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Free Verse Miracle Poems | Free Verse Poems About Miracle

These Free Verse Miracle poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Miracle. These are the best examples of Free Verse Miracle poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Journey To The Pearly Gates And Back Again

Iris sun fades and so does the day
whispers the carried in the silence of night glowing
Wishes floating on silver trails faraway
The image of your face will forever bounded to this world
Angels Brought you to me made a lightening
sparkling diamonds in the misting treasures gems so bright

Ice roses turns into a steaming jungle of quivering glass
Flashing in the distance, in the moon light
and all of its stars, that's where the angels dancing
A beautiful adventure picture sparklers on a winter night

A cold moon dressed in dark velvet 
with a pearl milky white smile beams 
Sparkling jewel crystal lights up 
stars blinking silver awakening 
warm invading darkness your light 
My life has at last found its light and its hope

Soulful cries a wolf dressed in winter clothes 
faraway over ocean waves 
carries in a wind’s  whisper sweet music dances 
A magical night that will set the spirit free
Silently breathes out a puff of magic sweetly 
beauty enchants warmly etching strikes 
frosted fingers cracking ice deeply echoes 

Striking inside bells toll warmly skipping drumbeats 
bouncing of chamber walls loving tunes 
Believing in your love a dream 
Which enchants music of the butterflies dance 
howling clouds out steaming warm sighs fluttering warmly
I closed my eyes at the end of the road
and thought of the stars 
and the reason earth spins around the sun

  A co write written by Liam Mcdaid and 
  Anne- Lise Andresen :) - 28.12.2014 -
  Copyright © All Rights Reserved 

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He Touched Me

Do you know what it is like to be an untouchable?
To be so filthy and disgusting
That people shrink away from you
Do you know how it corrodes your soul
To see how the stench that follows your rotting flesh
Contorts people’s faces in disgust
Even from miles away?
I tell you, you die a thousand deaths
Each time you see them cover their faces
To protect themselves from the putrid air
That surrounds you
And they scurry away
Revolted by your very shadow

It doesn’t help that you have to scream
“Unclean, Unclean” everywhere you go
It doesn’t help that daily you have to find your food
Left behind an agreed upon boulder 
It doesn’t help when you taste the bread
Your wife has baked with loving hands
Knowing that the salt of her tears is mixed in the dough
That nourishes your rotting body
It doesn’t help when visions of her beauty and healthy body
Ravage your mind…for she has become untouchable to you
It doesn’t help when all you remember are the last words 
Your crying son sobs into her apron….
“Why does daddy have to leave?” 
And you quietly slink away…unable even to hold him
One last time

Being a leper
Is the nightmare you can’t easily shed
How unlike your body that easily sheds
Your fingers…one by one

And then you hear of a Healer
A Nazarene
A carpenter turned preacher
Who mingles with prostitutes
With tax collectors 
Society’s untouchables
Outcasts like you and you think…
Maybe…just maybe

I tell you this….
All my yesterdays and all my tomorrows
Were bound in the moment I stood before him
His disciples stepped back
I saw a woman get sick
At the sight of me
And before I knew it, the words tumbled out
“Lord, if you are willing… can make me clean.”

I was a crumpled ball on the ground
A discarded piece of human waste
Not daring to look up
My half eaten face covered
Thoughts of my wife, my boy swimming in my head
And pouring out of my eyes in the form of tears
And then for the first time since I was banished to the outskirts of the city
For the first time in what seemed like a lifetime
I felt the touch of another human hand 
His hand was on my shoulder
His hand was on MY shoulder
The refuse of humanity
On ME!
Ah…I had forgotten how good it felt to be touched

It was a gentle touch
A touch of love 
A touch of healing
“I am willing, be clean.”
I heard whispered in my ear
The warmth of the touch
The nearness of the voice
Were enough to heal my soul
What more could I ask for?
And yet….I felt something else
New life coursed through my veins
A wave of energy
Started from the souls of my feet
Revitalizing every cell as it rushed up to my dazed head
Bursting into a clarity of vision I had not known
I looked at my hands
Yes, these were MY hands
The hands that she had loved to hold against her face
The hands that my son had clung to when he was afraid
The hands of a workman
Young, strong capable hands

There was silence
As they all witness my rebirth
Finally, I looked up to see
The most compassionate face
That I had ever seen in my life
I saw tears running down His face
And yet, His smile rivaled the sun
And the next thing I knew
I was in His embrace
Whole…body and soul
All because
He touched me.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Miracle Divine

In the midst of great turmoil and strife, 
There is a force manifestly to be heard…seen….touched
A voice—ever so soft… yet loud enough to break mountains at their base
It can make a grown man cry—can distort the finest face
Lead the mother eagle back to its nest…
Run its hands against a tumultuous sea to rest…
Shedding tears of empathy when the woman,
With child, is seen- alone…sore. . . distressed

With mind enduring beyond mortal endurance
With arms stretching across the universe of opportunities and darkness
With eyes blossoming like those crazy sunflowers reaching to the sky…
Suddenly… you will feel its yellow fires 

It is the very storm that knocks us down 
To the depths of humility...patiently waiting for the perfect time to strike, 
It comes like an earthquake and tremors the very soul into action... 
It is the war of mercy that will devour to create and rejuvenate! 
It tells the geese to fly south, whispering them in the right direction... 
It is the soft growl of the lion that wakes its babe to safety...

Like music, it can soothe, or agitate,
Its rhythms changeable…forgivable… 
When you take a wrong turn, a dissonant chord harsh as lightning will expel
Suspended in the air—colors more mysterious than hell
And when you love—oh how sweet love carries cherished lips cosmically….
A smile of the most precious melodies ring
New colors—see it, new colors shall spring

What this light truly means is to be revealed
Only for the precious few who listen and truly feel
Wrapped in the soft ribbons of love beyond all mortality 
Beyond space and reality
Beyond the very tip of the mountain,
That never had to be touched to be brought to its knees…..
Not once did this force ever have to take the woman by the hand
And say with conviction… “everything will be okay….”
Because phenomenally… she would simply hear it in melody,
Inspired by the blazing sun of a newly dawned day-
Freshly caught tears of joy priding the lonely spider’s web

For Justin Bordner’s Divine Intervention Contest
Thank you, with love,

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New Stars Are Formed

Strange colored skies climb northernly this night
Calling our future with wild deamons eyes
Abscure as the creatures who answer the call
Wild are the answers of the reasons and the faults
Certain as the well swept winds
Alluring in it's grasp fought negatively through single wins
I pray twords the skies and it curdles and swims
Thoughts twords the sun and it scorches my rims
Carry me far enough I can be within your sights
Stash us away and the sun will be bright
Motors may break but oceans will be light
I will stay on the coast and wait 
The award I will do is make the evening a minute late
Parched is the gulf as the single minute breaks
Great is the second docks a seperate mans gate

The Earths crust slowly begins to crumble
It quivers, then quakes, it slowly opens, the rivers break
A star is born somewhere, a beautiful new star
Great is the struggle, born from the heavens a small light it makes

The new star pulls, it turns, then it feeds and it's fuel it burns
Gently it orbits following all things it understands
The new star bends it dances it stands
Tancing outwardly as creations comprehend

A continient wavers as the new star binds its brand
It feeds off of our oceans as our tides wash in
It goes just as softly forward and back
As the rays of its placement barrow up to the sun
We watch very carefully because it's damages are already done

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Twirling Revelations

Warmth, surrounded me…always
My lips, my eyes, closed… 
Mesmerized by the darkness that brought me consolation
I remember there were colors under those lids,
Green, spurts of purple…and sporadic yellows and reds
They danced and flashed
Whenever your voice rumbled and vibrated my abode
I remember the earthquakes of laughter 
That pushed me against the soft, supported side…
I merely bounced back to the middle again
My legs, bending, and then kicking off against it
My body twirling in the lavish liquid
Natural twists and turns that were later underappreciated
Twists and turns that were who I was
I didn’t realize they would always shape who I am

Deep voice—music—surrounded me always
My ears opened to the muffled marvel
Curious of the outside world that birthed the mysteries of who I am
I recall frustration, kicking against your soft insides….
Colors of black, gray tints, and calming browns…
That left me gurgling for more of those outside sounds
Because that first day I heard the lightning yells
The hot swells of your insides boiled
My body twirled and twirled as I heard you wail
My heart beat faster—wanting more to leave this vessel
Wanting to be a separate thing
Wanting all to hear me scream
To feel the cold, rubbery hands of a stranger
Lift me—and to your breast—gift me

It was always the warmth of the liquid
And the comfort of our bond
That always remained 

Bonds and beliefs never dry 
Blood is blood
Color is color
It is living to be separate that makes us gods

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My Micke boys

                To be called ..
            ~   Grandma is a Honor ~

        I have been blessed with 4  Grandchildren

       ~ one lays in Heaven " Kaleb "  He is God's Angel ~
   ~ His twin brother he will always watch over , and be in his soul~

     For he loved his Brother so much in the womb ,
       he chose Heaven which gave life to his twin
      ~ I feel his spirit when I see the other Grandson ~
              Time passed another gift to see
               we are " Mickes" and Loved 
            Our Dad held the title in Baseball 
                   ~  that's how we roll ~
           those children are Grandmas hero's 

       The Irish they love big and Family is everything 
        The brothers will protect the beautiful sister 
              ~ as many lads will be calling ~

        Every time my Grandson hits a home run
     There will be a Angel watching proudly in the stand 

       It will be as if the Angel lifted him when he runs 
           ~no one runs faster then my Grandson~
     either baseball or Art  ~ you shall find your gift given

                These children have been blessed~
                 ~  a beauty to hard to describe 
        If you think not ~~  Take a look at the Mom  
                     That girl can stop Traffic   
                    after raising three and still~ 

          "Inspired by the gift and loss of Grandchildren "

     May our precious " Kaleb " softly rest where Angels only Dwell

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He was always so happy
strong and bold.
He'd give you the shirt off of his back.
He had a rough life
growing up through the depression,
but like he always does,
he got through it.
He has two boys, of whom he is so proud.
Moved from Regina, to Victoria.
He had the best life anyone his age could have wanted.
But ever since his wife died, 
he has not been the same.
But like he has always done,
he got through it.
Mind slipping, 
just a little forgetful.
That's how it always starts out...
But like always, he powered through it, 
until now...
He is not the same person that I used to know.
He been sentenced to the prison in his own mind.
Possessed by the thoughts of his dogs ashes.
He likes to play the blame game,
but we know he doesn't remember that it was him.
He wakes up in the night
shaking with pain, 
tears streaming down his face.
There is nothing we can do,
Oh well...
Two more tylenol.
Hold on to hope
for as long as you can,
It's only a matter of time now.
He gets vocal, a very loud tone.
He'll block you in your room
and make false accusations
But we know that it's the pain induced monster in him.
Tick tock, tick tock...
You can't handle the stress anymore
you have to leave.
Just hope for the best, 
maybe it will get better.
Surprise, it doesn't.
Your denial is foolish, everyone knows 
what happens next.
All results of

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Flowers bloom
And flowers wilt.
Flowers blush
And flowers fade.
The eternity is only in me-
The twig that bears the flowers.

Sparrows are born
And sparrows die.
Sparrows fly
And brighten the sky.
That who nurtures sparrows is me-
A cozy make of a twig upon a twig.

The sun fades
And moon is born.
The twilight blurs
And moonlight spreads.
All the soothing moonlight beams are me-
A crisscross of unfathomed twigs.

Whether in its birth
Or in its death;
In the heart
Of its heart;
The entire beauty is none but one-
A design of mysterious twigs.

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A Beautiful Reverie

Here I lie beside you
My heart goes thump.thump.thump.
My soul dances inside you
Reveling in the texture of your own.
Electric and flowing 
The currents of our love
Glow like neon lights
Illuminating the hope in my eyes.
Though we're not moving
I feel so incredibly alive
Invincible to my past
Untouchable by all who lack
That gentle touch of when 
You lean in and brush my face
Your lips grazing my skin
Softer than a butterfly.
And then you gaze into my eyes
I fall into your depths 
Twirling like the autumn leaves
Melting into your smile 
Your soul reminiscent of summer.
You pull me into your arms 
And for a moment I'm lost 
Breathless and in awe
Staring in the face of pure exquisite love 
And there you are - holding it 
Glowing in the moonlight of my stare.
My heart beats - its drum pounding away
Echoing a song thats lost its words
I touch your cheek and smile
My hands cant stay away
My lips s l o w l y, draw near yours
Hovering, and then - 
Part, a soft warmth against them.
My eye lids pulling shut
Dragging me into a silent heaven
I pull away - and what seemed millennia
Lasted only a moment, a second in time
But this is our love
This is what you do to me
You make me invincible and fragile
Lost forever in a beautiful reverie.

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Becoming Mother Nature

What if Mother Nature
and I applied for her position?
How would I dare
to assume,
 her un-ending cycles;
 her secret duties?
Could I invoke such power,
 or must I simply become her?
Spin myself
 into a cocoon of natural faith.
Let the atoms of the cosmos
 transform my light into spirit.
Would I then emerge,
 complete with every force of mystery?
Awaken each day with pink mist,
 and burn each evening sky
 with crimson?
Command each leaf, each breath
and every symphony 
of living?
Would I wear her gowns
 of argent, lavender and aqua;
step lightly on mossy stones,
 and dance upon silver meadows?
Grace the heavens
in cloud-white glinting wings
and in
 the depths of darkest night
 bear stars, filled
with the promise
 of every beginning?
Suzanne Delaney

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Snow sprinkles the ground
as delicate as sugar
crystallizing the exterior with a romantic heritage
only found in the heart of a child's imagination.
Like happiness it can melt in your hands,
and like happiness it can grow bitter like the ice you slip on
Forming miraculously to the curves of the earth
hugging till the land soaks in it's providence
white like the pages I battle with
Falling so passionately you'd think it was falling in love with the ground
And when it lands,
A blanket of perfection
glistening the season to a crisp
gently the sun arises
"there's no where to go today,
I'm just going to sit and enjoy the magic."

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Greatest news ever

Just landed in my ears
just dazzled my mind 
my local political head 
I was talking to him today
Lord you send such a beautiful messages to me
the past couple of days 
I suggested a gift from God
that his great light shone over me
In reverence to Our Most Holy Spirit
telling him my great news 
Now he has said 
that he will do everything in his power
To get me published wow stunned 
I was hearing hearing his pride in me
Its like coming out of a cave 
alone as a hermit in the mountains
Now I have found peace
In love everything shines so bright
Thank you Lord and master 
for showing me and helping me see 
to draw in your light
I even mentioned getting my lonely prayer
for Christmas donated to the church of granite 
In the shape of a crucifix 
whom my grandfather help build
A cross pointing to Heaven
Golden guilded to the house off God

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God is love all the time

I am no god but in his own image. The creation of the life he gave me. The life he chose for me. But in my eyes there is love. That spreads all over this atmosphere. A love so strong that everyone has it. Animals, humans, the ocean beneath, the sun up above and the moon at night. All of this love comes from the creator that watches over us. Love makes us who we are. It is not in our nature to be of destruction. But of the warmth of our hearts to be the best we can be. In this life no one in this world should be lonely. Not me not you not nobody. Separating the truth from the lies have only just begun. The fatherless children of the world. The hurt starts from there. Nothing to eat my family is poor. Can you lend out a helping hand and show me the love is there. Those who ask do not ask for much. Only just a little to get by either for the day or just for the night. The abuse of children leaving marks and scares for life. Where is the love you so promised me. Is it this the more and more you beat me. But the bible says honor thy mother and thy father. Love your neighbor as I have loved you. Forgive the ones who have done wrong to you. It is hard now that's the truth. Many lies being told in front of your face. A stab in the back still the love is there. Through god all things are possible. His love being poured on us. So much love that the pain does not hurt. It goes away because of his undying love. Thank him for another day. Be blessed at least you have a family. A friend who cares about you. Or a stranger that might stop on by to say hello. I am thankful for his grace. Letting me see my family each and everyday. And most of all for bringing the most beautiful girl my way.

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Priceless pearl
my hidden diamond
love's sweet jewel

Heaven sent
Angelic countenance
Beauty so pure

Lovely daughter
your character delights
my devotion forever

Heartbeat on screen
My unbelief ceased
the moment
first squeezed my finger

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We Welcome the Sun

We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 

A gleaming sunrise is seen in the distance – shedding relief 
Bursting forth like fireworks in the dark blue sky 
Hues of beauty and sincerity washes away our grief
The cheery clouds come together like lovers embracing one another

I’m never waving goodbye
It’s so surreal… and magnificent to see this scene unfold
You lift up the sparkling light… you’re an angel from up above
It’s so vibrant – the illuminated sight never dulled 
You bring us luck and excitement – 

You’re as pleasant as a dove 

We welcome the sun
We welcome the love
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
To omit the darkness 
To abolish the distress
To conceal the darkness
And reveal the halo
Hovering around your head
Burning away the dread 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun

An ocean of love is rubbing against my feet
Blankets of comfort embrace me now… our love will never dry
You treat us with reverence and I repeat – 
You’re as pleasant as a dove – taking wing from on high 
We welcome the sun in the morning 
We welcome the sun with open arms
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun 

A speedy breeze is whistling in my ears
Spiraling mad like a spinning top
Spiraling mad with all of its might 
You’re very intriguing – you casted away our fears 
Your gorgeous eyes
Project bright green and blue
You’re special in His sight 
He welcomes you
We welcome the hope 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
To lighten up your load 
And lead you to the mercy road
Where you and I will escape to paradise
To drive out all of the negativity
To conceal the wretched farewells
To reveal the light in goodbye 

We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun
We welcome you
With open arms 

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Heart of Paris

I am from another galaxy 
all a romance in the heart of Paris 
all a mystery without desire 
all a lost phantasm 
all a film of being 
where art is in the spiritual thread 
so that every love to be eternal

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A Survivor's Prayer

                    A Survivor's Prayer

                                    for my daughter Yelena  
                                     and all burn survivors

          Fire...  Burn... Shock... Pain...
          I want to live! I don't want to die!

          O, who can help me?

          I  suffered from pain, distress and serious injuries,
          went  through a lot of tears and too many surgeries.

          O, my God, I am happy that I found You.

          My surgeon who grafted the skin,
          saved my life with his skills.

          O, my God, I know that You sent him.

          I had  rehabilitation for years;
          my body was red with scars.

          O, my God, You help me fight for my life.

          I changed, I'm different, I'm brave, I'm powerful.
          You treated not just my body, You treated my soul.

          O, my God, You gave me a second chance at life.

          I am a not victim, I am a Survivor;
          now I can help people with Your power.

          O, my God, Thank You. I feel Your love and care.

          I am blessed. I love You and I will live for You.

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The Storm

And the storm calls to me in ways you'll never understand
A gentle call that urges my soul forth
The lighting guiding a path for my feet to walk
Between the stones and ash of all that once was
I stand in the echoing silence of the rain 
It drops down upon my skin like the blessing waters of heaven
Soothing me, lifting the weight from my body 
I feel at once as if I am home
Standing amid two dimensions 
Caught between two skies - here and there
The night wraping around me in warmth
The gentle wind lifting me off my feet
Drops from the clouded moon washing away my body
and I am left just a soul, an essence 
The storm calls me forth from beneath my roof
Beckoning me into its depth 
I stand among the reeds in the basin 
They dance and sway as if welcoming me
And I sway with them back 
Caught up in the power that charges the air
That threatens to sweep me away 
If the ground will just loosen its hold
The thunder rumbles a low welcoming growl
And I get pleasently lost within it
I am so small compared to its vastness
I close my eyes and succumb to the skies wishes
Rising higher until my feet no longer touch the ground 
My fingertips touch the liquid color of the stars
A sigh drifts from my lips
There is no need of thought to stay afloat
There is no demand to breathe in air
No crushing weight upon my chest
As my lungs struggle to survive
There are no struggles here
I make my bed on blackened clouds
And give in to the call
The storm has claimed me as its own 
It was such a struggle to stay upon the ground
When the storm would call me home

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Love And Pricks

I Love the elderly so full of history I love my generation who kept me a mystery I love the children who's future, now bright for I have died for them to capture the light for i understand pain more than ever once I released it the anger got better as it went away from the people and into my music without a single reason to prove it without a reason to let Love's light in I didn't, it found me and lesser I sin God and my father both let me know it would all be okay so very long ago even tho the road would be full of pricks even back then I'd tell them you can all suck my dick. -Bj Fard

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new aquatic species

       Science in all fascination has discovered a species aquatic 

  Theorizing this new yet old species remained hidden as Merman  

  only to live in secret at the oceans floor the mermaid a tribe indigenous 

  once said to be myth yet all proof and technology film does not lie 

  Tsunamis has given the ocean a true glance of the man with webbed hands

  The species communes with dolphins will be under a microscope to analyze  ?

    " The World is not ready to see what I have "  Jacques Cousteau ~

         to be entered in The Science contest ~

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Heart in Two Worlds

Who will be the voice in the wilderness?
Have all the prophets disapeared?
Are miracles a thing of the past?
Are we doomed to walk this life alone?

I reach to the sky.
Scream out my prayer.
Warmth envelopes my body.
I feel His heavenly hug.
My loneliness flys away.
Doubt has no more room.
My heart is filled to overflowing.
Tears run down my cheeks.
These are not of sadness but of joy.

Where will His Love Take me?
Am I willing to go?
What will I be required to sacrifice?

I stubbornly hold on to the remnants of my life.
The things that never brought me joy.
I wish to do God's will and yet my heart straddles two worlds.
If this is my sin I am thankful His blood washes it away.

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The Pearl Tree

There once lived a girl named curl who planted seeds of pearls.
As we all know pearls do not grow this her mother told her so.
But everyday when she went out to see if her pearl had become a tree.

Everyday what she found was the same, a bare sandy ground with no weeds to tame.
It was a shame to Curl that she couldn't grow pearls.
But Curl would not admit defeat and watered her pearls twice a week.

Then one day when she went out to see there it was a pearl tree!
Amazed she was to see such a site but then she saw something wasn't right there was not one tree but there were five all the same color shape and size.

At this time she knew these weren't her trees someone else had planted these.
She was told they were pecan trees  and in some years she could eat pecans.   
So years went by and she ran through the sand carrying bunches of pecans in her hands.

She cracked one open but to her surprise she found not a nut but a pearl inside!
Her mother was so happy that she started to cry.
Curl said "I told you so!" and ran out to find the pearl bearing tree.
And to this very day the pearl tree does still does stand providing richness and happiness through out the land.

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The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

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The Light

They praise me like a saint,
But I am a sinner;
They don't know the man they see.
I am an addict.
Broken eyes to pornography,
Only Jesus can set me free.
Only by His death on the cross
And the grace of His Father's love
Am I able to be set free.
With God as The Light,
The One and Only Light,
The Only Hope in sight,
Will I be set free.
I am free.

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We Are Tomorrow

Whether life or death coexist in us
Nothing changes the ability to change a fraction of this life itself
Nowhere is safe as they say
But into a cataclysm of this magnitude 
Might other intelligent aspects of life itself be deceived
Nothing in our hands is concrete for the lands we step upon
And besides a book we will not find the right answers to our life’s
We can die ignorant to the realms of this new age
Like a door to the end of time
Nowhere is safe
For it is easy to die but much harder to live on
We will never reach eternity in flesh
But only our name remains in this same world it was created before our eyes
Nothing is for granted as we know
But have someone dared to go against all odds and make something new?
Come on and use the only things that kept alive our ancestors
Descend and ascend to the art of alchemy
Where only eternity coexisted in a flesh capsule we name it as body
We are the key to the future
Because of us and those new rising up we are making straight lines into this atmosphere
Crushed and cursed by lies and greed
The envy running through the veins of those in failure
Making war and then for humanity to take revenge 
That only links to the wrath between our hands and the leads of our desires to destroy
No one is here for free
Sure a payment is not needed to be born except pain and some despair
But we can change the future coming ahead
Where have the originality gone too?
Inside the vial in our minds
Making straight lines to desecrate over ashes of tomorrow
Instead of using that will to fight for the good cause inside our minds
Thinking in big great masses
Move and fight for the dreams in you
No other world have been there before
No dove will deliver a message to the lord
For he can see what you do and are
Inside each one of use there are plenty of fights and contradictions
Altered ego between the pride that leads an army of emotions inside of us all
Become what you wish for
Between good and evil cause
We are the hands of faith
Creating tomorrows empire
Don’t a dream fall before the throne with no king at ease
I believe in this way of thinking
I have hope for todays youth still

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Prayer for the Sacred Gaia

Prayer for the Sacred Gaia

Lord God,

As we suffer in this famine of lack, we come humbly before you, confessing as the tax
collector once confessed, begging you to have mercy upon us.

For in a spirit of greed and profligacy, we have forsaken the earth and one another,

We have not defended the cause of the weak and fatherless, and we have not attuned our
hearts to the plight of the Orphan and the Widow,

We have defined ourselves in contrast to each other, and in so doing created mirror images
of wickedness,

Lord God, we humbly repent of our prioritization of career over care, and fashion over

Lord God, we ask that you give us the grace to trade our SUV’s for compact cars, and our
competitive natures for the communion of mutual self-interest.

Lord God, we embrace the truth that you showed us when you fed the 5000, that miracles
only come from sharing and compassion, and that pride is the root of death and bitterness,

Lord God, please give us humility to hear the words of those from other folds, whether
they be Hindu, or Buddhist, or Christian, or Muslim, or Jewish, or Gay, or poor, or rich,
or black, or asian, or white, or indigenous, or Capitalist, or Communist, or homeless, or
influential, or disabled, or empowered.  Lord God please give us the humility to hear the
truth from all voices and the wisdom to integrate that truth into a world view which
enables us to comfort the widow in her affliction and to give generously and abundantly to
the poor.

Lord God, we thank you for your vessel Barack Obama, but we do not put our faith in him
alone.  Lord God, we thank you for Jesus and the prophets, but we do not put our faith in
them alone.  Lord God, we put our faith in you, and all things, and each other.  Lord God
we put our faith in the flow of love that surrounds and defines us.  Lord God, we put our
faith in the sacred Gaia, that harmony of Gracious embodiment and spiritual awareness,
that reflects the Creator and Mother Earth.  We put our faith in Siva and Brahman the

Lord God, we ask that you bring about the miracle of human flourishing, through our
willingness to share our money, our hopes, our dreams, our works, and our successes with
all other people.

Lord God, please bring about the miracle of abundance through the miracle of responsible
and considerate sharing, through the just redistribution of blessings and the sublime
vision of collective prosperity.


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Don't stanza in my way

Stanza 1 is first
Stanza 2 comes after Stanza
Stanza 3 I can't stanza my stanzas anymore

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A Feeling That I Knew Too Well

A feeling that I knew too well;
With every word you spoke I fell-
Falling deeper into the bliss;
Longing for your every kiss.

Without you here my heart grows fonder;
Around the park I start to wander-
And think about how you make me feel-
The longing starting to become surreal.

Giving meaning to my life,
You lift me up from pain and strife.
I thought it was a feeling that I knew-
But with your guidance the passion grew.

Spiraling up with every touch-
Never wanting to leave your clutch. 
Waiting for your familiar glance-
Missing you with every chance. 

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In his Arms

A story of Faith..
How does anyone explain why they believe the Faith they have .
I can only tell you through the eyes of a 5yr old child .
That child being myself 

so let me rewind a bit in time .
It was preschool to 1st grade , I would fall into a vegetable state at school , with my head down on the desk .
My Mother was a very talented RN and worked in triage at St. Francis Hospital
She would take me to the best of Pediatrics , only to be told ," take her home give her a aspirin,  if fever gets to high , and call us in the morning . 

All I can remember is this.

I was laying on my Mothers bed as from the ceiling it appeared a man that resembled "Jesus Christ ' and his Angels , 6 on each side lifted me from the bed in his arms , and took me to a place of warmth , light and love like I have never felt before since.

I was held by him as he said , you can stay here and no longer feel pain , or you may go back. I wanted so badly to stay , but I thought of my Mothers tears , and I was sent right into my little body again only to miss that feeling I had my whole life "in His Arms "

I got up out of bed , walked to the living room , where I saw my Mother in the distance baking .'  The Grinch whom stole Christmas ' was on TV. I then noticed a tree all lighten up with decorations, I walked  towards my Mom with a blanket in my hand .

My Mom turned and she had a plate of cookies , her face white as a ghost . I asked her " Mommy , Is it Christmas ?  " she started to cry , and held me as she said " Yes Honey , it is , it is Christmas Eve. " as her tears hit my shoulder . I then asked " Why are you crying ? "  Santa Claus is coming ! " I replied,  as happy as a little 5 yr. old could be.

I was taken to a Chiropractor that week ,as a last result , He told her it was simply a miracle I was alive  .  My Spine was out of place and no Oxygen was going to my brain , in one or 2 days , I would be brain dead.

I found out later in my life at 18 yrs. old , it was shaken baby syndrome . My Father confessed to me as he to cried , at his Moms home at Christmas time . He had carried the guilt with him for years . He was a born again Christian , and a new life he had wanted with true forgiveness .

I forgave him , I know the man whom lifted me was Jesus Christ that night , and there is nothing ugly at all there , so I know he to forgave him . 
Since then ..I have never doubted , I know he goes by many names  , It is Jesus Christ all the same .

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Nature's Miracles

Keeping the stars suspended in space or cushioning a leaf as it falls to the earth below makes no difference to the supreme cosmic force There are no great miracles and no small miracles in nature only miracles

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     In the womb, I did what I could, and that was to live. It was not my choice . I 
came not from my parents, whomever they might be and in whatever circumstances 
and actions they may have taken to have me conceived. 
     I came not from them, but through them. They performed the actions. 
A much higher power than they performed the miracle called life. 
And so it was in the beginning of the miracle of my life. 
     I lived in the womb of a woman who also came through her parents; not from 
them. We were three; the Miraculous Power, my mother and me her womb.
     When I was physically capable, I graduated from the womb. I was still 
dependent on my parents and the Higher Power to sustain my life. 
     As I grew in age, size and ability, I was taught and trained to stand 
on my own. 
In the course of time as naturally happens, 
I did so and continued to follow the natural course of humanity which 
remembers parents that they came through but not the Power from which they 
and he has come. 
     I stood on my own, made mistakes of every kind, melded with the world at large 
and fell. 
      I hurt others as well as myself. The more I stood on my own and listened to this world,
 the more I hurt myself and others in the name of standing on my 
own.  I donned a robe of false pride, cultivated from the soil of forgetting that I 
came not from but through my parents and never was really“on my own”.  The robe 
was constantly being mended and tattered again by the worn out and frayed 
thread of the “new enlightenment” world motto. “I deserve it. I’m worth it.” The great perpendicular pronoun,  “ I ”.  ..,the Trinitarian power, “ Me, Myself and I .”  
     Through the course of this seeming illusion called time that came .. for us, not 
from us; I learned and continue to learn how to “stand for something”… 
to “stand on my own”. 
I have learned one must stand in degrees. 
One must remember the Miraculous Power from whence he came.
I have learned that I must make this stand …on my knees.

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Watching Me

It was midnight and my dream was shattered
I fell into darkness
A nightmare
I was sinking, drowning, dying…
But then I heard the laugh of a child
Carefree and joyful was the music of her lips
She smiled and suddenly I had the urge to fight
I slowly climbed out of the shadows and emerged in a hall of pale silver
“Where am I?” my heart was racing as I asked the question
“Look around into the pictures,” a gentle voice replied
Nobody was there
I let my eyes adjust to the images scattered about the room
I strode to a photograph in a golden frame
I saw the child with a babe upon her knee
They sat in an empty room with chords scattered about, the walls stark, the light blinding
The picture gradually came to life
I watched for a bit as the child slowly rocked the babe
Tears laced the eyes of the young girl and the baby fell asleep
All was silent as the picture faded
I paced in confusion as I arrived at the next illustration 
I gazed speechless as I saw the child sobbing
She knelt and I watched as she screamed at the sky, shaking her fist in raging fury
Beyond her I saw grass and trees in desolate shades
She pulled a small necklace from her pocket and placed it on the broken ground 
The only extravagant color I saw was that of a red rose which she placed on a polished stone
The colors swirled and I knew it was time to move on
The pictures I had seen thus far left a nauseating feeling within me
I didn’t want to journey on, but I heard the comforting voice once more
“Three more pictures… You’ll soon be finished”
I knew then that it was my place to take another step
I stumbled slightly and fell before the next portrait
I saw the sky cluttered with a river of mist and the amber rays of the sun
“What is this?” I inquired curiously
“Take a look,” the voice answered
I peered once more and took a sharp breath
I saw a gate and a man with dark hair standing at the entrance
The baby from the first image was carried by two figures
 Clothed in pastel garments with radiant beams of light circling their heads
I knew where I was, but it was not where I wanted to be
Not yet
 I stared at the beautiful spectrum
My head was pounding and I abruptly drew away, breathless
I closed my eyes then opened them to behold a teenage girl 
Quietly I realized it was the child from the previous pictures, now grown
She faltered helplessly until she fell, crashing to the ground, chains holding her down
“No!” I screamed, my voice echoing in the stillness
The frame that held the picture fell to the marble floor of the hall
“One more picture…” the voice retorted sternly, “You must see this!”
A woman appeared before me 
Gathering me up in her arms, she placed me before a long golden frame
I steadied myself as she stepped back
I looked at the frame and found myself staring at my reflection
“What do you mean by showing me this hall?” I asked, a tremor in my voice
“By showing you these pictures, I am depicting lessons of life” The woman answered softly
I looked at her incredulously
She continued on in explanation, “Follow me back to the first image”
She grabbed me by the hand and led me to the picture with the empty room
“In your lifetime you will be blinded by tears… keep your innocence”
I felt myself trying to comprehend what she meant but she rushed me to the next frame
“You will experience sorrow, and despair… but you will cope”
She gestured to the rose and the necklace, then gave a soft smile before leading me on
“While you do well in life, others will die… yet prosper eternally”
She smiled in awe as the baby in the picture was placed into the arms of the man
The woman 
“You will struggle and you will fail many times… but you must keep trying”
She chided me and I felt tears running down my face
Slowly she turned me towards the glass mirror
“Do you understand now?”
I nodded my head slowly, and quickly realized what I had seen
“That child in the pictures… who was she?”
I whirled around and found that the woman was gone
“I understand…” 
I slowly awoke and found the sun peeking through the shadows of the dawn
“It was me”

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The Birds

They come to greet me each day. They let me know everything is all right. They flutter and peck at my window. They tell me I am loved. They let me know they care. Funny, how I never noticed before. Funny still, I notice now. The birds are signs from God. And, that is a good thing. They are HIS love for me and me for HIM.

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Beautiful Children

Singing around in love;
Smiles built from the ground.
Holding hands in the dance;
Laughing with brothers and sisters,
All in His Glorious Name.
Throughout His perfectly sculpted land:
Look around because this is it;
Look around because this is love;
Look around and know, understand, comprehend,
Rejoice because you are perfect;
You are God's beautiful children!

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Crystalline white branches from a subzero snow.
Takes the place of beauty where leaves are suppose to grow.
A forest of white sparkle delight,
frosted sugaring of coldness bites,
rainbow flakes flutter in the crisp moist air,
 A shimmering spectacle; 
for only my eyes to bare.

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The World Needs You, Lord

The world needs You, Lord;
We all need You too.
Alone, we battle and fall apart,
But we live joyful freedom with You:
Created anew in Your perfect image;
In Your Holy Name!
We pray,

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My Problem

Born to live,
Never wanting to die,
fearing death to its every limit,
as blue eyed death grabs my shoulders
and laughs with grim
and I fear death even more.
Car crashes, murders, greed and envy
takes me to a place where I can't find hope.
Laughs grow and brings tears to my eyes,
I hope off trains and dodge cars driving down freeways
taking time to sit down and look at my ways,
that push me left nor right.
Up nor down can I see the time tick away
I can't wait till I walk Jacob's ladder,
till a black demon tears me down,
and sins rip me open,
like a surgeon to a patient on a table,
Me, myself and I take time to see the wrongs in life.

Do I dare shake the vines from the dark green jungles
that tangle deep in my mind, body and soul?
I shake with vengence when time turns its face from me.
Time has no time for me
and she takes me by the hand and wastes my life away
with endless heartbreak and drunken whores and buffoons,
who care only about themselves.
The evil souls burn away,
and their blind eyes do not see what they do to others' hearts and souls.

I believe the strangeness of me is that I love too much,
and care too much to actually open my eyes and see what burns away
infront of my very eyes.
I only see what my heart wants to see
my romantic side kills me away,
while my physical being is falling apart with heartbreak and sorrow.
The strange part is,
love was never there to be found,
and the strangeness of me,
is that I love too much to see blue eyed death coming to get me.

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Flat Canvas

Flat canvas;

Bubbling brown ridges strike 
The confining dimensions in a hostile yawn: 
Upwards, Outwards.

Walk the world no longer, an ending beckons, 
A precipice builds moments where swallows wager wings 
On new seed: New breeds.
Falling buys the assurance of seconds
From a sinking well. 
Oh well.

Remember us when the globe begins to slip,
Bang drums for our pity:
Our crescendos mean less than meaningless.
And then, when spheres crack, continue 
On the whorl of a thumb, 
Stretching hope to nothing.

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A life can Change

Beautiful day
Blue sky
A little piece of paradise 

Beckoned by the waves
Come out and play
Be a child again
Crash through my waves
Feel my strength
A perfect day

You feel in control
Your body so strong
As you ride along
Upon her waves
Feeling free
Unaware of destiny

In a moment
A life can change
Sushine turns to rain
You don't feel anything
Not even pain
The ocean displays her darker side
Takes you on a different ride
You come crashing down
As her waves pound
Pushed in circles
Like a rag doll
We feel mighty before we fall
Soft waves become a wall

In a moment
From the corner of your eye
You see Jesus's face
As your heart keeps pace
Will he rescue you
You say a prayer
So glad he is there
All others unaware

Holding your breath
Unable to move
It's time to let go
What will happen you don't know
Yet you are not afraid
The lights go out
As you're tossed about

Jesus takes you in his arms
Rests you on the shore
Not in danger any more
The ocean lets out her roar
She is denied your soul
It's not added to her collection
You're under Gods protection

When you open your eyes
You are paralyzed
But still alive
You can breath 
You're placed in angels hands
A new adventure begins
Like a child again
Starting from the beginning
Not in control
On a journey to be whole
Learning to walk
Regaining what was lost
Willing to pay the cost
Working through the pain
Seeing the sunshine not the rain
You will be strong once again
You are in our Savior's hands

My friend Charlie went on a holiday to Hawaii with his girlfriend and on the second
day while body surfing he was taken by a wave and crashed on the bottom he had no
feeling below his neck and could not move any part of his body. Out of the corner of
his eye he saw Jesus as he was being tossed about. He could no longer hold his breath 
and blanked out. Before he knew it he was waking on the beach and people were 
coming to help him. Miraculously after a day feeling and movement started returning
to him. He is on the road of recovery and is now walking and moving about. He is
truly a walking miracle.

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Angel Clouds

~*~Angel Clouds~*~

Angel clouds all around
Everywhere they are proclaiming the glory of our King!
Trumpets, lions, and angels heralding!
Every single cloud a masterpiece calling out to the world 
That the Messiah is soon to arrive on the scene.
Are you ready? Are you ready to see Jesus in His fullest glory?
The angels are standing their posts and entertaining themselves
Through their God-given creativity.
Likened to children building sandcastles along the edge of a mighty ocean
They are sculpting and creating images to bring glory to their King!
The next time you look up and see an image of our Savior remember 
The children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
The angels made clouds for them too as they traversed the wilderness
For 40 long years.
The angels entertained them with their gifts of creativity and gave them a focal
point too!
Look up, children of the most high God. Look up and see the splendors of his 
mighty angelic army.
They are doing their part to cheer on the Bride of Christ too!

Gwendolen Rix 

I dedicate this poem to my very dear friend, Andrea Dietrich, who is one of my 
favorite poets of all time! This poem is written in response to the many 
supernatural sightings around the world of magnificent shaped clouds created 
in their fullest glory to honor the soon arrival of Jesus Christ to collect his 
Bride! The rapture of the church of Jesus Christ is at hand. Repent and be 
ready or be prepared to endure the most difficult time this planet has ever 
experienced. These are the events written of in the book of Acts 2:19.

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Her Final Words

"No." She whispered before drowning into her sorrows.
Her life had been a simple happy one. 
There were no pains and no troubles.
Life was life and people were people.
Life was simple.
and life was all about tomorrows.
Life didn't know about sorrows.
Her sorrows.
Those same sorrows that she drowned in never existed. 
They were never there, but where?
First to be sad in the naive town of joy.
Sorrow became contagious and what was known as happiness no longer was there.
It was non-exististent. 
A meager thought 
and a blessed memory.
She tried and tried.
She failed and failed.
Life was no longer hers.
For Pain was her only possession.
Her curse.
She lived and she died.
Yet, her legacy was passed on.
Never was it gone.
"No." She whispered before drowning in her sorrows, 
"Save them."

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Seems it was only yesterday
I was down and out in the most horrible of ways

I stand here wondering how
I made it to the place I am now

Rich beyond any man's wildest dream
no more than a dollar to my name, I find richness in the simplest of streams

Fishing along a Colorado hide away,
God has blessed me

All have a miracle right before their eyes
From East to West and right in front of your nose.

From were I once came, to where I am today...
Can only be called a miracle of undeserving Grace.

Gratitude is a four letter word...
a five letter word
Grace, Mercy

That promises to hunt me down all my days

A life I could have never imagined, 
put at my feet, by worshiping at his.

Seems it was only yesterday
I was down and out in the most horrible of ways

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We have heard about wonders that great
men from history did – Jesus walking on water;
Buddha calming a wild elephant; levitation of Saint
Joseph of Cupertino; Andromeda, wife of Perseus,
placed among the constellations, and many more
unfathomable happenings.

In our present world,
we still wish and hope for the extra-
ordinary in the ordinary when we pray
for rain to rain down from a clear sky;
pray that a good Samaritan to give you a ride
when your car runs out of gas;
myself winning that I can win a Nobel Prize,
even though my grammar may be wanting.

I will understand when you tell me
that you believe that you can pass through a wall,
without hitting it, if you also believe that a rose flower
can sprout in an earth-scorching desert……

Contest: ONE OF YOUR BEST Contest

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The Lord's Peace

The chaos is shedding
Of happiness is floating
The madness..chaos is concealing
Comes from the Lord - 
To Him who mends us all...
To Him who forgives all of our sins
And downfalls
And answers everyone's calls

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Might I ask about what the moon means to you?
It means the world revolves in a transcending path with a satellite.
Why does the moon shine in the midnight sky?
It shines because it is a guide between the world of the dead and the living.

So does the moon fill the air with hope?
The moon itself is hope for people.
Why does the moon pull us in with such soul searching?
It is because we feel that the moon is part of our every day life.

Children who asks these questions; I have strive to tell them some truth,
And for the adults out there I created a little Moon lite poem to sooth.

So the moon is our light in the darkest hour of the night
With romance in the air that is so bright
We all hold hands once in a moonlit walk
And with such passion we would talk
The moon gives us our pull on each others heart
With a dinner that we take part
The ritual of wooing ones heart is a great feeling of love
The moon is always there to shine right above
In time we think we are blinded by the moon 
But to tell you the truth it reflects the sun light during midnight noon
It gives out a warmth in the darkness
We probably do not think of it less
Because the moon is our memories of our past 
It shows it everyday and night and always last

April 13, 2013

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I'm Back

Last year you beat me up
And poured vinegar in my cup
Last year you humiliate me
And hire criminals to torment me.
Last year you deny my friends and families
The natural right to be happy
My children went to bed 
On Christmas day without food
While you drink and laugh
with your friends and called me a damn fool.
Last year I came to you for help
But you belittled  me instead.
You spread out your sordid legs before me
camouflaging under white sheets
And grinning your tobacco stained teeth.
Last year you brought discord among my race
Thus inciting a worldwide disgrace.
You have dominated my house, infiltrated the churches
Spreading political propaganda from the pulpit
and preaching biblical hate while some 
of your so call missionaries are spitefully
destroying homes and family.
Take your dirty hands off the innocent children
And allow them to grow and live like children
They should be tucked  in their beds at nights
And not among fake mothers and delinquent fathers
who are posing as one big happy family just to
conduct unscrupulous activities.
Stay away from the daycare centers and stop
using warm hearted children as instruments
in your  brutal and villainous  operations.
I sat on the street corner observing you from a distant
parking your car at the front door
And leaving with another from the back door.
I stood right next to you at the New Years Eve party
Watching your glass going up in cheers 
And making deceitful and ruthless  plans for the New Year.
I was even sitting with you at the poker table
Listening to your big chat watching you
puffing cigar and exchanging big dollars
to fabricate and execute  another plot.
I have followed you straight into your mysterious room
Where you convened your secret meetings
and formulate your business deals 
I have taken notes of your evil and treacherous  plans.
Wow! you believe that are so mighty and  powerful
You can have everything taken care of in split seconds
Name the price and the job is done
Oh what a wicked and cruel generation!
I have infiltrated every community
Every estate, business and properties
your social clubs and extravagant dinner parties.
Last year you brought me down so low
You have discredited my office and block my ambitious 
and generous plans just to have your way and dishonor my race.
But now I am back with strength and spiritual power
This year you cannot break me
Even when you out numbered me
I will still stand strong and beat you with a power
that has never been witnessed in decades.
This year I am back and I have no time to chat
The lame duck is dead that you have planted in my back.
I have full grip of the handle now and all the facts are known
There are evidences of accomplices and participants
Who have dipped their hands in blood to move to the top.
You have target honesty, accused innocency and harassed purity 
You have demoted and promoted to conceal the truth 
Used and suffer others to gain your blood stained honor 
Do not take me for granted  I am going to exercise my full authority
Every secret will be exposed and every act of cruelty will be deposed
And the hidden abusive secret power that is responsible for
The global misery and  worldwide atrocities  will be eliminated.
Love and peace will be restored to countries,
friends, homes, families and communities.
Get out of my way!
I am on my way to an emergency meeting
Repent before it is too late!
Because I am back!
                                                                 ©2015 Christine Phillips

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Razor Blade State of Mind

I'm in a razor blade state of mind,
A place of darkness that's hard to find.

I sleep tangled in a blanket of pain,
On a mattress full of mayhem.
The darkness surrounds me
And there's nothing I can do. 
My past has become the lightning rod,
The only means by which my future
Can seem to conduct itself.
But who do I think I'm fooling;
What's an orchestra without a conductor? 

I once sang out loud,
But now I'm drowned.
The body electric left
Somewhere in a field,
Where it ceases to breathe.
We have no hope here,
We have no hope left. 

My mind is like my verse;
Jumbled and pointlessly poignant,
Hopelessly optimistic.
Scarred and scared and sacred,
It means so much nothing
That it's bound to mean something.

I am everything I despise,
Nothing that I admire;
I am sweat and I transpire,
Not so wet like fire. 
I'm in a razor blade state of mind,
I tell the truth but I'm a liar.

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YOU Have Wrapped Me In Wonders

(2 Cor. 1: 3, 4 / 1 Pet. 5: 7 / Ps. 8: 4)

YOU Have Wrapped Me In Wonders!
Like YOU Wrapped Clouds Around Thunders
& Its Like A Lilting, Life-Lullaby In Whispers
or Like A Light Feeling of Gently Floating On Rivers

And It Feels Like A Comforter - Plush & Soft
Caressing Around Me As YOU Hold Me Aloft
And It Feels Like My Favorite Cuddly Blanket
Tucked 'Round Me Like Guests At A Table's Banquet

And It Feels Like Piled-Cashmere - Padded Covers 
To Keep Out The Cold & Carelessness of Others
It Feels Like My Grandmama's Queen-Size Quilt
... Under Which Many Castles Were Built ...

And I Feel Wrapped & Wanted, Warm & Safe
In The Soothing Circle of YOUR Firm Embrace
And Its Like The Tenderest of Hugs
In The Everlasting Arms of YOUR Fatherly Love

... and YOU Have Wrapped Me In Wonders!
Like  YOU  Wrap The Clouds Around Thunders ...

         Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/28/2013 
                     by:  MoonBee Canady

Yes, This is actually how I felt during the arduous procedure before my
Lumpectomy Surgery & ... after my surgery ... O' Yes, GOD Is Good!


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Her face glows in a divine halo,
while her thoughts get lost
in letters; yes, letters!; between
the letters, sentences and words;
she sees God in the form of beautiful words
for the soul; words that are too hard to find....

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Neo Nativity


Metal ghosts of Detroit's best
held together by rust and secrets,
stacked five high, squashed and bent
each holds memories-
good times in their back seats
family trips to the shore,
drive-in movies,
kids sleeping in the back
on the ride home from Christmas.

They may not be pretty
but they do provide shelter.
They cut the wind
and block the rain,
so she cowered beneath a wall of them.
Face illuminated by lightning
and pain
she pulled him close;
this man, Jose, who agreed,
she clutches at him 
and wears his strength.

No scratch for a motel,
no rooms to be had anyway,
and the Mustang died
a couple of miles outside of town.
The walk here in the rain
was the least fun she could recall,
until her water broke,
joining the squalor at her feet
and the labor began in earnest.

The moment is real
and as near as her next breath
the pain that grips her
steals that breath
then gives it back in a rushing whoosh.
She births, as women have done
for millenia
but she does it
in this mechanical graveyard.

A few moments of agony later
Maria was a mother
and her life had now taken a new direction.
When the sky finally cleared
she rocked her new son,
wrapped in a vinyl tarp,
and watched a single brilliant star
flare to life over her head.

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a mad week in the mountains

i almost cried 
bought a cheap 
gas bottle
from a friend 
who was up visiting
said a neighbor 
had moved out
gave it 
to him saying 
its almost full
saying its three times
normal size 
of the gas bottle t
which you 
have out there 

how much 
do you want 
for it i said
seeing a chance 
of a bargain 
really interested
30 euros he said 
managed to get it 
for 20 euros
telling him
i am taking a chance
it might not work
smiling into myself
different story later

got it back 
to the place
carried it 
around the back
got a jublie clip 
connected them together
went in 
began putting on a fry
cooking away almost done 
i turn to
my niece 
walks in the door

she gives me
 one awful push 
screaming into flames 
roaring saying 
the place
is on fire 
all the hairs 
on my arms 
went up 
in smoke 
caught a bucket of water 
throwing it 
upon the flames 
my hair catches fire 
my niece 
was roaring laughing 
at this stage 

ran around 
the back ripped 
the gas bottle 
out from the wall
run in with another 
bucket of water 
dousing the flames 
ran to the barrel 
of water 
dipping my hands in
only now 
i am shaking 
with shock

that stupid gas bottle 
has just 
cost me 
a clean fortune 
should of known
it was to 
good to be true

put creams 
for burns on 
had a sleepless night 
but everything is ok 
just have 
hairless arms 
sick working at 
repairing the damage

that is me 
finished with
 gas bottles
my niece 
said she could
not help laughing 
even i was in flames 
she said it was the fastest
she ever saw me moving 
with your hair on fire
it was like something out 
of a movie 

she said 
it did not seem real
that she was shocked 
stood and done nothing
my father today 
began laughing

he said my arms 
he never seen them 
looking so smooth looking
a better job 
than waxing he said
a mad story 
from the hills 
of donegal

imagine that 
an idiot almost 
blew himself up 
laughing out loud
into myself ha ha

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Your Healing

How can a wound ever heal
When it remains exposed?
Open to the elements.

How can a heart ever heal
When the memory is raw?
Open to hurtful recriminations.

How can I ever be whole
When you invade my life?
Your voice
Your eyes
Open the wounds wider.

Why can’t you see
The simple truth?
Your love can…
Bathe me
Cleanse me
Anoint me
Bind me
Save me

My love, my life,
I desire
I crave
I want
Your healing!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Life of a star

Born in a nebulae, a spiders web of gas,
coloured by temperature, weighted by mass.
Nuclear fusion keeps them shining bright 
just like on that first day when God created night.
So they don’t burn us He cast them way up high
to illuminate our world He lit up the sky.
The coldest stars are red, the hottest are blue 
our star is orange to sustain me and you.

A gazillion balls of light, Arcadian fire,
or could they be the angels of Gods holy choir?
Fifteen million degrees keeps them alight
no wonder the poor shepherds fell down in fright, 
their signs in the heavens are celestially awed
witness to life through a child still adored.
Astrologers use them to predict our days
while Astronomers study their galactic ways.

A billion years trip past, the mere blink of an eye,
their cores rapidly depleting our stars start to die.
Expanding shells that twist and morph
snuff out the light as they turn black dwarf,
as a swan song gesture, it’s almost over;
in a brilliant flash they turn supernova,
a nebulous cloud of gas is then formed;
the birthing place where stars are spawned.

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fallen tree 
in closed water

extract white spell

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A Drop of Tea


Dawn lays down a carpet of light
Curtains of rain gather on the wind
Lift and swirl
On nature and day
As they make their way down
To hold the ground in place
Some drops fall after a time
Through an imposing hole in the ancient cabin
Formed by a meteor at some distant point in time
The structure receives them one by one
They fill a cup
Stationed atop a hot wood stove
A boiling point arrives
To serve the drops of day
In time for a good morning
And a spot of tea

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God's Winter Stage

Beautiful to view,
Magnanimous and scenic,
Gingerbread houses with snow covered  trees ,
Blessed by diversified weather,
Cool and refreshing,
The crisp sound of the snow as you walk,
Sidewalks clean and sanded,
The sound of cars and buses our good friends,
We are a civilized species of the Lord,
Dependent on our belief of God,
The restaurant a haven for companionship and delicious foods,
God's winter stage, we are guests of good will.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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If I open my eyes and light I see, how wonderful!
If I close my eyes and light I still see, how wonderful!

If I touch water and it cools my skin, how wonderful!
If I touch fire and I feel the heat, how wonderful!

If I taste the sweetness of an orange and it brings a smile to my face, how wonderful!
If I taste the bitterness of a grapefruit and it makes me squirm, how wonderful!

If I smell the pleasant fragrance of a perfume, how wonderful!
If I smell the stench of rotting garbage, how wonderful!

If I hear a bird singing, how wonderful!
If I hear a loud siren, how wonderful!

If I live to see another day, how wonderful!
And If I pass, that would be wonderful too!

Thank you mom, for all the these wonders would not be possible if it weren't for you.

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New Dawn

Zest is in my heart
And bliss is in the air
As sanguine clouds have given way
To a new dawn so fair

Buds are blooming into flowers
And nature is burgeoning with joy
As the dead autumn has given way
To a new spring so joyous


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Most beautiful muse

you are my most beautiful muse
from the Pleistocene to a kiwi
from a storm to the heaven
from the blue age to a gnosis
from a hearing to the naked eyes
I love your pink poetry
caressed by the absolute

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It's Not A Cult

It's not a cult:
It's a Savior saving my life.
It's a Savior saving your life.
It's our Savior saving our lives.
It's not too late.
It's never too late!

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God is Kind

GOd is kind 
That my friend- 
Is what I find 
Everyday, everywhere 
Through your eyes 
His goodness I see 
When you smile 
I see his loving kindness 
As he reaches out 
To touch our hearts. 

God is kind 
That my friend- 
Is what I find 
When the sun rises at dawn 
His love we are shown 
At dusk with grace 
The pretty moon surface 
To edge out the sleeping sun 
Such beauty, such wonder 
Our God, our father 
Bestows on us his children 

God is kind 
That my friend- 
Is what I find 
This I ponder 
Every night by my bed 
As I say my prayers 
One thing remains certain, 
Constant, Sure and unwavering- 
His mercies endures forever. 

God is kind 
That my friend- 
Is what I find.

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I'm happy

I’m happy with the person that cares about me
 I’m happy with the person that knows how I feel
  I’m happy with the person that shows how he feels about me
   I’m happy with the person that treats me right

     I’m happy with the person that doesn’t say the wrong things
   I’m happy with the person that says I love you everyday
  I’m happy with the person that is always there for me
 I’m happy with the person that knows how to make me happy

I’m happy with the person that makes feel better about myself
  I’m happy with the person that loves me for who I am
    I’m happy with the person that wants to be with me for me
      I’m happy with the person that would never leave me

        I’m happy with the person that keeps my spirit up high
     I’m happy with the person that keeps me safe
   I’m happy with the person that protects me with his life
  I’m happy with the person that makes me smile everyday

 I’m happy with the person that tells me jokes everyday
I’m happy with the person that shows his feelings everyday
   I’m happy with the person that has a kind heart

        I’m happy that I have my fiancé in my life

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the miracle of life

People seem not to realize the miracle that is standing before thy
The essence of life that is such a wonderful sensation
People take so much time worrying about the dead and gone 
When the lives standing in front of them is ready to move on
Now the miracle is starting to fade away
And now it has no say
But every time someone goes away
A miracle is starting to come everyday
So no more worrying about what people has to say
Because the miracle will break it away
Just love live and Rejoice because you are a part of the miracle 
That some people don't get to see day by day

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It always starts with a whisper.
A quite before the storm.
Building up to a rip, a fissure
then inside eruptions
kaleidoscoped palisades
divided by mirrors.
My eyes elope into one
that sees much more clear.
The fluid pours uncontested
to the mouth of my river.
The taste elate my sense.
You can feel the current.
The earth and sky with pupose.
i love it, i live it, i learn it

The storm hits.
My imagination sprinkles.
1000 feet 500 people
revolting against their captors
blood falling soaked in evil.
We end at the feet
of the one they call master.
The monarch
butterflies cascade through the sky
and turn it black as night.
Flowers cover the bodies of people.
Trees overtake all of the steeples.
Mountains break ground
and thunder through cathedrals
good overtakes evil.
Yeah that's it, this place
this is where i shall leave you
the chaos is over and now
it turns peaceful.

I hope you enjoyed this.
I hope for you like me
it was like a vacation.
However I can't take credit.
the sound that turned into music
was not mine.
I am just a poet
that took it and framed it.
I owe it to the dragonfly
for he is who whispered.

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It's From Up Above

This love I have for you is like none I've ever known,
   Something through out all these years I've always shown.
But my heart is full of sadness because of where you are ,
   You would be with me this moment if it wasn't so far.
I strive and I struggle searching just to find a way,
    Never quit and never lose faith is what I always say.
You and I will be together if it's the last thing I do,
   All my dreams and thoughts are all of being with you.
So hold on to me tightly my dear and  don't you ever doubt,
   The feelings we have for each other is what loves all about.
It may seem at times so hopeless and your ready to give up,
   Just remember what we have and why we should stand tough.
Never could I imagine being in this world without your Love,
   For I know this plan of you & I came from the Lord above.

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Fill Us Again

These days we all are just a bit more wiery ,
Even on common ground we have become leary.
  Trust is much harder to come by  these days,
Losing our faith has made us lose our way.
  Kindness & compassion a thing of the past,
Because of this love and Joy can not last.
  Smiles and laughter a rare thing to see ,
How I miss the way it use to be.
  We have become helpless and tolerant to unjust,
As we watch our hopes and dreams turn to dust.
  Discouraging words is all I am hearing anymore,
A little kindness and support would help for sure.
  It's sad as I sit here and see how we have all changed,
What makes it worse is that we are the blame.
  How to fix all  this and get us heading straight,
There is a way but fear it might be to late.
  If only we would take more time to pray,
It wouldn't be long before we found  our way.
  Becoming cold and heartless is what I've always feared,
I pray for our Lord to take us all away from here.
  Fill our hearts with love and joy again ,
We will follow you Lord forever Amen.

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Blessed Breeze

Something feels wrong –
the atmosphere
 Feels dry 
upon my skin
I remember 
the summertime 
its blessed breeze 
– it kept
On flowing…
jovial love 
for the renewal 
of your heart… 
Once bleeding…
 from deep within
Accept me 
For who I am…
Accept me…
Do you ever ponder
About the good times
We’ve shared?
Have you
Erased it
From your mind 
I wish 
You could rise 
like the sun 
when the dawn 
comes rolling in 
The fog 
Surrounds us… 
With gloominess
There’s no need
To feel my stress
For eternity 
Is caressing 
your soul
Don’t let it
Believe me…
Keep it 
at ease…
Cast away the sorrow
Flick it off
into space
I’ll be there
To run the race
With you 
So wipe away 
The blue liquid…
blinding your eyes
Don’t be burdened
By the shame
Sway with me
In the wind…
Where peace
Grows on and on and on…
Forever – 
Until the demise
Of the dawn 
Let the clouds
Drift away 
And sleep without
And don’t forget
To pray for 
The blessed breeze
Let me help you
Track down the worries
That try to 
Don’t let it get to you
No matter what

Your body is warm
Your eyes glisten 
And reflect
Fascinating light. 
Something feels right…

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Christmas Out of the Body Experience

A few nights before Christmas
all was quiet in the apartment
except for a few ghosts milling about in it

Before I went to bed 
to rest my head
I thought of the words of a friend
who once said 

You are not out of your mind
dreaming you are wide awake
not in your body but another fourth dimension
to your self please be kind 

In the middle of the night
came a demanding knock 
like Ebenezer Scrooge I was in a fright

Could it be just the wind
or a piece of undigested fruitcake
Could it be just my imagination
or could it be my very end

Not knowing what to do in the situation
I find myself walking in my living room
furniture was missing and the feeling was ghostly white
dead Aunt singing like Ella Fitzgerald in syncopation 

The dead are here
The dead are real
Do not be afraid
The dead are on the other side-there  

To the front door I went
with much anticipation
to the front portal I went
with much exasperation

But next an orange- red morning sky
the sun has risen to my surprise
in the same living room now bathe in light adorn
like a Christmas greeting card
was left on the floor a picture of me
which was there the night before  


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Bejewelled Winter

God's frozen nature,
Trees standing or fallen,
Touched by a wand of ice,
Spruce and pine,
Glimmering like a 
storybook kingdom,
Standing tall aloof and still,
Snow and ice covering
God's kingdom,
Danger everywhere,
Viewing winter through 
a multi-dimensional window,
Humans bowing out to a conspiracy 
of the supernatural.
God's bejewelled kingdom,
The warmth at home, 
Friendliness and comfort,
Blessings of the Lord.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Abundant Touch

blood, sweat, and tears
nailed to a cross
crown full of thorns
your life was lost
for me, a worthless sinner
for me
a new beginning
I leave the past where it remains
I've been transformed
I've been restored
condemned no more
I wear the chains no more
I am free

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The Silent Affair

The divine silence aired in a room of friends,
A knight of distinction and honour,
The lady caressed his every word,
A champion of excellence and understanding,
The mystery and adventure of destinies.
To be written another day,
What fortitude and strength,
Blessed and caressed the day and night,
Parallel societies honoured by another's presence,
Befriended and guided by God,
A miracle in the making.

Author: Gwen von Erlach

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Beautiful Boyfriend

My beautiful boyfriend,
in your plaid skirts
and black lipstick,
you make my head spin
as you tease me;
with your body,
how the curves are so perfect,
to the clothes you wear,
your black and purple bra,
with the matching purple panties.
You kiss me,
but instead of feeling the
facial hair of a guy,
I feel your soft smooth skin.
You touch my face,
and once again the feel is unexpected,
not callous,
but soft.
Everything about your body is soft,
drawing me into your charm,
something specific to only your body,
and when you begin the change,
the morph into the real outer you,
I'll feel muscle throughout your body,
telling me that I am safe,
and I'll hear your deeper voice,
and know that I would wish for none other.
You are unique,
and somehow I get to call you mine.

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My Multi-Dimensional Window

I sit by my multi-dimensional window,
Seeing the beauty of God's nature,
I think that God's portrait is my favorite,
The beautiful white clouds shapely and divine,
Trees dancing in the wind, 
The sidewalk seems to go on forever,
Pedestrians greeting and visiting,
Cars stand like pioneer stories,
We have elevated from coach to car,
God's blessing to humanity,
I sip my cup of coffee and savour,
A delicious experience to enjoy.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Portrait of an Angel

There is no song that sings the words I feel.
No poem with words that describe the butterflies you awakened
That keep my heavy heart lifted above my lungs.
No song makes me breathe like your voice.

I search, believe you me,
But the thousands of words that reverberate through my cranium
Can never define the recreation of my soul you began
Before you held my hand and showed me how to make

No chord hits the note of your angelic sigh
Or the sleepy snort of laughter through your (perfectly constructed) nose.
Bach, Beethoven, nor Mozart could quite pin the grace 
That was used when creating everything that escapes from you.

No chisel tinking tirelessly against flawless marble 
Was ever successful in piecing together your perfect imperfections.
No Christian in a pew ever knew of the praise and worship spent
Over your sun-kissed skin and eyes full of wisdom surpassing your youth.

Yet here I am, a girl with a heart made of lead and rusted nails
In love with an angel with x-ray vision disguised as earth-brown eyes.
He never minds that his wings may get tired, or his halo may be dulled
While we make those songs we yearn for ourselves.

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When you were born
I was sure you were 
the most remarkable thing
on the planet
as you grew         I knew it was true
everything    I had experienced     paled
in the light of          who you were
and the     privilege    of knowing you 
an   empty   life became   full
darkness        became    light
no   thing men value         could compare
to what         is you 

How many cries   beneath  those eyes
how much of you will    I ever see
guess you're         a lot like me

I have never celebrated     my body
I never        cried for you 
I shared        nothing 
but you        asked me to 
and I         never asked you 
I told you          no stories
for I cannot       share the pain
as I was          taught
that my outside     should never betray 
my inside
What I feel         I must never show
so that you       would never know
"to be seen          and not heard "
not allowed         to speak any word 

your body is for        service
close your          eyes    and MIND (behave)
I'm sorry my children     that
I gave this              legacy to you
the mother     you never knew
I have so few memories            of kindness
and nearly            none           of love
I have tried          to give    you
all that           I had and 
I don't believe       in myself  that 
it could ever        be enough
I have been      trying all my life
to learn         how to love
I must let you go
to make this         journey yourselves
I would         be privileged
to make this           journey with you
and I really don't     want
you focused            on the past anyway
I want       you        looking for love
and   happiness      cause I'm still
looking for it         too 
but you all         have given 
my happy memories
(and I still think for you they were too few)

Psalm 139
3 For you formed my inward parts;
    you knitted me together in my mother's womb.
14 I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works;
    my soul knows it very well.
15 My frame was not hidden from you,
when I was being made in secret,
    intricately woven in the depths of the earth.
16 Your eyes saw my unformed substance;
in your book were written, every one of them,
    the days that were formed for me,
    when as yet there was none of them.

COPYRIGHT © 2014 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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overseeing in all His presence,
deserving with all of His blessings.
predetermined by His will,
preserved for all true seeker.
the proof of His power,
one of many true miracles of His gifts.
few are ever blessed with;
forever inspiring,
moving all works for His glory,
even sweeter when you hear it.
even better than any knowledge,
can't be compared with any sophistication,
truth of wisdom can't be bought.
the true value of all of His promises:
that before every person that is saved,
there must be first calling,
forever giving and forgiving,
begins the origin of all merciness and blessings. 

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From “Daily Given and Other Poems”

Come forth, dear friend
Squeeze my hand and kiss my face
Even under the shadows of a pencil away
But you should not forget
You and I are human in our right moment to die

Not day I hope
Not in this particular month and not the next month either I should say
Alas! This is my bridge and I’ll wait for you to cross it together
Bring your body to me: Embracing and laughing and capping 
What I left for you, and much more.
We should live one, two, or three hundred years
It can be for anyone who would like to sing which it allows you and me to understand.

Speak up like cuckoo’s soul or pulling in front of you the intimate uncertainty
Because you would see eventually we are going to find
That trail that today appears confuse.
No matter what day will make an end
No matter what hour rendering may seem thrust that for others
Sometimes like this, in exact order, find blindness or butterflies.

If you fall believe it or not
I would make for you and the others as a soldier
Pinching wet ground and crushing the living creatures out of my way
But I would carry you and with a best-known smile I would indeed reach 
The other end that appears identical from the beginning.

Now I wish you Merry Christmas from this humbly and lonely man
The undone four-letters with which my mind usually I skip
Which by voice-over in a period of utmost solicitude
I should deliver it to you. 

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faced with this beginning

in its own way
it is many ways
that shine
like your eyes
seem to shine 

only to me

when the threads are lit and burning
when the blaze around your head dies down 
you will see 
that you are free again

the road opening up amid the ashes

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A scarecrow!

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Winter Miracle

The snow falls gently down,
In lazy sheets of white,
I watch it fall for hours,
Dancing in the breeze,
Covering up the dirty ground,
Stealthily in the night,
These tiny, crystalline flowers,
Forming awesome seas.

Seas, made of wind and ice
Swirling, tugging at my mind,
Each flake is part of a breaker,
Of a sea nearly mythical,
And I realize why they can’t suffice,
These words I so often find,
For to put words to nature,
Is to make less of a miracle

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A Miracle Today

Each new day has a new chapter to complete.

It is a miracle each new day,
the sun rising to greet the
human race a miracle on
the rise.

A miracle the time keeps ticking
by us 24 hours a day.
New Birth and death of old a
miracle to unfold.

Joy of our family, a table to
share the days events
a miracle.

Greet each moment of life
not expecting a miracle
for your life is a miracle.

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Rhythm Of Our Hearts

This music they play
Tapping out a beat
Like new summer rain
7 billion human clocks

Ticking toward their destiny
All mortal
Temporary brittle engines
Running such delicate bodies





So many different variations
Aching for missed love
Then from sadness
Bursting with romance found

Swelling with true pride
Brimming over from compassion
This little mighty wonder
So many take for granted

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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When I met you nothing
In my life made sense
I was going through the
Emotions while trying to
Keep my head above water
But you were always
There for me never once 
Did our friendship totter.
We told each other everything
Our worries, our griefs,our pain 
But you never let me walk alone
In that rain
And one day out of the blue 
Sprung out something new a
Love for one another strong and true.
A life long bond no one could ever break.

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given and shared by many,
valued by the wise.
bound by no one,
except but by power of God.
founded with true mercy and humility,
grounded on faith.
free with no payment,
blessings with no attachment.
proof of the holy spirit:
true works of hope,
through our daily lives,
many are unaware of it's knowledge,
left to claim for the deserving:
lifetime spent seeking.
few are grateful.
missed by so many,
used rightly by just a handful,
you can never take advantage of.
handy in case of  emergency.

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The Proposal

     The Proposal 

I have a ring.  You gots a finger
Marry me
By the way
Whatcher name?

If you aint got one 
That's OK
Cause I have a ring and you gots a finger
Why's that middle one pointed at me?

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Only live rivers,running in vertical directions,

Over the bone flats,

Numerous like green threads,

Between the layers of skin and flesh,

Flooding blood,

Not charming chilly,warming,

Via the curves of nerves,

A Wonder land running nerve rivers,human bodyies!

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everything is gradual

everything is eventual then it's happening --
we're moving in circles at a steady pace

the city got new search-lights pointing at the sky
 looking for a miracle in the clouds hanging there
worried about the things they've got to do,
like the war on terror, H1N1, your money and it's true
everyone wishes the rain would break
the high tide, the flooding for god's sake

what are we going to do?

with a predilection for an immediate look
from any third eye cave -
 i am in that tunnel
i am the rave...
rolling down the main streets
 rolling down past the ignored miracle you are
rolling down where you can buy everything
 from a gun to a slave
what are you supposed to do at the dead-end
of our collective mind

round and round
neutral flowing and changing every lil' bit
 suspended precariously like a platter on a hardrive
a hard hard drive

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It Was Good

Before the beginning God was alone
Just Father, Son, and Spirit existed.
And in the beginning God, the one true God,
Created a world without form and filled with darkness.
But God said let there be light,
And there was and He divided them to day and night;
And it was good!
And with His breath God blew and created the sky,
Which separated oceans and clouds from each other.
Then with a thundering shout He caused 
The earth to shake and dry land to burst through the seas;
And with a gentle wisper He caused plants to grow upon the ground;
And it was good!
Then with His voice He ripped holes in the night,
And through these holes light burst through;
And he made two larger than the rest
To rule over the night skies of earth;
And it was good!
Then with His hand God placed creatures:
Creatures of the sea in the waters,
And creatures of land upon the ground,
The creatures for the air leaped from His hand,
Then they flew and ruled the sky;
And it was good!
Then God organized with His mind,
For the animals to bear like animals as themselves;
And it was good!
Then God after all this practice molded man
With with His gentle, tender hands in His image
And gave man rule over the earth and the creatures in it;
And it was very good!

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break this bread with me
break the grip of my solitude
toast our warm communion
feed me warmth
pour out your heart
pour out a loving cup
drink the perfume of acceptance
in this love-scented place
sunday morning  no mass
a more spiritual occasion
a shared breakfast
a shared life
no miracle of water
changed into wine
not a last supper
but a first meal of the day

window sun behind us
gushes warmth into our bond
formed over and again over
the altar of this breakfast table
over which is poured love
through a fingertip touch
or a crumb brushed from lip ,
a word , a glance , a celebration

the miracle of existence
changed into life

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I am the daughter of rivers and wild dreams 

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The miracles of God

 When I look up at the sky,

 I always think it is a miracle of God,

humans,birds,fish and animals,

all of them is a miracle of God

When rain starts and rain falls,

when clouds gather in the sky,and

when all white snow falls in the valleys

cities and towns...all is a miracle of God

When babies cry and babies laugh,

when war ceases and peace prevails,

it is all wonderful  to happen......

because it is a miracle of God.

Even you,standing just across me,

you are a miracle,it is the miracle coming to me

when God sent you,

and this is because we all believe in miracles,


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One by one was fun
the day it begun

list of tens
two by two was a brand new day

always waiting for the next day
planning the days

three by three
what wonderful things
public eye
miracle eyes of fashion
lets do this again

four by four
what for
the answer and the score

five by five
how many 
in this list of ten
plan ahead

twelve steps to success
only ten items on the list
six by six
see whose focused

seven by seven
the plot thickens

eight by eight
the trick
sleight of hand

9 by 9
and the illusion

ten by ten
look what we did

the miracle of our man made plan
and all we did was change the twelve days of christmas
to the ten steps
of a man made miracle parade
of an unravelling holiday
to put them in the right order of
steps to global peace
parades of clowns and mimes

one fool
2 clown
3 mimes four elephants and the people in the crowd watching the six dancers
among the seven floats
of the eight different balloons
9 dreams came true
in religious miracles solved
never a mirage for food
on a mayday april fool
sabatoged warcrafts with weapons to the new bermuda

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Why should we grow up?
Children see a world of wonder
A miracle in every blade of grass
Magic in a passing cloud
They see heroes
Even in their flawed parents
Where did that innocence go?
Did we listen to teachers?
Grown-ups who learned to think
Losing their imagination
They became normal
Their minds shrank into a preset box
Preformed by those who came before
Without any freedom
No space to grow
They told us that magic didn’t exist
Miracles never happened
And there were no longer any heroes
They forgot what nature told us at birth
Life itself is the purest magic
Love is the one miracle God gave to all
An open heart
A questioning mind
Expressions of our deepest thoughts
Are our strongest, bravest heroes
Why should we grow up?
Just because they say we should
What if they are wrong?
What would our lives be like?
Could we live without magic, miracles and heroes?
Do we really want to know?