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These Nature Teen poems are examples of Nature poems about Teen. These are the best examples of Nature Teen poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse | |

With you in autumn evening

The sweet songs of birds, We hand in hand across the lawn, Pansies white yellow and violet Tossing their heads in the breeze. Somewhere the sound of falling leaves. The sound of squirrel cracking the walnut. Calm weather warm sun, White fluffy clouds forming different shapes, A passenger flight in the blue sky, Sun born in the horizon and about to fade in the horizon, Both our heartbeats echo inside of chest, Shutting and opening of our lips, Your unkempt hair flying backwards, Yellowish west sky. Heart shaped fig leaf's shadow. If I could stop this world from spinning, I would do so, Just to be with you In this autumn evening.

Details | Free verse | |

Jungle Love

Your sweet nectar
wraps around my senses
like jungle vines
steady drums beating
Your heart near mine

Your strong hands
hold me suspended
by my waist
Just enough pain and strength
against my supple skin
For my taste

The musk of your
sculpted body and the forest
has me going wild
But yet, the tender way you
protect me, reminds me of
Being a child

A safe familiarity
with a strain of animalistic
Your invisible hold over me
leaves me arrow poisoned
Unable to function

My long dark hair wraps you
with smells of coconut and ocean Sun
your locks full of mud and enemies
together, my warrior
We make One

Details | Free verse | |

Memories etched in the sand

Sifting warm sand 
through my fingers,
shimmering fine grains 
glitter my palm.
filled with life’s memories
of nut brown days
of summer.

A soft silk breeze 
formed dunes
with our dreams 
that summer
when we danced to the stars.
My heart laced yours
listening to the sea
undulating waves of emotion
as we kissed 
on the velvet strand.

I still hear
the rhythm of the ocean.
Waves tumbling in unison,
a sweeping sound 
gently caressing
as we lay silently 
listening to sand
shifting over stone
to the faint chiming
of seashells.

My first love
a sea salted embrace
on a breast of sand.
The memories
forever held
in the sand
in glitter on my hand.

Details | Verse | |

Enigma's Calling

Extraordinary, I am 
Craving for unusual thoughts
Endless exploration without boundary
Understanding  the gift I shouldn't fought
Invisible drawings in my mind
Playing with the words in my head
My passion
The food of my soul
I feel so lucky
The random thoughts
A lifetime companion
A self esteem builder
A goal planner
Be my forever life saver
I write more
I talk less
I want to please
I chose to bore
What tickles me the most
Is to know what I'm for
Thinking is my love
When  my mind goes empty
That's when I hate
My day dreaming lust
Organizing things in my mind
Playing roles of simulation
Where images of art is my vision
And words of attitude is my heart

Details | Haiku | |

Lightning Strikes

lightning strikes
mom's kitty cat
what have I done?

Details | Lay | |

Weeping Willow

I am the weeping willow
Inside your garden green
And I hope that you can hear me
Hear me as I scream
Into your bedroom window 
As you soundly sleep 
To that quiet thumping
Of your heart-beat

And I hope that I am with you 
To make your day feel bright
But I've gone and went so far away
To a place that won't feel right
Until I see your shining face
Shining out into the world 
Shining out to give me sight,
Because it seems so lonely here without you 
But you get me through the night
And into the morning 
Because I think you might, have
Dreamed of me last night
Dreamed I would be coming home 
To hold you close to me.

Now I miss you more than breathing
And I am writing you a song 
To help your patience wait for me 
To help you feel like you belong 
And your inside my long-lost heart.
Inside my long-lost song. 

Because I think you might, have
Dreamed of me, inside your garden green
Dreamed that I would sit and sing
In the right piano key 
To help you through your nights and days
To help you think of me.

Now that I have made it here 
I don't know why I'd ever leave
But then I'll think of how you'll smile 
When you finally see
This plan I have for the two of us 
This plan won't believe

So we'll bring along a camera
To capture of memories, 
To keep them deep inside hearts ,
To keep them in our dreams, 

And I am the weeping willow
As we float downstream
Like something from a movie
Or something from a dream.

I just want you to know that I care
That I think your perfect, 
And you'll see when we get there 
I'll bring that smile through
To see those bright eyes shine 
To see the real you.

I miss you 
And I don't think they understand
How I wish I was a child
And you my mother's hand 

And I am the weeping willow 
Inside your garden green 
That intrudes upon your loneliness
And intrudes upon your dreams

And I hope one day you'll love me 
Like a love I've never seen 
You'll intrude upon this loneliness
And intrude upon my dreams

Details | Personification | |

Night Time Love

As I sit in my window sill.
Relaxed no thrill.
Time goes by, but it seems the world stands still.
I sit and gaze .
Truly amazed.
By the beauty that sits in front of me.
The stars winks at me, twinkles and dance.
So magnificant I saw in watch in a trance.
The love I felt between us must be true romance.
But suddenly it fades.
It fades so quickly and with little warning.
Because within a few moments it will soon be morning.
So sadly it leaves, but leaves with a kiss of delight.
The wind whispers its goodbyes and promise to return tomorrow night.

Details | Rhyme | |

November Moon

The amber ring around the moon.
Pollutants and dust.
A beautiful sight to which we swoon.
The color of an opaque rust.

It dances behind the clouds.
As if unforeseen.
The discoloring shrouds.
The unforgiving and clean.
Masquerading the truth behind.
What this really means.
That the mind.
Prefers it's fiends.

The amber ring that graces the moon.
Leaves what should be a graceful path.
But instead, told far too soon.
That we will feel everyone else's wrath.

Details | I do not know? | |

Alone A Tree In Mourning

A single bee
Alone a tree.
A single day in morning.
His slicker sly 
Of catching eyes.
His sweeter side of aging.
Like sticky seeds,
These blossom beads.
The winter plants are dying.
A drunken bee
Flies lazily,
Brought down by nectar drinking.

Our springs are wet
With sweet forgets.
Our hearts forever bleeding.
Our summers heat,
These days retreat,
Our only summer setting.
Our summers die
In lullabies.
I wish I wont stop dreaming.
A passer by
I might ask why
Alone a tree in morning?

And possibly 
He’d die to be 
My only glimpse of fleeting.
Without a care 
Our pulses dare
To reach the height of running.
A gentle sigh,
An open mind,
Holds within each waiting.

His ancient cry
Of reasons why.
His simple song of saving.
I'll never die 
He'll say tonight
While other dawns are breaking.
A passer by,
I might ask why
Alone a tree in mourning? 

Details | Burlesque | |

Redneck FATHER'S DAY------


"Storm over yet...?"

"Well hay'ell ye'ah! 
 sum'body git me a da'gumm cole beer.
 whadda'bou  that boy th'er?
 sum'body git him'a cole beer too!"

"Diddy! that boy ain't nothin' but 8 years old!"

"Wha'choo sayin? 
 na'I don't give a jolly'durn, if he ain't nuttin but 8 year'owed!
 'dat boy dun' sat him thr'ew a big ol', storm! 
 torna'durr warnin' too!
 he gonna have him'a cole burr;  
 on me!"
 my treat!
 mama, git him'a cole burr! 
 ro'tt now; 
 ta'days father's day!" 

© 2011  ~JSLambert Esquire


Details | Free verse | |

My Boredom Disease

Like sick allergies, 
Boredom can be passed around

Like a horrid storm,
Boredom can catch you off guard
Hold on for DEAR LIFE!

Like the whooping cough,
Boredom can be serious
If I were you, I’d
Get a vaccination ! 

Details | Free verse | |

The Humans and I

Ones who wage,
Ones who rage,
Ones who take,
Ones who pay,
Ones who craze,
Ones who rave,
Ones who crave…

Ones who fear,
Ones who breathe,
Ones who give,
Ones who need,
Ones who will,
Ones who weave…

Ones who plead,
Ones who beg,
Ones who beseech,
Ones who entreat,
Ones who appeal,
Ones who volunteer,
Ones who disappear…

The ones who follow,
The ones that don’t know about tomorrow,
The ones who don’t deserve the morrow…

The ones who sleep,
The ones who cry,
The ones who live,
The ones who die…

The ones who proclaim,
Those who say they create,
The ones who ache,
The ones who don’t wait,
The ones who hesitate,
The ones who don’t concentrate,
The ones who fornicate,
The ones who procrastinate…

Those who fall in temptation,
Those who get in frustration,
Those who sometimes feel desperation,
Those who keep going without caution,
Those in motion,
Those in tension,
Those losing notion,
Those being poisoned,
Those getting in distortion,
Those following the broken diction,
Those dying like the billions,
Those without unction,
Those washed in the oceans…

I might seem cold,
But it is you who is bold.
I might not express,
But it is you who doesn’t let me progress.
I might not seem like I seek,
But it is you who doesn’t know me…
I might seem like I need,
But it is you who might always be begging on your knees.
I might seem dull,
But it is the one that is fool.
I might not be alight,
But it is you who isn’t truly alive…

I will remain neutral,
I will remain silver,
I will remain gray,
I feel darkness,
I feel light,
I will remain hallowed…,
After all, it is you who deserves no life…

I am a metal hawk,
I am a mountain goat,
I am a silver bird,
I am a gray wolf,
I am a white tiger,
I am a mystic rose…,
I am I…

I’m alive,
And I survive,
You are here,
However, it is you who deserves no life…

Being human does not imply that you have humanity…

Details | Free verse | |

My Future Generation

I can act insane
Make me feel worthless

I belong in God’s family
He will bless my future generation

Don’t punish me for
Being myself –
Don’t envy my glee 

I can act like an
Adult, but I’d 
Prefer to have joy…

Not stress…
That piles upon us in our 
Everyday lives

Being childlike is

A rare beauty – 

No one prizes it…

No one came across it…

In this lifetime…

I can laugh all day
I can make you smile
If you’d accept my 
Childlike dreams of mine
Don’t treat me like a sick swine

Renew my young heart
Give me the ability 
To kill the old man…

I have my place in God’s family
He’ll be adored and glorified 
We’ll exchange prayers and hugs  
By my future generation

I beg of you – 
Don’t kill my childlike mentality
I’ll behave myself…
I’m positively sure that I’ll make you happy

I’ll still have pieces of a child in me

And pass it on to my future generation…

Details | Quatrain | |

Beautiful, Glorious Day

Run, run, run and give it all up!
Into His arms, commend your love!
Through Him, you are saved!
What a beautiful, glorious day!

Details | Alliteration | |

F is for friends

Fantastic friends fry fresh fish friday for fun

Details | Free verse | |

Budding beauty

Age of purity and innocence,
this time of change
meets a blooming maturity
Fulfilling form, stylising figure;
nature produces fine specimen
A time to play with hair and fashion
To perfect beauty, 
applying make-up and perfumes
Bringing forth fresh radiance
Changing mood and attitude
A young lady, pleasing to the eye
stands before mankind
A budding beauty
ready to take on new life style
To seek, settle, nurture,
or give her all to career
Go-getter or jet-setter
her presence is felt near

Details | Narrative | |

Summer Waterfall

Deep in the woods I hear an angel's lyrical call.
Tranquil and serene, a majestic summer waterfall.
Where the oaks and wildflowers shade the creek,
reflections fall to earth from rays of destiny,
refreshing my soul and setting my spirit free.
I smell the aroma of rain mixed with the paradise breeze.
Tranquil and serene, a natural wonder and rainbow of peace.
A cascading sparkling jewel,
above a wave rippling whirlpool.
Upon the wind rides the angel's lyrical call.
Tranquil and serene, a majestic summer waterfall.

Details | Rhyme | |

The halo effect

If there is one thing I remember
It is what life told
Just open your eyes
All that glisters may not be gold
So who is to blame and whose fault I hold
The halo effect, the one in disguise
Manifesting deception in front of thy eyes
Treat one different because of their look
Why read? Judge the cover of the book?
But you do read others because they don’t have the look
If you understand, how long has it took?
The halo effect, we magnify a trait
Condone the flaws, we magnify a trait
Attractiveness, is this what you mean?
All this talk, my perception a feign?
What I see, aint what it seem?
Huh, thanks for this, as well as that.
The halo effect, my mind was hacked. 

Details | Free verse | |

My Nest

Love is my nest.
It holds me
where all the world I see.
It saves me
from the ground
which my soul will never meet.

Up in a forest tree
hunters scattering in threes
they'll never catch me
I have love.
I am perfectly happy.

relaxed I am
I do not stress
for there isn't life
without my nest.

who cares what's below?
I am above.
love is my nest
My nest is my love.

Details | Rhyme | |

Might these be

Might this be a wonder,
Might this be a sunder,
Might this be the blocker,
Might this be the warder,
Might there be a plunder,
Might it pass the border,
Might there be a dweller,
Might they be lodgers,
Should they be squatters,
Should they be trespassers...

Might they squander,
Might it scatter,
Might this be a sputter,
Might there be a clutter,
Moght there be to many clusters,
Might this be the controller
Mightit get power...?

Might these be handlers,
Might these be forcers,
Might these be the squashers,
Might these be the breakers,
Breaking some of the order...

Might this be a night,
Going to a wretched midnight,
Coming from a raging twilight,
Until these be ended, throughout nighttime,
Later waking from our bedtime,
Maybe dying to see the morning light,
Might this be happening tonight...?

Might there be a knight,
Might there be a fight,
Waiting for a shining might,
Coming from some rainbow's light,
coming slight from the nighttime,
With some waiting for their fly...

Might these fight the ghouls,
Might they get to their goal,
Might this vanish some ghosts,
Whom want all of our souls...

Might this be other things,
Might these be the lives of life,
With some asking, might these be I...?

Details | Free verse | |

Rakes and Flames

As the dawn expells its authoritive cast; they awake, but are abandoned. They
turn--but their friend the sun ignores  and they understand.   They commune
their relationship and part with their memories;   and sigh.

They say their good-byes in a tone of fullfilment, but aface their anxieties
toward the skies for hope; but are denied. A clouded sky brings a chill in the 
air and a rustling of rakes and flames. 

Old as hell, written in HS for publication, circa 1971 by me. When I was young in the 60's in Ohio, we burned leaves in our backyard; sometimes our household trash too. You had to be me to be there GV. Count me in as last place. Take care.  

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

MOM I'm Pregnant

What shall I say to her?

What if she knows?

Can she tell that I carry another soul?

As I wonder what would I tell mom...

All these thoughts paced through my head,

I should have NEVER laid in his bed...

Sweet nothings was ALL that he said...

He got what he wanted, then left, just fled...

I was weak a young victim a surely misled...

 When I confessed to my mother,

That I had slept with my lover,

And in a few months she'd be a grandmother...

Her face turned cherry red, yet words where still unsaid...

Days turned into months,

My belly stuck out further in front...

 Finally we spoke today,

She said "When is he due?"

I replied "This May the 8th."

She said "She loves me!"

That was it, nothing else to say but "I love you too mom, in a special way!"

For it will be a blessed Mothers Day...

My Statistic: Life is challenging enough, it tends to be even
Harder for adolescence because they don't
Know as much as they think they
Know in actuality they don't. But mistakes and accidents are
Apart of life.... You live and you learn...

Details | Free verse | |


Shadow of a butterfly reaching through the light shining 
Through transparent window panes.
The shadow of me hiding in the shade casted
By the wall beneath the sill.

Sunlight of this evening lighting up my bedroom,
Helping me to see my surrounding.
Sunlight of this day, for me, it was brightly burning,
All while bicycling home.

Shadow of a bird symbolizing flying and basking
In the sun, which soothes my pains.
The shadow of me concealing itself and fasted
Inside my head as I sit still.

Rays of a sunset touching the glass, illuminating
The colours and the wall.	
Rays of a sunrise waiting for night to pass, wishing
To shine so I may finally roam.

Shadow of a cage: this window the only thing
Keeping me as solitary as I can be.
The shadow of me welling up deep within,
Descending into sorrow.

Light of the sun embracing countries, forever travelling.
Sunrise awaiting my horizon.
Light of the sun reminding me how
There will be a day of my dream coming true.

Shadow of the blue twilight gently glowing
Throughout this room where I am free.
The shadow of me restlessly reflecting
Upon thoughts of the days beyond tomorrow.

Sunshine everyday warmly reassuring
That it will always shine on through.
Sunshine everyday piercing
The gray clouds of any day.

Shadow of thoughts filling
My mind with a saddening realization.
The shadow of me is suddenly being embraced,
My Sun ensuring in time I will attain all I’ve dreamed.

Details | Rhyme | |

My Secret Garden

Branches and ivy lifted like
A flimsy sort of solid shield,
Wind whispers through the keyhole as
My secret garden is unsealed,

Petals tremble fearfully,
Mistrustful of this open plain,
Both buds lean in towards the light
Whilst trying disinterest to maintain,

Sun flares upon my frightened flowers,
Blinking from their lifetime of night,
'Too much too soon', they seem to cry,
Withering beneath the blinding light,

The clouds arrive to comfort them,
Too late; my garden's dying,
As I soothe it with regretful rain,
The satisfied sun is sighing.

Details | Free verse | |

A Blue Boy's Death Wish

A fragile mind breaks 
Wake upon the rock laden shores
A muffled heart begs to echo
Whispers lost among a velvet chamber

Dusk comes premature time and again
Dropping the curtain on an optimistic sunrise
If you never witness dawn
There is no tomorrow

Always the dreamer aches
Never awake to make real what he desires
The restless corpse walks blind
Dead ends seem fitting for one of the kind

Lost in the labyrinth of strangling vines
Love is the motive and the weapon
Taking root in throats dry from weeping
Sprouts of amnesia in place of smiles
A garden called heartbreak holds onlookers captive
The comfort takes hold, sets in the bones weary of searching
A plea for rest lands on deaf ears

The hollow boy tires of himself
The last request he will ever make
"End me"
Lost and tired
He wishes to be weak no more

Details | Free verse | |

Summer Life as a Kid

Sweet Summer breeze
scraped n' bruise covered knees
sidewalk chalk marks on your jeans
torn clothes, worn as badges of Adventure
popsicle stained lips
secret crush kisses
Summer life as a kid
I truly miss it

Snatching fireflies from the skies
watching sunsets dashed with
cayenne pepper cotton candy
Sunnies nibbling toes
filled with stale bread from mom
kick the can, truth or dare, hide & go seek
mud pie smiles, warm chocolate chip cookies to eat
Summer life as a kid
I truly miss it

Grandmas sweet tea conversations on the porch
covert midnight campfires with friends
from spying little sisters
Ghost stories to tell, marshmallows to toast
climbing trees, fairy tale dreams
being the first one picked
for the kickball team
Summer life as a kid
I truly miss it

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

Woe Is Me

Words have no more Meaning I find myself Deadlocked In an Ethiopian Night I Could go recklessly on But with what Hope? Will I Glide on? The Only thing I can find is woe only woe, only me, woe is me Voided since the start I'm contradictory in Armenia desert Mountains are more like rusty daggers pierced in my stomach; what else is there but pain? only pain, only me, pain is me

Details | Sonnet | |

Vast Love

The love that kisses with a tasteless tear
A pain that can’t be painted on the soul
A longing for a place without a fear
Longing for a feeling that makes me whole
Beloved, words can’t heal my tattered heart.
As thorns pass me by the pain cant compare
That of the pain of being torn apart
Even the wind howls about it I swear
Tell me was falling in love my mistake
I chose my own fate and decided to stay
I will not let this love become forsaken
Love can’t just get up and spirit away
Love is worth overcoming a mountain
My love for you flows like a vast fountain

Details | Blank verse | |

Pia Mater

Where are We? Where is the place where Belong? Is it Here? Am I Here? Is this Aeon only an Hour? Hear, Listen to the Birds Singing with beauty only found Here See, Look at the Butterflies Gently Playing In the Wind only found Here Touch, Feel the thorns of the mighty Rose her Protective Beauty, only found Here Smell, Sniff the nostalgic fragrances filtering around the air, only Found Here Taste, lick the Bitter Green Herbs enhancing the Variety of Life, Only Found Here We are Here A Place we call Earth, Mother Going by the Name of Gaia She was Designed not by herself to Care for Us, tend to Us She puts us to Sleep when the Darkness arises In her Light, we Awaken giving and taking Her most righteous Virtue Something Always to remember -Never Forget- There will be Falls There will be Rises There is Always a light towards the End Is it Here? but Happiness cannot be Happy without the Balance Without the Sorrow to Storm

Details | Imagism | |

on top of this mountain

I am on top of this mountain
I taste pleasure
With love at no one’s measure.
Without anticipation I choose to devour
And kill everything before it goes sour.

I am on top of this mountain

I smell joy
With no signs of fools or little boys.
With all signs of excitement,
And not a minor smell of judgment

I am on top of this mountain

I hear peace
With all my might and all my ease.
With so much confidence
And so much diligence.

I am on top of this mountain
I feel relief
With no verdict and only my belief.
With so much rejoice
And not a slight noise of a familiar or stranger’s voice.

I am on top of this mountain

I look around and I see this beauty standing across my eyes
With so much wealth and warmth that is hidden in disguise.
With the swift of breeze that brush my face
All I feel is that I am in the right place!

I am myself on top of this mountain!

JazzieAnn Brown 10/14/12

Details | Lyric | |

Black Love

                 Black LOVE

             My head rested
on the pillow of her smooth skin.
She opened the curtains of her being,
My hands slip into indulgence while 
 they explored her expansive dark skin.
With half words she whispered moans,
 followed by screams of passion.
With her shadow I bounded, as she 
swarmed waters of our endless longing passed.

                     Jay Johnson

Details | Haiku | |

Kiss The Rain

Come and kiss the rain.
You’ll never know it is me.
Come kiss me, baby.

Details | Lyric | |

Halloween's Song

Its your Halloween rave, having your mascaraed
With all your best friends from back in the day
Liz Lauren and Blake and while they're dressed like skanks
I'm on the front line of battle
Howlin like jackle with A real nasty cackle
puttin a razor blade in the sack of Blake's apples
crack in Lauren's snapple
Staddle Liz like mclovin
But I am more like faghole As I babble at her ass
Axe her fast and mash her up like cattle
Sneak back and tackle your dad and put him in shackles
Shove sour patch kids Down your trap and gaggle
Its abominable, so unbelievable
But its inevitable, the end is kissable
I have rattled these kids psyches 
squirming like a centipede, cutting them like celery 
hear their squeamish screams echo in the streets
as the  creepy bells of the chapel ring

I remain a mystery
You'll need nancy drew, and at least 3 of the hardee boys to find what I'm up to
Theres this gloom that looms down in your basement room
Consuming shrooms, enhaling fumes to escape your doom
Witches zoomin by on their brooms makin sonic booms
Quick call scooby doo, but I killed him too
You heard a loud pound cause I cut the fuse so you
Run away to a motel room, assuming your safe
And As you look the other way,
I got my fangs in your veins and stranglin your neck
Too bad you didn't text your friends to tell them who is next
Hmm let me think for a sec. As Hex your boy  rex 
with an incessant twitch, till he is dead in a ditch
Hang him from bunny man bridge
Yo dude turn the lights on
But there's no flip to switch , I have flipped the script
Its bewitched with no miss to kiss
Exorcist with no priest to dismiss the spirit

So the town clock strikes half past 3
There's one last gas before i must sleep
Or i will crash fast if the light touches me
Put on the mask jack, just like the sixth scream 
I need to grasp havoc, till i hear shrills and shrieks
Please back rabbit, these chills aint for teens
As I stick a cherry bomb in your moms exhaust pipe
Run up on you  with nine a knife, and the head of your wife
Its useless I'm the nuisance that's abusive yet conducive
To your fear that I am near So close I could whisper in your ear
Smell the shampoo in your hair Wipe the floor with your tears
And as you look up in the mirror
I'm there ready to smear your blood all over the chair
as I stab you with my spear I crush a coors beer then
Leave you re crops there dead, red spread on the floor
But I hear a knock on the door
Are you okay honey? "Yes mommy,  just got a cold sore"

Details | Rhyme | |


A worthy sea in which to drown,
A crowd to chase me out of town,
A compromise that makes you frown,
A solution as you push me down,

The struggle as my organs roar,
The shouting as they reach the shore,
The one somehow I still adore
That pushes me below once more,

No panic at the numbing pain,
No screaming though the crowd remain,
No point my heavy lungs to strain,
No chance of coming up again.

Details | Free verse | |

Being Free

I Wasn’t enough to just be myself I had to be what you wanted of me Plastic—Mainstream—Liar Without any creativity And a façade for a personality So I Guess I Just Live a Lie Just to Satisfy And surely survive Your torment spitting opinion but then, A Semblance of the independence I held inside No matter how small it let out a cry I will redeem my pride And be perfect, free, me

Details | Senryu | |


I am nothing more
Than a simple blade of grass -- 
Walked on and wilting.

Details | Ballad | |

Tylwyth Teg Cader Idris

Tylwyth Teg Cader Idris Tylwyth Teg Cader Idris Tylwyth Teg Cader Idris Sleeping atop a Mountain Far from Greenwood village enthralling people of Folly Under calamity Thou Doesn’t notice Thou Do not take notice of Tylwyth Teg Cader Idris veiled as Travelers Believe they’re always here So pay Heed and forever be benevolently And Fortuna pursue thee provide them with Strife They will show Thee what adversity fills our world Light-Hearted-Ale Intoxicated trickery singing blissfully Awaiting Audience, Wait and see shown Thy Hospitality With Bread and Cheese O' Morgan ap Rhys Play the Harp so Enchantingly All Will dance Until death bestowed following the Revenging road Abuse the will Of The Unseen Tylwyth Teg Cader Idris Thy gift made thou so blithe With retribution Thou Couldn’t see how enchantment Curses Evil For In the Night All Will Disappear

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The Air

Sweet scents Fill my empty lungs I can hardly relent From singing the unsung Is as before These places I adore But the breath will be my death If my heart keeps racing And I keep embracing The sweet spring air The air I breathe now Is the air we shared then How Can I get back what's already been? Words trace down my throat Bittersweet after taste Gently afloat But becoming a waste It is the same here It is the same there But the sun is not here And the wind is not there Only clear blue tears And the silent dare The air I breathe now Is the air we shared then But please how Can I get back what's already been?

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Friendly Love

There are a lot of things to say
Why do I feel so alive when you're around?
There’s so much to do today
But how do I get rid of the clouds – shadowy and gray
We're lying on the ground...
Looking at the stars overhead... 

You are my beloved friend – 
Our love won’t break or bend
I’ll love you until the very end…
I’ll love you endlessly…our happiness blends
Like coffee and cream– yum! 
I know…these rhymes are quite dumb…aren’t they? 

Our light will shine and burn out the night 
Maybe there’s a star in the sky that scorches with love 

You are my superb friend – 
Our love won’t wear off or wither away
I’ll love you until the day I die
I’ll love you every day…our delight will be
As sweet as pie – how appealing 
I know…these words are overused…aren’t they? 

Our flight will be as dazzling as the elegant eagle 
Trained to ascend for more than half his life – or we’ll be like the seagull!! 
We could fly there and catch it someday
Fly……with me! Shoot the bull’s eye!
Our love will never die…so don’t say otherwise
Or I’ll sink in dismay

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SEXY FRENCH GIRLS encounter an American 15yr old boy

 in the eyes of an
15 yr  American old boy


My son
Sweet naive
Raised in China
Where MTV and YOUTUBE are banned
Where no girl kisses
Until her university days end.
Raised in China
Where knees are covered--
Lips are sealed--
Where boys
Only dream
Of the wonders of Red sex.
My son
Said he loved Paris
     For the Eiffel
     For the Louvre
     For the Seine
     For the wine.

But I knew
He loved Paris
For the
Blackest  panties
Barely hiding
Knowing smiles
Short tight skirts.

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                Boys on a journey
		Excitement and danger there
		Walking in mountains

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As I walk through the city
in the dead of winter,

(on the way home she is giddy
for the world has taken her)

The ice and the snow and the sleet and the hail
cling to my skin, but I cannot care.

(all that you see is an angel of ice,
her hair covered in snow, you try rolling the dice)

A boy walks towards me, but I barely see.
He starts to talk, I just take out my key.

(She offers a piece of lavender sweet,
then she turns away going on down the street)

He may not understand the gift that I've given him.
I don't know why, it's not worth light is so dim.

(As the snow swirls around her you hear a small sound,
you blink and she's gone, never to be found)

I left him my heart and my soul, so frozen,
now I will return when the earth is golden.
The winter of my life will someday end,
but until that happens, I do have a friend.

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I Live for the Chorus

Seasons come
Seasons go
Some prefer to stay numb
Some prefer nights that stay aglow

Not me
I like to be
The one who breathes
The tears
And cries the air we fear
I live for the chorus

I'm the one 
Whose laugh runs
Through stillness
And breaks the stiffness

I wish to be surrounded
By ones who turn black to red
Our laughter mingles
Senses tingle

Our voices join
You and me
In harmonious glee
Raucous as the sea
We live for the chorus

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Hues to Blues

     Its perfect here.
     I love it.
     Here...Peace and serenity fill and warm my heart.
     Out here...Its like Im someone else.
     Its so calm.
     Its a place where I can finally find myself.
         That was before.
         This is after.
     Here it was green and every hue you could imagine.
     Now...Its black and ash.
     You knew I loved it so you took it.
     You took it from me.
     I've lost it.
     I've lost myself.
     You took this cluster of nature from me.
     And with it you took a peice of me.
     With or without you,
     I'm stronger.
     Although its nothing,
     but black ash and smoke,
     I still love it here.
     I will come here
     and loose myself as I did before,
     Even though it is after.

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My Countless Wishes -Part 2-

I wish
To demolish my sorrow…
I wish
To forget the despair and gleefully grow…
To forgive and seek the challenges of tomorrow…
My downfalls and my failures…
I wish
To disappear
I wish
I had no fear…
For God’s near…
I wish
I could be a cheetah in the grassland
I wish
To store all of my energy for an evening run…I’d never give up in the process
I wish
My whole spirit could simply sponge in God’s nature and make great progress
And I truly wish
I could stick to my daily plans of building a sturdier relationship with God 
I wish
I had the merriness in my life especially during hardships…

My countless wishes
Brings me down to my weakest point…
My countless wishes
Overthrows me…but it helps me in the long run…

I wish I could forgive 
My daily regrets and breakdowns
I wish I could forget
My despondency – embracing my frowns 

I wish
To live a life without error
Without a care
I wish
To be flawless when I make my everyday decisions
And scare away 
The darkness that tries to make me give up
I wish
I had more time to overcome…
These waves of emotions

My countless wishes
Brings me down to my disheartened state…
My countless wishes
Are like walls from every direction closing in on me…
But it’s a convenient tool in the future…

I wish
I could be live in someone else’s shoes…
But what good would it do?
Would it lead me to the narrow pathway?
Would it inspire me to push all of my doubts away? 
Would it push away the blues?
Could He give me any clues?

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lost, found, and liberated

i use to lie awake at night 
and ponder of this pointless life 
up for hours and not make a sound 
i once was lost but now i am found
my sea of confusion, like moses did part
the instant i let jesus inside of my heart...
but than i let out a gigantic huge fart 
and realized it was just indigestion 
than like a sensible person, i began to question 
and out of those questions, came rational thought 
and all of the things in school i was taught 
like critical thinking and following facts 
so i came to the conclusion: religions a quack 
now i live happily, in awe of earth's mysterious beauty 
and if you don't like it, you can kiss my patooty

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Fire Sky

     Winds of pain 
traverse my damaged being
     oh River of tears 
carry mine sorrow away
     crusted Earthen cave of darkness
seal away my soul
    Sea of Flame
burn away my hart
     Steel of my blade 
take mine mind away

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A Rose Arose

Standing in a valley
Of which no one knows,
A rose arose
Between my toes.

Watching in awe
For magic is what I saw,
The rose still grows
Even as wind blows.

Smiling happily,
The rose so lovely.
A rose arose,
Feelings arouse.

Seeing her in my mind,
Just as the rose, one of a kind.
The rose still flowers,
Even when against nature.

Standing in a valley
Of which no one knows,
A rose arose as thoughts of love
Flown to the sky above.

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The Snowflakes 
	Are falling
	And tinkling
The Snowflakes resonate a bell-like sound

They’re Snowbells 
	And they’re falling
Can you hear their voices calling?
As they start drifting
		Start sifting through the air

The Snowflakes
	Are jingling
	And singing
The Snowflakes have a song all their own

They’re Snowbells
	And they’re swinging
Through the air they’re winging
On their frozen journey
		Flying in the night 

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Cherry Blossoms- Yoshino Sakura

Your beauty and delicate nature, indeed we cannot deny
Yet having such a short life span, you somehow eventually die
Like the transient nature of mist and clouds, you superbly reappear
Then breathtakingly take your time to freshen up the air

A majestic symbol of power, knowledge and spiritual pulchritude
Celebrated blossoms attained in Spring you've magnificently exude
You evoke an artistic comparison through your bright ruddy hue
And in the night when we're asleep your petals the skies bedew

Your flowers are nearly pure white, and tinged with the palest pink, 
Without hesitation you shrivel and fall before I could even blink 
Your spiritual and cultural significance is never an incomplete
Accompanied by your long weeping branches are flowers so very petite

So stunning and stupendously, you lay about the trees
And even when you've carpeted the ground, your beauty never cease


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A Road to Nowhere

A road to nowhere A picturesque scene of trees turning bare Fresh autumn scents filling the air And a young woman on a journey traveling from here to there With a slow, steady pace and tapping shoes She creates an east rhythm to hum along to Walking along, not a care in the world Living her life, and living it well The cool crisp air softly blowing at her knees Coming throughout the autumn trees For a moment it almost seems Things aren't really ever as bad as they tend to seem Soaking in the last bit of light with a peaceful flow She passes along the last few trees with golden leaves shinning abode The now setting sun begins to give off a warm orangey red glow Setting off her long blonde hair as it moves to and fro Then out of the gleaming sky Fighting her rising fear from deep with inside Her heartbeat quickens, as she tries keeping a steady stride Hairs prickling up upon her neck, a raven screeches as it swoops by The absence oh heat, so abrupt Leaves her with chills, so corrupt Touching her soul as if almost freezing up Upon her face lay a perfect cut A gush of wind cuts across her chest And her forehead quickly covers with little beads of sweat Just as she's starting to fear she can't go on She twirls and turns then starts to run She whirls around but falls to her knees Blood slowly dripping down from her cheek The raven appears with an open beak Ans lets out a bloodcurdling screech "Raven, Raven, oh please don't die!" She laughs And looks upon the bird with a menacing smile Then lets out a satisfying sigh "Just please don't die" She gracefully stands with blood-lust filled eyes Her tapping shoes carrying her off into the night Her Raven black hair rocking to and fro And off down the road to nowhere she goes
Inspired by The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe

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What Will Be My Pride?

What will be my pride?
If, you’ve not really noticed
My sensual beauty

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Its effects run in you
Always through you
And when you’re not careful,
It can go all the way down
If you clench it hard enough
It almost squeezes back
Ripping at your everything.

In the moment it wrenches you
And you play dead for a while
Until you’re back to reality
And it releases your smile.
It’s not as bad as you thought
You’re not as bad as you thought.
Squeeze yourself,
Releasing all that needs to be said and done
Tempt yourself
For you’re not the only one.

Inside it feels like heaven
And you’re tempted to look inside
If you do, you’ll have to rip at it
Is the cost worth the price for knowledge?
It’s opened…
You see everything
But like a child, the gift of sight is blinding
You’re scared of this new beauty
You can’t understand 
There’s an adjustment with time
And you feel alive.
If you accept it’s will
The rest will come full circle,
Don’t lose your battle
For the worst thing that comes 
Is happiness, beyond good judgment…

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Glowing Magnificence

In it's floating presence One gains hope
Through it's gorgeous glow One finds the beauty
Finding the hope to push on and See
Gaining the vision...that All is Not Lost
Floating in the it's sea of Dark
Speckled with the Lights that were Seen once
Glows the beauty of that which must BE Seen
Never Wavering
Always Moving
Shining Evermore
To bathe thee in rich Silver

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Layers and layers of cloud
Fill the sky to the brim
Just as thoughts of you
Fill my mind.
The fact that no matter
What I do,
Or what I say,
Nothing will change your feelings.
Deep, heather gray clouds
Blow in with the occasional gust.
I smell the rain brewing,
But do not care.
Water falls
In sheets,
And I am soon blanketed
In rain, and
The drops hit my cheeks,
And burn as they slide down.
Forming behind my eye
Is a different kind of drop.
It escapes,
Runs its course down my cheek,
And trickles around the
Ridges of my mouth,
Leaving a salty taste.
As the tear hits the ground,
A blast of thunder sounds-

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Have You Ever

Have you ever stopped

Just to smile?
Have you ever seen anything
As picture perfect 
As a Thomas Kinkade painting
Or a Robert Frost poem?
Have you ever just
Taken a moment 
To not let it out,
But just let it go?
Have you ever stepped forward
To understand what others haven't?
Have you ever taken a step back
To let others catch up?
Have you ever been thought of 
As inspirational
For just being thoughtful?
Have you ever been inspired 
By that special song?
Have you ever considered 
That you have saved a life
Just by living?
Have you ever cried 
Because the love of one person 
Could be so beautiful?
Have you ever
Taken the time 
To just...


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The sun is alone,
But raindrops have many friends,
Dancing through the storm.

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Did i mention she's green?

Green girl
Green girl

She gathers leaves on a blue and green night
Her emerald eyes make me ignite

Dream catchers gather on her wall
She makes stars none shall fall

Green girl
Green girl

Light candles, red hair reminds me of autumn
Fire red forest she will come

Dream catchers gather on her wall
She makes stars none shall fall

Green girl
Green girl

Change like the seasons
For unknown reasons
Nothing left to give
Baby I would relive

Green girl
Green girl

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Rose Red

In the deepest hour of day
Your bloosming aura awakes,
From darkest red within
Blooms an enchanting crimson.
A drop of dew sparkles bright,
Giving a-glow your darkness.
A speck of lust
In a heart of dark,
Where all the
Rest shall whither.
A beauty you are,
A prim rose red,
Upon whose vine 
One shall not tread.
For in your thorns,
Shall mercy not pledge,
Even the sweetest,
Rose of Red.

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My Getaway

The ocean is a place to be 
To get away from from everything 
To sit here on the shore
Having nothing to worry about 

I want to become 
One with the ocean 
Stay here 
For I have nothing to fear 

But there is so much to do 
So little time 
To see the world 
In one life time 

Now I'm going home 
Back from where I came from 
I say good-bye 
But I will be back next time

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Never Let Go

Can anything beat
laying in the grass
and counting all the stars we see?
Can anything beat
wrapping up in blankets
with a picnic to eat?
Can anything beat
stealing kisses
while we just enjoy the time?
Can anything
yes anything
ever really beat
what time we have
together, like now?
No nothing can
Nothing could
And all I know is
I wish I could
I wish I could stay here with you tonight
I wish I didn’t have such a long drive
I wish I could simply spend the night
and hold you tight 
like I’ll never let go

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Watered Down

What clears the thoughts of grief? 
Will it ever release me out if this confounded chamber of no relief?

With a sour taste of pride,
Your castle has been watered down
Will I ever find myself a thrilling bride?
My smile has been watered down to a frown

Release the tainted spirit
Gliding hoarsely in my bones 
I rudely throw a fit 
What could get rid of chanting gnomes?

Unfold these watered down regrets
Fiddling with my migraines 
Hang on to the fishing pole...let go of the nets 
Plant me in a jungle full of dreams and and treasure me like gold, once hidden in the dark some cave
Bring all your worries with you and put it in the grave
Don't you guys have any brains? 
Am I the only one going insane in the rain?

Negativity swarms in muddied roads 
You watered down my sprouting growth
Your eruption croaking as frightening toads
Let your guilt be your oath

Let your suffering be sevenfold 

Roaming from grassland to awful city,
I find you rather rude...
Your aggressiveness leaving me pinned
On this wondrous amount of gratitude 

Let my suffering take its penalty 

What clears the thoughts of grief? 
I ponder upon this question as I sit alone in this confounded chamber, sending no relief

Check out the fields of crops
Once in a while, take a chance to water it down
Unroll your generosity
Thrive to gather your duty together

Take a sip of the wine,
A lingering taste of ripened grapes and aged   
Eloquent and bitter in its effects and removes your senseless grief
Don't return to your old ways, 
Rolling down on the ground as a drunken swine

There is hope that this garden will be fulfilled, edible and nutritious 
Your responsibility is to keep the field tended and watered down 
Craving for its bogus effects, keeping yourself ambitious 
Feeling high above the vineyard, reaching itself as a tree, 
Wailing for its dandy sun to shine down on its hungry figure 

I worry this obsession is ominous
Could you find another way to feel satisfied by bountiful glory?
The chill-boned feeling could be wondrous
Than it attacks as an ill-tempered viper, 
rage-stricken and snappy

Once in a while, take a chance to water it down the crops
Unroll your generosity towards their needs

It only takes a few drops
Of wine to isolate yourself from doubt

Thrive to gather your duty together
So that you'll chase your destiny on its feet, multiplying the beads 
tied with stable string 

Soon enough, your hope for future cash will be dragging its weight 
down to your chimney top

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The Fallen Leaves

The fallen leaves looking at the heavenly sky 
and at my own doorstep they, in silence, sigh; 
they often criticize my feet as I pass them by.

Day and night, they hang around, relentlessly
and never know that they, actually, bother me 
from entering and leaving my place. My kitty

cat does not like them too, ‘cos they do crackle 
as she tiptoes out, eagerly, to touch the sparkle
of the afternoon sun. Ah, today I have to tackle

the task of teaching them and myself. Luckily,
these delicate hands of yesterday are totally free 
from the arid office, serving my boss with a tea 

that I gathered them and place them in a shelter
of green, letting their last smile not just to loiter,
but for them to use it, for Earth to have a better 

feel. Now, I see them not, yet they promised me
that they’ll be back once they’ve seen the beauty,
curved from their skin, of a blossoming cherry tree.  

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What Can I See?

I Can See The Fighter Jets Preying On Their Enemy,
I Can Feel The Golden Dust On My Bare Feet,
I Can See The Rockets Red Glare Lighting Up The Sky,
I Can Feel The Last Ounce Of Warmth Of The Furnace, 
I Can See The Stillness Of The Crystal On The Horizon,
I Can Feel The Last Breaths Before The Old Man Turns The Lights Out. 

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Painful Storm

The sky is dark, ripped by flashes of light
The path in front of me is hidden from sight
Rain falls into a flood
The road behind covered in mud

I can't go foward and i can't go back
This storm is so painful, the healing i lack

This night i pray for the storm to end
The dark to be abolished and for the light to come in
Perhaps with the sky my heart will mend
And with the storm my solitude will end

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Silken Green

Silken green
in hues of piquancy- 
sheltered moss, 
under fringes of fungus;
separated by nature's vibe,
spores lace the Earth,  
and thrum against
the open sores 
that gape at midnight moil.
Treacherous stubs, 
clung to by the hands 
of fifteen near six,
crisping the ruffles, 
by her sweat and poise.  

Barley silenced breath, 
fermented in a heat of the kettle, 
bulbs of silken green
in hues of piquancy, 
remind me that I should leave.

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Jump, scream, shout!
You are having fun!
Having the time of your life
Where it comes
Only once in a while
Walk, jog, run!
You are having fun!
Play, act, read!
They are all fun
What is fun?
There is no definition
Of fun
It is just your interest
Your desire
Of fun
That is fun
Three words of positive
Feelings in everyone
Is always fun

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Your Friend

A lot of good things come and go
But friendship is something that will always show 
And should always be apart of you
And your friends too
You all will have bumps and bruises 
But that's what make you all stronger friends
Never break apart over pity things
Because it might become something you regret
Be the best of friends
Tell each other every secret you have 
If yall should ever break apart
You will always know what the other could and should have been......................
YOUR FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lacking You

Lying in the cool grass,
Looking up,
Admiring the twinkling lanterns
Hung randomly in the black sky.
Are you looking at the same sky?
And focusing on the same star?
And thinking about me?
My head shakes vigorously
In an attempt to get you out,
But it does no good.
A star shoots across the sky,
Momentarily disturbing the
I close my eyes,
Deep breath in,
And wish for you.
It's all I have,
Wishes that dont come true,
And tears.

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When ever I meet you 
I think that my life is only for you 
There is a home in my heart 
Little but enough to love you 

There is autumn in my city 
So I gathered pale leafs for you 
And freshen  them by my tears 
Might I can blossom them for you 

Leaves on road, and withered flowers 
But lo in my eyes, there is a heaven for you 
Life is colorful, it is the world of colors 
But all the colors are faint before  you 

yesterday I catch a butterfly 
And put into a bottle for you 
Today it has die, and told me from sky 
Beauty is, to see, to amuse ,but not for you 


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So Cold

If the sun never rises
Where will you go
Trapped in a world
Of ice and snow

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Rain Drops

Tear drops falling from the sky
Each one has a sad story to tell
Who will listen?
And who will wipe them off their windsheild?
Tear drops everywhere
Ending their lives on the streets
Why do people find their sounds so peaceful?
Each tear drop is a musical note
Playing its own little, sad song
For the people willing to listen

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‘’I believe in Silence’’…

But do I?

What is Silence?

Is it the absence of sound?

Because rarely is there an instance

Of complete Silence…

Of momentary quiet,

Yet always accompanied by the ever-existing ‘’ringing’’…

So what is Silence?

Maybe its just a place in our minds

We lose ourselves in

When we’re so tired

And sick of this world

That we turn to the horrible



Silence inside of us all…

What is Silence?

Is it those moments

While observing ‘nature’

Of wonder


Love for life

And the beautiful Creation around us?

Is this Silence?

What does it matter?

I believe in it,

In the healing of it...

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Still needs some work.

Scattered lights scar
The darkness below,
Marking the past years memories
As I leave it behind.
We fly towards
The sun, now rising through the
Clouds, peeking over,
Welcoming me to
A new Beginning.

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Modern Moon Miss ...

A Mellow, Intoxicant – Moon-Shine
Out of This World – But Orbit’s in Line
Controls The Lunacy- Longing, Just Fine
Heard Howls At The Moon? … It Was Mine…

Not a Lunatic – But Lipse’ – Scientific … Sometime
Like a Space-Kitten, Who just wants to Climb
And Prowl 9 (?) Milky Way Planets, in One Lifetime… Not Nine
And Purr in Milky Moonlight… On My Spine

My Soul is all Aglow… You’re in My sight
And Even, My DarkSide… is Searching Mister… Right ?
I’m and Emotive, Aspiring, Silhouette-Shone, Light
Full … of Faith, Formulas and Moon Flint-Rocks, Bright

So, I’m Not Crazy… But I, Phase… A- R o u n d –  Sense 
… at Least, to Your Grounded, Male-Ego Logistics
yet, I’m Glad, You Still Try To Reach The Moon…
… but Maybe, I’ll Beam “You” Up Scotty !… Soon

… So, Brace Yourself… I Can Bring The Bravado
Pace Yourself… We, Got A Long Way To Grow
Race Yourself… Flash Your Flag… Fly and Follow
Raise Your Rocketship-Ride…    Ready … Set … Go !

… ‘Cause Modern Moon Miss… Miss Ya’… You Know…

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Stuck in winter,
In Cold,
In Death.
The leafless trees
Speak to me,
The wind whistles
A tune in my ear.
Alone in this suffering,
Waiting for someone to
Save me from
My December.

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There’s snow on the ground outside.
The wind is blowing, so cold.
So beautiful but deadly.

In the dark, things lurk and watch.
In the day they hide,
Asleep but not…

The sun shines on the white ground
As it blinds passerby’s.
Couples huddle along admiring the snow
While dark things hide in the shadows, 
Silently laughing at the innocent victims.

At night they come out, staring through the windows
Wishing they could be inside.
The cold outside is too much for humans to bear. 
They run inside, unaware of the beasts and animals that wait outside the door. 

The winter is a time for dead things. 
When trees are asleep and the flowers are hiding.
When false spring creeps up, 
It makes the flowers die. 

People are stuck in their houses because of too much snow or ice.
Frozen in the ground are things we came to love in summer.
Underneath the snow, there is still grass. 
Later when this is over,
It will be exposed and uncovered. 

Less freedom, more snow.
If you stay outside too long, 
You could freeze and no longer be living. 
So deadly, but we still love it. 

Why do we sit in front of a fire and then go out to where it’s cold and dead? 
Would we rather sit in the snow?
Such a strange thing…

Anissa Sapp 
1/21/07 2:54 PM

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Stepping Downwards

Birds chirping roughly on an avocado tree
I curiously look upwards to see what could that noise be? 
Is it a sparrow or a mockingbird? 
It's plump and it has all shades of brown

I'm stepping upwards next to the spiraling, gnarled tree before me
The chirping has stopped this second
Breaking my imaginative ideas and brewing them to ruins 

I'm stepping downwards
Urging myself to walk towards this memorable maze-like place
Where I could feel the wind caress my face

In a meadow of cherished flowers
Making this my solitude 
To sit on a crooked bench and ponder about my frowning attitude

I hear someone steeping below the wall...the safety cliff 
I seem to stand here all stiff
Hearing all the bafflement of my unreal family 

I walk around, 
Inspiration driven through this memorable garden
Endless in its incredible surprises
Leaving me no place to face my demises

Struck by fireworks from the cloudless, fashionable sky
Sitting on a scrawny, dirty chair 
Staring at the ancient tree...wondering how life isn't fair 

How could it bear such fruit or vegetable?
It grows firm and ripe 
Without a flaw...without a stripe
Though I feel that I'm too thin

I walk around, 
Inspiration driven through this memorable garden
Endless in its incredible surprises
Leaving me no place to face my tangled drowsiness 

I must stop stepping downwards 
Into my deep charmed desire 
Though its hoarse and cruel to leave this tangling temptations 

I decide about a decade later
That I really need to take a tightening grasp to hold on to the 
stairway's handlebars 

Hold on for a minute...I hear a cricket beneath the cemented ground 
It leaves the wind to make no ruffling sound 

About a decade later, I realize this cycle goes on and on and on and it 
mixes altogether
We need to be brought up together 
As a family and visit my uncle and grandma

I need to make the decision to step upwards
Make an effort to say my last words:

"I love you all! We'll see you both next month!"

I start the cycle all over again in July 

This time,
I won't fail to do my missions 

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A Dead Rose

The rose grows unbalanced to the right
Because she is deprived of light,

Water is scarce, but when it can run,
The rose soaks it up and leans into the sun,

Her thorns are stunted and endearingly tender,
Though this means they do not have strength to defend her,

Her petals are thin and so easily torn,
Such a delicate flower the bush never had borne,

But far fairer roses selfishly surround her,
And this is how the gardener found her.

So pull out her petals so pretty and pale,
And break off her prickles so fragile and frail,

Then cut off her head and leave her to decay,
Tend the wilier roses and just walk away.

And as her sap weeps as she withers and rots,
The rose is watched smugly by the flowers in their pots,

And as she lies dying in darkness on the floor,
They turn to the sun and lounge in it some more,

And when the rain washes the dead rose away,
The flowers are asleep and have nothing to say.

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Others Take Time

others take time to
blossom, some could no longer
hold the weight of love

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My Rainbow

A modern day illusion A field of forever sunshine, Of forever happiness The sky so blue The air filled with flowers A land to call home Along the horizon a storm Black as emptiness My world was turned around The wind was swift The rain harsh Hail crashed to the ground Rays scattered the clouds The end was near I will shed one more tear A rainbow bright and true Stood against darkness I smile as I run to you Warm and full of joy You hold me dear I am home again

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Beauty of the Maliced-Night Come to me, Wake me up Forlorn I've been for Centuries My heart beckons for the day of the thought of You Glimpsing in my dreams I see you fighting through The Iron-Gate that held me too You ordered my death in such a Beauty-Blinding way How can I refuse? The dust and sand of the desert's wane Has left myself to Blame The lust and land of the Desert's Wane Suffocated me with the forlorn days I've met you my lover I've met you my execution I've met you my Loving Shame I've met you my Salome Salome, Selfish Lover Salome, Gates of Jerusalem hold you In Salome, my Beauty The Dust and Sand of the desert's wane The Lust and Loving Shame Has left Myself to Blame I've Met You My Salome

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Winter's Midnight

The full moon whispers its secrets
To the winter skies,
Telling the dark clouds why its beauty
Is so profound,
The snow drifts eloquently, through
The night it flies,
Till its gently caressed by the frozen
Winter ground,
The trees are frosted with diamonds,
Glinting with the stars,
They stand tall and strong with eyes
As cold as ice,
The south wind covers winter tracks,
Erasing the white scars,
Until north wind blows again,
Ripping another slice,
The full moon encased in silver light,
Over crystal, glows,
Reflecting its prominent purity,
It’s luminescent white,
This exquisite rendition of silence,
Traditional as a rose,
There is no tender beauty like
Winter’s Midnight.

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The Divine

We built ourselves a universe We were the first cause The unmoved mover The grand architect We watched the people from a far As they dwelled in our world They always wonders "why" and "who am I" An answer we did not give Who are the mortal to know About the divine So they made their own Gods and prophets All right; and all are wrong Some stood the test of time But some just couldn't rhyme So they diminished thier delusions in time They fight and deny all other beliefs Why? It makes no sense to us Why all the big fuss? Cant they all be right? And all wrong? Why do they start discord When they worship the ones of concord Now, it is us the first cause The unmoved mover The grand architect Who are meant to ask "why" and "who are we" When all they do is fight more Far from the true truth

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The Best Feeling In The World

The feeling is overwhelming 
Of having the cool breeze brush your face
Just a touch of sun on you
Looking at the ground just thinking one more step
Your almost there you tell yourself 
But really there is still another lap ahead

You don’t give up you just cant
Your tired but have the motivation to stay ahead
Because you know you can do good
Your in shape and feel great

Then you have your team mates too
On the side cheering for you
Wanting for you to do good
Because they know the feeling you are having
They care so you care
They cheer so you cheer
You finally finish good or bad 

It doesn’t matter because you had the great feeling of running
This is our sport
This is Track

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Fall from glory

Cheers to our team. 
They march towards the trophy. 
Our hamlet swelling with pride 
encouraging, supporting, and rooting 
for these young men. 

As they battle with such might 
on a frost covered field. 
Not for victory alone- 
But rare honor, glory, pride, and love 
for their little home town. 

The wins continue to pile up 
like leaves from a fresh raked lawn. 
The autumn nights becoming cooler, the days shorter. 
Yet as leaves, so do tears fall. 
For all seasons must come to an end. 

Thank God another will follow 
Ready for next season 

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Star in the sky

Looking up at that star.
I realize that my life’s not far
Even though the words are untold
Everything’s sucked up in that big black hole

Every minute new ones appear
All that grows is the worlds fear
You were out there all alone
In till they came to give you a home
Now your life is set for now
Just don’t look back at all that’s fowl

On that road toward your dream
I’m happy that you made it further than me
I’ll be watching you day and night
And helping you through life’s fight

Just remember when your time comes
There’s always a spot for you by the sun
There your dream will come true,
You’ll shine like a star just like I do.

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November Skies

The leaves,
--They Change,
Their pigment fading,
From Green to Red, Orange, Yellow and Brown,
Gently falling,
--Is their calling,
To the colder autumn ground,

And as they lay there,
--As they stay there,
Lifeless, dead,
Lying like dirt,
The rousing wind rustles them up,
Making them dance and flirt,

As they’re flying
--and “goodbye”ing
Floating towards
A crimson view,
Showing the November sky,
The autumn’s eternal hue.

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Untitled #269 / On the day I saw evil

On the day I saw evil
I rode my bicycle down to the graveyard at the foot of Concord Hills, 
the very one that I had passed every morning going to school,
returning home in the afternoon, sometimes taking note
but never sparing a second thought
and I walked among the dead, even talked to some of them
as the sun fell below the horizon and their spirits rose again to the surface.
“Turn back,” said the older ones, “You’ve still got youth on your side.
Live your life until God calls you home”
But I couldn’t hear them. I only saw the pale and silent 
ghost of a young lady, my age when she died,
her bud of life trampled before it could ever bloom,
alone at the top of a hill under a willow tree
dressed in a moonlight gown pure as pallid skin.
I sprinted up the hill, screaming “Why? 
Why? Tell me why!”
afraid her spirit would quit this plane
as quickly as her life had left the earth.
Her thin lips formed not a word, but her ashen, unblinking eyes
staring straight to the bottom of my soul
told me all I needed to know.
I left the place and never returned,
for there will be time enough for us to get acquainted
when we are all sleeping together.

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White Rose

A White Rose grows in a bed of weeds,
Spawning bad intentions and evil deeds
Suffocated and soon invaded,
This rose knows what it needs,

For no one thinks a White Rose,
--So pure and serene,
No one thought it did--but it knows what it needs,

A Red Rose sprouts through the cruel concrete,
Stubbornly walking without having feet,
Ironic it seems, holding to it's dreams,
This rose learned how to breathe,

For no one thinks a Red Rose,
--So simple and ordinary,
No one thought it could--but it learned how to breathe,

A Black Rose bloomed in the dark of the night,
Unsung and labeled as an ugly sight,
Neglected and still, solid it's will,
The rose knows how to fight,

For no one thinks a Black Rose,
--So shadowed and wicked,
No one knew it would--but it still bleeds red.

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I hate Spring
I hate Summer
My noes runs
Like a marathon runner

My eyes water
And they're red
My head aches
I need Sudafed

I feel deprived 
Of outdoor fun
For I get an attack
When I see the sun

I had a shot
I still have allergies
All I want
Is not to sneeze

All my outdoor 
Days are gone
Sometimes I even wish 
I could mow the lawn

The worst for me
Is unloading hay
For my allergies last
Throughout the day

During school
I can't concentrate
My eyes hurt so bad
I can't see straight

So with this poem 
I beg Mother Nature please
Can You control 
My Allergies?!

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I Am

I am a cute girl
I wonder why the sky is blue
I hear a star twinkling bright
I see a pig flying far away
I want a '61 Ford Mustang Convertible
I am a cute girl

I pretend I am an adult
I feel likeness for the Lochness Monster
I touch the sun
I worry about dying
I cry when I don't get my way
I am a cute girl

I understand flings don't last forever
I say drugs mess you up
I dream about having a boyfriend
I try to get good grades
I hope someday I will be married
I am a cute girl

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Flowers of Glass

In a field grass

I stood in amazement

Flowers made of glass

Fell to the ground and shattered into a million pieces

The souls of the flowers releases

And the glass disappears

But Agian and again the fears

Of the people watching

They fear the glass that breaks on the floor

So they all stay indoor

But I came out

I was mostly in doubt

Although I was not alone

He was a gentle heart

And his voice had a beautiful tone

He stood my side out in the field

As the flowers came down in a loud crash

I stood there Eyes glazed over

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Falling From Father

I will never be like him.
He will never win.
I don’t drink or get addicted.
I won’t be what everyone predicted.
I am my father’s adversary.
The one with a scar I carry.
I am his nemesis.
The one he beats down with his fist.
We both have the same blood.
We both have been drag to the mud.
I am falling from my father.
Further and further I get because I can’t get far enough away from my father.
I am falling from father.
I am not my father.
My choices I make are for me.
I am me.

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What Life Is...

To me life is a game. 
You have a start,
the rest is your destiny,
throughout that destiny there are adventures, 
throughout those adventures there are experiences, 
in those experiences there are lessons, 
after everything, 
comes an eternal living sleep 

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Day Awakening

The day awakes,
as night breaks,
The dew drys,
with the sun's rise
Flowers open wide,
the scents collide,
The birds sing,
butterflies flap their wings,
The wind blows,
welcoming all hello.

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The night knew no tomorrow
The sky remained dark gray
Until the day that I met you
And you turned my darkness into day

The clouds hung in the air
My heart was filled with rain
And until the day we met
I thought I had nothing to gain

All the leaves had fallen
The grass was never green
You showed me a whole new world
A life I had not seen

The fire deep inside me
Had weakened to a spark
You showed me your light
I'm no longer in the dark

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Untitled #2

The day is nothing but an illusion
A mirage of hope 
that tries to falsely advertise
the beauty in the world
The night is reality
The darkness represents 
the pain and hate 
that makes up life
The sun rises to blind us
And no one seems to mind
Sometimes I wish that
I could be fooled so easily.

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Kiss from the Sun (2005)

There was once a time when I dreaded the sun
All throughout the summer I had no fun
I was hiding in oversized clothes ashamed of me
Couldn’t be the women I wanted to be
I hated everything but the woman I used to hide
I wanted to reach for the inner side
Everyone would look comfortable and great
I had to cover up and conceal my hate
I felt ashamed of my body growing
It was the transition of me and knowing
But now I have grown and the summer is bliss
I run out side for a long summery kiss
I crisp and tan 
I’ll chill out for as long as I can
I’m happy being who I always was deep inside teens
Now the women I am, shines and beams

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Sunset Memories

The love things
Played, by the young hearts 
At fling
On summer’s fool
A crescent of sand dunes 
Thought always there
And we never regret
Nor really forget
The first kiss 
The laughter
The pain
For our myths--
The lovers of the moon
Known to innocent sky
As we see 
Time passing silently
Leaving us, dancing
The sweet memories
Of you and me
The epitome of dalliance 
In the nostalgic orange 
Sunset, at Manila bay

Details | Lanterne | |

Four Lanternes

smiling, too
talking to a

your food
don’t you laugh
don’t you wonder

one with
this feeling
underneath the

your life
be no one else
‘til the day you

Details | Haiku | |

Hybrid Beauty

                                                Black and gold roses

                                                 Not natural in nature

                                                But common in stores

Details | Romanticism | |

Love Etched On Trees

Of evergreens
Of love
For evening skies 
To hold
The paintings 
Of you and me

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Sing me the Stars

Sing me the World,
It's harmony of living,
The essence of humanity
Woven throughout every note,
Sing me the World,
A message worth completing,
The factor of my sanity,
As the melodies will float

Sing me the Sky,
It's vastness of being,
The illustration of limitlessness,
Intertwined in rhythms played,
Sing me the Sky,
A freedom unbelieving,
A composition of such finesse
A soft, sweet serenade

Sing me the Sun,
It's passion of reason,
The impression of leadership,
Humming through the chorus,
Sing me the Sun,
A strength always in season,
A piece of true intensity,
That touches all of us

Sing me the Moon,
It's beauty of compassion,
The rendition of warmth and grace,
Keeping pace in it's glow,
Sing me the Moon,
A magick of darkened fashion,
A work of solitude's embrace,
That began eons ago

Sing me the Stars,
Their radiance of dreams,
The glimmer of our deepest hope,
Vocalizing in it's light,
Sing me the Stars,
A perfection of highest theme,
A distinction of inspiration's scope,
That grace the World at night.

Details | Narrative | |

To the spigot, to the Spider

At sunset one summer evening I stepped outside to enjoy
the summer evening’s sunset and water the garden plants that were
dying in the draught. So I made my way towards the hose spigot at the
back of the house, and as I marveled at 
the purple sunset
a dark writhing Figure appeared before my eyes, eclipsing the sun
and stopping me dead in my tracks.
It was not a dragon. It was not a Ringwraith. It was a Spider, a huge Spider,
busily at work crafting an enormous web two yards across, spanning the forest to 
the bushes,
His labor diligent and instinctual like that of a master craftsman.
There I stood, marveling at Its pained yet natural movements, wondering when
some bird or wasp would descend upon the Thing
and rip out the Ugliness from the otherwise
perfect scene. But when I shifted my point of view
and the Spider no longer tarnished the backdrop of the sunset
I noticed It disappeared into the shadows around It
and would have been invisible to all but the
sharpest of eagle eyes. And as I blustered through an invisible strand of the 
exciting the Demon even further, I knew
that the Thing must go. But how?
I knew how. I would give to It the same thing that I meant to give the garden 
for no terrestrial creature can long withstand the force of water.
So I unscrewed the spigot, marched around the other side of the house to grab 
the hose,
and walked back to the spot where I spotted the Spider.
But in my absence the Spider, too, had taken Its leave
and I wondered if Nature was not made for men 
to marvel at, or if in those moments
Nature does but laugh at us.

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I Love the Rain

I Love the Rain
Because we danced in it together
I Love the Rain
Because it's where we had our first kiss, but most of all
I Love the Rain
Becasue You can Cry in it, and no one would know

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I Want Some Sleep (2004)

I’ve hard all day
3 jobs, Uni and voluntary work, no pay
Run a shop 
I clean and mop
I teach and learn
I smile while I earn
I keep in touch
I want a peaceful night that isn’t much.
I don’t get this at such
I hear snores and giggles
My head spins and wriggles
No consideration for me
I cry and get angry
On my birthday once I asked for some sleep
I don’t see a birthday present that is any cheap

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A Night, With The Stars

We spent the night—
once, in non-verbal talks, from rhythmic 
folk steps in duple time 
to a wild swaying. To enjoy life, 

be totally free. A lover, friends 
and me. Yes, me. I was there, to be with 
them. They wanted loud music and 

the exotic juices of an Agape plant, I 
preferred a peaceful night. Still we 
partied, with the ungentle winds 
and my sentiments. The snapping chimes 

of woods in lit and the boozes took 
us down the field, presenting the earth and 
the sky. I watched the night, with 

drunken eyes. Ah, there were the stars 
and me and the options 
yet decided. The stars easily had it, and I dazedly 
winkled, welcoming them into my world.

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what is love?

What is love that does not look above ?
A bunch of illusion immersed in delusion
What is love that does not look like dove ?
Insanity and infatuation that breed derision.

What is love without sanity obtained? 
Down the lane of pain with hope slain 
What is love without sincerity contained? 
 Inanity cum infirmity that brings stain .

What is love without sights and sounds? 
A bat in reality’s city, bound by nature 
What is love without pride and pounds ?
A cruel culture, nasty nature and vile venture.

Details | Romanticism | |

Love and the night sky

What's up there stars?
What do you behold?
As I lay here, I wish I didn't lay in the cold.
It's not a rememdy for all these scars.
Oh well. The meadow on a starry night is
One poet's dream, (makes me happy thinking of such a theme).
Look and you can see my mistake
Over time. Wha I looked for was predictable, 
Just a good rhyme. 
I miss you, but the possibility of angels
Keeps my anxiey away.
I'm stressed but I know the undeserving 
Thoughts will wash away.
Once upon a time I loved to look at the stars 
That feel so close, yet so far.
Love is untitled, reality is the reason, question, answer.
The twinkle is what I looked for.
Love is but a terrible thing to waste, 
That's why I look at admirable skies.

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Children of the world eat of my worth in this bitter earth.
Open your eyes and see past this descise you put on me with your lies.
What you say is far from true even the words you use to hurt me too.
Why tell me things you know hurt me?
Why are my tears to hard to see?
I feel and have emotions that need notice.
So when you leave me out please remember this.
I know I don’t fit in
Because I let people run over me is my greatest sin.
I’m so desperate for a friend.
I’ll let myself go.
The true me is hard to show 
When no one accepts what they don’t know

Details | Free verse | |


Thorns and petals fall upon the fallen men.
Roses of varying color bury their own eyes.
Pink and Blue. Burnt orange callus over what they feel.
Hidden beyond what they want to be false.
White roses haunt the timid mind.
Uncovering what was true and will never be.
Stained the color red of a life, now gone.
Gracing the street and a cover of a newspaper.
Roses given to a girl, from a boy.
Heart felt intentions to the linen.
Connecting to a momentous letter.
Dried up and sent a million miles.
Only to get returned.
No one reads the broken words of hope.
Roses so beautiful and fulfilling to the bashful.
Only prove to be a gift from failure.
Letting us know.
Never to put faith against our will.
Empty shades of pale black entering the darkness.
Letting in the only color necessary.
Weakening at our knees to see what tears can bring.
Roses falling from the sky in a trip of delusion.
Given up from grace that is unknown.
Intricate traps of words and imagery.
Leaving myself and those others far from bewildered.
Fickle little stems and pollen capsules pollute.
Only the most undeserving.
Torn from their home, now only pretty inside a book.
Dark red from age. 
Not realizing what they have done.
Innocence lost to a childish flower.
To make only ourselves look human.
Picked to be given.
To be thrown away.
Or held captive behind a page.

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It explodes with the force of a volcano,
It sucks with the strength of an undertoe,
It hits with the impact of a freight train,
It is also strong enough to bring rain,
It can summon mountains higher than the sky above,
It's an irresistable power.......called love

Details | I do not know? | |

My Dreamland

Laying in the soft green grass,
Underneath the night sky,
With a big moon and a smile,
With the stars of silver,
There are animals and insects,
Walking around you,
Go around enjoying themselves,
You listen to the nature,
The sounds no one else can hear,
Only you because,
You listen they don't they just look,
You suddenly start to,
Drift away to the soft quiet sounds,
Of the night,
In addition, 
you fall asleep peacefully,
While listening to natures music!

Details | Romanticism | |


When I see the storm clouds coming closer
a smile spreads across my face
I love the chaos and the beauty
of the crashing thunder 
and flashing lightening
I love the sound of the raindrops beating down
As their constant pounding beats away all the filth,
all the dirt,
all the refuse that has built up
I love it as the wind picks up
As the world is cleaned
replenished of all it needs
Then, as soon as it comes,
it’s finished
And I must go back to the doldrums of tranquility

Details | Narrative | |

Fall Creek Falls

Fall Creek Falls and
ripples out and
gives birth to a
million mosses.

Mystical flora 
rises dozens of 
meters around us and
the trees’ whispering 
leaves bestow shade
even as blades of grass
shroud an ant army.

Boulder juts out
side of mountain
Father Time’s
furtive and wrinkled
and weathering
majestic face of granite
broad, turned boldly
against blue sky.

Sticks for hiking zigzag
across trail paths winding
to the cascades, and the falls
underfoot roots and pebbles
around Nature’s blooming 
Springliness. And crossing 
a jungle twine bridge over 
cascades gushing floodwaters.

Mind-numbingly soft
limpid, yet colder than ice
my goosebumps shake
to the pitter-patter water rhythm.

Memories are already desires
in the evergreen tree sea.

Details | Free verse | |


Something does not seem right anymore. 
Waves seem to move away from the shore. 
The alignment of the stars must be wrong. 
I know this is not the way things belong. 
Why does the sun now seem to rise in the west? 
I wake every morning to a feeling I strongly detest. 
The moon no longer shines pale and bright. 
I no longer find comfort in the quiet of night. 
The colors of the flowers seem  faded.
I can not shake this feeling of being so jaded.
The rain no longer seems to refresh the world.
I seem to be only the broken spirit of a girl.
When did the rainbow change to shades of grey? 
Why did you decide to keep me pushed away? 
How do I bring beauty back to all that I see? 
Is there anyway to bring you back to me? 
Perhaps this darkness is all that was meant to be known.
Should I embrace this fate? Was I meant to be alone?

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Moment Of Freedom

Sun shinning brightly
Not a cloud in the sky 
Not a care in the world
Wind gently caressing my face
Feeling as though I could fly
Sun warming my skin 
As I lay
And dream a daydream
Feeling as if were free
Like a bird
Stopping for no one
And being my self.

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Evolution of Night and Day.

Twigs and stems blanket the beautifully adorn.
But with age and time, the carpet and curtains are torn.
We get up to face the morning light.
The sunshine burns bright.
It echoes through your skin and eyes.
Waiting for the tear that dries. 
So, we wait for this to clear.
And sit still until there's nothing to fear.
Toasting to the dangerously mad.
Praying for the depression of the sad.
Eclipsing the moon with our binds.
And even though it's torn, the curtain becomes our blinds.
Hindering us from the harsh glow.
From the summer's heating blow.
Here in our cabin of Earth.
Here is where our imaginations are given birth.
To the minds of the smart.
And the diseased forms of art.
Twigs and stems blend with the beautifully adorn.
And no longer is the curtain torn.

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Down Today

People get me down sometimes.

My buddy isn't talking to anyone now,
All because my best friend had a cow.

My secret is such a shining star..
Probably doesn't even realize I watch it from afar.

My beloved is in the hospital, 
But still thinking of me, (Bless his soul).
All he can say is ,"Ugh."
I only wish I could give him a healing hug.

My honored is finally getting wed!
I regret I can't go as I crawl into bed.

I gaze at the sky so full of tears
For me. The same sky that was so full of cheer.
Even the morning sun with all its glory
Only behols these sad little stories.

I only wish I could do better..
And cover the cold ones with my sweater.

I'm outside and fear the cold night.
I just hope my loved ones are alright.
I just want them to be happy, so to say,
Unlike me (I had a bad day).

Cold nights get me down sometimes.

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Spirals, broken or complete.
Cycles, beautiful and lighting the street.
Fire and ice.
Inaccurate or precise.
Things change, they mutate.
Good or bad, they all relate.
Demons or Cherubs, they all connect.
All having the same aspect.

Affecting the way we see things.
Changing what sadness brings.
Rejoice in the rain.
Forget and confront your pain.
Nothing can stay the same.
The past came.
Let it reflect, not control.
Let it be in your heart, not your soul.

Spirals, full or torn.
Cycles, leaving us forlorn.
Ice and fire.
Hate or desire.
Things will always grow.
It's the way the energy will flow.
We're all linked together.
From the Earth to the weather.

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City Creek

The fingertips graze the mirror.
Liquid and silver.
The pressure leaves ripples against the glass.
Fracturing the fragile reflection.
Another life space continues beneath.
Yet unaffected by the presence.
Skimming and skimming.
But never reaching inside.
There's no need to harm it.
The stream of water, so pure.
No agenda to destroy what isn't theirs.
The nails turn over to feel the cold.
Flowing and clean.
Gentle touch of jagged rocks.
Tentacles of dying kelp.
In the middle of this river.
Feeling of life and silence.