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Road to Success

The road to success is a long and winding one
One where its roads can lead you to some dark and testing times
One road north 
One road south

The west to east pathway is one of stability 
Built of concrete designed to bring you calm 
The road never ends
Yet it begins for everyone

I’m now talking to the risk takers and blood raisers
Fear is our adrenaline addiction 
We need to suffer – it is a drug
Rewards of effort – Promise-land! 

Break free the shackles of normality 
Stand out and begin to fail
Be different
Be you.

Copyright © Stephen Mantle | Year Posted 2014

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Legend of the Red October Run

Dedicated to the 2000 National College Football Champions, the Oklahoma Sooners 


Over fifty years, boy and man, I’ve been a Sooners fan
Watched and reveled in their glories, every one;
But there’s no more glorious “Sooner Magic” 
Than the Red October Run.

The new millennium's first football season,
Excited Sooners fans’ hopes did soar.
They had tasted victory in Bob Stoops’ first year;
Now, they wanted - no, expected - even more.

There was a glint of promise in Bob’s eyes,
Strength and confidence in his every word.
“Our Team has shown improvement”, is what he said;
“We’ll win!” is what fans heard.

By September’s end, the Sooners were 4 and O,
A “cupcake schedule” some anxious fans would say;
Twenty-two days in October would rule their destiny.
Texas, K-State, Nebraska, the teams they’d have to play.

“OU’s October is a gauntlet”, said ESPN;
“Play #10 and #2 and #1…and win”?
So, on a rainy Saturday morning in Dallas,
The Red October Run would begin.

The Texas State Fair at the Cotton Bowl,
Fans were welcomed by Big Tex.
They screamed, “Go OU!” and “Hook’em Horns!”;
But none could imagine what happened next.

Heupel was a dominating General;
The Sooners Offense, his relentless troops.
Calmus and the Defense assured a total rout,
The Coach of the Day was Bob Stoops.

Sooners fans were wild, delirious with glee;
But Bob seemed focused and sedate.
“We’ll enjoy this victory Sunday;
Then Monday, we’ll prepare for Kansas State”.

No time to revel in the Glory, #2 was tough.
Better than the Huskers?  The possibility was real.
The road to #1 went through Manhattan,
And the Sooners would have to win it on the field.

The sportscasters had a field day.
Last year’s “coaching coup” was news again.
Beasley versus Heupel was “The Match-up”.
Could Heupel evade K-State’s awesome defense 
   and find a way to win? 

Again, Heupel and his troops met the challenge;
And as the Sooners “D” assured a hard fought win,
Every Sooners fan’s heart was stirred.
Could our Sooners be “Big Red” again?

Mighty Nebraska, #1, was coming to Owen Field.
“Biggest OU - Nebraska game in years!” Corso said.
It would be 1 versus 2, a heralded gridiron epic
For the coveted title of…”Big Red”.

It was OU’s biggest home game ever.
The campus was alive with vendors and would-be 
   ticket buyers.
Every Sooners Fan’s heart was pounding.
Could the smell of #1 stoke the Sooners' fires?

The Huskers struck so quickly.
At 14 to nothing, Sooners fans were stunned.
It was shaping up to be a long, long day;
And it wasn’t going to be fun.

Quickly tho’, Heupel rallied his Sooners troops.
They scored and scored and scored again.
The Sooners “D” built a Wall at the 50,
And would not let the Huskers in.

Winners, the Sooners ran and jumped with glee.
Fans flooded Owen Field, milling all around,
Praising and hugging their Sooners Heroes.
They even tore the goal post down.

Now #1, the Sooners had won it on the field.
Their preparation had been well taught.
Bob Stoops, all his great coaches and assistants,
Took pride in how the Sooners fought.

Someone once said, “Everyone loves a winner.”
Everywhere you looked confirmed it’s true.
OU flags fluttered.  Decals, hats, and clothes abound.
Come November, the Sooners and their Fans
    had been renewed,

There’s no slighting the importance of Red October.
The Sooners came together as a Team.
No doubt too, without “The Red October Run”
Their National Championship would still be just a dream.

For the next five games, it was simply unacceptable
For the Sooners to even think that they could fail;
And, tho’ Heupel played injured, they won the Big 12 Championship;
Great Sooners Defense had prevailed.

But no one gave these Big 12 Champs the slightest chance to win
Against the mighty Seminoles of Florida State.
The Heisman Trophy Winner was their quarterback
And their defense was touted to be great.

At the coin toss, Team Captain Torrance Marshall
Said to their quarterback in words most serious and sure,
“You took our boy’s trophy”.  Then he smiled,
“Now we’re gonna take yours”.

The Sooners “D” was everywhere and completely shut them down;
And, when Quentin Griffin’s touchdown closed the door,
Their quarterback knew that Marshall’s words rang true;
The not-so-mighty ‘Noles had not been allowed to score.

Yes, Bob Stoops and his Sooners knew the challenge:
To win Each game ‘til Every game’s been won;
Win for Sooners and their Fans the unchallenged right
To revel in the Glory of being #1.

Yes, my Sooners Team goes on and on,
Different faces, different names;
But these Sooners Champions will be well remembered
For the Season they won Every game.

Undefeated National Champions!
Before October, who would have ever dreamed?
Why, just last year, we didn’t even know the players' names;
And now, they’re College Football’s Greatest Team.

To overcome all adversity and rise to every challenge,
The reward for such a feat is being #1;
Their path to Glory born of a Sooners Legend
Called The Red October Run.


Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

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I cant read and write can somebody teach me,you tell young people like me that education is the key,I want it,I need it can somebody show me,theres a million things on my mind like who i wanna be but without education there is no me.Its been running heavy on my mind like 1+1 and 3×3 but a young person like me cant count because I been thuggin it out here in these streets,if i told you i was a mastermind would you believe me,right right is what they all say to me,Im not a dummie or a fool dont try to rule me because I dont have an education you think you can fool me.Education,education is what i hear from the hours of 6 to 3.My momma and my daddy keep preaching to me about "child go get an education and graduate for me,now that im in school there isn't a thing you can tell me,I can read,I can write wow I even know my abc's.Education is the number one thing you should have when tryin to survive in these streets because without that knowledge you will get ruined out here in these streets always remember that education is the key

Copyright © karisse stelus | Year Posted 2014

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three times our Lord Jesus to Simon Peter He did plea
do you love me ? do you love me? do you love me? feed my sheep
today the quality of those in leadership roles
has gotten lax and somewhat out of control
when I look at some of the black churches I am appalled
that they're not truly houses of worship they've become mating halls
dressing to impress, being seen and handing out business cards
all kinds of activities that don't line up with the word of God
leadership without love, leadership without godly respect 
it's no wonder that true worshipers of these places they do reject

to be in a role of leadership in the house of God
is to have a love for Him entrenched in your heart
but first you need to know how to Him communicate
to openly pray and speak to Him on a level that's intimate
for if you can't talk to God how will He know what's in your heart?
second a position of leadership should not be for sale
if you let someone buy in you'll have compromised and then 
you all might wind up in hell

it's not easy to be a leader in the church if you don't have true love for Christ
as much will be required of you as you're now a servant for life
feed my flock, tend my sheep, give my people the daily bread
Jesus said to Simon Peter for by the Holy Spirit they will be fed
do you love me? do you love me? do you love me? three times our Savior asked
for leadership without love will be a daunting and unfulfilled task
some in leadership roles  have forgotten why they were called
they've allowed worldly influences to come in which caused them to stumble and fall
they think that titles, positions and status in the church means
that they're above the Pastor and the members and can say and do anything
compassion and understanding with a godly intent
is not what they portray in how they respond and comment
they display no love for their fellow servants  they treat them with disdain
and you wonder why many leave the church for a true worshiper can not remain

to be a leader in the church is to be a loving servant of Christ
for leadership without love is not what Jesus sacrificed
Jesus loved us so much He was willing to wash our feet
Jesus loved us so much there was no sinner He wouldn't meet
with humility, compassion and all that God to Him did give
He gave His life as a sacrifice so that holy we now may live
leadership without love is a slap in the face to Jesus the Christ
for leadership without love wherein is the sacrifice?

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2010

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Leadership through trust

The smile of a child,trying to climb on his foot,
trusts the mother to hold on ,and that builds his youth.

the child as a youth moves on every possibility
trusting on his teacher and his reliability

Then the life takes the youth to the next level,
challenging his credibility and making him face hell.

Along with experience he learns the legacy,
that trust is more when there is intimacy.

Slowly by pace the trust grows cent by cent
with gradual involvement and engagement.

Then there's a task and a timeline to keep,
and he finds trust works very well in a partnership

And finally the task is achieved and a smile on his lips,
The glory is great ,and such simple is the skill of leadership.

Copyright © Biplab Mahadani | Year Posted 2012

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Anytime it comes by
Be there to acknowledge it
Can become discouraging
Do not let it go easy
Excellent result is expected
Fight the challenges that comes with it
Give it your best and sincerity
Hire more hands if need be
Innovation is the right word to any
Jobs that eventually emerges a success
Knowing you made an impact towards
Leading people to their promise land and 
Making them see a reason to do same
Never forcing them to do wrong
Or better still,do not lure them to fail
pursue the fact that you should practice what you preach
Que in line,u cant afford to jump just So that comments can be 
Reserved for reference purposes
Situations may arise and then you will stand corrected
Tarry and strive because you will be an hero
Until lifetime we will all remember your legacy
Loving and caring you are as we sing your song 
Visiting each day by day makes us 
Worthy of your presence in our midst and not like 
Xenophobia in our memories but as in our thoughts 
Yore you came in the picture and brought life opportunities we were 
Zealous and ready to conquer once and for all

Copyright © Roseline Olajide | Year Posted 2014

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Their Cries

Can't you hear the peoples cries? 
But, wait. 
Does it even matter to us? 
If we aren't the ones in distress?
Do we take the time to ask?
Or is that too much of a task?
Would we make a difference,
If we didn't worry about convenience 
And took time to comfort them?
Not to condemn
But to listen
Because it's time to take action
Their hearts are crying out
They're screaming out 
For ?love, for attention
They think they are done
With life, with everything
But this is just the beginning 
I'm done standing on the sidelines
Because there is a deadline
I don't want to be too late
We need to spread love into the hate
It's time to start
Speak to their hearts
Join me in this mission
It's time for you to listen
Because we're not done 
We need to help someone
Open your ears, and open your eyes 
Can't you hear their cries?

Copyright © Lindsay Owens | Year Posted 2014

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We are the Masters of the Seas

We are the Masters of the Seas:
Beyond the past, beyond the globe,
Beyond the glory, the disease,
Here lies our Way, intent, unprobed!

Who told you once – you ain’t the prince,
You ain’t the lord, ain’t your life Master?
And ain’t you ever felt that breeze
Forgiving previous disaster?

Yes, who you are and what you’re worth,
You are to blame and to admire!
Responsible for every loss,
For every life that’s put on fire!

And yet you are, to tell the truth,
That only one who’s been addicted
To fight for life - not rest in peace!
Your Destiny’s such way depicted…

Copyright © Slobodan Luchezarny | Year Posted 2015

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Men In Blue

City Police

There are countless episodes and sagas of the city police, the men in blue...
In their sacred duty to serve and to protect, they are  life heroes come true...

Everyday, at times and places undesigned, they deal with real life situations..
At such times, their training and discipline are called upon for the right solutions...

There are heartwarming incidences of the human side of the men in blue...
Such as the one who  uninvited, willingly helped a pregnant lady mow the lawn..

There are other episodes of small acts of human kindness performed any day..
Kind gestures that are delivered unasked to brighten each recipient for the day..

Even small gestures like helping many a feeble old ladies to cross a busy street..
Or some flustered housewife running ragged with children and their many needs...

No neighbourly requests are trivial, none too frivolous to a uniformed man in blue..
To protect and serve is his pledge to deliver once he is in that uniform blue..

Once in a while we are staggered when our reliable men in blue are endangered..
Helplessness and horror envelope us when some unexpected dangers put them under...

Officer down, officer down is one dreaded call to the centre they operate..
Flashing lights and wailing sirens rush in with high hopes they are not too late...

A routine pull over of a innocuous moving car for a minor traffic misdemeanour...
Can be but a prelude to  life changing moments  to any uniformed  man in blue...

Who could see, who could predict that fine morning when a fine man in blue....
Waves lovingly a goodbye to his family, to start a day at the office with nary a clue...

That this fated day is not one to forget ever the loved ones in his family..
If later, after a dreaded knock on the family door, there  stood some office buddies..

Those dreaded words, nightmarish in its simplicity, saying Ma'am, I'm sorry ...
Significant words that fail dramatically to negate the impact of a life lost in glory..

Life changing moments are part of their noble lives, executing their daily duties..
Many of such fine men, they serve the community up and beyond the call of duty...

City men in blue, each day at the office, may have to lay their lives on the line...
To protect and to serve, when the weak are trodden, men in blue come online..

Walking tall and disciplined, strong helping hands ever ready for the community..
This's my tribute, the city's finest citizens in blue at the service of the community..


Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2015

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Writers Block Kung Fu

When you don't know what to think
Don't think nothing
Let your mind wander
Until it becomes something

Unwind your focus
Loosen it's clasp
Hover from your focus
Float out it's grasp

Escape boundaries and limits
Discard boundaries and limits
Do away with them all
Leave no boundaries and limits

Look at the reality around you
Then imagine it as unrealistic as could be 
Let this technique guide you forward
And watch the writers block retreat 

The floodgates will open 
The paragraphs will flow with ease 
By using this kung fu
In your time of need

Copyright © Cortez Maurell Lewis | Year Posted 2014

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I watch the tumbling waters
and ever present ocean spray
upon the land sons and daughters
lift their hands in praise to pray

The earth is once again renewed
all things that harm are gone
all those who walk in Love conclude
they are where they all belong

In the zenith of the day
with skill their talents seek
gifts in men do show the way
the inheritance of the meek

The earth it’s riches freely gives
and the wolves dwell with the sheep
together calves and lion lives
no violence shall living keep

Gods love the face of nature shape
within exists no breathing thing to fear
those who do Gods war escape
will no more be shedding tear

A thousand years will Jesus reign
before Lucifer is released
imprisoned was he in Jah’s chain
for the keeping of the peace

And lead he will the final war
along with those deceived
from fire of God he’ll exist no more
and those who him believed

What is truth to finite man
who know within short time to stand
all know they live within the fall
and eternity imprinted upon us all

A child shall die an hundred years old
and the sinner will not escape
as all mankind is now God’s fold
and our choice will our future shape

sources Isaiah 11 & 65 Revelation 20

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC?

Copyright © Poetryof Providence | Year Posted 2015

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I am peace, I am the thunderous voices within that scream to you

Cry out to you and tell you not to harm another soul

They stem from the infinite connections we share

The love hat bonds every human being and every living creature together

As our loves grows so should these voices, from quiet whispers

To roars in a soundless night

I am peace, no longer do the wars rage inside my head

No longer am I limited by all my faults, mistakes, and ignorance

Now my smile hides no weary frightened little boy, I am a man

A man who looks at his world not as something to conquer and possess

But as something to defend and make beautiful for all my loved ones

So now I look to you little one, don’t conquer but defend

Don’t just remove the burdens from your shoulders and the chains from your feet

Untangle those chains and lay them straight so that they may not entangle the next man

Don’t create chaos where you go, leave a paved road for your sons to follow

This world should not be left as you found, make it better

Leave a legacy of greatness, not one of ill will and destruction

Our bodies fade, our memories fade, but the changes we make to this world are permanent

Don’t let a line of broken relationships or a list of petty deeds be the last memories of you

Go out an even greater person than you came in, with an even brighter spirit

When you leave this world go to your resting place with a smile

A smile so deep that no amount of decay can remove it from your face

Don’t just be what they expect you to be, be what you know you should

Go out not as just a boy but as a man

I am peace, therefore I am at peace… be at peace

Copyright © Harlan Cid Foster | Year Posted 2015

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Unbalanced system

“Unbalanced system”
This world is a tiring one-sided business affair
This thoroughfare is a one way road!
Nations jammed in the back roaring, this is unfair
Surrounded by deaf ears,
They endure their empty bellies and learn to bear
Gazed at by the worlds blind-eye, 
Children put to sleep under the canopy of mortality
Spectators globally, 
The millionaires and billionaires coax awareness
Expressing this cruel injustice in despair,
Failing to remember,
This “unbalanced system” is their concealed crafted fair. 
Anosha Zereh 

Copyright © Roya Zereh | Year Posted 2014

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To lead men
Is to be one with them
To be one with them
Is to be one with 
Their mind and heart 
And reason and emotion

To lead men
Is to build 
A-two-way bridge
Among all men
Of all sex and age
Of all culture and condition
To lead men
Is to listen to
The music within
To lead men
is to enjoy, share, promote
The ineffable melody
Present in everybody.

Copyright © Malick Kouyate | Year Posted 2007

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Hidden Inside

Hidden Inside

        The true person hidden inside 
holds your innate surreptious inner-most feelings,
	Your veracious thoughts and emotions
that you would never even tell a single living soul,
	Even possessing those things you
wouldn’t even tell the best of your friends,
	Your hopes, your goals, your ambitions,
and your interests no one may ever know about,
	Reveal the true person hidden deep inside,
crack open your shell and let your emotions be set free.

Travis “Ceijaeh” Klein

Copyright © Travis Klein | Year Posted 2016

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Tum auro ki bhanti chun sakte the shwet
Tumne chuna rakt-Ranjit
Tumahre paas bhi honth the
Chum sakte the komal adhro ko
Ragad liye honth tumne
Gaao ki maati me sulagti angithi par
Jab ghura fadfadati machali ki ankho ko
Bhang hua tap brahma ka
Jab chuma tumne shram vinduo ko
Halchal hui chir sagar me
Kaata jo tumne bhujang ko
Machal utha Shiv kaa aasan
Kaapi dharti, kaapa Bharat 
Jala jab laal pataka charam par
Tumhi JP,tumhi Anna,
Tumhra bhagat,tumahra Gandhi 
Ye rashtra ka Gaurav hai
ki tum rahtra k Pandav ho!

Copyright © shivam shahi | Year Posted 2015