The sun crept behind its veil of white and January said she must go
Hard and unimaginable to believe she prompted to stay a lovely thirty one days
31 days of songs, skipping over the frosty crunch of dehydrated land
Holding hands as my year proceeds, she lets go
In sympathy she promises her return same time as always
In reality I let her go and in pain forsake the other months to come
But as she gently climbed back out my window she looks back smiles
Galliantly like a soldier who has finally returned and with a whip of the wind 
A gentle whisper she leaves her love in symbolic bumps from head to toe of my body
I shudder grabbing closer my coat
Her scent I still smell... of sage, rosemary and leftover holly
Trinkles of wet cascade down my cheek slightly brushing the edges of my shoulder
As I say... 
See ya soon! my dear old gal January

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Whisper hello

Sweet flower tree whispers hello 
Walking past she interrupted...
Glorifying wings of spring on her branches
Marveling her purple paper star shower
Inhaling her peaceful unlocked power 
My spirit has lifted....
"Hello, I whisper back, 
"Thanks for interrupting!"

^(How a tree made me feel today)

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We are the brightest best-loved first-borns of God’s flower children,
Hear our golden trumpets’ clarion call. Our sunny mouths whisper
With nodding heads.We chatter among ourselves like market women. 
Gladness-filled,we stand erect, the tallest, smartest, like serried soldiers.

Our tender tips were cold in the snow; the smiling sun now warms our lips.
Our swaying golden bells of heaven - of God’s orchestra the brass section -
Playing to the overhead budding leaves and the slow-rising tulips.
Hearty, open-mouthed, laughing at the sun to attract his warm affection.

.      .      .      .      .      .      .

Written by Sydney Peck  27 February 2012

Entered in Francine Roberts's contest "Pusywillows or daffodils"

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Black Rose

Petal by petal my black rose is dying. Weeping blood as it's stem turns brown. With 
its beauty forever gone and its heart not beating, it shall die. His leafs fall off and 
his last petal unclasps from him. Finally, he is left in complete silence as his last black 
petal falls to his feet. As for him, he falls to the ground, dead, as the last petal hits 
the ground.

-Kallie Mason

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crumbling hill

Down,down it goes
Falling flat to the earth's surface.
Shattered in its prime of rocky pride,
The dust that ascends the sky,
Were nothing but the tears it cried.
Crumbling hill
Once more than 2o feet tall
At the sounds of grenade it quivers and fall.
Crumbling hills losing its pride,
Down the earth it goes-
Like a heart broken bride.

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Night's Companion

She slowly fades into the very dark, 
Where art thy shades, earth's gentle spark? 
Beneath the clouds hid thee thou
And thy rays bound in upper caves
Come forth with haste and thy feeble flee
For your lights are pleasing to dwell with. 

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Midnight Motion

          The moon yawned
  The wind roared
  The earth is fond
  of my heart that soars.
      The rivers all run
   The trees dance
   Nature as one 
   Love by chance.

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 It wraps around looking for a destination.
 The destination never comes. 

 It grows faster then a wildfire.
 Like a river it runs.
 It burns and itches and 
 spreads unmercifully.
 It reminds me of well...

 That is what I would be.

 The things we relate to when 
we're emotional are quite funny. 
       Aren't they?

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Andromeda's Bells

Brown has side-steps the onslaught of green
embarrassed at its untidiness
crumbling like the ego of an unwanted lover.

Shy beige and brazen auburn woodlands
accept the heated, golden light of noon.
Buds of saffron forsythia hug the roadside.
Pearl gray p*ssywillows caress the infant cheek of dusk. 

Soon there will be no brown to gray forest.
Soon the elegant limbs of maple and beech
will be garbed in jade and draped in emerald.
I would not dishonor their barren branches with mourning 
but the bells of andromeda have woken another spring.

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I  stood  watching  the first snowflake’s  battle action : 
First of a horde – a  first-flake  trumpeter  announcing 
The immense white horde’s  cold intention 
Of riding roughshod  and merciless over everything,

Last  week  my friendly  leaves burned gold,
But their cold heat was an illusion,
No warm defence ‘gainst the winter cold.
Theirs  was no  flame of defensive passion

It  was  a  mere seeming  fire-moat, 
But  a dying fire, not burning - just the yellow 
Of coward leaves running and turning coat   
At  the  hint of a  white army  certain to follow.

Cold golden souls trembled as wind bit their shape,  
And to the air they  wildly took, fleeing,  trying to escape –
Tumbling in panic for a while, rising slowly  to drop  like tears.
Above the wood  for another mile  then  fell to rest with  craven peers.

Widely then under the  boughs of laden yellow leaf 
Spread a  sorry carpet  of brave summer come to  grief.
They  were  blown to the river - not to flame ,
But with dampened ardour   to run  ungainly, with shame,

And  float ignominiously,  and collect their coward fellows
In unranked masses  at the slack  black shallows.
Among the faded reeds and river weeds
Hiding  their terror  and their coward’s deeds

Where brave summer had reigned in wood and  river
Now only poltroons  were  seen to shiver.
They fled  on the run  out of the wood -
Fair weather friends abandoning me  as I stood.

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Carpe Diem

Dropped to my knees
I’d fled their cell
of murmured spite
Among the trees
Emotions fell
From dizzying hights

The soft wind kissed
Tears off of my cheeks
Made puppets of leaves
On stages of mist
And cloudy peaks
I stole back my heart  from thieves

To you wide windy world
My heart belongs
None could my skin so gently trace
Nor sing such sweet songs,
As you, and you so softly me enfurled
Yet where are you for my embrace? 

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Oh January

My January, I lost you last year

Your leaves left a whisper as they floated by

And I, I was left with a cold tear

Yet to you- It was merely a glistening eye

I remember so fondly the good times

In the beginning of a year once so clean

And when you ran away, I could not rhyme

For my garden was left without green

Dear January, now that you are returning

Stay longer, my friend, and be kind

Put your arm around me as the world is turning

And, once more, give me some peace of mind

J. Dover

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It Rained Down Upon Me

It rained down upon me
in ancient grace; 
lacing me in conscious life experience.
Gravity extracting the wet from my arms
lingering on my fingers
with gentle force.
The natural law ruled the motion; and
gratefully I was relieved of this persistent rememberence.
I am naked now and
of light.
Delicately freed from a thought-created blight.

I hear what the leaves and trees tell me;
as many reach strong in rooted courage.
Some roots are named Blame
and others
I hear the maples, oaks, and dogwoods whisper to me....
One said, "Trust in me."
Emperor of the forest,
I hear you clear,
and you, my love,
are not rooted in fear.
This one I climb when the rain comes down
draping me in conscious life experience.

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Mother Star

I am aimed and directed for a shooting star.
In the midst of a collision I am traveling far.
Nothing can stop me for I am on a lifelong mission.
I’m timing the clocks and gaining some recognition.
I am in and out of reality stumbling onto a delusion.
Sometimes I want to run free and go into seclusion.
The wind tries to hinder me so I shew it to go away.
I stand on the Moon and make the Sun arise a new day.
I am looking down at a world that is misunderstood.
If I could have I would have and then again I should.
But that is neither here nor there so I will fair.
I have accumulated a bit and have much to share.
However, there is a cornerstone one can get stuck.
One must find the mother Star and hope for lady luck.
Once you find it you will be well on your way,
You’ll rise with the Sun and be brighter each day.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Cloud had cried all day that day
Once she heard Breeze blow by
Without knocking Breeze blew in 
While her whispers ...lingered in the sky

Boisterous Cedar had carelessly bellowed 
Saying how ugly was her cloud friend
Cedar’s hate was mindlessly spoken
Thoughtlessly repeated again by the wind

Breeze had saddened Cloud that day
Unaware that cloud had heard
We must all learn to keep silent
Verses saying anything so absurd

Father Fir Tree was so delighted
Standing tall shading the ground 
Listening intently to Babbling Brook
To things she had discovered and found

Breeze’s stories always pass by 
There is more to life than it seems
Karma always chooses her time 
Hence....Don't repeat hateful things!

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The dusty hurling wind guided the darker cloud
Towards the stony shrine of a lonesome mountain.
With a roaring thunder, mountain cried out loud
And tears flooded its bosom in disguise of rain.

The bosom which is full of painful dry volcano
That sighed and waited for coming out in rage.
Instead with its teary rain tuned a pale piano
To sing a melacholic note of torn lyrical page.

Mountain,with toughness, cries with soft heart
Thorough deep smoky sighs, thunders and rains.
No one seeks its rocky heart, internally burnt
Or empathizes with its unsoothed thorny pains.

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Gathered dust of centuries old
adorns her great celestial robe
Glowing embers in eternal folds
threaded into gigantic orbs

Her face ravaged by endless vestige
of time, curled around her arm
a void pregnant with infinite age
etched on her heavenly palm

In dark chalices of her eyes
a billion candles light her tears
in abounding boulevards they baptize
portals of amaranthine frontiers

Morass of her enticing plait
ensnared many an adventurer
Hunters, archers, at her gate
lie crucified in love forever

Prying eyes gaze in wonder
at her astral boroughs
Dwarfed in its order
is an illusive chaos

At her altar are sacrificed
the lives of countless doomed
from their ashes then arise
Phantoms from her womb

The sorceress at her soiree
beckoning with her wand
christened with the sobriquet
The invisible great beyond

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Nature, nature oh so lovely!
Smiling at the deep blue sea,
Singing, dancing with the flowers,
And greeting the birds with glee.
Nature, Nature oh so lovely! 
With sun, moon and stars to see.
I wonder what would it would like be?
With no nature for us to greet.

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                                 BY ,EHLANA LINGERFELT

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The Gentle Rose

This gentle rose, how sweet it seems,
The waters flow down quiet streams.
The soft winds blow, spread out with ease,
My smiling rose sways in the breeze.

She's small and simple, yet she grows,
She always shines, as any rose.
Her velvet touch, so soft like fleece,
Her freedom's never out for lease.

The stars that shine, the moon so round,
Her strong roots growing underground.
She's tender, though she's fierce inside,
Those feelings, now, are put aside.

Her heart still beats, she is alive,
Our feelings shared in her do strive.
She's always there, she cares for you,
And no one's love could be so true.

Thorns have roses, that may be,
Although her beauty's plain to see.
Strong and stiff, with petals cream,
Her character is most supreme.

Surrounding her the scenery
Is more than you think it to be.
Perfect posture, striking pose,
The life of plain and simple rose!

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My Grass in the Desert

The midnight magic sprinkles in the air.
I can hear the every breath that you take.
Closing my eyes I am so lost to any existence.
This moment is mine that I create.
So very, very much I am content!
My soul is engaged with such a paradise. 
I am aimlessly there.

Ah yes! Yes indeed, 
You are my grass in the desert and I am so very, very near.
The glitter is everywhere, 
I can breathe the every breath that you take.
Closing my eyes I am so lost for time.
This moment is mine that I make.
So very, very much I am entwined.
My soul is entangled with magic so sublime, 
I am without a single care.
Yes, yes, yes! 

You are my grass in the desert and I do often come there.
The radiance I stand and bear.
I can touch the every breath that you take.
Closing my eyes I am so lost without a cause.
This moment is mine that I partake.
So very, very much I am lost.
My soul is entangled in this web of mine, 
I am so very, very much there.

I am lost in time.
Ah yes, yes, yes indeed!
You are my grass in the desert and I am here to share.
Blossoms are blooming everywhere planting the harvested seeds.
My grass in the desert is all that I will ever need, even when so desolately bare!

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The unleashed howl and snarl 
Of the winter winds
Is silenced at last
And their bite is muzzled
And put to sleep by the 
Soothing sunshine of spring

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Then and Now

I use to be a flower 
that sprouted from a seed
The soil as my mothers womb
through fertile flesh to feed

The bees are dear beloved
attracted by my scent
They carry strife but still remain
Resourceful and content

I've many brothers and sisters
that starve before the rain
Kidnapped and beaten by the heat
wishing death more than pain

I gave praise to the firmament
to open up the sea
The waters fell and gave the weak
the strength that of a tree

I use to be a flower 
that sprouted from a seed
The soil as my mothers womb
through fertile flesh to feed 

The children now are not content
a mandrake of a seed
That nature neglected as an
antagonistic weed
The soil as my mothers womb
through fertile flesh to bleed

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The Fallen Leaves

The fallen leaves looking at the heavenly sky 
and at my own doorstep they, in silence, sigh; 
they often criticize my feet as I pass them by.

Day and night, they hang around, relentlessly
and never know that they, actually, bother me 
from entering and leaving my place. My kitty

cat does not like them too, ‘cos they do crackle 
as she tiptoes out, eagerly, to touch the sparkle
of the afternoon sun. Ah, today I have to tackle

the task of teaching them and myself. Luckily,
these delicate hands of yesterday are totally free 
from the arid office, serving my boss with a tea 

that I gathered them and place them in a shelter
of green, letting their last smile not just to loiter,
but for them to use it, for Earth to have a better 

feel. Now, I see them not, yet they promised me
that they’ll be back once they’ve seen the beauty,
curved from their skin, of a blossoming cherry tree.  

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the rain will fall

the rain fall down
splashing on the ground
wiping away our bad day's
where all our troubles lay

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My Visitor part 1

There was a knock on my window, out of crusty lids I peared
It was no more that an old friend
A friendship revisited once a year
Her name was January with eyes as light as the New Year
As I swung open the window she clammored in
Greeting me with the leaveless branches adorn top of her head
Kissed me politely on the cheek and filled my world with her ambitious light
She took off her coat that was sequined with dry acorns and twigs from the bird houses
Out of generosity I offered a steamy cup of tea served from the China she led my family
To give to me on her New Year
Her icy lips cooled the tea allowing the bag to glide smoothly over the frozen liquid
Creating the perfect figure eight
Her eyes twinkled like a new born seeking its first glimpse at this new world that began
Its first today
I asked her of her escapades from the previous night
She gleamed about her lovers that gathered around her sparkle and communioned 
With a  kiss to mark a passion that in all hopes should last past this three sixty five
She teared at the lives who lost out on their very breath
That she should never live to see again
But she shall live always

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A child has soared the pale blue sky-
to his family, kisses of goodbye.

In the heavens, he then transforms
embracing the promises of fluid mold.

Captivated, the youth forgets 
soils that have been his foster parents.

Man assumes a denser phase: 
heaviness - has now prevailed.

The sudden shifts of cold and tension
beget him towards state of depression.

Palls of nimbus saturate; 
darkness consumes strands of bliss.

Overwhelmed with august ambition,
tears have burst in all direction.

Hence, with this, a realization seen:
down, he plunges the bottomless pit.

The height of climb, the depth of fall-
a fact to be learned by one and all.

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Traveling through the galaxies of many and more,
I come up under a Star I have never seen before.
It had light brighter than anything I’ve ever seen.
It was intelligent and wise and incredibly keen.
It could talk it could dance and it could even sing.
It had made all of the worlds and gave them a king.
It had made the Sun and the Moon just for me.
It made me the link for the whole world to see.
I was to link each kingdom according to orders.
Each one had four corners and then four borders.
So I went around the galaxies linking what I could.
Many had burned out Stars that just never would.
I saw where there were no towns or cities at all.
I seen all of the planets made great and small.
There was a missing link to the universe I saw.
I found myself linking it all up standing in awe.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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The Wood

In the Wood at dusk
the shapely trees bark
as their leaves rustle
with every Fall of their turn
As shadows smile upon the day
the earthly ground hides its brush
noticing the way the pine show-off
touching each other and holding limbs
their size seems less important
than their Art,
showing us the paths,
through the wood
by Dark

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Forget-Me-Not, or my writing as a 12 year old

I live in quiet meadows,
at turnings where you fain would stop.
Though admiring eyes are turned on me,
None heeds my pleas of “forget me not!”

And you, you walk (or run, or skip)
down your sunny path,
but I remain amidst the grasses,
through the evening’s light show and the morning’s bath.

And oh! I long just once to see
what lies beyond this field,
but you will not remember me
and my roots this ground will not yield.

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Sow seed

Jesus know our greatest needs
He has planted an incredible seed
That whosoever may believe
May received.

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A Dandelion's Dance

A dainty Dandelion Puff
was waltzing with the Wind,
donning white feather headdress
and black suede mary janes.

She graced each twirl with poise,
emoting sweetly to Heaven's voice.

Like a starlight in the morning,
she strucked Daisy with awe;
like a pixie in the meadow
she dropped Butterfly's jaws.

Alas, her dance was thwarted to a halt
by two clasping Hands that hitted her like a jolt.

It was then followed
by a Breath so warm
who whispered,
He just wanted to wish,
He meant no harm.

Seconds after, She was blown in the air,
still a bit dizzy, she danced with flair.
Once again, she danced and waltzed
'til another pair of hands clasps her to a halt.

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A Stone

Here I sit
Solid in form
Exposed to the elements
Never being born

I wait to be found
And put in a pocket
If cut I won't bleed
I may be a locket

In search for nothing 
I'm not alone
I'm beautiful inside
Outside I'm a stone

People pass by me
They never stop
A child picks me up
Into a basket I drop

I sit in a room
'Til one day I'm touched
The feel of a hand
Never meant so much

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Silent Poet

In winter I nestle 
under your quilt warming me  
till snow melts.

In spring I bloom 
from your quilt to bear fruits
of everlasting joy.

In summer I watch 
hordes of backpackers, under my shades 
as heat wave makes them bored.
In fall I remember 
you, my sanctuary, full of uplifting smiles
as I, slowly, turn into gray.

Before your eyes I became 
the silent poet, longing for your warm
embrace when winter, again, comes. 

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Just for Fun

                                           wish that I could be 
                                       a praying mantis. I think
                                   It would be fun to hang out in
                                  trees or sun bathe on a leaf or   
                               play  tag with the other bugs.  I would
                                 always win. of course. (rules). But
                                t he best part would be,  if I got
                                    mad at my boyfriend I could…
                                     Breakfast,  lunch, or dinner.

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The lone fighter

A young tree stands amongst weather 
Strapped down with only a small piece of wood and leather 
It’s been beaten down by wind and rain 
It’s been left alone to cry in shame 
Left aside in a harshest environment 
Its bark is almost torn off 
The tree is pitched toward a sloping trough
No one fertilized it before the winter 
Soon it may look like a giant splinter
But the young tree still stands up tall 
He’s fighting through a mighty snow squall
The salt from the road has left him weak 
It looks like things for him, are pretty bleak
The years wined by and the tree still stands 
With a sad spirit and a wounded bands 
It tells a story of the years of pain 
And all the damage it disdained  
He stands today with a slight pitch to one side 
It’s the love of God that’s kept him alive

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My Yellow Butterfly; 
My Array!

Pinched in the corner of my eye,
Ah, ‘tis just my yellow butterfly!

A swarm of bees came chomping down on its tail,
And whipping up winds it stirs up new jets to sail!

Staying gallantly afloat it drifts wayward up into a puffed up cloud awaiting it in the air.
A red cardinal bird it did undoubtedly meet perched high on top a big pesky grizzly bear.

It just flies fancy free through the needles and straws of prickly Pine Trees.
And it starts circling around until it is across the rolling roaring High Seas!

My yellow butterfly just zip zaps itself right on by.
It is either flying too low or it is flying up on high!

On top of the clouds, I did get to watch its magnificent tail set sail.
Triumphantly, it stays afloat between a big shark and mighty whale!

A horde of yellow butterflies suddenly dumped down on me with voices that blare.
The journal of flying from here to there will get everyone everywhere except in err!

Yellow butterflies were coming from everywhere just so joyous for my eyes to see,
And I was caught up on a cloud when my yellow butterfly ushered in its array of me.

My Array: 
My Yellow Butterfly!

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Palms by the Sea

Oh this Sea from left to right,
How my mind gathers your visions to my sight.
You clouds stray from over here to over there,
And my lungs fill deep as they gather you into my air.
I am the neutral zone with all of my love that I share
The “Palms by the Sea” give my visions their true light!
In each I can see myself inside of a seemingly height.
The Palms by the Sea are my only solemn oath I fight!
 Up inside of the tallest tree I shall surely come,
Your Earth, your Moon and your Sun I shall make them all come undone!
I am you as you breathe my life and it is your love that I shall proclaim in the moment I seize!
Up inside of you I am proclaiming my every single genuine need.
The “Palms by the Sea” guard the shores for my more, my all, or even none!

®Registered: Ann Rich 1997

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Diamond Souls

Hearts of gold fused by two making me the only one,
Aries, “I am” is you to all of us who have only just begun.
Crystal clear the visions I seek, you are the one that is complete!
You are a diamond in the sky; I look and wonder why you’re at my feet
I wish, I wish for your beautiful brilliant shooting stars.
I pray, I pray for our dragging existing time you balance so very far.
If I had one then I’d have two and the more I’d give for you to share.
If I were, then I’d be again where you float through the sky on a dare.
In the midnight skies I see the diamond souls lined all in your corner.
But the “Archer” I am and the “Bulls-eye” I target from your former.

Flash by flash I see your lights and one by one they glare by my own given fate.
Inside and looking out, I see your brilliance aiming extremely high with my “God-given” bow.
The stars aligned like chicken pox spread from here to there and one of them my mate.
Outside and looking in, I see your intelligence and draw my arrow with a big lump in my throat.
If I could, then I would dash from here to there shining the Diamond Souls by my very own.
But the “Archer” I see what I know I am aiming for up on high and you my Aries, 
You just tempted your own fate with your diamonds on my “Royal Throne“.

®Registered: 2001   Ann Rich 

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The Hunger

Ah, you have returned to me.
My visage tracks your movement
bending with grace and longing,
molting layers, shedding down,
taking leave of dismay with abandon.

Ah, you have returned to me.
My eyes drink your beauty.
Your presence raises bloom to cheek.
Soon you will scent the dawn lilac.
Ah, Sol, you have returned 
melting us like lost wax.

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Whispered Love

As the sun rose once on a dawn
In its good-bye kiss to the earth at the horizon;
When the redness of her lips reflected on the sky
The earth was shy, looking down her eye;
The sun whispered:
“My sweetest, has anyone ever been in love so much-
As I have been with you for ages as such?
Every morning and evening I do meet you
There is eternity in my love, neither old nor new
Forever and ever I have been in love with you!!”

When that evening the sun came down
The earth gently did mischievously frown
Then it did whisper in the kissing sun’s ears
“My dearest, though I am proud to have you
Yet there is love to make us poor, though few
If you care to glance at the sunflower in love with the sun
Or the butterfly dancing with madness for the flower’s fun
The insects burning themselves to win the heart of the flame
The dew drops kissing the cheeks of the flower in sudden acclaim
You would realize….
It doth not matter how eternal your love has been
It matters though how infinite love you are in!!”

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Never-Never Land

I stare out into this huge blue Sea,
And the waves, well, they just carry me.
My mind drifts so far away,
Because the Ocean is where I lay!
I’m off to never-never land once again,
So take my hand and let this journey begin!
I listen carefully to the Oceans roar,
The waves, well they just help me soar.
My mind relaxes with my day,
Because the Ocean is where I always lay!
I’m off to never-never land on a hunch for so much more,
So take my hand and let’s find new places we can both explore!
I can see blue water with big fluffy white rolls,
Waves, well they just capture my entire soul.
My mind just helpless with my day,
Well, it is the Ocean where I lay!
Off in never-never land I can always see,
A gigantic Ocean covering over me!
Far away in never-never land near the Ocean is where I always lay.
Lifeless in the sand is where I’ll always be.
So take my hand and be lifeless with me in the sand.
Together, just you and me on our journey to never-never land,
Just lifeless in the sand, together you and I and always we’ll be hand in hand!

© Copyright: 1997  Ann Rich

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I Am

I am something you hold when you miss,
And I am forgotten all but a gentle kiss!
I am the cold draft when you’re all alone.
And I am the smile that generates your happy home.
I am something for nothing but I’m more than most.
And I am your summer breeze, I am your host.
I am the tear that falls from your eyes,
And I am the light that outshines your lies.
I am the flutter in your beating heart,
And I am the breath that gives you a fresh start.
I am the lump in your throat when lost for words,
And I am the silence you have always heard.
I am the warmth traveling in your blood,
And I am the memory you instantly flood.
I am the dream you’ve always had,
And I am the one with you happy or sad.
I am the one that always told you so,
And I am the only person you positively know.
I am taken and given because I just am,
And I am exactly what I am,
And not even by you will I be jammed!
© Copyright  Ann Rich   2006

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Royalties Demise

Paper crisp, dead brown, leaves
cluster between the straggly vines. 
The potted purple petunias valiantly
hold their final blooms, alive and regal
within death’s grip, refusing to surrender.

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The wind whips my skin with chilled water
as I urge myself to take the next step
forever being pushed back from my goal
shuddering at the gail as pushes me away
I dig my heals in, bending to the wind.
going under its force
As it cuts my skin I take one more step
waiting until it slackens to move again
each step a triumph of patience and strength
while the wind fights me all the way

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Winter is Here Until Spring

Winter is here, weather has changed,
Bitter cold, mood rearranged,  

Winter is here, unmoving it seems,
Tearing its needle, through the seams

Winter is here, and it’s here to stay,
Here in my mind, a world of disarray,

Winter is here, the light wont shine,
Disrupting themes, destroying minds,

Winter is here, oppression time,
Hindering us, for the depression climb

Winter is here, no room to adapt,
No one around, more room to collapse, 

Winter is over, smell that clover,
The never-ending line of springtime lovers.

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Farewell to Snow

Today, glimpsed I,  a curious sight
A  mound  of  snow,  no  longer  white.
It basked alone, upon brown grass
It seemed to say, this too shall pass

When greener days shall come to be
When spring soon covers every tree
With robins nests and leaves of green
This mound of snow shall cease to be.

And so,  in passing by, paid my respects
To winter and to all of its effects
And bid springtime my warmest welcome.

For as long as this old earth shall spin
God has ordained each winter’s end
Yea, God has ordained each spring begin.

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The Chairs Tale

For decades I grew in a foreign land,
by a forest unclaimed by mortal man.
Here the trees were old and strong,
silent but for the wild bird's song.

Man came and named the forest "Black,"
and many of us were felled by the axe.
I was hewn and carved with care,
skillfully crafted: a beautiful chair.

My wood is carved with vines and blooms,
my beauty has graced a hundred rooms,
oiled and waxed by countless hands,
a silent witness since time began.

I remember the forest, silent and pure,
and the craftsman so skilled, and yet so poor.
I remember each household, each parent and babe,
each kitten curled up and the purr that they made.

Now I reside in a museum of art,
roped off from all touch, it's breaking my heart.
The people come and they stand and they stare,
and none of them realize that--I am aware.

©Danielle White

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Where do we go when we go away?
Where do I go when I want to stay?
Sometimes I am lost and I can not see.
“God”, I look up and all I can do is pray.
Sometimes it is hard for me to even believe.
And then sometimes you set me so free!
Why does it have to be this way?
What is it that you need for me to say?
Sometimes I run free with the night.
“God”, I look around and I find my prey.
Sometimes I can see the crystal clear light.
And then sometimes I enhance my very own fight.

What mountain do you need for me to climb?
Where am I destined in this blessed and holy time?
Sometimes heaven is right at my front door.
“God”, I look down and even I can draw the line.
Sometimes I push for your all or more.
And then sometimes I am my own warrior.
Why do I balance these things with you?
What is it that you need for me to do?
Sometimes I just wonder why.
“God”, I am looking all around simply passing through.
Sometimes I am just tired and want to sit down for a cry.
And then sometimes I know that I have always been the one that tried.

© Copyright: 1997  Ann Rich

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Her Daring Side

The earth, in all her demure, but glorious beauty
Wearing her dress of floral modesty, 
Later, in the chill, in woolen coat of rust and teal
Til rebellion calls her name
"Woman liberated!
With naught, no need for shame!"
The time to let her true nature feel!
One morning, in late October's spell
No longer demure, no need to pretend
Pulling up her ruffled skirts, flapping them in the wind
For the sun and sky, the earth and tree
She proudly displays a flamboyant spree
She beams a smile of wanton glee
At last she's feeling bold and free
Her new side to unfold, to be
Reavealing a glistening, the world to see
Whatever the price whatever the cost
A rhinestone petticoat of sparkling frost!

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The Wind and The Cowboy

The wind tips the good cowboy's hat backwards,
opening his leafy eyes, with its gentle breezy force 
and pushing his sandy hair; he rides the southern plains
on his good silver, brown horse.  

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The Air of Life

the fields blow against the wind of the hills
the land rolls with the gust of God's breath
it clutches the hearts of those that see
and as quick as it comes, so does its death

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Angels of Mercy

I‘ve an Angel of Mercy watching over me,
His eyes are watching me from sea to sea.

Staggeringly, I did stand there and I waited for only one who really knew.
Balanced by shining Stars, the universe earned my golden wings of two.

I fly high above from worlds torn apart by a magnificent set of three.
Cast down to Earth the galaxies spread far and apart just to be free.
We watch and we sit as we wonder when will all of this be?
Angels of Mercy balance the scales of lighter years that shall come to be.
I rise above Seas and Skies that can not set a boundary high enough for me.          .

Scattered by harvested seeds delusions are sent plentifully my way,
Up and down I am this way this day and I shall make my own way.

You feel, you see, but you can not believe that it is me, the pure and true one.
Angels of Mercy hear my plea, for I believe and soon I will be forever done!

Flying here and flying over there,
Only you know how much I truly care.
Angels of Mercy be on your merry way!

Me and mine will peacefully war with every single one of you,						
Eternally conquering exactly what I as one have set out to do!         

®Registered:   Ann Rich   2004

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As a Leaf

As a leaf			
I hear no whispers
 Of the wind
 Or the drifting call of a mocking bird,
I see no dances
  Of the branches of an oak
  Or the hopeless small beings
I do not wish to be intermingled
I do not wish to be admired
  I wish to be dormant 
    To the world
    To be forgotten 
    And left connected 
To my only chance of survival,
Although my wishes are commands
I can not stop their disobedience,
I can not hear the footsteps of my death
I can not see the curser of my misery
To them I’m just ornamentation
But to nature I am the hope 
                                            Of new life

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Weeping Willow

His whispers are like the wind
As he rests his head on me
Soft cries of a lover lost
His tears are like the seas

Wilting with the pain
As he falls apart
From words left unsaid
A lover’s broken heart

I wrap my arms around him
He drifts off to sleep
It isn’t any wonder
Why this willow weeps

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All in All

Riding in the winds of humbled inspiration,
I’m coming for a mighty restoration!
Stars so bright, lights increase by a great number.
The Moon leads the day its way.
Riding in much thunder,
Bolt by bolt, all in all it’s but a ray!
Soaring in clouds of separation,
I’m going for a mighty preparation!
Skies so blue, seashores engulfed by a great encumber.
The Sun bleeds the only ray.
Soaring in much wonder,
Beam by beam, all in all I’m on my way!
All in all, dashing through every ray!
All in all, I’m shining in the light of today!

® Registered: Ann Rich 2002

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the flower blooms 
with innocent hue
waltzes in fantasy

then, a messy rain 
catches a glimpse 
of its softness, ‘til

it blushes away…
and withers alone 
in a pang of guilt

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Shimmering Leaves

Looking high at the top of a tree
Leaves glisten dancing in the sun
Seems the rest of them stand shaded 
Quiescently as their day is done~

Giant Fichus grows steadily higher
Gaining momentum in the bright sun
Extending branches lingering out             
A thick winding trunk of merging fun~

Piling underneath this grand tree 
Fallen dead leaves bathe in the sun
Congregating turning to mulch 
One more purpose they’re almost done~

Imagining superb life unfair
Comparing life to leaves in the sun
Like the sparkling trees tallest leaves 
Position has bearing on every one~

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My silent strength

My thoughts are fluid
Gushing rivers of rhyme and reason
Winds of change and a variety of seasons
Dreams and emotions
A journey on streams to oceans
My views are a snapshot of the universe around me
Deep within my psyche I see 
Lazuline skies 
And gold dust butterflies 
Whisking rushes of the night stars
Tree trunks the shade of chocolate bars 
The music of earth settling in the for day 
The morning hush, the scent of a spring bouquet 
I feel blessed for the humanity I feel 
A gift from God I love to reveal
And he is with me during my sorrow and my rejoice 
He is silent, 
But I listen, and hear his voice 

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The lonely gnome stares
at the dirt wondering if a rodent
will pop up to ask if there
is more fruit being grown this spring.

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Over her restless form he plunges
as beneath him she wildly bucks,
shameless, overwhelmed by lust.

His tense, rigid body rises and falls
against her screams and moans,
riding her as she freely abandons.

How the hungry lovers fit  together
in that reckless, smoldering dance
that only they could truly master.

Yielding to a mad giving and taking,
heedless of eyes possibly watching,
mates the untamed, scandalous pair.
Indeed a lone voyeur closely watches
while the bold act goes on between
the sailboat and the turbulent sea. 

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Natural breath

Whispers in my ear,
tussling of my hair,
and sweeping me
off my feet.
Wrapping a blanket
around me,
warmth engulfs my form,
new breath, 
blown gently upon my skin.
Goose pimples,
shivers down my spine;
bodily senses pricked
top to toe....
as you encircle me,
I move to find comfort.
Willing you to climax,
that I might find satisfaction,
a quieter state of mind,
a stillness,
as the sun shines once more.
I anticipate your return...

Author's notes

Okay, so this is slightly different from me....I wanted to kind of personify the wind here; 
making the reader unsure as to whether it were a lover I was thinking of.... Try re-reading 
thinking of it the other way, I think it works.....

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The Almighty Tree of  ancient origin,
You are rooted in the shrine of Deity
And today in your  shrine are these sheep I offer thee
And as for the goats, 
They are outside there.
Just beside you is the broody Hen
And over there, a  dozen eggs.

Puff a little smoke Oh my Lord,
And  let the foe feels the coca.

When my Skull begins to roll,
And the crow upon my soul,
Then the Saints go marching in.

But when the Owl surrounds the throne,
And the Claws begin to roar,
To thee I bow Oh helpless Sky,
And to thee I bow my  helpless Sky.

Remember me Oh remember me
When the  Birds begin to ring,
And the beads surround thy waist
Like a Giant but faceless Ant.

Plenty Cola-nuts I promise thee
And thy favorite till thy Kingdom come.

Freedom and  Justice Oh my dear Lord,
And if possible, Eternal Life.

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The place where I walk
And journey day to day
Is where shadows lurk
And death is but a step.
Fear rushes all around
To paralyze my movement,
But a monument I will not be.
Ravens send me bread.
Brooks are my drink,
And my soul is restored.
I have comfort in the night.
Though sometimes lonely,
I am not forlorn.
I will not be afraid.
Green grass is my bed
Until morning dew wakes me.
His mercies will help me
Reach the foot of the mountain.

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The Flower And The Weed

The weed is jealous looking over to next door,
                       that pleasant flower whose most adored.
It eyes the style and mimics through its bloom
                       but there was only room for one to groom.
The clippers controlled by human hands
                       Decided first who was meant to leave the land.
The weed did fear for he only wanted love
                       But clipped away and jumped afar above.

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Cephas, a Stone

I am Cephas,
A rock upon the dry earth.
I am a stone
Lifted up and set in motion.
The wind surrounds me.
I sink into the brook
And settle.
The water rushes over me,
And my ragged edges and indentions are not;
I am smooth.
A young hand chooses me,
And puts me into a scrip
With four others just as polished-
But I'm the one lifted and set in motion.
The wind surrounds me.
I sink into the frontal
And settle.
The blood rushes over me.
The young hand takes me (still lodged)
To the Holy City.
Now I - Cephas, a stone,
A rock beneath the blessed soil of Jerusalem,
Am settled.

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pear tree

there you stand in my garden
looking at us all
waving with the wind
protecting us all
giving us food each year
staring at the the garden
the top of the garden is where you rest
providing a home for others to lie
there you stand
the protector
the hero
the pear tree