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Free Verse Moon Poems | Free Verse Poems About Moon

These Free Verse Moon poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Moon. These are the best examples of Free Verse Moon poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Frozen Howl

Inside a knowledge turning cogs on this wheel
born from the darkness a heart rules supreme
fear in one wish looking towards tunnel light love
All that will remain when all turns to dust threads of life dance
kneeling weak alone humble and meek finding a balance

Weeping rivers flow haunting sea waves turn the key
truth is something beautiful touching deeply chords
Chilling whispers rise warm oasis warmly embraces hold
creeping inside beauty beams within shadows 
Dancing starlight kissing ocean reflections twinkle
sparkle glisten teardrops coldly ripple out

Floating on a cloud of breath precious beauty
a mystery that means something special 
finest mother of pearl gem coloring rainbow jewel shines forever
Frozen dew quicksilver lining echoes time answers always
cold as ice crystals dazzling diamond stillness pure 

Frosted vision clear cutting ivory white one cool snowflake falls
baptism in regal glowing crowning full face splendor enchants a ball
walking along golden strands looking across the sea midnight strikes
Sleepless nights held over and back destiny calls your name
utopia faraway dreaming our love complete

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Exposure: Part II


"Yes, then I am filled with hate," she replied.

"You need to let it go. I know....I used to be filled with cold hatred.
Let it go. People can violate your body,
but it doesn't mean your soul is also violated -
not always.
Your body is only on loan anyway.
The soul is truly yours."

We moved even further away from the music and lights,
until we eventually found ourselves outside.
The sleet had stopped falling,
and amongst a crowd of pigeons sitting on a wire,
a Raven was perched on a buzzing halogen lamp.

Clouds broke apart, exposing a crescent moon hanging from a winking star
like a Christmas ornament, or an earring of night herself.
Not fixed, but dangling,
always moving and changing.


"Breathe in deeply. Focus in on the star,
pretend that you are casting your eyes up to the moon like a fishing line.
Begin reeling in your mind."

"Seems like a silly game to me."

"Please try it."

The Raven was watching us from its perch.
I breathed in and out deeply,
opening up my lungs and heart to the sky.

I turned to her and asked, 
"Do you feel hate coming from the Raven perched over there?"

"No, not that I can tell."

"Remember. You can still become someone's Queen.
People can violate your body, but your soul can stay intact.
Even if you doubt it right now."

She pulled out some napkins from her purse,
handed them to me, and asked, "Will you write it down for me?"

-And so I did-

January 1st, 2012

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Hydrogen to Helium
A fusion formed by gravity
A carbon-based delirium
Molecularly infinite energy

An ancient discipline known as alchemy
We’re consciousness - the explosion - amorous 
We dream of gold from lead and mercury
Fueled reaction in copper with phosphorus 
A universal age of prosperity

Bismuth bath. Deficient of iron and zinc
Astronautic laugh – last shine of hope
Nuclear decay –enlightened way – elemental - instinct
Scientific – logical clay – gaseous isotope.

The fluoride, we drink?
Humanity on the pivotal brink

The edge, a precipice.

Lanthanides and actinides
Metals and mysteries.
Shrink down to atomic scale
Our intellect – an accelerated history
A holographic projection
Radioactive expansion
A gravitational trajectory 


Precious pavonine pearl
Our planet, our world.
A place all our elements may inhabit
Terrestrially unique. Diverse and intelligent
The push of inertia
The pull of gravity
The spin of an atom
The spin of our galaxy.

The end.

(written for the periodic table of elements poetry contest) 12-12-14

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Burning Passion

Touching fingers off 
deep fire melting tips 
sweetly burning brushes 
inside warmly walls 
Within four chambers 
echoes whispering silently 
softly desires warm when skipping a beat 

Oh you talk the words 
of the sweetest golden honey 
intoxicating mead 
The drunken spirit dancing 
swoons just in thoughts alone 
In what you said darling 
I blame you smiling 
you're a regal beauty 

Whom I will kiss 
hovering gently over your fingertips 
softly holding one's vision 
A flame left under the silver moon 
dancing with you're shadow of my soul 
one firefly beaming beautiful 

In the night sky a light from you 
shines in each passing new moon 
takes a step closer 
just to know all the right words to say darling 
I'll kiss you till you're calm and then you would be mine.. 
or maybe i'll wait for the star 
to shine upon that beautiful day

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warm solar love

a soul orbits 
looking into space
searching beyond
staring at 
an orange full
cold  moon
rising peacefully
into the sea of tranquility
floating air labored
softly gasping for breath
exploding stars
lights up
the sky

wrath of the sun's light
bombards this earth
explosive  fireworks 
pulsing inside  
emotions erupt
bursting solar colours
feelings flare beautifully
flashing the beginning 
of a strong orbiting cycle

magnetic crochet
strongly pulls
gently sewing together
embraces warm rays 
kisses sweetly
with her soft fingers
weaving love deeply
blissfully into 
one's heart


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Loving sprinkles

Tears rolling down the cheeks
mournfully sighs 
falling in a deep lingering thought 
Whispering inside silently 
I lay a sheepskin rug of purest white
upon the ground for you  

love me not ,want me not 
cause your heart I don't deserve 
The dripping honey from your moon 
cannot preserve the smile 
behind my pale pearled tears

If I could reach up 
grabbing the moon smiling
confetti stars sprinkling them 
all over you sweetly
If only by magic

Nor the diamond dust 
from your confetti stars 
can bring a twinkle to these eyes 
These eyes were baptised 
with too many holy lies 
to ever be disguised 

A soulful howl 
yearning salted lips
cherishing you babe 
within every single teardrop
that falls in your honor 
enchanting rising waves kissing 
each curl embracing fragrant beauty

I'd rather let my spirit free 
to roam in fabled wonders 
that always end ' let not love be' 
I'd rather gaze in a nocturnal sky 
with no one holding me 

Cause I have loved with all I am and be 
To be betrayed,to be deceived 
to be the clown of gaia's destiny 
and now not you or any other,no one my dear 
No one will set me free

written by Liam and Charmaine 

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Harvest Moon collaboration with Casarah Nance

Mesmerized by the light 
shone from high above her beauty 
casting shadows across the rippling bay 
my heart beats violently for her 
She gazes lovingly toward my gentle soul 
standing all alone on the barren hillside 

Wondering from where such beauty has emerged 
I pinch myself for fear it is a dream 
I stumble down the edge of the sea 
In hopes that my beauty will stay 
my hands are trembling 
my eyes are wide open 

The closer I get she is out of my sight 
Have I lost this beauty? 
I hear nothing but the rush of the tide 
upon my soaking limbs 
Out of the sea arises an image 
dripping and glowing 
surrounded by the reflection of the harvest moon 

I dive toward her 
Hoping to grasp her hand 
She seems just out of reach 
and starts to sink deep into the dark waters 
I dive down to reach her 
deeper and deeper 
My breath has been lost 
My vision I saw has been lost 
No longer a reflection in the harvest moon.

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- Moonlight Dream -

    Open the gate and step into the night's adventure
    A golden full moon hovering in world of his own
    The moonlight is magical
    Night darkness under the moon dew glistens
    Where the diamonds - the emeralds and
    the jewels shine among all the golden
    Golden light envelops water pearl luster
    in a bed of cotton
    As the waves swell
    in the ocean
    Carefully the wind plays
    over the harp
    Interaction with the moonlight
    and the dream that is my own

  A-L Andresen :)

 Contest Name	Poems about the moonlight 
 Sponsor	SKAT A
 Deadline	4/25/2014

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Burning Star

Oh baby 
these eyes fell down 
you're amazing beautiful body 
Tingling with warm liquid gold 
slowly began melting in fingers 
chocolate over soft velvet sweet honey 
I began dreaming undressing 
deep inside with burning hot desire 
Shimmering light of candle 
stirring passion flickering memory
gentle kisses burning embers
In the fire ultra warm
sizzling dreaming hot 
touches inside desiring love
Once upon a time begins 
our enchanting fairy tale dream 
From out of the deepest forests 
walking on these sands footprints 
forever and always will remain special
Left in the heart touching beats
wishing you were here right now 
A star shining 
catching you inside the magic dust 
charming precious held 
Within a breath of silver thought priceless
silken wrapped gifted treasuring gem 
Faraway whispers sweetly 
in silver breaths of air blowing
carried over the moon and back whistling
Echoes sweetly over the hill through the valleys  
far beyond time unraveling truth over beauty
almost felt I was making love to you 

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Melting tears of the moon is snow dust, frozen droplets
Turning into flakes of white icy lace, that cling to the baron
Limbs of the tree tops, for it is winters grace, a frozen
Kiss given unto autumns last sighs of farewell, until
The next seasons change takes place.
Softly floating wisps of thin frozen mists, shifting
Ever lightly, gracefully unto the winds, tenderly
Aloft, free falling paper thin crystals of ice,
Cascading downwards unto the frozen earth below.
Layers of delicate texturing of refineries elegance,
Transforms this landscape of falls color burst, into
A winter wonderland of frost and white icings
Gleaming brilliance.
A kingdom of flickering diamonds is show cased
Beneath the lunar shine, of the light hanging within
The heavens above, a glittering field of gems
Illuminated by the elliptical sphere, Called the moon.
In this picturesque display, the writer ponders
Humbly, to the wonders of nature’s masterful
Hands of creation, to be able to create such 
Beauty on
 this frozen canvas, and the poet
Is left in awes wake of hushed expression.


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Silver whispers

One night I saw a shooting star
flashing golden memories  
wishing for someone beautiful
just like you babe

Dazzling dreams each night 
silver trailing thoughts faraway
looking at the moon face 
over and back howling echoes
a soulful plea cries

On this cold winters night 
your love is the warmth one needs
deep inside that breathes out 
free wild as the breeze blowing
Winds in a thousand whistles speak

Utopia's everything whispers your beauty
one in a million star silently blinks
I have fallen under spells 
casting on magic fell in your dust
sailing without wings loving you

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Magic star

You're the angel dust 
sparkling silver stars wishing away
Sprinkling magic in misted gems 
dazzling pure trails 

White as the driven snow 
falling within a beauties vision 
Rising wishes blowing whispers 
upon a breeze silently touching 

Smiling golden gleams ivory
candy to one's eyes colors rainbows
Chocolate sleeping warm melting
tender soft satin feelings

Sweet velvet talking honey
sunshine emotions, beam rays 
Golden dew of a rose drop
upon sunflower petals smile 

Regal in light of day 
I pray in darkness of night 
you sleep well watched over by angels 
Held in the warm light of love

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One Tune

Looking divine a picture goddess 
jewels crowning gems sparkling magic 
shining beautiful moon princess dazzling light

At a regal glance priceless cut, shines out diamond
silver ivory full face over and back 
we dance into the milky way to paradise

In silver shadows we kiss holding sweetly our love
our souls sparkle together amazing dreams shine
this picture forever lives in the mind one treasure

Most adoring of all queens gracious 
sweetheart I pray soon one day we will always 
be together all I ever want to do deeply

Is make you smile embraced with happiness  
its dark here alone shining in all dreams
Light of a thousand stars halo shine around you babe
Silken ribbons whisper tenderly soft
in every thought a warm breeze sails 
Silently this boat to you on golden waves 

Only if you wish darling 
one in a thousand dreams that come true  
you're the  sweet night in gale singing inside always now in your tune 

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Sitting with the Moon

I will sit on the porch, with the August moon
      The old swing sways, with a sleepy croon
         ... softly humming to make me smile                                *
                        In soothing rhythm, all the while
                            while shadowed moonlight knows our tune

A lonely owl, and then a lark,
    calls out to me, within the dark
          Starlight glistens, this peaceful night,
                      while the moon and I,  together, listen                                   *

How softly evening whispers twirl, and stir the branches in the breeze
   The falling leaves around me curl,
                            to fall asleep beneath the trees

I'll make a wish, and close my eyes
          and drink the splendid moonlit night

            I will sit with the moon for awhile....
                 while keeping me company, with its gentle light....

      *                              *          

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Nature's Dance

Through a rose petal forest,
The Spring wind sings
A luscious symphony
Of sighs and whispers.
Light and shadow dance 
Cheek to cheek
To the music of the boughs
Beneath a prismatic honey moon.
Nature's kaleidoscopic dress
Flows and swirls in chittering delight.
Leaves rustling, branches tussling,
In an ancient dance of mirth.

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You Lead Love

As the moon smiles 
beams pearly white 
silver shadows dancing 
in the souls warm sweeping energy 
Sweetly brushing butterfly wings 
floating inside flying to the sound 
Echoes floating in each flutter 
touching a warm dainty voice sings 
magic chanting 
I am to the mantra off your life 
graced each step 
one like a swan in flight 
always flying forward 
Never stepping back
finding everything in peace 
inside out shines beautiful 
dancing the night away

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Cradle My Tears, Moon

The moon's bow beckons to me,
wind's frosty fingers 
entwining mine,
and I lay myself on the balcony's ledge

immersing, losing myself
under that inky blanket sea

the clouds rolling past, so fast,
skimming like waves veiling moonlight,
then letting it peek through
like a shy bride

beautiful, so beautiful
a gentle glow of soul
a silent lullaby that rocks me

If only for a moment
I keep my cradle of tears at bay,
as I let the moon do the weeping for me.

Debussy's Clair de Lune
now mingles in my mind like soft smoke
and tears come streaming...
Tired, so tired am I.


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When I was young the Moon was lifted    
Hung with tacks and thread 
On a mystical ceiling of dreams

She in her skyward place    I in my bed
We lay so tightly wed    we two sure lovers
That all my years flew round    passed us by
While from out our eyes some angels gathered dust

At length    proud man at work by day    by night
His busy light in flood on tissue walls   
Tried describe to she and me a smoking glory in steel

And a prophet raved – “Hear!    Heed!
Faith is the one checkered King
On this fantasian board a playing.”

But I    like my Moon    bearing such pale light
Long dead    a mere reflection of life
Was old and could not rise    

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the moon rises
her candle-lit glow dances
casting shadows on walls
as she weaves in and out
of night's winded breath
fingering every inch of  darkness
as she thrusts herself forward

night moans
in a climax of screams
then becomes silent
under freshly fallen dew
she tucks herself beneath covers
and awaits morning's blush

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The moon is whispering
Even though no one could hear
As the tides move in and out,
Her vanishing thoughts
Become visible
The stars are witnesses
Creating songs and stories
That only gods can perform
But as the night goes on,
Knowledge comes to Earth
Flowing like a celestial river
How do I reach it?
My time moves too quickly
And it's getting farther away
But even so, I'll continue on
I'll raise my voice
May it echo in the heavens
So a new dawn
May rise again
But effort is mocked
"You won't reach it," the darkness taunted
I reached out into the void
And grasped in the cruel wind
As wisdom was swept away
O Despair and Faith,
Erase these anguished dreams of mine
At the glow of the twilight
I will walk
Towards the dawn

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natural satellite

orbiting her planet here
in my spacious long distance solitude

this synchronous rotation
only adds to my loneliness
watching her with a
three hundred and sixty five
twenty four seven obsession

peeking around crescents to catch a glimpse
getting attention by rare total momentary eclipse
but occasionally I am fully exposed
to the wonderful sight and beauty of glowing blue hues

there was a time when I was once part of you
you were once part of me
now only a crash course destiny
can bring us together

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- Magical Mood -

    Moonlight .... watching over the dark
    Let your thoughts wander in silence murmur
    Capture in your hands a little moonlight veil

    Quiet moments that break down
    Raspy cry of a swan couple
    Ears and eyes watching in the night magical mood

    The sparkling silence is gone - eternal contrasts
    Background sound from the stream that roars
    The air is filled with pure truth - the night turns into a new day

    A-L Andresen :)
    Copyright © All Rights Reserved 

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My Son Moon and Star

            My Son Moon and Star ~

        Approaching the celebration of his Birth 
                cherishing the gift I received 
           within weeks of conception I knew
            something amazing was in Creation ~

            the Stars held a party
            sending me with one of their own  
    Gazing at 3 shooting stars twinkling crossing the sky   
       It was magic  It was destiny taking its flight.  

           In love with an October full moon 
               drawing and painting I liked 
             thinking of Vincent Van Gogh ~
                caught in a loss of time 

          Hours going by as choosing my color  
           a wittness to three falling stars 
             A clear night sky sparkle's
           A once Famous Star was sent 
            inspiring the tiny child inside ~ 

           Never a doubt in my mind at all     
       child bearing was worth any pain received
      yours will be in a pursuit of a dream ~
             one to cherish and hold
          My Son was born the following August ~

    working on the set of Grimm 3rd season this year  
         as the set of Leverage for 3 years .

              Has done a Indie movie here  
             In Paris it was seen and honored
             coming soon filmed in Portland ~
                 "The House of Last Things "

        awaiting the credits , you will see
    1st Assistant Director ~ production assistant 
                 My Young Lion Mans dream ~
        A proud mom I watch every show and the credits 

        as foretold in a whisper to me 25 years ago
              My Son &  Moon and Star  
               A name you will all know ~

            Happy Birthday to my creative Son
             you will exist in my heart forever~
                        and thereafter               

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Lone Wolf

I am the loner, the rebel
never the leader, I go my own way.
Never trying to run with the pack,
but ahead of them.
I never go where they go,
or do what they do.
Surviving amongst the solitude
of dense forests and misty fogs.
Living for the moonlit midnight hours.
Running wild and free
with the wind in my hair
and the moon
reflecting in my golden eyes.
My kind is close to extinction.
Only a few others remain 
who are trustworthy,
only to them do I remain loyal.
I am unforgiving to those
who would dare to cross my path.
I am never afraid
to speak out into darkness.
My wail fills the night air,
a lone cry
not of sadness, or loneliness,
but of freedom,
to go my own way
and be a loner.

For Just That Archaic Poet's contest - "Personify Any Animal Of Your Choosing"

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Moon Fairy

A crescent moon, shining it's silver smile in the midnight sky
so beautiful, yet so desolate and alone in the vast galaxy.
But, tonight I can see that she has found some company.
An enchanting fairy sits within the crescent
one bare foot dangles off the edge,
into the endless void of the black universe
the other bare foot rests on the moon's surface.
I wonder what that feels like?

Perched with her hands on her knees she gazes at Saturn's rings
watches the comets, with their glittering tails, as they fly by her.
The milky way, so majestic, as are the constellations
the stars wink at her and she reaches out to touch one.
I wonder what that feels like?

There is only the sound of silence way up here
no winds to blow her luminous blonde hair.
The heavens are calm on this night
as a few puffy clouds pass over the Earth.
This is her favorite planet to watch
you wouldn't believe how beautiful the blue oceans are from up here.
Each of it's cities have millions of lights glowing overhead
like a galaxy all it's own.

The wonders of this world aren't so wonderous from her view
so, once in awhile she flits her wings down here
to get a closer view of Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower.
Her favorite wonder, the Statue of Liberty
watches over a busy city, just as she watches from the moon.
While keeping her eye on things and embracing the moon's company.

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Luna's Light

A silver path shimmers
Across the sea and leads
To you lovely Luna lady,
Clustered by Cumulus clouds
And embraced by an indigo sky,
Enchantment emanates
From your glowing eye.

Lovers wrapped in moonbeams
Reflected by the sandy shore
Share kisses in silhouette shadows
In the magic of your rising,
In the soft music of the waves,
In the beating of passionate hearts.

© 2014 Connie Marcum Wong

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Where Shadows Refuse to Dance

Locking the door is useless,
for he has a key...

Will that sliver of light
become a wider slice tonight,
or not?

Bed sheet covers are but flimsy barriers,
easily thrown off
by hands—

Hard working hands 
that roam where they should not

Tuck you to bed,
tell you a fairy tale before you sleep,
kiss you good night.

They all hold different meanings,
they always do.

The moon is a silent witness,
peeking through the windows,
where shadows refuse to dance...
but creep
Innocent eyes of a doll
that weep

“Shhh,” he says
“This is love.”

But the pounding heart,
the screaming mind
know otherwise.

This isn’t love.
It never was.

The moon can only scream in silence
with her.


The sun crashes in,
dissolving the darkness
but it never matters,
for the nightmare continues...

She’s there at the stove, cooking
eggs sunny-side up
He reads the newspaper 
with a smile

Yet tears start to pool
as a timid voice says,
“Please, Mommy...
Why don’t you believe me?
The Boogie Man is real.”

September 16, 2011

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Moon bridge

The moon so bold seems cold
with a halo of midnight glow
I sit mesmerized as the night grows old.

I bleed still, even after all these years
and I wait again through the night
aching in the depths of my soul
that no other seems to know
the Loneliness that has become my companion.

In the darkness we wait and confide in the other
our deepest fears as memories fade
in and out each season of change
            the nostalgia tempers the wars of pain
this tempestuous foe of ours
         wails at the gates of midnight
howling the warble of humanities last grace.

How the comfort of minds and hearts
turn from light to deep dark in the face 
of eternities long time clock...

I ache with wanting, with need and passion
          it is a lie that time heals and wounds scar
each night is fresh like the first
                              when I faced realities shock.

Who can wait with me?
Who can hold this hound at bay?
Who can cherish what little love left in me
             and make the broken whole?

I ache to be loved again as the love that burns
and waits inside of me. 
Who can comfort this emptiness and fill the void
                that so many leavings have left?

Cherish and love to honor and protect
             but who can slay these demons that hold my heart in wrath?
Who will walk the sulfur clouds of hell to save my mind
     and deliver my world to the gates of heaven
      with life, not death bridging the distance of pain?

I sit and wait at the floor of the moon each night
waiting for that bridge to carry me yonder,
      this moon who hangs heavy and ripe with the yearning of my soul
with clouds aglow as if I could sweep them across a canvas
   with the brush held in your hand

I rage at her as I wait, but still I wait and weep
as Loneliness and I keep each others company
wishing the clouds of that great moon could truly create
a way to find the lost, a pathway to home, lit by the legacy our love.

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Heaven's Mood Ring

The sun says goodbye
as it dips slowly below the horizon,
and dusk settles in for the night.

Heaven's mood ring
changes constantly,
from pink to orange
then to a faded yellow.

My mood lightening, the sky darkening.

Shades of lavender to dark blue,
then to a faded black.

As twilight takes over the sky,
my favorite time approaches
when my eyes can fill with wonder,
as one by one,
the stars turn on their lights
and twinkle just to say hello.
They've all seen my face before.

Then the moon, my old friend,
rises to meet me right on time.

Heaven's mood ring
fades to black,
only until the dawn
when it will change again.

The sky lightening, my mood darkening.

 March, 22nd, 2014
Nette Onclaud's contest - "A Night Sky"

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A String of Pearls

The amber moon, through window glass
like time itself, looks much the same
Some things have changed, some things remain
Moonlight recalls... wind calls her name

Her silken hair, her porcelain neck
the strand of pearls, a diamond clasp
I find them now, within my hand

With envy now, moonlight comes in
Covetously, it fondles rows
of tiny orbs, which, one by one
are miracles, with moons, within

I hold the pearls within my palm
and think of old Glenn Miller songs
and mother dancing long ago
She wore them like another skin
back, long before my life began

A grain of sand, then pearl becomes
A part of her, ....    a part of me

So fragile, weak the thread is bare
as if the sun might gaze too long
a tarried glaze, the string would fray
and pearls would fall and roll away

Perhaps such things meant to be
Each miracle, has just a while
Glenn Miller songs have come and gone
I'll put away the pearls for now
so moon can own the night again

Carrie Richards
To hear Glenn Miller's rendition of "String of Pearls" click on the following youtube site:...

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The clouds play hide and seek as they glide
Ever so playful among the starry heavens
Stars twinkle shining like diamonds
As the full moon smiles brightly .

Shadows softly engulf the forest below
A hush descends  as twilight fades
Luna's blue hue lights the world below
Twilight disappears hiding our view.

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Moonlight Sonata

I'm bathed in the night, as it climbs through my window While the music of moonlight lightens the air It dips, oh so softly, peeking gently with care, Into the room, to lighten the gloom While a timeless sonata, of so long ago Croons the same somber notes, That have played on for years I have noticed how moonbeams, seek my attention Hanging over the garden, waiting to hear Just as a guest, would expect to come in ‘Moonlight Sonata’ has a place in my home I had practiced through childhood Though it seemed quite beyond me With small nimble fingers Less and less satisfaction I remember my mother With dishes piled high And soap on her nose Calling out from the kitchen “That time, much better!” Or my dad, in the dark room Walter Cronkite, his companion Calling out from the shadows “I think now, you've got it!” Tonight in the dim light I watch how the moonlight Slides over the piano, sliding over the keys It seems that the moon knows That time cannot stand still That years come and the years go But the tune, is the same tune, and the moon, is the same moon And the “Moonlight Sonata” is a place I call home

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The Pearl

The moon was a pearl - a large white brilliant pearl of a moon precious like the one I adored as it shone down on us from the sky. The sky was a sea - a broad expanse of midnight blue as deep as the love we made deep in a night swimming with shimmering myriads of stars. And the stars were fish - beautiful shimmering star-fish as bright as the glow in his eyes - those eyes that gazed into mine deep into the night of the beautiful sky - that broad expanse of midnight blue - the sea into which we gazed so deeply in love as the moon met our gaze - the moon that shone down on me and my love most precious - Oh, night of the large, white brilliant moon - the pearl. Written 3/8/13 For the Pearl Poetry Contest of Craig Cornish

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Fluoroscope Eyes

Shimmer glowing
     twinkling water
             softly flowing
                   New moon casting shadows
                         Penumbras shifting
                              Lakeside silence
                                     Silver dances
                                                 Liquid shine of peace

   Why do I sit agitated?
     Eyes drawn inward
           Naked soul 
         stripped down
 Barren like the winter trees
     A skeleton of myself
 Solitude surrounding me
    Like a heavy snow
     a January Shroud

A billion stars are upward
    whispering your name
       Chanting with their twinkles
           of my eternal longing
               Their brilliance mocking
                  Reminding me of distance
                       and my infernal sorrow

The moon casts an eerie glow
Across the rocky cliffs
taunting me with loneliness
The place beside me empty

I close my eyes
          Lashes slightly damp
                      My hair falls forward
                               I take a deep breath in
                  and I conjure you

      I see you there 
      in ghostly form
You wrap me in your arms
     Suddenly the stars 
       cease taunting
the moon glows a sweet hue
    and i feel warm seep in
    you smile softly at me
     you seem so very real

My aching heart is full
Your sexy smile stirs me
   I feel such peace
you whisper words
   that cause a laugh....

Is this happiness?

If I open my eyes 
you will disappear
      like a puff of smoke
Like the phantom you are
So I keep them 
            squeezed shut
tightly, heart pounding
        and I smile

A Mona Lisa smile
          all the mystery 
              of woman and love
                   and the infinite universe
             resting on my face

How long can I sit here
         I wonder.....
before my eyes must open?

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Torment of a Blood Moon

alone ‘neath the full moon
my heart once bright with hope, now dimmed
how I wished you were here with me

     as the moon bled with my heart
     shadows of past love traversed the orb
     ruby halo I longed to share with you
watching as a shadow slid across the moon
shooting star left its contrail in ebony sky
smiling, I saw your heart in the scarlet moon

     where are you now, my love
     magic moments we once shared
     my spirits sank - torment of a blood moon     


*While we were watching the moon, we saw a shooting star!
Co-written with a friend

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Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

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Song to the Moon-Repost

The moon hung red in the sky,
too heavy for the sky to uphold
she leaned against the rooftops;
the stars glittered in fear about her.
I walked beneath her heavy laden form
and my lips formed words, whispering,
a silent prayer. In my hand I held a book,
from it I sang to the moon;
like the coyote in the night, I sang.
Words of the ancients escaped my tongue
in songs of healing, songs of hope.
Was I selfish to not want the moon to depart yet?
For it was her celestial body
that had first given me hope all those nights ago.
I spilled words from my mouth in the form of song.
They sky was pregnant with her form.
Red and old she watched me, eyes solemn.
I sang through the night
giving her the hope she once gave to me
and slowly her form retreated
back into the heavens.
The moon hung yellow in the sky,
too heavy to be crowded by clouds
she leaned over stars
who glittered quietly with her in the night. 

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My Unique Line - C R

standing the center of our own universe

          while over us, an early autumn sky, newly washed by rain

               holds a circle of the harvest moon dripping flawlessly, with amber tears....

The romantic side of me, wants the moon to be an emotional witness to such love....ahhhh!

(For P.D's contest)

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Only if

beautiful lady
holding you
ever so gently
in the softness
of beauty

as the violin plays
touching souls
under a full moon
i dance
with you

silver shadows
dancing a waltz
black velvet

in silken 
soft feelings
in loves melody
singing out
in your earthly

my spirit rises
in beating wings
the heart 
on the drums

reaching high
hands out
in a flash 
of light

i hand you 
the moon
flashing stars
in loves 

as the sun 
kisses the moon
a dancing groom
my night

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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going to the moon

             i'm going to the moon tonight 
              in a boat with big white sails 
              and you can come too if you want too 
              just the two of us 
              in a boat with big white sails 
              going to the moon 
              we'll sit real close and huggle to keep warm 
              and i'll sing for you if you want me too 

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middle earth

a world 
shatters in pieces
then breaks
everything inside
emotions strength
to carry on

slowly the pieces
they come together
hidden to be found
fragile feelings
walking a path
one of tears

softly moaning
broken hearted
i walked 
through hell
couldn't find you

just waiting
that one special
someone who will
fix it again
only to walk
away to be followed

i cried
no one 
to wipe 
the tears i left
love cold 
lonely nights

no one to share
the pillow
look at the moon shine
beautiful light
with shadows
silver reflections

mixed with darkness
in the soup 
of night
looking upon stars
a million 
miles away

to one self
is all this 
just a dream
are they the souls
of the lost

dealt a bad hand
the chips are down
wandering the universe
asking why
looking to the stars
for answers

in lost direction
whispering gently
sometimes one cries
all alone
in shattered

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White Cold Moon

Outside, the moon is alone in the sky
and floats bright white in the ocean
of the great black-blue on high.

It illuminates slightly my surroundings,
giving everything the soft pallid hue
that makes everything something familiar,
though some things I have never seen.

All things being equal,
under the bright white moon,
I see the waves of grass
in neighboring lawns that I’ve never trod,
and I see the soft waves of the moon
dancing off the rooftops of houses
that I’ve never been welcomed in,
that contain neighbors that I’ve never met.

It’s cold out…
if the sun gives off heat in the day,
does the moon radiate chills at night?

The moon sheds its cold, emotionally bankrupt light
on everything I see.
Is this how I should be?
If this is how all emotional attachment ends up,
should I even bother?

Or better yet, should I wait for the moon,
that reopens my wounds just by shining on me?
Every time it comes into sight,
I can’t help but think of all the times
it left me dark and cold.

Should I wait for it to change,
or should I move on?
I can’t see why I should waste my time,
when there are other things that
can radiate a brighter and warmer light than this.

If I see it shining its light on others;
what light does it have for me?

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Dawn Breaks

The breaking of dawn
and I start my day off with a yawn,
the dew covered the lawn,
the cool air blowing through my window
as the streets still soaked with the nightfall rain
comforted the scene of a beautiful sunrise
a gorgeous start to a new day.

See the flowers covered with droplets of dew and rain
feeling no such thing we call pain,
Dawn breaks,
as the sun rises with its powerful rays
that blind me in the far East,
the purple midnight skies go away,
and are replaced by ocean blue waves
and marshmallow, puffy clouds
that hold no more rain.

The sky idel upon a canvass of life
as the morning comutes travel down the steps
with coffee and newspaper in hand.
The women walking their dogs,
men catching the morning buses to work.
No use for pork
when you can't catch the morning train.
And then it starts to rain.

But the sun still shines,
and the moon is still out,
this moment, as dawn breaks
we are stuck in a parrallel between two worlds.
Such beauty in a morning sunrise
as the blue, dawn covered streets shine
as the sun reaches high over the Eastern treelines
and the lions roar and the birds fly south.

Waking up to a new, broad day
next to you, as the sun shines upon your sweet face.
I compare you to a morning sunrise
as Dawns break into a silent worldpool of a new beginning.
Something tells me that I am going to have a good day.

Waking up to a new, a new dawn
with a loud and relaxing yawn,
as I smell the dew on the lawn
See the moon and stars fade away,
and purple twilights go to sleep, on some other part of the world
Love for a sunrise in a morning dawn
that is the most beautiful scene any man has ever seen!

For the Contest: Morning Poems
Sponser: Poet Destroyer A
Written by: Christopher Boskovski

P.S. A poem for you my lovely Linda, I hope you enjoy this lovely and beautiful poem about the break of Dawn! :)

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deep ocean

falling dew
one token
drops of happiness
a foundation
for dreams
Your light i am  
A pale white glow 
shimmering softly 
in slow descent
Melting cold winds 
calming your tide 
reaching the silence 
above the sand 
You shall not die 
when the flame fades 
when i immerse 
in vetdant shades
You shall live on 
eternal youth 
with all its strength 
and hidden truth 
And through the night 
wet salt and mist 
reveal the thirstiness 

of hundred tales 
till the moon shines 
in its crescendo 
dripping its honey 
in still embrace 
Sky sprinkles stardust 
upon your lips 
till new dawn greets you 
with a new kiss 

leaving footprints
in warm sunshine
sailing within
an ocean paradise
chambers reserved
for one so beautiful
only in dreams
holding hands
once kissed
becomes real

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alone lips cold
awaiting warm softness
in shades of blue
a warmth
within emotion
happiness falls
on a dream

as the blood 
flows red
one rose
blooms out softly
in petal
soft feelings
gently rains
touching softly
the cheeks

a wind whispers
kissing the moon face
in shadows
of silver light
upon clouds
following dreams
emotions roll
within one soul

love i see you
rising morning
warmly dressed
covered in
the dew 
of morn
touching underneath
one's eyes

alone one soul
kissing upon 
the heart
of a rose
yet to bloom
crowning soft petals
love an emotion
sings out
still remains
lighting beautiful

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my awakening

half haunting 
a full moon
staring at it 
through eyes 
of half light
pale ashen 
with cold

everything seems 
a distant horizon
grey shadows 
of life
a glimmer 
of hope
the face 
of desperate times

my soul 
seeks peace
far off
in a distant planet
like a wolf alone
lost in 
my own wilderness
my spirit speaks
was it written 
in the stars

alone with 
distant memories
my unwritten future
finding the path 
to my soul
to comfort 
my heart
in its time 
of need

to look again
the moon smiling
in wishing 
a smile 
on my face
i see you smiling
my life 
is for living

it was meant to be
as the glass 
on my eyes
glistens with sadness
feeling the cold 
run down 
my face
memories of happiness
memories of hurt 
with those of sadness
in the night sky

a universe 
of answers
i look forward 
to awakening
the dawning 
of light
a beautiful present 
this night
the dawning 
of spring
bringing with it 
new beginnings

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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On this world where I will to die,
the sun will set and rise,
it’s no surprise, that rivers will,
continue to flow and hearts and minds,
of all the creatures there, 
will seek those pleasures,
all as sought before.

In my mind I see the creatures die,
the moon will wax and wane,
and forests full and lush will come and go,
more creatures smarter still,
with hearts and minds begin to dream and more,
knowing nothing of the world,
that came before.

Outside this world I call my mindful eye,
a sun and moon will rise and shine,
and lakes with life as lavish, I pass by,
more creatures still are plentiful and free,
with hearts and minds that dream,
of pleasures to unfold and makers of a world,
as yet untold!

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Moon In Auburn

Moon In Auburn

As the stars were heaped upon a mantles Shangri-La
The miniature toy town beneath its cape 
Quiet hung in yellow golden windows lit
So silent in the dales and woods blanket
The dog fox cry echoed from the moon
Crisp and cloudless chill less coldness
With the twin of the moon fluxed silver blue
In the tiny handmaidens mirror of reflection
Natures dark slept beneath the shadows of her hand

And she crept in dreams
Within the tip toe of cats
Rendered the night through amber eyes
Glistening on the turns of lovers kisses
For all the endless that she misses
Arched above an eternal sky
She is drawn to the moss of rocks
And clings in branches hung with lichen
To the feathered damp of leaves
Which catch her spark

Just a whisper footfalls breezes shifter
In the country lanes of ancient mazes
By stone wall and rabbits foot
Close upon the dandelions head
With all the disguised colours leaping on unseen acoustics
Were hidden amongst rivulet beds
Catching the silver blue
The dog fox cry echoed from the moon
And swung out the flax upon the stars

Fingers traced their destiny within those pinpoint suns
A pattern constellation traits of has; she was born
The atonement of steady reckoning he had
Cut in trough on the ploughed earth
Where all the seeds of tomorrow had been scattered
With all their promises of a seasons ripening 
Old songs sung of proud man “John Barleycorn”
And the distillation of his bone and marrow

And while the stars piled high on their Shangri-La
Recounted the lost tales of lovers in forgotten times
All the memories fell in auburn locks
And swept upon the Luna light shores
The twin she fluxed in silver blue
And the dog fox cry echoed from the moon 

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Deep Moon Cave

In the deepest river caverns, in the furtherest chambers of my soul,
       There are secrets hidden there that can ne'er be told.
Secrets of another life, another way, another time.
       Secrets hidden for eons in the recesses of my mind.
Decades come and decades go but these secrets never dull or grow old.
       I am ancient and flow with the tide but I'm still precious as new gold.
In days gone by, I couldn't be in the sun, so at night I would get out and run.
       The moonlight gave me power to spin on the sockets in a gun.
When dawn would approach, I would hide in the caves on the moon.
       Ere one would catch me asleep in a dune.
In the caves there are those whose lives helped to change me.
        Toby so grand on his motorcycle riding and settling by a tree.
I guess maybe he might have been waiting for me??
        Audrey a beauty who could write such beautiful verses 
And could quote them superbly without any rehearsals.
        There was Russ from across the moon at a far away prison gate,
He also forgot what it's like to be forgotten and counted by fate too late!
       There's Carol, sweet Carol, who went through more than anyone will ever know.
And beautiful Linda, who always blew my mind away, but I ruined it with a big blow!
       And of course Jimmy, who's so much like a son, and I hope as the ages go,
He will realize his importance in the changes in the caves that will show.
       Last but not least nor most nor less is Ruben who has blessed all our lives.
Not just mine but everyone on the moon needs Rubin's touch. for he is so gentle so kind.
       Even though the caves are getting larger and the secrets are getting deeper,
He will always defend the truth and on this large moon will be a just keeper.
       For you see he keeps the soul secrets in the moon caves forever.
Praying and hoping that one day they can be revealed, but then again, maybe never!

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And filled with stars and the land
A pale gentle hand turned the hourglass 
Of my soul

Stalking the alabaster moon 
I rejoined once more
Those who follow the dream

Cutting through crests 
Time the scythe of a barque
Treads a song of brothers to sisters of paradise

The prow our ship a searching 
Arch-ed carrying the whispered will 
Of wishings an ambition to our hearts

Pursuing the alchemy of the moon 
Leaping from the shoals 
A single white rose this beacon to follow 

The mariners we of her phantasmal
Blown by the hunger in blood and breath
Drifting in the calm thunder tethered to a single kiss

Full of stars and the land 
A pale gentle hand turns the hourglass 
Of my soul 

The ghost in our throats calling
Seducing answers to the lamplet
Painted faces of splendour in her horizons distant 

She softly sings us closer 
Passage through the veils 
Drawing on this our meandering ark

An endless ribbon of red flows behind 
The vein of each passing quest
As this ship awash the glinting semblance of her face

I have chosen like my brothers, my sisters; to be the seafarer 
To search her shadow
Pursue the alabaster moon

Her pale gentle hand 
Filled with stars and the land 
Turns the hourglass of my soul

Isis the light and by Dianna named
Magdalena’s rose of mystery proclaimed 
The witchcraft of the feminine

Thus the sail-ed cutter of waves and dreams
Billowed on clouds

The diamond sea we gather
Compass point to reflection
The full moon risen alabaster 

Her pale gentle hand 
Filled with stars and the land 
Turned the hourglass of my soul

(Acciaccatura; An ornament note that is one half step or one whole step below a principal
note and is sounded at the same time as the principal note, adding dissonance to a
harmony. a note in a music deliberately played out of key )

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Moon and Night

There was a battle 
Between darkness and light
The moon and the night
As hard as it fought
Night was no match
The stars glowered in envy
Eclipsed by her outreaching glow
For the moon reigned over all
As if a lighthouse 
Hung in the heavens
Shedding her light 
To guide lost souls

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Goodnight....Sleep tight.

As daylight ebbs  comfy folds of colorful quilts wrap around the land
sending  it  into  blissful slumber.
Sunset nods listlessly its orange glow stretch and yawn before receding  to 
distant shores.
Mountains shrink to grotesque shapes as a playful moon skips high into the sky
teasing shapes on the earth below.
Night creatures rejoice setting up a cacophony of sounds
that urge us  into a place of  peaceful Neverlands.
Tree  shadows stark against  the darkness weave a drunken  path in eerie 
silence to the sound of their own befuddled music 
while the moon flings these unwelcome guests against houses  and 
skyscrapers on high.
Old buildings creak with weariness brittle joints bowing under the weight of 
daily   toil
Airplanes drone weary to the bones  eager for rest on the runway 's breast.
 Neon lights flit and swirl a disco rythm throbbing heartbeats in the night
while light bulbs doze under dusty shades.
Later yet the snore of man strikes  the final gong  long before the wake-up tap 
of the rising sun.

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Sol y Luna

Oh, Sol y Luna que tratan de abrazarse,
No llegan a tocarse como La Creación por Miguel Angel,
Por tantos obstáculos obstruyéndoles de si mismos,
Por tantas barreras que atrasan el alcance entre ellos,
Por tantas cadenas que los separan el uno del otro...

Oh, Sol que tanto extrañas el toque helado de la Luna,
Que tanto sufresen despertar el resplandor de su interior,
Que tantas manchas y quemaduras te han hecho doler,
Que tanta irradiación expones, a veces cegándote a ti mismo...

Oh, Luna que tanto añoras el calor del Sol,
Que tanto sufres en suavizarle su ardor,
Que tantos cráteres te han hecho sufrir,
Que tanto escondes tu resplandeciente brillantez interna...

Oh, Sol que tanto sufres en fuego eterno,
Pobre de ti, separado de tu amante,
Te dejaron solo en a luz cadente,
Luz que te quema y te hace erupcionar...

Oh, Luna que tan fría estas en oscuridad abundante,
Pobre eres, separada de tu querido,
Solitaria y desamparada con tus amistades, las estrellas,
Dejando caer tu opaca luz de plata,
En tu océano de lágrimas y tierra de injusticias...

Dos amantes desolados,
Dos romances reprimidos,
Ambos corriendo uno tras el otro,
Solo mirándose a distancia,
Sin alcanzarse hasta la llegada del abrazo..

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A life, a life has been given 
given for propose? 
A propose beyond control
Your shield is a marvelous, intense blue. 
A deep, courageous, hopeful light
guides us down below with a composed ear,
what must it be like to be within your grasp?
What must you think of us?
An intricate, complex mass or do you think we must wake up, 
wake up and live now, with nothing but love in our presence?
Then, and only then, 
Would we be finesse.
Then, and only then would we become deep, courageous,  hopeful light.
What must you think?

Copyright © Christina Clark

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Oh Moon, Your Shine is Shy

We have this flirtation me and you--
never quite able to see your face.
Watching you while all alone.

Sometimes you write my night
with scrolls of silken words
saying love notes upon the dark sky.

I would blast my way off to visit,
find myself sick and falling free
with foot falls that stir up dust.

So very fine this dust, like powder
for your nose; is this how you hide
when you fall in and out of view.

I could be tip-toe tripping as I skim
along your surface, in search of the key
to unlock all your hidden secrets…

Fine jewels, maybe. Fine mist
of watery wealth, a mother lode
of exotics but even so I would leave you.

Earthbound I am here to paint the moon
like a shadow boxer,  creeping toward bedtime.
Icicle licked, that’s more than flirtation.

It’s a foothold into tomorrow
past all these years, I see you now I don’t
wander the clouds of our lives.

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Liberating Luna

Luna is making her rounds again
Arrayed in her full circle of bright light. . .
Casting her luminous rays on bare emotions
She barges into the private sanctuary
Of the psyche with the powerful thrust
Of her surreal self and her imaginings.
She offers the promise of lunacy to lean on
While shifting the seas to her command.
Luna moves through the nuance of night quietly,
Often veiled by the shadows of passing clouds,
But her radiant silver sheen may still be seen
Through glowing mist as she enchants the sky.
If you want to feel the full ecstasy of her might
Swim or bathe naked in her light!

© 2013 April 

For Lisa Cooper Poetessdarkly's "From here to the moon and back Contest"

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Solo Flight

To steal Moon's glow in troughs beneath my feet
as earth recedes and clouds embrace my flight;
a weightlessness and joy become my meat
and angels reach to set the stars alight.

Up here in space one feels
a brother to the wind,
and rides his coattails high
beyond the brightest star.

I rise to sit alone in God's deep lap
and reach to gather stars as I pass by.
I long to plant a kiss on Moon's stiff brow;
to steal Moon's glow in troughs beneath my feet.

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Neverland over Wonderland-- Recited

To the moon, Alice, to one of the many moons… Forget the rabbit hole for once let’s go in a different direction, to lands beyond imagination Take my hand, Alice, hold on to mine, and never let go… Trust me as we leave reality we’ll take that next turn to the right, and race towards sunlight Toss caution to the wind, Alice, live carefree like a child would… Cut off those ropes and hooks that bind you don’t be scared of your own shadow, rather, dance with it like there’s no tomorrow Tap into laughter again, Alice, so that fairies can frolic to its melodies… Remember how good it feels Cheshire cat grins—those come and go, but laughter lives in hearts you know Think not of time, Alice, escape with me where dreams are born… Step off that cliff towards uncertainty just fly away, boosted by happiness, embracing adventure and silliness To the moon, Alice, across and over it, to the land of Never You’ve been to the land of Wonder and learned to grow up, but I have to say, sometimes going back to the start shows the right way… --kindly highlight the link above, then either --right click on it and allow to open in new tab/browser OR --right click, copy and paste onto a new tab/browser Thanks.... ***September 25, 2010*** written for Deborah’s Harvest Moon ;p contest--> "to the moon Alice"

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Warmly Loving

Beautiful dazzling sunshine jewels 
diamond shining each vision wrapped softly 
Warmly glowing in the dark heavens 
entering private chambers a ball

Flickering lights dance as a moon smiles pink 
The strawberry clouds blushing glorious 
smiling full with grace rose petals
touching deeply darling your inner beauty
Alone singing inside this world one dream
kissing warm ocean waves hangs a picture
Behind the structure of your face 
mirror this perfect smiling soul

kissing these eyes in a thousand and one celebrations 
falling golden waves melting spices heart burning
passions salts eats into feelings blending honey devouring desire 
claws grip touching cotton softness embraces true

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Char- Sun On the night of the charred sun a male child is born The Indians called the harvest Moon a charred sun This became the child’s name as he grew in wisdom He was not a warrior he was born to be a healer Char sun grew into a very strong spiritual man When he was small, a white man had given him a flute He told Char sun if he learned to play it, sweet music would arise All of nature’s living things would come to sit at his feet He would sneak off into the woods for hours at a time practicing One night Char sun saw the same Moon he was born under A voice began to speak to him and a fire entered him The voice told him to play your gift will lead you His fingers flew across the flute and the music was sweet Coming from the forest were the deer, squirrels, eagles and bears The rest of the tribe heard the music and began pouring into the forest Curious about where the sweet music was coming from and why Arriving upon such as seen the chief bent down and knelt on one knee The remainder of the tribe slowly dropped one by one to their knees For Char sun has become the holy man within the tribe The animals that follow him carry the spirits of our ancestors The chief stands to his feet and declares “This night Char sun Has become our holy man called by the great king of the sky The song of their tribe began to rise, paying homage to the king Our winters will be fruitful and our land will prosper cried the chief Char son was born to guide us into the holy lands Each warrior here will follow and protect him The buffalo will run and our bellies will be full Our time of famine has been broken through the gift Of Char sun Carole Cookie Arnold Constance La France’s Contest Tell His Story

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How The Sun Was Made

Before man, there was only twilight upon the earth. The earth was divided by two realms, realms, not kingdoms; one above the earth, the Sky, ruled by the birds. The other, the Land, upon the earth, ruled by the beasts.

In the sky, among the clouds, was a large pile of firewood. How it got there is unknown.
It is believed to be there as a resting place for birds not wanting to rest on land.

One twilight, an enormous eagle dove toward the land. His dive caused an emu on the land to panic, thinking it was being attacked, the emu jumped up and struck the eagle. 

The eagle and the emu began a heated argument, then began to fight. The emu, in anger, plucked an eagle feather. The eagle, in its rage, swooped over to the emu nest, grabbing one of her huge eggs in its beak, soared skyward.

As the eagle climbed, he swung his head throwing the egg higher into the sky. The emu
screeched in horror as the egg smashed against the firewood. The yoke breaking, sparked, igniting the firewood, lighting up both realms of the earth.

Suddenly, the earth was bright and beautiful. All were dazzled, but soon relaxed, as the
fire begin to warm. The leader of the Sky saw the light and the warmth it produced as good.

He saw as the fire burned, it produced more heat and comforted all. It also began to
decrease the light and got cooler as the firewood went out. This was a bad thing, he
called all the birds together to gather firewood to keep the fire burning.

As the fire became coals, the light again returned to twilight and darkness.
The birds worked for hours to replenish the firewood.

As they began to pile wood upon the coals, the fire reignited. As the fire got bigger,
there was more light, and warmth. 

When the birds had piled on all the wood gathered, the fire again began to decrease in
light and warmth.

Again each twilight, the birds would gather firewood for hours.

After an undetermined time, light and the darkness defined. As the earth warmed and became more beautiful, the realms became one.

The Spirit of the earth saw what the birds had done and what had become of the earth was good. He moved the fire outward from the earth and made it burn all the time.

He made the earth turn. Day and night were created. The birds and the beasts were one with the earth.

The spirit of the earth was pleased. He had created the heavens and the earth, reaching into the earth, he grabbed a handful of dirt in his hands, Smiling, saying all is good, He created Man.

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Foggy Night


The white orb, saturated with 
tidal flows, peers through the 

A ghost ship slips up the fog 
laden channel. 

Night gulls. sing with strident cries 

fog seeps in, the tide rolls out, 
day is gone, the night creeps on.

Trees, dressed in ebony, drift by. 
Water glistens, gold and wet.

Edges blurred night is soft and 
tender, damp seeps into cloth, 
hair, bone.
Tents of light spread over the 
foggy landing.

Hunters of the sea know not day 
nor night, fishers all, 
white feathers stark against the 
darkest shadows.

Palm trees, silhouetted in 
ochre gauze, black brushes hard 
with paint. 

Pilings sway, their waists cinched 
with rope. 

Matronly sentinels, the craft finds 
the woody bosom. 

Trisha Sugarek
Butterflies and Bullets

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A Kiss Of Sunshine

Each evening the moon waits patiently hidden in the sky
For the sun to say its final good bye

As round and round again we ago
The moon receives its daily kiss of sunshine

Light as a lover's kiss, careful not to bruise
Sun kisses moon just enough to bring
Magic to night time and stars above

With sunrise, moon once again slips away
Awaiting patiently for tomorrows kiss of sunshine

©Donna Jones

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My Moon

Like the moon 
In the night sky 
Controlling the tide 
You are the celestial body 
That pulls 
My emotional side
Gives life to my ocean 
Wannna take you for a ride 
Across the universal divide 
Show you all the beauty 
Of you and me 
Interlock eternally 
Just like nuclear fusion 
The energy of unison 
Will create a 
Certain kind of love 
Those mere mortals
Can only dream of 
So this slam is for you p.d.
The only one 
With the inner beauty 
That can move me 
Soothing me 
With the continuity 
Of the flow 
Between me and you 
The bond of affection 
With a positive light 
Just like the moon 
In the sky at night 
I'm way over my head
The feelings you compose

(dedicated to the P.D.)

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Snow White

Oh darling
daydreams and night  
you have become an angel 
floating into dreams 
so beautiful they sing

Pure petal wings flutter
dressed in the color of snow 
They dance inside warm love melts
shining a faraway star 
winking in the night sky 

Whom embraces the outer body sweetly
I open four chambers to you
holding all keys out 
My queen warmly holds the soul

One kiss from you 
smitten I would say smiling 
I will always smile in loves grace 
Wishing that I was holding you right now

Wow what a dream baby
out off this world 
you're so beautiful in these eyes 
dazzling mirror reflections blinding

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Mirror Flicker

I draw honey blowing wind
thinking of you ore precious
like a snowflake pure unique
One of a kind in seventh Heaven
arriving within the eyes kissing a diamond

You're my angel rays touching outside
inside the one in a thousand dreams 
beautiful nine is the cloud singing 
with the silver treasuring dream lining
A beam shining over her pale full face 

Brightly pearl cut ivory and back frosted jewels
silver trails on wishes sparkle enchants in a trance
From the vine floating bubbles burst
rainbow magic coloring in your light drunken
bursting celebrations wishes in the mind 

Dripping starlight desires your company
delightful feelings of passion burns 
Inferno of flickering flames dancing
in each warm breath touching beat
deep warmly kissing emotions
Budding rose craving sweet scent
new life arising stirs beginnings 
so glad it's you I fall to 
Surely as the sun forever rises in the east
Replaced in my nights sailing set to my best mate

You who raise sails with me without wings
on deep tides upon this ocean waves turn
under the moon and stars we bathe silver
Dripping love sparkling in starry eyelids 
Jewels the dewdrops each morning speak

Upon the ground as destiny calls sweetly
embracing the echos over sands golden
a lone wolf howling out lonely cries
in a cold winter lunar sky 
snow lays on the ground

Crystal true blue loving white  
in two loving arms 
holding your name smiling 
heart of beauty
beating with your love complete

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Where does the moon go

On a cold winter night
A wolf pup stared in to the vast darkness of the sky
And thought to himself: “where is it that I lie?”
So he turned to his mother, 
With eyes that glistened like the snow
And softly asked her:
“where does the moon go?”
With a gently look in her eye…
She let a sigh, 
And paced slowly along with the stars
Silent as the shadows...
But gleaming from the inside…
Listening to the sweet pup
That dares not leave her side
Watching him look up…
With a puzzled look in his eyes
And once again he cries…
“…Momma… where does the moon go?”
Yet again…he only gets a gentle glare…
Puzzled even more…he lets out a soft cry…
And continues with his stare of the endless sky
“…Momma… where does the moon go?”
Accompanied by the beauty of the stars…
The small pup let out his first tender howl…
With his head held high
And paws intertwined with the Earth,
He sat back down
And listened as it echoed across the snow…
The moon shined brighter…
The stars paced faster
…and after a night of his wonders…
The pup slowly gives in for the night.
Curled up in the snow,
The pup turns to his mother and says:
“…Momma…where do you go?...”

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Moon Face

Moon Face
In dreams of you, I am sitting in a quiet garden Looking at the beautiful full super-moon. Night falls the garden is shrouded in a mist. The moonbeams kiss the blossomed flowers. The moonlight softly illuminates the beauty of her face. I look out into the moon I see her lovely face. She beckons me to come to laugh and love. We laugh, we dance and we love. The wind blows rapidly over my face. The moon softly whispers in my ears, The wind touch, the moon whisper reveals I am here, she is there, hundreds of miles between

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Red Moon

scarcely noted tinge of moribund intent
in stealth advances to dull selene’s 
full aspect with penumbral shade

luna’s wizened glow, its fate assured,
in grim surrender—stolid umbra
spreads somber cloak of death

benighted orb, a wound erupts,
suffused with crimson, yet artemis endures—
poets’ pens stilled by mid-april’s red moon

4th Place - Red Moon Contest

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Grandmother Moon

Grandmother Moon cherishes me, 
kisses my forehead with her light. 
She reigns supreme over her kingdom, 
smiling down upon this humble spirit. 

I whisper to her of my dreams, hopes 
prevailing in spite of the odds. 
A tear forms in the corner of my eye 
as I challenge her to answer my prayers. 

I extend my hand, longing to touch her, 
to soak up her ancient wisdom and beauty. 
I can feel her gentle smile, she embraces me, 
bringing me comfort, her radiance guiding. 

She has been witness to the cruelties 
of man, more than I could ever imagine. 
Broken dreams scattered into the night 
her children gather around her, wink at me. 

Nissa, Nissa, I cry out to her. Is all lost? 
Is there no more hope for my people? 
A voice softly answers in my mind, 
there is always a glimmer of hope. 

Grandmother Moon watches over me, 
ruling the tides of my heart, my spirit. 
She is listening to me, tasting my tears, 
caressing the delicate tendrils of my soul.

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Who Is In Charge

Bear no grudge to anyone, nor fear man’s puny wrath

Who makes the thunders roll, or quiet it’s rumbling sounds
Who breathes the breath of life, or takes it with a word
Who makes the winds to blow, or calms the troubled seas
Who fed the children of Israel with manna, when from Egypt they did flee
Who feeds the lilies of the fields, who give the birds their seeds
Who fills the rain with nourishment, then on the fields they gentle fall
Who makes the goats to bring forth kids and the sheep to have its kind
Who makes a woman to have a child and a man the father of it be
Who holds the seas to shore and the river banks from overflowing
Who spreads the stars in space and holds the moon in its place
Who gives earth an axis, so it can revolve around the sun
Who made the sun to rule the day and the moon to shine by night
Who was the light of day to wondering Israel and a flaming fire by night

The Lord, strong and mighty in battle, the Lord of Host is He
So let no one scare you into thinking, they have your life in hand
Only the God of Heaven can say how and where you go
When you put your trust in Him and your faith in Him is whole
He the maker of us be and the keeper of our ways
Bless the Lord for all His grace, in Heaven He prepares for us a place

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Synthetic Moons

This dust
A void
We trust
This is real
Magnetic solids
Fate is sealed
You call it

So struggle still
Churning fauna
In constant flux
Earthly sauna
Show me
The end
If it’s soon
I can't defend
Synthetic moons

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Tonight, the full moon blooms
And foils the looming gloom.
The remnant doom from noon
Has lost it's bullish tune.
And embraces dusk's eerie cool.

The village square it illuminates
Arena of moonlight tales of late
The little ones gather and wait
While the elderly engage in debates
And the goats noisily ruminates

The bright night, lights sparks
Of bliss and joy in trees' barks
The tall iroko whistle in parks
Where young lovers end their tracks
And skimpy skirts lose their tacks
The son of perdition frets unsure
The thief in the night fears exposure
The pirate sailor steers from ashore
The night fisherman denied action
For the kind light bathes the ocean

Tonight, the full moon beams proud
As the town crier makes his round
Belting forth a piercing sound.
While the town's chorus echoes loud
The stage is set for the yearning crowd

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Blood Moon

The fifteenth day of the fourth month of the year
Only shines for those who rise to see it
A hybrid lunar species merging the symbol of a vampire and wolf; 
Howling at the moon while painting the night sky crimson red. 
A lunar tetrad; a bizarre alteration of a lunar eclipse. 
Four chances to catch the view, unless you’re prepared to wait until 2032.

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Grandpa tells a story
As the fire burns at night
Of the love between the moon 
And the sun that burns so bright

Sunlight rules throughout the day
And moonlight through the night
Grandpa with his active mind 
Describes this wondrous sight

No one knows who chases who
Who runs away to hide
But there are times as Grandpa says 
They both stand side by side

It's when the moon catches the sun
And blocks it from the Earth
That moon and sun then hug and kiss
In gentle loving mirth

So now this tale is at an end
Oh Grandpa taught me well
Perhaps when we should meet again
Another tale I'll tell

April 10th, 2013

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This night fate had been decided in the moonlight
As the bread winner had answered to the doomed call-
The compulsory striker had kicked to his goal post.
This sure-bet would never miss the net.

Ere his 'lift-off', our old man had whispered
Love words, and sang spiritual songs to our souls.
Not knowing that this full moonlight night trace will gulp his gullet
And he will never babel any more on this land he keep.

Home couldn't do anything but to wonder about
And soak the floor with our tears.

What an unbelievable seizure of the soul!
Do this means our man had parted this world
And we would see him no more until the final world?

This moon mustn't go in
Before his body 's laid (down)to rest
As his faith demanded.

Should this be a bright moonlight night to spare?

***sure-bet, compulsory striker- death
***home- family
***our man, old man- Elder

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I lay sleeping

I lay sleeping with eyes wide open,
I lay sleeping with dreams that have no meaning,
I lay sleeping with nothing to dream about.
I lay sleeping with no care and sleep with eyes blind,
I lay sleeping, there with my eyes wide open.

Seeing the dark change from dark to black.
There is no moon, there is no sky
just purple strokes of paint in the sky.
Take that morning dew smell and close your blind eyes.
Smell the morning, that smell that clicks in your mind.
The smell of childhood dreams,
that as an adult never came true.
Sleeping bare in the nude with your eyes wide open.
Thinking of her, as she is five thousand miles away from you.
Wanting to love and hold her, but no use in crying.
Sleeping their with blind eyes in the dark that dances in the light.

Your lamplight turned down low,
as life trickeles down in its nightgown and yawns for sweet slumber.
Tired from longs days, and sometimes long nights,
wanting to curel in bed and close its blind eyes.
Dusk will soon peek its head through the blinds
and awake life to a new dawn.
She sleeps in the morning, and walks at night.
When he sleeps at night, and walks with a bare nude heart in the morning.

Life climbs over yellow mountains,
and meets her fellow compainion
a handsome fellow with broud shoulders and blessed with an ego
as I sleep there with my eyes wide open.
As I sleep with my eyes blind to what life has intented for me,
and as I raise to walk the lone streets at the break of the dew covered lawn
at the first sweet smells of dawn,
I can see life go on with the handsome man
and I blind and wanting to go to bed.

I dream of dreams that have no meaning
Gardens of cluelessness and raging emotions
tare me down and I am confused on which way to go.
Do I stay here and dream away, blind and half awake
as life slaps me across my broad cheek?
Or shall I walk on with life hand and hand
and regain my vision of the world,
Start to sleep with dreams that make sense
and dreams that are made of gold and have no end?
Dream of fancy dreams that show love and happy endings
I would love that, and I would love to walk with life,
but she is out of my leauge.

And my bed is so cozy and I feel like sleeping.
So I shall sleep on more restless night chashing life down.
I lay sleeping with my eyes wide open.
I lay sleeping with dreams that have no meaning.
I lay sleeping waiting for life to come back from the mountains
and lay beside me.
I lay sleeping with hope of regaining hope and salvage
what is left of my spirit at hand.

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Frog Adventures

Frog Adventures - journey always continues - A Collaboration

The Frog lands on earth smiling
Nothing has changed In mirror reflections
Bearing gifts from his mission on Mars
He met the cow who jumping over the moon
On the milky way he lay back rocking thoughts
Upon the moons' smile on a beautiful memory
Laughing having fun In warm joy
When lightning struck
Striking a beautiful tune sings out
Watching the dish elope with the spoon
Crying It looks like the cat Is playing the fiddle
Sadly tugging heart strings the temperature drops
Every which way swaying lost
One craft on this ocean a ghost ship
Into a shadow horizon
I sail to you In light of the moon

Are you sure? That Is not quite the story of the Frog that seamen tell. He lost all his gifts when he fell Into the sea. This Is the way seamen tell It.

Captain Jamie Lee Is at the wheel the ghost ship was the Dramallach Raven
A fine upstanding bunch of pirate lads not one of them was a craven
Now out of the corner of his eye Jamie Lee did spy
Something strange and he almost gave a startled cry
A Frog fell Into the sea small and green
Frog overboard He did lustily cry his eyes sharp and keen
The mate threw over the line and then to crews surprise
A little green frog holding a brollie stood before their eyes
This little Frog lifted up and placed on the poop deck
A poor little fellow he was and he looked quite a wreck
It was then Mr. Frog noticed Jamie Lee was a ghost
And he turned white and lean Instead of being green
As he sat shaking looking up at his host
"Now Mr. Frog what will I do with you oh deary me
Bash you on the head then off with your legs and have you for my tea"

Don't panic, didn't happen, just a bit of ghostly pirate humour there. There were no Frogs harmed In the making of this poem. Now, where was I? oh yes.......

"Now Mr. Frog what will I do with you oh deary me
I think we'll take you back to Ireland across the briny sea"

A Collaboration by Liam Mcdaid & Michael Clarke.

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It was the glorious terror of an instant when
the sun was lost in the moon - and 
the explosion shook the hair out of
the world into the abyss of our joined womb  
nourished by the blinding light,

… enraptured and captive, we ran and hid
then dared to play, 
first, you were the sun and I was the moon, next
I was the sun, you, the gem 
haunting the silken web of night...

… and the explosion still
shakes our abyss
nourished by our enraptured eyes filled
with the terrifying 
glory - of a joined moon and sun...

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Mi Luna

Luna as I watch you rise
I imagine my raven lover
painting her in delicate hues
as I always do in my dreams..

Mi Luna I am but a sailor
you the sea moon, Bella Luna
mesmerizing with your beauty and fullness
whose reflection ripples in the waters...

On the night I fell in love with you
I breathed her warm fragrance
spawned upon a gentle touch
on a sweet night of your clarity..

Oh Mi Luna
I ask that you do not drift away
you inspire the dream of love
it would bring me to much tears!

My beloved Luna
may you both be my love
I have sobbed for her under your sky
comforted by the truth you will never leave...

Mi Luna, shine upon our sea
from a distant shore I hear the mariachi
you are a moon of lovers
soft are your wings, blanca is your skin...

Heart crystal Luna
of the ocean
shine down on me...
~ ~ ~

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Midnight Wanders

It is dark and the sky
is alight with stars,
they twinkle innocently;
secretly carrying their own
wishes that were cast upon
them by passing tongues of
children and adults alike.
The moon shines even brighter
still, it gives all life a 
pearl glow in the absence of
the hidden sun.
A breeze blows making trees sway
softly and their leaves flutter 
like wings of a bird.
Sound emits eerily among the
nooks and crannies hidden beneath
our feet where only spirits roam.
Midnight has struck and many may
wander into its secret realm of
nocturnal enchantment and be bewitched
by a single ray of pearl white light
gracefully given by the moon and stars,
like gifts from an angel – precious
and forever eternal.

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Dead of the dog

IT is dark
There is a dog’s bark,
I see a man so old
Carrying on his bent back gold
From hands of the nation:
The dog with a rag of freedom
In red, black, green, whitedom
Following him from behind,
I walk a way blind

THE moon rises from east
I hear the shriek of a beast
I turn and look at state house,
It looks like a grey mouse:
The dog hangs down
With coloured rag
Round its throat, the flag
The moon goes pale grey,
I turn and walk a way, looking down.

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Born Again

Let the sun don't shine today. Let the moon not come out tonight, or the stars give their light. Just let me be alone this night. Without anybody, just myself and my soul. I will reflect on my life and also my memories. Don't knock on my door, or call me on the phone. I will not answer. Tonight - I just want to be alone. What I have done and What I have been, will die with me tonight. Life has not been easy. I had my ups and downs. But tonight I will die and my past will die with me. Tomorrow when the sun comes out, I will be born again. The moon will come out and the stars will shine and a new life I will start...
Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo

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Somewhere among
the sleepy coconut heads,
I trailed towards a song.

Twilight and the essence
of a Moon, dashed dartingly
between the legs of my shadow
and I remember the feel of those
words, as if they fell like leaves

Only I was the tree cradling each
syllable the wind whispered-

A silent mourning, so beautifully
bejeweled that the clouds became
entangled with my cheeks and the
rain and my tears wept, together.

For as I entered this song carved
by the hands of an angel, I found 
that tomorrow was but an endless
string of dancing footsteps, 

Covering the bleak realities of my world.

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Snow Crystals

The moon is white Of which the light Reflects Off the crystallized Snow beneath Twinkles on the ground Beams into my eyes Allowing a smile To form on my cheeks I put my hand On the snow And feel the cold Frigid emotion below Each sparkle lends A memory Of times gone When I was a child Loving the moon’s Energy far above To play outside Under the glowing Orb I desire the snow And its intensity For it melts On my skin Leaving only water In its place The seeming end To a beauty Of the reflection To the moon’s power Through crystals Upon the path Before me Driven Russell Sivey

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My Endless Longing -A Mother's Love


My heart is fierce in its longing for you
 With thoughts that mimic flitting butterflies
Like stars chasing the moon in the black velvet night
And every time I close my eyes…
It is you whose face I see
I ache from deep within my soul
Wanting to feel my fingertips trace the soft texture of your skin
Run my fingers through your soft, chocolate hair
Longing to see your smile - beaming radiant like diamonds in the sky

Lying in my bed at night the fingers of darknes touch my skin
The moon quietly tiptoes through my window
As silent witness to my bleeding heart
Closing my eyes…
Brings your image closer to my mind
For you... are a violet glistening with dew to my longing heart
An angel - in a spider's land
Where they deceitfully weave their web of lies
Unwillingly... turning your heart against me...
The mother who loves you so                                      

I drift away into a restless sleep dreaming of you- my girl  
As the early morning sun creeps through my window
I awake... with a heart that breaks all over again
I am a prisoner held captive by my love for you
My precious, little porcelain girl

My love for you will never end
I pray for strength to see us through
For someday we will win this battle
And the love we share...
Will lovingly come shining through



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Night Riser

Lunette, i was named at birth and it perfectly suited me
cuz i was always up at night, observing it with scrutiny
i had a little secret, only Abhi knew and trusted me
he was my best friend ever, he believed in my destiny

i loved the moon and had a song
the song gave me answers in my heart
i didn't know how i knew that song
but it helped me seperate the right and wrong

The project i had in college was huge
Yen was arranging for Mr. Fiddle, but he refused
Mr. Fiddle was an astronaut, famous and renowned
But asking for his help, only left him frowned

"Lune, do you know him?" Yen asked me one day
"Why?" I asked confused, "He likes you!" Yen was about to say
"I don't know him!" i said to Yen, the joker
All he would do is fool around and play poker

"Fiddle said he'd meet us, only if you come along"
Was Yen telling the truth? Only one way to find right from wrong
at night i sung my song, asking moon for its help
i called Fiddle on his number, i knew that voice from somewhere

We set ready to meet him, Abhi, Yen, Marsella and me
Marsella and I were bff's once, but now I ignored her completely
After formal meetings at Fiddle's house, the others left me with him
all i wanted now is truth and only truth from him

"You're not a human Lune, Night Riser's, we are
I am your grandpa Lune, i've searched for you, wide and far"
He was kidding, i thought, i was not an alien
But then he sung my moon song, how did he know about it?

he started his story and involuntarily i sat still
i wanted to know the truth, no matter what will
"Pikshtra invaded our planet, Prisma" grandpa started to tell
"a bad person he was, he used explosives there"

"he bought me and my wife on earth for some research
a top secret thing it was, but for us, scientific torture
electric shocks and huge machines, made us unhealthy
in return all it did to him was make him wealthy"

"We tried to escape and managed at once
for a few years we got rid of him
We had a son, who was married by then
and two beautiful granddaughters was our gift"

"Pikshtra found us, on the birth day of my granddaughters
we ran in different direction, getting seperated
i lost my wife and others as well
But found both my grand daughters..."

"Where is my sister then?" i asked
"You know her" Fiddle said
"Marsella it is" he added along
it was too much to digest, i wanted to sing my song...

**for the entire story visit:

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A Hypnotizing Crystal Ball

The moon is a hypnotizing crystal ball. 
It sees your struggles and your hurt, 
and as it graces the glimmering night sky, 
it is silent as it glows.  
It shines the light on all the answers 
but only for a moment, like a dream 
forgotten in the first few moments of consciousness... 
It never rests, only guards you 
while you cry and while you wonder 
and boil and freeze
Everything is clear as crystal during the night. 
During the day, we hide. 
At night, we creep into who we are. 
We don't like to admit it. We're prideful. 
But as the moon is our guardian 
It allures us to the surface 
of our own hardmetal skin, 
and melts it into irresistable tenderness. 

At night we feel the most at peace. 
At night we feel the most beautiful. 
But at night we feel exposed and 
the most insecure.

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Red Moon

Some say bad times are a comin,
some say trouble's on the way.
Nonsense I say, just a total lunar eclipse
as the moon passes through 
the darkest part of the Earth's shadow
any light reaching the moon is refracted 
through the Earth's atmosphere
which scatters the blue light, 
and what reaches the moon is red.
So I say, but with four in two years
and the situation in the Ukraine, Syria and all
I'm goin to cover my mirrors.

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A Cold Dark Yellow Hallow Moon

A Cold Dark Yellow Unhallowed Moon

A cold dark yellow unhallowed moon smiles beguilingly
In the pitch black starless and cold empty night sky 
Suckling upon the blood and the very life force of 
Pure innocence, light, and goodness . . . .

Fear stirs eerily in the forlorn sound of a fog horn that’s
Blowing and crying a sad echo haunting far in the distance
It warns of the imminent arrival of a malevolent Hellspawn 
Force of absolute unmitigated evil . . . The Phantom Vampire.

As the Phantom Vampire materializes from nowhere in the 
Darkest shade of night blanketed in the thickest of fog and 
The coldest of night air . . . One can sense with utter fear 
And foreboding shivering sounds touching from the shadows
Creeping softly cold fingers down the spine with walking 
Fingers crawling inside a prism of frozen ice and in a mist 
Of souls crying in the presence of demons while yearning lust 
Of one blanket covering the sky’s face painted showing 
Hell’s own hideous face—an exquisite evil and a spirit
Drunken and moaning in an eternal fiery abyss of 
Suffering and howling sounding their own lust for pain 
Great darkness grips them who walk this troubled Earth
Without joy casting happiness to the lepers always and
Forever chained to the darkness and eating out hope
In the very end . . . . 

From this spider’s web and nest of dark perpetual evil
The Phantom Vampire transforms himself from ethereal
Form to his human form quite frightening indeed for
Any human being gazing at his grim countenance and
His most fiery red eyes glaring intently whenever he
Encounters an unsuspecting soul . . . and the sight of 
His razor-sharp canine teeth bring on convulsive fear 
In the hearts and minds of his intended victims . . . . continued 

Gary Bateman and Liam McDaid – A Collaborated Poem, 
Copyright © All Rights Reserved (November 6, 2014)

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The Secret Of The Moon

The Secret Of The Moon

The Moon sets in the west
Sinking below a distant horizon
Does she see the Moon rising in the east
Could there be a second in time
A second where we both look upon the same Moon
So far away her eyes look at the lonely sphere
Does she know the tears I shed looking at it
Dreaming that she is looking into her eyes
I may never know
The Moon is a silent mistress
Keeping her secrets from mortal man
Even the one of a woman's love
Yet, every night I will watch her float across the sky
I will dream that she is doing the same
While thinking of me, my heart and my love
That is the only wish I make under the light of the Moon
Maybe someday it will come true and she will see my love
The Moon with a secret that she may wish to share
And all will be made good under the gray light
And she will smile at the Moon and thank her

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Tonight the moon carries her umbrella

“Dan molom ini dia membawa payungnya" [in Bahasa Indonesia]

Dia beranjak keslangan hori ini
Dan molom ini dia membawa payungnya
Gugusan kabut terpapar di balik kilauan sarung keboyanya
Saat dia berjalan melintasi duniaku
Jauh dan semaken jauh dia melongkah sendiri
Dimana tanganku tok bisa menggapoi untuk memeluknya

"Tonight the moon carries her umbrella” [English translation]

She rises late in the afternoon
And tonight she carries her umbrella.
Smoky tendrils trail behind her glittering sarung keboyanya*
As she strolls across my universe.
Far, far away she walks, alone,
Where my arms cannot reach to embrace her.

*A dress worn by women in Indonesia.

This poem was re-crafted with the help of Silvana Sandi who translated a phrase in Bahasa Indonesia.

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Harvest Moon

The sky is bright tonight,
The harvest moon a beacon
Eclipsing city lights,
Its orange glow a fire
That sets the sky aflame
And turns stray clouds 
Into puffs of smoke -
A haze of grey and gold
That envelops me
And hurls me back in time

To that silver shore
Where sand scatters like ashes,
Where your breath is the tide
That steals mine,
Your pulse the current
That speeds mine.
I could lie here for all time -
For a moment
With salt in my hair
And rapture in my heart.

Beneath a sky of staring stars,
A thousand eyes that blink
With wary wonder
At our courage to lie so close
To the blurred edge,
Where waves tear up the shore
Like icy claws or eager fingers,
Desperate for a touch,
For an illusion - 
A moment of warmth.
The sky is bright tonight,
The harvest moon a menace
Invading my mind's eye.

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Same moon

Running with the dog 
late this evening
sunset at my back, 
and low in the east
a  full moon 
greeting me 
as I crest  the last hill.

This moon
must be over you too,
shining bright
through your night
and perhaps reflecting
a bit of earthshine 
bringing my smile to you.

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Red Fox And A Wolf

*Senryu/Tanka Haibun*

carnivorous sheep
turn piss back into wine-
drink their own words

the sheep are blind-
thicket of innovation
acts as camouflage

The carnivorous sheep pursue their prey
through thickets of changing innovation.
Full moon saunters across the sky,
caressing darkness with her brilliant curves.
More than half of the flock follow 
Ms. 'Ego-awe', Cpt. 'Know it all',
Lt-Col. 'Dusty lines' and Mr. 'Rope-a-dope',
over the edge of a very steep cliff.
They fall in a cascading waterfall of lemming-dementia,
breaking apart in the 
Shadow of the Valley of Poetic Death.
The remaining sheep continue on,
blasting away on a bugle.

the hunt is on,
full moon saunters by
swaying brilliant curves-
wolf shows great honour,
by not hiding beneath fleece

The fox is startled by a voice belonging to a pair of golden eyes,

"Do not be afraid little one,
these sheep are their own worst enemy!
Come out from your hiding place
and become a partner in arms."

Standing back to back,
the fox and wolf raise thirsty hackles,
engaging with the fleecy flock.
As moonlight spills across the scene,
the fox notices how the carnivorous sheep
have blunted their teeth upon the stones of judgement.
All along they have been eating their very own words,
causing incisors of creativity to go blunt.

These silly sheep have been regurgitating
their own righteousness for many years.
What had been believed to be sharpened wit,
was merely an illusion
reflected in a warped mirror-
a mirror inside of a bubble.

the past is gold-
a futuristic signpost
of constant change

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Perfectly you

You say you aren't perfect,
but look again and behold yourself; perfectly you.
Your tears be heavy-laden with guilt;
also remember, they glisten with remorse.
The sea water of the eye cleanses wounds old
and leads life to the good vulnerability
that teaches humility and belief.

Singing; your voice awakens the dawn
and dancing you set the moon.
Entrancing, you smile
and for a moment I glimpse forever.
Joy's child is your way
and grace is in your name.

Awake in the watches of the night
He watches your panic weeping;
wanting your day to soar 
and set twilight leaping.
Stars twinkle in sympathy,
and meteors lead sight to the other.
Come away with me my love and wink at suns.

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Dreams to run with you

Sweet Magic moon
So how are you today?
Spellbound me with your smile I cannot take off my eyes
Showering your gold dust all over my crumpled room

Still I can remember how my mom rocked me in her lap
Showing your beaming smile high in the sky
Singing her moon songs I favor so much
Struggled to keep my eyes fixed at you serene smile

Shined with your beams I used to run all over our compound
Screamed gleefully when I saw you too were pacing with me
Sometimes your face was hidden with thick wooly packs
Searched all over with tears, for my playmate I couldn't catch

So young  and  fresh, you look gorgeous  Magic moon, but
Striding in this long march, now I am feeble, not young anymore
Strive hard to keep steady when I drag my feet in my walker, 
Small girl living in my heart dreams to run with you even though

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It was too late then

t was too late then!

When I loved you I ought to have loved you then and there!

But I dreamt a while, floated in cloud

Gathered a flower of lily or two, travelled through my own time


It was too late then;

I reached the summit

Thanked God and Moon on that full Moon Day

Cursed the chillness around in the lake,

Far away in urban jungle, far away from the maddening lights

The floating fog in the fading dusk

Washed my car comfortably

Wiped my shivering fingers off

Tucked my t shirt inside the blue jeans

Left the leather belt dangling in a hurry


No man around, no breath around

But chirping birds in the distance clouds

But forgot to check my heart for its beats

My love was deep asleep by then

By then it was too late;

Here where I failed to connect

The body and soul-the life and death


If I was alive I would have dead by now

Since not, I am immortal now

I am floating around

I see me sleeping in the car seat sitting pretty

So serene, so calm so peaceful

I ought to have loved you then and there!

With courage and conviction!

KRISHNA BAALU/07-11-2010

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The Sea Rolls With The Breeze

Seagulls seagulls by the seashore open your eyes and you shall see more of the world's magik in front of your face why oh why would I ever replace the memory of that foamy sea crashing onto the shore while the seagulls are laughing with the children once more who feed them with eyes full of wonder to their curious delight seashells from dead oysters shine of the moon's pale sea light as they mate like the birds and the bees my sea kisses the sky when it rolls with the breeze.

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Hunger Moon

Nauseous yellow,

and rising above

dying limbs.

Hungry, and full

it looms over,

watching the wicked

grow wings.

Some say the Moon

was once a piece of the Earth,

that during the fetal stages of

the solar nebula, it simply

span off, like a drunk dancing

in circles, his beer flung

from dizzy hands.

Others say that the Moon

 followed the Earth home,

and was kept in the might

of gravity.

And yet, the theory I like 

best is: Two angry, molten

planetesimals collided right

in our front yard and fought

for the Iron heart that 

eventually got pulled inside

our world; explaining the 

difference in composition

between the hungry,

and the greedy.

The wicked,

and the solemn

looking down at us,
waiting for another fight.

-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

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This fat lady in a dinner dress
Raises its crooked fingers up high
On this moon lit night
The moon is full
It shines through the fingers
Like a scene
Out of a horror film
And if a raven came and perched
On one of this fat lady's arms
I swear my heart would start
And I'd run in terror
Away from this baobab tree.


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the Father visits his son in the dark of day
The son is abed, pale in the light of night
For the sun and moon are witness in this hour of twilight
But the sun is not heat and does not shine as bright
And the moon is not rigid rock
The sun is a warm hope, fading ever so slightly
The moon is softness, the dark is soothing

The son is abed, covers sprawled over his listless form
The son is restless, he doth not sleep
The son is ebbing, his heart does weep
and his Father lifts the covers up tight around his chest
and kisses his brow;
The son blinks wearily, smiles wanly, whimpers meekly

Sleep my son, the Father whispers

But I cannot sleep - Sleep eludes him
I want to play - Rest prances about him
close enough to want, just out of reach
And how can I sleep father? - How can he rest atop this fated bed?
When I wish to wake? - When his heart doth weep restlessly?

the Father wavers, he caresses the son's brow, but not his heart
For the heart is within, the caress without,
Rest my son, he says, rest and forget
The Father, gently, lovingly, pulls the covers up, tight around the son's neck

But father, father why
My heart will not sleep
Five more minutes? Just five.

Sleep son, the hour is late, the time is neigh

And the Father, always lovingly, he pulls the covers tight over the son, and lowers him into 
the ground.

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The Moon Conception by Fire

I strike embers with my stave wriggling flashes exploding skyward seeds vying suicidal compelled by the egg-like moon geo.vuy feb.03.15

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Believe It or Not

Believe it or not

He swore by the day he sighted the earth
This step he took 
Was not aimed at piercing anyone
But to show his appreciation
At exactly the time (or on time)

Had he known the blessed wouldn't be pleased
With this gesture
He would have 
Hands down
And waved for naught

'What are my mistakes'
He asked
Cos his heart is mixed

This mind is now full with mix feelings

The memory of strange letters that gloomed at his eyes

Believe it or not
He had never wish for anything

If nothing will make him live a simple life
And meet his Creator in good shape
Then he will be satisfied with that hope
Than a hope of something 
Where he wishes for nothing


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Never Are Two Alike

never are two alike.

wafting to and fro with gentle breeze,
a dancing ballerina the twirling flake, 
motion with vicissitude it sings,
the vapor, the crystal performs.

in costume white appears its shape,
dendrite, needle, plates, and branches,
as stars afloat the midnight sky,
its nuclei the symmetry hexagon.

adrift in sea of air so cold,
the atmosphere burst forth like springs,
down the river of wind it flows,
the flake aglow, the moon it makes.

the perching flake atop the branch,
a tree its home a flake does nest, 
with noonday sunshine sure to come,
the snow, the flake, will be no more.

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In Your Beautiful Eyes

Amid a star ferried night
Love's tears came falling
Into your beautiful eyes
Their dreams were calling
Through whispering tides
A heart left drifting
As I stood by your side
The pain was melting...
Her moon cast its glow
Hopeful choirs bringing
Joy to sweep this night
Heavens Angels singing
While I stood by your side
These tears left falling 
Unto tides that wash away 
Yesterdays pain; yet still
Drifting afore love's moon 
Cast her light; dreams...
Calling upon a star ferried
Night, as heart's were melting.

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To Take Notice

To Take Notice

When we see the moon light up at midday
we look up and take notice 
for it stands out as being different
for the day before it appeared as the sun went down
so we did not notice 
just seeing things as everyday motions
while many never take time to look up
to see any of the beauty surrounding 
how everyday is created and a blessing to view
This is how the holy spirit shall work
when one shall call upon Jesus 
asking for forgiveness and guidance
knowing they need Jesus more than anything
then some will  stop and look at you
trying to figure out what it is they see different
not being the same person as the day before
the blinds over the eyes will be lifted
then to be  molded and guided 
to a new creation
as the moon lit up at midday
watching as  time passes  by
 it gets brighter and brighter
giving a light to the dark world
therefore we shall be called out 
to give light 
to the dark world

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The Moon

the eternal fear of the moon
she won't be forever beautiful

that the end of the long
solstice is coming
and how mild the winter is
in a root of a chestnuts
where the kids sing the burden
and throw out our words -
the kites in the wind.

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Black holes forbid orbits
Stay where you are
You single minded singer

Full blown blob of my predilection
Would find your circuitous centre

Thoughts defy gravity
Following  the law of most resistance

You  could be damp and silent
For the ultimate moan
Within this  lecherous night
Beyond all motion, all other moons

So what? Here’s the groan
Of your forbidden light hurtling past
the futile tracts Of  spent words

Guess what. In the deep rapids
To sink with the singing moon.

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New moon
spooning -
in the warmth
of a cold
and distant

John G. Lawless

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The Moon Cried

Under the moon light I sat, thinking of the love that we once had.Then one day it was over and I didn't see him anymore. The tears came rolling down my face, while my soul was hurting inside. The moon saw me and she too, started to cry. Not knowing why - I asked - why and for what reason do you cry? She told me - I too loved once and lost, for our love could never be. The Sun was too far away and with me - he couldn't be. I understood how she felt and she understood too. I will never forget the night that the moon cried with me...
09/25/2012 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo

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Light Captured in a Jar

I would walk under a moon
which disturbs the stars.
I would turn a penny in my pocket,
knowing neither heads nor tails,
but walking all around
the circumference of that moon
or at least in part would howl to it.

Should I wait for next year
to finish the thought or walking on
blank it out?
Memory is vastly more than sky
and more than walking.
So touch a moth at night
and taste the dew by morning.

Find sweet love and hold it close
within the arms which surround the moon.
Pour starlight into a jar of moths
and fireflies, to illuminate the darkest nights.
As night is, so is love often hidden
and unknown--
a force propelling two to clutch 
with fire in the blood and storms 
in the season of rains.

It must be a season of storms
else why do the winds blow so fiercely?
She will write to me, I know she will.
I have not heard from her since 
	storms began.

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Night Sky

cold vast darkness
infinite void of loneliness
scattered with glittering whispers
of ancient heroes silently watching
the silver moon
drifts in frozen solitude

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Another Night of Dread

It is dark and night outside my window,
and in the soundless, lit confines of my 
room I sit at my old, ivory desk 


and anxious with dread for what the rest
of another night may bring.

My ostomy bag, an abhorrent creature that 
hugs precariously on one side of my abdomen,
covers my raw and fleshy stoma underneath. 

Against my desire, the stoma continually oozes  
feces and waste 

like a sewer into the ostomy bag, which, 
every seven days or so ruptures its seal 
and transforms into

a stinking and rancid cabbage

whose fetid odor refuses to stop emanating 
until the entire, offensive beast is immediately 
uprooted from my body.

So, I sit at my ancient, ivory desk, writing 
these cherry-picked words to express

the anxiety and the doldrums 
of another night;  

and the lonely, isolating, embarrassing, humiliating,
ego-wiping, self-esteem killing, mind-numbing, 
soul-shattering, universal, all-embracing, 


that weekly offends my nostrils and fills my lungs 
because of a thoroughly used-up ostomy bag that 
needs to be removed immediately

like an old, decaying vegetable 
that has outlived its 

It is another cheerless night in the same, old
cheerless space: 

the nose-blistering smell, however, is only for 
another night...

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The Moon

Look up at the dark sky
Hidden beneath the gray cloud
Appears the round glowing circle
What is it? The moon I whisper softly.

It gleams with a vibrant light
It leads the way upon are many travels
Around the world, through the rain
It gleams through my window
As I say my prayer tonight
It beams of light shine down
On my bed with old words of wisdom.

The moon light reflects on me
As i lay there my spirits
Down cast knowing when
I awaken it will be gone.

For now I allow my eyes
To forsee a new direction
A direction that's bright
The light gleams up to the stars
And penetrates out across
I fall into a deep sleep
As I await for its beams to gleam again.

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Surely to know the ambrosial quiver
Of stiffened fruit, ripe and swollen
With stolen fragrance and lovely flush
Of seeded solvent all down a furtive face
And up the greedy pink arms of cloud-ward reaching children

Is to know also the jealous rain
Her green glances gorge on mellow delight
Indulgent and impatient with quick eyes
Snatching strokes of waxy flesh
Torrid caress under an austere guise of gray
She is a lean and idle glutton
Who lashes in strife with quickness and lusty strikes

It will be a feast of soul
If you do not slay her first

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it ends with a question

i am not a bird whose black, for i am a blackbird
with my lumpy back turned away from her
the dying moon shadowing pale blue waters
made this blackbird teary 
where as a bird who was black-they'd be dreary
but i felt the dying moon hover over my galaxy
i soared closer, for a pinch more
i am the last blackbird facing this mountain
in awe that her final thouqht towards me
were beautiful
she freed the sun for the sake
of the butterflies flyinq inside me?

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Visions of the Night

Good dreams, sweet dreams
Visions filled with wonder—
Flowing gently,
While we deeply slumber;
They take us far away
While we take rest from the day,
So make sure you close your eyes
And close them tight;
So you can see the visions of the night.

Moonlight, soft light,
Glowing through the windows,
Shadows dancing 
Softly on their tiptoes—
They pass the night away
In a nocturnal ballet
While the stars shine in a blazing silver-white;
How beautiful, these visions of the night!

Should we long for the coming of the setting sun,
Simply because it heralds the day's end;
Is it wrong if we want the moon to rise—
Just so that, we can stop and close our eyes?

Owls hooting, counting off the minutes,
Crickets chirping, mini violinists;
They set music for the stage
As the world turns a new page
And the lonely moon observes from her great height;
She's watching all these visions of the night.

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Falling Star

When the dawn embraces the universe
Darkness intensifies to cloak the sky
The gaze of mortal sees nothing but night
Then you rise from above exuding your light
You are the moon that reigns above
Enduring the sleepless time of wicked sky
The prowess of the knight flawlessly conjure elegance
A strength that marks within my weakened heart
I came to see what hell is all about
Just to find out that heaven’s is within my grasp
That when I tried to touch its mysterious existence
It disappears right before my naked eyes
Nightfall conquers the universe
Then you came at the darkest hour
Shadows are only seen when there’s light
And you don’t need it with your contrasting might
Blinded oath and selfless dreams
Becomes the reason why there are transient wills
No one is accepted for well-minded ruler
Frosted hope vanishes from nowhere
If wisdom is your sanctuary of hope
Where principles are vows that cannot be broken
Choice is a myth older than a Merlin
I am a casualty of this unorthodox ideals
Let me be the garish star
The fixed luminous shining dot of the night
Let me descend and be at my daunting hours
Until I find my perfect place in the sky
I might be seen by others as the brightest
Playing with the gleaming cadence light
Again let me subside for several times
Or perhaps forever until fate becomes mine
A prisoner of this dream might lost
Cease to live with passion to change the order
But if it’s the only way towards the moonlight
I shall walk with this illusion until I die
Because my hopes shall live forever
That there will come a time
That the keeper of the sky might fall
To the illusion I weaved, it shall exists
To free the soldier of the night
To have the liberty in chasing all the odds-
And give the privilege
To catch this Falling Star…#

-dicychael21 3/26/13-

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Battling Addiction

 As the midnight moon slowly  traced
its way across the starry sky it graced
The urge for a hit  held him in a  seductive  embrace
As cold sweat dripped from his face
The crack pipe was calling him out of his bed
Unable to resist,  he rose to feed his habit  instead

Addiction tortures the body and mind
Sapping the will and ravaging the soul
Shattering to pieces what was once whole
And leaving  just the shell behind
Family and friends tried  to find
ways to help, and make him see the light
 But the call of the pipe was too hard to resist
His hopes and his dreams went up in the mist

With the help of a higher power he enrolled in a rehab program
He finally realized   that he should  give a dam
And tried to get his life back on track
Before he died of a heart attack
Cocaine, alcohol, ecstasy, crack
Can become the monkey you cant get off your back

It's been three years since he hit the pipe
An addiction that almost destroyed his life
He lost everything, including his wife
He goes to meetings three times a week
If he should relapse  the havoc it would wreak
He now had the power to fight the craves
Either that or end up in a grave

As the midnight moon made its way across the sky
He thanked heaven above that he no longer got high

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Might I ask about what the moon means to you?
It means the world revolves in a transcending path with a satellite.
Why does the moon shine in the midnight sky?
It shines because it is a guide between the world of the dead and the living.

So does the moon fill the air with hope?
The moon itself is hope for people.
Why does the moon pull us in with such soul searching?
It is because we feel that the moon is part of our every day life.

Children who asks these questions; I have strive to tell them some truth,
And for the adults out there I created a little Moon lite poem to sooth.

So the moon is our light in the darkest hour of the night
With romance in the air that is so bright
We all hold hands once in a moonlit walk
And with such passion we would talk
The moon gives us our pull on each others heart
With a dinner that we take part
The ritual of wooing ones heart is a great feeling of love
The moon is always there to shine right above
In time we think we are blinded by the moon 
But to tell you the truth it reflects the sun light during midnight noon
It gives out a warmth in the darkness
We probably do not think of it less
Because the moon is our memories of our past 
It shows it everyday and night and always last

April 13, 2013

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The Full Moon

A full moon 
Swathing white light
The illuminating ethereal fire
Rests upon and rest beneath
Amidst a midnight forest
Where silence calms the restless trees
The unearthly glow has a story to tell
For those whose manifestation is brought in question
Accept the light that is a reflection of the day
Drink its wisdom and immerse in its wonder
Yet tomorrow is another day
As the heart grows dimmer, the moon’s phase wanes

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Lost in a Fairy Tale

The Mother Moon laughed and sang a song,
But it seemed to die
Upon the leaves.
Mother Moon
And Sister Stars
Watch me as I dance my way
Through these green fields.
Guide me on my way,
With your magical song.
Without you I don’t know 
Where I am
Or what this place can be.
But I will let there branches reach for me.
In this dream,
The leaves stroking my face.
The wind whispers softly my name,
With Mother Moon guiding my way
I know who I am,
Where I am,
And where I can be.
Laughing and singing all the way
I will get there 
Some day.
But today
Mother Moon
And Sister Stars
Watch me as I dance my way
Through these green fields.

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frog prince

my little star
your shining 
the brightest
of all stars

from loves heaven 
you do speak
singing enchanting
so very softly
caressing in the deepest
floating one
into the clouds

i am your dust 
sweet caster sugar
blowing beautiful on you
in the softest 
of feelings

floating among'st the stars
they would wink to you
in a wishing trail
in a scattering 
of magic dust
the moon smiles down

on such a beautiful face
blushing roses
hold the colour
in the scent
divine upon 
the skin

lavender coloured words
melting sweet 
smelling jasmine
warm blowing
a summer breeze 
in the mind

speaking ever so softly
whispering to you
in the daisies
making for you a chain
i blow upon the wings
of a butterfly

my lips flutter
kissing a bouquet
gentle landing
in happiness
a teardrop

a butterfly kiss
i blew it from the stars
passed the smiling moon
it landed on you
a planet 

a fairy princess
from the frog
standing out
you do beautiful
in venus

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Night Dreams

 The bright blue diamond eyes shone
 Around the heart, gold, he spun
 A image from the distant place
 Where sun and moon exist
Only amongst the stars you find
A species of a different kind

Once thought to be alone
He somehow found a new home
A image from the distant place
where sun and moon exist
He appeared inside the dream
Not what was expected so it seems.

He was the vision inside my head
Came to me every night in my bed
A image from the distant place
where sun and moon exist
A place where dream unfold
With many stories to be told.


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A Prayer for Spiders

God have mercy on spiders
hanging in their webs,
waiting for the moon

They seem condemned to loneliness 
to a long sleeping in between
How they sweeten our gardens
with their dew encrusted 
weavings, touching branches,
 framing spaces

And, when the orbed ones
have departed in the daylight
they are not dead, 
merely sleeping 
beneath the nearest leaf,
waiting for the moon

Suzanne Delaney

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Rushing from the balcony
Inside the house
The kid hides under the bed
Mama searches for him
With a bowl of food in her hand

“No Mama, I ain’t hungry”
Says the kid as mama spots him
“Come here, my naughty boy
The moon is waiting for you”
The reluctant kid follows his mom

It’s a new moon day
No moon at sight
The kid bursts with joy
“The moon is on holiday
Mama, No food today!”

“No dear, let’s count the stars
The moon will be out anytime soon”
The kid refuses, mama relents
The pizza delivery boy vrooms past
The kid shouts in joy

“Mama, I want pizza”
Mom heaves a sigh.

... Suresh Iyer

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The Silver Moon

In the obscurity of the night
The silver moon rose high
It’s glittering beams shone in the dark sky
Filling the blackness with crystal light
A heavenly orb
Casting a luminous glow on the shadowy world below
Queen of the stars
Lady of the night
A silvery beacon of hope in the vast emptiness

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Time Passes

I will hang on, not let time escape
I just do not have the strength of will
Yet seasons vary, it feels unreal
Time passes as the moon changes shape
I found your toys and the old red cape
The love is still there, no hands to hold
I wanted to see you growing old
Time passes as the moon changes shape
People just do not understand me
My time does not pass as the moon changes shape

©Holly P. Moore
   November 2012

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Harvest Moon

Mesmerized by the light 
shone from high above her beauty 
casting shadows across the rippling bay 
my heart beats violently for her 
She gazes lovingly toward my gentle soul 
standing all alone on the barren hillside 

Wondering from where such beauty has emerged 
I pinch myself for fear it is a dream 
I stumble down the edge of the sea 
In hopes that my beauty will stay 
my hands are trembling 
my eyes are wide open 

The closer I get she is out of my sight 
Have I lost this beauty? 
I hear nothing but the rush of the tide 
upon my soaking limbs 
Out of the sea arises an image 
dripping and glowing 
surrounded by the reflection of the harvest moon 

I dive toward her 
Hoping to grasp her hand 
She seems just out of reach 
and starts to sink deep into the dark waters 
I dive down to reach her 
deeper and deeper 
My breath has been lost 
My vision I saw has been lost 
No longer a reflection in the harvest moon.

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Goodnight I said, As I tucked my secrets to bed

The world slumbers past the rise of the moon
And the mist of dark creeps upon Us like a blanket of shadow,
Crawling from the farthest horizon

As the world falls under the mist
Mortal genies crawl out of the cracks in the earth
And one by one they eavesdrop on our dreams
One by one they hoard our secrets
Star-crossed lovers and dusk veiled bandits,
And as dawn wills itself to rise
The mortal genies take their well kept secrets
And scurry into their cracks in the earth
Ready to rise in the morning amongst the rest of men,

As the mist of dark fades away and recedes to the horizon
And the moon stretches back to its eternal bed
The sun greets it with a knowing smile
And the Moon replies of mortal men:
“Alas, if only keeping secrets from Us 
Were as easy as keeping their secrets from one another”

© Samir Georges

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over the moon

Feeding from darkness 
looking out 
into space 
at the warning 
crescent moon 
deep thoughts
in crystal clearness 

Cold faced 
stars twinkling 
strong winds whistle 
across the brow 
a heart healed 
with feelings 
of deep love 
blowing kisses 
over snow 
capped mountains 

Shining in the night 
you darling 
dream turned emotions 
deep feeling within 
shines your soul 
into this heart 
with loves beauty 
smiling inner visions 
warmly howls out 
to a mate

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The Efflorescence in a Half Moon Love

An immutable desire to see into the night blue-flower scented dawn,
The want to be within fixed proximity to you;
Skin touching; the aroma of a deity,
A Mexi flower emitting from your petals its royal perfume;
From this an inexperienced arousing blossoms.

The moments where,
Soft rouge lips rest, osculate against the skin,
Lips so warm-balmy,
Your petal scented hands pressing amongst my body;
And your sensitive touch I embrace; sensual, delicate.
The comfort of a half moon love,
Its crooked, Prussian - blue smile,
Emitting its rays through blossomed petals,
In the flower scented night,
Through her crescent lips,
And the burning of the stars in his eyes,
Witnessing her flowering spirit.
The efflorescence in a half moon love,
First is brave and courageous,
Its half bloomed crescent smile lightens you,
Carries you to its height and back,
With an aromatic love emitted from her,
And then when puckered, full moon lips embrace the very tips,
Of the souls voice.
Then when calls her kingdom of flowers,
-with her unique crooked smile,
Seals your lips,
And leaves you,
In her field of waving daffodils,
With a half moon love.

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Phantom Mechanisms

Mechanism 1
Part #1

The things outside of my window dry out my eyes. The egg that I saturated has mold on it. The moon decays when I speak. The stars are all just God’s germs. Lately Holly has been combing her hair with a wrench and brushing her teeth with razor blades. I don’t remember the last time I was sober. Does it matter anyway? My nightmares are born in water and I can’t afford a boat. Money is just something you use to wipe up your brains’ blood with. My neighbor says the ocean is where civilization will be reborn.

Mechanism 2
Part #5

Does happiness come with a warranty? It’s been so long since I’ve gone to the store, so I wouldn’t know. My neighbor is paranoid. He carries his rifle wherever he goes. What happens to feelings after you can’t feel anymore? Holly says that the shower nozzle feels better than I do. Last night I found an artificial word under my bed. I see faces in the winter. They all look at me like I’m spring. 

Mechanism 3
Part #7

Some moth keeps fluttering by my window, it can’t get out. The moon calls for its soul. It has to stare at its dream through inescapable glass. Just like the reflection does in the mirror. Do colors look the same to other people? What if blue for you was red for them? Then they would literally have a red sky, and they would still be calling it blue. Holly says my brain is as good as that moth. Which, I wouldn’t doubt, except I write poetry and he commits suicide by lamp

Mechanism 4
Part #2

Some guy asked me if I had someone by the name of Frank sleeping in my apartment anywhere. What a freak. My neighbor says I should stock up on canned foods. He is a freak too. I think my pencil has been drinking. Satisfaction, for me, is like frozen alcohol. Holly showers too much. She is a freak. I want to drive to New York. Who am I kidding; I’m too sober to drive. 

Mechanism 5
Part #6

This hotel is making me go sane! Every time I lay down I hear the snore of the one’s who have slept here before me. My neighbor tells me that we are all going to be cannibals. Holly’s brain was spilling blood, so I cleaned it with quarters. This place smells like… well I can’t make out the smell exactly. Shut up Holly.

Mechanism 6
This part is not in the instructions?

…Uh…I don’t know...go away…stop reading this… You’re still here huh? I’ve drank too much solvent tonight. The casing will never get cleaned now. You probably don’t know what that is.  I feel lkie cuittng fof my fingre adn puttung ut in Hlly’s wine. I’m real gone. 

Mechanism 7
Part # 4

This wine tastes like the blotches on the moon. Holly says I’m the worst person that she has ever felt. Her compliments are intriguing. That moth is still desperately trying to get out of the window. I’m just going to turn on the lamp. Anti-tobacco commercials make me want to smoke a cigarette. Last night my neighbor shot his T.V. and the recoil made him fall on his head. Apparently he died or something. That’s a shame, that was a damn good television. 

Mechanism 8
Part # 8

Are you even real? Are any of us even real? What is real? I see the ghost of Rimbaud sitting on the chair mocking me. Is he real? People would call me crazy, but it’s those same people who say that one guy died for us and then was resurrected from the dead by someone who supposedly created the universe. If that’s real, then where did the creator come from? I pour out all the rivers of the world onto the concrete sky. Holly says my eccentricity makes me abnormal. Is she even normal? Are any of us even normal? What is normal?

Mechanism 9
Part # 9

Normal is someone who conforms to the shackles of society. Holly says that I need to **** her more. But that’s not the hard part; the hard part is pretending that I enjoy it. At what cost does a man finally enable himself to be free? How many bottles of hard liquor does it take? How many different drugs? How many different women? How many different faces does he need to wear? I guess the better question is; how many mistakes does a man need to make before he benefits from them?

Mechanism 10
Part # 10

I am real gone. I am the static in your television. I am a creak in your house. I am a mastodon. I am extinct. I am a ghost. My mind is six feet under but my feet are still walking. I am the core of the apple. I am not the pit of a peach. I am poetry not for the masses. I am the book never to be read. I am the moth at your window. I am a mechanism. You are a mechanism. Holly is a mechanism. We are all mechanisms working together to form a machine. A selfish, ungrateful and greedy machine that will destroy the planet Earth in which we are only guests. We take advantage of this place but it does not take advantage of us. I am a phantom and these are mechanisms that keep me transparent.

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Beauty in the Night

It shone its rays on the lake,
making its reflection visible, together with the stars.

The lake's skin looked like a divine gate
to the heavens; where gods glow radiantly.

I was so lost in the wonder that I almost drowned myself
in the moonlight, with the illusion that the deep lake 
had become a clear, night sky.

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The Heavens Above - Revised 10813

Falling Star
Your time in the heavens,
Has come to an end,
Slowly plummeting earthward,
You bid a fiery goodbye,
To all your friends.

There is a hunter,
Orion is his name,
He circles the Earth,
In relentless pursuit,
Of some unseen game.

The Moon
The man in the moon,
Catches me in his gaze,
He throws down some light,
And encourages my shadow,
To come out and play.

The Stars
The stars above,
Pierce the blackness of night,
Visually stunning,
Like hundreds of diamonds,
Sparkling in the light.

The Universe
As I stand here alone,
And look up at the sky,
I can’t help but wonder,
How I’m seen,
By those way up high.

Some random thoughts that came to me during my evening walks.  I love to walk in the evening so I can look up at the sky and marvel at all that is there.  Stayed tuned, there's more to come.

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Goddess of night

You lay in the arms of darkness;
a rose bleeding pedals across the sky
and your pure tears of light 
drip upon cities and seas and forests.

Why do you cry, Mirror of hearts?
Your beauty, none could surpass.
Your countenance, like that of an angel… and yet lonely.
Do you weep for your captivity to Time?
Is the sadness you permeate for humanity’s oblivion?
In the distance I hear wolves calling your name
and you smile sadly, stroking their yearning howls with mystery. 
The hallows of sound echo your soft humming throughout the past.
For a brief moment, your tenderness is tangible.
Then, ominously you shroud yourself with Heaven’s mist
like a bride to marry the sky.

Dawn will soon awake the birds in song…
Illumination will conquer the hold of darkness
and you will leave, only to return again.

I will see you once more, my beautiful
Goddess of night.

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Little Red

Full Moon Brimming 
On A Hungry Wolf
Fire still burning 
Words are not enough

Red Riding Hood,
You stopped me where i stood.
The basket you held, looked so good,
I enticed...And you fell... 

In the woods... safe and sound
We could not believe what we had found
Me in denim... and you it lace

We understood, each other so very well
Full moon brimming over with light
Gazing into the eyes of the other

The twin to me, I did see, in You.
Be careful with my heart, my love.

My running shoes are unlaced for now,
So lean back and enjoy the ride.
Embrace all the laughter, our lives allow.


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The earth doesn’t revolve
there are no sounds of any kind
only dirt covered nil over nil.

In absolute tranquility 
I couldn’t hear the sound of my own breath 
not even the tinnitus that always bangs my eardrums to irritate me.

In the world of no sound like the bottom of the deepest sea
I hear the ear canal*full streaming water sound. 
I see the floating stars and moon
in the pitch-dark lightless light;  

there was no one on the motionless earth,
there was no one in the lightless world
there was not even me or you but he who is not he.

In the nil 
the word ‘existence’ would lose its significance;
therefore, the length of the bridge from the bottom of the sea
where the nonexistent lies, to the edge of the sky where
he who is not he is floating, 
can be an infinite to short distance, to none, to negative;

and so, the nil can be the limit without limit 
to the limit within limit.

*external acoustic meatus.

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Harvest Moon the moon circles immensity incandescent globe grazing ours her gravity pulls strong pearl filling deepening sky stringing me into her universe the harvest moon waits aching swaying over glowing fields womb swelling round in abundance her lustrous sphere is awed glory unveiled—Adoration © September 2013—Kim van Breda

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On February 1st 1966, I saw the brightest moon,
Coolest moon ever that has shone in my life.
The spacecraft Luna 2 landed on the moon
And Luna came down to my family.
Rising in the precincts of a maternity home.
Springing from the other moon I had.
Hearing the news of Chandrika
Giving birth to Luna
I did not utter, think or react like others did,
But felt something inside me I never felt before
As if a light generated and rooted from the
Moon to the earth – a light reborn in me.
Cool, caring, loving and living
Up to her very name

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Blue Moon

She said
blue moon is rising
it understands
what it is like to love
to be human
and alone

She knows
the sun and the moon
as to who
will bring me to slumber
I give into the night.

I prefer
to walk
in light of day.

I will slumber
sleep under he the moon
the orbiting albino
with one thousand shafts of light
as it casts cool upon  the sea.

Blue moon tonight
a big crescent balloon
shaving slivers from our soul
over calm surface of the sea.

Hold my hand and kiss me
while the moon
brings high tide to shore.

It is a song of longing
from blue moon of August
full moon drum of the sea
as the stars shine like small pearls.

Minute moons in the sky
dazzling images of light
they wrap the blue seaweed
sparkling, dancing and dizzy of tides.

We embrace and kiss
the sea horses neigh
all the island mermaids
come out to sing...

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I want you to love me

Beauty surrounds me all over,
Angels breathe on top of me,
The Heavens try grab onto me,
While the devil sends Lust upon me,
Goddesses of this universe trying to seduce me with their formidable beauty,
God himself the Gods of all god's, 
The alpha and the omega blessed me with everything humanity desired, 
I practically can have the world in my hands, 
With the moon in my sinful mouth,
And the stars in my innocent eyes, 
I could have everything, 
But all I want is for you to love me.

‘With the moon in my sinful mouth’, ‘and the stars in my innocent eyes’
Those two lines together represent that people will see and listen to my beautiful lies no matter where I am in the world, I will be heard

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Shape Shifter

The rise of the moon charges the air and calls out to the undead. My eyes open to 
see only darkness in my resting place.

I stir slowly as the desire of hunger courses through my body.

I feel like I must feed.

I exit the catacomb of my cardboard hideout. 

Gone are the days of myths and coffins. Capes and curses. And a prince to rule our 

What prince would live in the alleys and shadows of society while feeding on the 

Their blood is thin and vile, but it has sustainance.

Tonight the moon calls. It begs. It howls. It's power is beyond my control.

I place myself beneath the stars and stand before the orb that beckons me to rise 
from my sleep.

I envision a bat and I am airborn. With fluttering wings I dart beneath the 
streetlights. I grasp the limb of a tree near a well traveled path.

The city park is quiet on this Autumn eve. I watch as the creatures of the night 
begin to stir below me.

The smell of human flesh invades my nostrils, even before I hear the approaching 
footsteps. Anticipation builds as the hope of rich, healthy blood presents itself.

I see the form of a female as she jogs along the dimly lit path.

Ahh yes. A woman. The sweetest nectar of all the living souls.

I wait until she passes beneath me. Then I drop to the ground and land in human 

I envision the wolf. I am running through the brush to get ahead of my prey. I linger 
just off the path matching her stride. I see a small clearing ahead so I race to be 
there first.

I find a shadow beside the path where I crouch and wait.

Again the smell of flesh approaches. The footsteps are like thunder in my ears.

Here she comes.

I leap from the shadows and I see her startled eyes as she raises her hand to fend 
me off.


Suddenly my eyes are burning.

DAMMIT!!! Why do these women carry mace? That wasn't a problem in the old days.

I retreat into the darkness gasping and coughing and rubbing my eyes.

I'm going back to the alley to find a bum to feed on so I can get back to sleep.

I'll try again next moon.

Rockman  :-)

Submitted to the "Poems From A Vampire" contest.

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Searching the Stars

O, Mystery Spirit of the night
That offers such quiet tonight
By the light of your stars, bring calm.

O, Mother Spirit of the moon 
That wipes away sorrowful mood
By your shimmering light, take it away soon.

O, Jupiter, Spirit Power of the Milky Way 
Let these angry ghosts be swallowed whole
To no return into the night's black holes.

O,  Venus, Spirit Beauty of everlasting love
Open our hearts to the true love from above
By the warmth of your light, teach us how.

O, Father spirit of the Universe
You inspire us with the quiet of the night
The mystery of stars that bring calm, 
The peace of the moon that heals
The strength of Jupiter that helps us through
The grace of Venus that helps us love again.

O, Mystery Spirit of the night
That offers such quiet at night
Just by the light of your stars,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

By CarolineCécile, June 15, 2009.

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Why Am awake every Night

As my soul stirs to retire to its abode
I sight the sun dawdling into the dark
Paving the way for the moon to emerge
The night’s darkness beckons
The sun faded like a shriveled flower
The moon gleaming like the lively roses
The stars flickering to the fullest
My eyes try to obey the sleep calling
But another sleepless night!

As I try to conquer force
To submerge the insomnia
The more visible the sight of the darkness becomes
And my yearnings for slumber become vanity.

Here I lay awake; eyes wide open
Daring one of the darkest nights
My mind flooded with thoughts 
Emotions buzzing round my spines.

 I stared through the brightly colored star
From my ‘ajared’ window
All I see are figures
The message keeps buzzing in my brain
No matter how I tried to elude it.

The smell of your skin
The curve of your figure
Your breath that I absorb
Through the rear of your curly hair

The physique of two naked bodies
Skin to skin
Thigh to thigh
Bone to bone
The gentle pressure from the soft touch
Of your soft nipples 

The thought of the words you whispered
The tone of your voice
When the softness of my inner hands
Dawdling from corner to corner
Of your convex and tube-like cascading breast

The amorous pleasure from your arms
Massaging the supple and tubular darkness
Of my aroused lower body

Keep buzzing in my brain
As I tried to keep on awake
To adore the splendor of the night
For long hours spent on nothing
But what we shared.


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Long windy night

Why the night’s so silent like an sad empty room?
No voice can be heard just constantly gloom
Where all the people go?
They are sleeping and drowning slow
So tell me what I should know
Why can’t I shut my eyes to sleep tonight?

I can hear the sound of the wind
Like it’s trying to impress you 
Without being seen
I can see the stars are hiding
Behind those hazy clouds
Sparkling like they’ve always been

The moon shines mysteriously
But the beam calms me down
And let me have this lonely night

I can’t sleep and this mind won’t stop thinking
I keep on humming in the place where I’m sitting
I’m so tired like I just need a deep sleep
But how can I sleep when my heart is weary
Can somebody help me…

I looked upon the moon asking for guidance
Make me feel drowsy so I can rest this aching heart
Tell me it’s alright to lay my head on the ground
Let me rest my tired eyes
And let me forget about life for a while

Sent me to a place where everything is beautiful
Sing me a lullaby so mending so peaceful
In this long windy night
Let me rest my tired eyes
And forget about life for a while

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Mighty moon present outside my window
I think you have a mind and I trust you
Why are you so beautiful? A mystery!
Is it because you are reliable?
You reside in the silence of deep space
Yet you are near, almost on top of me
I can feel you somewhere deep inside me
Are you really me, I am wondering?
You remind me that greater things exist
You remind me, all this is trivial
You remind me what is most important
Mighty moon drifting outside my window! 

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Moonlight Waltz

Beneath the white power
of the moon, Stones rumble.
Laughing River waters answer,
Field Daisy bows to Meadow Rose.
Leafy arms grasp throaty vines
and the moonlight waltz begins.

Mister Elm directs with head bowed
and arms raised in ardent abandon.
Miss Willow sways. Skirts swirl
seductively, brushing her ankles,
stirring the moon-kissed air,

awaking the enchanted, 
who join the dance 
to celebrate freedom of the night.

Only the nocturnal 
experience the joyful play 
and learn the secret
of Nature's night-time symphony.

At the first hint of dawn, 
music fades, movement stills, 
creatures retreat into burrows
and slip into day-mode.

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Beyond midnight

Beyond the moon

Dragon fruit has long bloomed 
Moon lit stars glow bright 
As owls glide in the atmosphere
Returning the night to the moon
And the frogs sing a melody
Before the moon leaves the stars

Contest: One in Three: Write Beautifully!
Date: 29/07/2013
Topic : Beyond Midningt

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A Moonlit Night

Dancing moonbeams shone down
cavorting with the playful shadows
the lake gleaming with silvery tones
as the beams danced on its surface

The only sound to be heard is that
of a hooting owl perched up high
keeping a close eye for its dinner
suddenly silently swooping down

In the middle of the still lake
a perfect replica of the moon
that orb of mysterious magic
captured for a brief few seconds

Then it disappears as clouds pass
blanketing out its light momentarily
the world now very dark and quiet
as if nature herself holds her breath

Sliding back out into open skies
it hangs there all silvery bright
casting its shadows once more
filling the world with its light

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Late At Night The Poets

Late at night the poets come knocking
And owls kill for meat
And silence reigns
Something stirs under the house
And new stars are born
	While space crumples
People are stirring in their sleep
Thoughts drift like ashes
Remarks once thought useless
	Are reformed--
Made into a feast
Hearts unite like magnets
Wherever there is space
Pleasantries are adrift and cross
	The shadow of the moon
I come into this act naked
My nails torn from climbing
Escape is close by
	But I swoon
The elements congeal like Jello
And dance like fireflies
The stars are transported fireflies
The moon is elemental
	In its yellow-glow reflection
Everything is still

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         golden enchantingly beautiful
      falling down the setting sun
 into the  distant horizon
    glowing out in  a darkening sky
        a sigh breathing

her last breath
  daylight upon the mountains
       glistens in her shadows
            dancing gold ripples 
              upon the shadowed surface

       darkness swallows daylight
  singing to the oncoming night
relinguishing her throne
        making way for the stars
           winking in the Heaven's
              rocking gently 

                side to side
                  on a smiling moon
 the eclipse
    married in heaven's
        when the sun
           kisses the moon
golden silvery beautiful

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Falling Shadows

In the falling shadows of autumn’s reds and yellows,
Children dance across concrete sidewalks, 
	Laughing in and out of the bright, white street lights of Eighth Street.
	Screen doors slam at nine, dogs yap, yapping in the backyard
As rustling leaves blow from manicured and watered
green lawn to green lawn
the full, white moon shines down, down across town
	dusty yard to dusty yard
The rustling leaves blow, scratch at the earth,
	Screen doors slam, sirens sound, mothers’ screaming,
Screaming in and out of the darkness of broken, yellow street lights,
Children dance across concrete sidewalks,
In the falling shadows of autumn’s reds and yellows.

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I knew

deep down that your moon would always be crescent 
that there was a lack of light that I needed 
that wood, when dry, splinters 
that a house of cards is 

I know… 
that a full moon offers all the light I need 
that I can see forever from this place in time 
that wood, when wet, swells 
that a house made of bricks is 

I offer 
not recriminations… 

you gave what you could 
without giving of yourself 
you knew lust without love 
and I, heartache from disparity 

the red flag warning came too late 
the holes too big to keep me afloat 
not a good swimmer, I drifted on my back 
till love threw me a preserver

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Oh moon!
in night you stroll
amidst stars,
a silhouette a day,
Oh moon! 
to eulogize, an exemplar!
in night, a guide!
albeit this honour,
 a form a day!
night, if you’ve gone astray,
no joy for us,
oh moon! 
form, beside the point, 
come unfailingly,
to entertain us!
come lastingly.

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A white coat in my courtyard at night,
As quiet as the shine of the fresh snow,
Moon reverberates but sun's luminous light,
A smuggler's enemy is silvery moonlight !

A gleaming sparkle on a dreaming face,
Reaching for the moon and getting over,
Drilling deep into sea, turning noctilucine,
A perception that it's a moonlight !!

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Torrential Rain

Torrential rain tap danced upon the rustic tin roof of an old clapboard house, positioned down a winding country road. Rat-a-tat-tat went the translucent troupe, atop the roof, lulling the home’s inhabitants into a peaceful sleep. 

As nightfall prepared to exit, for its time had passed, daylight crept in with a sheet of haze and pushed rain and nightfall away. The old man on the moon begrudgingly gave way to a resplendent sun. 

Radiant sun filtered through the clouds, signaling the end of a turbulent rain. It crept inside windows covered with dander and dust and filled dark rooms with its illuminating light. The house, dead to slumber, became alive. 

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A Man and the Moon Free Verse version

Writer of romance
Oh how the women swoon
Opening wide to their lovers
Children named in his honor
Strong men beg for but a few of his words
They wish to be carried to bliss in their lovers arms

The full Moon
Sebastians single muse
All other times devoid of inspiration
No power flows from his enchanted pen
Long nights waiting for his muse to arrive
Torture for his inarticulate soul
Yet his mind hatches a plan

Finally the night arrives
Moon in silvery glory
Enchanted pen, golden cord
Looping over his head
Hurled into space
Will it reach it's target?
Too the centre of the moon
Striking with force 
The Moon cries out in pain

Sebastian reels in his prize
Hand over hand
The Moon shrinks with each progressive pull
Pocket filled with moonlight
taken home
Sheltered from others eyes
coveted glow for him alone
Bathed in Moonlight
Power courses through his veins
No end to inspiration
Moon's tears released by his pen
Flowing to his page
Days to hours
Hours become years
Yet no one comes to read

The lovers have all disappeared
No Moonlit kisses
or walking beneath a moonbeamed sky
Wolves no longer bay at the Moon
The night is now a time to be feared
Sailors unable to find their way home
The guiding tides no longer exist 
Some find their way through the dark void
Still there are no lovers to await their return

The world has entered the dark ages
Singers have lost their desire to sing
Artists have hidden their brushes 
Where have all the poets gone?
yet Sebastian continues to write

The Moon begs to see the Ocean
Sebastian places it in his hand
He walks along a silent shore
Ocean! please heed the Moon's call
Come to her rescue
Snatch her from Sebastian's hand
Thankfully the ocean hears her call
In an instant the Moon floats on the Sea
Resurgent waves carry it away 
Increasing in size the Moon revitalized
Sebastian swimming to recover prize
Grabbing on with all his might as the Ocean forms a mighty hand
Hurtling the moon into space

Lovers emerge
Romance is in the air
Passions are realized
They look to the sky in wonder
Why had the moon abandoned their call?
They listen to the voice of the waves crash upon the shore
The Moon never wished to leave the sky
Singers once again sing their songs of love
Artists are inspired by the Moon's glow

Look at their painting you will see
A man on the moon
With golden pen in hand
unable to write
His pages are far away

If you havn't read the prose version have a look. 
I hope you enjoy my little tale.

Entry for Free Verse Time Again Contest

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moon lit dance

It’s a full moon tonight
And you hold me tight as
We dance our moon lit dance
We spin as the 

Leaves dance around us
The crickets are our 
Music as they sing
We Dance our moon lit dance

The moon is our spot light as
It follows us through the night
The darkness surrounds us
In the midnight hour 

You hold me tighter as we turn
Protecting me from all my surroundings
We become one 
My heart beats with his 

I look in to your moon lit
Eyes and you look back in mine
Our lips meet and
We kiss as

We dance our moon lit dance 

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For Wanda DeWitt

A silver white moon lit the night sky.
The peaceful earth was asleep.
Yet evil hid behind the nearest star
     as she saw men in white approaching from afar.
Her heart beat fast; their hate was hot,
    too hot for her to bear.
She sat with the moon as he started to cry.
She asked him why?
He said, “Be still my child and look up,
    for the stars have begun to melt.”

This poem was written about a fictional character, Wanda DeWitt, for my first
novel, Willow Creek.

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It's silver glow casts down
And splashes in puddles of light
Winking on the forest floor,
Where through each member
Shadows reach and intertwine.
The mirror of the sun
Whose visage has spawned
Tales of both werewolves and lovers
And cannot be looked upon
Without contemplation...

Written April 14, 2013

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I remembered
watching my shadow
running after a star
(me dressed in my skin)
that he
promised me a full moon
when dogs howl at her
he told me to lie down
on the red flowers
and to let him put her
the moon in my hair
and make love until morning
big alien bugs came down from this
and bit me up until bloody
and this blood inundated
the land
after transformed into dust
my blood
a nice matrix for
an alternative
he wanted me sometimes
& sometimes killed me
I am not an alternative
and take your moon back from my hair!
It is not fashion.

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The Beauty

The Beauty
Your beauty is so breathtaking that even the sun comes back day after day half-awake after a restless night using the mountains as camouflage until it wakes up completely to see your beauty with its own bright eyes. If I were the sun, I would bow before your presence and I would shower the morning with kisses which would be in the form of sunlight warming your hands, touching your eyes with my sunlight receding off your eyes for the whole world to see the glow in your eyes. Your beauty is so radiant that even the moon comes back night after night with a afternoon nap as the only rest to try and out shine you. If I was the moon I would kiss the ground you walk on with my luminous light so that you may perhaps come out at night so that I may perhaps have a moment to stare at your beauty the only problem is that I am shy and perhaps you would make me blush more some nights than other nights till eventually I have a full blush for the world to see how bright you make me feel. Copyright @ 2012 Rogelio Munoz

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The Man On The Moon

                    The Man On The Moon
As children we are told that the moon has a face on it,
With our childlike eyes we see a friend - the man on the
Moon. There he sits in the sky looking down on us,
With his friendly smile, loved by children everywhere.

There is a misconception that there really is an actual man
Up there, but there are others who say that he is made of 
Green cheese, but we also find this hard to swallow. Yes, the
Moon is said to make people go mad by looking

At it too long, and lovers would not be romantic without
It. Even the witches are supposed to fly accross the 
Face of the moon flying on their broomsticks during
Halloween. Yes, the moon has many sides to it: some 

Good and some evil, but the prettiest sight is when
The moon is at it's fullest, showing that wonderful 
Round face of the man on the moon smiling down at you.

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The Outdoors

In Ontario, you can’t go anywhere without seeing a tree.
Here, all is green and beautiful. I caught a fish.
Rowing against the current, the wind, and the rain.
The hills, the beauty of night stars shining bright.
The deer running frantically, before they are shot.
Not wanting summer to come to an end.
The roars of the dying bear, bleeding and waiting for death.
The night so dark I can hear howling at the moon.
Without thought I carved and starved.
With tons of fish I wish to eat.
I have no knife to cut or gut, these
tons of fish. I wish to catch some more,
what a chore. Chanting camping songs
all along awaiting wishfully for the heavenly fire.

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The night creeps

The night creeps like an animal stalking.
In the distance, people are talking or walking.
Street- lights flicker on their neon’s automatic.
The darkness waits patiently on the horizon.
It hides in its own shadow quietly, waiting.

The sun dips slowly like the end of a wick 
drowning in hot candle wax.
Fraying out across the bleak horizon
like an artist’s pallet in disarray.
All the colours mixed 
and turning into murky grey.

Then the death of the sun comes yet again.
Burned out!
Dusk to dust!
Ashes to ashes!

The night sky randomly switches on some lights.
The first flicker starts to appear in the blank tapestry.
The day starts to lose its virginity.
The night begins its penetration.

The international space station cuts its arc.
Desperatley it tries to obscure the moon without success
and is ejected out other side like pin ball lost in a machine.
Cold and lonely, tilting downwards around the earth.

More stars switch on as the darkness swallows up the light.
Like a black hole sucking hard,
pulling and bending in the darkness. 
Until the light is overwhelmed and the 
dark makes its mark.

So we all seek solace in caves.
We huddle together in fear.
The smoky fire flares and spits out against the dark.
Shadowy shapes wobble
and flickering eyes gaze out into the hungry night.

The small child lies in bed
“Can you leave the light on?  
“I’m really frightened.”

31st March 2014

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Poet At The Window

So there you are then
The full yellow moon
That I love to watch
Rising above my neighbours
And torching the Ngong hills
The solitary cloudlet
That seems to be preceding you
Is but a junior messenger 
Sent by the wary stars
To warn you of their displeasure
At your rendering their presence
All but inconsequential
Already near here 
The mist is gathering
And passing by me 
As though puffed
To a destination inconue
And while I espied all that
Other clouds of a darker hue
Have gathered around the cloudlet
And formed a scary curtain 
Ahead of your receding brilliance 
Shielding me from view
Engulfing your very self
And leaving me to journey the night alone 
Or to seek the duller brilliance
Of the distant Northern Star
But wait, I smell something
Like burning …
O my burning dinner!  

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Oh, little moth

Oh, little moth, your primordial flight.
has brought you to my well lite home tonight.
Lepidopteron, master of the night,
fly quickly to the light of my kitchen,'
sit on my table, dry and preen your wings.
Your vision moth, of this nocturnal moon,
that sits upon my kitchen table bright,
leaves in question lepidopteron sight.
As you can see, this moon was made for me,
so fly up to my iridescent light.
I must admit, your flight is quite a sight,
turning, twisting fluttering as you fly.
Up to the moon in my clean ceiling tall,
or in the doorway of my well lighted hall.
Oh, must you leave?  Our visit was too short!
You must forgive, my hospitality,
as I swat you off of my ceiling clean
with only this treated papyrus leave.
Oh, Lepidopteron
what is this black mush you leave,
upon my well lite clean ceiling?
Next time mind your manners!

Oh, little fly........

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My Muse Erato

Whenever a Melancholy Moon,
Radiantly brimful, looms low,
And gilds the tops of the trees,
The hills, the flowing streams,
and languorously reclining lakes,
She appears to me
from nowhere like a dream,
Like a flash of inspiration
to a muddled mind.

She glides towards me
like an elusive wreath of smoke,
And gathers me in her
embrace like a silken robe,
Hovering around me
like the perfume of roses.

She appears as an inspiring
source of fantasy and vision,
Like the magnificent Northern lights
displaying kaleidoscopic draperies
in the polar nights,
Like the spectacular rainbow burst
after an intense shower,
Like a shooting star,
Like a blessed apparition.

I take her gently, gratefully,
As you would take
honey from a beehive!

(*The Muse of lyric and love poetry-
one of nine Greek goddesses)

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The Night Circus

After dark I feel 
The need to be awake 
In the forbidden world
The world that shows
Me my mirror
Of hope, despair, glory
A true story

After dark civilization goes to bed
Primitiveness reigns away
The ugly looks beautiful
And all are in unison 
Riches and rags
Virgin to whore
We all go through
The same door

After dark the sun retires
The moon prevails
With a thousand blind eyes
One sees it all
One hears it all 

After dark sounds sound
The dark darkness

After dark emptiness befriends 
Intoxicating booze
Lighter spirit
Gently infused

Bottled up emotions
The bottle helps …
To confess

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The moon-lit Night

Moderately silent is the garden Quite dazed with the moonlight Contented with perfume Engrossed in the opium dreams of poppies. There the firefly lights open and disappear On leaves and trellises moon shimmers Moon-spikes shafting through the trees Without a sound a leaf falls on me. And then you come As quiet as like the garden And in white dress like alyssum flowers As charming like silent sparks of fireflies. Couched her arms behind her head Knees and tresses folded to slip and ripple Lies my young love sleeping in the shade If I press her parting lips, my hand on her waist. No surprise she will embrace me And will hold me and never let me go.
+++++++ March 30, 2014 Form Free Verse Dr. Ram Mehta Eighth Place win Contest: Poems About the Moon Light by Skat-A

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The moon seems somehow hollow tonight; 
It’s light ghostly and intangible – 
It peers at me like a baleful eye, marking me out 
Spotlighting my sad state of solitude 
‘Look at you, all alone,’ it mocks, in clangorous tones, 
‘See how he has deserted you – the one who ruled your world.’
Oh yes…see how he has abandoned me, 
The brash and beautiful traitor; Satan-snake in the grass…
Furious, my shoulders stiffen, the muscles in my back twinge; 
Outrage boils in my guts, a seething whirlpool of bile and venom
And as I remember your face, your haughty stare, it hits - 
I am overtaken by the nausea of wounded pride 
And the worse – oh so much worse – pain of a freshly massacred heart 
It is so powerful that tears of agony sting my eyes 
I am forced to bow my head so my hair falls forward, 
Curtains my face so the cruel moon won’t see me cry… 
You know, beautiful brute, I think you’ve killed me this time 
I can even feel the hole you left…the one you gouged in my heart
My probing fingers can detect it, leaching misery into my blood, 
Spouting black despair like desert oil…
And as for my trust, well, that’s all in tattered shreds; 
A bloodied battlefield banner, lying crumpled on an airless day 
I can imagine, sweet, that wherever you are you’re gloating 
In one fell swoop you annihilated my heart and soul 
You put me through the agony of sleepless nights, 
And endless days unable to eat for wishing you were here 
And at the end of it all, when you did appear, all you did was stab; 
Was plunge your knife into my exposed and fragile spine – 
And twist…and twist…and twist…
Until I slumped, weeping and worshipful, onto the glistening moon-washed floor… 

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The Man in the Moon

A reflection of moonlit innocence. Once, happy days were like sand slipping through my fingers. I could not keep hold. I was only a girl. In the darkness of night, the man in the moon smiled down on me. Never alone or cold was I in the light. Though the world cannot protect a child from pain, the moon still smiles providing respite in the night. The child within thanks the moon for his warm smile. A reflection of stolen innocence, a face veiled in fear given peace by the moon's glow, a security blanket in the twinkle of stars. I prayed for peace in a place of broken souls and God showed His face in a shining moon. I pray for a thousand years of love in moonlight. I still shed tears for the girl but no longer fear. The man in the moon still smiles, a constant in an unpredictable world. By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, April 9, 2012 Fifth place in April Poem contest (PD)

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It takes one to be lonely

Are you afraid of the dark?

Ever see yourself thinking from across the room?
And make yourself nervous you’re looking at you?
Being lonely is hard to handle, harder in dark and gloom.
So much time amongst nothing, you have nothing left of your own.

Are you really alone in the dark?

Just because you can't see it, is it not there?
When the moon doesn't shine, is it gone or just timid?
Countless things can inhabit the dark simultaneously. 
But in the dark you’re undoubtedly alone.

Are you afraid of the dark?
Are you afraid of being alone?

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the night the moon refused to shine

on this stage
 as i face the struggle within
 setting the past aside
 i've grown used to my indecent hostilities
 transfixed by the sadness of poverty 

i tire of the disappearance of life
 doing things no one appreciates 

i try to ignore the irrational
 shall i go on- keeping up the payments of life? 

all the crazy torment, of taking chances
 i utter the words while the past twists and turns
 as I keep talking it over with me...with God
covered in despair i feel like a discoverer...
 on a ship with no life raft moved to the side of the river 

i've fought through the inevitableness of agony
 accused of an increase of emptiness
 i've sacrificed romance forever
 with the time ticking away 

time has no explanation
 it's all- or nothing
 along the path with life's mortgage past due
 haunting memories -rehashing the disorder of belief
i assessed my expectations
 i'm just too tired to play the games anymore
 i accuse destiny of my dying inside
i inherit threats of leaving
 coloring the days and nights for the time being
 in this land of dreams, an unbearable obsession devours me...
 i was so torn by the exit of you
 somehow i've grown accustomed of losing everybody in this life
 should i let my despair show...
 beholding an obscure face
 with tears refusing to cry their wetness
 breaking apart
 feeling nothing
 as the moon lights the frozen lake? 

sizing up all this misery
 i don't know how i got here
 hardly moving through the being of this world 

are the fish still biting...
 in the loneliness of this unsavory landscape? 

across the street i laugh at the untutored shouts
 of night's uncertainty...
 it's all so altogether painful 

i expose everything
 tricked by the bitterness of change in the unproductive rain
i'm drifting through things of the past
 complete with prophetic discontent
i tell you... the nonchalance of it all is disgusting
 the difficulty of pretending about my place in this world
 setting everything in motion as the night passes
 i face stale foolishness
love is just so much unplanned profanity...
 the misbegotten affairs- the liars, the cheaters
 what uncolorful experiences
i move through life's hurt
 as a grenadiers song is playing
 and all those sterile people I choose to leave alone
now, at this time in the night...
 the night the moon refused to shine
 i'm in seclusion dropping out
 in the yellow of the cold december moonlite
 wanting to leave behind
 the hurt -the damage
 lost in grief
 one last time
 with no feelings left to share
 by anne p murray

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There once was a whole bunch of clouds
Clouds are not very loud
If you fly through them in a plane
They feel no pain
That’s why they’re clouds

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The Return

" The moon once had a husband 
but she disturbs him much
that she needed rose flowers
and where they are their are no rose 
so one day he sets for a journey 
to find his love rose flowers
and since then he never return
that is why she stays alone up in the sky
waiting for his return"

we all have a Husband
who left us here where we are
but not in search of rose flowers
He went to prepare a place for us
and He promise us pretty sure
He is coming back to take us
that is why we must wait
not like the moon who waits only in the 
but we must wait day and night for His 

(I am talking about Jesus christ
Merry christmas and a prosperous new 
year to all soupers)

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A Sign

It takes a lot to drive one to thoughts of suicide A lot of pain A lot of sorrow A lot of loneliness A lot of heartbreak A lot of disappointment A lot of misunderstanding A lot of abuse There on the water’s edge she stood The midnight moon reflecting off the ocean’s waves Options being weighed Drift off into the frigid water beyond the point of no return? Swallow the pills she took out of her mother’s medicine cabinet? Open the blood vessels in her arm with his pen knife she stole? She reflected on the many ways she might go about this on her long drive to the ocean shore. She tried not to remember the reasons why she wanted it all to end on her long drive to the ocean shore. She thought about the irony of finally visiting a place she longed to see on her long drive to the ocean shore. She heard the faint bells tolling the midnight hour from somewhere down the beach and felt compelled to find their origin. She came upon the empty church which echoed her own emptiness She came upon the lonely church which mirrored her loneliness She came upon the dark church which reflected her darkness within She walked in She knelt down She said, “Please forgive me for what I am about to do” The wind blew open one of the two doors in front of the church with a loud bang She turned in shock to see the light from the moon shining on the word, “No” The door swung closed and opened again – “No” The door swung closed and opened again – “No” She leapt up from the pew She ran down the beach She left the waves behind She got into her car She drove home to fix her life The door swung closed one last time, next to its mate And the “No Smoking” sign was complete again
by Joe Flach, written and posted on 9/28/2011 for the "The Church by the Ocean" contest

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The sleepless moon

Dead bodies, dead bodies
Why do you haunt my dreams?
Nightmares, are all that I see
As I'm closing my eyes
Goodnight, goodnight
The moon highlights 
The dead bodies

Screams, screams
Why do you haunt my dreams?
Louder and louder
Quit singing this massacre to me
Why do I only hear
Screams in my dreams?

Terror, terror
You terrible dreams
You're reoccurring
And frightening
You make a mess out of me
Terror, terror
Why are you all that I see?
Why are you the only
Thing I can dream?

Hell, hell
Hell in my mind
You play me these lullabies
Everytime I close my eyes

Dead bodies
And screaming
Terror galore
Am I in hell?
Or am I dreaming 
Once more?

It's either I'm dying
Or being killed
Either way
There's blood being spilled
Why can't I dream about
Love or picking wildflowers?
Why do I only dream
About evil encounters?

Sleep, sleep
You're so cruel to me
Bloody and haunted
I enter my demise
These night terrors
Are eating me alive
Sleep, sleep
Why do you 
Make me weep?
Why do you always 
Keep these dreams on repeat?

Morbid, morbid
The knife's in your hand
I'm gasping for air
As I wake up again
Why is blood
And fear all I see?
Why can't my dreams
Be bright and fright free?

The moon, the moon
Oh how you're scary to see
Because I know within hours
I'll be as sleepy as can be
And you'll send me visions
Of death and anguish
And night after night
I'll secretly wish
My nightmares would come true
So I'd stop dreaming
Like this.

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Love for Me

Love is the blue rainbow caught in a moonstone
Shining fragments caught in the light
Bursting out like an open heart bearing its soul
Each colour promising a new delight, a new adventure together
Only you can see it, only you can understand 

Love is the precious pearl
Worn by the Lady of the Sea in her eternal dance on the waves
Kept close and treasured, an intimacy of perfect joy
You are my shell, protecting and warming me from the cold ocean floor

Love is the depths of the emerald green sea
Rippled but calm, deep and sometimes dangerous
Crashing waves bringing excitement to the steady shore 
Always there, depths unknown and only sometimes glimpsed at

Love is the giant oak in the ancient forest
Each bump and wrinkle in the bark a shared story
Every branch and twig a new direction
Always joined and held together, rooted in the rich soil
Feeding it with new dreams and hopes
Love is the highest mountain
Exhilarating and fresh, ancient and reliable on the horizon
Steep but rewarding, and never boring
Every twist and turn in the path, every pebble you stand on
Leads you somewhere new
Together, the same goal insight, shared ideals and aspirations

Love is my world
All that is around me
All that is inside of me
The silver moon in the dark blue sky knows it
The sun riding on the clouds, waking the world up in the morning knows it
 Love opens up my senses to every drop of dew
To every shooting star, to every blade of grass and mossy glade
My joy feels brighter, my pain easier to bear
Love is my brand new day
My dark, silent night
Love for me, is you. 


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In the corner of my left eye
The full moon
In the corner of my right eye
Someone familiar

On front of me 
The pavement, a concrete conveyor belt
Confusion of the city obscures

In a blink the moon and the someone familiar
Disappear behind things

Other thoughts are conveyed to me
I wonder onwards

©dbyrne May 2014 

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I plucked the moon out of a blackened sky

To save it from the music of Orion's wrath

The universe, now without its lover

Played its tune among  the stars

Adapted from 

Moonsong by Deb Guzzi

The moon sat, plunked in a cobalt sky
punctuating the stratus
a wane full note on a blank scale
resonating, pulsating, pregnant in it’s fullness
and the string was plucked.

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The Moon And The Sun

Breathing goes heavy, heart beating so fast. 
Jumped over the levy, I looked into the past. 
The lights flicker,a thunderous boom. 
The sky lights up, it fills the room. 
Blue moon, Blue moon. 
High up in the sky. 
As it falls down, the Sun Will Ar rise. 
Taking turns, taking turns, like a playground slide. 
As the sun goes down, all hope abides. 
Grief of the strong, grief of the meek. 
As grief takes over, all grow weak. 
Sing songs that the sirens sung, when all is over, it’s just begun. 
The sun’s back up and over again, leaving the dark with nothing to fend. 
Later on the moonlight Ar rise again. 
All sun light dies. 
Illuminating the stars, the world, the sky. 
The sun comes back up! 
May all darkness abide.

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the hills

Cresent moon consorts 
Met on a hillside, dew-soaked and overgrown
Seducing the sun from sleep.

Before infomercials succumbed to scheduled shows
You were my cartoons and cereal.
Sugary, sitting so close to your screen.

Our skin blowing steam,
Fattening the fog until it fell from the sky.
Delicious and dark the dawn
Anticipating light

The day stretched and yawned,
Bluebirds cleared their throats,
Street-cats rubbing  eyes,
I held you as you cried.

While responsible citizens were stuck in traffic
You were a full tank of gas and an open road
Dreamy, with your pedal pushed to your floor.

Barren and yellow became our hills
The sun never stops shining.
Not a shadow exists to take solace in
sipping each heaven-sent breeze.

Directionless pursuits
no stars to find my way by
Lost like the moon in the blinding blue heavens

Sunburnt flesh
died on a hillside, windswept and thirsty.
Begging the sun to sleep.

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Moon Maiden

The falcate moon as her celestial abode,
The winsome maiden of demure mien,
Gazed down at the fecund earth,
And yearned for affable company.

The captivated multitudes marveled,
With detached warmth from the world below,
None evoked her in the brightness of day,
She who was an adornment of the night.

The nurturing earth thrived with aplenty,
For the swarming masses borne by her,
Who were besotted with her charm.
A devoted relationship of much love.

The maiden with her bosom bursting,
With much love and longing for progeny,
Implored, pleaded, meditated, wished,
That someday her earnest desire be met.

They say destiny can be changed,
With chaste and honest desires,
Spouting from the depths of one’s soul,
Can the moon change her destiny?

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where is the moon

the cloud wants to wrap her around
but cant find
wake her up

stars are gone
there is no sun
still the moon is hiding
wake her up

there are no layers.....there are no grounds
starless nights have made no sounds
still the moon is hiding
wake her up

6 is no time... it has no rhyme
its hard to wait behind
wake her up

she says no... where do i go..
endless roads just make no show
still the moon is hiding
wake her up

dark is the world and day is the boon
why i use torchlight when i have the moon
for all the world it is of gold
for some people it is the soul
still the moon is hiding 
wake her up

moon is always poetic it is my soul
it has a heart a vision a goal
there is a destiny of life.. to reach the moon
life is in hurry it will reach there soon 
still the moon is hiding
wake her up

moon lights the world... chases the night
it has the strength to fight the dark
it has the will to enlighten the soul
it is the strength, the inspiration the goal
how in the world does moon has no strength
moon is the soul it has the light
it has the strength and it has to fight
still the moon hides
wake her up

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Star spangled

Here I am darling 
at the center 
of my everything,
gazing over a lake
looking upon 
silver stars lovingly
dancing inside ripples.

Sparkling in 
a moving mass
kisses gently ,
touching deep waters,
blinking diamond thoughts
upon a moon face,
reflections flooding 
through the mind 
every last one shines
sweetly on 
you my love.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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From the sky
Rested achingly upon
The ample bosom
Of grief
Oh Divine, my beloved!
Kneel upon thy alters
Bow down, oh heart
On velvet cushion's grace.
Nigh is death
Lean on Thee
Erratic heart
Tumultuous sea
Calm! Hush now. Calm!
Thy belly crawls
 before thy feet's sorrow
Given paradise 
A tomorrow's dream
Thy brows sweat
And the moon dims
Take my soul
To eternal's promise
Bosom's tears 
water the heavens
Heart and the sea
Pleading for the nightmare's end.

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The Idealist and the Realist

The idealist sees the world as moments away
From bounding into a Utopian day
And the people that steal-
Can’t truly be real-?
For what helps another- is theirs they say
And the idealists see the moon with delight,
A gem upon the goddess of night
The idealist is a happy old soul.

The realist sees the world as moments away
From reaching the pinnacle in its eternal decay
And people that steal
Are certainly real-
And must readily be punished today
And the realist sees the moon as a sight,
Of dusts and stones in the darkness of night
The realist is a stable old soul.

Idealists and realists I don’t know what I’d rather be
One soars and crashes-
The other walks purposefully
Idealists and realists I guess I’ll just let them be
For one holds the world together,
And the other sets the world’s dreams free

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Though your heart is aching

Wasted skies and cold sunsets before dark,
A faint moon that used to shine on in my heart,
I’ve come to feel alone and find beauty nowhere else,
I’ve come on my own to think about how I fell,

There was a far away time when we were both happy,
And you were so certain and our hearts were so free,
We played all night until the full moon eventually sank,
Then we’d find ourselves back to where all the trouble began,

Finally, you had to go away to be sure about your path,
While the sun was up, where there was none to hold you back,
You’ve decided and I’m here lost to all the formality,
My hopes lay stranded amidst a never ending sea....
Because we once told ourselves that we’d both be braver
Only now it seems like I’m the only one who remembered,

I breathe out a sigh to what we had together...

Now as the shifting sands of time continues blowing...
I‘ve got to find a way to live still a life that is full,
I need learn to smile though my heart is aching...
And rest knowing that my heart’s still beautiful...

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The Sun Rose Red

As Dawn cracks over the horizon
The small crescent moon takes a bow
Greeting her was a delight 
For she paints silver in his hair

The moon was hardly visible
Painted the same shade of blue
That the sky chose as a cloak 
On this morning of early dew

The cloak of blue had a trail of mist
That shrouded the hills and vales
A misty blue to silver gray 
That was light and very airy still

The birds enjoy the cloak
That fanned the air with damp
Cooling mist of the night
But soon the sun put on another

Cloak as she became much brighter
With her dress of brilliant red
That she wore to grace our summer's day
A cloak as colored as  poinsettias' tips

On a gray December day
This means that the sun
Will bring heat with her as hot as
A fiery oak wood coal

And the cool of the morn 
Will go as the summer's sun
Has bid us a warm hello
The moon with his silver hair

Disappearing into night
To another land so swiftly
Did he go to bring it a high tide
While ours will go very low

The sun rose cloaked in red
Bringing her heated stove
She will bake and cook some bread
Heating the south as across the sky goes

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bedtime story

The silhouettes of my fantasy,

Stirring around my mind,

Deception, conception

Fading away to the kindle of my light,

The memory still vaguely seen upon, father

The fantasy outlines the dream light I once drew but I cannot deliver it,

 By holding my life in tangles of lines that should never had been crossed.

To preserve my infamous soul I stay in the process because it’s too late

to appall from the nightmare that have imprison me. My reality drips down to the floor,

 The factor I put myself in that position is the reason for my disposition

What was my raison d'être?

My point of existence, is m my survival

I had retaliated the seduction and desire of the burning flame,

The distance between the narcotic and the arsonist is not too far from home,

I needed, I wanted my personal space, but I dare not go through life blinded by lies,

I still daydream in my room of flesh, seducing the demons that made my life a mess,

My domain of thought is never to enter with love but with pleasure and immense courtship.

Still animated, still timid by the convulsion, the immense pain I cried,

I am tormented by the vision of you,

Looking at the gentle moon shining through the mist and clouds,

It lights the floor but slowly fades away to the sun, assuming that the moon might

Owe it one later on tomorrow,

Persevering the light, key to my memory,

It is no longer an ordinary day,

However, I still lay through the mist and rot,

Never asking more of what I cannot conceive or feel.

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I Kissed the Moon Goodnight

I kissed the moon goodnight and it smiled at me
I drank my homemade dandelion wine and picked the flowers
As I walked through golden fields
I embraced the sun and it hugged me back
The sky rolled for miles and made me see how big the world is
And how small I am
This life is simple
This life is serene
I listen to the music of a soft breeze and birds filled with sweet melody
I soak up the earth, the dirt, and the roots that stay grounded
I soak up this simple life
I kissed the moon goodnight and it kissed me back.

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To Catch The Moon

How does one capture the moon?
Catch hold of its beams and tug it 
to the earth?
Rearrange the stars
So it might mistake the 
earth for horizon?
Should it be coaxed down
Or caught in one's mouth
And swallowed all at once?
Don't tell me it's impossible
My lover has done it, you know
Every night, when the light is low
I see it shining from his eyes

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The Moon and I

The moon and I,
We swung on by,
Like children on little swings,
As I enjoyed life's simplest things,

The moon and I,
We swung on by,
As my swing reached the sky,
And the moon pressed its face,
Against mine,

The moon and I,
We danced through the night,
As its radiance,
Dazzled my sight,

The moon and I,
We swung on by,
Like seraphs living up high,
As our halos lit up the sky,
Making the stars seem so trivial,
The moon and I,
We had a glass of wine,
While we talked about life,
Grief and sorrow began to twine, 
And twist around my heart,
Like a beautiful morning glory,
As the moon placed,
Its hand in mine,
And said its final goodbye,

The moon and I, we are one...
The moon and I,
We swung on by,
Oh, the moon and I...

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Day Moon

Moon, you peek out
 in the blue sky;
It's not time to show yet
please wait til its night;
Why visit so early
with your round face,
while white clouds glide past
and the sun shines bright;
Oh moon take a nap,
come out tonight
and guide me back home
through the dark streets;
So I can return
to dream of the stars
and your smile
in my comfortable bed.

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I can still taste the frigid night, that rested upon my lips
The moon hid beneath the passing clouds, it was dark
Lost was I, yet something inside of me knew where to head
I followed, and I discovered the purest love one can find, a fire did spark

Standing to herself, she doubted her poet to arise from the bitter night
The knott in her troat tigthen as she saw his eyes in the closing distance
Stepping out of his car, he spoke unto her, and she ran into his keep so tight
Finding herself lost of words, she spoke not, but the feeling was so right

The two hearts knew then and there
That forever together they belonged as one
She became his moon, as he her sun
Holding her, he whispered into her soul, see my heart its yours to keep, fair and square

The sun shall never rise the same again
Bright is the moon that lightens the night, its her smile that reigns his heart
Her throne sits warm, for no one could ever replace her dimples in any part
Touch me my love, for without thy touch truly I shall go insane

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Silver Lunar Glow

New moon outside my bedroom window,
Restless and unable to sleep. 
Another new cycle begins,
I’m wide awake, drinking it in.

Silver glow fills my bedroom,
Shadows are cast by moonlight.
Outside the world is quiet,
Not a sound to mar this night.

All thoughts of sleep are forgotten,
Tiredness instantly gone.
As if lured, I stand at my window,
Drinking in the beauty of the night.

Taking a long deep breath,
I then sigh contentedly.
Smiling til my nose crinkles,
Feeling a deep sense of peace.

I return once more to my bed,
Leaving the curtains open wide.
The glow of the moon on my duvet,
I know I shall not sleep this night. 


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The Other Side of Silence - The other Side Of Tomorrow

The soft glow of the moon wrapped around me
Dressing me in her while, golden splendor
My heart inhaled its awesome beauty
Standing in the warm summer eve
I watched it drop into the ocean on the far side of the shore
Underneath the canopy of silver stars
A star shot into the Universe…
I wonder just where it went

The haunting infinity of it all, the Universe and Stars
It blankets the Earth in majestic wonder
The full moon’s heart of love
Gives us life from death and death from life
As day turns into night and night into day

Do not tread lightly in the Heavens
The secrets carried by the Universe are upon your doorstep
Learn its perfume ~ listen to its delicate pearls of wisdom
Observe the constellations ~
Bend gracefully into their radiance as you listen to the messages they send
Surrender to the coming of the New Dawn…Drink deep from the rivers of all knowledge
On the other side of silence ~ on the other side of tomorrow

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I, Infidel to the moon of the seven skies

I, the red headed infidel 
To the moon of the seven skies.
Hides from rusted croak 
Busted man of desert east.

Being alone walking on bare feet 
They call "no good" unbeliever.
How my spirit look at the world
They forced me their greed evil ways.

For when I, an infidel they say,
Look at star never had shine.
They taught me live on way submission,
I just come speak my soul.

I, the red headed infidel
Would only believe, if fairness dwell 
Between corporeal sex differences,
Man is twice as important than women.

I hate the hate you give,
To defy me between my faith and you.
I'm no direct racial corporate 
I'm the peace loving spirit.

If a rape is legal with your culture;
I, the man of dreams and humanity,
Condemn your mad words.
For I'm no desert man, I'm for justice.

The moon don't shine on seven skies
But lights the earth when darkness comes.
The sun don't rotate in your crying desert,
And won't last its thrown on camels and donkeys.

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A Blue Moon New Year's Eve

A Blue Moon New Year’s Eve

Finally prepared for bed and noticing,
the year was now precisely 2 hours and 30 minutes old,
there occurred to me a thing that I’d forgot.
I hadn’t gone outside to see the talked-about Blue Moon.
With bare feet, I stepped onto the icy floor boards of our deck,
quickly took a peek, but could not spy the moon!

Scrambling to the front (this time in shoes),
I stood out by the sidewalk and 
let my senses take in what I saw. . . 
banks of crisp new snow around me;
some houses down the street still glittering
with multi-colored strands of season’s cheer;
in front of me,  familiar mountain slopes
that seemingly loomed closer
in the stillness of this night.
It seemed as if the sky, a hazy blue,
had taken in the soft white of the snow,
reflecting back to me a picture-perfect moment
of a wondrous dream-like winter’s eve.

I scanned the sky once more,
then turned and walked back to my porch.
not too disappointed that
the moon I’d sought had eluded me.

Andrea Dietrich/ Jan. 1, 2009

(Is this in category free verse, I'm not even sure. Maybe it is narrative?)

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The Moon outside my window

As I sit motionless at my table,
looking outside my window and to see the starlight moon
lighting out the darkness
as the purple night sky conquers all in darkness.
The moon is watching over me,
protecting me in a way that makes me smile,
and she smiles down, as her croissant shape
gives me a friendly wink,
as to be the eye in the twilight sky.
The sun is long gone now,
and the moon has taken the spotlight of my heart,
do what you do best, moon.
Oh how the moon it sings to me,
my spirits are lifted in the darkest nights,
for she is always there, somewhere,
even if I cant see her, she is still there;
The moon outside my window smiles down on me,
and I look up and smile at her.


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You have become the Sun to me

You have become the sun to me, 
I have become the moon.
Following after You endlessly.

Never close enough
To feel you as I would like to

Never bold enough 
To present myself as I would like to.

You have become the sun to me,
I have become the moon,
Pulling seas after You, endlessly.

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Un Alma de Noche

Un alma de noche                                   A soul of the Night
Despertado a la luz de la luna                  Awakened by the moonlight
Vivo en las horas de la oscuridad             I live in the hours of Darkness

Una flor del desierto                               A desert flower
El sol me da calor                                  The sun gives me warmth
Pero brillo en la noche                            But I shine in the night

Llegará el amanecer                              The daybreak will come
La noche se despida al sol                      The night says goodbye to the sun
Siento una tristeza profunda                   I feel a profound sadness

Tenía la esperanza de algo bueno           I had the hope of something good
Pero no pasó                                        But it didn't happen
Ya ni se que hacer                                I don't know what to do

Soy como agua en el sol                       I'm like water in the sun
Evaporando poco a poco                       Evaporating little by little
Desapareciendo rápidamente                Dissappearing rapidly

Soy como océano en la luz de la luna                 I'm like the ocean in moonlight
Mi alma llega la marea alta en su presencia        Reaching high tide at it's presence
Emocionado sin querer                                     Excited inadvertanly 

Luna llena                                              Full moon
Brillas mas que las estrellas                     You shine brighter that the stars
Me das vida donde no había                     You give me life where there was none

Luna llena                                              Full moon
Me besas con viento fresco                      You kiss me with cool air
Que me da un calor tremendo                  That gives me a tremendous heat

Paso los días                                           I spend the days
Esperando que llegue mi noche                Waiting that my night arrives
Deseando la luna llena                             Desiring the moon

Siempre seré un alma de noche                I will always bee a soul of the night

Soul of the night, but not like my villanelle, although it has tercets, purely accidental, more inspired by Octavio Paz's poem Dos Cuerpos (two bodies) or at least the night aspect of that poem. I guess I will translate purely for understanding of non spanish speakers, but translations aren't always good.

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Magic moon above
Casting your brilliant twilight
Lighting the darkness that surrounds us
Lighting even the darkest of nights
Basking in your glow
We pray for forgiveness
We pray for peace and love
We feel your powers
We let them overcome
Through the night you guide us
Leading us to the safety 
Of the sun breaking day


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Polish my tongue with yours, please do
For I am the one who adores pleasing you
Moisten my lips with the dew of your crescent moon mouth
For I have traveled many miles in search of the pink fruit hidden in your shrubbery
Amidst the formerly forbidden
As I to do your bidding
To wait upon you at a wedding between bliss and a blessed sacrament
Alas without you each sun casts a yearning shadow in my wake
So take thee my turgidly tempted torment to thy breast
And the darkness your denial has sent to deny me rest 
Lest thou should open thy important part and heart to mine eyes aflame
To know thee by name
To name thee mine
When naked candles scented such as sea foam and home find their way to shine

Spread wide that which has thus far been defied

To welcome wanton thrusts by moon dust and the member of a man who does what he must
For my dear, 
he with unbridled lust and the truthfulness of trust must thrust upon and within as you writhe and tithe to the god of spouting seedlings
And the kindling of kindred copulation
With phallic fascination
For thy beauty is such no man of means nor memories ignores
So please my pet, polish my tongue with yours
                                         © 2012....PHREEPOETREE ..~free cee!~

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Night of the Moon

The moon was large, round, and glowing;
the lake's skin was sparkling like crystals
spread everywhere. The stars were almost invisible
to the naked eye.

Birds were able to fly in the night, as though it was day!
Children could get out of their beds and play in the grass fields!

It was a divine moment;
the moon goddess was being ushered in, to earthly realms;
she was meeting her mortal lover.......

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I was raised among the autumn leaves
Subjugated to the seasons    
And the mirth of the wind
Transfixed by the passing moon
That sad old man
Who claims to be wise, yet utters naught
More guidance I have found from the lonely Lilac
And the vole; and the sympathetic rain
Than I have from Luna
For I am lonely and fear that soon
I too will be the aggregate 
Of time and erosion

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My Love,Unknown

My Love, unknown Your skin glows like the strawberry blossoms, flowing as the sunflower in the purest hope of spring. My yearning heart rises to your violin voice and leaps like a fox at the whisper of your name, unknown. The evening ascends in on a great raven wing. I am calmed by the feeling of you that I carry into the twilight of moonbeams and hold next to my heart. I am filled with hope and the curiousity of rapture. I inhale the scent of your skin, it reminds me of a gate I once passed through. In the hushedness, I listen for the last rustling of the spring. My heated chest leaps and bounds. I wait in the crystal moonlight for your secret , until we may climb as one, the glorious green and spiritual steps of love.

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Moonlight delight

We crested 30 thousand feet as I watched the clouds pass by.
To a full moon sonata, 
wrapped up in my mind.
Cotton ball clouds shimmering frosted white of moonlit dazzle to my eyes.
An ocean of rolling cloud tops,
Hover as I pass by.
Off in the distance bright orange and yellow collide, 
as flashes of sprites leave the earth,
to a darkened midnight sky.
The awesome inventor of this great scene, 
the painted pleasures my eyes have seen.
Makes me wonder on this red eyed flight
How many know such amazing delight.

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I gaze over landscapes, whitewashed in the moonlight
with bittersweet etchings
only pale sketches, of what has been left behind 
Distorting places I once knew, under a veil of haze, that swallows time

I can't distinguish what is myth, or glazed over in my mind
Where the ink, has been left bereft, has bleached away, and taken verse and rhyme

I know the moon is high, somewhere, 
caught in the winter's snow of sleep
bemused that the clouds are obscuring the light, 
It flickers dim, bleaching the night, until all the words are gone

The sound is mute, the color lost, and cannot stay around
It fades away, in shades of gray, like words to all your songs
Words once known,  like the back of my hands
....lost in the timeless winds

I can't recall, I can't rewind,  the lyrics known so well
I stretch my neck, and try to hear where all the moonlit songs begin

They disappear, and things we love, are bleached until they're pale
With stars that spin, a picture dims, too thin to be recalled
Too much to ask?....... I'm asking why.....It's me who needs to know...

Will you know me?     Will I know you?....

......if we should meet again?

For the Contest "Debussy Inspired"
Sponsored by Craig Cornish

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The moon

screaming at the moon.
So big and blue in the sky,
I step onto the balcony ledge.

The moon a trapped soul like my own.
Walk forwards it urges me.
Drop into nothing, your on the brink of breaking.
The moon urging me to die, so that I can join him in the sky.

My feet shuffle towards that moon,
but I feel arms around me now.
No he whispers, he wont let go.
I feel my body straining, trying to take one more step.
He pulls me back from the depth.

My reason.
There never was a reason before today,
I always hoped in the ground my corpse soon would lay.
Wanted to join that moon so bright,
wanted my soul to take an endless flight.
My reason.
Thank you.

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Last Dance

The moon provided spotlight
Music in the wind
A couple joined together
To have just one last dance
This would be the final night
They would spend together
Come morning light
The would say goodbye
Part company forever

Despite one love
There were two worlds
Differences between them
Each one realized
Inside their hearts
They would not last forever
Could this night 
Stay in their minds
A memory to cherish
If time could only be their friend 
This dance would be a treasure

The moon too quickly disappeared 
Music stopped its playing
Neither one took one last look
Disappeared in two directions
But in their hearts and in their minds
The tune would live forever
The night they had one final dance
Last night they were together

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Salamander Oasis

Our ripe minds protrude
Waiting to be ripped-
A signal to leave behind
The excess of all other moments

We allow our fallen tails
Re absorption through the ground
Back into the neverending fervor

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Now I see you, as the Blue moon

Now I see you full, my love
As the moon, the Blue moon,
I thought, I did see you;
It was the moon, the Gibbous moon.
You smiled, for me, when you were
The moon, the Crescent moon,
With your pain, on your dark,
You laughed, for me, when you were
The moon, the Half moon,
But now I know, that I saw,
Only the moon, the dark moon,
And thought it, to be,
The moon, the full moon.
©Anees Rahman

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The Moon is looking bright tonight
And like chewing gum on my shoe
Makes my eye stick to the sky
Can’t stop staring back
Wondering how to describe 
That constant novelty
My partner in the sky
For countless years 
Millions of them in fact
Arriving on and every time 
Like the pumpkin fairy
A fulfilling affiliation
Full of pleasant exchange
Encouraging smiles
And familiar fondness
Warm and beautiful
And every time
We are new all over again

©dbyrne July 2014 

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Star Cowboy

Beyond the moon and past the last star is the realm of cowboys who dream. Who ride their horses across plains, their mounts noses snorting steam. As comets streak across the chalkboard, horses whinny and bawl through the night. Every glare and solar flare filling the steeds with a celestial spook and a heavenly fright. The moon is a constant glow as it rides along through the moonbeams and clouds. Night winds blow the cosmic dust around, making the gauzy glitter into planetary shrouds. I want to be a cowboy and hear the angels sing as the campfire glows, dimly, singing me to sleep. the stars are my doggies; lowing as, at last, the shadows fail and sunlight begins to creep.

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The Moon

The moon
The moon shines so bright in the middle of the night.
I sit and watch as it rises high in the sky.
I open my book as I start to read by the light of the moon.
The moon that is full is the best to read by. So bright, it's better than candle light.
I don't need a flashlight to meet my friend the moon shows me the way.
It's not dark night tonight I have the light of the moon for my light.

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Soft pale face 
Ever watching dark eyes
Bringer of spring tides
Steady gaze enthrall's 
Reflected light breaks darkness's fall
Never waver's from celestial duty
Of all the bright majestic's
You are our booty
There are no eyes that havn't seen
Your shining curious brilliance
They watch in awe
With clouds you dance
So little on Earth 
Can be relied on infactly
But you oh Moon
Can be plotted exactly

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blood on the moon

there is blood on the moon tonight
can you hear the raven's caw
wolves howl
fear chill the air with it's icy claws
there is blood on the moon tonight
war plays chess with heads of state
whispered deeds fill enemies ears
death stands at attention
ready to open the flood gate
there's blood on the moon tonight
evil intention dances gleefully
down the streets
children run in fright
blades are sharpened
armor strapped on
there's blood on the moon tonight
anticipation fills the air
warriors mumble prayers
demons lick their lips
someone will lose their life
tread with care
lock your doors
stoke the fire against the night air
there's blood on the moon tonight (c)mjr 2008

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Sun Drunk

            Sun Drunk

Sun drinks the oceans up one drop at a time

Given one bright eye by nature at its birth

Not to think of sin or crime but to drink in life

Perform ordinary functions in its light of day

Burning in the sky to make things work

It needs no water but still evaporates 
The moon has some complicity in these matters  

Watches from a distance with its one cold eye 

Peering through the darkness under cover 

In night, with gravity, oceans move in waves

Are calmly made

Oceans crave attention 

Under moon glows protection  
Nothing can save them from the sun

Sooner or later it comes up again to drink
Every drop until it’s drunk and done

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Glowing Magnificence

In it's floating presence One gains hope
Through it's gorgeous glow One finds the beauty
Finding the hope to push on and See
Gaining the vision...that All is Not Lost
Floating in the it's sea of Dark
Speckled with the Lights that were Seen once
Glows the beauty of that which must BE Seen
Never Wavering
Always Moving
Shining Evermore
To bathe thee in rich Silver

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A Tale of a Neighborhood and its Nightly Ritual

When the day's dark intermission begins
And the people prance off stage
Locks of wind move in
And crochet grotesqueness 
In shaded sheets shielding the moon. 

Hearts leak into the streets;
Hallowed horns belch with glee
And echo across an ether.
Phantoms ooze ice and sepulchers 
(Spectres? Or sculptures of spectators?)
Eat with their shoes off. 

Here the trees teeter 
And suck the teat of
The Great Mother's bosom. 
Here baying bicycles wind around the ground
Talking with the other flock of totter-ers. 
Here light unwinds itself
Disperses like dew in the depths of day
And here, bone dust creeps up 
From under our lawn chairs. 

Blackened figs sing howling
On burned birch sidewalks
"Who left you back at school,
Thumping into a night?"

Clawer, your sharp talons
Cornered your kleptomania
Into another sticky fingered situation,
(Zeus is that you?).  

You'll never see it quite
Like it was before
But there it is, if you
Look around a little less.

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walked across the moon
and you were born

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Oceans Breathe, Walk with me.

The moon awakens before us in all its majestic glory
casting a sombre light  along the mountain face, as the
gift it gives twinkles off water.
Delicately cascading down a beautiful waterfall.
Glistening along gentle swirls of the sea,
and culminating in the crashing waves that caress
sand and leave wonders of natural bubble and foam.


You and me in this mystical place.


My lover
My friend, Shall we stroll
along the shoreline?
Or maybe take a sunset dip?

We head into cool waters with the moon peeking through the clouds above us.
The crisp night air sends a chill through me.
So you bring me to your arms and embrace.
As always you hold me close and let me feel your love.

And we keep looking…………………..

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a sultry summer night
exposed-- unclothed
sinking into velvet
body twirls as fingertips
echoing aqua circles by

flash of silver flies high lands in darkened flora the ring that binds lost love in a maze of undergrowth ambiences swim into reality wet feet trip on slippery tiles in hasty panic searching torch on hands and knees in shrubbery pain ignored as ring unearthed precious gem worth broken toe © Kim van Breda-- March 2014 ( True story.. and yes.. my left baby toe is really sore..) :)

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As I wished for a dawn -
The dewed leaf fell up on the miry earth, 
And the budding friendship blossomed with the auroral sky
The birds cheeped out of their ardent nests
And I greeted another new day 
Charmed by the chromatic rays.
As I wished for a morning
The jogger lo and behold by the graceful cyan,
And the solitary realm pelted along with those hasty walks
The birds twittered yet their voice fainted by the lively crowd
And I hastened another fussy time
Peeved by the discomposed sounds. 
As I wished for a noon
The shadow of mine lost somewhere under my feet
And the sweated hours seemed so long with flames that illumed the paves
The birds nested themeselves peeping out from the quenched trees
And I abided another hateful infinity
Jaded by the grieving entity.
As I wished for an evening
The juvenility amended out from those felicitous doors
And the twilight that ignited the sky above with the shining moon and the stars
The birds whistled along with the faithful breeze
And I dewlt by the golden rays sparked in the sky
Honoring the sun with a good-by.
As I wished for a night
The spiritual approach to life was fended by the saltatory notes
And the solitary moon esteemed the streets with the splendor of love
The birds benumbed along with the intimacy that followed
And I whispered to the midnight mo
Awaiting for the next dawn to another midnight wo.

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pry the darkness from the sky

watch the moon in all its pure light
be engulfed by the night
no one knows what really causes it
only that it remains lit
but then the sun in its
heated embrace
takes the darkness to another place
rip it out from its corridors
and puts it into many lores
how often the moon tries
to cover the nights lies
then the sun it comes
to pry the darkness from the sky.

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Vines That Bind

In this garden my calloused feet trace pathways
Along wild flowers and rose bushes
Planted by gracefully meticulous hands
She knelt in the sunset and moon rise
Creating this carefully chosen form of Eden
As the sun rose and moon set her tears nourished
Her protege flourishing with the guide of her soul
Through blurred eyes I gaze upon her struggle
Unable to comfort her pain away as her life fades
Vines encircling my wrists gripping me steadfast
Her grown nature keeping me at a distance
To share your soul is to ensnare
With thickening barbs and thorns that pierce
These feelings take solidity when she cries
Skin yielding up to this solemnity remains
As essence seeps into the soil beneath
The beast wages an internal war to rip these binds
Being barred from her light's eminence
No force embedded can halt this flowing
Yearning to protect from this ebbing darkness we share
Screams tear up through the thickening silence
Realization begins to set in as the fog rolls over
Her eyes can no longer touch mine.

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At First Glance

At First Glance
Our hearts ran together in a mile
The wind was blowing
My surroundings,
I could barely even notice.
My eyes, were just for you
The way you smile is just beautiful.
The way your hair sat on your shoulders,
The way you said my name
You left a shiver in my spine
You put me in a daze.

At First Glance
My heart lit up like a fire
I felt just like a cloud
hoping you would take me higher.

At First Glance
I knew that I would forever be with you
I can not picture the sky, in my mind
without the creation of the stars and the moon.
Girl you are my sunrise
and I'll forever be your sunset
this is the brightest form of love
that God has created yet.

At First Glance
At First Glance
I knew, that it would never be my last.

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Aura On the Edge

Out next to the weeping willow
Half-full moon still shines in early morn
Amazingly the glow gets brighter
As the sun on the horizon rises

But the sun earlier was shrouded 
Obscure because of the fog and mist
The birds did not seem to mind at all
Their chirping was very shrill and brisk

The sun rises over the horizon
In a fireball of red- red this day
As the sun appears everything
Seems to speedily move on their way 

The clear light that is on the moon now
Much brighter with a glow that's silver
There's an aura on the very edge
That reveals it is time to go soon

Time for me  to go as well as moon
Duty calls...responsibility
The chores of the day to care for home
To see my families' needs are met

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A Dark Night with a Full Moon

In the darkness you illuminate my way...
In the night sky you are as bright as the sun...
You shine brighter than any star at night...
You are the full moon...
On a very sad day you were a comfort to me...
And on any future or present sad days you will always be...
My guiding light in these dark days...
The beauty where music must come from...
Like a serenade of water you carry peace to some...
To others you bring wonder and curiosity...
But to me you will always be a source of life...
The only thing at night that keeps me from leaving myself...
You help me stay me just like does music...
If music was one day destroyed you would be a great solace to that pain...
Because I would still get to see you on some nights...
Melodies of the moon I will one day sing and write...


As you can tell I really love the moon and music and I would also like to be a composer one 
day that is why I put "Melodies of the moon I will one day sing and write" and yes I am in 
band <3

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Born of tainted blood
Created in one erotic moment
Sharp pains and blood were your nursery
A coffin served as your crib
You live in the night
You have never seen the sun
The moon and stars are your companion
You wander in darkness
Looking and searching for the right person
The full moon rises above your head
The blood lust builds inside of you
Even though you fight it has complete control
Drawing you to attack
Making you want to feast on warm blood
Forcing you to kill
The sun rises and you sleep
Your bed is your coffin and the soil of your grave
Dead but not dead
Living but not living
Stuck in a world between realities
Such is your existence for an eternity
A nightwalker cursed to be alone
If only you had a choice as a baby
Would that be the existence you would choose?
Loneliness, death and blood
An eternity with love
The solitary life of a nightwalker

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Orpheus My Valentine Not Dead

Last night I believed I saw three Witch Beings 
relent and cast down from winter moon 
Orpheus, free riding.  

Happy all with his magical lyre.
Not in bereavements of old, 
no traps and lures set with crying, 
he called to me.

His sun-gold limbs were elegant intact.
Feet swift where night wind took him.
Blood red were his cheeks and marked,
telling where he’d been.

By fate or by plan that night he came
into my darkened room, my bed.
His whispered song tenderly to hold me.
Orpheus, my valentine, not dead.

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In the eye 
of the moon 
Looking down 
into the dark 
Staring, watching 
Quarter draped dark 

Dancing clouds 
Upon the face 
A wink, 
silent breeze 
a whisper 

Talking night 
Haunting in sounds echo, 
shadows crawl over 
No rays found 
Creeping darkness 

Empty no face 
Colourless beauty 
Light create shadows, 
covers the dark 

Into dark her glow, 
power to light 
Our existence 
To behold

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Ample words from bloated chests, 
won't rest until the messages crest.  

Moving through phases of covered stresses, 
that are just shadowed mirrors from larger troubled messes.  

Covert grievances, rise with the tide; during their full revealing. 
And shine light through the crevices, that have not yet completed their healing. 

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Spring tides

I Looked up and witness Gods tears caught in the night sky
as they dance around the moon which mocks me;
For like the the moon tonight, i am half full
And like that half moon i will circle the Earth until i find my light.
The light which reveals the essence of who i am and why i am.
The light, whose looking for me,
....She is my Sun
And so be the will of God for i and her to meet?
Then let our hearts paint the skies
And our love guide the way
Towards our new found lives creates
A night within a day

Written: 2/12/11

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Lady Moon

Lady Moon
Full moon, you brighten up the night sky Lady Moon, cool, serene, and beautiful Your splendor surpasses all. Come to me, Stay with me, Lighten up my life Oh wondrous beauty! You rise up in golden brilliance Then turn into silvery radiance Keep on shining, Moon of Blue.

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moonlighting kisses deeply

Kissing you 
in the moonlight 
sun shining delight
I wrote this
for only you

Looking upon 
a moon face
ground covered
in snow 
almost looks
like daytime 
as the moon sparkles 
like diamonds reflecting 
on a snowy surface 
dreaming of you

In the moonlight 
finger beams paint 
silvery glistens 
softy upon skin 
touching gently moonbeams 
a desiring beauty 

Queen of the night 
shining one star 
brightly on love 
emotions dream 
softly gleaming 
dusting feelings 
upon a silver trail 
loves miracle 

Every wish 
I whisper granted 
smiles happiness 
dancing joyfully 
the soul naked 
on a broken 
stream of light 

Shadows stray 
kissing emotions 
an angel sings 
in sweet harmony 
heaven opens 
in song singing 
I love you 
we openly kissed 
bathed in moonlight 

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In the Dark

Below the stars and silver moon,
Abounds the coruscation of silhouetted curves.
Sinusoidal and voluptuous,
Seismic undulating and venereal.

Your mind synaptically aglow under the light,
Evokes ethereal perspicacity within my soul.
A torrent tsunami of desire thrusts my body.
Leaves me wanting to make love to you:

Make love to your mind,
Make love to your body,
Make love to your heart,
Make love to your soul.

All under the emanating fragrance of the horticultural moon.

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As the daylight struck,
as I walked into the park,
with the sun glazing,
in the eyes,
I saw a pretty girl swinging on the swing,
With twinkling eyes,
And tiny ears,
as soon as our eyes met, 
she stood up,
on her high heel sandals,
and began walking away from me,
from me,
Was she shy?
I wondered,
I looked at her again 
and again, 
still walking gracefully,
away from me,
away from me,
wondering whether she would return,
I waited and waited, 
until the moon creped out,
in its full glow,
wondering would she return to the park again,
as the moon glowed ,
with all its might,
but she never, never returned,
Was it love?
Or was it romance,
I will never know, 
It ever again!

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The Moon

One spring night,
Just for fun,
I rode the crescent moon.  
Then left her below to gaze on me,
As I soared miles high
In the still starlit laughing
Spring air!


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To Achieve

Be dainty
Be pretty
Be silent
Be Sodom

Pendulum in this embrace
A barbed wire foothold on the wall
And slowly, slowly moving upward
Upward, heaving heavenward as a mere insect
Crawling into deeper reaching chasms
Silent moon and the ivory cage which smothers it
The paint-on smile and the wipe-off grin

With all the care and attention of a blitzed Brittanic blue
We are dressed dainty, pretty, silent, Sodom
Folding to the wastelands as the moon capsizes the tides

To achieve further
You must retreat farther
Stay silent and do not think
When photographs exist for only half a year

I barely know you at all, I can count on my hand
Exactly everything I am sure off and even then I may have remainders
As you have remainders and she has remainders and closets
Full to bursting like suicidal veins

For the art of the lie 
To achieve.

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Laying here in this field,
Rain drops begin to fall
The moon so full and bright
I can see the drops before they land.
This rain feels as though its cleansing my soul
Purifying old memories, 
Old emotions
Washing my old and weathered state
For hours I lay here
In this grassy field
Drenched, to my inner being
The rain slows
Til it stops all together.
I open my eyes to see
Beautiful clear sky
The stars flickering
The moon so vibrant
I stand
And I know the rain washed away.....

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These times are ours, and ours alone. And BENEATHE the RAINBOW there exist a magic only rare HEARTS KNOW. I have imagined you holding me under the RAINBOW.  I captured every one of your kisses to hold them CLOSE.  TRYING to figure out which ones I love the most.

When you're loving me I feel the FORCE of your BEING the ESSENCE of your DREAMS.  Conceived BENEATHE the RAINBOW is a MAGIC only we share.  We will DAZZLE one another with pleasure for the rest of days and know PEACE always.  BENEATHE this ever COMELY CREATION.  THE RAINBOW.

I KNOW I have a place in your ETERNAL heart which you have prepared, a place of cushion of FAIR LOVE which will always be there with rooms to spare. And in this way you will honor me with joys unceasing and forever with ESSENCE of being increasing.  Causing  ANGELS to DANCE and give hope to those who will descend after us in our glorious days in the MIDST of SATURN'S MOONS.

ALL for you and may these times that ENTERTAIN the LIGHT in you never pass.  AEONS from now til last.  For these times ENTERTAIN MAGIC BENEATHE THE RAINBOW.  HEARTS AFLAMED.

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The Moon is my Muse

The moon is my muse
and love is the fuse
that burns my fire
and enrages my soul.

The moon is high
and the moon is my heart.
Holding high
and the stars around
clouds not in sight,
I shall go now on a flight.

The moon is my muse
and love is the fuse
that burns the fire
and enrages my soul.
Till tomorrow,
I shall go onto those who love on another,
and we shall gaze upon the moon
together, and love will light my fuse
that entangles my soul
and I shall fall in love
and you shall fall in love
and we all shall fall in love with each other.
And... I shall take a deep breathe
and hold close to my heart
a beautiful and romantic poem
of the silver laced moon
high up in the sky.

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Dark and Mystical

As the twilight bid farewell to the sky of dazzling morn A desire crawled into the cells Of my heart,craving since long For the serene touch of the lilt that blows remains of stale air away And that resurrects the dead leaves As they move in sync with dancing breeze When moonlight gives birth to the dark shadows Of swaying leaves and my figure petite I walk hand in hand with shadow of my own On the lifeless streets of the town of Chiles I lift my nimble feet to tap them Against the flat shady ground My shadow mimics my moves And we dance together merrily To the music of serene breeze With the sound of the wavering leaves

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Soft Spring Evening

as the moonlight flushes
the white plum-tree blossoms
down the night-black bark arms
like snowflakes softly landing
on the calloused ground
without a sound
a mirror image of a petaled sky
filled with
star blossoms and fragrance
deep and high
whirling around the moon
cold and distant
yet pouring out
its cold love like
a symphony of
softest flute
and bassoon
ah, the moon, the moon
casting shadows black and deep
as the blossoms go to sleep

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Sun, Moon and I

When you walk
along with the trend of the sun
and go with the moonlight 
life’s circle of the past
will become a moment of today
until today is renewed as tomorrow.

The circle of life 
though no one is able to escape from it,
occasionally, hesitates steps 
if I should go forward or backward
stop at the roadside and think
if there is any way to escape from the circle;
the sunset glows under my feet exceptionally red this evening. 

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Comming signs

On the Passover ,Lord .Almighty blood .In our salvation ,four back To back ,Bleeding in the Heaven's ,Eclipsed in blood 

Sea waves roar ,Upon your throne. On the Passover ,Hailing from the clouds, On the feast of the tabernacle ,I bow to you my king 

The moon bleeds ,Almighty power ,Forgive us our sins Eclipses the new year 

A sign of great glory ,From the eclipsed moon ,On the feast of the trumpets ,Falling to the last moon ,the Passover 

Feast of the tabernacle ,God's sign ,Unto mankind ,Salvation his ,Holy name 

He who believes .shall not perish ,Instead Have everlasting Life 

Pray It comes ,To Passover

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Where should we go

The moon lights the dark
Flashing all the shady paths
I’m lost and I haven’t got any clue
But I’m not scared coz I’m with you

My night is getting cold
And all I have is you to hold
I’ll do exactly what you’ve told
I’ll be collecting all my bold

There are many things to do
But where should we go?
Do you know?
Then show me how?

I wonder…
If they were worried about us
Like being swallowed into the deep ocean
Or drinking the most dangerous poison
I wonder if they’d looking for us

But there are many things to do?
And I don’t know where should we go?
Do you know?
Then show me now?

You and I alone
We’re in a search for all missing dreams
Put them all together into our pockets
And spread it to all the missing souls

There are many things to do?
I wished we know where to go?
If you knew then show me how
Removed those dark clouds and let the moon glows

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Preach to the full moon soldier
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

Mother has child that father denies
Leaves when his baby lets out those first cries
Excuses flying, lies sailing; words without care
Feelings are complicated so share you don't dare
Lips that smile hold some bruises and a cut
Hands that have done the damage slam the door shut
You watch him out the window glass
Retreating figure gone at last

Preach to the full moon soldier
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

Things get harder, mothers fired
Baby is toddler and much too tired
Money is in short supply
If only father would just comply 
To help raise his growing kid
Instead he ran and lost his bid
A single tear stains the cheek
Of a mother's soul who's much too weak

Preach to the full moon soldier 
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

Mothers dead, everything's blown
Toddler is small child left alone
Father drunk, stumbling back
Custody left to this piece of slack
Days are long and too far gone
Nights are worse, he's never done
Talking his beer scented words speaking
He says to his child be kind, PREACHING

Preach to the full moon soldier 
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

Small child has developed
Distinguished individual moving up
Swearing to the sky blue
They will be nothing like you
Father in jail thief from the night
Cell lit dimly with pal moonlight
A smile to the grown child
A tear from the man of the wild

Preach to the full moon soldier
It's all you've got left as the nights grow colder

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Summer's Night

In the brightness of summer’s daylight, 
the luminous star warms the world with constant rays.
Allowing the new day to come to life,
by bringing the precious gift of life to each new day.

Summer’s day always ends with satisfied sighs,
allowing each day to be better than the last.
Resulting in none other than a daily high,
made by nothing but good times and pure laughs.

A spell is cast on those in Summer’s wave,
forcing optimism in everyone in its wide path.
As if happiness flows from within Summer’s rays,
a joy that is so great no one can try to force back.

On warmed days such as this,
I find it easy to say the world is in an inevitable bliss.
Full of interesting awe inspiring twists,
such as an unexpected Summer love’s first kiss.

Truly nothing compares to the warmth of Summer’s daylight,
Except that of the sheer incomprehensible delight,
That is none other than a true Summer Night.

There is nothing like Summer’s Darkness, 
the beautiful Moon revealing itself against the sparkled sky.
To often has the injustice been witnessed,
That a mere diamond in the sky, to truly detail, is fairly shy.
Nights still warmed from the bright day passed,
Left over from the Sun’s constant heated beat.
Quietly sitting on a sunset painted path,
Watching the Moon take over right at the Sun’s feet.

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The Moon

Fiery-red, milky-white, and burnt orange, am I
Circular-fools, neurotic halves, wise courters and sickle-slices shape me
Liquid-masses bow down to me
Extinguishing my counterpart, and transforming light into night
Visibility befalls me as I absorb the Sustainer-Of-All’s kisses
Ultimate-compass-of-guiding-light, am I
Obtainer-of-measures and recorder-of-essence am I 
Chaos enlivens all awe-struck viewers while in my foolish-state
Shadows piece together my possession 
A maternal-nurturer for, a fertility-bearer, and an enabler-of-harvest to all, am I 
Sharer am I, with the Daughters-Of-Firmament’s-Darkness 

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Today I met a man without a name.
When I looked at him he looked my way.
I was curious as to who this man really was, 
so I tried to group my words in my mind, 
but I couldn’t find the ones 
that form my thoughts.
So I stood there,
and he stood there,
silently staring in complete
wonder and amazement. 

The moon was shining through 
a window behind him and I wanted to say 
What a beautiful moon we have tonight. But it 
seemed to soon to ruin the silence with 
unnecessary sound. 
So, I stood there, 
silently staring into his eyes, 
which were a deep, dark brown. 
We seemed to have an entire conversation 
without ever opening our mouths.

He said he’s gone through half his life
and not a single moment has passed by
that he’s a bit proud of. And I said I,
I can change that. I can give you a life 
that you can take home to your parents, 
that you can brag about in your locker 
room rants to your, so-called friends,
to your quasi tolerable co-workers 
who can’t stop bragging about the
promotion that they got and 
you thought you had in the bag. 

He listened,
though he saw a future that I didn’t. 
I couldn’t see that it was just a 
fantasy that I couldn’t get out of my head. 
Soon, he made me see. 
He made me see the closed doors and the
broken floor boards of this 
not so squeaky clean dream.

Today I conversed with man, he had no name. 
And without ever once opening his mouth,
he told me about the nothings that cloud
his entire life so far. 
I looked at him and he looked my way. 
I couldn’t help but figure out that his
life mirrored mine.
A life like a cloudy April day. 

Staring into the doorway of our future 
selves, we couldn’t speak. 
And when I say we, I really mean me. 
Because I’m
silently staring into a combination of 
silver and glass made to reflect 
the innermost self. 
But who am I? 
Who is the man that stares back at me?

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We, The Moon Watchers

They used to call us moon watchers,
our eyes of guardian drones
gazing the random access points
of a diverting canvas of sleeping dreams.

My father’s old telescope shows me your surface,
your craters in which your skeletons may hide,
or where your cold rocks lay
without motion.

You must feel alone,
the uninhabited space much vacant,
the stars much too distant
to communicate.

Oh, but fragile moon, take heed of this:
we shall remain as your shadows,
animations of the hills that connect the valley’s still.
Sincerely, we, the moon watchers.

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Desperate Moonlight

Desperate Moonlight
Shining down upon
Upon faces full of unhappiness
And smiles that have withdrawn
Man on the moon never frowns
For he is forever frozen in time
With a wink from his half moon
Happiness no one can deny
Sitting outside a dark window
A child timidly awaits
Waiting for the moon to shine down
And show his undeniable fate
Happiness is certain while the moon shines down
Not an unhappy face to be showing
Not a frown to be found
Desperate Moonlight seeks out
For its time is not long
Slowly gliding above the stars 
Getting ready to leave before dawn
Desperate moonlight disappears
With no promises to be seen again
Unhappy faces keep waiting
To see that man on the moons happy grin

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Mother Moon

The moon shines down basking us in her pure white light
Reflecting the sun’s image onto us all, with her own peaceful twist
If only we could say the same of ourselves
Do we reflect such light and peace onto those around us? 
Turning fire into tranquillity, dispersing the flames
Or do we burn even hotter: stars, suns in our own mini universe, consuming the weak, 
scalding those in our orbit
I oft wonder if the moon knows what she sees.  
Does she pull at the oceans to dampen our folly; turn the seas to change our perspective?
When the sun grows too strong and leads us astray, does she bring the eclipse to shield us 
from the intensity, bringing respite?
Does she place us on the darkened naughty step to contemplate our heated actions and her 
understated influence?
She knows what she sees.  
Our glorious, unfaltering satellite, basking us in her pure white light

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This moon belongs to us
See the way it lights up your face...
You say it sprinkles diamonds
In my hair.

This moon belongs to us
Stretched across our midnight bed
Our love echoes, in the serene
Shadows that keep us company.

We chase moonbeams into loves
Captured dreams where happiness
Makes us laugh again and again.
We celebrate our love with his moon.

As our moon hides behind a cloud,
We get lost in the sweet echoes aglow
With passion and ecstasy.
This moon belongs to us.


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No People About

On a clear evening, I hear the silence in the sky
The din of distant traffic breaks it below
A fox’s claws trotting on the pavement
Demonstrate a moment of tranquillity
No people about 
Just the large moon above
And about it mars revolves

©dbyrne april 2014

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oh to visit the moon.

So I began my dayfeeling rather gay and like my life was full of potential.
So set out on a journey filled with lots of exciting adventures.
I snatched the giant paper from the table along with a purple ruler and I conjourded up a 
plan for my grand adventure. 
This adventure is huge like nothing before and I fear the 
consequences of messing up my plans for my expensive rocketship. 
Yes I said a rocketship that is my grand adventure to go to the moon and meet the people.
I hear stories of these folk and I am rather intreged and that is why i find the cardboard box 
big enough to hide my dreams and carry out my schemes. 
To some it seems rather silly but you can call me Billy, Billy the astronaut is what they will 
call me. 
I grab my crayons and make my knobs and the gages under the window. 
I run into the house and crab the glue so my rocketship can hold the gas that will take me to 
the moon. 
I put my helmet on and i open up the door. 
To some this may just be a flap but to me it holds the key. 
The key to a new and unfamiliar place one that I will explore. 
Once i tune into the captain he gives me the go. 
He counts down from ten and the adventure begins.
Once he says that magic word my rocketship takes off. 
I soar into the sky way up high and i way good bye to my mommy and cry just a little tear. 
I fear that these people might find my coulture so unique. 
Find me rather odd and attach tubes to both my feet.
They will read my mind and find my rocketship is small, they send me home with a 
boy name Joe and off to my house we go. 
Once we arrive it all is very clear "Billy the Astronaut" they cry "you have come back alive!" 
I scream "I am not alone this is my new friend Joe! Joe is from the moon you see and has 
come to teach us things. 
Things that will save our world lets all greet him with peace!" 
They all smile and greet my new friend.
My rocketship has been lots of fun and now i have come to know, just how much fun one 
Can have when he thinks of fun. 
My rocketship is in my room awaiting its next trip. 
I love my rocketship you see so next we'll go to Mars and Ill bring my friends the stars.
The stars from mars my rocketship will make this possible.
So I smile happily
For I am Billy the Astronaut and the people all love me.

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Lovers In the Moonlight

Oh, what a cliched tale
Of a dark-haired prince from a foreign land
With golden skin and honeyed tongue
Playing love songs beneath my window
A familiar stranger in the moonlight

Emboldened by the audacious moon,
Which shows its face and form unabashedly
I reply with little equivacation, for I 
Do love him so, and declare it to the night
I, the maiden made daring in the moonlight

Such a blessed curse, I long for him!
But even Romeo would find it a challenge
To scale a balcony of such lofty heights;
Must suffice whispers across the distance
Between two lovers in the moonlight

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Blame It On The Moon

Blame it on the moon.
This scratching in the back of my head
like a constant reminder to feed
a primal beast within me.

Blame the moon that shines bright in the evening sky,
full like the pregnant belly
of a goddess who's name is long forgotten
(only to those who have forgotten the ways of the ancients).

Blame it on Luna,
who hangs like a child's mobile above their bed.
She swims in circles and lulls many to sleep,
but keeps some of us awake with her droning.

Blame it on the satellite
that pulls at my inner tide
to feast upon myself in gluttony.

Blame Her,
because blame needs to be placed
for this fiery need
to feed.

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The Walking moon

The walking moon
Two lovers join hands in the early evening to go walking.
They walked a round the pond that was still.
You could look at the moon start to shine.
As the walk they kiss one time And looked to the sky
The moon was bright and cloud blew by 
And it looked as if the moon had winked.
As they walked along they said to each other 
This is our walking moon as it walks with us

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You miss him

The clock just stuck midnight.
and you feel the moon smiling right at you.
Then you walk into a meadow
He sees you walking and smiles right though you.

You know you just caused a fight.
But you laugh inside cause you know he loves Her.
He says goodbye..
You watch him walk out your life.

Next day they walk in arm in arm
you know he's lost in his mind.
Reliving  a moment or two
Then he knows you are in love with the moment thats just for you.

You know he is cracking under pressure.
He is consumed with the thought about you and only you.
You know that you won.
But your done with him and that's all you want .

A year later
The clock just stuck midnight.
And you feel the moon smiling right at you.
remembering when you know that you lost him.
But you love him just the same as you did that night.

Then he walks into a meadow
and he smiles and looks right though you.

then you know that is over
you know that you miss him
you know that you miss him
you know that you miss him......
Smiling right though you

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Night and Day

Hateful is the day
and gracious is the night.
The Sun burns,
The Moon heals.

The day is so bright
We keep our eyes closed.
But the night is dark 
and our eyes can open.

During the night
We can see everything,
Though it is dim.
During the day,
Everything is so bright and clear,
That it's too much to understand.

The Sun is warm, 
But it is cold.
The Moon comforts you, 
As it doesnt hurt to look at.

So more to say, 
The day is perilous
And the night is tranquil.
So says I.

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Why in the World

Why in the World?

I asked myself, 
"Why in the world did God create earthquakes and tsunamis?
There is such devastation, tragedy, lost lives, horrific suffering.

And then, I knew.
Long ago, before man populated the earth,
Before men developed metropolitan areas upon the ocean shore,
When mother earth was free to ebb and flow, free to grow.
There were seasons and tides, rotations and revolutions.
Her face was painted in different shades as time progressed.
Upheavals and uplifting, subuctions and cooling took place.
Eons saw her crust and mantel strengthened, altered…recycled.
The ocean waters rinsed the shores rhythmically.
The moon reined its beauty upon the nights and sands drifted.
Pulsating waves washed the shore…cleansing and eroding.
Crushes of elements sank to her ocean floor.
The shore rejoiced in its newness…for a while.
But balance is a key to restoration, a function of recycling.
She quivers; the earth quakes; the ocean regurgitates upon the shore.
Tsunamis return upon the land that which had been washed away.
Regaining equilibrium within the earth’s core.
Forcefully, volatile, crushing, engulfing, and renewing.
Long ago, before man populated the earth, it served her well.
Earthquakes and tsunamis were a blessing to the planet.
A natural renewal process maintaining balances purposefully.
Fulfilling a function…like a hurricane or a tornado.
Perspectives changed when man spread around the earth.
Civilizations developed; populations increased.  
Man built upon Mother Nature’s shores to enjoy her beauty.
But the moon still reined her forces.
And the need for balance amid life cycles remained.
Freely we are given that which can be quickly removed.
Our souls cry out for understanding of that which must be.
Balance amid all things: atoms, cells, bodies, systems, planets,
And universes…

© March 13, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen


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Where should we go

The moon lights the dark
Flashing all the shady paths
I’m lost and I haven’t got any clue
But I’m not scared coz I’m with you

My night is getting cold
And all I have is you to hold
I’ll do exactly what you’ve told
I’ll be collecting all my bold

There are many things to do
But where should we go?
Do you know?
Then show me how?

I wonder…
If they were worried about us
Like being swallowed into the deep ocean
Or drinking the most dangerous poison
I wonder if they’d looking for us

But there are many things to do?
And I don’t know where should we go?
Do you know?
Then show me now?

You and I alone
We’re in a search for all missing dreams
Put them all together into our pockets
And spread it to all the missing souls

There are many things to do?
I wished we know where to go?
If you knew then show me how
Removed those dark clouds and let the moon glows

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Silent Music of Falling Stars

Silent Music
Falling Stars

A radiant glob shone down upon this planet,
life seemed so bright – why is it then ?, all seen,
on the surface, ( in the face of ) – seems the dark side,
the spirit of the moon permeating the innermost recesses
of this harbored soul, having been reached out to.

Towards this planet, around it Mars gravitates, rotates.
In the furthest reaches, a sphere so cold – grows –
a heart so distant and aloof, this planet seems,
from a different universe, travelling in other dimensions,
orbiting on a different plane, even when two -
as one - have flown together ?, – apart.

Why has Venuses, influence repulsed ?,
slipped out of orbit – lost her way –
drifting away – always, it seems –
gravitating towards planets of perceived perfection,
in their ecliptic, aesthetic, elegance,
in their orbit of alleged worldly knowledge,
in their spheres of impressionistic light,
light that seems to blind,  their gravity, pulling Venus,
into their orbits for a week / weeks,
a month / months, a year / years,
or for just a date or two.

Comes disillusionment, disappointment to shake Venus,
from her dreams of – that set her gravitational pull back
towards this lowly old planet – set adrift –
drawing it back into her orbit for another go around
- this moon to her earth, without power of influence –
no gravitational put, no raising and ebbing of tides,
just a continuous revolving around her glow.
a companion to the empty spaces in-between,
never to be included, to become a part of her universe

B. J. “A” 2
June 2nd 2008

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That time of day,
when day is no longer,
the sky engulfed in darkness
the moon is again born.
The sun has set and has passed,
giving room for a new light to be born.
This time of day,
when day is no longer,
is frighting to some,
but to others peaceful.
Normally time for sleep to some,
but to others day as only begun.
They rise with the moon, 
and sleep with the sun,
loving the darkness.
Using it as a weapon,
to catch their prey.
The time of day,
when day is no longer
is the time to discover
what you cannot in the light.
Now rather than the sun,
the moon gives light,
to illuminate the darkness.

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The Moon-in-the-Man Waxes Lyrical with Nary a Word

Kenny is suddenly,
 Luminously, animated;
with a grin that could crack a safe!
He whistles to get your attention,
then beckons you over
to the parted curtains.

He has something 
to share with you.
This is not the usual,
self-absorbed Kenny.

MoonMan MoonMan
what is it you see?
 Can you read the secrets
of the telling Moon?
MoonMan MoonMan
Show me! Tell me!

This is Moonstruck Kenny.
Touched by Moonpower.
Captivated by Moonpower!
Ecstatic about Moonpower!

He’s made a “lunar-landing”
and he wants you to be “there” too.
Lunatics-in-arms we become,
 in awe of this celestial 
visitor peering into
the room from on high.

MoonMan MoonMan
what is it you see?
 Can you read the secrets
of the telling Moon?
MoonMan MoonMan
Show me! Tell me!

The Moon’s pull is irresistible.
Kenny’s pull is irresistible.
And so you succumb,
temporarily mystified – delving within
for ancient knowledge about basic things;
the rhythms of the sky-dwellers.
Knowledge longlost since we insulated
ourselves from
 and against
 The Elemental.

Yet Kenny has not lost The Wonder.
Kenny is over The Moon about The Moon.
He beams a crescent-shaped smile
that’d make even The Man-in-the-Moon
green with envy.

MoonMan MoonMan
what is it you see?
 Can you read the secrets
of the telling Moon?
MoonMan MoonMan
Show me! Tell me.

Kenny is the Moon Man.
He is The Moon-in-the-Man
Just like The Moon, Kenny has phases.
He waxes and wanes as do we all.
But…just now…yes, you catch just a glimpse of it…
Kenny is illuminary!
And you bathe in the light of his delight!

MoonMan MoonMan
Show me! Tell me!

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Fantasy World Comes To Life

To souls intertwined within each other
To body’s appearing as one from afar
One extra-large heart shared equally between the two people.

As the moon light sparkles onto the lake next to where we lay
My head goes wild with all kinds of thoughts
About us and about are future together
Thinking of how close we are 
But yet so far away
And all the good times we will have.

You take my hand 
And pull me to my feet
Then you surprise me 
By picking me up and
Quite literally, thow me into the lake
Then you jump in with me 
And as we swim 
In this lake lit up 
By the full moon at the stroke of one
I realize I am already living the fantasy
My head has created. 
Because as long as I’m with you 
My fantasy IS my world,
Because of you,
My Beast Boy
Sean Cannon!

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Old moon rises

In the dark sky
the old moon rises
moving very high
buying by the prices
the old moon buys
whatever it likes

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         “…The grasses unload their griefs on my feet as if I were God 
            Prickling my ankles and murmuring of their humility 
            Fumy, spirituous mists inhabit this place…

        …. I have fallen a long way. Clouds are flowering …
           …The moon sees nothing of this. She is bald and wild.
              And the message of the yew tree is blackness - blackness and silence.”
			Sylvia Plath, Excerps from The Moon and The Yew Tree


I submerged into melancholy,
So deep and familiar,
Settling into verse.

You gave me flowering clouds,
How low they hung,
but their shelter was Momentary,
for I became lost in far realms.

Viewing a bald moon,
I tasted the lines of
blue and the word 
fumy … fumy … 
clung to my tongue’s tip 
like liquorice, 
A doubly bitter root,
An artery, pulsing.

A mysterious pool
permeated my thin
cells and sister sorrow.
I gave myself to mastery
and saw shattered
abalone, young fishbones.

Falling falling

Hands grappled silt,
Failed and though overly filled,
came away emptied.

I resurfaced,
Noticing, at last, that the 
large, black swan, nearby,
Oh, so elusively beautiful,
was floating

Sylvia, in the shadow 
ofyour yew

I still sink 

Ever to be dazzled
by your darkness.

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The Man in the Moon

The man in the moon is so high he feels no need to cry.
In space his special place he hears not a single lie.

He left one day to forget leaving mother earth behind.
Only to get there and stay after clearing his distraught mind.

You see his heart is broken leaving him completely numb.
His heart was shattered and all that's left no bigger than a crumb.

Hurt by a girl who stole his love and tossed it when she was through.
So now you know the man in the moon why he's so sad and blue.

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~Night-Mares Ride~

There the moon suckled on a dram of mist,
bringing illustrious pomp to cardboard mountains,
who cut like a sickle, horizons sincerity,
and I could taste trouble, spoon fed
from darkness that sprinted towards completion.

Something crawled from the canal,
a gaseous presence like a primordial phantom;
opalescence in peek-a-boo stars.
Incantations stirred in the attic of my mind,
spectres of remembrance copulating 
in karma sutra melee,

and the night, so coffin quiet,
swallowing moon dust in a cascade of neon pollen.
What resilience could sate this voluptuous whore,
who cooed like a dove while twisting
the garrot ever tighter,

nothing but the birth of dawn.

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A crescent moon of love

A crescent moon above my bed,
tales of nova stars born within my head.
Purple laced clouds that tease with ease,
honeysuckle filled dreams on a summer breeze.
A sun that never slumbers nor sleep,
like the passion of our love that burns so deep.
My heart that swells with thoughts of you,
your lips that taste of honey dew,
black pearl diamonds that are you eyes,
twinkle at me, and I melt inside.
That touch you give, that smile that shines,
the dreams we share that are our spine.
Whispering willow trees and deep blue seas, 
we are as natural in the visions I see...
we are as natural in the visions I see...

Oh, crescent moon above my bed!

(c) June 2012 TEG

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Moon Flower

Moon Flower

The sun is long since gone
The last strains of its light have faded behind the horizon
The moon shines down on a sleepy world
Stars twinkle with their own beautiful light
Animals move on their nightly paths
Birds make lonely calls looking for a single friend
One the ground the moon flower opens
Catching every bit of light it shows its beauty
No one will get the chance to see it bloom
The coming of the sun hides what only the night brings
Such beauty wasted in the night

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Unique Moon

Looking through the window up to the sky,
Full moon solely glows without twinkling stars,
The breeze has blown away the clouds,
Serene moon paints the sky in a heaven scene.

Unique full moon decorates gentle sky.
Far away from my native land I admire you
Who sincerely comes say hello to the expatriate,  
Hearing the charming voice of your mind.

Our vast planet covered by this heaven scene.
The moon visits every corner of the Earth.  
All men commonly admire this unique moon   
Which will be ended differently from their lives. 

Man's life appears and definitely disappears.
The longest Man's life is really short.
Becoming old, and dying belong to mankind,
Shouldn't take away the Freedom from Man.

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Laughing With the Moon

One night
a crescent moon stopped,
rocked on his backside
like a banana

and slid down the sky
to wiggle his toes 
in the treetops.

I laughed when
I heard him giggle
and asked,

Does it tickle?

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Cried out eyes crimson,
The only roses to my valentine 
The mind’s shut up
The heart’s stirred up
Tearing through pain and doubt
Broken and shutout
To find the moon rock 
Gone on a permanent lunar walk

Perfect silence
Motionless quietness  
Emotionless stillness 
An ambiance of loneliness
A quote to the loveless

All her shining glory gone 
All my life’s glow’s done
My core was her poles
Now my dullness shows...pales
I wear an artificial shine
Shallowness of a superficial mine

The  days are none eventful
My nights less lunarful
My revolution’s anticlockwise
My rotation’s otherwise
Deprived of her near side
I dwell in a dark side

Pitch blackness
Spewed with heartlessness
Sky painted with a tarred hand
Night spilled into a burning band
Your phases captivated me like a clenched fist
I beg to open up to quench love’s thirst
In the desert of a deserted moon walk
Eclipsed in the dark 

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The sky is adorned with many stars
Twinkling and wishing you many sparkle
Some people represents you love dearly
Your parents, sisters, brothers,  children , grandchildren 
And, a bosom friend
Like the heydays when you were young
Playfully and seriously you passed away those days
Molding the future with what the olds toiled for you
Picking one little star would not be enough
As many pitfalls along the way
But each fall you tried harder and pressed
For the better  remaining steadfast
As you know well the moon is smiling
Watching, caring and showing you the way
A future you found with someone new
A solid tomorrow and for the rest of your life!

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Times a Plenty

Standing here
Feeling the vibrations
Of the moutains
Of the valley
People right in the shadow
Of thought
Moving with micro-second
Of feeling
Bodies are replaced with shreds
Of thoughts
In beds
Waking at moments of high realization
Spend a life time wanting something
Then finding everything at hand
The clouds upward
Seem to speak
With language
Always known
Looking down on eyes
Spending the times spent spelunking
Really only to bring to the surface
The moonlight
Coating the soul
The Yeti nature of our origins
Recoils and simutaneously unfurls
Spending more money than time
On a real configuration
That runs through veins and
Causes electricity to pump
A heart

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An Impossible Dream

You are lethal. 
With those eyes of yours, 
You have me caught. 
You are so brilliant, 
The way you speak, 
Your words are a drug, 
Let this cocaine blur the lines between us. 
Take them away completely. 

I want no restrictions, 
No distractions. 

I want nothing to hold my gaze but you. 
I want no other feeling, 
Creeping up my spine, 
Surpressing my breath, 
No thoughts other than you. 
In this moment, 
Nothing can bear more truth. 

This is a place I have never been before. 
You are the sun, 
The moon weeps every night, 
Only because it is never blessed, 
The moon cannot see you rise. 
The moon cannot be here with you tonight. 

The angels back home, 
Play their harps in melodies new to my ears. 
The beautiful pain this will cause, 
I will smile through the tears. 
Like an ocean in my head, 
Swim to me, 
Save me from the depths, 
I am drowning. 
You are all there is left. 

Every word like a note, 
Silk, satin and velvet tone, 
A laugh to calm the nerves, 
And arms to call home. 
I feel you everywhere. 
I can taste it in the smoke, 
It wisps about, 
Lining the air. 
I make room in my lungs for you. 

Breathe again, 
Tell me your name again, 
Nothing has ever sounded as such. 
The boy with bruises under his eyes, 
Sitting in a church pew all by himself. 
Oh, how I love you bitterly. 
And dear God, 
I plea in this misery that I am in, 
But, please do not pull me out of this rut. 

I want no relief, 
No substitution. 

It was a high. 
It was not fake. 
The warmth felt attainable. 
I hope you know that this will not stop. 

The clashes of the chord, 
The sickness leaving me bed-ridden, 
This is my impossible dream. 
I can be your disease. 
I would forfeit everything. 

Look me in the eyes again, 
And you cannot lie, 
Paralyze me. 
Smile and knock me unconcious, 
There was never someone as delusional as I, 
Never another like me, 
A dim lit world, 
One candle burns still, 
In love with an impossible dream.

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Memory of ages

Long ago in a distant land not near the sea
I knew a girl, as sweet as a “sweet” can be 
She was this extraordinary girl within the ordinary place
Every single full moon day the moon reminds me of her face
We had a lot of fun and some were quite reverse 
But every single thing was worth billions of years to preserve
Now she has gone, flown away across the sea
Leaving all the memories and most importantly me
But still we do talk sometimes, once in a blue moon
And that’s when she promises me, I’ll see you very soon
All I can do is smile my heart and wait
Just thinking if I was to meet here, wouldn’t that be great?
But it seems like the alien or spaceship that we never get to see
I’m afraid if the day will come when she has forgotten me
That would be the hardest thing, since she touched the sky
I emptied my vault of tears that day, there’s nothing more to cry
And I can’t even try to let her know how hard it is for me
I don’t want sadness in her face; I want her to be as happy as she can be
She might just think that it’s been a while and he doing fine
But how will she know there are always things in my eyes from them to shine

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When the moon goes out

When the moon goes out
I always wonder where the moon goes 
When the sun comes out.
Does it go to bed?
Does it play hid and seek?
When the moon goes out where does it go.
Does it go in the clouds? I really want to know.
If it is made of cheese who eats it all?
I want to know where it says I really don't know.
Does the man in the moon turns off the light.
I know it shines real bright.
When the moon goes out what happens then?

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The Blood Moon

Red moon in October night,
Crimson sprays, from pale light.
Earth’s shadow, casting lovely glow,
Red atmosphere transferring light to pale moon,
The Blood Moon shines tonight.

Watch from the land, 
Watch from the sea,
Watch from the air,
Watch from space,
Watch the Blood Moon.

Red light shines down on Earth’s shadow,
Common night displayed in bloody clarity
From land, air, and sea.

Cast lovely light glow around Earth,
From outer space,
Lights out, deep red glow.
No red moon in black depths of space,
But red Earth, made brighter
From the Blood Moon.

A night of sorrow, warrior loss,
Pray for survival,
Of warriors fighting abroad,
Tribute paid to dead warriors of the past,
The Blood Moon shines for the dead to.

Night is over,
The Blood Moon is gone,
One more year, till the time is right,
And the Blood Moon shall shine again,
But now back to life,
Anticipation for the next crimson night.

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The Prayer of Night

The Prayer of Night

The folded skirt of night presses 
deep and dark
hanging low
upon the monk of wind

His freshly shorn head
with each rounding phase
flicker and float 
until he dips
to rest upon his knees
in gentle evening breeze

Published: Eunoia Review

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I Still Pray to the Moon

I wonder
If the moon ever wept,
And if so
If the sun dried its tears.
I suppose with a love
That burns like fire
It only takes an intake of breath
And a soft blow of comfort
To warm a soul back to life.

I wonder,
If the moon ever became lonely.
If glimpses and glances
Wore hard of her soul.
If she is too, like us.
If the soft blowing of a loving sun
Is not always all that is needed.

I wonder,
If the moon ever becomes jealous.
Does it rage at the other moons
Trapped all within the same constant pull of gravity.
How can one not wonder
If the other’s time is better spent with another?

I heard once that angels take the moon your prayers,
Your dreams.
So I began praying straight to the moon,
If my prayers went straight to the moon
The sooner I would be free of this gravity to you
After all, if the moon knew so well of love,
Of the pain and heat
Of the weariness
Then she must know better than I,
Whether to bring us closer
Or farther apart.

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Darkness stalks the evening sun shadows flee 
The streets, the moon and the stars illuminate 
The night from their power station in the sky 
But neon signs and florescent brights fornicate
their presence  

Bittersweet sorry delight this is the majesty 
Of the night 
And in this realm of darkness come men with 
Barren conscience cold there stories yet untold

Of visions quest and serenade and dreams they 
Hope the night unfold 
Some will speak with tangled tongues and fill 
Te air with daunting sounds 

But when the magic of a darkened sky spills
The fragrance of the night 
Some will hear this tender call and from a 
Heart where truelove dwells answer to the 
Moon that swells 

Bathed in the bouquet of a swollen moon 
This heart now full of freed emotion plays a 
Melody of unchained devotion
Love brings me to this place of hope

That man fear not the darkened sky
This prelude to the morn 
But light the shadows in their soul 
And so embrace the wisdom of the day 
That we might see a dawn 

Earl S. Jackson 

Copyright © 2010 Earl S. Jackson, all rights reserved

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Dark and safe, the sinking flight
Emotions stir, before dawn's light
proceeds to hide the awakening heart
be it whole or only part
Alive! Awake, and questioning
the truth concerning everything
Before the moon sets down below
the restless soul longs to know
true meaning of this pulse inside
that which no one could confide
The moon retreats with morning's glow
never to find what is to know

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The Battle and the Moon

Once again
I fail
And I walk
And the moon is to the right of me
Haunts my thoughts
Every dream
Washed away
And the moon is to the right of me
Beats again
It’s the end
I am done
And the moon is to the right of me
It’s not right
Try again
I will fight
And the moon has stopped beside me
Fighting cry
As I run
I will win
And the moon is to the left of me.

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light of sadness

My soul pours out of my heart,
Along with the rain that pours from the sky.
A hollow feeling grows from inside,
But I just lay here and feel I will die.
The rain hits my face,
Making reality stay close.
My cold, beating heart slows,
And my breathing almost goes.
I start to fade,
Out of this life I once knew.
Feeling everything leave me,
As I count my last heart beats,
Four, three and two…
Then the clouds are empty,
And the raining stops.
The moon shines down
Making my heart drop.
This feeling i forgot is now returning,
I open my eyes and remember,
Just how beautiful the moon is.
I no longer have to remember to breath,
And my heart is racing inside of me.
The day I thought would be my last,
Turned out to be the day all my pain has past.

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MoonBee's Madrigal

Oh... Oh... Come Into The Moon Light …
        And Dance With Me Tonight
I’ve Pink Champagne, Lit FirePlace Flame 
        And The Stars Are Twinkling Bright
I’ve Put On Your Favorite Dinner and Rose Dress
        For Your Delight
Ooooh, Come Into The Moon Light …
        And Dance With Me Tonight

Heeeey, Honey, What Happened To The Lights?
        You Paid The Bill … Alright?
Bring Me A Beer and That Remote Here
        The Cowboys Play Tonight !
Why’s The Table Set… We Got Guests?
         Is That Dress A Little Tight? ……
              * *///// # # ////\\
I Don’t Know Sam… She Just Picked A Fight !
Hauled-Off and Hit Me… With All… Her… MoonBee…  M i g h t  !

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The moon child is sleeping,
On the lap of the sky,
Clouds clothing like blankets,
Star servants watching around!

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Tale from the Moon

The reflection of the sun
Gives light to the moon
Through the twilight of time
Shall he heal his wound
No more the world in his head
Within its walls he was dead.
So fall into the swells of his imagination 
And swim with the waves from his creation
Along with whipping winds of persuasion
Blowing swifly across a magic sea
Sail away with him to this isle of the free.
Upon arrival so he found 
No cherubs playing music
No ripping tides, not even a sound
Only the flying chariot from his dream
And above the moon holding her crown
With all his heart, he spoke to her from a far
She said, "I hear your fervent cry
Oh warrior poet take your dream and fly
I give you the map that has charted each star
Showing Zion, in the land of "Leo del Mar."
So he took the chariot from his dream
Flying into the cosmos, not a moment too soon 
Along with slipping reigns of sanity
And only aid of light from the moon  
Shall he ride through storms of unsurity
And with the twilight of time heal his wound 
The destination marks a new theme
Where he sings new arias upon a lucent lune
"Remember me with each falling moonbeam;
Forget your sorrows with each passing tune."

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when the moon turend gray

when the moon turned gray
the oceans thrust forward
the volcanoes erupt
the animals cry
their blood curtling scream
they have lost a love
they have lost a friend
when the moon goes gray.

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Waltz in Moonlight

She would persevere in winter frost on moonless nights
She would not be remain naked like a bare autumn tree 
She is strong not to fall apart like petals strewn about 
On moonless nights, she lets her tears fall in raindrops  
Longing to become one with him, she is ecstatic with joy.

The mermaid opens up all depths of soul in his wait 
The rising sea tide shimmers like sliver in moonlight 
Promising to reveal his arrival to her any moment  
She would charm him with her moonlit beauty afresh
Her rosy lips eagerly await a kiss of love from beloved.

She seeks for the moon to merge with her beating heart 
His love has power to make her an angel on moonlit nights 
They share secrets known to fishes, birds or notes of music 
A moonlit night reciprocates her love in all its abundance  
She is filled with infinite energy and unbounded joy.

Moonlight lets the mermaid glow with its softness
She drapes the moonlight and waltzes mad in white clouds 
She inhales his love as fragrance of rose, in appreciation
And frames him deep in her soul, like flame of her eye
They swing across moonlit paths, hand in hand, till the dawn. 

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Your Square Moon

Your Sun is square your Moon at 8:32 
as you walk across the foyer smiling 
to greet these new friends of his. 
This can be a tense time, your Moon 
is a mess, staring directly across 
at Uranus, stormy for relationships. 

You nod to Paul and Gwen, who strikes 
you as a tacky piece of work. Moon 
square Mars kicks in with a threat
of over-hasty action. Moon square 
Chiron means dredging up old wounds. 
Smile and ask him to order for you,

then eat your tongue instead. Don’t
be ruled by your stars. Remember, 
your Moon’s about to slip into trine 
with Venus. Later this evening, things 
are bound to turn out better as the 			
all-knowing heavens glimmer down.

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A Saugerties Night

The full moon caresses 
the starry night sky,
moving in slow motion 
across the expanse.
No street lights,
no head lights, 
just the moon 
in her full glory.
As I ponder upwards 
toward the light,
breathing in the cool, fresh, 
clear night air,
the stars seem to write my name
across the sky,
and that’s when I know

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Hunger's Moon

Hunger’s Moon

I gaze and wonder
should I order a pizza?
Perfectly round with
smoothly tawny, aged,
cheese, small bubbles
of asteroid strikes
crisp edge
of darkened pepperoni.
Ripples of heat
across the august face
of old sol's mirror, 
stolen scent
of memories,
hands held,
lovers lies told
in the fullness
of an August moon.

John G. Lawless

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Laraway, Laraway

  What have I done? 
                Left you this morning out of haste,
 love and distaste for solitude?   
                Oh, what are you to think of me?  
Sorta confused about this world lifeanAll, 
                I think that some apology is in order:

	to earth moon sun and sky - - 
my humble service,
                       the living day for you Sun   
under cloud over sky around us all 
                      and I am grateful from your offering 
Nature and Earth, water open sea, 
                      gore crevasse terre   
 Sky    To you Buddha starling Sky of clouds 
                     of air of wind and birds,
 I thank you for sending  
                     my lifeforce in meditation... 
	And Moon, 

to whom I have no words, 
                    Moon for love invested 
like bankmoney    I love you most Moon
	not more than earth
                                                       sun or sky

	not more than water

	not more than nature’s wind     Speaking

but as forwords and
 backwords revolve
                               or like a spring fog or lowing mist
off the sea            (Fogbells and light)

	I think of Moon at each passing note
  	With each hair growing steadily
	suspended on sand    The overlapping plane of mountain

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Ode to the sky as it sets

The sky thralls me- my eyes
e'er drawn to her center
where she emits her soul
a single star. 

her skirt of scalloped clouds,
rose hued,
darkens with her mood. She is royal,
royal blue. She is enshrouded
by inumerous precious stones,
sapphires and diamonds 
she wears in her rolling tresses.
Sometimes she is lit
by fire.
Her skirt is 
incandescent, lit by the 
relentless flame.

The moon is the eye 
of a certain storm.
The eye of the soul.
It is rimmed in the sun's
smouldering embers.

the sky enticed me,
sending the sun to rest with such
a flourish, 
a swish of the hip, sending
the glowing folds of her skirt
in a frenzy.
And it was all for me
to draw my eyes
to her, so that I may be tempted
to keep my eyes upon her. 
The moon was stark on the dark stage,
soft and full
perfect, cratered and undulating. 
I plucked her out of the sky
and replaced her with 
my own golden iris.

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Under A Twilit Moon

The night wore on 
under the twilit moon – 
purple, half-sunk, 
half-risen over the flaming sea. 
Thoughts twirl
 and ebb and flow
 and curl up against jagged stones,
clinging to the only safety
the mind has ever known.  A car, 
an infant, a teardrop mother:  
all waiting silently 
for that peace to come. 
But lo, here’s innocence, 
bright-shining under a starless sky; 
purity of youth lost to age.  And thus, 
there find me, cold and broken, 
aged past morning 
and into evening.  Now here I sit, 
under a twilit moon – 
purple, half-sunk, 
and rising into the gloom.

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August's moon


Quiet moonlight,
Dream smiles on face,
Desire is born in the heart,
Reach out for the moon !

Hidden by a silver cloud,
Halo of full moon appears,
Invades the courtyard,
Drills in through the window,

Its magical aura fascinates,
Gifts peace and content,
As it imbues further deep,
We embrace tranquility !

August 15th, 2014
For contest 'Moon' by Francine Roberts

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The Moon

The moon over the salt sea, that is her, She moves me back and forward, I am the sea. 

Her beams control me, help to give me strength or take it away. 

I enjoy the times she shines just right, casting me in the right light, and we just sway, musicians compose music to try to capture the ambiance of that moment for ears to hear, while artist try to recreate it visually and hope that eyes create tears at the sight of true beauty that is created with her and me. 

The stars envy her, the sun holds jealousy because to be this insync, we could never be. 

They say the moon is exclusively tied to that of water. She is exclusively tied to me, she makes my heart beat harder at my chest like the moon forces waves to beat harder at the sand. 

I compare us holding hands to the sight of the moon appearing to sit right on top of the sea, because it is a truthfully blissful sight to see. 

Our vibe is right to me, like the light the moon creates on top of the sea, not too much, just enough to admire at the beauty that comes from two of God's most majestic creations. 

She clings to me like I cling to her, and even tho she shines on me, she holds all of my secrets. 

She can drive me insane sometimes, so insane I destroy things, never harming her, or she can keep so calm that I move not one bit. 

She is the moon to my sea, she shines a light only bright enough for her to see what's really inside of me. 

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New Moon

For the first time

A bright new moon rose above rooftops and black silhouetted trees

In a clear September night sky

Today I cried along with a song that I heard

Something reminded my soul of the bitter sweetness of life

And I was overcome.

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tidal pool of days end

tidal pool of light
gathers round my feet as day evaporates
without sound it echoes in my minds eye
a thousand years breathed in a single moment
the weight of worlds falling within
the graceful collapse of a single feather touching
like tender kiss tumbling lost
like me
to the same battered wood floor
she once laid in such divine supplicant pose
bare to the golden light as i am now
and for a fleeting moment i share imagined space with
her presence
i can feel thunderstruck awe of her casual passing through this place
but as the tidal pool of days end dries
to the inky darkness
and the moment of perceived shared destiny's fades
i gather one last kiss to her soft hand
one last fare thee well
for one so loved and yet so lost
left behind all delusion
that i could deny you anything you desired
i forgive you for being the object of my affections
i forgive you for being the crux of my self illusion
i forgive you for being the thousand years i breathed in that moment
i say goodnight
because you are...
i kiss you goodnight
because you once were the...
tidal pool of golden warm light now gone

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The Rising Moon

Slowly the sun sets down
And the moon begins to rise
The blue falls all around you
As I find myself
- looking through your eyes.

The light from the moon
Gathers from afar
And forms around you
Creating that Heavenly halo
That which vanquishes
- all evil things I do

So come to me 
While the moon is still high
A brother will hold his sister
Under the Heavenly sky.
Here, we dance till the coming
Of your Heavenly Fathers' becoming.


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The Moon Between the Trees

It was the night after the full Moon.
This was the night that I saw the Moon between the trees.
It was huge! It was the color of melon!
My world was lit as my life had instantly risen.
I saw light gray clouds all dismayed with dark blue visions.
My moment had come forth and all at once, 
I felt a life inside myself begin to breathe.
Three decades of life had passed by me.
Cascades of shadows erupting dark and gray!
Now they evolve in true sight and all of this was for my eyes to see!
“Oh My God”, dear God, this is my world mine all mine in every way!
And this is what I have dropped before Thee?
At such a long distance, that glimmer has covered over me.
So many nights I lay before Thee.
Not one word and not even one moment heard.
For it was silence, for I could not breathe!

An hour had passed since I saw the Moon between the trees.
It had vanished and no longer could my own eyes see,
That dark blue vision, the one that would not let me feel a breeze!
I saw that melon with its glimmer, the one that had covered over me.
I felt my breath deep down inside of me and I finally began to breathe.
“Oh My God”! My dearest God, I have found what I lay before Thee!
I have found the vision of gray and how huge it was for my eyes to see!
“My dearest dear God, my only one and true God”, 
Oh my how I have forsaken this precious life you have given to me!

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I’d say I love you but that could change
I’d say I hate you but that would change
I’d say a million words if only they could fix us
I’d call you beautiful
I’d call you an angel
I’d speak of your eyes like they were pearls in the deep ocean
But that would do no good
For there is not a single soul that hasn’t told you of your glory before
But I’d give you my heart
My never dying love
I’d give you my mind
I gave you my dreams
My hopes linger around your foot steps
I flinch when you hurt
I cry when you mourn
I die when you suffer
I lie by your moon as you sleep
Like a princess in waiting
I gaze at you till fatigue takes me away
Then as I dream you fill my heart
I’d give you my soul
But of no value it is to you
But I could give you my Love
I think I shall

Tonight the mirror broke
A thousand pieces lie before me
It shattered as you dropped my rose
The rose that wilted in your hand
My heart shriveled in my chest
My soul crumbled in my corpse
My tears echoed for ages as you went to another
You have stolen my heart, my mind, my dreams
Wasted my words, my time
You have misdirected the glow of the moon so that its beauty was lost to me
Now you leave and the world heaves a sigh
"Rest now" says the moon
"For tomorrow you shall meet the sun"

© Samir Georges

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A cold moon comes up
After the hot and billowing day
The black beaks, black eyes
White plumed necks
And fanged claws masked as talons
Still sizzle on the sultry brain
There is no safety here
It is a long trek to edge of pain
The constant circle of the crow
The swift alight
The turbid swarming of the flight
The cawings grow
Not trees, barely scrubby thorns
Whose shadows hide the struggle
Between life and death
So urgent nothing is forlorn
No snuggles close to happiness
One only pause to catch a breath
And I walk this Namib place
Towards the moon for one embrace

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From Moon to Minotaur

From moon to minotaur
The gospel unwinds
The tangled mass 
In the memorial of our myths.
The woman there seems black to me
I guess she is naked now
In her ivory world of light
It is her silence I admire
For her words have me caused me pain
And stained joy more
Than the noxious sips of wine.
So I have read the scrolls
And seen my heart transfigured
Into the meteor of his eyes
Tell her do not start the dancing yet
I have one more laugh to make
Before the pyre of my death.

I stand below in the light of her sovereign legs
And keep looking up
To see her in her scarlet dress
Blowing like wisps of clouds into obscurity
When the last iceberg of the moon is gone 
She pours her wine on the tongues of kings
And made my world a marginal hell here
The thread is broken not the stream 
I caught it in rivulets of faith
I cannot fear the wine giver still
Though once I suck in bitterness her breast

The carnage of their chaos is done in me
And I stripped to the insecurity
Of my trembling nakedness.
Laugh at old Perseus
And his finite ball of thread
The moon is not as far as it use to be
But the hero is not here who will save him
For Perseus is not invincible again
Without his staggering line
Of thread in the cavern dark
He cannot face the minotaur
Where I kneel, alone.

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I turn my face up like a waiting cup
Ready to catch beads of beam that falls
From your face turned downward to mine.
And between our distant thoughts, silence.
We, two black souls, face to distant face
And heart to heart beating near
Allow nothing to be corrected or erase
For truth needs no voice louder than love
I am not a child again
Nobody can manipulate my pain. I remain
Transfixed with adoration's eyes
Though the moon is only barren rock
The stars are only balls of gas
The moon shines in the spell of a star
And drink of silence
As diamonds melt into liquid of light still.
Still, earthless, silence implores silence.

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When You're In Sight

Each day I hold you close,
I can feel our love start to rise.
When I put my arms around you,
I can see a spark in your eyes.

   When the sky lights up,
   And the moon shines bright;
   I'm in Heaven
   When you're in sight.
   All I want is you right here,
   So I can hold you tight.
   Yea, hold you dear.

When I press my lips to yours,
I know it's love I feel.
When I say those words,
I know that flame burns real.

   When the sky lights up,
   And the moon shines bright;
   I'm in Heaven
   When you're in sight.
   All I want is you right here,
   So I can hold you tight.
   Yea, hold you dear.

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In the Shade of Half Eclipse

In the Shade of Half Eclipse


Portent breathing

Light diffuse 
Scattering bird song


Indrawn momentum
She held
Prophecy by hands cling 
To premonition

Light fading
Dispersal of half moon shadow
Reaped by tufted grass

So hushed………………………………………..

Encumbered by trepidation
Shade deepening

Held by half eclipse
Nature freed by expectations darkness

Half moon shadow
Half moon light

Unveiled the fairy land

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A reaper of sorrows

I am walking,
Through A lonely night,
I am walking,
Brooding on this life.
As I walk,
Guided by the moon so bright,
As I walk,
A figure comes from behind.
I see this man,
He is as troubled as I,
I see this man,
He is a reaper of the night.
And he tells me,
"I am a reaper of sorrows,
Pour your troubles unto me,
I am a reaper of sorrows,
Through your darkness I can 
I am a reaper of sorrows,
Your guide if you believe in 
I am a reaper of sorrows,
Pour your life unto me."
And I see this man,
Cloaked, brighter than day,
I see this man,
Shrouded, darker than a 
lightless Fray,
I am blinded by this man,
But I have no need to see,
Blinded by this man,
I walk, and my troubles wash 
For no troubles can hide,
When the reaper comes out to 
As with every night,
I wish the moon would forever 
As with every night,
I wish for the absence of the
But the moon ignores my wish,
Bringing morning my way.
And so the reaper of sorrows,
Took all my troubles away.

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In a mesmerizing display,
a crescent moon hangs low
in the swiftly darkening sky, 
back-lit by a soft glow. 
Oh, why
can I not take wings, 
reach beyond my realm,
catch a star, 
                 touch the moon.
Moon, how does it feel
to ride the sky, 
walk through clouds,
                 chat with stars?

How would you feel
if I touched your face,
would my fingers tingle,
                 would they burn?

Does a falling star
kiss your brow
                 or pass you by,
stealing your glow -
                 will I ever know?

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Daytime Minutes

As the full moon asserts herself in the translucent skies
I find myself reaching for her,
As if she were you
I find my mind, wrapped in her craters 
As if, they were…your arms
Stroking her as if she had your skin,
Your soft, angelic skin
I find myself, longing for her to be you
Wishing, that her touch
Could, in someway, equal yours
With eyes tightly shut, 
I picture you…
I picture us
What we were,
What we are,
And what we should be
The moon suddenly becomes the sun
Burning with excruciating pain
Pain from the past
Pain from regrets and misfortune
Scarring me…deeply
I try and extinguish the flames, but
They intensify with every attempt
Thus… it’s settled
Were never meant to be my moon
For I made you my sun
Despite all, you will always be the moon to my sky
But I’m cursed to live only in the heat of the day…
And will never again, feel the smooth caress, of the nightlife

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Primal Urge

consciousness untouched for quite some time
direct caress along the eardrum
rattle rumble howl
somewhere deep in the purple shade
twisting unformed down beneath the scanning lights
searching pinning
sensors gleaming, undulating
it creeps beyond, seeking
winding further, serpent of sound

carrying a basket of frozen grapes and discarded photographs
faded, bent corners
coming apart at the edges
electric cry reverberating
pierces the heart of silence
falling into discord before
everything resolves into
march of ten thousand declinations
inclined to debate
decline to state
what found the star beneath the broken gate?

sometimes the darkness rises above
twisting into a spiral configuration with the dawn
sickness grieves over the corner of conscious corruption
with a silver spear in its eye
bleeding tears of indignation
into the soil
from which sprout dandelions dripping pus

starlight crystallizes against the eye
against ever knowing, you shield your face
raising your arm to block out the light
but it falls against your wall nonetheless
battering, grasping, finally sliding away
you hear the last pitiful plop
as truth denied falls to the ground
and you wonder
whether you want McDonalds or pizza for dinner.

Sometimes, watching the moon rise
a sensation shivers through and threatens to overwhelm
a needful expectation borne of unknown roots
laughing moon dogs dance for their dinner
shivering the black air with their satiation
sympathetic hunger pulses somewhere in the center
and the listener cannot help but think of
venison, blood, and moonlight.

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Night Skys

the cloak of the night skys
glitters with its jewels
and the whitecaps glisten neath the moon
and I am drawn in to its majesty
the hearld of darkness sparkling with light
and stand sheltered by its expanse
the cast of moon scattering gloom
and my smallness is felt deeply
familiar patterns are there
by virtue of the light there reflected
and the surty of knowing its ceaselessness
and its boundries as yet unknown and undiscoverd
that we look away from ourselves to something greater
what is dark in ourselves is far lessened
by the light reflected from another source
to draw strength from without
the whitecaps lap at the shore
the limits defined by her moon and sky
a night of peace unfettered by storm
but the storms will come
with shadows and obscurity
to frighten children and make seamen pray
mankind will scamper to their burrows
and I will be one with them
casting my sight till the sun rises again
chasing away storm and shadow
another morrow to illuminate
the confines of our lives
as is imposed by time and law unceasing

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Adages Pt. 1 (the cloud)

Adages Pt. 1 (the cloud) 

I am just baggage to the world 
Cast away and forgotten 
An entire life 
Waiting for something 

Every so often a random passerby 
We exchange formal soliloquy 
Just talking to ourselves 
Wondering if anyone really hears 

They always keep a lock on my eyes 
To desperate to admit sad truths 
Pretend they’re giving me sound advice 
When just quoting old adages to themselves 

They say 
“Follow the sun, 
For in the light shining upon all 
You will find the way” 

The same response 
Every time runs through my head 
“What of the clouds 
Stealing the light from my eyes 
They always gather around me 
Darkening my life 

“And what of deep night 
Where I sink into despair 
Alone and sinking in a world 
Where no one seems to care” 

They don’t seem to hear my words 
Just keep ranting their securities 
All the while shaking like leaves 
In the harshest of autumn winds 

I wonder if anyone can hear me 
Or if I even hear myself 
Can anyone see me? 
Hidden in this cloak of clouds 

I begin to feel comfortable 
As my worldly self 
Begins to drift away 
Comfortable with no sun 
To burn my skin red 
Or to guide my way 

I’m locked into a perpetual night 
As the oppression of my clouds 
Absorbs the light 
Sun and moon and stars 
And I’m left with nothing 
But four walls 
And a roof 
And a little stool to sit on 

I don’t notice any more random passerby 
Just as they never noticed me 
Just quote my old adages 
Some god created just for me 

“Stay in the clouds 
A safe haven from the pain 
I have no need 
Of ever finding the way 

“The world has spoken its ignorance 
And has finally cast me away 
I’m tired of endless clinging 
And the guilt it brings my way 

“If the life in this world 
Revolves around an endless rhyme 
The sun and moon and stars 
I have better places to spend my time 

“A room of nothing 
No windows or air to breathe 
Just a feeling of numb contentment 
As my soul starts to bleed” 

My conscious mind had made its final pitch 
And it is off to the races 
But I’m moving so slow 
So slow

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Starless Sky

you look upon the sky and seen a starless sky. 
why does it feel so lonely within one room? 
why does everything have to end in some point?
the moon looks lonely, as you sit. 
you think to yourself. .
i am a moon in a starless sky..
where is my shinning star?
where am i to be found?

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If the moon

If the moon were a firefly my dearest by far                     												 	   I the man would pluck it from sky place it in your hand         											       	               If the moon were a diamond ring my dearest by far  														   I the singer would sing it down summoned to your finger                                                                                                                                                                                        	                           If the moon were the only other light my dearest by far														   I the night wind would blow it out for your face to shine bright                                                                                                                                   			   If the moon were a treasure trove I the key                                                                                                                                                                              			   You would be the richest my dearest by far    -by john beam

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Red Moon

The purest of love
shows its rosy red face
to all of those who will embrace.

But, only when the moon is up-high,
illuminating the never ending sky.

The moon glowing
a fierce fiery red
it is flowing
filled with compassion and love
Ready to exterminate,
the darkness of hatred
and replace it with a bonfire of love.

This love has always been
kept burning on nothing but a single ember
Instead of the staggering bonfire
It should be

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So you think because my tongue lance
The eye of devils
To hide my children from their teeth
I cannot feel how quickly your heart beat
Against my breast with longingness
For me to move my hands 
Slowly as the wind move the sands
Against the softness of your breast.
I want to slake this tongue
In the mouth of your understanding
And drink from your lips
Of deep forgiveness
If I spoke abrupt against your need
For my time to give the moon the moon to rise
Undressing the desire of your eyes.
I am a lover
Unsealing virgin gardens of blood
To plant the seed
Filled with the dreams of sensuous happiness.

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This morning when the sun began
With no joy to see
Only the shaking of the tree 
I began to time the coming of your words
The glee of error redeemed
And love restored again in right self esteem.
Expectant ... the bloom of day 
In the fusing of our flesh
 Like light and morning glory
 And the mountain was far away, and its ice
 Summit dripped drop by drop
 With seconds that does not suffice
 To count the lengthening brevity of day.
 The wind came and suddenly stop
 There was no footsteps after it
 Only its silence like a torn blanket around my heart
 The sun slivers away so the moon will come
 All that is left of the ice today
 I am such a little drop jn a swollen bulge of sky
 Such a clamor of the heart for things melting
 I have no more expectation of the sun
 And the moon is such a little drip of hope
 Cold and shivering ... the last dew hangs
 Waiting .... waiting
 Precariously like a heart in love
 And to think this moment
 My life depends on this
 How hard will the wind blow
 I hang for dear life at the tip
 Of a leaf shivering under the moon

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The day of the roaring days
	By the moon has arrived with a pregnant girl;
And the mother from the farming
	Wheat raced with rejoice
Along the road that almost finished
	With the closing eyes of the girl. 

The day of the roading days
	By the moon has a little girl,
Yet the weak moonlight as a raped friend
	Has taken over the moaning living
Of a deed and alone the racing, a runner
	Who was living below the bells.
They said it was God who was calling
	In the wilderness, almost lost.

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On a journey we go to Ashton to meet our fellow pagan 
friends down at Eclipse. They are just like us 
and we all have fun together coz we share similar beliefs. 
We count down the days down to Halloween 
when we will get together for our Meek 
to drink to the witches and celebrate the ritual. 
Everyone shall become one as the gods and goddesses come 
and join us as the boundaries between our earth and the spirits 
thins and our worlds combine. The beliefs that have lasted centuries 
shall come forth and continue to do so for millennia.

from my earlier pagan days.

for those interested i write as nick armbrister and jimmy boom semtex. lots of stuff online.

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When the sun goes down, and the breeze freshens, 
when the night fills the sky, I’ll then feel at home,
as I’ve none of my own.
     And I’ll feel as though I belong.
When the moon comes up and lights the night
and the stars dot the heavens, I stare transfixed
     in awe of what I see
     as I silently wish with all my might.
To see the sun rise, not in the morning as all else,
but in my mind or in my heart,
     is what can put me to rest.
In a corner of my mind, where no-one ever sees,
lies a child in fear.
Of the terror of the day,
     and the mysteries of the night.
And as I watch that child grow old and alone,
I wonder why the light never shines in on him.
When the sun brightens the darkest of days
and the moon and stars illuminate the night,
     why must anyone live in the darkness of the
     mind, which no light can reach?
What can block the light,
     what can break the spell,
     what can move this one to freedom?
Why must the fight never leave the mind,
     why must the child grow old?
Why do the stars never twinkle?
     Why do the leaves fall off;
     why does the river taste like tears?
Why does the mind ache and hurt?
     Why does the heart pull up curt:
          Why does my soul feel pain?

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The CoDependents Love Song

I cannot escape
The moon controls me
It owns me
And I am not myself
I am only his
I may wander to the shore
But just like the tides
I am always pulled back into the ocean
Where the moon can always find me

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Fist of Determination

Don’t you get in my way!
And don’t you dare try to stop me now…
Because if you do, I shall warn you
That you’ll be falling right before me…

As the sun rises, I am ready to fight
I feel this energy within me begin to escalate
And manifest itself into a spirit! This is great!
These fists of mine will tackles anything and crush
All those who get in my way!

Don’t you get in my way!
And don’t you dare try to stop me now!
Because if you do, I shall warn you
That you’ll be falling right before me!

As the moon continues to rise through the night
This spirit within me beckons to try out
These fists of mine right now! I feel it!
It is guiding me down a path that I
Must see to the very end!

Don’t you get in my way!
And don’t you dare try to stop me now!
Because if you do, I shall warn you
That you’ll be falling right before me!

As the sun rises…
As the moon rises…
These fists of mine will tackle anything and crush
All those who get in my way!

Don’t you get in my way!
And don’t you dare try to stop me now!
Because if you do, I shall warn you
That you’ll be falling right before me!

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Thinly sliced is God’s ice moon, heavens elliptical lens
Illuminating the translucent skies of the universe,
Moving in circles revolutions, pushed by the
Fingertips of the lord divine.
An opal jewel hung amongst the diamond stars,
Hanging upon the silver lining of space,
It shines with elegance brilliance, and shimmers
Against the darkness of nights blackened canvas.
Reflections’ dappled pool of imperfections dented
Glass, is this rock giant shield, that protects our sacred
Mother earth from asteroids collisions, but she still
Glistens with inspirational grace on high, this moon
Goddess of the timeless.
Within the shifting waves of the ocean, you can
Almost see each revolution as it pivots on its
Excess point of the golden measure, influencing
The tidal currents, of the blue hued world below.
As flirtations moon beams wink at the rays of
The approaching dawn, trying to beguile them
Within her tangling web of seduction, she must
Relent unto the suns warmth, until it is time
To drop her gown’s black coverlets once more,
Then will she take her place again amongst
The solar sky.
What fine points delicate tapestry, woven on
The looms of the angels, then cast asunder 
To light the kingdom of mankind until the end
Of time itself it shall shine forever throughout
Thinly sliced is God’s ice moon, heavens elliptical lens
Illuminating the translucent skies of the universe,
Moving in circles revolutions, pushed by the
Fingertips of the lord divine.

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The Lonely Moon Rising.

Where does the river flow,
If not to you? 
You make my heart sing. 
I sit gazing out over the lake.
The sunsets, as the moon rises.
The water glistens,
So calm and peaceful.
Ducks fly going to their home,
Reflections on the water.
So peaceful yet so lonely,
And I think if only ………...
If only you were here to share,
To share in this wonderful time,
To share in my life.
For you to know how my heart feels.
A lonely tear falls, as I am missing you.
Wanting you by my side. 
A deep breath taken as if it were my last,
A sigh, thinking of the past.
Where will my life go,
Is this the end?
I am loving you so,
Why pretend?
The sun now gone, 
As I sit all alone.
The lonely moon rising.

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Upon Gaze

A cold moon to gaze 
I can see a face in the clouds
Found my way down to the grave
I cannot taste
Anymore pain but the ache
Isn't as sudden 
Wasnt what you would think
That was my brain 
Thinkin' all that can say

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A Sluggish Socratic Reservoir

In your restless slumbers you feel me,
I know you feel me.    
Always by your side like an iron rusted sword
Dull to the touch and stranded to the length of your back.
Your sudden sighs will be the ocean churning and
The waves that collapse against the shore.
Every ache you undergo will emit a moan
So loud and locked away that even the sky will mourn
And it’s rains will fall for you alone.
Each dripping drop will attempt to match your insides
From the moment the first moon beams hit your windowsill
Till the sun ascends in an incandescent dawn
That pinkens the walls of your chambers.
You look beyond a naked field to
A moon which eases with every passing moment.
Beckoning you to dreams and thoughts that lay like scars and stains.
Come, they whisper.
Come listen to the symphony of our affairs.
Come watch these green waters turn to gold.
Travel the world and reach the end 
Only to find that you still want.
But here, with no one around in this volatile room,
With no eyes peering but the licks of lighted candles,
You’ll plead no to a nameless fear 
As you swallow the back of your mind.
Let an open mind in,
Allow it to listen.
And as you glance over to vacancy from
Your worn and heated side,
The skies will shudder with every hope and every lie
That even Socrates cannot deny these tries.
But in the half light of my own room
I wish to be your broken record
Or the lead singers private microphone.
Kiss my finger tips and drink in the residue of fountain pens.
I will plaster each phrase to my bedroom wall
Where I live to see that the writing never flows.
That each excerpt is choppy and final.
That every quote is bold and blush.
The frayed and shredded nursery wallpaper,
Shimmering pink with sudden audacity,
Will reflect moodily and ambiguously of my shattered thoughts.
With kudos to a grandmother Mary,
I slowly lift a frozen face from underneath a pillow.
After a minute of self doubt and realization
That settles like pin pricks on the palms of my hands,
I slide the idle face back into it’s sheath
Then contemplate the curiosity of my own slumber.
While ignoring every hope of sleep,
I’ll thread two nimble fingers through an open flame,
Stare provokingly into the shadows on the ceiling,
Get bored,
Get lonely,
And think of you.                  

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Of Mice and Moon and a Boy

                                     Of Mice and Moon and a Boy

                                     Strange the light that shone
                                     In my childhood, of winter time
                                     Through a bare tenement window
                                     Once called home.

                                           Bright beam struck
                                           Faded linoleum floor
                                           Bathing shabby room
                                           In magical light.
                                           Hordes of mice
                                           Twitching busy whiskers
                                           Suddenly stopped playing
                                           Vanished into hollows
                                           While Smokey outdoors
                                           Hunted other victims.

                                     Curious and tired of sleep 
                                     I escaped from the big iron bed
                                     Drowned by blankets and overcoats
                                     Where Sister and Brother slept.

                                           On nimble feet
                                           I tiptoed quiet
                                           Reaching ceramic sink
                                           Frozen water taps.
                                           I stretched high
                                           To silvery white
                                           Eyes, mouth, everything.
                                           Transfixed I gazed
                                           Sharing new smiles
                                           With unbroken spells
                                           Me and him.

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each crescent moon that has gone by
found you with your true love
each time I looked at the mocking orb
I could see you there together

silence grows like the moons in between
as it fades into each of its phases
each time I think I have put it to rest
the crescent moon shines down again

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A Beautiful Night

Looks like something i would see in a dream
everything seems to be just right

the moon is shining, the stars surrounding, 
protecting Her from all harm. 
Never in my life have i seen such a beautiful night, 
it glows with charm. 

But the clouds start rolling in, dark and cold
swallowing the moon and stars whole. 

for within something so beautiful cannot be all good
everyone has their faults, why not accept it?
let people live their own life, quit with the judging. 
why can't we all just accept each other like the moon and the stars do?

For within anything that is hideous, there may be something beautiful underneath
so live and let live, i say. 
maybe the world will be a better place if we did.

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An Ethnographer's Note

When I write this moon on my eyes
Who will read?
In what language will you discover
Your surprise
At the boundary of words
Babel high between you and I?

My moon is my only representation
Of what I believe
The full value of my understanding
Of rising stars and falling leaves
Pictures to embrace
So alien to your tactless taste.

To understand me the invisble today
You become me
No clock of periodisation to sway
No stagnant unit
Of analyses confining me to yesterday
The unshelling od love.

To understand me - comfort zones disallowed
You must accept
My table at the rim of your history
Is only marginal
Memory since Colombus caravels sailed
My moon was not impaled.

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Diamond Night

Out from the beach, the moon glistens, brightly,
Upon the frothy waves, parading to shore,
In the distance, the peaks climb, to the heavens.
Reaching for the clouds, in a sculpted backdrop,
Their greenery sparkles, profiled and shadowy.
Bluish green under currents, bless the perfection.
Sand, sparkling, moving slowly as crystal adrift,
This night’s full moon is the victor of nature.
These are glorious sights of diamond night.

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Swan Song

Swan Song

Stealthy killers have crept
Their secret bullet
Reaching this empty nest
Swans too unaware of attack
Arms aimed riffles

Pleasure hunted

Only one reflection now
No other dark gaze looks back
No other gliding ripples
All reassurance has gone

The lake of desolation
Coaxed her half hearted rage
Bleeds from a crooked corpse
Pathetic winds stir dead feathers and reeds
To animation
No gentle neck arching
Wings now absent haunt the breeze
She is a pose of fear

The air to void to fly 
No other yellow bill or back glinting eye
None could vie with her chosen
White beauty now unmoving
Scarlet slash wickedly marring
Maiming her heart with sudden isolation

The ballet of the dieing
Cannot see the cruel eyes prying
Exulting in the deed
Do not hear her lament 
Joining in a pact a spur of black
Still mournfully beating

Madness flapping struggled with reflection
To lift his head from under
To breathe till breath would burst her lungs asunder
But lower still he seemed to fall

Days shot sound echoed constantly 
Unmoving nights which found her
Till dawn would bring its shadows
Illusions born by sorrows
Sends haunted dreams
In madness before her

Cast the moon in images of death defied before her

A phantom wrapped in eyes of night
And side by side they glide
Mourning on the silver tide

Three nights and no more can the moon contain
In her heart the spur of black
Lay barren ready for a violent ice caress
For paths to cross just once
She vowed in her willingness
To become in her will an ice sculpture of 

So harboured deep in proud beauty
A malice in hatreds empathy
Prayed for fate and chance to shake hands

And there on the shore
The assassin stands  

Gliding wistfully she
Using all her grace and beauty
To bind her quarry
In her natural mystery
Slipped over the stillness
Approaching with coyness
Mesmerizing light in water gleams
Her fatal white and an arrow beak
Fixed the man by her darkest dreams
Opening wings 
Sheds intent glare beguiling
Her neck an arrow javelin
Unleashed her fury broke true and deadly
With lethal intention

For her mate
She launched her self upon him

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Mission of Love

The moon reflects softly
On the ocean’s surface tonight.
I’m a master of intelligence
With the C.I.A. codename: Night Surfer.

I secretly...spy my surroundings,
I text...coded messages to the target.
To rendezvous in the heart of the sand.
For an ambiguous adventure.

The soothing...waves provide
As a sound barrier to muffle her sighs.
A cool breeze stirs and tousles,
A top-secret mission is underway, 
As I spy and search my target thoroughly.
Merging silhouettes fuse as one bulk of shadow. 

My clandestine service...steams up,
During these passionate...pulsating moments.
Her keypad for her secret gates flicker’s
In a crimson flash for the secret code,
As we play tongue...tag on the sand.

“Let me inhale you...let me devour you,
You flutter your eyelashes like butterfly wings.”

Then, I trip the it loudly sounds through the air.
Intruder alerts blare through her facial expressions,
As I encrypt the code to cease the alarm.
I softly kiss the nape of her neck,
Under the blanket of celestial moon and starlight.

My hard drive retrieves the data...
A mission success on a sexual...spy op.
Pleased eyes gaze into the distance,
At the reflection of the moon...beaming softly,
On the ocean’s surface as we disappear swiftly like we arrived.
Leaving behind sifted...sand with the contours
Of a steamy rendezvous of a successfully completed mission.

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Adages Pt. 3 (the hierophant)

I can see the web of lies around me
Constructed by the spider in my heart
Just a manipulator
Playing its games with my life
I promised myself
As only a fool can
That there could be a safe haven
Calm within the eye of the storm
When it was only a trap
Set so perfectly on me
By myself
The ignorance of the world has always astounded me
Confounded me
Even as I ignored it in myself
Just felt the need
To find my own way
In a life that was never too kind
To the stranger
To me
I don’t know why it is always spinning
Think I’ve created this hell
In the image of a world left behind
Just another contradiction
Another manipulation
Another one of my lies
I made myself so cold
That I forgot to be angry
For what everyone did to me
Forgot to be forgiving
And to look the other way
Now I’m just a nothing
Forgotten to all
The opposite of what I needed
Or ever wanted
I am ready for the change
I am ready for the knowledge
Black turns to grey
My blue skin to red
As I shout and scream
A realization
A new found adage
Of how it could have been
“I never needed the light of a sun
To guide me on my way
Never needed a hope
To feel that I’m okay
I don’t need to rhyme
To impress the people
Who’ll just waste my time
I can go my own direction
To any place that I desire”
A hierophant is blooming
With no hope there is hope
And no need for a following
Just a contradiction and a knowing
Tomorrow will be
As always
Another day
The shift in the world around me
As drastic as black to white
Day to night
Reflected sunlight
As the moon makes itself known to me
And all the contradictions coming into focus
Becoming the world in which we all live
We feed on each others lies
And create our own
If only to fool ourselves
Into a state of relative bliss
Into a joke 
We’re playing on ourselves 
I don’t want the sun 
And its insistent heat 
I don’t need the clouds 
Or the people that I see 
Wandering around like dazed puppets 
Numbed on the drugs of old 
I just want to go my own way 
And to question what we know 
The moon in all its mystery 
Its quiet grace 
Greets and bids me fair tidings 
Hoping that something will treat me well 
A lone friend in a world 
Full of followers and beggars 
Fakes, frauds and any assortment of contradictions 
And this moon smiles
Gives a nod of approval 
It can see me 
Breaking out from behind my clouds 
And shining into the world 
A second sun 
A light guiding my own way 

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Her Phantom and The Ghost

Her Phantom and The Ghost
Waking from a slumber
where light could never touch her
And to coax him from her dream
her smiling shade to comfort him
wishing he should recognize
the familiar shine of her eyes

Take him now on your moon washed cloud
together between the sail and prow
Wicca sister is this the night before
as you rest some where beyond his recall
I ask
do you love me even now
So he was drawn to the premonition of her knife
her reception in the emptiness
a binding twist in his restless sheets
whispered from my pillow
Her the phantom and He the ghost
a whispered name from tear damp pillow
and look the soul
and take this soul
to the emptiness that harbored you in her forgetfulness
now asks that you confess one simple thing
Wicca sister are you sleeping now
are you hung between the sail and prow
does the ship of the moon still wonder how to carry you in a cloud
Pale body clothed the disguise of the undressed
a prison looked onto her naked place
the inquisition of the countless curves of her beauty
as my mind hungered for infinity
did his heart rejoice to be so oppressed
I Held you then like broken glass
A shattered face of tomorrow's sun
drawn to the augury of her knife
when it spit the dusk of blood about your naked feet

Cold mist dews the morning
cools the foot prints left in the grass
as I carried the pedestal of her heart
it is the morning that I remember
the day before my debt
when the light can hardly touch her
waking and not knowing where
the dawn has spilt his shadow on her sheet
Here I stand in the guise of a ghost
the acolyte with his offering
he shall hold so close the broken glass
kneeling in old broken bones
moves as limp as a slave
to the head stone of my grave
Wicca sister you are sleeping now
hung somewhere between the sail and prow
yet the ship of the moon has no time to wonder now
on how to carry you in a cloud
Wicca sister on this last night before
as you sleep some where far beyond my call
I ask
do you feel love
even now

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My Love Of The Seas

Here I love you, the seas so calm. 
In the dark pines the wind disentangles itself. 
The moon glows like phosphorus on the still waters. 
Seasons, all of a different kind, go chasing each other. 
The snow unfurls on the shores like dancing figures. 
A silver gull soars down from the skies, 
sometimes like a sail open and graceful… 
Sailing high, high up to the skies. 
Oh the black cross of a ship. 
Alone, sometimes I get up early and even my soul is wet. 
Far away the Sea sounds, and resounds. 
In the far distance, a port off the still waters. 
Here I love you, the horizon hides you in vain. 
Sometimes my kisses go on those heavy vessels, 
they cross the sea towards no arrival. 
I see myself forgotten like those old anchors. 
The piers sadden when the afternoon moores there. 
My life grows tired, hungry with no purpose. 
I love what I do not have. 
My loathing wrestles with the slow twilights, 
the night comes and the stars sing to me. 
The moon turns it's clockwork dreams. 
The biggest stars look at me with your eyes, 
as the pines in the wind want to sing your name, 
with their leaves of wire. 

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Hanging on Love

When the sun's burning arms outreach it's warming oriflammes, they cup the moon within its hands, the wild night it tames. The moon surrenders to the sun, for the mighty heat it feels. Yet, the sun asks not then for submission but offers then its zeal. It desires to share in, of the sky as two that shine as one, to come together hanging high the moon and lover sun.

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The Wizzard and the Moon Goddess

                                 She actually never thought
                             she was the moon Goddess but 
                            did think the moon guided her path...
                            The wizard, overcome by her charm,
                       lost his pizzazz, falling off his cliff of renown..
                           Now, wonders how he has lost control
                             over some bold girl pretending to be
                              "Miss Personality" and singing some
                                 outrageous song about love and
                               freedom, forgetting the two don't go
                                               hand in hand...
                                If only she had listened to her mother!

Feb. 12, 2011

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Mood Swings of the Moon

The moon cries at dawn As tears drip onto the now fading smile That disappears due to the passing It mourns its morning demise As through the light of sun It will disappear The moon is elated at dusk As its smile beams a new light Evident to the nighttime watchers That look to it for beauty, for romance The sun disappears offering darkness For the moon to appear

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Carpathian Curse

The light of the moon serves as source
For my once beating heart, now still
As I wander the lonely corridors of time
Eternal, to grip my breathless, lifeless chest
Each day’s a seductress, but surely my death
For the awaking moon is my life, my morning
To then search high and low for fulfillment
Only to be left with blood of life, not my own
Oh, the pain of the never aging flesh I retain
It serves as the captor, the origin of my demise

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Upon Her Prey

Swift moon owl
There, she boldly glides,
So far and wide 
Against the boundless 
Ocean tides
Thus, hearing the 
Trident call of
The ambient moon 
Swooping down, 
Upon her prey 

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Moon Changes With Seasons

The tranquil moon permeates the very skin of man
Entering into the depths to where inspiration lies
Allowing breaths of wonder to escape the being
While staying eternal as a source of beauty
It is during this autumn that the moon shines dim
But yet with a fullness and brightness of life and hope
The autumn moon hangs low as if to kiss the earth
While the hearts of man rise to meet its touching rays
Look up to the sky tonight, breathe deep, take in the view
The moon welcomes all who seek beauty, romance and hope
Let the dreams inspired by this moon remain as a spark
When the dim light of winter’s death darkens dreams
For then it represents hope for change, growth
And the very spring of our lives and summer of color 

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Fluttering Moth

Sweeping moon dust from her wings
The moth spirals high into the glow of the moon
I close my eyes and see your face
Wondering if in a distant place
It ever flies for the moon to reach me

Whispers of young lovers
And I walk away remembering
The soft blanket of night that hid our first embrace
You meant the world to me
I reach for the moon to keep you within

Against the still of darkness
I feel comfort by its shade
And into the warmth of black
I keep silent my forlorn desire
The glow of my love's fire within me illuminates

And I swat at the fluttering moth

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A Mid-Summer's Night

A warm breeze blows through my hair
As I walk down the well worn path
The moon above illuminates the way
Casting it's light around me
The crickets chirp in the tall grass
Playing their night time melody
Up ahead I can hear the water
Lap against the shore of the lake
The lake where I first met her
The place where I fell in love
As I walk along the beach
The cool sand under my feet
Memories of her come rushing at me
The walks on a mid-summer's night
Holding hands, feeling complete
I walk out onto the wooden pier
Where we shared our first kiss
With the moon and stars above
As our only witness
I close my eyes and can almost hear
The sounds of our laughter 
Echoing across the water
A tear slips from my eye
Leaving a salty trail along my cheek
For there is no more laughter in my life
Opening my eyes, I look to the sky
Wondering if she can see me
On this mid-summer's  night
For she is with me in my heart

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Exhaustive Concordance of Days

Chalk eaten paper, unrolled on my floor
Stiff shoe paperweights holding it still
I'm on my belly with green fingertips
painting the backdrop for the next scene in life.
There will be oceans, for who doesn't love oceans,
and there will be strings holding sun kites and breath
You will be there wearing velvet and honor
shooing the birds as they land on my shoulders
Then there's the moon which I've painted in fuchsia
It's a moon which decided to grow it's own heat
None of this waiting for sunshine and earth shift
This is the moon at the end of act three.
Then there is pain (for pain's always there)
but I've put it in bubbles way over our heads
You're hiding pins in the sleeves of your coat
but I've painted them sewed into fabric and red
Wishes are tangible here in my mind
so I've sketched them in scrollwork on the edge of the page
These are the moments we yearn to dip into
in dreams and in all waking solace
I could go on like a list of desires
but you really should just make your way to my house
Please do forgive my disheveled appearance
and kiss me on lips stained of verdant
This tapestry life is an eater of time
I'm full of paint scrapings and boldness (and rhyme)
I've set down indelible what I want to be
an exhaustive concordance of days.

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Season Come Season Go

Season come and season go

Tis the moon change in the

A neon orange moon glisten in 
The night..

As the moon shine his brightest

Is there a light inside the moon

While that little boy  sit’s and fishes
Off the moon

Can you see him all relax and laid

With his fishing pole dangling off the
Tip of the moon

Can you see  how cold the moon
Appear in the midst of January

The season come and season go

The orange moon glisten in the


The frosty chill cover’s the land from

An age “ole” neon orange moon visit
The night.

Which being his time to shine in the
Midst of January brew

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A Dewdrop Born in an Early Morning

a dewdrop from a wandering bead
born in somewhere deep and deep in valley
asking the reason why he has to be born 

dyed blue
in a moon

and thinking of the meaning of life
looking up at the countless stars
the dewdrop driven by the early morning sunbeam 
that came climbing up the wall from the other side 
of the rugged mountain came to a spring 
being formed from misty beads and dews 
that were born at dark of the night 

and flow as a rivulet for the place somewhere in an unknown lowland
although a water bubble the transformed dewdrop drifts in the gathered waters 
to a destination unknown 

there was a springtime after cold shivering winds of the days 
and ice to stand still for a while  
because it carried time with it
and that was why birds twittered from the treetop 
along side of a flowing water

then summer came with big strides
accompanying clouds side by side
throwing hot air to kill a cicada burned alive  
under thick green tree leaves shrilling chirrup  
and for nothing would permit water to stop or pause 
no matter how wearisome is the water
it has to flow ceaselessly as if it's the water’s destiny
and while doing so
a reddened dead leaf falls on the water 
and comes along with the water to the mouth of the river
where you’ll see the waves clasp with the edge of sky
at yonder horizon the great water the home of a dewdrop 
born in one moonlit night

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Eclipsing the Moon

The night turns purple as it sleeps in dead men's fingers
still in the gelatinous state we find abhorrent
rocking waves in an ongoing performance under wisdom's moon 
while you steal me shells and lace me seaweed necklaces
At this moment, I'd take every pearl drop from every oyster
and throw it to the edgy sea, every sleeping gold doubloon
in silt compressing decadence a laugh lost in history
left there in the dark of the dark.
Far away from the luminary whispers we ignite.
Just let me trace the moon shadows on your face once more.
Leave me with a ring of salt for commitment and hum under your breath
just loud enough to lift the waves a little higher
a little higher still...
and this purple night will sleep on,
grumbling of lost sea items and treasures,
erasing our footprints from it's memory
as we eclipse the moon with our kiss.

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truth? lies? or your gift?

What do you believe?
What do you know?
did you have any clue i read tarot cards professioanlly for the oldest restarunt built
in my city
and predict surprised birthday parties that have passed
and cfan tell you all sorts of secrets of exaggerated emotion and paranoia
that only the moon knows

So like the life lesson of the hanged man
are you here to realise you are gullible or to see through me and know ive been 
telling the truth
is this a test for you flase prophet
or your spiritual awakening with another card before you saying all of my poetic 
poems that sound personal are nothing more than fabrications
and many of you judge me
and that further goes to prove my writing ability?

Is it true do i know anything of being bonded to the material
and the devil who reminds me the keys to my chains are within my grasp
And the tower of unforseen catastrophe always has a happy ending or a rainbow
but only a true prophet in the year 2012 in las vegas understands the 
conspirtualacy of my craft

Is the hierophant all about the conformity of society 
and the grouping together of the nonconformidt youth
so when the saints and sinners pull to gether to revolutionise and pull this star 
from the sky will our dreams or nightmares come true?

Tell me prophet Am i a fool because the magician never taught me his tricks
but i understand the perfect shufles and have a deck of freudian slips of my own?
the blue moon sunrise and the three levels of the game of reality
we take babysteps of fear to beat or fail to proceed or return to the start
Where exactly is the emperor's crown of authority when society understands the 
slide of psychology
and the one of a million being catered to 
and the billion sof like minded individuals that spiral out from this psychological 

Am i in the driver seat of the chariot and do i have enough temperance
to balance the forces of good and bad to see the pros and cons
of the blessings and ultimatums of desires and consequence
were you gullible all this time to fall for my lies?
or were you smart enough to see them as works of art?
or are you a true prophet and need to start the revolution from the earth and the 
pollution of our skies

here i am 
a false martyr
tell me prophet whats in store for me
and what am i to do?

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The Time After Sleep

At midnight
The moon floats above
Dancing through a field of twinkling stars
The world below sleeps
Tossing and turning 
Thinking about the next day
Waiting for a single beam of sun
Bird’s songs welcome the day
The ringing of an antique clock
Shocks the system
The heart beats a little faster
As the day begins
Rushing to meetings
Stressful living
With no relaxation
The heart strains
The mind works 
The head aches
Fantasies wander ahead
To a moon dancing among the stars
Searching for the moment when the day ends
And sleep can once again be found

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The Science Fiction Poem

The Science Fiction Poem 
The Science Fiction Poem 
We flew in a crafted ship with a needle nose cone 
We stowed away in the engine room and we danced at home 
With the Martians we danced on the moon 
with the stars and the never locks we camped out 
with songs all around us we soon crept to bed. 
So happy to be on the way to the moon and to mars 
Eye smuggled the flashlight into the sleeping bag 
And the copy to read that book from the lieberry 
And eye always was red eye and tired 
From reading HEINLEIN in the night 
The light from the sleeping bag always was right in the book 
And when fear made me leave the thing or eye had to look 
for a place to use the facilities' in the middle of the night 
The story was still in my mind and eye was in flight. 
A boy scouting on Mars and the moon. 
Always the hero and winning the day 
Keeping the air supply safe for the girl. 
Always eye was a survivor the man with the plan. 
Turning the science fiction at hand 
Into dreams for all men. 

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The Moon Is A Mistress

The Moon wears this
Red scarf and black heels
The moon is a mistress
Let her turn this wheel

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Lest Love be Lost

When you came to my window
the moon was away
the map was in your eyes
orange blossoms,
planets divide,
old mistakes contained,
our world within
of nutmeg,and chocolate,
persimmons and silver liquer
shaken out loud.
So hide your broken summer,
let the lover's moon alight
   Fly that mystic dream to me
I wait here on this foreign shore
nameless and alone
See the palm trees whispering
they confide the secret way to home
  Look not into the night owl's eyes
lest the season turn
  and all that's love be lost.

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Our Nature

The soft moonlight shines down upon the lake this evening
as we venture, hand in hand, and a blanket under my arm,
deeper into the woods.
Being serenaded by the sounds of the night owls and all creatures
we find just the right spot where the trees seem to circle like viewers
ready for a show.
That moon leaves just enough light for our eyes to see the splendor of each other
and witness the actions of our love, let alone be witnessed by the trees
and all inhabitants.
We lay the blanket down and lie atop, with our backs on the ground,
sharing a dream or two and admiring the beauty of the moon and stars
and of each other.
I reached to touch your face and gently caressed your cheek, 
noticing the highlights the moon cast upon your beautiful face,
much like an angel.
I can’t stop but think that here I am now, the luckiest man on earth,
as I look at you, you are beautiful and soft and so caring and warm,
my eternal other.
I wish to make this moment last forever, the passion not yet surfaced,
but is rising within the two of us as we contemplate the emotion, the need,
the undying love.
All is gone now, there are no trees, no moon, no lake, no animals,
no beauty at all, other than the beauty of you as I look into your eyes
and yours in mine.
The temperature rises and we find each, with hands as eyes, exploring,
and our hearts as our guide, through the night of passion and sheer joy
we express our love.

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The Dual Moon

The moon walks up trees on the dark beach,
Sand in grey, water shoo my foot prints away.
I feel my nakedness as waves roll my neck
In the coolness of warmth my body glows.

The silhouette jump paces, steps my track
In strides; sweet wind throws tussles wide
Her nakedness show body mergers divine. 
Sheer splendor slides: within tender tides.

Bewitching she floats ambles to my side.
Neck deep we rearrange the moonlit shine
Erasing suggestion from the muscular scene
Our heart pulses and eyes perform to click.

We craft the lip touch, close warmth as one
Merging body her nipples nudge liquid fun
Pain grips swells deep down taking a stand
She floats her circles wide in margin glides

I hold her tight she ties and groups the knot
Moving up playing tricks thrust again a trot
Clawing hands encircle the neck and she cries
Grabbing hands plunder to move the underside   

Muffled thump cascading bumps devoted ride
Weightlessness here in firmness there we fight
Droplets there coziness here on harmony side
Here i push there passion assault’s in delight

The dual moon wads my consciousness alive
There she walks in body and soul misaligned.

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There is a full moon,
distant in the sky, tonight, 

Grey planets are planted
on an aging white face.

Children, living & dead,
love the moon with small hearts.

Those in heaven already take gold thread,
drop the moon down for us all to see;

Those alive with us, look out their 
bedroom windows, tonight, & smile-

Then prayers, then sleep.

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Momentary Moon

      It passes so 
 but the light illuminates 
the night 
   for a moment
   The moon is full
  let the few moments 
we have
    before the hourglass 
runs out
 become worthy of our striving
  as we continue our journey
Before we can 
lay down our burden
we must grasp
    the moonbeam 
in our hands
    and before nightfall
We'll take flight!
We'll leave this orb!
Dance on the moon as it circles our 
own blue Earth

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Twilight of a New Beginning

The Twilight of a New Beginning

The stars hold our past brightly

Lest we forget, but way in the distance

Not to be touched again

The moon slides across the sky

A mirror of things to come

The cycle of life that does not die

The sun which never rises

Tempts the eastern sky

Even in darkness its light shines

Where to go? What to do?

Should I want? Should I desire?

Should I be?

Prayers unheard all those years

Dreams paralyzed by my fears

Just one more day, please, for all my years

Great Spirit speaks to the night

The Wolf and Moon dance with delight

The rest of the creatures awe at the sight

Mother Earth opens wide

From her womb a knowing spirit glides,


Into the twilight of a new beginning


Mark De Binder —(White Falcon) 2006

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Valley Of The Red Gold

The sun melted and fumed smoking in the disoriented darkness of the creeping night.
Exulting to breathe life within tormented crusts of hardened granite and molten lava
Waiting for the cool sheen of the silvery moon to shatter the embrace of dark clouds
Flouting in magic through the slippery soft braided knots embarking to cast its spell:   

I have heaved to sighed through erotic tracks stroking each cleft in the shadows bites
Tipping the areolas with sprays to whet by fermenting them into dewy hardened spills  
Pouting to the cavity of warmth within sloping soft wet walls endearing them to rage   
With wild moves down silky curves in adventure sport to strike the G-lode of delight;  

Silent turbulence within the bushes, a drop here, a tickle there as I touched the fissure
Loosing my composure to the rising warmth of sweet aroma, I uncover the virgin cave
Entrance key embedded with in the spruced lofty molds guarding the vibrant embrace
In pleasure the moon grew to color and blush, stretching to yield its spreading treasure.

Cupids head parting cushy narrow folds softly to invade thirsty deep loneliness within;
Piercing, the gorged body slips to embed scraping the walls resisting the torture moves
Freed by lust filled motions cradled to rock desire extruding essence spiced flaming red
Churning to persuade the open lode to strike moments in its rich yellow metallic passion: 

Up against the wall in raw emotions, nature takes it own course to strike in ache ecstasy
To wade through smug waters cave hiking gorges, panning sand in lust looking for Gold.

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Come lie with me,
upon a endless beach,
where the moon is full,
and the stars can't be reached.
Crashing waves, we never see,
under the dark moon,
just you, and me.
Our worlds so close,
yet miles away,
together we are,
sitting near the bay.
Friends of the heart,
forever we say,
where the moon is full,
together, alone, another day.

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Barren Shore

to lost loves

I stand alone along the shore
washing away my sins in the surf
submerged in the sands a prisoner of time
a single call to be rescued goes unnoticed
i've known the day too long
we've many dates to make the night envy
my midnight lover has cheated on me
the man in the moon wants whats mine
for as long as the sun shines
the stars shall be mine
and the moon shall be also to my beg and call
but shall bare me no more kids 
on this barren shore

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The moon is peaking thru the night
shining down on thoughts unseen
daring to reveal the great unknown
daring to haunt your every dream

Its light is tapping on your window
seeking to capture your sin-filled  soul
trying to steal what's hidden inside
to kill and destroy the story its told

close your eyes fast, hurry its coming
sleep is the key to the harbor so deep
where there on the shore angels await
to wash your soul clean with God's glory to keep

Hold tight to the truth that lies in your heart
For God is your army against the shadow of evil
the stain of your past blocking his love
leading you into the hands of the devil

So when the night crawls to cover the sun
holdfast to the hand that has given you life
that waters your soul with blessings of joy
and the moon will just be a star of the night!!!!!