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Family Birthday Poems | Family Poems About Birthday

These Family Birthday poems are examples of Family poems about Birthday. These are the best examples of Family Birthday poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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LOVE God is always love Forever seek the kingdom; Praise the creator Keep giving what you can give Please endure until the end ANGELS Beautiful Heavens Protecting the meek ones earth Watching over us Helping us to cope with life Comforted with hope and trust MUSIC When you find rhythm You find your hearts inner core Celebrate the times Make them better than before Reminisce and dance all night

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Michael's Blessed Birthday (Kyrielle Sonnet)

Have a blessed birthday Michael J Today I knelt for you to pray May His guiding light shine on you God’s grace I pray will bring you through May you have strength on your birthday With family this holiday Celebrating with faith like new God’s grace I pray will bring you through As your son returns home today Like a rainbow brightens the day Continue to wear a smile too God’s grace I pray will bring you through Have a blessed birthday Michael J God’s grace I pray will bring you through © Joseph, 11/20/07 © All Rights Reserved Hello Michael, have a blessed birthday and Thanksgiving holiday with your brave son and family. May God bless each of you always and as a family! The Kyrielle Sonnet is a French form from the Middle Ages. It has 14 lines (three rhyming quatrains and a non-rhyming couplet). It has a repeating line or phrase as a refrain in the last line of each stanza. Each line within the Kyrielle Sonnet has eight syllables. There are times when a French poem links back to the poem’s beginning; therefore, a common practice is to combine the first line of the first quatrain and the refrain in each quatrain as the ending couplet for the poem.

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Heres Looking At You Kid

Dear brother you were only 22
when the good Lord came calling for you

Water had consumed your last breath
Coroners said was a flashback from heroin and meth

I had always looked up to you
but your verbal abuse made me and the others feel blue

black hair  hazel eyes man you look so like Elvis 
imitating shaking your hips and pelvis

blisters and sores on  your young pale face
oh boy how you had fallen from Gods grace

you had a little girl right after you died
Mom always stood by her and your girlfriend's side

first Grandpa then you Dad  Mom and brother Bob
for my life now feels like I've been robbed

missed over 30 yrs of wishing you  birthday greetings
now at the dinner table there is limited seating

but every year when your birthday comes and passes
I will be there to pick your grave site overgrown grasses

I wonder what you would look like today
or even if your hair would be full of grey

I have forgiven for all you had done to me
for I hold no regrets so your soul can be free

heres wishing you another birthday greeting
as I lay this card and rose at your grave site's seating

Please give Grandpa Dad Mom and brother Bob my love
for someday I will reunited with all of you above

For now I have my own little girl
for she is my own everyday  world

I promise to tell her all about you
and how God will turn you into someone pure and new

Rest in peace my loving dear brother
heres another birthday wish I send in passion smothers 

In Loving Memory Of
My Brother Gary

10/ 18/ 48
 6 / 5 / 71

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A poem for my best friend of 30 years who died last year from booze Linda


I remember the first time we met you came round for a coffee. 
I remember it well, we sat talking for hours, just you and me.
Over the next few years, We must have drunk hundreds of cups.
Life was a roll of downs, Then ups. 
I remember the first time I met your Mum. All dressed in pale blue.
I think she was going to some special do.

I remember Jills first birthday party, even the  dress she wore.
The house was full of friends and family and more.
Val and Grandma, Carol and Jane all of their familys as well.
The house was packed, certainly a tale to tell.
The Bell Inn at Ingolmells where we all went for a drink.
Then round to our caravan, coffees to sink.

I remember Claire as a child, the hours she used to spend at our home.
Every Monday on the way to Slimming World she got credit for her phone.
I remember all the things she used to help me with. shopping, baking, 
washing the dishes the cups and the plates.
All this before she was even eight.
I remember so many things that we used to do. The bonfire parties at your 
All the same crowd their having the time of their lives.

Then the big bash for my big Five O.
I wanted a really big show.
So we prepared all the food at your house, Then carried it all over to mine.
Only just got it all ready in time.
I did the cake it was a huge chocolate train.
Something big enough to get all the candles on was my aim.

Life throws some really awful things at you.
Some so bad you  just don’t know what to do.
Our friendship spanned almost  thirty years
A lot of fun a lot of tears.
When the police came round to our house that night, I didn’t even realize you 
had gone.
I thought you were just ill again, I found out almost a week later on

Especially as we had only been chatting a couple or so weeks before, About 
the past.
On that day you looked so well with all your make up on, I thought you were 
on the mend at last.
On your birthday in May I thought of you, 
All the things we had been through,          Rest in peace. Love  Pat

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My Father's Footsteps

I can see you up ahead of me
I am following 
in your footsteps

no matter how fast I walk
I cannot catch up 

your footsteps are bigger than mine
but they were warm 
and safe to step in

you turn around
and smile encouragingly
then return to your journey

thank you for your footsteps
when I can no longer see you 
they will always be here
pointing me in the right direction

Dora Roimata Langsbury
27 June 2009

Written for my father, Kuao Langsbury, for his 75th birthday gift.

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I was just trying to remember the past
 trying to remember the good people
 and the bad people,
 that i came across on my way,

i want you to know
that you are among the good people
 that left a good trace in my life,

once again i just want to say thank you
for passing through my life,
is so short but is wonderful
i want you here forever.

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US in JesUS

Before we were thought of or time had started, 
God put US in His Son’s name.. 
And each time we pray, you'll see its true, 
You can't spell Jesus without including US.  
Were a pretty big part of His wonderful name, 
For US, He was born; 
And His great love for US is the reason He died. 
Isn't it thrilling and splendidly grand 
He rose from the dead, with US in His plan? 
The stones split away, the gold trumpet blew, egospelexpress
And His resurrection was for US.  
As JesUS left the earth with His wonderful ascension, 
When He felt there was one thing He just had to mention. 
"Go into the world and tell them it's true 
that I love them all - Just like I love you." 
So many people are Christian brothers and sisters, 
Don't all the others have a right to know JesUS too? 
It all depends on what we do, 
He'd like them all to know, 
But it all starts with US. 

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS
Copyright   2011


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It's My Birthday, It is Your Birthday

It’s My Birthday

It’s my birthday…  I look out the window there is no one for me owe so, owe so lonely poor me . 

It’s my  birthday…  you surprise me, with a Barber-Q grill  with a cooler that chills with a grin we show white grills.

Happy Birthday… it’s my Birthday I am still waiting,  it   is almost the end of my the day, just waiting on you to wish me a happy birthday which, well make my day. 

It’s my birthday…you do not remember that day, can we go out for we can remember that day?

It’s my birthday… I can share it or alone, some share it with a twin, or with a friend and the ones who stay to the ends like a good friend.

It my birthday…  its looks like another day to me I just need someone or something to comfort with me a room full of women and with hand full men, a juice in cup, juice in glass, with a sweet lady and grill on cut grass that may make every day feel like my birthday, with a touch of class. 
It’s your birthday… it’s your birthday you should all-ways win on your birthday, if do not have a mate you sneak and go on second party date form those who may player hate.  
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!  it comes and go, I see you come through, looking out my window with a hand full company that is what a party really should need, yes it’s sweet, sweet with music and sweet with treats or  it must be the money, or food, or brinks, or just me.

Poetry 7/7/12 by author Keith Kadell

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Scrumptous Birthday Cake (For "Dreamy Desserts" Contest Sponsored by: Linda-Marie Bariana)

(AKA - "Becca Baked My Birthday Cake")

Surprise!  Strawberry scents permeated the air.
Mountains of creamy pink lured fingertips.
Bewitching chocolate with fresh fruit inside, 
Luscious and succulent tempted watery lips.

Enlivened young children could hardly wait.
Tiny little fingers did not hesitate.
Dipping in the icing, a lip-smacking delight.
To tell you the truth, neither could I wait.

Fluffy and moist, strawberry infused confection.
Delightfully melted on the first tasting tongue.
Four layers baked had delicately arisen.
Delectably glazed before delicious had sprung.

It was that yummy year, and homemade birthday cake,
She showed me through baking how her love pierced my heart.
Fresh fruit decorated cake with special designs.
Chocolate dipped strawberry delight, her loves’ impart! 

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Thank you

                       Thank you for standing by my side,
                        For saying she's my daughter with so much pride.

                         Thank you for having it in your heart,
                          Thank you for being there from the start.

                           Thank you for the silly things you say,
                             Thank you for saying I love you everday.

                            I thank you from the bottom of my heart,
                             Thank you for stepping up and playing the part.

                             Just know I appreciate everything you do,
                              Happy Birthday Daddy I love you!!


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Because She Loves You

There is nothing more magical,
nor precious, 
than the gift of motherly love. 

Your heart thaws, as she grasps you in a warm embrace 
Her smile fills you with joy,
She putts her soul into everything she dose, 
because, she love you. 

She gives you advice,
and she helps you,
she is your guardian angel 
because she loves you. 

It is true,
You will have quarrels. 
About little miner things. 
But, at the end of the day,
She still loves you,
and you love her,
because she's you mom,
and you wouldn’t have it another way! 

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                       HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS 
                     WRITTEN BY ANN HART

                                   HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS 

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Happy Birthday Antoinette

Story books have got it wrong
Step mothers are the greatest gifts of all

Antoinette you are a blessing on my family’s life
I am so happy you are my father’s wife

Michaela is the sweetest girl, glad she’s my sis
You’re my family I truly miss

God truly blessed us when he brought you around
Hope your birthday is full of love, laughter, and songs

Because you gave me the greatest gift of all
It is because of you I have my father back

You are our cornerstone the brick that keeps us up
Thank you for all of your unconditional love

Happy birthday to my mother, friend
My angel sent from God above

May you know you are truly loved

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Favourite Uncle's Special Birthday

I had a lovely email from my aunt so far away;
She told me she has organised a ‘special family day’,
And though I'm not invited, would I like to contribute
With a poem for my uncle - something meaningful and cute!

At first I thought I'd write a piece of what he means to me,
But Auntie says, “We should move on,” so, forward I shall be.
She said that I could have a go, but be sure to keep it short,
As the speeches and the flowers will be just before the Port.

I’m told my favourite uncle has reached three-score years and ten,
And that Auntie Hett's rewound his clock - he’s going round again.
For when he went in for his hip, the job had been surpassed,
As they took out all his worn bits and put in things to last.

You see my auntie was a nursie, and has all nursie connections;
Giving access to a pile of things - from implants to erections!
So now my uncle’s all tuned up and feeling supersonic,
As my Auntie Hettie’s gift to him has made him ‘part-bionic’.

His suspension has been lowered, and he's looking rather sporty;
He'll be mustard on the corners - and a whizz at being naughty!
And if you get a chance, you should look underneath his hood;
He's been chipped, blown and muscled-up and looking rather good.

I really wish that I were there to see her switch him on;
With his head - and back - and arse-ache all miraculously gone.
I’ve watched him on the football field and jogging down the road,
But I’d specially like to see him now he's fitted with ‘sports mode’.

And I'm sure you'll have a super time; an evening to remember,
But don't forget to diary your next service in November.
You’re booked in for a ‘stage two’ for your hair and chins and belly,
And it’s all to be recorded - because you’re going on the telly!

And though everything has got its price, my uncle’s done for free,
As my Auntie Heather’s sold it to Reality TV.
The lighting and the camera crews - you'll hardly know they're there,
And that tape to keep the public back that like to come and stare.

So when the dust has settled, he’ll be super-fit and famous,
And the only guy in Suffolk with an ‘ecologic anus’!
You’re due to have a smashing time, and I'm sure that God will bless you;
Good luck and thinking of you - from your ever-loving nephew.

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happy birthday cousins

It's your birthday today,
And I know we haven't spoke for long,
But I just wanted to let you know,
You've done no wrong.

You've been a great laugh,
And always listened to me,
Now it's my turn to give back to you,
And you've been the best that best can be.

Happy birthday on your day so special,
The day the lord came and blessed us,
With your presence in the world,
And with your friendship and trust.

Happy Birthday! :)

**dedicated to my cousins that i miss truly and love so much , p.j and royal 
happy bday to u all from ur cuz audrey castaneda happy b-day 4-20-2010**

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The Warmth Of Homemade

The Warmth Of

Cooking, freezing,
and raspberry jam
Beef stew, salmon
pie, and egg rolls
out of ham

Quick party foods
and a hunters
Castle cake, feather
bed, and little
trees for Christmas

Cakes of Dolphin,
Smurf, and Muno
Butterfly, Barbie
Doll with thousands
of views

Baby items, aprons,
and dresses to sew
You can make your
own maple syrup, you

Wreaths, snowmen,
and Christmas logs
are a craft
Helping toddlers
make bird food is
always a laugh

Peanut butter,
sugar, and chocolate
chip cookies
Banana oatmeal, no
bake, and
centerpiece of

Deer meat lasagna
and savory stuffed
Leftover turkey meal
with stuff off your

Pumpkin carving,
candy apples, and
nature hunt fun
Accessories for
creative cakes and
rolls of cinnamon

Game night
quesadillas and
wraps too
More is in store and
waiting for you

By: Doris Anne

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A Pact With A Demon

A Pact With A Demon

The day your released

Will be the day you die

The day I was born

Will be the day you die

This is the pact we made

This pact is what binds us forever

You can't live with this guilt

I only wanted 6 years

Your next birthday will be your last

Thank you

You thank the one who will kill you

Yes for you are the only one who knows the truth

I am the one who feel in love with you

And you are the one who will kill me

What of your family? what of your life?

I only needed 6 more years 

I have reminded you three week after your birthday that I would  be the one to kill you and yet you never fluttered

Why flutter when I accepted my punishment? I know the pain I have caused.It should have been me in that casket six feet under and yet it was another

You know this new death will cause pain and the you will be the one know to have harbored the murder of thousands.

Time tell all of it truth if I am to plan this role then may all those hurt come for me.

You are really mature for someone so young would you had taken yourself so young 

I would have no heart nor soul

We have now accepted our roles in life when the time grows near will you

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A Blessed Summer

Summer is the season my Birthday comes around,
A special month, in my life, is August.

On this day, all of nature is happy and celebrating with me;
like my Mother that Special Day when she gave me Life.

Different birds sing their songs in the early morning.
The brilliant colored sun sets in the beautiful evening.

The warm wind quietly whispers to me through the leaves of the trees,
The smell of flowers congratulates me together with the breeze.

I never forget my birthdays in Russia; children around the tables,
My caring Mother filled with food, fruits, vegetables and sweets.

That summer my Mother and I were blessed by God together.
I received the Biblical name Lydia from my loving Mother.

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A Brother I never Knew

This is from me to you , My bro
When we grew , I never knew...
I had a brother , Just like you...

40yrs gone , That’s what we’ve missed...
I never knew i had a kind bro just
like you.................

Now i know my bro , Its time to show ,
What we've missed ,This is from your sis ...
A special birthday kiss , On such a special day

Happy birthday bro , With love from your 

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" The oven is set on three hundred and fifty degrees;
the box of the Pillsbury Yellow cake is still unopened, for George's sake,
the kids are in the living room munching on cheese,
who's going to make the perfect batter for Ricky's birthday cake? "

" If no one volunteers, turn off your iPods and put them away
and come to the kitchen to give a hand...isn't it somebody's birthday? 
It would be nice to see one use the mixer, the other greasing the pan...
how many of your friends have you invited? I hope not more than ten! "

And giggling they exchange words, thinking I don't hear their whispering; 
I was a teen once and know how they think, but today they won't be laughing!
Hurry, bake the yellow cake...we have only two hours left, they'll be coming soon!
" Mary set the table, everything must look fantastic! No, don't lick the spoon!  

The door suddenly opens...twenty five teens come into view and say, " Surprise! "
Hundred of small balloons are released from their hands...their thrill rises.
" Good Heavens! Who are these kids with faces painted like circus clowns? "
Have you asked them to attend this party? Where are the real guests? "

Silence filled the aroma-filled kitchen as they looked downward with embarrassment,
" Are they here to crush your birthday party, Ricky...if they are they will get
a taste of my dough roller right now! " No, mom...they want to throw my birthday cake into my face! " " Have they told you so? Wait here, Ricky...I'll think of a trick."

" Hi, cuties...are you ready to have a cake fight? " Yeah, " was their answer.
" Let's do you want to hear a big mommy's laughter when your eyes will burn? " 
The smallest one in the group yelled, " The birthday cake had better taste good
or your red face will turn yellow! " " Little rascal, you'll churn like butter! "

In a second the whole house became a battleground... they hurled cupcakes,
cookies and candies, but they had forgotten about the cake in the oven.
Smoke came out of their ears and noses... mom laughed when they ran
outside as if they had seen a real ghost, " Run for your lives before my dog attacks! "  

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The Red Kite and Wagon

Brother had made me mad so I knocked him down the basement stairs.
Choicely words he hurled my way-His teary eyes reflected pain and back at me they glared.
Like a viper he laid around the house daring me to come his way.
Sorry am I now for I have no one with to play.
After several weeks had passed, he still snarled and hissed.
Only his foot- to-hip cast kept him constantly at bay.
But I grew lonely with no brother to rumble with; no one to share my day.
Then the thought struck me as a jolt of reality-tomorrow is his birthday.
Off to Mr. Green’s corner store I went for a birthday present- I had fifty cents.
I spied a red kite- asked him to rap it and back to brother as I whistled and skipped.
I presented the little red kite which brother threw down-saying you ain’t right!
Sadly I looked for a solution of how brother can fly his new birthday kite.
It was in the backyard, positioned under the lean-to – the answer to my prayer.
I dragged it out and cleaned her with new found hope and no despair.
I carried my brother and placed him in the little red wagon with difficulty as he held his kite in hand.
The school yard was empty- we tailed the kite and then pulling the wagon I ran.
The little red kite stilled high in the air as brother and I where once again a pair.
The kite soared the faster I ran and finally at the end of the day, a brother’s love had been won again.

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Christmas Through July

Christmas Through July

Christmas is such a grand time of the year!
People are happy joy shows everywhere. 
Gifts of love arrive from both far and near.
Scents of the season permeate the night air.

Remembering the Savior's love so grand.
Families hang lights, such a beautiful sight.
Decorations displayed across the land.
Many surprises are shared Christmas night.
January came but the tree remained.
Celebrating my child's birthday the same.
Just like Jesus, her happiness sustained.
Each year's tradition when her birthday came.

Year round loving was about to be taught.
Decorations of hearts and shiny red balls
Replaced the angels that Christmas had brought.
February feelings Christ's love did recall.

In March, the tree was adorned with shamrocks.
Paper-mâché nuggets sparkled in gold.
Children and laughter sang around the clock.
Smiles, like at Christmas, were great to behold.

April was spring pretty flowers were hung.
It took a lot of work, but was it still fun.
We at play felt pure joy, free and young.
One fun filled plan to teach love, begun.

May decorations, the best, I recall.
Mother's day cards, painted hands, paper plates.
A trip to the attic was fun for all.
While cherishing the loves childhood creates.

Christmas in June on a new marriage day
Downstairs jam-packed squeezed in each wedding guest.
Rained out at the park, they saw our display.
Christmas year round knew love at its best.

July 30th past, the flags were still hung.
Patriotism shown, honored with rare style.
Christmas in July with a new day sung.
We took down the tree cherishing each smile.

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  This lyric poem written in quatrain format is a true story that expresses my feelings about 
showing love year round…not just in December.  

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Mother's Day is Here

it is Mothers’ Day
and all they wanted is a flower 
for their mother but guards
will not accept flowers in the facility

maybe a card with a word or two may do
to tell her how much they love her

there’s nothing much to add
except to say they miss her

she has been away for decades now
birthdays weddings have come and gone
many births and deaths came and left
without a word from her

and they too have grown up
without her a deadness around their lives

maybe a card with a word or two
can tell her how they wished
she were at the window peeping
to see them sleeping nicely

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I'm not going out tonight
I hope you can forgive me
I'll be by myself tonight
where not anyone can see me
no homework books or reading
not tv, computers or guitar
just me quietly thinking
of the life I've lived so far
17 years I've been around
and look what I have done
nothing that exciting 
I was only having fun
but in these 17 years I guess
I've done somthing pretty cool
I've been a sister and a daughter too
and developed a life with you
so tonight I'm not going to hide
or sit up in my room
tonight I'm going to celebrate 
17 great years with you

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Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

Where were you

All my life

Since I was young

When I turned 10?

My first year of

Double digits

How about my first year

Of High School

My Sweet 16?

Where were you then

Now...all of the sudden

I am a Senior

17 years old

And you want to be a part in it?

You can't even remember my birthday

You can't spell my sister's name right...

What type of father is that?

Not a very good one...

Why is it that...

You now what to be a part of me

Because I'm an adult?

Do you want control now...

Because I can take care of myself

And you don't have to???

Why didn't you care before

You say you've changed

But your still the same

What happened to the 2 birthday cards you promised?

I still haven't gotten them.

I just want to let you know...

This may be hard to hear but you need to hear it...

I don't know...

If you should come to my graduation

My marriage..when I find a man who wants to marry me.

I don't think I should invite a man

Who wasn't a father to me

Thinking he has changed.

I don't think that you have changed....

If you have...

You've never proven it?

I am still waiting for proof...

I have'nt even gotten a birthday card...

Everytime you call...

You have to ask how old I am...

And what grade I'm in...

Sorry but that's not a father...

That's not someone who I want to call...


I'm Sorry.

                                                      Your Daughter,


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This year we pooled our money to give to a needy cause.
So we’re not expecting much on Christmas Day from Santa Claus.

Of course the children all will find their hearts’ desires beneath the tree.
They are too young to know the thrill of giving to a charity.

So we’re breaking with tradition in limiting our spending spree
On lavish gifts for one another. What a big change that will be.

But there is one last tradition that we follow slavishly.
We celebrate all family birthdays to the very nth degree.

When we wake on birthday morning we know the whole day will be ours.
From the youngest to the eldest, this day brings us super powers

And so much love and true devotion that we’re treated like a queen
Or a king as gender dictates, but you all know what I mean.

From one year to over ninety, there’s a party every year.
We are showered with gifts and honor from the folks we hold most dear.

We will gather Christmas morning just the same as every year
As we watch the children open gifts, with happiness and cheer.

But we know we’ll be remembered when our birthday comes around
When everyone will gather with the best gift to be found.

Gifts and love and honor, enough cake to make us groan,
We look forward to our birthdays with a party of our own.

Written for Paula’s “Tradition” contest  won 9th place

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Wide Eyed Smiles

            Wide Eyed Smiles

Children falling through the atmosphere 
Dropped by storks or other forces way out there

Seem to always have wide eyes and smiles
Dropping in from many baby making miles

They are beaming with expectations
For birthday presents at their new locations

And obviously, a safe landing site would be nice 
Since they have no experience at flight

Though not too coordinated at this time
They keep their falling out of mind

They watch everything because it’s new
And they want to make it through

First impressions are important coming from above
With expressions of their love

Parachutes close upon their drop
Babies caught in a glove by mom and pop

Wide eyed and smiles all around
We’re so happy they didn't hit the ground

9/22/14 Eccentricize My Eyes – Poetry Contest

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Today is your birthday & i did not know
i never grew up beside you, 
i wish the past was different because today i would know
today is your birthday 
but your no longer here
so as i look to the night sky tonight
ill send a birthday wish your way
my dear nan 
as a gift i promise 
i will remember this date for every year on..

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Happy Birthday Marie, 100

Happy Birthday Marie, 100,
splashed across the evening news.
Replete with colour photograph,
seen wearing another girls shoes.

Happy Birthday Marie, not knowing.
In meltdown, fused in your chair.
Your family, they loved the Queen's telegram,
and look there's the Deputy Mayor!

Happy Birthday Marie, not hearing.
The paper describes you past tense.
Dream of the cat that sits on your lap,
as none of this makes any sense.

Happy Birthday Marie, dementia.
Alone, with your family round,
long suffering daughter bears crucifixed grin,
she's aware you are already drowned.

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Happy Birthday Dad

Happy 60th Birthday Dad
It’s time to reflect on the great life you’ve had
A reflection on your times of yore
And the years to follow which will be many more

You were born July the 3rd 1947
Today we celebrate your 60th on July the 3rd 2007
You came from a family of nine
Amongst family is where you truly shine

You have given loved ones so much joy
It makes me so proud that I am your boy
You’ve been happily married for more than half your life
You have been a supporting husband to your wife

You have worked so hard to give your family what they need
Always clothed, always homed and an abundance of feed
Us kids have never gone without
You have always given willingly without a single pout

You have always shown a passion for sport
So much so you were once the president of a club in the Port
You were at all our games cheering from the side
And along with mum always gave us a ride

You showed me how to kick and catch a ball
And taught me the importance of standing tall
You taught me to always give my best
Especially when there’s a challenge or a test

I here you were quite the sportsman as a young man
But injuries got the better of you and that pleasure you had to can
A handy spin bowler on the cricket field
A hard at the ball footballer that could have done with a shield

You taught me the value of earning an honest dollar
And that it doesn’t matter if it’s not in a shirt and collar
You are such a proud and positive man
For you there’s no cannot only I won’t or I can

You have shown belief in yourself when others would be depressed
It’s a credit how you handle pressure while others get stressed
You are the rock when others crumble
You manage to stand tall while others stumble

You accept that no one is infallible or perfect
And that the best compliment you can receive is respect
As your son I am honoured to carry on your surname
I hope my actions will one day lead to its deserving fame

You have worked so hard and long you deserve a great retirement
When the time comes I hope it is filled with so much excitement
Travelling overseas and relaxing with your wife
There couldn’t be a better way to spend the later years of life

A better father you could not be
We are all so proud of you, especially me
I hope celebrating your birthday brings you lots of joy
From one man to another who will always be your boy

Here’s to many more years of bliss like the ones you’ve had
Happy 60th birthday Dad

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Ten minutes and still it won’t change
Late for her birthday party again,
Just like last year
She celebrates forty two years young tomorrow 
The 24th of December 
Here I have driven halfway across the state 
And am again stopped by the same red light in town
Made good time between Albany and Erie
Then down to a crawl at the tracks
And dead stop at this light
My God, the sun’ll be up soon if we don’t get moving
Grey dawn sky parts to reveal even more clouds higher up in the sky
She’ll think I’ve forgotten
Ok  -  at last the red flashes to green and hey, up comes the sun too!
I remember she’d always say her birthday marked the end of the darkest day
She always joked she was born with  the  return of the light
Now slip into cruise control and we’ll be there in fifteen  minutes
She’ll think her old man’s losing it for sure
But still . . . . .  I can’t wait to see my youngest daughter again
She was always the light of my life
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Entered in Debbie Guzzi's Contest 	Celebrate the Light

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A Gift Fit For A Pig

It was my 22nd birthday.
I had just given birth to our 2nd daughter 
1 month earlier.

He went shopping for my birthday present.
I had visions of jewels and lacy things.....
I couldn't wait to see what he would buy me! 
Afterall, I just gave him another daughter.

When he came home with the gift he seemed so proud.
He said he knew I was going to be happy! 
With nervous fingers I opened the present....
greedily clawing the wrapping paper off
to reveal the symbol of his love for me.

The breath caught in my throat as I choked back my tears.
Inside the bag I found the symbol of our love....
5 boxes of snack cakes and a hot-pink sweat-suit! 
I tried to pretend I wasn't offended 
but he knew me too well.

For years I used this birthday as leverage against him.
I viewed it as an insult that he would think so little of me
as to buy me a ''gift fit for a pig''.

Last night, something hit me like a ton of bricks...
he bought me the cakes because he knew I liked them
and the sweat-suit because he wanted me to be comfortable.
(and it was pink because that's my favorite color)  
He did think about the gift. 

He was also showing me that he wasn't concerned
what size I was
or what size I would become.
He was telling me that he loved me...unconditionally.
I didn't see what that gift really was
and I didn't appreciate it until last night.

I thanked him for the cakes and the sweat-suit this morning...
13 years late.
He understood

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Family History Gathering Dust

I found a colorful, wooden trunk in the
attic today. It was old and gathering dust,
all tucked away.

I knew this old trunk held some history
and it made my heart astatic, and I
lowered the trunk ever so gently to the
floor of Grandma's attic.

I dusted it off completely and carefully
opened the old latches. In the corner
of it sat a box of  blue matches.

There were blankets and pictures galore
and a completely sealed cigar inscribed
"It's A Boy".

A picture of two young people hand in
hand, looking full of hope without

What a lovely picture to see, Mom and
Dad, and baby makes three. What a surprise
it had to be; It was a girl and the girl
was me.

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Happy Birthday, Mom

May 13th is my mother's birthday. I hope she's very excited. Although we have different
point of views and we're the exact opposite, she's still my mom and I love her. Her love
is still the same, even though she's getting old, but no matter. It's the time of the year
when my family members get the chance to wish my loving mother a great happy birthday and
hoping that her birthday goes well as planned. Even if I can't afford to get my mom a
birthday present and/or a birthday card, I'd still be the only one to tell my mom that I
really love her, and always will. I'll still love my mom, even if I get married and have
children of my own in the near future. But even though my mother's birthday only comes
once a year and it ends at midnight, it will have been a birthday everybody, including me,
will never forget. I hope my mother's birthdays go great as planned and I hope she has
some perfect birthdays and regular days for what will be the rest of her life. Happy
birthday, Mom.

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what a birthday is

You speak yelling
What’s a birthday?
But a cake and candles
You ridicule it heartlessly
You don’t understand
You never did truly appreciate 
What we did
You hurt us 
You did hurt us
With your thrashing words
With your careless thoughts
I thought a birthday 
Is not that at all 
It is the moment shared by many 
For that person 
It is the pleasure tasted by family 
For that person 
For only that person 
I thought again 
I await that moment each year
Knowing there is my family 
Celebrating that moment for me 
Blowing the candles 
Making a wish 
Closing my eyes with admire
It was all created joy 
It was all a living episode of life
It connected laughs 
Pictured smiles
Made a difference 
But now 
That I know there’s no one
There’s no reunion 
No joined hearts and blissful souls
No treasured times
Or valued hours
So that it leaves me 
To forget
What a birthday is…

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The Favorite Twin

You laugh at me when you spot me
sitting in the kitchen, alone, trying to balance
a Styrofoam plate on my lap
And cursing that I’ve spilled
some gravy on my new pants.
You jokingly state that no one must like me (smile),
And then turn away to go in the living room,

Where everyone else is sitting.

I’m weary from the invented new person
I try to become just for the evening
to make myself more appealing.
It doesn’t work.
Family gatherings make my head hurt.
I pretend it doesn’t bother me, as we all watch
You unwrap a cheap, funny gift they bought you –
Wrapped in blue birthday paper that’s surprisingly loud,
and everyone but me giggles.

It wasn’t supposed to be a birthday party,
But, since you were here, they brought your gift.
It’s been like this forever.
Rudely, they have always seemed to 
conveniently forget that your twin is watching,
alone in the kitchen,
that I’ve spilled a tear on my new pants.

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Still your not here

 It’s Valentines Day full of cards and kisses
Wish you were here covers all of my wishes
Easter is here and were celebrating our lord
Each day that passes I miss you even more
 It’s been seven years today since we said, “I do”
It seems longer than that since I last held you
 We all gather together for the birth of our land
It’s the Fourth of July and your not here as we planned
 It’s your birthday today marking 34 years
When I think of you celebrating alone, it brings me to tears
Now it’s thanksgiving and the families all here
The rooms filled with spirit and still your not here
Out of habit I set a place at the tables head
The kids leave it and “Soon Mom” is all that was said
 Santa is coming and kids are full of cheer
I try to keep smiling even though you are not here
Pictures with Santa and the lighting of the tree
Smiles on Christmas morning I wish you could see
We gather to wish good tidings to all
I sit and wait by the phone thinking maybe you’d call
You have missed a great deal in the year you’ve been gone
Jason had a great time at his junior prom
 Katie turned seven and Chrissie turned two
For all their birthday wishes- they just wished for you
At night we all get tucked into bed
We snuggle up close and then bow our heads
 Dear Lord please keep special watch over our Dad
If anything happens to him we’ll be so sad
 He’s over helping the other country grow
Doing his job as you already know
 He’s helping other little boys and girls
Opening their eyes to a whole new world
We are so proud of him and hold our heads high
But each night we hear mommy lay there and cry
We all miss him more than you know
Yet during the day we don’t let it show
We have to be strong and keep the faith
That soon he’ll be home with us and be safe
We are proud to hang that flag up high
We are all so full of American pride
 We pray for all the soldiers’ safe return home
We pray that there are no more families left alone
Dear God for this Christmas please hear us pray
Bring our soldiers home where they belong, where they’ll stay

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She got beautiful eyes 
And smooth black hair
When you see her smile
She’s an answer to a prayer

She likes to play 
And have fun everywhere
And when you call her name
She will just stand and stare

She’s like a beautiful flower
Just growing in the sun
And she bring joy the world
It’s the reason she was born

There will be a celebration
For her birthday very soon
With cakes and decorations
And happy birthday balloons

And everybody loves her
A little angel in disguise
And they all will be hiding
She’s going to be so surprise

She will get lots presents
And post cards too
And every one will be singing
Happy birthday to you

There will be fun and laughter
And all kind of foods
And singing and dancing
In a happy party mood

She’s like a bundle of magic
From the old story books
Like one of them princess
That’s how she looks

She dress up for Halloween
And go trick or treat
Like a real life fairy
With her little shoes on her feet

And she doesn’t knows it
To innocent to understand
That if she ever stumble
We are here to give a hand

She will keep on glowing
And her dreams will be made
Cause her future looks so bright
She’s going to need some shades

I know you are wondering
Who this poem is about so far
Well let me tell you 
Its for my little niece Sara

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Happy Birthday Mary Duhart (Kyrielle Sonnet)

Happy Birthday Mary Duhart
Enjoy a great day from the start
Celebrate your day on the go
Upon reaching the Big Five 0

As you blow out all the candles
Raise you hands and shake your bangles
This is your day to make a show
Upon reaching the Big Five 0

Family and friends by your side
Bright smiling faces all in stride
To the heavens praises shall go
Upon reaching the Big Five 0

Happy Birthday Mary Duhart
Upon reaching the Big Five 0

© Joseph, 8/20/2007
© All Rights Reserved

The Kyrielle Sonnet has 14 lines (three rhyming quatrain and a non-rhyming 
couplet). It has a repeating line or phrase as a refrain in the last line of each 
stanza.  Each line within the Kyrielle Sonnet has eight syllables.

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Soon the magic will begin,
that special time, for all children.
Early to bed, early to rise,
with that Christmas look, in their eyes.
Toys galore, covering the floor,
and when grandma comes, there will be more.
Turkey baking, it smells divine,
it blends in perfect, with the aroma of pine.
Christmas stories will be on TV,
and dad relaxing, waiting on these.
Mom has been busy, baking cookies, and all,
and saying Merry Christmas, when anyone calls.
Yes, magic and miracle, describes this time of year,
and one special birthday is getting near.
Happy Birthday Jesus, you are welcome here.

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14 candels

When I was 14 my daddy was dying
from a bad type of cancer that came uninvited
but this day was special
on this day we put all the issues aside
for it was my birthday and I was his little girl 
he taught me so much that day that I will always remember
he loved me enough to get out of bed
and take me down to the famous bakery
where he always got our cakes

This meant the world to me 
because even though he was in so much pain
he rode the train with me that day and hid it away
I remember girls watching me enviously that day
I never understood why girls treated me this way
what he told me that day I never forgot

He said girls will always be jealous 
because your very beautiful but don't be afraid
hold your head up high even when they look away
I wore a smile on my face all the way home

As my family gathered around to 
sing me a birthday song
I was so happy and filled with glee
cause my daddy was able to celebrate with me
it made our situation seem less gray to me

on my 15 birthday he was to sick to see me
and before my 16 he passed away 
so this day, my 14 birthday was always special to me