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Free Verse Dog Poems | Free Verse Poems About Dog

These Free Verse Dog poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Dog. These are the best examples of Free Verse Dog poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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What a wonderful day
I decided  to give Peanut my four  year old Yorkie a bath which of course he hates
I lathered him with baby shampoo and rinsed him off 
Took him outside and dried him off with a towel
Then brushed him and dried him with the hair dryer
Oh, he looked so clean and beautiful with that long silver and golden hair
Decided to take some empty containers in the back shed 
My husband mowed the yard this morning with lots of loose grass out on the yard
Which it was ok for him to roll 
But it had rained at least two inches last week, so I have some standing water behind the shed
Guess where Peanut decided to go, 
Yes into the standing water that is full of mud
So, guess what in the bath tub he goes again

By eve roper

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Some folks call me a sausage dog I think they couldn’t be meaner It’s not my fault I’m long and short And look like a misshapen wiener I’ve got four stumpy little legs So my tummy is near to the ground My owner’s take me for a drag not a walk Guess that's why they named me Cigarette! 01~16~15 Contest: Dachshunds – Rob Carmack ~awarded 9th place~

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Ross still rides his Harley, if the weather's good.
Can't get away much, like he used to.
Thursday morning breakfast with the airplane guys,
Talking farm prices;
what the dog's been doing.
He can't stay long; she can't be alone.
"She's been fading lately.
Sixty years together and she doesn't know
who I am sometimes."
     But the dog does.

He'll leave early, be home to fix her breakfast 
when she wakes.  She'll not be appreciative.
Doesn't think about the cost anymore,
to bent, arthritic body parts.
Sometimes she won't eat what he prepares.
     But the dog will.

Ross doesn't hear the banter;
he's staring through his oatmeal bowl,
counting fearful minutes.
     "How's Buddy," I ask?
Ross comes slowly back, eyes refocused.
He smiles.
     "I wouldn't take a thousand dollars for that dog." 

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A Thanksgiving Tongue Bathing

Tender pats of a grateful mum
Saved from deaths door and sure scorching
The heat and ash were so close to overpowering
When a savior reached out and lifted us to safety....

How can I say thankyou, you are my hero?
I have not words but an overflowing heart
I give what I have....a tender touch
As I wipe the dust from your eyes

**Written about a picture of a mother dog that was rescued along with her pups from a burning 
building by a brave fireman. The mother dog licked his face tenderly to say thanks for your help!

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It Was the Third of June

June Second at the beach we played scrabble He protested the use of “ode” I told him of the “Ode to Billy Joe” With friends we laughed the entire way home And when they left, Daniel proposed He tied a string 'round my finger, said it would be replaced by a ring It was the Third of June (another sleepy, sandy Florida day) When Daniel picked me up for a dip in Dog Lake I suggested we swim across He was reluctant, but swam anyway Reaching the middle of the lake “I can’t make it,” he called to me “You’re kidding,” I laughed, turning to see Daniel splashing futilely Although I tried to pull him to shore, We crossed underwater plants He must have thought they were snakes and broke away Dark water with tannic acid Where did he go? I screamed for help The search was underway when paramedics arrived Linking hands, everyone walked into the water But it was Daniel’s friend Art who found his hand “It was like he was reaching out to me,” he said Of course, it was too late My sweet man had met his fate And I made a vow Every June Third, I drive out to Dog Lake Remembering the good times we shared And praying Daniel found eternal rest
*Entry for Joann’s contest. True story.

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By ears and whiskers, ain't no more
A sadder thing that being in the dog house,
On a rainy day.
Make no bones about it, when momma's
Mad I'm hanging my head low.
Jo dirt has nothing on how bad this hound feels,
But honestly instincts roller, over road wisdom's,
Howling, but I'd mean it dearest sweet mommy.
With woofs and kisses can I  make it all better,
It's lonely on this side of the doorway.
With you out there and me in here.
Kibbles my bits I'd give up my
 Monthly allotment,
Of bacon bits for a true heart felt,
That a good boy one more time. 
If I could I'd bring you a beer,
Just to see that frown disappear.
Perking these two ears up to here,
Your laughter ring out at bed time.
Or a soft whispers friendly voice, speaking
Good night dear old friend.
All four paws down I won't do it again,
Cross this canine's fury little heart.
But the rain keeps falling,
As outside the sunshine is calling,
Our names to be together,
There's no tears like these rainy days.
So I'll sit patiently,
For the sun to rise again in your heart,
When ever that maybe,
Because simply put I'm loyalties pup,
Just waiting for you to bring me 
On the right side of 
The door once more.
To sit beside thee again.
A companion and dearest friend,
Always letting the sun to shine down
On us forever more.


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A little dog

Once I roamed through the woodlands 
With my large old shepherd companion.
We walked fearless, through redwoods and pines, 
Through vines and ferns 
To the top of the Cross mountain.
There we stood gazing out over the hills
Covered with sage and lavender,
Over the tops of homes cream and salmon,
The tall buildings of cement and glass 
On the shores of an emerald bay.

We made our way by the pampas grass
 Onto the dunes and sands,
Felt the water spray of the waves
As they hurled onto the shores.
We walked freely then in the world
As only nature’s  top predators can.
Gone now into ashes and into ground
My big dog is no more.

For now I have a little dog
Who jumps up anxiously for the treat in my hands.
When worried she barks and bears her teeth,
Or crouches down onto the ground.
No long walks into the forest deep 
Or along its mossy paths.
To a coyote or cougar she would  appear 
As an easy light meal
 And I fear I would not be able
 To keep them away.
So, no more wandering freely
Through the grandeur of the land.

I no longer walk along the unpredictable sea
Where rogue waves crash and crush;
Where unforgiving and unfeeling forces flow.
So now we stand upon the cliffs
Behind the gray old redwood fence.
Once, I had a big dog and we walked freely
Along the glorious shores.
Now I keep my little dog close
And when a stranger knocks
We stay behind closed doors.

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Peas In A Pod

They are two peas in a pod....this pair having fun I can't help but smile, as I sit on the steps by the old front porch, watching them romp on the cool green grass, in the warm winter sun This sunny little boy, with the gold in his hair And his funny best friend, wagging a tail here and there Their spirits are one, it is hard to divide them, And their souls seem half child, half canine, combining... Running the length of the yard as they play, Jumping the jumps as if one and the same Dancing the dance as they wear out their game.... Shaking my head, I must ponder the bond It's no wonder instead ...., as they're both gifts from God Squeals of child laughter, as loud as he can A wag of a tail, like a circular fan... If the child could wag and his dog could holler They would gladly trade places, I'll bet you a dollar Two of a kind, with spirits to spare That can cause one to laugh or pull out your hair ! From my perch by the porch, I'm watching them play Love is so simple, at the end of the day Filled by these moments, these small gifts from God Love is so simple, as two peas in a pod Here is a sample, just watch it unwind... Just as God made them...they are two of a kind........

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The Bench In Central Park

       On this dreary winter morning I sit on a bench in Central Park.  Lost in my own 
thoughts of the conversation I had with my ex-wife and her last remarks.  I keep asking 
myself is it my fault?  What did I do wrong?  The chilly wind fills my ears with it's endless 
song.  I shiver slightly and goose bumps crawl along the back of my neck.  Her words have 
left me an emotional wreck. I pull my leather jacket tighter around my shoulders.  I feel it in 
my bones this day will get colder.
       I've seen several joggers getting in their morning run.  That just shows people will 
continue their lives never mind the rays of the sun.  So many thoughts running through my 
head.  And I hold the morning newspaper I still haven't read.  I contemplate over my life, it's 
not always easy, and so-called-friends can be the enemy.  Even your spouse living in your 
house can betray you with infidelity.  That is why my heart is aching like a cavity.  Right now 
I'm doing my best to hang on to my sanity, but I really want to shout profanity.
       I notice an attractive couple hand-n-hand laughing and enjoying a morning stroll; and 
for some reason I can't control, I feel a sense of peace glow within my soul.  My insecurities 
diminish from their dark hellhole.  I begin to feel "whole," and suddenly this morning doesn't 
seem so cold.
       I get up from the bench shaking off the numbness that has set in.  A very pretty woman 
walks by with her dog and I grin.  She notices and smiles back.  Wow!  A kinda smile that is 
only meant for kodak!  I watch her walk past me with her dog leading the way.  Something 
tells me "you better not let this one get away."  As I'm listening to my inner voice, she 
glances back over her shoulder, and I knew that she too was giving me a choice.  Amazing 
how just several minutes ago my entire world seemed so dark.  I now knew everything was 
going to be okay because of this bench in Central Park......

* 10th Place win in "Anything Goes" Contest 
   sponsored by A Rambling Poet

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not me two cats and a mangy dog

the rain fell 
dogs and cats
was late in coming
rolled over in bed 
played dead

until a red 
long haired cat
named Fred
on my head
and my face 
turned red

then a stray 
mangy yellow dog
named Yellow
decided to play 
with me
chased Fred away
and decided to stay

his body heat 
was hot
and I rolled over in bed
until a cool fat black cat 
named Frank 
chased Yellow
outside to the riverbank

Frank the cool fat black cat 
started to scat 
at the top of his range
at the edge of my bed
his blues 
went straight 
to my head

then Yellow and Fred 
with guitar and bass
and played backup
to Frank
while I played the bed
to save face

it was all 
going swell
until my neighbors 
who didn’t like our chops
banged a different tune 
on the wall
and called the cops

they broke down
the door
and took away us four
along with our instruments 
less the bed of course
into a paddy wagon 
we sped 

it was in a cell 
with a cot
that we realized that we were hot
to trot
and started our prison band called 
me two cats and a mangy dog

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The Little Dog ( Scotty )

The Little Dog ( Scotty )

I’m only a small female
Little legs you see
The other two are huge
Males big pawed and hairy
Great tongues lolling
But they protect me
They are nice to me
I’m only small

The human is a giant !
If I look straight ahead
I can only see the shins
And while the other two are off
Galloping and romping
I am trotting behind
Little legs you see
But the human
He waits for me

I think the human is male
He must be
As I feel so drawn to it
And its kind hands
And kind eyes
He must be male
I am female
I know these things

I love to go out walking
The human he takes us all
All three !
I have to skip over boulders
Which to them are just pebbles
And sometimes all of them
Have to wait for me patiently
Little legs with little paws you see

I love them all
Especially the human
And especially when he feeds me
Even more when he tickles my tummy
Do you know he built a little house for me
Just for me
I curl up on pillows at night
Nice warm and cozy

So because I love him
And even though I am rather small
I growl and bark
When he needs protecting
And I can see him smiling
So I know I am being a good girl

The human has a “ H U G E ” kennel
So big a dog could get lost in
And when he returns from being gone
He always lets us in
But never up those little floors
Which go to the place he uses for sleeping

Never mind
I am content
Like the other two 
To curl on the soft fluffy bit of the floor
And wait dozing
Occasionally sniffing about 
The place food is kept in
Till the time comes
For us all to go out walking

And then I can barely contain myself
In jumps and circles
While the other two are whimpering and whining
Time for them to go off running, snuffling and playing
While behind I follow
Steadily trotting
Little legs you see
But the human
He waits for me

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Moon In Auburn

Moon In Auburn

As the stars were heaped upon a mantles Shangri-La
The miniature toy town beneath its cape 
Quiet hung in yellow golden windows lit
So silent in the dales and woods blanket
The dog fox cry echoed from the moon
Crisp and cloudless chill less coldness
With the twin of the moon fluxed silver blue
In the tiny handmaidens mirror of reflection
Natures dark slept beneath the shadows of her hand

And she crept in dreams
Within the tip toe of cats
Rendered the night through amber eyes
Glistening on the turns of lovers kisses
For all the endless that she misses
Arched above an eternal sky
She is drawn to the moss of rocks
And clings in branches hung with lichen
To the feathered damp of leaves
Which catch her spark

Just a whisper footfalls breezes shifter
In the country lanes of ancient mazes
By stone wall and rabbits foot
Close upon the dandelions head
With all the disguised colours leaping on unseen acoustics
Were hidden amongst rivulet beds
Catching the silver blue
The dog fox cry echoed from the moon
And swung out the flax upon the stars

Fingers traced their destiny within those pinpoint suns
A pattern constellation traits of has; she was born
The atonement of steady reckoning he had
Cut in trough on the ploughed earth
Where all the seeds of tomorrow had been scattered
With all their promises of a seasons ripening 
Old songs sung of proud man “John Barleycorn”
And the distillation of his bone and marrow

And while the stars piled high on their Shangri-La
Recounted the lost tales of lovers in forgotten times
All the memories fell in auburn locks
And swept upon the Luna light shores
The twin she fluxed in silver blue
And the dog fox cry echoed from the moon 

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Cat Paws

Poetry drips from cat paws
Out of drowsy sonorous sleep
Through the green slit
Of a blinking eye
That alone shows a profound
Of environment, and world
Creeping up in its fawn colored grass
To pounce from nowhere.

This cat that I cannot surprise
Takes me like play rag
Toy or rat
In its dripping mouth
And I going limp
I have heard the dog moaning too
While she walks above the roof
Looking down with a subtle smile.
The dog curls on the mat
Ignoring the majestic movements
I cannot shake the claws.

Cougar slinking through crevices
Of boulders forgotten by flood
Puma leaping through the fluid light
Panther crouching
At the edge of night
Tiger forever burning bright
Lion in the caterpillar stage
There is a story in every rage
Cats cuddly cute unwind
Into vivid sheets, poetry dripping
From their tender paws.

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The beach this morn was wonderful
The waves came thrashing down
They were wild and white and foaming
And their voices thundered round

A lonely figure walked the sand
Her head bent down and sad
And if you were up closer
You could see the tears where out

The sky was dark and cloudy
The rain was falling light
The wind was napping somewhere
And the water felt like ice

I watched that figure walking
With a black dog by her side
A memory in me stirred somewhere
Of times that where not right

She pulled her jacket closer
As if to shut it out
The thoughts that did invade her
Or memories that did shout

And all the times the waves came in
They didn’t ever change
They licked her feet and washed them
And then went out again.

As I sat there and I watched her
That figure all alone
I wondered if she registered
The lack of sun that shone

The day seemed very fitting
For one so sad as she
The misty rain, the dampened air
The water round her feet. 

I wondered as I watched her
From whence her thoughts did come
Had someone precious died here
Or had a love undone

She didn’t even see me
Her thoughts so far away
I think if there where people here
She maybe wouldn’t stay

There was nothing I could do here
Her thoughts where all her own
I felt she needed solitude
And time to mull the groan

I stood there, and I left then
A lonely figure, I
I pulled my jacket round me
My black dog by my side.

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Walk with me

 We follow the river
Along  the Taff Trail ****
Where will it lead me 
Somewhere beautiful without fail

We pass Llandaff  Cathedral
With Epstein,s statue's within
Cant say that I like it
But thats not a sin

We keep walking for miles
My dog Tilly and me
Soon will be at a castle
Used in films u see

The name of the castle 
Is Castell  Coch
Whose  translation reads
Red Castle of course

It called locally as
The magic castle
Looks so mysterious
As though ready for battle

The rooms arent big at all
Carved small  animals adorn the wall
Been sanctioned for weddings
Though numbers  must be small 

Time to turn back
Homeward bound
Along the manmade track
To the mighty rugby ground

Where voices echo
Hymns are sung
The 6 nations contest*
Has begun.

Come on Wales The reigning grand slam **and   triple crown ***champions

*wales, ireland, scotland, england, italy and france, battle it out annually against each other in Rugby Union. 

**Grand slam is where  you beat all the other teams

***Triple crown is where you have to beat the other 3 uk teams.

**** the river running through Cardiff is the River Taff, that is why we in Wales are called Taffy's 

Taff Trail is 50 miles  of track between Cardiff and  Brecon through countryside and over mountains.  

PLEASE GOOGLE. Castell  Coch  hopefully you will be impressed.

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a cat on the tree

A cat up on a tree.
Watching a dog barking crazy-
Looking up-
At the tree...
The cat laughing 
At the helplessness
On the ground.

The cat up on the tree.
A dog on the ground-
Unable to climb-
The cat a witness.
As the floods
Sweep away the dog.

The cat up on the tree.
As the dog is drown
In the water-then,

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The unheard voice of homeless dog

I am the dog
who wonders lonely
in the city.

I am the dog
who was ruthlessly
thrown away
from the house
by the wicked hand
of cruel master
who bought me
for his whimsical
when I was
a little puppy.

I am the dog
who was
despised and forsaken
by evil descendants
of Adam.

I am the dog
whose heart is filled
with bitterness and pain.

I am the dog who
needs your care
and attention.

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The deer hunter

On a cold winter’s morning
in the Wicklow mountains
a lone man stalks the land;
his hound shadows him. 

He moves silently, swiftly,
approaching a clearing
where the pine forest gives way 
to heather-covered hills. 

Alert to movement,
he steps carefully into position.
His dog stands stock still, waiting;
its nose quivers
in the icy air.

He slips the rifle from his shoulder
moving to a tree
bare of branches. 
Carefully he pulls the trigger, 
the dog darts forward.

Dragging the carcass of a Sika
he walks through a forest
stripped of bark.
Trunks ooze with infection;
the reason for the cull.

He hears gunfire ahead. 
‘Could be poachers.’
He investigates.
Poachers are the true vermin
in this environment.

They kill for money,
no respect for the species.
Stags beheaded, bodies remain,
inexperienced hunters, 
the wounded animals suffer.

An animal lover,
he lives a solitary life 
at his isolated cottage.
Keeper of the deer
deep within the mountains.

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A Dog

The darkness fades as the new day comes and he sips coffee

He thinks of his marriage that had faded with the night

He relinquished the vows and his wife's plea and poured them into the glass

The world turned as the dog came and said good morning and came to rest at his feet

The Sun rose into the quiet and he silently gazed out the window

It was silent as were the vows

The birds had formed a Union with the squirrels and picketed the Sun

And the warmth on his foot from the dog made the silence fresh

The prayers were sent to where they go and the waiting

The refrigerator hummed and rattled and kept in tune with the computer

The words waited with those prayers and the dog stirred

And God looked down on the pair with love

Those prayers gathered to God and He considered each

And one prayer was showered down on the man and his dog

Love was granted to the two and with certainty God relayed

The dog got to her feet  and took a slow draw of water

And He went back to the vows and released them with finality

He gave the dog a rub and went to his coffee

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THE GOOD WITCHES (for the kids)

Sarah's a good witch
Her basic color is white
Expression    one of delight
You'll never hear Sarah scream
Everything's peaches and cream

She lives in a hut
A poor    humble    little    hut
With dog Spot    a mutt
Sarah likes to brew cider
With little ones beside her

They duck for apples
Splashing    laughing    dog Spot too
Then kids sit for pumpkin pie
Sister  Mary standing by

The kids love Mary
Mary is a good witch too
Sweetness through and through
If you should be passing by
Note the figure in the sky

Crossing o'er the moon
Sarah needs some flying time
Streaking    feeling fine
Mary holds the fort below
Come on in    Enjoy the show!

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Naughty Boy by Briton Riviere

The long dark winter had expired 
And spring with its vibrant colors was here
I was enticed by the great beauty of the outside
And planned to feign a headache after lunch
While my tutor, Mr. Hobart showed great concern
He gave Instructions that I not be disturbed
As I would be taking a long, quiet nap after noon

I do admit, I concocted a lie to later make my escape
I was free to chase dragonflies with lucent wings 
Clear across the vast green lawn 
Catching bull frogs in the garden pond
And listening to Old Ned tell those tall tales 
To his eager audience down at the stables
Never did I realize that I could be found out

I do not regret my adventures of that afternoon
It was the most enjoyable time I had had in a while
Now I face the circumstance of my deception
I was given a choice of punishment…
Either to spend three afternoons confined to the library
Or have the incident relayed to my parents abroad...
I have chosen to remain within these dark drab walls 

Bored to no end, that I am!
However, I must say that I have learned my lesson 
And through my fault, Rover, it seems is confined as well
My faithful old hound sympathizes; he understands how I feel
He gives hugs to console me whenever I am close to tears
I know how much he loves me as he never leaves my side
Not even when we know very well, that I have been a naughty boy

Note:  Inspired by the "Naughty Boy" Painting by Briton Riviere. (Google)

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Dogs are Fun For children

Jump sniff chew scratch
dogs loved to be stroked on their backs
Run pant stretch bark
dogs love playing ball in the park
Digging holes with their clawed nails
Long ears and wagging tails
I love dogs
they are such fun
throw a stick and watch
them run.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.

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The rain which brought me back to my childhood

The rain which brought me back
To my childhood

It is heavily raining, while I am writing these lines.

Opposite my house it was raining all around,
I could see only rains and the showering clouds every where
Loaded with the rain drops and water to engulf everything.
A Street female dog with its two puppies
Was lying on a small gravel heap to protect her puppies,
The more she tried to take them under her small belly
More the rain started flooding the roads and even the footpath.
 My wife was asking me to do something to protect,
The female dog and her two small puppies or else they die.

Taking small umbrella of my wife on my head, 
I took a thick polythene big bag and cut it to
Cover a bigger area to protect the road female dog and the puppies and
Came out of my house gate in bathroom slippers only,
To feel and touch the beauty of rainwater,
Once again after many- many years.

After crossing the road I reached near the dog
When I look into her eyes, the female dog was telling a different story,
The language of silent thanks I could read in her eyes,
As she was helplessly trying to protect the puppies
Without anything to support her thoughts.

After stretching the polythene on them 
And putting two three small bricks on both ends
I felt a sigh of relief from the coverage of the dogs.

My wife became really happy, when she saw, 
The puppies and the female dog under a sheet of protection,
The joy and satisfaction in her eyes was bigger than that of me,
Because, animals and birds are always,
Her greatest weakness and strengths too.

While crossing the road to reach my house back
I touched and faced the waves of rain water 
Touching my foots and my legs too and they were
Forcing me to remain there, to experience water streams,
Running on the roads, when it rains so heavily.

In those memorable moments,
I really wanted to take a paper boat like a child
And to throw them on the water running all around me 
For a moment I was in my real childhood days.

O thank you God and thank you O Nature and your lovely rains
For giving me an opportunity to once again
Be in my childhood days.


Kanpur India 30th June 2011 2.00 pm. IST

The Photo of the female dog with its puppes, which I took when the Rains were 
over is placed on face book page!/photo.php?fbid=196894523694537&set=a.114474218603235.25716.100001219732381&type=1&theater

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spilt milk - NR

  The little boy in blue, with shirt of silk
Caused Mary Tuppet to spill  her  milk
When  the cat came in to take  a drink
There was a rat stuck in the sink

So the cat ate the rat that was stuck in the sink
When it came  to drink the milk that was spilt
In the house the little pigs built
Mrs Hubbard dog chased the cat that ate the rat

That was stuck in the sink when the cat came to drink
the milk that was spilt  in the house the little pigs built
Then the big bad wolf bit the dog  that  chased the cat
that  ate  the rat that was stuck in the sink when the cat came to drink

the milk that  Mary Tuppet spilt in the house the little pigs built
Then a big brown bear chased the big bad  wolf that bit the dog that chased
the cat that ate the rat that was stuck in the sink when the cat  came to drink
the milk that  Mary Tuppet  spilt in the house that the little pigs built

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On Watching Fur Fly

This breezy day outside the truckers’ Gas ‘n Go, I brush my doggie's hair of fine white strands- some short, some long- all seeming to remove themselves either separately or as small fur "cliques,“ each one intent on acts of random abdication. They float up and drift away; some get stuck in crevices of man's inventions, their journeying cut short. Others voyage upwards - and how do they end up? Snatched by larks? Brought back to earth? Are they made into some strange nesting fabric that shelters birdlings squabbling for a worm? Do some strands travel farther till they touch with eagles' peaks and then settle themselves in mountain hollows? Do other strays make their way to other cities or states to land on asphalt, snow or desert sand? I rarely see a canine hair anywhere except inside my house or in houses of the folks like me with pets. Surely escaped hairs and clumps lie in rest in numerous sundry parts of this world! Are there some of them still wafting through sky while humans on the ground below, sensitive to fur of kindly beasts, wheeze and sneeze, eyes watering, from unseen hairs? Imagine this. . . perhaps . . .their journey has an end in some far off place where every tiny piece instinctively collects arriving mates; then laid by magic hands side by side, they await the day when all God's creatures, man and beast alike, reunite with particles once lost. What a wonder it would be to see my shaggy Eskimo in lion-like magnificence, all hair restored to bushiness- and marvel of all marvels! In bodies of perfection, we’d all of us have need to shed no more! For PD's Another Free Verse Contest

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	Darkness dominates 
	the earthly cycle at year’s end. 
	This is true 
	no matter how many fools 
	legislate otherwise.
	Dogs have unerring internal clocks
	and finite bladders.
	Taken together,
	these absolutes of nature
	guarantee that I’ll witness 
	every dawn from November to March
	regardless of my
	preferences or exhortations.
	I don’t have a problem with this, 
	although I’d much rather be relishing
	the warmth of bed and wife.
	I trade comfort for being part of 
	cold quiet pinking toward sunrise, 
	snow blowing horizontal, 
	rain sometimes gentle, 
	often thrown hard against the ground 
	heaped upon the poor dogs 
	answering the call 
	of another of nature’s absolutes:
	when you gotta’ pee,
	you gotta’ pee.


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Down the Urban Trail

The air is crisp, cold weather
that you can sink your teeth into.
It's midwinter with a brief break
between rainy weather fronts.

My fat limping dog and I have
got to get out of the house and
find some wildness.
He lets me know of his happiness
and I ignore his comment about hypocrites
as I put his leash on and
he drags me down the trail.

"How will we ever find wildness
under these conditions?"
he barks at me.
"Maybe this time boss?
Maybe this time you will let go?"

We walk down the trail by
the storm swollen stream and
hear the same question posed in the air.
The storm stream tries hard to break free
and wreck havoc, but,
the well engineered cement banks
give it nothing to grab hold of and it
careens on past to the sea, harmlessly.
The river's only hope to spread wildness
is another storm to raise its banks.
The grass above the banks is all of a kind,
easily mowed, and no threat to the asphalt 
path we walk.

There is some hope of wildness
in the windblown debris
left over from the storm.
Perhaps seeds of a hardier folk
will move in among the grasses and
the perfect line of trees
that border the trail.

Such strangers will have to hide
and take cover before the caretakers 
of the trail arrive tomorrow.
They will efficiently find all wildness
from the storm and make sure that
it is all discarded and hauled to the dump.

Perhaps I am looking for nature
in all the wrong places.
Here it has been collared and leashed
and rendered docile.
Still it fights back.
My hopeful dog directs my attention to the stream
and points to an otter that sinks when I look.
"Maybe this time, boss?" he implores.
Overhead, three noisy geese, free as you please,
as insolent as if they were twenty,
announce their imminent landing
at the county water control pond.
Not all of us are on a leash yet.

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Patches of choco brown and black wrap my fur with long hotdog body, I roll in loops, “ Hershey” is what they fondly name me flopping ears as mice and ants rush for a kill… and with the kids, nose snuggles for tickle feast while Mom runs amuck with suds on her hair; these bug me, bathing and trimming of nails. When holidays come, it’s fashion show time like a German spy, I nibble the costumes feigning sleep as teeth snarl those threads! Loyal and cute, my almond eyes wink to charm… but bark I do when strangers knock , and Hannah, our neighbor trembles as I “arf” at her mere scent. I love to sneak out the gate to play and goof off; one day, a runaway thrill off the street did harm… a rogue snatched me , bugged my neck hearing faint shouts, “ Hershey, come back!” Oh,I miss the awful hair washes, patter of kids’ feet, warm cuddles, and dog gone evening tricks. For eight years, I reigned as a Weenie princess… Now, I look at the stars and touch my family’s faces. ----------- *it’s been 3 years since our dachshund, Hershey, got lost. My nephews and I miss her! rob carmack's Dachshunds Contest

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Gait Keeper

Gait Keeper

The limp is more pronounced on days like these,
cold rain and chilling breeze.  The hitch in his giddy-up
causing his head to angle slightly, correcting for the
sway.  His eyes seem a bit less bright yet still alert
while the tail, that ever enthusiastic metronome of
friendship, wags, and waits.  So we walk a little slower,
a little less far, sharing the tempo of age and a
love that knows no desire to walk alone.

Submitted for Regina Riddle 
Animal Poem contest

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My lovey Labrador, and dearest companion 
It's you I adore,
A gentle softness in those eyes so wise,
Beyond her years, a wisdom’s understanding,
Is she whom once saved my life.
Pitch black as the darkest night, Miss Midnight,
Lying next to me, keeping safety’s vidual.
Crossing the heart's unreliable beat, my heaven
Set assist girl, comes to the rescue,
Alerting me when I'm at risk.
Daddy's sweet darling, apple of his
Eye, no pooch could match
 Their devotional love, for one
Another except mine.
A drop-off fugitive, left alone to
Fend for herself as a puppy.
We two my husband and I, fell
Head over heels for misfortunes
Saddest of stories.
Little to realize one day she'd
Do the same for me, so it is
Truth within itself, that fate
Does move in mysterious
Shes not a family pet,
But a member instead,
We love her as if she
Were always one of our
Own, and she'll always
Have a place, in this world
To call home.
Whom needed the other
The most she or I, it matters
Not, for now we have
Each other, and really 
Isn't all that counts.
Loves bond forever, two spirits
United, within the heart.


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Just A Couple Of Old Dogs

With a deep Growl!  
a  Corgi's disapproving eye,
a question mark tail arched in suspicion,
and four white capped feet poised  
to leap off the porch into a dead run,
my old dog thinks he has still got it.

Bark! Bark! Bark!
You have been warned by "Outlaw"
not to come too close to the fence.
Despite his advanced years
the little guardian staring at you
will bare his old teeth at you.

Cool it "Outlaw"! Come here!
Come over by me little buddy
and sit your loyal soul down.
We may think we still got it 
and we might just have it once,
but today let's just sit here a spell
and try to accept the fact that we are  
just two old dogs sitting on the porch.



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Dreaming Dog Days

Sleeping cavalier
Draped in Blenheim silk
Russet red reflecting
Autumn’s fiery cloak
Dozing, snoring softly
Dreaming dog days.

In his mind Orion’s
Hound ignites the sky to
Mark the changing season
Autumn burns the wood
From green to red to gold
Summer’s over.
Playful cavalier
Tracking leaves and berries
Falling to the touch of
Autumn’s sweet enchantment
Barking at the shadows
Chasing moonbeams.
Autumn stains the dawn with
Hazy blue and crimson
Noble cavalier
Stretching, yawning softly
Gently bouncing homeward
Dreaming dog days.

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Haha running in circles

My two dogs are having a cow
Because of all the firework noises that are going on
They are barking their heads off
I think I am going to have to put some earplugs on them
They are looking at me with their heads cocked to one side
As if asking me
Well, Fifi and Napoleon
It’s your welcoming pop to test your hearing
To make sure you are up for the job
Which is protecting me, you hear?
They wouldn’t let up
They are going to be barking another day 

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Wee Little Puppy

Many years ago went to dog shelter,

brought home a wee little puppy.

So tiny and loveable, as most puppies


Loved this little girl, sleeping with

this puppy each night as she cuddled up

to me was so sweet and tender.

She learned so quickly, such a smart

little dog was she.

Then one day she became sick,

very sick, she stopped eating,

then  she just passed on.

I was so heartbroken and very depressed,

she had died from distemper, not knowing

that much about dogs at the time,

they had not given her any shots,

they also had not told me that.

All dogs should have their shots,

before you bring them home,

she would have lived out a normal life,

if I had known that.  Always will remember

that wee little puppy I had so long ago.

Written 8-8-11

# Note here of course now days all shelters give dogs and cats their shots

before they leave shelter, but not all of them did back then in 1964.

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The dog's at my door

The dog whines
at my door
yet I cannot move 
from my bed.
It's all too much,
it 's much better 
to stay here,  
warm and safe,
the effort of moving
is beyond me
at the movement, 
perhaps forever. 
For if I moved, 
I'd have to dress 
and to decide on
underwear, socks
shirt and pants, 
it's all too much.
Yet now the dog's
wet nose is in my face,
her tongue on my cheek,
she has forced her way
into my sanctum
demanding her walk,
her food,
and I must move 
to serve her.

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a dog with out a name

It rained again last night, as he woke up from the muddy dirt
he always sleep in.
As he stretches out as far as he can, ouch he said my body hurts
me so very bad again.
The bowl for food and water remain empty, and the grassy areas 
are so far away.
No home anymore the home I once had seems so far away it makes
me so, so sad.
I am hurting so bad I just want to stay in today so no one will be
mean to me.
I search the trash cans, dumpsters all around this town when people
see me they say ‘get out of here’.
I runaway as fast as I can while I lay down to rest my body, legs and
paws the food was thrown out.
my belly is groaning, I am so thirsty,  can’t remember the last time
I had ate any real food, all I eat is stick, twigs and grass.
Lonely as much as a dog can be, not one person reaches their hand out
 to me.
Night time came and he settles in for another lonely sleepless night.
Now all that remains is a small grave with the words that someone had
written, here lays a ‘dog with out a name’.
It's sad it was to late for this dog I now named 'Jake' no more pain,
hunger or thirst for him.
Rest in peace my Jake and we will meet you someday again.

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if i were an IPod

if i was an iPhone or maybe even an iPod
you would turn the speakers up just to hear me speak 
and we'd talk
if i wasn't just a dog

i would be with you all the time
and we'd even go for long long walks at night
if i could be something else that could be seen
then maybe you would see me 

if i was a TV 
maybe you would pay more attention to me
or even if I was just the remote control
i would be the one you always want to hold 

if i was your Xbox or even just a video game
then you would sit with me instead 
and we could play games together everyday day

if i was your brand new car 
together we could drive under the stars
and as long as i can ride with u 
i dont care how far we go or what we do

if i was your best friend
i think of all the time we'd spend
but im just a stupid dog 
i'm cant even tag or post on your wall

but you were the one that picked me up 
you picked me out of all the other pups
and for that i wouldnt change you at all 
i will come every time my name is called

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LOST LOVE in Aussie slang

written 3rd Oct 2013

I was in love with the most lovable sheila
 but she did darn take off with me heeler

Overnight, she had packed their bags
 not just me dog, gone too with me scallywags

Left with just a simple note
 she had found a more loving bloke

Heartbroken to have lost them all
 I gave me mate Bluey a call

Together we drank more than just a slab
 ending up so hammered, he called us a cab

As the lonely days passed and tears filled me eyes
 by crikey it hit me, suddenly I came to realise

What a bloomin idiot, she deserved such love and respect
 every night boozin with me mates, my true love I did neglect

I'm gunna cut me drinkin and win her heart back
 fair dinkum fella's, you can flamin bet on that!

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Dead of the dog

IT is dark
There is a dog’s bark,
I see a man so old
Carrying on his bent back gold
From hands of the nation:
The dog with a rag of freedom
In red, black, green, whitedom
Following him from behind,
I walk a way blind

THE moon rises from east
I hear the shriek of a beast
I turn and look at state house,
It looks like a grey mouse:
The dog hangs down
With coloured rag
Round its throat, the flag
The moon goes pale grey,
I turn and walk a way, looking down.

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Outsmarted Again

Banana sandwich
jam doughnut
well done steak
turn around to get a plate
from a rack


Two little innocent faces 
and wagging tails stirring back.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.

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Sharing Dad

Dad was puttering around today
Playing with me
God we haven’t played in years
	You know, Dad’s eighty now 
	I remember how he looked in photos at twenty
I remember the twinkle in his eyes
at my sons two year old birthday party.	
We played computer, you see Dad it can do this LOOK
LOOK here it does this too!
	I did so like kissing the top of his bald head.
So good to see that old comb-over long gone now
So good to smell the MY Dad smell of clean clothes and soap.
Your files need to be organized Dad.
You have them all glommed up in with the general documents files.
Know wonder you can’t find them, all the love poems to his dear heart Ruth.
	I wonder if he remembers my wedding day.
	He was so handsome in his tux that day.
                I remember his smile then as he watched me 
                walk the white carpet in the garden by the mill pond.
Joy, now is that any name to call a dog [oops SHE doesn’t know she’s a dog!]
The dust mop of a pooch barked indignantly as, I took her Daddies attention from 
              Had a dog once, Babe was her name, she was a huge sheepdog, we lost    
our Babe when I lost my Dad for a long time, BUT he's been back along while too 

Dad was sharing with me and I so loved it. Me, of course being his first girl, 
sharing with me, his love and happiness with his last girl OUR Ruth.

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Catch Me If You Can

Daphne a poodle is a very happy pup
With a pom-pom tail and a button nose
And two eyes filled with glee.
Daphne is a pedigree, a breed with energy.
She is made of curls from head to toe,
And the color of honey gold.
Daphne the poodle, she's lively as can be,
For when she's given her favorite toy
She begins to prance and play.
Look at Daphne go,
Running here and there and all around retrieving toys for you and me.
Woof Woof Woof
Woof Woof Woof
Catch me if you can.
She'll only pause a moment when she hears me holler, "Stop"
Then she begins to prance and play again, running all around.
Catch me if you can.

(* Rhythmically read like "Frosty The Snowman")
For the contest, 'Calling All Pets', Sponsored By SKAT-AB-SIN THE

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The English Teacher

I have taught many subjects to many people in my career.
Whether I was teaching first year engineers to write an essay,
or bored sixth-graders the difference between composite and prime,
I never once doubted my abilities as a teacher.

I was passionate, caring, easy to understand, and always got my point across.
Or so I thought—
I learned otherwise one quiet afternoon in a village in Morocco.

I silently watched as my husband’s sister, to whom I had been teaching English,
repeatedly chanted “good night” to my dog, while waiting expectantly for her to “sit”.

My dog cocked her head to the side, in that way that only dogs can, with a sly grin on her face,
and if she could speak, I’m sure she would make a quip about not being sleepy.

I continued to watch without a word, I was speechless really,
and hoped for the sake of my career that my dog would get tired and sit.

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A Christmas Tale

Out in the cold, chained to a tree, The old dog watched as the sad little girl approached. Meeting, loving, the poor things cuddled close, Sharing their animal heat on that cold Christmas night. A passing stranger and his wife halted in their journey home, Taken by the sight of the ugly old dog leaning trustfully, As the small barefoot girl slowly, carefully freed it from its chain. "You're my Christmas baby now," they heard her whisper. The man said, "Surely the dog must be abandoned," and The wife said, "That child has been thrown away, too." Both asked in unison, "What can we do?" In unison they replied, "Let's take them home and adopt them both." Entry for contest #25 inspired by "The Little Match Girl" by H.C. Andersen Free verse

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A Green Dog Loves Decent Purple Dandelions

A Green Dog Loves Decent Purple Dandelions

I knew I had it with me
It gave me so many great ideas
Shaped them and formed them into poetry
Lately the words do not come to me
They mix together and become incomprehensible
I write, “A green dog loves decent purple dandelions”
That won’t make sense to anyone with some drugs
I want to write
I want to create something special
“A green dog loves decent purple dandelions”
What the hell does that mean?
They came from my fingers through my keyboard
My fingers were controlled by my mind
What was my mind thinking?
What was the imagery I was intending?
Christ, I wish I knew
He won’t tell me what was in my mind
I don’t think he would want to know
I just know one thing
With lines like that my mind is not with me
It left with a bottle of Kentucky whiskey
Travelling on its own
My mind is on vacation to a different planet
A planet in a galaxy so many light-years away
It may never come back to help me be creative
“A green dog loves decent purple dandelions”
That may be the last line I ever write
And THAT would be a hell of a way to be remembered

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Dog Dentistry

I went to see my dentist today
She works out of her house
It’s a one-chair operation
With hardwood floors
An old dog lies on a rug
Next to the chair
He’s seen it all
Root canals, molar extractions…
He seems so calm
I wonder if she ever works on his teeth
The old gummer
Sit’s and grins
He knows it’s better you than him
Sitting in that chair
I bet sometimes at night
He gets up in the chair
When all is quiet
And practices his grimace
Locking his paws into seat
Rinse and spit
And then grins again
What a life
A dog with a dentist
For a friend
I am not so sure I envy him

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Louisiana Porch

The air blows nicely through my Louisiana porch 
I could sit for hours and never check the time 
It’s perfect to watch the sun shine 
The cows are in the pasture, my dog is just a foot behind 
Rocking in this old chair takes me to a simple state of mind 

I don’t mind having company but don’t miss it if it ain't there 
You can challenge me to a game of poker if you dare 
Some call me a drunk 
Some call me mean 
But I say I'm somewhere in between 

My old bird dog is the only love I have ever known 
And there is no one sweeter than she
I call her Miss Gracie lea

My Louisiana porch is home to me 
I would not trade my simple life for fame or money 
For my view of the country is sweeter then honey

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Rainy Days

Begrudgingly I grab my raincoat rolling my eyes back sighing, not again
Now SHE, she jumps up and down acting like she just won the lottery.
Slipping on rubber boots I ask, you really want to walk in this rain?
She stares at me as if saying, move it I don’t have all day.

Opening the front door the strong wind sprays rain into my face
I grab my zipper pulling it up as high as I can get it.
My loud cries were drowned out by the wind of course 
As my saggy aging chin got in the way of zips journey to the top.

Wondering which direction we should go this time out
I am dragged quickly to the right for some reason only she knows
Before long I am pulled under the first tree, a wind gust comes up
Dumping water on me as if this were the ice bucket challenge.

Now if the neighbours are wondering where my umbrella is
Yesterday it tried taking me on an outer space mission.
It was one of those super heavy duty cost a fortune type
Built so well, instead of collapsing you just fly.

When I decided she had enough opportunities for release 
It becomes my turn to do the pulling and I’m all in.
She slowly came still kicking grass wildly behind her,
Sending little patches of grass flying on the neighbour’s lawn. Ops.

Entering my house I am happy to shed a few pounds of soaked laundry 
I dry her off as well as possible then she shakes and soaks the front hall.
Pondering the fresh air and exercise I just received I sit back in my chair
Happy and contented, praying she can hold it till the rain finally stops.

For ye whom wonder, yes I had baggies with me.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans
For Contest Rainy Days
Leonora Galinta

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The heat of summer  keeps coming after me
Like a dog hounding me to a sweat 
Growling with thunderous fury before the storm
Lashes my face
If I run  from  one place too hot 
He trails me to my cooler lair
Dogging my heels
Panting,  tongue out, I reel in torture
Can’t shake him off


This is all about my hatred of hot weather.  I just live for the arrival of  winter.
The title is an expression meaning very hot days, referring to the idea that the sun
is in the same part of the sky as the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, the “Dog Star”, 
and the two shining bodies supposedly produce extra heat.

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Little Cindy

We had a little Beagle named Cindy,

such a sweet little girl she was,

brother Darrell training her so well,

to be a great hunter, and that she was.

My dog shep and her got along just fine.

Had her for almost two years, until one day,

while chasing a rabbit across the steet,

poor little Cindy didn't see the car coming

down the way, she was killed outright.

Such a poor sweet and most tender dog she was.

Our friend old Ben carried her from the steet and

placed her small little body on the green grass

that she used to play in many times, then he

came and told us the sad news.  She was with

us a short time but so many dear sweet memories

that dear dog left in our hearts.

Written 8-15-11

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Doggie Dog World

This one goes to the one I love

WHY?  Don’t you fetch, roll over, and play dead

WHO knows I might just give you a Doggie bone

WHEN I saw you last night, you were not alone

WHAT an ugly sight, of him at your home

WHERE our names you carved in stones

Seeing you with him must have fallen into your bag of trick.
Please do not call me on my phone
I wipe my paws off you
Sit, stay put, and leave me the hell alone
For you I have no more Doggie treats
Beg all you want, go Ho” yourself on another streets
The final thing is
A dog is a dog, I will be a dog.
A  b*tch, well you are a B*TCH !
Attack someone else’s kibbles on your leash
Since you cannot be a faithful or obedient tramp
Go give someone else your fleas 
Thanks for showing me this is a 
You will no longer wear my tags.
With a collar, that labels you as my girl.

**Phil J.

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Dog Park

She had stove top burners for eyes,
and every word she spoke bubbled
over slowly as if someone had left
                        too warm for me to get close.
My gestures were tepid and careful,
like a small boy meeting a strange
dog, alone in a park. Calm and reserved.
I presented compliments as if they
were the back of an open hand for 
her to sniff, and my lips shook.
                                     Afraid that she would bite.
She merely growled in disbelief;
A rabid jeer at the quiet remark of
an untrustworthy captor. 
She saw me as a threat,
but never turned away.
We were two animals
looking for comfort;
afraid to be burned
and yet too hungry to
let go of the flames.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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If I had a Doberman

If I had a Doberman
I’d never crop her ears
or dock her tail, 
although she’d probably 
loose her ovaries.
Just a silly hound
but she’d still
retain her teeth.

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Queenie My Sweet Little Dog

When Shep died I was heartbroken and sick,

how could any dog ever replace shep?

I didn't want a dog, but after a while I knew

that a dog is just what I wanted.

Found this little black  puppy, so cute

and cuddly.  A black lab-mix and what a

dog she was, so smart and very lovable.

I learned to love this dog very soon,

she had her shots they told me,

so I took their word for it.

Queenie followed me all over the yard,

the way shep use to do.  I trained her to do

some simple tricks which she learned so fast.

After around 8 months she got real sick, she

stopped eating, I took her to the vet and

he told me that she had distemper, I told him

that she had her shots and he told me,

that the shots sometimes don't always work.

A few days later she died, I was once again

heart broken, but later in life I was to find out

that death is just part of life, we need to enjoy

our pets while we can.

I buried her next to shep between the two

trees, she is still there 50 years later,

and I am still thinking about that dear

little dog that I had, she was so sweet

and loyal to me.

Written 8-15-11

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My Special Friend

Every once in a while

a special friend comes along,

whether it's a human or dog,

mine just happens to be a dog.

She is so kind and loving,

she always giving her love away,

and demanding it right back.

She seems to have to be close to me

all the time.  She knows what 

I'm thinking, always finding ways

to cheer me up, bringing a smile to my face,

I can talk with this loving friend and feel better

afterwards. She is always there for me to lean on

what more could a friend do than what this

special dog has done.  Brandy is my specila friend,

she loves me more than any dog I have ever had,

and I feel the same toward her,  I have a relation with

her like no dog before or since, will enjoy every moment

that she is with me until that fateful day.

written 8-2-11

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"Endless Concepts"

WISE WORDS WAIT, while foolish intellect speaks, 

conceits of mind, holier than thou, to no avail. 

Separates poor minority from select's special conceit elite!
Thus FED DARK DREAD, causes divisions of unrest,
by the dog eat DOG FOG, SPED DREAD.
Into our government,  into our churches, into our public schools,
into our civil organizations. Complexities of our times,
the same o, same o's, SIMPLE___ COMPLEX problem.
The SAME SYNDROME SADDUCEE or pharisee of Christ’s day.
The WHITE__ BLACK hat syndrome, the democrat, the republican,
GOOD! VILLAIN! The male, the female! The man ,
the woman! The black man, the white man! The list goes on!
As precept morality(Love) versus double minded,
double standard, wickedness of mind level concepts,
at best, delusions of grandeur. More laws made to govern 

laws. Conceited intellects of love, oblivious to their own true fact, 

within their own Love is the law in and of itself! 

By John Mose Freeman

 For contest: Free for all, do as you please
In Honor of Charles Henderson

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I don’t mean to be ….GGRRRRRR
to the genetics of the genome…BUT

my legs are too short
my body’s too long
my gut hangs so low
I can’t wear a thong

my ears….they get stepped on
by me….not by others
I can’t scratch my nose
only my brothers

and don’t even ask
in the snow…..what I do
for before I can circle
the whole thing turns…

with legs oh so short
you may think it funny
to see me pass by
a skateboard ‘neath my tummy

then there are those
who dare to suggest
that I was conceived
during Octoberfest

My head may bulge out
and my tail may bulge in
but I’m a damn good looking dog
for the shape that I’m in.

submitted to Rob Carmack – Dachshunds – Poetry contest

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Bichon Frise

Bichon frise or is it curly lapdog you prefer?
Pray, do make it known
Descendant of a water spaniel originating in ancient times
In the Mediterranean area
Used as barter by sailors
Your solid white coat is silky profuse
Not silky confuse
I get it now
You are prized for your lively intelligence
And is usually groomed and trimmed 
To give a “powder puff” appearance.

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My pet friends are Pebbles and Betty,
They are my doggy and cat.
I like to be with them always,
'Cause my negative vibes are vanish.

My Pebbles is our guard everyday.
My Betty is our clown in everyday.
Both of them are my ally,
And part of our family.

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a dogs love

You always make me smile and laugh
You don’t know how funny you are
You make me happy when I am sad
I know you’re never too far

You sulk when I put my cap on you
Bark at dogs on TV like they can hear you
I can’t help but to laugh at you
But your love can’t be compared to

You hate having your picture took
Even though you love attention
You hide your face when I pick a camera up
But your ears pop up any time the word food is mentioned

You always manage to make me happy
Even when I want to cry
The press give a bad name to staffies
But I know you wouldn’t hurt a fly

At worst you would lick someone to death
Make them give you a little fuss
I know I have your loyalty, love and respect
Aswell as your trust

You get hyper whenever anyone comes through the door
And start jumping up them to say hello
I don’t need another’s love when I’ve got yours
Picked me up when I felt low

I may pay the rent
But it’s clear you own the flat and are in control
But you are such a good friend
You watch to make sure I put food in your bowl

You eat it then take yourself off to bed
With all the room you sleep on my side
“I’ll make her move” I say in my head
But can’t give into her big puppy eyes

You think licking my face will cure a cold or sickness
Or maybe you’re saying “put some food in my dishes”
There’s no limits to your laughs and hugs
There’s no love like a dogs love 

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My Best Friend

Big bright eyes,
and puckered ears.
These awesome creatures,
have been around for years.
You are my best friend,
our friendship will never end.
Whenever I may sit and cry
you look at me as if to ask “Why?”
You kiss away the tears with a lick;
this kind of love will forever stick!
I can tell you all my sad,
and you never ever get mad.
My secrets are safe with you;
you are my friend, you are so true!
You’re always there for me;
and always greet me with glee.
You warn me of any danger;
I call you my Wild West Ranger.
No matter what my mood may be,
you just never ever get rude with me.
I always get a wagging tail;
without a miss, without a fail!
You wait at home, I think of you;
you make my days easy, make me get through!
Because I know when I get home;
No matter where I had to roam;
You will be waiting there for me;
And I’ll always be greeted with all your glee!

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Curly Part I

Curly ( Part I ) Once upon a time there was a little girl, that lived with her mother, her father and her brother. She was only seven years old. her brother was eight years older then her. mary was this little girl's name. She was happy, but she had no one to play with. One day her father had gone to work as he always had. Later that day - it started to rain very hard. her father and his friend had to work outside. they saw two little puppies playing and rolling in the mud. They each got one puppy, They were far away from any houses. Mary's father said - I'll take this one to my daughter. When he got home and Mary saw the puppy, her eyes opened wide with joy. she told her father - I hope you got him for me and not for my brother. Her father said - of course my darling daughter, I got him for you. The little puppy was very dirty. Mary said - I'll give him a bath so I can see his color. after the bath she saw that the little puppy was very pretty. He was white as snow. Her father asked - what will you name him? she said - I thought maybe snow. Then she saw a black spot on his forehead and said I don't know. When the little puppy was all dried up he was waggling his tail. She could tell he was happy. She also saw that he was full of curls. she couldn't even see his eyes. She then thought to herself - I got the perfect name for him. I will name him Curly, just like he's always been. She then went to tell her family. His name shall be Curly. Everybody agreed that that was a perfect name.....
Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo To be continued

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icicle stares

Four millimeters of tempered glass separates your world
from the Homeless Beggar Prince now standing before you 
appearing tattered, torn and trampled on like discarded trash.
No longer a viable phoenix rising to escape winter’s burn. 

Merely a grounded mortal traversing icicle stares with an
aged back and fingers that he had once worked to the bone.
Long forgotten building blocks for a house and a home

Blizzards came tirelessly with every season to wreak havoc upon his
crumbled foundation. Putting him out into the cold to face the face, of our
harsh reality, where it’s a tundra full of thin ice, and a dog eat dog world. 

Piercing watery eyes reflect upon your hidden self, and his frost 
laden beard parts to say aloud “If not by the grace of God…there go I.”

White knuckles grip your steering wheel tightly as the chill exits your spine
 “Thank God!” you exclaim, now, that the traffic light has turned green.

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Tick Tack Rickety Rack

That tick in my fur really bugs me - scratch-scratch. Tick tack rickety rack, that tick needs to go! Oh me, oh my, that tick really needs to go - rich-ratch. Aunika Alch Age 11

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The New God

You're a voyeur at best!
Your vampiric heart beats out of your chest
Ready to consume the final climax
I know who you are - when the lyrics fail to resemble
Letting your poison drip straight from your lips
Portraying, entertaining the image of sex's delusion
You know only rape - manifestation of hate
Lack of the fruit of the beauty of a human mind
Depths you'll never penetrate!

She was only a doll - type of a lost father's adore
Impaled into a desperate whore
Shamefully out of broken safety's  choice 
She bore embryogenesis of morose
May your rusty blades caress as they please

So confront the masses with the halt of embryogenesis
Let the worship of machines be
Leg them construct us cell to cell
Nature's just in the way
Of our race of perfectly engineered machines!
The burden of conception
Surrenders to the will of
The New God

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Goodbye Ufo

On your grieved howls you tried to say goodbye
Those tiny feet fragile by its pain
Our beloved little fellow
Age takes back your time, your color

The greenish t-shirt left for love
The blanket of warmth and hope
Nothing we can do but stay
Along with you in last battle of the day

Soft whisper on your ear
Say, leave and go, we let you to the land of no sorrow
Released all your pain we will meet you one day, one life
Be happy in another life

Rest in peace, our beloved dog - Ufo February 18, 2013

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Visiting Granma

  Grandma, you look fresh like the morning dew,
 O! it is the herb Of paw paw leaves
  And dried snake skin, I drank,
  Grandma, flies are too many here,
  When flies perch on you
  Don’t drive, else
  You will invite trouble on you.
  Grandma, its hot here,
  Remove no hair
  From your brow, else you
  will get lost,

  Grandma, I am tired
  It is not good to yawn
  In the noon, else
  You will be in debt,

  Grandma, I’ll rest a bit,
  Rest not your head
  Against the wall,
  Else the spirits Will be angry,

  Grandma, I am thirsty,
  Drink water away from the pot
  Else your head gets hot,

  Grandma, I will sing a song
  Do not whistle to the baby
  Else she becomes dump.

  Grandma, the Chameleon
  Leave the chameleon
  On the rafter
  For they rebel sickness,

  Grandma, the dog is howling
  Let the dog cry
  For it shoo off evil spirits,

  Grandma, I think I will be going
  Back to city today.

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Curly Part II

Curly ( Part II ) Mary was so proud of her new friend. Now it was time to feed Curly. Mary did just that. Everyone fell in love with Curly right away. It was a happy day for everyone. From that day on, Mary and Curly did not seperate, only when she went to school. She would bathe him, feed him and play with him. Mary would always feed him, before going to school and when she came home, he would go and greet her. Curly was very playful and everyday he got cutter. everybody loved him. Mary could not have been happier. They were very happy together. Curly did not grow too much. Three Summers went by. The two of them had a lot of fun. We all know that nothing lasts forever and everything comes to an end. It was a hot Summer day and Mary was outside watering the Lawn. she had not seen Curly in a while and wondered where he could be. All of a sudden she saw him coming down the street on the opposite side. That made her happy. As she kepted looking at him - she knew that something was wrong. He didn't look right. Curly crossed the street and came to her. There he laid down by her feet. She bend down to touch him and he just looked at her. He looked weak. She went inside and told her parents. Her father came out to check on him. Then very sad - he told Mary that Curly was dead. Mary could not believe it and she started to cry. she could not stop crying. Her father told her - Curly knew that you loved him and he loved you too. He had enough stength to come and say good bye. He is now in dog Heaven where good little dogs go. He will be happy with the Lord. Mary looked up to Heaven and smiled. She knew her father was right. God was his owner now. the End....
04/26/2013 Written by Lucilla M. carrillo. Note: The name was changed, but it really happened to me. Curly was my first puppy....

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Dear Ronny

Dear  Ronny

What a Divine being you are !
You gallop in all your fours
the moment I call thy name.
At times, even my very look
fetches fast your benign presence.

You wag your tail ?
Flap your fan-like ears ?
Sitting by my doorstep rail
you wean out all my fears
and gently smile ?

Busy dad running after money
Self-gearing mom with her
Hectic hitches at her women’s wing
Brother, too little to talk to.
Friends stuck to mobile phones.

Tried to communicate grand-dad
Listless he had become, grew impatient
My approaches right or wrong, I was glad
I kept indoors like an eternal in-patient
for, none tried to understand.

Even tried God , Him I trust.
Threw silent prayers...again prayers
They say – a prayer is thanks giving.
It must be a supplication
Never turn it an application

Carrying worries to Him ? –my inner voice
No...Let it go. He destined it so.
Then, I turned my head to you, my next choice
The best choice, Ronny, raise thy brow ?
Doggy, you alone can bring me poise.

Now,  I am pouring out my worries
Into thy reticently receptive rectangular head
Like the main channel of a overflowing reservoir
Forcefully falling into focused fathom
You wag your tail?  Is it tail ?  Or  head ?

When  an understanding soul is there
We continue riding in one-way
I tend to continue in that vein
Hey, Ronny, What’s that?  Tears in thy eyes ?
There...I got my living god.

Composed   by  Muralidara  Kannan

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One Black Dog

It disgusts me to the very den of my inner barren stomach
Rising on haunches like a broken ballerina
Fat pregnancy with clotted matted fur along the under quarters
It snarls in vapid plagiarisms and turns its neck like clockwork
Half of a dog and half of a bear
Dragging part-lingering its wasteful stumps
Like jungle monsters, it walked fat on its claws
Curled underneath and imbedded in the pads
With my wide eyes and my tiny mouth carved
I half-life curdle and shrink into my neighbouring trees
Awaiting the coated procrastination of winters
When I shall freeze within my flesh tomb and the 
Beast shall be gone, sleeping with blood about those
Weathered obese blocks and a mouth frozen to the central nerves
A metro tunnel falling down the Devil throat and cut at the cord

One black dog in a woodland ashen day
Falling grey thunders under heavy black God
And the rampant inadequecies of flame and pitchfork
As those villagers rise upon their haunches
On this, the gut-cutting nausea of the blackest of black dog days.

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A Coiled up Dream

“Dream of me!”
“I am dreaming of you…”

The dog in this early morning
coiled up – is dreaming …
He is sobbing
or whining 
What is the dog dreaming?
Waters …
A morsel of bread,
a caress, a palm and waft. 
The rest of them – can be found … 

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The Get-Away

His hard eyes stared me down
The remnant of a smile
Now a distant memory
It’s funny how the eyes can relate hatred

Out of nothing came a blow
It made me see stars-for how long?
I can’t count but I’m a damn good smell sensor
What I did to deserve that smack, I may never know

I miss my friends from that place
I don’t know what they call it but I remember its smells
Urine, poop, fear, and death
Why did I have to go home with this guy?

It started as soon as I got to his digs
Couldn’t hold it 
There were others here; I could smell them
But they are gone

I used to remember everything
Now it’s a blur
Head smacks all the time
I hate the stars

What a fool
He took me outside and unlatched the spike collar
Took off, full speed 
Not looking back, gonna find another pack

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Memories from a Stuffed Dog

Your always near;
memories of
winters past
play on the air
in front of this
fuzzy gift.
With beady black eyes
and brown spotted black fur,
I'm reminded of a
long lost companion.
Your gift;
a memory
of a memory,
cherished and loved forever.

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The ground is full of evidence
Fast facts and tracks of animals
Every step could be the last
Or mysteries up a tree
Blood hound hunts day and night
Detective is ready to break another case
Wide open
Of his finest wine
What a find!
There it was in front of him
All the time


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la la la's just killing me

about who does or not does in literature
we meet so many dogs
barking dogs
biting dogs
all kinds of dogs
some with pedigree and those collars
with shiny medallions
or stray dogs for which
leash is their salvation
and their freedom has the effect of a yelping…
for whom saw Hitchhiker's Guide intergalactic
they know
rezistance is useless!
for others it can be a mouse literature.
white one 
sitting quietly in the closet
and nibbling on paper shelves.
what's behind the paper does not matter
it could be a trap
and literature not possibly be a rat

I do not know what is about with all the literature lately
But sure it's not the girl in the fourth grade
that girl who runs and
her panties always fall
or her teacher's fault?

 [I pray]
rezistance is useless
could be hell on earth

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Puppy Oh Puppy

Oh ding-dong I lost my dog I looked under a log and above a frog. Come on back and catch a cat And play on a big mat Oh how I miss that dog of mine! When you come back you will be welcomed by a big red sign Aunika Alch Age 12

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Paper Back

Slaughtered by the innocent blood lost long ago
Her reputation drops like soap in a male correctional facility
Tying up the oak tree, chasing fancy cars
Her leash finally snapped like yesterdays twig
I'm sorry to see your wife is back
The bomb on this town has been dropped by your top head look
Shrug your shoulders,
Stop whining bro, next time double knot the noose, 
Make sure the doors come in with double locks
Stop crying that the ***** is back 
Do yourself a favor, and just let her in


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Three Dogs

I have three dogs
Iggy, Tilly and Banjo	
Banjo is always on the go
And Tilly is a mess
Iggy on the other hand
Seems to be quite blessed

They love to chase lizards
Because sheep we have not
Do lizards come in herds?
Because now I have twenty or so
Cornered under my Ford

The collies wait quite patiently
For one to make a move
And then like tiny lighting bolts
They bust a move
They never hurt the reptiles
But they never sleep

I afraid they will develop
A sleep disorder
If I don’ t give them a break.
So I bought a plastic dinosaur 
And I put it on a stick
Now they chase me around the property
Till I am almost sick

But the lizards and the dogs are happy
And that’s what really counts
I can live another day
And drive my car to work
Only to come home to have 
Another herd of lizards
Corralled in the dirt

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Oh, what do we do with words today

There are shoes my dog would better choose
For me
There are times a cup of coffee might love me better
And I have the morning begging the rest of the day
I have the chase, that places my looks in front of me. . . with no tongue
My radio clock being my one
and only coach now
No sense of making ‘snooze’ make ‘semblance of it all now
We get it going to the dollar
Some. . . rose coloured convincing eventual gain
The grin, even daddy didn’t get before he got gone
I am somewhere beyond
My dog and a cup
I have halted an altered perspective now
I mean ‘now’
The time before me might have marched my parents  to a cause
And the time after that might’ve raced me to some. . . rescue
Mommy and daddy ain’t coming to us now
In the morning begging for the day
Take that tongue and actually, actuarially sip
That is where we meet. . . they had no idea we were making love. . . for the rest of the day
Do you really want to ask them how it tastes
	G. Mattia/10

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Strangers on the Walk

Consider the chance meeting of a man and a dog on the street.
The man smiles and smacks his lips – a calming signal to the dog.
The dog, head down, tail at half mast, wonders what this stranger wants.

The man asks if he may pet the dog and the proud parent says sure, but a little hesitant.
He pauses, the dog strains at the leash.

The man squats and smiles and offers the back of this hand below the eyes of the dog.
No threat, no sudden moves, just soft words
and a quick glance at the undercarriage of the dog to determine the correct greeting.

Good boy...nope, Good girl.
The dog knows a dog lover and a possible friend.

The owner stands straight and proud of his four legged child
and the man sees himself in the eyes of the dog
and knows that he, too, would like to be greeted like this
on the street by a stranger, and clicked at, and lips would smack,
and he would be as calm and loved as the beast.

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Dog Kisses

Dog kisses are not available to me. Nor are you. and so I am alone

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Life is this intangible thing,
an enigma and a contradiction;
at once so real, visceral,
and so ephemeral, ethereal.
It's like the difference between day and night;
during the day, things happen –
to you and to others, cause and effect,
gripping happenstance;
we react to these stimuli, and action results,
changing forever your life, whether big or small.
But at night, you rest, restore, reminisce, and soothe –
a stretch, expanse of enchantment
where time slips through your fingers too fast
and magic feels true in our hearts.
To say that life is all about stretching your legs,
petting a dog as it lies beside you
and together you watch the rain;
as you hear crickets chirping through the storm,
life always going on,
is laughably absurd.
And yet, on occasion, sometimes that's all that's really needed,
moments of quiet contemplation
of all that lies ahead and behind;
in this, I find peace.
Sometimes we just need a friend and a reprieve;
sometimes we must simply listen to the rain
and smile at the crickets.

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The Good Old Days (and) OH THOSE MEMORIES

Hop Scotch,
Whoola Hoops,
Metal Skates,
Skinned knee fates.

Dripping popsicles.

Hot wheels,
Pin wheels,
Bob Barker's big deals
Spinning on all wheels

Paper dolls,
Sillly phone calls,
Cartoon bits,
Howdy Doody skits.

Mickey Mouse,
Mighty Mouse,
Minny's Micky's spouse,
Vist Little Rascalls club house.

Poodle skirts,
Ben Casey shirts,
Castles made, digg'n dirt,
Boy next door, fun to flirt.

Linda Terrell
March 24, 2010


Superman loved Lois,
Gospel our parent told us,
Ricky loves Lucille Ball, 
Globe trotters, oh so tall.

The first Alvin, Simon, and Theadore,
Sweeper salesmen at our door,
In bobby socks, all girls dressed 
Angora wrapped rings, We felt so blessed

Ymmm! Moms prize dessert,
Oh my the fun, of a growing spirt
Ahhh! Those memories, I am so glad,
And all the licks on my face, of the dog I had.

Nothing can now compares
No double dog dares
Saturday night isn't the same
But oh those memories, in my mind I frame.

Linda Terrell
March 24, 2010

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Wishful Winter

Awoken by sunlight, drifting in
 through the shades, out of the warmth,
 towards the light.
 Heart accelerating with each step.
 Draw back the curtains and splashed
 with blinding light.
 A sparkling wonderland, 
a world to conquer.
 Now outside bundled up,
 in armer,
 movement restricted,
 frolicking along my dog,
 with armer of her own, 
follows pursuit.
 Hours pass and the wonderland is almost conquered,
 the sun begins to die
 and my dad calls my name,
 my conquest has to end.
 Bounding up the steps 
along with my dog racing to the door, face frozen,
 nose red, enter into the house.
 Warmth wraps around me,
 encasing me,
 peeling off layer after layer of clothed armer,
 my dog is next to lose a coat
 and then bounding together towards the kitchen where
 chocolate fills the air.
 Now besides a roaring fire,
 on my dad's lap, snuggling 
with my dog and hot chocolate in hand a contented
 sweet dreams are sure to follow

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Puppy Dogs and Meadows

There he goes again dashing against the tall strands of grass

There he goes leaping and bouncing like a superinflated basketball

That’s my dog Sunny all full of energy and life

Never wanting to miss a dull moment in the meadow of my back yard

Chasing squirrels and birds and pretending he is a monkey himself

“What would it take to get to the top of that tree?” he would think to himself

Then he would sit for two hours trying to figure it out

Like a mastermind of dog climbing maneuvers he would sit and ponder

Up until I would call him back to the house at the sound of thunder

Then like a lil thunderbolt he would dash back in the door

Two hours later he would go and stand at the back door 

Wanting to relive the last experience all over again

Gwendolen Rix

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the new me

The New Me. 

From today I shall only write fine poems
go to the local poetry reading club and
be adored by female fans.

Honey will drip from my lips and I will 
wear flowers in my hair and there will
be a flood of happy tears. 

In Paris I read poetry about the Roma 
people and the plight of the Palestinians, 
the silence still rings in my ears.

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Oh to be a Cat

A beagle pup curled up on a carpet of green grass
Peering at the noonday sky
Contemplating the actions of a fast moving cat
Along the old rickety fence
Effortlessly tippy-toeing like a cat with ten lives
He wonders what it’d be like to spend one day 
Just one day
As a dog with a cat jumpsuit on
Hmmmm….he pondered.
I wonder what fun it would be to pounce from behind a 
pile of leaves at a fast moving ant
Or what it would be like to jump from the hood of a car 
Pretending to be as agile as a flying squirrel
Or what about licking my paws after eating from a can of cat food?
Oh what a joy to be a cat!
Then with a bit of hesitation the dog grew sad
He thought of all the wonderful attributes he already had
His master, his bed, his own special treats
“What was I thinking? “ said the dog
I’ve got it made in the shade here with my own family
I don’t want to be a cat after all
He quickly put an end to that thinking
And continued on with his almost perfect life
Never again would he go there with his thoughts 
Of wondering what it would be like living a real cat’s life!

Gwendolen Rix

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Don't look back

Don't look back
As you walk out the door.
Don't look back
You leave you love behind 
No more fun and no more hugs 
Don't look back.
It's hard for you to go 
But you're the one that has to do it.
So don't look back 
Just be a good dog and go for a walk outside in the cold 
And don't look back.

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A little dog so scared with her tucked tail
Came to my front porch one day.
She was ragged and torn, but sharp as a nail,
And when I looked at her I could see
what a price she did pay.
What kind of abuse this poor little creature had endured.
I could never imagine and it would never happen again
I assured.
We fed her and bathed her and gave her a home.
And not once in all those years did this little dog roam.
When she first came whe would cower and hide.
If a broome or rake handle of any kind
she did abide.
We finally gained her trust as the days moved on,
And she wasn't afraid anymore of being abused and alone.
The years flew by and she grew dim in her eye,
She couldn't see very well, especially at night.
She could only fiind her way by seeing the porch light.
She got confused one night when she saw a car light.
And followed it into the road.
Now my baby Michelle is at rest in the woods 
but not her final abode.
For I believe you see,
She's waiting for me.

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A Love Poem

A Love Poem

Get under my shoe.
Crawl down there and flatten.
Spread yourself, ooze
Between the cracks of my heels,
Solidify with old gum and dog hair and
Stay there.
Squish when I tip to the balls of my feet,
Sink into cement,
Drown out in the moist heat of
Baltimore sunshine.
Stick to the blacktop,
Leave small chunks of yourself behind to
Dry out and crust over
For a dog to nibble,
Or a bum to piss on,
Or a crow to pick at
He’ll peck out your eyes, 
At least what’s left of them.
I’ll track the rest of you home through
Back alley water and random piles of
Dog shit.
Then I’ll loosen and scrape you with
An old gnarly stick,
Fling your remnants across my front porch and
Walk inside,
Without thought,
Leave you there to
Ponder your shit-and-scum-covered existence before the
Noonday rains come and wash you away.

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A Dog's Life

It is just a dog, a common cur
The scabs, the sore upon the eye.
O the rattled temper
And the garbage bins tottering 
Under the mischief of its paws.
It is just a dog, a common cur
And more method to it madness
Than man's dumb logic can ressurect.
Life has chewed on its pedigree
Like leather.

It searches, but never eats. Yet ribs stick out
Like bones suck white against the cruel teeth.
He marks each bin with seminal promptness
As if weaving from his heart some memory
Some hope to find again the heated *****
Among the refuse and waste of man's discard
But the rescue mission tears him hard
He finds no trail in the empty sniffs,
Nothing recognizable
Like the joy of her sullen bark
Teasing him to mark the turf anew.

He use to bark at the moon
For always the shadow on the rock of light
Reminded his loneliness
Of the dog catchers coming.
The firs time they came
The truck moving like a hearse at edge of day
His father went without farewell.
The man wore collar and leash
Symbols tyrranical to freedom.
His mother wore none,
Her penury almost left her naked,
Howled at by wind, spat at by rain
She kept her freedom close to her vein.
The dog catchers came again
And his misery is not abated yet;
The pound swallowed up his son
And mother in almost one breath.

The ***** was analgesic afterwards
For pain that dogged a dog.
With her the future had neither chiarscurro
Nor sulking shadows for schoolboys stones
She was tied to the past
Yesterday's joys is tomorrow's anesthetics
Though he had only known today,
Barren now like an empty house
And dreams withering
Shrivelled raisins of hope
Hard as day against the palate.
This dog has no more gate
To wait. Mongrels are not prized.
Perhaps the flies got her,
He heard them singing in his ears
Wingless words. He bit on time
Took a good dose of it,
Anesthetics or analgesics,
The difference is irrelevant now.
Pedigree is nothing without honour,
Love is poison without trust,
A dog's heart
Turns to its master's whip like a child.

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Adventures at Crown Hill

It was a nice warm day, with warm breezes

whipping through our patio, as we sat there

taking all of this in.

Brandy my dear sweet dog looked so bored

lying there so still.

This dog loves going for a ride in the car more

than anything.  So thought I would take her

over to Crown Hill Park, which was around 

7 or 8 miles west of where we live.

It has a lake where you can see

the Rocky Mountains as clear as day.

This side walk goes around the lake

2 miles or so, a lovely walk on a day

such as this.  Wild life can be found

at times, you never know what you

may see, filmed a coyote there one time.

You see Brandy old girl and I don't get to

do things very often as I would like to.

So today was to be an adventure for her

more than for me.  She kept trying to go down

to the lake to see what was there, at times

she would just stare off into the wild blue,

thinking she saw something, but nothing was

there that I saw anyway,  Many new scents

she took in today, could really tell she was having

a fun time and enjoying herself.

On the way around this lake we

met two different dogs, one dog

was with her master, only the dog

had his leash in his mouth and did

not react to Brandy and just kept walking,

very good trained dog.

The other other dog was a big dog,

as it got nearer I stopped and

held on to Brandy, the lady with her

dog stopped, her dog laid down and

would not move, it growled at 

Brandy and I thought on no, dog fight,

she held her dog back, I told her

to please move on, her dog would not

move, finally it did and I felt relieved.

Later on we saw a strange looking bird

out in the middle of the lake, just sitting

on a log, it looked like a Great Blue Heron,

Brandy didn't know what to think of it,

she just stared at it for a while, then we moved on.

She does not see many strange looking birds.

Red-Winged Black Birds took time to sing Brandy

and me a few tunes, I think she

enjoyed that very much.  As we headed back

toward the car, I was thinking the last time we

were here, my dog Murphy had joined us, but

today is a memory I will cherish in my heart for

a long time, an adventure just for my pal

Brandy and me.

Written 6-8-11

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It's too early in the gray sky - from french

No one in this morning
The road is deserted,
It's too early under the gray sky,

The veins of my hands,
Salient hands on the wheel
The look Elevated

The white line scrolls,
The colored houses, fled,
Since the curves crossed,

Creeks glimpsed,
The white studs punctuate
the road, pedal to the floor,,

Not any  possible gesture
Just those, tiny,
Extending the machine

According to the gray ribbon
Powered by the wheels

Swallowing the consistency,
of traffic signs,
blurred by speed,

The craft carried by his power,
Shares my drunkenness ...

Almost brought a strength,
Internal and autonomous

The motor flexibility
It shiny metal body,
Discreet comfort inside ...

And suddenly ,this is
At the end of the turn,
This dog,

As an immobile sphinx,
His unexpected question,

The deflected trajectory,
Gravel under the tires,

The crazy slide,
Nothing controls it

Falling universe 
A jump above the parapet,
A single flight without return

Net stopped by an heavy shock
Cons below ...

A brief moment, I remember ,
The covering  waves,
Ebbing, breaking,

Again and again,
Distributing its foam
On the rocks ...

No one in this morning
The road is still deserted
It's too early in the gray sky.


Personne en ce matin,
La route est déserte,
Trop tôt sous le ciel gris,

Les veines de mes mains,
Saillantes,  mes mains sur le volant,
Le regard en plongée,

La ligne blanche qui défile,
Les maisons de couleur, enfuies,
Dès les courbes  franchies, 

Les criques entr'aperçues,
Les poteaux blancs rythment
le trajet, pédale au plancher,,

Plus de geste possible,
Que ceux, infimes,
Prolongeant la machine,

Suivant le ruban gris,
Propulsé sous les roues

Avalant la consistance,
des panneaux  de signalisation,
floutés par la vitesse,

L'engin porté par sa puissance,
Partageant l'ivresse...

Presque porté d'une force,
Interne et autonome,

Moteur en souplesse,
Carosserie brillante,
Confort intérieur discret ...

Et c'est  là soudain,
Au sortir du virage,
Qu'il y a ce chien,

Comme  un sphinx immobile,
Sa question imprévue,

La trajectoire  déviée,
Les gravillons sous les pneus,

La glissade folle,
Que rien ne contrôle,

L'univers qui bascule,
Le bond au-dessus  du parapet,
Un vol sans retour,

Stoppé net par le lourd choc,
En contre-bas...

Je revois un bref instant,
Les vagues les recouvrant,
Refluant, se brisant,

Encore et encore,
Distribuant son écume
Sur les rochers...

Personne en ce matin,
La route est encore déserte,
Il est trop tôt sous le ciel gris.


RC - mai  2014

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Dead Girl

Whose voice is that i think i know
Her voice is soft like the soft winds blow.
She skips with glee as she grows near.
Her skin is pale, as white as snow.

My dog beside me, finds it queer
To see her now after a year
Between two trees down by the lake.
The time she died was just last year.

My dog beside me starts to shake
To see this trick is a mistake
The tears that fall as i start to weep
Of deepest sorrows, my heart it aches

The feeling of grief it cuts me deep
But she will stay in my heart to keep
And as i cried i fell asleep
And as i cried I fell asleep

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Brandy Girl

That is what I call

her, my little Brandy girl,

love you baby, such a good

little dog, my best friend

in the world, my beautiful

little companion of mine

each night of the week

can find you resting so

deep in sleep by

my bed, during the

night your barking

awakes me, such a good

watch dog you are,

I get up, to find nothing there

but air in the wind or a falling

branch, but at times you have

barked at something that I saw.

Each morning I wake and there you are,

sleeping so soundly by my bed.

Feeling so good having you as my dog,

will enjoy these moments as long as I can

my dear Brandy girl.

written 4-24-11

about my dog Brandy a sweet Chow- Border Collie mix.
who i have had since 2004.

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He's half and half!
almost ten pounds!
He is the most,
annoying little freak!
He poops in the house!
and he wants to date our cat!
i hate him so much!
he annoys me greatly!
that little chiweaner dog!
half weaner dog!
half chiwawa!
he is the embodiment
of the word annoying!

5 Minute Challenge       5/11/2013

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Dog Watch

sleep disturbing wake up call
in the middle of the night
silence disturbed
a barking dog
sounds familiar
sounds just like ours
his sound bite clearly an alarm
reason for harm

habitual timid guy
on this dark moment of ours
he is the one
he guards his home
makes us feel safe
gives a reason
for being brave and go downstairs
and face his bears

not a frightening burglar
not the heat and threat of fire
no smelling gas
no misty smoke
nothing missing
nothing damaged
everything seems to be all right
what causes fright

our brave hero still barking
at nooselength and nearby
on the carpet
floundering thing
large and small legs
restless helpless
hypnotized by our barking dog
a frightened frog

©Ellie Daphne

Note: based on a true story
And the frog has been transported very carefully to a nearby ditch................

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Rexall Drug Store

As a child I spent hours
sitting at the old soda
fountain, drinking my
chocolate malt only
25 cents was the cost.

While old shep my
favorite dog of all
time waited patently
for me, while I read
all the comics on
the comic rack.

Little Lula was
my favorite, loved
her and Tubby and
all the adventures they

Walt Disney Comics and Stories
always had a three part story, which
met I always had to buy one each
month, loved Uncle Scrooge and
Donald Duck.

Old shep would wait outside
for me up to three hours, untied,
what a dog he was.  Loved this
old drug store, it was so cool
in the summer time with it's A.C.
felt so good to escape the heat.

From 1952 until 1956 this
was my safe Haven to go to
my old little world, I could leave
all of my troubles outside and enjoy
my self.

I would take shep a bowl of
water that the druggist gave me,
he would wag his tail, drink some
water, then he would give me a 
kiss with water dripping down his

Went back to Rexall Drug Store,
in 1990 and it was gone, no longer
could I go inside and refresh
my dear memories,
so will just have,

to store them in
my mind and remember
those beautiful days
of long ago.

wrote 8-24-08

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My dog lays 
snoaring loud 
          dreaming of bones
and tug of war.
and his snout out the window 

I lay awake
questioning and 
holding in a 

Killing myself

with a cigarette. 

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Sunny in Hocking Hills, Ohio

*Sunny at Hocking Hills, Ohio*

There he goes!
Dashing across the prairie like a hound dog
He is a lightning bolt
He is a wonder
He is my small white dog full of energy
Galloping across the tall rye grass with not a care in the world
We come here to relax and collect our thoughts
We come here to remove ourselves of the pressures of the world
A log cabin, steaks, historical movies and our dog
Sunny is the child we never had between us 
There he goes!
Dancing amidst the tulips and daffodils
That was a million years ago 
And now our lives are so different
Sunny craves his time away from home too
Now he goes in the back yard chasing squirrels and birds
Howling at the first hint of their arrival
He’s my little mixed breed
He’s my little thunder
Watch out animals in our yard
He is on the prowl
This incessant barking
This incessant howling
I simply open the back door and Sunny goes to town!

Gwendolen Rix

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A kaleidoscope of life swirls,
Rising and retreating,
The aura of its abundance joyously alive
With honeysuckle rabbits 
And the pine needle sweat of children.
All animate, a scent in the air,
Breathed on a lightening wind
Of creations God intended
But never got around to.

Rankness ascends to rhapsody
As freshly turned fields
Of soured milk and socks
Stoop to mock the dead fish
Floating by the docks,
Because it stinks of cheap cologne.

These sharp, shimmering images,
Their dance becomes diffuse. 
Then disappears.  
With the
Of the

Miraculous visions
Lost...then forgotten,
In the instant of my ecstasy
At the familiar scent of home.    

This poems origin sprang from curiosity about why dogs seemed to like hanging their head out of the car window so much.  It occurred to me that their sense of smell is so developed that they probably form mental images from the odors in the air and that the rushing wind must be like looking through a kaleidoscope to them.  Colors on top of colors or for them, perhaps, smell on top of smell, forming a rush of images until the car slows down - at home!

*Did you know a blindfolded dog can still identify individual rabbits?

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Strange Dogs

One day I asked  my Dad that "How dogs understand there Master's language??"

Dad said me "Its not like that, they understand there master's voice and they respond to that''.

I said to Dad  "Just think why dogs don't wear clothes like us ,they too would want to wear nice clothes like us??"

Dad said to me "Dear Son, they are animals and animals are not like us that's why they don't wear clothes''.

I then couldn't resist my Eagerness and told to Dad" But Why Not??"'Can't We Buy Clothes For Them'??

Dad giggled with my question and said me "My Boy, They Don't Wear Clothes and they are not like us''.

My heart wasn't getting convincing answers from   Dad,I couldn't resist my curiosity,

I again asked Dad, 'If we teach dogs how to study, then think how good it will be??''

Then they can help me to complete my homework .

Dad scratched his head and then his chin .

Dad said me 'son, they are animals and we are humans, thats why they can’t study like us".

I said "ohh, it’s such a shame for them".

Dad giggled and said me "Son you will understand when you will grow up".

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Our Pets

When God created this world He knew we'd love our pets...
And He gave us special doctors that we call Vets.

There seems to be a special place in many a heart...
Where only a pet can play a part.

They give us memories and fill our hearts with delight...
And they keep us company on a cold lonely night.

They love us, they test us and sometimes even help us heal...
And the excitement of pets in our lives seem to be part of God's will.

Thank you dear God for the family of pets...
I have wonderful memories and no regrets.

A dog or a cat or maybe a bird or two...
Raising a pet seems to be a smart thing to do.


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Planet Dizzy

"Maybe if I sit between her and her plasma screen she will just
 focus all of her attention on me.  There was just one thing wrong 
with that assumption,  I blend in with the area rug that her sister 
bought for her during Thanksgiving in this place called Texas.
I bark at the hikers as they pass our wall - sometimes they are 
walking their dogs on the trail.  When I get into those what she 
calls 'my barking fits' she says, 'Dizzy don't be rude... unless they 
are crawling over the wall, there is no reason that you should have 
such a loud bark for a little dog.'
Now, she is very careful who she lets pet me that's on account that 
I bit one neighbor who I'll call Bob ' the one who dared' he was trying 
to be nice but he didn't know that I had previous owners thus previous
 issues with men, and he didn't know that I have rather thin skin 
even though my fur is soft.  So as he was hunched down daring 
to pet me, I felt unsure about his display of affection and I bit him 
on the finger.  I guess lucky for my human that no blood was drawn.
She tells me everyday how good I have it.  It goes something like this, 'I
 kiss you, I put lots of blankies on you at night, I give you treats, 
I walk you about four times a day around the block sometimes 
two laps every session.'
As we walk she often says, ' you know a lot of other doggies don't 
walk as much as you - you know I spoil you - you should be happy.'
But she also tells me that I give her much love and happiness in return 
which makes her very rich indeed.
When she takes me out walking around our street and the weather 
is a miss - she says, 'Nothing fancy now just our regular.'  Which translates into either I'm freezing my rear off or it is way too hot.  
Signing off for now,

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Kill Room

Unforgiving cemented ground
Chaotic yearning echos 'round
Breathing seething sour fume
Hollow icebox makeshift tomb

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Bobby Jo Gets A Dog

Bobby Jo went downtown

to look for a dog, no dogs

to be found, she walked up

and down the street looking

for strays, none in sight.

She then took the # 44 bus

to the dog shelter, she really

needed a dog to keep her

company.  When she got to

the shelter, she heard them

say, sorry Bobby Jo, no dogs

here today, just cats and rabbits,

oh dear, oh my she told them

what would I do with a cat?

I sneeze my head off whenever

I get near them, and rabbits

are too messy to take care of.

Well they said try the Northbridge

shelter down on YoungFileld Drive,

oh me, oh my that is clear across town,

I will have to take the # 38 bus to get there,

but Bobby Jo you can't take dogs on

the bus, you can't she said to

them, why no you can't,

you will just have to get someone

to take you there and bring you home.

Well she told them I will just go see

what they have there.

Bobby Jo was on the bus

for almost an hour

the shelter was getting

ready to close down for the day.

She only had time to look 

for a short while, no small

dogs,no short dogs, or tiny dogs,

only big dogs, large dogs and huge dogs

is what they had.

So Bobby Jo went and caught the bus

and went home very discouraged.

She got off the bus and walked up to

her house and there on her door step

was this real little and very tiny dog

just sitting there in this small cage

with a note that said, Hi Bobby Jo

I heard you were looking for a tiny

dog, or even a very small dog, well

this dog is just right for you, his

name is Tiny and he

is a very good dog and

so well trained just for you.

So Bobby Jo had found a dog

that was just right for her,

and she was one happy woman

and so was her tiny dog

whose name really fit him.

written 6-22-11

This is my 5th in the Series of Bobby Jo Stories, going back to 2007

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He shuffles down the sidewalk, pushing his world before him
Plastic bags of treasures, societies discarded remnants  
With him walks a dog of suspect lineage, 
Tied to his grocery cart with a frayed piece of rope

Passers by give wide birth, diverting eyes to avoid his being
As if not looking will make him not be there
With eyes downcast, he pretends he does not notice
Hiding his hurt inside his rumpled clothes

He knows that he has all but been forgotten
Except by those that provide the gift of food
His life reduced to the humility of handouts
Hoarded to be shared with his faithful friend

At night they disappear into the shadows
Retreating to the camps that they call home
Surrounded by those that harbor like afflictions
Thankful to survive another day

He thinks about the days before the bottle
And the drugs that lifted him above the stress
He pats his dog as she lays down beside him
Without judgment, she is willing to accept

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
He will continue on the treadmill of despair
Hope is just a word without a meaning
As he tries to make it through another day

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the cry of a rooster

the cry of a rooster
carries the first sun-rays
over the hill into the day
streaming the rumble mumble
of the early morning rush
and the sound of school-bells
in children's voices

the neighbor's dog still barks
the kettle whistles, the birds sing
the cat winds itself around its tail
the kitchen calls for breakfast

a key to close the door
a key to open the gate
a key to start the car

in a controlled traffic jam
with drumming fingers 
watching nothing in particular
humming a song I don't really know
sipping coffee I brought from home

drive and stop and drive and slow
a liberating flush and loud honks
while my cell comes to life again 
with the cry of a rooster 

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he chews my rugs
he chews my shoes
he chews my patience
through and through

he chews my chairs
he chews my couch
he chews my sleep
by barking so loud

he chews my hat
he chews my books
he chews everything
except his untouched toys

like a kid at Christmas playing with the box
he chews and chews and chews
and chews right into my heart
with those big sad eyes
short wiggly tail

Kublai sits in my lap
he licks my face
and as i pet him on the head
he chews my hand
playful to the end

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My new passion is running even though I am older and out of shape
It has begun to grow on me like a sweet vine
It was torture at first and I even talked myself out of the first two miles
Then on the third mile I was home free
The best part of running is giving myself continual pep talks
I pray, solve life’s problems, and try and locate all the cute dogs in my neighborhood
One day a stray dog came and ran a half mile beside me
I named this lil fellow Angel Dog and he has maintained that name for the last four years
Today as I was running I saw a double amputee on the bike path ahead of me
His gait was smooth and steady as though he were born with those artificial limbs
I began to feel my right knee ache and swell and then I glanced over at him
He inspired me beyond compare!
One day in his life would make me appreciate my swollen knee
For at least I have a knee
His were sawed off above that point
He was my hero and as I saw him effortlessly advance toward the main road
Then a new energy emerged in me and I began to dash home
Never looking back to where I had run from
He gave me wind in my wings
He made me forget my pain
He reminded me that this exercising was not in vain
It strengthened more than my legs and gave me stamina
It strengthened my resolve in myself to be a better me

Gwendolen Rix

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I saw the coon dog
Crossing the road in front of me
Head hanging down
He moved suspiciously
Then, as I passed by him
My window down
He turned his head to look at me
A question in his dark eyes
Are you friendly, he asked
And I smiled, whispering under my breath
God bless your heart, sweet dog.
I so hope he found a good home.          

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I'm Waiting for you

I'm waiting for you.
I'm waiting here for you. 
I know you will return. 
You can't get lost.
The door is always open for you.
You will be back like you have before. 
I'm waiting for you. My puppy dog!

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(On the death of our pet Pomeranian)

Dearest Rani, where you have gone
Leaving all of us here, utterly forlorn
You were not a mere charming canine
For us, a veritable godsend, angel fine.

Your benign presence made us smile
And filled our lives with glee and shine
You were a source of joy in times of distress
For which we have no vocabulary to express.

We sought in your company joy bountiful
Which you showered in measures plentiful
You kept watch with alert eyes and ears
That scared to hell all unknown intruders.

You filled our home with your presence
Spreading joy and cheer in abundance
You identified yourself with one and all
And showered generously, love on all.

Your tender feelings and gentle caring
Removed all gloom with a cosy feeling
And your presence amidst us always
Brightened, our days with joy glowing.

How to cover your memory in a tiny page
For it is bound to run into an epic voyage
We, hence, lay down our pen, dear friend
Since our love for you shall never ever end.

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The world is crumbling around you
Everything you knew is gone
Your mummy and daddy
In graves a city away
Taken from you for no reason
Other than the anger of others
Hang on little one
There are lights in your future
You can see them in your eyes
In the eyes of the puppy you hold
Someday the anger will end
Your world will again be happy
But for now love your puppy
Hold it tight to your chest
Treasure it as you would your life
It will always be there for you
Filled with the love you lost
My dream is that you name it Hope
Because that is what you need right now
You need to hold onto Hope
As long as you can

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All Glory To Patience

I talked in a place where there is no dimension
 Or has many dimensions No; I did not talk;
 I read the instructions, no, not in a place
 but everywhere, in land , in space 
And those are   for me
 and   God knows very well
 that I flounder and break into  His rules
And  give twist and turn
 at my will  as I do not like His way
 of thrusting upon me
 so many cumbersome duties
 and erecting barricades which come
 in my way of getting gratified
 but what I see that I like ,too:
  a complete wonder 
and this is in His behaviour: 
His treatment to me;
 instead of getting angry 
  He continues to shower blessings 
 and pour mercy
 and gives me  lots of time
 so that I may repent
 for my rebellious deeds , in retaliation 
He does not   press the button or cut  the thread 
rather stands waiting with a bucket 
of promises of forgiveness,
 if I mend my ways :  
all glory to His  patience  ,
 I am slowly  drawing towards Him.   

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Armano Armano

Crooner one on one aloft the cupola          				           
Accolade acappella acappella                                                                               	  
Mr. chicken echoes a road island rue                                                     	              
Hound dog cryin all the time                                    			             
should a caught a possum   		      	 		                   
Then I wouldn’t be blue                   					      
A barney king dressed to the tooth                      			              
singing jail house rock monomania                                  			      
A mano  a mano swinging by his a marsupial grin      				     
Jail house bird echoes a road island rue                        		             
Hound dog cryin all the time                                                  		            
Should a caught a possum         					                 
Then I wouldn’t be blue                                                                                                  
For Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen poem contest theme on chickens Armano Aurocano Rock Star

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Complex . . . 

You look at me with the saddest eyes
You listen hard to my replies
You answer when I call your name
You sleep, you eat, you never complain
I love you, yes I really do 
I love to spend my time with you
You brighten up my every day
I’m glad you’re here, here to stay
The only thing that bothers me
Is when you wag your tail so free
I thought it love, but can it be
If you wag for every one you see
I think I’m beginning to recognise
That sad, sad look is your disguise
I don’t know you, no not at all
I’m just a sentimental fool 
As each day you teach me
How complex a dog like you can be.

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A dog with a thick creamy white coat
Sounds lickicious
You know for lick
As in ice cream lick
Distinctive ruff
And tightly-curled tail.

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                     The turkey is in the oven and the sink is steaming clean
                    the cat is on the bed while the dog is in just another room 
                    there are two guests in the house with another on the way 
                    and the phone is ringing nearly every fifteen minutes

                       One brother is playing with the dog while the other guest is reading
                     Mother is on the phone and I am sitting at my desk praying quietly
                     The squirrels are running through the wet leaves from tree to tree
                     while the cat is snoozing and the strays are absent for the day

                     The  turkey has over three hours to bake and one pie has been cut
                 The other items are being made one by one while the table is set the     
                 lights are up on the house waiting to be turned on and the only birds 
                 are a clock 
                  It's Thanksgiving and giving is good even when it happens to be 
                  gratitude-  Happy Thanksgiving to all "and to all a good" season!

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Perrito lindo
carinoso munequito
tus ojitos maroncitos
uliminan mi alma
tu sonrisa me alegra
ladra munequito
mueve tu colita
juega con tu pelota
corre con tus piernitas
acariciame con tu lenguita
calientame con tu cuerpito
tu coranzito quiere tanto
animalito chiquito
eres un muy lindo

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Crish-Crash Kaboom

Little children running around - splash went the fish bowl! Bonk went the table. All the food went on the floor! My dog was like a vacuum, slurping up a storm. "Run as fast as you can!" And the children ran ran ran all the way home. Aunika Alch Age 11

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A Hot Dog Puppy To Go

Hot dog puppy
Like a wiener
With four legs
You move like a centipede
Quicker than your mistress	
Running for the last leaf
However, you keep pace with
Her every stride

Hot dog puppy
Walks the tracts 
Looking like a barbecued
Wiener, black on top and
Brown on the bottom
However, like a centipede
In a race, you keep pace with
Her every stride

Hot dog puppy
Looks to the right, left
Explores her path
Like a night owl above
Searching for a evening meal
However, like a centipede’s
One-hundred legs, your four legs
Keep pace with her every stride

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We only get one life that soon will pass

Through business what's done is done
The completeness is secured
Through a slight of hand and cunning compromise plan
When will we understand?

Business was never intended for the lazy nothing ever crazy

Days in violent craze slight haze living in a maze
One in twain marked out on its viable page intact
Some even have a heightened tendency to over react;
It's a dog eat dog cut throat of an existence

Must lead by example & that takes persistance
Marked on its blotted page yet clearly intact
Working too hard can give anyone an instant heart attack

Keep your friends close & enemies that much closer;

Through time well spent in thought by which to ponder
Perhaps even a distant call up a yonder?
Gone our the days as in the 80's in restless ways
Today we live in fear as if it's the most vibrant choice?

The distance to help squander its exploits up a yonder;
A heart through which to cover the torment laced in terror
With what time one accomplishes today
Will someday become evident then echoed throughout all of eternity's sway

Live each day in such a personal way
lazy diamonds studded dismay
Peace to all who will safely oblige
Through the vast noise of the stereo safely oblige

Thank God I'm still alive !

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Stumpy Cigarettes

Getting to know him isn’t easy
He’s got a corse soul 
Perhaps he’s taken one too many dog bites 
Perhaps life threw him a curve ball too soon. 

But when he speaks
Everyone values his opinion
He’s got no idea how much weight are behind his words
When he speaks
Everyone values his opinion 
He’s a problem solver
a dog charmer 
got no idea how much weight are behind his words.

I used to think his grumpiness was funny
or worse-
I used to think it was a directed at me. 
Every now and then he’ll open up.
Like a stumpy cigarette hanging off the tips of his tough lips. 
He’ll let it slide.  

he’s actually quite sentimental 
he’s actually quite a fragile soul. 
He does best to protect what’s raw and rare-
from the snakes who tear us away from home.

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Gumboot heroes
splashing in the rain
two caped crusaders
bring the challenge on

wagon wheels in their pockets
a nickel buys the day
hide and seek
the adventure that we play

double dog dare ya
to be as brave
…as me

a budding buccaneer 
swathed with yellow gumboots
a princess with a tiara demands purple 
but then she is only four

stand by you forever
spit and hope to die
your word is your bond
what else do you have to give

double dog dare ya
to jump as high
…as me

no puddle ever too deep
no dream ever too far
a promise is a promise
don’t ja know don’t ja know

two untouched treasures
priceless trust and  innocence
best friends forever
what else would best friends
…possibly be


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You fly your flags at half mast.
It make us feel right
to mourn our mistakes in life
Never let your flag reach full mast.
otherwise you forget what is a wrong thing.
Rather it be to resent your past and
Never succeed in this dog for dog world.

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I am posting this poem I wrote about my dog Lady (who has since gone to Heaven) since it is National Dog Day.  I got her when she was six months old and had she lived a few more months she would have been 18 years old. 

ah, there is such beauty in lady's soft sweet eyes 
i swear God take me if it isn't so 
i see in them a bit of heaven 
a fleeting glimpse of you 

but God if there's no heaven 
(although i doubt that this could be) 
then let me go where lady goes 
when her days on earth are through 

it's true i've loved her more than most 
of the people i have known 
but she's been more true than 
my truest friend and 
a comfort through the years 

i never dreamed a dog could be 
all that she's meant to me 
so, i pray dear God 
take everything from me 
but leave me my sweet lady 

her fur is still so soft to the touch 
though she's getting on in years 
she's aged so well no one can tell 
she's lived a dozen years 

ah, lady's given me such pleasure 
i can't imagine us apart 
so dear Lord the day that 
you must take her will be the day 
that my heart breaks 


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dog trap

s/he got a new dog &
like many dogs before it,
it shed & it jumped up on the
sofa, the comfy chair in the
living room, etc.---
in regards to the prior dogs in
her/his life, s/he had 
“suffered” the hair deposits,
the smell of dog, be it dry or
wet, and the rest of the
litany of petty problems 
which dog owners will claim
when going to great lengths
to tame & beat their happy dog
into submission---
one day,
s/he came up with an idea
as to how to get the dog off the
chair & the sofa---
s/he got up early in the morning,
wrapped the chair in a sheet &
then subsequently wrapped that 
sheet in electrical tape, masking 
tape &
that really sticky gray duct tape,
all with the adhesive side facing up---
after the chair was engulfed in tape,
s/he left the house &
went to work.

low & behold,
when the once-frustrated dog owner
returned to her/his abode that evening,
there was a whimper coming from the
living room---
the dog, a shaggy dog whose resemblance
to a frayed towel 
was uncanny,
had gotten itself stuck on the tape &
the pulling of its hair in the attempt to escape
the tape-engulfed chair,
was too much for the poor dog,
who had been undergoing the pain for
who knows how long---
the satisfied owner
talked conceitedly to the dog,
asking it what the problem was
(as if the poor dog had any idea what
this horrible human was babbling) &
then got down on her/his knees to
help the dog from the trap that had
worked out just the way the owner
suspected that it would,
because the dog never set foot on the
chair or the sofa again.

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can I sing a song about you

Can I sing a song about you
Can I sing a song telling them about you 
Can I tell them how cute you are?
Can I tell them how i feel
Can I tell them how we cuddle 
Can I sign this song?
Telling them how i love you my dear 
Can this song be only yours
Can I sing only for you my pet dog?

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Deep black dirt

These lonesome city streets won’t keep this old dog down,
He’s tired and he’s hungry,
Deep black dirt against his brow,
His troubles and his nightmares keep his head beneath the clouds.
This worn out pair of feet,
They walk all over town,
He’s looking for his dinner,
This old dog can’t settle down.
They tried to raze and burn him,
Burn this old house to the ground.
He used to be the joker of the town,
There aint nobody laughing now.

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Separation anxiety

I’ve taken too many steps
Too many sleepless nights
In my boots
Next to my bed
With no one to say
Goodnight to
Nor to me
And said goodbye
Too many times
To those I’ve loved
And charished
So dearly
So deeply
Now departed
I’m yet to move on

These are lives lived inside boxes
In homes
Lives moved into boxes
Out of homes
Into dark alleys
Of miserable existence
Into boxes
Six feet under
Into the past tense
For a new home
Without a choice,
A permanent home
A deep dark hole
Buried whole
Far from home
Victims of circumstance

Come back home
Remember the warmth
The lush vegetation growth
The protective voice
Of a collective noise
Around the home
The love, 
The laughter
Of children playing
Of birds singing
Of your favourite dish
Of the palatable fresh smell
Of food and drink
A frothed mug o’ coffee
So much caring
Of a dog's affection

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Now, That He's Gone

I didn’t think I would miss him, and I was right.
There are brown spots in the yard where
I scalped it with the lawnmower,
I don’t care, it’s just grass 
and it grows to fast anyway.
He would have been sure to point
that out to me if he’d been here.
I can fix that hole in the fence now
that his old dog won’t be coming
through it to beg scraps.
I am not going to miss
that old dog either. 
And I sure won’t miss 
that bad hair cut he wore for years.
I’m glad I won’t have to laugh 
at his poor old worn jokes anymore.
I won’t miss having to show him 
how to play dominos, or work 
on his old beat-up car, or
fix his worn-out tiller before 
we replant that garden in his back yard.  
I will miss them tomatoes thou,
now that he’s gone.

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September dripped hot winds
through the screen door.
The floor sticky from the
slap, slap, of bare feet on tile
parading back and forth
to the fridge for ice.
The dog hides in shadows,
side plastered to the cool 
sticky tile, tongue limp
and touching the floor.
I expect him to rise slowly
and be startled as his tongue
stays behind, glued to the tile,
but it doesn't happen.
We all move slowly, in sweat stained 
tee shirts and shorts.
No place is comfortable to sit.
The dog was right in his choice.
Would he growl if I walked over
and pushed him from his
spot and took his place, 
my tongue hanging to the tile?
Tonight the smell of eminent
rain slides through the screen.
I'm looking forward to it.
Make it a rain so hard the
puddles form in minutes, 
with big drops that plunk
down on the street, lawn, cars
and beat the tile roof to shards.
A rain that more than settles
the dust, greens the lawn,
one that chokes the manhole
as it tries to gulp all it can
only to spew it upward and
out for the traffic to by-pass.
I want a rain that will drench
the heart, cool the skin,
and irrigate the mind,
washing the crust of soot
that clogs my thoughts
and makes the heat hurt 
my brain.
I want a rain that will
clear the soul as it digs
grooves across the lawn.
A rain with a beat so loud that
trains whistle to let it pass.
And on the morning after,
clear blue skies
with a puff of white cloud
and a smell of fresh
laundered earth,
glistening until the sun's heat
dry it, and we begin again.

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Driving at Dusk

How did I get here
why am I on this highway I don't remember why
why would I drive to Denver
what does the sign say up ahead Coeur D'Alene
that means I'm going north
that's good right, tell me north is good
when do I turn when do I go east when do I turn right?
this highway I know it been here before been here so many times
don't remember when don't remember why
when did they put in those switchbacks I wouldn't have come this way
if I'd known they were here would have taken a different route
drive rough dog in my lap he doesn't like switchbacks doesn't like drive
it's ok I say I pet his head soft as a puppy's
at the bottom it's gravel the road stops I have to get out nowhere to go
where do I go when the road runs out the dog pulls away I say stop don't pull
my stomach hurts getting worse why does it hurt so bad
and where are you going baby baby baby wake up
wake up he says it's all over it's over they got it all
he's leaning over me, they got it all it's benign you're good it's all good
my stomach hurts I said they give me morphine
I was dying I tell him I saw it I was driving there I remember I've seen it before
how could I see it before how could I know it so well because I don't know it at all
he looks away, dream about death all you want baby he says but you're going to live
good enough for me I said don't want to remember but where's the dog
I reach for him he's not there, been on the other side six years now
but not, I think, tonight

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The thin gray man 
pulled his truck to the
edge of the greenest part of
the field
behind the church.

He adjusted his cap
then carefully unloaded 
the plastic fences, 
marking poles, 
and the orange traffic cones 
in the middle of the field.

With calculated moves, he had set out
the apparatus
to prepare his dog for
the upcoming trials 
a short
time away.

Adjusting each item,
checking their position and height
just so, 
pacing off the space
between the cones and white stakes
measuring here and there 
to be sure.

His black and white Afghan
jumped out.
The dog followed his signals
and moved
over and around
the folding fences, 
weaved through the
orange cones, 
jumped the hurdles and
got a treat and
and encouraging word
each time it was right.

The rain came suddenly
but neither the man nor
his dog neglected their 

The next day, at the same time,
almost exactly,
he returned.
This time
with a tall, shiny, black poodle.
The routine was a little different.
The poodle 
more advanced, quickly
ran the gates and wove its way through the cones.

Each received their reward in time.
The man, filled with pride.
The dogs 
filled with 
soft praise 
and biscuits.

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One Time in a Thousand

As I put the dog in the cage,
a single thought is in my head.
I whisper it outloud, 
no one but the dog hears it
"I know how it feels".

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Last night when the dog was barking.

Last night when the dog was barking
I looked outside and saw no one
Yet all through the night that dog did not sleep
And I know it was no longer hunting me
Even when the sun shines
Earth has more dark than light
In its dark caves
In deep forests, in the bed of ocean floors
All these places are in the human heart
My dog smells the shadows coming through them
The invisible conspiracies against God and the poor
He was once in bed with them,
This dog, and knows a little more
Than meets the eye
So even gravity I no longer will trust
He is a friend of a friend of Columbus.

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The Miscarriage

It would have been appropriate to tell
The good news to a peacock
But I told the turkey instead
"I am getting a little brother"
The turtle doves seemed glad for me
Cooing like turtles I thought at the time
The cat seemed disinterested
Purring solitary in the windowsill
The dog suddenly looked at me
Pushing the ball to my feet
“Jumping steroids,” I thought, looking at the Jack
My friend came over and I told him
"Mother is bringing home our baby”
Belinda now present seemed glad for me
She brought a blanket for him
"I needled it with my own hands," she bragged
Cooing like the doves I knew she was a sweet girl
Turtle face and wise my friend warned me
"She is out to get you, she only wants to get cute with you
Little babies you see?”
"Jealously makes you ugly," I screamed at him
And chased him out of the yard
That afternoon mother returned home without a baby
She cried like a peacock and I inquired back like a turkey
The doves got so distraught by the news
That they pushed their harvest of life out of the nest
The cat smiled and the dog fell asleep on the carpet
My friend wanted to collect me
Shooting birds but I said, "not now buddy"
Belinda looked at me and she was so cute with an idea I entertained
"Let us make a baby for Mother "

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but not as tired as my dog
who has slept
for a week

vet late
and cannot wake dog

vet tired...
I offer him soft sofa


Contest - Any Old Poem, No. 4

Sponsor - SKAT A

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implications of a grieving dog

her friend showed her a picture of
a grieving dog---it’d been roaming
round the net apparently &
when he did, the look on his own
face was sad to begin with,
for the scene of the dog laying on 
the floor flat in front of the coffin, 
was one that brought about the
propinquity of the possible deaths
of those older than him whom he
loved dearly (for in the moment
looking at the picture, the relation
between the grieving dog created
anxiety regarding the ensuing
months & years of grievance to
come, if as a human, one has ever
loved at all---this is where the 
healthy inevitably lose) & when
she saw it she turned her head 
quick, as if she’d seen a car accident
in the making, slowly pulling her
head back after a pause to look at
her friend, saying without words
“why did you show me this?”

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The Memory Box

The days of my youth is over,
but I have stored my memories
in a memory box.

Today I opened the box,
so carefully and looked inside,
there at the kitchen table,

sat my dear grandma having her
morning coffee, I said hi grandma
she said Jimmy Foulk so glad

to see you, do you want some
breakfast?  I said sure, and we
ate until we were full,

grandma I love you so,
but have to go now, see
you on Sunday.

I walked down the street
on East Street in Grinnell Iowa,
and there on the front porch,

was my dear old shep
the dog who I loved so
tail wagging, he greeted me,

kissing my face like
never before, and I hugged him
like I had never hugged a dog before,

uptown at Rexall Drug store,
I saw a nine year old boy
who I knew was me,

I said hi son, any good
comic books?  The boy
said sure, this one is real good,

I looked him over knowing
that this boy had a life time
of growing up, said my

goodbyes and left,
opened door to
memory box,

and left knowing that
there would be other
days to visit my memory box.

wrote 8-3-08

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A Young Boy's Dog

For a young boy in
1951 things were not
going right.

School friends I had
none, had no one
to turn to.

Knew that my dad
had a great collie
named shep.

Loved this dog
so, as he loved
me, even more.

I had been down
to my dad's farm
many a time,

shep and me
would play
on and on for hours
and more.

One glad day
my dad paid
my mom and
me a visit,

said how would
you like to have
shep for your
to keep?

My mom said
yes and I of course
became the happiest
kid in the world.

Not knowing all
the fun that this
dear dog and I
would share
for many a,

year nor many
this loveable
friend would give me.

wrote 8-27-08  NOTE HERE
        Dad gave shep to me because he said
that he was a chicken killer and an egg sucker he told me,
that once a dog did that you could never break them. and if i didn't take shep
he would have to have him killed. Many years later I did break shep of these things. My
dad could not believe it. He told me shep must be one special dog.  
You know what dad, He was.

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Woman's Best Friend

Kittens, birds, rabbits, ferrets and an occasional frog
All were quite welcome and had their part
But nothing takes the place of a dog

Since I was little I never went long
Without having a dog in my home
For no matter whatever you could say of the rest
With a dog you will never go wrong

A German Shepherd named Rocky
Was a favorite pet of mine
I owned him during a grievous time
But this dog seemed always to know
His eyes would gaze so deep in my soul
And his head on my knee made me whole

Never in all my life had I lived alone
And sometimes there would be fear
But I was always reassured to know
I was safe whenever Rocky was near

My youngest would lay on his belly
And they’d fall asleep in the sun
I knew the first time he laid eyes on this dog
A new love affair had begun

What can you say when a dog
Still has so much of your heart
It matters not he’s been gone for so long
My love for him will never depart

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To My Dear Sister Sundance

I have a dog story that is special to me because I
believe it could be a inspiration to someone else. I had just moved in to
Savannah GA. I was just getting ready to move to a new school as the summer was
starting to end. This school was a public school and overwhelming so I was
struggling with depression because I was not doing well at that school. Well
everyday when I came home I would sit at the top of the stairs and look out the
window. My Sundance, a beautiful tiger stripped color boxer. We got her around
6 months old before we moved. So everyday after school she would put her paws
on my shoulder. At sit and listen to my bad days at school. Well that next year
I moved to a private school and I was a lot happier. At times when something
went wrong she would be there to listen. She had such a gentle spirit that made
me so attached. Well my last year of school was really good but when it came to
my graduation day I heard bad news about my dog. She had lymphoma which is a
type of cancer. Well she still had the full gentle and cheerful spirit. I had
so much hope that she was sure to get better. She went to stay with my grandma who
is a vet. She said she will see what she can do. After about three weeks in
time my dad said there was nothing she could do. The summer came of 2013, we
moved to Florida and we had to stay at camp for the summer. My dog only had
about three to four weeks to live. I was working at camp hoping she would be
better soon. I would go see her every now an then just to say “how are you’ I
started to notice that the cancer was getting worse to the point where she
could not walk anymore because her paws were hurting.. Then the time came we
had a family meeting that it was time to say good-bye. To this day I can still
feel her paws on my shoulder when I’m sad. But she was the closest I has to a
sister. I miss her so much!

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I have a black Lab-a dog named Moe..
He's mixed with something..what? I don't know.
When he's hungry, he'll stare, maybe even glare-
until I reply"I'll be there"!

I have a black Lab-named Moe..
Who follows me wherever I go.
When he's sleepy, he'll tap, jump upon my lap-
until I reply"Take a nap"!

This dog that I have named Moe..
Oh, how I love him so...
Yes, it's Moe I come home to,  say"I love you"
He replies "WI..Wove...Wou"...too!

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One Winter Morning

 Wind passes at high velocity, snow flakes stick to a cold, frosty ground. Dressed from head 
to toe, I'm warm in my attire. Timberland boots, two sweaters (hooded to protect my head), 
with an Addidas skully cap. As I walk, the footsteps left behind vanish, covered by the newly 
fallen flakes. Above my head I notice the branches in passing, covered,  colored powder 
white. I blink, my eyes take a printed snap shot into memory.

 A thin coat of black ice line the streets, slick, invisible to the human eye. I hear the sounds 
from struggling tires, looking to the left I see an SUV fishtailing, brakes failing, then slides 
into a guard rail. A stray dog walks slowly, crossing my path, shivering in this blistering cold. 
The dog stops at my feet, standing, trying to collect whatever heat leaves my body.

                              My lips are chapped, fingers are numb,
                                  my feet feel like heavy ice cubes.
                                     to bad I had to walk outside
                                           this One cold Winter 


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Golden Retriever Puppy Poem

Oh this dog I see, 

So small and blonde,

Reminiscent of a boy long gone,

So eager to please,

And happy all the time,

Cute and lovable,

And then they start to grow,

Cute puppy becomes big dog,

Little boy becomes big man,

Cute to cute,

Cute to homely,

Dust to dust,

Ashes to ashes,

This puppy dog grew up,

Into a beautiful young dog,

But the boy, hardly grew up at all,

Did he?

Only a shade of cuteness,

Long gone and past by the boy,

He is a man now he is grown,

But in mind is he not still,

That little boy who wished only,

To please, and be loved unconditionally?

Does he not deserve the love,

That the little puppy dog gets,

 Even now he’s a big doggy lad?

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Goodbye Teddy

Goodbyes, they seem to consume me
Too often in my life
People are departing and friends moving on

And yesterday was another
To a friend that I loved
Who loved me back 
That I know.
And my hurting is so great
Like I have lost a child
And the tears flow freely
As I hold on to memories.

He was my dog,
And you might laugh
He was my friend
And he had my heart
He was so faithful
And he never complained
He was a part of me
I’ll never be the same

He was getting old
And his legs where failing
Sometimes he would fall
And he couldn’t get up
He would bark for me
To lend him a hand
And with that smile in his eyes
He would thank me again.

I didn’t want him to suffer
And I didn’t want him gone
The decision was so hard
I kept putting it off and on
But then came yesterday
And I knew that it was too long
And I wasn’t being fair
To leave him was wrong

I called him and he came
And I put him in the car
And I took him to the vet
He just trusted me so much
He followed along
Just like a lamb
I wonder if he knew
Just what I had planned

I told the vet 
What I wanted done
He said it was for the best
The dog was not very strong
He took out his shaver
And he clipped off some hair
Then bought out the needle
With green stuff in there
He checked with me once
And asked if I was right
I nodding my head
Didn’t trust my voice 
And slowly and carefully
He slipped in the point
And pressed on the plunger
And the green stuff went home

That dog did not whimper
Not any sound at all
He lay there so trusting
He looked like a saint
Then suddenly he slumped 
And the needle was spent
The vet checked his heartbeat
And said it was gone.

I loved him, I loved him
And I miss him so much
I hope that his happy
In the new world that his at
No more pain for that dear dog
No more fear 
No more falls
No more thunder to scare him
No more pain in his joints
No more visions he can’t see
No more sounds he can’t hear
No more knowing in this world
He can’t do what he could.

I love you my Teddy dog
You where such a good friend
And I wish you the very best
In this new world where you’ve gone
I hope you’ll forgive me
For the end that you had
And hope that you know Ted
I loved you so much.


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See Spot and Jane and Boy

See Spot and Jane and Boy 
See Spot and Jane and Boy 
See Jane 
see Jane feed the dog 
she fills the bowl with love 
See Boy see how Boy is jealous 
She loves the dog 
She loves Boy 
He just has to wait his turn. 
See Spot eat. 
See Jane learn to love them both. 
Every one Spot and Jane and Boy needs love. 

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got up
 got ready for work
gathered the trash
took it out
dragged the can to the curb
defrosted the chicken
made the dog breakfast
put dinner the crock pot
emptied the dishwasher
filled it up
cleaned the counters
made my lunch
fed the dog
took the dog out
in the crate
took son to the doctor (1/2 hour)
drove home (1/2 hour)
dropped off son
muttered encouraging words
helped look for coffee
stopped for dog love
got gas
ate my lunch on the way to work (10:35 AM)
(another 1/2 hour) 
NOW I can go to work - the day "begins"

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Eiger counter

Eiger counter

"Don't throw the baby out with the bath water," please the water was clean after 
father and mother and the water was better than ever even after the brother but 
when eye took my bath the poor baby was lost they looked in the drain but poor 
baby was gone there forever. The moral is kept as a memorial there does not 
toss out the clean water.
A coward dies a thousand times but a hero dies but once and a man who lives 
much like a DOG is always spit upon but to be a dog still tied to the living is more 
to be desired than heroing  because the bible says a man who lives is better 
than the dead. 
We will get married in JUNE no we will marry in JULY or even MAY is better 
because the ewe is born the first time in the month of May showers and what’s in 
JULY well the CHARLAX was born and bred.
Bread was given out according to status. Workers were given the burnt bottom of 
the loaf, the family got the middle and guests got the top or the "upper crust."
The loaf of bread is still the status but now the homeless man gets his loaf 
without the burnt part on. Eye am now the uppermost crust.
Making the batter up planting the leaven worth leaving the center for mye family 
Pease and thankzx ewe one and all for peas given do not thaw until the fall from 
vine refine the peas and make a handful last for days.
This is why the nursery rhymers’ fortold:
Peas porridge hot, peas’ porridge cold, pea’s porridge in the pot nine days old." 
Enter laughing.
It was a sign of wealth that a man could "bring home the bacon." They would sit 
around with guests, cut off a bit of pork and "chew the fat."  Then they would toss 
the ole pigskin.
Play leap pig again. Slop the children. Smoke the hambone and root in the cellar.
What a feller this poet seems at work. He has a eiger counter at his home.

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One Hand Is A Hook

The fog has moved in,
The night is so dark.
Where do I begin?
Not a good night for the park.

The moon behind the cloud,
The dog did bark,
Then silence nothing loud.
Why are you in the park?

Be careful where you walk,
Be careful where you stand.
Don’t be there at twelve o’clock,
I know this fact firsthand.

This is when he arrives,
This is when you run,
This is when someone dies,
This is not much fun.

They say he is a giant,
Makes other men look small.
Maybe even ancient,
Be careful do not stall.

Get out as fast as you can,
Don’t take a second look,
For he is a madman,
One hand is a hook.

For some they are lucky,
For some they met their fate,
For some took the alley,
For them you need not wait.

Now heed what I say,
Stay out of the park,
And maybe another day,
You will hear the dog bark.

But if you think I‘m crazy,
And are the brave kind,
Be sure to breath in deeply,
For it might be the last time.

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Santa Nella

Our first trip down the valley
without the old dog. We’ll stay at Motel 6, 
our home away from home, a place 
that welcomes pets.

Remember the time, on a different schedule, 
we stopped here mid-afternoon
to let the dog run among tumbleweeds and wind, 
safe from traffic on the motel-side 
of a chainlink fence.

The old dog did his business, 
then took off at a ragged trot for “his” 
motel room: small rented space 
full of the scents of strangers

and maybe a hint of our own scent, left over 
from the last trip. His scent, too; 
a bit of his brief life spent.
We called and called, our voices
almost lost to an old dog 
ready to lie down.

Tonight we’ll stay at Motel 6.
We’ll listen to traffic on the other side
of chainlink fence, and a wind 
that’s full of scents
and woofs and voices.

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insomnia and the scratching of a dogs belly

insomnia & the scratching of a dog’s belly 

the sun is rising regardless of one’s feelings on the subject &
though the night has brought no rest, no relief & clearly
no satisfaction,
one walks out into the living room where the dog is sleeping soundly 
as he always does
drifting away into some dream state that has got to be more amusing than
staring awake at the wall, waiting for work to scream back
all the sweet nothings of a life growing shorter by the days &
an exhaustive way of going about it,
still, the dog awakes
looking up through the broken light bits of the daybreak 
bearing beautiful eyes & 
a comfort that only such loyalty can provide,
with tail wagging (pounding against the floor) 
and the sideways slump of his lips & teeth mashed into the carpet
with a yawn here &
a yawn there---
wanting to know the secret,
laying down on the floor next to the dog,
the arm crawls up his belly and itches as
the tail wags more rhythmically &
he rolls halfway over 
to allow for the covering of more belly area for
though the eyes will not close &
the mind runs rampant with worry, anxieties & all the
horrible mental trappings of human
the dog settles for the belly scratch,
content to get some more sleep when the human leaves
content to rest himself on the carpet
content to lick arms & hands in appreciation &
even if 40 winks are so very very far away
it can sorta’ make up for it
if ya let it.

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Sleeps in Sleeps

I slept,
as if I was a dog kept,
sleep was long and deep,
in future,past and present it peeped,
I worked hard and slept,
in my sleep,
as if I was a dog kept,
sleeping inside sleep was not new,
but I slept inside second sleep,
again working like logging woods,
and slept,
again like a dog kept,
I do not know how many sleeps made me sleep with in,
But I was in coma,
and behind layers of sleep,
it was like a fog web,
that had crawled all over,
and wept,
a jerk made me wake up,
the web collapsed,
and reality came in focus all wrapped.

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the missionary

crouching down to 
“get on the same level” as the child standing before her/him,
with one hand brushing away a few flies that have
nestled themselves in the hair of the kid
as the sun beats down 
burning & burning, for the child at this time
wears no sunscreen, wears no shirt,
standing there almost completely naked---
struggling to understand the broken language
spewing from the missionary’s mouth,
s/he realizes, even at such a young age,
that this person probably spent a year at best
learning the language native to this part of the world &
what they did learn to say,
outside the common everyday functional phrases,
were words, sentences & translation of the
“holy scripture”
so as to form the basis here for a
“christian way of life”
in a land of complete & utter poverty, disease, unbridled warfare &
outright chaos. 

what babbling gobbledegook must seem to flow
from the mouth of the eager missionary 
(as the child sees the lips move)
wanting to get another notch in their belt,
while at the same time feeling as if they are doing a good thing,
that they are living the way that a fictional character in a book supposedly written
thousands of years ago
would have them do---
it must be like when a dog comes to the kitchen
licking its lips,
wanting nothing but to be fed
the owner babbles baby-dog talk to them
ruffling their fur with hands &
itching the belly,
then, with treat in hand,
dangles it in front of them
literally asking them to beg,
roll over, jump up, or
sit like a good dog should.

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Too Full Of Love

Brandy is a loveable kind of dog,
she demands attention, even
more than any dog deserves.

When anyone is lying on
the floor, she will come over
and sit on your head, arm or wherever
she feels like sitting.

You pat her on the head,
give her loving hugs,
then you stop, barking
begins, until you love her some more.

Her fur is a deep black color, so
shiny, her tail never stops wagging,
she has too much love in
her, for any dog to have.

She tries to give it all
away, but that is not
going to happen, she
is just too full of love.

wrote 8-21-08

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Lost Soul

The evil incantations that spew from my mouth
has but concentrated venom embedded deep within
striking down I turn my wit upon
my verbal assualts have wounded many
and for that I am sorry as sorry can be
but scorpions only know how to sting
you can train an old dog new tricks
but I'm no dog I am a lone wolf
a wolf on the prowl for his nightly supper
with fangs sharp enough to penetrate rubber
perhaps I am salvageable
mayhap this lost soul of mine can be found
and then from my sins I ashall rebound.

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Dog training

teaching the dog to be obediant
teaching the dog to walk pretty
teaching the dog to let go of a ball
just part of every dogs police training
your conspiracy for people and pets
every pet owners responsibility
awards and badges at the police academy dog show
walking her through the streets

friendly as pie
barks at a scent
if your not sure why
i'll walk by again
seven times the dog upset
not at another dog
tip of the day to keep drug dealers away
no one likes barking dogs
and it truly wouldn't be your fault

Dog trained to protect and serve
knows how to hunt in case i get lost
she can smell fresh water
and with her charisma i can go on
every dog owners responsibility
if you would like to keep such dangerous pets
train them to protect your children
and just take note of the bark
to leave anonymous comments

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Monroe The Hero

Monroe's brown eyes
never left the swings
as high as the kids went
as high as they swang
He swam and dove
like a duck, like a boy
his brown fur glistening as he shook in the sun
he ate peanut butter sandwhiches
watched 1000 movies
sat with sick children
even played Barbies
oh he was a saint
just some love
and dog food
and clean water
sometimes a cookie
put me in the car
take me on vacation
sit me on the porch
I'm yours forever.

* dedicated to all of us in dog love, and to a family hero

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My Pal Murphy

My best friend is a dog named Murphy,
he has been by my side now for eleven
loyal years.

Murphy is such a strange dog,
lovable, but strange,
when a person gets the hiccups
people say boo, to get them to stop,
Murphy hates it when we get them.

So he starts to shake like crazy,
of course when we say boo,
it is even worse.

Never seen a dog get so ashamed
when he is praised, he puts his
paw out to you, he thinks he's
being punished.

Every time Murphy meets a new person,
he also puts out his paw to greet them.

He is scared to death of moths,
so when you say the word,
he starts to shake, he is
one strange dog.

Smartest dog I ever saw,
he knows who we are, so
even before we walk in
the door, if you mention
our names and say were
home, he will start to bark.

He may be one strange dog,
but he's my pal, love him
with all my heart and
would not trade him
for all the money in
the world.

wrote 8-6-08

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The Dog

The Dog 
I am a dog now tied to all the living 
not a sumo wrestler or even a boxer 
i am not a mighty man 
i am a base thing yes a thing despised 
wormy and depressed 
poor with or without sores 
wearing whatever i can find 
eating food but drinking no more wine 
i just do not have the time or inclination 
to keep money in my pocket 
to be burried with 
i am just a myth 
a person to be handled 
handle it 

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Old Mother Hubbard's Night

“Stop that scratching!” she yelled,
As the dog was trying to say something 
at the door.
“What do you want from me,
I just sat down,
Could you really want any more?”
“Rough, rough” replied the dog
As he sat and begged,
Though nothing in return.
“What is it boy? Why so nuts?
For what is it do you yearn?”
At that very moment 
the dog rose its paws
and turned to look at the cupboard.
In that very second
The elderly woman
Got up and surely muttered,
“Damn dog, always wanting a bone,
I never get any rest!
I can never just sit and relax!
Damn, got up for nothing,
The cupboard is bare!”

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Who Needs Grandchildren?

I'm taking him to concerts out there on the lawn
have to sit and suffer
middle school jazz band
and pretend to like it with the rest of us
I'm taking him to the bank
and then to taco bell
maybe to the car wash
oh what the hell
we have to go to training
teaching in a pack
sometimes he wants to eat a small dog
yap yap yap
he heels like a champ now
but he wont come when I call
there's nothing better than dog love
nothing better at all
at night we get worn out walking
and then we sit and read
sometimes we have a moment
when we know our love is real
eye to eye and big dog kiss
who could want anything more than this?

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A Man Alone

A glass of merlot lies on the iridescent glass table-
He clenches the latest read in his moist palms,
Glasses sit aimlessly on the bridge of his nose
Eyes wandering from the book, he leans down to sniff at the wine,
‘Delicious’ he murmurs to no one in particular
For he is alone,
Lonely and seemingly always alone
He does not favor human contact over any other form of contact
All contact comes from his delightful Jack Russell Terrier,
With ears of cocoa and squat hairs of impure white,
This animal is his life, 
Forever unchained the dog always lays beside him
That dog holds more joy than his life ever will,
For there is no support,
In his lifestyle,
He will soon find himself,
Alone and deceased.