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She Hulk

When I was a child I only ever wanted to be strong.
I wanted to be able to compete with the boys
and when I foot raced them at recess I won every time.
They called me ‘She Hulk’ because of my muscular frame
and from the way I only ever wore soccer t-shirts and sweat pants.
After that nickname was implanted into my brain like a growing weed,
I’ve only ever wanted to be feminine.
I started wearing skirts and dresses 
and in middle school they shrieked at the site of my makeup and done up hair.
But that weed inside of my mind only grew, and grew, and grew
until I became a mixed drink cocktail
with one part anorexic and two parts lonely,
because I thought that the definition of feminine began with the word frail.
No one ever realizes how greatly words affect us,
how a simple nickname can turn a pretty girl into a skeleton.
I stood at five foot two weighing seventy nine pounds,
so cold and frozen,
yet I still considered myself a ‘She Hulk.’
You could see my ribcage through my t-shirt
and my spinal cord protruded loudly through my weathered skin,
as if somehow my bones were dirty knives
just trying to cut through the flesh of judgment.
As I grew older I became the girl that was never enough.
Not good enough to speak poetry.
Not good enough to lay paint on a canvas.
Not good enough.
Not tall enough.
Not big enough boobs for them.
Not primped to perfection.
Not undeniably straight.
Not smart enough.
Not dumb enough.
Not ditsy enough.
Not cool enough or fun enough.
And I began to believe, too, that I wasn’t enough.
I never told my mother that I had been in madly in love with a girl.
I never told anyone about the night we first kissed 
because I was too vulnerable for the judgment.
And parents always justify saying that ‘kids will be kids’
But when we are kids our brains are still growing
and the smallest of seeds that get planted will one day bloom
into one giant regret,
will one day affect the choices that we make,
will one day influence us about the clothes that we wear,
will one day shape us into the person who we thought we would never be.
I only ever wanted to be strong,
and as a child I thought strength was only about being able
to lift a bar stool above your head.
I thought that strength was only about being able
to beat the boys in bare foot running races.
I was told that strength was something only
a man could have.
But as I’ve grown older I’ve realized that strength
isn’t about muscle at all,
but it’s about weakness,
and the ability to overcome the social anxiousness.
It’s about carrying around a lifetime of baggage
on your broken back
because the ones that kicked you when you were down
are going to be the ones that were  ultimately wrong.
I thought that the definition of woman 
began with the word disappointment.
And I became a mixed drink cocktail
with one part freedom
and two parts Sailor Jerry
because every girl needs a stiff drink once and awhile.
We are not disappointments.
We will never be the ones who gave up on hope.
We will never be the ones who gave up on each other,
or god,
or our mothers.
We will always be enough;
enough for the ones who shunned us 
enough for the ones that cursed us
enough for the ones the hurt us
and destroyed us
and beat us when we were covered in bruises.
But you see, bruises fade
and the scars of our flesh are only stories
things we have overcame
and there are things out there that we will overcome.
When I was a child, I only ever wanted to be strong.
I hid my vulnerability.
I hid the parts of me that were true.
I never told my mother about my girlfriend
because I was afraid she wouldn’t understand,
kind of like all those people who never understood 
just how much words effect us. 
I can’t say that I can beat the boys at foot races anymore,
because, well, I smoke cigarettes now.
And I can’t say that the nickname of my childhood didn’t affect me.
But I take that name now and embrace it.
Because I am strong.
I am the ‘she hulk’.
I am a mixed drink cocktail
with three parts greatful.

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Love was in the air when he laid eyes on her.
Childhood; elementary and even high school with her.
Walking towards her, he greeted her.
Anxiety spiraled as he hugged her.
Conversation grew deeper as he sat with her.
Wanting to get closer because he was falling for her.

Another woman called pausing the time he was having with her.
Knowing he had to answer; he stepped away and spoke to her.
She stated that something wasn't quite right with her.
She said that her stomach had been bothering her.
Now he's thinking back if he came inside her.
Thinking if she lied to him about her tubes being tied within her.

Does he blame himself for listening to her?
Knowing right from wrong and yet he can't blame her.
Does he blame the devil for allowing him to be intimate with her?
Is he not a human that makes mistakes just like her?
Begging God to make a way for him and her.
Asking God to forgive him for committing the sin with her.

God said, "relax my son, you were only dreaming of her."

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The Mirror Of Time

I hold three magic rocks, in my hand. Rolling them over and over and over. Leaving this 
reality behind, far behind I stepped into the magic mirror and there I was back in 1959.  It 
was the same month, November.  I looked around and it was the same as I remember it had 
been then.  Mom looked so young and beautiful and said, "The school bus will be here in a 
few minutes."  I looked at the calendar and saw that it was November 25th, the day before 
Thanksgiving.  I said, "But mom, I haven't been in school in forty years."  I got this strange 
look from her but she didn't say anything.  Walking toward the door I caught a reflection of 
myself in the hall mirror.  I was so young.  My hand immediately went to my face and I 
stopped and stared at myself for a few minutes. I said, "Mom, can I stay home and be with 
you today?"  Again I got that strange look from her, then she smiled and said, "Sure, it's 
your last day before Thanksgiving anyway, why not?"  She and I sit down and talked for 
hours.  Then I said, "Do you mind if we go next door and visit with Maw Maw and Paw Paw?  
I haven't seen them in so long and I've missed them terribly!"  Again another strange look 
from mom. Next door I saw Maw Maw and Paw Paw as they had been in 1959.  I wept and 
they all looked at me so strangely.  I hugged them and kissed them all and we talked for 
hours.  Dad finally came home from work and I ran and hugged him so hard. "Dad why did 
you have to leave us in June?"  Again I got strange looks from everyone.  My tears were 
falling.  I saw Aunt Frances and Uncle Bill who lived beside Maw Maw and Paw Paw. "I've 
missed you both for so long." Strange looks again!  They didn't understand because to them, 
it was just another day in 1959.  The day grew late and I knew my time was soon ending.  I 
got near the magic mirror and mom and dad were standing there so young and healthy. I 
said, "Mom I'll see you on the other side of the mirror, but dad, I'll see you another time, 
another place."  They didn't understand.  I stepped back through and my reflection was as it 
had been before.  Mom was sitting in her chair at age 84.  I said, "Mom, do you remember 
the day before Thanksgiving, 1959, when I stayed home from school and we spent the day 
together?"  She said, "Yes, it was so strange that you could never remember anything about 
it.  It was as though you had amnesia.

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Interalphabetnet sex stew

Primose path leads to the slaughter of American
dream delete pause proficiency with internetty
webbegone after thoughts of yahoo googleyed 
interred intracacises that shed benign capsules of
 mom entary apple pie delquiences cooling 
the soul shopping for the next alias avenue of
pointless me procurement mauling an ongoing
onerous dildodate vis a vie in 
an engaging omnipresence of sextext no tact
spell ckeck chicshicshakplak no sense tic tac.
Talk? Walk? Balk? Chalk? Sue? Sulk? 
Dinosaur diligence posse with the senior
gestages gestulating, we r forevre 21 and ying yang 
dung. Yes, good f ing luck with that!! Look at your 
petridish parents and see what box u check to lid close
and abscond with the lost liberal leftovers. That
is you in reverse in a few carnal years after Hilter youth
children decide to screw us as the new 
generation which skewer post present parental postulates 
to the oldster outhouse outlets so u can be "youf" free. Little
do they notknow as they cumulatively co opulate 
that they set the stooge stage for no thanx ahole actions. 
The DOS does'nt fall from the Apple tree. Leave it, 
love it, learn it while ye may, the kid crisp cosmos of
offspring social dicktates are biting at your heartbeatbit 
empty elmo enterprises. Pause parenatal prenatal
preferences prepearing perinatal persons pretasking
postnatal practices, in which you have veno papa preparation.
Think before you For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge and Analyze
your ass-incarnate initiate. Borrow berofe u basterdize, 
condomize before u copu culminate, decide before
u dicktate, envision before u envy, fail before u foil, 
grasp before u germinate, halt before u hinder, 
illuminate before u illerate, jump before u jinx, 
kill before u keep, love before u lay, meaning before
moaning, neutralize before u now, obilerate before
u ooops! presence before predicament, quit before
quake, resilience before ridiculous, sanity before
sexusensuality, thinkth before u thumpth, utilize
before u unionize, victory before victimization, we 
before want, xx nor xy, zen before zeal. Pocket 
passion files fly in the face of ruined reason residules
to the point of pronounced perplextion plagued 
prominantly with no recall references to problematic 
protocals for near north normalicies in my buckeye
life measures of simpatico silly symbiosis sublime
of mini me monophile mucous made misdemeanor
milktoast memories. Pass go, collect $200.

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Golden Meadow Smile

We had missed five days in The last two weeks Due to the ice and snow. Roads and streets had been impassable— Freezing rain, blowing snow and black ice. We started the day late at 10 am. I greeted them at the doors— Worried about attendance. But, ninety-five percent made it. Fantastic! They were wrapped in hooded jackets And wore toboggans with rainbow colors. Mothers had stuffed them with oatmeal, Hotcakes and sausage. One carried chocolate milk And powdered sugar donuts, Along with tousled hair and a big smile. I was glad they made it. We didn’t need to lose another Day of instruction. The day went smoothly, too. In spite of the frigid cold that pushed The mercury down to two degrees. Frozen feet tracked salted snow Onto brightly buffed tiles. One carried an icicle two foot long— I convinced him it would keep outside. Then came lunch. The short day was ready made for Corn dogs and sloppy Joes— A menu that might have been invented By kindergarteners. But they hardly touched either one. Today they served Golden Meadow Orange Dream Bars— A dessert that was surely made in Heaven. Ice cream on the coldest day of the year. And the February freeze was forgotten. The orange circled smiles of kinders Beamed a warmth from within, Making the remainder of the day brighter, Marking an end to winter.

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4th Grade Music Room

Under her guidance, we stood at attention
forming a row  for the national anthem
"Oh Say, Can You See?"...those familiar old words
We would sing, not in unison
but with avid enthusiasm
out of tune, out of rhythm
with our childish delusions
that we were quite good!

As we  stood in the room
she would move down the line
with a frown in the lines
of her brow, then would bow
till her ear matched our voice
and her hand would be poised
with two fingers ensued
keeping time with the tune.

She would grit all her teeth
bite the inside of cheeks
Such a serious task!
it was all that she asked
that we our best

When we mastered, at last
She would gasp, then exclaim
as we sang each refrain
Mixed with tears, she would clap

I remember it now...
Here I stand in this row
with my hand on my heart
as the first strain imparts
Yes, I know those old words...
they'll remain part of me
'til the day that I die
"O Say, Can You See?"...still familiar to me

But no..............I can't see....

          There are tears in my eyes...

For the Project UFO Contest: Sponsored by Robert Heemstra

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The Nest

The Nest I first saw the hen as she flew Up to the raised bed in front of the school. I thought it was odd she was there, With so much activity at the entrance. The second time I saw her, I decided to see what she was up to. Imagine my surprise when I found A cleverly hidden nest containing ten eggs. I questioned her choice of location, But, what do I know about building a nest? I watched closely from the window for a week. But now, so did others. The kids were bright, and nosey. Soon, several knew the secret. When I came to school on Monday, I found the eggs had been thrown About the drive and against the brick. The efforts of the expectant hen and drake Had been spoiled by someone. I could almost understand if it had Been a skunk or possum that Needed the eggs for survival. But to be wasted…was senseless! If you know anything about school and kids, You know that someone came to me with a name. And that person gave me another name. Soon, I had three kids in my office. And a choice to make… Should I break them like the eggs They had strewn and spoiled? Or, should I protect them and watch Them grow as I would the duckling Had they hatched? And then, on cue, the pair flew down From the nest and waddled away From their loss. I watched with the children, And after a few moments, Made an observation. “They’re just like parents… walking away From the spot where they lost their Entire family…Every child… Imagine how they must feel!” Their eyes filled with tears. They left my office with compassion, And, a newly acquired appreciation of nature… The nest was not a total loss.

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The Ice Cream Truck

the ice cream truck

do you remember in fourth grade when it was the end of the school year?
kids running around in class, volunteer parents planning for field day events, teachers grading tests.
a year's worth of crafts and colorful displays filled the walls like wallpaper.
you can hear singing from the kids in room 4b, ms. mcdonald's class.

the weather outside was a balmy 80 on this june day.
text books, paint brushes, and the obligatory pre-chewed bubble gum filled the desk cavity.
the assistant principle announces something inaudible on the speaker system.
and we are fast approaching the anticipated summer break.

summer. that's when spring lovers finally kiss and the butterflies leave their cocoon.
birds singing and the flowers are saturated with their red, blue, and pink hues.
the last day of school is finally here and the children ride the bus for the last time.
vacations. swimming pools. ocean city. the smell of hot dogs, grass and humidity.

jersey summers are hot. really hot where i grew up. you sweat just by looking out the window.

then one day, the familiar sound of circus-like music faintly approaches town.
louder and louder until everyone knows its the ice cream truck turning the street corner.
the famous mr. softee, or good humor truck, or some local self employed bearded man.
whatever it was, ice cream in all kinds, flavors, colors, and shapes was 25 yards and 25 cents away.

the music kept playing as children seemingly sprayed out of their homes in rapid succession.
a gathering soon followed with parents and children standing all against that delicious truck.
chocolate. peanut butter. vanilla. strawberry. cookies and cream. cookie dough.
sandwiches. bowls. cones. smoothies. sundays. sprinkles. nuts. oh so yummy!

i miss that ice cream truck. i miss those days...

...and i miss you just as much.

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Nothing More

She sat by me in class
She wore glasses
She was beautiful
She crossed her legs

I dropped a piece of paper
I leaned over to move closer
I touched her foot with my leg
I did not move my leg

She did not move her foot
She blushed and pressed it close
She had sweat on her brow
She had a boyfriend

Who asked her to go steady
Who gave her a ring
Who married her
Who will never know…

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you pick on the innocent
pray on the weak
leave the unwanted in your dust
harming all in your path

they go home
bruised and beaten
filled with tears
a lump in their throats

still breathing
still a love in their hearts 
yet they have more strength
than you ever will 

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MORNING DELIGHT In one clasps of our hands Suddenly the murmurings Are becoming warm and intense As boldness left behind dumbness As together now we sing melodious Songs, caressing. kissing, and playfully dance Till the wee hours which greatly inspired us. Even the dawning sun it seems It was kept at bay And the stars twinkling and clapping Witnessing how sweet we have shared A blissful contrast of a newlyweds honeymooning A balikbayan to waiting gentle hand Though jittery they stood together to a morning glory! Now, shall we let it go Vis a vis the doldrums Of yesteryears which we didn't denied After the high school years Autographs, roses and chocolates Were fads of the late 60's yet to a funny fan Bestows to a man's erudite love for poetry. The more it comes straight from the hearts The constancy of exchange writings of messages and poems Have become part of life's spontaneity Even at the middle of the night, we are awaken Laptops connected, phone conversation Every little sweet words reverberating through!
Term: balikbayan: Overseas Filipino Worker Dalila Agtani 4/23/11

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i am part 2

I am the wind 
beneath the 
sparrows wings 
as it heavenly sings.
I am the single rose 
sitting in a barren land.
I am the the lions voice,
and the partridge voice as they 

I am the beam of light 
penetrating the vastness
of the worlds darkness.

The secret power is 
no secret,the secret 
power is me.

I am the secret power revealed
and concealed in greatness.
I am the suns majestic flames.
The clarity of rain drops,
the zest ,to the minds
bland thoughts of boredom.
I am entertainment.
I am the wood pecker,
soaring steadily in the
balmy winds picking at success.
I am the eagles soaring over
sweet allysum, capturing the sent. 

Stupendous I am,
Preening my mind with knowledge,
a pen rigged with wisdom,
wisdom speaks beyond paper 
as it leaks from the pore of my quill.
I am the potion full of devotion. 
My pen rigged with morphine,
killing I hope the pain of my readers 
with poems.

You are no longer lugubrious,
lugubrious you are not.
Healed and fixed upon the first dosage.

I am ,I am ,
I am the poetic doctor,wooing medicine 
from the green pastures,
 to robe my pen with healing secrets.
I am the nectarines of peach orchards
 basting the mouth of pages with sweet words.
Sweet splash sweet splash. I am the sweet taste. 
I am the revival of a sun baked raisin, the
 revival to a corps laying beneath circling 
vultures of the Arabian dessert. 
I am the fragments of light circling your heart,a campfire,
the supplier of its poetic aspire. 
I am the fridge for poetic dreams,
preventing from expire, raising 
heat of poetry soup higher and higher. 

Ill never retire until my face
 wrinkled and my hair grey wire.
My pen aiming for a writing desire. 
On icy roads I keep traction with 
hot ink and mental snow tires.
I am a poet wrobed with 
creative ink and sapphire.
I am safe gaurding the gates
 of a dying world of poetry.

looked upon as a fool why should I stop, 
because kids from high school saide iam not cool,
what is their some rule that makes it uncool.
It must be april fools ,safe guarding 
your desire is a golden rule.
I am the hope, iam poetrys stool fueling
 it with my hand tool full of ink iam the talisman of poetrys gates.
I know who I am and this inspires ME!!!

By: Elliott Bowe
Inspirational Contest
Sponsor:Gail Doyle

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You're The Weak One


You’re the weak one, you’re a bully.  The weak one is definitely
not me.

The bully is always the weak one, but your weakness you can’t
seem to see.

So, I’m going to try to shed a little light on your weak and inappropriate ways.

Your weakness began on your first bullying day.

Your false sense of power is not strength at all; it is a cry for help desperately trying to break through.

I actually feel a little sorry for you.

Weak kids like you always seek to find other kids they can dominate.

Bullies do this with vicious words, inappropriate actions, and misguided hate. 

Is being a weak bully the banner you want to carry for the rest of your life?

Get rid of the bully banner forever; take up a banner that shows respect, 
understanding, and tolerance for others, and always hold that one very high.

	Al Johnson

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Dance Concert

Ankle wrapped, lipstick gleams
Music is heard in the backbeats of faint rhythms
This is just me, and myself

There are people           there             Lollypop prima donnas
Modern dance bare feet rebelrinas, SpicySalsa Latina Coke Bottles
Loud and HERE hip-hop mamas

Shadows, backstage
Just me, and myself, here

Girls surround the mirror, preening like ugly hens for a rooster
That only sees himself
Lycra glittering tightly stretched, no imperfections allowed In these bodies, 
messing up is no longer an option, it never was a option

Just look at the pretty picture they are painting
Dancing, speaking without voices of their own
poetry in motion, they call it
"I just want them to look at me", she says.
Right.. go ahead and dance to the beat of everyone else

Feet fretfully practicing [Fake]French with an American accent
                           Jeté, pas, Chaîné
S'il vous plaît danser votre coeur hors
In Attitude

                                                                                                   Get It Shawty

This is the very last time

Just me, and myself
Lost in whispers of melodies, movement strains and scents of
Righting lefts, lefting wrongs, up and downs to my
very own song
Stage right, upper wing,
                                      Open up the Curtains
                                                                      Cue and a one, two, three
Spotlight     flashes in the eyes to hide all cynical opinions, judgments are blinded

this is my stage, don’t lie to me, this is my stage
There are no lies here

Four, five, six, seven, eight, and a

And All I Wanna Do
Is just slip away
Into my own

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Home of the Three R's

We've brought him back again, where in the corners lie the shadows of his youth, a world that passed on by I watch him walk the floors, that he had walked before Old planks that creaked, with hurried, carefree steps once sang with youth, whine with sad regret Again, the out-of-doors has let itself be clipped to window images, of which he had recalled where fond thoughts of youth returned, each spring, and every fall Framed pictures of windy branches in the sun We could hardly tell, at first, if the mountains slumbered by The same old way, as days when he was young for branches, grown, had crowded open skies And yet, he smiles, recalling all too soon how the dust motes, fill the afternoon with chalkboard clouds, and ink well stains with musty thoughts, and childhood's sweet perfume Again, the out-of-doors has let itself be clipped To window images, of which he can't forget
_______________________________________ Carrie Richards 1/30/14 "Historical"

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Pieces of Eternity (Seasons Finale)

Maybe it’s unacceptable 
Live a life capable of a true fable 
True friends never end 
But take you back to where it all began 
But hey misery gave us something to believe in 
Stress became a greater award as we achieved sin 
What could I say? Our savior died on a cross tough as pig skin 
Never once cried over the loss 
Forbidden fruit, Eden garden 
Excuse me, my lord, I beg your pardon 
And so what if these medics carry life in a carton 
But I ain’t trippin 
Simply because this is me until my dying day 
Please stop crying, you know I can’t stay 
I’m going to be the same until my dying day 
Over in that casket is where I’m trying to lay 
That’s right until my dying day 
True lost souls from the dark side 
Forever, we as mortals ride 
Peace is nothing, I fend for quiet time 
Rebels in riot lines 
Previous high school graduates 
Symbols of an adjective running toward fate 
True personality suffer the privilege of inmates 
How could you hesitate to ask 
There’s no stranger under this mask 
Lonely and unholy, who’s there to console me? 
I want to get away, forever restless 
You can see my similarities with the ocean 
I’m stress less 
Because this is me until my dying day 
Please stop crying, you know I can’t stay 
I’m going to be the same until my dying day 
Over in that casket is where I’m trying to lay 
My son, my friend 
We are but pieces of eternity 
Mesh on, mesh off 
Even at our best times we’re soft 
Who’s to say I’d regret my decision 
To lead a sinners life without God’s supervision 
On a one man mission 
And I know I don’t come around much 
Got my palms in reality 
Searching for something softer to touch 
Whisper in my ear, death makes me blush 
And Hell only flatters me 
One and one, through matter the winds scatter me 
I ain’t trippin, baby girl get off your knees 
You’re in the arms of a future me 
And I can’t see heaven from a distance 
Fire me over clouds like a piston 
Marching through blood 
But it’s all mud and water to Darkhouse 
Stand still let me mark my spouse 
Live my life as an outcast 
How could you even picture me at my last? 
Dear lord show some mercy on my followers 
Bless those that swallow dust to follow us 
No need to borrow sympathy 
Unforgiving sorrow made my enemies envy me 

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High School Sharks

I can already hear the whispers
Before I open the door
Walking down the corridor
Fluorescent lights beam down
Illuminating, my faults
                                                    “Look at her, she think she’s bad, doesn’t she?”

High heels clicking on linoleum tiles
Hips waving regardless of assaults 
Lips uncurled into a blank expression
"How the hell am i going to get through this hall
without slappingone of them?"
Head up, eyes open but unseeing the ugliness of it all
It happens everyday

“I can’t believe all those guys like her, what the hell do  they see in her?”
			“She’s just another whore”
		      “I heard she’s not as smart as they say she is”
“I knowww, she probably slept with the teacher to get into the A.P classes”
     “Yeah, that’s the only way, there’s not possibility of her having a brain,"               
                                                       "she’s too cute”
                              “She’s not that cute you know”
                                                  “she’s probably just easy, all of those pretty girls are”
                 “I wonder where she got all her clothes, probably from the 99cent store”
             “nah, too good for the 99Cent store, she probably stole it, stupid Mexican”
    “Haha, I know, she’s so poor, I bet she stole that  purse too, it’s too nice for her”
          “She’s so straight-edge, tree-hugging, boy-friend stealing, attention hog..”
                                                     “Stupid ugly slut”

Oh PLEASE, they don't even know me
Lord, spare me from these Barbie clones
That spawn over generations
Bleach blonde hair
With purses as big as their bodies
Hollow heads with a button nose

These, Sharks, beady eyed, immense jaws yawning
Try to eat victims alive
In a single gulp
Flock together like vultures mercilessly to consume
Girls worthy of attention
Blood-thirsty villains
Disgustingly morose

I laugh when I hear them whispering
Their attacks
Are bent on bending 
Twisting reflections in the mirror
When really, it’s beautiful
Inside and Out
I know what I am and could care less
About what they think
Is flattery, 
Keep talking about me, your making me                                    Famous
Movie Star Status, I have what they                                                           Want 

I let them feed on my inner glow
It’s what attracts them, you know
Until they get so full of me
That they


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Sometimes friend
Often foe
How the years seem to flow
More quickly with each passing one
And less, it seems that we get done
With what years we’ve now left

Let this not, though,
Be our shame
Let us use each year the same
As we would use our waning breath
Until at last our earthly death
Does come, one final

by Donna Golden 

May 23, 2005 (A few months before my twenty year high school reunion!)

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Who Though

Who would have thought the girl with the bright smile and joy enflamed in her eyes 
Sits' in the corner crying herself to sleep every night 
Who would have thought the boy walking the halls always giving a hand 
Wishs' that when he sleeps the gentle light may seep him off his feet 
Would would have thought the girl that ended her own life 
Was raped, beaten and bullied at both home and school 
Who would have thought our childrens children 
Have sought to use weapons and let eragancy become them making them a fool 
Who would have thought that no matter how we try for peace 
We show our children war is the answer
Who would have thought that our guidence
Has be clouded and no longer is pure 
Who would have thought teenage life is harder 
When your getting bullied or picked on in school 
Who would have thought that a person couldn't walk out of their house 
With out fear of being raped, shot, or stabed and death is finally at your door 
Who would have thought in life know a day's 
Death is more near to our lives then ever before 
    Who Would Have Thought

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I am Free to:

I am free to: Love, 




                         Give up,

                     Never stop untill I achivemy goal's,

                                 Live life,

               Have the will not to hate,

                 Never give up,

                            Go down the wrong path,

                  To choose the right one,

                        To worship you, Lord!

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Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras

Ever since the flames licked 

my fair pink burning flesh,

nothing in my life has remained the same.

I had to go back in to 

save my little brother Chris. 

 Life without him would kill me, 

besides myself I would forever blame.


Even though it’s been ten years, 

my face still feels the pain.

Having to go through high school 

with a scarred face is just lame.

I’ve got the body of a goddess; 

I must admit I’m beautiful from the neck down, 

but the hideous burn scars 

on my face have remained.


Months after the accident 

weeks before school started,

a knock at my door came.

An anonymous donor sent a box

 full of beautifully hand decorated

Mardi Gras masks made for only the fairest lady, 

that’s the day I got my new name.


Each month a new box of masks 

would arrive and I would wear everyone.

I became known as the royal shapely, disfigured lady. 

Mardi Gras was my fame.


One night a mysterious white box appeared, 

inside rested the most unique and intricately 

adorned mask of all.  It was a pure white mask adorned 

with a delicate French ivory lace, fluffy pure white 

dove feathers and shiny white pearls outlined the mask.  

White is normally considered lame 

but this was breathtaking, nothing plain.  

Inside the box was also an

 invitation, asking me to attend 

the prom with "Masked Bandit" Lane.

 I couldn’t believe it! All along it was 

my handsome next door neighbor and

 Chris' best friend, who had been sending 

the ornate masks to me.  He was my hero now, 

my enthusiasm could hardly be tamed..  

Lane had always adored my brother Chris and seemed 

to like me too. I always knew he had 

a crush on me, but I never knew to what extent. 

I rushed over to his house where he was playing 

with my brother Chris a heated basketball game.

I hugged him and told him that 

I would love to go with him to the prom.

Just between you and me, 

Lane and I will always be the 

masked King and Queen of Mardi Gras 

and forever in love we will reign.



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splashed smiles learning

Saving a memory
because laughter splatters
across the room
rolling, clinking,
splashed smiles savored
like wine-mellow
with bursts of flavors
rolled along the tongue

Learning takes place
better when there is 
laughter and smiles
invite learners

Giggles, gurgling
eyes and teeth participating
who what questions
answers accents, soliloquies, duets
trios and groupwork

Sets of co-operative
silly making 
blessing the room
where we learn

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My Boy / Bridgeport CT 1981

The images plucked from a full soft drive like over blown berries
threatening to fall……blasted to the humus. Swing chains creak.
The high-backed, heart carved, chalk white, front porch swing sways;
to the kicking of your feet. Beside me, you sit in spankin’ new school clothes singing.

Together wrapped like pretzel dough, we warble, annoying the sparrows.
The bumble bee yellow and black stripped school bus is late.
The dreamy cottage bungalows’ screen porch perches like a tree house ledge
over the four story drop off. Hundred year old sentinel pines tower still above us, 
limbs house hug. The occasional cone drop ricochets down the trunk 
to a soft needle landing, and a bouncing roll before falling off the retaining wall

We own the world. King and Queen of the Mountain are we. I sing “Ducky Duddle” to you. 
You laugh. All the joy in the world in such a small sound. Oh, how I loved to make you happy.
Two short years before, even your name was new to boy, Jamie.

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Big Purple

These chains of deceit that bind me to this hardwood seat. 
I bend and break the bars that confine, but they remain, like the haughty, jagged grin of an eroded skull. 
Such good times as these are even visited by dark slips of the gut from thoughts of tortures past. 
It was a massive structure, swathed in a meagerly regal indigo, lined in placid silver. 
In this place I did not cry of neglect. I was no dark horse, puffing promises of vengeance 
for the cruelty and nonchalance of my lords. 
They catered to me well, forever willing to stir into my cauldron their own lazily construed dogmas. 
But O, so long as I gazed upon the faces of my peers, eyes starried with anticipation of knowledge 
and fantastic visions of other world intrigue, I could not lead the expected life of indifference. Intrigue 
of the kind that I confusedly examined, reaching deep into the dark, conceptual pit of the unknown, and unproven. 
Exhausted, I came to my knees, deep in the cave, to rest, to wait for all the promised realities to reveal themselves. 
I waited so very long for such things. Drew and blew irreplaceable breaths 
awaiting the truth of falsehood to at last burst forth, at the final moment, to redeem itself.

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Social Change

my school colors 
brooks brothers navy blue 
and establishment gold 
were God-awful choices 
for Catholic girls 
being educated beyond 
their parents' means. 

seventeen, out of high school 
ready for life 
without restrictions 
I was prime 
for the times 
revolutionary ideas 
about life loving and living 
flower-power dreams 
unbelievably believable. 

twelve years of stateliness 
and I was ready 
for a tie-dyed change of mind 
opportunity came 
in a California cotillion 
formal dress not required. 

I left the "Beach Party" 
two piece red-checked 
belly-button cover-up behind 
and never looked back. 

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I'm tired
 Tired of being treated
  'cause I'm,

 I'm tired
 being stared at
       and hiding my braces
       under the camouflage 
       of my colored 
         skinny jeans
masking my
        darker self
      with mascara and
       a    rainbow 
others' faces
as they make
their judgements
without hearing
my arguments

  but they 
are futile
 and people are
but compassion
Is expressable
But where is it?
In my dreams? 
I wouldn't know
I don't sleep
I'm tired
' cause
I gotta explain

why I
 walk like
a penguin
though my
feet aren't
And why 
I wear
my braces all
the time
and I will
until I die
and I'm tired
of explaining
and so I'll stop talking
and fall asleep
and wake up 
the next day,

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Through the Eyes of A Child

It’s not fair 
But then it never is
All the teachers
All the learning that they got
It couldn't prepare them 
Could it?
It couldn't stop it 
Or halt it
Or even control it?
The whirlwind that is I

All the promises and
All the lies
It was all too much
It was never enough

I tried
They didn’t
The whispers behind my back
The taunts, and jeers;
Even the teachers 
Who are supposed to protect 
and keep order;
Just walk away
Just ignore her
She’ll go away

Yes Mrs. Mother 
Well stop it
Don’t worry

She has coodies
She’s creepy
No one likes you
Go away
No one wants’ to play with a lesbian like you
It would be so much better if she were gone
I wish she would just leave forever

Would it?
Could it?
Was it?
I left
I hide
I never showed my face
But you still;

What did I ever do to you?
What could I have done to you?
I was only ten
Just barely out of childhood really
But I can't really blame you...can i?
No I can't

My only option left
Was silence
Did it make you happy?
Did you smile?
Was all that work
All that cruelty
All that heartache;

Was it worth it?
Did it finally make you feel better?
Like you were better,
More powerful?

Who was your next victim?
Never mind.
Not like it matters
They didn't help them either
I suppose

You can't see
You refuse to see
Just like the teachers
They all failed
Not only me

But you

I hope you all are proud.

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Listen to Me

You never listen
Yes I know it's true
I see you try and deny it
How's that working for you?

I will say one thing
You will hear another
I will try to fix it
The misunderstanding you see

I just got in trouble
(Sigh) I told you so
They never listen to me

They say they do 
And I know they try
But all I want to do is scream

All I asked is that you think
What is real?
Do I ever ask this?
Will I ever again?

All I really did
Was ask
For friend

All I want
Is to be free
Free to listen
And free to be me

Sadly though
You'll never see
Just how much your 
Not listening has killed me

I have tried
Really I did
I know that I'm not eighty
I know that I'm not nice
But the only thing I asked 
For was five minutes (at the most) of your life.

I'm sorry that you failed
I'm sorry that I tried but
Mostly I'm just sorry that
I'm not sorry,
Not anymore.

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Bladder Problems in Class

Numbers on 
White board…names written hori-

Students ask
To go pee…right when class starts – 
THAT’S just wrong…

Bathroom line
Of students who have bladder
Problems – WOW!

People are
Not using lunchtime to do 
Their business 

No one knows
When to do their duties – SER-

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Birds of a Feather

It's human nature to emulate surroundings
 And it's hard to separate yourself
From those around you
 Emotions are contagious
And like minds act alike
Stand in a group of happy people, 
 And you'll find yourself smiling.
Stand in a group of excited people, 
 And find yourself inspired.
Stand in a group of kind people, 
 And you'll become more empathetic.
Stand in a group of hungry people, 
 And you'll find something to eat.
Stand in a group of depressed people, 
 And find yourself in sorrow.
Stand in a group of angry people, 
 And feel your adrenaline rise.
Most likely you'll remain in the group
 That reflects you the most
So regardless of what you think
 If others act in one particular way
Then guess what, you have become 'them'
So if you attract manipulators, 
 Maybe it’s because you lie a lot.
So if you attract unfaithful people, 
 Maybe it’s because you're a quitter.
So if you attract abusers, 
 Maybe it’s because you enjoy pain.
So if you attract indecisive people, 
 Maybe it’s because you're a follower.
So if you attract those that steal, 
 Maybe it’s because you turn the other way.
So if you attract those of low standards, 
 Maybe it’s because you act out of desperation.
Most likely you'll remain in the group
That reflects you the most
 So regardless of what you think
If others act in one particular way
 Then guess what, you have become 'them'

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High School Life

“You’re a foot fairy” they say to me.
“You’re a band geek” they mock at me.
“You’re a Jesus freak” they bash on me.

What can I do to gain their love? 
Hatred toward everything I do! 
When will this pass? 
High school needs to die.

“Poetry is for fags” they tell me.
“Man whore” they call me.
“Nerd” they laugh at me.

Why do they do this? 
Discrimination flowing through their blood.
What will stop them? 
High school needs to die.

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A Lighter Touch

It's a matter of pressure, the weight of exchange
Affection we share now, in a different ballgame
I won't leave you red faced, embarrass, or shame
Tho' my impulse commands to squeeze you the same
But your school chums are watching, so I keep arms restrained
You've been climbing the ladder, to your middle school days
And I'll admit that the changes are much harder for me
Than for you who resolves to grab hold to each year
And wear them like badges, on your way to be free

My cherub remembered, is no prize you would own
Yet my feelings, regardless, are the same as before
When I rocked you, my baby, how I cherished dark nights
I never once pondered, how soon wings take flight

I would cradle and hold you, my lips on your cheek
I sang nursery stories, and called you my sweet
The world of surprises with each passing while
As you wander a tightrope,  between a man and the child

So I hug you now gently,  I must stifle my gushing
But the touch of you fills me with rushes of longing
I can’t swallow you whole, like I did long ago
But the love hasn’t changed, and the touch is much lighter
But the love is the same , we both know it, somehow…

For Deb's Contest: "Touch"

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Ordinary, Extraordinary

Every day is the same,
With me wishing that something would happen,
Making it extraordinary,
The only time that I know I'm extraordinary,
Is when I write,
The words flowing from my fingertips,
At peace,
Not worried what others think of me,
For once,
In my crazy middle school days,
No worries,
All else fades,
And I am alone with my words,
No cares,
But to create beauty,
Something that will move someone,
That will touch someone in ways they can't explain.

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To The PE Teacher

I'm over it
I'm giving up
I don't have to do it
Yet you force me to like I'm a chump
I avoid it like an illness
You let it go
But today is the day
You took it no more
You didn't yell
Yet you exchanged insults
You hurt my feelings
That was the result
You called me a girl
You called me a clown
And if this keeps up
You're going down
Can't you see
I don't like PE
I'm not being rebel
But you scare me into anxitey
Just leave me alone
You treat me like a drone
You're not getting forgiveness
But you can get off my blacklist
If you cease and desist

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High School in Vers Libre

Make it

Or Break it

That's High School for Ya'

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My Boredom Disease

Like sick allergies, 
Boredom can be passed around

Like a horrid storm,
Boredom can catch you off guard
Hold on for DEAR LIFE!

Like the whooping cough,
Boredom can be serious
If I were you, I’d
Get a vaccination ! 

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School day hell

They called it school
I called it hell 
From the huge imposing prison like doors
To the doom like toll of the bell
Everyday the same
Running for the school bus
Full of uncivilized Wild kids
Being pushed and shoved
Countless kids in uniform
Fearing the teachers and the day they were born
Satchel bags and lucky bags
Late for lessons again 
Going to the headmasters office 
For the cane ooh how my bum was in pain
Teacher at the blackboard
Pupils getting bored thinking about girls
Motorbikes and cars
Playing football in the yard
Playing sports in skirts and shorts
The one too big that moma bought
School desks fountain pens and ink
Boy how some of my classmates did stink
Trying to blow up the science lab
Bubbly gum and sherbert dabs
Giggling girls and bashful boys
Girls jutting out everywhere
Pigtails and ribbon on their hair
Always getting into a fight
Going home with a torn blazer and black eye every night
Lots of kisses on my homework
Rolling about in the dirt
Pouring ink into the headmasters aquarium
Holes in your trouser bum
Crafty cigarette hidden behind a wall
Morning assembly in the hall
School dinners you couldn't pick
Forced down your throat and made you sick
Being punished and kept behind doing lines
I must have wrote 'I must be good' a million times
Frog spawn put into teachers bag
Gas taps left on in the lab
The school nurse giving you a jab
Riot breaks out in class Running a race on sports day and coming last
Pea shooter and catapult Pulling your tongue out and being rude to adults
First love and nervous thumbled kiss
Girls with new sticky out bits
Hair growing in places it didn't before
Limbs aching and so sore
Always in trouble up to no good playing truant in the wood
Letting the tiers down on the headmasters car
Girls wearing training bra's
Exams were such a sham but wrote the answers under the bandage on my 
hand Teachers talking about things I didn't understand
What a waste of time I was going to be a pop star and soon a man
Those daydreams  of youth that still remain aloof
Hiding in the bushes watching  girls playing hockey and net ball on the field
I still recall how that used to feel
Long school summer holidays away from hell
School books thrown down the well
Then back to school again to days of terror
And pain up early facing hell.

Peter Dome,copyright.2014. July.

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My Seaons of Change

                                                  My Seasons of Change 

1. All the world’s a sky of faded virtue, 

2. Though major events have shaped my life,  

3. they are constantly replaced with new memories, most soon to be forgotten. 

4. One day’s triumph is another’s past glory. 

5. Like clouds, people have floated into my life and portrayed themselves in a way to form my character.  

6. Some have stayed and some have gone each leaving their distinctive steps in my path. 

7. The stars which illuminate the night are like the reflection of my past decisions. 

8. Like constellations show the history of people’s lives, mine is not yet run its course, but only begun.  

9. Just as God has blessed nature with its four seasons: summer, fall, winter and spring;  

10. He has also provided me with seasons that have developed my intricate character.  

11. The first is independence.  

12. Independence had arrived at the threshold of my future around the time of my late middle school years. 

13. Independence came from situations that pushed me to the edge of change. 

14. Change was not only a shift in my surroundings but a total alteration in my world view. 

15. The perplexing opportunities challenged me to make my own decisions. 

16. With my own decisions came discernment. 

17.  My whole eighth grade year I felt the daunting shadow of high school nudging at my side. 

18. After all, my success in high school could set the course for the rest of my life 

19.  and is it not my obligation to take the gifts God has given me and use them to change the world? 

20. That doesn’t happen overnight. 

21. The rough bark of an oak tree presented itself as a symbol for the following weeks of transition. 

22. High school brought discernment. 

23. I acquired the knowledge of why things are right or wrong. 

24. Responsibility was the next season in my life. 

25. Responsibility is not only gained through trust but opposition.  

26. Now that these three seasons have come to pass, they have matured my mind and soul. 

27. The last to follow is inevitably, struggle. 

28. Seamless struggle has lingered behind mankind since the begining of time. 

29. Struggle can be neither ignored nor avoided. 

30. As lighting strikes from the sky and thunder roars so is the ever presence of daily trials. 

31. Each season represents a pillar which will withstand not only the icy winds of fear, but 

32.  provide peace and security in my spirit that can never be driven out. 

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Rewards of College Education

in grade school
he heard about it

in high school
he prepared for it

in his first year
he explored it

in his second year
he focused on it

in his third year
he felt part of it

in his fourth year
he graduated from it

Now, he has a job
because of it.

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Class or Claaassee

Class or Claaassee !

Night  owl with an open circumstance fears
from blue neglect with the rages of unfortunate
idealisms---“why don’t you”---a nag  nag  nag
sequence,  fosters an arm’s length gaze glance
I peer through picket fence fingers, while tongue
depressing hop  to  it  euphemisms to gag
your elementary gesture fantasies with lurking
adult  gonatitudes, (envy) in full glee—“I don’t
care---but then what if”---and
would even believe me if I tried to tell
you the truth, you don’t want to touch in mind.
I fail to the order of kindergartenal suicide
and prose my character to mold your moods in
one tenth hope of a swelled down deep particle
secret desire. Take it for what it is and not think
to misabandon,  stop  look  and feelisten.
Your neighbor is only good as you. Plain 
simple downdeep and bittersweet bliss bias
but for—lorn fortunate to at least gain a
Goldilocks glimpse into your uncouth
vascular unconscious. Given a mathetical
½ chance I may le-learn a think or 2
and----------------------hey,  gimme me a hecka break
as he razed her eyebrows.

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Behind the Selfies

I have a very brief confession
that I have to make.
It's about the selfies 
and it'll make you break.

I only wear glamorous tops 
during my homemade shots,
Since bottoms aren't seen
And only the face is on screen.

I give all my efforts
In putting some makeups
Just to look pretty on my selfie
And wrote on it -- hashtag no makeup.

I put on my lipsticks
And do the sexy duck face,
Then captioned the output with bible quotes
Though it doesn't relate.

Mom wondered
Why I locked myself in my room.
Oh please, I was just doing a selfie
and surprisingly came out well groomed.

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high school

He held my hand when I was down
She took my hand to help me out
They clapped for me when I got up
She hugged me to make my day brighter
I do not know these people and they do not know me
Yet when I need it, they give me a hand
I dropped my books he picked them up
I was lost she showed the way
I was feeling sick they stayed with me to see I was okay
They say high school is hard
In addition, no one looks your way
They say life is rough 
Deal with it yourself your own way
However, when I needed a hug, a hand, or a tiny clap
The high scholars I do not know well, they had my back.

This is everything that happened to me on my first week off school a tiny freshmen like me is lucky to be at GHS

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i miss how we use to be
i miss those days where we would chill and just be goofy
they say High School days don't last forever
but i didn't want too believe that meant for we 
but it looks like we've gone our separate ways
liking each others pics and saying occasional Happy Birthdays
we use to be ride or die now we barely say hi
i remember those jokes those lil moments in the halls
i remember hanging out after school in certain clubs
i remember hanging out on the weekends (going bowling and etc)
time has surely fly on each of our end
i don't want to say we outgrew each other
looks like we ventured into something new
but just wanted to say how thankful i am for the memories
memories get me by when im feeling blue
memories make me laugh when i think of you
all those lessons we learned all those skills gained
graduating together was truly a memorable day
just wanted to take the time out to say how thankful i am
having friends like you in High School helped shaped who i am
so thank you for the memories which will always hold dear to me.....

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The School Sighs

It's an hour after school.
The halls are empty.
The school sighs and shakes his head.
"I wish I could help more."
"Just not enough evidence."
The school says "please,
Come to us if you need help."
"I'm being bullied" the teens cry.
"You said ask for help"
"Here look, my wrists are bleeding."
"You don't hear what they say?"
"I know you do."
The school sighs and shakes his head.
"Just not enough evidence."
Next day.
Breaking news.
'Teenager kills herself due to bullying.'
"This is a tragedy."
"Please, I encourage you."
"Come to us if you need help."
A teenager comes to the school.
The school sighs and shakes his head.
"Just not enough evidence."

Are we destined to do this forever?
A cat and mouse game of
'Come to us.'
'Sorry not enough evidence.'
The scars up and down my arms,
The rising suicide attempts associated with bullying,
Isn't proof enough?
The attendance drops,
The friend loss.
Doesn't speak for itself?
Teens with tear stained eyes and
'Scratched by my cat' arms.
Making friends with counselors.
Because their office is a safe house.
Safe from the wars of popularity and 
"I'm cool, you're not."
Who gets to decide when all of 
Actually get counted
As evidence.
I certainly hope it's not you.
Because if it is you.
You're killing us all.  

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Ridiculous Me

Watch this scene with both eyes and try not to blink C: --> 

I stood there... silently
Like a predator near prey 
I sneak behind YOU

You weren't even aware of it!! Ha-ha! 

I made YOU jump hIgH
Like a startled hare
I chuckle and smile

You know that mischievous smile of mine? 

Your reaction was
PRICELESS - you were so upset
But YOU forgave me

Well...I'm flattered. . . 

We laugh'd together (just like the good times)
In a chorus - our volume
Picked up extreme sound

Believe me - I could hear our laughter from a mile away!

But I'm glad I did
My best to make you giggle

Ridiculous me... 
Wouldn't you agree?

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I'm Just Me

I'm a thinker, brain constantly firing,
New ideas, not enough time.

I'm compassionate, lending an ear,
Helping others in their time of need
And reaching for an outstretched hand.

I'm a twin different from she yet the same.
I'm quiet where she chatters on and on.
We'er both very creative with our hands,
Painting strokes into beautiful scenes 
And weaving tales of penned words.

A high school sweetheart, a soulmate of mine,
Married forty six years, it doesn't seem that long.
He's a gem, a caregiver with loving hands.
The chapters of my life of who I am
Are still unfolding at each turn.
Life  is for living and having fun
And that's what I plan right to the very end.

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Where I'm From - English II Assignment Poem

I’m from liberty and justice; kindness and sadness. 
I’m from freedom and victory; presidential elections and offices.
I’m from celebration of freedom and fireworks; and a wonderful melting pot. 
I’m from an eagle and an anthem, which happily plays on.

I’m from life and death, and of people of different descent. 
I’m from the Show-Me State, upholding the motto “Salus populi suprema lex esto:” 
The welfare of the people shall be supreme law. 
I am of the Missouri Waltz, and of an Algonquian Indian word.
I am of farming and mining; aircraft equipment and cars.

I’m from an annexed Jasper County and Newton County; from Methodist congregation and zinc mining. 
(A place I can hardly even remember, as it has been changed)
From Route 66, and historical background knowledge. 
I am from devastation and destruction; death and injuries. 
I’m from damage and regrowth; repopulation and help. 
I’m from family and friends; businesses both small and large.
 I am of silence and tears, and of federal disaster.
 I’m from strength and dignity; perseverance and trust. 
I am of murals and proud historic background. 
Artifacts and messages, love and hope.

I’m from comedy and drama; friendship and bonds. 
I’m from love and loss; football and cheer. 
I’m from an academic and athletic strength; and from the A+ Program. 
I am from Junge field, and brick structuring.
 I am of theatre and JET-14; show choir, orchestra, and band. 
I am of FTC and AP courses. 
I am of loss and damage; devastation and irreparability. 
I am from a temporary and split campus, and renovation.
 I am from commencement, and uncommon maturity.

I am from a battered and bruised community, and a slowly growing voice.
 I’m from experience and pain, hardworking and strong people.
 I am of economic setback, and of pain and heartache. 
I am of faith and trust, influence and beliefs.

I am of love and pain, sarcastic and snide remarks.
I am from life and death; adoption and birth. 
I am from old and young; wrong and right. 
I am from values and morals; beliefs and brief moments of laughter.
I am from tinkling of bells and the sound of dropped frying pans. 
I’m from happiness and sadness; from the moon and stars. 
I’m from Christianity; particularly of Pentecostal belief.
I am from the tinkle of a baby’s laugh and tears; of nieces and nephews.
I'm of friendship and hope..

This is where I'm from.

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Sunday morning in abstract space

Waking up in a dorm
Sunshine streaming in
Voices outside rambunctious on sidewalk
Traffic abides like automation
Heading to the dining banquet
Wondering, wandering
Who am I in the world?-
Quickly, feet now moving mechanically
Last night was a total blur,
Recalling bodies pulsating with nerve
On a sweaty, winding floor
College faces streaming out of hallways
Watch out! The world's behind you...

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School Days 2

School days 2
Up in the morning, I due dread.
Running and screaming I hear in bed.
Back to school what a joy.
Reading, writing and no toys.
The roar of buses I hear them come.
Schools days prepare to begin.
Buses here and buses there.
When is the buses going to end?
I hear someone one shout "is it summer yet"
And It's the first day of school.

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The Rush

She retraces the past to uncover the mystery of the many failed relationships.
The first date seems to generate some fireworks.
This entices her to tempt fate and go out again.
Sometimes there is more of a connection and other times she strikes out.
The third date things get more intimate as more secrets are uncovered.
The next thing she knows he is all over or he might wait one more date to get 
Yet in that moment the situation has become too intense for her to handle.
She slaps his arm and flees from the vicinity.
Yet she always wonders what could have been.
She thinks back to why she struggles with a guy wanting physical contact with 
She admits to herself she suffers from a low self worth.
In middle school she remembers being called ugly while the guys shoved her 
While she has untapped this clairvoyant moment, the rush of it all still 
traumatizes her.

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Bullying 101

Step 1: 
Inhale an envious mask upon your castrated 
and prompt this necessary illusion to commence.
Bathe yourself in ego-filled waters till you feel superior
to the gavel, and exit without caution from this perfect 
prison called home. 
The audience of youthful flattery awaits you, and those 
who you hunt, 
Anticipate your roar, and contemplate a permanent 

Step 2: 
Masquerade around the elementary wheels of 
transportation, and make sure your crown has no opposition.
Be seated in the rear levels of mischief, and target those
who sit angelically, in frontal silence. 
Remember to grin until your devilish smile has a 
pathological glow, 
And act without tears, your greatest show without

Step 3: 
Be ignorant to punctual chimes that sing, and lean on 
absent temptation for comfort. 
Show patience for perfectly weak; allow them their 
steps upon the wax floors, 
Give them their fairy tale of safety. 
For they are dreamers, and you are their scheduled 

Step 4: 
Enter classrooms initially through the minds of prey. 
Let them introduce the beast without forethought, 
Observe their careful whispers among the intellectual
And standby till their guard sleeps. 

Lastly, steal the eyes of misery from your contemporaries
as you walk in, and sit among the walls of miseducation. 
For knowledge is not the vocation you seek. 
Only the beauty of suffering can compensate your lust. 
Step 5:
Begin by insulting the eager minds that roam 
brilliantly in the front row. 
Shout high praises from hell, belittle their flawless 
And bear no breaks of mercy until tears fall. 

Now shift your heinous gears toward the everlasting 
prom queen, your unrequited distraction. 
She does not lean towards you, therefore you must 
harm her pedestal as well. 
Do not hesitate to disarm this glow that will never 
infiltrate your surroundings. 

Step 6:
Confirm that your motions are approved, by the 
council of expulsion, 
And give them infamous leeway to imitate in your
rare absence. 

Step 7: 
Reminisce joyfully over sin that will never turn pure, 
as you return home. 
Remove the wool from your eyes, and follow sorrow 
till it wants no hint of you any longer, 
A similar thought entertained by parents you forever 

Lastly, if you urge beyond repair, and accept that the 
sheep you threaten everyday will never turn, 
Despite your purpose, 
Then feel free to act as those that previously harmed, 
And contemplate a permanent departure. 
May god bless these faithful carriers of misery. 

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Grandma Was Dancing

She was a tappin' to the tunes...
of those Mississippi blues...
step-pin' out, in her white...
Pat-en-leather shoes,

We were a watchin' her a prancin',
all through the kitchen, dancin'...
for she was & sizzlin'...
hummin' to those Mississippi tunes...

Funny curlers too, upon...
her head...for a new... Hair dew,...
she was, a swirlin'-in that bakers apron,
when her a bobbin' to...
those Mississip-pi blues,

'Pots were a knockin'...
Grandma a sockin' down all she brews,
while that kettle there was whistlin',
in har-mo-ny, with them good ole...
good ole...mississip-pi moves,'

That floor there, was a bouncin'
holdin' hands we were a jumpin',
an-a hoppin' In the kitchen, to those...
                  sounds ...
Where Grandma's feet were a stompin',
In her new...New-white-sexy-pat-en-
(ya hoo)

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Start To Finish

At the toes of bright
Colored socks. Up the legs
Of inky blackness on up to the 
Stomach a sea inside.
Out to the arm delicately scarred. 
Up to the chest now
Breathe, feel.
That evergoing thump.
Pressing on.
A heart. Go on feel,
Look you've got one too.
Gentle now, don't break it.
Breathe, feel.
Up we go, up past the 
Neck, the lips, nose, the eyes.
Now up to the head.
Breathe, listen.
The roaring chatter of a single
Brain. Hopes, dreams, wishes.
Thoughts, ideas, feelings.
Yet none of it means, 
Not yet anyways.
Breathe, feel, listen.

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My School

My school is a very great place 
My school has an awesome Basketball Court
My school has an great library
My scool is the best place to be in

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First and Only

First and Only
by Carlyn Parent

My heart tingles around the boy
in our middle school hallway,
inducing my body to a pleasant numbness.

My words stutter 
the first time we innocently speak.
Time stops
when his soft, thin lips passionately meet mine. 

Surely this is just puppy love…

My heart tingles around the young man
in our high school hallway,
inducing my body to a pleasant numbness. 

My lips waver 
when he smiles my direction. 
My legs weaken
when our blue eyes connect.

He is my first love. 

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They give us knowledge, but not the desire to know it
They tell us how to speak correctly, but not to speak with our hearts
They teach us the definition, but not the feeling
The goddamn meaning of life, but not the point
They give us a key without a door
Then tie us down when we try to carve out our own
And wonder why we dont go anywhere

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Dreams of Louisiana

Dimly lit, I sit
in a Mexican kitchen
near the Tropic of Cancer.
A TV is tuned
to inane noises;
dogs at my feet,
oranges in a bowl
on a table:
a specific place and time.
And I am dreaming --
dreaming of Louisiana
in twilight hours --
dreaming of short winter days and
summer's green, bright mornings.
Country time, mostly empty,
was quiet, seldom interrupted
by human utterance;
but my busy brain
was full of fantasy
and subterfuge.
The world was new, was big,
was yet to be explored;
possibilities seemed endless.
Oak and cypress,
willows, pines -- and magnolias --
were all around, and cane fields
stretched for miles.
School was a bus ride -- there and back --
and hours of new discoveries.
The bayous that had always been there
were there still.
Change was slow in coming
and childhood lasted long.
I dream now of Louisiana:
poignant vignettes... dreamy glimpses...
and all those slowly fading
recalled moments
of the past...

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filling in the blanks

I am wondering if this is one of those moments
the kind that fit into that loop of tape
playing over and over in my brain
those fleeting moments when you you did not think you needed to pay attention
but realize later it was a pivital moment in youe timeline... lifeline

I remember staring out the window at the grass that had not turned brown over 
the winter, seeing it peek through the snow on the graves on the hill

the brilliance of your red dress that summer as it spilled off the picnic blanket  
and touched the grass

hiding behind the brick wall of my middle school on my bicycle, just to catch a 
glance of you for the last time,as and i would be going on to high school 

they are turned down corners in a mental scrapbook i carry... flashes that come 
around without warning when i close my eyes in the sun 

We used to joke about the soundtrack of our lives.. as if someday someone 
would make a movie of or lives

and i would hear "comfortably numb" in the background

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It’s been a long ride but now
It’s time to say goodbye

I’ll miss you friend but
It’s time to say goodbye

Forgive me now for the things I've done 
It’s time to say goodbye

Forget the bad remember the good 
It’s time to say goodbye 

Don’t shed a tear don’t cry for me 
It’s time to say good bye

Remember I'm here when you need me later 
It’s time to say goodbye

We’ve been through a lot but we did its together
It’s time to say goodbye

I’ll miss you forever
It’s time to say goodbye

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Smoking In The Boys Room

You give into peer pressure and hesitantly cut class, 
So you can smoke cancer sticks and,
Get high in the school bathroom with, 
Five other boys that are your so called friends,
A security guard smells the cigarette smoke and, 
Chases you out of the bathroom and down the hall,
Everyone gathers at the classroom windows to watch, 
As eight more guards join in on the chase,
You run up and down the halls all the way to the eighth floor,
Quickly you hide in a supply closet as the guards turn the corner and run past,
Once the coast is clear you sneak back downstairs to the first floor,
Unwittingly you stop to talk to a girl,
In doing so the guards spot you on the cameras and give chase once again,
Unsuspecting you are rushed at by a guard and tackled,
Soon after all of the other guards pile on top,
All the while the girl you were talking to watches in amazement as you're,
Hauled off in flex cuffs to the principals office,
You sit in silence as the principal yells at you and,
Gives you three weeks of detention,
All the while you never knew that a fellow student recorded the whole ordeal,
And posted it on youtube under the name, 
"kid gives school security guards a run for their money" 
Which has already been viewed over three million times in the last five minutes,
You don't know it yet but you just went from being a nobody,
To a five star bad boy,

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Destination, Naples

                a college party
         we arrive


       Coors Light 30 pack
     my mind is far from right


a theme party
         throwback middle school 
                 I'm focused 
       standing in front of me
                       "I really like those pants."

                     having to remember 
      what i wore in eighth
                  came with such difficulty
                               i wore something home made
                                  over a 
            Fruit Of the Loom
white tee
     white gold, 
                  on my chest
and Ralph Lauren
      blue jeans
                  beer pong,
                             card games
                                        bikinis galore
                         pink, white thongs
                crazy insane 
what was in store

                       half naked  
                  colligiates dancing
                             with intoxicated grace
                  not tonight

            I stayed
                               all through 
                              the night
                    danced with
many females


      my next destination, 
i must leave 
                            at first light

While living in Florida i ventured to beaches, resorts, college dorm parties, and all out 
mayhem.. this is just one of many tales....... This was definitely a VIVA Vacation....

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Sudden Evil

In high school I was bullied by one kid... 
For three years he picked on me, 
made fun of me, 
and tried me on every possible occasion.... 
I am a peaceful man, 
a mediator, 
he took that as weak.... 
My senior year he tried me 
and I put my fist in his mouth, 
he fell back and I repeatedly stomped him until my boys pulled me off..... 
He wanted to fight me because his sister through herself at me 
during the Halloween party the night before. 
I took advantage,
like when lady Guinevere came to Lancelot..
I was Micheal Myers
she was a naughty school girl!!
I did it out of spite,
To provoke a fight.
I wanted to whoop his ass
I was playing football, 
in weight training, 
and hung with the thugs,
My brothers,
the streets were home!!!
I wanted to whoop his ass.
I hit him with a two piece with a biskit...

Jared Pickett

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Girl Next Door

Question Have you ever seen a woman you like blush, now that is attractive I never reallie understand woman in till I got out of school It was this one girl that for some reason like natural selection I would just stare at And she would just fall to sleep during class intend of thinking of class I wonder what is she dreaming About I said to myself officially she does not know notice me in the very last day of class and schedule Class she blurt out Louis are coming back and I’m think to myself I’m a senior officially Not but did again she was just a junior how was she to know if she did not ask? All I know I treated the girls I know with respected and gave them candy I do have older sisters you Now and All I know guys hate me and the girls was just mean girls glad school was out Well to my delight and shock and relieve high school being over and life goes on and A few years later I rent an apartment and year or two years later and odds of all odds she move in my Neighborhood and next door (snake eyes) I don’t mean to role play but Think Like A Man If only if it had sequel it was like She was the “Single Mom” and I was “The Momma’s Boy” but to straighten out the facts About a momma’s boy well in my case I know how to Cook, clean, wash, dry, fold and hang clothes all I would need to know is Would you like cream or sugar with your breakfast because I came here sever And yeah I get it and no it is no such thing as a perfect man if it was how would We show growth to age of age of maturity my good mate But to clarify a detouring I could not imagine she was more shy then me First look and words that come to mind is still gorgeous- And one day I was walking back from the mail post and just when she was coming Out I bump into her and ask her how was her day and the impression of words to found Words of her to say was sensation and a vibe when down my spine when she said good and You that’s that’s good real good I’m still question today did she stutter when she said that must been The heat- Then next week her car broke down on her and I said to myself it’s The battery, engine, or the sensor sense it hot outside Then I seen her son couldn’t be no more than the first grade went to the back of the car And try to push the car it was the most hilarious thing I ever seen But it does build character and he does have his basketball I’m sure he will do just fine By the following week she had another car I notice I never seen a father around and I also Notice she work so hard but how would I ever get odds of asking how was your day ever again And I did not want to be one of those guys here now and gone tomorrow I remember when I was her son age that was the last thing I won’t it so I left it alone knowing I would be leaving to finish my degree in a prestigious university (with god blessing) I stay up to break of Dawn With school work and trying being an entrepreneur and looking outside And she would have back light on For whatever reason thinking doesn’t she have to go to work tomorrow But the question I ask in few months if I would have knew the girl next door but I said to myself I only what the best for you and for some reason When I think of woman I think of Lyrics It’s the weekend of the fourth of July and if it has been like any Other year since I started college than the one place I go on Sunday with my Father I’m sure she know where I will be just my way of trying to say hi but this is a New millennium of woman I don’t think the day I bump into her was an innocent and I don’t Think that she kept the back light on for nothing but I bet she know that “love so many people used name in vain for better or worst I still would put you first”, If only if I had knew The Girl Next Door- 7-5-14

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Extra Credit

Numbers and letters on Excel
Determine how I excel
Teacher plays wizard
Competition rises
Prize of apples, robes, cars
Blood thirsty blood hounds
On a chase
Or a race
Bye, childhood
Friendliness no longer exists
I’m a monster
New goals
Apples, robes, cars
Sweat, blood, tears
What is chivalry?
It’s a hunt
For apples, robes, cars
Must survive

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The two most
Words that could be spoken
(Just Kidding)
I hate you!
(Just Kidding)
I’m so stupid.
(just kidding)
(just kidding)
Say it enough and it begins
To lose its meaning.
I hate you.
(just kidding)
I’m so stupid.
(Just kidding)
I want to kill myself
(Just kidding)
Until finally meaning is gone
And all you are left with,
Is pain that no
Will ever mend.

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Energy and passion,
excitement breeds attraction;
a brilliant work, a masterpiece
explored in true love fashion.

Traversing plots with disregard
for clear-cut truths,
it must be hard
to take.

Our cartoon minds
can’t comprehend
the words she spins,
the twist; the end.

So calmly,
I walk out the door
and know my thoughts mean
nothing more,
than love.

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I wake on the sand
Right near the beach
You have yet to awake
Far out of reach
And Daybreak has arrived
A beauty unlike any other
Comparable only to us, girl
And how we love each other

So I gaze up alone
Marveling up at the sky
The warmth of the sun
Drying my eyes
I'm reflecting on us
Oh how each other we trust
I'm just so happy we're together
And I think to myself,
Just as this sun, we'll last forever

Then returning to be with you
I lay again now
Place my hand gently
On your warm tender shoulder
While I think of our lives today, love
And how they'll be when we're older...
I know there'd be no other way
So "I Love You" I make sure I say
To you, each and everyday

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Hello Again

Hello again my impossible girl,
I've been looking for you in this always changing world
and I have you, my impossible girl.
But, is it always what it seems?
Because every now and then I'll think
and every now and then I will dream,
that my impossible girl has found me.
Because even if I have you, will you see me?
I find it harder and harder to concentrate on the future,
when my future doesn't have my impossible girl.
So as every ball of rock and dust enters the earth,
and every birthday candle blown, 
and every night at 11:11, 
I will wish for my impossible girl to finally see me,
her impossible man waiting, 
for his impossible girl.

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Alone and Lonely -Poem about loneliness in middle school and cliques-

Being alone is like a blot of ink
On white parchment
That dot doesn't mind its surroundings;
It simply exists and minds its own business
But being lonely is like a pencil without lead
Among the sharpened pencils on the desk
That pencil lacks in quality
Of whatever that pencil lacks, the others make it a commodity

A commodity? You tell me
What is being asked of me
What is the truth behind our society
Why do we see the negative things
Always, and why do we never offer
Solace to those who mask their feelings
Can't you differentiate a fake smile from the real?

This is a sad case of loneliness, when you think of things like this
Instead of going outside and enjoying your company
But really your company is your own embodiment
It's real sad when your shadow represents the color your heart is

Black hearted while faint-hearted; can I handle it all?
Will I survive these tender years of life where the clique
Runs the business and leaves you out for dead
They leave you in the woods, say, "Screw you," and a wolf comes along
And all the other savage beasts; do I matter anymore?
Well, they don't talk to me anymore...
Talk some sense into yourself; those girls don't make you
But they make me popular...
Sometimes popularity is worth waiting for

Little did they know the quiet kid with the glasses and the crossbody purse
In about ten years, they'd be working for her
Kissing at her feet, asking for a raise
But I won't let up; I'll remember those days
Those days when I felt like a dull pencil in a stack full of new ones
But thank God for the karma, so I'll know they will suffer
Alone and lonely are very different things, and I suffered from the latter
But I'll emerge from the swamp of loneliness and enjoy some leisure things alone
When I'm done with those, I can talk to the kids and not worry about the clique.

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i smile when i think of the river banks

where we crafted myriads of paper boats

out of unused sheets from our high school notes.

we would watch them float freely yet slowly

they drowned when they could no longer resist

the temptations of the blissful waters.

true. flirtatious wind of wild summers

could make us sway, dance or glide heedlessly

but only a while, cause like paper boats

we had to surrender to the diktats

of circumstances and of willful times. 

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'Where it all begun'

We reminisced about years long gone tonight and one thing became crystal clear, that even with the hardships and all the madness we became adults that can keep our heads high - We didn't have the best of everything tough times and mistakes made didn't keep us down it never determined who we'd be All the high school drama of stay a ways and walk outs could have made us falter the guys and their strawberry house the girls and their adult movies We can laugh about the madness now they are all fond memories all part of what makes us the adults we are today I salute you guys for never giving up for being the best you can be because you came from humbled beginnings and you never forgot where everything started... Hence your appreciation for the blessings today! *Inspired by a get together with some of my high school friends*

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written 29th June 2013

Recalling that day at school, the teacher set that task..
 what do you want to be? she asked the class..

My answer was simple, so I had thought...
 to be a mum, I'd have six kids and live on a farm

If you would believe, that's exactly what I received
 but it was not made to come with ease

For the fathers I had sadly chose, became prideful and greedy!
 never til now did it cross my mind, my babies would someday not need me 

Leaving me again to think, what do I really want to be
 as faith would have it, as it had been planned so I'd see

For the FIRST! time, direction would finally enter into my life
 poetry writer; was soon to amount of me, after I'd become a wife

Now poems are continuously raging within my head, all wanting to be read
 as I failed English on an epic scale, to believe this dream inside of my head

At 38 years old, I see my life heading back to school
 maybe this time round, I won't play the class fool!

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Last Bell.....

Man, I remember the thrumming of that last bell of the school year.....
Like a prisoner being furloughed into the warm sun, buzzing of grasshoppers.
Field stickers burrowing into your ankles, joyfully, while you take the wrong way/long way 
The sound of whispering gold as your armplane wings dislodge future assaulters of ankles.
I always liked sighs in the summer.....those sweet drones were the tones of freedom.
In the distance you hear Shirley scream as Brad tells EVERYBODY she likes Ralph...
You knew you should be gettin' home, but, confound it, this one brief moment was yours. 
There was a sound, like a shell to the ear, of all you had learned, escaping as if under 
To thwart it was to stop a tsunami with an umbrella.....ineffectual....unnoticed.
But, also vacant, was common sense; probably why I went Jake's way that day....
Oh, he was there, lurking...lying in wait for my almost clock-work arrival.
Many a day I had screamed a million insults at him as he chased me like Satan,
Hoping "today" wasn't the day he caught up with me.
His exhalations never sounded labored, as if he was letting me get ahead.....
But not today!!!!!.....I JUMP......He LUNGES......and his teeth gain purchase on my seat!!!!
However, I escape....My bottom, that much cooler than it was before and will probably be 
Home.......... you see mom in the kitchen, drinking sun tea and waiting for you to arrive....
"So, How was school?"..."Uh, fine, I guess."     "What did you learn today?"......."Uh, to never 
underestimate the value of Gym Class!!"......"Well," she says, "if you took home economics, 
you'd be able to fix up your pants before Dad gets home and sees your underwear!!"......

Parents NEVER respect an Adventurer's near-fatal exploits!!!

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Now I Know

When I was a little girl
I thought money grew on trees
and birds were
separated from bees

Now I know that money comes from work
And birds go with the bees

When I was a little girl
I played pretend a lot
When I was a little girl 
I never thought guys were "hot"

Now I know that pretend
is nothing like real life
and on my wall there is a spot
for the boy band member I deem "hot"

And now I'm going into high school
and that's a scary thought

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I'm tired of pretending part 1

I wish nothing more than to quit this game of pretend
I want to go back to being me, and forget whatever happened
I play pretend
Like a little girl who plays dress up.
I play pretend
To be an innocent little girl again
I play pretend
To make everyone happy
To make everyone leave me alone
I forgot who I am.
Am I really this nice of a person who gets walked over excessivly?
Then why do I have another part to me, screaming to be let go of.
To be let out...
Why is it whenever I let that half of me out even the slightest
People jump the gun and make me out to be a monster?
I am scared of that other half
I'm completely sure what she's like
I know that it is almost nothing like the other my other half
Why can't I be all of me?
I'm so tired of pretending.
I smile so much, my face hurts.
I smile so much I want to cry
I hate to smile.
False smiles, False laughs, and lies
That's how I play pretend.
"I swear I'm okay."
That's an empty promise.
I hate pretending
It kills me every day.
It makes me forget the other half inside
That claws and screams to get out.
It makes me forget the pain
Which only comes back later
Intensified, stronger, and more violent.
I'm tired of putting up with false friends
Who do nothing but accuse me
And point out my mistakes
Yell at me, and want to change me
Wanting to bend and break me
I'm tired of pretending
Of being so malluble just to make other people happy
But what about me, huh?
When will Samantha get her day to be happy?
When will Samantha get to be herself?
When can she stop playing pretend?
IF she can even stop playing pretend.
I'm tired of these false friends
With their invisible unknown strings set into my back.
I'm tired of puppet masters for friends
People are so stupid
They are so blind and trusting
They can never tell when I say a lie.
"I'm okay."
"No, it's fine, trust me."
I'm tired of making everyone else happy, except myself.
Why should I rely on people anyway?
They only dissapoint me in the end.
Love dissapointed me
Love betrayed me
Friendship stabbed me in the back
and they both lied to me.
What have I left?
Nothing really.
Music for one thing
My mind for another
But really, what have I left?
I'm tired of pretending...
I wish that I could stop...
But I've become so accustomed to it...
That it's become like a drug I can't quit.
Not to make me happy...
But everyone else around me happy.
And me all the more miserable.

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Oral Interpretation of Poetry Finals

speech and debate team members competed every week new schools, new judges, input sought national finals at Niagara University eleven hundred contestants vying for trophies worth their weight in gold mix up the meter, don't stress the rhyme select a "poem" that would be unique then give it your own tweak casting Longfellow and Whitman aside I emulated Walter Brennan’s voice reading “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss in finals judging was stiff but I gave them a laugh or two nabbing a fourth place first time Monmouth ever had a winner riding home, we cheered and laughed Old Lorax’s environmental message won favor
*Entry for Joe’s “Contest Contest” True story

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copy machine

our world is a mystery
a mystery that Sherlock Holmes’s cheeks turn the shade of blood shed in wars when it is mentioned 
because he couldn't solve this case

this mystery is full of variables variables that have feelings
doesn't that make it so much harder?

variables that lie and cheat their way out of being solved
out of being put into a graph
variables that are like serial killers
they want to be caught
they want to be solved
they want to proudly show their mothers their work of art

variables that want to believe they are original 
not copies 
not copies that are smeared because the ink is running low

we want to believe that song lyrics are written for us and it is raining for us and these poems are written for us but we are wrong 
we are not selfish.

these variables have a right to believe that these things 
we have a right to hope to be noticed and to not be a copy
but when our voices join together and scream in harmony 
“i am original”
it loses its meaning.

these variables are stubborn.

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We're To Be

I saw what we would look like:
Those two Lilies living lively in close proximity;
So close, in fact, their identical buds stare into
their mere reflections of passionate pastal smiles
and blushing petals like the powdered cheeks of a middle school affectionary -

A glimpse of us displayed
in the large field - two Dandelions
uncommonly rooted within centimeters of each other,
Close-cornered so in that their seeds,
Like an arranged marriage, coupled in the wind's 
breasting breeze -
Yet as sure as death, to be split by unsure currents and rushes
of High and Low pressures.
Known Pressures;

I thought I caught a glance
Of what possibly could've been there-
growing azaleas
masked by a single magnolia:
self-infatuated, blinded by selfish desire (or wishful thinking)-
an image of what
we were to be.

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Wild, Wild West

Magazine ads and newspaper obituaries
skitter across the streets
like tumbleweed in the desert.
Rims the size of carriage wheels roll by.
Everyone's holsters are filled,
even the children carry pistols.
The schools are ghost towns
but the saloons stay occupied.
This is the Wild, Wild West.

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I run on clockwork.
every day I end up in the same classroom
in the same building
at the same time
with those imbeciles that don't care about
their future or the future of their country

I run on clockwork
Every day in those same classrooms
where I am trying to get an education
The teachers have given up on teaching
these students who live like their life will end tomorrow
and I have been pegged as one of them

I run on clockwork
filling out the same packets every day
that do not invoke passion in me
that fails to tell me why this will be important
past the test that's taking place
at the very end of the week

I run on clockwork
but that ends today
I refuse to go another day in a school 
where no one would care
if school stopped tomorrow.
I refuse.

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Their Mothers Cry

Each day on the television news shows
I watch the mothers of the kidnapped
Nigerian school girls as they cry big tears
of sorrow for the loss of their daughters.
I sit there helpless, wanting to aid them
in their quest to locate their beloved girls
and return them safely to their families.
Hopelessness invades the core of my soul.
My God! This is the 21st damn century,
events such as this should not happen
in this modern world in which we live.
I guess the evolution of the human race
still travels at a slowly moving snail’s pace
and that realization hurts my heart and soul.
I say a sincere prayer for the missing girls
and their grieving mothers so far away.

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Walking Dead

Numbness as I walk in halls
A heavy load in my hand I bear
Tome of the ancient past
Portrays a fog in my mind

Emptiness, void and vanity
As I look at zombies like me
Consumed by an epidemic...
Which left us cold-blooded

At the darkness of dusk
When the sun shines no more
I lie below the tombstone of my grave
Devoured by a sleepy hollow in my coffin

Vitality where are you?
Where are your streams of life? 
I' am lost, Where am I?
Oh wait, that's right
I'm in college

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If you ask me to look in a mirror
To stand in front of it naked before the world
What do you think I'd see?
An accomplished teenager who has made it so far in life?
A wonderfully intelligent young woman who has high aspirations for the future?
A caring and kind youth who will be the tomorrow of today's society?
A beautiful young woman who's sure to get the right man one day?
Now you're asking me what I see, right?
I see none of the above
But I do see something.
I see an unaccomplished teenager who could have done much better this far in life
I see an idiotic young girl who has no idea where she's headed and is rather indecisive
A caring and Kind youth who won't make it to tomorrow's society
A hideous young teenager who will never get a man in her short life-span
An insecure child who needs obsession to pacify herself
A self-loathing teenager who is willing to sacrifice normality by self destructing her body
A crazed teenager who had to create a world to escape the harshness of reality
A lonely teenager wanting nothing more than attention
A little child screaming out for help from the shadows of her mind
A quiet individual who wants nothing more than to be heard
A pained teenager whose agony goes unnoticed. 
A heartbroken teenager whose angst and love remain ignored
A sinner before the eyes of God
That is what I see in the smooth glass that is reflected back toward me
I loathe what is seen within it
I hate what I am
I hate who I am
You tell me to look again
I do, and I see the same as before
But I see the mirror now
The intricate cracks
The many barely noticeable pieces of glass missing
One more crack
One more hit
And this mirror is gone.
One more crack
One more hit
And I'm gone.

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"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"

Nine small words have been 
jumping through the decades
dedicating dancing sounds
on keyboards of old Remingtons
and Underwoods, that understood 
young fingers tapping,  zigging- zagging
rhythms beating ,  small bells ringing
to and fro, a carriage swinging 
to orchestrated yesterdays

While papers flew, and fingers numbed
with sly old fox tricks,  lazy dogs, mixed 
with mindless sounds of drumming bits of
gibberish verses, hands rehearsing
the  fox, a hound, a cadance clicking
tick-tick-tocking back to classrooms
clocking words now locked in time

Sitting straight, with neck erect
a sticky "J" key...a whiz kid sat
next chair over, such a brat,
she'd try to race me, set the pace
that I could never match, no trace of
satisfaction on her face, and 
I would lose my concentration
my head would wander into clouds
where foxes should be chased by hounds
instead I type the same old rounds
of foxes jumping over dogs, 
that clogged my mind with silly sounds
which hummed inside my inner child

Old clacking sounds, are still around
they pound today, inside my head 
and still I ponder all the while
how that old fox could leap a dog
unless that dog was dead!

Inspired by Craig's Contest: Typewriter

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Something Lies Concealed

Reluctantly, I'm ascending stairs. . . Sensations of a dreadful cold Permeate my trembling skin. Through the window the moonlight glares. My footsteps falter, but I'm growing bold, And my climb begins again. Darkness grips me with its wicked claws. Something lies concealed. I hear my heart beating frantically; A dark foreboding gives me pause. Consumed by it, my spirit chills; I must unveil what hides from me. . . . * My daughter,Angela Hobbs, who is writing a novel based loosely on her first marriage, had me collaborate with her on this poem that is the introduction to her novel named "Confidentially Yours" and which is done in form of letters written to a fictionalized friend. Angela dabbled in poetry in high school and I am thrilled to see her sprinkling poems into her novel. Praying it will be able to be published one day. I still need to get started on MINE!! BTW: both stanzas are ours. It was her idea and I helped a lot with the phrasings.) For PD's: COLLABORATE WITH YOUR MATE~A FRIEND~ or ~FAMILY MEMBER... not soup member Poetry Contest

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Acceptance Is Not Needed

All around the world,
Not two human beings can be compared,
Or be the same,

Everyone and everything is different,
The things which are completely the same,
Makes this world boring;

The quiet voices of this world need to shout,
Shout louder than the people who have made them quiet,
Making sure to become braver and confident,

And not caring if people judge us,
Showing them our weaknesses,
Is showing an open door for them to come in and destroy us;

The people who judge us are the people who want to be us,
Not everything in our life can be perfect,
So acceptance is not needed in life.

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Waste of Time

Let me waste my breath
Scream this at the top of my lungs
Until my face turns blue
You'll never learn
I'll never learn
And I'll never disconnect this bad habit
You need me like a a druggie needs his needles
I need you like a bullet to the head
We existed once
We exist now
Just crumbling apart until nothing is left
So many years spent
In obidience, biting my tongue until it bled
Of wonderful laughs and bliss 
Memories that are inseperable to my heart
But what we have is headed for the grave 
Where it will lay it's head and rest in peace
This friendship has reached it's expiration date
Unraveled with time like an antique rug
You're the one pulling the strings, kneading the threads apart
I'm the one trying to sew it up on the other end
Stabbing and pricking my fingers till they bleed
Working in vain to stitch this friendship
Stitch this gaping hole, splattered in blood from these hands
That have worked hours, days, weeks, and months
To fix this while you unravel it
Down to nothing but the single threat that made it.
I'm wasting my breath
and I'm wasting my time
To salvage a friendship
That wasn't friendship

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The Bookworm

Words Bound Together Thoughts Formed Between Lines Knowledge To Absorb Learns The Bookworm Wishes Expressed By Letters Ideas For All To Share Building Blocks For Peace Believes The Bookworm Fact or Fiction Penned Expressions of Desire Mystery Exposed, Secrets Veiled Hunted By The Bookworm

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Always for you

Always get A’s

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It's a really obscure poem, you probably haven't heard of it

Oh, you’re cool. Deck.
With your battered copy of Naked Lunch
tucked away in your thrift-store
		-satchel, it’s definitely a satchel-
that holds your cigarettes,
the ones you bummed last Wednesday,
and the extra scarf you keep with you
	at all times
just in case your neck gets cold,
which it seems to often,
even though its brother is always
wrapped loosely around your neck.
That iPod in your hand
with the huge headphones
		-for better acoustics-
is playing that band you like,
the one with the synth player
who can also play both
the didgeridoo and keytar
at the same time,
but I don’t think that’s the reason
that they only have five fans
or that that’s why you like them.
It’s okay,
I won’t tell your friends that
you pay your rent with a trust fund. 
		-Isn’t that ironic?-
I’ll keep your secret
the way you keep quoting Kerouac,
who you only know of
because of high school English class.
And no,
I won’t tell them either
that you hate the taste of coffee,
and miss eating bacon,
and actually think that tattoo
of a Palahniuk quote
		-“Your heart is my piñata”-
translated into Finnish
is not as clever as it was
the first time you tried cocaine.
But don’t worry. 
I won’t call you a hipster.
That way you don’t have to
pretend to hate it.

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School Holiday Memories

Memories of long gone school summer holidays
Far away from the gates of hell
bulling and Malay.

Six long weeks of freedom that seemed a year
staying in bed not having to get up at eight
descent food and not pig squill on your plate
Children's morning TV 
cartoons and Robinson Crusoe
adrift at sea.

Going for long walks in the countryside
with my mates
Rolling down hills 
staying out until it was dark and late
making buttercups and daisy chains
singing pop songs down the lane
going on day trips
Playing kiss and tell
Down by the sewage works
oh boy did it smell
Going to the youth club
Wednesday night
the girls looked and smelled pretty
and sometimes there was a fight.

Camping out all night in a tent
Out riding our bicycles
the chains coming off the wheels got bent
The time when the fair came around
and we'd rode the dodgems
and the waltzer than spun you around.

The sweets and treats that we'd eat
the games of football on the street
The first fumbled nervous kiss
of first love
sleepless nights sweetheart missed
the back row of the cinema
Reading comics under the bedclothes
with a torch at night
dreams of adventure and heroics
until the morning light.

Oh what fun before the return to hell
I recall everything and the smell.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.


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This Feeling

Can you tell when I talk to you
All the secrets I've kept
Can you tell when I talk to you
I'm so under your spell, I've wept
When we talk for hours on end
Do you have any idea what goes through my mind?
Typing and talking
I lose track of time
Sitting in class my minds always on you
Drifting away from reality
and making simulations of what to do
This image in my head won't let me rest
It's been buzzing around since we first met
Spreading throughout my body and infecting my chest
It's warming, it's calming, it's soothing all at once
It's taking my breath away and shutting my mind down
Letting me enjoy a taste of happiness
A taste of happiness is what I've wanted
for years, months and days
Just a simple sip from the cup of that feeling
Having someone to talk to
To express my mind to
Gives me hope
It gives me life
It gives me the feeling I'm not dying inside.
I feel saved.
I feel safe.
I feel you.

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A Rose With A Thorn

Billy Bob had fallen in love

Consuming his entirety

Awakening his heart ached

Asleep his love passed him by

Though yearning he did not reveal

Valentine's Day loomed so near

Dare he reveal his true feelings

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Was his one recurring mantra

He bought a card and wrote a name

'Stephan I love you, please be mine'

He inserted a deep red rose

inside the card and posted it

He waited on Valentine's Day

His quaking spirits were soaring

He received a card from Stephan

Revealing feelings were mutual

They arranged to meet after school

to Billy Bob's distress and grief

Heard that his love had that day died

from septicaemia  due to

pricking his finger recently

from the thorn of a deep red rose.

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Tying knots
Mental state
Who is hot?
Let us rate

Mental games
Teenage life
Goals to aim
Who holds the knife

Broken thoughts
Broken hearts
Connect the dots
Life just starts

You existed
But now you're gone
Life's so twisted
Should've held on

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6200 Days

Got your text since you won't call
My nerves go crazy, 
My hand shakes
Standing in the record store 
I'm about to break
I leave, 
Drive home, 
Hear message alerts on  my Alcatel phone
All this texting..give me a break!

Once again not listening. 
I've said  few times before
You text an issue, I'll ignore
You got a problem call!
Yo, we'll solve it..
Not for you? 
Obviously a solution isn't what your about
Just getting *****off your chest
Now I got beef
No call means you don't care
At least it suggests
My mind doesn't matter to you
I say things, you laugh
But not with me, 
At me, like a virus email blast
Well, I'm done. 
People get what they deserve, 
I deserve better,
I'm not above or below you
But a real relationship can't exist via text

When we hang out, 
Always myself
Get home
Few hours later
You have a problem with a joke
Oh my gosh, 
Stop being so touchy
And you say I'm the one being grumpy? 
Doesn't go your way
Seems your cutting strings with everyone in the play

It's not all you, 
It's my fault too
Some may argue I'm mentally handicapped
But 6200 days this was long overdue

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We were at war.
Threw stones at each other,
hurled barbed insults
across a school yard.

Walked home from school
together, but not,

Teased and tormented
one another
attempting to be liked -
or not.

The battle raged,
every recess a skirmish,
lunch a logistic
seating plan,
a “Dunkirkian” escape

to the purity of play,
the touch of “tag – you’re it”,
the subtle favoritism
of Dodge Ball,
complexity of Hop Scotch,
of Jump Rope.

We were at war.
Engaged in the battle
of the sexes,
not knowing how to
get behind enemy lines,
how to dance,
how to ask the enemy
“Would you like to dance?”

We were growing up,
feeling the urges of our hopes
and the hopes of our urges,
“testing the water with both feet”
venturing into the unknown.
on a quest -
to find ourselves.

We were at war
with all that stood
before us,
unable to accept the
“status quo”,
unable to accept status
as a defining quality.

We fought “Quixote’s” windmills,
wrestled with the values
of life, of living, of things
as they were.
Each ignoring
the poet’s warning,
trying to be an island,
to achieve oneness.
Oneness, with or against,
any and all
who would take our
stones away,
leave us
as we wished to be.
to throw stones,
to hurl barbs,
across life’s schoolyard
at all that was
and wasn’t -
at who we were
and weren’t,
while wondering
how we became
who we are –
and aren’t.


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Roll Call

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

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The One You Never Thought Cared

We are a hand that opens a door
We are a voice that says good morning
We are a teacher without a lesson plan
We are a counselor on the move   
We have two ears that hear and listen 
We have two eyes that never see enough
We are known by first name to those who matter
We are unknown to the many who complain
We are not valued by those we work for
We are worth more to those who depend on us
We make perfect trips every day and no one notices
We make one mistake and the tears of many will fall
Our worst fear, our nightmare could come to pass  
Our pain most profound is one few will ever know
We are the folks you never thought cared
We drive the big yellow bus

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It was the start of a decade not to be forgotten.

It was my growing up period.  A very bad year for me

in many ways.  My last year of Jr. High I was kicked out

for smoking in boy's restroom.  Then a few months later

I was kicked out again in my first of high school,

smoking on school property as the Vice-Principal was

waiting for me out side of door way, as I lit up, there he

was.  My dog shep died just before school started.

After those things it was a great year.  Some great

TV shows were on that year, the debut of the Andy

Griffith show with good old Barney Fife as his deputy.

Then there was the Jack Benny Show, My Three Sons,

and Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp and many more.

The Pittsburt Pirates defeated the New York Yankees in

Seven games in a huge upset.  The Eagles upset the

Green Bay Packers in the NFL Title Game, this was way

before the Super Bowl.  Movies coming our way were

Psycho a very scary movie.  David Jansen made a movie called

"Ring of Fire", where he played a Deputy Marshall overpowered by

these two escaped convicts and this girl, they took him hostage,

up into the Oregon Forest, this fire breaks out creating a lot of drama.

John F. Kennedy was elected our President, I was too young to vote for

him, but if elected again I was going to vote for him.  This was before i 

became a Republican, but then came November 22, 1963 changed all of that.

My friend Danny and I started our 3rd year working at the Iowa State Fair

as ticket takers on the midway.  That fall him and I  went to our

first sock hop at our new school East High, we didn't dance with anyone,

we went to look at the pretty girls, us being too shy to talk with them.

Our football team had a great season with a 6-2 record.  They won the big

six conference and the City Championship.  I really miss going to those

high school football games.

Music was starting to go downhill for me, until Chubby Checker came

out with the song "The Twist" then later came the Beach Boys and Dion

was great.  Was so young in 1960 i had my whole life in front of me,

now most of it is behind me.  But those were great times.

Written 8-18-11

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Falling into Darkness

Falling inside the black never made much sense to me
Struggling for air 
Gasping for breath
Can you hear me?
I'm whispering your name
No one's here to hear except gathered shadows and sillouttes of nobodies
I've been let down again
What am I supposed to beleive?
How am I supposed to feel?
Hearing the deafening roar of falling my thoguhts go back to you
I'm falling in the black again
What did you mean?
How did you say what you mean?
I need you
If only for a time
I need the light, even if dimmed
Don't let me fall into the black
I won't survive again
I can't go on living like that
I need the light
Please don't push me back into the darkness.

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Day One

Day one at a new school.
In a new place
And a new life
Where I know nobody
And nobody knows me.
I can be whoever I want to be
Silent Shadow
or Shining Star
Mean Girl
or Nice One
Just Plain Ugly
or Stunningly beautiful
Super Smart
or Complete Moron.
It all depends
On whom I am
Day one at a new school.


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LATE AUGUST - from A Neighborhood Child


It’s late August    with Labor Day on my mind
Something sharp and indistinct is in the air
I sense it all along my prickled skin
My forehead    in my hair

Kids would seem to play more frantically    as though to say
“All is quit right after Labor Day.”

Denver always has a big parade
It’s really not for us
Men have traded guns for overalls
Tanks and silver helmets for baker’s    builder’s trucks
The bands are poor and few    plain-shoed players not too fine
The working men    keep tipping hats   walk in staggered lines

One good thing late August brings
A smell of football’s in the air
A roll on churchyard grass –
You’re tackled    miss a pass

There are a few good things late August brings
To soften thoughts of school opening
Mother’s busy with needle and thread
A trip downtown
To Gano Downs
The dread “Back to School Sale”

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The Old School Yard

Children's laughter during

recess, Jungle Gym, monkey bars,

kick ball, all happened long ago

on the old school yard.

Playing marbles for keeps

on our knees was a treat

i looked foward to each time

that old school bell would ring.

Those class mates of ages past,

wondering just now, as I hear

children laughing at a near by

school, where they are now,

did they move on, or are they

wondering about me the same way,

will never know.

Written 6-3-11

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I lost all the color in my face
My throat is closing up
My brain is frozen
My hands are shaking
I'm naseous again
I didn't mean for it to happen
Why in the world did I ever hit send?
Waiting here like a fish on a hook
Reeled close and closer struggling to drift away
The hook is caught on my lip
I can't escape this
I can't breathe
The weight of this is crushing me
It's like carrying the world and the planets on top
Patrick, the name of a saint
Michael the name of an arch angel
Why did you leave me hanging?
Hands are shaking
Mind is frozen
Soul is burning
Mouth is dry
Losing color slowly
Fading away
Preparing for the big bang.

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Skin Deep

If I could dream
for anything
I would dream of Peace, Love
and Unity
for all Bloods & Crips
all gangs, are in need of a change
for you represent such ignorance
and scrutiny 
Difference in colors worn
Sides in which you were born
are truly all that divides
when the two opposing sides
and it makes no sense
for we all Bleed
Blue turned Red
Blood Inside
And a future generation
is hard to provide
when death, is like your shadow
creepin' up by your side
and drive-by shootings happen
each late night, outside
where running seems the only option
to know
for no places to hide
no defense for your demise
for a difference in colors worn
and what side in which you were born
is truly all that divides
when these two sides collide
and it makes no sense to me
for we all Bleed
Blue turned Red
Blood Inside

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School Rap

School Rap

Wake up in the morning,
See your parents frowning.

They say time for school,
Grab something and move it, fool!
You get to school and wait for the bell,
Time stays still, you can't even tell.
They cram you in a class like a box or a cell.
You keep quiet all the time,
Or teachers push you to a crime.

Wake up in the morning,
See your parents frowning.

There's only one break!
How to enjoy it for God's sake?
We spend it lining for the cafeteria!
Where everyone gets a fit of hysteria!

You leave school in the evening,
And see your teachers frowning!


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Homework... What homework?!?

The clock strikes nine. Ink fills the night sky, until the silvery orb in the heavens is the only source of light. 
The clock strikes twelve. Tiny pinpricks of light dot the raven-dark heavens. They shine brightly; as if each was 
trying to outdo the last. I sit. And stare. And wonder. The clock strikes three. I shift and pick up my 
homework. The assignment is a three page essay, due today. Should I do it? Nah... I toss it aside and resume 
my staring of the sky.

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The Great Blasket Islands

Visits long ago 
to the Blaskets Islands,
to untouched areas 
on the Dingle peninsula
came to mind 
on this sleet winter’s eve.

The peninsula,
nestled in heather mountains.
The coastline,
tongues of lonely white sand.
waved rocks,
drenched in blue mussels
tide pools, 
alive with shrimps and periwinkles
A sea-salted life
unspoiled and free.

Only marine life remains,
but I still hear the music
our native language,
the voices of Seanchaí
the ballads, sean?s, 
Peig Sayers
who shaped our school years,
her renditions of island life
her mad pise?gs,
handed down 
from generation to generation.

Stories of
Islanders huddled together
under thatch,
open turf fires
cooking pot on a hook,
the sweet air wafting
of clay pipe tobacco
a pinch of snuff
sniffed from a silver box,
nursing a glass 
of neat Poitín, uisce beatha,
the strong smell of tweeds
and geansaí báinín.

I think of times lost,
changed forever.
Cottage ruins,
where goats roam free,
An Blascaod Mór
my history, my heritage.

Gaelic words in this poem

* Seanchaí – storytellers
Sean?s – singing without music
Peig Sayers and her mad pise?gs – A Gaelic writer who we studied in school and her mad superstitions.
Poitín, uisce beatha – very strong alcohol made from potatoes, called the water of life.
geansaí báinín – strong sheep wool sweaters usually in a cream colour with complex patterns.

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Let's Do Some Thinking

Sometimes I think about life.

I think about Nature
I think about School
I think about Friends
I think about Intelligence
I think about Technology
I think about Love
I think often 

And sometimes I just think about life all around
As a whole
As one big thing
As one big story
Containing letters and chapters that have yet to be written
Containing a beginning that will never be able to be changed
Containing an ending that you won't realize what has ended, until you reach it
I think about these things
And sometimes
I don't think
I do. 

Now read it backwards. (: Let's do some thinking about thinking and doing.

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The Teachers Blackboard

The old seemingly lifeless blackboard,
No one thinks that he really feels,
Made of tarnished slate and black in color,
Finds no one to value his true appeal.

A daily slave to the teachers fingers,
He knows more than he’ll ever show.
Is really such a very  lonely fellow,
Though many eyes he has come to know.

Never does he ever complain or speak,
And yet cries tears that we cannot see.
For so much knowledge does he keep,
As he alone really does hold the key.

Only to be forgotten as yesterdays lessons,
That could have set young minds so free.
But never by most was he rightly used,
Because each day many do fail to see.

Yet, still the open minds of a few acknowledge,
The richness he shares which is theirs to keep.
If only they consume their daily meal from him,
Storing his knowledge in their minds so deep.

So that one day in the future while looking back,
Remembering well spent time where degrees were earned.
They’ll treasure his chest of sweet succulent knowledge,
Thanking the teachers blackboard for all they learned.

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You’re sorry,
You are sorry,
Well sorry, doesn’t fix it,
It doesn’t make it better.

You can’t fix demolished,
Nope, not even with sorry,
They just get too broken, too messed up,
Too destroyed, that
They will never be whole again.

Bandages and bondage only do so much,
Can only do so much,
I have to wonder why?
Why did you ever think sorry could fix this?
Could make this dust and ashes, 
Back in to a heart, and a soul?

Sorry, I am sorry to say, Can’t fix everything.

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A Poet At It's Best

Victory is of thought, 
Wonder is to conclude, 
And mind is self of meaning.

Figuare of shame of ages, 
Of war gamers, 
Turn me to the biliogocal sense.

What do it stand in age of reputation action, 
Like loud launch and recoop, 
Like a view on a computer, 
Of the daily paper, 
Turn and turn and look at it at different angles. 

As you look you see the argues, 
Arguer Becoming  the accureted, 
Words come from the definetion and stand for what? 

Self domination is a world class joy it self, 
Put what do the people have to say or stand, 

Turning to Pages to Ages, 
Yet still unreverse, 
Just love for lust.

Aquistiones as in sound waves, 
Proquereel as in a whistle, 
Tears  amptitude as a newsends.
Is this truely my generation, 

Out of my element I seek to write.....

My ancestery didnt struggle for me not to toss and turn, 
and found words to say, 

To Richard Wright, Emmel Till, Raplh Ellision, 
Buffalo Boys that never menton and to the new school philosophy that makes a stand this one is for you.

To the Acts in the constiution, 
still under water have or have not been written.
Class of one, The Drean Act, 
The Patriot Act, Tea party act, 
and the safety of school rules, we move with you.

As you note the revelation is fill with poems...

That lead to poltical activistm, 
In the minority neighborhoods.
That branches to something bigger then you, 
I call it success.

To the million  man march and 
resurces to affirmation action and
many links in school that was lose of  tell, 
such as the vietnam war why was it resurrectioned...

Business and politcals is two different things, 
To mY  generation, 
Add to fact it is our generation.

When will it be 'our time' to S-P-E-A-K! ! ! !

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Escape From Boredom

I reach back to a time when days were long.
Energy was short and zest was fading.  It could not be replaced
In can or bottle; that would only postpone the day
Of paying back the debt.
Nights were long; sleep escaped me,
Hidden in closet even when I closed the door.
Sleep was full of fright there with the hanging clothes,
And I could not retrieve it. 
The television news got old – 
It rehashed the same lead story.  

The teacher drums on and on, her voice an echo of fingers 
Drumming on her desk, filling the blackboard with chalky lines 
White and dusty streaking across the wall.  The clock ticks on 
But when I look the second hand stands still, my breath stops, 
Everything stops, I am suspended in time, I am locked in space.  
The three dimensions are frozen like old ice cream 
Left in the freezer too long all sparkling and crusted over.  

When I come back to my senses she drones on, 
Like a swooning crooning witch bride decked in dark 
With burning eyes deep within drawn white skin.  
She reminds me of someone I once knew in youthful years 
Who became famous and was a politician or something like that, 
Maybe a secretary to the United Nations.  I forget what class 
I am in – history or English or Kant's philosophy in German. 
Whatever it is it escapes me, though I never captured it anyway.  
It ran away from me or I ran away from it, but I'm still fastened 
To this chair by duty and the thought that I paid for this, 
Or the taxpayer paid for this.
Taxman hounds you every year and chases you up a tree 
Where you hang to a limb waiting to be taxed some more, 
And if not paid up then tracked down with a paper trail 
Which you so carelessly left, though you thought you were 
Maneuvering quite well.  Taxes are boring.

But I diverge from the moment 
And the message at hand when class was long and boring.  
After an eternity it came to an end much as waiting in line 
At the bus station when going to California to draw lines 
In the sand with my toe and splash my sister with cold salty 
Water on a sunny day when sunburn was a price we all paid 
Before we remembered the sunscreen.

After an eternity it came to an end like waiting in line 
At the bus station when going to California to draw lines 
In the sand with my toe and splash my sister with cold salty 
Water on a sunny day when sunburn was a price we all paid 
Before we remembered the sunscreen.

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Schizophrenic Remedy

I've glanced at heaven.
I've walked through hell.
I wish on stars and dandelions

I crave for fantasies reality cannot satiate
At night I talk to the moon and sing to the stars
I walk on clouds and speak to whispers
I follow faeries to far off places 

Where a bleeding moon hangs from the sky
Where I run along in meadows of black and white roses.
Smiling as the thorns lacerate me.
 Dancing with red eyed creatures
Listening to whispers in the wind.
With this feeling of finally belonging.
Being finally at peace... 
Safe inside, this world in my mind
Lost between reality and time

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our tears fall
this seems so unreal
it was just the other day
that we heard your laughter
saw your smile
but now we're crying
remembering you
wishing you were here right now
telling you jokes
and laughing out 
but now your gone
heaven above
we love you girl
remembering you forever.....


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how do you play so lovely
you play it with your shoulders and you play it with your hips
why am I shaking so when I play with you
you’re cold and you’re wet
no … yes
let's try again silly, this is your spot, now start counting

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A poet after my own heart

Words formed into such beauty
Can so easily take my breath away
Can so easily sweep me off my feet
Can take this heart, break or make it, and bewitch this mind
I'm falling apart to synthetic verse across a digital screen
A poet after my own heart
What I search, what I crave, what I may have found
Knees buckling, teeth chattering
Heart melting like a waxed candel
So easily swept away with the tide of rythmic word
I pour my heart out
To this poet after my own heart
Hiding my real self from everyone else
Decrypting my form for no one else
For this poet after my own heart to understand- maybe see
Decrypting him I find myself reflected in him.
Leaving myself out in the open
For him to take or leave
Still showing this heart in my wrist to no one, only informing the poet of it
Amazed, and lulled to serenity by this poet
I'm quite infactuated and he does not even know it
I'm a simple stalker with her eye on a target
Aiming to hit, shooting to miss
Bone crushing lust for a poet after my own heart
Lust, love
Love, lust
What's the difference at this age?
Dependant on the poet, quiet around him
Lulled into silence by his presceence, put to shyness
Fighting down rolling waves of insecurity in the ocean of my gut
Watching him, stalking him playfully
Gives me the zest
Hiding and trying to avoid from being seen- to avoid his dissapointment
At such a homley form- nothing special, nothing beautiful, nothing divine
Just simply sam, standing before him, before you
Simpley Sam, the simple stalker
I've found you, you've seen me.
Which direction now?
I would sew my lips shut before I ever uttered a word
Of this poem, of my heart, of my feelings
Because I simply cannot take one more let down

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In My Community

Our Ancestors fought to the death,
Just so we can live a brighter day,
So before you light up that blunt of meth,
Think about what you’re giving away,
It was a glad day in history when Obama rose to victory,
The first black president was all we knew,
Dark skin is in!
Haven’t you heard?
That even in our community, 
You can get burned,
It’s a sad day when people would rather stay home and “Crank That Amber Cole”,
Than get up and run to a poll,
In our community,
Rockin’ Luis V is better than having a college degree,
And teen pregnancy is not only a trend,
But the single motherhood that follows should end,
Young girls learn of a wonderful prince to take them away,
Nothing should change thought their mothers prince didn’t stay,
And as the tears fade away,
She grows stronger every day,
In our community,
Fighting is no longer a word,
You argue with someone and shots are heard,
Girls showing places the sun don’t show,
So how do they expect the community to grow?
Where love is a figment of imagination,
Making a young child question her creation,
Young mothers would rather buy the iPhone 5,
Then satisfy her baby’s cries,
While her new man’s eye,
Wander up another girl’s thighs,
In our community,
Where #team dark skin vs #team light skin,
Makes others not love the skin they’re in,
Love, lust, hate, and trust,
Giving a rose on Valentine’s Day is no longer a must, 
Where bad is good and good is bad,
Who would think to see their grandmother sad?
Her hurt and pain,
Shows how our community has lost everything her parents fought to gain.

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The Nobodies

We are the nobodies
Unloved, un-hated, un-phased
Outcasts of the world of popularity.
Banished to the fringes of existence.
Finding joy- is a rarity- no solidarity
Always seen at a distance-
because we are the resistance

Nameless faceless and speechless-
When we speak the response is an echo
Bouncing around in a black hole
We can't hide from it so lets go
Into the darkness of our abandoned soul

Alone, lost, and shrouded by darkness
left to face the shadows of heaven
Lost in life- Our suffering is endless!
To each other we are brethren. 

We are numbed by pain
And blinded by shame
we are social life's bane
playing popularity's game

We are the nobodies...

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Red Ink

A plus. Black.

A. Black.

B plus. black

B. Black.

C plus. Black.

C. Black.

D. Red?


C is cool so black?

B is better so black?

A is awtstanding so black?


Is black ink xpensiv?

(misspellings are intended to convey a certain meaning)

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As The Dusty School Bus Passed Me By

I was eight...
always late,
as the dusty school bus
passed me by.

she was one;
I couldn't let her cry
as she waited for our 

I moved her crib
into my room...
to comfort her
should she awake

He was seven
and asked if I knew how
to clean his dirty clothes

I filled a sink, 
scrubbed his jeans 
and washed the dirt away

They told me they were hungry;
I made sure 
that they were fed

I was eight,
always late...
as the dusty school bus 
passed me by.

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Going Nowhere

Slow motion memories.
Street lit like a movie set,
outside the dance hall.
Muffler-less cars,
full throttle, then eerily quiet.
Self willed machines idling along the street,
flooding the night; flashing eyeballs,
headlining teenage girls.
A sashaying crush; glancing, giggling,
disdainful in stinging beehives,
plastic jackets, high gloss paint and oily pants.

Cruising crass flash
false virility in high gloss paint.
James Dean on Sunset Strip.
Hands on the stick shift; giving themselves the gears.
skinny boys glancing in the mirror, where dice and kewpie dolls hang,
squinting at astigmatisms of Steve McQueen on hunk steroids.
Nervous to fingered combs slink through their hair,
checking out the rear end drive,
outside the dance hall on a Friday night.

A curly haired boy,
red faced brother of my best friend, never owned a car,
pushes forward in the street,
to talk with sister and friends.
Asked a girl for a kiss.
Too easily dismissed.

In the science lab; class dismissed.
Counters gleam grade A sterility.
Chemicals stare coldly from spotless beakers.
Put his mouth over the gas jet.

A curly haired boy,
going nowhere on a Friday afternoon.

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Your Family has raised you
Your Creativity has led you.
Your Determination has held you
Your Work has lifted you
Your Friends have been with you
Your school will remember you

You have made memories and friendships to always hold
You have made your life and it has made you  
You have become more and you will become more again.
You have been part of the past and you are now a part of the future
You have been one of many but you are still unique
You have depended on others and others will come to depend on you

Never forget you can still seek advice or extend a helping hand
Never forget that you can make things better but cannot change everything
Never forget that paths will change and may again cross
Never forget to use your strengths and never give up
Never forget mistakes happen and never forget to forgive
Never lose your courage or fail to get back up again
Never forget to continue to strive, hope, pray, and be happy

Remember there are still lessons to be learned and mountains to be climbed
Remember there are still fears to overcome and dreams to be dreamed.
Remember we Salute your future endeavors and… We Salute You.
Remember you are uniquely you
Remember: You are our sons and daughters… And 
Remember: You are loved true.


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Hateful Words

                                                  HATEFUL WORDS

Do you have any idea how much hateful words hurt those you’re spewing them out to?

If you are a bully who uses them, you need to know they hurt deeply and could scar a kid for life.  Is that what you really want to do?

It may seem like innocent fun when you’re bullying other kids.  It’s not!  If you keep doing it, your life’s going to be nothing but a gigantic flop.

If you are a bully, because of the negative impact you can have on another kid, you must immediately stop!

I once thought bullying was cool, too, so I would say hateful words to other kids just to see how they would react.

I would say hateful words to their face.  I would say them behind their back.

Then, out of nowhere, I heard the same kind of hateful words, meant for me.

I didn’t like it a bit; in fact I was hurt and angry as can be.

So, I immediately stopped using hateful words.  I’m so glad I did.

No one deserves to hear hateful words, especially coming from another kid.

	   Al Johnson

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on a field trip freshman year

on a field trip freshman year
the boy
in special classes walked 
up the muddy trail.
walked on the side,
balancing on the dry stones
aligning the path.
he followed some
an old coat and
sweatpants with worn elastic
warmed his bones in the gray
mists. bus pass in his pocket
and a few coins, he thought
about lunch - not the rocks he
would have to climb.
his shaven head chilled with drips
from the pines above, the path 
narrowed and inclined 
between two boulders. 
he struggled up the path,
getting dirt on his 
snow white shoes.

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BACK TO SCHOOL - from A Neighborhood Child


In 1939    give or take a year or two
Most neighborhood kids walk to elementary school
The trip is a mile    or less as a rule
No back-pack
Just the familiar    brown    lunch sack

It’s a time of brown knee-patches
Black    glue-on rubber soles
Girls in plain dresses    patched-over holes
Fingernail examination
By teacher at her mothering station

You walk along the high    wire fence
That first day back
Walk slowly     swing your brown lunch sack  
Dreading view the entry way
Recalling summer fun    those lost days

It’s not so large    not so high -
The fence – but Emerson School reaches the sky
Three stories tall
Twelve rooms in all
Though now    in retrospect    quite small

In your pocket you’ve a nickel or a dime
To spend at the school store before bell time
A nickel buys a lot of candy in 39
But    oh my gosh    a dime!
The bag’s still half-full at lunch time

Dreading that step onto school grounds
Boys lean against the high wire fence
While girls    some    squeal    seem to relish suspense
Make joyful cries
Much to the boy’s surprise

At last      The ring-a-ding     alas at last      
And we    all downcast
With lowered heads we climb the steps
Doors open wide  and fast
Then the blast!
That OILY    STIFLING    AWFUL  smell of school!

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What did I do

I come in and sit down
You pretend I'm not there
You say you have no friends
So what am I?

I come in and sit down
I pretend you're not there
You get mad
Why is that?

I start to respond
I try to talk
You still seem mad
What did I do?

I can’t read minds
You have to tell me
What did I do?

You talk to her all the time
Her this and Her that
What did I do?

You should be my friend
But instead you ignore me
What did I do?

What am I?
What did I do?
Why won't you tell me?

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Brooklyn College Memory

I remember in my college days 
I was reading a poster
      My English professor 
came by and said 
    "Do you want to spend your life looking at posters? "
   I was looking for a dance....

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Cutting Class

Why did I decide to do it this time?
Was I overwhelmed? Do I just not care?
You don’t understand
This structure offers me no air 
You want to hold my hand
To cut down and share my responsibilities
Lock away all of my distractions with hidden keys
So that I can thrive among the sheep
And every night lay me down to sleep
To dream of mediocrity

It’s not that I don’t care
But I’ve been down the road of A’s and perfect GPA’s
And all those gold stars
 Keep you from realizing you can go elsewhere
“Good job, right o! Off to college you go!”

See, I understand the system
I’m fortunate and in position
To squeeze into your definition
Of certified success
 and should strive for nothing less
But I don’t fit down this shoot
To those who do; I salute

And I understand your frustration
Borne from this unfair situation of my creation
I know you think I just can’t see
Beyond this phase of insecurity
But I will never want
To take my predetermined place
Secured unfairly at the head of this race

So I guess you have the right to scream and yell
But you should know it just won’t quell
The righteousness I feel despite your misery
When you again hear that I’ve been skipping history

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Sweet Children, Sleep

To the Newtown Children

A poet cries with broken heart

Look thine hearts be washen clean with death,
God knows how hastily can be
By an unfitting goodly young man
Become just another evil’s killer.
Take thou no mean of life
That so tenderly and small
Arranged now along that cold room
Where a hundred of parents
Like you and I look on poor children that thou think:
One day they shall be a doctor or a thinker like us.
To understand really why the hungry death
Has to do for their final journey in front of this sickness?

O, children! American children! My children!
I warn thee in all my heart and soul
That could not happen so earlier on life
And where thou cast the peace and saint in the kindness of grace
Take care of them from danger, thou take for a leaf
And makes my heart bleeding every one like us become angry
How in this heavenly nation this massive fate could occur?

Hold me fast in thine embrace God,
Where my despair cannot be silenced,
Let you and me and everyone else to knee and cross
Our fingers against our chest and pray for them,
Give them, Lord, thy blessing give,
Pray for them and mother as well,
And I shall finish this poem with trembled
Fingers and tears cascading over this bloody
Sheet as an awaken wind has just blown it from me.

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Pretend Nothing Happened

Treat me bad
Pretend nothing happened

Ignore me now
Pretend nothing happened
Try to talk
Pretend nothing happened

I'm sick of pretending
Sick of waiting
If you really care then say it

I can’t pretend
That you don’t treat me like crap
That you don’t act like I'm not there
That you're not always against me
That you still want to be a friend

I can’t pretend and 
That’s why I’m done.

Our friendship?
Pretend nothing happened

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Kindergarten Recess

Kindergarten Recess

A tiny elephant stampede
all for the golden ring of an empty swing.

©Kathryn McLoughlin Collins

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School work
Lunch time
School work
School work
Fun time

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It's my first,
I need it.
I hold it like in the movies.
Breath it in.
It hurts,
I cough,
I take another breath in.
I do it right.
I feel sinful,
But it feels too good to be,
It burns inside.

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Rakes and Flames

As the dawn expells its authoritive cast; they awake, but are abandoned. They
turn--but their friend the sun ignores  and they understand.   They commune
their relationship and part with their memories;   and sigh.

They say their good-byes in a tone of fullfilment, but aface their anxieties
toward the skies for hope; but are denied. A clouded sky brings a chill in the 
air and a rustling of rakes and flames. 

Old as hell, written in HS for publication, circa 1971 by me. When I was young in the 60's in Ohio, we burned leaves in our backyard; sometimes our household trash too. You had to be me to be there GV. Count me in as last place. Take care.  

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what does it mean to be first

I won first place in the school oratorical contest.
I still remember I got to say my poem in front of the whole school and they gave me a medal
I felt good - proud that I was first.

He never told me.

Where is his medal?
When I found out I told everyone and waited for the parade to begin
My mother, my sister, my best friend . . .

Mother (who made much ado over my medal) said,
“Oh, really? I’m not surprised. Do you know he left bread crumbs all over the floor yesterday? 
Didn’t even clean them up!” I was confused.
Do icons have to clean up breadcrumbs?

He never told me.
“We just dug a lot of trenches for the ammo dump.”
This his testimony - the Marines kept him safe just for me. 

He tossed out names like Guam and Guadalcanal 
as he picked up his lunch box to go to work
yet gave silence to race-based time wasted in ditches.

He never told me.

He did tell me about friendly fire 
from White boys standing above them while they dug but 
White men are always shooting at Black men . . .

So I thought little of it.

He taught me to sing
from the Halls of Mon-te-zu-uma to the shores of Trip-po-lee . . .
never said that he was first to sing it.

Said, “We trained at Camp LeJune.” But never mentioned Montford Point

He said he snuck in - really too young to be there
Told me as he tied his shoe 
“I wanted to choose the Corps so I just volunteered. I was a proud marine.”

Years later when I had lived enough to navigate the ocean 
between Camp LeJune and Montford Point
I asked - wanting to know what it felt like to be first . . .

“Dad, Do you know what you did? You never told me.”

Though struggling to share memories clogged by clouds of time he simply chuckled.
“Yep, we were some of the first but I just didn’t think nothin’ about it. 
Was just one of those things.”

Just one of those things . . .

One of those things like
Coming North in the migration, teaching yourself a new trade, and starting a business?
The one you ran for 47 years with only an eighth grade education.

Now I get it.
True firsts often miss out on medals and parades
but don’t expect them.

They are those who come before us
as living machetes - carving our way in silence 
teaching us what it truly means to be first.

A lesson easily overlooked as we wiggle with impatience in our snow pants
while they bundle us up for the cold 
and put on our mittens.

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The Library Sub

The librarian was granted leave
And so the sub walked in
I find it hard to trust teachers
But this sub was one of a kind
Friendly, nice, Like subs are
she recognized my talents
Opposed to the regular librarian
Mean and Strict

From the day that sub walked in
My time at the library changed
I bonded with this sub
I was ready to consider her a friend
But It had to happen sooner than later
Without saying goodbye
She left the School and gave us back our librarian
Our Cold, Bitter librarian

Shes gone now
Back to normal
I miss her
So do my friends
But she's not coming back
The librarian knows I miss her
Not that she cares
And there's a lot I would do
Just to tell her whats on my mind


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Why do people fall for their act?
These girls who walk around
with their faces painted up like a clowns 
acting as if they are gods best creation 
As if they walk on gold 
well I am here to say one thing
you are not better than anyone, or anything 
you are maybe worth the world to the people who gave birth to you 
but to someone else you are just another pretty face in the crowd 
I’m sorry to break it to you but you’re just like the rest of us.
A regular person who is not famous
Is not on the cover of a magazine
Or has 1,000,000 at their fingertips 
If we did, we wouldn't be here,
dealing with fake people like yourself.

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We Can

Somebody once said that people
Would always strive for the impossible
Because they could.

People learn and make mistakes
Fall and get up again
Because it’s our nature.

Humans don’t give up.

So when you see a glimpse
Of something unknown, something new
You reach for it and try to grasp it.

When Edison made the light bulb
When Einstein made his laws
When Newton discovered gravity

They all were reaching into the unknown.

If anyone had asked them
Why they would bother doing so
When life was already fine the way it was

They all would have answered
Maybe in a different way
But meaning the same thing

Because they can.

Now when I open a book
Drinking in knowledge
Learning what I hadn’t known before

I am discovering something new
Something only I can discover
And I’m making something amazing

Out of the extraordinary.

When somebody asks me today
Why I bother learning now
When I could leave it to someone else

I tell them that without learning,
Life is a waste, since
humans will always reach to the unknown

Because we can.

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De Javu -High School

First week on a new job
De Javu, It's High School again

Employees talking about their twenties years celebrations 
Getting wasted and drinking
It's a dud of a conversation 
When I tell them I don't drink 

Then I begin listening
I'm sitting in a booth filling out a form
You guys are at the bar
Talking about another co-workers relationship storm

Oh man Oh man, 
I'm keeping work and personal separate
I really don't care how much they think I'm desperate
I'm sure they'll say I'm stuck up, 
Or tease over a few drinks I'll spill when tripping over a bump
But these guys at the end of the day
To my face, they'll have nothing to say  

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Shameless Self-Promotion

Here they go again.
anything to win,
in shameless 
layin’ it on thick, 
	makin’ sure it sticks,
		slappin’ it on like lotion.

“click my stuff,
and I’ll click yours too.
wanna feel like the best 
even though 
it ain’t true?”

back n’ forth complements
are so self defeating.
inflating other’s heads for praise 
is a blatant way
of cheating.

“do unto others”
but don’t lie, 
to boost their ego.
misleading them 
to raise their hopes 
should clearly be illegal.

no need to read 
a word
of their work
while scratching their backs 
all’s fair
in tactical 

poets thought to be adored 
while chewin’ truth’s gristle.
before you swallow,
broke a tooth that hurt
like a damn 

feeding on lines 
with hidden agendas 
is worse
than bein’ ignored.
cuz’ when you find 
copy n’ pasted comments, 
your hopes 
are sadly floored.

how about 
reading and endorsing work
you actually enjoy,
instead of 
feedin’ folks a line of crap 
laced with praise 
and “atta-boys!”

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A gift, a blossom not yet budded,
Potential for beauty or destruction,
Pure in intention and hopes so
Sweet, dances in the pouring rain
And tears mingling, joy and pain
Protected in one enclosing circle.
Cherished, precious words and glances
So gentle, touch of beating hearts,
A journey ended to begin
Anew, two roads becoming one,
Filled with landslides, rocks
And soft mossy patches too.
Equally unique and of one mind,
Giving by desire, not requirement,
Loyal until the sweetest end.

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Her Beating Heart

A heart so big
She couldn’t help herself
She’d give and she’d give
Just couldn’t help herself
Just couldn’t say no
Never seen the reason why
It never hurt to give
It only hurt to be stolen from
Toys that were given to her where stolen
Clothes that were bought for her were stolen
Relationships given to her were stolen
Privacy given to her were stolen
But when these people asked for something she had
She’d never say no
“I need you to give them your signature so we can withdraw all of the money from your bank”
Sure she’d ask why but she never said no
“I’m your mother; I’ll pay you back!”
Because that was her mother she couldn’t say no
A brother she’s lived with until he was kicked out for the final time 
His loving kinship reminisced by her in pictures of her as baby
Her first dog given away in a bout of her mother’s selfish anger
With a heart so big deceit was consistently persistent
Her first boyfriend would ask and ask and she’d finally give in
Because he said he loved her  
“Even after I graduate high school, we will still be together”
He graduated high school and they are no longer together
Her first diary once used as a method of venting had to be hidden from this place to that place
In an attempt for freedom of thought after she found an ill willed message from a subscriber unbeknownst to her named, Mom
Money would go missing so she hid that from place to place and then one day it was burning in a lamp
Once she seen her brother putting his belongings in a garbage bag
She cried, went for her stash and gave him her last – it was a little over sixty dollars
This girl knows no karma but her heart continues to beat
She gave most of her heart to the people of the planet
Now she dreams to be one with the planet where she will give the last of her beating heart

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School Days

School days
There is something these days 
I will see. 
As the days become shorter for the year I do hear.
Children now begin to jump for joy.
As they run to their buses not with toys.
 Buses here ,Buses there now buses ever where.
Traffic becomes just a real joke A real slow poke.
School days are here.
WOW! the quite of the storm.

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To My Mema

As I sit here and wonder what went wrong,
I realized, nothing went wrong.
People say it was your time to leave this world,
to go and see your savior, your God.
But really, everyone knows it was your Johnny boy, the Fisherman.
He couldn't spend another second without you.
His beautiful lover, the wonderful mother, the amazing grandmother.

As I sit here and wonder about what you're doing,
I imagine you two dancing and singing with your buddies from Bailo's.
I imagine you watching over your family and leading them in the right direction.
I could almost see you sitting on the bleachers for my high school graduation,
and I started to tear up knowing you were there watching.

As I sit here and wonder about you,
I know you miss us just as much as we miss you.
Ryan and Jackie will never know how kind and gentle you were, like a summer breeze.
Bella will never know how generous and humorous you were, making everyone laugh.
But I will know, and I will tell them, even if it is with tears in my eyes.

As I sit here and wonder about my future,
I think of you. 
You always knew I was going to be a successful person.
And I always believed you.

my number one role model. My favorite grandmother.
My best friend.

RIP Roberta J. Kobstad 
You will be forever missed.

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The Dead Essays

The Dead Essays

Today I wore all black 
But there is no funeral procession. 
So I just went to work and sat at my desk
Before piles of essays which need to be read,
A red pen in my hand - 
Because I am old school 
And the students can deal – 
And it would seem that women
Of the mid 1900’s were being oppressed 
And that is the reason they were all insane.
Yes, all of them. It is clearly stated in paragraphs two and three,
The introduction and the sad excuse for a conclusion 
Which is hanging on at the end like some sort of cough.
And here it would seem the student forgot all syntactical purpose 
And I am quite certain “When women were alone” 
Is not a sentence, and yet it is punctuated as such,
A big fat period where there should only be a comma. 
The chop, chop of simple sentences 
And yet I am relieved because at the very least, 
It is a sentence… no matter how misguided the idea. 
Oh, and the idea because today women are equal to men 
In every possible way, and I hope the tone is sarcastic, biting, a little ironic,
But no… it is not. 
This child does not know to capitalize I 
Let alone how to portray through language 
A tone which is biting, satirical, humorous.
It would seem I am dressed appropriately after all.

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Just another day

Mornings brilliance
lets the sun spread it’s grin
Slowly warming the beds
awakening the flowers
as they raise their heads
birds chorus dawns delight
melancholic tunes contrite
Nature’s charms begin to stir
Doors slam shut and engines whirr
A shout of ‘Hello’, or ‘Good morning dear’,
Friendly waves and nods of cheer
Then traffic jams and people queue
Paper stands sell the daily news
Off to work the adults go
mums to school with kids in tow
A lovely day is off to start
Fulfilled with joy ‘till sun departs.

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Let Me Go

Let Me Go!
I don't want this anymore!
I can't go to sleep at night,
all I seem to do is write.

Sometimes I read...
I read until I finish.
When I finally go to sleep,
I hear the sound of the alarm "BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!"

Oh gosh,
I can't handle this anymore.
I am going crazy here
and no one seems to notice it, my dear.

I cry myself to sleep.
telling myself everything will get better.
And I know I mustn't

but I want that knife
just as much as I want that gun
I hate this world
and everything about this girl

She sings and tries to get attention
yet no one gives her the time of day.
She falls into the books she reads
no one knowing, it is escaping, she pleads.

This girl is me,
oh but you knew, right?
Since all I ever talk about is me!
Gosh, can't you see?

I'm my enemy!
I'm my own nightmare!
No one is hurting me!
It is me who shouldn't be let free!

Lock me up! 
Kill me!
That way I won't harm myself...
I'd like it if it was someone else

Please, do me the favor
and let me go
for no one can save this girl
from this cruel world.

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I'm tired of pretending Part 2

They don't understand when they've pushed me too far.
They never know when I've been pushed too far
They're all ignorant
No on really understands.
No one knows half of the thoughts that go through my mind
No one knows half of what I feel
I wear a facade to make others happy
To make others not worry
To make others not yell at me for doing somthing stupid.
I get so tired of pretending
Of locking it all away
Because locking it all away...
Well, it never helps.
It only makes me hurt more
It only causes my lungs to fill with lead
My heart to drop into the pit of my stomach
and my self destructive ways.
No one knows
Why I do what I do
No one knows
The silent pain everyone and myself put me through
No one knows
That I'm tired of being replaced
No one knows
That I'm tired of pretending.

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If I Can Just Be...

If I can just spread my arms
and embrace my students
when they need help.
If I can just see all the things
that they do to remind
them with love.

If I can just protect them
from the fangs of danger
and be their hero.
If  I can just be the solution
to all weariness and cares
they encounter.

If  I can just read their minds
and know what they need,
what concerns them!
If  I can be a meaningful word
that encourages them
all the time.

If I can just be their dreams
that can be easily reached
and be fulfilled.
If I can just be their footsteps
that lead them always
to the right path.

If I can just be their conscience
that prevents them from doing
unacceptable things.
If I can just their tongue
that speaks rightfully
and uncorrupted.

If I can just be their cell phone
that sends love messages
rather than hate words.
If I can just be the  internet
that diverts bad desires
to an educative websites.

What else could be the effective tools
I can just be in order for them
to be better persons
each day?
I can just be their humble teacher
to pray for them earnestly,
to shield them all the time.
I can just be their prayers!

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From Across The Room

A glance over my computer screen, I see you starring.
You look away as soon as our eyes meet.
You wear that grin upon your face, which I love.
I can't help but blush.
No, you didn't not only catch me looking at you,
you caught me thinking about you.
You must be having the same thoughts.

Our eyes meet again,
but this time neither of us look away.
We just smile, ear to ear.
I say nothing but hold my stare,
finally you move.
I thought it was all over as you walked away...

A hand upon my shoulder,
tan and strong.
It's him, back again.
No, he did not leave me.
He chose to be closer to the twinkle in my eye.

From staring across the room,
to being with each other forever
one high school romance
bound to be more than any other
Now I get to hold his hand, stare into those deep blue eyes
And I get to call him mine.

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Four Smart Kids

Four kids
Four smart kids
Never fell below 90% in tests
Impressing people daily
Teachers pinching themselves in disbelief
Winning spelling bees
Maths competitions
Those same four
Were offered to go to university early
But they lost the offer
To a rich family with
A stupid child.

High school
A place of heartbreakers
And Abuse
These four kids
Ran into a drug dealer
The dealer knew about their gift
So he got these kids high off weed 
claiming It was brain food
Another dealer sold them Vodka
Claiming it kept you going during
Long study periods

Before long
These four smart kids
Were just four dimwitted druggos
Smoking weed
Drinking cheap liquor
Twenty Four Hours
Seven days a week
These kids had potential
But it all washed away
Like a sandcastle on the beach
As the tide comes in
Good for nothing
But to end up like those dealers
Selling goods to smart kids
Like their former selves

Drugs destroyed these four kids
Don't let it destroy you

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The Box of Schools Conformity

A teacher steps in front of a class.
“Today we will be learning…”
Your bias?
Your inability to respect us?
The fact that you don’t want to be here?
Her mouth continues to move but I can’t zone back in.
Why do we attend class?
So we all think the same?
To never improve our economy?
I pay for a professor to take away my creativity.
She gives me an “A” for conformity.
Every teacher teaches with his or her own style,
Each student thinks with their own opinions.
No person gets the same education. 
The one thing we all learn is there’s no such thing as accepted individuality.
They say reach for the stars, 
But the curriculum chains our arms down.
One would suggest- think outside the box 
What is a box?
Is it adults’ inability to heed?
The parameters of others intelligence’s demise?
To think outside; to exceed,
Though society isolates and punishes when we do.
You demand our ideas not be connected.
How can we do this when we are required to posses the same perspective?
Were brought up to follow.
If you have to think outside the box, why is there even a box? 
Why not get rid of it? 
Better yet…
Then the teacher regains my focus and asks,
“Taylor, what do you think?”
I allow silence to fill the room and take time to respond,
“..Destroy it”

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Six students in the school,
The third is a dumb!

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It was raining then with showers sweeping the town

With cool droplets driven by the breeze panning from dawn to dusk!

Prickling my lips my eyebrows my cheeks

Swinging my memories from butterflies of the yore!

Around my elementary school of age

Every fresh dropp of rain smells as fresh as new earth

Tastes as sweet as nectar of the core!

Come Monsoon each time quiver each cell in me,

Kindles every memories in deep

Brings back my bygone smells of broken pencils,

Tender sweats, wonder scent of girl friends of mine

Each year each monsoon I grow year young by year young

I grow year after year; in leaps and bounds

in a hurry younger and younger

Close to my school close to my habitats close to my town

Like in a man machine, but in a memoirs machine

Back to life!

Krishna Baalu

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Sitting on the ledge
Watching Harry play soccer
Girls cheering him on
Homies showing love
God i wish i can be a chick magnet
Getting goodnight texts every night
Watching bachelorettes fight over me
But I will never be a chick magnet
That's just the way I am

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YOU ARE THE PILOT for boarding school students

YOU ARE THE PILOT   (for boarding school students)

You need not wear a veil of pain
If you are perfect and prompt
For your prep all time.

You need not begin your day
With ordeal and agony
If you’re uniform is identical
With poignantly tucked in shirts
You need not begin your day
With punishment and pretence
If you speak the language
Of  the  British.

You need not begin your day in 
Pity and peril
If chew and swallow the veggies
Served on   your   plate.

You need not begin your day 
With protest and pressure
If   you complete your homework on time.

You need not begin your day
With piques and problems
If   you write your exams fine.

Your struggle today is the
Spring board   for  your  better tomorrow.
Adversity does not tear down you
It  make  you desire for the
Seed of greatness,
So hitch your wagon to a star.


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Thoughts racing I cannot put my mind to rest, 
Dressed in her dress I'd undress her if I could. 
Her head rested on my chest, 
My heart beating in unrest, 
The cold chased away her love is my vest. 
Sadly she sits in sorrow, 
Attached to me I fill the hollow, 
Like glass my eyes show sin, 
Divinely she forgives, 
Once lonely I am not alone, 
By her alone, 
I am happy. 

In bliss, 
I'm made ignorant by her beauty.

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Bullets rain tears

Young and innocent they went to school
 Expecting to learn and play
 Never in anyones wildest of dreams
 Did we expect that day
 For a rain of tears to shell them
 From one lost deep to sin
 But heavenly hosts came down for them
 Releasing them from him
 The devil he did have his day
 But God in end dost win
 For noubt will be lost but these young lives
 Will not be gone in vain
 The laws of the land will change in ways
 For it must not happen again
Those who reign must stand on this
 Take stance and make a difference
 No one should be able to take a life
 With intent nor mindless innocence
 For even when with madmans mind
 You cannot be left to mingle
 How can you be able to walk in shop
 Purchase guns and not be liable
 Actions speak far louder than words
 And if we let just one slip through
 Without accounting for their sin
 It might well be me or you
For on anyone these bullets
 Might be named to fall upon
 So make a difference – make a change
 Add your name – petition
 The whole wide world mourns in shame
 An Amnesty is long past needed
 Write your letters – use your vote
 Act now while it is fresh
 And pray for the souls of all those lost
 That each by the Lord be blessed
 Also for those who’ve lived through this
 That they might find a way
 To find the strength and courage
 To step out further each day

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It was raining then with showers sweeping the town

With cool droplets driven by the breeze panning from dawn to dusk!

Prickling my lips my eyebrows my cheeks

Swinging my memories from butterflies of the yore!

Around my elementary school of age

Every fresh drop of rain smells as fresh as new earth

Tastes as sweet as nectar of the core!

Come Monsoon each time quiver each cell in me,

Kindles every memories in deep

Brings back my bygone smells of broken pencils,

Tender sweats, wonder scent of girl friends of mine

Each year each monsoon I grow year young by year young

I grow year after year; in leaps and bounds

in a hurry younger and younger

Close to my school close to my habitats close to my town

Like in a man machine, but in a memoirs machine

Back to life!

Krishna Baalu

© krishnabaalu/2010

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Open your eyes

sometimes I feel alone in this world,
My mind thinks of impossible wonders,
While my friends think of parties,
at night I would rather stare at the moon,
While everyone else stares at Tv,

so many friends unable to truly understand me,
Not able to express my deepest desires,
Wanting to love god my own way without a religion,
without the fear of disappointing my family

Somehow I have taking a road 
That has lead me to discover myself,
While isolating myself in the process,
Realizing how blinded I really was

I have become different,
My soul has become free
Gifted with the ability to see,
While cursed to be alone

Because high school has no room for imagination


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School days

The busy hours at nine, running at the last minute. Those never ending classes now i miss them in every minute.. Give me back my school days is the only thing to say. Let me go to school for once, that's the only prayer i pray. The heap of lunch boxes and the rush for the recess break, give me back my school days is the only wish to make. Last night study and crying for buddy, i really miss them all teachers question and empty faces makes me laugh when i recall getting a star or a zero makes no difference right now, i wanna have my school days back please give it to me somehow...

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Another Tragedy

Another tragedy has struck our Country. On December the 14th of 2012 a young man took the lives of twenty children and seven adults, than he took his own life. All this happened in New Town Connecticut. It happen in a school while the children were attending class. A town where people thought that they were safe. The whole Country was in shock as we saw on TV. how the police came to the school and the parents were running trying to get to their kids. You could see the worry and pain on their faces. The principal and some teachers died trying to save the children. A little girl escape, by playing dead. Her friends didn't have that luck. The children will go straight to heaven. Little Angels they already are. The adults probably followed them. They earned their wings that day. The shooter had killed his mother before he went to that school to commit that horrible crime. He escape the Justice of man here on Earth, but he still faces a higer court and from that no one escapes. How many more tragedies have to happen before things can change. Please say a prayer for the famlies of these victims and ask GOD to help us make this a better world...
12/19/2012 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo For Skat's contest of 20+7

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Sore Loser

Can we make it in this world without athletic talent
Can we make it in this world with sensitivity
Can we make it in this world with a hot head
Can we make it in this world without a nice girl
Can we make it in this world with enemies
Can we make it in this world with lost friends
Can we make it in this world with pessimism
Can we make it in this world without enthusiasm
Can we make it in this world with scars of emotion
Can we make it in this world with poetic ambitions
I think we can
I think I can
Sore loser they call me

But I wanna prove them wrong

I wrote this poem because one of my classmates called me a sore loser (hence the title)
and the one thing I wanted to do is prove him wrong (Written on 10.12.10)

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Simple Sam

I'm simply Sam, the simple stalker
Popping sweet tarts like a drug addict pops their pills
I worry too much and often think too into things
I know what's right for you, but have no idea what's good for me
I swallow my words to keep me sane
Chaning myself down to keep me tame
I think outside the box while looking in
Always searching but never finding that someone just for me
Standing outside your class room door
Waiting for you to look up and see
I'm simply Sam, the shy stalker
Following you down a hallway begging you silently to turn around
To look at me, not through me
Begging you to notice me
Hoping you will be the one who falls for me
I'm simply Sam, the silent stalker
I watch you pass by in crowds
Waiting for scenes like on a silver screen
Of fateful occurences- meeting my soulmate
Thinking every person I fall for just may be that someone just for me
I'm simply Sam, the obsessive stalker
Writing poetry in vain
All about you and how I wish it could be
Writing poetry of premeditated heartbreak
A poetic preminition of how it all ends
I'm simply Sam, the poetic stalker
Going out of my way to give you what you want
Spending dollar after dollar just to see you smile
Devoting time, effort, and gut all to see the tiniest upturn of the corner of your mouth
Changing myself to better suit your needs
I'm simply Sam, the romantic stalker
I'll buy you flowers & candy
I'll wrote you multiple page poems
I'll serenade you in deaf tones to the best of my ability
I'm simply Sam, and I'm not a stalker
I'm simply Sam, just misunderstood
I'm simply Sam, who simply needs to be loved
I'm simply Sam, and I'm far from simple. 

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my school

Nobler are our teachers,
Abler are our Counsellers,
Calibre is the trait of the taught,
Sober taughts-begotten is the sobriquet
                           Of our Almamater's lot!

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Chalk Dust

Chalk Dust
by Odin Roark

What history lurks
Below blackboard surfaces
Wedged in creases of eraser felt
In between folds of Oakwood trays

How pristine we wipe clean
The dark window’s surface
Making ready today’s learning
Tomorrow’s remembrance
Future’s childhood bygones

Like stars burned out
Disintegrating to dust
Time’s ancient knowledge
Forever seeks rebirth

Even though for many
Such simple magic
Has all but disappeared
Merely white dust memories
Purposely forgotten

For a few
The latent markings
Remain black and white teachings
Forever embedded in rainbow dreams

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High School Love

High school love
Is like a new game
The new GTA
The new Need For Speed
The new Call Of Duty
It's all the same

You see it
You want to buy it
Play it
Tease others about it
You go to the store and blow $100
Or find a nice girl and make her feel special
You start playing the game
And you discover it's not as good
As it looks at first glance
You want a refund
But the dog ate the receipt

High School Love is cold
GIRLS are cold
Full of betrayal
Wasted gifts
Shed tears
The flowers would rather die
Than being given to someone
With no emotion

Young love is overrated
I see teenagers kiss everyday
But I'm starting to realise
It's empty, meaningless
And painful

Save your love for someone special
Don't waste it on a player

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Those around me Inspire me
My peers support me
Inspire me
To write this poetry
Love, Drugs, Funny
Or just random
It all comes from my heart
But without encouragement
From those around me
My poetry would be worthless
Every time i write a poem
I could write a million dollar masterpiece
But without inspiration
Encouragement, Support
From those around me
I'll be writing nothing
But wasteful work
Worth only enough
To buy me a skittle
That's why I rely on Whats around me
To get the wheel to turn

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A crush that confesses love

One lifetime love
You show them no selfish sign
For there always on your mind
They may have been your high school crush
For they always give you a rush
When you might not know they stare into your eyes
When you do something good they might acknowledge you to themselves
Many love to a extent that cannot be bound
It can travel far above
Meaningless to others
But great to the love of one another
They're the ones would holds your heart in there hands
Can make you weak every time they near
A laugh it is they do not know of your love
One day they wil
For that how great love is

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You professed your love

You professed your love....

Sweet, like a rose in a 
blossoming spring,
Warm, like your chestnut eyes 
as you smile,
Entangled with promises,

...but not to me.

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the plastic man

His life began with fertilization in the plastic test tube
He was born on a plastic shawl
and raised nestled on milk from a plastic bottle
grown he ate from plastic plates, bowls and cups
he sat on plastic chairs and bathed in plastic basins
he ate synthetic food packed in plastic pots
he then went to school wearing plastic shoes
at school he studied plastic arts
On his return home he carried his belongings in a plastic bag
his mother had undergone the plastic surgery
when she saw him she gave him a plastic smile
He knew not that he was the plastic man
but when the village drunkard called him plastic man
he took a plastic rope and suicide he committed
Dead he froze turgid like a plastic
the police put his corpse in a plastic coffin
He was buried in the graveyard full of plastics
on his grave was an inscription engraved on a plastic cross
thereon the inscription read
here lies the plastic man
who lived a plastic life but hated the plastic

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My Iron Rod

it had been predicted
the crime of your century
i would figure out
and do it justice

It was written
after many years of famine
and tragedy
the justice i did the crime of the century
would lead you to enlightenment

it was said
the lasting effects of my iron rod
would last for hundreds of years
known as the golden age

it was foretold
the last prophet of the world before jesus
returns at the end of earth when this was undone,
I would do this for you
and he would be annointed

so here it is
the mastermined war code
with potential to end your way of life
sucked into its center, a personal war against war,
in which war protests itself

spiralling out from the center of indifference
and miscommunication
to keep up with the supposed manipulation
the outside layers, a holy essence
as this beasts mission is to prevent itself

walking out with knowledge
to be scathed in your perfection
to take every good advice given in the mentioned cypher
to prevent the end of your life
in which your global enemies will be pinpointed
and peace on earth mastermined

My Iron rod
can be dangerous
for now i wield it with good intent
for now i teach you to come together in unity
to become a global success

this false prophet, dressed up as your historical legacy
this god complex, joke dressed in suicide
it was mentioned i would have an enemy
and with world peace for 300 years at stake
you would not tell them of this under rug swept prophecy
for your enemy to be realised

your global enemy responsible for all wars of earth
this warcode to protect everyone from their own foolery
walk away from this personal war with what is offered
for the next man i label as the antichrist, 
may not be found as the blackmailed victom of your organisation

in the matrix of the underground,
the sleight of reality, belief and spirituality
the world deadlocked, and blackmailed for peace

I have an enemy
i t also happens that i have a rash
i am the prophet nostradamus predicted
the last one to be before the end of the world
i am here to lead you to the golden age
and then world peace
this will last for hundreds of years
but having an enemy
i am having difficulty accomplishing my heavenly task

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Rise My Dear Fathers

I am a Father
I am a father of a Daughter
Who is in the age of teen
You will say my worries are very correct
She may be my daughter 
When she walks in roads 
 her mind has been polluted by posters
When she reads a journels
she may be disturbed by the photos
When she watch a channel 
her thoughts may be diverted by the plays
As a father ,my worries are correct
Her school and environment may be good
But her way to school and scenes in roads?
Sex and lust is everywhere
None is having common sense and road sense
Kissing and embarrassing  love is found  common
There is an attacks 
on our girl’s morality and conduct
Rise my dear Fathers against this evil
To protect our daughters from these evils

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Resistance is Futile

He wanted to teach you something today
But you resisted his every effort.
You said school is boring, you hate it.

Minds engrossed in useless trivia,
Cold comfort in a job-hungry world
Echoing thoughts of seventies songs,
We don’t need no education.

He wanted to teach you something today,
To help you to grow, understand and improve.
Your rebellious refusal condemns you,
Another brick in the wall of ignorance.

In frustration, he took back his gift
Unopened. Resistance is futile.

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Brick City's Homeless

I am a high school graduate and a former college student
I have no children
No drug or alcohol addiction
nor do I have a home
I am one of Brick City's homeless
Many of the faces I've seen downtown are the same faces I see at the soup kitchen or the shelter
The same quirky, ragged, foul-smelling, quiet homeless people
But these aren't the only homeless people
Many of the faces I've seen at the soup kitchen or at the shelter,
I've also seen downtown
The same outgoing, inconspicuous and "average" yet homeless people
I used to assume I'd pass up to 10 of the same homeless people downtown
Now that I'm one of them
and pretty much every homeless person knows every homeless person
You'd probably feel blessed and highly favored when I tell you that the majority of adult pedestrian traffic downtown are homeless United State citizens
The majority are homeless
We're at the library, McDonald's, Penn Station, 18 Rector, 50 South Clinton, all Essex County Parks, 990, Red Doors, St. Johns 
or the sidewalk with our book bags, purses, suitcases and our will, however weak or strong, to live for right now
We get in where we fit in
The most thrilling part of my day is knowing what time the next soup kitchen serves and when I'm unconscious and dreaming

Most are not bums
Most are caught in a cyclical cycle of destitution because they have a record and can't qualify for anything other than a 9-5
Or don't have a job because there are no jobs and don't have anyone to take care of them without taking advantage of their situation, be it sexually or by an unfair criminal or immoral request
Most of us just can WAIT until!
. . . and there's no one here to help me right now
I understand though:
It's likewise
This homeless lifestyle encourages me to keep dreaming, faintly hope and never expect anything
My high hopes and expectations left me ____ out in the streets of Newark

It's 4 o'clock
. . . On to the next soup kitchen

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I walk down the street
on my way to school
looking for a half decent flower to give you
It's even harder when it's wet
because they're either dead or in bad shape
And when I do find it, I put it in my bag
praying it doesn't get damaged too much
And when i do give you that flower, i feel good
Inside my heart.

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A true advantage Is to be angry with your head And not your heart. This is how good men win wars, And smart women win arguments. And this is the story Of how I finally learned the difference. Darkness lit by bright green bulbs Reveals a thousand mouths, Taped and caged. And while bound, I still walk free And so decide to tempt my torture, Procured by bright green tape. I slip the cat my tongue to eat Though uneasy, I smile. Yes, I rebelled. I plotted and protested all on my own, Stood strong as stone As the jokers, they taunted And the mud at me flew. Punish me for it if you must. Hang me from the gallows at high noon, Make me walk the plank. Make me stand on the scaffold like Hester Prynne, With the letter T for treason sewn To my breast. A dunce cap does not make one a fool, And shaming me will not make me ashamed. But I was wrong, I was wrong. I had it out for the jailers, Who weren't jailers after all. Just tell them all I'm sorry, Tell those wide-eyed kids I'm sorry. Tell those taped mouths and Their skeletons Me poenitet To the bridge I said, "Don't kill me" As I struck and threw the match Now if he would please Excuse me As I step off his back And would someone remind me that What I did, I thought was best The worst flames, it is said, Are the ones that you begin I let apologies cast down like rain, White blossoms as white flags To cool the singed portions Of the bridge. Inhale the smoke like I deserve Then clear my lungs And journey on.

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This is Who I Am

I am me; and I know there are going to be people who do not like me

But I can not change the way the feel about me and I'm okay with that

Why change them, when I wouldn't want them to change me?

They are who they are, and I am who I am

This is who I am: I am Emily, a person that tries very hard not to judge people

This is who I am: I am Emily, I will be anyones friend; It does not matter what they did

It matters that you take them in your arms and hold them and tell them your here for them

Even if they walk away, it matterd that you showed them you cared

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Cherry blossom

I find my pillow wet with tears 
and discover that I have been biting my lips
Our piddling worn-out planes
Did we think we could win with these toys
how stupid
and there the high school girls waving our farewell with cherry blossom branches

Imagination a Hayabusa III taking off towards Okinawa on April 12, 1945

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Why am I not allowed to vent my frustration, anger and annoyance at your incompetence?
Remain poised, you say.
Calm down, you say.
Don't be so passionate, you say.
Why can't I expose and tell you exactly how I feel about your irritating, petty ways?
How much you trivialize things that are serious!
How much you take for granted opportunities that the  underprivileged among us would die for!
How frustrating it is to know that if it was a different time or place I could be somewhere else, doing something else but I choose to teach you, however, ungrateful you are!

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Rain drops

A drop of rain hits the pavement and explodes into hunreds of little rain drops laying all over the dark cold pavement.  I cant help but feel like this is like my life i finally get everything into one raindrop.  Then it all hits the pavement and its back into hundreds of little drops all over the place.  And i have to pick up all the little drops all over again only for it all to hit the dark cold pavement yet one more time . Maybe this is why we are sad when it rains or. Maybe this is why we are tired when it rains because we have givin all we can give but that rain drop still hits the ground.

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Mary Jane

Mary Jane

A bad night to be alone
I don't feel like doing anything
No writing
No painting
Nothing at all
I can hear life outside my door
Mary Jane is an honored guest
I have been with her so many times
Sharing my life with her
She was the girl I could not live without
My mind feels better when she is around
I have never worried about being with her
She shared my life through high school and college
Helped me getting so many things done
I could always depend on Mary Jame to help
She is just outside my door
Smelling so sweet she is beyond imagination
Coming in my mind wanders
My senses rise to taste her
My thoughts travel to her sensuous touch
I take one small taste and the universe changes
Becomes more real and peaceful
How can anyone live with her
I will never know
I never want to know
Mary Jane is my one and only love
She will never know it
But she keeps coming around to my house
My door will always be open for her
She is always welcome
She is my muse.
Without her I am nothing

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Ode to Sharon Olds

Dear Sharon, I see no end 
To the rant of an educated mind
Once the pen is moving. I've seen A students
Butcher my writing. I remember the Fall
Of 2009, the poetry workshop at Stony Brook University,
The hipsters and emotional braggers
Eying my work and telling me what it was about
While the smirk on my face concealed
The howls of piteous laughter.

I walked the solemn paths
Of that heavily decorated school
Where trees had been uprooted
And replaced by foster bushes,
Convinced that my English professors
Do not know how to read, but only how
To dissect.

However, I also remember the A on my report.
It was the proudest one I'd ever had,
And I thought of the first day of class
When we were asked to choose a poet
To fall in love with.

I thought of the summer of 2006
When I walked into a little book store in Hampton Bays,
Pointing my freckle tipped nose at the poetry section,
Looking for something new
To look up to or somebody else
To look into.
I picked through the leaves of Blood, Tin and Straw
By the shelf, at the register and on the way to my car.
I read it to friends and perfect strangers
As a devout fan and penniless salesperson.

I did not take notes or scribble on the pages.
I did not create bull- in the hopes to expound
Some undiscovered truth
Between the style and context.
I did not uncover the root of your sorrows and joy,
For you had already done the task
So perfectly.

Mrs. Olds, you and I find solace
In a dying art. I see you as a friend
As I've seen you as
A lover, a mother, and a mentor
Through the gift of a vivid imagination
Where I've been given the chance
To love and applaud your work
In the comfort of my room,
Under the flickering light
Where the renditions of your heart
Lure me to sleep
As a silent lullaby.

It is an artist like you who keeps me writing.
It is knowing the chances,
That if my words can reach a soul
Like yours have reached mine,
Then there is still purpose in contemporary poetry
In my home, my heart, and my spirit
Outside of the classroom.

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Geeky Boys and Busty Girls

In the little town called Cleveland
Some many years ago
In a high school gymnasium
Met a group of girls and boys
Since early in their childhood
They were plagued by many peers
Because they lacked
The perfect look
Like many other kids

After many years of torture
Constant badgering from everyone
They decided was time to take a stand
Claiming freedom once again
The group contained the branded
The freaky geeky boys
The girls slightly on the heavy side
A few all rolled in one

They called their club the meeting 
Of freaky boys and busty girls
Requirement was be outcast 
From the preps the jocks “the toys”
They arranged a simple protest
Simple protest most fun
To prove that being different 
Is not so bad and can be fun

They stripped down to nothing
But a smile on every face
And marched the halls of Cleveland High
In unison they did say
Though we may all look different 
Inside we’re all the same
So accept us if you will or not
We’re happy just the same

The faculty at the school that day
We outraged by what they saw
Forty teenage girls and boys
Marching naked down the hall
Parents quickly contacted
Expulsion all around
For the kids labeled freaks and geeks
Their victory it was found

Though the protest was very different
The idea quite deranged 
Respect was granted on that day
For the group with guts to say
Being different is not so different
Can be cool they all proclaimed
For the geeky boys and busty girls
Were proud for each that day

The moral of this story 
Though odd but very true
Though outside one looks different
Inside the pages read so true
Looks aren’t that important 
But the hearts all beat the same
We are all just like 
The kids 
From Cleveland high that day

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Sarah in the Corner

Fears locked inside
feet shuffling down the shiny linoleum halls 
eyes glaring like needles puncturing her skin
echoes of humiliation in their laughter
experiencing isolation at the long empty table
loathing the silence until the conclusion of lunch
quietly and socially unable
nearing “home sweet home”
overflowing with anguish
as her plan was exposed
suffocated emotion
tension enveloped her neck
chair overturned
shuffling feet
eyes immobile
soul took flight
as she was found in corner 
after the students took her life

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That Moment

It's one of those moments,
the guy in you grabs the micro
starts talking on and on;
mine is often sarcastic,
from high school to career,
spinning around the questions starting with why,
no escape from responding.
It's like life itself, which is always to blame;
and which you can not do away with.
In that moment you go through a mental trance.

Next, a piece of music wakes you from your journey.
It does not matter who it is,
be it Ravel, Brahms or,Rachmaninoff;
But, mostly it's Pachelbel knocking at my door.
in that moment, lightnings thud in my world,
just as my internal lights are dead blind.

The dried, barren soil kisses the wild stream
through cracked lips,
A mom presses her toddler into her chest,
that moment, life leaps into joy
stripped of mournful sorrow.
It feels like seeing the smile on the kid's face
who made her first step;
it feels like being picked up by
the Baroque tune in "Canon In D".

To some others,
it feels like waking up to Miles Davis.

People keep pouring through the streets,
no matter what happened last night;
it's like life itself,which is always to blame
and which you can not do away with.

Next, my eyes get blurry
they see the loved one behind
the foggy hills of my mind.

it feels like covering her naked body with blanket,
shielding off the morning breeze
slipping through our ajar window
as bed sheets smells of our sweat of bliss.
That moment, it feels like sensing life
running through your veins.

So, you show interest in these verses
partnering with me in that moment
don't be intimidated with sharing it
It feels like being a single body, united
with all of our good deeds and sins.

Afar, The Sun sends her last rays
down the snow capped mountains of my heart
that moment, my ears are cozily stuck with
the arias of Andrea Bocelli, warm and gripping
it feels like my dad's still alive and smiling

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When someone prevents another 
from doing something
Whom he practices

Sitting with the girls
Chatting them up
Guess who stops by to say hi
The Hypocrite
He tells me to stay away from them
Protective like a pimp
How is that hypocrisy?
He sits with girls every day
So much he should get paid
Going out with the girls
Doing drugs with the girls
I try to go for mine
But hypocrisy gets crammed down my throat
If I meet a girl
Not taken by this hypocrite
I'll do it myself....

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The Student

 The Student     
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The Student

He is tall and short both blonde and impish brown his hair is black his eyes are 
round his limp is quite pronounced his wheelchair rolls his limousine awaits his 
bicycle locked near the skateboard of hate four feet long the thing weighs a ton 
he uses it to scare old ladies and nuns his eyes are narrow eyes are wide eyes 
are fried from his drugs and his fellows jostle his arm to lift it up elbow first 
draining his glass mark the sot they closed all the bars at one am in the day at 
five he is building his clamato hooray and at sunrise he slumbers away and then 
rises at nine in the night to go out the door and avoid the sunlight he is living the 
life of alcoholic delights he sits in the library no classes avoids he has no 
teachers rules no principles he is god the student annoys. 
 The Student 

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High School Crush

Saw you in the hallway
Blushed when you said my name
Love when you hold my hand
To make you mine 
Is the master plan
Wish you knew just how i felt
Maybe you'll understand
And if our two hearts meet
Then through lover's lane
We'll travel and stay
But if our hearts disagree
To be in your presence is a blessing
Knowing that God place you in my life
For a reason that only he knows
Butterflies in my stomach
Nervousness in my voice
You say hello
And I smile
So is this the beginning 
Of a beautiful relationship
Or just a beautiful friendship
Only time will tell
My high school crush...

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Being Free

I Wasn’t enough to just be myself I had to be what you wanted of me Plastic—Mainstream—Liar Without any creativity And a façade for a personality So I Guess I Just Live a Lie Just to Satisfy And surely survive Your torment spitting opinion but then, A Semblance of the independence I held inside No matter how small it let out a cry I will redeem my pride And be perfect, free, me

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Hot Oil In China

We have hot oil in China,
  Rising slowly from the ground
  There is a deep dense fog hovering round

The air is smokey, so dense it seems green
  The sun so hot it's making everyone lean
  Curfews so early all think it's obscene

And the hot oil keeps rising, if you know what I mean
  Hot oil keeps rising, it doesn't go down
  It's been well over a month since it covered the ground

Machinery moves carelessly all through the night
  I bothers us so much we boarded up the windows tight
  I bought ear plugs but I gave them to my brother Mike

Bells keep bleeping on and off go the lights
  So another pair of ear plugs I bought
  School won't let me wear them, saying I'll rot

So I decided to grow my hair long 
  Hide my ear plugs under it all day long

But when I go home at night 
  And I cover up really tight
  And I pray because theres nothing else we can do
  Oh hear me Lord, don't let my mother find the ear plugs in my shoe

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I found a rusted trunk 
Accidently, in a corner of 
My storage room 
Eagerly I opened it 
That was filled with my textbooks 
Almost of the elementary school 
Most of its were white ants eaten 
Except the top of a peacock feather 
A gift given my girlfriend at the school 
Now the past becomes present 
Remember the green eyed girl 
And the moments we spend beside lily ponds 
Fishing in shallow river 
Playing in muds under the rain 
And many many 
that makes me happy now 
a relief from the boring life now . 

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It's Harry Potter Day

Its book day at school
My son's all excited
He can dress up in character
From his favourite book
"Hooray" he says
"I'll go as Harry Potter"
"Hmmm are you sure"
"Yes daddy, it's dress up day"
"But Harry Potter" I say
"I love it" he says
"You love the films you mean"
"Yes I love them" he says
"Its book character day though"
"Are there Harry Potter books?" he says
"Yes but you've not read them"
Oh well, too late now I sigh
Costume's bought, friends told
No going back now.....
Just hope he's not asked about the books
Instead with a bit of luck
The teacher can ask the other Harry Potters.….….
Yes, there's three of them!!!
Bet they've not read the books either

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Just Don't Ditch Us

A child disliking middle aged woman
Managed to get a few weeks off
Then you came and brought happiness to the library
Just don't ditch us

You were nice to us
You let us play games
You reminded us you were only a sub
Just don't ditch us

Days counted down
But the number was unconfirmed
The only condition was
Just don't ditch us

You saw my talents
You saw for what I am
Please go full time
Just don't ditch us

Then you left
Back the way it was
I should be used to it
But I don't have to like it

Every day I wished you would come back
So did the rest of the pack
Everyone knew I missed her
You coming back? When will that occur?

Then the librarian finally left
For good this time?
Subs came and gone
Every one of them I frowned upon

But something happened
Like the jackpot on a slot machine
You came back
Like a lost cat

Is our bitter librarian gone for good
Or just a few weeks
It could be end of year luck
Or is everything at it's peak?

Whatever happens
Just don't ditch us!

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Hunting the zero man

A spoilt photo,a wasted life,
failure as a father,the experiment didn't come off.
So great was my abhorrence at the sight of humanity
that i decided to give her the go-by.
Ladies and gentlemen i introduce you,
the disintegration of my personality.
Brand me with a red-hot iron,iam the killer,
Lynch me ,who will struck the first blow?
Be stunned because iam the zero man.
Fully aware of the danger,iam the cracker man
so don't be soppy.
Sentimentalism is the reason of stupidity
and the end justifies the means.
Nothing ever put me out,no shiver all over my body.
I will save my skin once again,believe it or not
and i will do this with fussiness,take it or leave it.

A clenched-fist salute to the dead child in front of my car.

I killed again giving birth to nothing.

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With Eyes That Saw Your Shadows

The old men defile the little girls
their lurid charm stabs the fragile screen of innocence and ignorance

The fathers are traveled or dead or down, or never known
The mothers weep, hands in air hoping to grab something helpful

The young girls, like rat to hawk become clutched by predatory hands
The old men squeal, cackle, and trumpet their victories
vile names for the captured,the newly shamed are shouted in complete revelry
The tricked lost their chance at being children

This calls for a smile from the most sinister observer

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Summer Colors

Some colors in summer
I miss them a lot 
Like shade, grass, sky
And sunlight, warm or hot
Stuck in 7th grade library 
I type what I want
Like my tank-tops and shorts
It calls to me in my mind
It calls me like a taunt
How badly I want summer
To tell winter good-bye
With my summer colors 
Like shade, grass, and sky

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Impulse 59

I leap because 
there is no ground, 

That is why
I leap.

Because the sun 
is fading, and
my night is 
without you.

So I leap.

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Darkfall posts a new preview of the Battle-Brand role

Fire School is in session! Aventurine has released a new video that shows off the skills of one aspect of Darkfall Unholy Wars' Elementalist role, and casters and and pyros-at-heart will enjoy a look into the Fire Mage. Feel like swimming through a bubbling lake of lava? Cast a self-buff and dive right in! Like to lob flaming balls at others and watch them catch fire? Then Fire Mage is the class for you!

Like its name implies, this particular mage uses an arsenal of fiery tricks to best opponents. The class focuses on medium- to long-range combat and incorporates knockbacks and area effects into many of the spells. For a demonstration of Dragonbreath, Magma Bomb, Heat Stroke, and other skills, check out the sizzling video after the break. 

You should know your role in Darkfall Unholy Wars. After all, your role determines a lot of what you're capable of doing at any given time, so it's pretty important. The newest development blog on the game gives a preview of one of the updated re-release's new roles for the Warrior, the defensive school known as the Battle-Brand. This is not a role for going out and making people miserable; this is a role for ruining the days of those trying to make you miserable.

The Battle-Brand's abilities include two self-buffs to reduce magical damage taken and reflect a portion of damage taken back to the source. It also features Foebringer, an AoE pull for all nearby enemies, and Bandage, a self-healing spell to keep the Warrior up longer. Last but not least is the ultimate ability, Stoic Defense, which makes the Warrior entirely immune to damage for a short time while consuming mana and stamina. Take a look at the role's abilities in action in a preview video just past the cut.

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One's Old School

K through Twelve,
it's called.

Students and teachers
walk the halls.

From beginning to end
behaving like they should

Or else. . .

One knows that
the attic is filled with cobwebs,
of course,
and dusty musty old textbooks
discarded lessons and copies
of one's grade reports.

But the basement . . .
One knows
there's a cave below the boiler room
filled with old projects and paraphernalia.
A tomb lined with damaged models:
plastic skulls,
plastic brains,
and plastic hearts.
An abandoned asylum for the malformed and the maladjusted,
the deformed and the defective.

Stalactites drip growing steadily down,
glowing and sparkling
The floor is soft and powdery, damp cold
decades of ashes and dust

where one lands when one falls.

Strange crystalline music of dark nested spheres

If one is able and
not wholly broken then
one may wander through,
past the poor wretches
who line one's way . . .

If one can wonder or wander at all
after one's fall
then one reaches the mouth of the tunnel and crawls
to a barn door in the wall.

A light shines through there
one may stare
and beyond others' noises echo busy
Once opened, it reveals the shopping mall
where graduates sell Their wares.

"Free dessert" is being given away.
Dutch apple pie of several varieties,
some sugar free and some without fat.
If one buys that.

A celebration seems
to be in the air
Halloween, it seems,
and behind scenes
the revelers come near.
From the cave and dark dungeon they parade
in masquerade.
Singing in unison.
Coming forth, as one,
to get their share.

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knobby-knee’d, toes that stop 
bend and pick up 
penny, marble, rock 
outside chalk 
on concrete, begging, for me to turn around 
for one more try 

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Have You Ever Loved Someone So Much You'd Cut An Arm Off For Them

Literally cut off an arm for them
                 shrivelling white bone protruding, screaming from the pale flesh
The ultimate expression of honey, darling, sweetheart
   and wonder.
Floating like cannonballs, just dying
 batteries. No more  struggling, flailing legs.
Excitedly scribbling next to me 
   a feeling like jeans upon your touch    or fresh toast
crisp yet damp.
  I’d just like to shake you. Rattle the bones beneath your
skull, maybe even kill a few brain cells if I feel like it 
   and where have they taken you, claiming you
but not my legs and arms. Perhaps I do not wonder enough 

Dangling on the edge of the world,
You do not forsake those offering solace
   Rather you slice and cut until the edge of the world ends 
And becomes your very own playground.
 Then you need not worry,
   but had better bloody worry.
After all it’s what makes you, and us, human. 

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 become sand full of hourglasses. 
One thousand snowflakes are one thousand dead cats in the Hudson River.
 Memories hurt. 
They are Michael Schofield broken out of prison. 
Prison is the look on your father’s face. 
We had the same face. I used to remember him being younger. 
Once he was James Dean going bald and with a cause.
 Now he is the weeping willow pretending to be a Christmas tree.
 Trees are ebony towers to admire. They take the place of hands, and lips and voices. Sometimes they can speak but only when you aren’t listening. 
I hear ghosts I met a long time ago. Their voices mix like bad wine. 
They have a lot to say to somebody else. 

 were daggers but became backfiring nunchucks. 
Painting mosaics is more like scribbling outside the lines.
 A car with no brakes and no gas. 
An automatic pistol being fired by your shadow, armed with toothpaste ammunition. Nothing adds up because math can’t help. 
Lithium is the iron curtain to save the free world. 
Conversations are only permitted in dolphinese in the broken dunk tank.
 Words twist like ivy at Wrigley Field and taste like blood if you impede upon traffic. 
 Fifty two card pick up and “will you marry me” mean the same thing. 
She had no words for either of me, even if I remembered.

 are grown in fields on the dark side of the moon. 
They are sold to the vain but crawl into the vein. 
They shout at jet takeoff volumes. 
We use them as search engines even though they don’t have Wi-Fi.
 They are the jealous, condescending friend we have to put up with.  
A high school dropout who prefers to lean on a wall and do nothing.
 Mirrors were made to be smashed. They deserve to go to hell but never do. 
They join their cousins the broken beer bottles from West End in a cozy hole
 where they can make out with nuclear sludge and give birth to North Korea.
 Then they can go on vacation to the beach where they grew up 
and create memories that disappear.
 He told me who I was and wasn’t without speaking but he was wrong.
 Now he won’t look at me and neither will she. 
Two-dimensionalism is bliss.  

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the last of the funerals

“the last of the funerals”

today “the last of the funerals”
takes place &
the killings in CT get placed on the
alongside the deaths at Columbine,
Virginia Tech...

those were the “big ones” right?

well, now, Aurora was a “big one,” right?
but it didn’t happen in a school, hmmm…but
12 died & 59 were injured---
still, everybody can attribute that to the
fact that the kid had orange hair, liked the
Joker & since he did it at the opening of a film,
it made the whole bloodbath almost cinematic
for those in the nation who didn’t die there
or weren’t affected personally by the dead &
injured, right?

sure seemed like a dvd extra to the new
Batman film, the way the media flashed his
picture in that courtroom over & over & over
& over & over & over & over & over,
every hour on the hour.
still, isn’t it true that 3 kids were killed
on 2/27/12 at Chardon High School in Ohio
when Thomas Lane blew them away?
(but he was caught & he only used a 
.22 in doing so, in some rural town…so it
must not have been dramatic enough? 
he must not have packed enough hardware.)
what about One L. Goh’s killing of 7 
in April at Oikos University in Cali,
where he shot nursing students 
“execution style” up against a wall?
(but he was 43 years old & ended up
surrendering later at a Safeway, having
used a .45 semi-auto handgun, so…
still must not have been dramatic 
enough?  he was 43, over the hill, definitely
not sexy enough.)

do you remember hearing about those?
were those killings media-buzz-clip-newsworthy?
how about the killings on 2/22/12
in Norcross, Georgia (5 dead), or 
2/26/12 in Jackson, Tenn. (1 dead, 20 inj.),
or 3/8/12 in Pittsburgh, Penn. (2 dead, 7 inj.).
or 3/31/12 in North Miami, FL (2 dead, 12 inj.),
or 4/6/12 in Tulsa, OK (3 dead, 2 inj.), or 
5/29/12 in Seattle, WA (5 dead), or 7/9/12
in Wilmington, DE (3 dead), or 8/5/12 in 
Milwaukee, WI (6 dead), or 8/14/12 in Texas
near A&M (3 dead), or 9/27/12 in Minn., MN 
(5 dead, 3 inj.), or 10/21/12 in Brookfield, WI
(3 dead, 4 inj.), or 12/11/12 in Portland, OR
(2 dead)?

hmmm…maybe the body count wasn’t big enough
to catch the eye of the six o’clock & the 
eleven o’clock as well?  

(think this will be “the last of the funerals?”)
(just who exactly are the “good guys?”)

blame it on video games.
blame it on music videos.
blame it on horror movies.

right, mr. NRA? mr. cowboy-gotta-hard-on-whenever-there’s-

just like those who see the 
increasing tropical storms &
increasing mass drought &
then say there is no such thing as global warming,
this america watches the wave of violence growing within
the belly of its empire &
then says that there is nothing wrong with the increasing
tension, stress, oppression & struggle,
brought on by the preference of profit over people,
giving rise to it all.

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school days 3

School Days 3
Can't find my homework.
The dog must have eaten it.
Missed the bus.So I had to walk next door to the school.
Mom is going to get mad. I got a F for lunch.
The day is almost over.
I watch the clock with care. 
Then it happens.I wake up!
Then I think it's only the second day of school.

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'Man' - Part I

See, I try to make sure my facial hair is
symmetrical on both sides of my face.
It’s not. I know it’s not. You may not be able to tell, but it’s not.

I don’t get much chest hair on the right
side, but there quite a bit on the left, so I just end up shaving it all off
because, well, who wants one hairy peck?

I switched to boxers in the 7th grade
because my high school actually had changing rooms, and I figured briefs were

I’ve never hit anybody outside of a martial
arts class, and even then it was mostly me getting hit. Well, that’s a lie. I
punched my friend when I was three because he pulled my sister’s hair. I still
feel bad about that. Also I don’t know martial arts.

I don’t like to hurt people or kill things;
I’ll follow a spider around forever with a napkin or a box just so I can carry
it outside. This one time I accidentally drowned a daddy-long-legs and it
ruined my whole damn day.

I like to feel things. I like that I’m so
easily moved by other people’s suffering; that I have to bite the inside of my
cheek in the movie theater just to keep it together sometimes, but I don’t like
that I feel the need to keep it together.

I am... a man. Am I?

Who sets the beat to which I must
Align my gait, my stance, my stride?

Who draws the lines of should and shouldn’t?
These lines embedded in my grandfather’s
As he furrows his brow to scold my
shoulder-length hair

See, I come from a land of chivalry
Where all men are (men men men men manly men
men men)
Where gender roles are rooted in fear and
And every man is a threat because I am not a
man without a leash on my woman

How low must this bladed pendulum swing?
How long my beard? How trimmed my hair?
How unchecked must my rage go?
How low must this pendulum swing?
No, how low must my scrotum hang?

See, I come from a line of angry men
Old and hard, with saddened eyes
Men of principle and veracity
Traders, merchants and builders.

But see, I come from a line of free-spirited
Socialites, teachers and artists
Who look their best and speak their minds
And hardly age at all

I am not a creature of honor
Shame brings with it the comfort of my own
I am not a creature of honor
I am not a creature of lineage or conquest

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Cherry Blossom

Dreams of tomorrow I must steel myself myself to a lonely sleep
I find my pillow wet with tears and discover that I have been biting my lips
our piddling worn-out planes did we think we could win with these toys
how stupid and there the high school girls waving our farewell
with cherry blossom branches

My imagination a Hayabusa III taking off towards Okinawa on a suicide mission April 12, 1945.
please no offence meant to either side (or middle).

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The book that life is
The love, the trials
The tribulations 
Are all written in the book
Experience is our best teacher
Read it well
So you can foretell
The story to our kids
The future generation
Life of renovation
Accept compassion, kindness, love
As God fearing nations
God's Omnipresence
The essence of our True...existence

©Copyright November 2011 by Brian Pierre-Alexander
© All Rights Reserved

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Untitled in 1-27-90

I sat in a kind of wasted skin stupor and 
try to make sense of my reality idiom in pisces 
blue A minor sequence aqueoushumor blind sigh-ted
by a dubious passion to be a teacher of pious on
metaphors to go to the holy innocents of a yestertommorrow
I talk ramble by day of the slammer sociomenace 
while they glassed eyed park their sick l cells in  
unneutral and (in double park synapse in tow---let me catch an old
glimmer of naked frenzy-taut as a stretched, cracked
brittle rubber band praying for one last turnstretch to 
flipfly a higher band than the last cloud pattern, given 
to the raised eyebrows of montoya clammerings of hocus
pocus Jekyll/Hyde explosive endeavor trick or treats
without the brownwhite wrapper or the righteous look
pinch pout pocket of a boy dowell. Keep the false faith friends,

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Distant voices through a window
Steamed up with thirty nervous breaths
And the thunder of a pencil dropped
Like a twig  falling  in a pond

The silence is choking, a penalty
Awaits the boy who dares call
His friends for help.  You pass or fail alone.
clock ticks are a measure of
the time left to prove your worth

The pens scratch in controlled fever
As the white paper yawns before
And the ink is squeezed unwillingly
From a pen tip wet with sweat.

The exam drowns everything for a moment
You must pass the testing.
Fifty years on another test
May depend more or less
On the way you handle this stress

But far off horizons cannot intrude
At the moment in youth when
The date of Napoleon’s death is crucial
Time crawls for you, races for another.

You are the sole oarsman in this
boat: which is all
Your life  -
For now

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A bird lays an egg
She keeps it warm
It starts to crack
And it hatches, during a heavy storm

It was a beautiful Lorrikeet
You could tell mother bird was proud
So out of her own happiness
She joyfully tweeted aloud

Time to fly, little Lorrikeet
Mother Bird encourages him
So he jumps off the tree
And swoops through the sky like a queen bee

On a quiet night 
A van pulls up to the tree
A shadowy figure scales it well
And he was tranquilized, faster than you could to five

Daybreak in a pet shop
He was in a cage, that's all Lorrikeet knew
Surrounded by a rainbow of birds
Name a bird and It was in view

The other birds learnt of Lorrikeet's intelligence
But then they bullied him for it
Lorrikeet grew depressed
There was no bird to make him not want to throw himself in a pit

So Lorrikeet was trapped
Trapped in a cruel world of hate
One day he'll be free
But there is no specified date

But then a little girl walked into the Pet store
But like anyone her age, she was looking at the puppies
Little girl asked Mum for a pup, but she said no
But then the tears roll down her face, What a sad show

Then something is spied in the corner of her eye
The beautiful Lorrikeet looking out of the glass cage
The little girl runs up to the cage and admires the beauty of the birds
Which are staring at the girl like one giant herd

The little girl decided for ages
Deciding which bird. There were cages and cages
But then Lorrikeet tweeted. Oh It was beautiful like a flute
The Little girl said it was a lovely toot

And so Lorrikeet was chosen
Chosen to be taken home by this sweet innocent child
Lorrikeet was happy to leave the cage of sorrow
He'll be playing with bells and eating the finest seed this time tomorrow

I wrote this poem to teach that through the hardship of bullying, victims can go on to
live long fulfilling lives. Which is the only thing that keeps my head high :)

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Fitting In

I enter the hall
wondering where to sit.
People stare.
I spot an open seat
and immediately drop into it.
Relief flows through me.
I’m a part of the crowd.

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too loose on the tears,
lost controlon the fears.
teh masks which i cry on;
i go on only for myself,
frightful of the consecquences.
too confuse in teh head,
nearly too insane to be dead.
I ama classic pain that goes on,
yet the rage in me to go against the storm lives on!
trying to change my life,
i seek to take control and make a difference.
but truth is, 
mybe, it's too late.
life just pass me by after high school high:
so much struggle against the will of the wind,
so much drama in my life,
it's like a bd high school musical play!!
sometimes living one day at a time isn't worth living at all!!!
love is the right motivation,
the drive is to earn something worthwhile before you're dead.

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Love Me

Love me
Love me for what I am
I don't smoke
I don't drink
And because of that
People treat me like a prick
I'm not stupid
I take pride in being Smart
I don't want much
I just want a place in your heart

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Let the fate decide

Let the fate decide 
I write not knowing of what comes
Not realizing the facts
Am not ready for the pain that is on his way
On his way to let down many hopes
To injure many souls 
To stop the proud of one another
I am asking if God could give me a chance 
To prove that I am worth the victory 
To study more harder
To close the lights rarer 
To give the ones I love a hug 
To give them my pride, my tiredness 
My hope for another day to come
And I be the one 
My ears are hearing voices fighting 
For what is right or wrong 
I really wish 
If an angel could fall from the sky 
And remove my eternal pain 
And give me a life I could smile in 
Give me a name, to live with
Give me a tissue to wipe all my tears away 
To miss the love of my parents 
And they’re respect for one another
Would give me a reason to live each day with
To give me a reason to fight for 
If there was angel 
Who would do all this? 
Who would send God my Prayers? 
And send God my begs and hopes for forgiveness
I wish, wish simple word, hard to make 
 Hard to achieve,….
Will the angel send my prayers 
Send my begs 
Send my hopes of forgiveness
Give me the love, honor ,name ,and… the reason to fight , to live
This life that has no justice….

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Don't Be Cruel

They try to be nice to me
They try to encourage me
But I'm not a fool
What you're doing ain't cool
You treat me like a tool
Just don't be cruel

You bully me every day
Impaling my emotions like a head on a spear
Clearly you don't expect much of me
Just to grow up as a depressed failure
Teachers say they care
But talk is cheap like an old car
They just sit there freeloading on their salary
Watching the remainder of my self esteem fade like a photo

Holding back my tears
Like a lovestruck teenager holding back his feelings
But when I can't hold anymore
The bullying gets worse
You have no call to treat me cold as ice
You take my feelings and slice and dice
Just be nice
Think twice
Before you pay the price

What you're doing ain't cool
You treat me like a tool
Just don't be cruel

"Don't be cruel. Cause I would never be that cruel to you."  -Bobby Brown

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Stand My Ground

Students walking through the halls
Cluttering the air with chatter,
As I walk silently by
Heading off to my next class.

Just a typical bookworm
Trying my best to stay out of trouble,
Yet trouble kept bombarding me
Just like students paper balling a chalk board.

Bullies trying to put the blame
On the innocent to be given shame
Just so they can cover their tracks
Make the good look like the bad.

They don't understand just how I feel
When you put the blame on the pure
Your just making up a lie
To keep them from the truth.

I try to stand my ground
Not wanting to be put down
From their snickers and words
To being locked in the dark.

When your pushed to a corner
You have to act on action
To get through the fight
Against my bullies.

When words fail to reason
Cornered from all sides
You have to follow instinct
And raise up your fists
To bring down the instigator.

I'm just a bookworm
Different from the rest
I must do all I can
To survive in this jungle.

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The Death of an Unknown

There was a man who died today,
I do not know his name.
I know he was born,
He lived, he died,
And that he died today.
I probably never saw him,
On TV or in the news,
And he was probably not the most popular,
In high school or at work.
He was probably only well known,
By his children and his wife,
And might even have a friend or two,
Who will miss him because he's gone.
There was also a woman who died today,
Her story is much the same;
But possibly the only thing they share,
Is that they died,
The death of an unknown.
Yet being unknown is not so bad,
For it is a fate that most share.
So few are known,
Some by design,
But many just by chance.
The unknown are those
Who make the known,
Who pass along their name.
Just as a house is not a house,
Without its boards and nails,
Fame cannot be obtained,
Without those who have none.
So if fame is what you seek,
I wish you the best of luck;
But for those who at the end of the day
Are no more known than before,
Don't be depressed,
And don't be sad,
For you help the world to spin.
Someone succeeded,
Because someone failed.
There cannot  be the death of a known,
The death of an unknown.

Romans 14:7 "For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself."

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Twinkle twinkle, little star,
93 million miles far.
Giver of light, supporter of life,
energy, climate and season device.

The sun is a star, we're glad it is here,
as our life support, for 5 billion years.
This star is among the brightest in space,
though close, many questions about it remain.
With violet ,orange, and reddish of hues, 
our home solar system pivots on you.
8,000 degrees of Kelvin heat,
elements of Hydrogen and Helium meet.
Over 100 times the size of the Earth,
rotating once is a seven day turn.
The first of three layers is visible light,
the thick photosphere is a veil of white.
The atmosphere there is a plasma in ways,
which emits a series of wavelengths and rays.
A more defined trait are the patches of dark,
Sunspots are cooler, magnetically charged.
These spots tend to vary and alter in shape,
every 11 years, new cycles take place.
Solar cycles can affect the weather on Earth,
filters and color are how they’re observed.
Direct observation can damage the eyes,
I'd advise that precautions be sought and applied.
The heat is supplied by a core via fusion,
and exits as energy and light distribution.
Plasma is also among things released,
Solar Flares on the surface are a common sight seen.
All around they emit rays, X and UV,
which frequently jam radio frequencies.
Close to the sunspots, the flares can be viewed,
particles majestically travel in loops.
The Sun, like the Moon, is a welcomed companion,
life without it cannot be imagined.

Twinkle twinkle, little star,
93 million miles far.
Giver of light, supporter of life,
always shining, through day and through night.

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Step into a neighbourhood thinking it's the best place in the world
But in every hood, there are druggos with hearts of mould
Hanging out in a secluded part of the school
Or chilling in the park trying to look cool
Weed or coke it all makes me sick
Young or old I think they're all pricks
Drugs break friendships between the good and the bad
Thinking drugs are good that's so damn sad

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Dream Collection 3 And a Real life Experience Friends

Dreaming shows you many hidden things in your mind; it opens you to alternative thinking…
What are friends? Are friends someone you can trust? What is trust? What is trusting? I've always asked myself this, but never really answered it... Friends are always something I have struggled with.

How does someone become your friend? Is it an unspoken thing? A mutual agreement? A strive to be popular? Or is it a feeling that everyone has?

Throughout my elementary years I had 6 friends. Brandon, Mattia, Isaac, Matthew, and 2 girls, Emily and Sydney. When I hit 5th grade, Isaac, who was my best friend, moved away.

I had one big problem, people who I saw as friends, weren't really friends. There were a lot of things said behind my back and people would use me as a fall guy.
Onto my dream...
My dreams as a kid, before I trained myself to lucidly dream, were, as far as I knew, real. And to be honest, for the most part I don't know what was a dream and what wasn't... 

I remember the new "cool" game to play was ZAP... If you don't know what zap is it is pretty much you put a name on a  hand and a time and they can't look at it until that time or they must ask them out. This also happened to be the time the term "gay" had hit my school, so I had a guys name written on my hand. So once I found out what it was I went and washed it all off. so as we went back in class everyone who fell to peer pressure which was pretty much everyone but me got in trouble.

Now I told the teacher I had it at one time but I washed it off at lunch because Iw anted to be honest.... She just said that was the right thing to do.... But everyone started laughing at my calling me gay and such because it was a guys name... So when asked who satarted it someone said ask the gay kid.... Well of course I got blamed with it so I was sent to the principal with not one, but two reasons to be in trouble... I woke... got ready for school, and as I was getting to school guess what I saw? A new friend, and its name was Zap.....

What is a true friend? Is it someone who will stand for you? Someone who is always there? Do you have a true friend? Do you trust that person? Now answer that again, do you really? Ask yourself a third time, how do you really know they are your friend?

P.S. Thank you all for all the support, I have really appreciated all the positive feedback on my work... Jarrod D.~

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The Siren

The Siren

I was only seven then, it had snowed all night, there was at least a foot of new snow on the ground making it almost three feet of snow so far for the season. One of the coldest winter in years.
I was on my way to school, walking ankle deep in snow when the first air raid warning siren came on, it was a frightful sound, I saw people running in all directions to the nearest shelters for protection.
I was scared and confused, I didn't know what to do, I decided to run back home but some kids kept running by me and yelling at me "Come on!" It was closer to school so that's where I ran too.
The shelter at school was a big basement, were they also stored some school equipment, if a bomb would
hit the school building we all would be buried alive in the basement.
After one hour the air raid siren where sounding that
the raid was over and it was safe to leave the shelter. Luckily there was nothing bombed within our area.
We only spend halve a day in school, but we got more home work.
Life was never the same, it was the beginning of almost daily hearing the hair raising sirens,
it brought a lot of fear and tragedy.

Erich J.Goller
Copyright 2009

for The Childhood Memory Contest

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Peace Of Mind

Most of the class is gone
Swimming with the year 7s
The teachers I hate are gone too
So I get peace of mind

My classmates are cruel
I'm a pawn on their chess set
But they're gone...
So I get peace of mind

The PE teacher is a jerk
The feud we have impairs me from my work
But I'm out of his reach
So I get peace of mind

Bring out the teachers
Bring in the subs
They don't give us work
So I get peace of mind

The classmates love to swim
So a few of us still stand
Peace + Quiet =
Peace of mind

But there is something still on my mind
A girl that I want to be mine
But she's not here
I don't trust her with my peers
But based on what they say
She's only trying to play
I'm the one she desires
I assume she's not a liar
I miss her
I worry for her
But somehow
I still get
Peace of mind

Written on 3.12.10

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Pray For My Downfall

Pray For My Downfall
Pray For My Pain
Pray For My Screams
Pray For My Tears
Pray For My Sorrow
Pray For My Shame
Pray For My Anger
Pray For My Death

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May 22, 2011 Joplin Tornado

A path of destruction it left.
It went through the town,
Like a car fly's down the high way.
Destroyed almost half the town.
Home gone.
Family dead.
The High School destroyed.
A time of devastation,
On that dreadful Sunday night,
On May 22, 2011.

We are strong,
And we rebuild.
New schools.
New homes.
Pride building back up.
Old friends and family we lost,
Were never forgotten.
We all remember very well,
And now were ready to Rebuild,
The town we grew up in,
Joplin, Missouri. 

That day we'll never forget,
May 22, 2011

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Graduation Day

Four years have come and gone,
Sooner than one would believe.
We've made our time worth its while,
But now it's time to go our separate ways.
Today's the day where we shine brighter than any star in the sky.
We're different in our own ways,
But we know how to come together as one.
From getting lost in a new place,
As young, naïve freshmen,
To strutting our stuff,
Down the runway of life.
We've made history!
The class that teachers will be proud to say,
"They were the ONE. Double the fun!"
Our time has come,
So let's show them what we've got!

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A Dark Desk In A Quiet Room

My mind goes to weird and wonderful places when left unattended,
And they make me reel it back in.
They don't want a person,
They want a tennis racket.

These days they hand you a certification
like it's the same thing as an education.

(Human tennis and the indoctrination blues)

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Signed boards-
The subject missed the school black boards!

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Geeky Boys and Busty Girls

In the little town called Cleveland
Some many years ago
In a high school gymnasium
Met a group of girls and boys
Since early in their childhood
They were plagued by many peers
Because they lacked
The perfect look
Like many other kids

After many years of torture
Constant badgering from everyone
They decided was time to take a stand
Claiming freedom once again
The group contained the branded
The freaky geeky boys
The girls slightly on the heavy side
A few all rolled in one

They called their club the meeting 
Of freaky boys and busty girls
Requirement was be outcast 
From the preps the jocks “the toys”
They arranged a simple protest
Simple protest most fun
To prove that being different 
Is not so bad and can be fun

They stripped down to nothing
But a smile on every face
And marched the halls of Cleveland High
In unison they did say
Though we may all look different 
Inside we’re all the same
So accept us if you will or not
We’re happy just the same

The faculty at the school that day
We outraged by what they saw
Forty teenage girls and boys
Marching naked down the hall
Parents quickly contacted
Expulsion all around
For the kids labeled freaks and geeks
Their victory it was found

Though the protest was very different
The idea quite deranged 
Respect was granted on that day
For the group with guts to say
Being different is not so different
Can be cool they all proclaimed
For the geeky boys and busty girls
We’re proud for each that day

The moral of this story 
Though odd but very true
Though outside one looks different
Inside the pages read so true
Looks aren’t that important 
But the hearts all beat the same
We are all just like 
The kids 
From Cleveland high that day

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Young Love

I am scared to know you actually cared
To let you in so quickly
I can't help myself
For it has already happened
Scared to believe your words to be true
Excited & giddy
To have found 
An apparent match in you

I didn't want to care for anyone
I wasn't looking for love
But some things can change so quickly
If you're not on the same page
Not feeling the same way
Stop saying things
That lead me to believe differently

I'm scared now to believe
Someone would actually care for me
Saying you will miss me
Do you truly know what that means to me?
You not aware
That I care so much for you already
In such a very short time

Do you feel the way I do?
Hearts connecting in harmony
Or are you playing high school games
If that is true
I want out of your trap
Release me from this trance
I didn't sign up for this

Are you hiding behind a joke?
I can't believe you,
Only to have my heart broken
I hide from my feelings
I don't want to admit anything to myself
For if I'm wrong
Only believing in a lie
The pain may already be too strong

I desperately need to know
What is the catch?
Running out of time, to figure it all out
I try to find the disguise 
You're hiding behind

Or do we really have something going
Something special
Uniquely created & Heavenly ordained
Will we even give it time to bloom?
Time to see
What God has in store
In the end
For you & me

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Pioneer Memories

The traditional log home,
Where each phase is a miracle.

The log furniture you built yourself,
The stone hearth where you baked your bread and cooked your meals.

The candlelight at night where you read perhaps the only book you had, the bible,
Distant days where you walked to the one room school house.

Blessed with chalkboard slates where you wrote out your homework,
Where school is a privilege as well as learning.

When I rise in the morning I think of how we have progressed,
Now we have contemporary homes and apartments.

With furniture purchased making our living space attractive,
We have appliances you switch on and off with ease.

The lights at home easy to access and turn on,
Delicious foods purchased from the local grocery store.

University and schools where education is acquired with excellence,
The library acquired and read.

Alexander Graham Bell's Telephone where you can miraculously telephone,
God's miracles for us, continues, for a moment I wished to reflect and appreciate.

Author : Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Eden part 1

An angelic figure glides among the damned
One who is not quite angel, yet not quite so much as human
More like something in between the lines of both barely hanging onto the title
With eyes that paralyze, and pierce the very soul
Eyes that can stop the beating of he heart, the breath from ones very chest
That can chill the blood that courses through a delta of veins
Eyeliner charcoal tears from a broken heart cascade down flawless porcelain cheeks
and lips that curve into the perfect heart melting smile
All placed upon a porcelain face of an angel who is not an angel
A damned soul walks among the graced prescence of the angel who is not an angel yet not human
She speaks in empty verses through the ink that flows through the river Styx encased in her very veins
An emptiness on the inside she ignores as the hole grows bigger as days pass
She hovers in a place that is not a place
Drifting in between realities as she pleases, preferring the place that is not a place
Where white roses grow under a bleeding moon that cries out to the shadows
Drifting from there to a false reality
Where friends are not friends
and love is always just out of a finger tip's reach
A reality where people hurt other people, step on them and use them without second thoughts
Victimized, she drowns in her thoughts and sorrow.
She stands alongside listening to the empty shell as it criticizes her once more
Drifting, falling into a catatonic state in a place that is not a place
Grey eyes glazing over at a reflective surface, drowning so far into thought, suffocating...
Filling lungs with thoughts that feel like liquid lead, liquid poison that feeds the soul
A command brings her crashing back, the accident far too tragic to fix 
The empty shell snaps, walks away and continues on her way
Turning the damned, by chance of fate, paralyzed with awe and fear comes face to face with an angel that is not an angel 
Her breath catches, her heart stops, all in a beautiful simultaneous death, that is not exactly a death..
In the prescience of an angel, who's not an angel
You feel at peace for once, like nothing can go wrong.
You feel like there's hope and love that was once so far out of reach encases itself in ones heart.
Their eyes connect, brown to blue
She's frozen there, glued to the spot
Caught in his angelic gaze
she feels safe, at home, at peace
She apologizes quietly, for having disrupted the path of an angel, and slips away
Desperately wishing to turn back and speak more, but far too shy to

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100 Onions

                               100 Onions
                    (The absconding of the onions)
                         (Onion bandit burglary)

In Waterville Maine today the rain stayed a little longer
100 onions grown by grade school students had been stolen
The children at Albert Hall Elementary grew the veggies by themselves
With teeny tiny student hands
Nurtured them and fed them onion nutrients and water
Protected them from harm
To give them to the homeless who needed them more than life itself
We are certain, that the homeless require onions all the time
According to our sources and correspondents on the scene
They can never get enough onions on their own
The children had to save the homeless.   Save them now!
The young ones said the most distressful things like
 “I’m sad”, “I’m very sad.” And things like that
This threw the community into a whirlwind of perturbation   
Oh!  What kind of criminal mind perpetrates such a heinous act
In broad day light or any time for that fact?
Is there no decency, no justice left?  What about the theft?
What ever happened to stealing cars and robbing banks?
Isn't there more profit in those crimes?
Detectives will hunt this onion bandit down and show him justice
Perhaps at the end of a rope or headless by the guillotine
Or boiled in the chowder in New England soup, to bring him to his senses
Onion bandit burglars belong in dungeons and should be sued
We can only hope he takes the 100 onions home and cuts them open
And starts to cry for the “sad” and “very sad” young ones that he hurt
And have him pay for crimes against humanity and onions
There’s nothing worse than absconding with the onions

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high school struggles

i dont hate you, i dont dislike you,
i love you, but lately all we do is fight,
i wish we would have never started high school, all it causes is strife,
its pushed us apart, were no longer attatched at the heart,
im getting so tired of praying for a miracle, so when i decide to speak my part,
i just know my friends they will act like they got shot, there troubeled souls need help to depart, there hearts full of backstabbing sin, that place were i used to be, they ripped it out in there callow sense of shallowness,

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in the year 2012

My momas always told me always let the good out weigh the bad,
2012 has truely served her adage true justice, friends have been lost, high school transition has been plain out rough, my fire has been put out by crimanals bitter unjustice, threw this all i have still managed to sketch a smile on my pale, weeri, tired, stressed face, my momas adage always ran threw my head so i always smiled and found the best out of every impediment that stood in my way, my favorite thing about 2012 was learning that i could be bold, that i could be brave, and that i could over come heartbreak

joni havard 

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A Township Day - A School time memory

This is a true story of seven students
Agone days of those ill-famed fiddles
Musing with drolleries – assiduity on catchy missies
And lamed against educators animalism.
Books usually kept aside but concentration hard on last night
Weekends glossed upon soul mate’s hug
Weekdays went upon escaping tutorials
And the freshers on boozing thought, to try out school time dipso bash. 

Once in the winter of two thousand one
Seven students planned for such a dipso bash
By escaping from school in the first half
After the party, to rejoin their lectures in the second half. 
This was just an act of vengeance
To prove the youthful independence
They tried to live with self prominence
Extropies to get caught, was out of their dominance. 

One among them sorted out the program
After the assembly followed by the literature lecture
They are to jump over the fence, a height of twelve feet,
Bounded by the cycle stand.
The bell rang and before the second lecture started
They adhered to their plan. 
One followed the other, eyes sleuthing everywhere
Fortuitously they moved along the corridor
To the cycle stand.

The guard might have gone for a cup of tea
Hence the coast was clear, and
Those sleuthing eyes calculated the time
And decided to involve into a black-listed crime.
The fence was too high, yet didn’t bothered them
One bicycle was supported to the wall
And the other was carefully placed on top
One was holding and others climbed up
The last one to go somehow made the jump. 

Scatted seven breached the rules
And pelted along the street,
The moment of triumph was cracked by relish,
Towards the destiny, only belonged to those educatees. 
Everything was planned - two large Royal Stag
Seven disposable glasses and potato chips,
The cold water and ice cubes then blended their time with juvenility
An awaited moment, felt like a walk to the heaven. 

Blitzed seven minds headed for the school
By the plan they were going to attain those second-half lectures
Wobbling through the corridors all the seven
Were now the back benchers of the class
Caught by few classmates and asked to keep numb.
Two lectures over the last one to go
Those dreadful sleepy eyes 
Somehow looked very attentive in class for the first time.

Lectures were over and they escaped luckily
The act of vengeance 
Ultimately proved their independence
All they did was just to encounter the consequence.

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It is empty and cold here
Even with all these people.
Like a big blur in the corner
I stand and watch the commotion.
They laugh, they smile, they speak
And no one remembers me
No one acknowledges me.
It is dark
Even though there are lights everywhere.
And I, the shadow; the ghost; the figment of imagination...
I watch.
And watch.
And then it is truly dark.
Everyone is gone and I stand.
It is truly warm.
And the silence is the loudest commotion of all.

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He excels in English
He excels in Maths
I'm really surprised
He's not in GATS (Gifted And Talented Students)

He excels in Geography
He excels in History
How he does
It's such a mystery

He excels in Sport
He excels in tests
I guess I can say
He's the best

He talks in class
He cracks jokes
But he excels
So he must be blessed folk


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Ashley Petersen Period 8 and 9 Room 228

Dear current (and future) teachers

         I would like to point something out
It's a little habit that I see
         most of you have
I'm not saying you underestimate me
I'm not saying I'm really smart
And by no means am I
        "above average."
But most of you do this thing,
that I find quite annoying
          you repeat and point out
                                   everything they say
                                   everything I've already
                                   everything that I do.
I'm not saying I'm perfect,
      because I know nobody is,
but would you please quit telling me
      someone else's mistakes
and just point out mine?

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To A Closed Mind

Here I am: a product of coffee shop
    bricks and apparition footsteps-freakishly
    paradoxical, hungrily swallowing placebos 
    disguised as Penicillin.
I harbor words deep into my hingeless ribcage 
    keep their tangled veins behind my
    lovestained, hatchet hacked Heart;
They cannot be silenced.
Who needs to know them anyways?
They are brittle cattle skulls left in
    desert sun, elderly faces stare
    back at me, cradled in my eye sockets where
    they should not belong.
Puppetry: I am a marionette on semicolon strings
    curled around their blithe and bony fingers
    which stroke the dimensions of my brain with pseudo-malice,
    fingernails dug into white matter,
    the right hemisphere's wounded meat. A ghost of past;
    inkstains still dripping like oil off
    severed whale bones hung to dry.
My sickly verses maintain their steady cancer.
Seeds I've consumed in hopes of daisies
    made me a deafmute Persephone, whom
    devours youth like Heroin. Unashamed.

"To A Closed Mind"
Jenna-Nichole Conrad

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lost, found, and liberated

i use to lie awake at night 
and ponder of this pointless life 
up for hours and not make a sound 
i once was lost but now i am found
my sea of confusion, like moses did part
the instant i let jesus inside of my heart...
but than i let out a gigantic huge fart 
and realized it was just indigestion 
than like a sensible person, i began to question 
and out of those questions, came rational thought 
and all of the things in school i was taught 
like critical thinking and following facts 
so i came to the conclusion: religions a quack 
now i live happily, in awe of earth's mysterious beauty 
and if you don't like it, you can kiss my patooty

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Nobody Likes A Know It All Part 3 of 4

Nobody Likes A Know-It-All
(Or ... But I Know, What I Know)

... About Play-Time & Rest & Work-Shift Gears
About GOD & Laws & Holy Spirit Pure
About Faith & Hope & Man-Made Cures
Yeah, I Know of Somethings (Tho' I'm No Seer)
And No Matter What Others May Say or Hear ...

Believe When I Tell You So ...
... I Know What I Know

I Have Checked My Academic's Interior
So Furniture Where I Sat Won't Be Inferior
& So My Degrees Would Be The Perfect Temperature
And My Curriculum Wouldn't Graduate Immature
So Certificates & Diplomas Are Always Tenure

and  No Matter What The World May Throw ...
 ... I Know What I Know

I've Studied Thesis & Themes About Conscience & Jurors
Separated & Negated Both Rumors & Errors
So Wisdom's Alma Mater Would Polish My Mirror
To Reflect Seminars & Lectures Superior

and Now, I'm On An Honor-Roll
... and I Know What I Know

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

(Prov. 2: 1 - 22)
Someone Once Said That, "Knowledge Is Power"
But I Say ... Wisdom:  Is A Warrior In His Strong Tower
and Understanding:  Is An Army That Covers Its Ground
Discernment:  Is A Sentry That Watches Over Its Town

Reason or Rationale:   Rides & Reins In Wild Horses
Having Sense:  Surrounds Us In Full-Tactical Forces
A Discipline:  Is A Skill, Honed Sharp & Smart For Battle
A Lesson:  Is Instructions; Orders; & Rules That Awards Medals

Learning:   Is An Arrow That Will Reach Its Target
& A Teacher Is:  Commander, Leader, General & Drill Sargent
& A Student:  Is A Soldier and Apprentice of Them All ...
Yes, A Student Must Have The Strategy To Patrol
Yet, Always Remember - Nobody Likes A Know-It-All

Oh, See How Thoughts Are Being Taught All The Time!
Even As I Reasoned & Wrote Down This Rhyme
Like Bells That Ring or A Whistle That Blows ...
... I Know What I Know

* * * *

Humans Live For Adventure & Mystery
That's Why GOD Keeps Some Things Under Lock & Key
(Eccl. 3: 10, 11)
So, We'd Search & Seek & Survey & See
& Either Answer, 'At Last!' ... or Say, 'Enlighten Me'

and GOD Will Have Wonders To Show ...
... I Know What I Know

(Part 3 of 4)

     Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/20/2013 
      by:  MoonBee Canady

(Part 3 of "Nobody Likes A Know-It-All" is the serious side of  addressing "Knowledge ... ... So, this free verse is really about Godly Knowledge, Biblical Learning and Spiritual Intelligence ... (first) ... and then about education and different areas of study in an academic way.  So when reading this write - that should be kept in mind, to get the most out of it ... MoonBee

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(My very first poem) 

I used to hide
In my pine tree
I could feel safe and big
Sitting in my monkey fort.

Now I can't
They say I'm too old
Instead I sit in the cafeteria
Eating my bananas. 

(C) 1971, 1998 RosaSheila Barrera

This poem was published in "LA FONT" a high school literary collection....

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Doors creak
Floors squeak
The heartbeat thuds again

Fingers itch
Mouths twitch
The door swings in the rain

Open gaping
All men calling
Come the judgements passed

One last step
Towards the brink
There is but one last chance

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Transitions (I Used To)

I used to be happy
But now I'm getting sadder.
I'm trying to be an optimist
But Sometimes I end up as a pessimist.

I used to be funny
But now I'm getting serious.
I try to take a joke
But they all get me provoked.

I used to like pop
But now I find it overrated.
It gets crammed down my throat
But to old school I devote.

I used to achive without trying
But now I gotta put in effort.
I'm not losing IQ
I gotta try like baby birds flying in sky blue.

I used to only care about beauty
But now I'm searching for more
I want a girl who I can pour my soul into
But sensitivity is underrated so who?

I used to only see dogs as pets.
But now I know they're sophisticated creatures.
I have two dogs who would die without me.
Every second spent with them is a treasured memory.

I used to enjoy School
But now I think It's a prison
"Don't push me 'cause I'm close to the edge"
"I'm trying not to loose my head."

I used to hope life would stay static.
But now I know things happen.
Everything bad thats happen I'll pull through.
The counselor's telling me that so I guess it's true.

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Roast Beef And The Pin Ball Machine

There was this cafe
where us guys use
to go during lunch
hour, while going
to High School.

We would all get
a hot roast beef
sandwich, you know
two pieces of bread
with roast beef,
mashed potatoes
and rich brown gravy,
for the price of 50 cents,
today you pay around 4 dollars,
for same thing and not as good.

Any way, there was this
pin ball machine in there
that you could play,
you got so many points
by how well you did,
which you could use
to buy your lunch for free.

This after awhile, became
a deep mad passion for all of us,
for about a year, I did
this, until I dropped out
of high school.

This one guy, who we
called big Rudy, he
had a special way of
eating his roast beef

You had to scrape away
the potatoes, push them aside,
then dig into the beef, bread,
then eat potatoes last, if you
didn't do it this way, he really
talked down to you, until we
all it dig right,
I know really sounds dumb,
but you had to know Rudy.

Really miss those days,
and those guys of being
in school, having no problems,
except getting home work done,
and doing good on those tests.

wrote 9-1-08  

Memories of East High School Des Moines Iowa, where I went from 1960-61

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Lessons Learned

As a child from Germany I learned to live in a foreign country,
Canada became my home with my parents and relatives.

As a child  from Germany I learned to speak a foreign language English,
All the while learning to speak German at home.

As a child  from Germany I attended school at a young age,
Learning about companions and academic learning.

As a child from Germany I discovered churches,
All the while worshipping and loving God.

As a child from Germnay I continued schooling, 
Developed a love for sports and academics.

As a child from Germany I learned about Brownies and Girl Guides,
Earning my wings and making friends.

As a child from Germany I was honoured to be with the YMCA as a summer counsellor,
Where we hiked and sang songs, made crafts and shared good compaionship.

As a child from Germany I graduated elementary school,
I went onto Secondary School and continued to take course subjects.

As a child from Germany I excelled in languages and sports,
Graduated and went to University.

As a child from Germany I received my Canadian Citizenship
Continued and went to Toronto Teacher's College.

As a child from Germany I became a Teacher of English,
The story continues and there are many chapters,
Lessons to be learned continue.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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The School of Theology

The fondest of my memories was certainly in college.
I was in my forties, going back for a forth and fifth
degree. Some may know my school as STC or the
School of Theology in Claremont. I picked this school
because I had a lot of faith in god and thought the 
journey through this new religious cavern most 
important. With all my heart I wanted to become a 
minister. The longer I staid in school the harder I 
worked, there were so many factions: written; religious
history; theology; preaching and on and on. Then about
 ¾ of the way through I had a eclipse in faith. It was in 
Biblical studies where we were learning that there was 
nothing literal about the bible and many authors wrote it.
 After this lapse in faith I pulled myself back together 
accepting the modern way the bible was written. I regained 
my strength and enthusiasm and continued till I finished 
receiving not only a Masters of Divinity degree, but also a 
Doctor of Minister Degree in Preaching. Yet, the story 
doesn't end here. Only one year later I was diagnosed 
with a brain tumor. There was nothing the Dr.s could do
except operate and see what it was. Luckily it wasn't 
cancerous and over 80 % was removed because it was 
causing me to smell things that weren't there.  I resumed 
my life with a few handicaps, seizure, etc. taking 
14 medications per day. My memory was fully 
impaired so there was no way I could work in the 
field of ministry. Now on SSI, poor and barely getting
by I still have these memories of having attended STC, 
and working very hard.

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All Thanks to Him

Walking down the empty streets,
In truth already done,
I've lost myself in dreams again as I sit in school,
I sit and sit and sit and sit,
But not a word absorbed,
It doesn't matter how long I stay,
I'm not here at all.

He laughs and laughs all at something I said,
I smile, grin in responce to him.
He's shown me not to draw from people,
Taught me how to be myself.
To dance and listen,
Learn and turn,
But no longer in my head,
Now I dance to live, and learn!

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7th grade

it was the best
and everything
we were 
and the loudest
which was me
now everything has changed
we all miss each other
but some day
we will be 

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Eden Part 2

The empty shell calls to her, and she beckons at the very sound of the call, lost in thought of angels and eyes of brown.
Leaving him in the physical past, she follows the empty shell
While living in the memory, committing every scene to the library she calls her mind.
As the days pass she searches for an angel, a sign, a guide
She looks, she hopes
To feel alive again for that brief instant
Following meeting an angel in disguise, an angel who is not an angel, she has periods of a beating heart, a positive mind, a flicker of hope in her smile, in her eyes
She seizes these moments to express herself with the ink that flows once more
With words that have meaning, sometimes hidden
Sometimes bluntly on the page, screaming out to the reader
Begging to be noticed, recognized, and responded to
Words that have such a deep meaning, so much depth you could get lost in the void
She crashed so hard, her head is spinning
Thinking nothing more than it was just another one of the damned
The angel, this perfect being, who is not quite human still
Continues on in his sorrow, his beautiful tragedy
Thinking nothing more of it, remembering nothing more from it
She existed for a moment, had meant something for a moment
She felt like she was soaring, so high, flying on top of the world, just for a brief moment, a single brief moment that felt like forever might just be true
She crashed, and died in a beautiful tragedy upon coming to the realization that she meant nothing, and could never mean anything
She was just another one of the damned
nothing more, nothing less, just existing
Just like the rest, but not simultaneously
On an endless each, empty and lonely again...
She wants a taste of heaven once more, of Eden, of the feelings
She fades as days pass
With no one and nothing, except for an empty shell and Malevolent Beast to speak to
Alone in her mind, she re-enacts the scene in her dreams, replays the memories and memorizes the lines, the feelings.
An angel, who wears a mask to hide the humanity sits perched in through against a wall
His eyes deep, stone-like as his stare paralyzes the very particles floating in the air
He watches, waits
For something, Nothing
A silence like no other echoes ever so quietly 
He watches and listens, to the voices of the damned, the voices of the silence, the voices of sanity, listening amongst them for an answer
The damned walks along with an empty shell, a malevolent beast

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can you feel the pressure now?

Pencil tap tap tap on the old wooden desk
tick tock tick tock goes the battered clock,
fidgeting of bottoms on chairs
and shuffling of feet,
scribbling ferioucly of a pen over paper,
as the smart people work as hard as they can,
while the people who think they are cool
lounge in their chairs humming to themselves
with words of disgrace scribbled over their page.
Tired eyes and drooping lids 
clear to everyone who felt the rush,
determind students with ambitions and dreams
says to everyone who will succeed.
Tick tick tick goes the battered clock
pencil tap tap tap on the old wooden desk
time is running out.
Tell me,
can you feel the pressure now?

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Sorry for the dirty laundry part 2

I wont repeat this cycle
I wont repeat this nightmare
I love you I really do
You are my mother
And no matter what any of your abusive boyfriends or husbands say
I will always
and that is fact
That is true

I don't know if it was easier for you not to call on our birthdays
I just figured you were too poor
I can relate
Sometimes I would get upset
Sometimes I wouldn’t care
And I know sometimes you blame yourself and think you were never there

You were mom
You fixed dad
and got him to stop drinking
And now you’ve moved on and on
Round three of another match of verbal abuse and beatings

I know you and grandma never really got along
And I know dad was screwed over by some high school sweet heart
So he wouldn’t allow you a lot of things
And after all your pain they are back together
After like 17 years of psychological abuse and tears and frustration
and his debauchery shoved in your face
I still have a memory lane too 
and know sometimes it’s easier to focus on the bad then the good
And I remember going to Disneyland
and how you were let in on all the women you knew and were friends with
Dad was diddling
as they chanted
It’s a small world

But mom
Don’t repeat the same mistakes
That would be like me rediscovering another place within the fire
I’m still stuck in the middle of a hard place
The weakest of the family being fed pills and counseling
As through me the age-old battle goes on
I know I'm having a hard time dealing with what you’ve been through
And no one wants to point any fingers of blame 
And even though I have no idea who to believe
The joke I’m not telling
you could both blame it on the alcohol that destroyed you rmarriage
Drove your children crazy
And now apparently your still both stuck with emotional immaturity
Not like I’m any better
Thrown away and shunned for running away from alcohol and drugs
Keeping my secrets from you because you’re both too fragile to handle my truth

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Science is knowledge, magnificence pansophism! 
Extreme erudition of unmatched intellect, 
in all its compelling branches; 

The beautiful and dynamic achievement of flight. 
A kite flying with great height. 
A curveball thrown with might. 
Phenomenal "Aerodynamics" allows such sights. 

The amazing structure of the human body such as the heart; 
Eyes that view a visual art. 
Ears that tune Mozart. 
Without the extraordinary systems of "Anatomy" we truly depart. 

The fascinating studies of humankind. 
Values help us to be kind. 
Beliefs are a part of how we are designed. 
The enthralling and humble "Anthropology" allowing us to be refined. 

The remarkable mystery of reconstructing past societies. 
Biofacts help pieces together ancient aristocracy. 
Artifacts help determine historical tendencies. 
Adventurous and valuable "Archaeology" traces of our ancestries. 

The wonderful feeling and marvel of observing the night sky... 
Planets are the starting point in charting the galaxies, nothing to defy. 
Calendars, how else would you know it's July! 
The mystical stories of "Astronomy" is where our answers lie. 

There is a fabulous world of the living that the human eye can not see. 
Bacteria without you there would not be food on land or in sea. 
Earth's microscopic decomposer and carbon releaser, nature loves thee. 
Most see it as disease I see "Bacteriology" as exquisite, maybe it's just me! 

What could be more delightful then knowing our genetic code? 
DNA the carrier of our complex traits, an imperfect human mold. 
Chemical processes in living organisms, a sight, if able to see, to behold! 
Unbelievable and monumental is "Biochemistry" to mapping the human road. 

I admire the ability to see every aspect of life in a living organism. 
Classification of species helps define humanism. 
Behavior the study of stimulus-response may help destroy racism! 
I find comfort in "Biology" and in its explanation of this organism. 

I could not be more grateful for the importance in plant life! 
Oxygen is life, without it we be in the afterlife. 
Medicine is the healer and prevents the surgical knife. 
We all should be thankful to lifesaving "Botany" and its lab in the wildlife. 

There are so many other branches of science: Climatology, 
Entomology, Ecology, Marine Biology... 
And this is just a poem, not a report, to marvel at science. 
Beside this scientific mind has run out of rhymes

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It wasn't what we wrote; 
that which was startling, or true,
or even the stark cynical twist
which grasped at the neck so early,
but the fact that deep below
was the cold pathetic marrow
that ached and ached and we
felt no shame in our therapy-
writing page after page 
of neurotic fireworks,
and very few,
but the most low and dying
really knew
and felt
The Grime,
that slime and slithering evil
of despair and medicated happiness,
our poetic moments-
that which we could bare,
'was', and 'is' why
we will never be loved.

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The walls are talking

The walls are talking
and I want to be out of sight
I need to be away from it all
to keep my cool
Toying with emotions
throwing around rumors
I need to be away from it all
The walls need to be still
and just watch with delight
as flowers start to bud
not take off in full flight

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She wasn't a stray, but a sick yellow cockatiel,
with speckled gray on her feathers.
The pet shop was giving her away,
I was in elementary school when I got her,
she was a lovable bird and I enjoyed holding her.
Very timid she was, you could sort of hear her purr.
Not like a cat but in her own special way,
I would leave her on my stomach as I watched her when I laid. 
She would look at me and still be rather bothered 
of the fast movements of my hand,
and as a child I didn't know any better,
but her frightened little yellow, orange cheeked face
would stretch out and get skinny
and that would make me laugh out so silly.
She was still quite very sick and we kept her in a box,
she didn't leave the house,
she would ride on my shoulder or on my head.
I noticed her feathers where rather ruffled and gloomy,
so I decided to go outside and I think the light almost blew her mind,
'Cause she freaked out screamed!
..Well a little birdie squeal,
and she jumped off onto the ground
and in the grass she looked around.
Thank goodness her wings where clipped,
if not I would be a little girl crying
for a bird she surely missed.
And once again, since I was young 
this act had made me laugh.
By golly corny puff, you're such a scaredy cat!
But then I saw, when she calmed down,
she looked up to the sky,
she watched the sun,
she watched the clouds,
and nibbled the grass blades.
I saw she was enjoying
her small little escapade.
So ever since then, I'd take her out
and sometimes she'd get away,
but she would always fly to the tree out front
so I would have to get on my tippy toes 
and give her some guff.
And as the years passed, we would go out less,
cause as you get older life get's in the way.
I would pet her on the head and off to school I fled,
off to girlfriends,
off to my boyfriend,
off to an interview 
off to a job,
and there Cornpuff stayed.
She would wander the house
and my dad got mad cause he stepped on her once,
but luckily only her tail.
We had a skylight and there she stand next to the fridge,
looking at the light of the day.
In the morning I would wake, to an odd scratching sound,
there she was biting my shoes, rubber crumbs on the ground.
Other days there's a tapping on the mirror,
for she was trying to get her reflection
and one time I looked down from my bed
and there she was trying to get my attention!
I would pick her up and leave her on my chest,
picking on the dry skin on my face.
I would fall asleep and soon would she,
my best friend found her place.

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College Essay

Two days before the deadline.
Fingers flying frantically,
Condensing a lifetime’s achievement
In 500 words or less.  

Eyes are bloodshot from the long night, spent
Staring and scanning every line, every blip
With the careful precision of a surgeon.  

Secretly beautifying my faults 
Like an embalmer, decorating wounds,
To make even a dead body presentable.  
All to impress anonymous judges  
Who are endowed with the authority 
To confirm my life’s worth.

Judges who grade lives—
Out of a pool of million—
Superficial enough to be condensed
In 500 words or less.   

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A Shooting

A shooting today-
a southern technical school.
14 dead.

A young man leaving
the safe place he built.
22 dead.

A community terrorized-
a single lone gunman.
31 dead.

A storming tragic event
leaving questions, asking answers.
33 dead.
33 Dead.

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Ron Van Stight (pt.1 of 3)

Addictions have had a great impact on my families life, all on my mother's side.
There were three people in our lives who have three very different addictions, two of them 
are still with us. My uncle Ron had an addiction to drugs.
It started innocently enough with pot smoking in high school and drinking on weekends with 
his friends. As he got a little older, though not much older, his taste for being high began to 
consume his life. He would take acid or mushrooms just to get that "euphoric" feeling, and 
when that wasn't enough, he started to snort cocaine. When taht was no longer giving him 
the feeling he longed for he turned to the mother of all drugs at that time...heroin.
It consumed him. He began to sell his belongings just to buy enough for a day. He lied and 
stole from my grandparents. He told my mom, who was 13 at the time, that it was like 
having all your cares washed away in an instant. He compared it to getting your all time 
favorite treat just when you needed it the most, and it was completely satisfying. Smoking it 
eventually didn't have the desired affect, so he began to shoot it. It wasn't long after that 
choice, he was at a party and several of his friends were all shooting it up, so he did too. 
They all used the same needles, and that was a fatal choice. One of them had hepatitis and 
he got very sick. By the time he went to the doctor, it was too late. He died four days after 
being admitted to the UBC hospital. No other hospital would admit him because in the 80's 
haptitis was highly contagious and deadly 8 out of 10 times.
He slipped into a coma and then all of his organs started to fail one by one, until eventually 
the only thing keeping him alive was the machines. Together my moms family had to decide 
to let him go. He was 21 when his life ended very sunddenly from stupid and tragic 
circumstances, all because he made some poor choices in life. Sometimes I wish he were 
still here, so I could get a chance to meet him. My mom says he was an amazing person, full 
of love of life, and sincere devotion to his family...until the drugs came along.

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Self reflection part 2

So I sit here and self reflect going through the lessons I was taught and forced to 
spit out the right answers I disagreed with and now have the chance to say Hitler 
was the victim
and in Vietnam there was no hero but a cleansing of getting rid of thousand of 
serial killers desperate for the love of an abusive god they didn’t know how to 
stand up against who wanted someone to blame
 When we write the next history book of lies about today’s liars and propaganda 
and confusion
And if I could sneak into the history pages
What lessons would I try to teach the students of a continent to say you don’t 
have to have church in school for there to be a god 
Look at me look at me
Figure out my riddle
If you’re that brave but write down the wrong answer or you’re in trouble
And then wait to find like-minded individuals

What lesson would I teach the world using all of the world’s actors?
Me as everybody’s fool
So the spiritually impoverished could study one chapter of history and walk away
with their hands full of gems and spiritual crowns and realize
they now have a test of psychology to figure out all the pieces of their world
to under stand the script we have written for them
and who amongst them are false and true prophets either playing along or who 
knows what domino is going to catastrophically going to fall

What’s the perfect act for my actors with me to carry them into history?
If I could just sneak in
But how do I get in there?
How do I show them history doesn’t care if you’re skinny or fat?
Ugly or beautiful
Stupid or smart

Do I care what essays the might write about me in the future if I was to make it in 
comparison to our politicians
Would there be a whole course in school called figuring out the world’s scripts 

I could change the world if you let me
And in all honest as I protest some things here and there
You are another domino
and a piece of my claim to my fame
and maybe one day it will be someone else
but 27 years of serenading me and stealing my dreams
Id rather have lived my hell on earth for a reason of where vie cried for the world
and had the confusion as to why my names are songs to be for good
then to be jealous of a man who spent three days in my shoes and was crucified
for trying to live a lie
But ignorance is bliss

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Not a day goes by without it
It stresses the takers
But it relaxes the givers
Pressure is a sign of hypocrisy
We pressure people and laugh
But when we GET pressured
All hell breaks loose
All we want is a calm peaceful life
But pressure terrorizes me every day

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Graduation Day

A temptation unlike myself unfurls
(Everyone’s here asking if I was in the hospital)
The shadow of movement has passed on,
And a cold electric scatters away from a scorched tree.

Our mutual acquaintance says hello to me again,
He was at the rehearsal and said you wanted us all to be closer
Why hasn’t your mother shown up yet?

I’m leaving this place hating you,
And I hear that you think we’re best friends

The sun strays out from beyond a great building jutted into an afternoon breeze.

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A Lier's Lies

Go ahead, use me. Lie to my face, tell me it's not my fault. Tell my friends to hate me for 
a month or two. Tell them lies that are convincing enough to believe so they'll hate me 
more. Do you not know what you were doing? I was almost suicidal because I had no 
friends that wouldn't give me dirty looks, or sneer and whisper those same lies in the 
next person's ear. Call me fat, but ask me to save seats? You were lucky. Lucky that at 
the time, I wasn't in self defense class. And that, according to you, my best friend was 
your best friend. So you see, now you know; you can't go around saying that your "600 
Lb brother could walk out on the dock." But since i'm so fat. (Because i'm the one over 
there standing in the Medium size shirt.) I can't jump on the dock because i'll break it 
again. But you know what? Go ahead, say what you wish, Miss Brown. But if I were 
you, i'd watch what i say. Because i've got one big family that doesn't particularly like  A 
lier's lies.

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Father please be there at my first, fifth, tenth, thirteenth, sixteenth, eighteenth, and 
twenty-first birthdays.
Father please come to my first dance performance.
Father please go with Mommy to my first school conference.
Father please don't yell at me when i do wrong.
Father would you please go with me to the Valentine's father daughter dance.
Father i will play sports with you even thought i'm not a boy.
Father please don't worry and ask so many questions all the time.
Father please don't scare away my first date.
Father please still love me when I disobey.
Father together lets go buy my first car.
Father please come to my high school graduation.
Father please help me decide what college i should attend.
Father please help bring me home for the holidays.
Father would you please escort me down the iale.
Father please don't get mad when you have your first grandchild.
Father please enjoy my children even more than you enjoyed me.
Father be there as long as you can to celebrate the good times with me.
Father please still love and remember our lives together, every time i say bye.
Father I promise I will meet you someday in the heavens up high.
Father I give to you the love you always have for me.
Please never forget the times you've shared with me.

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Junior Year - Not Yet

The promise of a greater world beckons and calls
But not yet.
Flying could be so easy, like waking up after a long sleep
But not yet.
We must carpe every diem and noctem, sucking the very essence out of our existence
But not yet.
For now we must wait, watch, and learn
Ready in the shadows, prepared to pounce onto adult life
Like a not-so-patient lion finally capturing its prey
But not yet.

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Nobody Likes A Know It All Part 2 of 4

Nobody Likes A Know-It-All

(Or ... I Know What I Know)

(Prov. 1: 29* / Prov. 1: 22-33 / John 15: 19 / Matt. 7: 3-6 / Prov. 3: 7 / Prov. 9: 7, 8)

Nobody Likes A  Know-It-All
They Either Get On Your Nerves
Or Make You Climb Up The Wall

They Come On Like Squalls
Their Opinions Sprawled
We Shake 'Em Off Like Tattered Shawls
... Nobody Likes A Know-It-All

So, If I Happen ... Across Your River To Row
I Don't Mean To Come Sounding Like An Old Crow
Or Waste Your Time If You Say No ...
But Listen ... I Know What I Know ...

I've Read & Studied & Meditated
Perused & Pondered & Got Educated
In Reason & Rhyme - I've Ruminated
My Thoughts Into Rooms Are Relegated
Raised Questions & Quizzed & Investigated
(Even Made Some Folks Uneasy & Agitated)
but GOD Said That 'That'  Knowledge Would Be Hated
(John 7: 7 / John 17: 14 / John 15: 17-20)

So With All Due Respect -- So and So ...
... I Know What I Know

... of Innocence & Intelligence
Ratified Ideas & Reference
Cataloged Diligence & Resilience
Always Bravo'd The Beauty of High Brilliance
In Conventions' & Congregations' Confidence

& Assemblies & Achievements' Evidence
In Citadels of Archives' Residence
In Colleges & Scholars' Licensed Competence
In Trust's of A Counselor's Expert Guidance

and In The Word of GOD's Reverence
With Lessons' Continuance' Vigilance
In Meaning of Life & Purpose & Spirit's Significance
and Carpe' Diem When Possible and Patience ...

So, That Even In Philosophy's Status-Quo ...
... I Know What I Know

... From Countless Hours - In Half A Century of Years
In Conversations From A Constellation of Peers
About Life & Death & Future & Fears
About Love & Passion & Lust & Leers
About Laughter & Joy & Pain & Tears ...

About Mercy & Justice & Truth So Clear
About Fame & Fortune & What's More Dear
About War & Peace As World Totters & Veers
About Freedom As Kingdom of GOD Draws Near
About Why We Cheer & While Others Jeer...

(Part 2 of 4)

            Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/20/2013 
             by:  MoonBee Canady

(Part 2 of "Nobody Likes A Know-It-All" is the serious side of  addressing "Knowledge ... ... So, this free verse is really about Godly Knowledge, Biblical Learning and Spiritual Intelligence ... (first) ... and then about education and different areas of study in an academic way.  So when reading this write - that should be kept in mind, to get the most out of it ... MoonBee

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Sugary Gift

I was furious and full of resentment
When I zoomed out of the classroom
When I was offered a sweet gift, I snatched it! 

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During school

During school in the time of notes.
I find laughter and fun.
With my friends in one little room.
Stolen gum, and play fights.
Weird pictures on the school macs.
crowded room for the eleven of us.
Two sit on the floor.
I sit in a corner.
where my ideas come and go.

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A Night Of Demons -inceptum-

(Note: This is the introduction of a poem story I'm writing. This serves as the introduction to the key characters. The picture is hazy right now, but as time progresses, the characters will change from blurry images to distinct portraits. Will they live? Will they die? Only time will tell....)

A Night Of Demons -inceptum- 1 A little child looks up at the sky, And sees the moon. A buzzing fills the air, So she pulls out her cell phone. A message awaits: You are going to die. She's an innocent girl in a world full of demons. Her name is Alice, and she's afraid. 2 The bus makes its last stop on the corner of Brambleton. A tired young man stands up, and almost falls. He notices words etched into the seat: You are going to die. He's just a simple man in a world full of demons. His name is Hank, and he's afraid. 3 The last of the dishes are put away, and she collapses to the floor. Her back is acting up once more. She notices a flash card, and there is something written: You are going to die. She's just a motherly housewife in a world full of demons. Her name is Ashley, and she's afraid. 4 Music blares in a pair of headphones, and a boy rides a skateboard across a busy intersection. He narrowly avoids getting hit. As he falls, a billboard catches his eye. He notices large yellow words: You are going to die. He's just a high school student in a world full of demons. His name is Darnell, and he's afraid. 5 The final boss in a long Japanese RPG awaits, and at long last he'll finish off the 100 hour game. If only he could avoid the instant death magic, maybe he wouldn't get a Game Over. But he can't, and the game flashes the following message: You are going to die. He's just a video gamer in a world full of demons. His name is Jack, and he's afraid. 6 The world is slowly falling apart Most simply do not notice a shadow watching the night. A foul wind whispers in the Shadow's ear the message of a demon: They are going to die. It's just a sinister shadow in a world full of demons. It goes by Joker, and it's not afraid.

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Pencils down

I fell for a girl who has no clue that I exist

some say that love is blind, some say It doesn’t mean shit

I say that’s just the excuse that we use when cupid missed

but if he is blind then who put him in charge of this

roller coaster ride to life that seems to have no height requirements

And I’ll admit that my behavior may have been less then cooperative

but some times I feel like it could have went better 

I mean we kind of went together

better then cold weather and cozy sweaters

but some how we ended up no where near each other

I guess that’s what happens when passion cracks under pressure

attending the school of hard knocks but never learned a lesson

assigned me davy jones’s locker so it feels like I might be here forever

so I’m thinking of dropping out soon 

because there’s no point to school without you 

I’m acting like this because I don’t have a clue what to do

I guess sometimes we all play the fool

but if I know my role and never miss a que

I can understudy and make history

by getting back to you.

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Untitled #162 / "It was 130"

“Dear God, Jesse
it was 130 yesterday!”

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People that care the most
Keeping them close
There for me when I'm sad
There for me when I'm glad
When I'm down
With a frown
My friends turn it upside down
If I ever lose my friends
I'll be lost
Like a penguin in the desert

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Karma of a career lady

She clings so tightly
To capitalist trench coats
Burning folks with kerosene rope
Coast to bloody engine spokes
The map is tarnished 
Glass ribbons shrewd from her eyes
(I minus I) is her demise
Constantly cutting back
And reinventing new blood
She recedes with definite sin
However, gory details aside
You're still a girl with a dream
Nothing more, nothing less

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Six o'clock, Friday afternoon, Karen Beam Memorial Garden

While I lie on this stone wall
hand almost too weary to write
I can see tiny ants scurrying about on the pavement
curious mobile sesame seeds exploring an empty bottle
and the last few of the lonely afterschool crowd
shuffle into cars and drive away
here I sit, alone in my pondering
the wind and rustle in the trees
speaking to me and me only.

Upon this ground I have tread many times
many times have I, too, shuffled past nature with nary a thought
but today my senses are sharpened somehow through exhaustion and lack of 
and the grounds speak to me with a voice and a soul
that no man could possess.

Weakness has made me aware of nature’s 
awesome power. Sugar ants
crawl all over my leg and I pay no mind. For
the air smells and tastes green as the spider grass,
and the forest canopy shields my
fair skin from the sun.

Some people spend their whole lives looking for peace.
I have found peace here
no siren can rival the chirping of the birds
no bitter taste can wash away this sweetness
and all my pain is but a leaf carried away on the breeze.

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Deep Mistakes

I thought you will change
Instead you dragged me down
Pressure, lies and fears
All of those emotions combined. 
I cant hide this no more,
I never done this before.  
I don't care about the detentions.  
I'm not afraid of what the school will do to me
I'm afraid of what my parents might think of me
All this long, I been faking who I am
Love for him, changed me 
Into a deep state of mind,
Where I started ditching. 
Never again, I will allow you to control me
I'm sorry, this decision wasn't easy 
It hard hard for me
To let go of the one that was always there for me

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Senior Year Nightmare

Drooping decorations
and graduation mayhem turned to
tears and depression after
fight with high school steady.
The memory of prom date from hell
will hopefully disappear.
The elaborate hairdo was
furiously brushed out,
and the uncomfortable formal
packed away in the attic to be
given to charity next year.
The sweet whispers of love and 
the notes passed in study hall
behind the back of old Mrs. Jenkins,
the talk of a wedding the following summer,
became heartbreaking memories
when Tiffany Blake came to town.

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Mayhem in the Mourning

Sleepy, I walked down the senior hallway
The last door on the left seemed miles away
But I was determined to make it
It was 7:26 in the morning, assignment due 7:30
My hands were sweating bullets
Felt as if every senior had their eyes on me
Assignment in hand, I started my journey
Nerd, jocks, cheerleaders all bunched together in one walk-way
You would think I was a running back, of some sort
Dodging the potential mayhem
Judy with the big booty was being so loud
Laughing and screaming with her friends
Drew and the crew obnoxious as usual,
Were going over plays, at least it looked like it
Trampling any victim in their path
The Nerd Bird flocking in e=mc2
Calculate who will have a date in time for prom
Starting with Judy, my hands were no match
The sound waves catapulted me into the lockers
Side to side I juked, spun, and jumped
Like a magnet bouncing off the rhinoceros crew
For the Nerds, I only had to say one thing…
“I already have a date for prom…”
That sent them into a mathematical frenzy
Looking at their watches they said, “Prom is exactly
218 days 13 hours 27 minutes and 10 seconds away…
There is no way you have your date!”
While they babbled on I was on the move
The last mayhem was upon me: The hall monitor
He already saw my awesome display of athleticism
But didn’t find it amusing, He was one of those guys…
If you dropped a piece of paper on the floor, detention
I just distracted him by saying, “I didn’t have breakfast…”
We both didn’t know where that came from 
So I just kept waking while he was still confused
Stumbled into class, discrediting my previous display 
And turned in my homework assignment

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Stalked By My Bearings

I am the only one who thinks
This all used to be much simpler
From sitting at the bus stop 
To now driving to a party 	
Except you’re not invited to the party
Cuz you’re not a cool kid
Because really most of us aren’t
Only a select few are cool 
And that’s what’s wrong with this world.
Standing alone wondering when your life will begin
You trust yourself that you’ll be okay in the end
But the promises to yourself you make 
Are only discovered to minutes later break.
Outcast and all other names
They call you that you soon believe are true
See this is what’s wrong with the world 
And growing up. And you.
Growing up is supposed to be about freedom
But how can I be free
When I bear the chains of society
On my ankles, walking past
The place I’ve been searching for
And arrived at last
But discover you there
And bow my head in shame
For I thought I would be free
And that I’d forget your name
But that’s not how it works
And everyone is fake
It used to be much simpler
I guess I’ll never escape.

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Just Me

I don't want to be lost forever
In the high school sea
This clique or that one
Which should I choose
Preps, punks, goths, 
Every possible type is here
But I don't want to be any of them
I want to be myself
The kind of person that's
Not accepted in high school
But I can make it on my own
This is it, just me

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Good Response

Remembering through the years,
A welcome to the country of Canada.

An invitation to the theatre,
Special days at a friend's house.

A school choir and "Long Time Ago in Bethlehem",
Days of leadership and honorary crests.

Graduation with classmates,
A beautiful dress sewn by my grandmother.

Secondary school years and choir,
Religious songs, my favorites.

Tennis games and beautiful swims in the refreshing swimming pool,
A friendship with man that is forever kind.

The athletic team,
Where you are appreciated.

A gathering of friends at a summer cottage,
Where man is a philosophical companion.

A yearbook where you are profiled as an achiever,
Graduation where you stand proud amongst your peers.

With respect and honour,
The beautiful fashionable gown to complete an education.

The college years where you are chosen,
Teaching Certificate a blessing from the Lord.

A marriage proposal and years blessed as a wife and parent,
An honorary Teaching Certificate, thank you upon retirement.

The blessing of  friendship and companionship,
With your loving relatives through the years.

The piano concerts at the senior teas,
Simply recognized and appreciated.

Poetry accomplishments beyond comprehension,
William Shakespeare my favorite companion.

To be there with this esteemed scholar and writer,
To have published a book.

The Lord's miracles continue,
Many are the blessings of God.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Of Recognition

This path I take
                      So familiar it seems!
Of sweet years past I dream,
Of distant seasons I dwell; But of love---
Of love I miss. Although deprived of a 
Maiden's gift, I bestill my aspirations;
             With passions gone I retrieve my thoughts but fail
             To comprehend; and now I must cater to my wounds
Of empetiness and bleed to the boredom that follows.

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My Dream's Spiteful Trick

The chalk lying on the board,
As it speaks it's thick words.
My eyes pacing around the room,
From door to soul.
The sam soul that lives behind the desk,
Observing our ways.
Planning an escape route,
Playing the scene in my head,
Indulging the patience,
Willing to move steady but quick.
Maneuver to the door, 
As eyes of others,
Gape at me with an ugly taste,
That my ears devour silently.
Opening the door,
To only see,
My closet waiting upon my feet.
Looking back,
To my bed that looked as if,
I've been rolling in there, trapped.
Gasping with relief,
I walk, to wherever my heart plunges me to go. 

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It’s beginnings that are magical.
On the first day of school the dew
Smells like new life and the dawn air
Is heavy with peace,
As you carry your brightly colored
Backpack, light with sharp pencils 
In its belly. Eyes droop but come alive
As the bus pulls up yellow,
Clean. The walls of the school have been repainted
With laughter and old faces
Made new. Soon we won’t smell
The dew anymore.
The air will be heavy with
Exhaustion, and the weight of 
Our books, the world. 
Pencils will grow dull,
The walls will be plain,
Ordinary. It’s beginnings that are magical.
The process is unremarkable, but leads
To a new beginning. 

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I apologize for being no LESS then myself. What was I thinking, wait maybe that’s the problem I 
was thinking, there I go again using my MIND, my bad.
I’m sorry I took that other road, u know the one LESS traveled, I know I should have followed the 
crowd but there I go again being an individual, it’s a habit.
The guilt from not giving in to peer pressure is getting to me, I hate my conscience I mean Why I 
got to have morals? Don’t nobody else got them, and if they do they shoal ain't using them. 
I hate being in the talented tenth, people expect me to do something with my life 
I have an idea (don’t tell anybody, that’s not cool) maybe if we MINDed not having a MIND we 
would spend more of our time growing instead of showing, that we are a photo copy of what is 
cool, the truth is nobodies alike, I don’t even breathe like anyone else, when I walk I do this thing 
where my head is held high it kind of resembles pride. there I go again being intellectual, forgive 
me it won’t happen again.

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What's Next

Graduation is through
What’s next?
After the cheers and laughter
What’s next?

After all the hardship of schooling
Those sleepless nights
Reading books and memorizing facts
What’s next?

Is this the end or just a beginning?
Friends you shared moments of our school life
Some will be gone and you hope some will stay
What’s next for us to do?

Unknown lies ahead
Uncertainty looms around the air
And one question arise
What’s next?

After school is through
We sigh in relief
Knowing we have conquer a season of our life
What’s next?

No option that we have
But move forward and progress
Towards our childhood dreams
What’s next?

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Don't Spill The Beans

let's See
     If He

Will Hang
     With Gang

Or Will
 Just Spill

How Many
If Any


Are there

In A

Year ?

Now Don't 
Leave Me

Hanging !   { LOL}

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High School Years

Walking through those doors for the first time,
WIthout a clue of what there is to come.
Guys as tall as skyscrapers charge passed you,
As you stand there clueless.
Afraid of being that kid,
The one that older kids pick on.
Slowly making your way down the large hallway,
Crowded with hundreds of people.
Staring at your schedule,
Trying not to get lost.

With the worries of that first year behind you,
The strength of the years to come fills your veins.
Walking with confidence,
In which you lacked last year.
More pep in your step,
As you catch up with your friends.
Tossing the fears away,
Along with the stress.
Aware of what is to come,
Now that you are no longer the underdog.

And it has returned.
No longer at the bottom of the chain,
Yet not quite at the top.
Hurrying from place to place.
Too much going on,
And there's never enough time.
Slowly making your way,
Down the hallway you know so well.
And that door opens,
Damn well must be meeting the devil.

The long journey has finally arrived.
The trudge to the top,
Never felt like it was getting closer.
The sweetness of it soaks in,
And you begin to bathe in the glory.
You have made it,
Through yet another long lived journey,
That was made worth your while.
Now it's time to pass on the duties,
To the new rulers of the school.

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hey, I've noticed 
you haven't been 
journaling as much 
and sometimes you 
are staring blankly 
at the wall 
during      class and          I 

Big 'Ol Flaps hangin' down from the wall with some weird symbol on them, who knows or cares what they mean, anyone who ever gave a **** is dead and filled with maggots. 

was just wondering          what 
was going on on on, ya know? 
thanks, just let me know 
if you want to talk 
oh, by the way, you left your 
flan sketch in the breezeway 
signed yours truly 
captain brewsenstein

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Born on the Goldhawk Road Two

My unusual physical appearance 
Was enhanced by a striking thinness, 
And enormous long-lashed blue eyes. 
Less charmingly, I was also the kind of 
Deliberately malicious little hooligan
Who'd remove some periodical 
From a neighbour's letter-box
And then mutilate it before reposting it.
The sixties' famed social and sexual revolution 
Was well under way, and yet for all that, 
Seminal Pop groups such as the Searchers
And the Dave Clark Five;
Even the Fab Four themselves, 
Were quaintly wholesome figures.
And in comparison to what was to come,
They surely fitted in well 
In a long vanished England 
Of Norman Wisdom pictures; 
And the well-spoken presenters 
Of the BBC Home Service,
Light Service and World Service, 
Of coppers and tanners 
And ten bob notes; 
And jolly shopkeepers 
And window cleaners.
At least that's how I see it, 
Looking back at it all
From almost half a century later.

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Untitled #298 / The cosmic ray-detector

The cosmic ray detector lies
dormant in the corner, as it has remained for half a year
but, ah, cosmic rays still penetrate the walls of our classroom,
just as the morning sun quietly filters in through the door-window,
passing unnoticed through my body at lightspeed

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Dream Collection 2 Secrets Part 2 The Dream

Dreaming shows you many hidden things in your mind; it opens you to alternative thinking…
Clairvoyance is always a problem I have had. I have very vivid dreams, and that same times come true. This is one of those instances.
	Imagine, if you will, a little boy having a nightmare, waking up, and realizing everything is ok. Happens to everyone right? No. that was me, or at least, the nightmares…
	I had (what I thought was real) a dream once, about 5 years ago, back in 5th grade. It all started with one secret, and a little white lie that turned into well, a big white lie.
	So one thing about me, I am socially awkward, people don’t like me, I don’t like them, I like to be alone.
	So I chose to break my own rule, of course it didn’t exist at the time, to break the third thing.  I was being made fun of by this kid so I lied and said I knew a secret about him but no one could tell. I told everyone that he well, still wet the bed, this was not true but everyone believed me. I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into.
	So this kid broke my second rule by trying to figure out, but he did it the smart way. Instead of flipping out and asking everyone and just getting made fun of more, he asked a teacher. This teacher happened to have already heard it and told him.
	As I basked in my fame from breaking rule one, this kid was slowly getting revenge, this little thing ruined my school life. He came up with a counter lie… He told everyone I was adopted. I was shunned for life, although, thankfully I moved. 
	The moral of my story is, this happen, but lying doesn’t work, and secrets definitely don’t. Keeping things from people just hurts them. I ruined my own life by keeping a fake secret and lying. So my question for this little rant of mine, as is at every one of mine, how do you feel about secrets, but more importantly, do you have any secrets?
	Through all that happened with that little lie, I am still baffled to this day, what is it that makes a secret so desirable? Do you not want to be made fun of? Or do you just feel cool for knowing a secret? 

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Fear of the unknown future
Hair standing on end
Classroom full of students
Nervous quietness
Final Exam

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To the End and Back Again Part 2

I found a knife in the kitchen and started cutting my wrist. I kept cutting until I lost so much 
blood that I went unconscious. The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital with 
Jania beside me. She told the police and the hospital that she was my sister so they wouldn't 
contact my parents. 

When I could leave the hospital, I started to drink. I drank more then a 30 year old man 
could. I ended up going into AA where I met 15 year old Noah. Maybe it was because he 
reminded me so much of Connor, but we bonded so quickly. Noah was in a band that I 
became a part of. I then met one of Noah's friends named Brandon. We started to date, 
Brandon and I, and I thought he was everything that I needed. Brandon turned out to be 
abusive and controlling. I couldn't leave him up until the night he raped me. The only reason 
I could was because I hit him so hard in the head with the metal bat next to his bed that I 
gave him a concussion. I ran from his house, and I ran right into Noah's arms. We dated for 
a short period of time but ended up breaking up because we were too good of friends. We 
still are friends to this day.

I dated a few people after him which led me to high school. I went to a school in a different 
town. I met my current boyfriend named Pat. We were only dating a few months before I got 
social anxiety and didn't leave my house for 6 months. I ended up having to transfer schools. 
I had to come to my towns school so I could be in a special program for other people who 
have the same problems that I do.

Jania joined the army about a year ago, and I met someone named Kevin. He was very 
sweet and made me feel safe in Jania's absence. Like everyone else I've come to know, 
Kevin left me alone, making me worse then I already was. 

I found out a few days ago that Jania was killed in the war. Her legs were blown off and 
because she was so small, she lost too much blood to survive. The girl that helped me 
through everything is gone now. The people I've loved have all passed again and I will never 
see them again. Nothing will ever be normal for me, and I will never feel safe. Maybe life 
was planned out for me and all of this was supposed to happen. Maybe I was meant to be a 
suicidal girl with anxiety, depression, anger management issues, trust issues, abandonment 
issues and a recovering alcoholic. My life has given me the opportunity to love and cherish 
every moment. So that's my life so far. 

Sucks, doesn't it?

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Another school and then its of to the big times 
Its time to give up the immature little crimes
Time to saddle up or get left its you choice 
Its time to find your voice
You only have one so make it loud and clear
Dont be afraid of the people you used to fear
Its a new school and you will find your  place 
In this thing that is nothing but a rat race
You will see what is to come 
You will follow you heart like the beat of a drum 
When all is said and done think about this then 
The start of a new your finally a freshmen

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Cap N Gown (Angel of Sadness)

I know you wanna see me in cap-n-gown 
A fresh breeze and a new way of life is what I found 
So please don’t cry 
When you don’t see me in my cap-n-gown 
In and out of foster homes 
My only comfort was pulling this holster alone 
From school to football practice 
Academy award winner 
my moms was the number one actress 
From football practice 
to back to those two huge oak trees 
A metaphor is simply that cold winters choked my knees 
And I know it’s gonna hurt 
Seeing “Class of 2005” imprinted on my shirt 
Maybe it’s me being selfish 
But how could I not tell you without a kiss 
Like me expecting to go to war 
and forgetting to enlist 
High school memories was fun and games 
Embarrassment was done in by shame 
Senior days are now numbered 
Summer smirks ever so humble 
Along with my peers 
my misery is pumping me up to fumble 
Still I know you wanna see me in cap-n-gown 
A fresh breeze and new way of life is what I found 
So please don’t cry 
When you don’t see me in my cap-n-gown 

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Character 2 (The "Lost" Archives)

Simon – the protagonist.
18 – year old kid who just graduated from high school.
Lives in middle class suburbia, no designated town, and an every-town sort of feel. 
Lives with his mother, his older brother. (Father has recently passed away...a year ago)
Have a small number of friends, most of them through service groups.
Very active in community service, volunteers for church organizations. 
Enthusiastically participates in highway clean-ups. 
Loves helping old ladies to their cars with groceries.  
Brings in stray pets from the street, he’s currently the unofficial caretaker of 7 dogs and 5 
A steady “B” student in school, would be an A student if he didn’t spend so much time with 
community service.
Doesn’t date at all, has almost no free time, although he does sometimes feel like he’s 
missing out.
Drives a brown station wagon.
Has never put any type of hair product in his hair before, wears a T-shirt and blue jeans 80% 
of the time, 20% he is in church wearing something nicer.
Earns most of his money during school at a part-time job at an old folk’s home, taking walks 
with them, listening to their stories.
The kids at school have nicknamed him “Simon Theresa.”
He sometimes gets frustrated at other people, that they’re not doing enough for the 
In church when he was 13 he stood up and demanded more people donate money into the 
basket being passed around.
He is sometimes too passionate about what he does.
He is not very athletic, or interested in playing sports, yet he is ridiculously good at table 
games (ping-pong, air hockey, pool, etc.)
He has a hard time socializing with people his age, and fears he is too different from 
everyone else.
He has always been the antithesis of his brother and father, who are very much the All-
American male: athletic, sports fans, cigar toting, car lovers, beer buddies, etc.
The only alcohol Simon consumes is the teaspoon mass.
Despite how opposite they are, he gets along fine with his brother, as their personalities 
seem to compliment each other.
His father on other hand, he feels like he failed somehow, ever since his death, he never felt 
he got his acceptance from him.

And I can't help him.

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Last option

Have you ever been forced to do something
Against your will? You throw a fit
And yet they don't care. About your 
I know how you feel. 
I need some advice now
About all my options
Because no matter what
I'm not giving in
Already asked most people I trust
Got some "help"
But I wouldn't call it that
Because it didn't
The only other options
Run away? Suicide?
What else??? This is a life decision.
It will determine how I turn out
I'm running out of options
Should I turn to my last resorts?

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pain, Pain on you. I hate you.
angles and weights.
As you curve around. Pi
I feel you strangle me. 
Trying to find the answer to your riddle.
i pound my head on the calculator.
Take your riddle and be gone.

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Consider Our Requirements

Consider our education
Take us to school on time so that we'll not miss a fraction of a lesson
Could you take that as a responsibility?

We need someone to drive us to school
It's not the same to ride in the car without you
You say you don't have time to consider our requirements
It's not the same to ride in the van without you
We need someone to bring us to school

Consider our requirements
Drive us to school on time so that we'll avoid tardy sweeps
Take that as your upcoming responsibility!

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What could it possibly be

That was what You want, wasn’t it?
I don’t get it God
Why do you want it like that? 
It’s not perfection
And you know it
I was not doing my best
And you don’t let me
Why God?
I could have aced it
Had I studied
But you would not let me
I did not get an A like I wanted
Why won’t you let me have an A?
What could be the reason God?
I don’t see no logical reason
Except that that is what You want 
And I don’t understand it
What could You possibly be teaching me
In not doing my best?

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It’s time to walk away
And out into the world
Out we go through these
Iron gates of memories.
New challenges await us
Now we must let go
Of our fears to give
Wings to our dreams.
Promises to come back
Will they be hollow?
Only time can tell, but
For now let hope reign.
This time is sorrowful
Laughter and tears fill
All our minds, tomorrow
Is what keeps us afloat.
As I depart, to my friends
I say, “We’ll meet again.”
The future is uncertain
But please, let it be true. 

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Here we are at the end of a trail
We took some wrong turns but were able to find the path again
Echoing behind us in our memories are our achievements
And our disappointments
We laughed with our peers since grade school til' now
Fights started and ended between friends and foes
Everyone mourned the loss of classmates that were taken away
And together we all encouraged the representatives of our school
For these last four years we tried our best
But not all the time
Now graduation is here
The time to say goodbye is near
Together with our futures uncertain
We step off the trail and begin to pave a new road

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Draft of graduation

After three years it's finally time to say goodbye

Though the memories of smiles of everyone 

To help us get through the days ahead of us

A bright future awaits us all

Time and time we've had our differences

Yet each others company will be missed dearly

A group we stood

Sadly today it ends

Our high school years finish

Our ties split

After having one big thing in common

Today we celebrate the death of our high school class

Today begins  our separate futures

Here we come with tears in our eyes and pain in our heart

Because today we are not just a group

Today we are a group who ran its course

Who reached the end

Who get to see different futures

We hold in our hearts memories made of every face

To get us through our future days

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My Daddy

GGH 1917-1991

He worked so hard to provide
Baling hay and plowing
Hauling hay to the barn
Feeding cows or sowing

He never seemed to tire back then
He always found time to play
Hunting ‘coons or riding horses
He loved to do them both

Playing games on a winter’s eve
With the youngest pair of us
He loved to watch sports on tv
Or his kids in a high school game

Music was a special thing held dear
He played harmonica so sweetly by ear
He would often entertained us all
The sound of his music I can still hear

He was tall and thin and very fair
Which his farmer’s tan kept hidden
Blue gray eyes with a twinkle bright
A grin spread across his face

He loved his children and his wife
But nothing could compare
To when the grandkids came around
You should have seen him then

He took the time to know each one
Playing and talking with them
He was their Papa don’t you know
And Papa loved them so

In his later years he read God’s word
With the Bible across his lap
He worshiped every Sunday 
With the church and sang God’s praise

The man I am writing about
Went home in ninety-one
My Daddy was quite a man
I wish you could have known him

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What I Did Over My Summer Vacation

I chopped and hoed and planted seed
... dug a swimming hole
I picked and shucked and canned the corn
.... killed an ugly mole..
I read some books then read some more..
.... climbed up the old pine trees
I fell right down and hit the ground
.... Skinning both my knees.... 
I played a song .. and danced a spell 
... on Grandma's metal drum
and though she tried to look away
...  I heard my sister hum..
Now that  it's time for back to School..
..  I hate to hear them say..
Now write some words that tell us how spent the holiday!

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Back from the dead: Individuality

Individuality-noun, Total characterization peculiar to and distinguishing an individual from another.
In a word full of close minded ways and being yourself never stays. Change yourself for a peers embrace just to be accepted into a world of similarity. Why can’t anyone just be themselves? Give up your own ways to be seen differently from people who will never really see you the way you want to be seen. Everyone giving up what they believe in to have friends.

I think everyone should be themselves. Who should care what others think? You are yourself, always believe, no matter what you think, all they will do is deceive. Your life is your own, your time to see, no matter what you do the people around you will never act the way you think. Lie to you, stab you in the back.

I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to see this personally. My whole life I had tried to be myself as much as I can, no matter how much of a reject, I spend my time around fake friends, who talk of nothing but girls, drugs or alcohol. All around everyone is associating themselves with fakes. Is it worth changing who you are for someone you don’t fit in with? High school is a complicated time, full of sociality instead of school. I believe finding yourself is what high school should be about, but in this time of judging people for who they are, how can someone decide who they want to be, when other people choose it for them?

I believe being yourself is the most important asset a person has. Being yourself means dressing the way you want to, talking the way you want to, acting however you want, without caring about the way other people judge you. If someone chooses to go out of their own way just to judge you for the way you are, then it just means someone has done the same thing to them. They are just treating you the way they are treated. Let people judge you just the way you are, because chances are they are the kind of person who just wants to be like you. Don’t let yourself be bullied over something as silly as your individuality.

In a world full of close minded ways; and being yourself never stays, why can’t we all just be ourselves? Instead of all one of the same? Don’t give up your own beliefs for someone else. Your life will be better off that way.

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Thrown into my arms

You were thrown into my arms without a hesitation. Born a gift from God, although your 
earthly father was no good. I can't help but wonder where you are. I sit here thinking about 
the days that I had with you before you were adopted. The warmth of your skin. I loved to 
hold you in my arms. I remember when they threw you into my arms after you were born, 
and you looked me in the eyes. At that moment I knew I was going to cry. The decision was 
made so that you could have a better life, but it hurts deep inside. I gave you up to give you 
a better life and even though I wanted to be selfish and keep you to myself. I knew that I 
could not be a mother that you needed. 17 years old at the time of your birth. I'm now 18 
but I still am not ready to be the mom that you deserve. I'm not even out of high school until 
the end of this month. I wanted the best for you. When you were thrown into my arms at the 
hospital I knew what I had to do. I had to be a mom and do the right thing. So I gave you 
up, knowing that God had other plans for you. May God be with you my child as you grow 
throughout the years. I'm glad that I made this decision for you even though it hurts me so 

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No job blues

Million dollar college fees
Money I don’t have
Money I never wanted
I wonder how they’re going to get it now

Could have taught myself all these things
For free no less
But that doesn’t afford a degree
Nothing I can put on the resume

Who here’s the most qualified?
The biggest dickhead 
Because he has the most confidence
Sucks himself off every night


I’d kill myself but that would f--k my parents
After all they co-signed, right?
I’ll put myself out there as much as I can then
For every penny I’m f--king worth
But I don’t want a goddamn penny
I don’t want a goddamn thing
This degree’s for them, it’s not for me
It’s so I can get out of their f--king house
It’s so I can leave them alone like they so wish and beg
It’s so I’ll never have to come crawling back for money 
It’s so I can eat my own food, live under my own roof
Sleep in my own clothes, die in my own bed

Until then
I’m selling every company something that’s already dead

Think they’re buying?!

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You bully me every day. You are so mean to me. You won't leave me alone. You make me cry. You don’t seem to have any feelings, or didn't recognize that I do. You rip my soul apart. You make me into a different person. You take my heart and rip it in two. You are like the devil of my life. I can't see straight because of you. I think things I shouldn’t because of you. You have changed me so much, I don’t even recognize myself. The sad part is, bullies never remember, but bullied never forget.

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Voices Reign, 
She stands alone. 
In a mirror, 
She sees beauty. 
Here and now, 
She doesn't imagine the coke-bottle waist only attainable by purchase of the latest Barbie.
She sees beauty. 
Colors like the sun and the moon, 
The vast oceans to the unfathomable skies. 
Here in the mirror, she sees beauty. 
Until she opens her eyes, 
And voices reign.

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New days

It's not high school anymore
There's not a constant environment
where you need to make an impression
There's only a slim change now
that someone will ask what is wrong

It's an empty feeling
cause you don't know where to go now
The months are the same year by year
and leave you stuck in the same place
wishing it wasn't so

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My Teachers

Mrs. Campbell rewarded me 
with time in the closet 
with her fur coat. 

Mrs. Cantor helped me to speak
when the words wouldn't come, 
and laughed at my jokes, 
setting an unfortunate precedent.  

Mrs. Whittman lived next door,
and never missed an opportunity
to come over to chat about
my test scores.

Mr. Lerch blew things up just for fun, 
kept a dead tarantula in a terrarium, 
and introduced me
to Pink Floyd.

Ms. Lamb married me and,
every day, helps me to 
see the good in 

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She walks to school and studies 
all day,
Hoping her A’s will make her 
parents notice her in some 
But they open another bottle 
and raise it to the sky,
Ignoring the sad little girl who 
just walked on by.
She lays the paper down with 
an A marked in red,
But her mother is lying face 
down, passed out on the bed.
The same little girl comes to 
school the next day
Bruises blackening her eyes 
and cuts scarring her face.
The teachers wonder but none 
of them ask, 
It’s hard to see the pain behind 
her smiling mask.
For the little girl who tries so 
hard not to cry
Every day is a battle, a 
struggle just to survive.
But one day she’ll shine, 
escape the pain and fear,
She’ll find a way to love when 
all she’s ever known is hate,
But only if you stop it before it 
becomes too late.
So listen to the child with scars 
on her face,
Unknown to the world but to 
you she is Grace.

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Reunion Escape...........

Music playing in colorful dancing lights,
Congratulating the past,celebrating the present
toasting the future,as red red wine flows
in Crystal glasses,thirty young ladies,many faces
different identities,rooted in the same school soil
cherishing the same memories,school memories,
memories of the past.Giggling and chatting
feeling sweet sixteen once again,enjoying the 
fun,dancing!Past school teachers reunited
with us,in one bond of joy,best wishes,greetings,
on this lovely night,There i was in the crowd,
when i saw his face in distance,there he was 
approaching our crowd,his enigmatic blue eyes
searching,finding my own after so many years.
Fascinating as ever,with the same intriguing smile,
the smile which made me have my first crush on him
sixteen years ago,the smile which made each student melt.
There he was nine years my senior,my school english teacher.
There i was bewitched once again by his warm embrace,his
lips brushing my welcome cheeks as the air was filled with
 spicy sweet breeze..There we stood in suspended admiration,
as his husky voice echoed hushed whispers in my ears,
"I still remember your vibrant heart in action as you read 
the sonnets by Shakespeare,always a pleasure to hear your 
soft sweet voice",and i still remember the love you seeded
in me for cultivated literature,i,ve grown
up to be a fine young flower blooming more than ever
 he said,his eyes still fixed in mine!You've watered me so well
i replied,you nourished me to be who i am today,for that i am 
thankful,He smiled again,getting so close i could hear his every
breath,and he could feel my heart palpitating in a fast rythm..
There we stood in evident affection,music still playing,
lights dimming now,that was the time,the moment 
he go hold of my hand asking me  the question 
"My Dear,Shall we dance"?.At that very moment my
thoughts flew far away and like Cindirella at midnight,
i waved Goodbye knowing i wasn't in the place i should be,
this wasn't my ball and He wasn't my prince,
my prince was somewhere else awaiting for my hand,
waiting for our dance,Butterflies churning in my stomach,
My heart a volcanic eruption of flames,my eyes gleaming at 
only a thought of him,My beloved,the man of life,the man with
chocolate brown eyes,the man who captured my heart,
the man who lives in my smile,the man with whom i shall dance....

(partly fiction)

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Years of ironing starched shirt collars
for my father and the aprons
we wore for cookery class in school,
gave a polished surface to the clothes iron.

The end opened like the lid of a box
and out came the large stone which
we buried in the centre of the open fire,
until it turned pink-red, like a slab of jelly.

With the tongs we lifted the stone
from the fire, transferred it to the iron
and began ironing the clothes.
As we moved it over and back

on the garments, the creases vanished.
Every fifteen minutes we placed the stone
back in the fire, until clothes for seven of us
were neatly ironed and stacked,

ready for another week


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Pursuit of Destiny

Broad Loaf awaits my arrival,
My passion ignited within me,
A visit from beyond the grave,
Do not be afraid,
This is why I was made,
To mold minds,
With words,
You will find,
The desire to achieve it;
Burning within me,
With or without support,
I will begin the journey,
A journey that will last all my years,
I have no fears,
I am pushing for my destiny,
Pushing for my future,
Someday perhaps,
I shall teach you of the pursuit;
The pursuit of destiny.

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Seating Changes

The cogs of time
are creaking to life.
The time has come for me to shoulder my
responsibility and become a man.
No, it hasn't.
It is time to shut up.
It's time for everyone to shut up.
Not time to think; thinking is an eternal funnel.
Time to grind the stones;
harvest the aeons of work.
The bounties of our travels,
Endless musty rooms of crystals and trinkets
are pulverized by the hulls
of twisted, shapeless juggernauts.

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When Children Have Grown

Why don’t you kids grow up and act your age?
And they will…  
Go outside and play but don’t slam the door.
And they will…
Clean your bedroom, it looks like a tornado 
went though it. 
But they won’t…  
You’ll clean their room, pick up trash
and dirty socks from under the bed, 
place teddy bear and cuddles on the bed, 
arrange toys on the shelf, and you’ll say out loud; 
“Now I want it to stay that way”. 
And it will…  
No more table cloths stained with 
spaghetti and grape juice.  
No more spreads on the sofa 
to protect from wet bottoms.  
No more play pins to arrange furniture around. 
No more anxious nights with high fever 
and no more live creatures 
tucked under the bed sheets.  
No more iron-on patches on blue jeans, 
wet knotted shoe laces, long tight boots, 
or rubber bands for pony tails.  
No more baby sitters to call, 
P.T.A. meetings to attend, 
car pools to drive, 
or blaring radios that shake the house. 
No more racing through the hall 
to get the telephone or staying on it for hours.  
No more rushing about in the mornings 
to hunt school lessons and brushing teeth, 
saying; “Hurry, you’ll miss the school bus”. 
No more music lessons, football games, 
driving lessons, or proms.  
Think about it… no more presents 
made out of toothpicks and paste, 
pictures on the refrigerator, 
or swings to push.  
No more Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy, 
Easter Bunny, giggles in the dark, 
or knees to heal.  
No more quarrels to settle, 
no more responsibilities… 
and you’ll work only once a week.  
You’ll prepare a perfect dinner 
that hasn’t been picked to death, 
a cake with no finger marks in the icing 
and you’ll eat alone.  
A lonely voice echoing, 
“Why don’t you kids grow up?”   
I did… I did… 
and they will…  

Copyright © 2010  By Caryl S. Muzzey

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Coach Bob

Coach Bob Savage
was one of the greatest
coaches in Des Moines
High School History.

During his stay
at East High School,
he coached football,
baseball and softball.

Coach Savage led
East to 477 victories
in softball, 198 in baseball
and 102 in football.

He may never have won
a state championship,but
he did win a bunch of big six
conference championships
and a number of city championships.

He was inducted into
the National High School
Athletic Coaches Association's
Hall in 2001, The Iowa Football
Coaches Associations Hall Of Fame
in 1969 and was the Des Moines
Sunday Register Coach Of The Year
for the 1999-00 School Year.

In 1951 he led East to an 8-0
record, first unbeaten team in 31

The years I went there 1960-61.

1961 was the best year they went
into the last game 7-0, and
they were playing their rival
Roosevelt HIgh School who
was 3-4.  East was picked to win
big.  They had out scored everyone all 
season 240-21.

I was at this game and what a game it was.
The final score was Roosevelt 14- and East 7.

They lost their bid
to be undefeated.

While I was in Des Moines
in July of this year to see
my brother Dave, I read in
the paper that Coach Bob Savage
had passed on at age

It was funny he died at
the very same hospital that
I had been born in.

The picture of him
in the paper is the
same one that was in
my 1961 year book.

Another memory
has  passed on,
another great
person that I knew,
so I say farewell
coach, farewell.

In Memory of my teacher and coach Bob Savage 1921- July 2, 2008
At East High School Des Moines Iowa 1960-61

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Teen's Court in Section

Entered the court hall at 8:30 a.m.
Sit and Sit and nothing began.
Every name called as I patiently waited.
I was beginning to wander was his name on the slate.
He was finally called at 11:15 a.m.
The judge acknowledged mom and the charges were read.
Nathaniel tried hard to plead his case.
The judge listen closely but would not break.
“I’ve given you chances time after time.
Am I crazy or are you so blind?”
You’re going to school and not learning a thing.
Disturbing others and causing a scene.”
The public defender tried to speak up for him.
Wanted the charges drop so he could remain free.
The judge stood his ground and would not bend.
Looked at the mom and said, What should I do?
Mom help me out, I need to hear from you.
Mom spoke up -He did break the rules.
He made a mistake with the choices he made.
I can not uphold him in the wrong that he done.
He must learn from his mistakes although they were wrong.
I will agree with you Judge with the decision you made.
Nathaniel dropped his head to the ground.
He needs to learn this is his wake up call.
He will be detained thirty days in juvenile hall.
He will go to school there and bring up his grades.
Learn to make wise choices was what the judge said.

 11-30-07 took the papers back to court. Nathaniel thought he was going to come
home…Wrong….He did the he must do the time. Tough Love..It hurts but he must
learn from his mistakes.

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twas the night before december 25th: Part II

but then with a sprinkling, i saw from our roof,
a special santa had climbed up to ingest a bag full of mushrooms.
sooner than later he did want to fly,
and out into the open sky he went, then died.

though his skull had been shattered, spread all over the cement,
his clothes were impeccable, probably the best costume yet.
he’d been carrying a bag whose contents we did peek,
finding razor blade cookies & amphetamine treats.

his eyes by our ankles, his teeth over there,
his droll little still-smiling mouth caused one to stare,
but his fake beard which had been torn, no longer white,
glistened a deep maroon under the moon that night.

we called the authorities, we swiftly left the scene,
for a dead, once-tripping-santa, wasn’t going to ruin our evening.
but the sun was soon rearing its ever ugly head,
as all the lame high school wannabe vampires were nestling in their
coffin beds.

so after finishing off the k that we had between us,
we bedazzled our way back onto a bus.
coasting the road back to our abode,
not aware of the way in which we lost all our clothes.

laying there spent, in our birthday suits,
we gazed out the window with our vision dilute.
a new dark emptiness that didn’t seem right,
would last till’ we started it all up again that night.

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Daddy and Jasmine

Daddy: I tried to throw aside childish ways. But to no avail.  I was already in jail the day you 
came into this world.  When I first saw the tiny little girl.  I had her named "Jasmine", my 
heavenly pearl.
Jasmine: Now little Jasmine has been wondering where daddy is.  She wonders if it's her fault 
or his.  Who's to blame?  It doesn't  matter it hurts all the same.  No need to point fingers at 
mommy or daddy and calling names.  That would just cause more pain.   And harder to 
       Little Jasmine wonders how much longer he'll be gone.  She notices other little girls with 
their fathers at home.  She's embarrassed her daddy's not around but continues on.  She's 
learned to be strong.  It's been so long since daddy was there for her birthday.  Today she 
had a school play.  She was so nervous, yet no one encouraged her, she would do okay.  
Jasmine is used to daddy being M.I.A.
       Over the years she's learned a lot.  She can't help but miss daddy - she's not a robot.  
She wants to tell him her dreams of being an astranaut.  But he's not around, to take her to 
the play ground, and spin her on the merry go round. Last week she learned to ride her bike 
and to swim.  She's learning to live her life without him.
Daddy:  Don't you dare think I don't care.  Because I was not there to braid your hair.  I was 
young and dumb  Always on the run. Like my own father - that's who I've become.  A lot of 
mistakes. But I wanted so bad to be a father for your sake.  Not being in your life was 
tremendous heartache.  I am sorry for not being there to play patty-cake.
       I wish I had been there to see you in school plays.  Wish I had seen you blow out 
candles your last eight birthdays.  As the years passed, I've achingly watched you grow up in 
photographs.  I've thought about you every single day.
       I did my best to stay in touch, with letters, cards, pictures and such.  Just to let you 
know, you ere missed so much.  I enjoyed every single letter you wrote to me.  I was so 
proud to be your daddy.  I was surprised to see a ten year old be so smart.  Sending your 
own letters in the mail to me touched my heart.  Because you thought of me like I thought of 
you.  Now that shows a fathers value!  I do promise to be there in the long run.  Daddy loves 
you Jasmine Ann Anderson!
Note:  A child spells love " T.I.M.E."!  Another man can never take my place as a "father', but 
he can definately take my position!  I had to learn this the hard way......

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Its that kind of love

I messed around and fell in love, ya'll.  I know what you're thinking too. 
How could someone like me ever fall in love?  I'm just as surprised.  I had 
plenty of friends who fell for "the one" only to see it end miserably, so I had 
lots of examples of why not to take the plunge.  But damn it if love didn't 
come sneaking up on me.  But a pleasant surprise it has been.  But this isn't 
an ordinary love.  
This isn't some high school love. Not a I like you today but who knows how 
I'll feel tomorrow kind of love. Not a you're just the flavor of the month kind 
of love. 
This is an adult kind of love.  A mature kind of love.  A strictly for the grown 
and sexy kind of love. 
This is a I didn't meet the one but instead I met my other half kind of love.  
It's a I didn't know how incomplete I was until she came into my life and 
showed me things about myself I never knew kind of love.  
It's a can't wait to grow old with you kind of love. It's a not just about me 
but now about us kind of love.  It's a whatever I do I do it for you kind of 
But it's not a perfect love.  It's a work in progress but always on the right 
track kind of love.  It's a sometimes we argue about stupid things but I can't 
ever stay mad at her kind of love.  It's a she never sugarcoats the truth 
because she knows I need to hear it kind of love.  
It's an even if we break up we could never be just friends because you have 
deeply impacted my world that you will always be my best friend kind of 
This is a complex kind of love but it is mine.  
Damn I messed around and fell in love.

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Making its early morning splash
At my door is the day’s ‘News’
Hurled   along  from a  speeding bike.

I am too deep into ‘Marquez’'s 
'One hundred years of solitude'to rise 
As Amaranta gets ready to die before night.

My daughter leaves her PC for once
To have a look at the paper
And  returns it before long
As fresh and folded as from the press.

From the depths of high school physics
Emerges my son, takes a quick look
And an absent-minded leave.

Saunters in now my wife, hits the cot,
Wrestles with the fan-blown papers,
Sprays them all over the bed
And walks off as if in sore disgust.

Now Amaranta is gone  for good
As easily as one utters ‘dead’.

Being  off  Marquez myself,I start putting
The dismembered sheets in order
Only to gape at this rare snap
Of this  seer , with his eyes closed
Eyeing,  for sure, political space.

For the contest of Mystic Rose.

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Cooley High In Reverse

Cooley High In Reverse 

Sometimes I watch the 1970's movie
Cooley High in reverse,
The reason being that the ending is
the worse,
I figure if I view it backwards, the main 
character Cochise can rise up and be with
his friends...
Preach and Pooter and the boys could all have
Fun cutting classes and joy riding and throwing
caution to the wind,
The guys could all go to sock hops, prom and 
They'd stand on the corner and sing and drink
Cheap wine and never meet such a twisted fate,
Their teacher, Mr. Mason wouldn't have wasted his breath
or his time,
Preach's girlfriend, Brenda wouldn't have fallen for a line -
Of poetry and pure high school testosterone, 
And the two villains, Robert and Stone 
Could slide back into their holes and no one would know
where they are,
And the world wouldn't lose another ghetto super 
Cochise could get his basketball scholarship
to college and go on to make Chicago proud,
He'd be ranked up there with Michael Jordan,
somewhere in the clouds,

But I am dreamer...

Yep, sometimes, I watch Cooley High in reverse because
I'd rather see Cochise having fun than lying
in a hearse. 

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Untitled #164 / "Point A"

“The rope is most likely
to break at point A”

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Brick Wall

Feels like I'm going 100 in a 35.
CRASH! Smack into a brick wall.
It's like I'm going nowhere, nowhere at all.  
Home.  Work.  Love and Relationships.  School.
You name it, and I'm pretty much losing the game.
Nothing is the same.
I know everything changes.
But something along the way has to change for the good instead of the bad.
It's been a long time since the good has come along for me.
And then, just when I think I see the good coming?
CRASH!  BOOM!  BANG!  Everything crumbles.
In the blink of an eye. 
An instant.
A snap of the fingers.
And the pain, it begins to linger.  
It's always been there you see.
I'm just good at hiding.
But only for so long.
Everyone has their breaking point.
Including me.  I'm only so strong.
I can only endure the pain for so long.
The brick wall is hit. 
The dam bursts.
And out pours the anger, the tears, the pain.
And it hurts.

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the broad

been addressed as
“broad” while sitting in
the park & “dame” while
on the train, wondering if
it was the ****ing 40’s,
thinking these men a pain,
found herself sitting in the 
lobby when one turned to
her saying “*****,” as if it
was just another word to him,
like it didn’t mean a thing &
while in the mini mart near
her neighborhood, a couple
teens saw her move saying
“chica” & when she passed
she heard “*****” amidst other
words to describe her body,
then down her street those on
the corner who’ve known her
quite some time, referred to her
as “mami” & in the laundry 
later that afternoon she gets
labeled “sexual chocolate,”
she gets addressed as “honey,”
“baby,” like she was right back
in a high school classroom,
she gets hit on while folding 
her clothes, when propositioned
blatantly for sex by a man calling
her “shorty,” with all the 
resistance in the world, she 
makes it out on her own & back 
down the street, with blood 
burning a thousand flames inside,
with tightened, gritted teeth,
the next that comes into her path
presenting himself & saying “ho,”
gets a kick so hard, so strong 
so fast in the groin, he hadn’t a
moment to say 
“oh no.”

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Untitled #170 / On a roll

On a roll
(In physics class at least)

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School Days

Friends, teachers, buses, homework, and my parents made my school days my 
best kept memory.
Not at all was I the worst kid, I sat in class quiet and paid attention when we 
learned cursive.
While in my desk I sat behind Bria playing with her braids, she was the 1st crush 
I ever had while in 3rd grade.
They didn't show us films on MLK to advance but took us outside and learned to 
square dance.
See I got paddled in Elementary there was no fair chance or even maybe a ruler 
held by Mrs.Jackson's bare hand.
In my school days school made me a bad kid because I hung around adolecent 
athletes who loved to snatch and dash quick.
I didn't have s%@t no new clothes or nothing just long jeans in the winter made 
them cut off's in the summer.

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Very Embitter

Fitting in isn't like me at all
Faking hand gestures 
School girl laughs
Fragranced by the imortality of high school dreams
Sometimes life handed me a wilted flower
Made me nurse it back to health with impossibility
I just watched it die
Like, have you ever seen a plane you knew was gonna crash
But you still stood and witnessed the tragedy
It's not as if we could save the passengers
Yet we could have radioed for help
Puzzled like jig-saw,
A missing piece of contemptness
Solidarity, of the heart but where is it?
Snatched out held in the open,
Thumping like a drum
Ceremonial initiating womanhood
But that would be in a tribe
Like I said before, fitting in isn't like me
That would force my personality to conform
To that of a crowd, or that of a lie

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THE SENDING saying goodby as teen leaves home


The Teen, smiles 

with bag in hand, tickets for escape
       Anxious to stand in another hall
       Anxious to eat the junk of college life
       Anxious to sleep in another bed
       Anxious to discover the embrace of sweeter younger arms

The Parent, smiles

with bittersweet baby memories flashing, Fear choking words, Stoic shake of hands


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Acceptance better left alone

I've lost a friend

And I don't know why

It's hurts so bad

It makes me wanna cry


There's too much drama

Why can't you see

I love this guy

And it's killing me


She's being a witch

And a stupid little hoe

Trust me honey

All the boys know


You're lies I believed

I was made to be a fool

Why can't you just go

And leave me the hell alone


I've been dumped on the ground

Like a common piece of trash

I can't take it any longer

I swear I won't last


I have no one left

No one to hold

I need to be alone

So I can accept this on my own

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Untitled #173 / Mrs. Lacey's motto

“See me after class”
Mrs. Lacey’s motto
now it’s our own

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Twenty Years

Twenty years in which to learn 
Lessons great in value
Twenty years to be aware
Of what is real or untrue
All this time; I wonder if
I've spent it well enough
And what have I to show for it…
Is it merely piles of stuff?
Or something one can't easily grasp
Such as the love we covet
Given freely to someone
No misgivings or regret
By what scale, then, should we measure
The thing we call success?
I think it should be measured by
The people we have blessed
And how we've shown to those behind
The way to live a life
With grace and kind abidance 
Through the times of trial and strife

©Donna Golden
June, 2005 (Written just before my 20 year high school reunion!)

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Give me the will

Childhood obesity is a disease
Where is the cure?
Is it in you
Or will you just ignore it and let the nation face its doom
Big, Big Big
Unhealthy, strive for success
Starting with a healthy self
Don’t be afraid to put the junk back on the shelf
Where is the will? 
Where is the way?
Will I be fat if I eat one doughnut today?
Mom , Dad what do you say?
Give me some cream, and I’ll wont fade away
You lost motivation, I’ve gained a little weight
If you continue to feed me like this
I wont be in a good state
Instill the will, Instill the Way so that I may start off with a healthy slate.

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Early Morning At Riverside Park

Independence Day is over
A sweltering night has been gathered up and trucked away
The faint fragrance of burnt offering still hangs low
              sweat, of a long, grey cloak.

The park still echos with faint "ooooh's" and "ahhhs"...
lingering in the sultry air, 
and bouncing off the silent bandstand
If you try, you can almost hear the High School band, 
   playing tributes to Souza and the homeland flag

Where eyes glistened and reflected a night sky alive with fire
now, the only sounds are chattering squirrels, 
              as they scurry and nibble on remants of a celebratory feast, 
                  hiding in the dewy grass

The morning air is cool and the ground is damp
Park benches, the bandstand, hilly mounds of grass and playgrounds
                                      abandoned, save of their mourning clothes
Of candy wrappers, watermelon rinds, mustard coated paper plates
Spent sparklers, fire crackers, a lone sneaker...
Where just hours from radios, laughter, cheering, hooting, jeering
Deafening man-made thunder made babies cry
                    dogs tremble, children clap their hands over ears
Now so silent in this early somber morn
The only sound this morning
 comes from a slight breeze that stirs....
   a tossed Pepsi paper cup....
       as it clatters a pop, pop, popping it hops
                        among the dried, brown leaves down a hot, empty sidewalk...

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America my home,
 America is where I grew up, 
America where I thought I was safe.
One day America let me down,
It was not longer safe, the place where I grew up.
A terrorist attack happened that day,
I was at school ready to run away.
There was fear in the air,
more than 30,00 people lost their lives, which is not fair.
Four planes crashed and many died,
I was so surprised.
The world trade center towers are not longer there,
they are no where.
I went to school like any other day,
but watched the news instead of played.
I hate the thought of this day,
But it is one I will remember forever, everyday.
We bought flags and stood with pride,
for our country we would not hide.
We will find whoever did this to us,
even if we have to travel by bus.
This is one day that will never go away,
September 11, 2001.

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what i'm not

you are everything
 I am not
You are everything
 I want but do not have
you have a happiness
I envy
you are gorgous
unlike me
you are a someone
and i am a nobody
when we walk down the halls
I see you
you don't see me
you have the perfect life
and i sit here
jealous of every moment 
you spend being you
while i spend my time being me
a nobody

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The Nightmare of 2007

This is dedicated to all of the students who were offended at Orangeburg-
    Calhoun Technical College.

For the nightmare to be brought back is haunting
The thought of it being planned is sickening
We never thought we'd see it again
Especially not in this school and not by our friend

Is it not bad enough that our ancestors lived through it
That you had to come and do this and make us face it
You did it because someone dared you
You used it as a joke, but we take it as a symbol of what our ancestors went 

How you let some skinny, stupid, ignorant, childish little boy push you up to 
    something like this?
Did you not see what happened in Jena 6?
We didn't expect this to happen from one of you
But as for the other, we expect something stupid in whatever you do.

Can you put yourself in our shoes?
What would you think if you were black and someone did that to you?
You would feel offended
And this situation would not be apprehended

You know this school is mostly attended by African Americans
So why would you do that?
You would have been better off if your actions were said
No matter how you meant it, it cannot be taken back.

Back then, whites used it for abuse
And for you to come and hang it up because of a dare and for you to push it up, is 
    no excuse
They say actions speak louder than words, but in this case, words would have 
    been better off used
This is now on your permanent records, meaning your life will be haunted 
    because you planned and hung a noose.

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Back To School

Today is the day that friends meet once again.
It's not a new thing it happens every year, back to school day is finally here.
Brand new faces old and new places.
Book bags and all kind of cases.
Girls with their hair tied in colourful laces.
Boys with unhappy looks on their faces.
The teachers are all smiles with books in their hands ready to teach and give the commands. 
The bell has just rung everyone must find their place for all are in fear they they maybe late.
Through the halls and into the doors.
Summers over and it's time for back to school once more.

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Rock Hard Bleachers Putting My Ass to Sleep

the man 
standing in front 
of a microphone 
asked me a question 
the question is 
would you rather 
be high, 
or a gibbering idiot 
for the rest of your days? 
consider life. 
i pondered this question 
i pondered it well 
i looked at the man 
in his navy blue 
i said 
that is a simple question 
with a simple answer

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My Mom

She's not rich
  but can have money in her pocket
She's not perfect
  but she doesn't do everything wrong
She doesn't have the best attitude
  but she's not the meanest person you'll contact
She may not be fine to you
  but she's pretty to me
She's not yours
  but she's mine
She's not at the peak of her life
  but she's not at the bottom of the barrel
She might think it's taking too long
  but she knows that God will step in right on time
She may not have many friends
  but Mama Jo and I are numbers 1 and 2
She's not a counselor
  but she gives me advice anytime
She doesn't have a college education
  but she does have her high school diploma
She may not be the smartest person
  but she knows a lot
She's not the Lord and cannot work miracles
  but she's my mom,
She's the best mom
  and no one can do it better.

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A cup of my own

I handed over my reading log to the librarian. Then
she reached into a cardboard box under the counter
and pulled out the coffee cup
and in that moment
I knew it was my own.

The cup was heavy as a melon in my hands, peach-colored
and shaped like an apple.
I devoured the quote printed on its side:
“I always imagined that Paradise
was a kind of library”

Alone with my cup at home
I boiled a pot of water.
As I selected my flavor of tea I
caressed the cup, running my fingers up and down
its smooth curviness.

A whistle in the background. Now is the time.
I poured in the boiling water
added the teabag
and a moment later
standing alone in the kitchen
I raised the cup to my lips
and made it my own.

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pledge no longer

after watching films like “The Killing Fields,”
“Apocalypse Now,” “Full Metal Jacket” &
beginning to think long and hard about what 
his country had really been doing in Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos,
this high school senior refuses in early morning 
home room
to stand up & say 
The Pledge of Allegiance 
to the flag hanging from the corner of the wall,
where all his classmates, holding their hands over their hearts
mutter along the words that they have repeated
day in & day out,
since they can remember---
his homeroom teacher takes him aside when the rest sit down &
he is told that he needs to say the pledge just like the rest of the kids,
but he sits there staring up at the teacher with 
fierce eyes that the teacher sees other classmates already being inspired by at that very moment,
and he utters simply,
“i’m not pledging any longer.”

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Fight To Never Fight

Win or lose
No matter what the outcome
I'm fighting to never fight again.
You beat me or i beat you
It doesn't matter who wins or loses
I'm only fighting to never fight.
Down in one, two shots or maybe a few
the winner is either me or you.
I may be down now but not for long,
The fight is not over yet.
Give me the power give me the strength.
You may win the fight but,
its long from over
I'm fighting to never fight again. 

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Students gathered in the class
Patiently awaiting their pass
The teacher received the envelope at the door
While some students took the floor
Silence suddenly enveloped the room
The moment announcements began to loom

My turn arrived without compromise
MJS she read out to my surprise
Shattered into a billion pieces
Since I was confident that I landed my first or second choices
The negative perceptions began flooding my judgment
At the same time I struggled to imagine myself in this new environment

Despite my disappointment I had to regain my composure
For my priority now resided in obtaining closure
Did not desire to fall victim to the vicious public views
“Junior Sec” students always enjoy the cruise
Although I spent the full three years at this foundation
Attempts were made for a transfer to a prestigious institution

However each effort proved futile
Leaving me on the MJS file
One time, the principal of a prestige advised me to recede
Claiming the entrance examination was extremely difficult for me to gain a lead
Her words had affected me deeply
And had etched a permanent place in my memory

What a stepping stone she created for me
Cause that day I signed a success treaty
While peer pressure penetrated every lane of my track
I did everything in my power to evade the slack
Excellence at graduation
This is an accomplished mission

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Ricky's Crib

Ricky really wants to be a rich kid
He’ll live in a castle, big and purple
The giant swimming pool filled with rubber ducks
There will be a secret underground room
It will be filled with endless really cool toys

Ricky’s gonna soak in a big hot tub
The castle will be called his special crib
There will be free concerts by Rap artist
There’ll be birthday parties that never end
He will drive fast cars on his private track

© Copyright G. Jones 2008

Author’s Note: This was a conversation I recorded from speaking with one of my 
sixteen year old autistic high school students I work with. I created a poem from 
his words and presented it to him. He said, nobody had ever written anything for 
him before. It hangs now on the wall in our special school room. He and I are 
very proud.

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School War

They were snobs. They hated us, We hated them. There was a fight. We won, they cried. We had blood all over us. They had more blood. Someone pulled a gun on one of us. I got in the way. They took me to the hospital where I died. I died in peace, the school war had ended.

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Untitled #174 / A spaced-out moment

A spaced-out moment playing calculator games
in our calculus class, returned to infancy
within the boredom of checking homework

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The Heat

Sweet and salty,
That time of year everyone's ready for the heat.
From Alaska to Florida,
California to Maine,
In teens and kids,
A time to celebrate.
School's out for now,
Gone are the books,
Late night crunch time,
And early risings.
For three months its swimming,
Sleepovers and camping.
It's summer time, baby!

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Just Read

Reading is fundamental
That’s what I like to do
It stimulates my mind,
No matter what I read
Reading should be incorporated
In everybody’s daily routine
A lot of people might not understand
Why I’m saying this
But most of the people do
They know what I mean
You see, I’m always reading,
Everywhere I go
A billboard, a book,
Even a street sign and even some magazines
It enhances my vocabulary and expands my knowledge
It helps to keep me grounded
I understand why it’s so important for us to do
There’s a lot of people hoping and praying
That we don’t use it
Come on, help me spread the word
So our people won’t continue to be illiterate
Instead of shooting and killing 
And makin each other bleed
Do something more constructive
Pick up something and learn to read

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My Jenny ( Relative Compound }

                                                     Jenny is exceptional
                                                     Christ  as exception
                                                      Doctor  exceptionalness

My First Attempt     (Be Gentle}
Thanks once more
 Sir Joseph Spence

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State Capital?

Where is it?
Is it north or south?
I’m so confused,
The map says Baton Rouge,
But not our head public official.
The home of the place,
Where we love high school,
Football whistles,
Where we grow sweet potatoes,
Greens, athletes, livestock, cotton and corn,
The place,
Well I should say, 
The region, where I was born.
Where the urban schools systems,
Are the cream of the crop.
Where school administrators don’t call you,
For a job interview.
Where you apply seven times
 For a position, that’s currently open,
And seven times declined,
I thought I currently live in the state capital 
That is physical.
But not the spiritual,
Nah, my people and hateful teachers do.
Where they wave the other flags,
That are red white and blue.
Darn, I’m all messed up, 
Or should I say messed down?
The darn state capital is Monroe/W. Monroe
My back wood tailed hometown.

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Untitled #140 / Metal cog

The moment a metal cog stands suspended
on the whiteboard by a pair of visible strings & springs
Ah! But one invisible string, one invisible spring
keeps the whole from falling apart!
The genius who discovers this secret
will have his name repeated across the universe for eternity!

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Unfinished Business (The Lockdown)

Did you think you were cool?
to call in a threat?
You Columbine copy-cat,
you coward, you fool?

Teachers hear the “code,”
Teachers who’ve been trained to
hope for the best
prepare for the worst, 
the worst that could possibly happen
at this 
	or any

Students thought it strange,
didn’t get the news,
saw my fast moves,
the blinds drawn
door locked
hands that shook
the lights off

“In the corner, NOW!”
I pointed, afraid
that life or death,
my own, 
my students’
hung in the air

I’m not the self-sacrificing sort,
or so I thought,
wedged between my students
and the door,
the worry-wart,
the mother hen,

knowing I would hurl 
at the gunman,
at the trenchcoat,
so that
bodies could escape.

Still, I hoped,
the boys

“Fight or Flee, do SOMETHING,”
the mantra learned at
Virginia Tech,
the lesson learned
the hard way.

Teen bodies sweat, now,
the smell of fear,
the floor hard, so cold,
the dark,
afraid to whisper,
we listen for sounds
gunshots, anything,
outside that door.

Nobody knows…
“What’s going on?”
Chairs scrape upstairs:
“Fools!” I think, half hope the noise
draws the gunman
away from here,
but that I’m wrong,
it’s a scare,
all at once.

Hunger now,
stomachs growl,
it’s schools end,
we’re finally fed

And if we could find you,
the fool, so cruel,
who started this
it’s YOU we’d feed on,
US you’d fear,
a collective pride,
of Panthers
on the prowl.

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Life is a Journey

From when you are born
To when you take your first steps
You start to take in information
Life used to be a pep
Then you go to kindergarten
Very first school grades
Great elementary school days
Time went by in a daze
Middle school came along 
I shared my very first kiss 
Made a lot of new friends
Life was such a Bliss
High schools rolls in
Your grades start to matter
The key to your future
Could start to shatter
Start to play sports
Get into some tourneys
You choose your pathway
Life is a Journey

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8th Grade High

8th Grade High

Watching confusion morph into understanding
Hits my veins and feeds my insistent craving…
A rush…

Taking “I don’t get it” to “wow, that’s cool!”
Is a psychedelic kaleidoscope of emotion
Unparalleled by any other

Blissful euphoria reigns when 8th graders make statements like:
“Vocabulary is sweet because then I can insult grown ups without them knowing it!”
what a kick!
What perspective and honest insight!

As the English language becomes a friendly tool instead of a frightening task-master,
I can see the transition echoed in clear, youthful eyes,
I am complete
And very high…

When literature sets the guts of eighth graders aflame 
Because I lit the fire
I’m buzzing

I don’t create foreign policy
I don’t legislate new laws
I can’t cure cancer
And I’m not a philosopher…

I am an addict
I am hooked
I inject my words into their heads
And ride the wave of empowerment

As I search desperately
For my next fix.

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Last Monday

The Catholics came to Junior school last Monday
And took my sister out of Maths
The rules had changed
They'd read The Book
Averages could no longer be taught in class

"One, plus one, plus one, the teacher said, equals three
And divided by three is one.
But Jesus, plus God, plus the Holy Ghost equals,
And divided by three is

Infinite Power!"

My hamster passed away last Monday
His soul left to be judged
I hope that when the good are numbered
That God knows how to count.

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Tony Kushner wrote plays as a telephone operator,
Kafka wrote stories at night after working as an insurance adjuster,
Grisham penned court room dramas religiously for three years before
being published.

These playwrights and novelists and poets,
Lived a dual existence-

By day,
They lived an ordinary existence,
Maintaining a 9-5 or overnight shifts
While balancing obligations like
family, grocery shopping, taxes, rent or mortgage
friends, bills, lovers

At night, 
In their precious time-

They were on a lonely, thankless journey,
Only their desk, the lamp and their pen and paper/typewriter/computer
 as company,
Communing with their muse,

Creating, Rewriting, editing, repeat

Telling stories for the mere pleasure,  to satisfy an 
Incurable hunger for their words, thoughts, voices

To be expressed, considered, read,

Without the guarantee of money, fame, recognition or success..

I remember them when verse rushes through my mind 
like an angry, swollen April river,
That I forget the words as quickly as I conceive them,
or I compose long winded poems
with no direction, shape or grace.

I remember them when procrastination and writer’s block
Prevents me from writing for days, months or years,
or when I hear that my high school nemesis is a doctoral
Candidate in poetry 

I remember and thank them for giving my inspiration
To continue.

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Born on the Goldhawk Road One

I was born at the tail end of the Goldhawk Road
Which runs through Shepherds Bush 
Like an artery, 
And in the mid 1960s,
Served as one of the great centres 
Of the London Mod movement, 
But I was raised in relative gentility
In a ward of nearby South Acton 
Whose vast council estate
Is surely the most formidable 
Of the whole of West London.
Although my little suburb 
Has since become
One of its most exclusive neighbourhoods.
My first school was a kind of nursery
Held locally on a daily basis 
At the private residence 
Of one Miss Henrietta Pearson, 
And then aged 4 years old, 
I joined the exclusive 
Lycee Francais du Kensington du Sud, 
Where I was soon to become bilingual 
And almost every race and nationality 
Under the sun was to be found 
At the Lycee in those days... 
And among those who went on to be good pals mine
Were kids of English, French, Jewish, American, 
Yugoslavian and Middle Eastern origin.
While my first closest pals were Esther, 
The vivacious daughter 
Of a Norwegian character actor 
And a beautiful Israeli dancer, 
And Craig, an English kid like myself,
With whom I remain in contact to this day.
For a time, we formed an unlikely trio:
"Hi kiddy," was Esther's sacred greeting 
To her blood brother, who'd respond in kind. 
But at some stage, I became a problem child,
A disruptive influence in the class, 
And a trouble maker in the streets, 
An eccentric loon full of madcap fun 
And half-deranged imaginativeness.
("Born on the Goldhawk Road" is a versified version of one much reproduced in various forms throughout my writings, although it bears little resemblance to its original, which first glimpsed the light of day in around 2002. It's undergone much modification since then, including the alteration of all names of people and places for the solemn purpose of privacy.)

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a gray area

a gray area exists when the light dulls &
when it begins to tint this way
we run frantic, like the unluckiest chicken on the
who’s up next for a beheading---
like roaches scampering from a dry place to a damp one &
though the light is craved by many
the reality is that so many more live in the darkness
wishing, wanting & waiting
for a chance to walk into the gray
with that almost seemingly impossible notion that
the light on the other side
may be open to one more

crossing through the gray area requires a better hand
than one is born with,
if one wasn’t born with the silver spoon---
it requires those things found necessary to survive
under the man’s pressing thumb
it requires money, ultimately &
in the disease ridden system 
which breathes in dollar bills (for now) 
in order to get it,
there are a series of steps perpetuated by the old money &
updated, supported & thrust upon the rest of us by the
new money---

so that if you stay in school &
if you do well in school &
if you apply to college &
you get into that college &
you don’t drop out from that college &
you do well in that college &
you apply to a grad school, or a med school or a 
law school &
you do get into that school &
you do well in that school &
you come out of that school all the better,
you are supposed to be well equipped to
get a job whose pay will correspond to all the years spent
going in & out of schools
keeping your brain to the metal &
putting anything else in your life on hold
until you are ready to make that paper in the
“real world.”

but when all your academic struggle is over,
you still have all the debt you accrued while
that one day you’d be able to pay it all off,
that one day,
you’d be able to walk through that gray area
from dark to light &
like the good capitalist empire has 
in fact, if you have traveled from other countries
believing all the images & stories 
from exported american films,
you are in even more dire straits,
for the inability to get a job & 
pay off all the debt,
might mean dragging yourself back to your 
native country,
now, with a debt the size of jupiter &
nothing but disappointment in the eyes of 
all the people who put their beliefs in you
when you decided to move to 
“the land of the free.”

staring in the mirror
said individual finds themselves stating out loud
(as if anyone was listening) 
that “had i known things were going to end up like this,
i never would have tried so hard.”

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Real Women Sweat

My goodness but its hot
I'm wringing wet.
"Women perspire," he said,
"only men sweat."

Well, guess again buddy
maybe la-de-dah ladies perspire,
but Real Women sweat
and right now I'm on fire.

In high school my mother
would take me to the beauty parlor
to get me a fancy  dance doo
and then later I'd hollar

Because after a dance or two,
my hair would be dripping wet.
I was so embarrassed
all covered with sweat.

Air conditioning is just too cold
and it smells funny,
so I sit in front of a fan
when it gets too sunny.

But running out for chores
in 90-degree heat
is no fun at all
I just come home beat.

So you'all have a good summer ...
and I still say it yet ...
that ladies may perspire,
but Real Women sweat.

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i wonder 
i wander
i love you
i love the fact that you have no idea

of who i am

let's keep it this way



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What is Freedom

I'll show them what they did to me...

I'll ruin their lives next.

I'll make them SUFFER.

See how they feel.

To be muted.

In this disgusting atmosphere.

The place that we call "school."


How awful of a life without freedom.

What is Freedom!?

Does it exist...?

Trapped here in this sickening place.

Everyone likes to call "School."

An atmosphere of over-whelming doom.

Why must I be used as a tool?


I hate them.

Feasting for blood.

I want their blood.

That will color my hair.



It will do the trick.

To feed my agony...

To escape my mind.

My question will be answered.

What is Freedom!?

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My Family's Resolution of 2008

I pray to God in that 2008
The bad qualities of my family will change
All need to be changed into good qualities
Especially in my sister and me

I pray that we'll go to church much more
And get to know God a little more
I pray to God that we'll get saved
And never go back to our old ways

I pray that my dad will no longer nick-pick
And stop accusing so quick
That he'll go to work everyday
And help pay the bills so that we won't get evicted

I pray that my mom will go back to work
And change her attitude
Or that she'll get a financial blessing
And no longer be held down by headaches caused by stressing

I pray that my sister will become a better person all around and a better mother
And that she keeps going to school to get hers and stop following others
That she won't drop out of school anymore
Stop running the streets, be home with her son, because it's nothing but trouble outside 
        those doors

My prayer for me is to get a better attitude
To do good in everything that I do
To remain stress free
And to pass all my classes so that I can get my degree

My prayer for me and my family is that we will all get blessed with a well paying job
And get to know and get closer to God
To stop all the arguing and animosity
And to just be a happy family

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Growing Up

the loud hum of silence
follows after forty years of 
trying to fight it off by
doing things

take comfort in the silence 
like you would a soft wool
blanket wrapped around you
in a chill
she spent most of the day alone,
not so much out of choice but out 
of her fear of people who taught 
her what terror lay beneath the 
blue eyes that greeted her
being alone was a comfort but 
of course it was lonely too
In high school being too quiet
was a social abrasion. Make eye
contact! Talk to people! Be popular! 
these were the rules
yet there was always that feeling 
of loss each time she succeeded 
at suppressing her fears
as if she missed fear or it had some
how hallowed out a space in her 
psyche that was familiar

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This Poem's Possible Future

I think it might be strange
To see this in a child's book someday
For students to memorize;
What would the teachers say?
What would the students think?
Would they use it in a play?
Would they recite it word for word?
Or they might throw it away
Because they think it absurd,
As I do today.

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My Art

Lying in darkness
losing my mind 
...but still attempting to retrieve it

my sanity
and i lay there with
the straight razor i jacked

from the high school art room
used to make things beautiful
this is my art

hold it to my skin
not too much pressure
not sure i want to regress yet

then decide, who cares?
just a little scratch
if they see, just lie with my eyes to the floor

yes they know they can tell
my eyes dart from floor to ceiling
ultimately telling the truth

and trying to save me
but when the scratches deepen
i can only save me

too deep and too many
they start to add up
the skin is like canvas

this is my art
such beautiful hues of red
and drying almost black

i keep regressing
and breaking promises 
and i still love you

but i love my art

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In Loving Memory

She’s looking out the window,
watching the rain fall down,
while all her hopes,
are being drowned,
while her heart,
is being broken.

She takes a deep breath,
and climbs out her window.
She wanders for a little while,
wondering what she’ll find.
Then, she sits,
in the middle of the road,
and gazed into the sky,
and watches the rain fall down on her.

She’s so amazed,
she didn’t see it coming,
a unknown bullet,
went right through her head.
I guess you could say,
it was a last request.

The next day,
three more suicides,
were committed.
But all of them,
left notes drenched in blood,
clutched in their hand,
they read:
“In Loving Memory Of All Those Kids Who Had To Go Through High school With No Friends.”

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A Love Lost Through Space And Time

I left everything behind me
Thoughts of a life long ago gone
Left by the edge of an asphalt interstate
A long ago time
Now fading memories
Visions of a long love
The girl I should have married
Shared my life with
Grown old with
Fading in the dense grey fog of time
I can remember her hair
The smell of the shampoo she used
I remember our first kiss
So loving at that high school dance
I remember the first time I told her I loved her
I know why I wanted her in my life
That was so many years ago
Her face
Her eyes
Her lips are fading from my thoughts
I know why I loved her
I know why I still love her
Time and space will not give me another chance
Another chance to regain everything that I lost
She is long gone
And I will never find her again

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What If

What if. What if the bystander had stood up. What if the bystander had seen my tears. What if the bystander had opened her mind. What if the bystander had witnessed my pain. What if the bystander had recognized my pain. What if the bystander had said one simple word. What if the bystander remembered when we were friends. What if the bystander had seen my horrible hurting. What if the bystander had known my unhappiness What if the bystander had seen into my mind. What if the bystander had felt what I felt. What if the bystander had been ME? What if.

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Painful Non-Goodbye

Tearing up,
This tiny, little heart.
It was already small to begin with.
All you needed to say was one word.
That's all I wished to hear.
But you couldn't even manage that.
I said sorry.
Why couldn't you just say goodbye?

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She's His

She runs harder, faster, when he's around.
Adrenaline courses through her veins.
The drumming in her ears comes from below,
As the palpatations race with every kiss.
The weight of high school drama is lifted off her shoulders,
The moment his arms close around her.
Her head becomes light as she catches her breath.
She feels as if she is flying and isn't sure if she'll ever land.
She doesn't mind.
Not one bit.
She could fly forever with him by her side.
Brushing her fears away, she silently agrees,
That she's fully his.

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I Almost Lost Her

Sometimes a friendship
just gets tired,
it wants something new
to grasp onto.

There is a new level
it desires,
but cannot bridge the gap
til some part dies.

Tears wash it clean...
an eraser in the teacher's hand
wipes the slate clean;
we both learn.

We skip on that sidewalk
hand in hand
tossing our pet rock
across the pond.

We jump rope,
escaping the noose
that wanted to choke us,
but in perfect time.

Our shirts will match perfectly again.

To: Aimee

Sheila Kathryn Barrera

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High School Years

A time to grow.
A time to learn.
To grow as a person.
To sit in class.
To be a student.
High school.
What is it?
All ways to grow.
Growing intellectually.
All fun times with friends.
High school is a place to learn
About yourself.
About the world.
About how to live your life.
The time you spend here is precious.
Love it.
Enjoy it.
Spend it with friends.
High school years are 
Some of the best times of your life.

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Bullies are mean to you, they will take your soul, they will take your identity. Bullies will make you believe things about yourself that's not true, they will push you like a toy, Bullies will take your brain and twist it in two, they will turn you inside out, they will take your love, your hope, your friends, your happiness, your not caring who you are and what you look like, and throw it away, they will change you to the point where you don’t recognize yourself. Bullies will change your life. They will never go away. They will multiply in numbers, and bully not only you. Don't let them. Stop what they are doing to innocent people. Show them that people who are bullied, are stronger than they look. Show them your you, you have faith in yourself, and that's all that matters.

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Invisible Darts

Sticks and stones
Break my bones
But words could never hurt me
I repeated the rhyme again and again
Aghast to no end
You broke me again
The pain is real
The words cut deep
The tears stained my cheek
Teachers try but you're that pesky fly
That never gets spotted
You know my pain
You find your gain
Take it away
I say
You just begin again
To shoot me with invisible darts
no more I say you just killed my heart

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Untitled #146 / A Page of Definite Answers

A Page of Definite Answers
confronts the students,
daunting them with its Rightness

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Entrance to Grad School

Goin’ to school
Grad school that is
But I’ve got to wait
Till they choose me
There’s a simple
Process needed to be done
Before they allow me in
It’s an admission decision
They will notify me
By email, phone, or letter
I’m waiting painstakingly
For the results

Russell Sivey

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Winter Playbook

She liked her desk
middle classroom
history all dates to memorize
that's a headache
Mr. Otto must be 90 (to her 8)
halls and rooms
all familiar
scent of school glue and chalk
learning to dance in gym class
Boys you knew all your life
after school dress her sisters in 
winter leggings
walk the mile home
red house on a hill
winter playbook

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Untitled #137 / Wrrrippp!

A new noise becomes routine in physics class!
The only sound that will remain!

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Untitled #257 / Poor little blind boy

Poor little blind boy! Don’t
follow us back to class!
Don’t sit beside her! Don’t
laugh! Don’t smile!
Don’t let her have a sip of your Icee!
Hide yourself away!
You’re headed down the path to heartbreak!

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dust your self off.

As a child, a happy baby boy or daddys pretty little girl you were always so eager to move forward,
you moved, crawled, waddled,even rolled all before you could even say a word,
from the time you let go of there hands,
you knew this was going to be tough even to just stand,
then you took that first step and fell,
hands slapped the floor you had fillings you couldn't tell,
but you got back up and chose to just...
six years old playing a school yards game dodge-ball
you were not the first nor the last but when it happen who knew to the grown you would fall,
after all the laughs and finger pointing,
you wanted back in you knew every one was just playing,
you got up and...
high school what a horor story for any one even you,
you weren't the best looking kid having a pimple here are two,
clubs,gangs,sports,classes, and faces that were mean to you,
after that first day you carried home so many emotions that were new,
you didn't want to go back, to many classes to much work and the presure,
but the next day you woke and knew for sure,
years later we live in a world that knocks us down for any given reason,
for lifes lesson knows no seasons,
pay check to pay check we scramble to make ends meet, bills payments appointments dates we can't keep,
kids affaires work prices going higher as your income gos lower
a life you even see in your sleep,
and when it becomes to much, when you no longer want to play the game you look back and wonder,
did I make the right choice did I turn the right way should of could of would of lifes little blunder,
and when all is settled when the kids your better half are sleeping and you have that moment you think,
of a better time a better place when there was none of this then into sleep you sink,
as you awake to a new day you raise sitting on the edge of your bed ready to once again to take that first step,
you remember what happend back then and you know if you fall like all of us do with class this we'll accept,
for no matter how much weight is put on us, how much it rains are how many times we fall,
we know just like back then get up dust your self off and remember dodge the ball.   

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I Try

I try to be your friend. It wont work. I try to look at you and smile. You just glare at me. I try to think of you as my best friend. You hate me. I try walk next to you, you push me away. I try to see you in the way you are, you take my eyes away. I try to ignore you, you make that impossible. I try to avoid you, you push my purposely. I try not to let words hurt me, you just make yours fiercer. I try to stop your words, but they hit me like a slap in the face. Have you ever heard the saying, sticks and stones may brake your bones, but words will never hurt you? Its all a lie. Words touch your heart, they touch your feelings, and they touch YOU.

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See Inside

I can see inside your backpack.
What I've told them,
I can't take back; they know
I've liked you for a while now.

I wonder if you know
That I'm walking behind you.
Your bag is kind of see-through,
The kind you might have
If you're cool.

I talk to you sometimes.
I wish that you'd say more.
Nobody understands
What I'm crushing on you for.

Across the classroom,
I sit...and stare;
There's got to be something
You're dying to share.

You're walking down
The hallway, Jack.
I see inside
Your green backpack.

I wish there was a diary
Inside your bag
For me to see.

Would you ever say the first word?
Do you even
Want to be heard?

I didn't understand you, Jack.
I can see inside your backpack.
Perhaps there's nothing there at all;
Maybe I just like to fall.
I can see inside your backpack,
Jack --it's empty.

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Slow DOWN!

In this fast paced day and ag
all anyone has in mind
is finishing school, growing up
leaving childhood behind

regardless of the circumstances
and regardless of what they needf
parents push their kids too hard
the key emphasis is speed

"Quick quick! hurry up! Learn faster
are you out of your mind?
You can't afford to move that slow
your going to be left behind"

Pushing children to act like adults
expecting matruity beyond their years
never listening to anything they have to say
not their questions, doubts or fears

Underage we have no voice
we are neither seen nor heard
but the things you expect us KIDS to do
are really damn absurd

a generation of adolescants
pushed ahead and forced to compete
fighting in the adult world
attempting to find their feet

Listen, we are not ready
to act and think like you
when we grow up, we will go on
and do the things you do

You have CHILDREN in the workforce
struggling for their wage
with the whole world on their shoulders
before they are of age!

Give us a little more time
before you put us to teh test
let us learn just a little bit more
before we have to compete with the rest

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my poem is ...


WiLL  ...    yOU  ...PleaSE ... 



HERE ...

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Untitled #128 / It's a green rubber ducky

It’s a green rubber ducky!
And now it squeaks and squeals
right inside Hannah’s ear
making her squeak and squeal!
Oh sweet startling mimicry!

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playing with the young christians head

playing with the young christian’s head

when i was in 6th grade,
i can remember the rumors from a neighboring school spun 
about a young girl around my age
who had gone into the bathroom &
rambled on “bloody mary” repeatedly in front of the mirror---
apparently, as the story went, she ended up in the hospital
because she had been traumatized by something that
“attacked” her in the bathroom &
the scared little christians who populated the middle of nowhere elementary school
thought that demons, or a witch, or something 
downright awful 
had shone its face to the girl,
and so, as little kids do 
(unfortunately, no different than “adults”),
the morbid curiosity & a combination of boredom throughout the day
forced some of them to go into the bathroom at my school &
repeat the same idiotic behavior
in order to “summon” whatever it was that
had been rumored to show up
when you should’ve been pissing or taking a shit.

my own threshold for annoyance had about been pushed to its limit &
so i myself went into the bathroom, turned the light off 
(so my moronic classmates could see the crack under the door become dark) &
proceeded to dig my fingertips (never had much fingernail growth as i bite them like a fiend) into my neck enough as to leave a few red streaks---
and i put my favorite shocked face on, flicking on the light again &
walking out into the classroom.

with wide eyes like those of parishioners of an evangelical psycho,
they stared up at me, a nonbeliever, in a combination of brand new horror,
mixed with a self-righteous “i told you so, now don’t you believe?  ain’t ya gonna come over to our side of the tracks now?” look 
painted all over their faces.

after i sat down,
depicting as much fake shock & horror that i could muster,
i started to laugh with a mixture of disgust 
stemming from looking in their brainwashed eyes &
utter relief, 
that i myself could not be made to believe as they.

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A trip for a friend with the flu

A walk down Thomas Lane

Knotty Ash Pub  closed on left
On right the boy scout hall
We’re on the  left side of 
the tram tracks dividing
East Prescot Road
Two shops down is the bakery
Where a four year old boy
Had the job of daily tester
Of rolls on the way to school
God were they good
I can still taste them
Then down the lane past the 
Pub’s walled in bowling greens
And the second school
Across from Rudyard road
A cul de sac of single story  duplexes
With shiny slate roofs
low walled hedged front gardens
And solid little swinging gates
Then the lane starts up again
The pavement’s wide enough 
On both sides of the lane
for a pair to walk beside each other
And the lane’s wide enough 
for two small lorries to pass
If cars aren’t parked any where
The older large houses
Are only on the right side of us
All four of them
The milk farm across from the pub
Takes up most of the down hill
Though  the fields are hidden
By the barns and shed rows
The end of the lane
Past the gates to the playing fields
and top of the hill has
St John the Evangelist’s Church
With grave yards and directly
Across from the entrance steps and arbor
Is the School Yard and one room school house
Out houses and sheds to the right
Where my official education began

(The daily path of a four year old alone in 1941)

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The melody sings out in the song
The bassline building up in tone
Screaming out in harmony
For all those true to hear

The sounds of brass and woodwinds
Echo throughout the hall
Signaling the coming storm
Of our loyal marchers band

Trumpets lead the charge
With the loud and ringing sound
Drums keeping beat
Winds enhancing the tune

Students peering out the doors
Eyes are wide to our sheer sound

While stepping carefull left and right
Playing my heart out is what i do
I feel the music sing within
And let it out
For the school to hear

I lead the charge for now
With the loud and ringing sound
Marching to the basses beat
For all the school to hear

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Without love
Who do you think you are?
What do you feel you have?
What do you really gain?

Without love
What have you become?

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I remember being in High School,
Doing things because they were 'cool'.
Skipping class and making friends,
Relationships I thought would never end.

I have great memories from way back when,
But time goes by and people grow.
The friends I had back then,
Now I barely know.

We've all gone our separate ways,
And swore we'd keep in touch,
Sent an occasional card out on holidays,
But now I miss them all so much.

I miss the crazy things we did;
I was a wild, imaginative kid.
I wouldn't change it either way,
Because it's shaped who I am today.

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Your Stronger Then That

People laughing your selfestem is crashing 
you want to just run away but the others will say more and more things till you 
start to cry, 
and fall apart you think you not smart, pretty, or that you have a good heart.
 all because of what stuck up bullys said you might even wish that you would 
rather be dead. 
But always remember that your stronger then that and don't for one minute, or 
even one second think that you would rather be dead 
because its only in your head. 
Think about it you'd rather be dead because others said stupid things that they'll 
end up regreting later in there life, 
but what ever you do fight for life never let it out of site 
because if you do you'll regret it so and you should know there are people who 
love and care about you so much, 
because everyone is special in there own 
unquie way, 
and everyone is loved by someone in the world and people will 
respect you if you let your voice be heard.

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We are ripped from....

We are ripped from...
the birth canal of the beginning 
ripped from Mom to teacher 
ripped from school to school 
ripped from friend to friend 

We are ripped from...
job to job, place to place 

We are ripped from...
even ourselves, thrown into a whole 
new mindset 
never mind the cost of the toll 
Rumi was right when he wrote 
The reed cries when ripped 
from the Reed Bed 

We are Ripped from...
our every comfort 
crying to return to our reality 
we are ripped from...

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Quit Hating...I'm Fighting

You understand quite well,
My argument regarding,
Laxed community leaders 
In particular teachers.
You know for a fact,
That there is no fair treatment.
Quotas aren’t properly filled,
Maybe you jealous,
Because I have enough guts,
To write and speak up,
About our little ones, 
Living in defeat.
Because mom and dad,
Are barely making ends meat.
Our future is being faced,
Frequently with the ,
Enormously engaging
Street economy.
The similar sinful sanction,
As little seeds, 
We had to deal with constantly.
Whoa once we get a little,
Above the burger,
We want to point fingers,
That our people,
 Don’t work hard enough.
That others are going to out-accomplish us.
Thanks to you,
 A scornful laxed individual,
 They will.
Girl you forgot where you come from,
And just outright foolish and dumb.
Girl you forgot you came from the hood,
And the consistent regulation of radical racists
What in the world is wrong with you?
You didn’t work hard enough if you forgot.
I hope while you chewing the steak your teeth will rot.
While others that you were just like not too long ago,
Wish that they had what you got.
No pushing from your from your classroom.
Don’t want to teach past the level of Bloom’s.
Thanks to you another laxed teacher,
Our future is doomed.
Quit hating because I go hard,
All day everyday.
Because I ain’t forgot how mom, 
And dad struggled with us.
Dad working in day,
Mom working at night.
You darn right.
I’m going to fight,
Unlaxed education.
Fair quotas in the classroom,
So our children can relax and learn.
I will fight and encourage others,
Each day  I am alive,
While the world  turns.

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Untitled #116 / Gingerbread house

“He feels like making a
gingerbread house,
and eating it!”
Oh, how true these words!
Now it smells like gingerbread!

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The Stranger (Part 2)

I'm so scared and confused,
Feeling abandoned and bruised.
I'm so alone and don't know why,
When I think of the stranger, I can't help but cry.

It all happened four months ago,
But I just recently started to show.
When I see myself, I think of that day,
When the stranger threw my life away.

The morning after pill was not an option,
Neither was abortion, but maybe adoption.
I couldn't take an innocent life away;
For his crime, I shouldn't have to pay.

I'm so mixed up, I don't know what to do,
My friends and family don't know what I've been through.
I'm only a child, just barely sixteen,
High School kids can be insensitive and mean.

I'm going to have to tell someone soon,
The baby's due at the end of June.
I don't know what my family will say,
And because of that, I'm dreading that day.

How am I going to raise a baby,
When my parents are still taking care of me?
What am I going to do?
How will I make it through?

It's not fair that I'm forced to make this decision,
But I think I'll put my baby up for adoption.
That way she'll be raised in a better place,
But I will never forget her face.

She'll be in my heart wherever I go,
And I just hope she will know,
That when I lie in bed at night,
I'll think about her and hope my decision was right.

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Untitled #142 / Haiku

Haiku! Haiku!
A lesson about Haiku!
Aha! I have foreseen this moment!

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two wee lads grew up in the same village---
with their houses only a short distance away
they became close friends at an early age
playing the same sports, both learning how to
play an instrument, stumbling through early flirtations with
girls & even pondering their prospective futures---
theirs was an unparalleled bromance.

upon the eve of their high school graduation,
one of the young men decided that he wanted to go to school for
he wanted to go to school to study what he thought was a lucrative field
so that he would 
sooner than later
be rolling in the benjamins---
because, with mucho benjamins came mucho power
and with mucho power came mucho women---
this all made sense to an 18 year old who had 
only one thing on his mind.

the other young man was passionate
he was far too passionate to take on the business world
or to involve himself with anything
lucrative at all---
he took it upon himself to pursue his painting
with a few pit stops in other countries along the way
scrapping & meeting new people
meeting more new people & scrapping further.

and while one idea followed a distinct plan 
with a definable conclusion in sight,
the other path functioned without any direction 
whatsoever &
the very absence of expectation 
during the whole of his travels
made the way of the second young man’s life
seemingly much more interesting than the 

over the years the two individuals lost touch as things
the first graduated college, began working for a big firm,
got married & moved out to the west coast---
the second went the other direction, overseas,
never rooting anywhere for more than a bit of time.

years went by
as years do,
and in time the marketing man climbed the ladder---
his dwelling grew in size
his brood multiplied
and all seemed well in happytown.

the other, whose legs continued to cross 
borders, but whose pockets never really jingled much,
he continued, without expectation.

the man with the big house &
the large family &
the jingling pockets
had planned every step so succinctly
that it seemed nothing could fail,
as each individual part thrived on the
greater monolith,
working together from within---
but at age 40 he was killed in a plane crash
with the rest of his family.

the second man kept on traveling,
he kept on painting &
he continues to
expecting nothing from this life.

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Dad and Scott carry the refrigerator into his dorm room
where mom makes the bed, smoothing the sheets 
and folding hospital corners with motherly precision.
Corey and I sit on the bean bag chair contemplating 
potential line width and dimensions 
of releasing boredom and staying out of the way. 

Dad has tears in his eyes and Corey whispers-
"that refrigerator must be heavy." 

I watch as Scott hugs mom, then dad;
I listen as he tells Corey to practice his soccer skills,
"maybe then you'll beat me next time we play."
Corey heard "maybe then you'll beat me"
while the words that stick with me are 
"next time we play." 

Scott held me long and tight 
like he wanted to tuck this moment away,
or maybe he wanted me to tuck it away.
To a fourteen year old with a high school career 
of invincibility to be felt, four years is infinity.

A boy whoops and pumps his fist from down the hall
as we look and see him waving out a window 
to his parents driving away.
Scott lets me go and gives a sheepish shrug of apology
for his hall mate because we both know,
he feels the same way.

I hold Corey's hand as we walk to the car
because that is what I need to be these next four years.
In the passenger seat my mom holds a box of tissues,
and in the rear-view mirror I can see dad's red eyes.
I put my arm around the back of Corey's seat
and whisper in his ear. 

And now it's me.
I'm gone but I'm not whooping
like the boy on Scott's hall when his parents rolled out,
what noise did he make after a day on his own,
after a week, a month, a year?
I'm on my third year and I'd still take a ride
in my parent's Volkswagon anytime I could,
just to walk through my house barefoot

When Corey looks at me I hope he knows I still think
about that day we became Scott's pen pal
and each others siblings. 
It wasn't about Scott leaving home,
but holding onto the four years that me and Corey 
still had...
so what is it now?

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I'm not a country red neck
Nor part of any clan
My skin is white like ivory
I am a Caucasian man.

My music of choice is Mo-Town,
Hip-Hip and R&B.
Alternative some, heavy metal, Yes.
I can say that music relaxes me.

I have a fondness for romance
I guess I've been " In Love"
I take my experiences and use them
For my stories of " True Love"

In high school I played football
Slot receiver my senior year
A tall, strong consistent target
We went seven and three that year

Now, a grown man. 
Twenty something.
Middle class, handsome man 
hard working

This merely is a biography
In my own poetic spin
So, I hope you enjoy my little story
Entitled "My White Skin"

Jared Pickett

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Goodbye Roscoe

          This is the end and though I didn't shed any tears I still feel like 
something was torn from my heart and my soul.

 This one thing has kept my midnights filled when I was feeling so alone and helpless.

 I felt like I didn't have any one in the world, Lonley high school was what I thought it 
would always be.

 You showed me how, that friends and with time happiness can come. 

I will miss everything you represented every night I spent listening to the sky sweetnam 
song and it really sunk in.

 There are so many people out there who feel the same as I feel and when we 
move on from this we will never forget. 

If you are true fans you will tell your children and hopefully they will show the show 
when we have kids.

 We can reminisce about the days we thought of Rilly and Trilly and hoped that one day 
they would meet their fate and I know everyone was glued to the screen every Friday just 
like I was. 

So as I close my eyes and say my final pray I hope each and everyone remembers RFR 
for just what it was.

 An inspiration to all of us... we now march to the flavor of our own drums.

 Independent we stand and we leave into the world... as we turned off 
out TVs we are no longer are on air but we are at heart.

 I will miss this show and I can't believe that my final words are goodbye Roscoe we'll 
be seeing you soon.

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' Tilt '

23.5 Degrees
On Earth Axis – Tilt – Trajectory
… Prevents Drastic Climate-Changes
And Dangerous Tide Tsunamis

Motion-Sensors Are Going Off
Scientists, May Your Voice Be Soft

G34-B… See
This was Done for You and Me

Oh, The Genius of Genesis, Which God Built
Shows We All Should Just Take The Time to …

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The class

I'm sitting in the class alone
Wishing i could just go home
Wanting to be near the ones i love
Not in a world where i walk alone
I think, I see 
I want to know
Why i walk these halls alone.
I'm no different from the next kid I know 
But I'm labeled the quite kid that no one really knows.
No one dares to look inside 
I just can fathom why 

When i get home my mom you see 
Is waiting and I break free 
Free from that damb lock and key 
I draw 
I paint 
And write poetry 
Wishing and wanting the world to see 
Just who i am 
And what they should be

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the vicarious pain-seeker

in high school there was this kid who had some kind of
heart problem,
he had a horrible scar where work had been done at an earlier age &
he had a story to tell if you wanted to hear it---
like so many kids who had more on their plate than they wanted to handle,
what with going through puberty & being stomped on daily by 
parents, school & the surrounding authority figures that make it a place to
make themselves known,
well, most didn’t have the time---
but she, whose plate wasn’t as full as others,
because she was drop dead gorgeous,
rich, smart & destined for greatness
(as far as society was concerned),
was looking for some pain to feel,
because quite frankly, she felt little 
during her teenage years.

those years when the body itself seems to be rebelling against you,
she was in perfect shape & 
with perfect grades & popularity,
she needed to know what it was like to
she felt left out by all of her classmates
whose lives were just plain
****ed up already & so,
she listened to the boy’s story.

she never had lunch with the kid
never called him on the phone
never went out with him outside of school
never gave him a blow job &
never acknowledged his presence when she was walking with her
but the day that he dropped dead on the gymnasium floor,
as a result of whatever was wrong with his heart,
she cried & cried & cried.

days & weeks later,
like some bad b-drama that you find on Lifetime,
she acted as if they had been the best of pals &
when people mentioned his death in passing
she corrected them if he didn’t say his name right or
when they made fun of him, even despite his death,
she got angry at them &
after a month had passed,
and she was right back in bed with the hottest guy the school could muster,
she still felt bad,
but she tried to block it out with her multiple orgasms &
the pot they smoked afterward.

she always said that she’d try anything once &
that pain brought on by the dead kid was something that she definitely did not want to 
form a habit with.

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 DADDY has books and daddy has to go to class what does daddy have and 
what does daddy do DADDY he tows the two of us around 
what do we do while the DADDY is in class TIME we do time just like the 
prisoners in jails do the children just dont understand that on a someday DADDY 
will then be a man we wait out in the hall the classroom is too small what does 
daddy have and what does daddy do 
HE has the two of you just wait for after class we have to wait for class is through 
for DADDY to be a man someday comes to you but never when it counts the 
children will get old while DADDY mounts the steps up to his class 

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Untitled #125 / She is gone

She is gone today.
Glorious day?
But I wanted to see the color in her eyes!

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Baa, baa black sheep
Have you any wool?
And why, little black sheep
Were you not in school?
Mary's little lamb
Played there the other day
But the angry teacher
Chased the lamb away.
If you had been there
The poor lamb might have stayed
For a teacher can't be angry 
If TWO lambs ran and played.
If TWO stood together
And lived for what is right,
If TWO stood for justice,
Then the future would be bright.
If TWO stood against unfairness
Or THREE or even FOUR,
Then there might be a Lamb in schools today
But there isn't, anymore.

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Constant Drone

Constant Drone 

There is a noise in the background that has nothing to do with study time or even 
conversation among the students with each other there is a constant drone from 
cell phone that drives everyone nuts just ask some of the students and they will 
answer up at once they want to hear what they are doing they want to study 
without noise there is a reason for almost 100 years a library was a quiet place 
there is no reason eye can see to change it the old ways were the best and most 
people of a certain age were taught to have respect for public places there is a 
constant drone for no good reason there needs to be a change 
 Constant Drone  

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So-Called Teacher

I'm sorry I came here.
I'm sorry I let you trick me.
You have them all convinced they need you.
I do not.
I'm sorry that it seems no one cares
Whether this world is alive or dead.
May I believe in something?
May I please
Have a greater reason to live?
I wake in hopeful rebirth
I want this to work, you know that.
Our cycle:
I walk in with tranquility or determination,
My heart beats fast or slow,
I am silent or resounding.
It's not enough.
Did you plan it this way?
I see robots and I know their every move.
What do they have
That chains them to monotony?
Were they not here the day before?
Why should you live?
Don't you dare degrade my passion.
I am here to learn and live.
If you are not, 
So be it.
Had I a crueler bone, I would end your life.
Would you stop me?
Don't you say I am a blaming fool,
For I'm the one that's sorry.
I'm so sorry that I play this way.
I need it:
Love and passion.
Don't role your eyes at me.
What do you worship?
Money and half truths?
Just getting by, are you?
It hurts me.
Enthusiasm fermenting to frustration,
Mad sad, sad isolation.
Give me something more than words.
My joyfulness,
I could adore you.
I'm sorry that is wrong.

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Untitled #217 / Scholars' Bowl

That’s why I’m not too discouraged
at Farragut’s poor performance at
this weekend’s Scholars’ Bowl tournament
for those who beat us were
memorizing lists of important names
rather than putting
themselves on the list

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Life As A Song (Angel of Sadness)

Library lounge, It’s a sad, sad song
The bar scene period is a sad, sad song
Smoke purifies the air, still nothing terrifies my stare
Every episode, the same played scene
The strangers we rubbed and laid between
The washed up bartender, playing his hand 
Wife called three times, yet he’s staying to make a stand
Everything about this place is a sad, sad song
Each step we take, the making due with what’s left to bake
Burning crosses, turning to the open closest
After the bomb, no laughter to come
An early rapture for some
The flame that appears to be taking my soul
The mother who’s life revolves around another’s pole
Monroe, Louisiana, it’s a sad, sad story
The lives we lead, the heavy breathing
No response for the patients steadily leaving 
Frankin Parish High School 
The small town and communities, the empty liver pools
Nightmares that no longer bother you
Images that only seem cosper to you
Random flowers from strangers
Sadness that towers over angels
You life, my silent nights
Rain drops that trickle down my night stained windows
The shame that tickles my frown, no sins to close
The obsessions that claim our sanity
The morning dew that eats away at worn fabrics
Everything I just wrote nothing less of vanity
The guilt in my conscience, such a sad, sad song

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Untitled #141 / The second string is cut

The moment the second string is cut
and the cog flies through space
until it settles on the bottom
and the third string reveals itself!

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The Puppet-Master's String

Occasionally in the eyes of a student 
I see the ghostly look of a much younger me
Those troubled and painful looks of despair and hurt

The reminders of adolescent self-reproach
I felt while dancing from the puppet-master’s string
An uncovered, mauled, and robbed young child’s self esteem

The shy anti-social character of my youth
A life prematurely frightened and distorted
By the mirror of poverty and tragic death

As a teacher, I adore all of my children
But, there will always remain in my wounded heart
A special place for the child on the master’s thread

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A Hawaiian Lay

Let me tell you of a man in a roundabout way
As you casually straighten your tie
The first I heard of Wales 
Was in a public school in England
Knotty Ash to be precise
The school was at the end of Thomas Lane
Which is or was all in Liverpool
During her remodeling period
I learned of high narrow valleys
All wooded and full of game
Rushing streams teeming with salmon
Trout and prawns and tall pale riders
Several years later, after the V days
E & J 
We went to Wales on holiday for a week
Staying at the cottage of the village poacher 
and his wife the village witch
There I saw coal miners walking
Black to the pub and to home
I saw great piles of slag heaps 
and fences around holes in the ground
The hills were round and green and treeless
The streams still teemed with trout
And rabbits were all for the taking
That was in the forties
I returned in 87
There were maybe five more houses
The salmon still jumped madly up the weirs
Wales was as magic as ever
It had not changed

In 1956 from the window of a landing plane I saw Hawaii
Green Mountains jutting from the sea
Oahu was  emerald in a sea of azure blue
Three years I lived there on the edge of the Alawai Canal
Twelve bars down from the Royal Hawaiian
Painted Kaiser pink to please his wife
Which was all part of Waikiki
I met an old man of fifty or so
Who told me how beautiful it had all been
After it’s remodeling period
Pre Tourist Era
To humor him I asked what was different
All these hotels and roads and traffic
He said sadly

Now I’m fifty or so
I saw Waikiki on TV last week
I may never go back
Did I tell you about Wales?
I lied.
Your tie is crooked 

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Writing about marriage
when you're getting married
is hard.

Writing about marriage
when you're getting married
while you're still a student
is hard.

Writing about marriage
when you're getting married
while you're still a student
while you're sitting in a classroom
is hard.

Writing about marriage
when you're getting married
while you're still a student
while you're sitting in a classroom
when you're really not getting married
is harder.

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Untitled #208 / Don't save for college

Don’t save for college
it’s not really worth it
they’ll take everything you have
and give you all that you lack

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Teach's sword

Look at my face, -
see scars of Demelt.
Enormous black beard
woven and lit by matches; 
staring back at you.

Feared of reputation,
I reflect in my blade -
a ladies man in style.
With feathered tricorn, hemp 
and multiple weapons to hand.

Representing ferocious battles,
and yet no account of killing one;
I use my terrors' edge,
to gain entry of ship;
Steal valuables, gold, food, weapons amd liquor.

Aye; 'tis by rumour alone
we did battle those seas
of 1718 and more.
Notorious our piracy legion lives on,
My handle Black Beard, Teach, Drummond.

I forever a treasured and trusted companion, 
historic; now I lay to rest for all to see.
One but rescued, when run aground;
on Queen Annes Revenge,
around Ocracoke Inlet, North Carolina Seas.

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The best snow day ever

Crashing salt trucks 
A brief reprieve from the cold
But not from the other
Unwanted warmth of
A hundred score burning bodies

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Untitled #139 / Tiny blue specs

The moment I brush off tiny blue specs
from the pink part of my nails!

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Untitled #171 / Ten minutes

Ten minutes of solitary free time
at the end of class, they’re correcting their tests
I have nothing to correct
Oh! Dream of physics!
Oh! Dream of astronomy!
Oh! Dream of Chinese thought!
Oh! Dream of writing!
Oh! Dream of love!

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Untitled #184 / 3:35 p.m.

3:35 p.m., Thursday afternoon
school’s just let out, and everyone’s joyful for the long weekend.
Here I pause, outside the vocational building at the summit of the hill
where I have been many times before, but never in the past three years.
Giant yellow leviathans still roar by, spewing dust
and carrying cargoes of lost souls, just as they did when I rode one of them to 
on my first day of sixth grade. Now I’m a senior in high school, and
soon I will leave all of this behind physically, though spiritually I be gone already
perched high above, I feel as if I have transcended my peers, 
each the consummation of some love long since past, 
who even now laugh, smile, and carry on as they scurry into their cars and drive 
How happy they seem! How full of life! How innocent!
But they are 		so 			far 
Right now my soul is closer to the blue, blue sky, through which I am soaring, far 
the distant hills that roll out to the horizon like an enormous sheet of Astroturf
casing the falling sun, far, far above any mortal strife,
carried on the backs of sunbeams, past where clouds would sit were the day not 
my face is kissing that enormous yellow ball of love
…no! 						No! 
But I have stayed too long!
Ah, my eyes have strayed too far!
Even now they are drawn to that tan pickup truck
belonging to my lost Love!
Even now they are scanning through the ants in the parking lot
to find that pink backpack, that flowery dress!
Even now She is passing through the calamity unscathed,
accompanied by two friends and another man!
Even now they are tossing their bookbags into the back,
piling into the cab, and slipping away!
Oh, the world is so deep and so wide! and amid the heartless rubble
I have already found for myself a flawless Jewel!
but now She is falling away,
out of my heart,
out of my grasp,
out of my sight,
into the arms of the sweet hereafter.

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I received a gift in the mail today
Twas an old tattered box, mailed from mother

It was my Dad's wallet and pocket knife
The wallet contained clippings and photos

Clippings from local Chicago papers
They reported a man's untimely death

The old rusted knife was from his pocket
Used for cleaning the nails of hard worked hands

I have faded memories of him now
He worked in the stone quarries of Chitown

The photos were of my sister and me
School pictures of us both, when we were young

I have thought of the day my father fell
Over the years, on many sleepless nights

What was he thinking on the long way down
Did he know this was the end of his life

Was he thinking of sis and me just then
Did he wonder what would become of Mom

I remember one of the clippings well
I saw many like it neatly sissored out

They blew around the windy school yard grounds
My schoolmates had clipped them for show and tell

After the funeral, during recess
I found them there, discarded in the dirt.

On that day, returning from school for lunch
We found our Mother crying on the phone

Our world changed forever when that knife fell
I placed the items in my music room

They sit in the corner of my mind's eye
Tokens of what might have been, long ago

Author notes:

"I learned of my Father's death one fine fall day, when I returned home from 
school for lunch. My mother was on the phone crying. Later, after my father's 
funeral, I returned to school to find clippings blowing around on the school 
grounds. They were all about my father. The students had cut them out for show 
and tell, and later discarded them on the school grounds." 

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That Is Wrong

No wonder you're all sad.
They've stolen your childhood and replaced it 
With homework and grades. They don't
Let you dream any more, they crush it
With the pressures to be mediocre yet
Pretend they want greatness from you.
That is wrong.
That is so wrong.

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Untitled #126 / It's a convertible

It’s a convertible, dude
It’s a hot rod, dude
It’s red, dude
It’s a hot, hot rod

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Untitled #183 / 3:25 p.m.

3:25 p.m., reading Jack Kerouac on the porch
wooden bars obscure my vision of the world
I will break through them

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Remember the mud holes we always ran through,
and our secrets kept silent, our friendship was true.
Remember those nights we stared at the stars,
and always tried to guess how many there are.
Remember skipping class to go for a swim,
and had someone lie, saying I just saw them.
Remember football games, we were dressed in our suits,
prissing around, we thought we looked cute.
Remember twirl camp, we left campus one night,
and caught a cab downtown, that wasn't too bright.
Remember those days, I hope you do,
they were the best, if only back then we knew.

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Mentor and Tormentor

a skinny, dreamy-eyed boy in a suburban Jesuit school 
showed up in your English learn a bit of class.

you taught me Milton, introduced me to Stevenson,
made this boy make sense out of words 
directly lifted from some popular tunes;
I learned the power of the written word -
you taught me well, teacher.

you corrected my grammar, fixed my structures,
differentiated between verbs and participles,
showed me rhymes, showed me reasons –
how well you taught me, teacher.

now I’m grown-up tinkering with words without
your guidance and doing just fine, thanks to you;
a testament to how well you shaped, molded me - 
you taught me well, teacher.

I tried writing songs and lyrics that made sense,
remembering the lessons you handed me down  
long ago, the imprints and legacy you left me -
you taught me oh so well, teacher.

after many years passed we met once again…
hey, how are you, teacher, how have you been?
how have you been yourself, Fred, it’s been quite  
a while, let’s get together again soon.

showed you a few of my stuff, showed you some
of my lines for critiquing, for things I may have
missed; you started off with a poem I had hoped 
to turn into a song, one of the few  that I was
quite so proud of, a labor of sweat and love…

which you then returned complete with your
editing, or was it fault-finding? putting me in a
shock for after your thorough dry-cleaning, 
none of it remained, swept by a tornado.

you wanted me to change almost everything  
and rewrite them according to your style, 
leaving me practically with nothing but the title!

well, thanks, teacher, for everything, I don’t need   
your critique, this is not high school anymore;  
no thanks for making me feel like I was the   
dumbest boy in your high school English class.

You were my mentor once and I thank you.

Now you’re a tormentor and I don’t appreciate it at all.

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I ask myself 
What's wrong with me? 
but all i get, 
is what you see. 
I'm stupid, I'm ugly, 
I'm different from you. 
why your opinion may count, 
how it affects me, if you only knew. 
Can't you see my tear-stained cheeks? 
Can't you see that deep down I'm weak? 
You know only one thing, 
I'm just not the same. 
and you dont even bother 
to remember my name. 
you leave me in the dark 
where I only shed tears, 
you've left your own mark, 
like others over the years. 
but you forgot one more thing 
as you left me behind 
I'm still here! I'm here! 
dying in the back of your mind! 
In your eyes, I'm nothing, 
unworthy of your eyes. 
to me, you were something, 
that now makes me die. 


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Chugga became our hero in third grade
and he passed into myth in eighth grade.
Chugga wasn't a Catholic, but his parents
sent him to school with us anyway.

In third grade, one early fall afternoon,
Sister Mary Grace was going down the line
hitting each of us on our up-turned palms
with a large wooden ruler.
She swung the ruler at Chugga's hand
when, poof, he pulled it away
and Sister hit herself in the leg.
We all laughed.
Of course, Chugga was marched down the hall
where Sister Mary Bertha made him kneel down,
smacked him across the face with her hand
and then struck both of his hands with the ruler.

I don't remember what he'd done wrong in eighth grade,
but Sister Bertha, all 4' 8" of her,
yanked all 5' 11" of skinny Chugga
out of his desk and dragged him across
the hall into the bathrooms.
He told us after school how she had made him
take down his pants and she
got her rocks off by
beating him on his ass and back
with a piece of oak wood that was
the foot rest from the back of a student's desk.
The board was over a foot long,
four inches wide and over an inch thick.
Chugga told us that Big Bertha had
broken the board while smacking him
across the back.

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First Dance (Circa 1957)

Crinkling crinolines creating
  a ballooning circle rising
    out from my shins.  
      They are itching.
        Socks neatly rolled into new maryjanes that
          are stiff and hurt my big toe.

Afternoon spent at the salon
   smelling of perm,
     the radio blaring Diana
       and Wake Up Little Suzie.

My corsage cold from
  the fridge pinned to a
    two-tight bodice.  
    This skirt tilts up precariously
        when I sit down.
           Three crinkling crinolines
              creating a balloon.

Waiting now for the red-headed boy
  with sweat wilting my curled hair.
    Only men sweat you say?  ....women perspire?
      My perspiring upper lip ruining
        newly applied
          lip stick.

The clock's ticking is the only way
  to know times passing.
    At last!  The red-headed boy rings
      the door to be met by my father
        who humphs and parumps before
          we walk out into the cool
             carressing night with all the
                crinkling crinolines swaying.

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I have always loved to write 
and read books with big words
and romances with no shirts 
and dresses that were way too tight
each year I would progress
My love of reading is legendary
I went through all the 12 years 
mainly because it was mandatory
But somewhere in between 
these 12 years of hell and bliss
I figured out what I'm all about
and what I learned is this
I am a writer 
Such simple words indeed
but in this 4 word description
It actually embodies all of me
I learned very young that I had passion
that just simply could not be tamed. 
I've never been the same. 
       Thanks education.  

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Character (The "Lost" Archives)

Suzanne – supporting character.
18 – year old who needed a job over the summer, and took the job at     
The dealership on a dare from her friends, who said she could never keep a job like that 
even if her life depended on it; needless to say she was quite insulted.
Went to the rival high school of Simons, from the other side of town.
Very competitive person, who knows nothing about cars but just wants to show her friends 
she can keep the job all summer.
A very take-charge individual, was on the debate team in high school. Didn't allow herself to 
get anything less than an A in high school.
Dates frequently, and very social, but thinks most guys in high school are “immature” 
or “retarded.”
Loves to talk, and tries to be at several different places at once, very busy social life, until 
she begins to work at the dealership.
She doesn’t exactly know what she wants to do in life, she jokes that she’d like to be a 
mixture between a safari hunter/photographer/queen of England.
Her room is a complete mess.
She loves grilled cheese sandwiches, but is also a health nut, loves to exercise.
She claims she has “tiny nervous breakdowns” all the time, where she will get so 
overwhelmed with the business of her own life she’ll start crying hysterically out of nowhere, 
but she tries to hide it from everyone else, she doesn’t want to seem as if she can’t handle 

I can help her handle things.

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Closer than Life

If i closed my eyes could you see what i see?
If i opened my arms could you be just like me?
Could i slit my wrists and let you take the pain?
I hope not because this isn't a game.
If i was dying alone would you hold my hand?
if i was all by myself, would you go by me and stand?
If i told you i'd never forget you, would you beleive in what i say?
I sure hope so , because i'd do this for you every day.

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Untitled #150 / Some time later

Some time later I returned to Lake Norman,
not as an underdressed yet fearless sailor-man,
but as myself, passing through Davidson
late on a June Sunday afternoon
on my way to visit Duke University.
How lazy and peaceful it was that day!
How calmly the students meandered about
the innocent, quiet campus!
How cheerful the squirrels! How happy the clouds!
How glorious the sunset!
How small the world became at that moment
compared to the vastness of stormy days long since past!

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An Angel Came to Roberts Hall

An angel sat at the foot of my bed
And laid his hand upon my leg
After I fell asleep from a night of tears
In a lonely hell and fetal position.
I never saw his face or form,
But I felt God's overwhelming peace
And the place where his hand had lain.
In the morning when I woke afresh,
I saw the place where my angel sat;
Realizing that the next year would hold
The answer to my loud cries and tears,
I made my bed and packed my bags
And unlocked my bare room door.
Going outside, I felt born again again
Thanking God for Roberts Hall's womb.

My First Year at Shorter College

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Turning Points And Missives

Turning points and missives
Turning points and missives in the wayward outlay intentions
 Consideration is the darkness in the light. Twelve times twelve never equals 
thirty three but somehow totals and additions still seem to disagree when 
recalling life and missing some things in the dark.
Student discussions and downright indications of seldom used ideas and 
missing genders. Twelve times twelve is one hundred forty four plus thirty three 
again eye add it in to be the equation of a total thing the final total of the turning 
points and missives is now one hundred and seventy seven a much better 
number than the one eye had the multiplication table is now better. HA. Try 
saying that one slowly in the dark.

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Differences Between Me And You

Why I had to be the screw-up, I don't even know,

It doesn't make much sense to me, but here I go. 

Because I'm shy and don't talk as much, 

Because I avoid everyone's touch, 

Because I walk alone instead of in pairs, 

Because I ignore other people's stares, 

Because I stay up all night and it shows in my face, 

Because at times, it seems I disappear without trace, 

Because I avoid drugs for my own good, 

Because I look at you as I wish you could, 

Because I have a different take on reality, 

Because everything I do doesn't have to end in fatality, 

Because I'm not 'seeing' someone new every other day, 

Because I don't always dress the exact same way, 

Because I don't need make-up to make myself feel pretty, 

Because I don't want to live in a big city, 

Because I don't make myself look stupid to fit in, 

Because I don't always play to win. 

Everything I do brings the world to an end, 

Because I can't be you, I'm not fit to be your friend.


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Another high school

   I am in love with another highschool besides my own
    and I know that sounds kinda of strange 
     but visit with me for a second and I will explain
      As soon as I walked through the doors of this highschool
      I was welcomed with opened arms
               I wasn't judged
            I met some of the best people I think i'll meet
                inside this building I learned about true friendship 
                    I learned about true love
                    I got lost in it's glitz 
                   and the story behind the glam
                   The people in this school 
                      Form a unique kind of pack
                      full of talent and so laid back
                      A little gated community 
                       that I had to take a train and a bus to reach
                       but the time that I spent in this school 
                         truly touched me 
                         changed the person I grew to be
                          I fell in love with the people
                         who showed me a different way
                         they made me see a different me
                          that I couldn't glimpse in the mirror
                            A me no one else pointed out  
                             or even gave any effort to figure out
                                 in my school I was just normal
                                In this school  I met him
                                in this school I fell for him
                                 In this school I felt special 
                                 At this period in my life
                                I was in love with another highschool
                                 and it may sound weird to the untrained ears
                                  but for the people who've been there 
                                     this school was heaven 
                                        I wish I could have attended                                 

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Manakin (Pt.2) (My Secret Sin)

Instead of being slaughtered by my conscience
I'd rather let you treat me how you treat me
Make it a lil easier for me to stand again
So for now you can label me your personal manakin
After the brawl
I stayed the night in the parking lot and I ain't gone lie
If I had no other choice but to be homeless I'd rather die
A week later I showed up in Richwood at my sisters door steps
With the few fabrics I had left
My clothes stunk from being left out in the rain
But hell, who am I to complain
Chilled there for about a month
Then she and I fell into it 
Basically because I was still cool with her ex
So I bailed on that scene in search for the next 
And I feel guilty that her father past
Being the last time I saw them I needed a ride
And he was the only person I could ask
I started school in August
My final year, I was finally a senior
Felt like I could be praised even by Athena
About the last week of the month
I found myself walking away from a teacher
Next thing I know I'm expelled 
They tried to keep it a secret 
But the community found out 
About the school boards mess up 
Before the documents were mailed
Still that ain't change nothing 
So I had to move to Mangham
Again, I became a real popular attraction
And as you know that brings jealousy and envy
So I was again split by the fraction
I guess I should've just kept it to myself and walked away
Because I ended up in the ring with nine different opponents
I guess they found my misery and decided to clone it
So Instead of being slaughtered by my conscience
I'd rather let you treat me how you treat me
Make it a lil easier for me to stand again
So for now you can label me your personal manakin

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Afraid to see

There she is doing that again
Ah getting high never mends 
It's all in the mind yet the mind
is currently twisted.
Suddenly it's becoming 
way too routine to her.
It's like drinking orange 
juice with your eggs and bacon.
Except she's frying out 
her brain cells. 
I worry sometimes about 
her well being. 
You see the guys that 
she lights up with 
are less than trustworthy
and they definitely want 
what's under her jeans. 
She's my best friend 
and I love her to death.
Yet I have to ignore 
the fact that she's so distant 
her getting high isn't 
at all consistent 
She's not an addict by any means
If you ever met her in person 
you'd be completely fooled 
by this pretty, nice, high school salutatorian
who is currently getting excellent grades in college
I pray with each high that it won't change 
any of the sober things that I love about her
Sometimes it's just afraid to see 
The only true friend I know fade away
when she gets blown.  

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I didn’t hear any murmuring.
Thank God Vivek had to do it for me
We were “functionally incapacitated” as they say
In the medicinal terminology
One thing I’m never gonna be

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Untitled #108 / Number one oh eight

What shall be number
one oh eight?
Two carts shall slide across a metal slide!
But not yet! There they sit undisturbed!
And now the ball remains!

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Untitled #175 / The voicebox of God, pt. II

The voicebox of God still sits in the corner
and the opaque, blank, glassy Cyclops-eye
of the never-used television screen
still stares at me

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Have You Seen Her? Our Zeina?

Zeina, Zeina, Kasawat...
Where, oh, where have you gone?
All I know is where you ain't...
And that's on Soup of late..

Are you out with Xena,
Princess warrior,
And her pal,?
The blonde one,
The skinny gal??

Zeina, Zeina,
Come back home....
Too long you're gone away,
Too long you roam....

Zeina, Zeina....
Study hard....
I fully expect you
To be the next great Bard.

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more than memories

high school relationships
not meant to last
a week 
a month
your lucky if you make it to a year
its just experimenting
testing the waters
discovering yourself
through the interaction with another
but i don't believe 
that, thats all you are
that, thats all we can ever be
an experiment
a stage
a high school relationship
i look around and see 
relationships destroyed by the stupidity of high school
and the uncertainty of adolescence 
and the unbelievable stress of human nature
but i dont want to be 
just a memory
i want us to be the exception
so marry me...
through facebook
and we'll see if we can be more than memories

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Frogs are jumping
On my arms and legs
From a fast fist
Of knuckles!

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B-Ballin' old school

Manchild , growing up as an asphalt wild
out on the streets , takin' the heat , 
every now and then , gettin' my beat
earnin' respect , every little speck
stripes on my neck , head on...

Where the motto , " no blood , no foul "
everythang but bitin' , all is allowed
rooster struttin' , straight cuttin'
head buttin' , thick skinned
short lived , little boy's playpen
no room for romper , get played by a stomper
elbow's to hip's , sweat and grit
game is the same no matter where we play it
all the big ballers talkin' it up loud
all the whip's whippin' their bumpin' sounds

You give it , you get it
no soft play out here
take it strong to the hole
or , sit over there , where
the females be hangin' , what a sexy crowd
cat callin' cutie booties rootin' us on
" get off my jock girl !! " , it's flight time
gonna take this fool beyond
inside , outside , the game doesn't change
only the score at the end of the day

Slappin' and dappin' , " much love bruh , next time "
we're only combatants inside these white lines
leave it all on the court , tommorrows another day
i'll try to be a good sport , as i remember your battle way's......

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Sometimes eye can get bent it is the fault of no one
It is the way the gangs give signals to the others of their kind each one meaning 
death they play they flash the gang sign and then the way they play the way they 
give the death a double finger can mean a chopper a little hatchet he has hidden 
in the grass behind him a little further down the garden path of his destruction 
little further than the evidence suggests that we must go a man waves his hand 
at me and makes me think he is just showing me his gang he is just showing 
me his GUN hand thing his way he does his murder and some of the man who 
waves at me is sure to  be like this sometimes a hand is waved in just hello but 
that was then and this is now and to be sure it all confuses me most anyhow 
they wave it seems a gesture to be down to be thrown at me to make me frown to 
make this clown to fear for his own sanity please just keep the gesture of that 
wave please keep it take it to thy GRAVE and let me live in peace and not strang 
predicament of want. Please don’t wave.
The Gesture.

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Untitled #172 / Four of clubs

We were trying to play spades
but I only had twelve cards
oh where, oh where is the
four of clubs?
lying next to a bush outside,
just as I thought
“My, my, you are perceptive”
It’s my job

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Untitled #168 / Gravity

If gravity is constantly pulling us down,
then what keeps us from slipping into hell?
Little invisible strings hanging from heaven?
or the floor beneath our feet!

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Desire Walks On

I toil sweaty on a deck among peers
a score of equals sweating slaving away
under a baking sun, salt clearing sinuses,
blood streaming through pipes, singing in the wires,
obsessed, heat, motion, control,
desire walks on.

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Teaching With Magic

Teaching With Magic
-for Clelia

“Reach down into your soul
and write it in blood.”
I told them.

is liquid emotion
flowing on the page
through the elegant ritual
of language…”
I explained

“When you take the risk
of exposing your soul
you will touch other souls…”
I promised

and then…
I held my breath…

and worried
as all teachers do…
that I had gone too far
promised too much

But then…
the magic filled the air and the student wrote…

filling the void
with tearful words of pain
splendid imagery
and brilliant voice
weaving a mystical tapestry of words
magically changing the world
and transforming the teacher
into the student!

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There will always be haters as long as your doing good
They want what you got that's why they always talking
I learned something today that I should've already known
I learned that I should never let a hater rip apart my soul
I must stay strong against these haters and let them see
that the reason why their hating is cause they can't get like me
Watching my every move whispering about everything I do
Man can't a girl just live without you watching me like pay per view? 
Sometimes having these haters around can be a draining ordeals
Sometimes I let it get to me to the point where I feel myself breaking
But I know that I can't lose to them. It's there choose if they can't forget me
I feel honored that I get mentioned in so many sentences 
I must really be popping for you to be non stop mentioning me
Do you see how I look? I know you wish you could be me 
But the reality is that you can't is that why you choose to hate on me?

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Untitled #179 / "It's a snail"

“It’s a snail, crept up on
by a spider, mutating into a
porcupine, being eaten by a jellyfish!”
What a work of art!
I apologize, mere words cannot describe it!

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Untitled #149 /

“Freeze your nuts off”
What a gray, gray day at Lake Norman
the worst weekend for a first regatta
our sloops were plastic toy boats in a toddler’s bathwater
and we the hapless Lego men
the November wind screamed through my windbreaker, 
which could not keep my quivering body warm enough
after three times out wrestling with the lake
the lake! It was the Maelstrom to my novice hands!
and I caught a monstrous cold, nearly vomiting
from the richness of the air in the Starbucks, and
four hours of carsickness on the drive back to Knoxville
Ah, but I would not trade that day for a weekend at home!

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Paper Mache

For those who teach of dragons

No, don't be silly, it couldn't have moved.
Although, for a fraction of a second,
did one of the legs and the long spiked tail
seem to shift and relax,
then, again, frozen into place?

Working late at my desk this evening,
starting to see things, I suppose.


It was just the sound of my silver pen scribbling.


Whatever that was, I don't want to know.

I think I will just finish this at home.
The question is, making it to the door.
Would it allow me to just walk out? Leave?

Was the head tilted this way before?



Placing papers in my briefcase
and finishing the last of my cold coffee.
Moving for the door, reaching for the light!


Blackness, then it has me.
the dragon

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School Morning Predawn Ride

Roaring through the night,
eyesight and headlight,
all are set on bright.

Dawning crisp morning,
fresh air, wind bathing,
warm engine stroking.

Mind pictures forming,
throttle hand numbing,
white lines vanishing.

Downshift, getting set,
praying no deer met,
passing, onward get.

Sunrise before me,
riding to the sea,
leaving island lee.

Ferry ticket stand
snatches from my hand,
soon away from land.

Main side, off and in,
Mister J begin,
with students again.

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Time to Get Up

Alarming, Alerting
Startling, Shocking
Shouting, Signaling


Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep.
Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep.
Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep.


Siren, Gong
Buzzer, Bell
Chime, Ring


Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep.
Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep.
Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep.


Annoying, Bothersome
Disturbing, Irritating
Pestering, Provoking


Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep.
Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep.
Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep.


Warning, Hailing
Calling, Cautioning
Monotomous, Repititious


Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep.
Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep.
Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep.

Time to get up.

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I want to go back in time
and have things how they could have been
I know that's impossible
and it would be wrong anyway
but I won't forget it
and I still miss it

It's weird how you give someone advice
but then you don't follow it yourself
I know I do that
and I've even caught people that do the same

If feels like I just want to totally
change who I am to start over for school
I sometimes scare myself thinking
of the past about that
I just feel like I have to be
something different

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Teach I

To those of us that love to teach

Take kids away,
even if
they stay.

Stories, music, objects,
and thoughts
are what we play.

We can write,
speak, draw,
or act.

Become the place
and the thing.
Now write about us
in that place.

"I am the wind, I like to blow things."

Whatever we want
to think or be
is okay.

Make a living meadow
or a bear.


Take kids away
even if
we stay...

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Through another year

I try to keep my friends
things just separated us
I'm being buried
never to be heard again
It's hard to tell...
if I'm loved anymore
I'm just wasting away

I try but it seems like
I don't know what I'm doing
I was told that I needed to open up
and I did
But it seems now that I'm being closed
and locked back into my silence
I'm just wasting away

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Untitled #166 / v=0

----a=2 m/s2
90.0 kg 80.0 kg
Jones bumps Smith!
Smith bumps Jones!
A third-law pair!
Ah, it is true she screwed me in the ass!
But I am screwing her in the ass!

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With[out] Child

There was no child in her womb,
Nor milk in her breasts.
She told everyone otherwise
Through the high school corridors.

She never missed a day for a sonogram.
Her body remained the same.
Did she spend weekends sorting through the pastel
Hand-me-downs for a child?

I watched girls sobbing on talk shows,
Doubting paternity tests.
"He has your eyes! He looks just like you!"
How could they sabotage dreams?

Only once did I forget the necessary steps,
Engrossed in my sweating and moaning.
But I knew he wouldn’t be with me
When I sweated and cried with child.

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For Them, Newtown Children

They stand holding hands together on the seashore, alone yet surrounded

Hearts ablaze within their small frame bodies, no longer beating, no more love

Amidst dull eyes of confusion they smile, captivated by the glow, mist and rain

The horror before has now been granted no attention and the only matter of the life that was blows mysteriously in the rain

Toes pointed outward toward the edge of the seashore

A rainy day of red water comes to an end where the Sun chooses to shine forth,

Through shadows, Through classrooms, Through doors, and principle thoughts that eagerly await Justice

They were once, in the rain

Feeling the rain