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Free Verse Allah Poems | Free Verse Poems About Allah

These Free Verse Allah poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Allah. These are the best examples of Free Verse Allah poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Drink Responsible - Slogans -

                         Can you hear me now? Good!                                 
                       I can't seem to forget you                                         
                    I love what you do for me                                          
                 It must be love                                                             
              between love and madness lies obsession                       
           Like always. Like never before                                        

At the sign of the                                         cat 
have a break, have a                              Kit-Kat                    
Tastes so good cats ask for it by name 
                                                      Schhhh ... You-know-who       

I'd rather die of thirst than drink from the cup of mediocrity
                                                                  Perfect to you
                                                                       Purely you 
There's a smile in every Bar                                                                                   
               Obey your thirst                                                                        
               This Bud's for you                                                
One a day helps you work, rest, and play                     
               More fun than rum                                             
               Drink responsible                                   
Heineken open your                                            world                                                
Because  that's
                                              i                      n
                                 k                                              d
                          e                                                             o
                        h                                                                 f
                        t                                                                m
 ... nobody can say no to the honey nut O              
a bowl a day keeps the bullies away         

                   Our plans are based on yours                      
                   You have my word on it                    
Be the first to know                       
Who we are                                 
                The "no problem" people  
                                                   Only smarties have the answer           
                                                   Making it all make sense 
Drink responsible                    
                       Because that's the kind of mom you are                
Sometimes you've got to break the rules       
                       Blow your own bubble                           
You're invited                                       
                       Catch our smile?
Everything we do is driven by you                                     
Driven by what's inside                                            
                       We'll take more care of you                                 
                       You asked for it.                You got it                            
We know what it means to serve                 
On your side                                              
Allied on your side     
You're in good hands  
We make it happen     
We'll be there                           
Get the feeling                       
Im lovin' it                                   
You are the controller                       
Only on Playstation                    
                                 You are now free to move                
                            Unleash the beast       
                       Is it in you?       
                  Do you dare?   

About this poem:
To "write" this poem, I used slogans, short and often memorable phrases
used in advertising campaigns. Below you can find the name of the product 
(or the company) in order of appearance.

-Verizon Wireless; Wind Song; Toyota; Honda; Calvin Klein; Saturn
-Mercury; Kit Kat; Meow Mix; Schweppes
-Stella Artois; Wella; Dell; Hershey's; Sprite; Budweiser; Mars; Malibu;
 Captain Morgan; Heineken; Rice Krispies; Cheerios; Applejacks Cereal
-Assurant; Isuzu; CNN; Guardian Life Ins; Auto-owners Ins;
 Smarties; Microsoft
-Captain Morgan; Rice Krispies; Buger King; Bubble Yum; Red Hills Inn; 
 Pacific Southwest Airlines;  Ford; Subaru; British Airways; Toyota; USSA;
 Nationwide Mutual Ins; Allied Ins
-Allstate; IBM; Chevrolet; Toyota; Mc Donalds; Microsoft Kinect; PS3;
 Southwest Airlines; Monster Energy; Gatorade; Curious.

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She silently prays as she reaches for the chord

Wonder why the Iman didn't do this

I wanted paradise here and the quiet is deafening

Tick tock tick tock and her heart.......

She hasn't tried makeup as she keeps step to her thoughts

Outside of the mosque she awaits her destiny and strangers

They are mine enemy and thirteen hundred and eighty years

Young Mohammed and his brown eyes with smiles

Tick tock and the tick tock

When will that bell toll and the brown eyes that smile

The men get seven virgins and I am one

United States soldiers on patrol march by and the prayer

" Allah Akbar,"

She is torn and the mosque crumbles

A child screams as he holds a hand with no arm

And a car silently burns as people bleed

The mothers last thought is no pain and the hand

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Allah Came Knocking at My Heart

Allah came knocking at my heart

I have no choice and played no part

But still Allah came and

Allah came knocking at my heart.


Allah came knocking with a song

He came with a message, and a message strong --

La ilaha illalah,

Words of peace from afar. 


Allah came knocking with the blessed

Truth upon me they impressed,

"Let us show you a new way,

Start your journey today."


I've slipped the door open a crack

You can't go back

Once you let the sunlight in --

Alhamdullilahi rabbil alameen.


The Truth, the Peace and I were worlds apart

Until Allah came

Until Allah came knocking at my heart. 


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What makes me human is You
You who broke me and push me through
Yes,though You know I was not strong
You caused me to cry or so long
So many times I ask if You really exist
Though many times also You heard my pleas
I was so wrong to blame You for all my sadness
For truly it is You who brings gladness

So many times You tried to break me before
But I was so hard and rebelled more
Yet You never stopped breaking me
Coz You were concerned of what my future could be
You never wanted me to go the wrong way
That's why You wanted me to pray
So You could guide me everyday
Until into my bed i lay

From a frozen heart You broke me to become human
For my heart never melts though put under the sun
You changed my whole being
I was changed by the grace of Your loving
Because You care so much about me
You wanted me to live with you in heaven for eternity,
For the chance to be with You forever
YOU BROKE ME to become a person much better

Thank You Father or breaking me to a new person
I didn't understand at first for I didn't know the 
Thank You for the tears that have poured out from
my eyes
Thank You for the sorrows that have made me cry
For now I know I'm a new being
Changed by the trials You have given.

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A devil
Evil spirit
Regarded as cruel
The jealousy

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The Righteousness Of Love

Love is a wonder shared by one another it's the only reason I'm not six feet under Love in which I believe in a will to sustain I give back to life, now in dormant states of pain The power of Love may not alone be enough locked inside my dreams escape only from above higher than any human being has ever gone before I must have evolved rise above hate, great once more My Father taught me wisdom I am imprisoned no longer now an beast not of burden I am no lion, I am stronger on my shoulder sits twin dragons long awaiting the day evil forces come forth to take what Love is left, away A Hero of Love light are what the world needs angels, not demons exist where ever you believe follow your heart's direction and you shall achieve objects of affection rid of materialistic greed My bright energy has awakened to a fire never consuming the source as the flames just grow higher that is the desire of a product we call Love Fear, the counterpart what I was once made of I am slowly learning how to win when my peace is harder to sharpen so I have given my pen leave the sword has its uses I must say I believe to vanquish the evil in the minds too diseased to serve any purpose except their own selfish ones tomorrow a new day in the clarity of the sun where we two are now one and one done now does bring about a great change lit by the righteousness of Love.

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Return Of Your King

Reflections of imperfections have shown me a way that I can move mountains through my power of faith even though I can't see him I know he is real through the power of prayer and a Love that I feel It's growing inside me like a flower in bloom shall I reveal my powers or is it too soon I am reading the signs through my darkness I find a reason for belief in the light of mankind that I know shall overcome the greatest of odds the Love I seek amazes me especially through the flaws because now I am inspired through the hero's that bring my throne through the darkness on which I return on as your King.

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Oh God

Give me strength oh God the helper,
Thou art the power/energy oh God,
Oh King of men, the lion of yazdan,
My life is on you oh Lord,
Below is pure guess...
What are feelings oh lord,
What are situations?
Everyone is defeated? ... Even the best are defeated?
There’s a dream in every breath,
There are some conspiracies and some complaints,
There are countless problems…

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Fetus formed.
Embryo became.
A girl baby I am.

My creator I do not know.  Procreation states that ovum and sperm conceives.  My question is how does this evolve – from God?

We are told there are ninety-nine names given to the omnipotent.  Let us take a walk.

Imagine a vision that all us possess of The Almighty.
He states, oh I know you call me God, the Lord, Jehovah.
Some call me Allah.
I tell you that all these names make no difference.
I am your creator.

The creatures of the Earth are animals.
The beings are my people.
You are of the greater intellect and animals’ spirituality is their understanding.
The world is ritualize to both.
Each knows their subsistence.
Affluence is all way of life divided for profusion.

Both have no indifference to a certain extent.
I am of man and I am the eyes of animal.
Life will form.

From this visualization, what knowledge did I received; that my creator is ovulation and conception.  This is an ascertain principle that in the beginning my creator gave me life that formed within modern time.

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A Dream


To be a slave to God
Be blessed with a good ending
That rose to the sky
To drink out of the hand of the Prophet
To be accompanied by friend and Farouk and Osman and Zubair and al-Jarrah and Zaid bin Affan and ....
Ondhar that to your face cream

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The Magik Of Love

Reflections in the mirror were getting scary I could not carry the weight of my pain it almost took my life to learn to love again for I have made a friend somewhere along my long lost way I hope that I helped him just a fraction of how he helped me maybe that single thought is what finally gave me my peace enough to release so much stolen energy Now I am not afraid to walk where the streets are hot for I thrive in Hell's kitchen where the devil stirs my pot for I now have him quiet tame I sacrificed my dragons at the alter of my name and now you are my slaves any time I need I'll call upon my superhero's to come and rescue me like my Saint Toni who swept me off that bridge and showed my how a death can be the greatest reason to live for she was the seed to grow my Eden then a man from a foreign land gave me something in myself to believe in the magik of Love.

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In his Arms

A story of Faith..
How does anyone explain why they believe the Faith they have .
I can only tell you through the eyes of a 5yr old child .
That child being myself 

so let me rewind a bit in time .
It was preschool to 1st grade , I would fall into a vegetable state at school , with my head down on the desk .
My Mother was a very talented RN and worked in triage at St. Francis Hospital
She would take me to the best of Pediatrics , only to be told ," take her home give her a aspirin,  if fever gets to high , and call us in the morning . 

All I can remember is this.

I was laying on my Mothers bed as from the ceiling it appeared a man that resembled "Jesus Christ ' and his Angels , 6 on each side lifted me from the bed in his arms , and took me to a place of warmth , light and love like I have never felt before since.

I was held by him as he said , you can stay here and no longer feel pain , or you may go back. I wanted so badly to stay , but I thought of my Mothers tears , and I was sent right into my little body again only to miss that feeling I had my whole life "in His Arms "

I got up out of bed , walked to the living room , where I saw my Mother in the distance baking .'  The Grinch whom stole Christmas ' was on TV. I then noticed a tree all lighten up with decorations, I walked  towards my Mom with a blanket in my hand .

My Mom turned and she had a plate of cookies , her face white as a ghost . I asked her " Mommy , Is it Christmas ?  " she started to cry , and held me as she said " Yes Honey , it is , it is Christmas Eve. " as her tears hit my shoulder . I then asked " Why are you crying ? "  Santa Claus is coming ! " I replied,  as happy as a little 5 yr. old could be.

I was taken to a Chiropractor that week ,as a last result , He told her it was simply a miracle I was alive  .  My Spine was out of place and no Oxygen was going to my brain , in one or 2 days , I would be brain dead.

I found out later in my life at 18 yrs. old , it was shaken baby syndrome . My Father confessed to me as he to cried , at his Moms home at Christmas time . He had carried the guilt with him for years . He was a born again Christian , and a new life he had wanted with true forgiveness .

I forgave him , I know the man whom lifted me was Jesus Christ that night , and there is nothing ugly at all there , so I know he to forgave him . 
Since then ..I have never doubted , I know he goes by many names  , It is Jesus Christ all the same .

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Never So Gracious

A full moon night to my delight what is so wrong with doing what's right nothing is right after so long no use in complaining time to move on The Dream Water one day might take me away farther from the comfort of familiarity I float on my back then shut my eyes my body now sinking into ocean arms open wide Now swallow your son back to his nature when he is no longer needed to stay here the next generation are dooming themselves they need my experience to guide them through hell Why should I bother on my own, I strive through I turn my back on the thought of bothering to save you alone in this world my, is it spacious I'm finally smiling, never so gracious.

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The Maker Of Miracles

I am the maker of miracles a real spiritual man waltzing through shadows as they pull me back in I know I must escape them any way I can I know the way out like the back of my hand It's just me and the maker together, he and I I told you God is in me you just thought I was high talking with the Zeta's they tell me just why everything has an ending and the old me, must die I'm Calm as a bomb in the eyes of a storm they stare upon me as if I've been warned turn me inside out as a goodness is born I wear my battle scars so stars know I'm war torn When the gift of life is freed from inside the fire starts fading then the anger subsides like the great phoenix, I go back in time a miracle is born and now that I'm revived in my new life, I shine.

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Changing by learning

Changing my writings the first words written
 innocence  initially intended   
changing the format,  the colors 
leaving emotions openly displayed 
Changing the long to short ,  revising all thoughts
for it is left for the readers perception
always in changes one opens a door
through changing I will learn through a lesson
Is this poem worthy of mention ?

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Hey Fiddle Fiddle

He fiddled 
with his foreskin,
pulling the taunts over

The tip of his nose,
it still stung, from when
Gary Mother****in' Jackson
(a strapping lad who insisted
this should have been his middle
name, after taking up a pool
job one summer)

Had pushed him, rather
abruptly into the bushes,
and those branches

Feeling like hands, poked
and prodded into the depth's
of his skin and he'd walked 

Through that day, red and 
welty, like an overgrown zit.

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Israel and Palestine

Don't be blind
Don't be deaf

The land is our land
And the life is our life
We can live together
In the empire of God

What is the avail of the violence?
What is the avail of the war?
Let children to play
In the empire of God

One heart is enough for love
One flower is sufficient for peace
And one smile is enough
To express happiness
And one land is enough
For Palestine and Israel

What is the avail of the violence?
What is the avail of the war?
Let souls to wander and swim
In the kingdom of God
Israel and Palestine
Two souls in one body

Don't be blind
Don't be deaf
The story hasn't ended yet
All of us are looking for the end
And the end it is the peace

And the peace is the message of prophets
And the title of everlasting love

Read in the heavenly books
Read in Torah
Read in Gospel
Read in Quran

The peace and love in Moses's heart
The peace and love in Jesus's heart
The peace and love in Mohammed's heart

The blind hearts
Never bring the peace
And the burning eyes
Never see everlasting love

Jews are our uncle's sons
We call them for peace
And the everlasting love
And the peaceful coexistence

To all honorable people
For Israel and Palestine
In all temples
God is everywhere
Allah is for all

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Fear is a spiritual relief
Physically I am fear
Mentally I am fearless

A pulse of understanding
But will a vein transfer? 
A heart, a lung?

Taste the sweat
taste the fear
Taste the blood

Carry, cradle the bald baby
Master the meaning of love
Who said that life was a misery?

A sting, an ache, a hurtful word.
Artificial fun,
That has what has become

Horse for Beef
Beef for Horse

We are only skin and meat operations
For Allah 
Suck our pure and false blood,
A clot, a knot that ties our tongues 

This machine has turned us to metal
And dried us without pegs or hooks

All the glittery eyes
They are now colorless
Non-existent, numb.

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Ashes to Ashes

From ashes
she rises, 
face, hands, feet.
Four months, 
Ten days, 
She mourns.
She weeps.

She clothes herself now
in an adornment of white
bowing privately, 
praying fervently, 
as bitter fumes
of acetone
seep beneath the door.

Her source is god.
Her destination is god.
She pleads with god now
for peace
As men mix and pour
A holocaust
Just outside her door.

Her sisters wail.
They bathe her lifeless arms
And shroud her
as Iris Albicans- 

The imam, he stands, 
Praying silently
As men convey her
towards Mecca.
From ashes to ashes
And dust to dust.
From ashes to ashes
And dust to dust.

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Guilty one
Capable of gross wickedness
A vile wretch
A scoundrel
A rascal
Unprincipled character

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Sweep, old lady, sweep away
the tin
and dust
of the day
breath as the sun sighs and
settles into the
consider the satellites as they
come back
gather the children on the
wide fields you have
Sleep, old lady, come Monday
and dream

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One - Chapter 112, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Giver. 

Say, Allah is One.
Allah doesn’t need anyone.
Allah doesn’t give birth and Allah wasn’t born.
Allah is matchless He is such a person.

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Simple faces complex feelings
Smiling eyes hiding intentions dangerous
A dagger in one hand, the other extended in greeting
These are a few traits of this race

Slithering towards it's victims with effortless ease
Ambushing skills could put a rattler to shame
Will devour every living thing, will never cease
In the quest for supremacy, everything is fair game

All living beings  are pawns in this game of chess
Sacrificing even Gods at the altar of individual gains
Making Krishna fight Buddha, Allah with Jesus
Holy wars giving the right to kill and maim

The streets transformed into rivers of blood
Screams silenced by the booming of guns
Rejoicing when their own kin is dead
And this race calls themselves humans

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The Devil You See

Why are you so afraid of me
Of who I am growing to be
Flashing in your eyes I see
Fear and uncertainty

Why such irony
Such hypocrisy
Why were you so much nicer to me
When I denied the Almighty?

I've looked and looked
Until I found this Book
Of peace, of so many marvels
Which you call lies of the devil

I've tried so hard to hide
To purge these thoughts from my mind
Afraid, so afraid
Of what was burrowing inside.

Who is this devil you see
All I see
Is me.

Why are you free to preach
But act against what you teach
While I mask myself in guarded disguise
While the flower of my faith wilts and dies?

We all have a path to choose
Roads that claim to lead us to Truth
Trials Allah put us through
Then all that we used to do

And that we used to say
Are laid bare on that final day
Before the angels' searching eyes
Allah alone will judge you and I
For Allah is a better judge
Than you and I. 

So till then won't you
Won't you look closely 
Are you afraid to find
A little of yourself 
In these eyes of mine?

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Extinguish And Emblaze

We do not despise 
What God gave us 
We do not dislike 
Our countless flaws
We whom wonder hastily 
Clinching to life after life
Hanging on with no purposes
Just the desired selfishness
To be alive
Claiming to be depressed
Claiming to be out ruled
But who is it to blame
When one tries continually and repeatedly 
And the thing one desires 
Is not to be set in claim?
To live is to be alive
Cling to life 
Outspread life
And contaminate life 
But when one has the false desire 
To terminate life
One has gotten the opposite meaning of living
And other ones must help this one
Give him a better understanding
A better view
A brighter view of life
Or perhaps how foolish one could be to end such grace
How illogic and insane
Or perhaps ungrateful 
One could be to the creator 
To God 
To Allah 
To live fully 
Is to truly extinguish 
The bleak fire of one’s destruction 
And to emblazon the torch of existing gratitude 

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My dad

My dad

My dad with his dark hair
Is in his room.
He is touching a Qur’an
And he is reading.
I am watching him
From the door.

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Names have power.
They say Allah has 99 names. 
My lover showed me
How if you look at your hands
The lines on your palms 
Create the Arabic characters
For one and eight-
This makes 81 on your right hand,
and 18 on your left hand;
Their sum is 99.

Names have power.
You may better understand something by 
Understanding its name.
The word Christianity comes from the word Christ, 
        meaning anointed one; the prophet.
Judaism comes from Judah, who was the son of Jacob;
        the Jews are the descendants of Judah. Judah also means "praise."
Islam means peace, or accepting the natural way; accepting God.

Names have power.
How we name ourselves
Reflects who we are.
I name myself

Names have power.
My lover calls me 
Habeby, my love;
Rohi, my soul;
Taebny, my sweet pain;
Amera, princess.

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Waiting For God

I am dealing with what I know                                                                                                       And reaching out to you with love                                                                                                    Because I am tired of waiting  for Quetzalcoatl                                                                               And Jesus and Allah and Buddha and Kishna                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         And a dozen other Sons of God                                                                                                                To come and save us from ourselves                                                                                               I am dealing with what I know                                                                                                               Because everything  beyond that is a mind game to me                                                                   And in the end the one true God is love

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Cease Fire

The Crusades Began a Holy War
Which Continues to this Day.
We Kill, and Kill, and Now it Seems,
This shall Always be the Way.

One Side Scores, the Others Die,
Then the Cycle is Repeated.
It never Stops, It’s never Done;
The Battles Grow More Heated!

The Way to Peace, it Seems so Clear,
Is not Through Senseless Slaughter.
I Appeal to All, “Please Quit the Fight!”
Save our Sons and Daughters!

To Find Our Way out of the Dark,
We Need only Seek the Light.
A Solution Lies within our Grasp:
Forget who’s Wrong or Right!

This God or that, it Makes no Matter.
This Truth I have Acquired:
Be they Different, or the Same,
The Gods would Preach Cease Fire!

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Who Is My Savior

The wind blows from the East towards the West.
Like a migrating bird, I have finally left my nest.
The Sun rises in the West and Sets in the East.
I am hungry, but it is on Life that I feast.

I have been stressing. I been stressing for a while.
This the type of habitual stress that weighs your heart down much like anchor weighs down a ship.
But this feeling, this feeling explodes and intensifies the speed of the fall. 
So when it ends you don't land, you shatter. 
Unlike Humpty I do put myself together. 
Although I do lose some parts of myself to this whole.

I embark on the climb to fall again. 
Something like Sisyphus I've been dammed
but I still don't understand why I'm willing.
Why this heart stays whole above all after all its endured.
Even the beat to which my heart skips deceives me. 
I swear its the fall that makes it beat new peaks. 
Is it so that I shatter to save my soul. 
That if I were to keep whole on impact I would Penetrate Earths crust itself and find myself residing in Hell's hole.

Is Lucifer my Savior? Is He not Gods Dammed Angel like I am a Damned Son. 
Should I let my heart fall into depths of darkness and the touch
the Oh So Cold Touch which has my hair erect with its Chilling Embrace. 
This matter has me as indecisive as a child in a candy store.
I am not half as innocent but still I wish it was half as sweet.
I wish the World to be as sweet as honey and not make me have to choose. 
Oh how sweet that would be.

Could not everything meet me half way?
If not whole. 
Once more it is time for the fall.
Is this God's or Lucifer's call...

I close my eyes. Turn around.
And face the West.
For I am tired of watching the Sun set.
I am tired of endings.
I face the West and count my blessings.
I count many things. 
The Sun Rises.
It was one Hell of a fall.
But in this moment in time I understand yes it was in fact,

God's Call.

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Come on God

The world
your design
please sort it out 

We know you can
your a power unlimited
everybody here is waiting 

PS Sorry yesterday about me swearing !  

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In all that my eyes behold, I see such splendor.
In the waxing of the moon and the rising of the sun I see the signs.
In the sparkle of a star and the opulence of the clouds I see.
When a child is born and a mother cries with joy I see.
When the ocean caresses the shore and seagulls call, I see.
With every sight I take in my eyes are overwhelmed.
How can there be such beauty?
How is I can see such grandeur and deny the truth?
In all that my body can sense, I feel such majesty.
In the feel of silk on the skin, I feel the signs.
When I feel the touch of my husbands embrace I feel.
When I feel the texture of sand, each microscopic grain I feel.
How can there be so many experiences of touch?
How can I feel such humbling feelings and deny the truth?
In all that my mouth can taste, I savor such greatness.
In the freshness of milk straight from bosom of the cow I taste the signs.
In the exquisiteness of ripe melon on a hot day, I taste the signs.
In the intense tenderness of my husbands kiss I taste the signs.
How can there be such amazing tastes and always more to come?
How can I taste the experiences of the world and never be bored?
How can I taste of this life and deny the truth? 
In the sound of thunder chasing the lighting, I hear the signs.
In the sound of water licking at stones in a brook, I hear the signs.
In the sound of the Adhan being called to the world, I hear the signs.
How can I hear such wonder and still not hear it all?
How can my ears experience the world yet there is never pure silence?
How can my ears hear all that is in this life and deny the truth?
In all that is to be sensed in this life, only Allah has created.
With every experience my body takes in my heart rejoices in reverence.
With every sign I encounter I know Islam is the truth.
I can not experience life and doubt you majesty and brilliance. 
I have never been surer of anything as I am of Islam.
For it is in the signs that all is confirmed in my mind.

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The Unbelievers

O, you all who call yourselves true believers
And unabashedly condemn the rest infidels;
Be ashamed now if you truly believe
In His words! No heaven nor scripture justifies
Witch-hunts such as those you committed.
Wake up and see the path you paved
To the Infernal Fire—for it is not in His way
You are striving! Yes, worship not others' gods
But nevertheless be silent; for they do not
Worship ours and do keep their silence.
Be silent if you truly do not sing to their gods
Like they do not to ours! Didn't He tell you
(If to Him alone you truly listen and in Him
Alone you truly believe, as you declared) 
To they be their own ways, and to us ours?

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God Is Great

         GOD  IS  GREAT
               (  A    hymn  )
How   vast   Thy   ocean  ,  My   Lord
A    lake   compared   is   just   a   drop
How    bright  ,  O  Lord  ,  Thy   sun
A   beacon   burns      dim   candle   -   like.

What   strength  ,   what   range   is   thine
To   create   both   dew - drop   and   deluge
Mere   twigs  ,  we   are  ,  atremble   in   thy   storm .

How  bountiful    thou  art  ,  O  Lord
King’s   crown   is   just   a   begging   bowl.
Beggars   all   we   seek   thy   Grace.

How   good   thou   art  ,  My   Lord
Saint’s     slightest   slip   proves   him  a   sinner
Sinners   all   awaiting   Thy   forgiveness  .

What   deep   mystery  ,  O  Lord  ,   is    Thine
Flash   of   a   genius   soon   an   idiot,s   gape       
Dazed   all   by   Thy    inscrutable   ways  .

How   grateful    ought    man    to   be  ,  O  Lord
For    this   Thy   gift    of   wonder
The   third   eye   as   it   were
To   sense   Thy    presence    every
Even   coursing  through   his   nerves
Content   to   be   the    humblest   in   Thy   court,

How   wasteful  is   man ,  my   Lord
To   let   this   gem   be   covered
By   thick   dust   of   thought
And   the   slime   of   petty    skirmishes
In   spite     of   all   Thy   painters ,  poets
Thy  singers   and   Thy   saints

How beautiful is death in Thy greatness

O   Lord , distinctions   all   dissolve

Thou    and  Thy   will   everywhere

How vast Thy ocean,my Lord,
A lake compared is just a drop.
How   bright,   O   Lord  ,  Thy   Sun
A   beacon   burns   dim   candle – like

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I am able

Never doubt 

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The New God

You're a voyeur at best!
Your vampiric heart beats out of your chest
Ready to consume the final climax
I know who you are - when the lyrics fail to resemble
Letting your poison drip straight from your lips
Portraying, entertaining the image of sex's delusion
You know only rape - manifestation of hate
Lack of the fruit of the beauty of a human mind
Depths you'll never penetrate!

She was only a doll - type of a lost father's adore
Impaled into a desperate whore
Shamefully out of broken safety's  choice 
She bore embryogenesis of morose
May your rusty blades caress as they please

So confront the masses with the halt of embryogenesis
Let the worship of machines be
Leg them construct us cell to cell
Nature's just in the way
Of our race of perfectly engineered machines!
The burden of conception
Surrenders to the will of
The New God

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Jonah - Chapter 10, Verses 66, Holy Koran

Listen! Allah is the Owner of all things
In the skies and the earth
Worshipping others as His partners has no good reason
They follow nothing but wild imagination
And they lie in old fashion.

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The Immunity - Chapter 9, Verses 119, Holy Koran

O the believers! Fear Allah always
And be in the company of the truthful anyways.

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Westernizing Muhamad al-Abassi

    Westernizing Muhamad al-Abassi
She spread through our minds
In the chaos of Cairo backstreets.
And on this day
Oh how we loved that girl.
and we stopped our red Vespas at the red light
for her to cross.

We knew who she is,
In her tight jean cutoffs, 
Western Wear designer jeans,
designed to change the world.
and her near waist yellow T
revealing all of the woman she had become.

And we knew we would see her again and again and again.
But we got her Message
and it is Holy.

All we could do is watch her 

She knew.
But did she ever know we had our eyes on her.
When she reached the curb, she paused,
and she threw us a backward, over the shoulder smile.
Yes, she knew the revolution was overdue.

And suddenly you realized,
the virgins in Paradise would have to wait.
Frantically, hopefully, willingly,
you rejected all of the brainwashing
you had been going through for years,
and you looked for a trash depositry
to drop your back pack in.
You did not pull the pin.

And praise Allah, I did not have to take you down.

Ridden of your monstrously heavy load on your back,
you turned,
and she was gone.
I told you so.
Your girls are so beautiful
sans an abaya.

Suddenly your revolution was ended.
By only her smile.

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I shall love you as a Stranger

Carry not my love with a sigh.
Let it not drag your steps, pull you from behind.
Weigh not your heart with guilt and regret;
Grieve not over the good and bad Allah set. 

Let my love fall on your shoulders, light as a moonbeam;
Let it be a faintest blush of colour on the canvas of your dreams.
Let it be a breeze that ruffles your outstretched wings;
Let it echo every note you sing.

I shall remember your smile
As I count my miles.
I might stumble, even fall --
Pray for me but do no more.

For such is my love for you,
For it runs pure and true,
For there is One who
I love more than you.

When the passions of this world come to fade,
We shall meet in a far better place --
On a day when there is no shade but His Shade;
When through the Fount of Abundance the faithful wade.

When the Promise is delivered
When we are gathered among Believers
I shall search the eyes of Strangers
I shall come to you as a Stranger
And I shall love you far greater.

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2' flood

oh, the soul, the turns she takes
when one day the flat sea, the
sail, the
darkens way to growling,
menacing, searing

that swim a certain malaise
through the splits sending
the boards, the
separating, slowly vanishing, barely
perceptible, yet
sure as rain, sure as
full of septic

this is nothing, she says to herself, overheard
over the stank

this is murderous sly, as well as a 
to find these waters covered across the
concrete floor, and
saturating the mattress
with its black dog

its sewage, its
its stultifying

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Never Again


How many times can we claim
“Never Again”
As justification for our
Systematic genocide!

“Never Again”
Has worked time and again,
To control the world’s media
Revisiting Nazi death camps
So we will never forget

As a Jew,
I must support Israeli atrocities
Or I am labeled anti-Semitic,
Ignoring the actual definition of Semitic
Which includes both Jews and Arabs!

How can I stand by,
And watch my fellow Jews,
Destroy Palestinian homes,
Palestinian schools, hospitals, and mosques,
And hold fast to “never again”.

When will my Israeli brothers and sisters
Awake from their collective reliance
On a “rational” that can no longer
Overlook the fact
That the oppressed have become the oppressors

That integral to the strategy of
“Never Again”
Is the erroneous conclusion
That all and anything
Is acceptable in the prevention of its re-occurrence.

I embrace the concept of “Never Again”,
But not as a rallying cry
To obliterate, decimate, and subjugate,
my brothers and sister Palestinians.
To this I will take a stand!


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The Elephant Riders - Chapter 105, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Giver.

Haven’t you thought it over
How your Lord dealt with the elephant riders?
Didn’t He destroy their conspiracy?
He kept on sending down upon them
Flocks of Ababil birds
That dropped pebbles of baked clay ceaselessly
Until He rendered the soldiers like chewed up grass. 

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The iron core of the whole family
She stands with the long rooster
First crow which tears up, praying, and
Goes on laboring till the owl grave 
Hoots herald the veiling darkness
And darkness is life and might
But also death and weakness.
The hoots made me so small when 
A child and think of mother to
Soothe me, fear sorcerers, death,
Dream of stars, my eyes well-closed
Of my tiny world full of fairy tales
With the spider as the hero.
I like my mom and she likes me too.
She prays Allah to grant me success
And I ask Him to forgive her, for
She’s always been my surest support
Of course she hadn’t been to school
But was a school herself. Proud 
Reader, my friend, be sure that
She’s as divine as your mother. 

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Flame in the air
When there is no fire there
But in the center
Is the dragon’s belly
Waiting to spew uncanny heat
For heat-rock is all it is

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           The noise of anger,
               blood lust.

          - no heavenly paradise-

                 Holy war.
               Unholy acts.
            Same road leads
                to hell.

         - no heavenly virgins -

               send gullible to
                commit evil

         -no rewards in afterlife -

             carries the sign
               for peace.

          - ENLIGHTENMENT -

           shall lead the way

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Complicated Love- From Kishiea Davis

Love can be complicated

Like a disarranged puzzle that is passed by daily

No one bothers to put the broken pieces together

All alone, waiting for that special touch

To embrace each piece with gentleness and care

When that special mind that longs to complete and discover the beautiful image

That no one has yet to bring to fruition

The smile that can be seen through the eyes which sees all the perfect imperfections

Making the puzzle so unique and dope its own way

Far from any other puzzle

Challenges unraveling this particular artwork

The optimistic mind brought to life

Which makes the appreciation last forever


Complicated, yet worth the wait 

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If I go

If I go I won’t tell you.
I’ll just disappear one day.
Like when a cigarette ,which seemed so long,
suddenly has become smaller
and you never noticed it
because you were talking
about the meaning of life
while life was somewhere else
blown away with your smoke
into the sky
and then dispersed
never quite visible again
but still floating on the breeze
hoping to be caught
in a butterfly net
but unable to communicate
except by flying.
If I go it will not be today
but it will be an ordinary day
no one will realise
that it’s that day
that the bird flies
from her nest
to go to a new place
only seeing the deserted nest
he realises,
my bird has flown

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I carried water. I did all the house cores. I drove and bred the cattle one and alone, singing songs, running and climbing mountains. I milked, sold milk and bought you silk. I ground the corn and cooked your meals. I woke up on the peak of the seasons and carried duties; I did all these to be given to a wild hard-looking stranger like a cowry! 

I spent my whole youth among trees and beasts in eloquent silence away from siblings, aloof! I learned and loved God through things that spoke to me, indented, with neither paper nor pen.  I wore a strange hat and a stiff piece of cloth that fell on my knees revealing my bony legs; I had strings knotted around my waists and wrists and neck to be betrothed to a wild hard-looking stranger who swept me as if I were a cow for sale, reaped my inward garment and damned my virtue! His words are swords; his horn is a worm that eats in me, wholly! 

Oh, Aunt! You fastened my tongue and sold me like Dauda’s slave who would quit me by day leaving me starved, empty bottles and pockets in Gbaya’s tins. Aunt, don’t care the whips, the solitude, the empty stomach, the hands that hurt like electrical cords, but, my aunt, his words are worse than swords and I miss  my olden days, the twilight, the humanly beasts I forsook for the beastly human, mother’s looks that hook the heart, oh, I miss my old self!

Galim (Tignère), April 22, 2012

 Jaafar Sadig El Waad 

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The Cow - Chapter 2, Verses 268, Holy Koran

Satan threatens you with poverty
And enjoin you to be niggardly
Whereas Allah promises you forgiveness and prosperity
And Allah is Ample-Giving 
And He knows everything.

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Kowsar Stream - Chapter 108, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the  Merciful Giver.

Surely we have given you Kowsar stream of paradise
So pray to your Lord and make a sacrifice
Surely your enemies will have no follower after demise.

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First Prayer -Chapter 1, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Merciful Giver. 

All praises are because of Allah 
The Lord of the worlds
The Kind and the Merciful Giver
The Judgment Day’s Emperor
We worship you and ask for help from you.
Please show us the straight avenue -
The avenue whereupon showers favors
Not the avenue of the cursed and the wrongdoers. 


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At the end of her nightmare. No sleep at all came to her. Thinking about what had happened in the last twenty four hours. The man she once loved looks at her with his sweet eyes. He trys to say something to her but he knows it would be a mistake. The man she cheated with trys to touch her arm but she pulls away. She is holding her book close to her. She doesn't look at him. All she does is stares at her shoes. Her head telling her to leave. The man she cheated with says bye see you when ever. She starts to walk away dropping a note that read bye.

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The best name

Although God has got many names 
But Allah is His best name
Cause it has no plural, no gender and no apparent meaning!

Allah is not the luckiest person
Prophet Muhammad is
Cause Allah can help everyone but Himself!

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new every mourning;
outpouring every morning,
mercy for the forsaken,
blessings for the poor and weak,
reasons enough to fight for the righteous.
miracles of winning souls,
divine temperment and justifications.
a way for HIS works to happen,
force that brings us to live for HIM.
power through humility,
goodness without asking anything in return.
true faith that inspires;
worthy of a christian life,
discernment every moral decision,
strength that gives firm foundation.
given no matter who you are.

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Help me

Take me in your fold For I am a wandering soul A soul fed up of its fleshy case Caught in such a prison It yearns for free air It yearns to be cleansed It yearns to repent It yearns for thy grace Lift me up ,for its now high time Help me, O my Allah To gather these withered ends To surrender to thy will Heed the cries of this shackled soul Help it to fly in the mystic air To whirl on the mystic tune To feel what it is,to be near you…

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The Calamity - Chapter 101, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Giver.

What a calamity!
What is the calamity?
How could you understand what the calamity is!
On that day what a pity:
People will be scattered like scared insects
And mountains will be as windblown wool
And then whose good deeds are heavier
They will enjoy happy life forever
And whose weight of good deeds is less
Their home will be Habia abyss
And how can you understand what it is.
It is a burning fiery place. 

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Opening up of breast of the best prophet - Chapter 94, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Giver.

Haven’t we for you opened up your breast 
And taken off from you burden of your all regret 
Which felt like something heavy on your back
And we have enhanced your name and fame to cure the ache.
Surely sorrow resides with happiness
Of course sorrow resides with happiness
So when you are free, show the respect
And make your Lord your exclusive object.

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Without uneasy
Hasty, eager, restless
Showing remark

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The Girls - Chapter 4, Verses 157-158, Holy Koran

And they said, we have killed the Messiah 
Jesus the son of Mary, the apostle of Allah 
But the truth is they did not kill him 
Nor did they crucify him
It only appeared to them so
And surely those who differ are confused about it
Because they have no knowledge about it
Only guesses are available for them, no more 
So you see they didn’t kill him for sure.

Allah took him up to Himself alive.
And He is the Mighty and Wise.

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The Children of Israel - Chapter 17, Verses 111, Holy Koran

Say, praises are because of Allah the One
Who hasn’t taken a son
And who hasn’t got a partner in any place
And who doesn’t need a helper to save Him from disgrace
So proclaim His stateliness and greatness.

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We Are Yours

I am Your soldier.
I am Your fighter.
I am Your servant.
I am Yours.
We will fight for love.
We will embrace all.
We will serve Your world.
We are Yours.

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 When I have fears
I want to cry 
And give vent to my tears. 
When I have fears; 
I feel helpless. 
When I have fears; 
I need a friend 
To share my feelings with. 
When I have fears; 
I turn to my Allah (God) 
It is when I call Him, 
He always comes to my help 

When I have fears; 
I share everything with Him, 
I talk to Him 
And bow before Him. 
I tell Him everything, 
Having no fears of leakage. 

Having Him as a friend 
I have no fears. 
For I know 
That I have a Companion; 
Who’ll never run away 
And will always come to my help 
He’s Allah, only Allah, 
Who always answers to my call. 
That’s why, 
When I have fears, 
I have no fears.

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The Accessions - Chapter 8, Verses 28, Holy Koran

Be sure it’s true
Your wealth and children are things to test you
And Allah has with Him the greatest reward for you.

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One - Chapter 112, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Giver. 

Say, Allah is One.
Allah doesn’t need anyone.
Allah doesn’t give birth and Allah wasn’t born.
Allah is matchless He is such a person.

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God must be here

Let us take off the veneer 
the comforting illusion and cosy half-truths
blow out the candles 
make a wish
say a prayer
prepare for letdown

A set piece for Fools !

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Jerusalem expensive

Jerusalem expensive 

They took her by force and took it from under our feet They went out 
We love and we want, but their weapons in the Muslim Tortured us 
Cry day and night, and between their hands do not want to stay 
Notifies the sadness calls, every human being by a drop of blood Islam 
Youth killed aggression, and an orphanage in the streets of pain 
Children of security they want, and the Zionists speak the language of blood 
Responsible for watching the war, and organizations suspicion that they are incorrigible Peace 
They beat us and tortured us, and armed Dmrona and Okhavona 
Moved O Muslims, and all fighters Belongings 
What is the value of the life he leads Denied, and of belongings you ban 
Enough of humiliation and deadlock, Your cooperation to return You  
God is in favor of the right, what you just have to go ahead and fight 
O Muslim, there is no saddens blow ...... 
The higher the oppressor, Fall become more painful .......

Muslim proudly 

Author : Omar Hachmi

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Jonah - Chapter 10, Verses 82, Holy Koran

And Allah establishes the Truth by His words
No matter how much it is disliked by the transgressors!

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The Cattle - Chapter 6, Verses 97, Holy Koran

None but Allah has made the stars for you in the sky
So that you may follow the right way thereby
In the darkness of the land and the sea!
In fact we have made plain Our communications
For the wise nations.

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Killing is killing 
But I say NO 
It takes a truly evil being To commit such blasphemy 
To steal the show.
Say what you will 
About U.S. complicity in this crime 
That we should exit Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq 
That we have the blood of innocents on our hands 
I say, it goes much deeper this time

It goes to the core 
Of what makes us humane 
And gives us the capacity for compassion 
To say NO to our baser instincts 
And to choose to step back from the Game

 Look to your heart 
For it is there you will find 
The scales of justice 
That determines the good from the evil 
And separate those who see, from those that are blind 

Beheading is a heinous act 
That leaves me physically ill 
It goes beyond the pale 
And leaves me questioning 
How & why do they kill! 

Hamas, Syrian terrorist 
They call it, holy Jihad, 
How arrogant to claim it is Holy 
When in reality, its just plain evil!
And they will stand before and answer to their God! 

- See more at:

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Wind of Fate

There is a wind never heard of
A wind we've all soared
Every bit of humanity has once been a submissive wife
Or rather a humble slave to this wind
This wind is part of earths eternal mysteries
It has always been since the beginning of histories

do not think this wind is evil
but rather a analytical preview
of our powerlessness
in the genesis of our existence

this wind starts it all
it blows us to be us
it designs our call
it perfect our imbalance curse

it gives us no choice
it blows at partial course
but still, impartial
it blows some lightly
and some heavily
it blows some to terror
and blows some to valor

you still may not know this wind I'm talking about
but it has blown you and everyone around you
its the greatest thing that ever happened to you
its this same wind that blow that crippled child you once pitied
its the same wind that blow that poor beggar on wall street

This same wind blew Malia into the womb of Michelle Obama
This same wind blew me into one big family that could get me educated
This same wind blew you into that family where you have 3 square meal
This same wind blew one poor child somewhere into one miserably poor home
Where hunger has become a necessary deal

This wind I'm talking about makes us
Our gender, nationality, family, are all determined by this wind
Even sometimes we regret being who we are
Or where we are
We may want to blame this wind
But this mysterious wind can never be blamed
For the ones he blows into terror he fills with great valor
As his reward for such ugly turbulence

This wind; i call the wind of fate
Blows some into riches
And blows some into poverty
Blows some into health
Some into sickness

It is sad, we don't have control over this wind
But still, our control of this wind is what makes us
By becoming the wind, we can control the wind
By blowing once more on those harshly blown
By blowing softly upon them that were terribly blown

By showing love and concern for those that have been placed into discreet agony or suffering
Not as a matter of choice but by birth
Like the poor little girls in Niger born into the reign of child marriage
Or the Poor hungry children in Africa born into abject poverty
They have not chosen these for themselves.
They were only blown by the wind of fate that has also blown you and I to a more fortunate position.
The only way we can change things is to be the wind and blow on the hopeless once more..

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The Girls - Chapter 4, Verses 32, Holy Koran

And don’t long for those things
By which Allah has made some of you
Outshine other human beings.
Men deserve the benefits from whatever they earn
And women deserve the benefits from whatever they earn
And ask for Allah’s blessings.
Surely Allah knows all things.

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The Cattle - Chapter 6, Verses 103, Holy Koran

No eye can see the whole of Allah the Magnificent
And He is the Omniscient
And He has the wisdom of subtleties
And He is aware of every piece.

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The Accessions - Chapter 8, Verses 29, Holy Koran

Listen every believer!
If you fear Allah the Almighty Being
He will grant you a difference maker
And do away with your every bad thing
And forgive you definitely
And really great is Allah’s bounty.

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A people without a god

A people without a god

I ask you to serve our goddess,
to pay the dues of our kinds,
leaving those western men you call priests and imams at the expense of our shrine masters
and their fabulous incantations,
pouring wine at our ancestral shrines,
perhaps dance the formidable tunes of our “Nfehveh;” 

But you rather preferred the Yahweh and Allah of our western compatriots, soaring with
them … just feeling happy, 
getting in motion with their beloveds rhythmic melodies, 
placing all evil curses on me and calling me an animist;

Forgetting the good old past of our ancestors that have sunk into this stock of past events,
terming our tradition an enemy of progress
and changing the dancing path of our marvelous “samba;” 

time may have change
but the past is still part and parcel of life
and it hurts more when you grow wild ignoring me,
giving me impressions that I need redemption; 

To be continued...

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The Elevated Places - Chapter 7, Verses 200, Holy Koran

Ask for refuge to Allah
Whenever Satan’s temptation allures you
Surely Allah can hear and He knows too.

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The Immunity - Chapter 9, Verses 116, Holy Koran

Surely Allah’s is the kingdom of the skies and the earth
He gives life and causes death
And other than Allah the Creator
You have neither a protector nor a helper.

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The Cow - Chapter 2, Verses 271, Holy Koran

If you give alms openly
That’s good for you
If you give it secretly to the needy
That’s better for you
And some of your sins will be forgiven too
And Allah is aware of whatever you do.

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Time - Chapter 103, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Giver.

Swear upon time
Surely people are in big trouble 
Except those
Who believe and do good things
And advise one another to do good things
And advise one another to endure happenings.

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his drunken kiss

His drunken kiss
Lingers on my lips
It burns into my skin
Numbs my insides and
Sends pangs of fear to my toes
Knowing he's in a subdued state
As he kisses every woman in the place

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The Holy Prophet - Chapter 11, Verses 56, Holy Koran

I rely on Allah who is my Lord and also your Lord 
There is no moving creature on earth
Whose control is not in the hand of our Lord
Surely our Lord is on a straight path.

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The Cattle - Chapter 6, Verses 96, Holy Koran

He causes the daybreak. 
And He has made the night for us to take a break
And the sun and the moon for time calculation -
The Mighty Wise Allah has made it in such a fashion.

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The Accessions - Chapter 8, Verses 24, Holy Koran

O the believers! Respond to Allah and His messenger
Whenever he calls you to that which is your life-giver.
And remember that
Allah is present between humans and their heart
And to Him you shall be gathered.

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Meaningless Prophecies

Crawl out from your crevice, young one. 
The atmosphere rains a vomitous path  
divulged, displayed before you in  
christening malaise, ending between  
your pointless therapy sessions and  
my overworked kidneys. 
Tally the score, or be a bore. 
Our favorite whore is no more.

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Jonah - Chapter 10, Verses 107, Holy Koran

If Allah do any harm to you
No one else but Allah can remove it
If He wants to do some good to you
There’s none to keep back His favors a bit
He gives it to the servants of His liking
And He is the Most Forgiving Merciful Being.

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Clotted Blood - Chapter 96, verses 1-5, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Merciful Giver.

Read with the name of your Creator the Lord.
He has created human from clotted blood.
Read and most honorable is your Lord.
He has taught to write with pen.
He has disclosed the unknown to the men and women.

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I walk in the cathedral, its vast space
is  quiet is like the immense silence
of a  deep and gentle snow storm.
light through the stain glass windows glorifies
the sense of peace.

In the distance a book is dropped
the flat echo sounds far and small.
I hear the shuffle of people
in another nave of this place,
they talk one to another
In booming sibilants that make no sense, but echo.

An old woman prays in the pew near me,
We are so very far from the chancellery,
She flashes me looks of scorn.
I feel she knows I don't pray
and has seen I did not genuflect.

High up  amongst polished rose wood 
I hear slight noises echo as a man
moves papers that he carries.
Very softly, a low sweet sound fills this place
I feel joy and I am full of tears.

The sound stops. silence rings like crystal,
to be fractured by the opening thunder
of the Bach D minor toccata and fugue, 
which fills this place and me with sound. 
Then I am crying and desolate.
because  it is quiet again.

If a place like this can exist does it mean that there is a god.

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Take it how you will

You keep your fasts to please Allah 
while you murder other beings for pleasure
You look after your own interests
and so not see the interests of others 
What good is your word 
you say the One Lord is within you
But you do not think or contemplate on Him
you do not care for others 
You are mad about religion
this is why your life is wasting away

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The Cow - Chapter 2, Verses 267, Holy Koran

O the believers! Give good things 
From your earnings
And from what we bring forth 
Out of the earth
And don’t go for giving bad things
That you would not take of course
And know that Allah doesn’t need any thing
And He is the Most Praiseworthy Being.

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The Cow - Chapter 2, Verses 270, Holy Koran

And whatever things you give
Or vow to give
Surely Allah knows it
And the oppressors
Shall have no helpers.

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That's so alt

I was smoking 
non-menthol cigarettes 
and tying my 
threadbare new 
at the corner deli 
waiting in line 
to buy more non-menthol cigarettes.

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Jonah - Chapter 10, Verses 100-101, Holy Koran

No one believes unless Allah wishes and
He casts dirt of doubt on those who don’t understand!

Say, Behold all that is in the skies and earth 
But neither signs nor warnings benefit those who believe not!

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The Accessions - Chapter 8, Verses 22-23, Holy Koran

Surely the lowest of animals, in Allah’s sight
Are the deaf and dumb. Though they have eyesight
They do not understand what’s wrong and what’s right.

And if Allah had known any good in them
He would made them hear His holy name
And if He makes them hear the same
They will turn back and blame.

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The Immunity - Chapter 9, Verses 60, Holy Koran

Charity is for the poor and the needy 
And its fundraising employees
And for those whose hearts are to be won by mercy
And for those in bondage and in debt
And in the way of Allah the Great
And for the people who are far away from home
And Allah is full of knowledge and wisdom.

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Jonah - Chapter 10, Verses 5, Holy Koran

None but Allah has made the sun
Glowing brightness
And the moon dimly dazzling
And ordained for it mansions
To enable you to calculate the years and reckoning
Allah hasn’t created even a single a thing for nothing
Allah shows His signs for the people
Who want to know it all.

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God Only Knows

        God opens doors of opportunity that
	No one can close.
	Do not be upset
	When you encounter troubles,
	Good things will happen in our lives.

        Leave all deadly sins behind
	Including jealousy and hatred.
	Be faithful to Him and
	Do the righteous ways.

        Even though someone
	“Put your life in danger and in sorrows.”
	Be happy each day and
	Learn how to forgive.

        He knows our desires before
	We even know them.
	Learn how to appreciate
	His Almighty Blessings.

        Indeed, we will be able to thank Him
	With all our hearts and
	With all our souls as
	He works in a mysterious ways.

        Therefore, God only knows what
	No one can predict.
	Be thankful each day and
	Live happily.

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Nation Evil

Youth stray, lost and in prostitution. 
  Girls were foolish, and Finery Sepehrt. 
  Men are busy, to raise their children in Tarcn and collect the money race. 
  The poor suffer, under the free and the loan asleep. 
Officials asleep, and in Parliament laugh. 
Scientists are ignorant, for the development of the nation Sakton. 
  Professor works, knowing the source of raindrops. 
  A disgruntled student, a fugitive of Education. 
Tramp crying, tears of silence grumbling. 
  Poor calls, and rich does not care. 
  Clueless asks, looking for a planet science.

Author: Omar Hachmi

My blog:

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Misotheist Antonym

Okay, so most of us are either atheists or belong to some kind of religion, even if loosely. The religion likely demands that the convert love and respect the deity, therefore making the great majority of theists eutheists.

With that out of the way, has anyone ever even met a misotheist?

What's the deal with that?

We see the crossfire between christians and Good Prophet Dawkins followers on youtube comment threads, but you just don't hear about misotheists.

They believe in god, but hate and distrust him.

Christian misotheists are aware that they are going to hell under their understanding of the world, yet are resigned to this fate due to their personal moral code not to serve a god they believe is evil.

I don't think there are actually any misotheists. Just hipsters who might answer censuses with it, and list 'domestic partnership' as their marital status.

If there was one, though, I'd like to meet him. That's one badass motherf*cker.

*Footnote: I googled 'misotheist antonym' while writing this.

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Love Or Something Like It

Love Or Something Like It

I have loved your for the moment I met you.
From first sight I knew I had to be in your world.
When you first spoke your words enveloped my heart.
I saw the light with in you shine with such radiance I felt I should shield my eyes.
You spoke of the world and what is should be.
You had no idea what effect you had on me.
Your world soon came to include me.
Allah only knows how I made it this far without you.
Now we live as we are one.
Allah knows you are my only one.
Life is so lovely and blessed, Allah the exalted is surly the Best.
What a beautiful life we now have.
You are the best I have ever had.
We have an eternity Inshallah, to bloom and grow.
If only I had words to show.
Show just how much you make your run wild.
Show just how much my soul is at ease.
Show just how grateful I am for you.
I live each day striving to be the best. 
The best Muslim wife, mother, lover and friend.
Allah knows I do not want this life of ours to end.
I spend every moment thanking Allah for the gift.
The gift of life, love and happiness.
You are my world, my heart and my soul.
With out you I am sure I would be no more.
With every breath that I take, I love you ever more.
You are my forever love.
My husband, my friend.
I will fight by your side to the very end. 
Everything good in this life is from Allah.
Every blessing I receive I thank Allah.

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The Light - Chapter 24, Verses 44-45, Holy Koran

Allah changes the day and the night
Surely there is a lesson for those in it who have insight
And Allah has created from water all living creature
Some of them walk upon tummy, many more 
Walk upon two feet and others walk upon four.
Allah creates that whatever His joy brings
Surely Allah has power over all things.

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The Immunity - Chapter 9, Verses 67-68, Holy Koran

Hypocritical men and hypocritical women are all the same 
They urge the people to do evil things
And regarding good works they forbid them
And they are squanderer
They have forgot Allah the Giver
Therefore Allah will forget them forever
Surely every hypocritical person is transgressor.

It’s Allah’s promise
The hypocritical men and women and those who disbelieve
In hell’s fire they will live
They will stay there forever
Enough for them is hell’s fire
They provoke God’s anger
So they will be punished forever and ever.

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boy wound too tight

a hairless rat swelling up

a black cat in a dark room
blind cat in a
dead alley
always runnin, lullin, for a single purpose
to west, to east, to
lines lollin in splendid
a lawyer is a lawyer
because of another lawyer
a boss is a boss
because of some other
curled up to fire
  purrin in the flames
faith a stripped fur against
the insane

smoking a cigarette and tried
to smell

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The Cow - Chapter 2, Verses 265-266, Holy Koran

Those who spend their property
To seek pleasure of Allah the Giver and Great
And to uphold their mindset
Their reward is like a hilltop garden
Upon which if heavy rain falls 
Its fruits become twofold then
But if heavy rain does not fall 
Drizzling is enough for the garden too
Allah sees whatever you do.

Is there one of you who wants
A garden of palms and vines
With streams flowing beneath it
All kinds of fruits will be there
Then you will become gray-haired
And you will have weak offspring
When a fiery whirlwind will smite that garden
It will become blasted then.
Thus Allah makes the communications loud and clear
With a view to boosting up your thinking power.

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The Cow - Chapter 2, Verses 261-263, Holy Koran

Those who spend their property
In the way of Allah the Giver
Their reward will be like a grain growing seven ears
With a hundred grains in every ear
And Allah multiplies reward for whom He cares
And Allah is the Ample-Giving Wise Teacher.

And those who spend their property
In the way of Allah the Giver
Then do not follow up 
With reproach or injury
They shall have their reward 
From Allah the Wise Teacher  
And they shall have no fear
And they won’t be sorry.

Kind words and mercy
Is better than charity
Followed by injury
And Allah doesn’t need anything
And He is forbearing.

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The Accessions - Chapter 8, Verses 2-4, Holy Koran

They are the best amongst believers 
Whose heart becomes full of fear
Whenever the name Allah is mentioned to them
And when His communications are recited to them
It strengthens their faith in Him
And they trust their Lord more than anything

Those who keep up prayer
And spend out from whatever is theirs
They are the genuine believers

They shall have from their Lord
High ranks and forgiveness
And a stately sustenance in best place

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The Cow - Chapter 2, Verses 272, Holy Koran

It’s not incumbent on you
To make them walk on the right avenue
But Allah wants whomsoever
He guides them through the right way
And whatever good thing you give
It’s for your own benefit
And you should not give it 
But to seek Allah’s pleasure
And whatever good thing you give
Shall be paid back in full as per Allah’s measure
And there will be no injustice whatsoever.

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Dear Me, Where Are We Now

Dear god, where are you now?

My family is gone, killed by the pox.

My money is gone, taken by the bankers. 

My purpose is gone, dead with my love.

My life is gone, smothered by sin.

Dear god, where are you now?

Everything was joyful.

Everything was true. 

Everything was happy. 

Everything was you.

Dear god, where are you now?

I am empty.

I am sad.

I am withered.

I am dead.

Dear god. Where are you now?

Dear child, where am I now?

Look to the trees, Vibrant and green.

Look to the waters, alive in how they gleam.

Look to the ground, solid in body.

Look to the wind, filled with soul.

Dear child, where am I now?

Beneath the bed where you rest.

Beside the child who you blessed.

Beyond the winter.

Before the summer.

Dear child, where am I now?

Your heart aches with your loss, I ache with you.

You pound the ground in desperation, my earth rumbles all over in pain.

You cry yourself to sleep at night, I shower the ground with my tears.

You ask me why, why, why, I cannot answer for you wouldn't understand.

Dear child, where are we now?

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Who ever you are

Screaming, yelling battles,
     I don't understand why, when it leaves us both wounded...
Sobbing cold tears,
     They spill, full of meaning, but not feeling it's effect...
Who is wrong?
    Or is their no one to blame; Shall we share the blame equally?
Warm arms holding bodies,
    Silently we lay, cherishing our apologies...
Forgetting our harsh words,
     And how we so easily almost throw away our lives...
My head resting on his heart,
     His arms tight around me, and fingers playing with my diamond ring...
How scared we are to loose each other, 
     Not only to be alone, but to loose the treasure that we have made...
Our love is strong, but our trust, our hope, our faith,
    We are not as we once were, damaged by each others mistakes...
Forgive but do not forget,
     But if you can not forget you can not truly forgive...
Heart breaking, sobbing, swallowing sleep wholly,
     Rest my love, we'll be within each others arms...
God, Buddha, Jehovah, Allah or whoever you are,
     Help us, heal us, I am afraid and I will not loose my love...

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The Believers - Chapter 23, Verses 91, Holy Koran

Never did Allah take to Himself a son
And never was there any god with Allah the One
If it were
All gods would take away their created things
And all gods would try to overpower one another
Allah’s Glory is above their sayings. 

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The Holy Prophet - Chapter 11, Verses 18-20, Holy Koran

And who is more unjust than he 
Who forges a lie against Allah the only God?
These people shall be brought before their Lord
And the witnesses shall say, 
These are they who lied against their Lord!
Behold! Definitely the unjust is cursed by God.

Those who prevent people 
From the way of Allah the Creator
And seek in it-crooked matter
They are the ones who disbelieve the hereafter.

They are unable to change God’s plan on earth
Nor have they any supporter besides God!
Their punishment will be doubled for all
They are the actual deaf and blind people.

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The Cow - Chapter 2, Verses 264, Holy Koran

O the believers! Don’t make your charity
Worthless by reproach and injury
Like them who spend their property
To show they are better
And do not believe in Allah and the life-after
So they are like a smooth rock with earth upon it
Then a heavy rain falls upon it
Consequently it leaves the rock hard and bare
So it’s loud and clear
They will be unable to get benefit from their earnings
And Allah doesn’t guide the unbelieving human beings.

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ghandi crickets

ayatollah khomeini –

                     told people       to –
                     incite a protest,
            to go onto the roof tops	   
you know,     nonviolent protest,

and scream           um

god is great –
            ~ allah akbar

and to scream it only at night – - 
          - -
          - so that –

people     were
                         were listening

it would be like crickets - -
               - the crickets at  night,
	and just hearing,	and that feeling like –

people – joining in, and,
            communicating with each other -

writing down
                  like their –

their nation’s –
   		              of what was happening

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Mankind - Chapter 114, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Merciful Giver.

Say, I ask for refuge to the Lord of Mankind 
The King of Mankind
The God of Mankind
From the temptation of those among Jinn and Mankind
Who tempt then leave all behind
And mislead people’s mind.

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No Surprise

Death is a lie. sometimes we cry never knowing they fly up so high. I dreamed that I died but did not fly. Fire and Ice purged all my crimes, when i tried to unwind i was felled from behind. why do we cry when death is always by our side. Friends I do some times cry when death leaves my side but those tears must subside for I know they now fly high into the sky. As I pay for my crimes death walks by my side, as i pray that I die death leaves me behind and another one flys as another one dies. I pray its a lie as more angels fly, I sigh for thats my reply when leaves my side.

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Jonah - Chapter 10, Verses 68-69, Holy Koran

They say, Allah has got a son!
Whereas He is the Most Sacrosanct 
And the Self-Sufficient One.
Everything that is in the skies 
And the earth belongs to God.
You have no proof to show!
Do you allege about Allah what you don’t know?

Say, whoever fabricates lies against Allah the Truthful
Will never ever be successful.

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Dawn - Chapter 113, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer
In the name of Allah the Kind and the  Merciful Giver.

Say, I ask for refuge to the Lord of Dawn 
From the evil of His creation
And from the evil of night when it comes
And from the evil blowing on knots by the magicians
And from the evil of the people when they are envious.

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God was sleeping

God isn't sleeping
God won't sleep
But in the beginning
God was sleeping!
He started dreaming -
It was a nightmare!
In His dream He started crying
At one point of time
It woke Him up
And He heard His heartbeat
Allah Allah ……….
Then He started questioning Himself
What is Allah?
Who is Allah?
And so on
Thus He started knowing Himself!

At one point of time
God Thought
It would be better
If there were two Gods
One male one female
So God went for splitting Himself
Into two pieces
At that time
God’s body was round and solid
Then Its size became bigger and bigger
Until it made the biggest explosion
As a result of the explosion
God’s body 
God’s body’s heart
Broke into tiniest pieces
That are called mind!
They started to gather around
God’s body’s heart
Due to gravitational force
Thus God made a mistake
And hurt Himself physically
But He learned His lessons
God’s body turned Himself
Into the Most Beautiful Thing
That resembles a human being
And created the universe
With a little bit of His saliva!

God is able to create
Sexual organs of His body
But He doesn’t do that
He is the only one of His species –
He is One

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The Cow - Chapter 2, Verses 219, Holy Koran

They ask you about wine and gambling
Say, in both of them there is a great sin
And also good thing
But their sin is greater than the profit they bring
And they ask you what they should spend 
Say, whatever you can spare
Thus Allah makes His communications loud and clear
With a view to make you think over.

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(To women, esp. those who care) 

The lights have all gone,
The torch lamp’s weary
To drive darkness
Away for
Darkness is eternity!
Light your candle
In order to bequeath 
To the humankind  
The heritage
And be saved!
The seclusion unbearable
O come woman
Come noble creature
To console the suffering
Human race
By the soft sound of your voice
Your turtledove voice
Speak when you come
That Chinese I like so much
Come when the winds blow
Come when trees crawl
Come when birds sing
Or to loving mates are calling
Come when I come
Let’s come together, all our life!

Oh, the night and the torch lamp
O at a dark night of a rainy season
At Elobi for a forlorn student
Like me
It’s strident
O my Allah give a woman 
To care for.

Yaoundé, June 29, 2002

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The Fig - Chapter 95, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Giver.

Swear upon the fig and the olive
And the Sinai Mount
And this city that is safe and sound
Of course we created human in the best make
Then We turn them into the worst shape
Except those who believe and do good things
So they shall have rewards that are endless
Knowing all these things
Who can give you lie about the judgment?
Is not Allah the Best of the Judges?

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Abundance of goods - Chapter 102, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Merciful Giver.

Abundance of goods blindfolds you
Until you come to the graves
O yea! what you are thinking is not true
O sure! what you are thinking is not true
If you had the knowledge of the faith
You could see the inferno
You will see it with your own eyes later
Then you will be questioned about God’s favor.

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Beside the Stream

poetry is the
between the words

poetry is the
of the

oracles in

She is a Nobody
as am I
should we never


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Abraham - Chapter 14, Verses 34, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Merciful Giver.

Allah has given you all things you asked from Him
And if you want to count Allah’s favors 
It will remain a dream
Undoubtedly humans are very unjust 
And ungrateful to Him.

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Allah's Help - Chapter 110, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Merciful Giver.

When there will come Allah’s help and victory
And you will see 
People entering religion of Allah in companies
Then cherish your Lord’s glory
And turn towards Him 
Surely He is oft-returning to mercy.

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The Cow - Chapter 2, Verses 273, Holy Koran

You should go for almsgiving
To the poor who are confined in Allah’s way
Because they can not do anything for their living
The ignorant people think they are well off
Because they do not ask for anything
You can recognize them by this sign
They do not beg by flattering 
And whatever good thing you give
Surely Allah knows it.

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All sins gone without bargain and bid,
All fasting souls are now new born kid,
Alhamdulillah for all assistance and aid,
Eidul Fitr brings to all a big Mubarak Eid!

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Never Trust Em

Never trust a man who doesn’t drink
He is probably a righteous sort
A man who thinks he knows right from wrong
Some of them are good men
But in the name of goodness 
They cause most of the suffering in the world
They are the judges
The meddlers
Never trust a man who refuses to get drunk
They are usually afraid of something  deep down inside 
Of themselves 
You can’t trust a man who’s afraid of himself
They are either cowards or fools

Respect to JA Crumley

Respect to all those killed in Paris by the righteous folks 

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The Prestigious Night -Chapter 97, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Giver.

Surely we revealed this book on the prestigious night.
How can you make out what is the prestigious night.
It is better than a thousand months of life.
On this night
With Lord’s permission angel Ruh with all his might
Descends on earth for every affair.  
Peace till the dawn of this night.

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Abraham - Chapter 14, Verses 24-27, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and Merciful Giver.

Haven’t you thought it over already
How Allah sets forth an allegory
Kalema-A-Taiyeba is like a good tree
Whose root is firm and will never die 
And whose branches are in the sky.

It bears fruit in every season
By the permission of its Lord
And Allah sets forth allegories
So that they may learn lesson.

And an evil Kalema is like a bad tree
When it’s uprooted, it loses stability.

Allah confirms those 
Who believe in Kalema-A-Taiyeba
In this life and in the life-after
And Allah keeps the oppressors confused forever
And Allah does whatever makes Him happier.

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Wandering human beings each 
Enslaved by personally true doctrines of the existence or
Inescapably twisted with the nonexistence of the Existing One 
Rampantly whirls around to face thousands of destinies all in one: 
Death in color: paganism, science cutting edge, madness, and suicide.
Dla, November 17, 2014
Jaafar Sadig el Waad

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Meats n Cheeses

Few years ago
I smashed two flies
engaged in aerial coitus.
Today, I poked their
Fell to the floor,
leaving a crust of
Love Gunk
Mixed innards, crushed
and united gonads.
One true love, for
all time, the only
evidence of which
is smeared on my

My momma was making
me a sandwich,
n' she heard a loud
A mouse, caught
in the trap by
his tail.
Tossed it in the
street, let the
cats rip 'im up.
That was a damn
good sandwich

Who held the chisel
and carved the cliffs?
Wrong metaphor.
rolling droplets
of water
and time.
The first
Ménage à trois

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The shaking of the earth - Chapter 99, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Giver.

When the earth will be shaken violently
And the earth will let her burdens inside go free
And people will say, what’s happened to her
On that day She will tell her real stories
Because your Lord will inspire her
On that day people shall come forth in sundry bodies
So that they can be shown their past stories

Then whoever does an atom’s weight of good work
Shall see it
And whoever does an atom’s weight of bad work
Shall see it.

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Unbelievers - Chapter 109, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Giver.

Say, O those who disbelieve 
I don’t worship that you worship
And you don’t worship Him Whom I worship
And I won’t worship that you worship
And you don’t worship Him Whom I worship
Your religion is yours and our religion is ours to keep.

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The Qureaish - Chapter 106, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Giver.

For the Qureaish’s welfare,
For the protection of their trading caravans
In winter and summer
They should worship only the Lord of holy Kaba
Who feeds them if they feel hunger
And give them security against fear.

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Almsgiving -Chapter 107, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Merciful Giver.

Have you noticed the person who disbelieves the Judgment?
It is him who gives the orphans harsh treatment  
And does not urge the people to feed the needy
Then the praying ones will be extremely sorry
Who are unmindful of their praying duty,
Who do good things to impress people
And forbid others to give anything at all.

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The Horses - Chapter 100, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Giver.

Swear upon the horses that run breathing panting 
And the horses that produce fire sparkling
And the horses that raid at morning
Then thereby they started dust spreading
Then they rush upon an assembly
Mankind is ungrateful to their Lord definitely
And surely they are its witness
And surely they love the most the riches
Don’t they know everyone will be raised from the graves
And things of their minds will be disclosed
Their Lord that day will be utterly aware of them of course.

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The Bee - Chapter 16, Verses 75-76, Holy Koran

Allah has here set forth an allegory, just consider
A slave the property of another
Therefore he has no power 
On the contrary
One who is granted a handsome sustenance so he
Spends from it secretly and openly -
Are the two similar?
Praise is due to Allah 
But most of the people are not aware.
And Allah has set forth anther allegory, now consider
Two persons, one of them is dumb 
Unable to do anything on his own 
Thus he is a burden to his master
Wherever he is sent he brings no good outcome
Can he be held equal with him, who
Has enjoined what is just 
And is also on the straight avenue.

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The Family of Imran - Chapter 3, Verses 42-43, Holy Koran

And when the angels said, 
O Mary! Surely Allah has chosen you
And purified you
And chosen you above the girls of the world.

O Mary! Keep up obedience to your Lord
And humble yourself (before God)
And bow down with those who bow (before your Lord).

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Night - Chapter 92, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Giver.

Swear upon the night when it covers with darkness 
And the day when it shines in brightness 
And the creation of males and females
Surely your striving is from various angles.
Then as for those who give away and are scared 
And accept the Best
We will facilitate their journey to the best destination
And as for those who are meager
And think they have enough for recreation
And reject the Best
We will make their journey to the worst destination
More and more harder
And when they will perish their wealth will not be of any value
Surely only We shows the right avenue
And surely Ours is this world and the hereafter
That’s why We are warning you of the flaming fire. 
None shall enter it but the most unfortunates
Who disbelieve and turn away their face
And We’ll safeguard whoever is afraid of Me 
Who give away wealth in order to purify character
And no one has anything 
For which he can deserve reward from the Creator
But you can always wish Allah Taaala’s pleasure
That will make Him soon pleased forever.

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Abu Lahab - Chapter 111, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Merciful Giver.

Both hands of Abu Lahab to be perished and so shall he
His wealth and earnings will not be able to benefit him, you see  
He will soon burn in blazing Hell
With his wife the bearer of fuel
Around whose neck a noose of twisted bark of date tree.

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free cee A POEM YOU SHOULD LET YOUR CHILDREN READ-maybe they'll get it

   A WORLD WHEREIN WOLVES HAVE BREASTS                           page 1

If only I could tell you to where it is headed
But, my son, the concept is foreign to my mind
Were I able to I would forecast a future where nothing is dreaded
And the kind of world I will leave behind

But I really don’t have a f*cking clue
I mean right now this country gulps down gasoline the way I pour vodka into my already diseased liver
To the max, man
And today I heard a professional something or other predict that pretty soon this world  will not only contend with an energy crisis
But it will soon to be warring between towns, cities and countries
Not only for oil
But for water
You know, like that overpriced liquid fraud from France fools drink because they think it comes from some secluded spot off the Seine 
Well, they’re all insane
As is the price this planet will one day pay
And it’s all yours, my son
Yours and everyone
You and all the people who better start doing some rational thinking
Because, as far as I can tell, this country, like it’s economy, is headed for hell while it’s sinking
And sinking fast hour by hour
Unless there is some intervention by the higher power
an intervention for sleep and sheep 
And speaking of sheep
Beware the shark in sheep’s clothing
The Trojan House
And the transvestite wolf walking around in grandma’s over-sized panties and firm control bra
“My Grandma, what big breasts you have”                                                                                           Page 2
It’s all part of the neurotic
And panic stricken globe we were gifted with
the one that now stands in jeopardy of too many maladies, not enough cures, 
and a persistent rash under the armpit of Atlas
While people in Iran pay a sixth of what we pay for the gallons of gasoline that Americans abuse with greed and a gargantuan disregard for the future
That is, until another fuel burning behemoth that flies the un-friendly skies finds another skyscraper that points the way to heaven
And falls all to hell
Because of Muslim morons who want to be martyrs
It’s the almighty Allah vs. the almighty Dollah 

So, my son, please don’t ask me what to do
Answers are the one thing I am fresh out of
It shatters me to think of the world I’ll leave to you
But oh, how I wish it were a world quilted by love
    © 2012…copyright PHREEPOETREE…~free cee!~

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After all this,
it really is all about
breathing. Each inflation
is faith, awaiting
the materials of the planet.
Each exhale is a prayer.
I give you
what is in my body
knowing how the world
is large and generous.
We are made to pray.
We hang on the planet
like a prayer machine,
in an out in prayer rotation.
We don't need to know and figure,
we don't need the words.

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Day - Chapter 93, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Merciful Giver.

Swear upon the day 
And the night when it is covered with darkness  
Your Lord has neither forsaken you
Nor has He felt dismay
Your future is better than your bygone days
Moreover your Lord will shortly 
Give you something that will make you happy.
Didn’t He find you an orphan and give you shelter?
Didn’t He find you lost and show you the way?
Didn’t He find you needy and make you rich after?
Therefore do not oppress any orphan
And if anyone asks for something
Do not rebuke the one
And as for the favors of your Lord, announce it to everyone.

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To My daughters Loubabatoul Koubra, Halima Saadiya and Maryam Jamilah

A knock on the door
Shouts from the inside
All the three running 
To swoon over my knees
Laughing my lovely
The gate to paradise
The gift from 
The Messenger,
My lifelong model.

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The Spider - Chapter 29, Verses 41-43, Holy Koran

The people who take guardians besides Allah
Is like spider that makes for itself a house
And surely spider’s web is the weakest house
If they understood it somehow!

Surely Allah knows whatever thing
They call upon besides Him
And He is the Mighty and Wise Being.

And these examples are set forth for all
And none understands it but the wise people.

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The Sun - Chapter 91, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Giver.

Swear upon the Sun and the sunshine
And the moon when it follows the Sun in one line
And the day when it shows it
And the night when it hides it
And the sky and Him Who made it
And the earth and Him Who spread it
And the soul and the Maker of its perfection
He inspires it to understand what is right and wrong 
They will surely be successful who purify it
And they will certainly fail who corrupt it.

The Samood tribe gave the lie in their inordinacy
When the most unfortunate of them started conspiracy
Then Allah’s Apostle said to them, it’s Allah’s she -camel
So give her something to drink
But they called him a liar and slaughtered her -
Their Lord crushed them for this sin
And leveled them with the ground hence
And He is not afraid of its consequence.

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Endure sufferings to learn how to earn
Your futures. Do not dodge hard times,
Violence of all sorts: weaning, circumcision
Crutches, the farewell of the souls created
In couple, steps to manhood and success
Mind not. Partings bring pains but also bliss.
Needless to reject anything when to the
Master of Qalam you are totally submitted.
Keep the family knot, read and with all His
Attributes ask, seek help to firmly face your
Fate, greatly, and the races humbly.

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if my great great grandfather observed it
if the angel are observing it
Why wont I do

if the gate of heaven is open
why wont I fly in
if the gate of hell is close
why wont I denounce my misdeeds

a spiritual month...
full of grace, mercy and forgiveness
I welcome you

full of uncountable spiritual opportunities
I was told my stories will change for best
if I observed it wholeheartedly

Oh Allah have mercy on me and my generation
in this world and more in the hereafter.

How I wish you are every month of the year.

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Slanderer - Chapter 104, Holy Koran

I ask for refuge to Allah from Satan the exiled evildoer.
In the name of Allah the Kind and the Giver.

Misery to every slanderer and defamer
Who amasses wealth and assesses it regular
They think their wealth will remain with them forever
Rather they will undoubtedly be hurled into the crushing disaster
And how will you realize what’s the crushing disaster?
It’s a fire kindled by God the Punisher
That rises above the heart of the sinners
There they will be caged forever
Around them will be extended pillars.

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Thanks Giving

"And the times of this ignorance; God winked at;
 but now, commandeth all men, everywhere,
 to repent! (Acts 17:30)

 Interesting it is, what gets printed
 in the fine print on the other
 side of a Business card
 especially on those cards that
 you considered flippant and flipped
 them into the jockey box, or
 slid them under the pile
 you keep on your dash
 seriously, how much is the thought
 worth? that one which came 
 from the card presenters mind;
 I suppose it is a write-off or that
 he or she makes more income
 than I; curiously enough, I have
 a card and it is my online handle
 my call out to name in print
 is Michaelw1two, simple for sure
 "when there is something strange"
 flowing through your brain...
 who ya gonna call?" presently
 what is your purpose?
 Is it "special"?, does it have leg?
 can you get a handle on it, or
 grasp the asp of it, or do you really
 give a shite? You might, if you
 want to live; in my universe!
 personally, I care, however; that is
 not my point, you are conjoined beings
 i.e. both flesh-terminal and
 spirit-eternal, are you wearing a capuche?
 no doubts about this; you spend most
 of your daze, sittin, shitin, pissin, dissin
 diggin... your own graves!
 responsibility, all yours, remember that
 "free willin thang? Can you hang...
 your heads in shame now?
 I am guessin nope! That you are still
 those mentally hopped up on your
 dopa-minded attitudes about your self
 interests and more focused on the
 point of your noses; poseurs plenty
 you all are! I'll bet that when you
 wish upon that star you think that
 star is you! blind little savanna monkeys
 you still be! listen to me, give thanks to
 the big guy, for allowing you to yet breathe!

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Anatomy of God

God’s body has got the best throne
God’s body can freely move around 
Inside God’s glow
God has got a chair of artificial glow
Skies are also artificial glows of God
But it is the biggest
The universe is inside it
And it is inside God's original glow
God's original glow is called God’s mind 
And it is the eternal space.

Glow is mass having least density
Glow is space
Everything that exists has glow
God's glow exists because of
Gravitational Force of God.

God’s mind is round and still
Because the core of God's body
Is absolutely frozen and dead
It always remain at the center of God
No matter where God's body goes
Around it some slightly loose souls exist
Heart of God’s body 
Consists of these two layers of mass
As a result of gravitational force
God’s heart tends to become smaller
But space of anything cannot be nil
For this reason
An outward repulsive force exists
That creates never-ending heartbeat of God.
God's heartbeat Allah Allah sound
Goes on forever at the center of God.
Everyone’s soul’s pulse is also Allah Allah sound.

God’s body remains at the center of God’s mind
Most of the times as a Round Living Thing
When God expands His visible glow
He makes His body the Most Beautiful Thing
God’s body has a pimple on His face
It’s His beauty spot
It’s the symbol of bad things
God’s body has got
Minimum bad odor
And overwhelming good odor
That’s why 
God’s body is fragrant
God’s body puts on clothes
To look more beautiful
God’s body puts on crown on His head
To look Most Perfect.

The center point of God is just above paradise
Where Prophet Mohammad met God’s body
On the Night of Ascending To God
God’s visible glow remains near His body
God’s invisible glow is at distant places 
From His body

God’s body is the most solid thing
God’s body is made of tiniest particles
Tiniest particles are souls
Owing to Gravity there are some loose particles
On the surface of God’s body
That’s why He can create things 

Artificial glows of God are made of tiniest particles
There are seven skies
Skies are like bubbles
One above the other
From smaller to bigger
The uppermost sky is the biggest
At each connecting point of skies 
There is a gate of sky. 

Time exists 
Because of change and movement of matters inside Space
From point of view of time God is infinite.

N.B.- The Night of Ascending To God is the Night of Meraj.

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The Clan - Chapter 33, Verses 35, Holy Koran

Surely the men who surrender to the will of God
And the women who surrender to the will of God
The faithful men and the faithful women
The obeying men and the obeying women
The truthful men and the truthful women
The patient men and the patient women
The humble men and the humble women
The almsgiving men and the almsgiving women
The fasting men and the fasting women
The men who guard their private parts
And the women who guard
The men who remember Allah very much
And the women who remember Him hard
Allah has made ready for them forgiveness and a great reward.

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in my poems
violence, pimps, savages, thieves, taxi drivers, bastard birds and dogs that dream whilst circuses in lnd. avn set up shop.
i though I knew it all
but i was mistaken.
whilst playng pool with my friend
and losing badly
whilst john counted money
in the back
and tom answered telephones
i saw - 
a man die
not quick
the other
followed suit
and felt
uncomfortable at 
first but
then fell
into the strangers bed
who'm he knew
all at once
to be true
and not just
he heard on the news.

“they deserved it mate.”
“bloody hell, not like that.”
“if it was me I'd do the same.”
and I left
walked out
into the night
and wondered
why not?
why bother.

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i accuse

for the love of death
you try
to blind
the eyes of god
too many tears
forced from
the caring hearts
of his angels
in so, this poet
accuses these cowards
hiding behind children
these pedophiles without souls
and in a universe without hell
it is they
who create it!