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Narrative Wife Poems | Narrative Poems About Wife

These Narrative Wife poems are examples of Narrative poems about Wife. These are the best examples of Narrative Wife poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Granny Panty Annie, the Tranny

Lemme tell ya' about a
*ding-bat skit-zo 
bee-hotch* tranny
named Annie...

I met her one night 
under disco lights 
up at Candies

She was 
starin' at me
grittin' her teeth
aimin' ta' see 
if I wanted a piece
of he 
of she 
by way of flashin' granny panties

She was
shootin' pool
actin' a fool
so I 
took a shot
and one tiny glance 
but got caught

So I
lit up a smoke
and tried to play it off cool
but it was too late
she had pulled up a stool

She slurred,
"Hey young felluh, where ya' been all my life!"

I replied, 
"Sorry to burst yir' bubble, but I got a wife!"

"That don't matter kid, what she don't know won't hurt the girl" 
as she fisted my collar and yelled, "I'LL ROCK YIR' WORLD! Annie the Tranny is what they call me. Bet you been wanted ta' bone me since you first saw me!"

Fear and frustration danced on my face
I begged the bouncer to 
"Get this he/she outta the place!"

My pleas were to no avail, 
and that sea donkey lurked hot on my trail
flailin' it's arms and grindin' bar stools with it's tail

Speakin' of tails...
a shiny blue wale tail crept up her back
Her jeans were mean, but couldn't hold her underwear's elastic slack
but at least it beat feastin' eyes upon her crack
then she... 
wrapped her grimy hands around my neck and asked, 
"You n' me, boy, what the heck!?!"

I screamed,
"Look here lady, you seem real nice for a tranny;
ya' see...
ya' need 
to hit the bricks,
and yir' Granny Panties!"

At that point the joint started to really heat up
people were glarin' like they really wanted me beat up
I can't recall how the hell I got out of there 
alive and free
it was like a big manly freight train
headin' dead at me

I'm pretty sure I owe the good Lord a big favor
that beast was the devil
and Jesus was my Savior!

It's a night I thought would never end... 
the night at Candies Bar n' Grill
Granny Panty Annie got a thrill 
tryin' to make me her sexy friend!!!

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EVE will remain with ADAM -Chris D A


My husband Chris Adams always wines and dines me.
In the most expensive places one can eat.

Arriving in LIMO style.
Waiting upon the waiters greet.
Viewing the menu I reply, "Hun I am ready to order."
1 T-bone steak, fully cook the meat.

At our table, walked a gorgeous snake eyed women.
Who leaned over my husband's seat
Approaching my Chris with a big wet kiss.
I stomp my husband on his feet.
Giving him the look when I get pissed.
She slithers with her tongue into my Adams ear and whispers 
 "Later, go to that hotel where we always meet"
With one stare I yell, "Chris how could you cheat!"
"I had enough, I want a divorce MR.ADAMS!"
Slapping him in the moment of heat.
He replies, "She is my mistress Bath-Sheba my dear EVE!"
"I do not love her my sweet."
"I understand if you want a divorce!" Mr. Adams replied.
"Remember, no more furs, luxury suite, Winters in Barbados,
 Summers in Tuscany."
"Infinity or Lexus, and first class plane seats."
"Forget about the Yacht Club."
"Party by the swimming pool of one hundred feet."
"It is up to you my Kitty Skat Eve to give it all up."
"You decide if these diamonds you want to keep."

Without thinking of taking a leap.
I see Mr. Adams business partner Cain with a Jezebel in his arms.
I ask my husband Chris in a small peep. 
"Do not tell me that Cain commits Adultery to?"
"Cain's blond looks really cheap, as if she works the street."
"Well, our mistress is prettier, and looks real sweet."
"Honey our mistress Bath-Sheba is worth the keep."
"Mr. Adams tonight you can call me Steve and not Eve,
 What ever it takes to satisfy your needs, and my gold lust!"

(The moral of the story is what some Eve's  will do to keep their investment,
 I mean Adam's.) A joke and dedication to the most blunt Poet
 Of the soup, Chris D. Aechtner 
For THE Eve in Eden* (Contest) *

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The Wedding

Wedding Night in Raqqa



Cyclonic violet vision


Etheral and immortal


She swirls her sand baked torso.


Evoking the initial collision of primordial seed,


Swathed in gossamer purple veils,


Writhing to the stomping and clapping


Of jeweled ankles


And henna stained hands.


The tribes have united for my wedding to their son.


I ,foreign and naive, swoon to the power


Of ancient rhythm and verse,


Ripe, fertile gestures,


Pregnant with  throbbing pulses


And scattered beats of flailing arms,


Bleating tongues, spinning robes.


A cacophony of incessant chant rose from the dancing women,


Growning louder, feverish in their pleasure


And the nearness of release.


I join in the dancing.


They swath me in voiles and lead me to the center


I dance, and I succumb to my wedding night in Raqqa.

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Four Hours of Eternity - 3

I woke to the sound of sizzling bacon, the aroma of fresh baked Muffins and my Beautiful Lenore in her bright green Teddy. "Nubbies", I said, "what time is it." Lenore said" for You it is 3:30P.M., June 27th, 2013. You are in the O.R. at Dartmouth Hospital. For me it is time to bring YOU to Eternity for a short time."What are You talking about; Baby." I died last night before we had time to go to the Bridal Suite. I do not want You to go through that pain again. Please come with me to the railing on the starboard side of the ship."Below the shuffle board deck?""Nubbies, just
trust me." As we walked outside, I noticed there was no air,no breeze, no sea lapping against the side of the boat, the sun seemed pasted in the sky. Where is Mom and Dad;where's my Ma, Where is everybody? Harry we are frozen in time, for last night and today; never happened for you. I asked the Lord to give us this time together. I was 3 months pregnant when I said "I DO" I want you to see JoAnne Naomi Grow up. Now
 Full Moonlight Stand on the railing with me and when I say 3; Jump. 1, 2, 3. You would think we would plummet into the Caribbean Sea, but we splashed into the Full Moon. The sun was warm,the birds sat on my shoulders, singing a song of Life Forever. The Peace, Serenity and Tranquility was unearthly. I then saw GOD and the Son of Salvation hugged me and in a Mezmerizing Voice said Welcome Home.
                                   To be Continued 
I want to apologize to those of YOU who are punctuationally  bound to Poetry I do not know how to punctuate people talking. I know I'm suppose  to use "" marks Sorry I LOVE YOU ALWAYS and FOREVER YOUR Liege...Harry

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A Dark Man

         This piece is dedicated with love to J.E. Gauthier, Jr. Active addict and father. 
Only by the grace of God may he be saved from the error of his ways.

 For years a dark man walked through a seemingly revolving door
 Steadily leaving his wife and kids as he searched for something more
 Occasionally calling home every now and again
 In his voice they could hear the taint of black sin
 Back then life on the road meant drugs money and women far as the eye could see
 He said he'd never look back 'cuz he was born free
 Life grew emptier as he grew older
 The drugs grew heavier as his heart grew colder
 His four children left behind with no place to call home
 From day one they made it in this world alone
  For years a dark man walked through a seemingly revolving door
 Steadily leaving his wife and kids as he searched for something more
 Occasionally calling home every now and again
 In his voice they could hear the taint of black sin

 Every few years he'd arrive unannounced offering money and a hug
 All while using the garage to hide his drug
 His spitting image could smell his guilt a mile away
 She rolled her gloomy blue eyes in unison with every false word he had to say

 Today his girls are grown raising girls of thier own
 December came and went
 February turned to Lent
 On a stormy midnight he still turns to his blue eyed spitting image
 As the clouds clear she is again lost in the scrimmage

 She lies awake with a bottle of wine in hand
 On her mind weighs a dark man
 His ways make him lonely and lost
 Yet to her death she will fight for him at all costs

  For years a dark man walked through a seemingly revolving door
 Steadily leaving his wife and kids as he searched for something more
 Occasionally calling home every now and again
 In his voice they could hear the taint of black sin

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Death Of The Saints

A cousin called the other day saying "Another cousin has passed away".

Well my husband said "How old was she.""


A stalwart woman who had served family and community well. Producing one child that 
became a missionary serving in a foreign land..

While talking the cousin asked "Did you know ______"?

My husband answered, "Well, I don't think that I knew them".

The cousin proceeded to tale this story.

"The man had been down with cancer for a while and passed recently..The funeral had been 
conducted and the hearse had gone on to the cemetary..The family car with the family was 
not to far behind..But when it pulled up, the wife of the deceased did not get out and the 
funeral home staff was gathering around..The funeral home director decided to go see what 
was going on ...."

The cousin said, " That this funeral home director told him". "That he had been in this 
business for thirty-five years and faced something that he had never had happen to him or 
any other funeral home director that he knew."

The funeral home director said, "When I got to the family car, I found the wife of the 
deceased had passed from a massive corornary."

She had said, "I don't know how I will live without him." She didn't have to learn. God called 
her home..

The roosters crow, the crows craw and are answered by the gobble of the turkey across the 

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The Feeling of Being Underwater

Looking at his house
He sees nothing special
A pile of wood and sheetrock 
Bigger than others
But he owes more than it’s worth
His house is underwater
A term he doesn’t understand
In real speak the house belongs to the Bank
To the brokers and the lawyers.

Wanting a piece of the American dream
He misrepresented himself
Taking crumbs from the table 
So to speak
Fudging a number here
Adding a zero there
The smart money said it was alright
Don’t worry they told him
Everybody’s doing it.

He and his wife were barely making it
Hoping just to hang in there
Things would get better
They kept telling themselves
But it was too good to be true
The economy went south
Things went wrong
Lost a job
The bills piled up
He and the wife stopped talking
Broke, he feels pushed aside.

There are two sides to every lie
And in this one
There’s a bill somewhere
That’s long overdue
And so my friend
It will have to be paid by me and you.

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A Woman's Worth

A Woman’s Worth
By Nate Spears

Her purpose in this world is hurting
She’s never been a designed of perfect
But she is a mom, so she’s super
She works
She cleans
Then roll up her sleeves ; and
Take care of the kids; and
The house 
Making it a home
For a beautiful family to roam
Building wonderful memories
Becoming a woman of worth
Keeping her faith through Christ
Keeping her pace through health
Keeping her sanity through managing
This is a woman’s worth 
I’m giving you

Despite of all the stress 
She receives her family with open arms
Through all the mess
She’s a fantastic mom
A wonderful woman 
Deserving a round of applause
Plus a standing ovation
For always being an American sensation
That held this continent down since day one
Since the Plymouth Rock landed on us
Thank you for her giving
Thank you for her living
Thank you for her children
This is ,
A woman’s worth.

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I cry for you

The tears I shed are not tears of pain but of grief for you my love. As life would have it or fait at least; you lost at what could have been. Really what should have been!
I know what you truly deserve and it's not me or the poor background of which I've come from. Your friends have managed to find wives with wealth and retirement. While all you can do is carry the load as you always do.
Do not think for an instant my heart isn't hurting; knowing I'm not good enough, never have been, and never will be. I can never catch up in life and will never be an equal. At no time is this far from my mind.
I used to think love was all that mattered but now I have grown up and realize how much more there is to life. A fine line drawn in the sand from the beginning has set us apart and down separate paths. Together yet not as one; this was never to be for our lives were directed by poverty and riches.
Was I selfish to want you? I did not understand then as I do now. Now knowing what I know, I cry for you my love. You could have carried on finding that special one to share all of you with. No lines drawn, no poverty or riches to separate. No tears shed or grief knowing ones' not good enough!
What's ahead as each day passes I wait to see. God has a plan, everything happens for a reason. A new job with more money, yet not even this erases the line. Not for my life of such little means even this can't bind a heart set on a different path?
Debbie Knapp

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A Sad State Of Affairs

He robbed a bank,
His armpits stank,
He ran a scam,
He screwed a lamb,
He is a drunk,
He has a pet skunk,
He cripples nuns,
He stole some funds,
He spits on graves,
He owns some slaves,
He cheats on his wife,
He kills kittens with a knife,
He pissed on a pew,
He laughs at me and you,
He is a politician.

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To My Dearest Most Only Beloved

 My Dear Precious Pearl,LENORE, I know it has only been a week since last I Wrote.
 Today I write to whisper my words of LOVE in your milky white ear.  
I have created a hybred Rose for YOU. A Purple Lavender 
the colour of Clover,as the field where we first we knew each other. 
A Rose the colour of Royalty,and Spirituality. I watered it daily with my tears of LOVE. 
I sang songs of yesteryear that fell on deaf earthly ears, Yet she Bloomed 
as the opening of arms longing to be hugged by YOU; My unforgettable  beating of my forlorn  Heart,the rythm of the melody. As I stroked the silky softness of the Petals,I dream, of spooning; of holding your tender warm teat in my hand; 
of burying my face in the nape of YOUR neck.Resting in the unforgettable Joy of LOVE FOREVER and ALWAYS through the Eons of Eternity.
   The Purple Lavander Rose flourishes at the Entrance of YOUR Eternity - My Eternity. 
She is the symbol of my Never-Ending LOVE for YOU. May her fragrance appease YOU 
and our God; until I entwine with YOU and "HE" for the Eons of Forevermore. 
My Heartbeats are YOURS until again we meet in the shade of the Garden of Eden. 
     Inspired by the Contest : " LOVE Letter "- Free Verse
    Dedicated to " Heather Ober " Sponsor of said Contest

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LOVE Conquers All - Scene 3

Scene 3 - Easy Rest Adult Care Fascillity - Harry's Room

     "Do you know this Young man; Harry?" Yes his name is Kenny. "Where did you meet him?" We went to School Together. "What was the name of the School?" It was umm, I don't recall. " You see Mr. Potter he can't place Faces to his past. He may recognize your face but does not know Why or where. Let's go down to the office now, You can sign the intake papers. "NO no! Chef who won the World Series in 2004??" " World Series that's Baseball right, I should know this, was it the Yankees or the Cardinals??" Mr. Potter you told me yourself ; if he doesn't remember the 2004 World Series then he should be committed" " Chef please Think: surely You haven't forgotten "Ma Rock, Barbara Jean, Liz, or YOUR LIFE, Your Existence, Your FOREVER, Your Wife LENORE"
Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock Time stands still for no one, but memories of Time, are never buried 
"Ma Rock, finally a Mother that LOVED Me. Barbara Jean Gorelick, the Woman that Holds my Heart, the POETESS that healed my Broken Heart, Liz, my best student in 12 + years
of teaching, She died in a car accident 2 months before Graduation. LENORE my Most Only beLOVEd, soon we shall join as ONE with our GOD. Dr. Mendelsohnn I'm going Home Where I can be With All I LOVE"

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Blackstone Park

My wife and I 
Visited our daughter and her husband in tiny Rhode Island
Newlyweds living in 
The city of Providence and hope
We got up early Saturday
Feeble ray of light
Barely touching the horizon
Dense purple void below
Adventure in her voice
Wife said
Let’s wander  
The house is quiet
And the kids are still asleep.

We walked through a cold morning
Not far but just enough
For the houses behind us to disappear from view
Ahead we saw
Tall trees
Hidden behind them a river called the Seekonk
Native American
For Black Goose
Getting closer we found a winding a path
She gave her hand to me
As we walked through a quiet place
Of brown leaves, bare trees
Here and there patches of green grass
Surviving a chilly Fall
 Further and further
We went
Off in the distance we saw a lonely figure
And on the river
People rowing 
Strangers smiled
Read an old weather beaten sign
That welcomed us to Blackstone Park 
Stopped near the water’s edge
Looking down
To a tide that had run out the night before
Exposing a thin sand
Imagination believing
Each tiny grain
Was a person, place or thing.

We returned
To meet two sleepy faces
Daughter anxiously asked where we were
Silly Children, my wife replied
Your parents were never lost.

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Quiet Walk Through Town

Where I live 
The land slopes downward
Towards Merrick Road
Inviting me for a walk.

Stopping at a corner
I hear my name
Turning around 
I say hello
To a neighbor
We exchange pleasantries
No need to say anymore
And I continue on my way.

My wife and I have roots here
Passing my daughter’s school 
I remember that July
When fathers,
And office workers alike,
Toiled under a hot sun
Working together
To build a playground.

Near the park
I coached my son’s soccer team
Families came to watch
Their children run like the wind
Memory tells me
It was a good season.

On nearby streets
I helped neighbors 
With routine chores 
Lifting and pushing the unmovable
Shiny things for a kitchen
Or for the room upstairs
Odds and ends
We call possessions

My wife worked close by
To be home
When our children 
Stepped off the school bus 
Our house ran under
Her watchful eye
A job never done.

In return we are known here
And I take every opportunity
To walk through a quiet town
As early evening
On everyone and everything.

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The Hat - Part 1

Travelling on the road for business gets old fast.  The inside of one hotel room starts to look the same as another in any town you name.  When you travel by yourself it becomes even more mundane.  Customers, clients and/or prospects all have their own after-work lives waiting for them and seldom include you in their plans.  So, as you depart at the end of the business day you are on your own, in a strange town.

You do get used to exploring cities, towns and suburbs on your own.  You figure out how to avoid always eating in the hotel restaurant and you master the art of dining alone.  For men like Josh, that usually meant eating at the restaurant bar.  Even though he seldom ordered a beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages, the bartenders were always a willing party to chat with and enjoy some semblance of human interaction.

On this particular occasion, the trip was even more difficult than usual because Josh was having trouble at home with his wife.  Whereas, some may think it a blessing to remove yourself from the situation, it just made Josh feel even more lonely not being able to talk to her to try to work things out.  So, after putting on his happy and buoyant work-face all day to keep the customer satisfied, Josh donned his fedora and walked out the front doors of the high-rise office complex onto the crowded and lonely city streets.

The fedora was a relatively new addition to Josh’s wardrobe.  Not many men wear fedoras any more.  Josh’s wife thought he would look good in the hat and surprised him with it as a Christmas present six months ago.  Josh was still getting used to wearing the hat, but received many compliments on his appearance while wearing it.

Without even bothering going back to his hotel room, Josh slowly strolled around the city streets lost in thought about the situation with his wife and wondering how they might resolve the loss of passion, the loss of caring and the loss of love in their relationship.  Finally, he stepped inside the doors of an enticing pub to get himself some dinner.

The bar in this particular establishment had plenty of stools available to pick from.  Josh sat down on one and placed his fedora on the empty stool next to him.  On this evening, Josh started off by ordering a beer.

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We met in Heaven and  hung in freedom

Laying in fields of clover and joy

Just thoughts and unable to express our love

You were wonderful and I called you Beauty


God met with us and readied

You will go where I send and wait

I had forgotten you until prayer

It was then I heard you calling


I saw you in my dreams and danced again

Tried to recall but there were no answers

I picked you and you picked me

But it was cloudy there


Your eminence diminished and the shining

We promised to wait until GOD sent his signal

And I waited at the crossroad

My lovely came to me and whispered

Well met

I saw you walking across the lawn

You caught me and the photos

My heart was full and the snapping and flash

I remembered and thanked God

My lovely

The wedding came and love

The rice was thrown but you

Always you and your warm hands

The heart which I waited took


We were well met

But we had to go our separate

It wasn't convenient

Silently and moving

Love was placed in the freezer


Return to me

Our love can be thawed

We can baste and nurture

You bring the best of me


And the leaves crushed

Water boiling and rolling

Only the finest China

We were freshly brewed

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God's will, not mine

“I’ve always honored and admired the strength of our men and women in combat” 
But saying ‘thank you’ always seemed kind of trite, how could I show my true 

I’m just an ordinary man, nothing to brag about just a guy in the crowd
But one day special, no, it was more than just that. God called upon me to where a 
different hat.

Driving down a road in search of camping site, I stumbled upon a ranger’s station 
that offered some light. He showed us a map, and told us of wonderful camping, 
amenities galore a true camper’s delight.
For a mere certain price, we could get a sight for the night. Insulted at thinking of 
having to pay to enter God’s country, I humbly said ‘Thank you, maybe another day’. 
My wife could see that something was amiss, we returned to the car and she asked 
what was wrong. I told her I didn’t know, it wasn’t the money, just something wasn’t 
right, let’s move on
We headed back toward the town we’d just left, when a big white truck went flying 
on by, we could see two young men, shouting and hooting… I remember thinking “ I 
remember those days”
We watched as the truck went over the hill then a crash and a bang, and a flurry of 
dust. Let’s turn around and see what has happened. We got to the scene and a 
crowd was standing around. The truck had flipped over, and smoke was everywhere. 
I noticed quite oddly, no one was helping out, like a crowd in a circus just watching a 
freak show. I looked at a man and said, “Are you just going to stare?” What can I 
do? I don’t know how to help. I walked to the victims and immediately saw; these 
men were in trouble and needed my help.  My wife was still in the car and I told her 
to get out, ‘get the first aid kit and follow me quick.’ The first guy was sitting in the 
middle of the road, not a shirt on his back, and a wound that was deep, exposing the 
bone. Alert to my questions I asked if he was okay, “I can’t find my girl” she was with 
me today. My wife came from behind and noticed the boy. “Oh my god, he looks like 
our son” I told her to stay with him, don’t let him drift off, or he’ll be done.

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When I looked into your eyes
for the first time
I saw a couple of clouds,
two swans
and a garden in color.
You then closed your eyes, ...
Desperation took hold of my heart ...
My palms sweated,
My body froze
and my senses became airborne.
That's when I saw your eyes open
an emotion took over me
I became a child, adolescent and illuminated
My eyes turned fires
my hands were complements of your arms
My lips were your lips.
My life became his
when we said "yes"
till death do us part.

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Female Companion

                                                     She is so typical
                                                           So critical
                                                   For most part difficult

                                   I never really could grasp her in such way
                                       She just wants me to some how stay
                               She comes to my man cave and makes me obey

                                          Shy she was and now I am scared
                                              In such way I almost cared
                              She thinks she can do everything for me I swear

                         She makes me guess everyday but I keep on believing
     Because it is fun to give her a kiss, while she does not know when she is sleeping
                She stresses out but I will tell her my love for her keeps deepening

                So for the most part I just keep her close to make her smile and me
                                When I do things I do it for her it is always a key
            Call me romantic or call me stupefied, but it makes her so, so, sooo, happy

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Lest Ye Be Judged

Two men were standing in a public park hugging each other, with their heads lying on each other’s shoulder.

A man and his wife passed nearby saying:  “You guys make me sick.  Just because you won the right to get married doesn’t mean you have to flaunt your abhorrent behavior in front of everybody else.  Take it to a room and get your disgusting sin out of my face.”

The two men broke apart, said something to each other and then walked in different directions; one slowly away from the couple who had spoken and the other towards the couple.

As the man approached the sneering couple with contempt in their eyes and hatred in their hearts, he gently said: “That man just received word that he has terminal cancer and has less than one year to live.  He is not sure if he has the strength to tell his wife and children his sorrowful news.  I am his priest and was merely trying to comfort him.  You two need to re-evaluate your feelings toward your fellow man”. 

He walked away with a tear in his eyes, for several reasons.

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Four Hours of Eternity - Part 1

 There was four of us hooked up to I V's in the preparation room. Sebatian was a young boy in his early teens; What are you in for I asked. I got hit by a car while riding my bike
they are going to amputate my legs at the knees. My heart cried. Fred said: I'm here for a triple bypass. Betty was in for the removal of a lump in her breast. I pray it is benign she said. What are you in for Harry? I'm getting a new stomach.
 How come you guys are getting one drip every 30 seconds and I'm getting two? I asked. What time are you scheduled for surgery, Fred asked. 1:00 o'clock! Your the first to go, I'm scheduled for 1:30 and Sabatian and Betty go at 2:00. Really, I said they told me it would be a 3 or 4 hour operation. Fred laughed; they have more than one o r's in the hospital. 
  At 12:45 the nurse came in.Talking had ceased between the patients. Mr. Johnson Aren't you sleepy? NO! I'll be back in a couple of minutes she said. Ut oh said Fred. What
does that mean. Your going to leave as soon as the nurse comes back. When the nurse came back she took the I V out and with the biggest syringe known to man she poked me. Now Mr. Johnson could you count backwards from 100. Sure I said; 100, 99,(the lights seem to get brighter) 98,(the hum of the lights became whispers) 97,(everything went to slow motion) 96,(my voice became low and slow) 95,(Lenore held my hand) ninety-fou---

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A poetess once told me,
"Power shifts balance all the time
Empires crumble
Wealth and greatness shades too.
The only prosperity you can bed forever is love."
So i married her.

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Congratulations -- DADDY --

It was late when I finally rollover into a Dream
She was Young, She was Pure: She was Beautiful
I danced up behind her; I feel Her long flowing, Auburn Hair
She turns around and says, “Are You He? ”Are You DADDY”
“I am Joanne Naomi Johnson”. “ I see Lenore in YOUR Face”
“Your Eyes, more Hazel; than Green” ”Come on, let’s go Home”
“ Mommy’s been expecting You for an Eternity. “You should Know!”
“Mommy, Mommy; He’s here, Daddy is Home; show him Your Poem“
My Heart skipped a beat as She Opens Heaven’s Door : My LENORE
                                 “  M  Y    L  E  N  O  R  E “

                                    ~ To Be Continued ~

                    Inspired by ~ Mr. Robert Joseph Adams
                      Dedicated to All who Believe in LIFE

                        Please Read "About This Poem"

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Random Refurbished

Awake all night searching .

I returned to me and found.

We seek each other but keep looking.

Think about the past but its  finished.

I'm back with a slow coldness that most dream of.

But I withdraw  and  calm myself.

Once more I glance at your memory which helps.

In those memories I see you and the silence.

With risk  I leave you there and my pride.

What future do I have without them.

Crying out to God I leave him as well.

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The Hat - Part 2

Josh’s drinking days were long behind him.  The three beers he drank before ordering his meal; the two beers he drank during his meal; and, the two Bailey’s he consumed after his meal had taken their effect on the middle-aged man.  He talked incessantly to the bartenders, bothered the two young ladies who sat at the bar a few stools away and staggered back and forth to the men’s room a dozen times.

Finally, reluctantly, after many hours had passed, Josh paid his tab, leaving a generous, alcohol influenced tip and wobbled out the door.  Not sure which direction to go to return to his hotel, Josh simply started off down the street, still thinking about his wife.

How much time passed is unclear, but he was many blocks away when he suddenly realized he was not wearing his fedora.  Josh did an about-face and tried to retrace his steps to the bar and bar stool where he knew his hit sat waiting for him.  Josh walked into and out of a number of bars he mistook for the one he dined in.  Although he was fooled by the outside facades, once he stepped in, he knew it was the wrong bar.  

When Josh finally stumbled upon the bar that he recognized as the one he had dined in, it was closed and the doors were locked.  It was 3:00 am.

Tears came to Josh’s eyes.  Josh felt as if losing the hat his wife had given him was a harbinger of the end and he was not ready to reach that point.  Josh simply had to retrieve that hat.  He had to get his wife back.  Somewhere, deep down in his drunken soul, Josh mustered up the strength to lift the city trash can from the corner of the street and smash it through the large glass window in front of the bar – he was oblivious to the alarms that started blaring.

Josh managed to crawl into the bar through the broken window unaware of the glass shards cutting his wrists, stomach and throat.  The moister from the blood simply mixed with the moister from his sweat.  The numbness and anesthetic nature of the abundance of alcohol he was not used to masked the extent of his injuries.

When the police arrived on the scene, Josh was found in the darkness, clutching his fedora at the foot of the stool where he had eaten his dinner.

Josh’s wife received the phone call later that morning announcing his passing.

He was buried with the fedora.

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What I owe

It is my belief that the amount of debt that I have incurred during my long journey thru this life can never be fully repaid by a mortal man such as me. How much can it be?

One debt that I owe that I can never adequately repay is the love and understanding of my cherished wife who has shared her life with me. 

What amount can be assessed, matter not what the endeavor, matter not the task, this wife of mine is always there to assist, never complaining while shouldering more than her share of the load?

How do I know an amount to be levied or know what I owe for the four beautiful children that she bore and shepherd through their early life and seen them on their way? 

I have nothing to pay to cover the debt of seeing these same children that I am proud to call my own, become strong productive members of our society now with children of their own.

What amount is now owing for the pleasure that I see as I watch how well these grandchildren have made a start on their own families, lives and careers as they move toward future years?

What amount do I owe for the gift of this life that has been given to me by the generations that have gone before, that allowed me to be born into this land of the free?

What is my share of the debt owing to the young men and women that serve in our military and fight and die for us each day as others have done before, yet thankfully I personally have never had to experience the horrors of a war?

What is the value of my place upon a land of plenty where in this life I have never known real hunger or lacked for medical care in my time of need or longed for just a spark of hope?

What do I owe for the sights that I see as I gaze at the mountains, rivers and the sea that spread out before us all as we travel across this land?

I know that these debts cannot be paid in mere monetary terms but only by showing my deep appreciation and a heartfelt “thank you” while explaining to all how much they all have meant to me?

Conveyance of this message hopefully may help to render full payment and hopefully settle the score. I can only hope that will be the case.

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New Years Eve in the ER

The doctors and nurses in the Emergency Room prepared themselves for the 
longest night of the year – New Year’s Eve going into New Years day.

As morbid as it may be, they even had a pool going to guess the time of the first 
alcohol related incident to come into the ER.  He had 11:30.  The clock showed 
11:00.  All was quiet, except for the broken leg in pod 1 as the result of a young 
man falling off of a ladder putting up New Years decorations.  This patient had not 
even started drinking yet.

They heard the sirens in the distance as the radio call came in announcing two 
ambulances were on their way with victims from a car crash – 11:15, Nurse 
Thompson’s entry in the pool.

Dr. Sampson took the first patient, a 30-ish man, conscious with blood streaming 
from his head.  The smell of alcohol was prevalent.  His patient was a young woman 
on a respirator with IV’s already in place.  Walking beside the rolling stretcher was 
her husband, holding her hand, tears running down his face as he said, “We were 
on our way here.  Her water broke at about 10:00.  This guy ran the red light and 
slammed right into us.  Is she going to be okay?”

An ER social worker took the husband to a waiting area as the doctor began barking 
out orders to nurses and attendants in assistance.

The drunk driver, of course, would be okay – for some reason, they usually always 

The husband and would-be father sat sobbing as police officers led the offender out 
of the hospital and into their waiting patrol car.  No word yet from the team working 
on his wife and child.

He heard fireworks from outside the window in the waiting area and could hear a 
few, “Happy New Years” being shared by doctors and nurses in the hallways.  

New Years was also welcomed in in the Central Time Zone, Mountain Time Zone and 
Pacific Time Zone before the doctor walked out to meet the husband in the waiting 
area.  The look on the doctor’s face said it all.  The social worker joined them as the 
doctor simply said, “I’m sorry.  We could not save your wife – but your son is doing 

The news crew that was at the hospital to report on the first baby born in 2011 
decided to cancel their story.  Nurse Thompson did not collect the pool money.   The 
father was led to a room in the maternity ward where he fed his new son formula 
from a bottle.

Maybe, just maybe, someone will read this story and schedule to have a cab take 
them home from the New Years Eve party and this story can remain a fictional tale.  

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As evening sets in.I'm thinking of you.

I smell then see you.A voice talks to my heart.

Finally it's time.

He speaks silently and assured.

And I am wrapped in warmth.

Almost time.

I see those eyes.  Is she  the one.

I can breath. Feed me and hold.

Dinner time.

I see you walking towards me.

Your  black dress  is your shield.

You carry with pride and your voice as well.

Recognizing it I gasp. We  both see.

Those lovely words and arrowed.

Reunited we dance our favorite song.

The sun is rising and I'm thinking of you.

We danced again holding as we had before

Timed perfect.

As evening sets in I see you brush a wisp of hair back.

You who I waited for since God first prodded me.

It is time.

We're older now not as fast.

The love can run and does.


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Bond by the soul

I once thought that I knew what happiness was like, but I was mistaken. Forwhy I have found how it does feel to be really happy, truly happy, nothing fleeting, only last night.

In the night when she came to me, in my cave made of barred windows and closed curtains, locked doors and dimming light, where is always almost dark, light shone and life flowed into me when she smiled and blissful words were said by her. A night of wonders when I sought her arm across the bed and I held her hand as she held mine, the exchange of looks was the bonding of our souls.

The intertwining of our fingers, the strength of our grasp as if to never let go, made me realize that I was no longer alone, that I have found my place, a purpose, a home inside her heart to bath forever into her soul and warmth.

As my eyelids brought dark to my sight, I have seen ourselves in the Future, together. She and I. Now, to grow old by her side is my only wish from what is left of this life, to make this glimpse of the Future a truth is what I have to live for.

When they see us, they may see two people, yet, we will be just one for we are bond to the soul. She and I. I love you.

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A Failing Romance (Pt. II)

     (She hugs her man...)
I'm not gonna let my intuition 
Rule my judgement on this
"Hey baby, I missed you so much.
How was your flight???"
     (He sighs and looks into her eyes...)
I can't lie to this woman
I mean I am her first love
"It was fine dear, thanks for asking,
But I'm really tired."
What am I going to do about her??
     (His eyes dart between the two women...)
God, please help me make a desicion.
     (His mistress looks at him...)
Is this man serious??
I thought he was single,
I knew my intuition was telling me right
I just hope his wife doesn't notice
     (The mistress extends her hand to the wife...)
"Hi, I'm Jenny. Alex has told me
So much about you."
     (The wife...)
I knew it. This man is out his mind
If he thinks I'm going to stand for this mess.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Pat. And I'm sorry
But he didn't mention you.
     (He's sweating bullets...)
"Um, yes dear. This is someone 
I just met on my trip." 
He was stuttering, a dead giveaway
     (The wife looks at him then the mistress...)
To the both she says,
"So ya'll have been playing house,
Behind my back,
Been sneaking around
Thinking you weren't leaving tracks.
Well honey I got news
I already knew
I found her number in your pocket
Saw the makeup on your clothes
But don't worry I'm not mad
Your clothes are already pack
And I already called Tyrone
You can either go to her home
Or stay with him
Because as of now 
Our marriage is finished"
     (She storms out never looking back....She hates that she caused a scence but that 
moment she'll never take back...)

**This is more like a play,but I thought maybe it was in poetry form. Please comment and 
make suggestions.**

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Two Heads Are Better Than One

A modern day scenario of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  It’s after dinner and Eve 
has washed the dishes while Adam's disappeared to the den…communication is minimal...the 
boys are off somewhere..everybody's doing "their thing".  The old serpent..he's got all his bases covered - the internet,  so many disconnect, no communication...he's 
thinking: 'O, this is easy! Divide the family and conquer!'...He's got it going..or so he thinks..but he forgets that he doesn't hold the "Ace" card.   All this is temporary!

“Adam, are you listening to me?” How’s the budget coming on?”
“We have to have a budget in place so life can be manageable.”
“No, not later, not tomorrow, honey!” 
“Tomorrow’s too far in the future for this to wait.”
“Oh! What’s that you said?”
“Did I hear you right?”
“I should make a budget, that whatever I do is fine by you?”
“Babe, let’s work on it together. Here, I’ve got all we need to start.”
“Oh, you’re too busy, right now?”
“Ok, I’ll do it, then.”

“Adam, where are the boys?”
“Have you seen them today?”
“What are you doing?”
“Shouldn’t you be out there with them?”
“I can’t be running things around here and watching the boys, too.”
“Someone has to keep an eye on them; see what they’re up to.”
“Are you listening to me?”
“No, I’m not nagging..”
“I’m just gently reminding you that what’s left undone today,
Will come back tomorrow and bite you in the butt!”

Soon, Cain murdered Abel......

"Adam, now that Cain has killed Abel, we have..nothing"
"No need for me to stay around here"
"Good bye" 

Another lesson for mankind, but will we ever learn
That two heads are better than one?
Without balance nothing works as it should!

*To Any Present day Adam totally disconnected from family

*For Deborah Guzzi's "Eve in the Garden of Eden" Contest

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A Declaration of Love

My wife maintained her spirit and humor all through the pre-op preparation process.  She 
joked and laughed with the nurses, assistants and doctors as they poked her, pushed her, squeezed her, took blood, took measurements, poked her some more and basically, just abused the hell out of her in preparation for what we knew was a serious operation.

Many of the healthcare professionals did not know what to make of her smiling face, 
sarcastic tone and bubbling humor as they were all well aware of the seriousness and risks involved with the upcoming surgical procedure.  But her good humor was unwavering.

In the six months since her dissection and the two months since the decision to perform this operation, my wife did her homework.  She knew exactly how serious her condition was and the risks involved with this necessary operation.  And yet, she kept her spirits high and her optimism never dipped.

When the anesthesiologist came out just minutes before they rolled her into the operating room and explained, for what seemed like the one thousandth time in the last two weeks, the risks and seriousness of her procedure, for the first time, I noticed signs of fear on her face and saw tears well up in her eyes. 

Holding my hand as we approached the operating room where I was to be left behind, she looked up at me and said, “Take care of yourself and our Spencer”.  The doors swung close and the six hour operation commenced.

It’s now seven days later and Cindy is well on her way to a full recovery.  The doctors could not be more pleased with how the surgery went and with the rapidity of her recovery.  There is no reason to believe that, within 8 – 10 weeks, she cannot be back to her normal, active self.

She is back to joking, being sarcastic and a regular pain in everyone’s ass – she is slowly 
becoming Cindy again.

I will never forget, however, in the one second of fear and worry, how her concerns were 
about the well-being of me and our son – and, not about herself.

I love you Cindy Flach.

And, I hope that if you ever decide to read any of my poems – given you do not understand my obsession with writing these silly things – I hope like hell, you choose to read this one.

Welcome home, love.

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Choosing Forever

I listen to the crunch of gravel as I drive slowly down the center avenue of the cemetery.  I gaze at the headstones, clustered on either side, some showing their age, while all silently standing watch over those they honor.

I first came here two years ago while researching my family, to find the resting place of a great aunt.  That had been a sunny summer day and I was taken by the shade and shadow provided by the elderly trees that spread their wings of leaves over the landscape.  I was smitten by the beauty and the feeling of peace that surrounded me.

Today, my wife and  I have come for another reason. I've told her of this place and wanted her to see.  It is a gray and overcast day, a chill in the air, rain threatening to challenge the clouds.  The overseer said that we would find the section on our right after passing through the original grounds.  

I slow and stop, knowing instinctively that we have reached our destination.  Stepping from the car, we approach the stones of those who passed not so long ago.  The markers are sparse here.  Near the end of the second row, I see the two unmarked plots.  I remember asking about trees and am happy to see that a maple of young growth lingers near.  I don't know why that  is important, but it is.

My wife and I exchange words of acceptance.  We agree that we could be happy here, as if happiness is something that we hope to take with us.  Again, even given the gloominess of the day, I  experience the feeling of serenity I experienced before.  It is peaceful here.  I feel safe here.  I know that together, we have chosen our forever.

Bob Quigley

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A tear is but a whisper from my soul

I stood there and gazed at the tidal wave of traffic surging down bellow.
I hovered frozen in time until by chance I glanced upon a troubled fellow.
He was sitting in his car surrounded by the outside noise of the gentle rain and the cars constant hum.
His ears could hear unyet his mind was numb.
As I moved in closer I could feel his sorrow and pain.
Mourning the loss of his partner his soul whispered through the misty rain.
I remember now I whispered back as I drifted into the seat beside him that was vacant.
And so to do I remember that aftershave as being my favourite fragrant.
As my soul whispered to his he glanced over to where I sat.
With sadness I could tell that he did not see his passed wife with the golden platt.
An empty seat was all that greeted his eyes.
A vacant stare for a vacant seat unyet I could hear his replies.
With his minds eye he smiled and his soul whispered such sweet words of love and affection.
Even now I could still feel devoted protection.
Some say that the words we speak in our heads are merely thoughts and nothing more.
But I believe they are whispers from our souls and the replies of those who are not with us anymore.
Before my passing I told him this with great certainty.
In this life and in the next our two souls will whisper to each other for eternity.

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Catie Lindsey Contest Name obe's Back to the Astral, I met a lady Carmel who got me into the psychic side and healing. She suggested i try astral. So laying on my bed I imagined I was floating up to the ceiling, saw myself go out the window, down the bitumen road to Carmel’s house. There I saw the round cut off pieces of tree slabs for steps in her front yard. I went through her front door, turned left and walked into her room. I came too close to her, she was sitting up reading a book in the bed, the clock said 10pm.Then a stern male voice said “do not invade her privacy.” So I was back in my bed instantly :) i called her next morning she had been sitting up in bed reading at 10 pm. I have gone in my mind to other places and times, even to my old home, which is really gone now, but in my mind i can return to it. In my case due to the would be healer type i am, I see ghosts, My Nemesis who died, later came to thank me in a dream. Cousin Wayne’s girls were looking for their secretive father. Who ran off with my wife Christine, after 22 years a trying to get her:) Poor bugger died in 07 of prostate cancer, Wayne that is, he couldn't help his wife stealing ways:) , did it often enough. I gave the girls my wife's sister’s number and they soon got the bad news:( I had 20 people in my bedroom at night, the om om om motor noise of a kerosene fridge opened the door in my head, took me a few years to close the door at about 5 years old.

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Love Roots Strong

Roses protray beauty, or death.
Our love protrays no rose. Love
lives on; deep in root! Without
bells, nor whistles.

03/09/14   written by,  Larry Berdoo
                       WRITE ON!

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He promised, 
he would not do it again
it was a once off thing
but his anger is so uncontrollable
it makes him so unpredictable…

now I walk around on edge all the time
when it will happen again
he said it is only because 
he loves me…

I’m so confused
“do you think love constitutes hitting me?”
“do you think I deserved it?”
Maybe I should have ironed his shirt like he asked
Maybe, just maybe he would not have slapped me…

He did give me a diamond necklace 
to show how sorry he was the first time
but last night he turned on me again
I could not go to work today
I will have to stay in doors for a while…

I can’t look anybody in the face
My eye half shut and inflamed 
They will think I deserved this,
He did say it is my fault

Tomorrow, I’m going try to be a better wife
And not give him a reason to lash out at me
I wonder how many tomorrow’s I’ll see,
through half opened eyes…

*Ps: This is a piece I wrote a while back inspired by the women I worked with who was in 
abusive relationships*

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The old man stood silently, head bowed
Fighting back tears that needed to flow freely
A young Marine was playing Taps on the hill above
He and his wife shattered by the recent events
Holding on to his sanity with the loss of his son
War? What is it good for, what purpose does it serve
In defense of our nation, yes
For the protection of our freedom, yes
To fill a hunger for power, no; a thirst for greed, never
Oh God, to lose your child, the war never ends
As the last note is played, his knees buckle in grief
My son, Oh God, my son, Taps echoing in the distance
If his death served a purpose there could be a closing
If for one moment he could believe but it wasn’t there
Looking at his wife and the despair in her eyes he remembers
The words to an old folk song play over and over in his mind
When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?
In the days to come, he’ll sit by his son’s grave and talk
One sided conversations but he knows he hears him
So much to say, family, politics, war, questions unanswered
Why did you have to die son, Why? Dear God, tell me why
War, What is it good for?  What purpose under heaven
A grieving father, an inconsolable mother, the answer burns
Absolutely nothing!

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Unlucky In Love

There was this very unlucky man 
with a very unlucky past,
in a small town with his unlucky dog,
upon which stares were cast.
They knew to keep their distance
and how unlucky was he.
His family cursed through generations,
their luck was not to be.

His mother had passed giving birth,
then a plane crashed on their porch.
It burst into flames as high as the house
and the whole place it did scorch.
The family survived but, badly burned,
they would be scarred for life.
And his dog has walked on three, old legs
since that incident with that knife.

One day, the unlucky father decided
his only son would be forced
into an unlucky marriage,
after which, they should’ve divorced.
For their families, they suffered through,
but never got along.
That horrible family curse of his
made everything go wrong.

The only company that he enjoyed
was from his three-legged pooch.
His wife would start arguments every day
‘cause he spent all their money on hooch.
She’d break his family portraits and scream
for hours and hours on end.
Once, she screamed ‘til she fell to the floor,
so a doctor they did send.

Her heart was weak and soon thereafter,
the very next week, in fact,
the unlucky husband came home from work
to find all the suitcases packed.
His mean, old wife ran out the door
when that doctor’s car pulled up.
He just sat down with his favorite bottle
and slowly filled his cup.
His family came when they heard the news.
“Why’d this happen?”  They noticed the mess.
So he turned to them with a drunken smile
and answered, “Just lucky, I guess.”

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Just Like Me

Sometimes I like for my poems to tell a small story that occasionally has a twist at 
the ending.  You never know where my poems might lead until you've read further:

Just Like Me

Monday morning was gloomy and cold
A little like I 'd felt when I had been told
That you’d be leaving.
You had warned me that life would be like this
You had said the military wouldn’t end our bliss

The café was quiet and a static radio played
Nondescript music was just a noise that was made
Background for tears.
But I knew I had to be brave and strong for you
Yes, it was true, I knew what I was getting into.

You’d left the recruiting office when I'd first met you
It had started to rain and you pulled off a wet shoe
Hobbling into the cafe
I invited you over and we talked, I remember clearly
Smiling at how excited you were about the military.

Fluorescent lights were blinking a yellow-blue hue
We were sitting quietly now at that same table for two
Silence full of words.
I looked at you and wanted to say what I was thinking.
But distraction was made by the coffee cups clinking.

We drank our coffee and I wondered what to say
I couldn’t pretend that this was just another day.
The words spilled:
The house is way too quiet when you are gone
Promise me this time you won’t be gone so long.

You sighed deeply, pushed back your chair and stood
I thought how that uniform always makes you look good.
You grabbed the bill.
I know that I'm lucky to have such a wonderful life
Just as I know I’m lucky to have such a beautiful wife.

I knew that we’d have to leave and say goodbye
You paid the bill and I managed to hold my sigh
The ride was too short.
You said for me to take good care of our son
But it was getting late and you’d have to run

Kisses and hugs were over too way too quickly 
You waved goodbye and disappeared in a hurry.
One more time.
I sighed and drove off, remembering our embrace.
I picked up our son early so I could see your face.

We stopped at the store and picked up groceries
And on our way home he counted all the trees.
Every single one.
We ate dinner and he said as we watched the TV
Some day he hoped to be a great dad just like me.

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Holy Family

We cannot separate Mother Mary and Saint Joseph
They’re having so much connection
With the mystery of Incarnation of Eternal God
Joseph, being guardian of the Virgin’s spotless honor
Foster-father of the Divine Babe

Mother Mary’s family thought be made known
She might not be stoned by the Jews as an adulteress
Thirdly, that in her flight; have the comfort of a husband
St. Ignatius add yet a fourth reason namely that is birth might hid from the devil
Looking for Him to be born of a wife and not of a Virgin


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lurking to Lure

A successful man with a beautiful wife,
Three great kids, loves God and his life,
Goes into work every single day,
Loyal to his beliefs and makes an extraordinary pay,
He married real young, did the right thing,
A good looking man, always wearing his wedding ring,
But a woman in the office next door
Has been working late too and is looking to score,
She admires his rarity and is attracted to his charm,
Lately she has been asking for help on her assignments,
what’s the harm?
They have become friends and her luring begins,
This man doesn’t realize she has begun to infringe,
He has opened a door to the wrong kind,
While he's speaking his heart, she’s picking his mind,
Now instead of sharing his tension with his lovely mate,
He can’t wait to get to work and talk to her until late,
His wife can tell there’s been a shift in their communication,
She asks him if everything is alright with a slight hesitation,
But he quickly snaps back that he’s fine and just tired,
This happens all week and fights begin to transpire,
He begins to tell his venomous new pal,
She comforts him sweetly, she’s quite the gal,
Weeks later he comes to work stressed and depressed,
It happens to be the night she is wearing a silky black dress,
After going over a case accompanied with a few glasses of red wine,
Their relationship spirals into whats no longer benign,
In one evening everything this man has worked so hard for,
Vanishes, as his wife shows up with dinner 
and opens his office door.

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wonder why

i wonder, how thy earth moves
i wonder how, man decides the meaning of marriage 

is it not bound by force, is it not a core of constant acceleration, 9.8 meters per second 
is it bound by the imaginary book of rules, is it not based on core of trust, honesty, love

why shall you stay quiet in front of a lion, but behind, you fight, a fight worthy of an sultan
you lash, and spread as a cobra, but afaced with the "enemy" you are nothing more than a domestic pet!!!!!!!

then in all, my dear sir, shall you answer thy question

why must you decide the fate of marriage

is it wrong, to marry the one you love, besides the boundary of gender 
is it wrong, dear sir, is it 
that you must decide thy fate of marriage
freedom is prosperous, freedom is not limited!!!!   

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Suburban Affairs

As she watched him walk out the bedroom door,
she still clenched the white sheets now soaked in their sweat.

She didn't have the energy to join him in the quick, hot shower -
which was just as well, because she wasn't ready to wash his aroma off her naked body.
She smiled, watching his shapely ass walk out the door once again;
then the tears started forming, as they always did at this time.

She heard the front door close; his car engine start;
and, the wheels backing out of the gravel driveway.
She felt him dripping out from between her legs
as he drove on down the street.

She wondered what lie he would tell his wife as an excuse for being late once again.
She wondered what lie she would tell herself for letting him in her bedroom once again.

Suddenly, she couldn't wait to wash his aroma off of her.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror and said, "No more."
"I cannot continue to allow this to happen."
"It isn't fair to me ... It isn't fair to her ... It isn't fair... "
"No more!"

She stepped into the shower determined to wash him away.
Instead, however, the warm water and lathered hands relived
the memory of his touch, his caresses and his unbridled passion.

She sank to the floor as the shower sprayed down on her exhausted body,
angry at herself for knowing this would happen again. 

Ten miles away, his car pulled into a driveway ...
just as the gardener slipped out the back door and his wife hurriedly got dressed.

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Wednesday afternoon :-

I was sitting  under a tree and 
Watching apples falling -  said to myself, 
Wow  I’ve just discovered 
The law of gravitation.
My wife ran out and said 
Isaac come and get your 
Dinner before it goes cold. 
It was meat-loaf – my favourite.
After dinner I  wrote “Principia”  - 
Cool book, kinda new   ideas, 
Nice read but it didn’t sell well.

Thursday morning:-

Sort of  invented calculus, but made no notes.
Found later that Leibnitz also 
Did same, but kept his notes.
Must keep notes in future.
Dinner – sausages and potatoes.


Rained  during the  morning, but saw rainbows later.
Discovered  that light is splittable into colours.
(Kept note of discovery)
Mashed potatoes and lamb chop.
These are some of the happiest days of my life – 
My wife is such a good cook.

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He wakes up every morning at the crack of dawn
He takes a quick hot shower,
Walks into the kitchen and turns the coffee on
And makes a bottle of milk for his baby son

He awakens his sleeping wife
And fixes her a nice breakfast
He is a man whose life is
Committed to his wife and child

He stops at the bank, stops at the grocery store
All because he is a dedicated family man
He runs all the errands, drops his wife off at her work,
Along with their son in a mini-van

He cooks all the meals, cleans the house,
And plays with his little baby son
All because he's a stay-at-home spouse
He has even decided that until his son is

Old enough and ready to leave for college
He will go find a job, but until that time comes along
He will be a househusband
Just as John Lennon said in that song

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“23 By the time Lot reached Zoar, the sun had risen over the land. 24 Then the LORD rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah—from the LORD out of the heavens. 25 Thus he overthrew those cities and the entire plain, destroying all those living in the cities—and also the vegetation in the land. 26 But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.” Gen 19:23-26 NIV A landscape of beauty Bathed in the setting sun The place called Sodom Ill-fated passions considered fun God sent two messengers To warn Lot’s family to leave But to this wicked city Most of his family chose to cleave The storm of divine judgment About to destroy the plain And all of its residents From death could not refrain Angelic messengers escorted Lot His, two daughters and his wife But because his wife looked back A pillar of salt engulfed her life On the following morning Lot entered the place called Zoar The Lord rained brimstone and fire Sodom covered with smoke that did soar The fair Valley of Siddim With all its wealth and pride From God’s judgments No longer left to hide There’s a lesson in this story That we too should heed Sinful cities today abound Full of wicked lust and greed God wants us to leave These cities too today Abort sophisticated places of sin Live much simpler in His way Because Lot’s wife disobeyed Her life was not saved Will we be just like her— God’s warning completely waved? Copyright © Maureen LeFanue 2008-2012

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Random Thoughts On Love

       By Edmund Siejka

My wife is downstairs 
Reading a book 
While I lie in bed 
With the night light on 
She waits for silence 
Before tiptoeing upstairs 
To turn off the lights. 

Tonight I am restless 
Getting up 
I open the blinds 
Ever so slightly 
Across the way 
Soft street lights 
Throw a peaceful arc 
Only what is in its path 
In the night
I stare into darkness
And think of my wife. 
Everyone has secrets 
What dreams 
Did she leave behind 
On her journey as wife 
Chef and 
Peace maker? 
We have been married 
Thirty one years 
Experienced love 
Told white lies  
Had children 
Paid bills 
Had good times
And bad times 
Felt fear and tenderness 
Been busy 
Lived through boredom 
Forgave and forgot. 
I see her 
Sitting downstairs 
Like a Princess 
Descended from ancient royalty 
Book in her lap
Deep in thought 
Hearing the floorboards creak 
Above her
She knows it's me 
Shuffling around 
Keeping her place 
On the paragraph just finished 
She sits still 
Waiting for me to fall asleep 
Then tiptoeing upstairs 
She will turn off the lights. 

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Hard Workin' Thomas and his Pappa

“Women are evil creatures boy. Evil. Every Go**amn last one of ‘em,”
Thunk- the shovel smacks on it’s target. 
“Do ya hear me BOY? Every one of ‘em.”
“Yes Daddy.” the eight year old agreed with his old man, as blood spatters across
his face.
“N, this ‘un, this ‘un was just like yer Mama. Lyin’, cheatin’ whores, all of ‘em.”
Pappa explains, eyes a little wild as he finishes his gory work on wife number 5.
   “Now git in that barn 'n' bury her, don’t wanna see her face no more.”
When Pappa tells ya to do something, you get right to it. Otherwise,
you might end up like one of his wives. 
Eight year old Thomas takes everything in. From a baby, his Pappa started teaching him all
the right ways of the world.  Pappa taught him men are to be revered, no matter what.
Animals are to be used, then kilt when they ain’t no good, money was to be made in an
honest, hard working way, and women were slaves. Soon as they get to sassin’, it’s a sure
sign they’re out there assin’. Then like the animals, they ain’t no more good and  need to
be “done away with”.
Thomas followed his Pappa’s creed, down to a tee. And when Pappa died, Thomas took over
that farm
and continued his father’s legacy. 
Sittin’ in that chair, eyes covered, hands strapped, a preacher a preachin’, Thomas
thought about his own wife number eight. 
The bit** got away.
He was only doin’ what his Pappa taught him. 
Thomas considered his self a good ole boy.
Hard workin’, couldn’t understand why he was a sittin’ in that chair with that preacher a
But the one who got away, yep. She tole on him alright. 
Cops came and got him that night,
And when they went through that old barn, 
they found what they called,"Derenged."
Thomas didn’t understand.
He was only doin’ his Pappa’s demand.

Honorable Mention in Nathan Dilt's contest, "The Opposite Sex".
A. Green

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So what's your excuse this time
for coming home late again?
I've been sitting here worried sick out of my mind
I want to know have you been out creeping?
Don't you dare give me that look!
You're not as innocent as you claim,
You should've been here at home hours ago from work!
but instead you're out having a good time with "Ms. Thing"!
Shh. Before you begin get your lies together
I don't want to hear any stammering and studdering,
I've stuck by your side through the worse kind of weather
and this is how you thank me!
I've been allowing you get by for quite a while now
when you come home late I've managed to not say a peep,
But I think it's high time that you tell it to me straight right now
we're going to settle things before we go to sleep.
You say you've be out with your friends
just hanging out and shooting the breeze,
But I've noticed that when you come back you don't have any more of your ends
you out spending like the bill don't need to get paid and we don't need to eat.
But it's not your friends that you be out with late at night
that's the same, tired story you always give me,
For quite some time my suspensions have been right
you've got another woman on the side other than me.
Tell me what on earth have I ever done to deserve such pain?
Tell me what on earth have I ever done to deserve such betrayl?
Things between us are never going to be the same
Just pack your bags and raise on up out of here!
You may think there's no way I can survive without you
because all of this time I've been so dependent of you,
With the help of God and my family I know I'll pull through
be gone! I no longer need you!
I'm just telling it like it is...

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Smart Woman

It was the evening before Thanksgiving,
so off to the biggest store in town I went, for a few items,
I needed to complete my Thanksgiving Feast.
Everyone was grabbing, and hurrying to get out.
I was totally out of my comfort zone, 
for I hardly ever come here,
except to buy a few things, you don't find anywhere else.
Then there he was, lost as a goose in a thunder storm,
his wife had played a severe trick on him.
A list he held in his hand for the items she needed.
I heard him talking to himself, so I stayed close behind him,
just for the entertainment.
Marshmallows, does she want the big ones or the small ones,
oh no, couldn't put that down, so I'll buy both.
Cherries, now where are they, probably way over on the other
side of the building.
Just then he turned around to look at me,
am I blocking you, if so I am sorry, but I don't know 
where anything is, and with this crowd in here, I can't
even think, much less find anything.
No, I said, you are fine, I am just as lost as you are,
that's when he told me, my wife played a cruel trick on me.
She wanted to come early, and get this over with, but I told
her, what is the rush, well, I will never say that again, ever,
and if I get out of here alive, you will never see me pushing a buggy
in here again without my wife.
I don't know how she does it.
I thought to myself, smart man.
We have to give his wife credit, smart woman.

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Praise Jesus

Millie lived on the corner, she told me it would be kind If I visited Olaf
across the street.....see, his wife of 65 years had passed away recently,
and Olaf was kinda outa sorts....he'd been taking care of her the last few years
while she was very ill. Olaf was a kind, first-generation Norwegian, he used to call
me "yimmy" when he saw me comin' across the street....clap his hands with delight!!
exclaiming  yimmy! yimmy!

Olaf lived a spartan life now with his wife gone...when we were out on errands
he would shout ....Praise Jesus! to everyone and anybody in sight! pretty neat.
    We made the same stops every week, 1st. we'd stop at Lutheran Colportage
to pick up handfuls of 50 cent crosses, he liked to hand these out to everyone!
then we stopped at the Taystee Outlet for day-old baked goods, followed by a stop
at the grocery store for chicken nuggets and american cheese (he only knew how,
or wanted to, use the microwave) that was the sum of his diet. We had a fun time!

    After about six-months, I quit pickin' him up.....I don't know why......I regret it still,
I heard he used to ask people....where's yimmy?

    He died about three weeks later, now he's with Jesus.

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We set sail from England to the New World in Sixteen Ninety-Two
Me, my wife and our three daughters
Were going to make our dreams come true
Settled in the town of Salem

In the land of Massachusetts Bay
Everything was going so great
Until my three girls came home one day
Laughing at us and talking to us so evilly

They were just acting so evil and strange
Our faith in the church so strong we had no idea
Of how things were going to change
Here in the town of Salem

Chaos ensued all over Massachusetts Bay
No one could trust anyone not even our own neighbors
Then somebody in some way
Gossiped that my wife practiced witchcraft

I tried to free her by force
But I became a criminal like her
They took us to the jail in a carriage led by a black horse
And as my wife and I stood on the gallows

We said our prayers to the Lord before the rope pulled down on our throats:
And as our three daughters laughed and pointed at us in delight
“Our Father who art in Heaven, hallow be thy name…”

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Mother Mary's Motherhood

The Church cannot forget her mission
Was made possible by the Motherhood of Mother Mary
Who conceived and bore a Son
Who is God from Eternal God
True Eternal God from True Eternal God

Mother Mary is truly the Mother of God
Whose motherhood as the vocation to motherhood
Bestowed by Eternal God on every man raised to its highest level
Thus, Mother Mary becomes the mother of the Church and to be New Mama Eve
The mother of believers, the mother of the living


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Who's In Control as you Fuss and Fight

As their anger built and they lost control,
    It was like something evil had possessed their soul.
The words they said burned like fire,
    Seeking to hurt the other was their main desire.
It didn’t matter who or what started the fight,
    The ole devil had you this very night.
He set the stage, he set you up,
     As you both spew his venom as you sip from his cup.
Once it gets started it’s so very hard to stop,
     Hate breeds hate such an unrewarding and pain filled crop.
As you reach the point of no return,
     The devil will laugh as you feel his burn.
He wants your soul that’s his only goal,
     One marriage gone to hell another success story for him another mark on his 
If you want your marriage to stay good and strong,
      Give the devil a kick in the pants and send him back to where he belongs.
And over all the best advice I can give,
     Seek the Lord and follow Him in your daily life and the way you live.

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It seems no matter what he does
she seems to be never satisfied,
Over and over in so many ways he shows his love
to only by her be denied.
New clothes and jewelry he made sure she had
new cars and a nice house she had as well,
But lately she has been telling her friends that in her marriage she is so sad
her marriage is on the verge of going straight to hell.
She goes out at all hours of the night
while leaving him sitting at home all alone,
She knows that she is not doing him right
but in her mind she feels that she is not doing anything wrong.
She and her girlfriend goes to the clubs
in hopes of picking up a guy or two,
It is all about the sexual pleasure and the money but never love
she feels she must do what she got to do.
Her husband would give her the world
if only it was his to give,
He has made her the very center of his world
without her he feels that he would not be able to live.
But she seems to not feel the same way about him
for, her eyes only seem to wonder elsewhere,
She thinks that the grass is much greener on the other side of the fence
therefore, she feels she has a right to go looking elsewhere.
Their marriage had been built on lies and deception
since the very first day,
But they both thought at the time it was worth saving
this is why they went on ahead and married any way.
Now, he is starting to see his mistake
and he wishes he could do it all again differently,
For three years she has made his heart ache
he realizes that she is no longer the woman that she used to be.

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I remember it was spring, of that year when we met.
Natures beauty, new love, so passionate.

The early spring flowers, young lovers in life,
So strong was our passion, would you be my wife?

The warm sun, the bright days, we laughed oh so often.
Our love in full bloom, our hearts in full blossom.

Fall colors such beauty, but nights turn to cold
Part of life’s cycle, we start to grow old.

We laugh and we cry, our love still remains.
We embrace with such joy, and share all the pains.

And now I’m alone, the nights seem so long.
With a shiver or two, I don’t feel as strong.

Oh, for just, one more springtime with you.
My heart would reblossom, from the love we both new.

I remember our joys, the seasons we shared.
I remember our love and the way we both cared.

The nights still grow colder, the fire becomes dim.
I pray to be warmed, by my memories within.

Copyright Tom Welch

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The Big Fish

The acrylic line pulled taught as he bit down.
The lake was so still as to mimic a black oil slick -
She suddenly breaks away and churns like an overcooked pot -
Ripples glide along the boats surface
As he grabs the rod.

Closure burns hot in his mind as his weathered hands grip the reel.
The tug of the monster that lurks beneath the boat  -
makes his cameo appearance in the murky underbelly - 
Thudding against the bottom of the old boat
As the crickets sing.

His mind randomly jumps back to a memory.
He remembered his father’s old tackle box -
Remembering the pity he had on the writhing worm - 
And the sickening feeling as dad hooked him
And cast his line.

His wife knew he was out here and disapproved.
Even though she didn’t even say a word but turned over -
She avoided saying a word while he pulled the rubber waders
Over his plaid pyjama bottoms 
And quietly closed the door.

This was surely the biggest Bass on this cursed lake.
Confidence oozed from his knarled fingers as the catch came closer -
Finally he’d prove the old bat wrong and defy his lodge buddies -
No more mocking and no more duelling with the woman
He sighs with relief.

The rod bent under the heavy weight of the bass’s fight.
But he was determined to prove his wife wrong -
The lake was alive with excitement as if the trees themselves
Were watching every second leading up to the arrival
When the line broke.

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When she returned back from Chicago
she wasn't quite the same woman,
She returned having dark secrets of her own
secrets that she's not revealing.
Her husband was back in Alabama
having the time of his life,
It was though he'd forgotten
that he even had a wife.
The old ball and chain was finally gone
he felt so footloose and fancy free,
But he dreaded the day that she came back home
he'd wished that she'd once again leave.
People seem to think everything's okay between them
considering in public they're always showing affection,
But the people don't know the true story about them
on their part it's just merely acting.
She just don't know that while she was away
he was fooling around with his ex,
And over in their home the ex did stay
playing the role of good wifey for a minute.
What he don't know is that while in Chicago
she'd found the man of her dreams,
And pretty soon she's making plans of returning back to Chicago
just to be once again with the man of her dreams.
Apparently, they're both keeping dark secrets
that either one doesn't want to know,
Eventually, in due time there's going to be a revealing
and over will be the charade and show.

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Funny Face

She looks kinda cute even when she is mad
yet, so composed when things turn out bad. 
How she smiles even in deep, sweet slumber 
that I love watching whenever I am with her.

Kids get sick, turns me into a nervous wreck,
she just smiles “Relax, hon, get some sleep”
and while I’m snoring totally lost to the world,
she lovingly nurses them with a heart of gold.

Next morning she whispers “How’s my man?”
what have I done to deserve such a woman!
I smile thinking her children really total five
the oldest of whom is fast approaching 55.

When I erupt like a volcano she allows me
then soothes it with “Are you okay, honey?”
“Now let's talk about this like sane people” 
leaving me chastened, a choleric old fool. 

I often wonder how she lasted long years 
living with my juvenile, explosive temper. 
I just count every blessing, this nut case 
married to a lady I fondly call Funny Face. 

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The Power of a woma

When a woman feeds a man, 
she feeds his head.
When she feeds his ‘man’,
she feeds his heart.
When she feeds his heart, 
she feeds his ‘man’.

A man’s heart is the woman’s thought.
She acts to please the man.
She dangles her act to the man’s thought,
and brings out the man in the man.
She pulls and pounds the man with her prowess.
She rocks and rolls the man with her rules.

When she sneezes the man sniffles.
When she snore the man snort.
When she shouts the man shakes. 
When she stands the man sits.

A woman is the man’s delight,
the man’s desires.
Every man desires a woman.
Yes! A woman, because…
She is, ‘the bone of his bone 
the flesh of his flesh’.

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The Story of the Dumpster Diver

 I asked him what he did?
    As he stood up and opened the lid.
He said some people call me a dumpster diver but hey that’s okay.
     He said I just reuse what people throwaway.
I asked him aren’t you afraid you might catch some incurable disease?
     He said you can do that just breathing the stuff that floats in the breeze.
I said it just seems like you’re taking an awful big chance.
    He did not speak but his eyes met my wandering glance.
I asked him did you choose this life or was it thrust upon you?
    He said I once had a home a really nice one too.
A little girl and a wife every mans dream.
     Everything was perfect like a fairytale theme.
One evening quite late we started home from the park.
     And I saw this car coming and saw flashes in the dark.
It was bullets they were firing that struck us all three.
     One hit my arm and one struck my knee.
One struck my wife they said it went right through her heart.
    The one my little girl caught ripped her apart.
My money all went for paying doctors, and morticians and such.
     In six months time I lost my family, home, and job that’s why now I don’t care 
too much.
I could have drawn unemployment, welfare and stuff.
     But instead I just turned to the streets I’ve just had enough. 
I said man I’m so sorry, I just didn’t know.
     He said that’s okay I catch it everywhere I go.
Well I bid him fair well and silently turned away.
     I often think about that old dumpster diver and the words he had to say.
I guess if this were to have a moral: How about never judge a book by its cover.

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Ain't Life Grand

As the years go quickly by, 
   I wonder what and even why?
What’s the point to all of this?
    Age is not always a happiness.
It brings along a lot of pain.
    Caused by yesteryears bumps and other things.
The candy you take now are pills.
     You sell your house to pay your bills.
The clothes you wear are out of date.
     Everything you eat puts on more weight.
You can’t afford to drive your car.
     At least ways not for very far,
Gasoline is way too high,
     What has happened I wonder why?
I’m not the smartest man alive,
     But I know one and four are five.
Why do prices keep going up and up?
     I can’t afford the coffee that is in my cup.
Will there be a limit on what we spend?
     Or are prices just like a hole you can’t fill in?
 I think enough is past enough,
     We’re sick of all the lies and stuff.
Like a five thousand dollar rebate on a new car.
     That tells me we’ve gone too far.
Are we as stupid as we look?
     A page in somebody’s funny book?
I think I really need a break.
     Find a place that is give not take.
Well now I feel somewhat better.
     After writing this nasty letter.
Well what I have I give with love.
     If you’ll get behind my car and shove.
To the gas station just up the hill,
     Where I can spend my last one hundred dollar bill.

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Go Ahead Drink And Drive

   The picture that you painted still hangs from our wall.
    There beside it is the photo of you and little Robbie that was taken at the mall.
Special memories that still make me cry.
    Each time I look, I have to ask God why?
Such a short time together you, me, and little Robbie who had just turned three.
   I wished we were still together but now it’s only me.
You know they said he never got so much as a scratch that day.
   That day he took you and little Robbie away.
They said alcohol was to blame and he just lost control.
   More than alcohol is to blame for it was my life that he stole.
My wife and little child can never come home ever again.
   All because you had to drink and drive, Lord when will it end?
I know you didn’t mean it, but it won’t bring them back.
   It’s no more your fault than the people that make and sell it, maybe it’s will 
power you lack.
Your punishment you’ll live with every single day of your wretched life.
   The fact that you murdered my young son and my innocent wife.
Lord your will, will be done, whether it be mercy or vengeance whichever one.
   I just know I miss my wife and baby son.
This is just a poem, but it really happens nearly everyday to some poor guiltless
soul,it's never too late to put the bottle down! I did and so can you!

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The time we spend just wondering
if our feelings are right or wrong

Not knowing if by reason or doubt 
we are there where we belong

The time is oh so precious
the needs so very dear

Are there reasons of any substance
or just results of latent fears

Now I know how strong my love is
and in my heart I feel secure

Yet my mind it quizzes me daily
and of the answers I am not sure

Though ones mind can create illusions 
of seems which tear apart

The feeling I treasure deeply
is from deep within my heart

So the dreams I have of you are strong an carved in stone
but the fears within my mind are born of times I've spent alone

So please be patient with me
for you have touched my deepest heart

And know the greatest fear I have ever known is the thought of us apart

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Half a lifetime spent in search of purpose we ponder every reason
In the weather cycles term of life mine came in summer season
Suddenly my eyes were a path to my heart a glimpse of life's high fashion
It was a smile you see ignited hope and awakened sleeping passion
No flash of light nor harmonic sounds just a long sought peaceful feeling
And for my aching heart a wistful lift for my soul a perfect healing
Now as the cycle goes from summer to fall I have you to share my life
And the winters chill we sometimes fear I now cherish with you my wife
So I thank the lord for this special gift he's given me to cherish
Knowing leaves will turn and snow will fall yet our love will never perish

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When she returned back from Chicago
she wasn't quite the same woman,
She returned having dark secrets of her own
secrets that she's not revealing.
Her husband was back in Alabama
having the time of his life,
It was though he'd forgotten
that he even had a wife.
The old ball and chain was finally gone
he felt so footloose and fancy free,
But he dreaded the day that she came back home
he'd wished that she'd once again leave.
People seem to think everything's okay between them
considering in public they're always showing affection,
But the people don't know the true story about them
on their part it's just merely acting.
She just don't know that while she was away
he was fooling around with his ex,
And over in their home the ex did stay
playing the role of good wifey for a minute.
What he don't know is that while in Chicago
she'd found the man of her dreams,
And pretty soon she's making plans of returning back to Chicago
just to be once again with the man of her dreams.
Apparently, they're both keeping dark secrets
that either one doesn't want to know,
Eventually, in due time there's going to be a revealing
and over will be the charade and show.

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"Still Confounded"

Understanding that a period of anger and rage need to be had, 
to allow her to vent her emotions and then regain her sense of self and
But is a prolonged period needed?
Is such a permitted tenure being abused?

Not wanting to give in I remain in a sense of unbudging callousness.
Only such a state will empower me agains the abuse of her warranted
Why can we no longer be amorists?  
Why have we been conformed to have no dialogue between us?

No normality of such a relationship has existed for some time.
Not since this relationship has been cultivated, have we experienced
the socially acceptable union...or even that had among our peers and
Partly due to my lack of experiecne and damaged conscious, many of our
problems can be charged to me.

But why, when something better is desired, is there no coupled effort? 

Nothing sought after on her part?  
Perplexed, I seek to dig within myself to alter my ways.
But still she does not appreciate any change.
She continues to have her magnifying glass over my head, only examining
my shortcomings.
Perturbed...Confounded I remain.

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Married Life

He comes home from work, tired and weary just needing to relax,
    When she starts fussing you don’t ever show you love me, catching all her 
Honey he said I love you but I’m tired I had a hard day.
    She said at least you get out of the house that’s all I can say.
I don’t want to fight so won’t you please just leave me alone,
     She says maybe you’ll be happier when I pack up and out of your life I’ll be 
He knew he couldn’t win ,
    Not with the mood she was in.
So he said baby let me drink this one beer and I will shower and take you to town,
     She said well hurry up, the whole time glaring at him showing her frown.
To town they headed and he asked where she would like to go,
     How about lets take in a restaurant and later a show?
Where would you like to dine was his next reply?
     She looked at him and started to say something but instead began to cry.
She said it’s over you don’t love me so why do you pretend?
     What did I do he asked, I wasn’t trying to offend?
Just work and come home it’s always the same,
      While I sit home all alone just wondering what happened to loves flame.
She said I fix myself up nice in hopes that you might see.
      But you pay more attention to the television than you do to me.
She said it hurts and I think you’re a jerk.
      You put me second to things including your work.
Well he stops the car and gently wipes the tears from her eyes.
      And says I’m sorry please don’t cry.
Well they share a long embrace and he drives away looking now for a motel.
      And the rest of the story is personal not needing to tell.
          Goodnight All…..?

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A Lovers Spat


I’m mad she said as she slammed the door,
    I’ve never seen her act this way before.
She’ll be back I keep telling myself as I stand there staring at the door.
    What if this is really it, and she can’t take no more?
I have to stop her as my mind races ahead,
     Why do I hurt her, I really didn’t mean the things I said.
Baby I said I am wrong, I knew all along you were right.
     Please don’t leave I am sorry I started this fight.
She turned and looked at me, and said don’t you know I love you?
    I said yes, yes I do, I don’t know why I say those things to you.
She said you’re my life you’re the reason I live.
    I’ve given you my heart, what more can I give?
As we stand there both in tears,
     Recalling all the happiness we’ve shared throughout the years.
Why do we spend so much time hurting each other?
     I’m your wife, dang it not your mother.
Her words spoke the truth while cutting so deep.
     I finally see and I’m sorry I’ve been such a creep.
As we walk back to the house emotionally drained.
     Holding each other’s hand thanking God our love still remains.

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The Great Escape

As the old couple were placed in a nursing home the other day,
   They were placed in different rooms on separate floors so far away.
Their children thought it would be for the best,
    So they placed them there thinking they need the rest.
They had never been separated since the day they wed,
    Now they lay grief stricken in separate beds.
They cried out to the Lord to hear their cries,
     Neither wanted the loneliness neither could understand why.
They felt as though they had lost all dignity,
      No decisions could they make this to them was pure insanity.
They were not allowed to make decisions they were treated like children,
    Then a new light came into the old mans eyes and he managed to grin.
He said I’m breaking out of this joint just me and my wife.
       And we ain’t coming back if it means giving up our old lives.
He said I’ve treated my dogs better than you’re treated in here,
      He said I’m old but I’m still a man and I want my wife near.
He said I’d rather be shot like an animal than caged up in this coop.
     And I sure don’t need some little want to be nurse telling me it’s time to go 
He found his wife and she looked like she’d aged ten years,
    As he held her and loved her he fought back the anger and tears.
He said we’re leaving right now and we’re going away.
     She said papa where will we go where will we stay?
He said I don’t know as he sat down on the foot of her bed,
     He said I need you with me as he hung down his old head.
She said if you want to leave I’ll stand by your side,
      So out they went as they had to sneak and hide.
Pajamas on him and a flannel nightgown on her was all that they wore,
     As they made their way out an unlocked side door.
Well they wandered around till they found a school ground .
     And he sat her on the merry-go- round and gently spun his love around.
There was a bench just a few feet away,
      That’s where they found them frozen in each others arms is what the papers 
The paper had read two elderly runaways from local nursing home were found 
frozen to death,
      But a strange smile was frozen on their faces as they drew their last breaths.

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When I Was Wrong

 She said the time has come there is no more,
    As she peeled off her ring and tossed it to the floor.
What did I ever see in you was her last reply,
    When I’m gone who are you going to have around just to make cry?
You never cared you were never there,
    And all your talk was just tons of hot air.
Yeah I remember when it used to feel so right,
    When you would hold me and cuddle all through the night.
But somewhere down the road it just came undone,
    Maybe I’m being selfish for wanting to be your only one.
I tried to please you the best that I could,
     But it got to the point that no matter what I did you made me feel that I was no 
Enough is enough my heart can’t break anymore,
     We can never have it the way it was before.
This is the hardest thing that I’ve ever done,
    You’ve been the first and only one
I don’t think death can hold this much pain,
    The love I had for you has nearly driven me completely insane.
I never asked you or expected that much,
     Just some recognition and maybe a casual tender touch.
How long has it been since you placed your lips on mine?
     As she wiped away her tears she said I’ve given you all kinds of signs.
Well the only words that came to my mind is I’m sorry for being so blind.
     I said I know you are right I’m thoughtless as hell and so unkind.
But give me a chance don’t walk away,
     I want to make it better if you’ll only stay.
Well we held and we cuddled and it really felt good,
    And she was right certain things I took for granted and some I never 
footnote: This is just another poem I made up

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A Lady And A Girl

A fair lady wandered from 
the scent-less garden, leaving it with a weary 
heart; she took her breathe and left. The garden 
was cool of her and stayed fresh all day, but 
when she grew tired, she found not the rhythm
of which she might have been able to give.

A fair lady wandered from 
the scent-less garden, leaving it with a weary
heart; she took her breathe and left. Wherever, 
she looked for fun, ‘cos it moves her, yet 
the garden has no idea, how and when 
and where she should dwell.

In a place, somewhere in her mind, 
where her love got lost,
a girl chanced upon her, with a story
to tell: “In the olden days, Queen sneaked 
away, at night 
to swim the sea of fire. She fell in
And got tangled. Now, 
the prize 
which her King asked 
to set her free, 
from guilt, was a simple vow that she should always 
sharpen-- the King’s sword, whenever she went out”.

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Memories Captured in a Song


An old song just came on over the radio, 
   And it took me back to a happy time so long, long ago.
I was young and so were you,
    Two foolish kids having fun and not knowing what to do.
Reaching new heights as our love we shared,
    Searching forbidden places as our excitement flared.
I never dreamed our love would last for forever more,
    As I think back on that night we spent together on that sandy shore.
An enchanting night as you gave yourself to me,
    That night was made to capture all our memories.
A short time later we became wed,
    A whirlwind romance that won’t last is what they said.
Nearly forty years have passed so I guess they were right,
    We haven’t reached eternity the love we pledged that summer night.
But you know it just made our love grow strong,
    As we fell in love listening to the words you said was our song.
You said that song must have been written for just you and me,
    It captured our love forever that night, Thanks for the memories!

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How Do They Sleep

Not a day goes by , my thoughts are not with you,
thinking maybe, someone will have the guts, and 
courage to say, "OK, I was wrong."
Daily our troops are killed, and  wounded so bad,
trying to start their life over, but it will never be what they had.
Is this a war for peace, or a war for oil, all I know for sure,
our tempers are ready to boil.  
Our leaders are backing up, when it comes to our troops,
but they don't have a problem sleeping, for what they do.
How many now have been killed in this war,
How many now will never walk,
How many now can't see their children,
How many now have been abandoned,
How many now have been burned,
How many now can't hold their wife,
How many now can't get help,
I think our country has done enough,
If they can't handle their problem,
well that's just tough.
Our troops, our money, our sacrifice,
something here is not right.
Their land, their oil, and they keep it all.
Somebody better open their eyes, and
then maybe explain to a mother, why her child had to die.

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The Night of the Genie


As he came staggering down the hall,
   Walking slowly hoping not to fall.
The taste of whiskey still on his breath,
   Hating himself wishing only for death.
What had turned his life this way?
   He used to be happy until that day.
He came home from work and found the note,
   It tore him to pieces the words she wrote.
I’m leaving you and I don’t know why,
   I’ve got to be free or I feel I will die.
Well that was all the note said,
   And he started shaking from those words he read.
What had he done he reasoned in his mind?
   All alone in this cold and dark house he felt betrayed and left behind.
To the liquor cabinet he drank his supper that night,
   Confused and mad and now wanting to fight.
But there was no one there but himself he was all alone.
   He cried out in anger this is the worst feeling I know I’ve ever known.
The old bottle cooed to him I’ll be your friend,
   I’ll stick with you till the biter end.
As he picked up that Genie and sloshed it around,
   And took another drink from this new friend he had found.
He drank so much he fell asleep on the floor,
   And upon awakening he couldn’t remember much about the night before.
He sat at his table with coffee in hand,
   Trying to clear his mind looking for answers to help him understand.
Well he thought to himself that what she had done was all wrong,
   But if she wasn’t happy with him then he reckoned she just didn’t belong.
That night of drunkenness may not have been right,
   But it sure took his mind off his problems that horrible night.

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True Love


We were so young when we first fell in love,
     Shot with Cupids arrow as he darted from above.
Just two silly kids who never knew this love would last.
     It brings such joy to sit and ponder on the past.
The good times were there along with the bad,
    But as I look back I only see the joy we both have had.
And would I do it over again I guess I would,
    Together as one as one we stood.
She speaks my thoughts before I can say a thing,
    She’s that little girl who wears my wedding ring.
As I look at her I start to feel a little sad,
     Knowing that our days together are fewer and that makes me feel a little bad.
It all comes to an end is what they say,
     So I just want to say how much I appreciate you and love you till the very last 
And when that day comes I hope I’m chosen first,
    Cause without you my darling I know my heart would surely burst.
Hopefully we still have a ways to go,
    A little bit longer for our love to continue to grow.

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Wounded soul

The news of tomorrow came today yet somehow i got lost along the way .
So i checked again and found my soul bleeding profainly from a gapeing hole.
Knowing  that this would be the end i tried to patch the hole by saveing a friend.
She opened the wound even deeper i never should have tried to keep her.
Resigned to my fate knowing it was much to late i let her go .
The bleeding stoped but the hole is still there i doubt that she even cares.

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His Last Goodbye

His old hands knew life and its painful sting,
   They also had embraced love and the pleasures it brings.
They had been scarred battered and abused,
   They were what had provided his living and were thoroughly used.
They were callused and worn, 
    And scars showing places where they had been ripped and torn.
But they were also tender and kind and could show a gentle touch.
    When holding on to life’s treasures that he cherished so much.
But now they held something he knew he could not keep.
    As he clung to his beloved in her last moments before she reached out for 
eternal sleep.
As tears flowed down his leathery old face, 
   He held her tight in his last embrace.
Memories came flooding into his mind,
   As he thanked the Lord for letting him share this precious find.
He felt so lost in this moment of grief,
    He wanted to scream he needed relief.
He knew this day would someday appear,
    But he figured he would be the one lying here.
As he gathered himself up he said sweetie what am I going to do?
    As he patted her lifeless hand he said I’ll always love you.

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Untitled #4 / When his wife died

When his wife died after three months of marriage
the widower tried to fill the hole in his heart
with food, TV, cards, booze, Buddhism
but none could take her place
so instead
he put a hole in his head.