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Soldier Elegy Poems | Elegy Poems About Soldier

These Soldier Elegy poems are examples of Elegy poems about Soldier. These are the best examples of Soldier Elegy poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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                                            SAPPHO’S FALLING STARS     (Part one)

I am descendent of Odysseus
	Hero of the past
Have I kin—I know not—I may be the last--
The Trojan War and Helen made my family's blazing fame
Thus magnified by Homer was made our honor and ancestral name

I stand this day the General of the fallen men that the Fates have tossed
across the Siren Sappho's way—
now foolishly slain-- my Fallen Stars    	 
                      		such a ragged few
                                       in this paltry breath of a moment
                                      			of mere delay--

Inconsequential time in history 
                                                                                          forever lost—

at their honor’s cost

for Mine, a Mighty Name
excuses easily such inconsequential blame
I cannot weep—I cannot pray

                      Such sacrifice of brave men
	              Lifeless , While I stand whole
	               Due to my folly 
                      Sucks the breath stark from my soul

Yarns and lore of Heroes—I know
Babe……. to youth……… in manhood……..
Each far-flung hour, day upon dew-kissed day
Nurtured ever cherished in the sweet talk of the female-breast-kissed way
      	Absorbed sensuous tactics laced with salty woman taste--so learned
	Intimately known as my manhood blossomed

Intimate Initiate—once
You, Sappho, sought my need –-
Intimate follower once—
                                I ate your passion delicious sauced with greed

(part two posted)............................................

Victoria Anderson-Throop  12/18/12 ©

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A Soldier's Good-Bye

My life was taken with grief
I will say good-bye but it must be brief
I was fighting to keep you safe
I didn't know it was my life they would take

They stole my youth
Told me lies
Not the truth
The recruit asked me to join to help reach their goal
But in reality he was asking for my soul
I was a pawn in His chess game
He sacrificed me for his own gain
Now I lie here amongst the dead
Friend and foe man drenched in red
I wish I could take my name of the black list of death
But now I am here saying prayers with my last breath

I wish I could see your face one more time
To hold you hand within mine
I wish you could have known how much I loved you
But those wishes will never come true
The decision has been made and it cost me my life
Leaving you a widow and not my wife

I hear the weak screams of the terrified young
The Fear took the life of someone's son
I look up to the blood stained sky
Ready for my end not understanding why
My soul is gone now please don't cry
This is a soldier's last good-bye