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Free Verse Stress Poems | Free Verse Poems About Stress

These Free Verse Stress poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Stress. These are the best examples of Free Verse Stress poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Effects of Stress

My hearts pounding
A steady thrum
That's drawing closer
A pain in my chest
With every single breath.

My hair is falling,
It pulls out in my hands
I cry as it wraps
around my fingers
with every strand.

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He was always so happy
strong and bold.
He'd give you the shirt off of his back.
He had a rough life
growing up through the depression,
but like he always does,
he got through it.
He has two boys, of whom he is so proud.
Moved from Regina, to Victoria.
He had the best life anyone his age could have wanted.
But ever since his wife died, 
he has not been the same.
But like he has always done,
he got through it.
Mind slipping, 
just a little forgetful.
That's how it always starts out...
But like always, he powered through it, 
until now...
He is not the same person that I used to know.
He been sentenced to the prison in his own mind.
Possessed by the thoughts of his dogs ashes.
He likes to play the blame game,
but we know he doesn't remember that it was him.
He wakes up in the night
shaking with pain, 
tears streaming down his face.
There is nothing we can do,
Oh well...
Two more tylenol.
Hold on to hope
for as long as you can,
It's only a matter of time now.
He gets vocal, a very loud tone.
He'll block you in your room
and make false accusations
But we know that it's the pain induced monster in him.
Tick tock, tick tock...
You can't handle the stress anymore
you have to leave.
Just hope for the best, 
maybe it will get better.
Surprise, it doesn't.
Your denial is foolish, everyone knows 
what happens next.
All results of

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Reality's Angel

I am Reality’s angel resting on the broad shoulders of discovery the truth feeds darkness and engulfs its target ideas and concepts in turn become meaningless to you there is a creator of all things He is just and patient many still have fallen into the masses of shadow wrapped in their own filthy idols of philosophy I have seen grown men fall like rose petals and weaklings rise into unjust leaders forever the follower of furtive evil dominating only to remain inferior the most important answers lie in the unseen regions where no sense can fully give assurance the mind that so many unreasonably twist and turn grows weary because of the distance it must take and truth be told the distance is not what frustrates it is knowing we are seeking something far that could very possibly not exist, that our minds can twist into theoretical, idealistic nonsense it is knowing all we really think we know is meaningless and yes—even a lie all that has been written thus far rests under my wings under the warmth in which you refuse to feel can you believe in me— though I am completely unseen? how much more difficult would it be to see Him?

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The Wasteland -Part 1-

How can one express the baffling depths of obscurity? How can one behold to open the shafts of the mind? I have never been able to solve the mystery— Of myself. . . I wish at times that my life was no more That I could live as another and finally see things right But I am always stuck in this darkness And I cannot see this mind in light There are beasts. . .demons prowling through the wasteland Searching for any remaining life And if they are ever found— They are doomed and consumed Fear is their downfall and they never fail to smell it Their ashes remain, dancing with the imaginary breeze It is silent here—there are no answers I wish there were answers. . . But maybe there was never a reason No answers. . . Talons extend and clench around my heart They will never seek me out—they left me here It is like they knew…I had no reason—that was the answer I feel the pulse of my dangling life Alone in the dark, whimpering like a child I have scared myself, becoming this dragon-daggered youth No balm in Gilead! No eyes to see All I know will never be free I don’t need anyone! You are a disgrace—scum of the waste! You have everything, you ungrateful little nothing You are a joke. . . So swallow it all up like the pushover you are Stand your lowest and trudge right through No questions. No answers. Just . You. Or just lie back down into the mush of disease It has already infected you to the core Accept who you are, you ugly pestilence! I hate you Who are you to be glorified? Dream snatcher. . .murderer of all things bright Saturated in what you call light I see right through—even as the reflections shatter All of the dead kept you alive—they all matter… But alive you are the worst there is False savior—edited attention whore I never want to see your face again See, that’s why I hide. . . Desperation. . .desperation. . . I sob and cry kneeling in defeat For once I am right. . .I am right

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Peace to all of the inhabitants within and without the universe
Respect to all existence both stagnant and dynamic
No desire to understand only to observe and appreciate

Those who’ve sought understanding have greatly misunderstood

They intend to change (upgrade) and will inevitably spike altercation
Disrupting and forever corrupting universal equilibrium

Effort to become God the creator and healer of all is the cause of disruption

Persevering disabling efforts to be God with the determination of correction is the cause of infinite corruption – the effect of cyclical disruption

“____ heals all wounds”

No human is able to fix
We are only able to use
An attempt to restore is abuse

“____ heals all wounds”


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Who Though

Who would have thought the girl with the bright smile and joy enflamed in her eyes 
Sits' in the corner crying herself to sleep every night 
Who would have thought the boy walking the halls always giving a hand 
Wishs' that when he sleeps the gentle light may seep him off his feet 
Would would have thought the girl that ended her own life 
Was raped, beaten and bullied at both home and school 
Who would have thought our childrens children 
Have sought to use weapons and let eragancy become them making them a fool 
Who would have thought that no matter how we try for peace 
We show our children war is the answer
Who would have thought that our guidence
Has be clouded and no longer is pure 
Who would have thought teenage life is harder 
When your getting bullied or picked on in school 
Who would have thought that a person couldn't walk out of their house 
With out fear of being raped, shot, or stabed and death is finally at your door 
Who would have thought in life know a day's 
Death is more near to our lives then ever before 
    Who Would Have Thought

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Lamenting Spirit

Seemingly standing alone,
In the shadows of doubt and fear,
Lost, cold, forgotten,
Cold is the grasp of death that nears

Seeking a hand in darkness of solitude,
Wishing for nothing but a love,
Turned away, cast aside, borne not even a stray, lone thought,
Towering aloft, looked down upon from far above

Throned so high overhead, just as kings of old,
Glared down upon, a lowly tear forsaken so,
Caught within a trap, drowning, mists of sorrow,
A voice unheard, a voice deserted, only a voice in woe

Wandering such great, forlorn paths,
A derelict mind harshly beat, a mind that has since long been vacant,
Rove, this neglected child does,
One mind among so many, outcast, this dolor mind abeyant. 

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Life's Complaints Department

 Life's Complaints Department

 Take it out on me.
 That’s what I’m here for.
 Make me work for it.
 Make me feel it.
 Your relationship is dead.
 I want you to spit bile.
 You hate your kids.
 Let your tongue be your weapon.
 The mortgage payment is overdue.
 Show me that desperation.
 You got some bad news.
 Prove to me your diamond hard anger.
 You’re having car problems.
 I want to see blood rush to your head.
 I am the concrete wall that absorbs the wreckage of your life.
 I am your temporary enemy.
 I am a sponge with a face.
 I calmly roast in my own public hell.
 Barely existing in my own numb regret.
 Forsaken by my own fragile identity.
 The sweat soaks through my shirt.
 An accidental pain junky.
 Ready for another fix.


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Generic Minds

generic minds listen to generic music
have generic thoughts that are unknowingly abusive
watch generic things talk about generic things
gee this generic *****is spreading like a disease
better get your flu shot 
thats what they said to me
a suicidal vaccine 
a subliminal killing spree
its contagious and the outrageous
thing about it is that the people are blind in an eye
that they didn't even know they had
it's sickening to watch these clueless civilians 
inside the looking glass
with nightmares of being free
without a key to their mind
for it is trapped in the frequency
in the illusion of time
bathed in our universe
killing all that refuse to see
those that admit to hypocracy
or see the message in hip hop
how cant you see
the message in the lyrics that
bring adolescents to their knees
from bullet wounds conflicting their flesh
contradicting that they're the best
but the songs keep telling them that they dont need no rest
that they dont wanna go home
that they should ride alone
with the gat as their only companion
and so the only path they choose is the one that they're told
until they grow old and hope turns to a window pane
inside a window pane, until all they feel is pain
they realize that the music itself is ashamed
so whats to look up to
when you cant even speak when you cant even walk because you look so bleak
your eyes are sunken from the tv you're infested with the dee zees
now its too late to turn around and live for your conscious
so when youre screaming oh please
close your eyes and bring your mind to life
open your eyes for the first time
and never wonder why
since the answer this entire time
has been inside
and you better find it before you die
you dont want your soul to be in a pool with all the others
a buncha brothers missing their mothers
but only seeing strangers
only feeling the haters
wishing they would have used their minds when they had them
and now its too late,
now it's time for another new born fate to grab them

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The Color Missing

The Color Missing
Red, black, and blue are the colors of our work pens. Red is the color of the blood we spill on other people’s mistakes.  Blue is the color of the songs we sing on tax forms or pay stubs- every page has a secret melody. Black is the color of the streets we fear most. Black is the color of our signature of approval. Black is the color of our death.

‘But what about the Green pens?’ I ask. They say ‘the ink is too hard to see.’

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Bladder Problems in Class

Numbers on 
White board…names written hori-

Students ask
To go pee…right when class starts – 
THAT’S just wrong…

Bathroom line
Of students who have bladder
Problems – WOW!

People are
Not using lunchtime to do 
Their business 

No one knows
When to do their duties – SER-

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Not For You

I can see you watching me from the corner of your eye.
Your head turned and followed me as I walked on by.
There's no need to act shy cause I'm not looking for no guy.
So you need to step back and quit eyeing me jack! 
Your game is wack you can't step to me.
Your just like the other dudes trying to play me.
So don't tell me you love me cause you know that you don't!
And don't tell me you'll care for me cause you know that you wont!
So don't even start with me you'd just be wasting your time.
So turn around and say good-bye!

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La Sociedad de Miradas

Camino en sociedad de ignorancia,
Donde palacios son corruptos por efectos de arrogancia;
Pasan por nuestros lados,
Echando el ojo, tratando de disimular;
Donde la conciencia es absentista,
Donde todos dicen ser abstencionistas,
Pero, todos son ambiciosos, consumidos y absorbidos por hipocresía...

Camino en sociedad abolicionista,
Donde abolicionan toda aventura,
Donde la única aventura es abolir la sociedad,
Siendo una sociedad abstraída y egoísta,
Poniendo todo lindo, pero con abusividad escondida,
Siendo una sociedad de imbéciles accionistas,
Mostrando intransigencia acérrima y decisiva,
Pero, todos son perezosos basados en negligencia anarquista...

Camino en sociedad de advertencia,
Donde los reprimidos quedan agrisados,
Donde los rechazados y solitarios quieren valentía,
Donde la paz social va desvaneciendo,
Donde la minoría quiere acracia y amnistía de la sociedad,
Para derrocar la corona trastornada y distorcionada...

Camino en sociedad amorfa,
Donde nos han forzado ansias a través de propaganda alarmista,
Donde existen muchos agiotistas fraudulentos,
Donde propias convicciones son raramente afianzadas y aseguradas,
Donde la autoridad permanece en mordacidad y acrimonia,
Donde los realistas son fastidiados y ajusticiados,
Donde las miradas autoritarias son falsamente alegatorias,
Donde muchos permanecen injustamente en incertidumbre ambigua...

Solo a través de sabios ojos,
Es que existen verdaderas experiencias;
Con mirada fiera,
Con mirada de ira,
Con mirada desamparada,
Con mirada sigilosa,
Con mirada misteriosa;
Con toda mirada real existe vida lúcida y estragos mortíferos...

Camino en sociedad de odio,
Donde toda mirada se vuelve rencorosa,
Camino en sociedad de miradas,
Donde las paredes escuchan y hablan,
Donde las divisiones son provocadas,
Apuñalando nuestras espaldas;
Piensan que es un simple juego de carcajadas,
Pero, todos son hipócritas a través de siniestras miradas,
Que me tratan de dejar en agrafia,
Con el juego de las miradas...

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My Boredom Disease

Like sick allergies, 
Boredom can be passed around

Like a horrid storm,
Boredom can catch you off guard
Hold on for DEAR LIFE!

Like the whooping cough,
Boredom can be serious
If I were you, I’d
Get a vaccination ! 

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When I was younger i was taught to believe in god
Now i wonder if i misunderstood, Whether it was all a mirage
Baptized in holy water so the father could give a trial by fire
Suicidal thoughts seek to conspire
As we forget the angels and our demons consume us
Earth encrusted shoulders, each day a little boulder
And I want to be a believer
But all i see is anger and shots of liquid amber
I heard the preacher tell me that god loves us
That we're like angels, simply wingless
And i want to believe
That there's someone out there
But every prayer brings another Sandy
Children in the school yard fall like confetti
Like a bloody ticker-tape parade
As his light simply tiger stripes the shade
Never erases, simply highlights the
Yosemite Sam sound effects that serenade
A generation where white boards double a body armor
And with every dead child i struggle to reconcile
This love-hate relationship
But i want to believe
That the love outweighs the hate
But we're screaming hello
While he whispers goodbye
Like we're that second page in another hopeless fairy tale
Sprinkling bodies like Hansel's breadcrumbs
As we search for that ginger bread house they told us was a church
But we find only the pieces of us we left behind
The parts that shattered on impact as we free fell
Leaving us looking a little less beautiful than before
And i want to believe
But im stuck in this mortuary closet
Filled with skeletons of my past life 
Sitting around trading war stories
And i want to believe
I look for god, but i never get pass the neon cathedral
Sacramental whiskey sips and bartender confessionals
Never used a chaser i was too afraid to chase the truth
Mostly cause i was to scared of myself
So i exchange fear for numbness as I use whiskey-scented band aid substitutes
Trying to drown my demons but my terrors taught them to swim
I just want to believe
But first i want to believe in me

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A Prayer For Strength To Be Yourself

It's hard doing something different.
It's difficult staying yourself.
In a world so accustomed to conformity,
It feels nearly impossible to be unique
As the one He created you to be.
How do we find the strength?
How do we find the courage?
How do we find the bravery?
Where do we defeat fear?
Well, He's hanging on The Cross
Giving life to you and me.
Thank You Jesus!
Let us not forget
With Christ,
Nothing is impossible,
For with God,
All things are possible!
Thank You Father!
Thank You!
We give our lives to You!
We are Yours!
Praise You forever
And forevermore!
In Jesus' Name,
We pray,

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Conspiracy: Who Killed The Easter Bunny

A crowded table, all suspended in shock 
The sound of the shot dimming to a ‘knock’
Only silence, except for the marching clock
The weapon still smoking; an anonymous glock

Loud cries arise from the elongated table,
Jack Frost is shocked, the Tooth Fairy unable
To speak whilst Santa is checking the stable
For clues on the erstwhile maidservant Mable

They searched for hours, called in C.S.I,
Panic set in, would the children all cry?
Sandman confirmed the bunny had died
Batman suspected somebody had lied

Guests were quizzed, interrogations began
The mystery unfolded when Santa Claus ran,
Grabbing the pies, he tried escaping in a van
But was stopped in his tracks by superman

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The Door is Always Open

Things get bad, then they get good again.
You can write yourself angry.
You can write yourself sick.
But never
should you write yourself sorry.

The world, to me, is many things:
A canvas, a movie, a place to store
everything you are and will ever be,
but never a bell jar.

As long as your hands can shake
and your voice can quiver,
never close the door.

Love the ground under your feet,
and your only sadness 
will be that a blanket of sky 
can't keep off the cold. 

Smile with every breath you take, 
and you'll realize that, 
no matter how much you weep,
you will never fill an ocean.

Look inside your heart:
There's answer there.
You'll find,
deep in an oblivion of night,
there is a light somewhere.

It may not be much light,
but it's brighter than darkness.
Follow it.

If you seek, you will find 
yourself always involved in 
and as long as that door never closes,
whatever something will be enough.

I promise.

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My Future Generation

I can act insane
Make me feel worthless

I belong in God’s family
He will bless my future generation

Don’t punish me for
Being myself –
Don’t envy my glee 

I can act like an
Adult, but I’d 
Prefer to have joy…

Not stress…
That piles upon us in our 
Everyday lives

Being childlike is

A rare beauty – 

No one prizes it…

No one came across it…

In this lifetime…

I can laugh all day
I can make you smile
If you’d accept my 
Childlike dreams of mine
Don’t treat me like a sick swine

Renew my young heart
Give me the ability 
To kill the old man…

I have my place in God’s family
He’ll be adored and glorified 
We’ll exchange prayers and hugs  
By my future generation

I beg of you – 
Don’t kill my childlike mentality
I’ll behave myself…
I’m positively sure that I’ll make you happy

I’ll still have pieces of a child in me

And pass it on to my future generation…

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Tell Me Why


Tell me why?
Tell me why?
Tell me why?

Was it, because I was too nice,
I was too much of a gentleman,
or was just too much to handle?

Was it, because you were young?
Was it, because you couldn't find your heart,
in all that darkness?
Was it, because you just didn't feel the love?

Why me?
A man like me, deserves no pain,
no heartbreak.
So, why me?

I pray and ask the Gods,
But an unresponsive god never speaks to me.
He sits there and watches... watching what?
Nothing, but a heart being torn to shreds.

Was it, because I was too careful?
Was it, because I loved too much?
Was it, because one half of the heart couldn't fit the whole?

I ask you, because I still love you.
Come to me, my beautiful,
stop this nonsense,
I cannot make you love me,
but I sure can try to show you love.

Do not blink,
do not take a gift sent down from the Gods
for granted.
Appriciate what you have,
appriciate me, because one day,
when you need a shoulder to cry one,
you will not be able to find me, anywhere.
I will be lost,
in a fool's dream of romance and love,
that will never come on my front doorstep.
Still dreaming of the possibilities of you and I.
My heart is with you always,
but I will soon expire,
so do not wait too long.


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Goodbye My Friend

Sometimes you must take a second look.
What you might've seen may have been written in a book.
The memories, the truths.
The starlight, the booth.
We took pictures of that day.
That day we were okay.
But today is anew.
Everything we've been through.
Thrown away like a wrapper.
Blown up like a sapper.
Every thing you've said a lie.
The lies flown into my very own eye.
One day I will, we will all die.
Don't cry.
Flourish the past.
Embrace the future.
The world keeps turning.
The sun keeps burning.
Whether you're there or not.
Look at what you've got.
Money is just a virtue.
That you should've knew.
What do you have when the world keeps turning?
What do you know when the sun keeps burning?
All gone. All gone.
Have you enjoyed your life?
Did you apologize to your wife?
Did you say I love you to your kids?
I mean god forbid.
Goodbye. Goodbye.
My friend goodbye.
It's been a nice trip.
I'm sorry you had to slip...Away..

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He wants to say "I love you,"
But keeps it to "Goodnight."
Because love would mean some falling,
and she's afraid of heights.


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Hear Me

Hear me.
Please listen.
My little squeaks mean something.
Help me.
I can’t.
This pain is molesting my spirit.
Is it
worth it?
Should I leave everything behind and just “poof” away?
Please try to
Help me.
My physical appearance is starting to fatigue.
Save me.

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The Last Fall

Gabbled by the emptiness in the deaf of silence
Drowned by the turbulent liquid nailed the limbs
Echoing the rambling alphabets formed into sprite
Roaming around the corner of her head

Trapped by own shield, locked by own shadow
Inviting the cliff to come for grief
Couldn't glimpse the hole of little sunlight 
Ready to fall and kiss the soil

Heavy shoulder commanded the head to bow
And altered the eyes to be blinded
For the cruel tail of some
Cursed her lofty flight to grasp the highest life

Unspeakable lips lived by white sand
Storm handled the massive sighs of hers
Counting silently the ruined pages
She who quoted to be gigantic in the wild eyes

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When a Dream Ends and the Nightmare Begins

Walking upon shards of broken glass
with every faltering step I take
Travelling through life at haste
with no compass
steering  wheel or brake.

Trying to unravel a mass of tangled knots
Laying in life's gutter wounded
trying to liberate myself
from the putrid stench of obscurity
and not be forgot.

Mind full of unwanted clutter
swirling like a tempest
around and around
Life's din perpetrating the ear drums
with excruciating loud perpetual
grinding sound.

Lost in the harsh wilderness
battered by the wind
No one knows the things I've seen
or the places I have been.

Tied to the rocks
lashed and broken by the waves
cursed at birth
wake up from a dream 
and another nightmare
another battle to face today.

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It's not Halloween yet but I have a trich,
No treat. OCD. Since thirteen.
I pluck, I pull, I tweeze, rip, yank.
Hair, lashes, and brows.
Made me once feel so ugly underneath.
A nervous tick, a passerby of boredom. Still unsure.
What causes such a thing, many are unaware.
I am not even sure myself.
All I know is I overcame it after 9 years of struggle.
I feel beautiful again.
I feel like me.

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The Truth About Love

Love is not easy
Love is hard
Love is time apart
Trying not to drown
Praying to stay loyal
Holding on to lover's promises
Dreaming of reuniting
Crying tears of hurt and joy
Thinking of you constantly
Asking God for all the best
Love is difficult
Love is not easy
Love is hard
Love is faith
Love is hope
Love is trust
But love is beautiful
Oh, so beautiful
And love is worth it
Oh, so worth it
Love is in God's Hands
Love is protected
Love will come back again
Reunion again
For God is love
In Jesus' Name
We pray

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The Strand

This expanse of land has seen things. 
Things all of us can only see in dreams.
It's seen war, it's gotten it's fair share of scars.
Bombs bursting, bullets throwing sand into the air like it's a volleyball tournament.
The sand running red with blood silently mocking our arteries.

This magnificent stretch of land has seen heroes' tears fall; dropping to their knees while sadness envelopes their fallen brothers but also looking up to their beloved whilst carrying a ring in their hand. 

It's seen bright days, the sun glimmering over wet sand, footprints of past loves being washed away as the sun smacks the horizon. 

This expanse of land...has seen things we can only imagine.


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My Notebook

Stimulating ideas pop into your head
You need a pen…you need a piece of lined paper 
It looks like you’re outtah luck…no wonder you’re drowning in dread
You need a shoulder to lie your head down for a moment’s rest… 
You need a helper…to aid you while you struggle emotionally…
I’m not trying to irritate you purposely

Try with all your might…try your best
To stay optimistic and fervent 
I believe that you’ll pass the test
Be upbeat, kindhearted and jubilant  

I appreciate the words you wrote on my notebook…
Sometimes, I feel like leftovers left on the counter…
I’m a rotten mess – you’re leaving me as if I’m an uninteresting book 
Sometimes, I feel like a coward – I don’t mean to bother…

But, you’re like no other . . .

You’re like a mat – you’re constantly stepped on…
I’m like YOUR unwanted tool – 
I stepped on you and
Pushed your buttons
I accused you of being the fool 
When, in fact, I’m the fool by your side…
You’re drifting…pushing me aside…

I’m writing words of truth though – 
Expressing how much I’m fond of you 

I esteem your presence
Glowing with glee 
At times, you do say things without thinking 
I’m the god of distress – 
You’re leaving me breathless 
Cutting me down like I’m some decaying tree
You don’t see how much you make me…
Guilty for your crimes
Taking the blame about the hundredth time 

At times, I feel that I’m awkward when I’m around you

You’re like a backpack – you carry everyone’s weight…
You’re like a sponge – soaking in our stress
I’m a distraction to you – you’re wasting valuable time…but don’t hesitate 
I’m writing words of self-centered feelings – logic doesn’t exist…
But these feelings aren’t as bad as committing a crime
These feelings come and go – I just had to confess 
I didn’t mean to screw up your progress…

Hey, if you need a few sheets of paper to right on, 
Use me like a notebook instead…and write with all your might
It seems as if you read me…like a book that drags on and on 
Use me as your tool of relaxation… and read me all night  

When you wrote those words on my notebook…
It made my day…you’re such a delight 
Like reading a fascinating, classic book

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All We Have is Hope

I can feel the freezing fright and fear rattling in the marrow of my bones;
It immerses me.
I can feel the vexing uncertainty shrouding me like a black cloud;
It swallows me.
I can feel the baleful worry surrounding me like a pack of ravenous wolves;
It encircles me.
I can feel the awful dread welling and swelling up in me like a violent maelstrom;
It envelops me.
I can feel the cumbersome woe strangling me like a constricting python;
It entangles me.
I can feel the taxing stress crashing and breaking like tsunami waves on the shores of my mind;
It besets me.
I can feel the agonizing anguish beating my beleaguered soul to a bloody pulp;
It besieges me.
I can feel the terrible torment fomenting an emotional breakdown and upheaval;
It encompasses me.
I can feel the perplexing pain plaguing my heart with rancorous delight;
It inundates me.
I can feel the damnable distress torture every fiber of my being;
It binds me.
But I can also feel the wondrous spirit of Hope rising inside me like a spring of faith;
It strengthens me.

*Written for my dad who is now battling kidney cancer. All thoughts, prayers, good 
vibes and well-wishes are sincerely appreciated. Thank you <3 ~Chan 

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Calming The Storm

A deadly debate that could have just been a simple conversation.
One point and its the same point argued between two men at a bar.
One of the men is loud and angry.
The other man, he seems to be quiet and calm.
One point and its the same point argued between two men at a bar.
A simple debate that ended in a deadly situation.

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Spoilt for choice

For those fortunate and more prosperous of us today
as consumers we have too much choice
we are spoilt
and  nauseatingly throw so much away
While so many have little or no choice at all
and face starvation everyday.

It seems immoral and unjust
that so many poor people who need it most
have little and life is tough
But the rich have too much and more than enough.
I often when shopping can't make my mind up
and buy things I really didn't set out to buy
out of frustration
with  little hesitation.

I feel so fortunate I am one of the lucky ones 
but I'm always mindful and try to help
for as for choice
have non.

With the rise of food banks the like little seen before
With large ever increasing cues at the door
While the greedy rich get away without paying tax
Many struggle to pay bills and have debt upon their back.

It's the same old adage as before
the rich get richer
and the poor get more poor.

Gandhi once said after coming to this country. ''These people are living in paradise
and don'y even now it''. when he saw how much we had.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014.march.

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The Ancient Maya game of tut of tut

The ancient Maya had a game
They called Tut to Tut
A game like soccer
but the ball but the ball
would be passed by the thigh
and not the foot.

They played with a latex rubber ball
that some claim contained a human skull
But what ever you think about the game
it was never dull.

Two teams would play before a temple
On a strip of green
the object of the game
to pass the ball through a hoop made of stone
the Winners were victorious
but for the losers
it wasn't so nice
because they'd chop their heads of
and make them a sacrifice.

Glad I wasn't a coach
beats soccer any day.

''Any one for a game of Tut to Tut''?

Don't all shout at once.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013.

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In My Community

Our Ancestors fought to the death,
Just so we can live a brighter day,
So before you light up that blunt of meth,
Think about what you’re giving away,
It was a glad day in history when Obama rose to victory,
The first black president was all we knew,
Dark skin is in!
Haven’t you heard?
That even in our community, 
You can get burned,
It’s a sad day when people would rather stay home and “Crank That Amber Cole”,
Than get up and run to a poll,
In our community,
Rockin’ Luis V is better than having a college degree,
And teen pregnancy is not only a trend,
But the single motherhood that follows should end,
Young girls learn of a wonderful prince to take them away,
Nothing should change thought their mothers prince didn’t stay,
And as the tears fade away,
She grows stronger every day,
In our community,
Fighting is no longer a word,
You argue with someone and shots are heard,
Girls showing places the sun don’t show,
So how do they expect the community to grow?
Where love is a figment of imagination,
Making a young child question her creation,
Young mothers would rather buy the iPhone 5,
Then satisfy her baby’s cries,
While her new man’s eye,
Wander up another girl’s thighs,
In our community,
Where #team dark skin vs #team light skin,
Makes others not love the skin they’re in,
Love, lust, hate, and trust,
Giving a rose on Valentine’s Day is no longer a must, 
Where bad is good and good is bad,
Who would think to see their grandmother sad?
Her hurt and pain,
Shows how our community has lost everything her parents fought to gain.

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A Sleepless Exchange

A Sleepless Exchange

A restless night wears the battle scars
of dreams shattered in daylight hours
An owl echoes the objection in the darkness
as the turning of a ceiling fan counts
the seconds of hours, spin by spin

A limb scrapes the shingles 
as the wind recalls the turbulence---
howling through the barren branches
forlorn of the leaves of chlorophyll
Tangled in the sheets of acceptance
where barter plays no role

A stone pillow beneath my head
while the albatross of broken heart
weighs heavily on the chest
A train rumbles in the distance, 
with dejected warning…blows its horn
nearing tomorrow, tickets in hand 
the receipt of acknowledgment
a sleepless exchange

All Rights Reserved @ Debra Squyres 2013

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A City Once Without Hope

I would have never thought I had a chance after wanting to stay behind
The devastation swept up my city
I constantly cried at the vision I had seen
People were dying everywhere and what a shock it was
Seeing majority of my city floating under water seemed as if it was only a dream
However reality made everything so true
Young and old, sadness filled the hearts of many
After being led away from our home of plenty
Displaced and referred to as a stranger to some
Desperately wanting to go back to what we once called home
Only to be told that it was temporarily gone
I survived to tell all How hurricane Katrina went down in making history
As one of the deadliest hurricanes that fiercely attacked, leaving many dead in her path
Even after many years her memory still lingers on
A city once without hope continues to surprise
A strong people we are destined to survive

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Reflections: Intellectualism

To Dine, To Die;
Conversations spiral
While thunderous eyes
Grasp concepts to recycle.

Constant debt crisis
A political paradox
Grating social devices
Over the sorting of socks.

An endless groan
Argumental paralysis
The debate grants no throne.

Over a roast
Potatoes won't listen
To who talks the most.

"That point is so interesting"
The floor is open for chat
"What is real?" not a thing
"Meow" adds the cat.

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Freedom in Love

Keeping my head up, treading water
Cut throat surviving, struggling
Going under, death visits
Will to live, tested!
Selfishness Vs Selflessness
A Greater Love, encompasses me
God demonstrating mercy, for his children
Learning about forgiveness, cultivating, inner faith
Melody of Love, one can experience
In the darkest, waking hours, of everyday living
Self survival, learning how to live
Peace of Mind, Peace of Heart
Peaceful Spirit, Freedom in Love

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Death had come.
Death had killed.
Death had left.
Death had taken my friend.

The only one I trust.
Leaving me here alone, 

Death had come.
Death had killed.
Death had left.
Death had taken my family.
The fire burned our home.
Turning them into dust.
Burning loneliness into my heart.

Death had come.
Death had killed.
Death had left.
Death had taken my life.

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The Eyes

The Eyes

The eyes so shattered and so blue,
You sit there and you knew
The pain of losing someone close to you,
And you beg for their return,
But a wish so great, can never be granted.

The eyes shattered and blue,
Watch you,
Take the bottle and drowned yourself,
They watch you destroy yourself,
And they know what they do,
Yet they show no remorse, no pain in heart.

You fall asleep
On a dirty mattress,
Held up by broken dreams
And nightmares,
No pillow, no blanket
Just air you float on.
And your blind eyes close in the night,
The dreams come back to haunt you
And the eyes, they watch you,
So shattered and so blue.

Till three o’clock hits again
Wake in cold sweat,
Spiders on webs weaving a nest
In your head,
A cry out for the Madhouse,
Where the eyes so shattered and so blue
Stare at you, through a window with no reflection.


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My Nest

Love is my nest.
It holds me
where all the world I see.
It saves me
from the ground
which my soul will never meet.

Up in a forest tree
hunters scattering in threes
they'll never catch me
I have love.
I am perfectly happy.

relaxed I am
I do not stress
for there isn't life
without my nest.

who cares what's below?
I am above.
love is my nest
My nest is my love.

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Like the frightened Jackrabbit, I run away from Love

Jump up and down like a jackrabbit
running through meadows
running from what?
Could it be heartbreak,
a venemous snake that hides in the grass,
hiding with fangs ready to pierce the tender skin
upon the tight, bronze flesh of everyday life?
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye now!
I need a vacation a long way away from the faceless smiles
and ignorance of young girls, who don't look at you,
who don't show you love and respect.
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye now,
as jumping spiders hop everywhere, crawling eight legs around me
my soul black like carcoal, but my heart still beating
slower this time, not like the days before
and like the jackrabbit running from anything and everything,
I run to seek love and vanish away from the empty voids
that people call, their souls.
Recording a film with no tape,
talking to a woman you love, but not having the guts to tell her how you really feel
Jump my boy, like a jackrabbit, take my advice
tell her before she leaves
turns down the endless avenues of endless dark love
the trees grow taller, taller than you
and you sit there feeling away yourself die, missing out in life.
I cannot see you lose your love.
Say it, say it, Say it!!! Tell her! Tell her! Build the guts up!
Build up the courage, tell her how you feel. Take her by the hand and never say goodbye! Never say goodnight, stay with her till the flight comes in the morning
of the first rays of sun shine through your dorm room take her and love her!
Do not be like me, the jackrabbit! I see no happiness
Reading poetry it makes me sad,
to write of others falling in love and I never finding the one.
People tell me, you'll find yours, have hope
but I am a frightened little jackrabbit
who flees from sounds of deep emotions, not having courage to fall in love,
not building the guts up to tell her how I really feel.
She walks alone, I find my oppertunity and sing my love song
She smiles and moves on,
please tell me I cannot fight anymore.
All I have to say is Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye
I need a vacation
to go to some sandy beach on an island of love
and write and write and write, the same poetry that depresses me
but makes you all fall in love with words!
Fiction about love stories, please kiss me
Blue eyed death comes, plays a game of chess with me
I bet twenty, he bets my soul
Kiss me death, the only love I'll ever get,
besides my poet friends who kiss my ass
Listen to my heart, truely, I don't write of beauty
I write for the sorrow soul, the fleeing jackrabbit
running away from love.....

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Am I Still Forgiven

I did it again; I need forgiven.
Will He still forgive me even though I've fallen before?
I've fallen into these same sins countless times before;
I still haven't learned my lesson.
I am an ignorant hypocrite.
Am I still forgiven?

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Child of Mine

You are my love,
my hearts content.
you are my life,
a life ideal.
you are my joy,
and you are my happy.
happiness like no one else can bring.
you are my hopes,
and you are my dreams.
you light up my life.
you are my everything.
you are my fear,
and frustration.
you are my pain,
and you are my anger.
you bring out the best of the worst in me.
you are someone to blame,
someone to hurt,
someone who is no one who deserves the anger inside of me.
you are my child.

A child you should be,
I should love you as God intended.
I wish someday our bond can be mended.
I have made choices, i can not take back.
I can not make up for the motherly lack.
circumstance and situations have put me here,
feeling hopeless and living in fear.
anxiety has stricken me,
I have succumb to my disease.
giving up on what i believe,
I have become someone in need.
I can no longer give my love,
my patience has run dry.
my heart has grown cold, 
my eyes can no longer cry.

Forgive me for the mistakes I have made,
forgive me for the pain in your heart,
forgive me for the tears in your eyes.
I too am a child, learning how to become wise.

I love you child of mine

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Light To Dark

You think you’ve gone just far enough,

I could smile knowing you’ve gone far enough that you can’t go back again

You think you were careful but,

I’ve caught a glimpse of your true, wretched form

You think you can find a way into my good graces

I’ve seen what you are, monsters with a friendly costume

You can’t deceive me anymore and, I don’t consort with serpents

You think I’m a game to be played but, trust me, you could never win

Don’t underestimate me

You think I’m a joke but, trust me you won’t be laughing

You think I’m just talking myself up but, trust me, you’re the ones going down

My eyes took too long to adjust

Better late than never

It may take a monster to know one but, I promise my teeth are sharper than yours

My first reaction to the hideous revelation that was your form was to weep

Fall to my knees, maybe even wretch my heart from my chest and onto the carpet

Then I thought about the mess it would make

I decided the only blood that will spill, will be your own

I was not weak, but I had a weakness

A heart of soft gold stitched to my sleeve with care

No longer

Now my heart is a stone so heavy

I could kill at least two birds at once 

Being the nice guy is a thing of the past 

Thanks for freeing me of that softness

You thought I was all sunshine and delicate things

When really I had just been swallowing razor blades

Now that sun is setting and I hope you see it was you who were wrong

Can you feel my darkness coming, because it’s eager to hold you

If you thought I was the one who would just stand still or turn to run

Your gonna be the one with tired feet

I’m not sad anymore

Just sick with the plague of your lies

Contagious, and I’m looking for someone to kiss

Even angels can make themselves wicked

When we do, we take no prisoners

Still think I’m a game

This one is just beginning

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Feeling cold,
Lost in desperation,
Remembering sadness,
Getting in frustration...

Trying to let go,
By few of those.

Losing comprehension,
Restrained from myself,
Being criticized,
Feeling hollowed.

Needing help,
To bring me,
Back to life...

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I felt you today

Sitting thinking about all the bills that needed paid, all the work
that needs done on the house and stuff.
Fear sitting in and the dreaded stress of worry if the bills will be met.
Sun shinning bright as bright can be I look up to the birds flying high.
Then tears dwell up in my eyes because I have not turned it over to you.

Then I felt that warm sensation of a gentle hand on my shoulder and I
no longer could contain all the tears within.
Jesus, I felt you today that moment of doom and despair and worry of
daily life i tried handling it without you.
You, always know when I need you and I always forget to call out please
forgive me for forgetting that.

Thank you for not not forgetting me I feel so much better now, I can't
believe I allowed myself to fear so much.
I sit here now and I know all the bills will be paid, all the work that needs
done will be met.
No more stress I carry or worry I fear because you Jesus are always here.

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My Problem

Born to live,
Never wanting to die,
fearing death to its every limit,
as blue eyed death grabs my shoulders
and laughs with grim
and I fear death even more.
Car crashes, murders, greed and envy
takes me to a place where I can't find hope.
Laughs grow and brings tears to my eyes,
I hope off trains and dodge cars driving down freeways
taking time to sit down and look at my ways,
that push me left nor right.
Up nor down can I see the time tick away
I can't wait till I walk Jacob's ladder,
till a black demon tears me down,
and sins rip me open,
like a surgeon to a patient on a table,
Me, myself and I take time to see the wrongs in life.

Do I dare shake the vines from the dark green jungles
that tangle deep in my mind, body and soul?
I shake with vengence when time turns its face from me.
Time has no time for me
and she takes me by the hand and wastes my life away
with endless heartbreak and drunken whores and buffoons,
who care only about themselves.
The evil souls burn away,
and their blind eyes do not see what they do to others' hearts and souls.

I believe the strangeness of me is that I love too much,
and care too much to actually open my eyes and see what burns away
infront of my very eyes.
I only see what my heart wants to see
my romantic side kills me away,
while my physical being is falling apart with heartbreak and sorrow.
The strange part is,
love was never there to be found,
and the strangeness of me,
is that I love too much to see blue eyed death coming to get me.

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Running Away

Tendencies intensify
To end a life that's full of lies
Without a thought was forced to hide
Sick and tired to win the prize

Burdens weighed down
Patience submerged
Determination disappears
Given up the war inside
Thinking its the end of the line

A place to survive is not what we see
Its in the arms of a Healer where we can confide and be free
As we conform to the world salvation sets apart
Resolutions forced us to run away and pull the gun

Make up the mind and understand
His perfect love cast out all fears inside
If love is clear and heart is open
No need to run away and die

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A Hospital Stay - Part II


                                                    The Light Returns

I feel myself oh so slowly rise
Through the Abysmal black of surgical sleep
Wakening, drawn to the distant sound
Of my own moans.  

When my lids flutter back
Sight is rewarded with the prescence of all my Beloveds
Gathered in conclave 'round my I.C.U. bed;
My travel-companion souls
Who bear the love and light that leads my own.

     The doctor enters bearing good tidings;
     The beast within was found and slain,
     Its loss complete
     At the sacrifice of nearly the whole of my stomach.

And so I lay grateful and gutted,
Though within it felt like the aftermath 
Of worlds in collision.
A wreakage within,
And when they make me rise for the first time the very next day,
I feel a slow tide of broken glass and metal
Fall in chaos through my new internal spaces.

Still, its a lovely thing to be rising,
At all.

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Flat Canvas

Flat canvas;

Bubbling brown ridges strike 
The confining dimensions in a hostile yawn: 
Upwards, Outwards.

Walk the world no longer, an ending beckons, 
A precipice builds moments where swallows wager wings 
On new seed: New breeds.
Falling buys the assurance of seconds
From a sinking well. 
Oh well.

Remember us when the globe begins to slip,
Bang drums for our pity:
Our crescendos mean less than meaningless.
And then, when spheres crack, continue 
On the whorl of a thumb, 
Stretching hope to nothing.

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Burn Away


We have all lost our way
To see starlight gazers
And men with broken hearts,
Seeking love in all of the wrong places;
Vacant lots, where women all looking for something,
But not quite knowing what they look for.
We have all lost our way.

The only hope of humanity
Is the shining sun
That breaks through the blinds of my window,
And the faint memory of me and her
Lying on our backs in a grassy meadow,
Holding hands
Looked up and counted stars.

Cities burn away,
Sky, stars, moon, sun all burn away;
The grassy meadow
Where we once lay, all burns away
Everything burns away,
Memory and desire and love all burn away
With the snap of a finger, and a new man
In her own life,
And I burn away.

A picture of her hung high and praised,
A picture of me, in a dark box
That collects dust, in some lonesome
And dusty, cobweb infested attic.
And I burn away with a new day.
I burn away.

A nightmare that I can’t awake from,
It is endless and repeats
When thoughts of her are all over my mind,
I cannot take such nightmarish reality
Too see her and smile,
And she walks away without a trace
Of ever returning.
And I cry,
And I burn away,
The tears wash the fire away,
And turn me to ash,
The wind picks me up and takes me away.

And for one peaceful moment,
I do not cry,
I do not burn away.
For a moment I am happy
And I smile,
And go away for a while
And let them all sleep in peace.


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Misery loves company, or so I've been told
but could it be?  just plain jealousy?   you never know!
Either way it's grating my nerves and getting quite old
who do you think you have to impress?
that you must put me down to raise your success 
all that you're doing is creating more stress  
Are you so bitter, so envious that you must one up everyone?
why can't you be truly  happy for someone? anyone?
why are you always trying to compete?
There's no need for that, we are all quite unique
but if you fight back, it becomes transparently clear
its twisted and turned, from here to there and you now
become the villain and they the victim austere 
You need to be careful with 'friends' such as these
They don't give a care, they say and do what they need, 
to get what they please,  They drain you, make you upset,
 worried and full of despair, there's no stopping them, 
by word or by deed they always condemn
They thrive on others being  miserable too,  so dear friends beware
and heed my advice, rise above them and Smile!   If you DARE ?

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Survival Of The Fittest

Dropped out of school
At an early age
Lived on the streets 
Because, I disgusted my mother
She thought I was a poor example
Of true Christian beliefs
At an early age 
She religiously drummed into me
‘blood is thicker than water’
And yet, 
Here I am today confused, lonely and hungry
No one protecting me
No friends
No family
No home to go too
Just, peoples eye for an eye,
tooth for a tooth mentality
Praying for the sun to shine
To feel some warmth again!
Sun rays of hope, lighting me up
To live through this darkness without fear
With a heart full of faith
No matter what happens to me, now!
If only I could drink my salty tears
It would sustain me for a lifetime
Your tears are worth nothing, around here
You’re classed as weak and venerable
Only attracting death
Your life worth nothing!
Save me from myself
I am my best friend
I am my worst enemy
My prayers and dreams
Lost in the wind
Blowing around like autumn leaves
The rain washing them away
Down the drain into the sewage
Rolling with the seasons
Year after year
Survival for the fittest!
Surviving on the love
Hidden, inside me
Being my strength and guide
My personal lifeline
In surviving this crazy world 
We all live in

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Her Final Words

"No." She whispered before drowning into her sorrows.
Her life had been a simple happy one. 
There were no pains and no troubles.
Life was life and people were people.
Life was simple.
and life was all about tomorrows.
Life didn't know about sorrows.
Her sorrows.
Those same sorrows that she drowned in never existed. 
They were never there, but where?
First to be sad in the naive town of joy.
Sorrow became contagious and what was known as happiness no longer was there.
It was non-exististent. 
A meager thought 
and a blessed memory.
She tried and tried.
She failed and failed.
Life was no longer hers.
For Pain was her only possession.
Her curse.
She lived and she died.
Yet, her legacy was passed on.
Never was it gone.
"No." She whispered before drowning in her sorrows, 
"Save them."

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Cruel Yule

Desperate to fill voids
underneath trees,
within stockings,
and in children’s hearts,
society’s seconds, 
scratch-and-dent people,
unemployed close outs,
pick the bones of Christmas,
seeking salvation in
the clearanced, 
and reduced-to-sell.

It’s the thought that counts,
but it’s the cash that’s counted
when money’s tight 
as a hangman’s noose.
Each trinket is wrapped
in bits of brightness,
with love and hope,
and a prayer that it’s enough.

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God Saw My Distress and Healed Me part 4

This question drives me up and down the walls
I know for certain that God has answered my calls
I can’t hang up on Him…He’s so brilliant
And I’m so little compared to Him…
Maybe I’m little in size and very insignificant compared to the most High
He gives me quite a natural high
He brings me back home and kisses me good night
Without His love, I’d be lost like a sheep losing his shepherd
I feel like I’m separated to God
As if God and I are on both sides of the coin…
Our oceans don’t collide with each other,
But He does make huge tidal waves…
And I make baby waves that swerve up and down
Like a wave’s movement, my life seems to have its low points and high points
But, when I build enough energy, I glide higher than the clouds
Though, unfortunately, I’ve only been dreaming this
Then, I collapse into the face rubs against it and I have scrapes all over
Sand and water do mix well, but afterwards, the sea shore’s weight will pile up on the bottom of the ocean floor
I can’t imagine how many grains of sand there are on Earth
There are countless amounts of ants on Earth as well
Trillions and trillions of them are in existence
It’s amazing how plants take in Carbon Dioxide
And we breathe in oxygen…
God is a fantastic creator and He did carve His creations pretty well
God saw my distress and He healed me
When I think about Him, I’m speechless and can’t say much
He’s made out of love and He bubbles me up with excitement
I haven’t given Him the credit of working miracles in my life…
But, I don’t want to divorce God…I must propose to Him like a wife
Does to her husband…I want to submit to Him
He made the sunset, the moon and stars
Look! He even made the planets and He healed our scars
He made the flowers, the roses and the creeping bugs
Look! He even made leaves for our eyes to see…
He made the change of seasons
God saw my distress and healed me
God made the wild cats, bears, reptiles
He made us have a brain that is as neat as black and white tiles
God healed me…and I’m simply glad He did so
God wiped out my distress…and He simply dressed me with happiness and He’s in high spirits to see me grow

 ~ Inspired by the band of Evanescence’s song: Never Go Back 
~ God inspired me to write this poem…

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My cobain smile

I want to drown my urge to die
I want to kill my pulse inside
I can't breathe, I'm paranoid
Everything in life I avoid

Don't speak to me, I'll look away
Inside my eyes is just decay
 I'm already dead, but have yet to die
Why do I keep my body alive

My soul is dead, eyes are lies
So is the smile I hide behind
Pull the plug, I'm a fake
In a nightmare and I cannot wake

Drown me! I'm flooded in pain
Please help me regain
Some peace, some rest 
I want to die to live again

Set me free 
Slitting my wrists isn't working
The more stares I get
The more I become numb
I just need to be gone
Eliminate my pain, 
I'm already out of breath 
Suffocating on my hopelessness

Every day I am alive 
But I'm craving to die inside
Curved smile because your so naive
You think I'm happy 
Yet I'm being crushed
My head is overflowing 
With these thoughts that are too much

One word, suicide
Sparks a light inside of my eyes

I don't want to pretend to live
Let me go, flood me in sin
There is where I want to swim
Six feet under the ground

Don't be selfish 
And keep me in pain
To tourture my lifeless body again
Let my body float soundly
Rushing water, ocean salt
I promise I won't feel it at all.

End it, hold me under 
Then bury me so I can slumber
Goodbye lifeless eyes
As I'm dying I'll be coming alive
Haunting images 
Deleted from my mind
As I leave this world behind

Floods my lungs 
Leans in for a kiss

Together we sink into insanity
And drown in infinitys abyss. 

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Losing Myself

I cry myself awake
In the middle of the day
Because of a decision I made
Not to spend time with you.
And now everything I am
Is falling apart into pieces;
I feel like I am losing you
Because I am losing myself.

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Fears Became My Phobia

The rush the energy that flowed within. 
It came through me like a sin. 
The wind wisped a quiet tone. 
Even though it had hardly blown. 
Once again my friend. 
All alone. 
But, are we true to it? 
Have you had enough of it? 
Heart beats picking up in pace. 
Dodging trees in some devilish race. 
But to where? 
But why? 
Should I have opened my eyes? 
Earlier in the night was fine. 
Not a drip of liquid gold to the ears. 
Not a sound for the world to hear. 
But now the growls. 
The intent to kill. 
The fear crept up and meant to fill. 
The soul from within. 
From the darkness it may begin. 
The fleeting of the hairs. 
From no care? 
From not a single worry in the world. 
To the stomach twirled. 
Has my mind played another trick on me? 
Or is there something I cannot see. 
Behind the veil of the dark he stood. 
Staring me down from under his hood. 
The man was grim. 
His smile had crept. 
With one swift motion he bent down and he swept. 
All of my fears came to reality. 
I saw you personally, full fledged brutality. 
Off came my arm, my life force wept. 
Blood spilled over the leaves below. 
That ringing kept me sane, Shooting up to look out the window. 
Still dark. 
Just a dream. 
Once again my friend.

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No More

No More

Feeling abrupt,
Like a volcano ready to erupt
My soul a hurricane swirling
Around my empty mind and cruel
And forgotten soul.

Pain, feelings so strong,
It cannot be described
On a page with a pen.
I snatch the lunar eclipse
And beauty of the heart goes away,
No sight, no sound;
No pain, no sorrow;
No smile, no frown;
No anything, no everything.

A soul so black,
A heart so weak,
That love is long gone,
And will never return.

No pain is worth feeling,
And no pain such that I hold
Is worth writing away,
No use in finding love again,
When faced with heartbreak
One thousand times before.
No more pain, no more sorrow.

I shall go and sleep away the time,
Till Death comes calling my name,
And lilacs and violets litter my way,
And a single ruby hearted rose
Dries up and slowly dies away.


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No Where Left To Run

There's no where left to run
and no where left to hide
The enemy is at he door
And the walls are closeing in 
I'm trapped  and  terrified
I gasp and heath I'm suiffocating
and cannot breath
The writings on the wall
I'm naked and feeling so small
I'm at a loss
as what to do haven't a clue no more
I may have won many battles
But I've yet
to win the war.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014. Jan.

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Songs of Sorrowed Hearts

What makes this world go around?
What makes Death walk the Earth
and God sit on his throne and watch over us?
What makes love go around with such favour
and strut along side lonesome avenues?
What does a widow, a motherless child, a Vietnam veteran
and a boy who has had his fare share of heartbreaks,
all have in common with each other?

They were all promised a beautiful life,
free for all to love, free from the pain of betrayal
and anger.
We are what make the world go around,
I am the poet who sits and looks at love walk down the street,
and watch the blind eyes stare deep in my soul.
I am the poet, that feels the pain of a heart torn in two.
He his the poet who writes of smiles, to forget the frowns
and tears.
She is the poetress that writes of her success,
in order to forget her past that tortured her soul,
now he and she walk together writing poetry
sharing their love and smiles with the world.
But with smiles, also comes frowns,
with hearts full of love, comes hearts full of sorrow,
and someone has to stay behind and write of the bad
has to write and compose the songs of the sorrowed hearts.

We are all given love,
but it takes some whole lives to understand
the dark mystery that tags along with beautiful love.
Someone has to suffer the pain,
someone has to sacrifice his or her happiness,
so another poet can feel the beauty in happiness and pain.
I am willing to sacrifice my time and heart,
for my fellow poet to feel the smiles grow on their faces
and feel love uplift their heart,
while the black cancer tears apart mine.
I will go on, with what is left of my heart and smile,
and go into my room of creativity
and compose the songs of sorrowed hearts
for future poets, like that came before me.

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I am a hypocrite and look what I just did:
I fell into my darkest pit; now, again, and again.
I thought that I was strong enough to live the truths I said;
Now I realized I'm much too weak; a fool too ashamed to raise his head.
God, please save me, please forgive me, and please give me strength. 
I love You.
I thank You.
I am forever changed.

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Difficult Trials -Part 1-

Turn the wheel
Out of curiosity
I'll be'll receive
Something special...something to make you whole
Though the trials you must run through
Are a great struggle that can easily
Pull you down
And I want to erase your frown

You will feel way better about yourself
Just trust me...take my hand...
I'll encourage you to have a satisfying time
Just for your own liking
We'll be hiking
Those somewhat difficult hardships 
Together for eternity 
We'll spend time in the future 
Together in unity

*******he sea...Let's flee and be free!
LOOK how nice you look!

Trample those insufferable nuisances
That dare put you down
To the sea floor
I'll push them to the core!

Feel free to walk the 
Road of Recovery 


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Lonesome Tragedy

Name: Rightful Jack
Date: 08/11/1934

Dear Reader:

I see the lonesome, washed up, tragedy...
My people, the children, meant nothing to them...
Sacrifice my palms with the blood of one thousand sons...
Analytic substances, known as the air we breathe...
There is no longer peaceful currents, the sea is now a liquid black...
The storms were greasy, the fires were oblique, every word was bled...
They always perceived error in our effort...
But no harlequins were in our already dead, hellish survival...
No one else can be held liable...
The undeniable stench of the deceased mothers...
One man regurgitates his bowl of slop...
Another procreates his remedies of the red drenched taupe...
I love this poem :')

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The Human Seasons: Elements At War and Peace, Part I


The summer's thunderings gather in brooding, heavy clouds
Soundless masses with shuddering voices
Calling through the untamed sky
Shaking above the meeker Earth,
Pillars of rain, shot through with flashings in their depths,
Electric fires running through the close, wet darkness -
The thunderings assemble to make their pronouncements,
In booms and growlings cast down through the winds
To tongue-lash an unruly world with elemental admonishments,
Bearing reminders of old forces that never die,
Waiting and spreading through their vast spaces,
Breeding strength, coalescing.

Between the group of walls they live in,
He and she circle 'round,
Eyes seldom meeting,
Casting flashes of hurt when they do.
They hold within their aching hearts
Black shards of anger born of their quarrel,
As acid thoughts brew with the thunder's boil around them
As it walks with its giant's tread above the roof,
Growling its mindless sentiments
In tones that set the windowpanes ashiver,
Bitterness tends to the feeding of itself,
Savoring the cold fare
Of unforgiven words and thoughts both spoken and silent
While this summer squall of tattered love rises to rage
And ends in their dark unease,
The slow burn of anger between them
Has settled to a smoking grey ash gradually piling up in their sombre souls
As the sky above flares through the rushing sheets of clouds
The wind tearing by, laughing madly.

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Human Fish Bowl

Naked trapped in a fish bowl
on public display
Like some creature in a zoo
I waste my life away
Although I bang and scratch
with bleeding finger nails
upon the glass
but people just ignore me
and walk on past

''Help''! I shout''
''Please someone let me out''!.

I'm finding it hard to breath
I wonder if I'll survive
every day is a living nightmare
as I cling on to life.

Hell is a place I know so well.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013.Dec,

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Ignorance meets Insanity

Seriousness settles in, like an old friend
Seriousness spreads like a disease
Infecting us, accelerating, our aging process 
Our youthfulness, our playfulness, slowly slipping away
Our wonder in life, diminishing
Seriousness leading to rigidness, pathway to small mindedness!

Days and years, rolling into one
Colourless, lifeless, mundane, dull and boring
“What day is it?”
“Don’t smile or your face might crack!”
Judgemental, cantankerous!
Pompous attitudes, of modern day man

Stubbornness and ignorance, clinging to what’s familiar
Seriousness, up tightness, humourless, imagination vanished, pathway to madness!
The mind focused on its self created drama’s
Fears constantly being stimulated, from our outside world
Personal insecurities, constantly being triggered, inside
The past lives on, the present forgotten 
What was once important, now, left on the back burner
Hard headed, victim orientated
Righteous, self absorbed
Emptiness, hollowness, helplessness

Seriousness and ignorance, walk hand in hand
Becoming, our best friends
The vampire suckers of vitality
Sucking the life, out of our personal goals and childhood dreams
Lose of faith, gradually, losing our way
Lost, amongst the thick of it
Not knowing any different
Everything becoming an illusion
Seeing things as it should be
In our own little universe, no one else’s!

Entrapment of the mind
Our, personal intelligence, laying dormant
Body and mind, riddled with dis - ease
Heart beating hard, starving for a substance, we call love
Numb, to the outside
Numb, on the inside
Going crazy!
Consumed with our own self created loneliness and separation
Ignorance meets insanity!

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In this moment

For years I have
but in this moment I
am silence
For years I have
but in this moment I
am peace
For years I have
but in this moment I
am love

For years I have
but in this moment I
am free
For years I have
been blind
but in this moment I
do see
each moment bears
the seed
to renew reality.

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You're My Plague

You plague me with your sweltering disease My heart throbs in unease You carry me off to a far-off island Your breeze keeps me flowin’…scraping sand Your names escapes my lips I tell myself, “Get a grip, dude…” But you decided to intrude... My blood drips to the floor I’ve been losing balance… The instant you pushed me aside Your quietude devours me… I can’t help, but hide… I feel horribly disheartened…feelin’ too insignificant To start my day with a good note Too discouraged to be motivated to run… You trade me your pain in the past I consume it like a bear My stomach is churning persistently…you’re running too fast… I’m dowsed in despair My eyes stare vacantly…into space…they roam happily Your vigilance keeps me safe and sound…I dwell in your tranquility Your dreams caress my own… This intriguing comfort never makes me feel alone I’m under your dazzlin’ spell… This is heaven – not living hell! I’ve been bruising myself over you…for a while now The moment you abandoned me that night… Your rejoicing mends my gash…heals my mind… I think better of you – everything’s black and white I feel so exquisite when I’m around you… So inspired to reveal my might…just shine your light On me…and remember to meet me at sun rise… But I still feel malnourished… By your sweltering disease My heart refuses to beat in perfect rhythm – my high hopes nearly perished By your forceful breeze…pushing me on my knees I’m stumbling off my feet – I’m not at all pleased I’m not in the mood to be teased… I’m suffering…I’m not discreet How did you push me off my feet? Why do you make ME feel so damn miserable and incomplete? You plague me with your sweltering disease My heart pounds as I fall upon my blood-stained knees You carry me away to an unknown place Your voice still rings in my ears… I glance at your admirable face I’ve faced you way too many times – Your sparkling with majestic brilliance and pure grace

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Around The Corner

I stand with my back pressed to the wall
Arms out preventing that fall
Whilst pale fingers spider towards the corner
As inner thoughts crash tackle my hold on the brittle mortar
Winds rush by to coax me closer
To a world that is loved, yet I’m only lonelier
Confined to that ledge, is it safe to say - What’s around the corner?
Head spinning I lean against my pharma fug
Knowing salvation is around the corner?
I press on through inky blackness, never looking back
Palms smearing a sweating drunkenness
Where fingers slide to a free-wheeling halt 
The wind betraying the corner is here

She whispers “come fly with me”…

My moment of truth, blurred by tears
As I melancholy through the air
Free as a bird 
That never had wings
It was always there
Just around that corner

13 Oct. 2014

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EYE Don't See -Part 4-

My heart is beating with upbeat delight 
You astound me…in every shape and form 
My spirit is dancing with unbreakable might
You surprise me…when you take my hand
And pull me outtah my jail-like dorm

And He dismisses me from my solitude…
My eyes are glistening with bliss… 
And I’m far from my demise… 
Only to find that there’s no need to feel helpless

Why do you spoil me rotten with your fatherly affection?

Just protect me from any harm 
Let me make my own decisions…
To see the results in the long run 

You prize me as if I’m cherished like your carefree child
You don’t understand – I’m TOO foolish and wild
I haven’t even reached to full maturity 
But how eye hope to see myself grow and be set free
From the world’s mayhem
Is there a solution to this problem?

And I’m left with no answer…
My eyes are eager to see…another bright day 
And the night is coming to haunt me… 
I find myself slowly disappearing from sight…
When will God give me a purpose to fight? 
When will He feed me His awesome might? 

Just support me…especially during my downfalls
Please answer my calls!

And I’m left to venture off into His path…

Eye can’t escape my terrible nightmares 
Consider my calls of acceptance…my grief weighs a ton
Let me pour forth my tears – 
Do me a favor and cast away my fears
Steer me away from disorder and confusion

Eye can see you’re making great progress
You’re heading towards a brighter, superb future…

My eyes 
No longer witness oblivion 
My eyes
Looks beyond the earthly pain…
bEyOnD the affliction 

I spot a rope in the distance. . . . . 

Push aside the waves…and let me
Grab it this instant!
God feeds me His love…and treats me
Like a newborn infant!

Eye see my Father with brand-new eyes  
I feel rare content
And I feel hardly any resentment


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Rescue Me

Everything around this feels so wrong,
Feeling as if this does not belong,

Feeling trapped inside a world that isn't for this,
Retreating within to the recesses of this mind full of bliss,

This feels like screaming but to let it out would not do,
The people would hear this and wonder to what is wrong with you,

Then to shield this so no one would understand,
Wandering the depths of mind of this barren empty land,

Alone and confined in and of this cold crystal heart,
How can this ever hope to help others when this is crumbling apart?

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I lied down on my bed to have my rest 
But sleep could not come
I went and took my bath the forth time
But sleep could not come
I found myself some delicacies
Yet sleep was far from me 

I lay hold on my album
And found the stress and the distresses
Where all dissolved by one picture
And that was my beloved
That could not be found on my side that night
What is so special about this my beloved?
Her appearance even her countenance
You can’t look twice
Because of her fascinating aura
I brought her to my side I was ease
When i'm under stress and distress 
I look for the one I love
To be by my side and the love make me ease
For now I know no medicine is as love

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Our Divine Haven

This town was the place we used to call our haven 
You don’t remember which road we’ve driven on 
The stars were shining against your cherished soul 
You’re a part of my belongings 
You’re ascending above the ground 
The peace is still like hidden treasure – it’s bound to be found

I believe in you…I put my faith in you
After the miracles you’ve performed 
You don’t agree with what you truly are 
The sky is grieving 
You jump from puddle to puddle
You’re struggling to meet your destiny  
Even if your body is saturated in sweat
You must keep your head above the sea

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
I could tell you've been stressing out 
But rest your head on my shoulders and let loose your strain on me  

Each melody is an exquisite sound that bounces into our ears
Commotion and strife will cease and your heart will be free
We’ll flee  together…despite the unwholesome weather 
The voyage has just begun…hold my hand and we’ll rise like the sun
Trust me…we will be strengthened and well-equipped before we take that road of victory  

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
You’d rather be drifting away and never be seen again 
I wanna change your mind and erase your frown
Take your mind off of the distressful past
Let loose your strain on me  

Hey! I know you’re stronger than you realize
You’re not a failure – don’t be disheartened  
Don’t worry…you and I will earn our future prize 
This mess will clear up in a moment
Just stay by my side and never depart 
From the light… I promise that we’ll endure till the end
Just stay nearby and our hope won’t tear apart
We are willing to do anything to attain our wishes and delight  
Let’s take action and snatch our glory before our time is up 

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
You've been trying to keep a steady pace 
But rest your head on my shoulders and let loose your strain on me

Let loose your stress on me…
Don’t be under pressure
Let me handle your anxiety…
Reach towards our divine haven
Do you need a helping hand? 

I wish you a carefree 

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Protect Me As I Sleep

Knows my real name
Is what I go by
I am freezing cold
I don’t have money
Just, the clothes on my back
I am a walking wardrobe
I am lonely
I smell like crap
I am starving hungry
I can’t find any shelter
My clothes are drenched
I look like a drowned rat!
Upon women
Is classed normal
Around here!
I wonder...
I will survive
Another day?
To wake up
Do this
All over, again!
“Protect me tonight
As,I lay my head to rest”
“I love you, dear God”


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Losing Grip

Future held such initial promise
But shallow dreams disintegrated
Coalescing into shallower reality

Despite my youth, pain cripples me to geriatric apathy
General interest long gone, death has become the single concern
A welcome embrace, a welcome friend
Tardiness is expected, as well as encouraged

Release me from these eternally shrinking walls
Allow the peons to continue their superficial pursuits
Never meshing well into the fold, I yearn simply for permanent isolation
There is not enough joy to justify the agony that life forever guarantees me

Nihilism and anger, desires for maniacal retribution, the only feelings I've ever known
Clouded over now by perpetual physical torment, my formerly hollow shell continues to exist without capacity for optimism
Yet without hate, there seems nothing left
Shall I forever be adrift?

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Hard to Not Look, Easy to stay Staring

I've allowed that burning boat to float off without me
Rarely ever thinking about dissipating the flames, 
As it is hardly worth the time and effort. 
In Truth, 
There wasn't much of a future with that situation.
No matter the attempts
No matter the appeal
It was all for naught
The only thing I worry about now
Is looking back at the Flames
And hoping I am not entranced
By their Dancing Light

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Too Close Am I

I shattered my own heart,
Wrecking balls, tumbling decisions,
It fell upon me too late,
Forever and now I will lose what I held so dear,

But I held it out at arms length,
I let it fall, the uncurling my fingers,
Sinking into an emotional seat that engulfs me,
I so desperately buried the threat,

Happy once, I have not forgotten,
The taste of joy upon my lips still,
How could one ever forget the ecstasy that is happiness,
For we all seek it within the nil,

Berserk and rampant in my head,
A beast set loose upon my mental state,
So silent am I, my comfort so walks away,
So silent I can hear the screams echo within the blank,

Damp and dark are my thoughts of late,
Cramped tight inside, no prison break,
Hoping to find my way,
Before fear swallows me in regret,
And I become lost in my own wake.

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The Tidal Wave

The Tidal Wave

I saw a tidal wave come in,
Raging winds and fierce water
Took the houses, cars, trees,
Street signs, park benches,
Pictures of loved ones
(Poor baby Louie, 3 years old washed away)
And along with all the power
It tore my heart out of my cage
And swept it out to the 
Endless seas,
And the great white sharks
Have their way with my heart.

Now bleeding and dying,
Pain follows me,
And I close my eyes,
And wish it all to be done.
Pray for me, I want pain no more.
See tears fall from the corners of my eyes,
As I breathe in and feel no heartbeat.
And they all look at me,
Faces of nomads and they snicker
At me,
I hang my head and cry tears,
But the tears were washed
Away in the tidal wave,
So I sit there,
Eyes closed
And I sleep the night away.


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something in my mind told me to go

something in my mind told me to go
then the merry-go-round appeared
the whirlpool found its freedom in the center
the tilt-a-whirl felt right at home
as the wheel and the windmill discuss their future in the upcoming season of stillness,
i suddenly realize that they are joking
i wish we were too
i toss my plans in the whipping wind caused by the force
i depart escaping in the slight nauseating vibe of dizziness
it is then that i conclude that no matter the comfort of each new pair of running shoes,
i must remain still and look directly in the eye of that ofttimes merciless foe....reality....

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List Impossible

Can it be as hard as this?
A struggle of thoughts and feelings arises,
Not ever seeing a resolution,
Assessing the options that offer perhaps a brighter existence,
Weighing every pro and con against the alternative but always considering other’s feelings,
If we only had unlimited resources available,
Then all would experience their equal share of the occasion’s fortunes,
Every person a guest of honour at their own place of high importance,
But as the evening draws on towards another restless end,
Our task is still as complicated as the exercise which upon dawn's arrival met us,
Names are still unchecked whilst invites sit unwritten wanting a stamp,
A moment of peace is what our minds aspire for ardently,
But our wedding is too important for us to ignore the organising!

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Chariots Of Harpyia

Vicious thirsty hunting winds,
Chasing always down,
Emotion's infinite unchained vortex,
Thought claws raking bloody trails,
The wild silent  scream  disappears, 
Upon leaving your speechless mouth.

Walls of cyclical caged fire,
Slippery mouth of Venus,
Slavering fangs hungry,
Ready to swallow the fly,
All else lost in moment's loss,
Sense confusion, 
arrogance of intellect, curiosity;
The silent killers.

Falling deeper,
Hollow chasms of despair,
Black walls,
Ceiling and floor;
All greased with missed perception.

To late within forgotten prisons,
Bitter thought of the key;
You left outside the hole,
By the open doors of sanity,
Teasing jealous memory.

Material brooding led you here,
With  grim abstraction of purpose,
To show you opaque headstones;
Of what was once visceral thought,
In the graveyard of your mind.

©David Nickle Read 2014

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For what its worth

Mindfull of a parallel sequence
we seem to function light between
thought and hurt hoping for
easy advancement up the channel steps--
pecarious invoking with someone who
knows--- and not knows inescapable from
ourselves compliant (fraud)  if need not be.
Backwash of hidden intermittent terrors preclude
external sensitivities---like my aching back
heat waves of generalized dizziness and
gender--izing. The sweet bird of youth
never suffers a jet lag stupor as we enjoy
and (softly) murmur the last rungs in a 
flaccid present tense loss of self faculty.
But the nevertheless picture of realitivity
lends a jargon journal future sometimes
nameless but  (at least)  omnidirectional

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And so do I fall, and so do I fail,
Falling so deeply into this destructive void,
Nothing but ash and specs of dust that were once my brittle bones and scarred flesh.

To not know what is ahead,
How maddening! How so distraught have I seemingly become,
Forgotten myself as time has smoothed over me.

Tricky, sly fiend indeed; master and slave a like to us all.

Do I dare move forward into the uncertainty that is humanity and of such society?
So gut wrenching, thoughts filled of bile at what is.

As we all are from and are the same, yet tear limb by limb the essence of ourselves by one another in an endless state of bigotry and violence; so brightly are we bathed in evil.

So easy is it to see.

Miracles; perhaps shall they see fit to carry me away from the void that is, and from such temptation, as to live the rest of days in blissful, stagnant dreams.

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Ah, here you have come again,
Again you sit in this chair,
How familiar this room so is,
So solitaire in your life, ha, how fair it is,

How you engulf those emotions in bitter fire,
Drown your frown in a realization of emptiness,
How you realize the loneliness and abandonment of your mind,
Your hope and wish to fill the empty, lonely void,

Perhaps one day it shall all change,
But in the now you suffer,
You wonder your discoveries,
How enlightening were they really?

Hanging your head so low,
As if seeming to pray in the eyes of others,
In amidst reality you hide the corners of your saddened mouth,
Your hands caressing the wounded mask,

To lose yourself in words,
You search for comfort,
A faded hand upon your shoulder,
But your shoulders carry only the burdens of others,

To have your shoulders broken,
No others to offer theirs up,
You watch the river wash you away,
As you drown and ascend to your new home up above.

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New Dawn

Zest is in my heart
And bliss is in the air
As sanguine clouds have given way
To a new dawn so fair

Buds are blooming into flowers
And nature is burgeoning with joy
As the dead autumn has given way
To a new spring so joyous


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a day

a day to celebrate.
a day to enjoy.
a day for love.
a day for joy.
maybe a day to cry bout.
maybe a day to laugh.
a truly wonderful day, your on the right path.
it could be a day to mourne.
possibly a day to smile.
a day to smile through the fear from wich gets you riled.
riled up from the day that you face again and again. 
from either pain that makes you hurt,
or from the joy that you earned.

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Conversations With Myself Part 3

Youre Jaded.

When did you notice?

About 4 years ago.

Did you?

Not till recently,

funny the lies we tell ourselves.

You did come up with some good ones.

Im still on top of my game what are you talkin about.

Stop doing That.


You know what, putting up a front when it gets real.

Its never real.

Who thought the girl who was always on it would finally get jaded.

To be honest, she did it too you.

Thats baggage.

I did it to myself.

Are you sure.

I knew it was bad from the start.

Loves funny like that.


Im done, really.

I see it most when I look in the mirror.

The lights still gone isnt it.

Dont talk like that.

You saw the spark right.


Rememeber how we used to sing that Aerosmith song and swear that would never be you?

How could I forget its screaming in my mind.

That's funny.

If you say so.

Jaded before thirty, was your life that hard?

Probably not,

But with everything Ive been thru can you blame me?

Not really, but theres other people...


We dont do that remember,

Everyones different.


But your strong.

I know.

Just jaded for the moment.

We'll call in inspiration,

Soften it.

Dont do that.

Im jaded.

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Future, forthcoming, impending, imminent,
In the present a constant litany 
The misery of constant thought of it,
Today there, tomorrow there,
Tomorrow in today.
Invisibility of reason as accompaniment,
The feeling, a river flow of unease and restlessness
Never stopping sometimes a little less throbbing
The drive to do and to be done to,
Finally he intervenes once called upon
Showing that it’s a gradual step
Requiring basking in the little glory  
Of the presence of mind of the present
The beauty of waiting without anxiety
The gayness of today.

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play, pause

i’m splitting at the seams.


one arm gently pulls, the other yanks-


never a moment of silent bliss,

i bite my lip until crimson liquid seeps out the corners of my mouth

and drips

staining my peplum top.

distant memories creep into my mind to warn of the shame i’ll find

in this game of hide-and-seek

if i let them see that my smile isn’t real

and my blood prefers to stay in my veins.

So I don’t stop.

I move my lips into position

and wipe the blood from my chin.

And press ‘play’ on the cassette tape that reads:

"of course I’m happy",

because I can’t form those words myself.

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A call

Lost my inspiration
Or that string in my heart
The nerve that carries passion
Is frozen or maybe paralyzed
I am waiting for my feelings
To pour back into me
And force me to be ignited again 
This way I don’t want to be
From colossal to colour less
Affection suffocates me
Loneliness seems dear
Silence induces me
Tempted by aggression
Irritated extremely
The pumping machine seems
Cold and beefy
I see all black and white
Where once I was dreamy
It’s a desperate call
Before the lights fade and become blurry
Come to me now 
Let me be like the old me.

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A Dark Desk In A Quiet Room

My mind goes to weird and wonderful places when left unattended,
And they make me reel it back in.
They don't want a person,
They want a tennis racket.

These days they hand you a certification
like it's the same thing as an education.

(Human tennis and the indoctrination blues)

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My Shadow

Blackness, a dark version of me, badness, negativity.

No matter how fast i run or were i run too your right behind me.

Even the brightest sun doesn’t destroy you, you only exist because of me.

All i know is when i face the darkness you disappear, but to only return when the sun rises.

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Rage Quit

Last night
June 10
Jobs done
Going home
Rode the jeepney
Freaking slow
Driver's texting while driving
Arrived about 7 Pm
Went to the computer shop
It was full
To the second shop
Lots of vacant seats
I logged in
It was a drop coin type
1 peso
Cant login to my game
No can do
Then to the other unit
Another peso
Cant login to my game
No can do
Then to another
Another peso, yes
Cant login to my game
No can do
Then another one again
Cant login to my game
No can do
I'm just hoping for a first win
A first win for this day
Went to the computer shop
I first went in
Other guys logged out
Vacant seat for me
Happily can login
Yes I do
Played 1st game
Stupid team mates
F*ck*ng feeders
(/>_<)/ _|__|_
Played 2nd game
Stupid team mates
(/>_<)/ _|__|_

No 1st win for today
Hopefuly tomorrow maybe.

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My shew is no longer breathing
This I really do lament
My shrew is no longer kicking
I find myself in torment;
I wonder where its soul went;
Could it be Alaska or Benelux?
This death definitely sucks
For it was a creature, a tender creature
Whose system ceased functioning altogether;
Today, I can only see a bleak future;
For it no longer moves
For it no longer laugs
Such lack of noise and motion means
Tears in my eyes and apathy;
Life without you is colourless;
Such a tiny peaceful mammal
Who has never pestered anyone
I will really miss this animal
Since now I am truly alone
For my best friend is gone;
Its little heart stopped working
And mine since then is aching;
I could hold you in my hand
So much fun remains in my mind;
If only time we could rewind!
There's no therapy to get over this
No alcohol since I'm a teetotaler
No video games. I loathe them
I can't focus on chess now
I can't read poetry like this
My shrew is always in my mind
But nowhere in my life
Just a cold still body
It's dead. Dead.
Like my joy.
But worry not, my little mammal
This won't last long...
I will see you soon, my lovely friend

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Battling Addition

Men do love sensuous naked girls
Pervocatively posed do their caresses
Engulf the male’s fantasy world
Purged in dark secrets 
The male’s mind explores
Only to give heart 
To a make believe girl
Day-in day-out man battles within
Until man’s addition is no longer self-viewed sin
Men do love the casino’s glitzy lights
With cards in hand or to roll the dice
To wager it all in-spit of family needs
Man flies to Sin City then crawls home on knees
Sorry proclaimed to all the loved ones 
Seven times seventy forgave
Man makes a promising plea
Until a week’s work and money in hand made
Again to go -does man make plan
Beguiled by trickster until man has none
Day-in day-out man battles within
Until man’s addition is no longer self-viewed sin
So pray do man’s beloved unto God who saves
Remove this addiction and cast it away
Give beloved man the strength to open self-eye
The reflection of sin will gall man’s eye
Day-in day-out that man will battle within
Until man’s addition is plainly self-viewed sin

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SCISSORS SEARCHING gift wrapping frustration essential tool misplacement from previous location everyone pleads innocence apathetic reply maddening time wasted exploring Scissors Searching Exasperation ! ©September 2013—Kim van Breda

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In seeking to move forward,
Our world has lost life’s meaning,
So many of my day’s worries,
Spent over bits of paper,
Or the moods and whims of others.

The important parts of life,
The things which are true to my inner spirit,
Are pushed further and further away,
Whilst the trials to fit in to the crushing expectations of my job and world,
Age me.

Every now and then I see a glimpse,
I remember why I am here,
I see the journey that is vital to my soul, 
But it so often drifts away,
And gets lost in the monotony and stress of my daily routine.

And so I ask myself- what does my life mean and why am I alive?

I must answer truthfully,
For then my life will finally take shape,
And I will be back on track, 
Experiencing each day with wonder and freedom.

In seeking to grow up and fit in to the world,
I fear I have taken the wrong direction and lost my way,
I must find my true path, 
Or regret it forever. 

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The First Time

For the first time,
I feel that life’s treating me right

Everyone’s talkin’ amongst themselves…

I’m sick ‘n tired of wastin’ time
I need to…train myself to become successful – 
Starting tonight.
My life has its ups ‘n downs…
How can I balance myself again?
How can I be more productive this week?
How much time does it take to make my life valuable?

Every now and then, 
I feel that there’s no way out of the cage

Everyone’s bringin’ up past recollections 

I’m willin’ to fight the good fight… but I feel like garbage…
My faith towards Him slowly decays away… 
How can I rebuild my strength again?
How can I reassure myself that I’m stronger than I realize? 
How much time does it take to accomplish all of my dreams? 

Every so often,
I feel that my family doesn’t love me

Do they still cherish me like hidden treasure?
Do they still love me beyond measure?

Everyone’s tellin’ me that I did a great job on my solo 

I don’t believe them entirely…but at least I got the audience’s attention  
My future is bright like the sun…
How can I make my dreams a reality?
Does God know the answer?
How much time does it take to taste a sprinkle of glory?

For the last time, 
I feel the need to reach the finish line

Everyone’s proud of me for trying my best 
And running with all of my effort
I’m willin’ to encourage myself to pass the test…
Despite my struggles, I’m doing fine  

My courage increases by the minute…
I outrun the competitive runners and I’m barely passing the test 

My cup is half full – I’m extremely grateful
For the first time, 
I feel that God has answered my prayers – 

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Enigmatic Lane

Enigmatic Lane

This enigmatic lane-
I’ve walked long.
And now I see
Only barren lands,
A mere setting sun,
And a vague horizon.

I turn to look back
Along this enigmatic lane.
And then I see
Those umpteen vicissitudes,
Those sudden meanders,
Those familiar turns,
Those abrupt detours.

Down this enigmatic lane,
There have been
Many a rich meadows,
Many a bleak wastelands,
Millions of pompous marches,
Millions of disconcerting dirges,
Several comforts of love,
Several cruelties of reclusion.

Along this enigmatic lane
I may no longer tread, for-
As I now halt, I ponder-
Perpetuation has always been
The ruse of fleeting phases,
And what worth has it been
To walk this enigmatic lane.

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It Doesn't Really Matter In The End

( Sonnet style in free verses ) 

It doesn't really matter in the end, 
If you are black or white, rich or poor, 
Or if you are a regular Joe or a celebrity, 
Bad things, and suffering can happen to anyone that's for sure. 

The human spirit can sometimes too much endure, 
It can be yours or mine in a corner very obscure, 
Our bodies and souls can take so much for a awhile, 
But in the end it could take its toll too much trials 

There's a timetable and a clock somewhere always ticking, 
So let's not forget that wounds take a long time healing, 
God made our body, mind, soul to be resilient in time of trouble, 
But doesn't mean to ignore them and so make them for us double 

So in the end it doesn't really matter who you are,or where you go, 
Tragedy, pain and death can happen to anyone, anytime, I just know. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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Last Chance

3 strikes…you’re out!
I’ve given you way too many chances…
Do you expect more?
You left me empty-handed… your insufficiency advances…
3 strikes…you’ve ran out of chances
But I’m kind enough to buy you some more
Or maybe I have some in store

You’ve pushed it to the limits
When you throw your tantrums… your foolish fits 
I’m tellin’ you to lay off of me…
You treated me like dirt and grime
You have only one last chance…
Will you stop acting irrationally? 
Don’t screw it up this time…

3 strikes…GET out of my sight
Get out of my life – there’s the front door 
You’re killin’ me with your insanity 
3 strikes… don’t pout! 
Could you JUST leave me alone tonight?
I’ve given you a bunch of options,
But you were heedless of my vanity…
You’ve tortured me with your profanity 
You’ve punctured me with your
 lies and your brutality 
You’ve defeated me with your 
nightmarish reality 
Why do you hunger for my agony? 

3 strikes…there’s no way out
Of your devious trap…
You’re blaming me for your downfalls 
3 strikes…good riddance…get out!
You’ve never answered my calls,
So just desert me…
Let me escort you to the front door
Leave me alone…I don’t love you anymore

You’ve really tried my patience
I’m tellin’ you to leave me be…
You still don’t listen to me – I want you to flee
I want you to be set free
Get out of heart…
Get out of my house…
Get out of my head…
Get out of my life! 
You’re the magnet of strife
You’ve invited corruption in my life 
It strangles me like a thick rope around my neck
It stabbed me like a butchering knife… 
You’re so heartless and pathetic…you’re a wreck
I’m tellin’ you to bother someone else, you lunatic

You have lost your only chance, 
You repulsive prick 

3 strikes…you’ve got no luck 
I’ve given you escape routes and you weren’t grateful – 
You don’t even say, “Thank you” for all of the things I do for you
3 strikes…
Are you still a ruthless soul? 
You’re hanging by a thread – and you haven’t got a clue

Go ahead!
Leave my presence, 
YOU nuisance! 

You're trying my patience...
I would leave if I were you...
I loathe your ignorance...

But, you just stand there like a fool!
You're taking advantage of me...
Throwing me out in the dumpster like a futile tool
--(Screw)-- you... Please leave me... 
You have added to my anxiety

You have done enough 
damage as it is...

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Rubber Band Mind

I don't know what happened, not sure where I went wrong
I guess I should have stayed with it and learned to play along

My mind is like a rubber band being stretched slowly and thin
As I snap back, contact my stretch, I can start me new again

Me without the pressures of this everyday life
Or the tiny little words they say that cut me like a knife

But that peace lives very shortly like a break while you're at work
Until life begins to stretch again watching you struggle with a smirk

Every sentence seems malicious though the words are quite benign
I try to keep anger reserved, try and keep my stress resigned

So, once again I sit here waiting for my next refreshing snap
until life continues pulling, I can feel me break! "OH CRAP!!"

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It'll Be Better Tomorrow

Open my eyes,
drag myself out of bed,
look outside, and see that...
 once again I have beat the sun up.

I sit alone in the darkness,
uselessly hoping that light will reach me where I sit.
I know that if I don’t try
clarity will never arrive,
and I will be forced to live 
in an illusion of darkness for the rest of my days.
Never seeing what true light can provide.

One foot hits the floor
another joins,
A groan escapes 
quickly replaced by a smile.
Finally I stand,
ready to face another day.

If today day is bad,
then I didn't reach far enough 
and just have to try again tomorrow.

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Kitty In A Soup

            Kitty In A Soup

Our town has its usual vertical ups and downs and horizontals
One day a gray kitten still finding its way 
Discovered a long cylindrical corridor
A seeming hallway or in its tiny mind
Another place to play and hide
This narrow hallway however ran up and down
Not side to side in the usual horizontal way
Gravity took hold of the situation
And pulled the kitten down the drainage pipe
Stuck in the dark hole, the cat began to cry for help
It went from mew to MEW!
Soon giant men arrived in the loud trucks
Two thin long sticks like chopsticks were employed
The extrication was a delicate operation
Kitty was pulled out exactly like a tiny shrimp
From a deep dish soup in the oriental restaurant 
Mew was all it knew to thank the men in rubbery red suits 
Who sirened down the street after the rescue


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written 10th May 2001

Will I ever get off this blooming roundabout
 why must I, always need to scream and shout
As things just start to settle
 I will be forced to start on a new battle

Will it ever end
 I need a really good friend
Someone that will listen 
 and, not have to be my competition  

Someone who cares
 a friend is all I need..
But, enemy's are all I ever see
 will it ever stop, this lifetime of endless rotten, bad luck....

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All is Lost

Sick, sick, sick
I must be sick,
subjecting myself to
this level of frustration.

Hours of work at
this monster they
call a computer -
type, edit, cut, paste , 
thoughts aside in italics,
line breaks scrutinized.

This needs changing,
take that line out,
add this pithy phrase
for clarification.

Finally, it's as near
perfect as I can make it, 
lean back and sigh, 
admire the finished draft.

Just space the whole thing
a tad to the right.

NO! NO! Quick  
as a lightning flash,
blank page appears.
where is it?
Can't get it back -


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I count

I Count


Too Much
Beaten Down

Standing tall
Fighting Back
Reaching Out
I Count

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The incineration of Hope

Gathered groping 
The cheesy eloping
Thinly spread across time
Wandering amidst bloated stride
Burning from flesh to organ
Incinerating hope
And carrying no burden

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I love you so much more than the sun in the sky
Love you so much girl, and just can't tell exactly why
To confess my love, to you, is all I wish to say
Tell you outright, at the break of each new day

Our worlds seem to align 
And it's not by design
I want you in my arms forever, to be mine
Oh love, just give me a sign

I've had none before, and well, you've had nine
But with this I am fine
To the shores of forever, with you, I will find
If you just give me some Signs

Signs, from you and above, oh how I'm praying for
Please pretty girl, won't you open the door?
Leave me crying on the floor
Leave me girl, wanting so much more

How can lonely hearts mend?
Find others for their love to send
All across the sands of these times
Show me the way, give me some Signs

You could turn a whole life's world around
Without the utterance of a sound
You could halt his childish whines
If you just gave this poor boy some Signs

Signs, from you and above, oh how I'm praying for
Please pretty girl, won't you open the door?
Leave me crying on the floor
Leave me girl, wanting so much more

Yet here I am, sitting alone and broken
No words to you have been spoken
Why am I so shy? Where did the days go?
Oh how they fly and Oh how you glow
Nothing left to do now, but wait for new Signs

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Beg, A Shadow Poem

God... I see you, You see me, God,
Go away, Please stay, Ill pray, My curse
No god, Jesus, Come back, Normal?
Ill justify, Get high, You will ask me, Why? Why try?
All the same, What you see has already came,
Put to shame, By misery, Shallow to my game,
Ill quit, So you will, God, Are you there?
Take my ink, I love you, Please stay, I wont run,
I wont cave, God, Make me brave, Satan's slave,
Buried alive, Slighted, My scars don't go, Everything is slow,
I feel, No, Promises, No, I break, Just a little late, The clouds,
They are shown, But I can't reach, No more tears, God is here,
Help me, Please help me, I can be smacked, Be shoved, No more love,
But you, Please, Dont leave, I need you so bad, These thoughts keep going,
Even when you stop, Things go bad, Stop my breath, You made me,
Till' death due us part, Split, Admit, Ill still love, Go above,

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Restless nights, my whole day complete

"good nights" for me are restless,

for i am fully awake at nights.

mornings makes my day useless

for my clock says it dawn or darkness.

venturing darkness for amusements,

suck blood that flows in veins is less,

conceive relationship with forceless,

my complete day is what it makes.

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10 Minutes Of Walk

Shut the eyes
Close your mouth
Open your ears
Make your feet walk your fears

As the lights shut off in the sky
I took a step forward
Hoping ill end up with the angels
Walking with no map to guide my soul
I hope I don't make it home

Was looking into my eyes
Thinking, "what wrong with her"
I thought she was "fine"...

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Love Restores Peace

At 8:30 AM,
"Get up, LAURA! Charlie! Wake up...Robert...Wake up."
No reply...just ignore my wake up calls...yell at me all you want
You make me cry...cry...just shatter me like place me in the trash, but I still feel this discontent
Deep inside of me...
There's a sea of remorse swirling around me...
At 12:15 AM,
"Hey Laura!"
No reply...
"What are you doing?"
I just want to cry...a river...why?
She still ignores I'm feeling the anxiety...
She still jokes around with me, but I feel so angry...and so empty...
She's texting her friends again...I must talk to her sometime
She still doesn't answer my calls...she doesn't care to wipe off my grime
Sponging inside of me...
I guess I'm left with my chores for today
My heart is swelling up in dismay...and my sky turns to gray
And I pray...for relief and I just want to say...
I love my sisters and brothers, but they truly don't care for me...or at least that's what I think till this very day
This lonesome feeling sufficates me...
Go ahead and ignore me, sister
You just added another blister
In my mouth, my hopelessness avalanches all over the ground
You make me frustrated...and now my head spins round and round
And I feel bound...
By stress and torment! 
Go ahead and neglect my voice
My heart is seeping out misery...pumping with fret...
while you text your friends and rejoice
In my head, my painstaking regrets torture me profoundly
You don't care to listen - live your life without me
My soul is left in the cold...
Oh! Go ahead! Let me mold...mold...
I worry about you, sister...
But you left me to dry like made me suffer
don't beg to differ...
Go ahead! Blow fire in my direction...
I warn don't want to see an eruption
I don't want to be ensnared by my corruption... 
Please God...pick me off from the ground...
and show me some direction
Or I'll be broken down like the titanic...
And You don't wanna see me panic...
At 1:00 AM,
I decide to pray to God for protection...
I pray...I pray...
I wait for His reply..........................
He helped me fight 
my depression wars
He unchained me from the cage...
and taught me how to fly
He cherished me...
He understood me 
and He still does till this day...
He healed my sores...
And He doesn't ignore my calls! 
He makes me feel content 
even in the midst of hardships - 
I pray...I wait...I cry...
For His comfort daily...
to nourish me 
when I feel ignored
Or when I'm stabbed in loathe...
I pray that Your peace be restored
In our family once more.
I wait
For peace
To fix the broken fix the emotions breaking us all
I pray
For the chaos to cease
To make the whole world encourage us to stand tall
Will love make us whole again?

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Stress is a fact of life: new beginnings, vanished resources, and unexpected endings. 
Despair debilitates; destroys one’s delight without warning, woeful worries gripping.
Ask…shall I mope around mulling over my ills or shall I let God’s light within me shine?
Pondering problems produces a peculiar predicament; the pendulum dangles dangerously.
Worrying makes a brain wrench and reel until merriment withers and hope shrinks.
Reality becomes woeful; revelation remote, dreams remember not precious pearls. 
Chasing one’s sorrows rejects today’s cheerfulness and drags the soul into the mire.
Mismanaged stress sulks in sorrow; muses on misfortune; invites malady.
Oh pearl of wisdom, choose thy thinking; invite God’s loving light to brighten.
Deliberately disconnect despairing deliberations from today’s diary; develop dreams.
One ounce of faith obligates God to obliterate darkness of self-odium and illuminate life.
Deliberately manage the direction of thy musing; delight thyself in thy choosing.
Joy thrives in God’s light when stress strikes the soul to suffocate.
So, let not your heart be hollow.  Hallow the Lord, thy God with wisdom’s choice.
Be lifted up out of dark despair by purposefully holding happy thoughts…
Joyful thinking, stress or laughter...the choice is yours.  So, choose wisely?

© May 8, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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Poverty grows

Hardship and suffering
all behind society's eyes
raised by the ghetto
slums cracked lights out
scavenges for life
its gone. 
The same face in all places
no father figures
can't support, gone
moms fiend for crack
the silent killer
hard to take, reality hurts
the youngest
nothing lives within him
unloved, felt like a colorless weed
wants to develop
a beautiful rose
society wont let
its a cruel world
only the streets
resist the temptations.
Death laid outside his doorstep
waiting to grab the innocent beneath 
Gang life sleeps in his thoughts
trying to fight the opposition
a deadly current war.
Getting older
need to make ends meat  
but how, never given a chance
selling drugs only option 
need to feed his children
and in his mind
nobody cares
people just stare.
Treated as the fungus of earth
and all this money
soldiers dying, the devils agreement
army of weeds, never stop regrowing
power making more poverty
not spent on the poor
only used for wars
its sad.
A war on drugs
to fight them off
but they made them
dirty tricks, crooked 
and deceived
and still we don't change this
mankind has the say
not the rich.
Children screaming, not heard
tears not felt
like a raindrop with no splat
it always keeps raining
in his eyes.
People so caught up in the power
like a wolf fighting for its food
wraps around the minds 
changing ambition to greed
Just share 
then i think things would be fair
for all the bad acts
its countless.
Going through his mind 
all the times he cried
number of life's he lost
early deceased
in the penitentiary
trapped left to die
a fly under a glass.
Certain peoples cause
an act with no redemption 
soon to burn in hell
tried to deceive us
saying they were against us
causing pains and misery.
A secret war
an epidemic
propaganda in its finest form 
defying the innocent
minds controlled 
eyes turned, no notice
no justice.
It goes on and keeps on growing.

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Luggage Check

Clouded glass prevented
The driver from reaching her
Destination. Sunken eyelids,
Furrowed forehead, 
Contributed to the already
Wearied woman's unseemly appearance.
Yet she dreaded that most of all.
Then as fast as a fish flitting
Out of the water and in,
She realized how wrong they'd
Been all along. These freeloading
Hitchhikers were simply baggage
In her already jam-packed car.
Furthermore, they
Didn't deserve to see that side
Of her, or any, for that matter.

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the sweeter the bitter

The sweeter the bitter, the bitter the sweeter;
There is nothing like a free lunch, the sweeter the bitter
Lift me high so you can pull me down, the sweeter the bitter
Only my loved ones can hurt me, the sweeter the bitter
You sing only sweet melodies to entice me not knowing you are luring friendily to win me and satisfy your secret but wicked ambitions, the sweeter the bitter
I have fought so hard for you so if you can’t praise me, don’t shame me
The sweeter the bitter
Inside the gun is complete darkness but a bullet remains harmless until it sees a little light
Bigger baits attract worthy fishes. The sweeter the bitter
Why has a whole brain been reduced to a common sweet? The sweeter the bitter
In times of light I bloom, so you hold me tight and look at me in the eyes saying “you are simply the best”
Now there is darkness which has covered even the whitest snow, yes I am doomed  but stop telling serpent that I am the worst. The sweeter the bitter
Please tell me just one thing in this world that is always sweet but never bitter, the sweeter the bitter
No pain means no gain, the more you build the more you destroy, for perfect peace we should wage tougher wars the sweeter the bitter
Bear the pains to live death will soon embrace you, crown you, honour you and reveal all your hidden achievements. The dead enjoys more than the living the sweeter the bitter
The closer the light the hotter it becomes
Gaining one friend brings you more than one enemy
Sugar is sweet but could be very dangerous the sweeter the bitter
How I was born is not how I will die the sweeter the bitter
You have done things so great in the world but why do you bother to see the end of the sea
When you do anything possible to start your living just be wise death will certainly drag you and end the living the sweeter the bitter
To enjoy every bit of peace we must tolerate every bit of bitterness
Democracy, election and good governance are all sweet why then do we turn them bitter
The sweeter the bitter
Ironically you are for the nation but your selfish desires scatters the whole nation the sweeter the bitter
A word to the wise they say is enough; this is sweet but very bitter. So I say the sweeter the bitter.
                                                                     By    GODFRED K.B.ADJEI
            facebook:GODFRED KB ADJEI

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Only Hurting Yourself

Anger boils within like a pot
A volcano just ready to explode
Magma spews down onto the soul
Yet can't realize how it hurts the heart

Lashing out at those you love
Brings pain and despair to them
For words pierce through the heart
Than a blade slicing the skin

Take a step back
Look at yourself
That stares back
In the mirror
"What is wrong with you?"

Life is filled with troubles
Instead of taking them on
You let them pile onto you
Crushing you with problems
Chipping away at your heart.

Your only defense is anger
The only weapon keeping you sane
Brings only insanity to those close
Making them fall into sorrow.

You don't seem to realize
Can't seem to grasp
Don't comprehend your actions
How much it hurts others.

You can't dish out your problems
At those who are trying to help you
You don't seem to get how your anger
Makes the people around feel

Can't you realize what your doing
Don't you have control of your life
Unaware of the scars you put on them
Even the scars that appear on you

You need to get a hold of yourself
Got to take the bull by the horns
Look at yourself closely in the mirror
Trying to tell you that your changing
Changing into something that's horrible.

You need to turn around
Find what you need
Check your feelings
Learn to tame the beast.

For in the end
Hurting others without knowing
Without taking responsibility for actions
Your only hurting yourself.

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Half Gates

Drowning in dismay,
the Will is fading away.

A familiar touch,
nothing changes so much.

As Life creeps out,
behold the crimson carpet unfold.

At ajar doors,
what is left to adore?

From afar they revel,
delighted by how you fell.

Shutting gates,twisting keys,
burning bridges now leave...

Traveling to beyond the bounds,
leaving behind what is not fond.

The journey to find a pinch of joy,
doesn't often destroy?

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Small Little Victories

If we break life down into small little victories,
It won't be long until the battle is over,
And before we know it,
The war will be won.

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ruined everything

Feeling confused and lost about the man she once loved. 
The brown eye girl doesn't know how to act with her true feelings.
 The green eye cowboy is still a ticking time bomb. Afraid of what not to say. 
She knows in her heart she still loves him. A part of her always will.
 But he doesn't know what she has given up ruining her happiness
 for the love of not given back.

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Love's Lies

Like a warm knife through the butter of the soul, 
The insect that scratches the ear drums as we watch love's lies lay eggs of waste
Till they're in the mouth of your mirror's reflection of fear
least someone should lie themselves into a care of this placebo of lust.
 Till eyes turn against nature to the arid desert of exhaust
the emotional orgy to the mental climax of the unreal.
Descriptions of the void so vivid stirs a chuckle refusing to be hydrated with tears
Cynical text mid composition stirs the stomachs dragons....sighs
O how love's lies have caught us.

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Prison on Paper

These bars are transparent,
Yet they hold just as tight
As wrought-iron girders
Woven much like a cage.

Rough hewn from sorrows,
Forged in fear's fires;
The trap is alive
And it feeds off of rage.

This is a prison.
A jail.
Designed in the mind
And cast on a page.

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Rained Filled Clouds

Rain filled clouds are what follow me now ,
No sunshine for me these days and smiles are not aloud.
My sight is blurry now and can't listen to what you say,
It was you who has caused this and why I am feeling this way.
Hold on tightly now It has been the ride of my life ,
But somehow it slipped away like a thief in the night .
How did I not see it so plainly writen on the wall,
Never in a million years did I expect to lose it all.
But here I am standing with my back  turned away,
For I can not face the sadness you brought me this day.
Why has this happened to me and just what will I do,
Shell of a man in a life that was suppose to be spent with you.
It's over now and it's all becuase of you 
I just cant see  theres anything you can do .
 Blinded by the love  for you never a  reason to doubt,
So quickly I learned howI will be going without.
 The warmth of a love you brought to me ,
 Now I will live without what was meant to be .
You were always a a part of the world I've grown to know,
Now that your gone the sadnees in my face will forever show.
These cloudy days bring me nothing but pain,
My life forever will be only me standing in the rain.

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Scenes From Above

A face that you see everyday
That same reflection that you curse in various ways
Punished for hard living
Praised for innocent givings
Untoucheables repeatedly charmed
Because we are have-nots, we are seated and alarmed
White roses, clear caskets, and black doves
Nothing more than scenes from above
It sprinkles like hell in a well
Heavenly treasures are the remains of Satan
When the last drop of life is strained from my veins
I will not be awaking
As I am crucified on this witness stand
There's only one thing I demand
God bless the stress in my hands
The warm feeling of a passionate hug
These are Scenes from Above
I am all but a portion of Caesar
Granted extortion of a true believer
And before I leave this trial
I'll probably be slained and murdered
Over the stars
And through eternal pain my soul will be hurdled
Set me out to sea and let my flesh burn
Let my advasaries recognize stress and mourn
Forever overwhelmed with passion and love
Nothing more than Scenes From Above
I'm a few new frogs from leaping
One shoe on the logs from deeping
A handful of tears from weeping
Three scars away from being worth not keeping
Open a new testament
Why these demons bother to pester me 
No telling howmany sins I am from resting in Hell
Seven seals from guessing my bail
Today may not be what it seems
But tomarrow is only a dream
I'm a few pushes from a great shove
A few Scenes From Waking Above

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Everyone's Gone

Everyone's gone...
There's no one to look up to...not one...
Not one will be kind enough
To look down and attempt to help me...

Everyone's gone...
I'm beneath the debris
There's no one there to save me...
I'm left to my own misery 

Everyone's gone...
I guess I'll find my way out of this maze
Without any clues
I'm waiting for relief to dawn upon me

Everyone's gone
I'm dealing with so much trauma 
I'm watching for any signs of support...
Hear my echoes of pain...
It drives me insane...
Catch me before I fall off the cliff...

Everyone's gone
I'm all skin and bones
I'm trapped like a hunted animal
The predator took a bite into me...
Don't just watch me suffer...
Deserted in this lonesome state

Everyone's gone
I'm kicked around like a soccer ball 
Hear me as I call...
Help me to stand tall

Help me... 
Reach up to the sky
To feel the coolness seep through me
Help me...
To be inspired to write more uplifting songs
Help me think more positively - help me wave g'bye
Help me...
Forgive me for all of my wrongs...

Everyone's gone
I'm a screwed-up building
I need you to be my backbone 
Straighten me me to be stiff like a soldier
About to enter another horrifying war
Support me today...
And stick with me tomorrow!

I want to let go of the past memories...
Scaring away my happy moments and delights 
I want to smear away the blasphemies…
Obliterating my blissful days and nights

Everyone's gone...
There's no one to depend on...not one...
Not one will be brave enough
To look down and attempt to help me...

Everyone's gone...
I'm beneath the city
There's no one to show me the jolly sun...
I'm left to my own misery 

Everyone's gone...
Fine… I'll find a way to get out of this nightmare 
Without any clues
I'm waiting for relief to give me strength instead of fear 

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Peace in the night

When will the rain fall warm
on cold feet;
that have tracked muddy trails 
to places I've only dreamed.
When will the wind blow softer
notes; remind me that peace
isn't a lonely cough
                            ...but a calming melody.
When will the sun rise,
and not burn tired eyes? 
I reach into a shattering sky,
and pull down what I can not see.
The last memory,
of what could be. 
I find hope when the sky turns,
afraid to give it my back;
always looking up
                                ...toward the only brilliance I still know.
Glistening mystery;
how fondly I wonder
                   about all that space,
                            quiet and eternal. 
                   there is peace.
Somewhere this dust
can settle,
                and be at rest in the sight of something new.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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If - Flames of Uncertainty

If I could dispose of 
The drowsiness
That I feel in my body...
If I knew how to believe
I would've had a better life
A happy ending...
And I would've had the strength to 
Put to death strife
If I knew how to achieve
I would've won an award by now...

If I could forgive you 
For the wrongs you've aimed at me
The wrongs you didn't admit...don't you get the clue?
I was hopeless when you left me...
To drown in the wild, potent sea

If I could forget about
The frustration...the emptiness
That I feel towards you  
If I knew how to make you happy
I would've been with you long ago
We would've been together...
And I would've had the ability to
Make you whole once more
If I knew how to love
I would've won your heart in a heartbeat 
But how? 

If I could think of you 
As if you're my best friend till the very end
I would have a chance to know you better...
You still don't get the clue? 
My love for you is as fresh as dew...
Shimmering anew... cleansing you
I was full of rage when you ignored me...
And threw me away into the 
Disgusting Debris

You crumbled my hope...

But, I didn't let go of His rope

Oh I should have
Thought before I said those crul words to you
I should have
Held back my tongue...but things slip and stick like glue

But I licked you with 

Flames of uncertainty

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If Only

Oh how I miss you
Oh if words could only say
I'd run away to you and there with you I would stay.

Oh if only I could find you
I'd cross every mountain and sea
If it meant being with you I would find thee.

Oh if only I could touch you
Even just your hand
I'd surly melt away
for you are a holy man.

Oh if only I could be near you
Just to know you were close to me
I'd give up everything I had just to stand where you stand 
If I knew you were by me.

Oh how I wish I could hear the sound of your voice
For what comes forth from your lips is better then fine wine. 

Oh if only I could see your face
I'd run a thousand mile race
If only just to see your face.

Oh how much I miss you 
I would surly die if I could kiss you
I wish I could see you
Be near you, feel you, hear you
I want  to be with you
But I can not find you
However there is one thing I can do...I can miss you. 

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Stay alert to the melodies surrounding:
The banging on the walls,
so distant, so loud.
the noise resonates hatred
and tells of battles once fought,
once lost.
the scraping of rough feet,
on the smooth, dirty tile.
the noise resonates sorrow,
and tells of times once tried,
once failed.
The opening
and closing
of doors.
The noise resonates dashed hope,
and tells of dreams once dreamed,
once ruined.
The shaking of the house.
those who think they are larger
try to knock down the house.
All they do is shake it,
though do they ever give up?
The noise resonates All things,
and tells of everything once created,
once destroyed.
eliminate the senses,
as the sound envelops the body that's
neglecting the invasion.
But the heart was never strong enough
to eliminate the rebels,
that secede the senses.
Each note touches the heart,
sending like a storm
visions throughout the heart
filling each inch with sorrow,
letting the ensemble reverberate
through the veins,
touching first the hands
losing insensitivity as they start to shake.
Moving to the feet,
falling through the ground as they begin to quake.
And forcing through the blockade
into the mind
shutting down thought
no future, only past
as these thoughts,
with such grace,
envelop each neuron,
slipping to the mind
like a fox
visions of tears
from past moons.
Present tears begin to form
stealing security;
peace of mind.
Don't run,
Don't hide,
from the teachings
of survival
in experience past.

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Babies and Kids Struggles

Everyone in the world thinks babies and kids have no struggles we are wrong.
We forget the hardest times of our lives is when we were infant our hearts beat a song.
When we were hungry we would cry, little hands could not grab anything that lye.
We had help to hold our bottles and we felt so helpless in our everyday struggles.
Our eyes did not open till the time that we were able we saw everything huge in size.
It made our heart throb fast and nothing made sense for all the words were gurgles.
The little ears we had we did stress with sound so loud and so unknown made us cry.
The fathers and mothers with kind word almost calmed us while they whispered.
They held us with fear, we had fear just knowing that we could not handle stress alone.
We grabbed things and we just wanted to hear the heart beat of our mom and dad.
That was the only thing in our minds that made us calm and glad.
The first touch of rough skin and strong hands were most comforting, yet scary at once.
Trust gradually grew when whipped our mess and hind ends, which were still scary.
To the large people out there the mind of a child is so simple but they still struggle.
They still need food, love and security that is all they need to grow.
To their lives is what they cling and no one is there to protect them from sorrow.
There are less fortunate kids that never get to hear their mothers and fathers hearts.
They soon empathize with everything around them with an emotion that struggles.
When sleeping on our own we cannot defend ourselves so we have fears.
That's why we cry nightly to sigh relief, we get exhausted and we run out of tears.
Remember the times you seen a child fall down their first step or bump into things.
It is scary when knowledge is lacking and get into things, which are a signs of struggles.
Children is future, it is nice to just watch them study, play and learn who they are.
Babies and Kids smiling, playing loud, and just sitting, they are still people they struggle. 

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 Obscured secrets
 hidden deep within my mind and soul
 Controlled by fear
 Suspicion perpetually acknowledged 
 Senses dominated by containment

 A house of deceit from lies which deception is built
 Burying the imperfections not to be shown

 My mind always playing tricks on me
 Never knowing if I will be found out
 Fear always in the back of my mind

 Will the entanglement of my deception become to much to bear?

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Bliss From A Bullet

Everyday I wake up to a mundane reality
Lying in bed thinking, waiting for dawn
Nothing left to believe in, no hope for society
With no more strength I can barely move on

Looking around I see people enjoying life, having fun
Their laughs mocking me as I sit alone
That’s it I can’t stand it, I’m done
Finally, to me the truth has been shown

No one cared, they never did, and never will
I need to end it all, society is full of it
With the gun to my head time seems to stand still
Now the only thing I can believe in is bliss from a bullet.

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trial of my pains that hurts,
leaving me only to comply with no disclosure.
never ending unwanted choices of solutions;
better not having one at all,
sometimes to much to behold.
crisis of unwanted tears,
left for nobody to witness.
too personal to ask for help on you own,
like your pride is ruling over you.
trying not to always frown,
limited by the resources you got.
not to mention;
limited knowledge,
that has bigger than life fantasies of illusions,
with even more limited intelligence,
cramped with unwanted mirage of self' righteous imagination.

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Let me take the wine, I thought,
And when I’m drunk, my burden will be gone,
I got drunk, and did what I did,
I lamented it later, when I got sober,
The wine left me miserable, miserable than before.

Let me have the music, I thought,
It will fill me happiness, and sadness will be gone,
I got the music, and danced and danced,
And when I could not have anymore,
I was left lonely, lonely than before.

Let me have the money, I thought,
All my tribulations will be gone,
I toiled and moiled, till I got enough,
And in exchange for the money I got,
I lost my little happiness, happiness that I had before.

Let me gather friends, I thought,
They will give company to my lonely soul,
I got as many as I could, from all places I could,
But soon, they turned into fiends,
And I was left lonely, lonelier than before.

Let me have drugs, I thought,
They will fill me, and make me feel good,
I took the best I got, and turned an addict,
But before I knew, my head was gone,
I was left unreasonable, unreasonable than before.

Let me find love, I thought,
It will give warmth to my heart,
I got all the love I could, loving with my whole heart,
But soon the love grew cold, I was hurt,
I was left cold, colder than before.

Let me get the job, I thought,
It will fill my emptiness, it will be my companion,
I got the job, and worked my way to the top,
And even at the top, I still felt incomplete,
I was left unsettled, more unsettled than before.

What am I seeking? I wondered,
Happiness, joy, love or solace for my heart?
Whatever it was, I sought it everywhere,
Whatever I got, filled me only for a moment,
But I never sought these in myself, neither did I in God!


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I’ve woken in the strangest places
If, by strange, one means faceless
Scantily dressed, if at all
A parking lot outside a mall
A park, a street
In unsocked feet
An autopilot’s nighttime journey
Assless gown upon a gurney
Uncertain of what brought me to
Embarrassed, shocked, without a clue

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Black clouds

Haven’t checked the forecast but I’m being followed by black clouds
I feel lost but no surprise as I never had my life mapped out
I’m ready to stand up and fight. Demons are screaming “Alex sit your ass down”
I lost my mind a long time ago. It’s something no one has found
Been hurt too many times. Won’t let my guard low
But use my poetry to let my heart show
Black clouds surrounding me
So there’s no light for these dark roads
Depression will chew you up and spit you out like bubblegum
I never tried to trouble none
So how did I become so troublesome?
Wondering if I’ll ever be enough?
Maybe I just need a push
Who am I to judge Girls looking for a Drake?
I’m looking for a Kaley Cuoco or Sophia Bush
I don’t need a bandage or plaster to ease the cuts
Cause this is about to intensify
I’ve appreciated my father more since he died
At least now he has an excuse for not being around for me
Future girlfriends look for a commitment I can’t give
Same reason my ex girls are looking for a simple “I’m sorry”
I’m here to explain, **** excuses and reasons
Sometimes I feel useless in breathing
Words like “I love you” and “Sorry” are losing the meaning
I’m writing like this is my will
Fighting won’t lower my guard
So you can kiss on my shield
Yeah I know I might be crazy
I’m just living the life god gave me
I’ll overcome all obstacles that decide to face me
Mistakes and flaws I learn to embrace em
Because most of you would leave me to burn with Satan
Proving people wrong is where I get my determination
I’ll beat my demons when it’s my turn to face em
I’ve been put in the eye of the storm
I may die in the storm
But I won’t cry in the storm
I’m happy to standout, why would I try to be norm?
People always leave I expect it so it doesn’t pain me
People judge but it won’t change me
Their opinions won’t stain me
They can stereotype all they like
I won’t listen unless they personally name me
It’s the same picture
Different frame
People leave
Times change
Hard times come
Hard times go
Tears dry
Smiles grow
Weakness leaves
Strength grows
Sun shines
Snow falls
Sometimes you need to fall short
In order to grow tall
This isn’t about a happy ending or things turning out great
It’s about acknowledging my flaws and faults
And learning from mistakes

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Shadow People

Shadows slithering beneath the threshold of my door;
Yet I can’t, no shan’t
Crack it open and peer outside.

Are there people shuffling “bye”, stealing my light?  
I hear no footsteps?
Swing open the door, catch them before they knock.

Perhaps it’s only in my unsorted mind.
But I’ll catch them if I can, 
Put them in jars like butterflies or fire flies  

To prove the validity of my sightings,
Their offenses or evils in the night.
But why take them as prisoners in my soul?  

I’ll simply open this old window and set them free.
Then shut off the light and “lie” in the darkness. 

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Sparrows in the Snow

I watch as all of you
Frantically scan the ground
Through frost and snow
For your sustenance.
A reward for diligence
May be found, 
But perhaps not.
The search is unending
From dawn till dusk.
I worry for you, little friends,
And do what I can,
Knowing some of you
Will die an ignominious death,
Starvation by degrees, 
Sad beyond words
But not so different 
From our own species
Whose members ‘round the world
Fight to eat and live.
A sappy thought, perhaps,
But aren’t we all the same?
Food, shelter, safety
And love are all any of us
Strive for in this life.

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Black flames

Penance for a heart in pain is a sleepless night, 
lost in the wandering thoughts of the cause. 
Undying black flames of the past 
burning a hole in the pit of the soul. 
From the top the cliff fell and 
sucked into the dark abyss. 
Avoiding a chance to meet anew, start afresh. 
Crying for a chance to heal. 
Searching for a way out in the pitch black blind. 
Run away again or stay firm can not decide. 
Heal me! heal me! the black flames are burning. 
This time it is different. It is deep and distress is at its peak.

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His Child

I’m a child in heart 
I’m sensitive,
So don’t misuse it

I’m God’s special child
I need to respect 
My zealous Father

I need to honor Him
With my young heart,
I pray for freedom

How awesome are Your deeds? 

Relieve my heart’s ache
Help me escape 
From the darkened pit

I can be active
And beat that race 
I’m on God’s good side 
God’s mercy 
Aids me in times of trouble 

I appreciate His consideration 
He fulfills me with elation

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Blue Sky

The sky is blue,
because the tears I cry,
The sky expresses the feelings
I hold inside,
The more I cry,
The more it's blue,
It holds all my tears,
until it gets too full,
Raining on my happier days,
Only to bring me sadness again,
So until my days are much happier,
The sky will stay blue forever.

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The Quarry

Self mutilation comes in many forms,
when I write, I like to dissect myself,
carve out bits of infection and toss 
them into a quarry made for self-
delusion. Maybe there they’ll find
what they need to heal, and grow strong
even if it is under a crazed,
and utterly false pretense. 
Sometimes a little ignorance is 
just the right push, right? 
I’ve seen it so many times,
proud imbeciles making gold 
out of skewed direction. 
Blessed be thou who will break
the bounds of real world 
"common" sense, and rely on
something as blind as luck 
to call their glory home. 
And with a bragging heart,
they smile at the altar of 
hard work and pray that 
others follow in their half 
stepping fantasy…
These sightless animals
follow the sound of lazy 
back patting over the ledge
that was built for the strong
to learn to fly. 
But no one unable to willingly
brave the fall, deserves to soar. 
So, they tumble into the quarry where
I throw my brokenness, and wait
for another free ride. 
-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

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Woe In Our Lives

Whatever you do, don't let go...
He's going to arrive soon – don't be overwhelmed
Whatever you do, don't look back
Woe is embracing our lives
Don't let yourself turn to black
Keep on track... 

Woe is dwelling in our lives...
Lurking in every corner
They sprout from the ground like jagged knives
Wait until the dark tides
Pass through us...God's still protecting our lives
Whatever you do, don't doubt Him!!

Don't be a forlorner - 
Be a conquerer!

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we've been here before

inside here, it spins and zigzags
outside there, normal is my favorite flavor
either way, a straightjacket insanitarium awaits me
when i stay, i pay
when i go, it is like i don't know
confusion is a boa constrictor squeezing until the color of life fades to nothing
what was once fun is now a heartache playing darts with my Sanity's cerebellum
it all leads me to follow fragile
where it all takes me i have no idea
what i do know is that sometimes in life you have to throw away the running shoes
survival is a cash reward incomparable to nothing except God's Love....
now that i think about it, all around, over, under, and on all sides of us, that is where our focal points need to be....

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Watching Synapses

Flashes of light, inklings of the mind
Faces…diverse shapes
Moving through the cerebral cortex.
Entertaining…frightening, too.
Combining with great speed to form
Images…at times almost recognizable,
But too quickly passing to the next view.
Like an emotionless nightmare
Observed by an outsider…questioning.
Trying to make sense of the un-unified parts.
Then, the visions begin.
Like moving light rays 
Displayed in the depths of the mind.
… Thinking!

Copyright January 5, 2014
Written for me in my doodling book!
Big Smiles.

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Releasing this stress
It's taking over me
It's taken over me
Gotta get this off my chest
It's weakening me
It's weakened me
Depression overrides
I overwrite
Thinking too much
Thinking too much
Thinking way too much 
Gotta get out my head
Words will express
Release and relieve me
From this stress
But it's taking over me
It's taken over me

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I am victory.
I wonder: present, not past or future.
I hear, sunset… and sunrise!
I see with your eyes, with eyes unclouded.
I want: helping, love.
I am smart.  I am strong.

I pretend … it’s alright though.
I feel: happiness, brokenness.
I touch the hearts, the spirits.
I worry, does it help, what I do?
I cry, loneliness.
I am done with losing, on with choosing.

I understand: alone, as in, unique.
I believe: it’s alright!
I hope: family united – kindred-ness.
I dream, conquering suffering.
I try, NO… I do!
I am the coolest girl in the whole wide world!
I am – me!

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Tranquility -Part 2-

Pour fourth your tranquility 
Show us Your endless glee 
You're just like a key...
Unlocking me free
From captivity...closing in on me

Shred me like paper... my emotions rip me apart...
I had no point of existing... 
I'd love to socialize here...
But I feel so tarnished 
Tattered deep inside
My emotions 
Swallow me alive 
Like a dark, mystical tide
Pour me into His delightful cup,
Oh GOD! Give me
The strength to lift up my fist 
Shred me like paper... my life doesn't matter
You make me cry tears of remorse...
Hear it spitter-spatter 
Upon your rooftops...I wish I could mend your sores
The emotions cling on to me...
Always by my side
I wish it would...just...
Subside. . . 
For they always beg for me 
To go on a bumpy ride...

Sorry...I'd rather hide
And seek God's tranquility... 
I'll remain by His side
Hopefully...I'm not denied

My future ride
Has arrived

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My heart longs for silence
A place to hide from the never ending noise
The yelling, the shouting 
This heavy weight is over-bearing

This lethal sound rings in my ears 
 Driving me to the point of insanity
I yearn for an isolated serenity
Where the sound of silence is welcoming

The white noise drags me down
Always telling me who to be
I asked for the gift of silence
So that I can be free to be me

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I Need To Know

Where are you when I need you?
Where do you go?
Are you trying to run away from me?
Tell me why if this is so.
Did I do something wrong?
I need to know can't hold out on this pain for to long.
I'm not that strong I can't keep holding on.
Tell me...are you gone forever?
Have you found someone better?
I'm tired of all this bad weather.
I need to know has your love grown cold?
Is this why your putting me on hold?
I need to know if were through.
I can't keep putting up with you.
Is our love doomed?
Will it all end soon?
I wish I knew.

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Send in the Clowns

 Rubber bands 
 and baling twine 
 hold tight; taut 
 from the endless pull 
 of raw nerves 
 to a gilded cage
 of emptiness. 
 Too much silly putty
 daubed in the gaping holes
 of this crumbling relationship
 leave polka dots everywhere.
 Send in the clowns.
 Emotions spring a leak
 and salty tears escape 
 their tiny boat
 and slip down 
 to meet the Elmer's
 which has no staying power 
 to keep this frozen smile from cracking.
 Even wood glue,
 carpenter's friend
 hailed for cracks and splits,
 has failed the broken heart
 of this fragile puppet,
 and only Crazy Glue, 
 the seven-second miracle,
 keeps trembling lips sealed.
 So much for holding things together

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Someone To Love

If I was unable to find love how miserable I would be. 
I would die both inside and out for I would no longer be.
There is just me but I will die without someone to hold dear to me.
I need love without it I'm as good as dead, for if something is not loved it dies.
I beg to all please do not let me meet the grave, for there is not love there.
No there is no feelings there at all.
But death keep calling me.
Will I be able to hold on?

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Deep Mistakes

I thought you will change
Instead you dragged me down
Pressure, lies and fears
All of those emotions combined. 
I cant hide this no more,
I never done this before.  
I don't care about the detentions.  
I'm not afraid of what the school will do to me
I'm afraid of what my parents might think of me
All this long, I been faking who I am
Love for him, changed me 
Into a deep state of mind,
Where I started ditching. 
Never again, I will allow you to control me
I'm sorry, this decision wasn't easy 
It hard hard for me
To let go of the one that was always there for me

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What Our Eyes Have Seen

With virgin vision, we witnessed the beginnings,
Of what was to be our life within a life.
A landscape of human suffering and crime,
That extended too many a horizon.

However, the optic nerve is just a nerve that we cannot control.
It allows the day-to-day to attack the brain,
Bombarding a once clear view of the world, with the sights, sounds, and emotions of life, That are etched in our memory for all times.

A fatal crash that claims a child,
The same age as the child that waits at home.
Or burns on another child's arms from cigarettes,
The efforts of an abusive father.

The elderly women who watches worriedly, 
As mouth-to-mouth is given, in vain, to her life’s love,
Or the housewife who greets you at the door,
Knowing, without a word being spoken, that your message is of death.

To see a family standing in the snow, robes pulled tight to their necks,
As their home goes up in flames on a Christmas morning.
Or, the look on a homeless man’s face when he notices you,
And he returns the bits of food to the dumpster, lowers his head, and walks away.

The anger and hate of a couple towards each other, which leaves their child crying in a corner, 
As, what remains of love watches from frames on a wall at its own inescapable demise.
Or the old man held for shoplifting a can of dog food, not for a pet, but for himself,
Who you then give twenty dollars, and talk the store owner out of the arrest.

The scope of these visions know no boundaries, The rich, the poor, the good, and the bad, make up this mosaic,
With each episode wearing away at the fiber of your being,
Testing your strength and resolve as few are tested.

You search for ways to relieve the pressure these images induce.
Alcohol numbs the nerve for a while, but it is not the answer, if there is an answer.
But still you search for that something to restore your once clear vision,
Knowing that you can never get it back, that too much has changed.

But, “Were this world and endless pain, 
And by sailing eastward we could forever reach new distances,
And discover sights more sweet and strange than any Cyclades of Island of King Solomon,
Then there were promise in the voyage.”  (Melville 1819 – 1891), Moby Dick

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I Wonder

I wonder
If my life would
Be better if i disappear
Would the darkness Disappear
Would i live in fear
Only if there was a cure to 
Counter this pain 
If there was a cure it 
Would be a long fight
Really wish there was
A way to make the stress gone
This pain had no relations with my body
so why is it so attach to my heart
No Jacket No Blanket ain't bearable 
For this Cold World
Seems to me in my eyes
In my Vision
That Life is Game that
We all gotta play
And that Pain and Stress are the
two Enemies that we gotta face

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I have said too much

I have said too much
Spilling out my feeling like a tub overflowing
Telling the world how I feel
Sharing the secrets that are meant to be keep hidden
Here I write confessing my love as if I was in a wooden box at church
Expressing myself so freely 
Giving away parts of my soul 
Like a lady of the night
I give it freely and charge none
Why was I born this way?
When will the time come that I change who I am
Who they all say I must be
I no longer want this life
No longer want to be that first smile 
When you wake in the morning
I guess as of now 
I have said too much
Am I happy for you probably not!
My words go unheard if the world lost the sense of hearing
That is okay I lost the sense of feeling
Feeling like a stepping stone
Wiping your feet on my soul
Your own doormat
Have I said too much already?
Perhaps I have but none will take notice
None will send a volley cheer to enlighten my darken mood
An artificial night as I lay here with the curtains closed to the world
Pondering what is my next move
The sun shines so bright outside these walls
But no light is seen
Maybe now I have said too much
Maybe I haven’t said enough

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Writer's Block

Pen on paper
The chisel wavers
The statue still headless
Construction remains motionless

Nose, eyes, and mouth still an enigma
Which facial feature shall play as the lead stigma?
Craft a smile on the blank slate
Or a whimpering frown on that cold state

Metaphor, theme, simile, and allusion
Selecting “e) all of the above” pangs lofty derision
Would “love” suffice
Or could “burning passion” be more precise?

As long as no thought comes to mind
Sitting here will turn into a crime
Is there any key to lock
The gate that leads to writer’s block?

*To all of my fellow poets whom suffered through this disease.:)

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Dreary All Day Long

You’re so far away
I’m on my own... I am so alone.
You’re the dawn of the day
I’m taking wing on my own... I am so forlorn.
Which route should I pick?
When I’m silhouetted in loneliness?
Which road should I drive?
When I’m enclosed in dreariness?  

You've pushed me to the ground
I'm sick of the lack of love...
You're no where to be found...
I'm taking my first a 
baby, ravishing dove.

Which direction do I turn to? 
When I'm bewildered and scared?
You're the sunset with the hues of 
Red, yellow, orange and blue
I'm dreary all day long - I'm most certainly...
And worn-out by the worries of this week
At least I get the evening to myself...
But... I still feel weak...
The bad news that you sent me
Made me feel 

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Abusive Love

Cold case lover, how I loved you so!
You always mattered
But, you never believed me!
You were my every desire
You were everything to me!
Looking through your eyes
Jaded with jealousy and envy
You laid your hands upon me
Acting out your emotional
And bitter pain
“Why were you so mean spirited?"
“Who messed with your mind?"
How can you kneel before me, now
Pleading me to forgive you
As, you bawl your eyes out

Your relentless begging
Over and over
You keep playing mind games, with me!
Begging me, for mercy
To come back,
One, last, time...

With my swollen eyes
Broken bones
Twisted up, insides
My heart is torn!
“Are you a dead man walking?"
“Do you not ‘feel’ no more”?
Will I get to see tomorrow’s sunrise
If, I stay another day with you...

Playing Russian roulette with my life
I am terrified, I am petrified!
My eyes are blind
My heart too forgiving!
But, I am not leaving.

“Will I become a cold case murder, one day?"
I wonder...
At the hands, of my own stupidity!
“What will you do on that day, dear lover?"
“Will you lie and be deceitful?"
“Will you hide things?"
Just like, you did from me!

Will, you ‘vow’ devotedly
You did it all in the name of ‘Love?'
Will you brag about
Your ‘bitter, sweet victory?
Open wounds
Bleeding soul
Release me free
From this man’s betrayal!

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Fatigue rests in the foggy recesses
Mindful of the deprivation
Of the door about to close
Before the eyes wide shut
That lingers below the lids of madness
Waiting to shout at sleep that
Yells at processes of thought soaked havoc

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i am most when i am nothing to you

i am the ash tray diary catching your cancer
sit still in your powdered liquefied sadness, and i will be your enabling dancer
anything to make you happy is everything that makes me a mannequin
i stand by as you take one for the reaper
i so wish i could evaporate your tears and become that man again
maybe then you will return to being the most beautiful and stunning thrill seeker
i am the communicable ink pen sacrificing my flawless immunities for you....

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Losing My Grip

I want to believe…
In friendship love
I need to receive…
Gifts from heaven above

I want to achieve…
The treasurable confidence 
I need to believe…
And jump over the fence! 

I want to breathe 
I want to dig up what’s underneath…
I’m buried alive…
When will Your guidance arrive? 

I’m on fire… 
I’m catching myself before I slip
I’m a flat tire…
I’m slowing down…I’m losing my grip

The dogs are hovering on my left side…
I’m defeated by levels of uncertainty 
I’m calling for help… who will give me a ride?  
My mind is muddled and empty 

How can I be a believer
When I'm far from serenity 
Who could be my reliever?
I'm too late to be saved from my misery...

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The Gift of Ignorance

Reaching out I can almost feel it
My sanity brimming over
And yet it's still so far
When will it be a part of me?
Letting people know it's alright to talk to me
To tell me things 
And know that I will be fine
And yet I'm not 
They know that I'm not
I see what they see when I look in the mirror
And how I hate it
How I wish for the bliss of not knowing
But my sanity is there
I can almost touch it
And a part of me knows that it's soft
That it would be a blanket protecting me  
    from my mind
Thoughts so infectious I feel them creep 
    and spread
It fills my soul green
What happened to the lovely purple hues 
    that used to surround me-
The one that settled my soul?
A subtle cast of lilac in a world full of 
   gangrenous mold
And so my head keeps swimming 
In the muck and the filth and the swill
Searching and groping
Feeling for my way out
Touching this unclean thing and that 
   unclean thing
A blind man stumbling through a corridor
   of webs and dust
Not knowing where it ends
Only feeling with his fingers 
Hoping with every step that it's his last
So I reach out
I take each step
Looking for the lilac
Hoping for such bliss
Knowing that it's out there
And remembering the feel of the long 
   ribbons of warmth
Encircling my mind and hugging it tight
Wishing for that embrace again
To feel it once more would be repayment 
Compensation for the dank living quarters
   of late
Never to be repeated
Nor to be remembered
Nor to be released to the air
Never to be shared with the rest of the world
The world that sleeps on so peacefully
And so this is my only gift to give
The one that I toil so endlessly to attain again
The gift of continued ignorance

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In a Heap of Mess

I chose to abandon my bedroom's mess...since I have created it
It's not the easiest to give full attention to this untidy, enclosed chamber-like bedroom
My crazed thoughts seem to spin madly in circles...aching from a neck recovery
When I lazily lay in fear... Ah, I keep thinking of that chore I didn't do! 
I'm failing in the heap of total mess, only the room piles up more
Deadened by numbness and for screaming out for help and assistance
I uncontrollably ask myself: Why does my existence
Even matter to anyone?
I frantically twist in brewing disaster... I transfer to dust and ash as I drop in a heap of failure and, worst of all, misfortune
I give up making my life a business...I got fired for giving up by refusing to take out the despicable trash anyway
I wish I could go on an expedition or a vacation and take a long break from life's chores
I'll save myself from twisting in a heap of mess
I need to clean my room!!

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Stressed out

Stressed out.
Kids are crying.
Dog is barking
Phone is ringing
Someones at the door
Lawyer is on the phone. 
Tv is too loud.
Car won't start
Bike has flat
Husband yelling
Fell and broke my foot.
Tell the doctor i'm stressed out 
He yells code blue.
Dam it's quite here in my grave.

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Now Is the Best Time of My Life

Yes, now, even with struggles and hardships—
Now, is the best time of my life!
Raising my children brought me stress and joy.
Most of all joy, but now I have grandchildren!
Still, I may have stress laced with joy.
But welcoming them to earth
And watching them grow keeps me vivacious.
I might get tired, but it is all worth it.
Seeing them smile delights my soul.
When they have figured out a problem
Or invented a toy out of paper, they gleam; so do I.
To top it off, they are my inspiration!
They trust and forgive in a moment.
They love purely and simply.
Yes, now is the best time of my life.
A time when I can put all that I have learned 
And all that I planned to do in retirement
In it’s proper perspective.
Enjoy!  Children.  Painting.  Poetry.  Photography.  
Love and life, now!

© January 12, 2012
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: ....AT THIS AGE Free Poetry 
Sponsored by Nette Onclaud

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Hunted Dreams

When you want something so much,
   you just never give up
It's your anchor in stormy winds
It's your sunrise come anew
It's your light at tunnel's end
You may never be certain of it
But it pushes you forward anyway
Through hurdles and stomps
Overcoming most bumps
As the turbulence hits
Be assured of your bliss
For the thrill of a hunt, 
   is in the chase!

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stay away

All mean things are said and have been done over the years hurt. 
The brown eye girl keeps telling him good bye but he doesn't listen. 
He calls her unreasonable. 
They are using the same pattern over and over again. 
They tell each other how they feel about each other. 
Then one of them pushes the other away.
The brown eye girl just wants him to stay away.

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In Search of Simplicity

I plead.
Simplier my mind would like to read,
that tomorrow will follow with less stress than today,
that today's stress will all dissapear,
and fade away.
that the answer will appear 
so clear that it is impossible to miss,
and that all life 
shall be followed by an endless bliss.

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Something Like

Something like bliss
I love this part
that sweet first kiss
was Cupid's dart...

Something like a dream
yet the pain is real
we let off steam
its no big deal...

something is a miss
I hate this part
that first thrown fist
made me smart...

Something is gone
the pain still here
lay awake until dawn
and shed my last tear...

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My Perpetual Dreams

As i wake in the morning
I shake off the
Horrors of the
Nights Dreams
That pass through
My mind.

My mind is so full
of memories
My brain is cramped
And overloaded with
I have to break free!

My dreams are lucid.
Some dreams are unnatural.
Some are even in the Supernatural

When my dreams finally
Come to a close,
They are so vivid in
My mind.

When I finally wake up,
My dreams are in the past.
The dreams are closely
Drawn together and 
Nearly impossible
To recollect.

In the end
Dreams are just visions.

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Im not living Im existing

Im not living im existing
depressions in my soul
peices of me are fading
my heart,cant take this all.
I dont know where to turn to
struggling to stand up tall
cant stop feeling worthless
broken when i fall..
my heart cant take this sadness
the tears roll down my cheeks
i want to smile again
its been so many weeks.

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the sweeter the bitter

The sweeter the bitter, the bitter the sweeter;
There is nothing like a free lunch, the sweeter the bitter
Lift me high so you can pull me down, the sweeter the bitter
Only my loved ones can hurt me, the sweeter the bitter
You sing only sweet melodies to entice me not knowing you are luring friendily to win me and satisfy your secret but wicked ambitions, the sweeter the bitter
I have fought so hard for you so if you can’t praise me, don’t shame me
The sweeter the bitter
Inside the gun is complete darkness but a bullet remains harmless until it sees a little light
Bigger baits attract worthy fishes. The sweeter the bitter
Why has a whole brain been reduced to a common sweet? The sweeter the bitter
In times of light I bloom, so you hold me tight and look at me in the eyes saying “you are simply the best”
Now there is darkness which has covered even the whitest snow, yes I am doomed  but stop telling serpent that I am the worst. The sweeter the bitter
Please tell me just one thing in this world that is always sweet but never bitter, the sweeter the bitter
No pain means no gain, the more you build the more you destroy, for perfect peace we should wage tougher wars the sweeter the bitter
Bear the pains to live death will soon embrace you, crown you, honour you and reveal all your hidden achievements. The dead enjoys more than the living the sweeter the bitter
The closer the light the hotter it becomes
Gaining one friend brings you more than one enemy
Sugar is sweet but could be very dangerous the sweeter the bitter
How I was born is not how I will die the sweeter the bitter
You have done things so great in the world but why do you bother to see the end of the sea
When you do anything possible to start your living just be wise death will certainly drag you and end the living the sweeter the bitter
To enjoy every bit of peace we must tolerate every bit of bitterness
Democracy, election and good governance are all sweet why then do we turn them bitter
The sweeter the bitter
Ironically you are for the nation but your selfish desires scatters the whole nation the sweeter the bitter
A word to the wise they say is enough; this is sweet but very bitter. So I say the sweeter the bitter.
                                                                     By    GODFRED K.B.ADJEI
            facebook:GODFRED KB ADJEI

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So Alone

So Alone
Feel so lonely
Wish i had that friend to hold onto
So Alone
Feel so cold
Wish I had the flame of hope in me
But So Alone

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That point when you're constricted;
your shoulders are unimaginable knots 
thoughts blow in and out of your head 

the end is the beginning 
or is the beginning the end? 
tears linger in your throat 

the cliff is in view 
banshee screams echo 
silently scratching, 
they leave invisible marks 

But your eyes slowly open 
to an ocean horizon 
and the pain melts away 

that point when you are calm 
your shoulders unhinged by the Sun
stress soothed by the waves

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Nothing is set in stone
Feel the weight of the world
Pressed against your aching bones
Time is timeless
Life is priceless
Why bless the stress
Let it go
Bliss is simple
Just take the weight
Off those massive shoulders.

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Sir Musketeer

I teach, i fly, i write
I thought, i flew, i broke
I fell in love with paper's note
But the index did not reach its goal

I revise, evaluate, eliminate
But cursives made it red for the date
Loosen up your fear, said by the head
To spell the letters of "best" for the day

I spoke, i choke the words
The words of wisdom made the swords
Today, is the knight to tune up the chords
Of melody of the heartbeat, tension at the boards

I calm myself, but i drowned
With speechless loud sound thats in my
Ear plays around
I shout the voice of stress command
But the energy of them is so powerful
Has a strength and fully bind

I'm out, out of this place, what a maze
Let's count from one to ten,
Hope of grace
The potions are not enough for the craze

One moment, let me think...
Slay the dragons of fire earth in a case
Give them a blast of pregnant axes
Let their eyes be opened realize
Understand their wrong mistakes
And now i motivate them, Myself to have a reset
Back to zero open up the book of cerebrum
Ang again inspire them until the

Ignite your pen...
Because the pen is mightier than 
the sword, word
You can find your missions
At the top of the olympus

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the unplanned agony

after years of working &
raising the kids, whom both adopted,
ended up with problems that came from
undisclosed heredity,
the two had put aside a 
nest egg, as so many did 
in their generation,
growing up with parents who
remembered the depression &
what it was like to have nothing---
hearing everyday that 
“a penny saved is a penny earned,”
putting together a life for themselves
while taking care of their own parents
as they passed on 
as people do, as we all will,
they thought that when illness started to show its face
in the latter years
that retirement & more time spent 
nurturing each other back to health,
would be the most appropriate way of doing things &
so it went---
mother was the first to walk into the hospital
to get cut up & 
upon returning home,
father had to take care of her, full time,
so he retired early---
at this time,
the economy was said to be doing “well,”
and nothing was being said of the atrocities to come,
so father, always trying to be fiscally sound,
invested a good portion of their savings,
thinking that over time, it would multiply,
like the broker assured him &
the two would be able to stay retired,
living off what they had saved,
as had been planned---
but father was next into the light blue gown &
being told there was cancer growing inside him,
the worry shifted just as mother was getting better,
to the new horror---
& while the two worked on keeping each other 
emotionally sane, while their own bodies started to
give up on them,
the meltdown came,
like a tropical storm of immeasurable proportion
sweeping in from some angle that couldn’t be detected
by any formerly successful means &
the unplanned agony began.

the money lost by others with whom a working couple
had put all their trust,
could never be regained &
their bodies now exhausted by a life of work,
recovering & enduring illness,
would have the most difficult time trying to make it again
in the 21st century work force---
so as the stress came on full
the strain joined in &
as the strain & stress pummeled them both,
all that was left was the re-mortgaging of their house,
the last thing they wanted to give up,
that very vital shelter over both of their heads,
now being hocked in the system’s pawn shop,
allowing them nothing to pass on to their children,
allowing them to never stop agonizing over each passing day
wondering just when the ball will completely drop.

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Darkness in the Light

A dark light, in a sea of bright,
Inconsistently inclined against the norm,
Forcing light to the fringes of dark,
Making subtle advancement,
Into a land that was not.
Now feeling unstable to the point of no recognition,
To the point of discomposure,
Until thoughts employ emotion,
Until engaging one's self,
becomes equivalent to vexation,
into a world where affection is verboten,
and perception of ideology is stigmatized.
A dark light, in a sea of bright,
Certainly, the dark will burn out,
And light will shine bright,
As the nebulous depressive state,
Of which he stands,
Will be entirely cast over,
By a portrayal of faith,
By a true belief,
By the optimism of one,
As a euphoric ecstasy takes all control,
Leaving optimism to combat doubt,
And pessimism to absolve confidence.

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My chest begins to heave;
I can’t breathe!
I want to leave!
It’s strangling me...
I feel trapped!
I don’t feel me
I want to go away
I’ll have to pray
This feeling is killing me
I wanna be by myself
For me to find me again
I’ve lost my will to be me
I want to walk away and feel free
But this situation
Is killing ME!

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the sweeter the bitter

The sweeter the bitter, the bitter the sweeter;
There is nothing like a free lunch, the sweeter the bitter
Lift me high so you can pull me down, the sweeter the bitter
Only my loved ones can hurt me, the sweeter the bitter
You sing only sweet melodies to entice me not knowing you are luring friendily to win me and satisfy your secret but wicked ambitions, the sweeter the bitter
I have fought so hard for you so if you can’t praise me, don’t shame me
The sweeter the bitter
Inside the gun is complete darkness but a bullet remains harmless until it sees a little light
Bigger baits attract worthy fishes. The sweeter the bitter
Why has a whole brain been reduced to a common sweet? The sweeter the bitter
In times of light I bloom, so you hold me tight and look at me in the eyes saying “you are simply the best”
Now there is darkness which has covered even the whitest snow, yes I am doomed  but stop telling serpent that I am the worst. The sweeter the bitter
Please tell me just one thing in this world that is always sweet but never bitter, the sweeter the bitter
No pain means no gain, the more you build the more you destroy, for perfect peace we should wage tougher wars the sweeter the bitter
Bear the pains to live death will soon embrace you, crown you, honour you and reveal all your hidden achievements. The dead enjoys more than the living the sweeter the bitter
The closer the light the hotter it becomes
Gaining one friend brings you more than one enemy
Sugar is sweet but could be very dangerous the sweeter the bitter
How I was born is not how I will die the sweeter the bitter
You have done things so great in the world but why do you bother to see the end of the sea
When you do anything possible to start your living just be wise death will certainly drag you and end the living the sweeter the bitter
To enjoy every bit of peace we must tolerate every bit of bitterness
Democracy, election and good governance are all sweet why then do we turn them bitter
The sweeter the bitter
Ironically you are for the nation but your selfish desires scatters the whole nation the sweeter the bitter
A word to the wise they say is enough; this is sweet but very bitter. So I say the sweeter the bitter.
                                                                     By    GODFRED K.B.ADJEI
            facebook:GODFRED KB ADJEI

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A churning 
A burning
A yearning
to let it all out
in just one shout
I can feel the world press
I feel under stress
I am under duress
I must confess
I need to get it out
hopefully in just one shout
I must get it off my chest
I must find rest
I need to let it all out
in just one shout
I feel a churning
a burning
a yearning
to let it out
in just one shout

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I come to you
spilling my guts
with the utmost caution
Control when relinquished
runs amok like ants
from an anthill
Crushed by a careless foot
not to be regained without
Religious attention to detail

Every session is a chess match
Strategy carefully considered 
by two minds juxtaposed
Both fighting for the same sanity
One carefully probing for chinks
The other stoic in guise
Carefully examining every sound
Awaiting frontal attack

Neither successfully touching
the heart matter
the blood source
the brain connection
Creating the life reflection
For now there is no victor
No resolutions
Only small in-trails 
Of the past

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the uphill scramble

our way to the end of the work day is through
laughter &
as long as we must endure this system’s bull*****absurdity,
where we work for crumbs thrown to us by the 1% of the rich
tossing them to us from the table,
we must get through it
(at the same time resisting it within, constantly looking for ways to 
dismantle it)---
if still employed, still churning like a gear rumbling with the rest in 
this poorly oiled machine
spitting up debris &
slowing down to a dragging pace behind the rising powers amidst us,
the “now” still rears its ugly head,
subtracted right down to the passing minutes,
the watching of the clock,
the passing hours,
the watching of the clock &
the final release when the routine ends &
we’re allowed an interval to breathe
from the clock to the car
from the clock to the subway train
from the clock on the walk home
from the clock onto the bus & the bus to the walk & the walk to the
regardless of your own personal pilgrimage,
you’re not alone in this.

what can be done during the day,
during the actual “doing” of the work,
is the telling of jokes, making each other crack up---
remember that funny thing you saw on television the other day?
telling a coworker or coworkers can liven things up &
invigorate conversation &
communication, which though constantly being thwarted against by the
make for a more human workplace existence,

sharing detailed descriptions of our lives outside the
speaking about our upcoming exciting events or
just making fun of the boss man,
all can free us from the tasks at hand &
make us remember that there are things this machine cannot take away.

though our experiences might not seem comparable,
these are all ways to embrace the passing time
creating a better life from within
despite the supervisors buzzing like flies around our heads
despite the pressing deadlines
despite the unreasonable or downright impossible quotas,
the solidarity that comes from separating the “authority” 
from the actual working people of this empire
is what gives us strength,
for certainly there have always been more of us than
them &
until the day when the tables turn,
letting anyone silence you in order to maximize efficiency,
letting anyone stress you our more than you are already
over the insignificant nature of those “issues” which the man would 
like you to “address”---
from your attire 
to the time you come back from a lunch break,
this kind of subjection of the self
will get us nowhere but dead, quicker,
when the stress kicks in.

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How to stay sane in creeping madness
with an alcohol haze sound
of music not so much to dance as to
seduce in herpes games while
pedophiles play in the school yard and
another recall of leaden toys or cars
or red raw meat brings disease yet
to be born, as an unspeakable ebola
creeps across a continent of blackness
unregistered in our collective racist psyche.

Post white trauma within
apartheid Louisiana stress to keep up 
a mindless cult of consumerism
while neighbors die in overcrowded hospitals
numbed to another mass shooting that 
deflects our mind from
torture no torture doublespeak
and the military industrial complex
breeds addicts and paid assassins.

On and on in our disorder we travel
raising religious crutches to a defiled
and defaced Creation with 
an Any God having the worst human
attributes for revenge and
self-righteous justification
as daily the detritus of our suberbs 
spills garbage into an eternal landfill.

Stop!  Stop!  We can't breathe anymore!
its post traumatic stress disorder ...
we are being ordered into disorder,
herded into chaos and madness
and all the troops have yet to come
home to roost.

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The Yearning

The Yearning

Never, does the yearning go away

Never, does one forget the ONE 

Never, does the heartache stop

Never, can one ever feel quite whole again

Never, ever, as it seems, will I ever be with you again my love

Try as I may, again, and as hard as I can

Try as I will, again, and never get anywhere

Try to the point where I forgot, again, what I was trying to do

Try for the sake of trying, again, because one simply has to

Never, ever, as it seems, again, will I ever be with you again my love

This is it, what now if this doesn’t work?

This is it, this is truly it and I know I’ve tried my very best and then some, to no avail

This is it, even knowing I’m out of options now is hard to believe 

This is it, I’m at a loss for words and my spirit is completely shattered

Never, EVER, and what will feel like forever, will this chapter ever go on again….


NEVER, does the yearning go away

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He moves through his sector with a visible stealth,
Aware of every place,
Coffee and tallow rations are his staples,
And fatigue a relentless enemy.

The snow crackles under his tires,
Playing background to a muted FM radio,
As his eyes fight to focus through the snowflakes,
That dance in the headlight’s beams.

Dispatch calls and senses are heightened,
While forged energy seizes control of his body,
As he responds and to help the victims,
With the whiteness deepening around him.

His eyelids fight gravity and coffee no longer serves,
Routine and training are all that sustain him,
And as lights go out and shadows fade,
And objects regain their depth in the growing dawn.

Reports are completed,
A last cup of coffee,
And he is off,
Longing for sleep.

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You Should Let Me Love You

Baby you should let me love you, I promise I’ll treat you right. I’m treat you so right 
that you wont believe in wrong. I want to take you away from your pain and bring 
you into my happiness. Forget about your past and let me secure our future. Feel 
free to bring your insecurities to me and I’ll get rid of them like yesterdays 
garbage. I promise I’ll give my all until you do, and when you do baby I’ll give 
more. Let me show you a new meaning of love. Come reach new heights with 
me, I’ll take you past cloud nine so that if we fall, we’re sky diving into heaven. Let 
me miss you when your with your family, so that when I see you again it feels like 
I being rescued from a lonely reality. Let me stress those who stress you. Let me 
make your reality everyone’s fantasy, and let me make your wildest fantasies 
REAL. Baby you should let me hold you until you never feel lonely again. I would 
hate to sleep with you because sleeping only takes my consciousness away 
from you. Give me a chance I promise I wont need a second one. Please baby 
give me your heart because mine wont work without yours. Give me your 
thoughts because I’ll I can think about is you. Put me in a daze when I look into 
your eyes, so that when you see me I make you laugh. Just imagine how it would 
feel to know that you don’t have to worry about life and just live. And for all this I’m 
only looking to take one thing from you, your LOVE. Baby you should let me love 

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Don't wait

There have been times in my life when the pain has been so great...
I didn't think I could survive the emotional weight.

Lie still in God's arms I heard someone say...
I did, and there for a while I just lay.

Every hurt I bore He seemed to know...
And He pulled me through when I was really low.

God healed the hurt and wiped away each tear...
As I lay in His arms, His love I could hear.

 God is enough when you've lost it all...
And in God's arms you'll never fall.

When life is too much and the pain is great...
Climb into God's arms and please don't wait.


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In my chest
Rising upwards and down
   I take deep breaths 
   But stress never disgests 
     it merely sits on the top
        Waiting for you to explode
          I hold everything in 
            Cause I'm not the type
              who wears her emotions 
                    on her sleeve
                       But I can fall apart
                      Just like a broken heart
                       Once stress builds