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Giving Christmas Poems | Giving Poems About Christmas

These Giving Christmas poems are examples of Giving poems about Christmas. These are the best examples of Giving Christmas poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Lottery Winner helps Homeless

 As I walked into the banquet hall of the 
 Goodman’s Inn, the first thing that stood
 out to me were the eyes of the people. I
 felt as though I could actually see hope. Eyes 
 seemed to sparkle and everyone in the hall
 sat talking to the others sitting around them
 as they waited for the main course of the evening. 
 To understand this report we need to go back just 
 over a year ago when Lindsey Long won the 50 
 million dollar lottery. Apparently the multimillionaire 
 booked the Goodman’s Inn for December 24th through 
 to January 2nd of this year solely to house the homeless 
 over the Christmas holidays. Miss Long walked through 
 the streets herself over the last week inviting the 
 unfortunate homeless to come to the motel for these      
 festivities. Lindsey Long has not only provided the rooms 
 for this week, she also has clothed them with new 
 wardrobes and warm winter clothing and accessories.
 Now as the people sat around the table they were
 told Miss Long had an announcement. We all waited 
 to hear what this amazing lady had to say
 and excitement filled the room. When this 
 beautiful young woman began to talk there
 wasn’t one dry eye in the building. She told them 
 how she was not going to just send them back
 on the street next week but how she had
 built a new centre that would have sleeping
 facilities and showers to accommodate all
 of them. This new facility will be serving 
 three meals a day which will be prepared solely 
 from themselves on a voluntary bases. 
 The feeling in the Inn that night was pure joy
 and as the people realized the impact of this
 wonderful news, they all broke out singing
 It Came Upon a Midnight Clear. This is 
 Rhonda Reeds reporting for 
 The Good Newspaper.
 Merry Christmas everyone.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Sponsor Mystic Rose
The Good Newspaper 

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans

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Christmas Stockings


Customary this time of year
Happiness oozes from people’s faces
Reigniting their fading spirits
Invoking a sense of giving
Spending big on presents
Taking time off work to celebrate
Making the most scrumptious food
Attending parties and functions
Spreading fond cheers

So shine your light for the needy
Think of the homeless
Offer your services to the poor
Call on the hospitalised
Kindle the joy in orphans
Instil in your heart the real thrill 
Now is your time to twinkle
Give indiscriminately 
Share your blessings

Written by: Ronald Zammit
Dated: 14.12.14

Copyright © Ronald Zammit

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Santa Claus

Santa Clause has a more heroic deed and story, Which everyone might have missed to hear and see; He has been on service for a decade or yore, He's a wizened Santa and he cannot walk anymore. His reindeer are nowhere to be found, They went to breed, he keeps looking for them around; He has cataracts, so he cannot see them, He was operated…now, he has spectacles with thick lens. He is worried that his gifts will not be given on time, So, he sits hurriedly on his wheelchair drawn by snowman, But snowman keeps rolling while dragging him on the ground, He wishes that someone will pass by to get them quickly in town. Santa Clause has a brilliant idea on his mind, He remembers some balloons for children on his chair, behind; He blows them and takes some helium for snowman’s body, Now, you can hear them both saying “ho ho ho”-- flying happily. Christmas to New Year, you can still see him hovering on air, He is busy dropping gifts for adults and children so dear; Everyone is running gladly to receive the gifts while singing, "Oh Santa, you got the whole year the spirits of the three kings."
January 3, 2014 9.10pm Fifth Place Contest: Santa Claus Judged: 1/3/14 Sponsor: Poet Debbie Guzzi Honorable Mention Contest: What's Up With Santa Judged: 12/18/2014 Sponsor: Poet Jerry T. Curtis

Copyright © Leonora Galinta

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I have seen Millennia in
and now its twenty fifty
I somehow made my century
rejoycing with my family.

It has passed it seems
in the mere eye blink. 
Now I remeninsce
held close in loving arms

Festivity floods the senses
stores groaning with toys.
Butchers laden with meat
people scurrying hither and thither.

Shop fronts all lit up
with flashing decorations.
Children's eyes on beanstalks
wish lists growing bigger.

Fridges crammed to the brim
with tempting tasty treats.
Good will for neighbours
as carol singers carousol. 

Mothers sweating over stoves
as Dad mixes up eggnog.
Presents colourfully wrapped
adorn Christmas trees feet.

At end of day, happy faces
and a few groaning bellys,
people falling into bed
T'is all done for another year

written 12/12 /2010
contest Christmas past, present or future

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton

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Santa Let Me Be The Giver

Lights of the city are twinkling across
arches of the rivers and shining down
as if to illuminate the jolly path
of the old man known as Father Christmas-
Kris Kringle-Santa Claus or Saint Nick
tonight tumbling onto the rooftops -
clattering down many smokeless chimneys
carrying his velveteen sack of gifts.

Santa forget my gifts this year-I'd rather
you give them to someone in need.
Bless some child and teach him to smile.
Take my abundance and feed the hungry-
wrap them up tight in my down feather coat.
My wish is that they hear the music I hear-
find their voice and sing "Silent Night".
I'll be their harmony and their strength.

Sinterklaas-take the afflicted  and allow
the Lord to make them whole once more.
Don't let them flounder or look backwards.
Dry their eyes and show them the light
of a vibrant future-a hopeful dawn.
Let a merry Christmas be mine to share
with every jingle of silver bells
and the richest fragrance the yuletide brings.

Copyright © Deb Wilson

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The Perfect Christmas Gift

When I was a child coming down the stairs
on an early Christmas morn'
I was too young to know that this was the day
that our savior, Christ was born

I was only two or three years old
that's as early as I remember
I looked outside and saw drifts of snow
that come in the month of December

I was the happiest child when I turned around
and, saw the gifts that were under the tree
I then ran upstairs and woke everyone up
so, they could all come down and see

The memories I have of myself as a child
on that wonderful Christmas day
I will lock them deep within my heart
so, they will never slip away

And, every year on Christmas day
these memories I will lift
I will share them all with family and friends
'cause they're the perfect Christmas gift

by Roger Horsch 

Copyright © Roger Horsch

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Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming

Christmas day is coming closer
Tree is up, with lights as well
Tinsel covering its fake foliage
The ringing of the little bells
All the presents wrapped up fancy
All around the Christmas tree
Children trying to see through boxes
Trying to see what they can see.

This will be the greatest Christmas
I tell you this, and it’s for sure
Though it costs a heap of money
It’s a time that I adore
Seeing children oh, so happy
As they open presents up
I’ll watch them with their little antics
As love, it overflows my cup.  

Drinking beer and celebrating
It’s going to be a happy day
Eating ham and lots of turkey
If some get merry, that’s okay
To see my folk all chilled and happy
It really gives my heart some joy
These happy memories of Christmas
There’s nothing them, that will destroy.

14 November 2013 1030hrs.

Copyright © Peter Duggan

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Christmas blessing to you all

Christmas blessing to you all

Hey you guys, my poetry friends
I write you this today
A song all filled with best wishes
And I just want to say
How great you all have been to me
With your comments oh, so kind
I tell you, on this poetry site
Much happiness I find

I’ve only been here seven months
But it seems like I’ve been here
Communicating with you folk
For about a hundred years
You all have made my life so swell
My thanks to all I give
I will remember this warm site
For as long as I may live.

I wish you so much happiness
For the Christmas and new year
I hope your lives improve each day
That luck is ever near
Your poems I have so much enjoyed
And all your friendliness
Have made each day a special day
For this, you all, I bless.

21 December 2013 @ 1530hrs.

Copyright © Peter Duggan

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Hours before tolls rang of Christmas midnight
My godchild quite young, cuddled me real tight,
Above, he pointed at the biggest star
Then named it after me, brilliant from afar.

My heart sang with his boyish thoughtfulness
Amidst revelry, cheers started to progress
Tidings and food graced the house and pine tree;
Opening gifts on eve of jubilee.

Beside my loot stood a wobbly paper bag
With drawings my fingers had to untag
Surprised, I murmurmed my holiday wish;
Inside was a handmade star on creped varnish.

Teary-eyed, a note of love written down
Across a pad trimmed with bows all around;
His precious gift  made breaths rise, to exhale
Oh, from a child who couldn’t rightly spell!    

Contest: Deb Wilson's The Perfect Christmas Gift
Poet: nette onclaud

Copyright © nette onclaud

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Best Christmas idea fundraiser
Send donation request letters

A festival of trees to raffle
You’ll get more then a tree of raddles

Companies open to donating
Giving them free advertising

Can even decorate their own tree
A Lego Christmas top it can be

Some trees are chains with hanging tools
John Deere knows how to dress one too

Pots and pans ideal for cooking
Hair salons make one appealing

Banks decorate with gift cards
Some are filled with die cast cars

Musical trees make a great gift
Dolls clothes and bikes are a hit

Movie galore, popcorn and more
A chainsaw makes a gift with chores

A pirates tree with chest of games
To a beach tree the whole family gains
School supplies make a festive tree
One for animals with doggy treats

Check them all out theres so much to see
At my youtube channel made by me

By Doris Anne Beaulieu

Copyright © Doris Beaulieu

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A joy filled Christmas so devine
skipping on the snow and seeing
the red, robust berries on the emerald 
green vines.

Caroling and laughter is in the air and
hope, and faith is shared with care. 
No other Season can compare.

Everyone is wrapped in hats, scarfs and
gloves. Colorful stockings are filled with 
gifts and with love.

The smell of spruce lingers everywhere and
in town center sits Santa, in his massive,
welcoming chair.

Lights are twinkling as bright as the stars 
everyone is walking hand in hand.
Nowhere is there a moving car for tonight
the town has become Christmas land.

Sweet and so special is this time of year
when family and friends are so near and dear.

Copyright © Sharon Gulley

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Baking Bad

This plate of holiday baking you did bring by 
was really kind 
I unzipped the zip lock
to get inside
cookies and brownies
and bread of banana
but what was a surprise especially so
was to discover you know
I am
a lover
of corner cut smaller pieces
and cookies of extra crunch
and the ends of the breads
sometimes quite dry
are okay too

happy holidays as well to you!

Copyright © Lesley Micuda

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Cruel Yule

Desperate to fill voids
underneath trees,
within stockings,
and in children’s hearts,
society’s seconds, 
scratch-and-dent people,
unemployed close outs,
pick the bones of Christmas,
seeking salvation in
the clearanced, 
and reduced-to-sell.

It’s the thought that counts,
but it’s the cash that’s counted
when money’s tight 
as a hangman’s noose.
Each trinket is wrapped
in bits of brightness,
with love and hope,
and a prayer that it’s enough.

Copyright © Gary Watkins

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The Very Best Of Christmas Days

Memories of my best Christmases The best Christmases of mine Was when my family and loved ones Could afford me some of their time To be surrounded by the ones I love Is all I could wish for To spend the holidays with them all I could ask for nothing more Wife, children, grandchildren To have them there with me To be wrapped up in the moment The best place I could be They grow, they lead such busy lives It can’t always be the way Ah, but those years they gifted me with time My favourite Christmas Days Time is a rare commodity these days It becomes such a precious thing As I grow older and it ebbs away It’s the best gift one can bring You don’t need to be mega rich One gift will do just fine Gift your loved ones with your presence Gift them with your time

Copyright © Gary Wayne Hill

Details | Kyrielle | |

Christmas Period

Season of hope,sharing and merriment,
deep love shown to many as compliment,
assorted food and gifts bought for a fee,
the joy of giving has overwhelmed me.

Time to remember God`s love for mankind,
which is unique and difficult to find,
From slavery,sins and vile we were set free,
the joy of giving has overwhelmed me.

To replicate this  we  show gratitude,
making people smile is a nice attitude,
good act of giving  only few can see,
the joy of giving has overwhelmed me.

Coloured lights and Christmas trees are in vogue,
enticing  gifts  can  turn  child  to  a rogue,
as  couples  relax on shores  of  the sea,
the joy of giving has  overwhelmed me.

Carols,shows with fireworks create more delight,
which makes this performance a yearly rite,
as I  give thanks and  praises  unto  thee,
the joy of giving to others soothes me.

*Modified Kyrielle*


Copyright © olusegun Arowolo

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Santa Claus

Suit of red, beard of white,
he rides his sleigh all through the night.
This jolly elf all know his name,
his HO,HO,HO is his claim to fame.
Santa Claus in some places he is called,
but by many names he is known by all.
The spirit of giving just because,
of the wonderful Santa Claus!


Contest: Santa Claus

Copyright © Joseph Sergi

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Giving Back

Logging with friends. 
Longing to receive a wood gift card. 
We cut trees, 
We make rafts, 
We ride them. 
We find we have much to say 
And with wood, a house to stay. 
We gather round a campfire 
Sitting on wood stumps 
With our jolly ol' boys, belly bumps. 
We share a merry Christmas. 
We smell pine tree incense. 
We open our presents in the out back. 
To nature we give back 
The seeds that keep on giving 
That spreads with a animal track.

Copyright © Ronald Bunch

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Father Christmas

Although the Christmas tale rings true, 
For every child who feels slighted and destroyed, 
By religious insult, pretentious token or symbolic kiss, 
He shouldn’t only be wishing for Santa’s gifts deployed. 

But the Father Christmas story ensures, 
That every kid is worth something, equal and sure; 
The morality attached to Father Christmas is quite explicit, 
That all can be loved, and in that all can be complicit. 

It may be that you call this semiotic of Santa Claus implicit: 
A suggestion, indirect and a loose interpretation;
But I think that because all kids are included in his giving, 
The inherent equal worth of all is its stipulation.

Any kids, of any diversity, difference or race:
Black, white, Asian or Australasian;
Fat, tall, geek, weak or disabled, 
Whatever your facet, you are enabled. 

Society so needs this Christmas story, 
That a child’s interests are his right;
His hobbies are to be accepted and encouraged, 
And that even the cold shouldn’t make you tight. 

That the individual is considered at Christmas time, 
Is on point and fully correct; 
Economics and money have a high place, 
In a persons needs hierarchy, you may detect. 

St Nicholas first emerged in a poem in 1823, 
Published just before Christmas Day on the 23rd,
By the Troy New York Sentinel to help its shopkeepers, 
Multiply sales, and cheer and invigorate searching customers.

The love of a parent for her child, 
Objectifies best by way of a gift;  
And I just love the symbol of Santa, 
Whom the lonely child from insolation can lift. 

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan

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A Child's Christmas

It had finally arrived and excited he was
He quickly ran down the stairs toward the fireplace
Grinning from head to toe
With the largest smile on his face
This Christmas was like no other I heard him say
Not only had Santa brought him a black and red racing car set
But his dream bicycle that he wished to Santa he would get
His day still wasn't through
Because snow was falling outside the window
Which was definitely something new
Suddenly he realized saying, " It's snowing outside ."
He then disappeared bike and all
As he joyfully watched the snow flakes fall
I could see how happy he was about Christmas
That he wasn't at all ready for the day to end
He told me that Santa had really came through
And that this Christmas was the best
Because he got everything that he wanted to


Copyright © Donielle Smith

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Open my door for Xmas

My actions are heavy, 
catching breath to let go all this stress that i carry. 
I'll fight for two pennies.
I'm my own witness but didn't see nothing 
don't bribe me don't pay me. 
Karma owes me, 
She could be beautiful 
taste of revenge with a cherry.
Nothing good is tempting 
I want it bad miss understood
the surroundings that led me. 
Took it for granted n attracted negativity 
crossed that line and asked for God to come save me. 
I miss my dad but steps back wont bring him back. 
Gifted with words I'll present a rap.
Ghost write it on clouds but don't wait.
You spend all year shedding tears for me to be saved.
I know i got carried away, but i don't want to be here
if i cant get u anything for the holiday.


Copyright © fernando vergara

Details | Narrative | |


It is there when all is silent and quiet.
With sugar plums and misled toes dancing in thoughts.
Most time you can see the snow fall as kids play about.
As it is winter time and Christmas is hear again.
And it’s peace and giving again.

But do we always give thanks?
Or is it just during certain times of the year.
But do we truly remember the day!
The day when Christ our Savoir was born.
It was that of a Christmas day.

When Mary gave birth and gifts come from far and beyond.
For this day, there was a new King that had been born.
That all gave glory before Christmas was destroyed.
For there in his heart he gave Jesus unto us to rein.
That in the days at hand, we would know the true love.
And in our hearts he would rein.

It was there somewhere far beyond.
That Christmas is known as king of the year.
For it is there to which a new year rings in.
For there I say Merry Christmas and God Bless my friend.

Hope you think of the real meaning of Christmas this year..
To always be thankful through out the year.
For each day is a blessing just to breathe.
But each day was about giving and caring about the one of no name.
That in your heart, you find a love of that Christmas day.

As you find the spirit of kindness everyday.
May you share a joy of it to the passer by...?
That the spirit of Christmas lives and never dies.
That each day will be in Christ our King.
And In your heart, he will always rein
And that is a true Christmas Day!

Copyright © Steve Harvell

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Christmas Magic

There was no heat and the shelves were bare
One step from the street oh how life isn't fair
Laying her three children in bed and shutting off the light
And thinking in her head I just can't win this fight

Laying down on her chair with a tear in her eye
This Christmas will be so bare as she started to cry
No tree to be seen but one little gift for each
When times are so lean it's such a bitter lesson to teach

When on Christmas morning around six o'clock she woke to a noise
It was a man with a loud knock and a whole lot of toys
As she opened up the door he yelled out "Santa is here"
She almost fell to the floor as yet came another tear

He was a man from the parish who was told of her need
Three kids missing Christmas just made his heart bleed
Yes he had plenty but he too would be alone
His kids he'd rarely see as apart they have grown

So he took it upon himself to help out this one family
But in sharing his wealth what a return he would see
About to go on his way as his work was now done
She said, "Please won't you stay, please, share in our fun"(Joy)


Copyright © Vincent Flannery

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Christmas Gifts

She went to the mall and pulled out the card
She wanted it all for she had worked so hard
Going to this store and that store over there
And she wanted even more like she didn't have a care

Up to the next floor as the packages soon would build
It was a lot for sure but this is what she had willed
A few more last minute things and one really special gift
Oh the joy shopping brings and how it gives you such a lift

With so much in hand she could hardly carry anymore
So I couldn't understand as she hit that last store
Lugging all this stuff out and finally finding her car
She soon pulled out but didn't end up going very far

For just over the hill and in a lot just off to the right
A box that said Goodwill as she put on her blinker light
As each gift she put inside and so gently did she lay
Not that she tried to hide but she simply drove away

Copyright © Vincent Flannery

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A Christmas Memory

A Christmas memory
By Curtis Johnson

To this small community, my wife and I had come in 1974 to pioneer a church.
Our resources were meager, but we wanted to touch the lives of  about 50 families.
Contacting a generous grocer, we secured a discount of a vital product for any home.
On Christmas morning, we gave small packs of washing detergent to delighted families.

11212015 Curtis Johnson, for the contest, A Christmas Memory, sponsor, Broken Wings

Copyright © curtis johnson

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your bright
light up the night
your or blinking
also sinking
your mind always thinking
so much you do

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr

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Waymanville Christmas-for Carolyn Devonshire

Christmas lights aglow, multicolors to replace the scarcely seen snow in the south, USA.Families around the evergreen awaiting the giving of gifts to remember our lord and savior's birth. Blustery weather shopping, season for giving to others and we don't forget the empty stocking fund, salvation army, orphanage and operation Christmas child. Candle light church service, children dressed like angels, wisemen, and shepherds. Baby Jesus' birth day celebration. A time for giving, a time for feasting, a time for decorations and lights, lights, lights!! Oh! don't forget the Christmas photo to send to relatives in the Christmas cards. Red and green colors to represent the blood of christ and evergreen for eternal life. The star on top of the tree, to guide us to the Christ child for salvation. Thank you Jesus for your blessings everyday!!
For the Christmas in your town contest.

Copyright © Doris Culverhouse

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Christmas bells a-ringing

Christmas bells a-ringing.
Hearts, are singing, them
sounds of Season’s Greetings.
And, the faces I’m meeting are filled,
with the hello and mellow of Christmas cheers.


Can you hear?
Our Earth is calling.


Poverty crying. Another starved one, dying.

When Christmas bells a-ringing,
let’s pray all hearts be singing,
sounds of Season’s Greetings.
And, that the faces we’re meeting are filled,
with the hello and mellow of Christmas cheers.

Copyright © Gavin Joachims