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Personification Goodbye Poems | Personification Poems About Goodbye

These Personification Goodbye poems are examples of Personification poems about Goodbye. These are the best examples of Personification Goodbye poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I thought it was my imagination, when 
I saw it coming,
I felt the warm, intimate air, coming closer
And closer and closer into my left side of my face,
I gave him the instance and manner of His presence

What a pleasant activity to termination
His face was contentment, 
What a surprise kiss!

My mind was gratified, since I liked
Him first…
My facial expression, show it all, when my 
Eyes started an ending blinking,
He motion to my left eye, and wipe the 
Frozen tear, 
His fellows observe attentively 
As he took chocolate in his pocked, and give it to me,

It felt like, it was my first kiss ever…
As we both gave an innocent smile, it was
we danced in the middle of the road,
with no music, only the heartbeat in our hearts present,
pretend like we the only creatures in the planet. 
Oh, I was so sad when it was time for me
To go.
if only i can get a second chance to dance with him again,
another chance to kiss, to communicate, to share and to love,
my life would be compete.

another chance to share that feeling none can take away.
Kiss goodbye! 
he emotionally kissed my hand,
And motioned his hands with a fake and unpleasing
Goodbye, he was sad,
But we both knew that we’ll see one another,
Soon, before the next flight! 
When the car was in motion, he gave me a quick smile
and inner pierce of his beautiful eyes
Kiss goodbye, I smiled
Kiss goodbye I thought
Kiss goodbye, he’s gone
Kiss goodbye it is.

Copyright © Ncumisa Siko

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Slowly so sneakily you crept into my life
Destroying everything in your path
You simply don’t care do you?
Leaving your slime everywhere 
Eradicating everything you touch
Moving on to your next innocent victim
You revolt me and I detest the sight of you
I heaved when I saw you today
Well I’ve got news for you
I know your little game and ITS OVER
I’ve put the pellets down and you are trapped
Goodbye slug forever

Jan Allison
4th September 2014

Copyright © JAN ALLISON

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my Royaume

I've never thought that i would feel this way,
But it finally happened somehow someday;
And i drowned in the deep oceans that looked at me.
I got dazzled by this smile everytime i see
These petals opening softly revealing wonderful pearls;
And everytime this breeze fonndles my skin, my heart twirls.
How i wish to stay forever in this acropolis of passion!
How i admire those two loyal guards fulfilling their mission!
Look at the heavens sparkling in those skies
Making it hell when it comes to goodbyes...
But some dreams are meant to never come true,
Like the one of falling asleep next to you
Because, as they say, the moon is not allowed to rise on the majestic wooden cross
But what a shame of this culture and what a terrible loss...
I had to accept to fall back on earth
A place where cruelty took birth!
Even though they broke my wings, i'll climb as high as i can get
To try and find the heavens that i would never forget.

Copyright © dreamersis poems

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Can I say

Shaking earth, you call me? Can I say, some moment please?
Just had my meal, pretending to sleep
The hustle of life-chants me a lullaby, helping me to forget the lows
This small hut, my modest abode- Made of clay, a part of your life.
It’s trembling now, falling into pieces
I am not asking for more, I know it’s yours- the soil and we mortals both
The air we breathe and the sound of wind- this and more and henceforth
But can’t bear the pain, the fellows cry, how can you show no empathy
Just had my meal, pretending to sleep
Can I say, some moment please?

Copyright © SWATI SINHA

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He Loves Me No More

Because he no more loves me, 
I will have to go back to my solitude - 
my only friend, before I met him. 
Now, today after many years in love 
he is throwing my adoration 
through a severe hurricane; 
forgetting to protect me. 
My man - the only man 
I have ever loved; 
he no more loves me. Why? 

Suddenly, all my expectations 
dissolved, disappeared; 
gone to another continent, 
even to another atmosphere - 
anywhere, but here with me. 
He no more loves me. Why? 

How I wish, this very moment 
to be invisible, 
As my dreams and thoughts 
are turning into hatred. 
He no more loves me. Why? 

Sobbing is echoing louder 
than the silence surrounding 
my dark room. 
I will be living patiently out of love. 

He no more loves me. 
I am never included in any of his plans, 
neither those of yesterday, today, or tomorrow. 
How I wish to remember 
only the good times we had together; 
but now, there is no present or future 
Because he loves me no more. 
I am old, and have not 
Much time left. 

Written By 
Therese Bacha

Copyright © Therese Bacha

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Blue and Black roses.

kiss midnight goodbye and watch its dark petals float away on the night breeze,.kiss 
midnight goodbye and bask in the rays of the morning sun.,render the past gone and wash 
in the dew of your dawn. Kiss midnight goodbye and with it the queen of the stars and her 
banquet ...,I kiss midnight goodbye and embrace my new beginning because in your eyes i 
see the map of my world.. I watch everything come to ease in a stare,the other side of 
darkness,painless and no less beautiful. A wordless understanding but an understanding 
none the less.,comforting;But not of my lamentations but of my subconsious need..a 
seemingly ever present presence..the pen of my thoughts.

Copyright © Aaron Kibirige

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The Heart of Balmville

*The Heart of Balmville

A living thing I was; I graced your land.
Three hundred years and more, I stood with pride.
A focal point to meet with friends to stand,
or drive the intersecting roads beside
the wall that sheltered me, your blessed tree,
you thought long-standing for eternity.

The 'Heart of Balmville' often you called me;
so many grew up in my view's embrace,
and took for granted that my vision be
forever etched within this Balmville space.
Inside your small historic park I stood
preserved for years in my dear ancient wood.

My statuesque magnificence now gone...
your hearts are saddened, missing my great limbs.
But with my stump, may memories hold on
while picture of my leaves and branches dims.
May 'Heart of Balmville' live within your heart...
I, Balmville Tree, at last from you depart.

Sandra M. Haight

~4th Place~
Contest: Any Poem Trashed in a Recent Contest
Sponsor: Broken Wings
Judged: 09/04/2015


Copyright © Sandra Haight

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6 hours ago today, November 20, 2015, my mom passed away in front of me

My mom was everything to me
She was my every day, my every morning
She was literally my life and I lived every single bit of it, in her world
She was my inspiration and her smile, was a sun-shine in my face
Every morning I would wake up and the first thing I ever thought about, was her
She would see me come down the stairs and automatically wave her little hands 
“Good Morning, Bert!” she would squeak out, followed by a smile as big as the ocean
In return, I would play with her cheeks, pinching both sides as I would often do
While she, on the other hand would always try to get a bite off of them, just for fun of course
It was our special ritual thing we do every morning, as if exchanging something more than words can say
My mom was my greatest dream of all and I mean that in every sense of the word
Because for a dreamer such I am, no dreams has ever come close to my undivided attention
I am also a freewill-thinker but where it comes to my mom, there can only be just one choice
I would choose her every time just because I am her son; it’s my duty to return the love, she has instilled in me
For a long time now I found a great calling preparing and giving her daily meds and insulin shots
To her I was her private doctor… To me, she was my princess, my queen and I would do just about everything
I have learned a lot being with her 24/7, 7 days a week, like being more of the patient trying to solve my problem with patience
Well, I mean it’s a work-in progress kind of thing but I truly feel that I’m a lot better compare from the old me
Little by little, day by day, one day, it just occurred to me that I was becoming the person, I can consent to be
For me helping her with her needs, she has helped me figured out my own path into the person I’ve always longed to be
You see, often, I’ve cried out, in silence about trying to find my own purpose in a world, filled with mysteries and illusions
And like I said earlier, every time, I would wake up and I would find her downstairs with her smile fixed directly at me
If you can only feel things in my shoes, no other kind of happiness can ever feel so pure and complete, it contented my soul
My mom loves to garden and because I love her and I wanted to make her happy, she made me fall in love with gardening
I could not believe it at first but gardening became my Superman’s fortress of solitude, it’s like it’s a whole new different world
She has given me so much of everything; I only wish that I had given her something even remotely significant, in comparison 
She didn’t just shaped me to be the person I am today; I became the person who would happily choose to be guided by her
Because there’s nobody else in the world like her, no heart can ever be as pure and innocent and good as her heart is
My mom was one of kind, a diamond if the rough, a jewel in the night and my sole treasurer of dreams
I don’t know what I would do without her, I have not one clue what my mornings would be like without her smile
I’m not even sure if I can ever get passed the darkness that I will be facing tomorrow; I only know one truth for now
I love my mom… I love her more than the meaning of the word love; I love her transcendently from infinity and beyond

Copyright © Wilbert Dela Cruz

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Fare Thee Well

In the dusk shadow and light
Shimm‘ring dark and glancing bright
The last of times they see both sides
In different worlds they do reside

The time to say their last goodbyes
Both know that what they‘re doing‘s right
For shadows live in darkness well
And light in brightest heavens dwell

A last refrain, a sense of pain
Maybe someday they'll meet again

The shadow then turned to a spark
To guide all shadows in the dark
The light returned into the sky
To flash the shine, high up to fly

Copyright © Akari Akisame