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Mom Dad Poems | Mom Poems About Dad

These Mom Dad poems are examples of Mom poems about Dad. These are the best examples of Mom Dad poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Daddy, why did you go away,
Don't you know I wanted you to stay!

Daddy, when you left mom,
Don't you know you left me too.
Now all I do is cry and cry
--- I want to die!

Daddy, mommy say's it's better this way,
What does she know!
There's not enough band-aids to cover up the blues
Mom's kisses can't heal this kind of pain.

Daddy, I look around 
No one stands in your garage
Daddy, You took every tool
Except the hammer and sitting stool
Daddy, I still miss you 
--- I love you. 

Dear Daddy, I'm all grown up now
Haven't seen you since I was 10

Daddy, I sit on your favorite chair,
No longer do I miss the way you caressed my hair.
Daddy, I'm taking the old hammer and this BRAND NEW saw,
It's time to patch all the holes mom punched in the wall 
*The day you walked out on us*
Daddy, don't worry about the times I tripped and fell
Mom, found someone to fix  the loose boards,
Got tired of scraping my knees 

Daddy, I finally realized I'm okay,
I agree with mom, it's better this way.


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Our Christmas Eve Dinner

'Twas our Christmas Eve dinner; we all had sat down at the table to eat. Grandma couldn’t be found! We children were fussing; Dad rose to his feet. shouting, “Where are you, Ma? We’re ready to eat!” When from the next room we heard such a noise Jenny squealed, “Santa Claus must have brought toys!” We then heard a sound like a whimpering pup saying, “Help. I’ve fallen and cannot get up.” Grandpa jumped up and then rushed to the door that led to the bathroom. There on the floor lay our poor grandma, eyes widened in fear, looking like she’d got run over by reindeer! The dresser had fallen. It had her pinned down. Grandma was wildly flailing around. More swiftly than Rudolph, we did all we were able. We unpinned her. Then Mom yelled, “Back to the table!” Back to the dining room all we kids came As our mom started to call us by name. “Davy, Mel, Jenny, Angie, Marie. . . Get back here now. I’m counting to three!” Like animals not having eaten all day, stuck in a cage without getting their way, we sat at that table our bellies all growling, and Davy, the baby, by now was howling. And then finally what did appear? Dad with our grandpa and grandma so dear! Supported by both our grandpa and dad, Grandma was flushed and looking quite bad. She was dressed in a housecoat trimmed in white lace and a big purple bruise had now formed on her face. Mom pulled out a chair helping Grandma to sit, and then our dad bellowed, “OK, have at it!” Our mouths how they watered to see the large ham. “And that isn’t all,” said Mom, “I made lamb!” Her small pretty mouth was turned up in a grin, “The food’s getting cold now. Children, dig in.” Our dad how he laughed as he poured lots of gravy onto his potatoes and kidded with Davy. And Grandma sat smiling despite her great fall while Grandpa gulped spiked nog, not talking at all. With eyes that seemed bigger than my own belly, I dished out big spoonfuls of cranberry jelly. Mom winked and I knew I had nothing to dread. Her pleasure was in us all being well fed. I went straight to work at stuffing my face when suddenly Mom said, “We didn’t say grace!” We closed our eyes listening to our dad’s prayer. I peeked but was met by my mom’s warning stare! Dad finished the prayer with a hearty Amen. Then we were all grabbing Mom’s fixings again. When the food had all vanished and our stomachs hurt, we heard Dad exclaim, “So what’s for dessert?” For the Children's Christmas or Holiday Tale - Poetry Contest of Carol Eastman

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The Mirror Of Time

I hold three magic rocks, in my hand. Rolling them over and over and over. Leaving this 
reality behind, far behind I stepped into the magic mirror and there I was back in 1959.  It 
was the same month, November.  I looked around and it was the same as I remember it had 
been then.  Mom looked so young and beautiful and said, "The school bus will be here in a 
few minutes."  I looked at the calendar and saw that it was November 25th, the day before 
Thanksgiving.  I said, "But mom, I haven't been in school in forty years."  I got this strange 
look from her but she didn't say anything.  Walking toward the door I caught a reflection of 
myself in the hall mirror.  I was so young.  My hand immediately went to my face and I 
stopped and stared at myself for a few minutes. I said, "Mom, can I stay home and be with 
you today?"  Again I got that strange look from her, then she smiled and said, "Sure, it's 
your last day before Thanksgiving anyway, why not?"  She and I sit down and talked for 
hours.  Then I said, "Do you mind if we go next door and visit with Maw Maw and Paw Paw?  
I haven't seen them in so long and I've missed them terribly!"  Again another strange look 
from mom. Next door I saw Maw Maw and Paw Paw as they had been in 1959.  I wept and 
they all looked at me so strangely.  I hugged them and kissed them all and we talked for 
hours.  Dad finally came home from work and I ran and hugged him so hard. "Dad why did 
you have to leave us in June?"  Again I got strange looks from everyone.  My tears were 
falling.  I saw Aunt Frances and Uncle Bill who lived beside Maw Maw and Paw Paw. "I've 
missed you both for so long." Strange looks again!  They didn't understand because to them, 
it was just another day in 1959.  The day grew late and I knew my time was soon ending.  I 
got near the magic mirror and mom and dad were standing there so young and healthy. I 
said, "Mom I'll see you on the other side of the mirror, but dad, I'll see you another time, 
another place."  They didn't understand.  I stepped back through and my reflection was as it 
had been before.  Mom was sitting in her chair at age 84.  I said, "Mom, do you remember 
the day before Thanksgiving, 1959, when I stayed home from school and we spent the day 
together?"  She said, "Yes, it was so strange that you could never remember anything about 
it.  It was as though you had amnesia.

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Night Angel

They needed help
Walking alone in the dark.
The man.
The child.
A broken down car.
The child frightened,
But not understanding
The terror
That would soon
Come her way.
Her parents petrified
That their baby was gone,
Over forbidden images
That crowded their way
Past ice cream sundays
And birthday parties
And wedding days.
A passer-by.
A doer of good deeds.
He stops.
He sees.
He looks into
the little girl's eyes.
The girl speaks,
"This is not my dad"
And the coward
who took her,
He runs.
He hides.
The passer-by,
Believing he saved
A child
From a long, cold walk,
In reality
Saved a child
From a long, cold death.

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Titanic Forever

My father had been out of work for way too long.
At night, I often heard him and mom weep
Food was scant, but love was strong. 
As was that hunger pain when I lay to sleep.

My little brother was too young to understand.
Still a babe in arms, he brought our only smiles.
I loved to play with him and hold his tiny hand.
It seemed to take away the hurt from life trials.

Then, one-day dad came home all excited.
He was talking so fast, grinning from ear to ear.
He said that our future was well fated.
That we were in for adventure was clear.

It was that new ocean liner, the Titanic. 
Dad had been hired for the maiden voyage.
We were going along as his sidekick.
A family destined for American homage.

In just five days we boarded that ship.
Immigrating was a dream come true.
Accommodations would be a hardship.
But it was worth opportunities…new.

Dad worked as a scullion in the restaurant.
We were housed on the lower deck.
It was a very crowded lodgment.
We stayed together until the shipwreck.

Sirens were screeching people screaming.
We could not find dad anywhere.
Was he locked up as a cageling?
Could it be true; was he trapped down there?

Lifeboats were being lowered.
Mom held my brother, crying.
Dad must be somewhere cloistered.
We all feared a dreadful dying.

Someone put me in a lifeboat.
I reached for mom as it descended.
The Titanic was still afloat.
But my family separated.

The water was freezing.
I had forgotten my coat.
People crying, sniffling, and sneezing.
The lifeboat soon became an iceboat.

Within a few hours, death began.
Shivering, I crawled beneath two corpses.
A young girl destined to live without her clan.
Hidden from polar breezes.

That was the last time I saw my mother.
My mind holds the image clearly.
She, calling for dad, was cuddling brother.
Oh, how I loved my family dearly.

When rescuers finally arrived.
I was the only one alive in the lifeboat.
Beneath those bodies, I survived.
Then, I was wrapped in a warm coat.

I never did see America.
I was sent to an orphanage back home.
Life had dealt a great trauma.
Forever had sunken in the ocean's foam.

© April 9, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  My heart will go on and on.... Free Poetry 
Sponsor	Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver

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Boy on the Bridge

He was standing there alone on the bridge
He must have been about twelve years old.
I asked, "What are you doing here, lad?
It's very dark and kind of cold."
"I'm not supposed to be out this late at night
But my mom and dad are having a fight
So I'm on this bridge and I don't know why
Seems like all I do anymore is cry.
You don't know what it's like
To hear the shouting every day
I love my mom and dad
But they say things they shouldn't say
I have a sister and a little brother
And we are only learning how to hurt each other.
If I was granted any wish that I could think of
All I would want is a home filled with love
Maybe my mom and dad could find it in their heart
To forgive each other and make a brand new start
Then our lives would be like they should be
And I could dump these feelings that are haunting me
Thanks, mister for listening to me talk
Can you give me a ride home. I'm afraid to walk
If you hadn't stopped, I wouldn't have seen daylight
You see, I was going to jump off that bridge tonight."

      Sometimes a kind word or just listening for a few moments can make a 
difference in someone's life.

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Heres Looking At You Kid

Dear brother you were only 22
when the good Lord came calling for you

Water had consumed your last breath
Coroners said was a flashback from heroin and meth

I had always looked up to you
but your verbal abuse made me and the others feel blue

black hair  hazel eyes man you look so like Elvis 
imitating shaking your hips and pelvis

blisters and sores on  your young pale face
oh boy how you had fallen from Gods grace

you had a little girl right after you died
Mom always stood by her and your girlfriend's side

first Grandpa then you Dad  Mom and brother Bob
for my life now feels like I've been robbed

missed over 30 yrs of wishing you  birthday greetings
now at the dinner table there is limited seating

but every year when your birthday comes and passes
I will be there to pick your grave site overgrown grasses

I wonder what you would look like today
or even if your hair would be full of grey

I have forgiven for all you had done to me
for I hold no regrets so your soul can be free

heres wishing you another birthday greeting
as I lay this card and rose at your grave site's seating

Please give Grandpa Dad Mom and brother Bob my love
for someday I will reunited with all of you above

For now I have my own little girl
for she is my own everyday  world

I promise to tell her all about you
and how God will turn you into someone pure and new

Rest in peace my loving dear brother
heres another birthday wish I send in passion smothers 

In Loving Memory Of
My Brother Gary

10/ 18/ 48
 6 / 5 / 71

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We Lost More Than a Dad

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost half of how we came to be
We lost we four girls first love
We lost our Best Friend

We lost more than just a Dad that day
Our Mom lost her Soul Mate, Her other half 
Our children lost their Papaw
We lost our family’s foundation 
We lost the glue that held us together

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost the Strongest man we ever knew 
We lost the man we looked up too
We lost we four girls Teacher of many things

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We four girls lost our Hero
We lost some of our Light
We lost part of our Heart
We lost part of our Soul

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost some of our Courage
We lost some of our Strength
We lost some of our will to fight back
We lost some of our will to carry on
We four girls lost more than a Dad
We lost more than just a Dad that day

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Family Grief Family Happiness

   Have you ever written anything without sub combing to tears ?
    My Family portrait in my mind , 2 older sisters , 2 brothers
        My Mother caring about all five in different ways
      Just with Mom & Dad there having the best of Holidays 
     My sisters laying out on the deck of river bank for 4th of July ~
      Listening to " Honkey Chateau " and all by Elton John. 
       music  a great memory ~Disco , Donna summer , Grease ~ Jaws !

     Dad's records to Tony Bennett , Hank W Sr. , Count Basie & Louis Armstrong.
          The music  takes me home in a wagon filled with children and a dog "Lucky "    
      My Older brother , athletic , always fishing & hunting.
                 My younger , my Rock , Swimming and netting for fish,
        feeding our Fat cat Perch off the rocks patiently awaits her food               
       the yelling , slamming of doors ,  tempers Flare , passion 
         Our Parents , passionate love yet passionate Hate .
        After being a Family of Seven , Divorcing their fate ..
         Why did that show " Dallas " bring out the Divorce in all ?

       Scottish ~ Irish ~ French Iroquois ~ Cherokee  
                 No matter what the mix ..Our curse Alcohol ~
          the  Screaming , Drinking , this memory I wish to shut the door on .  
        Going to A & W or making Cheerleading ,The Bears of course~
             Excited in Chicago !  seeing Elton John in the Summer of 1976 ~
        Cubs ,  museum of Wax , Museum of science & History , Pizza !
       Expeditions of discovery ,little brother & I finding arrowheads on the Shore.
             Our Grandparents Faithful Celebrations ! Chiffon cake , Apple strudel `  
        Our Cousins on Holidays , going for ice cream cones , 
          scent of wet rain on oak leaves ~Before Halloween was bought in stores.
           ~ That is the Family I Love ,
                     that is the Family I choose to miss ~    

Details | Narrative | |

On this day

   On this day, I’m sitting in this empty dome, yet to be filled with graduands, reminiscing
   Flipping through the images, of my trajectory, stored in my memory.
   I remember back then when dad had no money for my school fees
   His job was barely enough to keep food on the table; Mom was the breadwinner.

   Dad and mom were always arguing; dad was always on the move
   But mom kept breathing down his neck.
   Dad was visited by a chronic illness and he embarked on that immortal journey
   It seemed like everything had fallen apart, but mom kept grinding to ensure I never   lacked; and I kept faith too that everything would be alright.
   I started working hard to see my dreams through, with my eyes fixed on my goals.
   There are many unending walls to be climbed; and tough rows to hoe
   Many demons are out soaking up grease in my engine no matter how greasy I try.

   Sometimes things don’t always play out the way we forecast
   And we don’t make sense to people who always judge our moves
   But everything happens for a reason, sometimes beyond our control
   That’s what destiny is all about?
   I know I’m befuddling your mind now?
   Hush don’t worry too much, rest your brain!

   When I see how much I’ve grown and what I’ve learnt
   It trips me out, though I lay a guilt trip on myself for my aberrations
   The destination is still far away, but surely not a cul-de-sac
   I’ll keep my heads up, with dad’s words: never give up on yourself
   Now I need a mockingbird to sing for my soul on this day.

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10 Things to Eat Instead of Red Meat

Is your go-to lunch roast beef sandwich?
Tomorrow you might want turkey instead
Here is why
In gen. red meat- such as roast beef

Not as healthy as other kinds of protein
Tends to have more cholesterol
Often has more saturated fat
Both things are bad for your heart

Eating too much red meat
May linked to colon cancer
This does not mean
You should never eat beef or other red meats

Just go easy on them
Tasty Swaps

Fish or chicken
With hamburgers
Try Veggie burgers

With Stir-fry
Try Fried tofu
With lasagna
Try Eggplant slices

With salad
Try tuna or broiled egg
With Breakfast
Try turkey or soy links

With Casserole
Try lentils and rice
With Chili
Try beans (canned or dried)

With Dinner entrée
Try Roast turkey (baked or broiled)
With sandwiches and wraps
Try grilled chicken or hummus


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The Family That God Gave to Me

The Family That God Gave to Me I think about the family, that God gave to me... And think about where they'll spend eternity! I think about the good times, that we've had. And the trials we've faced... Both good and bad! God helped us to overcome adversity together! And proved his faithfulness... Today and forever! He showed us the Godly path, that we should follow... And promised to be with us! Today and tomorrow! He's proven how much he loves us! And how much that he cares for us! Thank you my lord, for all you do! Where would we be? If not for you? You've proven yourself over and over again! Thank you so much, for being our friend! By Jim Pemberton

Details | Narrative | |

mom and dad

mom and dad 
my all time favorite heroes 
who take on the days task 
of the everyday running 
of running our lovely home

they compliment each other 
in everything they do
dad the bread winner 
and mom the home maker
and help each other were
the other has failed

they do not show any fear
whether times are good or not 
and make things seam all perfect
even when they are not 

can not still figure out how
they managed to pull this off
cause my life is not as perfect
as they made our home seam

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Let the Deicide commence.

You're a voyeur at best!
Your vampiric heart is beating out of your chest!
And you have slayed the ones whom would love you for anything less
Ready to consume the final fragments of innocence,
And for you there is no forgiveness,
On your knees pleading, screaming to a tyrant in the skies;
The father of lies.

I will never be enslaved in your superiority
The people agree: jaded of your false dichotomies.
Know: I will be whomever nature intends to be
Apollo and I will share our dreams,
and you will be forced to see
your failure!

I know who you are...
Readily the first to present your scars
Chained by some despot or mental czar
An emotional homunculus in your mind, behind bars
Reluctant to escape - even when proven fake
Your demented mind - depths no one will penetrate!
...And you see me suffering
Not caring of any casualties
Just as long you recieve your safeguard of sympathy
So very wary of the masses and their Anarchy; Liberious ways

Solipsist - Is there no one you can see?
Even if she was presented burning?
Solipsist - Is there no one you can believe?
Even if Sophia was screaming?
Solipsist - Know you have killed and abused me
Imprisoned in your own  personal reality 

Details | Lanterne | |

Leg Pain

Having leg pain 
May mean legs not getting 
Proper blood flow
Called Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)

What is PAD
With PAD arteries that carry blood to your legs
Feet or arms clogged with fats, others
Can slow or even stop blood flow

Common sign of PAD leg pain or cramping
Pain comes when you move
As you Walk, climb stairs or exercise
May go away when you rest

Treating PAD
Healthy lifestyle can help
Provider may ask you to
Get regular exercise

Eat a heart healthy diet
Quit smoking
Important to control problems

High Blood Pressure
Unhealthy cholesterol
Sometimes  medicine
Surgery is needed for PAD


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The Saddest Christmas I Remember

Love is a season
And holidays mark the seasons, like signs in the road
Reflecting the bumps in our journey, but showing us a way back home...

Sixteen, in pajamas, watching the rain pelt down
It was long past midnight, Christmas eve
Twinkling lights on one house across the road, stared back at me
It was if they were trying to fill our void with color
The block was filled with a hundred black windows
And the blackness somehow seemed more appropriate  
There was no Christmas tree in our house this year
I suppose Dad felt it was too soon, or perhaps just the effort to get through each day
                                                                            had taken all the strength he had...
We had stayed up and watched a Christmas program together...
It was Perry Como, I think....somehow I remember how he sang "Ava Maria"...

My brother had come home from the Air Force earlier that week
He had helped bring us a bit of least for awhile...
but he had been called back to duty, and I missed him terribly...

The house was silent after Dad had gone to bed
I wasn't sleepy....and it was lonely looking out at the cold night
It seemed the whole world was sleeping, 
                                 getting ready for the sun to shine on Christmas morning...

I started to head for bed, but noticed a light had been left on in the front coat closet
I opened the door, and looking up, to pull the chain, I noticed the box...
   The little box that kept the sugar cube house
It was one that Mom and I had made together when I was 8 years old... 
         Little sugar cubes stacked into walls and a roof, glued together with red frosting.
We had copied one out of her Ladies' Home Journal....surrounding it with little trees, and 
people skating on a mirror for a pond, things we had found at the 5 and 10 cent store
Carefully packed away last year, on Mom's last Christmas....

Throughout the night, I sat in the dimness of the house, laying out the sugary scene on the 
fireplace Mom would have done .

When the freckled morning moved into day...
I woke on the sofa...Dad sitting next to me.  He had covered me with a warm blanket.
He held me and we cried together.
After breakfast....he disappeared outside, and soon came in carrying a sorry looking branch 
from our old evergreen tree.
We decorated that bedraggled wasn't the most beautiful tree we had ever had
But it brought Christmas back to my family...

For Constance La France's contest "Your Saddest Christmas Ever"
Carrie Richards

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The Old Salt

The Old Salt was a special man who came along in a time
when he was needed most.

A time that is now gone forever.
When men believed and sacrificed, when hero’s walked the earth in mass.

When patriotism was not just a word
by what men lived and judged the worth of each, 
a man who lived a life most of us cannot comprehend. 

An era now gone as this warriors tour of duty ends at this station, 
and begins anew in the heavenly fleet. 

Sail on Sailor into your unaccompanied tour,
we salute you.

What greater honor, that when a man moves forward, 
he leaves behind in each of us the best of what he was. 

A defender, protector, supporter, victor, a warrior, 
the last of the breed from an era when ships were made of wood
and men were made of steel.

The Old Salt has reported for duty that takes him away from us for now. 

Those of us who remain behind,
remember, and will continue to remember, 
because he now resides forever in our hearts.

As I look up at night, I envision The Old Salt,
a beret draped just above the eye, 
as he draws upon his pipe, 
quietly he waits.
The guardian of heaven’s gate.

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Family Dinner

Everyone is dressed just right,

with our smiles slapped on tight,

we are having a family dinner.

The mood is tense,

yet we have to make sense,

and we can always talk about the weather.


We blow kisses and show our love,

everything is just right.

We shower praises over each other,

and pray that the night is over without a flight.


Ignore the bitter-in-law,

she needs some sugar.

She vowed to deny herself happiness,

since she lost her lover.


Pay attention to the chatty uncle.

He claims to be rich although he eats like a savage.

just nod your head and seem interested,

and hope the topic does not turn to marriage.


Sit away from the young brother,

once an answer to his question, he is on to another.

To the old man he asks,"So what do you do?"

and to the orphan child,"Where is your mother?"


The room is beautiful, the food is delicious,

a night with our near and dear.

This could well be the perfect family dinner,

but only the flowers in the room seem real.

Details | Diamante | |

Mother, Father

Mother Loving, hard-working Cooking, cleaning, encouraging Power, life, wisdom, experience Working, laughing, teaching Wise, great Father

Details | Shape | |

3DOM Questionku

¤                                          )  
¤                _     ______      )
¤               /  \     /-----\          )
¤             (^-^)   (^_^)        )
¤                 !           !             )
¤            ---------  --------        )
¤          / !      ¤  !!       ¤  ! \     )      
Dial 3DOM#####¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤             Dial 3DOM
4, 5, 6 and ask:¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤            Dad and Mom, and ask:
Should I finish my task?¤¤¤¤¤¤¤            Did you finish your task?
Dial 3DOM####¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤              Dial 3DOM
4, 5, 6 and call:¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤              Dad or Mom and call:
Is it so essential?¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤              Why can Tom break the wall?
Dial 3DOM####@@@@¤¤¤¤¤¤              Dial 3DOM              
4, 5, 6 and... Say,####¤¤¤¤¤¤              Dad and Mom and... Say,
D'you think it's worth the day?¤             Is it so hard to stay?

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Cuddle Babies Replay Memory

I remember the day Trixie died,
Sinbad staring out upon her grave.
No crying, just day after day, homage.

I couldn’t stand seeing the pain,
Nothing I did, petting, holding,
Could bring him away from the grave.

So down to the pet store I drove
Hoping for a partner to please
And found a pair of cuddles, babies

Arms wrapped together in play
One black one orange which should it be?
Orange like Sinbad or black?

But how could I take one from another
Leave another hole, so black and orange
Babies two, drew Sinbad back over

To sleep the peaceful sleep of cuddles
Warmth from another, held like a mother
Or held like a father, Sinbad was mine

Once more we could live in happy cheer
Death deserted from our midst
When the wonder of youth appeared.

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No Job Can't Pay the Bills TRY JESUS

Here I sit, uncertain of what lies ahead.
I’m still wondering how my family will be fed.

I once had a job that provided a sense of “security.”
Now I don’t…  And I have a lot of uncertainty!

I have unpaid bills, and I’m not sure what to do.
I’ve asked for help.  But not sure who to turn to!

I get discouraged, and feel life “pulling me down.”
I’ve tried just about every job that’s in town.

The dreams I had, have been shattered and smashed.
At times, I feel like I’m just “a piece of trash.”

My wife tried to support me, the best that she can.
But she doesn’t know me…  Or even understands!

Dear Jesus…  You’re the only left that I haven’t tried.
There’s been many nights I laid awake and cried!

I read in the Bible, where your love for me is real!
When I call on your name...  There’s a love I can feel!

Whatever happens, please help me Lord, to trust you!
Whatever tomorrow holds, may I still love you!

I know that you’re a foundation, that I can stand on!
Jesus is a friend!  That I can always depend on!

Jesus, if I lose everything that I have or that I hold on to...
My I always remember your faithfulness
 and never forget you!

Here I stand… With my burdens lifted from me!
It’s because of Jesus!  And how much he loves me!

I praise HIS name!  And lift my hands to the sky!
He’s in control now!  I don’t have to ask the reason why!

Jesus…  Please take control of my worries and desires!
Above all of my problems, I lift your name up higher!

By Jim Pemberton

Details | Pantoum | |

A picture of a sub-division-w

My sub-division is called the place of old people                     
There’re no young people in their formative age                 
With no kids but only single mom or dad in ample              
Known as the place of aged people of suffrage.                     

There’re no young people in their formative age           
To regenerate returning to their homes in picture                        
Known as the place of aged people of suffrage                                 
With no ambitions of the present or the future.                    

To regenerate returning to their homes in picture                        
No grown-ups with fervent hope and ambition                 
With no ambitions of the present or the future                    
But it’s place the with self-obsessed bohemian.                    

No grown-ups with fervent hope and ambition                   
Bothering no more for diapers no happy mother                        
But it is the place with self-obsessed bohemian.                   
To take children around to play no happy father.                      

Bothering no more for diapers no happy mother                        
With no kids but only single mom or dad ample                  
To take children around to play no happy father.                      
My sub-division is called a place of old people.  

Seventh place winner
Dr. Ram Mehta

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Papa, Mama and Winnie

I’ve placed it in the most visible place
This old photo of black and white
Taken in 1943, the edges worn and frayed  
Papa, Mama, Winnie, eyes bright

Though one by one they’ve all gone
They’ve left legacies of love, faith
And the sweet memories linger on
This beautiful photo transmits

When I look at their eyes
Warmth and gentleness residing                   
Dressed in their best, wearing subtle smiles
Beauty is captured, surviving!
Inspired by a beautiful photo of my parents and eldest sister...R.I.P.

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The Rain and Wind

The wind blew events all over the place.
Intense emotions and it gave chase.
Lightning lighting to show us the sky.
People try to sleep and not cry.
Wisping by the wind keeps us awake.
The time trying to sleep the storms take.
Chills in everyone gives all shiver.
The clouds surrounded by moonlight is silver.
Heavenly prayers that the rain will stop.
The flood stopped a car the person in it was a cop.
People have seen such devastation.
The road that people made was week in creation.
Rivers near by was over flowing.
Trees that were there was not showing.
By the hour it claimed many.
My father woke up and did not see any.
Floating by was a boat.
Keeping people above water and a float.
My father kept a canoe.  
That some day we would use it, that he knew.
Time to paddle up and down the street.
The rain water kept getting on our seat.
It was so dark after the moon was behind the cloud.
Still the noise of thunder still covered the ears loud.
The smell of moist water never seem to go away.
My brothers seem to still sleep anyway.
My head was bobbing up and down.
I was so tired that I could not hear a sound.
The wind blew back and fourth.
It seems that my mom and dad paddle their worth.
Till all the people we saw with grace.
Help us out with embrace.
The time was so late at night.
Everyone was so sleepy and losing sight.
The fight with the weather was so hectic.
The feelings of energy was electric.
Losing to such natural disaster is hard to understand.
When people working hard to block the river with bags of sand.
With hard workers like my mom and dad.
They make things happen that is not bad.
Rough with weather they experience more than ever.
Leaders they are they are very clever.
From the night light of street lights to the morning glow.
The wind did not stop so.
Bringing in more clouds that ill.
The people who were still tired still had will.
The rush of water and waves blasting push the wall side.
Pushing and the force brought water inside.
The battle of our hour was getting long.
Backup people came to aid us was strong.
Rested they were to keep everyone with hope.
The people stopped the water with the strength of rope.
Heavy rain and loss of homes bring people together.
It is kind of sad that this was the only time to gather.
Chaos comes happiness how true.
This is why we are human that gives us a clue.
It is our nature to keep rain falling.
To know when it is time for our calling.
The winds bring such pain and sorrow.
That is why rain sometimes fallow.

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Peace In The Light

Peace In The Light

I live in a drywall box
Sitting alone staring at my clocks
With landscape art hanging all around me
Its no wonder inspiration has finally found me

One day my mind forced my hand to start writing
About my parents in Heaven still fighting
Knowing their bodies lie beneath the ground
But believing that is not where there to be found

One night I dreamt of a beautiful house
It was on a sunny hill where I saw cats playing cards with a mouse
There was a young woman sitting on a porch rail
She turned to me and asked why I looked so pale

She told me she did not die
She told me I no longer have to cry
Then all of a sudden I awoke
Asking myself... “Was Mom's death some kind of horrible joke”

The Wake…The Funeral…
The Burial Mass…The Grave
Mom's dream message proved to me 
She had risen from her Coffin in the Cave

Sometimes I wonder if Mom and Dad are really dead
Or are they living in my head
Can our parents be more alive than we think
Could they be some kind of Supernatural Link

Some say this life is a trial
With certain emotions recorded in our Spiritual File
We all experience wonder, joy, sorrow and pain
Some days… it’s a challenge just to stay sane

I pray our parents watch over us from afar
I swear sometimes… Their sitting in my car
Maybe when we experience life’s emotions
Our Parents are there recording the commotion

I bet Mom sews all day
She probably still has no time to play
I bet Dad writes all day
Will my sons ever find their way

Someday I will tell everyone
That Heaven maybe closer than the Sun
And even though our parents may not be here
When we take our last breath there is nothing to fear

Because what seems like a very dark day
Is really a small price to pay 
So the next time you hear a familiar voice in your head
It could be your parents telling you they are not really dead

And I thank… GOD… I no longer have to write
Because my parents have finally found Peace in the Light
And some day when it’s my turn to go home
I will show my parents this poem   

Joseph Adam Elward

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Family Play

Sonny was playing with a tonka toy.
Sissy was playing slip and slide.
Daddy was playing solitaire.
Mommy was playing striptease.
Daddy stop playing solitaire.

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Birthday I Will Never Forget

It’s been 5 years since I’ve seen my daddy and he’s going to be here
Here at my 9th birthday party with all my friends and family
I can barely contain the excitement but a little nervous too
So many people waiting for me at the skating rink
All there to celebrate my birthday, everyone there for ME
As I see my daddy I take off running into his arms
And I’m crying and so is he as we embrace each other
We’re both so happy with smiles across our faces
Looking around I see all my friends, their moms and dads
I see my family and for once my mom AND my dad are here too
All waiting for me to blow out my candles and make a wish
But this was my wish to have everyone I love here for me
But then my dad asked to take me to pick out my presents
My mom said no and they both started to yell in front of everyone
Everyone watching and staring at them argue
As I sat in a corner crying because all my dad wanted
Was to take his little girl to get what her heart desired
Mommy whisked me away and daddy never got the chance to say goodbye
Mommy fought to get me in the car as I stared out the back window crying
Wishing I had made that wish when I blew out my candles 

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A Happy Day

In mind's eye I reminisce, watching children play   
of a spring day sitting here, seeing my children play

blessed to see their smiles, when they hit, slid or fell 
A happy day begin playing ball, in this story I will tell

A kiss and hug I get, dad please take us to the fair 
Seeing the rides, ooh's, awe's echo from our pair

Eating fried dough, peanuts, "Boy! see the games over there" 
We're playing with family and friends, as they make a dare  

Can't miss any ride that twists, mixes, spins or flys in the air
There's so much to see, ride and play with, in a day at the fair 

Hearing "thanks mom and dad" that night, walking to the car 
"Stay awake" they say as we move, you know they can't get far

This day all started with thoughts of fun, smiles and laughs 
both asleep, with their dreams, today, mom and dad can laugh 

Any poem you posted during this month of* APRIL ~except ~ No! No! Bunny poems, or Easter poems..NOR other contest entries.

entered by Tom Larrow

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Lucky I Guess Part I

Today was the big day! I bought a scratch-off ticket two days ago and won $25,000.00! Can
you imagine that? Me, a lonely unemployed nobody, strikes it rich. Yee-Hah! So, I'm off to the
lottery collections agency to cash in my lucky windfall. The polite gentleman handed me
the necessary forms. I feverishly completed them and within 36 minutes was awarded my
check. Wow! Me, a single, unrecognized nobody, is clutching a mild fortune. 
“Zippety-Do-Dah!” Whistling a happy tune, I venture home. Three blocks before reaching my
domicile, I spotted a young lad on the corner of Clark Street and 9th Avenue. He was
sitting on the cold concrete playing with an energetic puppy - yet, he was crying. "Hey,
kid, that's a beautiful puppy you've got." The young boy looked up at me and stammered:
"He's not my puppy, Mister. I found him here in the street a little while ago. The doggie
has no home." My heart skipped two beats. "Where do you live, son?" The tearful boy
crooked his head towards a dilapidated house two lots away from the corner of Clark
Street. I didn't think anyone lived there. I paused for a second and then:

"Hey, Mister? Do you have an extra quarter?" I was speechless for a moment. 
"Excuse me,, do you have a dime or a quarter? I have two quarters in my pocket. 
If I get one more I can buy the puppy a can of dog food at the corner store." Containing a smile, 
I lost my breath. I regained my wits and asked: "Would your Mom and Dad approve of you 
having a puppy?" The young lad kept his head down and replied: "Well, my Dad is dead.
But I know my Mom would like this puppy. It's just that my Mom can't walk and, um...
I take care of her and, um...we really wouldn't have enough money to take 
care of a dog, anyways." My heart was breaking. "What's your name son?"
I didn't understand who's tears I was envisioning - his or mine.
"Charlie, Mister." "My name's, Charlie."


For: Carol Brown
I Hepled The Needy contest
(This is Part I of the story)

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Brother Billy told him,
“Aint no Santa Claus”
Timmy didn’t want to believe his sibling
Just the very name of Santa was magic –
Santa Claus
Those fur-lined endings
The colorful red suit
Splendid black boots
Wide leather belt
And that snowball on top of his hat
“Delivers presents to the world?” scoffed Brother Billy
“Aint no way!”
But Timmy, at Christmas time, didn’t think with his head
Timmy thought with a child’s imagination
And the season gathered his conscious round with colors,
    music and sweetness
Mom and, especially, dad didn’t object to Billy’s scolding
“Timmy    after all    is old enough now” dad advised mom
“I’m never putting on that damn suit again!”

Timmy thought and thought 
Couldn’t sleep that Christmas Eve night for thinking
He positioned himself on the seat at the big bay window in
    his room    wrapped in a blanket    knees up to his 
    shoulders    and    watched the moon
Watched till his eyelids began to droop
No Santa
Mom found him asleep around 1:00 a.m.
She and dad had been busy wrapping presents
She    lovingly    picked him up and put him to bed with 
   Growl    his big stuffed bear

Around 2:30 a.m. – mom had been thinking and thinking
    just like Timmy – mom checked to see if dad was asleep
Then!    grabbing the jingle bells from under the tree
She climbed the stairs to Timmy’s room    opened the door
    a crack    looked around    as though anticipating escape
Then!    with a joyful smile    shook the bells vigorously!    




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Dad and Mom

mom always believes on whatever
I often see she entrusts to the night
pair of hands, feet, heads and even
entire innards of the stomach
then she could just fall to restful of sleep 

dad is very different
he did not want to entrust even a finger on anything
father is a formidable walker
he never stops on whatsoever
he sustains all hands, feet, head
even the innards of his stomach that kept mounting
in the shoulder and head
therefore I often see my father erupts
like a water balloon


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What People Were and What People Are

People were
Many things.
Strange or not

People were
Different and
Odd and fun.

People were
Monsters but…
That’s not all

People were
And still are
Strange and odd.

People are
People. For
life is life. 

Yet not.
Not is lies.
Truth seeps from

Every mouth
Lies, lies, lies
Move, move, move

But somehow
Lies prevail.
Lies are life.

Lies are death.
Lies are homes.
Lies are pain.

Lies are truth.
Yet somehow.
Truth prevails.

Truth is life.
Truth is death.
Truth is home.

Truth is pain.
Truth is lie.
Truth is that.

Lies will die.
Lies will cease.

Truth will live.
Truth will be.

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I was in a big world
wherein there's a crowd in every place
I can go on my own
yet, I go to the repeated phase

There are two most important face
that might makes my life's craze
I might see them as a King and a Queen
in a home where they conquer

It's hard to set aside their commands and demands
even if it is too much, their authority is a must
whether I cooperate or disobey their remarks
they're still around, somewhere, to still keep in touch

so even if those Christian people
keep on telling humanities
about how God created everything
I will always owe my life to my King and Queen,
to my dearest parents.

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As A Parent I Want My Kids to Serve God

As A Parent, I Want My Kids to Serve God! As a parent, I’m trying the best that I can…. Though there are things that I don’t understand! I remember my parents teaching me right and wrong. And taught that God’s laws certainly belong! I’ve tried to share these values with my kids too… The choices they’ve made, and the things they do! When situations in life, seem to have changed… I know that my heavenly father remains the same! I think about what in life, to my kids, I have given… And pray they’ll serve God all the days they’re livin’! Even though I’ve failed and stumbled along the way… I hope I’ve taught my kids how important it is to pray! This family that God gave to me, has grown over a period of time. I’m thankful for the opportunity to call them “mine.” I pray they’ll seek God’s guidance! Wherever they go! May the word of God strengthen and nourish their soul! And as my kids get older, and they move out on their own… May they seek God’s love and protection over their home! I pray that my children will give God their very best! May they serve him daily! And let him take care of the rest! I’m trying my best, as a parent, to trust Jesus and believe! His goodness, in our lives, is what we need to achieve! By Jim Pemberton

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For Men Everywhere One Billion Rising

1 Billion Rising.

For Men Everywhere.

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!


Stop the abuse!

Of grand-daughters,

all women.


Listen to the voices!

Of grand-daughters,

all women.


Think of how you treat,


all women.


Act now to change yourself!

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!

The violence,
the abuse,
the rape,

stops when you stop,

the violence,
the abuse,
the rape.

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!

The violence,
the abuse,
the rape,

is perpetrated by,



all men.

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!

The violence,
the abuse,
the rape,

stops when us men stop,

The violence,
the abuse,
the rape,

today, now.

Stop! Listen! Think! Act!

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I Know of An Old Fashioned Family

There’s a family I know,  that may seem old fashioned.
But they serve others from a heart of compassion!

They don’t have much in the scope
 of entertainment.
But they have each other,
 and much contentment.

They have a love for God that comes from within!
And are thankful to the Lord
 for being their friend!

They don’t get too involved with that the world brings.
They have each others love.  
They have everything!

This family has been an inspiration to others too!
By their giving hearts, in much of what they do!

This family has a commitment to serve God above.
And have asked Jesus to fill them with his love!

This may seem old fashioned, 
not to have a lot of things…
But they know their Lord 
and the love that he brings!

I’m thankful to know them and their Godly inspiration…
I extend to them a heart of thanks  and appreciation!

Please dear Lord, bless and keep them in your arms!
Be with them Jesus, and protect them from harm!

May the blessings of God keep 
flowing through them!
And may the peace and joy of God continue to be with them!

By Jim Pemberton   05/29/13

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My Heritage

My heritage is a mixture
Of backgrounds.  Let's start on 
My Dad's side of the family.

My Dad's mom is Irish and English.

My Dad's dad is Irish and German.

My Mom's mom is Scottish and Irish.

My Mom's dad is blood Hungarian.

So in other words,
I'm a mutt!  or as others say,
"Heinz 57!"

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One Billion Rising

Today we rise.

No more hiding in the shadows,

of culture,

No more silent complicity,

defensive arguments,
sickening pretences,
shabby excuses,

for the actions of men,

brutal and coarse and vulgar and obscene and murderous and abusive.

Today, we rise,

as one.

Today the change starts,

with me,
within me.

Today we rise.

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I regret many things in my life.
Not been able to spend more time with my wife the love of my life.
I regret not been able to stay close to my mom and my dad, they were 
All I had, my childhood memory, that yellow truck my dad got me.
How wonderful life is when you are young, when you try to reach up to the sky.
Everything seems so tall that was my challenge to grow old. 

I regret not been there when my dad died. He loved me the most out of us nine!
I took care of him, helped him when he was weak, he used to tell me I don’t want to die I can’t leave. You are still young; I said: “hey are you serious dad”? “I have three kids!...I'm 53"
But I know he was too soft. He hated the thought of dying, he loved been with us just to make sure we're ok.

I regret when my mom died. She still bring tears to my eyes, my heart still bleeds
At the memory of her smile. When I need a back scratch she had the roughest hands
House work and cooking that she didn’t mind at all. I loved her all my life and when she got very sick she became like a child. Talking about why she can’t see in color any more?

It’s difficult to explain to a sick person especially your mom, you breakdown before you even start to tell her.

I regret when my wife fell sick with the big C, I questioned every little thing, to me I was always right in doing the right thing. How and why kept popping up every time I wondered
This thing happened too fast, it took me by surprise.
I blamed myself for not listening, when she complained about her agonizing pain, I thought it was just the same.

I regret many things in my life.
I thought If I can get a second chance, I would change it all again!

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The Kids of Divorce

Mom and Dad divorce; the kids are damaged for life; but some are relieved.

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The Family

The couple had a little girl 
and she was two years old
a pretty little thing she was 
although just getting bold

she loved her parents very much 
and let them know each day
she sometimes got in trouble when 
she tried new games to play

The threesome went out frequently 
to check out happy places
she could not help but notice 
a whole world of different faces

the child saw everything as new 
and saw it with great pleasure
her parents let her know a lot 
that she was their great treasure

All who saw them in their walks 
knew they were very happy
her folks would talk about her acts
even though some were sappy

The family took a camping trip
to live as days of yore
Her father thought he knew the best
to eat from country floor

while she slept soundly through the night
her Mom and Dad had died
the mushrooms dad had picked for lunch
were poisonous when fried

When she woke up she wondered why
her mom and dad were still
she yelled and cried till she was hoarse
but could not warm the chill

Her parents played a lot of games
this one she did not know
her mom and dad would not wake up
she had nowhere to go

She cried herself to sleep that night
tired out from all her tears
she felt her hunger growing now
first time in her two years

She did not wander far away
her thirst had made her weak
she did not like ths game at all
some comfort she did seek

They found them there after some days
they did not need to check
the little girl had died as well
her arms round daddys neck

Andrew B. Totten

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My mom and dad are divorced and I live with my dad. I only see my mom when she has 
time for me my mom I would rather not see. Her friends are more important than me. It 
makes me very sad that my mom never has any time for me. I hope someday she will 
see just how much it really hurts me. When I do see my mom her friends spend more 
time with me then she does. It is not there place to do that I’m not there kid. I don’t like 
her friends that much either. I always tell my mom she will be sorry latter for not 
spending time with me. I know she does not care sometimes I know it’s not fare. But I 
still would rather not go there. Now my dad he spends time with me no matter how 
busy he is he always finds time for me. It makes me very happy when he makes time for 
me. My dad and me are best buddy’s my dad really cares for me unlike my mom and her 
friends do. With my dad is where I really want to be I think it is plane to see where I 
really want to be. My mom tells me that she loves me. But my dad does not just tell me 
he loves me he shows me every day just how much he loves me so with my dad I want 
to stay. He’s the one who really loves me.

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Dear Dad and Mom,
Both of you have been an inspiration in our lives 
It will remain like that forever. 
Dad, even when you left us waiting patiently for Mom to join you on that heavenly 
She gave us the best with no frown. 
This may be a joyous moment for you but heartache for us. 
I didn’t have a slight feeling of sorrow when you left us.
I was too small to understand what it meant to lose someone as precious as you 
but Mom did?? 
But she didn’t show us how she felt but drowned in it for eighteen long years…..
I really miss Mom now but her presence is always felt. 
It’s not so easy to digest the fact 
That now I stand alone on the face of the earth thinking that I have everybody 
beside me. 
Nobody can replace the love and care that was rendered by both of you. 
Hats off to both of you because your love was incomparable and unique. 
Though I didn’t experience much of your love Dad, 
I did experience enough of moms that I truly know that it’s unique. 
Love you both with no regret. 

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Its Howdy Doody Time

Sitting in the “Peanut Gallery”  in the centre of Doodyville
Clutching my Clarabell Clown Marionette , such a Thrill
No tangled strings, on my gift from Mom  and Dad Vacing
Buffalo Bob says ”Please put on a show” my Heart Racing
Tight in his right hand my Clarabell holds; the “Talking Horn”
Clarabell”s form of speech : his seltzer bottle filled that Morn, 
Hanging from his waist. My Clarabell, Sprayed Clarabell’s Face 
I walk Clarabell back to the Gallery, Tears of joy upon my Face
When I got Home my teacher said Bring Clarabell to School
I put on a show, the teacher and the Children say “Harry, that was cool”
Walking through the rubble, I scoop ashes from my bedroom floor
I wonder : did his Horn go off ?, when the fire burst through the Door
My Clarabell saw nine sunsets, ten times Clarabell saw the early morning SUN
Do not shed any tears of Sorrow, Mom and Dad : Bought me another One

Inspired by the Contest : " TOYLAND " Sponsored by Linda-Marie
              The " SweetHeart of POETRY SOUP " (and Me)
  Dedicated to Patricia and Thomas Vacing ~~ MOM and DAD ~~

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I Think of a Time When I Was Young

I can think of a time, when I was young.
I was growing up and having fun! 
I remember how excited I was to have a t.v.
There were my brothers, my parents and me!
I remember at about the age of ten.
My dad thought going to the theater was a “sin.”
There were many things 
that as young man…
 I later began to see, and understand!
My parents shared God’s love the best they could!
And I read the Bible and was trying to be “good.”
I had my troubles…  And problems bear...
But I had a family, and much prayer!
The truth of God’s word helped sustain me!
I knew how much he really loved me!
My parents, may seem like they were “old fashioned.”
They loved their kids!  With a Godly compassion!
I’m thankful to be blessed with a Godly love!
My family was a treasure from heaven above!
I think about today, and how things go wrong.
Many families don’t seem to “get along!”
I pray for the blessing of God, to bind them together!
May we all serve him!  Today, and forever!
His love must be the cord that binds!
His will must be the focus of our minds!
May the presence of God bind us as one!
Every mother, father, daughter and son!

By Jim Pemberton

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My Life Story - Part 1 - The Early Years

Well I was born a bouncin' baby boy,

On June 23rd in Danville Illinois. ( Ill-i-noy - the s is silent)


My mom will never forget that special date,

Back in the year of '68.


Another birth in September of '70,

Ending in heart-wrenching tragedy.


My sister would've been my friend and pal,

But she didn't make it through the birth canal.


I would've been her big brother just two years older,

Mom was heart broken - didn't get to hold her.


Trying to write this is making me cry,

I can't stop thinking "Why God? Why?


Why did you take this bundle of love?

Did you need another angel above?


Well something good happened in August '72,

My mom married the only dad I ever knew.


I may not be of his own flesh and blood,

But he still called me "Son" and "Bud".


My dad adopted me and gave me the family name.

He treated us all one and the same.

- Love you mom ! -

- In loving memory of my sister (08/25/1970) also

- In loving memory of my dad (07/08/1947 - 01/16/2005)

I started this poem with the intentions of making it part of a

My Life Story collection of poetry. I'm not sure if I will continue

on with this intention or not. Should I decide to continue on with

My Life Story, the next stage will be concerning my childhood - and

the problems I went through as a young child.

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Beautifully blended

Lands of my mother color my skin bold. Pale and freckled.
my skin remembers the lush lands of old and i am swarmed with Irish blood.
Tanned and sun kissed, like my mothers people, 
i am tainted by her strong Italian blood. 
Soft as silk, i'm bred from her french roots. Creative and lush.
Skin like my mothers heritage, i am born of white blood.

Curls from my fathers past, native and strong, my ethnic shines through.
Indian, strong, and proud. Smokey and dark like the ancient people i fall from,
my gaze is forever lasting. Light and brown, i am rich with African blood. 
Long, tall, and lean like my fathers homage, i am born or intricate lineage.

Queens from my past lives, bow before my roots, with depths that reach far into the earth. i am born of all and belong to none. Blended of several bloodlines and crafted from many cloths, i belong to all the legends of the world but is known by no names. Past lives that relate to the slaves of the Americas but known by kings rich with English blood, i belong to both sides but regarded by none. Feared by their Egyptian masters my forefathers bore the pain of the desert, but i am remembered as scholars in the scrolls of the tombs. I am blended with all the beauty of the world and blended with all the wrongs. I wear a mask of my fathers past, but am rich with my mothers ancestry. 

I am Beautifully Blended.

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What does a normal teen do? What does a normal teen think? 
I really do not no. yes I am a teen but when I was 15 ½  I thought about how to take care of my mom if she needed to be changed and when to feed her and when to give her medication. I worried about what would happen to my mom. I had to go shopping for toddler cloths for my little sister and brother. I am 17 now and I still go shopping for little children cloths. I worry about getting my homework done and getting my little brother and sister’s homework done. This year I have to take the kids to kinder garden and I will be in 12th grade. I always worry about what’s going to happen to my mom she is still sick but there’s nothing I can do just keep her in my heart and prayers. I worry about what I will do when its time for me to go to college I will still be taking care of my brother and sister. There’s a lot to do I worry all the time about money things being washed and cleaning and homework. My dad does a lot for me and my sisters and brothers I just wish my big sisters would have stepped up and helped my dad take care me and my little sister and brother but they didn’t now i am trying to do all the things my mom did. It is a lot of work mothers have to do. I thought it was easy but now that I have to do it all I can say mothers are what keeps a family in order. Thanks to all the moms out there. If you have moms don’t take her for granted because you never know what will happen to them. 

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The Smith Boys

At Sixty-One I write these stories not for fun or prosperity....
Or profit.....

You have to understand the times.....It was the Fifties....
The Smith boys..all three of us...
Greg, my brother Reggie and Me...
We had it all....and didn't know it.
Our Summers were spent
Running wild...In Ontario California....

Mom would tell us get out of the house
In the morning....So she and my sister
Could clean the house in peace....


My big brother Greg always had
An adventure for us....and Reg and I
Were always up for whatever he had planned....
Let us not forget that Greg was only Ten....
And I was a tender kid of Eight....

This adventure as I recount was
Greg's idea....

He told my Dad that his grades were good
And a trip to Holey Jim's Canyon was in order...
A place my Dad had taken us before....
Trout streams and shade trees....

He told my Dad that he'd make sure we
Would be okay....If  he would give him five dollars
for food for five days...  

Yep!  It was a done deal...
Against Mom's appeal...
We said good bye with fishing poles
And blankets In hand we watched them drive away....
No fear we shared as we were
The Smith Boy's.....

I remember Mom crying just before they drove away...
Her little boys away from home....and all alone...
But was an adventure....
Dad knew the value he was teaching us...
We swam and played and fished all day...
At night we built a fire....
Bathing was a thing we did
In the morning....after the fish stopped biting...

I remember going with my brothers to a 
Little store....they had an ice box machine there...
For five cents you could choose a soda pop...
My favorite was an Orange Crush....

Sitting on an old wood bench outside
This country store...I was in heaven....
We ate peanut and jelly sandwiches
For most of the five far as I can remember....
And slept under the stars...

I think it was the day before Mom and Dad
Were due....when playing and running...we found
To our dismay a hive our honey bees... told us....
I was just behind him....the bees were made as hell
As I ran.....poor Reggie last in line...

While I know we all got a sting or two...
Reggie got the worst....
His eyes were swollen almost shut
His face was just a mess....

But a true Smith he was and never did he complain
As Mom and Dad drove into camp and took us home
That day.....
What a great adventure we did have....The Smith boy's
Us three great traveler's unafraid.....

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Why mom

To this day I wonder
Why mom?
Why did you have to leave your only daughter for all those men?
Wasn’t our happiness enough?
I was still trying to deal with not having a dad at all 
Though I wanted a dad 
That did not mean I wanted you to go on a thousands dates, and bring one man home 
I wanted my real dad
I wanted a real family that knew me better than I would ever know myself 
But I guess what I wanted did not matter to you mom 

I have suffered major depression 
A hole in my heart that the doctors are unable to see 
They see I am going threw a lot of pain 
Though the one thing they can’t see is how much it is hurting my heart 
Every night as I lay in bed I think that my life will get better
I will be wanted someday 
By a mom and a dad that will actually care about me 

Well guess what my dad 
The one you told me wanted nothing to do with me 
Wanted something to do with me and tried to see me as much as he could 
But you kept saying no to him 
Causing my little heart enough pain 
I was only three years old and eventually got older
Why would you do this to me?

If you ever want me to forgive you than think this though mom 
I have suffered all my nights crying in pain because I didn’t have a mom nor a dad 
While other girls were laughing, talking about boys, talking about what girls talk about
Since you were always out I never had anyone to talk to about anything so 
I cried my eyes out like a waterfall that will never stop
So to be forgiven you will need to think about how much pain you have caused me 
You will also need to be a real mom, don’t worry about buying all that make up 
You are pretty on the outside and the inside can change eventually
But do this one thing for me 
Take care of my little sister Rylie she deservers a better life than I’ve ever gotten

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For Anene Booysen 1996 - 2013

Hamba Kahle Anene Booysen! (1996 – 2013)

Dead at 17, brutally raped and left to die,
in the dirt,


at a construction site in Bredasdorp.


‘horrific’, ‘repulsed’,
‘brutally raped’, ‘shocked’,


do these words mean anything,
to anyone,



Not to Anene Booysen,


murdered at 17, brutally raped and left to die,

in the dirt,


at a construction site in Bredasdorp.


Anene was raped,
savagely mutilated,


Her 17 year old body tossed aside,


by the hands of men.


Men, always men,


cowardly, beastly, perverted, twisted men.


‘Beastly’, ‘perverted’, ‘twisted’,


do these words mean anything,
to anyone,



Not to Anene Booysen,


who now lies cold and dead.


How many Anene Booysens will it take,


for us,






men, especially men,


to excise the ghastly menace,


of the heinous capacity that resides,


within men,


always men,


to brutalise, rape, mutilate, and murder.


‘Brutalise’, ‘murder’, ‘rape’,


do these words mean anything,
to anyone,



Not to Anene Booysen,


murdered at 17, brutally raped and left,


to die,


in the dirt,


at a construction site,


in Bredasdorp.



Anene Booysen
(1996 – 2013)


* – Hamba Kahle – “Farewell, Travel Well” in Zulu


** – Bredasdorp is a small town near Cape Town, South Africa

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Schoolyard Bragging Rights

Oh ya ,well my mom makes better apple pie
Really,well my mom makes brownies 
With peacans and chocolate icing
Thats nothing, my mom sewed me this new sweater from scratch
Well my Dad can fix my bike anytime it breaks,
My Dad sells bikes and got mine for free
A hush,
My Dad left when i was 3, no bike for me.

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A battered old saucepan

It may seem strange to write about a battered old saucepan
but this was no ordinary one 
it sprung a leak the other day
sadly without thinking
I threw it away
and now it's gone.

It had been in my family
before I was born
and it was used every day
it broke my heart after
to throw it away.

For all the delicious soups goulash and past
it had contained
the mouth watering delectable smells
from the kitchen
the shouts from my parents

''Come on now set the table dinners made''.

All the red hot broths and porridge we'd scoff
before school on a winters day
all the laughs tears and conversations around
the dinner table before it was was washed
and put away.

It was more than a simple saucepan
because it held a lot of family memories
now my parents sadly passed away
it was one of the last things to remind me
of how things used to be
and mow I have to buy a new one
and accept it's demise
like my family
it's gone forever.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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Dad and Mom i love you

I love you mom and dad

I Love what you do for me

     I love that you adopted me and took me in
     I love Playing with your hair 
     I love your personality 
     Mama I love you so much you mean a lot to me 
      I love that you took me in as a daughter
      I love joking around with you
      I love your personality 
      I love you so much daddy you mean alot

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What's Happening to Marriages Today

What’s Happening to Marriages Today?

I was listening to someone just the other day…
And I couldn’t believe what he had to say!

He had left his wife and children for another!
She was young enough to be his daughter!

Here they were, “in love” and holding hands!
Hoping to soon, get their “wedding bands!”

They were pretending that this was so “cool.”
Living now by their own “set of rules!”

How sick and disgusting this is getting to be!
Is this something that many can’t see?

God gave us Adam and Eve to become one.
To bear fruit through daughters and sons!

He gave us marriage as holy vows are made.
Not to march in an “adulterous parade!”

We are treading on very dangerous ground!
Faithfulness and commitment 
are scarcely found!

The very definition of marriage is changing!
As the family unit is always rearranging!

Our only hope is in Jesus!  And him alone!
Let’s promote his love! Into our hearts and home!

Let’s allow his love to be our heart’s glue!
And bring new meaning to the words; “I love you!”

May his love bind our hearts and lives together!
And remain faithful to each other forever!

By Jim Pemberton    

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Remember When

Remember when I use to could do anything.
Remember the times when life wasn't weak.
Remember when I use to didn't care.
Remember how strong I was.
Remember how I've grew weaker every day.
Remember how well you and dad use to let me do anything.
Remember how hard I've struggled on my life.
Remember the crap we have put on each other. 
Remember the times that dad didn't care.
Remember when I say I am ok I'm really not but instead I'm weak and fighting a battle to keep myself up. 
Remember when I changed the summer before high school for me and granny.
Remember how bad it is on me when you two turn things down on me.
Remember that I'm weak and trying a lot.
Remember when dad called me baby girl.
Remember these things mean a lot.

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My list

My dreams belong in a book.
I don't want to leave this world 
with my pages unfilled.
I'll never give up what I long for.
Knowing who my parents are?
My list hold only one need. 
then I die.

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i am kurt daniel everdean 
I am 21 years old
I've been playing the bass guitar
Since I was 11
i weight 145 pounds
i have blondish brown hair
and blue eyes

If I could say one thing about me that I like... Its that I never gave up.

things started when i lost my father
i was 10 years old
my mother started going to her room everytime she got home
she would come out with her eyes all red... Shes been crying
until i accidently walked in on her doing drugs
i now believe it was the drugs that caused the redness
me and my brother would fight everynight
when i bought my first bass
he slammed it against the floor
and told me since i think my lifes crap
then i shouldnt have anything that makes me happy
My mom became a street whore
She would dress in a golden gown and wear ugly make up
We would never see her 
unless she needed money to get condoms for her "men"

the things between me and my brother got worse
I was arguing with him over a text he sent my mom
And he got into an accident and died that night

Things just never got better
I created a band called the nocturnal
And the reason you haven't heard of us yet
Is because were an underground punk band in Seattle
we haven't gotten far yet
Just underground party's and bars

My mom ended up running away with her "boyfriend"
After my brother died she blamed me
And told me to leave and said she won't come around me
Until I brought him back

Since then I've gotten a job and was able to pay rent on
My moms old apartment
Hoping shed come back clean and sober
As for me
I've cleaned up. but suicide is still an option

I haven't found god yet and I don't want to
If there was a god why did he give me this ****ed up life
Ya you'll say Kurt?... You made the desicions for your life
I knolw I did. But he was the one who let it actually happen

I've been writing since I was 11
Lyrics and poems
Drawings and paintings
bass guitar and vocals

My life isn't over
But it's sure close to it

Its sad to think that what you thought was fake... Is a true story

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                     The queen of birds Sari dear lived in the mango tree
                     I asked her to come down and take a saree from me
                              She asked wide-eyed the price of it
                               I said,”Sari, you’re a cute tweet”
            She made faces, chirruped short, and flew to the next tree.

A  saree  is a South Asian female garment that consists of a drape varying from five to nine yards in length and two to four feet in breadth that is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder, baring the midriff. 

                      Sari came down and sat on the bay window
                    ‘Dad’, she said,’ you must chain the devil Frido’
                                      “He is a gawky brute
                                  Just now he ate up a coot
                       He needs your boot and a slap on his credo”.

                 Sari tweeted my wife” O mom, don’t pinch my behind”
                   My wife re-tweeted,” Sari, You are not of this kind”.
                          “Sorry to say you have no proper bum
                           So, Sari, how can I be a pinch bum?”
                   Sari re-re-tweeted, “Mom, a lie, my bum is twined.”

                      Sari came one day with his creaky husband Suk
                  “Dad, teach Suk a lesson, he must know how to cook"
                            "Sari, my darling, you’re a sweet fraud
                          Don’t crook Suk’s head with a teaching rod
                      Better teach him how to fly by hook or by crook"

                  Sari, my daughter, in mid September, gave birth to a girl
                   She was a ball of furry delight, eyes were pacific pearl
                               I said, "Sari ,you are now a mother
                               So you must not be antsy like other
                Sari hugged her child,said”dad, no worry, she will be a whirl"

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They Left so Abruptly

They Left so Abruptly

(for the countless South Africans, of all colours, who dedicated their lives for freedom and democracy)

the valiant ones
many known
many more nameless

the truest sons and singers
husbands and poets
lovers and wives
daughters and farmers
workers and sisters
brothers and friends

they left so abruptly
with quiet pride
steely courage
gentle dignity

they left so abruptly
leaving us our tomorrows
filled with promise

they left so abruptly
so that we may breathe
the breath of liberty
the air of freedom
the warmth of justice

they left so abruptly
leaving with us their parting gift


they left so abruptly
yet we remember them all
in the days that slipped away
and in the many more that we await

they left so abruptly
yet they remain
hewed into our memories
etched in our consciences
engraved in our hearts
they left so abruptly
and yet they endure
with us
within us
now and forever more

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FREE CEE sharing a park bench quietly


Oh that?
That’s a relic representing recollections my mother’s had for years
A creation carved with creativity and counted among her most cherished possessions
It was designed during many consecrated conversations and sanctified sessions
Her husband, my dad, had worked on it as days fell into weeks
And weeks collided with months

When I was very young Mom would sometimes sit me on the couch and crouch to tell me a story
The tale etched into that relic with initials, symbols and most importantly love
Because that’s what mom and dad had the most of
Mom would describe to me with urgency and a smile what the cherub on the upper left hand corner represented for a loving pair
It was there to savor their security and ensure longevity so rare
No one in my family cared much for brevity to dare
But rather held sacred was the mortar of love with which they were cemented
And then she pointed to the apartment number they as newlyweds had rented
There was a pair of doves to promise ever blue for a union of two who truly were not one without the other
It does a son’s heart good to learn of how his father first met his mother
The story says they met in a park during a rainstorm and that’s the reason on the relic is a rain drenched tablecloth upon a picnic table
My dad did so much more than most are able
There are no hearts carved to be seen on the relic because only the two of their hearts mattered
Dad had, as well, taken the time to carve a story with silence about the soulfulness and brightness of his wife and my mom was truly flattered
It’s a beautiful relic and it’s also a reminder that being together, for them, meant for always
And in always
Aiming always for a million or more days
Yes, for my whole life that relic has hung upon that very same wall
Oh but now due to delirium and dementia mom doesn’t recognize nor recall that lovely relic at all
© 2012…..PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~


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An Adulterous Situation

An Adulterous Situation I knew of a couple, involved in an adulterous situation. A person involved, claimed that he was a Christian! He told others that he wanted to tell her about the Lord… But this involvement in sin, he couldn’t well “afford!” A “casual” encounter led to the marriage’s destruction. Her husband was so hurt, he could hardly “function.” How could this man think there’s “nothing wrong with it.” “It must be fine.” He thought. “everyone’s doing it!” Jesus has come, that we might have freedom from within! Going to church, doesn’t give us a “license to sin!” God gave us marriage, as a holy and divine covenant! He gave us his word, so that our lives can be abundant! May this be a stern warning to one and all! That which may look attractive, will cause us to fall! If there’s something more from marriage that you desire… Be careful! Your deep passions will burn like a fire! May I encourage you to pray and seek the Lord above! And ask him to build your marriage on his love! Only he can restore everything the enemy has taken! He’ll be with you, when you may feel totally forsaken! Adultery is like a cancer cell… That will eventually destroy! It’ll rob you of the many blessings, that God wants you to enjoy! What God has joined as one... May there be no separation! But a heart of unselfishness, and a renewed dedication! By Jim Pemberton

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Wishing you could love me too

You mean so much to me, more then you'll ever know. 
More then ill ever be able to describe.
But I'll try.
Voice of a angel, touch ever so soft you would think its a feather.
Eyes so beautiful seeing them on a sunset day, medusa stare ever so hypnotizing locking eyes can't look away.
Baby in the tummy, heart just started beating giving me a rush that I really needed.
Love so old I feel defeated.
Even though I do everything for you, I'm looking out for me just keeping a close over view upon you.
How can I fix your life if mine isn't alright, but i don't know where id ever be with out you by my side.
And I thought I'd never know but as of now I'm pushing through. 
Now that your gone, I miss you every night.
But I gotta be strong.
Cause if not you'll be gone and ill be with a baby missing its mom.

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save me a spot

i remember the time on a cold winters day 
when i was called home from school 
dad told me mom that youd passed away  
and his heart was crying for you 
we all cried a lot on that day mom 
me and dad and sister sal 
some say it seems like yesterday 
to me it seems like a thousand days of hell 
dad took to drinking a lot after you left 
and he couldnt even hold up his head 
it even got worse just a while ago
 when he learned that sister was dead
 it was a little too much for his poor heart 
and he couldnt carry on that way
 you better save him a spot in heaven with you
 because dad just up and died today 
now im coming too i cant carry on
 momma save a sweet spot for me

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A nonfiction, for class

My mind wonders back to when I was younger. Seven I think. My mom had run out of beer.
This was a time when she was getting worse at hiding from me and dad was at work all the
time. The 7-11 was just down the street so she decided to just walk. I was eager to pick
out some yummy candy. My legs pumping as I practically ran circles around her waiting for
the traffic to stop. Finally it did, speeding in front of my mom I walked onto the road.
Suddenly I felt a tight  pain around my neck as my body jerks back off the ground and my
mom’s hand gripped me. I saw a car as it jumped up onto the curve were I was just seconds
before. In a flash they were gone down the road. My mom’s protective hand still holding.
Her mouth spewing out harsh and ugly words that dad had told me was a “no, no”. This
memory pains me to think about. I loved my mom, I really did, but after she snapped I’ll
always feel a burning distrust towards her. I was nine and it was Halloween.  Mom was at
my aunt’s. I actually have no idea what I was maybe a vampire. I had the fangs but
glittery white wings and a white wedding gown. My long blonde hair flying wild and high.We
 pulled up into my aunt’s drive way.  The atmosphere around the house was dark. I felt
uneasy when we knocked on the door. My mom answered, looking demonic. Alcohol rolled off
her in pungent fumes. I hid behind my dad afraid. In a flash of screaming and action my
mom attacked my dad. Pinning him to the ground. Punching him in the face over and over
again. Screaming at him to give her more money. My dad yelled at me to call 9-11. I ran
inside tears blurring my path as I got the phone. I was going to call 9-11 but I didn’t
know how. I was afraid they wouldn’t help.I went to my aunt but she was asleep or in other
words ignoring me. At that point I was desperate so with all my nine year old anger I ran
back out side, the phone still gripped in my tiny hands.I yelled and screamed with all my
might at my mom to get off my dad or I would bash her head in with the phone. That I would
kill her if she didn’t stop. Now it makes me sick that I was so violent and angry at such
a young age. That provoked I was willing to kill my own mother.Luckily I did not resort to
that because dad pushed her. We took off. That was the last time I ever saw her, screaming
at us with such rage and hatred, the mom who saved my life held me close and told me she
loved me, that I vowed never to drink or be around alcoholics again. Go hard or go home... 

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Darlingest baby 
I have found your Barby doll
your daddy's last gift

Embedded in the first cell
Shattered rosy womb

Mom broke her promise
Daddy says  no she did not
She only loved you

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I Hate

I hate the birth mark under my right eye
I hate my extremely static hair
I hate my big bottom lip
I hate my spotty nose

I hate that I have really *****y times
I hate that people only remember me for my really *****y times
I hate that the real *****es hate me
I hate being cautious so they don’t ***** about me

I hate that I cry over everything
I hate that people know I cry over everything
I hate that I hide from them anyway
I hate that they actually don’t care 

I hate the fact that my brother is leaving home next year
I hate the fact that I cried when he told me that
I hate the fact that I hid my tears from him
I hate the fact that he’s all I really have left

I hate my father for making me feel like he doesn’t care about me
I hate my mother for making me feel like she picked him over me
I hate that my brother had to look after me when they couldn’t be bothered
I hate that, in my eyes, they don’t deserve to be called mum and dad

I hate that when I was younger I had to run away from my father
I hate that my mother and brother left me by myself that day
I hate that they left me closer to my father
I hate that they went somewhere I would have felt safer

I hate that I feel like my friends are slowly fading away from me
I hate that I feel like I’m a third wheel
I hate that I feel like my friend’s don’t trust me
I hate that I feel like I can’t trust my friends

I hate the feeling of loneliness
I hate that I read books to escape to a world better than mine
I hate that I write to create a better life than my own
I hate that people want to invade that one heaven I invented

I hate that people ask me why I made Katy Clover Taylor
I hate that I had to make a role model for myself
I hate that she is the person I desperately want to be
I hate that she is the one thing I will never live up to

I hate that I feel like my grades would grasp my families attention
I hate that feeling of disappointment when I get a bad grade
I hate feeling like I have to live up to an expectation to hold their attention
I hate that I am relied on because of my grades

I hate that I am an older mind trapped in a younger body
I hate that I am limited in what I can do because of my age
I hate not being trusted upon
I hate people treating me as a kid

I hate not telling people how I feel
I hate hiding behind an invisible barrier
I hate not being able to share how I feel with people
I hate being scared that they won’t care.

I hate people judging me
I hate judging people
I hate that feeling of giving up
I hate the feeling of losing when I didn’t give up

I hate the choices I have made
I hate that nobody thinks I can live up to my dream
I hate people thinking they are so much better than me
I hate the fact that they are right

I hate that I will never make a good girlfriend
I hate the fact I know nobody would fall for me
I hate knowing that no one would help me pick up my life
I hate that it has fallen apart

I hate hurting the people I love
I hate them not loving me anymore
I hate knowing that what I would do would hurt people
I hate the fact I do it anyway

I hate knowing that I do all of this
I hate knowing I hate all of this
I hate trying to change it
I hate that I am not able to change it

I hate that I try not to give up hope
I hate knowing all hope is lost
I hate that I still try and cling to it anyway
I hate knowing I failed at that too

But most of all

I hate not being able to express this until now
I hate that this still won’t change a thing
I hate thinking that it still might
I hate knowing that no one cares

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My dad always told me,
Your attitude determines your altitude,
How high will you go?
My answer then was I don’t know.

My mom always stated,
Do your best and the rest will be handled,
And don’t let people burn you like a candle.
Those statements were a hard pill to swallow.
Especially when our day to day lives often
Cause us to encounter beings whose hearts are hollow.

Whether it is positive or negative,
Your attitude is a true description of you.
Your actions speak louder than words.
People are people so what should it be?
You and I should get along not terribly,
But work together in harmony.

My mom and dad were right.
Just because someone may deliberately hurt you,
You can’t always come back with a fight.
That person may be doing that in spite,
Because they wish they were you,
And to himself, he is being untrue.

Now I know where I’m going,
To altitudes of extreme positive magnitudes,
To places I have never seen,
And doing things that I never dreamed,
That I would do.

It’s not easy to let go of things of the past.
That may have shifted you to a magnitude of negative.
You have to add that the situation did not cause death.
Let it go, in other words, subtract it, and it will be handled
So you will not be burned like a candle.

Your attitude is a true description of you.
Your actions speak louder than words.
People are people so what should it be?
You and I should get along not terribly,
But work together in harmony.

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Don't grow up too soon...

Run around, fall down a lot,
play all day in your sandbox,
spill your milk and throw your peas,
say you'll only eat ice cream,
get a boo-boo, scuff your knees,
draw on walls and flush the keys,
throw a tantrum, cry and fight,
make dad plug in your night light.

All the boys and all the girls,
in all the countries of the world,
you're the future, this is true,
just don't grow up too soon.
yes, you're the future, this is true,
but mom and dad would really thank you,
to be a child many years through,
so please, don't you grow up too soon.

Horse around, get stung by bees,
pick up rocks and climb those trees,
take a step, than take one more,
time to go out and explore,
play with friends that don't exist,
make noises, speak gibberish,
cry if anything goes wrong,
when dad says no, go and ask mom.

All the boys and all the girls,
in all the countries of the world,
you're the future, this is true,
just don't grow up too soon.
yes, you're the future, this is true,
but mom and dad would really thank you,
to be a child many years through,
so please, don't you grow up too soon.

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God's Eternity

" God's Eternity "

We now must share our angel, with God up in Heaven above
he was calling out your precious name, he wants you there to love
our young child on life support, with a faint glimmer of hope
we place our faith in you dear God, please won’t you help us cope
its too early to let our angel go, and it hurts so much inside
we pray dear God please help us now, these heartfelt tears we’ve cried.
We place our faith in your great hands, to help us get through each day
God was calling your precious name, he wants you there to say
“ I love you my precious child, you have lived a meaningful life
all the loved ones that you leave behind, I’ll help to remove their strife
I’ve not called them here with you and me, they still have some things to do
one important thing that you need to know, they will be here with you.
Your mom and dad have so much love, they shared it through your birth
their wonderful faith and heartfelt love, I still need them upon the earth
Your mom and dad God bless their soul, they watched their family grow
I need them on earth to share my love, this is something you need to know
the precious lives that you have touched, through your parent’s warm love
have all been noted in your families book, by dear God above.
I was calling out your precious name, I want you here with me
I promise to you my precious child, God’s Eternity!!!!!”

Penned By MPK

Quote: Life Is Poetry In Motion, Great Poets Reflect Emotion…

Quote: The Best And Most Beautiful Thing In The World Can’t Be Seen Or Touched
It Must Be Felt With Your Heart…

Note: This poem was composed for a dear friend that may lose a son after a serious auto 
accident with little or no hope of survival. I presented it to my friend and his family with the 
hopes of offering some comfort during their stress filled times...

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My Parents Affair

You’re supposed to be there for me
Someone I can trust
But the things you’ve done, more than once 
Have filled me with disgust

You cheat, you lie, you sleep around
You clearly have no guilt
What happened to the life we had,
And all the walls that we had built?

You never showed me affection
Not from the very start
Now we’re a broken family
Five lives all torn apart

How can you act like things are fine
When life has never been so bad
The things you’ve said are hurtful
I don’t know how you’re still so mad

You always think you’re in the right
How can you be so vane?
With all the constant drama
Our “family” is driving me insane

Just because I’m not a baby
Doesn’t mean I don’t still need you around
But I guess now you’re too busy
With the new family you have found

You made it very clear to me
The day you walked right out that door
It’s really very simple
You just don’t love me anymore

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         A SPECIAL NAME 

My mom never had much thought about my name.
So when it came time for me to be born.
Into this world short,fat and hair the color of corn.
But my dad said"he wouldn't be the blame".

The first name my mom thought of was Teresa.
I was named after no aunts or granny's or any other.
Not even named after my mother.
But my dad really liked the name Lisa.

The doctor looked at me and said"oh what a face".
I wasn't named after an angel or a saint.
I  was so big she almost had to faint
and all dad could do was pace.

I love the name my mama gave me.
Middle name is Ann after my granny Ann.
Mama says I look like her side of the clan.
Her love made me be what I should be.
                     Teresa Skyles

Entered in Linda-Marie's"what's in a name"contest

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Last Hour

The last hour
You took your last breath.
The last hour
You spoke to mom and dad

That last hour
Never got to hear your voice
That last hour
I never got to say goodbye
That last hour
I never got to say, "I love you, bro!"

That last hour
I didn't see you go in your corvette
That last hour
I didn't know you had a gun

That last hour
I was sleeping
Thinking everything's ok
Til I woke up, found out,

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Family Life

Brother, Big “J”, was the first born I was the last to arrive Born to some loving parents Our family life did survive In my family as I grew up It was Dad who was “Da Man” And Dad and Mom would speak as one That’s how our family ran Never did I hear a cross word Spoken between Dad and Mom If waters churned behind closed doors I only saw waters calm My folks both come from the old school Sparing the rod’s not their thing Dad did most of the discipline Sometime he punished with pain When Big “J” or I, did bad things Mom would say in a low tone Words that we both hated to hear “Just wait till your Dad gets home” As I grew older, I soon found A whipping isn’t so bad Punishment by a tongue lashing Could really make you feel sad It was off to church each Sunday Then we would go out to eat To Luby’s Cafeteria To me that was such a treat We took a family vacation To a new place every year It was planned to fit our budget We did things kind of austere Most of his life, Dad was a cop Of one sort or another A grandson became a cop too As did one of his brothers Now Dad was a “Jack of All Trades” Must have learned lots on the farm My Mom was an excellent cook Our food was always served warm Both had a great sense of humor My Dad could tell a good joke He did have one bad habit though For many years he puffed smoke I lost Dad at age fifty three Mom left at seventy two I’m the only one still alive Brother Big “J” is gone too Of course I miss them all so much They left me here all alone Those memories from my early years No longer shared, since they’re gone

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baby girl

Baby Girl

Understand that I love you.
That I do the very best for you;
Unlike your dead beat who won’t do a thing for you.
Although I hurt you, I still love you more than he.
If he really loves you, tell me. 
Where is he?

Denying you, and ignoring me.
Lying to the judge about his financial situations.
Dare I mention his words?
“She’s only my daughter under certain circumstances.”

What about the time I fed you?
What about the time I bathed you?
Don’t think about the time I hurt you.
Don’t think about the time I lied to you. 

Or maybe I do love you.
Maybe it’s all a lie
This may be hard to hear
But, Baby Girl, I tried…

You have no idea what its cost
You haven’t heard the fights
All I’ve ever wanted was to be your Dad
What your mother did, believe me, wasn’t right.

Now you know the truth
As I can remember, every word you said
I’ve earned for this day
So many sleepless nights I’ve spent in bed

Dreaming of the day I’m with my Princess
The day she smiles back to my words
The day she enjoys my accompanying
The day I have back my Baby Girl.

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The love of mom 'n dad

                                  you grew up big and could aim it high
                                      you were lucky to know that  if
                                           you ever made a mistake
                                             the love of mom 'n dad
                                             would always be there 
                                                 to guide you and
                                                   show the way
                                                      for some

date: 14.6.2014

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Fifty-Seven Years Ago Today

Fifty-Seven Years Ago Today

With new dress and suit, flowers, and hair fixed just right
The dreams, plans, and labors of our lives would unite

My brother and his gal stood beside us on the spot
To give witness to the world that we tied the knot

We stood nervous before the preacher at his home
Promised to cling to each other; never to roam

Said “I do” to the questions; gave the preacher his pay
Man and wife; fifty-seven years ago today.

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Thinking of my life now

I began to think what life would have been if I stayed in one house 
No moving from state to state every year 
with a mom who struggles to take care of me and a dad who lives afar 
would rejoin and make our family a family again 

As most kids wish they had both parents 
I care to see that they are happy with the mates they are with 
Even though it would not be my birth mom or birth dad I would be happy 
Because my parents would be happy 

But if I would have stayed in one home 
Would have that helped me in school 
Would I be stronger in who I am 
Would I be a better person this day 
These are the questions I ask my self everyday 

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A Coming Out Moment

All of his life he knew he was gay.
He wanted to come out, but didn't know what to say.
Finally, he approached Mom and Dad one day.
"Mother, Father," he said, "I am gay."
His parents looked at each other not at all in dismay.
"Well, DUHHHHH!!!!," is what Mom and Dad then did say.
The moral?
Come out of the closet. Don't be afraid.
Everyone knows that you're gay anyway.

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Grow Up

My Barbie dolls are growing old.
My first bike is growing rusty.
My little shoes now pinch my toes
and carry big boxes with ease.
I can reach the cupboards,
and I've learnt how to blow my nose.
I read long books by myself,
and can count by twelve.
I walk to the bus alone now,
Without holding hands.
I eat all my vegtables without being told,
And I've learned how to spell 'hundred'.
My legs may reach farther,
and I may walk longer,
but I will always stay close.
I will always be your little girl.
Always need you.
You will always be my family.
My mother, my father.

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Back To The Beginning

Back To the Beginning

I remember
As a little girl
Christmas Eve sitting around the fireplace
With my brothers and sisters
Listening to Mom and Dad
As they told us the story
Of the first Christmas

Christmas morning getting up and getting dressed
Going to church in our Sunday best
Mom and Dad walking up the aisle
With five little ones right behind
I really miss those times
When Mom and Dad made Christmas special
Never losing the true meaning 
Always taking us 

Back To the Beginning

I am all grown up now 
As I find myself, getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of Holiday shopping
Competing with whatever I did last year
Then there is a moment when I stop and think
Of Christmases past
How back then it did not matter what it was 
How it was all about the togetherness
The fun of getting ready and going to 
Christmas Mass
Then coming home and all helping prepare 
Christmas Dinner
Opening gifts and seeing what Santa brought us was nice I admit 
The true spirit of Christmas
Is what I miss the most
Therefore, I take myself 

Back To the Beginning

As I hang each ornament on that tree
Hang lights around a door or window
I think about how I can show a good example
Do what Mom and Dad did for me and
Take my loved ones 

Back To the Beginning

Lead by example that is what I have learned
So this year though I may give a few gifts
I will keep in mind
The person I am trying to find a gift for
Why are they so special and dear to me
What would be the best way to show
Them how much they mean to me.
Most of all I want to help 
Remind them 
Or teach them
What Mom and Dad taught me
The true meaning of Christmas
So please dear Lord help me
As I take my loved ones with me

Back To the Beginning

By: Jean Shular

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Just wondering is all

I must have been maybe five or six,
When our Dad decided to pull up sticks
He left our house, why? I'll never know,
'Twas said to another life he had to go.

Looking back on my life, I feel so dumb.
All those years I felt no love from Mum.
She was left alone to bring us up,
Five kids and herself, in a 3 down 3 up.

Way back in the fifties it must have been hard,
No money about, the loo down the yard,
Mum had to work hard, wi' 6 mouths to feed.
three lads, two girls and herself, all in need.

When I look back over the years,
I know see what she had done.
I can now see that she worked like a skivvy,
Now that could not have been fun.

As a wee lad of five, my life in a muddle,
All I wanted was a kiss, maybe a cuddle.
It may have all happened, and I just forgot.
I spent all my life thinking that was my lot.

I remember trying so hard to do right,
It was never enough, I cried into the night.
Maybe I was wrong, I just don't know,
Now she is gone, these thoughts will not go.

Nevr invited to family do's, don't know why,
Left out of the loop all my life.
So now it's just me and our kids,
And Frances, my wonderful wife.

© Dave Timperley 2014

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Mom I love you

Mom I love you

I called my mother last night 
And she was not feeling well
Thought she didn’t say it 
But by her voice I can tell

I felt so heart broken
Wish there is something I can do
The only thing came to mind
Was to say mom I love you

And it had me thinking 
As I sat there for a while
How many sleepless nights she spend
Taking care of me as a child

Wish I could give her the world
What good would that do?
So I wipe a tear from my eyes 
And said mom I love you

I know she is grieving 
Since my father died
And thought the pains keeps growing
She never let it show out side

She would talk about my father
And stare in the sky that blue 
And she gets lost for words
So I said mom dad love you

I know one day the call will come
That she had join my father too
And as we lay her to rest 
I will say mom I love you

So if you are one of the blessed
To have your parents with you 
It would make them so happy
To hear you say I love you

The things our parents done for us 
And they never let us knew
So lets us all thank them
By saying mom and dad I love you

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My step Daughters

I always wished to be a dad
But I never had kids
I imagined other kids to be my own
Your daughter was my step daughter I wished to have

I know you don't want to make it happen
You still wants to be a single mother
You took sacrifices to make her happy
your burdens were so high

I wished to share them with you 
You never allowed me to help you
You want to be independent
It is ok to be independent

But receive help when you deserve it
We are dependent one another
Seek help if they don't abuse you later
Leave your ego behind and be simple

I had no patients to wait
I found rag doles in a store
It seemed like they are smiling at me
It seemed like they are begging me to take them home

I remembered my visit to an adoption centre years ago
There were kids from infancy to five years old
People visit there everyday
They were barren parents

They picked the kids they like to have
Some kids were ignored by everyone
Everyday they waitied for someone
Someone will come and take me home

I need a dad and a mom 
I don't want to be an orphan
I need a family
I want to love and be loved

I didn't make a second thought
I bought two ragdoles
I took them home
They are still at my room

I called then my step daughters
They took away my loneliness
They are making my life meaningful
I hug them and kiss them everyday

I feel like a dad
When I hug them
I feel like a mom 
When I kiss them

Oh ! Wonderful  is to be a dad
Oh ! Great is to be a mom
It is wonderful and great 
To be dad and mom at the same time

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From a Mothers View

There I was just a little girl
Not knowing what my future holds.
I know you were the proudest parents in the world-
I was always known as, "Daddys little girl". 
I was cute and small, without a care in the world!
Sometimes I did what I was told.
I did everything my dad would do--
It was as if I was his little shadow.
My mom took care of my needs everyday--
I'd always hoped I would be like her someday.
My dad would teach me all about science,
Sometimes I didnt understand and I'd be in a trance. 
My dad taught me how to tie my shoes,
My mom would always comb my hair.
My dad taught me how to save my money,
And how to count it out too!! 
But now I am all grown up with a little girl of my own.
And I hope and pray that someday 
I can teach her all that I know.
I will teach her the lessons you both taught me,
And I will instill within her good morals-
Because you taught ME how to be a parent
And I want HER to reach her lifes goals.
I pray someday when she grows up,
She takes all that I have taught her
And she will thank me someday
Because I took the time to spend with her
As you have both with me.
I will have peace and joy in my heart,
Because what I taught her, I too learned. 
I was taught by two loving parents 
Who loved me as much as 

                                 Alicia Griego 

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Grandpa pa Dad and Uncle D' el Roy ) part two

 Grandpa pa
Dad and Uncle D' el Roy
with Mother
all the

While his/her husbands with 'D'el Roy '; and works she
obtains in her flowerbed, blooms on his and starts to give
it's principal, the son loves her mom and is equipped and
instructed, upwards through her face, 
Like it draws his milk everywhere her cotton yellow face.
He knows that its mom and is nicer than the rest, 
Granpa pa or uncle'D'el Roy.
He knows incest is not the best, inside his head, 
but does, instead of being whupped.
The sister and the brother are a knowing pair, 
It is more of a family name and thus divide and conquer.
Bill\ brother cannot believe this chance, 
Having a sister who knows to lean, their away.
“He LOCATED, 'It S' grubby paws advanced there.
'He folds and molds it more around it' and takes her back, 
Why of putting itself, love like the animals they became
the sad truth and dirty catfish muddiest, ' they both/know that '
incest is not the best and both they know it.
The father cannot believe that his/her daughter must be
forced thus, not the their kind, 'Randy' thus like he.
Because uncle 'D'el Roy ' draws aside its moist breeches
at the side on its knees as his\her takes it hates it from behind, 
She/He groans and shouts and starts to cry, it bleeds.
'Dita', “He dad, you are not my type, not a kind; man, 'Dita'.
The” dad says his incest is the better way, it hurts much less
And it is a game in which the entire family has played, 
since the early eighteen hundreds.
The dad treats his\her daughter like the honoured guest, 
'they both know, hugging that'
deep inside, that incest is not the best and start to cry.
And plan to runaway when both learn too understand it. 

Is It Poetry 

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My MOM and DAD

I was not born to compete the world
but i was made soooo....
i've bought to mould...
but wouldn't do soo....
what a bad luck it is to me
what i thought it to be......
what i expected was not mine
then i saw some one who shines.....
i was left there all alone
and had no dare to walk lone
as i turned back it was all dark
and the people making me mark....
while i was left lone i cried
and then i saw some one standing with pride....
she was the one caught my hand...
and he was, who accepted with all his love and....
their eyes with shining tears...
they are the one who call them my dears....

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today i saw A white car with big antennas in the back
Out stepped a man in a uniform of blue and black
He knew my name as if I have seen him before
My heart had sank  to the floor
He said my name is officer green
I was the first  to arrive on the scene
My hands were shaken,my legs wouldn’t stand
I had to sit down clinch to my wedding band
I closed my eyes and hoped for the best
My heart felt like it was going to pound right through my chest
Officer green said I’m so deeply sorry to meet you like this
He said its not easy for me to say as he clinched his wrist
You could see him swallow then take a deep breath of air
Officer said my intentions today was not to bring anyone despair.
I finally asked him if he would just say what he needed to say
my nerves are shot and with my emotions you cant play
Officer said there was a wreck and I did what I could
But he didn’t make it and I deeply hopped he would
I looked at officer green;my eyes filled with a tear
Told him my world is flipped ,my husband is no longer here
No more late movies or holding each other in the dark
no more afternoon picnics after a stroll in the park
I told him our anniversary was just around the corner you see
Its just not fair  his life and mine have been taken from me
Officer said sorry is there anything you would like me to do
I was so upset I screamed  BRING MY HUSBAND BACK WOULD YOU
down on my knees crying you must have it wrong
 the last thing he said is I love you honey I wont be gone for long
Reality sank in but it took quite a while
My husband is gone its true there’s no more denial 
Officer green gave me his card said don’t hesitate to call if a need arise
 my heart goes out to you and I will listen to all your cries
Officer said I am not suppose to hug you but going to instead
You are my mom I love you  hope you don’t blame me cause dad is dead
I made sure I was the officer to tell you so it might maybe give a little ease
Mom even though I am an officer tell me it is ok to cry please
Mom I wish my visit was just to sit and talk
It is the hardest thing ever harder than learning to walk
Mom I know I am an officer and suppose to stay  tough
dad died in my arms mom ,that hurts  my days ahead rough
My shift is over mom I will be here and stay by your side
Mom I know dad is in heaven waiting to see his son and lovely bride
Now as you drive along road one hundred and ten
You will see a fathers and husbands cross standing just around the bin 

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final goodbye

this is my final goodbye
but i aint gonna cry
its my final goodbye
but i aint gonna cry

99 problems i should be renamed hova
i use tot think about u but u never came closer
you or mom couldnt remain soba
i write this cuz i need the pain over

i was always the first to blame myself
for all the hurt and pain i felt
few times wanted to kurt kobain myself
but all these words came to help

i guess im a bad guy
25th feb 07 my dad died
i find it hard to shed tears
i put pen to paper and make my pad cry

i often wonder if you were there for me
would things of been diffrent
would we of laughed and shared storys
or would i be a kid whos father aint missin

we cant always have what we want and need
all i wanted was my dad
is that so bad
am i allowed to admit im sad

does that give u to much ammo
because i rap people expect me to be rambo
i was on da edge of a cliff 
and you let my hand go

i remeber you and mom fightin
hopin it would stop
i was in the corner cryin
thinkin how much does a hug cost

age 3 i got took into care
got to see u 6 times a year
on contact u would turn up blind from beer
look in my eyes u wont find a tear

i dont wanna sound like im dissin you
ur my dad i cant rin from missin you
but u and mom brought so much hurt to me
and your death was the rebirth of me

2 months after you passed 
my best friend commited suicide
a yaer later my gf miscqarried my child
sumhow i still manage to carry a smile

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An Adulterous Situation

An Adulterous Situation I knew of a couple, involved in an adulterous situation. A person involved, claimed that he was a Christian! He told others that he wanted to tell her about the Lord… But this involvement in sin, he couldn’t well “afford!” A “casual” encounter led to the marriage’s destruction. Her husband was so hurt, he could hardly “function.” How could this man think there’s “nothing wrong with it.” “It must be fine.” He thought. “everyone’s doing it!” Jesus has come, that we might have freedom from within! Going to church, doesn’t give us a “license to sin!” God gave us marriage, as a holy and divine covenant! He gave us his word, so that our lives can be abundant! May this be a stern warning to one and all! That which may look attractive, will cause us to fall! If there’s something more from marriage that you desire… Be careful! Your deep passions will burn like a fire! May I encourage you to pray and seek the Lord above! And ask him to build your marriage on his love! Only he can restore everything the enemy has taken! He’ll be with you, when you may feel totally forsaken! Adultery is like a cancer cell… That will eventually destroy! It’ll rob you of the many blessings, that God wants you to enjoy! What God has joined as one... May there be no separation! But a heart of unselfishness, and a renewed dedication! By Jim Pemberton

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Give Mum n' Dad a break

Kids and mornings
what's the  deal with
the one hundred
and one warnings?

Get up, get on the
scene, get your teeth
cleaned." No! not just
thirty seconds make
them  gleam!"

Why the early morning
struggle? Why the
shuffle like the walking
dead? Grab a brush and
fix that bed head!

Get showered! it  shouldn't
take hours!. Kids for
goodness sake give your
Mums n' Dads a break.

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hungers of each other's respect;
bruising feeling with no intent,
so much left to consider other than this.
I don't want to be laughed at like a train dog,
mistakes that never shine to be shown.
underrated compliance with no deeper meaning;
looking forward to not being worthy,
day by day,
does it make a difference?
toughing out  the storm of the normal,
both rugged with teh rigidness edges of our patience.
still claiming to be happy,
suited only to the hidden faces of the masks of tears.
lies within lying:
buried deep inside,
a closet full of bones and regrets,
a problem yet to be faced and fulfilled...............!!!

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Rant About Feelings

What is family?
Is it judging everything,
From what your child says to what your child does?
Is it placing the blame,
For all of your problems on your creation?
Is it favoritism,
Between your spouse and you child?
This is not family.
We are not a family, 
And we never have been. 
I will not call you my family,
You are simply guardians to me. 
Family should help a child with their problems, 
Not make them worse. 
The depression, the anxiety, the insecurity, 
It all stems from how you treat me. 
You are not a father to me, 
Because that is not how you act. 
You are not a mother to me, 
Because that is not how you act. 
Seventeen years, and it's only gotten worse on me. 
I'll admit, 
I could have it worse. 
You do not physically abuse me,
You are not poor citizens. 
You just do not know how to be parents. 
You verbally abuse me. 
It gets tiring. 
I'm unattractive to you, 
I'm not thin enough for you, 
You don't like the clothing I like, 
You don't like the hairstyles I like, 
You don't like the way I do my makeup.
I understand. 
I am not living to be like you.
I am living to be myself.
Parents, off all people, 
Should understand that. 
Rather, you ridicule me,
You judge me for everything that I am. 
I do not feel loved. 
I do not feel cared for. 
I say I'm going to leave in a year, 
And you laugh in my face. 
But, trust me, 
It will happen. 
You will rue it, 
Because when I'm gone, 
I am gone. 
I will not come back. 
I will not call. 
I will not write. 
I will not visit. 
You've had your chances, 
At making a relationship with me, 
Your only daughter, 
And your second daughter. 
It's over now. 
It's too late, 
And the damage is done. 
You are not parents to me. 
You never will be.

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Why can't I be normal?
Why do I have to fake a smile,
then die as no one sees that it's fake?
Why do I have to wait for someone to care
enough to climb over the wall I've built?
Why do I look, but not see?
Why does the world seem to hate me?
Why do I feel so alone?
Why can't I be a kid?
Why does every sad song seem to apply to me?
Why do I seem so insensitive?
Why do I shut people out, when all I want is to let someone in?
Why do I live life the way I do, 
knowing it is wrong, 
but still live it that way?
Why do I hear voices telling me something is wrong?
Why won't the nagging in my ear go away?
Why can't I find love?
Why don't I let anyone love me?
Why don't I love myself?
Why do I try to act carefree,
but all I do is worry?
Why do people tell me not to care what other people think,
then I try to be myself, they tell me to stop
because people are staring?
Why do adults tell us kids that two wrongs don't make a right,
and then they go seeking vengence?
Why must I act as though I'm not slowly dying?
Why must I only be able to cry on the inside?
Why must I put on a brave face for everything?
Why does my mom call me names that aren't right for a mother
to call a daughter?
Why do Mom and Dad always fight?
Why are my brother and I the subject of all the fights,
and are not allowed to have a say in anything
that is said?
Why do my mom and dad say things about each other they don't mean?
Why did they bother having us, if they knew it wasn't going to work?
Why do people always leave, even when they promise to say?
Why do I have to live up to expectations in oreder
to be loved by my mother?

Why can't anyone answer these questions for me?

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the new columbine

i express my utmost apologies 
to whom it may concern
but the families it took its toll 
on felt a stinging burn

a world where children cross each other 
in combat men still fear
Connecticut is not my brother
but still this is a year

to express our loss 
we feel it too
so sad to have to hear
a season cold and i still feel

the scared childish fear

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screw the poem listen anyone i need someone to hear

i'm hurting right now this is like a blog except i haven't quite found out how to work some of 
those yet but i'm a foster kid my mom abandoned me when was 10 she doped me off at a 
gas station and left me there about 2 or 3 hours later my dad came to pick me up and i went 
to live with him i no mom and my dad is the biggest jerk in the world i just recently stoped 
that relationship a day before his birthday and boy is he punishing me i he basically 
abandoned me to even if i wanted to start a relationship again i don't think he would i want 
ready i had been through alot he was in prison most of my life and i never saw my mom 
cause she was always bar hopping never taking care of he kids i have 7 sisters and 3 
brothers and i'm the oldest 15 
well on the 10th of September but i'm close poetry is all i have i'm diagnosed with 
Depression it sucks thats why i have sad poems sorry. my dad wont let me see my sisters or 
my brother it sucks and i miss them sooo much i have to force myself to eat and its hard to 
sleep it sucks but thats just me i cant go 1 day without crying i'm a recovering alcoholic the 
world sucks but i'm in it and i have to be strong and deal with it thats just the way it is ive 
never lived in one place for over to years so ive lived in pretty much every place in 
Wisconsin lol it sucks why am i telling u this because i want you to know why my poems are 
the way they are i'm not insane in just cortney theres alot of stuff that has happed to me 
some ill never forget thanks for reading my poems 

                                    love cortney stone

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After eight

Dear mother
Worn out
Doth smother 
Her daughters
With boredom
And nothing to do

Dear father 
No doubt
Won’t bother
To listen
To daughters
For he’s tired too

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There are a lot of firsts in a child’s life that we all might forget
The first time they say Mom or Dad,
Feeling all the ooh’s and aah’s.
The first time that they hold your hand,
The feeling goes right to your heart.
You know  that this child is blood right from the start.

The hardest time in a Child’s life,
 is when they think all is lost.
Feeling left behind and all alone and abandoned,
and looking for somewhere to call home.
To know the feeling of being someone special,
then have it ripped away, 
all they will feel is being alone.
Every time they look behind there is an empty spot.
When the people they know as Mom and Dad are there,
they are never alone.

But, when a child comes around and is not of your blood,
the love they need is just the seed.
Just the feeling of the two figures called Mom and Dad
to look up to means a lot to them.
For a child to call out Mom and Dad,
and hear no sound is very sad.

Who ever said that these kids are nothing,
there is something very wrong in their minds.
They have been looking for somewhere to call home
 for such a very long time.
They don’t ask for much just a place to belong,
no matter how long it takes.

After so long your kids get old,
and go away without looking back,
 no hugs or kisses in sight.
Your life void of the words Mom and Dad,
that they will never say tonight.

To adopt a child and give them life and hope,
To put the laughter back in their voice,
and the twinkle back in their eyes,
to finally hear the words Mom and Dad is the ultimate surprise.

Harold F. Therault Jr. June, 2, 2007
(Dedicated with love to: Liliana Alicia-Marie Therault)

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Dear Mom And Dad

Are you the same mom and dad 
I used to know?
Since I left the house… 
many years ago? 

Both who carefully taught 
me the Christian ways.
Don’t seem to care 
what the Bible says. 

You were there to give correction
with a belt in hand.
But now are doing things…
 I don’t understand. 

What happened to the father’s love 
I once seen in your eyes?
You’ve somehow twisted God's 
truth into corruptible lies. 

You’ve broken my heart 
dear mom and dad.
I’m praying for you… 
but my heart grows sad. 

Please… Just this once…
 Listen to me!
I want the Godly parents 
you used to be! 

Please make me proud of the
parents I once knew.
And know that I really love
and appreciate you.
You’re my mom and dad… 
You’re the world to me.
And you’re special to God...
It’s plain to see! 

May your days be blessed and 
God’s presence fill your soul.
I will always love you no matter
where you may go. 

Thanks mom and dad for reading
this “special letter.”
With God on board… 
Things will get better! 

By Jim Pemberton

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I'm every nationality!

Many, many years ago when I was nearly three,
I joined my parents and we made these nationalities.

My mom was born in Berlin,
to my Hitler youth grandpa.
He didn't like some Germans,
but for his country he fought.

My dad is of an Irish name,
and he lives in the states.
And at a friendly's restaurant,
he met my mom one day.

Now Irish dad and German mom,
are happy as can be.
-But soon they felt, to be complete,
they needed to have me.

I was born in Guatemala,
many miles away.
Till my parents saw my picture,
in the USA.

And so they took a journey down,
to get my sis and me.
And thus, there are two Latins,
in the Dowling Family tree!

Now I’m married to a German
who is my best friend.
And the day she has my kids,
the whole thing starts again.

I reckon here's a lesson,
to those feeble shallow minds.
That love extends beyond a race,
or culture, place or time.

So maybe you can look at us,
and say it's only right.
That anything is possible,
in this beautiful life.

Oh, I’m the future now!
I’m the future now!
It sounds funny I know,
but we're all over the globe!
We're the future now!

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The Picture of The Broken-family Through An Innocent's Eyes

She stands there – in front of the court
Between Mom – Dad, and wonders…

Here is Mom - she will marry a rich man
And calls him, “husband”
Will “Mom’s husband” love her as Dad does?

Here is Dad - he will marry a pretty woman.
And calls her, “wife”
Will “Dad’s wife” love her as Mom does?

She stands there - between two worlds:
Mom – Dad, and wonders…
Where does the world she belongs to?
Tears come down…

She closes her eyes, and dreams…
The world of Mom, Dad and her
The world she used to have
The world of loving and laughing
The world she has lost!

She stands there - in front of the court
This side is Mom - This side is Dad
And wonders…

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Mom I love you

Mom I love you

I called my mother last night 
And she was not feeling well
Thought she didn’t say it 
But by her voice I can tell

I felt so heart broken
Wish there is something I can do
The only thing came to mind
Was to say mom I love you

And it had me thinking 
As I sat there for a while
How many sleepless nights she spend
Taking care of me as a child

Wish I could give her the world
What good would that do?
So I wipe a tear from my eyes 
And said mom I love you

I know she is grieving 
Since my father died
And thought the pains keeps growing
She never let it show out side

She would talk about my father
And stare in the sky that blue 
And she gets lost for words
So I said mom dad love you

I know one day the call will come
That she had join my father too
And as we lay her to rest 
I will say mom I love you

So if you are one of the blessed
To have your parents with you 
It would make them so happy
To hear you say I love you

The things our parents done for us 
And they never let us knew
So lets us all thank them
By saying mom and dad I love you

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I Can Finally Drive

My bicycle days are through 
Please help me spread the news 
I no longer have to be a 32 year old hermit 
Mom and Dad got me my permit 
I just bought a car that seats 5 
Thanks to my parents I can finally drive 
Mom goes with me and my girlfriend out to eat 
Mom rides shotgun, my girl in the back seat 
While we are eating with live entertainment 
My girlfriend expresses how she doesn't like the car's seating arrangement 
So my mom drives and my girl is shotgun 
Now I am the lonely one 
We drop off my girlfriend and I ask my mom to remove the knife 
She says stop complaining, now you can drive 
The next night my Dad goes out with me and my buds 
We want to sit back and suck down a few suds 
Not on my watch, my Dad says 
My night out with the buds was disastrous 
After one beer, my Dad says you are too drunk to get behind the wheel 
He has no idea how this freedom of driving makes me feel 
My Mom and Dad are smothering me, my social life will never survive 
With them around, it look as if I will never truly drive 
Now it's Mom's turn to escort me, guess where we go 
My girl and Mom in the front seats, we stop at Domino's 
We all three sit in the car and wait for the pizza to get done 
Mom says no a/c, let's enjoy the sun 
I begin a waterfall of sweat 
Mom says look at you, you're all wet 
Mom asks for extra napkins when the pizza is delivered to the car 
Mom says tonight is Friday, let's park by the lake and enjoy the stars 
At the lake, I will drown myself, if I take a dive 
I am going back to the bicycle, I will never again attempt to drive

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I didn’t know much about her
The day she was born
All I knew is that my mom was to blame
For this sister where love was sworn

Sure she was my sister but I didn’t like her
I wanted mommy to myself and daddy 
Why was she born 
Why did they have to have her 

She grew up she’s gotten big 
And now that I’m 5 she’s 4
Ha ha now look at the score
I will always win

Ha ha look at you now 
You’re locked in the back yard and no one can save you
I think I’ll make a pretty picture on your face with blue magic marker
You think it’s funny but you look like a disaster

I got in trouble mommy found out that I pushed her down the stairs 
But its only because
She flushed my Barbie dolls head down the toilet
I’m locked in my room and nobody cares

Now that I’m six and she is seven
I am starting to like her 
She is not so big
But she can fight like she is eleven

I’m skipping to age 12 
Nobody will notice
It’s just a poem about my sis
By the way she’s eleven

So she thinks it will be fun if she rides her bike with her eyes closed 
So I say go ahead and she says tell me if I hit something
I didn’t hear her
So she runs into the mail box 

Today she got a motor scooter
And I got a bike 
She rides up the drive and I didn’t see her
So I fell

I got water all over me and it was time to go to lunch 
I told my dad but he said we had to go
My mom turned around
And said to my dad that I need to go home and change

I love my sister now
I’m glad I gave her a chance
But I can’t stand anymore
So please hear me out and don’t give me anymore

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Mother and Father, senryu x2


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I like to write tragedy poems and song lyrics but I've never experienced anything tragic until this year.
I lost Mom in March, Dad in July and I'm thankful that the end of 2013 is near.
Mom was one of the greatest women who ever lived.
When I did her wrong, she was always fast to forgive.

I remember what my dad did for my brother many years ago when he was alive.
Dad traded his truck so that Rick could have a car to drive.
It's sad and tragic because my parents are no longer living.
If you still have your parents, give thanks for them this Thanksgiving.

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Will They Still Miss Me

When I was born, with eyes of blue, and very soft hair.
My Mom and Dad loved me, and hugged me, 
and tossed me into the air.
They held me up for all to see,
My Mom and Dad really loved me.

I just wondered if someone took me,
On my way to school,Or on my way to the pool.
What if on vacation at a lake,
Or on a boat way out at sea.
Would they really miss me?

When we go to the store,And, I hide in the clothes.
Or, at night when I start counting sheep,
and, just when I fall asleep and don’t wake up.
I just wonder if they would miss me?

When I grow up
And, stay out real late.
When I meet that special someone,
And, go on my first date.
I just wonder will they still miss me?

Just when it seems everything is clear.
I meet my sweetheart or dear.
Then we get married and move away.
Will they still miss me in that same way?

When we have kids that are, 
our very own.
Will their hearts bleed, or turn to stone?
That is when I wonder will they still miss me?

Who will help me
when I stumble and fall.
When my parents are out of sight
every day and every night.
When I am sick and very old,
And I can’t, take care of myself when it is cold.
Who will push me till the end?
Will they remember me when I am gone?
                                       But most of all will they still miss me?                                       

Harold Therault 11-15-2007

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How Could You Not Want Me

One night my mom and dad created me, then my dad told my mom i was not meant to be. My mommy cried day and night, trying to decide what is wrong and what is right. Inside of your womb I could hear the two of you yell and scream Daddy wanting to abort me, mommy wanting me to fulfill me dreams. Each time you went to the abortion clinic, inside I was screaming NO!!!!! Mommy please don't kill me, please give me a chance to grow. You must have heard my screams, cause each time you let me live. Thank you for not killing me mommy, I have so much love to give. The day that I was born I saw a tear drop in my mommy's eye The expression on her face, how could he want our child to die. Look at me dad in my mommy arms, so precious as can be Now look at my mommy and answer her question....... HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT ME?

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A Young Boy's Dog

For a young boy in
1951 things were not
going right.

School friends I had
none, had no one
to turn to.

Knew that my dad
had a great collie
named shep.

Loved this dog
so, as he loved
me, even more.

I had been down
to my dad's farm
many a time,

shep and me
would play
on and on for hours
and more.

One glad day
my dad paid
my mom and
me a visit,

said how would
you like to have
shep for your
to keep?

My mom said
yes and I of course
became the happiest
kid in the world.

Not knowing all
the fun that this
dear dog and I
would share
for many a,

year nor many
this loveable
friend would give me.

wrote 8-27-08  NOTE HERE
        Dad gave shep to me because he said
that he was a chicken killer and an egg sucker he told me,
that once a dog did that you could never break them. and if i didn't take shep
he would have to have him killed. Many years later I did break shep of these things. My
dad could not believe it. He told me shep must be one special dog.  
You know what dad, He was.

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my last words

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to see you depart to tell you these three words I hold in my heart, dad I love you in that will never change, you was a great man and one day I wish to be the same, you taught me everything I know and I thank you I just wish you didn’t have to go, I remember back when I was a kid you use to laugh and joke with me that was fun wasn’t it, but remembering things like that just make it harder for me to write this, but your my dad I don’t care what anybody say, I love you so so much I just sorry I have to tell you this way, this man help my family for as long as I could remember going against the rules to make sure we wouldn't suffer, he gave me two people I could call mom and dad for that my love for you will always last I know it’s been a while since we last seen each other, but I know you still look out for me dad I will always love you no matter what mom you was the other half that kept him strong but I guess it was time for him to go home but mom I know you will stay strong because I know you’re a strong woman I will always have you in my prayers and I’m truly am sorry I couldn’t be there I love you mom and dad

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Tis The Season

As the children calmly sleep, snow begins to fall on this quiet Christmas eve. 
Mom and dad slowly find there way down the hall to pear in on the children all 
nestled tightly in there beds. Soon after mom and dad would retire to the front 
by the fire. Mom with her book and dad with his paper. They too soon would drift 
of into dream land. They all would dream of Christmases from yesteryear, here 
and now, and the future. Soon the anticipation would soon pass for another 
Christmas has come and gone. But don't you worry it soon will return with all it's 
shimmering lights, love, and laughter. And always remember tis the season.

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chasing recognition

Brittany is a little girl,
who's starving for attention.
So many things are wrong,
and only few she can mention.
She would go to school,
just trying to et out.
but it never failed cuz every night,
her parents would scream and shout.
her dad barried alot of hatred,
he always had a closed fist.
i guess that's how expressed love.
to his oldest kid.
the house was full of chaos,
arguments,and fights
i have know idea,
how she made it through a night.
her dad was always drunk,
and mother wouldn't listen.
a few years go by.
and there is still no attention.
Brittany is a teen now,
who's getting out of control
if only she was disaplined
then maybe she would know
she really didn't want
to turn down this path
she never had direction though
from the hauntings of her past.
all she ever wanted,
was to be a normal kid
but instead she kept the hurt,
all bottled in.
what really lies beneath,
i guess she'll only know.
but as she got older,
the more she lost control.
her mothers popping pills,
every single day.
Brittany is just asking,
why does it have to be this way.
Does mom love her any,
does she remember that she's there.
why wont she look her in the eye's,
and just tell her that she cares.
So Brittany only assumes,
it'll be this way till the end
so she starts taking pills,
just trying to fit in.
not very many just a few,
here and there
but now her mom noticed her,
and she acted like she cared.
but did she really care,
or just wanting Brittany's drug.
cuz to my recolection,
there wasn't ever a hug.
now another thing was bothering her,
and it drove her half insane.
so she started taking handfuls
just trying to ease the pain.
she spent her whole life trying,
to gain her mothers love
well it gradually got worse
cuz she started shooting up.
but that's what she did,
cuz she thought it'd be best.
then a year later
it lead to her arrest.
Brittanys etting better now,
with a baby on the way.
she still fights addiction though,
every single day.
often she felt empty,
and even all alone
but how can she feel that now,
with her precious son at home.
That little boys an angel,
he has saved her life
Brittany is happy now,
and you can see it in her eye's.
she has made alot of mistakes,
but now she right on track,
this is her step of moving forward,
and never turning back.

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MOM (part I)

So sad because,
I went to see my mom again,
Again 2 hours long
Darn this driving sucks.
I hate to drive so much,
But yet i sacrificed,
Just because she is my mom,
Got home, my dad calls
Told my mom to hold on,
He called from other side of
The world I told my mom,
I walked to my yard,
Saw my step-dad told him
To hold on,
Didn't mint to be mean,
He called from the other
Side of the world,
I missed my dad so much,
I wish I could go back for a visit along.
Tears dropped on my cheeks along.
Mom didn't understand why,
I hanged up,
Went to say Hi to mom,
She got the knife in her hand
Was cooking something along,
Told her to put away the knife,
When she put the knife down
It almost hit her by an inch.
She yelled at me,
I walked away and told her thanks mom,
She came back to my room,
Told me give me hug,
she squished me so tight,
Darn my back hurts so much
Its been 3 weeks,
And 3 days for headache along.
I screamed the pain was killing so much,
She got mad again and walk off.
She told me to take pills for being so depressed.
O God, not again mom.

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Story of my Life

Yesterday my parents got drunk and wasted like every night but my dad did not 
Have the right to say the things that were said and did now we all have tears to 
Shed. The story is simple it just goes like this my dad left the room with blood on 
His fist mumbling words witch were unknown but his voice had a very awkward 
Then he collapsed on the floor and I rushed into the open door. When I saw my 
Mom lying on the floor I grasped her tight and said, " I can’t take much more". 
Then she opened her eyes and not thinking right pushed me away and grabbed 
A knife she said her life was bad and that it was only getting worse and now she 
Was gonna brake this awful curse. She said she wasn’t meant to live with tears 
Running from her eyes but the sad part is she never said good bye with fear and 
Anger bestowed upon her face she happily cut herself out of the human race. 
Grasped the knife tight as I pleaded not this way and she stabbed it through her 
Heart and with excruciating pain I grabbed her tight and never let go. But what 
Really caught my ears was when she told me please don’t cry, I was meant to 
I’m happy and now I’m free. But how could she do this awful thing to me I loved 
Her so much but now all I can do is say be kind and helpful to your parents love 
Them more the anyone else and hold them tight cause it could only that one 
For something to go wrong them they will be gone so please for me hold them 
Tight and even give them a kiss good night. My parents were drunk as usual and 
Don’t believe they meant the things they said to me, my mom was sad and 
By my dad, you see it can only take one stupid mistake from someone else to 
Cause so much pain, and tears will be shed and my story will go on till everyone 
Is dead. I love my mom so much but now all I can do is pray that she is happy 
And that I can see her again but I hope deep and within that she will be my 
Guardian angel my blessing from above but all I need now is a parent with love.

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Sitting here all alone 
thinking, just how much you've grown 
You're growing up, your almost two 
My joy the first time holding you 

There's an empty feeling in my heart 
because we are so far apart 
It was so hard to say goodbye 
I remember curls, and big brown eyes 

Lately I've been really sad 
Please don't forget that I'm your dad 
I'll never forget my favorite girl 
the greatest thing in this big world 

If I had one wish, it would surely be 
For you to come down and live with me 
I know it's what every dad would say 
But I know your mom would say "no way" 

If your mom and I could share 
I could show you Cassie how much I care 
Leaving you wasn't what I'd planned 
maybe someday, you'll understand 

I never missed anyone so much, not ever! 
You will be a part of me forever 
I'll come back, I just don't know when 
I just have to keep missing you, till then 

I'm starting to cry like running water 
I love and miss my precious daughter 

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thinking of writing a book

I am thinking of putting all of my poems in a book.  I have around 80-90 of them.  
This is what I have come up with so far for an intro.  Your comments will be 
greatly appreciated.  This may take two entries so be sure to check.  Thank you.

My life has always been a little different.  My parents divorced when I was 4 years 
old so that meant every other weekend and for a month in the summer I was with 
my dad, other than that I was living with my mom.  The atmospheres at each 
house were quite different.  Now, not o say that both parents didn’t love me 
because I know they did, but they were two completely different environments.  My 
dad liked to drink and there was usually quite a shindig at his house, my mom’s 
was always a little more relaxed and “family oriented” so to speak.  We went to 
church with my mom every Sunday and it wasn’t always so with my dad.  My dad 
remarried for the first time when I was about 6 or 7.  He and this woman had a 
baby and shortly after divorced.  After the divorce my half-sister and her mom 
moved to Michigan, we didn’t get to se a lot of her and eventually my dad let her 
step-dad adopt her and that changed a lot of things.  My dad remarried again 
when I was about 8 or 9.  He and this woman, Sheila, had two children.  She was 
the love of his life and she is an amazing woman.  My mom remarried for the first 
time when I was 11.  The marriage lasted for about 7 years. He was very 
controlling and they divorced, it was probably the best thing for all of us.  My mom 
remarried again when I was 19.  He is a wonderful man; I have never seen my 
mom as happy as she is now.  His name is Don.  I now have a total of 9 siblings, 
I don’t get to see all of them very often, but it’s always interesting.
	When I was 15 is when my world was turned completely upside 

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Mom and Dad

I hate to be sad 
When I think of my mom and dad.
I hate to shed a tear
Cause losing them was my greatest fear.

But there gone now, nothing I can do 
So when I get mad, I just want to tell them forget you.

But I cant cause there my mom and dad 
I love them a lot even if they make me mad.

I feel so lonely and also lost
Cause everyone I loved turned a round and got lost.

I don't know if I’m wrong or if I’m right
But for them ill put up a strong and long fight.

Dear mom and dad hear me shout
Cause you both not being here what's that all about.

Are you going to leave me again or are you coming back
Is it you or is it me, cause I think its something I lack.

I’m missing you both a lot
Please tell me you haven't forgot
You have a daughter that needs you
And also loves you a lot.

If you both love me as you say you do
And if I did well, would you do the same too.

Don’t forget you have a fourteen-year-old daughter
Who needs a proper mother and a proper father.

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Held on tight

   Some are lucky to never experience the HURTS 
    that I had to endure I never got to be a child
      I grew older and older after each argument 
          after each tear
         I grew up nervous 
         I don't know if god did this one purpose
            But I always felt like I was going to lose something
                 So I held on tight
                You could cut the tension with a knife
                     It was basic instincts 
                        I hoped my mom and dad would stick it out
                              for better or worse
                                   Worse I guess took over
                                   because before you knew it 
                                  my dad wasn't living with us anymore
                                        Even as a young girl I knew what that was about
                                                I had tried so hard to get them to stay
                                                   To work on their love 
                                                        I was a true daddy's girl so of course I missed him
                                                          The day my mom forgave him and let him come home
                                                                  I held him even tighter 
                                                                than you'll ever know
                                                              I think I could feel him slipping away 
                                                                   Losing touch 
                                                                   changing wave links
                                                                    Even though I tried to cuff him to my hands
                                                                       I will never understand
                                                                            The tighter I held him  
                                                                           The quicker god formulated a plan
                                                                             Than I lost him

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Fire Flower

Down on the farm, me as a shorty, I certainly never thought of bein in my 40s.
My Mom and Dad were usually pretty busy, so I liked to fiddle, and diddle, but I 
never did riddle.
My Dad was a gardener of lots of veggies that always grew so wide and tall, and 
ready to reap in the fall. The plants grew so huge, and that gave me a plan to fan 
out a tiny piece of land.
I asked my mom for some seeds to plant, but I felt like an ant because I thought 
of god and was scared "I can't plant"!
Marigold seeds my Dad helped me sow, down in the dirt below. Would I or my 
Dad be a bad seed? Well, let's just wait and see!
I was in doubt, so I thought those little sprouts would have a fall out and I'd be 
Another day later I visited my Dad in the garden. I had to pull weeds in order to 
save those little seeds. That job I did hate, but it did make me think! I just thought 
of god and gave a nod, and grabbed lots of wads of those pesky old clogs. I saw 
a frog jump over a log, and said "Wow bet he couldn't pull a plow; I wish I had a 
All of a sudden my Dad he did say, "Cheryl come this way!" I was so amazed my 
eyes just glazed. The flowers I planted were beautiful bushes full of wishes that 
came true.
A remembrance to me was of the burning bush resemblance from the one with 
the great key. Remembering my doubt as my Dad hoed and hoed to get those 
Marigolds to grow, is harder than you might know. A gardner is special for they 
reap through the plants to figure out which to throw out.
So to conclude this little adventure if you end up with too much doubt you just 
might get thrown out.

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Father's Regret

There was a day long ago, something happened for a reason, 
Which made my Mom and Dad sad every Christmas Season.

They relived the tragedy over and over in their heads, 
I know there were times my Dad wished he were the one that was dead.

There wasn’t a day gone by they didn’t think about her life,
And all the pain and agony cut them like a knife.

My Mom being her best friend and my Dad being her man,
One of the biggest wishes in life was to once more hold her hand.

They told me stories all the time I felt I knew her too,
And, I always try to tell my Dad there was nothing you could do.

Everything happens for a reason some say, just be strong and always pray.
My Dad always said when I die there I need to say one thing
That I am sorry for what I’ve done, being said while the angels sing.

He carried around the pain for approximately thirty years, 
He carried it so often; my family shed so many tears.

The bible says your loved ones can see you from up there, 
That we cannot see them, is what I feel is not fair.

But I know they will meet again on one glorious day,
And God will keep them safe from harm in every single way.