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Lyric Education Poems | Lyric Poems About Education

These Lyric Education poems are examples of Lyric poems about Education. These are the best examples of Lyric Education poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Goodbye, Saint Joseph's School -- Elton John

*Sung to the tune of Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.”  Intended to be taken 

“When are you gonna grow up?
It is in jail you will land
You’ll have to stay after class
And I’ll be talking to your old man”

     “You know you can’t hold me forever
     The last school bus is now due
     You can’t rap my knuckles with your ruler now
     Stand in my way and I’ll just run through
     So nah, nah, nah…

     “So goodbye, St. Joseph’s School
     Where the ‘Sisters of Mercy’ were cruel
     The Catholic school’s finally closing
     The lunchroom’s stopped serving gruel

     “I’m taking that bus, might never get off
     Don’t want to face my Dad’s wrath
     Oh, I’ve finally decided to free myself
     And set out on my own path
     So nah, nah, nah…”

“How can you earn a living?
You can’t even spell your name
You’ll be required to take some remedial courses
And stop playing silly head games”

     “Maybe you’ll get a new convent
     I hear there’s some room in Brazil
     Students there might appreciate
     A no-nonsense sister with a voice shrill
     So nah, nah, nah…

     “So goodbye, St. Joseph’s School
     Where the ‘Sisters of Mercy’ were crude
     The altar boys have been set free
     The priests are no longer lewd

     “I’d like to stay, watch them raze it
     The site with torture imposed
     Where skeletons still hide in the closets
     Nevermore to be exposed
     So nah, nah, nah…”

*For John Heck’s “Dear John” contest.  
Those of us who attended St. Joseph’s just learned the school is being closed.  
Although a good education was provided, some students were beaten there repeatedly.  
I feel a good education was provided, but they went overboard with discipline.  

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I am that tall,good and kind man
I have the longest legs on earth
I am the fastest man on earth
I am deaf and dumb
My eyes lead me like a sheep and its lamb
I am very curious but,
very time conscious
I am jobless
I am homeless
I always thirst for water
I always need a good Samaritan
Despite my state,
I am the world's priority
People suffer a fate
But need me to be free
I am he everyone awaits to make a mirth
I go to anyone who is willing 
All I need is caring
Everybody needs me
But I come without acknowledging me

I come I come
I stand at your door
Open and welcome me with a kiss
When you delay,I make a hiss
The next scene, I turn my back to the door
There you will miss

Don't try opening
For I am time conscious
Don't try calling
For I am deaf and dumb
Don't try following
For I have the longest legs on earth
Don't try chasing
For I am the fastest man on earth
I come to make you mirth
But you can choose to be in dearth

I came I came
I stood at your door
You welcomed me wonderfully
But you made me sit on the floor
You left me and forgot to close the door
I moved out slowly
Upon your return,
You didn't see me
You forgot I am time conscious
I saw someone ready
So went there because I was curious

You tried calling
But forgot I am  deaf and dumb
You tried following
But forgot I have the longest legs on earth
You tried chasing
But forgot I am the fastest man on earth
I came to make you mirth
But you chose to be in dearth

I stood at your door
You welcomed me wonderfully
You made me sit comfortably
But refused to give me water when I was thirsty
You left me and forgot to close the door
Upon your return,
You didn't see me

You tried calling
But forgot I am deaf and dumb
You tried following
But forgot I have the longest legs on earth
You tried chasing me
But forgot I am the fastest man on earth
I came to make you mirth
But you chose to be in dearth

I stood at his door
He welcomed me with a kiss
He closed the door,
gave me a place to sit comfortably,
gave me water to lessen my sore,
Prepared me a mutton
He made me eat like a glutton
He laid his spreadsheet on a bed
He gestured to me to lay my head
I slept until he received what he needed
He decided to keep me forever
Alas,I embark on a journey
Joy like a river flowed in his heart
He smiled while escorting me

Yes I am
I am the very person you needed
But I came and you took me for granted
I am the one you are awaiting
When I come, show me the caring
I am opportunity.

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I'm Your King

A burst of white light gamma rays, overbearing a flash of brilliance burns through to my soul everything is like hell the world starts to melt in the blink of an eye just the cold blackness of night I don't care if I am not again what I once was, for at this moment I am greater now than ever before I took the path between teetering, tight roping walking right up to my right divined in my unholy state I thought I told you I am your king still you sit there, hesitating I know you hate me what does that mean? I hate just about everything still I'm chosen I did not wish before now bow down to me refuse me no more for I shall always be your demon until you accept me as your King. I don't even know you though you say we used to be best of friends, you and me the day you ditched me I remember now exactly how it played out back when we were just tiny things even back then I still was King you thought me stupid just a ruse I would laugh inside, you see? not one of you single, mean people ever even knew me in a world, mostly seen to me that is why only I can be your true King and bring forth a new source of light everlasting. As two worlds collide slowly aligned one wrapped in shadows one bathed in white evils swirling in the clouds above I'll always be the king you love to hate or despise as in your blood I thought I told you, I am the one I am the way, the way out shall be shown breathe in my spirit as it carries you away breathe in my faith it shall carry your empty space and deposit you gently on a cloud just enough higher than you've ever dreamed of for I am king now, and your in my hell your in my imagination, I'll just never tell you'll feel as though dreaming, you'll feel now if you try and see you were always found the most shared in the light cast upon me the last bright star in heaven. Denounce my name, if you may One year later, still not afraid A black sheep, a darkened spade That's just life, I'm not right I'm in the wrong, follow along Like a piper, I'll pitch a song Mesmerized, the weak wills sing I thought he told you, he's still our king.

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Human Being

I walk a mile to see the self in me that I believe to be, 
I knew the road I choose to lay my head to sleep is called my home,
times in need I could barely see that in myself I will set free, 
the act that held me down, something about me I could not see,
I lived a life when I decide that day I said that I don't care, 
so young, so bright, I dim my light, traumatized for me to share,
love me please regardless of what you heard and what you have seen, 
friends say that I'm only human, yes you're right, a human but who am I being?
My life will move in the direction I choose, 
this I know I have always been taught
that I choose to be a winner or lose, 
its entirely up to me its all in my thoughts.

Ken Fepulea'i

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   Sexy is the way 

    her lips move on his ear. 

     Never touching 

      always whispering 

       things I'll never hear.

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Blind Sight

Back in the day when a horse was a need
And a sword was a weapon to fear
Poets were druids and music was magic
And an eye interfered with an ear
So musical poets were blinded by swords
White hot and held very close
So all they had left was a hearing of tone
And  an opening way of reprisal
They felt their duty to blind with their beauty
So that listeners felt so alone
They  would need to be led
And of course would be bled
By the king they had put on the throne
The songs taught them so well
That the king went to hell
And the blinded then held a revival
Nowadays poets can see and be free
Stand on their own and be whole
It’s the way we come into the world
Using all senses the mind comprehenses
To heal all the scars of  the soul
Pain’s for the body to deal with
Soul’s a creation to hold
As the only thing one can own
Leaving  this wonder unfurled
Is the way we go out of this world

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I Chose To Be A Poet

When I started my writings I didn’t know that much;
But, as I began to write, I learn to know so much.

Let’s say I knew a thing when I got featured, my poem;
I knew what rhyme is, but my heart has its own anthem.

Writing is not that easy, which made it hard to meet
All the poetic forms, if I always see, but a white sheet.

Yet, I knew that if I will try, I will lose nothing; I tried.
So I wrote this very short poem, a senryu thing: a bride.

That you took joy reading it, making me smile and proud;
The way I see myself now, I’m a poet, with a voice: loud.

If I chose to be a poet, sure I wouldn’t be in a losing end;
For a poet never lose, but certainly, wins a heart. A trend.

At least now, I know how and what to write. I learned.
I’ll be writing sonnet today, for yesterday it was tyburn.

You see, I learned a lot, through the help of my God;
And you, my love, His blessing to me when I was sad.

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A poem wrote by me, based on Person who is a deserving icon but still struggling hard with his career life and addressed as disturbed creature.

DISTURBED CREATURE--> Am I ??       BY Mrs.Madhavi Suyog Pagare

Am I so insane, Am I so mad,
Dramatic mood of mine is so die hard.
Destroyed my peace, Shattering my dreams,
People call me as disturbed creature.
As like mounting the pain, attenuating the drain!!

Digesting my feelings lying inside me,
Strangely nobody cared, call me sick.
Teasing me lavishly and my heart is pricked,
Hurted me like hell when addressed me as stupid.
As like showering rain, missing on the lane!!

Time lapse in journey of life,
Can hamper anybody on its path.
When I see innate reflex of mine,
I always use to brightly shine.
Though possessing every job attributes of mine,
I never thought the authorities will ditch and hamper my career line.
Falsely acting bloody swine, making my image as fade as wine.
As like affecting harmonious divine, my soul was, as is transparently pristine!!

Destroying me and testing my patience, Never wanna give up.
Transformed deviations, wanna rightly screw up.
I wanna raise up, I wanna shake up.
I wanna wake up, Tranquilize my mind.
Unzip the professional life compressed by the culprits.
Wanna explore myself, driving the motivated heights of journey.
Lastly waiting for the optimistic opportunity.
Cuffing the suspect ,I wanna rejoice by my pattern of life!! 

with Suyog Pagare

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The Ostrich

"The Ostrich" is a children's song, sung to the tune of "The Battle Hymn of the 

Oh, did you know the ostrich is the world's largest bird?
It lives in Africa in a small group that's called a herd.
An ostrich cannot fly; instead it gallops on two legs.
A female ostrich lays enormous eggs!

Bonus activity: Print out an ostrich coloring sheet for each child (you can find one at and have him or her color it. Explain to children that ostriches 
are 7-9 feet tall and tower over the average human being!

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Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

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Eat The Rainbow

If you want to grow up big and strong,
Listen here, you won't go wrong.
If you want to grow, grow, grow,
Choose all the colors from the rainbow.

We never get enough of green--
Here's the kinds of foods I mean:
Grapes, avocados, lettuce, cabbage, green beans, spinach, 
lentils, kiwis, honeydew melons,peas, bell peppers...

If you want to grow, grow, grow,
Choose yellow from the rainbow.
bananas, lemons, golden apples, summer squash, butter, yellow peppers, ...

If you want to grow, grow, grow,
Choose orange from the rainbow.
Cheeses, carrots, mangoes, cantaloups, apricots, peaches, pumpkins, oranges...

If you want to grow, grow, grow,
Choose red from the rainbow. 
Strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, meats, raspberries, 
grapes, watermelons, apples, plums, 
 red peppers, radishes, beets, ...

If you want to grow, grow, grow,
Choose purple and blue from the rainbow.
Grapes, cabbage, plums, eggplant, blueberries, ...

If you want to grow, grow, grow,
Choose brown from the rainbow.
Meat, potatoes, pears, coconuts, nuts, whole-grain breads ...

If you want to grow, grow, grow,
Choose white from the rainbow.
Eggs, cheese, parsnips, fish, onions, milk, yogurt, 


The greater the variety,
The healthier you'll always be.
Meat, eggs and dairies
grains, fruits, and veggies.
To wash them down there's nothing better
Than big glasses of water.

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Coming From Where I'm From

Coming from where I’m from
By Nate Spears
Published 2013 in “Death OF A Rose” By Nate Spears

Coming from where I’m from
Every day is a battle to survive 
War is in session 
Right before our eyes

Each day we battle lessons
Just to be in the running for blessings
Coming from where I’m from
We move rapidly on missions

The dead is alive with every walk of the lifeless 
Limited income withholds wealth
The living is near death
Spirits are stripped of guilt

Coming from where I’m from
Deprived wealth
Creates bad health 
In occurrence to this 
Good feelings are killed

The worst gets exposed 
As times get worse
Financial situations become a disaster
No man on earth can rehearse
The world is broken
Hunger brings harm
Coming from where I’m from
Dictatorship is not fond

The environment brings the need to shoot
These activities loosens the roots
We’re grounded by values as thin as a pin
We lose ourselves at falling rates like bowling pens

No free passes
Prisons filled in masses
Separated by classes
Coming from where I’m from.

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

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Johnny Come Blow Your Horn

pillar of trumpets
are no match in a garden
for the hummingbird

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Dedicated To... (Rap Verse)

This is dedicated to
the uneducated who,
segregate from the greats
the hate gave integration to,
though the paved the way for you,
you just simulate the flu,
infected with cold hearts
like inflammation made it through,

So take a second to converse,
listen to me, then speak,
just make sure you think first,
about the thirst, of the dream,
had by Dr. King, which would
hurt beyond the seams, if he 
witnessed everything,
The Scenes!

How we're treating one another,
Educated versus thugs, like
we are not brothers, What's the
point to jump from slavery to 
having white lovers, if less racism 
means the blacks hate each other?
My Brothers! I have no intent on
hating you, I just hope you make it
through. So this is Dedicated To

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                ___________   _________
               /ohio ohio ohio) (ohio ohio/
              !ohio ohio   ohio( ohio ohio/
             /ohio  ohio   ohio# ohio //
               !ohio ohio  ohio# ohio//
             /ohio   ohio ohio)  ohio/
            (ohio ohio  ohio ohio)   (
                    -ohio    ohio-

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Haikus About God: VI

The body: sacred
We’re all made in God’s image
Hence... circumcision?

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Come As You Are

At one point in my life i was an artist
I used to paint and draw
Covering a piece of paper
In beautiful colors
And my art told a story
The sort of story you couldn't talk about
I used to go to school every day
Showing up late 
Wasn't something I'd do
But i dropped out
Leaving my education behind
I played the bass guitar
In a band called 
The Nocturnal
My fingers ran against that bass
Pure magic
The sound of the gods
Setting out to destroy the world
Pure Punk straight from Seattle
At one point i was clean
Sober and pure like a new born baby
Falling further into 
What you now call 
Screwing up my veins
with every shot of herion
Killing my brain cells
With every joint i smoked
Clogging up my nose 
With every pill you could have known
I used to write lyrics
About my life
My childhood
I used to write journals
The ones you read in the book 
that was published of me
I got up on that stage every night
As i was
Nothing fake
Nothing glamourous
Only a few scars
One shot of heroin
Come as you are
The words only speak for 

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Zoo - Just to Amuse You

One fine day, I planned a visit to zoo
Alone landed amidst the fauna left so few
Treaded merrily on greenery, singing my heart out
Whilst a lion’s scary roar made me shout

‘Ah! Another visitor’, said the lion annoyingly
‘Why should we entertain you?’ said he fumingly
‘What’s the point in wasting your energy and mine?
Making us do the funny acts, do they seem so divine?’

Hearing those words I dared
Reduced the distance, still scared
Said I, ‘Stop fuming King of Jungle, watch out for your age,
Hadn’t I come to visit you, wouldn’t you be bored in your cage?’

‘The answer dwells in your question, silly girl
You humans have no heart of pearls,
The so-called king of jungle imprisoned in cage
Heartthrob of millions I was, at my early age’

‘To meet my family, hope it doesn’t get too late
I need to eagerly meet ‘em all, my cubs, my mate
I still feel them, they are waiting for me
Oh girl! Be kind enough to set me free.’

I couldn’t have done that with all my might
Turned my way, delighted by a peacock’s sight
The multihued beauty was sheltered in a metallic cage
Awe! Gloomy this beauty looked, in distress and rage

‘What is wrong? Do you want to fly?’
It turned around and looked straight at the sky
‘Show me those vibrant feathers, the fan-like crest
Guests would adore seeing you dance at your best’

‘I dance just for my love, my love for rain,
Cool breeze no more likes crossing my lane
Why do I open my feathers without my mate’s presence?
Just to amuse you, I shall do; confined in this fence’

Dumbstruck, I decided to turn my way
Walked ahead in quest of animals happy and gay
There it was! A crazy monkey, flirting and making its choice
Mimicking others and playing around, hear its evil noise

Bouncing, bouncing and dancing, dancing
It ruled as if dungeon’s dominant king
Wow! You look so happy; what’s the reason?
‘Girl! No more fun for you, ‘coz free I’ll be from this prison’.

Two giant men came forward and opened the door
Good Lord! It’ll be free, unkind humans is just animal’s lore!
Monkey screeched, ‘Meet me soon in the nearby forest
Where I meet my pals, play, eat, have fun and rest’

 Happy to see the monkey’s joy, I walked ahead
Across the bushes, saw a van, a huge van in red
Giant men carried animals and dumped in the van
Shocked I was to see the sight and reckoned their plan

Why was my monkey friend inside, for what purpose?
It was clear as I read the van’s name, ‘The Great Royal Circus!’

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Deadman Wonderland

Now that you're becoming Undone It's time to have some fun In Deadman Wonderland Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao The setting Red Sun of Kali Shows it's time for your life to Pay We are the Kind to be feared -your friends We look like anyone you see Thuggee--Death's Devotees Face our treachery Bhowanee we must please She needs more--we have found our mark, our mark Won't you be the one to save humanity? Can't you see this is Deadman Wonderland Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao Sacrifice! For The Black-Skinned Queen Sacrifice! For Our Mother Kali Sacrifice! It's Not Enough Sacrifice! No Mercy! This is Deadman Wonderland Deadman Wonderland This is Deadman Wonderland Deadman Wonderland

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Just Be

Society, community, society, community.
You can leave now and let me be.
I will swim free, free in your sea. 
Your sea? your sea, polluted now, Oh you will never see.
Broken hearts, bodies too, beloved inner child, I love you.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.
I know now that this is all I need.
To be. To be. That is all, just Be.
Burn your toys, television too, kill the car, the radio..... 
Unleash, unravel, these boys, disentangle, unblock, reset there mind, please sir,
could you be so kind?
Simplicity, Simplicity, simplicity.
Eye's clenched shut.
Now I know, Alone in my hut, not long to go, you will be free.
Free. free. free.
Buy the car, buy the house, buy the cow, consume, consume, but how?
Now, now, you tell me are you happy? for ever and art thou.
Ah ha, you see, you see.
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.
That is all I need, I choose now, my self is free?
Yes, yes, yes sir, me?
Free to sit, sit and just be.
Me? Free? free to swim in this endless blue sea?
I will just sit, sit right here, against this healing earth, oh so very near.
My mind is liquid, free to birth.
Just be. Just Be. Just Be.
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.

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Quick Money

We was raised in the slum with crack placed on our blocks,
Then we grew up in the hood taught to cook & sell crack rock,
The only risk is to watch out for the cops  
to prevent a night in jail with three hots in a cot,
Now your sitting waiting for bail, 
But the longer you wait your mind becomes more accustom to jail,
So when you’re free all your able to do is get “quick money,”
Back on the beat 
So now that risk process you’re forced to repeat,
While your self creates a new life to live,
When you don’t get what you need to give, 
You feel there’s no reason to live,
However your education isn’t to uplift the nation,
When all you want to do is make “quick money” to support a kid
Or put an end to the frustration,
But here’s the devils trick,
He allows positive people to enter your life to recondition it,
But you deny your only chance to try, 
Instead of going to school & paying a different type of dues,
You go back to the way you was brought up to live, 
“to get what you need to give,”
Crack to your own people
Because we’re so infatuated with making “quick money” & how to live illegal,
Now your only life options is to get stuck with a convict 
Or to admit to the devils trick
He didn’t have to use a gun,
But a trick to get your soul to make you think getting “quick money”
Is your only way out the slum…

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All About the Music: The Infinite Magic of Lyricism

Pop may be catchy
But not lyrically deep
Case in point: Chris Brown.

(N.B. Poem written after hearing "Don't Wake Me Up")

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The End To A Wild Ride

This is the end of all the rollercoasters we have rode
So dont look back
Because the world is going up in smoke
Just ride along with me
We will find eachother when the light goes out

Lost in a Wilderness
Will we find ourselves again
After we have been blown up into peices
Who will survive?
Who will make it to the end?

The clouds will darken
And the sun will go black
There bombs will drop
And Silence our voices

Would we have found the love 
We were searching for in the 60's
Would we have found the peace
We researched in our childhood

Would we have fixed bullying
and told children about Columbine
Would we have stopped the Depression
And told children about the help they can get

Would we be ready when the world ends
Or will we be left in the past
Would we believe in God in time for our ending
Or will we still be selling books on another religion

One day we will forget how to hope and learn how to fear.

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This is the Day

This is the day which the lord hath made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
But we rather be sad in it
We rather hate in it
Kill, Steal and Destroy
Boast about our joy
Money, Cars and Cloths
Tell us you got all the hoes
Why do are women want to be hoes
Why we dancing on poles
Men don’t you know women are a key ingredient to our souls
Women don’t you know, your worth more than pure gold
Platinum, Crystals, and Diamonds

This is the day which the lord hath made;
We will rejoice and be glade in it.
That is the only way we are going to save our planet
We have to make our way, because we are here to stay
Hold on to what is right, believing in your rights
Love is the only weapon you need to fight
Because This is the Day where everything change
This is the Day where we are only calling on one name
This is the Day where we all get to see them fancy things
This is the Day where there are no more nightmares and only dreams
This is the Day where you will see greener pastures and blue streams
This is the Day where we all are announced kings and queens
This is the Day Heaven begins to sing

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Down In Memphis

This poem came about by a discussion at work describing a memphis burger and a classic one. I told someone they flowed together and they didn't believe me so I wrote this:

I went down to memphis
There was this, classic chick
With them hips, and red lipstick
A kiss so delicious that
I promised to this miss I would not dissapear
But I was dishonest, I thought I made it clear
That this situation between the two of us
Was not serious But she was delrious
Became so furious that
That month she had two periods
It only takes one to end my sentence
25 to life, Im not doin the time on that sentence
Doesn't matter if she gets me presents
Don't care if she gets madder that I am not present, 
yet she gets sadder cause she still feels my presence
It wont be pleasant, if she doesnt let me leave peacefully
So I packed my things in the middle of the night
Took off asap so she couldn't pick a fight
Flew right back to my little house on the right
Split so fast like Kim Kardash was my wife
Realized that I just dodged a couple of knifes
It seems whack, But I just had to run and hide
This commital thing isnt for me
I am brittle, I crack too easily
Got to be careful cause I need Room to wiggle cant be
Strangled or tied down, I know It'll come back around
Hurt triple the times when karma
Shoots me down from the sky
So for right now, sayonara, beddy bye
Nice to know ya, good night

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Understanding Of The End

The time is upon us, yea it is at hand, Things are not what they seem
Im not sure that i really understand
What do you want from me, Is it me?
What do i do, Do I need to take your hand?
Who are these adversaries and What is their plans?,
Am I an instrument, for the ultimate end
Or is it another lesson to be learned, That alone, I can not stand.
What do my dreams mean, are they signs from you?
Are they prophecy, are they the glue
to the pieces of my life, that lead me to you?

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Reflections: Intellectualism

To Dine, To Die;
Conversations spiral
While thunderous eyes
Grasp concepts to recycle.

Constant debt crisis
A political paradox
Grating social devices
Over the sorting of socks.

An endless groan
Argumental paralysis
The debate grants no throne.

Over a roast
Potatoes won't listen
To who talks the most.

"That point is so interesting"
The floor is open for chat
"What is real?" not a thing
"Meow" adds the cat.

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Teacher's love

Behind every good student 
stood a great teacher, the
patience of a friend and a 
believer to the end. She's
never doubted my abilities, 
instead she's supported my 
possibilities, she's helped to 
fight the demon of my doubts, 
I didn't blame the few times 
I heard your voice grew aloud 
or the times I heard you say, 
just have a go anyways. The 
one who saw beyond what 
I could see, you saw the 
stress and reality of the
future waiting for  me and 
how important that education 
would be, you always believed. 
The builder of my confidence,
my confidant, a healer and a
great preacher but just the
perfect teacher and the one
woman I'll forever see as an
inspirational lady.

Dedicated to my favourite and
the best teacher ever but more
a friend. I love you 
Miss P. Clark

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Fight for your Righteousness

If your going to fight something, 

Fight for your spirit to not allow the soul to be taken, 

Being that man & woman was created by the Creator we continue to walk 
& join the forsaken

People shout for justice & equality but don’t exemplify the righteousness that 
mankind is established with mentally

Learning a few words, promoting red, gold, & green wearing the clothes to look 
like an aphrodisiac isn’t going to get us by

Wearing clothes is wearing an image allowing our soul to be taken by a visual spirit

A spirit that’s concern with how you look instead of what’s in the book

The Creator is bigger & much deeper than our wondrous minds can image

It definitely haves nothing to do with how you look

If you wanna fight for righteousness start by helping the poor, look them in their 
eyes to let them know your pure

That’s the beginning of fighting the uniting war…

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Colorless, Sweet-Smelling Mind Control

Hello, Skeptical Mind Controlled

I dance in the pale moon light
under the devils nine delights 
he watch's me play without a care   
under the technical deceit of mind bending needled wear 

You many be a skeptic 
so the devil laughs 
but he will put your blind at easy 
no need, to pay (PRAY) to God
you have already prayed (PAYED) to me
without your consent 
i have place a many of agents
to pump your den with many unscented things 
called incapacitating agents

OH! do not think i do this just for fun
this physiological warfare 
is a means, to a money making end
to which your hole (WHOLE) family 
can join the hell on in  

you look so at peace when, your at sleep 
and my minions sing chloroformed lyrics to your many of dreams 
then your heart is mind (MINE) and i control you 

so what the first thing i will make you do!

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her toys are his

He lurks in the evening 
his black polished car 
the driver can say nothing 
he knows this and goes far 
into the very world 
he is so against 
he calls her up at night 
and pays with our expense 
she comes with a bag of toys 
reserved only for the players 
only for the ones 
who can afford to pay her 
and when the morning comes 
his sloppy body lies in a stale sheet 
of the night before
he does this every week 
and everything is free 
because he has a pen 
in which he writes it off 
again at our expense 
a hotel stay for business 
is a night of pleasure 
when you are the one 
people call the governor.

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Life as an Addict


                                     Life as an Addict

                         Life as an addict, life as an addict
                       Life as an addict is like running into
                            A reinforce cinderblock wall
                                    Losses after losses 
                     Ending in a jail cell or luxurious casket
                      Day after day the addiction keeps at it
                                Opening doors to the soul
                          Stepping inside leading you down
                               A wicked and dark passage
                                     Leaving you naked
                                  Clinching your wounds
                                      Shattering dreams
                                      Low self – esteem
                                    Thoughts in captivity
                                          Life of misery
                         Life as an addict limited imagination
                                 Waste of God’s creation
                                          But forgiven
                                      Evil, dark passage 
                                  Reinforce walls, jail cell
                                Lost soul, luxurious casket 
                            Life as an addict, life as an addict
                                        Life as an addict.

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Local strangers

On this journey
I will not come with you.
I will stay here,
sitting on eagle’s stone of Epos.
Wingless but illuminated.

Surveying the tangerine trees of Kampos
and the red stone houses.
The gained ground of my ancestors
that become rosy-hued in the horizon 
from Tsesme  and beyond.

Chewing the mastic from Olympus, 
that gathered by your hands.

Getting drunk 
with Ariousios wine, 
from grapes that stepped by your legs.

I shall stay here.
To give you back your homeland 
that for centuries now 
you walk on as foreigners.

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All But None

All wish for a good name
But none wants to be really good
All wish for having respect
But none wants to respect others

The person who once earned
A lot by dishonest practices
Wants to have honest worker
To hold his grand premises

All wish for a good fortune
But none prays for others to
All wish for a perfect health
But none cares for Nature

The fellow who never respects
Women’s dignity even a once
Wants honor for his daughter
And save her from evil chance

As we sow so we reap in life
How can we expect any good
Unless we make a fair strife
And give up all the falsehood

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It was called a planet when I was young
Placed in the Milky Way  after the "big bang"

Pluto is the Roman's underworld god
Hades to the Greek now that isn't really bad

Discovered by American Clyde Tombaugh in 1930
At that time to be called a planet it was deemed worthy

Seventy six years later they suddenly decided 
From the nine planets Pluto should be booted

It is just  poor  little Pluto's very sad fate
Because the planets now are no longer nine but eight

Because the IAU members have voted on the motion
Now the small planet has gotten a demotion

Now Textbooks worldwide would have to be reprinted
Governments to the  cost of reprinting will be subjected

Because Pluto is small the educational world will be affected
The old teachings about the planets will now have to be corrected

Older people will have to do some "unlearning"
Science teachers would have to do a lot of re-explaining

But on this matter it's the IAU that has a say
So we just have to obey and do things their way

I personally don't see why it is important to reclassify Pluto but I do see it's effect 
on the education budget of third world countries. The Philippines for one have no 
budget for textbook printing until 2010 and so the correction will have to wait until 
that time. Meanwhile it is up to the teachers to remember. God help the kids who 
rely on textbooks for knowledge.
But it has been done, was finalized on the 24th of August 2006.
Pluto have now been demoted to a Dwarf Planet
If you want to read more about it, just check it on the net-JEB

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"Hawaii" is a children's song, sung to the tune of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic".

Hawaii is a group of islands formed by volcanic activity.
Honolulu is Hawaii's capital city.
In 1959, Hawaii became America's 50th state.
It's tropical climate and tranquil waters make Hawaii great!

Bonus activity: Explain to children that, in spite of its beautiful beaches, Hawaii is 
home to Kilauea, the world's most active volcano. Ask children if they would enjoy 
living in Hawaii. Why or why not?

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Sinful Saint

Yeah I walk around life waitng for death/ 
I live in constant despair looking to be blessed/ 
Lies over truth around here always seem to infect/ 
The more sin I get in life the more saintly I seems less/ 
Im trapped in same dark place ;looking for a lighter quest 
I try and live a life full of goodness still trapped in badness I am yet to confess/
 I try and hold onto what seems like something but theres nothing really but family left/
 I know I am not he best, nor am I like the rest/ 
I know I can master checkers but still downed in chess/. 
I got to clean up my act because my life is a mess/ 

I patiently sit back while I ponder life for death and I wait/ 
I might as well look for something simple because I never find nothing great/ 
I struggle to stay under love and over my own hate/ 
I try and be real with others when to my own self I stay fake/ 
I feel life obstacles jolt my ambition like a chain that never breaks/ 
I want less more in life yet as a daily sinner I continue to both physically and mentally take/
 I try and change my dark ways but still struggle at the fact that it might be too late/
 I usaully catch myself complaining when infact I should be thankful for whats on my plate/
 I usually hang onto the past and get scared of the future when I should worry about today/
 I going to be that better man for my child because that sinner no longer in my heart I aint/
 Sometimes in life we all struggle until we strive, but until then Im trapped between a young lost SINFUL SAINT........

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Abraham Lincoln

"Abraham Lincoln" is a children's song, sung to the tune of "The Battle Hymn of the 

Abraham Lincoln was our sixteenth president, you see-
His Emancipation Proclamation declared millions of slaves free
And though he was assassinated
Abe's spirit shines today
On every penny that is minted in the U.S.A..

Bonus activity: Abraham Lincoln had a humble beginning, born to poor farmers in a 
one-room cabin in Kentucky. Do you think Abe Lincoln would approve of his profile 
being on the penny? Discuss why or why not.

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Am never paving way ever again to tears, Am standing tall to all these fears, I have trembled enough, Struggled enough, Am never looking back again, Nothing will take me back to that futon, I have worked harder to slide back, Embraced everything even their mock, I have leaped in pain for many years, My whole being brought down in tears, I never learnt how to cry, I was born in cry, Every day I have walked in trauma, Gripped by hurt to have tremors, All this have made me strong, And now you want I slow down, And all that for what? So that you can say I have a heart? Just forget it, Am not even gonna think about it, No, am not giving you a way, I chose to do things my way, It hurt I chose to stray, Follow you and later cry, I have been doing that all my life, Living in pieces just to have a life, I regret I chose to live a lie, Walking away from where I belong, Just to please you and them, I forgot me and you won, But did you ever think about my pain? The reality things will never be the same, Your mantra now am sure are just turmoil, To hug my dreams for I to fail, I met life only in black, When lucky grey is what I spotted, I see many colours when I look back, Those you kept only to your world, I lived in a world of anger, A territory that consumed all my power, I bedded in a world of disappointments, And woke up in a land of disillusionments, I hated everything without a reason, There was never a meaning in any season, This is the world you drove me to, And made sure there was nothing I could do, It’s never too late in life, That a lesson that punched my face, Believed me today I had a smile, Something I never thought of in my life, Now am more lessoned to face this world, Life has no mistakes and forever this I hold, A hundred times I will fall down, Bruises and cuts all over my face, Wipe the dust and start all over again, Positively the only way I know how to shine, So no matter the fears, No matter the years, I will never shed tears, I promise nothing will break me into tears. This is a motto I will take to my grave, I will clutch in this truth as long as I live, Many may try to type my heart out, Possess me and break me out, Think twice before you try to figure me out, Am better I know I can sing you out, Snags won’t ride me anymore into hiding, I will meet them all smiling, Cause I know where am heading, The road may break, Stagger me to break, I will fall and still shot, Be agitated out off my shirt, And still seek dreams with no limit, I say this evolving high and higher, Pursuing more shine from the sky.

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Confused Lot

How confused a man feels
When he is ready for deals
He cannot decide definitely
What can be proper reveals?

Blur out the secrets to others
May cause so many dangers
And hiding to much of facts
Will make you alien traders

Speaking too much can lead
To sow severe disputed seed
But keeping silent too much
Causes a suspicion to breed

A response well measured
Steadfast as well unaltered
Can be an all right choice
Where one is not bothered

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I Hear A Symphonie { Vignette}

reconised as one of the greatest harpsichordist 
his sonates for flute and harpsichord remain
an attractive part of chamber music repertoire
with six string symphonies he had written for
baron von swieten and arbiter elegentium in vienna
music by cpe bach is often listed with a reference number
from the catalogue of his works by wotquenne {wq}

Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel

Can find his works at
Classics online .com

Entry For Brian Strand's FanFare Contest

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First-generation student

As an evanescent quietness falls into my room
While a stream of breeze air invades the living room,
A new, unborn poem waves in my blurred thought,
Endeavoring to keep me from being distraught.

I’m desperate; I deserve even a better cabin.
Thus, my mind is abiding a religious doctrine
In the purpose of enriching my knowledge
By meeting standards to get enrolled in college.

Inspiration is sometimes a key to survive.
Joel Osteen, you keep my lost dream alive.
But, the cryptic concept of life is the absurd.
Will my celestial request remain unanswered?

To avoid failure and exhibit one’s braveness,
To gain success and the pursuit of happiness,
Virtuosity must be laid open rather than latent
For a high-achieving, first-generation student.

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.......verse 1
Once upon a good time, not so very long ago
There was America, America the dream God used to know.
Where went America, that all the world loved so?
Once upon a time, not so very long ago?
Where went America, the one the world loved so?

Who loves America the way she's meant to be?
Who still loves God's dream, from sea to shining sea? Shining sea?
Who loves America the world depended on?
Who loves America?
I can't believe she's gone.
God save America.

......Children Singing Bridge (Pledge of Allegiance)
I pledge allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the republic for which it stands
one nation, under God, indivisable
with liberty and justice for all

Repeat Chorus.
© ron wilson

The song, WHO LOVES AMERICA?,  plays by default on my poetry website, (still under construction in places,) AND you also hear the children reciting our PLEDGE OF ALLEGANCE the way it should be recited. Beautiful they did so great. It is at that is all I need to type in my browser, should be the same for you. Mac users may not hear it the song.

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Finding the Puzzle

It is an organised disarrangement 
Quite arranged in a disarray 
Prepared to confuse you 
For you to right the confusion. 

It is a thoughtful arrangment 
For you to think very well about 
Any misplacement you do 
Gives it a wrong placement. 

The answer is always there 
But it takes your deep thoughts 
Wrong answer complicates the setting 
Yet only a correct step away. 

Look difficult when lightly assessed 
Could take your whole time solving 
Yet easy with a deep thought approach 
Taken less than no time solving. 

It is an activity for sharp minds
Tasking the store of knowledge 
Who look for the connecting piece 
That makes the puzzle a clarity.

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Little Moccasin { Edited }

<                                    on the trail 
                                      he took a wife
                                      comanche made 
                                      and full of life
                                      two breeds 
                                      different nations
                                      family  love's

                                      little moccasin and blue moon
                                      for their love did not come unglued
                                      little moccasin and blue moon
                                      for their love was so brand new

                                      high above  canyon ridge
                                      little moccasin calls her name
                                      without his blue moon
                                      love would never be the same
                                      so he dances the ring of fire
                                      mounts his horse
                                      and returns
                                      for his ones desire

                                      little moccasin and blue moon
                                      for their love did not come unglued
                                      little moccasin and blue moon
                                      for their love was so brand new

                                      little moccasin's leap of faith
                                      blue moon stride for stride
                                      echoes linger canyons ridge
                                      we'll  always's be husband and bride
                                      Navajo and Comanche
                                      they said it couldn't be done
                                      under one God and one indian nation
                                      hunting grounds now they can finally begun

                                      little moccasin and blue moon
                                      for their love did not come unglued
                                      little moccasin and blue moon
                                      for their love was so brand new

This Poem Was Based 
On The Song
Running Bear  
Debs Contest G.L. All

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Until My Ticker Expires

Work seven till five - to stay off the street.

When I do overtime  - come home dead on my feet.

Seems month after month - can afford less to eat.

When they raise my rent -  could be out on the street.


My car’s fairly new;  got a decent TV.

My home has a view.  The bank owns them, not me.

I went back to school, got another degree.

Still work like a fool - cause of the ‘conomy.


Ain’t yet had a raise - since the day I was hired.

Each check buys me less.  Cost-of-living gets higher.

My one biggest fear’s - that I’ll never retire.

I’ll be working somewhere - ‘til my ticker expires.

Ain’t yet had a raise. Come home dead on my feet.

Each check buys me less - Can afford less to eat.

My one biggest fear,  since the day I was hired:

I’ll be doin’ overtime  - until my ticker expires.

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Thoughts of A Song Writer

From my thoughts on the paper in which it lies, 
My everlasting passion is inked as it dries.
The way I feel inside, you might want to spy,
But if you pry, how will my lyrics surprise?
A song for thought will only leave a thought.
May sound difficult, but that’s just how I talk.
I was lost, but I found me.
Dreaming and believing that writing was my key.
The way it flows and the way that it goes pumps me to speak
the very thoughts that many minds chose to keep.
Many rocks I’ve kicked and many decisions I’ve made.
Any wrongs I take the blame.
Tic-tac-toe is only a game.
I plagiarize your eyes with the notes that I’ve taken,
A high note here and a low note there-
You’d swear I’m in your head when my song hits your ear.
Pain recognizes pain
And I’ve have my share of bandages.
 My vibes from life heals the permanent damages.
Thoughts of a Songwriter,
Reaches farther beyond the beat,
Over the lyrics on the sheet,
Not only is it about the speech,
 But more of what the message seeks.
True enough a theme is touched and a heart is rushed.
With the mind-throbbing picture disappearing 
Through the ink of my pen and revealed through your lens,
You can’t hear me, but do you feel me?
I cherish my talent and where it could possibly sweep me.
My doubts and my worries are beneath me.
I love for brighter days and pray for more things to pave.
Call my life my number because its infinite.
Thoughts of a Songwriter,
My mentality drips it.

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Invasion,love,and lies

happily in love with this dude
"she been with for 2years"
she swears he's the love of her life
"she considerin to be his wife"
he comforts her
when she in need
she's not a ruby
she's a diamond ring
I asked Tracy
What does that mean
she said "He buys her the finer things"
she thinks he the sun
that melts her heart,
and she tha snow that cools him down
she had me thinkin
they are meant to be,
but the third year
Tim changed on Tracy
screwin around with the same sex,
I was blown away
I was like "whats next"
she found out the dude is his ex
she when to the clinic 
and took an alphabet test,
the results came back
it was not so good,
she had a flash back,
when I told her,( keep- it- hood)
to rap it up
even though he dont look suspect
I told her to tell him to take an alphabet test
now theres an invasion in her veins,
but she dont feel no pain
her man repose with his ex
and more than one bro
he take her love for a game,
she so young dying slowly
the infection is with her to stay
theres no cure to make it go away,
all she can do is live day by day
her man refuse to apologise
he repudiate to cover up his lies
he brings home a virulent thing
from messin with his ex
and havin nightly flings,
this tragic scene really hurts me
that my best is dying on me

this poem is dedicated to a friend of mine that 
I love so much. To let you all know, the character names
are fake. its not the real persons name.
A lesson learn" PLEASE RAP IT UP!

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Co-incidence (n 1 a chance occurence of simultaneous or apparently connected events)
Up, down.. left and right,
It's all around us, like the day and the night,
Too big to miss, but it's beyond our sight,
It's there.. and it isn't.  Nearly is.. but not quite!
You people are ALL right.. so I'll try to be polite,
You can't fight the feeling.. 'cause you haven't got the might,
Can you handle the truth? Get a grip and hold tight,
'Cause it will set you free!  Blow your mind like dynamite!

In the beginning.. I'm sure you know too,
This World was created, it's all been thought through,
Evolving on que, under skies made so blue,
Plant's came before us, just so they could give to you.
Sorry, I'm repeating what you already knew,
But how did these plants know to sow the seeds that grew?
So they slid through our bellies, waiting in our fertile poo?
Symbiosis with the Planet..  does this all sound true?

What about us?  Why are we here?
Why all the questions?  It is obviously clear!
It all makes sense, so there's no need to fear,
Don't confuse the matter, because it's simple my dear!
We have got ears.. so that we can hear,
But why give us a brain?  Because year after year,
We just dig a deeper ditch.. and then flood it with tears,
When the end draws near, will you hear any cheers?

I want a big applause, when I finish this race,
If I finish first..  I won't say "In your Face!"
Try to look good, don't end it in disgrace,
Or even take it slow, and set a nice steady pace.
Never give up!  Learn to lead a merry chase,
Up the garden path, throughout time and space,
And just in case, we end up lost in this place,
The case will be closed and we'll be gone, without a trace.

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It seems the path Iam on  is changing everyday
the road uncertain just an endless shapeless gray
some would say it would all be clearer if I took up there religion
even with the doubt Iam not scared enough for that decision

I see the faith you placed in one of the many saviors
I lame excuse for the centuries of mad behavior
Iam sure your prophets where the very best of man
but your church and bibles where never in the plan

so every race has a version of there own
stories stolen from the gods of the past spoken out like it was always known
not one of these faiths is open and understanding
they keep others down and your soul churches are demanding

then you history holds no science no enlightenment
dogmatic foolishness written before free government
and every soul that is afraid to die or to ashamed to live
if you stop thinking then heaven is what they give

even now the human mind is found wanting
but reality is intelligence is hard work and life is daunting
if only the concept of good will and love
we understood without some sign from above

if you need the ancient fiction to ease your pain
I respect you and to all other men you should do the same
your saviors were righteous there’s know doubt
in there time they worship but no church was there twist whets its about

there have been many Christ’s since the beginning of man 
the Mayans and Muslim have had tales since they ruled by the roman
dry king ghandi and many more sacrifice there life so others could be free
in my mind that’s what Jesus is what he is supposed to be

even know there some man of great worth he has no money no powerful church
he’s  giving of himself and and loving the lost I dare you to search 
and see the truth were in this together and this is paradise
we are the only keepers of our fate we must realize

I can no longer people pay to pray and talk down to others who dont believe what you say
but Christ himself did not hang with the saved he knew the hopeless so he could see them ok
but times have changed were not ruled by religious empires mad with slavery
we fought for those rights not with one mans good with collective human bravery

a new age is upon us and the true test is coming not one of prophecy
the makers of worlds the stars the cycle of suns chaos of the galaxy
I hope soon we see are only time is now there is no second chance
are race needs to come together  and make a united stance
if faith keeps us apart do we even have the heart

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I Walk in His Garden

When I was a child, I expected lots of toys left by Santa Clause on Christmas Eve.
And planned to find an Easter Basket with candy and colored eggs every spring.
The Tooth Fairy visited when I lost baby teeth; all of those things I did believe. 
I had no idea fantasia spread around by people to whom my love did cling.

When I was a teen, I began to dream a scene, eagerly awaiting my adult vista.
A boy and a girl in love, each firmly trusting the future with hopes and naivety,
Anticipating passion while cutting paper hearts decorated pink and fuchsia.
Aspiring to have a good husband, lots of money, education and a family.

When I became an adult, I struggled to find myself, my faith, my own viewpoint.
Possibilities were endless, chance and fate stepped up to life’s plate.
Decisions, sometimes blind and difficult, intruded; life had no checkpoint. 
Gradually, childhood plans mutated; soon, prospects and dreams abated.

In time, I found that in the process of aging, possibilities are still endless.
Life and dreams function, not by probability, but by goals and decisions.
Achievement came at last, by finding focus and goodly principles; God is ageless. 
My inner soul rejoices in freedom, with burdens lifted, I His garden.

© January 30, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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the sign painter's song

for Woody Guthrie - born:1912-07-14

brushing up on strokin' guitar strings
twangin' words 'bout work and the land
lyrically political of dust 'n' things
not feared to sing 'n' take a stand

so long, it's been good to know yuh
so long, it's been good to know yuh
so long, it's been good to know yuh
an' he was a driftin' along

totin' six-string Fascist killin' machine
travelin' to the west coast shores of sand
singin' loud across fields gold 'n' green
as families struggle to feed mouth from hand

so long, it's been good to know yuh
so long, it's been good to know yuh
so long, it's been good to know yuh
Woody sings us America's song

wheat fields waving at ribboned highways
all the way across this beloved homeland
Woody sang songs of promises made sideways
to up 'n' blow away by uncaring command 

so long, it's been good to know yuh
so long, been good to know yuh
so long, it's been good to know yuh
been so good to know yuh, so long

you've been around for all of our lives
we know your songs and are ardent your fans
with Arlo and others your legacy survives 
to carry on singin' your musical stand

Woody weaves a hobo's lullaby so grand
so long, it's been good to know yuh
glory bound, been good to know yuh
so long, it's been good to know yuh
man it's been good to know yuh so long

© Goode Guy 2012-07-14

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So you wanna supercharger
Make your car so much faster
Four laws you need master
Will make it a hot rod blaster

Supercharged, supercharged
On your clock the air in bar
Supercharged, supercharged
Engines rammed with air so hard

These things you need to know
Pressure, temperature and flow
The fourth should all be equal
One mistake could be lethal

Did you verse yourself in class
Study chemistry on your ass
Do you know you got the flow
Air mass quick or slow

Understand the molecules of air
The table elements do you dare
It seems there’s a kind of draft
Different gases’ just seem daft

Hot or cold it’s needs compression
Pressure should match expanding session
Do you need a vacuum lesson
Draw or blow that’s the question

Thermodynamics wrapped up in one
Physics state laws to work and run
Remember the rise, remember the fall
Engines work better, when they're cooled

© Copyright 
28th October 2014
All Rights Reserved

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Indian burial ground

The Indian rounds the corner of the room
Seeing the sadness through the eyes of a girl
There are a lot of things about this world that we don't know 
the truth behind humanity the heartbeat of ones last breathe
or the pain one suffers mentally 

I don't even know if people can see the truth
Or if they shut themselves out of the real and into the fake
We all know the fakness of what a human can put off
We all know the sickness one stores inside their skull
Can we all see what's going on? this day I see some that are still blind
 some that are so blind they can not imagine! 

The things one can do
The things one may hide

A life filled with questioning
A life full of hate and despair 
A life of several lies
A life with no reason of existing

A series of depression
A time of regret
A worry of fear 

A fear of ourselves 

An unwritten book with no pen to write with

Voice of reason

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June 23rd

Am I waiting for you or destiny?
You fell into my hands once but I let you slip away.
On June 23rd you didn’t say a word, but I guess it started before my mind could grasp reality.
What was I thinking? Maybe I wasn’t thinking at all.
I looked at you with a face full of shame or…was it embarrassment?
I can’t remember what I was I feeling or what I was looking at.
Was it you or someone else who devoured my ability to talk?
I stood there. Isolated from the world as if I were some crazy lunatic holding a gun in my hand.
Why was I here?
I didn’t need to be next to her or in the same room as her.
She breathed down my neck or was it just the wind?
My teacher began with a monotonous voice.
“First five seats of every row are to be filled.”
My heart became heavy like an anchor.
I blocked the sounds that came from her mouth, until I heard “John.”
I knew who was next… I just hoped that she wouldn’t continue her protest but time went by and not a single word or good-bye.
I guess that day really was the end of my smooth stainless literature.

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Be fast like a cheetah
Don't wait for any hater

Be vigilant like a snake
Always alert and awake

Strong like lion
Defeat every obstacle on your way to Mt.Zion

Wild like a tiger
Scare any bad omen which tries to linger

Wise like an ant
Know when you need and want

Humble like a sheep
Your shepherd will give you a place to sleep

Calm like a cat
Don't confuse mouse with a rat

Don't be lazy like the snail
Lest you are likely to fail

Don't be slow like a tortoise
lest you become susceptible to your enemies

Be neat like a duck
That will call for good luck

Don't be dirty like a pig
lest apart from meat,you become useless yet,big

Be time conscious like the hen
She knows how and when

Don't be stubborn like a goat
lest you always bring troubles to your throat

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A time when you could eat the sun

The trees are made of feathers and sticks
The sun is made of golden cheese
The moon was made of whipped cream
A place where the water was made out of blue Kool- Aid
The grass was made of gummy green strings
There was no houses and no place to hide
A place where a boy ate the sun
A place where the Moon swalloed up the world
A tragedy that melted and turned to liquid
No one could swim in the sea
No one could tan underneath the branches
A world where time stood still and the hours were long
A place where humans never existed

"Please Try to Go Beyond Earth Hour"
Treat earth like something you imagined when you were a kid a place where these things happened and you could be safe. Pick up your trash and clean up your yard! after all this is your world too :)!

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I Am A Jock

A bad play
On a deep and dark September
Gazing from these bleachers
To that ref who blew that call
On a freshly painted court in the middle of fall

I am A Jock
I am A Flock

I've got balls
A fortress deep and plenty
That none will discinagrate
For friendship brings me joy
It's laughter from my best friend Roy

I am A Jock
I am A Flock

Don't talk  hate
For I've heard much before
It's resting in my head
And I'll try not to wake
So It doesn't make you cry
For if I never would of put on that cup
You've  never heard  awwwww shut up

I am A Jock
I am A Flock

I have my hooks
And my cup to protect me
I am such a world charmer
Hiding behind an ump
So another won't bump
I touch no one and he better not touch me

I am A Jock
I am A Flock

And a Jock feels no pain
And a flock seems to die

This is off spin
To Simon And Garfunkle's
I am A Rock    LOL
Gl All

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Letting My Hair Down

Settling down with a real good book
All safe and warm inside my reading nook

Watching time go by 
As well told stories arise

Tales of dragons lives
Heroes live and die
All in one simple look
Maidens love and cry

All here with-in a sigh
I laugh as I day dream about the time I took

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never forget 9-11

On that day we were all the same, we didn't know there faces, we didn't know 
there names.
There voices we heard crying all around the world, someones loving father, 
someones little girl.
On that day we were called to lead a better life, for that someones father, for that 
someones wife.
The list of souls read from above before it came below why it was and why it is the 
answer no one knows.
Through the pain we have learned lessons great and small, life, love, and happiness 
are precious cherish them all.
With grace we all go on, but never will we forget that all of these beautiful things 
can fade so very quick.
On that day we wondered, on that day we cryed, on that day we asked ourselves 
what kind of man am I?
Mothers held there children for so long and oh so tight, why did these people have 
to go this was not there fight.
We hope and pray for all those names, and the ones they left behind they gave 
their life for a question the answer we must find.

William J. Harty

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Educated fools make rules that tell you and I what we should or should not do
Rules needed to continue to burry you under the edification of demons
To resurrect menus of abuse from a time of misuse
Just like Stalin and his socialistic science
A super human I mean ape is behind this
The majority wants to blind us letting us use our own binders
Manufacturing an army of one kinders
They say we are weak so they play finders keepers
Leaving man kind to turn into sheepish weepers
Destined to be believers
Enlightenment is no longer enticing us
Instead we just role the dice and cuss
Cause we are man made erected in a cave
Just born yesterday
An ancestral clock ticking no body feels the licking they are getting from there master
No more disaster no more devastation the majority stands on the sidelines awaiting
Blackened lips shoot out spit and all ears perk up to hear
Clear illumination shown in high definition
Wasting a generation still not raping but taking yes taking the tasty suckle youth
Not asking to write this new dictionary of hope
Im not a dignitary but I hold up my post
Not to boast shout outs closed
Putting on my cloak of quotes for awhile
If we off then we off lets go off in style

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I Stole This Apple Off The Teachers Desk Just For You

This swing set and see-saw romance
Is gonna make these playground emotions hard to forget
But i never speak a word, inside the classroom
'Cause I'm afraid what the boys would say if they knew that i loved you

And that i always run slower
When your the one chasin' me
Cause i want more than anything
For you to catch up and kiss me

I blush just a little, 
but not cause i mind
It's just that i want you to catch me
all of the time...

So yeah, a few years down the road
I'll invite you back up to our old school
And out beneath the beaming playground lights
I'll kiss you... and i won't be ashamed

But as for now,
I'll scribble little tiny hearts around your name
On the the cover of my notebook and on every page
But if its all the same to you
I'll tear out all the pages when my friends come back
C-C-Cause I'm scared of what they'd say, 
If they knew of all the games that we play

So tonight i think ill crawl right into bed
And meet you at that swing set in my head
'Cause thats the place where i like to see you most
And I'll try holding you close.....

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Save Me From Desperation

My golden one you're burning out of sight
I try to follow your light
This darkness pulls and pushes me away
But our love will never wane
Despite all of the pain

You rapture me from my own mind
When the razor calls me back
Tell me these are all just lies
Only illusions from my mind 

Deterring the pain away
I'm with you
There's nothing more to say

Paradise is mine 
You Save me from desperation
And I will fulfill all of your adorations
You save me from desperation
Nobody is in vain
Though my life lived a lie
You save me from desperation

Our starcrossed world 
Destroyed by the ones who run from reality
Condemn us you may
But love will always find it's way
You're worth it to be called mine
Evenour bond is crime

Begin the decay
There's no more to say
Eden's Heart separated us from the start
You're all I need to be free
Nobody is in vain
So you found my meaning

Deterring the pain away
I'm with you
There's nothing more to say

Paradise is mine 
You Save me from desperation
And I will fulfill all of your adorations
You save me from desperation
Nobody is in vain
Though my life lived a lie
You save me from desperation

Advocate Angel from above
I put my heart in your hands
I've fallen too deep
A way to fulfill our love is what I seek

I'm suffering, dying, trying
To live but there's no life
Without you 

Deterring the pain away
I'm with you
There's nothing more to say

Paradise is mine 
You Save me from desperation
And I will fulfill all of your adorations
You save me from desperation
Nobody is in vain
Though my life lived a lie
You save me from desperation

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Oh beloved dear one , sing to me your song
its caress to rest     my ears to fall thereon
the tenor of its soothing     balm unto my heart
from its intonation           wish never I to part
Break the mold beloved           to the high exalt
sing about true justice        compared to mans default
take true aim with words              designations mark
lift them from their misery      with the divine spark
Your skill of composition           compliments of sound
where breathes a truth       in stories  made renown 
highlight their intentions      for the cause you wish effect
pointed the veracity     that leads to circumspect
Take elements of history         a tale told in note
outline in detail         its morality in wrote
expressed is your ability          the mind to mesmerize
where realities of men's      behavior brought to size
Accompany with melody     instruments design
harmonize those tones            and tales ultimately fine
your songs can lead          one to the right conclusions
break the chords       wrapped with mankind's illusions
Oh beloved Bard      your ballad sets me a sail
a chronicle of joy         or those that we bewail
from you shall I never           turn away my ear
its narration and aria           brings recitals near
COPYRIGHT © 2012 C Michael Miller
Via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Boarding School

When I recall the good old days at school,
I marvel our mood at the times we stood,
Sometimes at noon, in line or loop, 
Or simply too, be part of the brood

Indeed for food, we'd be in a jolly mood,
Hailing a croon with plate, fork and spoon.
Sometimes we'd be good and use the broom,
To clean the rooms or do a scoop.

Sure, for a boon we'd weed ‘round the coop,
And as a boost we'd get the soup.
In time of book we'd find the moot,
Many times too we'd just keep our cool.

As I recall the good days at school,
Oh! How I wish, I could relive a loop,
Once more but soon, yes very soon
Those olden days of splendid boyhood

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"A Teacher's Gift"

Teachers are so special
because they touch our lives
we should give them so much
for even wanting to try
they've been there since day one
helping keep our lives together
it'll keep on going on
cause a teacher's gift lasts forever
even though the job
seems so small
the gift seems so big,
big enough for all
they'll be there whenever
cause as the saying goes
"To teach
To touch
a life
and forever it'll be known.."

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Let me study you

Through my English I speak my 
spoken words and poetically I'll 
write of you. Mathematically one 
and one makes two, which clearly 
represents me and you. 
Historically he studied you to 
ensure you're the perfection I 
need and it took a Geographical 
search to find you. Biologically 
through touching and feeling I 
understand you and Physics 
we don't need not with all our 
Chemistry. For Physical 
Education I won't even speak 
because so many nights I leave 
you weak to your knees. 
Religious Education teaches 
how he made you for me just 
as he created Adam and then 
he formed Eve.

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Don’t you scold,
She is not bold,
The weakest sentiment,
She cannot contain!

A fresh rosy colour--
Of emaciated cheeks,
Contrasting rings somber,
Besieging the sunken eyes,

Her limbs slender,
Akin to a moon beam tender,
Complexion pallid,
Gaze languid,

The stature stunted,
The chest movements restricted,
Imperceptible fever,
With occasional shiver,

The ‘delicate’ personality,
Described by the laity!
Well! She is certainly frail,
Alas! Medically, a plaintive tale!

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Will you be ready?

When theres a knock on the door
will you be ready?
For all the things 
That's outside the
world you live in?

When the telephone rings
will you be ready?
For everything which is being told
At the end of the line?

When they wake you up
will you be ready?
For the stuff tat happens in reality
And not the for the dreams you hope for?

When they open your eyes
will you be ready?
To see things as they are truly are,
Rather than what you've heard?

When you enter the dark tunnel
will you be ready?
To find light at the end of the tunnel?

Be ready...

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They say you learn
By example
They say you learn
By mistakes
They say you learn
By taking chances
It all depends on the chances you take

Etcetera, etcetera, a plethora, a plethora 

They say when your young
You will know
They say when your old
You'll understand
They say when your dead
You will have learned 
That life is what happens
while you make other plans

etcetera, etcetera, a plethora ,a plethora

It's a melancholy 
murder of crows
It's a man's folly 
no one knows
It's a lesson learned 
some can't conceive 
you can crash and burn
Or you can bob and weave

etcetera, etcetera, a plethora, a plethora

[Removed because of valued suggestion]

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The Noblest Career

James 3: 12 and Proverbs 15:1 have been paraphrased here in the following 
poem. You are invited, dear reader, to kindly read those Bible verses before or 
after reading this poem.

Teaching might be the noblest career;
But it has its dangers, in its rear.

Saint James warned us about this great trend,
That we might not fall before and bend

To worship some regretful mistake.
“How can the same source of water take

Pure sweet water and make it bitter? ”
In slanders every single letter

Causes the fire of hatred to grow;
But a kind answer frees and lets go!

For teaching is the noblest career;
But it has its danger, in its rear.

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Oh day of promised rapture from final resting place,

The first desire of heart to see my Savior’s face!

The beckoning of trumpet will pierce the Eastern skies,

I yearn so much to greet him and behold him with mine eyes!

Shall I awake in dew clad morn or velvet star-lit night,

Anticipating robe and crown and wings of silver bright!

Enduring grace, sweet love divine did span thou earth’s creation,

Great Son of God who lived to die for sinners soul salvation!

I long to hold thy nail scarred hand and kiss your thorn pricked brow,

Though birthed in sin he snatched me from Hell’s fiery bowel!

Twas stately mansions glistening in heaven’s glory gleam,

Their beauty was astounding as nought I’d ever seen.

The prophets were conversing of ancient days of old,

While children laughed and played on shining streets of gold.

A reunion day is coming dear loved ones and missed friends,

Where we’ll always be together and time shall never end!

Nor tear did dim an eye, and daily cares were gone,

Thousands gathered there to join in angels’ song!

Hallelujah to the Highest, holy praises we did sing,

To lift our voices as one to Christ, The Mighty King!

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What it Seems; Seams Unraveled

I’m finally growing up; I realize
Real eyes can recognize these real lies

Lies he, in a landscape barren
Bearin’ a false teachin’ he believed in.
Deceived by these elders, he felt like the bait
Bate the result as they betray the whole class of '08
Ate the lessons; trusted; left awed
Odd how you long to go back, sidestep the façade.

Fraud; caused his mind to alter
Altar of this education abandoned; falter.

Faltered, for as he appraised
Praised then, all of the knowledge he gained.

Drained; an opinion he lacks
Lax for years but now he’s on track
Track wisdom; has a mental axe
Acts as a way to crash walls, fight back.

Knack for writing, it became peace
Piece of heart in each written-release
Release stress; negative cease
Sees in a new light, consciousness increased.

Impeach his old ways and his mind state
State his ideals through wordplay.

Sure cliché, but this is my chance
Chants that make a difference from my stance.

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See Me

everyone wants to judges me,
i just sit back and drink some herbal tea,
because most of them don't even know who they see,
when they look in the mirror that's why you don't sleep,
and to this day sometimes i even weep,
i made some bad decisions but at least i know i did and they don't hide deep,
if you ask me then ill tell you they might be steep,
and like you i even bleed,
i'm not perfect and nothing about my love is cheap,
so when it comes to seeing me see the value i keep,
see though my poetry to my pain and take a leap,
into the essence of my mind and tell me what you think, 
it will change how you feel about me in one blink,
you see what i want you to see which is just rose pink,
but if you go into my subconscious you will believe i need a shrink,
and if i show you the real me will it make you rethink,
should you be friends with me,
or will you stay and we will go out for a drink,
or maybe you will get confused because you got the wrong data link,
the world is cold i skate around it like an ice rink

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A Dirty Action

Dirty hands or a dirty mind.
A dirty action works behind.
What is different if we blame?
If we favour them who can find?

Criminal elements are our close,
Who has a duty to matter expose?
 If a person will hide crime, then
Who will feel in society a shame?

Love and affection has more different?
If a killer’s behaviour is misprint.
To work for peace or preference for selfish,
We need crime to punish without any kiss.

It seems hard to wear a responsibility,
We work to survive for decision ability.
A man can’t control if crime is at home,
A man can control if complain has norm.

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Cruel God’s crooked clasp,
Is worse than the sting of a wasp,
Genius, healthy, wealthy man,
Becomes an orphan and forlorn!

Childhood innocent,
Youth fragrant,
Tranquil prime,
Become a weird dream!

Defies God’s clout,
Becomes fear-less ‘n’ stout,
Undertakes an uphill task,
And reaches the mountaintop!

Handicapped albeit,
Dares God’s verdict,
Proves the worth by his action,
He is worthy of admiration!! 

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The Little Things

Verse 1

Open Books
New Looks
Nanny And Crooks
Heads That Shook
Sorry I Misstook

The Little Things
The Little Things

Verse 2

Fresh Air
Knowing You're There
Knowing You Care
All I think Is Fair
For I'm Willing To Share

The Little Things
The Little Things

Verse 3

Gods Hands
Sacred Land
Now I can Stand
And Thank Man
For Making Me Understand

The Little Things
The Little Things

My Next Gospel Song

What Do You Think ?

Tribute To The
Holy Spirit

This Song Is About
Thanking The Dear Lord Not For Only
The Big Things In Life But Also So
Many Little Things Also To Be Thankful For

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Used to look through child’s eyes
Used to stare at star ridden skies
Used to smile at silly sounds
Used to dream of the future’s bounds

Used to play in the thicket of my mind
Used to search for a place to hide
Used to act like story book heroes
Used to count from 100 back to zero

Used to hold my breath till my face was bright red
Used to believe all the words that everyone said
Used to want a big house and brand new car
Used to hope that I could someday set the bar

Used to use my imagination
Used to use that motivation
Now being used by my frustration
Of being used by my own generation

Used to... used to...
You know I used to...
Use it all without a thought
Used too... Used too...
We’re all being used too...
Bought and sold like an old iron pot
Used to... used to...
You know we all used to...
Dream our world would never rot
Used too... Used too...
It’s all being used too...
All our resources from bottom to top

Used to sit up all hours of the night
Used to believe that people were alright 
Used to think that we could still pull through
Used to think that everybody knew

Used to have faith in the ‘truth’
Used to see their words as proof
Used to hide these tears I’d cry
Used to hold my head up high

Used to think I had a grasp
Used to disguise myself with a plastic mask
Used to act like there was no problem
Used to hypocritically mock any and all of ‘em

Used to use their aspiration
Used to use their motivation
Now they use their investigation
To bind us to their administration

Used to... used to...
You know I used to...
Use it all without a thought
Used too... Used too...
We’re all being used too...
Bought and sold like an old iron pot
Used to... used to...
You know we all used to...
Dream our world would never rot
Used too... Used too...
It’s all being used too...
But when will this mass consumption ever stop?

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Johnny 's Song

He was born to sing upon his land
Now he's resting in God's Everlasting hands

Didn't matter who you were
That voice you'll remember for sure

A voice that could shed many a tear
Or make you just want to stand up and cheer

Oh how'll I miss this one hell of a man
Made me today of who I am

Across oceans far and wide
Johnny sang his songs with passionated pride

Now he soars amidst his eagle friends
High above the rockies bends

Oh Johnny this song's for you
As I sing about your eagle friends too

In Loving Memory 
John Denver  { 1943 -1997 }

Soar My Feathered Friend

  {  R.I.P. }

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A True Friend

One day a lucky star dropped on the earth,
And asked me what do you want?
Atrue friend or a million dollars,
Or either of the none?

I said a million dollars would I take,
For a nice future for me to make,
As I already have you-
Who forever did my happiness sew.

He is one of my friends I am lucky to get-
To lend his helping hand he is never too late;
He is the one I can never hate-
He is my buddy since my childhood days.

I wish I have you for the rest of the life;
Let our friendship go more ripe;
When we rest in peace let's do together--
And wish we be like this ,times and after.

Its for sure 
He will shine
As the best 
Amongst the nine!!! 

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Bullet oiled with knowledge
Hearts smitten with purpose
As a thin of air, we marched into the street of kaizen
The harvest is cream and green.
We the labourers with our intellectual machetes,
Made and manufactured by functional knowledge
Battered and butchered the dreaded monster called ignorance
The battle line is drawn
We are drunk of knowledge
With planks, nails and hammer,
We nailed a coffin for ignorance
The funeral of the old order
The emergence of the new order
At the cascade of kaizen,
We drank into stupor,
Stupor because we think and act outside the box;
Bullying the status quo 
With the incisions of the God factor on our guts
We danced round the camp fire of books
Booking appointment with great minds
For in the opening of books we discovered we have wings,
To fly above illusory limitations
At dawn we chart and chant lyrics of hope for mankind
With the amulets of insight tied rounds our hearts;
At the echoes of the night when nature
Exact snoring on Homo sapiens,
We labourers give ourselves to improvement, 
For when lazy minds snore, active minds think 

    awoh kingsley

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Find Our Own Way

Was once on a road of drugs and lust
Dry as a bone and covered in dust
Then one day I’m so happy to say
Jesus Christ came by my way
Took my hand and walked with me
Telling of how a man should be
The words he said I understood
In my 9’ x 5’ neighborhood
The walls grew with my mind
Searching hard so I could find
Sought to find the path of peace
So my own insanity could cease
Now I live up inside the flower
Beauty of love and all its power
Being all I could ever dream to be
Simple, kind, loving, honest and free
Offer your soul to the Lord above
If you want to glow with his love
And if you don’t that too is ok
Each of us must find our own way

During the course of the journey
that is known as our life we will
be given the true chance of choice
at least once. The closer we stay
to road the less chance we have
of getting lost, I know this for it
was once my life. We all at one
time or another make mistakes
and it is imperative that we use
those moments to learn and then
to teach, to me that is a Poets gift.

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The Last Class

We entered the last last that one final day
"It's our last class with you, Mr. Daniel," one student dared to say.
The teacher read us a story, pausing to wipe away tears
Then he told us things we'll cherish for years.
Promises of friendship, email addresses exchanged
Whether we liked it or not, our lives were about to change.
"If you need me, I'm here," said the teacher, much wise
"I'll be your friend," he told us, brushing tears from him eyes.
"I don't do this every year; this time is special."
"I'll help you out when, with trouble, you meddle."
"Everyone makes mistakes, we all have our goofs."
"OSS doesn't kill you; we have suffecient proof!"
Sometimes people are given to us for a reason
They stay just a while, maybe a season.
But however you came to ma, as on to greater things I dash,
I will forever remember you; especially the last class.

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Young Gun

Verse 1

So young
One gun
How dumb
I'm stunned
He's done

My son
My son

Verse 2

His choice
My voice
Spirit hoist
Skin so moist
Such a boast

My son
My son

Verse 3

Died in vain
This drives me insane
Such hidias pain
Listenening to the rain
For what has it gained

My son
My son

Tribute To A Co-Worker
Who Lost The Battle
In A Gunfight With Police

So Long Hollywood { 55 yrs old }

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Why We Are Free

Now don't you try to think twice
About the men and women
Who paid the ultimate sacrifice
In keeping the freedom in this land

It makes me absolutely furious
When I have to see
All those know-it-all experts 
Who obviously don't know the reason why we are free

They are here to protect this land
From any kind of attack
And I will tell you
From the American Revolution to Iraq

These men and women did what they had to do
To make sure that nothing
Will ever happen to me and you
So if you ever doubt this country

In some kind of way
Remember what some other countries
When they have the chance to say:
Never awaken a sleeping giant

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the dancing machines
please stay away from everyone's knees
you very nasty


Please please please
stay away from especially
my knees you very nasty 
and honorable theives


so please fly off to those daisies
for these these these are the only way I want it to

{ bee's }

Little Song Jenny And I came Up When She Was 4 LOL 
Thanks All For Stopping

Also Entry For Matt Caliri's Contest
Funnest-hardest Poem Ever

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A New Beginning

I have now graduated high school
And after so long
Of being called a stupid fool
I can now start over

Somewhere I feel I belong
Because ever since high school
I have been treated wrong
And it's now time for me

To walk out my parents' door
So I can now go off to college
And start a brand new life
There's so much I want to do now

I can now make the girl I love my wife
And a whole lot of other things also
Now that we are both in our cap and gown
It's a new beginning for you and I

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black mold

a hint of lime
brings back the time
when we were young and stupid
we loved like children
in the rain
i wish we only knew it
we walked for miles on 
eighty proof spiced rum
we found no answers
the shag green carpet 
told the truth about alien landers

will we go all the way
will we stay in all day
on Robitussin chasers

well we slept above the cigarette store
all on separate couches
we ran a tab
for beer and cigs
and hit four hundred dollars
bored to death
but still alive
we drove right out of town
chris got pulled over
and a dui
and then my car broke down

will we go all the way
will we stay in all day
on Robitussin chasers

brent and i stayed in a room
that rented by the hour
drank Robitussin 
and each other in 
and we waited for my brother
chris showed up at ten am
he spent the night in a cell
jeff showed up and took us home 
and we drank til we felt well

will we go all the way
will we stay in all day
on Robitussin chasers

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Destiny To Die

We die in these streets as if it's fate
blood boiled by tragedy'f hate
so it hurts to see the brothers body dropped
4 more steps needed but his ass flopped
runnin' with that make-shift crew he had
little boys so soft tryna act bad
yet to realize what we goota do
die, get shot, and now we cryin' foo'
but when eyes dry from teary state
mournin' now as we make eerie wait
destinies to die eyes feel dreary
but I hope that the killa's fear me
so I can in these streets breathe easy
instead of clashin' live freely
How can a brotha wipe his eyes dry
endless the questions always ask why
reflection of death in the mirror
strong and able bodied paul bearers
but even though foredestined to die
In my heart I know we'll always cry

we'll always cry

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As Our Lifes' Changes

We all search for happiness 
We enjoy even the thought
We hope for all things of brightness
To join us as along life's road we trod.

Just trying to reach the top
Unknowing exactly what the top is
We work hard as young adults
Just like little honey bees
We gather our goods
Putting them all into our nest.

We journey on along
Hoping we are with our final mate
Even tho somedays are diamonds
And some are stones
Just like Neil Diamond said in his song.

So what is the meaning of it all
As age creeps into our bodies
You get older and yes you become wiser
But you are also much trier now
As age has a way of doing that to you
For it is all a part of the aging picture.

When your mind as well as your body
Finally realizes 
That these things you thought were so important
Can't go with you as your final journey you do make
They are left here for someone else to look through
And to complain about what a mess you have made!

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Who Am I?

Betrayed by my own body

My sex inside

not who you see outside

Not gay, not straight

just different, many say weird

Belonging nowhere

Insiable hunger

Desperate need

Unquenchable desire

Unspeakable pain

Aching for every day privileges

enjoyed by most people

My soul crying

for what feels lost

Lifelong grieving

for what I don't have

My label is transgender.

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A Gallary

In search of greatness,we reclined in this forest_
In a world holding many lives,
Playing green with wet land.

We refuse the other world
Stretching one's legs on a couch
Squatting before this, robbing shells with kernel oil: 

A world of mother hen 
Tapping earthworm from dry land;

A world of stony path,
grey hair on fresh born;
On fresh born;

Of withered flowers and of ashes,
Of polar region in winter...

A galleon has brought wild berries from the sea:
That leaves the mind with sepsis.
We in gallantry and in enameled gait 
Have taken a handful for washing mouth
And another to prove our higher birth,
Having the sun in our bosom

Days have past, boils are broken,
Leaving us in a stuck,
And the serum from the doom
Remind us of where we missed the footwalk.

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Public Standerns

Is a tree wrong because it leans?

Or is a tree wrong because it is not green


So you tell me what co lour it’s suppose

Too be?


We have to walk in a way talk in a way

Head up high and back straight 

Don’t smile to hard cause your not

Really awake being under the 

Spell of what the government has

To make 


Oh look his shining but really inside his



In a circle of a family everyone has

To be as one you try to step out 

And you’re classed as wrong 


Say too much and you’re classed 

As mad and you need to be locked up

But insert of them giving you an ear 

They per fur to give you a glair 


See a man with a new whip 

Insert of asking where he got it you

Per fur to BANG! 

And that it!


That’s it not just for him but

For his mum and the woman that

Is carrying his unborn son 


In roots, when kuntaka heard

The sounds of the drum he don’t run to


He stays with his family and he had to be strong

But in god he prayed that one day his family will 

See a better day 


Family is a community!


So let us all have a dream that one day are

Community could be clean


Clean of the guns and the drugs 

That’s killing us one by one 


So I pray for each and every one is soul 

So god could make us all whole 

And let are feelings just roll


Because you’re not pulling does’t mean 

That you’re not killing us one by one 


So when we see each other lets

Us be nice and greet your neighbor with a smile 

And let god just shine!

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Power is a struggle
Only the strongest can achieve
They are the true people
Those that strive and pursue power
They will conquer the universe

Peace is a lie, there is only passion
The world is in constant change
Emotions follow suit

Through passion, I gain strength
Use emotion to power action

Through strength, I gain power
Strength is dominance and leads to greatness

Through power, I gain victory
In greatness you achieved, all desired

Through victory my chains are broken
All is crushed beneath you

There must only be two
Never more
One to desir the unholy strength
The other to instruct how to gain such power
Betrayal must be seeded inside the minds of the weak
and the light must be snuffed out

Proclaim your power, let none stand in your way
The universe can be yours, you only need to free your passion

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Flying the recently of fell                                                                                               
snow in apiece
A crazy sigh seemly without
Of course—
So easily flying–so enjoying
Puller by wind
And come hell or high water
From the roofs or trees
And while the wind stopped
A clear an empty space
By effects remain.
Or while by any come-back 
The winter around
In sort or strongly strike—
Again, flying the snow 
Apiece, without of course—
Again flying the snow potted
Fill over streets—over roofs
Over the trees…
And may be snow-less indeed
The terrain.


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Tears dying on my cheeks
Song ringing in my ears
Sobs still hiccuping in my chest
Eyes still softly leaking tears.
But there will be a happy ending
There will be a brighter day
There will be sunshine on my shoulders
And sweeter things to say. 
I will have a place where I belong
And friends who will keep in touch
I'll have a brighter future
And promises will mean much.
I will somehow make it through this
Even if I have to walk alone
But I'll make it; I'm almost there
Somehow, I'll make it home.

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As individuals in this present space and time
We travel valleys of the dammed
And are expected at the same time 
To enjoy and observe very closely the amenities within.

The only true knowledge an individual can expect 
From the adventures I am speaking about 
Is to travel the depth of this education 
And to recover from such a depth without losing identity.

The reward of such an adventure
And still recognize the identity within
Is the greatest of all.

Being the person that we are 
And exploring all avenues as we do
We have had to encounter the ultimate heights
As well as the devasting lows.

However my admiration you do hold at its attention
And this you know
The ingredients of my admiration
Only you can unlock...within our journey.

The space and distance between you and I 
Are always fulfilled with admiration of the other one
And self love within.

When space and time have to be shared with individuals
A label has to be attached
It becomes known in a category as companions.

The ecstasy of all companions is for the chooser to choose
The amenities within our companion varies each day
Therefore the true identify of oneself has to remain.

The degree of understanding also has a limit
That limit is what provides avenues
It is ones decision as to that degree of limitation.

This is why companions become a part of our lives
As an individual or kept at a distance.

I truely believe the attention we both have shared
And the reflection I gather 
Even from a distance
Assists the movement of time
And to me this is the ultimate height 
Without the agony of fear.

The releasment of all expectations
You do have the gift to bring out in me
As well as I have with you.

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Young Mother

There is emptiness in my heart, I want to be loved unconditionally and true,  
There is no one to hold me or always be here...
 A child of my own will ease my fears, I let myself say...
 A love of my own flesh and blood, a baby of my very own, one who will love me 
No matter what and will be with me always... 
Now this life is growing in my young womb, 
I am only sixteen and reality has set in.... 
So many questions I never had before, worries on my mind more and more.
 I am so all alone, how could this be? 
Where is the father of my child to be? 
No money or home for my child and I to go... 
I am sad and scared and no one evens knows... 
I am his mother, the only way for him to survive,
Now that it's too late I ask myself why?
 A child myself, I break down and cry. 
I was naive and selfish and too young to understand.
My freedom has been stripped from me and my future is gone, 
My baby and I have nothing to rely on...
 So I strive to provide all that he needs as I go without so my baby can eat. 
I am forced to grow up, my hopes and dreams disappeared, my childhood is only 
a memory, I fear...
The love for my child is more than words can say and strong until the end...
But I miss my inner-child, my hopes and dreams, my youth and me...
My only best friend.

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I Just Gotta Tell You

I just gotta tell you 
about this man I know

How He follows me around
where ever I go

I don't even mind much
cause I love Him so

This is how
my story goes

Once I was lost
but then was found

His voice that of an angel
Lifts me from the chains of hell

I know He'll alway's be right by my side
Even if I'd gone off and have died

I give thanks to the Lord above
Wishing I could ride on His winged doves

I'd shout from His highest mountains
And tell it to the world over and over again

How much this guy means to me so
As I etched His name across the snow

Jesus Is the only one for me
Once you feel His love too 
you'll surely agree

Tribute To The
Holy Spirit

Also Next Song In The Makings

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In Days OF Old

In days of old, as nature's dust laid heavy upon the unexplored land...
As life's untameness bearing it's suffering........
Among all those about....

When deep laughter, became lost within...
When life 's survival lay within actions of other's hands...

When life's uncertainities were.......
Unknown mysteries of living times.

When man's decisions weighing between life or death.....
Binding his soul.....One of which he, himself and God only knew....

Hath, in reality man changed time?......
Or hath time really changed man?....

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"A Lesson"

No, you don't understand me man
you don't take a look to see
you're blind from where you stand
I know it's you and not only me
you never take your time
you think it'd be a waste
look at me I turned out fine
see how I'm in your face
hear the things I got to say
they might just help you out
maybe then you'll find a way
to stop whining and moaning around
I really got some respect for ya
cause you're young and you question why
so let this be a lesson to ya
why I'm gonna teach ya how to survive...

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Beautiful in My Eyes

Dedicated to my teacher, who has helped me more than she'll ever 

When the world denies your hard work 
Refusing your wisdom in years,
Please, just remember what I’m saying,
Please don’t cry any tears. 
People will try to bring you down
No matter what you do
But know this, these words I say,
‘Cause you and I know they are true.
Your hard work has helped me this year
I wouldn’t be who I am without you
This life I live right here and now
Is possible because of what you do.
You encourage my hopes and all my dreams
And help me reach my goal
I wouldn’t be me without you
These seeds, I wouldn’t be able to sow.
You have helped me learn how to write
In fact, you taught me yourself
Whether you’ve realized it or not, 
You’ve helped me become myself.
I can’t imagine eighth grade without you
It’s been a wonderful year
I can’t believe I’m now saying good-bye
And beginning to hold back tears.
I know how you try to be perfect
At least  some of the time,
You like to do everything you can
To help me find a rhythm or a rhyme.
And life isn’t always perfect
In fact, it rarely is
It’s often so sudden and indistinct
It feels like a giant pop quiz.
But no matter where life takes you,
No matter how bad you may want to cry,
Remember these words that I’ve said to you
And know that you’re beautiful in my eyes.

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Mama Told Me

mama tell me the story again
for I know my redeemer liveth 
and walketh upon his higher ground in graceland
let there be peace on earth mama
as we kneel and pray beside
this old rugged cross
let's celebrate new life
and sacrifice to be born again
mama what a friend we have in jesus
for he makes us feel complete
as I get a second chance
thru devotion
my lord I was made to worship you
as I need thee every hour
for morning has broken
and I'm free to be me
for this too shall pass
as christ the lord is risen and
now watches over my family
for I know lord you are thy healer
who can take it all away
so mama turn your eyes upon jesus
as awesome is the lord most high

Tribute To
Christ Our Lord
Also Next 
Gospel Song In Making

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Peace Motion

Nagasaki and Hiroshima, power has a lesson,
A person is intelligent a lesson is a fashion.
Hitler was a ruler what did him right and wrong?
I can rule over the world he has main attraction.

German learn a lesson they smashed down a wall,
East and west come together to condemn his action.
Jews were burnt alive but they didn’t learn a lesson,
Is Israel learning something Palestine has a creation?

Japan has learnt a lesson he has economic power,
A sign of patriotism everyone knows that nation.
When two nations are fighting a power sells power
US army lost thousands Vietnam what has a lotion?

Iraq divided into two nations when Britain was ruler,
Iraqi dictator claimed a war to capture his portion.
But world condemn this action attacked on Baghdad,
Hong Kong is a part of China they have peace motion.

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What would you do

What would you do?
If no one  was in love with you,
Tell me would you cry?
Or would you rather just die?
I’m asking you,
What would you do?
If all that you had
was just a single grain of sand,
Tell me would you try,
to build an empire.
Just to have her back again,
and love her till  the end.
I’m asking you,
What would you do?
If all that’s in your way
was a mountain of clay,
Then would you climb,
to the other side.
Just to see her pretty face
at the start of every day.
I’m asking you,
What would you do?
If she put her heart up for grabs
tell me would you be the man,
To take and hold it tight,
and guard it with your life.
So that you could say,
“I’ll be with you everyday.”
What would you do?
Yeah, what would you do?
If she whispered I love you,
would you yell I love you to.
Because I’ll tell you son,
Just what I should have done.
When she was still with me
I should have treat her like a queen,
But I didn’t know,
That girl could hurt me so.
For when I told her goodbye,
she simply walked out of my life,
And I miss that girl,
To me she meant the world.
Now I search night and day
for the love I threw away.
Lord I’m on my knees,
and I beg you please,
won’t you bring her back to me.

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A Direct Hit

Do you have something about me?
What do you mean about a word free?

Is that a meaning I can abuse to anyone?
Or I can force my attitudes only for fun.

Freedom means I need to compare others,
To identify them as they are brothers.

To gain respect to treat them politely,
To defeat them slightly to act as brightly.

Is that fair to exploit others for a benefit?
Is it achievement to kick them a direct hit?

Believe me or not, explain me or not,
A matter is a matter for a best shot.

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"Porkpie Jones."

Porkpie Jones has brittle bones, and crusted corn-filled toes,

And sleety eyes and bulgy thighs, and brillo pad elbows,

His underarms are typical farms, and reek a barnyard smell,

Its quite the place for creepy, crawly, parasites  to dwell,

The ample dirt in his ears and on his head has just began to harden,

There's so much dirt on him everywhere, he could grow a flower garden,

The birds fall quickly from the sky, whenever he starts to speak,

His teeth and gums are as black as coal, and all his bone joints squeak,

He trips when he walks, spits when he talks, and spills everywhere when he drinks,

Three triple Dagwood sandwiches to him are a light snack, his decorum and etiquette 

The ground shakes when he takes a step, and cars fly when he sneezes,

And he feels free to dine and snack on anything he pleases!

The sight of water gives him chills, and soap will make him screech,

He can't fit in his bathtub, so he bathes at the beach,

Porkpie dives into his drinks, and scorns the use of cups,

And when he falls, some will laugh, but the ground starts cracking up...

He's never been able to touch his toes, he can't reach any farther than his hips,

When he bends over, its always a treat to experience a total eclipse,

His home is in disarray, it needs improvement,

Porkie Orlivander Jones scorns unnecessary movement,

He's absolutely clueless, on how to close the gate,

Or feed his starving fish, or wash his every dish,

Or vacuum his entire floor, where dust mites romp and roam,

Or change his heaping can of trash thats nearly large as Nome,

Loads of bills that he won't pay, coat his table tops,

He puts his Suitcase in his closet, right next to the lamb chops,

Porkpie never was that bright, in school he was a tease,

In fact I think his grades were so low, that he would get straight Z's!

Well we all can learn a lesson here, I'm sure that all is known,

That we must keep our appearances neat, and always brush and scrub our feet,

And be respectful when we eat, or we could all end up like Mr. 

Porkpie Orlivander Alowicious  Alexander GianCarlo Markowitcz Jones!!!!!

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Why does it take the unexpected for me to feel connected?
Gods the architect, He designed it, I reflect it. 
Flip the coin of life and death,
One side Emotion the other intellect, 
Human trial and error, then progress.
It’s a domino affect.
We grow, 
Some are silent, others shine like Ultraviolet. 
I am sunlight and purple pain,
Wrist bound by misery’s chains.
I see,
We all stereotype it’s the truth,
We got deep roots and bad habits 
woven into the souls fabric,
It’s hard to manage, everyday’s a challenge.
I got to find balance.
Destroy system taught, polluted Thoughts,
Cut out the worlds poison, and burn the wound with Salt. 
Were all cut from the same Cloth.

My Truth:
Ignorance is not an Excuse.

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The wintertime came vigorous, fall in torn
rivers, trees, hills by snow spacing white
boots let imprints stepped across trails
roofs in split white water crystal Villages
masses and sight snow shown as term
Thanksgiving thou Christmas ritual it eras –

Folks made balls and struck targets wherever
sculpt figured of statues’ chart in precious
skaters sped brash in snow-hill roads
Outlaw drunk water-crystal melts in grass.

Drivers saw naught at windshields, at feet
headlights up reach tiny space snow falling                                                                               
roads, the heinous nights induce the minds
roads’ and transit-line sign up coating
Of snow, who can fallow it?
Up hit by shovel roads pull up thy eyes.  

Deers south for grass foods lost up ground
coat-ice floors-snow became the terrain
And ice fishiest regions’ build-up.

Spring came lit, grants ripen the Villages
but, not bodies wanna steps by melting ice 
while’ snow sight gone we knew the place
and each thing pass-off regress nature way
The rains hitting, and buds sprouting anew! 

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The peacock with spread-out plume,
Dances to Nature's tune,
The sun's fadeless glow,
The monsoon's rainbow, 
Isn't our Nature,
Very spectacular?

The preaches of the priests,
They themselves don't practice! 
The teachers teach, 
A mere printed speech!
Mother Nature expresses,
What she really is! 

Nature is wiser than the wisest----
Of  the Nobel-laureates.
Read no books,
Experience how Nature looks!
She is a better teacher,
Than a priest or a schoolmaster!!

(In Indian subcontinent the 
verb 'preach' is many a times
 used as 'noun'.)

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Heavy on the lips
Soft on the tongue
Innocence fleeting
Wasted on the young
Touched by an angel
Struck by men
Never to find you,
Or who you are again
The silence that stretches
Toward eternity
Something can be said
For being set free
Feeling so old
And fragile and weak
Your voice can be heard
But not words you speak
Remembering days
Of forgotten hours
Spent chained within
Your safe ivory tower
The way home is seen
As the aging begins
And all is forgiven
All forgotten sins
The road toward freedom
The path toward right
Is finally found 
Within the dark night

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Remove Tension

How much you can eat?
Over eating is a defeat,
You can’t work for long,
Your tommy is as a bowl.

How much you can smoke?
Lungs can’t pay hard walk,
Do you want to live in dirt?
Why is your mind so blurt?

How much you can drink?
Normality can looses its link,
What do you want to learn?
If alcohol has reversing burn.

Eat it what do you want?
Keep fit to climb a mount,
Life isn’t so easy to live,
All is short if you have.

Use it what do you want to use?
Keep distance if you can’t refuse,
Dirty things has a painful lesson,
A life can’t wear all fashion.

If a mistake is a cost of Life,
Before to admit ask your wife,
You and she has a share,
Find a way what is fair?

How long a man can carry?
Overload has much worry,
Do you want to remove tension?
Use your mind that a lesson.

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A life burn

Do you like to write without a theme?
Without milk can you get a cream?
Can you build a tower without a beam?
Is it a matter if engine works without stream?

What subject would you like to choose?
When someone is travelling in a cruise,
When weather is rainy and tired are strong,
Clouds have thunder and flashing without fuise.

When a person is struggling to lead a boat,
He is nervous and wandering without a coat,
He fights to save others and didn’t care for him,
If he shall die for a good cause we shall salute.

If he shall leave others alone for a fight,
If he will jump alone in everyone’s light,
How do you think when all want to live?
If he saves others and kills himself is it right?

When a danger comes all have to run,
Ignore to everyone without a life burn,
What is that when a person prefers himself?
Everyone likes to enjoy straight without turn.

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Dialing In

That engaging voice rings out through the dark
Percolating between bands on the air
Soaring antennas pulse his festive spark
To share his diversion of solitaire

Nestled within promotional urges
Hidden behind that bombardment of sound
Charisma propels his karmic surges
Lifting his influence up from the ground

I bask enthralled within that merriment
As I dial in to win concert tickets
He offers up comfort most relevant
While defeating those tittering crickets

In my young mind I ponder my free will
As I scan future's potential for me
If only I sharpened my emcee skill
My meager voice could expand past the sea

Sojourning over vast hills and valleys
I launch my quest to fulfill distant dreams
Trouncing over boulevards and alleys
With eyes wide open to evade bleak schemes

Every open door now slams in my face
While laughter chases down those marble halls
Dial in massive resolve as I erase
Balance-sheet junkies hiding in those walls

I long for real talk to reach my people
Businessmen wholesale their spirits for cash
That iron tower serves as my steeple
For conquering bright minds in just a flash

So I dial in to the college station
That refractory refuge on my wave
Instead of drowning in dour frustration
Those substantial watts would pump me to rave

Panic shifts to diligence on my show
Where you will always find relevant songs
I hone my craft until I can bestow
That remote rapport that justly belongs

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The Ten Commandments

We will have no other gods before you
We will worship you alone, adore you
For you're a jealous God
And we love you Lord
So we obey and give our selves to be yours
We won't take your name, O God, in vain
But our purpose is to praise and proclaim
And the Sabbath Day
We'll keep it holy
We'll assemble ourselves with your saints
We will honor our mother and father
So we will live long and our lives will prosper
We will not kill
We will not steal
And we will not commit adultery
We won't tell a lie against our neighbors
We won't sow discord among our laborers
Because we love them
We will not covet
The things that you have freely given to us

And these are written in our hearts
Not on tables of stones
Through the Spirit of the Lord
When he refreshes these dry bones
He shows mercy to the children
Yes, to thousands of them
Those who love God above all else
Are those who will obey Him
And we will obey Him, we will obey Him, we will obey Him
Because we love Him, we will obey Him
We will love God above all

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Nerdy Disease

This nerdy disease will bring me to my knees eventually
When all the hours spent have finally added up
I’ll have no other choice than to give up in life
This total lack of rest
Spent studying for a test
Is slowly leaving me weakened with time
All just a self-destructive pursuit to feed my mind

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What I Say I Am

Am I what I say I am,
When I try to win that woman? 
When you try to win that man-?
Am I what I say I am?
They'll be won the conversation
Of the hid-den man.   (Chorus)

The hidden man's of the heart
When you're searching that's where you start
Don't just look at the physical appearance
Beauty is vain and could serve as a hind'rance...

Love at first sight isn't always smart
With time and patience real love imparts...

A since of security, they're friends indeed
Learning to be sensitive to each other's need...

(Excerpt from a rap I wrote in 1993)

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A Guide

I hear you, nothing turns over a night.
I have patience and then what is fight?
How long can I wait if you are serving?
Who comes over me and what is this bite?

They are close you, you are caring them,
But you never think a system isn’t bright.
It is a matter of justice and equality,
How can I stop you are robbing in a day light?

Look at me, my fight is only for food,
You always ignore me and flying as a kite.
Your death is also a guide for my poor nation,
You crushed me and my visionary sight.

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First One Out

I’m on the right side of the wall,

You would think I had it all.

I am grateful, don’t get me wrong,

Now out of here, I’ll soon grow strong.

Got my wish, am on my way,

My plan today’s, to stay away.

Will do my best, to follow through,

Be productive, and have fun too.

This is it, a new beginning,

My only goal is to come out winning.

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The perching birds, in the branches sing,
Some are killed by atrocious hunting,
The observers bewail, the fellow-mates mourn,
A poem blooms by Nature’s inspiration. 

Buried in the seed a plant little, 
Obeying the Nature’s laws subtle,
Sprouts the seed to the call of the Sun,
A poem blooms by Nature’s inspiration.

Steady flows the stream, the brook babbles,
The blooming flowers, spread fragrance in the ambience,
The changing skies of the changing season,
A poem blooms by Nature’s inspiration.   

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Preaching On The Corner

Here I stand on this corner, with my bible in hand.
   Trying to share Gods word as best I can.
Seems no one’s interested, they don’t want to know.
   Do they know about salvation, or where they’ll go.
If I could only get them to stop, maybe look my way.
   I just want to share with them what the Lord has to say.
Well Lord shall I try another corner or will it be the same.
   Sometimes it makes me wonder why Jesus even came.
 Would He die upon that cross if He could see us today?
   Or would He throw His hands up and simply walk away?
He’s given us a gift but we mock it with shame.
   Why the looks of contempt when you mention His name.
People think you’re weird when you say you love our Lord, and Savior.
   Think you’re some kind of a nut, with a mental behavior.
But you know what I don’t really care what they say.
   Cause I’m going to get out there and preach and pray just any old way.
I’m gonna tell them about Jesus, maybe I can plant that seed.
   Hand them a bible, for it’s the water for that seed, John 3:16 is the verse they 
need to read. 

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I Don't Need It!

I’m at my wit’s end
The molecular formulas
the electron configurations
are killing all sensations of living that I ever had
A seemingly unbeatable force
backed by that foe from the East
as he manipulates and propagates this vicious cycle of ill-instruction
in which he tests the knowledge of that which is never taught
I find myself caught in this trap
I’m wrestling with pages of notes
all while in desperate need of a nap
Why do I need to know how oxygen bonds to carbon
in order to diagnose an illness?
Or in order to tell if a bone is broken or not?
I don’t!
That’s just it!
All of this mindless, structural knowledge, I don’t need it!
Once I’m in the true school of higher-learning,
where I’ll get the real tools to future success
I’ll forget it all
in order to learn what I really need to know
so that I may help my fellow man

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Self-destructive pursuit of life-long goals,
is how the story unfolds
Late nights,
gradually becoming early morning habits
Mental strife,
Accepting dedication and work instead of a social life
This exhaustion is a product of my own determined concoction 
An evil easily accepted if success results frequently
Though it may shorten length of life,
Though it may decrease overall happiness for the time being,
Eventually it will pay off,
and I shall be happier than any king

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Broken Rules

They call it a crime, 

They make us serve time.

They make us all pay,

By serving day after day.

They say were all lost, 

That this is our cost.

Were all living a lie,

But it is finally time.

For these rules to be broken,

To take back what is mine.

It is in our best interest,

4 these rules to be broken,

We need to turn in our tokens, 

And say our good byes!

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Love the Earth

           Do not wait…
The sun to break its calm
The moon will not be safe
       …Keep peace

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Get a Place

My dad is little angry but mum is alright.
If they feel different don’t get so tight.
They love me very much that’s why,
They always measure what is my height?

Dad heart is pure consult me always free,
I respect for experience he has knowledge light.
Mum cares for my taste and for a fashion,
Her choice is wonderful and very bright.

They shared my pain and offered happiness,
Sometimes I have argument but they were right.
If partner is in a young age enjoyment is lot,
Money and degree can’t get a place might.

If children are in early age they grown up soon,
Grand will be ever happy in olden age fight.
A right time is a right time and bad time is bad,
Care for your time if you want to enjoy life kite.

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Willy-Fred, Willy-Fred

Willy, don't be silly...
As for Fred, check your head,
Once again, you got things
all wrong,
I wasn't writting poetry,
nor out to steal a song...
I do get the feeling,
Your disdain for me is strong,

That's okay,
I gotta say,
No loss in disbelief,
But don't question me,
Cause you don't know
If I were a lyrical thief,
What if I did write those
And held the copyright too,
And let others record them,
You think other, I might do?

So check out the copyright credits,
And wake me when you're through,
Cause as for your snide comments,
I've heard enough from you.

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Learn Somethin'

come here little girl, let me learn you a thing or two
livin' in the hood is a very hard thing to do
you gotta know the rules, how to move, never have a clue
never let'em know how you move, keep it true
true to yourself, to your square, where you at girl
respect yourself in any hood, hood respect girl
kept a lot of girls from geetin' raped where i'm at girl
when the devil play, it's no game, he attack girl
one girl mad cause her man want your phone number
you so bad every man wanna talk to you
chicks get jealous so they plottin' on your every move
what should you do? you by yourself and without a crew
rule number 2 keep some mase or some pepper spray
rule number 1 is keep a gun but she played it safe
she massed her in the face and showed her what suppose to taste like
the girl pulled out a knife and cut her stomach by the waistline
know she on the floor cryin' with the evidence
but what she didn't know was that the pretty girl was preganat
learn somethin', learn somethin', listen little girl let me learn you a thing or two
learn somethin', learn somethin', livin' in the hood is very hard thing to do

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Taras Shevchenko

Taras follows me—

wherever I go, giving such 
inspiration, consent and dares me to speak 
out my mind; encouraging me 

to search for freedom, thru my 
thin voice, against the treacherous tactics 
of life.  Again and again, he’s 

speaking in a finest manner 
and as I talk to him he turns me not away. He stands 
amidst the trees. His eternal throne—

the park of Kyiv’s wisdom, where I love hanging 
around, waiting for the great red bell chimes. And, 
as always, as I pick the yellow caterpillar 

with two lights on to bring me home 
from a day’s travel, I see him nodding in silence, while 
hospitable hands wave in the wind.  Now I see 

his face no more, but 
everyday I feel him and hear his voices. His voices—
in the praises of my peers, in the psalms of 

my neighbors and of the people of the streets,
in the whirs of the birds and in the twitches of the fishes, 
in the smiles of the flowers and of the tares, 
in the sound of the rivers, of the seas, 
and of the mountains, too. He’s a friend I owe this life, 
urging me on—

to sow duds of thought, to bloom near a placid stream.

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Conviction Of A Poet

Not wanting to carry my own chair
Yet, for sure somewhere out there
Someone, behind the scene, likes my poetry
Not by its message, nor by its poetic artistry
Perhaps, they just simply like it 
Some may not, or, even disagrees a little bit
Others may post comment……..bad or good
Still, I can accept, even if it’s rude

For without them, how can I learn?
To succeed, one needs others’ concern
This is what I’m trying to imply--
Myself, to fear, I must not comply

The arts of writing is not my cup of tea
It just happened that I discovered its beauty
Though, my skill, limited to basic conjugation
A barrier that I dare to tackle with emotion

So, aging brain is now addicted to write
Not because it senses the waiting termite
But, for the sake of recording my identity
To be wrapped in words, for others to see

For when the whispering wind blows its last
At least, I’ve no regret, for someone will cast
The priceless treasure, I left, from the mind
From blood to blood, it‘ll always be mine

And for the meantime, I’ll keep on writing 
…love, hate, friendship and all sorts of things
That’s burning inside me…..
Great or not, how does poet’s mind works?  


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My Past

I refuse to drown in the happenings,
Of perhaps, sordid days, long spent.
For things filed "past" i cannot change,
So they lurk causing me to lament.

My past I liken to a "read only" file,
Where is stored both my days and deed.
Knowing the bothersome can't be removed,
I attempt to cover it with beneficial seed.

But no matter my depth of interment,
Or that from thoughts I've tried to ban.
Satan somehow manages to dig them up,
And stands ready with his watering can.

A Thought
If my past wasn't the teacher
From which I learned the most.
Then in life, I would consider myself failing.

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A Person can Learn

A person can learn,
Through his eyes.
Through his ears,
Through his tongue.

A person can learn,
Through his knowledge,
Through his experience,
Through his dedications.

A person can learn,
Through his lies
Through his tries
Through his smiles.

A person can learn,
Through his discussion,
Through his appreciation,
Through his contribution.

A person can learn,
Through his willings,
Through his feelings
Through his healings.

A person can learn,
Through his divinations,
Through his relations,
Through natural creations.

A person can learn,
Through his divisions,
Through his multiplications,
Through adding subtract nominations.

A person can learn,
Through his behaviour,
Through his clavier,
Through his diver.

A person can learn 
Through his essences,
Through his menses,
Through his hunches

A person can learn,
When he needs,
When he feeds,
When he teased.

A person can learn,
When he walks,
When he talks,
When he mocks

A person can learn,
When he faces,
When he races,
When he traces.

A person can learn,
When he tears,
When he fears,
When he cheers.

A person can learn
From up and downs,
From different crowns,
From different mourns.

A person can learn,
If he is willing to learn, 
If he has jealous burn,
If he wants a turn.

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And the rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air; gave proof through the night that 
our flag was still there.  
                  HOLD UP!  WAIT A MINUTE!  QUESTION!  
Whose rockets?  whose bombs bursting in air?  Was that really the proof for 
letting me know that my flag was still there?  RED, WHITE & BLUE how untrue 
those are the colors that they gave you. Was it a sign of help or victory?  We need 
to know these things so we can plant our seed.  "Cause see, they have a plan 
now humpf, do we?   Even after all these years we still let them cause us nothing 
but blood, sweat, and tears.  Why do we continue to let them conquer and divide 
now we won't unite not even to save our own pride.  Wit' everyone out fo' self tryin' 
not to help one another just in order to get ahead of each other.  Now, my brother 
that's no way we should treat one another.  We look alot alike more than we want 
to believe but yet in still we let them others misconcieve our youth, our future and 
our tomorrow in which they see their sorrow and that's why they wanna' borrow 
our minds, genes. roots oh, and skin color too!  I mean what in the hell do you 
think is the use of a tanning booth?  I'm provoked, I'm mad and I'm 
frustrated 'cause I can't believe how I'm being hated on in this day and time only 
thing it's by my own  kind. Damn!  I think I need a hit to unwind.  Naw, but for real 
let's keep this legit because I didn't come here to wine, dine, or bs the idea of us 
still being held back in time by violence, money, sex and drugs.  Now hold up lil' 
dude you know nothing about being a real thug.  You see, they can't control us 
physically anymore so they are raping us mentally and using the front door of our 
youth tryin' to keep them held up in a booth like superman with all these new 
rearranging plans coming from the man without a helping hand.  Tearing down 
schools, messing with the elderly and messing up recreation too.  Now what in 
the hell are my black kids suppose to do.  Lift every voice and sing, we need to 
teach our blacks more about Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and that brotha' 
Raheem. 'Cause you  see all Black men are kings and the day will come for 
them to hide because the black man, he will have a new sense of self pride 
especially with his black Queen at his side.  Facing the rising sun of our new day 
begun let us march on til victory is won.  

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My Cerification

I've worked hard to have my franchise 
I am surrounded by bleach blondes with green eyes 
I was no homecoming king, I received no coronation 
Please take a stab at my certification 
I don't study the existence of life 
I am a working man, no time for a wife 
My certification is not a Biologist 
No study of the mind, I am not a Psychologist 
I've gone to the school of hard knocks 
My business covers many city blocks 
Every night is a celebration 
I have yet to tell you my certification 
I don't like Dinosaurs, I am not a Paeleontologist 
I can't put anyone in a trance, I am no Hypnotist 
My education is from up and down the streets 
I am not on doughnut patrol, I don't walk a beat 
I am definitely not into Claymation 
Are you still in suspense about my certification? 
I am no womanizer looking for a tryst 
You can scratch an actor off your list 
I am no Polar Bear coming out of hibernation 
Soon I will reveal my certification 
I am not into sports, I am no Analyst 
My work is tax free, I don't have to deal with the I.R.S 
I have no fruit baskets on a sofa, I am not a Psychiatrist 
I will now tell you, I am a Pimpologist 
Now that you know, keep in mind how much dough I make 
No cheap wine, no pot pies, just champagne, shrimp and steak 
Constant growth, all women are welcome to become part of an industry leader 
Most of my women come from men who are wife beaters 
I hook my women up with my patented 201k plan 
I am the CEO, I am the man 
5-2-9 can give you my specifications 
5-2-9 helped me achieve my certification

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A Person

If a person is smart,
Everyone has a loving heart,
If a person is ugly,
Nobody cares his part.

If a person is wise,
His markings are surprise,
If a person is dull,
He makes temper rise.

If a person is honest,
He is polite and feels best,
If a person is a cheater,
He lost his name in a list.

If a person is hard worker,
Everyone honours him fur,
If a person is idle,
Everyone pushes him far.

If a person is talkative,
He is always active,
If a person is quiet,
He is nice impressive.

If a person is a carer
He serves always fairer,
If a person is selfish,
He is a handy darer.

If a person is lover,
He never misses a shower,
If a person has hate,
He has jealous coward.

If a person is friendly,
He is dealing quietly,
If a person is rude,
He is cooperative hardly.

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shades in shadows

Hello again
magic maze rustling in the darkness 
at the corners of my stinging eyes
is this another choice of turns or 
am I meant to slide along this warm soft wall
Is that a hint of familiarity thrumming 
through a non existent groundless swell
Or just a rush of sudden hope 
to leave a wake to follow are 
all these swirling twirls
just empty winds of fate 
am I yet again too late
 or is this wisp of energy  a thread
A thunder in my head 
a soft caress 
from other blood that bled 
and coursed through 
other nights than these
 and now vainly reaches out or in 
to please 
I close my eyes and try to see 
as cymbals tin inside my ears
 I icy reach inside my selves 
encircling arms into
deeper darkness 
and try to guide 
 falling feeling 
into soaring flight
Through ever twisting fate. 
I’ve been in here before
and met myself returning
 with ever constant yearning 
to learning all the woven ways 
the larger and the lesser turns 
and twists of  late and early greeting 
hello out there 
dark lady fair 
wouldst care to share
this maddening 
ever fleeting

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Wings and dice the way of life

If only they new that
they would die they
reach for their 
stars instead 
of him and he 
would look down 
upon them. 
Making one cry, 
making one sigh 
why oh why did he do 
this to me? 
letting one fall and
breaking apart, 
not knowing 
they did it to 
Oh why did they 
do this painting with 
a brush over the 
sky never looking 
up to say 
who did that, or why?
Foolish thoughts ones 
say Making it seem
wrong in their 
youthful days 
what's wrong? Whats right? 
Is it a dream 
or just another light? 
Does it make sense? 
They say why do this 
and not do that when
at the same time 
they turn their backs. 
Is it confusing sometimes? 
Or is it just
those who cant find 
the time? 
Making them
sigh again wondering 
what better to give
when not wanting to 
cry when they know it
shows fear in ones eyes. 
Keeping it in 
until one day they 
let it all go like a 
river that goes, 
and flows, 
and flows. If only 
they new that they 
could live 
changing their lives 
just a little bit. 
Reaching for their 
minds instead of their 
Foolish desires ones say, 
true says another When 
they themselves cant 
help oneself. 
lieing in their own 
faces thinking they 
know it all when they 
cant realize 
they don't because 
they're stupid and 
blind of their own 
foolish thoughts 
and desires.   
But men sitting 
on ice they say what 
a wonderful thing 
they say but i say 
icicles slicing their 
stubborn lips, and 
thorns with poison 
burning their tongues 
with dew drops behind 
the sun. Sounding like 
pebbles splashing in 
water were nobody knows, 
were nobody goes because 
its unseen to ones 
naked eyes only the 
pure of heart can 
see it. were lemon 
drops grow sweeter 
then life making sugar 
taste bitter and cold. 
The rusty old car sitting 
in vines were ones used 
to look and say wow 
look i wish that were 
mine, but know undefined.
Ones weakness ones 
fame ones gray head of 
wisdom like the snow 
on the mountains 
peek looking over 
our shoulders saying 
take these wings 
and dice and fly.

By: Alicia Campos