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Haiku Political Poems | Haiku Poems About Political

These Haiku Political poems are examples of Haiku poems about Political. These are the best examples of Haiku Political poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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one world one psalm

our hearts are one
our breaths are one
our thoughts are many

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Enlightenment Births


                                 Reason in season.
                                Philosophers thrive.
                                    Ink flows free.

For the contest: Enlightenment 
Sponsored by:- Marvin Celestial 
7th Place

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with their eyes wide open

only foolish men
let their nation plummet, with
their eyes wide open

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Environment pollution

We need to control
Environment pollution
By hook or by crook

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Save Earth From Pollution

There are solutions
To save earth from pollution
New resolutions

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The Internet: Return

A void of Facebook
Creativity dies here...

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Haikus About God: II

Invisible chap
Bearded egomaniac
Probably not real

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What Does The Press Say

What does the press say?
“We kiss the President’s ass
because He is King.”

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What Does The Prez Say

What does the Prez say?
“I am King of the whole world.
Bow down before me.”

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What Does The Twit Say

What does the twit say?
“I love all politicians.
They are great people.”

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Radio Dial: All Me All The Time

Yes, the topic we have for today
( We are on a ten second delay.)
would most surely be me!
Where would all of you be?
If I do not run down or nay say?

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Haikus to Iran

In Iran they march
"Where" they ask "is my vote gone?"
Answered by truncheon

God, Allah, they call
In His name, holy, oppress
Gods weakest children

Other news shall show
Western television screens
But we wont forget

Hundreds dead now
We only know one name, one face
A prayer for them say

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What Does The Fox Say

 when heart is broken
and wings can no longer fly
  what does the fox say?

  world turned to chaos
gays and lesbians were arise
   what does the fox say?

    terminator came
Obama provides healthcare
  what does the fox say?

   cold evening and gleam
two souls meet and turned off light
   what does the fox say

Let us give them time to work it
  Hush! they need to mate.

Note//: I dedicate the sound that fox used to create when they mate; 
           "fra-kaka-kaka-kow!!!" to PS' loveliest poet, SKAT.

** 1st Place Winner**

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Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

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black eagle

chemical attack
black eagle preens elegance
flight of the damned

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

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crooked arrows

crooked arrows
growing politics to 
feed the people

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Awaiting Election Day

I long for Tuesday.
Politics invade through calls
each hour, begging votes.

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What Does The Loon Say

What does the loon say?
“I am a politician.
I screw the public.”

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Haikus About God: IV

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.

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a debate between them

a debate between 
Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney--
Gomer Pyle and Sarge?

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Haiku For The Children

old river flows hushed
blood and tears, silent weeping  
children are slaughtered

Haiku December 29, 2012

Brenda Atry

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Save the government
Sworn to protect its people
Stop jiving freedom

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Talking head replay
On all night and on all day
What does the Fox say

Chickens be alarmed
The news alert declares doom
Coop is in danger

O'Reily goes woof
Hannity goes bananas
Megyn goes meow

What does the Fox say
Whatever Roger Ailes decides
Many voices one truth

*For fun, a different play on "Fox"

Contest: What Does the Fox Say 
Sponsored by: Skat-A
Form: Haiku
Favorite Sound: Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!

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What Does The Rat Say

What does the rat say?
“Vote for me for Senator,
I am a good rat.”

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Student's find their voice All the people must be heard Time to make a choice

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Haikus About God: VI

The body: sacred
We’re all made in God’s image
Hence... circumcision?

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Going Halloween Haiku Crazy

I may look crazy,
but this is just a disguise...
I shop at Target!

For "Going Halloween Haiku Crazy" contest sponsored by Poet Destroyer ~ A.

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The loss of reason
fuels the fire of violence
And society Sobs

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STORM COMING African tribal violence

Storm coming, madam
Me-- I’m going up country-- 
Lay low and stay sweet*

*stay sweet--stay alive

Victoria Anderson-Throop
Nairobi, Kenya
November 26, 2012

Note: Political unrest near Nairobi, Kenya due to election strategies. Polish nun told me that she was warned by a local moonshine runner to hide. Too late. She was pistol whipped by local police who wanted more protection money. Didn’t get the money (it was a free clinic, so nurses had no money) Police beat the nurse/nuns and absconded with the very rare and precious AIDS meds to sell to the hospitals.Free AIDS clinic was forced to close.(Kenyan government does not have free health care for the poor)   Nuns are recovering then being transferred to other clinics. Three went back to Europe forced into early medical retirement due to permanent injuries sustained by police and/looters. The care program(education and/or placement) for the children whose parents were AIDS patients is gone. Children have taken to the streets in desperation.  Count your blessings.

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Downward We Go

President Lincoln.
Now, President Obama.
We have fallen far.

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Blathering Fool

Rat Fink Harry Reid
complaining about ranchers.
A Blathering Fool!

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Uncle Joe

He’s Vice President!
He’s loco in the coco!
Uncle Joe Biden!

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Hassan was an ass.
He blew up a synagogue.
His soul burns in Hell.

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Political Hackery

Political hacks.
Republicans, Democrats.
They are all the same.

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I turn off my TV

I sit on my chair and travel the world
I turn off my TV 
And cry

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orange pumpkin

orange pumpkin treat food for aristocracy crunch some toasted seeds

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Should cure all our ills save the urge,
From time to time, to pee.


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An aphorism about politics

In politics opinions all of us we have to consider prioritily only our personal interests appraising in this choice also the possible unforeseen of the life. In a democracy the result may be that we direct toward the good of the majority of people because if the decisions are at opposition with the interests of the majority are not certainly the commune good.

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part I

Gathering grey clouds
Whip crack of frothing thunder
Is this Africa?

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Death, poverty, drug’s 
Trafficking, the Mafia
Through beautiful land

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I Lost the First

Standing in one spot,
Enjoying my freedom on
A park podium.

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 Wonder that controls all life
  The fall of us all

By Gareth James

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Debt Ceiling

A budget we need
Time to heed richer measures
Clarity indeed

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Haikus About God: I

Overture of lies:
Don’t take it literally

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Corruption in Bangladesh

Corruption is everywhere
You go now-a-days
In government offices!

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Human Beings

Don't soil where they sleep because they don't like the smell but poison the Earth?

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Army of power

The iron men march on
Rending the earth from the sky
Landscape despoiled

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45th- BLANK

there are 2 blank cards
in the angel card deck so
today I'm "depressed"

for this to be the 
best country in the whole world
today it looks sad

just happy that I 
was a member of the age
of Aquarius

our best hour was 
revolution of 60's
created big change

now elephants rule
just capitalistic pigs
love hear themselves squeal

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colors of freedom

colors of freedom
remind us what wars have cost --
we must not forget

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The sex-workers

The sex-worker’s woe
Can be eliminated
If we treat them well

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Aha Obama

Guns are being seized.
Government stockpiles ammo.
Insurrection soon?!

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Never Use --------- S O P A------- to Wash Out Your Mouth

--------We're not Terrorists----------
------S.O.P.A. wash your own mouth out-----
----------not our Big Brother---------

*if you are not familiar with 
and you are ONLINE...Read up...
The lovely U.S. Government plan
 to police our every Internet move...
It is a SICKENING infringement of our rights!!! 
"Get Up, Stand up, Stand Up for your rights!"~Bob Marley

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What Does the Fox Say

Election declared Peace prevails everywhere Fox defends poultry. When the fox can’t reach The looming grapes so peaky Grapes are sour not ripe. Maiden visit free Chickens told, fox won’t bite them Till they cross doorway. A fox is a fox May change pelt not his habits As election ends.
**Inspired to write by the general election of 2014** ++++++ Date 2-25-14 Dr. Ram Mehta Second Place win Contest: What Does the Fox Say by Skat-A Form: Haiku Sounds Chosen: A-oo-oo-oo-ooo! Woo-oo-oo-ooo!

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The solution to ethnic-cleansing

We are all humans
Irrespective of race
And religion

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part IV

Culminates in a washout
Stuffed camels get soaked

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occupy wallstreet

occupy wallstreet protesting from a five grand laptop computer

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The Darkest Rain

The Darkest Rain


the dawn of the sun
flourishing of cells begun
birthing decadence


one innovation
persuading the rest of feet
laziness prevails

strength divided  by deceit
long arm of the law


growing civil unrest
the mass desecration of war
eminent demise


timeless prophecy
lethal black poisonous skies
death falling like rain

By: Jeremy Siedlecki

this poem is designed as a scale between
the lifetime of a man and the length of
mankinds existence

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Child labor

Please stop child labor
Let the poor kids go to school
Please give them stipend

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Beijing, China

one at motion, one at peace

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lead us not into temptation

lead us not into
temptation: restrain us from
our politicians

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Harry S Truman Haiku

On an August day
Little Boy came out to play
blew a town away.

One more August day
Fat Man dropped in for a date
changed the hands of fate.
 ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Once winds cried freedom
In the land where eagles fly –
Then a nation died

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Two Worlds Colliding

repubs and Dems collide
November's final leaves hold tight--
hanging chads

Written by The Gamehen for Russell Sivey's Two Worlds Contest

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Pay Rise

Three-fold pay rise. Two- faced politicians, One- way thought. Me , me, me.

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What Makes a Nation

The heather, the smell
Of the earth, dreich is all else
And still never was.

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the ceiling burst

the debt ceiling talk
led to so much tension that 
the room's ceiling burst

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MPs kissing babies. Crosses on ballot papers. Voting time again.

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Scandal of the day

                                          Political 5-7-5 

"Scandal of the day" 

scandal of the day 
wire tapping civilian phones 
said talks not listened !!! 

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black smoke on the horizon

black smoke on the horizon
polluting the air

Ó November 30, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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Drifter, vagabond
On the run from his phantom
Nipping at his heels

Shadow in the night
Slipping through the crevices
Of his own two minds

Past the rolling hills
Splashing ‘cross the black river
Into the new world

Men with winged shoulders
Gliding through the mystic clouds
Mutants rapt in smog

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Questionku 10

Strapped in a chair
Someone pulls a switch 
What if he's not guilty?

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Small and meaningless
But holds the world in it's hands
Money paints us green.

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Many faces shown:
hypocrisy per se or

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weath on worthy ground

does a rich man sink
with his fellow citizens when
his native land sinks,

OR does he move to
a more promising country
with his abundance?

fellow citizens,
rich men find worthy ground
for their wealthiness

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Senseless crimes

Hear the calls of war
Tears falling in the dark night
Falling on deaf ears

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Out of Gas Again!

My van is on push!
Can I borrow some money
To fill up the tank.

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Waves Whipping

Whipping waves seethe blue Tossing violent red sea Green flows natural

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Tyrants and Titans

Impossibly still
The very worst of our kind
Often lead us all.

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EDU Haiku

Testing overload
Small brown kids with no recess
Racing to the top

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Life Is No Picnic

the fourth of july
is no kind of picnic for
our fallen soldiers

You Are Not Forgotten

Happy Fourth Of July To All

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Why can't men just let
women make their own choices
about health issues?

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no one can predict it

even journalists
can not predict the future
of the middle east

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vacillating thoughts

vacillating thoughts first here, there and back again election time © Jan 2012 Charles Henderson

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Death of courageous

The death of courageous
 The defeat of a nation
 Joy and victory in exile!

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TILT europe weak china stong america chose ally oz asia pacific Peter Dorr 17th November 2011

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Tyrant Haiku

The clock's time is off.
Like a capricious tyrant,
my cell is bothered.

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Creator of all

God almighty

Creator of all

I Wonder who created you

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Old Dispensation returns for The West

Old Dispensation returns for the West old dispensation returns glory abroad at home poverty

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Rationing the needs Never to have what they want We must end this now

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Killer! At random

There is a killer
whose victims are by random
The bloods on our hands

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Praise for how American voters are percevied by the media

america has independent voters but britain has floaters

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The poor

In congested homes of slums
The poor people live –
No one listens to their grief! 

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As the Poor Man Crossed the Street to the Money Tree

          The poor man crossing
Got hit by a long limo.
                    "So close," said the tree.

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Elections West and East

haiku Elections West and East electors do not vote so much in the west as the east now demands to

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Clearly a Civil War, Not Genocide

          Tis' not genocide!
Government- and- locals fight.
                    Darfur- Civil War!

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We will rise one day Standing as tall as a wall Protecting ourselves

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End the conflict now
Be not afraid to hear it
Let it fall softly

Listen to the wound
Allow the healing to begin
You do not know it

The reality
Eludes even the wise ones
Striving for freedom

You cannot trust that
Your influence can be heard
Worlds are so varied

Breathing the same air
How can we tune out our pain 
Finding our own peace?

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Elections West and East

haiku Elections West and East electors do not vote so much in the west as the east now demands to

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Why The Immigrants Climb the Sharp Blue Fence

          The somber white cats,
Creeping up the sharp blue fence-
                    Their blood thirst- for wealth.

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His poems? I love!
"Niggers Robbing?" Ooops! I bet-
Ter not talk with him.

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Pollution due to
Must be stopped at once.

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Republic of Propaganda

          Through her guilty eyes,
Are tales of many versions.
                    The art- of media.

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Two political haiku

my claim my right
in parliament

the sky lost blue
I have no clue

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Tick Tock!

Time will pass slowly
and tick by ignorance
that will chime loudly

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Unknown Soldier

                                                        unknown soldier  
                                                       fallen unsung hero  
                                                         without a name

Tribute To Our 
Armed Forces

Thanks For Serving

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Freedom Rings

Freedom Rings
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

Saddam Hussein's friends
Wore body bombs and killed men.
But freedom still rings.

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Leader N Fence

Cattle eat and Fence  
in the field
People will never cows
People do not fence
The voice of the neglected 
in the field

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The rich

The palaces of the rich
And their lifestyle
Are nothing but waste of wealth!

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Tony tough on crime.
He lies, tough on cause of crime.
Again lies on Iraq.

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Freedom to choose why
freedom to choose when and where
to express my thoughts
election 08

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No More War

what's worst than blood lust
the shell shock of another war
what's worst than trust lost
the shell shock of a child lost