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Heinrich Heine Revisited

I can clearly sense your utter despair of Der Matratzengruft*
As you valiantly carried on your poetic works to the very end.
This did not change your literary accomplishments well-known,
And your courage through the misery and morphine* is undeniable.

Your lyrical poetry speaks volumes among all of German literature,
And it was most marvelously set to music by the likes of Schumann,
Schubert, Silcher, Mendelssohn, Brahms, and Strauss—to name a few. 
Their melodic tones as applied to your verses then, now live on forever!

Your role in and principal contributions to Romanticism fall in line
With the highest quality of your poetic language and its intention.
Your role in battling early nineteenth-century censorship in Prussia set 
You out front of many of your contemporaries who resisted much less.

It’s so tragic Herr Heine that your literary resistance so prominent in
Challenging Prussian censorship would make you ever so more noted,
And besmirched as the Nazis in 1933 burned your books and those of
Other German scholars as a reflection of their insane and twisted beliefs!

It’s with great irony indeed that the banning and burning of your works by 
The Nazis was parodied further by them as they ignobly quoted and used
Your famous line from “Almansor,”* when you likened that “where books 
Are burned, in the end people will be burned too.” We know what they did!

And so, with both honor and sadness I do understand the very cry of lament
From the confines of your mattress-grave about your final exquisite poetry,
Written through writhing pain and tears as you faced the end of your life.
It took great courage to face your end like this while staying true to your Muse!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved (December 15, 2014) 
(Narrative Quatrain poetic format)

*Der Matratzengruft from the German means “The Mattress-Grave.” 
(Heinrich Heine was confined to his bed, his “mattress-grave,” in 1848
with various illnesses until his eventual death eight years later in 1856.)

*Heine poetically referred to his pain predicament in the poem “Morphine,”
written near the end of his life, when he noted in two famous verses: 
“Gut is der Schlaf, der Tod ist besser—freilich / Das beste waere, nie
Geboren sein.” (In English: “Sleep is good, Death is better—of course, /
Best of all would be never to have been born.”)

*Almansor was a play written by Heine in 1821 that had a most famous 
line in German: “Das war ein Vorspiel nur, dort wo man Buecher verbrennt,
verbrennt man auch am Ende Menschen.” (Rendered in English: “That was
but a prelude; where they burn books, they will ultimately burn people as
well.”) The significance here is that as the Nazis burned the books of Heine
and other German artists on the Opernplatz in Berlin in 1933, they actually
celebrated this event by “engraving” Heine’s famous words from “Almansor”
in the ground at the Opernplatz site. The obvious depravity of this terrible
event reflects the innate cruelty, stupidity and evil of the Nazis as they 
burned the books and defiled the names and reputations of Heine and other 
famous German writers. Their actions were monstrous and shameful, and 
were indicative of mankind’s base instincts at their very worst. Moreover, 
despite converting to Protestantism from Judaism in 1825, Heine’s Jewish 
origins played a continuing presence in his life and were one of the major 
factors for his being scapegoated by the Nazis later in 1933. And besides,
the Nazis were always more interested in burning books, rather than 
reading them!  

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Make this life easy

How long will it take for you to see
Life is just an illusion, it’s gonna pass eventually
The flesh is just a lie
Eventually you’re gonna die
But your soul will live on
Rejoice in this don’t mourn
God made you to die 
It’s why you were born
Last night GOD spoke to me
Your pain will end soon, so brother don’t worry
This world will soon pass
None of this is gonna last
But the word of GOD will live on
From the dusk till the dawn, on, on and on
He said pity the living, not the dead
I replied back to him
I meant no disrespect and this is what I said
Imma hold my head high and do my part until the end

So make this life easy
This life is just a lie
Soon you’re gonna die 
So why you killin him for
He’s just another brother, another lost soul
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy

Sister and brothers on streets
Instead of helping them get on their feats
We’re worrying about ourselves
It’s an endless cycle
man’s just looking out for himself
It seems clear to me
That nobody is free
Rich, white, black or poor you’re all the same to me
Trapped in a prison ruled by money
Don’t you think it’s funny 
Endless numbers and papers rules us 
We’ll never be happy
It’s not a mystery
The world is falling apart
I want it to end already, when will it start
Until then I guess I’m going to do my part
So while you’re here just make this life easy

So make this life easy
This life is just a lie
Soon you’re gonna die 
So why you killin him for
He’s just another brother, another lost soul
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy

This poem is inspired by Tupac's Life Goes On.

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Are we not tired yet?
When will we feel it is time?
Time to put our feet firmly on the ground
Call ‘enough’ boldly by its name
See - 
We stand proud under the sun’s daring heat
Unmoved by the rain’s beating-
Like sheep we follow convoys of our shepherds 
90% of all that time-
‘Voices with echoes of complains and blames is all we perceive – 
Thrown from this camp to another  
Not solutions backed by actions
And all we do is acclaim by cheers and standing ovations
To statements that represent anything but unity
Anything but development utterances 

Are we not tired yet?
When will we feel it is time?
Time to put our feet firmly on the ground
Call ‘enough’ boldly by its name 
See – 
We don’t need the opposition or the official
For disunity but not unity are the results many a times
We don’t need one keeping check on the other
Rather see one and all coming together
To not only talk the talk
And not only walk the walk
But to talk and walk the talk and walk hand in hand
For the common good

Are we not tired yet?
When will we feel it is time?
Time to put our feet firmly on the ground
Call ‘enough’ boldly by its name
See –
We don’t need taking sides
But standing side by side 
For the times we’ve done so, a bitter pill it’s been
North, south, east, west-
The centre is where we all are
Our tribes, our religions and cultures are the genes-
That give birth to us Kenya

It is time to put our feet firmly on the ground 
Call ‘enough’ boldly by its name 
Our situation can be a win-win
For our country is much bigger than our bruised egos
And deserving more than the verbal insults we like to share 
Or the physical beatings we’ve turned on each other 
Let our fight be for each other and not against each other
Our leadership ‘now’ be emulation for better regimes in future  
Leaders we need you undivided-
Fellow 'wenyenchi', we need us undivided 
For a people that are divided are a struggling lot
And we’ve been a testimony to this gospel
It is time for enough. 

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Aliens Choking on Oxygen

I was here I was here First I was here First Take a breath of oxygen Your choking on confidence The lights are on but you cant see Slit wrist Bleed You took my life from me Let us come back You stole the air we breath Let us come back I was here first Choking on oxygen I was here first Choking on oxygen I was here first Choking on oxygen You took my life from me Let us come back You stole the air we breath Let us come back Choking Like Aliens Choking on oxygen
to hear the song search youtube for "Aliens Choking on Oxygen" Heliosonic written by Sara Perle and Omar Masri

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Fools and Mules

A fool was crowned
And now we`re bound
To serve and please
On hands and knees,
To hate and smile
Each day and mile,
We feel defeat
And kiss his feet.

The foolish kings
Cut off our wings.
Their poisoned knife-
Our foolish life.
And faith`s refuse
Won`t save our muse,
When banned to fly,
She`ll fall and die.

Still time will flow-
Kings come and go.
But teams of mules,
That choose the fools
To be ahead
Alive and dead,
Won`t change a bit
The fate they meet.

They`ll choke on pride,
They`ll run and hide
And in their shells
Pity themselves,
That life was cruel
To have set the rule-
“Do as you`re told,
Silence is gold.”

We pay the price
To hide our vice:
The coward `s role-
To lie and crawl.
And hope someday
Things`ll come our way,
We`ll find the might
To rise and fight.

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Inside Job

Building castles in the air,
Gold and diamonds everywhere;
You were the brightest stars in your own skies

In empty space you built your dreams
Behind  computer screens
You rode in long expensive cars
 Drank in all the trendy bars
As all the while you lied and bet
Against the ones who'd hoped to get
Some small piece of our communal pie;
They bought your homes and with them bought the lie.

     It was all an inside job
     Pulled by a faceless mob
     Of bankers, lawyers and their ilk.
     It was all an inside job
     By a thoughtless, greedy mob
     Of men who rob the poor to sleep on silk.

Smoking candles, fallen flowers
Foreclosed homes and broken hours -
This is the aftermath of what you've done,
Games ill played and  ill begun.

And the rich keep getting richer
Though they've painted us the picture
Of what happenswhen you set the weasels free.
They've no concern for you or me
Or the discrepancies we see;
Should be enough for us that they should always be.
No one's punished ,no one pays,
And they remain, complacent in their ways.

     It was all an inside job
     Staged by the untouched mob
     Of bankers, lawyers and their ilk.
     It was all an inside job
     Perpetrated by the mob
     Of men who rob the poor to sleep on silk.

And now this evil season
Has descended without reason
And the sheep will stand and wait
To receive their unearned fate.

I hope you're proud, you sleep at night
While masses live by candlelight
May your riches find you lone and cold
When you at last are frail and old
And no one mourns your passing days
And none thought loyal will stay
To watch with you all through the coming gloom
That pushes you, now helpless, to your tomb.

Castle building in the air
Gold and diamonds everywhere;
The brightest stars will dim away
Replaced by others, other days.

     And so it goes, the inside job
     Brought off by the blacksuited mob
     The bankers, lawyers and their ilk.
     The framers of the inside job
     That heartless, faithless, grasping mob
     Will one day drown, beneath a sea of silk.

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We Can Dream On

It used to be that many dreamed. At least that is the way it seemed. But that was more than a few years ago now. A good life in which we all starred; a house with fence around the yard: The dream which the hard-working man could strive for. . . Chorus: We can dream on; we can dream on. We can dream on; we can dream on. We only had to go to school, Be sure to follow every rule, like paying toward our own security plan with special taxes all must pay. They rise; we pay them anyway, believing we’ll get by in our great gold years Chorus: We can dream on; we can dream on. . . In years when wars were being fought, The dream, still strong, was being sought, by Veterans returning to their loved ones. Prosperity came after war, for everyone kept wanting more, so things improved, at least as I recall them. . . Chorus: We can dream on; we can dream on. . . The kids who went to college would then graduate and as they should, could work in their profession, raise their families. Eventually they’d have a house and growing older with their spouse, look forward to retirement, their home paid for. . . Chorus: We can dream on; we can dream on. . . Retirement funds in just one year ran dry and CEO’s, I hear, got bonuses while laying off their workers. Young graduates cannot find work and horrors round each corner lurk for those who lose their jobs and source of income. Chorus: We can dream on; we can dream on. . . Today we have to buckle down and try hard not to show a frown while searching for a job that pays less money while politicians talk their talk but don’t know how to walk the walk, and sit there making sure they get their raises! Chorus: We can dream on; we can dream on. . . The Congress just keeps playing dumb And half the country has gone numb while stressing over what’s in store for us now because of lies that we were told, like how we’d live when we got old. “Dream on” I say (but not in Mama’s same tone). Chorus: We can dream ON; We can dream ON. . . For the HALLELUJAH Contest of Frank H.

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Phryne II

Greece you are waiting for me.
With white speechless marbles
within the August heat.
With sullen and loveless areopagites
carving my name on sea-shells.

Hypereides, you liar.
Praxiteles, oh so blind.
You Xenocrates, son of the *****.

And me that I was thought
I would return bearing banners
to rebuild your Thebes.

A roar under the earth.
Ashes in the wind.
Athens rises in the sky
and charges against me.

Why should I be afraid?
Why should I run for a shelter?
I don’t want you to cover my eyes.
I want to see the terror in yours,
when after the execution
you’ll find me at the exit,
waiting for you
with a molotov cocktail in my hands.

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 “America” a poem


The Beautiful

The Home of the Brave

Who’s going to help you, After all you do?

Who’s going to lead, When all you see is the greed?

We put our foot in the door; one more time than before but we forget the needs that we have right here,
The ones we say we hold so dear


We’re lovin Haiti but we’re killin in places like Kuwaiti!!

With all the kill'in we are makin, no wonder they are hat'in

What’s up with Iraq, Will our soldiers ever be able to come back?

We kill our men a time and again

Our country has no money, somethings sure feeling funny

We leave our people behind; The ones who are free but we’re sure not kind

We need to steer, what we hold so dear

The money we spend
The blood we shed

What about our poor and the sick that endure?

We’re out of work

Can’t pay our bills

Got no health care and our media keeps us scared

 America……open your eyes………take care of your own

It’s sure not fair, when we’re all right here

We’re all right here
We’re all right here

America, take a look right here

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Silver Thumb

She’s  the girl, the girl with the tender touch
A spider's touch
Such a cold thumb
Beckons you to enter her web of sin
But don't go in

colorful  words she will pour in your ear
But her  lies can't disguise what you fear
For a silver man knows when she's kissed him
It's the kiss of death from

Miss Silver Thumb
handsome  man beware of her heart of silver
This heart is cold

Silver words she will pour in your ear
But her lies can't disguise what you fear
For a silver man knows when she's kissed him
It's the kiss of death from

Miss Silver Thumb
handsome man  beware of her  heart of silver
her  heart is cold

She loves only silver
Only silver
She loves silver
She loves only silver
Only silver
She loves Silver

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Martyr for the Unorthodox word

If I had over 10,000 dreams You'd be the only thing my mind could see Judgment couldn't be real Succumbing to the fear of this cold life Find a way to break through The self-destruction of wordly delusions Don't tell me I've lived so long in a lovely illusion Break me down until we find a Nirvanic state Then bring me a savior from transgressions An atoning sacrifice Send down to me a messenger for me to submit to Bring me the truth to break through The delusion Bring me the messenger to explain it all And let me leave behind Sorrow's caressing the earth The caliphate stole my heart Without a will to fight But I have the Means to be free I'll try to go with the word I believe But so many stones to be thrown Stakes to burn, limbs to break Faces to hate, scorns to taste Will I have the will to die Despite all of the tears no one will cry Sorrow's caressing the earth The caliphate stole my heart Broke my will Safetefied my soul Martyr for the Unorthodox word Sorrow's caressing the earth The caliphate stole my heart Without a will to fight But I have the Means to be free I'll try to go with the word I believe But so many stones to be thrown Stakes to burn, limbs to break Faces to hate, scorns to taste Will I have the will to die Despite all of the tears no one will cry Sorrow's caressing the earth The caliphate stole my heart Broke my will Safetefied my soul Martyr for the Unorthodox word

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Mirror with a Gun

Cast attention on the dreams we have caught
They’re nothing of our own
Filtering our hearts right through the dark
Until we give in to the unknown

Casting lights upon the pointless death
In the wars that we’ve become
It’s so sad to see what will really die
The part we kill because we run

Cast attention on the lies we create
Manifesting every fear
Will these walls protect me from the pain?
Will the static drive the tears?

Casting lights upon the obvious truth
That we can’t remember love
Because every notion that we think is right
Was not handed from above

Cast our questions into timeless stone
It’s time to walk away
Step again into the lonely dark
It’s time to feed the pain

Casting spells that only weave an end
This is what we’ve become
Friendly faces that will kill again
We’re just a mirror with a gun

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Generic Minds

generic minds listen to generic music
have generic thoughts that are unknowingly abusive
watch generic things talk about generic things
gee this generic *****is spreading like a disease
better get your flu shot 
thats what they said to me
a suicidal vaccine 
a subliminal killing spree
its contagious and the outrageous
thing about it is that the people are blind in an eye
that they didn't even know they had
it's sickening to watch these clueless civilians 
inside the looking glass
with nightmares of being free
without a key to their mind
for it is trapped in the frequency
in the illusion of time
bathed in our universe
killing all that refuse to see
those that admit to hypocracy
or see the message in hip hop
how cant you see
the message in the lyrics that
bring adolescents to their knees
from bullet wounds conflicting their flesh
contradicting that they're the best
but the songs keep telling them that they dont need no rest
that they dont wanna go home
that they should ride alone
with the gat as their only companion
and so the only path they choose is the one that they're told
until they grow old and hope turns to a window pane
inside a window pane, until all they feel is pain
they realize that the music itself is ashamed
so whats to look up to
when you cant even speak when you cant even walk because you look so bleak
your eyes are sunken from the tv you're infested with the dee zees
now its too late to turn around and live for your conscious
so when youre screaming oh please
close your eyes and bring your mind to life
open your eyes for the first time
and never wonder why
since the answer this entire time
has been inside
and you better find it before you die
you dont want your soul to be in a pool with all the others
a buncha brothers missing their mothers
but only seeing strangers
only feeling the haters
wishing they would have used their minds when they had them
and now its too late,
now it's time for another new born fate to grab them

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The Internet: Return

A void of Facebook
Creativity dies here...

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Unite Blue

Verse 1

I’ve had this dream now for a while,
But the real world’s where I choose to stay,
The time is now for standing up,
To reach out for that brighter day.


Unite to lend a hand to those who are in need,
Unite against them, whose souls are consumed by greed,
Unite and lend a hand, and we can change the world,
We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Verse 2

Walking past two souls holding hands,
I see that it’s true love conquers all,
A dreamland where we all sing and dance,
And hands to catch us should we fall.



United, it’s in our hands,
United, it’s how we stand,
United, across all lands.
Empathy, we understand,
Together, it’s how we stand,
Unite with one voice, One Hand.

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he is leaving home

                  In great respect of the band I grew up listening to
                       as sure as Mom passed down Saturday Chores 
                      for I had been chosen to scrub bathroom floors `

                    Yet a familiar sound would bring me to keep scrubbing
                       The red album, The blue album , The White album 
                        Then .. Abbey Road , always remembering the sad look on
                  Ringo's face ,  something hard to understand underneath~
                      I get it now, what you were saying all those years ago ,
                    the many sad lonely tears , secret tears , secret fears 
                    For Maxwell's Hammer was a real one . It wanted silence

                    Going back ..remembering when John Lennon died 
                      I was in Arkansas saddened with the world .
                      Then seeing his face saying " Drag isn't it " 
                      No .. this was not my hero in music and song .

                      he was a stand in hired William , he filled his shoes 
                      bringing diversity to create so much beautiful music from loss

                       One left standing , alone;; grief struck on back cover ~
                       The other identity hidden, tried to be part of ..coming together
                            his  world of secrets
                        He to suffers today , in fear , Faul~
                        Too many years gone by .let us tell the Truth. Let us be free
                         The very sad long and winding Road ~
                         Let us Bury our real Paul. 

                         No more " Mystery tour "
                             No more fear 
                                Let him be in peace ~

           Inspired by " The Last Testament of George Harrison , Is Paul Dead ? "


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Let the Deicide commence.

You're a voyeur at best!
Your vampiric heart is beating out of your chest!
And you have slayed the ones whom would love you for anything less
Ready to consume the final fragments of innocence,
And for you there is no forgiveness,
On your knees pleading, screaming to a tyrant in the skies;
The father of lies.

I will never be enslaved in your superiority
The people agree: jaded of your false dichotomies.
Know: I will be whomever nature intends to be
Apollo and I will share our dreams,
and you will be forced to see
your failure!

I know who you are...
Readily the first to present your scars
Chained by some despot or mental czar
An emotional homunculus in your mind, behind bars
Reluctant to escape - even when proven fake
Your demented mind - depths no one will penetrate!
...And you see me suffering
Not caring of any casualties
Just as long you recieve your safeguard of sympathy
So very wary of the masses and their Anarchy; Liberious ways

Solipsist - Is there no one you can see?
Even if she was presented burning?
Solipsist - Is there no one you can believe?
Even if Sophia was screaming?
Solipsist - Know you have killed and abused me
Imprisoned in your own  personal reality 

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Kingdom Lost

In summertime, the ivy climbs,
and hides the castle wall.
The king dreams of late,
that the sea is so great,
and yet - his boat is so small.
As swift as a fox and
dark as a raven on wing,
seven hundred soldiers march  
into the valley of the king.
Long overdue, a battle ensues
flanking the powers that be.
Children cry, and good men die, 
the monarch is now on his knee…
Soon the horsemen alone 
try to maintain the throne.
But the long way around
is the shortest way home.
The evening is filled
with chaos and smoke,
and the kingdom is 
stunned by it all…
Soon the sun will go down,
and in spite of his crown, 
the king will undoubtedly fall…
His rival’s strength
was mistaken,
by a king overtaken,
his life is now but a pawn.
His authority lifted,
the power has shifted –
an era of glory is gone…
Copyright © 2013

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When the Lavender Returns

As cold as ice
Wrapped round your brain
And darkness unfolds
You’re breathing in pain

It’s been freezing here   
In this Land of Shattered Dreams 
It’s been freezing here 
This corrupted winter stings 

It’s been freezing here  		
(Où est la Lavande?)
Your body can’t stay warm  	
(Où est la Lavande?)
 It’s been freezing here  		
(Où est la Lavande?)
This cruel and criminal storm  	
(Où est la Lavande?)

But don’t give up
Don’t despair
Taste the hope 
Floating through the air

When the lavender returns
It’ll warm your frozen bones
Vivid violet clothes
In their candy overtones

When the lavender returns
It’ll race across the land
Rebel flower grows
In the palm of your free hand

If you look out your window
The ground’s parched and bare
If you call for your lover
She’s no longer there
If you ponder your life
Well, it feels like a wreck
And your failures are scars
You can never forget

As leaves turn brown
Sky fades to grey
You’re feeling the drought
The end of the day

It’s been lonely here
In this World of Fallen Souls
It’s been lonely here
With nowhere left to go

But don’t give up
Don’t despair
Taste the hope 
Floating through the air 

When the lavender returns
It’ll warm your frozen bones
Vivid violet clothes
In their candy overtones 

When the lavender returns   	
(Où est la Lavande?)
It’ll race across the land 	         
(Où est la Lavande?)
Rebel flower grows  			
(Où est la Lavande?)
In the palm of your free hand   	
(Où est la Lavande?)

When the lavender returns    	
(Où est la Lavande?)
It’ll warm your frozen bones   	
(Où est la Lavande?)
Vivid violet clothes  			 
(Où est la Lavande?)
In their candy overtones  		 
(Où est la Lavande?)

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Rope of Sand -or- Hsssss

follow /us/
follow /us/ 
lose your mind
leave your head   /behind/
get in line 
grab a hand
we're making it
you're making it   /now/
Rope of the dead 
Rope of sand

swallow  /this/
swallow  /this/
selling you soap
demanding demand
hope no hope
take no stand   
 …>/I said
   crawl instead
    said where you're led/

/now/ we're making it
     you're taking it
Rope of the dead
Rope of sand


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The pen is mightier than the sword

The pen is mightier than the sword

What is it about some people?
Have they no minds of all
To me their puppets on a string
As they follow all the rules
Whether they make sense at all
That’s all beside the point
They believe all that their leaders say
When it comes to the simple joint!

Our leaders they have called the shots
On this and all that matters
They come to us on the TV set
And I hear their foolish chatter
Our premier with pigeon mind
Was heard to say one day
That cannabis is a killer drug
Or almost any way.

Now I have smoked for forty years
And not once have I ever
Suffered from this gentle weed
These leaders might be clever
Or think they are, through their position
But to me they’re simply fools
But they give me cause to laugh out loud
They’re so damned comical.

23 July 2013 @ 1133hrs.

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A poem wrote by me, based on Person who is a deserving icon but still struggling hard with his career life and addressed as disturbed creature.

DISTURBED CREATURE--> Am I ??       BY Mrs.Madhavi Suyog Pagare

Am I so insane, Am I so mad,
Dramatic mood of mine is so die hard.
Destroyed my peace, Shattering my dreams,
People call me as disturbed creature.
As like mounting the pain, attenuating the drain!!

Digesting my feelings lying inside me,
Strangely nobody cared, call me sick.
Teasing me lavishly and my heart is pricked,
Hurted me like hell when addressed me as stupid.
As like showering rain, missing on the lane!!

Time lapse in journey of life,
Can hamper anybody on its path.
When I see innate reflex of mine,
I always use to brightly shine.
Though possessing every job attributes of mine,
I never thought the authorities will ditch and hamper my career line.
Falsely acting bloody swine, making my image as fade as wine.
As like affecting harmonious divine, my soul was, as is transparently pristine!!

Destroying me and testing my patience, Never wanna give up.
Transformed deviations, wanna rightly screw up.
I wanna raise up, I wanna shake up.
I wanna wake up, Tranquilize my mind.
Unzip the professional life compressed by the culprits.
Wanna explore myself, driving the motivated heights of journey.
Lastly waiting for the optimistic opportunity.
Cuffing the suspect ,I wanna rejoice by my pattern of life!! 

with Suyog Pagare

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Urge To Smile

Urge To Smile
By Nate Spears

The morning sun rises
My flesh is set back 
Due to my body needing 
Much needed rest
I wonder 
Does anyone else feel 
the urge to smile?
I know right now 
I'm feeling sour

A grin attached to my face
That lights up the sky
Behind my clouds of joy 
There lies a lie
With everyone wondering how?
How can he smile
with so much going on
Rapidly by the hour
People losing their homes

Some can barely feed their kids
The government is gone
They rather spend our money 
On billion dollar drones
Never the less
We're blessed
We're here to see another day
Being healthy and relevant
Gives me strength
To soar into a new day
With unlimited fight 
Packed up under my wings

Another day 
Another chance
For tomorrow 
Thanks in advance
As long as I'm living
I can better my condition 
It's mandatory to smile
A privilege to be living.

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The Miracle

Lift the wailing wood
Hammer the tortured nails
Place the ghostly steps
Below the battered rails

Invite those crazy strangers
Dressed in stranger clothes
Join the mighty miracle 
Ready to unfold

Building a stairway 
In the desert
Aimed toward the pure and honest sky
Building a stairway
In the desert
Going to rise for miles
And miles 

Leave this evil town
Where scorpions share your bed
Guilty snakes make a home
Deep inside your head

The bleeding sun
Burns your feet
Hangmen joke
Beggars weep

Buried bodies
Cry for help
Steal your wealth

Building a stairway 
In the desert
Aimed toward the pure and honest sky
Building a stairway
In the desert
Going to rise for miles
And miles 

We’re laughing and      					
We’re dancing				 	
In the desert				
Dancing in the desert			
Of our lives				

Can’t you see?
We’re dancing in the desert
Dancing in the desert 
Of our lives

Feel so free				
Dancing in the desert				
Dancing in the desert 			 		
Of our lives				

Free….so free
In the desert
Dancing in the desert
Of our lives

Lift the wailing wood
Hammer the tortured nails

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The War Confessions

There’s a fury on the waves
A madness taking place
Fueled by the blood
Of weary wage slaves

And they taught us how to hate
In a hi tech kind of way 
Made us meat puppets 
For the wars they wage

In a playground, running round
In a playground, being clowns
Weren’t we once kids
Just kicking a ball?
Laughing ‘bout everything
Nothing at all

In a playground, ‘neath the sun
In a playground, having fun
Weren’t we once kids
Thought war is a game?
Fall over dead
And jump up again

(Hey, hey, what do you want to say?}

Don’t want to lose my legs
In defense of larceny
The banksters stealing billions 
From the national Treasury

Don’t want to take a bullet 
Left coughing up blood
For your right to a lap dance
At some faraway club

Don’t want to suck my meals
Through a thin feeding tube
On behalf of profiteers 
Dealing addicts their crude

Don’t want to wheeze harshly
Hooked to a machine
In the service of ingrates 
And all that’s obscene

Don’t want to suffer flashbacks
Those nightmarish screams
While billionaires lullaby 
To private jet dreams

Nobody’s tool, nobody’s fool.

In a world so long ago
In a world we used to know
Weren’t we once kids?
Who sang funny songs
No thoughts of torture 
Phosphorous bombs

In a world so long ago
In a world we used to know
Weren’t we once kids?
Who rode on our bikes
Vampires scared us
Not nuclear strikes

(Hey, hey, what do you want to say?)

There’s a fury on the waves
A madness taking place
Fueled by the blood
Of weary wage slaves

There’s a world of growing horror
Where a playground stood before
And it ‘s time to stop
This lunatic war

There’s a world of growing horror
Where a playground stood before
And it’s time to stop 
This murderous war

There’s a world of growing horror
Where a playground stood before
And It’s time to  stop
This sickening war

There’s a world of growing horror
Where a playground stood before
And it’s time to stop 
This bloody awful war

Let’s bring back our playground 
Stop this war
Let’s restore our playground 
Stop this war…

Yes, it’s time 
(yes it’s time)


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Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

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Don't Stop Now

We want to think everything's all right
We want to say that everything's fine.
We all need to try to see through the night
We all have to search for the Grand Design.

Well it's not always as clear as we'd like it
Doesn't always follow the plan.
Sometimes the match doesn't catch when we strike it
And sometimes there's nobody there in command.

You know how it helps to cling to delusion
You know how that breaks the fall.
But if we persist with attractive illusion
We might not escape this at all.

     Don't stop now - Don't stop believing in us
     Don't stop now - We can't afford to wait 
     Don't stop now - Don't stop believing in us
     Don't stop now - Or it may be too late.

We want everything to stop being so crazy
To just settle down and be cool.
Are we all just too tired, or maybe too lazy,
Is the Human Race gonna play the Fool?

It's not gonna get up and go away
We can't just pretend it's not there.
These troubles we've made have come home to stay
But we can still win if we care.

     Don't stop now - Don't stop believing in us
     Don't stop now - We can't afford to wait
     Don't stop now - Don't stop believing in us
     Don't stop now - Or it may be too late.

Everyone wants a little more money
Everyone wants a little more  time.
Everyone's got some kind of crutch to lean on,
Everyone needs their reason to rhyme.

Everyone wants to live forever
Everyone watches their dreams go by.
Everyone wants to probe the deep end
Everyone want to touch the sky.

Everyone ought to read the writing
Written high upon the wall.
Everyone ought to stop all the fighting
Or grit their teeth before the fall.

     Don't stop now - Don't stop believing in us
     Don't stop now - We can't afford to wait
     Don't stop now - Don't stop believing in us
     Don't stop now - Or it may be too late.

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

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Draconian II

[The Puppeteer]
The storm I see you in
Caught in the race of Caïn
Held by the arms you cannot see--the conducter of Ennui 
-No stronger than the void you hold within-
It began with a hope, an obsession
Casted into, slavery of repugnant possessions 
Granted by, the Avaricious Lords, the ones we serve for
-They Told Us to pray, hope, away from despair, the despair caused by their immaculate Hands
Malice, envy, greed, was granted to me, The Feudal Dream, we want to be Them, just like him
-just how he solaces us, ambivalent hope, engendering knives to my throat 

[The Fall]
In this Valley of morning and weeping
Love lies bleeding, in desperate fear
With their talons, the hunt to rip out thy heart 
As each velvet petal falls apart
Her body chained in their bile and lies, covered with their red-spy
-sent just to check if our souls are in line, do not defy 
Her blood velvet and pure, drips away with innocence of the amber guardian 
The soil of plagues, beggars, and graves
Is know her home, the coven of solace
Though the seed has died--resurrection Is near passing through death's fear
One stronger than you--and thy funeral skies
She is alive--anew
But the vapors still remain
The Apocalypse is here, do we fear?
Just for the death of our sins
Elysia never Seemed so far away

[Our Damnation]
Solitary ruins, Fulfill their visions
We strayed far from the depths within 
We all lingered to his solace--lies
-you make the sign everyday, but lack toknow the name
We are just the toys, he pulls all of the strings
We are nothing in this burning world
of Decadence, and Failed Semblance

Draconian--Reach for the shadows within
Draconian--Break from the Fallen's son
Draconian--Their empirical lies, only die
Draconian--Reach the shadows within

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Haikus About God: IV

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.

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The Obama Song

             Barack Obama
             Barack Obama
             He's the U.S.A.'s own Dalai Lama.

             Barack Obama
             Barack Obama
             He's the guy who's here to save yer Momma.

Verse 1:

Oh yeah Obama's here an' he's really cool
Gonna tell yer kids to pay attention in school
Gonna make us all follow the Golden Rule
'Cause he knows Michelle ain't gonna suffer no fools!

He's an all-around, straightup nice kinda guy
Who don't get upset when ya scream "You Lie!"
He cares about the Earth and he cares about the sky
Gives ya cash for the clunkers you were stupid to buy.


Verse 2:

He's gonna stim-u-late us, gonna spread the wealth,
Gonna write out a prescription for the nation's health,
Gonna come down on Insurance like a big black Stealth
Gonna take those stem cells down off the shelf!

He's gonna see we win in Afghanistan,
Someway, somehow - without a plan.
When yer rude to da cops he is da Man
Who'll give ya both beers an' make it right again.


Verse 3:

He's appointed more Czars than the U.S.S.R.,
Gonna raise the mileage on yer car
Gonna lower those emissions both near and far
And do it lookin' snappy like a First Exec Star.

Can't answer "yes" or "no", it takes a paragraph
To get to the point, then it's good for a laugh
The Right hates everybody servin' on his Staff
- But their side of the Aisle makes most of the gaffes.


Verse 4:

Is there anything Obamaman cannot do?
The assertions are fantastic; some may even be true.
He beat out Mrs. Clinton right outta da blue,
Now he's lookin' out for me and he's lookin' out for you.

If his ears were any bigger he could teach himself to fly,
But despite his geekiness he's still a heckuva guy
His heart is fulla Hope, his head is in the sky
An' if you give him grief Ms. Pelosi'll make you cry.


Chorus et finis

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Haikus About God: VI

The body: sacred
We’re all made in God’s image
Hence... circumcision?

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The Undisputed

The Undisputed

 I usually prevail when mostly other have doubts,

 as my hostel rival friends taunt, boo and shout,

 when they know my mind is focus on that title bout.

 I took the stubborn champ to the limit with a reserve

 of deadly impact of fresh crushing blows therefore

 had the ruthless undefeated champ dazed, shocked,

 and lay resting looking at my dancing toes as

 I exit to go ending the big show.

 2/15/11 by Keith K. Relf

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Mind Games

I am a waterfall in the desert.
A rain from a cloudless sky. 
A well known but unborn child. 
An insistence experience 
that you never had. 

I play mind games with your brain. 
When you strike the keys 
and remember the sea 
I come as indefinable memory. 
When you look at your watch 
and the time has passed
you feel me like a fleeting hallucination.

I play mind games with your brain.
I’m nesting behind your eyes.
I’m ranging through your dreams.
You are finding me in all of your desires. 
In all of those are absent from you. 

I play mind games with your brain.
I stand in the places that you cannot reach. 
I exist where you cannot touch upon. 
But I am what you always waiting for 
I m what holds your life on. 

I play mind games with your brain. 
But I swear this is not fun.
I feel unbearable loneliness. 
Because I do not have a body 
And you, that you have, refuse it to me.

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It Just Ain't There

I whisper to the snails
Who’d sooner die much less fail
There’s nothing left inside those eyes
As tears drop into pails

The light is warm but I can’t touch it
Till I pay the rent
But the man is hollering back at me
With just too much demand

But as I look up to the sky
The helicopter’s still there
Constantly judging me
A supersonic glare
And I know that we can’t win
We’re fighting for a freedom
That we know just ain’t there

I whisper to the men 
Who’d sooner die much less fail
There’s nothing left inside your eyes
As tears drop into pails

The light is warm but you can’t touch it
Till you pay the rent
The man is hollering back at you
With just too much demand.

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F Bomb

“F Bomb”
By Nate Spears

I got the heart of a man name Malcolm
The visions of Martin Luther
The tongue of Emmett Till
The brains of Medgar Evers

Can I get a window seat
Away from defeat
Can I get park for the kids to play
Next to the spot
Where Rosa refused her seat

Langston in my pen
Proud, young, and free
Handsome and intelligent
The government targets me
In a second
My history is a blessing
The court system in racist
Society shows the traces.

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Stolen golden treasure chest
Dead man lying on his chest
Discarded like garbage
Because we act like we all savage
Eaten by vultures
As greed transcends cultures
Lying gypsies 
False omens like eclipses
Fake prophecies
They packed their bags for those ill fated odysseys 
Yardstick to success is how much property we hold
We are no longer human because all we seek is gold
We know not our future because it is untold
And decided to destroy that of an unborn soul
So that the onlooker will behold
Our fabulous riches and majestic comportment
Our foundation is weak
And so is our government
When an empire reaches its peak
It is natural for it to decline
Chills runs down my spine
As I try to unwind
And enjoy music and wine in the grape vine
By the way 
Which is not mine?	
So I am about to be evicted
Foolish rich man who owned the whole world 
Lost his soul
And achieved his goal 
He amassed a lot of coins
But vanished from the earth
His body is dump in a hole
Naked and he return without a dime to hold
No matter how much we have
We are penniless when it time
Decomposing corpses with nauseating smell
They burned down Syria and turn it to a hell
All because of power and money
Oh yes that rings a bell
How much hardships the Syrians have gone through 
They could not tell?
Africa became a birthday cake
In 2013 so that all these black ogres can take
Negroes fought their brothers for thousands of years
Did not invest in science because nobody cares
In return for muskets and the cheap liquor
They sold their seeds
In return for vanity
They relish madness and rave in insanity
Time travels faster
Than the rays of light
And we will all be left behind
When darkness consumes what is bright
A hundred years
A Thousand years
All that is just numbers
Fools crave after material things
Diamond wristwatches and gold rings
Automobiles that travel faster than a jet
A hundred million dollars on a bet
But why do you seek my quarter
When you already have all you need to get
They plunder the earth for all they can find
The mortgage the sun
They cheat the blind.
The moon becomes a man’s real property
Man’s reasoning becomes an absurdity
Mars is divided among men
And millions of mouth they do not extend
They run the banks
Until they are broke
They speak of corporate governance
Oh what a joke
All the trees cut down for the sake of money
The earth is milked out 
Because they seek oil or her honey
The rob the poor to feed the Leach
They rob the rich to fed the Leach
Deceit and deception
See how these compulsive liars switch
Money buys justice
Money buys fame
Greed is game
While money is his name
The greed of man runs through every institution
Greed is reflected even in the constitution
Even in our schools I see it grow
Every year our tuition is increase
Didn’t you know?
All we care about is to succeed
How you go about it
Is determined by greed
And build our private Elysium in the middle a hell
Behind the ivory towers
So that the zombies are kept away
How long can we remain as prisoners?
How long can we stay?

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I Survive

This dysfunction 
And stagnation 
Mingles with the need to breathe 
To invent 
some mirrored sociopathic event 
A turning point 
Sewing seeds of reflection 

2 steps in the opposite direction 
and I'm fully aware 
	of this pulsing in my veins 
	of this frenzied rhythm mating with my blood 
	of the need to force my throat
Into this incantation 
Chanting my survival 
Of all things 
chanting my survival 
of dark deeds 
Chanting my survival 
	Riding on the blazing tides of stars
Chanting my survival 
	Raping the constituted constructs of Mankind 
And chanting my survival 
	Until the ears of a defeated Liberty detect the sound...

Chanting my survival 
	Initiating vengeance demanded 
	Initiating a new era 
Chanting my survival 
	Surgically revived 
	And ready to fight 

I will win back the day 
I will win back my day

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i wish i knew how to cry

i wish i knew how to cry
then indeed i would do so
i would sit down
break down like in hymn
lyrically, rhythmically wail
let the tears flood out
empty the soul
cool my puffy cheeks
i would cry till lord came back

you ask why, my brother, sister
it is simple
i would cry for the beggar in the dusty streets
left to wallow in the whims of desperation

i would cry for the empty stomachs
the hungry wails of starving children
the drooped bare breasts of mother
with no fodder for the toddlers

i would cry for peace, or for lack of it
a country thrown into chaos
a country whose agenda is mismatched
propaganda, ill motives
politics of hatred, 
fear left right center

i would cry for armageddon
for salvation of souls 
for brother turning against brother
for the desolation of minds
dialects fragmenting souls
blood spill
tears shed
love lost
homes crushed
i would cry for my country Kenya, 
if only i knew how.

Wanjeru Kamau

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Leave me with my dreams

Leave me with my dreams.

Leave me with my dreams
Cause I’m a dreaming fellow
Leave me here a pondering
With mind all calm and mellow
Picturing a better world
Where evil is no more
Let me dream of the harmony
Of a world all free of war.

It might never happen
Sometimes it seems to me
That a tadpole has more chance
Of swimming in the deep blue sea
But let me dream about it
It makes my heart feel warm
Let me dream of a world at peace
And this it be the norm.

Leave me with my dreaming
Of peace and harmony
Where God will rest within each heart
And a perfect world will be
Where everywhere becomes a space
Of sweetest liberty.

Leave me with my dreams
Maybe they’ll seep into you
Then peace and harmony might reign
In everything you do
I guess that someone has to dream
For something to be born
So if more folk did get to dreaming
There might be a brand new dawn.

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Sixteen Trillion Going on Seventeen

Our debt’s sixteen trillion going on seventeen
Obama it’s time to think

Better beware coz your new health care
Is putting us on the brink

Our debt’s sixteen trillion going on seventeen
No reading between the lines

We are indebted and surely headed
For a dreadful decline

Totally unprepared are you,
To cut government spending

You’re unfair and narcissistic
With you there’s no happy ending

You need someone older and wiser
Telling you what to do

But seventeen trillion going on eighteen
Is more your cup of brew


I owe sixteen trillion going on seventeen
I know that I’m naïve

Cronies I meet tell me I’m sweet
And willingly we deceive

I owe sixteen trillion going on seventeen
Innocent of why that rose

I think it was Bush giving me dirty looks
My how my nose grows

Totally unprepared am I
To face a world of reality

Crafty and sly and scared am I
If they learn the truth about me

I need someone older and wiser
But don’t tell me what to do

Coz seventeen trillion going on eighteen
Is in store for all of you.

A little parody where 'face the music' meets 'The Sound of Music'

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The End To A Wild Ride

This is the end of all the rollercoasters we have rode
So dont look back
Because the world is going up in smoke
Just ride along with me
We will find eachother when the light goes out

Lost in a Wilderness
Will we find ourselves again
After we have been blown up into peices
Who will survive?
Who will make it to the end?

The clouds will darken
And the sun will go black
There bombs will drop
And Silence our voices

Would we have found the love 
We were searching for in the 60's
Would we have found the peace
We researched in our childhood

Would we have fixed bullying
and told children about Columbine
Would we have stopped the Depression
And told children about the help they can get

Would we be ready when the world ends
Or will we be left in the past
Would we believe in God in time for our ending
Or will we still be selling books on another religion

One day we will forget how to hope and learn how to fear.

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Isigin Dusu-II

Senle ve sensiz bir hic
Yururum yolumda
Korkmadan yasamin
Senle sensiz bir hic

Bir dag yamacinda ucurum hayatim senle sensiz bir hic
Yasam dersem kabulum agit yakilmis sevdamiza
Hikayesi  umit olsa da  acsa  cicek olsa sevda yaylalarda
Senle sensiz bir hic  bilerim  tasinmaz yasanmaz  nefesimiz

Bir cicek sevda yaylada ruzgarla esen
Kosma  olumune  desem  kimse dinlemez  
Ruzgarlar  sallar eser gullu  basma  bedenini 
Saklar saclarini yazmali basortusu dantelli
Akar bir nehir  sevdayla senle ve sensiz hic
Bir  koca cinar  bolunmus toprak yarik yarim
Amansiz nehir  akar  bolunur  delinen kalbim 
Senle ve sensiz bir hic  canim sevdam
Cok  canlar  oldu telef gozyasi oldu tasti  irmak
Cok analar yakti agit  kan kirmizi  irmak

Cok kahpe planlar hoyratca  goz yumanlar
Cok aci  kahkahalar oyunu  sessizce  oynatanlar
Senle ve sensiz alkis tutanlar bir hic  utancim
Gelecegim senle sensiz 
Isigin dusu  umidim cocuklarim

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Tower of Babel

Written by the wisest of man
The reign of loss; the age of sand
Ancient scribes search in their hearts
For what will be once they depart

The course is vain, carved by self-need
The river flows from beauty to greed
Gods of love detached from their sight
Excuses now to murder the light

Wisdom knows the pleasure that sings
In the minds of desperate things
Just one pretext and all would collapse
Into the world which they are now trapped

Open eyes scanning for sight
The darkened mass creating the night
The ashen blood coating their dreams
In which they laugh for lack of true sleep

A world of one, Babylon’s pride
The tower formed, pleasing their lies
The wakeful flow with passion unhinged
But love is caught and numbed by syringe

Written now for the wisest of those
That may awake from forceful repose
A guiding star upon inner truth
Awake to strength or find it removed

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I don't want to fight

I don’t want to fight

I’ve been here just a few long days
I’ve still a year to go
There’s not too much to do out here
The days, they pass so slow
And lord, it gets so blooming warm
It’s not the place to be
If one’s looking for a comfort zone
And sweet tranquillity.

The Cong, they send their missiles in
The guns they roar so loud
They hate our guts, behind that wire
They’re fighters, and they’re proud
These folk, they want to keep their land
And I guess they’ve got their rights
I don’t know what we’re trying to win
But I don’t want to fight.

Oh, I don’t care about Vietnam
I really, truly do not give a damn
I just want to go back home
And be just who I am.

Three hundred and sixty days to go
I think I’ll die out here
If net through this fighting thing
Maybe, I’ll die of fear
I have a wife and two sweet kids
The baby I’ve not seen
But here I am in Vietnam
All dressed in jungle green

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Holding The Sun

I grew up in a place I didn't want to be
Became someone that i knew i didn't want to be
Society grabbing me by the throat telling me to be me
But who are they to say that I should be what is not me?
Catastrophe shaking this world, leaving fault lines at the finish line
Scarred for what we have to look forward to
You can't put your soul on hold for all your past pretensions
Earthquakes changing the course of continuation
Throwing vibes from left and right
Hitting the pedal to ignite
What imperial dilemmas that arise from such despise
From what i know i'm just another reflection of disguise, who am i?
Those that float around with no worries in the world,
Don't care about the money, all they've got is what's gold
The people who kill, for power and respect
Dont realize what is out there is what's in the next step
And it's all in their head
We've got all of eternity
The tower of destruction that'll set us all free
Cause in the end we always find that there's another place to be;
physically or mentally.
People walking around with frowns carved into their faces
I wonder if theyll ever look up and see that they've been going places
All along, 
Giving up falling down through the cracks of the ground
They're at fault for all loss that was among their own soul
Oh, its a cold world
As it slowly turns, im watching the clock tick as i feel the room burn
And its funny, that people try to play the game of constant manipulation,
Repeated deification.
Thinking they were born alive, but really,
They were only born to die.
No not everyone lives under the sun these days
A lot of those that fear thy own will fall pale in the shade
Under a dead willow
How we all want the sun because it's here for a reason
We all expect it to invest in the seasons
The government work of treason,
Throwing ropes to pull it down
Making this place so much hotter than it was when underground
I can't stand to be bothered by the burn that it's put on my wrist
From slamming this door shut, we've got to put an end to this
We're destroying what's inside ourselves cause of things on all the shelves
Yet he destroys, and he breaks, so we build
They take the money, and we run it while they kill
Although it's kinda funny that the state depends on pills,
I'll hold the sun and run away from all that's real.

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Reflections: Intellectualism

To Dine, To Die;
Conversations spiral
While thunderous eyes
Grasp concepts to recycle.

Constant debt crisis
A political paradox
Grating social devices
Over the sorting of socks.

An endless groan
Argumental paralysis
The debate grants no throne.

Over a roast
Potatoes won't listen
To who talks the most.

"That point is so interesting"
The floor is open for chat
"What is real?" not a thing
"Meow" adds the cat.

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fracking oil

should I believe you man in the suit?
oh your hair looks mighty fine 
combed back, your polished slacks 
a slight tan 
you are irresistible in your presence 
demanding attention. 
you have a face that looks right 
nothing you say would be out of sight 
nothing you do would steer me wrong 
oh man in the suit, 
you are my god. 
you have the power to make us thrive 
dig a hole 
to the other side 
not to china, but to the fuel
oh man in the suit 
I cannot trust you 
you dug too deep 
into a pocket of the earth 
looking for more resource 
to fill your own pockets 
but I don't want pockets 
man in the suit 
all I want 
is for you to tell the truth
your polished smile did us wrong 
lies lay upon your clever tongue  
and you continue to rule the earth 
digging your holes 
you find more girth 
to your hungry pockets 
which you try so hard to fill
when will you learn 
that filling pockets kills...

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The Ex-soldier

I happen upon a veteran, once,
An old man
With a four-sprang cane
And war tales
Stretched like China wall.
This event transpired in very recent past.
The man turned out to be pterodactyl
And flew away. 
I fell upon a boy, once,
A once child soldier,
A hero
From youth and life.
Oh, how time has changed.
Men are taught to bicker,
Children are trained to fight. 

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Fight for your Righteousness

If your going to fight something, 

Fight for your spirit to not allow the soul to be taken, 

Being that man & woman was created by the Creator we continue to walk 
& join the forsaken

People shout for justice & equality but don’t exemplify the righteousness that 
mankind is established with mentally

Learning a few words, promoting red, gold, & green wearing the clothes to look 
like an aphrodisiac isn’t going to get us by

Wearing clothes is wearing an image allowing our soul to be taken by a visual spirit

A spirit that’s concern with how you look instead of what’s in the book

The Creator is bigger & much deeper than our wondrous minds can image

It definitely haves nothing to do with how you look

If you wanna fight for righteousness start by helping the poor, look them in their 
eyes to let them know your pure

That’s the beginning of fighting the uniting war…

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Uncle Sam's Hokey Pokey -- shaped as his top hat


Uncle Sam's Hokey Pokey
                                     l      l      l       l        l 
                                     ya' put your red flag in
                                      put your red flag out
                                       put your red flag in
                                               and ya'
                                       shake it all around.
                                       *           *          *
                                  ya' stop this hocus pocus
                              and we'll turn this thing around
                                end war's what it's all about!

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her toys are his

He lurks in the evening 
his black polished car 
the driver can say nothing 
he knows this and goes far 
into the very world 
he is so against 
he calls her up at night 
and pays with our expense 
she comes with a bag of toys 
reserved only for the players 
only for the ones 
who can afford to pay her 
and when the morning comes 
his sloppy body lies in a stale sheet 
of the night before
he does this every week 
and everything is free 
because he has a pen 
in which he writes it off 
again at our expense 
a hotel stay for business 
is a night of pleasure 
when you are the one 
people call the governor.

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Local strangers

On this journey
I will not come with you.
I will stay here,
sitting on eagle’s stone of Epos.
Wingless but illuminated.

Surveying the tangerine trees of Kampos
and the red stone houses.
The gained ground of my ancestors
that become rosy-hued in the horizon 
from Tsesme  and beyond.

Chewing the mastic from Olympus, 
that gathered by your hands.

Getting drunk 
with Ariousios wine, 
from grapes that stepped by your legs.

I shall stay here.
To give you back your homeland 
that for centuries now 
you walk on as foreigners.

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The Newest Welfare Queans Or The Attack On Public Workers

I'm a librarian,
I'm a postman,
I'm a welfare queen,
dancing the scapegoat,
dancing the scapegoat,
dancing the scapegoat scene.

I'm a teacher,
bus driver,

Wage worker,
war veteran

Army sergeant,
Navy sergeant,
air force pilot
......and police.

Dancing the scapegoat,
dancing the scapegoat,
dancing on the poor house trampoline.

Dancing the scapegoat,
dancing the scapegoat,
dancing the scapegoat
all day long.......

so I'm a dancing the scapegoat,
I'm dancing the scapegoat,
I'm dancing the scapegoat,
I'm dancing the scapegoat,
I'm dancing the welfare...
double standard heath care,
budget cutting,
life killing,
poor house dealing,
rich lovin,
poor hatin,
capitalist scene.

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"you can speak in a sentence
and no one will hear you

But you can sing a song
and it can reach ten thousand people"

People speak in silence

Afraid of what they might project
If it will harm someone or even them

Everyone is listening
But without hearing a word you say

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The Land of Sophia

Escape the tort of our avarice world Defy the ones who shift the blame Deter the decadence forgetting shame Freedom is on the top of the bare eyes Beyond the consciousness of The Human Kind Search harder and then you'll find The Land of Sophia Dwelling past are needs Swirling around our bare minds Our wants polluting out sight the Land of Sophia is lost at night Are the Lies held worth it in time Only embracing The Veil of Logic The Truth is cast into shade where all vices are soon to be made For all of our dreams and dramaticies The Destruction Star poisons seas Far from This Galaxy among the stars I can see myself, And The One I've became Escape the tort of our avarice world Defy the ones who shift the blame Deter the decadence forgetting shame Freedom is on the top of the bare eyes Beyond the consciousness of The Human Kind Search harder and then you'll find The Land of Sophia Dwelling past are needs Swirling around our bare minds Our wants polluting out sight the Land of Sophia is lost at night Caught in our lust, of forgetting trust I wonder can we break free of bound forever in the clutches of Lilith's Love Eden's Heart Who's desperate For Love Who's desperate For Light yet wallows in Blight and chooses to wait--forevermore The wait in Summer--An Eternity Lilith's Love Eden's Heart Escape the tort of our avarice world Defy the ones who shift the blame Deter the decadence forgetting shame Freedom is on the top of the bare eyes Beyond the consciousness of The Human Kind Search harder and then you'll find The Land of Sophia Dwelling past are needs Swirling around our bare minds Our wants polluting out sight the Land of Sophia is lost at night We don't chose what's right I can't believe we are able to see this far Crawling in Shadows Never will breath find it's light Escape the tort of our avarice world Defy the ones who shift the blame Deter the decadence forgetting shame Freedom is on the top of the bare eyes Beyond the consciousness of The Human Kind Search harder and then you'll find The Land of Sophia Dwelling past are needs Swirling around our bare minds Our wants polluting out sight the Land of Sophia is lost at night
**Mark Jansen, Guitarist, Male Vocals, and main songwriter of Epica**

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Hunter heart

I am a bird singing in an open cage.
What I have they cannot take it.
What I have they cannot feel it.
A mad navigator drives me.
A fire-bearing fleet chases me.
I am not afraid to die.
I am not afraid to live.
That makes my heart a hunter.

I’m shooting luminous arrows with a bow
and all lead back to my body.
What I have 
it takes me up to heaven
and brings me down to hell.
What I have I cannot deny it.
That makes my heart a hunter.

My brain is a uterus of lightning.
I am a corsair galley drunken with rum 
inside the rulers’ navy yard.
That makes my heart a hunter.

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Imagine All The BS

I realize this might offend people but some of it is my views and some of it is just having fun. But overall it is just in fun.

Imagine there's no Obama
You cant if you tried
And he didn't give our gas line
To the chinese.. sigh
Imagine all the people voting blindly

Imagine there's no countries
We're not too far off
None of our freedom's remain
Under sharia law
Well then its praise allah or rest in peace

You, you may say 
I'm a dreamer, but Obama's got it done
USA's going in the toilet
And Tim Tebow is the plunge

Imagine no socialists
That won't defend the Jews
While he kisses a communist then 
Says Sorry for our values
Imagine all the people sharing the same wage

You, you may say 
I'm a schemer, but I'm not the only one
I hope some day you will wake up
Before this world is made one

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Good Change Coming

Written October 7, 2012

My soul burns inside
And it comes comes out to hide
When its so shocked to hear
That the darkness is here

Would you believe in the words that I say
Even if they aren't diamonds and pearls
With a paper in front and a pen in my hand
I just want to change the world

Is it too much to ask
Too abstract to grasp
This idea that's been running
I promise there's good change coming

With a bullet and a gun
You'll get any man to run
But it takes diplomacy
To get a real man to see

Would you believe in the words that I say
Even if they aren't diamonds and pearls
With a paper in front and a pen in my hand
I could really change the world

Is it too hard to be
The man I want to see
When I look in the mirror
Lord I pray it was clearer

With a permanent marker
I color in darker
The world that I see
Ain't what it should be

Would you believe in the words that I say
Even if they aren't diamonds and pearls
With a paper in front and a pen in my hand
I am going to change the world

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The Brutal Reality

I see the shadows
Of my mind
Thoughts and desires
Beyond me to confine

Visions of the future
Dreams of the past
Time is perception
It creeps by so fast

I see the shadows
Inside my mind
I see the people
Who remain to be blind

Their thoughts are closed
They fail to find
The point I make
In this troubled time
In order to obtain freedom
Moral must be left behind

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Communal Tyranny

Attempts at alteration of 
My right to fully express
My own ideas and views
My liberty to address

Declarations and ideas
I happen to find crude
Imposing upon my spirit 
And all too often rude

Formulation of my thoughts
On many different things
Echoes of imagination
Remnants of my being

Clear my views do remain
Unscathed by opposition
I firmly and relentlessly
Defend my true position

I do believe in liberty
To share what one believes
For a spirit and its speech
Forever should be free

~Camille Rose Castillo 2010

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Banks! Banks! Let us all do away with banks
And their dirty tricks and their silly pranks
Banks! Banks! They mean very little to me
If I was the king all banks will be history
If I was the king all banks will be history
If I was the king all banks will be history

Verse One
Banks are stingy
Banks are greedy
They steal from the needy
Banks never give but they love to take
If your friend is a bank
He will rob you before you wake
Only fools bail out the banks
Because I will rather take my money
They sold me worthless shares when my day was sunny
With the hope that one day I will lick from the bank’s honey
Now my day is rainy and I don’t think it is funny
I would never buy those shares I rather buy an Easter bunny
Only foolish kings bail out the banks
I rather bail out a pauper
The economy is going bad
While my people are left to suffer
Beware of the banks and the evil that they do
Today it is me but tomorrow it may be you

Banks! Banks! Let us all do away with banks
And their dirty tricks and their silly pranks
Banks! Banks! They mean very little to me
If I was the king all banks will be history
If I was the king all banks will be history
If I was the king all banks will be history

Verse Two
Bank! Banks! They can never be your friend
Today they are collecting your money
But you are broke
They say see you later Sunny
Beware! Beware! Beware!
When a bank tells you sign here
They will take everything you have
Including your underwear
Is it your bit of filthy magic?
To trade with a bank may be tragic
Shrewd little goldsmith demanding for gold
And any item of value
Or anything he could see or hold
Bald headed money lenders demanding for a pound of flesh
You can take the meat from his cheek 
But remember that no blood must spill
Banks don’t care they will rather kill
Take off his damn head off with a sharp edged steel
Deducting money from my account bill bill bill
Banks are the biggest thieves because the love to steal
Banks destroy the economy and they never heal
Banks will charge you money for a rotten potato peel
Banks! I hate banks!
They say can I borrow you some money
I say no thanks
Banks! Banks! Let us all do away with banks
And their dirty tricks and their silly pranks
Banks! Banks! They mean very little to me
If I was the king all banks will be history
If I was the king all banks will be history
If I was the king all banks will be in misery

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unnecessary chains

driving home
another late shift 
work long hours just 
to make dues
when the money I received 
gets paid back to you. 
lurking in the shadows
a man that has no soul
looking for ways to make
them like him more
his face is fresh I speak the truth
but justice isn't there...
all he cares is bonuses they set for him 
to slayer. 
corruptness lies where there is debt
and in our debt lies chains
the ones who say we're free are lame to think
its not a game. 
a joke, lies go up in smoke
as he goes home, with his bonus, alone.
wishing his dick was a little bigger. 
wishing the white girl loved him as much as she loves
the man he took away. 
Unnecessary Chains. 
Unnecessary Chains. 
his fresh robotic face
a disgust to the human race.

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Comin' soon....

Hard to tell the difference,
Between the truth and the lies these days.
The lines are all gone between the right and the wrong,
But I'm tellin' you, somebody got to pay!
Did you ever get the feelin',
Like they're cookin' up some kind of master plan?
The devil's in the details, in their tone of voice,
And I'm tellin' you, in their sleight of hand!

  Can't believe those nice guys been tellin' us lies,
  And callin' it the truth!
  We've gone too far to get back, to where we got off the track
  And we got lost in their view.
  But it won't be too long 'til the end of the song,,
  But will we ever change our tune?
  'Cause it's played and it's played, 
  Now it's startin' to fade all the colors in the room.
     And I say "Woah, Lord, I feel it comin' soon"
     And I say "Woah, yeah, I hope you're makin' me some room!"

Now they say we're fighting terror, 
Hell, that's a fight I'd like to see!
We'll stumble and fall, reduced to a crawl,
We'll be unable to proceed!
Sift through the pieces, for rhyme or for reason,
For some sense of it all.
It's there, I swear, in the madness we share,
But, you know, I never heard it fall.

  Can't believe those nice guys been spoon-feedin' us lies, 
  Coated in the truth!
  We've gone too far to get back, to where we got off the track,
  And we got lost in their view.
  But it won't be too long 'til the end of the song,
  But will we ever change our tune?
  'Cause it's played and it's played, 
  Now it's startin' to fade all the colors in the room.
     And I say "Woah, Lord, I feel it comin' soon"
     And I say "Woah, yeah, I hope you're makin' me some room!"

Hard to tell the difference between the truth and the lies these days.......

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You have no place to run to 
Your game is over now
You have played an evil role indeed
But it’s over anyhow
They say your days are numbered
 And that judgment day is here
 What does it feel like, bold Saddam
To feel this ice cold fear? 

The world has deemed to get you 
Your disposal has been planned
As the fear of you it dissipates 
You have no more command
So many though have suffered 
And many too have died
And now the wheel keeps turning round
And death walks by your side

You’re just a man 
Oh cruel Saddam
You bleed and die just like the rest of us
And now Saddam 
Your soul is damned
It’s been strangled by that power for which you lust

For all that you have lusted for 
You threw away your Soul                                                                                          The Devil filled you deep within 
And you played an evil role.
Now the hordes are out to get you
And fear it dog’s your tread
Saddam, you’re damned you evil man
And soon you will be dead.


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Enter the beast of manlihood
Living flesh fall to their prey
Taste the wine of mortal sons
Sacrificial blood of fates
Slaughtered nations desecrated
Now under the flag of hate
Dying for anothers cause
Seducing powers contemplate
Free to rape,free to kill
Free to conquer all at will
Impaled corpses piled high
and many more are doomed to die
Some rebel,some retreat
Falling to their masters feet
Extra flesh to feed his wrath
Smell the stench of carcass baths
Revieling plagues and atrophy
Planting rotted demon seed
Wars and chaos fill the earth
Burnt remains of all its worth
Bodies left to slugs and worms
Flies swarm in and take their turn
Decayed bones and tortured souls
With no remorse the bell does toll!!!

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All Along the Watchtower Re-Visited for 9-11

"There must be some kinda way to find out here"
Said the seeker to the stealer
"There's too much confusion
I'm struggling to be the reveal"

"Conglomerate men, they drink my wine
Politicians dig my earth
None will level on the line
Because none of them are worth it" hey

"There is reason to get excited"
The seeker, he kindly spoke
"There are many here among us
Who feel our governments a joke"

"Now you and I, we've lived through this
And this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now
The hour is getting late", hey


All along the watchtower
Liars kept the view
While all the women came and went
Barefoot servants too

Outside in the cold distance
The C.I.A. did growl
Two riders were approaching
And the wind began to howl, hey

All along the watchtower
All along the watchtower

All along the watchtower on that tragic September day
We need some investigation, for someones has to pay
Now you and I, we've lived through this, and this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now, before this generations to late

We will always remember, and remember who we lost that day
We need some investigation, for someone has to pay
All along the watchtower, a nation in mournful cries
We are not so blind, it's amazing what you can see when you close your eyes

All along the watchtower
All along the watchtower

James, we lost you in Kensington, England. The Star Spangled Banner will
live long in your past. I can't say the same for some of your American so
called country people. Thank you for allowing me to gracefully use . . . .
'All Along the Watchtower' it's blatantly obvious someone was not.

To all the lost in the 9/11 tragedy, my thoughts will always be with you.

 All Along The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix, with some lyrics changed 

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Two paths I cant choose
shoes racked, knee caps on the pews
Hands clasped we ask for a few
Key At Bats just to come through
Cause its the fact that we don't have a clue
about what is right or true
white or blue, its misconstrued
This world's view, so tried and true
Loves the lies that its spews 
Recite spite just to argue
On the news flea bites ensue
To make you believe what you should be like
tattoos,  earrings, abuse subdued's your hearing
cant move the muse that's sneering 
the proof is mute but blaring
This route of blues is wearing
my cold shoulders are veering
my soul's holstered and fearing
These sold soldiers are tearing, us apart
We need a spark, light this dark
torque the wrench and raise the bar
scorch the bench and make a mark
 were told were quenched, when were starved
excuse my french, but our shit's
stench does not come from our arse
These sand sharks that stand on shore
can't answer The question marks,
Were all the bark with no roar
Morality's at ground floor
trying to eat pork With salad forks
Just like mister Macklemore
this hits right at you're apples core

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Draconian I

[The Cypress Is In Bloom]
The cypress is in bloom
I see the evil, the efflorescence of decadent doom
Eloigning, with thy clandestines of the Dead September's reign
My belovéd Penelope, abscond from the coven so deep, the glades of misery
We must face her in the grove, for arcany, the path we must take
She's in my mind, vaporously,
Lauding with my, dangers and fears
Lie, with ephermelcy's broken truths
Leading me go Cypress, Marigold
Immortally, willows, forevermore

[To Question; To Know]
My argentine silence, your only condonicy 
Ends with such eath
The Mockingbird in me--died
Resting in one ounce, an abundance of shame
With an infinity of joy
Exiled, by the ones, who give all, names
My breath starves for only more
The façade, the veil, the austerity dims with Aquarianlore 
She falls to her knees, why for?
Celandine she will be
Celandine is she

The lair within, free from their causalities of their sins
Shadowy primroses begin to grow, the season will never end
In there I dream to be like you, violet blue, White Flower of Lisieux,
La Fleur Blanche du Lisieux,
So Celandine are you
Celandine are you

Draconian--Reach for the shadows within
Draconian--Break from The Fallen's Sin
Draconian--Their Empirical lies, only die
Draconian--Reach The Shadows Within

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The 4th Branch

The voice of racism preaching the 
gospel is devilish a fake church 
called the Prophet Muhammad a 
terrorist forgetting God is not 
religion but a spiritual bond and 
Jesus is the most quoted profit in 
the Koran they bombed innocent 
people trying to murder sudaam 
when you gave him those chemical 
weapons to go to war with Iran this 
is the information that they hold 
back from Peter Jennings cuz 
condalisa rice is just the New Age 
Sally Hemings I break it down with 
critical language and spiritual 
anguish the Judas to hang with the 
guilt of betraing Christ you 
murdered his religion and painted 
and white translated in 
psychologically tainted philosophy 
the conservative political right wing 
ideology glued together sloppily the 
blasphemy of a nation got my bakk 
to the wall cuz I'm facing 
assassination Guantanamo Bay 
federal incarceration how could this 
be the land of the free home of the 
brave indigenous Holocaust and the 
home of the slaves corporate 
America dancing offbeat to the 
rhythm you really think this country 
never sponsored terrorism human 
rights violations we continue the 
saga El Salvador in the contras of 
Nicaragua and on top of that you 
still want to take me to prison just 
cause I won't trade Humanity for 
patriotism? ,immortal

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Citizens Rights

                                                  Pick up your guns
                                                  hold them tight
                                                  your government wants them
                                                  it's time to fight.
                                                  Obama will daily tread
                                                  on your god given right
                                                  to protect yourself, neighbor to,
                                                  show some strength and some might
                                                  pick up your guns
                                                  and look down the sight.
                                                  your freedom of speech,
                                                  I have been told
                                                  is another right he's trying to take
                                                  trying to get it put on hold
                                                  trying to make us buy insurance
                                                  when we can't buy bread 
                                                  gas and taxes so high
                                                  pick up your guns
                                                  hold them tight
                                                  maybe now friends
                                                  is the time to fight.

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Vive le CANADA Libre

translation below

Vive le CANADA Libre
Toujours merveilleux
Toujours grand
Toujours libre
Terre de libertés
PKP, PKP, jamais ne volé mon pays
PKP, PKP, jamais ne volé mon pays

plus d'informations

PKP est le surnom d'un fameux séparatiste qui veut se présenter à la direction du parti québécois. Même s'ils se proclament séparatistes, ce sont en réalité tous des traitres.
un mot plus juste..

À ne pas confondre avec le grand joueur de hockey, PK Suban!

Long Live Canada
Always beautiful
Always grand
Always free
Land of liberty
PKP, PKP,  never steal my Country
PKP, PKP,  never steal my Country

PKP is the nickname for Pierre Karl Peladeau, a Quebec seperatist

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These Slogans

Politics is a cluster of slogans
Pinching society’s all organs
The issues are just countless
Blaming others being careless

Sometimes of a child education
Sometimes removing corruption
Sometimes women’s protection
Sometimes poverty eradication

The slogans flow in every stream
Showing bright future’s scheme
During elections all catch the ear
But after it they are nowhere near

They only seem to be clever tricks
To befool through thins and thicks
All leaders appear to be prophets
Pouring in voice honey droplets

For God’s sake stop tricking on us
We are fed up of shows pompous
We want no more of slogans at all
We want the nation builder’s call

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The future now

I never been
ocular witness
one of the happiest moments
that I dreamed.

I did never taste
the wine of freedom
that I knead in my cellars.

And the river goes down onrush, 
in order to sweep
this litter life.

So here I am
At the bank of Acherons
grin and bear it
as in a bus station.
The system 
is doping me with money.
My friends 
promise me a sunny day.
And I want 
the future now!

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The Glow of Soft Truths

the glow of soft truths
tucked between the folds of the heart

radiates through the coarse fabric of each fleeting day

transcending the hurdles that litter the way

extinguishing the trepidation and the unfounded fears away

beyond the very now with an eye firmly gazing towards the coming morrow

where genuine peace may be found while dispelling the nasty sting and the solitary sorrow

and when that moment is finally found

when peace and mirth is felt all around

the bliss may seem plentiful, and the being with simple joy may abound

without a word being spoken

without the din, the static of the endless drone

so infused with soothing music, yet hardly making a sound

for the truth of peace that lies in wait

just beyond the corner

is a truth that may never be sought

or bought

for that truth of peace must be ushered inside

until deep in the soul it will then quietly reside...

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Victim of the system

Victims of circumstance, sick sins a certain glance into a man morality. 
Which wil work in advance for our children given a chance 2 think for themselves. 
I lurk entranced my hurt enhanced by the very mention of no u can't,
Gotta stay positive, wen in france!
Criminal intent with subliminal insence. Sex in the air, a minimal event. 
A miracle is sent. Don't mean to be synical but this intrical event has lost its purity but my cylindrical sense has brought me full circle on this tyranical trend.
Grip the situation the power of manipulation has preceeded this titavation. 
An invitation to my inspiration on this hour an integration like mutation its time to proceed with mutalition. Futile!? Patince. Demonstration of concentration all it takes?...
Please believe I'm a man of reprieve. Mind went walkies im on the retrieve finally recieved? we being decieved on a bigger scale than u'd ever believe, relieved on the day tis concieved; breathe a deep sigh like oh good grief, teeth any opinion i dare 2 reach...

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Future State

Iniquity,a malediction
Too late for reflection
No use for apologies
The harm has been done
Animus emotions
No war is ever won
Abjective adversity
Asperity of atrophy
Aberration then infamy
A molevolent society
A dictators sick dream
Future state,our reality!!!

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Slayer of dreams and reality Bow down to his Therion Majesty Vowed to Be beyond Spiritual Supremacy, But too Frail, but too Weak, Were these words of The Transgressor of Our Argentine Destiny Reigned with Blood And with Blood You shall Fall Never denounce the ways of The Wicked For the Wicked you Have Become I'm Not your gracious Jesus Christ, Saving you from the blood-sodden Ice, But you Are The Beast Therion Majesty Can't control your own destiny The one who used to fight monsters, Became a Monster Himself Look beyond the Book, See the Truth lying there, Gagged and Hooked, Silence screaming to Be Free The Draconian Revelation Will Save thee The same Cold Pressure has erupt inside The Beast dwells in your Pride Dipped in Argentine and Insanity, Captivated by the touch Never looking beyond the Sin, For the Scene remains Empty I'm Not your gracious Jesus Christ, Saving you from the blood-sodden Ice, But you Are The Beast Therion Majesty Can't control your own destiny The one who used to fight monsters, Became a Monster Himself In your mind When the world Falls, Parodiso will open her halls But not for you, Inferno Cries out for you Forever Malaoda will Be your destiny I'm Not your gracious Jesus Christ, Saving you from the blood-sodden Ice, But you Are The Beast Therion Majesty Can't control your own destiny The one who used to fight monsters, Became a Monster Himself

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If I could visualize the world in your eyes and feel what your heart speaks we would be able to teach reaching the many people who dream what we have obtained.


The love of a FAMILY
The AMBITION to survive to have more positive insights to be able to believe in a future.

The MENTALITY to adapt to the changes that has and will take place, even if it means that we love or hate them.

Having the ability to EMOTIONALLY control our urges that destroy so many. Yet to be moved by love with the lack of violence.   Until necessary to enforce some type of love and happiness in the minds of many who don't believe anymore.  The type of love the children need and dream of in a world that’s force to hate when they are born to love.

To achieve greatness and be a positive leader among leaders who have false goals of becoming someone who could actually lead, so many have lost their views on what needs to be corrected and improved to become better people.   I’m often reminded by so many people of all their extreme lies told all in the vein of false fame.

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Governor Brewer From Arizona

Governor Brewer From Arizona 
(song parody based on “Girl From Impanema”)

Short, tanned, governor of A-Z
Wagged finger at the commander-and-chief
That was so tasteless
And very racist
So odd!

Brewer dissed Barack Obama
And said Obama was threatening
Guards should have grabbed her
And teach her manners
By far!

Oh – is he really so thin-skinned?
Oh – don’t she know he’s a gangster?
He – killed Bin Laden with SEAL teams

Then he rescued folks from Somalis
He likes guns and diplomacy

Short, tanned, governor of A-Z
Racial profiling is so ungodly
Tell me what happens
In time
To economies
And brown folks don’t leech
And brown folks don’t leech

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Sheep in the fold

One sheep two sheep three sheep go

Four sheep five sheep go where the others go

Six sheep seven sheep walk into the door

Seven sheep going to where they do not know


Eight sheep nine sheep walk into the door

Ten sheep eleven ’cause the other ten do

Twelve sheep thirteen see stains upon the floor

Fourteen fifteen march to where they have to go


Sixteen, seventeen heads start to roll

Eighteen, nineteen sheep have left the fold

Twenty many more follow as they go

Following stains and sheep heads upon the floor.


(c) Nyonglema

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The New World

Hearts dripping deadly little lies
Even the heroes did not survive
The sins that trickled from the web
The dust of our worth now all that’s left

A reference to the shallow depths
Sneaking through as the cities slept
Riddles and chaos flirt unseen
Our earth now sinking into this dream

Despair for all that now remains
A glowing abyss we cannot name
The darkness closer every day
The heroes that rise are lead astray

Newborn rejoice for all they’ve known
Going so far as to call it home
They dance upon the graves of truth
As coldness lays claws upon our youth

The spirit brazen to have survived
The nightmare now shaking some to life
These twice-born children wake alone
This world of monsters is not their home

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Stories dared not whispered, legend of great thinker. 
Artificially created Atlantis, maze search for law-giver. 

Hushed lips speak no evil, silly little monkey cliche. 
Privy ancient knowledge, not clear as light and day. 

So-called peace-loving demigods, closely followed in trace. 
Sexually crazed fools, copying angels fallen from grace. 

Pillars of Hercules within island, dynasty king frenzy awoke. 
Powerful and remarkable, ready to enslave at single stroke. 

Originally thought to be noble, conspicuous reveal greed. 
In route to world domination, struck down by Specialbreed. 

Later time earthquakes and floods, extraordinary violence. 
Single dreadful day and night, massive lost of innocence. 

Intervening super mighty one, so-called wrathful Zeus. 
Manipulation of elements, water and lightning bolts let loose. 

Grand golden wall palace, swept aside sea and sunk below. 
Ironical measured payment, for employment of ruthless blow. 

Swiming through labyrinth of wisdom, vie of the celest'. 
Chancing risk of schism, mighty sequential vignette. 

Perplexed pattern in hide, bloody seal of truth. 
Illuminati repelled, for a time real minoot. 

Message of twisted tongue, langual contrivance. 
Masters' visions swoon, in journey through euphoric trance. 

Loud whisper switch, silence left in wake. 
Souls of denizens burned, in fiery scourching shake. 

Prominent eclectic short order, alien wishbone act. 
Convert of non-belief, fierce zealots' minds impact. 

Lucid broken water reflection, visible-eye agleam. 
Blind finding quarry, standing like obelisk beam. 

Instinctive overriding, a slip into lucidity. 
Telepathic mind connection, recede to infinity. 

Exponential theory, base of schematics. 
Common like maybe, superpower military tactics. 

Voice of bleeding knowledge, fade to obscurity. 
Mystic in strange land, fault found in masters of intricacy. 

Undecipherable rhetoric, great monster on chase. 
Featureless darkness, a threat to human race!

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Me And My Teddy Bear

me and my teddy bear
would like to say 
there is no way in hell 
we will grow up and never play 

me and my teddy bear
me and my teddy bear
don't like you 
you want to work and 
be up in the news 

me and my teddy bear
want none thing new 

me and my teddy bear
can play all day 
but you think 
you should give 
us orders anyway...

walk this way 
and sit up straight 

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Baby Soldier (Ethnic Cleansing)

Someone tell me where we are

not all that close, not all that far

Marching feet and distant drums

but I can't see where they come from..

Baby Soldier with angry eyes

filling empty space with hate

for fat old men made fat on lies

it's not your's just your fate

Baby soldier

Slaughter in the market place

You heard their cries, you saw their face

How then can you sleep at night?

How dare you say, "everything alright"

Baby soldiers with empty eyes

empty minds refilled with hate

for fat old men made fat on lies

while baby soldier licks the plate

Baby soldier

Dancing in a rain of fire

Just one more death for your empire

but baby soldier dies alone

his soul is gone his heart is stone

Baby soldier with empty eyes

filling empty space with hate

for fat old men made fat on lies

It's not your fault It's just your fate

Baby soldier

Baby soldier lay it down

the crops won't grow in blood soaked ground

but baby soldier cannot hear

above the sound of hate and fear

baby soldier with angry eyes

feeding on their hate and fear

while fat old men get fat on lies

everyone dies that's why you're here

Baby soldier

Someone tell me where we are

not all that close not all that far.

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My Garden

My garden once full of beauty,
Of  wild roses and golden bells,
Where birds big and small are many,
Enjoy their catch in meals,

My garden once of scenting flowers, 
Pulled the invisible trails of bees,
Cared of by nature's powers,
Abundance seemed not to cease,

Til one day came the crocs,
So voraciously they strucked
Nothing left there e'en a stalk,
The last of its substance sucked,

The crocs still there today, 
Full yet unsatisfied,
The long long years of their stay, 
None of us can take pride,

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A Question of Honor

Dedicated to Noor Al-Maleki You Try, You Try so hard To put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is it Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views You Have set me Free, Can't You See I Won't have to face a Tyrant anymore Your gaze used to Stun But Now It Just Burns Under the Sun Never Enough to Be Myself Never Enough to Be Free I will not Bow to You I will not Kneel Before You Smothering Liberty Condoning Freedom This way is unjust This way only brings out our worse Hatred and Mistrust War and malice no know law You Try, You Try so hard to put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views I am The Flame you Greatly Hate I am The Flame you greatly fear Some cannot handle the truth It shows they are the Criminals You are one of them You're the problem This misdeed will not live on without the hate of your name Honor Is not real It's just an emotion that only you feel You're another bulwark Against the truth No one Will Bow No one Will Kneel You Try, You Try so hard to put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is it Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views You Fear The Truth You Fear the reality you are the criminal against all humanity We must end these lies Before Honor Will Strike again You Try, You Try so hard to put Your will Over Me But I will Remain Free I am So Dirty and So Very Unclean So Please Condemn me Sentence Me The Crescent Is A Lie The One I shall Try To Defy Is it Just To Dispose What Has Dishonored You and Your Radical Views

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The Conman Ate, Two Plates of Ty

mental mind
of the slipping kind
you been
trip-en so divine
here in your sick little willful hive
you've been acting so unkind
just to rap your hands around
my swishy, dishy, hip lyrics here
its driven you to find
me to be of the simple mind
but have no fear i see you clear
you are of the criminal kind
and would like it if
i wrote you the greatest of designs
but this is no
because i don't want to be a music hoe
so take a hike
and find some one
who want to write

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I've got the Ahmadinejad Blues

I've got the Ahmadinejad blues
I'm bored of tomahawks and even the cruise
I'm after something that's new
I got the Ahmadinejad blues
Nuclear atoms i'm gonna fuse
Full of fear, the UN, they always refuse
Oh, their sanctions of dont's and do's
I wanna new toy to abuse
Death'll be served on all the world's menus
I got the Ahmadinejad blues
I'm gonna turn the world to glue
Change it grey instead of blue
Melt your lover into you
Dis-formed hands three not two
Strip your skin off to leave just sinew

I want an atom bomb
That's why I made up this song
Free fuel, how can that be wrong?
Sharia law will rule the world before too long!
I got the Ahmadinejad blues

Goodnight West, Mourning East
Mushroom clouds rise like yeast
American's aren't the only nuclear beast
Don't forget only one kuntrys dropped t-H-e bomb
Those yankers that despise freedom!
They think they have some right to choose
Bring it on, they're bound to lose
I got the Ahmadinejad blues!

(Next verse is a re-working of Country Joe and the Fish's Vietnam song from Woodstock)

Well it's a 1,2,3 an OIL be damned if I know what we're fighting four?
Don't ask me, I don't give a damn, next stop is a war in Iran!
And it's 5,6,7 open up a can of hate
We'll shoot you if you demonstrate
Instilling a One Wold State
Whilst pretending to help liberate
Stealing the oil, more feasts on the riches plate!

I got the Ahmadinejad blues
I wanna nuke the Yanks and their friends the Jews
I got the Ahmadinejad blues! 

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A shout
Lost in the night
A scream
Never heard
A cry
For help, destroyed
A plea
To save a life
A pull
A shot of a gun
A pop
As it crashes through skull
A death
An innocent slain
The beautiful
Turns their head away
From the suffering
The helpless, the poor
To anyone
A life lost
Because of ignorance.

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A few Bad People
Spoil joy with a gust of violent wind.
They haunt the world with the riddle
And exploit their dark swirling mind.

A few Bad People
Grind active souls with raw power,
Charm the world with unseen cable
And shrinks honesty with awful roar.

A few Bad People
Convert fertile terrain into barren.
Through a frozen wand of cripple
Spoil the remaining few Good men.

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Burnt Tongue

I'm so happy that you can yell at everyone
I'm so happy that you can express youself
I'm so happy that this world isn't what you expected
I'm just so parched  that your so high up on your horse

And now I'm mad, now I'm sad, now I just dont understand
Why you care about two people fallin in love
Why you care if I drink or if I do drugs

I just wanna scream into your eyes
Make you realize that what you say isn't always right
Now right and wrong, it's all opinion
Black and white, yes I think they deserve, to be colors too
So how about me and you, is there any truth
You cant change the world with one voice if the tongue is burned

I'm so happy that you can climb a mountain high
I'm so happy that you think its my job to be the wife
Yeah I'm so happy that your such a hypocrit
I'm so grateful for you to tell me lies

And now I'm mad, now I'm sad, now I just dont understand
Why its your job to fix us all
And preach your words to a raging band
Someday you will see 
That there is more than just degree
In this world that we praise peace
Peace is lost in the sea

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God, where is thy hand?
Too many have died;
How many have cried,
Because of bloodshed?
Should man's innocence,
Be blessed,
With a death sentence?
I'm ready for the end,
Of needless punishment.

©2015 Honestly JT

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The Barbarian National Anthem

Take your freedom and life
Rule out justice and rights
Then we have barbarian ways
Of controlling the world

Our true role is to enslave you
In our economic dominance
To divide and conquer all
In propaganda and war

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A prisoner of darkness
Was all I could be.
Trapped and alone inside
Along a blackened sea
No one to hold me
To keep me alive
Completely abandoned
No reason to survive.

Then there was a light
Small but getting brighter
It drowned out the darkness
And made me a fighter. . .
Before i'd go with everything
And let them chain me down
Now I start to question them
I start to keep my ground.

Why should I let them stab me?
And see my blood run free
There's a reason that I need to live
To let myself be me.
No one holds me down
Without paying a price.
Why should they anger me
Then expect me to be nice?

I now... Have a beating heart
And a gleam in my eyes
Someone to kiss and hug me
And keep my soul alive.

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The news today is quite depressing
total unrest, is this a lesson
if strength is not found
then weakness is seen

leaders should be leaders
they must be prepared
strength is in numbers
that is where military prevails

say what you mean
and mean what you say
a tip from my grandmother
from many a past day

what is next for us to see
run and hide behind a tree
and maybe just maybe
we can stay free

If America can find
someone like Ronald Reagan
or maybe that lady
by the name Sarah Palin

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illusions of Freedom

I see the mirrors in my mind
Reflecting all the evil
Brought about by mankind

They show the truth
Indisputable proof

We are governed by one
Yet dictated by all
And god forbid we wind up
On the wrong side of the law

Such a horrible time to live
A generation of children
Brainwashed by the villain

A generation of slaves
Serving their master
Taught to obey 
The rules of the bastard

We were taught as children 
That in America we are free
Yet after observing our culture, I
Agree to disagree

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Educated fools make rules that tell you and I what we should or should not do
Rules needed to continue to burry you under the edification of demons
To resurrect menus of abuse from a time of misuse
Just like Stalin and his socialistic science
A super human I mean ape is behind this
The majority wants to blind us letting us use our own binders
Manufacturing an army of one kinders
They say we are weak so they play finders keepers
Leaving man kind to turn into sheepish weepers
Destined to be believers
Enlightenment is no longer enticing us
Instead we just role the dice and cuss
Cause we are man made erected in a cave
Just born yesterday
An ancestral clock ticking no body feels the licking they are getting from there master
No more disaster no more devastation the majority stands on the sidelines awaiting
Blackened lips shoot out spit and all ears perk up to hear
Clear illumination shown in high definition
Wasting a generation still not raping but taking yes taking the tasty suckle youth
Not asking to write this new dictionary of hope
Im not a dignitary but I hold up my post
Not to boast shout outs closed
Putting on my cloak of quotes for awhile
If we off then we off lets go off in style

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Lady Delilah Dow

Action, action! What a commotion!
“What is the latest trend?
Is there going to be an end?”
Lady Dow is trying to deliver
Leaders running to assist her

Oh, it’s a Global Countdown
Yeah, it’s a Global Meltdown

Come on Doctor Bush, make her to push
“We need some stimulus
Package in some dollars”
Come on Doctor Ben Bernanke
Is it only cutting rates?

Stage III, now it’s just got to be!
I can see the hair 
Oh it’s a wig so unfair!
“Its shoulder dystocia, or a flu from Asia!”
Naah, its simply financial inertia!

It’s getting serious, I am curious
It’s gotta be Cesarean
Who is gonna be the Surgeon?
Will Bush gift it to Barak
Will Hillary, McCain or Romney wake luck? 
Huckabee, who will it be?
Oh pain, oh pain! Who is gonna bring the gain?

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And my crime was being English

You faked friendship with me
And my crime was being English

You feigned interest in what I had to say
And my crime was being English

You sarcastically smiled at me
And my crime was being English

You omitted to give me information
And my crime was being English

You wrote notes behind my back
And my crime was being English

Your jealousies oozed from all of your pores
And my crime was being English

You stabbed the knives into my face
And my crime was being English

You tore my nation to shreds
And my crime was being English

You told me I would not be welcome
And my crime was being English

You pretended I wasn’t there
And my crime was being English

You left me standing lonely
And my crime was being English

Will you leave me alone to die
For my crime of being English? 

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                       In the beginning there was none
      Not a cloud, not a sound , not a flaming star above 
                                  Only a soul,   
                           My God so I was told.

     I envision there was thunder and clouds of explosions.
Like magic appeared dry land, mountains, blue skies, and trees.
                        Then came man. Humanity. 

                A civilizations leading to unknown destinies,
                           Their own self-destruction within.


Selfless men felt with greed and determination, imagination intervening,  
                                    Gods creations.


         Men with power, pride and riches forming intelligent groups, 
                      politics involving intellectual hostilities,
waste of Gods given abilities, creating enemies causing belligerency.


                        Creating adversity, political misery,
       Leading to wars, all different ,but always ending the same.
Meaningless endings of million of men, women, and children,
                               diminishing tranquility.           

           Might there ever been equality, before invasion of privacy?

      Dichotomy, dishonesty, new dynasties, crippling revolutionaries 
                   for the honor and glory of sovereignty.


                 A society of reproductions in its own,
                         Vainly for peace shall I pray.

                                  Jay Johnson


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Empty Promises

We came down
The mountains and passageways
We came down
In search of new days

We came down
To live life in our own way
Only to find
The same dump of decay

Dictated by many
Ruled only by one
Our only freedom
Is owning our guns 

We came down
The oceans and waterways
We came down
Like fish in a bay

We came down
On the quest for the new land
We came down
Because we can

Hope for our freedom
Has been forsaken
Results now show 
We were sadly mistaken

We came down
The mountains and passageways
We came down 
And were betrayed

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Flight of Enola Gay

Will you tell us tomorrow where we're going, Enola Gay?
There's so much more we wanted to say.
But there's no time for sorrow,
we'll enjoy time that's left,
Though we know our time ended yesterday.

We could tell you the story, but no body understands,
Nagasaki, Hiroshima, distant lands.
It's not clear what we're doing,
but we're pursueing it all wrong,
It's a madness and I'll leave it in your hands.

Nagasaki sadness. Hiroshima madness.
Colorado Rocky Mountain High.
Are they worth pursueinig
all the things we're doing?
I don't know and it's too late for us to wonder why.

     Enola Gay, on silver wings
      What is it now, that your love brings us
     High above, your spirit flies,
       and dumps your load in Fukushima skies.

poetry by veebdosa

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Hey, Pilgrims,
Let's dress-up
Dress-down the plumes
of the dancing Peacock
(If we'd allow)
but for the Ritual;

For Francsly speaking
in tongues of plata y oro,
How much 'cide this buys?
A simply-uneasy angst to the quest,
Oh, how Corpulent "m.d.'s" -
Which dystrophy Indigene Water - Land - Identity muscle 
Manifest your Destiny! - Trophied.

Lots of time for sargeants,
for unhappy Cherokee rides on trails to tears      
Led from 50,000 years to Discovery? Indeed!
With no reservation 
'cept to enslave the Spirit,
And with tobacco & cotton gotten
from the corn colors of the Earth!

Are the Iroquois/Mohawk/Navajo/Cherokee/Hopi
Thankfully jeeping...?

Don You grisly-now...
Our meleagris gallopavo decapatito,
Strut and march like mute Mummera in the Charade!

                                                                            Cum Multis Aliis  

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Official Merchandise: Shut Up And Sing

The only thing we learn from history:
We rarely learn from history;
The nihilists know a thing or two;
The hereditary privilege we deserve?

So face the morphing lineage,
Will the next generation be so different?
Carnivalising ancient lore, truth to power.
More graves, more public inquiries, more sellophane towers.

The Power learns their history:
Feed the believers a simulacrum of history:
Fine myths, folklore, documentaries,
And a thank goodness we have our culture preserved.

So musical chairs plays you again,
Tuned to reflect the diffident muse-godheads.
Inside numbness outside sound:
The rolling parades;
The phoned-in outlines of revised promises of greatness.

And yet more memorials to more sacrifices.
And fresh blood trades shiny medals, praise and prizes.
And the kings and the queens and the presidents salute the fallen.
And the minute of silence silenced by an anthem.
And some trapped doves released escape a now Kitch Athens.

And the lead marionettes tightened heartstrings snap in the aisles;
And the anointed default-heroes' kids urged to shut up and sing:
It's the least we can do,
What's the hell is wrong with you?
Can't you at least join in?
They died for you, for what we must believe in.

So the only thing we learn from history:
Keep your blessed eyes on your crown,
But please move on, you won't fall down;
Chant reflexively item-listing hymns:
Tradition, Family, God, Country, Freedom, Loyalty, Liberty.
And Sacrifice, make some noise!
This new history has some history.

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The brains of all the universe
hide in the waste and cold of dark
where thought can never make them worse
and where they'll never leave their mark
        and never more take charge of man
         more than one time since time began.
What follie's stamped into your mind
where kith is lost and dire in need
as unborn failed to even find
the spark of life on which to feed?
       Is being ignorant such sin
        and so is cut the line that's thin?
Dine on brahkwurst if you need fat
but Caeser feels the constant need
to have His pasta long and flat
and sprinkled with pure mustard seed.
        And in your colon it may spread 
         and freshen all that's in your head.
Ah! Those are but the birds and bees!
As welcome as the day grows near,
refreshing as an April breeze
if it's the northern hemisphere,
         All time stands still until the tune
          Jesus is here, or coming soon.
There's many slip twixt now and then
and Caeser's head is stamped on gold,
he's gone to Palestine again
to get away from damp and mold;
       and waste is waste upon the floor
        though left by one we'd all adore.
If thought's upon your suicide
in hope's the afterlife's more fun
your disapointment can not hide
no matter where your soul might run.
        And Caeser has his breakfast here
         two poached in hot Italian beer.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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For Robert Zimmerman

For Bob Dylan

sheltered from the howling winds of vows and scattered souls and sweltering hate

she is a refuge from the blistering sands of dread and loss and torn and twisted fate

when the emptiness inside becomes an abyss so dark and wild and cold

my words get lost in the jangling alleys where dreams are bought and sold

I met her in those alleys among the withering roses on a bed of thorns

and she filled me up with poems banishing the scowling moments and their baleful scorns

now I lie awake and wish that I could sleep and drift away into the maze of her dream

but slumber has fled and slipped the noose around my words as they thrash around and scream

words that swirl around and around like that scarlet scarf wrapped around her face

she's a mystery still as she will always be while I sift through this empty desolate space

the storm it broke and ceased and shuffled my words as they drifted forlornly into the chasm of the dead

leaving me here still and mute and frantic as I try to pick up the pieces of all the words that have been said

far too many far too often far too conceited and far too proud

for I failed to hear the stillness of beauty as I rambled along barking my words out aloud

she hushes me now as she hushed me then in the cobwebbed tunnels of the past

while I weep more words in blood and ink onto dried parchment meant never to last

so tell her that her whiskey has been greedily gulped down and now that I am soberly drunk

I see her songs and hear her breath reaching down into my mouldy abode of hapless funk

fare-thee-well for now as I slide into the scribbled hubris of another battered rhyme

dazed by the glaring embers as they scorch the moments of quickly fading time

and if tomorrow finds me here still shell-shocked and drained in body and in mind

tell her that her wine has slipped through the loose knots that bind

tying me to this place of sanity and insanity all rolled into one

while all is numb and scarred from the deed that has been done

and as I flee recklessly chasing away myself from me once more
she'll know the words for its a song that's been sung far too many times before

(for bob dylan)

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On the blazing grounds of this world,
Violence is making a feast of Peace,
Gunmen, Bombers, Forces now build
Future of globe over ruined edifice.

On the blazing grounds of this world,
Mighty people now dance on flooring
Of destruction, in red lights of blood,
Where Blades of Tyranny is glaring.

On the blazing grounds of this world,
Hounds of hatred, hypocrisy, hostility
Hunts the Innocent in burning mould
And flares of Fire surround Humanity.

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Change is the way the we all can relate,
We change fate, change hate, change the things that degrate,
And at a range, change seems like it only does great,
But isn't it strange, change can lead to such a great debate,
When it was only meant to open up gates,
For the men and women who want equal rights and rate,
For the broken soldiers, held by their brothers,
Only waiting to be seen, in the end,
By their mothers in crates...

As she throws herself upon it with no restraint,
There can be no mistake,
Even though it seems so fake,
She waits in the aftermath of this wake,
For the world to find the right path,
Have no hate,
But all around she sees wrath,
Losses faith,
And decides to forge her own path,
Through the gate,
To the powers that be,
The power select,
The power of the people that we elect,
The power they neglect,

So she argues certain elements,
With rhetoric and relevance,
And scholarly intelligence,
But all they ever tell her is...
"We'll get back to this,"
When they really mean is...
"Stop reminiscing on past events,"

She decided that she can't really live without her kid,
And takes a little stroll off the Brooklyn Bridge,
Do you know what she asked when she had the floor?
Just for a little bit of change like I said before.... 

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"Someone Been Digging ME A Grave"

"Someone Been Digging ME A Grave" 

my land lord, her play games 
she play, nick knack ,on  brain 
with a  nick knack pad a whack 
give a tenet a deadly water drinking break
she play at putting me in my fresh dugged out grave

hook::so don't drink the water 
hook::and don't breath the air
hook::because  there's no one who will give a care 
hook::with a gallbladder in the brink
hook::don't you give a drink  !!! 

so this old fear, and this brain 
can't believe how mush this is in sane 
with a shower head, that can leave you as good as dead
this is something so bad it leave white power on your head   

hook::so don't drink the water 
hook::and don't breath the air
hook::because  there's no one who will give a care 
hook::with a gallbladder in the brink
hook::don't you give a drink  !!! 

no old dog, will sniff at me
he start pawing at his nose so very painfully
with a howl, and a pain fill yep 
Now You See This The End of ME!

hook::so don't drink the water 
hook::and don't breath the air
hook::because  there's no one who will give a care 
hook::with a gallbladder in the brink
hook::don't you give a drink  !!! 


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How long I’m standing here on Ortygia? 
Remain motionless 
under the hot sun. 
Looking like a marble kouros 
with broken hands.
I search the wind 
for the cool breeze of Aegean, 
the sweet smell of Delos 
which gave its name to this place.

I have to caress the Doric columns 
in temples of Apollo, 
Athena and Artemis. 
I have to easy their eternal nostalgia.

But the source of Arethusa 
brings black water from Alpheus today. 
Olympia is being burned 
and my heart comes out of me 
falls on the asphalt 
and breaking in pieces.

What the barbarians doing again 
in our homeland,
while we’re standing here?
You as bare models for tourists 
and me like a marble kouros 
with broken hands.

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Call Off

    Call off our Troops,
    they don't have a
    clue on the real
    scoop; because
    the President has
    them jumping thru
    invisible loops.

    Call off our men in
    green, death is the
    only thing they've
    seen; and only to be
    used as the President's
    personal killing Machine.

    Call off this W.A.R, we've
    been misled and we're
    not sure what it's for any
    more; but from the way 
    things are looking I would
    say," That President Bush
    Just Wanted To Settle A
    Personal Score."

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I Must Write

I woke up one morning with a pen by the head rest -
Then write down my dreams while I'm smelling the breakfast -
My brother Jibri is up setting his headset -
My mother yelling down the stairs, "hey have you left yet?" -
I go back to the room and pick up my notepad -
And close that page where I wrote about my broke dad -
It was a poem after that page 4 raps -
Got 60 sheets left in 10 days won't hold smack -
Everyday I write I couldn't in the past -
Back then the master would've put a woopin' on my back  -
Cooking up a rap driving while I'm looking through this glass -
When I do my track I have to put them on the map -
And so I live like tomorrow's my dying day -
I know if I succeed mirrors holding my crying face -
I must write and put my life on a line a day -
And if I have no pens I'll write in blood, I'll find a way -

I need to write about Martin Luther King's dreams -
Born prophet turned preacher teaching real things -
I need to write about the Black Panther Party -
And what that black glove meant and how it got started -
I need to write about how valuable hip hop is -
No matter if I die right now it's not stopping -
I need to write about my life and my hard times -
Scarred minds will soon see the light, provail from hard grinding -
I must write about Bush and the government -
And how these soldiers are dying and these weapons aren't discovered -
I need a pen so I can write about my lover -
And how she's my best friend and how much I love her -
I wanna write about women and more -
But I know I won't see it at the end of the road -
I need a deal but I won't write about that -
And when I'm done I'll recite and come back, and write again -

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If there was
An escape,
An end 
To this life
A place
of glory
No more starvation
No more misery
Share your story
We won't listen
We don't care
A new world
An escape
The place
they would listen
And share their stories 

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The stench of power

Only bold , italics , 

The stench of power

  There’s a common smell of bull*****been spreading through this land 
Blair and Brown once had the power to spend spend spend out of hand
The banks as ever did no favours for the common man,
They just ripped people off for profit, right thought this green and pleasant land.
Peoples endowments for their mortgages interest stolen you see 
By greedy money men, thank you sir, living extremely comfortably.
Compensation the ombudsman said you new the risk now you take the fall
Never mind the policies were sold to generate savings for us all.

This common smell of bull*****the stench watering eyes
The tears of the poor and fragile in for a bigger surprise, 
Rip off Britain they call It, unfortunately this is true,
Government ministers fraudulently stealing expenses from people such me as you. 
Five percent of a hundred k, to the rich with plenty more k to play with,
Really is a synch but five percent of minimal pay you really feel the pinch,
And if you happen to be disabled in this common land fourth class citizens
You’ve now become benefit reductions are unfairly planed.

Our Coalition government to reduce the national debt left by Labour previously
Are now stripping from the common man any chance of a decent life,
Youngsters can’t afford a house, and gays are fighting for a wife, 
Ministers lie and cheat just to save their scrawny arse,
What a load of bullshit, this collation government it really is a farce, 

What chance in the next election can’t come too quickly?
Ed Balls and Millerand, oh! Come on honestly!
Get rid of the coalition blue and yellow they make Green.
Could green be an alternative something we have never seen?
Could they do any better what have we got to loose,
Will they be any different is their an alternative to choose?
Fresh ideas ukip offer well that’s what they will say
Could they really be an alternative to the bull*****we have today.  

This stench of bullshit, to the clergy it has spread we need lady Bishops 
For female’s logic, a lot has to be said.
The right to free speech eroded by the politically correct,
Has lead to a country tormented by foreign lands the immigration effect?
Lincolnshire now speaks polish in towns and countryside and in the Pakistani
Corner shop the Polish now reside.

Everything has turned to crap in this land of ancient times 
Can’t think of a single thing not effected, food banks are out of line
This growing stench of bull*****cannot go on anymore 
Every person should be able to live to a good standard that’s for shore.
The government give the country’s wealth away, comic relief that’s really dumb
We need politicians who really know their sums.
Well I could go on and on but end I will here,
 The common smell of bull*****ringing in my ears.
tags allowed.

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Misplaced Wonderland

Nothing sings are you listenin’.
In the ponds there’s no fishes.
A pitiful sight
We’re lonesome tonight,
Walking in dying wonderland.

Gone away are the bluebirds
Here to stay are the blizzards
To howl all night long
To sing a swan song
Walking in dying wonderland.

In the wasteland we can build a bunker
Then pretend that we like it as home.

They’ll say are you breathing?
I’ll “Yes, Sir!”
Any hungry dog 
will take a bone.

Later on we’ll respire
In gas masks by the fire,
To face much afraid
The plans that we’ve laid
Walking in a dying wonderland.

In the Artic we can’t build a snowman,
barren ground there, no ice  to be found 
We can’t find a polar bear or reindeer   
And Ole Santa Claus is not around.

When it snowed, it was thrilling,
Though your nose got a chilling
We froliced and played, the Eskimo way,
When we had a winter wonderland.

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One percent

Look into the eyes of the suffering 
For a moment open your soul to 
The riches of you covetous love
Keep you blind from the future
And the loss of your vitality

Be wary of the truths 
Unknown to those who create the illusion of comfort
For no man can understand fulfill love
At the sacrifice of another being 

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looking in-
seen but never heard.

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Humble Resolution

There’s a line that needs to be drawn
As the sickness is coming on
We’re battling a war here
Don’t know the reason behind this fear
It consumes us as we reflect on this horrific mess
But we’re coming with our judgment and our political address
It seems we can’t stay quiet and just make nice
Pointing fingers at the world for making this strife
We scream and fight for the right to be right
 There’s a whispering in our ears that we’ll win this fight
This is the dawn of a new age, a coming revolution
But we’re missing the point, the need for resolution
And as we look down at the blood in our hands
We see this pain as a means to the end
Pick up our armor, cling to our security
We’re all just scared of this hopeless reality
That the end to the struggle requires a humble retreat
The ability to turn around and admit defeat

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hate it
if they do-
hate it if they

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I Don't Want It

You've got your...guns...
You've got your...war...
But I don't want it...
All it brings is death...
You've got your...god...
You've got
But I don't want any part of it...
He was never there before...
You've got
You've got
But I don't want them...
I don't want to support the system...
You've got your...power...
You've got your...responsibility...
But I don't want it...
Power is misused...
You've got
You've got your...possessions...
But I don't want them...
I don't need to worship things...
You've got
You've got your...laws...
But I don't need them...
They've screwed me over...
I don't want any part of it...
I don't need any of it...
We never needed it before...
Why do we need it now?...

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Our Promise

Dear Judy Konos,
          OUR PROMISE    
Don't think We're down--You're country, tis of thee
For which our Flags been woven and unfurled,
this very thread, it binds us constantly,
becoming still the envy of the world.

In fifty states we grew to all we are,
and though some think God's guidance is not there,
this truth comes shining through in every Star;
Our Liberty of life shows ever'rywhere.

To tell the world, Come you, and learn our way,
there is no secret to how we have grown,
and in God's light, God's light is where we stay,
to guide you to what we have only known.

between each line, God's word is meant to share,
and "We the People..." is what keeps it there.
    by veebdosa 04/16/2011 (Dedicated to my friend Judy Konos in New Orleans)

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Transparent shackles


Fear change that will unite,
Fear for freedoms plight,

tear upon tear 

No fear, no fight,

Fear the strange and the new.

Fear for eden's due

Smear upon smear

No fear, no clue

Fear range of conscious thought,

Fear our demon's caught 

Peer upon peer

No fear, No port

Fear plain direct energy,

Fear ideology.

Sneer upon Sneer

No fear? then your a prodigy.   

Fear the everlasting?

the only answer

Fear your spirit?

The only master

Fear death?

Forever living,

Fear Love?

Only giving

Fear mistakes?

Then fear life.

Fear nothing,

Peaks upon peaks

Chance upon chance

beats upon beats

Glance upon glance.

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Forget Me!

Forget me, I'm only poor!
And the poor don't do anything!
So don't give me help!
Don't even think of me!
I'll just sit here!
And I'll die, I guess!

Oh man, we're poor!


Forget me too, I'm only elderly!
And the elderly take up space!
So don't give us help!
Don't even offer it!
We'll just go live in
Florida, I guess!

Ah, getting old is a drag!


Forget me also! I'm only orphaned!
And orphans need to be shackled!
So don't shed a tear!
Don't even think!
We'll just sit back
And exist, I guess!

Our parents are gone, party all the time!


Forget me, please! I'm only challenged!
And we don't do nothin' right!
So forget about us, lock us up!
Don't even cry for us!
We'll just sit here
And drool, I guess!


And finally!

Forget me! I'm only reason!
And reason is crazy!
So forget about me, just be dumb!
Don't even wonder why!
I'll just walk right out the door and
I'll head for the hills, I guess!

Forget about us, we're nothing useful
Don't even think about it, just sit back
We don't do much, and we cost so much money
Just cut us loose, we can take it, be a man!

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We are young and try to be, Independent and free.
Got the world beneath our feet, they took our innocence to keep.
These the men of old, who swapped their hearts for shining gold.
Now they try to steal our souls to wrap around their brittle bones.
Locked in chambers made of stone, their children they beg to play alone.
Wrapped up tight in broken ropes, they pray for guns instead of hope.

But we found love, we will thrive, despite the lies that you deny.

And we will end what you begun. Turn our backs onto the sun.
We run through the night fighting for our sacrificial right.
And we howl to the moon, like it is what we were born to do.
And when we hear the gypsy's chant, we stand up tall and dance.
When the sun begins to rise, we bow our heads and close our eyes.
Because we are young and try to be, independent and free.

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Used to look through child’s eyes
Used to stare at star ridden skies
Used to smile at silly sounds
Used to dream of the future’s bounds

Used to play in the thicket of my mind
Used to search for a place to hide
Used to act like story book heroes
Used to count from 100 back to zero

Used to hold my breath till my face was bright red
Used to believe all the words that everyone said
Used to want a big house and brand new car
Used to hope that I could someday set the bar

Used to use my imagination
Used to use that motivation
Now being used by my frustration
Of being used by my own generation

Used to... used to...
You know I used to...
Use it all without a thought
Used too... Used too...
We’re all being used too...
Bought and sold like an old iron pot
Used to... used to...
You know we all used to...
Dream our world would never rot
Used too... Used too...
It’s all being used too...
All our resources from bottom to top

Used to sit up all hours of the night
Used to believe that people were alright 
Used to think that we could still pull through
Used to think that everybody knew

Used to have faith in the ‘truth’
Used to see their words as proof
Used to hide these tears I’d cry
Used to hold my head up high

Used to think I had a grasp
Used to disguise myself with a plastic mask
Used to act like there was no problem
Used to hypocritically mock any and all of ‘em

Used to use their aspiration
Used to use their motivation
Now they use their investigation
To bind us to their administration

Used to... used to...
You know I used to...
Use it all without a thought
Used too... Used too...
We’re all being used too...
Bought and sold like an old iron pot
Used to... used to...
You know we all used to...
Dream our world would never rot
Used too... Used too...
It’s all being used too...
But when will this mass consumption ever stop?

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White house of sin her name is Zezes

You got your blue slip on Zezes that Zeses ala ala BEll
Play music right boys  you nasty boys Play the music
right boys you nasty boys Zezes has her blue slip on
in the  white house of ill repute don't rebuke luke
and all the gentlemen,  give me la la bell Zezes give
me la la lay lay al Bell the Libery Bell of  Lady Liberty
you nasty gentlemen, you nasty gentlemen, give
me la la la Bell zezes got her blue slip on la la lay 
lay al Liberty this isn't louisahanna purchase. you 
nasty gentlemen

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A river for the dauntless
Cutting through the trees of thought
Beneath the golden bridges
Below the skies that angels sought

No room here for passion
Just ego and despair
That what we need keeps changing
Under the fashions that compare

Ourselves a heavy burden
Easy to blame the simplest man
Than focus our vision inward
To the world that we can’t stand

And cutting through the lessons
Of problems not our own
We find that we can stand tall
Above the needy and the drones

Our river running shallow
The trees all burn and sway
To the rhythm of disaster
As our truth comes out to play

With power that we’ve stolen
We shaped the needs of all
But the dreamscapes that we’ve crafted
Reflects the fear we now recall

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Tool Shed Tagged

Society is wrong
college is too long
a subtle bubble that wraps and cuddles
like snookies thong, its junk
thinkin youre grown up
and matured in 4 years
under pressure of peers
that cant release till 2 beers
Youve smeared your smirk
your boys seared and jerked to be frank ya furt
it stanks that the mirror doesnt flirt
so is that why,
you try treat me second rate
then kaput and dog what i say
cause youre insecure and afraid
and its got to gnaw at the base
im the salt to your taste
I hope all of these words
are a saw to your face

ive stirred the hornets nest
hoppin the fence with each  rhyme
like i was just south of the most southwest lines
its time to diss this order, screw the court of florida
this border torture is a scorcher
but we can afford ta pay for ya house, a spouse, hospital bills,
more of whatever you feel and  all of your mental disorders
its hilarious, my diss burns like asparagus 
when you piss out your arogance in the middle of the toilet
Its so hott I could drop a egg in it and hard boil it
you've baked your plans o imma have to spoil it
you could saran-wrap your grams and still foil it
Just cover your manhood when the recoil hits

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Change Part 2

We've got innocent people,
Living in reminiscent times of indiscriminate evil,
We need an upheaval,
To retrieve our humanity,
Relieve all the vanity,
And plead for some sanity,
PLEASE Mr. Hannity!...

We say In God We Trust,
But not in US?
Cause US ain't just,
We're just too dangerous?
We must be animals...
Only after power and lust,
Consuming every little thing that we touch,
But don't you understand that this is understandably much?
To say that we are nothing without a government crutch?
Without the government we wouldn't be limping and such,
Walking around like a gimp without a cane to clutch...   unfinished

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Aquarain Dream III- Children of Concordia

Used to be Controlled by a Tyrant of lies Then one day The swift unseen knights Came and stormed all who Deteste the Aquarian Wish Be Free and live long we are the Children of Concordia Nothing shall be in our way Comely as what a Siren signs Bravery of what a Lion brings The Grey Haven lies beyond the mist The Children of Concordia They have no word for trist Will you let me join your world? Will you open up the doors? A people of concord and more than they seem They live in the shadows of an Aquarian Dream A place of Liberty and Harmony Ruled by magic and Lore Deep in the Golden forest of Clarity Filled with enchanting tales Of Immortality and evil’s causalities You can find Eden’s people she said what humans were meant to be Comely as what a Siren signs Bravery of what a Lion brings The Grey Haven lies beyond the mist The Children of Concordia They have no word for TristWill you let me join your world? Will you open up the doors? the safety of your real that could never fall Comely as what a Siren signs Bravery of what a Lion brings The Grey Haven lies beyond the mist The Children of Concordia They have no word for trist Will you let me join your world? Will you open up the doors?

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13,39(In Reference To The Fort Hood Shootings)

First off, this is a poem about my feelings about the tragic even that took place in Fort Hood, 
Texas yesterday afternoon. Prepare yourselves. I was very angry at the time i wrote this. 
hope you enjoy regardless. 

13 dead. 39 wounded.
who knew the acts of one man could be so gruesome?
i'll never know what thoughts traced your mind.
as you pulled the trigger and affected so many lives.
what were you thinking? 
ending lives without even blinking.
mass chaos.
last night i couldn't even sleep.
i can only imagine how you made those families feel.
you are a coward.
and that's putting it nicely
you make me sick to my stomach.
are you breathing in regret? 
do you feel any remorse yet? 
i bet you don't feel a thing.
because if you would have thought twice you would have stopped this from happening.
you would have stopped yourself.
i guess you can blame this on your mental health.
just like everyone else.
the world is evil but for you i have zero respect. 
you can't blame this on anything.
because you yourself pulled the trigger to the handguns that called for the innocence's ending
i bet you'll never lose a second of sleep. 
you are weak. 
no pity for a coward. 
i hope you get what you deserve.
can't wait for karma to take it's course. 
get on your knees and say a prayer.
i hope it goes unanswered.

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Over Color Desert

From the crystals’ broken of lights
Or dead link-the souls’ marines 
By machine pip-out targeting apical  
Snares by the roads — 
Through of demolishing the tools that		
Throve flats up for peace  . . . 
It took the leash by the saw
The gloss of the desert thy help
In confront, any wakeful dream up
Watchfully rolls been fielding — 
By mindful fields, the gloss that regrets
Of course a soul it’s matter,
The hero-the weapon 
In avail words of freedom
And carry it clearly over the esteem
By gloss of the desert! 
In peace thou insures of earth.


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Thorns Redeemed

There are seasons of discontentment
In the bleeding bed of lies
Where thorns are now redeeming
Every rose that realised

There is a holy comfort
Outside the gates of purest light
Where every crime is fleeting
And stronger knowledge clouds the sky

Below are crying angels
Awash with scarlet prayers
Where their dying lyrics capture
Every rose that can still care

There is a fading reason
Enough of one to rise
Beyond the echoes of all knowledge
And through the horror of this night

There are seasons of forgiveness
In comfort of the signs
Where healed roses witness
That every moment is divine

Above completed cycles
Our awareness was too rare
But where wisdom has redeemed us
Every thorn now knows to care

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Young Gun

Verse 1

So young
One gun
How dumb
I'm stunned
He's done

My son
My son

Verse 2

His choice
My voice
Spirit hoist
Skin so moist
Such a boast

My son
My son

Verse 3

Died in vain
This drives me insane
Such hidias pain
Listenening to the rain
For what has it gained

My son
My son

Tribute To A Co-Worker
Who Lost The Battle
In A Gunfight With Police

So Long Hollywood { 55 yrs old }

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Silent Shift

My words a system of defeat
Try to explain what I can’t speak
Absurd to share when we’re alone
My face to a wall, my back to bones

Where selfish pain will pull on strings
How can I stand when I just sink?
When will the world refuse to fade
When reason permits our fear to crave?

All that we love becoming stone
We carve all our pain; pretend unknown
A song so silent, full of death
Spread through the world, ‘til nothing’s left

Yet all these words will slowly turn
Created from nothing, but still they yearn
It’s never absurd to raise our voice
And break through the noise that took our choice

Reflect on all we see within
Mirrored from all that can not sing
Within the world, beyond all time
Reflecting on truth, and the death inside

And shifting silence becomes light
As words spread beyond the veiled night
Above the voice we now hold close
Ourselves and the world become the rose

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"The Dope Man's Symphony of False Love"

"The Dope Man's Symphony of False Love" 

YOUR SO sweet, your so cute
is what the dope man will say to you
you'll sail the dope and bring home the dough
and no one will need to know 
we can  make all the money in the world 

just us two
just me and you 

just give it out to all your friends for free 
and when they come back 
take it from me 
its money in the bank 
and watch them suckers pay 
and that means money, me plus you 

don't worry about the Man 
i got your back, its we and you 
this what we do~  

you got to know the game 
you got to walk the talk 
because when the streets 
come a calling is there 
really love?


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Affirmative Action

I’ll tell you what I think
will you think on what I tell?
Where the Hell are you
while they’re busy
whipping me?
Persecuted so you say
the actions of others affirm
it’s the other way around
While you claim I am the demon
by reflections of the past
and the shades of my skin
if you look deep inside
your own skin
You’ll find that your own reflections
have sins shining brighter than those 
that can be claimed mine
Put this in your mind
while you’re crying
for hand-me-outs
and how your beliefs
are self-condescending
like the self-hating Jew
Your biggest enemy 
is not me nor my "kind"
rather, it is you

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Insane Creations

The game commends the shadow of gloom
As it hangs above our quickening doom
Pass the pill that empties our sight
Receive the cure, repeating this life

Our dreams unchained, forgotten too fast
Awake to run, asleep to restart
Define this world, we beg of our screens
To spill the word, as the truth goes unseen

Spread the gold, as money is real
To work and pray for all we can’t feel
The hanging man caressing his noose
His tie in hand; his money his muse

Mechanically the shadow now breeds
Within our hearts, spilling disease
Now those we love can’t stand to touch
The loneliness that has become our crutch

This game hand-made by fear and betrayal
Gone on so long, that it now seems too real
But a world so dark tempts reason to rise
There is a light telling us we’re alive

It’s just a game, none of it truth
Without dead will, the machine can not move
It’s only real as our conscious sedates
It’s only pain, it’s only us and what we create

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Do you know a people who was treated rotten?
Do you still see those who are now forgotten
With all the priests creeping, the agents acting all tweaky
The feds are wondering what rewards will be reaped
Words all deep; enter the white freak with all the abuse to teach
Like when it happened at Meech or when the white paper was out of their reach
Caught the white man at work without any pants
Should've learned to never give the red man a chance
Whether you're wearing a sash or breast plate beaded brass
You'll pass cause they'll have to take it out to the last
So what do you tell the white superior
When they see you're not inferior
All you see is a tweaker when a drum beat comes
When our culture pulsates and leaves you numb
Out goes the residential dream
Here our grass is still green our water flows in a stream
Tried to trick with a white word
It's absurd how this treatment first occurred
In the end all will be heard

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Reverse Evolution

Formless connections through our sight
Where dreams manifest, and hearts take flight
Where shadows soundlessly speak truth
We see all that is, in this elder youth

All visions drawn into the sky
The aura of spirit seeking life
The moon a mirror for these souls
We see all that is, looking up at the below

Such fragile fates that we command
Existence is an echo most do not understand
Existing sightless, selfishly
We see nothing beyond our own disease

The darkest poisons so alive
The shards of our mirror falling from the sky
The screaming shadows strangle truth
We see nothing now, because we lack the proof

All visions drawn out in the sand
Strategic advancement to take the land
All love is nullified by hate
Our souls trapped on earth, in this fearful state

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by family genes-
power in association.

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The Minstrel


The minstrel picks up his papers

and lays them out on the table

he wants to find all the answers

but he knows he's not able

But he knows we can stand a million strong

or you can stand there all alone

It's not so much what we stand for anymore

It's what we're standing on.

Sometimes his good friends they avoid him

because they've heard it for so long

seems like every time they turn around

He's workin on another song or trying to right another wrong

But he knows we can stand one million strong

or you can stand there all alone

It's not so much what you stand for any more

it's what you're standing on it's what you're standing on

The minstrel sings about his heroes

from Jesus Christ to Dr King

He hears the war drums getting nearer

If every loving soul would sing

We could sing away the hatred

we could sing away the fear

If we could all sing loud enough

even the fool on the hill could hear

And he'd know we can stand six million strong

while he stands there all alone

It's not so much what he stands for any more

It's what he's standing on It's what we're standing on

The minstrel picks up his papers

and lays em out on the table

He wants to find all the answers

He knows damn well he's not able

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PhiloBlues in G seventh

Still wet behind the ears

still playing the fool

For God sakes you better wake yourself up

and for a change do something cool

You can do it for money

You can do it for love

for your brothers and your sisters

and the good Lord above

I'm learnin the hard way

don't ask me why

If you don't do a little livin while you're livin

You might as well lay right down and die

lay right down and die

sometimes it seems so silly

I don't know where to begin

what difference does it make 

what kind a dirt you're lyin in

You make your money, you play your games

but when you deal your last card

don't it all turn out the same

 I'm learnin the hard way

Don't ask me why

If you don't do a little livin while you're livin

You might as well lay right down and die

lay right down and die

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Who Am I?

Betrayed by my own body

My sex inside

not who you see outside

Not gay, not straight

just different, many say weird

Belonging nowhere

Insiable hunger

Desperate need

Unquenchable desire

Unspeakable pain

Aching for every day privileges

enjoyed by most people

My soul crying

for what feels lost

Lifelong grieving

for what I don't have

My label is transgender.

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Aquarian Dream II- Leaving Kali Yuga

A glimpse in your gilded eyes Tells me all inside your lieing mind How can you Stand without a spine How can you speak without a will Failed to announce the pain Will they realize the illusion Is it all to late? The lies that are so common Have put up a delusion Infront Of the people's mind So deep away from the dark Will we come when father is coming For us, is it all to late? Soft little messenger I dare you to spread the word About our dying world All come far and near Listen to what we have been waiting to hear The walls have broken down The gates have been breached The Keep stormed in Praise and sing They have killed our king Our conformity is on it's last day All Black Skies have been tainted with grey Our flags are now just tinder The palace has all been burned to cinders Our Empire has fell Praise and sing They have killed our king I see the light of a dawning Age Let a new era begin An Aquarian dream a day where we are all free Inside our minds; our hidden refuge But there's no need to hide perfection Concordia shall be our queen Justice, independence, liberty are our only virtues free to be whoever our heart let's us be Go to the tower, strike the bell Soft little messenger And tell of Victory All come far and near Listen to what we have been waiting to hear The walls have broken down The gates have been breached The Keep stormed in Praise and sing They have killed our king Our conformity is on it's last day All Black Skies have been tainted with grey Our flags are now just tinder The palace has all been burned to cinders Our Empire has fell Praise and sing They have killed our king All come far and near Listen to what we have been waiting to hear The walls have broken down The gates have been breached The Keep stormed in Praise and sing They have killed our king Our conformity is on it's last day All Black Skies have been tainetd with grey Our flags are now just tinder The palace has all been burned to cinders Our Empire has fell Praise and sing They have killed our king

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we know you just wanna be you
we're thinkin' that we're over you
we prefer our point of view to you
you must mistake what you misread

we know you want to improve you
we'll do our best to subdue you
we'll really just eschew you
you better know, you won't succeed

we'll find something to do with you
we'll remove you from our field of view
our methods, tried and true for you
we took a vote and we all agreed

we're certain you misconstrue you
we may have to make do with you
we'll just twist it to skew you
our truth exists by our decree

we're sure we will outdo you
we think you should just make do you
we insist that you obey us too
you're better off to just accede

we'll shriek like a shrew to you
we'd like to run you through you
we'll hurt you like we used to
you just lay there - and bleed

we prefer that you'd withdrew you
we'll say anything to screw you
we clearly see right though you
you're at the core of our creed

we just looove to hate you
we deride you and abate you
we chide you, you ingrate you
you're the one that we need

our prejudice lives on - for you
it's us against the best of you
we'll soon address the rest of you
you have our word on it, guaranteed

you live a life we think taboo
we prefer to start with life anew
you know, we say, to hell with you
and we sincerely wish you - godspeed

© Goode Guy 2012-05-01

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Hate You Now

I saw the news today

I'd like to know what the hell you're trying

I want to find away

to silence you, and stop all the dying

You think you're above the law

You'll send to die just as many as you want to

Damnedest thing I ever saw

the mess you've made doesn't even seem to daunt you

You spit in our eyes and say
I'm gonna hate you now

because you are more evil than I am

and I'm gonna hate you now

cause I hate your point of view

I'm gonna hate you now

cause daddy's so proud

and mamma's still crying

and I'm gonna hate you now

cause my God told me to
When will it ever end

You'd think you would have learned by now

and what about you my friend

could you please tell me how

How will we find our way

when the God you pray to is a fat cash cow

who'll stand up and say

This has got to end.

but you slap mommas face and say
I'm gonna kill you now

because you are more wicked than I am

and I'm gonna kill you now

cause I hate your point of view

I'm gonna kill you now

My daddy's so proud and momma keeps crying

and I'm gonna kill you now

cause my God told me to.

Manipulation games

and broken promises from long ago

You put out the Lady's' flame

You'll reap what you sew

The children have to pay

Old men, and old women too 

they just get in the way

of the bombs I drop on you

I'm gonna hate you now

because you've always hated me

I'm gonna hate you now

For all the oil that I've bought

I'm gonna hate you now

Cause hate is all I've got

How will you return 

all the lives that you have wasted

watch the babies burn

Say this will keep us free

I wish you'd drink the blood

I wish that I could make you taste it

You've never understood
and you refuse to see
You turn your back on God and say
I'm gonna kill you now

because you are more wicked than I am

and I'm gonna kill you now

cause I don't agree with you

I'm gonna kill you now

cause Daddy's so proud and Mama's still crying

and I'm gonna kill you now

cause killings what I do

When will it ever end

You'd think you would have learned by now

what about you my friend

could you please tell me why

why can't he see the sin

of worshiping that fat cash cow 

just look at the mess we're in

You're killing for a lie

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"The Mental Trigger"

Mental Trigger 
inside your mind is a set of rules, made to be trigged deep inside of you~
which you could never understand, because its not the real part of you
it placed in your mind to act out in a set place and time~
to do things which you would never do~ and where ones proof, 
never be found because its a seed, a trigger inside of your unsuspecting mind~
because its as old as time, maybe over 2 thousand years old~
the ancient art of take your soul, and make you do things, you your self would not do~
it starts with marks on your body that come from needles in the night
you know not were they come and in the night you wake 
to the smell of stringent scents made by the Concierge of design 
who will be your puppet master, at this all so real monument of time
no were will there be help, who would believe in you 
would i? if not for my own eyes, did i not see ~
my soul, my life taken from me~

P.S. to all who scream and no one hears


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Homeland Security

 I am a patriot

and I love my country

and I believe freedom is worth fighting for

but I keep hearing 

about homeland security

It's a long way from home that you're waging this war

why the deception and misinformation

what is this treacherous game that you play

you keep sending our children to that desert forsaken

You won't let common sense stand in your way

There's no room for partisanship in this matter

this sword will cut both the left and the right

You put a little too much on your platter

but the roaches will scatter when we turn on the light

Where is the glory and honor and premise

all I see is the hungry industrial 

with her bombs and her missiles and too often you miss

for each foe that you kill you create ten more

Why the deception and misinformation

what is this treacherous game that you play

foolishly tempting the worlds damnation

with your sword made of iron and your feet made of clay

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on the ear-
do not change the

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Back to the Moon

It's been I don't know how many years
Since President John F. Kennedy said:
We should send a man to and from the Moon safely
This quote is still in my head

Even though he died too soon
To see his vision come to a reality
We did send a man to the Moon
His name was Neil Armstrong

And he was the one
Who made it all happen
Because of him this country won
Against the Russians in the space race

I sometimes catch myself looking up at the Moon
As it sits shining in the night sky
And think of all the people who made it happen
And of all the people who had to die

So we could make it to that place
And when I am done looking up
I have a look of wonder on my face
When I wonder: When will we go back to the moon?

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"The last Episodes of a Vintage slave"

"The last Episodes of a Vintage slave"

 I'm shattered beyond belief, reaching for, an elusive life
 that will never consume me, broken with with splitters in my  intelligence 
I do die, with slow disadvantages, chocking on harsh reflections  
that keeps me on a death watch, waiting for the agent of  loaded madness...
 to execute me in thee (the) open, in incubus style 
with hands bound to hell's bedroom of featured view...       
now manipulation is but a...
 Hypnosis-Inducing Drug away (sodium barbiturate) to filling your boss's     
pockets with gold...
you gave a lifetime of scheming performances of which I mostly 
saw in the nude... 
so when the lights dim from my eyes, will you watch...   
and when its your turn and your torch is extinguished 
know i will wait for you, in hell... 
and i will be ready to sever you all the pain you deserved,,,      


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That Day

See, it's the Risky Truths
 that we try to brush under the rugs, 
replacing them with fantastic fantasies, 
but we never seem to realize, 
until THAT day, that those fantasies 
that were so easy for us to build,
 may not be so easy for our children to. 

And it is on that day, 
the day you meet truth, 
the day your child meets truth 
and comes to you, their hero, 
with broken eyes, asking "why", 

on that day, 
a catastrophic wave of guilty insignificance hits your soul,
 and with a truthful tear 
overshadowed by a denying voice, 
you say, "well there was nothing daddy could've done." 

But until then, 
until that day, 
if ever that day, 
life is...fantastic

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"Anesthesia, how i do not love you"2-16-09

"Anesthesia, how i do not love you"2-16-09

your breath is of a Drug-inducing interjection of a Lullaby  
singing the unsuspecting, unconscious, unaware 
into a deep and danger  "Hetero-suggestion"

come trespass into the night 
as I lay helpless in my bed
fill my thoughts with dread 
make me your unwilling slave! 

"Mesmerism" is by the State of usage
used in the mind to control the innocents     
to a violation of which 
morality is but a vapor a way~ 

i don't remember said the unguilty blameless
its not my nature, it is just not me~
I could not have did this sin~

how to walk the line of care? 
when the air you do breath 
changes you world~ 

to inform you, that never warned~
that your "Enemy" has a new Tool~


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On The Outside

I take each day, baby, come what may
I got my own set of rules
Three sixty-five, and I’m still alive
I’m wallowing through the fools

Make one thing clear, I’m living without fear
I’m saving all of my dough
You think I’m scared, but I am thoroughly prepared
To leave you burning below

I go for it all, who cares if I fall
I Get up and try it again
Nose to the nail, I don’t know how to spell fail
I only know how to win

You try to stop me on my way to the top
Do what you feel you must
I’ll give you one guess, you got it I am the best
And you can eat my dust

‘Cause I’m on the outside, looking inside
Dying for my sins
I’m on the outside, selling my pride
Buying my way in

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Freddery Mercury

Sinking in the back of this town we thought we knew
The streets are lit with gunshots and sirens!
There's feelings in the air, heavy as an anvil
Tonight they'll charge the streets

So keep keep keep keep keep talking blindly
We'll make our point across the avenue
Keep keep keep keep keep talking blindly
This what we've been told, this is all we knew

Silhouettes, they battle with shadows for the center stage
But this was all for real
The dying are the fighting
And the fighting's not dying
But the bruised are lying in the gutters and fading fast

BRING OUT THE BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(so tally up the war...the streets are still filled with our families)
(tally up the score...all in favor of the reason we started)
(tally up the war...tally everything as a number)
(Tally up the score...because this never was a game to begin with)

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with no route back home.

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Just Leave

The stage of compassion dies
Only room for revenge
And nobody seems to mind
Holding love next to dagger’s edge

But then the world is just a show
Though nobody seems to see
That the exit will let you go
The back door will set us all free

This production will never end
And so there’s nothing left to say
Since everything does depend
On the actors taught to betray

Speak if you must behold
The silence that breaks our bond
Since the drama will never hold
The audience just won’t respond

So kick me out if you must
I see through the actions of life
And behind all the rot and dust
There’s a room full of rusted knives

Is this what we must become?
These puppets from evil’s whim
Where impulse means no more sun
And all wisdom is broken in

And so I’d rather just leave alone
Then sit through deceitful lines
Where the actors are empty clones
As the managers steal our minds

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How Much

H ow much love would it take

to overcome the hate

How much kindness could smother cruelty

who would stand in solidarity

against the madness

the senseless sadness

Have we the strength to stop a mothers tears?

We have strength enough to kill

we have courage enough to die

Are there more of them than there is of us?

Is there more of that than there is of this?

Can we? 

will we ever see

to kill for peace is to fornicate for chastity

Patience patience

We have strength enough to kill

We have courage enough to die

if only those of us who do

were not so close

to those who have no need to.

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Waiting for the Wind

Sitting in the morning just waking up on my side of the world today
I turn on the news see if anyone has anything good to say
Stock markets falling and another landslide while the politicians try to deny
Global warming and more killer storms and another thousand people die
and the advertiser says I’d be happy if I bought bigger car you know
I’ve got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.

Sometimes I think the world’s gone mad and I can’t stand to hear the pain
One place burning in holy fire and another in a deluge of rain
Sometimes I think that hatred and war is the only way we know how to be
And I want to sail away, a world made for you and me
Sometimes I wonder at the pace of it all, where’s everybody trying to go
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.

Why can’t we see the beauty of it all in the sun rising every day
Life holding on to the sides of mountains and the waters rushing into the bay
Why can’t we live as if nothing on earth mattered more that the love that we bring
I want to sail away,.. and become part of everything
Why can’t we care just a little bit more, maybe let a little kindness show
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.

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What Will Americans Do

What will we do?
When our funds are 
All gone...
When we reach for our retirements
And all we get is a sad song...

What will we do?
When our country lies in ruins
When there is no money
To restore our lives,
To restore our nation..

Where will we turn?
For a helping hand..
As others about us 
Enjoy the harvest..
Of our lost.

Does our leaders not know
We are in great need?  
Our people are losing hope..
As tho we were lost at sea.

Why must we suffer?
As we watch our highways crumble..
As we watch our love ones die..

Why must it be?
Answers we get makes no sense...
Where is the Americans
Tax dollars being spent?

We've worked hard
As the years flew by...
We helped many others
As our hearts led us to do..

But now with our Red White and Blue
Hanging by a thread...
What must we do?
To repair our country....
To repair our wounds.

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Hey, Bob Dylan

So you think you can heal
 all the wrongs in the world,
  then just play your song,
   give it a harsh, biting tune,
    make it sting as you sing,
     tambourine-playing man!

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Skin Your In

Is your Mother Black?
Is your Aunt Black?
What about your Sister  or your Grandmother?
What is the color of their skin?
Is it not the same color your in?
So tell me who misinformed you that love is present in a woman opposite of black?
Who told you that?
Does your Mother's broad lips offend you or her head full of naps?
Does your sisters thick body frame repulse you, or her very dark skin?
Brother are you not comfortable in the skin your wearing?
Does your Grandmothers wide nose seem unattractive to you, do you think your grandfather
is a blind old fool?
No Brother, the only fool here is you
I guess it's her pale lifeless skin you are so intrigued by, do you not see her unfriendly
family member's eyes?
Her mother doesn't seem to find your color as beautiful as you find hers
Or are you appealed by her European features?
Her strait nose and thin lips
Are those the lips you love to kiss?
You love her but can't stand your very own Black kin?
What is your problem Brother?? 
Do you hate the skin your in?
          -Akiyah Francis

(For every Black man who dates white women)

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Get Ready

Get ready

Maybe we should arm the homeless
give them all staves and stones
they could take over our mansions
walk right in and say, "I am home"
the gated communities will not help us
and there'll be no place to hide
from the numbers that are piling up
and they're piling up just outside
it's just a matter of time
just a matter of time
before we witness that late night horror
a real life zombie fight
I'm afraid if we don't put'm back to work
we're all going to die
total chaos and anarchy
the result of our nations financial suicide
rape the poor
rape the poor
let's amortize their homes
rape the poor
rape the poor
their to stupid to know
let's tell them to go to school
we'll make a killing on the loans
we'll set up meat grinders and give them A's
and when they get out and start to complain
that they can't find a job
we'll just change the name
learn the golden rule
don't you love success
do unto others and why have slaves
when you can offer them so much less
give them enough to buy a tv
so we can tell them we're the best
we'll run like hell towards destruction
then reward ourselves after the crash
then we'll point our finger at God
and blame him for the mess
who is serving who
get to work so we can waste your tax
rape the poor
rape the poor
they are the new middle class
tell them they live in the land of the free
then choke them to death
after all we have our needs
and we've sold them out already
we off set our losses
by putting our faith in foreign currencies
maybe we should arm the homeless
give them staves and stones
maybe they could put us out of our misery
by tearing the flesh from our bones
don't you want to be like them
alive in debt and burried
come on it's almost time
everybody get ready

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to mecca-
in alien
route to
or a better

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I am Cien....

Every one wants to know what is wrong with me. 

I tell them nothing Im Cien. 

Like I just woke up from an endless dream, 

and at that moment I can see everything, 

What kind a joy will come,  

What kind a hate will come, 

How will I keep my feelings numb? 

All these years and barely having a crumb,  

but to a man with nothing esle in his life 

What a perfect battle for him to fight.

My only fear is to fail you, and 

those who know not what we do,

and so as the battelfied approaches 

and i get a final word from the coaches,

I say to you put me in the game 

I am ready and I now know my name....

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Eminent Domain

Eminent domain

The money is all dried up like the grass on the side of the road
I said the money's all dried up like the grass on the side of the road
feels like dragging a heavy load
accross the the earth spinning out of control
run by people that have no soul

aint know doctor gonna kill my pain
feels like our world is gonna burst into flames
my God how I wish it would rain

no work today
soon I'll have no place to stay
because I can't even rent this cheap
their gonna put me out on the street
my wife my kids and me
and I can't wait until my God claims

eminent domain

my God how I wish it would rain
is anybody else feeling my pain

I guess this is what happens
when you charge poor people usury
and all of our lenders are guilty
now how do you like the penalty
stiffen your neck and your gonna find
that this is only the beginning
now all the tax moneys thrown out and wasted
and I'm out on the street stone cold and naked
think your heaven wont be my pain

now the money all dried up like the grass on the side of the road
my how God I wish it would rain
let the humble receive their rights

eminent domain

eminent domain

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The Thinker

I tend to sit and think each day
Of the world within our reach.
If you would listen to my words
Please allow me, now, to teach.

You see, they call me the thinker.
I’m here for you to learn.
You see, they call me the thinker.
What lessons do you yearn?

I gave thought to some politics
That exists in the world today
So bad, these politicians
Why don’t they just go away? 
They say that they really know what’s best
For those of whom they control.
Why can’t they see what’s truly best?
The world’s going down the hole!

You see, they call me the thinker.
I’m here for you to learn.
You see, they call me the thinker.
What lessons do you yearn?

I gave thought to the ecology,
The mindless destruction of the world.
We have to teach the children,
All the boys and all the girls.
They have to learn recycling
And caring for the earth.
They have to give the world a chance
For, to have a new rebirth.

You see, they call me the thinker.
I’m here for you to learn.
You see, they call me the thinker.
What lessons do you yearn?

I gave thought to religion
And how man has let it go.
They must return, now, to their faith
For, in this world to grow.
Man must develop all the trust
That God bestowed on them.
Knock down the walls, stop the wars
Reach out and make some friends.

You see, they call me the thinker.
I’m here for you to learn.
You see, they call me the thinker.
What lessons do you yearn?

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Loyalty to the tribe
democracy's latest roller-coaster ride;
To glimpse another view
perhaps history provides a clue;
In 1701,after some  bloody fights
English,Welsh & Scot once did unite;
Let three hundred years roll on & on
and reveal to us hindsight's lesson;
These tribes can safely separate
in self governing nation-states;
Apart,kingdoms within the greater EU
together,citizens of something new.

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red book-
was to fill
many empty

Ekphrasis on Mao 1973 by Warhol

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O, People of this World

O, such as we were, people of this world, we unveiled ourselves 
In black and white---yesterday or today, it doesn’t matter;
The beauty of poetry is many voices of the heart.

Our land is so rich of priceless arts, so as our mind, but still--- 
The land we know now is not really the land we’ve known before,
O, such as she was once, such as some wouldn’t like her to be. 

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More than a Rapper

this is real life
this is late night posted by the street lights
i had to take my life into my own hands, i'm not a child
live my life like a grown man, i take a bow
cause i made it through the trails and tribulations, was trapped
holdin' crack vales, duckin' incarceration, relax
cause i'm smarter than the hardest rapper, he too emotional
i'm like a hood college rapper, you take it personal
i'm asmatic, i gotta addict in the hallway
he said for a gram he'll merk you in the doorway
but don't blame, that's the way the streets raised us
ridin' to church wit a fiend on the same bus
i'm dead broke, got no change for the church cup
a tight suit, old shoes and they blame us
so how they figure that the drugs won't 'gon change us
when daddy drank all the money that they gave us
my uncle stealing out the house like he hate us
he buyin' crack but police wanna cage us
i'll get it back when i cop me some powder
cook it up, then i hop in the shower
bag it up, now the block is my power
$20 for a half a gram
i done the work, cop some groceries to feed my fam
i know it hurts when your mamma gotta be the man
i'm from the dirty, i'm much more than a rapper man

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Politicos prattle
their prating rattle,
will such rantings ever cease ?
Smugly they sanctimone
as listeners,inward groan;
With theories,so unreal
hypothesising on how we feel;
Will such arrogance condescend
listen,or unbend-
or is it all just talk
sans hard yards of walk.

Trust me,it won't happen again !