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I Love You Son Poems | I Love You Poems About Son

These I Love You Son poems are examples of I Love You poems about Son. These are the best examples of I Love You Son poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse | |

O' Middle Child

O' middle child, dear son of mine, you have always let the others shine
All through the years, you have stood behind
---I want to say, I've noticed you  

Your sister's charms, of course, we knew...
And your brother's skills were multitude
But, my quiet child, though your words were few
---I want to say I've noticed you

While people cheered, and guitars were played,
 as your siblings sang upon the stage
You cheered them on with no restraint
---but, I want to say I've noticed you

Such wit and charm, a heart of gold, 
More generous soul, I've never known
A shoulder you will always lend
---a brother, friend until the end

I love you all, .....of course I do
I have watched you grow, each one of you
My quiet child, you are still the same
---you'll step aside from all acclaim

As parents now, all three of you
I am proud beyond the words I hold

My middle child, I hope you know, 
while you've always been a one to sow
a quiet gift to all you've known

---I want to say I've noticed you........



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I remember that night as if it were yesterday,
sitting and watching your chest moving rhythmically 
up and down as you took each breath.
Your face was that of tranquillity.
Your cheeks were scarlet from spending hours 
on the beach in the November wind. 
As your little eyelids began dancing in the moon lit room,
I couldn’t help but wish I was there in your dream.
The skylight allowed the moonbeams to shine down on you
and you were that night; my star.
I rushed to get my video camera to capture this rare moment.
Then sat there filming you, not wanting this serene moment to end.
Soon my son, you shall graduate from university.
So much has been lost since then, and the video?
Yet still when I close my eyes, I can see you there,
that warm feeling wells up once again in my breast, 
and that night has become one of the most 
treasured moments of my life.
It has been branded in my heart and soul forever.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans
Contest: A poem you have not entered in a contest #12
Poet Destroyer A

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A Christmas Conversation

Daddy, were you alive when Jesus was born?

No honey, he was born a long time ago, over 2000 years ago.

Where was he born Daddy?

In Bethlehem, a small town in the desert in a manger,

Whats a manger Daddy?

It's a place where they kept animals to feed them.

You see when Jesus was born the Inn was full, so 
they had to get Mary to a warm place to give birth to Jesus.
that was the only place they could go.

Daddy who is Jesus' Daddy?

God is his Father honey?

But who is Joseph?

The Chosen Father, who God chose to raise him, Mary's Husband

I don't understand Daddy!

God wanted a son, he could not have a son without Mary and Joseph's
help. God asked them both if they would help him, without even thinking
they said yes. God gave to them a great gift, God gave them Jesus.

At that moment God gave us all a great gift, He gave us the Son of Man.

The Son of Man Daddy?

Yes honey, you see God is not Man, not one you can touch, Jesus
was, he healed people who were sick, He showed people how to love God 
and how God loves them. There is one more important thing
I want to tell you honey.

What's that Daddy? Jesus did a coupla more things I think are 
important, there are many of course but two I like.

Go on Daddy!

Jesus taught us how to love without conditions, like the way I love you 
and you love me and your Mom and Brother. But how to love everybody
like that.  The most important thing is, is that he died because we humans
broke God's laws, which means we sinned. He died so God would
forgive us.

Wow Jesus really did love us didn't he Daddy...?

Yes he did baby, and the really good thing is he still does and always will.

Come on it's time for bed!

Not until I say my prayers Daddy!

How bout we Pray together tonight?

I'd like that Daddy!

So would I baby, so would I .

Jump up on my back and I'll give you piggy back ride!

I love you Daddy!

I love you too baby, I love you too.........

My Christmas wish is you all have Conversations like this with your 
kids. Trust me they bring tears of joy!

May God Bless you all this Christmas Season as he has Blessed me.

    From Mary, Josh, Shay and myself  MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR

                             With Love.....Taz

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Forever in My Heart (Aarons Song)

Sometimes I look around me
and I see an empty space
where you might be playing
a sweet smile on your face.
You might be calling out to me
asking me to play
and I would be there with you
and you would fill my day.

When bedtime comes I'd read to you
then before I tuck you in
I would open up my arms
and you would climb right in.
I would kiss your baby cheek
and tell you "you're my love".
I would hold you close to me
and thank the Lord above...

But then I look around again
and there's just an empty space.
No toys scattered on the floor
no shinning little face.
I'll never hear you call my name
or watch you as you grow
but you will always be with me
no matter where I go.

And I know there is a heaven
and I know that you are there
and you have a better life
than I could give you here.
Until I take my final breath
I will always pray
that through God's most precious gift
I'll be with you some day.

Then, I will take you in my arms
and hold you close to me.
Your laughter will ring in my ears
your smiling face, I'll see.
We will be together
my precious baby boy
and then the only tears I'll cry
will be ones of joy.

I hope that you can hear me
I have so much to say
and I never had the chance
since you left me that day.
For now I want to tell you
that I love you so
and I am so sorry
that you had to go.

If you could have stayed with me
my dream would have come true
and I know I would have done
anything for you.
And even though you went away
and we must be apart
I know you will always live
forever in my heart.

Details | Ballad | |

I'm Sorry

 im sorry ive caused you pain.
i thank you for sticking by me through everything.
and not giving up on me. i dnt no what
i would do if you had given up on me.
Im sorry ive lied to your face and you knew it,
but you still loved me the same as before.
so i thank you.
i dont know if i would be here with you if you had given up on me.
im sorry ive broken your trust over and over,
and you still wanna trust me.
i thank you again.
i dont know wat i would have done if you didnt trust me.
im sorry ive done things behind your back,
even though i promised you i would never do them.
im sure you knw but you never said anything.
i wish you would have. it would have saved us all alot of pain
i thank you for never giving up on me.
i dont no how to tell you how much i love you.
mom i love you sooooooo much you wont ever no how much i love u and thank you for everything

Details | Rhyme | |

The Family That God Gave to Me

The Family That God Gave to Me I think about the family, that God gave to me... And think about where they'll spend eternity! I think about the good times, that we've had. And the trials we've faced... Both good and bad! God helped us to overcome adversity together! And proved his faithfulness... Today and forever! He showed us the Godly path, that we should follow... And promised to be with us! Today and tomorrow! He's proven how much he loves us! And how much that he cares for us! Thank you my lord, for all you do! Where would we be? If not for you? You've proven yourself over and over again! Thank you so much, for being our friend! By Jim Pemberton

Details | ABC | |

For Mommy's Little Man

   Baby boy mommy loves you very much, i can tell how you've grown with every 

  I watch you learn and grow everyday. The way i feel about you son , is very hard 
to say.

  Without you in my life, i would be crying, while deep inside feel like i'm slowly dying.

   You are my life, my moon, my stars, and my sun, this is for you to know i'm always 
here and i love you a ton!

Details | Narrative | |

We Are There With You

You do not stand alone in your Battle
Your battle is our Battle
We may not be there in body
But we are there with you in Spirit

We are there in every beat of your Heart
In every whisper of the wind
In every thought and every touch
Every breath and every sound
We are there with you

You are wrapped in an Endless chain of Love
In every link we each send you a part of us
We send you some of our Strength
Some of our will to Fight
Some of our Courage
The most important of them all
We send you all of our Love

If you feel you need more
Just give that Endless chain a little tug
And we'll be there
Tug til you need us no more
Then we'll know you've gone Home

5/09/2014 Dedicated to my Aunt Nini, Wilma Thomas Gamble for Mother's Day. Sadly she lost her Battle w/ Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer on 5/30/2014.

Details | Ode | |


On the wings of two angles I was brought into this world…
My mother and father I’ve called them since I first spoke,

To their arms I ran when I first walked…

When my heart was not calm

Their love would come…

When no one believed
They saw what others couldn’t see
When I would cry
With a calm sigh they would smile
And the whole world would stop and the pain would die…
They taught me to not lie…
They taught me to be human…
On the wings of two angels I was brought into this world…
My mother…her beauty puts the stars to shame….
My father…his heart stronger than all the men that walk among us…

I thank my lord for giving me
The biggest treasure on this world,
Love that is clearly out of this world…
Thank you…
????? ????

Details | Free verse | |

The Old Salt

The Old Salt was a special man who came along in a time
when he was needed most.

A time that is now gone forever.
When men believed and sacrificed, when hero’s walked the earth in mass.

When patriotism was not just a word
by what men lived and judged the worth of each, 
a man who lived a life most of us cannot comprehend. 

An era now gone as this warriors tour of duty ends at this station, 
and begins anew in the heavenly fleet. 

Sail on Sailor into your unaccompanied tour,
we salute you.

What greater honor, that when a man moves forward, 
he leaves behind in each of us the best of what he was. 

A defender, protector, supporter, victor, a warrior, 
the last of the breed from an era when ships were made of wood
and men were made of steel.

The Old Salt has reported for duty that takes him away from us for now. 

Those of us who remain behind,
remember, and will continue to remember, 
because he now resides forever in our hearts.

As I look up at night, I envision The Old Salt,
a beret draped just above the eye, 
as he draws upon his pipe, 
quietly he waits.
The guardian of heaven’s gate.

Details | Enclosed Rhyme | |

if i had one last minute Dad

  If I could tell you just one last thing 
  I would tell you Dad, I wish I had more time with you 
  you taught me how to stand tall , do things the right way 
  If I could tell you Dad , before you flew your plane that Day..

  You had asked me to go , and many times I wish I did .
  For my fate would be as yours and Friend , Death,  by a crash in the end.
  I think what was so hard for me Dad , is I always felt something special 
  This was only something you could give me Dad ,  no other ..
  Since you left September 4th , a bitter afternoon , not just losing you , myself  too.
  I lost you Dad, maybe I could have told you not to fly your plane that day..
  Or maybe you were just too good for this World , and could not stay ..
  For I have found many judgments in life , no one builds me up like you did .

  If I had just more minute , after your remains were discovered after 9 months 
  I would hold you , and tell you I love you , Please don't go , just stay with me.
  And still , I can't let go . If I could just free my soul.. Dad, if I had just one more minute .
  In Honor of "Thomas Francis Kelley " your proud Son , Mark L. Kelley, 
  wrote by; Shanity Rain. 
  I hope your playing Golf in Heaven so when I get there , we can play 9 holes.

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Healing Can Only Happen When the Pain Is Gone

Healing Can Only happen,
 When the Pain is Gone!

Healing can only happen, when the pain
 and damage are gone!
It can only come about, when there’s
 no “lists” of wrongs!

People need to move ahead, and put all
 of the past behind them!
And seek God’s forgiveness, 
so his grace can find ‘em!

Too many carry a load of sorrow
 and grief that they can’t afford!
They need to bring everything to Jesus,
 and make him their LORD!

How can we experience healing,
 if the suffering is still there?
How will we ever be able to love others,
 and truly care?

May we all seek the kind of healing,
 that only Christ can bring!
May we allow him to remove
 all pain and suffering!

Jesus…  We need your healing now!  More than ever before!
It is your love that we must learn
 to treasure and adore!

Please come now and refresh us with your awesome love!
The sweetness of your Holy Spirit, is a gift from above!

Thank you God!  The pain is gone and the healing has come!
All praise, glory and honor to Jesus!
 God’s anointed son!

By Jim Pemberton   10/19/13

Details | I do not know? | |


I’ve seen all my life
So many people come and go
Passing so quickly
Leaving a faded memory
Of the moment we crossed paths.

So sadly I must say is true
Rarely do I see anyone
Staying around long enough
Getting to know me.
Hardly does a person stay.

You, Bubby, My only son,
The most important man to me,
I’ve come into my life only
To stay and never ever leave
Me all by myself.

So grateful to know you,
And proud as a mom can be
You’re the greatest 
Young man this world has seen.
My only son, my BUBBY.

To see you smile, hear your voice,
Always fills my 
Heart and soul with love.
My only son, my hero, 
Sent from up above.

Details | I do not know? | |

Pain as a Hobby II

I shouldn’t live in the past but I’m not just expressing myself
I’m over myself
I promise not to stay there too long but the pain makes everything high definition
Never in the back always a leader, I was the first swimmer in the pack that made it to be a 
My dad could vouch, “son you’re real nut”
I own your body but not your mind
It’s my turn to own your eardrum for my own pleasure to do as I will
You will finally listen and take notice because the takeover has begun
She tells me “you didn’t have to write it down. . . you could have just told me
Yeah but you had a listening malfunction
It only seemed to work when you were in pain and wanted to be heard.
I told you everything you needed to know but it was not important at the time.
Pain as a hobby, I do this for fun.
Finding common ground with Ciara just to find out is she more interested in girls.
It would have been cool but I wasn’t on that at the time.
Or the dude that follows popular advice and his girl screws his best friend.
Isn’t it ironic!
When mom and dad can’t get along and dad is forced to leave his home
While growing up son and daughter wondering why Dad wasn’t there and therefore
They go out and force others to feel the pain that they bear.
Now, she is running outside making a scene with a knife in her hand threatening to flat my 
Granddad, Granddad you died too soon.
Granddad, Granddad maybe if you were the way you were back when it would 
Have mattered, my dad would have been different
Even though I don’t believe in excuses
Unless you are excusing yourself from life lessons
It is never too late to turn to Jesus but why wait until death shows its face
Now I may be destined to follow in your footsteps
Mama Mama you’re killing me 
I’m apart of you and you don’t want me.
I hear you talking about that guy you met at club Sobe
And a one night stand and plan B. 
Maybe it is better I’m going to meet Jesus
I’ll see you there
I would have told you I love you if I had the chance.
O, I aint  through with you yet
Pain as a hobby
I’m painting you a vivid map 
Leading all the way until they call
The center for disease and control
What about the baby daddy who thinks it’s cool to 
Come to her job and shoot her dead in front of co-workers once 
She turns her back and then shoots himself and goes straight to hell.
So, at 21 she leaves behind her three children and her life cut off - all 
Because of jealousy.

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I Know of An Old Fashioned Family

There’s a family I know,  that may seem old fashioned.
But they serve others from a heart of compassion!

They don’t have much in the scope
 of entertainment.
But they have each other,
 and much contentment.

They have a love for God that comes from within!
And are thankful to the Lord
 for being their friend!

They don’t get too involved with that the world brings.
They have each others love.  
They have everything!

This family has been an inspiration to others too!
By their giving hearts, in much of what they do!

This family has a commitment to serve God above.
And have asked Jesus to fill them with his love!

This may seem old fashioned, 
not to have a lot of things…
But they know their Lord 
and the love that he brings!

I’m thankful to know them and their Godly inspiration…
I extend to them a heart of thanks  and appreciation!

Please dear Lord, bless and keep them in your arms!
Be with them Jesus, and protect them from harm!

May the blessings of God keep 
flowing through them!
And may the peace and joy of God continue to be with them!

By Jim Pemberton   05/29/13

Details | ABC | |

My family

It is when the 
of that day shows 
that i 
realise lonely i shall 
It is when he says 
care my son and she 
says i love you son 
that i 
realise what is life 
without them
It is when she looks 
me & say 'I LOVE 
that i realise 'I LOVE 

Details | Free verse | |

My Grandfathers Dying Wish

See problems they no worry Timothy
He was raised by his Great Grandmother
One day she taught him
Miho you can make life beautiful or ugly
Work hard, find a woman who has a strong back
Beauty fades it doesn’t last long
Now let me tell you 
A woman with a strong back may not be your perfect companion
Times are changing, I think Faith is more important these days
I say okay Grandma, can I have the horachata now that you made me
No hush up! You can have it when I’m finished talking
Timothy come your poor Grandfather wanted you to have this
It is his Journal and I have never read out of it
She hands it to me
I am struck by it’s cover, it is brown and plain
Yet it spoke to me by it’s elegant style
These words were printed on the cover “Blanco Vendetta”
I was drawn and pulled in untill I was covered by the spell
The first page I open too it says “My first Mil Besos”
The Temptess that blew my heart away
I turn to page 33
It says “The story of an Apache Warrior”
There are no rules to an Apache Warrior when it comes to fighting
He says if you are my enemy I don’t care how but I’m gonna kill you
Page 41 is like a fist full of words thrown across the page
Barrio boxing, The protection of the Shield of Faith
Brokenhearted for my careless speech has left her heartbroken
Strengthened by Love “Amor”
Nourished by the sunshine in her hand
There is healing in its beams
Blessed by her presence Del Dios I am Greatful
I’m like Grandpa what did you say wrong
Then these words come to me
Give her your full attention when she speaks to you
Because the Heart of the Wise studies how to answer
So I close it and my finger brushes a bookmark
It’s the Last page
It says To: “Timothy my son who is as mighty as an army”
I Thank you for the Greatest Gift
For the Greatest Gifts are as small as your small hand that touched me
I plant these seeds and they will take root and grow because you are good ground
Timothy let me say That without you I would of never found my Faith in GOD
Listen for it is your Grandfather who is dead and speechless
Timothy you see the good in everything
And I know you will understand my words clearly
If a man gives you his word
Promise me not to plan your future on it
And if you give your word my son
Do everything in your Power to fulfill it
AND NEVER Promise more than you can deliver 
For it is better to put out more than you promised
Everyman is considered unwise when he appears foolish
I wish I could give you some insight about women
But your Great Grandmother may help you better than I can
But never timothy, Never be quick to fall in Love 
Or give your heart to a woman
Listen carefully to her words when she speaks to you
Cherish Her give her your full undue attention 
Because the Heart of the Wise studies how to answer
Love your neighbors as yourself
And do not strive against another man
If he has done nothing wrong to offend you
AS much as it is possible live peacefully with all men
And it is okay for you to speak these things with your Great Grandmother
She is a very wise and God-fearing woman
Amor take the greatest care of her, I Love you Son
Timothy when the time comes to avenge my death
Hit harder then you ever have before
But not in a Duel son, not like an open Vendetta
Marry his daughter Maria
The one who is pretty and Two years younger than you
Oh! He will suffer greatly!
And it will kill him to know that I chose this way to repay him
And remember son to be ready to fight any man at the drop of a hat

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Through A Prison Glass

You came unexpectedly, and i was surprised,
you smiled and placed your hand on the glass and cried.
I leaned my head against the glass and told you i am sorry,
i whisper through the phone line, ill start a new story.

You knew i was innocent but you still didn't believe me,
the only person i thought that would stay by my side but you couldn't be. 
Mom standing by your side and not wanting to talk,
i got really upset that you came at all cause i didn't want to see you walk. 

I needed you, when i was in need,
i was there for you when ever you didn't want to bleed.
I loved you and i cherished you with all my heart,
but before you left your words hit me like a really sharp dart.

You said i failed you,
you cried to me and i knew it was true.
But i needed you to understand me,
but you went your way and upset me.

The glass is now empty and i cant find you even with the fact that I'm out,
i tell you i love you but all you do is shout. 
I've lost you for good this time, 
so i think i have to do one more crime. 

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Love always - a poem to my boys

Looking down upon your tiny 
Soft to my touch
Gazing into your beautiful eyes
Bringing pe!ce
My heart beats for you, and you 
Each precious moment
A joyous gift
My world changed
Was given new life
New breath
New reason
Devouring the moment
Savouring the feeling
Tears of joy
This tiny bundle
Became my all
Forever more
I shall protect you
Love you
Cherish you
You have. My heart
In your tiny hand
For i gave it to you
That sacred day
When you became my all

My son, I love you always

Details | Acrostic | |

My Poetic Inspiration

 M y Son Jared inspired me to write
 Y  earning to write words of beauty

 I  inspired by the Gift I gave him at birth returned
 N ever taking much time to think, written from the heart
 S someone who pushed me to be more than I was
 P artners in writing collaborations, two minds to one
 I nterpreting messages without thought between us
 R enduring thoughts to pen
 A lways there for a kind word or debate
 T empting the progression of talent
 I nvigorated with the pen and paper
 O blivious to my surroundings when in write
 N ever forgetful of the Son who prodded me to Poetry

 M uses dance around him
 Y eilding not to daring subject

 S on I thank you for your inspiration
 O n so many levels
 N ever forget how much I love you 

 To my Son Jared........Thanks......Dad

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He wraps it around her arm
In need for some repairs
Tighter and tighter
She likes it , like this
Old woman ,a little sick
Needing her medication

(yells the little boy)

Silence, child
Mummy is broken down
(in her silent voice)

Give me some ice
Stand by my side
And open your eyes
(in a roar)

Walk by my side
Cure my poison
(in her yowl voice)

As , she descends from this world
Drops to the floor
(bang , boom)
(bang , boom)

Poor little soul
Little boy so scared
Heart so sorrowful
As , he speaks

Mummy , mummy
Wake , wake
Mummy , mummy
Give me back my ice
Give me back my happy dust

No more
Tighter and tighter 
Why like this
Without a chance to reminisce
Reminisce my thoughts threw your sickness

Mummy come and listen,  to my screams
For this ice has me, so confuse on life
Confuse about you
This sickness, I see in your eyes everyday
As, I watch you fall on our kitchen floor
Mummy wake
Wake mummy, wake
For I love you , I do

Details | Free verse | |

The Legacy

When you have a child,
it is a responsibility like no other
a responsibility that consumes your soul
if you take it by the horns and run,

By that I mean this,
look at the times, trends, life
and you begin to teach
and they begin to learn,

You teach them of love, respect,
not to lie, cheat or steal
you teach them the value of friends
you teach them responsibility,

You teach them to learn
the value of education, further education
you teach them the value of a dollar
you teach them how to be independent,

I have had the pleasure to raise 5
5 independent children, educated
respectful, trustworthy, loving
they have many friends

they are successful, have families, mostly
I love them all, with all my heart
though I must say my raising style has changed
And I must beg the oldest 4, their forgiveness

The last to raise is not my Legacy
he is a Legacy, to his Step Mother and me,
he has all the aforementioned, plus vision
at 15 he has GPS for his future

I play 12 Musical instruments, he plays 11
His Brother and I write, he writes,
He excels at all he does
I was not as hard on him,

Josh, you are not my Legacy

You are a Legacy, Created by God, Serving God
Truly a Son of God,
But you are still my Son and I am very Proud of you,

Staff Sergeant Joshua Pickett JROTC, 

To all my Children, I love you all equally,
I just wish I raised you all equally, you all deserved it!

Love .....Dad

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My Sons Are Special to Me

My Sons Are Special to Me!

Listen my sons!  It's plain to see!
You’re special to God!  And special to me!

When God gave me a son!  He gave me his best!
I’ll say that I LOVE YOU!  And will never rest!

I’m blessed to know you!  I praise God for it!
He already knows!  But I want you to know it!

Wherever you travel…  And wherever you go!
May you find God’s peace and rest for your soul!

He loves you so much!  May his spirit touch you!
That you will know how much he loves you!

You’re both so special!  May you believe it!
All of my love and prayers…  May you receive it!

Blessings to you!  My special sons that you are!
I will shout “you’re special!”  Aloud and afar!

Don’t forget about God!  Keep him in mind!
He’ll be there for you!  Every single time!

Thank you Jesus, for the sons you’ve given!
May they serve YOU, all the days they’re livin’!

By Jim Pemberton   10/01/13

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Pain it wells inside of me 
Its lifts its ugly head.
His words they speak so deeply
And this is what he said

Oh Mum he says, it’s what you said
So very long ago
It hurt me then, it hurts me still
I just can’t let it go

The memory is so very dim
I can’t remember them
The words that I spoke long ago
That cut my son to threads.

I never could just understand
From whence his pain did come
His angry words, his smoldering hate
That I’ve felt from him so long

I’d like to say, if it’s enough
That I’m very sorry son
I loved you then, I love you now
Can’t take back what I’ve done

I never meant to hurt you,
If only I had known
I’d never have uttered a single word
I wish that you would know it.


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Your name I speak every
I don’t care what they think or
You are my precious son
You’re not trash that I should throw               
You are significant in every
Though you sleep; your life I 
Until the promised day you are
your name I will speak every
You are my precious son

Dedicated to and Written for… my precious son…Always.
Nathaniel Blaine Gibson 
May 7, 2014

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It's 1 AM
And we're making sweet love.
There is a house burning in the distant, cold morning.
You're called.
You rush to the firehouse,
Leaving me cold and empty.
How I wish you'd stay with me.

You throw on gear like so many times before.
Your son cries in his crib,
        He knows you're gone.
I cradle him in my arms,
Like you did me only minutes ago.
I put my breast to his mouth, hoping he's hungry,
Hungry as you were only minutes ago.
But it's no use.
    He knows you're gone.

You arrive at the house, which turns the black sky
Red with the burning of its materials and souls.
You search for the souls you can protect and save.
I hope you're protected, but I now know what your son has known all along.

You find a small girl in her closet, barely conscious.
You give her your oxygen and take her out of the fiery hell.
She thinks you are god, come to save her.
You tell her you're not.
You talk, trying to keep her conscious. She asks if you have a child.
"Yes, I have a son."
"Do you love him?"
"Yes, with all my heart."
"Did you say goodbye to him?"
"No, but I'll say hello when I get home."

The Little Girl sees her mother's burnt body carried out.
"Is that my mommy?" she asks.
"Yes. She told me she loves you more than anything."
"Hey God, where will she go?"
You pause and say, "Honey, she isn't going anywhere. She'll be right here with you,
protecting you as you grow up."
"Good. I love my mommy. And I love you too, god."
She closes her eyes
And falls on the stretcher she was sitting on.
You feel pain-the little, lifeless body will always be in your mind.

I begin to cry with our son.
I sway back and forth, gently rocking.
       He knows you're gone. So do I.
You find another body with a soul still alive.
A young boy.
You hand him past the door between the two worlds.
You've just let him go.

The house collapses upon you.
You're gone.
My strong fireman is gone.

I cry with our son, we both know you're gone.
I wait for that call.
I hold our son, close to my body.
I get that call at 4AM.
The sun is not up yet.
What they say to me, means nothing. I knew you were gone.
I cried, but not violently.
Tears just curved down my face.
I ask for your gear, after they remove it.

It smells of dust, fire, death, but
I can still smell you.
I shake it and my eyes fall upon your pocket.
It was full.
You never leave things in there.
I found a note, entitled to James and me.

"I love you both more than anything. I need to say it more often. I love you."

Dated today
1:45 AM

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Though you're gone you're in my heart

I can't know you. I can't hold you, but I love you it's true. Your my son and I love you
that will always be true. I think of you day and night, sometimes I dream of you, and
we're at the zoo, or playing in the sand and I look up at you. Sometimes I think I see the
two year old I knew and them I look around and your nine years old. But if you never see
me and you never know me, just remember Jesus loves you and he can save your sole. That's
the most important thing that you need to know, so happy birthday son right now I got to
go. I hope you have a good birthday, I hope you always know that I love you son and that
will never change.

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For Logan

                              I wanted you from the start
                              when you were born you 
                              stole my heart.
                              I wanted to raise you with
                              your dad by your side, that
                              didn't happen and, yes son I cried.
                              I didn't want to raise you alone
                              so, I moved us back to my home

                             To give you grandparents, uncles
                             and, aunts to spoil you rotten, 
                             to love you to death.
                             As a single mom I tried to do
                             the best I truly could for you.
                             Now, your almost 25 and my how
                             the years have truly flown by
                             and though we don't see eye to eye
                             I hope one day Logan  you will see, 
                             how much you truly mean to me.
                             I love you Logan,

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                  ALMOST DIED AND JOY

“please dad, I need the toy fire house bad
oh my son, come with me and i'll make you glad
and so to quell a child's woeful tears
I purchase it and those were the Leggo years

“come on dad, it's just a set of wheels”
yes your right son and that's really no big deal
how much I love you is impossible to gauge
and that was the skateboard age

“check it out dad, surf's up and I need a new board”
and that was something I could easily afford
and as a father you figure that generosity pays
and those were the surfboard years

“pops, dig it, there's this chick and I need some fast cash
and Joe T. is trowing a really rad bash”
if I remember correctly her name was Vera
and that there was the girl craze era

“damn dad, I need a cool care quickly”
of course to a dad the word “need” is a father's reality
I hope he can hitch his car to a star
and that was the time of the very cool car

“oh dad, what could the matter be,
there are none so blind as those who will not see”
oh the secrets my growing son hid
he thought I didn't know but of course a father did

“oh dad, I hurt really bad inside”
and oh how a father cried
talk about a frustrated father's fears
and that was the dawning of the heroin years
   © copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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My Love

As i step through the light, 
suddenly it becomes clear, 
your the reason for my life, 
but i was scared of all the fear. 
Your my son, my blood, you came from me, 
your my life i love you your the reason i breathe. 
Before you came my life had no meaning, 
now that your here seeing is believing. 
I never knew i could have the feelings i have for you, 
my son, my love, my life, you came to my rescue.

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Prison Song/Love Prison

Hands and feet shackled
You are traped and can't get out
Doing time away from me and our son 

Love, god,and our son is making you strong
You are in place you don't want to be
I miss you like crazy 

The life we was going to have we will have in time
You are sick of that place 
You have to keep a low profile
How can we deal with this 

I'm not going to cry because I can't anymore 
I am going to be strong for you and our son
I feel like my hands and feet are shackled too but not in that way

I am in love with you and in the love prison
Think about a special place and me 
We can be in the love prison together

We will be together in time in the love prison
I can't wait til you get out of the other prison
I still love you 
I have your back til the day I die
I am not going to leave you
I am never going to leave  this love prison that we are in
Prison Song/Love Prison

Vanessa Brown-Woodberry

For my Husband Antwan Woodberry I love you Baby

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Roses from Heaven Part II

If roses come from Heaven
Pick a bunch for me
And place them in my baby's arms
And tell him they're from me
Tell him that they're from the heart
And when he turns to smile
Place a kiss upon his cheek
And ask him to stay for a while
Because only you know
How much he truly means to me
And one day I hope he'll see
That I truly loved him with all of my heart
I had from the very start
So until I get to see him again
Keep him safe in your arms
Please make sure he comes to no harm
Keep sending him roses from Heaven
Roses as beautiful as him
Because he is truly beautiful
And I know that he loves me
As much as you do

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I Have A stick In My Eye

I have a stick in my eye.
It looks like a puppet's
Whos been caught in a lie.
The whole of my world 
Easily sees
The strangling hold
This stick has on me.
It burns and it stings
Never waivers its fire
And it catches and snags
On any might desire.

This stick in my eye
Is so demanding of me
insisting my focus
An intolerable degree.
All thought and perception
Are owned by this minion
As is my "self"
Kept from release
Too preoccupied and pinioned.
Months had to fester
And now red with anger
Time heals this not
For infection does linger.

I would like there to be a stick in your eye,
My rugpulling playmate,
With heart gone awry.
You were there when it happened,
'Twas about  your own fable
And though I love you still
Of this life I'm not able.
But the lil' one of mine,
With a star in his eye
 Keeps me from leaving
With his light
in my sky.

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I will never be able to teach you how
To play football and such
But I can show you many other things
Like how I love you so much

We will never run and play together
I will never teach you to walk
But I can sit rocking you while
I sing to you and talk

We will never hunt and fish together
Or anything father and son do
But I will thank god for what little time
He let me spend with you!

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For my Son . . .

Alone on the wings of an angel I feel at home
Far above the earth I must admit I'm not alone
With the early morning wind I kiss your rosy cheeks
And every night before you sleep I take a few peeks
I see you there growing up with each new day
I look down and hear your  every fervent pray
I watch the way you walk the way you seem so out of touch
And once again I take this time to say I love you oh so much
I write this now because you seem to think I know you not
But my son I wish to say you make me proud for all you've got
I feel you cry for me when you seem so lost
Remember son I'm here for you, do not forgot
Each and every day I look at you
You always stay within my view

This poem is for my 10 year old son from his father who passed on 4th June 
 . . .For all the times he cries for him . . . I know Hamza

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Sugar Cane

innocent eyes look up to mine,

chubby little arms wrap around my neck and you whisper goodnight,

a kiss on the cheek,

the grace of your sweet breath,

the  innocence in your voice,

your heart beating next to mine.....

and it is then the nightmares of yesterday escape  me and I remember why I want to live...

It is you , I wake up for, It is you I die for, It is you I pretend there are no monsters for... 

you are the alphabet in my soup on the rainy days... and the rainbow colors on the grayest 

You are my love, Darling.... I love you my son.... Austin.... 9-14-08

written by-Amy Everett

Listening to -Falling Slowly

Soundtrack to Once

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The Kings Three Sons Part 2

The eldest of the sons came first. He was large; as tall as a bear on its hind legs, and FAT. His chin was not one or two, but three! His stomach hung so far down, it took four servants to keep it above the ground. "My King," he barked out in a manner rather rude, "What has so much importance that you drag me from my table of food?" "Surely," the King said, looking his oldest son up and down, ‘you can afford to miss a meal or four." With a squeal the eldest son turned red. "As you know," the King spoke out, "I have not much time as King anymore, tell me what your plans are, if this future was bestowed on you?’" With a smile that covered his face in a pudgy haze, the eldest son spoke. "The army has grown tired of sitting around. They bother me constantly with boring sounds. The prisoners they usually torture, have rotted away, leaving only bones, not even the hounds will eat." "The land is filled with peace, my son, how can that be a bad thing?" "Because," the eldest when on, ‘they are bored and will not want to fight for us when peace breaks down to war."
"And what would you have them do?" "Send them out. They have free range with in the land. Have them take the food that is ours, and bring it back from me to enjoy." "So, you will have your people starve?" "They are not my people, but yours." With anger, the King said, "My son, I love you as much as any King could love a son, but I love my people more, and thus, I can not make King." With anger, the eldest son raised a chubby fist, and spat out, "When you die, old man,I will have your throne. I will have all the crops and meats and cheeses your people make, inside my stomach! And when I eat all their food, I'll eat their children too!" Storming off with his servants, hurrying ahead, trying to keep his girth from tripping his feet. Saddened, the King called forth his second son. The King's second son was thin and tall with women all around. "My King," the second son spoke, "what is so important that you must drag me from the women I keep?" "My son,"

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the unknown

look at this look at that as i get another 
smack to my head it hurt's so 
bad why do i get this from my dad 
i start to bleed he start's to stair 
should i show him any fear i start to 
smoke to hide the shame as another hit affect's 
my brain if i died would he cry so i think of 
suicide as i now start to think does he love or 
does he hate his first born son which he hit's
more then his other kid's love is lost love his
hide inside of this beaten kid what happened then 
will never be known why his mother did condone such 
horrendous act's upon her son now forgiveness can be 
won by this mistreated son I LOVE YOU DAD

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The Soldier My Son



My son I love you so much. Mere words cannot express how proud I am of the 
Soldier, husband, son and dad you have become.

 But as your mom I must say that I have always been proud of you.

The day you were born holds a memory in my heart that I will treasure till eternity.

 Your cute little one eye gazing up at me…your other eye shut closed, I use to call 
you Popeye.

On August of 1979 God blessed me with a precious gift…J, 7pds. 19 in 1/2 
inches long.

Now you are a daddy and are blessed with a beautiful wife, whose heart you 

 To see the love in your eyes for your sons as you gaze into there eyes with such 
deep love.
 Brings tears to my eyes and captures my heart and soul with a circle of love and 
inspiration that can only grow.

Thank you for who you are, thank you for my grandsons whose heart will forever 
live in mine.

 Thank you for Dana who’s laughter and smile can light a room.

Thank you for fighting for our country and trying to make this place a safer place 
for us all and all the future Popeye’s of this world.

I love you my son.


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What Is A Mother?

Mothers stay up late when
Their kids can’t sleep..
A mother’s affection
Will always run deep.
A mother silently watches
Her child asleep in their bed.
She looks back on her life before she
Was a mother and her soul was dead.
How could she have been so lucky
To get this precious angel?
Knowing that if anyone hurts her baby
They are sure to be mangled.
A mother’s heart swells with pride 
As her baby takes her first step.
When a child says “ I love you Mommy”,"
It was so emotional she wept.
To know that she is a parent 
Is her greatest title.
Hoping that her child will be  
Someone that others will idol.
A mother caresses her child’s 
Face when she has been crying.
A mother comforts her child
When her grandmother is dying.
A mother hopes she’ll be
As great as her own mother.
She hopes she won’t fail
And be like the others.
A mother protects her child when she  
Caught a tennis ball with her face.
And beating her step-son
Was definitely not a waste.
A mother sneaks down a phone when 
Her child is unjustly grounded.  
A mother makes damn sure when her
Husband insults her daughter he is fiercely pounded.
A mother looks over her mom 
Perming her child’s hair late at night.
She pretends she doesn’t see her 
Hiding so there won’t be a fight.
A mother comes to her child’s aid in her
Time of need when her own child is sick.
A mother cries when her father dies at the  
Same time and she is forced to pick.
Does she go home and bury her father?
Or does she stay and comfort her child?
The fact that she’s put in this position
Is nothing short of wild.
A mother lets her child and her best friend
Plus their kids move back home.
Living eight hours away while her grandson  
Is sick, she might as well have lived in Rome.

A mother comes to visit her sick
Grandson after a hard day’s work.
A mother comforts her daughter
When stress and chaos lurks.
A mother loves her children
No matter what the future holds.
Whether it’s life or death or
Runny noses from their colds.
A mother loves her daughter
In spite of all the troubles and tattoos.
A mother loves her daughter 
In spite of their difference in views.
A mother loves her child
No matter what they do.
The feeling is mutual and
Mother, I really do love you.

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My Child

You are the one I live for, 
You are the one I would die for. 
You are the reason I try everyday, 
enjoying the simple pleasures,
Like watching you play.
Your amazing in everything you do,
It's unbelievable just how fast you grew.
It seems like yesterday the first time I felt you kick,
the thought of being without you makes me feel sick. 
I watch you sleeping hoping you'll be okay,
praying to God I can keep you another day.
You are my miracle I can't believe, 
but the truth is one day you will up and leave. 
Your on your way to being a man,
But never forget I am your biggest fan. 
I love you with all my heart,
I hope we will never be too far apart.
You are my light helping me through,
What life brings although I never knew.
Just what a child would mean to me,
Until the day it came to be,
When I saw your little face for the first time,
I knew exactly why I was alive,
To be your mother, protector, and provider
And this all serves as a reminder,
You are my life baby, for as long as I am here,
You are my world, you sweet little dear.
 I love you so much, I could never deny,
How much love I felt for you the first time I heard you cry.
So I end this now with one last thing,
You will never know what life may bring. 
But one thing will remain true,
The amount of love that I feel for You.
I love you baby and always will,
For you are my world and my heart you completely fill.

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coming from me

where are you?
are you ok? 
why did everything have to get so messed up?
I'm sorry if it was my fault
I'm sorry that I didn't accept you until the last few years you were here
I was scared you would leave
and I didn't want to get attached to a false hope
Look at what happened
I've never had a fatherly figure to look up to
I had my uncle and my grandpa 
but no one I could call my father
you're strong and positive
why did you have to leave?
everything you needed was here
i was going to buy a house in Puerto Rico
for you and my my  mom to retire to
i know you miss your daughters and you want to be with them
but you can't sacrifice your family here for a dream
maybe YOU can but YOU lost a good thing
you're my father and I love you more than even your real children ever will
and my  mother loves you more than you'll ever know

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Like sparrow wings, brittle bone webs, 
intricate as nuclear physics, 
complex as the ways of love, 
your frailty soared bright in my mind, 
drew razor blades across my sinking heart. 
How I cried, then, howled silent prayers 
to whatever gods would receive, 
and beseeched some Olympian deity 
maybe catch the screaming gist. 
I know not by grace of who or what 
hooked you from the abysmal brink; 
or could it have been my ferocious 
mother love that willed you 
back to life, fierce with psychic anchors? 
I know, I know, it seems so unreal, 
yet deep down in my very womb, 
I ache with how much I love you 
and how I would have died by 
the hands of stygian grief 
if you had not come home.

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Father, Father are you there?
Can you hear me?
I've prayed to you for two days!
I'm just curious if you're listening.

Listening, I hear all things
That are to be heard.
I see all things that are to be seen.
I Am that I Am.

I am sorry but, I wondered
If maybe you had forsaken me
As you had Your Son,
As He died on the cross.

Forsaken you! Forsaken My Son!
How dare you speak to Me so!
I did not forsake you,
Nor did I My Only Begotten Son!

What I gave you was and is a gift
At the cost of My Only Begotten Son
Is and was forgiveness of your sins.
And my son you sin. Yes, you sin.

So you dare ask if I forsake you.
No, my son I love you,
As I did my Only Begotten Son
From His mother Mary, Joseph's wife.

I have many children, as you know.
Many who love me, many who don't.
Yet, I love you all the same
and I answer those who call, or don't.

I do all this in My Time!
I have created all things including you.
I created My Only Begotten Son!
And allowed Him, taken, for you.

Have I forsaken you!
No, I gave My all for you!
I gave My Only Begotten Son for you
Because I love you!

Have I forsaken you?
Ask yourself that question my son.
Has He forsaken me?

In the name of The Father, The Son, and my Brother Jesus Christ. 

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I remember

I remember the first time I saw your face
Thursday Nov 11, 04 at 8:22 p.m was when my pride and joy arrived.
I remember the first time I changed your diapers.
I even remember your first word “Daddy”.
I remember when I laid eyes on you and I fell in love.
I remember all the times we fought on the floor.
Now at 3 years old, I love you even more.
Thanks to you Tai’Yon my world as changed.
My reason worth living for, my son, my everything. I love you!!

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Somebody to love... is all that I wanted
I have, My William, My loving little boy
My man, he makes me smile from ear to ear
He's my piece of mind, but fills me with fear
My heart stops, when he's away for the day
My heart rest, When at night he lays
Soul aspiration comes from my little man
As he his the reason why I still stand
He makes me strong, He makes me proud
I want to say I LOVE YOU OUT LOUD XX

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Jayden Makieh Kelly (Part 9)

Jayden Makieh Kelly

 You are a like a rare, sparkling, and extravagant gem, so sweet, so nice and much too precious for any of life‘s prices.   My Jay when I look into your brown eyes I see a stream of endless possibilities, a vast ocean of forever flowing capabilities. You are one in a million of this nation and that’s why for you I will lay a secure foundation.  You are my world and I love you with all of my heart.  There is nothing that could ever make us part.  There are no limits as to what I will do for you.  I will move heaven and earth for you.  Together we have a lifetime ahead of us and I will be there for you throughout it all.  I will be there when you first sit up, take your first steps, and definitely by your side to pick you up whenever in life you may fall. 

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i never knew

Until the day i had you,
i never really knew,
that i could love someone,
as much as i love you.

And i cant explain,
the way it makes me feel,
when i see you smile,
just know i love you still.

But when i see you cry,
it breaks my heart inside,
so i wipe away your tears,
and hold you close to my side.

For we have came so far,
and made it through so much,
your my bright and shining star...
I Love You

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The Argument

The Voice to write,
to pen His name
and speak a prayer:
Most Beneficient, most Glorious,
the All-Wise, the All-Bountiful
Mohammad, Buddha, Christ,
of You from whence I Am.

The Voice is weary 
crying to be heard by One Son
who turns away in judgment,
that I who speak
within conviction of My Truth
am reduced to an accusation of being ...

Perhaps to humble this tone
the Voice still and soft,
resonant as a dove that only coos,
striking a Peace not found in the
cacaphony of a blue jay,
may speak.

Oh, Son of Mine
I cry in your pursuit of greed
while praising the compassion
you show ... to other Souls.
Yet now to me you peer
from lofty heights of

The Voice that will hold you calm,
that  wants always to never Condemn,
never Judge,  never Criticize, never Fault,
never Blame, never Shame.
Only speaks:  I love you no matter
what you do.

A Voice crying, crying for
this subtle life so short and sweet
as the ever-deepening twilight 
brings the hope 
of yet another tomorrow
upon this greatest of earthly love.

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My Very Own Angel

My son is an Angel you 
he comes to me in my 
he whispers " I Love you 
Mom "                                                                                                     
I'm right here by your 
I hold your hand when you 
I feel the tears on your 
I feel the pain in your 
You know I'm here as I sit by your 
as I'm sitting here I see the smile on your 
your remembering our last good-
I hugged and kissed you,our last time 
and now you 
I'm standing here by God's 
I feel you start to 
that's when I know it's time to 
until next time that you need 
I'll be only a breath 
looking down at you day by day

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The Decision

I was once happy with this man because he was my true love and he said he 
    loved me
But he caught me on my blind side and did something I've never thought he'd do 
    to me
And now I'm in a fight with the same man
Because he doesn't understand that I'm doing the best that I can

Now I have to face off with him on Wednesday
The thought of it makes me sick and brings so much to my head that I just can't 
I can't believe this is happening
I never thought this man of all would do this to me

The day has come
And the thought of facing this man has made my mind, body, and soul go numb
Now I sit in front of the judge and the jury
Worrying and stressing what's going to be read to me

As I sit and wait, so many things are going through my head
As in if this reading doesn't come out right, I'd rather be dead
I look as if I have control of me
But I'm nervous, I'm shaky, I'm stressing, and I'm jittery

Tear me apart
And you'll find out how this man has broken my heart
You'll see what's going on inside my mind
You'll try to describe, but the words, you won't be able to find

I see the man stand
I try to hold myself together and be as sane as I can
He read what was written
Then my feelings revealed and could no longer be hidden

I jumped and was filled with joy
Because the court let me keep my little boy
I grabbed him, hugged him, and told him,'I love you!'
He let go of me and said, 'Mom, I love you too!'