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Free Verse Flower Poems | Free Verse Poems About Flower

These Free Verse Flower poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Flower. These are the best examples of Free Verse Flower poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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flowers for Chinaski

I quickly grew tired of poems about
the supposed gentleman who wanted
to turn his gal into a flower.

I thought about what it might be like 
to be turned into a 
flower --

maybe domesticated in a garden 
first, then plucked

or plucked straight from the wild.

Stuck into a vase
on display for people to watch you 
slowly wither.
People admiring you 
with punctuated looks of sentiment,
sniffing you while they watch you

By chance
someone might press you into a book
to preserve you for later admiration,

only able to touch you like a 
so your petals don't disintegrate into dust.

Nah, I would rather she be a 
have her petals embrace me.

She might try clawing out my eyes with rage 
and slam the kitchenette 
in just that way I can't stand,

before we cuddle together,
an ashtray between us
smoldering with the stacks of Pittsburgh or
Chicago or Buffalo City.

And even if the blue light flickering off the walls 
can't fill all the empty spaces 
in our hearts,
at least we chose to be there

and lived.

Lived beyond 
living for the sole purpose
of dying to look good in the casket,
only to be pressed into a mausoleum.

When the time comes,
I want my corpse to feed
the forces that don't give up
fighting against contrived,
manicured lawns --
that don't stop fighting to break through 
concrete city slabs
with the faces of dandelions and chickory,
blossoms exploding
into bright ruckus

while making love to the sky.

April 7th, 2014

“i am with the roots
of flowers
entwined, entombed
sending up my passionate blossoms
as a flight of rockets
and argument...."

-- Charles Bukowski,
"The Roominghouse Madrigals: Early Selected Poems, 1946-1966"


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flowers for Chinaski -- part ii

part ii

There was a time
when I wanted to be one of them,

to somehow fit in
with the fancy rituals
of their high society.
But the da-Dumb, da-Dumb, da-Dumb
made me want to puke,
made me want to bounce my head 
off the table, hopefully causing the bone china
and forks
to add clatter to their snobbish 

Words like "gossamer" 
flitted around the room,
word so thin but veiled 

and distant,

even the candle light appeared
to shy away from those dry wings.

The snobs talked about how
I was too simple with words.
They did so with such a simple, 
the irony provided oxygen for flame
to devour.

And the critics proclaimed that
I wasn't able to love,
when really, I just wanted to get away
from them, 
smoke a cigarette in peace
while hitchhiking back to my chubby cherub,
feel her belly fall and rise against my skin.

I was finally able to love,
and she died.

The previous pain had been for show:
"Look at the drunk ham
feeling sorry for himself."

But when she died,
I distilled tears
into a different type of proof.
I was no longer willing to be
their carnival attraction
placated under the table,
listening to them upstage each other.

When I was able to stand again,
a cold, sharp thing was birthed in my mind,
I wanted to shoot them all between the eyes,
splatter their degrees and deeds 
with their blood and brains.

I found peace though -
stopped wanting to be one of them.

I found peace
away from their chatter
about what to carve on their headstones
or what type of fancy imported granite
their mausoleums should be constructed of.

I found peace in readying myself to be 
consumed by 
to be perspired into the open, fathomless sky --
the same deep blue as the bird 
who finally pecked his way
through the rusted cage of my heart,

freeing us both.

April 12th, 2014

“i am with the roots
of flowers
entwined, entombed
sending up my passionate blossoms
as a flight of rockets
and argument...."

-- Charles Bukowski,
"The Roominghouse Madrigals: Early Selected Poems, 1946-1966"


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TO THE FLOWER Your scent beckoned my weeping heart to painless flight; amidst a garden where God dusts His pretty love. Spring tints are pure and fragrant, free of guise. Your hues painted another sunrise for my eyes; when once I failed to catch the pledge of morn. A seed of hope was born to white petals blush. Though there are silhouettes of bitter yesterdays must all the phantoms of illusions fade and leave...? Your floating aroma stirred and shot my nerves; inspiring a nightingale to sing some joyous laments; It swayed with grace to dance on wind's despotic beat. among the rustling leaves which hug the earth below; So like the sun, which from distant horizon smiles; it roused the sleepy world to begin the pen of baby prose. The unfolding mystery of your petals brought my bewildered mind to peacock's reflection. Alas! All was transient. These eyes probe beneath but were blinded by the intrusion of some stray shine; Ambitions which from afar are building sprout; t'is that which let this self to irksome doubt. Lovely blossom of the wild, this sojourner nigh to tame your perfume's sweet stinging scent. A restless soul by some wicked, destiny pokes; someone called--- but pity, I couldn't tell a note. If by magic, a butterfly I could become; Let it be over my being slowly span. Then with you (though the specters in our midst are fierce), I could jet fly though miseries without fear. But am just a mortal of faith that blows this wish for only covenants call for my journey still? I cannot be forever the one who would share your sweetness; (Harken, fairies of blooms, this wilderness is not my lair.) I shall not want to witness you wilt as no time left to stay. Never again will you see me at day-break's bloom, save something special for others to experience you. This fleeting apparition I so adored; promised me burgeoning petals. "Be not afraid as seasons change, beyond today, I won't be here to see that no harm be done with all intentions to your sacred charm. As today, I leave you to Mother's Nature tender care, for I must go to some greater musing-- heaven's ground. Wilt not, as soon the rain will dash, refreshing you my dear. If I return someday-- will your sublime scent still be here?" Inspired by Susan Seddon Boulet's painting: ----- © Olive Eloisa Guillermo October 20, 2014 10:19 pm Contest Name Free Verse, Prose Poetry, haibun Sponsor Debbie Guzzi 2nd place

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The Flower -part one-

“A Flowers Wilt”	

Witness the small existence 
that abides the beauty of-----------
Freelancers all around,
Just to get a good look.

A baneful abrasion, the flower took
It captivates you -------------
Reels you, steals from you, 
Until you pick the right flawless touch.

Dandelions swaying thin,
Here we fall like petals.
Ready to exploit, the beauty of-------
Inhale the fragrance,

Courtyard azure eyes, 
Embarking in a wishful eternity,
A crush they become, when loveliness up and left. 
A bully against arrogant, threw feminine perfumed veils
Tulips waiting for the better auspicious’ sky
Asters claims the eclipse's,
-dinginess censors it from the brilliance of the sun.
A lonely rose
In My Helix World-
The out-and-out are born.
Cries in the dimness, 
A sweet Lotus echo’ 
Slight yelps of agony, carried off by pollen breeze.
The earth revolves to fast,
Injections of herbal essence in the wind
For a split second, we feel pixie dust
Channel the essential, it fades
Earlier beauty, calmness-
A flourish smile,
Rusk of flower, a bluebird’s bread.

Like candles and dew, they stream and limber energy
Opposing others of its humanity, 
Against the command of its importance,
Pierced by its own elegance,
Thriving slowly of its own will, 
A short story, gone stray!
Tonight, we plant a tree, 

The Flower wilts
The gardener cries


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Starstruck in your deep Beauty

In your beauty, striking jewels within your light 
If I where to go into another world 
Searching behind each and every fold 
Wrapped up inside my mind 
There is a never ending vision, of thought 
Over half of it one forgets 
in a short space me not 

Flowering time one stands out striking 
It draws from the gentle wishing well 
inside the rainbow colors her 
all shades of a promise 
sprinkling softly in her mist 

The heart began singing music to me 
as the soul saw your guiding light 
I would never break your heart love 
one silent promise, made into oneself 
at that very moment in time 

I felt it 
so very special 
remembering the sweet pretty birds in song 
Magic capturing that very moment 
our souls inside out sharing 
When the heart fell at your feet 
it was truly amazing 

You're my dove wings 
sweetly touching 
Flying this heart deeply in love 
with your peace the drunken spirit is floating 
intoxicated in your space 
falling softy emotions swoon 
Savoring feelings explode outside reality 
your amazing beautiful in my eyes 
dazzling the mirrors of dream

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On days of childhood past
and long faded into memory,
sisters played beneath a smiling sun
in shadowed rooms of bending willows.
Dainty handkerchiefs swaddled
our Rose of Sharon infants
to keep the newborns warm;
honeysuckle spread sweet fragrance
scenting the summer playhouse
while birds trilled lullabies of joy.
Clover chains hung as garlands
to decorate our home
and snowball bushes' spread
perfumed blossoms carpeting the floors.
Simple pleasures of a simple life
we seem to have discarded
in favor of a busier, artificial plastic world
where flowers bud stale fabric blooms
on bending wires.
The evensong of the whip-poor-will is no more.

I would go back if I could harvest
the pureness of those happy hours,
distilling a rare elixir,
a medicine for our ailing times.

November 25, 2014

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The Scent of Your Soul

The scent of your feelings clings 
To the fabric of my dreams
It never leaves….it lingers
Permeating everything
The scent of your feelings
Envelopes me

The fragrance of gardenia
When you are tender, sweet
Gentle and serene 
Tranquility showing through
In the gardenia scent of you

Seducing scent of jasmine
Surrounds you like an aura
Heavy, heady
Promising opulent luxury
Of flesh upon flesh
With you in control
Leading me deeper
Into the scent of your fantasies
Tantalizing, teasing, tempting
Endless jasmine ecstasy
Sensual and satiating
Is the jasmine scent of you

Perfumed in Damask Rose
Giving off the scent 
Of inner turmoil
Uncertainty, vulnerability
You are brooding and troubled
Guarded, disturbed
Needing to be reassured
Held in the strength of my arms
Quieted by my love
Till dawn’s light
When your safety is assured
And your scent finds release
Along with that of mine

Honey suckle perfume
Your need to nurture
To let me suckle
At your breasts
Your perfume speaking
In words my soul hears
That you live only
To care for my needs
Your perfumed hands
Soothing way the aches and pains
Of my rough and busy day
Honey suckle promises
Of womanly affection
In waves of comfort and light
I taste honey
Nectar that sweetens my lips
For I know it flows for me
I know I am nothing
A poor lost man
Without the fragrance of honey suckle
Wafting over me

Narcissus emotions
When there is venom in your eyes
Sparks fly all around me
And I know a storm is coming
A scent foreboding
Indicating the imminence
Of the unleashing of thunder and lightning
Torrents of rain
The scent of angered passion
I sense it
I smell your brewing storm
I’m unleashed in the elements
And yet….I know
How to harness your storm
How to bring calm
How to let you vent in my arms
Beat at my chest
I silence you with a kiss
Your arms pinned
The anger passes
Yet your 
Narcissus scent
Left on my chest
Leaves me shaken
In the aftermath
Of your storm

Orchid emotions
The perfume of surrender
Absolute abandon to my will
The sweetest fragrance
The tenderest emotion
A wilting flower
Waiting to be revived
Tenaciously wrapping around my body
Knowing its source of life, love, and happiness
Your scent moves me
Brings out my desires
To possess
To please and reward
To bring color to your petals
By my life giving stream
Lost in this scent
The most beautiful of all
The scent of surrender
To me

The scent of your emotions...
Your soul
Clings to my being
A perfumed eternity
In your arms

For Anthony Slausen's Scent of Your Soul Contest

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Flowers Emerge

            Flowers Emerge

Impose your will on the pretty flowers as you may
Trans-formative wonderment of nature 
Entrenched, defiled, they pop up any way in clusters
Vivacious are the colors above the solid stem
Cut cold to death, decay and pain, to follow winters grip    
Excellence defined in the ability to survive
Dangerous are the forces that persist to derogate them    
Yet they prevail against all odds
Death comes but they regenerate
Grass is their shield.  Dirt is their pillow there
Negative winds carry with them ice
Reds and yellows grow on below the sun
Visceral, strangled roots, fragile faces, petal soft, grow cold
Ingenious species, green with envy on the leaf, rise again
A Cacophony of nature’s birds and bees disturbs the peace  
Flowers come in abundance, remain, friendly on the green
Distinguished in divine fashion, exquisite, generous to the last 
Elevated smiles on pollen grains contain the seed of life
Flowers emerge, aware of life

11/22/14 Poetry Contest - "Encounters With Flowers"

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erased to try and get it published

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Burning Star

Oh baby 
these eyes fell down 
you're amazing beautiful body 
Tingling with warm liquid gold 
slowly began melting in fingers 
chocolate over soft velvet sweet honey 
I began dreaming undressing 
deep inside with burning hot desire 
Shimmering light of candle 
stirring passion flickering memory
gentle kisses burning embers
In the fire ultra warm
sizzling dreaming hot 
touches inside desiring love
Once upon a time begins 
our enchanting fairy tale dream 
From out of the deepest forests 
walking on these sands footprints 
forever and always will remain special
Left in the heart touching beats
wishing you were here right now 
A star shining 
catching you inside the magic dust 
charming precious held 
Within a breath of silver thought priceless
silken wrapped gifted treasuring gem 
Faraway whispers sweetly 
in silver breaths of air blowing
carried over the moon and back whistling
Echoes sweetly over the hill through the valleys  
far beyond time unraveling truth over beauty
almost felt I was making love to you 

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Seasons of Life and Death

Under the care of sun and rain
My leaves have unfurled
My buds have burst forth
My own will has been done
This was my beginning
Through the seasons
Spring brought me to life
Summer grew me to new heights
The fall must come sometime
The frost will encase my barbs
And I will return to meditation
Waiting patiently for my rebirth
For your light to peek through clouds
Your moon to hold me within night
When spring returns...
I will dance in the wind
A never ending flower

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Speaking Of Flowers

Flowers speak the Gladiola is never sad says words with a smile. Tulips are the pun not one but... sound it out, you'll see. Daisies reveal secrets she loves me, she loves me not. Buttercups lay it on thick compliment everyone. Carnations rev their engines. Express themsleves from land to land. Freesias my personal favorites blow a fragrant line. Sweet Peas, are still babies they're still learning. Patience wait as long as they need to before they speak. Snapdragons can fly off the handle but please forgive them Orchids tend to fib are they adults Or .....! Bluebells sing a soulful tune and I love the blues. Paper Whites appropriately recite their written words. Roses bloom the most beautiful of words. But the best flowers of all don't need to say a word. With love you gift them a bouquet of their faves as they gently kiss your lips! Sponsor: Anthony Slausen Contest Name: Encounters with Flowers

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Another Silly Love Poem

Thinking of the lilt of your hair
	and the flush of your cheek,
I search with hesitation for words
	to my poem.
My heart goes flutter flutter
	as with wings to fly.

I would soar with you
	to heavenly bliss,
if bliss be pure as daisy petals--
	for in spring thoughts turn from chill
to sun-rays warming everywhere.

My brow does not sweat from heat,
	but something finer emanates
from my breast, that even
	robins cannot sing.

Our love is like a kite
	lifted to new heights by passion's gate;
the tongue cannot give utterance
	to a voice so singing.

Your eyes are like the eyes of doves--
	never does a sad tear fall
from those eyes, but only brimming
	full of joy and light.

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Tranquil Smells Of Nature

                                        Tranquil Smells Of Nature

                                              The smell of nature,
                                                velvet feel roses,
                                                 yellow daffodils,
                                               dazzling pink lilies,
                                               nectarous jasmine,
                                                  highly alluring,
                                                ambrosial scented,
                                               flowering fruit trees,
                                                tranquil the senses.
                                               Blossoms with lots of
                                               sweet, concentrated
                                                  natural nectar  
                                            for bees, hummingbirds
                                                favorite weakness.

                                           Sweet smells of nature’s
                                                tranquil the senses.
By: Eve Roper 2/22/2015


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Beyond The Garden Gate

Ornate is the ironwork that I peer through
as my fingers grasp the garden gate,
and I open my eyes to my Wonderland.

My bare feet step down the moonlit path,
where fireflies twinkle amongst the stars
that reflect upon the flowing crystal brook.
I capture them in a lantern, then set them free.
My lavender dress twirls weightlessly as I dance,
here I am free to feel joy and to dream.

Here beyond the gate of my enchanted garden,
when the golden sun sets low in the evening sky,
the daisies, gladiolas, and pansies never close their petals
and the sunflowers shine in the moonbeams.

While butterflies stay to perch on the blooming trellis,
the song of the hummingbird fills the warm night air
and I fall asleep in my flower bed of thorn-less roses.

Written by: Kelly Deschler
February 17th, 2014
For Nette Onclaud's contest - "My Secret Garden"

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What Is Or Is It

                                            What is ? ----- Is it ?

                                            What is happiness ?
                          A hot summer day, walk barefoot in cool grass
                             Picking a large bouquet of summer flowers
                                     and then merge a flower crown
                                       Maybe get a good advice of
                               flower Daisies : love me, love me not,
                                          love me, love me not.......

                                             What is happiness ?
                                      Listen to the frogs love song
                                    by the small pond in the woods
                            Enjoy a fantastic and very light spider webs
                                    Who can do better than the spider
                                         See the raindrops on a leaf,
                            which glistens in the sun shining like jewels
                              Meadow which is full of yellow dots when
                                     Buttercup is smiling and nodding

                                              What is happiness ?
                                       Hand in hand on charity trail
                                               be giddy with love
                              A tender and gently kiss of the one you loved
                                   The dream of a family, have children
                                    and experience that new life is born
                                  Living life together for better or worse
                                    and that the device love never ends

                                   Happiness for me is that you are here

A-L Andresen

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Flowers bloom
And flowers wilt.
Flowers blush
And flowers fade.
The eternity is only in me-
The twig that bears the flowers.

Sparrows are born
And sparrows die.
Sparrows fly
And brighten the sky.
That who nurtures sparrows is me-
A cozy make of a twig upon a twig.

The sun fades
And moon is born.
The twilight blurs
And moonlight spreads.
All the soothing moonlight beams are me-
A crisscross of unfathomed twigs.

Whether in its birth
Or in its death;
In the heart
Of its heart;
The entire beauty is none but one-
A design of mysterious twigs.

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I reminisce of childhood prowls, the mild Unfolding through lustrous summer sways That in my past, musings replay when twigs Are sprinkled with blossoms rare like pearls. I find myself wandering downstream On banks wading softly, entranced along fresh shrubs…a vignette of burlap and silk, Rustling like bright confetti that often Fine dewdrops envy my near sunset’s trend. And I could but possess the warm flavor Of buds in heat, my face dipped in their chests Hesitating to leave the lush of gold as Nightfall breaks. Then, floral tapestry churns Against a mural of summer’s rich pattern Up high, where lacquered glint from hillside bursts. Full moon rolls with amusement to cradle Dawn’s garlands, auroral as this child’s eyes; floating through next seasons when my tossed hair sweeps a cluster of maiden time's fanfare. ............... ‘ Flora Abunda’ … Contemporary Figurative Artiste Stephanie Deshpande in Contemporary Free Rhyme...Cyndi's Contest by nette onclaud

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The Maverick Gardener -WIN

Viewed from the snow covered mountain
Slopes laden with flower beds like
Colorful vase of flowers
I saw the* Him Kamal flower
I asked, “Why are you all alone?
Beauty is to be adored”
Should give yourself before
Your petals fall to dust”.

Quick came the response from flower
“Am not lonely, enjoy these heights
Shelter of blue umbrella”.
I asked if I crush your petals
The flower said he would be glad
Its fragrance will radiate.
Purpose of life fulfilled
If destroyed not admired.

Nearby look at the snowy streams
Ripples flowing kicking each other 
Exhilarating music.
Our life like ever flowing streams
Water running towards ocean 
Currents never turning back
Perennial flow of life
Small life merging in big.

The nature is peace all around
She only disturbs who disturbs
She teaches wisdom to those
Praise her beauty, not destroy her. 
Develop the aesthetic sense
To feel the nature’s beauty.
Looking into the sky 
Searching their gardener.

Date 10-1-14
Third place win in 
Contest: Thank you by P.D.

Eighth place win in:
Contest: Maverick Free verse sponsored by John Freeman

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Incessant Motion

                             This is just for you
                             little hummingbird….

                        How inspirational you are!!

                        You flit about in eager ways
                    From flower to flower you dance
                      always intent on your mission

                      Pretty crimson and deep blue
                       and shimmered green hues
                      on your lightning speed wings

                         Just watching your drive
                           makes me grin at you
                      How you are always so busy
                          Your vigor and energy

                            irrepressible you are
                             A bit mischievous….

                        Dashing through the wind


                    I love to watch your little loops
                   and your sudden stops in mid air
                        How you love to hover…..

                     Bright, you are….a light to me
                   On sad days when sorrow comes
                         you dash to my rescue
                              with super speed

                               How I love you
                            little hummingbird!!

This is for a dear friend. She is much like a hummingbird *^_^*

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lost from sung lips)

Your e-mail engraves a smile while opening its contents.
I wanted to reply, to share a thought, 
but my daughter reminds me during that curiosity, 
an obligation to buy new shoes.

Being careful not to lose this thought in the pocket where I found my keys,
I placed it with a melody, a familiar whistle on tongue tip.
She with I weave like a zipper into traffic talk about school, friends, photographs
we found ourselves still framed on 6th and G. 

Placing her hand in mine with careful grip, 
she stops in time to save a purple flower called moment- 
forged loneliness- alone in the parched concrete seam. 
Placed it in my shirt. Seemingly protected by a giggle she looks for shoes;

She is only thirteen, tomorrow she will be sixteen
maybe laying in her bed with a realized 
pain of the first kiss placed with ruse. Not today. 
Today, we drove home foolishly to the radio,

as your thought is misplaced from absentminded lips.

We pull into the driveway.  She kisses my cheek 
within a single brush stoke of innocence; 
suddenly redandblue skyandsun understand the simplicity 
of the single purple flower (that replaced your reply,

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From a Tiny and Bright Orange Flower in the Woods

Hark! Don’t forsake me. 
Search for me. 
Look down low, in the underbrush. 
I will be good for you.
Though I’ve been given just a little of our endless world,
I have the glowing fire of raging cordilleras,
The blazing sunsets of Equatorial skies,
The lustrous skin of succulent citrus.
I am orange truth.

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Captured In A Rose

Her beauty shines so deep 
From the depths of her soul
She seems to me so perfect
Like a single yellow rose

Her actions are so lovely
She is giving of her time
Her heart is big as Texas
Her poems are so enchanting

Her scent is inviting
It draws us in to her
I see her laughter brewing
From underneath her words

An angel sent to guide us
Who could ask for any more
A woman with such beauty
Captivating like a rose

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My Flower

I once held a rose in my hand
Nurtured and cared for;
It was all I had.

Content and satisfied I deemed myself,
For it held
True love indeed

From its stem to buds to roots
I could not find another to cherish,
And like a ferry
I was merry-go-around

I gazed at it nights and days
And even went out of my ways
To water and keep

How could such a flower,
Such a blossom,
Fall out of my grasp?

The flower was not for me to keep
Nor was it for me to nurture.
No, it was not my duty
For after all my efforts
It turned gloomy,
And i became moony
Like a wolf.

And i sought to fertilize my flower
Trying to keep it float,
Trying to make it love.
When my efforts weren't enough
I went berserk like a lion to its prey
But i failed to my dismay.

All i wanted was to watch her grow
And if that's what my flower does
I will be happy indeed,
A poor humble farmer on life's teeth.

I will be happy that my flower, I did not ignore,
I will never ignore;
Happy to say that my flower is in good hands
That she has plenty of land
And that that land
Is meant for she,

That such land is better for flowers
Than for keeping close at Home
Where true love takes heed,
A farmer's Home,
Where true love lies indeed.

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Grey Flower

Astronomical grey Leaving a touch of white Within its darkest pores Petals floating on down To the reflective waters That latch onto Its very essence Imploring grace Deep into the center of grey Which the flower envelopes And is created into A color world It’s nice to see some grey To fill the void That exists when color Is absent and obliterated The noble being Of this flower Blooming through the darkness Becoming grey from the light That arrives in truth Even the water below Is dark, everything is black But the slight white That makes the grey Come alive The flower overcame Darkness
Russell Sivey

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Mother Nature's Verse

Mother Nature’s Verse

Minute after minute
Hour after hour
The poet sits
Watching the blank paper before them
They wonder what their reality means
Is it sad and depressing?
Could there be a ray of light in the darkness?
Where are the angels and demons who fill their thoughts?
Are they needed or even wanted on such a day?
The window gives hope and images that become poems
Mother Nature’s unwritten verses
There for a single poet to see
Does the flower on the hill have feelings?
What could it be thinking as it sways in the breeze?
No one knows and no one cares
The poet will watch
They will think and dream
They will see what others can’t
And that flower will be the one ray of light
The one to open the poet’s mind
And the poem will be written
Mother Nature’s verse will be sung
All because of a window and a flower

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Make The Silent Poetry on Floor - Rangoli*

Make The Silent Poetry on Floor - Rangoli*
A gift for all Poetry friends

The Poem is dedicated to Deborah Guzzi for the 
inspiration from her blog Onam India & 

Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S

Making Rangoli is a thing of joy,
It would fill your heart with lovely pleasure,
When you would watch the silent Poetry,
Smiling in your house on the floor,  
And telling a lovely story, of your creative art, 
You would feel as if, you have found a treasure,
A treasure of wealth and a way to pleasure.

It is so simple a thing and so lovely in nature,
Even a child can get this priceless pleasure,
Just think a shape or design which you can draw, 
It would bring for you 
The wealth of happiness of immense nature. 

No hard and fast rules, to explore this pleasure,
Just clean your place, when you are at leisure, 
Specially the place, where you want to keep this treasure,
Make it as neat and clean, as a place of prayer.

You have many options to make a Rangoli*,
Of your choice and colors,
Take plenty of flower petals of different shades & colors, or
Just take powder of Arrowroot & make it colored,

Keep more of Purple, Yellow, Red or Green,
Both light & dark as you wish to paint and keep, or
Simply paint it with watercolors, to make, 
A gorgeous beauty at your door steps.

Make a simple flower, a lotus bud or a figure
Fill these flower petals, in the sketch you have made, or 
Just carefully spray different shade of powders 
You have made, as different color shades to use.

You can make a Lotus, You can make a Jesus 
Make a Temple, a Church or a bell of Christmas,
If you like it,  you can also make Mosque,
Just draw a circle & fill it with colors, 
Its joy to make a Rangoli & more when,
Watching it becomes a silent pleasure.

Just make it near the entrance point,
From where the Goddess of wealth 
May come seeing these colorful drawings,  
Sitting on her favorite seat of Lotus,
She would enter in your house 
With her blessings of wealth & pleasure.

Make a Rangoli to attract the Goddess of wealth,
Just keep only your dwelling free from heat and dust, 
Decorate it with your own made drawing and colors. 

See how the children would love this creative game,
Of Making designs and art, to bring in them
A joy of creating something from nothing.


*Rangoli (is a Hindi word) means Circle filled with different colors

Kanpur India 24th  Sept. 2010 
*Origin of Rangoli is given in my previous Poem

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Pretty princesses
Dancing all around
Frolicking through fields
Very beautiful
Just like you!

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The Color Missing

The Color Missing
Red, black, and blue are the colors of our work pens. Red is the color of the blood we spill on other people’s mistakes.  Blue is the color of the songs we sing on tax forms or pay stubs- every page has a secret melody. Black is the color of the streets we fear most. Black is the color of our signature of approval. Black is the color of our death.

‘But what about the Green pens?’ I ask. They say ‘the ink is too hard to see.’

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January Rain -SF-

~Blooming Tale~ 

In limbo, we crawl on walls
Stare into a world behind curtains
Puzzled by the ends of -October dreams
A fight to scream, no one remembers
Once December is gone

Dark illuminating stars 
Will carve magic notes on trees
January comes to life!
Ones the old resolutions end

Mortal mountains ready To Bloom 
Taking from the clouds of yesterday
Surrender to the ascending view 
Never to gloom again........ 
The winds of a thousand words form a new scent 
A Flower-
-A new year begins 

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- The Orchid -

    In my window there are two beautiful orchids 
    They do best in east facing window with morning sun 
    sheltered for the hottest sun of the day 
    There are many myths about the Orchid 
    One of those is the shape of the tubers 
    It is said that the name orchid comes from the Greek 'testicle' 
    Seed pods containing several millions microscopic seeds 
    How awesome ......... 

    The first orchid farmers were Chinese 
    Already for a few thousand years ago, the Orchid used for decoration 
    Some would say that the Orchid is a plant parasitism - it's just a myth 
    The plant can live for example on the trees but not of the trees 
    One day if you go past my window - see how beautiful my Orchids are

A-L  Andresen :)

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Jasmine Flower Peddle Gorgeousina

Jasmine Flower Peddle Gorgeousina
This poem was created for the PoetrySoup contest 
“Tell Her Story”
By Ross Levan

Pink flowers adorn her beautiful face,
She looks into my soul with amazing grace,
Beautiful brown eyes with perfect skin,
Her stunning stare sees into me, she can see what’s within,
Jasmine Flower Peddle Gorgeousina is this girl’s name,
Her inviting lips provoke thoughts of sweet kisses and mid-summer rain,
There is a curious expression and a glimmer in her gaze,
Her appearance is intoxicating in so many ways,
She doesn’t party but loves to have fun,
Her past lovers say she’s a real naughty one,
She chewed them up and spit them aside,
Many broken hearts in a trail from behind,
Long black hair reaching down the length of her back,
I’ve always loved long haired beauties and that’s a true fact,
She is a treasure for any man to keep,
I bet she’s more attractive while she’s asleep,
Jasmine Gorgeousina with flower peddles at the core,
Her amazing good looks keep me yearning for more.

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Does he love me?

He loves me.
The flower sacrifices a petal to tell me so.

He loves me not.
I drop the petal and quickly reach for another.

He loves me.
With this petal I dream our time together.

He loves me not.
Do I love him? Enough?

He loves me.
I pull this petal slower ...

He loves me not.
Petals die at my feet. Expensive, love.

He loves me.
Too high the price. The flower has one petal.
It stands naked in my hand.
I take the last petal and the flower is gone.

He loves me not.

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Waiting for new leaves

Waiting for New Leaves

I am a red flower tree,
I am waiting for my new long thin leaves,

I am waiting for my leaves,
Like a new beginning for another Spring,

The clouds are trying to console me,
The wind too is trying to soothe me, 
By its cool and refreshing blowing,
The tiny black bird, 
Will come soon again 
To swing and feast,
My red flower's sweet,
Which she eats while singing
And swinging on my trees..

The cycle of life,
Keep running like this.
Seasons come and seasons go,
They leave their impressions, 
On the sands and sky of time.

The only thing which never fails to persist,
Is the change of things and change of time,
Which always turns,
Sooner or later and never fails.

So wait for your turn of good days, 
It would come soon with my new leaves, 
And your hopes and dreams would revive,
To brighten your life,
With love, joy and music.

Kanpur India 7th Aug. 2012

This Poem was originally written by me on 17th May 2010
on the Photo of Red Flower Leaves as my Photo Poem.

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Let us walk together

Let us walk together
to a garden of flowers
beneath a clear
blue sky of spring weather

we will when we get there my love
while away time
sitting under cool shades
of sinuously swaying trees
as we listen to the mellifluous
harm of nectar sucking bees

and the enchanting songs
of flower birds and watch
as butterflies of all glorious
colors grace the place

and when we are deeply satisfied	
I will pick for you the flower
most admired by bees,
flower birds and butterflies
and we shall walk back home 
dreaming of love 
which does not wither 
as time grows old
with a vivid picture
of a never aging flower garden 
painted on our minds  

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A poem for my mother

I am a seed which
From you germinated
And you a place
Where I was sown
Grew and firmly rooted

I am a flower which 
From you sprouted
Grew well in the comfort
Of your cosy arms
Which like sepals
to petals 
In a flower wrapped
Me with tenderness

Your love was
A fertilizer for my growth
Food for my hunger
My warmth in coldness
It was Like water,
Air and sunlight
To a germinating seed

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the Rose

                 The Rose innocent white, soft pink, yellows 
                colors touch your soul vibrant red to amethyst

                enhances beauty yet a thorn awaits to break skin
                as life does piercing your heart with a thin pin.

                My life has shed drops of blood through each petal
                 as if in return for the love and beauty you feel

                hence pain underneath patiently waits the bloodletting ~

                The rose symbolizes love yet vulnerable to hold
                for when you open your heart it can be left bleeding

                The best of surgeons can not beat your heart
                It is the inner faith and God himself whom gives strength 

                whispers in your ear you shall live you will exist
                your life meaningful as the water and sun to the rose

                 For I am your God  your existence is not over yet .
                        You must Live ~You must Bloom 

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The Bleeding Roses

Roses in the garden,

Roses in the world,

Barrened roses,

Roses impearled,

But now roses curled...


Peach roses show modesty,

Peach roses show gratitude,

However, they are often insincere...


Yellow roses seem to care,

Yellow roses show friendship,

However, they are often joyless and jealous...


Pink roses communicate sweetness,

Pink roses radiate elegance,

However, they are often unthankful...


Orange roses have desire,

Orange roses show their pride,

However, they are often impassive...


Purple roses are majestic,

Purple roses express love at first sight,

However, they are often repulsed and unenchanted...


Green roses are harmonious,

Green roses carry hope,

However, they are often unpeaceful...


Blue roses like dreaming,

Blue roses are imaginative,

Blue roses desire to know the unknown,

Blue roses are mysterious,

However, they are often elusive and unattainable...


Red roses are emotional,

Red roses are devotional,

Red roses are respectful,

However, they are often remorseful, sorrowful and mistaken...


Gold roses are occassional,

Gold roses like memories,

Gold roses are preserved,

However, they are often misinterpreted and confused...


White roses are pure,

White roses have innocence,

White roses are spiritual,

White roses carry secrecy,

However, they are often arrogant...


Silver roses are rare,

Silver roses like to grow,

Silver roses convert fantasy into reality,

However, they are often lost and uneasy,

But they seem unpredictable and mystical...


Black roses are mysterious,

Black roses are rebirth,

However, they often remain elusive,

They often symbolize death and loss,

But they are unpredictable and silent,

Though, they are often harmed...


Roses in  the garden,

Roses in the world,

Barrened roses,

But now roses swirled and twirled...


Although, now peach roses are lying,

Yellow roses turning jealous and browned,

Pink roses being unsweet and unthankful,

Orange roses being impulsive and compulsive,

Purple roses being repulsed and revulsed,

Green roses losing hope and harmony,

Blue roses being undiscovered and lost,

Red roses being regretful and voided,

Gold roses bewildered and confused,

White roses losing purity and innocence,

Silver roses turning black and unused,

And black roses silenced and unborn...


All there is to see are roses vanishing,

Roses burning,

Roses trembling,

Roses surviving,

Roses aching,

Roses battling,

Roses crying,

Roses suffering,

Roses drowning,

Roses drying,

Roses fading,

Roses trying,

Roses wiltering...


All there is to feel are roses withering,

In a bed of bleeding roses...

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My Seasons

In my youthful springtime
I walked amid the garden.
I gathered many flowers
In varied lovely colors.
I chose the delicate poppy
That was dearest to my heart.
Little did I realize when
I plucked it and confined it
In a vase, that it would so
Quickly fade and wither.

I was determined not make
That same sad mistake again.
As I began my summer
I fell in love with a crimson rose.
Its stem was strong and sturdy
And when contained with-in a vase
Its petals opened ever slowly, and
It became more beautiful with age.

I know that my sweet rose will be
With me through my autumn.
Then one day in my winter
That precious flower that I treasure
Will lose all its pretty petals.
I will gather them together to
Make a fragrant potpourri.

Note: Now that the 'Metaphorically Speaking' contest by Catie Lindsey
has been announced, I can reveal that I was speaking of my ex-husband
as the poppy flower whom I married in my Springtime. My Crimson Rose
is the man I married in my Summer whom I am still married to after almost
31 years. The other flowers are the men I dated before I was married. If
my husband dies before me, my memories of him will become the potpourri.

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In My Little Garden

You'll probably find me in my little garden
With my big floppy straw hat upon my head,
And dirt on my hands digging in rich black soil.
I'm always fiddling with my garden beds,
Planting ground cover between the plants,
Blue little petals with heart-shaped leaves.
Some bloom early and some bloom late,
But the anticipation is worth the wait.

A gentle breeze like butterfly wings
Lifts sweet aromas from my blooms.
Honeysuckles, alyssums and gardenias,
Flowers of reddish pink, purple and white,
Stretch and yawn towards the sun.
A true show that spoils the eyes and heart.

Please come and sit a spell and we can chat,
And enjoy my little garden of zen.
Ice tea or peach schnapps, if you wish.

For Sandy's Ivy's contest, 'My Own Little Garden'

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The Flower Girl

The flower girl carefully placed the yellow rose petals

Covering the floor before her each step down the aisle

Now satisfied and smiling, she looked like an angel

There standing awaiting the bride

The yellow rose carpet was perfect and perfumed

She had performed her job with great pride

The bridal march rang, her little heart raced

Now here she was coming her way

Each step was placed onto petals she'd lain

The long beautiful train laying there on the floor

Carried the lovely yellow petals away

Capturing them as though they were keeping them all

For just this one special stroll, to adore

The flower girl smiled and dreamed a dream

They would re-appear on her wedding day

©Donna Jones

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An Evening Primrose In Your Sleep

I wanna be the mild fragrance of an evening primrose gentle and sweet beneath your sheet Cluster of petals which bloom pink blossoms to wither softly into your sleep Tell me... What is the colour of your night ? Do you need me by your side? Let your window slightly open Call the wind to breeze me in Let your candle slowly burning Feel me swaying deep within Tell me... What is the colour of your night? Do you need me by your side? Don't be lonesome Don't feel blue I will always come to you Perfumed scent wafting your way till stars birth first dew of day And when the sun sets once again its last flame upon the stream I slip slowly 'neath your pillowcase Evening primrose in your dream

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Roses, Roses and Roses

The rose knows not which way to go What to see, where to see and how. It knows not who to love, so loves all. Scared of change, so changes soon. To appreciate someone’s gratitude, Dark Pink roses will go a long way. To show admiration and sympathy, Light Pink roses, the best to convey. To promote the new relationship, Orange roses will serve to captivate If you succeed to attract that person, Offer one red rose for love at first sight. And if you think you have met the right one, Offer two red roses to strengthen it. Hey, Hey, go for the three red roses, To cement for the everlasting love. But remember lovely is the flower rose Despite the thorns that prick just as life That too have thorns that stick But pick it up, get hurt but also gain.
+++ December 18, 2014 Form: Free Verse Second Place win Contest by Mystic Rose

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Holding always warm

Dazzling golden beams 
star spangling 
when I look into your eyes
dreams enchanting magic 
Sparkling treasure gems 
through sun smiling thoughts 
Warm rays in her deep fingers 
one touching light beaming 
In your smile stands out 
A rose blossoms heart of this soul
flowers so hot amazing beautiful 
blooming embracing light 
as your angel rays dances 
outside this world with the heart
in each beat that pounds loving you 

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The Homeless Flower

The pot is a homeless flower atop
the sill it's shanty town.

Without a place to put down roots
they weep without a sound.

Their tears of dew,
drip a strewn;
their cries of excess water.
The flower pot for all it's not
protests without a bother.

The pot is a homeless flower atop
the sill it's shanty town.

The dreams it's dreamt,
how trapped it's felt,
fore lack of solid ground.

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I try to ignore the squirming Hyde within 
And, with effort still,
I raise myself for the last traces 
of sunshine and fun.
What was left of the day, I savor for me. 
As the withering leaves of silence
have perfected the petals of stillness,
A quietude.
Such absence of sound
Never a serenity to the mind.
Disturbing solitude haunts.
Loneliness seems vivid as reality speaks 
Even the poignant sadness never parts
Solitary confinement paints an art.

Like the spectator in a thousand theatre plays,
 I achingly wait for the final curtains to part.
Then, as always expected -  
Left were the 
    dancing curtains 
       together with the late sunset wind. 
Tiny golden flecks 
   imprinting on the soft white 
        laces and trims.
Catching shadow images 
    of the last rays of brilliance, 
         blending slowly in yellow embers,
              forming orange coals, 
                   turning into sunkissed glow 
                         of a sad goodbye. 
    ever so softly fading
           into dullness and cloudless cold. 

And as the night falls, 
its shadowy self dances 
against the moonlit music of silence.
I listen and search still 
   for what is left. 
No traces of the sun 
whose magnificence and radiance 
had touched the leaves of laughter 
during my daytime slumbering; children frolicking, 
    early had the mind sensing. 
And, gone astray were the seeds of kindness 
    the day had grown.
It seemed they were sown 
    by someone I wish I had known. 

If only I could frolic 
    where little lads had been early today - 
        in the meadows, 
           by the pond, 
              along the shores, 
                  around friendly trees and smiling flowers, 
                       with the meadowlarks and chirpy games, 
                               I’d give away anything.
Basking in the sun on such a lemony day, 
someone sulks to find it's an emotional burn. 

If only I could catch the loveliness of the sun, 
I'd give away anything. 
Just for something this grand. 

The mind wills but the heart groans. 
A moment of joy and laughter, so fleeting.
Forgot me, gave away the troubles. 
Today could be A DAY,
If only, ever so softly,  I could catch the sun.

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Wild Flower

Unassuming simplicity 
Child of the wild 
A bit of color to catch the eyes
It’s too much to leave her behind 
Sentimental blindness
Can only give bad guidance 
Leave her; why break her?
Look only, but do not touch
You’ll soil your hands
Can never be friends
To embrace nature is not in your nature
Think you’ll just put her on your table?
You’ll be unable
A narrow vase by your hands made
Freedom cannot recreate
Take her home, and she’ll wither
But your guilt won’t die with her

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My Darling Girl, My Black-Eyed Susan

My Darling Girl, 

your big dark eyes  met mine

against your pale skin and yellow hair

this name sang in my heart, Susan,

my Black-Eyed Susan.

A wild flower you’ll be, you’ll be a

kind friend,

loving wife,

strong mother,

sweet grandmother

and always you’ll be

my darling girl, my Black-Eyed Susan

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Morning Coffee

	Morning Coffee
	This morning over my breakfast of toast and first coffee
    	   I became lost 
	in the black grounds at the bottom of my cup, the gritty
   	   end of the line 
	for that cherry-red berry, abducted from it’s misty origin, 
   	   roasted, toasted, 
	blackened to near-charcoal, then ground without mercy 
   	   and doused 
	in boiling water, drained and discarded into oblivion, forgotten –
   	   the end of a tragic tale.
	It must have been one of those all too rare moments when 
   	   my fuzzy psyche parted 
	to consider other possibilities for that life-to-death-to-discard 
   	   cycle. Along its often 
	painful path that berry gave a measure of security to those 
  	    who tended it, 
	loved it for its potential, then sent it along to its destiny. 
   	   The struggles it
	endured gave livelihood to many (some in excess of their worth), 
   	   and considerable pleasure at the end.
	However, with considerate and careful attention from those who 
   	   appreciate its
	arduous path there is rebirth to a new life and form, another 
   	   opportunity to share 
	the goodness implicit in those red-ripe berries taken not 
   	   so very long ago.
	Each spring morning after the news of the day and my first cup 
   	   I add the dregs to my 
	garden compost, and give thanks through my kitchen window for 
	   the wonder and glory that is life;
	the violet passion flowers in my garden attest to the 
   	   true value of sacrifice.

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My Allotment Narnia

Through the gate and into another world
Leaving my cares on the outside
Breathing in the air of my sanctuary
That’s where you’ll find me,
When life feels hard to bear.

Hands deep in the soil
The rich smell filling my mind
Feeling the cold earth between my fingers
That’s where you’ll find me,
When life feels hard to bear.

Talking to the chickens
Stroking their soft feathers
Listening to their curious chirps
That’s where you’ll find me,
When life feels hard to bear.

Gently planting new crops
Watering them in to the ground
Whispering soft words of encouragement
That’s where you’ll find me,
When life feels hard to bear.

Digging over a plot of land
Pulling out weeds to start a clean slate
Leaning on my spade for a rest
That’s where you’ll find me,
When life feels hard to bear.

Drinking homemade wine around a campfire
A warm glow spreading across my cheeks
Listening to songs in the night
That’s where you’ll find me,
When life feels hard to bear.

My joy, my deep breath
My allotment, my other world
A place that waits for me no matter what happens in my day
That’s where you’ll find me,
When life feels hard to bear. 

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Train Journey

I sit here by the window
and watch quietly
as the train moves along
I see land - 
wild beautiful land
still untouched by man
and it creates within me
a feeling that is wild and boundless

The beautiful trees
in many places
so closely clustered together
though of mixed species
seem to cry out 
a message of love and unity
to all mankind
I see flowers - 
plain simple flowers
there is a beauty in them - 
the beauty of simplicity

There are children on the hillsides -
the country folk
people call them
My heart sings as I watch them
They know us not on the train
but yet they wave at us
and we wave back at them
because their action is filled 
with some sentiment 
that is pleasing to us

Shimmering little pools of water
pulsating with life
appear and then vanish
out of sight
but the picture of life
within them
remains with me

The cows and the horses 
graze in the pastures
some sit
others browse slowly along
O how I envy their leisurely
pace of life!

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taming flowers

there's not a flower
can't grow wild
thrive neglected and ignored
but how much better
some can do when caged
tied to stakes
and pruned
their buds collected
to encourage growth
the sun, the rain, the earth
and care and harvesting
no less important
to renew the bloom.

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A Flower

Eine Blume / A Flower / Una flor

Eine Blume blüht mir jetzt 
zu dieser Zeit.
Ach hätte sie doch auch
für mich geblüht
in der Vergangenheit!

A flower blooms only for me
this very time
Oh if it would have also bloomed
for me in earlier times!

Una flor florece sólo para mí
en este tiempo
¡Oh, si también habría florecido
para mí en tiempos pasados! 

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Tangled Vines

Inside a gate stands a long forgotten garden
Once full of beauty and floral aglow
Now un-kept from years of neglect
How beautiful it once appeared
Tended with loving care ,the flowers thrived
Now, only the wind, howls and carries the seeds
Placing them in crevices, to grow in the wild
The tangled vines of the Ivy, wound itself,
Around many plants, strangling the life
So it would survive the upcoming years
Now the garden sits derelict in the sun and rain
Lost in the glamor of yesteryear.

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The hearts love, is the tenderest of mercy's,
Delicate petals of emotion, a rose blossom
Of sheer beauties distinction.
That grows within the inner being, deeply
Rooted in our most sacred garden, of
Pleasures secret desires.
Vines woven intricately, weaving a thick
Tapestry, of the evergreen leaves of texture, giving
A depth of feeling to the creative soul,
Whom dwells within the artist.
Nurtured by inspiration, it's lights warmth,
Feeding the poetic inward drive to thrive,
And grow beyond the lotus structure,
Called the human body.
A pondering mind seeking to reach
Outwardly, to touch the moon and stars,
In the heaven's above.
Oh to cut freely away from my tethers,
The tangled vines of life I've weaved,
To be set free, to float away as a seed onto
A distant breeze, landing in a new pastures
Flowering bed.
But nay, I am but a mortal rose, and life
Can be cut short by the twisting sheers of fate.
Lingering thus my words reach out, as legacy's
Inheritance, my forget-me-knots, for future
Generations to come.
In this my most sacred garden, my words of
Emotions shall live on for them, my youthful children,
The true physical sprouts of my life's labors.


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Title Poem

"Spring Showers" spread
"Lilac Blooms" through
"The Neighborhood"
and to places "Unseen",
"Above The Clouds".
"Where The Wind Blows" and
"Where Eagles Dare", the
"Shattered Pieces" of violet "Lilac Blooms"
become a "Color Show" "Caught In The Middle",
"Treasures Forever Hidden".
"A Ripple In Time",
"Where The Wind Blows".

Its all in the titles contest, 8-17-2013

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Like A Sunflower

 Let the rain fall down

or the fog roll in

no matter what it won't change

where I've been


Let the snow cover

everything seen

the dam can break

just as dust is in the wind.


Time is nothing but a measurement

and measurements can change

just like the weather can go

from sun to rain.


I am like a sunflower out in the heat

no matter which way you plant me

I will never turn north south or east

and like my life I always turn back to you.

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The Garden

The Garden © 

I wander my garden 
the morning sun barely peeking 
above the distant hills 

dew drops wet my toes 
and the damp earth seeps between them 
cool and wet 

my flowers nod their heads to me 
as if to say ‘good morning’ 
their colors soft and muted without 
the rays of the sun to spike their flagrant color
the over-achieving bee dips into the golden nectar
a bird trills a celebration to the new day 

Trisha Sugarek
Moths and Machettes

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The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

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Begotten Blossoms

The light that loses, the night that wins
And time remembered is grief forgotten
And frosts are slain and flowers begotten,
and in green underwood and cover
Blossom by blossom the spring begins
Algernon Charles Swinburne 

Begotten Blossoms

Depths of darkness, deep
earth, night and Winter-
these are alchemy for Spring
Plain brown,dormant bulbs
bring forth such magic things 

Time and motion turning light
re-cycle joy and grief
And memories as old as time,
are formed from lives so brief 

Our Mother earth 
has tolerance-all things she abides
Over forgotten scars her forests creep;
her shores are washed in healing tides 

Cloud and mist and miracle
bring forth the flowers of spring
snowdrop, asphodel, hyacinths
renewing every dream 

A sweet millenium of Springs 
like clockwork cycle round
And so, we watch for them to come,
blossom by blossom .

Suzanne Delaney

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Searching for a wise daisy

I waded through a field of
she loves me she loves me knots
Needing to tie her bow to my happiness
I searched vigorously
Until I found that one wise daisy
For I knew she was my forever

My heart was incapable of
being with anyone else
I planned out the path
To the aisle of our bliss
For she was and is 
everything that matters
That smile that breathes life into my days
I feel comfort and excitement in her arms

When I found her
I had no need to look further 
I left the searching to the undecided
The fickle fools
Looking for their Jennie in a bottle
With a glass held in a hand
What's your sign
Clever pickup lines
Thinking them prettier
With each sip of wine

I preferred a softer approach 
Not particularly smooth
or debonaire
Yet she too 
miraculously was drawn to me
Somehow able to see
The spark within the blue
of my adoring eyes
Pupils dilated 
Increasing double in size

Twenty two years
Ten thousand kisses
This is
My witness
My sweetie 
is the perfect Mrs.
No field 
Of Daisies
Will ever make
This mind hazy
For I know
With all my heart
She Loves Me
So thankful
We tied the knot!

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Sound your trumpet loud oh Daffodil
So all around can hear
Cover green with golden quilt
To show that spring is here

Fill our hearts with hopes of Sun
To warm us to our core
Enrich our lives with petals gold
Heralding spring with winter o’er

Your golden flutes play to our hearts
As we gaze upon your spread
Slowly swaying in the wind 
In reverence your bowed head

We too our heads we need to bow
And thank Him for our sight
To look upon you Daffodil
Is to remind us of His might

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I was a child catching butterflies
on the yellow flowers
sprinkled on the green grass
at the roadside
They were beautiful butterflies -
big ones
small ones
red ones
yellow ones
and some tiny blue ones
which gave different shades of colour 
as they were struck 
by glancing sunbeams
There were little four-winged ones
which puzzled me
why did they have four wings
while the others only had two?
I was catching butterflies
but today 
a thing called progress
tore up the yellow flowers
on the green grass
at the roadside
and there are no more butterflies 
and still I do not know 
why some butterflies had four wings
while the others only had two

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Calla Lilies

The Calla lilies in my yard slightly 
bend the color of ivory snow. 
The blooms like rolled white paper 
molded into a sharp but delicate tail
with long green stems.

The staff, a yellow finger, protrudes 
from its center as both leaf and
flower lean toward the earth bending
their heads as if acknowledging
your presence. 

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He and I

He happened to me like an autumn
Just like the change of leaves
It was sudden
But it was raining, raining on that day
Raining with black umbrellas and hurried footsteps
With wet papers and cold classrooms
Then, just right then
I heard a shrieky little laugh
Just a glance and I was caught
Caught in a whirlpool of warm chocolate
And there, just right there
Was where I met my Peter Pan

To me
He was a bouquet of sweet herbs
Sprigs of parsley crossed by bay leaves
Topped by thymes and wrapped in sage
Fragranced by mint
And colored by lavender 
He was… all the good old nature

To me
He was a puzzle book 
Filled with ancient spells
And wondrous casts
Rested on the shelf of red mahogany wood
Dusted in ignorance
Waiting to be learned

To me
He was a drop of sunshine on the window pane
A slip of moonlight through the crack door
The first morning dew and evening stroll
The summer breeze and the night air

To him
I was a blank page
A passerby ring
Snow in the summer
And a midnight dawn

One day
I swore
I’d knock his guard and ask him out
Yes I swore on that one day
That had passed long ago

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	A Bluto is not that Disney dog
	It was when a mewling 
	that I would scream 
	Should they wet my body
	And then apply cream
	Ablutophobia – fear of bathing, washing, or cleaning
	Achluo the demon that lurks
	In darkened corners
	The long toothed life suckers realm
	I am scared as the sun dims
	It seems to bare my soul
	Achluophobia – fear of darkness
	Acro what did they do 
	They called me acrobat 
	This will not do
	I get giddy standing on a matchbox
	Please get a net to see me through
	Acrophobia – fear of heights

	Agora just shut that door 
	I am staying here forever more
	Bring me food put it on the floor
	The letter box is just for you
	Don’t, Don’t,  try to get through
	Agoraphobia,  Fear of open spaces or of being in public places. Fear of leaving a                    safe place
	Agrap stole my feelings 
	He caught me unaware
	I am now afraid of sex 
	don’t ask me anymore
	It frightens me that’s for sure
	Agraphobia – fear of sexual abuse

	Agrizoo an angry gorilla I knew
	Wild as hell was kept in a cell
	As all his kind, even a timid Hind
	They scare the crap out of me
	Please let them run free

	Agrizoophobia – fear of wild animals

	A gyro is just what I need
	I will fit it to my trusty stead
	He will fly straight across that band
	A tarmac nasty throughout the land
	I cannot face the walk you see
	Agyrophobia –fear of crossing the road

	Aichmohe got in a hell of a fight
	They killed him with a pointed knife
	It will come for me just you see
	I cannot even mend his cloth
	Won’t  touch a needle at any cost
	Aichmophobia – fear of sharp or pointed objects (such as a needle or knife)

	Ailuro he lived next door 
	The bastard sits on the fence
	To me he snarls not a purr
	A Persian he is supposed to be
	Frightens the *****out of me
	Ailurophobia – fear of cats
	Algo, Away, I am pain free
	This morphine is the best
	First day of pain free rest
	Been told that it will return
	Got some gas, peace I yearn
	Algophobia - fear of pain

	Andro I’d rather be               (android)
	I am metal and plastic you see
	Electric person not man or woman
	That would be so sad
	If just a man I would go mad

	Androphobia – fear of men

	Antho the pologist got the plan
	He put concrete throughout the land.
	Not one shrub or flower seen
	Not one blade of grass green
	A flower would make me scream

	Anthophobia – fear of flowers

	Anthropo was a lonely man
	Wouldn’t mix with others so
	He lived in a cave, well just a hole
	You would see his eyes peeping out
	A shaking frame if people were about
	Anthropophobia – fear of people or the company of people, a form of social phobia.

	Aqua marine or even the wet stuff
	Is enough to drive me mad
	I stay in when there is rain
	Just wait for the sun to shine again
	A damp tissue that’s quite enough

	Aquaphobia – fear of water. Distinct from Hydrophobia, a scientific property that makes chemicals averse to interaction with water, as well as an archaic name for rabies

	Arach no, and know the score
	Those creepy creatures on the wall
	Send shivers up and down my spine
	Six legs and venom to drive you mad
	I am running already it is sad.

	Arachnophobia – fear of spiders

	Astra my name you would think of the stars
	My gaze goes up but not that far
	To the first cloud there in the sky
	If it’s the shape of an anvil I will fly 
	Fear grips me and I don’t know why
	Astraphobia – fear of thunder and lightning
	Atychi that was about the size of me
	The others would just make fun
	I was no good to anyone
	A failure of the first degree
	Nothing my goal, was all I could see
	Atychiphobia – fear of failure

	Auto matic I will seek people out
	To touch to play as long as they are near
	Don’t leave me in this place alone 
        A singularity is my biggest fear
	I will hold anyone you see I care

	Autophobia – fear of being alone or isolated
	Automat o no it’s not true how could you
	An advert that’s telling just lies
	Don’t all the others realize
	What you say is not true, put it right 
	It will drive me crazy I’ll keep out of sight
	Automatonophobia – fear of anything that falsely represents a sentient being

	Aviat o if you think I am going in that
	No I am not a scared ***** cat
	If we were meant to go fly
	Wings we would have from him on high
	Fold your machine and put it just so.
	Aviophobia, Aviatophobia – fear of flying
	Chaeto he was a Greek of old
	Bald as a badger so the story is told
	But why you say is there no cure 
	For him to grow some lovely hair
	For him it would give such a scare

	Chaetophobia – fear of hair

	Chemo therapy keep away from me
	Chemicals scare me I know they are free
	But to have them coursing through my veins
	No matter how good they are, and that jar
	The fear of everything for what they are 

	Chemophobia – fear of chemicals

	Chirop to or not too so I am told
	They stick in your hair best to be bald
	Now I find that my nails are made of hair
	Chirop is what I fear not chiropodist is that clear!!
	Just shave my head and cut my nails dear

	Chiroptophobia – fear of bats

	Chromo shines bright in my eyes
	The fear of all colours  I realise
	Now I am safe from a troubled day
	Into my dark room, I have found my way
	Knock when that sun has met its demise

	Chromophobia - fear of bright colors

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Desert' Flower

desert' Flower Walking through the desert' a dying flower - I encountered. With my shadow I covered it. With my tears I watered it. Watching that flower for a moment, come back to life - I compeared it- to my own. My life was slowly coming to an end. I had no one to care for me. Life can be pretty sad, when there is loneliness. Like the desert' flower - it too starts to deteriate and little by little it starts to die. A flower is beautiful, when it first blooms, so is our life when we are in our prime, but like the desert' flower one day - it too, will come to an end....
04/06/2013 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo

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A Luscious Pink Petunia in the Garden

Though you are but a stranger to me, I offer you a kiss.
And though I’ve never met you, I know you and what you’re searching.
Look tenderly at me, and you will find it.
It is in me what you, stranger, yearn for most.
I’ll quench your thirst, I’ll satisfy your craving.
For in that great smelter that forged your feet and eyes, was forged the small seed that gave me life.
We’re brethren, stranger. I am you.

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The Creator Within

Some days I drift aimlessly looking for inspiration 
to fuel those instinctive creative inclinations
be they astronomy, photography, music, writing, 
or any other variety of personal or professional pursuits 
that provide a sense of purpose and inner drive.  

I feel the need for creativity to stay alive.  

It's not as if I require a never-ending source of energy 
to feed the multi-layers of self-expression. 
It's just that 
as a human being I need to keep on moving forward
or suffer the consequences 
of regression. 

One might call it an obsession

With whatever it is that makes us good inside
and requires constant care and attention
like a garden where weeds reside
because it's only a matter of time before
strangulation sets in 
and all the colors in the wild flowers begin 
their slow descent to fade
and before long they're rotting 
in their own graves.

But that's not how we humans are made.   

We mere meant for greater gains 
despite our sorrows, disappointments and defeats
when we were made to find 
silver linings in the darkest of ominous clouds
even when we can hardly see somehow.

We were made to find the beauty in the beast.  

And the creator within 
keeps on searching for that illusive    
magic spark that causes us to dream 
and illuminate this world of ours 
from lonely hearts to mountain streams.  

We were made for all of this and so much more it seems.  

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The Honey, The Bees, The British and Their Tea

Sitting here drinking my wonderful tea is what i am doing if British i be, the bees fly around from 

flower to flower collecting more pollen for honey by the hour, our drink of choice is the tea that 

we drink the honey we add sweetens and pleases, so we're all connected the british and tea, the 

bees and flowers to honey you see. Honey is what we want when we come home from a bad day 

in cleveland, london, or rome. Honey says i'm glad that you're home and with a quick kiss the 

bad day is all gone. So thanks to the british that drink their tea because they give the bees 

reason to be and from that reason come the fruit of the flower, honey that sweetens the tea that 

we drink. The tea is your life, the bees are your job and the flower is the purpose for which we 

breathe, but the honey is the sweet that makes it all worth it for if a bee would not be then what 

would be then reason to drink this nasty tea.

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Ode To The Couple Who Lived in 4-E

They are tearing it down...
The tenement house on Glenview Drive
Rarely do people stroll her crippled sidewalks
Where hopscotch lines have washed away
And summer colors have long since fled

Battered, forsaken, this dethroned queen
Suffers broken limbs and shattered eyes
Wearing shards of glass, and broken lives 
That haunt the northwest wing

A plastic flower withers in it's vase
of how life used to be
A curtain, torn, hangs by a thread
and shivers in the wind

A haven, once, of brick and clay
Defaced, disgraced, now weathered gray
Each story told, each life it held
Now crumbles in each cornerstone laid

There were some
By whom you could set the clock
By footsteps walked upon on the wooden stairs
Remembered by few, is the story of two
Who made this place their home
They moved one day, and I've heard people say
Their health had failed, and now their daughter tells them
When to eat, when to dress and when to bathe...

People used to see them come and go
And always hand in hand...
Their music was heard between the cracks
Mozart, Bach, Glenn Miller bands
They had lived here forty years or more
Or so the legend one knows for sure
But now a flower withers in it's vase
The lights turned off, no sigh, no trace...

The wave that came, went back to sea
Like hopes that fade behind the clouds
Where tomorrow's dreams have come and gone
Now a pale December sun
Is laboring to start the day
And is the only thing that holds the years
From waning into none....


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Hello May

Hello Month of May
What do you have to say?
About January, February and March

As a brand new start
What do you have to offer?
That January, February and March
Could not produce: not even inner peace
Our sins were forgiven in April
Or lovers woo us in February and quickly abandon us
 March was disaster
After disasters

Can you promise us peace and solitary?
Zinnias, Daffodils, and Roses
As we move along with all of Mother Nature 
love and beauty 
 we are now travelling into an inspirational journey
May! can we really welcome you?

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Trumpets of Blue

Driftwood - petrified swirls of wood
laced with delicately draping
trumpets of blue
Morning glories in mist
my heart aches for true
Why does it pine
for the essence of you
petrified thoughts
a delicate whimsy climbs seeking 
a dark sun
to flex her tendrils on

Minute are the creatures that  flaunt themselves
craving to be noticed
Flowers brighter than a rainbow
may as well be grey
Dull and dreary senses
locked in clouds of reticence
perhaps a kiss
a fluttering eyelash
 to awaken them

look there
such beauty can intoxicate
the unsuspecting

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There’s a marshland where I come from –
              Wet and slowly dying as aren’t we all and yet,
Still full of life like flying
              Egrets and alligators roaming ‘round
Down in the bowels of this bog
              And that’s not all.
Pink and purple lilies and fern grow tall
              With bees buzzing, singing, pollinating
Wildflowers here and there
              And other unseen forces in the air.  Impossible 
To describe them all, however,
              As they may be partly mystical and partly weather.
Causing me to sit and daydream in this
              Misty marshland waste, waiting
For summer to end and winter
              To take its place.

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This Lovely Vase

This Lovely Vase

This lovely vase
So delicate and fine
Shines now by the window.

This lovely vase
Has known more years than I
Known the touch of many

This lovely vase
Once a Wedding present 
So my Nana said

This lovely vase
Once stood with flowers tall
Nana’s home grown blooms

This lovely vase
A careless touch and then
Fragments on the floor

This lovely vase
Pieces now were gathered
Mended then with gold

This lovely vase
As it sits there on the window
Catching sun’s bright glow

This lovely vase
More lovely than before
Now trimmed in gold 

This lovely vase
Healed by the scars of time
Still with grace and beauty

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Leaves know-
Not the beauty
Of flowers they hold.
Tongue knows-
Not the beauty
Of words, unspoken.

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Birthday Wish

Spring comes,
Bringing novel flowers
To this multicolored Earth, 
A really wretched place actually,
If you know the awful truth about it

Spring leaves, 
Taking some flowers with it, 
Bestowing freedom 
Upon these fortunate plants

Seventeen springs ago,
An ordinary flower blossomed 
On this cursed land.
The worst of all curses,
Placed on this pitiful plant 
And a fate worse than death

Seasons flew by
And the flower withstood 
The immense force of the elements,
Debilitated by great adversity
Brought by the years 

Now with spring close by, 
If fate shall allow,
Hopefully this spring, 
This dying flower will perish. 
Its roots turned to ashes
And carried by the winds of freedom
To the promised eternal paradise

A garden greets my eyes
With its breath-taking beauty
And my suffering dies

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the nose of the rose

the nose 
of the rose
sweet red

in bloom 
in memory 
when dead

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Blooming Notes

Dear Love, how are you? 
Thank you very much for coming over the other day.
Those rose seeds seem to have grown a little,  
I look forward to seeing them bloom and stay. 

Dear Sweetheart, 
I'm glad you're doing well and thanks for having me the other day.
I've been busy recently so it seems I can't come soon,
But if I have the time, I will definitely come, so don't catch a cold or anything,
So...until then....I love you.

Dear Love, how are you?
The roses have grown buds, but it's been cloudy lately so I've been worried, 
At least they are growing well.
I hope to see you again soon, 
So please check your mail. 

What will you be doing, when you get this letter? 
Are you busy? Have you gotten ill? 
Will you write "I love you" again? I yearn for by day...
After that, I haven't received a letter for a while. 

Dear Love,
It seems the roses will bloom soon, but I'm worried the coming storm would blow them away,
How are the skies there? Are they still like an azure frame?
Your garden is so beautiful, if it went unkempt, 
It would be a shame-

Please don't cry, my friend......

Dear Love, 
The sun has yet to come out, but the flowers have not been destroyed.
The rose bush has bloomed flowers, they are beautiful, the flowers are a pristine white 
Forgive me for writing to you at the time, I understand if this can't reach you in an enemy country
is it okay for me to stay in love with you another night? 

I'm sorry my love, 
They died. 
Not just the flowers....
I'm sorry.......

It's okay my Sweetheart, I know the flowers are beautiful, but not as you are. 
So please, I want you to still love me the way you did before,
Even if the flowers did die, look,
The wind has died down as well.

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A View From My Deck

Fluffy white floaters on the breeze
Parachuting from the sky
Petals off the apple tree
A carpet on the lawn

Happy birds that tweet and trill
Songs of constant joy
Hopping and bopping from branch to branch
High rise nesting architects

Hummers zip and stop on a dime
Hover at colourful flowers
Drinking natures sweetened nectars
Yellow bush a favourite

Garden buzzes its own rhythm
Yellow pollinators streaking by
Moving from one plant to another
Nature's wondrous helpers

On the deck with morning coffee steaming
Marvelling at the non-stop action
Much better than watching the morning news
Relaxed, refreshed, renewed for the day

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The Magnolia Tree

Outside my window
I watch you
since winter began
to hold your beauty close...

I will protect you
from the rain and cold
as you wear
your grayish-green coat...

when Springtime comes
you will release
your sweet perfume
exotic in all its splendor!

Your beautiful flower
like hands will open
fingers uncurling
your beauty hidden in winter...
~ ~ ~

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he watched her,
lying there in the grass, among flowers,
the cherry petals covering her slowly…
he suddenly realized
how sweet was the shadow
touching her
and each flower gently offering
its tribute of death to her
was no less beautiful
than that wonderful crimson bloom
he himself had helped birth
on her chest…
the nectar of that flower still on his hands
and the ethereality of the cherry-tree shade on his retina,
he wished to grow roots
and draw life from the very earth that she,
his masterpiece,
was slowly
beginning to become

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Flowers at my Funeral

I don’t want flowers at my funeral
I should add this too my will
What use are they to me when I am dead
I’d prefer them now if I were ill

I love their sheer beauty
This no one can disguise
The scent of a bunch of freesias
Brings tears to my eyes

My favourite flowers are carnations
I’ve loved them since I was a kid
Red, yellow, orange, shades
These colours I love but not on my grave

So when I’m gone and the mourning is over
I’m to be scattered where the four winds blow
Bradda Head is my chosen resting place
It’s a place I’ve often loved to go

Jan Allison
3rd April 2014

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Queen Anne's Lace

An angelica queen wearing a gown of lace
Like fine Victorian lace tattered by hand.
Radiating white flowers, dainty and sweet,
She nods and waves with the slightest breeze.
Her stems stand with finery, airy green ferns.
Bumble bees come drinking her sweet nectar 
And swallowtails feed upon her tender leaves.
Wildflowers are nature's beautiful bouquets.

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Dew Drops and You

Dew Drops and You

When morning dew drips from roses fair
again I think of your strawberry blonde hair,
blue ribbons matching your bright eyes
with Nature's glory in bluest skies

Yellow dresses matching your long tresses
sweet curls adorning magical worlds,
gentle nights sending glowing moonlight 
with dancing shadows to please your heart

When the dew falls so magically to renew
flowers growing here and there,
I see yet again all your yellow hair
close my eyes to utter a silent prayer
sitting there just missing you!

Robert L.

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Let out the light

May the snows stop
and the rain cease…
May the winds take shelter
and let the sun birds sing. 
Let out the spring!
Let out the spring!
I want the flowers to bloom
and the sun to shine
Let out the light!
I want tulips and roses 
lily’s and daisy’s
Let out the birds and the bee’s
the monarchs and the daisy’s 
I want the snows and the rains
the long winds and dark days
To finally end.
Let out the light!
Let out the spring!


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Like a Flower

Like a flower you are
Mixed Beauty with generous attar
Flowers progression from year to year
Phenomenal that should be revealed

Some will be picked from the fields
That loved ones would be pleased
Some would be crushed by feet
As lovers wonder the fields
Some would dry out from the heat 
Plummeting seeds into deep beauty sleep 

Yet again to rouse every next coming spring
Spectacular art work that can’t be real
Where minds and hearts could meet
Admiring that's of nature novel gown 

So my words to you would be brief
Wake up my dear from your deep sleep
For Spring is not far from reach
Let nothing defeat your beat
For like this flower you will be
Beauteous, generous lady indeed 
Prevailing with each coming spring

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Flowers for Those Who Wait

It use to be that daffodils were for girls that thrill
And dahlias black, for Hollywood’s women dressed to a kill
But it is thru our perseverance and the accompaniment of dozens that a red rose 
“There is only one flower mightier than what blooms in any month of spring…
…and it’s not the size of the rock on her finger or the reach of its bling
It’s the hush of the crowd, when under the trellis a flower did bud, when we 
expressed “I do thee wed for whatever it brings”

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In Observing a Yellow Daffodil

It almost appears to me to have a face, 
and perception. 
Somehow it seems to be attentively looking out, 
and quietly considering within. 
I am glad our paths crossed, 
and I met you.

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A single red rose blossoms alone, 
Shedding it's petals one by one.
Springs winds softly blow, 
A teasing fragrance with,
 It's delicate bouquet.
Loves romantic essence floats,
 Amongst warmth’s embrace.
Lightly tripping, spirits dancing,
 Mingling uninhibited, freedoms 
Carefree beings shine.
Liberation’s grand celebration,
 Flights brilliance, as their wings,
 Spread wide.
Twilight's bells ring out, under 
Heavens glorious display.
Simplicities gentleness, sweeps across
My thoughts, allowing imagination,
To flow undisturbed.
The unconscious mind releases, 
Earth bound creatures.
Admiration dreamers lift,
 Towards heights grace,
Forever journeying. 
 Touching infinities universal
 Motions poetry written at splendors,
Tender mercy.


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Wild Flower

Deep into the green of the forest
I once took to safari
To discover the secrets of the wild.
Among the thickets and the bushes
I saw a flower in blossom
Shining like in its first day of bloom.

That was one time my eyes fell on you
Among the population in my home town
Like the flower that I saw.....
It was you shining among them
You comforted my heart
Making me come up to you.

That was then the day
Like a dove that had lost its partner
I cooed, you to woo.
How you made me discover my lyrics again
to you I sung and danced
Song after song I spoke my heart to you.

Little did I know wild flower
You would return love in abundance
Like the sands of the sea.......
Day after day I shovel for love
Ever abundant, never ending
The reason my heart follows you.

Tempted and pleased with your ways
In the wild I would never let you be.
With care and utmost wanting I dug you up
Planting you in the garden of my heart
There you flourish
There you bloom and shine.

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Joy, My Darling Joy

Joy blooms in Springtime
Joy embraces my sad heart
Joy sweeps away gloom
Happiness clothes me
In the brightest suit...handsome
Single smile lifts up my spirits 
Joy sways in the wind
Joy dances with me kindly
Joy surprises me
Shadiness passes
Away without a single disturbance
Joy plays piano
Joy loves to hang out with me
Joy loves to uplift the blues
Joy loves bringing in good news 
Joy sings with me everyday
Joy sings a striking tune... 
Joy brings joy and love to you...
Joy sings a heartfelt poem
I dream of her every day and night
She's my lamplight 
She keeps me up all night
And she's quite a sight
She's so full of sweet, sweet delight 

I love you, dear JOY!

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A Butterfly on a Yellow Flower

 It's a silent, sunny day
A yellow flower hosts a butterfly
It feels very happy
Since an insect touches its petals kindly

What a beautiful place for a butterfly
Soft and easy to reach
Safe enough to stay awhile
They have a wonderful sharing together

The butterfly flies away
Leaving the flower behind
Having a little amount of honey
It's so glad


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Calling All Soupers

Yes, it's time for a convention.
Inviting all Soupers to come
to the gorgeous Skagit Valley
and the tulip festival.
During the whole month of April,
tourists come from far and near
to drink in the springtime beauty
of this pleasant countryside.
Tulips  and daffodils are blooming
delighting winter jaded eyes.
I live in the midst of this wonder and
we can meet by my tulip fields.
Small towns all around vie to provide
fun and entertainment for everyone.

By: Joyce Johnson October 21,2013

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Summer Flowers

A flower as blue as the sea, A flower as green as green tea. A flower as yellow as a bee, A flower as gold as a key. A flower as purple as a plum, A flower as pink as a drum. A flower as orange as a jet, I wonder if I can get any flowers for my mother. Aunika Alch Age 11

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I Rule without a Crown

This is the landscape I rule without a crown.
A yard beneath a canopy of mango leaves
where afternoon sun lingers
 beneath the boughs, exposing where doves
 choose to roost overnight.
This is my garden - morning light
gleams over an aqua pool,
refracts, as a breeze  sends
dapples over a long row of palms.

I was the one to dictate the thick
summer planting of tall bamboo
persuaded by added privacy
on the dividing fence, 

This is  my world and I am
the impossible one who will decree
what is painted, what remains unpainted, 
where the birdbath will sit,
or, what species to plant.

I rule this landscape that the sky
changes each moment,

but not the phrases of birdsong 
that slip from every branch
or each  petal that unfolds,

Suzanne Delaney

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Daffodil Dreams

Living rays of sunshine in fragrant blossom
Hide their countenance from the silver face of
The moon riding high outside her window

From twilight ‘til dawn, they in patience
‘Bide the night, keeping silent vigil o’er
The lone sleeper that lay before them

She lay dreaming of fresh air in the spring of her youth
Running through the bright summer gardens and
Dancing with the memory of autumn

Now, as the winter winds howl outside her window
She dreams of warm kisses and
A man with daffodils in his outstretched hand

Christopher Thor Britt
Motif: Nature/Romantic

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green grasshoppers- vivacious gazelles gaily observing nurtured exhibits gossamer winged butterflies gracefully signifying natures colourful kites gently touching floral parades perfumed yesterday, today tomorrow garnet geraniums whimsical gypsophila dainty daisies ravishing roses timid pansies different poses a gardens grasshopper showcase © September 2013- Kim van Breda-

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Why does this house of wax exist?
       May it be a landmark that would be missed?
Therefore, a demolition ball does not swing.
       There is a secrete room within its architect.
I discovered this.
       A source of unveiled mysteries erected as a repository.
On a table sits a crystal ball.
       I rubbed it and it showed me a new world of idioglipics, 
a cosmos of beautiful colors.
       Standing-up in the corner is a glass clock 
whose reflection mocked the walls.
       A man told me I was beautiful.
I did not fear the voices heard.
       They were filled with child-like laughter from 
a different universe.
       There were adults walking the streets of gold.
As I sit in an antique rocking chair, 
       I listen to people say that the omnipotent would be here today.
Nature was a visionary scene of beautiful flowers and the grass 
       was rich green.
The trees were tall and the weather was pleasant.
       The songbirds sing the songs of the sirens.
Archetypical this world was not.
       The clock chimed and I abscond.
As I open the secret chamber door, I looked back.
       The repository became a mural of hidden cultures.
I knew that tomorrow I would come again.
Penned April 28, 2014!
4th Place!

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Tears of a Flower

The raindrops on a flower are still for a moment,
But the dew that rolls off of its petals fall, as do tears.
Beautiful is the woman who chooses to bloom into perfection.
Even through the storms and strong winds,
She bows in worship and gives God praise.
Withstanding the pressures that may come,
She lets go, and let God!

Finally; no more hurt, no more pain.

The falling tears of a flower brings joy and strength after the rain.

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Life's Wholeness

Life and a living being
can never be separated
See one and you see
the other
Destroy one and you destroy 
the other
Pluck a flower from a tree
and dissect it 
to understand it
You no longer have that flower
as it existed
on the tree
You may have an understanding
of the relationship
between the components
of a dead flower
but you will have forever lost 
the totality of the experience
of the LIVING flower
To see the flower in 
its completeness
and understand a reality 
that can only be experienced
but can never be put into words
for the whole is more than
the sum of its parts

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Surely to know the ambrosial quiver
Of stiffened fruit, ripe and swollen
With stolen fragrance and lovely flush
Of seeded solvent all down a furtive face
And up the greedy pink arms of cloud-ward reaching children

Is to know also the jealous rain
Her green glances gorge on mellow delight
Indulgent and impatient with quick eyes
Snatching strokes of waxy flesh
Torrid caress under an austere guise of gray
She is a lean and idle glutton
Who lashes in strife with quickness and lusty strikes

It will be a feast of soul
If you do not slay her first

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May flowers grow in your footprints
May birds sing outside your window
May your smile warm a sunbeam
May the leaves sigh to you as they fall
May the wind caress your face as it blows
May the raindrops glitter to your touch

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Evolution of a Flower

Youth Upon my flower I start a bloom My buds come willingly out And about the stem flows water The life breeding source of time I wield time as if I’m the master And my flower holds its precious drops Within my lovely petals, slyly setting Myself up higher than the ground Which holds my flower erect Simply what do I compose myself as If my bloom has not yet developed Straight into the whole bloom myself What do I say to my flower that holds The life of my soul by the water’s edge Where do I groom myself alive To seek the warmth of living As a whole, full bodied entity Where is my truth in life Elder I have seen the flowers traversing From my water bearing bud To my exhausted bloom of life Full of my splendor but fragile Subject to any climate changes And expressly sensitive to the lack of water Which happens more and more During this phase of my tired life I ponder my existence, why now Why do I lean towards death Right at this stage of existence So full and flourishing, perfect, flawless I only seek to live one more day By my beauty, I hope to be free To live with my water, nourishing water To love again, as I did once before Dead No longer am I vibrant, I cease I no longer carry water to my roots I don’t see anything, I feel nothing My roots have all dried up The is no more moisture within me I have no hope of keeping Anyone’s attention, save that of shock The shock of a dead flower before them I shall be removed from this Earth To make room for another bud To come in my place, soon life will return And I will be vibrant once again But now I waste away, to nothingness
Russell Sivey Contest: Talking to Yourself Sponsor: craig cornish 6/21/2013

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Wild Flowers

After four days
you returned
with perfume
and sweet kisses
of nectar...

Making love
under falling sky
winter rainbow...

We lay
limbs entwined...

Sweet love
lilac lady...

We didn't realize
we had become
two rooted
wild flowers
with ripened seeds
                                     we tried
                                                 to move...

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Throat in eruption

I am flustered with the likes
of the flower
which took on wilt !
I am certain
it is because of my opine
and the expression clearly
in my globes,
from my cold stare

And the pits of my throat 
in eruption
did utter
some of the worst !

I fear the flower was taken
as I... 
yet my testimony is;

the flower screamed first...

while entwined  with that
wretched vine

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Heavenly Nature

I threw myself into the air,
like a rock-star diving into the arms
of his die-hard fans,
only for soft, green, succulent stems
to lower my gravity onto the grass surface.

When the wind blew around me,
sweet, scented petals scattered in the air
above me; a feeling of divine grandeur
overwhelmed me, as I couldn't breathe- I didn't
want any sigh, blink, or breathing,
to steal this moment away from me.

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Spring Song

New birthed buds will yawn and stretch to 
Golden-threaded rays; 
Parrot tulips bloom in early spring;
Liquid colors flow like cascading silk, across my garden.

Paper whites smile and soak up Mother Earths’ milk;
All is beautiful in this lush garden canvas
Birds provide a mellow concerto and titter-sweet notes, 
dance on the scented air.

Cricket-chirp-symbols ring out with each stanza as,
Evening shadows flicker upon Gaia’s’ palette;
Crescendo on the dew-dusted air.

Here, among them all, I sit in contemplation.
I sense their elation;
Euphoria of spring-song consumes my spirit.

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A Bouquet of Flowers

A bouquet of flowers that i am giving to you all.
I am handing them out one by one.
For they are for the walk that you are taking this journey that you are on.
A walk of amuse and sometimes rainy.
You a admired from near and afar.
You are a hero in your own time.
Teachers to us all.
Here is one of the biggest and brightest flowers from this great bouquet.
For all the times your lonely, and feeling maybe a little gray.
When we may not be able to give you some of our time.
You surely need to know your always on our minds.
A flower for all of our laughs.
A flower for all of our sorrows.
A flower for a friend, and all of our tomarrows.

I Dedicate this Poem to all my friends/ Moms and Dads at Greenwood Manor in Hot Springs 
Villege, Arkansas.

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Tangled Vines

Tangled vines kept closed the door
that led into the secret garden
the small girl very patiently
one by one untangled them

It took her oh so very long 
until at last they were all free
slowly, and so excitedly she
opened the door and peered

Her eyes wide as saucers
as she beheld the beauty
a stunning garden decked 
with flowers made of jewels

contest: Tangled Vines  written 06/30/2013

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It is time Too long in bed I stretch Cast off the bonds of Hypnos Cold white sheets retreat I am free My head lifts Sun caresses my face I rise, standing tall Naked for all to see Beauty reborn It is spring

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A single drop of dew captured in a buttercup

A single drop of dew
caught in a buttercup
Provides a welcoming d
first drink of the day
to  Ladybugs Dormouse
and busy shrew.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. July.

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Yellowstone, 1995 or Thereabouts

	I can hear the water, 
	a giggle almost, 
	in the small cold spring 
	by which I sat
	that foggy morning, 
	sketchbook, pen, and watercolors in hand. 
	A weed with a single white flower 
	grew from the innards 
	of a half submerged, 
	humus-bound log 
	alive with neon-green moss. 
	A brilliant web 
	spun by a tiny jewel-orange spider
	laced the flower to the log. 
	I dipped my brush in the spring water, 
	washed it around in the appropriate colors, 
	painted the scene as best I could, 
	never coming close to capturing 
	the brilliance of flower, moss and spider.
	Only approximations of nature are possible.

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Aromatic Flowers

Within the blue sky floats petals Those from the most aromatic flowers Which I see colorfully before me A beautiful scene of serenity and hope A pleasant feeling befalls me here Like the first kiss from that special person Whom you have waited for all your life This field exudes this very emotion A peaceful glow from the Earth Through these wonderful proud flowers Their purpose could have just been found In my eyes, they are the epitome Of everything this universe loves
Russell Sivey Entered into Poet Destroyer A 's "free verse poem. (15 max lines)" contest 3/12/2013

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He Makes Honey

He flits from flower to flower
Delirious by the prospect of nectar
Zoned in on reaping
He visits the flowers
Different colors 
Different shapes and sizes
Different textures…
He goes deep
In to where it lies
Letting it cling to him
Sticky sweetness
He doesn’t leave
Till he has soaked it up
Ever last drop

He doesn’t stay a minute longer
Than when he has harvested
To his fill
When the flower has given all
She could give
He tires of her
And flies away
To feast on another prey
To lick all her sweetness away
And the flower is left to wonder
If she will survive the bitter sting
Of knowing
That her essence
Is the honey
That to others he brings.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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The Efflorescence in a Half Moon Love

An immutable desire to see into the night blue-flower scented dawn,
The want to be within fixed proximity to you;
Skin touching; the aroma of a deity,
A Mexi flower emitting from your petals its royal perfume;
From this an inexperienced arousing blossoms.

The moments where,
Soft rouge lips rest, osculate against the skin,
Lips so warm-balmy,
Your petal scented hands pressing amongst my body;
And your sensitive touch I embrace; sensual, delicate.
The comfort of a half moon love,
Its crooked, Prussian - blue smile,
Emitting its rays through blossomed petals,
In the flower scented night,
Through her crescent lips,
And the burning of the stars in his eyes,
Witnessing her flowering spirit.
The efflorescence in a half moon love,
First is brave and courageous,
Its half bloomed crescent smile lightens you,
Carries you to its height and back,
With an aromatic love emitted from her,
And then when puckered, full moon lips embrace the very tips,
Of the souls voice.
Then when calls her kingdom of flowers,
-with her unique crooked smile,
Seals your lips,
And leaves you,
In her field of waving daffodils,
With a half moon love.

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Where Do The Butterflies Go

Teardrops of dews glistening
Breaks the days of dawn
Caterpillars shedding shells of cocoon
Awakening with yawns

The little fairies quaintly appear
Dancing their favorite dances, all the day long
But, where do the butterflies dance to
When the sun hides her head...
And the days are shamelessly gone?

They fill up my gardens
Frolic from tip of tulip to end of the rose
Next to sunflower, daffodil the flutter flies flown
Never attempting to speak even one little peep
Keeping their precious secrets
From sun up until the sundown

A parade of floats
Viceroy to the Monarch whom he tries to pretend
Royal and regal, ginger and black
Passes the hours while waltzing with flowers
But where does each of them go as processions end?

Dainty, the Painted lady curtseys
Among the swallowtails that swan through the weed
And the Admirals through the blade
But soon to hide away
Flying rainbows of season’s beginning to fade

And my magical gardens now they are bare
The little fairies all have disappeared
Following the whisper of wisps, of a new winter’s air

It’s the beginning of autumn
And soon will come the billows of snow
Did they take journey to a summer, in a far away land
Where oh, where did the butterflies go

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consider bees
bees with stingers,
humming, swarms of bees
resound their presence
inviting hysteria

among the bees
are butterflies
who play out their lives
absorbed in silence
performing musical bliss
moving from task to task
without making a sound
inspiring peace

bees and butterflies
both get the song sung
but butterflies are
the rest notes
on the garden staff

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I'm go into garden of flowers at dawn
To refresh the morning dew.
Flowers as the soul in sight
I touch them tenderly hand.

Here are miracle and dew
Glitter shimmering in the rays.
I am under the impression their glory
I'm trying to talk to them in verse.

The radiance of the sun warms the garden
Its rays, the buds open.
Flowers of many things they say
And our hearts filled with love.

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My one true love

My one true love
your skin is so soft and smooth
you taste like Carmel candy.

Your perfume is like the first
flower of spring
your as pure as the first snow
of winter.

Your heart is as pure as gold
i promise to guard it like a

Wishing you were my 

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Dreams of Summer on the Winter Solstice

	Dreams of Summer on the Winter Solstice

ah love, 
the scent of roses
at first bloom, 
new growth
that extends skyward, 

they are a wonder to me

let us sit here and drink tea
inhaling scents of lavender,
bergamot and roses

it is all so lovely, 
to be here with you

these moments 
are my treasure

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Angel lullaby's

Dimonds are not beauty. Beauty is people and things unknown. Things unknown that swirl around in a young child's mind and happiness amounts to a flower crown made for a small girl with the soul of a faire. Happiness that comes from the pure joy of looking in your mothers deep brown eyes and getting warm fuzzies . Joy that spills out into a smile when a wise woman tells her that the little floating fuzzies in the air are baby angels and that when it thunders it's just there mom singing them an angel sized lullaby a lullaby that makes her big blue eyes sparkle....But the wind changes and the sparkling in her big blue eyes fade and the flower crown withers and dies and the baby angels turn into dust and unknown things still bring joy. But so do things that bring trouble and those big brown eyes sometimes betray her and the thunder is just thunder and baby Angels and days of simple joy vanish ...But if she waits just for the right moment the clowds will gather and the sparkle returns to her big blue eyes and the wounderful liquid leaks out of the sky! spinning and spinning her hair dripping. She squeezes the big blue eyes shut and suddenly the baby angels return To the sky and the Flower crown gets a long drink of water and blooms once again and and the angel lullaby returns to the air and rings in her ears and those deep brown eyes watch her spinning and remember why they fell in love with her and 
finally she is home !!

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The Armies of Hope or Blossoms in Early Spring

They are coming out from every direction, 
steadfast and formidable in their invasion, 
surprising and overpowering our senses, 
bringing us hope. 
Let us find comfort, 
despite our worries and sorrows, 
that they set forth their march every year, 
forever faithful to us.

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Spring Showers

when earth cries
its tears fall upon us
not tears of sadness, really
tears to cleanse the horror
that it has seen that year
to wash away the pain 
and the blood that has stained its surface
a revival
so it can last one more year
the ugly must be swept away
so the beauty can be seen
or else we might not notice 
we might only notice
so the bad must be swept away
so the good can return
so the showers must fall
so the flowers will bloom

spring showers contest

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The last rose saying goodbye to love

Deep within a forest glade
grows a single beautiful fragrant rose
It's sweet aroma
floats upon a gentle summer breeze
from it's soft petals and folds.

But what makes this humble rose 
so special
is it's the last rose in the world to ever 

Such a rare precious flower
should be treated with tender loving care
but it loses it's once vibrant color
and fades and wilts  to brown
falling to the ground
only to be swept away
by a precarious turbulent wind
without the mere whisper of a memory
that it had ever existed
gone forever.

Peter Dome.2011.

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Roses Of The Field

            Roses Of The Field

Village square has flowers of rare coloration
Not appearing in nature
Painted, ugly, plastic without a scent
Aromas are condemned, not authorized by local politics
Illegal in the kingdom and the region

To sell or grow or pick a living plant or flower
Is punishable and the penalty is death

Flowers are the enemy of the state according to government decree
Citizens and country folk must buy their plastic flowers every week
A dozen at a time to help with taxes
To avoid execution for non-compliance naturally

Roses that come from nature have lovely fragrances
If you come to our town wearing one
You will be executed on the spot and planted like a tree
Decapitation is a possibility

People with real flowers or plants are gambling
Face termination every day, but only once

So to the mountain out of sight I pedal day and night
My bike and I hide out on weekends with my aromatic friends 
A patch of deep red roses wait for me behind the little orange fence
Next to the brook and yellow shack we hid from authorities

Thorns cause pain but not the same
As government intervention 

I touch and smell the real petals on my flowers and they touch back
We must conceal our love from state and plastic fakes
And hide beneath our bed of roses for nature’s sake

Created on 12/17/14 for Mystic Rose - ROSES ROSES ROSES – Poetry Contest 

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With little regret they have left
flown upon the barest breeze
floated upon an updraft weightless.

Currents unseen have stirred the oval frames
formed in the early light of fragrant Spring
and lifted from the pistils core, the wing.

How high, beyond the branches they did fly
and float, upon the shred of taciturn air to ground
to lay in porcelain fragility upon the greenest grass.

They rest now, upon the pastures mossy green
and curl their edges inward, as do we all,
when left to lay ‘pon holy ground. 

Date: 1/23/13
Poet: Debbie Guzzi

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The Drafting Hand of God or Little White Petals with Black Lines

Every year, 
these small, gentle flowers 
bring us evidence 
of the drafting hand of God, 
Who so thoughtfully took the trouble, 
amongst all His mighty and endless obligations, 
to draft anew 
every single petal that has ever been 
and is yet to be. 
They are like the human faces 
we are so lucky to see 
every single day.

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Dad's rose

Alluring rose,
Lost some petals,
Little withered,
But still whiffing her odor

All he said to her,
That one day she will bloom,
For thorns are all she needs,
For it’s in her stars,
To be a lover’s delight
To be a wedding’s wreath,
To be last gift of a living to dead

Alluring rose,
Lost some petals,
And he stayed there,
She needed him but water and sun

For gems of purest rays serene,
She is born to blush unseen,
She will 
She will be a delight
And all then a father will do,
Is seeing her off from aisle with smile….

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In one corner of my room,
That is shaped like a tomb,
There is a window, where I sit
And see my world through it.

I see the rising sun,
I see the melting dew,
I see the blooming flowers,
I see the sky’s changing hues.

Through it
I embrace the fading sun,
I live the joyous rains,
I feel the flowery fragrance,
I walk those lonely ways.

Through it
I float with the summer clouds,
I breathe the winter breeze,
I touch the autumn leaves,
I celebrate the cuckoo’s springtime songs.

Through the window,
I see my world.
Neither the autumn leaves,
Nor the springtime songs;
Neither the winter sunshine,
Nor the summer rains;
Would have been great
Had it not been through my window rails.

Through my window,
I see the world.
In the window, lies the entire bliss;
Beyond the window is only an illusion.

Suyash Saxena

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Orchards of the Moonlight

Jasmine blossomed 
from the concrete of heaven 
while angels sing soft melodies 
that land on the intimacy of my soul 

My eyes left perplexed 
captivating the presence of this beauty 
from a gentle smile that falls from the petals 
of this delicate flower 

The warmth of my heart, declared 
from the rays of the sun 
and shine my aura with pleasant moonlighted conversations 
that Eden has excited me with 

I'm lost in the trance of this moment 
brought upon the rain from the clouds 
that fog all existence of impressions 
left behind in departed memories of love 

The roses in my garden have expired 
to leave way for this fresh plantation to grow 
indulging it's direction to a whole new production 
of spiritual maturity 

I may have fallen in love with a desperate recognition 
my past has barricaded in the sands 
from the sight of this acquired exhibit 
that delivers passion to my universe 

I'm left in purity for this appeasing flower 
to teach me examples I've lost in the historical moments 
of my sanity caused by the white wine 
that shut out the seeds of my obliterated memories 

Blooming the center of my tender retentivity 
with a sensual touch that calms 
the reflection of the beaming solar system 
the world has equipped to my spirits 

Declining all invitations to submissive pain 
I've known in the past 
and accepting this development as a greeting 
to a new born creation 

She is my flower and I am her essence 
and together, 
we conform in collaboration 
to create a presence of ravishing affection 

Exposed in this garden of perfection...

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The Rose

As day breaks, the rose shimmers in the morning sunlight
Like a soul awakening from captive sleep
Dew glistens, bringing to life colorful warmth
An ocean of beauty from the void of the deep 
Shadows bow, stabbed in their content, too confused to weep
Against its will, with its beauty it wakes to conquer the darkness
Until the day grows weak and is laid to rest

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Bright tiny yellow petals circling all around,
Tall green stalks firmly planted on the ground.
A thousand little seeds adorn my rounded heart
Huge green leaves ready to play their parts.

I shall compare myself to this glorious bloom
whose bright colors paints the sunlit noon.
Standing upright and ready to follow the sun
In faith and deeds to the Holy Blessed One.

Small in the eyes of many my stature may be
But I have many tiny petals, each a little bit of me
Little tokens of ability the Almighty bestowed
To put to good use, to make other’s heart aglow.

These thousand little seeds I hold in my breast 
each one to help me grow, to face life’s many tests
Tiny bits of knowledge, some experiences I hold
Each a tiny little brick for a future yet untold.

leaves that flutters in the winds that summer blow
sturdy stem standing straight refusing to fold or bow
Yet with all it splendor and glory that abound
its roots is still firmly planted on the ground.

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My pen visioned spring

A vast ,babbling vast of green lush grass, 
 spread out on rocky mountains. 
Rays of sun light ,awaking slumbering buds, from a sleeping beauty.
Winds of tranquility shifting the images of the spring sky.
Ob-east Caterpillars crawl on the aged bark of trees, to hang.
To transform into a flying beauty. 
Flapping  its wings towards a flower to lay and rest. 
Both flower and butterfly complementing each others beauty,in a bonding image .Seen by the eyes .Standing, awestruck stillness . Dandelions picked from the earths ground to be blown,
for a desperate wish, to spring to reality. 
Birds cutting the infinite winds of the sky, 
baring worms in their beak. Bounty for an off spring. 
Children play, on the play grounds,releasing in to the air sounds of horse play.
 Mustangs of distant lands gallop free and wild.Yellow pollen filled antennas of  hibiscus pollinated by buzzing bumblebees.
A city filled with people complementing the weather,wearing sleeveless shirts. 
A unborn baby expected time of arival spring.From the moist soil of a mothers womb a baby springs.Many suffice in spring.From spring vibrant laughter springs.
Dead images of winter, spring forth and spring forth they shall.
Thanking words spring forth to the open spring weather, for favoring my land.
I hope not to ofend any other seasons, but for faviring the impecable spring I have my reasons.

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October 21, 2014
Beautiful color
Rain, she shimmers
Nightfall, she sleeps under the moon
Sunrise, she opens wide and soaks
Powerful, scorching, feminine energy
Running through her blue veins
In and out, ever-changing
“Delicate” flower stands
Sequoia Tree
Firmly rooted into the Earth.
Boughs reaching to the heavens
Leaves fall
Life begins anew 
Goddess formidable and skilled

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Awakes My Garden

Seemingly, sudden,
Restful sleep all but over.

Wild tricolored Irises, vivid white, sun centered, Shasta Daisies,
And Cosmos of azures, fuchsias and buttery cups;
Babies breathing, eager to begin once again,
In order to forsake the bronze, soft textured crustiness 
Of the newly milled mulching caps, as they race for
The viewer and the gazer's glorious prize.

Even with a long and empty storehouse,
The beautiful bachelors and bachelorettes 
All remember how to drink
From natures vase,
And where to turn their faces
For one fleeting and lasting
Ray of purpose.


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I love the symphony
of the flowers
which composes itself
after mid-winter showers;
though silent to ear,
it rings loud and clear
in the soul which holds
God's creation dear.

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At the beginning of her life 

the flower blossomed big and 

her pedals were bright.

Her skin shined with glow

and her laugh was delight.

Then one day

the storm came and

loosened her stem 

by a nudge. More and

more it came around 

as it kept getting 

stronger. Even through that

she still kept her smile and it 

has yet to knock her crown.  

The wind blew

and the sun tried to shine

She cried herself to 

sleep and tried to stay in line. 

Her imperfections impacted

her greatly and she'd scream as

her leaves fell off. 

Eventually, like the rest, all her 

dreams were doffed. 
When the next storm came back around it knocked her stem half way and she was forced to look down 
But stood so droopy was her crown
Then her hope grew less as she wasn’t

able to grow from the sight of the sun.
Her roots were giving out 
as she finally realized it was almost done.
When I went to visit that beautiful flower while the others came along she told us her time left  wasn’t long

So the bed gathered to tell the flower
How beautiful she will always be. 
She will always be bright and big 
No matter how tall the trees got to be
As her Dark purple became lavender 
Everyone got to say good bye, all except one.
When the last storm came it knocked her whole stem down. She laid there looking up at the dark sky crying and screaming “why?!”
And as her delicate heart gave out, her crown laid side by side to the beautiful flower that shriveled up 
While everyone buried her and her coronal I cried because I never got to say goodbye.
And what I’ve learned from this beautiful flower and broken stem is to never take the time you have 
with people for granted. You never know how long you have with them.

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My spirit longs for the breeze that the summer brings
My spirit longs for the birds who fill the heavens with beautiful song
My spirit longs for the smell of the flowers
My spirit longs for the breeze that the summer brings

My spirit longs for the sunrise and sunset
My spirit longs for the sweet tea my grandmother has perfected
My spirit longs for the sweet taste of freedom that comes only from summer
My spirit longs for the breeze that the summer brings.

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Dream of a Saguaro

Although flowers bloom it’s awkward to say that they are flowers
because they are not flowers, but thorns disguised as yellow pistils 
and stamens surrounded by the petals made of pieces of colorless
paper. Moreover, their fragrance bears no meaning at all because 
they bloom in the night, 

and each time when the scorching sun brands the cactus’ skin 
it cries out loud from the pain of the thorns pierced through 
it’s burning flesh to form renewed skin, 
then, surprised by a heartrending cry, 
the birds flap their wings to fly in the air abandoning the cactus.

However the birds may be, they only are lifeless drones 
flying over a desert. And since they are lifeless, they 
don’t know the meaning of life, and that’s why they only see

the thorny flowers standing open arms in the midst of the desert that is 
filled with ashes of death—nuclear wastes, abandoned poisonous chemical
solutions polluted waters that drive lives to the edge of death.

To the saguaro cactus standing in the midst of man-made miseries, 
nonetheless, dreamed to have an audience with 
the mystic Queen of the Andes, 

and in order for him to fulfill his dream,
to have a long journey toward the south moving along with the sun, 
and then, after crossing the delicate line marked zero,* 
climbing up the Andes for a higher ridge that is higher than the drone. 

And as you go higher the wind starts to rise;
when the wind gets stronger to cut through the skin,
then saguaro’s thorns start to prick its own body from 
loneliness unbearable,  

and that is the time ripe for
the mystic Queen of the Andes to reveal herself 
from the clearing fogs, behind the thick and heavy veil of clouds.

She appears in a dress embellished with tens of thousands of 
not overly extravagant or pompous but graceful flowers that 
bloom centenary. 

She is the tree, immaculate and with inviolable dignity,  
she bears the blooms in the serenity of the high and deep mountain.
Today too, the saguaro cactus under scorching sun dreams 
a dream of seeing the elegant Queen of the Andes someday,
even afar it, stands as ever. 

Enveloped in the cloud, though Queen hides her image
she has left her sweet scent behind, 
in the sweet scent she left, the thorn flower saguaro stands
willing to wait another one hundred years to see her again.

*Zero: The Equator  

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~*~ Roses ~*~

A splendor

Petal by petal

Each forming an exquisite flower

Enveloping the hope of a promise

An everlasting vow

Delicate petals quenched

By the morning dew

How could one ever compare one to another?

My forever flower

Written by Gwendolen Rix
July 2014

Dedicated to my friend Rita on her most special day!

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Words of Wisdom contest

Blossom of fruit trees
strewn around the orchard
subtle hues of pink and white
shot through with purple

Seeing it reminds me that
like the fruit trees so do 
each of us in our own way
blossom as we pass through 

Blossom starts as a tiny bud
then through the months
opens up flooding the world
with vibrant scent and colour

Just like that tender bud
we open our minds to the new
and flower for all to see
staying true to ourselves 

So when you see the blossom
keep in your mind the thought
for you to flourish and bloom
you must live and strive for fruition

Live each day as if your last
spend no time in past regrets
move on and keep climbing ladders
stretch up and reach for the stars 

Do not squander your time here
march boldly on into the future
let not adversity hold you back
laugh in it's face as you pass

Many times you may be tempted
to sit back and take it easy
sloth only grows in strength
so easy to put things off

Tomorrow never comes, so onward
battle now with all your might
remember as you live your life
each new day is adventure waiting

I went with the Creative Process and referred to blossoms as they for fill their life
written 01/09/2014

contest:  Words of Wisdom

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The flowers wilted
the day you left
petals have fallen
one by one
till nothing was left
the earth where roots
used to cling
had turned loose
flooded by the rain of tears
that fell from my eyes

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A Bluish Violet Flower

A Bluish Violet Flower

A bluish violet flower watches from the shore of an ancient riverbed
A river born of fire when the Earth was new
Sulfuric air, ground ripped apart from Earth’s upheaval
Chemicals mixed with lightening to create life
Single celled animals and ancient reptiles
And a single plant on the burnt earth
A single plant with a single bluish violet flower
It lived its life with cooling water
Cattails lined the shore
A million flowers bloomed every spring
Fish and turtles swam in its currents
Children played on its shore
Laughing and jumping into the refreshing waters
The waters caressed the bluish violet flower
Giving it life saving moisture
Still the bluish violet flower watched the fish, the turtles and the children
The river long ago died
The riverbed that, from the beginning held life, is still now
Rocks of sandstones and granite create a natural blanket
The only fish are fossils of life millions of years old
That bluish violet flower
The one whose life began when time was young
The one who watched when life began and thrived in a lonely riverbed
It remembers the fish, the turtles, the children and the flowers
That bluish violet flower still watches
It watches the stillness and the silence
And all alone it mourns

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Love's Tender Greening Bud

Come, gentle Spring,
Into my winter heart
Long frozen beneath a wide expanse of snow.
Seek out the slumbering flower
Hidden in the dormant sod;
Charm her from frigid grave
With sweet, warm sighs and penetrating rains.
Come, incessant Spring,
And ravage my still heart with beauty's multitude.
Persist until I feel
Love's tender greening bud
Burst through surrendered soil.

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the new me

The New Me. 

From today I shall only write fine poems
go to the local poetry reading club and
be adored by female fans.

Honey will drip from my lips and I will 
wear flowers in my hair and there will
be a flood of happy tears. 

In Paris I read poetry about the Roma 
people and the plight of the Palestinians, 
the silence still rings in my ears.

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Lone Yellow flower

lone yellow flower 
waves in the open fields
bowing according to the tune 
among the sea of green; 
lone yellow flower has no one to blame
and it seeks none to praise 
for it knows all life comes in 
when the conditions are right; 
lone yellow flower knows 
death comes in like the wind; 
lone yellow flower 
is never alone
for it is a part of the expression
of the earth and time and the universe; 
lone yellow flower sees what is before and around
lone yellow flower observes what is within and about
and so lone yellow flower lives with no delusions
no beliefs of heaven and hell
fears none and does not live or die
to please or amuse or appease; 
and lone yellow flower
blossoms and shines
and shrivels and ceases
in harmony
with what actually is; 
lone yellow flower 
waves in the open fields
bowing according to the tune 
among the sea of green

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The Cactus and the Rose

You can’t hold me tight.
I regard you 
Long to grab a hold of you
Like Solomon’s expose of his love in Chapter 4
Your petals bloom with bright colors of the rainbow
Do not grasp my arms 
My hairs will wound you
I’ve been deserted
Copious counts of caring souls have tried to comfort me
Made exceptions for me in their homes;
The one who caresses me the most
Ends up hurt
Many will give you love; you’re lovely
They admire your beauty and caress your skin
They soak in the sweet smell of your blissful perfume
They feel loved in your presence
I yearn for you; 
To be adjoined by a circle of gold
We’re awkward
You’re pure beauty 
I’m relentless pain in the wrong hands

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Hill And Mountain Talk

           Hill And Mountain Talk

Copper flowers quarried in the lower tundra
In sculpted form beneath the pebbly footing
Two giant mountains there to quarrel with each other
Who will occupy the lion’s share of space
One mountain insults the other to its face
Calls it a hill and asks it to leave the place
They stay for centuries, carving out the sky and sun with their jagged shapes
Copper flowers do just fine with moisture from the fog
And survive quite well between the hill and mountain
Who shade them beneath their faces, but feel their weight disgraced       

                                                           6/21/14 Hills are Alive With Poetry contest          

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Late Blooming

You come from that place where Queen Anne’s lace
and milk thistle grow thick on the creek bank
behind the house.
Black-eyed Susans, opened to the sky,
sway strong and tall in the wind.
A dogwood blooms;
in remembrance of friends gone.

And the dust gathers
heavy over that forgotten place.
My heart closed up like a daylily
at moonrise.
And I, a late blooming rose,
far into an Indian summer.

You left; then I—
left and shook the dust not just from feet,
but hair, skin, bones.
It collected deep inside, though.
As you did.

We never said goodbye.

© stephanie pepper, 2013

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A Pink Rose

There's a beautiful, pink flower in my garden.
A beautiful, pink rose that blooms every year.
Its petals are as pink as the color of strawberry ice cream.
As soft as a baby bird's feather.
It smells of sweet perfume.
The scent of clean clothes.

There's a beautiful, pink flower in my garden.
A beautiful, pink rose that blooms every year.
The stem is as green as string beans.
As strong as a piece of metal that will never break.
It stands there straight as can be,
only moving when strong winds run by.

There's a beautiful, pink flower in my garden.
A beautiful, pink rose that blooms every year.
Its leaves are rough and pointy at the ends,
with many deigns going every which way.
Its thorns are sharp like the blade of a knife,
looking threatening as they stick out of the stem.

To me,
this beautiful, pink rose symbolizes the beginning of Spring.
The beginning of a new day, a new year.

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Black Eyes

Off to Kindergarten,
second week of school.

An excited voice
from the back seat,
"Oh, how beautiful, 
I see black eyes!"

"What?" I ask, puzzled.
"I saw black eyes," 
she repeats.

I'm wondering 
what kind of animal
she has spotted. 

Then I spot them,
Black-Eyed Susans,
blooming beside the road. 

Like her grandmother,
she loves flowers.

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How proud your stamen stands
With crown of pollen gold
Erupting from your petals
What beauty I behold
Your leaves upwards pointing 
To your Maker in the sky
I stand transfixed, oh Lily
To paint you I must try
But how to find the palette
To mix the colours true
Will be a task to try me
Only perfection will do
For pollen I’ll use sunshine
Your petals driven snow
Some envy your leaves to colour
For your stem the earth will go
But to achieve your beauty
You really should be there
Growing in my garden
So I can stand and stare

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On days when there are no poems to be found
When I drudge the depths of the murk 
I think of Jonquils.

I get stuck on those pesky flowers
And the mental image of tiny yellow and white daffodils.
I ask myself for a poem but
From somewhere else
The whisper comes:

Poems must be about Jonquils.
You can’t have a poem without Jonquils.

I need to write about
speak about 
sing about
write some more about


So, as a poet who has learned from other poets, I research.

Narcissus jonquilla:

A native of Spain and Portugal.
Grows in open spaces and forests and at the edges of lawns
Like little poems
that push their way up through the late spring snow

Vast white sheets spread for acres
On my desk top.
I stare at them and wait for a poem to happen.
From the corner of a page
A yellow tipped bud appears—

And nothing else.

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Spring Time Blossom

Blossoms only given in pink and white 
but of such sweet tempers
and as a branch or member of this royalty
we welcome lovely almond scented gorse and broom 
guiding gently leading now to the mayflower time
the heady full aroma of early summer
Oh such aromatic incense soft  dreaming of happy times

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I past the violets daily
stark purple in the fields,
an early morning stroll with
Mockingbirds singing proudly.
My thoughts soft breezes,
air the scent of fresh roses.
No labors hoard nor plunge  
my time into despair. My hours 
are sweetly spent. “So unsuspected 
violets within the fields lie low”
to frame a perfect picture
as fine creation goes.

Emily Dickinson

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Pine Seed

Pine Seed

Don't forget
it's clay
that learned how to
soak itself and wrap
in gelatine.
It opened
secret compartments
in it's glue
to do its
quiet, private

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Look out your window

look Out your window. 
By Ian Van D. Chandler

We all look for infinities,
In this artichoke world. 

	Above mistaken me.
	There are pleasant humming bees.
       settled to watch so far up, 
		yet, I’m here. Just away. 

we had walked between the gardens,
	finding a following foot print,
to where we’d been.
Though here I go. 
At the waves, I looked both ways,
these nowheres, leave everyone alone. 

Look and see, as I stand here with my chisel.

I swim for the largest tide, floating to the deepest hole.
But reminded of all the scars,
every itch,
all the splinters,
etched on all driftwood. 

in the walls, I know they’re always there. 
Losing what I’d known, stepping on every flower.

	It’s losing the child in the rustic play ground,
		to the crying for the bark. When you run away,
when the grass welds to the shaking hand,
for a moment every bugs’ awake,
think for the tree branch, that sheltered you in the rain. 

Utter to scratches on the glass. Smudging over my only clouds.

between the forth, so passed gone, together I’ll be,
so follow me gone. 
         The letters where, no matter what I’d be:
		A sketched boy,
		the erasing man,
			together apart, left for more. 
There oh’ there. 
Beyond the sill, 


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My spirit is like a hungry flower in the rain

My spirit is like a hungry flower in the rain

Written By Dean Masciarelli

December 14, 2009

My spirit is like a hungry flower in the rain

That wants to continue to grow and climb

As it soaks up everything until its time is done

And when the sun  

No longer shines again

My petals will fall one by one to the ground

And then all of my seeds will be spread around

To all the ones who I happened to leave behind

So that they may continue to grow and blossom

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Joy springs sudden and silent
From the simplest of childish roots.
Homebound from work to metro along a city way
I saw  today on one of my regular stops
The overgrowth of dandelions from the sun,
Very tall and reaching through the iron railing,   
Wind catching them  waving  happily,
Like angelic little girls  all standing tall on tip-toe,  
Trying to attract my attention and saying “Look at me,
Isn’t my bright yellow dress the prettiest?”

And indeed each one was  beautiful   -
It was too hard to choose. 
I felt like  a  god  with  these tiny saffron  Seraphim  
Looking  for my  admiration and recognition:
For their tireless, glowing  energy,
Joyfully jostling and  basking in my approval. 
Sometimes a child simply  calls  dandelions  dandies:
And today I suddenly   felt  the meaning deepen.  
They were in truth all dandies,  and  I smiled  -
I smiled silently all the way home.

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Large porcelain clouds drift lazily across the endless and unbroken cerulean sky 
The wind softly blows through the many trees, filling the air with their whispering voices
A meadow, filled with vibrantly colored flowers and knee high grasses sits peacefully
Undisturbed, untouched by human hands
Bees hum as they hop from flower to flower 
Birds chirp and squirrels chase one another playfully 
The sun sleeps, the stars awaken giving birth to an entirely new world
Celestial beings silently step down from the heavens filling the night air with their sing song voices
Granting life to the unborn creatures of the meadow and forest
A twig snaps, the song ends…
Car horns, people cursing profusely at one another, cell phones glued to their ears
The serene dream lost in oblivion.


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Wild Roses

Wild, ecstatic, frivolous roses,
Haphazardly draping in staccato pink
The grassy embankment.
Bubbling, gleeful, like so many corsages
On fresh-faced girls at a
High school prom.
Cheerful, radiant, intricate charms,
Proffering subliminal messages
Of joy and hope rekindled.

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Reflections of Joy

I wish I could have a flower garden of iris'
Of blooming iris flowers,
With canaries and other swooping birds
Feather to feather, to fly above,
As I sit perched,
Only distance carries my thoughts.
Below, a catacomb of surface,
Blooming an age of wisdom and growth.
We live what we learn, 
Of our heart's desire.

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Germinate the seed for ten weeks inside
Petunia grows in the ground with minerals
Pink petals and a stem
I say it is not a flower
It is Gregory
Petunia came from South America
A different culture cultivating plants
I don’t speak their language; Spanish, Portuguese 
So Gregory it is
My Master’s degree is in botany
I have a PHD in flower
There is no petunia in religion or philosophy
None in the world according to me
According to my political affiliation and relations
There is Gregory
I water it and give it sun and take it for a walk
It continues with pink petals and a stem
One day it will grow into a fine young man
A president
Exactly as I planned 
It will not just run a country
But a vegetative state
Exactly as I said

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Red Rose

What a beautiful scarlet rose!
The smiling petals surround your heart
What a charming blood-red flower!
While approaching,
Your sweetness fulfills my chest.

Who thought of this blood color with scent?
I could not satisfy for just standing,
Smelling, and admiring.
My hand then tries to reach you,
My head plans to pick you up.
Violently your barbs bleed my heart,
Oh Dear!

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Colors Hold The Flowers Tight

      Colors Hold The Flowers Tight

Here we are again once again
Before the same actions as before
Fragrances of the myriad of flowers
That come and go before us, yet never change
In the fading scent and sense we make of time
In that vault we cannot open on nature’s game
Our garden grows again once again like us
Cultivating and up-earthling old ways
Not always going on in the same direction
But always towards the sun
Being in accord with one another
Never made us the same one 
The myriad of colors hold the flowers tight
They take on the same brevity of purpose
Stopped again once again after season falls
Wanting no more
And wanting to do just that

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Dancing Amidst Daffodils

Dancing amidst them

Thousands of yellow bells

My heart sings in exhilaration

And the notes dance from my eyes as I soak up the golden rays

Daffodils make me dance

Twirling and spinning til I fall down in laughter

A warm afternoon enraptured with the happy colors of my Savior

Dancing and celebrating his goodness

He brought me to this meadow today 

A quiet time to rejuvenate

Communing with nature and the warm glow of his love

I shall come back here again tomorrow and start all over again

And twirl and spin and fall down again

Giggles between me and my Savior

Gwendolen Rix

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Garden feel

What does a garden feel

A flower feel

A bud feel 

A seed feel

When the beholder 

Goes missing 

who can it complain?

Except the Lord. 

Yet the feeling of 

Loneliness remains

Till the first step sounds

Till the first eyes meet

Till the first breath taken

Till the first smile spread

Till the first joy breaks out

Till the garden echoes with sounds

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A Soul Awakened

They bloom as buds,
The young and expectant
bursting with the life of spring.
Winter-bones, stiff with frost, 
Unravel the icicle wire;
Release the spry exuberance of
Underground bulbs of self:
Heart, mind, chakra points--rise,
Rise to greet the thaw!

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Blossoms for my Soul

The sidewalk wasn't yet laid.
Voracious weeds and insidious
grass swallowed up blossoms,
choked life from their roots.
Flowers wilted in the sun,
withered and turned black,
dried brittle to the touch.

My soul shriveled in unison

I placed rocks along the path.
Grass roots crept around and
beneath rocks, seizing my space,
ignored bare patches on the 
lawn, left begging for cover.

Last summer, sidewalk in place, 
flowers grew riotously
between concrete and brick,
thumbed their pretty noses
at enemies beyond the barrier.

My soul flourished joyfully.

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For Zoya

Time did not matter then 
Before the laying of the egg 
I only know the flower was beautiful 
As a star's heart making dust 
To carry bright desire. 
Your mother's mild wings flash 
In the light and was gone. 
I watched the tree still 
Praying the flower would not fall. 
It became a fruit - 
A lawn for you to crawl upon 
Then one day you changed again 
From puppa to chrysallis. 
Today, like your mother, 
You frolic in the sun, and I, 
I watch the boys with nets 
Who play with butterflies.

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New and Bright

The day is new and bright 
Come with me to frolic 
In the meadows with the 
Flittering butterflies
and the buzzing bees

The wild meadows 
Call to me through 
The wind as if they 
Are in need of my presence 
Come with me

The birds that sing
And fly every which 
Way are singing my 
Favorite song
Come with me

The weeds that 
Steal from the precious 
Flowers call to me 
They are in need of me 
Come with me 

I wish to see the 
Mountain range 
And the big blue sky 
In it's most natural state
Come with me 

I wish to bury 
This body of a long
Lost friend who refused to 
Come with me 
You'll come with me, won't you?

I just need to find 
The perfect space 
Where the worms can feast 
On her expired flesh 
Come with me 

She betrayed me to
The mother earth
She defiled this beauty with 
Her city ways 
Come with me 

Oh I see
You don't want to?
That's fine i guess...
Now you can come with me 

You'll be buried with 
My long ago friend 
Who defiled this place 
Just like you...
Come with me

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Just Moments Til

(Picture Perfect)

Mere minutes until the end
This radiant perfection will not last
Shadows of trees will not cringe
They reach for the oily colour of 
Made by nat'ral green and white-
goldish gleams
Tranquility, what I barely grasp
This scene discarded by urban 
Moments like these, everything stills
Moon's quick to clean Sun's artful 
Silhouettes turuned b'ings now 
To consume skies left blue and black 
'til filled
Abduction by time was rapturous 
Twilight gives wings for euphoria's 
That moment of evening bliss is 
Now Night's inhabitants sing 
reverent song

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Kiss of Sunshine

a roses moisture licked by the lips of the sun
blooming feverishly in the love of the light
metabolizing it's generosity warming it's core
tantalized, the flower knows no bounds

basking in the spheres' line of sight
utilizing it's tender touch of security
sharing the space occupied by the soft rays
hypnotized, the rose reaches upward

leaning timidly towards the kiss of the sun

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The Rose

How many admiring eyes set upon you

And caught their breath to desire you

How many lips touched your fragile petals

And wonder how sturdy they were to hold

The freshness of the morning dew and swayed gently

in the harshness of wild windy tides

Your bloom spoke volumes of tunes in harmony 

and complementary hues, unrivaled

Your sight was fashioned to give an undeniably pure pleasure

In the most calm and satisfying respite

Surviving gracefully to the ravaging rage of the change of season

Easing up the uncertainty of wilted pride in summer

Dormant yet strong to repose silently in winter

Yielding its simplicity in a most content way

Vulnerability secured under the proud pricking thorns

So fierce,so quick, so strong yet delicate

Faded she may look at times but  her fragrance stayed

with endurance to my delight...


Oh! my rose, your grace

an inspiration

Your beauty,

 an awe

Your purity,

a respect

Your thorn,

a shield

You are a creation, when mortals

mutter words of praise...



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Lips kiss and whisper
Transmute our power
Create windless tunnels
Tornado of faith
Blizzard of hate
Summer of love
Signal decay
Tell me it is the end
And I have gone too far
Autumn has begun
An eclipse revealing
our black star.
Divulge the truth
Her Transpiration
Explodes the sun.
Cold winter
exists within
unsaid words
we are destined
To rule our worlds

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Now like startled flowers

The hailstones pounded the window
as violently,as if they had minds
bent on killing;soldiers in rows and ranks rushing onwards;
as each fell another and another took its place.
Cold and mathematical they had a simple precise force and geometry.
Into this warlike scene,floated two white butterflies
Crossing and recrossing the spaces between the hail
they followed a random path;now apart
Their unplanned,loving dance leads to mating, procreation and a future
while the hailstones can only die.
Seems sometimes fragile freedom is more productive
than the fierce mechanical modern world can imagine.
I see the butterflies now like startled flowers
hunting for the sun

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A Walk In The Garden In Moonlight Part 2 of 2

(Part 2 of 2)

While Wading Thru The Garden At Midnight
While Wooing In The Garden In Moonlight

Still Sharing Secrets That Our Shadows See
On This  Rendezvous To A Path of Our Life's Journey
We Come To A Stop By A Stand of Myrtle Trees
This Is The Spot Where The Earth Seems To Breathe

As You Kneel In Blue-Star Grass Upon An Older Knee
By The Purple Violets - Where You Proposed To Me
Oh, What Better Way To Start Each Anniversary
than In The Place That We Both Share Passionately 

... When Walking Thru Our Garden At Midnight
and Waking In Our Garden In Moonlight

                     Written & Copyrighted ©:  8/30/2013 
                      by:  MoonBee Canady

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An Ode to Birth and Death

Darkness ended, Winter released her icy grip; budding crystals soon began to drip.

The Earth then tendered, its surface filled with life; Spring now wed to Summer, the
radiant rays piercing the frozen skies.

But Beauty gives way to Destruction and forests turn to tinder.

Here lies the crossroads, an Ode to Birth and Death.

A flower that slowly bloomed left stranded now in late Spring, scorched by Summer’s rays,
but oh its beauty still remains.

It lives on desolate ground. A mind unfolded, it's heart retouched.

And at last outlasted a depression that once did rule. And you the fair Demise, how will
you compromise? When we together win the prize.

Flailing futilely in a sea of lies; the Fountain of Youth was found, its waters tainted.

Perhaps it’s best not to toy with Life and Death.

The Seasons unwillingly shifting, the Sun now in full bloom, and the flower starts to wilt;

Beautiful, as death begins to set, while Summer touched the Earth.

Petals fall away like tear drops on the skin, and light penetrates in a wonderful array.

Ever growing heat, now begins to drain them of life, while petals turned to dust, carried
away in gusts.

Together fertilized, yet unaware, it only dares to bring about despair.

Death gives back again to Life; an early end to a late start.

A new beginning comes from dust and decay, as the Summer sun now fades away.

The burning skies teaming with gray.

Death takes a new form; white, blinding, crushing and consuming.

Oh but gorgeous it remains, In time, life grows again,

Coming from the wastes of a flower that late bloomed.Yet life anew begins too soon.

In Winter’s last grasp, her touch did drain, when frozen ashes did remain;

Here is life’s penultimate breath, the greatest Ode to Birth and Death.

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Thou are a flower and fragile, my dear
Sprout at dawn, beautiful in the morning
Fit for nothing less of an angel’s gift  
But gathered around by predators’ claws
With words so calm and tone sweetly melodious
Beautiful smiles and most flattering gist
Just to have a feel of thy innocent sepals
They suck the nectar till the sepals wrinkle

At noon thy beauty fades like the rain cloud
From thy stalk thou fall beneath the feet
They trample on thee and go their way
When flowers of less beauty than thee
Shall gather at dusk in contest before nobles
Scars would have, your beauty dented
From afar they’ll laugh and discuss you
‘I marred a flower as pretty as that’
They’ll chat and wave as you walk in shame
Beware my dear, guard thy sepals so precious
When it falls from stalk it cannot return
Even when they stand and say to you:
‘What is yours to give, is not yours to keep’
Stand back, reply and say to them:
‘When it’s time to give, I’ll give it all’

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Leaves of gold, red and yellow
Dance to the ground to a tune oh so mellow
Silent footsteps of a lonely lover’s grief
Trudges through the foliage that lady autumn herself conceive
A desolate sparrow that’s gone astray
Returns to its nest now bare and gray
Soon the land will turn ashen and cold
As it was before in days of old
But through all this you could hear
The laughter of children, full of cheer
It is not long till Demeter’s lovely flower to her restore
The flower that brought the wild winter wind, to awake and roar
Soon the lonely lover will find a better day
 Soon the lost sparrow will be on his way
Soon love shall fill the air and the earth will bloom
Restoring to its grace what winter has once doomed

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I am Vain like Veins

The stark gray of the rainfall in a tortured Heaven—this is how the you view the world
Not through eyes of reason or objective pondering
	As the minds of philosophers, of thinkers, of geniuses
But through the mind of subjective and bitter reactions
	Like the minds of viscous beasts hunting the Sheep and Lambs

           I am vain like veins..

Tepid clouds are actively shrouding the night
Thou shall kiss the moon with cold lips—
And again think with a fragile heart: do not worry it will not burn thee; 
the heat that was once searing  the day is hiding under the Luna
	Thou have an icy frame—like the gentle winters…
Do you know of the gods of love?—maybe in the signing of the leases you learned something 
from the Owner
	Thou were a sheep; thou were a lamb; thou were a subtle flower in the sweet smell of April…
but thou now has an icy frame—like the gentle winter
                     And the rotten tendrils of your decaying vines has a putrid stench

          I am vain like veins...

The monotonous drops of rain fall like tears…

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My own little garden

My dearest little garden
that grows my plants
The finest yard of numerous
that holds my beauty
My wholeness that grants my draft.
My obese garden that stays and stands
Even though you know I am a Yokel.
I owe you much
My till, till and till.
My own mine, I whole you all
Cos you have stood by me
In no place and less vacuum.

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A daisy's petals

As I was walking down a dirt road.
I picked a daisy along the way.
I thought of my true love, 
And where he was today.
I look at the daisy’s petals.
They were each white as snow,
I thought that I should pull them 
To see if he still loved me so.
He loves me, he loves not, 
Went running through my mind.
Should I pull the petals away,
To see what I would find.
My love had gone away,
Many, many days ago.
For whatever the petals would say
I knew he had loved me so.
I did not need this flower,
To tell me what I already knew.
That he had loved me so,
With a love so rare and true.
I looked at the daisy once more,
With thoughts of my Love and what we shared.
Then I continued down the dirt road,
With the daisy in my hair

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Flower on the lake

Abyss like black panther spreads its back
Depth of thought has no bounds
The destiny like a pearl dropped in boundless lake
The ripples manifest themselves as vibrations of the soul

But last fundamental places’ version of destiny
Is just one element 
With all things that exist and not exist
 Located at the base

Of elements it is the first
Compared with fifth pebble it is
All five are like locus or Victoria lily flower
Spreading above the lake above abyss

When abyss itself becomes an element 
The first one of five
The fifth and most important element
Will be divine nirvana and absolute bliss

To reach it is to realize ones’ soul
To reach seventh heaven the absolute
Like the lily flower above the lake
Like hanging on a tree above the desert divine fruit

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The rose leaned forward
and said to the trees,
something carried away by the wind,
not for human ears.

Branches bore fierce
against the wind,
their heads bowed,
shoulders squared,
the leaves of their hair flattened,
the grass turned into a rippling sea.

And for a moment,
whilst Brahms and Mozart played,
the rose forgot
had unceremoniously cut it off at the root,
stuck it in a vase
and put it in the window.

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Golden Glowing Biscuits

            Golden Glowing Biscuits

Eohippus at the dawn of history rides off the earth
His son the dawn horse rides out on the day
First through a lush field of heather up ahead
Guided by shifting westward winds
Then over the hills of clover running to the cliff
Down labyrinths of canyons crooked paths
Past the canna, columbine and hollyhock bursts of reds
There, just over long green grasses beyond the pastures
The animal takes a break
Relieves himself, releases golden biscuits to the earth
Which aid the fertile fields to grow and flourish

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Sea of red poppies

A sea of red poppies waving
under a clear blue 
azure sky
takes my breath away
and makes me sigh
Lost in their simplicity
and beauty.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. July.

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That rose
Greeted me 
And loved me
All the days
Whenever I met her
With my passion to see 
Her beauty of the smile,
And splendor of her soul,
In the garden of love.
But, today, she’s not there 
As I want to love her
And marry her too,
Because, her life ended
By cruel time,
And the same time 
Now approaching me
To take me away too,
And I enjoy going with time
As I love to meet 
And embrace the rose,
The rose of short life,
Plucked by the eyes of hate
And the fingers of fate.

By: R K Chowdary Jasti 

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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

I pick a daisy watching you
play basketball out in the park

you push your dirty-blond hair
away from your face
smiling and waving towards me

I look up from the flower
wave back with a grin

and begin to pluck off
the pale white petals

He loves me....

But then I see you
with my ex-best friend
laughing with her

not me.

You sit with her for a while
And she shoots me a smug smirk

I look away and across the court
I sigh softly and continue to yank off
more petals

He loves me not...

I keep the flower until halftime
when you run to me and smile

asking if I like watching the game
so far

with that adorable impish grin
and then you hug me

and run back onto the court with a laugh
your blue eyes shining, brownish-blond hair
flying in all directions

And I sit in shock 
for a moment

And I gently pull off
another petal

He loves me...

But you still sit next to her
when you're not on the court

And I want to cry for a moment
and I look away as she leans into you
about to kiss you

And I stand up to leave
to run away from you and her

But I hear you yell angrily at her
something about you already having a girlfriend

which means I have no chance
no chance at all

I drop the daisy into the grass
but not before ripping off another petal

He loves me not...

but you run towards me as I turn to go
and you say,

Are you ok?

I sigh sadly and reply,

Isn't your girlfriend waiting?

He laughs, the soft, throaty laugh that I love so much.

You're my girlfriend!

And I blush and mumble something unintelligible under my breath
you pick up the flower hand it to me
and I pull off the last petal.

He loves me.

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My Flower Among Women On Earth

My flower among woman in earth
Blossoms of my courage in the wind
Beauty of the thousand stars light
Glowing brilliantly in the sky

Lily among precious lilies to me
Flowing from my heart and mind
Like the blue moon seen once in a lifetime
Take you alive and free inside my heart

Like the tears of a virgin mostly blessed
A diamond for all men
You’re my wish among the breathe
Keep you priceless even after death

By the shadow of the sun ill free your ache
Within my hand take your strength.
Inhale the remaining aura I possess
To let you be immortal as you are.

By the god I speak a pact
You’re all inside my bursting heart.
Your splendor is my dream
The devotion before my brain.

Like a soldier dying ill speak to you
Love among love I hold
Stay as precious as you are,
My flower among women on earth.

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Spirit fall,
Send forth your light,
Let it shine upon us,
And stir our hearts.

Like songs,
Arising out of the ground,
We shall blossom in thy soil,
Reaching for the heavens,
We yearn for you.

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when a flower blooms again

weak nor strong
the days go long ,nights get colder
it seems that it has no hope to survive.
have hope, keep your faith in focus
a flower has no fears of dying
nor the dept of crying
shinning down the sky, a light begins
to look so bright
get ready because spring will come
and the flower will show its true
and when the flower blooms, it
becomes a beautiful flower again.

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Widow and the Flower

A flower sits upon the window
the flower sees the reflection of the widow 
as the flower welts and weeps 
the old widow becomes weak

The widow falls onto the ground 
the flowers petals begins to fall with no sound
as the widow tries to rise 
the flower begins to weep in sorrow

The widow starts to cry asking why
the flower wilts and hides 
the widow gets up but then falls to her knees

As the flower starts to fade 
the widow goes pale
Lying there cold the widow held out her hand
a petal to appear with color so bright it looks so alive 

The flower is brown and shriveled
the widow slowly stops her breath
and the petal falls to the ground and it disappears

The flower crumbles with the wind
the widow leaves the earth with no sound 
and no one even cries

Seeing the wilts fly within the sky
People go on with the hope of the day
Widow dies with peace 
The flower spreads its life.  

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Children like flowers,

All those not loving,

Followers of lowers!

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Every line not just the bus the cafeteria at least in the lesser smaller rules would 
have a line and must produce the TICKET to get the product eye can sense it 
does not matter now ewe eye has glazed and interest has wandered back to the 
television or the window even oh please ewe pay attention. A stub of counterfit 
will not benifit the lame or halt or worried for there gender there they must have 
the goods in hand the concrete tender the dough rey mee the stuff that makes 
mens greed the money. After carefull consideration of the facts it takes the 
monkey on his back to make the money that he needs to carry greed to pinnacle 
mountains on his overactive garden of imagination he is ON the MARK he is 
Standing Toe to Toe with JOE and active in his quest and merciless at rest he 
makes his way down the line with TICKET in his hand no matter if its milk or 
meat or love or final resting place. Who is that on that cactus patch does it rally 
matter MOE his name was JOE they ALL was JOE he could have went on down 
the road but stayed to die in cactus OH what was his name it never matters to a 
martyer his spirit fled when they killed his body his name is JOE. He had his 
ticket in his hand a purple flower clutched so hard he bled. He hollard out her 
name he called her Violet and then he came to knoe his GOD again this time in 
person he has his TICKET in his hand but what is left is NOT man just another 
NUMBER on the list just another burial to be placed he had his TICKET in his 
hand a violet flower he is now a man at rest. 

Jesus Freak Homeless 

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For many days
I've searched for one
To light up my darkness
And make me feel less forlon.

For ages
I've roamed the forest
In search of a fair flower
In search of a loveable lovely lover.

Behold an exceptional flower 
The specie after my heart
May it forever last
In my care.

Others may search on
I've found me one
Comparable to none
The unique queen of the forest.

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Ribcage - Like a Butterfly Out Of its Cocoon - Chapter 4

I’ll remain loyal to you for eternity, but I am…
Lost in the chambers of my emotions 
Drifting away into the sea of suicide
Drifting away into the land of innocence…
There’s no where to hide
No where to hide
I’m chained to this distress…
I’m ensnared in your ribcage
How did I end up in this awful mess?
My curiosity turns into sheer rage 
The oceans spill from my eyes
Save your breath 
You’re so worthy of praise
Do not give in to death
You need a raise…you need a raise
Take your last breath
We’re spiraling down

Do me a favor and split apart your ribcage, 
Open up the prison doors and let me step inside
Uneasiness instantly strikes through me
I instantly feel eyes watch me immensely… suddenly…
Let me take wing!
Let me cheerfully sing 
To the prisoners who is forlorn
But, they are not alone 
God will act as their backbone
Release me! Revitalize my exhilaration!
Release me like a butterfly out of its cocoon!
Resurrect the gladness, not bottled up affliction 

I'm trapped! Let me depart 
You're tearing away at my heart...
Take heart, freezing heart!
Submitting to the death-cart! 
Take heart, fired-up heart! 
Release me like a Butterfly out of its cocoon
Don't look at me as if I'm some buffoon

Why was I in love in the first place?
It's like slipping on my face
While running a marathon! 
Then, all of my glory is gone -
Out the window in a jiffy

Drag me out of his ribcage!
I'm ticked off as you can see!
That you and I are on a different page
I'm overflowing with love - I'm under your spell
Under your spell 
Under your spell
Like a butterfly out of its cocoon
And fluttering with joy and dancing with my heart's elegant tune
My heart's elegant tune...
It's going to be June soon...
Let the blooms of inspiration sprout!
Get out, hideous Doubt! 
The Fields of Blasphemy is set aflame
The Fields of Avarice is breaking by the seams
The weeds in our lives is in its growth process at this very hour 
Cut them off! Cut them one by one and mend my once flourishing dreams 
My flourishing dreams were like black and white roses,
Growing wondrously in a breathtaking garden
Then, sin ruined everything and entangled us in its trap
Telling us abominable lies and it's a whole lot of cow crap! 
Disaster is unfolding, but you and I will be safe
With peace-abiding angels by our side

Split apart your ribcage, 
Unwrap me, let me go! 
I spread my wings and attempt to reach to my haven
But, I’m as obscure and odd as a raven 
Believe me...reflect on me 
Trust me…just take a good look at me

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My butterfly lover

He is the nectar that draws and feeds
He is the pollen that grips and the flower that seeds

Entice the kisses of my butterfly wings; love
Fly from doubts, made in chrysalis ; my dove

Softly the breeze guiding you and I
As we endlessly seek, knowing the sky

Empty for filling the reason our hunger be
Healing: your love bringing hope, from heart's debris

You are joy's flower, set apart from the weeds
You are my love; intriguing, lovely, much more than my heart needs.

Our season of reason will be eternal for:
He is the nectar that draws and feeds,
He is the pollen that grips and the flower that seeds,

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A Moment

Morning comes over the roof.
Beams of energy traveling the annals of time
A relentless journey to rest upon my face.
Subtle at first, like the sly fox in pursuit of the hen
Heat builds that burns the dew of a new day
Flowers stretch out their pastel arms
Picking atoms like pollen that stimulates the pistil
Refreshed, shaking off nights cool grasp
I am new, reborn, never to be heard or seen again
Like a child gleefully sliding down the snowy mountain
A grain has slipped thru its lustful form
Looking up, showered in kin
Reunited with deceased ancestors, death is accepted
Hark, in the distance where the sky meets earth
The soft glow of love breaks!

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Oh! Beautiful hibiscus
The noon rain freshen you.
Behind those banana leaves
You lay hidden
From the eyes of the devotees.
Like an orange butterfly
Ready to fly in the air.
Alas! It saddened me
When I wake up the next morn
You’ll be gone.
Trade my admire with pity
You’ll be at the foot of a deity
To praise thy holiness
And in the dirt the next morn.

Watisungla Ao
8:51 am
6th August 2013.

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Weeds Show

Seeds planted 
beautiful flower weeds
taking over life in the city
streets people walking
smiling to themselves
out of alley's 
between buildings
from crack houses
people talking
to glass bowls
with needs 
they grow
wild & out of control
them as you will
Reaching out for help
spreading wide
veined vines still
children need love
to grow
up the stairs 
or they find
themselves in 
a flower box prison
doing time in

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May Surprise

Who remembers, is it only me?
Flour paste, scissors and pretty colored paper
Assembled upon the table, the early morn in May
This memory shrugs so many years away
Our innocence, cut and shaped
Into bright-sprigged paper cones
Such sweet accomplishments, each our own
Then quickly running out the door
To pick spring beauties, violets galore
Or lady slippers, wildwood fern, we gathered them
Sweet Williams, heavy on their stems 
And fresh as morning dew, filled with bloom
The paper cones were flower filled
And paper handles dried, smells of sweet perfume
Then down the dusty road we trudged
Arms loaded side by side
No greater pleasure as a child
The thought of bringing someone smiles
Then knocking on each neighbor's door
And calling "May basket...Surprise!"
Our little legs then running quickly, down the road, 
Behind a tree, we would hide
And watch them find this flower prize
Must not....get caught.....must not get caught!
And we were taught
That bringing light to someone's eyes
Was worth a lot !!
Under May Day's vibrant skies

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Let Me Wash Your Feet

Let’s pretend I know how to tell the secret.
The secret of our lives.
Like children running mad into each other.
Like bank exchanges in line.
Finally at the window,
And no one understands a thing.

The mind that forgot me has made up a new name.
I was a flower until the age of yesterday.
And we forget that some people haven’t learned how to say please.
The word “please.”
I'm trying to help a child pronounce the word, “puh-leeee-zzz…”

And that’s all he wants to do.
So that he can make bubbles
And watch them float up into the sky.
And stim off them.
Riddled with tumours, his brain does ecstatic flip-flops 
As the world makes glee visible and soluble in his hands.
His tiny baby hands…

He’s 15-year-old.
That’s all he wants to do.

Who am I to stop him?
Where and when do you resist love?

So you slowly remove all the licenses…
And everywhere you step is new territory.
And with every terrifying day you are glad.
The flower wailing and writhing in the wind
Awaits the sun and within it it basks...
The causal pulse returns.

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The Smiling Sunflower

*The Smiling Sunflower*

The petals of each flower frame the perfect smile

Long cylindrical petals curling up next to each other

Look how sweet and tender my sunflower is

Standing next to hundreds of others rising to the occasion

Of my coming sun

Gwendolen Rix

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Death Devours ALL Lovely Things

Step back today
and gave upon this world of beauty.
Gave upon its wonders and mysteries.
Take a step back today
and look at all the lovely things
in which this world contains.
But look while you can
because it will all soon perish and expire.
"Death Devours ALL Lovely Things."

A flower may stand tall, 
give us greaty delight.
But when this flower of great beauty
is picked
the flower will soon shrivel and expire.
"Death Devours ALL Lovely Things."

A catipilar which is so blissful
so joyous
comes to a certain point
that it turns into a beautiful butterfly
giving our sight great delight.
But it takes no longer than sinrise to sunset
for this beautiful butterfly to perish
and expire.
"Death Devours ALL Lovely Things."

The mountain air, and lovely green trees
gives life, gives home to many.
It is a breathtaking sight when gazed upon
and it takes no longer than a seconsd
to take it all away.
To stop the rivers from flowing. 
To stop the wind from brushing through the trees
from whispering messages to those who'll listen.
It only takes a second for it all to be destroyed.
To make this beauty perish.
"Death Devours ALL Lovely Things."

Everything will soon perish and expire.
And if life gives us somethign beautiful
we must take it for what it's worth.
Enjoy the seconds, minutes, and hours.
We must enjoy the time we have
to gave upon the worlds beauty and wonders.
For "Death Devours ALL Lovely Things."

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Two estranged species of flora bud in shared soil
Where a photosynthetic dazzle prompts emotional pollination
By any other color, an infestation is unaffected,
The inspired beauty falls away and wilts beyond time

A dance in a determined wind,
Storms of petals reach from the meadow across the hill
While the symphony of daybreak’s mysticism awakens the world,
A faded flower entangles itself in a foreign stem

The smaller soon enough towers in its own right
What deformation can present itself in an aftermath?
There is no forest obscuring the breeze,
For a dandelion dubbed a weed

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Ode to Flower

Toiletries are not necessary for your beauty,
silk-sari and gold ornaments are not necessary;
o flower, in which dress you stay
your beauty speaks penetrating each cell of your whole body.

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Please do not disturb the beast in its peaceful and quiet place
Where the dead leaves are dancing merrily in a gentle wind of faith
Along skeleton paths of disheveled trees you can hear them whispering
Honoring autumns remnant decay and conjuring efflorescent spring
While birds begin to whistle in such a sweet soliloquy of melodies
Runaway ye fearless child into the darkness where you sleep
And clear a path for the wild ones leading to your hollowed grove
Where I found feasting among the dead a red blossoming velvet rose
Surrounded by a halo of darkness under a piercing blade of sun light
Tempted by its pleasure the beasts will insist that it's alright
Then by thoughtful contemplation I plucked it as blood mixed with tears began to drop
Painfully I pulled every petal repeating "she loves me so, she loves me not"
My Oh My how the colors have changed with the wondrous seasons reign
I guess she no longer loves me, but isn't that just natures way
Shy away you phantoms and let the new cycles of life rebuild their homes
Leave the undead to worry for themselves and let my luminous flowers grow
~ JJF~

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The Boot

The Boot

The boot careless
Tramples the rose  
Tearing petals muddied

No longer beautiful
Not to be chosen 
Waiting gardener sheers - trash

The ground below
A hint of blush
A scent of sweet
Delighted in the boot’s thoughtfulness

Published: Poppy Road

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Blossoming Budlings

Cherry blossoms
Pink and white
Sprinkle down 
Like confetti.

What a lovely flower
That pops open like popcorn
From one single tree
As its petals blow in the wind.

Amongst the cherry blossoms
There are budlings attached to branches
Still waiting to awaken 
Waiting to blossom.

Though these budlings take time
They are quite special
As if their waiting for the moment
To reveal themselves to the world.

Once they begin to bloom
When the sun's rays just right
Slowly they unravel
To reveal their majestic forms.

Their color more dyed than others
A deep pink like a heart
White light as an angel's wing
Their form so divine.

These blossoms branch out
More than their siblings
For they are the most beautiful
For all to gander upon.

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the bud

Thousand possibilities 
Astonishing and astounding 
As in the little drop of rain 
Bound together tight 
In between little wings
Of dreams and hopes 
Gems of beauty and truth are kept secret 
Like in the stomach of oceanic shell 

In the clear and cloudless sky 
The little dancing stars 
Of wishes and desires 
drop few drops of dew 
To quench my thirst 

While the roads cry
In this awkward world of avoidance 
For the sound of foot steps of a friend 
Time, most trusted lover 
Was passing by 
As a traveller 
Untied my wings 
Wonder of wonder 
The most magical healer 
I relieve from the pain of negligence 
When I bloom into a flower

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The Terrible Silence

You took what I treasured, the pain, 
the shame.
The best of you lingered, and the 
worst was surprise.
The silence of that night, with a bitter 
My innosence; oh how naive I was.
You have plagued me with darkness.
A rose with sharp thorns.
You build my wall, one to never be 
torn down.
The male presence has me paranoid; 
a feeling you'll never know.
I would not wish this on anyone.
The fear. The paranoia. The doubts. 
A few things I suffer from now.
Anxiety. Depression. 
I'm afraid of my screams and even a 
simple knock on my door.
I'm afraid of my dreams; a hell, a 
The unpleasant thought of being 
alone, the burden of the dark.
The mistake that caused the flower 
to rot.
Not enough water, the terrible hand 
of a misguided bug.
Lower than dirt, nothing at all.
Return this flower to the soil, never to 
be picked again. 
Stay away for those who don't want 
to suffer the stinging of the rose.

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She always loved chrysanthemums,
my mum.
Those long-lived strong proud stems,
topped with blooms of vibrant colour,
survive all other flowers
until December frost.

She lived through four and ninety autumns,
my mum,
and now her time is come.
In peace she lies in willow casket
adorned with bright chrysanthemums,  
her mortal journey done.

They bring such joy, chrysanthemums;
my mum, too,
brought happiness to all she met,
strength to family and friends.
In spirit she still brings us joy
just like chrysanthemums.

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Ready for Red

The handsome flower devil
dances with red roses
as the withering petals
decease, and go unnoticed
just as all the pretty people
toss their flowing hair
while laughing at the losers
because they simply cannot care

Those same flower devils
once made fun of me
but I could see their shortcomings
disguised so flawlessly
if you penetrate them
they know not how to act
before I ever knew it would be
a knife was in my back

Lead my life to ruin
dancer of the flora
I can see the peace inside
a slightly violet aura
hiding deep within
you leave it under skin
as if life itself irritates you
and the rash is violence
so why do the butterflies
drink from my withering willows?
in a garden of ugliness
full of the newborn heros
hiding unstrung war bows
for a day of reckon
with a fist full of arrows
a single finger beckons
ready for red

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Printed curtains

(billowing rose
 with a light behind
 & a garden scent)

& if they are not roses
(at least)
they have no thorns.

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many things change and death is inevitable-
for a moment
i saw the cherry blossoms
fluttering by.

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Nectar and Ambrosia

Nectar and Ambrosia
we fair devils
Clean skin delicacies sweetly disguise
a madly frustrated and tortured soul
No satin, nor smooth silk, nor equal flesh
can divine from my mouth the holy light
when the line of my soul is so oblique.
Yet I hesitate now to set it straight
for I, once inverted, have been prescribed--
to stand upright--to play a woman's part.
In that vision eyed: beauty on beauty,
morning's dew on the new rose of my heart,
the food of the gods seeping from our pores.
So, therefore, my form I deliberate 
that might, through my body, my soul escape

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Tall nettles above man’s head will reach
Tiny lake like stream reflects staring into it visage
Above the lake huge dragonflies dance
The waters of the lake show true reflection of one’s soul

Beyond the nettles Komodo dragon poison spews
One can see abyss in his eyes
On the side of the great oak before the forest
There is a spellbinding marsh

On the marsh there is marigold
It bright yellow petals are like rays of the sun
They grow on marsh but their roots are in my soul
The memories of their divine smell spirit awaken

Marigold reflects beauty of the light
But it can see pain here on earth
On earth they are symbols
Of true clairvoyance and promise of peace

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What a She

I hear now anon a beautiful sight,
whoever this may be not a recall
and how one day I become strong,
strong enough to fight only once again,
how a try, how a decision so lost at times,
who do I, and what has become of a once,
all to do is be another man that be cannot.
Another flower in a desert? 
Another flower in a garden?
Who and what and when and only how.

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planting you 
a rose
the seed 
in one mind
awaiting the explosion
bang on 
dazzling beautiful

a fusion 
of flowers
lighting up 
within vision
like all the colours 
of a rainbow

budding to 
a beautiful flower
raising tall 
amongst the daisies
towering amongst flowers
as the sun smiles
brightening up
one garden
with flowers 
of all colours
the one colour 
standing out
my rose 
i behold you

a fragrant beauty
standing tall 
my flower
the flower 
of  flowers 
whom i adore

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Poem for You

I started this poem with a flower
and it was raining
crackling in sheets across the roof.
It was late and I
should have already been asleep.
The thunder struck close and I was startled.
That flower had long since drowned
and my poem had gone to rot,
but the point is
no matter how I begin
some piece of you always crops up --
whether it is your strong jaw,
your country twang,
or your mutilated thumb.
Because that flower I was thinking of
is on the struggling rosebush
that your mother planted in your childhood front yard.

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Heartbeats of singing wings

as the circles of wind                                                                                                   hold the delicate in the air                                                                                      waves of music fill as I stare hovering                                                                          flying backward away from the flower                                                                               like a pause before a kiss then closing in                                                                           with wings a blurr tastes the nectar                                                                          struck by colors unseen while dividing the light                                                               rightly into rainbows for all to admire                                                                               heart racing a thousand times a minute                                                                         all this from one little heart

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Forever Autumn nevermor

Come walk with me now
through the autumn trees
Hold my hand or not
Hear my voice if you please

Through fallen leafs in the mud
Painted beautifully red and orange
Fall is the season
That sparks thoughts of love

Air smells urgent
Stings our delicate skin
Come share this with me my dear
To you my heart I give
Stray not from my side
However long we live

If we so chose 
We'll build a house
High atop the trees
Make this forest our home
sharing our lives and souls

I will hunt for food
You can tend our garden 
Societies machine
no longer a present threat

At times we may hunger for our past
life’s we used to own Left far behind
Never shall we be alone
Or want for anything more

Come walk with me my love
to places far away
come stroll along the path I've made
 for only you and I

Come be with me my darling
under the autumn sky

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I gather you haven't heard? The story of the Giving Rose

I gather you haven't heard?
What happened to the young girl with hopes and dreams?
She died along with puberty
But in her room above the highest floor
She will sit and wait... in silence
To hear the breaking of her heart

I gather you haven't heard?
The sniffling of tears racing down her mountains
Trespassing into shady land held by anger
She will ball her fist only to unclench remorse
Her knuckles will be white for a few
Deepening back into red

I gather you haven't heard?
How they called her names
The same name she would never utter to them
Each letter of each word eviscerated her 
Disemboweled her hope to nothing
And once again streaming on her mountains

I gather you haven't heard?
What it's like to be me?
How many times have I counted goodbye, she said
But that will be all she will say
Her tongue is too dry with salt

I gather you haven't heard?
The trumpets that called her home
They sounded best  played by Gabriel
God took his hand and scooped her up
She held out hers and gave him her life
Whispered sorry, and trembled to peace

I gather you haven't heard?
The way God folded her body into a flower
Within it endless petals
She will be called the Giving Rose
With thorns adorn with diamonds
And Emerald's for leaves

I gather you haven't heard?
How no matter the brashness of the season
There the Giving Flower waits for one to pluck her
Before they can touch they are terrified of her thorns
The Giving Flower will once again be lonely and beautiful another life

I gather you haven't heard?
The wailing of the wind drying The Giving Roses dew
God said... "Watch your life for it will be ticking delirium
The seconds are your biggest enemy and so turn the minutes"
The Giving Rose bowed her head and led another tragedy as life

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Lady Bugs

Peonies and purfect sunsets swell as the evening thunders
Even the daffoldilles saunter as  Mrs. night dresses up her laces
Open hearts and now forgotten places within mixed up faces
Boughten borrowed lots been buried and caught just in cases
Lilacs spawn as early as that there bedded about the lawn
 Little specs ride the pond one by one

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don't chew on your heart like gum
eat the savory kisses
drink all the wine
put back the baskets of weeds
and never let the flowers die

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Old Rituals

Growing Infront Of My Eyes
I Feel Natures Life
I See Emotion
At Its Core
Through My Eyes
Through My Soul
None Of Its A Bore
Pure Essence Of Life
The Sky 
Moving In Its Graceful Path
Slowly Shifting 
With Each Gental Laugh
Do You Know
The Wind
Speaking Volumns In My Ears
Stories That No Other Beings Tell Me
Or Hear
The Ground
Holding Me Down
Vibrating Its History
Through My Skin
A Fire Dances In The Night
Providing Me With Light
I Dance And Match Its Moves
Like The Hopies And Other Indians Use To Do
Prayer Up To The Sky
Give The Earth Rain And Life
Wild Flower In Rain
Dancing As If Im Insane
Dance For Life
Dance For Rain
Dance For Happiness
Dance For Pain
Circles Around The Fire Light
Circles Around Life Tonight
Wild Flower In The Rain
This Is My Newest Name
Ashes Falling From The Sky
Providing Earth With The Essence Of Life
Dance With Feet Bare To The Ground
Leather Keeping Cold Out
Painted Eyes
And Painted Face
Tonight I Dance The Night Away

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Ants around the sweet meats,
They like honey and sweet things,
Flowers make sweet honey,
It's rare to see ants on flowers,
Flowers only for birds,not ants!

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All in the crowd named Susan

If he spoke one word he'd die, what word could be so prized?
There is one that could be, though of a word that knew no lies
For if it did it would not be true for deep affection is not spread in such ways
So the word he thought he kept on thinking not with his mind but with his heart
With his care for words he knew there to be only time for one
so the axe waiting to come down upon his fair skin and rough neck
He gazed upon a crowd.
So he spoke a word worth his life 
the word he spoke was this
so hear and go with sacrifice
the word he spoke was "LOVE"

Black eyed Susan share the sun with the crimson red of blood
One may wonder what of the cause?
For now what is done is done

Now here after the word was heard
Thoughts exchanged from brain to brain
Sharing what they thought they knew
A simple word set forth with enough power
To move infinite inspiration through the realm of time and space
And so with one word the word of "LOVE"
The many in the crowd had found
You can murder a man and take his will
But you can never kill the words he spoke

Water rushed down from the emptiness of the sky now filled with black clouds washing the yellow pedals from the stain of what intoxicated them. Now the scene a blank slate once again. All that was remembered was a word. Love.

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Pretty Lady In Her Pink

            Pretty Lady In Her Pink

Rain drifted left to avoid the flower in the pink dress
The collision was inevitable though
Roots pulled at the wet drops like magnets in that direction
Nature does not think about such things
It drinks in life with a vengeance, tenacious, obstinate
Friendly tiny flower only wants the best
A simple drink to make it pretty
It yearns to be a gift for a young lady
Still virgin in her pink, in her nudity 

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Imagine, for a moment, that you have 3 roses. All the same color, all the same size and shape. All of them clones of each other. You bought these flowers as seeds, and are growing them on your windowsill. Now imagine, that each of these flowers were people. One of your flowers is first world people, another is second world, and the last flower is third world people. You grow these flowers, giving them water and sunshine, soil and love. If we raise our flowers equally, than why do we not raise our people equally? Why do we put our first flower in a big pot, while putting the third flower in a cup? Why do we put the first flower in the sun with excessive water, when the third is in the shadows getting no water? Why do we do this when we could simply put all the flowers in pots, out in the sun with equal water? Why do we treat the flowers differently when they are all the same? Why give some less love than others? Why be so mean? Why so cruel to these people? We are all alike. All needing the same amount of love. So why give some less? Now imagine. Imagine we treat our flowers the same. Give them equal love. Imagine all the starving and dieing, gone. Imagine we were to all treat our flowers the same. Does that sound so hard? Imagine fixing your drooping flower. Turning its brown leaves green. Making a difference. Imagine if everyone took a step in the right direction, if we combine the steps, imagine all the flowers that would be healed. Imagine.

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The Flower Essence Cure

Do flower essences cure

Flower essences made from
Edible flowers are safer.
Cover in a glass with pure 
water and position in direct
sunlight for a few hours.
The warmth of the sun extracts
the essence from the flowers
into the water.
Wella,you have flower essence!

Unless preserved,this essence 
stays fresh for only a day.
Dr. Edward Bach's research
was the inspiration.

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The Flower and The Storm

What is this upon the rosy vine?
As evening sunlight’s sloth entwines
Shadows thickening against a sky
Of approaching stormy jagged clouds 
Lit inside with flash and sound
Thunder’s rumble shook the ground
And on the vine when all were closed
One flower stood in blank repose
As if to mock the storms advance
And bear witness to the carnal dance
Of elemental beauty, so it seemed
Or perhaps it was just stupidity
But there stubbornly the flower sat
As softly rose the pitter-pat 
Of the first of many drops
To fall steaming on the lava rocks
But soon the rocks were quenched
The flower too completely drenched
Thunder’s grinding crack then wrenched
The modest quiet 
And its basso rumbling 
Set the very pebbles trembling
Thus it went; the storm did pass
But the flower’s soft pink petals fast
Were beaten off and hammered down
Upon the wet and windswept ground
As ash from some dark tragedy
Yet as beautiful as all can be

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Our Flower

It Started off as a seed.
That we, you and I planted.
We watered it daily, gave it plenty of sunshine, and it grew.
The most beautiful flower, it was.
People envied it. 
Wishing they could grow a flower like ours.
"It will always bee there", you said, " as long as we remember to take care of it.
But our lives sometimes caused us to forget to shower it with affection.
We sometimes forgot to water it, and sit it in the sunshine to absorb the warmth.
And soon we didnt water it at all, and it didn't see sunshine for weeks.
It started to lose its bright red, and fade to brown.
And by the time i realized what was happening it was too late. 
I tried to revive it. 
I watered it more than usual.
And even let it sit in the sun all day.
But it continued to deteriorate.
A flower such as this needs the devotion of two, one person can't do it all.
So, I had to sit, and watch
as our flower...
our love...

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Exploding Flowers

            Exploding Flowers

Spring is a mine field filled with exploding flowers
Blood reds and yellows shoot forth to score the land
Seeds have no brains to think of
Such things are beyond their grasp
Broadcasting themselves about on random wind
Sharing life with natures chirping birds
Roots hid in bunkers, their truth, their beauty
Underworld, motionless, in brown earth and gravel
Waiting for the sun or rain to call their name
Soon, along green grass, emergencies arise
Bright colors climbing from within
On veracious vines, hungry to find out 
They take the ground by storm
March over barren lands, spreading brilliance 
Conquer the new dawn day in light
Trees are above, on top of things in spring
Always there to cast a perfect shadow
On shady characters in disguise
Flowers rise, simply sit there pretending to be shy
Looking pretty, flushed with color  
Exploding with an orgasm of seeds 
All the while smiling on the care free breeze

*(This poem is not for the Flower contest.  It is simply for pleasure.)

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The flight of the Butterfly

The flight of the butterfly amazes me
Hovering like a feeling in my heart,
Lighting on flower of my thought, free
As an apple falling to the eye.

The beauty of a butterfly is surprising
From egg to chrysallis like a word
Then out from caccoon sentence winging
Across the sky of the tongue

But nothing surpasses the butterfly
In its love for home
Two generations may pass crossing the sky
It always returns where its history began

And I unshackled feel fettered wings
Fragile against catcher and sun
From flower to flower and wind's hustlings
Long for my Blue Mountains, and native sounds.

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May Flower of Dreams

Twilight sparkled defying its usual gravity,
Sun followed in full riot,
Blue yonder oozed ozone,
making for full soulful breaths,
The slumbering baby in cradle,
forgot about the feed,
as he enjoyed the cool breeze,
flowing everywhere and all along,
it was so good that he wanted to sleep on,
all those walking were on trot,
energy flowed and gushed,
spreading like an infectious dream,
the green and lush carpet,
and verdant forest  were turing greener,
with every passing moment,
the flowers were in more than bloom,
not just smiling but laughing all along,
a riot of colors specked the green,
it looked as if all was silk and stin,
starred like those that hung above far beyond,
the sleeping baby was in deep dreams,
incomprehensible and distorted dreams,
which had no meaning that could be understood at all,
somewhere some how a may flower branch,
swayed in spring ego and ,
casted an unwanted shadow on cradle,
branch was not meaning bad,
it had the baby in sight,
and to render its fragrance it was fighting bad,
it was doing its job quite allright,
suddenly a wind shower turned tight,
and shook may flower branch to bitter plight,
branch lost its flowering to ground,
baby was covered in a flower shower abound,
it was then it woke up and cried,
looked around and saw spring,
afterall mayflower had been baby's flower for may,
it had brought the baby the spring,
who enjoying it stopped crying,
and began to sing.

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Celebrating 50:X

This is the lignum vitae
A tough flower on dry ground
This is the wood of life
The mother of Merlin's wand
The native child
Of my native land
Do not peel her bark
Or your children shall die
In some conspicuouus dark
Of womb and mind
If you cut her
Make sure your blade is sharp
To test the pulse
Of granite wood
or polish her her slowly
To required taste
This is lignum vitae
Hard as a man ready
To root his posterity here
And when she is shaped
Into what you want her to be
When her contours are chiselled out
And the hand that caresses her
Is sandpaper rough with eagerness
When you peel her of bark and dress
You will see her skiin vnished and smooth
You will see Jamaica
Pannicle cluster hanging together
Like this flower in any weather
You will see heart wood unfeigned
By the challenges of life

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Little Flower Showing Off

Little flower showing off
it's colors so radiant,
blinding the eye with
such beauty.

Little flower drawing
the finest honey bees
any where in the county.

Little flower such
a wonder you are,
must pick you,
now so sorry.

Little flower showing off
in the house for awhile
will enjoy your charm
and amazing colors.

wrote 8-25-08

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Part Three
Shadow of The Hummingbird In Flight 
The wings of this tiny thing beat impossibly 
way too quickly moving in incredible formation 
of an impossibility a motion like nothing ever seen by man 
and eye have seen a lot of television way back when 
and eye can not compare the thing to anything any thing 
eye saw GOD again TODAY in the shadow land 
between the living and the dead between my reality 
and the way home in the landscaping 
where the gardeners have imprisoned all the real flowers 
this tiny part of GOD caught my attention 
and then the game began 
HE seemed to want me to follow him 
he led me from flower to flower 
and when eye paused as old men sometimes do 
he came back again as if to say 
hi its me this is just a test hi hi its me 
the voice of all my love the Spirit of my GOD 
seems sometime just to me to be in everyone 
and every little thing at least in THIS hummingbird it was. 

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Here Comes Spring- Flower Song

The flower is happy, the flower is healthy
it’s a period of balance to life and beauty
a pivot of equilibrium reached between cold and heat
a climatic character full of comfort and peace
resting from its extremes, refreshed by showers
life from withered to fresh, because spring is here.

Nature now puts on its default make up
with the launching of sprouting colourful petals
the human sight is painted so green,
fertility and nourishment having a re-awakening
the flower merrys through its colours
and greatly prides on its nectar
life is never dead only revolves in cycles
yet again, proven in this period of spring.

For the poetry contest "Flower song"
sponsored by Rick Parise

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There are storms even on the sunniest days

It was like a love affair, brief and lonely.
Out of the garden grew a flower
Pretty and fragile, one tug and the flower is gone.
The wind blew too fiercely that day, like petals off a delicate flower,
the petals went to the wind swirling and off into the sky.What is a flower anyway? There
are storms even on the sunniest days,just not seen.
 Like a flower,starting as a seed then blooming 
in scent and sight. If we could only be like flowers,but we are.
Sometimes weeds grow.Loving so much and finding a weed, where did it come 
from?Had it been growing all along?What do I do?
The smell and touch of a flower, soft and smooth.Is it a weed or a
flower? Whos to say.
Who can tell the difference between a flowering weed and a flower from a 
distance?Tell me what's in your garden.
A flower on a windy day.
The petals floating on the breeze, the weeds sturdy in place.

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discoveries made too late

upon seeing the potted flowers in the store
so beautiful, so seemingly original in all their
majestic aura, flirting with all the senses,
taken in by the smell & aroused by the touch of the
the onlooker wants nothing more than to take the
flowers home & make them their own,
so that they can place them on the windowsill
in order to catch the rays of light &
stir up the apartment, if possible,
with a new way of looking at the world---
in the same way we see beauty in other attractive human beings &
we want to smell, taste, touch them & then, unfortunately,
the need to possess them infects so many,
where taking them home &
placing them on the shelf so that no one else can get a good look at them
except through a thick pane of glass
still seems to be proper etiquette in the 
21st century---
this invades what might of once been something of a pure
when already the ball has begun rolling,
the person stashed on the sill 
finds themselves wondering what exactly is going to become of this
new relationship,
as the newness starts to wither
much like the flower on the sill whose watering gets neglected
as the days pass,
the new flower has made plans to leave
the next time it gets a chance &
that lone stroller who initially found such beauty
will never get to delve deeper into the complexities
which come with fostering discovery
instead of placing on the shelf someone 
whose aesthetic beauty only captivated the onlooker for just so long &
when they are gone,
the lone stroller finds themselves knocking up side their own head
because the discoveries that could have been had,
the overwhelming interesting things that comprised the flower so quickly shelved,
now can never be known.

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Silt Blue Woman

On the slick cement porch of my Grandfather's house,
I saw the deepest blue flower across from the red dirt road.
Embraced in viney branches, it slowly opened and revealed
A woman with blue silt skin, crowned with colorful flowers.
She was beautiful and had many arms like an eastern goddess.
She was enormous but perfectly voluptuous.  Her naked skin 
Shimmered in the sun with moistened mica.  She lay in repose 
Like a new born and slowly opened her eyes and spoke to me.

"Come in my arms and lie with me.  Come lie with me now."

"No," I said.  

Then her anger kindled, and her sensual call turned murderous
And she quickly demanded it once again with a most gigantic voice,
And her blue eyes became black firey opals.  I froze at the sight
As she writhed in lust, hatred and amazement at my refusal.
I feared she would kill me, but the blue petals were prison bars.
The viney branches were her chains, and the flower slowly shut.
Her torment quietened back in repose as her blue eyes closed,
And the silt blossom retracted into the woods under the moon light.

(A dream I had several years ago)

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A Human Falter

A beautiful blade of grass, gleaming of a sad dew sits on the ground accompanied by many.
All are casual, some soft, some dry, 
Yet all so plain and simply satisfying.
The human touch does not hesitate to fall on them,
As they curl and deteriorate,
But a force so powerful takes them on.
A dry tired weed lays on the ground,
Blooming of a yellow powder.
It is dusty, but simply beautiful.
The children come out to play, gentle at their touch.
The weed is picked by the soft hands of the interested,
Still innocent only to be left, 
With the collection of common blades.
Oh, so beautiful.

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Why You Forsake Me?

Why would you forsake me?

In the time of the autumn wind

Leaving the moon to fade..

Just as the flower wilt and dies

You forsaken me..

Left me cold...

Not even the dove wings to
Embrace me..

I stand alone in the autumn

Weary of time, weary and cold
Without one flower to warm me
As the sun..

Just melting tears..

Where will I be when the stars
Shred it lights..

Why would you forsake me?

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She Stood Behind Mee

 She Stood Behind Mee 
She Stood Behind Mee 
She was came up behind me and the way eye knoe that it was ewe 
The first thing was the odor of a flower it is true a flower made of love and 
fashioned out of time to smell like baby powder so divine and so sublime. 
Then the other clue was this she said HI HI it's Me and HI Charlie 
She would come into the library and she would walk up behind the mee where 
you couldn't see ewe 
  and she would be singing very softly 
  Drink to mee only with thine eyes 
And then my back stiffened up with surprise and eye knoe it must be her again 
for water now cascaded from my eyes and eye slowly turned looking both scared 
and happy at just exactly the same time. 
and then we kiss and then we kiss and then we kiss she stood behind mee 

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Hard bud felt so and slightly slippery,
As I lovingly palmed it along,
 firm tether it had to the stem not letting it budge,
The day and after and  days later,
It felt softer with innards growing outwards,
Voila one fine day,
It had ruptured right at tip,
And getting ajar it began pretty faster,
Petals began coming out of close embrace,
Yearning to fall aside free,
I became scared that a touch now,
Would break the open bud,
And stop the flower,
But nature ran its course,
Sunlight fell sharp enough and wind blew right,
Moisture was just right and led it to bloom,
The corolla was a delight and a riot of colors,
It swayed in youth as all passers by admired,
Some stooped to smell the youthful fragrance and other sniffed from afar,
The bloomed flower was serving its purpose quite all right,
Fortunately there was not to get it to its instant death,
By plucking it for uses many by far,
Days wafted by and suddenly supplies became lesser,
Xylem and phloem  were concentrating on another bud,
The flower drooped and drooped further,
Sunlight now desiccated the stored wetness in petals,
The riot of colors looked like a site of riot,
The colors paled and darkened fatally,
The tether to the stem shriveled and turned tenuous,
One fine day a blow of wind shook the stem hard,
And broke the “flower” and flew it to earth,
Only to be buried amongst other parched vegetation,
Human lives parallel the flower’s,
Therefore,watch the wind that would blow you afar,
And pretty much make a  “flower” out of you.. 

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Poetry is Words

 Poetry is Words 
Eye loveth ewe from this far star, 
I wanted to show ewe these flower petals 
L()()k Parme lambe~my purple flower ewe 
the stem is dark and pretty 
eye am the stem and ewe are the petals 
eye see the beauty everywhere in all my things 
because of ewe the earth has wings 
also a mermaid is swimming deep inside of me 
in the place where i go to be ewe 
and gragon  is dancing his dragon fly dance 
as i prance as a man I am standing so true. 
AS a man eye am standing for ewe. 
Have ewe ever heard a song ewe wish ewe had written. 
Or read a good book ewe knoe ewe could have written. 
Poetry is just words that were meant to be written. 
They come out from the the place of our love.

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Sitting In the Darkness

I sit in the darkness, Alone and Afraid,
Waiting for my Lord.
All around me fires rage,
The earth shakes at it’s core,
Brother fighting brother...
Are these the signs spoken of so long ago?
Is this the end of hope?  Or the beginning!

I sit in the darkness, but see one lonely flower.
Dew dropping from its petal,
As if a tear is shed for what man is doing.
One lonely flower shining in the starlight,
Just before the dawn of a new day.
In that small flower I see hope.
The Lord weeps, but I am not alone.