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Night Music Poems | Night Poems About Music

These Night Music poems are examples of Night poems about Music. These are the best examples of Night Music poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Cricket's Song

Refrain of dreams, I gift to you. My hum lulls in rhythms deep; Night chant lifts to heavenly heights coupled with starry sky’s plume. My faithful promise kept from sight 'til fall of moon's sleepy eyes. By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, 1/15/15 for Nette's Night Creatures Contest, (Cricket #6)

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Evening Storm

I drift as storm and night duet,
a dance amidst a choir of rain.
wrung clouds strum strong and passionate
to cart away my deepest pain.
In every grand, thunderous note,
God’s loving heart beats in my soul. 
Across the darkness, lightning floats,             
to heaven skyward, I extol.    
Winds sing with love blown rhythmically     
just like sweet-sounding nightingales. 
Clear sheets of rain course through lithe trees   
bending to meet the river dale. 
Then soft comes dawn, I praise the storm
in gleam of misty earth transformed.

For Shadow's Pick A Subject Contest, 3/4/15
*Subject - Storm

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Some night you'll wake before morning
Sweatin to the oldies she will sing.
She'll make you think you're in Heaven...
Long enough to tell you ANYTHING...

And you'll believe her.

Some night you'll wake up hearing voices
Sweatin to the oldies of here life.
She'll never say you're in Heaven.
Or tell you you've been sleeping with the Devil's Wife.

She'll never tell you, you've been sleeping with the Devil's wife.

But you will KNOW.
You will know.

That's when you'll need her.
That's when you'll love her the most.
That's when you will die.
Sleeping with the Devil's wife.

That's when you will die.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa ---hear the song and First take Video on Youtube, search for vee bdosa then select SLEEPING WITH THE DEVILS WIFE. One of my personal favorites, more poetry than song.

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Night Poem

It waits...
A prickle about to lodge
In the heart of a Mighty Light

Above the low-dipped setting sun
The Knightly Night prepares to come

To lift me like a rising fog
Up to greet the countless stars -
That twinkle at a Sun's descent.

The horizon painted with lullaby
Of colours and their somber tune
Day's bed is laid behind blue mountains
And quietly it goes to sleep.

Inside the womb of a Sleeping Day
Begins a fierce protest 
of dreaming thoughts
Now stirred awake.

Then out of the thick and cluster
And whatever dangers of flight await
Newborn wings of thought emerge
And rise and rise and rise
Captured by the winds of Night -

To wander heights
To kiss the skies
To dance to the gentle humming
Of spirit drums -
Wings beating
A duet with the breeze.

So when day comes breaking through
Dawn is greeted by what was writ
At the festival of it's eve.

With merriment's ink: 
A Kiss; 
A dance; 
A song etched deep: 
Art carved out of sky.

Title: Night Poem

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Collecting the Cracks that Bleed Through My Voice.

We broke in two and it amused him that I was still counting...

I could hear the night whisper beyond his ears, the bed we lay ourselves down upon and
passion was considerate when his mind let go....

she was direct and unforgiving and I...

I could listen to the tumbling of my heart for ages and I collected music as my lips split
in half, it was only to kiss him, you see, only to allow him to know...

how I bled.

I tasted myself as the night wore on, exhausted yet hungry for his arms, I studied my own
in the afternoon, multiplied my freckles and wondered if my child would be ashamed of the
scars that decorated my skin, prayed she would never know how years could bite, so I
reached for him when the clouds became cold and I became...


as I frightened myself to death in the realization that we....

were still so alive.

The ground we walked on spoke of faults and mistakes, there were cracks in the earth yet
my hand still held his, he was clueless and I was silent but we slept well, he and I,
after passion erupted and the sky split...

when the clouds collected my music and rain sang, just to show him, how the days

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I Still go to that same park, down that same lonely street
I Still sit on that same bench, under that same tree
That one where I carved our initials, in a heart on the bark
That night when we kissed and you gave me your heart

I Still remember that night, when we thought we were alone
I Still see how you looked, when you smelled his cologne
That man passing by, holding his wifes hand
That night when we made love, right there in the sand

I Still have these memories, of holding your hand
I Still have your picture, beside my bed on the stand
That one with your tears, that I made fall from your eyes
That night when I broke your heart, and told you those lies

I still can't believe, that I made you go away
Cause I still see you in the mirror, when the sun shines it's ray
That mirror on the dresser, yes your brush is still there
That one that you'd use, each night on your long flowing hair

Oh! darling I still love you, Yes I still love you
And I know when my life's over, darling I know I still will

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The Sex Confessions

The Bed
Your Mouth
My Touch
Our Lips

It’s a fever
In the night


Desecrated and damned together
Desecrated and damned forever
One naked flesh, we’ll die together
One naked flesh, making love forever

The Flame
Your Cries
My Salt
Our Wounds

It’s a fever
In the night 


Desecrated and damned together
Desecrated and damned forever
One naked flesh, we’ll die together
One naked flesh, making love forever

The Earth
Your Rain
My Seed
Our Life

It’s a fever
In the night 


Desecrated and damned together
Desecrated and damned forever
One naked flesh, we’ll die together
One naked flesh, making love forever

Of Love

Your  Love
My Love
Our Love

It’s a fever
In the night 


Desecrated and damned together
Desecrated and damned forever
One naked flesh, we’ll die together
One naked flesh, making love forever

Details | Narrative | |

The Singer (Narrative Dialogue)

The singer looks at the now empty stage
His voice guarded deep in his warm throat
Shielded by a high neck shirt he wore
Singing with passion from down within
Rehearsing day and night until it’s right
Blended rhythms and notes run the scales
Clinging in smoky night clubs like a shadow
Getting your pay with crumbled dollar bills
Go from gig to gig if it makes you whole
Your songs will make them dance and spin
Like a magic spell being cast far and wide
Allow your words to heal wounds and scars
And when you have earned your keep
Collect the spoils from your conquest sweet
Gobbled champagne and fancy caviars
And your heart beats crashed musical chart
Find the singer who was once loved
The brilliant heart that once lived in joy
Consider yourself a singer without a heart
Who has traded his soul from the start
As it ends the conquest will lose its spark
Come to your senses and stop this slide
You may be witted and sharp as a tack
Don’t get eluded and slip—stay on track

Comments:  This is a narrative dialogue poem.  It sets the stage one may 
probably find in a conflicting situation. It develops into a complication, reaches a 
crisis then falls into a resolution.  It displays connections, alienation, 
disconnections, and a turning point where a change takes place between a 
protagonist and antagonist. The ending brings about a resolution after a 
dramatic point has been reached.  Give it a try one day, and I will give it a review 
for you.  It must be very interesting and relates to real life.

Details | Dramatic Verse | |


if your heartbeat could ponder to fathom mine what a miracle it would be

if your hand could reach out to encircle mine what a miracle it would be

if your sweet lips could sing like honeydew for my soul what a miracle it would be

if an audition could be won for a vacation cruise with you what a miracle it would be

baby, you got the goods and baby you got the looks, style, and five star plus quality!

we'd boogie on the dance floo, find our love power to score for the disco dance of our

excited hearts bounce as one night time ecstatic movements light up the disco ball up high

cause we're meant to be the miracle come true

rave reviews for us as a couple of the night on the dance floor

baby, what a miracle you and me would be entwined!

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Char- Sun On the night of the charred sun a male child is born The Indians called the harvest Moon a charred sun This became the child’s name as he grew in wisdom He was not a warrior he was born to be a healer Char sun grew into a very strong spiritual man When he was small, a white man had given him a flute He told Char sun if he learned to play it, sweet music would arise All of nature’s living things would come to sit at his feet He would sneak off into the woods for hours at a time practicing One night Char sun saw the same Moon he was born under A voice began to speak to him and a fire entered him The voice told him to play your gift will lead you His fingers flew across the flute and the music was sweet Coming from the forest were the deer, squirrels, eagles and bears The rest of the tribe heard the music and began pouring into the forest Curious about where the sweet music was coming from and why Arriving upon such as seen the chief bent down and knelt on one knee The remainder of the tribe slowly dropped one by one to their knees For Char sun has become the holy man within the tribe The animals that follow him carry the spirits of our ancestors The chief stands to his feet and declares “This night Char sun Has become our holy man called by the great king of the sky The song of their tribe began to rise, paying homage to the king Our winters will be fruitful and our land will prosper cried the chief Char son was born to guide us into the holy lands Each warrior here will follow and protect him The buffalo will run and our bellies will be full Our time of famine has been broken through the gift Of Char sun Carole Cookie Arnold Constance La France’s Contest Tell His Story

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Love To The Music

The music pumps the groove,
The music makes me move,
The music lights my heart,
The music bangs so hard,

The music makes me dance,
The music brings romance,
The music crowds the place,
And the music relates,

The music makes me wanna dance,
All night long,
The music makes me wanna dance,
And feel this song,
The music makes me wanna love you,
All night long,
(We can love)
To The Music

The music lights my soul,
The music takes control,
The music makes you love,
The music is a drug,
The rhythm of us being in love,

Chorus 2x

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Sometimes sometimes in my heart I get these thoughts,
Sometimes sometimes in my heart I get these thoughts,
That you’ve been made only for me,
That you’ve been made only for me,
Before this u were among the stars somewhere,
Before this u were among the stars somewhere,
You’ve been called down to earth only for me,
You’ve been called down to earth only for me,
Sometimes sometimes in my heart I get these thoughts,
That these arms, these shoulders are my treasures,
That these arms, these shoulders are my treasures,
This shadow of your thick beautiful hair is only for me,
These lips and your arms r my treasures,
These lips and your arms r my treasures,
Sometimes sometimes in my heart I get these thoughts,
That on the roads the music of the shahanayi is played,
That on the roads the music of the shahanayi is played,
It’s our first night and I’m lifting the veil off your face,
It’s our first night and I’m lifting the veil off your face,
You’re shrinking with shyness in my arms,
You’re shrinking with shyness in my arms,
Sometimes sometimes in my heart I get these thoughts,
Like you’re going to love me just like this all your life,
That you’re eyes shall lift up and have the same look all your life,
I know u r a stranger but the same way,
I know u r a stranger but the same way,
Sometimes sometimes in my heart I get these thoughts,
Sometimes sometimes in my heart i get these thoughts….

Details | Terzanelle | |

A Gypsy Moon

Of Roma blood, gypsy am I, black of skin and eye
fair Dooriya named for the sea which calls to me.
For tribe and violin, I live, to God alone, I cry.

The road is home and children are my destiny, 
as night descends a fires burn, I play and my man sings.
Fair Dooriya named for the sea which calls to me.

We are tinkers, tramps, thieves and wild wanderers who bring
the wheel of life, your karma's get, comes on dancing feet,
as night descends a fires burn, I play and my man sings.

"Kaska san," we say to you "Whose are you?" we greet.
Do you belong "Kas zhanes, Who do you know?" 
the wheel of life, karma's get, comes on dancing feet.
No claim hold we to earth or sky although,
we own our own with laws which often bite.
Do you belong "Kas zhanes,Who do you know?"

a crystal ball
gleams by fire light
a wolf howls

If no known answers comes there's oft a fight,  
of Roma blood, gypsy am I, black of skin and eye
and under fair or stormy skies, we will unite
for tribe and violin, I live, to God alone, I cry.

Contest: Let the Music Play On

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Moonlight Sonata

Catching moonbeams, night is the time for music.
Marvel not how beautiful echoes calm us -
sounds of midnight, Beethoven’s magnum opus,
         Moonlight Sonata.

Playing keyboard, classical music soothes me.
Subtle  movements, intricate, triple rhythm,
hypnotizing melody - nuts and bolts that
          fascinate dreamers.

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Nineteen fable

 Nineteen fable 
Nineteen fable 
MUSICK NONnude Review 
Grand Funk Railroad was a fave group of mine the best time eye ever had was in 
a house on a rug listening to this song of hard rock and rhinocerous thumps. 
Wait. FOGHAT was the best for sex but lucky mee was never a Catholic. The 
Horns blew for Chicago and there was lots of other groups to make this fable 
bleed there was the Creedence Clearwater Revival so cool so wonderful a thing. 
John Fogarty sure must have been a saint. Eye wish he had not got so mad and 
left the other members of his group. But Creedence Song became a new fave 
Daddy had a band 
Played him a little guitar 
Traveled in a van 
Livin' that rock and roll 
Night after night 
People comin' up to the bandstand 
Say you can't go wrong 
If you play a little bit of that 
Creedence song 

It was late one night 
Cruisin' on down the interstate 
Stopped into a diner 
To get him some chili and fries 
Heard the waitress tell a guy 
Standin' over by the jukebox 
Hey you can't go wrong 
If you play a little bit of that 
Creedence song 

Well daddy took a shine 
To the lil' girl behind the counter 
She movin' her hips to the swamp beat 
Right on time 
Said could he play her somethin' 
Over there on the jukebox 
She said you can't wrong 
If you play a little bit of that 
Creedence song 

Daddy had a plan 
He asked that girl to marry 
With a brand new wife 
They're livin' on rock and roll 
Night after night 
She whispers oh so sweetly 
Hey you can't go wrong 
If you play a little bit of that 
Creedence song 

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Marshland Dreams

In the night the marsh cricket cries,
Ringing through the starless still
A song of aurora skies.

A pale gray moon, listening, sighs,
No wind rippling the watermill
In the night the marsh cricket cries.

Shearing the dark a lost bird flies,
The melody shivers in the chill
A song of aurora skies. 

Hours before forgotten sunrise,
Ants dare venture from their hill
In the night the marsh cricket cries.

Beneath the marsh water millions of eyes,
Shameless creatures drink in their fill
A song of aurora skies.

There are no fears, there are no lies
They cannot understand this thrill
In the night the marsh cricket cries
A song of aurora skies.

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Stairway to Hell

So much rage
caught up in depression
now i have no one to turn too
i sit alone by my bed looking at the demon 
He stands next to the closet

I wake up every night at 2 am
just before dead time
He makes sounds
i ignore them

He opens the closet door
And slams it shut
scarring me 

One night he visits me in a dream
A dream where my family dies because i killed them
I wake up screaming
I would never hurt my family 

Sometimes its hard to ignore the other world
They make you crazy and depressed 
now you have to pay for the music that drug that demon to your home
All the metal music that killed you
The music that they said would save you

Ask your self are you alive now? 
now that the demon got you?

I think of how it could be different 
how if i listened to country my family would still be here
Demons are everywhere know that?
One is with you right now, watching you type your poems
Watching you read mine

What can they do you ask?
They can do much much more than what you expect
They crush your insides
Make your heart cold
They make you hurt

These demons are not to play with
A found out the hard way
now the pain wont stop
I cant make it go away

You will soon see what i have seen
Cling to god 
Pray everynight before you close your eyes
Pray out loud every morning
Be thankful you havent seen your demon yet

All of us have one
they are all over the world
They will drag you to hell with them!

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all these things that nobody wants

staring at the night sky
as i lie awake
They don't know 
what i've been through

All these things 
that i must do
They don't know 
what i've been through

over my head 
in wanted guilt
the streets 
give away my filth
still living off the charity 
of an opened hand

I really thought you knew
I sat there and told you 
the sky's were blue
Whispered unto you 
what you undrew

if innocence were to perish
and in this form of life 
I became a bit too weary
like coffee I'm available 
only when I'm unwarm 
I still miss you dearly

staring at the night sky
as i lie awake
they don't know 
what i've been through

All these things 
That i must do
They don't know 
what i been through

"if life were a vending machine i'd check out with a card"

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Harlem Blues !

While writing about the History of Jazz Music in verse , I got the idea for composing this 
fictitious poem ! I hope the readers will like it ! 

            Harlem Blues !

Lingering perfumes float through the night air ,
Life was a drudgery for him and no one cared !
With neon lights blinking and flashing every-
where !
The jazz band in the saloon played a soft tune ,
And the lady there sang the blues and also 
crooned ! 
Now the solitude of the night gets to him ,
As he drops down into a corner seat where lights
are rather dim !
Signals the waiter as he lights his cigar ,
And orders a large whiskey and soda , having 
come down so far !
He remains enthralled by the lone singer’s
voice ,
He must spend this ‘blue night’ all alone , -
since he had no other choice !
The singer now comes pretty close to him ,
And he could see her white teeth dazzle and
gleam !
But when he looked into those dark eye lashes , -
Sad memories form the past before his eyes 
flashes !

He had been a clarinet player of some renown ,
But his wife couldn’t tolerate its piping sound !
His habit of playing his pipe at mid-night hours ,
Made her to desert him for their marriage had 
gone sour !
The blue notes in the saloon soon comes to an 
end ,
But the music goes on simply to entertain !
The singer now invites this loner to her room ,
He accompanies - trying to forget his loneliness
and gloom !
She pours out two drinks in her upstairs room ,
And places his head gently between her bosom , -
Which makes him to swoon !
The ‘blue notes’ still plays on in his mind ,
It is then when she pulls out a clarinet form
behind !
Seeing him surprised - she laughs out loud ,
He stares at the clarinet with misgiving and doubt !
“Don’t worry darling I had met you wife ,
She had shown me your picture and told me about
your life !
From my childhood days I had loved the clarinet ,
It turns me on before I go to bed ! 
So play the pipe gently as I get into my slip-on ,
And we shall make love right into the morn !”
He picked up the clarinet and played ‘the blues’ 
so tender and so light , -
The music echoed through the lonely Harlem 
night....... !
                                          - Raj Nandy
                                            New Delhi

Details | Quatrain | |

My Rock n Roll Party - In Memory of Mr Tom Bell - Poet

"Roll on tonight my mates are coming round For a few cold beers and some rocking sounds Time is drawing near, as I hear a knock at the door Blimey! at this time of the night, a vacuum salesmen stands before" "Hey pal make it quick, I have a party to host Tell me your pitch, now disappear your a ghost The best place for them is in the lunar craters Sucking on Listerine soaked tissues, singing, "see you later alligator" "Another knock on the door, and I'm pleasantly surprised All my intended buddies on my doorstep, the parties arrived For a night of drifting, ending with earache and pain Entering wormholes of insomnia, no pain no gain" "Our party is going to be like a cool Rock 'n' Roll gig Beers flowing a plenty, this ain't no highland jig We start with Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention Best friends and myself, our schooldays convention" "This is no wine and dine as Dire Straits play The "Sultans of Swing" sounds excellent any day Next we play Deep Purple, listening to Jon Lord's Hammond sounds Music is our medicine in six speaker surround" "In between sounds to the kitchen we head Tid-bits and more beers to keep our gig well fed We sample some Grunge Metal listening to Nuclear Waste But once again Classic Rocks rules, as Grunge is not our taste" "For the next couple of ours it's like The Monsters of Rock AC/DC and UFO, the Rock never stops We air guitar to "Whole Lotta Rosie" Wearing spandex boxer shorts, one of us drumming like Cozy" "We all awake in the morning, some with sore heads But it was never a night that we were ever going to dread It was a bunch of guys who met whilst at school Who released their friendly energy, like fools but really cool" "Tom, I never knew you, but I thank Catie for this Writing this poem, just fills me with bliss I know you will be busy, but if you happen to look down Give our convention a shout, join our Rock n Roll clowns" My tribute to Mr Tom Bell, so many people spoke about him. Reading what they said, I only wish I knew him.

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I'll Stand By You

To my best friend, JAM… I know you’re tired and your soul is weary; twenty three hours 
Of each day you’re alone and in that cell. But be strong and know that you’re really not alone
If you could only look at it, this way..alone, away from the others, you are safe..away from
Deeper trouble..soon you’ll be going home.  Although my heart is heavy,
 I am sure your cross is far heavier than mine. I tried to find a song that would tell you that 
you are loved and I chose this  Please read these words to this song, 
“I’ll stand By You” by The Pretenders
They don’t play it often on radio stations anymore, so I’m posting the lyrics instead.

Oh, why you look so sad, the tears are in your eyes
Come on and come to me now, and don’t be ashamed to cry
Let me see you through, ‘cause I’ve seen the dark side too
When the night falls on you, you don’t know what to do
Nothing you confess could make me love you less.

I’ll stand by you
I’ll stand by you, won’t let nobody hurt you
I’ll stand by you

So if you’re mad, get mad, don’t hold it all inside
Come on and talk to me now
Hey there, what you got to hide?
I get angry too, well, I’m a lot like you
When you’re standing at the cross roads
And you don’t know which path to choose
Let me come along, ‘cause even if your’re wrong
I’ll stand by you

I’ll stand by you
I’ll stand by you, won’t let nobody hurt you
I’ll stand by you
Even to your darkest hour, and I’ll never desert you
I’ll stand by you
And when, when the night falls on you, baby
You’re feeling all alone, you’re wandering on your own
I’ll stand by you…………

Details | Fibonacci | |



We danced all night as you listened to my serenade 
You heard the music romance made
While we two-stepped in your living room
Until you ended the tune and the room became a tomb

I sang to you about the magic that could be
I crooned a tune about the mystic music made by you and me
We harmonized with notes so sweet
Until two part harmony met with defeat

My song contained lyrics of sheer adoration
So we sang and danced until your love’s cessation
When our music was silenced and your love as well
And no longer will my overture swell

My song was stilled by sorrow and tears
While I played a melody only a lover hears
Now there’s no more harmonious song
And we no longer dance all night long
       © 2011.…Phreepoetree ~free cee!~

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Sleepwalk to the music of Larry Carlton

Moonlight, Moonlight comes in so slowly
Waltzing gracefully towards me, …… but  I am dancing alone.

Night time, Night time darkness has fallen,
Wishing you were here holding  me ,….. but  I feel so  forlorn……

Memories ,  float all around me,  remembering  good  times, when love was real,
But it’s just wishful   thinking,   ...... when I try, …. to reach out, …. to feel ,

I sleepwalk ,sleepwalk,  looking for you
Just my hopes and dreams, ….. making  them feel there true

Your love, your love surrounds me ….., but you’r not here…, here with me
Hold my hand darling……, let me know your near….., very near.
Is it just imagination,  that I am feeling you… but cannot see
Your love, surrounding  me , now I  know  your  here with me

Stars cover me in starlight
Darkness of night hides the tears, blurring my sight.
But my memories of dancing with you 
Makes it feel … so ……alright

Night time, Night time comes in so slowly
My heart says you’re the one for me ,  please sleepwalk with me tonight
Sleepwalk with me tonight
Walk with me tonight.
With me tonight

Details | ABC | |

Save The Last Dance

I saved you the last dance,
So let's dance the night away,
And wish that the music never ever stops,

I keep hoping and praying that this music never stops,
And my feet never get tired to dance,
And your mind never thinks of walking away,

I felt your heart beat from miles away,
So gentle and in sync with mine and it never ever stops,
In your embrace i found my music so let's dance,

Tonight lest dance the night away until the music stops,

Details | Free verse | |


The caress of the wind, the midnight breeze
The smell of yeast when it slides thru your lips
And the strings dances when it hit the tips
your fingers, brings music to my ears!

The night is young, but the stars shone down
It smiles to the other, it showed no doubt
And the fields began to light up, the shadows echoed out
The music continues, it never frowned...

And the night went on, it wished to never end
It wished the sun would not rise,
It wished to continue to send
The warmth of the music...
The caress of the wind...

The stars had shown more light,
The night comfortably receives...

But the wind has blown to another field...
The stars, concealed, it stands firm
And the heart of the night seems to wander...
How it was blinded with all the blunder?

Seek thru your soul, I cannot see!
Seek thru your heart, I cannot feel!
The warmth, the caress, and all the light...
It’s lost, all lost... and darkness embarked!
Glittering stars, oh why have you gone?
Now the fields seem empty, and the clatter has begun
The noise, deafening.
It pierced thy heart 
The heart, regretting.
Not unscathed...
Left scarred...
And yet, still, it was longing...

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I Lead Her To The Dance Floor

___________________________ Fourteen steps to the dance floor my heart racing uncontrolled with beads of sweat streaming only you I long to hold My buttercup my fancy lady this night is ours alone our flesh wrapped tightly as a brilliant love story unfolds My heavy breath rests easy upon your silken skin a movement of one lustful our bodies entangle a web fourteen steps to the dance floor a night of no regrets... ___________________________

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Like a Star in the Night

Verse One: Sitting on the window pane/ Looking into the

night sky/ Seeing all the beautiful stars/ Shining 
in there glory/ The vast night sky/ or makes me 
feel so small 

Chorus: All the stars around me/ twinkling tonight

Surrounding me with the light/ They're 
all I need tonight/ I will shine with all my 
might / Like a star/ like a star in the night

Verse Two: I'm so far from where I want to be/

My dreams are as big as this bight sky/ I'm thinking

to myself/ Can this ever happen?/ What if I fail?/ What 

if this is not what I am meant to be? 

Repeat Chorus

Verse Three: Thinking of you and what we are/ think of how

you make me feel/ the joy you give my soul/ Thinking of leaving 

you/ how leaving you could destroy you/ destroy the beauty in 

the night sky 

Repeat Chorus 

Bridge: I have to choose/ choose between you and this night 

sky/ This night sky I have always dreamed of/ but you/ you are 

the light/ the encouragement of my life/ I have to choose you/

you or my night sky 

Repeat Chorus X2

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thoughts to martyr

when the lights are dim
and the night looks grim
all i write is sound
and i think i'm better off
better off

twice today
I was in your arms
and i bit my tongue 
i'd rather be aloft
yea i think i'm better off
better off

dear city that never sleeps
i often think of you
i wonder how you will keep
when the night sinks into
and if you make it to the days break
no one will really know it's you
another second chance to excel with truth
relaxed like stooping pigeons on the roof
lately i've been dying for a noose
or just a rope in general to hang myself from
day light trickles
but i find it difficult to hold a nickel to my left thumb
in other words 
life is simple if you play it as it comes
here lately 
i find myself growing more skeptical of people 
feelings resemble damaged goods that pose lethal
at the edge of absinthe 
and only tear drops touch the needle 
i still write
but most of the time i'm like
kind of nice
for tomorrow pushes me gently 
it's a rush but it soothes my thoughts 
and i'm stronger mentally

when the lights are dim
and the night looks grim
all i write is sound
and i think i'm better off
better off

twice today
I was in your arms
and i bit my tongue
i'd rather be aloft
yea i think i'm better off
better off
so i'll send this letter off

"when all else fails I write"

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the musical lady

The Musical Lady 

I knew of a pavement café where tables and chairs were painted 
in different colours, this to lend ambience in an otherwise dreary
 street. A young lady, a student at the music conservatorium, came 
here for lunch and always insisted on sitting on the same chair, 
a rosa one; she was pretty in stern way, long black dress, flat shoes, 
plain long hair and big glasses, waiters were happy to oblige her.
This caused jalousie amongst other chairs that wanted her to sit on 
them too. In the night they ganged up on the rosa one, upended it 
and scratched badly. The owner thought it was the work of vandals, 
put the damage chair in the store room, but when the musical lady
 came she insisted to sit on her chair damaged or not. Other seats 
felt bad realizing it was not the rosa’s fault but the idiosyncrasy of 
the artist, so in the night the spruced up the rosa till it looked as new. 
But now the pianist didn’t want it, not the same as before, she said 
and sat on a yellow chair. Feeling a miffed the gleaming new looking 
seat said to itself: “No big shake she had a narrow, cold bum anyway.”

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Tonight is the Night

Tonight is the night
The night where we forget all our problems
The night where we don't have to care
All our troubles are over 
All we may focus on is on making this night ours
This is the night where we find happiness and peace within ourselves
We have been waiting for so long for this night to come
Now that is finally here
All we wish to do is to go crazy
Like there's no tomorrow
Tonight is the night