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These Personification Art poems are examples of Personification poems about Art. These are the best examples of Personification Art poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Where The Heart Resides

Like open arms
These broken gates reach out to me
And lead me to the lonely house
That overlooks the sea

Her door once proud and stately
Now splintered hangs in shame
As she realizes no longer can she
Keep out the wind and rain

I look into her beautiful
Sad and haunted eyes
These windows to her soul
Where alone she waits to die

Her rooms I see before me
Stripped naked raped and bleeding
And somewhere from within them
I hear her softly pleading

She beckons me to enter
I cross her threshold timidly
And suddenly an old familiar feeling
Comes washing over me

The floorboards squeak beneath me
As I move slowly down the hall
Tip-toeing through the paper roses
All withered on her walls

I step into her parlor
With tears falling from my eyes
As precious memories carry me
To the place my heart resides

I see her in her former splendor
Dressed in satin and old lace
Crystal chandeliers reflect the light
And caress her lovely face

French doors open to the fields
Where once I used to play
Make believe in lands of dreams
On sunny summer days

Silky curled beside the hearth
Purring softly as she sleeps
I caress her so tenderly
As my heart falls at her feet

The air is filled with music
As grandma strokes the keys
The aunts and uncles all join in
And sing in harmony

We take our places at the table
Laid out in fine bone china
We bow our heads and thank the Lord
For all the ties that bind us

Grandpa carves the giant turkey
Grandma brings the platters
We fill our plates with food and mirth
And an endless stream of chatter

And when the moon hangs overhead
In a soft and velvet sky
One by one we take our leave
With hugs kisses and goodbye’s.

I love you Grandma
I love you Grandpa
Rings into the night
And once again in my world
Everything is right

I close the door behind me
I say my last farewell
As I hear her take her final breath
In the trill of a whippoorwill

Author:  Elaine George

My first entry on Poetrysoup  - Feb. 2, 2006

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I Look To the Moon

I look to the Moon, hanging aloft
Among the clouds so milky soft.
How must it feel, so high above?
So chilled and bleak and void of love.

Collapsed and sunken are his eyes,
Dark and deep as the onyx skies.
As the Moon shies from the sun,       
I share no love with anyone.

The Moon is alone, without affection.
In its grim face is my reflection.
Inside my heart, the longing grows,
And rots my soul, a sickly rose.

While I look beyond this cage,
I clench my fists; they shake with rage.
I desperately stare above,
Wishing to fly, free as a dove;
For release from the troubled heart I claim,
To be finally rid of the madness and shame.
Although reprieve is found in song,
To no one does my soul belong.
In music, may the pleas be spoken,
But all in vain; the heart is broken.
The Sphere returns, begins to sigh.
We are not so different, You and I.
So twisted and fractured is the White Stone.
We both have no one; We are both all alone.

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Rose and Rose Marie

‘Twas on a morn’ in early spring
When I met Rose Marie
In a garden
Where she sat - upon a bench
Beneath a willow tree

Where - with a glance
My heart was stabbed
With pangs of jealousy 
For it was  - very plain to see
She was - by far - more beautiful than me

She spoke -  with colored words - like rainbows
Spun with  threads of gold 
As she described the man she loved
With all her heart and soul

She told me - of his beauty
Raven hair and eyes of green 
And as she talked  - he appeared -  before me
As in a  -  living dream

She told me - how she met him
On the Shore of Evermore
There in the fields - above the cliffs
Amid the mist - an ocean roar

She told me how -  with their first kiss
He carried her away
As he poured his love - into her soul
There - so high above - that wind-swept bay
With Heaven  - but a breath away

Her words - like magic - in that moment
Cast a  spell on me
For I too now - had fallen - so deeply - in love
With Cannon Lee

I longed to feel his breath 
His lips upon my velvet skin
I longed to quench - the lustful thoughts
That now  burned  - so deep within

So - when Rose Marie - stood up to leave
And turned her back on me
I dug my thorns into her wrist
And  sealed - my evil deed

My jealousy - now turned to poison
Ran quickly through her veins
And as she tried - to pry me loose
I clawed her - once again

"Tainted blood" - is what they say
Stole his love away
And that is how - I came to be here
On these cliffs today.

So tenderly - he holds me now
And  finally kisses me
As his tears - fall on my open petals
And trickle  - down my leaves

Then - from his lips - there comes a cry
Of such despair - it cracks the sky
“ My darling - my love - my life 
Why did you have to die?”

And here so high - above these cliffs
These cliffs of ‘Evermore’
I hear her name - resounding -  above  the ocean roar
‘Rose Marie’ - ‘Rose Marie’
As he cast me  -  with a final kiss
Into the raging sea.


Author:  Elaine George
August 29th, 2009

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Rose and Rose Marie - A Re-post

‘Twas on a morn’ in early spring
When I met Rose Marie
In a garden
Where she sat - upon a bench
Beneath a willow tree

Where - with a glance
My heart was stabbed
With pangs of jealousy 
For it was  - very plain to see
She was - by far - more beautiful than me

She spoke -  with colored words - like rainbows
Spun with  threads of gold 
As she described the man she loved
With all her heart and soul

She told me - of his beauty
Raven hair and eyes of green 
And as she talked  - he appeared -  before me
As in a  -  living dream

She told me - how she met him
On the Shore of Evermore
There in the fields - above the cliffs
Amid the mist - an ocean roar

She told me how -  with their first kiss
He carried her away
As he poured his love - into her soul
There - so high above - that wind-swept bay
With Heaven  - but a breath away

Her words - like magic - in that moment
Cast a  spell on me
For I too now - had fallen - so deeply - in love
With Cannon Lee

I longed to feel his breath 
His lips upon my velvet skin
I longed to quench - the lustful thoughts
That now  burned  - so deep within

So - when Rose Marie - stood up to leave
And turned her back on me
I dug my thorns into her wrist
And  sealed - my evil deed

My jealousy - now turned to poison
Ran quickly through her veins
And as she tried - to pry me loose
I clawed her - once again

"Tainted blood" - is what they say
Stole his love away
And that is how - I came to be here
On these cliffs today.

So tenderly - he holds me now
And  finally kisses me
As his tears - fall on my open petals
And trickle  - down my leaves

Then - from his lips - there comes a cry
Of such despair - it cracks the sky
“ My darling - my love - my life 
Why did you have to die?”

And here so high - above these cliffs
These cliffs of ‘Evermore’
I hear her name - resounding -  above  the ocean roar
‘Rose Marie’ - ‘Rose Marie’
As he cast me  -  with a final kiss
Into the raging sea.

Author:  Elaine George

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Mesmerizing flutters and flourishes
gracefully blow on the wind
drifting, creeping  and crawling up and down my back door
I see you hit the  pane
slide a little to the left and kiss another
slipping together as your mass melds - swaying as one
As if on dancing on ice
Together you perform 
Quick-stepping motion
As the crowd thickens
or winds abate
Tired from your escapade together you settle
On the purest white bed
Where tomorrows warmth will warm your juices
Melting you and allowing you to slip away
almost unnoticed you make your exit

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The Safety Valve of the Heart-w

A woman in rags with beautiful skin
Rusticity seen all over looking for a job 
To her the village sky was too small to win
She wanted to soar in a city sky to probe.

Moved to the city in one-room apartment
With her husband & daughter with wishes.
After some years the life gave a good start,
But her husband was attacked by paralysis.

Lying in a broken bed numb as a wound
She shed me deforming tiles of the rooms.
A life’s funeral procession was on its round
The man who loved her tore her to pieces.
She was still a beauty, accepted another
He made her laugh till she with joy me recall 
I gave her the feelings of a summer shower
She was happy that I was at her beck and call. 

As the time passed when her beauty faded
Embellishing her neck and wrists with jewels
Used rouge, kohl and hair artfully combed
No semblance of the beauty she was, Alas!

Heard the heavy steps on stairs in the night
Leading but to the bedroom of her daughter
I ran to help, heart torn, killed him with spite
Again cure for her was my salty taste and sweat.

I'm tear, multi-faceted emotions of heart much stressed
By happiness, grief, and pain when they are in excess.

Dr. Ram Mehta

Tenth place win in:
Contest: Personify a tear sponsored by HGarvey Daniel Esquire

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if i wanted to kiss you
would you stand still
if i wanted to be with you
could we both time kill
if i held your hand
would you understand
or carress your cheek
would you be meek
if i whispered in your ear
would you hear
if i look into your eyes 
would they lie
and tell me something else
that my heart is saying
if i wanted to love you
with all my heart
would that be smart
if i made you my reason to live
would it be worth everything i give
and if i said i love you
would you hold those words above you
forsaking all others as the preacher said
being mine and to no others lead
then my heart belongs to you
remember, to no other will i be true
with this poem i make this pact 
and with my hopes i hope you act
fill in all the love that i lack
and as for doubts
we could fill up the cracks

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love's open season

There, the meadow......,
trembles my heart....
wide-open for all the
hunters of love to
....frozen, in place....
muscles tense....
trying to avoid the self-
perceived dangers even
a slight flinch
may bring........

This place was once 
a garden of rejuvination
and needed space ....
that healed all wounds, unsureness fills
the misty air, revealing 
scattered pieces of what it
is this heart has been

words, like bullets, shot 
forth from the trusted
emotion,  called love.....
piercing, burning, betraying
my heart  of the comfort
that lured me once before
to this meadow ......

A trophy, for an insecure
hunter with no passion of
his hunt?...not .this heart , it shall
return when the timing
feels right...and the clover
does not taste
quite so

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To The Fall

It is raining leafs'
They are pouring down
If you half listen
They barely make a sound..
The birds' they do sing,
They doth' fly south
The tinny tinkling
Taste of morning dew
Is so prevalent...
I can taste it in my mouth

Gary Fields

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And Nature Spoke to Me

I pulled my aching body
Outside to get Vitamin D
The beauty of my back yard
Filled me with jubilee

And as I turned up my face
To soak up each golden ray
I heard strange sweet voices
That added joy to my day

And the sun spoke to me
As he blazed down from the sky…
“Like me you must be strong
And warm those who pass by”

And the wind spoke to me
As it played with my hair…
“Like the Holy Spirit of God
I’m here and everywhere.”

And the birds spoke to me
With their blissful little tweets…
“Open your heart to friends
They will give you many treats”

And the blossoms spoke to me
In fuchsia garments of spring…
“See the thorns by our sides?
Be prepared for all life brings.”

And the grass spoke to me
As it lay yellow on the ground
“Let love water your soul
So new life in you may be found.”

And the sky spoke to me
In azure tones of love…
“I’m endless as you can see
Free to fly is the peace dove.”

And the clouds spoke to me
As they sailed up in the sky…
“Let the worries that you have
Like us just drift on by”

And the pine trees spoke to me
As their scent filled the air…
“Stand tall like us and know
Gods help is always there.”

Today, all nature spoke to me
In a mother’s tone so kind
My heart heard every word
And I found my peace of mind.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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A Painting


Creating and recreating
Shapes of desire
A cunning way to rest
My tired brain, painting
Coloured to aspire
A curve to be hugged
A corner to be embraced.

Murmuring song of
 Past remembrance
Mind ravaged in situ.
Energising the hand
To ask for spirit’s favour
Setting up an arrangement
To trap myself aflame
Within a creative frame.

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Music Child

I hear the music calling me
From the smooth and shiny rows of keys
The ebony and ivory
And all the melodies between
‘Come!’ it says, ‘And play a song
Upon your fingertips I’ll canter along.
Befriend the scales—arpeggios
Follow the tune wherever it goes
Let your heart become the notes
Let your soul become the pitch
Let your life become the piece
Together we shall play.’

I hear the music calling me
From brazen gold and silver strings
Between burnished frets I have seen
The beginnings of a reverie
‘Come!’ it says ‘And pick a poesy,
Fast and furious, young and rosy.
Strum my chords, tickled with rhythm
Call and coax the magic within them
Let your mind roam free and far
Let your voice capture the stars
Let your soul be one with mine
Together we shall play.’

I hear the music calling me
From silver, circular woodwind keys
The trilled and tranquil fairy fifes
Will slice the silence like a knife
‘Come!’ it says, ‘And toot a tune
And learn the lore of lustrous flutes.
Dance upon the bars and staffs
Our mystery within your grasp
Know the sharps, the flats, crescendos
Staccatos and diminuendos
Since your birth you’ve known it’s so
This is knowledge you should know
Lay your life upon these keys
Tune your heart to match my beat
Sing and dance your destiny
Together we shall play.’

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My Avocado

My fruit from the tree of love/ 
Branches of sweetness with no bravado our future’s fragrance is bravo/ 
I have no words without your rubbery skin and smooth lips/ 
I dished up smiles before your visit with no limits/ 
Though you grew in the woods/ 

Allow me to welcome you in my hood/
Life is drying up and dying rough/
Hunters peel any moving dressed up skins it’s no bluff/  
Ship from your town to my township and that’s a tip/
Your fleshy vivid body sparkles predictable smiles and love from a distance trip/ 

Your body I would climb if you let me/ 
Your brunches I would massage if you let me/ 
I dream to seed your womb with vigorous multiple fruits till eternity/ 
I dream to rescue you from discarded cuddles and refrigerators/ 
Your cold days will be warm in my arms/ 

My avocado this is my shameless affectionate avow/
My heart holds no snakes, monkeys, scratchy cats, lizards or mythical wizards/ 
My tongue your shower/ 
My lips your perfume/ 
Your tears I will screen clean till they’re embittered no more/
And that’s a promise with a sexy salad/

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Trip and fall

I tripped and fell in love/
She set my mind on high heels/
I could not walk her voltage love/
I tripped and fell in love/
Malicious care collapsed before her face/
She skydived my soul in questions/


I tripped and fell in love/
Non liquid love attacked my solid blushes   
Infatuation sent my love to the ground
Dimensions in smiles 
The concrete surface of my love
I tripped and fell in love
The ground i kissed
She borrowed me her hips
To land on 
She's my sponge 
Duplicating tons and tons of keys to her heart 
I did

She saw my heart 
Her tears dimpled my earth 
Beats building safety and silent screams
No you hang up kind of warranty 
Empty pockets saved by the moon for candle lights
Elbows bruised
Kilimanjaro hips i longed to climb
I tripped and fell in love
Veins escaping blood
Searching for get away context
The bond between grew 

Our hugs planted roots 
Legs intertwined stinking undividable romance 
No perfume can kill our love stench
My master woke up 
I tripped and fell in love
This is no love idea
But reality at its own feet
Walking my dreams and longings
This home i build 

The joints between my thighs and legs pushed me down 
One knee
Sexy imaginations started placing reflecting romantic proposals
In one knee

Awesome beats came in heart beats 
Propositions made its way to love streets
Awesome beats came in heart beats 
Eliminate rats around the love street
Awesome beats came in heart beats 
Less cops safe for us in love Street
The comedy ruled we thought we still kids

My breath urinated joy
Conversations came in multiple smokes
Smiles flew in speed of cats 
Time delay enjoyable split seconds  
The sky became our mirror 
I tripped and fell in love

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The Transformation of Word

Letters turn into words.....While words turn into understanding with meaning,some 
you've never heard....
Sentences turn into stories....As stories fill our hearts and mind...slowly...
 seducing thoughts letter by letter, word by word, line by line...
Words floating around in my head it's like they just won't quit...
I find meaning in everything,  from the very first letter that any word has in it....
So for me writing is like my souls transformation into words... 
Into a personal sense of freedom and levels of self expression in ways yet to be 
It's so beautiful to me...That when I open my eyes I am able to see....
That life forms all type of letters into words into sentences into stories into my mind 
into my being into my heart into me...    
Chapters of love, pain, passion, lose ,success,pleasure, deceit, and envy....
The effects are astonishing and I've been blessed to see, The world's soul 
transformed into words into life into POETRY....

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Sister Seasons

Sunshine-blonde with sapphire eyes,
Cheeks tinged pink by bold sunrise.  
She smiles at noon to light the sky, 
Nudging clouds with gentle sighs.
She wears a gown of mossy lace
With blooming buttons, neatly spaced.   
With ocean heart and river veins,
She seldom cries - she dislikes rain.  
Fire-red locks with rose gold eyes
Bright with flecks of fireflies.
She pulls a veil of thunder clouds
Across the sky - a purple shroud.
She wears a robe of flaming beads,
A golden crown of rainbow leaves.
With full moon heart and molten veins,   
She weeps at will - she enjoys rain. 
Raven mane with silver eyes,
Soft skin pale as milky skies.
She exhales gusts of icy wind;  
Her breath leaves frost on everything.  
She wears a cloak of northern lights
With sunburst jewels carved from ice. 
With clouded heart and frozen veins,
She cannot cry - she freezes rain.
Amber curls with emerald eyes -
A fickle pair that floods and dries. 
She melts away the ice and snow
And resurrects the sun's warm glow.
She wears a cape of tangled stems,
Of gauzy vines and rosebud gems.  
With honey heart and nectar veins,
She loves to cry - she lives for rain. 

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Slam The Slammer

Just to touch the untouchable touches of reality’s toughest fingers prints 
Touching the untouchable weakness in multiple personal splashes 
The year has been a nightmare with no blankets
Birds get shot down with no mercy mistaken for nightmares
Rulers of rules hidden in hells’ only passage
Smelling power armpits
Coordinators of exposed blood suckers in gallons
Chaos now rule confusions

Slam you slam the slammers

The holder of telephonic microphones for decades
I am your seed nevertheless you hardly eat my healthy streams 
Can i slam your slams slamming all forgotten slams

The chimney in my neck is about to explode dark smoke
The only soap washing illegal sniffer dogs 
Nostrils that sniff private conversations
Wrap it and send it to majority of non-gifted slammers planting fast paced maturity
Drag the slam down your throat like murdered lyrics choked on purity 

The sickest abandoned words spraying choir practice effects 
Lyrical birds slam pages flipping wings waving brave slammers
Sheltered in the nest of fame chasers 
Apologies packed in jeans 
Truth compete on fashion parades

Lies are rated the greatest fashion ever designed
Models dress in scams and sexy metaphors spitting rudeness by force
Conscious is tattooed and spared for black days
Spoken word my shampoo
The only soap cleaning dirty secrets 
Life’s only barefooted spoken words typing injured bangs

Reports glorify honesty 
Speaking prophecy prophesy corrections of spoken slams  


The road rage winner awarded for speeding corrections 
Just to trace the untraceable touches of reality’s complicated fingers prints 
Moving the untouchable weakness in multiple personal splashes 
A drop of a burning smile heals a heart broken angel
I salute as you slam doors on spoken corrections                                                                                           
(c) Ray

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Contempt of ability in it-self
    Is that which is
Of its' own creation
    And is a consort
Which requires' conciliation
      ...  From God,
My inhibited nature does' wane 
   And in thus, further my Heart
And there are so many reasons'
     Why that I should pray
Fore I do sing the repartition
     Of shame
Deep in my own Heart
Things' will still remain
Just the same...
Fore it has been that way
From the very start

Gary Fields

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The butterfly went to a party last night all through the evening. It was the drunken butterfly and he saw all different butterflies through the night at the party. Both of them were drunk in front of the butterfly that evening. He woke up the next morning and he didn't remember who gave him drinks. It was different butterflies passing for everyone at the party. His friend found out that there was another butterfly drunk that evening. After that night, one was over and he began to face it with. One of the drunk butterfly at that evening. When he went up to all the butterfly were drunk at the party. Then that night, he went home to get straight from that night all day. Then he looked back to the party to find out who gave him drinks that evening.

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I'm sorry

We've been weighing on my mind.
I'm sorry for my conflicting ways.
I have many layers to my emotions,
some I choose to listen to which end up betraying me.

I was disheveled, when you walked into
my story when things were extremely stormy.

The smile & laugh, which had quit eluded me, 
came floating back within me.

It made me smile to know someone could still bring them back
to me.

That maze of which we spoke, 
has many winding ways.

Way which lead to many places,
which most people do not stay.

Somehow though, I don't know why,
there is no spark within me.

We do, however, have a key,
the key to smiles & laughter.

After we began to talk I could see how you began to shine.
The many smiles, in that small time, should not become history,
for our friendship could be something great, but now is rather grey.

I understand if you decide 
to leave our laughs and friendship behind.

Just do not leave me in the dark, to try and solve the mystery.

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I Miss You

I've relinquished thee,
Set thee alight with torture,
For thee know not my decree,
And I left thee to the rodents of nature. 

I fancied a dream once;
I had thee sprung in winter,
Had thee fruit in abundance,
And sought life with love so richer.

My heart went grey of love,
I nested a heart of a nomad,
I left thee with no roof above,
Winter, summer reign in command.

I have returned again,
I will prune and water thee,
Rebuild and better all the pain,
For I had relinquished thee.

I Miss You.

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Under a Watchful Sky

A weary sky settles low on a bed of soft sand, eyes closing, and drifts in dreams of agile hands – hands birthed from crystal clouds, rising and falling like a breath calling, haunting from the ages, beating aloud like the pulse of man’s muse – sculpting, painting, inventing an artist’s sanctuary. A sparkling sky witnesses, with eyes wide, beauty and imagination birthed from inspired minds, and wakes from dreams of agile hands creating an original portrait, a unique expression. With a wink from the eccentric and offbeat clouds, a communal museum, comes to life - a labor of love shrouded by sky on a bed of soft sand. for Roy Jerden's East Jesus Poetry Contest, 12/15/14

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The Artist

They call him the artist.
People think he is crazy making up beautiful stories of life.
He takes pictures and draws reality and tells exactly what it is.
He speaks and we get truth from the love of his words.
He always has a way of timing just the right moment to click.
He loves the rush of surviving the risk and winning the statues.
The young can’t wait for his stories which paint the photos.
He takes the mic and makes all heads move on any direction.
His lyrics in his songs will make you dance for that reason.
Take crap in and out of create a beautiful sculpture. 
Roll out industry’s fabric to fashion up everyone who seen it.
He can open up a brain and see what to mind then close w-hole.
He can get into the ring and fight seriously but look like dancing.
He can read the patterns of color and follow them to paradise.
He manipulates Chemicals wittingly for the benefit of the community.
Takes up his ride 2500miles and lands it half way around the world.
His work is recognized wherever he goes for his unique way of painting reality.
All can be artists in their own way .
Long live ART.

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His Special Ability

Experiencing many different emotions, it is shocking to my soul.  Such an intense attraction drawing me in, surprising I am complete as a whole.

Finally full and complete within, a satisfation I've never experienced before. Finally someone able to find the hidden key, the only key that can unlock my safty door.

Gratified in every way possible, he has broken through the barrier I've been hiding behind for years.  Complete in life and in love, finally able to let go of all my fears.

With a smile on my face and happiness in my heart, my dream has come true.  He is my definition of perfect, from day one, my heart and head just knew.

He leads me through many exciting adventures, packed full of pleasant surprises.  Everyday he gives me something new, the intensity level constantly rises.

As the relationship continues, the emotions get more intense.  Surprising me every chance he gets, my suspense level balances on the fence.

It hit me like a tons of bricks, how fast I needed what he had to offer.  His eyes, his touch, his love and charm, made me a little softer.

Everyday I look forward to where this will lead, but I am excited as a couple what we have become.  Enjoying every moment as it's our very first, my heart constantly beats like a drum.

We have been through many trials and tribulations, with every memory I keep on replay.  DeShane, you are the one meant for me, in my mind, in my heart and in my soul, is where I want you to stay!

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My Gold Dream

My gold dream,
So out competing it's.
Sighted by a crowd.
Embraced by few.
Outrank on screen it's.
I love journalism!

Adventurous it's.
Sounds of rockets in netherworld,
Not about to transfix a journalist,
But only sought-after,
I love journalism!

It's a dream in me,
A dream of gold and my cheese!
I want to fit in the press shoes,
Now I got to write, report and broadcast.
Journalism don't gravity me!

All Rights Reserved

© T.m.T scripts 

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I, Artist

Soft spring winds, or a harsh winter's freeze we all write in our version of simplicity an artist makes passionate love to his canvas a musician strikes cords in longing hearts With this moment of our very being we give birth to what is hiding the mixture of people and their dreams with an artist's heart we see them clearly Every minute of every single day one cries look at me, see who I am, create my destiny through eyes that see in every color, we dare to dream giving birth to that part of our personality Our thoughts are alive, begging for sweet release no one understands who we are, or all those who live inside but an artist's soul can be bestowed in imagery some of us kill them, stab them with our quill, or brush Some make love to them for extended lengths of time as creating a bust out of clay, removing the hate we add, we take away, but in the end it breathes and each of us knows of that work, we call a dear friend We go where no feet dare to tread, our very souls bleed the parts that are kind, evil, sexy, smart, ignorant, or unheard of this is the stuff life is made of to us the many personalities that live within delivered by the artists who dare to dream the UN thought of...

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Most of the day,
Alone on this wall we stay;
When the doors open wide
Shy colleagues ,behind curtains hide;
On view for all for free  see
Our lives, on show for all to see;
On the seat ,over there,they sit
Often bored,only their kids will admit;
Silence is the rule in our home,
Our photos and bios well catalogued;
Up close into my face they peer
Often my expression can bring a tear;
Yes,admiration we do adore,
Silent hedonism,can be a bore;
At night with the alarm turned on
Some of us burst into song;
We long for freedom,to be alone,
In a family,not on our own

Listen to me read this poem on youtube under the name ichthyschiro

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Birth of a Poet

The animals know better than us. The rain has never poured so loudly in a key so soft.
To the front, the sailing of city buses and mini vans cruising across in this weather makes the water underneath their tires sound like the street is crying out for 5 more minutes of sleep. Up above, the trees are protecting a nest of baby blue jays before they get washed away by the silence of their mother not being there. But with sky blue young spirits, and small empty stomachs, they keep hope alive in the fact that even children know storms and struggles don’t last forever.
Below the trees, nature has found a name to call it’s own. From the hole dug by the little boy next door, a family of three foxes have named human nature sanctuary, and burrowed their problems into the sediment to rest for a while.
To the side of the hole, a flock of ducks are swimming in the water with eyes open wide enough to where you can see their loyalty to love one another rushes wild.
To the right of the pond, caged up in a man made blanket, and lost in his own mind, is the boy. From what he remembers, last night was like a train accident; A head on collision of two people he could’ve sworn he saw holding hands just the other day. He hears the sound of plates shattering in C-minor, and the chorus of words that his parents screamed in F-sharp, so he imprisoned himself in his own bed sheets, accompanied by the courageous corduroy bear who he swears keeps hearing whisper “everything will be okay.”
It’s raining outside, and the crescendos of screams have been silenced by it’s peaceful security.
The boy, sleeps soundly now. The rain has protected his ears, and guarded his heart from being washed away by all of his nightmares.
He doesn’t care whether he wakes up. The baby blue jay, the resourceful fox and the brave little duck are all he wants to keep dreaming about.
Maybe he’ll run away into the rain? Or maybe into the arms if his mother?, whom he prays he can still recognize. To the left of his bed, he picked up the blank page of his coloring book and a crayon, and became a life long poet in that moment that morning. Taking a deep breath in, and giving a soft breath out, his first sentence was
“The animals know better than us.”

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~~~~~~~~~~~ "Sky's eyebrows white on blue juxtaposed... tears wave to wash away pain on cue" ~~~~~~~~ ~JSLambert © 2012 Poet TreeZ Publishing

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The words in my head

The words in my head are beautiful.
They are dancing cheek to cheek
with Southern legato or London staccato
with Chinese tunes and Xhosa clicks,
with native Dutch, straight from the heart. 

The words in my head are reluctant
to stand in line. They like
to dance and play. They like
to echo inside the skull, infinite
Ping-Pong straight from the heart.

The words in my head come alive,
naked at the stroke of a key.
Ribbons of  red and green show
who’s been good and who’s been bad.
Dots on the screen, straight from the heart.

The words in my head are ready
to face the world. I comb their hair
and clean their nose and wave goodbye
until they disappear around the bend.

One day they will be back, straight to the heart

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      Note: This is a game for all seasons'... The End Game


The Lords' Arch Angel stood
      At First Base 
           As the Angels'
       Took the Field
It was just after supper
The crowd's just have had
   Their ' LAST ' Meal
Jesus was at Short Stop
Usually He takes' the Field
      Where God had gave
       Gift's of everything
Fore this was Thy Will be done
As the Angles' sang
They suddenly took the field
Their was total silence
As the Angles' began
           To Kneel
Fore at hand was a Prayer
        This PRAYER
      I could really feel
As I Looked at Home PLATE
   I thought that it must
Have been a big mistake
   Fore all over the park
      I clearly saw that 
The 'PARK' was Dark
Yet, their was light
All over the PARK
Then I could hear the
 Sound of the HARPS'
I knew that it was for
        HEAVEN'S sake
This I could tell from the Glory
      And by the Holy LIGHT
The the LORD was with us
With all of His Glory 
        And MIGHT
     ******TO BE CONTINUED******

                    Poet Author
                    Gary Fields


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Frightened; scared; worrisome, that's how I am..
Not that I am so ****ed up or too bad..
Rather I am caring so much...
Or maybe I have experienced too much..

I built up walls to protect myself...
I restricted myself to rules and regulations..
I defined and structured ways to be in control..
I followed a pattern to avoid dominion...

Maybe because of how I have grew up..
Maybe because of how the persons treated me..
Maybe because of how situations challenge me..
Maybe because of actual experience..

True, I am almost exactly like that..
Few have taken the time and effort to discover me..

Behind those smiles are hidden pains to burst..
Behind those silence are quiet tears waiting to break..
Behind those hugs are yearnings of affection.
Behind those compositions are me: myself...

Yet, I have always been hopeful...
Always holding on...
Not that of pretentions.
Nor to give good impression..

Rather, It is because of that burning faith..
It is because of that selfless love...

Didn't I laugh hard until I'm teary eyed..
Didn't I sing so much until my voice hoarse..
Didn't I eat so much that I burp..
Didn't I given so much that I'm remembered...
Didn't I still love so much that I don't expect any returns..

I lie to protect people I love..
I break rules to get closer to what I want..
I work hard to attain my dreams...
I try to be the happy me to me others happy..

I am living my life the way I know right..
I made mistakes and even failed..
but, I rejoice to acknowledge these didn't stop me..
These didn't lead me to quit..

I rise up..
I stood up..
I am still here..
God, helped me through it all..

by: olive_eloi


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Unwritten Story

A pen rests unreservedly in my lips 
Another embraced behind my ear 
A ream of paper at peace on my lap 
And ink smudges consume my fingers 
My perception beyond physicality 
Mystical enchanters in chorus 
Momentaneous fantasies in flesh 
And the artistry streams 
In a foxtrot my pen whirls 
Across the ballroom of parchment 
Virginal ink smears 
And the gala commences 
Unbeknownst of my environs 
Enveloped passionately within my illusions 
Adventures given essence 
And pressed into a colloquy 
Not infamous is my name 
Nor are my narrations published 
But a dream I live for 
And a tale to be told 

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Sweet Dreams


Why is a dream...?
So much better than
           - Reality -
Because it doe's
   The same thing
Only with low...


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Life All At Once

Too young to remember , remembering is all I can do , stories told , may different , not never knowing the truth , a scar for life , not knowing the story behind it all , feeling like a leap and a frog , alone always and forever , standing strong on my own tow feet with no support , about this time I still have tears in my eyes, hurting and weeping from all the pain thats inside, feeling abandoned at a young age, my heart filled with hurt and emotion , like a boat on a ocean , screams and fights , something that I didn't like , it never excites me , it just makes me wanna go far way , running way all the time was getting old and leaving me out in the cold with no place to go , house to house , different rules , different place , different race and different pace. Ive been through hell and back again. 7:00 , lying on the floor , stomach growling , tears falling , left alone , hurting inside , just about to cry , flooding my face , with a salty taste , forgetting my race , forgetting my struggles , going blank with no trace , comes to comfort me , I pull away , with a lot of force , not wanting to be loved by someone who hurts me the most , running away thinking its a better place more hurt occurs , not giving no one a chance , to dance in my present , but finally I give in to something special to me , he who sees the best in me , he who takes me for myself , he who loves me more than ill ever know, he that stunts but deep down he's feelings truly shows , he that I love with all my heart , he that I don't want to leave , he is something like my everything , he is so much like me , he you wouldn't understand , he is my man , I could keep going on and on forever but Ill just end it here this time....

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A Woman

      A Woman
Is a Woman
   And there-by
Unique by design
      - Fore -
She is the Arbor
        Of Man
       - And -
In the Opuses'
         Of God


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A cruel laughter

This key, how it laughs!- how it taunts!
how it shows proof of a heart to unlock.
Yet with every atempt it leaps from my grasp,
And plays a cruel game of hide and seek.
A game from which mine heart wanes.
Now i find the key..

Only to hear the cruel laughter once more.

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I need a fortuneteller

"Why isnt the phone ringing"? I keep thinking to myself.
Did he already put his heart and us, high upon a shelf?

I have'nt been gone 24 hours and I feel as though I am not missed.
My mind keeps going back to the last time we kissed.

It was gentle and sweet, filled with desire..
He put my mind in a whirlwind, and set my body on fire.

Why cant he love me? as i love him?
I wish he'd open his heart and let me in!

I don't know how long to try, or even if I should?
I don't want to think I should have gotten out while I could.

I'm already in so deep, he owns my fragile heart.
From him, i wish to never part.

Will he break this heart, will I cry endless tears?
or will we be together for many happy years?

I need a fortuneteller, a genie or a magicball
To just fill me in, tell me all.

written 1/27/1998

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You are More than a Friend!
From the first time I knew you - From the first time I met you
Your words, joy, laughter, and peace, were so factual beyond my apprehending 
Your inner man, inner beauty and placidness are always out spoken
Your friendship over the years enlighten up my soul, heart and life
Each jiffy I have an opportunity to be in your presence, talk to you, touch your hands
I often do not leave your presence the same-your tender heart often embraces my sorrows
Truly and honestly-You are More than a Friend

People say, friends come and go-For me, true friendship is forever
You have shared your mutual and frank friendship in my life 
Despite the distance, silence and absence of your physical being or presences
Your voice and words always whispers in my inner most being
 Deeds and words we shared, have built inside our subconscious as eternal memories
Although phantoms self-insecurities have kept us apart all this well, 
Just Remember that-You are More than a Friend 

Allow me to confess, acknowledge and admit-that fear and doubt 
Often hinders us to express our feelings and to share our interior gifts with people we love 
But I also highly appreciate your genuineness-your true nature and expression of love
Loving you, being by side and receiving form your deepest inner being is my utmost delight
I will always treasure and cherish our friendship-Because You are More than a Friend 

I could not find appropriate way to articulate and convey my feelings and gratitude
But rather than speaking from my heart and through this medium
From my heart-through my talent-means using everything from within
Dearest Friend, I mean everything I said-And said what I mean
Frankly and candidly-You are More than a Friend      

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Rough Cuts

Peel back my skin & you will find bone. 
Bone so white that it drarwfs the paper I scribble on now. 
Just like your my bone. 
Just like his bone. 
Just like the bones of all of those who are black, yellow, red, purple & polka dotted, 
my bones are nothing more than branches rooted deep in an idea. 
An idea of a man filled with ideas. 
Ideas which are seeds, seeds that when planted, grow when watered by heavenly droplets. 
And when the rain falls, it will wash the dirt into the gutters & we will pretend that it was never even there. 
Just like the innocent bloodshed of invisible African children. 
Bloodshed in the name of love? 
Heh, no. 
Bloodshed because men try too hard to be gods forgetting that when everyone at their feet are dead, 
the only praises left will be of the voices left remaining inside of their own heads. 
And yet we will do nothing about it, because far too many of us only believe life. 
But in order to believe life 
you must first live. 
And living only exist on a dying man's bucket list. 
So go ahead, jump out of airplanes in the name of your mother's fathers. 
Look at your girlfriend guys. 
Let her for once keep her clothes on. 
Remember that she is somebody's daughter. 
Tell that man or woman how you really feel. 
Hold the door for someone you don't even know. 
Tell somebody a secret that will let their heart grow; 
Grow so large that it burst from them as a shout of joy! 
And them let them catch fire and call it the spirit. 
What spirit you ask? I know mine. 
Not dad, but Father. 
And my heart and mind when with You, even if your spirit aint mine, that alone I find is true love. 
So go ahead. If you're a brother 
be my brother. If you're a sister be my sister. 
Cause what the world needs now is lots of smiling faces, 
Open arms, 
Very giving people 
And every single one of us putting together the pieces of the puzzle called peace. 
So peace my brothers. 
Peace my sisters. 
Tonight, let these rough cuts 
make us into love wishers. 

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Barnabas Collins

They visit me here though they think me dead They all think me a long time gone The mausoleum is quiet, with only a dark shadow Creeping upon its ancient walls, and thats of my own The heavy door seems to creek all of sudden I think Outside I hear the sounds of what seems like footsteps I open that very old secret door which leads to my rest And with a heavy heart consumed by this fire, I prepare for the kill But then, outside, there is no one, no one is there No one out there now to steal from me this time in here Outside now I catch only the furtive and dark shadows As I hear the lonesome cry of a howling wolf or hurting bird I dart quickly another look again to my ancestral and cold coffin My fateful resting place is one more time again safe No friend nor foe to release me to free me tonight from my woes And from all of my black and torturous betraying thoughts I, Barnabas Collins, I stand here in all this darkness alone As I close my weary eyes for another moment and rolling time Then again I hear the wind moaning and hear the wind weeping The dogs are howling and my wounded heart abates in the wind They're my only companions in my endless and perpectual sorrow. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2010 July 22, 2010

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Still love you

How do I stop my heart from loving you when I have already surrendered my heart 
to you. How could I retreat in falling out of love for you when I am totally hopelessly, 
madly, and devotedly in love with you. I do not know how to stop loving you 
because my heart and head are well trained to be devotedly in love with you.It is 
impossible to fall out of love from you because you are sweet and delicious as 
cookie. Please come for me. I will not stop begging you to be mine. I belong to you, 
and you belong to me, my King David.

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Peace has gone from my heart like a thief that is lie in waiting ready to emerge from 
hiding as result leaving me frightened and confused. I am paralyzed from 
uncertainty, and my mind wonders as if I am in shocked from the sudden impacted 
from being mugged by the unexpected thief. The peace of my heart is snatched 
away without a question, if I should relinquish it or not. My heart lies naked without 
the covering of tranquility. I feel so cold and scare not knowing if my present state is 
indefinite. I am vulnerable because the secure housing of my heart is gone, and 
maybe forever. The foreboding of calamity lies at the entrance, and I am panicky 
knowing what the future entails, frighten because it has not yet unfold.

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Where is my secret admirer

Who has stolen my heart, a love that cannot be extinguished. My heart is desperate 
to love him and yet he does not love me, Why? He was the one who ran after me, 
and I fell for him, and now that he no longer wants me: The world should end. How 
do I go on knowing he does not belong to me, but my heart belongs to him, which 
he does not want. I no longer see spectrum of wonderful and vibrant colors of life, 
but only black and white. Life seems meaningless everything should be become 
lifeless. I feel lost in the midst of my confused emotion - I am lost in the sea of 
unbridled love for a man I do not know, and I also do not know how to be loved by 
one. How I yearn to be hugged and kissed with so much passion that would make 
me lost in his strong arms forever. When is he going to melt my heart with his, or am 
I hoping for the impossible to be love by him.

How my heart belongs to him... where are you my secret admirer. God made me 
loved him so he should love me back, please because my heart will stop beating 
because I lost his love. Please save me Jehovah God because I am sinking in the 
sea of despair by him not showing me love, so God where is my life's buoy or better 
yet my 'secret admirer.

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Rendezvous with Thy Holy

O you naïve heart why do you crave?
For another life and claim you are brave,
Voice your limits in your path of recreation,
And let the greedy colors fade,
Less is the want of your breath my lady,
Less is the shine of your spade.

O you friendly intruder you mustn’t listen to what they say,
For know not they my dreamy dreams,
Are only puddles in the way,
In danger am I and patience erased,
When enters your supervision in my heart to play,
Less was the want of my depth my holy,
Less was the shine of my rage,

Why not then o my heart of hearts, believe?
In the darkness of my shadow,
And own a gem so rare?
Why not then hurry and leave?
In the silence of my boat,
Away from dreams beyond repair.

Tempting and inviting need not be your proposal,
Wish as you may,
I shall bathe in the darkness of your shadow or,
Sail in the silence of your boat,
But doomed I shall be if exchanged,
Your priceless gem for my dreamy dreams at your disposal.	

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Vincent's Chair 1888

I sat there all alone,
After many visitors
Have come and gone.

Then I met an artist,
Who graced me with his presence;
A peculiar man I must insist.

He asked to paint my portrait,
An offer I couldn’t protest,
So I sat there feeling irate.

Now I’m cemented in history,
Through one man’s passion for art,
Each painting a truelove story.

So, to the man with orange hair,
I’ll always value our friendship;
I am known as “Vincent’s Chair.”

Inspired by Deborah Guzzi’s 
The Chairs Tale contest and
The Painting “Vincent’s Chair” 
By Vincent Van Gogh-1888

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Love is Blind

People says loving you is a crime,
My eyes cried listening to this brutal rhyme,
because u r dearest to me every time,
And I died 1000 times listening sour words like lime.

Watching your eyes is like watching a heart touching accident,
because your single tear makes me restless 100 percent,
But these people doesn’t understood what I meant,
& I am sure one day they will definitely repent.

I can’t even think of leaving you,
Already cried so many times and tears r still due,
I told them love doesn’t see cast barrier & it’s a clue,
But they beat you because of our love and its true.

U came back again for me and my heart again cried,
Watching your scars u don’t know haw many times I died,
just to be with u several times I lied,
so now how to live with u someone has to guide.

Is it my fault that you are a monkey,
Cant I love a creature even if it is a donkey,
I just love u cause you are more  pranky.	

When u dance from one branch to another,
I open my arms as a player open for a ball to gather,
Cant we enjoy the life being together,
But these people say please don’t be with monkey forever.

In the end They say you might jump & disappear soon,
How will they climb trees because its like reaching the moon,
They said better love a donkey because he can be found in noon,
At one more thought they said better love a famous cartoon.

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The Rose and the Butterfly

Oh plump pink rose from heaven
my tiny butterfly heart dances

How humble am I in this garden of delights
just to drink in your beauty!

In your presence I sigh and sit and
watch you in this June morning..

Open your virgin bud as pink as 
the blush on an angel's cheek

Your petals as soft as the kiss of evening
how sweet your fragrance - so intoxicating..

That I find it hard to balance on this leaf
as my heart grows giddy with your scent..

More enchanting than any nectar in heaven
I bow in your presence and pray to be noticed..

So I may sit near you and feel your softness
grant me a moment to alight 

So I may lie close to you and drink
in your loveliness

Before an angry breeze
tears you apart

And carries you away from me
scattered petals crying 

Floating far far away
with no trace of your existance..

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How do I live

How do I live since the plaqued of calamity bound me like straight jacket making me 
unproductive and immobile. My heart echoing my cries and tears saturated my face 
like perspiration. I am sinking in the sea of despair and where is my buoy. How can I 
rescue my self from drowning in the ocean of misery. My body emerges in the body 
of water, but my head float on top - giving me hope that I might not drown at all.  
But, fear has paralyzed me from swimming; thus, I am stagnant. How do I swim to 
shore to success when I am immobilized from terror. How do I save my self when my 
extremities are lifeless... but the desire in my heart to be rescued is strong. But who 
is going to save me from drowning, is it me or someone else?

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A Bee Sting

In the catacomb of love
Honey makes' the Bees' sting
Feelings' fit nothing like
But there is nothing like
  Trouble sleeping in
The Catacomb of Love
When my Heart dare not
Flutter at the sound of love
Buzzing around my ears'
And Thy Heart thus sing'
In a infinite algorithms'
Oh, Who is to say,
What could
      There be
A sympathy filled
With Harmony


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Physically free, but most of us are still mentally incapacitated
 We all cheer on 21 March
No chains on our arms – no shackles on our ankles
Independence a pre-conceived idea of freedom
To fight for the true cause-for the causers are the true enemies
Physically free, but now questioning the mental status and spiritual levels
Never mind, let us all cheer and shout – freedom!!!
What about us! 

Time to look back and merry collectively
Yet success and awards are individual
Only boobs will sit idly and blame the government
Desensitizing, Demolition Dependent mind sets
Cause Communion with slave masters lead to neo-colonization
Failure to conceive this hidden agenda, it will cause a man to stubble
What about us!

The born free nothing is for free
Doomed condemned juveniles
Demanding privileges for their pre-requisite failure
Excuses escorting many country and women to their graves
Blood dripping like a virgin giving up her innocence for the man she loves
So that you and me could enjoy the fruit of his/her blood-freedom
Self-sacrifice was and still is the price for freedom
Forefathers and mothers blood was shade for freedom
What about us!

We are the people; we are the government – time to take reasonability
What about us!

Anthony Ngabwe
(Tony The Poet@2014)

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Broken heart

My heart is filled with so much sorrow. It is aching from disappointments, betrayals, 
deceptions, and lies. How can I stop it from hurting from crying, and from screaming 
in pain. My heart is no longer whole, but in fragments. How could I start mending 
you when I need you to cope. Where do I start from to make you whole again, and 
how do I protect you from further crumbling in pieces. Even though my heart is filled 
with pain, I never stop lovingl How could my broken heart keeping loving, keep 
hoping and keep praying just to be rescued,and there is no rescuer insight. Where 
do I start to go to be mended. Pain has invaded my heart and squeeze out every 
desirable feelings, leaving me cripple in agony. My heart is crippled in pain. I no 
longer know how to be loved because pain has seized my heart.

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Life is not complicated

                                       Softer than snow flurries
                                       Slicker than cigarette smoke
                                       Sizzling than bouncy bubbles in an open soda can
                                       Ticklish like a patient soul after a rouch day
                                        Sweeter like a loving tongue 
                                        Curious like a dog's muzzle sniffing and living
                                        Foggy like a neglected sleep
                                        Love like cold and grey
                                        Introverted like a deck of cards
Playdough like mud, like words in poetry, like soles and souls of poetry.

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Love this hate that

music is more than an obsession its magic
no room in my heart for another thing
Why does the devil talk to me and i listen to it
feel like i gave myself away a conscript
who wont listen to his parents
a young rebel not caring
but i don't have a selfish center im always sharing
so let me give this back to you what you gave to me world
so much blood hate anger 2 vipers inter twineing and twirling
the black depths of my mind is swirling 
the passion i used to have is running low so follow me
No remorse im nothing more than a modern day force
evil sittin on my horse swinging my sword twords
your vocal cords as my hordes of minions claim im insane
as they dancein short shorts take a bat to your porsche
stomp down all your fortes join me im no demon
im just a evil genius alwase scheming about reaping
anyone stupid enough to close there eyes for sleeping
im fiending on feeding you to my inner beast whos dreaming
Of a day i wake up without screaming

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I live in a world of musical chairs,
Where I’m always the one left standing,
When the music stops,
And the confusion starts,
I’m the only one without a chair

I walk with a terminal illness,
This is, always being wrong,
When the truth comes out,
And the lies come in,
I’m the only one lying down.

I burn with an undying flame,
Wanting to be a great person in life,
When my mind says yes,
And my heart says no,
I’m the one left failing in life.

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A Broken Heart

My heart still love him, my oppressor. Is it because of self-preservation why I love 
him? Or Is it because I truly love him? I believe the latter is so, because I do not love 
him of my own accord - God made me love him... the unlovable. But he does not love 
me, even though, he ran after me. Why all that effort? I do not know. All I know he 
is no longer chasing me; therefore, he stop loving me. Hence, my heart is broken.

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Don't Be Such A Twitt

I have an message and this in not a kidder, I now have a sight on TWITTER; I am staying here but, I would appreciate it if all of my poet friend's would lend me their support and just hummor me their....Your friend in the pen/G.FIELDS

Twitter: @GaryFields3
Facebook: wildthangmonkey131

Consider Twitter

For so long
I have heard about
Such an proposition
And that is my mission
To spread that Poetry
Far and wide
That is because
That is my intention
The people of Poetry Soup
Shower's me with pride
To say the least
Ye shall alway's be my guide
I need all of thee
Daily comment's fore they
Are unique
The kind of response
That I would like to keep
I will be there for
DR. RAM, The Sweet Heart too
And the Destroyer XX
Who know's what's next
Hope she stay's on my back
And not cut me no slack
Nothing sexual of course
Her sentiment's are exact
Hell, all I need is a spell-check
Or to speak of CAROL'
She's sharp as an arrow
Sharp as a tack
With the nack
 For poetry
She could give you
An heart attack
This is not good bye
So, don't you fret
But, do follow me there
Fore {Poetry Soup} 
Is not finish with me yet


Your friend in the pen/G.FIELDS     KISS>kiss>kiss-up!

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The Pride Of The Pen

Inanimate as I am
With my blood I irrigate Leaves
And leave indellible
Traces of time and brains
Under the breath of literary colours

Breathless though I am
To abstracts, I give soul

I have trod horror paths
I have witnessed the ugly boast of crime
In heights and in depths
I have seen the reality of fiction
And the strength of imagination, I have felt

Entreat me and trail the trace of my life-blood
And let me in black and white enlighten you

Let me in bold print, thrill you
Of romance - the fondliest
Of chest - the deadliest
Of whisper, of truth, of love, of nothingness
But something the pen-man told me!
To be bold, firm, yet tactful
Although, he it is that compels me
To provocations and incitements
Although he, never I, that is acquitted
Of libel, of sedition, of insurrection
As he is the revered and the vaunted
Hence, of the laws I give soul to
I am immune to, because
Inanimate I am

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A Broken Glass

My heart is so dark
with nothing to forget
i'm lonely as a stone should be
still with no sound to call my
to be breaking a beautiful wing
to have the sadness of me 
No No will i 'll be that lost
the feeling is to deep
with no tears to hold back
just me to fix the pieces of a broken glass

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let me go

 I am not what my shell shows thee
I wish no harm but since early years
My fate was known to me
To humbled and loving to little fear

So now that I have ran and tried
no knowledge read but message known
My individual false soul has died
And now only now verses were shown

So to get the truth of one in all
The test I found is simple
And will free me of this call
Just make false prediction and fall

So my predictions in the name of true wisdom
Is my words have been read and stay questioned
The media will seek the face of the vessel
To discredit the word by world message

So if I'm not ever found
Sought for bold words
That I hand out to all without sound
If I'm not killed by self-righteous swords
Then saved am I but a prophet no more

I hold a understanding of religion
that brings reason from infraction
I speak my heart but write my wisdom
Lost in my self is a common reaction

I show only love and harm only me
This part died at age of 33
If we bring or fate into reality
is the word to be spoken by a white
man of humble upbringing.

Seek me not my pain you should not see
The truth of gods and planets
And all other false followed scroll of he
Is based on insecure men and vanity

Please I beg to be challenged
Prove me wrong by any means
Words are not mine but come from me
I wish no credit rather world spirituality
Scrutinize and crucify my energy
But it has been done
Died the shell but rose the one

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My new love

You have captured my heart with your love, with your promises, with your deeds. I 
have surrendered to charm and embalm in your principles. You have made me glow 
brighter than a summer sun thus making me warm from the rays of your 
compassion, and you have intoxicated me with your sweet words. I am  now captive 
in your laws, and I shall remain a prisoner. You have comfort me in distress, and 
make my heart rejoice when I am in sorrow. How could I give you up when you have 
satisfied my needs. You never force me to love you nor serve you. You have only 
shown me the way. How could I leave such security for empty promises when you 
have proven you loyalty by remaining by my side; you have demonstrated your love  
by making me,  and you have promised me a paradise for my home. How could I give 
my heart to someone else when it has already have been given to you, my sweet 
love Jehovah.

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I need love

What I need most in my life is love. 'cos I am malnourished of affection. My heart is 
starving of nourishment for  tender loving care. I yearn for genuine unconditional 
love. A love that will be loving most of the time. A love that will be understanding 
majority of the time. A love that will give abundant of love frequently. I need love 
because it is food for the heart and head and without it, I will starve;hence, dead.

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Oh rain! why do you fall today? you disturb me and the kids at play. But i like when you fall, for the music you play. Green too is happy, when it feels you come. Many sometimes are scared, for the light and sound you make. When it gets too sunny, we call upon the rain. When it gets too rainy, some places are in pain. Rain, rain, rain, it is your season again.

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To walk alone

To walk alone without  a friend or a foe is to live a life alone. How do I achieve such 
task which is impossible when human do exist. Do I look through them as a picture 
window or transparent object. To walk alone is to be a woman on an island without 
a soul. How do I achieve the impossible when my heart is desperate to walk solo. 
Can I irradiate humans just to achieve my desire or do I give avert eyes as human beings pass me by. To walk alone, where there are so many homospiens where ever I go  is to look but not to see -  therefore, I will and must walk alone with my heart and eyes close.

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Loving you

My heart yearns to recapture what I have once had, a love that was once fresh and 
grand for a man who I could not see but sense. An everlasting hunger for him only 
he could satisfy, but he did not. All we had was a telepathic connection, a 
connection that almost drove me mad. However, he rejected me ; thus, my head and 
heart forgotten him, therefore, he no longer exist; consequently, rescuing me. Now, 
he is back and wants me. I do not surrender nor do I resist my love and passion for 
him. My love is stewing like molten lavas waiting to erupt. Only a matter of time, my 
love would abundantly overflows, thus surrendering , once again, my heart and 
head to him.

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Writer's Block

Writers block” repeats in my throbbing mind

My thoughts are mangled and intertwined

From my pain that is suppressed

Stems creativity waiting to be expressed

I feel the need to be resilient

My desire to be heard is brilliant

There are many thoughts I wish to declare

My inner reflection is ready to share

What will become of this is unclear

But I feel brave, I have no fear

I have many words I wish to convey

I tickle the page with my word play

In this place, I feel complete

It is here that I find my heart beat

Pen in hand, I find my escape

Pen in hand, the words start to take shape

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Good bye mother

All through the years my heart was yearning for you to return to me, so that, we 
could be together again. Because you were untimely snatched away, my dreams  
and desires never became. Eventhough, I have known that you and I will never be 
reunited, my heart is still desperate for you. So through out the years, I have been 
seeking for a recarnation of you, a mother substitute. But you are unique dearest 
mother, no one can fill this desire that still remains in my heart. A heart that is 
longing to be mothered by someone just like you. However, I did not find you since 
you are lost forever because death has stolen you. So, good-bye mother, even 
though my heart is longing for you but I cease from seeking a mother substitute.

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Carpe Diem

Dropped to my knees
I’d fled their cell
of murmured spite
Among the trees
Emotions fell
From dizzying hights

The soft wind kissed
Tears off of my cheeks
Made puppets of leaves
On stages of mist
And cloudy peaks
I stole back my heart  from thieves

To you wide windy world
My heart belongs
None could my skin so gently trace
Nor sing such sweet songs,
As you, and you so softly me enfurled
Yet where are you for my embrace? 

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In Times Of Uncertainty

In Times OF Uncertainty

We live for self amidst the greed
In timeless thought provoked take heed
Swift viable remorse on record
In times of uncertainty
Don't trust something you don't understand
Through a heavy edge proned in trust
With a temperment in a midas touch
From a word spoken in the dark
Has now come to the fullest of light
In given moments of happiness to endless fright
Forget the night!

With no given since of remorse nor shoulder to cry;

Among the evil creatures at night will fly
The times of uncertainty suddenly go by
Although we at times wander as in a nomadic tribe
Yet we will persist through the pain to thank God I'm alive!

Since all the fools sail away
It pays to take pride in homage gain
To humbly bow the knee to pray
Then with these promises we chose to fade away
From the things we shared in promises
The times of uncertainty away in dire need
While the world outside having viscous fangs that bleed
Dripping blood off side to hide;
We really have no reason to run away & hide

The times of uncertainty & want

Marked on a blotted page intact
When the whole world outside is in a rage!
Giving each other a heart attack!

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Love me why

You must love me ? love me, why? as how cruel is my heart,
                 how cruel has my quest for love come to this end...
how cruel that I found my true love only to find his heart numb to my own.

And now why carry on this life knowing this to be true!
I searched forever to find that my true love really exists but how evil is this..

As my quest has taken the women out of me and replaced my being with a harsher me.
That woman I was so long ago still lives within me she just had to go!
And now I stand here before his heaven with no way of entering the future with my true 
kindred soul,

Instead I shall end up in hell with so much woe as he will never love me it is my end I 
know and that's my own sentence forever to be in graved in my heart.
That my quest to find him took me further away from his heart.

Can I change into a bird and fly away tonight unheard?
Can I sink into the ocean and become lost forever in the darkest seas?

It is never to be for some one like me , to hold his hand in mine that fits into my fingers 
in twined,
No babies shall I ever hear cry as that too has been taken from me.

And now my quest to find true love is over, my tears, my broken heart, my fears are not 
finished that is for sure,
As now I have to watch him slowly disappear forever.. into his life,
I shall cry his name into the dark night until my voice has no sound, 
As my quest to find his heart has torn me apart and now that I am so damaged and so 
filled with past hurts..

The path that I took left me this way and now my heart will never be filled by another,
As I found him too late that's my life lesson, that instead of just settling with all the 
wrong hearts and trying to make it  become what it could never be. 

Take me now and let my life in this time be forgotten,as the next life time I shall save all 
the mistakes and stupid heartaches and keep on my quest to find him before any one 
can stop me trick me into false fate.

My end is to never be with the love I have finally found but to spend the next years 
being held by the emptiness of knowing my love is alive but in his eyes I am the walking 

I wish him love, I wish him peace, I wish i had never found him at all, as the search kept 
me hopeful now I am filled with rage and despair ...... 

If I take my life will it bring me back to the start or will i live forever in this dark black 
cold space as the evil underneath is hell that is for me .. but can it be any more painful 
than my own hell I live in today and now forever more.

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You will return to me

I am longing for you to return to me to make me complete. I cannot do anything 
when you are away. I cannot live without you. My heart is echoing many cries. Tears 
saturate my face as if it is perspiration. My heart is vacant and lonely now that you 
are gone. I am beseeching you with my arms outstretched waiting for you to return in 
them. My heart is calling for you, so I know you will come back to me. I will wait 
longingly for you, father, Jehovah to return to me.

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My Wall

I’ve built a wall around my heart
A wall created with care -
A wall of brick and mortar
I built it with many tears.

The brick is mistrust,
The mortar is pain.
I’ve been broken and wounded,
I won’t love again.

How much can one heart take?
How many tears can be shed?
I built the wall to shield me
From the sorrow that I’ve had.

My life is fine.....or is it?
Sometimes I’m not too sure,
But my wall stands firm.
I’m safe inside, of this I am assured.

I only let God inside my wall,
With Him there is pure trust.
He loves me the way I am,
And to live for Him I must.

Maybe someday…I’ll let another in,
I can’t imagine why.
Maybe there is someone….
Whose love I can’t deny.

They say great love
Involves great risk.
Can I take that chance?
Can I let someone in my heart again,
And give them my last dance?

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More personification

im a demon cast away call me legion im not one im many 
ill give you brain power for every penny
 send me back into the stars coincidentally 
i claim to be friendly until you offend me scripture is my destiny  
i bring arctic darkness bitter bliss
 and heartless im missing my compassion like im partless
no one can conduct alchemy without me
run into the wind so hard inertia felt me
physically im missing pain receptors its sickology
im not a man im a machine made from evil technology
my mission is simple its to make you go missing
middle of the night you can struggle you can fight
huddle down night vision i can see you high pitch
they raise crosses like they know the lord
I sliced my human side out so i could afford
to be brutal inhuman consuming the very thought of god

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Personify this

I am a dark metaphysical being
Created by the wall of reality breaching
the malevolent Fabric of your nightmares  
I am not the boogie man no
I am the force in your mind that describes depression
I am the all mighty one who makes love falter
I am the beast who shines no light but engulfs you in the night 

If i am broken
it means once i was whole
If i am dead
it means once i was alive
If i am depressed 
It means i have once been happy

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Desert Love

I want to blow you sand kisses
I want dance with you to the rhythm of the sand dunes
I want to breathe the virgin air with you
I want listen to the clapping of the dry air with you
I want to be welcomed by the so familiar odor of warm sweat
I want our love no matter how miniscule it is
To be vast, upbeat and pure like the desert love.

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Why have you stolen my heart

You have stolen a part of me that is vital in living day by day. A part of me that you 
have extracted that I need to function as whole, you have captured. Did you trick me 
in loving you with all my heart, a heart that is already mutilated. A heart that is 
already in fragments. Why did you capture my heart with your sweet words and 
your wonderful deeds. Now  you turn your face from me, leaving me grimacing in 
pain. I still love you because I don't really now if you have trick me  in loving you or 
you genuinely loving me . In my heart, I now the latter is true, but crisis has 
surrounded me like fortress. It has distort my heart. I am hurting and I can't see any 
comfort in sight. Did you trick me Father or you testing me. I am failing because all 
my vital force has gone from me. I no longer feel the rhythm of my heart - a heart 
that is loving you,  and you are not showing me love.

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Quality TIME-Quality LIFE

Quality TIME-Quality LIFE
I say time is money
I say time is life
I say time is death
I say time is precious
I say time is meaning 
I say time is season
I say time is diamond
I say time is gold
How you use time determines the quality of life

I say how you use time measures your value
I say how you use time measures your impact 
I say how you use time measures your life quality
I say how you use time measures your family quality
I say how you use time measure your love quality
I say how you use time measure your originality
I say how you use time measure your services quality
I say how you use time measure your product’s quality 
I say how you use time measure your ministry quality
How you use time determines the quality of life

I say lack of purpose leads to mismanagement of time
I say lack of vision leads to mismanagement of time
I say lack of commitment leads to mismanagement of time
I say lack of consistence leads to mismanagement of time
I say lack of discipline leads to mismanagement of time
I say lack of integrity leads to mismanagement of time
I say lack of character leads to mismanagement of time
I say lack of Christ leads to lead mismanagement of time
How you use time determines the quality of life

The Timer is time, He controls time, Life is time, He control life
He is the first and the last-beginning and the end
He is eternity meaning time without measure-He is timeless
An Hour to Him is one year – a year to Him is an Hour
If you have the Timer, you will have all the time you need in the world

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When wolves cry to the moon

How long will I have to call out to an open sky.
Where nothing but stars and constellations pass me by.
My restless heart screaming out for a lonely companion.
Where a tormented wanderer asks nothing more than attention.

Like a wolf I howl to distant voices.
Hoping I'll be heard,hoping someone will finally help me over come this feeling of solitude.
Like the stars I comfort in the moonlight.
As she cradles my shattered heart during the lonely nights.
The cold winds would fill the empty void in my heart.
And heal my heart from all it's battle scars.

AS she gives me hope to call out to open skies.
She helps me overcome my feeling of loneliness.
As her cold kiss touches my lips.
I finally fall asleep...

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I have surrendered my heart to you because I am helplessly in love with you. A 
vulnerable heart that is desperate without you. How could I go on with my life -  a 
life that is vague and void because you are absence. I long to see, to touch, to 
smell, and to taste you-  a love with a burning desire to be enthralled by you. 
Because you have captured my heart; therefore, I have relinquished my freedom to 
be your prisoner now and always.

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Good bye my love

                    Good Bye My Love

it has been three months now
they tell me it's time to say good bye

i miss you everyday that comes 
and i look to the skies and sigh

i wonder why you had to go 
i feel it was too soon

that day you left me 
it was four hours past noon

my whole world changed that day
my heart you took with you

that something special we always had
especially the way you called me Boo

but never do you leave my memories
or my heart and mind

for the past i need now 
to leave behind so  i say Good Bye my love
forever you will be mine.

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If Only

If only my soul I had listened too
If only I took the time to truly wait
Then my heart wouldn't be in so much pain
Self inflicted, contradicted bull you spoon fed me
And I consumed it greedily
See I let you lay your hat, marking your territory, making this here home
Even though it was temporary
For you had another who you showered your love upon
Me, I was that itch you continently scratched, that door you slightly kept open, cracked
that light you kept dimmed, that one you wiped your feet on
Doormat, lover, friend
I was the other woman and didn't even know it
Seven years thinking I was the only one
My mind tried telling me but I played blind refusing to see
Now I see in techno-color and I’m not liking stepping out from behind those rose colored 
My behind is tragic
See I know what should have been done but I was just so lonely
So I took up with a known bum
Thinking I could change him
Only he changed me and not for the better
I became quiet and reclusive, never laughing, never smiling
Going to work rushing home cuz I knew he was going to call
I had to hear his voice no matter how harsh, making excuses for being late
Lying, saying I couldn't start my car
Known lie of course since I didn't even have one
But still through all his abuse
I loved him more than the truth
The truth is I was lost
That is until my heart stepped in
Refusing his continued misuse of his authority
Though never once did he hit me
No, the verbal was just as bad
Sick and tired of loving, needing, wanting this so called man
I freely fled
Before I ended up completely chaotic and mentally dead

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This fragile glass strongly stands
The glazier gave it life through breath
With simple tools and fiery ways
A work of art is now conceived

This work of art two purpose holds
Champagne inside, beauty is seen
Bubbles bursting at the brim
No end in sight, they keep arising 

One child’s touch began this fall
Who’s outcome matched a giants strength
With no beauty nor purpose holds
This broken glass aches to be whole

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A Life to Figure out

Every right a wrong, every feeling a song. Every day a night, every smile a frown, every up 
and every down. Every thought an action. Every life a death. Every truth a lie. Every who 
and why? Every laugh a cry. Every person a soul. Every possitive a neggative. Every vision a 
sound. Talking when no one's around, speaking without a sound. Living without advice, 
trusting yourself with your life. Struggling to be me, wanting them to see. Telling myself it 
will be okay, knowing there is a way. Walking without a vision, seeing without sight, hearing 
without sound. Being alone, when everyone's around.

Fighting so hard to move on, wanting, needing, everything to go away. Wanting the way 
things were to stay. Stuck in the past, when my soul belongs in the present. The mind that 
continues to wonder, the soul that will never know. The reason that we live, the people we 
forgive. The life that we once lived, the heart we once gived. The thought of every day, the 
hope that everything will be okay. The hiking trail without a map, the thoughts without a 
gap. The love that's never gone, the hope to move on. The heart that loves too much, the 
person that's empty too the touch.

Making plans of a better life, not taking actions to put them in play. Every person and the 
power of what they say. Believing in God, knowing that he is the way. Going too slow, going 
too fast. Staying at a place you know won't last. Empty with no soul, knowledge but no one 
knows. Always going, but never gone. 

Trying not to fight with all the aggression, trying not to cry from all the deppression. 
Wanting to learn without a teacher, learning without a lesson. Asking without a question. 
The past that won't go away, history is yesterday, the future is tomorrow. Alot of sympathy, 
not enough caring. Alot of taking, not enough sharing. Alot of seeing, but no looking. Hearing 
and knowing what you heard. Choices that brought you where your at. Always running in 
place, staying in the same race. Holding on to the self conrol,holding on where there's no 
where to go. Yelling without a voice, choosing without a choice. At the beggining but can 
see the end. So much to do not enough time, too much beat, not enough rhyme. Too many 
words not enough pages. So much talent, not enough stages. Too many minutes, not 
enough hours. So much growing,but no knowing. Having to chase what your after, trying to 
smile without laughter. Finding yourself without losing everyone else.

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I Will Never Love Again

I will never love again and give my heart away 
As I have done with you my love 
Though now you've gone away. 
I will never love another as I have worshipped you 
And worked and prayed for your success 
In all you tried to do. 
I will never love again 
And let my poor heart bleed 
For even though God called you home
You're all I'll ever need.

Copyright20  © Beatrice Boyle
All rights reserved 

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Love Thou Past

Sitting on here ye porch
Reflecting on what were thee past
A terrible and horrifying future was in thou forecast
Thou hast laid a future in which we live
Thou peers say revenge is in progress
But we must see and love thou past and forgive

Blood dripping from thou ancestor’s hand
As thee work hard picking thou cotton from the land
Knees scrapped from thee hard planked board
But ye fellers still looked up in search of thou lord
Cuts and bruises on thee skin
As thou masters sits back with a grin

Don fears the curling whip
When thou master says take off them clothes boy and strip
Don females terrified by their masters lip
Once they art called in thou bedroom and asked to unzip
Hence thee hearts and souls were bruised and weary
Thou still hast to look their children in thee eyes all teary

When thou weren’t punished or art work
They would get out that string and begin to jerk
Jerking that string back and forth thee go
Thee voices of music starts to travel as the wind blow 
The ancestors started to sing and thee music just flow
Blues hast then been created and since only grows 

Ye hast been upset for years to come
But we must not forget where we are from
Our ancestors hast made it out alive
And one word we must have in us is “drive”
Drive no matter how hard the road gets
Drive no matter what them fellers say
Ye days may be filled with darkness in more then one way
But last time I checked thou sun rises each and every day

Got lots to live for yes we do
Thou ancestors shown us we can make it through
Through thou past we gain knowledge which only grew
We can no longer be called an animal that lives in the zoo
Our revenge is ever so sweet
Because through art intellect and skills is something that cant be beat
So when thou enemy call ye out of thou name stand fast
But to all ye brothers and sisters thou must love our past

© Jeremy Fennell

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Acryllic paint covers my face, arms, shoulders, and chest
It has labeled me as weirder than the rest
But I do not care what they all say
Because I express myself in this way

I was once trapped in a deep mist
But when I emerged I became a poet, a sculptor, and an artist
I write, I sculpt, and I paint over how I feel
About things that do not have to be real

All of you should be able to know
That I let my imagination flow
No words can describe what I think of
I do not think of pain, beauty, loss, or love

I mostly think of all the ways
I can express myself most days
Whether I write a poem, draw a picture,
Or sculpt something so pure

That nobody will try but cannot comprehend
All the things I want to do will never end
Because the imagination that runs in my head
Will never ever be dead

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January is the warmest month.  Her loss grips my heart,
Her  treachery  is colder than  two-faced Janus:
My  innocent  youth  feels old and  lost
As   the cold and  frost grips my  coat.

Snow Queen month:  in eye and  heart solitary 
Ice  pierces  and  everything’s a distorted way: 
The  frost ferns on the windows of my soul
Are  hostile,  cold and  cruel in  January.

January starts from  a cold  past 
And leads  to  hope of naught  but cold. 
January stops each river’s flow, but cannot withhold
My tears splashing in winter’s blast.

Lifeless heart connot fly nor soul blossom.  
My future’s  given away to her who  betrayed.
Birdless January, leafless January, heartless January  -
No  hope springing eternal  in  this year’s bosom.

.    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .

Written and entered by Sydney Peck 
In  Nette Onclaud’s  Contest   PERSONIFICATION OF JANUARY

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How to the in between.
Is to see that which is unseen,
perfection, betrayed, through
timeless tales.
This is me and how i fell to my
own tale.
My cell is myself.
my key a broken portrait,
given unto immortality's last

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Luna's loom

The Luna’s loom
… The zenith of zoom

She stands strong,
 Staring from the skies
In beauty and glamour
…Clad in a short hunting dress

Armed with an alluring bow
With a quiver full of arrows
To hunt the evil men and women
… She guides her colorful chariot  

She is the goddess of healing
 The beauty of our celestial ceiling…
~ For Luna's contest~
Sponsor: Dr. Ram Metha

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A past renewed

Upon a time once there was a heart, a soul overthrown by fear itself, he wept
His past stood up and drew his breath from his very soul, leaving him almost dead
Challenging time to preserve the love that flowed toward his path nearing ahead
Troubled times, passing heart aches dwelled in his heart where hope was reigned and kept

Breaking in all part, even his dreams feared him, he was dead inside
All was forgotten, a fake smile substituted the once joyous heart that danced and sang
He knew not of hope or ligth to cometh his way any time soon, lost was his self pride
His dreams forgotten past the history of rhyme, where it all began with a big bang

Death walked beside his shadow, they held hands and purple he became
Dark were his hours, it rained all over his soul, soaking in all the floating wrong
Yet his heart stood idly still, in some ways it was fortified and it remained strong
Dark colors overthrew his colorful way of seeing the world, his dreams were tamed

Steping out all love, he sank into depression
Seeing not in life to come, but in eternal darkness did he see an answer to his feel
A shattered spirit slapped his vile vision
The broken yet hard heart looked up and shook hands with bad luck herself, it all was real

The ocean holds many buried bones of braveary that death claimed for her joy
At the bottom of the ocean lay all the dreams and hopes forgotten
Isolation and strife truly made that heart grow rotten
It shattred and it only remained in dust, for dust we were and dust we shall be

Forgotten, only remembered in the pain that followed him, that dwelled at his everday
Falling to the deepest sleep, death herself spoke out
Yelling ugly metaphors, expressing her points to the heart that stood strong and not in doubt
His King came forth the mountains that shook at his sigth, and gave him a past renewed

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Give Way

Could I tell you that your special, and would you believe it with your own eyes

Or can you see it without a mirror, or would you get lost in your soul searching 
leaving you mesmerized

But come what may in what I call you, or what it simply seems to be

For you are very special, and it sometimes may take a life time to see

Am I saying it because of the things you do or say

Or am I just saying these words to make you feel that way

So you can give into your expectations each passing day

No your special alright, that's what I know and see

And no matter what other's may think and say

For my dear give way for they can never truly see what it is I see and why your so 
very special to me


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On The Other Hand

The crying game
The burdened tears,
That follow hearts
Life and all her
The failures 
That she counts,

On one hand
With an empathy,
She aptly calls
To play,
Amongst the 
Soulless symphonies
Whose sympathy

The wistful wit
With which 
She hints
That all has yet
To pass,
The rhythmic
Ridicule that
Only seems 
To last,

As long as we
Remain astute,
Unwilling to deny,
That those who seek
Expect a sure reply.

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Caramel,Vanilla, and Chocolate,
As sweet as sugar,
Melting when the sun touches it,
Smooth and warm,
More than a mouthful.

Glistening in the sun like  a beautiful horizon,
Looking like drops of sugar when it melts,
I enjoy kissing and touching it,
Some even love to squeeze it,
I love my Caramel, Vanilla, and Chocolate skin.

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A Taurean's Nature

When His dreams becomes visible by word expressions, then He's going to 
become Po @ It( poetic), but when His dreams becomes a reality then he is 
considered Rich @ It!!!

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Fear from the distance

Eyes glued firmly open, awake, I
Watched the time slipping quickly by
Frightened,fear touched me, softly from a distance
Was not long now, until our goodbye

Couldnt close my eyes. Couldnt fall asleep
For tomorrow would come as fast as a bomb
My body tried to prepare to be shattered into poeces
To be cold, empty and alone once again.

Morning exploded into my senses. I could not
Use any. Numb, everywhere inside and then
Evil hands forced us to seperate
Snatched away, uncapable of anything.

Pain. Emptiness.Loneliness. Felt it all.
I was not properly prepared for the fall.
Crying inside, noone to hear but you
My heart bled continously; teared into two.

My heart will always be with you. Only you
Could make everything OK.We just had to remember
And were happy for the moments we shared.
Sweet Sweet memories let me dream

Now i need you more than ever, Wearing 
You close to me, smelling, feeling your presence here
But i'll continue to exist without you here
Clinging on to your heart you left with me.

I wrote this for my wonderful Demetris,when we were in our long distance 

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She is the one , 
I want to live with forever,
and be with all the time.
With no one to be around.
But ourselves for the eternity.

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All these words I read
their power
Like a forest fire or a river wild
pure power is in their hands
These words I read
their freedom
Like a child's laughter or a sparrow flying
the world is in their hands
The words I read
hold in their hands
my ability to be free

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Most of the day,
Alone on this wall we stay;

When the doors open wide
Shy colleagues ,behind curtains hide;

On view for all to see
Our lives, on show for all to see;

On the seat ,over there,they sit
Often bored,only their kids will admit;

Silence is the rule in our home,
Our photos and bios well catalogued;

Up close into my face they peer
Often my expression can bring a tear;

Yes,admiration we do adore,
Silent hedonism,can be a bore;

At night with the alarm turned on
Some of us burst into song;

We long for freedom,to be alone,
In a family,not on our own.